30 Mart 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

30 Mart 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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F TH] ? * Hi. Kb 88~ira*;t Hp *' ? THEYEW YORK HERALD. JAAIF.8 UMIM.V BKXNBT'fi PROPRIETOR. (Jlroulatiou---Forty Thousand. 0AILY HK l< A LD? terry oay, rnetKiM per copy?$ 10 I'f a' i uiu?i?t> ?\b'^ iiiadfai.ee WKb K1. V HFiLaLD? Krery Saturday?Price 6J< Man P#rt"H*?J UK gruti l+i ?ln un>-payable ia adeance. HKpaLU FOR EUROPE-Ercry -ttam Packet da?? Price 6>? cruU iv/ copy?$1 F?f annum. payable in adflU ul *?II\ij\L PICTORIAL Hf.R ALL?Pnbltabed on (ha l?t 01 January of ?<*' h vear? (ingle cotiea liipenee each. Al'VERTlI'E. KM'* at the nana) price*?ai way a caih In mi-auca Advcrtifeinen/iahould be written in a plain, leiti.de manner. The Proprietor will not be reaponaible /or /Mi) tiutf niav occ.f in tnen?. I'm Ml.'. <J of Ml kinda eireuted beantilnlly and with deapnrah All Irttrre or coirmoaicitioi'*. *>y mail, addreaaed to the e-UMtahmeui. icu?i be poat p?id, or tne poitace will at dadarted lroio the tuliecru tion money remitted JAMES UuRDOV BBNNKTr, fipprietor of the Nk* Ton firnai.n Kinei.iiMMm, * <'.. O-'-it (.?? . i,1 tnltra ?ad *.??? tiree jc -l FOR SALE?A imall boneeand ebontail rcrraof ~ g 1 oil. litna'c at R. rk wnv. Lure I< ai d, on the Rncka.v-^J3L ? > a'd inmilra Tnrn, ike ?ud ? itliin \ quarter nf a mi of tl poit cfli?c. (lor acre of the land iauuder peach tree*, twoac.ea tillab'e. bal nice iu wo d, A'-o, lerrral other piecea of land in the a.m? neighbor hoed Koquire of John L Norton. 1*.. 14 Oclancy itreat. or nl the oili e f John H Power, f# k niton atreet. nll3t*rc TO LET, >.< THE UPPER PART OF HOUSE Ml "print ?t. to 0 am<i| truie-c-1 family; the parta em^iat of two par. tween p?rlers?3d story, I 'iaiga front roKT beef room and pantry: x a tie 'onms, togeilie- with a lcrge eouvenie t kitrhen, W'th otptry. Croteu water, lie., large plrasaot yard with grapevine giass plat?being but 3 doo-s f. om Hud ion street, where singe* p uis every 3 minutes, tendering it a very deeirablelcc.ii.n. m213t*rc TO LET MTHE '-TORE N"o 174 Oruiid sr. northeast corner of Mulberrr it; it <s Itt'd op in modern style, wi h three large show wind 'Ws; a desirable loeatioa lor a hat, dry guuii* ha dwsre, or boot and shse ature. Apply to ni '7 I w" re C F OdBOKN, 147 Mulberry at. TO LK r, MAND Iraprevement* lor SsU ?The COAL YARD ard Lime aud t enseal ?we cornrr ef 12th and Weat t a so feet f '>nnra on the river, and 1M feet on 13th it.; would make a good lumber ya d or large Ceal Depot. Shade, stables . ud offices all in ge"d repair Enquis of A. VAN VALKE.NBUKOH. ?27 lw?rh 134 faari atreet. TO PAPER MAKERS MT^E subscriber, iutenJing to retire from business, offers to lei his Paper Mill, f-om and afte' the 1st April It is in complete order, feits, wist, andj trh?ts ou toe machines It e.ontsius ten engines and two Fou dtuier tas hutes with all oilier apparatus for inakiug every qnalitv ?l?paper. An excellent set of tie dv hands, bow -oiaing iu the mill, will be glad to continue in it For farther pertiealar, apply to tVit.ssrs. Barclay A Lirinesteo, 20 Beaver etieet; or in peisoii ou the piemists; or by letter, addr?-se:l to HKN>4Y BARCLAY, m77 lw?'h H-nve-iira. Ul ter ? ouotv. mru LET la ?|L' lAvi?BUKGH?Ihe iwo story brick front house win folding doors; it contains e'en rooms snd basament, in good order, pump in the yard with six lots of ground, carriage home, rherry. plum, pes'.h a^il pear irses; 2 beds of arparagns, with a good truss plat, a.tetullv leid out with rose bushes and a gm?t variety of oih r shtubbery, about one mile from Peck slip ferry,? i Enquire of Charles M Chureh, 10* Chatham s'reet. or. Jotm Skill man. comer of North Second aud Lorimar street on the premises. io24 2w*re MFOrt os LA?Will be sold ?t Public Aue ion, in L?uil>ertsville, N. J., on Tuesday. 6th day of A pril, <17, all ul that valuable new block of 8r,nr Buildings ouii.es run of Coryl and Frarknn street Fonudry. Machine shop, factory. ?nd three Hou*es ro the highest bidder. M cl -e a coii.e. u Tw e?uai pass th ough said vil age to t hiUdslplin and Xrw York; alio, I'd - wore liver, New Isrse r ilroad. from Philadelphia to New koik. writhiu tiPeen miles. Also, a new railroad sbout to be bei't in said villain I < sh r\ no pluc* in the Union possesses gieater facilities for t'e'ipmaiio" The village is 13 miles fiom Trenton, 30 from PhiIsil" phis 6# fiom New Vork,30 f.nm Eu ton. Pa 30 from Maw Brunswick For Air i her particulate apply to the endei if ed on ihe premises. J. P MICH. M-rrh 2id, 1847 rr23 2w*rh I TO GROCERS. Mai A r< RNER STORE ro let.nud Stock aud Fixtures pvTff tor sale, a tamed in the lower p'.rt of the eiry-a first , ,'JlsH r te a'ned for the retail Qrore y end Liquor husinsss 1 ne nock is v?r? sui <tl ar.d will be sol 1 c'-e P,nd the pieeiues let low to a goi d tenant Possetiiou given imaedia'elv fngnirest I'3 Warren street n:23 lw*rrc TO LET kad ON 1st Mst iu Hainiuoud street, netr Faeiory street, f .j? an exetl'enc three-sti.ry roSiJenee, in a cctriplet<t item Jl'JaLoi orrueisn'sl innair. Often wiih marble tuiv.fe.la. hot red rolal water hatha fee ?A lolty row of trees iu front of th. h >ust. II* t $475 ic aamtn. Amply to Bin 1'"rt' VVSK. fc HoN-l. 172 Pearl efcet. FOR SAl.E. Ma THREE 8 i OUT HOUSE on Jill i Creel, eiw.fii the 2u a.i'l Id Aseoues. It is well finished, aad ,r*p!e'r wirli the latest impr verneiits mendingkitcn en <sog?, nub. rcU nod warm baths, water closets tie luI i.v irurb'e mantels threng, on: the h'Uie ; a court ysid of A' t-rla lest n Croat, with verandah and French wind* *a. The house la n.ie if a row of six houses oq the south aide of the suet I. For further particulars, apply to V YsE It 8')NS, Bit lm*ih 72 l'e.-rl atrret. FOR SALE, A FARM of fifty two a urea, tuoat delightfully ai t'i tad ?b-nt live milea fern Klixabeihtown, N.J. JStMLenup itn g a bsi di?in? cnmm dioua Dwelling (louse fit.Mi wi.li in. hie matilela, and svarv convenience for a resposiahle f aity; to* whole, including gardener's h'use. bara-, I e h. a a ai d other building., lu a sulxuniial state i.f rrpur; the oiehard eoouint twenty acres of choice fiait 'X he esav access f.'in New York, either by the Tar ions ears from Jsrie> < i-y, or ihe ferry u> Klisabethpcrt, whence a railroad train runs withe a hundred yards of the house, rendvre this p- psr y eery vsJuab e t? hose doiag business In this cite J he g eater pert of the puichase mosey can re nisi r three yea: a ou bond and mortgage, at fie. per c eat. VY3E A rsorNS, lit Feed at. A'so<ors le.adwel ing house, No. 311 Washmg.oustreet m 9 I in ?i h FOii. SALE OK KENt! Jm< TOE THREE hTOKY HOUtig No. 14 BareUy K&S stieet. (s ab s io rear) Inrniahed tfrequired. jJS*. ALIO ro LET-Oh 31 aeenue, Noe. 171,170,171. isioies .ud Dwellings, auitibli for fascy dry goods lleul I.*w to g i. d 'enacts. Apply at 201 Bro-dw?y, Johuaon, Uacpbin Ik Maiey, or to T. J. Hall 63 ttarctav street. be'ore A_XK mil tf re FOR SALk Cklt.AH, A-A In RUHAI^LlFE, fronting the beautiful Hantia ' pSf Biy.cnmoianauiRa loll nnd en'.iie new trom the High. laA.lii.ds of Net* sink to the Narrows Large an J small fa bis. improved and uuimproTed property, so that the pur rhasris can at all times suit their fancy in a selection of pro pe< tv. A'so. f'ur'een valuable boildtng lor* at West BlooraAeld Fuiaptoc adjoining the Methodist church parsonage, and oppent* the New Episcopal Church. Trims easy fore ens d?ti oua of rttinng from the city to a healthy location anywhere long the shore, ran obtain all information desired, by let arpost. to W U HA YNEb, Key port, Mo-.month county. New Jersey. fa im'rt FLORENCE HullSE. -V). 