15 Ocak 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

15 Ocak 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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E . - ? ? } T H ML JLJL - n . j' Vol. XIII, No. 11?Wltolo Mo. *611. : TI1F WW VHRJi HERALD. ; j aajaj xi jj if 1 vjwih ' ' ' ' j JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. | Circulation-?Forty Thousand. 'J DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 ceuu par copy?$7 . 2i per aunnin?payable iu advance. ' WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?rrice 6,^ centa per copy?$1 I2lm centa per annum?payable in advance. I HERALD bOR EUROPE?Every Steam I'acltet day t Price ti>? centa par copy?(3 00 per annum, payable in adI ranee. _ ... ( ADVERTISEMENTS at the naual pricea?aiwaya caah i ill advance PRINTING of ail kinda executed with beauty and dea1 patch. 4 AINettere or communieatiooa. by mail, addreaaed to the I ratabliihment, muat be poat paid, or the poataoe will be deI ducted from the lubrcription money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. I I Proprietor oCthe J New York Hkrald E?tari.i?h>ikkt, ' North West corner of Knlton and Naiaau atreete , THAVK.il/IRd AUXinmUDATlURP. ' CHANGE OF HOUE8. W W ISI ,ffl) RA ,1^1^^ WINTER ARRANGEMENT. On and niter Monday, Dec. 28, IMG, Trains will ran as followa:? Learn BaoonLyn?at T o'clock A- M. (Bo it on train) Tor Ureenport, daily, (except Snudayi) stopping at Yarmingdale and Bt. Oeorga's Manor. " " at 8X A. M , daily, for Ureenport and interme"* diate placea. " " at 4 P. M. for Karmingdale, daily. Leave UBREtepoRT?at A. M., daily accommodation train for Brooklyn. " " at 3K P. M., (Boaton Train) or on tha arrival of the ooat from Norwt h, daily, (except Soudnyr.) -.l.pping at St. Oeorge'a Man'' and Karmingd-Oe. Leave KaRMiirtiuaLR at i\ A.M. daily, (except Hnndnya,) accoraan odan 1 train; and 12 M. and 5X P. M. Leate Jamaica?nt 8 o'clock A. M., 1 P. M., and P. M., for Brooklyn, or on the arrival of Uuaton tram. SUNDAY THAI IN H will hereafter ran to Tltompaon Hta tion? leave Urook'yu at 9 AM for Thompsou and intermediate placea,(commencing Sunday the 8th rlevemtiir, return nig leave Thompson at 1 o'clock P. M., harming dale 2X, Jamaica 3XKark to?Bedford, 8 ceuta; Kaat Naw Yark, 12X: Kaca Coarse, llj^j Trotting Course, J"*; Jamaica.Brushville, - -?> muB run, 11 < nines; ji;g;,i/jowsviiie, touring ine session of Court) 3TX; Hempstead, J7)?; Branch 37% Carle Plnce,44; Westbury, 44; Hicksville, 44; KarmingdsTe, 62% Deer Park, 69; Thompson, (t; Hit Hoik Station, SI; Lake Road Htntion, $1 l*% Medford Station, SI 16% saphunk, SI 37X; Ht. George's Manor, SI 62X; Riverhead, SI 62>?; Jnmesport, SI 62% Matteiuck, St UK; Cutchogue, SI 61% Soathold, SI 62% tireouport Accommodation Train, St 75; Boston train, S> 25. Stages are m readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengers at very low fares, to all parts ol the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage IVr the several trains. M annates before the hoar of starting from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat "Statesman' leaves Ureenport for 8ke_Harboron the arrival of the Boston train from Brooklyn ffflrh KOH BOSTON AND PROVIDh.NCK, via Stouington and Long Island Hailroad? Night Line ?On aud after Monday 2ltli instant, Trains will leave the foot ol Whitehall street. South fer2 Island Hailroad. on Moudavd; Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 2 o'clock, P.M., for Ureenport,crossing the Bound to 8t >uiugton,inthe lavorite sound steamerNKW HAVEN, which has been provided with masts, sails, aud extra ordinary anchors, and from thence to Providruce and Boston by the nail trains which counectwith the steamers Massachusetts end Governor. Fare to Stonington ' $2 50 " Providence 4 00 " Boston % 5 00 The steamer New Haven has new boilers, and will take only light freights. d25 rh FUR ST O N1N GTuNRuVlDENcP, AND J5USTUN a* Via LUNO ISLAND JlAIL-^lI_lX fe3wy?J*ROAI>, at S>4 o'clock, P. M.JiMI S?LZJBLjELffom South Kerry. Kaie to (houington $1 "mi " Provideuce 3 00 Kare, Si 00 to Boston. Commencing Friday, Jaunary 8'h. Trvio leavea South Kerry, Whitehall, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Kridsys, at 3H P. M., and arrive at Htoniugtou hall an hour in advance of the ateainhoatfrim New York, and proceed by steamboat train to Proyidenre and Boaton. Jan. 7, 1847. jH2wrli RKlHTLAR MAIL LINK FOR ROSTON. ~ VIA NORWICH fc WOK- aaM JBA CKSTKIl, without change of t. 1ml ,r' ?t Baggage, or wtthouu^^^^H . NswjBL.-?.crnisit<g any Kerry. tssengeas taking tlieir scuts at Norwich, are inanred their a , ta through to Boaton. Tina being the only inland route tl:t communicates through by steamboat and railroad. Passengers by this line are accompauied through by the conductor of the train, who will hnre particular charge of their baggage, aud who will otherwiae give haa atteution to their e.aae and comfort. Thia liue leavea auulh aide Pier No. 1, North Hiyer, foot of i^atterv Place, daily, (Sundaysexcepted) at 4 o'clock, P. M., aud air vea in Boston in time an take all the eastern trains The tew steamer WOR4JKSTKR. Capt. Van Pelt, leavea every Pnesday, Tlinriday, end Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, P. M Thv ateamer CLEOPATRA, Captain Williama, leavea every Monday, Weduesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock. P. M. Kor further luloruution, inquire of J. II. VANDK.ftBILT. No. ? Oa'icry PI ice. North H.vcr. dti 'f re WINTER ARRANGEMENTS?The flui ft*.--Ja Norwich, Worcester and Boston Hail Road andSteim Trauaportation Line?The substantial atevin propeller Trumbull, Captain Daniel Havens will run regularly between Norwich and New York, making two passages a week; leaving New York from pier 13 K. R. Old Slip. Kor freight, winch will be taken at summer rates or passage, having elegant accommodations apply to the Captain, on board, or to K. A. BILL, Norwich,Conn ,and to jn iw-r .>..,x - nnuiin I'l-omnsr ixcryorg UMihU rsi'A I LS >1 Ait* LI IS it. A KUK ALBANY AND TKOY, VIA and Housatonic Railroad. Dur^HmhcSQHLiuk last rummer, the Hon into ic Railroad Ims beeu rclaid with a heavy 11 Rail, from Bridgeport to the Western Railroad Through hv Daylight, daily (Sundiy'j cvcepted) at ti>? o'clock, A. M. The Sieainbost MOUNTAIN* F.U, ('apt. W. H. Kra7.ee, leaves the loot of Market atreet. K. R., for Bridgeport, Daily, m 6X o'clock, A M. No freight taken iii tha I'aaaeugrr Line. Passengers take the Uarairt Bridgeport,and without change of Ours or Bnitguee ( rates, arrive in Albany and Troy at 5 o'clock, P. .M. New Cars and Locomotive euginea have beeu procured, nuil the Road is in every respect e*jual to the best New Uugland Road. I?7"A Freight Lir.e by Steamers Nimroilj and Mohegan, daily?Freight Taritl same as last year?hor Inrther particulars impure at toe Office on Market street l'ier, and at Livingston and Wells' Kspress, 10 Wall street. dl'i I in rc (?. M. I'F.RRY. A vent. NOTICE. fln'' *'ttr Fridajy, November JOth, tha steamboat SYLl'H, Captain 11 rusted, will Ah isMT iff t'ollowiug trips to and from Staten Island until lurtlier notice, viz Leave New York. I Leave States Island. At 9 A. M. At 8* 11 A.M. I 19 1 P. M. I IS M S* " 2 ?* M. sg " I <*" nl?r_ rASSAUK FROM ORKAT BRITAIN AND IRF.LANI). ARRANUKMKNTH FOR 1817. PW. BYKNK it i.O., OF NEW YORK AND LI Vk'.Kl'OOL, being the oldest and largest established house in the emigrating business, hrg leave to call the attention of 1 he public gene'ally to their superior arrangemeuts lor the ensuing year. Persons desirous of sending through this house, lor their friends residing in the' Old Country," tnny safely depend they will have immedia'e despatch, and every means ssill be taken to Prevent detention ill Liverpool. The Packet Ships of this line are all of the first clr.ss and commanded by tnen of acknowledged skill?one of which sail every live dtys .arrangements can all > ha made to fo ward paaaengera, direct, from Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Londonderry, and Uellaxt. D-afta a<d Bills of Eichange, given for anv amount, payabl? on demand, without di-count, at any of the principal tuwm in the United Kingdom From the abore arrangemenf, the subscribers confidently eiprct that the p itronsge which hue been ?o liberally extruded tliern for many yean peat, will not be withheld the coming aeaxon of emigration. Should any of the partiex engaged for, not embark, the money will be refunded aa enstomarv. For further particular*, if by letter, (poet paid ) apply to p. vv. bVkneb k CO., 58 South street, comer of Wall, N. Y. F.OWAJU) t*AUL, Agent. P W. BYRNES it CO., jaSIm rrc_ dfl^Va'erloo lload, Liverpool. BRITISH AlSlt .NOKTIl AVlfcR ,.ii? k&<:,-V2,nHOYA,J. MAIL STEAM SHIPS v > lief i'V6".1 12M """ Rt"' 440 h"?e Power each, u* - atU.'