18 Aralık 1846 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Aralık 1846 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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0 I , s THI Vol. JU1, So. m-Wteto OFFICIAL l?A*?SI AST State ?r N*w V??, ?s ?We, the Secretary of 8'atei the Ccnutrollsi, anil ttie Surveyor- Wtmrt; of ike Mid Skate, hiving lorined a Board ol Suite Gtnvassers, and hiriof cenTAMed auU eatiie ited the whole uutuber of votes (iveu in the several Senate Districts oflhi? S atn lor Senators,at a Urneral IlUcI'ob held ou h? ?t ir<l day ot .November in the rear 114*. acc.udu.g te the certified .taiemeula ol the said votes receired hy the Secretary of i'ute in the maimer directed by law, de hereby Determine. Vtclare and Ctrlify that the fallowing peisous respectively. by the greatest number el roM |iren in the (ever*! Senate Distr.cts of thii State, were elected Menawra, fix: First Die rict.. John Tnwasend. I Second Dwirict Harvey R. Morris. Tmtd Dist let. |r? Harris. Fourth putrict Thomas Crook. Kifth "istrict Nelson J. lie^cb. Sixth District, Samuel H P Hall. Seveath Dirrict Abraham Ondley. Eighth District Francis H Raiiiri. Oiven usder oar handset 'he Se 'retire of (Kate's Office, in the city of Albany, the liii tirih day of November, in the year of our Lord one <ho?rand eight haudred and tort) -six. N. S B KM TON. aeeetary of Sute. A. C. FLAUtJ, Comptroller. H. HA> SKY, SnrTf yor General. STitc or New Voav,> I cer'kfy the preceding to ha a Secretory'* OffIre. J true copy of an original certificate of ih? B aid of 't.H Ca meters on tile in thi? eits. Oiven uuiermy haail rud seal of office, at the any of Albany, the thirtieth day of November, ia the year of oar Lard one thousand eigh. hundred aad forry-sii. N. 8. BENTON. Secretary of But*. St at* or Nkw Yobk, st?Statement of the whole tmmber of votes given for Senators at the Oeueral Electi >n held in the eai4 Staie on the third day of November. 114*. wherein the *e??ral districts aad c>nuue> ia which ine said votee were given are distinguished. FIRST SEN \TE D'STRICT. John Hobirt Harm Jtkn Teumrend. Taylor. Willi* JYindi. New York U,3il II,Jin 1M MS Richmond 136 *13 I* ? Total 23,947 IS Ml 1M4 MS SECOND SENATE DISTRICT. .Hen ri/ R. Alexander J Oman t ifems. Co{Jln. Paltn. Kings 4, MO 4,4i> 47? Qeeess J07I 1.7M ? Saffelk 1,030 1.SW ? Westchester l.?? * m ? JUckUnU 1,193 736 ? I 311 623 1(8 Dattkau 4,285 4.3M 1.139 Om|. 4,14( I.TM ? Sulliraa 1,349 1.(11 4 Total........ M. Ml 22.474 1,7* THIRD SENATE Dla+RICT. \ _ Thamtt Qrorge tr* Harris. L Skiftr. W. Out ant. Colombia 4,1X7 3.3M 3 O^-ae 1,337 l.TM 1J Albany 7,313 4,414 74 Raaistlaar S.230 4.30* 1*9 8c*?hirie 2,996 2.441 33 Dalawara UN t 124 IM UUtar 4.243 4,331 ? Total 31.711 S 714 m fourth Senate District. Thmnae Jam I Ifaodiak Croak. JV. Lake. Moore. S*r*tog? 3,734 3,M2 103 Wathiagton 2,772 4.13# 33* Warraa 1,343 1,0*4 1)7 IflMI 1,(20 1271 139 Cliatna 3,107 1,733 313 Fraoklia 1,371 1,31* 77 St. Lawrence. 3,074 3 301 41* >altoa aad Hamilton. .1,114 1,(91 73 Maatfomerr 2,119 2.144 C9 Harkimar 2,33* 2,337 3W Schenectady 1,337 1,392 ? Total XI Ml 24,933 M*T FIFTH SENATE DISTRICT. N el ton Otorgt C. Jfaaktl Rutjer J Brack. Skerman C. Stone. JJ. Miller. JaJTorMa 4,774 3,3* 773 1 LavII 1.133 1,194 1M ? OfWafO 3,211 3,4*1 *40 13 Oa-i*a 3,116 3,(43 979 2.4*4 Madiioa 3 0*4 2.923 1,917 ? OUtfa 3,11* 4,7(9 ? ? Total 12 469 21,764 " 3 34( 3.424 SIXTH MEN ATE DUTRI T. Samuel H. tViUiam Lemuel D. P. nail. M. Hawley- Hattinge. Ctientnga 3.(71 3 721 ? JlroOMe 2,344 13*3 ? r*apk?>* 3,141 3 03* ? Ckamaag 1 <21 2191 U3 Tiact 1,609 1,(41 ?0 Ftaabm 4,3*9 3.(93 171 All?t*ay 3.769 2.3M M* ti aturmag*? 2 49i 3 336 334 LiTiaftua 3,713 2,449 177 L. Total U in 34,1* l.MM W StVCNTH MENATE DISTRICT. Abraham (leorre H. Jl$a B. Giidlry. Middielon. Smith. Onordaja J,331 ?,? MI \ Cayuga 4.--T1 J.7II tv9 fiHHi J.Ml 3.M2 to IMH - 1,7*1 I.9W If* (Jatario >.*3i 3JM tot Wayae I.K* 3.MI ill Cortland 1*7* ?,**3 1 t Toul S3.M3 ai,?TI 1,?9 Conatit 8t*t* er New Yoi*. n.-We, the Secretary of State, lbe < ea^uoller, the Attornry Oaaeral. ud ihe Surveyor Mural of the aa d State, hatu| farmed a Board ol Bute . Cufuuii.ud hi Ting canraaaed, estimated ?ad a*certaia<-d t 4b iheew-ial *:a:rmeuta thereof filed in the efite of the Setittary of Slate, the whole nam be r of rotea fye? in the MTtral electiou diatr.cti, town* and warda in thia State, at the feurral Irctma held ou the third day of November, oae tbtwaad eight huutlied and forty ?ii, ( uraaant to the prortaioai of the act entitled " an act recounnendiug a conrenUou ol tha r aei'le of thia State," piaatd May 13th, lilt, aid of certain icaelaiiena of he Coaeeatioa called and aa-etn'led aader the a?id art. da hereby declare dr I ermine and ctriiflf, 9*', ia ?ceordaaee with the aaidtoAeial aiateaaeata hied aa airaa-d, iha whole aaraber o! roiea or btlloti(iv*a for tae adoption and rejection ot 'he arveral ante dmrnta agreed 10 by the ?aid l -eat rntiea. aad voted apAn toe ther. tern three hundred and Ikirlttn thousand nine hundred and tut Itfour; tlxx the whole tnaber of rotea or ballot a given at toe tail aleauea. and hariug the eon Lbe wordi " Amended C'onaticn'ine Yea." waa two hundnd and tuenlv-one thoviand five Anndrid mnd twenty-right-, uid that tiic whole namber of votea ar ballot* giaea at ihe aaid flection, and harms ihca i tha wtr>la " ABiriuiaU ComliTii'.i a. No," waa ninety-two thoveond four hundred and th-.rtyiuc. Wa ao therefore, certify uJ declare that th? m>d imend rau having received a majority of all tha Tolea girea thereon at iha aaid elect ica. aad (bat majority i.eiig One hundred and twenty-nine Ithouetnd and ninety.two the aaaae are da'y ratified aud confirmed by tbe faopla of tlna aad aM to be dtemed and tafcaa a part of the roaatitatioa thereof. A?d Wa, tha and curaaatn, hariag at tbe aana time ran vaaaed. e*;iiaai?d aad aarertaiued tha whole ?amb*r of rotn Ktrea ia the Trral election diatfieta. toana and ward* ia thi* State, at I ha general election held oa the third day of NoTambar aforeaaid, paraaast to the pro? moaa ul'the act 9 before recited aid ?l e otam other reaelatiea* of iha aforeaaid Hi'WUH, Do hereby farthar Determine, Declare and Certify that from the Official ataienenu raceiTad aad lited in th? office of the Ceirvtary of Scale, tha whola noabar ?.f T,<e? ar ballot* giren lor tha adu*ti?a tad r<)ec:ion af the additioaal amendmeat iu tha woto* following . Colored male cititeni, po**e**iag the qnaliflca. tioua repaired hy the fi<at aaetiaa af tha fecoaid artl'le of tha coaatita ioa, other Una the property qualification, ahall bare i lie light to yo(e fi>r all offirera that now ara, or hereafter may be elective by the People, after tea tirat day of JMMry, uaa tno***nd eight hundred and fortT-aeTea" waa tkree hundred and ntne thotumnd one hundred mnd forty ; tn<t the whole naaabot ol tote* or ballot* giten at tbe eleeuea aforeaatd, aad haviag the-aoa tbe wo da E<|ual Suffrage to colored peraaae, Tea f" waa Eighty A*e thousand three hundred and eiit; and that tbe whola aamber el rata or ballota gtrea at the aame eleeuea aad hariag thareoa the wofda " fcqaal Suffrage n eolered peraoaa 1 No." vaa Two hundred mnd twenty-three I/tout end eight hundred mnd thirty-four: And a majority of iha vote* or uallou giaeaat the aa.d alectiaa having been giaea agaiaat the aaid additional amend man C we do, therefore, certify acd d*cla'e, pari a ant ta tha act aad reaol annua afore etui,' bat tbe aa'.d af par ate aad additional ameaemaat d.d " aot receive a Majority af all tha v?t?egteea auoa it at ihe *aid aleeio^," pd -hat ine aise ia " raid aad ol ao effect," and forma ao p rt ?f the coaautaiioa of thie State. Oirea ander or haada at ihe Secretary of State'* office, ia tha city of A Sine, the fearth day ol December, ia to a year of oar Lord one thoaeaad eight fcaadred aad forty-aii. N. S * IN TON, Secretary of State. A-C. FL < ompirolifr. J. VAN BI'RF-N, Attorney (ieoeral. II. HALMI.F , tarrryor General 8r*rr or Niw yon*,} I earnfy th*pr*e*di*(lak< true ?fc? thry'i Qfn* ) copy of an *rif tail earuficK* of th* B *' or nut* i inrimra < Ale is Uii altc*. Hivfn under my i?4? *! of 'Sm.MiIm eitf of Albak i. i ?T. ,h? dtY of D*c*?