2 Şubat 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

2 Şubat 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I T H ] Vol. I1II, Mo. Wboi* ?. ?0!4U THE -\E\V YORK HERALD.j JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY IUT.KAL.D?Every day, Prioe 2 centi per copy-$7 ! & |>?-1 *uutiii!?payable in advance. WEEKLY rAr-1 - A LD? Every Saturday?Price G'$ cuti per ciij.v?$i IRE rmii per annum?payable in advance. i H Ell ALU FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet day. I Price AVi ccula per copy?$3 Oil per annum, payable in ad- j ranee. ADVERTISEMENTS at the neual pricee?alwaye cub in advance PRINTING of all tiude eiecnted with beauty and deepatch. All lettera or cninmunientianv, by mail, addreered to the eetabli.htnrnt. iQust be poet paid, or the portage will be de. ducted from the anbacriptiou money remitted. JAMES GORTON DENNETT. ! Proprietor of the New Vobe hcaii... Kituii iihm> wt, Rintih W.itta.ro.r of En I ion nod N*?an alreetel VUAVEMitebl dlAUlAMLiUA'tflUllll. CHANGE OF HUUK8 !& asafe&i ! WINTER ARRANGEMENT On and alter Monday, Dec. 28, 1I4G, Traius will rau 11 follows:? Lovn Uuouxi.t is?ci 7 'clock A. M. (Ronton traia) for Oraenport, dailr, (exrivft Sunday ) itorping at K&nningdale una fit George's Manor. " at 9* A. M., daily, for Greeaport aud lintermediatc placet. " " at 4 1' M. for Kartniotrdale, daily. I.cati (iBKinroaT?at 8* A. V.., raily accommodation train for Brooklyn. ' at 3* P. M.,Boston Train) nr on the narivai of th? noat from No.-hi a, daily, (except Sund'iya,) tl-pping at St. Ueorge'e Maar' and : N'arminKOMrLkavk FaBMinuoAi.K nt 6* A. M. daily, (except Handnvs,) ! ac'iuxu-rdaia J train; anil 1? M. ana 3* P. M. . I.cack Jamaica?m 8 o'elec t A. M., 1 P. M., and * P. M , for Brooklyn, or oa the arrival of Boston i tra,? SUNDAY TRAINS will hereafter ran to Thomson 8ta ! tin,:?leave Rrook'yu at 9A M. for Thompson and intermediate p)aeea,( commencing Sm Jay the 8th Pfevetnber. return nig leove Tnompsun at 3 o'clock P. M., Kurruingdale 2*, J amnion J*. Van* to?Bedford, 8 canti; Eaat New Ytrk, II*: Raoe Course, 1BV; Trotting Course, 13*; Jjnvrxai, 24; BrashvilU, l 31*; tiVde Park,J17 miles) 37*; Clnwsville, (during the aesaion of Conrt) J?)*; Hempstead. 37*; Branch 37*; Carle ! Place,44: Westhury, 44; llicksville, 44; Kaaniiicdnle, 62*; Deer Park,89; 'lliompsoh, 88; Suffolk Station, $1; Lake Road Station, SI 18W; Meuford Station, 81 1**: V'aphnuk.Jl 37*; St. Oeoiye'e Muiior, $1 83*; Rivernead, SI <2*; James port, SI 83*-. Mattetuck, SI 82*; Cutchogue, SI C2*; Sou,hold, SI 82s; (Tieeaport Accommodation Train, SI 73; Button train, S3 23. htagee ore in raadiueaa on the arrival of Trains at the >eve- ! rd * -.tenat. to take pnaaengen at rery low fares, to all port* I ot the latuno. Baggage Crates will be in readmeai nt the foot of Whitehall ) itrodl, to receive baggage IWr the several trains. M nunntes ; before the homr of farting from the Brooklyn aide. The steamboat "Stiitrninau' leavee Greenport for Sir Harbor on tho arriral of the Bnsrnn train from Brooklra d33rh I NOTICE. atiruifA ^m On and after Friday, November 30th, the ! {gSmtyfUDs steamboat SYLPH, Captain Braieted, will | 2SCwMQB.inakr the lollowiug trips to and from Btaten Island natil farther notice, vix Leave New York Leave Sextan Island At 9 A.M. At 8* 11 A.M. 18 1 r. M. 13 M. 3* " 3 P. M. &g " Mtr_ ! REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH fc WOR- ?a?S MM Ag (J08TE11, without change t VaefSa fCars or Baggage, or without^^^^^B i aCSUL- A,c-oesiug any Terry. #3HE9ES_ aaseagea ining their teateat Norwich, are iaktfred their u U through to Boston. Tins being the only inland ronte fist comraouiaates throngh by stenmboat aqd railroad. Passengers by thii line are accompanied throngh Wt the con- i darl.ir'.r lU tr.,., wit#, will tmva narriMtiar *I>?M?* ,.l th?i> I baggage, and who will otherwise give hit attentioe to their ease ud comfort. This line leaves sonth aide Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Battsnr Place, daily, (Handaysexcepted) at 4 o'clock, P. M., and ar.sves in Boilnu in time hi take ail the eastern trains. Theuew steamer WORCESTER, Capt. Van Pelt, leaves every Tuesday, Tlinrsdny, and Saturdays, at 4 o'clock, P. M. Tb? st<jner CLEOPATRA, C'apRin Williams, leaves a vary Moaday, Weduesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock, P. M. Far further information, inquire of J. H. VANDKKB1LT, No If RarfeiT Place. North River. d25 tf re ; TmaeW* Iwa" WINTER A K R A N (i EM a, N PS -The ! ApsX^naM* Norwich, Worcester and Boston Hail Road . Tr" iBK?wL xr.d Steam Transportation Line?The substa.Ii ,1 airain pro|ieller Trnmhall, Captain Uanel liavena . will ran regularly between Norwich and New York, making , two passages a week; leiviug New Vork Irom pier 12 E. K. | Old Sim. Kerfreight. wl,n k will be taken at snminer rates 1 or passage, having elegant accoiumed.uions apply to the | Captain, on board, or to E. A. BILL, Norwich, Conn .and to jy^['w*r y BltHrftl 40 "uimh st. New York. UM/r.u .viviiie,b .vtA.L, LINE. .JWW, KOK ALBANY AND TROY, VIA I Ijy Bi idg, port and Houasionic Ilailroad. Dur- ! Tthnssitttid.-aLing last summer, the H?usato*ic Railroad ha* bscn rehtid with a heavy H Rail, from Bridgeport to the W* tern Railroad Through bv Daylight, daily (Sunday's excepted) ut KW o'clock, A. M. Thefcteambuat MOUNTAINa-EH, Cspt. W. H Frazee, leu ?s the feot ?l Market street. E. R , for Bridgeport, Daily, I at f>>? o'clock, A M. No freight taken in the Passenger Line. I'asrengei' ukc the Cars at Bridgeport,aid without change of Cars or Baggage Crates, trrivn in Albany snd Troy at > o>l,,ck, P. M. New Cars and Locomotive engines have been I procured, and tliu Road is in every respect equal to the beat New England Road. [?7*"A Freight Line by Steamers \imrod, and Mohegan, daily?Freight 'linifl saiun as last year ?hor luriher particn'-ws i .quire m tee Olfice on Market strvet Pier, and , at Livings on mid Wells' Express, 10 Wall Street. ?IM's rc ?L M. PERKY. Arent. , . . BRITISH AND NUR IT1. AV1EK ! CAN ROYAL MAiu ST EAM SHIPS I s IJM font and 4*9 horse power each, ni *? ,.< dcr contract with tho Lords of the Adtni- | etsu,'*> ty VIBEKNIU Capt. A. Eyrie CALEDONIA Cap.E. fl. Lou BRITANNIA < apt. J. IIcwitt. CAMBRIA Capt. C. H E. JnukiM AO AD I \ ..Capt. Win. Mavriaoa. VIN|! vail Irom Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax, as follows i? ?iom eosTot. rnoit i.ivcanooL. H: bo mi a Fen. 1.1347 Hiberna Is n. 4, 184" | Cnobri" March I, lii7 C-.mbris Feb 4, 1147 : liiberuia April I, !847 fliberuiu March 4, 18)7 j I'..sasi-.t hlu.xgr. 5Mm 'losfon to Liverpool ... ... $199. 1INIM to II 111-* 30. No bet iia srenrod ectR paid for. These ships tarry eiSxrieneed surgeons. No Irnght, except cpecic, received on ,ys ol s-.iiug. Fcr fiuigiu. passage,or tnr ether information, epply to I). URKiViA.M, Jr.. Agent. At BAR .PI ?'..V fc CO.'H,? Wail ft. ! T+- In ada.tion to the above hue hett. eea Liverpool and : Halifax, en * Boston, a contract has been cutcre d i use with Her Majesty's government, to establish a linu between Llv } erpeol suit New York direct The steamships (or this ser- I vice r.etav being built, and early next year due notice will be given of the time whru they will start. Under the new coeiutrt the steamers will sail every Saturday during eight irniJTba, and every fortnight during the other months in the year. Hoi ig alternately between Liverpool, and Hnliini i end Bnsto'i. snd between Liverpool end New York. J8 r | Gil EAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. RiiSWiJ- It PERSONS wishing to remit money to a* jM England. Irelsnd, Scotland, or Wales, will wA, U*a!^ < wiiw do wellto apply to ihe subscribers, it the Sj "'il es nbliMieu Passage office. 