26 Kasım 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

26 Kasım 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. K(W York, Thurailny, IVovtmbfr '40, UMR, The II raid for Knro|x. The Hrrald for Euro/*, to go by the steamship Great Western, which will leave this port at two o'clock this afternoon, will be ready at eleven o'clock. The contents will, as usual, be full and ample, and will, in part, consist of the official despatches of General Taylor and his officers, in regard to the taking of Monterey,including General Worth's; also the despatches of Gen. Wool, given an ac? count of the progress of the central division ol ! the army of invasion; the lutes* news tiom the army and navy, with the official despatches of Com. Connor; the particulars of the successful bombardments of Tabasco by our naval forces; political intelligence from all parts of the country; and the regular amount of commercial, financial, and miscellaneous inat'er. It will be illustrated by an engraving, show ing the position ol Alvarado, its fortifications, and the sand bar iu front, as well as the position of our fleet in the late unsuccessful attack on that place. Prioe (if cents in wrappers. The Hrrald will be published, as usual, to* morrow-morning. Ths Weekly Herald. This sheet will be ready on Saturday morning, at 8 o'clock. The contents will consist of the otlicio! despatches of General Taylor and his otfi oers, in regard to the taking of Monterey, including General Worth's; the latest news from the army ; full accounts of the gallant achievement by our navy at Tabasco, and the capture of several prizes ; a full report of the Van Ness case, latest political intelligence from all parts ol the country, and commercial, financial, and miscellaneous matter It will be illustrated by two splend d engravings of the two most fashionable dry goods stores in this city?Stewart's and Beck's?and one representing Herr Alexander, the great magician, committing suicide. Price 6f cents. Important Military Movement*. Major General Wmfield Scott, with his staff, arrived in this city at a late hour la>t night, and occupies apartments at the American Hotel. He j left Elizabethtown New Jersey, the residence of ; his family, yesterday afternoon. Ii ; ft.o> fh. .1 i-~- ?i mission to proceed to Mexico, and take command of the army that is to attack Tampico. We may shortly hear of that place being in possession of our gallant soldiers, who even already | have covered themselves with glory. We understand that the General is to take command ol the seven thousand fresh treops just ordered into the field. With them he is to invest Tampico, and then join General Taylor at San Litis I Potosi, at which* point he will probably assume the command in chief of all the forces in that portion ot Mexico. Seniority of rank will give him the command. These are important military movements, and we may expect that results of great brdliancy and importance will grow out of them. Now is the tinie! "'Up, Guards, and at them!' Thanksgiving Day. We are recommended by the Exeotive of our State to observe this day, the 26th of November, 1S46, as a day of public thanksgiving to the Giver ol all Good,for the manitold blessings it has pleased llim to shower on us during the year which is now drawing to a close. The proclamation is in these words t? ST SILAS VSIOHT, OOTE1HO* Or STATE Or XEW TOXE. The year eighteen hundred and forty-six draws to a close. Its seasons hare been uncommonly propitious, end its harvests are realized. Unusual health h <s blessed our State and country, and the teeming earth h<s ' yielded its abundance to aupply our necessities and minister to our comforts. The wave of pasaion, which, dnring the past year, rolled over some of our counties, has subsided, and internal peace is restored to our citizens, and tranquility to our (besides. The most sublime spectacle connected with civil government is now exhibiting before us. The representatives of the sovereignty of our people, assembled to take In pieces and re-construct the frame work of the State Government, have discharged the high trust, and returned to their constituents, and to their private duties, without havisg excited passion, alarm or apprehension in the community; and our freameu are examining their labors, and preparing to pass a verdict of approbation or r jection upon their work, with a vigilance inspired by a pervading patriotism, and with a calmness and confidence which tree institutions can aiooe impart Not an indi v dual in the State apprehends an encroachment upon his just rights, or ao abridgement of his civil and religious i""1 ??"' p??v?>iu. nwi * wmumi y ioii'iuiiu.i ui his govt i iinieut Sti ongor evidences of high intellectual and * mud morality iu a people cannot be atlorded. Thee*. and innumerable other tempoial blessing* of a kindred character, constantly (lowing upon our State ami its citizen*, call for continued thankfulness to the Bountiful Giver of every blessing The gift of a Savior, and the lull light of divine revelation, aie spiritual blessings, which thould awaken to expression* of devout tlianklulneu the hearts and the voice* of a I hristian people. I respectfully recommend Thursday, the 36th day of November next, to be observed as a day of public thanksgiving ; that the people of tho State, abstaining from their ordinary business avocations, may assemble at their usual place* of religious worship, and uniting with each other, and with then fellow-citizens of many ot the other States, may pay their tribute of thanks to the author of these and all tempoiwl and spiritual good gifts, and may pour out their hearts in prayer to Him, that his rich smiles may be continued to our country, and that tl e signal blessings of this year may tie crowned by the termination of our existing war* in an honorable and just pease. In testimony whereof, I have caused the privy aeel of the State to be hereunto affixed. Witness my -. . i hand, at the ' ity of Albany, the nineteenth day 1 J of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-six. By order, SILAS WRIGHTHorace Moodt, Private Secretary. We are pleased to see thia time-honored cuttorn of our ancestors so regularly observed, and hope the day is far distant when it shall cease to be followed. Wc certainly have every reason to be thankful to an overruling Providence for the temporal blessings we enjoy. While famine is desolating the countries of Europe, our own fair luiiuuy is liucu wim an uim is necessary ior our comfort and luxury?our soil is so generous and prolific, that after supplying our own wants, wo can spare sufficient to teed those whose climate and soil are not so propitious as our own. While myriadsof human beings are suffering under tyranny, their bodies and minds in a state ofslavery, the people of the United States stand forth as freemen, governed only by laws of their own making, and fostered and protected by their own free institutions. Surely, if a people ever existed that had reason to be thankful, wo are that people, and while we give t hanks for the blessings that have been vouchsafed to us, we should earnestly endeavor to deserve a continuance of them. We see a .disposition in our people to have the custom of thanksgiving universal, and on the same day throughout the Union. It is appointed the same day this year in eighteen States and one Territory, viz:? New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Maryland, mole iat na, Ksntucay, I'enntylvanit, New Jerssy, Delaware, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, lllinoi*. Michigan. Louisiana. Florida, Washingtoa City, Wisconsin llow much more appropriate it would be to have the game day observed for this holy purpose throughout the whole twenty-nine States 1 What a pleasing sight it is now to see the inhabitants of eighteen distinct and separate States, voluntarily set apart the same day for rendering thanks; but how much more pleasant would it be to see all the States of