25 Mart 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

25 Mart 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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thU ' 1,'mday) afternoon, at 8 o'clock, from No. Q0? Clime : it- ot, corner Monro*. O V . -Isy evening, 33d inatant, Michael Wkalsh, Id the 4,' J year of hi* age, after a short illness H.a friends nnd acquaintance, and those of the family, are re?pcci|ully invited to attend his funeral, tins day, (Thursday,) March 34th. at o'cloi k, flora his late reaideuca. at Harlem, on tke 31 Avenue, between 133d and 1331 Htrre'a /iw/ ivj mei/AND. TREASURER'S REPORT ccuuuucd for March 18, '9, a#,a', ?J and 14:h II a*-ivcd. March tStk, by th? J ur-itl of Commerce, from ' 1'woatli-d.oyii.g little-girla" of Kbiuebeck, lru cheae co. $10 By llob'r Donalilaon, Jr ?T If.arle $10; Johh Rice $15; ceah $10, (I. t g, (i, $i?total $i0 Kr, in Frmcia \V'ea?e!a, of Broome a'rert, $50: from Bernard MeCu'tin on accuuit of Jamea Ko a-y. $V); from Ht. Mah-w'e Eyirc pil church, Bed O'd, Weatcbrater uo. Rev. A H Pirtiidge, y ,a or. by Mr Jay, $10 25; from the cttts'na of I) ii a I d < in v 1 It Killiogley, ' onn, by J O Cliamba-laio, t02 JV. L. uia $i R?re<ve<t lark by R I'oualdmu, Jr, from ^Vood it cb-ldoa, $55: caah?l,$l, $), $5, $3, $5, fl?total 1} ' Mwi IT Orimi?l| from Jaa. Pnrdgia*a, Joo BloomfielJ, and S m'i flverl ,, rtnimitlee of tlie couth Band lud'aSllt 33; from Mrurice Wur a, aecoud donation. $35; from Miaa M M?Kc?, VV, t eville. Va. $10; iiom the people ofCarbondile, Pi by Ptt'k Mi flit $Jit;contributed ny the agenta and d nera- f ihn Marli ui railr.ad co. byJHDykea, f.eaidcut, $75: Apal-.rhicolj $i. Kcc'd 20th. by Kaouisu C Tucker, from the Protectant Epuro,i,J -hutch of tne Holy Croat, Troy, Retr Juo J Tuck er, patio-. $ 08 IIV Hbo aldton, Jr, from D K & Ho, $5; ceah $5; rcceired from A >1 I' Si; ft.nn A B $1; from Mr ii $ 9 By M H Giinnell. C W Lawtri c* etd A H Michle, committee f mu Ueo bmi'h, Treat V i,l < be Commiltea ofihe cat anot f Chicago drift on Ktrncti-ui St ceo'.t for $1817 14 By th? "on A H Mickle, Mayor, from Cltrel-uiJ, Ohio, $121 la?; from .\1ra Martha Bayle? Si Received tJd. from He'oruied I'urch Church, Kiudernook, Rev B? j Vau Zindt. Ptator, by Jolm Blain, ttq. $it> 80 By Huydam. -Mage lit Co lium ci'iarneif Kurt Wiine, Indiana, by A M ni'liou, $119 From Ht l'aul'a Church, Harlem. K-v. John Walth, rattor.2d dontiou. $19. Itecrlred 23d, from cit'teua of Laiiaingbnrgti, N Y, by check fri m 1* M Ci*rbin, Trtteurer, $1 5. , _ _ From 't < church, Newington, Conn, Rev J J Bruce. i a?Mir, ?ti 31. tineiucing V (or Hmtrh Keltef Ktitd, paid to MrJ..hn I Palmar,at directed) $Jf 37. In a lat er fiom *t m, $10 Krom tlia * ongrevntipnal Society <-f Ksrex. (1 nu, hv Edward W Pratt. $93 75 Krom the Mathodiat Hocietv of Eaiax, do, by do. $3050. Krom the ciltt-iis of MontKoiPery, Alabama. N K Benion. Mayor?Wm Knox, Richard Jones, Ju E Scott. T T Oer?)d, I H Murphy. J D Hoy Psr, a nvnittre, through Wiener It Gala, $l,3(i4 06 Kroio Mir m 1>?re of the Kranklin etreet, mnaaogue. by the He* 'l' 91 l'ance, $80 Krou Hanry Pack, Erg.and tha eor. eommittaa of t^e New Hatr?m licliet Society, being thait thild donation. $3t7. From <) V Edw?-ds, Treasurer of Commitraa at Plattabury, $ .0, Ire* (20 25 p>id ae directed to Johu J Palmer, Treaenrer. f hcotch Belief fond) $1075 By H M Benedict, from the Congregational Society of We.tport,Conu., $21. By rev Mt Baylry, froia Biehop Hughea, collection! in the f (lowing atnnlie Churches;? Syracuse Rev Mr Haae, Pastor 2 350; S-lina. Rev Mr Haae. Paatar, $31; S?liaa, Key Mr < Jnerilr t, Paator, $13 51: Chnroh of the Holy Radramar, N 7, Iter M Bumpier, Peetor, $01; Madison, N J, Rev Mr Tnneh, Pa-tor. $137; Aabura, Hev Mr O'Haher'y, Paator, $31; Peughkeepsie, Rev Mr Reardtn, Paator, $91?Total, $t';5 33. From the Fifth Associate Reiormad Presbyterian Church, F"t- kl.a atreat, New York, Her Mr Peter Gordon, Paator, $57 7 7. From M Wilcox, Demofolie, Alabama, by C Phelpa It Bliar, $30. Oy the Won A H Micltle, '.Mayer of N Y (3)? Krom A W King, Michigan, $10; a German Merchant, $5; eontributien fmm inhabitant! of Thompeoavi'le, Conn., $223?in all $337. From Alex H Stevene. M D, $35. Krceived 2lth. in a letter prut marked " Canaan. Conn, March 23 ' $3; trom K A Hale, Haitford. $5; contribution of aitizens of New Britain, Conn, in a letter m m H Stanley, $ 89 16 Hv R Donaldson, Jr?B M Caaiidy, $30; CC,$10. From John Larwell. Chairmen of the Co *mittee ofCitiseui, Wooi'er, Ohio, by Bibcock It Co, $117 01, loa returned t6 Mr Phei. ix f r the Scotch Relief Kand, |2 04?$96. From Bicphen Mo< re, Hillibrough, N C, $39. Fioui hie Honor A H Mickle, Mayor, fiom tha inhabitsata of Huntington LI. L B Oakley, K M Ounklin. T Woodhull, Usury a A bcudurr, and Henry Smith Committee,$291; co-- -nbu ed fr. in mliabitanta of Sing Sing by David '1 eat, $4150. Jamea I. Jaekfn, i'oe founder, 315 Stanton at-cet, and hit me", by Edward Luff, $34; Urorge Harrison, by George McBrid-, Jr, $50; Jamea McBrida $10; It H, 5 Total rea-ipta of money to Wednesday, March 34, inclnairo, $101,370 30. MYNDFRT VAN SCHAICK, Treasurer. ' The afternoon and, weekly papers which can affo d to pobli.W,.. nr,k.... ?ill ..I...- ? . ?<m tw... r mi 11 in LUST, ON the 94th instant, in Nuuti street. between Fallen end John streets, in the moraine, between 10 and II o'clock, a Fif.y I ollar Bill The finder will be liberally rewarded and receive the th uks oi the owner by returning the same to Mr K. Dolano" ski, 140 Waverly Flaee w?The bill was on the Mechanics' Baukicg Aadociation. mlS U?a. money found. 'PHE OWNER can have it by calling npon LordlcTayX lo-. S3 <'ath-riue street. in>5 lt*r TEN DOLLARS KKWArtD. LOHT, en ihe23d inst, in Wall street,* small pocket book, containing two ?M bills, and about $3u in aoiall bills. The above reward will be paid on le tviug the pocket boek and iti contents a: the office ol this paper. H. O. DE FOB.FIT. ml} 3t*r 113 Msrehants'Excnange WANTED, BY a Protestant Qirl, a situation as plaiu cook, washer and irnuer; would h re no objection to general hensework in b small family; good references given, Apply a 97 Charlton stroi t. m2i lt*r TO MERCHANTS. SITUATION' WANTED, as Porter in n store, by a trustWertty, ItNSgWHS(Genua) ol s<ber and indnalrioua habits, e'tnaliy euii<ie> ed, and who can produce good re fer nces. For particulars address to box 230 P. O , or call ai*90 fairl street. up stairs. ml} 3tso *rc W\ nTED?A situation by a respectable and healthy kotug Worn u, as Wet Nnnr, or would tiavel with a Lady, and take the charge of children, (jood reference give- fl-use uqtiire rt 193 Frtnkliu street. m23 U?r WANTED"; IN A FAMILY that does net rem tee on the first of May, by a I tdy st.d her dtagl tee, s parlor and bed room adjoining. wi n board, m (he vicinity of St. Paul's or tht Park. Adi ess Y. A Z.at he office ol this paver, mt31i*r WANTl 13? A limatien by a Gentleman of energy and I..O., address, and who can refer to men of known woitli end standing in socieiy in this city: han no objection to level frr a>y i m, commercial or utherwiss, as correspondent or cLfideutial agent or to superintend a public or piieaie couceru. -Lddrcsi, U F. CHILL), 00 Proapect street, nr .rkli n in 13 3ter WANTED. A SITUATION by a respectable yoneg married woman, as Wet Nunc?naa a child two weeks eld The best ofciir lelereccea given,ou applying at IU4 Madison street. ni^i2t*r WANTED. BY a Y 1 rg Wcbmi, a abortion at aeamatren ornurae, iu a tinall priTKie family. The brat ot city releieare giyeu a* to obr.'ar'tr ami rapacity. rleaaa apply at 2M Molt at. Hint' o r??v/ ti?il..viA!N ? A lady havicg Kurui a. tare 10 fui.iith alarge h.naa, would like to mike orjra ,?eiren'? with a nnuiber of gemlemeu to board, or to keep no air fnr them lie would t.ikr a bona# iu any peri ol the city ik'T wc old prefer. A pleaanat nod comlcrtabla home wm'd I n i,,>u,ed Additaa ouJ 3i*rec EXCELSIOR. Taat Office. N B. The brat of rcfercafea gi? en and required NXTI 10K,. AT A MEETING OF JOURNEYMAN C*ULKt.Kfl, r 1 New Yoik a id JB ooklyn, bald at Lanicl Higher, U9 Aladia- a ?jr?rt rn Monday rr i i--ir, March 22d, 1*47, it aeaa Knelrrd u>i oie oiialr. that on andefur March the Nth, we deaia,.d % . '15 par day tor nur I ibnr. j*. H?,\ tor,'tr g aaill be hrId a! ti e above onThnradny ?tr ma, March Jiih, at ( o'clock precisely. By order ef the JVendeit WM. KaOUE, Sec-'tnry. n?2b U't DIAMOND POINTED GOLD PENS-SI 25 f.irtne acme uncle io,<J elsewhere lor SI,)0.?J. Y SAVAGE, 92 t ulruu atreet, like made a atill fu'ther reduction in the pr era ofhia field I en a?he ae la for$1,2lrbe tame p-.u rold eliawhtre at $1,19. Th* gei uiae Bag ley may be had for $2 o I' ; thrywre the cheapest praa in the world m2S lt*r J\lli.W YORK CASH TAILORING EsiABLISH1a M ENT, No. 72 West Broadway and No. 92 t hatch a'. Gai t emma garments madam tha m at appri,yct| French aiyle on ike follow tag raaaonaMe tertnr. Fi..e Frenr h Lloth Ureas Cents gli; brock Coata do from $ilto$!