**r. m tha imt of otr ?L'1 J Lntd OS* 'ho?um<1 right haadred twi four m. N ? jVt.NTON. Bacrttary of Rot*. Stat* or Niw Tmi9nnm.nl of tha whole nnmbrr of rotu tire* fur *nd *??tn?t adnttiac th* aataaded cc??t in* teneral Klecfion held in tha taid State on th* third d*T of I>arem >4f, IDA, wh*rem th* ****ril c?notMi 11 which ll?* Mid ??(** w*r* >i'*n *r* diatiagviahad -1 mended Amended Ciunlif Cmtlilulion Ceunt to. C?Hititvt>or Yet. So. Yf. W*. Albwy l.itl Onondaga 11} J Ui Allaaaar,. J.M? m Ontario 4,m I,OH Broom* J.J7 M Ur???* 4.IH *,tU Ij luiUM, ... .i.OH 7J? Oil*.., 1MI 10*7 CajnW ?? J? WtMi (M KM f h??tauine 5.151 ?T? O J,?2J i.fti i bMMi ' iW 411 7n I kMbao, ?.' ) lit Qiwa .... M 1.37J DTOTTVILLB GLA88 WORKS OltNNfcK#. BVIJTH k CAHTIILU, DrauvtUa Olua D Work*, rhil*d?ip?i*. ntnafunn Catboya lot aeiS. Utaujohw* 'Wtoaren*T aadBlaa, rnrpl* tad (IrMi Mta*. n!-waia? J^ulaa; TneakUre, a>* ail ted* of Dmm> ' laa*. Ordar* adaraaaed to No Sjoth Kroat (tract, n>?|-.i?lphia, will m**t with prompt attention. all lai*ra llOLMbS* KJTCHLN tlANUhS. rp HB pnpriaton n rre**atia? th* a ho** Kaag** ta th* pwh1 (is, warraala them to perform ih* uarpoaa* fm which l^cy af* parehaeed, aid if not, they will b* tiamd fraa * nf any ?pea?* to th* par?ha**r referauea* raa be ?tf*? io p*r?oaa wuhiag to pa/ahaaa. Tha pnaaa raaa* !? M to 46 dollar*. <Jr*tcaoi tha aawa*'. patttnu Cm Man OOaaa ad Bad "sToVe*? Hall, Pin, tad Bad Rota fttoeaa, Imipim, Itr lie rtn Waro?BriciN.piata, end japuaed. Thar hara maatat tt *11 time* ready to tat raagaa, irate*. aad hoi lava. JUm mmnlreit rhinm*y? 'nred?no ear* ao pay. , A. OiLHOOLV and SON, > - iTtf prtwer* aad Mmaalaatarafa.71 Ntaf Win a 14 lat?rra 3 NE NEV CANVASS. ! OOVIfZTVTZOV. _ i EIGHTH SENATE DISTRICT. Francit U. Henry H. Ckarlet O. . Rugflti. C'urfit. Itktpard. , Chautauqua- ??? l,6M 475 Krw i,T7S 4, S? 31* Oaueate 1S44 1,457 IJ7 ?Y )omiuf *.771 1,7M 3)3 Mouroe 6.241 5 01J 317 Orleaaa 2,183 J, 127 lit Niagara 2,671 2,n 3M Tottl 14 626 19,691 >.07? SCATTERING VOTES. FIRST SENATE DISTRICT. Richmond?Arthar Tappoa 1. Johu Wilton 1. Nsw Vo?i-Hoitce DiMwr 12. SECOND 8EN4TE DISTRICT. Ki.tc*? Irthur Tappoa <7, Thorn ? Thontpeon 11, Uirrii 0. VVitcuueu I, Htiru Wilton I, Joint Korahun 1, Hoary C. Murphy i, (je >r|e W. Larch 1 Heury Hover 1, Robe<t Taylor I, Jama* Pyua I, Jolui Townaend 1. hwrroL*?A. J. Ci (fin I. WKeTCHEtTta?William Jay t7,W?. Neltoa 1, Aleiindar ti'iu 1, Jotei'ii Rikeman 1. HocauAWD?A. J. Cofhn I. PumtM?Corueiiua Warren 1. DuTcilvaa?Eliaa DnfTeay 1, Hanrv D. Variek 1, E. B KelIt I, A. J CofAa 1, Paler Mow 1, Treadwell Towueend 1, William Jay I. Oaa*oa?John Wilkiuaon I, Bill Doxey 1, William Jay 37, Ore* Pale* U. Sum iraa?William Jay 2$. Chariot 8. Woodward 11, Daniel W. Hart well 2. A. J. Co An 1, H. R. Morria 1,1. J. Run41a 1. D St. Joho 1. THIRD SENATE DISTRICT. fou'Piu? Jan'd Baldwin 2, Cbarlaa Etaeltlyna 1, That. Sadcfiek 1. W. B. Kuch 1, Ira Horat I, Jamet C. Jtckaon 1, Uiltt Camp 2, Steven V. ( ady 1. Joaiah Sntaeiltnd 1, Hobart A Barnard t, Jamaa Caldwail 1. Okcbhe?Robert nhafer 7, 8 .mar I Titut 2. Malboae Wata on I, Jamaa Althaffa t, A. Baker 1, Aloaso Greene 2. ALiasr?O. W. Durante, R. D. Watt on 1, Jehu Patteraon I.John I Sliogerlaiid 4, Pete Catger 1, Silaa Wright !! , Harria Wiltoj 1. Dtaiel D. Barnard I, Johu J. Oaliun 1, John Keller l; Karat W.feekham 1, Amaaa J. Parker 1, John C. behavior 7, Tliomaa D. Kuower J. HtNttiLUt?2. W Ktowitou 1, Harria l,C. 8 Meant 1, Joha Biowa I, Tbomaa fthater 104,1. Harria 1, M. B. Nuea 1, Biieeeti Himea 1, Thorn*! 72. Ulitkk?Jeremiah Ruttell 1, Jamet W. Baldwin 1. FOURTH SENATE DISTRICT. 8*aaTO?A?Baojamia Crudalt 1. William Kara ham 1, H?4i White 1, Auoi Hunt 1, John Froihiufnam 1, Aaa Hatkell 1. Cliiih*?N. Moors 1, T. Croon 1. St. Lawremce ?'l'booiu Cook I. Kunon u<l rimiLTox?Hu|l its 1, H. F Hchiicutidi-Ira Harris I, ' ( W. Ui ui FIFTH SUN/' JISTRl 1 JcrrcBioH?U. C. She' Bill Souti..>orth 2, N J. Bexh i, Juoa Clark 1. Liwii-N. Beach 3. Uaarli i, N.J. Beach 4. Oswbqo?Asa B. dmitli 3. 11. B. Miller 1, George Jacktoo 11. Utikoo? Henry 'raae 344. On*iru?K iillerS, O. B. Ma'tesoa 1, Aw B. Wright J, Oe ,^cy I, Robert Halleck 1, Neliou Beach 1. Timo kins 1. Mi velsoa Beach 1, Asahel Stone 1, AiaB. Smith 1, C> 'awleyl. VTH SENATE DISTRICT. B O. Chase I, Wna. llawley 1, Aasbnru Biru 3. U. l\ Hall 1, ?. H. P. Hall I, Samuel H-B Tom. C. Hayt IN. Cnim< iIN.H. Hall t. Hector Mama 1, Oerrit Smith 1. l.*ei?Ai?oo? Ctaumel D Hastings 14. Tiooa?Henry HeCoimickM . . _ _ . , Cattabauous?Nathaa Randall S, John C. Height 1. Liunostoh?Francis H. Haggles L Hiram Pitta 1, Rembea Sleeper 3, Charles O. Shepard J SEVENTH SENATE DISTRICT. Ohohdaoa?Aaalem. Stamp 17, Martin March I. Jock Courtney t, John L. Mitchell 1 Cayboa?A. Ondley 1, George H. 1. Bemeca?Oabriel Granger 1, Char lei Bntler 1. Yates?Nehemiah HM>lee 1. Ontabio?R> ben U Hose 1. Watw-F. U. Sheffield 4, Stephen B. Jerdaa I. John Hall 1. Coitukd?J. C. Chollar L EIGHTH SENATE DISTRICT. * Geneseb?William Brigga I Hi H. Putnam 1. WroMino?William Brigga 14, Willard J. Ckapia I. Mohbob?Eliaa B Holmes 1, James C. Marsh 1 We de hereby eertiTy. thst^rhe preceding statement is cor Uffice. io the ear of Albany, the thirtieth d?y of ffowaay bar, m the year of oar Lord on* thoasaaa eight hundred aue fort|-?i?. ?' ? 5F * Ki'V. 8*CTet?nr ofsuu. A. ? ? I> LAUU, Comptroller. H. HAL8EY, Surrey or Cieacral. State orNewVoa*,) I certify the preceding to bo StcrrMrt$ uput j true copy ?f an orig iael euteuent I the Board of Htate CaaTaeaere on file ia thie office. Given aader ay haadaad teal of office, ai the city of Albany, the thirtieth d?y of Neveaber, m the year of our Lord eae tbovaaad eight buadred aad fortr-eii. N. ?. BfcNTO.N, Hoc rotary of Jute. ational. I Clinton, t,U9 467 Rentaelacr #,097 imt Columbia j 2S2 Ml Richmond, ito 70s C irtltud 2,785 U4 Rocklaad Ml mi RSl?r,r" 4WJ X-U?iWMl.?|,W 235 [>atebea, J.00J J,073 Saratoga 4,04. 2 236 kne 6,496 1,*?7 Hchcnectady, ... a 175 'l?J ...1,939 Mi Bchohaiie, 4.06$ (92 ?r-,nfclia,....... 1 851 Heooca 3,344 |7? Ful.ouktlainilton2.t22 611 fkruhen J,?91 1 |7j <jjj muun 1,347 1 ,'37 Greene Mil 1.166 Sullivan t.MJ 3i* H'ruimfr, 3.383 1,919 Tioga S?0* I0J J eft-ri on 6(03 1,711 Tunipkiaa 3 794 1.193 Kmga 1,931 5.1M U (tar 3,113 3,367 i*awi? I,9i9 V9 Warren 1,39. 411 l.irinf itou,. 4,193 <13 W a'h<Dfton 3.3*7 711 Madieoa, t 9*7 t.716 Wayne 4 013 S7? Mohroa, 7,671 1.13) Weaichetter,... 1.407 3,4* Montgomery 4,337 163 Wiemiag, 3,339 311 Naw Vork 7,389 95,100 YaUa 9,997 376 Niagara 1,9*7 1613 Oneida 7.994 3 063 ToUt .131.433 93 436 We do hereby certify that the preceding statement ie correct. < Jiveii ander oar haoda at tha feeretary of ntate'a Office in the city of AJbaey the foarth day of i'erember. in tha year of oar Lord oaa thoneaad eight haadred and forty-aii. N. 8. BENTON, BecreUrv of State A. C. FLAUO, Comptroller. J. VAN BUKJtN, Attorney General. H. HALStV, Snrveyer General. St*t? op New Yoaa,> I certify the preceding to ba a RSecreUrp'i OJIet, I true copy of aa origin." 