37b I'asrl "^ " itreet, where us imixl drafts are furnished for Isrgr or smull stnonuts on the Nations) Bank of Irelsnd, : Northern Hoiking <o. snd Nationsi hank of Scotland, pays- j hie on demxyd, it the iiuiner ns brain lies throughout both ' C'lungtirs wit out discount; also, on R ('.. OLYN St CO., ! Bankers, Loudon, and nu if,. GRIVI8U4W k CO., Liver- ! pod. Apply to BA.M'L TI! MPaON St NEPHEW, jfT lm-rn n:,i f.,| i, ^7. Ki-irl ?t. PA3SAOK FROM GRLA1 BRITAIN AND IRELAND. ] iSn itfk ABUANlirMf.W I ? FOR 1817. fj W. BYRNE k O., Oh' Ntw YUHK AND LII YliBI'O L, being tue oldcal ?uil largest earahli hed heme lathe emigrating Wuiiurii, beg leave to call the etreut.on of rhe public generally to their uprrii>rnriangcinenu I<n tli* ensuing \enr Ce'iuix desirous of sending ihroogti tiiis hoase, or thair friends reaid ng in the ' Old Country," may safely depend tliey will have immediate despatch, and every means Hill lie taken to urevent detention in Liverpool. T I e Packet k|iip? of tltii l-ne a ill of the first clue, r.d commanded by men of ackuewledged skill ? oue of wbi"li Mil every five days Arrangement.. c ui elie he nude 10 f> win! pssiengers, direct, from Dnbliu, Lork, Wsterf.rd, Loiidoiideiry.end B?lf??t. D eftl nd Lille of Eichange, given for mv nmonnt, payable ou demand, wntniit discount, at any of Ihe prmeipil towni in the I'm ed Kingdom F'om the thorn sr rar>ge- i meet-, the iiibieriberi conficently nipcet that the patronage whieh nn been no liberally eitfcnded them for many yten sent, will not he withheld the coming season of emigration. I Sbonld u v of the pirtien engaged for, not embark, the money W'll be refunded ? eostoniara For fmther particulars, if by letter, (boat netd ) aprly to P. IV. BYRNES It Co., 58 Sooth at tret, corner of Will, NY. EDWARD SAUL, Anil. P W BYRNES Ik CO., jsilmfrrc 38 Waterloo Rood, Liverpool. FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Re v?** rnlar Packet of 81st Kebruitv?The new. lupetior, JjtjtimL fail-sailing packet ihip CONSTITUTION, 1,808 tona bin the it, Capt. John Hrjtton, will mil is above, her regit I it day. For I eight or paaaage, haying splendid, large and comfortable true rooms end cabin, ipply to the csptain on board, at west pier Hurling slip, or to WOODHULL fc MINTURN. 17 Month et. 'The packet ship HOTTINGUER. 1850 tons burthen. Tapt. Ira Bnraeley, will aucceedthe Lonatitution, end tail on her 'Sgnlard ,r Jtai Ma eh. jJI Add*- FOR LIYERPOOL?Now Line?Regular Pack's SsV" f?' February 28.?The aujicrinr fast-Mil Hg packet jiMSbabip O Mi KII K, Captain H.J II. Traak, 1(108 tone hn.ibvu, will t ul My hove. her regular day For freight nr pa aii'.e. liaving acc"mmodationa unatirpaated far splendor or comfort, apply on board at Orleans wharf,'not of Wall atreet, or to EDWARD K COLLINS, M South street. Prire of passage $!00. The Packet ship HOSCIUS, A. F.ldridge, master, wi I stirreed the Osirtck, t..d sail J6th March, her regular day. J >' MR- PAMdOl TO AND FROM CHEAT BRI-SV' TAIN AND IKE! AND J*j*f.m GEORGE SHERLOCK fc CO.'8 (TuU i'.STABLIS" K.D Paaaage Office, lf8 Maiden Lena Nni it .?Mr. O khe leek will sail lor Liverpool, en rhe 8th ot t'fhrtiury, and ramain there during the months of | March and April, In perannally auperintanrl the embarkation of Ins paid paesengeri. Perrons wishing to have out their friends, would d ? well toi avail themaelvee of thia opportg- , niRr, "Mr 8. returns to New York in M?y. Jill lw*rh | E NE" NEW AFFAX&8 IN CAMP. INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE FROM TUB ARMY OF GENERAL TAYLOR. THE PROSPECT OP ANOTHER BATTLE. Ac.y &c?j Ac. ! [From the New Orleans D-lta, Jan. 34 ] We place but little reliance in the new* wo give from Tampico. It is probable that u considerable forco may bo , en or near the route which (Jeneral Tuylor bar taken for Tampico, as all the Mexican accounts represent (Jen. Urrea to be engaged, with a considerable army, in observing Taylor's operations The Mexieau papers also peak of a force sent towards Tula <le Tamaulipax.? These boing united, would make a large army ; but from the want of aitillery, and tho great preponderance nt cavalry in this force, w e do lot think it probable that Urrea would ever attack the American columns. As to (Jen. Wqrth being close on Taylor's rear, it is altogether iutprobuble. Taylor would never allow Woith to ahan don his present important position, to help him (Taylor) out of any diOicultiea. Since this account reached us, we have heard that a mercantile home iu thin city, received a letter from Tampico, dated subsequent to the letter communicating the above newe, which make* no reference whatever to the fact* or rumor* a* itated. Our doubt* of Santa Anna being between Oen*. Taylor and Worth, a* reported, have t?<6U further cooflrnicd by the peruaal of a letter addressed to a gentleman of thi* City, from Col. Kenney, dated-Tampico, Jan. M The writer atate* that he had ariived there the day previous from Victoria, with despatches from Oen. Taylor to lien. Shield*. He loft at Victoria, Oen*. Taylor, Twiggs, Patterson, Pillow and Quitman, with their re spective commands, amounting in all to about 6000 men i During his route from Victoria to Tampico, he passed, in | some instancos, close to the lfBes of the Mexican cavalry, hut had no meaD* of ascertaining their number From appearances, (Col. Kenney anticipates'some liar l lighting shortly. From the heit information he could gain, a Mexican force of 80<m men was stationed at or near Tula, under lien. Valencia and other eflioeis. No- \ thing is said in the letter !of Col. Kenney, of Santa Anna r his movements. Tsunco, Jan. 13, 1817. Three days ago there was quito a brisk movement : among the troepe, and some attack wai designed. , 600 to 800 men were ordered ulf with baggage and | accoutrements for Tnspan, it is said, part of which | had commenced their march, when suddenly the order* were countermanded, owing to the artival of | Col Kenney, with decpatches to Gen. Shields. (Jen. I Taylor is at Victoria, with from 8 to 10,000 men ; and Gen. Worth at Saltillo. with soma 'J 060. Some reports say that Oen Wool has joinod Oen. Worth, and united those two branches oi tne army. It was feared that Santa Anna had attacked Oen. Worth at Saltillo ; and Oen Worth having aant to Oen. Taylor for supplies and more force, inducod Taylor to inform Oen. Shields This is the teason for the suspending of the attack upon Tnspan. One thing is sure ; our army will in a short time, if they htve not already, make a demonstration upon some point, and leave Santa Anna to fortify himself at San Luis, without the pleasure of seeing his foe. The city of Tampico is one of the most lovely spots I ever saw, and under en American governmeot would greatly improve and increase It nu it, from its position, always be a largo commercial port, but under Mexican administration could not arrive at great prosperity. It is supposed that the United States will never abandon this place, and they ought not to do so, as, in a commercial view, it is only second to Vera Cruz, having a large interior trade and the richest soil on the continsnt to support it. I must relate to you an incident that occurred prior to the movement for Tuspeo. Gen Shields wantlog mules for hi* expedition, sent an officer with some twenty men te Altamira.and demanded of the alcalde 1C0 mules, for which full payment should be made. The alcalde did net wish to send tha supply, atul told the officer that there was not a mule within fifty miles of the place, a* C-anales had been there bnt a few days previous and stolen them all The officer replied to him very politely, that he was sorry, more on account of the alcalde than aay other, ea he, the officer, would be compelled to take tha alcalde to Tampico, and his horse not being able to carry two persons, the alcalde would be compelled to walk Upon this, his honor desired a few hours, and after deliberation with bis council, furnished easily tke qiftffitity of mules desired. A few days since Gen. Shield*, having heard of some disturbances at a small village a few miles from this place, took 10 men and paid a visit to see for himself Upon his arrivtl, tho alcalde \net him very pompously, and demanded by what authority he enterod that place and saying at the seme time that the Mexican popula tipn were so outrageously provoked by the Americans I that ho could not answsr nor he mmnnathle for iha I live* of himself and tneu. (Jen. Shield* immediately dismounted and formed lii* men, and then told hie honor that he would relieve him of hi* responsibility, And thet be wa* prepared to take care of himself. After this wni communicated and known through the town, all wus submission. A* for commercial new* I canrot say much, as the population *f the town i* reduced one half, by those I* miljer who were able, lonving for the interior, and but little business i* doing Tho Mexican government have established custom houso officer* few miles beyond the American line*, who seize and confiscate all property of every kind sold by the Americana. This, of course, cuts off all trs to from the interior, and what is left in the city ia to supply those of the lower classes who tre too poor to get away. The market is abundantly ami overstocked with all kinds of merchandize. Provisions, particularly those of a perishable nature, are selling at le?s than .Vow Orleans cost; flour hat been paying a little, hut is at present declinirg; you may quote the present prices at $6 .10 tc $7 for first rate brands. Tobacco?the io"rkrt is overstocked, and comparatively no sales. Dry goods of a very staple kind, at first paid a good advance; bu> ut present the market is wall supplied, and domestics aro rolling at New Orleans prices The t ime uiav bn slid of prints Those who were so fortunate as to be the first on the spot a'ter the town was captured, sol i out tlieir stocks well, but it requires little to overstock this market the demand being so limited Should th. Interior trade bn permitted to enter and pass out ct Tamrico. it would be a good market for our product* but this i* impossible under the present stato of aifait*. oen. Taylor's division. Vic roais, Mexico, Jan. 4, 1847 I have not time to write you such a letter a* 1 could wish, end you must bo content with a fow leave* from my journal, from w bieh you ran select such matter at you may think will tie of interest. Dec 23d.