17 Ekim 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

17 Ekim 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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MM 17 8y? 94* 150 .hi Lose 1*1 BR ?v IWNTCWLVR 94 75 Norkwor RR 30$ $W0 Ohio 7'i ltlW 4c do Ml U fiaoo uhiot'i, I860 93;. 20* do 30V lOiht flank or Com 97*4 10o do >60 49*2 - at'" Vickiburg Bank 5j? 1JS do 30X n ?oi. St-te Bank lo 50 Beading KR MX T?m UK 52?,' 1?0 do MX do bOO 53 300 do ?mi 05 100 do 42X 200 do 030 M.X Second Board. 25 ib* Nor k Wot *3 ?X 40the Nor k Wor bl SO 73 do 5972 ti do bl 00 4i do 39'J 23 do blO ?0 2) do 30 do il 00 200 do blO 00 30 do il 60 2j0 do bl 60 23 do bl 00 23 do *3 60 30 do b90 SOW 30 do *3 60 100 do bJO 60 *4 74 do *3 00 30 do 60 V 40 do 61 100 Harlem BR *1 New Stock ICuhangi. ? lfic?"t^,,Ce c MX 40 ih* Lou III RR M MX 1* Morru Ctxiil b44 7 24 Nor li Woi RR . 39'^ 50 Hail em KH b'O 5*V 30 do b4 401* 300 do 8,1 3?'C 100 do baw 30*. 40 do blO 5J7; 50 di bow 30\ 100 do c 4.? 30 do *M 100 do bnw 31X 23 do ?14 ??* 50 do inw 31*4 40 do 8*t 59 ? 150 do 8?t 51?, 40 do bnw 39K MO do b] 5?S 100 do 8st J?W 10 RMdiiis BE b? 6?M M do c 39\ M do b30 ?41% SO do ?4 tbrrl?4 On the 16th init , by the Her E. Tucker, Mr. Pubdv A. Aom:k, of Croton, to Mill Eliia Madan. At the soma time, Mr Saucel 8. Aoiti, of Sine Sing, to Mil* Louisa A. Maoais, daughters o. 8 Madan, Esq. Died. On Friday morning, ISth inst., Pamelia, daughter of John and I'amelia Wbikehart, aged 2 years and 2 moDthi. Funeral to-morrow, Sunday, afternoon at 4 o'clock? Mha frieiula and Mutual Lodge I. O. of O. F, are invited to attend, from her father's residence, No. 39 ?uex street On Friday, 16th inst Masoabet Tui.lv, aged 78 years. The friends and acquaintance, and thoae of Terence McDonald, aie requoated to attend her funeral on Sunday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from her lata reaidence, 103 Broome street. On Friday, Oct 16th, suddenly, of congestion of the lungs, P F. Christian, aged M years. loe funeral will take place from the corner of Mercer and Howard atrtets.at 9 o'clock this morning. Hia friends ara requested to attend without further invitation. On Thursday night, of consumption, Ann Deuce, wife of (Jeorge Dnrick. aged 48 years. Her relatives and friends, and those of her sons John, George and James, and the members of Fulton Lodge, aiu uu, i. \j. ui u r , uiv rovpouviuuj' mviicu iv bivciiu her funeral on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, from her late residence. No 48 Crosby street On Friday, the 16th inst., Robert Wilson, son ot Morgan L Mott, aged S years, lOmonths and 19 days. The fiiends and acquaintances of the family are respeotfully invited to attend bis funeral, on Sunday, the 18th instant, at 3 o'clock, P. M-, from the residence of bis father. Blackwell'a Island, foot of 61st street, East river, without further invitation. At aalem, on Monday morning, Esther, widow of the late John Ashby, a soldier of the revolution, 88 years 4 months The deceased has been a communicant of the Tabernacle Church for about 70 years, and at the time of her decease was the oldest female member of tha church On Monday, Lois Odell, aged 74 On Tues day evening, Li'cr Nicole, widow of the late John Nichols, aged 84 years 9 months. At Gilmanton, N. H., Jonathan Tatlor, a revolutionary pensioner, aged 83. In New Bedford, 14th inst.,Sarah Strange,in the 90th year of her age. In Jeffrey, N. H., 0th ult.,Mrs. Mart, wife of Moses Stickney, aged 89. In Cambridge, ou Saturday Uthinst., ThomasBrkesl', Esq, Purser U. S Navy. He lived respected and beloved, and died lamented by all who knew him. Mr. Breese was born in Newport, R. I.; in early life ho left Newport, attached to the peraonal (staff of Commodore Perry -, he was in tha combat on Lake Erie, with his friend and commander, and assisted in discharging the laat ffun vhir.h wus fimH on hoard th#? I.Awranpit Mhnrtlv altar he received a communion ai Purser, and has been since uninterruptedly employed. At Somerville, 13th in?t, Mr*. Ltdi*. Wilkins, late of Fast Unity, N. H., aged 75. In Washington City, on the 13th instant, Hon. Henar firxrmsn Fox, late envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of Her Britannic Majesty, near this government, in the 66tli year of his age. The Union says :? Of this distinguished gentleman, who has resided so long among us, w e are able now to present only the following short biographical sketch, 'x be Hon. Henry Stephen F'ox was born in 1791, and was the son of General Henry Edward Fox, third son of Henry Fox, the first Lord Holland He was thus the nephew of the celebrated Charles Jaaaes Fox, and cousin of the late amiable and enlightened Lord Holland. We may add, moreover, that through one of his female ancestors, he inherits the blood of merry King Charles 11, and consequently ef Henry IV. In his younger days, Mr. Fox was well known in the teau tnondc of London, as one of a c?ttrit of elegant, gay, and witty gentlemen of high biitb, among whom were Lord Byron, Lord Kinnaird, and others more or less celebrated in their time, whose deeds and sayings are recorded by Moore in his life of Byron. After the general peace in 1916, he visited the Continent, and by remaining too long in Rome, he contracted the malaria lever, which brought him to the verge of the grave, and produced an ellsct most deleterious upon his constitution. Hs then entered the diplomelic career, in which bis advance was rapid, in consequence of his talents, as well as through the influence of his noble and political connexions. He was the first minister plenipotentisry of ureat Britain to Buenos Ajres, from which be wastiansfeired in the same capacity to Rio de Janeiro, and thence to this government in 1836. Of the talent displayed in his correspondence on many delicate nndslifflcult questions oi international law, of his uniform courtesy, of the amenity of hie manners in society, it m unoecisitary for u? to epeak. They are all attested by those who hare beau placed m a situation to observe him. WANTED, ' AN A PFRENTICE to the Dressmaking business. Apply ?t 51# Broome at olT lt*r WANTED. BY A YOUNO Woman, a situation as nurse or seamstress, er bar m ibe city or country?ihe Utter preferred. The best of ciij releience given. Address R C, at this office. ol7 ii?r WANTED, A SITUATION as Clerk in a wholesale or retail dry goods siore, by a veuiif man of sood address, strict mor.l > heavier a. d unblemished integrity- tie can produce the hwliest realms?file far each, ai.d give any secuuty rtquied Api licatiou may be made personally or by letter to the tin 'eisigued. t.17 if c DaNIEL SWEENY, '1 Ann Sfreet. bOAT aTOLE.i. (in KEWARD?toleu, from p-er 3, North river, a VP 11/ ship's gig la feet long, 5 feet wide, black outside, anil * iiite i?side? akei, R. I* isb Are?adof indoilais oill b- paid by delivering it on honid nark Ondace, at ill- end of the above pie.-. o<7 itu'r Ct LD WATCH. |" OST?On Thnridajr^abont noon, between Uuion Place j-i uu'i me coil.or or le-ih r-e , in Br adwav. a lady's j Uoi CMd Watch, markad with the lettari R.D The finder will Be liheially rewarded by leaving it at ltd eleventh at., b.ta roa University Place and the Jtn ive'u?. ol7 2tia*rc HEAP SHAWLS', SILKS fc CASHMERES, PUK< HASKlr by the 8 'bacribera, at the large peremptory ?ale of \!aaara. a, ukari Ik. Hu'tnu, ore now offe.rd at JO * prf Cent below the regular coat of importation, compriaiog tome of the fnertasd beat Paris nude Cashmere Shawls. Long Sh wla of ever) color, and antirely new atylea. Kquare 12-0 Cashmere Shawls, very beautiful pi,terns. Printed Snawlt and Be iris. Alaaulla*. Cloaks and Coats. MLKS. Of new and moatiplendid Brocade styles, at about half the manafactuiara' pricea. CASHMERES, Of Patarle, Lupin, Seydoua It Co.'s finest cloths and beat printing, qui'e new anil splendid patterns The shore, with a large stock of other goods from auction, are offered at auction pricea, by JAMES BECK It CO., o!7 eod2w*r 3M Broadway. GilAND KEGATTA AT THE t AIR AT CASTLE GARDEN, TAKES PLACE Ttua Morning, between the houra of 10 and 1 o'clock. Sailboats will start, depending ou the wind, for a race of about four miles. The row boats to a at ka off Bedl w'a liliod. 