25 Mart 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

25 Mart 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH] VM. *11*, No. 13-Wltoi* m.BCSO THE NEW^OMllERALD JAMES GORDON BENNETT, FROPSISfOk Oircnlailon?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every uay, Fnce I seats par copy?I .P,e,T. !,.1?Pn!?W*bl* in advance. WEEKLY HERALD? Every Saturday?Friee >< nnnl P" ipi'y?* 12hi cents per annum?payable In advance. HEKALD FOR EUROPE?Every Steam racket day"nce 6>a cente per copy?$3 per annum, payable land Y&B69, ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD-Tublisbed on th " ?'Jjnuarv of each year?single copies sixpence each. AD VERTISE V1ENT8. at the usual prices?el ways caai In advance Advertisement! should be written in a plain legible manner. The froprietor will not be responsible 10 errors that may occur in theui. 'HINTING of all kinds executed beautifully end with despatch. AlllettersoreommnnieatioBs.hr mail, addressed to th establishment, must be poet paid, or the postage will DO de ducted from the subscription mousy remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, froprietor of the New Yonu Huiub EsTaxnisnMBirv, srrt Wees owner at fnltna and Nassau strong 4* ~TO LET IN WILl,IAMfBURGH.?The tw story brick front bouse withfoldieg doors; It contain aJRwos rooms end base meat, jo good order, pump us th yard with nix leu of ground, carriage house, cherry, plnn pe.tch tad near irees; I beds of asparagus, with a good gras plat, taste fa II v laid out with rose bushes and a great verier of othsr ahruobery, about one mile from Feck slip firry.Enquire of Charles M. Chuich, 100 Chatham streat, or 4 JoIih Skillmau, comer of North Second and Lorimer stroeU on the premises. IP24 lw*'C a A GOOD CriANCE-KOM SALE, three year' lease, with stock, fixtures, and furniture of u fort* snd Lodging House, one of the beat locations in th New Yoik, not two minutes walk from Broadway an the Fa'k; has been established these last fiiteen years, doin a good business. Kor particulars, apply to Mir. McGAB Vr'.Y, curn-r ol Cherry ?nd Roosevelt streets. mlt 2t"r smb. OFFICES 'TO LET?In the buildiog on the upps b;JU comer of Broadway and Murray street j, thenars wpl tor inwyon onicc?,onoB iuninrui?ieivoppo?ii tlm cny Mail-also suitable for tailors' ihow room*, or an; other light mechanical boslnaai, kc. Possession can b Siv-a lnmudmely if desired. Apply at the Plumbe Nationi _ia gnerriaa Oallery, til Broadway. all 3t*re Ad FOU 8/VLt?Will be sold at Public Auction, i Lambertsville, N.J.. on Tuesdry. (th day of April JmML >817, all ol that valuable new block of Stone Boildinui ou .i.o c mcr of Cory si; end Franklin street, Foundry, Mi chine shop. Factory, and three Houses, te the highestbiddei to close s concern. Two canal* pass through said Til i. gat rhiladelphia and New Fork; also, Delaware river. New fei ae< r ilroad, from Philadelphia to New York^ within IIflee miles. Also, a new railroad about to be built in said villous Is short, no place in the Union possesses greater facilities To transportation. The Tillage is 15 miles from Trenton, SO froi Philadelphia. 68 from New York,SO from Eaaton, Pa., SO froi New Brunswick For farther particulars apply to the undei signed on the premises. J. P. HIGH. March Old. 1047 m23Sw?rh TO GKOCERS. And A CORNER STORE to let,and Stock and Fixture pJ? for sale, situated in the lower part of the city?a firi Xstfa rate stand for the retail Orocery and Liquor business. 1 lie stock is very small and will be sold eheap, sad th promises let low ton good tenant. Possession given immedi ately. Enquire at 113 Warren street. mSS lw?rro .TO LET Jl ON lit Mar in Hammond street, near Kaitory street W in excellent three-story residence, in a complete stat Lof ornamental repair, fitted with marble mant In. be cold water baths, fce.?A lofty row ef trees in front e th-home. Best $474 per aunnm. Apply to mM lw*rrc VYSE It SONS. 172 Pearl street. TO LfcA'ttlh-jjrtie Mansion House and Farm of Joh ffTw L. Norton, at Pur Kochaway, lately oeeupied by Jaco JUHLLiwrcnee. Jr., adjoining the Marine Fayilioa. Th hoas, is h teet by 60, two story and attie, affording large an bsan-iinl accommodations for either n Boarding House o private residence. The Coach houses and 8tables are larg and commodious: H acres of ehoiee land, SO of fresh an salt meadew, and SO of beach and pasture; the ice hous filled. The buildings with garden anu ground adjoining wil be let separate if required. Apply to John H. Power, II Fult' n street. New York siM lw*re '1'u Part el.. geuteet nuu. e t > a small taiuilr ul]l or the second floor will be let readv fnrnlshed toon or two single gentlemen, without board. The best o reference required Address box 16M post office. mSO lw*r FOR BALE. MA THREE 8TOHY HOUSE on SSd street, ? tween the Id and Id Avenues. It is well finished, am replete with the latest improvements, including kjtel en range, sink, cold and warm baths, water closets, (to ?Its lian marble mantels threngnout the hntue; a court yard of 111 teen feet in front, withveraadah and French windows. Th house is one ?f a row of six bonses on the south side of th street. Iter further particulars, apply to ^ VYSE It SONS, m!9 lm*rh )7I Pearl street. FOR RALE, M AT PRIVATE BALE?The property known as N? Fna IN Mulberry street, near Broome street. Lot II by II JUi&feet. A two story brick front house on the front of lo ?a Ball two story frame house on the side of lot, with large work shop in the rear, n by 26 feet, with a cellar IS fee deep ia the same. Half of the purchase money can remain oi bond and in engage, at 7 per cent. Enquire on the premises. IIS lm*re TU LET, AmL From 1st ef May next, three three-story brick housei now flaithiog, st lloboken. within three hundred yard Ul&of the fetry. They will have good well and cister watai brought in the ki chen.and other convenience^ the will render litem desirable for either a large or small tfmily A pply to W A. Palmer, at the caipenter's shop near the ferry One of them is for sale. mIS 2w*rrc FOR SALE, MA FARM of fifty two aorrs, most delightfully si turted, about five miles from Klixabelhtown, N.J. composing a handsome commodious Dwelling House fitter with m.irsTe mantels, and every convenience for a re speeiahle family; the whole, including gardener's house barn*, ice house, and other buildings, in a substantial stste o repair; the orchard contains twenty acres of choice frui trees. The easy access from New York, either by the varioui cars from Jersey t'i y, or *h? ferry to Elixabethport, whenci a raiircad train runs within a hundred yards of the house renders this prnpeny very valuable to ihose doing businett in this city. 