24 Ocak 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Ocak 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH] Vol. XIII, Ho. 33-Whcl? >?, 4040 THE NEW YORK HERALD. 'AMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price2 emuper copy?ST 26 per annum?payable in advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price cents per coin?ST 12cent* per annum?payable in advance. HERALD KOR EUROPE?Erecy Steam racket day Price (,>, ceuta per copy?S3 00 per annum, payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS .at the naual prices?alwtiya caah in advance PRINTING of all kinds eircnted with beenty and despatch. All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to the esreblialnncat, mint be poat paid, or the ponage will be deiluried from the ?uh?ciiption money remitted JAMES GORi ON BENNETT. Proprietor of the NKW YORK HF.hai.. cai AIIMUHMKNT. North Waal corner of Euli'>n and Na.aan aireete aiulv r.t mad a? .o.amin.t i<t/a? CHANGE OF HOUK.S. j LuNG 1 SI-jiN U RA EKU.vD. WINTER ARRANGEMENT ?-On and alter Monday, Dec. 20, 1526, Trains will rnu aa follows:? Una Bhocki.vh?nt 7 o'clock A. lM. t Botioo train) for Ureenport. daily, teve-pr Snadaya) stooping at Eirmi?:j;dclc < u f ?. ' r^e ? Manor. ' icflXA M , s'm y.fot (iroenport and'iutermcci .tc plnce-. 4 " at i P M T r Pnrmiiigditle, daily. J,ni r f jaeyi|.<.-/T- -at D'.? A. M-, ilnily accommodation train I' r i.si, u. ' 3X '. M., (Boston Traiu) or on tha arrival of I I t i imi Iroin Norwi li, daily, (exeept Snn y?.) u Ppmg <t ft George's Maae' and j FV.nuingdMC. I L? aik Kai.mimidalk at A.M. daily, (except Sundays.) : \ccod?ih>i1r.-i > i (rain; and 12 M. and 3J( Y. M. . Lvavk JAMAICA? m 8 o'cloc < A. M., 1 r. M., and 6 X Y. I vl., for Jtooklyn, or on the arrival of Bostoa : l ram. SUNDAY 'IMAINS will hereafter run toThompaon Sin i tion? leave Brook1 vn ni 9 A M. for Thompson and intermediate places, (commencing Sun la r the Bth fleveinbar, returning leave Thompson at 1 o'clock 1'. M., Varmingdale 2X. Jamaica 3,'?. Kabk to?Bedford, I eenta; Knvt New Yerk, UXi Kace Course, IDY; Trotting Course. I8V; Jamaica, 39; Bruanville, SIX. HydeI'ark, (17 milra) 37X;'lowsville, (daring these*, aion of Court) 37X; Hempstead, 37X; Branch 37X; Carle l'lace,44i Weatliury, 44; Hickaville, 44; F'armingdaTe, MX; Deer P;uk,69: Thompson, SS; Suffolk Station. SI; Lake Road Station, $1 18V; Medford Station, II IS*: Yanhank.fl T7X; St. Georvr's Manor, (1 MX; Kiverfiead, SI 62X'> Jumesporl, SI Kk: Mn'.tetuck, SI 62X; Cutchogue, SI MX; Sonthold, S> 63X; Greonport Accommodation Train, Si 73; Boston train, #226. Stage* are in readineaa on the arrival of Traina at the several Stations. to take paaaengera at verr low farea, to all parta ol tlie Island. Baggage Crntea will be in readineaa at the foot of Whitehall treel, to receive baggage fir the several traina. SO minntea berore the hour ofatarting from the Brooklyn aide. The steamboat "Statesman' leavea Greenport for Sag Harbor on the arrivnl of the Boaton train from Brooklyn d25rh i ~~KOK BOSTON AND PHOVlDkNCE. vit Stonington and Long laland Railroad?Night Line ?On aud after Monday 28th iuataut, Traina will leave the foot ol Whitehall etreet. Sonth ferry, via Limit I "laud Knilroad. on Mondavi, Wedneadaya, and Fridaya, at 2 o'clock, f M., for Greenport,cruising the Sound to St uiugton.in the favorite sound atcnmer NEW HAVEN, which hoa bean provided with maats, aaila, and extra ordinary anchors, and Pom thence to ITovideuce and Boston by the wail trains which connect with the steamers Massachusetts and Governor. Fare to Stnnington ' $2 30 11 Providence 4 00 " Boaton 3 00 The steamer New Haven has new boilers, and will take only light freights d23 rh NUTlGb. ,tgonere Unand alter Friday, November 20th, the gjwoflBS*steamboat SYLl'H, Captain Braiated, will !9SMdKSc>m>Jir the following trips to and from Staten Island nntil further notice, vix Leave New York Leave State* Island At 9 A.M. At S* 11 A.M. 10 1 P. M. IS M l? ' 1 P. M. &X " <X_^ BlO? "for stonington, providence and huston -111*10. I I Via LONG ISLAND KAIL-^lI?LL at IX o'clock. P M..J32BR from South k erry. Hn? _ K we to SI *l " Providence 3 00 Fare, $5 0" to Boe'on. Comoitncing Friday, January 8'h. Train leaves S<>u'h Ferry. Whitehall, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 3X P. M-, nnd . rnve at Stooiugton hair an hour in advacce of the steamboai f. im N'w York, and proceed by sieamboat train to Prosidsui a and Boston. , Jan. 7, loot. jSJwrh -regular mail line for BOSTON. VIA NORWICH A WOK- ***** - fit* CKSTKR, withont change * 4?Cars or Baggage, or withoatJHH^B li it ..-^crossing any berry. jsserigesi taking theirsruts at Norwich, are insSR-ed their ? . ts through to Boston This beinit the only inlai.d ronte 1 U; t commuuicatcs through by steamboat and railroad. Passengers by this line are accompanied through by the conductor of the tram, who will have particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwise give his attention to their ease and comfort. This line leaves south side Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Bntteiv Plies, daily, (Sundays eacepted) at 4 o'clock, P. M., and an ve, m Boston in time lo take all the eastern trains. The lew steamer WORCESTER. Capt. Van Pelt,leavea every fuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, P. M. The steamer CLEOPATRA, Caplsin Williams, leaves every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock. P. M. For fnrther intormarion, inquire of J. H. VANDK'tBILT, No. a Ratrerv Place. North ICver. d?5 tf v? WINTER A KUA.N(4KM r.N 1.1.?The Norwich, Worcester and IIn ton RsilRnad 3E*_JK*C. ai d Hte nn Trauspoi tation Line?The substantial steam propeller Trumbull, Captain Daniel Havens will ran regularly between Norwich and New York, making I two passages s week; leaving New York Irom pier 13 E. R. Old Ml in. For freight, which will be taken at summer rates or passage, having elegant accommodations apply to the Captain, ou board, or to E. A. BILL, Norwich, Conn., and to tn??v l.fcN WHItl/H.saionrhst NewYork. p.mimi il/il r a .11A1L l.l.Nt,. _utfiiri j?i _ j't~n 11 n i *r v and .troy, via gg-g^jE^an^pMrulgrport and Kouxilouic iianroan. i uur!A|SmJsC9kL>')( l??t summer, the Houaatoiic Railroad hat hr?n itlaid with a heavy H Kail, from Bridgeport to the We.-leru Railroad Through by Daylight, daily (Sunday's excepted) at <>!? n'clna4t, A. M. The Steamboat.MOUNTAINEER, Capt. W. II Fraxee, leurex tin foot of M?rket street. K. tt., for Bridgeport, Daily, ut G>? o'clock, A M. No freight taken in the Passenger Lint. Passengers take the Cars at Bridgeport,and without change of Curs or Baggage (.'rates, arrive in Albany and Troy at 5 o'clock, P. M. rvew Cars and Locomotive engines have breu procured, and the Road is iu every respect equal to the best Hit England Road. C""^A Freight Line by Steamers Nimrod^ and Mohegan, duily?Kre-giu Tariff sime av last year.?For lurther particulars inquire at the Office on MArket street Pier, and at Livings ou and Wells' Express, ID Wall Street. rii'. < m re <i. M. FERRY. Axent. - ?... BRITISH AND NORTH A11 ISR CAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIM y^?