(; French j Casaimere Tents S4,tt to$J,M; Dreae Vest ofai,t<e 13 to $4 10. 8. It J WYANl , m 9 lm*rh No 72 Weat Broadway and 9) Charch at. f|70 *PIP CHANDLERS. DEALERS IN NAVAL ' 1 STONES CAMPHINE AND HOAP MAKERS j Itc ?The uudertigaed haying anecaedrd to the buameaa of I > n-ra Cooke k Adama, lata Turpentine Diattllara. kc., it I prrpired to execute or it era to any aitant f?r t.'amphine, ?piTlta Tuiptntire, Soft Tarpeutina, Pitch, Tar, Koatn (4 ft Ihtch Kiirits Tar, Varaiahea. Coal Tar, aad every rteacriition of Naval Stores, of the firat quality, end which ha will aell < n the moat favorable tetma. Having effected anairnnuelorar wi.h Mr Thorn a Cocke, late ofttke above Irm, io ruper cirud the manufacturing aad diatillmg depa iment, ihe uu ,era need Itals ataared that kia aniclas will ba found rqu-l, u nut aapariar, to thaie of ray other honae in the Lolled Mates JAS. T. TAPSLOTT, Snceeaaor to Cook* k Adama, 99 Sonik street We take thia opportunity of addreeeiag onr eld fiends and eu t"?nrrain he1 alfol Mr. J. T. Tapacott. to whomweaaoet eo.uiali' rae> aamead them for any article iu hia line, feeling ajaered f , m < ur Ion* acquaintance with hiai (he haying baea fmin, rly iu our honae) and tha faailitiet ha poaaaaaea of bang able t eiva eaiira aatiafactlon to all wha may favarhim wi.h thtir t.rde.s. TIIOVAS COOKE, rnPir B.ADAMS. DALLEY'3 k CON NELL'S PAIN EXTRACTOR C'OUVlltY marak?f can be anppl.ad with the tree I J article*, in nay quantities, and at prices that cannot fail | 0o enit BBKaaiaia aw eea ,v. ? w.? .1 twiu Mrnuiur, U)l ! cumber, (>o. 21 Uourthndt itreet,) rj.a?t^lwty?l>ji inufht. i fg.B ? Wniitei 2j to 10 travelling ngenu from different 1 eie^ tu fnrni?li hi? owti fl# ln?#re FkF.NCH MADDKR j j^LWAYS on hand and fur aale by ^jieK',ni'f mil IWrn _ Wumm. MUSKETS AND PISTOLS. 1 riAO Ship Muaketr 1 *I0M Anter'ran Banded Mnaketa.wtUibayoneta complete in the moat perfect order. UMipiirShip Pi?t'?le. Ion Reiotringt barrel 1'iatola. 100 llnwie Kn era 3fln Pontile barrel Fowling I'lecea ICO 8i-gl* do do Si>oitin* artirlea, Una materiala, Toole,ilu!., ererv thing required b? the 8p"rttman or Onnamilh. For gale bv IM I in -re A W HPIKBfc rO.P1 Maiden Lane. (1 YRII8 W. KrEt.D It C(V, No I Hurling slip, oiler loi J late a Ir.rge e>ao tmnnt of Printing Writing, Wrapping, Hardware, Kuvelope. Harping, and rrnnred Paper. I'aper of anv ai/.e or qnxliry m ? to order. The 1.igha?t market prieea paid ill reah for rage, bagging. b ' iei e cm ,. ii, i) iy paggina. eraaa rr.rie em ...a-it ? rr in u'ii rn;>ir Micuf*- toier'n ?t?>eh Vy ( Villi* W VtfeLD ft CO, fi4 Im^ri Nn. 9 Hnrline t'lo N V jSt-.V/ i-Arr.R HANOlN<J8 4k WINDflW BHaDJCS. ink Co , No 171 Ptnil ?treit, 1VPO I Kit ml iiimi ricraiiii,luii jut opritd iftn I i nn-.iv* ?u|<il ( 'vfry it>li ? J 'juklity of Am*rieiu I nil frrur'n r ftr H*qk>'ii:*. D m>fc'irobosrd l'riota, ml ; v . r i.dow or *tn impcr Also, * rlmdirt f.?torim?rt of Pun'*,l \Viiiilnw Hh d'?, iuil find r* f?r 'h* me, wt.l lithe. nlToi to inercliuita. deileit, Ri.d ? I r ? n' tli' i v? V III ii prlcd. I'7 1m* ! CU?TOM HOUMK. NhW 7 UBK, / < ullrrlnr't Miirnh f 1. IMT J > TO'I'ti PV? Pe-?tiin h nn| ?"r<N in the imlilie ?:ore, No. J'* 8.1 V; i 11 t 'li itri (I, menotifted rh?t on 'he list M*rrh Jn r ' - ?'! r?Triininu in Mid ?to ? will he r*mo?ed to th? I i' d * '"-ondrd Wvikmiif, c rner of Hio ilw*v ' .< ' . I'i c?, si lit* ink uid etpecie of the owner, i l, nn* ? "I ?gei:t. . * pltlbltC V LA WHENCE, Col'r. I 1 OFFICERS OF THE ARMY AND NAV1 lr V i.R v thin* 12 reentry for filling the c*o>p chest or m A-* dl? b?f, in tw m ft compact fo-in: Dressictf Cases, cvt ian m* every article lot mi to tct, and in the iinallaat coir pane: Compact Writing i ntra; Dinner sets for the pocket water-ii oorMoney Bella; Clasp Koivet; Dit m'a celebrate Drain rinks: trtv'lling inirror't pocket Inkaui-daiUrld I en ,u cat..; Leather D o ling Cup.^e^ uill 2t*rc 171 Brnadwsy, eornercfCm'tlaud ttraet. I A1L> IO SCOTLAND TAHE Committee of Arrangements of the Concert held > the Tanernaele on the It'i inat for aid to the Highland of Scntl md, will hold a eetirg to morrow evening,Than day. 13'h. at half paat seven o'clock, at the bouta of Ml auldwrll. 101 Bayard atraet. Al thota holding tietetear i, cjtetl'd to e ll and ta'tle up their aciou'ts, as this is in tended fu- the I ait meeting pre* out to reo>itting the fuuda t their declination. r*uc nl attcidauce it lolici'ed. By o-derol the Pie idenl, D KODCHTSON. J Me^liEBSOM, Beeretary tnl42 *rh POCKET bOuK LOS r. ON Morday everinr, either in ene of th? Warerly line o aUgcs. or bet ween Pink Place aud Murray eircct, cot tuning a small amount of money and trari us memoranda A liberal reward will be given if f und at d let at the Talt graph Newa Kootn, Pott'a Buildings, corner of Beaver au< Uauorer strtetta mil 3t fh TO BANKERS. M ICBC HANTS, PATRONS OK PUB 1 LIC INSTITUTION* AND OTrtEHS-An activ, man, forty ait yeara ot age. yet p 'stealing couu 'erable euei gy, and etcellent business habits, and guslifl 'icons, who ha beeu for a great no 'be of years engaged in the dry g >oda bo tinesa (In which, however, he has not been sar.cetsfu!) am who can give reference to many of (ha first homes in this city and elsewhere, as to sterling integrity and irreproachibli moral character, wants a l.armanenr r?? ? where the cuio umrut would be from $100 to $<V0 per annum A lew hues addressed B.N. 11., Brooklyn Poet Office, wil be immediately attended ti. mil 3t?rc UNION MUTUAL TNSUKANCE COMPANY Tlti: Coiporat-rt of this institution, on Satur d w the ID b of Mrrch, 1847,li?reby give uotice that v bool will be opened tan day. *t No. il Wall ttieet, for sue c'ription t?the c?i it?l nock ofloo.oeo dollars. u required b< ihi rharrer, for the bn?ioe?a nl' Marine Vruurortation am N via uioii Kitkt. and alto for Kire lQ'kt, the profit* ti bedivide t between the Mtockhnldera and tboae doing bnai ueat w ill the institution A bonk wi t alao be opeu to re rem applications I*-r insuraiieav, and continue open til M>uday ui truiug, Wih iuat., to whiah tiaia the tiaiteea ban adjourned to complete the organisation, lie. TaOITEEI. Richard M. Laurence, Htei ken Allan, Lambert 8uydam, Jamas O Wai", Joseph Boat:baud, Edward K Collins, Paul Spoffurd, Kerdiosjad HuVdaaa. Hrth Uroaveuor. Abraham Q Tboaapann, i John P. Neamiifc, N. N Walfe, i bhepherd Kuapp, (Jeorga Rat*We, ' Knwiu Hoyt, Johu Van Neat, K T H. Oibaon. Robert A Kobertaoa. C H Hand. And other Trniteea ta be ?aaoci*trd I mH 6t ewh LAMBKRT aUYDAM, President. I JUST PUBLI9HKD. THE SPIRIT OF 7?.~ ENGRAVED ON BTEEL, br H 8. Hadd. from th< painting by T. H. Matteann. aixa of the plate, 22 iucbe 1 by If, on fin# paper, 31 inches by J4: pints $1; proofs on lndi paper $3. J. NKAu, 56 tlarmindat. N. Y. mil St'rh , PRbMlUM WALNUT OIL SrtAVlNliSOAP CAUTION?A counterfeit artiela of our celebrated Wal nut Oil Military Shaving 8oap it now being offered room the city by a person teprFsentiiig hitnsalf aa our agent. Wi hateby taatmn the public ucainit being deceived with it. am bag to state that we have no agents whatever, nor h?s any oni any right to naa our names on the lahe a 'I he genuine soap manufactured by the inventor, Or P. D. Vroom, haa our fai simile signature to each label, mil I m * re VROOM A FOWLKH i ? | NEW TEAS, OLD JAVA COFFEE. GROChBIF.8, Be., at Wholesale and Retail.