1 autcment of the Bond of atata Caueaaaeri on file in thia offlre. Given under my haad aad anal of office, at the city of Albany, the faanh day of December, ia tha year of oar Lord one thou land eight Imndred aad farty-aii. N. & BENTON. Secretary o< Bute. Statc op If kw Yobs, a*.?Statement of tha whole number of Totea given for and agaiaat the propoaed amradm-ut to the Coa litaitoa granting Equal Outrage to colored |>eraona, at I lie General Election held ia the aaid Mute, 1646 wherein tha aevertl cnuntiea ia which the aaid yotea were giveu are diaungniahed:? j, En*ml Suffrage Equal Suffrage Countif. CoVi Per tout. C*unlttt. Cal'A Parian $. Yet Na. Yet. At. Albany IH9 7.337 OnonJaga J, 379 3.291 Al lag any 1,487 9,7*4 On tan o 9,111 3*66 Brooma 7 99 1,979 Orange /. 4J3 6 111 rattarangna 1.990 1.353 Orleana I.V1 3.1*3 Cayuga 1 636 3.391 OawrgO 9.979 1,167 Chaataaqna.... .1,414 9,619 Otaego 1,437 4,*73 I'hi-nnii aaa a aae o? ? i:k.d??; ;;;;;;j j? v.ifS |J i*?S ^ v-v;;:iS ? KJte::;:;:: 5 !:5i kSU;;:::::::::!S5 J5i 82E21*-- ? Knakliit . . 1.IM 111 ???!?. J-Jil Kaltiafc Hta... 471 tut 8t.?ba?7.".7.7.* I 341 j'uj 1J? Ml* M?'k........?? 1771 ?K 4,113 flalliru ia? i tio r ?d? ?.<* t"??I T!? >SS {Sr0- ? *? g ?SS MJET.y.'..::iS & ^r" tffi J 3 fafe" ?? M" WrK.U??t.V. 2U un jrrv?S'.:::i.g? ?tts rj.r- ra i>? j.143 * W J ,,,,T, 4'B' T??I IS,*6 333,134 "'*n aa^"r oad aool ofoftf. at Um city of Al[l 1 v fcj at Darrmbor, m (ha raar of 1 I omrtord ^ah.y,a" Zi'rZ,?. d>? itfc BltNTON' fmmmr of ?uto/ SIGHT RESTORED BANx> INFLAMMAT??Pf OF THE ITEI CURED, Y THE ROMAN EVE MMAM-A Oii^ mam lor Duaoaoa of iIm F.r? Thi. Bala.a will 'pradjlr raatora weak a7at, rtaaoao itOaBouiion u4 to,.. rro"^**T'?^. okmnii poaa.bla 2Lfg.gr Z*6 of ??* " fro" oM aca, or fhna orar *.*"'*t by too filed attootioa to aiama oltfoota, eta bo -M- br ? "w appliaapooa. la fact.iu almoot mnnIim 7 ~ " " ?f Om ojrnJwtU aatoaub uroMWba n-1?!*4 -'r by HENRY JOHWO*,CI*?i? and ?rsri.,5isss.Vo? tnair aianiuoa?J th*' 'bay mo?? lo eoatiaoo ?a two, ,|| r 1 4X7ha mf!i<iLl,T"r h> ' eo"""'M" fnaata. ino <-omr<m aao ouavraiaaee of ibair r THOMAS li WHITE I W YO 7 YORK, FRIDAY MORI Tha Annunl Pictorial Herald. This great sheet, the best aftairof the kind ever issued, is now ready, and can be obtained at the desk of oar office for six and a quarter cents percopy It is emphatically a pictorial history of the war ?illustrating the battle grounds, sieges, and points attacked and captured, from tbe taking of Matamoras by the army to that of Tampica by the j navy. The illustrations are arranged in the following older:? Firtt P?go?The Encnmpment of the American Army at Corpus ' 'hristi; Battle Grounds of Palo Alto and Reaaca .lc la P^lms; An accurate likeneM ol General Taylor, who commanded (he American forcaa in tboso battlee; An accurate portrait of the Mexican General La Vega, taken prisoner hy the American Army; and Fort Brown, opposite Matamoraa, being the next encampment of the American Army. Seoend page?A Scene in the Battle of Reiaca de la Palma. Wore the rapture of La Vera; a soeae repieaenting General Paredea and hi* Caninet receiving the account of thoie (tattle* from a wounded Mexican soldier; the Bombardment of Matamerafl ; Uncle Sam's Construction of the Balance of Power; View of Matamoras; Brother Jonathan and the Mexican General on the llio Grandn; A View of Camargo, looking North; and a Plan of the City of Tampico. Third pege? A View of Monterey, lta fort ideations, and the position of the United States army before advancing to ita attack; Plan of Monterey after it was captured; a View of the Caatle of dan Juan d'UUoa; the Harbor of San Francisco, Upper California ; the Gold Minea of Dolores, New Mexico; a View of Santa Pa, and a Scene in New Mexico. Fourth page?Map of the Field of Operations in M exico, a Scene in Sentn Fe; Mexican Rancheroe; Plan of Alvarado and ita Fortifications; and New York Firemen drilling for the War. Fifth page?The encampment ef Colonel Btevanaon's volunteers on Governor's Island?Presentation of Bibles to Col Stevenson's regiment?an. election scene In New York?acene in the Park on last 4th of July? view of the Monument erected to the memory of Thomaa Freeborn, the noble Pilot?politic lane reading the Herald, and politicians throwing dust in the eyea of the ]>eople previous to election. Sixth pane?A sleighing scene la New York?View o( the Park Fountain -faahionubla religion in Now York ?View of ChtUun Square on let of May?Peter Funkiam in New York?Mock Auctioneer* and their victims? Trial of Spencer for ahooting hi* Wife?Jack the Ji'nkman?Practical Amalgamation in New York?Omnibna racing in New York?Cherry mid Fair Star?and Loalera K the Hrvld at the Tombi. Seventh page- A portrait of the new Pope?A portrait of the lata Tope?A portrait of Kongo, the Gorman Reformer?Charlei Keen in Richard the Third Viae Mary THylor in "La Fille du Regiment"? Herr Alexander Committing Suicide?Great Agricultural I. at \utmm, and Madame Auguata in " La Bayadere." t.ighth Tage.?View of Whitehall, Staten Ialand Kerry, 4cc.; The Daninutt Viennoitt in the " Pat i* Fleun; Packet Ship Henry Clay ashore; the Great Britain before aha waa altered ; the Great Britain after ahe waa altered ; the Great Britain aahore at Onndrum Bay; and the wreck of the Steamer Atlantic. We think all will admit that there never has appeared a more interesting sheet than this. It is in fact a daguerreotype history of the United States, and off all incidents of importance that have happened for the year past. As a pictorial history of the United States for the year 1846, it is. an admirable thing to pat in the hands of children | and young poisons, particularly in the holidays, when they expect something of the kind. Agents will please send in their orders. The Van Ness Cam. ClBCl'IT COUST, WAtHIKGTOIt, Dec. 10, 1846. BiauTTina TiiTiMORr rem thc rLAiirrirr. The counsel for tha plaintiff filed objection* to the ruling oat of teitlnony to suttain Mrs. Fowler's character for veracity, and aet forth that they held that the whele tenor of the evidence of the defence had been to brand with peijury and fraud the character of thia witneaa, and aa being a party by her testimony to the alleged conspiracy in thia cose. The counsel for the defence entered their reply, aubatantialiy, that they bad testified to do auch particular! ** to Mra Fowler, though thay had asserted the case to be of this infamous character. Mur?? UiTTinau (son of Thomas Mattingly) called.? I waa preaent at the distrain of ay father'a property by tba agent for the estate ot General Van Neai, aud I heard no conversation like that which the two Birchea aaid took place there about Ueneral Van Neaa not being married. There was not one word aaid about it?not one word. 1 went off to get a drink of water, and came i tuck iu lira minutea. ,There was not one word aaid about the marriage?not one word?not one word. Mr. Tax a, of the oity post office, was again examined aa to stamps, ks. Mr llaavar Fowlcb called.? 