*BBjHAd^ol 1204 ton* and (44 horae power each, on WW rTmfifn der contract with the Loraa of the Aami " ? ralty. HIBERNIA.. Capt.A. Ryrit CALEDONIA Cap. E. O. Lett. BRITANNIA Capt. J.Hewitt. CAMBRIA Capt.O. H E. Jndkiaa ACADIA Capt.Win. Harrison. Will aail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax, U follows from bostoi*. mOM LITKnrOOL Hibernia Feb. 1, 1847 Hiberuia Jan. 4, IM' Cambria March I, 1847 Cambria Feb. 4, 1817 Hibe/nia April I, 1817 Hibernia March 4, 1817 Tasssui Moivkt. From Boston to Liverpool $124. From Boston to Halifax 20. No berths secured until paid lor These ships carry experienced surgeons. No freight, except specie, received on days of sailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to I). BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent. AtHARMDEN It CO.'S,6 Wall at. (Mr* In nddicion to the shove line betweea Liverpool and HiiUfnx, and Boston, a contract haa been entere(i I nte with Her Majesty's government, to establish a liue between Liverpool and New York direct The steamships for this service are now being built, mid early next year due notice will be given of the nine when they will start. Under the new couljpct the Itnaineis will sail every Saturday daring eight morflhs, and every lortnight during the other mouths in the year, lining alternately between Liverpool, and Halifax and Boslo". and between Liverpool and New York. j* r GttKAT Kill I'd IN AND ilthLAND. T-W.T, PERSONS wishing to remit money to tbkv England, Ireland, Scotland, or Wales, will do well to apl>lv to lb# subscribers, at tha ^ SPfWMBBI old #s-?bl?sned passage offi.-e, 375 P#arl MMWIfli^rfft, where ng u?aal drafts ars farniahed lor large or small amounts on tha National Bank of Ireland, Northern Banking Co. and National Baak of Scotland, payable ou demand, at the nuiner as branches ijjj" cotintfifg. wir out discount; also, on R. C. (iLYN at DO., Bankers, London, and on C. GHIMBHAW pool. Apply to flAM'L THOMPHON k NLPHEW. ji3 lm*rh Did Established Passage Office^ f75 Pearl St. rASSAOK KROM "ORKAT BRIT A! NANDIRELAND. p w. B Y nsC (i> K N* WYOKK AND LIM VKRPOOL, being the oldest nod largest established house in tha emigrating hniinru, heg leave to call the attention of the punlie generally to their auperior arraugamanta (or the ensuing year. I'eraona dnsirons of sending throngh this honse, lor their friends residing in the "Old Counter, may ssfr.lv depend they will have immediate despatch, and every in* ids w ill he takan to urevent datention m Liverpool. The racket Ships of this hue aro all of the ftrat class, and commanded by ineu of acknowledged akill? ene of whi-n sail evnry five daya Arrangamants can alao bo made to fn ward passengers, direct, from Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Lnndoiide-ry, suri Belfast. Ii aftta d Hills of Kschange, given for anT amonnt, payable on demand, wiihont discount, at any of the principal towns in il,e Uni'eil Kingdom From the above arrange aenr., the subacrihers confidently aspect that the patronage v Inch baa been ao liberallv rvt.-ndeif ihem (nr msnv v.ir. fj?i -will not ho withhold the romiiiR awnon of emigration. _ ,uLn . P?rtie? engaged for, not rmhaik, the money will br refund,,I ita ruatomnrv hoi turthei pariienlara, H' by letter, (poat naid ) apply to P. W BVRNKS k CO.. 5i loath afreet, comer of Wall, N. Y. KDWAHD IAUL, Agent i I* w BYRNES k CD, JaMm?rrc H Waieiloo Road, Lirerpoo). Adtfk , iL? "fperior barb TAT RIOT tfraffr Cept. Imith, will be diaoatehtd for the abort port SffSTi.ammTa.. *?r f>ei?ht or peerage, hating ti ellent teeonmodatrona, eppW ? IT* 1YT TH Ci ?1 _Ei NE I'll&VKLiaAU ACCOMKlOUATIUNtl. I NEW IJNE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS." fljy m, Ml m Tt^AIL KROM NF.W YOK'K THE Jgth.THTtT POOL THK llth OK EACH MOM H? rtOM [tlw VUKI. Ship 8HKRIDAN. Capt. Corinth, January 16, ' OARHlcK. ,f 'Prank, February 16, " R08CIUS, ' KldriJge, March it, " hlDDONd, " Ccbb, April 2?. . raoia KioaurooL, " UARRIC'K, December il. " RO-aCIUS, January 11, " 81DDONS, Kabruary 11, " BitKRIDAN, March 11. Theae ahipa are all of the tint clatt, upwards of IfltO lout, built iu i In * city, with tuch improvement* u combine great peed, with uumnal comfort for p*??ergera The price of pataage hence L $7*,, lor which ample ttoret will be provided. '1 heae ahipa are commanded by experienced maaiera, who will make tvery eiertiou to give general aatialaction. Neither theCapttin or owaera of tlieae ahipt j will be tetpontible for aav lettera, parcela or packngra .*eut by them, mileaa regular billa of lading are aigued thereli r. Kor freight or paaaage apply to, K. K. COLLIN 9, 56 South atreet. \ jtl BROWN. SHIPLEY ?t CO. Liverpool. FOR, NEW OKLEANo. I LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. 48k JHw d?R. mmmm TO^ffiKlviCRY f*hi|> OS'-VK(Jl), < aptain Johnson. Ship HUDSON. Captain Page. ShipCLIKTON, Captain Ingersol'. Ship LOUISVILLE. Capt. Hunt. Ship KARTELLS. Capruiu Taylor Pur* OKNESEE. Captain Minot.. Batk JANE K. WILLIAMS, Captain Barker. Bark HEBRON, Captain Ure'g. The aoeve ships are all ul the fi.si claia, of light draft ol water, and commanded by the inoa' experienced captains in the trade. Their cabin* are hand*ome|y furnished, and every attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the passengers Neither the captains or owners of the above ships will be reponsible for jewelrv, bullion,precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, par- els, or packages sent by, or put on board of them, nnla<s regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the value therein exnesied. Kor freight or passage apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS 58 8onthstreet. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff. It Co., who will promptl v forward all goods to their address. ~ NKW UNfc OF UVhKfUUL PACKETS. Ml M. Mt 0k Tt^aTfrom Nev^^rk list, and fro^LTverpoollu^fedcn mouth. From New Vark. LivatpoalN.w ship Liverpool, 1150 togs, S J J. tldridge i August 11 Oct. ? New ship Queen of the West, ) 2} fech 5 1240tons>. Wondhouse. J m>T \\ * N.w Ship Constrtjition,1800 tons. > Juub ,rT \\ \ John Briton i October 11 Dec 6 Ship Hottingu er, j05? tons. S ? Mar . " f Nov. 11 Jan. g These suostcntial. fast sailng, hist class ships, all bnilt in the city of new York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, and will be despatched punctually on ths 21st ol each mouth. L i neir caoinsare eiegantnnn <ommoaioai, ana are inrnubed with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of psssengen. Price of paaaage (100. Neither the captaina nor owners of these ships will be responsible for any parcels or packages sent by them, nnlets regular bills of lading are signed therefor. Kor freight or [assawe apply to WOODHULL It MINTURN, V South street. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS It CO., ml re Liverpool dfe Mv Mfe. KOCHE^koTireK^V Co. ' ARRANGEMENTS. Remittances to and Passags from Great Britain and Ireland, BLACK BALL, ORbOLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Suling from Liverpool on the 1st and 18th of every month. Also, by first class American ships (weekly.) Persons sending to the Old Country for their friends, con make the necessary arrangements with the sabscribers, and have them brought ont in any of the eight ships comprising the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, saiUng from Liverpol on the 1st and 16th of svery mouth. Also, by first class shins sailing (torn that pert weekly, which our agent, Mr Roche, Senior, there, will see are sent out without delay. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets.com prise the following magnificent ships, and will ami from Liverpool on the regular appointed days, as follows :? KfDELIA, 1st January, 1st May, 1st September EUROPE. IStli " !6th " 16th NEW YORK, 1st February, ist June, 1st October COLOMBIA. 16th ' 16th " 16th YORKSHIRE, 1st March, 1st July, 1st November OXFORD, 16th " 16th " 16th " CAMBRIDGE, 1st April, 1st Aug., 1st December. MONTEZUMA. 16th " 16th " 16th " P. B?The public are reapectfnlly notified, by desire of the owners of the Black Ball, or Old Liee of Liverpool rackets, th.H no passenger agents but K. B. It Co. h ive permission from them to advertise to bring ont passengers by that line, and that they are the only regular authorised passenger agents o! unit! nue in mi* eity. We hare at >11 time* for ole drafts >t lif ht, for iny amount, drawn direct on the Hoyal Bunk of Ireland, Dublin; alio on Minn. I'reicott Urote, ,\mn It Co., Banker*, Loudon,wl ich are Mid free efduconnt or any charge whaterer, in all the principal towui throughout England, Ireland Soet'.iad and Walei. Appiyer adaraeikr letter:? eat pailta HOC HE, BROTHER* * Co., S5 Fulton itreet, N. Y., neit door to the Kulton Bank. The olficeof Mr. Hocha, Sear., it at 75 Dublin itreet, o7rc Liverpool. J. MoMUKKAY'S ARRANOKMKN19 FOR 1S4T. m m m. && OLDEST ESTABLISHED PASSAGE UFFICE IN TilK UNITED STATES THE SUBSCRIBER reipectfully b'gi leuve to tender hit iucere ihanki to his Humorous friends and the pti'jlic for their vrry liboral support lie has received lor opw>rtls ol twenty years, and solicit! a contiuiia'iou of their Cunfi leuce. Thedrrpatch by whicn his paiieuger* hare hern binuglit out, and the promp'nen by which hu very numeroui dral's have been pud at the different bin It i, are, he tlsrreri himself a sufficient gaaranire to the public for the faithful performance of any future eontracia entered into with In in The lollowtug are the daya of sailing of the regular line ol packets to and from Liverpool, viz 1st, 6ih, Utii, IGth, 21st and 16th of each month throughout the year. In nildttion to the ahore regular line a number of spieudid shirs, such as the Adirondack, Marinion, Rappahannock, Libeity. Sea, Wreenock, Broom, and Ocean U-ieen, will con...1 I .. I.. thereby preventing the least possibility of delay or detention m LivsrpoeL The regular line of London Packets sail from New York on the lit, Ith. Uth and 24th ; and from Londsn on the 6th, ljih, '21st, and 21th of each mouth throughout the year. 1'rriona dinroui ol lending for their triendi residing in the (fid Country, can hive them brought out iu any ol the above splendid veneli on moderate termi. And for the accommodation of persons wishing to remit money to (heir families or friends, I have arranged the paymenu of my Drafts on the following Banks Armagh, Drogheda, Londonderry, Athlone, Duadalk, Lurgan, Baniton, Ifnngarvau, Monaghan, Belfaat. Dungannon, Mallow, Binbridge, Dawnpatrick, Omagh, Ballymena, Dublin, Parsonatown, UallyahannoD, Knniakillen, Skibbereen, Ballina, Knnis, Mligo, Cork, Knniscorthy, Htrabane, Coleraine, r'ermoy, Tralee, Clnnmel, Oalway, Weiford, Cavan, Kilkenny, Waterlord, Carlow, Kilrush, Yougbal. Coothill, Limerick, Snoland?Meters. Spnooer Attwood It Co., Bankers, Lon" on ; Messrs. Jaa Beckett A Son, and Mr. Itichard Murphy, Liverpool. Scotland?The City of Glasgow Bank, and all iubranches and Agencies. (TjF' Passages can also ba engaged from Liverpool to Philadelphia, Boston, and Baltimore, by the Kegnlar Packet Sltipa on application being made perannally, or by letter, post paid, addrossedto JOSKPIl M? MURRAY, Corner of Pine and South streets, New York, n. T. u.. n........ a u... i > v.. , i, i mr. richard muepht, \ kiterpool d23r marseilles jl1js e ~of " f acketh 0k 4$. m. m Thean<!eme...ienTfliip^will bereiulerlv despatshe<nrs aence on the 1st, and from Marseilles tha IClli of esr.h mna durins the year, as follows "hips. Captains. Krom N. York PH'CK da JOINYILLE, (aerr) Lawrence, AlTil I Sept. 1 i MI88URI, Silvester, May 1 Oct. 1 j ARCOLE (new) Kveleifh, June I Nov. I. GASTON. Conker, Jnly 1 Dec. I. NEBRASKA (new) Watson, A'lf. 1 Jan. 1 Ships. Captains. From Marseilles. PR CE da JOINyiLL"'., (see) Lawrence, Jane 10 Nov 10 MISSOURI. Silvester, Jnly 10 Dee. 10 ARCOLE, (new) Evelei*h, An*. 10 Jan 10 OASTON, Conlter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 NEBRASKA, Watson, Oet. 10 Mar. 10 1 haae vessels are nf the first class, commended by meu ol esperience. Their accommodations, for passfncers are tuisnr passed lor comfort and convenience. Goods addressed to the efpaid free rfotksrchartts than those acta cfilfifiktafsly'rhblrs, rro|wi?or. _ _No. 1C1 Front street, or to a.. BOYD It HINCKEN, JUenu, ? Tontine Bnildings, II Wall.eor. Water si. packets forjtavxe-second"line7 m. M M The Shins of thie Line will sail dunn^^ie vear^^Sflnl owing oroor from N. York. F'm Hotto. Ship UTICA, C*pt. J A. Pairee, j M*?y V. J . 'l6. f Sept. 1. Oct. 6 Ship ST. NICHOLAS, Capt. N. W.St" | Mar. It. Eyelaigh ) Jnlyl# ( Oct. 1. Not. 16. Ship ONEIDA, Capt. Punch, S ylv- } f Not. 1. Dfle. 16 Ship BALTIMORE, Capt. J. John-S /; May 16. ,,OB" ( Dee. I. Jan. 16. They are all of the firm claaa, abl y commanded, and with ?eeommodation> ample and commodiom. The once of pannage in the cabiu n SIM, eirlnmc ol winea and liqnora. Apply to BOVD fc. HINCKEN. Ageuta, .V..# Tontine Bnildinga. No M Wall atreet | Oooda aent to tho agenta 1 or forwarding, will be anbjeet to none other than the eipenaa > acrnally paid. anil m Ipsis: S* (MMi W YO W YORK. SUNDAY MOF | nAKITIDIK ACCOMMODATIONS. ~ NE'.V VOKK AND Ol.ASOOW LINK Of u A n.ifwa My igy Mr ^illnlrfroiii NeVTorFog the 1st, an J Glasgow o^T^ith of etich mouth From N. York. Fm. Gl'gew (Judo 1. July 15. chip 8ARACKN, N. T. Ilswkin, < Oct. 1. Nov'r 15. ( Keb. 1. March 15. SJuly 1. April 15. Nor. I. Aug. 15. March I. Dec'r 15. J An gnat 1. May 15. Dec'r 1 Sept 15 April 1. Jan. 15. t May 1. June 15j ; 8.. Bark ANN HARl.BY, R. Scott, < Sept. 1. Oct. 14. f Jan'y 1 k'ebrua. 15J i '1 here illipi arc good, lubstaotial tcmcIi, ably couimaoiled, { tod will aaif puuctually oi, their regular day*. Their acrom uiotlaiir.uj for passengers,are good, tud ereryntteatiou will be ' paid to promote their comfort. The agriift or ' ptaim will not be responsible for -my parcels or packages ae Jt by th*m, unless hills of holing are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to WOODHTJLI. ?c MINTUHN, *7 South street, New York, or _o2_lre It K11> ?t MVItRAY. Glasgow jfe " ?jg> ,&&| THE UNLY KEtTPTaAU l/tfEW GLAfcOuW PACKETS Wk J. T. TAP8CO PT beg to inform their frierds and the public, ihi: they > re agents for the Regular Line of Glasgow Packers, sailing from Glasgow on the lAth, and from New Vo:lt mi the 1st of every mouth. The fallowing first class ships r.