-J. O KOWLKH is daily receiving from Auction ehoiei | new Green aud Black IVs, Java and other Uoffeea, Whiti and Brown Sugars, aud family Uroeeriea of all kinds, whiet he ia offering at a amall advance ou the wholesale pricea Families ana dealera ir ira the country wonld do well tc call aud examine the above atock of gooda before pu'ehar inc. Stores Noa. !W> and 421 Greenwich anil7( Veaey atreeta N. B Gooda packed and delivered to the boati wilboul charge. m23 lm?rh CHEAP FOR CASH. FAHRKNS, Draper and Tailor. SOX Ann atrert, beca tc iutorin hia patrons aud the public iu general that he hai on lliaia very largff aaaortmcnt ol French Clolha, laasi merea. Doeakina, Veat<nga. Be f ir the c ming season.whicf having been purchared entiiely for rath, will be made np ii the brat poaaible at* le 25 per cent nnder Broadway pricea. No humbug?ral andaee w23 lm*re CAST OFF CLOTHING AND rUANlTUKIi WANTED. L ABIES and Gentlemen having any caat off or superflom clothing or furniture to diapoae of, ean obtain a fair caal price for the aame, by aeuding a note, or by calling on tlu aubacriber, at hia residence, or through the poat, which wil bo punctually attended to. H. I)E BOER, 71K Canal at. ffp Stairs. N. B ? Ladiea can be attended to by Mra. De Boer. Old etock and job gooda bought, of any description ant amount. mil lm*rh TO WINDOW SH vhE MANUFACTURERS AND LITHOGRAPHERS. A PAINTER, recently arrived from Europe and who hai been level a) yeara iu Home, wiahea to find permanenl employment,either in a window ahado painting establishuirnt, aa l,*ndaaape Painter, or in a lithographic eatabliah1 ffiei t. aa Draughtsman. Enquire of in233t*rc LOUIS FERRET, 33 Jphn at. upatara I J. STOUVENEL U CO., AV 29 Quid afreet, and No 3 John afreet, near Broadway MANUFACTURERS, wholea?le and retail dealara in CHINA, GLASS, AND LAMPS, for oil and lard; Oat Fixturei of every daicriotion. Solar and Ore Lamps, Chaadeliare, Brakata, Girandoles, Candelabraa, Be , Be. Private Home*, Cbnrchea, and Hotalf, fitted np with Oas, at a gr?at rednetion in prio*. aud all aiticlaa wa'r.uted. A complete ataoriment of the richeat cat, pteeeed and plain Glass constantly on hand. All the above articlei made to order, and a'l kinde of Glaai Ware mitched to anypatteru. Lampa alt*'ed and repaired. Oooda loaned o parties. Oil at wholeeale aad retail. New eiyle of Hall Lamps and Lauterna. Par.k.tgea for the country aentfrae ol expense. I u>23 Im'n IN PKESS and will be published tomorrow?Price (M reuta?A Lecture on the anieeedeut liaoiaa of the Irian Famine in Ig47, nelirered by the Kighr Rev. Bishop Huetina D. D , at the Broadway Trbernaele, M?reh 2U 1147. rnuiDli imoiniii | in23 Jti?*re 151 Fulton street. ri. Y. ! DOMBY AND SON?GRATIS! 'B^HE Bixth part of M'. DICKENS' new story (received 1 by the Hibernia) will be published in an LJCTR.A of Mnrrii V. Willis's liOMK JOURNAL of this weak, and ; distributed to all it* readers with jut ch.irge. Thou* who wiih to commence taking the paper with thia number, will have an opportunity of doing ao.aanehwe Inr rated the edition for the accommodation of new sub| ac iber*. The publication of " Lomby and Son" will he continued aa heretofore, without any abridgement of the ; usual centenr* of the paper. Each part will be issued in an I JLxTaa a* toen aa it reachas thia et uutry, and diatrilmted gretuttonaly to the anbaenbera of the " Home Journal." By ' thia arrangement our iMMWriWUi receive this popular story , at tha earl rat poaaibla d te. and aooner than it can be issued I by anyol tha bo >kaellera ef pabiishiog houaea in the cenu1 try. To new subscribes remitting a year'* aubacription ($2) iu adyance, we willaend tbe five parta airetdy out, gratia. , The " Home Journal" for thr prraent week contains a continuation if 'he new end heautife' atory of-' The D.airt of 1 n Ltle."a " Tale <f die I eign of Terror;" a " Huperatitinu of the Kast;?" Hketch " by ijrace Oreenwood; an eiqmsite \ Poe by tha Key Mr.'Hoyt; o Poem by Whittier; th>- Mmc?n Newa; the Newa by t> e Hiber- i i; the nana! melange of sifting* of nowa, brevities, yarietiea. atecdotr. Hud gossip, lie. *ic. Office of publication, No, 107 Fulton atrret fiKU. P. vfOHUm. m*Htia?th N. P. WILLI* | KOBE**, M<?DES, AND FANCY ARTICLES. 17 UODEFUOV.349 Broadway, corner of Leonard atreet, a will cp*n on Ihuiadav neat, the 15th insisut, her ! assortment of Paris Spring Milliuery and ladiea'article* in general. m23 li*r IMPROVED MAGNETIC MACHINES. \ MOORE HEAD'S GRADUATED MAGNETIC MACHINE. 'T7HI9instrument it an important improremant oyer all 1 other forma of manufacture, and ha* been adopted by the edicalpmleaaion generally, aa the moat effectual magnetic machine in use It ta parfeetly aimple in conatruetion, and therefor* not Itab'a to act out of order, u i* lb* cue with aiinilar initrumenta. It admita of perfect control, and eau be niDuaTEDto any power adapted for any infant, or autfieient for tbe atrongeat adult, at tht plaaaure of the operator. The magnetic force I* imparted in a continuona manner, and with no nnpleeaant aeniation to the moat delicate patient. It require* no aseieunt in its use, and is, in every reaped, perfectly haimlee*. Each machine la compactly arranged, with the battery and all necetaary appliance*, pot nt> in ueat rosewood case* Accompanying each are full direction* regarding ita nae and application. O"" Owing to the facilities posseaaed by tha subscriber the Graduated Magnetic Machine* are aeld it prices equally lew as th ae charged for inferior nrtioles. They can be readily aent to any pari of the country. Price of the maehinei, |9 $13 and fit each, according to site iud flniah; and each instrument ia warranted. Many "f t^e cures performed by thia maehine aretrnlv wondnlul. aome if them in diaeaara of the moat tedious and painful r liaraccrr known <o the medical profe<sion. In all nervous complaint! the effects are almost magical, I'h- ticiana and others aie cautioned against purchaiing the imitations ol that* Machines, under whatever name, aa -hey wit1 be found ?f li tie or no v-lur. Manufactured and for sale, wholesale and retail, by D O. MOOHHEAD m lm#r l?3 Bmndwuv, New York* G. B CLARKE, MERCHANT TAILOR, lid William atreet, opposite tbe New Mi ores?I Sutler invas'f ih't I have neeee ? > garment to meaturr, t,-at the porehaarr haa not recommended me to hit tr<eud*. and 'hey to their'*, ao that my baaiueaa inere?*ea in a geometrical latio. It ahall be mv endenvor to giro atill greater atiiefaetion. 1 ha germs " Sack" kept ready made Kineat Kr*neh Lireaa Coat* made to meaiure * Lowerqttalitiaa, $14. It, 18 A few Overcoat*. Cne, atili left, priea tic Alt lendi hontht and aold for eaah mJJ l!t*ie CHERRY PECTORAL. ~~ rpH 18 elegant and urpaaaiocly eicellent remedy for cold*. I. concha, eonaninption and (ill affection* of the throat and lung* fold in New York by Hoadley, Ph'lp* It Co., 1(2 Wa'er it; Rnihtoo k Co., Br adway ; Henry Johnaen, Apothecary, corner Chamber* ttrert and Broadway; J Milhau, IIS Broadway: J. It A. Maakim, Sit Broadway, and drnggiata thronghont the United State* and Canada*. The formula af thi* preparation haa been published in the poblie medical jonrnali, and haa reeeieed the highett commendation of leyeaal medical eollegea and aehool* in the United State*, a* well a* the diatingniahed medical ao'horitic* nl" Brittah A marie e f>t lm*rh COAL ?PJSACH "ORCHARD, RED ASH, LAHU1C iiHt, %i 50; egg,broken and ateve,$S 75,Lehigh, Inmp.tSSO; egg, atoee and nut, IS 75; theae are oaah price*, leu SO eta. for enrage. My coal* are all under aheda and dry, re-eereened from my coal yard, 2M K.liaabeth atreet and eorner of Ham- I meraley and Bedford atreeta. fI6 lm*re JACOB WEEKS. Jr. | TRAVbLLISa TRUNRs, fcc JOHN ('ATTNAOH, Trunk Mannfaetnrar, No. I Wall at'eeter.rner of Broadway,haa now on hand and eonatant- i ly making, a good ataortmcnt of Trnaka, Valine*. Ca'pet Bags, ana Setchcli, whole**)* and retail. Al?o, a anpe'ior article ef *o|* leather Trnnka, anitabl* for '. Ameiean or k'.nropenn Trayal, and Portmanteana for ihe French Mnllt Poll* Order* lor the Went Indira, South Am-rica, Itc , fllled with ileapr eh trh m*re MASSAFfcQUA HOU8E, SOUTH OYSTER BJtY, LONG tXT.JNTi fpilK aubacriher take* thu method to inform hi* friend* 1 and the rnblic, that he haa taken the abore honae, which 1 will o* open for the reception ef riaiieta on the 6rat day t f Ma'ch mat. aud boau will be ia readme** for treating. A rtage will Irav* fc'armmgdale oa the arrival of the mompig at d evening train of car* ftom Brooklyn or tha above i II, me C. It 8NEDKCOR, Proprietor, t.'fi "W* ' lere i.f the fW?r?r S?c M MONEY LENT. j ONfcY LKNT?The hinhait prieei tdvuetd in Urn* ! n?d ?m?l| ?nm? on (old andiilrcr w?toh??, dinmouda, pisro. Jrwrlrjr, fnrnitnro, clothing, dry (nodi, lie., ke JOHN M. DAVIF.H, T.ic.enacd pawnbroker, p. J<3 William atraei. aaar Unart. mlMm'r " ir ^n' f I 3 nnn H AL l- L A NT fc ? N a-T*e l*nr??t ?n.( n o.i " I w splendidset art met of Hill Lsteriisot cut, i- eugiavrd and stained glass, everoffered rothe public. Wbolai ; itla dealer* will please ennui cud j'id?e for themselves, ' OKOKOK t.DWAHU8. d ft 3 tt'n IM and 1 Id Nassta iitwt * PRACTICAL BOOK KEhPIN G, MO. 68 CIDtt ITtKT \f K. C. C. MAH8M, Actunil?nt, ourhor of the " Bc'ence b'X of Double Entry B>ok-Kre m( Simp iflcd," end Uie 1 Art of hiugle Entry fcook-?eepiug Improved," continues t to :e?ch ? abiire. ? Ot arie of l.istrueuou ?Tl.a publ c are reipeetfally iaforini ed and assured, that the plau l uuutd by Mr. Marsh m taec' lug 'lui imp rtaul br-uch, n truly a coarse of practice tu e keeping h??ks ra'her t* an a coarse of le lures on the theory. I- ilia pupil becomes familiar, from ae'U'il use with all the t> books constituting a set, nod e person of good capacity, will by Litis coarse become a competent book-keeper in about a cumuli, and a ill receive e certificate to that effect Prospectus with teims eaa be obtained at (he Hooma from " 9 A.M.. lot P.M. mil li't f /"A UANO.?The cargo of the brig Virginia, about three u VA haadred toua. froua South America, and from an analytic L, prmiounc*d superior to any other kind iu the market. The Unauo is dry, and will be sold to close the concern at ene | and a hall cent per pound, and icon ohject to the farm.raof the couutry. ,1'iie cargo is at Trurpell's stores, Brooklyn, near Fulton I Ferry, and samples may be teen at the office ef , ftPOFFOKD, T1LK8TON it CO.. 119 Water street. m9 lm*rh ! HOLMES KITCHEN RANGES. 