4 Ocak 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Ocak 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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1 I win iimm???a? TH1 < Vol. XIII. No. :UWhula Mo. *<K)u. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cents per copy?$7 p?r annual?inwable in atlvsiice. WEEKLY HERALD?Everv Salurdtv?Price C'i cents per cotiv ?S? I2>a rents prr auii"v?payable in udvance. HERALD bull EUROPE?Every Meatr Packet dav. I'rice CSt cents per copy?$J 00 per annum, payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual pricet?always cash in advance. ..... . PRINTING of all kinds executed with beauty and despatch All lettcra or commuuieationv, by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription niouny remitted JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor of the Ny.w Yokk Htmi u Kstahiuhmvivt, North West Co tier of Knlfou and Nassau stteets vKAVbiibtau * i ><ojf mouAi-iuna. CHANGE OF HOURS. jMfc g/m aUI ~Jg~ar LCTGlSBi) ftA^uwA1!!!^^ WINTER ARRANGEMENT On mid alter Mouday, Dec. 28,1146, Train* will ran &* follow*:? Lkati BaooKLvn?at 7 o'clock A. M. (lloitn train) for Ureeii|iort daily, (except Sundays) storping at k nriDiiigdale and St. George'* Manor " " at 9V A. M., daily, for Greenport and 'intermediate place*. * " at 4 P M. lor karmingdale, daily. Leave UaiKtiroitT?at 8)4 A. M.t daily accommodation train for Brooklyn. " at 3)4 P. M., (Boston Train) or on the arriyal of the ooat Rom Norwi h, daily, (except Bunday*,) ti pping *t St. George'* Mam ' and KarmingdaleLeavk Kaemiaooalk at 6)4 A.M. daily, (except Snndays.) accomtnodau > i train; and 12 M. and 5V P. M. Leave Jamaica?m 8 o'clocx A. M., 1 P. M., and 6)4 P. M.,for Brooklyn, or on the arriyal of Beacoe train. SUNDAY TRAINS will hereafter ran to Thompaon Sta tion? leave Brook1 rn at 9 A. M. for Thompson nnd intermediate place*.(commencing Simla; the Btli Navetnber, returninr leave Thompson at 2 o'clock P. M., Karmingdale 2}?, Jamaica 3)4. Kahk to?Bedford, 8 ceuta; Kaat New Yerk, 12)4; Race Course, 18)4; Trotting Course. 18V; Jamaica. 24; BrnsfivilU, 31)4; HVde Park, (17 mile*) 37)4; .CIow?ville, (dariug the ses?iou or Coart) 37)4; Heuipttead, 37)4: Branch 37)4; Carle Place, 44; Westbury, 44; Hicksville, 44; F&rmingdaTe. 62)4; Deer Park,69; Thompaon, 88; Suffolk Station, SI; Lake Road Station, $1 18V; Meoford Station, SI 18V: Yapliank, SI 37)4; St. George's Mnuor, St 62)4; Riverhead, SI 62V: Jameaport, $1 62V; Mattetuck, SI 62V; Outchogue, SI 62)4; Southold, $1 61 Vj Oreeuport Accommodation Train, ft 76; Boaton train, S2 26. Suige* are in readinea* on the arrival of Train* at the aeve ral Station*, to take paaaenger* at very low fare*, to all part* ol the laland. Baggage Cratea will be in readme** at the fool of Whitehall treet, to receive baggage li r the aeveral train*. 30 minute* before the hoar of starting from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat "Statesmiu' leaves Greenport for Sag Harbor ou the arrival of the Boston train from Brooklyn d2Srh FOR BOSTON AND 1'ROVIDe.NCE. via ASK^Stoninktoii and Lnnir f*l?nd Hn?lr/\aAl? JHHHBLLine?On aud after Nfiuid iy 28th instant, Train* will leave the foot of Whitehall street. South ferry, via Lima Inland Kail road oil Monday*. Wednesdays, and Friday*, at 2 o'clock, for Oreenport,crossing the Sound to St minRtou.iu the favorite souud steamer MJW HAVEN, which ha* been provided with ma*ta. tails, and eitra ordinary auclmr*, and from thence to Providence and Boston by the mail trains which conuect with the steamers Massachusetts and Governor. Fare to Stonington ' $2 50 " Providence 4 00 " Boston 5 f'O The steamer New Haven has new boilers, nud will take only lielit freight*. d25 rh KKOULiAlt MAI L Li IN L FOK. HOSTUN VIA NORWICH la WOK- Ms'*-* Mf) CE8TK.il, without change of^A_^^UL t TBj*s faCars or Baggage, or without , W-JL---1.crossing any berry. W..'? useuRett taking their sears at Norwich, are insured their s i ts through to Boston. This beiuR the only inland route t!;t coinmnuicates through by steamboat and railroad. Passengers by this line are accompanied through by the couductor of the train, who will have particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwise give his atteution to tlieir axe and comfort. This line leaves south side Pier No. 1, North ltiver, loot of Batlerv Place, daily, (Sundays excepted) at 4 o'clock, P. and an vet in Bostou in time to rake nil the eastern trains. nir lew steamer WUKUESXEH. Capt. Van I'elt. leave* every i'uesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, P. M The steamer CLEOI'ATKA, Captain Williams, leaves every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock, P. M. For further inlormation, impure of J. H. VANDEHB1LT, No. ft Batterv Place. North Rtvrr. dlltfrr ' UNITED r'l'A I lets VIAIL LINE. Mm KOU ALBANY AND THOY, VIA Bridyport and Housatonic Railroad. Dur3C2EjB.iiik last summer, the Hnusato ic Railroad liaa been telaid with a heavy H Ka>l, from Bridgeport to the Westers Uailroad Through bv Daylight, daily (Sun day's excepted) at bid o'clock, A. VI. The Steamboat MOUNTAIN Ell, Capt. W. II Krazee, leaves the foot of Market street. K. II, for Bridgeport, Daily, a' 6Y, n'click, A VI. No freight taken in the Passeuger Line. Passengers take the Cars ir Bridgeport,a'd without chaii|{R of Cara or Baggage Crutes, arrive in Albnuy and Truy at 5 o'clock, P. M. New Cara and Locomotive engines have bren procured, and the Koad ia in every respect equal to the best New England Koad. (?7* A Freight Line by Steamers Nimmd, and Mnhegau, daily?Freight Tariff same as last year ? kor luriher particulars lnouire at the tltfir, on -? M at Livings'.ou aud Well*' Kapress, 10 Wall istreet. d!5 lm rc O. M. PKIIKY. Agent. NOTICE. JtSI On rml ntrer kridar, November 2tllh, th* CL. .eEJLwgjKsteamboat SYLPH, (Captain Ur .med, will Bfiaaa9KdBa.io-ikr the following trips to mill from States ( land until further notice, nr.:? Leave Now York j Leave States Islaad At 9 A. M. At ?* 11 A. M. I ID 1 r. M. I 13 M jw " 2 r. m. i)j " I *)i " nl?r NliW YORK AND GLASGOW I.INE OK PACKETS. Ml Ml ^Soilingfrom Nev^iorli on tlie Ii^uii^nTiigow o^hMitT ol cacU mouth. . , From N. York Kui. Ul'gowi i June 1. Jaly 15. BhipBAKACltN, N.T. Hawkins, > Oct. 1. Nov'r 15. ( Keb. I. March If. l July 1. April is llr Mbip BUi'OKSb Y, ii M'fcwea, Nov. 1. Aug. 15. ( March 1 Dec'r 15. i August). May 15. Bi Bsrk AUAM OA HK.Jno Wright < Uec'r I Sept. 15 ( April 1. Jun. 15 i Nloy I. June If] Br. Bark ANN HAKLriY, It Heott, ] Sept 1 Oct. 15. ( Jau'y 1 Kebrua. 15.' These ships are good, substantial vessels, ably commanded, aud will sail punctually on .heir regular days. Their accom nodatinus for passengers,are good, aud everyatrenriou will be paid to promote their comfort. The agents or ' Haius will not be responsible for any parcels or packages seat by them, unless bills of ladiug are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to WOODHULL It MINTUKN, 87 South street, New York, or oairc KETP (k MllHHAV. Glasgow NEW LINE OF LIVEKFOOL PACKETS. Ml Jit M. M T^ssTfrom NevvYork21st,and iroin Liverpool6ttM>feacti month. ^ ^ ' A' turn new M OTK. JAVn P001. ^ New ?hip Liverpool, 1150 to.., S J}?