400 IhDu/iway. comer Walker Street, N. V. i sfptL JOHN FLORENCE, Jr., has now completed bit airangesuecta for opening to the public, at tne elegant > iJftH, - ' paciuas building aboTO designated, and wcicn he has a. great expense erected, a Hotel, to he ceudueted on llie I h.u o caupisu In a Idkioo to the commuuiona Hestierani b'low, he has arranged rxteusive suites of dining rooms on | the Amirs shore, splendidly furnished svith e'ery modern improvement in lumiiure, derorations, Ac. Besides these, arc smaller ajmrt cents, similarly futntshed, for the accoinino.la iouuI individuals, or of sina-l parties, where (aa is the I ng*r apartments) meal, are anpylie'' at their own hours, by carte, no ti e plan alluded to attached is the establish. io. i.t (oi.ir.ue. .a........ r .c.. _!.L .1 II.- J pir vifn') nre tome mi; bedroom* eing'.e and double, with el -viul I'j.lorj tdjon mil?(he v hole forming a fi"t clans hotrl lur gr.tletneu, to he coudacted on a acale ?f convenience n I e-comni. da ion l.itlie t uunttained m thia countsy. J K Ir , trui a tbat it i< nuneceaanry f >r bim to nature the pubi r iliat hit luifler. hit wines, and indeed hit entire cult amy department. Will be of the beat kind throughout; and he mi ttei gemlrn en who in ilcuruui ul at tiie MMtlM ol tiii in- n rni bi d board, or either, separately, t > call upou ii n ug above, e heir ha mil lie happy to aflord them eieiy Lenny uf eiatnuiiiiit hia new and cotninodioue establishni'iit ma lm*r? Ma rah t, WIT. ' ilfM)- KD K.vHMS FOK 8ALK ta one j?iJthu died actual aut'leie, uf the bait and moat prodnetire jjhe a da. !' > nuii'. > ill he received in their pi ,<luc i .ua. 1 my a e a tir l d ?" nt the centre f tha (Jetted Hiaue. ai th iciuii n. ?f it.a r ilmadf mu Charles on . ta. C 'l'ha ellin te eprra ib'e, Hi y aid tt irately healthy; well w ilej. v tli lured 11 i- ga of w iter Paninaiara of thia ?.?i i i of entf try may oe hurl in |irinteil ahreta either at the o'tlie Ii te. corner uf Court I nd r.uJ Wmititees. or ihe T I.iura' < (hoe. MCHOLA8 II AKtilT. I. 4i|a*rn l?: Wr.ll a re-t. 3d a'nrv p i K~ 7a I a i-.? W b ?TC i fc -""l Lk LAM) -. V 'ft; OK NTLLVIh > in w at nl ? tea for ronntry J.. -i . i. T'i mallei t gadeneia in want of Lad far gart !r- diiia, ruil to all |>ara"Si wuhtr.g a location in the tan .'i.noihMid oi'New iork J (I en a I la il iu the lown of Weateheiter, within nine mn?a i I t .e Citv Hk|I, w.ththe rigi t ol t iiaanitf over Harlem B t> f re I tell, are aih olfa cil rt private aa<e, in Inta . ii- in i m Ifjtii .'> miO ueiea e cii 'i lie Inudt aie wil-in 1) 0iit.ii a a'k of tha railroad; Irout in good roadi; are in the rrtyhl' i In "d of ii hoola nr.o chart hea of dilfeieut denominv ?i thawi'.ar ng od mid jocanou healthy. Title intliap tiabie. Terms ni .detnt- Apply to bOUvr.t1,\EUH MOKRI8, Mortiaiana, Wetiehotter Co., or to mMlfi?re W * LTKK hU TH MtFoKl) 7?>at??u ft. N. V A OullMiK.Y Sc.AT bull SALb. A t OUhTRk Hetideiee aud Farm on the Hon th t' ?,,?lde ot l.i nq latand, ah- nt 41) inilra I mn this ri?y;eau a??a? hair ched i" thiee t.rura hy the railroad It lira on the old until llr.-d. 1 milta I'.aat of Bnbylon, and directly npl i ?ite H ire lilaad; t nutaiin i77 acrea, uhnut 50 of whir h are fx. cod into to i. and under good improvement. 'the Heme { a iroat r iivuni nt me, comparatively ne v, and tulheient. It I iye, tavrigfite ini.mi on the ground floor, 'the oathniluian e.uu i?l of a barn, t) ainery, Carriage llouae Ice lli.ioe kit , are in good rder It. aa a eoed Uaroen with a ti leu fit etie.lem 11una. Htiawtierriea, large Arpntagaa 11 da, aim th? ga.nud. aa, ut thr hooee heantilnlly oinamen te. ta ith lln.teia, with two wella of eicr lleut aol't w. ter. i he i mil riteni'a do vu to the Bay on the # nih.nau reaehea liaelt to ritlrnad near the Ihrmnaon Mation There it fine fit i w. loeI' g.ke , nt d la oue of >he heal'hiret placet in the t it# i "n. ie? ti If the pmehaae money can remain on mmtki e ii<i;rrctn toihTe yeare. It will be ?r|d eict edi. gly low Aiplytn OKnitOi) B KL?K, at the Ofliee rf the L' ng laieud Hailruad t o , ,niV .1.1, a w. t,?? ,, Merehanta' Kialmnve VV ,ua A .all luUi't.Lc. f I ATcHe l.oit'. new ievai.ted Wif>H and TOUPKh.8 li ate the innrf perlet t tpecimena of tK< art of wig making > rt ofered to the public?they are to admirably adapted to ti e | ( Uliaittvii ot earl' mdivtdn tl, to light in ilitir eon t aril tioi . I .td 1 H'ltral in ?; pearuice at to dely detection. A j I i.-and vi el: at lertrd at iclt alwnyt on hand, at the only i It'on -CI' i ..Wni, fc li elot 1 U nil rtrett.uear B, ailway ( Copy tat ado.tea hit im?rh E NE Ni HIABLT IXfORIAVf; from thjb SEAT OF WAR. I THE GREAT BATTLE8 uiwon OBNOKAL IATLOK aad 8ANTA ANNA. The Mexicans Attacked by OLD ROUGH AND READY. ' The Defeat of Santa Anna. The Confirma ion of Previoai Account*, I etc. *?. IM. 1 he schooner Wm. C. Preston arrived at New Orleans on the 30ih instant ftora Brazos, whence she sailed on the afternoon of the 10.h. Tho news from Oen. Taylor, brought by this vessel, the New Orleans Dtlta says, is most cheering. The intense anxiety created among our citizens by the many alarming rumors which have circu- ' lated through the country, has relieved itself in one universal expression of joy and proud confidence in the superiority of American valor. ' Although these reports are still vague and indefinite, enough can be gathered from them to give every assurance that Oen. Taylor has whipped Santa Anna. We gather from Capt Brown, who came pas. senger on the Wm. C. Preston, the following par. ticulars of the reports most generally received at the Brazos General Taylor was attacked by Santa Anna at Agua Nueva, and after a sharp battle, fell back in good order to the vicinity of the city of S&liillo. Iiere he was again at'aekcd by Santa Anna, and a sharp engagement ensued, in which General Taylor was victorious, continuing his retreat n good order. General Taylor fell back Monterey, where he arrived in safety, and ttrenched himself. Finding, however, that Sar * Anna would not attack him, Gen. Taylor ssd cd out, and gave him I battle. I A long and severe conflict ensued, which terminated in the total defeat of Santa Anna, with a very heavy loss, i The loss is reported to bo between lour and 1 five thousand. This may be an exaggeration; ' but when it is consideied that General ; Taylor had twenty pieces of flying artillery t j ' > *1' - I a^ivumwij umuoiou ttiiv* iuauaj|uu, wo vruiuro me I opinion that the Mex can loss has been very hea' vy. Capt. Brown states that all tbo points en the Rio Grande are in hourly apprehension pf being attacked by the Mexicans At Camargo,especially* tue number of Mexicans hanging about the outskirts of the town, had ci sated considerable anxi ety and vigilance among our troops. Capt. Hicks, who commands tho steamboat i Warren, in tho government employ on the R o Grande, also came passenger in the Wm. C. Preston, and gives the following corrobora tive information. Cap li. brings intelligence from Camargo to the 5th instant, at which place information had feaon received from a Mexican who had just arrived from the interior, ! that a collision had taken place at Buena Vista, j Saltillo and Monterey, between the forces of .Santa j Anna, numbering some 28,000, and those of Gen Taylor. The oonftict was stubborn and sanguinary on both sides, the enemy suffering immeasurably ; but General Taylor finding himself too hotly pressed on ell sides, by a force greatly out" numboring his, lie retired before the enemy in good order, and made^ good his retreat to Monterey, spiking six pieces ol otdaance, and leaving at Saltillo some 30,000 rations, which have fallen into the enemy's hands The different engagements are sa.d to have ] occupied a space of throe days. The enomy followed clos-ly upon General Taylor's retreat until he arrived at Monterey, ' where the battle was renewed, and our forces gaining a decided advantage over the er.erny, forcing him to precipitately retire, when General Taylor, with a battery of flying anil- j lery, and a squadron of dragoons pressed ' them warm'y home, creating suoli immense kavco in their