1 rT1HIC proprietor has been engaged iu manafactarinf and f m. selling Kitchen iiauget for the past It ye rs. and feela J warranted to engnge that for private familial and boarding houses that there n un rauge in use at present will answer a br.iier purpose, end if not it will be removed free ol any er| peine to the purchaser. N uraerons references can be given to s?y person wishing to pnreltase Prices range from $15 to 11V Orates of the newest r>l.tarns fur lurlnnra. bed rooms aril offices HaiiiiiuiI Grates set. and *11 descriptions of firs works !* t built st ihe shortest notice. 1 Smoking < hiinusys cured and wsrrsuted if not cured ao " charge is made. A. OILHOOI.Y It SON, f, Proprietors and ujanu&icturera, IS Nassau street. 1 (rl) lin*r INSTANTANEOUS HAIR DYE. ; DATCHELOK'S Liquid Heir Dye, is the best article re I ; sJ offe ed for coloring the hair to a perflotly even an ? natural black or browu, without staining or mjutiug the skin i It is Mouotuiced by hundreds who hare used it, the only per , trot Hair Dye yet discovered. Sold wholesale and retail by WM. BATC. KLOK.S Wall street, uaar Broadway. fl* m*r VOltWAV IHOIN always on piaud sud for sale by the I i ' Manufacturer's Agent, O. E. HABICHT, | mill Jw*re M West street. ; QUILL FENS. GPHK Subscriber would call the attention of the public to i I. hie superior Qaill Pens, made entirely with the penknife. By long p actiee he has saeaeeded in reaehiug the greatest possible perfeotion in suiting every kind of writing, . I at the seme time they surpaie by fer, any metallic pen in elteticity and ease. They ere carefully put up in botes of Ji each, >o that they con be shipped to any part of the coun8 y, without risk of damaging the paiuts For sale by I mhl? lin?.h F TKENKAMP. No S? William stI ANOTHER CHALLENGE. ONCE M'?KE we challenge the New York hhsde dealers to compete with as in the sale ef Window Shades We are now raekiog large daily edditioae to our itock of Bhedet, j ; eud pledge ours*lres to be nndersold by none. As to tne * quality of our Shades, we have but one word to say. They | took tne premium at the late fair ati Newark, N.J. We in* ! site the citizens of New York and the surrounding conutry ' to give us a doll, and we wilt prove the truth of our assertions | DUNCKER k BEEKKR, No. 58 Chatham street, near Chambers street, ml> lm*r Naw York, I TO LAND PROPRIETORS, FARMERS, fcc. TIT" ANTED?By a married man. withe small family, the TT management of a farm, on shares. The advertiser is ' practically acquainted with ell the ruoel recent imp.ore' : menu in scotch and English agriculture, cattle, gardening, i 1 cultivation of fruit trees, kc. kc His wife has a perfect ! knowledge of the man geinent of a dairy, rearing of poultry, 1 kc. The most respectable citv reference eon be givee i Address Agricole, office of thie paper. mtt lw*rc i ! CARRIAGES. fpHE subseribsr offers fer sale an eieellent assortment of A good Carriages, all new styles, warranted rqu ,1 in q<te! lity to any thing in this market, sud will be sold st reasonable ' puces JAME9 BREWSTER, 1 ; m!8 lm*re IS and 87 Canal street. i HAVANA SEGARS. ' 9HA OAO HAVANA 8KGAH8, of the follow?VV|UV/U isi liiudi>DM Cubonos do Kegelias, do-raji*ielas, do Ladies, Colones, Cubrey. dos Compep neros, 8en Roman;La Fernandina, kc , for sale by 'I ml8 lw*c M. ANUULO.81 Newst. i I SEGARS 1 1 HAVANA AND ST. J AGO LEAF TOBACCO. I A A. SAM AN OH, 84 Broadway, up stairs, (opposite i ?\? Trioity Church) offers for sale, in lots to suit purcha* ' era, at wholesale and retail, 190 boles Havana Leaf Tobacco, wrappart and fillersI JO " Ygnany " * " 38 " Cumbarland Hrrbor, * '40 " St Jogu Leaf Tobacco 7k " I ; IS " " dark wrappery. 13 cases old Connecticut Heed Leaf Tobacco, good colon. Also, Begsrs of all broads and classes, including soma im ; po'ted expressly for private smokers, together with other* 1 suitable for the trade. Just received, a few of the new brand '!Uuspiiouaivico," imported solely by the subscriber. Orders receivd and punctually attended to for all classes i of segars. Also for snla, all kinds of Huioking Tobaeeo, o , : American, Spani.h, German, and Turkish manufacture, in ! eluding the celebrated SearfaJatti. Also, Snuffs of all kinds, including the celebrated "Corns ' HAficit" and "Nachitochks." A. A.HAMAnO, HI ltn*rc M Broadway. Up Stnire. I ' STORE OF ANTIQUITIES, ORIGINALLY at No. 38 B'osdway, has been removed to No 31S Broadway, np stairs Amateurs ard Cnnoissenr* , ara invited to call and txamina a most beautiful collection of Ancient Pictures and valuable specimens of Ivory, Pnrcelait ' j Silver, Gold, kc., which have nsver before been in rhiasrrr i Remember 3IS Broadway Mily UrricB or the Naw Yoke Kihk- Iivs. Compat. > Dr | Jt INnw Yore, Feb. !#, 1?47. '{ I Vi I) END.?The board of directum hare this dar da | ctarcd a dividend af fonr per cant pavabla to the erockbolder!, on and after the lith inat , at the office of the compi 1 1 ny, No7JW?ll atreet. The tr&nafar bookt will be cloaed until the 13th inat. By order, l 111 lro*r I) UN0KHHI1.L. Haeratnry. ' WINDOW SHA.Ufc.JSI WINDOW SHADES!! I CITY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS, Upholaterera, 1 Pcdlaae.fcc ,ean And the largest, beat, and cbaapaataa- ! antlDient of Shadea and mateiiala lor making and hanging Shadea m the eity?it KKLTY It HIKER'S Exelnsiva Window Shade i mt lm*r Store. Ill < hatham street. A. k G. ~B RA NlToW, Succeeaore to F. A. MUNDEN. BLOCK LUTTfc.R SlON MANUFACTURERS, am SIGN PAINTERS, ?0. 3 Tatert now, Adjoining tha Harlem Hailroad Office. New York. Karraartcc?Washington Stores. William street; Kathbun's lintel. Jndaon'a Hotel. National Hotel. Perain'a Uote., 1 U. 8 Bonded Warehonae, Nankin Tea Company, Itc. Ite. jal9 2niatre I * SEC ON It IVARlt HOTEL WHO doai not know thia fine LUN' H HOUSE, at No. 17 Naia'D atreet I Go in there whan yon will, nartiealarly at 11 o'ch ak In the forenoon, whs n tne table diipl it a fir iaitera, Tortle Soup, Stew. Boiled Craba. or aoina other lnicry. It la truly a capital place for Hefieshineiits : for Floyd It Smith know how to auit their Iriaoda aid euatomera At the bab you And Martin Botaer? everybody known Aim, | who ever a'opped at the Aitor Mouse, or Lnvjoy's. in tliia eity, or Colaman'a Nanonal Hotel, in Waihingtou Mart" i is like a loadstone; he drnws hta friends because'hey like the I attraction. We aay again, the Second Ward Hotel ia one of the hea t placet in the city to obtain a good Lunch, or gat an I excellent elaaa nl ale or liquor of any kind. roh'i Imr i A CURE FUR COLDS MRS. CARROLL'S Medicated Viper and Snlphni 1 Batha, 1M Fulion (treat, opposite Church etreet. A : certain cure for Celdt, Coughs, Rheumatism. Sore Threat, aud all inflammatory _dueaaea incident te tha changeable I me 01 ine weather. The bulpljir Vapor Bath partiea- i ' la-ly recommended by our fir?t pl%?iciaoi a care Tor all ! I eruptions and diseases ol tha skin. No dancer or taking cold I after the n?e of the?e battu. iniG l?*r | I A tjQOi) FITL AT * V VDFORD'S CA8H TAILOKINO ESTABLISH MENT. 127 Fulton (tract We hare joit receired a beautiful and wall aalectad assortment of Cloths, Casaimares i and V tings. auitabla for spring trade, which we guaranty to make up in garments to auit the moat difficult, aa to atyla, fits, workmanship and priaaa. It will par well for tkose netting our city to call at 127 Ful, ton atreet and aea , N. B.?Every rariaty of Outfitting constantly on hand and old cheaper than the cheapest. i SANDKOKD BROTHER. 127 Fulton atrrrt, m(lm*r nait door to tha Herald Office. | TO DENTISTS. i I FT* HF. subscriber has just received n cement (without mer ' JL cury,I lor filling teeth, invented and racenJy improved by one of the firat Surgical Dentiata in the world It ia be I lievrd to be the beat article of the kind ever offered to tha , profesaion. For aula at tha Dental Depot of JOSEPH T, MURPHEY, US Broadway. i Orders by mail, aco virg $1, can hava a jar sent by j return arpraaa 113 im*rh TISSUE PAPE#ir In/Hi REAMS White Tissue. iWvv? Iooo " aaaortadcolors. I 1400 " Pmk. JitlO Oraen. 