< mpriie the Line The BROOKSBY, 8ARAOBN, " ADAM OA UK, ANN HAULKY Persons w,si ing to sen I for 'heir Iriends in any part of Scotland, can hare thein hrouvlit ont in the above named Packets on reasonable terms '1 hey sail from Glasgow punetually on the I5'li of every month, and are commanded by eiperienced captain, accustomed to the passenger trade, and uoted lor their kindness to passengers. For farther psrticu ars, apply to W. ? J. T. TAPSl'OTP, d9r 80 Snnth street, 2d door below Burling slip. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fcc. I4& tik M. ! lih.UKGK McBKIDK, Jr., has removed his offic^u^Nir t 46 Broadway, and continues to remit money, in sums large or I small, to peisuna residing in any part of Ireland, iu the same | manner as he and his predecessor in busineis have done lor I the last thirty years and more; also to any part of Knglaud or Sen laud. j iuuurv iruiuiru uy icuri, |uiai.-(jaiu, iu inn luuicniar, or I personally deposited with li.ui, with the name of the person I or persons iu Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it is to I be sent, and nearest post tuwu. will be immediately transmitted and paiil accordingly, end a receipt to that effect givea r fi,rwnriled to llif iwitlur nl4 1m*r ? DRAFT'S on K.NCiLANL), IRELAND, FTT'ytn""Tt nrr AMI WALKS ?ivsous can remit auy amount from one pound and upwards to tlieir friends in auy part of ^^^^Mfcsa(ireat Britain or lrelaud, by applying to the subscribers, of whom dralls can be obtained payable at sight, without discount,in all the principal towns and cities throughout England, Ireland, Kcotlauii and Wales. Those obtaining drafts cau forward them by the packets of the 1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st or "6tli of the mouth of December, or the Royal Mail Steamers sailing from Huston on the 16th. and 1st of January. W. & J. T. TAI'SCOTr, C6 South at., d3 r 2d door below Burling slip. Kill ULASOOW? Line of Packets? Keguar NTOk Packet ol the 1st of February?The fine new fast jSfcliBfa*ai|ing packet ship SARA1-EN, Capt. N. T. Hawkint, will sail as abore, her regular day. For freight or passage, having excellent ascommodatious, apply ou board, foot el Dover street, Kait River, or to WOODHULL U MINTURN, 17 Houtn street. 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The morning wm principally consumed in the debate upon tho Legislative compensation bill After which the body went into executive session Assembly. A motion was made to print on extra number of the rutumi mado to the Secretary of State of the reiult of the license election by town*. Lost. A motion was thereupon made to print an abstract of the returns by Senate districts. The debate was liinly on the merits of the license law. A bill wbb re ported for the disposition of the annual revenue of the common school, literature, and United States deposits funds. For the years 1817 8, there is to be appropriated from the com iron school funds, and paid over to tho several county treasurers, and the Chamberlain of the city of New Yoik, $110,000 for the use of schools, and the liko sum for like purposes from the United States deposits fund. For district l gChool libraries and teachers' wtgos $6j,000 are Bp proprialeil trom tuu revenue ol tho literature end ths United State* deposit fund*. $.<3,000 are to be distributed amor.# ill- colleges end academies. From the United State* deposit fund $10,000 is to be appropriated to normal rohools ; $1,000 to medical faculty of the University of New York ; $1000 to the F.ye Infirmary, end $1000 to New York University. A bill was reported to emend the act relative to the bonding of passengers at New York. The bill relative to the aiding of the New York volun" teers was debate.) by Means. Walsh, Watson and Baker ' but no question was taken on the subject The constitution compensation bill came from the Ssneto, with amendments, for the concurrence of the House. Adjourned BY TUB Itl AILS. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. Ai.ssvr, January 21, 1847. Senate. Mr. Youiso, Chairman of the Committee on Finance, to whom whs referred the memorial of Stephen Van llensselaer, (noticed yexterday) praying for the repeal of the law to equalize taxation, passed last winter, objected to such a retereure of the memorial. Mr. Bkkrs sugge*ted that the memorial should he referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs. Mr Younu hoped that the memorial would be laid upon the table. He was in favor of trying the law to equalize taxation another year, in order that the Legia laturo might have tho benefit of experience before enUrtainir.g such a petition. Mr. Jonxs moved to discharge the Committee on Finance from any farther consideration of the subject, and refer it to a select committee. The motion was lost, and the memorial remains in UUtligU 1/1 IUD nuauvr i^uuiuiuiaa< judicial districts. Mr. Hand, from the Committee oa the Judiciary, reported a aubititute to the bill iotioduced by Mr. Beora, for the arrangement of Judicial diitricta The bill waa referred to the Committee of the Whole. It makee the diviaion the same aa the old Senate districta, except the (lrat diatrict, which conaiata of New York county, and Kichmond county ia added to the aecond diatrict. Thou the Senuto in Committee of the Whole, took up the supply bill for appropriating moneya for the payment of the membera, atationery, be be. 7 he Committee found itaelf without quorum, and reported progress without agreeing to the bill. And the Senate adjourned. Assembly. Sevcial petitiona were received from the inhabitants ot Sullivan and Broome counties, praying fore reversal of the report of the New York and brie Railroad Commissioned, in favor of locetiug that road in Teunaylva nia. Mr Bkkrs, of Weatcheater, who occupiea the sect 1 which it was atated waa about te he conteated by John K. Hayward. rose to a question of privilege lie wiehed to state that the petitions praying (or an investigation into his election were sent to the House by a person called Thomas Jefferson Sutherland, without the concurrence or knowledge oi Mr. Hayward A return of the votes polled last spring upon the license quoation.was received from the Secretary of State, in compliance with a resolution of the House. Mr. W 8 Smith introduced a bill for the appointment of wreck masters in the counties of Kings, Queens, Westcheater and Kichmond. Mr. Yt.'LLxaTon, offered the following concurrent resolutions : ? Resolved, (if the Senate concur) as the sense of thii Legislature, That Zscbery Taylor, and the gallant officers Hnd soldiers under his command, have demon stiated to the world by their heroic deeds, as displayed on the battle field* of I'ulo Alto, Resaca de la I'aluia, and i'*l>ecidlly by their memorable and une<iualled bravery tioicre the walls of Monterey, that the valor which distinguished their ancestors of the Revolution, ha* not de generated in their