14 Şubat 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Şubat 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH1 to'., till Re. 4-1?Vfrtiola Mo. 4fl*l I f ilE NEW YOBK HKBALd! 1 JAMES S0RD9N BENNETT, PROPRIETOR Circulation?Forty Thouaand. DIILT H E K A L D-eAery Uay, frienS euaper eopr? Xj per annum?myable m edranee. . ivEKHLV HEK ALD-Ererv Saturday?Price 6X Mat> per e"pv?Stl (2l? rrna per annum?payanla in advance. H Ml ALU IfOll EUKOl'IS?E?bry Hteara Picket day Price >.'? centa per copy?$1 00 par annum, payabla ra ad > Taafr. I i A DVV.UTISEMENT8 .at tie tuual pricti?alwara eaat ia 'dvar.ee ' PKINT1NG of all kindt Mituted with beauty and dee- ! . parch 1 Ai' leueri or cominuaicatioaa, by mail, addressed to the ( a?- . iiiln imii, ijiu?'l:o ;>.-.at . . id,or the poacaga will b? da , ducted from the ubMStiiition money remitted 1 JAilE* GOUl UN BENNETT. i I "rorieietiir of the I new Vone hkiul. tc?t*iii.mhm';r?t, i 1 North Wait tnrnmr ni kullna and N.iiin straeit i FOR SALE?BROOKLYN , The let *rd three-sfrv hrick House, on the southf.ffi we t corner of Hicks aud Sacket streets. The lot ia J.'^dL' H 1-nty-t ree feet i:. fo t tunl rear, by one hundred , oer . The bouse an built liitrms the lavt year, ha* marb'e mantels ihn U4I1 ,n'? plated 'u uiture. a tub rnllar, i on j>or tic' in front and bark ptaczm rucln.ad with itla.a It ia within til ne minntes'w ilk of Mainilt u htraia lerry and the A a'I'lr 1) ik Hi.d 'i t-en iniuu'ei fr >iu he South ferry, ia i i:; i U - im|iru*iu|i neii;hboi a<>d A'ii I. r ?.le, rliu Houie ant Urn adjoining. of same de icriptiou. A mil v to KhlAti O l>KoWN, i At Mi anon !t Sc' ell'a Office, 20 Nitaaau street, fit 2.v*rra _ ' Kut< SAM'; ~ JS'li AJ'HKKE STOaY IIOl.SE on 9M .tr.at be'taeen t 'he 2n t r ml 2d Menner It in well finis I'd, a >d iele'e wnh i lie la'en improvement*, includni( kbclieu in re link, cold ,ntJ warm h t lis, w ater cloaeti, (to. l aliaii nru n e maalie r rntifhout ihe ho ne ; * murt y?id of fliteen . ' lot ia f i it,win verandah ?ud French windows. I h* bouse j is i i a of a row i.f six lioutet on the ?onrh_ s> r ul thestieet | r nr .urrnrr paTiicaiari to V X 5t SHJNM, 1 14 !m*r 172 Pr?r* "treef ] I'Ull - ALE, | JtofA A KAU ?l of filly two rcres, most delightfully sitT. j) tule I, about five imlei from H.I i tibetlitu wn, N. J., "> >1 i"* n hsudsome commedian< dwelling home. I fi'.eii "i ni t I.'r mantles, and eve'V convenience lor a re- j *,rcf h'c It. ily ; the wtio'e including g rdeuer's house. bs ' ?. ice h u e, M.d other buildings, iu a substantial stat- of retwir; the orchard e-utuiua twenty aciei of choice Irutt twit. 1 he eirv access from New York, ei'her bv the varimu car? trio. Jtr ?y City or the ferry to Etizibethport, whence I a railroad tr in mus within a hundred yards of the house, rent', r- this pre nti very valuable to those doing buaineai inihiari.y The greater (tart uf the purchase money can rnihaiu for three years on bond und mortgage ai live per cent. VYNH; ft SON*. 172 I'earl (feet Alio, f ir aale, a dwelling house No. 3S1 Waihi- grin street. ft lm?r F?Ut SAlafci. MFOUU LOTS, on the north aide of 41st street, b? .wrrij the 7th >iid S li avenues, with a Dwelling House md Carpenter's Shop on one of the lota, aim, a null H'-im on the turnpike road, Far Bockaway, Long I aland, containing abou' six acres of land, ttvo under cultivation, one acre of flue large Teach Trees, of the choicest fruit, a small Hon e, aud about four acres of Woodland, all enclosed in Ro,sl fence. Also, several other nieces of laud at llockaway, for sale. For particulars, apnly ui J\>11 .N L. NORTON, Jr. 11 Dehneey St. or j 19 Im'rc JOHN H Pf >WKR. 129 Fultou St. N. V MP llct ft v LK, or t'l exchange lor city property?A < handsome cottage, with (ire or tea acres of land, situv ed wi'hiu iwn miles of the Murine I'avitiou, llnckiway, Long Ishiril, on the Kockaway Turnpike The fire ai^g| el" I mil attached to the cottage me well sruddel with pmZTi nod Iruit trees. There is a good barn and other outhouses on the or pertvs alao ao ice house; and the ssina ia tre I situated for a gentleman who would like n Comfortable cot try residruce. A'so about seventy aerea of land, coulisting < ! wood-land. meadow and tillable laud, which will be sold in different parcels. Appl y to llfrn- c JOHN L VPKTMN. jr.. U Oelancy ?t. FARM FOR SALE AT AUCTION. asss? Wilt be aoltl at auction ou Tuesday, the 2ddaycl JfCnJkMarch neat, th- valuable Karm on which the sutiicriber resides The mid farm contains about 47 acrea ol gooij land, w nil a irnoil I) Cling, Barn, Carriage House, aud a I the i.er.cis-irv out buildings: ia situated iu tnetowuol Mann,roueck. county of Westchester, about one uiile f oni the village of Mataaronet k, on the Wraver street road, 21 nnl'i (nun the t i y Hall, aud near the hue of the New II ? Tea and New Vork isilroad; his an a'uiid mce of thebesi quality of fruit. The sale ivllt be positive, to take place ni 12 M ou tin-premises For lurther particulars enquire of '1' A Lawrence, New Hoehelle, or of the subncriber, ou the premises Js20 Ira're LJCONABD LiKKLVN^ BATH RUN'S HOTEL, 161.163, 165 4" 1<>7 llrnndwy. Artrt V ork. M l Ins rfii' h d in cr.ificeut establishment, recently opened as a Public Hotel, s fit: .d up iu modem style, wnh th' I test imp "vements. and is ut tnfficteut ca parity to acc uiim d ltr ittO pert ins Brii'its s very spacious liming (fall, it contains an unusual n m er of ideasam Parlors, with large w - 11 veutili'ed Bear cms, a'l splendidly furnished with entirely new furniture e loc-tinn is very diuimble and cnnvruienr. h th I > pun e - and pleasure, being between Ccurllnuut and Liaeity streets 1 he . loirietor ol this rsti.blishm-nt intends t-a make it 1 opa nl 1 , r inoit cornfor able, l iensvnc. uud business iikt ' {laceaiu' e city cf .N|? Y rk, ai:d is join* or eipa?i>e w li < i,i.ni i -l.i? par O mtt: tho want <>f hi? IcrKt-there h hoping ' aliaie liberali.-tu (he public patrou ig?. w hi>? hr rtm^.ue tin i ublic a burnt,le aerviuit, U. JXAT liJBUN j 27 Un?rc II Foit bALE, ATF.ni' valuable Flouring Mnl, with an run nl atonea aduattd o i Long U uml f-ouuu, where veaaela can go >1 ugaid- lit uli ieai.,ua of the )rir; h very great waie. pe? u . a ni -II pert only being itquirtd 'or the mill, which u Ui & (t nte order. Alio, quit - n-nrthe mill, a Poultry ?e?t, beautifully lo eatrd v ith a fine ami extensive land and iv iter new, within ailiort ciiiani-e nl the >iw Y irk and Mew HaTeu KnlLroad. no ? o: e nf i.,e ino.it plcaamut towua iu New hmglaud. Foi full part eiilin, enquire of J. 'i'OWNSE'VO, Frank'iu Hume, N. Y. N B ? Tue abore wi I be ao'd at a hurgaiu. jSI 3w*rli NAl'UlUiL MUSIC. j* STILL, giealer uttrae tnu at A KCHY'4, No. 5 Jnhu &'?2; ?ireet --A U. haa juat iiKfived by tie latt paiketa Iroui L'.u ope, a counderah'e oddilioi to hta'nlrracy T?? m ot a'cimiT* amok of hinging ami Fancy lii. da ? Amn-fii t 'e foil.win* will be found 3hl of the mult etioirr de>u. ptioo of Lung d eed and Dutco C nsriea, mated and prep. red io Sir put up for li telling Bird I K e a. Bird Serda Hud II o'her' iiings |>ert>iuli'C'o'he above, will at all timet be foeu<l at Arch, 'a, <o. 4 John at. M I'.- Shetland Poulea, Kiug Charles Spaniels. Italian Ore' huuodi. i.n I other faucr du?a conatau Iv on h. ud. P h?A '*rly inspection la trqura'e J, aa t Ilia la withoui I,. t ael.-ct on h# oh airr ottered. JM Imre JTIiNaTuVd biivD aTURb, Vf^P~ N..2M BROADWAY, cue ilaor from Chambers | i* eet.?88 bags < ansrv ?eed, sifted, at wholesale ^R^^lirirr. by the iiot;le bushel ; n liur selec't?i ol the long ? h cod ' soarlaa, high colon; German song hires, Chinese spire birds, Jura sparrows, tnoekimr birds, laiks, red birla, all iu soug Kau-y cages, breeding usees, bud seeds, uest buses, etuff lor ues s. AH articles m the line in great Tiriety, by W. ?. JUiiNStON, 280 Broadway, New York, f W ? |,rtt?r? a? qhove will by-trended to. j2t lm?r Sji >0 O.An'a liV?