30 Ocak 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Ocak 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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# TH] Vol. *111, Mo. au-Wholo Mo. *0X0. i'hifi JNhiW VOKK JIEltAID. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation---Torty Thonaand. DAILY HERA LD-Erery day, Price 2 cent* per oopy-S7 SS per ?nunm?payable iu advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Saturday?Price CMU par copy?$J 12)4 cent* per annum?payable in advancn. HERALD J^OR b UROPE-Every Steam Packet dav. Price 8>? cent* per copy?23 P?* Mnmn, payable in ad anno. ADVERTISEMENTS at the uanal price#?nlway*caib in advKoce PRINTING of all kind# eieented with beanty and det"a? letter* or communication*. by mail, addreiied to th# *tabli*limeur, mu*t be poat paid, or the poitagt will be dedncted from the auhacrintion money remitted. JAMES GORTON BENNETT. Proprietor of the New York Hrau.i K.itabi.iihmxft, North Weet corner of kill ton and Nunii treat* ???i?? n fttA % EU.IJIU AVUMUIDUA *1UR?CHANGE OF HOURS tt&caatta aweamfoAJl W1NTER ARRANGEMENT. On and alter Menday, Dee. 21,14)6, Train* will run a* follow*:? Leave Bhooki.vf?at 7 o'clock A. M. (IJoatoa train) for Greenpert. daily, (except Sunday*) *to?piat ai Karmingdale and St. George'* Manor " " at AH A. M., daily, for Greenport and 'intermediate placet. " " at 4 P. M. for Karmingdale, daily. Leave GREKirronT?at 0)4 A. M., daily accommodation train for Brooklyn. " " at 2)4 P. M.,(Bo?ton Train) or on thn arrival of the Doat from Norwi h, daily, (except Sunday*,) il pping at St. tieorce'a Mane' and | b'armingihle. Leave Farminwualk at 6)4 A. M. daily, (except Snndayx,) accomtnodati >:i train: and 12 M. and 5J4 P. M. Leave Jamaica?at I o'oloc1 A. M , 1 P. M-, and 6)4 P. M., for Brooklyn, or on the arrival of Bo* ton train. SUNDAY TRAINS will hereafter run to Thomp>ou Sta tion? leave Brook'yn at 9 A. M. for Thornt>?on and intermediate plaee*. (commencing Snnlny the 8th rievetaber. return iuy leave Thompion at 2 o'clock P. M., YorminidaJe 2)4, Jamaica 3)4Kafe to?Bedford, 8 cent*; Exit New Y#rk, 1214} Race Conr*e. IBM; Trotting t'onrxe. KM; Jamaien, Fi; Brnanrillo, 21)4; Hi de Park, (17 mile*) 37)4; Clowiville, (during the *e**iou o( Court) 37)4; Hempttead. 37)4; Branch 37)4; Caile l'Jice,44i VVeitbury, 44; Hickiville, 44; katmiugdMle, 62)4; Dae,- r,rlc,69j Thompion, 88; Suffolk Station, SI; Lake Road nuuiuii, ?i ic* ; .viruiorn motion, si lajg: > apnann. VI 17)4; St. George's Mauor, SI 62>f; Kiverliead, SI 62>?: Jamespurt, SI tiJSi; Mettetuck, $1 82H". Cntchogne, SI M?6i Soutbold, Si 62)*,'; Greenport Accommodation Train, SI 79; Boston truin, S2 29. Slngo* arc in readiness on the arrival of Trnim at die several Stations, to take passengeia at very low fares, to all parts ol the Island. BegRage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage f< r the several trains. 20 minutes belore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat "Statesman' leaves Greenport for Sac Harbor on the arrival of the Boston train from Hrooklve d29rh roa BOSTON AN it PRO VIIMNCK. ?a JkMKtfraStnnington and Long Island Hailroad? Night JBSeHpL Line ?On and after Monday 28th instant, Trams will leave the foot ol Whitehall street. South ferry, vu Long Lluiid Hail mail, on Moodavs, Wednesdays, and F ndayt, at 2 o'clock, P M., for Gre-iiport,crossing the Sonnd to Stoniugton.in the favorite sound steamerNK.Vv HAVEN, which has been provided with masts, sails, and extra ordinary atich-trs, and from thence to Providence and Boston by the mail trains which connect with the steamers Massachusetts and Governor. Kare to Stonington... ' $2 50 " Providence 4 60 " Boston 5 60 The steamer New Haven h.'is new boilers, and will rake onlv lieht freights d25 rh NOTICE. sMI On and alter Friday, November 20th, the ftl?Wlir liiTfl*"t SVLl'H, Captain Brr.istsd, will JldwiBSailr make the following trip* to and from Staleu Island ontil turther notice, Tit Leave New York. Leave Statea 1 aland At 0 A.M. At 8)? U A.M. 10 1 P. M. 12 M ?H: " 2 P- M W " 4H" nllr REGIT EAR. MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON VIA NORWICH & WOK- v?w-i -ft-rvyi 0gk (JESTER, without change { fOl ari or Baggage, or without_^KJ&tt?| , ' *? iacroMiny any Ferry. -25KBG-. asseugeri 'akiiiu Lhairsratsat Norwich. are uianrea the-i * i It through to Boston Tina being rhr only inlnu,d route tlit couimuuicet.es through by steamboat and railroad Passengers by this line are accompanied through by the con doctor of the train, who will have particular charge of their baggage, and who wilt otherwise five his attention to their ase and comfort. This line leaves sonth side Pier No. 1, North Itiver, foot of Batterv I'lace, daily, (Sundays excepted) at 4 o'clock, P. M , and ai ves in Boston in time to take all the eaateru trains The law steamer WORCESTER, Capt. Van reit, leave* very foesday, Thursday, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, P. &I. Th- steamer CLEOPATRA, Capmiu Williams, leares very Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock, P. \1. For further information, inquire of J. H. VANDEKB1LT No. * Snttery Place. North River. i|W rf re M dm WINTER AKKANOEMeN I'M.? The jJ? Norwich, Worcester and Boston Kail Kond " Wr~W an<) steam Transportation Line?The ?ubstantisl siesta pro|ieller Trumbull, Captain Daniel Havens will run regularly between Norwich and New York, making two passages a week; leaving New York Irom pier It K K. Old Slip. Forfreight. which will be taken at summer rates or passage, having elegant accommodations apply to the Captain, ou board, or to K. A. BILL, Norwich, Conn., and to Jjft N gHlim*. 