aons, and that whereioever the atari and stupes are unfurled, there will American arms prove invincible, for which they deaerve the applauae and ad miration of their country. Ke*olv*d, (if the 8enato concur), That the thank* o , this Legislature be and are hereby presented to Majoi ! tleneral Zichary Taylor, and hit companion* in arm* for their heroiam and hearing in maintaining unsullied the honor of the fl ig of their country on the hard fouglil field* of Mexico. Itciolved, (if tho S mate concur), That the intrepid gallantry and consummate skill and braveiy of Brigadier Uen. W J. Worth, nud hia command, in the part it was their lot to sharo in the storming ami rntire overthrow of ; the lertified and heretofore imi>reguable city of Monterey, is not surpassed in tho annals ct modern welfare. Rcielved, (il Uie fianato cencur), That wo deeply denloro the lots of those brnve officers anil soldier*,|who?e lute it w a* to fall,whilst nobly fighting the battle* of their country, on the plains of Mexico. Resolved, (if the Senate concur), That these rrsolu tiens be signed by the ('resident ot the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Assembly j that bis Kxcellency tho tioveinor be, and he is hereby requested to transmit a copy of the same to Major (ieneral Taylor, who is also hereby requested to communicate to his brave associate! in arms, the high sense which this Legislature entertain of their valor, in such manner as he may deem consonant with the occasion. Tho resolutions were laid upon the table, and ordered tube printed. ma tom.'ntkkbs. The bill for the relief of the velunteera waa called up. f The SrsAxr a said the question was upon tha resolution offered yesterday by Mr. Allahen, to lefer the bill and preamble to a select committee, with instiuctions to insert at the end of the first paragraph of the preamble, the word* " by reason of the unjustifiable acta of Mexico." Mr. Bssi om. of Henern. rose to a nolnt of order he i >Pid tlie Conatitution required that the Anal vote upon a hill ihouhl he had immediately after ita third reading, and that therefore any amendment to the hill or preamble was out of order. The SpkaKen ruled out the objection raieed by Mr Uasrnm aa not.tenable Mr. Am.auk* reaumed hii remark* againat the preamble. He wse followed by Mr. BranKLL, of Chautauque, who *Hid that the propotition that the Preanient had involved the country in a war, >wa* on* which til* whole country hail aaiutned to be true ; il wu* afuct, and had been conceded In effect by the nation al adminiatration itielt ; the effect of the preamble would he to call the attention of the country to the ceuie* ol tho war, ond an inveetigation of tha conduct of the gen etal government. All bo deaired, with reference to tbi preamble, wu* to put it upon the record u* a juatiflcatioii of the whig party en that floor. Tho whig party regret led the former defeat of the hill. He agreed with the gen tl?-man from Delaware that thoy regretted it. IIow did tbi* compare with the patriotiim and liberality ef the minority i Their fear that a auapicion would be raiaet againat the integrity of Polk, induced them to defeat I biil for the *uatermnco of the aoldiery, Tbi* wu the ar 1 gument of the minority, and they could not eicnpe iroir it ; they had made an iaetie upon the merita of tbia bill | and they mint Hand or (all by it. How did gantlemer know that this bill would ha defeated in the Senate 7? They knew nothing about it. Ho would aay that if th? Senate should atrike out the preamble, and eend the bil , bark to the Houae, the reaponaible majority in that bod) | muat hear the reaponsihility-they could not escape. Thu I looking at Jamea K. Polk aa tha pole itar ef all their contid i station, had driven the minority into > *?> ? a | position. Mr. Wslsm laid ha had always looked with sutpicior ; upon men rilied from obscurity to positions which he | longed alone to men of head and heart , he had publicly | denounced James K Polk, but nevertheless he believed . that the preamble was absurd and ridiculous, and h? | could not vote for it If Polk was the author of the war lie was justly accountable for it; if he was the author ol it, he w is worse than a highway assassin, because h? would not take part in it. He could not say that he wsi sorry that the preamble was introduced , it had had the effect to defer the appropriation, which, if it had been m <de when it was originally asked for, not a dollar would have been expended for the privates in the rvgi I ment ! Mr. Walsh roa 1 a letter, which lie said be had re< | ceiveil fiom en alderman in New Vork , the letter wii said to havn bee t wrlttan by a private, from on board the . ship Isabella, ott Sandy Hook The letter itates that the privates on board were ; starving , that tliey hud been literally kidnapped, end -i.i.u.ii iuuii or rioim.-ig ; imu ul ilurnetl Ilil'l ' lobbed" the- iKM) appropriated hjr the Common Council of New Votk for the volunteer*, Ice ko. Mr. Waliii *aid that all the officer* ol Htrventon'* ro Kiment had been commiaalonod fraudulently , ha mad* tome remark* in regard to the manner of commiaaioninf ' officer* generally, and itated that they were generally : sold at auction I The Houeo adjourned at two and a half o'clock withI eut a vote. IERA 147. An Kxtraordlnary Trial In Oermony?The Skeleton for an Interesting Novel, ll'rom Oalignsni's Messenger, Dec * ] The Criminal Court of Cologne sat, on the J8lh ult., to try M Oppenhelm upon an indictment for stealing a box from the Baroness tie Meyendorff, while at the Ho el do Mayencn. at Cologne, on her way from Aix-la-Chapelle to Porta. The baroness arrived in Cologne on the afternoon of August 'II; and a few hours after her alight- | ed two gentlemen, who gave as their names Krenecker, a merchant of Bm-lau. and Ullmami, a merchant of Ber- l lin. Kronecker. immediately on his arrival, made minute inquiries about the baroness, particularly as to the baggage she had brought with her, and also as to tho stay she meant to make. Tbis stay was vary abort, as j she intended to embark the next morning in a steamboat going down the Rhine. At six in the morning of th? i-.M. all ber packages wero brought from her t partmcnt into the passage, and loft there while her valet went to bar with tho bill of the landlord. When he returned ! with the money to ptiy it, he at once missed from the ! heao ot packages a small cusket, which he knew to be of great vslue to his mistress He immediately proclaimed the loss, and the people ?f tho house at once recollected that the two travellers, Kronecker and Ulmann, had just : taken their departure in a hackney coach, and conceived . that they might, by mist ike, have carried away the caa- | ; ket with their owu luggage. Ksser, a man in the em- | ploy of the baroness, ran ufter the coach, but met it coming back empty. The coacbmun informed him that I one of the arentlemen had got out on the way but tbnt the other had alighted at thu railroad station Ksser fol| lowed tlii> latter, mid found him in one of the carriages I On being asked whether he had try mistake taken with him a casket that did