#llOKs, itiO i.KuAUWA V LAOI-.V AM) GENTLE EN'S uVK.RAHOP.S, DMuafacurrd of Uuodyrsr's ce:ehrated l ?.i t tisllic ladia Itatiber, perfectly limbic in the coldest weallisr. For sale hy the cuss or single p ir, by SAMUEL. BROOKS, Bole Agent for Uoodyeai'a Manufactories, f2 Im'rh 10# Broadway, opposite Trinity Church. ' O.bSlO.NE * S per steamship MaiafiHKaiida, are trejfftV eqnested to send their pe'mits oa board, at loot of JAsMthM1 In,tun stieet, or to the office of R. Keiinil. 76 S. utli siitet without dels,; us sll goods, uot permitted, will be unit o the politic store, m eouformity with the bills of lad ng. fell lw?nc d.s*dr Ktjlt 1,1 V EKPOOL?Regular Packet of the 14th hVTrjFV Kebru.sr>?Th? first class last sail ng ship IIOYALJWidniHesl^T, i upturn Beveridge, bur.ban 100(1 tons, will *4,1 ? aunt e her regular day H \is.ir very sulienor acroiomod*tii)ns for cabin, secor.d cabin, and steerage p,st?ngeis, aud lerrns moderate, loose iiiteiiding to sill u'li should m ake ininiedia'u application tn | boarl. Pier No 12 East.itver, or to JAMES CLANNV, : 19 M * r I a South st. Ul.l ML. a|uCK UP lilts UUOUS, WITH L.P.AB9. tip Sltlitr. Pillt HALE?P'or srle n stock of Paney and Step e Uiy Uond*. well assorted and at low prices, iu oueiil the most desirable locations in the city. '1 he Irrse Ins about three yenis to imijthe location inny be const... ten oue oi ihe best 'I he store nss been lilted up stag e-t espense, and possesses uicuy advantages as to the lulciiorana gemants. ins sioch at pretea is under Eight Thousand Dollars; with an u'd>ii,,uul sto U ofThr-eto KieeThousand Dollars, there tan be sold lot cash fifty to seventy-live Thousand Dollars a j esr at a vary I or aver gr profit. The st en will be sold loraaslior satisfactory paper, on a credit f uot oyer 8 a ouths To hone demons ol comineneiug the wholesale and retail Dry (forms business, tiie present oilers oue of the greatest inducements. Addieas do* 931 Lower Post Office, with real nana til 'w ?r . u IMGUKKIU iM AliTl^'ns. I lit'T KKCEIVEuby late arrivals from Havre? ' IT. \ 1 i.A?12#0 oft',e Planished a d Star Branda. P'KA ME-?A large lot new a.d splendid putlerng. V riff I I LA l>r.R TUBES ot inediu hall and fall 0 lije Per rale by JOHN ROACH. Optician,82 N iiaau at. c R H.?'.neiniesls, Case*and all m iltrialsused in Doguerve s 'i t cons antlt us hand Jan -H |m* rh U ~~ FTTni Y'"i'"il'KR AND f .PEK h- Xba l' JON > V KlUKUfe-Li 1)5 John afreet, urar Tearl, up atnira. ? u ictureit ol i bniea arid a.unple caida and d-a- v le.? IU U' c.) A ll ordrra thankfully received and eae- c i - ten p ; nit tly Mid ou te.iaoanble ternu. tl lle-.NHY JONKH, o J Id In're ht.NHV KKIKDKL. c ~~ ?i"bPiUTjfcit? FW EXPORT. " ?: # 'HH EK thoninnd doien Patent corrugated riuaperidera. v I ndi.pted tc the Mexican rind South American, na well o : ? d-.tneatic ti tde, and warranted to at-oid nnadecied by any niimate. Knr tale be the ui mvfactarer end wvtner of the a pupate l*ii '* r HOB OK :l DA V. St f 'oortlandt itreet J NO I ICE. {! i'j IIE c partnrrahip heretofore editing between the unit ilriai.tied, o< dor the ft in of BhOWfi St Hun,ma, ii lhi? di uitliill- i ll) inu nil e niieni 1 at. let n ding iltbu of Ih h in v ill b ?e ' "d by 4?i? Urooki. l > w um >1) net ti lim il - roneein mux be taid, mil in ill ftli-tne. t of rv'.'ioh i t it whoiizedte u>c ir.o luine of th i lirm. it J> DOWER, SUMte-L Blti'OKH N?w York, Jan. !W. IB47 Jtlhlm'c UJ1 rtr vv Uv.(jLil1 A N1J AUJU.M, V I I it- N I'S to D ar-aaea of the Eye aud Mr, and to all im .1 pcifire inna ol Vuiun, lrr.ru t lo 4 o'clocb, ?i hit real- r d- cc ami diet, ;M Broadway, corner "I Waneo aireel. u iptl.aiini. -itoppage ol the l'ear faaaage, Cauuatie, and 1 I, Ui " itlea, rrtr-r ? -|!y removed. ! |j . lAl HI i u*>:e! with grata attention and aoceeea. . .- T \o' *').i ..rug ei,red in iB* minntea i ?( ?, a'ldall di?i haitfea fiom the Ear, permnentlf I 'VuTiKH IAL ftYKft interred ty'tetMidt adapted W $r?if defeat ; JO iw*r? , \ S NE' NEW AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. LEGISLATIVE "PROCEEDINGS. TKL.EMltA.PHIC. Senate Albakt, February 13.1847. The early busineaa of the Senate waa in Committee of the Whole on an amendment to the bill entitle 1 " The Commissioners of the Code," authorizing them to appoinr >ne or more Gierke, at a salary not exceeding $1100 each ;>er annum. Tiria amendment was the cause of a UnethaneA d*hat* mt itu Anally adopted. IJThe question then recurred to the section of the bill ixing the yearly compensation of the commissioners. A motion to 111 the bUnk with fS 000 was lo?.t. Mr. Talcott movodthat (1,000 and travelling feesb>' itjlistituted. The question was not takon on the last proposition trior to tbo adjournment of the Senate. Assembly. At rakv, Feb 13 I SIT. No vote was takon in the Uotifo on the School Bill. Tiie lull to exempt property Iromtoll, coining by rail oal* and designed for the poor of Ireland, was pasted Ayes 92. Nothing else of mumrut transpired previous to adjournnenf. 'I lie itii w 'Icti Hi (;lmenI Act. In Ai t to rui-e, lit; a limited tiute,a.i additional mil.tar) force. and for other purposes Be it enacted by tlio Senate and House of Reptesenta ivts of tho United States of Atneiica, in Congress astern tied. That, in addition to tho present military establish nent of tho United States, there shall be raised and or ranit'd under tbo direction of tbo President, for und luring the war with Mexico, ono regiment ol dragoons ind nine regiments of infantry, each to be composed ol heraine number and rank of cciomisi>Uned and non <> '.ommissienrd olHceis, buglar?, musicians, and piivates, itt., as at e provided for n regiment of dragoons and inentry, respectively, under existing laws, and who shall eceive the fhho pay, rations and allowances, according o their respective grades, and he subject to the same i 'emulations, and to 'ho tules und articles of war : Prodded. That it shall bo lawful for the President of the Jni'ed States alone to appoint such of the commissioned I iffl 'et s authorized by this act below thj grado of fleld .til tern, as may not he appointed during the present sesion : Provided, Thatono or mote of the regiments of in- ' ant i y authorized to be raised by this section may, at the , liscretion of the President, be orgauized and equipped as rMHgear* and aafoot riflemen und bo piovided with a 'ocket and mountain howitzer battery. , bee. 2. And be it turtber enacted. That, during the ioutinuance ol the war with Mexico, the torm of enlist 1 nent of the men to be reciuited for the regiments au horised by this act, shall be during the war, unless looner discharged. Sec. 3 And tie it further enacted, That tho Piesident >f tho United States be, and ho is hereby authorised, by inil with the advice and consent of tho Senate, to appoint >ue additional major to cuc^ at the regiments ol dragoons, artillery, infantry, an* riflemen in the army ol he United Stales, who shall be taken from the captains if tho army. Bsc 4 And be it further enacted, That to each of the trimnnli ,.f H * - .?.-.vu~v. u.ugxuus, allium;. I Kiuuy, lull IllUnitll hole shall bo ulloweda regimental ijuaitermasler, to he akon from the subaltern* of the line, who shall he alow oit ten dollars additional pay |?er month, and forage or two horses. Skc 5. And be it further enacted, That the raid oitl ;era, musicians, end privates, authorized by this act. ihall immediately be discharged from the service of the Jnited States at the clone of the war with Mexico. Sac. ? And be it further enacted, That it shall and n*iy he lawful fur the President of the United States, by ind with the advice and consent of the Senate, to appoint >ue surgeon and two assistant surgeons to each regiment sised under this act fcsc. 7. And he it further enactod, That duiing the war with Mexico it shall be lawlul lor the officers composing ho councils of administration of the several regiments :onstitihing a brigade, either regular 01 volunteer, in ho service uf the United Statas, to employ some prope< eison to officiate as chaplain to such nrigade, and the prison so employed shall, upon the certificate ot 'he lomniaiuler of the brigade, receive tor his services seven lundicd and litty doftais, una rutiun, and lotago lor one :iorsc, per annum, provided that the chaplains now a<. ache.l to the regular atmy, uud stationed at dtlf'ien military pasts may , at the disciotion oi the decretaly ui War. he inquired to repeir 10 the anny i 1 Mexico, wuru ivt'i a majuiity oi the men at the pusl wi eie they are respectfully statiored shell huvc left then, lor -erwee is li< field ; ami should any ul sa.d chaplains nfise or d. lime to do this, when ordnied so to uo by the aoju .ant goiioial, the tffi e ut sui li chaplain shall b? daemrd rscao!, and tlie paj and emuluun -ms the i vol lie slopped. Sr.c 6 Alii he it turuier onscted, 1 hat the President 1m und lie i? hereby uuthonzed, by and with the aJvtce ih.d consent ol tl.o Seunie, to appoiut two additional sui <n ns iu the tegular army of the United 8.atei, subject .uthe provisions ut an act eutitled " Au act to increase >ud regulate the pay ot tbo surgeons and assistant sur {ruus ut ltie aroiy,"approved June 30. 