40 *ontJi si Ne-vYork UMiOO al'Al'l-h AiAiij LltNr,. fH_ KOK ALBANY AND TROY, VIA Bridgeport and Honiatonic Railroad. Dur2^Cm3BE9biug last summer, the HonsatO"ic Railroad has beeu telaid with a heavy H Rail, from Bridgeport to the Western Railroad Through by Daylight, daily (Sunday's excepted) at tiW o'clonk, A.M. The Steamboat MOUNTAINEER. Capt. W. H Frazee, leaves the foot of Market street, E. R , for Bridgeport, Daily, at 6X o'clock, A M. No freight taken in the Passenger Line. Passengers take the Cars at Bridgeport.ard without change of Cars or Baggage Crates, arrive in Albany and Troy at 5 o'clock, P. M. New Cars and Locomotive engines have been procured, aud the Road is in every respect equal to the best New England Road. O-A Freight Line by Steamers Nimrod, and Mohegan, daily?Freight Tariff same as last year ?For further psrtrcnUrs luquire at the Office on Market street Pier, and at Livingston and Weill' Express, 10 Wall Street, itll Im rc O. M. PERRY. Agent. - ' BRITISH AND NORTH A.VIKK WAlT'fl CAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS /.o1 1300 tons and 4 44) horse power escb, ne fllnfflMlffll der contract witbtha Lords of tha Adini sMHHHBHharalty. HIBKRNIA.. Caps. A. Ryne CALEDONIA Cap. E. O. Lot! BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt. CAMBRIA Capt.C. H E.Jndki?j. AUADI A Capt.Wm. Haniaoa. Willi' i) 'mm Liverpool aad Boston, via Halifax, aa follow* ?? j boston. ?i?om i.ivrarooL. Hib? Fee. 1, 1847 Hibernit Jap. 4, 1(47 C?m March 1, 1847 Cambria Feb. 4, 1847 Hibeiuia April 1, 1M7 fliberuia March 4, 1(47 li'iiiaaa Monies. From i. on to Liverpool $1(0. From Boiton to Halifax 30. No berthi secured until paid for. Theie ihipi carry experienced surgeons. No freight, except ipecie, received oa days of sailing. For freight, pviaage, or any other information, apply to I). BltlOHAM, Jr.. Agent. A t HARNDEN fc CO.'S, < Wall it. (fT* (a addition to the above line betweoa Liverpool and Halifax, and Boiton. a contract hai been entered i nto with Her Majeity'i government, to eitahluh a line between Liverpool and New York direct The iteamihipi lor thii *ervice are now being built, aud early next year due notice will be given of the time when they will atart. Under the new contract the iteameri will tail every Saturday during eight mouths, and every fortnight daring tiie other mouthi iu the year. Going alternately betweeu Liverpool, aud Halifax and Boston, and betweeu Liverpool and New York. jt r (.rH.jfc.AT BRITAIN AND 1Kb,LAND, am,. ?? PERSONS wishing to remit money to England, Ireland, Scotlaud, or Wales will A^aJ5E\ do we" to apply to the anbacrihera, at the 7 PS'b'dlg) old es.ablisheil pataage office, 173 Pearl ( ^^ street, where aa usual dratti are famished for large or small amounts on the National Bank of Ireland, Northern Banking t'o. and National Bank of Scotlaud, payable ou demand, lit the mimer.ioa branches throng >out roth countries, wif out discount; also, on R. C. GLYN it CO., Bankets, London, and on C. GRIYI8HAW k CO, Liverpool. Apply to SAM'! THOMPSON fc NEPHEW, j 13 I in rli (lid Est bluheil Passage (Wire, 270 Pearl st - . DK AFTS on ENGLAND. IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALKS'-Pe-sone Aegean remit any amount from one pound and ^-dCLtiTtiarM? m a mis in their 'riends in any part of Great Britain or Ireland, hy applying to the anhsciibers, of w horn drafts ctu be obtained payable at aight, without discount,hi all the priniipat towns and citiei throughont England, Ireland, Scotland anil Wales. Those obtaining drafts can forward them by the rackets of the lat, 6th, ilth. 16th, 21st or '.6th of the mouth of December, or the Roval Mail Steamer! sailing from Boston on the 16lh. and III of January. W. It J. T. TAPSOOT f, 86 South st, (15 r 2d door helow Bnrling slip. StHsini' kuriM nuLir i-.h iraiN A N n nn l.iM) m> M. ARRANOfcMKNlS FOR I8i7. I PW. BYRNK St i.O., OK NKW YOKK AND LI- I VERPO'iL, being the oldeit and large" rtiahliihed ; home in the emigrating nutinett, beg leave to tall the attention of the public generally to their tnperior arrnngcmei.tt j forth# eutuiiig year. Perto'it detirnnt of tending ihroogh this houte, or their friendt 'ending in the ' Old < euntry," ! may ixft-ly depend they will hare immediate deapatch. and eveiy meant will be taken to prevent detention in Liver- | pool. 'J he Packet Mhipt of this line a-e all of the firtt elm I nod cotomanded by men of acknowledged akill? one of Whi-li tail every (Ire d r/t Arrangenarntt can alto be made I to fo ward pattengere, direct, from Dublin, Cork, Water- I ford, Londondeiry,and Bellait. Uialtt a.,d Bill* of Ktchange, given for any amount, payable ou demand, without di-eonut, at any ol ihe principal ; towna in tha IJni'ed Kingdom Fiom the above arrange- ' meni?, the mharrihert rni.fi,lent I y eiprct that the patronage which I aa hern ao lii.erallv ettrndcd them lor many yeare Ek"'n "! be withheld the coining teuton of cmigrttion Ti'i! ""Jt ,l^e pariiet eugiged lot, uoteinbaik, the money w ll be refunded at cottomaiv Por fuither parlicnlara, if by letter, (pott paid ) apply to I P. W ftVUNKS (It CO., Si South tireet, corner of Wall, N Y. KDVVABU HAUL, Agent. , , . . P W. BYRNES St CO., ja, 1 m *rrc Waerloo Itoad, Liverpool. tOt *'OR OKNOA?The~lucwrior hark PATRIOT BjjjjffVCapt. Smith, will be dunaicned for the above port JBHflfain a lew dayt. Kor freight or pattage, having n oelleut accommodation!. apDlv to rh? r?nfmn on i.o..a ? BOYD *HINCKK?^ j E NE' NEW \ ' r.t.- ' . _ .j She Cam FOR, NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. m. M. tik MTO SAH^VERY T1!^W?YS. 0 Ship OSWEOO, Captain Johnaou. Ship HUDSON. Captain Page. Ci' Ship CLIFTON, Captain luirerioll. Ship LOUISVILLE. Capt. Flnnt. 2 Ship 8AKTELLK, Captain Taylor Bark UENKSEE. Captain \liuot.. Bark JANE K. VVILLIAM9, (Captain Paikar. Bark HEBKON, Captain (Jreig. HThe aiieye ahipa are all ol the fi.it elais, of light draft of water, and rnmtuaudr4 by the inn* riperieneeil MMriU in the trade. Their cabina are haiidaome(y'furniihed. and erery attention paid to the comfort and cooteuience of the paaaeugen Neither the captaina or ownen of the above ahipa will be repoiaiblo fnrjeweln , bullion,prrciona ItMN, ailver or plated ware, or fo> any lettera, par, ela, or package* aeut by, or put 011 board of them, nnleia regular bills of lading are taken for Kor freight or paaaage apply on board, at Orleaue wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to K. K. COLLINS 56 South atreet. Agent in New Orleani?John Woodruff. it Co., who will prompt! r forward all gooda to their adilrex. ub\\~ t UKb w" UNE Ob PAOlkETS. doy-H ArfRP* Si1&L mut;- tfTn?! 5?Sailing from New T orb on the I at, mid Uliagow no the 15th <1 each month From N. York Km. Ol'gew I June 1 July 15. Ihip BAKACKN, N. V .Hawhike < Oct. 1. Nov'r 15. ( Keb. 1. March 15. ? July 1. April 15., Sr. Ship BltOOKSBY, H. M'Cwea, < Not. 1. Aug. 15. ( March 1. Dec'r 1.'. lAuguatl. May 15 rf Br Bark AIJAMCAUK,JnoWright < Dec'r 1 Sept. 15 t April 1. Jan. 15. t May 1. June 15) Br. Bark ANN HARLKY.K. Scott, < Sept. 1 Oct. 15. ( Jau'y 1 Kebma. 