this Union join in it, and to hear the shout of praise ascend from the limits of Maine to the confines of Teias, and from the shores of ihe Atlantic to the prairies of the far west ? T' has been suggested that the President of the I 'ui?ed States rould accomplish this by proclaiming a day of thanksgiving for the whole Union, and that in doing so he would be fallowing the mam of the Immoral Washington. We would bo delighted to have it done, If possible, find see no obstacle in the way. The President is the chief magistrate ot the whole country, and we are satisfied that a proclamation issued by him, appointing a day of thanksgiving to be observed by every State in the Union, would meet a favorable reception. This custom is, we believe, of New England origin, and was commenced by the Puritans in Connecticut and New England. To this day there is no place where it is so religiously observed. It is, however, now almost universal. The h'trdy sons of New England have taken it with them into eve.y State of the Union, and have succeeded in engrafting it on all with whom they came in contact. We hope it will never be abandoned. THe Iiomb.rdiueat of Tabasco. Our gallant litile navy has suffered tome reproach in consequence ofthe unsuccesstul attacks on Alvarado, but wo were satisfied that b? lore the end ot the wur it would retrieve its character, and confer honor on itself and our country.? Our brave tars?officers and men?only wanted j an opportunity, and we were convinoed they I would give a good account of themselves. The failure in taking Alvarado did not occur from want of bravery, but resulted from obstacles that nature placed in the way, and which lire bravest men in the world could not overcome. The natural sandbar at the entrance to that city is a stronger fortification than Mexican batteries, and if it could have been got over the batteries would soon have been silenced. The opportunity lias at last occurred at Tabasco, which place was approached for the purpose of capturing a number of vessels lying there, and also of convincing the Mexicans of what our n ivy could do. The result is before our renders The city was bombarded, and the firing only censed when a flag of truce came from the shore beKging of the Commodore to spare it. This was granted, and the firing ceased. The main object, however, for which the enterprise was comWt a 1-1 Oa. 1 Itraa fil ll,? no li ia<r.wl Vs? ?Un ?4 ?Ua iiiciivou, r* ao tuiijr tttuiovc vx ujr mo uajjiuiuui mo fleet of craft that remained there in fancied security, consisting of one brig, five schooners, two I steamers, and many small craft and lighters, all of which were taken away, except one that got aground and was burned to prevent its getting into the enemy's hanus This gallant little affair shows the materiel of our navy. All they want is opportunity, and we repeat that before the war is ended, the army will not be alone in earning laurels. The next step that ought to be taken is the capture of Alvarado. The two failures in taking it, have taspired the Mexicans with the idea that they are indomitable, and have no doubt constituted a great deal towards making the war so popular with the body of the people as it is. We must undeceive them as soon as possible, and prove farther, that notwithstanding their sand-bar, we can take that city. We are delighted at this success of our navy. We are intimate with many of the officers, and judging all, by those we know, there is not a braver set of fellows in the world. Every one of them would die sooner than disgrace his flag by any act of coward'ce. We sincerely condoled with them m the Alvarado atlair, because we knew how much mortified they lelt. Both the army and navy have their country's honor entrusted to their care, and in the hands oi either we are satisfied it is safe, and will receive no tarnish. New Packet Ships.?In consequence of tho storm, the launch of the Sir Kobert Peel, which was to have taken place yesterday, was postponed until half past 2 o'clock this day. The splendid ship Admiral was yesterday thrown open lor the inspection of susli as chose to pay her a visit, and, although it continued to rain all day, she entertained quite a respectable ' number ol visitors. Her cabins are fitted up in a most superb and costly, yet chaste style, wiili all the modern im- j provemcnts, bathing rooms, lie.; so that a person taking passage in her will have every comlort he could enjoy at one of our best hotels. Her cabin, we should judge, is about fifty feet long> with ample accommodations for forty passengers; and each state-room is almost as large as an ordinary bed-room, She was to have sailed tomorrow, but is detained until Saturday, when she will take her departure for Havre, under the command of Captain James A. Wotton. Fair winds and successful voyages to the Admiral and her gallant captain! J*ew packet ships seem to increase almost as rap.dly as new States and Territories. Orta Louisville Exchanoks ? If our Lauisvillc exchanges desire to be made acquainted with the reason of their not receiving the Herald, with the Britannia's news, they had better write to Cave Johnson. It was no fault ot ours that the Herald did Hot reach them in time. News from Belize, Honduras ?We have dates from this place to the 24th October, but find nothingjof news more than that given below:? The .V. O Picayune of the ISth iniL has papers to the l?th ult. but they . ontein no particular news ol interest The trial of Adolphus Frederick Connell, lieutenant in the British Army, and Henry Symons, clerk of the courts, for the murder of Antonio Cruz on the U9th of July last, had occupied the attention of the Court of Oyer and Terminer from Tuesday, the 13th, to Friday, the ldthinst.. and created a great deal of interest. The liondurai Ubtrrver ol the 17th is filled with a report of the case, but the result was not known, the jury being still out when the paper went to press. Tbe brig Matilda. Jenkins, which sailed from New York about the 1st of September, had not been heard of. The brig Veuus, from Boston, airiveJ at Belize, experienced a hurricane on the J9th ult., and lost the cook and deck load overboard. Tbe brig Robert Bruce, from New York, also (.uttered in the same hurricane, and lost the cook overboard. The editor of the Oaxetlt, in his paper of the 10th met., has an article upon the mahogany trade, in which he laments over its condition, and urgea that, owing to the competition in Cuba, the merchants and cuuen win ne ruiueu uj aiiuiner year a disastrous tales, if there ii rot a determined atari. 1 against high wages,and a atrict economy id every branch ol expenditure. The brig lien Wolf, Jenkins, was lost at Santo Esni rito, to the north o Belize, in the early part of the month. She was bound from Zapote to Liverpool,with a cargo of luetic, Musical Intelligence. Camillo Sivoai.?To-morrow evening the master violinist of the age gives his concert at the Tabernacle. In looking over the programme of the musical entertainment, we cannot but be surpried at the variety of talent that he has secured for his assistance. Signora Pico, Mrs. Loder, Julia Northall, Signor De Begnis, Rapetti, Kontaua, Timm and Loder, besides a moat excellent orchestra, are all engaged to appear; and the inimitable Hivori himself, will perform four of his favorite airs. In the Brst place he will perform Bpohr's celebrated Concerto ("sccna cantaute"); besides a duet with M. Rapetti; then we are to have the "Prayer of Meaes,'' executed upon a single string; and the sweet variations on "Net t or " We cannot omit noticing that the orchestra will perform the "Overture to Zaire," which, on its first production in London, was encored three times in succession. De Begnis, Pico and Julia Northall, will sing a teraetto from the "Fanatico " On the whole we consular the bill as the moat attractive of any offered this season. laitH K.sninos?Mr. Lover gave one of his delightful entertainments last evening at Palmo's opera