3 Kasım 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Kasım 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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m J_j j Vol. XII. No. '4S6?.Whole No. 4?3?. THAVKLUWO ACCOM WOP ATION8. OPPOSITION TICKET OFFICE FOR THE NORTH AND WEST. ^M*n mI FUK ALBANY. 75 emu ; Unci. 91; 9y ttrflfriar **M V 7i v,H"cl'2,ter' 3E3K3E.97 75 ; Buffalo, $3 ; Clreeland, 95 50; Porta month 19; Putibur;h, M : Detroit. Miclo?an, M ; L'l"Cia Deii, Ohio, $9; Miiwnukie. 99, Cbicefo.S 9; Toronto, U. C., 9550; Hamilton. 95 50. jtiuMtou. $ M; Whitehall. 91 50; Montreal, lb bO.? Pssiengsrs, by sppying. san rat their I tickets at the office No. 100 Buclay street, at the above ' "oVm^eh M. L. RAY, Agent. rtOPLES LINK Of STEAMERS FOE ALB AN*. Daily, Sundays excepted?Through direct at ( o clock, P. M. From Steamboat pier hehcern Courtlandt and Libert* ill. ; ^ steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, Weduee3KSHBBL. day and Friday evening!, at ( o'clock. TEeamaostlBAAC NEWTON, Capt. William H. l'eck, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 6 'clock. At 5 o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Plaeee. From the feat at Barclay street. Steamboat SANTA CLAUB, Captain B. Overbangk, will 1 leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R. H. Fury, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at i o'clock. The above boats will at all umei arrive ia Albany in ample time for the morning ears for the East and Watt. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken after <X 'clock, P. M. All peraoas are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order from the eaptains or agents. Far peaeage or freight, apply on board theboats, or to P. C. Sehults. at the eflee oa the wharf. oMr nflp PACKETS FOR HAVRE?Seeoud Line?Packet l^^^^ahie BALTIMORE, Cept. John Johnston, Jr., will JHHbtail ou the let ot December. For freight or passage, apply to ul BOYD k H1NCKEN. No. M Wall at. NOTICE?Packet thin LOUISVILLE is now ) I^V^dilchtrsioK It l)rl?Kii> WMrf. font ol" Wall rntrmmt JHBg^Consigoees will pliui attend to the receipt of their gooda immediately. nl rh MT UNION LINK Of LIVKKPOOL PACKETS.? Packet of the 4th November.? The maguidcent new JMHEm packet ahip AMERICA, Captain Heaae, will nil aa ae.ive herregDltrdey. i This splendid Packet being oa her first voyage, few are aware ol her immense size, she being 1600 toes burthen, or her exceedingly comfortable accommodations,whieh are not surpassed by any other ship afloat. For passage, andtosecnra beiiha, early application should be made oa board, at pier 4 North riyer, or to W. It J. T TAP8COTT, o31 86 Ssuth 'treat id door, belew Burling slip. AA*1 FOK LIVERPOOL?Regular packet of the 6th hSj^^^Nov ?The uew and very splendid ship NEW HEaWOlt LD, burthen 1,IM tons, Capt.William Skiddy, matter, will sail as above, her regular dev. The accominodatiens, for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, as to eoinfort, are unequalled by any other vessel to port. Heienas intending to embark would do well to go on board and judge for themselves, before eugagiug elsewhere. For farther particulars, apply oa hoard, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH Me MURRAY, _o2# corner of Pine end Sooth streete HAVANA LINE. OF PACKETS FROM PHILADELPHI A?The A 1 fast tailing bark ELIZA**HbBKTH J. John 8. Remington, master, will tail positively ua 16th November. Far freight or passage, having superior Tarnished accommodations, apply to JOHN F. OHL k SON, olS llt"gf>z Bid B. Wharves, Philadelphia. ONLY REUULAR LINE OF NEW OKb^^^^LRANS PACKETS?The ships to tail m TapjHH^wscott'a Regular New Orleaaa Line, in their pre per order, are aa fellewa. via:? Packet ahip HUDSON, Captain Paga, foot of Wall straat, November 4th. W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, M Sonth street, of* r two doors below Hnrlinc Slip. YACllT NORTHERN LIGHT FOR SALE. fcSSP The undersigned, having coucluded to withdraw h^^^^from "Yachting." offers for sale the well known JSKsehooner yaent NORTHERN LIGHT, TO tone burthen- . The Norther* Light it most substantially built of white oak. co*i>?r tastened. coueered to the wales, and is venr tho- I roughly found ia all respects. Tbcra axe two iuta room, haviag two bertha each, and aight open bartha (four of whleh ara doublt) in her after cabin, which, with eight bertha in her forward cabin, afford aceommodationa for 24 paaaengara, being admirably calculated for a yacht, or packet for paaaengara, in onr Southern watera. The qnalitiea of the Nertnem Light for railing, and aa a " aea Duat," are too well known to require farther deacriptiea. For trrmx and other particnlara apply to the inbacriber, at No It South Market atreet. Beaton. o24 ?wrrc W. V. W1NCHE3TER. FOK HAVRE.?The anperior French brig AHft VEDE, Caottun Onnudean, to ,be promptly diaM Mb patched. For freight, apply to BO^n h HINCKEN. Broken.. *aMM- FOR CALIFORNIA AND OREGON?The wWbkfirat claae, last railing, coppered and copper faatened JHHfabaik WHITON, K. Gaston master. will be despatched early in Pioveraberfor (.'aliform. and Oregon, tonchn:i; Mnemeey, Ht Francisco, Oregon City, Columbia river, | " -el,-* other intermediate porta. ' > i , , v g good accommodations, apply or. I' >er street, or at No. it Liberty at., wh? * eived up to the day of sailing. Ott y J AMES BISHOr fc CQ. AdBff- /A.inAGE hKOM BELFAST OIKECT?To klEtwVaail punctually the lith N jremher? The splendid jBOaCanew packet ship GLENMORE, Captain Michael, will aail as ahore, her regular day. The subscriber haa completed his arrangements to hare a regular line of lira' class ships, aiding the lith of each month from the above port, thereby presenting the most favorable opportunity to those who may feel desirous of having their friends brought out from the north of Ireland. For farther particulars please ?pply (if by letter, post paid) to o5rc JOS. McMUKH AY, cor. fine and South streets. "5S; JAMES BEVERAGE, seil Maker, Comer mM^. Front and Roosevelt streets?Sails, Awnings, lata, SBSMafkc-. made to ordcr.tn a uaat and substantial manner, at l?w price*. Hails to be repaired insured against fire, and stored araria. Secure frem rats and dampnass. AH orders pun'tnaHy eiecnted. o22 1m*rre INDIANA BONDS. TI1E undersigned has issued a circular, dated 2?nd instant, enclosing the ferm of a subscription, required to be made by the brat of December next, lor the completion of the Wabash aud Erie <'anal, and to give effect to the Act of the Legist itnre of Indiana, passed at (he Inst sesaien, presiding lor the naymeat of interest- on the bonds of the State. Ttie Circular has baea forwarded to such holders as hsee Inniished me with their address, and in order that nil bondholders mar hare the opportunity of securing the adeaatages of the law, by becoming parties to the subscription, notice is now given toeqrh bondholders as have not received the eir cular, that it will he promptly furnished or forwarded on ep{licatiou persnia'lr, or by mail, to Messrs. Wtuslow It Terms, No. 52 Wall street, or. at my office. No. 20 Nassau street. CHARLES BUTLER, No. 20 Nassau st. Datsd Oct 30, 1816. *31 2awlw?r NORWAY IKW.N, for the ms'iufartureof liuns. Pi.tols and Swords; also, lor Harpoons, Wire, and other articles requlrieg great strength and toughness. For sale by the manufacturer's sole Agent, C. E. HARICHT, nJO Iteod'Tli 15 West street. NORWAY IRON,of the well known N and 1 K stamps, flit and sqnnir, very toft and tough. For sale always, by C E. HABICHT. o3a 6t eod'rh 85 West street SCOTT & THOMPSON'S CITY CASH Wholesale and Retail Family Grocery, Tea, Wine, and Spirit Establishment, No. 507 Broadway, New York.?J. H. Scott U Co.. No. 76 Nassau itract, in consei queues of the solicitations of a number of their np-town customers, have been indnced l? open an establishment on the ca?h principle, at the above S97 Broadwny. They will constantly have oa hand th# best assortment of (nods in the above liae, and at prices that must astonish the inhabitants in the ui |?er part of the city. Amongst the aasortinant will be found the following: Teas of iha latest importations and finest qualities; sugars of every trade; Mocha. Java, Lag nay ra, and hiaracaibo coffee, wmcs, chauipaigne, sherry, Madeira, port, claret, he. lie.; I riah an 1 Scotch whisksy (the Scotch whiskey of the celebrated Glenlevet and Isiay Brands); Barclay It Perkins' London brown stout; Edinburgh and Altowav ale; uw Malaga fruit; pickles; soap; sperm candles; oils; old English dairy cheese; Glasgow spiced hams; Kaglish, French, and American mustard; n vary large aaeortment of imported Serara, lie. lie. lie. N. B ?Very old and tnpenor London dock port; Amontillado pale sherry; Manxanilla,do; pale gold ana brown sherry: East India reserve Madeira, Newton, Gordon, Murdoch, and Scott's, he. he. P. S ?Goods delirersd free of as ense in any part of the eity. and far cask sidy. oil Im'irc SEG yt WAKEHOLHE.?JA? I) ARMSTRONG It TH0KNT()N, No. V I'heapside, Baltimore. 