-This morning we were visited with a heavy Scutch mist, which is not unasuol here, and will wet a blanket or tent through nearly as quick as a regular rain; this added much to the weight of tho tents and other baggage, which, with the slippery state of the road, rcn dercd travelling difficult Lett Mouteiev at 8J* o'clock. A.M. (Jen. Lane, with one regiment of Indiana volunteers, hadjust arrived from Camargo. He was orde red to return after the nncetaary rest, and to r.tation a part of the men on the l oud, and at the posts. The 2d Keutuekians had left. Ureal praise is accorded t? the General for the promptness with which he repaiird to Monterey, and was not the Commander, in Chief well satisfied that ho leaves that place in per fact security, lie would doubtless have given Lane the privilege of remaining. Col. Harnoy was ordered this morning to remain lie hind us altogether, and take command of ull the mounted mon. Alter looking at the nature of the country in the valley of Uuadaloupo, he has permission to proceed to Siiitillo, and if thcra Is any chance for a fight in that vicinity, he will get Into it?perhaps go to the Salado for it. Dec 24th?We made an unusually early start this mom iug from our encampment, 14 miles below Monterey.? As early as it was, the "greasars" were about the camp | wiin luoir nine Brunei 01 morenauili/e, aim lollowe.i the army for miles, or uir'il all Jthey had ware disposed of That* people make money out of ui everyway.? Their time being of little or no vuluo to tliotu, with two or tbreo dollars' woith of merchandize they will follow it* up fir da}*, ami when they arn not engaged iudiapn ting of their ware*, will ferry lick toldicra over the li eeri, by placing them on their own hortn and then jump ing up bntad thorn. Home half doien have followed ut all the way fr< m Monterey, and are making (to them) a fortune by the business? charging for eicb person thus ferried, a |>ica>uiia. We pasac-d through and encamped four mile* thi* ildo of the delightful village of f'ndaroytn; to all uppeaiancea far more lovely than on the former occasion* It i* the day before Christmas, and many preparation* aro being mada for the celebration ol tlio /casta tomorrow At Cndare) ta, a* w all a* at avery nmcho thia side of Mon teicy, the people aro firmly Impressed with the belief that Hanta AnDa will dire in Monterey to-morrow; and will laugh nt u* 11 wa tall them wo did not leave there to avoid him. Our camp 1* on the bank* of *na of tha numerous mountain ati earns that run acroa* our roal, and a* wa reached it early in tha afternoon, our suppers were finished and blanket* spread, tout time bcfoia tha daylight went out. It wa* plaaaing to hear tha remark* of the officer*and soldier*, a* they deicautad on tha doing* af to-morrow at their different home*, and a* lome mention would be mad* of tha minca pie* and egg-nogg* that were being, at that moment, ban ted around in thair family circle*, a smacking of lip* aud a *igh would escape them; and then came tha humorous promises that should they live another 13 month*, the 34th of December should be pasted amongst their friend* and kindred About half-paat *ix o clock, the bell* of a ranchita church, c!o*a by u*. pealed out the holy-day announcement, and, aa the first tone* fell upon the ramp, there wa* instant ailanca, and every on* wa* left t* hi* own reflection. t Dec 3(>th.- Started.thi* erorr ing before daylight, and , made 3.) mile* of the journey, dining the list ten of which, the company called the ''logger*," had awalled | to a regiment. The march was too heav v for men under any circumstances, and they will feel it sensibly tomorrow ; and particularly will it tell on the mule* and hor*e*. Dining the day, we passed a number of dead horse* that hsd died out of Capt Sibley'* provision train yesterday. He utiemptod to follow us to Monterey, but an express to Cadaroyta turned him back with bit train, and we are now following him ' * ? * Dsc. Ufltb.? Oapt. May'* *(|Uidron ofsdragoon*. after aTorapanyingthe general to Morale*, left the rood again and struck in towaidi the mountain*, in order to *xn mine their goigo*, and to find out if there was any p*as through which tha enemy could make a descant into the lower country. Pro 37th. -The day'* march w*s about 14 mil's, find, being performed on new ground, offered some little excitement to the tired troop*, and thay team* J to get w ro YORK. TUESDAY MOI along better than nny day since we left Monterey. The journey was mostly on the hanks of a river or within imi-kct shot of one, and the gienter part oftke road wan us level a* a ball room floor, enabling the train* to keep up wi'h the coluntD the whole tiiue. At uoou we reached un old rancfae. in front of wtiicli the river run, nn.l here we belted. The day wiu quite warm, and Gen'l Taylor, who ha I passed ua during the day, hnd pitched his tent nearalaige cypreaa. It was here that we flrat learned that there was soother Richmond in the flai l ?General Scott's letter informing the Old Rnnchero? for such tho Mexicans persist in calling our commander?that he had nnived in the country, having reached Km to-day.? What ill'j.ct this new* may have ou othera, I cannot. Bt this moment, tell, but 1 must say, so far at uiy own feelings are con turned I ?al rather Gen Taylor had been.left entirely in command, to havo ended the work Ire bin made <ucli glorious progress in. Dec. '13th ?When preparation* wore being mirde for a start tIris morn ng, three horses and lour mules wora found dead Having nothing to Iced thorn ou hut new corn, many ere ntllicted juat now with the "icours." rrnd iunumeroua instances they dio in lui* than twenty-four hoars of tbeeickues j. One thing i? peculiarly annoying and that is, the very beat American horses are tho greatest sulfcreri The pieces ot tho dead lrorres were auppliod by reducing ether teams, and we were enabled to roach Linares, sons Id miles, about I o'clock * * Our visit to Linuros was a perfect windfall to ita citizens Mules tliut would not command $10 in the morning, were soi l to the United States at night for ns much aa uud so it ia w ith every thing we buy from the Mexicans in all parts of this country. Krotn a loaf of bread up to a horse, they will demand double the amount from an American that they do from a native. If the early part ol our visit to Linares was a source of beueilt and pleasure toits people, the latter put of it was auy thing but agreeable to thorn, Gen Taylor had learned while at Monte Morales, that the g ivcrnmeut ot Mexico had $8000 in tun Is and a quantity of tobacco and segais doposited in Linares, and he ordered one of the assistant quarter-masters to demand and receive it, in the name of the United Mta'es, from the alcalde?construing the soothiDg ay stem of our government in such a m inner as to give kirn the right of luking public property, if nelhing else, but when the call was made upon tho alcalde, lie deciod that there was any thing belonging to the government in Linares. He was told that the alcalde ol Monte Mottle* bud stated that the property above mentioned was there, and that it must be given up. He confessed then that such property hud been there but said an olilcer of the Mexican army, with a party of soldiers, came into town alter t'uptain Graham hit it, and took it ttway. <ieneral T 'a orders then were for tho alcalde ta obtain the money by some menus, and hund it over before Id o'clock. After a great deal of remonstrance, he went out and brought in $1000 of his own money, r-nd then ordered the shop keepers to produce the remsindor. This be diil by causing his socrlftrJTb'flrww on each for the sums lie named One man he mulcted for {Alio another lor $3ti:), and so on till he got to sums of $10 ; su I it was tinully made up, handed over, and hauled off in one of our wagons ; but you never saw longer faces thau those worn by the mulcted. This day's march summed up 13 miles. Dkc. 