.; .QfA der contract with the Lord* of the Admi mmmtdHMCwaw* m rulry HIBKHNIA Uapt. A. Ryne C M.KDOMA I lap. E. O. Loti BRITANNIA Oapt. J. Hewitt 'AMBKIA Capt.C. H E. Judkia* ACADIA Uapt.Wm. Harmon V/ill sail (rotn Liverpool and Ifoatoa, via Halifax, aa fol lows mow Boxrotv. pro* i.ivi niooi. Ililiernia Feb. I. 1847 lliheruia Jab. 1, I84* ?,?uibp? IV'arcb I, I8I7 Cambria Feb 4, I847 lliheruia April I, I8I7 Hiburnia Marcii 4, I8i7 Ir'aaaAHg MortkV. From Boston to Liverpool $185 From iioalnn to Halifax 20. No bertha aesured until paid for. l'htie ahipa carry eirerienced aurgeona. No ireight, except ipeeie, received on day a of aailing. For freight, paisage, or any other information, apply to 1>. BKIOHAM, Jr., Agent. A: h AltDMT Ik CO.*, 6 Wail at. iT*" In .addition to the above line between Liverpool and ttallfnv, and Boatou. a contract baa been entered m;n with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liveipool and New York direct The ateamahlpa lor tliia aer< ici- are now heinii huill. and earlv newi d?m ? .11 be given ofthe lime when they will atart. Under the new contract the atrnmera will aail every Saturday during eight month*, nntl every lortniitht during the other montha id the \r r lining alternately between Liverpool, and Hililni nud r.oiton. ruid between Liverpool nud New Vork^jdr ~ DRAFTSoi* KNOLAND, IRKLAND, SCOTLAND A NO WALKS l-Pe-eone <r j*"" JuAcan remit any amount from one pound nnd upwards to their friauda in any part of Ureal llrilain or Ireland, by applying to the atibaeribere, of whom ilrnlla ran be obtained payable at aight, without durum,I,III all the principal lowna and citiea throughi ut Knitted, Ireland, Scotland and Walea. Tlioae obtaining dralta en forward them by the nacketa of the lat, 6th, 11th. Mtli, Slat or tilth of the month of December, or the Hoyal Mail Hteamera aailiug from Uoaton on the lfith, and lat of January. W. k J. T. TAPSLOTr, ? South at., ii t 2d door below Hurling alip. idttt FOR OKNO A-ThWupenor bark PATH I oT MttnKvV Capt. Smith, will be diapatelied for the above port ?r>.w10Si in a few dnra. F >r freight or paaaage, having e* re'.lent accommodations, apply lo the Captain, on board, or to UUVD fcllLNCKKN. J1 fh N Wail at. E NE NI I TUAVKLLING ACCOnftlODATIONB. ! NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS* m m m TiTTail fhUM new yorTTThk wth.TTvSTC TOOL THE 11th OK EACH MOM Hritom new york, Ship SHERIDAN, C?pt. Cornish, January 2d, " OARKlLX. " Trask February lit, ' RO8CI0B, ' Kldridge, March 26, " 81DDON8, " Cobb, April ?. from aiocarooL, " UARHICK, December 11. " KOSCIU8, January 11, " 81DDON8, February 11, " SHERIDAN, March 11. These ships are all of the lirst class, upwards of 1000 tons, > built in this city, with such improvements as combiua ureal speed, with uuusual comfort for passengers The price of passage hence is $75, for which ample stores will he provided. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. Neither the Captain or owners of these ships will be responsible for aav letters, parcels or packages seut by them,unless reaular bills nt'lsilimr ?r. For freight or passage apply to, K K. (COLLINS, S6 South street. jal BHOWN. SHIPLEY & CO.. Liverpool. TAFSCOTT'S GENERAL EMIGRATION AND FOREIGN EXCHANGE OFFICE PASSAGE FROM JIN I) DRAFTS TO ALL PARTS OF ENGLAND, IRELAND, SVOTI-AND AND (PALES M. &L. tit M. DKRsONS wiihmg to send for their friend* in any part or I the Old Conntrv, will find the subscriber'! srrnnuements for 1847, molt com|ilrte,and calculated in every way to ensure latiifaction to all who <nay make arrangements with them to bring their friendi acron the Atlantic. The aubieriberi are ageuta for gTHE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. QUEEN OF THE WE8T, 1300 tone. LIVERPOOL. l?no " HOTTINGUER 1300 " ROCHESTER 1050 " ROSC1U8 1300 " 8IDDON8,. 1150 " SHERIDAN 1150 " GARR1CK, 1300 " The above magnificent i>ack*la are nil New York bnilt ships, of the very first class, built expressly for the Liverpool passenger trade, and fitted np with special regard for the comfort ana convenience of passeuaers; they are coinmauded bv men ol experience, and are ttdt eorpaxaed Tor arced by any aliipa afloat. Their tallica days from Liverpool are on the Sth and 11th of every month, on which dnya they leave puuctaalty. In addition to the above splendid ahipe the tnbicriber* are alio Agents for the ST. " GEORGE'S," AND THE UNION LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS, composed in part of the following favorite and well-known ships, vix; "The America," St George, Empire, St. Patrick, Rappahannock, Marmion. Sea, he., he .which together with the new line, make six snips per month, or out every five dais,from Liverpool; thus preventing the invisibility ol delay at that port. Passage from any part of Ireland to Liv erpool can be secured at the lowest rates. Every informatio given by applying to V. h J. T. TAP8COTT, 86 South st, _ Jd door below Burling slip Drafts supplied for any amonnt from ?1, upwards, payable throughout the United Kingdom. ji rh FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. Jft m life m TOTVUTEVERY TETOEYS. Ship OSWEGO, Captain Johnson. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON, Captain Ingersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Ship SAKTELLE, Captain Taylor Bark GENESEE. Captain Minot.. Bark JANE E. WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Bark HEBRON, Captain Ureig. The above ships are all of the first class, of light draft ol water, and commanded by the mos experienced raptains in the trade. Their cabins are handsomely furnished, and every attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the passengers. Neither the captains or owners of the above ships will be rennnsihle for i.1?111 : ' . ........ , imun, surer or piaieu ware, or for any letters, pari els, or packngas tent by, or put on board of them, unleta regular billa of lading are taken for the same, and the value therein expressed For freight or passage apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS 56 South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff. It Co., who will promptly forward all gooda to their address. a?ifw JfSL .ML nw 'Cm ROC^^^\lOTl^^^rlt Go. ARRANGEMENTS. Remittances to and Passage from Great Britain and Ireland, BLAGK BALL, ORbOLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Sailing from Liverpool on the 1st and 18th of every moatb. Also, by lirst class American ships (weekly.) Perseus sending to the Old Country for their Irirnds, can make the necessary arrangements with the aabscribera, and have them brought out m any of the eight ships comprising the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, sailing from Liverpolon the Island 18th ol every month. Also, by first class ships tailing Irom that port weekly, which on? agent, Mr Kocne, Senior, there, will see are tent oat without delay. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, com prise the following magnificent ships, and will sail Irom Liverpool on the regular appointed days, at follows FIDELIA, 1st January, 1st May, lat September EUROPE. 18th " 16th " 16th " NEW YORK, lat February, lat June, 1st October. COLOMBIA. 