'The greater part of the purchase money can re main Lr three yeata on bond and mortgage,at five per cent. VYSE k tiONS, 172 Pearl st. Also for sile, a dwelling house, No. Ml Washington atroot m'9 Im'rh FOR SALE OR RENT. THE THREE STORY HOUSE No. 14 Barels] lUTm street, (stable io rear) furnished if required. ,iaSL ALSO TO LET-On 3d avenue, Not. 172,176,171 Stores and Dwellings, suitable for fancy dry goodi. Ren low, to good tenants. Apply at 203 Broadway, Johnson Lanphin a llascy, or to T. J. Hall, <2 Barelay street, befori 9 A M. mil tf re Mb OK HALE ?A small home and about aix acres o land, situate st llockawav. Long Island, en the Koch away and Jamaica Turnpike, and within a quarter of i mile ?f the past office. Oueecre of the land ia under peael tiees two acres tillable, balance in wood. Also, several other pieces of land in the same neighboi hood. >uanir? of John I,. Norton inn 1i n-lmov |H,M or - the oftee of John H. Power, 129 Ku'lton it. ml Jw rc FOR SALE CHEAP, lo KIJRAI. LIKE, fronting the beantifol Harit&i 1>"h Bav,commanding a foil and enure view from cbe Hifh jOj of Neveraink to the Narrowe. Large and emat farm*, improved and unimproved property, *o that the par ehaaeri can at all timea suit their fancy m a (election of pro , fourteen valuable building lota, at Wed Bloomfield Pompton, adjoining the Methodiat Church partonage, and op ponte the New Kpiea pal Church. Teiuii eaay. Person ilrnroua of retiring from the city to a healthy location any where Mong the ahore, e.an obtain all information deaired, bj let er i,o*i. to W O. HAVNE6, Keyport,Monmouth couaty New .irracv. fag lm*re FLORENCE HOUSE. No. 400 Proadreay. comer Walker Street, N. Y. J^L JOHN FLORENCE, Jr., haa now completed kii 1?.;W arrangement* for opening to the publie, at the elegan JSi&and ipaeiou* building above deaignated, and wnich hi ha* at great expenae erected, a Hotel, to be conducted on thi H.nio, ran plan. In addatiOD to the commodioua Reataurani below, lie haa arranged extenttre auitea of dining rooma oi the lloor* above, aplcndidly fumiahed with every moden improvement in furniture, decoration*, he. Beaidea the** are aui.'Utc'apartment*, similarly fumiahed, for the accom uioila'iou of imlividaala, er of amall partiea, where (aa ii the larger apartment*) meal? are supplied at their own heuri by eerie, on the plan alluded to. Attached te the eatabliah mrnt, (entrance quite diatiuct from that with the public de parimcm ) jie aonie aixty bedroom* aingle and double, witl elfoanr parlor* adjoining?the w hole forming a fir?t claaa ho tel for gentlemen, to be conducted on n acale of eonrenieuci and accommodation hithert unattaiued in thi* country. J E Jr , truata that it ia unneceaaary for him to aaaure thi public ihat hi* larder, hi* wine*, and indeed hia entire cull nary department, will he of the beet k.nd throughout; am he invite* gentlemen who are deairou* uf at the aame timi obiainiua room* and boaid, or either, aeparately, to call upoi Inm a* above, where he will be happy to afford tbem ever] facility of examining hie new and commodion* eitabliah ment. ml lm*re Mi ichl.lMT. 0"Klir\|)UK.l) KAIIMH KOR SALE to obi died mint! ?rt'|er, , I the beat and mint nrndn^riw. (;<! . P.iiinein Mill b? received in their productiona '1 n<y are air aettd about the centre ?f the United Statea, a the tennrura of the r ill road from Charlea on. 8. O The cli m te agrranbla, ateaoy una e* remely healthy ; wal w cnled, w ith abnndtnt aprieia of water. Partieulnra of thi. rftfi'm of country may be had in priuted ahrela either at thi Notthn-n Hotel corner of Coartland and Went atreeta, or thi Trnateea' oflice. NICHOLAS HAIOHT, in31 I w t n 61 Wall aireet, 3d atory. FOR SALE?WESTCHESTER LAND. TO GKNTLKMKN in want of a tti for eonntr] aeata. To market gaidenera in want of land fer fat dena, and to all periuua wiahing a location in thi in ntnboihood of New York VO.creai.l land in the town of Weatcheater, within nim mile* of the Citv llall, with the right of panning oyer Harlan Bridge free of toll, are now offe-ed at private aale, in lot eov mini jf from i to 40 aereaeecn. The landa are within 1 minutra w alk of the railroad; front on good roada; are in th neighborhood of aehoola anil chnrchea of different denoinina tion>; the water ugodand location healthy. Title indir putable. Term* moderate Apply to UOUVKKNEUR MORRIS, Moriiaiana, Weatcheater Co., or to m20lm*rr WALTER KUTHKHFORD,7? Naaaan at N. Y A COUNTRY SEAT FOfCsALE. 4 A (COUNTRY Reaideuce and Farm on the Sontl JrofR'idf o( Long Inland,about 40 milei from thie city; eai cA^be reached in three honra by the railroad. It line oi the Id South Koad, 4 milea Eaat of Hahylon. and directl oppoaite h ire Inland; containa I77acrea, about 30 of which ar i.'nrrti ini? m/ ? nun unnergoon improvement. J he Heoa< i.a woet convenient one, comparatively new. and aflleieni Iv Urge, having five room* on the ground door. 1 ho oni bnildiugt com nt of a Ham, Urainery, Carriage Honae. le Home, etc., are in good order. It > at a good Garden with va-iety ef eieellent finite, Htrawberrie*. large Aaparagn hed?, andI the gronndaiabout the Uei.e beautifully ornaman ted with flower., with two well. oTexeellent soft water. 