154 Theae ahipa are good, aubstantial yeaaela, ably commanded, ind will aaif punctually on their regular daya. Their acrom modationa for paesuneera.are good, and CTeryattenriou will ba paid to promote their comfort. The agenta or Jtaint will not be reapunaible for any pareela or pnckagea ae Jt by them, ueleta billa of lading are aigoed therefor. For freight or paaaage, apply to wOODHULL fc MINTUttN, 87 South atreet, New York, or oil re HKID Ik MURRAY. Ol.ueow BLAt K HALL (IK OLD LINK OH L1VKH jffSms POOL PAt KF.TS.?For Liverpool.?Oulr regular SHH^packet of fe lit F'ebrusry.?The new magnificent, l*?t sailicg, and favorite packet ahip OXFORD, burthen 1000 tooa, Captain Samuel Ve.itou, will a ll poaitively on Monday, In of February For terma of cabin, 2nd Cabiu or steerage pnasngc iu t<>ia spleudid packet, apply to the Captam OD board, at the loot of Beekman atrert, or to the aubarribera, ROC'HK, BROTHERS h. O , j'Mrc 35 Fn ton arreel, fnczt door to the Fulton Ba li ) Fttll iNKVV ORLEANS?Louisiana and Mew JwffW York Liue of Packets ?Regular packet for 'J hursjHHISe'lay. February 4th.?The tplendid l.iat tailing packet atnp HUDSON. Captain Page, it now loading, aud will positively <ail at abo?e, her regular day. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to F.. K. COLLINS, 56 South at. Poaitively no freight will be received ou board after Wednesday canning, 3d proi N.B.? 81 ipprre may lely noon the vessels of thia line aailn g punctually at advertised, full or not full Agents in Mew Orleans, John U. Woodruff It Co., who will proinply forward all gooda to their arldieaa. The Packet birk H LB HUM, Captain Gregg, will aureeed the Hudson, and tail her-egular dnv ja26 PACKET SHIP ROCHESTF.lt FROM L1VrearafV F.KPOOL ? Couaigneea will pirate take notice 4HNKath?t the ia thia day uiachargiug under general order, pier, weataide Burling Si n. Consigners will attend receipt ofg. ods. WOOUHULL Ik MInTUKM. i'15 rh 87 South atreet, ***- LONDON LlNkToF PACKKTH^i'araet of the IMlVlil February ?The packet ship 8WITZKRL AN D HHfah Knight, matter, will tail at above, her regular day. Fur paaaage, having superior accommodations, apply to the Captain on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, Corner of Pine and South sta. The packet ahip QUF.BEC.J. M. Williams, master, will succeed the Switzerland, and tail February Hi h. JWrrc __ Why H O It LI V Ell P( The New, M-gnili cnt, MEtt^kfrst eai'in.'. and lavoine racket ilnn St\,irkl. JUaCi MICKS, burtlien 1200 loot, l>pL Bunker, w>il tail n her Krgular D iy, Monday, lit of February The accornmodatn.ua for eabiu, 2d cabin, and steerage paaaetgera a? to comfoit, are unequalled by any other *etael in |>oit. I eraeiii intending to tuba I k, would do Well to go on hoard and judge lor themaelTei bef to enraging elsewhere. Kor further pailieulara, 11 ply ou board,Toot of Perk Slip, or to JOSKPH McMUHRAY, corner of Pine and Kou.ti atyets. P. 8.?Periona wiahing to bring their fricuda limn Sir Old Country, w?nld do well not to mias ?t>i*h a fiToiable opportonity, aa the Samuel llicka will tail from Liverpool pnnc inally on the 16th of March. Her between drrka being very pacioua and lolly, the aeeommndatioua <cr ?e< o\<l cabiu nud teerage iiataengera aie unauipaaaed for comfort by auy packet ship in port. Paaaagea can lie aecured in her on reaat liable term a b? apply it g a? ahoee. J23 tfrc rtt- KOK ULA8GOW?Line of I'acketa? Kegn'ar ujufv Taeket ol tiie lal of Febinaty?The fine new faat d&MH&aai(iiig packet ahip SAK.Yl KN, Capt. N. T. Mawklua, will aail aa above, her rcgnlar day. Kor freight or passage, having eareilenl aceoinmodatioaa, apply ou board, foot el Dover aireet, r Ktver, nr to WOODHULL ?t MINTUKN, 17 Koutu atraat. The regular packet ahip Brookaby, (.'apt. Hugh MeKwen, will aurceed the Haraeeu, and tail ou her regular day, March lat J# h PA( KKTOoK~HAyR K-Second Line?1 he jMWWimcketihip ST. NICHOL AS, Capt. N W. KveHMNw'eigh, will sail on the lirat day oj behrnaty. Kor fr? n lit nr passage a pi I v to BOY D k HINC Kk.N. 16 rh at 'fall at I Of W \ KSONS IN PHILADKLPHIA, and SCOo in Iv/V/V/ the city and State ol New York ran teatily to the wonderful efficacy ol that powerlul remedy, THOMPSON'S t OVIrOUND sYKUP OK TAH AND WOOD NAPHTHA For Consumption, Coaght, Colds, Aathina, Bronchitia, Spitting of Blood &e Ike. KKAD ! MKAD ! ! I.Tim.uKn r n-..I, ...... Philadelphia, May 99 ISM Mr. 8 P Thomi aon?Dear Sir:?knr mote than fouryeara paat 1 had been ?t-endfully afflicted with mi affntinnol too throat, which my phytic! n p ono'uced Choo'c Bronchitit." Citiavd by repealed and neglected eolda. 'I tie uit trraa antfered ia i ide crib tble. MytSraatwaa literally raw with vinlent tpatmi?"i? roughing to that blood would com# Irutn it; alto great < ppre>aion, pain n<l tightnevi at ill- cheat and fever- ia thott a I ihe u u I pnlmonary t> Diploma allowed tl,rm elvet.eauai g entire Iota of neeraaary repot-?my ih oat wat leeched and hlittered over and over again. I made tria of eve t known remedy, and at different periodt had the advice of tit phvaicia a, and all of no avail About two monthttiDce I made trial of your Compound "yrup of Ttr and Wood Naphtha, and hef re I bed taken the If at botile I felt relief I continaed until I li id taken a< v?n botllea, which completely remeve the diaeaee ' nd rei ccd ine to pe lect health; and I firmly be'iree I anonld i ot now he living, had it not been for your mvaln-ble medicine JANE I'KKKV, I2J Sprite* at The underaigned beara witneta to th- tru li of the fo e going, having pereonal knowledge of all ih* lact? of the aee. M HARRISON, 97 Almond street Price 70 CENTS per bottle; $5 per doren. Thia invaluable remedy pretn-ree ONLY hv ANGNfcV k DICKSON. N. E. comet Sth and Spruce ait.. I'hila Sold wholeaale and retail by W Y ATT Ik Kfcl'CHAM, 191 Fulton at.;i l reUil by H. Johuaon, 973 Broadway, King 189 Broadway,N. Y. ja!9 lm*r W YO YORK. SATURDAY MO TEW OF THE PLAZA ( -> v:,.