routed eolnrnns, that the slain arc represented to have been ridden over, in piles three deep. The enemy was pursued lor eighteen miles on the Saltillo road, havinj suffered ia all the engagements to the amount of3000 killed, wounded, and missing. Gen. Taylor's loss is said to be 1,000 At tho last advices Santa Anna is said to have been endeavoring to rally his forces for another desperate onslaught, while Gen. Urrea had fallen in General Taylor's rear, near Passa Victoria, with 8000 cavalry, and an irregular forte of Ranchoros, for the purpose of i iin, eding reinforcements and cutting oil all com- ' iininication between Monterey and Cainnrvo. (fen. Taylor is confident that lie can maintain I his position until adequate assistance may arrive. | [From tho Now Orleans Bulletin, March 30 ) The schooner William C. Preston has just arrived from ' the Brar.oe, which piece ihe left on the 10th inst. By thii arrival we learn vetbelly that (Jen Taylor,who hail fall en buck hel?i? Santa Anna, toward* Monterey, bed lx?n attacked hjr Hanta Anna and after three day* hard fight tig. the lat'er had heen repuUed with the laa* of nOO met), and that Own Taylor'* lone was also very 10 vere?one rejKirt eaya I 100 another I.7C0 men We ate : indebted to Col Hunt lor ihe folinwlrg repy of a h t'er, ! ail'tn nmmI to him from ' apt Ogdi n, of the vg liitermaa- j tet'a Depattment, and which is the only written information we have bean able to obtaiD, aa the veital brought no mail Basaoa 8r Jsoo, Varch lb. ISJd Under prevent circumstances yon will he extrrm?l anxious, I know, to hear the newa trom thia quarter?I wuh I could mytalf aacertain the truth among the thousand lie* that are circulating, whicii ia like * grain tf ' wheat In a huahal ol chuff. Our whole 1 ne of communi cation hue been threatened by Santa Anni'a overwhelm tr.g forco for nome time pert, and colu? u? m questions- ! bly in motion to attack all the depot* Ae late rr i 1 o'clock tlii* morning, the ecrounta Iront Matamoraa w ere ' extremely dol'<rou??an attack expected every moment. I received, on hour tince, an urgent request lor reinInrcetiirn1*;tiut juit now, however, a prlvato express a'- 1 rived, atatea that totre heavy firing that was heard yea- I teiday ? venitg at Matamoraa, waa a salute over a great victory by Qcn Taylor; and I have juit seen a letter irom a (Jet man merchant there, who aayatheaame thing The place where the three dava battle ia eaid to have been fought, is Buena Vista, 20 milea from Haltillo-the '1 Mexican lore ia eaid to be immense I feel ?om? confl- ; dence in tbii story, as it oorrasponds with Maxicm re- I, ports tor some days pes', j must add, that up to our last | i cirect dates from < eniargo, there had been nothing heard i fioin (Jen Taylor, later thou 22J February. Mnce then | all communication! trom him had bean cut ofTfiom C*. i murgo aa tha biave old man waa completely am rounded, i I knew of course ho would do honor to Ihe country, bnt i such rasulta ns are now reported may be considered a* miraculous, and whilst 1 believe them in part, I must | wait official intelligence. [Correepondence of the New Orleans Bulletin] Bassos Ist.sae. Tsi>s, March , l->47 L'-tters have been leetivt-d trom Monterey, dated 22d Feb., saying, that (Jen Taylor had hsen tntealrni'd by a , la ge force of the enemy, and that he had ordered up ri lufoioemen's Irom Vlontetey. (Jan. Marshall, with hla brigade, lett immediately (or Saltillo, hut received ordera j on the way rip, to atop at tha Itinconada Pass and fortify it There were only about bl)0 men lib it ivonterey. Tha io*d between d amargo and Monterey waa Infested t y 1"un cat alty; a perfy of them had enter# d Valdereta, > aid dir.ve every Anieiican sway. I unde rat and a letter ).*< la-a-li Mi eived f. om ( apt. CroetrneM, A. (g M at Ca icrgo, statu g thai Uan 'J ay lot woa in gieat need of re- j iiifoiooment*, aad wished iLeni puahad torwaid aa last I W YO !W YORK, TUESDAY M ??????????^ Ml as poiaiile; that the enemy were in force near Saltillo, ] and that a battle had betn fought We hare ilnce beard by express that Oen. Taylor had been attacked at Ague Nt.ava, and had rtpulsed the enemy and made good hia retreat to Saltillo; that there the anemy again pounced upon him. and were again repulsed. but Oen Taylor ; deemed it adviaible to retire from the town, and took position three milea this aide, aending woid to Marahall at Rinconaria, that he could bold bia own until Marshall's farce cama up The enemy, it is said, made such a ?udden move from San Luis, by suck a short and difficult route, that they could r ot bring their artillery. If this is so, it is thought Oen. Taylor can. at least, make good his retreat to Monterey, where be will be safe. Taylor's lorca is composed principally of volunteers. He has with him four companies of light artillery and four com panies of dragoons. Maisha 1 took on with him two 18pounders. Col. Curtis. 81 Ohio regiment, commanding at Camar- , go. has burnt the town, except such portion as is occupied by hia troop*. The Mississippi regiment (-id) has | debarked and gone to Matamoras, to relieve Col Drake's j regiment (Indlanaians) Moil., Tl, ?o. I... I--. 1 11 - l-l?1-1- ?- il ... I * * uwiuaa n? wrcuiau iv nu iaaui? ig illiyw U|# Mm* fortifications at thia place. We have pot three or four piece* of heavy artillery mounted, and if th* Mexican* trouble m, they will hear from " Fort Harney " Tuat lien. Taylor Ua* bed a severe fight, there can be no doubt; the fact of not hearing from htm only tend* to confirm thia impression [From the Mew Orleans Times, March 31 ] The schooner W. C. Freftou, arrived last evening from the Brazos St. Jtgo, and the city, a* i* ouitotnury on every arrival from that quarter, was at once fiilod | with rumor* ot advance* and retreat*, battles and \ictorie* There was. whan the schooner sailed, a report at the Brazos, which is said to have como from Camsrgo, that Oeuhral Taylor and inta Anna had either fought three battles, or one battle of three dnjs, either at SaltiUo or Monterey, or at both, about the beginning of the inont'u, and that Santa Anna had been defeated wi'h the loss of 3 000 mm, while the American loss is put down at eleven hundred. Thia story is altogether improbable in its account of the losa. The Mex'.can army i< not composed of lbs material* which would stand until one-forth of its number was cut to pieces, or if it did, the American army reducsd by the los* of more thin a fifth of i's force, would have been in no condition to cluitn a victory over such an enemy, still so superior in number* An engagement ha* doubtless taken place, and every indication lead* us to believe that Gen. Tavlor and in* army have had the advantage, but beyond thia ell ia vagn conjecture or idle i umor The first reliable news will be received from Oen.Toylor himself, who, if any thing serious has occurred, will find means of acquaint, icg government with the fact, in the shortest possible tiuie. Until then, he that believe* the least will bo the nearest right. [From the New Orleans Picayune, March 31 ] There were a thousand and one rumor* put in circulation as soon as th* W. C. Preston was reported?some of them to the effect that Den. Taylor had had three daya' hard fighting,during which he fell hack upon Monterey, where he repulsed the Mexican! with terrible slaughter. These are evidently modifications ol the news received here eome time ago, but the impression at the Broxos and along the lino of the Kio Grande was stronger than before that a sanguinary onsUnuht had taken place somewhere between Monterey and Agua Nuuva. We are constrained to any that nothing has been received upon which to baso en opinion how the battle went. The current reperte lead us to infer the triumph el Oen Taylor : but farther than thia nothing can be positively asserted. Something has been done, but what, where and when, are yet matters ol painful