house. And notwithstanding the extremely unfavorable state of the weather, the audience was quite respectable in numbers, amounting to some three hundreX This is a compliment which that gentleman has avery reason to be proud of. for we do not believe that ao many fashionable and respectable people conld be enticed to leave their homes in such weather, on any other occasion As nsnal, he amused his auditory with anecdotes illustrating Pat's peculiarities, which he related in nis own admirable manner. He also sung several of his own pathetic and touching songs, and we envy not the possessor of the heart that did not beat in sympathy with the fl.herman's wife in that beautiful song "The Angel's Whisper." This song made a deep impreaeion on all present, and was sung a second time in obedience to the expressed wish of the audience. We admire the spirit of patriotism that pervades Mr. Lover's enteitainmenu. It shows that he feels himself an Irishman, and delights in anatomising the characteristics of his Countryman, and exhibiting, for tha admiration of all present, the intricacies, inconsistencies and predominant good qualities of which they are composed Political Intelligence. The Michigan Stair Journal nominates for tha Trail i dency, Wm H. Seward, of .New Fork; for the Vica Pre tideooy, John P Hale, of Now Hampshire 111' 1 ? *1 r*?? ThutU.-" King John" is to ba repeated this ereiing, and we ara glad that it? attraction* nightly All tba house. No piece bai ever been pnt upon the stage in America, with such a liberal expenditure, and witn so strong a cast. Of Mr and Mrs. Kean'a acting, we have often spoken before, but the famous personification of the base-hearted King, and the letter's portrayal of the wo and egony of Constance, are the triumphs of artistical performance. The mechanical portions of the play, with respect to the scenery and properties, are now so admirably arranged that all pusses off with but little delay, no more than is needed for the mind to rest from the intense interest excited by the rapid progress of stirring events as thev occur in this admirable tragedy. This being a holiday nigbt, we expeet to see Old Drury crowded with a moat biilliant audience. Bowcav Tukstsc.?Notwithstanding the anow storm, this thes're. on last evening, was was well Ailed, and the performance paased olf in a manner highly creditable to tbe company. Thete were three very attractive pieces produced in honor 01 the festiviies that hat beea announced for the 2A'h of November, to celebrate "Evacuation Dav " Mr Clarke, as Selim, performed with his usual ability, in the popular pier# of ' Barbarossa," Mr Booth taking tbe prin'-ii>al character The Misses Val j lee. after this performance danced a "Pas de Deux'' with much animation Tli? ' Bronze Horse" followed, ami De Bar, a* Ka'z. sustained the part with admirable ' ability and much tai l Mr. Hadaway, as Plrg Sir g kept the house convulsed with laughter, and V ache "a SiLm Kao, was also very well sustained This being Thanksgiving day, a very powerful combination of ut traction will oa presented; and, ua will be aeen on relereuc.e to our advertising columns, the enterprising and p- pular manager, Mr. Jackson, haa spared neither paina nor expense to make the performances of the evening eminently worthy ol the occasion. No leas than four magnificent piecea will be preaented?" Aladdin," ' The L idy of the Lake," " Tha Two Gregoriea," and " Robert Mac-aiie ." Surely, every admirer of the drama? every true lover ol thia highly popular anJ instructive umuaement. will flock to the Bowery thia evening. The Bowery| Theatre is the most popular place et public : amusement iu our city; and the vast crowds that nightly 1 frequent it, show the high spprecia'ion la which the onteruriziug management of the worthy proprietor Mr. Jackson, ia held by hia numerous patrons and friends. To-night will be a bumper house in " Old Bowery " Thx Alhamra.?Thia retort, we are glad to see, ia wall patronised, and the wonderful feats of the great magician, Herr Alexander, are certainly wall worth witnessing. The second trick, in which he appears to commit suicide, sends one's mind back to the days ot the Salem witches, and if lien- A had lived in thoae times, he wool I. without dnuhi, have had to undergo the trial by water His suddenly bringing into existence a vase of gold fish and a halt a dozen live pigeons, is no small potatoes either. Besides, he has always a supply of bouquets und candy for tne ladies. Oo and see | nitn. Bowrrt AMrHiTHRATaK.?There was a pretty full at- j tendance at the Circus last evening, notwithstanding the ! snow storm. Mr. Gardner, with bis celebrated dog Na- ' poleon, were applauded, after their performance of soma j of the celebrated tricks of this noble animal. Tho train- | lng under Mr. Gardner, shows a degree of perfection | which surpasses any thing of the kind ever yet presented i ished the house by her extraordinary equestrian feats ? To-day, in honor of the crlebration of Thanksgiving : day, the attraclioDS will he on a grand scale There will he no less than three performances?morning at 10?afternoon at 2?evening at 7. Carlo, Kemp, Mad. Gardner, and all the principal performers will appear. Mr. Kemp will produce hia English pantomime Raymond and Waking's Menaoehic.?This is the last week that this establishment will remain in the city, and this day will present a grand opportunity for parents to take their children, and teachers their scholars, to triew the specimens of the animal creation here collected The huge elephant will^ carry as many of the young folks as can crowd in the palanquin on his back, and the docility with which he acts is beautiful to witness. The tricks of the monkey and the poney in the ring are amusing and well performed. City Intelligence. Evacuation Bay,?The weather, yesterday, which was stormy throughout the day, interfered so as to prevent the usual celebration of the above national anniver sary. The military, from an early hour, were fully accoutred and prepared, in conformity with the general : order from head quarters, to turn out en maste, but the order was countermanded, and neither parade nor pro- I cession took place. The day continued wet and stormy ! throughout At noon, however, a detachment of the lltn { Regiment, formed a battery of three pieces and caissons, | ana Bred a national salute from the Battery, in honor of j the day and the occasion. Colonel Yates acted ss Cap- ; tain, Lieutenant Colonel Sheldon and Major Ferris as I Lieutenants, ana i upturns union, siioernorn ana Starr as Sergeants. A salute was also fired at noon ia the Arse- > nal Yard; and this constituted the entire demonstration 1 on the part of the military, who were kept at home in consequence of the inclemency of the weather. Tub Wrath he?Snow ? We were visited last evening, ' about ft o'clock, with a fall of snew, for the first time 1 this season ; the rain having ceased to fall for a few minutes, and again commencing. The weather yoster- I day, all through the day. was wet and cold, presenting a bleak and wintry appearance. We are informed by one ; ot the oldest inhabitants that the barometer fell lower last evening thiui for many years. The one owned by j Aldorman Stoneall stood at-j7 18, at s o'clock, The show, about 8 o'clock, fell heavily, and in some parts of the city was upwards of four inches deep. The snow starm made ; a very respectable deftuf for the winter season ; and this 1 (its first visit) will remind us to be on the oiti vivr for the i next few months. At 11 o'clock last night, the wind changed to the north, end at 12. it was clear and frosty, J being the first real winter night we have had this season. Charity?There is a subscription being raised in this ! city for the sufferers in France by the inundation of the ! river Loire and it-< branches Several hundred dollars have abeady been paid in by our French citizens Should not those merchant* who do business with " la bellt payie," join