39th.? Made an early atarttbis morning, but got on the wrong road, which caused 111 to travel 16 miles, when we could have reached the same place by going 13 ou anothei road Use. hUlh.?At rived at the hacienda ot Don Pedro at 3 o'clock, and took in corn and fodder for the night. It wit the intention in the morning to make no step in Villa Grande, but when the General reached it, he concluded to stop for the dav, and tho soldiera were not at all displeased to seo his tent pitched when they crosied the rivor Dkc- 31 ?This being the last day of the month and last of the yeah, the regulations of the army make it incum bent upon the commander to halt and muster the men. Every person is inspected, and from a musket down to a brush and picker, everything is carefully examiued, and if any of the accoutrements are old and uniit for service, they are tnrncd in and new ones taken It is also pay day. and every article that is miasing irom a soldier's outfit is charged to him and deducted from bis |><iy. Last nigbt the signal fire, that has been kiiidlod opposite our encampment every night since we hivo been on the march, blazed up on a high peak of the mountain, and h?d not the moon given out so much light, woulr have lighted up Villa Grande. A number of etficera had assembled around the camp-tire of Gen. Twiggs, amengst whom was tien Taylor, and when this fire on the moun tuin was first lighted up, the conversation turned to it The opinion was pretty general that the fires were raised each nigbt to show our whereabouts; but there were some who expressed their belief that it was a mers mat ter of accident, and Gen Taylor was of the latter opin ion. While tkey weie discussing the subject, an ?tures? rhmo in liom Cant Mav. ntuiinv thai bis rear. guard with tha pack mtilei had been taken by the enemy, between Monte Morale) and Linares. At *, 1'. M., the band of the 31 Infantry played an un usual number o I aire, and oar camp wai literally thronged with Mexicans, men auj women ; around the old Uen eral's quartets, where the music was playiaff, theie wa? a complete circle formed by Uiem. * * Jan. 1. 1847. -Our luaicb was pretty mnch en up and down-hill business to day, ami about halt pas' 3 P. M., we bad mcaeured twenty miles, when we halted and pitched our tents ? We obtained un abundance of earn, foil Jer and gi his here, uud the alcalde having sent to Villa (irnnde to know what wo desired, it w< a gathered and carted to our camp by tho time we reached it. Three or lour days feeding with fodder has stopped the disease noticed lioforo as spreading amongst our horses, and they are improving fast Between 7 anil 8 o'clock, P. M., Capt. May got in with his dragoons Ho reports the loss ol 11 men and tlieii horses and 7 pack initios. As far us I can gather the particulars, and they come liom Capt M-ty, they uie these: - Between Monte Morales and Linares. <'apt May ascertained tint theie was a puss in a gorge of the rnountHius, and determined to uso-'itain thu nature of it. Ilia command consisted of two companies of dragoons?some 70 or 80 men. On approaching the foot el tue in>uotain every precaution was used to guard against surprise. A lieutenant with 13 men acted as the rear gnan! and guarii of the pack mules of the command, who remained some few hundred yards in the rear, and In this way they pro pressed slowly and carefully, until thoy foundouttlie puss, which was so narrow that it was with much dirtscully a single heiso could go through it. but Muy wui determined to tr.iveise It, ami malsn what Jiscovmiea ha could on the other aide Dismounting himself and men he led his horse and the way, and after experiencing much difficulty in getting liom rock to rock, Die com maud ultimately succeeded in getting through. On tlx ght hand rile of this pass there u u perpendicular r.lilt sf some 800 feet, or so high, as seme of lha men say, ' that u man tip tnere looked like n little boy." On the left hand, after 10 or 11 fast of peipendicular, there wait gradual slope to the too, on which an enemy cou! I run l iwn. firo a piece, acd thou return It is represented ai being the most dangerous pass to a daring tineaiy that n Known, Bill one wliero a tew determined men could sto, the advance of thousands. After going us far on th? other site as was thought necessary, they tinned to corns '>ack,and the main body retraced their steps with ih? same caution observed in effecting the flrat passage. Bu the rear guard were not so lucky in getting through thii tim?, tor it appears after tiia lieutenant and sergeum got through, a large body of men, who stationed tnem selves on the perpendicular side, showered down stune< from the top so last and no heavy, that their advance ivns completely cut off; and that they were either ki'lod tiken prisoners, or made their escape to the othor si to It seems that Cspt. May was not taken by surprise, for lie was continually urging vigilance, and lelt his best bugler in the rear to sound the ularm in case of accident ns though he aiitieipa'od an attack. A tumbling sound in tho puss caused him to halt for the resr guard, hut tliey not coming up when be thought it wits time for thorn to reach him, he wheeleJ about and went in the direction of the pnsa again at full sped. He xhottl) met the lieutenant and u svrgoiint, ninl immediately de mantled ot the former, " Where's your men?" The an war of the lieuienaat was " close at band," at tho seme time turning his head around us if with tho expectation of seeing them just behind him But there were none there save the sergeant, and the truth isninediatei) flushed upon the commander that something wus wrong with than) As quirk a* thought, nn I 111 ihu nature ot the path wooM permit. they sl.islied ofl' for the pas* am) wbirii (Ley reached it found thut a large number of stones bad been thrown dowa and discovered trace* ofblood along tbo dctile Tliey followed up as fast n* port ble. hut it wan ot no avail; they could make no further dn coreiie* nor learn any thing of tko fate of their companion* to tin y sorrow-full} retraced their ?te|>?, and ar rived here b? above noticed I hare eiv"n the above truly, a* it wa* related to me, without emission or addition, and it ia the received and acknowledged account of the unfortunate affair. It may rem ttrange, and wanting in detail ; hnt a* it involve* several del' ate | ointa, I do not feel warranted in aurmisjog wlikt may have mude out a good itory, ami, there fore, pn fer puttmg it town in ita apparently uuCniihed recithl, rather than draw on the imagination for what i* behind. May hn> put the lieutenant under arreat, and many blame him for being in advance of hia guard when hi* po*t wa* in the rear of it A* to hi* travelling on without discovering that hi* command w*a absent, will be itadily credited by any one who ia familiar with travel in a ahaparral country, or in auy narrow pass where two ahreait cannot proceed. In coming through tha pass, the men were necessarily IS or V) loot apart -their ?al?ty demanded this ? and with the noise on the stone*, made by hi* own hone's fe? tend thoso of tha aargeaLt'i hone, and this incoming down a decliv ty, it i. not strange, at least to me, that he did not miss them ; and a* to his looking hack to aee them, that may have bean out o( the question, aa it i* natural to suppose he needed the constant mc of hia ovca to guide his horse over the rugged path. Military discirdiue, no doubt, demanded In* arrest, but censure should he reserved until the whole statemrn-ol the mishap ia madn known by tome one who witnessed it. Up to tbi* time I do not believe thit tieneral Taylor ia posaestod of more detail than it here at down. It is not thought that any regular soldiers of tha Mexican army had a hand in this business. Ranehero* and banditti, actuattd mora by planter than anything else, *re holie.ved to have rut them off, thinking probably that there was more of value than what they obtained In the hands of such men. the fate of the piitoner* is doubt Mil, though they would ho perfectly safe in falling into th - hands of >n officer of the army. J?is. ,9d.?Tlii* day wa reached the hacienda of ffan tengarcia There wore 000 Mexican cavalry at this place a fee <lnya "go, hut they left it on the morning of the day that Q'litman'i brigade came in. Jsis. SJ?We ere near Victoria now, and this day'* march of Are league* leave* us within four of that town * ? A short time before night a Mexican pointed out to one of our officer* a country n.an oi hi*, whom he represented na being a lieutenant in the Mexican army, and prowling about our camp fer no good The leilow w*? arret ed ?confessed that he held a commission Irom kit government, but stated that hia