1 ha new C.mels built for the government, will raise a vessel in front of the Castle at a P M. The p iae for the beat sailing will be a silver cup Beat rowing a silvet medal and dip'oma will be awarded by tne l.tenuum committee, on the report of the judges oiTlt re A. T. STEWART & CO. I T AVINff Mafia rvlanaiva nnreliHM ,t tlie end nn. n rniitoiT uciioa ult ofVreneh (ioods, from the eelehmted n.aiiufacto-y of Paturle. Lupin, Seydoux, Sieber k Co. of Parn, enabled to offer the flicheet P'rts Silk< and Hi Ik Robea: Cashmere d'Eeosse, printed and embroidered; ivinasseliae de Laine, do do Mich Cashmere Lone and Square Shawls, fee. kc.; At prices greatly below the cost of importation. ol7 Isn't Broadway and Reade tts. Na1l,6, TWIN*., SHOE TH EAD, kc. Ct UT nd wrought Nails. Brads and Spikes. / Heine, S-wing, Wrapping and Baling Twine, t.0.111D Heine, of the best quality, " Hopewell," and other marks Shoe I hre?d, green half Cached, yellow and brown. a< pet Warps Cotton and K'ar, colored and plain. ' aanm, Cordage. Bale Rope, Cotton do. India Twine. I and 3 thread, suitable lor fishing, ke. kc. For* le by CEffRA k CUMINU. o1*7 It*r !# Pearl afreet. A CAK.L). THE ATTENTION of Engraven. (who, ea a body cor I stitnte the heat jo dgca of Daguerreotype or Photograph pictures) is respectfully died to the collection belonging in the subscribers, now on exhibition at the Fair of the American Institute. All that the snbactibers aak for their works, ta au impartial examination by competent and nabiaased judges. T. P k D. C. COLLINS. olT ri?*rc 100 Che.not st. Phi'adelpki' WHILE THEK.E IS LIFE THEK.E IS HOPE." INSTANCES like the following ere almost of daily occniren?e, aad render superfluous all farther comment upon he efficacy of Wistar'a Balaam. , ... ? , Pot'OHKEiMia, N. Y , Sept 11, lltt. Mr Beth W. Fowle; Dear Sir?The i haracrer of Wistar's Balaam of Wild Cherry is so wall ealshliahad throughout the country, and rape ci lily m IliB S ate or .Hew York, that any further testimony w ou'd ?? on to tie unnec?w|r. Yet 1 hare dented in macn sdtsntege Iroir. it th t I ?m happy to commanicate through you to toe Hick and afflicted what it has done for me, ana I consider it a privilege and doty to do in. I hare bean troubled with weak ton at for four years: had a rough more or lets every winter. 1 was routined to tha house alllast wiater with a ieyera cough, pain in the side and breast, raised Mood sarrral times. I consulted a physician, but have never taken any uiedit ins which has done me so mnch good as WI star's Uilsam of Wild Cherry I consider it the liest medicine in the world for coughs, colds, and pulmonary complaints. WILLIAM B HVVAKTfl. None genuine unless signed I BUTTth ou the w rapper. Kor i<le hv A. b *1) M s NUB, Agents'or New inrkcityi s|>o by c'luggisti senerally thronghont the United St* e? and i;a ada oU DAWrc A lhlUCAN MANUFACTURED CUTLERY. air M. WILD, manufacturer of Cutlery, No. MM Division TT srreri, New York, has constantly 011 hand a good ?a I rtinenl of I, J, 3 sad 1 hladr Knirea of hi* own uicnnlaelur ts, ! ood ?ud elieap u> the trade auttlm'rc DRAWBENCH WANTED. A JEWELLCH^ Drawbeachis wanted. saw or second hand. Mm) be in gord order. Addrees, immediately, box ll?T, lowor Port OSee. off It* re WANTED, A SECOND HAND Steam Engine. with apright piston and tubrlar boilor. Also, a slide lathe, with (heart It faat long. Paraoai having them f. r sale wtll address a note to tha Herald oftca. where they eaa ha seen by the sabi riber. ol4 ?*re 8. COCHRAN. I ~ WANTED, By a (Ball family coating to tha city, [where no other boarders era kept] part of a genteel house, famished ar uufmpieliad, in a quiet respectable neighborhood Comfort mora aa object than rant Nona need apply bat persons of die utmost respectability. For further particalars address Englishmen, at this oftce. ol lw*r ~ WAN TED, ? N A OKNJREL and respectable basiacaa. wall eetabI lishad in this city, a partner either active or aileat, (silent ' HP ie,,h "P"*) a{ |? may be increased to flO.Oftt, with adfiaUtfr. C omnium cetioaa, with real ticnatures, will meet with attention, aad be strictly coaAdentiai sddratsed to Hendeson. Herald office. o? Th8fcTn*r " ? engine tOK. sale. I A TWO HORSE power Steam Engine, highly finished, ind made of the beet ma'erial -?can be teen at the Fair 0 'Sis. I,cia I mutate. For Particulars euquire of oOJt*r b. f. McCREaRY. i?7 No-folk at. TO COUNTRY MKKOHANTS. BROWN 8HEKTINOS AND SHIRTINGS, of every (vie and width, all ihekoown brand*, both heavy and fine; Static Mill, Lawrence C Indian He?d, Cabot A., Premium Heavy, Merrimack, Etetert, Unknown*, Jc , may bo lead at inauafaTurer'i pricea, on the secoud lloor* of No*. It and M Cedar atreet, half a block above Paarl airret. Low priced aud medium yard wide ihreunr; alto beat Southern eotcnu jam, aaaerted, 5 to 10 and 7 toll: Batta, Wicks, Warp and Wand in*. T. N. UNDERBILL. ol7 lt*rc IS aud 20 Celarat. THE HKOOKE3S1VE DEMOCRAT OF THIS DAY, October 17, will contain, betide* its usual amount of choice literature, oiitinal and aelccted, a unauer of editorial article* on the prominent topic* of the day. Among tho e inteiettiiig in politicians, will be found articlca on Bulling and Boltria, the No License Law, the New Constitution. a letter from Senator Dickinson, the Federalism of the Atnriicari Institute, Protest of Commodore Stewart against the Org miiaticu of the Board of Promotion, aud many others of much interest. For sale at the publication offii e, corner of Ann and Nassau rtreela, over the Mirror office, and at ail the principal boek tores aud ataudt wlierii papers are sold in the city. Price t>4 ceuta |ier copy ol7 lt*re "now heady, THE RENT DAY. a drama by Douglas Jerrold, author of the Candle Lectures See This new edition contains a letter concerning the* pity from Sir David Wilkie, never before publoh-d Alto, THE KINU OF THE COMMONS, a play in five acts, by Key. James White-, to be played at the Park Theatre, Oct. 19 h, by Mr. Anderion. Alto, i tic- orvrvia tirsiTI runu by Colman. the younger, u played at the Park Theatre. The?edr?m>s form numbers 29, 17 and 26 of the modern Standard Drama, edited by Kpes Sargent; published aud for sale, wh desalt and retail, by ol7 If re W.V1 TAYLOR St CO.. 2 Astor House. A PAPER FOR EVERY FAMILY. Hie New York Organ, A HIGHLY porular Temperance and Family Journal, published erery Saturday. The number for this week cootains Seeing Abont It, a hesntifnl story, with an eicellent ""oral, bv T b. Ar'hnr; the Folly ofFirttiug; Visit to Father Mathcw; Gen. Hamilton and the Jugler; Taluable articles on Astronomy; the Iadiana or California; Character for the Young; Dr. Rhinelanderfhe rnmseller's advocate, reriwed; Importations of Liqaoiv; Facts for the People: Habits: Excise Question in New Jersey: Brooklyn Kara Cues; Whitehall Humsrllers; Rev. John Dowling's Sermon on Tetnpe' ranee; Obscene Advertisements Condemned; Bringing > Things to a Point; Uouley's Bit'ers; Caution; Down with the Ginneries; Miscellaneous Items, rich variety; Chronicles of Diuukenness, a frightful catalogue, and prepared exclusive1^ for the Organ, at much labor; Heason, not Passion ; The Washingtouiaiu; hous ol Temperance; Daughters ot Temperance; Wit and Pleasantry, and a vast variety of readmit ou various interesting subjects. Great pains are taken iu preparing ravt'er lor the Orgsu, to exclude every thing that could not be read with propriety in the most select circles. The Organ will be served to city subscribers at one shilling a momli, payable to the carrier. Country subscribers SI for asinitle copy, per annum; six copies for %i\ thirteen copies for S10; in advance. Specimen copies may be obtained on application. News agents throughout the country supplied hy U. Dexter, 31 Ann st. Address communications, post uaid.lo JOHN W. OLIVER. Publisher. | ol7 It'rh cor Numi ud Fulton alt., New York. MR. RICHARD RANDOLPH MASON, of FWax county, Virginia, will learn hia brother's address, by applying to DAVID 8. IVES, 12 William street, Merchants' Exchange. ol5 eod3t*r JUST RECEIVED, DIRECT from Paris, 5 caaea, containing 1600 riecei, of very rich Marabout and Oat'ich feathera, of high coat and superior <inality, and foraale low at LYON IHAC8, 5 Division at. The particular attention of city and country miilinera ia called to the above article. o!2 lw*rh Office of the New York Gas Light Compauv, > October 12, 1S<6. S THE PRESIDENT and Directorahave thia day declared a dividend of four and one half per cent oa the capital atock of thia Company, for the six montha ending lat Auguat laat. payable to the atockholdera on and after Monday, the 2d November next. The tranafer book will ba cloaed from the 24th inat. until ] that date. By order, ol3tNov2rc C. L. EVERITT. SeeV 1 NEW RARER HANGINGS. FRANCIS PARES A* CO., NO. 379 PEARL STREET, HAVE the lars est aupply and the moat