in the work of charity. It would do mora to i preserva the ' tshnre cardiale" between this country I and Franca than all the workings of Uuizot could coun- . teract. Firs.?A fire b-okeout a'?out 4 o'clock yesterday 1 morning, in the feed -toic adjoining the grocery of C. V. j Anderson. corner of bayard and Mott street. The premises wete entirely consumed?supposed to be the work i of an incendiary The damages are estimated at some- ' thing nigh $9oO The premises were insured. The pub- ; lie feed stores and stabling have seemed latterly to have | exciteil the ea|>acial vongoanceaf the incendiary, aa ' scaicaly an instance of fire that has lateiy occurred in the feed stores and stabling about our city, that cannot | be attributed to the hand of the iucendiary. Arothsr.?A fire also broko out at No. 804 Water j street, about i o'clock yesterday morning. The fire wai I promptly put out by the police. No damage being sustained. StNititi'tf.?Wa woiiM acrnin remind our ! reader! of Mr. Whituey's entertainment at Stuyvesant i Institution Monday evening next. His oratorical power* have celled out the uaiversal commendation of the pre*! throughout the country, end his recitation* are ot the most expre??ive character Ai an imitator of the great orator*. Clay, M'Duffle, Webster, and Kandolph, ne ii eminently successful We expect to aee the room crowded on Monday, inannuch ai the entertainment ii given at the expreai deaire of our moit diitinguiched citizen* lauiiMKR, Attextioi* !?W# refer our brave Tri?h vo lunteer* to the *dverti*em*nt of Capt. Gallagher, com pany F. now being eulisted for Mexico. We can assure them they will And in Capt. 6. a brave officer and a kind friend. The head quartern of company F are at Military Hall, Bowery, near Spring itreet Attxmft at Daowmno.?A man by the name of Archibald Shear* attempted to drown himself near Fulton ferry, yesterday morning,and wa* rescued by officer Taylor. He wa* taken to the itation houie. Thl* 1* the ! thirty-fourth attempt at drowning that ha* been made in the Kait River during the last tew month*?eath of the partie* being rescued by the officer* of police. Many of theie cases are attributed to drunkennei*. Boot Fouud?A body was discovered by Mr. W.Tayler on the south side ol' Sandy Hook, on Sunday after ' noon, lying en the beach Mr. Wooley, the keeper of the light house, sent for a magistrate to hold an inquest, , which, up to Tuesday evening, had not taken place, from the violence of the storm Tho body was clothed in dresa boots, high heel*, patent half soles, ligkt blue striped pantaloon*, black frock coat, over which was an oiled jacket; a rope of five or six fathom long round the body, flesh off hi* face and head; appeared to bed5 or 30 yenr* of age, a full set ol teeih, and supposed to he the ; bod) oi a .Mr. Fierce, store keeper at l annei a landing. ' Further information can be had by applying to Mr. W. I Taylor, 91 Wooster street, New York, or of Mr. Wooley, keeper of Sandy Hook, near the Ocean Houae. Coaoxna'a Orrica?Sudden Death?The Coroner held an inqueit ) oaterday at No. -its Centre atraet, on the body of Aun McKeon, a natire ef Ireland, and twenty years of age, who came to bet death by nervous exhaue| tion. arising from a state of [anaemia. Verdict accordi ingflr Death 4y Suffocation.?The Coroner held an inquest i at No. 49 Robinson atreet, yesterday, on the body of an infant of only two months old, by the name of Alexander I Cleary, who came to his death by being accidentally suffocated by hit mother during the night. The Jury rendered a verdict, " Accidental suffocation Found Drowned.?The coroner held an inquest likewise at the North river barge office, foot of Whitehall street, |on the body of an unknown man, apparently a tailor, who was found floating in the East river, off the pier No. 1. The jury found a vordict that he came to his death by some canse unknown From Havasa?The brig Ilaynes, Capt. Williams, arrived here yesteiduy, bringing us dates te the 7th inat. The most interesting news is the arrival of the British steamar Tay at Havana on the f>th from Vera Cruz, with f680,000 in specie The Mexican news we give in another column. Senor Munez y Funez arrived on the Tay. He has been appointed by the Spanish Government charge to Venezuela. He was formerly consul here, and then consul general to Mexico. A young officer and two of tho crew of a Spanish ship of war lying at Sacnflcioa, were drowned about the middle of October, by the upsetting of a boat. The Hevtna MM give the details of the in cident. The ship Hannibal lias arrived with the Italian company. A liat of the membeii would hardly be worth the room they occupy. Effort! are still making to raise the Spaniah frigate Constitncion, and with great hopea of sncceaa. On the 3d inat those engaged upon her were very snccessful in ' their efforts. The French corvette of war Ln Blonde has been got off The Havana |>eper* contain ti tle r.ews of interest.?N. | O. Picayune, 10 h blterary liitelltgf nee. We have received a catalogue of the Norwich University, under the direction of Gen. Truman B. Raneotn it shows it to be in a very prosperous condition There are M students in the Couetiete Deportment, end IT in i the Preperatery, i'otMMt Int*1 CS rrgt ot EmbrztU%'nt,~CrtLer Austin of th Lower Police, arrested yesterday i m in by the name of J?na* Parker, a resident of S sten Island, on a chsrge of embezzling upwards of seven hundred dollar*, the property of Mr KUsh.i Kuckmsu. residing at No. 160 Wa-hiogton street, together with Kdward Conklin, Kdward Barnea, fumes Lumber. Cornel l!' Britten, and Abriham Poet, all partners and extensive denier* in the oyster buainaia. It appear*, the accused waa hired by the above Arm at $60 per month, since last May, for the purpose of acting aa agent in selling oynters to the different houses around the oity, whose business it waa to collect the money from auch sales, an I pay it over forthwith to Mr. ltuckman, instead of which he has ervbezzled the above sum, and refuses to reuder any account. Mr Kuokman has discovere i in one pi see, Mr. Nicholas Cantor, No I3i Walker street that the accused ia a defaulter to the amount of $371 74c., which Mr. Cantor has pai l Parker, holding his receipt for the same: also in many other oyster saloon* io different parts of the city, amounting to the above sum. Justice Osborne locked him up for examlnat ion Ditorirr'.y ffout*?Oftlcer Donniston arrested, yesterday, on a bench warrant, Charles Diaper, oo a charge of keeping a disorderly house at No. S13 Water street ? Justice Osborne held him to hail in $000 to answer at Court. Charrt of Libtl.? V complaint was made yesterday at the Pulic.e otflr.e before Jllsti.'A Osborne h? Mr Mr,,,. V Beu'-b, piopri(-tor of the Sun newspaper ag&iust the editor, Horatio S Bartlett Paul Morrill, John L. Brown, 1 hd! Wm.H. Diuamore, proprietors of ihe Tiue Sun.charg in); them with publishing a libellous paragraph in last Monday's and Wednesday's paper, affecting the stauding and reputation of Mr. Beach. Charnt of (rrand Larceny.?Officer* Htilaa and Mc- [ Lnuglilio of the 3d ward, arrested yesterday a man cal 1 le i tienrv Smith, on a charge of stealing $'.27, belonging to John \V Lohmlin, a resident of Llizabethtown, N. J. | Committed for examination. Hohhed on the Five Pointe.?Officer Mclfenn of the | dth ward, arrested last night a woman ealled Mary Ann Thompson, o* a charge ot stealing $13 from the pocket , of Timothy Lawrence, while in a house of rather light ' repute ou the Kivo Points Committed fer examination. ; Petit Larceny ?Officer Hart, of the 10th ward, arrested. last night, u woman called Margaret McCarthy, en a charge ol stealing au orarcoat valued at $10, belonging to C. Wagner, residing at No. 33 Pitt street. Committed by J' stico Ketcham Offi er llamblin, of tha 3d ward, arrested yesterday, a i fellow called Thomas Tenpeuuy, whom he detected in , the act of stealing a tub of butter from Washington market Locked up for