790,000 Began, embracing eitra fine and medium qualities, eoasistiag of Regalias, La Normaa, Caatiilos, Principal, Caaadores, Hellas. Also, a ganeral assortment of Tobacco, for sale on low teTms sTT |m is*rh MiiO. ZtiiLlO. No. 67 Divxtion Street. WILL open a large assortment ?f Paris millinery, Bonnets, fcc. She will offer for laspertton s choice stock of Kali goods, comprising silks, satins, plain and cut velvets, Str Ike , winch hetnsr salerted with nood laslr from the latest arrivsls. )? well worthy the attention of purchasers. Merchant* tail millmars from the country, wanting materials and patterns, weald find it their interest to call before purchasing, aa the stock is fresh, the style the latest; which will be disposed ?f on reasonable terms. ofi lmo*rre KATiS. THE HIGHEST rrice paid for all binds of Domestic Uaca.by ritMSUK tt M HOOKs, Paper Waiehonse, oM 7tr Nos. 8J and 87 Nassau street jtrui the men that died not when smitten unth the Kmeradt. AN INFALLIBLE CURE FOR PILES. DR. UPHAM'S VEOETtWLE ELECTUARY?la an eliectual cure for thta most distressing malady, ?iowu amougst physicians as the Haemorrhoids, or Piles. There ,s no mistake about it. It is at once safe and efficacious, and pleasant in its action. No fear of taking cold while under its influence, no change in diet necessary If taken according to directions a care for life is guaranteed. Hundreds of certificates may be seen by calling on the pro pnetor or his ageats, ef cures performed by this medicine of 1?, M, and M yean standing. Hold wholesale and retail by the proprietor. 1? Bowery; WYATT k KETCHAM. 131 Ml too St. N.Y.; Brooklyn, C. Btearn. 114 En I ton st ; E. , Mai toon, cor Mrrtle Amine sad ("ear Price $1 s2Slni*rh LADIES* HAIR DRESSING. WILLIAM Ji. BARKER, (formerly' with H. Martin, and late with W. Dibbles,) tenders his services to those ladies who may deeira their heads dressed at their own dwel lings, on the following terms:? Single time, dressing, ..... eg M Do. shampooing and drrasiag BOM Per month,erery day, pioportioaably low. W. J.H.s time being wholly devoted to this branch, he will occupy so store; but his order book will be kept at the estab' leblisl.mcnt of Mme N. Heheltema, 717 Broadway, under ihe New York Hotel, comer of Warerly Place, where ladies m\y affis their names and residences opposite the hour de?ireJ. Kor lartliei particulars enquire of VV. J. B at his residence, f bo Bnudway. a IS lm'r I V !(} *? " ~ WIGS! I J > I l r I,IIP rt i). c.:ed Wigs and Hcaipe, made of . r i ^.r > air, and euapted in tfis ir.?at eaay i ssyln of each individual TlMy are eip . > ' c . ion, u.nag away wuh all the retstious uir. . ? so ciyieris.ced by ihosa who wear wigs Ihe i itcd Uj inspects large and well selected mock, cuBtamiug erery variety of aiae and color; they will ' the.i be able tojodgethe effect. w V BAT< liELOK. investor and only manufacturer, I Wall street, near Broadway JUmovnd from IK Broadway Pinnae w copy the address GL olT lm'rc E NE NEW ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS or thi TERRIBLE GALE Of the 11th of October. TREMENDOUS DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY AT HAVANA. Serious Iniurv to the Drone. THE LOSS OF NEW YORK VKSMELS. Four Hundred Houses Destroyed AT SET WEST. Great loss of life. ?.Vc., arc. Th. following are extract* from l*tt*r* received by gentlemen in thi* city:? Havais a, Oct. 18,1848. * * * Out of one hundred ud sixteen vowel* in port, about one hundred are either totally lost or very much damaged. ? The sugar crop on the island is said to be injured to the amount of two hundred to two hundred and fifty thousand boxes. The coffee crop is almost wholly de_ stroyed. The banana, plantain, and orange trees are near, ly all ruined. d* Extract of a lsttsr ot lfifh Hrtohsr (ho Havana, Oct le), 1840 It paina mi sadly to be a witneaa to the wreck of your beautiful Mudara, almoit before our eyea, in tho harbor, and that her daya are thua tragically ended. Who woulu hare thought that auch would hare been her iato a little more than two weeka ago, when leering your gay port with her pennanta atreaming aloft, and " walking the watera like a thing of life?" But auch ia her melancholy hiatory. There ahe Ilea on tho north aide of the paaaago up to the harbor, about halfway between the fiih market and the Punta?laying on her broadaide, with about fire feet of water in her bilge, her after part laying high upon the recka.and the tide ebba and flowi in the reaael. She will be a total lota, and no little regret ia felt here at the loaa of a reaael ao popular with our paaaengera. She had a ahort peaaage out of nine daya. Youra.rery trnly, 4tc. [From the Bermuda Gazette, Oct. 20 ] By the arriral yeaterday of the ateamer Thamea, Cant Haat, R. N , we hare been attentively favored with the particulara of an awful hurricane w hich risited Havana on the 10th and 11th instant. The Thames waa at the Harana at the time, but fortunately with three other vetielt only,rode out the gale in oafety. The Sheera at the Nary Yard are blown down. The wharrea are torn up and much injured, and are corered with wreckod property. The town haa Buffered comparatively little, but the suburba especially the Cerro C?l? 1 t ?iv>vvu, vwwu, BUU Bit. jUBZ.BUU T?ry II1UCI1. in HSglB HIIO the damage don* i* frightful, in one houie alone or rather oat of its ruins, were dug 11 corpses. What is the total number of lives lost is not yet knewn. The Theatre Tacon has suffered a good deal, the Theatre Principal it in ruins. At the height of the hurricane the barometer was 37 74. In 1844 it was 38 43 VISUM A?HORS OR SUMK. Ten British merchant vessels. Among them we notice the Agnes Jane, Richardson (totally dismasted, fast ashore, stem stove in, larboard side do., has 350 boxes of sugar on board.) Nineteen Jtmerican ihipe, barkt, brigt and tchooneri, thirty-t tree Spanish, two Russian, two Bremen, four Danish, two Belgian, one Dutch, four French, one Austrian and one Brazilian. The Regla ferry steamers and Matanzas steamers are aome sunk, some ashore and useless. SHIPS or WAR. French frigate AndromeJe.60, Rear Admiral La Place, fast ashore. French corvette Blonde, 30, ashore, masts gone, capsizod? lost. French steamer Tonnerre, masts ,.ud tunnel gone, and serious damage. Spanish brig Haliancro, 20, Vice Admiral Kibera, safe and sound. Hpauish brig Constitucion, 10, totally lost, gone to pieces Spanish brig Laborde, ashore. Spanish schooner Criolla, 1, wrecked?in pieces. Spanish schooner Habanero? athui,. Spanish schooner Polaa, 1, wrecked?in piecra. Spanish schooner Infanta?ashore Spanish brigantine Tuaniba, wrecked?in pieces. Spanish steamer Montezuma, ashore?foremast gone,bowsprit sad bows knocked away. Spanish steamer Guadeloupe, ashore. Spanish brig Trueno, quarantine hulk, ashore?totally lost. The rapid fall of the baremeter, and the general apKtrance of the weather from 18 A. M. of October 10, at ivana, led the inhabitants to apprehend a coming storm At 10 P. M. a terrible hurricane set in, the barometer, in F.Dglish inches, being at that hour at 39 deg. 68 rain , tha thermometer 80 deg., the wind blowing in strong squalls irom K.?. At midnight the barometer was 39 deg. 60 miu. At 4 A. M. of the 11th, the barometer had fallen to J9 deg 34 uc , but the thermometer itill itood at 80 deg At that hour the wind had veered from N ?. to N N.K , and the squalls had become furioui. Ai t)A M the barometer waa 39 deg. 14 eec., with the wind very violent and changing between N E. and N.W. At B A. M. the barometer wai 38 deg 6 eec , and the thermometer at 79 The wind by thii time a continued Hurricane until half paat 10. It displayed its greatest fury with the wind at North, with the Barometer as low as 37? 