16th " 16th ' 16lh " YORKSHIRE, 1st March, 1st July, 1st November OXFORD, 16th " 16th " 16rti " CAMBRIDGE, 1st April, 1st Ana., 1st Dtcember. MONTEZUMA, 16th " 16th ,r 16th " P. S.?The public are respectfully notified, by desire of the owners of the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, thu no passenger agents but R. B. St Co. have permission from them to advertise to bring out passengers by that line, and that they are the only regular authorised pasaenger agents of said line in this city. We have at all times for tale drafts at sight, for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin; alio on .Vltairs. Prescott Urote, Ames Ik Co., Bankers, London,wl ich sre paid free ef discount or any charge whatever, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland Boetlsad uid ?c., SS Fulton street, N. Y., nest door to the Fulton Bank. The officeof Mr. Roehe, Be nr., is at 73 Dublin streat, oTre Liverpool. J. McMURRAY'S ARRANOF.MEN1S FOR 1847. jffe- m. m iiB? OLDEST ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE IN THE UNITED STATES THE SUBMCRI BKR respec full y b*gs leave to tender hie ineere thankfi to hi> nnmeroui friend* end the public for their vrry liberal support he hei received for upwards ol tweuty yeara, and aolicita a continuation of their confi lence. The despatch by which his passengers have been hi ought nut. aud the promptness by which his very numerous drafts have been paid at the different banks, are, he flatters himaell a sufficient gnarantee to the public for the faithful performance of any future contracts entered into with him The following are the days of sailing of the reicular line of < packets to andfrom Liverpool, via : ? 1st,6th, lltli, IGtli, 21st and 76th of each month throughout the year. I In addition to the above regular line a number of splendid ships, such as the Adirondack, Marmion, Rappahmnnck, Li- 1 beity, Sea, Oreenock, Broom, and Ocean tiuecn, will con- I tinue to sail from Liverpool weekly in regular succession, I thereby preventing the least possibility of delay or detention in Liverpool. The regular line of London Packets sail from New York < on the 1st, Rth. ICth and 241h ; and from Louden on the 6lh, 13th, 31st, aud 2tth of each month throughout the year Prrsona desirous ol sending for their friends residing in the Old Country, can have them brought out in any of the . above splendid vessels on moderate terms. And for the accommodation of | arsons wishing to remit j money to their families or friends, 1 have arranged the payments of my Drafts en the fo'lowing Banks :? Armagh, Drogheda, Londonderry, a Athlone, Dnndalk, Lnrgan, Han don, Dungarvan, Mnnaghan, ( Belfast. Dungannon, Mallow, { Uauhridge, Downpatrick, Omagh, Ball} mens, Dublin. Paraouatown, Ballyshnnoon, Enniskillen, Bkibbereen, Ballini, Knnis, Htigo, , Uork, Euniscortby, Htrabane, , Coleraine, Fermoy, Tralee, , ( lonmcl, Oalway, Weiford, c Cavan, Kilkenny, Waterford, ? Carlow, Kilruah, Youghal. , foothill, Limerick, , "Cuui.aud?Mess's Rpooner. Attwood It Co., Bankers, Lonl ^ eon; Messrs. Jaa Beckett h. Son, and Mr. Richard Murphy, Liverpool. HcoTt.ano?The City of Glasgow Dank, and all itabranchea aud Agenciea. |T/" I'assag-s can alsoba engaged from Liverpool to Philadelphia, Boston, and Baltimore, by the Resular Packet Ships on application being made personally, or by letter, post paid, addressed to JClftEI'H jls \1IRRAT, i nrneroi l ine anu room streets, St* Yoik, j" Or, Jam** Bkcklt 8c Son, end j No. 1 Waterloo Road, {. Mr. wichann MttnfHv. S Liverpool. <121 r_ A R.SE1LLES LINE OK PACKETS i m Ml M Mt I The mulerma^.ion Ships will b* regularly despatched fr? ienee on the lit, and from Marseille! the 10th of each m ?n " (In ring the year, as follows w Ships. Captains. From N. York PR'OE d? JOINVILLK, (new) Lawrence, April 1 Sept. I MI8SUR], Silrester, May I Oct. I AKCOLE (new) Eveleigh, Jnne i Not. i. ^ OASTON. Cosher, Jnly I Dec. I. * NEBHAHKA (new) Watson, Aug. 1 Jan. I. Ships. Captains. From Marseilles, a PH'CE <le JOINVILLK, (new) Lawrence, Jnne 10 No? 10 j MISSOURI. Silrester, July 10 Dec. 10 ARf'OLR, (new) Eveleigh, Ang. 10 Jan. 10 UASTON, Conlter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 m NEBRASKA. Watson, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 These vessels are of the first class, commended by men ol ? eiperience. Their accommodations, for passengers are nnsur passed for comfort and convenience. Goods addressed to the P agents will be forwarded free of other charges than those acta M ally paid. ' for freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN It PHELPS, Proprietors No. lot Kront street, or to BOYD It HINCKKN, Agents, lire (Tontine Buildings. SI Wall.ror Water at. ^ REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, ic I IS ife M. Mc^KTOkT Jr., hai i^mnTed hii olfi^^^^T tfi Broadway, auil continue* to remit money, in lain* large or 111 imall, to penoni rending in any part or Ireland, iu theaame I manner a* lie and his predeceaaor in buaineia have done lor P? the laat thirty yeara and more; alio to any part of England or , il Meorlanil. t'< Monev remitted by letter, poat-peid, to the anbaenber, or _J peraonally deiioaited with him, with tne name of the peraon , or peraona in Ireland, Knglard, or Mrotlaiid, to whom it ia to J he aent. andneareat poat town, will he immediately tranimit- Q ted aud paid aecprdinglr, and a receipt to tliat effect *l?ea J7J r forwarded to tha leader. Uila't " W Y (J ?W YORK. FRIDAY MO. MAHITIWK ACt?0*llH0l>\TPIQ1WS. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LINE 0F~~ PACKETS. J& ifit M. ol each mouth From N.York. Km. Ul'itw ( June 1. July IS. Ship SAKACKN. N. T. Hawkine, < Oct. I. Nov'r 15. f Feb. 1. March 15. I Jnly 1. April 15. Br. Ship BHOOK8BY.H. M'Kwea.J Nov. I. Aug. 15. ( March 1. Dec'r 15. ! August ! May 15. Dec'r I. Sept. 15 April 1. Jan. 15. ( May 1. June 13j Br. Bark ANN HAHLEY.H Scott, < Sept. 1. Oct. 15. f ian'y 1 Februa. 15A | These ships are good, aubatantial vessels, ably commanded, and will sail punctually oi. their reitular days. Their acrom modaticua lor passengers,are ituod, and r*rryatteulion will ba ' paid lo promote their comfort. The aitenta er Kama will uoi be responsible Tor ny parcela or packages le Jt by them, nn'es* hilla of ladiuit are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to WOODHULL k MINTUHN. H7 South atreet, New York, or ollrc It KID it MUltHAY, Glasgow PACKETS FOB HAVRE?SECOND LINE. m. m m m. The Ship* of thia Line will tail during (he year u^n^ol oivn.g order From N. York. F'm Havre. (Jan. 1, Feb. 16 Ship UT1CA, f'npt. J A. Peiree, < May 1. iune 16 f Sept. 1. Oct. 6. Ship ST NICHOLAS. Capt. N. * "> '??> r Oct* 1. Not? ft Shir O.NElOA. Capt. Funck, ApnMC. I No*. 1. Doc. 16. Ship BALTIMORE, Capt. J. John-S?j!* }J; ,lon- ( Dec.' I. Jan. 16. ' They are all of the first clu?a, ably commanded, and with accommodation* ample and commodious. The price of passage in the cabin la $inn, evclnaiveof winea and liuuort. Apply to BOYD It H1NCKEN. Atteuta, No. PToutinc Buildings, No. 88 Wall atreet. Goods sent to the agents or forwaiding, will be aubject to none other than the eapenaa i actually paid. au21 m 7>LASUOW AND~NEW YORK LINE OF PA. KETS. Pm> iit ^^^^S wishing toaeud for^^^meuds in auy part ol Scotland, to aail direct from Glaagow, can make arrangement* with the Subacribera, to have them brought out in any ot tne regular line ol rackets, sailing monthly from Glaagow. The ANN HARLEY, Captain Scott, ADAM CAKR, Captain McEweu, SARACEN, Cnptaiu Hawkins, BHOOKSBY, Comprise the abore line, and tne high character of those yes els should be sufficient inducement lor pei .'oua who may be sending for their friends in Scotland, to make arrangements for thia (tne only line.) f .Further particulars given, on application to W.kJ.T. TAP8COTT, U South street,corner of Maiden Lane, or Messrs. IlEID k MURRAY, Agents *'6 ' in Glasgow. NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS.JL JRi JBL any To anil from New York JUt, andlromLiveriioolBlhorescb mouth. AVom JVfiu Fork. Live/pool. New ship Liverpool. USO loas, 2! June 6 J. r.ldridge. I Atignst 21 Oct. 6 New ship Queen of the West, 2} J?,uC'' < 1200 tou.