aplendid assortment of all the latest and the moat approved styles of? PAPER HANGINGS, BORDERS, lie., which they offer to Merchants, Dealers, Landlords, and others, on the moat advantageous terms. The moat competent Paper Hangers can be had at the shortest notice. si lm*re ROOMS. TWO or Three Gentlemen eu be accommodated with pleaaant rooms, in a private family, with breakfaat and tea. if repaired. Apply at 17 rloward at. Keferencea required Terma moderate. ol2 lw?rh TO WOOLLEN GOODS MERCHANTS* H. MIGfiON Ji CO., CLOTHS, CA88IMERE8. AND 8ATTINET8 HEFINISHERS, No. Ml Wkit Strut, N. Y. REFERENCES and ordera for work at Meaan. Wooleott and 8lade. 43 Piue atreet; W. C. Langley It Co.rfS Broad atreet; D. Bngham It Co.. 44 Pine atreet. al0bn?m LEECHES! LEECHES! JUST RECEIVED, 11,440 large and healthy Swediah Leechea. AJaa, 4,004 German Leecher, in prime order, for aale by J. FERDINAND CLEU, ala lm*re Importer of Leechea. No. IIP William at. CAST OFF CLOTHING AND FURNITURE WANTED. LAD1E8 or Gentleman having aay aupertlnoae or eaat off clothing or furniture to diapoae of, can obtain afaircaah I price for the aame, by applying to the anbacriber, at hit reaidenca, or through lire poat office, which will be punctually attended to. M 8. COHEN, 49 Dnane at. N. B. Laiiea can be attended to by Mia. M. 8. Cohen. o!5 lm#rc NOTICE. HP HE Copartnerahip heretofore exiating between BOWN J fc STRINGER, waa diaaolved ou the 10th day of October inat. All debt* against the late firm will be aeltled by F. A Boho, and all etaimi doe muat be paid to him. F-A.Bowu will hereafter carry on the buaiaeaa aa uaual, on hia own account, at 107 Pearl at. o'i It'rh FEVER AND AGUE. COMPOUND Tonic Mixture, a warranted care for the fever and ague, haa now been in nae about ten yeara, with nuiform aucceaa, and ita efficacy teated by many of our well known ritixena. Prepared and ao:d wholeaale ai.d retail by the proprietor. JAS. K A8PINWALL, nittir, nr. w.it;.? .. NOTICE. TO LECTURERS?The Welch Baptist Church. No. 141 Chrystie itreet, together with the Cambrian Institute, I to let at a moderate charge, during the day and evening,.except when occupied by tne congregation. Kor terme and particnlara, apply to Mr. C. RICHARDS, in the rear of the Church. 0I6 3t*r TO THE LOVERS OF DUCKWHKAT CAKES-Do you want a good plate of LJ Buckwheat Cakes' If you do. call at the New York I Coffee Saloon, kept by H. Koppelman, 217 Kultnn itreet, where you will find Buckwheat, wheat, Indian, aud Wheat and Indian Cakes at all hours, as grod as can be found in the city. Breakfast, dinner and tea at all hours. Open on Sundays. 0I6 lWr BATTLE OF MONTEREY. OARONT It MAJOR hare juat published two splendid O Prints?one a startling representation of the Siege of Monterey; the other portraying the Oenerals Ampudix aud '1 aylor, with their respective staffs, treating for the capitulation of Montcey; both tastefully colored. Siugle copies 12K cents: per hundred. S6 s. fc M. have also published a correct full length likeness of Uen. Taylor, and pictures of all his battles; togeiher with a general assortment of beantifnlly executed and colored n.lnIa _l.;?k, ,k.., ? ~..M II .U- ... C.S. 1.1. Order* from *11 part* of the Country promptly attended to. Afent* required in the principal citiei and town*, who will be *npplied on the mo?t favorable tetm*. Ql6 "t'r 8AKONV It MAJOR. N**?an at. YANKEE DOODLE. TNumbk* Two. HE aecond number of YANKEE DOODLE will be publuhed THIS MORN1NO. It contain* a nnmber of Illustration*, and i* much better than the firnc number. Price trade, men, boy* and carrier* upplied at a liberal dueount.by WM. H. UKAH4M. Tribnne Building. Country agent* lupplied with all the uew publication*, at pnblnlier'* price*. ol6 2t>e PIANOFORTE. L'On SAL.E?A very superior mahogany second hand tit A an<t* half octave (rand action Pianoforte, the property of a gentleman giving up hotiiekeeping; it haa been in use but a few mouth*, ana will be *old a great bargain if applied for immediately. Can be aeen at J. Kockett's Pianoforte Wareroom, 431 Broome atreet, corner of Broadway, oil 3t*re ~A. A. 8AMANOS, 0^ TOBACCO AND SKOARS, BROADWAY, upstairs, offer* for aale, on libera' , , B bale* 8t. J ago; 5 hhds H. Scrap*: it caaea Set d , i?A :.J? '** ? Beaffarlitu; 1 caae of Jnatn* Smoking; 3 dox VneSS?tKiC! **5*' ?S Haraua Segara; 9.0C# gro'a Friction Matches, Marck It Baekea' fabric " "'" fal of Paper Began, yariona brand*. _ **">'???'? and retail. olO lm?rc J. STOUVENEL * CO., ?V ANnv' 39 ?'ld "rut. \1 ^ Wfaltuli and Ketail Dealer* i?A in Glass, Solar, Lard. and Campkene Lamps. Chandelier*, Brackets, Hall Lamps and Laaurna, Girandoles, Candelabra*. Re. Re. Private house*, churches, and hotel*, itted up with gas, chandelier*. brackets, lie. We are alao manufacturing cut and plain flaae, of every description, which in quality uid cutting cannot be sarpasaed by any in the country. All the abo* e articles made to order, and matched t> an v pattaru, and guaranteed to give satisfaction?all at a great leouctiou in price. Olaaa cut to order. Lamps altered and reAnished. Good* loaned for parties. *}g lm*me TO LEASE, for a number of uin, a beautifully aitaated Water Power, adjoining a nourishing village, with a | auitable quantity of Laud, near the city of New York, ha tug a water and railroad communication with that city ol II miles. The permanent summer supply is from TV horse c almost any amount. At ply to MORE kBAREft, *1 lm*r SM Rrnadwas ADVICE EXCLUSIVELY (J1VEN TO THE LOVERS OK FINE ARTS'TMIERE ia at M Broadway an exhibition of Oil Fainting', X of the ancient Datchand Ktrmiah achoola. Tr. he aeen daily from II o'clock A M, antil S o'clock P M. Admittance M centa. oil lt*rc DAGUERRIAN MATERIALS. JOHN ROACH, Optician, n Naaaan atreet, haa now on i .Jfj * ?eaortment of Half Mate and Medium Voightlanoer rnbea. Also, American, of hie own manufacture, anpcrior tm any yet made in the United Blatea. rlatea, Caaee^Chemicala, Coating Bnxea, Batlia, and rxir l!l!?Sd ' !'ea^retee^opee!1 '(taira 1 e 'J *. AROoVl oe the ircouf0eor, large mt, to Ice. furnishedto aiiuglr |wti<V*r gentleman ud lady, with I board. Esquire Ced|^E. boot Broadway. ol7 ?t?r JR AT HOBOKHt?A large throe ?tt>fy aud basement hjJw brick dwelliateglugantly nuiahed, and with the mod-UM.ern imprortriqamta. The house ie II feat (root, by 63 feetdeep, and contains II rooms be*idee the kiieho*. aud a (reat number of closets coersaitntly arranged; u pleasantly Hunted, and wittua a minute'* walk of the ferry- Reot to a good tenant BxidMi, with pririlec* of free ferriage to the family. Apply J. A. STEVENS. Jr.. I o!7 lw*rc , at Hobohen. * TO LET, ted A NEAT two atory hou*e, pleasantly situated. uear ffV? YVathingtou Square. Kent to the Ant of May, $110.? Poasrtaieagiven oe 1st November. Inuaiie ol ^!Ht*r , LEWIS HUKftT, U Wall street. b UMlitiHhU hl'AKTMhMb a To Let.iWlth use of kitchen, to a a mall respectable family,!* single geutlemeu, without board. For further pateMwrs apply on the premises, M Oreenwieh street, where te boarders are taken. 0I6 r 7' RAKE CHAN OE. M FOR SALE?The new aud beautifully fitted up rooms 77 Wall street,as a bar and coffee rooms, will be sold ?l a bargain, if applied for immediately, mcluoiug stock, liuares, he. Reasous for selling made known by arplyiug on tag premises, between 10 and >. o!6 3t*r NEW STORE IN BROADWAY. ted TO lUT?The large dwelling hoes* 661 Broadway, fivjm with a rear building, is about being altered iato s store dUHLlN feet m depth, with the m< re recent imrrovemeuts. 111. plana mil be teen at the "thee of John Jay, 16 Naaasn itreet, to whon?e*Tly applietion should be made. o!5 lw?r FARM WANTED. Jtym Wanted to purchase for cuh, a farm of considerable taMgextent. in a healthy location, nw New York or 1'hila*Jks.dalphia; Use (anhvst within twelve hour* journey by railroad or w.itev, from New York. Person* desirous of disposing of suo property will tddres* * leltsr 10 R. E. Z., Charleston, 8. Carolina; linn* a* minute a itatemeni a* possible of the locatten. extent and buildings of the laim, the capacity of its soil, the Kind and quantity of its produces the lorce requisite for its cultivation, and any other quality that it might psssess, in order that a precise estimate may ut once be formed of its value and suitableness. The lowest cash price of the property is also required to be named. The advertiser, intending to visit the above named cities in the early part ol the ensuing month, will examine those farms, the price ang location of which may beat answer his purpose. oM lw*rc TU FROPiCit rORa OF CIRCUSES OR MENAGERIES TO LET OR LEASE, for a year, or term of years? f!S The Building, known as the American Eagle Stable, jJA comer ot Delaecy and Chrystie^trest*. one block cast ot the Bowery. The b Hiding is gl feet wide, by 80 feet long in he clear ; and from its sice, and contiguity to the Bowery, would be well adapted for a Circus or Meuagene, or would answer well for winter quarter* for either, haviug over 70 i stalls for Horses, and plenty storage room for wagous. Apply on the premises, or 111 Chrystie street. _ _ J NO. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. I o3 SafrTh lrWr COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE. ~ MTHK RtlUwct of the late Leonard Kip Esq.. jus out of the eilf of Hartford, Conn. The boase atanda on the high groan da overlooking the city, from which u la not distant tea minutes walk. It ia a double house, of brick, lour rooms oa a door, with large portico in Trent and built a few year a ago with bathing room and every other modern convenience, and iu the moat aubatantial manner.? The stable and barua, directly in the rear of the house, are ftuiahed in the most substantial manner. The garden abounds with fruit trees of the beat kinds. A more desirable residence for a gentleman wishing to retire from the city could not be found on account of the beauty of the surroanding country, the pleasant society of the cfiy, its advantages of education from the neighborhood ol Trinity College, (not more than a Quarter of a mile distant) and the ease of acccsa to New York ; Aid Boston at all seaaoos of the year. Hall the purchaao money can remain on mortgage for a i length of time, or be paid in instalments to suit i he purchaser. I Apply to LEONARD W. Kir, lit Broadway, New York, or ok 2wend*rc Res. WM. I. KIP. Albany. WA'l IRIPONT Bt JniVlbS, m FASHIONABLE HATTERS. 12 Nassau street, near Kulton, New York. rpHE Subscribers beg to state that they have always on j A hand a choice as <o(tBeat of Hats of their own manufacture. Their materials are imported direct from Paris, and they flatter themselves that for quality and beauty of bmsh their Hats cannot be surpassed, and at a reasonablejrice. They have a case of linn Moleskin Hats, at the Fair of the American lustitnte, No. Ml. M. B. WATTRIPONT, olT lwia*r WM. H. JAMES. FOR SALE, ?T1 A PAIR of Horace,a Wagon, and a set of dou-UmTNble Harness. Will be bold together or separate, at T ? low price, onlp for waat of use. Apply at 74 ! HARLEM FARK-VpROTTING. IB T -ftftnfi i- ^Tff> Monduy, October Uth. PURSE OF $30 will be given, mil* heiu, beet three in fiee, under the aeddle, Tree Tor all hormes that never won a pnrae?Entries to be made at Oreen $1 Losee's, Satnrday ! evening, by 9 o'clock. Pane of $30, two mile hea's, in harMM. free for horaei I that never won a pone over $30, to com* off the 21st October. Entries to be made at Oreen tc Losee's, Monday evening, by , 9 o'clock. o!7 lt*rc UNION COURSE, L. 1.?TROTTING. ?T r -atih r Ihurtday, Oct. 23d, at 3 o'clock. PURSE $400?The two Wonders of the World. Lady Suffolk, trotter, aiid Jamet K Pole, pacer, will contend for 1 he above pnrae, thr?e milea and repeat. A. Bryant enters Ladv Suffolk, to go under the saddle. V Conklin enters J. K. Polk, to go in riarness. The railroad cars will leave it 12>1, and 1 and 2 o'clock P. M. On returning, ample provision will be made to acconemodate all who may be there. Persons wishing to go on the Coarse with vehicles, will please enter at the gate on the tnrnpike road. olT 6tis'rc G. hPICER fiaosfia iBAMJH -BWBC -SBteON AND AFTER MONDAY, October 19th, ls.6, the Train tliat leaves City Hsll for White Plains, at J o'clock j P M, will then leave at 4 30 P M. The train that now leaves i Morrisiaaaand Harlem at i 30 P M, will be discontinued.? ' The trsin that leaves City Hall on Sundays for White Plains at i 30 P M. will leave at 4 30 P M. The trsin which leaves White Plaint on Huuday at 6 o'clock PM, will leave at 3 P M. i oliit'r D. KhLLING tlt'S LlNlMKN'l. aj?__ IN thit wonderful preparatien tha afflicted have ' what they have lone and aerionaly called for. f 1 Nm a aolitary caae, in the tale of twenty thontand | bottlet, hat been known failing to do all that waa expected of I It ll acts like magic in all rhenmatic affectiona; and paint of all and every natnre yield to it immediately. It it at certain to enre all ao'aa, of any deacription, either on man or horae, at the application it made, and in .ahorter time than any other remeav ever offered to the people It it very fragrant, aafe and agreeable?to be need upon all agea, exter Daily and internally, and no fear of taking cold alter lUnae. Mr. Jamea Murphy, of the Bowery Line of Stages, taya that it tared the life or one ol'his men; and in naing twenty dozen not a bottle hai nileo. High Bridge.?At thia place groce after groce hat been naed without a failure. Mr. Aruola Matou and Mr. Bamnel Roberta, bnildera of the bridge; Mr. Maaon aaya.that by the ate of three or four bottle* hierneamatic pain* hare been entirely eradicated. Mr. Roberta girea it at hit opinion that it waa oue of the great canaet of taring hit life from an injury snstained from a fall. Tobeh'dat UO John street. and at the great Ceotral Depot, Harlem Railroad Office, City Hall, in large battle*, at 50 cent* per bottle. aZ9 lm*rc wa un ainhntiur.g'a kiniMtltTuearruiti AJKrVo atop diarrhoea wvh two doaea; it enrea nicer*, ' A f ~a ??.t aoraa of all and every naanre, enta, bruiaat, praina, lie. in three dart la all caaea the money will b* refunded in caae of a failure. It will alto eradicate all then matie paint, at certain a* applied To be had at 90 John atreet, only SO rente per bottle, in large bottle*. *2 1m*re FOR SALE dl AT TATTER8ALLS, Broadway, a pair of -leB^hright hay Mares, teren year* old, of good aire, ' ? * ...,r?*n matched?have been driven in a family rgrnage together for twoyeara by the preaent owner, and can be depended on for there good ijaaliiiea? perfectly ...and. and will be told only for want of uae, at a low prire. Alao. a genteel Kockaway Carriage. all 3t?rc HAIR DYE BATCHELDER'S Inatanuneoua Liquid Hair Dye it absolutely the only article yet invented that can be depraded on to color the human hair, whiakera, Stc. withont staining or injury to the imn, or destroying the health and elasticity of the hair. Thi?|fael is attested by hundreds who use and take every possible puns to recommend it. The color will not be diatnrbed by constant washing, and will be found perfectly uuilorm nnd even, without any of those unnatural tints so much complained of iu the ordinary hair dye. Sold wholesale and retail by WM. BATCHELOR, 2 Wallst. I Agent in Philadelphia. Kug Honssel. oil lm*r KNOX. 128 FULTON STREET, (Sun Building,) Deeming it nnnecessary to cuter into partfcularsd^m respecting his Fall Fashions lor 184$, would simriy state that hisuew style will excel in beanty. lightness, taste and color, any thing ever offered to the Hatwearing public of the city ofNewYerk. His prices are as low as his hats are fine. olT lwia'r WIGS! WIGS! HATC HKLOR'B new invented Wigs and Scalpe, made of m-? tne nn?*t natural earl hair, and adapted in the rami eney manner to the peculiar etyle of each individual. They are entirely a new invention, doing away with all the relatione difflenlttea ao long experienced by thoaa who wear wige. The public are invited to inipect a large and well aeleeted teck, eontamiug every variety of sine and color; they will then be able toindue the effect. WM. BATCHELOR. inventor and only manufacturer, I Wall etreet, near Broadway. Removed Iron MS Broadway Pleaee to copy the addreea. o!7 lm?vc COAL. JAM now idling the beet Peach Orchard Coal at 13 H, lor large not, $5 75 for egg and etove, acreened and delivered in the beat order from tne yard, comer of King and Ureenwieh etreeta?35 centa leea from the boar. ol lmeod*rr. I'ETEK I I.INTON. CHEAPER THAN EVER. AM KULL enit of euperfinc clotli made to order, in the meat inbetaiitial and fanhionable etvle. can b? procured for 30, at MOKKATT'H kaahiouable Caeli Tailoring Katablhhment, No. 31 Catharine etreet. New York. Every article in the lino equally low. Call and ice. *28 12teod*rh JOHN MOKKATT. i THE EYE. D K.WHEELER, Oculiet, 29 Greenwich etreet, near the Battery, devotee Ina exelnaive attention to dieeaaee of ihe Eye and Opthalmic Surgery; and ateiiree the public that there are not ainongit the nnmeroue dieeaaee to which the human eye le enhject, any ditordereof that organ which cannat he eeeentially relieved or enred by hiin. The vaet number ol ....... .-i. ... i.. v...?ill atiafy llie public that hie preotice i? uot exceeded either in extent or tucceu by that ol any other Ocutiat in the United MM. Artificial Eyee for eale, and which will be iineried on reaeonable terme. Office honra Irom I A.M. to 1 o'clock F.M., after which he