10# " Blue. 400 " Yellow. For anla in lota to auit purchaaery by PER- St It BROOKS. f?fl r No. Si and >7 |Sa?s*u at. j ' OA LI.R Y'S PA /.V KXTRA C TOR MERCHANTS AND DHUOOISTS can obtain their spring supplies of the only geunine Pain b itractor at | oi r drpot. Liberal terma are in.ide with wholesale pur | I chasers and with agents. Fresh eertifieatea of its remarkable efficacy in Bums, Pilaa, j t Rhenmatiim, Ite. lie., Inruiahed it'ilis Wanted immediately several iravellitigagenta, with means, 1 and well racomineodtU H D \ LLF. Y It CO , i 111 lrn#rr No MS 11 nadwir 1 ervaeenTa! F|7HE Undersigned have constantly on hand a fresh auppl JL of Ervalenta, a valuable reinedr in obsn -ate cases o conatipalion. Put up in pound packages. For sale, whola ale and retail, by DKLLUC It CO., , Apotiiacaries and Chemists. Sola antcaasora to t PLACE k HOUILLARD, ni tmare N? 1 Park Row. end Ifil Rr iadwav | R rwhffVoozEN PATKNTiMHIRHKIJ MUMrKN (/.V/WVDF.HK. embracing oyer twenty atalee and pwcea, varying from below 92 to per doien, for rale 'to I . 1 johbeti and eipeitera, end nt retail, by the only mannfnetn- < rer or th* fabric in the United Statee, end eiclnaive owner of t all the patenle lor proccaaee in the manufacture of there t goods. H. H. DAY. a lit Im rr? O Courtlaadt atree iy2~BROADWAY, CORNER or JOHN WHlttT, TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES, a RlYrom the Rorton Traveller 1 f I NO'S TKRBKNA CHEAM?This shaving compound ia now all the race, aa well amonc tonaorial professors aa r among thoae who prefer to gather their own dinrnal cropa? * The h-rbera aay that n pot of it laata twiee aa long aa 'he ar m j ijnao'ityol anyother aaponacious prepa-afion -.while thoae who t save iheir aisjieurea declare that with the verbena''ream a a dull ra*.or will insure a smoother fee* thin moat ol the o)d aoapa with .1 aha p steel; hea der it ia fiaarar t to the ernae ' a r*ti<rg'o the akin, a great deatroeer i I tr .eWlea rii?ni?. he ; Knit >vh*t it belter than *11, in thcee hard timet it it'tol aim-.it for * tone. Wholettl.wi3reuil.br CHARLES H. KINO. ? flJ lin*rh Drnweitt. IM Hrnadwtv. ennier John tt. t LiauiuTlAik~bY?T i NO EQUAL?The improvement of lltd?ALEXAN- a DEri it TftlCOBAPHE, which inttaniaoeouily eolort t, the Heir* neteral Black or Brown, and civet it the benmr and elaetiaity ofyonth, and it warranted neither to wttK or y mb off, or aoil the thin. The proprietor, einee it* improve- |( ment, preaentt it to the pnbli* with the ntmott confidence at havbig no eqnal, end at * perfei t Oye. Kor eale by Rnthton It Co , Broadway ; J H Aapi ?.(.. Wilnaia ? I t"Q, Moore h Taylor, Maiden Lane i nad A B hi) Band*, * TOftr*l' T tf'oTVSiiVTO.tSKii.. 1 4Ui ?. /?<. <- a. " JACOB 8. PL.ATT. Auctions. 7HO CAbf.8 AND LOTS of M juu't patent iron, alone VrVr liiiI Krru. Ii pltiu ?nJ <:?ci rated i Km i. Ju crate* hartheuwure; 100 caaet, or 00OJ tKneu. Tumbler*. Oobleta, | " <! WmrglaaiPi 201 I'oxau J B.own1* patent (toua Junk 1 Bottle*, for ruauatacioring. Alto JO package* American Olatt ware, 100 Solar Lamp*, J16 Huapei diug *. amp*. L0 tela Tea Tray* J00 C ulor* with "ore" bo tie*. 200 g'aa* Lamp* Alio, of tlia I iteat importI tun, a large invoice ol arlver pla'.ed Waiter*, laUKra, t ake Baaaeta, t audlearirkt lie. Aim plencid Clock", Va*ea. Ornamenla, Luoking-nlaiiea, Wiudnw Curtain* ami Cabinet Furuuare; 4 large cut-glaaa t.liaidalicri, new, and liaviog teeeral iKouaai d cu'-gl**a drop*, priatnt. lie.. Alto, 200 *e.a fine ivory Kuivr* and Fork*. Alan, teveial artielea ?f aec diamoudt, tig ; Bracelet*, Pin*, I Brrwrtie*. he. , ..r Move win ne sold by J irob 8. Plait, a' tit* lustion room 11 PUet street, on Frid-y, 26 h iu?t. Sal* tixommtara I when ilia clock strikes 1(1 N.B--4m tug thase goods are s< me t.fil.0 r ch-.t Clods. V -set, Punch Howls, Ike., th<t have ever beeu imported into thi* city, Aim. wowed dimask | Wind w Curt n?? with envertug complete The *tt*utinu I nfd?er?, It oel and iteiniboat proi rielors, and ?l?o of fainilies desiring home lurnithiiig articles, ta directed to the eel*. N B ?I 'ai.iloguet ar* now ready. I.tdiea alteodiug this tale, or givrig order* far tarniatiicg, will receive "rope' atteutiou. mil If rc ROYAL (iUKLh.Y, Auctioneer SPLKNDID KMBFLLiHtle.D BuOKA?On Saturday (evening, will be sol . by ROYAL OCRLKYfc CO, Sot Bro-dwuy, curuer of Duaue ttreet.an exteatire end uncommon attemh'egt f B ignis, eootittingof auperb eolumet of modern illustrated worst, galleries, pietuieagu* scenery, an extraordinary collection of books of etabltau, in yariont langnift rery a- cient works, with engraving! by the old masters, books soiled to the artist for ornament >1 designs, in the useful aud fine arts, specitneut of esriy printing, portraits of illustrious men, work* on medals and coins, arms and armour, her,tldry. lives of emiaenr pointers, traauaea tu pat. ting and colors, diet iousuias of painters, lie. Ca sh goes sre ready; ell 3t*rrc If. I'OLTON, Auctioneer AUCTION NOTICK ? Uruteal ruruiture ? K. Coltou will sell rhis day. Thurid y, Match 11th, at 10)i o'clock, iullditreet betweeu 5th a d 6tb avauuas. third house from BrnaJwsy, the cuti.e Furniture of the house, rotapriting sofas, mahogauy chairs, centre and pier tables, dir.ius. on* piano fort#, watdrobes, French b'dsteads, girandoles, hang1 mg. astral and hall lamps, window curtains, shades, carpets, . rugs, looking glasses hat stands, feather beds, oil cloths, mattrist's, bedding, china, glass ande&rtliero ware,paintings i kitchen furniture.Itc. mil lt*r a. P. IN lilt AH AM, Auctioneer. HAMDSOMK KUKNl l CMK ?This i/ay, (Thursday) at lOJu'clork. I'tWi Greenwich street, the entire Parlor, Bed Hones and Ki'cheu Fuiuitn e, of a ftmilv giving up housekeeping, nompriaing 3-p!y aud iugraui Carpets. 1 set Lining Tables, marble t?p Ceulre Table, whoirsuy Rockers, mahog -nv and curl duplet halm, Divans, Ottomans, Hall and aii'?i u?npi, uirauiloles, tings. Sofas, imrbla t?p Bqruvi and Waili Mind, ( hint, tea and dinuar >ela, Olaas Ware, Feather Beds, French Bedsteads, Mat'rcsses, bed and table Linen, table Cutlery, Oilc olh>. Bedding, 8tovea and Pipe, cookicg meuiila, he. bale poaitive. Terms eish?cu-rent funda mli If r WILLIAM (I. MeLAUUHLIN, Auctioneer. GREAT HALE OF IMITATION AND PRECIOUS STONES, comprising upwarda el 100,000 with an eiteuaive assortment of Jewelry,1 Bilrer, and Plated Ware, and Fanov Oootia. AARON C. BURR will aell at public auetien at hia atore So. 0} Bowery, hia ?nti-e stock of valuable goods, commencing on Tanadar, the ]0th day of March, and will continue the aale until the atoek ii diapoaed or. Declare and mwn lecturers are iori.ed to attend, aa rare opportunities will be offered. The aale will commence with tha atonea On the 13th day of April, he will offer at public auction, hia cabinet of Fhells, Birda, Minerala ; SO valuable original Oil Paintinga. by old miatere; alao. a very large eollection of Engravinga, by celebrated maatera; alao,.a valuable lot of rare Old Bonks, from 100 to 300 years old. with a number of acta of Parliament, peered 10)1, in black lettete; alao a rare coilectiou of Coma, Petrifictions Antiquities, and a variety ef Uemaand Curiosi its, well wosliy the attention of connoiaaeura, being the collection of many ye ire Cataloguer can be obtained the day before the aale. mtt lw ia're ?. P INOm aHA.W, Auct.l HANDSOME FURNITURE-Thnrtday at 10 o'clock, at M (J aenwich atrret, the entire Furniture of a lamily removing, comprising a large and general aaaortment of Parlor, Bed Room and Kitchen Furniture, worthy the attention of house keepers and othera. Particular! to-morrow mil 2t're H. UUCLUZEAU, Auctioneer. SALE OK THE CUHIOU8 MECHANICAL MUSkUM i f the Lafayette Bazaar, lit and 1SI Broadway. H. Dueluaeau will aall at auction, on Friday, 20th March, tha large eollactiou ol Mechanical Clock* and Automaton*, and Mosteal Instruments of tha Lafayette Bazaar. Among which are? The Celebrated Automaton Dancer on tha Tight Rope, wh'iae movementa are a* natural and grac^fal aa a human oeing'a. and rival the celebrated Havel Family. Alao. The Singirg Bird taking lraanna from its miafaaa, ia truly surprising, and aurpaaaea every kind of inccliauiam yet known. A'so, over aixty Rare Curioaitiea, which are of the moat unique character, comprising an Automaton Flute Player, whose muncu delightful, and equal to any performer, besides every po'aib e Automaton oontrivanca. Also, an Harmouieau aa powerihl aa a church organ. Alao, two fine Organs Also a fine collect on of Chinese Figures, Paintinga, Insects, Telescopes, Microscopes, and Electric Machines, he. The Museum will be arranged for ezamination on Monday, 2?d March. For farther particulars apply to T. A Art'ult, Lafayette Bazaar, or at the office of the auctioneer, 30 Piatt at Also, Hale of Three Splendid and very Powerful Telescopes. mudebv Lerebours, Optician of ihe Observatoire ill Paris. These Telescopes will be warranted perfect, or the money refunded, by T. A. Artault, the owner, and will be sold at auction, at the Lafayette Bazaar, M> and 1S1 Broadwar, on Friday, 20th of March. Colleges, Universities and Srhoels have in this sale a good chance to buy a capital instrument. mlijl 0tis*rh Wi Ko8E HILL STABLER, corner 24th street and JLSSS^ Third Avenue, (oppoaita Bulla Head.)