*", j i J. fcUaridge. r Aiiiud 21 Oct. 6 ] New .hip Qneen of the Weil, < iuy'* 21 JiilyCt> 6 1220 ton., P. Woodhou.e, j giworn'r ?l Nor. 6 1 tf.w Ship Rorhe.ter. 100 tow. S ft '21 ASgu.t I | John Briton. # October 21 Ore. 6 Ht.ip Hottingner, 1020 ton. S }I"ch |{ ^ j IroOur.ly ^ Nov. 21 Jan. 6 Th.se nnotiMitinl. f?'t .tiiLng, tirsl cine. eliip., nil liuiit in , the city of new York, are commanded by mm of r.pt-rience mid ability, and will ie despatched punctually on the 21>t ol encli mouth. Their rnliin.iire elegant mid comtnndioui, mid ore fiirni.bed with whatever can conduce to the c ue and comfort ol pna.es grr?. Price ol pnoage $100. ' Neither the captain, nor owner, of the.e .hip. will he re- : poii.ihlr for anv parcel. or package. lent by theui, unlei. I regular bill, of tiding ire .igncd therefor, l or freight or raisage apply to WOODHULL fc M1NTURN, HI Honth atrrct, New York, or to riUiDKN. BKOTHKHH fc C'O., ml r. Liverpool. MAltSKlLLlia LINE OF~PACKETS M ifc m Tn^SIurrrofce.bJ7?ifunrly de?J!SJeheT?r# bmcr nn the Ut. mid from Murifillei the 10th ol each moi auring Tiir year, as loliowi HI niv* Captains. from N. York WOK .le JOINVIL.LK, (new) Lewrence, April 1 Sept. I < MI88UH1, Bilvester, .May I Oct. I AHCOI.K (him) . fcvrleiKh. Jane I Nov. 1. s OA8TON. Coulter, July ! Dec. 1. NKBHA8RA (new* Wateon, Aug. 1 Jan. 1 Slope. Ceptaine. hroin Marseilles g rRTKde JOINVIM.k, (new) Lawrence, Jnne Ifl No* 10 MISSOURI, Silvester, July 10 Dec. 10 ARCOl.K, (new) Kvelrigh, Aug. 10 Jan. 10 g UA8TON, Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 NEBRASKA. Watson, Oct. 10 M?r. 10 Theie vessels or* ol the first clou, rommendetl by meu ol experience. Their accommodations, for passengers are ujnut * passed for comfort and convenience. Ooode addressed to llit genu will be forwarded free of other charges than those acta ally paid. For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN U PHKLl'S, Proprietor* No. 103 Front xtreet, or to iiOYD It IIINCKKN, Aeeuts, lire t Tontine Bmldingi, 80 Wall.cor. Water at NEW YORK AND HAVRE COMMERCIAL LINK OF PACKETS. m> jr j HK subscribers belt toinlortnilieir I'nend^nuiMlie pub o lie that they hnve been appointed by JOHN BAKBK, I K *p. of Havre, agenta in New York for the above line, one o which will be despatched Bom Havre weekly, thrnnaho it the aeneiHi. The ah I pa ol tlila line will br of the lira! e.aaa, commanded by men of characirr and ability, nud the I ( greatest care taken to give every snlnl iction to shippers, >i n also to promote the comfort and convenience of passengers si As the rates of freight and pass ge will lie innch less than by tl other lines, ahip|ieri and passengers will doubtless consult their own interest by spotting for further information to W H J. T. YAPHCOTT, m South at , 2d door below Bnrliugslip, ui J. BARB K.Havre a ne NI AIAIUTIMIC ACCOMMOOATIONM. Full NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. Jfc tosTI^IVEUY TEffitv!) Ship 08WKOU, i Hptaiu Johnson. Ship RUDSON, Captsiu 1'agr. 0ui|i wir iv *, i ai'iaiu lutzcrsoll. Ship LCMMSVJLLE, Capt Hunt, ship SARTF.LLK, Oaptaln Taylor Bar* (JKNKSF.K. Captain Minor . Bark JANK E. WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Bark HEUKON, Captain Ure<g. I The aheve ships are all ol the li at clan, of light draft oI water, and commanded by the inos experienced captains in the trade. Their c.tuuis .ire handaotae|y lurniahrd. and every attention paid to the c unfurl and convenience of the paaxeiigcrs. Neither the captains or ownera of the above ships will be repnnaible for jewelrv, bullion,prectona atoura, atlveror plated ware, or forauy lettera, pari ela, or packages aent by, or put on board of them, unleia regular billa of lading are taken for the same, and the value therein expressed For fre ght or passage apply on board, at Orleana whatf, foot of V\ all atreet, or to - K. K. COLLINS M South srr-et. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodrnff. It Ok, who will prnmptlv forward all gooda to their addreaa. M?W LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. A 1 ? 1 ^FT^TaiL FRO^NEW YOIOCTHE Mth.LTvSS POOL. THE llthOK EACH MONTH? t'HOM NKW YOltK, I Ship HHKR1 DAN. uapt. Cornish, January 24, " OAKRlCK. " Traak. February 2G, " KOSCIUS, " Kldridge, March 26, " blDDuNS, " Cobb, April 26. KiioM giognrooL, " (JAKKI' K, December 11. " KOSCIUS, January 11, " SIDDONS, February 11, " SHElilDAN, March U. These ahipa are all of the firat c'ata, npwardi of 1000 tout, built in thta city, with audi improveineuta an cotnbiue great tp??d, with unusual comfort fur passengers The price of paaaage heime ia $75, for which ample stores will be provided. Theae snips are commanded by experienced matters. who Will mall. Itrrv mimrtinn .? ....... "- I satisfaction. Neither the Captain or owner* ol' these ships will be lesponsible for a*v letters, parcels or packages sent by them.unleis regular bills of lading are signed therefi r. Kor freight or passage apply to, E. h. COLLINS. 16 South street. .1 a 1 BROWN. SHIPLEY It CO.. Liverpool. J. McMURKAY'S ARRANOEMEN18 KOR 1847. ittv m. OLDEST ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully brgs leave to teuder hi* sincere thanks to his numerous friends and the public for their very liberal support lie has received for upwards ol twenty years, and solicits a continuation of their confidence. The despatch by wlucn his passengers have been brought out, aud tho piomp'ness by which his very nuineious drafts have been paid at the different banks, are, he Batters himself a sufficient guarantee to the public for the faithful performance of auv future contracts entered luto with hiin. The billowing are the days of sailing of the regular line of packets to aud from Livrrpool, viz :-1st, 6th, 11th, 16th 21st and 16th of each month throughout the year. lu addition to the above regular line a number of splendid ships, such as the Adirondack, M arm ion, Happuiuiuock, Libeity, Sea, Greenock, Broom, and Ocean Queen, will continue to sail from Liverpool weekly in regular succession, thetteby preventing the least possibility of delay or detention in Liverpool. The regular line of Loudon Packets sail from New York on the 1st, 8th. 16th and 24th ; and from London on the 6lh, 13ih, list, and 28th of each month throughout the year. Persons desirous of seuding for their Irieuds residing in the Old Country, can hare them brought out in any of the above rptendid vessels on moderate terms. Aud for the accommodation of persous wishing to remit money to their families or friends. I have arranged the payments of my Drafts on the fo'lowing Bonks Armagh, Droghed*, Londonderry, Atiiloue, Duudalk, Lurgan, Bandou, Dungarvan, Monaghau, Belfast. Duuganuou, Mallow, Buibridge, Dow ii Patrick, Oinagli, Ballymeua, Dublin, Parsonstown, Baliyshanuon, Kaniskillen, Skibbereen, Bailing, Ennis, Sligo, Cork, Knuiscorthy, Htrabane, Colcraine, Kermoy, Tralee, Clonmel, (ialway, Wexford, Cavan, Kilkenny, Waterford, Carlow, Kilrush, Yuuglul. Coothill, Limeiick, Enui.and?Messrs. Hp Miner. AttwoodlkCo., Bankers, London ; Messrs. Jas Beckett Ik Son, and Mr. Richard Murphy, Liverpool. bcoTLAMi?The City of Glasgow Bank, and all its branches and Agencies. t/"" Passages can also ba engaged from Liverpool to Philadelphia, Boston, and Baltimore, by the Regular Packet Miipa on applicatiosi being made personally, or by letter, poat paid, addressed to JOSEPH McMURRAY. Corner of Pine ami Houtli streets. New York, Or, Jamks Bki kkt Ik Hon, and ) No. 1 Waterloo Road, Mr. Hicnano MtrnrHv, I Liverpool d2) r PASSAGE FROM ALL FAllTfs OF ENG LAND, IRELAND, feOOTLAI) AND WALES. m M >&& M pt'.KsONH wiihiug to tend for tlieir trie ml? in any part ol i the Old Conutrv, will find the subtcribei's arrangements for 'S17, most complete, and calculated in every way to ensure satisfaction to all who may make urrongemeiUi with them to hriug their fr.enda across the Atlantic. The subscribers are agents fir THE NEW LINE OE LIVERPOOL PACKETS QUEEN' OE THE WEST, 1300 tons. IV C.HPOOL. lino " HOTTINOUER 1200 " ROCHESTER 1060 " KOSC1U8, 1200 " 81DDONS,. 113(1 " SHERIDAN 1140 " OAKKICK 12C0 ' The above magnificent packets are all New York built ships, of the vry first class, built expressly for the Liverpool ins server trade, and fitted up with special regard for the comfort ana convenience of passengers; they are commanded by men ol experience, and are not surpassed for sneed by any hips afloat. Their sailing dayt from Liverpool are on the 6th and 11th of every month, on which days they leave punctually. Sin addition to the above splendid (hips the subscribers are 4 Ageuts for the ... Viounur. o, i nr. umun LJINf. UP LIVERPOOL PACKETS, composed in pnrt of the followinir favorite and well-known ships, vii : "The America," 8t George. Empire, Si. ratrick, Rappahannock, Mannion, Sua, he., he , which together with the new line, make sit ship* per month, or one even tire dav , from Liverpool; thu* preventing the possibility ol deny at lliat port Passage from uiy pan ol'Irelaud to Lit eipoul cnu be aecured at the lowest ratca. Every inforinatio giseu ky applying to W.kJ T. TAPHCOTT, * South at , 2d door below Burling allp Drafts eupplied for any amount fiotu XI, upwards, piyahle thmflKHll the I'nited Kingdom. il9 r m M ROCHE^Um/ERN^ Go. ARRANGEMENTS Remittances to and Passage from tireat Dritain and Ireland, by the BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Sailing from Lieerpool on the let aud 16th of erery month. Also, by first class American ships (weekly.) Persons sendirg to the Old Conntry for their friends, can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and hare them brought out in any of the eight ships comprising the Black Ball, or Old Line ol Liverpool Packets, sailing from Liverpol on the ls< and 16th ol erery month. Alio, by first class ships sailing [torn that port weekly, which our ig.