uncertainty. Thsre must hs some truth in all that has been said, but how much must be left to the hopes and fear* of the puhlio to guesi. [From the N. O. Drlta, March 31 ] The following letters from very authentic sources, art the only ones we received by the Ws C. Preston Mouth or tmk Rio Guanine, March 10, 1047. Undar present circums'aaces you will be extremely anxious to know the rumors from this quarter. I wish I ,*ou11 myself arcertiin the truth, wuich, among tha thousand Ilea that ara circulating, la like a grain af whaat ia a bushel of chafi" Our whole line of communications has baen threatened by Santa Anna's overwhelming forco for some time past, and columns are constantly in motion threatening an attack on our depot*- As late a* 4 o'clock this morning the accounts liora Malaruoru* are dolorous indesd and an attack is expected every moment. Heavy firing wa? heard last night at Matameras, sail to be a salute on account at a victory gained by General Taylor over the Mexican* at Buar.e Vuta, 30 mile* this Ida of Saltillo. The fight is said to have lasted three days The Mexican loss la put dowu at 4000, and the American loss at 1 100 I have jast seex a letter from a German merchant at Matamoraa, who confi ms the rumor I.put some'confldanc# in th* report, as it correspond* with Mexican rumor* current for some daya past I must add tha'up to our very latest dates from Ca murgo, there hsd been nothing heard f/otn Gen. Taj lo since the 33d Februarv. Since that time nil coinmu i cations ha I buen cut oif with Cainargo. si the brave oil man was completely surreunded. 1 knew, of courae Gen. T. would do tbo country honor, but aueh gloiious results an or* now repotted may be considered miiactilout; and while I believe them in part, we muil wait further official intelligence. Mouth or tiik Rio Grande, March 10,1847. A private expie?s reached here thin morning with the newe, or report, that Oen. Taylor bed defeated Santa Anne, and driven Mm back to Seltillo, killing 4000 Meal cam The newe ii probably rorreot aa (area regard* Santa Anna'* defeat, but the number of killed may be ex uggereted We heard flrirg at Metamora* yeeterday a>. ternoon, and it waa doubtless upon the arrival of the teamboat Brownsville's newt?now hourly expected at hi* piece The exprea* came down by land, and in bail the time it would take a boat; we have consequently nothing official. The person who brought the tinea ha* *o jumbled it up that it i* hard to get at the correct re ult Of one thing, however, you may he certain?Geo Taylor ha* defeated Santa Anna But at whut sacrifice, of courao, we oxnnot precisely tell. I will soini toil all the particulars; by the schooner I) Coffin or Onslow, to leave tc-day, should the Brownevilla reach here in timo [From the Cincinnati Commercial, March aa ] Ohio Bsausi ai, Montsret, Mexico. ) February 33d, 1847 y Newt has just reached us from Saltillo, by an express from General Taylor, which ii aa follows, that he wa? attacked, ami fought seven luiirs, -\ hen the express left, and that our small array was loeirg ground, the enemy having t iken three pieces of artillery. General Marshall is ordered up to Saltillo, with one company of Ken tricky mounted men. with at many pieces of artillery as we can upare from Iho " big black fort," which will be very fow, on account of a targe fordo having been seen very near tbi* place, aril on that depends the wboie army** safety, for we can get from Gva to Sevan thousand men in it, and then defy Mexico to take it from us Likewise i* ordered up a large quantity of swords. I hi* is a scaly time. Vesleidsy Ihe long roll best ebou' one ; o'clock ; an express came in from a smalt town about i three and a half miles fom here, stating that a large | forceof Mexicans, mounted and footmen, were inthe j town and would be upeu tls in e few minutes. The guns , at thef oit were run up to each port,all mamiad and laid- , ed, waiting for the advance of the enemy Our regiment j being quartered in the city and near the plsza, were. ! marched in the plazu rquare, where ammunition, all the I public money, and various other things belonging to Un- | ele Sam. wete We are bound to protect them with our i lives, if fifty thousand of the enemy attack nr. Here I is the order of tbo Major commanding our regiment "See what mora you can do for your State, the 1 great State of Ubio, and let me tell yon, men. he steady, calm and cool and listen to my command. If the enemy do make their appearance, we will fitst giv.i them one round ol hells and then see if they can stand the trial of our bayonets." We waited for them to make their sppeurarce for at least two hours, hut none ram* Our ordeis were to sleep with our accoutrements on arid our guns at our si lis 1 don't know what you all at home think ; lor instance, w e expected to ha (Harked? only two regiment* to guard the town;aud let them be es brave as lions, what could they do aguinst fitteen thousand mvu who knowing our situation, will surely take dv-antave of it? Whv can't the Uni'ed Mates Ho vow . men* ot once. a* she is able and wiling to a* send out to tniacountry an overwhelming feree ant surround the troorrit-iu'.i* kcotiuifiela and uao them ui>at once f Why let tbaru buteber oar people n* 'hey do every day ? Tina motumK oil* of out regiment ?a< brought ill. laying la ceived a wound in hi* i>e.id, nod hi* th< out cut fiorn tar to ear. ksoklng at this murdered roan haa mad* ma leal like the 31*1 day ot ttoptaraber, and raikoa ma thii at for revenge ; it dues m# K J?d 'o ppill Mexican blued Wt are pretty sine that w will have u flgni haie ii. a da) or to and It *?, to the >quera wo will go a id Major Old,rings lays that none tinder In* command ai.ail leave theaqutia alive without whipping tno ?. te.ny and gaining ilia -hy All our regiment went* Is on* more light ami ilieu luiu . in the din ciion ol home, that ia, ull that e scape, and il, j nn we r?ll it, the " ?*cand relief " would come on, we 1 would ha perfectly contented, hut at it is we have to he contented any how. Thia is -.vilttcn in haaio A MOSES Wxmrsnros'a Bi?th D*r, ) MosTtaw, Fob 24, 1 Ss47 $ In haste 1 send you a few lines A l>ig tight ii on h?ud Again lor Ohio we must strike, and may victory perch j upon our banueri! Oen Taylor has lallen back upon Mattillo. and we are houily expecting au attack hero (..apt Met. Ulloch and twelve men, (Texas Hanger*,) ' have been token priaoner* hy the Mexicans in th# m igt hoihooil of H'iltillu; and hoi May waa cut off, bat for\u- 1 nately succeeded in mskir g hi* way in despite of them, to Malabo Oen .Ylarsluli, 4 pieces ot uiliilei y, one com pany ot artillery men, ?ud u lew horsemen are gnardlr g the puss between here and Siltillr Oen. Taylor will fight and there ia no doubt but what , wo will too Good bye, old friend, (or the present. litis will go in an express that ia about starting, lump on i ) our print bench and give three cheat* lor the Buckeye ttoya. J. B ARMSTRONG. CiMltuo, Mexico, Feb 25, 1*4" I write to you in groat haste Great eicitimeut prevail* here at present. There wa* in cxpraaa arrived ; Para at 4 o'clock, P. M, Irom saitillo, th* contents ol which is not lully known at present. It appeal that here has been soma hard lighting at mat place. MiidIb , Anna ha* sent word to Gen. Taylor damn. tin. g of hint in uncomMionn.l surrender. "Old Rough and Rav T " returned him the answer, " that ha might coma ami take hem hunaall." Monterey has been threatened with t.n ittack and it ia posltivtly asserted, upon good authority, hat a laige division of th* Mexican army (cavalry and "Ot,) *r* encamped within three league* of this ,.lece All ut anr ttooi a have b? en ordered in tli* town and lo; t; i I sit in ti < iuit, and the h dance (including company K, I A vho aruliuiy,) tuo stationed ui thu Pi.ta, wtuch i* * R K 1 ORNING, MARCH 30, 18 strongly foi tided We are all on the alert, expecting an I attack hourly. Should thay pay