only object in visiting om camp was to look alter a lot of males and horae* which hal strayed olf in that Jitoction lie waa released Jaw. 4th ? About 10 o'clock thia morning wo reached RK I INING, FEBRUARY 2, 18 Virtori.i, which, according to my account, is'JOj miles 1 from Muuteiey ; ami tins wat performed in the short pace of Id il iya Taking ovory thing into consideration, the march to anil from Monte Morale* (on return march) the long train of wugot.s, the pack mule*, and the Mex1 inn ox cults, and 1 do not believe better time was ever made by au army. I wa* agreeably difappoiutgd in Vic : torin?it being u laigcr end prettier towu than I looked | for The houaea, generally, ate not a* good a* they are in SfOB'erey, hut thoie about the principal square are I nent and comfortable. * * * * * i 1 (ten. Quitman arrived here on the 29th, and the Mexican cavalry?about 1200 ? all to their rear-guard, left on ' the 2-tb far Tula, and thoy moved oil' at 2 A. M . on the ' 28th. It is said that Santa Anna sent in order* to his tioopsto fall hack whenever an American force should i ; coma up After < leu. Q got into the town suverel bo- ; 1 dies of lancets showed themselves on different points I ; of the mountains, but they wore well aware ho tut 1 no | I cavalry to pursue them, or they would hare found better j ; use far their tune. By getting together all the horses of ; | the cltWi* und thoir servants, a number of men mount' rd to pursue them, but they put od'and have not showed themselves since. .Vow that we are all here, wba'. is to bo done? We ' j cannot go from this lioint to Han Luis Potosi?nt least we i j cannot take our artillery there, and the only thing I can . i Imagine to be done with advantage to our urnm. is to I j take Vera t nix The pioposition to that effect General J i a> K>r mane mo ing lours at nome, may nave neen tavorably received, and we may itart lor that plieo in a very abort time. We cannot remain here without serious inconvenience, that is certain, and it'we do not go there immediately, it will he necessary to go to the seaboard? to Soto la Marina, or Tumpico, and aa the Yankee girl ' saya, " I prefers the letter ." We havo now at this point a very pretty little army ? Gen. Taylor is here with all his stnll'-Oon. Twiggs, with the 1st, 31.31 and Tth regular Infantry?the 3d Dragoons, Mounted Hitl-m. n an I Utngg's battery, all numbering 1900 men?General Patterson has the regiment of mouuted rcnnesseeans, 3 tegimen'.a of Illinois Infantry, Jconipaniesoi Artillery, and a company of Suppers and Minors, making in u)l a little over 1700 men ?Gen. Quitman has the two r< gi>n*nt* of Tennessee Infantry, 1st Mississippi do . 1st Weoigia do-, and the Baltimore Battalion, and his tola! will not tall short ef 3100 eQective men?so that altogether wo can present to an enemy 0.700 men, being utyut tin same number that are now with Butler at the o'her pass. Vicroaia, January tf 1847. I think you may safely sot it down that the next move-, ment ol this wing of the army will be to Tampico, and from thence to Vera Cruz. We ere advised liero that General Scott is at, or en the w\y to, Tampico, and thither an express will ho sent to htm to morrow morning. We look lor despatches from him in a day or two, an 1 the chances are altogether in favor of their containing an order for us to proceed immediately to Tampico The Mexican cavalry, that were reported to he within 13 leagues of this place, on the day of our arrival, (1st division,) are said to havo fallen back in the direction of Tula, if not to that place, where there are several regiments of infantry. Tula it upwards of 100 miles from this place, and the road to it leading over a country altogether unfit for artillery; and should we send our Infantry furce to dislodge them, it would be labor thrown away, for they would fall back faster than we could advance. so I think they will remain unnoticed. I was in the ortlc.e of Major McRou to day, when all the regiments handed in their lists of horses and mules, entitled to furrage from the government, and the total summed up 3438. To feed tbese. it will take near 900 bushels of corn daily, and the little patches hereabouts will not hold out long at that rate. Major Williams, ot the Georgia Regiraant, is acting Governor of the towu. end affairs go on quite smoothly. General Taylor visited the Illinois volunteers yesterday, and the way the boya crowded aronnd him, three'eued immediate aulTocation. By way of aalutation, I varily believe the old General pulled at hi* cap Ave thousand times, and I was looking every minute to see him pull the front piece off. The General was mounted on a large aud gentle mule, whilst his orderly rode a splendid dragoon horse, ana was himself dressed in a clean and handsome uniform, whilst the General bad on that mmM old hlurk frnr.lf cent unit a his Mexican itiaur hut. Mr. Kunoin, the orderly, got about six aalutei to Taylor's oue, the "Sucker*" taking him for the General, and wondering why they called him old Taylor. When at lent tbey loam! out that the old rancliero win the sure-enough General, they inferred from hi* plain appearance, that it would he nothing ami** to offer him a hand to *hake, and they went at it with luch good will, that by the time the two regiment* Am-lied squeez ing it, there could have been little feeling left in it. A* lie rode off, theio were many who wondered whether that waa the animal on which he charged the Mexican*. Speaking of Generals, there i* no " particular quantity " on 'em here, at this time. Maj. Gen. Taylor, Maj Gen Patterson, Brigadier* Twigg*, Quitman, Pillow, and I ought to say. Snuth, although Periifer i* now acting the I'oloael. They were all in town together yeiterduy. at the head-quarter* of Gen. Quitman This will start to Tampico early in the morning, with the General's expreia. and should it never reach you, I suppose the cof'so mill; will still go ??d. A regular mail lrsvs* at the same time for your city, but us it goes by tlio way of Monterey, will lie a month of Sunday* iu reaching you, and will stand the same chance of being read by the enemy?I did not meeu to aay read?but opened [From the New Orleaus Picayune. Jan J4 ] Tami-ico, Jan. 10. 18-17. An expedition, consisting of Ave companies of regulars and Ave of the Alabama regiment, is ordered to repoit lor a march at I P M. to-day; it has been in preparation l?r several days, and is destined for a descent upon Tuspan i.en Shields will command in person. Wo have it reported that there are a thousand troops at Tuipan, but I presume it will be a " sfnf, vidi, vie(" affair. Our Gsnetal i* a man ol great energy, and aince he hat been here Una instituted many projects and reforms that will be advantageous. You know Judd?Lieut. Judd; ho has just returned 1 from e ir.out to Altamira, where ho went with fifteen aieu for the purpose of obtaining a number of mules that waro needed lor the transportation of tlia stores of the Tuspan expedition, fie called on the alcalde, apoiu gizing for the interruption of bis slumhen, hut said he 1 must have some mules The alcalde made i< long fare and s long paper. Judd told him tbet be didn't want the pspei ?he wnu'e I,the mules, and hinted to the gtntlomon o ramni nrounJ, and let them he forthcoming. Ho sue ceeded in gottjig some seventy of them end left the town with flying colors. Kether better sncoei-sthsn the farmer party had who went to Altamira after the Mexican ofiirar. 1 'he now municipal council lis* made but small progreen as >et, being a difficult matter to wade through 1 all the ol 1 Mexican laws an I regulation* that embarrass 1 thorn at first; hut we hope better things ot them. For ' the information of shipmasters and shipper* in thij di1 rertion, I will state that the following baibor dues have ' been filed : vessels nil ler 11H) tons pay YiO, from lOOto ' I.'jO tons, $14; from luU to !MK) tons, "MS, over SOU tons, ' fiitl. It it contemplated alao to levy a tax tipon all pack' ngos of merchandize arriving here. If these charges are ' made reasonable it will be an equitable meaaure streets 1 are to he lighted and kept clean, our hospital is to bs supported, aod all the municipal expenses am to bo paid 1 the Mexican! will not do this ulene. and it seems bul right that the Americans should pey their share of th? ' exp nae of measures from w hich they certainly dot ire grapt adyantagi | Tampico. Jan. 11, 1847. I wrote you yesterday that an expedition would leave that day for Tuspan, hut I was very confidentially mie led. The rumor for the past few days was allowed to spread, that the forco was destined for that place, and the Mexicans despatched couriers carrying the intelliI gencejteinforeements were called in from the surround, ing country, and we bear now that there are J,000 mm 'hero on tie yui l ive lor an attack. The Government steamers commenced firing up yesterday at noon, and every preparation appeared to he makiug to cross over to j ikdio v iego, en route lor i mpan, wnen uie commanding oftt.'er tit the line* received order* to march hi* in.