1 am not a connection of Mrs Conner's family ; from his personal observation, the witneae bore testimony to the good character of Mra. Conner , 1 believe Miaa Virginia Fawler to be good; never heaid it doubted, and would not doubt it mvaelf. Or. Mc Williams recalled.?1 knew the plaintiff when she lived at the Navy Yard, at tLe time her huaband left her; I did not hear anvthiog about the cause of her separation from har husband. [Paper read, dated 1829, recommending Mrs. Conner as a governess ] This it my signature?my writing; I do not recollect giving thia, however, but it it my writing; I was phyaicieu of the family, sad never heard of. or sew anything in my visita at all disreputable; after the left the Navy Yard, 1 did not know where they lived till lately; but evar since haTe had no reason to doubt har chattily; 1 gave, not leng ago, a certificate of good character of Mr*. Fowler, men a* I thought the deserved. Rev Mr. amino*, of the regular Baptist denomination, sworn.?Testified that Miaa8erena Conner and Miss Virgioi* Kowler were memhera ot hi* church, and teacht-ri in the Sabbath school [Objections raited, but they were overruled.] Never heard any thing prejudicial to the character of those young ladies fur veracity. ' Mr. Wm Ma.in, of the same church, testified to the *ame effect. Mr. Orri.et also depoaed that he had never heard Mitt i Virginia Kowler's veracity questioned until in this caae. Mr. Wm. McNiWU. was called to show that there was t no record of a licence for the marriage secretly performed in Mrs. Conner's house by the Rev. Mr. Ketchum This waa to show that he had perpetrated (an unlawful net [Ruled out, as not strictly rebutting testimony J Mr. M*nn, keeper of a store on the avenue, testified to Miss 8erena Conner's purchasing a trunk of him in IMA. [This was to show that this purchase bore out the fact ol Miss Serena's having gono to Philadelphia at the time ef the alleged marriage of the plaintiff with Oen. Van Noss j Conversation asked for that occurred at that Ume. [Objection made Ruled ont ] Mr. McNsmcc, recalled?Testified that ha believed the handwriting in the Philadelphia letter to be (Jen. Van Nass>. He was than asked to state what was hjs knowledge of the character of Oen. Van Ness for chastity. Mr Ba*DL*v ol>jacted. A warm debate tollowed, chiefly between Mr. Carlisle and Mr. May, the first againat touching the character of iWa -* 1 . ftlia siuinn/( in ul!< ahA? af AharuKlaf itf the plaintiff. The crowd in the Mart wert evidently deeply intere*teJ by the aloqatnt ip?echoi of theee two contending barristers. The Ceoar remarked that they could not lee the raleTaney of alt this to the point at iaaue, and thereupon Mr. Bbadlbt proceeded to a more practical view of tba question under diacuieion. The Gov bt ruled out tho testimony proposed to be taken reepeeting tho eliaracter of Oen. Van Note ; and the counsel lor tho plaintiff filed exception* against the decition Mr. Koar*so* [walk light] wai called to prove a paper to be in tho hsnd-writtojf of (ion. Van Nee*, which the counsel lor tho plaintiff conaiderad explanatory of Mr. rfcroop'< o Tide nee. Mr. Robinson alan approved tho hand-writing on the Philadelphia envelope aa genuine. A dupate next followed upon another point of te>timouy propoaod to bo brought in in explanation of one of Mri. Conner's letter* on lie. Mr. B*bnt wiahod to prove that tho letter of Mr*. Connor, applying to Gov. Van Nese for money to go and rislt her chUd, and to aid in it* aoppert, waa not written to get money, a* stated on tho face of the letter, hut to forewarn tha Governor that there waa an heir about, and that if there were a will, he Governor had better produce It, or cite that the laid beir might ooaae in for the whole ottate, a* the ion of he widow of the deceased Gen. Van Noee. This, Mr. Brent argued, waa the real motive in thie letter, and with thi* view he wieked Mr. Mokun to toetify that Mrs Connor did not want money at the time she wrote this letter for money. Tho Cover said it appeared to them that the object of the pUintiff's countai was to prove thet the letter waa a iraud. Mr. Baa*T deniodthat this was his object Her object waa to meet tho exigenciea of tho caaa. Tho Coubt ruled out tho toatimony. Mr. Kannsov, of tha city post ofltoe, waa called to teetin regard to " stamp*'1 and "way letter*," and "poet bum." He was still under cro** *?*min*Uon, when, by conaent of nil partiaa, tho court adjonraod. supsdu coubt of thx Unitxh st at rs?Monday, Dec. 14, 1846.?Present, as on Friday last, and Mr. Justice Wsyno- Cdward R. Csrpentier, , of .New York, Wot. r. DsvU, of Kentucky, and John If. . Croiior, ICtt)., of Tennoa**e, ware admitted attorneys 1 and cotu.aellor* of this court. No. 1. William G Cook, plalnti/r In error, vs. John L. Moffat, h al. The arau' mentor this cause was commenced by Mr Mayer, for tho pUintlff In error. Adjourned till to-morrow at II o'clock Tuesday, Deo. IS, )84t.-!Vo. 1. William O Cook, plain'..II in error, vi John L. Moffat, ?( *I. The argumen', of this cause was continued by Mr. Hinckley, for tho defendants in error, and by Mr. Johnson for the plaintiff. Adjourned till to-morrow at 11 o'clock. Ntws keom Chili ? We hare received Aa Patrim, dated Conception, Sept. S, and llnd in it an oAeial (notice, that on the 19th July, ''the government granted the eon espondirg esecnsutr to tho |?i?nt preemted mid i<sned by ih<* I . * government, nsmnif Mr. William Crosby as consul in the |>ort ol Talc*hu*m>, i aaAiu vicinity./>*it*n P?it, ?Mi????????i R? I ?NG, DECEMBER 18, 18 HIQHLY INTERESTING ARMY AND NAVY INTELLIGENCE. THE SECRET EXPEDITION OF OOK. nft&T,' The Gallantry of the Wavy. Another Decatur Exploit. " SHIPWRECKS AM LOSS OP LIFE. i MILITARY MOVKMKVTS, Ac. Ac. Ate. [From the New Orlaani Picayune, Dae. #.] Tba L?mted Mates revenue achoonar Foruard, H. B. None*, 1?mj , commander, arrived yesterday ftom Tabaaco, via Alvarario and Tampico. The Forward left the latter port on Friday, the 4th inat., and anchored at the 8. W. Faia on the evening ot the 7th, making the ran in seventy-two hours from Tampico Lieut W.B. McLean, of the Forward, arrived in the city this morning, on a towboat, with deipatchaa from Com. Conner to our government. The Forward left at Tampico four gunboats o- ptured at Tabasco. the (team schooner Spitfire, the No hta and achaoner Mabene, Com- Conner's flag being h? ated on the latter. For interesting naval intelligence by this arrival, we refer to the annexed report, tor whi ;h we are indebted to Capt Nonea. The country will hail with pleasure the aigna of activity now exhibited by the squadron:? Tha Forward left Tabaaco river on the 31at November ?all quiet Left at that place U. S. revenue steamer McLane, Capt. Howard, for the purpose of blockading said port ; odloers and crew well. Left Anton lizardo on the 97th November. On the 36th ult experienced a violent norther which haa done considerable damage; the wind blew violently for twenty houra, and drove irom their moorings the following vessels: priaes taken at Tabaaco?steamer Tabascano, schooner Tabasquena and brig Descrada The achooner was aeen en shore about IS miles to the westward of Alvarado ; supposed three men who were on board of her were saved The brig and steamer had not been uan Knnrr) tliA hnir thair* uraM aiw **??? ? Brig Soman snJ schooner Morris, lata Laura Virginia, frigate Cumberland and prize iteamer Petrita rude oat the gale with the Forward, and all are aafe ; officer* and crewa well. Lett at Anton Lixardo bark Morgan Dix, Capt. Hamilton, nearly diacharged ; brig Oneco, Capt. Lorett. and brig Chinchilla, Capt. Patterion. arrived two day a before the forward sailed, they alio having rode