not belong to him, he assured thorn that he had nothing with him but the paletot on his ! arm. As, however, he was pile, and seemed agita'cd, Ksser'e suspicions were excited, au l taking with him o police officer, he went on by the samo train to Bonn. On arriving there, the baggage of tho traveller was found to consist of a small trunk and two iocs de nuit, which were seized ; but the traveller, who had assujfk ed the name of Ullmann, eflerted his escape. On edp mining the contents of the trunk, In the presence of ah officer, the ca'ktt was found in it intact, and amoug other things, several Innkeepers' bills, made out in the nama of Dr. Mendlesohn, a distinguished Prussian ailvo cate. In one ol the toga was a portfolio containing letter* and oilier paper*, addressed to anil bearing the name ol M. Oppenheim, assessor of the Royal Court of Berlin. In the beginning of October and November, we : had several article* giving the detail* ol thit tranaactiou, from which it appeared that the traveller*, under the name of Kronecker and Ullmnnn, were Dr. Slendleiohn and M. Oppenheim ; that their object wa* only to re cover from the baroness a rent charge for her life of :15 006f a year, granted by the Count do Hatzfield, secured upon hi* estates, the consideration tor which wa* stated to be 360,000f? and could only bo fictitious, as | the Baroness was devoid of all mean* of advancing any I such mm. VI. Oppenheim surrendered himself to justice, and has now taken his trial. Dr. Meudleiohn has however, still remained ut liberty, though, a* our reader* will recollect, it was, at one time, thought that he was caught at Heherstliel, a small Prussian town on the frontier of Belgium : but tlio captive turned out to he Kelix Mendelssohn, the celebrated doctor of music, but no doctor of law*. M. Oppenheim wa* arraigned not only for stealing the casket, but also for having wilfully torn, during his previous examination, four documents laid as evidence before the examining magistrate. These , consisted of diaitsof letters, which were, he maintain- i I'd, of a pilvate nature, having no connection with tha matter in question. M. Oppenheim, go being interrogated by the president of the court, avowed that he had taken away the caakat, but denied that it could be imputod to him as n crime, as he merely meant to Ret possession of an illegal deed of rent charge, executed by the Count da Hatzfeld, the husband of his client, the Counters de Hatzfeld, upon a fictitious consideration, to tho great injury of her and her children; and at the same time to avoid the acandal of a suit at law between husband and wife. The President observed to M. Oppenheim, that it appeared from his letters that one of bis objects wrs to obtain soma prooli of adultery against the Count de Hatzfeld. The prisoner also admitted this, but declared that it wns only a secondary consideration with h:m and tha ether adviser of the countess. On the second charge of tearing the documents bafore the examining magistrate, he maintained that be was not guilty of any breach of the law, as they did not in anvwise relate to the matter in question. Tho court then proceeded to the examination of witnesses. The tint called was the Beroneaa do Meyendorfl", but alie diJ not appeir. Thereat of the witnesses were the valet and ftmmt de cKemlre of the baroneaa, and the ofllcera who arretted M. Opponhelm, whoae teatimony went merely to the factaottbe taking away anil recovery of the caaket. and the arreat of the prisoner aa before atatod. M. Windicherf, the registrar of mortgages at Uuaatldorf, after protesting against giving evidence of mortgage* entrusted to hit charge officially, objection! that were overruled by the court, was proceeding to give evidence, when the Pro- j c.ureur-i Jenoral interposed, and admitted that in June last the Baronets de Meyendorfl" had contracted et Paris by a notoriute act, to advance to the Count de Hatzfeld 110 Oiiuf. in purchese of a rent charge utien hia eatutes, of Sa.OOOf. a year for her life, but that this contruct had since been annulled, lie then addressed the court in support of the pretention, and demanded a verdict of guilty on both counts. The countel for M. Oppenheim replied, lu defence ot the attempt to gain possession of the grant of the rent chnrge, he gave an animated repre sentation of the circumstances under which the at'empt was made, and maintained that it could not be perverted into a robbery, lie stated that the Countess de Hatzfeld, tlie daughter of a Sovereign Pi nice of Germany, waa married at the early age of 16 to the count?a marriage that was only the commencement of e life of misery. liven tho birth of thrde children could not secure her from the ill-treatment of her husband, and in 1K13 ahe was obliged to separate herself Irom him, and go to live at Berlin with her two younger children. Tliecount instituted a suit for a divorce, hut which she (the coun ' teie) bad defended with success. To persecute her, he hnd since deprived her of the society of her children; and. by the deed ot annuity to the Baronets do Meyen-, dot IT, had attempted to rob them of part of their iuheri 1 tance. He ceased to pny the countess her stipulated al i 1 mony. and nut her daughter into a convent at Vienna where she hid been incarcerated for nine years In 1M40 a reconciliation took place, and the countess returned to [ live with her husband. Di/ierenret aoen again rrose, end the count withdrew from her to his chateau of Schocn ! stein She once more joined liim,hut he immediately alter ' abandoned her and their children, and went to reside ut ' Dtmseldorf, leaving orders that she should he kept in the chateau at a prisoner. She was treated wr,h disrespect by his servants. In 1941 her family interfered, arid the count was induced to sign a deed of separation, binding himsell to allow her a certain income, which, however. I.u j>uki III lull, in IP-IO ne nnuounced lo nil wile tint lie would never he reconciled to her, and declared to hit youngest ion that if he remained with hii mother he would lone (or ever the p-otection ot hie father. 