1SJ4, and that the dlicers whose appoiutmout it autburized nv this section .null icceive Uie pay hikI allowances of'the (fliser a oi ati time grades respectively ; and that the mult ol the ulicers ot tno medical department of the aimy shall be irrangcd upon the mme baiia which ut present deteiunits the amo'.uloi tceirpay aud emolument*; Provided, fh.it the medical oflicri* thall uultu virtue ol such rauh j? entitled to command in tua line or other stall' departuents of the army. 8kc. 9. an j be it further enacted, That each non com < Diiaioned officer, musician or puvate enuitad ot to be minted in the regular army, or regulutly muitemJ in my volunteer company, foi a petiod ol not less than waive mouths, who has seived or may serve during the in-sent war with .dexico, and whe mull receive au ho- 1 lorublo d:sfh.ugo, or who shall have bt?u killed, 01 iied of wounds received, or sickness incmred m const[uci.ca ot ktiub a#|-vice, or who shall have l.ceu drsiidigeJ belnre tho expiration of his term of seme# in lomeipienco of wouuds received or sickness incuneo n the couire of acch service, shall becutiUedto receive i certificate or weir nut irom the War Department lor he quantity of one huudro 1 ami sisty ceres, una which 1 nay be located by the warrantee, hia heirs or heira at aw, at any land otlica of the United htatcs, in oue body, < aid In couiornnty to the legal subdivisions of the public 1 aii'N, upon any ol the public lands in such district then ' ubject to ptivato enity; and upon tha retain ot such 1 ;ortilicito or warrant wi h evidence of the locution 1 tii-root having been legally made, to the Ueuarai Laud > Jfllce, a patent shall be issued theretor; t hat in the sunt of the death of auy such non-commissiod officer, 1 nuueian, or private, during service, or alter his disUarge, and bctore the isauiug of a certificate, or warrant 1 ? aforesaid, the snid certificate or wan air. shall be issued I u favor, ami insure to the benefit of his family or re- ' atives, ccoriling to tho following lules(list, to toe < vi low and to his children; second, his lather; third, his j notiier. And in the event of his children being ononis, ben the legally constituted guardian ot such minor I h.ldren shall, in conjunction with such ot the children, I any, as may be of lull age.upou being duly authorized < y the Orphaus' or other cauii having probata jurisdic- 1 ion, have power to aell mid dispose ol such certificate ir wairunt, lor tho benefit of those interested And all ales, mortgages, poweta, or other instruments ol wrung, going to affect tho title or claim to <iny such bounty- 1 iglit, made or executed ptior to the issue ol such warant or cert.flcale, shall be null and void to all intents 1 nl purposes whatsoever, nor shall such claim to bounty iglit bo hi any wise btlected by, or charged with or sun- 1 ect to, the pay merit ol any debt or claim incurred by the ' oldier prior to the issuing ol such certificate or warrant: bovided, ih.it no land warrant issued under the provi- 1 ions ol this uct snail be lai 1 upon any lands of the ] dinted Slates to which there suall ba a pte oa.ptioii iglit, or upon which theie shall bo an actual settlement mil cultivation. 1'iovideJ. luither. That evurv ?ucli ion-commissioned officer, musician, und private who nay bo entitled, under the provisions of llni ai'.t, 0 receive a ceriittcate or warrant for one bunlicit mill sixty acic.H ot lauit, shall bo allowed bo option to receive cuch certitlcu'e, or warraut, or a reusiiiy sciip lor one hundred dollars, and such sciip Vbuiever it M prelerrcd, shall bo issued by the Secietry of tlio Treasury to sue . person or persons us would to uutboiiztd to receive such curtilicutes or warrants or lauds; said scrip to boar au inteiest oi six per cent. i?r annum, payable semiannually, ledeemuble at the deasuio ol .bo government. And that eacli pnv.ite, nonouiuiifsioDed officer, and musician, who sbail have cuii received imo tho set vice ol the United Htatcs since be commencement of the war with Mexico, lor lets tiau twelve mouths, and shall bavescived lor such teim r until honorably uncharged, shall be entitled to reeive a wairant lor lotty acres ol land, which may ba object to private entiy, or twenty-five dollars in scrip 1 pieietied; and in the event ol the death ot such voluu set during his term of service, or after an boneiuble ischaige, but before the passage of thia act, then the rait uiit lor auch land, or scrip, shall issue to the wile, bile or children, if theie beany, and II none, theu to ! lie lather, and ii there be no lather, then to the mother ' l such deceased volunteer; Provided, Phot nothing I 1 mutinied in this srction shall he construed to give boun- 1 y land to such volunteers ea were sceepted iuto ser- I ice, and discharged without being marched to the seat 1 i war. Sec 10. And be it further enacted, That it shall and 1 iay bo lawlul lor the President, by and with the advice 1 nd consent of the Ueimte, to appoint from tne officers of 1 lie snuy lour quartermaster* of the rank ol major, and 1 uu sHsistaut quartermaster* with the tank ot cantain JOHN W. 1>AVII, i Speaker ol th. House ot RcpiesenUtives. ' O. M DALLAS. Trend* ut of the Heoate. I Approved Febiuiiry 11. 1847. JAMhoK POLK < Maiiinb Insuha>ck - We nrc lIh<1 to announce tho | JCI Ilia no I bei ge, w halsoevvr, lias 'uki n p ace In in.s ) ny us Ur s* i*g*rui the premiums cb ugao >n the poll j t it s ol luaurai.ee lor nuunu n*k< I l is wvr clause, to i i e ruie, la Inserted, at it na* been ever since the com- i iicncemeiit ol our present difficulties, but tho premiuma i . re still ?t peace rates.?J'fcshs U S (Jcxittt, !' jf Personal Movsmaitta. * Kx President Aduhis sail lady lelt FUslaJolplna 'or j' V aahlagtou M Thursday- 14 I #*-' ??I llll I ?MMtM?lM? w ro YORK, SUNDAY MORI TWO PHILOSOPHERS REAOINi The above engraving represents tvfo immortal They have an idea of enlisting?of marching te 1 'ore reading the news, to ascertain their chance f The Rev. Mr. Rjrder's Lecture. According to public notice, the Rev. Dr. Ryder 3 included his discourse on the subject?" l'ue j ily true worship of God in the system of Ctu tianity is to be found in ttie Catholic Church," on Sunday evening lust, in St. fetor's Church. The ipacious building was crowded wi'h a large and attentive auditory, among whom we perceived many of our most respectable clergymen of the J different persuasions into which Christianity is divided. At seven o'clock precisely, the learned i orator ascended tho pulpit, and lor the space ol ! two full hours anchainud his hearers with one ol the most argumentative and oratorical discourses that we ever listened to, and for which this eloquent divine is so celebrated. IIj took as his text the same he used on a former occasion. The reverend gentleman commenced by quoting from St. Paul's Kpi tie to the Hebrews, 13'h chapter, lO'h verso : " We have an dtar whereof tliey have no right to eat who servo 'he tabernacle." My beloveu brethren, as 1 eaid m my lecture last Sunday evening, it was the boasi of the Apostles that they had an altar of wh eh the Jewish priesthood could not partake, arid in the sacrifices of which they could not participate. As ministers, as priests of the new law, they were enabled to oiTer up a sacrifice to Almighty God, on an altar of which the priests of 'he old, or Mosaic law, were not allowed to par ake; or, in other words, telling the Jews themselves that they must be conscious that the glorious promises regarding the great sacrifice ' if Christianity, were a 1 fulfilled?that the pe- ' iod had arrived foretold by the prophets, and ' >r< figured by the sacrifices of tho Mosaic dispensation? J t ha' in a word, the Almighty Ood himrelf bail estab- , .ished liis ehsich, and vri'h it that form of peculiar nor hip, which lie alone could esttihli-h. Ho that w ith le?