out the gala imMfety. On pie night of the 90th of November, ?Sinit midnight, the U. S. brig Somen, then laying at Orttn Itland, four or fvte milei dietant from Vera Crujt, tcnt a boat with Lieut. Parker, Patted Uidthipmtn Robert Clay Rtdgert and J A. Hynton, with five men, and burned Iht Mexican brig Creole, moared ta the cattle af San Juan. The following ia a list of offlcera of the U. 8. brig Somen: Raphael Semmea, Lieut Com'g ; M. O. L Claiburn, lit Lieut i James L. Parker, ad do: John H. Wright, Paaaed Asa't Surgeon ; John F. Steele, Purser ; Henry A- Clem son, Acting Mister; Robert Clay Rodger*, John R. Hynaon, Paaaed Midshipman; Krancia O. Clarke, Midshipman. The tjjicm who dittinguiehed themielvei an the night of tns UMh\ovrmbcr, by burning the Creole, alto tucctedrd in csstsriitf inn Utmican yritanert. tic one injured except Paaaed Midshipman Hynson, who was horned by firing hi* pistol into tome powder to aet the brig on Arehe is doing well. On the morning of the 3d December, Com. Perry niled from Tampioo on an expedition not known, with the following vessels of war : Steamer Missiaaippi, steamer Vixen, sloop John Adams and schooners Boaita and Petrel Com Conner with the remainder of his torce, will in all probability remain in Tampico until a sufficient uuuiiroi vi ii iv wiiiaui uia nctuh, ilif heaitn ol the C< amoJora, oflioers and crew food" OIT the bar of Tampico, arrived on the Id in*L, the I steamship Ma??achu?ett? ? discharging. Arrived at Tampico, achooner Home, from Brazoa ; schooner Velaaco, fiom Now Orleans. The U. 8. lrigate Potomac, Captain Aulick, and it earn frigate Princeton, Capt. Eagle, are alto off the bar?ail wul. Left the following vtueli at Tampico : U. M. steamer Spitfire, Capt Tatnai ; schooners Keclvr, Lieut. Coind'g Sterret; Nonata, Lieut. Roan ; Elizabeth, Lieut Rjota; Unicorn, Lieut Window : Virginia, M. C. Perry, Jun*r. Com Conner hai thoistad his pennant on board the achooner Mahone. The (team- | era Undine and Mary Suinmeia have arrived with troops, i and expect to leave au*n for more. The trwopa a* wall 1 unthe marines are in a peilact state of discipline, and ai e preparing to hold out again*! a surprise. All seem* quiet. The oiticeri of the army are eqjoyiif good ; health, a* are alio the troopi j and the citizena begin to i feel themielvea secnre ainoe their arrival. Vzsskls troaEit.?U. 8. frigate Raritan, Capt Gregory, 1 near Vera Cruz, on the 37th November, from Taaapico, to relieve the frigate Cumberland, which return* to the IT. S. December 4th, boarded echoooer Henry M. Johnton, fourteen day* from New Orleans, bound to Tampico; aha wai within thirty miles of said port On tne ">th, boarded brig Empreesrio, latitude 34 dog. 30 min. longitude deg. 60 min. W., three days iron New Orleans, for Tampico. The forward has been absent four montha in the Qulf. The following is a list of officers: H. B. Nones, Captain ; Jno. McOowan, 1st Lieut; Wm. B. McLean, 3d Lieut.; Wm. K. Rodgnrs, 3d Lieut; Joeeph Davis, Acting Master; Charles Wilson, Boatswain ; Dsvil Ross, (Junner ; Wm. H. Harley, Carpenter. [From the New Orleana Mercury, Dec. 9 ) The United states levxnue cutter Forward, Captain Nones, arrived from Tobasco via Alvarado and Tampico, having sailed from the latter place last Friday, 4th inst. Lieut W. B. McLean, of the Forward, came up to tho city this morning, with dispatches for the government, a ad a mail Irom the squadron. Left at Tampico the four i gun boat* captured at Tabasco, the United State* schooners Spitfire and Nonito, and a achooner. name not remembered, with Commodore Conner'* flag hoisted on it. The remainder of the squadron had gone on a cruise to the South. F'xom a correspondent we learn that the object in mov- I ing tho fleet te the South is to attack, and if practicable, take possession of the ports of Tabasco, Siaai and Laguna. The capture ot Alvarado, it ie stated, will not be attempted again until the attack can be made both by land and sea. For this purpose a land loroe of 1649 to 3O0O men is deemed necessary, as the garrison has been strongly re-inforceu since the last demonstration by the fleet tipoo the place. Cam; eachy, our correspondent is ol opi iiion, will remain unmolested; in conaequence of the friendly disposition maniiested by the people towards the United States, and their repugnance to a re union with Mexico. The prevailing opinion among tho well-informed officers at Tampico, ho siys, ia that an army is to march simultaneously from that point with Oen. Taylor's forcrt from Monterey, and make a combined attack upon San Luis Totosi Wo aie indebted to a commercial houao of thia city for tho following extract of m letter datod at Taaapico, deoember S *' This city is now well garrisoned by our troop* under Colonel Ontes, and that gentleman is delighted with his new quarters. The greatest activity ha* been carried on here by the officers of the army and navy for several ( w? iwimjj imh mu u<a mmwmumi'bw |'viium, *uu w d !? now toady to meet all the force that Mexico can send againat ua. The occupation of thie place by oar navy and amy, haa cauaed the greateat alarm in Santa Anna'a army at San Lou Potosi, and hia troope are daily desertingSrirnaa, (before Tsmpk-o.) Nov. ?, IMS. Sir Herewith ia transmitted a copy of the report of Commander Tattnall, accompanied by a communication addreeeed by hia. to the alcalde ef Psnuco, detailing hit proceedings in ooaaand of a detachment of aeeman and marine*, in the Spitflre end Petrel, for the deeiruction of aoaae can Den and other military a tore* that had been transported by the enemy from this place and depoaitad at Paauco, a (own on a river of the Mate name, about eighty unlet in tho interior. Thia object haa boen juoiciouily and ably accomplished by Commander Tattnall. The ateainer Neptune haa ju?t arrived from Brexst with a detachment of (Its hundred men, under command ol Col. Oatoe. The tteemer Sea may bo expected tomorrow with aome troope and artillery ; and, 1 am informed, otbera will follow without delay. fcThe piece may now bo ronaidered aa perfectly eafe agaiaat any attack that can be made by the enemy. I em, very resnoctf ally, Your obedient servant, 0. CONNER. < ommanding Homo Sqoadion Hon. Joh* V. Miio>, Secret ry of ike Nary. 1>it?d States Irtixii Srirriax, Off Tampico, Not. 2Jd, IM?. Sir:?I have the honor to report the return of the Spitflre and retrol, Lieutenant Commanding Shaw, to thia anchorage, having performed the duty aaeigned me by your order of the 17th inatant. In company with the Petrel -the crow of this retool having been atrengthonod by twenty marl nee under Captain Kdton, and tw,sire aoamen of the Cumberland, antler Acting Matter Mstbew C Perry?I weigbod anchor at daylight on the morring of the Itlh, and ascended the Pannco to within sis milea ol the tows of Panuco, where night obliged mo to anchor. At 7 A.M. on the morning of the 19th, 1 aochored abraaat o# the town; j which, on being summoned, am rendered without resist acoo. Having found that the anthoritiea had, in expectation i ol our anIval, concealed the public property, 1 landed the marinea and thirty teamen, and required that they | thoaM point oat the public piopoity, and furnish the meant ol tianaporting it to th?