>m toward* Altamira. It wu a peifect (iirpri** to every one. and whether eny good remits from it or not, Oen. .Shield* deaeive* credit for the ruie. I am BHiure.l front head quarter* that the object U to open a coin muaication wiih (ten. Taylor at Victoria, and it i* doemeJ expedient to lend the |>re*ent force to meet tin* udvauro Kroni 9000 to 3*00 Mttxiom troop* are known to he between here and there, and very po??ihly lien. Shield* will have an opportunity tocope with them, lilit few of the regulari ported hero nave y et been in acliou in thi* war, and all are de?irou< of sharing the honor* ol their companion* in anna who have heretofoie hoen more fortunate. Tn* number of men i? aheut n.hO, which reduce* the force remaining here to P60 : but no attack i* to he expected on thi* place, except via the very route (general Shield* ha* now taken ; ho tbet, although reduced in number*, we are not weakened in atrength. I had to complain in my hkt of the cooinea* of the weather. The Mexican* accrue the Vankee* ol the importation. If wo have done an we are peifeclly willing to trade it oil to them for (ome a little warmer A venal arrived y*?t#rday from llotton with *ome thirty ten* of ice, and with fowl*, codflvb, kc., parked therein. I underatand that ?ho leave* to-dey Man for aome placo further tottth and a market, the captain being o( opinion that be ha* brought coil* to Newcaatl*. Thi* market i? now amply nppliad with *11 de?crlptloni of merchindiae from the United State* The Mexican* 1,uy "lowly The contraat between the prevent and former price* of good* here, when admitted under their tariff, i* ?<> great that they teem to ha of opinion that they may go atlll lower. |A00 barrel* flour have been received by one house from Brazo* Santiago, and the quantity in the matket i* now abont'JAOO barrel*-the demand being only for ?m*U lota. 'i he theatrical corn* under Hart and Wella are doing ' a reipectahla bu*inea*. To night the " Siege of Monterey " i? to be repeated, with the "Lady of Lyona." I heard a regular *ay yeaterday that Mr* Hart had killed oae Mexican an re, and that our chap* bad taken th* place in apite of the devil. A hoard of | ort warden* ha* been appointed by the Council, and to-day the conrt (American) open*. Noyau *ec that we are going on the " per i?" *y ate r. Tammco, Jan 19, 1*47 Order* and reuntar-ordera. Col. Kannay, of Corpna Chriiti, arrived thi* morning with daapatchea from Oen Taylor?he left Vicious on the evening of the 9th init, hiving ridden over 900 mile* in three day*. He wa* attended a portion of th* way hy four diagoon*. and came through with only two attendant* tIan. Shield* racilva* order* front (Jen. Taylor, to su?pend operation* for the pr?H*nt. The nawa from l^e'h artriaa, brought by Col K , 1* of great interrit. He aay* that the Mrxican torco at Nan l.ni* I'otoai amount* to *0 000 men?ho eatimate* their entire lorce in the flel I at 60,000. The rapture of Tampion, according to Col. K.'has cieated the greatcat excitement throughout the country. (Jen Butler, with (ten* Worth and Wool and8000 mei conaidered the flower of the army ?were at Naitlllo A MaxJoan ioice of 16,000 wu reported on ita way to attack IERA 547. tbaro, and our man had taken position outaida in anticipation, us the town waa incapabU of fortification. The . engagement ahould hare taken place on the '27th ult., nnd t ot Kanuay spoak* confidently of oar success The war se"ti>st|o he commencing in earnest Von mny rely upon the accuracy of Col K '? opinion of the strength of .)c the enemy, iie ia perfectly informed, by Mexican* 0[) throughout tlia count' y in liin pay, and I believo i( hat- |U| tar uripiulntcd with them than any other peraon in the ( j country. H u account of lua rid* from Victoria ia rich t in hair breadth 'scopes and masterly stratagems lie C0' say* that he know* tins Mexican* better than thej know an themselves. and I lliiuk bus given proof of it. | j (Jeneruls Ta> lur and IMtarswi ar- {-.t Victoria, with Of 00 ai) man, awaiting orders from (iunerol Scott. It k not sup- v, posed that uny movement will be undo against Han Lui* I jj,, I'otoii. It u pronouucod the strongest fortified post in . i all Mexico, and Hiuta Anna hoi said that the mm who takes it 1* welcome to the capital. 1 believe that a change b ,. ol warfare will take place ou lien. Scott'i as-uinmg thu cenunuu 1. The mouatuin* will lie retaiaed and Vaia 1 Crux subjected by a land attack?than ho ! lor Mexico '. j ,??, But you are doubtless better informed of the plan* of , ., oar government than ourselves. At all events, there > ot remains everything to he done. 1 have given you Col. Keuney's ideas of the stato of th* . war and force ol the enemy, your readers know the man, ?? I I > - > ?r .1? t i ? -? o? uii i litivo ibc 'utiii uiukivti nuui ii>111 uireci. on nuu men .1 look like n Urge number, but it is not asserted that they . (\ are all regular troops. An army of such a nature-** ' theirs is i|itickly raiseil upon its own soil, mi.! frequently I > as quickly falls to pieces; but it is very evident that the utmost energy of which tho nation is capable is aroused to the necessity of checking our advance. _ MILITARY INTELLIGENCE. (From the Norfolk Herald, Jan 30 ] The following olllcers, with their respective com- ha mauds, have sailed from Fort Monroe for Mexico:? gi On Hoard Hark Afuyjlautcr ? Lt. Col. Kainlolph, Commanding Detachment; Capt Scot, 'id Lt. Fry, 'id 'id do fo Lt. Donnan, Capt. Archer, 1st Lt I'egram, 'id do Worsi- st ger, 'id id do Peterson, Captain Uuukliead, 1st Lt. Oar- hi nett, 3d do Coleman, id i 1 do Mahaii, < apt llarper, 1st lit Lieut Kenney, Act. Commissary; 'id Lt. Geiger, i.l id v< do Htirritiu. 8> On Hoard Bark Victory?Captain Corse, Commanding Detachment; 1st Lt. Ashby, id Lt. Waters, 31 il Lt. th Douglass, Act. Commissary; Capt Carrington, 1st Lieut ' th I 1'orterfield, id Lt. Munford, il 3d do Williamson. [From the New Orleans Picayune, Jan. 33 J ' The Hussel Glover, Oxiiurd and 8tateaman, U States | 1" transports, sailed on the 19tli in.t. from the Belise for tho | Gulf, with the 1st regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers.? ! " The Louisiana volunteers were to sail the next day. '" [From the New Orleans llulletin, Jan. '13 ] The quartermaster's department still are taking up ' more veisels, and we learn that there are now hut six or eight unengaged American ships in p irt The gov>m- n meat have at present, at least 10 to 33,MOD tons of mor- ^ chant vessels in their employ, which have been chatter- ' ed in this port, within a row weeks. The ra'es nt which they havo beeneDgaged, will average from ten to twelve c, dollars per ton, per month, whioh is a profitable employmerit for the vessels, but under the present rates anJ w prospects for freights to Kurope, not only here, but also ' in all tho other ports of the United .States, they could not ' have been obtained on more favorable terms. At Mobile we understand, there is not a single unengaged vessel. ' The withdrawal of so large a quantity of tonnigo from . the regular employment, will naturally tend to advance , freights and keep them up during the season, and we are L among those who sincerely rejoice, that our ship owner* have the prospect of one good business season, after so P., many of deprenion and loss to that important interest , The present expenditure of the government, lor the hire " of veasela, including stcamhoats, cannot be less than 5 to ? (600,000 per month, as In addition to those chartered here, there are a great number at other ports, carrying troops and supplies to the seat of war. hanta fe. c The St. Josephs (Mo) Oatetit publishes an extract of a latter from Mr. L. D Nash, to C. F Holly of Savan c nah, Mo., dated Santa Fe, November 13th, 1846, which says : " There li a rumor in tho citr to-day that the Spaniards have poisoned the flour ana meal used by the army, F which is said to he the cause of so mauy deaths. The C poison consists of some vegetable substance, with not tl enough strength in it to produce instant death, but just ienough to derange the digestive organs, and prevent medicine from operating on the system. If the rumor v should prove true, it will be diflOOlt to prevent acts of violence. If true, the wretches must die. Homething strange must be tho matter, fur the mortality oi ibe vol- 8 untecrs is incraasing at an alarming rate. Wo are dving , off ?t the rate of one hundred end eighty per month !" a The Indiptndcnce Exjitiitor, ol the 9th instant, announces the arrival at thst place of four men from Santa . Fe The Kxpontor says : ? "Thirty, la ail, started from that p'sce on the 3d of November Out of tli.