-l- ' tngs of gr-ititude and humility, tSe apostle blasted tho , privileges of the Christian a'tar, an.) wi'hed the Jews to in enabled to tisrtalin nf Itinm ' Wn xilF.ir n . Hint mi-i-1. ' i .* which the Mostiic ditpvnsation 'hndowed forth wi'h -ignres ami emblems We h ive an altar wliich ? < quires tie ministration of prit its tuperio: to those under the old w " Thie was Um bout el the spestlai, my beloved ' rethroii; the a line upoi'h ? who gum Chriuiis ntv to the world: and th.s bring the boast ol tho apostles. it behooves us, as follow-, rs eftbc sam.- faith -us servant* ol the t 'foe ifivirip Must, r,to be aids like bun, to make the boast that 'hey m'ide to the J?>v* Christianity, my beloved brethren, has un emanation rf 'ivine truth-a rt'Telatiou inado by Uod, who is truth by nance, and must be as immutable us the ?ouice from which it emunatts Chris tuiry is a revelation of tiro divine will established by Uod himself. Ann us he ia tinmutable, consequently his revelation must be alio irumu iblc As ho intended the Christian sys em to endure >o (he end of time, as he promised to utd le with his ' church all days, even to the end of the world, so no , ithor revelation whs to be expected ? no otlior foim of vorsbip to be introduced, besides that which was estab- 1 lished in the first promulgation of Christianity. Onrdi- 1 itie Savior himself has suiJ, "Heavun an1 earth may 1 pass away, but mv word shall not pass away;" conse- ' luentty his revelation roust continue in all its fulness uid integrity to the end of al: time. I As Christians, then, it ie clear that we Have a most im- i ' orient duty to petform, and that duty is thst we show to t he Jews of the present day, a? well as Pagans till over | itio earth, thst we have pto arved the privileges of t liristianity, and that we have an al'.ar and a sacrifice of I wbic.il they c innct portalo, or In other words,that we in < he present day can ruske the same beast that the apos- j ties made to the Je ws ol their time. 1 1 enquired of you in my last adlross, were t you all. us christians, able to |>oint out that < iltarT I left it to your consideration to pondtr I aver this point, unJ at tha same time I showed you that in every form of worship until the sixteenth century?the penod of the so colleare/'vr malion ? it was considered n matter of necessity to have an external alar and an external sacrifice. Every people that up to that time admitted the existence of Uod, admitted also tbo necessity of au external sacrifice. This is the vory instinct of our nature, because our nature tells us that as we believe in Uod, wo believe him < to be lord of overy thing?to have a right to that homage which could not he ottered up to creatures. If wa bolteve his existence, we must honor iiim accordingly. Now, we cannot honor in any way that we cannot honor a creature except by external sacrifice, because if we offer linn internal homage?the homage o< the heart, of the Intel lect, etc. we ofljr him tho samo homage tut we may oflar up t# creature* in certain cases, a< I pointed out to you; but there is a form ot worship which wo cannot offor up to creatures without blssphomy, and that is, externul adoration by sacrifice This is the bleu o' sacrifice by the instinct of our common reason. So then, as nature herself paints out the necessity of external sacriUse, it consequently follows, the inoie perfect is the Si stern of religion, the more perfect must he the sacrifice. In the raw of nature, or primitive revelation, the sacrifices were of the fruits and produce of the earth. In tho written law, the Almighty Uod particularize/ the forms 9f sacrifice, prescribes their rites, appointed the priesthood, and ordained the place in which those sacrifices were to be offered. In process of time he foretold, through the prophet*, that these sacrifices should give place to one more perfect, and more worthy ot himself. The third revelation u that which was made by tho ?nd t' ok our nature, in oriler that, from his own lips, wo might receive his divine word*. This third revelation is [lie syBtem of Christianity, and in it, I a.ty that our Divine -Saviour established external sacrifice. I showed you, in my last address, that it was foiotoM by the Ood man himself, through the medium 01 hia pro jihcta, that a sactiftce would be established superior to till the sacnficc* of the old law. I read to you u text (rom Malacclii. Where the Almighty said he wou'd not accept a sacrifice fiom the Jews ? where lie said, " My name is great among the (.icntiles , and from the rising to the Ketling of the sun a sacrifice (a clean oblation) shall he offered up" 1 dilated on thia text, and showed you that there was no possibility of confounding the sacrifice which He here referred to with ioti-rnal saciidce or homage ol the liesrt, because Almighty (iod did not reject tne internal saorifloes. but the external or outward oblations ot the Jews. These He would not accept, and thrurfnr*, It la alear and evi dent that the Almighty Uoil did not intend to reject internal sacrifice, but referred only to those of the Jewish piiesthood, and said that He himself would establish a superior one, by which the name of Ood would be made great among tho Gentiles. It ia clear and evident, therefore, from the n.iture of the prophecy, that Hod intended there should be an exterior sacrdice offered up?a aacrili'-e which should be public ? a saciiflce by which his name should bo made great among the (iemiies. It was groat among the Jews and (Jentiles- it was great and fearad even by rheraoh; but how come* it that Ood aaya his name shall he great among the Gentile*f Because this clean oblation, or aaunflce, will make it greater than befoiehfcause there shall bo n sacrifice more perfect than those of the old law and the law of nature -a sacnflca worthy of Ood?the viatim being no other than the (lodman himself, under tue terms ot hreulanj wiue- tho . ummfmonmou 01 wife *a< uuu? oiaun uj umip ?? '? ??? rott. hit it that which will make the name ol Ood > jivut ton ing the (Jenulet. ? /gain: we flii.l tne chnr?c.lcriiti:t of our divlot. 5e- I Mor to lie, t' nt lie it u priest forever, ucc in < lo the l irderol .Melchisedek Tnit ebaractei Utio mutt lie ie- I iliteil in ctiriit, at well nt ell the oikieit by which tno t vif?miiU it denoted in p.up-i cy I*. wu< iti.iioll t ty the prophm* that lie would !>? born i:> Bo'.lilehew? j hut i.e would l>e b il n of h \ ir^in- tint Jtn thuuiil be u r nun of torruwr. All ttieie happened. mul if wu could i tot prve them, we muit acknowledge to the <: lewt tb*t the true Mettiah It uut yet co?i* bo, ? ii *11 tliete cherucieriitlca eie iu Jetut Cbriet? * in it the true Mettieb. We ere oontrquenUy bound to f ib>w to tue Jew t, that Me it u piieit ol me or !rr ol Mel' L iititedklt. Now, where can we dunover the u icitiohtl * ihaiecierietta, end prove it to the Jew* l In ruder u> do li