8tie want to Berlin, and there learned that the count wai living at Aix-la-CliH|iello with the Baroness de ,\1ny eudoill, end at the iitmo time gained informs'ion of the annuity deed, and a letter from the count to the baronen lei I into | liar hande, containing the following passage:?"I believe I love yon ro much, because I .Mover betore loved ' any woman. It ii a mulortune to lovu 10 woli, when 1 one ie obliged to sepuruto from the beloved object. I 1 will tnako every sacrifice to get tid of that horrible wo1 man and then your luture happinen will be lecure " Upon thii the countpss, accoinjiuiiied by a venerable prior!, went to Aix-Ja-Chapelle, and Hfter eorae discussion the count promiied to annul the annuity deed , tint on the following day again repudiated hie wile, and ihe returned from Aix la l lii|>elle ; and the recovery of the deed, mppoied le be in the hunda of the barouaie, wai re aolvrd upon. To prove that the comideration of MO.OOOf. could not be real, the couniel aOlrmed that neither the Baronen de Meyendorff nor her husband possessed any fortune whatever, nor could the Count de Ilatzfeld, with a revenue of M9 0001 per annum, and enjoying an immrme credit, possibly wont to borrow any ?uui at the normou* rate of in per cent The learned couniel then entered u|ion the technical question of the robbeiy. and insisted that under no law, human or divine, could the taking away of thecuikot he considered as a crime. The second count of the indictment was argued nghinit by anolbor advocate, for M Opjieiiheiin. The usual rrpli?? were made, and the judge summed up therein with grant clearness and impartiality, leaving the deciiion te the jury, who after retiring tor half an hour, returnad and pronounced a verdict of Not (Juilty. M. Oppentieim was imiueuiiieiy uiecuargeu oui 01 cmiooy. Cdnabd StX'MKKR at Jmmy 01 ry.?Many renders will be gratified to learn, as we do from the proper authority, that tha Hon. Samuel Cuuard ami othara, con'rs-tors with the Lords Commissioners of the British Admiralty lor the rouvayaucn el the mutia between Liverpool and New York, have at length made arrangements to make Jeney city the teiminui of a line of steam packets The associates ol the larry company have contracted to eiact wharvra an J ta build storehouses tor that purpose ; and these packets will conscr|iienlly land ami leceive their cmpoes at that place ? Notwithstanding the great outlay oi money for docks, Vc, ? say Irom W) to V*0,0oo it is thought that it will be a good Investment for the rotnpan r, and we may reasons 1 y anticipate Irom the arrangement decided advantage foi our f.ocrishing neighbor Jersey city. Histto PotTMA".rkits ?A postmnfer in the interior ol I'ennNylvHnia recently had jutigtrent given against him for the price of a subscription of several years to a distant newspaper, on the pljn that he hnj not given sufficient legal notiie to the puMiahnr to stop it, and had continued to receive the mi nhera for several years and sail them for the postage. The magistrate decided that merely returning a copy of "John Smith's" papers with " stop this" written en it, without postmark, or other indication of locality, was not sufficient or legal notice, hut a written notice, with name, place, date, ami reason, must ha tent to the publisher, and "franked,"' that it may ba taken out by him SrpiiMS Ooun or thk United Stat**, 'an 21, 1847.?No, 100 ?J. Fletcher plaintiff in error, vs State of Khode Island. The argument of this cau>o was continued by Messrs, llatard and Oreer.i for the de fondant in error, and concluded by Mr. Whipple for the i plaintiff in error. Adjourned until to-morrow Ja? 3J -ft. C Hastings. Esq.,of low*, A P Hutlar, Esq , ol rt/Uih < aroints, and Abner Lewis, Esq , of New i ' York, wera admitted ettori eya and cuunasllora of tiua 1 comt. No 37?New Jersey Strom Narration Com I peuy, uppelbmt " Merchant1* Hank of Boston The nr. irument of this cause was commenced by Mr Ames lor the appellant. Adjourned until Monday. , ' "A Are .broke out in ~Skeneetlea,~on"' Wednesday, dastroying the D.oiniK Mock, occupied as a dry goods tore, by Wm (I. ttlado It ( o , by John l>ay, tailor, and Dr. Lord, dentist; alto tha fixtures in the snte iooms of the Odd Fellows were destroyed, and other property belonging to the lodge Insured in the Protection LD. Mm Two Coats. Further Particulars of the Great Fire In Boston. The fire i< raid to bare commenced in a low place of msortnsed for howling alleys, kc.. on liarerhllf itrsrt, called the Neptune House, occupied by Leocaid Allan, in which a rampbine lamp was upset in the course of soma disturbance inside. This, however, ie expressly denied hy Alien, and it is probable that the flro originated in the carpenter's shop near by. It was not extinguished until about 3 o'clock Kriday morning. Nearly aU of the building! destroyed were of wood, mostly workshops end stables, though some tenements were burned, and about seventy families were rendered houseless On most of the buildings and stock tber# was bat little insu ranee. In addition to the names of snil'*rer? before given, we find the following:? B. k W. Applin, stair builders, lost two shops and two dwelling bouses: one of the bouses was occupied by Mr. B. Applin. the other by Mr. Oliver. The Messre. AppUn am insured at the Mechanics' Mutual oltlce for $1600 ? A house in the rear, occupied by (ieorge F Kingman, was also destroyed Three dwelling housee owned by l.uavitt Hobart, destroyed?insured $1900. A stable belonging to Noah Ridlon, and having eevoral occupants, was destroyed, together with most of the stock and a horse; two bogs were taken from the cellar, this morning, alive and well, and apparently much rejoiced to eacape Irom their wnrm quarter*. Stephen Dockbam, carpenter, most of stock saved. Two ten foot dwelling houses, owned by ( buries Leighton, entirely destroyed, furniture saved. The stable of James U Kord, together with tho stock, was dostroyed?loss about $1000. H. Itiiey, slater?lots about $1100 ? no insurance. A cluster oi stables was also destroyed, occupied, as near as we can learn, by John Doiety, John Tierce, Bowrs k Far re 11, and others. A carpenter's shop, owned and occupied by Daniel Hanson, Francis Ward, wheelwright. Wm I'. Stone, do. George Burner, carpenter? loss $900. 1. k W. Sawyer, blacksmiths. Kelley k Murphy, carpenters. J.S. Kdwurds, sash and blind manufactory? loss $1100 Webb k Warren, free stene and marbl* workers?lors very heavy. John Tierce, carpenter?loss J-Huo?insured $'100.. H. W. Nichols, stonecutter? lots $100 George W. Hay nes, carriage maker? loss $'1,600, including considerable stock?no insurance. A building belonging to Mr Dodgo, and occupied by John Dyer, as a salairatus manufactory, was destroyed, together with n stable adjoining, occupied by Mr. Dyer. A building occupied by Mr Kicb.for the storage of bundle hay, was destroy od, together with a large quantity of hay. Jos. I.uders k Co , truckmen, lost a stable, together with a large quantity of hay. W. 8. Keyes, stable. Three stables, occupied by Bryant k Fat on, Bryant k Clark, and Young Wm. P. Stone, wheelwright. Franklin Patch, housewright?saved part of tools and stock. Noah Kidlon, shop and dwelling house. Simon B Freoman, housewrigtit saved part of tools. James Ritchie lost a carpenter's shop and stable?loss $1400? no insurance. Three brick house*, owned by Mr. An i>leton. entirely destroyed?the occupants lo*t considera[>! furniture. The brick house, occupied by J. Marden, nn the coraer ot Beverly street, was somewhat injured, furniture removed. Two or three small wooden tenements on the South side of Traverse street, between Beverly and Charlestuwn street, were also destroyed. A block of threo four story wooden houses, unoccupied, on the comer of Traveise and Ilnverhill streets, were alto destroyed?owned by Anion D Weld. The lire wai stopped at tho east coiner of Traverse end Charlostown streets, the few smell wooden buildIsm on the cornel being injured ; but the fire proof walls of the stable of l'erkins tioyuton checked the progress of the con flag ration, and enable i the Fire Department to get it under subjection. About