ua the compliment of a viiit, va wi.l five them a* warm a racaption as we are capable of Cvery man U fresh, and aagar lor 'ha Irav. All ara <latarmioad to uphold t^a honor of tha Bochayo Stata. Our motto ia "our country, right or wrong." JOHN U MtlklDS, SJ ragt O Vol. [Tram tha Washington Union, March 27 ] Groat aolicitude ha? pervaded tha publio mind in ennseguenoe ot the painful rumora respecting tha fata of the 3 t regiment of Ohio volunteers A latter from Colonel Morgan hBi been received by his parents at Washington. Pennsylvania and by them forwarded to a friend in this citv, who permits us to throw it before tha publie It shads light upon several paints, and efiorda ground for the belief that Col. Morgan 'a command reached Monterey In safety It ia evident the panic had not reached the troops at Oerralvo, and the spirit of the let teris calculated to ollav the apprehensions which have been hitherto entertained. The opinions expressed were probably based upen intelligence received by him from . tha interior " Ckss^lvo, Wednesday taornlog. KebruryJI, 1847. " Although pressed for Hmo 1 atn still induced to drop you n line to prevent your feeling any uneasiness on my aoconnt Within a short time a battle will be fought a' Agtta ,\ ur>va, beyond Malabo. I am ordered to reinforce Mod- i terry, and march from hero in thirty minute* Yon mutt not export to bear from mo again for three i week*, or u month, us all communication between Mon- I tirey and Camaigo will be closed for a while. I never had better health in my lite?1 am strong and ' ia fl?t rate spirits. All of your acquaintances in the regiment are well, ' and dosira to be remembered te you.'* tub captukk op capt. hkabt'b company. i Han Li * Foroai, Feb It, 1847. Fearing that my flrat letter, written at this place, giv ing n detail of our capture, may not have reached you. i again embiace an opportunity of writing On the 26th ol January, ('apt Heady was ordered, with myself and sixteen private*,to make a reconnoiasance of the country, and alao to gain inlormutiou of Major Gaines and hit command, who had left oamp eight dura before. Many and vai'out rumor* had reached Haltillo that they had hecn taken prisoner*, und we ware fully confirmed in this belief trom tire fact that ho w?* to hevo raturnod in four day*. The time Used for his return had pasaod, and yon may well imagine that hia absence created much un sadness According to orders and instructions, we started froai camp auout ten o'clock and travelled a distance of some twenty llvo miles to u ranche, where we halted for about an hour, rested our hories, and took something to eat It was now firo o'clock The order wa* given to saddle horses, and in ten minute* every man was mounted, and o(T we started just as the sun was sinking behind the mountain*. At about ten o'clock we reached another ranche, where we determined to remain for the ti ght, ua our horses had gone without water for twenty miles, and as our guide informed us that we were at the only place whore wo could procure it foi the next thirty. We stripped our horses, posted a guard, and the rest lay down to sleep 1 was appointed officer oi the guard. The beginning of llio night was clear and betdtilui. and tho sentinels were so stationed as to com maud a view of soma two miles on either aide About two o'clock it began to rain, the clouds ware limiting thick above ua, and it became so intensely dark that it prevented our guard from seeing the approach ol too enemy. Whan it becamo sufficiently light to s:e, tha saDtiueli came in with the icfoimation th t we were suirounded and entirely cut off from our camp. Each man instantly sprang to hit feet, seized his guD, and prepared ta fight, llut on a | close examination two or three more squads or ocmpa niea were discovered which had before been ooncealed. their number exceeded two hundred, while ours was only nineteen. The enemy demanded an immediate surrender, which wo refused unless we should bo treated as prisoners of war ia every respect. The Mexicans agreed to this, provided wa would yield without further resistance ; and, toeing that it would be usaiess to stand out longer, wo surrendered as prisoners of war. Our small party were eager for a tight, but tho result must have bean the death of ail ?a sacrifice too great. 1 never in my ll'o saw such determination and spirit They wara game fellows, all of them, and deserved a halter late. We haco been treated with all tha courtesy and politeness due our ranks as offloers. Suffice it to say. that wo are wall provided for and all our wsuita attended to. And it any thing eo uortilyiog to a soldier could reconcile him to him to his fata, it is tha recollection that I have tallau into the binds of a generous enemy. I therefore endeavor lo beer up against my captivity and misfoi I iun??. una iu 14 iter ciuso conmiemeul, | probably owing to iu being a fortiiied city, Uive yourself no uuaas'iiu.-i us legard* toy lute, lor I hop* soon to be exchanged or released. I eta entirely destitute ot money. 1 have applied to Gen. Taylor for fuuda, whose check I hope you will honor. He may in nome manner convey it tliiough tieti Simla Aorta to me. In the prime of you'll nod manhood all hope of diatinclion aud success hue been cut olf end destroyed?all the bright vision* ot the future have vanished?all laurel* faded. Soon shit 11 the oniiuon1* tour, and ihn sound ol musketry echo from the wu)l of Monterey, aud 1 here immured in the walls of a muDr tery lamenting ovur my untimely fate. There is sums comtoit to know that I wa* taken iu the pcilormance of my duties aud in obedience toordeia All is nnt over I yet hopa. My services atn ever at my country call, and, os ionrr as the war lasts, I am ever at her will With groat respect and esteem, 1 remain your most affectionate sen, T. S. CHURCHILL. To tLls letter is addod postscript in a different hose'- j writing,and without signature, it is in these words:'' Lieut Churchill and the other prisoners of war started yesterday, the IMh of February, lor the city of .Mexioo. The party concisted of nin ity-seven iu all. 1 he effl er. were all mouutad. I believe thoy will be allowed then parole on arriving at the capital.'' MEXICAN VIEWS OF 1HK WAR. (From the New Orleans Picayuue, March 111 J Two days after Santa Anna's letter was published in the Mexican papers announeiig his intention to give battle to (Jen Tujljrcn toe JI it utt, the following leading article appeared in El RtpuHicmn*, a paper of utore weight than any in Mexico It has been, and is the steadfast It lend of freedom and order in Mexico, oppos mg gequally revolutionai y violence and despo'ic sway. It is no t'ount the best insex we have to the views oI the moro enlightened civil clusses in Mexico. The aiticle appeared when they were looking eagerly lor the news of a battle, and at the ntn< time wet e threatened with an immediate revolu'ion in the capital. We give s translation of it, though but a lusty and indifferent one, to show the views entertained in Mexico in legem to the war. We may, haply, learn tiom it how l>e> t to j conduct the witr on our *nle-whether to prolong it b> Unction aril Indecisive skirmishes, or to put an end to it by ?h*rp end terrible blow*. Every man will foim hitown opinion of tho best cour c to be pursued Wh.it we wish particularly to impress upon ell is the character o< tho paper from which we copy. We haro been reading it for many t ears, and bave ever found it?iu ail foi m. and under all names? tho brat index to the state of put lie feeling in Mexico to be obtained. It embodies much more positively the national sontimont of Mexico thai, aoy American journal we can think of embodies publi opinion with us [From El Ilcpublicano of February 24'fc J Having just published the communication in which Gen Hants Anna announces that he ws* upon the |>oin' of hazarding a gen-ral sction between the lorce* under hi* command end those