1 he laodeatend. down to the Bay on the Southland reaehe back to raflroad near the Thomnepn Htation. There 1. fin Ailiing, fowiing.fce ,.and la one of the heaitkieet place* in tl. Unite'! SIMM. Half tjw pnrcbm money ran remain on mart ispz&ssbbs: E NE N1 I MAP or OEH ' a j; ( I GURAi _ I ? a * a J c 5 V V s V * t \\\ : J * ; ? i t ? ????? ,t . i r i = Mexican Affaire. TBI raws PBOK THE ElO GRANDE. [Froai the New Orleans Picayune, March IS.] i, In peinl of fact, nothing In an authentic shape he * reached the eity, since oar last publication, from Ooi i Jay tor's army. The arrivals yesterday brought nothin) bat amplifications of rumors hitherto afloat. There wai a report in circulation, brought by a passenger, that i letter was received in Matamoras from an oAcer of thi army at Camargo to the effect that Urrea had got be tween Monterey and the Rinconada with six thouaam cavalry, thus cutting off General Taylor's retreat upei that pass. How this intormation was conveyed to Ca margo wo were unable to learn. The same authority reports more positively the loss of Col. Morgan's detach { raent of Ohio volanteers?but perhaps upon no bettei t foundation than what hu been before known. Wo migh wiuioii war ooiumn witn umm romori, many o them exaggeration* of previous accounts; but unti ' omething definite ia hoard from Monterey, or rathoi ; from Oonoral Tar lor'a camp, It would add little to tbi knowledge already in poaaeaalon of the public. Aa goo< an idea or the prevailing feeling in Camargo can be ob talned from the regieter of Colonel Cuius, in anothei part ot our paper, aa from all the report* that han reached tu. That document would lead ua to aup poae the valley of the Rio Grande to be in grea danger, and the officer who penned it to be verj ' sensible of the fact If one half of the fifty thouaan men Colonel Curtia require* of the Proaident are wante I immediately, we fear there will be wailing in the* State* before the May apple bloaaoma. But aa we befor ' remarked, we count nothing aa adding to what haa beei known for several day* that doe* not come direct free ( Gen. Taylor's camp. The most ominous anticipation we entertain respecting the safety of the American ar ' my, ara derived trom Captain Henrie, who thinks that I 1 a battle has been fought by Santa Anna in force, th ? chances are many to on* that he has proved victorieui Capt. H. is th* same gentleman whose gallant escap t from the Mexican troop which oaptured Majors Gain* and Borland, and Captain Clay and their companies, ha exoited so much enthusiasm ui th* oountry. He is not man to be alarmed at trifles, and his opinion somewha 1 dashed th* confidence w* entertained in th* result of th reputed collision. These are, however, but opinionaIn this connection we may add that Captain IJenrle di< i not leave Saltillo on the 3Sd of last month, aa has beat said. He left Gen. Taylor befor* that time, and bring , nothing to confirm or contradict the aocounts of battle - which have been ao rife of late. W* may say. further ; that the great length of time that has elapsed since Gen r Taylor was last heard from, is not a favorable sign ii , these times, when so much is left to seeoulation and con jectur*. In a short season wo will know all, and untU " then wo counsel our readers to have patience. [Prom th* New Orleans Delta, March 1*.] , Companies F aad H, Captains Gardner and Plummet i of th* lit regiment U 8. infantry, will leave to-day ii b the U. 8. steamer Telegraph, for Braxos Island. Theii i original destination was to join Gan. Scott's division o ' th* army, but in consequence of th* recent intelligent > from th* seat of war, their destination was altered. Col ' Hamtramck and Adjutant T. P. Auguat, oi the Virginii Regiment, will also leave this evening in th* Telegraph i ffiCoi Stanlford of th* 8th Iniantry, arrived her* on Bun . day night from Tampico, on bis way to JalTersoi r Barracka, Mo , having been unfertunately disabled bj accidentally falling through th* hatchway of th* trana \ port ship Talbot, on th* passage from th* Brasoa tc i Tampico, on the night of th* 13th of February. Col Staniford served through the Florida war, was at thi i battles *f the 8th and 0th of May, and commanded t brigade in Gen. Worth's division at Monterey. W* true 1 that a speedy leatoration to health will soon enable thi | gallant Colonel again to take th* field. . Governor Johnson, after a full reflection and con sultatoo with the U. 8. officers here, who wore promp and active in proffering all th* aid and facilities withu their power to equip and supply th* force bis excellec ey might organise, cam* to the conclusion to submit thi , matter to th* Legislature. If they would authorize and provide for th* paymea t of a volunteer force, he would immediately make proc - lamation therefor. The Governor doe* not recognise thi ' power of Col Curtis to make a requisition, nor doe* hi ' consider th* colonel as intending to exercise thepowe B making a requisition. It is doubtful even if Gen. Taylo has the legal power of making a requisition since the ac of Congress was passed raising additional foroes fo service in Mexio*. But th* Governor considers this letter as a stroni r manifestation of th* perils which environ eur force* it ' the valley of th* Rio Grande, and as fully Justifying nay, demanding of him, seme prompt set tor the succo , sourauei oilour army. He tbtnk* be is placed In th * h.* *r?uUT* ,??c*r of the lew, who, whet . the public intereete require H, is authorleed to cell ou 3 the ptut comitatui * Iu thii view of the ceee end hie duty, hie Excellent |I only ewelte the authorisation of the Legislature an their premise to appropriate the neceeeeiy roods to mee the exigency, to issue his proclamation, selling on th< sons of Leu isiana onoe wore to rush to the rescue of ou - country's flag. The donate ected promptly on the matter, and by una nimous resolution declared their purpose to etand bj 11 the Governor la the ooureehe might pursue on this sub J jeot, .end to meet all demands on the State treesurj r necessary to organise and equip a volunteer lores, h e the House the matter was relerrad to a committee, wh< a had not reported when ths body adjourned. VT Ml?T?r tut CO lunj IMIVU, Will UW UIIUIVIOU UUU? the three montha'law, and in tha nam* and at the ex J penae of the State of Louialana. [From the Now Orlean* Bulletin, March 16 ] The city haa been full of all aorta of rumora to-day and, among othera, of tha actual capture of Matamorea * We have taken paina to aacortaln aa regarda tha latter . and aro aatlafted that no auch information haa been re , ceieed. A gentleman la in the oity, who left Metomorai r on the 7th, and which la the la teat