74". At 11 a m the wind was W. N. W., with bard squalls. At noon the Barometer had risen to 38u 85. The wind still blowing hard from N. \V. and W.N.W. with repeated squalls from these quarters. At 3 p. m the Barometer had risen to 38? 81" with the wind at W. N. W. and West. At 4 p m the wind still blowing in squalls and the Baromoter at 39" 33" the Thermometer again at 80". At 6 p. m the Barometer was at 39? 30". [From the New Orleans Picayune, Oct. 35 ] We are beginning to hear more of the effects of the gale. The ship Silas Holmes arrived yesterday from New Vork. She felt the gale on the 13th inst. and suffered no damage ; but on the 30th saw a ship ashore between Kay West and the Tortugas. The Courier of last evening has the following paragraph in relation to the subject:? "It is the opinion of nautical men ofjndgment and experience, with whom we have conversed, that the late gale or rather tornado did not extend as far as the station of the squadion off'Vera Cruz. It is believed that the great swell, experienced off Brazos Santiago, which prevented the mails fiom being put on board the Oalveston, was caused by that tornado?but very little wind was blowing where the steamer lay. If this be so, Com. Conner's ships were safe from all damage." Since writing tho above we have learned more from Havana. Three French vessels of war lying in that haibor were verv much injured, but it is not said they were positively lost. The American bark Madeline, Capt. Shankland, from this port, was sunk in tho harbor. We do not know whether she had discharged her cargo. The brig P. Soule, Capt. Liclvaille, arrived at Havana on roe i4tn init. irom thu port. safe. The brig Titi, Cent Brown, arrived there on the 8th from thu port Whether the wm injured in the gale we ere not informed. Our informant says that front thirty to fi'.ty vetsela were more or leeeinjured. There it a myttery about thit butineea, but the newt we give hat been in town tlnce Thursday evening. [From the htvmnah Oeorgian, Oct. -J9 ] By the brig Cybelle, Captain Merrill, arrived at thit port, we have advicet from Havana to the !it)tl< init. The recent gale experienced all along thia coatt, wat alto felt with much violence at Havana, and did contiderable injur)-to the city, and to the thipping in port. It wtt one of the mott aevate galea that bat been experienced at that Itland for many yeart pett. To Mr. Weill, the mato of the brig Mohawk, wrecked at Havana in the gale, who came paaaenger in the Cybelle, we are indebted far the following paiticulara :? During the hurricane the city waa dangeroua from large aheeta of lead and tile pot* blown down from the topi of the houaei; theae lay about in every direction, and were in many inatancea, carried by the wind to a great diatance. The beautiful palmetto and other treca which adorned the (iarernoro Square, were broken and torn down, even the lamp posts, fee. The wind waa atrongeat about nine o'clock, at which time it ahifted suddenly to the N. W. and blew with terrific violence. 1 he air waa filled with dense clouds of " spoon drilt" or salt spray, which it was impossible to face This spray waa carried lor half a league into the country and deluged the houaea, entering every crevice and flooding | iiiroK j m auri ami spray *u Man to dash high OTer the lantern of the lighthouse on the Moro Cattle. Many houeea were Mown (town or unroofed, and among them, the Tacon Theatre, which waa partially unrooted, and received other damage. The atreeta were neatly deaerted except by occacional detachmenta of aoldiara, ordered i to dlfferentl poata, to give assistance where it waa needed. The beautiful I'aaaao, the fashionable drive and promenade of the citizens snflered in ita ehruba, treea, plants; and after the hurricane, many were forcibly detained to aaaiat in removing the rubbisn and mint from the atreeta. An occaaional pedestrian might be taen flying fatter than he appeared willing to go, t>orno by the irreaiatible force ot the wind, which kwept through the long narrow alreete with inctediblo force. Uut the wharvai preaented the moat diaaitroua apectacle?khipa, barlta, bnga and achoonara, tome crowded on top of the othera, three tier deep, fiink, wrecked, diematted, or totally'crunbed to piecea, with the ownera, captaina and aailori gazing upon the acene of destruction. Home veaaela known to lie in the harbor previoua to the hurricane, havo disappeared, and thair late left to conjecture Aa nothing could be aeon a furlong'? length, owing to the ahewuiaol apray and drift whicb filled the nir, and aa the wind blow nearly into the hatbor, they could not have gone out, but the ?ad apectacle of matte, | apart, yardaand pieces of wrecks whirh atrewedthe harnor. preved that they intiat have drifted into each other en<i t.k, 01 gone io | i- cea The numeiuut men-of-war Wee- .iiv>n aahoie mi,,i dinnta ed. It la not known h.iw many livea were loet, but hodiea wera ?oeu boating m the harbor in the different dieaaea ol teamen 111 the merchant end naval aervice ?T!1* from Newfoundland, went aahore at the Jhiiita Fort, and waa aapoeed to tho heaviaat part of tl>? hurricane. Tho craw a tea pad by Dim being let j * ??? W YO YORK. TUESDAY MOR down from the fort to the wrack, by which thay ascendeJ to tha wall' of the fort. News from the interior stated that the sugar crops were very much injured, and in many iuatancee ruined. A continuance ol Ana weather might reatore auch aa waa not totally loat. The coffee plant* were alao seriously damaged. The gale towarda Cardenas waa not ao violent Kaara were entertained regarding several vmmIi which wiled the day preceding the hurricane- , The Governor had laeaed paraeiaaion to foch aa had had their boueei damaged, to rebaUd with wood, e privilege hitherto denied under each circa netanoee. Hie hlscelleacy wee eeen riding with his suite, the day following the hurricane, to estimate the damage done. He was everywhere received with marks of respect by the citiiens The captain of a brig, whose name we did not learn, died on the 11th, from wounds received during the gale. The hurricane commenced about 12 o'clock on the 10th, and was at its height at Oohlock on the Uth. Capt. Merrill reports the following vessels sank, ashore, dismasted, he. at Havana, in the hurricane of the 10th inst The bark Rapid, of New York, aunk at her anchors, haa been got up, end would load in a few daya, for New York. Bsrk Iowa, of Baltimore, went ashore. Was got off after discharging, with little injury. Ship Madeline, of end (sent New York, arrived on the 0th, tank neat day, and weald be seld. hip childe Herald, ef New York, Crosby, from Guayaquil, badly damaged?woe repairing end taking in oarge of sugar for New Yoak. Capt. Crosby of the skip Childe Harold dledat Havana on the uth met ot inflammation of the be w el a. Ship Madera, of New Yerfc, will be a total lose. She wae a naw ahip, about 18 mouth* old. Bark Madeline, Shanklaad, of Philadelphia, just arrived Brie Echo, Smith, of Newport?rank. Brig Lisbon, of Newport, injured about (1000. Brig Mohawk, Crocker, sunk?cargo and vetael total los??wai sold for (400. Brig Oak, had been ashoiwon the rocka?loat her forkmast and main topmait Brig Wiltmoket, of Boston, badly damaged, having hid her stern^nocked off. probably would tie condemned. Brig Titi badly damaged, had her aide store in and lost topmast. Was reparing, and would sail in a few days for New Orleans. Brig Cumberland, of New York, badly injured and was condemned. Schooner rianet JJacobs, sunk-, condemned, and sold for (10. Schooner Merchant, of Charleston, Keen, dismasted. [Krem