viaita out-door petienta. A pamphlat containing remarka on rliseaiea of the Eye, I with numeroue iiiatenees ef great curea effected by Dr. Wheeler'a mode of treatment, can be had grain itoualy at hi? incidence, or the aame will be forwarded to anyone making application to him hy lettera. poat paid. ofieodJm?re DANCING AND WALTZING ACADEMY, _ , SI HOWARD STREET, OIQNORA and BIONOR KERREItO.Will re-open their on Saturday the Ifith of October. Daya of tuition, Wedneadaye and Satnrdaya, and Mondaya and Thnradaya, at half-naat three o'clock for yonng ladiea and young gentlemen. Monday and Tliurtday eveninge at 8 o'clock, Dancing and Waltzing Olaaa for Oentlemen. Wrdneeday and Saturday eventnga, at o'clock, Waltzing Claaa fordo. All the faahionable dancea, including Potkaa, Maznrkaa, and Redowaa, will be taught in the abnve-inentiooed Claaaea. Private Soireea will be given aa uaual. Private claaaea, private leaeoua, and Boarding Schoola punctually attended to. at2 I tneod * rn yy rtfcAT? FMM buahela, Dliu^ia^ wneay^or I Mtai t 0L M Sntk ntie| ACOTMMI lonoia. WM. W. SHIRLEY, AM I. EREMPTOR7 3ALK ol Furniture, to pay adrucea? By H. E. Willard?llii* day. Saturday, October IT, at 10 o'clock, at thesalaa room. 1 Piue street. 1 tecuod knud piattofuite, iu food order, Abbott uuk* r; J dozen baudaome mahogany chairs. harp back, I doteu aecoud baud; } centre table! ; i roaewood dressing bureau, I office datka, recking chain. Ite. o!7 If r WM. W. SHIRLEY, Auc'r. AITHITE PATENT Iron Stoue China at Auction?By H. " E. WiHard?Wednesday, Oct. Slat, at 10 o'clock, at the aalea room. J Pine at , catalogue aale in lota aonud to anit retailer*, hotel* and *.camboata, constating ia part of 1100 dotru platea, llat and deep, all atzea; lit dor.ru diahea, 9 to tt iuci-; TO doteu vegetable Uiahea, 6 to It iuch; tuieeua, boat*, pickles, aalada, cualarda, deaacrt ware, he; pitcher*, half pint to 1 quarts; 1(0 dozen tea aod coffee cup* and aaucera, teapota, augara and utilk, batter platea and drainer*, he ? Alao, light aud dark blue iron atone China, at 90 daya' credit, oyer loO dollar*. Alao, a catalogue of Chaea, Ola** and Earthenware, aud Jo package* glaaa tuinblera, he- Sale pontire. 017 lt*r ; OLD ENGKAV1MGS AND LITHOGRAPHS AT AUt TION?A. Levy will aell on Sa'urday evening. at7 o'clock, at 193 Broadway, an entire tuvoice of old line Engraving* and lithographs, to autt every fancy, jnat received front Europe,the greater pert of which are pat up in lota. Dealers particniatly may fiud it advautageoua to attend inn sale, it twine wuhout my reserve. oU >t*r GREAT SALE OF VALUABLE BUILD. NO LOTS, IX THE CITY OF NEWARK. THE SUBSCRIBER, Executor of tne last Will and TestaBieiit of (In. Thomas Ward, deoeased, will sell at public auatiou on Saturday, the 17th day of October uext, on the premises, at > o'clock P. M., Kilty Valuable BUILDINU LOTS ou Washiugtou, Plaue, Nesbit, and Bleeeker streets, couatitutuig a part of the homestead of laid I hotnai Ward, deceased, and directly ftontiug hit l?te residence. Theae lota ate xituated in the improved part o' the eity of Newark, within 300 feet of Waahuigtou Common, aud preaent a most desi'able opportunity either for iuveetment or of obtaining a handsome location aa a private residence. The property iu the viciuity is moatly built upon aud ia couxtautly becoming more valuable. A map of the property can be aeen at the office of Edward Cook, No Kt Broad atreet. Terms end couditioua made known on the day ofaale. WM. PENNINGTON, o8tni7excSu*r Executor of Oen. Thoinaa Ward, dec. ! " A YOUNG FRENCHMAN IS DESIROUS of entering a family, or in an hotel, as domeatic. lie can give good recoiuioendatioua. Address 333 Bowery. _ _ _ Pit 4t*r MRS. E. HILTON, " j 84 Broadioay, ojipotilt 'lYin.ity Church. FURNISHED and pleasant apartment*. with bedroom* I ( attached, for permauent or transiaut boarders-, suitable. ?|>V, ,U1 koii>c?iru aiiu liirir iriVCI, Willi or WIUlOUl OOfirU, tuid the privilrge ot breakfast served in their own rooms.? Gentlemen in business will will fud the location very convenient for its con'iguity to Wall it. 0I6 lm?rc ' I-IL?OIL?OIL. G1 OOD WHITE Winter Oil, at sii shillings per gallon, I f usually sold lor one dollar; pure white Sperm Oil, war- , ranted to bum all night, and give a beautiful, clear and brilliant light, at one dollar per gallou; Solar Oil, of a superior i quality, at six shillings per gallon; fo? sale by BKNJAMIN A' BttO fc CO.. Ill Division st, between Kldridge and Allen its, and 140 Grand street, second block oil lw?r East of the Bowery. | CLARKE'S SACKS, i 116 IViUiam it., opposite the Washington Stores, i C1 RACEKL'L AND CHEAP?By purchasing all my goods T for cash, and giving no man credit I am euabled to offer the most tempting inducements to the truly economical.? j Thus 1 will make to order a coat, usually charged at f!6, for i 920, and an 911 coat for 9H. and every other garment in pro- I portion. 1 am likewise provided with a magnificent assort- 1 ment of line Overcoats and Sack Coals My black cloth Sacks, with silk collars and fronis, are 911; some as low as I 9i. These coats are faultless in style, and unprecedented lor cheapness. U B. CLARK. 116 William street, oil 5tis*rc formerly with Brnndage. Broadway. | SEAMAN & MUllt WILL open their new andextrnsive Dry Goods Establish meut, No HI Broadway, 1st door above the Hospital Gieeu, on Monday next, the 19th day of October, at 9 o'clock A. M. Their stock is entirely fresh, has been selected with.great care, rxprrssiy i?r tne cut trade, at reanced pcices, alia comprises aa rich aa aaaortment or rariaian Dreaa anil hsncy Dry Goods aa have bean offered to the public during the preaeut autumn. They invite purchaaera to examine their goods, aa they are conlident the great Calling off in pricea will enable them tn offer greater inducementa than can be offered by eatabliahed honaea having old and depreciated stocks on hand. Their aaaortment cumpriaea every variety of the moat eplendid Silks, Cashmere, Decosae, Merinos, Mousseline de Lames, Camels Hair, Cashmere, Brorhe anil embioidered | Crape Shawls, (some of winch are equal to any offered thia 1 season;) Laces and Embroideries, Mourning tfoods, Parisian | ; Cloaks, Wedding anil Ball Ureases, together with every variety or attractive and desirable goods usually kept in the largest Broadway establishments. Mr.Mnir retired from the firm of A- T Stewart It Co. ou the 1st of January last, and he flattera himself that his many years experience in that house, and his perfect knowledge of the Broadway trade, will enable htm to offer, at all timea, an attractive stock of goods,well adapted to the prevailing taste and fashions. oil 6tis?rc OPPOSITION FOR ALBANY, ^Mn jfl LaNDINO at Poughkeepsie, Kingston, (LgJHfSlCiukill, Hadson and Coxsackia?The ateam!3i?30E>boat WAVE will leave New Vork on Sunday, the ilth instant?Kegnlar days from New York Sondays, Tuesdays aud Thursdays; Albany, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. N. B. For farther particulars see posted handbills. ol7 It*r KUK BaLI/E, Honduras, with despatch?The Wkfine, fast sailing, coppered and copper faatened bark VfmVOHX R. GARDNER. James Peder.eu, master, j havm< superior accommodations for passage only. Vpply to Captain on board, or to F. ALEXANDER, elT lw*rh 28 South street. XAg- PA4.KKTS FOK MAKSEILLliS?The packet WM^Vahip AHCULE, Capt. Wm. It. Hoodlesa, will sail m^Hflfeon the 1st November. For freight or passage apply 5 CHAMBERLAIN It PHELPS, I MM ?1 e4a?0D H03 Front at. Y I rnlTre or to BOYD it HINCKEN.THYsH cor Water. : KUK NEW CHILEANS? Louisiana and New tH^WYork Line?Positively the first and only Regular ; JSHBfpfacket for Saturday. October 24th?The fast sailing 1 bark GENESEE, Captain Minot, will positively sail as , I above, her regular day. I For (might or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS k CO., M South at. Positively no goods received after Friday evening, 23d October Packet Ship LoutsviNo will succeed the Genesee, and sail on November 4th. Agent in New Orleans, James E. Woodruff, who will promptly lorwara an gooas to nu addresi. ol7r ONLY KEGULAk LINE OF NEW OKbMjW LEANS PACKET8?The ships to Mil ? TipJWflaHiescott'i Regular New Orleaea Line, in their proper order, ire u follows. via:? It -rfe It. Tlie picket ihip EDGAR, Cspt. Shapter, foot of Wall it., on the 17th October. The picket ahip MEMPHIS, Captain Bunkar, foot of Mullen line, 2lit October. Picket ihip GENESEE, Captain Minott, foot of Wall it., 2lth October. The ihipi ofthu line having now commenced their regular trips, will aail erery three days. Periona about proceeding to New Orleann will rind it much to their adnata^* to tele *t thin line in preference t" tranaient ihipa aa their punctuality in inline may at all timet be depended on, and the puce of pa?