Trr1 li K I MI NO, FEBRUARY 14 18 3 THE NEWi FROM MEXICO. philoanpbara, reading the neura from M <x?oo ? lb# HaUaol ihe Moniazumi*. Tfry are thereof gold and glory. o, wa hare only in lock 'Mo tho cUara-tar of tha priaat hood of \1?1 hi., dak at I ;i? if thn Mmi<htT (Jod li<d himael! writt-i it 'orttre i i of onaMing ua to e* bibc a ill pin tar* fhia prool, wa hare lot ono aalitiry pat <? >n tha Ol I Taatamant. ralatire to Molchiaadak an.I tl.at to In tha 14ih cbapvr of lb* Book o( (rental* wherr w* real, ' \n.| Mrlehi** 'ok. king of Melem hroughtforih broad and wnv. for h# ana tha Tri at ol til* -loot Hull U.11 no t M III II- * it (ho '"Illy par aage that m r.in Aid ill th? Oi l T-?t?netit relative tr priaal* acooi.ling ?o 'ha onltr of M#lrhl?ed*k. and it i> Ih* only 01 o that w. require to ahow tbo character ol tbr priesthood and Uia aariAce If < jrnt at a priaat, according to tha or.ltr of Melchi oli'k we muat enquire, did bo perlcini bit otB<-n and laty T Where bo* ha ottered up teciiftcaa, and whe1 waa tba aer nltr# ha uflcred up t I before toll yon tha' It??a<u nil.-* ol I.if* I and win- a peculiar aa. riAce roow 11 us our navmur on. 'r i up tin* |>eruliar annr'tice thia aari ihr* of bread and win# I < ortanly ha hu Kvan if Dr did not tlnd theae characteristics recorded it Scripture we mu-t know that they did exi?t but ? o And theai on record. Look in the writing* ol Matthew. I.uko and Mark.and you will road that our divine * iviotir at tin!b*t tapper,after having performed the aacrifl.-eiof tho old law took bread Sand Idoaaing it. gave it to hi* di?ciplea )ing. " thi* i* mv bo Ijr, wliich i* given lor you," 01 a* St. Paul * tya. " Thia is my body, * hirh i* hokin hu von " Tlii* term cannot ' a applied to the hraakmg ol hit body on the croia. bemuse it i* positively known thut there u-.n not a bono ol our Savior broken on the Croat, in lulhlmrnt ol the prophac) , that it ahould net kg ?o And at if to lulfiil thi* prophecy, the Almigbt) ttaid the irnpiou* hand which wa* about to brruk the body of our Divine Savior. The nedm* of thoie who suffered on the croaa with Christ were broken but tha ot our divine Savior waa not.leal <he prophocy ahould not belulflll-d Thus, in giving the bread and wine, he gave it aaan < iCcting ofbii body, not in iho way he offered ui on the cro.i*;con*e(jueiitly you cannot confound the -aeri flceof tho lait i uppei with that on the ciosa There ther. waa no break.rig ol the body, bur at tne la*t auppei ih> sacrifice we* made eccoidinf to the order ol tlelchiae Liuki wuorn me nouy wns nrotte-i To the eye only he causa tho bread was lirokeu aud distributed 10 the disci pies. In like manner he took tho chalice. anJ hlessiui its contents, suiJ, "Take you ml .1; ink. lor this i< m v bloo Ior ni St l,uke has it, "The cup which is pouted out for you." On the cross, the cup was not offerod up ?it iv is tho lifu tiiooil front tho veins ol the 'iofl-,nui ti ns -.If, which was otfured up; hu> at tho last sup|ier.tli> :on'oiits ol tho Uup w> ro off j red rp?thus distinguishing ho/.ii muf siTiflfe in tho last supper. Iiout that ol th> bioo iy sacrilico on tho crosi Here, thru, w o see tto Uivino Sivior ks u |iii?s'. according to the ordti at Melchuedek, offer up sa ritico, out his sacntlct was as ni potior to that af Men tiisedek, us bins u high priest was auoeiior ta Melchisodck, he heii a hot > (ill .ml mail, nod Mel .iseih k but a mare mat Moreover Jesus fh ta* is v priest la eswr, according I llieoidorol Melchi?edek and tliuugn invisible to out e> e*. must yet continue to offer up sacrifice. And hoe Joos he do it I Ho does it h> moan* ol the ministry, whom he commanded to doit, saying This do Id re itiombrance of me ' ?" Vou I apimint us nig representatives?you i ou Bail lata prtaita of the use law- you I sp paint as me liators lietwi en Hod and man you I appoint to offer tip ttia same ObU'inns - do this in temsmhrsDC* at me " Tnis is the coiuuii lion given to the apostb-s to ho pe prturted to ibe end of lime, and which is to subsist as long as there is a human tioing on the face at the earth for whose saltation tho bloial u' the Hodman bus b -en shed And the sum* priesthood whom liotl established is to be in ilk* manner couuuueil and perpetuated This is un outline my hslorel brethren, of what 1 tald in my Ust address to you. I told you that when I worship of the Catholic church, at the present day, it in lerfoct accerd.inoo with the iangu*g> an I doeiruet o .no primitive chilich Now, tliit subject. my beloved irethieu, it *oim|>ortant thai I mu.t atk lor jour uadiviled iittcii'ion (o ivhat I have ir t to ny respecting it ? \3 Christianity ia a rovmation oi liivine tiutn ?iiuiau litiio and uacliauuH'ile, it must be liie tauie in the nineteenth century as it we* wlieu it wae Oral Htablndied. Il it it dunged in itt principle*- it lit leaturcs uro modified?if lit pure levelation* aie distortml -if, in other word*, there m any ' rem: rrunon ' in tho ty atom of< hristiamty ? if it do not corietpoiai in every respect with the Cbiliiianily of punitive time*, it it no the system of religion etuthiihed by our divine Manor Wo mut'. And that the dogma* of the < tuiitiaui ot the preterit day are the >ame a* tho dogma* and worship ot the primitive Chi itt an*. That is. mat et the punitive Christian* had an altar lor aiurnig God as they had eu external lecntice, hy which tho name of God was to be made greet ?at they had a priesthood for offering up lacriflcee?no we mutt liu I at tho pretent day among Chriatiani, the an me olr.tr, and the taine ttcrilice, because no o'her coald ho substituted We muet fli.a the same priesthood and the tame tnor ilice, bectti?e noon mt 'lod could estaolisn otnert. ant lie it nuchangabie Jo then tbo question turns on thie-flave we, by the ivtdence of tuo ancient fathert, proof that the paeaagea which we recognise in the Holy Scriptures contain tue anguuge and doctrine* ol our holy religion, with regard 0 incarnation, to original tin, the necessity of baptitm, Itc. 1 and are those doctrines the * ime as tbote that com lOio tiio system ot Christianity in modele timet 1 The angling* ntiil doctrines ol the present day mutt he in *c :oi dance with those o| the primitive church, or else tbe thtirclt of tho present day it not the primitive ctiurch 1 - . -?*._? c... 1 ? uiui u giiui cum ii nil uaon iiuia iu uiun hat many of the primitive fathera were inen capable of swerving Irom the trntU ; but let u? not nifltak? the point, or ne driven Irom tho truth by the** iccuaationa. I think you will undoratm I the difference retween witneiso* bearing toatimouy of fact, and ;he tame individual! in tha relation ol hfa In a rouit >f juitice n wituc i is kwotn to toll the truth, and it tha ouit ii aitiitiel that ha ia an honest man, hi* testimony credited without regard to lua ri'latmoi ia life The ;onrt lookt at hi? taitimony at a witness ooly.aud in <ha iar.10 light we mm', look on the teiliinony ol tha pium live lutheis. Our dissenting lirethrau lay that ma look in those primitive fattier a a* men wno proclannod < Inn jauity to tin according to (hart own cajnir,? f. it is riot iur doctrine ? tliia it not ilia faith of the Catholic!. Wo look on tho language of '.ha primitive father* at the echo only ol < hriit iiity Thote athers were hiihopi, priettt and doctor* in tha :hurch?they weia diatnigtii.ih*d lor U<?ir learn ng ?they were peraccnted and luftuted mart) rdom for die glorious principle* tn?y eepouted, at teivintt ef tha tloughty God? the language! they ipoka wat twinned iy tho-e to whom it was addressed. Tho testimony ol die father! in Constantinople, for iiiitance, w*a lie testimony of tho church in Conatontia, and tb* :e!timony of ail tha lathers clhcti l together, a be I if v? d by the whole ( hriitien world Tbi* the view |tho Catholic! tahe of "tradition.'' Now II (roil were desired to prove n fact, how ran you do it 7 Would you not aay, r?ir, I am aura of it, heeaute I lave the evidence of it ; and murl uot every fact h* nosed hy taatrmony 7 f can p-ova it from the \> ttimony of hose who received it." Prcclsr-ly to; but it uot the! ' tie litiont" Our dissi-nting brethren w ould be (hocked al that :et m, but how can they prove to me thrit the arnpturei are rue by internal evidence Tlroy Cannot do It t accpt li> i xternalovhteuce, and the only external evidence tbay . ;an Itirniah, ia "tiadition." lh * will any man tell me he difference between a novel aud a history, by in- i rati eriuenoe < ."now let (ay diaeeitting hre'nten idmit thut thii i? "tradition." end let me lack for troll ion'' to prove the xMeoce of thi* external e?mflc?. in >nmiti<? liuie*. There ate two |*->*<ig*e relating to ecrift.ci of tie now lew, uoe iron Maioccln, ami the ithar letemng to the exiateuc* ol pilaate according to the ir li'i ol Mff hiiodak. who war? to propaia tin i? nil' ee Sow let maeo what the lather* a.y in raferenca to toia ft Jnetlli waaorigiually a vary learned man. end h?o*ina i i hri.ttun. i w ?oi.ig t? call turn a lawyer (tnugi tar) nitho l?ecan??