the Washington Union, Oct 31.] Kar W*st, Oct 14, 1848. It is my painful duty to report to you a dreadful calamity whioh has befallen this place, and every thing connected with the Florida reef so far as heardfrom. The townef Key West is now a heap of ruins. Of | about 400 bouses, large and small, thera is not more than to or 1a leu scanning, or in a naDitaoie condition, and those much ihattored, whilst tha general confusion and distresscaa hardly be realized. On Sunday, llthinst , we were risited with a fearlul hurricane, accompanied with torrents of rain. The gale commenced about 8 A. M., from the northeast, and continued to increase during the day, when at between 3 and 4 P. M-, the wind veered to the southeast, and the storm became a-tornado. At this time commenced a scene which defies description. The houses in town (stone as well as s^iod) were torn piecemeal and scattered away like chaif before the wind, rendering it dangerous to msvo about?which last was indeed impossible, as a foothold could not be maintained ? The wind gradually changed to the south, still blowing with the same strength, and finally to the southwest,abating its fury about 11 P. M. Of courso the sea was driven into the harbor, and against the island with tremendous force The lower part of the town was inundated to the depth of three foot, with a strong current running across it. whilst the public grounds at the southwest point were in a still worse and more espoaed condition. In briof terms, I have to report the total destruction of all the works thus far erected for the construction of the fort. The wharves, bridges, houses, lighters, boats, tools, machinery, and materials, ordnance stores?in ihort, all have been swept away, and mixed up with the general ruin. The streets of the town are barricaded with the timber and debris from the tort?a large amount of which lodged there. Even barbette carriages, hnusketa, and crowbars from the fort are found in the midst of the town. The strip of land or levee along the shore on which the public buildings were placed, being the highest of the public ground, has been completely levelled by the soa. The stable and blacksmith shop only remain,hn a shattered condition, having.been removed from their original position?the former about 'JOO feet, with all the horses and mules in it. five in number, which, with the forage are safo. The large cistern, which was of masonry, founded upon the rock, remained uninjured. Upon this the overseer and several others saved their lives. It being 8unday, very few men were on the ground. Four men who were in the barracks, were lost; a fifth was saved by clinging to the wheel of a 6-pounder, after drifting three hundred yards towards the hospital. pTlie light-house at the southwest point, including keeper's house, has been swept away, leaving not a ves uge 10 mam me spoi wnere n sioou. ai mis place me keeper'* family and friends, 14 persons, perished ; and where Sand Key and it* light honse stood, ia now lett only a ahoal All the vessels in the harbor, tan or twelve brigs and achoonera, have been driven ashore and wrecked, including the revenue cutter; their crewa saved; but as far aa aacertaiued, about thirty-five livea have been loat on the Key. About half the piles of the wharf remain, and a part ef the breakwater of the forte lying below the level of low water, at the anglea But in thia general wreck and loaa of all the property on hand, we are put back to the poai tion where we were nine montha ago. A large quantity of lumber may be recovered, and some tools; pile driver and two scows much injured. At the present time I have turned my attention to the collection of the public property that can be found, and to the erection of a temporary carpenter shop and other fixtures for doing work, and shallprooeed aa aoon as possible to re-establish the wharf. The loss to the Engineer Department cannot be leas than $90,000; that is, it will reqnire that to make us good again, or put us in the same state we were in be. lore the hurricane, supposing that we commence dr novo. No storm like this has been known on the island sinre Its settlement. The water in this^cese rose on the west side of the island aboat three feet higher than known before. It was wholly a wiad tide. Perhaps the department may deem some change In the mode oi construction necessary since this event. On this point I shall submit my views to the department as oon a* possible, and a more full report of the disaster, giving now only this brief outline, to avail of a special messenger about to depart for Charleston. We have just this moment heard from the Tortugas. Garden Key is safe, though the light house is much injured, and small vessels lying there dismasted. The U. 8. brig Perry is wrecked to the eastward. I have the honor to be, respectfully, your obedient servant, GEO. DUTTON, Captain Cngineara. To Col. J. G. Tottcis, Chief Engineer, Washington, D. C. in addition to the above, we are iavored with the fob ivn ni| lanat uuui ^uuiiijuuure oium 10 me avcnurj 01 the Navy:? New Orleans, Oct. 23, 1818. Sir i hive the honor to inform the department that I arrived at Havana on the evening of the 7th instant from Cbagres, in the English mail steamer ; and not finding any vessel to sail for any southern port of the United States, I embarked on board the United States brig Terry, and sailed on Saturday the 10th, directing Lieutenant Commandant Blake to land me at Charleston. or any port south of that, from which I could reach Washington without delay. During the night it commenced blowing a gale, and on Sunday it increased to a tremendous hurricane, such as has never before been witnessed in those seas. During the whole day and Sunday night the brig was driven before it at the rate of twelve or thirteen mile* per hour, and no one on board expected her to live from one moment to another. Abont two o'clock on Monday morning, she struck on the Florida Reef, about forty miles east of Key West, a kind Providence directing her to a pert of the reef where the trcmeadons high seas carried her over, atrik ing several times vary hard, a^ breaking the rudder from the stern post. The meaVwere immediately cut away, to prevent the vessel going to pieces, that the lives of those on board might have some chance of being saved. She finally stopped in comparatively smooth water. At day light we found we were within a mile of one of the Baya Honda keys, and several w recks near us. On board of one not half a mile (rom us, twenty lives were lost out of twenty-one One was saved by a boat from the PerTy. On Tuesday two small wreckera came alongside, and Lieutenant Blake employed them to take on board the guns, shot, and other heavy articles, to lighten the brig, in hopes to get her efl', as _u? _i.? Tl 1-? Uft w? t i. i|u??? "Ruv- I" Vtm of thoao veaails to land the cargo at Key Weit, and the next day took pasaags in a imull echooner from New 'York bound to the Brazoa St. Jago, the captain agreeing to lanu me at the Belize, where I arrived yeaterday. Everything will be saved from the brig, and l think he will be got ofl and taken to Key Wait, and prooebly abe may be got to Norfolk nniler jury masts. The department may reit assured that Lieutenant Blake will do everything ttiat can be done for the intereat of the United Mtatea. It in impoaaible to apeak in too high terma of the noble, cool, and judicioua conduct of Lieutenant Blake, hie ofllcera and men, on thia moat trying occasion; and I am moat happy to etate that no life haa been loet, or any accident kappened to any one on board. Lieutenant Blake will aend a detailed report to the department by the first opportunity. He had not time to aend one by me, aa I did not determine to leave until five minutes before the wrecker left the brig. The deatruction of life and property by thia hurricane ia immenae. Forty or fifty veaaela were known to he on ahore before 1 left; nearly ail the wrecking veaaela are deatreyed; the town at Key Weat ia entirely in ruini; not more than five or aix honaea remain nnuijnred. Of the lighthonaea at Key Weat and Band