-nt, Mr Roche, Senior, there, will see are sentont without Inlay. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool rackets.com prise the following magnificent ships, and will tail from Lirrrpoo! on the regular appointed days, as follow! :? M DEI.I A, 1st January, 1st May, 1st September EUROPE, 16th " 16th " 16th NEW YORK, 1st February, 1st June, 1st October. COLOMBIA. 16th " 16th " 16th " YORKSHIRE, 1st March, 1st July, 1st November OXFORD, 16th " 16th ' 16rh CAMBRIDGE, 1st April, It'Ang., 1st December. MONTEZUMA. 16th " iKih " is.i. P. 8.?The public arc re^jie-ctful I> notifie<1, by desire of the rwncrs of the Block Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool far-bets, :lil no passenger agenis hot K. B St On. hove permission rroin (hein to advertise to bring oof patamigeia bp that line, oid iloit they are the only regular authoruetl passenger agents >f*aid line in this eity. We have at all tiioea for tale drafts at sight, for any amount. Irawn direct on the Koyal Bank of Ireland, Dublin; al?nou Messrs. Present! (Jrotr, Ainea 8t Co., Bti kera, London,?I,o h ire paid free nf diacount or any charge whatever, in all the >*incipal towns throughout Kiigland, Ireland See'laad and Wales. A|>piys> adcreta it let'.sl? s?! paiJts HOC UK, UUOTtlKAA <k Co., to Fulton atreet, N. Y., neit door to the Fulton Bank The otficeof Mr. Knehe, 8enr., is at TJ Dublin street, oTrc Liverpool. I'AUKETS FOK HAVKE?bhCUML) LIN Pa. Ml 'ML TheshiLis of thi^iu^vill tail dunntMiie yea^i^Ti^ol owing order From N. Fork. F'm Havre. ( Jan. I, Feb. IS Ihip UTICA, Capt. J A. Peirce, < May I. June IS f Sept. I. Oct S. ih.p HT NICHOLAS. Capt N. W ??' { hTel""h I Oct. I. Nov. 16 Hup ONKIDA, Capt. Fune.k, Jjldy!. Aug'iJ? f Nov. 1. Dec. 16. Ih.p BALTIMORE, Cap,. J Johu-j^'L Ma, j?. THam .. , a C DtC. 1. J*!! 16. iney areall of the fir?i cla?, ablv commanded. and with ccommodations amide and commodious. The price of pasage 111 the cahin ?iaa -_-i r? ' Winn una miliars. Apply to BOYD It HINCKKN. Airnli, .No. 9 Tout inc Buildings, No. B8 Wall street Oooils sent to the agents lor forwarding, will be subject to one other than the expenses actnally paid. nulll m GLASGOW ANlJ NEW VcThh UNfc oh I'ACKLTS. PtiL ML ^RSOXP wishingto send lor' tnri^Reiids in any pert ol 8cotIsnd, to ssil direct from Glasgow, esn mslie arrange- ; cuts w ith the Subscribers, to hare them brought ont in tuiy lUierepular lineol Packets, sailing monthly from Glasgow. The ANN HARLKY, Captain Scott, ADAM OAHR, Captain >1c K. wen, 8AHACKN. Captain Hawkins, BROOK SHY, loraprise the abate line,and the hish character of those testis should be sufficient inducement lor pe. yons who may he nding for their friends iu Scotland, to make arrangements for is (the only line.) Earther particulars giten.on spiihOUon^to^^^ 7J Sonlh street, corner of Maiden Dane, or Messrs. RKID It MURRAY. Agents 1 alt i in Olnsgow. ji W Y 0 2W YORK, MONDAY MC The Mexican War. MILITARY INTKr.LIUE.NCK C'amf 3<1 Infantry, near Monterey, I Mexico, Nov 25, ln-itt. J Sir : The 3(1 Infantry having suttered a greater lose in killed and wounded at Monterey than any other corps engaged 011 the 21st, 22d. and 23d of Sept , consequently, a greater opportunity ie ottered for mistakes and misrepresentation to occur in the detailed accounts. I have thought I would not do the matter any harm try giving the list of the otttcers engaged, and the extent of eveiy wound received by officers -, as, also, the changes in the command of the regiment and companies? whon ami where officers were killed and wounded, etc. The following is a list of the officers killed and wounded : | Major W. W Lour, mortally wounded?shot through I iuu iitimi iu ma inn ruaige iu me rown ?since nam). I Capt. L. N. Morris, acting as " field officer," killed in i ' the second charge made on tho bridge, on tho 3lst. i Capt II. Boiijbridge, slightly wounded in tho hand ? merely a contusion ?which took piece about 10 o'clock, a. m, on the 31at Capt. B. then went to camp, and did not return until tho morning ot the 31d. Capt. Oeo. P. Kiold, killed by a (quad of lancer* on tho plain, when on hi* return from the town Captain and brevet Major Barbour, killed in the first charge in the town on the 31st, at the heud of his company. Lieutenant and Adjutant D. S Irwin, killed in the first charge in the town on the 31st. Lieutenant Roht. Hazlett, killed in tho tecoud charge in the town on the 31st. This comprise* all the killed and wounded among tho ofilcers in the 3d regiment infantry. I will now give you a list of tho officers commanding companies, ana companies engaged, by eompuny : Company C.?Capt. L. N. Morris, Lieut. Hazlett, both killed. Company F.?Capt. II. Bainbridgo. nart of the time. and cart of the time it waa without an othcer. Company H.?Capt. Goo. P. Field, killed;command devolved on Lieut. Dobbins Company 1.?Cant, and Brevet Major Barbour, killed; command devolved on Lieut. Johnaeu. Company K ?Cant. W. 8. Henry, who, alter Capt. Bainbridge lelt, took command of the regiment, and continued in command until the morning of the did. ( ompany D ?Capt. L. 8. Craig The ubove ia a true liat of the companiea engaged, and the changaa that took place in the eouimand^of companies on the dlat. The following ia a liat of all the otllcera in the 3d regiment infantry who wero engaged on the 21st, did, and 33d September : Major W. W. Lear, mortully wounded?since dead. Capt. L. N. Morris (C) killed. Capt. H. Bainbridge (F) slightly wounded, engaged 21st, 33d, and '23d Capt. Geo P. Field (H) killed on tho dint. Capt. and Brevet Major P. N. Barbour (I) killed on the 31at. i apt W 8 Henry (K) engaged dlst,did, and d3d. KCaot L. 8 Craicr ?n?ruiriafl kii?* o.?,i .vj,4 Lieut. D.T. Chandler, A. A. M , engaged 21st, 23d, and 2Jd. Lieut 8 D Dobbins (H) engaged Hit, 33d, and 33d. Lieut D. H. Johmon (I) engaged 21st, 33d, bud Sid. Lieut. D 8 lrwiu, Adj , killed on the diet Lieut. D C. Buell, A. A. Adjt Ueu. to Gen. Twiggs, engaged 21st,23d, and 23d. Lieat. J. B. Kichardiou (H) engaged 21st, 23d, and 23d. Lieut.. W. T. H. BrooUs, A. A. Adj. Gen. to Col. Gurland, engaged 31*t, 23d, and 23d. Lieut. A W. Bowman (K) engaged 31st, 23d, and 23d. Lieut. Geo. 83 lies (D) engaged 31st, 22d and 33d. Lieut. Robt. lluzlctt (C) killod on the 21st The above is a true list of all the officers who were engaged?of the killed and wounded?asulso a true statement of the casualties and the tinio of their occurrence, including the chunges in the commands in c.onfequrncc ol the same. More anon. AN KYE?WITNK98. [From the 8t. Louis Ileveillo, Doc. 31 ] Compunv H, of mounted liiluuien, commanded l>v Capt. Backenstos, embarked yesterday, on board tlie Champlain, lor New Orleans, whence they will depart, kvlhi, ' *? * ' -j ?- ..... ?i vviiTo^au^c, wr nit- sen oi war. NAVAI. INTELLIUENCK. UKrom the Boston Journal, Jan 3 ] Messrs. VVinde, Clmkard v Co., boat-builders, of this city, have recently completed a government contract, lor nino barges, to be used on the coast of Mexico, for lauding troops. The contract was taken but little over three weeks since. One bout was built in Newburyport, and two in Portland, under this contract.?The remaining six were built by the above Ann, at their buat yard, in the most workman like muuner, witlyn the short apace of three weeks. The barges are of three sizes, and there are three of each size. The lnrgust are -It) feet long, 1-J loot wide, and 4 feet 4inches in depth The smallest ute 3tt feat long, and the other dlmeuaions in proportion. They are calculated to pull from tweiity to twenty-four oars, and will carry Irom a hundred to a hundred end fifty men each. These boats will be forwarded to Bristol, K. 1, whence they will be shipped for the Uulf. The three smnliust hargvi will goby the railroad The others will he car tied by teams, they being too largo to passtho railroad bridges. (Joe hundred ol those barges have been built, under the orders of General Scott, at Italtimorc, Philadelphia, New York, be , sultlciont to landau at my ol twenty thousand men, in a abort ap ace ol time. A Snake Story, and a Uood One. [Kitract from an occasional Correspondent J As incident occurred on our way to Cincinnati, via Pitsburgh, which cieated great merriment in tho party, at the expenso of our friend II. One night, alter ielantog our limbs at one of the many statious on the route, we discovered that two very mysterious looking strut. gers were added to our company. Dressed in the garb f backwoodsmen, with their ritles by their tides, their appearance excited the most unpleasant reflections, to us who hud never travel ed, which, together with the i inconvenience attendaut on " twelvo inside," suggested tha in<-o of rl.?,i?r.?