?For Sale, MTt " "air firm- Horaes. 10 h nds high, ooa pair long tail Bays, 10 hands : I pair short tail Bays, 10 hands ; 1 Pair short tails, I0K hands h gh , I pair Bay Horses, laeg tails, 1SJ-4 hands high ; 1 ' hranut Pacing Mar*, all acurd aad kind, from Cayaev ' ounty. J KE1.8KV. m24 lw*rrc a OR UA I.V. n?,? V i. < .a,... P?r y?5B^Oo bATViD*r Mneifino, I7ili in?t, el 10 o'clock, A. M , will be cold to the higheat bidder, a pair of black anadian Ponies. together with a Ant rate Baggy, Harness, Blanket!, lie . complete They inar be aeeu at the atahlea attache* to the Ma aion Houie, (whaie they will be cold ) H'eka aeeei, Brooklyu, erary morning from 9o'clock. A M-to I h M. * mWlfrc m . A BaUULb HURWC? A Defect lady'a aaddla JUU^ Herae far aale. Et quire of ALBERT LOBCE, ' ' * ? r ooiner ofMth a treat and id arenue, Yorkrille. mil 3t?rrc GREAT ATTRACTION. Archty at Home, No. 6 John Street Xrjf' A. (fit fcl V h bega to arqnaiat bia frituda and patrons iJaf.that liia eg athaa retorned from Europe, ?ii Bremen, alier a reaidenre of aeren moatha at Audroaberg, and the other moat celebrated diatricta of Oerminy. He haa been enubledto eolleet the beat aelection of singing end fancy birda he hra erer offeied ; alao an nnnauM rarity of rare and fancy bird* from all parte of the world, selected with great trouble, withoat regard to coat tb. H ? Fancy doga, 8'i#t and poniee, Chinese, ailrer, and English ptieaaan a, awaua, and eve'y ranetr of barn-door fowls ; faur.7 and hreeding cagea, bird arrda. lie A treatiae on t'te management of breeding cud raiaing Canaries, lie. T. W.?Lettera port-paid will at all timea meet with prompt at ertion from A UllKIVK. mil lm*rte No S John atreet. N. V. L WALH1 k. CO. JKKENCH BOOT and Shoe Makara, No ? Aan atreet, e.tr the Muaenm, New York. Kine Krenrb Boots 13 10; f'-euch Imperial Lma Bouts made to order, II 90. nan ally aold for IC 90. Patent Le-i'.he Bootf, fho'a, fallen and S i i| rra' constantly on band, and eia-'e to order ai the ahorteit notice H<-| airing, lie, doue in the itore Quick aalea eud amall pn fita la our molto. Mo. I Ann atreet. New York. tri'M Im*re . Bitot's ANU SHOES nl the tiral quality, at great ha-gaine, at MAC'S taw ?t re, IM Canal a'reet- The U aybaenber wnnld ca*I the attention of hia nnmrrona frieadaand cnatoineta and the pnh>ic iu general, to hia largo and well aaaortad atock of all the different kinda of Boon Shoe a. Outers, he., that the market can afford which he will aell low for eaab. Erer grateful for the lull ahara ol patrouage ha rereiyed for the laat ten yrare while in the employment of others, and now hating commenced buaineaa for himaelf. he e n nature hia frienda and the public thai there | aball be notion* wanfiee nn tin naet tn nl*,.. .,..1 ?? faction to all thoee who'will oe to "kind aa patron*** him at 1W Canal atreet, N*w York. JOHN MeOUlKE. m3 Im'rli ^ OCICK N4LKH AND HMALL PROFITS 18 OUR MOTTO ? Fin* Boou at $3 M. city made, and ar* equal to tho** nanally aold f ir 15. Fin* French c ill drraa Boota at $4 JO, equal to the beat aold ia the city. Pa'ent leather Boot*, Shoe*. Oaitera ad Slipper*, on hand end made to order on ahort notice. All good* warranted to fire aatiafactlon. Mending, fee., done ia the atore. YOUNG k JON ICS, 4 Ana atraet, _ - Im cc Near the Mnimm. ^ars MILLINERY. MRS. GIIOOM, Milliner and Dreaamaktr, M?H Broadway, will open Pari* and other Millinery, on 1 haraday the 25lh inat. mil 31* re NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. THE anbacribera reapecrfnlly call the atteation ol ^^3 Dealer I a-d Millin'ra, to their preaeut atyle o4 NeapoS^liUn., which are au|>erior to any hitherto munfactnred by them; they are alao maim factoring a new atyle called the Gooamer, with flower* of the acme material to crreapnud, wliicn are luderd eiqmaireiy beautiful, and we feel CO' A lent r I .at our Neapolitan* nndGoaaamera.will be the moat faabioncble Bonnet worn thi* aeasnn, by the demonatratiun made thua early in their faror by the moat faahionable ladiea of our city and tlaewhere . P VTTIHON NOK It CO., Patentee* a*d Mannfactnrera of the Neapol>tan Bonnet*, mil lmia*rc No. 23 Delauey at., near the Bowery. rS KNOX. IIATTKK. T? Jpk No. 121 Fulton HrnrKT, llaa now hia new atyle of PRI SO F <8HION ready for cuaf mera It ia pronounced bv conuoiaaenra to be the " n* plm nlirn" a? to beamy, * I earner and fa?hion. m23 Iwia'rc NOTICE! (" 1 Hd1. CO-PARTNERSHIP hithertoeiiating between PLUNKETT fe PAH DES8U8 wna duaolred by mn nal conaent 'in ihe lat inalant. WM. ROBERTSON, Jr., and JULEM PLUNKKTT hare his day formed ? ec-partnership under the linn ol K BKIIT (ON k Co , and will continue I lie Hat aid Cap bniineta on Huberts- n's well known principle at the Plimnis Hat and I sp nminlnetorr, * ? W Kulton street. New York, and at their Brmrli itore No S3 Fnlton etreet, Brooklyn. New 3 ok, March II. IM7 mIT l#tr 10 LfcT. hk A BOWI INO Heloou and Billiard Room, ia one of fc? the moat central situations in Philadelphia; the present god, proprietor hieing other hoiineax, which claims hie line, he it not enabled to aire it the attention it reqairee ? I'ermi will he made known oy addressing B. Y., Philadelphia 'mt Oftce. m*d Irgoa oiate.N int.AMU I.U11AIIM lu LM.1 OH LEAHK.?Three Coitagae ntnated en Caatleton Heights near Capo di Monte. Btaten Island, surroundflne forest trees, and commanding an unsurpassed slew if the ( ity. the Bar and ita islands, and the ocean, while he access is eeey. the distance to eeeh ferry being lees tbsn i mile. They eoatsin as follows: Bagatelle?A parlor, dining room, and t bedrooms. Crow's Nest?A parlor, dining room, library, 4 bedrooms, ml ) screams' rooms?attached, carriage bouse with stable or 4 horses. Otk Land?2 parlors, large dining room, II bedrooms, bath oom, and 4 servants' mums?attached, carriage hoase, wltb table fort horses. These Cottars* enjoy in eommr n the use of IT seres of leaunful woodland, enclosed, and in the midst of whieh they je rree ed. Apply to Madame Grymes, at her residence. Cape di dome (ctl ImaodTe quarterly beacon. 1 fU'T PUBLISHED, the second nnmber, at thn oBle*, I 9 Kranklin Square, Pen I sti net?Contains ths Yahoo en... ik. ? i . 1 ..o, ...r ...v., n..lT iiirw ?n mo IOI' !? *UO apvrvilliuua ni h<> ?* : KlM), oarira, (hrnti.ritv Krnrod Id< Utrv. ? riprint, ?o, ?hort uqairy. Who ?u Jma Chriit I for id*. Alio, | en of tho 10 port! A'io, hn' nnmhor or tho Qu?r "27 JWUUlif (ho colohrtted Throe Impoitori. N .B. ,N?w edition of Btnoit' Lifo of Joint, Volny't <uint,V?lot Life of Point, Paino'i Worki. Voltairo'i Pni- . Diophieil Dir.tioaarr, ind othor liberal worki, tried, Ac. >nl}eodim*e 1 Dh OKANVILLK H PAT TlltOlf h? in ?*d hn r?- i idoneo to K UoiririitY Plnee, comer of llth itreet, ?od | M Oflco to Mo. H C bimbera itroot. Ofllee hoare from ti till nioek mil lm*r ,, PAKK THKATRK-Thur.dey Im.u, Mirch Jith. 1S?7. will be Perfoiin'd, the pley of DAMON AND PYTHIAS?Demou. Mr Forrest; Pythias, Mr Jiimtion, Hermioue, Mr* Hum: Calau'he, Mia Abbott. To couclude with the builrnjuo open of FORTUNIO? Baron Dueorer, Mr A Andrews; Hon Mr* Myrnns, Mrs Huu'; Prineesr Viudicta, Mra Venice. To morrow, Jib night of the eefaf ement of Mr Forrest? Damon * Pythian. Doori open at htlf-paal o'clock ; performance will eommeoce at 7 o'clock. _ B~UWf.U t THE A'i'tt*.?I'hursdar *renins, March 15 b, will be performed JULIUS uai^H-iriiii, I Conner; Ceeeine, Cltrko; Marc Antk.ny, Neafle: Julias Cmear. Booth; Treboniiw, Stereos; PopiDae, Oorman; Calpburnia, Mrs Madieon. _ __ .. To cmclud* with PUTNAM-Oen Waehinilon, Mr. Vache; (leu. Putnam, Miloer; William, Clarke: T'lbsrt, Booth; (leu. Oreene, Byrnes; Oueactnh, Mr Neafie: Kate Putnam, Mrs herftaut; Mrs. Starkhau, Broadicy, Violetah, Mie. Booth. Drasa Circle U canta; Pit and Gallery 12X cants. Doora nncn at li, o'clock. Performance co mm en "ee at 7 Vf ITCH LLCS OLYMPIC THEATRE ??'J hureday LYI Keeniaa March 13?'I he performances Will commence with WHO'S THE UOMi'OSER-Sifuor Cafarma. Mr Holland. I Alter which will be performed the CHILD Of THE i KEGlMENf?Lobwitx,llollsnd; Grenade, Nickinson;Marie. Miae Mary Taylor. I To conclude with the farce of M JOHN STREET?Mr j i Tompkins, Mr Welcott; Lady Cresy, Mies Anne CrnieoI Drees circle, M cents; npper boxes, lb cants: D?t uae ahll- I I linn; private tmiea ?5. Orcbeatraboias.fi. I iloon oren at 7 o'clock ; certain rises at naif put T PALMOS OPERA HOUSE, Chain ben streol-FRI DAS' EVENING, March M h. Doaix-tti't Opera, LINDA DEC11AMOUNIX. I Satnrdav Vanning, March 17th, ex'.ra pcrforuianre and lat , : night of Donixett i'a Opera LUCIA DI LAMMKRMOOll. Opera Books may be had at the Box Office. lat tier Botea ; and Parquette, $1; id do. 50 cents; Private Boxes for 0 peri aoea, fit; do for persons. S10. Seats can be