<t number tliey lost three men. who were frozen to death, two of them were frozen on '' the little Arkarsas, and one between Cotton Wood and h ' Diamond Spring Two mvloa were frozen on the seme 11 ' lit*Hi The i.f th. fn.n tl,.,. Irn??n ..... II , rl. lett, Long and J 'hompton, liom Buchanan county. W> |v woie appiebensivo auch news wuuiil reach ua dining fu the winter?knowing that *o many men were in that tt country who would venture in, when they ought not and iuch haa proved too true " We lcaru frnui the Erpotiltr, that Mr. S P. Suklett v left Fort Leavenworth lor Bunta Ke and California, on (w the Hh mat., in charge ot the ( overnment expreai. TItK BLICKAIiR IN TtlK OL'LF. , [Krem the New Orlrana Times, Jan 33 ] , A fact hai ,jiut come to our knowledge that gravely compromiaea the neutrality of our fiiends, the Spaniards on the lalaiid of Cube, in tha war we are now w aging ! ; with Mexico A geutleinan. jttal arrived in thta city Ironi Havana, which port he left a very abort time ago, ' mforma ua that w few day* previously to hia departure, ' he saw a achooner leading with an assorted cargo, ' which, from good authority, he learned waa destined for Mexico. By the lust arrival of the English steumer r from Vera Cruz, a Mexican pilot had come pautenger, I having been despatched to Havann, to rondact this very schooner into the former port. The pilot waa osked on bis arrival at Havana, how he could manage to evadu the vigilance of the Americau ciuiseia, keeping up the i blockade at Vera Cruz; and he replied, vary confidently, i that he should experience no dlSOBlty ll gotling in ? Our informant, ol hia otvn personal knowiecge, declares < that a consuls! able hmount of arms and munitions of war waa to go in thu schooner above alluded to, being then on board, he himself counted two hundred pistol* ! comprised therein. 'This inlorinatiou, which we derive fioui a souiee wh'ch does not admit of the shadow of a | douhMregerding its authenticity, ciaarly proves a veiy i indifferent slate of ihing* at Havana, r. gardiug the po- | lice regulations of the port According to treaty u ith | the llnitod Mate.*, aocordmg to the navign'ion laws, orcordiug to tlie I ixe*t construction of " Neutrality," ve?- | (el* are interdicted by all governments, from loading ; with aria or munition*, intended for belligerents, with i each of whom these governments aro at poace A representation should he lortliwithmade by our Consul to ( quicken the vigilauca of tho police at Havana, aud other J porta of tha island. t t Late front Trias. The itetmabip tialvaston, winch arrived at a very j 1 early hour yesterday morning, brought u? papers from > that city to the Itith inst. Tlie news is not without in tcrest. Man Antsnio has been appointed au the place of rendez voua for the volunteer* called for fro u Texas. Tho go veinment has authorized the raising of one regimuut, but the Austin Dunocrat says that Col. Hays, who is charged with the duty ot receiving and mustering com pantes into the service of the State, will tin n oil Hone Ho it confident Irom recent advices that all the troop* Toia* may raise will be received by tho general govern inent. At last acceunts Col Hays had just arrived at Austin, from Bau Antonio, on business ot the sorvice.? The papers do not inform ua what progress had been made in recruiting Ttie papers confirm the veihal intelligence previously receive.! here of the inurdur o! Mr. Jolin O Chalmers, ?| Custin lie u ;.i killed on the let met., 'jv n wound in lh?i temple, inflicted by Joshua liol Jen, with a bowie ' knife Dr. Chulmers Was the editor ol the Ntw Era. ' published at Am'ln. lie wna formerly the Secretary of the Treasury of Texas, aud win a gentleman eminently 1 respected. The Austin Utmocral of the Mh inet. lay* that the ex 1 animation of llolden, before K C. Doom and W. H Cash- ' ney, Justices of the Teaco for Travis county, on the ' charge ol the murder of tho l ite John U. t hulinera, com- 1 menred on the afternoon ol the 3d, and cloned on the ' evening ol the 4th The remit wee hie committal to jail, > without bail, until dischaigej by due couree of law ? Counsel lor the prosecution, Jemee Webb, Thomae If , Duval, and Augustus Kisher; for the ptisonei, Volncy K. Howard In regard to InJian difficulties on (he frontier ef Texas, 1 the Ciriiien thinke that the appiehet.sions entertained ' have pretty much euhiided The Austin Uinoml aeye ( ihat Major Neighhora succeeded in aeaemhling the fallowing tribee. vix: ? Camancbei, Lipane, Caddos, loinea, Anandurcos, Toncahuae, Lherokees, Keecbiee, a part ol the Wacoea, Wichita* end Tahuacanoa, with whom he held a talk A communication Iron the commiaaioner of . Indian affairs. Mr. Medltl, end a talk from Uen. Ilouatou, were read and explained to the Indiana. The replies ware aatiafar.tory aud ol a very pacific chaiacler fie enia weie distributed, and the Indiana left wall aliened. The chiefs proiniie I to accompany and mutt the ! troopi ol the general government, whenever they should , he aont into the country ol the Wichina, Wacoea and . Tahuacanoa, ajportion of each of theie tribe* being i hostile. i The Civilian of the 13th mentions that R. H. Ilerndon, ' Kiq,, inspector of the ctiatims at Vtlasce, was killed a J ! few day* previous, hy the accidental exploaion of n J ' 'luantity ol damaged gun|iowder. j The steamer Del Norte ha 1 at rived at Oelveston She la intended to ply between Houston and ttalveston at a i regular packet, and la said to be admirably adapted for I I the purpose. I Mr (Jeorga Van Naaa arrived at Han Antonio on the I | 37th alt , direct from Monclova. Col flays arrived at I RsnAntoiio on the 34th ult , and the r. xt evening ? plendid ball was given to him, which wu crowded | wiih the beauty ol the town, Mexican as well as AmeriI can ? AT Q. Dilta, 34ffi inn. Cuwrt Calendar Ihia Day. CiactiiT Coi ht.?Same as yesterday. Hf;eraioa Const ? The first twenty nausea on 'he general calendar will he called < owwev ri.su I'sar 1?301, 4P, 41,83, 6h, 07, AO 0, 1 j 03 l?l j psa t 3 ?104, 33 34,34 3"fl, 34 3d, 444, 48, <13, HO, 8, 1 !, UH, IU 114. 101, 3d At. 9(1, ?:w, as A fallow nnmod Walker, a member of the Missouri l.aglslatuie, liom Dade county, insulted a la ly In daylight, in the open street, in Jefl irson City, the o'her day, nnd j ' after wauls whipped h, r husband lor wishing an explaaa- 1 Hon of his conduct ' " t ?1 -m LB. Mm Vm SwMi AFFAIR8 IN ALBANY. L,K(. IHI, \ TI VK PHOCEBUIRUH. la Ihn Semite, Saturday, ? bill wis isporttd by Mr. liseler, for the pa>m.-nt of e claim of Juroet C.Shim r. The Sonata thru wont into comaiittar of the whole the hill lor the distribution of the common achool ud. and i fter loan discussion, iu which Moin Young, ark, Hard, Spencer, Harris, Hidgwnk uud otheti par* ipatad, rose and reported progress. Ktporti were reived from the Comptroller uud Attorney General, in swor to ievolution*of the Senate Adjourned. In the House?Among the petition* presented, wm e catling for the impeachment el District Attorney :Keou of New Yoik, lor allpfed neglect of duty, in ) prosecution of an indictment against Mr Walskfor ibel of 11. P Hastings The dieposition to be mede el i petition wae the subject of along debate ?motion* g made to refer, to lay on the table, and to dismisa Messrs. Walsh, Sickles, Devalin, Blodgstt, Bloat, ttle, reikins, Bascom and others took part in it? whau i petition was referred to the judicisiy committee. iere was a uisrussion on the constitutionality of spe m>) for them, oq th# question of granting leave to roduce u bill chartering a benevolent aociety. Laid ar. A report from the Comptroller, under a call tor s money drawn by circuit judge* and the Attorney -nerul. beyond their salaries, woe tdi?cu> led under a ition to print an 'extra number. No queetion. Adiruod.? -.blrgu*. Court or Ueneral Sessions, iforo the Recorder aud Aid Livingaton and Brady. Jonas P I'billipi. L"n<| , Acting District Attor ney. Kca. 3.?Opening of tkt Ftbruary Trim?The Court iviug been duly organised aud opened, the tiamea of the and and petit juror* were called f{rand Jury.?The Grand Inquest i* compound of the Ho wing named IH gentlemen: -Daniel Stanton,foreman; epbeu Buiklialtur, Jirnee Brook*, William Cunnlngim, John R Colon, Win. B. Draper, Thome* Delan, Al irt Oamsey, Jamea Hunter, Juieph Keller, Patriok Mul ihill, Alexander M Carty, Pater 