trial. Officer Wooldridge, of tha 6th ward, arrested a chap j called hid ward Travis, on a charge of stealing $31 from ; the pocket of a drunken sailor, while in the Bowery 1 Theatre on Friday night lest. Locked up for trial. Souper Extraordinaire.? Quite a neat little affair came off the oth?r evening, in one of the diving bells near Broadway, in the form of an oyster supper, given by e policemen for the especial entertainment of a literary gentlema . His motive, no doubt, was perfectly un dei stood by the knight of the quill, and it may tend, in future, to extend the small deeds of this worthy member of the police into great ones, by establishing his tamo through oyster puffs all over the globe. Hon Hie Outrage ?Quite an interesting girl. 13 years of age. was brought into the Oth ward atation hoose last night,by one of the policemen, whom he found in the ! street crying, and when brought before assistant Captain Ley den, (he told the following story:?She said her name was Ann Barry; her mother was dead, and her father was some where in the city, but she was unable to find him She further stated, that in the fore part of the evening, as she was crjing along the 21 avenue, she was met by a man who enticed her into an unfinished building, under pretence of giving her some candy, instead of which he committed a brutal outrage upon her perron, and then made his escape. The poor girl has been taken care of, and means have been instituted to procure the arrest of the offender. Movements of Travellers. The boisterous state of the weather yesterday retard- i ed all the various modes of communication, and discouraged many from encountering the elements of land anJ water. The subjoined extracts from the registries of tlie respective hotels shew, nevertheless, but a slight diminution of the usual numbers at this season of arrivals. Amebic*!*.?Maj Gen. W Scott, Com. in Chief. U. 8. A.; H. L. Scott, do.: Mrs. Billings, J Hue, Boston; Hon. Levi Woodbury, Albany; E Carmichael, U. 8. N.; F. Gillender, Dutches! Co ; G. Fox, U. S. A.; J. Day, Florida; J. Austin, Boston; S. Nicolson. Wash. City. Astsb?Mr. Russell, L. I. K. Smith, do;C. Armsted, Baltimore; R. Archer. Md ; W. Blanchard, Cooperstown; Captain Osborne, Albany; G. Goddert, Boston; Rev. M. Parks, West Point; Dr. Marlin, Schenectady; W. Newcomb, Troy;G Warren,do; A. Hill, New York; D Demou, Boston; J Perry, do; W. Kelley, Kllerslie; J Bartlett, New Bedford; C. Child, R. 1.; J Iiu?sc)l, Conn.; J. Brown, Ea?ton;E. Severing, Phila ; J. Parker, Boston; D. Ruggles, Worcester; J. Doan, Phila ; E. Sawyer, do. J. Allen, do. Citt.? Mr. Verplank, New Haven; C Desilver and H. Cowperthwaite, Philadelphia; Theo. Wood, C. Demer, and J Davolen, Indies; X. Piatt, Prattsville; W. Farham, Waterford; E. Secomb, Boston; Mr.Van Bohler, U. S. A ; Mr. Cagger, Albany; J. Broch, .Mobil-; Mr. Cage, Albany; J- 1). Smith, Philadelphia; B Everod, Albany; T. Reynolds, and E. Wa'ts, New York; G. Gregory, U. S. N.; S. Dummei, do.; O. Gregory, do Kbajiklii*.? W. Hays, Albany; H.Smith, Wheeland; W. Parsons, Kingston; T. Seely, Montreal; D. Simms, do; Mr Brock, Quebec; D. Bowen, Capt. Curttes. do; J. Bishop, do; D. Khenhard, Washington; G. Lee, Newatk; L. G. Smith, St. Croix; S. Beuiameu, St. Thomas; C. Oood> ear, Now Haven; A. Kenseard, Troy; J. Miles, White Plains. Howard?J. Smith, Delaware; R.Kinney, Pittsburgh; M. Pollock, Virginia; W. Griswold, Saratoga Springs; R. i Stewart, Delaware; J. Briggs, Albany; It. Hammond, : Baltimore; R. Jenkins, Cornwall; H Brown, Milwaukie; B. Wood, Boston; II. Kindale, Provideuce; A.Tabi, New \ IttxlfnrH* A OirdnAr Trnf. A Humi>hr?v?. Knntnrkv: F. Reder, Will Point; Hon R. M'Clellaud, Michigan; J. Ward, Hamilton County; J Beattio, Boston; J. S. More- j dith. Hamilton County; R. Peabody, Dover; W. Hudson, Hartford; J. Whito, Boston; J. Williams, Massachusetts; I W. Tilden, Texas. Tiik Gai-k on the Lakes.?The gale on Lake Ontario was very severe. The Hocketter Democrat i says The gale on Thursday night appears to have ! been unusually destructive on Lake Ontario. We mentioned ou Saturday the wreck of the schooner Wm. Merritt, of St Catharines, which was blown high and dry i upon Braddock's Point. The schooner Missouri, of Sackctts Harbor, on her wuy down from Toledo, with 6000 bushels wheat, consigned to Oswego, was stranded on the same point during ' the gale. On Saturday afternoon she had Ave feet water in bar .hold. About 2000 bushels of wheat will probably be saved, and the vessel will bo got off, if the cargo is removed before the sutf has time to injure her timbers. The schooner Western, of Oswsge, bound for Cleveland, with 160 bairels salt, was diiven on the sandbar at Irondeuueit, andia now a total wreck. The crews in all these disasters, were saved. All the vessels were insurer There was a rapoit in town on Saturday, that eighteen r twenty vessels were standsd on the shore between this place and the entrance of Niagara. We presume this is an exaggeration. The Buffalo Commercial of Tuesday says From Mr. Davenport, mate of the steamer Niagara, which left Chicago on the 14th, we loarn the following Brig EmRno. left rhicago the <1 ly previous for Southport, to 1 >ad : steamer Hendrik Hudson, Propeller Uenasee ! Chief, and brig Clarion, at Milwankia, hound up; steamer i A. D. Patchin, at Beaver Island, hound np; steamer Nile, near Point au Barks, bound up; steamer Boston, at Bar ] Peiat, bound np. The Buffalo Commercial of Monday evening addi:-]n addition to the account publithed by ui on Saturday, of vessels wrerked and injured in the late gale, we learn that the aehooner Racine was driven ashore two miles this side of Madison. She was bound up, with nisrcban disc, shipped at Oswego by Bronson and Crocker, Fitzhugh Is Co., H. C. Wright, Brewster, Wiman Is Co., B. Isaacs Is Co., and DoolitUe Is Co. The Harwich, of Cleveland, is ashore at Ripley, 7 miles above Barcelona. The Pints, between ti.is and F.rie. The vetsela ashore et trie, on the Peninsula, are the Ainsworth, United States, Dayton and Charles Huwurd. These vessels will probably be got oil without much damage. The brig H. H. Sizer end schooner Huron are both total wrecks. The steamer Commerce, Capt. Traverse, came in about > o'clock Sunday afternoon, from Dunkirk, where sho lay | during the gale. From Capt. T. we learn that the Indian : Queen ia ashore about a mile this side of Dunkirk, on the 1 rocks, and is a perfect wreck. The latest accounts from BufTalo say that the gale was the most severe between Cleveland and BufTalo. The following ia an extract from a letter to the editor* of the R Icheater Democrat; it is from t gentleman who was a 1 passenger in the steamboat Helen Strong, and dated, . Wbstfiei.d, Nov. 90. We have (just escaped one of the* most dreadful ship i wrecks ever known on Lake Erie. We left Buffalo on | Thursday, about 11 o'olook. with about 70 passengers on t board, end proceeded up the lake within about 90 miles wi r,iie, wmi ?uuu|; .iuiui-wcpi wnia, mo ?v? running i very high. Aboet 7 o'clock our rudder chain broke. | and that threw us into the trough of the aea ; aoon the ] steam pipe buret, anil we wore left at the mercy of the waves. We hove out the anchor, which broke in ' ten rrunute*, and wc were then eight mile* from aliore. We drove on the rockaaboni ft) teet high; the hoet etruck i about midships and broke all her upper work* at once, [ and she tiled instantly to the main deck. It wa* dark a* | pitch One of the hand* got hold of aome bushes and , climbed up the rooka with a rope, and we succeeded in saving the following passengers N.8 Benson, Oroten, , Tompkins county, N Y.; D. G. Pool, New Orleans; G. 1 Reynolds, Spencer,Tioga county, N. Y ; Wm. Joy, Lu i cas county. Ohio; G. T. Gilbert, Rochester; Mr Basting and wife, Ky.; George B. Way, Ohio; James Cormick, Toledo; C. G Corsels, Detroit; Wm. Peck, Ontario county, New York; Wm. Francis, Oato, New York; Wm Wi nans wife and two children, Livingston county, N.Yeik; : Mrs