aeenrad at the ; Box Gfice fr-un 10 A. M. till 4 P. M , daily. Performance to I commence at 7X o'clock; doora open atT. I PALMU'S OPERA HOUbE. ITALIAN OPERA. ACAKD.?The managera ol tha Italian Opera Company, deairona to testify to the patroua of the opara, and tha pnblic generally, iheiracknowledgmenta for the liberal tap. port by them received, nud aaxioaa to deaerve a eoationation ; of the tame, have abaadoued the project of leaving thia city I lor the prevent, and would respectfully anuoance their determination ofg'viiig auoiher SEASON OK EIGHTEEN NIGHTS, to begin immediately after tine, which will expire on or about the 31at of March mat. Tkoae of the aeaaoo aubacribera who deaire to retain their : aeete. and thoee who may wiih to become aubacribera for the following aaason, will please cull at the boa office and recaire their tickets between the 15th and Hat lnat. I The Opera Company, for the entning season, will consist of j the earae artists, vis:? Prime Donne Sig'ra Clotilda Barili, Roaina Piao. Primi Tenon Hig Sea to Benadetti, 8 Patti. Primi Baasi 8ig K. Haneventano, H. Banrjeirieo I Heaaon anbscribara deairoua to retain lhair teals for the EXTRA PERFORMANCE, will please call at tha Box Office to take the Ticlteie on or before Wednesday Evening, 14 th instant. mil Tu 1 hfcSa tf re CIRCUS?BOWERY AMPHITHEATRE. THIS EVENING, March 15?Tbe entertainments will commence with n ctar and Wain Entree, led ky Mr Jsmea Nixon and Mrs (fallen. Mons Cannier as the French Hercules, i The Dulcimer Band of Minstrels will play a variety of Negro Songs, Choruses, Glees, fcc. Horsemanship, Vaulting, Tnmbling, Rope Performance, Poetnring, Juggling, Ite To conclude with the (Jomicllai'et of LUBIN AND ANNETTE? Lubiu, Mr Madiran; Annette, Mise Jeaaelvne. Doors open at 7. performance commeacea at X past 7. Boiaa Meents. Pit ltX, AMERICAN MUSEUM. CPLENDID performances, both Afternoon and Evening, ? at * and 7X o'clock, wh-u will be exhibited a Dioramie and Panoramic representation of the FUNERAL Or NAPOLEON BONAPARTE, with all the pageantry and pomp of that occasion. 1 Alan, will he exhibited at elf hours, perfect model* of TWENTY OF THE LARGEST DIAMONDS ' in the world, worth, in the aggregate, over f90,000.000. Great Western -Ethiopian Minstrel*? Living Orang Ou- i tang. he. a.linii-i?.?. ? Otiu 1-" .... ........... M vwuva. viuiurcu UNUVT IV fCVI COD IS- | mS2 WALNUT STREET THEATRE. PHIL ADELPHIA. E. A MiUHiLL,LNiM....W. H.Buii.Muiim THIRD APPEARANCE* IN PHILADELPHIA of the celebrated DAN8EUHES VIENNOIBE, Forty-eight in number, under the direction of MADAME J. WEIH8. _ Maitreue de Bsllrt dea Theatre! de Vienne. THURSDAY. March lith, 1147, the performane. will nnmmenee with the fascinating PAS DE8 FLEUR8? By 43 Dauaeuiea Viennoite. Alter which, the popular fare, of DEAF AS A POST? Truir?in Sappy, Mr. Chapman. To be followed by the Second Grand DiTerti.em.nt PAS UONOhOD, by 14 danacn.e* Vienuoise. _ T? which will b. added ihe popn'ar comedietta of THE NEW FOOTMAN?Bobby Breskwindow. Mr. Chapman. To conclude with a Third Grand DiTertiaemnut tha GRAND PAS ORIENTAL, by 41 Danieuaea Vicnnoiaa. Lc Jeunce Danaeuaca will appear in three (rand dirertiacmcnta every evening du'ing the week. Grand vocal and instrumental con. CEKT at the Opera Hotel, 41 Chember at>eet, next door to Palmo'a, Every Ereninf, commeneinf at K Past 7 o'clock The proprietor! hare encaged toe aemcea of Miaa Gleulaton the eelebrated English rocaliat, with Mr Harrison, the lamed Improvisator. Mr. Chlime will preside at the Piano. Admission H'rea. The usual Raluhes, With auparior Alas, Wines, Liquors, he. m34 |m c NEW YORK SACRtO MUSIC SOCIETY HANDEL'S MAGNIFICENT ORATORIO OF 8AMSON will be performed st the Tabernacle, on Thursday Evening, March 31th. Tun society will appear oa this occasion with full ranks, and will be assisted by the best v.cal and instrumental talent in the country. CHARACTERS REPRESENTED Dalils Miaa J 8. Northall. Micah Miss Anna Htone, [of Boston. Samson Mr. m. Colbnrn. Harspha Mr D. B. Ball. Manaah Mr. F. H. Nash. Mesaangar A M amber. Conductor Mr U. c. Hill. Organist Mr. A.U. Haytar. Performance to commence at half past 7 o'clock. Tickau $1 each? for sale at the mnaie stores ; Barton h Miles, Broadway ; c. Holt, Jr., lit Fnlton street i J P. Perkins, No. 1 Wall street, and at the door of tha Tabernaeie. The members of tha Society can obtain their tickau at tha residanca af the Secretary, (6 Canal st. _ _ _ m? 4t rc GEORGE WHITLOCK MECHANICS' HALL. 472 Broadway, between Grand and Broome ttreeU, EVERY NIOHT THIS WEEK. ! WITH TMK ClCBfTlon OP THCB)DAT BTKBINO, CHRISTY'S ' MINSTRELS, RESPECTFULLY announce, that for the better acenmo- ' (Utioo of their numerous audiences, may will live their j imputable concerts. every night this week, at the above pop- , ular ami elegant Hall. Admieuon 23 ceuta Doora open at 7?Concert to coin- 1 menca at o'clock Change of programme every evening. j mil lwia*rc c SELECT CONCERTS EVERY EVENING! t In the Klreant Saloon attached to the BROADWAY HOUSE. I (corner of Broadway and Grand 11 reel,) 1 Commencing on .Monday evening, March t 22d, at I o'o deck preciaely. Vocalhtc. ; Mra. NEWTON. Miaa DE MORTIMER, Mr. LYNCH, k and Mr. NEWTON. a (T.P" Admittance eenta tri20 6ti?er p EXiiimnuN hall. -j MR. G. ROBEkTSON reapect'ully annoancaa to hie ? frienda ami the public, that hit kihibition Ball will . lake place ou Thursday evening (thia week,) March 23th, c 11*7, at the hhtktpeare Hotel, corner of Doane and William o elects. Mr. R. haa the pleunre el informrg the public that on that evening for the firat tun*, ha will introduce a great variety ol new and laah louabte dances. Tickate ol adiniaaion One Dollar, to be had at Mr. R.'e, 12 Canal atraet, or at the door ou ike evening. intt It* re PRIVATE LESSONS IN GERMAN. A LADY from the north of Getmany would be happy to devote a portion ol her time to giving inatrnction in German at the reaidence of pupils Applieatioa iu peraon or by lettar,'to No. g and 10 Clinton Place mIt lm*r ______ THE PIANO TAUGHT on very moderate terms, by e lady who haa had eiperieaee ia If A f |f teaching; wiahea to lake two or three more * pnpili She t, aehea the acienee thoroughly?serms three dollare per month , A line nddreaeod re Muaic, to tho Office of tlui paper, shall he arrer,de.l to mtlmis'rc MUSIC. 1 BALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES lurm.hed with the Violin, Harp and Piano Korte, or any nnmber of Inatra I meats. The muaic eclecied frcm the meet fashionables Opera's. By r II a VI I L'L L' u a VI ll'I'L' J AVLIKKKand (4 A YUKk K.'Brother*. rrofeaaora, No lit Kin* atreet corner of Howard ml2lm*rh n ivUTH.K?Paeaengere per Packet Ship HOSclUn, r fMVg for Liverpool, will | Irnar be on board the a team- c AHIBEaboat He'culee, at Orlea'ia wharf.fo t of Wall itreet, on Haiurdny. 37ch intt, at 12 o'clock, at which urn- the ahiri will a~11 Let er bag* will cloie at the nana! placet at hill- o peat 11 o'clock. mliJJrc jt WAPiTKU? Immediately. a good llhipOf Bark, n kJU^Vlo load for New Urleana Derpateh giren Apply Mmmkto K. K. COLLINS, aid St Snath atraet. ft FAMAM'K to AM) MtOM MVKHPOOL, *l@Wbythe New Liu* of I'rrkfta?Packet of tl # M h | rt jHUKai March ?7 he apleudid laa' aaihig p.rket ahip e itOat.iUS, 11(10 toi.a linrthen, < apt KMridge, will'aail from New York on the 2*th March, and Iroio Liverpool ou the : " lltli Mar. O Peraoni about amharking for the old country, or thoae u wiahing to aend f,?r their friend*, will not fail inaeath* ad rant-gee to be derived from atlacting (hie line of magnificent ah<pa, aa their great capacity render* them everyway mo# tj comfort >He than aMpa of a amaller elaaa, ar.d their aecommo- ti dat'ona (orcablo, aecond cabia and ateerage paaaeagera, are superior to any other iia?. ? Per* na wianing loaeenre bertha thoold not fail to make O early appliea ion on board, at foot of vv*|| atreei. or to a W. k J. TdTAPBCOTT, M (tooth atretl, 0 mJS r aecond door* belaw Boiling alia. r yt rOR LIVKRPOOL?To aail on the STth inat- . lJH^Th* faat-aailmg Packet Ship BAVARIA, Howe i aHLmaiiar. having moat of her eefgo engaged, and going AM vTaeT ?ill nna.liftlv Ilil > ahAVB For halaece iof freight or pui>|?, having r'rjr t-an<laoma and citaaaira tiara room aecommodatioat, at ply oa board, at ' Diar II E. R>, or to v WOODHULL fc MINTURN, mil rh 17 Roath atraat ?