>ge it very reasonable, for which, and to aecure bertha, early application ahould be made on board the , leveral packet! ai above, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 86 South atreet. o17r two doora below Burling Slip. IQJri EUR CALIFORNIA AND OREOON-The J rfTfyri^irl.,, fan sailing, coppered and copper fattened i ,fi?|||l?b*>k WH1TON, R Oeliton mailer, will be dei- 1 patched early in November fur California and Oregon, touch- | ing at Monterey, St Fraiicuro, Oregon City, Columbia river, and if indu-ementa are offered, at other intermediate porta. ' f or freight or paaaaae, having good aceommodationa, apply on hoard, at the foot of Dover atreet, or at No. ill Liberty at., where letter! will be received up to the day of aailiug. ol32w'r JAMES BISHOr t CO. ! FOR LONDON?Regular packet of the 16th mBFTVOctober?The ft it clan fait tailing packet aliip ! JnugHfaeQL'I.BI-.C, Capt J. H. Wilhama, burthen 1000 torn . WII ml as above, her tegular day. Having very superior aceommodationa for cabin, second \ cabin and t'errage msaengeri, persona intending to embark ahould make immediate application on board, foot ol Maiden Lane, orto JOSEPH McMURHAY, cor of Tine and South its. , The Quebec will be succeeded by the packet ahip Welling ton, Capt Chadwick, and tail on the lit Nov. otrh i Jft FOR LONDON?First Packet?The superior, ' ??J)WWfait sailing and favorite packet ahip JOHN W. JWHNuiOOSSL KK, Capt. Fairfowl, will positively anil ea Saturday. Oct. 17th. l"OR "LONDONDERRY, Ireland?The packet brie MARIA SPKAH, Capt. Powell, will be despatched on Wednesday. Oct. 14th. KOR ANTWERP?The fine, favorite packet shin ShakePeare, Capt. Porter, will positively sail on the I7tt> October, j A few cabia passengers can be accommodated in splendid style, and on the most reasonable terms, by applying to oil rh JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South (t. /OR LI V ERPOOL?N ew Line?Regular Packet *9*Wof Oct. 26th?The elegant fast sailing packet ahip JKKoARKK'K, B. J. H Tr.uk master, will tail as above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or comfort. Apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, ar to E. K. COLLINS It Co. , Price ol passage1100. Packet ship KOSCIU8, A. Eldridgc, master, will succeed the Oarrick and sail November 26, her regular day. s27 rh aaj- EuR LIV ERPOOL-'To sail on the 17th October > (|H? The splendid new parki ship 8 A K I I M A. Cept. JMUKsCroker. has aecoromoda'ions fora limited number : ol second cabin passengers, which will be taken at steerage ! rates. Her between decks are lofty and well ventilated, and every way suitable to the comfort of those embarking. Kor ! passage apply to UEORUK SHERLOCK, lit Maiden Lane, near South it For New Orleans, and will positively sail tins day, the ship CURTIS, Capt. Outerbridjge. Apply as above. oli lt*rc BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKETS, For LIVKRPOOI,?The only regular Packet ol *J9fjFVUie l?th of October?The splendid fast-sailing jHBMbPacket Ship CAMDRIDOK, burthen 10V) tons, Captain Win C Baratow, will sail positively on Friday, the 16th of October. (t ia scarcely necessary to say, as it la well know to the trarelline public, that, the accommodations of the Camhridiie for Cabin, 2d Cabin and Steerage Passengers are fitted out in a moat superb and costly manner, with every modern improvement and eonrenienre, that cannot but add to the comfort of those embarking, who shonld call and see this splendid specimen ol naval architecture, before engaaing elsewhere. 3For passage in Cabin, 2d Cabin and Steerage, early applies- I lion should dc made ou board, loot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers. ROCHF, BROTHERS It Co., o!3 r lb Kg I ton st. (neat door to the Fulton Bank). IM- PACK FT SHIP KOSCIUS, from Liverpoo,- I Consignees by this ship will please send their per- I JMMKsinits on board, foot of Wall street All goods not iwrmi led in live days, will be sent to the public store. o'S KRK.NCH BRIO AKVF.DK-Consignecsof carkdMfVto aie requested to aeu,l their permits on board, be- j UMbtsten piers t and J, North river. (J'odsnot peimitted ou the Ifth inst. will he sent to the pnblic store oli BOVI) It. HINCKKN, Agents REMITTANCES TO EM GLAND, IRELAND, AND SCOTLAND. IdT- PARTIES wishing to remit moneys in Isrge or JH^^small snms to their friends in Great Britain or Ire ?rr&rthT.nb^ Un.t.d Stale. ^'" hVeh"!'" >? "?"'",y fo,W*,<ie T ??Vr,??.' app^XbrahaM au?lm*f _?rr=?u; MtM?TBO!>U * s^sspSf^gj^rrA.. ,?* : T*"Ji 53;2 U Nor??, Cwtillot. frlDCiR'nM ,im?Bt of Tobacco, for mU ? )?* J ^ r A???"?w? 1 "orU"tnt 01 lfll>*ccp' *? ,17 1? i?*A 1 i AMfr.WKwy. I turn.* ble.MrBaea: Frederick Bramble, Dyott; Cornet Ollapod, (J Barrett; Lieut Worthington, Barry; Humphrey Dnbbiut, Fiaber; Emily Wortbmgton, Mra Hum; Huu Miaa Laeretia McTab, Vernon. To eoaclmie with THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH ?John Peery tingle, O Andrewi, Mr Tackletou, kiahtr: Bertha, Mr* Hunt. Uoora open at at haJf-paat ( o'clock, and tho performan ana will conusance at T o'clock. Boies $1; Pit J# caata ; UailerytS ceou. BENL'FIT OF MR. ADDAMs. DOWJERY THEATRE.?Saturday Keening. Octo'r 17th. A ?The performance will eommauca with the trajredy of KINO LEAK?King Lear, Mr Addama: Edgar, NeaAe: Edmood, Booth; Karl of Kent, Hteeeoa; Earl of Oloater, Foiraater; Cordelia. Mra Madiaoo. To conclude with THERK8E?Carwia, Mr Addama; Fontaine. Booth; The Count, Veuaa; Picard, Byrea; Tlirrcaa, Mra Jordan. Uoora. opaa at T o'clock, curtain will riaa at halt paal 7.? Dreaa Circle, 50 centa; Upper Boxea, 15 caata: Pit aaa (lallary. ItH canta il'CHELL'a OLYMPIC THKATRE?Saturday arening. Oeteobr 17, will ha performed (he comedietta of THE BEE AMD TH^E ORAVUE TREE?Kiug Block. Mr Ulock; Prince Amiable. Mn Timm. Ater which, FAIR STAR?Bigaroon, Nickinson; Cher ry, Mr* Tnnm. To be followed by TAMIKO A TARTAR-Maxourki, Mr Holland To conclude with DF.AF AS A POST. Dress circle M cent*; upper boiet lb ceuu; pit one shilling; pnva'e boxes $}. Doors open st hull past 6 o'clock: curtain rises at 7. DOVVEKV C1KCUS. Jnlin Tivon Lessee. Waren Draper Treasurer. Hattiirdny Rreiilng, October 17. Mr Dale in his great set of Horsemanship, in the course of which he will turn it somerset on the h->rse s back. Mr L Lipniti), first scene tider, will repeat his great illustaattaM oi bkakepeare s heroes. Messrs. Dsle, Lipman, Smith, with a host of other talent, will appear i< various sets ol horsemauship. _ The Band or Negio Minstrels, led by Mr Kmmit, wilt give a variety of songs. Sr. Felix Carlo, the Italian Trick Clowu, is engaged, and will appear on Monday next. iDril U'rUh'tT M' U k' A 'I'D U' OLJIf A rtVI BU I a I W. E. Burton Manager and Leasee i J mjScott .. . .Stage Manager, t tL/- This Theatre has been thoroughly re-decorated in the moat gorgeous style, and is now the moat beautiful Theatre I in the Union. MR. JAMES WALLACE, Sr.. In two of his great charicteis, Rolls, in the tragedy of Pi- ! r.arro, and Martin Haywood, iu the Rent Day. THIS EVENING, OCT. 17, Will be acted the play of P1ZARRO. Rolla Mr Wallack Elvira MrsLewia Cora Mrs Burke To conclude with the? RENT DAY. Martin Heywood Mr Wallack Rachel Heywood Mra Burke Bullfrog Mr Burton WALNUT STREET THEATRE. PHILADELPHIA E. A. Marshall, Lessee W. R. Blakb, Manager. Bent fit of MR. ANDERSON. SATURDAY EVENlAIO. Oct. 17, lM.will be performed KINO OY 1 HE COMM6NS. King James Mr Anderson After the play Miss Walters will appear in a grand NEAPOLITAN DANCE. To conclude with the? ELDER BROTHER. Charles Mr Anderson Mr correal will make his first appearance since bis return om Europe, on Mouday uexl, iu the character of Hamlet. 0" Arrangements hare beeu positively entered into with tne following ga'axy ol talent:?The popular operatic corpt, Mrs, Heguin, Mr. Krazer, Mr. Seguin, Madame Anguata, Mad'sllr Uimier. Itc. THE THIRD CONCERT 1 OF CAMILLO S1V0RI Will take place on Monday, October 19th, at the TABERNACLE. CAMILLI &IVORI will perform1. The first part of a Grand Concerto, [in E flat J 2. The Prayer of Motet, by general desire. 