Key, not a veatige remaina; Bend Key la waahed away, aothat the aea fiowa over it. Fifteen peraona were loat at the lighthouae at Key Weat, and six at that on Band Key. Many other livea were loat in the harbor and town of Key Weat ? The revenue cutter Morria ia a wreck, lying in two feet water; the custom houae ia blown down, and tho marine hospital unroofed, and otherwiae much injured, the propitiations for building the forta are entirely destroyed ? The barracks eacaped with lesa damage than any other buildings, but they have been slightly damaged Some stores, wagons, fcc., for the arm) .have been wrecked in the hartior; and aa near aa I can judge, the loaa of public I propei ty at Kay Weat will not fall abort of two hundred and fifty to thie# hundred thouaaud dollars. Moat respectfully, I hava the honor to he your obedient servant, Ice., JOHN D. BLO.VT, To the Hen John Y. Mason, Clhlllim, Secretary of the Nevy, Washington, 1). C. RK I :NING, NOVEMBER 3, 15 notice to mabinkbs. C oi llciokh Orricic, Kkv Wcit, ) October JSth, IS40 i The Send Key and Key Wtit Light-Home* were entirely deetroyed by the hurricane otthe Ilth in*tent. and the Floating Light at the entrance of the North Welt Peerage, Key We?t, wee driven from her mooring*. Sand Kay ha* diiappeared, and no light will he ihown either there ?- et Whitehead'* Point, Key W**t, until further notice. The Light Ship at the North Weet Paitage will be re- , placed bv the 25th init. The Floating Light at Ceryifort Reef i* aecure at her ! mooring*. 8. R. MALLORY, Collector. | THE a ALE or THE 17 rit and 18tH september.. (From the Bermude Gazette, Oct. 201 * By the lateet intelligence from the We*t Indie*,we find that the great etorm which touched Bermuda on the 17th and 18th September, originated to the aouthward of Barbadeee. It Ma from thence been traced to let. 48, long. 37 it. where the Great Weatera iteamihiD met it on the AKh September, the storm's centre having paaied a little to the eastward of St. Johm, Newfoundland, the day before. It ia therefore not improbable that the aame atorm may have touched the Britiah lalanda on the 33d or 34th September. The New York Marine Liil containa accounta of a great many diaaatera to ahipa on tho 19th September, between lat 40 and Newfoundland, being the apace in wh ch thia atorm'a track and that of aliip'a aailhig between Europe and America intersected each other. Mr. Redlleld haa recently puhliahed in the American Journal of Science, a mass of evidence bo great, illustrated by diagrama, in proof that great atorma are vaat progressive whirlwinds, that no more will now be needed to eatakMah this as a fact in meteorology. But it haa coat him the labor of more than 30 years to carry conviction to thr minda ot seamen that the nature of atorma could be thus lar explained. In his recently published paper* he haa proved that some of the norther* on the Mexican coast are in reality West India hurricane* recurving in thw^Julf of Mexico. Thus the atorm which upset H. M. & Kacer to the southward of Jamaica, on the 39th September, 1837, passed over Yucatan on the lat of October, over Matamoraa on the Kio Grande en the 4th, over New Orleans on the 6th, over Charleston, 8. on the 8th, and on the 10th and 11th of October it was again over the ocean, passing on the north side of Bermuda. Other Oulf of Mexico storms Mr. Redlleld suppose* to come from the Pacific Ocean; but the existence of war in Mexico suspends investigation* of this nature in that country for the present We learn that there was no loss of lives at Indian Key or at Key Vacas, in the recent gala. From Matanxas?Intelligence has been received at Havana, lrom Matanzas, which represents the gale to havo been very severe, but not so destrur tire to the (hipping. Although every veisel in port we* driven ashore, taey were got olf without much damage, with the exception of the Nicholas Brown, of Prori deuce, and ichooner General Warren, which are conaidered as totally loit. The latter wai to hare heen (old on the 19th inat. The Atnorican bark .Merlip, Goodhue, which cleared on the 9th for ('owes, waa (till in port, anil waa ono of thoae that drifted ashore. We are alao indebted to the Savannah Republican for (lip* containing the abore uewa. Affaire of tha Cherokees. [From tha Cherokee Advocato, Oct. IS 1 The meeting and organization of the National Council waa noticed laat week. Since then, but little buaineaa of any kind haa been transacted; in fact there aeema to be but little legialation required. On the 0th the National Committee and Council in ioint meeting elected tha following Judgea : David M 'oreman waa elected Circuit Judge e( tho Southern Judicial Circuit, to fill the vacancy cauaed by the resiguation of Judge Thorn; Robert Henge of Skin Bayou, Robert Brown of Illinois, R. G. Anderson of Canadian, Goo. Chambers ef Flint, John Foster of Going Snake, Thomas B. Wolf of Tahlequah, Avery Baldridge of Saline, Jamea V. Hildebrand of Delaware, were elected Judges, in and for the respective Districts in which they reside fot the ensuing year Levi Keys was elected Commissary. Maj. Lowrey, the Assistant Principal Chief having signified to the National Council his inability to attend the Iiresent session, the duties of his station have devolved by aw on Wm. S. Coodey, Esq. the President of the National Committee, who is succeeded by Mr. Alexander Foreman, Mr. Coodey took the oath of office on Saturday evening and immediately afterwards entered upon the I uuuc? v> i uir> vt wo i^auuu. v/n muauKT morning, ne prepared and submitted the following brief but pertinent communication:? To thi National Committee and Council: ? GmiUmen:?'The dutiea of the Executive Department under the exigency contemplated by the Act of November 10th, 1842, temperarily devolve upon the undersigned as President of the National Committee; the daily expect ed arrival, however, of the Principal Chief, precludes the necessity at thia time of entering into a general review and suggestions relative to the various sunjects of interest eonnectod with our local legislation and improvement. The delegation authomed to visit Washington have returned. Their mission terminated by a treaty for the adjustment ol all digercLees heretolore existing between the seieral partiesot *ue Ni'mn and o( the Government of the United Mates. An official copy of the treaty is herewith submitted for your information. It will be seen how far your delegation were succeasful in securing the interests of the Nation and its future peace and welfare. it is gratifying to state that general satisfaction eeema to prevail among the people in reference to the terms oi the treaty, and quiet anil good leeling encourage the hope that the Cherokees will again become a happy and prosperous nation, united in a common effort to improve their social and moral relations. The report of the superintendent of public schools has not yet been submitted. When received, it will form the subject of a special communication. The report of the national treasurer will exhibit the condition of our public finances, and suggest ths necessity of such legislation as may be deemtd expedient to relieve the nation a* early as practicable from its present emharraaements. No recommendation can now be offered, aa the treasurer will report directly to the national council under a constitutional provision. W. 8. COODKY, Acting P'l Chief. Tahleuusm, i his. Na., Oct 1*1, 1840. Sale of the Public Lands?Interesting.?We call the public attention to the list herewith published. of the various land sales heretofore advertised to take place at aeveral periods, commencing in November and December, 1*46, and terminating in March and April 1*47, but confined chiefly to the months ol November and December, 1846. It will be perceived that the quan tity advertised lor sale k nearly twelve millions of acre*, which, at the minimum price of $1 26 per acre, would bring into the treasury nearly fifteen million* of dollar*. The quantity of 678,000 acre* ia moat valuable mineral land, to be cold at not leaa than $2 60 per acre. It ia believed, aa regard* the twelve million* of acre* now ofl'er d for *ale, no opportunity will again occur of obtainiug inch large bodiea of freah and fertile landa, at the land aalea, and we invite public attention to the aubject # Illinois. j# cm. Dixon Diatrict. Sale to commence 6th April, 1847, 043,773 Shawucetown. do 19th April, 1847 , 36,376 279,048 wi?coi*?if* TtaaiToav. Mineral Point. Sale to commence 30th Nov. 1846, 780,074 Greenfiay. do 14th Dec. 1846, 349,924 1,139,998 I0W* TKRRITORV. Dubuque. Salo to commence 23d Nov. 1846, 311,099 Iowa City. do 30th Nov 1846 , 846,631 Fairfield. de 7th Deo. 1846, 239,366 Dubuque. do 8th March 1847, 386.126 1,181,133 MIMOt'BI. Springfield. Sale to commence 7th Dec. 1846 ) . rTn ,M7 Do do 31at Dec. 1846 \ 'i370 337 Palmyra. do 14th Dec. 1846, 17,694 Fayette. do ' 38th Dec. 1946, 363,813 PlatUburgh. do 23d Nov-1846, 961,108 Clinton. do 13th Nov. 1846, 660,627 3,143,368 MKiiatirri. August*. Sale to commence 16th Nov. 1846, 296,646 Columbu*. do 23d Nov. 1846, 791 296,337 FLORIDA. 