iaformatiea, and ht telle ua that the plaee la fortlled ina manner that it wil net be a very eaay job te tofce It Wa teem farther W YO SW YORK, THURSDAY N. TOR AT. TARTAR'S DDVDVKPP PAHITTAT ll HIM AMAAiVAl V A A A \ y^LHAMo J ULTtLLO GNBfik^ tGO <$ tit amaatarooi^K \ * // wsmeaA % <f ZACATMftftS fcj J JT """"'""J i L y.oeLcoJ%^ I I '"^^WlUAIUXUATOj / ^flMTS _ a I VIEW OF WHAT 01 from him, that a latter wa* received at Matamora* from an officer of the army, dated 4th, at Camrrgo, which renden it pretty certain that Col. MorKan'! command i had been captured, and alao that Urrea waa between i. Monterey and the paaa of Rinconada, with 7000 oavalry , g cutting off all communication! between Gen Taylor and i Monterey, and even hia retreat upon the latter. The i letter further etatea that there ia no doubt that there had d been a battle, and that it waa believed he had fallen back frem Saltillo for Rinconada. We think thia information 1 ia more unfavorable than any previoualy received, aa it ) ahowa the enemy ia between {Saltillo and Monterey.? Every hour may bring deciaive information aa to the fate j of our gallant oountry men I From the New Orieana Timea, March 10 ] r We have hafnra na a lettar Huted " Fort Harnav. Bra *oa Island, March 6th, 1847," which says : " You wifleee, by a glance at the head of thia ah?at, that wa now live in a' fort,' ana, too, conatructad out of tha' stalf of lifa - out ofbread4pork, bacon and avan beam Thay maka a strong fort, whan planked by aand bags, tec. Wa Juat hope and pray that about 10,000 Mexicans may coma, for wa ara prepared to give tham particular h?11 !" [From tha Matamoraa Flag, March 0 ] The attack on General Taylor no longer ramaina doubtful. All that wa know about it haa bean derived from Mexicana. Their accounta?and thay ara numeroua ?all concur that aeveral aavera engagement# have taken place, and that in all of tham the Mexicana have sustain ad aevere lataea. The reault. whatever it haa bean, haa evidently had tha affect to depreaa the apirite of thoaa in thia region. Had Gen. Taylor baen tha aufferar in theee affaire, Catnargo and thia place would have bean attackad before thia. Gen. Taylor, wa think, muat have affectad kia retreat to Monterey; atlaaat we hope ao. NEWS FROM TAMFICO. * [From tha N. O. Picayune, March 16] The achoonar Pioneer, Capt. Brown, arrived hare yaaterday from Tampico, and wa have datca from that city to tha Sd inat. Wa believe that deapatchaa from Gen. Scott oama by lha Pioneer, and have bean aent to Washington. Gen. Tatteraon and staff left Tampico on the 1st for tha acana of action. Gen. Pillow had alao left to join Gan. Scott ? - Col. Oatea was in command of Tampico ; Generals Quit1 man and Shields were still in the oity, but were only a w litinr for transports to take them to the island of Lobos. a The following is a list of tha soldiers who have died at I the hoapital in Tampico Private Mone, company B, 3d artillary< Feb. lat ; private Morgan, company 0, 3d artillery, Feb 3d ; private n Baawell, company D, 3d artillery, Feb. Oth ; private Daly, 7th infantry, Feb. Oth ; private Mcllarvey, 4th Ulinoia I volunteera, Feb. Oth ; Lieut Oibaon, Feb, Oth ; private Wallace, 4th Ulinoii volunteera, Feb. 9th ; private Jamea MoBriety, company B, lat artillery, Feb 10th i private McDavitt, company B, 3d artillery, Feb. 13th ; Mofllt, Q. '? M. employ, Feb. 14th: private Hawkine, company A, 1 Oth artillery, Feb. 33d ; Hergt Chaa. Womo, lat regiment \ La. Volunteera, Feb. 30th ; private Lynard, 3d Tennear ate, Feb 19th. 1 Tampico, March 3, 1047. ' You have, ere thia, learned of our order to remain at 1 thia place, the reaaona tor which are aaid to be, flrit, the want of neceaaary camp equipage for the four companiea * wracked on the Ondiaka j aecond, the Louiaiaoa treopa are auppoaea <o ne i?u name to 101 rav?rr? 01 yeuow ver than thoaa hailing further north ; and laatly. aome regiment of volunteer* had to atay, and we were pitched upon by Gen Scott, for the purpoae ; the laat reaaon I think the atronceat, at leeat the moat unanawerable , but whether any or them will have a greater afleot in aatiafying our frienda at home than they hare ua here, ia doubtful I left Loboe on thaatld ult, and artivad here on the 3ftth. Our two vaaaeia, the Archelaua and Sharon, have been blown ofTby a atrong norther and not yet returned; ao we only have the lour Ondiaha companiea aahore. The wind ia now eatting fair for the port, and we expect all handa up to-day. (Jen Scott waa at Loboa with about 0000 men, when we left. Generate Pillow and Patteraon, with their commanda, hare gone down aince, and Gen. Shield* ia waiting for tranaportation to follow ; ao that, in a few day*, our regiment, the Baltimore bettalion and one company of regulara, will|be all that are left. Theae, with what citizen* are here, will conatitute the garriaon. How long we are to remain ia doubtful?Scott promlaea to aend for ua in a couple of week** but my opinion ia, that "it'a all my eye, Betty Martin," unleaa he find* the yellow fever at .Vera Cruz a little too tight for hi* northern troop*. In that ca?e we may be celled on to ahift garriaona. The I nr...ill, nr.ir.inn ! that tha Maiic.aua heine fullv I1 aware o, me great strength of our army, and the com> pletenesk of its equipment, will not hazard a fight and the destruction of their favorite seaport, but surrender it at once, witheut a struggle I incline vary much to these opinions, and so do all the officers of the regular army with whom I have conversed. We had a rumor hare of Santa Anna attacking Taylor, and being repulsed with great loss ; but if this be tiue, you know more about it than we do. Tsmmco, Feb ?i, 1(47. I write you to say, that in consequence of our wreck and consequent loss of arms, clothing and equipments, we are now left as a part of tne garrison of this place, ' where we shell probebly remain some six weeks or two ? mnntha whan ? aha!) Inln flanaral Mrntt at Vera CrUZ Should General Taylor be lecure before thet time, be will aeud troop# to relieve ue ? aoon aa poeiible, end 1 we will then be off. The Oeneral peid ua the compli* ment to approve of all I had done thua far, end aaid, aa he waa obliged