- \ ' p of the Seventh Regiment of the V The Mexican War. [< orrespondonco of the Charleston Courier.] Nmv Ori.kans, Jan. 14, 1847. Colonel Totten, Chief Engineer, of the United States, arrived here to-day from Washington. The Horket and double Howitzer Brigade is expected daily. The regiments of Louiiiana, Pennsylvania and Mississippi, are uuuui uniug oiuuaifteu, iuu w m iiikv :n> tin) n inuui.i wi?u them Those troeps aro supposed to bo destined for Tits man. where they will he joined by the Massachusetts, North and South Carolina, Virginia. Illinois, and second Pennsylvania regiments. Their future destination is unknown, as every avenue to information in carefully guarded: but it is now guessed at that a match will be made direct on Mexico from Tusmim, by Ouaiichinngo, Papanda Apan, and Tezano, along the route over which the Indiau runners p issed in 21 hours, from the (Julf to Mexico, in the time of Montezuma. The distance is only 260 miles, and tho road is said to present no serious obstacles to 'he march of troops. General Scott will advance at once on San I,(lis rotosi, simultaneously with the Tusman movement It is sup. posad that Santa Anna will not fight at Potosi whon La finds 0,000 men advancing fiotn Tusiuuu but will tall back on Queretaro. and irom thence >o Tttlaczingo, in order to oppose our advance front Tusman ? At this point hooen make a stiong stand But here this double howitzer brigade will act with great efficiency. In order to understand how, it is necessary to describe the pass of Tulaezittgo. It is formed by a cha m in the mountain ; the rocks rise almost perpendi. ul tra) to a height of 150 feet. The road between, will admit of no more than four mules abreast. The pass is only ono quarter ot a mile in length Over this chasm, theie is a natural bridgo of rock, which is accessible by a steep find ritsvimil diPitnl hv it'tiirL mttLn n.nn asren.l Tim double mountain howitzer will he |>Uced on mule* and carried to the natural bridge, when the road to the weat ol the pata will ho completely commanded to the distance of 1.400 yard*, so that the one my 'a forces mutt retile on the approach of our columns to that distance ? Our troopa will thus be euahled,to move'through the pass and dubouch into an open tableau of land, of iodic miles in extent, witoout hindrance of the Mexicaa artillery ? Our army will then mako a Hank'movement on Apan, which will compel the Mexicans to move on to Tezano. liltv miles from Mexico. In the meantime Gen. Scott will move rapidly on Mucoul, Chico, and the Heal del Monte, and thence to raciiuca and Otumba. The road from Otumba to Tczsno is exceedingly difficult, and perhons it may not he necessary to follow it in order to form a junction with our columns at Tezano ; if so, General Hcott will, by a right flank movement reach Isthalmaca. 16 miles from Mexico. I have thus briefly stated what is whispered amongst military men here. Though Vern Crux is believed to be tha point of attack, I think, myself, it is designed only as a feint. The arrival of '.'ol Totten, who is considered one of the most skilful engineers in the world, has created no small sensation in military circle*. Ilis mouth Is closed. Surgoon General l.swson and Colonel llaker, of the Illinois regiment, arrived to-day. [Krom the Boston papers, Jnn 49 ] The Senate of Rhode Ulaml, by a vote of 13 to 8, concurred yesterday in the appropriation of I'itOh towards the supi<ort of the company recruiting In the city of Providence for tho V. 8. Army. Orders were received yosterday for the ship of the line Ohio to proceed at once to Norfolk, Va. She is to he hauled out into tho stream to day, and will sail as soon as practicable. The bark Mayflower sailed from Hampton Ronils yesterday for Tumpico, with lour companies ot the Virginia regiment for the Mexican war on board.?Norfolk Beacon, Jan. 27. Movement* of Traveller*. The Hotel*, generally, yesterday, wore amply filled with travellers, ar much so as might ho expected o?en at the earliest dawn of spiing, some two months since. The following is a fair abstract from the registries of each: ? Amshica!*?W. ''oflin, Philada; Dr. Burke, Norwich, Con; Morris 8. Miller, U. 8. A; 11 Polhemis, New Jersey; J Barton, U. 8. A; J. Wurner, Wiikubarre; J. Vander poel, Albany; W. Kom, (leorgia. Astor.?Mr Davis, Buffalo; II. Foster, Ogdenthurgli; E. Wheatland, Salern; J. Mitchell, Bo.tou; W. Stuart, Lansinghurgh; C Kinsley, Harrisburgh; I' Marett, ilo* ton; K Loper, Philadelphia; P. Tulatn, N.Y.; H Richardson, Maine; J. Bowcn, Columbus; W .Reile, do.; 8. Osborne, do ; (J. Boronell, Boston; J Nicolls, Providence; R. Pleasants, Baltimore; H Uartlott, Lowell; J. Craft, Boston; 8 Jones, Newburgh, J. Dunna, Worcester; C. Piatt, Philadelphia; <1. Stearns, Boston; W Blanchard, Philadelphia; J Kittrll, Baliimore; T. Bidille, Philadelphia; T. Davidson, Connecticut; O. Peahody, Philadelphia; H Dowree, Baltimore; L. Peterson, Philadelphia; H (Jarrett. do ; U English, da.; II. Taylor, London; J. llanna, Philadelphia; II. Foot, Springfield. Citv?C. Evatt, Phila.; A. Hamlin, L. 1; J Blackwood, I'hila ; O. Elliott, 'New Haven; D. Denston, Mass.; T. Haotilton, New York; R. Sturtevant, Boston; M. Drum, mor, New York; J Hopper, do ; E. Uenger, Boston; A. Keit/., Baltimore; G Pealiody, I'hilu ; H. Ridden, N J.; D. < lapp, Peekskill; C. H Bent, Louisville; Captain Cobb, Turrytown; H. Lowe, Thila.; W. HpillingforJ, do.; A Oreen.do.; R Scott, do. Fssvkli*?A. 'Pyrili, Utica; 11. Rice, Burlington; J. Hull Rochester; II Harrison, Staten Island; H. Carter, Indiana; J. Bellow. New Orleons;-,J. Hopper, New Yoik; E. UorgJt, Boston; C Revill, Oswego Co ; A. Crane, do, C. (Irennan, Norwalk; J. Burbunk, Rochester; A 8l. John New Jersey ; A. Fitch, Virginia ; It. Millard, Otsego. Howaao?J. Hunter, Ithaca; O. Allen, do; L. Chicestor, Troy; L. Douchey, do ; J. Williams, Auburn; JPescock. Washington; J Slot, Philadelphia; Hon A. Nevin, Orango county; J. McCormick, Ithaca; T Cahill, Uoiton; R Clarke, Mary land; M. Latnrop, do ; J. Taylor, Now York; W. Jones, Boston; B Boy Ian Connecticut; R Read, Orleans; W. Waterman, Boston; R Fielding, do ; J reach. Ball.ton; J. Cocke, do; J Sampson, Maryland; C ftnoipHOn, Boston; CI Patterson, Philadelphia; T. harrow, New York; O Hooper, England; J Laycroft, (|uub' c, R Seward, Connecticut. A Leonard, Worcester; W Morris Otsego county. W Woodcock. New York; W. Malloy, New Jersey; J Van Biuut, do.; J. Kssenboy, Philadelphia; J Rnnaon, do Jmiw-H Lathrop, New York; J Webster. Boston; w Thirwalld, do; O Chapao, Providences a Premiss, New Lnn <on; R. cCurdy, I'eiorshttrg; W. Lewis, At. Louis; J. Haydau, Hayderville; S Hoa ry, Norwich; II. Pi-rker New Hampshire; S Page. Boston Hatm*ui* -E. Hick* Jone?, PtiiUd; E L. Benaon Bo* Ion; J. ropper, New York, V C liarr i, Wstertown. From tiif. Cherokee Copntky.? Wo have a file ol the themkee Ailvorate Irout the 10th to the