1* Ramiey, Columhne -guine, Moses B Taylor. Joieph Willoughby, William 'oolloy, and Anthouy Winana, who were instructed by 10 Recorder ae to their duty, after which they retired to teir room und commenced the buaineas of the tana. Fetit Jury.?Out of eighty-four name* of perron* not i?d to attend and aerve a* potit jurora, only mnetaen apsared to perfor n the dutiea incumbent upon them. Finn Impotrd on Jurors?A fine of $-13 war imposed pon each of twelve delinquent petit jurora, who failed. : the last term, to appear and do the duty required of tem Srnttnct of .lliion and Toirrwnd -There two young en, wrho were convicted, nt the December term, of rand larceny, in stealing $1300 from the office of Meaara rown A Bell, in tire lllh ward, were aentenced to the ate Prison at Sing Sing, each for the term of 'J year* id 3 months Trial un Chargr of Grand Larceny?John Baily, ilored man, wa* tried on a charge oi grand larceny, in ealiug $12.3, in bank bill*, from the oltico of Hamilton urray, ol No. .Merchants' Exchange. He was aolitted. Decition on Trmumr?ln the caae of Kranoifl cLaugtilin, the deputy keeper on Biackwell's Island, bo was indicted tor allowing prisoner* to escape, the ght previous to the last election, th* counsel for dencn demurred to the Indictment, not deuying a allegations, but contesting the legality of the roceedingt. Argument on the demurrer wa* had at le last term, aud judgment of the court reaarved 11 the present. The recorder read a very lengthy option in the ca*e, and decided by overruling the demurir. The aaiHtaut District Attorney moved for judglent against the accused, McLaughlin To this Mr. Lui-aell, counsel for the prisoner, objected, and contendd for his right to a trial by jury The court will de ide upon this point on Wednesday. A* there were no more cases ready for trial, the ourt adjourned till Tuesday morning at 11 o'olock V n.r telle*. Martin Javelli, who was for many years in the Ravel 'amily, the ballet and pantomime company, died in New Irleans on Wednesday last, of consumption He was ie brother of Leon Javelli, who married Miss Wells, the legant danttutt. A man named Joseph Kaufman was killed on Saturday reek in St. Loui* by being thrown from an omnibus. The subscription to the stock for atalagrapk between avanuan and Auguota has bean taken up. jThs net gains of the New Jersey Htate Prison last year mounted to $3,043. The new line of wire erected along the railroad beiv*c?n Phila 'ulnhiA and New Vork vumM in on for th* first time on Saturday lul A wedding took plsoe the other day in the streets of enn Vann, the squire who officiated being called (roe* ii office while tryiig a suit. The fair bride ho* bMD rained to o ght Husbands! lu the rate of the t'mtnd Stntas vs. F O N'swoomb, to suiveyor general of the public landi m Louisiana, ir fotgery, tried in ihe district court of New Orlaana, lejuiy returned a verdict of KUiity. The hark Brarilero. Williami. from Hlo Janeiro, atrled at Mobile on the 'ilit ultimo. Thia ia the taaaal rhich htta on bo?rd the letter huK from Col. Bteranaon'a alifornia expedition. The Court of Common Plea* of Llviugston county, vliich opened on Monday last, fcund but two issues upon ho calendar, on* of which waa referred In the Now York Legislature, on Saturday, the Ipeaker presented tli* petition of flirum P H atinga. of Jew York, lor the imp achment of John MrKeoo, Dianct Attorney of the city of New York, for the oon>roiecuti?n ol' an indictment against Miohael Walsh. It vaa referred to a committoo by a vote of 04 to 40. The dry gonda store of J. A. Para na. Le Hoy, (J toes** '.ounty, win destroyed by tiro on the night of the ?"thLoss fMhtO ; insured. Movements of I'm veil era. The arrival* last night at the following hotel* an ixtracted from tho respective registries up to half past line o'clock? when the Southern train* had not arrived. A MKMcap.?A Hodney, Phila ; K Krench, Ring Sing ; 3 B. Uu.onberry, U. 8. Army Asioit.? O Cuyler, Palmyra ; I)r Harris, BufM'); H. It Wilson, Canada. N. Pitcher, Sandy Hill; If. Baldwin, New Mi Iran* , K. < oasett. Memphis . J Browne, live ; t Haley. Philadelphia ; (1. (iunter, South Carolina ; A. liumplire. a, Kentucky ; U Carey, Poughlteepai* ; .VlaJ. Jen. Oaine*. Washington ; J Pratt. Philadelphia; J. Lawrence Flushing ; O. Laming, Albany ; It C. Lee, Philadelphia Cirv J Deymiter. I'lnlad, Poind#* tr-r, Lexington, fy;J Fibber, Bait; W Parker, N. Y;B I.aren, N O; V. A. I'earco, Maysville. Ky ; W Duulap, W. flockhlll, f N. Carey, Pbilad; K Logwood, Va Fsiiuli*? J. H Butler Norwich; it. Wilkinson, Mt Johring, Ala ; I. Ferris, Ktam'ord ; T. llamer, Troy ; Uiyrn, New Haven; H Thorn, Uticu; J. Lambe, Boaon; M. March, Washington ; J. H. Uaocroft. Boston ; .. Marvin, J Marvin, New Hsmnshire; I) ffayser, O. laae, ( apt. Al ter, Ktaten Island; I Urigga, Lieut flinhlc, a. Baldwin, Ifr. Master MflCormk'k, Sergt. Parker, Newark; i. Bishop, Bridgeport; F. Wesly, Albany; I. luhnson, Alabama, W Jewitt, Mkanesetles; J Miller, Monroe; D. Jameson, New Orleans. Ilov??ai>.?c. King, Now York; E W. Bancroft, Charleston, S C ; <1. Woolfe, l ittsburgh; T Menshall I'hila; N Weill, Louisville, O. It. Wade, Columbus; W. Norri*, II Ware, Ala; II. Wilkinson, Fiedf rickton; N B. J. Tracy, llultimoi*. It. Wilson, New Origan*; K. Log liwh, I'hila; ? . Krendly, Trenton; S Millef, Phlla; H O. Harrison, Kiagaton; ( harloa Wirkbl)*, Ky, W. Haggles, W. Puultuey; J Sievenron,' N V; J. Thornton. Buxton; If. Bellows, Wiilpole, K. Caxsnry, Washington; H. Mathews, Oswego; W.T. Ho?s, Charleston. Ji'ssss-O. Bahesville, Potoraburgh, W. It. Lee, New York; J. (takes, llnrtfurd; O 1'hipps, < onnecL.nt; O. Wharton, Maryland; s Almy, Connecticut It sthhi'x.?J Storms, roughkeepsie; J. Adrian, do; O. Ilolbrook, do; W Leonardo, New York; J. Kimball, to. ; 8. Henry, Cazanovia , E. lirsnt, Newark ; It llusleil, Cayuga, W Cormich, do ; ft t'onjar, do ; J. Smith, Auburn , U. ifobinsoti, Port Byron ; c. Nncud, Buffalo; II Nwilt, Ontario co ; W. Warren, Augusta; O Page, Hamilton; A. Webster, do , II King, Ithaca ; B Bradly, l? .r.-11lo , O l Urfcaon, Roche tier , D. Conger. Calo ; I). f Ifflou, Tompkins co ; lion K Dennewon, Orange o. ; A Amsden. Rochester ; If Flower, Palmyra ; 5. Phillips, New Y ork ; U Maaon, Ph i , K < ushlng, Wilnington ; Oeo W. llatlibiiriie. N Y ; W fitch, nt. Hot. NOTICE?te the ma.ierOf ue esute cl the lata John A Drew, deceased? Notice hereby given, ihst the undersigned have been do y appointed hy the jndge of probate of the eoenty <>I Micbi imekinac, iu the rttata nf Michigan, admiuiitratora of th tale of Johu A. Drew, late of Mackinac, conntv of Miehl imack mac, decerned, and have taken nj'oo themaelrea the run, by giving bonda according to law. Mackinac, Michigan, November 21, IM? WILLIAM f. PHEW. IIENHV JO.NKH, SAM'L. K. MAKING. 4i mniaiftrtinrv >* noiiinf ?.?>< a pr?w WATCHES, JEWELRY, AND SILVER WAKE. rHK anbacrih-ra connnne to hare for aale a full aasortmeul nf gold and M'ver Warehee, of the moat arpvoved nakera, which will he offered at the very lowral prieea, and warranted correct time ketpera. They are conatantly m eiving the latent atylea of faaliinnible Jewelry of every dracription. luelnding g >ld. fob, and inard chain*. Iireaat pin?, ear ritiga, fiuger rli.ga, Inei elefa: mad omamee'a. *- ; ailver apoone; fntka, batter knivee and nlver ware. r.fiil to corn, gold and ailver apecuclea, eon rr?. eouvet, lie., Kreueh clncka and watckea, repairea tonal to the origin il A'.KEKLY h BRIOG8, l'<i Bowery, fltl 1m#?h 1 dnofi REMITTANCES TO ENOLAN I), IRE LAND. AND SCOTLAND PARTIES with ng to remit money in large or amall noma to their frieuda ui Great Britain or Ireland, enu do ao n the moat eipeditioaa maimer through the anheerihere. by Irafta at light, payable in all the principal towna in England, rrlmd and Scotland Money may be aent by letter (pone , raid) from eny part nf the United Atalet to them, giving the uldreaa and the name of the paity to receive it, which wil >e regularly forwarded hy packet or ataamer. Apply to ABRAHAM BELL It BON, d2H lm*ere II* Knltoc aireel New "nrb. VALEN i NES! VALENTINES! VALENTINES! 'FHEinoif ltenaiv# aaaortmant of Valenlinea, juat reeef, 1 tngeiha with new valentine wrilera. envelopes ?d rvery- thing nnve ed wi h thefranval. Dealera oei ol ^e ntv.bv rem lii.g.ean l ave .evill aatortmenta to ?'>?, an I npwerda. Trtcei to anit all. ranting from (tenia to S > eacli nuu.ua.ly liberal diaconnt t? tlwae who '"vVe will artantonr Valeutinea to give aaliafaervoe. and nrdera wfll e promptly and fairhfnlly put np Mo Undid row bill* wilt)' aent with .11 ordere. Hememh , the VriMl**. M Chatham ft J

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