of (ion. Taylor, it is not possible, even l;i iho midst of the painful circumstances by which we are surrounded, [on the ovo ot the rev ilu'iunary out break in the city ol .Mexico,] it is not possible to think ot sught save tho immense coneequinces of the battle which has in all probability alieaay been iought. The conflict in which wo ura engaged with tbo United Bta'es of the North cannot be wonhily miiotsined unless the whole nation is profoundly convinced that its honor uu-1 its interest inipoietively requite that it should be pro<ccuted with insuperable energy--not to bo shaken by a 1 reverse* nor satisfied with a paitial victory Hitch is the true point of view of the question at this moment in the civilized world, war is not tho result of the sav- | age imp ilsrs of hatted und revenge ; it is only most.s of national defence? destructive, to bo sure, but legit.mate. Nations do not wago war,nave to presorte end si. cute their right', and hence it follows that when they j have justice on their side they should never lay down ' their aruu until thoy have obtained these inip, i ta.it ends. Iu our cas?. Mexico is d, lending the interests of her nstionolity, her lenitory and her inoe ? resisting tbo invs ! tion with which the people of the (lotted Htatm tin oaten 'o occupy our count: y, to mcorpoisie us with the Am-r ie*n Union, and to extend (to nueives across the cotiti. i pent We, therefore, must reg.i-d as our object in the win the prt tRivation of out territory and tin, establish- , in til of relitiuns which shsll us>ure its future tecutily Neither of the^e ends ceo be o tjined wnliont a pro- [ longed war To believe the coitrery.to suppose that :i j single battle i* to decide the gri-al question, is to initiale the nature of it, an I to cheriati erroia fatal to the Hc| nb- 1 li\ Among rations, there nre epucus in which their ho ' nor and their inteiest impce upon litem g oat saciifjcee and It then berou.es a duty to submit to luem, wh.itevo. ' tliey msy bo Even should wa to day ob'ain a victory, if we ex imino well the sit'istion of all ilts, we cuunot d?ceivo ourselves , wi'h tb:i h< pe of an honorable peace. 'I he tatriioiy of Texas having been incorporated with the Ameucsn Union, the Union will not consent to its dismemiicrnicir.. unless it i* iorced to It by great reveries; and anxietl* to aoqur-i all tbe lend in the n irth of our Republic, we have I seen it pretending to extend the boundaries ot Texn-i in I ,. .... ...... J n.iijiiiiu.M 1 II <11 II liHD ciaimeu ()n< linn ol thn Rio Biaio del Norte ax the. ilghtlui hum daty of Texaa, and in iti Iwat propoeitiona. occording to Rcm? of thn p>pera, it propoaea to occupy nil tlia toriitnry compri honied by a line tunning Iront the mouth ol the Bravo, and following that i>oiullel ol latituile to toe ihun a of the PeOiAc, wheiohy wi i-hould lote one hall of the Republic, and have anted our dargero'ja neighbor* in ac i|ttiriiig upon thia continent a mod pernio.m? pn ponde rain'.# And in tiutb it ia not to tie expected that they will abate f> om theee ignominious proposal* ao lorg na they do not feel the full burden of the war and pn rve the udvei tage* which they hare gained - being makers of a I mg III * o! coaat, ol lowna, of cple? end Kl.iti a nr. w in their occupation tinder thenc chctimstannta n victory which abould ilntioy one divi'ion ol their aimy or mould laatore to ua acme ot our citiea, vn uM not auttce to change the aspect of attain. Bit', on the other hard, by pto ongiog the war,the American I nion will I ? m i te to Icel all the weight rf the ixpei.au wbk'li it ha? el* ccuntoied; it will tie coi a rained to replace every day ita Hoopa, and to uonteud who d ifl ulti?? ol climate, and a war which will pervade every pait of our Republic Tliua, then, the contmnation of the war ia mceaaaty lor ua. whether we obtain a victory, or whether Providence ptkm nt to ua a new revet a View it in another light! it nwhrna people nie struggling lor their io.le. ?i.dt nc* that t^cy display tin* virtual which thay poxieia, an I hy their com age vim'iuate a juat petition iu the taiimation of ih? wot la In this manner die ftpaniarda at Una day raat their glory aid ETERA i m nr~~n?f? 47. their respectability upon tha ?pirit with which, In their / war of independence. they resisted the French invasion; and ao wo ourselves hold forth our etruinflo for emancipation as our title to the respect ot other nations, be cau-e in that straggle Mexicans wore neither intimidated I r, by danjars nor disheartened by reTorsos. 01 But in the present campaign there has been nothing te glorious for us. The battle of Resaca was lost by tha ul pusalsnimlty of some teg iments. M stem ores was aban- dt doneJ through fear, and the capitulation of Monterey bi covered us with ignominy. A battle gained would not to comnensata us for these lnsaaa.lt amb ... ?i_ public estimation our woundad honor?it would not thrust forth the Ar.iaricans from ths territory which they lie occupy. Peace would ever ba disadvantageous, and the op remote fron'iars of our unfortunate country would not he fail of being ultimately lost to us again, because tba th North Americans would ba emboldened to attack them with the confidence of not encountering resistance ve Finally, under such circumstances,a foreign combination gr would become lose Jiffieult than ever for carrying out mi the project of a monarchy, lnaamueh at all the enemies mi of Mexico would take advantage ol our weakness and co discredit m But,on the other hand, a protracted and vigorous war cc will be more grievous to our enemies than to ourselves, and when the dsv of peace shall at last arrive, Mexico . in will have restablished her honor, and her (rentier be b< tnude secure. If we adopt any othercenclusion wacsn > pi see nothing before us but disgrace and ruin, and there- ' g< fore de we demand that whatever may bo the issue of i sc the battle, which prebnbly bus already been fought, all ' n. Mexicans should agree thst the first of our necessities I sj and the first of our duties is wsr. I (fine laptimtra dt m nuesfrae ntceiida dti y tl primer* dt nuttetroi debtees ti ' m La Qutrra ] AOt'A NTJtVA. (t A letter from Ospt. A. L Corwine.of Ohio, dstod Agna ir Nueva, Fob. 13, gives ths following account of that q place . ? ' Our camp is now eighteen or twenty miles south of Saltillo, on the Ban Luis Potosi (Potose) road, and oom- p maadatbe only pass In ths mountain* through which tbo g enemy can bring artillery, Jfua Neutva, (the first pro- tc nour.eed our, which means water,) the name of the da- j, sorted raneht. near which wa ore enoamped, owes its |, name to the circumstance, that the stream which tuna by , it, ia the firat fresh water after you leave the last tank, t coming from San Luis?it being forty-five miles to that a tank. Thus, fret A ueater, is the literal meaning of tha ? name. This plsce is distinguished in Mexican history, pj for one of the bloodiest battles that was fought during (i the revolution ol ItiS and 1834, whilst Mexico was at t. war with Old Spain," |j! ARMY INTELLIGENCE. dl In twelve days, Ospt. Morris, the recruiting officer at Albany, obtained 33 men, several ol whom were enlietod '<3 et Syracuse. They woro to leave Albany for this city on fll Saturday. NAVAL. U 8 steam frigate Mississippi, from Norfolk, called off Havana 16th lost , and proceeded for Vera Crux. A pilot boat which went to the M. tools on board a passenger, and landed him in Havana, for which the proprietors w, re 'j compelled to pay a fine of F60. A propeller, name ui - l; known, arrived at Havana on tha 17th, from the U nited " Motet, 1' U 8. etoop of-war Decatur, from Norfolk for Mexico, c was spoken 11th inat, 1st. 43 13, lsn 70 16. 