3 A Fantasia on a favorite American Air, [violin tolo.] 1 He will be utiited'in hia third Concert bv MISS L. MOSS. MR P. MAYER, and BP 81UNORA PICO! f Anda numerous and select Orchestra, will be led by ol7 8fcM*r M1CHELK HAPKT*TI. THE ALHAMRA SALOON, ' 559 Broadway, near Prince etreet ADMISSION REDUCED TO ONE SHILLING. Thit tplendid, fashionable and well known eatabliahment it now open for the season. Musical entertainments every evening, with the astonish ing performances of MONS. ADRIENT, the greatest Magician of the 19th century. Dancing by Mile Jesselyne. ITT*" Doors open at 7?commences at I o'clock. ol3 Iw?rc NEW YORK GALLERY OF THE FINE ARTS. THIS Institution, occupying the building known aa the Rotunda, in the Farlt, is open daily Irom 9 A. M. until | dark. On Monday and Tuesday evenings the rooms ate brilliantly lighted until 10 P M. Life Membership one dollar. Single admission 25 cents.? i The Public Schools admitted free on 8a urdays, by making new york anatomical museum, j 239 Bowery, ojtjtotile Prince of. THE PUBLIC areio 1'uimed, that after the labor of many yeari, Doctor BEACH ha* succeeded in collection and preparing Anatomical specimens, illustrating the structure of every part of the human system-, among which is a lull sized leuiale figure, eihiblting the foetus in utere, amid the surrounding organs. This magnificent collection (principally in wai) is now open to visiters iu the above building, and occupies seven rooms, where all may have an opportunity of studying the wonderful mechanism of their own bodies, and the morbid state produced by disease For particulars see small bills. Admittance 25 cents oli eodJt*rc J HAM8KLL.M. P., Superintendent. vamjerlyn's great national DICTURE of the Landing ol Columbus, painted by order A of Congress, is now exhibiting for a short time in the large saloon of the Academy of Design, corner of Broadway ana Leonard streets. Open from 9 A M to 10 P M. Season tickets 50 cents; single admission, 95 cts; descriptive pamphlets, <>4. o!7 lwia?r HOWES fc CO.'S N. Y. MAMMOTH CIRCUS. ! rPHI8 nnrivalled corps of Equestrians will perform at 1. Catskill, October 12th; at Oakhill on the 12th; at Oilloa on the 14th; Jefferson on the 15th; at Roxbunr ou the 10th; at Clovesville on the 17th^at Woodstock on the 19th; at Sau^ar [in on me win; UN il ninniun on mi <uu Thin i? the Largest Establichoient ever organised is the United States, comprising lit Men and Horses, reqnlnag II Carriages to convey the performers, wardrobes, musicians he The company has attached to it Eight Female eeucr | trians, among whom is the Greatest Female Rider of tag Age, recently arrived from Paris, MADAM E MARIE MAC ARTE, whose new style or Equestrian Feats, peculiarly her own, I being chaste and classic; her graceful and fascinating address, i and the charming niivete with which the chains tier audience, render this gifted and highly-educated artiste the leading feature of the arena iu this country. The Proprietors : refer the public to the brilliant description given in the respeetive newt-wpers of the extraordinary and daring feats perfumed b- this distinguished artiste. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOWES; Riding Master, Mr. ; NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RICE. , Among the Performers is the celebrated and principal Hider, the Napoleon efthe Arena, Mr. HOBBS, wh -/eats on Horseback are the moat extraordinaryever witne. Jure aile act of HorsemanslNp by Master Nisou. Olym Exer- , cues, by the whole Company, led by. the great r,-/opsin Tumbler, Mr. MACATTTK. weniderfnl Feats bv Mr Cole's Dogs, Hector and Billy. Tim SWIM BROTHERS, i in their elegant Gymnastic Postures and Groupings. Mr. Bwect as the Charioteer of Pbabus. Posturing end Grm nasties, by Mr. Nixon and bis son. Mr. Hewes in his Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes in Stack Hope Evolutions. Mr. Geo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety of othem. The whole comprising the lending, most talented, and classic performers in the world, oil rc HO WK.S fc. CO.'S New York Mammoth Circus. OOLMAN'S EMPORIUM OF ART AND CLASSIC CABINET GALLERY OK OIL I'AINTINGS, WHICH include* hi? immense stock* of Bosks, Fainting*. Engravings, Kincr Stationery. Drawing*, Drawing Material*, Mn*ic, he., are now to be found upon the second floor, np one flight of easy lUira, (having leaned the fun floor,) where every thing will be *old at a* low price*, and many much below the regular price*, being decirou* of cloning up a* noon a* possible hie Book Department. A Cheap Liet will aoon be publiihed for thoae who will buy a quantities. Purchasers are invited to call and examine hi* New Rooms, No. *13 Broadway, second floor. slaeodcis tfrre ' GYMNASTIC EXERCISES. WFULLK.il reipeetfully inform* hi* friend* and the public 1.1 general, that lie still continues to give instruction in Gymnastics, at his establishment, 29 Ann street. To gentlemen residing in Brooklyn, or doing business down town, this location will be lonnd most advantageous and eco- J nom<cal both as to time and moncr. CfT" Fencing aaflBairing taught upon the most approved principle*. ol lmeod?rc MAMfcE MARONCELLl WOULD inform her pupils, and friends generally, that she continues her instruction* in Singing and Music, at her residence, 117 Bievoort Place, (I?th street.) She also, if required, give* lessons at the residence of the pupil. It eodl?*Je | MUSIC mtlP PI AMI! TAUnilT nn ??rr mndnrifd f?rfna. kvi X peraon who hu perfect knowledge of the science, end who undertake! to teach it thoroughly. Termi, i dollars per.month. Any ixriou wishing to take instruction will pleaie addreaa a line to " Mnne, at the Herald Office." aid lmis're LEFT OFF WARDHOIJE AND FURNITURE WANTED. LAD IKS OK GENTLEMEN having superfluous effect! todiapoaeof, inch aa Wearing Apparel, kurmtare kc.. can obtain ? fair caah price for the name, by sending for the inbacribe, throngh the roil Office, or otherwiie, who will attend at their residence!. J. LEVEN8TYN, 4M Broadwayjjiitaira. Ladies can be attended to bT Mrs. J. LEVEN8TYPL ill lm*re , LEECHES! LEECHES! LEECHES! AFRESH inpply of large and healthy Swedish Leeches, Jnat received?for sale in quantities to snit purchasers, packed up so as to be transported any distance witn safety, by O. A. It H. WITTE, sll lm*rh Imixirter of Leeches, M John si. UNION HILL ACADEMY. FORDHAM, WES<;HESTER COUNTY, mear atw roaa. ALEX. DEMPSTER, A. Af., Principal. BUCRBSSOB TO THK REV. WILLIAM I'OWELL. IN this Seminary are taught all the branches of a solid English education, with the other modern Languages and the ( lassies, if required. The pupils have thifpeeuliar ad.au tage?that the whole coarse of study is conducted bv the Principal himself. To foreigners who wish to be iuitracted in the shortest time, in the English language, this Institution offer* every advantage, a* the Principal know* nifficien l>- 1 tlie French, Mpnntih, and (Jermaii languages, to enable lum to communicate instruction to pupil* Irom those countiie* Board *nd washing per annum *2<>o . *11 TuThMnlm*rn ___ I CAUTION, TO HOTKL. A NO HTORK-KKkPfcR*. *g*w*t per on from Philadelphia, trying to in I tn jipoti tor'"" pnrion* article of Wine Bitter* nod Wild <?Be?T ?aid to be mannfactttred by me. This i? to |nfor?^.P',?!'e that 1 hare no travelling agent nnder the name or I odi.h, er eepttngmy .on. Jo.eph ^Tobian. QM0N yoBJAf. ?l?lm*r_ No. M North Third ?t.. Philadelphia BINDERS BOARDS. rtf klO ^Bs- 800,1 *">4n% Boards, from ?<?