24th ol December. The National Council luvmght its neiiiiun* to a close on (be tun. John Miller, a h~roke?; wu murdered at Kort tiibaon. Particular* not known. Some volunteer* wore report-<1 to tie implicated A rnnaway *.am wn* killed niiout the 12th ot Uocemher ? 'I here were frequent thefl* of poultry, &c , a d they were aicrihod to runawav* A party *et out in *earcn of their hiding place, louud it, and the ne gro wa* *hot a* he attempted to eecapo He wu* armed with a large Unite and a club. The Advocate *a> * the Cherokee* hi e much troubled hy ruiiaw..)* '1 ho ''elegu'ion to tVaihl.igion took their departure trom Taloquuh en the J4tn I heir hiikii.o.a ralu ? to tha riiitrihlifioii til mfiriitt titular l.t? lately formed treaty. Mr Ko?*, editor of the .idvncat', i( one ol the delegate*. In hi* absence hia brotlin occupies the editorial chair. Jotepn Boam-tick, a Cherokee, wan murdered on the night ol the lltth, near Kvanaville Su?picion point* to those perpetual Starr* a* the murderer*. RK II RNING, JANUARY 30, 18 3F CAMARGO, MEXICO. - ' " ' _ - . _ _ ?- r.?Tm% ~ ' *" > . ; 3; -s "* ' -* * - ? -- 4 ]J/ nited States Infantry, August 19th, AFFAIR8 IN ALBANY. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. ^tt i irn n a ftMlll Albany, January 39, 1947. Senate. Tha reaolution was adopted to raise a aeleatcommitteo in regard to the Geological surrey, with power to send for persons and papers. Mr. Bkach's resolution was taken up, calling on the Comptroller to report the amount and value of materials on hand at the time of the suspension of the public works,and their value now The bill to give a portion of the funds of the Common Schools of the New Votkcity to the House of Ileluge, was debated in committee, but not disposed of. Asse s?i>ly. The Ulster county contested election case was debated until the afternoon. It tvas disposed of, however, by a vote of 71 to 47, that Mr Ha?brouck. the claimant, was not ertitleil to the seat; and by a vote of 70 to 49, that Mr. Montague, the sitting member, was entitled to it. L.EUI8L.A I'lVK I'KOCKKOINGS. AtsiM, Jan. 38 1847. Ntnate. (A very impressive pntyer) Journal of yesterday. [\lr. SsMvoau wished to have his vote recorded on the journal against the anti-slavery resolutions, and it was so rccoroeii ] voluntkkr bill. The Clvrs announced that the Assembly had sent to the Senate for concurrence, the bill appiopriating ten thousand dollars for the relief of the second regiment of New York State Voluiiteei*. Ml nuglT RVIU Hid mil HUH 1IOI nee 11 C0I1K Il< UT1011 ally passed by the Aaaornbly ; it wm n two-third bill The reeding of the bill wu celled for, end 'ho Clerk reed the bill. Mr.Clark ?Mav I aek what Commieeary General in referred to in the bill. I'rkhurrt?The Comtnieeary Gcnoral of the State of New Yoik. Mr. Wmeki.rr ?la there any question before the Senate ? I more that the bill be referred to the Committeo on Kinaace, with inatructiona to atrike out the preamblo. The pruMinble ia a direct cenaure upon the Executive Department of thn government I call for the oyoa and rioea on the (juration, whether thia Senate i? willing to endoran thia vote of cenaure upon the Executive ! Mr. Vounu ? Will the Cleik read the preumblef Mr. Jonas? Will the grntleman, (Mr. Wheeler,) conrent to the reference of the bill to the Military Committee Mr. Whkklkr ?I have no objection. Mr. Hark.? I am oppoeeil te auch a diapoaition of thia bill I move that it bo referred to the committee of the whole. The popular branch of the Legislature haaaeen lit to attach thia preamble, and I think we ought to concur. I shall oppoae auch a reference of the bill PnrauiRRT.? la the Senate ready for the quoation f Mr. Dkhkiitox.?Mr. I'reaident, ia it in order to more to atrike out the preamble ' [Several members, together with the Speaker of the Houae, were preaent ] rataioKiKT.?The motion ia not in order. The question is on referring the bill and preamble to a select committee. Mr Clar*.?Mr rreaidont, it itrikea mo, air, that thia ia a two tbiid bill. Thn Senator contended that the Kx ecntiva waa not authoiiaed to iaeue commiaaiona to the oflicera of thia regiment. Mr Young.? I underatand they are commiaaioned by the Executive, under un expreae law of Congreaa, delegating 'he powor-to do it. Mr. Ci-ahk ? Well, air, I am coming to that point in a moment. Wo have no right to make thia appropriation in any ahape or lorm. The constitution ia above charity. I aak, before thia bill ia referred, to have an etpreaaieu of tho renae of the Senate upon it. Mr. Young ?I do not think thia matter ia vory clear.? I believe it ia a two third bill, and the llouae ought to have known it. Mr. Srdgwicx?The ijueation tvas raiaod in Ike llouae. Mr. Young?Waa rained? Mr. Saoowicx ? Yea ! Mr. Clarr olio red a revolution that the bill be aent hack to the llouae, with a reapectful meaaage that it ia a two third bill. PnrainxNT?The ''hair will expreae ita viewi upon the aubjart/The' hair proceeded to atute ita opinion briefly that tho appropriation waa within the ecope of legialativo power ; and that tho bill waa a majoiity lull. Mr. Haan and that almoat every State in the Union K.,,1 m?,U ?l tl. .. ... , ...... ........ ?| rvr....iw.<? v. ?ui> iibiuir iu no rciunnua, however, wneu ilia claimi are brought before Congress. Mr T.i roit reiterate.I hii opinion that tliia was u two thirJ hill, und niado lomo icinnrka in support ol the opinion. Mr Srtcncaa?I cannot give my turrit to the proposition that this is a two-third hili. The Senator read the 9lh section of the first article of the constitution, which provides that" the assent of two-thirds of tho moinbers elected to each branch ol the In gislature shall be requh sile to every bill appropriating the public moneys or propoity lor focal or private purposes"?the gentleman contended that tho bill did not come undur this section. Mr. "poucer also read the act of Congress authorising the oiganitstion ol volunteer regiments ; he had yet to learn mat the public, defences of tne country appertained to private purposes ; cannot this State, he usked, appropriate voluntarily for the public service in ail tain's of rennbursem. at I he admitted that this expense should be .lefiayed by the IT. S ireasury ; but the situation of the vomnteers warranted us in making 'he appropriation. With respect to the pieamhlo he would say thsi he would not vote lor it; he was sorry that it had been annexed, he would strip the bill ol all such qualifications, and pass it upon its merits Mr Laura, nt co.isidHiabie length, maintained that tho lull was a two thir I bill Mr Sm.rr.a raphe t vorjr forcihly and eloquantly ; it waa, h? aaid, a dedication ol the public fund, for the | hoi last ol public pui poses , Mr l ull rejoined. Mr. Mim> sunejoined, and said It looked as If the two wings of the gieat uemocratic party (so called) wcie attempting to afford "aid .ml comfort" to the enemy I Mi H.slow rebottud. Mr Sr..era surrebutted rmimr ?vin-1hi cuijviT?aMun nmniiK ine *enator? Aii.I the iJtacuieion proceeded <i-l infinitum The whole ut.ject of co:ilrover?y lelnte I (o the natiiie of the appro* prialion, arid whether it wm, according to the torma ut i he coiitutntion, tor a (.riTMte or politic pur|io?e dr. i >oWuin aigued moat itienuoualy that it w*a lor a public i o' Jact. i no resolution ?doted by Mr. dirk.th it the hill b a r.t b?