> bank of tho river, for which I offered to pay the usual chargoe of the country. They compiled with the flrtt , hot showing a disposition to evade the latter, I addressed a communication to the alcalde, of which the accompanying document is copy. Thia produced (ho detirod eit?ct, and enabled m to re-embark our men by ktundown on the JOth, after | having deotroyodoU the pwhbo property which wo coold not take on board. The property destroyed consisted of nine eleven feet j elghteene, with their carriages, good guns, which were spiked, and their trnnions knocked off A large quantity of eighteen pound shot were thrown into the river, and a I quantity ot < imp rq<iipege%urnt. We brought off a 44| pounder gun, Itrmoily belonging lo one of the raptured Igun boats, with iu bed end sitae, a large quantity of copor grape aad canaiater, aad forty forge baiea of oxceUeot ?^mm IERA 46. imported tent pins, which I thought might be uMful to I the army. Th? enemy showed no disposition to resist us.al though we were expected, and although the river bank* afford ed many point* from which our deck* might hare beeu wept by artillery and muaketry, when we could not hare brought a gun to bear. No opportunity has been afforded of distinction ; Ijut my thank* are due to Lieutenant Commanding Shaw and Captain tdson. of the marine*, and to the officers and men generally, for the seal they displayed. I mu?t particularly observe,in praiae of the latter, that although for two day* in a captured town, no irregularity wi* committed by them. AU were disposed to obey order*, > and to work with a will. I am, sir, with great respect, ?awr Your obedient (errant, J091 AH TATTNALL, Commander. Commodore D. Connaa, U.M. U. 8. Stkamkk Smthsk, i Oil'the town of Fanuco, Mexico, Not. 17, 18-10. ) Sib Thi* morning 1 assured you of my wiih to execute the order* of my commander-in-chief, Commodore ! Conner, in the apirit in which they were iiaued?that i?, with the leaat poaaibie inconvenience to the oitizena of Panuco. I now renew to you that aaaurai.ce, but at the am* time muat remind you that I hold in some reapecta the tame relative position with the inhabitants a* the Mexican army would do if occupying the town : 1 therefore demand that the means of conveying to tne beaeh the public property which the authorities have removed to a distance to be furnished me by 7 o'clock to-morrow motniog, in default of which 1 shall be undai the necessity of taking them by force ; to which end I ahall send parties on shore to search the town and country. I hope your promptnes in complying wjth my demand will rentier this unnecesaary. I am ready to pay the usual charge* of the country for aid so famished. I have the honer to be, *ir, wtth great respect, your obedient servant, JOSIAH TATTNALL, Commander. To hi* honor the Alcalde of the town of Panuco. ISLAND or ELItlTHaaA, ) Nov. 10, 1848 5 Si a It is my misfortune to be under the neceiaity of reporting to the department the loi* of the United State* sloep Boston, under ay command On Saturdav evening last, at 8 o'clock, the ship was in the latitude of 38 degree* 30 minute* N., and longitude 76 degree* fJ minute* W. From thia position it was my intention to reaoh the parallel of Abaco light-house, and then haul in for the Hole-in the-Wall paasage. 1 therefore steered S3.W. until halt past one o'clock, A. M., when a light waa *een bearing 8S.W. % W. A* it was possible that this might be Abaco light, 1 iteered S , in order to counteract the effects of a stronger westerly carrent than already allowed. We had light winds daring the night, and the deep sea and hand-lead* were in cuutant use. At 4 hoars S6 minute* A.M., when about to haul in for the Hole-in-the-Wali pe**age, we experienced a hard black Muall. with rain, from tne northward, which, not withstanding all our exertions, * wept the (hip upon the bank of thJa island; but ihe immediately passed into deeper water, when an anchor waa let go. Such wu the violence of the lea and the wind, however, that the hip waa (wept upon the north point of thU island, the tea making a breach over her. It waa not until the ship was on shore that we could see the land in any direction. 1 now cut away the masts ; and as all Lope of saying the ship waa at an end, proceeded to land ihe property on board, the (riaUr part oi which I hope to save. '41 trust that tLe department will perceive that the Boston has been driven on nhora owing to circumstances beyond my control ; and in order that the aetter aaay be thoroughly investigated, I respectfully request that I may be brought before a court of inquiry or a courtmartial, on my return to the United States, and there answer for my conduct throughout the whole of my short and unfortunate command. The officers and craw generally, 1 am happy to add, are in good health. 1 have the honor to be, most respectfully, Your obedient servant, O V. PEARSON, Commander. linn l?... V M.... Secretary of the Navy, Wt thing ton, D. C., United Statei of America. [From the Norfolk Beacon, Dec. 16] The Naval Court of Enquiry which convened on board the U 8. ibip Fennt ylvania on tbe 8th inet., to enquire into the Iom of the U. 8. brig Truxtun, hu chanced the place of holding it* tettiont from that ihin to the National Hotel, in NorMk. Lieut. Hunter, ratted Mid'n Bankhead, and Purter Cutter have been examined by the Court. The only witnett under examination yeiterday wat Mid'n Simeon 8. Baiiett, who, after giving hit tettimony aa to the lota nud turrender of the Truxtun, waa crota examined by the Court and Com. Carpender. MILITARY INTKLLIQBItCK. [Krom the New Orleana Bee, Dee. 0 ) Governor Johnton received jetterday the tubjoined I letter lrom the Secretary of War. It will be teen that , another rtqoiaitioo kaa been made upon Louitiana tor ene battalion, or five companiea of infantry, two or three ofwhioh may be organized and equipped at Artillery. The Cruritr of latt evening addi that before itauing hit S reclamation, vhe Governor awaita a manifeatation of etire on the .peit of our patriotic citizen* to comply with tlu* requiaition WllDlMtTMIHT. j Wathington, Nov 80, 1846. J 8ia,?In accordance with the tenor of my letter to you of yetterdav't data, I have now the honor to rtqueat, by direction or the Freiident, that you will cauee to be raited in the State of Louiaiana, provided in your opinion it can be promptly done, one battalion (aay Ave compeniet) of infantry, two er three companiee of which may be organized and equipped at artillery,?the whole to aerre during tbe war with Mexico, unieta toener diacharged. The battalion to contitt of, 1 Lieutenant colo nel or Major, 1 adjutant, lieutenant of one of the com paniea. but not in addition, 1 tergeant major, 1 quartermaater'i eergeant, 1 drum major, and ft companiea. Each company of artillery to conaiat o<, 1 captain, 3 firat lien tenanta, 1 tecond lieutenant, 4 tergeanU, 4 corporalt, 3 muaiciana, 3 artiflcert and 80 privatee. Kach company ol infantry to contitt of, 1 captaia, 1 firtt lieutenant, 1 tecond lieutenant, 4 tergeantt, 4 corporalt, an<l SOprivatet. Should the number of privatee, on being mattered, not faU below tixty-four effective men in a company, it Will U1 rCCBITBU. New Oriean* is designated m the plica of randetvou* where the proper officer* of the army will be directed to inapect and mutter the battalion Into the aerrlce oi the United Stale*. The requirement* in my letter of the 18th inat, Tor the regiment therein requested, will be observed in reaped to thin battalion. If, in your opinion, thla force cannot be organized and lent loith in time to precede the regiment prerinualy called for from your State, by ten daya or fortnight, yon are deeired not to act on thi* requisition. 