to leave volunteer! only to garriaon tbla r place, he waa much relieved in hie ability to leave ea their oemmandant en old officer aoouatomed to the artilleiy aervloe, fcc. 01 courae I remonatrated. tie replied that it waa proper under every aapect, that I ahould , remain juat now, but that were it otherwiae, the loaa i. of our ahip, our equipmenta, Ito, made it imparative, ly neceaaary. Colonel Oatea, a very old officer of . artillery, ia left in command, and wa are left to tahe i 2?r**f thia place, and heap it, with about 1100 men. t The temptation la ae great te the Mexicana, that 1 am ! stacvjfss RK I [ORNING, MARCH 25, II I AND OF THE OPERATIONS OF S // \ 1 f ^JJ faoBTER BV MA " * I? _ B*TIrA^2 iM mcx, ~mpico jfahl % **"^A \V&,irVE,U v/} f s Lift ARMY CAN DO. Croa. I suppose yeu will bare heard of our lamentable^ misfortune?a miserable wreck, which lost us ever yf thine, and threw us, defenceless and almost starving,n within the very grasp of the enemy. We were thrown'! upon the beech some flfty miles north of Tuspan, and i before we could get away they magnanimously marched \ upon us with 980 men and four pieces of ordnance, and then .summoned ua to surrender, proffering the same kind hospitality as had been ministered to the officers and crew of the Truaton- We had at most ninety muakets left, and one day's provisions. I asked for time for consideration and reply. The General gave us until 9 o'clock next morning, and we slipped off in the night. We got here, but it was at the cost of all we had. There was not a shirt saved by any, beyond the clothes worn at the time. To morrow 11will get a copy of my report to Gen. Patterson and send it to you. L. G. DERU88V. [Prom the WeshingtonlUnion, March 33 ] FORTIFICATIONS AT CAMAROO. The startling rumors from tha region of the Rio Grande, render deeply interesting everything throwing light upon the state of the defences along that line- On account of the large supplies of ammunition, provisions, uu r.iuuiiuK, ma iu oo in inn ? uiinargo, me aucceaaful defence of that point, ehould it be attacked, ia ofgreat importance. It will be perceived by the lubioined extract of a private letter from Col. Morgan, of the 3d regiment ol Ohio volunteer!, to a friend in thi* city, that, during hit command at that poat, he catiaed I'amargo to be placed in a very atrong atate of defence, end auch wea hia opinion of the tortificationa, that he auppoaed them cnpable of being held by A00 men againat a torce of 6000 Mexicana. Theaa extract! cannot fail to prove intereating at thia time to all our citizena, but peculiarly ao to thoae having relative! and friendi at Camargo "hzaduuzatbra 3d Reoimkkt Ohio VouunTitvaa ) "Czmaroo, Dec. 37, 1840. ) "Mr Dxaa On the 30th inat. Qen. Marahall relinqulahed, end I aaaumed, the command of thia poet.? Suppoaing the information derived from Gen.Worth to be reliable, and| knowing that if Sen'a Anna waa advancing, aa alleged, with a force of 30.000 men, in three columna, that he would direct one column againat thia pla~e for the purpoae of cutting off the immenaeauppliea collected here, and thereby effectually crippling Oen. Taylor, and having but aeven companiea?five infentry, ene artillery and one dragoon?I determined at once to fortify the place aa atrongly aa poaaible. Captain Hunt er, of the United Htsies dragoon*, wai therefore in?tructed to fortify the town, and to throw down all obstacle* that might impede the proper defence of the place ; and M^Jor Wall, or our regiment, wae likewiie directed to construct a strong Aeldwork on the west bank of the San Juan. My entire command on both side* of the river, was immediately put at work, and re quisition* were made upon the alcalde* of Camargo and New Camargo for all the effective Mexican* that could be obtained, and I have now some two hundrod Mexican* working in the ditches with our own men. The town is nearly fortiled, and six daps more will oomplote a fleldwork which i* pronounced the strongest in Mexico. The fort will be capable of holding all the government store*, and twelve or fifteen hundred soldior*. It i* constructed with salient angles and five bastion*, and after it i* completed, I could maintain the position with my present force against five thousand Mexican*. ' * I wish the work called Port Ohio, and such will be it* name. It doe* honor to Major Wall and to the regiment. GEOROK W. MORGAN. In addition to the letter from Col. Morgan, we have been permitted to make the following extract from a latter written to the seme gentleman by Capt. Wm A Latham, of the -JJ Ohio, and dated at Camargo, January 4, 1847 Colonel Morgan Is now in command of this post. The town, for the last two week*, ha* been buiy with preparations to receive an attaok, should Santa Anna deem it wis* to send on* of hi* columns against it. The place ha* v?ry strong fertifloationa thrown around it, and the provision depot, on this side of the river, is now within a fort that aoo men oan hold against as many thousands. ArVAIRS IN NEW MEXICO. The St. Louis Htpuiliean of the 11th inat. announce* the arrival of Mr. Hoffman, from Independence or Bent's Fort, and adds We understeod that Mr. Hoffman expresses no doubt of the correctness of the news from Taos, of the insurrection and murder of Governor Bent, and of other Americans then there. The Information came to him from different sources, all agreeing In the details, and at Bent'a Fort, where new* of the murder had previously been received, they were satisfied of its correctness. The signal for the bloody work was given about daylight, and forthwith the murderer*, who had concealed themselves in different parts of the village, fell upon their victims, all unprepared for defence, and despatched them. Tirley's distillery, or what aaay be termed the blockhouse, was defended for two deys against the assaults of the enemies ; but at last they undermined it. The inmates attempted te escape by Jumping from the top, and in their defence and flight seven out of eight persons were killed The man who escaped feigned to be dead, but at the proper time started fdr hla home, some mile* distant. Whan he reached there, he lent expreaaoa to Bent'i Fort, informing