< k to the home with the mc e.g. t.iet it wee n twothird bill, eu.l that it wan net there lore cuostiiu i nully ii tiy the Hume, wai ultimately adopted h> the lot low! .g vote: ? A??.a? Meeara Batlow, B.ekman, Burnham, Cook, Den* listen, Jonea, heater, Maniord, Sedgwick, J. u. Ainith. M Sin.h Talcott, Townaen.l, Young?14. Moil ?Meetra. Dockua, ionmana, ioieuai, Oritlluy, [ERA 47. i 1846. Hall, Hard, Harris, Rugglea,Van Schoonhoven, Spencer. Wheeler?II. This virtually defeats the bill, without the house strikes out the preamble, anil passes it by two-thirds. Tho bill providing for the registration o! births, mar ringes, and deaths, was road u third time, and it paaaod the Senate unanimously?ayes -21. And the Senato adjourned Aaaembly. The Assembly in Committee of tho Whole, was engaged during the entire day in an investigation of the contested se&t between Isaac L. Hashroucn and John do In Montague, the present incumbent, who represents Ulster county. The Committee of the Whole did not arrive at any conclusion upon the subject. Mr. Montague wjll undoubtedly retain his seat. Vice Chanceltor's Court. Befoie V ce Chancellor Smidford. Jsr*. 29 ? Decisions ? Henrietta Httn? v?. Salomon Heine ?Order that defendant pay the alimony reported by the master, and givo security for its payment. to l>o I approved by the master; an I that she liava liberty to a|iply hetnafter, ax ruseived in the decree heretofore made In the matter of .H. If Stevens and wife-? Order appointing W. A. White, trustee. ike , according to repoit of mister l.twi% U Folmm t>? Mary Folsom Decree far divorce, on the gioiind of a iultery .( V. Hayes vt J S Heyer J Maris Ketchum -Com pluinant'? motion to ami ml lull no ax to make K ib-mrnt >i party grunted on payment of $10 routs Deft ml urn's motion to Met ai le amendment*. "giiiiat Dement. as hind, ami subpoena and injunction granted. with flOcoat* No injunction to issue on amending against i> Com plainant'i motion lor receiver ugainsl Meyer und Ketrlium denied with tuned costs Ilia motion for lecniver ?gain?t L. Bonient. denied?defendant's costs to be costs in the cause Defendants' motion to have partnership books returned, (ranted; with leave to complainant to use them us occasion requires defendants' costs ou this,to be costs in tho cause < omplaiuaut's motion to expunge scanda ions matter, granted, with costs. David Leavitt, Iteeeiver, J(-r. vs I'ietar De fuiunuy, <pr Motion for uttuchment agmntt defendant denied, with taxed costs Decided that depositing stocks with the cleik on appealing, was u compliance with tho M3d section ot the statute regulating appeals, without first procuring an order of the Court for that purpose Common I'lrn*. Before lor Judge Daly. Jsis. 29.? Rrsnan its Hunter, Stewart, et ni.?Th s cause was given to the jury yesterday, aud tho two main questions in the case were, first?that the proceedings were void, inasmuch as the Assistant Justice had no | tight, under the statute, to take the preliminary affidavit, In- not being tboii-ui designated as a person authorized to administer un oath. Second, that the I ustice having been app lirited for the 1'Jth, 16th and 18th wards, and his court located therein, ho could not entertain jurisdiction out of his district; that although jurisdiction is given to the Justice coextensive under the city, yet be must routine himself to tho locality given by statute. The Judge said that upon the first question there mav be some difficulty, but for tbe puiposos of this suit be would decide that the Justice had power to take the affidavit, and if he was wrong, his decision would be coirooted by the I f ourt in banco. Upon the other question ho also decided that tha Justice nught proceoj outside his own district. | Police Intelligence. Jan.29.?Prompt Jimtt of Hurglari.?Constable Joseph arrested, yesterday afternoon, two burglars, by tlie names of Amlrew KUiot anil James Jones, on a charge of burglariously entering the tailoring store J4 Catherine street, occupied by John Moltlt, and stealing one blue-black Irock coat, one black cloth dress do, one drab overcoat, one brown frock coat, one cloak, seven cassitnere pauts, live verts, one piece ol French black cloth, nine or ten vest patterns, eighteen or nineteen scurfs, twenty siik handkerchiefs, seven or eight black silk cruvats, nine yards of black silk serge, together with other articles, suoh as suspenders, lie. It appears these burglars " kracked" the above store on Thursday night Inst, and on the next morning, (yesterday,) the above persevering oliicer got track of the rascals, and bcloro sundown, succeeded in "pinning" them in a "crib" in Orange street, where they were playing "seven up" for drinks They were at once taken into custody by the above officer, as'isted by Mr Htewait, the elllcient eleik of |>olico, and conducted by them to the police ollice, where it was ascertained that oik of tho burglars was dressed in a suit of the s'elcn property, which was identified by Mr. Mofttt, as his property. On searching the "crib" whole they worn arrested, tho olBccr found concealed in tho yard, a bundle, containing a large proportion of the stolen property likewise. Thu balance of the property will, in all probability.be recovered by the above active oltlcer t day. Justice uiiuKui viuuiiiu^u iiioui uum iu uifl lumni lor oxtiini nation. Jirmt of a Till Thirf.?Captain Dwyor, af the 1st ward arrested yesterday, u boy by the name of Henry Hilliker, whom be detected in the a t of stealing 17 shilling* from the money drawer, belonging to lienty Thomas, No. ft7 West at. Locked up for trial. Stoltn. The premier* No H?H Kldridge street, occu pied by Mr* Ann Jane llichie, wee robbed yretrrlay of one largo cream colored mlk shawl one white heavy ink shawl, and u black *iik apron, end other small article* of ladin*' wearing apjrerel, supposed to have been taken by the Irish sorvant woman, i -.lied Mary Toben; alio i* about 3.j or 4(1 yesnof age, mi 1<lle ?ir.e, considerably pock marked' with de'rot in one of her eyes Any person giving information of her whereabout* will