1 have the honor to be. Very reipectfnlly, Vour obed't servant, W. L MARCY, Secretary of War. Hia Excellency, Ihk Johrion, Oorernor of Louisiana, New Orleana, La. [From the New Orleana Tropic, Dec. 9 ] Brevet Major General Jeiup, Quartermaster General of the United State*, left thia city in the steamship Kaahion on Sunday laat The General will viait Port Lareca, Braroe Santiago, Tampico, and probably Vera Crux, before he return*. [From th#Mobile Register, Dee. 10.] By an order from the War Department, Copt. W. H Piatt, el this city i* aulhorized to orgrnlxe a company of Volunteer Infantry, to *orre daring the war with Mexico. We learn that a rail fer enlistment will be opened at Pine*' AJhembra. thia evening at 7 o'clock. Major Konylh, V. 8. Paymaeter, now in thia^ity, la ioetracted ! lo tdniiM to the non-coms* irnnina omocrs sua pmiui of the company, whan mustered into service. twentyono doll*r? each, the commutation for six month* cloth ' ing. Volunteer* Irom adjoining counties, reporting i tbemaelve* beiore the roll I* Iliad, will bo received. [From the St Louis Union, Dec. 7.] A letter irom Fort Bent, written 03 the 30th of October, communicates *ome information which i* of i ate 1 est at the prefect time. The proper offlcer w*a busily enraged in forwarding to Santa Fe, on an ororaga, abort thirty wagon load* of provision* per week " It will be hardly po**ible," *?y* the letter, "to get all tha etore* into nanta Ka thia winter, from the very had condition of the train* which arrive hero. About 140 tana of provision* are (tared in thi* fort, alt of which have to croe* tha mountain* thi* winter, if po**ible. There are now on the road between thia and Fort Leavenworth *etre dosen train* of wagon*, part of which cannot gat here thi* winter, though enough can be got to Santa >e to last tha army until next spring UncTa 9am'* bravti have tremendous eppetite* in thi* country, and a wagon load of provision* doe* not go far with them." The writer **y* that the Indiena are getting traubfo1 soma between fort Bent and the State*. The Pawnee* attacked a provision train, a few day* ago, near tha crouing of the Axkanaa*, and killed one man. l~ka Arapahoe* killed two last week, on the read between thia and Santa Fa. After our troop* gat through with the Indian* on tha ether aide of the mountain*, they wiU have to commence on thi* aide; and after thi aahiag waa half doten nation* in all, that* will be no mora tiouMe with them. Tha Tr?| IT*it *ay*," Wa nndaretand that Me**r* Johnaon k, Coir, of tkia eity, have a contract with govern ment to manufacture a* many bomb shell* a* they can turn out by tha lrt of January Tha contract ha* been In operation several week*. We are Informed that they manufacture over forty tone par day, tad that the article* are unexceptionable." 1 The large amount oi government work now being executed In the ihipe yard* of Philadelphia, haa reoeed a 1 great demand lor ship carpaatar*. and edranead their wagaa to M par day. '"apt. Talcott, of tha Ordnance Department, la a tetter to Oav. Brown, of Mis*i**ippi,st?testnatordais hare been eent fo Cat*. Whitetey, at the Bet en Rouge Araenal to forward, for the uaa of the new regiment, the following arm*, accoutrements, end ammanftton, vlx WO muaket*. National Armory. with appendage* complete. 49 non Mstelfletie,l officer* sword*, tl musi tan * swords, t-toeetv of lufentry accoutremeat*, cemptete. 40 null laaarn?J efUceiV sword-t?elt*, with daubia frag*, for eergeants of comfianie*. 14 notvcommiaeioned 1.(Beef's sword-belts, with double frog*, for principal musicians. musiciena el eompem*-. ant n?nu ma.?>H>ue.t etsff 3A *H> musket cartnugt* 1,7(0 fl.ni? Ail the foregoing articles have teen directed to be sent | ?e Vichaburg, tao place of rendaivou* appointed lei the ? ID. Prtca Tw? C?nU. regiment, Tor distribution by ita commanding offioti , amongst the NTiril companies. [Krom the Philadelphia Tinea, Dec. 17 ] Another regiment of volunteer', we learn through letter received in thia city from Vic* Preaident Dallas, haa been called for fcf the War Department. The regiment, we understand, ia to muater in thia city, and proceed by aea to Tampico. Those of our Philadelphia volunteers who are anxioua to engage ia their country 'a service will have to be expeditious in Ailing up their rmnka, for there will be a number of offers from the coon try volunteers. We learn that the Governor baa received a requisition to the above effect, and that ha caJla upon the various companies to volunteer and form thamsel vee into a reriment Our telecranhic desuatch of lastlevea ing, irom our correspondent at Washington, it will bo observed, states that the lacond regiment la alia to mQatar at Pittsburg, like tha first. Wa incline to tXink thia city will ba tha place of mustering into service, to prooaed by aaa, but ah all probably know today. The Philadelphia Ckronitlt aaya : Quito a number of recruita belonging to thia corpa are aeon about the atreeta, dressed in a handsome uniform of dork blue, trimmed with rad. All that we have aoen ore atout, strong, active looking men, and will undoubtedly make good aoldiera. Thia will be a line company when completed. NEWS FROM SANTA >1. [From the Independence Expositor Nor. 98.] Santa Ka. Oct.-Jilt, 1844?You have doubtleaa learn7 ed from your ion and othera, all the particulars of our march here and of our uuresisted conquest of thia province. We have established a civil government here, and and all things wear the appearance of profound Seace and entire satisfaction on the part of the peoplout to a cloae obaerver, it ie evident it ia all hypocrisy? indeed it could be nothing elae,? a people conquered but yeaterday, could nave no triendly feelinga for their conquerora, who havo taken posaeaaion of their country, changed ita lawa and apnqtated new offlcara, principally foreigners. Yet auch m tfiair cunning and hypocrisy, that they partially imposed on Gen. Kearney op to tbo very day of his departure. At present, however, there are so many troops here that their good or bad feelinga ia a matter of indifference to ?. On yeaterday wo obtained what we deem pretty correct information from El Paaso del Norte, that Magofin, Dr. Connelly, Col. Owena and Glasgow, ware detained tUere aa prisons re by the Mexican troops, were treated very reapeotfolly, tnough not permitted to go on to Ckihuahua or to return wagons, and will Iom nothing?their detention, it to (apposed, will continue only, until order* cu be received from Chihuahua lor their releaee. My regiment ia under inarching orders for Chihuahua, and wenld have been off before this, had Gen. Kearney not lent back order* to thto place, after proceeding 10 daya on his march to California, requiring me to ge into the Eutaw and Navajo countrtoe and bring both of thoeo war* to a cloae before I left here. ? * ? We have made a permanent treaty with the Eutawa; Major Gilpin having penetrated 160 milea into their country, with the corapaniea from Jackson and Franklin countie*. All the Chiefa came in here, and wo made a treaty which I have no doubt will be permanent M J whole regiment will march into the Navajo country im mediately; thia country liea between the Kio del Norto and the watera flowing into the Pacific. Major Ollpia goes up thA Cham**; Lieut. Col. Jackaon *p too Pueroo of the weat (there being two), and myself up the HemaaWe shall doubtless go to the waters emptying in tho Pacific, say two hundred and fifty miles. As soon as wo return we shall start