- ....-.,1 u . .uiuuici ?wu. i nil pnill was strongly advocated by il., who declared he woul.l not proceed w ith such " highwaymen," but after an inefl'ectual attempt to procure auy other couveyauce, wo re signed ourselves to the forco ol rircuinsluncea, and wrapped our robes about us, preparing for ttie departure. H. roluctantly took trio teat between the. strangers, when ha discovered thoy had a box of rather strange dimensions of w hich they took especial earn, and by u remark which was made, apparently not designed lor out ear, we learned it contained snakes. H. supposing the hunters had some enormous specimens I of the rattlesnakes designed for exhibition at Cincinnati, made some anxious enquiries as to their being properly secured, lie , to which, having received evasive and very unsatisfactory replies, his fancy pictured the most un pleasant associations, and the most terrible remits. The idea that he should rind himself encoded within the folds of so venomous and disgusting a reptile, was horrible?the darkness of the night gave power to his imagination, and the acts of his lite? tne firesides he had left?the friends with whom ho had parted, perhaps for the last time, minglod in strange confusion with prescriptions, panaceas, and loathsome death. Often he resolved to make known to his drowsy party, his fearful misgivings, but the fear that we should not sympathise in his intense anxiety, and that his allegations would be answered with n laugh, deterred him. | At length, ovoi|>owercd bv luliguu. and the excitement of ho scene, he tell asleep ?but the same horrible dre.irn putsueil him, and as tho "brake" was applied in descending the mountain, and as its hissing sound broko upon his ears, he awoke appalled with the idea that his woist fears were luily realized, and in the phrenzy of despair, he sprung liom his seat, and at the lop ot his lungs,cried out ' Stranger ! stranger! vour d?J snakes nr.? in,?? " Aroused fiom our drowsiness by tliix Hidden outburst, and divining the mute, wo hunt nut in the most imtnoderate laughter at the joke, u? well an at the ridiculout l>o?ition whirh 11. hail assumed, to bo safo fiom tho attack of hi* aupposed enemy. An.l although niter lull explanation, II. enjoyed tho joke, yet no powers of poisuision could induce him to continue hi* journey with the Hoosicrs, and their box o! specie. Nrwh from tiik Okkoon Kmk.rants.?The following is tin t-xtniciofa letter just received from Kort Hall, liom n gentleman who !elt lust spring wi h a company of many other* for the Oregon Territory. It is worthy the attention of persona intending to emigrate thither : ? Ko*r Hall, Aug. 'J, l?lt>.- I am happy of tho opportunity ol sending to you some further intorniatiun with regard to our teuious trip to Oregon. Wo arrived at this placo (Kort Hall) yesterday, which is situated in a beautiful plain on Snake river, an I is certainly a healthy place, if theie is one in the world. The cuiiositles that are to be stou upon the plains, are enough to compensate me for all my trouble. The soda springs are a cuiiosity Indeed; the water of these spring* tastes a good deal like soda, and boils up like soda when the acid is mixed ; just below these soda spring* is a boiling spring, which comes up through a hole in u rock; it makes a noise like as if it were boiling, and can ha heard a quarter of a mile oil'. The water foams like suds, and la a little above milk warm. " The itulei endenee rock is also an interesting sight; it Is about 1M1 feet high, and covers something near sis acres of ground. There are engraved upon this rock, < between two and threo thousand names ; I left my name on it, July 'Id, 1H4A. If I were te tell you that we crossed lakes of salaratus, you would scarcely believe me, hut i it 1* true ; we travelled over them with our teams, and used it in our bread, and it is as good il riot better than any you buy in tho States. Krom Kort Laramie to this place, the road is quite roe.ky, mountainous, uud sandy ; | have to rest them a Rood deal in consequence of tho a scarcity of gran* near tha mountaina Tho worst thin# o we have to encounter, is the <lust, winch is very dim- e gieeablc indeod. Thia is a long and tedious trip, and re- tl quiros great putience, but I have not for a moment re- h grotted the undertaking, for it has been a great bene At o to my health, and I find health bettor than triendl. Tha tl old men who undertook this trip for their health arc got- n ting along finely ; old Mr. I.innvilln looks well There a who undertake this trip should select well made cattle, S as they stand it much the host; and don't he alarmed if h you have to burn buffalo chips to cook by, lor it mrikas h a good fir#.? IVeiltn ( Mo ) ftrmorrut. o Poll! lent Intrlllgtuce. The New Orleans Trvptrclaims iho election oi New- r' ton. whig, to f'ongross, in place of Veil, democrat, re- T' signed. Mr. N. is a nativo of Alexnnlrin. , JJ The Milmauki' Stnlintl, of tho 21d ult. says: We tj hear trom Madison that two whig U. 8.Heiiaturs liavo I g been electa J fie as Iowa. This is not probable. k Another trial take" place in Vermont, tc-morrow, for election of a member of Congress in the ttli listri't a (ieorge it. Chandler is the whig, arid Lucius U. i'eck the in democratic candidate. t >RK I IRNING, JANUARY 4, 18 A f HIRV n?.f> 01 IliJM I The Close of Ihe Political War?Causes of the Defeat of Cato?" Who Killed Cock Robin ?Van Rurenism ? Old Bucktaslf?CHntaniani?The Urgency?History of Paititi, <f-c. A* the political year ii fast drawing to a close, when tho curtain that is to hide from public view one of the most prominent actors in tho political drainuofthis State's history, for the last quarter of a century, is about to fill upon the scene of his labors, we cannot do lass than to bid a respectful farewell to the retiring statesman, and to chronicle briefly the events which havo crowded upon the evo of a year pregnant with excitement and contentious strife?events tlint ate clesely allied to the fate of him whose political life ceases with tho lost expiring year. He must be a superficial observer of things who does not discover in tho downfall of a leading and prominent j statesman, some effect upon the deitiuy ol the State or country with which he may be identified, or of whose chain of history lie forms a link; and to the close exnminor into the fate of men and of nations, there is something ? however molanuholy its character may be?something instructive in the final overthrow of a great, proud, and aspiring statesman. Tho true searcher after political knowledge, and the lover of political science, can no where find a wider field for useful research than i in studying tho career of political parties and their leaders, and pursuing them through tho vnrious changes and phases or their existence, either to ultimate success or fitinl disaster; and among modem politicians the fate of but few will furnish a par -llol to that of Silas Wright, in ull that is instructive as example. But ulew short months?a little over two years ago? the name of Silas Wright had the effect of a talismanic charm upon a great and powerful nartv in this Union- n? Baltimore, the highest honors in the gift of the people were thrice tendored him, which "thrice he did reluse." His name, alone, as it was said of King Richard, "was q tower of strength," ami possessed sufficient mngic to make and unmake Presidents; whilo now, oh! fickle poo pie! it could not mako him Governor! "Now lies ho there, And nono so poor to do him rcveronco." What has produced this grent change 1 On what meat hath this our