>, Wooilhouse, j, ?*y ,, *{ \ New Ship Roeheeter, 100 ?om, J} August 5 John Briton. I1 October 21 Dec. Ship Hottinguer, 1050 toe.. !|^rcb ?{ ?ay ? lraBur,ly l1 Nor. 21 Jan. 6 These suoslautinl. fnst saikiig, lirst class ihipi, all built 10 the city of new York, are commanded by men of eiperieuce tnd ability, and will he despatched punctually on the 21at ol each month. Their cabim are elegant and comrnodiom, and are furnished wills whatever cau conduce to the ease and comfort ofpasseu. <er*. Price of passage $100. Neither the captaius nor owners of these ships will be reiponsible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unless 'egular bills of lnding are signed therefor. I For freight or [nisauc apply to WOODHULL It MINTl'RN, 117 Mouth street. New Fork, or to NKLDKN, BROTHERS Ik CO., ml rc Liverpool. NEW YORK A.NL) UAVRiTTxJMMERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. ?& M. M. HE subscribers keg to inform their friends and the pub .. lie that they have been appointed by JOHN BARBK, fc u|.. of Havre, agents in New York lor the above line, one o which will be despatched Irasn Havre weekly, through0 it the season The ships ol this line will be of the lirsl c.ass, commanded by men of character and ability, and the greatest care taken to give every satisfaction to shippers, as ilso to promote the comfort and convenience of passengers As the rates of freight and passage will be much less than by other hues, shippers und passengers will doubtless cousult 'heir owu interest by applying for further information to VF. It J. T. TAP8COTT. 26 South st , 2d door below Burling slip, all J. BAHBK. Havre. h*y m. iffe 'm^?NLY ^EGUTiAR LI^^W GLASG^V PACKETS W6t J. T. TAPSCOTT beg to inform their friends end the public, that they 're agents for the Regular Line 01 Glasgow^ Packets, sailing Iroin Glasgow on the L?th. and itiirn mw i on on tne lit of every month. The following urat class ships comprise the Line :? The llKOOKMBY. SAflACEN, " ADAM CARK, ANN HARLEY Persons Wishing to tend for their friends iq any part of Scotland, can have tlicni brought out in the ahore named I'arketa on reasonable term* They anil from (Jlaagow punctually on the 15th of every month, and are commanded by e*. prrieucrd captains acruatomed to the paasetiger trade, and uoted lor their kindneaa to paaaeuKera. For farther parties ara, apply to W, It J. T. TAP8COTT, d9r W! South itreet, 2d door below Burling ilip. UNION Lhah OK l'AtKhl'8 etJnLIVe.ltKPJP3fV'l''< IL?Packet of the IGlh Jannary?The faaorile MitHttfaand faat nailing packet ahip SOUTHERN KR.Capt. I'alinrr, will poaitirely aul on Saturday, Janury 1G, her regular day. Ilrr accommodation! for cabin, aecond cabin and ateerage passengers are unequalled for comfort and convenience ? Those wishing to aernre bertha ihonld make early application on board, font of Dover atrcet, or to \V. It J. T. TAPSCOIT. M South at., 2d door below Burling nlip. The SOUTHERNER will tail from Liverpool on the 10th March; peraona wiahing to acnd for their friendi can have them brought out in her on reaaouable terma, on application aa above. ja7rh FOR LIVERPOOL?To aail with despatch? Kt The aplendid drat claaa, faat aailing packet KALAjgiyUlbaM AZOO, Captain I dark, bnrthrn 1,000 tone. '1 he accommodations for cabin, aecond cabin and ateerage paaaengera, aa in comfort, are unequalled by anyCship in port. Persons intruding to embark would do well to go on board ind lodge Inr thrmielvea before engaging elsewhere For further particular! apply on board, pier No. 5 North River, or to JOSEPH M'MUKRAT, Corner of Pine and Mouth ata. I' S.?I'eraona wiahing to arnd for their frienda from the old country can have them brought ont by tlua ahip on reaaonahle lerma. I.y arriving aa above. jire AAA- PA88AOE TO AND FROM LIVKHPOOL? mtJrVV By the New Line of I'acketa?Packet ol rhe21atof ilbdaiiuary?The aplendid, faat aailing and favorite iackstahip QVEKN OF THE WEST, 1230 tona burthen, Japt P Wnodhouae, will aail from New York outhe21atof lanuarv, and from Liverpool on the 6'h of March. The ships comprising this hue are the following, and will lail to and from Liverpool on their regular days, vix Tona. From New York. From Liverp'l ineen of the Weat. 1250, 21 at of January, GtholMach. .omnium n, (new) 1500 , 21 at of February, 6th of April, dnttinguer 1200, 2111 of March, 6th cf May. ?i vet pool 1200. Slit ol April, fi h of June. Peraona about to embark for the Old Country, or thoae vtahing to arnd for their frienda, will not lailtotre the adantagea to be derived Irom selecting this line of magnificent lupa, as their great rapicity renders them every way more ouifortatile than ships of a smaller class; and their accomaodationa for cabin, aecond cabin and atveraga piasengers, re superior to thoae of any other liue. Persons wishing to renre bertha ahonld not fail to make early application on mard, foot of Burling Mtp, or to _ W. k J. T TAPSCOTT, m uivir general raiMlie unice, no Routh it , "d door below Rurling Slip, of to UEO. RIPPARlffc BON. or V?M. TAfifcOTT, 96 Waterloo Road. Draftaforany amount, payable on demand, without diaount, in all the prtnciptl towns of K.ngland, Ireland, Beotand or Wales, ran at ajl times be obtained on application (if y letter post paid) ? tboTa. j< re AAA: KOR LI VKKPOOL?'The New Line?Re Mfb Riilar Packet of 21 at January.?The superior faal i JWMa'ailiiig packet shin QUKKN OK THE WKHT. I 'aptain Tliilip Woodho'.iae, I ,.!jU tuna, will sail as above, her rtalarday. 1 por freight or passage, having splendid, large and comfort- i hie stale rooms and cabin, apply to the captain on board, at i rest pier Burling slip, or to WOODHULL h MINTUKN, 17 Booth at. Price of passage $109 The new packet ship "CONSTITUTION," I6?0 tons i urthen, Cnpt. John Urittan, will anceeed the Queen of the i Vest, said sail on her regular dae. ?t?t Kehrnarv dJJ r I asm KOR Ll Vlltl'i lOL - I he hue, last sailing luck HffWet slop SOUTHERNER, Capt. Ale. J. Palmar ft 00 tons hnrthan, having \ of her carga eug.iged and rung on lioard, will meat with despatch. Kor balance of freight or passage, having nieelleut aesom- 1 odations, apply on board, foot of Hover st. Kit, or to j? rh WOODHULL * M1NTURN, r Son I hat. ] KOR OLAHOOW-Line of Packets-Kegninr , lawPV Paeket of the 1st of Krbruary?The line new fast | hImoi I mg packet ship HA It At KN, Capt. N. T. Haw- < ns, will aail aa above, her regular day. Kor freight or pasaage, having excellent aeeommodatioas, iply on board, foot ol Hover atreei, Kaat River, or to WOODHULL fc MINTUItN, R7 South afreet. ? The regular packet ship Brookshy, Capt. Hugh MeK.wen, J ill succeed the Saracen, and sail on her regnlar day, March I t. ih jig- VHtttiphAK I.INK OF PACKKTH K<?H ! HWV NKW OHLKANS?Tbe following splendid r.'f.r'." 'or New Orle?n?, n? nmlcr :? Packet 8lup M KM I'M IH, (apt. Banker, on Hit or day, Ulh at., foot Piue street. , The accommodations for cabin, aecond cabin, and atrerage aaengera, are unc<]nal|ed for comfort anil convenience ? I boss wiilnng to secure berths ahonld make earl* applica ?to W.ltJ.T. TAI-SCOTT, . I' f" *? Bonth at , 2d door below Bulling clip. j PACKETS rOK HAVBt?Sseond Line?The 8 rT^V packet thin ST. NICHOLAS, Oft. N W KtrMWKaleigh, will aail on the first day or Kebraarv. Kor / MghtTr passage apnly to JIOYI) * HINCKYN. 14 A II Wall at. 