Mariah Frink, Miss Sarah Frink, Miss Caroline Frink, all of Niagara county, New York; J. J Ralph, F.lias York, Monroe, Reynolds, Emily Reynolds, James ' F. Frink, Lenawee, Micnigau; Margaret Conley, Rochester, New York; R Miller. Elias Perry, John W. Danilis, Bergen, N. Jersey; and a number or others whose names I am unable to learn. We all lost evory thing we had on board. I have nothing left but my clothe* on my back. The boat and cargo is an entire wreck. On Lake Ontario the lose war great, besides what we haTe above mentioned. Canadian schooner William Mer. ritt was high and dry on Braddock's Point, at the last acI counts. The schooner Missouri, of Beckett's Harbor, I with a full cargo ef wheat for Oswego, wa* ashore on I the same point The schooner Western, of Oswego, ' with salt, was wrecked on Irondequoit bar. I We published, y ester, ley, a bri-f account of the effect* of the late terrible gale on Lakes Erie and Ontario ? This stated that sixteen bodies Coated ashore at Barcelona. The disasters and loss of life ere severe; but far lesa than the Arst exaggerated account represented them. ? The total loss of liie is six, at most, es lar as beard ??ifhirg .irgut of ytmrduy. We understand that the U. 8. government hare leased, for tha lem> ot fillet u > ears. tk? new gianite stores, ten in number, on the end of Long wh?rl, to be used for warehouses These stores are the most convenient for the ]-ur|>oee designed, of any in the city, being near the Custom House, aud also convouient of acco** from tha water, a* the lsrgaat vouol oan lie within a tow teet of tho stores, and discharge their oergeea into them with , bet Uttle inooaTittlBBoe.?Jkrtew Jswrnei Ouvrt rot th* cokrfcno^ of ettoff -*>ov. i 24?Present, Lieut Gov Gardiner, Chancellor Walworth, and 26 Senator*. No. 22?W. O. Wood, aa'r. vs. Charles Weiant; motion to restore till* came to I it* place on the calendar, denied. No 28?Thoa. Deuuy va. the Manhattan Company; Mr. S P. Stale* w?? heard ! for defendant m error; Mr. S. A. Foot waa heard in reply. Tuiaaar, Nov.* 34?Preaent, Lieut Governor Gardiner, Chancellor Walworth, and 30 Senator* ?No. 28 ? T. Denny va.^The Manhattan Company; Mr. 8. A Foote concluded for plaintiff in error in reply?deciaion postponed. No #0?Mr. F. H Stieff va. M. B Hart; judgment affirmed on default with double cost*. No 12?A Day va u. T. Walton by her neat friend; appeal; decree affirmed on stimulation. No. 1?W. W. Mumfard va. Asa Hprague and al ; appeal submitted on printed argument*. No. 31 and 34?Called and paaaed.?No 85?J Wager va. 3 K. Stow; Mr 8. Stevens beard for tha plaintiff in error; Mr. M. T Reynolds waa heard for deft, in error; Mr 8 Steven* in reply; judgment affirmed, 23 to 0. Mr. Foot at the close of hi* argument in the cauie of Denny and other*, v*. The Manhattan Bank, paid tha fol lowing just and merited tribute of reipect to the < ourt: ? Mr President aad Gentlemen :?The power which institute-' this tribunal almost a century ago. baa decreed its dissolution; and this ia the latt cause 1 shall be allowed th* honor of arguing before you. Having commenced my practice in this Court toon attar my udmiairon to the bar, I have been often before it lor more than twenty five year* and a constant witness of it* extensive aud useful labor* The thought that I am not to appear before it again i*. at least to me. impressive and affecting Tbia tribunal has always commanded, and still enjoys, the confidence and respect of the bar. who are honored with its practice. During its administration of the law, tha rights of persons and property in this 91HIC UITO UCIU WCU p" Vicv-icu. r vi uij ?ru i |?OII vmu the Court with the deepest regret; sud earnestly hope that the tribunal which hue been substituted for ft, may discharge its duties with equal fidelity and ability. Varieties. Sixty resseli are detained in consequence of the break in the Wetland Canal From the present indication of the closing ef the canals at an early day, these vessels, every one of which Is laden with wheat and flour, will be detained all the winter. William A. Kobbe has been recognised by the President as Consul Oeneral of Nassau for the United States, to reside in New York. A quorum of members of Congress is slready assembled in Washington. The session will be important and exciting. This morning, at sunrise, the thermemeter in th a city stood at SO. the first time it hea fallen to the freezing point this month. On the 18th it stood at S3 ?Button Traveller, Tuesday Wa learn from the Centreville, Qneen Anne's county, Md . Sentinel that a colored man belonging to the estate of the late John Hpsrkt. died near that place last week,at the adraaced age ef 133 years It appears from receat statistics, that there are in Connecticut 137 cotton mills, 19t woollen mills, 37 paper mills, ls7 tanneries. 0 carpet factories. 33 clack factories, 333 coach and wagon factories, besides factories for the manufacture of sewing silk, pins, machinery, and " Yankee notions " of every description." An awful murder was committed on the night of the 30th, says the Penntylranian, across the Lehigh river, in a small town called Williamsport. An Irishman bv the name of Lawrence Turnov, lived with hie wife in a frame hantee on the banks of the Delaware Canal, and they bnvo often he?n heard to quarrel and fight with each other. This mprning, abont daylight, Mra. Turney was found naked and dead, in front of her house, her skull fractuied and broken, and her body half roasted or burned. It was. indeed, a most horrid sight Her clothes had all baen burned ofT her body, and lay scatterod in the street Her husband was found on a miserable bed in the house, having locked and barred himself in, so that the officer of justice was obliged to break in the window to arrest him. The body evidently looked as though she had been first killed, and then thrown on the fire with the intention ot burning her up. A coroner's inquest was held, and a verdict rendered in accordance with the facts. Th# Boitnn Whig of Monday says; " We feel authorised to say that the state of Mr. Adams is decidedly improving His medical adviser spoke last evening more favorably of his recovery than he has done at any moment before." Charles Mosler, convicted on Thursday night rtf the mnrrisr af bis urifs mud*, nn ntlsmnl In commit suicide in hit cell in Moyamenaing prison en Monday evening The attempt was made about six o'clock, by banging himself, with pieces of a sheet he had torn for the purpose, to a nail in the wall of his cell The nail, inconsequence ? f the weight of his body, tore out, and Mosler fell upon the floor before the consummation of his design. The noise occasioned by the fall alarmed the watchman, and brought him to the cell immediately, when measures were taken to keep a strict watch over the prisoner, and prevent any farther attempt on his life. We are told that this wretched man is in a most frightful state of mind. He is continually haunted by the apparition of his murdered wife, who is ever before him?her gashed threat, with the hleod streaming from it, staring him in the face ; and he begs fer his immediate execution.? Phil. American, Twtday. Awful Accidkwt.?Yesterday evening, about five o'clock, two grey horses attached to a vaa belonging to the Circus Company of Sands. Lent fc. Co., passing through tbe city, became unmanageable, in Chesnut street, near Seventh, and ran up Chesnut.' When they reached the Masonic Hall, the driver waa thrown out, and somewhat injured. At the N. W. corner of Chesnut and Eighth streets, stood the vehicle of Dr. Hodge. The driver was inside, and tbe heads of the horses were looking down tho street. The driver seeing the runaway horses coming towards the pavement, jumped out n.l m a if n/1 hia an/4 ivai in (ho nnt of inrainir thoir haarla out into the street, with the object of avoiding a collision, when the infuriated animals rushed tinea liint, and trampling him nader their feet, killed him instantly. Thi