8t Augustine Sale commence 23d Nov. 1846 , 99.> 780 Newnanaville do 7th Dec. 1846, 267.806 1,263,686 arkan***. Champegnole. Sale commence 16th Nov. 1846, 709.271 Washington. do 13th Nov. 1846, 743,223 t Bates ville. do 7th Dec. 1846, 676 607 jguuHio i/i oouie no inn uec. imo, m.iw Ka.vette ville. Jo 2:iJ Nov. 184<>, 491 078 Helena. Jo Slat Dec. 1846, 323,870 Little Rock. Jo 28th Dec. 1846, ISO 737 Bateaville. Jo IMh Mar. 1B4T, r.7,803 Fayette villa. do . 33d Mar. 1847 , 48,160 3,811,191 witcoeati*. Mineral Point I proclamation not yet tinned I Sale April, 1847, ].'>3,b63 Aggregate, 11,308,304 Fitimati o> the PaorotTio* or Mmr.aai. Land at the Mikimcm ok 32 50 rm Acer Wkolr quantity f.ttimalrd I.rad adnrititd. Minriat$2M. ff'iiconiin? Mineral Pout 103,502 aerea. 130,000 teres. %/lrkomat? Batraville 67,601 R 000 " F?i rtteville 1l<5,166 |5,000 " lUinoit? Ditne 143,773 " 200,000 ' Nhnwnetowo 35,273 '* 35,000 " Iowa? Dabnqne 2R5.126 " 200,000 " Total R M>,435 37a,000 [ R'ri?/iiri(rfon Union, Oct. 31. Prrtenal Intelllfrnee, The Hon. John Hlidell, lele Miniater to Mexico, eeyo the New Orleana Timn ot the 24ih, arrived at hie |>Untation yeeterday morning, ahotit .thirty milea above the city, on the ateamer Ringgold, Iron LouiaviUe. lie it accoin|>?nied liv hit family. Hon. Simon Cameron waa at Sunhnry, Pa., on Thureday laat He waa on a tour for the purpoae of colieeting tome information in relation)to the manuiacture of iron, which may he uaelui in the mediheetion of the tariff. IERA J46. Affairs In Santa K?. [From the St. Louis Reveille, Oct. 04.) Santa Ft , Sept. 16, lblfl I have just learne.l that the mail for Missouri is to close (a about an hour, and will leave early tomorrow morning, and I cannot allow it to depart without writing a few lines to some of my friends , and as >ou are one whom I have not yet troubled much in tuat way, 1 now take the liberty of doing so. Nothing of importance has occurred, lave the return of the General. and some de predations committed by the Indians on the Mexicans as well as Americans Mr. Davis, of Independence, for one. lost fifteen head of oxen and three mules last night, within twelve miles of this place, but that is not the only loss ; and as it has so receutly transpired, 1 have not been able to arrive at its intent. Th~re have been numerous cases of this kind since our arrival in this place, and it is my opinion that the subjection of the different Indian tribes of this country will be more difficult than the conquest of all the Mexican States would be. However, General Kearney will, no doubt, do his utmost to put a stop to such depredations, hut it will he a costly as well as a hard task to perform. v * ! r?u.( AIUIKJI J,? (MCIIOIUIH, Willi a command of fifty men, to go in pursuit of the Apach Indians, who are supposed to be the depredators. The outlaws are on the north ami north eastern frontiers, and | are committing murders and robberies every week This, together with the Navihoes on the west, who have not beon altogether idle, will give the troops plenty to do, aud 1 am very certain more than raw troops ate, or will be, able to perform. Ueneral Kearney, in his recent trip down south, was everywhere well received by the inhabitants, and thore was a continual ieasting and rejoicing during his stay and passage among them. Governor Armijo has left the province, and his bund have all dispersed, so that, save the apprehension of Indians, there is nothing more to fear in these parts. Bradley is crazy to go to California, but cannot got off from his company, and therefore cannot go. We march for California on the 'ioth inst., with a command of 300 regular dragoons. In addition to the above, a letter from Lieut. Emery, of the topographical engineer*, state* :? " W* start for California on the 21th?1 think by the Hila route ; on thia point, however, I am busily engaged ! < examining guides and trappers. 1 shall leave Lieuts Abert and Peclt to complete the surveys commenced in this territory by myself. By whatever route we go to California, I am eatisfled we shall encounter great difficulty for want of grass and water. Small parties can go this route with ease, where a large body like ours would perish." Lieuts. Abert and Peck have been ill, but were, at the date above mentioned, recovering. A Utter from a member of Capt. Hudson's company, dated on the lMh, states that the members generally were enjoying good health. Lieut. Elliott, our " John Brown," had been despatched to Bent'* Kort, with a command to forward provisions for the forces. Military Movement*. [From the St, Louis Republican, Oct. 2-1] We learn that orders have been received from Washington, instructing Oen. Brooke, now (Jenoral of this Division, ami whose head quarters have been at Jefferson Barracks, to establish his head-quarters at New Orleans. The General in his short sojourn in this city, has made many warm friends, and they will receive the | news of his removal to the south with much regret. I We understand that orders have been issued directing Major Burbridge to repair to Jefferson Barracks, and at once organize the new Rifle Ilegiment. Several of the companies already have their complement of men, and the others are to be Ailed up as speedily a* possible ? When thieiis done, they will Uke their departure for Point Isabel, and thence to join Gen. Taylor's army. Two of the companies, recruited in Baltimore, are already in Mexico, having soiled for Point Isabel about two mouths neo This Rifle Regiment, it will he recol lected, wbi created (or the protection of the emigrant* to Oregon, and the weitern frontier, but the cxigenne* of the lervice require that they ihould bo aent t > .Mexico. [From the N. O. Picayune, Oct. 25 ] Tho ibip Clinton arrived ye*terday from Bra7.0* Santiago, where ihe landed a company of tapper* and miner*, (event).five in number, from New York. The *hip Jehn Holland, Capt. Henderson, arrived at Brazo* Santiago ou the 17th initant, with troop* from New Yerk. The iteam schooner Florida had been aground on the bar at Brazos, but got off and aailod lor thi* port, with a number of tho*o wounded at Monterey on board. Naval Intelligence Washijkiton, Oct. 31, 1840. Dear Bennett I cannot reciat the impulse to aend u>u a prccioua document or two in relation to the proceeding* of *onie noted character* in our navy establishment It would *eem that Ham Patch i* not alone of the sage opinion that " lome thing* can be done a* well Mother*." Since loine of our Captain* think tho Castle of flt Juan de Cllou may be taken whenever the order (hall i*?ue, 1 "hall aend you n copy of a document to that effect (rum the navy department, to morrow. In the meantime I aend you a copy of a proteit written by the name hand, vt7. : our Chiueae naval arabataador, on the cubject of promotions in the navy. Yours, at random, JOHN JONES. <orv. Perth Amrov, Auguit 1, 1346. To Honorable Gsoaox Bancroft 8i? : ? A copy of Commodore Stewart's declaration and protest against the proceedings of the Board of officer*, recently convened at the city of Washington, in which I took part, has been sent to me. This