'Hit J RIVING, JANUARY 15, DOG FOUND, MA LAHOK MA8TIW, white end briud'e c >lc Tim owner cm hare hiui br calling at the nort weet corner of Kidge end Delaucey etreet, end pa li g ebargf a jit J ?rre PIANO FOR .SALE. ' ?A iplendid new I'lANO ofaeren octer li5P3|l'<r anle cheap, aa the owner line no more v |Y1K f fl for it. Can lie aeeu between 10 o'clock A! "If M eaud I o'clock P.M., at No. 1 Ceutre Mail place. J14 3t*i PIANO FORTE INSTRUCTION. K. CA8TLK kKUWIN McCOKKK.L BwVUB|tlie latter from the Hoyal Academy of Mu? * or Violin, at their residence, 54 Lispenard i nenr Broadway, or that of their pupils, upon very modert terms, which can be made known by applying as above, dlt I in* re Fon SALE CHEAP. M " THE UNION HOUSE," now doing a good hu nrss.witli two saloons handsomely furnished, togeth XsULwith slock of liquors and futures, will be sold low, the owner has other pursuits Enquire on the premises, James street, from 6 to 8 P M. jlO lw*rr< tMiH MALE?The buildings aud lease of the lot S 45 Robinson street. Krout hou?e wood, rear do bri< tweuty-fonr years nneipired Irom September nei i per deed) 21 by SO. Kor further information apply the premises. jt 2w*r< u KENCH'S HOTEL,. M'J'IIK l'rop ictor respecifuily informs his frien and the public that he has remored fiom his late hoi in Kulton street, to his other hotel, 94 Chatham stre a lew doors west of I'eart street, to which he has added nil tion.il bedrooms, and furnished them in a style that will hi favorable comparison w ith the very best hotels in the city I Ipou no occasion will there be more than one bed in a roo the Price for w liich will be 25 cents per night. dlT lm?ri FOR SALE, M A THREE STORY HOUSE on 21d street.betwe [ the 2d and 3d avenues It is well finished. itnd repli XJJLwith the latest improvements, including kitchen rtuij ink, cold and warm hatha, water closets, kc., Italian in ble inautels throughout the houae; a court yard or 13 feet front with verandah aud French windowa. The houae la o of a row of aia houaea on the anulh aide of the atrret. f further particulars apply to VYSE It SONS, d 13 tin*rh 17k Pent I a JOHNSON'S BIRD STORb, No- 280 Broadway, 2d door from Stewart'?. 9-Tjm. LONG BREED CANAKIES.-la addition to i tfffr I'rife atock, I have purshated two more lota, very li winch I would like the public to call and aee. B TVYhg cages in great variety, bird seeds, ke. The public invited to hear them sing in the evening till 9 P.M., by VV. 8. JOHNSON. 280 B-oadway. dUJw'rc kd door from Stewart'! MUSIC, THE ONLY TRUE SONG. ARCHY GRIEVE, the real caterer of fancy a iYjJj singing Birda, haa now on hand aud prepared to of jfjQrr the beat aelection yet olTered to an American pnbl ' 1 Se'ected without regard to price from every quarl of the Globe. Amongat the following will be found t most choice description of fancy long and varied Cana Birds, matched and prepared to be put up for hatching, (wi breeding rages made expressly after his own design ) All English, Krench, Germau, African, 8outh American, CI tirae, and Domestic. Together jgilh the moat choice <1 script ion of barn door Fowls, DoeVs, Ueeae, English a Norway Swans, silver and golden Pheasants, aud Newlouti laud, King Charles Spaniels, French and Spanish I'oodli Italum Grey Hounds, and every other spexies of rare a fancy Dogs ; Bird Cages of every vaiiety. Also, Arch' Treatise of the management of the variou* descriptions Birds, kc. kc. N B. Evrry variety ol Si d Seeds, Cages, ke. P. S. Letters, postpaid, wi 1 t.t all times meet with pron atteution from A. GRIKV r , No.'i john street, New York YOUNG GENTLEMEN. Look ont for yonr Christinas Presents. Archy will be memberedwhen the candy and the cakes are forgotten. 1 duets Put UP bv Ills own hand, in I is nsnal stria, at short i flee. " Ji3 ifrre DK KKLLINGER'S ^ INFALLIBLE LINIMENT is warranted f ( WV*1 ure sores and oleera of every nature in a few da acta like magic in removin|{ rheumatum, and other pains. One or two doiea ia certain to relieve bilic cholic. diarrhoea, lie., aa It ia taken. It is perfectly delis ful in its odor aud Haver It it miiversally acknowledged he the beat family medicine ever offered to the public. Tri 50 cents per bottle. Hold at 230 Pearl street; corner of Bowery and Broome; avenue and 10th street ;JetTries}druif store; Dr. Burrott'tDt er and Chatham, and nl the 11. R. office, City Hall, jl lm*rc PLUNKET 6r I'Alil)KSSUS, NO 123X kulton street. fl Sell *i excellent hat at S3 00 and only charge tl 58 I J^mtheir kin so Uiiai.ity Molvskin a ran Nutria Hats. N 15 ?I'LUjkKETT It PAHDK8SUS warrant thsir li quality liats folic equal,at the very leant, to those el any otl establishment, and aasnre the public that it would be uttei impossible to tell such an article at a lower price th $3 50 d28 lm*rn THREE DOLLAR HATS-The uudertigned l Jpkjast finished an assortment of " Beautiful Nutria Hati wincli ni' will sell at the above price. These Hats will tain their shape aud lustre as long as any $5 Hat sold. ROBERTSON, ?9 Kulton street, between William and Oold N B.-The nndersigped does not pretend to offer ; " very beat Nutrln Hats ' lit the above price, (that being i possible); his " best" he sells at $3 50. dl?3w?r ROBERTSON OVER SHOEt). LADIES and Ueutlemen, at J8T Broadway, y otflf can fled the |ura shee llndia Rubber Over Sho from the largest to the smallest, and as cheap as you can the made out of old rubber. And a large assortment of cork So Double do, and light French Boots; also a great assortment ladies, misses'andchildren's boots aud shoes, equally ehei at 36^ Broadway, corner ol' Franklin street. dl lm*r< WINTER UL.U1 tilNG CELLING OFF AT COST AT W. H. DEOROOT O CO.'8, 102 Fulton street, second block east of Broi way. New York, where every variety of Oentlemei Clothing can be hnd for lower prices than at any olherfesta lishment in the city of New York. Over Coats and Over Sacks, of Broadeloth, Beaver, Pill Tweeds, and Maxurka Cloths, of every style and color, frc *1 lO Cloak*?one half, three quarter and full eirele, of French a American Broadcloth*, from - SS to $: Ore** and Frock Coat*?black, blua, brown, olire and gree of French, Knglub, Belgian and American Cloth*, from $ to S Office and Bu*ine*a Coat*, Telto, Back and Winter Krook* of Tweed* and Broadcloth* of erery atyle in the marki from - - - . S3 to f Cant*?Broadcloth, Cauimere* plain and fancy, Doe Bkin French. Kngliah, and American, from - $3 to Veal*?double breaated, itraight breast, and railing colli aewstrlec plain and fancy Velreta, Woolen Velrets, Ci unare, plain and fancy Satina and BBka, from SI to | ai.ao, A large aaaortmant of Broadcloth, Cauimere* and Veiting which will be made to order, to *oit the most faatidiou*. IT?"Boy*' Clothing, of erery deacrirtion, eonitantly < hand. W. H. DKOKOOT It CO., dilm'r No. 103 Kulton ?tURANDY, WIN lid, GIN, SKGAKS, FRU11 kc. kc 117" C. BCRDICK, No. 92 Broadway, three door* abot if Wall atreet, offer* for (ale the following, in lot* nit:? Urandie*. dark and pale, variou* brand*, of prime quality Whiakey, Scotch aud ln?h do Hum, Jamaica do Madeira, K I and other brand* do Hherriei, pale, gold and brown do Port do Champagne, varton* brand* do Clarei*. in caae do do Barsaek. Burgundy, Hauterne do Hegara, Hard in as, emits, fcc.'lte do Scotch Ale, in pints, just landed, ripe do W.C B. pledges himself most faithfully, to keep and il liser, only of the best quality, and solicits the favor oi t public ROBERT HOPE HART informs his friends and we wishers that he is to be found at the above rstablishmei where he hopes to see his old friends and cnstomers. d26 lm*rc FK ACT [GAL BOOK-KKE PINO, No 88 Ctilar itreet. MR C. C. MARSH, Accountant, author of the " Bcien of Double Kutry, Book-keeping Simplified," and ll " Art of Single Entry Book-keeplug Improved," continues teach as above. Course ol Instruction?The pontic is respectfully info'i ed and assured, that the plan pursued by Mr. Marsh ia tcac in it this important branch, is truly a course of practice keeping books, rather than a course of lectures on the theor The pupil necnmrs familiar, from nctaal use, with all tl I) ooks constituting a set. and a person of good capacity wi by this course become s competent book-keeper in abo one inonih, and will receive a certificate to that effect. Prospectuses with terms, can be obtained at the room from# A M. to# P.M. dIJ lm?rh NUNNS fc KISCHEKZ WOUI.I) call the attention of their friends and the publi at their Manufactory and Wareroom, 171 (irrenwis street, to eiamiue their assortment ol Piano Koites. Ths are the most fashionable and uewest patterns. N. B. Pi inos with Coleman's Patent Amlian Attachmen dtt lm?rh SCOTT & C O . ' S, 76 Nattuu itreet, C# ITV Wholesale and Retail