0 _________ u The Corn Trade of Kurope, 11 A latter from Zurioh, Feb 31, contains the following : P _" On the 1Mb ln*t . some merchants of Tesino having 0 purchased all the corn in the market at Varessn, on tbo 1 frontier of Austria and Sardinia, the people became dis c contented, and began to hoot end assault the Swiss mer- j. chants. They sought refuge in a house, whero they re- [ mained tor soma time ; but when they ngaiu made their ' appearance, in order to tako possession of t^eir pur- 1 chases, the tumult recommenced, aud their carls were J stepped and pillagod. Similar scenes took plsce ut Oa- ' virato and Barono Tranquility was at length restored 1 by the interference ot the armed force, and several ar ' rests were made. Two dava aitorwards, a body of pan ' sunts, totbe number of 8300, entered the oorn magazines ' at Bexto t'alcndo, and forced the owners to sell it below [ the market pi ice. They were afterwards disperaod by the gendanoarie, and had two of their number killed ' and soveral wounded. According to the last accounts 1 from Milan, the exportation of grain was iti icily probi- > luted." ' lite importation of grain and flour into France, J from the 1st of July to the 91st of December, IS46, amounted to |hecto)itres 3,643.330 ' And the importation in January to 716,936 ' The qnanti'v imported since last harvest wss MMdhw J By ths Mediterranean harbors 3,J3I O.'ie By tbo Atlsi-'ic - . 616,79.- ' , By tha land frontier 306 301 ; , Tlio Moniteur publishes tha following letter, duL-.l ' u Marseilles, tho 11th ot Feb I "The stock of grain existing In our harbor exceed* h POO 000 hectulit.cs, and hillipiaslllias111Mllj forward- h <1 from this to the interior. Them ars besides, in the c qusrartine harbors of Pomeguo and Frioui, iu free i ra u tiquo, from 170 to ISO vessel* laden with corn uwaitiug q their turn of admiixion arid unlonduig iu the port of M lr h seillet The Rhone ha.? e^ain became u*vii?Bbt* end th -j iran-port by its ctiitiiu-l is lur more active thnu by iaitd u Th* (Might between Mat -teille* end 1.50ns is ljf. per lot .1 kilogrammes, and if 60c. for extra expenses; the prior si of ths carriage by land it Iff 36c per loo kllogrsmm * I The freight at Marseilles, for the Atlantic harbors, is 6V o per ton of 16 hectolitres " e According to the new tariff published by tho companiea, ? the price or the transport of grain on the rallroaJs is a< | ii fellows;? Ii Frons Have to Kousn. . ,0f. 70c. par 100 kil 0 Rouen to Paris 1 0."> 1 Parts to Orleans I to 1 Oi leans to Bourges 1 31 r Total 4 Ofl 1 ! ?or 3 fraira SO centime* per hectol tro The price o! ( | transport ftom Tour* to Orleans i* 1 frans 6* centimes i pei 100 kilogrammes i 1 The Monit'ur announce* the proximate opening ol the t Havre and Ilouen and the Oilcan* and Bouigea railroad* i lor the convey si c* of grain and tour. ? It al*e quote* the following letter, dated Constantino \ pie, 17lh ult : - [ ' It i* impossible to ascertain with any degree of accu ' t racy the quantity of grain existing in the ruikMi b.u- j hoi* particularly at a moment when the corn trade pn v enta *o great an activity a* thl* year. Tlio atock, more- p over, i* daily renewed It i* rgually difficult to apprn * ciate rrrulta with any certainty, hut the low rate at which grain *ell* in the interior i? a ante indication of q it* abundance. From all account* the crop of wheat and li other grain ha* to en moat productive throughout the en. h pire. and far ruparior 'o tho?? oi pr?e?tding year*. The corn hitherto exported item the Tut kith hat hot a amounts to I ,<;00,OKI) hectolitre* cf wheat, and nearly the a.nr.e , quantity of minxa. The Mock dcttined for foreign mar ; V ket* at ill on hand i* estimated at upward* ol '1,000 000 . hectolitre*. The moment ihe roe Is shall become practicable, that i* in the beginning of the ftne season, that ' ma?e of grain will he transported iu corn to the aen co? at | The piox-nt plica of the hectolitre ol wheat, delivered 1 . on hoard ahip. ia IS) 60c The fieight for Marseille* in if M'c per hectolitre..and the insurance fram 1 to IV pei * cent fur the .Mediterranean, aud from 3 to i.V tor the ? ocean. (Since the 'iiilh of December, the period at which ihe northerly wind set in, it i* calculated <hat 600 ver- 1 el*, Inden with grain, sailed, or ore on the pom', of aai.'- t ing, lioui Constantinople and the Black Sea hnrbor* tor the Mediterranean. 1'pwnrds of 400 are bou nil for Mar *elllea, carrying between l,s00,00d and 1,600,001) becto 1 litre*."' i Cracker* and Chars*. Tho ateniuboat Kuchester arrived [at her dock, liom i Hudson, at anea'ly hour y esttrday morning, with on* , oi her nnoke p'p^a en t'u he. 1 hnure carried away. The late gale we* , overfly loll on the river. In lieu of the 1 rain which we hal here, there was snow at Hudson, ' and Ike drills woie so gi.ut *a to pievent ho cart from i running on the Bo.ksbirc laiiroad. Tnu liters the proa pectot an immediate opening of navigation to Albany I The remain* of Lieut Blake were i Xyectt d to at rive ' in Pluli delphia last evening. The fun-ral, with appro ' pi iste cert monies is to take place on Thoiaduy next. ' l.e Columbia Soultt Ctrditiiun of VVedn.s Idy, say * ?"Our river lis* r.aen to a greater height than a'ait ' time since the fienhct ol 1X40. A great many cattle have J t>e< n destroy ed, a-d much other dut-iaga douu all uioug the liver's banks '' Green pens, giown in the open air, were far t>sl* in p 8a?..n<ah market in tk# 331. c There was quite a tall ol snow at \l!<any on Friday u night. Tbeateamer Ametica ariived at Hr.cli sler. from To rnnto, on Wednesday. She was to leturn next day.-- P There 1* yet Oon idarable ice in the r u na 1 * hm hoi a. The steamer Columbia lelt Hudsan for Albany on Ma (( fur ley mornirg 8u" was trying to work bir way ( t trough 'he ice i t a late hour in tho at erocon. |( There i? a man named Kannher, iu Natchr /., Mis* , who tame* wild Lor?e* at one training By me mt of ? ime j, tact or art whiih hi noaf >w tie take* ? wil I prai"# ? courser and In a lew Moments si completely conquer* p him that the animal like ? favorite dog, will follow him j| about. li A man named Tn rrey was eru-lied to death by a f?l of coal, in i'uikertui.'a uunei,at itt Clair, Penii. on Men li dav night. The violent mow storin ol Friday ni,,hHia* don* con- ' ? sideiable damage to the wiresol the re ngnotic telegraph j t( line* 'those ot thn New Voik and Philadelphia lino aie t, * iid to he rouiplotely w recked from Philadelphia to Neva Brunswick, end those . f the annthem itun ere in the -am* predicament from Phil* lelphia tu Wilmington. It ? will require several day a to repair damage*. 1 b A row steamboat f* being htiilt to run on the Ponob scut r.vor above Dldtown 1 he aurrey* in reterence to tho uevig .'ion ware fnarle o yeeror two alne.e. Thl* a ill ho the flrtt bout on the routn, widen ii ??i<1 to bo a delightful one. \ 5 0'jng rou nam*uli?? a glil 13 yaara ef age, retiring iu iVtiyibuigb, W. a ? u S?? Volh latluiy gut up In Iter tlo p, an t tiavalle<l IVj tinlm ovar thn imtw v> ilh nothing on i-xcrpt her night rloiht* and a pair of aho.