* ? ?? > OUUUa good article, and feujjfjg, fc brook?. at lBrb is ?d *7 Nassau ?t LATEST INTELLIGENCE. llllSRArBlO. Philadelphia, Friday Evening. The Southern mails, which have been detained by storm* and freshets, have arrived. We have four mails from Charleston, New Orleans and the intermediate cities, but nothing new from the army nor the blockading squadron. Advices from Yucatan coutirm the intelligence received some days ago at New York. That State has thrown off her disguise, recognized the revolutionary government, and re-annexed herself to Mexico, subject to all the risks of the existing war with the United States. Official returns of the vote in Philadelphia remove all doubts as to the election of Sheriff ; Selar, the native American candidate for that office, is chosen by a majority of 186. The returns from the interior of Pennsylvania continue highly favorable to the whigs and the tariff" ?r 1KA*> From Georgia, we learn by the Savannah, Augusta and Charleston papers that Messrs. Toombs, Stephens, King said Jones, all whigs, are elected to Congress?a whig gain of one. Harralson is probably defeated. The Baltimore telegraph line is not yet in operation. BurraLO, Friday Evening Sales were made of 20,0UU bushels of Ohio and Michigan wheat at 80 to U8 cents. Sales of oorn at 57 cents per bushel. Flour changed hands freely at yesterday's quotations; Ohio batter 8 oenis, cheese 0{ cents. Budd's brewery, at Guelpli, Canada, was injured by fire on Thursday. The loss is estimated at #1,200. BY THE MAlLj. ARRIVAL OF THE MAZ&I raOBff TBI BOUTS. Highly Interesting from Havana, Mexico, Yucatan, Venezuela, New Grenada, Ac. Ac. Ac. WaIhinuton, Oct 16, 1840. There were four meili due thie evening from the South. The paper* received bring ua nothing of very peciel moment, from either the army of occupation, or the nary. Regarding the instructions to General Taylor, wo have already apprised you. The future policy of thw War Department we may now venture, with tome assurance, to lay before your reader*. The plan of the lava* lion i* to be changed. The march from Monterey to the city of Mexico, ia at la ait aix hundred mile* lenger than from Tampico on the Gulf, or Alvarado, or Vera Crux, which latter point afford* the neareit and most acceaaibl e route. The detachment under Gen. Patterson, strongly reinforced bv volunteer*, i* to attack Tampico, reduco it, and march forward into the interior toward Mexico? and we are more itrongly impressed with the idea thio evening than we were yesterday, that a nearly simultaneous attack by land and sea i* contemplated upon Vera Cruz, if not already resolved upon and arranged. Gen. Taylor will leave Monterey occupied with a garrison ; ana march forward with hi* main body upon Saltillo without dslav. denendinr unnn tha r.nuntrv for inn. plies. It is necessary that his army (hould be divided to enable it to cubaiat upon the slender reaourcea left in their retreat by the enemy. For the whole force to remain in Monterey would be to remain to atarre. He will occupy the little towna in hia progress in pursuit of the enemy, and ii hia force reaerved for the forward Ihovement be not aufflcient for the conflict, when he shall have overtaken Ampudia, (who rum like an Arab,) he will pauae until hia reinforcementa in the rear can be called up, aa the emergency may demand. Of course, he will have hia pickets and pioneers sufficiently in advnnce and upon his flanks to give notice of the approach to tho Mexicans, or any scattering parcela of their army. From Monterey to the city of Mexico there ia a journey of at least 700 miles, (some say 900) among the te- ble lands, and deep gorges, and dangerous passes of the mountains of Mexico. This line of march running southward lies parallel with the eastern gulf coast, at about 360 miles distant, more or 1cm. Vera Cruz lying nearly in a direct line across from the city of Mexico te the coast, consequently opens a passage to the capital as short and more convenient and accessible than the route traversed by General Taylor from Point Isabel to Monterey. We are advised, therefore, that the War Department is of the oninion that it will he cheaDer not to reouire of Oen. Taylor the march to Mexico by the low groond of the table land*, gorges and mountain* from Monterey ; but if after occupying Haltillo and the adjaoent town*, he should fail to come within reach of the enemy, he will paui* and invite hi* -ipproach until he (hall have heard of the reaulta of the occupation of Tampico on the coatt, and the combined land and *ea attack upon Vern Cruz. In the local revolution* of Mexico, the faction holding or taking the caatle oil' Vera Cruz, holda or take* the government in it* hand*,'; *o w* believe that while the reduction of that caatle would at once reduce the Mexican* to term*, they may persist in their resistance, even if the whole country i* overrun, a* long as that castle is unassai led. Not only do w* believe that the reduction of St. Juan d'l.'lioa would be the shorted method of conquering a peace, .not onlv the boldest and most glorious ; but we also are clearly of the impression that to secure a guaranty for the future peace of Mexico, Internally and externally, it will be neceesary either to occupy said fortress permanently, or to raze it to the level of the sea. WssHinoToa, Oct. 1ft, 1846. SAsrf Commons. The Winnebagoe* left the city this morning northward en route, all excepting two, who are reported among the missing. Any person, therefore, meeting one or two stray Indians, with rod blankets, will please in* form the Commissioners of Indian Affairs, at Washington, of the fact, and in ths meantime detain the natives We understand that die funeral of Hon. H. 8. Fox, late British minister, will take place to-morrow, and that hia rem Mini, temporarily, will tie de pouted in tae puouc vault at the Congreaaional Cemetery. 3400 people at Saudi k Co.** circue, to-night It if all the (rage. Thou* little poniei, and the dancing horao, and the clowns and Sand* and hit boy* are all too talkThe army, the iteamer, the election!, the church, are all aupereudud by the circui. Next week we hare the race* at the National Courea, * three mile* north of the city. Meantime, who would you think haa come to town, but Jaca Kbo?t. Late from Havana, [Correij-ondenco of the New York Herald.] Havana, Oct. 1, 1846. Havana if dull; faver ia very bad; the weather ia uncer. tain, cloudy, and rainy. In 48 hourt the thermometer hae fallen from 94? to 84". We have not feen the aun for fereral deya. Strong wind! and galat have taken place to the eaetward of the leland. Several veaeele got athore on the northeait part of thif liland?amongat them an Kngllah fhip from Liverpool, bound here. Tho 8paniahman of war achooner Habanera, arrived hero from New York, in ten daye, and when in the latitude of Cape Hatteraa, caw aeveral veaeele diameated, and u achooner funk?the crew waa aaved by an American ehip. The chip Rapid arrived on the 34th ult., having s paaaare of 33 (lay a ; ahe experienced gale* of wind front the 8th up to the 14th ; loat all her aaila ; aaw a veaael ??-1- ' annihav nna with tho mainmnM Anal Inn. mast only ; it being nearly dark, and raining, they could not tell ef what nation (he wai. On the 30th, nit. arrived the Spaniih brig Kmelio, from Sisal, having on board Oen. Ignatio Bast lro, on hia way to Mexico. Wa have in thia harbor a email French fleet, composed of the irigate Andromade, having on board Admiral Laplabe. Sloop of war Blonde, and steamer Tonne re alao arrived. The Kmiilo haa left for Vera Crur.. Dinnera and balla were given to the admiral and officers of the French man of war, and a largo dinner and ball ia to take place on board of the French frigate The Oovernor'a daughter and himself have been aick, but are now well. The Theatre Principal ia rebuilt in a new style, and will be ready by the end of thia month, by u hich time the Italian Company will arrive. The splendid theatre of Tacon ia cloaed; it renairea the Ravel Family to make it shine. The tiaa Company ia not much encouraged; few store* have taken it The following is the quantity of ("gar and molaaaee exported to the United States, from the 1st of January, up to the 16th September, 1846 Sugar, bi t. Mnlatttt, hkits To New York ^ U 7?9 Boston 7.WI Charleston and Southern forts 3,837 J,9.>9 Philadelphia 7,Oil Rhode Island 1,1*4 w'2?} Portland '491 14,991 Total 43,989 48,143 During that time, 390 vessels cleared for different parts of the world, coasting ton* .loinun wun n> ia? present IKrom the rictytine, October M.| The brig Hayne, Captain Williams, arrived yesterday from Havana, having sailed thence on tha 'id mat She brings us dates to the 30th Septemtmr, but the news ta not impartaat. Captain General O'Donnell has been ill, ami soma of his earlier symptoms so strongly resembled yellow fever that apprehensions were entertained in regard to him ? but he is since convalescent,and no concern la felt fbr hies In regard to the health of Havana, we have an official report down to the 36th of September The yellow fever was subsiding. The number of cases for the month ending tha 9*th, waa 661 leas than in the preoeding month. Secor D. Ignacio Baaadre.an ex-minister of Santa Aena, arrived in Havana on the 3t>1h, liom Si?eJ.en the Spanish luig KraiUo, on hiv way to blesico. He had beon over there attending to Santa Anna's interests ta Yucatan and Tabasco The p^ere do net sey whether he has a pata.j*