Kara Iv Uroeery, Tea, Wine y and Bpirit Establishment, lie The proprietors plrdi themselves that everv arfirl* .. a ...IJ nil iTolit. including 'f raa, of tbe latcat importatione and mapproved qiialiiiet; Sugars ol every mule . lofln, Moch Java. Lagusyra and Maraeaibo: Winea, Champagne, Sherr I laret. vladeirn, Port, lie.; Scotch Whiakey.of Olenliv and Islay's celebrated brand; London Porter, j Barclay It Pe lima;) Kdinhurgh and Alloway Ale; Kruit: Sperm Caudle Dila; Old tuigfish Dairy Chceae; Krench, Knglish and Am rican Mustard; (tlaagow 8| iced llama, a auperioi New Vear article lor the table, high flavored and aonnd; Segars, aaam rd, nnd of the highest flavor; 8 >apa, Starch, be.; Retain Kigs, lie. The winea ronaiat of anrerior eld London Dock Tor Amanllilado pale aherry, ,Marseille! do, pale gold and brow iltcrry, Kaat India Heterve, Madeira. Newton, Oordon, Mu loch, be. Scotch Herrings now lauding from ahipAnallar ley, (the celebrated Loch kiue.) SCOTT b THOMPSON, '.tin Broadway. A apljndid branch of the above eatabliahment, haa been, i he aolicitation of their nptown cnatemera, opened at M Broadway, alao on the caah principle, where an aaaortiner t articleacorreapouding with their eatabliahment down towi ind of the aame <|uality, will al waya he found?an aaaortmec hat cannot he aurpaaaed by amy in the rity. All the abov irticleawill be found there, and gooda from each place wil >e delivered free of expenae ia any part of the city for caa inly. d22 lmr NOVbLTIKS FOR THb HALL ROOM. PKTK.K ROBKHTS. reapectfully aolicita inapection o hia aplandid atock ol Oooda, adapted lor the preaeal aea ion. many of which, owing to the redaction in (he tarill will be found cheaper thin have heretofore been offered, fnperb Neapolitan lace fronted Dreaaea at SI. I'amhonred flounced Dreaaea, very rich, from t? to $14. Vew atyle tnnir fronted tamhnnrcd Dresses $g >ouhln flounced tain hour Dreaaea $12 a $14. fine n< edle work Dreaaea at $ . nauallv aold at $ ? . nee Dieaaea of the newest and moat approved atylea, fron $< to $3(1 V lew very line riv ered lawn llhdkfa, trimmed with nch te gency lace, at 3 and $4, the cheapest article ever effered I French embroidered Chemisettes, with collars, at I 75 a $3 worth $2 VI 'ifo edge Collara, at tl, naaal price I 'A a 1 75. Catra rich do. $1 50, naual price I 75 a 3 24. Inpeih Lace Worked, of the moat coatly deacription. from $1 to 3 5#, worth 5 and $6 V large vnnrtyof Thread Lace and trimmed Needle-worked Capes, Collara, be., aaitable for holiday presents. dll lm*rh $71 Broadway. U?UA 1847. AFFAIR8 IN ALBANY. * r THE LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. 01 &e. Ac. m, tl . TKLKORAPH1C. , ol cei , Albart, Jan 14,1847. 11 | i lie senate 11 utill occupied with the Governor's met. L, I rage. Mr. Johnson is now (peaking. r* It't I In Assembly. j ite ! ^monB "le petition* presented were two in favor of In 1 * ex empting the first division of New Yoik State Artillery JjJ _ | f om the operations of the new militia law, and one to ]( 1 1 vestigate the title under which the Toultney estate is "r Uc as The commissioners appointed at the previous session m] , ol the Legislature, to examine the route of tli9 New HF. York and Erie railroad, with a view to the location of a ^ certain portion of it, made their report. jJJ on It is in favor, as is alroady known, of the Southern th L_ route, or that which avoids the obstructions in the vicin- m ^ ity of the Hhawangunk mountain, by going through a Le* section of Pennsylvania. at jjti When this despatch closed, the House were debating ^ the question of printing the report. ? t Si .m' UYTHKltlAILiS. m ? si ' b; " LEOISLATIVE PllOCKKOINGM. cl Ai.iiaixv, January HI, 1847. ir! Senate. n Sparkling winter morning?clear and bracing air? r( no largo audience. or (A very melancholy) Prayer. Journal and Petitions. THR liOVfAXMKNT and THR CONSTITUTION. _ Mr Junks said it was well known that by the terms of I the constitution, the government could not proceed ustep rf without the action of the legislature, lie had therefoie a| ny drawn, and asked leave to introduce, some resolutions of tu ;ie, reference, of certain portions of the constitution The m lnl Senator would take occasion to say, that the resolutions c( 1 11 he proposed to offer did not interfere or conflict with the rr resolutions of reference of the Governor's messege offeri. ed,(and already published) by the Senator from the eighth ? ?(Backus) The following are Senator Jones's resolutions of loference : ? Resolved.?That so much of the constitution as relates P^ to the taking of private property for public use, and the T ," manner of opening private roads, be referred to the Com : nr. n?.l D.1J. IB 1 ? ,rr ........ .. ?? !. ..... ????">-(DIIIIIUUIII, I'UUK, IlUghe glei.) That ao much of (he constitution aa relatea to rv conferring additional powera ot local legislation, and ad- up th mimatration upon Board* of Supervisors, be referred to '1; the Committee on Poor Laws?(Beekman, Sedgwick, , , Williams ) That ao much of the conatitution aa relatea od to the Axing of compensation of the Governor, Lieutun tei id- ant Governor, Secretary of State,Comptroller, Attorney Wj ss General, State Engineer and Surveyor, and auch other nd oAlcera therein named or referred to, other than m< r- judicial, be referred to the Committee on nub- b* lie expenditures?(Sandtord, Deuniston, Wheeler.) Re That ao much of the conatitution aa relatea to the manipt ner of applying for pardons be referred to the Committee on State Prisons?8. Smith, Backus, Gridley. That ao qi much of tho conatitution aa relatea to the judiciary, he re referred to the Committee on the Judiciary?(Hand, Lea- . , tor, Spencer) That so much of the constitution as ro- ' ao? latea to Kinanco, be referrod to the Committee on Ki- ui ? nance?(Young, Jones, Harris ) That ao much of the con- m atitution aa relatea to Banks ami Banking, be referred to Ri to the Committee on Banks and Insurance Companies? w >'? (Talcott, Beers, Morris.) That ao inuch.of the constitu- g< * ' tion a* relatai to the formation of general lawa for the at ht. creation of corporations be referred to a select commit- d< to tee. That ao much of the conatitution as relatea to the at ce organization of incorporated citiei and villages, and to restricting the nowor ot taxation, and borrowing money, w 3d be referred to the Committee on the incorporation of ci- V\ "* ties and village*?(Wheelor.'Kolsom, Gridley ) That so K much ot the conatitution aa relates to tho aecuriug of ni _ due* from corporation! by the individual liability of the to corporators, be referred to a select committee. That ao c? much of the constitution aa relates to the election or ap- ar ' r pointment of ceunty, city, town, village, or other ortlcer* , except Judicial , also the time of electing such officers, tli ,er and also for tho romoval from office for misconduct or cs r|y malversation in the same, ot all officer* except judicial, "a iui whoso power* and duties are not local or legislative, and in s__ who shall be elected at goneial elections, be referred to th as a select committee. That so much of the constitution us qt i," relates to the militia of the State, be referred to th* ('em- >ti re- mittee on raditia uud public defence? (Clatk, Biimham, tic Haggles) cr [Your reporter has inserted these resolutions because qu tie lie wishes the public to know the name* of the men to w< m whose charao all tbaso varied and important inteiests ol re committed ] th' _ Then the Senate resolved itself into Committee of the whole on the uevernor's message. UJ| Da Mr. Tai-cott said that in the remarks ho intended to ?> make, he should confine himself to those portions of the th ie message relating to the canals and finances, le. He was followed by st ?' Mr. Bcn.MSTon, in an anti-administration speech of v< ip> considerable ability. Both these gentlemen limited their " L_ speeches to a review of the canal policy suggested by I>< (lov. Young in his late message. 