paper so lully expresses my views and sentiments upon the subjects generally referredato, I beg you will consider me as having concurred in them to the end, that the record may show what I now, although at a late hour, desire to adont bv the appending of this paper to the proceedings, with regai J to the question propounded, " whether promotiona in the navy iliould lie made with exclusive refer enco to leniority.' I anawer the question in a leaa categorical manner than that which the Board, on the first resolution chose to do It in my opinion, and it waa submitted to the board an a suhstitut \ without successor uotice on the record, that recommendations for promotions in the navy should be governed by reference to seniority exclusively, except in extraordinary cases, or where incompetency, guilt or other disqualification shall appear, or other facts be established by which promotions or confirmations would be unsafe and injurious to the public interest. When a want of knowledge oi the character oi an officer, or where a doubt existed as to his professional acquirement presented itself to my mind, I unhesitatingly declined voting, leaving the case ior the decision of the executive aod the evidence on file in the department of the Navy?this determination was in no wise intended disrespectful to ,the department, or the requirements contained in your letter to the board of officers to designate officers for promotion; with the principle of going by seniority, I could not reconcile that of blindly recommending under the rule, or stepping over others, who, absent, could offer nothing in their support ? a rule so just in itself will, I trust, not fall to receive due consideration, and excuse my rocordiDg this my unqualified dissent to tlio course adopted by a majority of the aforesaid board; which, had it permitted the recording of the separate views entertained by its members, would have rendered unnecessary what tome have thought necessary in justification of themselves in this way. Respectfully, LAWilKNCK KEARNY, Captain U. 8. Navy. [From the Mobile Register, Oct. 30 ] From a letter before us, dated U- 8. Navy yard, ?ct. 31th, we regret to learn that considerable siokness continues to prevail at that place, and that now cases are daily occurring. The (J. S. frigate Potomac was towed to sea on the 33d, on her destiuation to our squadron off Vera Cruz. The Falmouth was to sail for Boston on the 3Ath. The John Adams and the Princeton were engaged in taking in stores, and were to aail down for Vera Cruz. fYrnm Ike Norfolk Herald. Oct. 31 1 A report ia going tho round* (fating that the ihip-of the-line I'enniylvania i< fitting out for the (Julf of Mexico, end that Commodoie Stewart i* to command her. We can only nay, that thia noble ?hip remaina at her mooring*, at piwaent, abreaat of the Navy Yard at Goaport, aa *he haa done for the Uat two year*; and that upon enquiry we have been aaiured that no orJera have been received here to fit her out. INCIDENTS, ETC. OF THE WAR. The following ia an extract of a letter from Monterey :?"Bv tlua timolol. VYalion wa* trying to got u? ahead of the Tenneiacana, having applied for the advance and received from Gen. Taylor the promise of it, and while in the act of giving three choera waa iihot down He waa on our right some twenty pace* ahead of u*. I aaw him fall, and all appreheuaion now left me. I made an involuntary effort to got to him to afford him help, but wa* borno on by the preiaurc of the maa* behind. and w illing!v yielded to it, impelled by a thirat for revenge that would have carried mc through a atorm of bullet*, or laid me out in Monterey. We were now within 10 yard* of the well, behind which the enemy were lying in perfect lerurity, end at thi* moment Gen. Taylor reue up in gallant *ty le, accompanied by a young officer Now came the thrilling iceno of all. A huge Tenne?ean *ung out, " Hilenco men?here come* Old Zack- -three cheer* for Old Zack !" Thrco treraendoua chten were now given, until " H -avan'* broad arch rang lrack the aound." I trembled for hia lafety, for I expected to *ee him fall evert moment. Great God ! I never can forget that ight. The gallant old lohlier turned to the young officer who accompanied him, and received from him a ?pyglaia, which he applied to hi* eve, a* if to lurvey tne ?cenc around him.?! here laid at leait four htindre I men, not down ; tneifenerai cfiimiv >hm ,,n ,k STSS he'VMn0nmCPr' th#n ^ >oe, mini be whs up even with the Tanne.aaean. envo ,1 fo"ow", wKSTvif?K almn.t nail?/ . ! Rct 01 the """? '!>?, and then e.Tinw 'n^lunt.rily uttered ej.cu|?ioil of ,hH?k.. 5JHH? 1.1 Aln"(?h,y ?h?t hi. invaluable life ?ai -till preaei veil to hie country. t irk at 1-tica.?Atone o'clock yesterday morning a lire broke out in the brick building on Jay atreot and the canal, occupied a* a ?oap and candle f.c tory by J a Kirk & Co , and a. a warehouie hy L. R. Dm row The building, with all it. content., wo daatroyed. A |>ortion o( ihe ea.t end of the large warehouae of My, Avar) -V Co ? ?? abo de.tioyed hy the falling of the w all of the burnt building adjoining Kirk It Co had a large Mock on hand for winter tnannlacture ? Thay loatavary thing except their hooka Mr. Darrow'a lo.a ii bat auiall J. ^ Seymour lo.t a quantity of atovea for ahipment. He w ai in.ured The lire la auppoaed to have been lite act of an incendiary. ' ' 1 1 XD. : - , . ? ? Frlca Two Centa. Sporting IntrlllRMict. poitronimot or thk Trottiho ?*d Paciiso at tow Vnio* Coi'iii'. L I ?The meeting of Lady Suffolk and Jtmti K Polk, which was to have taken place yester Jay, is postponed until Monday next, November 9 Sao advertisement Chi ?o?vr P.ihd Jorart Cti e.?The apptoaching meetinir ol this club is likely to be very brilliant and interesting, as the gentlemanly proprietor of the couree. Dr. Geiger, is milking arrangements on a magnificent scale for the reception and accommodation of hie guests The following stables of horses are expected to be in. attendance, the owneri of aeveral of which, we under tan I, have already engaged quarters for their acoom modations:? Colonel Hamilton's stable, with nine, consisting of Sally Morgan, Stanley Kclipse, Castanet, Victor, and aeveral colts Colonel Watson with four, Childe Harold and Mary Chay wood at their head. Captain Roe bus lour, among them a Way na colt tail a (Jano filly. Colonel Singleton with three, Champion and two three year olds. Mr N. 11. Young hat fire, Maid of Lodi, a Monarch filly out of Kitty Heath , an own brother to Hero, and a two and three year old Win. A. Porter with three, Stella and two young ones And la?t though not lead, our old friend Wm R. smith, hue two untried young ones. From the ahovo combination of talent in thif lino, which it will be seen has rarely been met with before in this 9tate, we predict rare sport, especially as we are assured that the amount ol the di?erent purses, will be on a scale commensurate with the blood and talent of the different competitors.? Charlnton Courier. Tbkmoitt House, Boston, Oct. 81, IBM. Theatrical and Muiical. Travellers are at no loss for amusement in this sober city at presont. F.ntertainments of all kinds abound; and much to my surprise 1 find that they are well attended. Lover is hero. He was dined yesterday by a goodly party of admirers, and is said to have appeared to great advantage on the occasion. Sivori, inheritor of Pagan 1ni's violin, and a goodly share of his genius, is at the Trement, and means to daze the world next week. Expectation is on tiptoe. I was present at Hackett's new theatre, the Howard Athenrum, ou Tuesday evening.? What a charming interior it is'. Light, airy, cheerfal, gay, but not gaudy?it is by far the handsomest theatre ill tbo country. The whole arrangement ia exceedingly tasteful. The play waa the " Stranger''?Mrs. Mowatt the penitent Wife?the audience fashionable and numerous?Mr. Davenport the injured husband. I hare often seen this much abusod, but always absorbing and effective domestic tragedy; but never did 1 know it to produce a sensation so deep?a delusion so painfully real.? The exquisite drawing