them of the atete of aflhira at Taoa An effort waa making by W? Bant to raiae a force to go againat the inaurrectieniata, but it waa aomewhat doubtful whether it would he aucceaaful. The Rtvtillt aaya It ia auppoeed that about fifty peraona hare recently periabal on the route to Santa Fa. from etarvation and axpoaure Thay were principally peraona who bad gona out in the employment of government aa team ate ci Our correepondent writee that an expreee waa aant to Brnt'e Fort with an eecort, to meet Captain Murphy, and protect him againat tny attempt of the Mexican* to aeiaa tba funda Tnte movement haa proved no doubt a wiae precaution. MILITARY JIOVSMtim. I From the Baltimore Clipper, Maroh M J >.?VSttSSt XSft sFLsffSflSa SERA 347. A ANTA ANNA. T I |, th 1, of Vrti'i ?f Kill mi all p: fjh I b] | AI liif *" WM . ! in W I ^ W s ^ th | T1 ? at in ci Pi le . f r aa 10 s< f 0 a IE G D C HI A i Ol L to y< Tfl Of ci< to Ath ||jv m a v ?r c*uz t f ti a ti b ~ n P P?rt MoHenry to proeood immediately to the ?eet ol A reeiel hee already been chartered for the pur- Jj . Capt. Merrick'a company of dracooni, which ar- u 1 hero a few day* lince, from Frederick, ar* anion* P inmber. _________ CORRESPONDENCE " BETWEEN THE WAR DEPARTMENT AND DEN. TAYLOR, i (Continutd) HcAaquAaTBa* Abut or Occuhtion,) Camp near Monterey, Nov. 13,1M7. I Sim Thm communication of,the Hoc re tar v of War. of | October 39, with ita enclosures, by the handa of Major MoLene, waa received thia morning. You will have aeea by my order* end my despatch of the 9th, whet meaaurea have been taken to conclude the armlatice and to occupy Saltillo. Being adviaed by apecial express from Matamoraa of Major McLane'a approach, I had poatponed my intended departure thia day for Saltillo until hia arrival. Aa I deem it atill important to occupy that poaition, for reaaona to be explained below, I ah all march thither to-morrow, according to my first inflation. On my return?aay by the 30th instant -i shell probably be able to inform the department more fully on certain important points connected with our operations -. but I now avail myself of the return of Major McLane to Washington, to state briefly my views on some of the topics embraced in the Secretary's communication. Without active operations towards San Luis Potosi from this quarter, I still deem the occupation of Saltillo important, for three reasons:? First Aa a necessary outpost of the main force at Monterey, covering, aa it does, the important defile which leads from the low country to the table land, and also the route to Monclova. Secondly. Aa controlling a region from which we may expect considerable supplies of breadatulfa and cattle, vizthe fertile country around Parras-, and thirdly, as the capital of Coahuila, which renders it very important | in a political point of view I have already represented to the department the difficulties to be encountered in e forward movement upon San Luis, and the amount of force which would be necessary to insure success. Those reasons only apply to the country beyond Saltillo. I consider the occupation of that point aa a necesserv complement to our operations, and to the policy of holding a defensive line, as the 8ierra Madre, and trust the department will concur with me in this view. As already reported, Brig. Gen. Wool is now at Monclova, having found no practicable route to Chihuahua, save the well known but very circuitous one by Parras I fully agree with the department that no commensurate benefit is likely to result from the march on Chihuahua I lien, Wool* column, and mail accordingly direct him to raapand hia movementjin that direction. The occupation of Saitillo iniforce render* it atill leaa neceaaary that Chihuahua ahould be occupied. I cannot yet determine pacifically what diapoaition to make of Gen. Wool'a column. Meanwhile I hare directed him to remain in hia preaent poaition until further ordera In regard to the expedition againat Vera Crui, after a good deal of reflection upon the aubject, I feel bound to exprea* my conviction that 4,000 men will be a force quite toe email for the purpoee contemplated. In my deapateh of October lftth, I atated aft,000 troopa, of which 10 000 to he regular*, aa the leaet force that ahould make a daacenl in that quarter, with the view of marching on the capital. I'now conaider that aimply to iuveat and take Vera Cruz, and of courie hold the poaition. we ahould have 10 000 troopa, of which 4,000, if poaaible, aheuld be regular*. It U quite probable that a amaller force, even 4 000. might ellect a landing and carry the town; but oould they inatain themaelvea, until the caatle of S Juan de Ulue ahould be reduced by famine? The country lying between Vera Cruz and the city of Mexico ia popuiotu.and at lea at one portion, (FuebU,) underttood to be very loyal Would not a force be brought againit ua before the caatle could be reduced, axfflciently atrong to endanger ouriafety. cut off aa we ahould be from *uccot f When to theae conaideraticua, we add the uncertainty of weather during the winter aeaaon, rendering our communication* with the fleet liable to interruption, I think it will be aeon that the force ahould be large enough, net only to land and inveat the town, but alio to hold itielf aecure againat any attack from the interior; and for auch purpoae.il conaider 10,000 men quite aa mall a force aa ahould be ventured. A force of 10,00# men cannot be apared from the occupation of the line of the Sierra Madra; 4,000 may be diverted from that object; and if to theae, 0 000 freah troopa from the United State* were ad ted at the proper time, the expedition might be undertaken with a pr.uniae of auoceaa. I propoae, therefore, to proceed with the preparation for a movement on Tampico, and after acoompliahing everything that ia to be done in that quarter, I will It (ha rlmnarfvnmnt annrflva. half! A OOfl main, nf which, perhaps, 3,000 rtnlin, ready to embark at some point on tha coaat, and effect a junction with tho additional forca from tho Slatee. Tha movement towarda Taaipico will not produca any delay, if my views are adopiad, and I conaidar it quite important to oocupy Victoria and tha lowar portion of