Cato fed, that he hath grown so thin f Many of the causes which contributed to this downfall, lie deeply buried beneath the dark curront oi the political waters, through whose depths 110 unpractised or superficial explorer can penetrate Kqually amusing anil ridiculous nro tho explanations given hy profound political paragrapliists who assume to account for the defeat of Hilas Wright, reminding one of the awkward and laugh ddo reasons which itinerant lecturers upon science and philosophy will sometimes give in attempting to account for causes and eziect s of which they are profound 1) ignorant; or of the verdicts which are sometimes rendered according to"Orownor'u 'quest law" tij>on bodies tbun 1 <l?n f. And really, to read some of the political jouri lis oi the State, one might ho led to suppose that all thoir editors were empannclled as n coroner's ^ury, and were giving their very wise ami learned opinions upon the all-important question of "who kilhwi (lock Kobin!" In order to mako the darkness which surrounds the public mind on this subject still inoro impenetrable in its murkiness, Cato himselr comes forward and casts his dull, gloomy shadow upon us through soma sixtenu or twenty columns ot the Jillai,ia several soporitic articles, purpoitinff to give " the causes and consequoncos of the late defeat," which, together, may be regarded as a sort of valedictory Governor's message, or last dying speech ami confession. That they are the emanations of the prolific and diffusive quill of Governor Wright, they hear the strongest possible internal evidenco ; hut, independent of the uumistakcuble eur-marks which indicate their authorship, the ^l//u< does not deny that they oro the productions of his Herculean labors, although (Tiey have generally been ascribed to him by the public press Tiiase prod actions liuve probably been perused by that portion of the subsci ihers of ths paper in which they uppci.iod who tuko an iutorest in the details of party movements and party manifestoes ; but they have made no inTpiession upon the public mind, and as for any effect ii .. .. iui; ni.ui.i u..ii- (.iuiiiiucu, llll'V migM ai woll never have In on Untied front tho press, for they have lallen literally still-born from it. If it were desired that they shoulJ he rrad, some other mode should have been resorted to for their promulgation. The comptroller, Mr Klagg, who in more directly interested, as far an tho future is concerned, might give us a chanter or two . ou " causes and consequences' in his annual report; or the Attorney General might hove called a ma?e meeting of " lreemtn and wiun-s?us" at New Scotland. and h Id forth upon tho ' cotite<|tteuce*," to him, in his unual elo quent on 1 felicitous manner. As it is, these defences, which are as long as the moral law, aro not as much read and are far U"> heeded than the precepts of that sublime scionco The only way they can ever obtain aay tiling like a lair ai.ui ioc nou, or uu attentive perusal, will be to h*v?them divided in chapters end printed on cotton pocket nan tkercuiefs, liUo moral lessons for tliu young, and distil mt 'l among the using youth* at the district schools, 01 hi* Kxcelleucy might combine thum in one gluiious, *!U| eudou* whole, and issuo them an a Oovernur's mesaaga, in opposition to John Young's inaugural. To bo serious, it will bo conceded, I think, that these article*, by whomever written,have fallen from the press without producing the desiied or uny lav-arable effect? no far as they were intended to explain the causes ol the result of the elections iu this State, thoy have totally failed, fcvideutly written by u strong and embittered partizan, before tho chagrin and disappointment of defeat and tho heated leelings consequent thereon, had passed away, they give the peoplo ol the State about as much insight into the true causes ot the overthrow, as did the , famous "[ironunciuinento" of the redoubtable Ampu.liu to tho astonished and confused people of Mexico, lor l:i* defeat at Monterey. Tho writer goes back ten years or moro, to show tho origin of what is termed "conservatism" in this Htuto, j ana traces the use aud progress ot this section ot the par ty, with an occasional irilusion of criminntion, dow n to the prosout <tay, and concludes, hftor all tins immensity j of labor and expenditure ol words, that conservatism was the cause of the result -tho consequences being ( somewhat ol an individual chnigC.ter, uro uot so much dwelt upon as we hud reaton to expect, or lather fear.? He differs, however, in this from tho Cnynga Tor tin, one ot f'ato's favoiite and exclusive organs, which as crihos "the fatal conclusion'' to the hostility of the geno eral administration (i suppeso he took the iuorilinste puffs of Father lUtchie ss evidence of that hostility)? to the hopes and aspirationa ot dilas Wright. Pie differs, also, fiom the Ntwbnrgh Ttlrgraph, another 8imou Pure, which lay stiie whole Idume at the door of Secretaries Walker and Murcy, charging tliem with int iguing to dcleat (iov Wnglit, for the purposo ol destroy ing his prospects as u piominert esndiilate for tho Presidency.? It diliers also from the Cllobi', which said imme- ' distely alter the election, thai the lesult was in con- | seuiiei.ee of their nominating a candidate unnn u.*.. I tho" domocracy wcr? not mined, and moie recently, that the oiliccts ot tlio geoeial administration, in the custom 1 house* and post ottlcci in Now York aud elsewhere, , opposed his election under the belief that his defeat would be agreeable at head quarters. Such are the 1 differences of opinion among tlieso learned doctors. < I think tho causes are diiterent from any ol those, and , that theif oiigm muy ho traced back m.?n> j ears, and was const quant upon mure important events, than u mi 4 serable jealousy ol h present temjxirary and transitory 1 power?something beyond the roach and influence ol tlio adminifctiatioii at Washington and treo from tlin trammels and control of party organisation and usages at 1 Albany. t Twenty-five yrars rgo a Convention was helJ to re- " vivo and untune tho then existing constitution; at lliut I time tho political putties in tho Htato were very much 1 in the nidation thut they were this last year. 8 Tho democratic party was distracted between " buck- * tails," " I'lintoruam " "rational lepubllcans," and the ? " people's party," just as tinv wero divided among , ' wbigs." " bttn-buiners," "oi l liuiikcis," uinl "untirenters,'' at the recent election Tho Clinton dynasty, Ahirti liail litokou down tho Livingston and Lewiadyiasly, wus prostrated by tho deep end subtle cunning of " me who has held tho leins ever lince, until lie hiir?clf ' was finally prostiated, together with his followers, in ? I tun, need I io> that I refer to the ex-President, who, ipun tlio tnineu hopes of De Witt Clinton, established! lie Van Huron dynasty, hut us the Burritea were over- ? brown hy tho, Low bites, combined with the Clinton.', ' 0 were tlie Lewisites, with their powrrful allies, the old 1 Avingston stock, ultimately dethroned liy the power of n be i-lifttoniaiis; which, in turn, gave way to the perse ' 'ering ni?chinatloni and i homes of tho Van Buienftcs !' t is s curious lact, that each of those different dynus- " 1 s held sway in tins Mate lor tho period of about twen- * y-fivxyeaiH, end each has fallen in its turn, boioru the *1 o.nhined loices of a hctciogenous opposition ^ i?