room manners of Mrs. M.. combined with her powerful tragic genius, her musical voice and expressive features, made the representation one of the moat truthful and complete ever witnessed. The audieuce were roused to the highest pitch of sympathy.? Ladies weio heard to sob hysterically; ana when the curtain tell, there was a furious tornado of applause.? The Ileatrice of Mis M. has also made a great hit. It would ho unfair to omit remarking, that she ia admirably sustained by Mr. Davenport, who is making rapid strides to excellence in his profession. Augusta and the Dimier appear in the ballet, and are received with great enthusiasm. This combination of attraction is filling the Athenaeum nightly with immense audiences. The Keans at the opposition theatre, with Brougham in his Irish afterpieces, are also doing an equally good business In " Ion," " The Wife's Secret," the " Jealous Wife," they have succeeded greatly Kxpectation has been highly raised here in regard to their bringing out " King John," at the Tark Theatre. It cannot fail of having an immense run, if the style of production is to be as described. It has been nrophecied that the theatrical businesa would be overdone here. Strange to say, there are no signs of such a consummation as yet. Tho new Museum, a splendid building, is to open on Monday, and then there will be more drafts still upon the nutilie. THK TRAVELLER. Supreme Oust?Dkcisons?Oct. 31?Bank of Auburn vs. Cross et al.?rule for publication granted. Waring v?. Mackey ? same. Teople ex. eel Katon v*. Granger Motion to traverse inquisition? granted I'ieraon vs. Miner?Struck from calendar with costs Hull vi Stewart, same?Slater vs. Green,aarne ? Sheldon vi. Conkey, same?Hall vs. Randall, aame? Case et. al ads. Mead et al. saiue. Bird vs. Stevens, No. 1, judgment afttrraed with double coiti Lynch Welch, changed from 701 to 171, with com of motion.? Motion to confirm award against Goodrich in favor of Williairt*. Mr. Stevens for mo , Mr. Field opposed. The following individuals have been admitted as attorneys and counsellors of tho Supreme Court, at ita present session. Tbe examiners were Messrs J. N. QUbert, R. P. Maivin, U. R J. Dowdoin, Samuel Stevens, llenry Welles, Lnman Sherw ood. Attorneys? Sam'l S. Abbott, Theodore F. Andrews, Stafford L. Auatin, Lyman Brown, Lester Babcock, Jaa. W Bond, Sumuel L. bdker, Alexandei II. Baldwin, Jaa. T. Floyd, Hezekiah Baker, Suydenham H. ('lark, Jamea C. Cochrane, Spencer C. Coo, Wm. A. Collim, Jamea R Cok, Kdward F Delaney, Jonathan Ldgara, Allen C. Fuller,Theodore W. Field, Sheldon A. (liven*, Henry C. Ooodwin, Albert Oallatin, Jr., Afhbel Clark Oear, Jame* M Humphrey, Win. A. Hunt, Koiwell Hart, T. L. Hammond, Jonaa PHarria.Wm. 11 Lawrence, Jr., Abram Lent, Benjamin (i. Marvin, Phinea* 1, Miner, Henry P. McUoun, K. T. McKay, C. J. M'llvaine, C. McKinatry, Myron Norton, John J. Olcott, K.C. Patteraon, Addlaon 0. Rice, Lewia R Reed, Jr., Stephen H. Strong, Milton Seamen, John B. Btuaevant, Henry Dwight Sedgwiek, 1. W. Smith, John tt. Shepperd. Charlea K. Strong, John B 8<|ulrc?, Robert Snow, Levi Smith, John C. T. Smldt, N.T Stevena, Wm. S. Spear, Kben C. Sprague, David W. Travia, (leorge Truacott, Jr., John A. Thompson, Richard C Underbill, Aaron J. Vanderpool, Joseph B. Varnum, Charlea H. Van Wyck, William H Wood, Horatio N. Wright, Kdward B. Wynn, L A. Webb, Charlea B. Waahburu. Counaellora.?Hugh Cameron, Wm. Davia, Kllicott F.vana, Kndreaa Faulkner, H. W. Haacall, Henry C. Ivea, U illiam H. Kelaey, Oeorge D. Lament, Povton K. Morgan, Ueorga C. Northrop, (Joorga Richard*, Fat on J. Richardaon, Anthony Schuylar, Jamaa H. timmerfield, (leorge A. Stone. Samuel P. Wleaner, Caleb T. Winegar, Daniel Wood. The F.xamlner* ware Jamea R. Lawrence. D. D Field, Azor Tabor. CotTNTKRFKi rKKS.?A letter from Nashville,(T?nnesaee,) received in tliit city, says :?"Oar Stats and two or three of the adjoining one*, are at preeent very much inleited with gang* of counterfeiter*, coiner*, and coin clipped. We nave, however, within a few (Idyl prOHBIl 111IU IllUir KUIU^rinciUH tvunusiguij, I1HI ferreted out, apprehended, and confined in jail, some thirty or more ! nearly the whole of whom will suffer the penalty of their crime*. In the jail ot our county alone, (Jackson City,) there are now upward* of twenty. In thi* city, we havo already apprehended and secured tome eight or ten, with a strong probability of adding ome dozen or two to the number!" It will *urpri*e our reader*, no doubt, to learn the above tact* - that *o large a number of pertons should be concerned in the manufacture of (puriou* bill*, coining money, and, without the leaat doubt, engaged in ether criminal transection* by which the public i* defrauded?end it will probably oscite more aitoniihment when they are told that thoee engaged In thi* nefarious business, ere men who havo stood high in public estimation until their rillany was exposed. ALLKN DODSWOKTH'S PRIVATE DANCING SCHOOL, No. Ml Broome st-4 M oear Broadway. A. D. would beg lesre to inform hi* friesd* ted the pablic that, haring made great alterations and improvements ia his rooms, by which trie site and accommodations nre very maeh increased, he will commence hi* classes for the seeaoa est Tuesday, Oct. I. at IP. M , for Ladies and children, tad I P. M. for geatlcmea. The nistrueuoBS include all the Fashionable Daaces of the day, 1 erm*, he. made known by applying nt the Scheol. sl?lm*r _ FASHIONABLE DANCING, 74 Leonard tlrtel, H'eit of Broadway. MILLK PAULINE DK.8JARDINB, of the Aeademio Royal#. Tans, respectfully inlorms the public that bar Classes for fashionable Dancing hare commences Beside* all the asual Dances taught, will be the new waits Manrka, Maznrka ttaadrille, Polkas, '(virions.) new Walt* a cinq tempt, composed for M'lle Cento, by Mobs. Perrot, sad the new and grace) a I waltx Redowa. Schools and Families atended Terms and hours made known oa application. sV lm*rh lMI'UKTAN L' TO THE LADIES. JUST receiTed from Auction, and offered et M per cent below Importer's prices :? lUfl Tambour tacked Urease* M I JO do very Ane do J 00 mo ni r ... u-j JJL j no 1M Riviere Kmbroidersd i M M Needle worked, (two rows) 7 M 7i do do (three rows). N A linte lot colored Organdie ,Minima, it$tM per dreea, nana] price d " A few rrrf splendid Lace Dresses, Irons... 10 N Do do . Hooneed. from |IJ to 15 10 A rich Assortment of real and imitation Lac# Canst, Berthas, Capet and Sleeret, French needlework Capee, Collars. embroidered Handkerrhjefs. fcc. fce eaasually low. IP im'rre MtTER KOBKR TH, 371 Broadway. vkkv TmHiVitTANT TO CUN81/MKK8 OF TEA. GOOD BLACK TKA. ? cents per lb. UUOD YULNO HYSON TEA, ?e cents per lb. I Kerry purchaser ?f a Are ponnd package will haee the aun? advantage aa though he purchased fifty chests. Our object la offering sarh inducements, is to eitrnd and cultivate OUT urge and well earn.ed ^-Unflra; Tea DwaUr. and can appreatate a good article, and wish to obtain it at little more than half the usual price charged lor it. should send t? the principal Store ol the New York and China Tea Company. IS Catherine street, New York. All orders from the country must be accompanied by cash or the same, and all letters nee-paid, or the goods will not be weded aS Ins*ere NAN HiKL>? AT IT AGAIN! 17HK TAILORING BUMIN F.Sfl carried oa lermerly by . Win..Vlatthirsaru,l77 Fulton St.,will hereafter b? eontianed bv HanJford Ik Mrothera.and we would say to die public and our friends now is the time, for we hereJest pnachascd en entire new atoek of French, Knuliah and Belgian cloths, and every variety of easaitnrrea and vaaiinga that is fashionable or drsitahle, which will he made up to order to sail the most difficult as to fashion, fafe and workmanship. Also, a full aaaortineut of guutieitien a outfitting, such se ahirt*. druwuie, bosoms, collars suspenders, nmbrellia, fcc , all or which WU guarantee to sell aa low as thef can behr kffbt in_th? eI ty.? Come sad tea SANiOID (lOTHkRl, 1?T Fulton St., a est Hurald o?ea Manctts B. Bauroao, # e Alston r. lisross. W

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