1 shall probably lie It able to furnish Mr. Denniston's speech for to morrow's "> lf" paper. w The Committee rose without any action, >'e And the Senate adjourned. ' >t, Assembly. J'( 1 Tremendous audience?galleries and lobbies crowded to their utmost capacity. Prayer. Journal and petitions. U Some reports wero received from committees. m ,b| thk tolu.-stkkrs ov thr srcomi atOIMSST. B|, The select committee to whom was referred the bill m K. appropiiating $10,000 for the relief of the second regi C<J - ment of volunteers, with instructions to insert the pre- ^ [5- nmhle offered bv Mr. Uloss, condemnatory of the Presi_ dent, reported the hill to the house this morning, with the go preamble inserted, according to their instructions. ir, Mr. Dcvklin, of New Vork, moved that the bill as is- amended, be recommitted to the committee of the whole. * Mr. BrarriLi., (whig.)-l move that the bill have its _ third reading immediately. ' Mr. Perkins, of St. Lawrence, got the floor, and was la reeognised by tho Speaker, i ho honorable gentleman supported the motion made by Mr Develin, and was proceeding to express his views of the propriety of the pre~ amble, when bi. '* Mr. J. Smith rose to a point of order; the gentleman, st ,t (Mr. Pel kins,) could not discuss the merits of the bill . to The SritAxr.R decided that the gentlemen (Mr. Terkins) was out of order, end he took his seat. bil Mr. Bascom (whig) regarded the motion made by the ]jc gentlem n from New York (Mr. Develin) as n literal one; and hopod it would be entertained. (It wont be I>u entertained.) tw Mi Divai.i* withdrew hia naked motion to re-commit ej, to the Committee of the Whole, and moved that it he recommitted to that committee, with initructiom to annex the following word* to the flrat cluuie of the preamble, co which declarea that " the f'reiidetit hni involved the Ho- c? I, public in a war" [" by act* which it wna hii duty to per- ". I,, form, and which were, in themaelvea, perfectly iuatitla- :!' tile, and proper and neceuary, to the honor of the He- 111 II public."] !" >ti The ttrcAxra dccldod the amendment to be out of 11 order. J ? Mr. Bi.oaa?Mr. Speaker? (Go it Bloaa ) Mr. Blodoktt?Mr. Speakei?1 move-(confusion ) Spkakkr? (rap, rap) ? gentlemen will take their feati. e? ee Mr. Bi.oaa?I nave the floor ; and 1 move the bill havo ' he it* third reading now. to Mr Pf.Hai.vt wn again recogniied by tho chair; ho .. called tbu an unfair and unmanly attempt to gag the mi; noiity on that floor ; the majority coulJ not havo de- , m viaed a more effectual meaaure to defeat thii bill; ho dial- 1 y lenged the majority to a ditcuaal' v of the proceeding! of ie the general government at any auiiatilo time, and he reill nowed the motion to fe-commit tho bill to the < ominittee l of the Whole. ] , Mr flLoiaaroie to reply; ho laid the minority here J ' might proteat againit the preamble, juat na the whiga . ? pruleated in Congreaa, againat the appropriation to carry on the war; the preamble waa a noceaaary fixture of the ' C,' bill: it waa BB exlxilltion of the .ntimanta nt Ilia mhivi |y and showed their constituency, that while they abhorred the author of the war, Itit for the sake of tho couutry, ol it. they were willing to rote supplies to carry it on. __ Mr J. Smith alio replied to Mr. I'erkina, when Mr. Dkvklii sailed lor the i|ueition, upon the motion ,' to recommit the hill ami preamble to tho Committee of the Whole. The i|Ueation wm taken by ayoa uml noes ? . ' ayei 63, noea thi. .-o the House refused to recommit the " ij. hill to tho Committee of the Whole u '' at The (|iieation wu then taken on tho motion to engross a. the bill, as amended, for a third reading, and tho House y< adopted the motion. 1 static trkastrsr | ,j The annual report of the State Traaaurer wai re? ceived, and referred to the Committee on ways and 'a mesne; 'J60 copies for tho Treaaurer, and twice the unual ",n t* number tor the membetaof the Home, were ordered to ." bo printed. , A joint reaolution instructing our Senators, Ac , in c"l Congress, to proeuro the reimburaement to all the , r Htatea, from the United States, of any moneys expended in the littr g out ol volunteers, was received lromthe I !"' 8?nnt#. nnd ronr.urrnr! inhv tha Homo Hr Mr. Bki.l, from the Engronsing f'ommittoo, report#<l the bill for tho reliof of the volunteers, as correctly en- fh n ?ro..ed, I J" lt The bill was read third time. the! i, Mr Baicom asked the ftpeaker if this wss a two-third #nj it bill [ e The Chair said that it had formerly derided that it was ,)Je ' a two-third bill, but that on reflection, it bad concluded i B 11 that it was not r<l ( - : Tho eneation was then taken bjr ayes and noes upon the final passage of the hill. The democrats voting " No" I unanimously, several ol thorn rose in their plums before , 1" voting, ami explained why thav voted against the bill. Mr. Ai.i inu, of New Y ork, said that the proamhle was . i an absolute falsehood, and that he could not vote for it. Messrs Sort a, f.Vlaass, Ciisxpi.kr, and many other | "r" democrats, protested against thepieamhls, and stated ,n 1 | rarticulorlj that they were lorced to vote ngmnst tho I hill because tho proamblo was tin mo, _ Mr VV? list al o asked leave to explain his vote lie \\ conceded that the gonoral government had neglected the |4t s volunteers, but he could not endorse the assertion that <1 , the President wea the author of the war. He held a New Z7 Y'ork daily paper ip his hand, and proceeded to read a paragraph, by which It appearod thut the money veted __ by the Common Council of that city lor the relief of the , volunteers, had not been expended for them, but hail I been unauthoii/e 1ly retained by certain officers in the I Ca| I regiment. LThe pledge of the Chair, on the Hist day oi the session, di JL D Price Twi ?t( ?obMrre the utmoft impartiality, i? bell ered *iy youx porter to hove been violated to day ] After a long time occupied in he?iing th a explanation* f member*. ins i.iem announced me result? ayes 61, dosi 63. The SritAnr.The bill il passed , tuj will be sent to te Senate for concurrence Mr Bascom.?1 believe, air, that it requires a majority f all the mem here elected to this II ouie to pass a bill ? Murmurs, jeers, laughter, and treme ndous confusion ] SrxsxxH.?The hill ia lost. Mr. Bi.odiic tt.?I move that the vote upon the bill be (considered. A most extraordinary scene followed in the House, here were all soits of motions- I rap, rap]. Forty memsrs were crying out at once, when a motion to lay the otion for reconsideration upon the table, prevailed: so e bill and the preamble condemns tory of the President , probably, lost, and the volunteers must fight unaided. tub messaoe. Mr Wright offered resolutions oI reference of ,'por>ns of the Governor's message to the appropriate comIttees. thk te1vantrv. Mr. Ai.i.asen. of Delaware, called for the considerate of his resolution offered yesterday, for taking the mcrous petitions relating to landlord and tenant, from e files of the House, and referring them to a select camittee of eight. The Cler k read the resolution A motion was made to amend, so that these resolutions lould be referred to the Judiciary Committee. A member of the Judiciary Committee objected to the otion to amend. A discussion followed between Messrs. Perkins and T. nith, during which the private views of certain public en upon the question of anti-rentism, were reviewed. 