> iuiikci Kuv-niKii puny una Hie peoplfi' * mtt; meant, in tact, nothing morn than the Clinton pRrty ' nd'the anti-Clinton party, so, in tact, doe* the "old ' lUiikei" putty ond the "barn burner" party ruoan nothing , noro thnn V?n Bnronism an<l anti-Van Burotiiim. These ash nuiiioi, given to each miction in derision, moon 1' lothing. define nothing - tlmy convey no idea of what arty, ?ect or principles tiiey represent. The truth if, ? hat Van Burcnism and nnti-Vnn Buronism is the true istinctien and difference between the two lection* o( the * emocratic purty in tliii Mtate I lad Governor Wright " eon elected this fall, it i* well known here that he vould iiiivii In en tho candidate for the neat I'reiidency, a ipito of late; and John Van llureD would have hern, in 11 human in olmbility, the candidate far Governor in IHH. " "hi? was decided tipon liy the Van Btiren family or dy- . aity, irj you please, lib.', these vrhoino* lucceeded, tho . illowers and retainer., ol tho old icgency would have 11 been provided Iot, w hilo all othere would have been 9 tieclscd as not of the trim faith; hence the jealousy and ' nvy throughout the Shite of tho prohahle continuation of tiia in Alienee. When Mr. Van Buien, who had hoenat the ond of tho domocmtic party in this Statu since the day* . f Clinton, wa* lout into retirement by bis detest in 1*40, t| he struggle commenced for the luccateion to tho load- y, rthip There was Govarnor Matey on the one hand, n ud Silos Wiighton tho other Marcy had boon tho , laishal Nay ot Van Bnren from the hour that Van , mifii will wot men mte purilic LU-, Iiut having been de ated in '34, he wns cant naido remoracleaaly a* 10 much ^ Id lumbar, and the preference an I partiality of Mr. Van ti luran thenceforth tested upon Hila* Wiiglit, who waa f. rpfaii'.ail an tlio legitimate atteceaaor.or rather ba a aort of rgent to'.ha heir apparent, young Prinoe John. l'hua, v iinilv pride ami the tie* of parental !< votion overcnma tl 1r Van Buren'a atrong political nihility, not to any gra- I g itudo and duty to (Jovetnor Matey, who hud earned *, im ihiough every buttle, and always with victory and 0| lory, nnffi tba last pi The democratic party for twenty-five yoara rilubibd p, n untiring, unahaknn cnnti Vnce, devotion and layout- n, nit to Maitin Von Btirati, in a drgiee nevor before I w ijualled by any parly, or uny people '1 hay navcr tiled | p] IERA 47. or faltered from heaping every possible favor upon him, until lie wuii regarded a4 the l'avurite son of fortune. ua wall us of hit native State. But all Una generous devotion all thia untiring labor to ahower liooora upou him ? all thoao exertion* to elevate him to place and power, never wrung trom hi* heart one generous or liberal itt\pulte, or awakened in hi* ho?om one single grateful emotion. The soldier of Napoleon wa* amply rewarded or nil hi* toil*, either upon the burning sends of Kgvpt or in the drifting snow* of Russia, if thu loved hauu of his chiul.ain would but manifest his remt mbiance and regard, b> placing upon thu war-worn breast of t'io veteran the cross of thu Legion of Houor; but Mr. Tan Buren had no cross ot honor t? reward his followers Willi, no smile ol regard to bestow, uulus* that wnirk Could be received a? a token of favor. This is not the idle remark of a summer friend ?it is the asseveration ol one who stood by Mr. Van Buren from year to year, and tliuugh many a tierce cump.'gu ! ?of one who be* gloried in bis triumphs and wept over bit defsa's. How then could the democratic patiy rally , with their usual enthusiasm to Ilia support of one who was prepared to restore a prostrated pud sunken dynus ty in the line of succession, and leiustate a cold, selfish, ! grasping regency into a continuation of power which i had been previously exerci'ed with utter selfishness and : iron inflexibility ! I propose to follow this matter somewhat farther in my nnxt, and to show tho t onnectiun of Van Buranism with , the defoat of (iov. Wright. This done, 1 shnll leave the I subject, and turn iny attention to thu history of the patty which has just come into power I thought 1 could not , do less than to givo the powers which are just approach- { ing their hour uf dissolution, the benefit ef an oliituaty j notice, and feol that I owe an apology to your readeis < >?. ?uu? ?ivaj?OOOUI5 DU |UII^ HJ'VU lilVII Jiuneuuu. iMo.n rk viulo October 1, 1840. 'iVie l'rogrtu of the H'ar. I last wroto you a hurried scratch on the 10th of August, about this miserable drag out lliver 1'latto affair; I they have now got it into a precious mess?another 1 twelve months'jail for us hero, and no mistake. I thought,on the arrival of Mr. Hood, the special agent from Kngland and France,that the confounded thing would be settled by debit and credit, or licking oil' of chalks; but it was no go with Rosas, who is resolved to stick out like a cart load of brick, true ginger to the back bone?he says he won't admit any dovetailing now, nor secret articles; but do the thing above board, handsome Mr. Hood, therefore, had to return back just as he came They are now beginning to find out whut they ought to have known years ago, that soft sawder is all a hum- | bug with this sixteen year old question. What Rosas I w i.nted Irom the dawn of his political career and want* to ho end of the chapter, is the total extinction of to- j reirn commerce, tnemlier u/ith ISa #.? s:. I rival State, ttio Bunou Oriental, ut any cost He doos not now cure a tiff; though they steam diplomatic agents to him by the ton, ha will give them plenty of trumpery correspondence, for ho writes like u hook. However, he is a spoiled child of our own making, so. we must put up witn his little unties?either that or tleg him. 'i'he tiger huntiuK now has got to be hunt the hunter. So you may suppose that thu spoil of it is in a great measure spoiled. Our show ol naval force, with our stusmeis and their painted atoms, just suit hiiu to a nicety. They put me in mind of the passage in bam Stick, where the Indian chief, Black Hawk, is introduced to the Museum at Washingtou, to show his pictures?they do, upon my soul. Hnd they stuck to the letter of their noto of 16th De- i cember, and protected tho liunda Oriental, the trade alone of w inch was worth any six ol our colonies put together, things would not now he in the appalling state In which they ure?a total wreck of propeity on one side, j and on the other a worse than second Algiers scrane taring us in the lace. Or, had they oven sent out tlie i hundiul of men they did only u mouth sooner, before Hivara lost tho battle 01 Indio \1 units, where he showed six thousand men in the field, the action would never I need to havu been giran, und the nlfair thus settled without costing Kuglund and Krauce, comparatively speaking, ' a sixpence. If the government now do right, they ! ought to try every minister to Buenos Ayies, lrom lb.ll 1 downwards, by court martial. Thov will disgruco u naval commander for losing a ship. What then ought : to fall on a diplomatic agent, who ought to know better, I t>r compromising a nation's honor troin gloss and loul mismanagement' However, if they now continue the cat'a paw game, when I fear it's going to lie hummer anil tongs | with us, the sooner they pension them out ol the country i the better. There was no earthly use whatever of blockading | Buenos Ayros; in fact, it s worse than 110 blockado at ad, inasmuch us it only serves for a laughing stock. You 1 may J udgu what it is, when there were twenty-live suit I niuued a few days ago in tirosd day light, witnin a tew liouissailuf that port. There are vassola now 10a ling in this harbor lor tho Unitod States slid Kurope, with cargoes that appear to como lrom tho clouds. This latter is done publicly. The lorcing of the riveis Parana and Urugay, was another precious humbug. However, wa have got Brazil to thank lor that; but lloaaH swears he'll have a nigger from them yet, for every shot that has i it i Ua.i. r-- i?.~ -? - 1 > ....4 .1 win/ ivi uio >|<un ui punisHing mem [or ' the tut 11 > wuy Um| llMMll out t only lot him get clear of the Knghsh and K ranch blockade, ami you'll see > the wild goose chase he'll loud them, lor he's wutao than ftwhtim ?TtT TTM. fit let Una hitch on ; besides, .he niggers like fresh bret anil lieedoin aa well as any other ' blin ds on the f.ce of creation. Wo are in duty hound to uiake the amend honoiahle to the Bunda Oiiental. Wo cannot get ever it; she opeiu d her arms, not only to u? individually, but to the com- ! meice and Industry of all nations ; she has granted to them privileges and immunities which would lie scouted j at in their own countries, and I would ask how under heaven have we ie,>uid her I By grasping as a treaty, one hardly woith wnngiug out of them 111 the sliuinulul way in which it was. That is tlio famous treaty for which klngl.inri is now, and hus been paying lor dearly for the . last live years past, and one winch will continue to cost ' m more gold end silver than ever wa bargained lor, or | intended should he so sliuinolully lavished on the suoies ; ol l.a rlutta; us, had the Bunda Oiiental been then told laiily aud candidly that no int? iterance could be rendered on our part, the invading army would have i inarched in, organized tlio country, tlio lieuty would uo ' doubt not have tieen gianted loi the timo being, but the 1 reckless and desolating war which has been waged since, wonla lrom that day have beeu ended. Hour, $1'J per bairel, on shoie; dry hides, !