< a Cbnit.an. I hope, however, that man) awyeiio! ilia pie>eiit .1 ?> a:? CnrUtiana lie liecaBiu a iiitl'i.io, at i aa'il, arid in itoiui.ee ol (Jlirialiar.ity wn te u> o hooka, which > e pe-eMid to the K;np ior. lie ul o riot'- a dialogue, in won It he provee i Imatiuntty in opiom'ioii lo too Jew* Alter hi* eonvert on. h* wo inn noiioa beloie the tyrant, who cnimnaii.leu him to ?il*r ip m iueuh. e to laiaa god*, which In reluied, and f< r i''jaotmg to do an*. wa? immola'ad Um tin n vo have evidauee of one of the ancient father* vim antt. ie.1 mattyrdo.n. After ret or big to the aaorii m ol the Old law, At Juwtin aaya - ' We oS-r o nut well iileexng and clean victim* I bite viotim* ><a toceple tloitt hit owu pircet* alone. Whaialoro, ?!.?* j g pieiareoct to ali tuuee who, through lue uame.oftr j IERA 47 the taorillres which Ood ordained to he offered; that it. in the Eucharist of bread urul ihe chalice, which, in all place* ol the earth, are celebrated by the Christian ooi-ln Ood declare* that they ore well pleasing to ulm,' k.3. Here we have evidence that tbi* lacriAce af . hieed end win* i* oft':red up by Christian people every where Here, you tee, St. Juttiu in*i*t( upon <hr fulfilment ol the prophecies of Maiecehl, and in ?acridce* bemg offered up by tbe Christian people in opposition to th-'*e of the Jew*. 8t Irensu* i* another testimony. He wrote in Ureek, and died a martyr likewire k'rom one of hi* work* we L ira hi* testimony : l and here let me say, my beloved brethren that I will oot lav before you any garbled testimony I make this remark bacauia thatu is a book in circulation, got up by designing und evil minded person*, for the purpose of showing that the < atholic fa thera hava not spoken the testimony which the Catholic church attributes to them, which nook wa* discovered to lie false and garbled St Irenc is says: " Uinne nd- ! vice to hit disciples to otl'er their rtmt fi uits to Clod, not it if he stood in need of them, but that they might not ecm ungrateful, lie took bread into hit httidt. and giving thank', said ' 1'hit i* my body ' Likewise he da lared the cup lo lie hi* idood, and tanaht the ne>v oblaion ot the N?w Testament, which ohlaiion thecbuir.h eceivilig f oui the apostles, ftV,i i it to t Jo 1 over all lit. laith?to lum who grtnts ua lood ?the li'tt iiuits oi hi;i"s in the Sew Testament, of vrhich the tironhet Mali bias spoke: ' I will rot i coept offirings from your nand*.' Ho manifestly hereby sighitj iuR ?hut the flrst people ? the Jews?will cease to tutor to God; und taut in every place asacrifice, cleuti oldstioii. will 1m offer1 to him; anil that hi* uiiHio shall ho gloiifird among .ho Gentiiei," kt. &.e. Here, thou, lithe testimony ot hit Iror aus, that thu ihletiou ol the Naw Testament wn consecr-ted hy our tavior--?u t iloroj up ut tno last supper, and otfercJ up ivf-r all the earth. Wo have again the testimony of St.* ypriun on thii tanifl'oof M'-lchi-e lvk tie ?a) a. " la tha Piioiit Vial- 1 -tiiati.lck. ? e >t* prefigured tho sacrament ol I ho Chris- | ian sacrifice ,the holy 'Scriptures declaring violchiroJek King of Salem, brought forth bicad and wine, au<l liu wti ue prlrat of the most h gli Got, and he biassed A bra mm Thia order thus com??, and descend* from that | snri fl-e; tha' Melcbisedek was the priest of tho Most . High, that he offered bread and wiuo,aad that he bleared , Vlunham And who was to much a priest of the Moat tigli as our Cord Jeatu Christ? fie offered sacrifice to Jo I the Fa'her: ho offered th* same did Melcbtsedok. i hat it. bread and wine, hia own body and blood " And igain he aaya, "If Jesus Chi iat, our Cord anil (Jo I, he Himself, the high priest ol hia lather, and if he first offtired oneself sacrifice to him, and commanded the same to n? d na la remembrance of him, then that priest ruly atacdi in fho place of Christ, who imitate* that which Chriat did" Is not thia the very urgument tbat I made? But what is this sacrifice 1 Was it nut bread aud wine ? Certainly it was, and therefore it was an external aicrifico. His own >ody and blood is hem as the peculiarity of the Christian sacrifice He offered up bread and wiue, as a priest, uc ordiug to the order of Melcbisodvk, but us himself, he tf-rs up hi< body and Mood Tho aacriflce which the father* allude to ia certainly the sacrifice our divine 8a- I viour commanded to tie made in remembrance of him.? I K.uselnui, the lather of ecclesiastical history, says? | a let as he (apeakiug ol Melchisedeck) who was the priest ol the Gentiles seems never to buve offered unimul I sacrifices, nut win- alone, and bread, white bo blessed Vhrmham. so our Havioar an 1 Lor>), Arst, ami then the I rics's, who irt desccu led fioin hint, perlormitig in all .at ions, according to ecclesiastic il ordinances, the sacorlotei luoction. represent, in broad and wino, the mystery of Lis ho ly and salutary blood, which mysteries Melchi<*dck had >-o luin; before, hy the divine spirit, fore xn?wn and used in figure" <-'ao there he any iQiii< more explicit I The eloquent divine referred to other writing* of the ancient fatheis to prove His argument, and arid ho would like to refer to I id titionat ot hut would content hnnself with men- 1 lomug St. < htyaostom and St Austin, St Chiysoatoui, .d besting hnuseil to the Jews, says, " When did (his happen 1 When tvaa incense tnus ottered f vVhen this clean sacrifice, or in other wards, when is this sacrifice tulAlled f Vou cau produce no other time than the present ?the period since there aing of Christ1 tnd it i< clear and evident that he reteirsd totlie new acrid-a, because he says in another place, "And ol his tune the prophet had not spoken ; had he prophicied nit ol our sicufi.-.e, hut that of the Jews, Ins prophecy would have bean contrary to the law ; for .Moses lorhids sacrifice* to he od-red up in any otliei place than that which OoJ bad chosen to this he conti.es the in But l?lac hi declares that in c.ery place luconso shall be \ Ilaied and a cti.au *a. nlice," kc- 'Xben-lora, us uudei in# old law, the Jews could only slier up sacrihcas m Judea. it la clear that the prupuet means the sacrifice of the new law Again St Austin says?" 1 ha pruphrt Malacchi, foretelling the church vhlch we now behold prop i aled hy Christ, in 'be peloil of (sod, thus meuilestly speaks to tbu Jaws : I avc no pleasure iu you, saitu tna Lord, n. iiln r will l accept a - oll'.-tiug ut your hand*, for from th? riling oi tie sun to the going down ol the sum*, my name snail e great among tue (scuttles, and in every place local aa : ci ill he ofi'ied to my nsmn, and a clean c-It ling I 1 uuc I tii the 1st). Since, then, we behold this uucr.fi r in I a- ordug to the order i f Malchiaedik , una the Jew annot deny that tli"ir aacriflcea have c<i?ml Why <)u act >1111 look lor mid hn i.liri-t I" Now, il time permitnil, 1 could git? maity more uulauc a of teaiimouy liom Hi Italy imlitri ; hut ?f ft wfll not, end n llwi that I eiealree'y tieapaiocd loo long on yourpetianc*, I inur eg ol j oh to got alio 'It Culled ids ' faith of Iho Ca.'io hog "which will give you ail lua additional proof on th:? -object w hich I intended 10, but w hich the Jateneaa oi | the hour will not permit my reading to you I will timely atate now that the lorui ol woritnp which clod -aiabliihed according to tiii ayatomot Chriatwulty, la I lounJ at the preaent day, where it haa alwaya bocu, In I iho "Catholic I buich ; became it i? in tha t atholic < ' liuroh alone that we hare an altar It la in iho < allodia Church alone that the ueceaaity of aacritt -a n admitted, j lid it ia in ta? Catbtdio Church that wa hare a prleet ' oood not inatituted t>v tfueon Elisabeth, or by ' act of I failianient," but uiatituted by tha Almighty himielt, and iianitiiitiad to you Now. I may be aiked, where ia thii terrific# in the , atholic Church T Hut, have I bean ail tM? tuna miaunleiatoud l Don't you know, and have I not anown you ! liat the prnpnocio* ara fulfilled in the Catholic Church I alone ' l'here la aaenhee in o otlior Church hut in ilia Catholic, and in that we hare It in the aacrifi ?a oi the max and tho very term " niaa." ia found in the writinga of tha holy iathara. It ia not a modem word, but the eery word uied by tlio latiiera el tho primitive church, in order to deaignate that peculiar aicriOce i be:e la the tealunoay ol Saint Ambroa# |q a lattei to hia uater, he aeja " the nest day, which ; area Wunday. after the reading and aermon w han I wua j explaining the creed, woid waa brought to me that j efttcera ware aeht to aciaa tho Pnrtian < uorch, and that , part of tbe people weia flocking thither i continued to ' liachargo niy duty and began Make, but aa I waaoftei- | in , I waa inloimad that tbe people bad laid haudt on an , ?uiu priaat," ho, Now the Arian p leathood,at lhat time, were the only aueieiea of tbe Catholic# and I aomottmee, I mual admit that tko Catholic# retaliated (or | the injurica they committed on tbetn, end in the weak neae ol hsmtn nature, came dowu on 'he Aruna and made ahort woik ul them 1'hia tbe ' atholica did bac.auao tbe Arietta burned tha ' atholica whtrevei they had an ihoiity Again, wa have the epntle ot fim let, written in tha ; rear l?A, which waa rae I hy the Doctor iikewiee ?"Our 1 aiatar Kupreeaie, aa Jot' will recollect, made over her nuuse iu lur pom, wneie wr niiii, mil iriaiTSl* inasa. Ilirf we And tlie sornign l out/, in the mcunl . eutm y, ottering up maes A letter slsc is (it|H from fopw t 'or neliua, written in the year J*4, in which he eees that he could net publicly retain ate mass, and any one who hea eapleral the subiarranaans of the city of Home, mnst have stumbled over the remaioe ol ancieut altera en which sacrifices teera oBnedupin the piiuutira times by the prtmitiee fatheri of the < kurch, remaining, as it were, silent, yet impreeeire uiemeiitos wl the rllbrta of early Christiana, who lu their real altered up seruft. es and performed their I liriauan dull. s nnder giound, when the steim of pei . * 1 err snj end ??h out, and hi the daft a "OS of u: wight. Mere the inn had shad his brilliant rays on 'We tec a ?f i olnatuie. Ilet.ce we But many ptotit ' sib .li s r* the present day aiiae tielwre the sen, return theuhs to ifo 1, and oNer up the oblatieu wf tha new law. which our dp VIin Kerlour este'dwbed lor which tha blood ea ' alee ly was shod, and hi which the sins uf the world ere W tie torgivoo by which the angat ef tfwd it to he appeas ad; end de yo? hnow, my heieeed brethren. he< the a* re tiliebmeut of e< atholn i hen h m the community w MM ol the meet heueBciai thing* that nan be oatahUdted la eey rountiyl I faai net to aey that * t ethw'tr eharrh m tua asylum whare Use < shone ol?ri "Tr Wis aeci ifi.r where he eaeeHhles lot the miet pltnta purpoaes ami whet* our libetins will he espoused a'.d cherished We in |n.? leimet ae e neat we of cietl and religious litwriy ae lees <e the republic ta which wa lira eltheugh our children are hew hghliag lU t.attlee against oQr t etti> iw h . U.reuef Mamicv Bel K IS hot so Our tsU.su art t? '? ? taint of Vary lend With Lord Baltimore, end the nisi e t they ptt ,ies i ?e tee it eerie el wee te u#ar m eeeriBcaa Teei * thsy estehlmh e.t liee ini'itnitons -Sunv thar intend tha 'n"r1mm at elul llt4 ItMilf t* til Mr* Ikff |U >**4 y mil I* .ara# Oad in Um w?y U* ib*-<m it ? It'll attar a who* ratnga ram# ?<?? tb* ) ?1 of 'ban dr# n Tba i u<oik *?? tnaan n*<a man hom*??(hay war# lit allow ? ! t# t|,r *p lb an holy tlltlWM, tut ?k*? Uk luw ?l MM wntgl t*m? wkaa "b any wa# tb# i#ii)-*i ( w?td ol tbacauuuy auiioui minlmmii Um i.aca# who ran?? into lb* B.I Id ?l it, u) luittinM Wilb ln.it l loolatKl ih.tr mnnay . tb* g|.,iM>?t raw*#' Turvm I ha it.t.aaiiwla ui HHtwi tba UMMU, IM ! fcv.br tbaas war# itva m* wka cimii' *t*4 <* t . (K>rt lb* country -t* aouad tb# at*nb ??t |*m Una bat tb* land a* li?* lb. mud b* a land el lt?x?ity It ~*? Ml tb* 1 alholic ' b'trrb ?t ftili* lali I t* tbal a and hit minidar* MMl lad tai tb* [>urp?.? ? !> '"??( tbanbt la a.aught/ l?o? |*i l,.t ga.datM and I ? # tbare that a I'mIwik pnatt a- hi lain, and Mid lhai.i th?t Ui* aim gaty Had bad at tb* * b of a latliglk omutUy ta ta? aia a# la cur 'rug*la Tbaa* u* tfca prbaoyil#. at lb* ' .'bawr Cbuirb, aad w* |i( Uat a* u -c?. w# * ( aa" wa owa laaity la uartouatry n*?t ) ? laal'y ?* ??t liol i baa* aia lb* yi at taa tiWiM Court b uil It m by tuaaa w* ?a an bat OvJ t* Hamad ?> ba ( athulic Clturob, at bawat a< oi.d ' y lb* pun..' a* church. Now, my balovad Irar.taa, I f I iba* I baa* but t' * juttic# io iba awhjatl hat I mua. baft >%*, w *a ta l>rr?hiu of my gi.Utui# lor your kti I .aatioa. a?1 la >H?r kin I ) m, tlliy , when you Mat rerward >a Um Vary ?j nit ol oar rtltgion to nlwtl tb* loiraa* at u " wh'M* ?nc. t ert aad i?ituU *?? g ?#b imh alt far tb? CuMh tihnrch 1 L? ttuatah * piala aa ad tbm caatwa tie i'ot nlilo tu aatwrr t. a gryat d'muja apaa tb>w fa tb* rallaf of tbtft |>?yr, Yau b?ra <*n ? bad t? come loiwtrd and ?.b. miwt h#?# yaa ta LD. I apon-tel to the cull And, my beloved bietbren. could you h iv? n the ipectacle exhibited here leat Monday. When a pnriion of , our Roatu'iutiona were dialrtbuUd, H yen would have thank*''. Ool Almighty, tu*t he had aw bled you to KIV4 > portion of your cniu u> tha rapport end maintenance ot the widow end the orphan And I .-en aeture you, that they hi return, will *<k of the ease liod, who U your'i at well at thair'e, 'o bUtt you. and bower down on you Hit holy benediction Tha learned divine here coucluded bit laotura oa tha *JSU UVUiO LumaiirCfN. H'ilgluua InMill|rnM. Calbisdab- February 14 h. Sunday, (d'UDtptf ealata Sunday; Monday. 14th. 88 Faua'in and Jorita, M M , Tuesday Itttb, Frriu ; Wednwsday, 17th, Alb Wsdnes day (Thursdiy, 18:U. Fans, Friday, 17th, f aaaion of Our Lord; Saturday 'loth, Feria. The rules of tba faat of lant, which coatmanoaa on Wednesday neat, will hatha same at last year, vis i ? 1 All the week days oi Lent, from Aah Wednesday till Faster Sunday, are fn?t days of precept on one meal, with the allowance of a moderate collation in tba even irg 1. The precept of failing implies also that of ahatL iicn'e f -m -he use of flash meat But by dispensation, the us, ot ti ch meat i? allowed in this dioceao, at the P incipul meal on Mondays. Trie" lays, and I'hursdaysof Lent, Irorn the tir>t Sunday until Palm Sunday > Tba usu ol meat m not allow J on the Thursday naxt aftar Ash Wedut a,lay. nor on any day in tha Holy Weak, iaamediately piece,ling Luster Sunday 4 There la natther lust not abstinence to he observed on the Sunday* of Lent, exaept Culm Sun.lay, which is a day of abatiuancafiom Hc?h r, est, hut not a day ot fa?t. ?. It ianot allowed to use tish with flesh meat ut the seme meal 9. There is no prohibition to use eggs, butter, or cheoao, provided the rules ot quantity pre>riit>ed hy the faat, bo compiled with. 7 The chinch escusas from tboobUg-tiun ol lasiii g (Imt not of ahstiua< ce froin fl?sn meat, except in rpecittl cases of sickness or tha like,) the following classes of persona: ?1st, the itdirm ; i I, those whose dunes arc of en extlHUa mg or laboiious character ; 31, pe: sons who uie un'y nitaiMng their grnwtli ; -I'b, women in pregnancy, or nursing their iofaute;6tli these who are enfoebiad by old age, ' Tho public religious exerrisrt during Lent in the ' churches of the city, to commence at 7 o'clock each evening, will tie, on Monday in the Church of the Nativity, and of the most lloiy Itedeemur (German 1 tin I ues l iy iu St. Jumps. St. Francis ol Assytium, St. Via cent of Paul. and St. Joseph* On i'hursday, la the Ce thoilnil, St. Andrewi mid St Column*. Oa Friday, in St. Mury's St Nicholus, aud Transfiguration The Charleston Union