further the end* of justice Sltalnn Clothing Officer r'tillen, of the nth ward, arieit, t yesterday a man called John Logsmilh, on a charge of stealing a lot of clothing from No. 04 Uowery. Locked tip by Ju.tice Ketchsrn Ro'.hnyoJ clothing Soma daring thief entered the dwelling house No 7ft ' rosby struet, on TliUtsdey mo'ning last, stole therefrom (M worth of clothing, and escaped with the booty No arrest. Jlnritt of tht f'mrtuiie I'rllrr Wo noticed In yesterday ' H*ruld the In k played by the old fortune teller, Ann Qui,, to in carrying of a dress hat, veil, and ear ! rings, valued at tlft, belonging to Julia llarley, residing *t No 173 West liio.oiway, under pretence of bringing her good luck She wu* caught yextciday morning hy "ftlcer McDuigall, ot the fl'h ward, tn V* lick ?tr*et, iieckeu in all the bono we I plumes of Julia llailry She was taken lis (ore JukIIs (Linker, who commllled her to the fourit f ,r 11 unit ation Hurtl,iry The itore occupied t>> the Pekill Tea I om puny, No 47 kullon street, was b-ngliiiioutly opened eu Thursday mglit last, and u *n o ot f> hKi n lulls, and a like sum In drafts, were shstrsc'u i Iron the sale A fire took plare in Lowell, on .'huriliy ni<ht, d* itroymt{ the leroiateur of vir B.irion ; the perfumery hop of Mr. N. A ' reiy , (lio hoot, moe, en I leather n'nrr-ni .|r N j the watch and Jewelry at ore of Mr J K fellow*; t.io nook 'tore end hinder) of Mr. John K Alien, too dry ifootlaarid l?ce atore ot K. II m.i com. __ Ti.o Burro Patriot ??) that week before Inal the followinj u*m?d pvr?oui,ell re*tdi n iu iieightroini|( owuj in thia county. loat their thumb*, or part* thereof, hy fceiiiff caugnt in mechinory : John Roakett, ot Wentmin?i*r, Jamra Brown, of Princeton, Jonaa Wilder, ol Sterling; and L. Latou, o( South Uerduer. LD. mn TV* uula. V ut letlr Several incendiary attcjnpts have beeujmade upon buildings in New IIhvhii Within a few days The dre? vera put out without much dumage Olfar a big reward for the reacali The press of freight for New Vork, chiefly bread etude, La* tieeu so great Irom the country west of SomervUla, for aome week*, that the railroad from that place to Klizabethtown Point, haa been compelled to run several extra trains daily, and sometimes both night and day. This is a great country. A movement is making in Buffalo, in favor of the railroads employing a package messenger, to take charge of parcels now sent exclusively by express. Livingston li Wells are the beat agents. The village heretofore known as Mead's Creek. In Steuben county, haa been called Monterey, by a vote of the inhabitants Foolish , the people of that village must have been "hard up'' for a name. Resolution* complimentary of Uaneral Taylor have been introduced in the Legislature of Maryland. The Louisville Courier say* the steamer Pacific, on bar downward trip from Cincinnati on Tuesday evening last, was blown by tho severe wind into the woods, whan near the mouth of the Kentucky river. A resolution was ottered in the Mieaouri Senate on the Uth iustunt, for tiring twenty-nine guns in honor of the victories ot Palo Alto, llesaca de la Palms and Monterey?and rejected by the unanimous vota of the loco locos. We learn that the population at North Bangor is increasing very rapidly On Friday last a young couple were biassed with th.i birth ot three children, one hoy and two girls; and children and mother all comfortable. Largo discoveries have been made in load at Haxal tlreen, Jefferson, Mineral Point, Franklin, and other pieces. and miners have flocked thither trom all parts of the mineral region. The Wisconsin lead region is the K1 Dorado for the enterprising and industrious. Two Irish domestic* in Lyme, Conn., named Ann O'Connor and Mary Leonard, were found de id in bed oil tho morning of the 2511) instant. A furnace of charooul, purtly consumed, standing in tho middle of the toon, which they bad pluc d there on doing to bed, revealed the cauae of this catastrophe Of the large amount of money raised for the living sufferers by tho hurricane at llouen, the clergy appropriated a considerable portion for masses to the repose of the souls oi the dead. The Ma) or of Philadelphia committed a stout healthy man, yesterday, who n<<id he would not work while the Almshouse wus in existence, in which asylum he dwelt seven years. A muri hv the nati.o of Kernon was shot thtougb the head at Thihodeanx, below Now Orleans on the 14th ? The murder was committed at night, while Keruou was in I11-. cabin. Suspicion iota on one John Jordn In U itroit, on tin- 20th of.January, IM10, theie wore 01 houses. Of the 02 occupant* ot those houses, who are named, 13 now survive. A woman named Logan murdered her child in Cicinnati on the 24'.h icst. There was a laige tiro in ' hilicothe, O , on Saturday night last, destroying property to tho amount of $44,000. Captain (ieorge Blethen, a branch pilot of St. Marks, was drowned, while attempting te board the brig Ann Kli/.a, on tho niglit of the Dili instant. The Sjl-m Regiiter states that a letter from Franco nla dated on Monday last, says:?"The weather lait week win the coldest we have had thin winter. The glass indicate.1 In-low zero tive mornings during the week, anil on Wednesday twenty two below!" On Thursday, Simmon's camphino factory, situated at the Point, Koxtury, took Are, anil was almost wholly consumed. The factory w<i burnt acme time ago, and the builling just burnt bail been finished but a short lime. OFFICE OK THE JEEKFRHON INS CO.,I INrw V on K, . au IS, 1147. j rrlE Annual Election for Directors ol this luatuotion will l>e held it the oilier of and company, No SO Wall at. on Monday, February 1st, 1817. Poll opeufroin 12 o'clock M.to I ..'clock P M. GEO T HOPE. Secretary. j IS to f 1 r Urn!.* OR THE LIINU Ihusnii KAII-ROAD ("#.,# Vr? t o k. Ian. 8. '847. I PHE Stockholders ol 1U.1 Lone Maud IQilroad (InapuT are liereoy notified that the Annu l Election for Tliir een lli-eclort ol i od ( ompa y will be held el the Ompa iy'a' Ifice on Mouilay. the nne'nth (lav of Februa-T neat. I 'ir poll will be opi frmn 12 . ' lock at noon till 2 o clunk, l' M of .hat d i .*, The rr oi?fe books w II be e' laed i'*nm the ICth to tile ISlll ceiiruary both davi in- I "ve By order of : e alo d. IStotlS rre D VVID >. IVES, neeretary. MiNCE PI& j RUsHED Tills D \a b.. k ' titled "Mn.ee Pie for ' . In- Million," cr.ntai . -net 00 eocrayiuiri and 26* -it*4, lull "f rae wild and w ' deiin . humorous od witty? roe mil) .S ' e ta. \ e -lupaaiou ,o I lie Idle Hour Hook," -.1' ri'lrely dilferent Horn that odd volume AI <o J tia pnhlnhej, " he -fleis of the >)al Mo-.m." being a .aiiple ? imiratlor la rlie c. iroraod P-ilk (| .