name of the deceased was John Donnelly. Ho leaves a wife and children?Philadelphia Jimerican of yesterday. Steam Ship Southerner, f?r Charleston.? In eoussquence of the storm t* e sailing of this Ship is dtferred nutil to-morrow, fri lsy mcrun.g, at ! o'clock, at which time paiseageis are re<inested to be on bosrd. Go to the Gjrmnstalam?DyapepUc>, and those in feeble health, so to the Union Gymnastic Academy, Nos. 119 and 161 Crosby street, near Bfeecker, the l irseit and most complete Grotnttsinm in the United States The sxeicises will he carefully adapted to the tt eusth. age and constitution of ihe gymnast so as to pro'luce high health, to correct iriegulsrities of form, and to animate and strengthen inter bind constitutions. Classes meet at sunrise and nt six, seven and eight f M. Hot, cold, a?d Shower Baths free to subscribers. l)r. J. B Kit H. Vauager MOXEV NAHKKT. Wednesday, Nov. 43?6 P.m. The stock market con tic ties depressed, and prices are steadily settling down. Norwich and Worcester fell off North American Trust, Long Island, )?. Harlem closed at yesterday's prices, with large sales. At the secend board tbare was a slight advauca in Harlem, with large aalea. The East Boston Company has dec'ared a dividend of $10 per ahare, payable in land. This dividend will be paid December 20, to holders of stock at the close of December IS. The transler books will be closed De cemher IS, end opened Dec. 20. East Boston is destined at no very distant day to become the great commercial point of the city. The quantity of flour, wheat, corn and barley, left at tine water during the third week in November, in the years 1946 and 1846, is as follows Bkceipts or BacansTurrs, IMS and IMS. Flour brio. Wheat bu. Corn bu. Barley bu. IMC 240.662 203 149 62,003 120,4(0 1046 240,402 190,013 1.036 06,236 Increase.,. 170 13,166 60,767 34,224 The aggregate quantity of the same article* left at tide water, from the commencement of navigation in IMS and 1846, to the 23d of November, inclusive, is as follow! Flour brio. Wheat bu. Corn bu. Barley bu 1846 0 160.600 2.800,906 1,644,00] 1,379,062 1846 2,308 137 1,393 892 32,274 1,971,198 Increase.. 560,461 1,407,0 3 1,311 soa 307,964 Rtr railiicinir ifio nVioat fn flsttir tVio minniit* 1 m ft a9 -1??/ tide water thia year, compared with the corresponding period of laat, ahowa an exceaa equal to 031,865 barrel* oi f Mr. We aaaex a statement exhibiting the condition of the leading department* of each bank inthiacity, for Angaat and November, 1846, compared with corresponding period* in 184*. There be* been a falling off in ditceunU and tpecie, a (light increase in circulatiea, and a large increase in deposits. N?w Y*aa Citt Stun. I.Oaf* IKD nilCOCNTI. .*> * mi'. -v#i, ii45 dcr mi jyr*? lata Nttiontl Bank 1.&0.3I0 I 271 I 11 1.777.317 1,205.317 B?k ifl'nmmfrri. J, 9*,57i } tSt.Itt 1 7*0 ITS t.r*<,|71 Msrehanu'tx I.itl 143 1,317,344 1,435.7a* 1,442 94* M*rrb?nt.' 1.411.147 3,179 n 1.38*,.? IS 1549 793 Mechanics' 9.531,9* 1.741.775 1591.995 l,5ie.3tt Bk ot America S,(14.449 3.14! !~9 3,047,411 17(7 129 Tratlrtmsu's Kl.144 16 .9 9 (15,6 >5 17 5 293 UBI-S 3,0311 419 I 97.,910 1,91,9.791 I.898.647 halloa ,....1.9(7,9(4 lrsanpi 975 058 100(111 N Y D V Duck... '93 85* 395 211 359 707 244 913 I 8. Tenth Ward 87r. 604 119 >92 9.3 737 >*'( ! I North Hirer 1,117.962 1,22 913 9) 303 839,:Ht (irernwich Bank.. 33j,#7I 286,391 339 685 156,4<3 i Phmn bank . ... I/.41.459 i, 59, 35 1607,045 1 5*6 |J0 I Bk ??f St?ie o' N V 3 9 8,15 3.17". i~3 3 705,:i( 1U3,:|5 Ltarher Ma-'uf. B*. 1.31'667 1,1S?.9H5 94> ."41 1,16 J54 liank of N York ... I 976 i 96 2 1179 417 1,997,7 .8 2 072 151 Amrrieao Kich 0,14)1,9*3 3.173 791 3.1.5 992 ?4?4**4 Bntchk Drovers'..,1,131 917 1143.(75 1.13 191 1.131 62 th.mieil 33,537 (14 193 719 (35 819 010 Cl.y 1,457.341 1,533,854 1,249 165 1,394,339 | Man' atlan 1,(16.091 1,904 981 1.643,688 1,610 , 33 M*eh B?k( Aa*o... 544,345 568.381 436,724 473,232 Mech ?c Traded... 470.554 336.865 414,641 463 710 31.075.9(4 39,404.407 37,041,7M 35,344.(93 nrroaiTi. Aug. 1(15. JVsr 1(15 Aug. 1(49. A'or 1(49 ' National 7(9.093 911.138 5(7.(74 618,677 i Ba oft omineres... 1,715.551 2,(4 331 2,351.669 2,197.339 . Me ehanta' K* 59 ) 395 713,763 572 (51 Wfl 9'* I vie'fh*nta' 1 859 62* 2 45>.039 4,(58.>39 2 1(9 974 i Meehan n' 1,170,631 1,411,159 1.063.189 1,393 3 9 Bk of America 1,287.9*7 1,415.951 1.132,661 1,007,Hi 6 Tradotneu'i 491,497 457.477 490.313 493,403 I In I on 1,1*5 503 1,719.463 1,037 217 1,208791 Knltoa 179.219 745,07 1 521,109 755,557 N 1 Dry Do-k .. 5( 011 23 753 2* i09 29 244 ScTrath Want 162 015 4<>4,40l 40* 613 456 "87 North Hirer Bank.. (75 961 79* 795 704,ill 718689 Oteenwtch 169*91 >31.694 1616.5 159. >431 Phenn 750,618 99n,fi7t 748,8 0 !, ( > ,qj Bk of But- of N V .3 342.117 2 : *) 'a ; 291.633 9, (.1,424 l.eaiher Manuf. Hk ?> 9 "28 '91 99 I! . 674 54 1 5(7 Bank 4,f N York... 1,711,1,1 '.97'i*l> I T> 904 1.6 5 9 1 Am?i,csn Kich .. (93.675 1 /7 7ll 1,23; 9'<l 1,919619 Butch k. Drnvsrs... (fl'1.107 578 791 511,115 517,(71 Chemical 196,'97 7161.21 518.671 65 > 147 lily 823,067 931,151 691 175 894,>77 Manhattan 840,141 1,035 245 862.157 1,(54,459 Mech Bankf Alio.. (21,290 711.765 5 K 211 413 741 Math >Tmdai... 3Q(,(io 291,oil ail,2*6 sm.iii j 88,435,(? 34,091,113 11,1(4,903 04,171,103 " H I'l Ollkwha ? -1 ?rrrn. - S _ . _ . Jl?e 1*45 .Vjb 1845. .4t?f IMC JferlM* National Bank 631934 3 1 91 217,367 giltoo Bk of oiniirct.., 737,214 li\Y9> ?!. ? 911,711 Merchants' Ex 117,130 117.217 119711 111, M-r.hantm' 1,003 106 3 9.Mi 1,073,129 t90 ,56kl? " Mechanic-' t?0,2ll 629,337 669,612 527,91J Bank of America.., 1,019,126 871,571 603,791 1.050.115 Tradesmen'* 09 929 06,610 W.OuO 106,599 Uuiun Bank 906 579 531,196 920,079 419.303 Fulton Bmik 141,155 127,396 120 3M 1I6JH13 N Y Dry Dock... 11.796 12,161 17.763 11990 Seren'h W* d 81,374 115.027 91,783 105,180 North Hirer 155,298 178,516 1-6,205 107.490 Ure-uwieh Bank... 91,279 23 567 35 264 67.005 Plienii Bank 276 753 40X.928 302.499 104 050 Bko'SuteofN Y. 664 566 596 271 1 016.601 650.572 Leather Manuf Bk. 139,211 110 236 142.716 152,860 Bank of N. Vnrk.656 213 721 309 477 728 518,6 9 American Kichf... 147 101 439.164 512,544 406.136 Bu'.ch St Drorrra... 110,174 100,758 121,441 103 114 C emical 79 990 72 129 84.624 86 160 City 168 . 46 217 520 09.056 149 647 Manhattan 436,4'9 354,195 300,1C2 22 i 999 Mec> B.>hg A?*o.... 125,7117 133 384 114 930 92 551 Mech St Trader*.... 46 814 56.107 66,061 48 634 7,953,001 6,006,731 7.733,166 7,314.103 OiacULATION. .lug 1895. Ifov 1815. 1646. N?v 7096 National B-nk 199 712 65 335 2uf,?26 619.007 Hk of Commer-e. .. 597 505 247 710 200 650 282.450 M*.c!iauu' Ex 285 511 218 450 S. 8,002 244.at Merchant*' 318 780 291,720 315,164 306.615 X* 1.. U ia<) 4AI A t H A 474 1127 Ml 211 Hko' America 207.430 714 070 205 683 231 4? Tr-dntmrn'* 168 007 170 "65 180.146 201,647 l!nioo 4H632 406,011 332 606 420 421 Fn"no Bank 220,46.6 230.026 270 010 230,434 N V. Dry Dock ... 60,832 42.06 S2.104 61.034 Sosenth Ward 227 643 2'0.299 217 903 North H.rrr 310.36 4 334 610 3 0,627 ?" ?.? Uracil ?ieh 164,403 122 625 107 466 123 676 Piruix Bank 300.260 361,671 517.332 367.060 Bk of Mute of N V 264 602 300,486 296 071 L-sthrr Manul Bk.. 268,791 262 432 22ld>5l a*!** Bank of N York... 323 226 349 826 387 502 456.005 American ICs 184,820 211,130 226,431 166.356 Bitch k Drivers... 244.441 250,671 260 690 ?T.?? Chemical 241499 242 266 250,166 237^00 Ciiy. . 197.400 1 80.221 147,737 160,069 Manhattan '2,116 51,168 50,029 50 0on Merh Brkg Alio... 310,501 111,004 300 029 310,700 Mo-hli Traders.... 100 047 120, 71 131,303 140.304 5,747.009 5,0341 511 5,010.001 6,110,510 A companion of tha movement in theoe department* o( the city with that of the country hanki for the corral ponding pariodi, praient* a remit oalculated to place tha country bank* in a very unfavorable position, compared with that of the city bank* Banes of the State or New Yobe. loan* In* 1044 Nop 1045 %1ug. 1046 Nop IOiS City Banks 48O75 064 30.404 407 37,498 718 35 844 003 CouJtry Banks .. 