'Mr Perkirs, in reply to some personal remarks made f Mr. Smith, wax awfully severe upen the anti-rent indidate for Governor. The motion to refer the petitions to a select committee ' eight, was adopted, when Mr CARrKNTIKR offered tko following nreamhla anil solution Whereas, It is understood that certain lections of Utia ;ate have boon for a long timo agitated by diflereuces itween landlords and tanants, Be it resolved, That his Excellency the Governor, be ^nested to communicate to this House whether he has ly information on that subject necessary or important be submitted to this House for its action in the settle ent of the difficulties above referred to ; and whether 3 has any nlan to recommend lor the relief of the tenanta om the grievances of which they complain. The resolution lies ?. ver, under the rule. And the House adjourned. Alsanv, Jan. 13, 1847. lie Jinti-Slavery Froviao in the Senate ?Lefielatien, *c. Arc. Tho sense of the Benate of the State of New York on the IVilmot proviso, or more literally upon the imrtant question at issue in Congress, whether a clause libiting slavery in any territories which may hereafbc acquired by the United States, by treaty or other se, should be incorporated into any act appropriating ineys to prosecute negotiations with Mexico, has probly been prematurely stated. It may have been altoither misapprehended. The movement in the New York Senate upon this lcstion, which the majority in Congreis pretend to re ird as paramount to the question of supplies or no supies for the army, with which latter question it has bees ibappily connected,wus, as has been supposed,nearly siultaneous with its agitation in Congress. There is broad ound for the opinion that the ant i slavery resolutions ore introduced here, if not to embarrass the general ivemment te subserve an ulterior political purpose, id that they were ottered with the concurrence and un irtho advisement ot certain gentl'imen at Washington, id elsewhere. Thcso resolutions, which wero introduced here, and hich are now in charge ot the Committee of the 'hole, convey express instructions to our Senators and eprosentatives in Congross to oppose, not only any iked proposition to introduce slavery in any new ternries which we may acquire, but to op|>oie any euuivoil measure from which such a result may flow. They e emphatic. Though tnis matter may have become stale, and ough by reason of the late determination of the Mexi> in Congress with regard to entertaining peace propoIs, they may have lost their importance and attraction a degree, yet within twenty-lour hours I hate takes e trouble to get at the sense of the Senate upon this lestion so far as a man may readily do so, and I Had at these resolutions, with some unimportant emenda ins, will pass. I And that tho Senate, though at this iticai moment it may tie opposed to the agitation of this lestion in ( ongross, at the peril of the American arms, ( auld, under common circumstances, and when the tide battle has rolled back, nearly unanimously oppose s proposition. It would vote against it In tho present condition ot things 1 expect that action ion the lesolutiona will be suspended here. The glory the army demands the suspension of a question of is nature Mr Jones' resolutions, which were proposed as a subitute (and not to annex) to Mr. Hall's, declare that sis>rp cannot properly be settled by Ire ty, and that it is domestic regulation; they alio declare that it la max idient to agitate this question at present. So far as the ? noili.iwv nf lh? ... ?r ?k~ atter ii concerned, I think that the Senate will concur ith Mr. Jones'resolutions, but no further. It will no solve that slavery cannot be settled by treaty, or that is a domestic regulation. 80 this matter stands at promt. The war is probably a terrible check to the un irground oi?ratiom of certain candidates for the Presisncy. The Legislature has now fairly entered into the intense 1 usiness imposed upon by the constitution. I all be alwuys present, and I shall always try to acquit yself of my duties in a manner and style which will immand the attention an ' interest the readers ol tho eu> Talk Herald. Ity and by I shall give the biography of every mem. t of tho 8euatc, beginning mm the distinguished Tre lent. Alssist, January 13, 1B47. Ac Bill far tht Relief of the folunteera?The H'hig Preamble? The Landlord and Tenant Petitiana? Speech of Mr. Perkim ? The Jlpolloneoni. Whig intolerance in the Lower House hai defeated the 11 for the relief of the second regiment of ^United atee Volunteers. It was charged upon the whigs in s House, today, that the preamble appended to the 1 declaring the President to have plunged the repubinto a war with Mexico, was introduced for the sole rpose of defeating the bill. Sixty-ono out of serentyo whigs voted for the preamble, and the remaining iven dodged the question. This vote proves conclu'ely that the majority in the Lower House could not osrieiitiously assent to the preamhlo. It was unnessary and uncalled (or 1 it demonstrates that the relief tho volunteers was n matter of minor importance to e whigs, and that their anxiety to hurl an official unacms upon the President preponderated over any symithies they may have entertained lor the soldiery. It singular; and I believe that if the taking of 8an Juan HI U>|ICUU1IIK W.I' DIU, lilt) WUUIU IIUl QBVe T 01*11 r it without tli? preamble reprobating the President,and notsncing him as the author of the wer. The spirit ihibited by the whigs on this occasion is a precursory trouble in the future. It is barely possible that the 11 muy yet lie called up and passed Considerable discussion subsequently occurred in tho ouse upon a motion made by the member from Delanre, to take the petitions relating to landlord and tenaDt am the Hies,and reler them to a Select Committee The otion was modified so ns to reler the petitions to the idiciary < omniilteo. This called up llishop IVikins.of . Luwienco. 'J he gentleman evinced a dispeaitien toy, as he did last year, to approve any reasonable propo1011 for the relief of tho country, hut in reply to an initiation made by Hmith, of tkthohaiin, that the fiiendt Silas Wright, since his defeat by tho anii-reulert, onld not probably he dispo ?d to support any proposiiii foi their rriirt, he asseiled John Young and the polonof John Young, last winter in tho House, with a (rent of sarcasm, and with a i unction and a weight of gumcnt sufficient to covar the object which called it ill, with etornul infamy and shame He pointed out s cowardice and the rlucun-ry displa)ed by John mng upon this question-, his cringing, unmeaning attilo, and his fierce declamation against the policy of the e executive The witbenug argument ol tho veteran is commended and endorsed by every unbiassed man thnt chamber. The cap-stone to this brilliant speech is furnished by Mr. Cainenlier of New Yoik, in the spe of a resolution, appealing lo John Young for inlor ird the tenantry, ami the aituaUon of alllir* in that* die. rta. (See your reporter'* i"|>ort) Th# whip;* took th* ly court* they could, to defer a vote on the resolution, >y roao to debate it, and ronarquently It lit* over unr the fill*. Hut it will pate, ami we ahtll hav* a apeI menage from hie excellency upon thla intireating hject. heard the lovely l.ltln ApcUoncon* on Monlay even ;, thoy gave n concert at Bleecker Hall, which wa* gcly alien led. Miaa Anne fCole, one of the aweet o.Juufoiie, wna in Rood voice, and sang aurprlaingly II . athor age (nine year* I auppoae) it i*not expected t there can he much comp*** or power in hernnging , it it to aolt, and gentle, ami childlike, end innocent, I one cannot hut lovo it. She waa applauded again again, and the utmoat delight wa* evinced by,the an(tee. I think that alt thet* Apolloneont are worthy of high reputation they havo acquired. The gem ot the uing waa the overture Irom Hoeaini All diiUnguiahihomtelvea alike, and all were worthy of the encomia which were thowered upon them to profutely. i littlo daughter of Mr Horace Wright, ot Burham, id about five year*, while riding on a loaded oa tlod, i day lent work, fell under a log which the team waa gging, ami which paired over her hotly, mangling her i moat allocking manner /I'tt \">|t Pi Ahl'd? I'lie largeat. the rhmpeat. and ' the beat aaiortinrut are to be fouod at A < HAHKY'S, Broadway, corner of Liberty atrcel, npatatra I* lan*rh d'OKDLoNr-s, MULUDKUM0! AM), MUSIC. BOXK3. , . . HK Hn lumber, Manufacturer and importer of Mnaical haatrameata, liaa for tale a lar?e aaeortmeat of AeeorM, Melndenna. and Mnaical Bmea, and all hioda nfmaaiinatrmneuu. hlJ WAHH SAACh, , _ i lm*rh II Julio* at., t*r. tf 0oW

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