-drill's, with he inuaicol the lledowa Waltz?puce 12ft eenla. nj..Nr.i" fa KIHHFR, 74 Chatham street. V AI.EN'TIN F.S-The moat ei enaive assort. em in Ane rica on the ete of completion. Send alone t our orders. JS im'rr It MP'AT It A Ml t A I N.?4 IN HOUSE*KKKPINU DRY GOODS. AT STEWART A O. hare for sales t?rt large tat of linen shee'inga damask ta- Ir cloths and napkins, damnkt mid diapers is the piece, hucksbucks, toweling!, bleu hi-J cottons, flannels, bl.iuUrts, quilia, counterpanes dimities, nud white mualiua ol every description, at priCM greatly below the coat of importation. The above sonde are oftlie vary brat quality, anch aa they an confidently recommend I raerviee and durability, ana they are offered at eatremely low prices, iu order 10 make rooin for au eutirely new stock, which they intend to open in Spring. UkOAUWAY A HKADK ST. al2 2wiarre lLF"X "OVi WA tUiKOUt AMD * UJttiuTUJlE wanted. I ADlKS OK UKNTLEMEN having aaperflnoaa eflaeta I J to diapoaa uf, anch aa Wearing Apparel, k uraitora, Ac., can obtain a lair .ash pnee for the aame. by aeading for the nbacribar. throvgi the foal Office, or otherwise. who will attend at Ibeir residences. J. LKVKNSTYN, ?? 'troadway, ep stairs Ladies aaa ba attar.dad to by Mrs. J. LEVKNHTYN. .'.a im*r WATCHES,-JEW EL KTY7 AND Sl'LVEK. WARE 'PHK aubacrihars eontinne to have for aala a fall assortf uieut of gold and silver Watches, of the most approved inakera, which will he offered at the very lowest prices, and warranted correct lime keepers They are constantly receiving the latest styles of fashionible Jewelry of rvery description, lucllding g-Id. fob, and guard chains; breaaf piua; ear rings; finger rings; bracelets: lie.id ornameuta, Ac.; silver spoons; forks; batter knivee and Iilver ware, equal to coin, gold aud silver sfieciacles, eon cave, convri. Ac.; Krench clocks and wateboa, repaired equal Co the origin il AfKKKLY A BKIUUS.Itt Bowery, did lm*rh C doors ahava Broome srveoC. N til II r.? ill u,r I I Ii;vr .-i tne estate oi the late Jobs A Drew, deceased? Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned hnvo boon dnly appointed by the judge ol probate of the county of Miehl limackinac, in the State of Michigan, administrators of th estate of John A. Drew, late of Mackinac, county ofMiehi limackinac, deceased, and have takeu upon themselves the trust, by giving bonds according to law. Mackinac, Michigan, November 21, IS46. WILLIAM T DREW, HENRY JON KB. BAM'L. K. HAR1NO, dvlw'ra Adrniaiatrefors of the estate of John A Draw R EM IT l'A N(: E8 T(> E N11 LA ND^ IRELAND, AND SCOTLAND PARTIES wishing to remit money in large or imall lumi to their friends iu Great Britain or Ireland, ran do >o in the most rspeditioue manner through the subscribers, by drafts at iitht, payable iu all the principal town* id England, Irrl Mid, auiT Scotland Money may he tent by letter (postpud) front any part of the United Slates to them, giving t(ia address anil the name of the party to receive it, which wil be regularly lorwarileii by packet or atemner. Apply to ABRAHAM BELL A RON, rlJB lm*rre 117 k'ltlma afreet New Vork ~~- ?iqt, id1Va7k int.. BATCHKLOH'8 Inafaulaiieoua Liquid Hair Dye, ta cer tainly a moat valuable dneovery.aa huudreda of peraooa in New k oik can testify Unlike the many miaeralale eomI ponuds that are aold under the name of hair dyea, it actually j pcrfntmsall it premises; in proof the in?ectoris prepareu to permanently color I idira'or gentlemen'a hair, to a perfectly even and uniform black or brown,and make no charge anleaa entire satisfaction ia giren. tienflemeu can have their whiakris died and cleansed in half an hour, for which purpeae private rooina will be found at the depot. The dye is put np in n eonviaient form with full directiona for Die for the consentence of those who prefer applying it themselves trice for Hair Bottles $1 so; lor the Whisker Bottles, tl 00 Hold wh?le??le and retail by the proprietor,WM BAT' HK.LOH, No. 7 Wall street. rear Broartway dIS ltn#rre Tvi i He, I?,v< rI'KHKIa.N AK'Ilrsla I A A AltlAl'l t, 149 and 1m Broadway, (Lafayette . Bar ar) li,a juat received per late Havre paeketa, 1,400 hreioh If i ncrrcoi | e I'latea, large sue, of the star brand which he - Iters ou reasonable terms Alan, an invoiea o/ I'tench brum sis, including dry ledn'e, Hyposulphite o Sola, Bromine, I Monde ot Iodine, S It of Qold.Tripot Rouge kr JS Im*rh r<> SiieKMANUI .1 , - lEliaAMDOTUSMa. ISO he aold, with iminediale possession, the k'aetoriM, Bondings. and Mae hmery, with w.,(er paiellega. situate IU Tolland county, f ont ectir lit, two miles fiom Mansfield fnar emtieri, and eqtaly ?n"?i (twenty-ri?c time#) trom the ci iea cil Hartford md V.rwteh, known M the Dalravillr Silk factory Tht i>rop?rtr eonalata of iwo ne onaa, on* I00ieetb*26, wo atoriea each, ol o leer pnch 111# other K l?n k? M.two In i?>? each of i lr?t yileh. and wheel houee Beneath Knar I* ir l iard piI hnuaee, with an other irn'mmni two oninio dinoa atnrea, one of which la now d nig a D'ofiuo c haaineaa. p nr g n I rna, and other out build and ibont JO aerrt of Ihi d, we ! , ro(iiftl'iunl Cunaiatlng nl good |waturage mow ing Hid wood. The Ficiorica are now, and hare hecn for right yeura, 10 ,||P' eaaf u i| cr tinu , and reidete wi'h renv eniencca.pnaaeaa.1 a ' lie r in i d ye ti'iiae, with .learn app i rata I, (new end Comnice) l?.iiwosc if mac).i erv. which mav lie taken or not, .it Die option in the iiairhaarr. Tiie Water I'riTifei.e i? ir erj t'.V.ed mi the latete, the nulla i pvei loiTiiia bean a' , yd by the I ngeat drought. XII ha buildings hare been *r* e within I# ye-tra, trie gre'ter part within I yuan at n oust of Si .000 -and are all in ftrnt rata re fin mil condition ! r e ia great lirnnabiltt; of the contemplated New Vork uJ i "ton Ha> It' id paeatag through the land of thia aaiata, or in <rs immediate neighborhood bieb wnnld *reat.lv ea i h.uu'r ita ralue Further and fall particulars may b' had b ajiplytug to i. in,., VY?> h H 'N? " N * n i?lKw~A >t! in H V?*.il r-IJ ... <M' U ? pw IV r ii. m.iIi iih ' Ml ?hl .11 I . ?*? .wit1' ir >u <r*o'mnl. Ti,r ?l. ve r? lira: Mir ir i< I, lur ?. >?! ? m Vldiew. *'|inr ii*, nt *l?rwh# f > lull _ ? JytVl W'M RYU^RIirtMO KHW "rilKAW WhAPl'lN - l'APb'K EiUui KKAMH nprfiui nu\li?y ?" <" Wr.ppu#, IP" "v/VP iu?l -MfiinJ ai.J It" pi' by ... m ? , jlra ? ???.