-? ? i P1 aJH> FOR LIVERPOOL?Naw haa rafalar park.t r JSPWfor M?reh Mth. Tha aplaadid faaiaaima packet JHHnahtp RORI IUS, A. kldrldge, Maatar, w.II aail aa t>< above, bar rafalar da* Kor fraifht or paaaage, apply oa board at Orleane wharf, gt foot ol Wall atraat.orto E. K COLLINS, M Roath atraat ' Pneeof paaaage.tT} Tie pickat ahip Hddona. Edward B < obb, maatar. wflI arcaed tiia Hotriaa, tn<! tail Mrh April, bar regular day dl mlt . n .an FOR NEW ORI.K.ANH. LOUIHIANA ANU W ilfV NEW YORK LINE OK PA1 KE.TM?Poaitirw u Mm lv 'ha fi atoulr rerular i> ickat to aail on or balora M'->i<ioy?'Tha new aod apl adid lati anting packat b-rk , A VOL A, Whumora, maatar, it bow loadug, aad will aail , II la above. o F?r freight or paaeage. hariag haadaotaa faraiahad acaom- 1 ,i aiodatioaa, apply oa boatd, at Orlaaaa wharf, foot of Wall I , Mr eat, or to h E K. COLLINS, M Vomth atraat a Ataata ia Naw Orlaaaa J O Wood re E k Co.. who will m pr taptly forward all feoda to tbair ad raaa. N. B ? Rhippara may raly upon thta bataf the Artt <ratal . 1 It 1 I V ? .1 - 4 TO THE LATEST MOMENT. * TELEOHAPUIO. Important Unitary Movement*. Philadelphia, March 24?9 P. M. We learn from Washington that order* hava been iaaued by the War Department, calling into reauisition all f .m.. .u- : .?.?..?u?>wigui recruiting stations, without waiting for the organization of the number enginaliy required from each State. ftrders have been received here, changing the rendezvous of Captains Bernard and Riddle's companies of Voltigeurs, from fortress Monroe to Pittsburgh, and directing them to proceed to-mor. row morning. Washington, March 34?8 P. M. No ;Southern mail south ol Petersburgh, Virginia. Baltimorx, March 34?8 P. M. We have no news by the Western tmail, nor anything of local interest. The weather here is clear. BY TUB HAILR. AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON. Washington, March 21, 1847. Tht War. The proclamations of Santa Anna, of the destitution of his army, and the seizure of Oeneral Scott's plan of the campaign, in the seizors of the person ot Lieut. Ritchie, there is some reason to apprehend, will cost the government all that ha* been done on the northern rente, and tome ive or six million! of public storea, to say nothing oi the slaughter of our troops, an indispensable appendix to the expenditures. The oorrespon ? dence with the War Department will show that old Zack was wide awake to these dangers?and that his foresight is equalled only by his.bravery? a bravery, which knows no odds in the hour of battle, and which, even in a defeat, is onTy strengthened for a recoil. Mow we verily believe that General Scott was deceived by the bulletins from San Luis Potosi, and that he was firmly convinced that 8anta Anna would be unable te make a forward movement in any direction, especially across the desert to Saltillo; but that, on the other hand, from its proximity to his eapitai, the Mexiean general, if ne moved in any direction, would be oompeiled to push forward to the relief of Vera Cruz. The news from the seat of war shows that in these calculations General Scott counted the bill of costs without a consultation of the landlord. We can all show how a disaster mh(ht be avoidsd after it has ooourred ; and, therefore, there is something of humbug in pretending to point out the plan whieh General Scott ought to have pur* sued. And yet one point is perfectly elear. If General Taylor and the northern army are cut off, it would have been a saving of millions of money, and hundreds, perhaps thousands of our invaluable troops, to have called back old Zack entirely?to have collected all the munitions of war, provisions, and army property at at Saltillo, Monterey, and Camargo, aad every intermediate point, and deposited the surplus lor safe keeping at Matamoras and Tampico, under the protection ol efficient garrisons; and joining the whole disposable force of Gen. Taylor to that of Gen. Scott, (or the attack upon Vera Cruz, abandon the further prosecution of the war by the impracticable northern route. If General Taylor and his army are cut off, his supplies captured, and his communications stopped, so that his life is spared, he will be a thousand times more popular with the American people than ever. From conversations with men of intelligence from all parts of the Union, there is not a thought, not an idea, that this brave aad substantial good officer will fail to do anything that man can do, not only to save himself, but te conquer in the lace of the greatest odds. While on the one hand, he never moves till heie ready, on the other, he is always found ready for the greatest emergencies To make all sure, he will lemand in a certain movement, say 20,000 men, sad a nucleus of this force oi tea thousand re Hilars. Hut take fail best troout from him, a the teeth of hi* remonstrances, leave him with t handful, on the edge of a desert, in the heart of he mountains, and confront him by a foroe which he had reasou to beliuve was two hundred miles oil, and though he may be driven back, he cannot be oonquered. Such an olficer is Taylor?always prudent?always sure he is right before he goes ahead; but when left to face the greatest odds, though he tnay grumble at the interference of his superiors, slways equal to the crisis?a regular bull dog in war, the moment he growls the enemy feels the lorce of his teeth;.and there is no let go in him till the victim cea?es to strugg'e. Careless of all show and parade, there is the sterling metal of the republican commander in him?the genuine iteel that strikes fire at every concussion. We have yet a hope that he is safe, or that he will save himself against th?> swarms of Mencans between Monteiey and Matamoras?that he will open the route, and nold it until reinforcenents shall arnve. Certain it is, that in the crisis n which he is placed, he is the first choice the tountry would make to retiieve or overcome the langers that sarround him. We write in advance of the mail, which may >ossibly bring us belter news, and possibly worse. I he enterprise of Scott may turn the tide of war o Taylor's relief; and with that view we await, vith the highest expectations, the report of ths irilhant and memorable storming of Vera Cruz, md the crowning campaign of the war, with a lope, in the meantime, that the condition of Gen. I'aylor is not so abundant of disasters as repreented. This is the very time that we must stand ly the army and the government, and the vigor ius prosecution of the war. Kespectlully, Tax Dootox. Washington, March 28,1847. if. if. Smith, the Forger, Sentenced. 11. H. Smith, ths forger against the United Slates to the amount ol some $1280, arraigned upon seventeen indictments before the Crimina' Court of this city, and convicted upon the second, pleaded guilty to-day to lour others, and was sentenced. On the 2d indictment for forgery, (Burd) to one years hard lanor in the penitentiary and $6 fine. On the 3d, $6 fine ami one years imprisonment to hard labor, (Ford.) On the 4th, (borcy) $5 line and two years conInement. On the 5th, (Anderson) two years iraprisonnent and jffi fine, all for forgery. On the 6ih, (Wisten) 85 fine and two years mprisonmenl. The names of Buid, Ford, Dorey, Anderson, nd Wisten, are the principal signatures on the mpeis forged as specified, the sums varying from 160 to B'iUO each. On tiie first indictment the jury could not agree, n the second he was oonvicted, and on the other jur he pleaded guilty. A n,UU proe. will be enirrd tor ihe eleven remaining indietmetits The prisoner's sentence amounts to 92fi fine r.d eight years imprisonment at hard labor in in nemtnntiarv. On - r *. i -- " / -? - I-OUUUII liuill Oil WWsnce anil Mr. Ktique, counsel of the accused, xeeulion ol eentenoe wait deterred (ill Tuesday ext. with a view ol affording the oondemned an pporlunity of a petition lor a pardon to the resident of (he United States. Judge Crawlord, in view of the respectnnility of le accused heretofore, and of his knowledge of le heinous offence he had committed, expressed m opinion in opposition to a pardon in tins case, n the ground that there was no palliation for the time. The U. S. Attorney, Mr Key, a young man icently appointed, aid his duty in thisoause like true champion ol the laws ol the land. WASMiNOToa, March 28, 1847 The 8outh*m Mail. The mail came tip late this evening, so that the asrengers were left behind, although the pouches om the South were harried up to the train. A Barer of despatches came up atnong the passen* ?rs, supposed to be from Col. Curtis, at Camargo, king an immediate reinforcement of 10,000 ten. The Cabinet held their reguiar silting to ay, and we expect the Pre* d< nt w.'.l call for six lontha volunteesa under the < Id Uw <>( 50,000, of hich there in yet a ful! margin of 25 000 o Oraw pon for emergencies. P ?;"itofi? despatch?or may be that Mr. Calhoun's defensive line, will rom inexorable necessity b> came the base of perations against Mexico. No later arrival from tie Brazos. There is a universal impression, owever, that Taylor has immortalized himsoll. ind that he will restore the line of occupation ? 'he sport becomes mcit intei *ely exciting, l??r orn hy thousand* and money by million* are * ( take

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