25.914 884 29.760.4 -4 *> 456,332 30 116,289 Totala (64.024,740 60 164,061 62,553,120 66.030,982 deposits' City Barks 20,425 6*6 24.6*6 <03 |I.I666'3 24,278 285 Country Banks... 7,110 154 7,'67.188 6,013 930 6,350 011 Totals (27,636.520 31,773,991 20,110.553 30,620,106 Cit specie Coy Banks 7,953 001 0.006 73 ' 7,733.186 71M.103 uttry Banks.., 956.526 *77.114 910.123 734 281 Totals 1.809.527 8,184,545 1,673,369 6,048,384 circulation. City Banks 3,747 680 5 83*,523 3.926,881 6.119.518 Country Banks... 12 717.321 15.514.846 11 958 605 16 117.053 Totsls (11,464,410 21,375,369 17,805 486 22 237,471 Thia statement ihow* that the expanaion in the quarter ending November 1,1(46, and that in the corra*pondiDg quarter in 1646, was almost entirely oonSned to the country bunks. The deposits and the circulation or the city Panics snow an increase, the former of $l.lilti62, and the letter of $19*2.637, while the conntry hanks shew a decrease in deposits and specie, and an increase in discounts and circulation. The discounts of the city banks have, within the last quarter, fallen oft' $1,254 095. and those of the country banks have increased $4,729,957. The increase of the circulation of the banks of this 8tate at this season of the year, is caused by the large sums paid to the farmers for their produce en its way to market From the 1st of Mty to the let of September, the circulation of the banks oithar decreases or remains steady. After tke 1st of September large sums are furnished by the interior banks to the persons engaged in the purchase ef wheat and leur, beef, wool, butter, and cheese, upon drafts (at short time) of these persons- on their consignees in New York and Boston. These sums are paidout to the farmers of our own State, and large amounts ef money are also sent to the States of Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin, the three last of which have no banks of their own, and rely almost entirely upon the banks of this State for currency. The demand from the bank* fer currency at this season of the year is entirely beyond their ability to supply, and large sums are daily purchased in Wall street at from 30 to 40 cents discount upon the hundred dollars, and are sent to Rochester, Buffalo, Oswego, and also to the Western States, fer the purpose of supplying the deficiency in currency at thos places. This demand for currency continues until the navigation closes. From that time until April er May, the notes of the banks of this State return for redemp- . tion in large sums, being remitted by the Western mer" chants (into whose hands they pass from the tamers) to the eity of New York, kc. The expansion at this season of the yea is not speculative on the part of the banks, but grows out of the exigencies of trade solely, and is based upon the produce of the country, principally the market in New York or Bos-on ; and the diminution or contraction of the currency, after the close of navigation, follows as regularly and niturollyaathe ebb of the tide succeeds to its flow. Old Stuck (exchange. $700 Ohio 6's, 1140 95 50 Cat too Co 2?* Si,100 do 93* 200 Harlrm UR slO 50* $2,000 (lo 1150 92* 700 do 6tl* S10 000 Reeding Bonds 73 500 do t$0 50}J $5,000 do >90 73 650 do t>60 01 75 s- s N A Trust 6* 25# do 50k 20 t'iremsa's Fire Ins 110 100 do s30 50* 250 Nor k Wer 6?* 309 do b30 t" 50 do 595* 425 Long Isl RR 25V 100 do 5X 450 do 25 SCO do 57* 100 do bM 25 100 do 57* 50 do 24 W 25 do 57* 100 do s<0 24)2 50 do blO 57* 500 shs R? tding RR MiO 61)2 50 do fJO 57., 1*90 do 62* 400 do 57){ lieooiia Board, 50 shs Harlem 50* 25 shs Long Island 24* 100 do 50* 50 de 24* 200 do h61 5 100 do b?0 25 200 do ill 50V 50 Norwich slO 57* 50 do sM 50V 50 do sftO 57* 50 do 50* 150 do blO 57* 900 do 51 50 Farms Lean 22 50 Long Island s t 24* Sew ft too a Kxehange, 25 shs Canton Co ?3 21* 1M shs Lag Is BR Reg 21* 2} do stw 28* 126 Nor It Wor eaali 58 25 do IIS 25 do btw 5* 106 Harlem RR ?7 Jd.W 100 do caah 57V 50 do >30 5n* 50 do bJO 5* 50 do >3 50V 35 d?' iw 57V 3"0 do Caah 5) do UiK 57V 100 do >3 50* 50 do bM 57V 100 do cub 5*<S 50 do bl* 57la ISO do bJ 50* 50 do >15 57* 5? do itv 50* iuai ri? d, On the 20th inatant, by the Rev Doct Tyng, Wiuue Acevnvi Owtab, Eaq , of North Carolina, to Sabau Ann Haul, ol thia city. On the 34th inatont, at Edgartown, Mr. Wm. WL Storm* of Boaton, and Mi?* MiaoinT Pvaaa, of Edgartown. Ob the 33d inatant, at St. Janes' Church, Haoailton Square, by Rov. John Doudny, Rector of Pariah, Mr. Hkaav Edwabd Sutton to Miaa Mabt Lucia, oldaat [ daughter of the lata Salvador* Chephill, both of thia j city. Uleu On the 94th inatant, Mra. Maboabet Nabine, aged 81 yoar*. Mineral will take place thia day (Thuraday) at nino o'clock A VI , from the reaidence of her aon. Jamea Narine, corner of Htidaon and Suaaez atreota, Joraey City On Wodneaday, the 95th inatant, Alkkanobb Clark*, aged ion week* The friend* and acquaintance* of the family are respectfully invited to attend hia funeral, at throe o'clock this aftemoou lioro 49 Rohinaoo atreet At KU'buah. Wiman loHvaoi* departed hia life, on Tueadny evening at t>* o'clock, aged .58 Ilia fiiendaand relative* are raapeclfnlly invitad to attend hia funeral at hit la e ie*i ance, at 9 o'clock, on Thttraday aftornoon. ( arijegoa will ha in reaolinoaa at tke atago-houBu, Pulton Ferry, Brooklyn ?Beaton popera piaaae copy. On Taaaday morning. 94'k inatant, auddonly, Rev. Robt Lbb Huntbb, A. \I . in the 49 h year oi hi* age Tba fnaada and acquaint incoa of the family era raspectfally iavited to attend hia ruueral thi< .hura.iay aitarnoon. at 9 a'elock irom hi* lai* raaidanea No 444 Second .4 vanue hetweaa J4 h and 94th atroeti.?Albany iQd i my pnpcr> piww cpy Li.TTe.lt I \<J? by th* Hre.mci lireat Wettarn. (or l.i ? eerpo-1, will cl'?w at the OA .g Telegraph NewtKoom, * Co. er ot irer aud llto.tr ttretts, ihia Jay, at 'X P- ?? nM rh POSITIVE SALE ~"T PUBLIC AUCTION-MI B*ii ding Lota In the Twelfch Ward. I ha prorertT front* on h- Pi?ico and Second A?cnn?, and u titueted in tit* moit im|>ii.vinx put of the Twel'h W rd All the lota ate at tha city g ade, and h ? ng neither rotk nor earth to renin?#, nor low ginned 10 fill op. pro.cut every erie-nuge for immediate anil general impro rin~nt. I h? . urb and gal ten on the i hid Arenu- are laid in fr ut of the pr. perry, and if.y.eveuth atteet, wh.ch it one bund.ed fret wide, it opened. 8e?tra| alioichet.tchnolt, and large factorial, are located in the neighborhood, which ia remarkably healthy, and hat an abundance ofgood water. Oinnionnei, at an reu'-a fare, pan regularly eeery ten or fifteen minulet. The property will positively be add in leu at the Merchant* Kxrhanzr,ou the 27th day ol November, IIM.at nor n, by D C St W. CKtX St CO., anctiontert, on the following termv? it per cent to he paid on the day of talc, 24 per ce-1 on delivery of rhe d-eda. which will e on the third day , f January. 18d r. i he rrtidne of the yu.ch.ve money may remtin on hand and m .ritaae at S per cent for hie# yeara. Poafttiiin will # given ofth unimproved lota with the dredv, and of thn'C lu.a on wh .'h t ere are now toy buddniga, poaaettiou will he giren the fifteenth day of pril, IM7. Lithoera. hie in pi mty be . art at the office o( Thomat Aildt' Kmme hrq Couuaellor : L>w, No l4William itreet i d of D C. It W. Pelt St. Co., !W Wall ttreet n'M } a rl. _______ r ill < . IMOPKIETult*. tJONYRACTOHi, ar.d nth rt Vented b toe >nh*criher. a ti uarioe, either o min g? Mi iet r Copper W ha (in which eapaeiti't he hat linen rvrral teert emplo ed in bdirope, and tubtequmtl in the l ni ed Btatei), can give uquri.innable city reference*. Addrett " V." Wuruuorongh, du.livtn County, New fork P H. The Hnb'criber. in view of either of the ahore employment!. wonld be willi g to engage in other employ, till the IIret day of Mey nrat, for a moderate coaetderution [ nM 2tarb ? j

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