> cents per ' lb, tree on board. .Nothing doing except in the blockado iiuo, and that hurdly puys. A TKIIK BillTON. I'r<ii.ads.lrHia, DeC.'JS, iHtli. Military Jirdor?Fi It, fc. Nothing now since iny last. Tlio reeont call upon 11 Old Keystone" lor an additional rogiment ol volunteers to act ugiiinrt Mexico, lias infused new lifo into our citi ion soldiery. The question now is, not " who will lie compelled to gobut " who wilh ho compelled to itay 7" From every armory tho (tare ami atrip-a are lean floating in the breeze, while the oft repeated aounda jf the fife and drum in our atreela plainly evince the ' nertial apirit pervading our youth, and la tho beat evilence that though " quakera" by name, they are far rom being auch at heart. The committee appointed nt the Southwaik meeting in rid of volunteer?, to ileviao the beat method for obtaining lie contribution? of tho citizen* of the diatrict, met laat ivaibgfttbaeoamiiaioaat*bell, and made their retort. The plau tbay recommended wae, in tho main, ainilar to that fixed upon hv tho committee in the city, I nd will no doubt Ann a warm reaponxe in the heart of1 ivery citizen of Southa nrk. Too many of the princra if Cheanut atreet t.ike it out in talkirg, whilo Hie really lumnno and charitable portion of the community?the lard walking mechanica? act. Our new company, tho Independent Onard, bid* fair to in a credit to the city fiom which it noon depaita for donterey. Their muster roll contain? n# namri; an I 0 judgu from the gentlr-m inly and xt.ilwi.it appearance , 1 tho majority el thnmembcra, will sharply context the aurel wrentli w ith innny nn older company. A moat brilliant fire wu* given night before last t flic- Navy Vard by the gallar.t t'olonel Twiggs, he rm, iai.n,Ini.r nl ll.n ? 1 ? - - ............ ... ..... siijr. 10 he kindness of the pretty Milt A ? T? win lyfpieience' there u vmf, i.n.l though it wm ay fir*t | lait to tho Colonel's hospitable mansion. the remain- i ranee of the pleeaunt evening I pitted, make* mo hop* . t may not ho I.if Jait. Tho reception 10001 was crowd(1 with tiaantf, fnthion, ami military and naval offli rri n their gorgeous umloiait, until about 10 1*. M , when a oor or the othar aide of tho hall w as thrown upon, and lie hand commenced with "Hail Columbia." We enterd tba two anncioua hall raoina. whora a *cene of almost liry magnificence awaited us, the walla warn hung with ' aga, a. iangel in graceful Uatoona, fiem the ceiling to ha floor, relieved at regular inter vain hy standi ol armi | itaripprced with wreathe of graan, and candelabra irmed of piatola anJ bayonet*, which, added to u large handelior, (of lorty ligh'*,) composed of the aarna mairiali, iiiapetidad fr^jn tho centre ol the larger room, [ ml rack* of musket* iiblding candle* in each window, | itde the appaaninca truly beautiful. The floor* were halka.l mn*t ev|ui*ilcly, u large 74 in each room.ruraunded by a laurel wreath, and in eurh comer lh? vnriu? intigninol war taatafully portrn)e.l, while over the lantln ?) painted a moat lile like looking eagle, holding re thunderbolt* end olive branch, wrought in gilt, in ita lion*, and a icroll in the boak, containing tn golden lot mm mo Hirmuninip IUBFI OI WCUllir, (thrt (JoloBAl'f nllRQt relative,) "Ourcountry, in Iter interrour?i) with I >teisii natlona m?y ike alwaj !> in thu itgrht; ?i>J si- , raya auceeaafiil, right or wrong." Underneath an the American cout of arm?, aurroiiuded by , le wreath of victory. The muaic waa very anperior, ;< D'l the d.incera aoon look the lloor, the I oi a ton, villi ia pretty Mill , hia afllaoced, (an 1 foi whom the 1 I all wax given) inking the hee l of the cotillion. 1 wee i iucii pleated with the lady, though I had not the plea- I ure ol mi introduction to her; a lovely blonde of email et bca'itilnl Mature. tie. -e.-ia.-l tie- vei) peraoiiifn-ation f hupniiieaa, and I trnat u| 'pearance did not belie reality. tr? 1 n looked ?" lovely and aa coquettiahly beau- I till a* ever ; while h*i fair relntive. Miaa A T-?, | illowed her example, and flirted and waltzed moat inde- | i igably w ith Haron , a Rnaaian ofltcor The 11eiwe I n. ol < hnanut atrcet. looked u? -- itii mother, who wn< with them (and that it ? real -leal), arid the eld- tt made u moit decided ,mi>re.on woo. Lieutenant 8- , ?l 0 ihoi>. in .11 the glory Lta'ir Mr " ' 1"U'1>' WoUtM a , ,t,ft N.yy, WM pre.cnt with hi. youthful rule, and boro the weight of hi. double honors with tick dignity Miaa T -, of Virg.n.., ,n<t M 1! <>? Lieutenant H of the Navy, who waa alao I ' reaeut in his becoming uniform, looked pre eminently I d / > i mmmhhmmmmi LD. Mm tw* Unti, 1 beautilul ; and the Utter wu? pronounced by Mr. C on* of the handiomeat creuturea be had ever Men ? What would a certain rich widow bare aeid to thia T? Mil* T , the daughter ol our boat, looked moat aweetly, and made a moat decided conqueet of Lieutenant 11?, of the Nary, and of a very handaoaae amy oAcer, whoae name I could not learn, hut whoae rank, to judge from the amount of gold lace, Itc., waa " pretty coiikiderahle." Commodore (J waa praaent, and waa accompanied by Ilia two daiightera, who looked remarkably well, the youngeat in particular, who reminded me rery much of the painting of Pocahontaa in the Capltel, and retained elmoat ea as <ny admirera round her aa the fair conrert had witneaaae to her profeaaion. l'ha Miaaaa N , of Philadelphia, looked, ua uaual, leraly, and danced the polka admirably. Where all looked lorelv, it ia tepemm to dKcriniinute Many 1 am prerented from mint inning by ignorauce of their namea. Miae J , of Philadelphia, Miaa E and MUa 8 , of Cheater, and Miaa T , a niece of our boat, and whoae father iain Mexice, Miaa V , of , and Mra Col. , of the army, all appeared to adrantage, and re oeiTou mo uuonuun woico xueir wcauiy, KC., merited The number of military und naval officers in uniform waa large, and added in no alight degree to the brilliancy of the entertainment. Seldom have I aeen a handsomer ball, or onoat which thoee preaent aeumed to And mora seal enjoyment, and which was in no alight degrea enhanced by the elegant and proluae anppar to which about ball-paat It) wa repaired. Aa my dancing daya have for some Afteen yeara been over, 1 gave choice to tho supper room, and at 2 paid my reapecta to Cel. T -. who though in uniform, bod substituted the knife and fork lor the aword, and waa, with aomo brother officer*, busily engaged at the table, and then left leaving crowded room* behind me To my great aurpriaa I encountered a large crowd at tbe navy yard gate, but waa not ourprised, on turning and heuolding the gorgeous appearance of the scene The music camo; softly on toe air the warlike implements, the many colored flag*,?the gliding forms of the dur.cera, all gave it an appearance truly beautiful, and 1 could no longer wonder at Ha riveting the attention of a crowd 1 reiterated the wish 1 had beard a lady express, that these instruments of death might ever be devoted to the earne peaceful purpose. and astuie you that in my homeward ride, many n fair form iitted across my eyaa, and made ma again wish for the days of youth, to offer the willing homage of my heart. But aa that could not be, 1 retired and rose none tbe worse for the preceding (to me) novel, and (to all) delightful evening East Nobwich, (Queens Co., Dec. 31st, 184A. Hon-receipt of the Herald?The vminovi words, "Too Late.'' It is an old adage, "That one mend-fault 1* worth many And faults " But it falls to my lot to marshal myself among the lormer class of find-faults, but 1 hope you may claim the honor of being included in the latter clukS. But to the business. For tho lust two days in succession I have been (with regard to the Daily Herald,) in the condition of the son of Erin who put hia hand where it was and it wasat there. Now, the enquiry is, whence originates this difficulty I Is the paper deposited in the aost otfice in New Ynrk i I tliinlr It mi,.l k. 1,.....1 * ! .. ? -wuiino uiciD u >uvuit>r|.uatiy lift aid come* to this village, and which would doubtless lie mailed at ttie same time, and that baa