Tamaulipaa, after securing proparly tba lino to ba hald in this quarter I conceive it ail important. hkv.ng in view tha Mexican character, that aa little should ba left to accident aa poaaiblo, and that wo ahould ba carefol, aa far aa human foresight can provide, to avoid tha amalloat liability to diaaater. A descent upon a hostile coaat, notorioualy dan gorous, and In an inclement aeaaon of tha rear, la an operation requiring the moat careful preparations and exact i management, and poaaeaaing, under the moat favorable i circumstances, more or leas elements of failure. It sea ma the part of prudence, therefore, to take a sufficient | forea to meet any contingency that may ariae. Being pressed for time, I have given my views brie fly, and perhaps somewhat crudely, on the moat Important points presented in the despatch of the Secretary. There are other topics whioh will probably claim my attention, but which must be now passed over. 1 would only suggest that lathe eventef aa expedition to Vera Crus, the j ?r LD. MM Www OMI? tUntie .eaboard might embark, *?j by the 10th of Jantry. I em, eir, very reapectfully, your obedient .errant, W1 ? . Z TAYLOR. Malor Oenerel U. 8. Army Commanding. ho Adjutant Qirkbal of the army, Waahington, D.C. Hl.D-ttv.inaa Abut or Occuvation, > Camp near Monterey, Not. '14,1846. \ Sib : i reported briefly from Saltillo, on the 14th inat, >e occupation of that city by oar troopa. A duplicate that report ia tranamitted herewith. 1 aeixe the flrat iportunity, after my return from that piece, to report are in detail the circumatancea of ita occupation, and to to refer to the poaitien of Brig. Gen. Wool, and the dere which 1 hare given to that ofllcer. While in route to Seltillo on the 4th inat., I waa met f a white flag, conveying a de*patch from Gen. Santa ina in reply to the notice given him of the oeaaation the armiatice. Copiea of theae letter., and of my al reply, are forwarded by thia mail. On approaching the city of SaJtillo, a meeaaager plaoed my hande a document, herewith encloaed, protecting, the name of the State of'Coahuila, againat the occupem of the city. The individual aignlng the pro toot had en elected governor the day previoua, and left the city e morning of the day on whioh we took poeaeaaien . lie troopa of Gen. Worth', diviaion were immediately lartered in the town, and arrangement a were made bore I left for procuring a aupply of breadatofTand forage reaaouable raUa. A reconnoiaance waa aUo made of the oountrj aome renty-flve milea in front, and one projected, to be exe iieu mior my aepercuie, ot the Parres route unrii itos-e rich hacienda about 3* miles fro? Seltillo. I ft a squadron of the Ud dragoons, to serve under Gen. forth' order* until re Lie red by other cavalry, prepoeg to assign Lieut. Kearny's company lit dragoon* and rquadrou or two of the Kentucky horae to his division i aoou a* they can be brought forward. I shall also reiforca him by a volunteer force, probably a brigade. The division at Saltillo covers the direct route fro? an Luis Potosi. The other route would be covered by foroe at Partes, which would at the same time control to abundant supplies to be dtawn from the neighborig country?the richest of the north of Mexico. Brig, ten. Wool being in position at Monclova, and it being ow fully ascertained that he cannot march thence on hihuahua, oven were it desired, I have ordered him to iovo on Partes. The State of Coahuila will thon be Dmpletely occupied and covered, and in case active perations towards the interior should hereafter be doirmineden, we shall be in position to maroh on San uis, Zacatecaa, or Durango- Brig. Oon- Wool, will at noe abandon his communication* ny San Antonio and avaca, and adopt that by the Rio Grande and Monray. I am, air, very respectfully, your obedient servant, Z. TAYLOR, Maj Oon U S. A. Commanding. The Adjutant Gsnibal of the Army, Washington, D. C. [tbanslation.] The movement you are makins with the forces under jur command leave* no donbt that your object la to inide thia city, aa hare bean the greater part of the towna Coahuila by the troope wbicb have advanced to Modova. The want of arma in thia State leave* me no aaaaaa > eppoae force to force, and will enable you to occupy la capital without oppoiition, and compel me to retire am it; but in doing ao, 1 ought, and 1 deaire to place upi record, in the moat authentic manner, thia pro teat, 'hioh I aoleranly make, in the name of the State of Cohuila, againat the government of the United Statea of in North, for the uaurpetion of the territory oocupied y their arma?for the outragea and damagea which may scrue to the peraona and property of the lnhabitanta of reae defenceleaa towna?tor the irjuriea the public inireata may auffer? and for all the evila conaequant upn the moat unjuatifiabla lnvaaion ever known to the rorld. Ood and liberty. Saltillo, Nov. 18, IMS. JOSE MARIE DE AOU1RRE. lajor General Tat lob, General-in-chief of the army of tne United Statea. HEADquABTeaa, Abmt or Occvravioe, 1 Camp near Monterey. Nov. 36, 1948.J Sir : I have te report that 1 received ofltaial inform*ion laat evening of the occupation of Tampico on the 4th lnatant, by the naval forcea under Commodore Pery. I had before learned from the Mexican newapepera hat the garriaon had been withdrawn on the 37th of Ocober. On the reaoiaition of Commodore Perry, who brought ha drat intelligence of the occupation to Braxea Santia;o, Mgior General Patteraon promptly gave ordera for -ieut. Col. Belton'i battalion (8 companie*) to proceed to nd garriaon Tampico : and alao took meaaurea to ahip hither a aufficient ?upply of heavy ordnance and provtion*. There ordera have been fully approved by me, nd I have directed a regiment of volunteera to be added a the garriaon, the whole to be under the command of a rigadiergeneral, probably Brigadier General Shield*, rho ia new here, and wili eoon report te Major General attereon. I propoee atill to throw forward a foroa aa far aa Vic ?ria, with the view ol examining the country, and per' icularly the pane* which lead from Linarea and other ointa toward* the interior. I *h*ll take the earlieit occeaion to reply to the com...n;An<;An Af