Pruabytery of South Carolina have published the following resolution : Kesoived, That in order to ensure peace in tba church, by eliectually excluding all disturbing and eggresslve movements of (so called) reformers, abolitioaiata, and 4 other disorganizes und radicals, it is expedient to form a southern oigsnization ; and we do hereby invite all ( Presbyteries and parts of Presbyteries, and individual ministers and churches ill the south and southwest, concurring iu those views, to unite wi h us iu such an organisation as will secure an advisory cuuucil and bond of uuion to the Southern Presbyterian Church. A letter from Rome, of the IHth, says:?"An excee sivc cold, accompanied by snow, has succaedad tha inundation heto. The population is tha more sensitive to these variations of temperature that it it not accustomed to them. A commission has been appointed to distribute aid to those in want of it. The Tope has contributed two thousand Itoman crowns At one of the late visits of tha Pnpu to the Church of the Holy Apostles, the students presented to his Holioess two requests, one to let tha library lemainopenon PhursJay. tha day on which they have most time to study ; aud tha o'Jier to create two now profuMor*hi|>a?of |>oliticai economy and legal medicine. The Pope at once granted the first, and promised to take the other into consideration. The first number oi the Contrmpuraneo, a journal destined to promote ideas ef progress, made its appoartnee here on the 13th. It la to appear every Saturday. An ovent unprecedented in the Catholic chureh in Kngland, took place in St. Augustine's chapel, Manchester. Tiio llov Norses Bazar, from < onstantinopla. performed, in the Armenian language, the baptismal functions of a new born child ; after whieh he celebrated Mass in the same language, attended by a congregation of Armenians and other nations. The Pope has abolishad the custom of kissing the oroea ou hit slipper, commuulv called "kissing tae Pope's toe," and ms ead extends his baud to be kissed. Oalitnani't A/ri?rn*r, gives the following t?" Or urauowski, the Lutheran pistorof Uamiio, at the baptism of bis sou, chose six godfathers Iruin tin different sect* of that capital, v,i , u Lutheran, a Free Protestant, a Homiu Catholic, a Calvimst. and n Jew." On the Mb, d'h, sua 7tU mat, aa ordination ?ai held by tue Might Itif. Coadjutor Di-liop of New York, la 'he ckepel of the Diocesan Seminary On the firat day, "ndsy. the Clerical Toiituie end Minor Ordera weie Ciinler red on eight scholastics of the Society ot Jeaus; vlr. Jamie Kouiigan, of the dl?ceio of New York, receive 1 besides, ttia order of lubdnjcoii, and on the foL inking day that ol d acotiahip I'mt geutlemen and Mr. 1 Retard, H. J , were oiclamed priests on Bexagesima Sunday. Ci.khicsl OHstsoss.A-Tha R*v. Daniel Henshaw , fioin St I'e et a church, Kockwlie, and the missions!y ?t nun at Simmonxvlllu. R 1 , to Beitltnoie, Md . to bo a-instant to the rector of Si Peter'a Church, in that city. The Ke* Andrew Croswell has been apfiointed aa mia isierolUt 1'eier'a Cburcn, RocXviile, and reisstotiar) at Sioiuioiitviile.lt 1 I'he Kev James Mnlcbahe) , trom nt. rump's hurch. Crompton 'Mills, R I, lo St Mary's Chapel f'orthsmuutb The Rat William Baker, ractor >f Trinity C itircli. Kairfl id. Herkimer county, N Y., lias accepted a call to St. Paul's Church, Pans Hill, N. Y. A grand Concert will he given iu the Church ol tka Divine Unity, (vlr hello si, pastor,) Broadway, between Spi'iug and Prince streets, on Thursday evening V as lefts e. Seventeen indictments tor seilmg intoxicating llguors contrary to law, weie found by the grand Jury alike la eteimof the tecorderl court, iu tba city ol Utioa. Tne parties, with one exception, plead guilty, and Anas, atigiiig Irom Fit) to $7?, were imposed, amounting, in ail. to the sum of (49t The A/mdcn Journal, published in Claiborne pariak, in the noilu western part ot Loui-iana, says that experiments h.,ve bseu inuls there luccessiully with coal tuuud on the shores ol Lake Bis'.ensau, a litis iako on ilus side ol Red Rivtr Iheooal Is said to contain all the piopetties essential to use, In either fireplace or forge. Both copper ere and coals, It is said, have bean (band I in Western Australia. I It Is stated that in Peru there are now sixteen mines of I ?11v r anJ forty two ol copper, worked by Amenoanand l.ogusu companies In Milwaukie land district, in Wisconsin, 700,000 aorM ol laau.l have been told within Iwelre montha, laneing bat 000,000 mb.iect to entry In the LeguUtnro o( Louisiana, on the 37th ult. the | tdll to rtuhiiah a university in the city of New Or lean* Iai>aed to a third reading I The Ohio Legislature hat passed a bill allowing any una who chuo?>'a to erect telegraphic poati. The Legulature of North Carnlina adjourned tine die on the iSui ult , alter a session o( Oil daya, having paaaad Iti acta and 70 leaolutioua. The jnereaae ol population In lilinola during tha laat live ) eara haa l>eou lad.JJi. The population of that Htate la now e'U.lan g (ioTcrnor Colby, of Vew Hampshire, ia an extanalva 1 rnaii'ifecturnr of acythra, to whioh he pay* peraonal at- J tenOaa. Ha ia also a verr pro?parous larmer, raiaing all k*nd?ef | roducr. which he Carrie* to market for aale, ud l.e* now erected suitable buildings for woollen manulaclones Bach a Uovernoi mutt necessarily be a buaiueaa mau. A rereat < numeration of the population of Buffalo to*? n to be 3o too . an increase, if wo romombor rightly, ol tomr thro# thuuerud in tho loit two yeors. Tho oititciM of Ht I.ouia held a meeting on the Md ult . the el ject of which wet to reeotie Ironi oblivion end I serve the day on which the founder, Laclede, landed un the w?at heuk of the Mississippi, and aeleoted the aite el the city, I'he gross receipt* of the har of Mullein's Mansion ilottee in Mobile, on Wednesday lest, were to be appro prieto.l hy him to the fund lor the heneAt ol the suilerera o> the ?pl >#M>n el the Tuecaiooea. I u* *eaa?e of Mieaotiri, by a unanimous vote, have ten tciod the wae ui the "leuale chsm her to the ladies of tmi r??i? crty , I at the purpose , g a tea party. \ .1 be* tieen iolied?c?lt t lower Hottae of the I agialaiur* of r?cp?*l? ing gambling a points,, u* ry ufaece Th? email poa is prevalaa phis, Tennessee Mi Myers,el Ireaki'n, t ana , baa bean poisoned by hia ait and iter paramour, uem'd rarker. Curoeli'ia Wilhr a, e? /roe ilia. Ohio, was killed a taw dayaslene by the eeeidaatel dlacharge of a gun In l*? ImwK vIL Inte l uafM uro-u J ah a . el WikunI, ? <! 17 yadW. ?? loat aaai .ard Ire* baik ftaiyrua, ol .Viulurkat Nkoaid, oo II* MlHl ill Ho?fi <? K. ? ?!.?Tli? I'lnimnn'ion of }lro*i> n M??r?on, tu th* Police Court, at h.at > ? w ?-ai < i. lal ah r nday altarnoon Tha pri .... ?.r? < ?. aa.i cli in U*a anna of $17,000, to ? ?ar atthh luoi f>?l t ?tm. on tha flrat . ? my m v 4i. it ii at I ha toiiowing taatimon; , In Hi" ?a ?hai ??ra# jr |?i 'laliH aai imnhi witaaaa a as tha |*i > tha |<a?Ua t.? a Mraa in Mil* itraa? on tha lilt I 4U40I| nainaoM U an I ball pan II a clock, paaaad . u. .tar aud I iatt mm? a ad hoard a oaiaa which aoaod ad u*a ra tailing dawn tha iaadar el tha ( otil Ha Hoar* and phaha t v> '.ha ai la walk n? aodia par a?a ahau.i ththk haii waa thai piraur 4 nana W lian Wit diia atraat. on haoday laaawaaa Uatwaau ma rihin| of tha drat and atooad ?ua Maaid a ano> ih*t.g*t u caiaa iiua tha Mora of t. - na h rra.t haaaa* U Maaa* pa itlara oh Waahiaitan loot. aurt!/ ?| pwatia h* CH4 South lu no tun* up til. atraat a'? a . U< k ?th Monday aahhThg, asw i tat oaa aatha ruruti ti Mali .|t n aud silk ttiaata, a ha t,yia al ta la.? HI ? <> .-arnaally H?W ?a I lu iK ..a tiartea haa a..* at ha au ha athai M ?lthar 4 tha o4h. r |ar>aat ?t tail haw tha* dhMWOtl*. Tha . ahhaal 4ha pa-M - t ttad that MMM* act ok** wawht tawt 'taintI> ? .-antrodiel that h?ah had heew gltee ?i. bhl i.? UahW roaaroh tnia too.a..') hhtil lha ' aaa ?. ta a mcy l ot wWhaM, SC3 ad ha#.twara raaaMMhd tm prtooo. ThoyWh a i ,<a i I'li itUMIMthMW ?gh#lai -J

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