mad* it* appearance according to the wishes of all reader*, especially at thia time, la the paper Bent to the office too late 1 I think not. Were that the caae, it would doubtless, finally , draw it* alow length along, adorned with the significant label in Aery letter*, "Too late," an adornment which your city P M. i* not backward to beitow. Then, Anally, what i* the difficulty 1 If you can adjuit thia matter, you will confer the scriptural lavor of making the rough smooth and the ciooked straight P. A. S. l'ollce Intelligence! Jar 3 ?Important Jtrrnt of Rurfisrt.?Officer Norri*. one of the chief's Rids, arrested yesterday two young men bjr the uainea of Henry llognn alias Higgiua, formerly a Peter Kutik, in Uroadwuy, and James Mc.Nlartin, a young lawyer, studying with Mr. P. Reynolds, at No. 13 Tine street, on a charge of burglariously entering the tailoring store of tJ. C. Scott, No. 144 Ureadway, on the 19th of November last, by steuling the key ot the store trom the Oroton Hotel, next door, where Mr. tfcott was in the habit of leaving it for safe keeping, by which means they entered the store, steeling therefrom several coats, vests, pantaloons, pmees o! cloth and vest patterns?valued in all at $191, Since which time no decided clue hua been had until Now Years day, when the necessary information wus obtained, which justified tho above officer makiDg the urrcst. In the fitat plure, Mr Norrii m tested llogan on now year's night, at a boarding house, No. 130 Ureenwich street, where he occupied a room, but did not board. In this room was tound three large truuks belonging ta the prisoner, in one of which was discovered the major part of Mr. Scott's property; this, togethar with the piisonor,was safely lodged in the Chiefs office The next dny (Saturday) Mr Norris pounced upon the young lawyer, McMartin, at No. 13 Pine street, in whose offico he tound a sack clotu coat, valued at 330. and a dross coat woith $i7, both of which ate identified by Mr. Rcott to be a portion of the pronerty atolcn from hie (tore, He was likuw ise conducted before the chief of polico, and committed fur examination, and no aooner we., thin young limit of the law in " quod," than he tent word to the chief that ha wanted the tid volume of tho Revised Statutes to look at, to enable him to make hie defence, and likewise te ascertain the relative position between himself and the State pheon.? Tho prisoner llogan, we understand from Mr. Moore, proprietor of the ( roton Hotel, was in his service aa hell porter last summer, hut was discharged on account of some little matters transpiring which led Mr. Moore to believe that his business would be as well conducted without his aid. This prisoner was well aware of the fact that tho key w as always left at the bar by Mr. Scott Much credit is dee officer Norris for the ingenuity and activity displayed by him in arresting these cunning thieves, and, also, In tho recovery of the property. Jirretl ?/ Fugilwti'Jrom Jutlice.?Officers Morris and Bloom, of the Chiefs rftlce, arrested, yesterday morning, Sunday, at the Clinton Hotel, a young man by the name of sainticl Spinks Jr , on a charge oi burglariously entering the dwelling house occupied by William Phelps, ol Bristol, Kbodo Island, with two accomplices, stealing thetelrom f loo, and several valuable paper*, which wero afterwards found near hy, where they had been thrown by the robbers. This burglary wasd-ne on the 1st of December last. The two accomplices w ere shortly afterwnrJs arrested, tiut Spinks succeeded in making his escape to this city. About three weeks ago. High Constable Shaw, of Providence, came un here in search of this follow, but was unsuccesstul in his journey ; however, he left the description w ith the above active officers, who have, after a good deal of perseverance, succeeded in catchiDg the rascal. Ho will bo taken back to Rhode Island for trial. On senrching his valise, a now shawl, sovaral new books, "f orget Me Mot," and Hhaksneare's works-, ami soma otheis, evidently stolen, lor which an ownor is wanted, wero found. Apply to the chief of police. jSrrtit of an Etrnprd Convict ?Officers Bloom and Morris, uttachri at the < hiof* office ^arrested yesterday, at a boarding borne kept by .Mrs. Wynes. corner of Boweiy and Bayard street, a young man hy the name of un'ii, an ii cnurgu <>i uavwg broken jail at Providence, where he wuh aentenced for a term of *ix month* Spink* and thi* chap Intro bean travailing together in thi* city, evidently on the eve of concocting *ome burglary. Ho we* committed by the Chief of Police to priion, proviou* to being lent back to forre out hiHteim of Renterice. Pthl Lanmy?A women, called Mary Ann Walker, was arrested yeaterday by n ttoliceman of the 4th ward, on u charge ol stealing from the pocket of Jame* ttmith, the cum ol f>i4, while ina home of difrepute at I3?i Water street. Cocked up for trial. Si rating Hogi.?A black fellow, called John Jafferaon, wa* arrested yeiterday by olllcer Htauta, of the Sd ward, for stealing three dead hog* worth $13, belonging to liroken*hu and tlruro, No. 16 Waahiagton maikat.? Cocked up lor tiial. flnying Shi It n llugt.?Olllcer Stiati, of the 3d ward, iirreated, yaaterday, Michael < arl, John MeCatly and Thomn* Manning, on a charge of buy ing three dead hogt liorn the black thief John Jeflerxon, knowing the tamo to tie *tolen. Corked up for trial by .luatice Oaborne. Falit Prrtmce - Ofheer Htuata, of the 3d ward, arrefted yeaterday u man called t'harlea C. Douglas* alio* Penfold, on a rlinrgo ol obtaining gooda by falte rtpre nuntationa, from Itnbert Could, No. 1H0 Chatham itrcut Couimitted for exam ination. Slalrn some thiol entered the premiael No #3 Suffolk. atreat, one day laet week, and atole from a trunk iri one of the bod roonii, a gold watch and aeveral article* of Jowelry, together with tome gold dnger ring*, belonging to Mr. Abraham Meitinger No arrest. Priii Carrrny -Olllcer Odium, of tha bth ward, arretted yostrrduy a Kive Point thief, called kamual WilJiama, on a charge ol Mealing $33 Irom Wm. McCulium, while in u thieving " crib'' locate j on the kive Point* Locked up for trial PKACTK AL BOOK-KEEPING, No 88 Ceilar ilreet. Mil. C.C. MAKMH, Accountant. author of the " Rcienee of h>onhlr Koiry, Hookkeeping MimpliAed," and the " Art of Mi iglp Kntry Bookkeeping Improved," eoatlaaat to teach as above. Couiae ol liitlrnction?The ooolie 11 respectfully informetl and aaanrrd, (hai die plan pnraned by Mr. Marnh in teaching ilea important branch, la truly a eonraeof practice iu keeping hooka, raihcwthan a ronrae ofleeturea ou the theory. The pnpil neeomrs laiuiliar, from actual nae, with all the hooka commuting a aet, and a person of good rapacity will hy thin comae become a competent book-keeper in abont one mouth, and will receive a certificate u> that effect. Prmpectnaea with terms, can be obtained at the rooms, froindA Mint P.M. d 13 lm*rh li. A. STUTZfc'S NEW FUR STORE?Ju*t Opened. rHK ADVKRTWK'.K would hereby reapectly inform Ins (rienda aud the public, ol his having opened a new store it No. 2h7 I'earl street, a lew doors from H niton, where he has tonataatly on hand a large and splendid assortment of Muffs tud kitraof all descriptions, made up iu the richest style, and whieti he is enabled to offer at the lowest prices. 11 a o-r-t. it--# . ..... c. y. n. o > r.i i s.m nam ra niinarn to lie mie to give partimlnr entiefnrtion to thou* who will faaor lum with * call, and not** by hit attention to deaerye a ahnre of tha public petroatfe. Don't forget the oauiber, 167 iv.uI it n2S lm*rrc (J. A 8TUTZK. Knrriar._ Watches, Jewelry, and silver ware. TH K atiharrihere continue ro hare for eala a fall aaaorttiiciit of gold and Hirer Walchra, of tha moil approval to kera, which will ba offered at tha ycry lowaat prtcaa, and warranted corracl tune haaiwra. Thay are ronatantly receiTiug the lateat afylae of faamogabla Jawalry of atarr deacnption. inclnding g >ld. fob. nod guard rliaina; hraaat puia, ear ringa, iiogar rioga, brae rlfti. haul ornainanta, Jtf.; ailrer apooua; forka, hotter knirea and Ivor ware. r.|iial to coin; gold and eilver apactaclca, con e ye. convey, mc ; Kreuch clocka and watchae, repaired equal to tha original A< K MIL V.fc BHIOGM, IH Bowery, dig ln*rh Mooreabort Broome aire at

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