eight vaars ago, a destructive fire took place in the sume neighborhood, which was stopped in its progress by the brick walls of Boynton's stable. Mr. Thomas Green, a member of Engine Co. No. 30, had both legs bruised by being i tin over by an engine. K A. Colburn had his face Dsdly burnt, and narrowly rscaped with bis life in endeavoring to rcseue aperaon from one of the hurniog buildings. An Irishman who had gone to the top of a house to prevent the flying sparks Irom catching it, fell off upon tome timbers, and waa so muck injured that histdaath before night is proboble. The light from the fire was such that ODa could aee to read by it at the west end of the city. It was seen in halem, but no alarm was givenThough by this fire a large amount of property haa been sacrificed, and ^considerable personal suffering has been incurred?sixty or eighty families, chiefly poor Irish, have been burned out?yet most of the buildings consumed were of wood, and of little comparative value, and it is thought that much of the land cleared, will be woith more than it was before the fire, encumbered : y the buildings. Thieves were, as usual on such occasions, busy. The police, however, were on the look-out, and succeeded in arresting live or six miscieanta, who were taking advantage ofthe confusion, to jxirloin various articles of property. Varieties. Tho mule room ami woolen factory of Messri. Bab eixk, at Wealeiiey, Rhode Island, was consumed by fire ou Friday morning Loss $Jft,000. insurance $30,000. A number of workmen ore still employed at Cauld well's banding, pumping out the coffer dam which ll supposed to enclose the vessel containing Captain Kidd's money jars. At Ogdensburg, on Sunday last, the thermometer indicated a temperature of eight degrees below sero. Lundotl tonmit WOtA rruifiintr ilia 4t I surronna U Peas cott, on the ico A man, named William Flint, ot Danveis, need, deaf, and crippled, whs killed on the Essex Railroad, on Thursday, by the cars. lie probably did not hear Ibem coming, and, with his hotse and waggon, was precipitated over a dam. J. Falo, and Charles Didion, have been arrested in New Orleans, thurged with hiring a man to asssesiaato another named Boioa. Ten dollais was the amount of the blood money. The I.tuiiville Journal of the lfith, says the Eastern mail arrives thiee times a week, and that the At. Louis mail has failed sixteen days in succession. The second annual meeting of the New Jersey Historical Society was held in Treutou, on Thursday last ? Chitf Justice Hornblownr, the President, in the chair, supported by Hon. Jsnies Paiker and Gov. Vroom, two I ol the Vice Presidents. In Rochester, printers celebrtted Franklin's birthday, and had rousted "stvuns" lor snp|>er. In Southwick, Mrs Humphrey Rising.a young woman just married, while on a visit to her father's house, was accidentally shot by her brother, a lad of ten years, and her arm shivarad to splinters, so that it was amputated at tho shoulder. The Common Council of Boston have oflsred a reward of 19,000 lor the detection of incendiaries The imputation of that portion of Frankfort lying oa the north side c>< the Kentucky river has just been ascertained to be 3,100. Josaiih Norvell, printer, and past grandmaster of the giau I lodge of .Masons of Tennessee, died recently .quite I suddenly at Nushville. The people of Rockport, Mnss , are about to start a factory lor the manufacture of duck at that place. Lyceums are springing up in many towns of Long la1 lan 1. I'here is one lately erected at Newtown; st VVtlhamsburgh; at Huntington, and at .Manhasset. it ia in contemplation to bring down the Enfield Canal to the city nl Hertford, thus bringing an immense water power into that city. It ia proposed that the canal shell | be 10O feet in width and 13 lest in depth, affording power sufficient to carry mora than AOO.OOO spindles. The Choctaw Councils and Courts begin with prayer to the Most High. "1 shall give thee the heathen for ' thine inhuritaiice " Yams have bean cultivated in JefTer?on county, Ky , ! il. tv,.- .? : i ii?. ? - ...... . ... J viw VV1WIU?I?U III rjicvuvui laiwi* tute tor the potato. The effrrta of the late Chief Jaatica Franco! t Xeeier 1 Martin, of New Oileana, according to the inventory filed in < ourt. are eppraiaed in the anni of f>^00,N4j 17. The aatate consnta ot real eatate, note* of hand, alarea, he ll ia Rai 1 lie had ether property out of the fftete NOTISE. HOTK.L KKK.PF.R8, honaekeepers and othera, are hereby informed that all nirtallic articlra amiable for replaaiH, it'hat cutora, trail, coffee urna, tea aeta, rand eatlrka, apoooa, forka, lie. tioin which the plating ia worn off wholly or in part, r.'ay be renewed, aid in many caaea made te appear better then when uewr, at e amall eipcnae, by baug replaced, by the aohacribara, at their eatabliahmeut. No bi Meade atreet, where ihey replaie inch aiiflea, aid gild watchra, enpa. apr.oua, be. in the heal and etoat pCTmanant manner I All kindaor plating and gilding, and replating and regilding | are done by the aibacribera in a atyle and in inner aaperinr to I any thing heretof ire done in this city Mpeciineua of their work may be aeen at their autre, No. 94 Heada atreet. 8rALDI.NO It WATT. Jy 19 lw*rre GENTLEMEN, NOTICE THIS. GKNTlK.MtL.N, r aeed u<.| bea aonr<-eof tronbie to yon any longer, to know where yon can go end get yon* Kreck, D'eia or Orer I o?'a and FanU, eithrr c'eanad.dyed, altered nml repaired ai well ia turned and rallied with new Cnffa, ( nllari. i.innrga. hn'tnua and Htrapa for little money 94 .v.nrrav, corner Washington atreet l( 'he place where yon can net all yc wrnt done lor the euaning Holidays, without aiarppi.inim?nt. Meaae gite me a call or tend me a ante, and y<t will be waited on at any time Panta and Veat made for f I J?, ( o<t fa tog; war ran red to fit Ob??r?e the nai*ber ia 94 Mn/ray atreet A hOR'l IMOa, Clothes Dverl are warranted to keen their eolore> dll lm*m COUGHS. COUGHS. CuUGHS ti OHB If N'H COUGH LOZKNOR8?Prepared by Corhye / k t.O . laltl llolhorn I Tk. k.. -I .... tn.ee for the enie of eongha, eolda, hoaraeneaa, irritation of (he Inaga, aathma, eonaumption, he., for aale by (J f'OL.BY. I'.l Pearl atreet, eurner nl Kirch fort, agent tor the United Rimee He lm*rr MANGANKiih: ONR hundred hnrrelt taperflne bleek Onde Militeail. froai the mine*, Virginia, jaet received nad lor enlejrr rRRftrtE h BROOKS. Jgrh ttkll Numb atreet STRAW WRAPPING PAPER ihfWUl RKAMH euperior anility Btraw Wreppieg. '\jyj Jnat 'eeeieed ? ,?] fur tale by |? en PKmHwK. * HHIIIIKS. a* Bait? N??.a? ii ^ A/OA A r LENT 'PHIC hlgheat prieea advanced in large end tniall ieme on B K?ld and ailrer watehea, diemenda. plate jewelry, ey guode,furniture. clothing and aveiy deaeripnon of pert property JOHN M. IMVIEK, Licenaed puwybrober. OT William atreri, near linene Piraona reeeirad^in private Inmr % r?r rinf iijir rh' r?# || I'lAiNO Kurt sale A aplfnditf n.w PIANO oet*???. ' *" fh??p, ? ????? ' *!"*,*? v? if I V f (lor It t?o ? ?? h"*M,.1V . I I * I I lMd , rt , ,,? ?. I C.BW# Mtthtt. I rU?? o? ?*'

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