with the tradere to Chihuahua. General Kearney ha* gone lo California with 100 man, | a larger force being deemed unnecessary, as tho country had already been taken by our fleet and Lieut. Col Fremont. I Tbe Mormons left yesterday, under the command of Capt. Cook of the lit Dragoons lor California; they will only proceed to San Diego, and await further order* and perfaapa transportation by water. Col. Price and all his regiment with the separate battalion will remain here ttais winter. To-day John T. Campbell, Esq , of Springfield, arrived hero sad brings our first positive information that I0M infantry art on their maroh for this point and that oar provision trains are all breaking down, and giv > - out, and that but few ot them can reach hero this winter. If tfcis bo tbe case, starvation will bo the inevitable consequence. No pro visions can bo had hero. Campbell brought out eome beef cattle which are a few days from hero Wo have not ton days provisions on hand. A. W DON If HAN. r. 8 The Hon. W. P. Hall left with Captain Cook for California. [From the St. Louis Bepnblican, Deo. ? ] The editor of the Indiptndtnea ExpttHor says thai there has been another foes of prevision wagona and teams, on the route to Santa Fe. The Indiana surrounded the train, and drove off a largo number of moles with perfect impunity?tbe meu not having ammunition enough to protect themselvea from the attack. Tbe Expoii'tr manes some serious charges about tbe manner in which things have been managed in this department of tbe army, at Fort Leavenworth. All the papers from the upper part of thia State eontain letters from Santa Fe, of late data, and aU of them refer with much solicitude to the prospect of a scarcity ot provisions. Kk tract of a letter from Weetport, Nov. it:?A oompanv has iuit arrived from Bent's Fort, who report the iota of a Urge number ot mulee, and oh ?r two man having been killed by the Indiana near tha croaaing of the Arkanaa*. Mome af their wagena war* burnt, and tha com puny could not proceed on thtir route until thay obtained aid from Benito Kort. Tha above wagon* belong ad to (iovernmentFather Do Smelt, from Oregon, hai juit arrived?aay? ha lel't in Julv lati. Tbey bad not beard of tha war there whan be left. The country waa protperoua and tha people generally well and contented. fFrom the Rt Louie Republican, Dee. 8.] NDirtRDinci, Dec. 1,1844. ?I am able to omnmunicate a little mora new* from Santa Ke and the adjoining province. Dr. Vavghan, phj eician to Doniphan ragiment, accompanied by Mr. rtmith, Kialdtng a cd others, have juit thia moment arrived fiom the puis* They left Hanta Fa on the S#th October. Through the polMeneu o the Doctor, I am permitted to make a few extract* from a letter to Col. 8. C. O wen*, dated Valvar do, October 3d, 1140, which embodies almoat all the newa we have received. The Colonel *aya" We have been bare aone two week*, and, in all probability, wUl be here iom two weeka, or |<erbape, two montha, longer. James Magoffin wa* rohbad k* tha A ntrLn Indiana am tkia *iiU ill Pauo. and on hi* arrival at El Paiio ha ?u taken priaoo r. Dr. Conaelly, Doaue, McManu*. and Velder, who reached El Paaao ?ome law day* alter Megofln, war* alao made prUoneia, and the whole ot then hare ban aent on to i;hibuahna, under e?eort of lomt twenty eoldier*. "Thia newa we have received (rein different Mexican*, who left El Pa**o in the la*t *ix or eight day*. Wa hare no doubt of the truth of the report, for the eatire bnaineaa of Connelly fc Co. wa* to give a* intelligence relative to the tiiuation of affair* in the El Paaao. la abort, MoManaa, agreeably to our arrangement, wa* to have been here tan day* ago?hi* not coming, or writing, convince* ue that they are all pritocera. Wa are here in no enviable itnatfon. aad do not know whether to go forwarda, bnchward*, or remain. Wa cannet get any newa from Santa Fe. nor from the United Btatee. if CeL Doniphan marche* hie force* immediately to Chihuahua, ha will win laurel* *nough to laat him to eternity." In aeeordance with the deaire of the urndera, and mora particularly to protect peraona and property, Col. Doal i>han haa determined to aend Major Gilpin oat to allay diitutbanc** among the Indian*, and move forward kim ?elf immediately, with all bia regiment, to Chlhoahua He waa to hare started on the 37th October. The Doctor end hi* company hare had a tolerably good trip acroaa the prairie*. They mat Ball and Keaa'a comi riy (ef thj* place) at the Semiroae, and Bollarda, Hook Company, from Lexington, at the oraaatag of the Arkanaaa. The company aaat lenftrd from Leavenworth oae day in advance of Billiard* aad company, oa the prairie, waa robbed by the Indiana, all their mate* driven off. except four or Ave. an ' one or two men killed. Mat Ura and thing* in Santa Ka abont aa naval UUiLD MILITARY Ol)KMMPONDCHCB. MiaTiaai, Muioa, Nn. >, IMC. Murder of Otntral Tn^ltr't jfagra. | ()???ral Taylar'a nagro bay *u mnrdarad by !* I Mule ana laat eTanlag. Tha boy waa Hit by Oaaara | Taylar aftar corn aoroa dlatanna from tha oamp, and ' whlla ha wai Id tha Call procnrlag a load two Mctteaaa ! fall Ppon bin, arirad with hntrai, ui waft brutally murdarad him on tha (pat From tha aypaaranca af tha waanda ha ainat tiara dlad inatantanaoualy. Hto body waa fatted aaon aftar by party af aaldiar* wha happanad ta apy it, partially aorarad with tha |iw? aara tha boy had out Tha murdarara wara arraatad tlUa aaarnia(, and tnrnad otar by Geo Taylor fa tha AlcaMa af tha city to racaiaa d?a paniabaiaat for tha atradaaa crima. Thay folly confaaaad thair fuiit, and wara not in tha laaat aiannad aa to tha nltimata conraqnancaa. Jirraaioi* Baaaacaj, Ma, Dae. 3, IMi Tha ardar far aar regimant (tha Maantad Rigaaaaa) to laara far Point laabai, waa iaanadan tha 31* afOataI bar, bat awing to tha dalay Id watting clathing fcr tha I man, mltiw. A*., wa hara not baan abla to gat away i Within tha laat two waalu, bowaaar, thraa compaitfaa have laft and tha remaining four ara now abant to lalI i mi nv nnthinc of anr d?aUnat*?n, mora than it ia (?naraily aurpoaod, wa ara doatinod for TaoapMh. Tf>o rurlBK-nt la eotaj>oa*d of u fla* mitoriili u * ?T*r put In any country, ami with proper dia ci|>lino, tiitjr will aaafco tha boat *1 troopa The follow inf Information concarniuf tho morcmonta of tho troop* may bo intofootlr'K to yon. rompanioa C and W kin boon ia Malice lono ttao t oatpoaioe I, ? end O, loft faw day* ine*. and tbo romainiaar fall eoniponioa A. D, H and K, aro about to loaro for Now Orloana. Tbooo laat mentioned rooipanaea will bo oAoorod M Mlowa Major Ruibridge, commanding ; lit Lioat Jotiee. Adjt . i Captalaa Lorinf, Pom, Backentoa, Tucker; Llouta I Kwoll. Van Boras, Dunoon, Lindaap. CMbora, Elliot, Darla, Morria, rain or, Hatch, and '.i anger > Wo fo toU>roM7 well armed, whir tho HBo and aabre. Tho nflo boa no hoyont, which la, I think, a great dofoot, aa tbo bayonet ii tho weewor. Shvnlti wo roawHt any time in few Or leant, I will wrtto yoa from that piece, and lot you know mora parttevlarly oar deatla* T Uon. > ???f?a?rnmmSSm SHAWL WAREHOUSE, i .?#, 176 Ptmri fit , rpn* PHOPHIF-TOHW ot tb? EouMtahj-* 1. chaaora to etaaUae their ritaoaira from a eottoo aSawl at? erata. to tho lady aMBaTk kail a* Dttlmi nrlair ^y in im artiela of ?", wa rea aiak* ?t r?v* iri?ir? nf n, ol tbo l\f?o <e*) ?? < ? i t 1 ,1 U Wtiwk ao>? aotlin*. ki i?m< n't j . . dh;<D*H*OM * <:*> . I a* la.*i tnrwtlMM.

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