tU. a.flrAteaii Ar w?. ,ut./l nit am obliged to postpone't for day ar two. I am, air, very reapectfully, your obedient errant, Z. TAYLOR, Major General U 8. A , commanding, fbe Adjutant Ukrkbal of the Atmy, Washington,D C. liaadhvaatkas, Armt or Oct-uraviow, ) Camp near Monterey, Dec. 8,1848. j Sir : Aa I expect to march in a lew daya for Victoria, consider the present a proper occasion to explain somewhat in detail the dispositions which have been made, ind which are contemplated, for the occupation and deeDr.n of this frontier. With this viow I enclose a sketch, ixhibiting the line from Tarns to Tampico. and showing low a portion of that lice ia naturally marked by the :hsin of the "Sierra Madre." It will hn seen at ocae, that San Luis Totosi is a posi:ion almost equally distant from the pointa of thla line. This would give a force at Sun Luis a great no vantage >ver us, were it nut for the nature of the country and he communications; the region between San Luis and ho mountains being scantily supplied with water and .ubkistence, aud the road by Saltillo and Montaray baing hn only practicable route tor artillery across the monnaina. Without artillery the Mexican troops ara not at ill formidable, and I think have but little confidence In hemsnlves. I therefore conaider the positions of Ssdtillo ind Terras ss of prime impoitance. With an intarmaliate post at Pulos, and the means by a good road of rn>idly uniting if necessary, I deem the colusnns of Brigatier Generals Wool and Worth quita equal ta hold that tank of the line I shall, however, reinforce the lattar Jeneral, particularly in cavalry, and ahall establish a -eserve at this place to support the advanced positions, ihould the movements of the enemy require it. Brigadier General Wool is understood to be now at Parras with his column?say -J400 strong, with six guns. Brigadier General Worth has his head quarters at SaltU 10 uis commauu coi.shook ui uwiiiuiu i*vu|jw, ?|m* tight gum. I propose to reinforce Lin by two regiments ol volunteer foot, and a pottion of the Kentucky cavalry. Lieutenant. Kearny'? company 11 all the regular cavalry force 1 can assign to him at preaent. At Monterey will be the nead quarters of Major Geneial Butler, commanoing the reserve. Two companies ot artillery, and one of the weak infantry battalions (4th) will composo the garrison ol the place The troope of General Butler's proper division (Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky) will be at this point, and in echelon on the route henoe to Camargo and the mouth of the Rio Grande, except those which may be ordered to reinforce General Worth, as ebovo indicated. Tampico is now garrisoned by eight strong companies of artillery, and the Alabama regiment ol volunteers, say 1 000 effectives. 1 consider this force quite sufficient to hold the place, controlling, as we do, the harbor.? Between Tumpico and this place, Victoria offers itself at once as an important position to be held by us. It is the capital of the 8tate of Tamaulipas; it is situated at the debouche of a pass through the mountains, and it lies a port, Hoto la Marina, whore we shall piobeMy be able to establish a convenient depot. It also threatens the flank of the Mexican army, should it adrnnce from Han Luis. These considerations attracted my attention to Victoria, before the surrender of Tumpico; but I now ileeaa it more then ever important; for I have reason to believe that a corps of observation ii in that quarter under the orders of Ganeral Urroa, having il* hsedqnsrters perhaps at Tula, ami sending forward advanced parties as far aa Victoria. 1 have therefore changed nothing In my original purpose of moving en Victoria, believing it important to occupy that point, and knowing that any surplus force would then ba in position fort ba ulterior views af the government, shonld any further operations on the gulf ooast be ordered. Major General Patterson has accordingly been instructed to march from Ma<amorae on Victoria, with three regiments of voluntcsrs from bis division, one being the Tennessee horse. I propose to move from this point, say by the 19th instant, with the regular troope now here under Brigadier General Twiggs (earapt those to be left in garrison as above,) and the regiments 01 uecfsrn ranerion ? ajviPiun uau?i wun? di?r (Jvneral Quitman At Mont* no oreloe, f\* mile* from this, I (hall * fleet Junction with Riley, who ia bow there, anil incorporate with the column the -Jd Tenneaaee regiment, tinder orders for the! place. With thla augmented force I expect to effect a junction with Major Ganeral Patteraon I elore Victoria it After aitablithing a depot, il it he found practicable ,at Soto la Marine, examining the peaeea or the mountains, and making euch diapoaitiona a a may be found nacsaaary for the aecurity of the poaition, it ia my intention, unleea otherwiae inatrncted, to return with a portion ol the regular ieroe, and eatabliali my headquarter* in advance of Saltilio, which alter all I conalderto ba our moat important point. You wili perceive that one affect of the arrangemeata above indicatal wi. 1 be to throw Major General Palteraon with the troopa of hia appropriato dkvialon ITeuoea aee, llliuoia, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia) on the left, and uoai the coeat, while Major General Butler, with hia divt?ion, o;cupiaa the line of communication from the Hie Grande to heltillo Intelligence received this moment from Salullo repreaenta all qulat in front We have re porta ef a revolution in Mexico, ombiociug two or three Statea, and directed againit General Hanta Anna, but tha information does not coma In an authantlc form. 1 am, air, very roapectfully, your obedient aervant, /, TAYLOR. Major General IT. ff. A comd'g. Tha AnJCTaaT Otwr ait of the army, Washington,0. V. (To kr Centinvtd ) Tho polk a authoritio* of Now Oris ant, lataly mad# a doacent on a numlier of gambling aatabliahmanta in[ cfty. Barxilio Morano, Theepniloa Pilleroo, Achelle Couioelle, and Antonio Venota, who kept a gambling kouae for fraa nogroea, gave bail In tha sum ol VI aaah, lot tholr appearand beforo ;?ffga McHa rr I

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