-a. A fall ivsiehid har. Mi* tvai neatly Iroaan The home rf Mr Shi* Pole*, of Uroh'irie county, J wti horned In-1 *- < k \ gi'l l.i hor tct-na heard the crian nl two imall children i wide the > m iking home ami api"' ilfdto a man who wn aardinr oy to go to t? air re cu >; ha telu<ad, and the young heroine tuaheu in hent.If, a>.d hrotight the little onea aataly through :ha moke and flamaa, thin aaving tnem from a horrible death. At Ithaca la-' w i ek 'Ve gia 'jury had u.ider cm-. < a.drratiou hilU ot indictment aggiuM aundry par. una. ! Maabm vl ntiMi tktucbta, t i beta* ? g?g< ?t io gt'iiug up an I curymg on lotteries, connected Wi h tha i tgiia held b> the Uuie* ol ibuia chuichca." < L D. * ' a * W? Ota Mb . knothrr li?r?r fmm Mm. Virginia Mycin. [h'rom the New Oileun* Delta, March 11 } Nt* Oiuim, Jan H, 1147 1 transmit to ) uu. accompanying tLU not*, a letter, or itbar eatiacta from a Jettar, at Mra Vhginia Vyera, the rlginal of which if Is n.v poeaeaiicr It waa not in nded lor publication by the writer, to whom I am ati Iter stranger. lint the publication ot her Uttera proi?ed on tho Richmond ttlal in order to grutily a rootd and pinrieot curiosity, hat trade her lna'oiy lam,liar all. In common juatio*, thai:. Ut har voice be beard her own vindication, bowevr r unconsciously to herIt that eloquent private vindication ha now made pub l Hitherto ahe baa been art-tinged at tbe barol public icon and by many condemned wiibout even such a aring aa would be accorded to tba meanest lalon in 0 land 1 am no apologist for ber laulta or errora? tbay ai? ry 11eat--hut I cannot baliava bar capable ot tha avar guilt imputed to bar. That she ia criminal ia a ft# iutaranca, drawn from tba known waaknaaa of burn nature, unaupported by aught aava suspicion, and nt iodic ted by tba moat solemn aid aacred kin-* of h?an testimony But accuiation, to the public ia too often mdamnation Ketv cau look upon ber portraiture of bar own aulferK" without leeiing that the may indeed exclaim, in tho lautitul and patheijc larauaae af tha Hulv Honk "Mi uuatimuiit ii greater than I can bear " Will her own futlf ?ex more ottsn consoling in affliction than conifpd. be ualorgivmg to a contrite lieter? If aorrow eacit utuuc lor Ihtilti, rein then were the word* ol our 8eiour to a repentant uml lnr more erring being?"Woau, thy aim are forgiven thee; go thou, and ain no ore." With the per minion of the lady to whom the letter which announce* the w liter's intention to reek a home i Louisiana) ie addreaaad, I present thc*e extracts. reueattng for them a place in the column* of your paper. Alt* Vista, Doc. 1*. 1S44 My Din .Mi*. : I hare just read your huahand'a ttcr to my fathar. and I am ao deeply touched by your ind mention oi me that I cuuuot retrain from expressing I you my gratitude Many yeara have passed ainca my appy association with you. To me the interral Uaa eeu fraught with many aa<l changaa. I know not how ou will receive thi* communication, but I remember our kindness to me in my aummer-day of proepetity, nd I cannot think you will ahiink from ao now, when iy unexampled miifortunea muit render me an objeat of ity to all imbued with the bleeeed charity of a holy re gion I am confident that the apiril of rolentle** cruel i which characterized the proceeding* of the late trial t Richmond ha* not been unobserved by tho*e who aro !*intare*ted and unprejudiced. ***** Notice the couite puriued ward* me by Mr. Myen' courmel?wi* it not unjustiibl-I Their word* fend n bluah to my ctieek, and de:aoy and refinement make me ahrink with horror and aguit from tueir accuaation*. The caae did not require ,e attack they made on me. What wj* more hearties* an the exposnro of those letters? They were left bjr 10 unfortunate Mr Hoyt with the injunction that every ue should be burned This 1 hare recently learned irougti a friend. Those letters, although they breathe i? ardor and fervor of ati'eolion, yet I defy the man to oint out onn sentence which proves me guilty of the rime which uty enemies so cruelly attempted to fasten u me No! they are untainted by oaa Impure thought, naullied by one polluted expression?all my heart was aus bared befoie the world, all na hidden feelings exused, every thought laid open (or the |esta and taunt* fan uu'.eeling multitude. Tell me, u there a being vho does not shrink from exposing to the world the Innon'. recerses of hi* bosom/ Wore all hearts thus exosed a* mine ha* been, perhaps there are aome whose outing* could not stand the scrutinizing gaze of a preudieed community. I cannot rofraiu from remarking hat the conduct of cdi'o'j in publttbii g those letter* vas inhuman iu the extietne Had they possessed tho deling* of humanity, they would havo spared me the let p humiliation Mark well this fact. The dying lesimotiy of the unhappy Mr. Hoyt proclaimed my Introe.icu. Uetni ntherl the confession of a dymg tnsu, with iteruity and judgment close before his eyes, is held by itir law more powpttul than any ether kind ol evidsnr.u rhU declaration of nty lunoceuco.if received, established uy purity?but this part of his testimony was pronounced perjury, while the other was leceired. I speal to the world?was this justice? Via, 1 aay, review ho whole proceedings?ttII me, was ever woman so smelly wronged, so inhumanly sacrificed? * * -My husband casts me from tint a' unworthy. Willi a prije which none but thevlr uotts cau feel, I willingly accede to bis dssiro lor a di 'orcs?but ray sufferings hove been so great, and my i"ultu so all'.-oted by thuui, that it unother blow fat's on ue now, I feel I shell sink under its infliction * * * * * ?take all else beside, but ire me Ibis j iwel ?'lis my life, my soul, my diadem of lory?for 19 it not my fair and virtuous name ' * * ' * * Hod alone rvala my htart. ml I soy moital should not be my Judge. T'hiuk not that wish to conceal my errors. With a torn and bleeding eurl I acknowlodge they have been glaring, but they av? burn but indiscretion* Before high Heaven 1 d* tare that in thought, in deed, 1 eiu as pure es th* un oddsn snow , I swear I am a* guiltless of the crime for 'tilth I sulF.-r es one cf (iud's a ,gels Date 1 avk if you ein've me I For these indiscretions tbnre is extenue cm f am ? p>ison of deep ifwuiionrd feeling* 1 was tmpprecieteu. iviy husband dil not love me ?i ieit his lieca'ion, his coldness and u< gleet In that hoar of deilauou 1 listened <> tho words of affection from another, lad my husband loved me, I should never have given ne thought to another. For my error* I her* fearfully xpiated. Ilu'iisn n ind cannot conceive the engnish I nduro?sleepless mgb's, and days ol such sultering that t appears as if lifo itseli would sick under them. Nay. I oil you that - * My inly desire is that Ood will soon release me from my ud'erinys, end that I may lie in a peaceful grave,"where ha wicked cease from troubling, and he weary are at est ? This rmiction has brought with it many changes. I lave known all the luxuitousnvst ol wealth?had all ita tumforts. Now my situation is changed, and it is necne my I should seek my eupport by my own exertions? viy f*mily aro not rich, an i I caauot consent to bo a bur heu to tli"m Ho toon as my leeble health and ehattar*d ipirits will allow, I must sain iny own support. * * * * Thank tiod 1 this change froni vealth <o poverty has not cost me one p-ng?for oh! kiw worthless are all the splendor* ol earth compare I vitb the peace of a pute, unsullied conscience! This ewcl i* mine, and I clarp it to my broke ii heart, and lib tearful eyes thank my Heavenly Father thst this recious treasure cannot ho wrested from me * * May Hod Muss you snd your kind, gererout husband, iho I know feels for m* fu my annihilating sorrow. May leaven bless inn limh * is lb*. i.r?>r -r V*? roken.unfoitunate friend, vTkoInIA MVKR1 Bonus, Match 37, 1??7 "k' TYatp?T*n<:r itiocrmmt in Button?Cofnar and Con/unon. Th? Yankee auipuriuin preasntx a gloomy aapeot to ay, the i?iu pouring .'.own in torranta, precluding ail ituineee lianaartioiie out doota. Next week, liowi vor, hould tho weather t>a propitioui, thriving time* may b? upocted, oa 1 lie ipring tiada ia etpectadto op?n with iarumin..ii livalineaa, and at a much aarliar period than lenai. The Heuate have rtjncled the hill making it a penal >tT:i)ceto aell ale, heer, cider, he. So much for the iltra n.ovementeof f'topien leformeri. Ilie theatre* have done a tlim huaineaa thia weak, owing to the iurlfment weather end thu bad condition >f rnr itrceta, rendering locomotion any thing but agreeable. I.a I ntglit, wa Lai quite a rov. ut Kuneu.'l Hall, origi iriitii'g in ihelat paraerutiona of the liquor dealora. The nutting waa ralle<l to diaruaa the hcenee law; and a arge n-aembly aonranad, ?? ia cuatomary on auch oouiTona. The unowned iltampion of the tamporanca -ou?e. Dearon Grant, called the mewling to order, and r.-..? proceeding with an haiangue, when criea of "f'haii m''? Order'?" II Jill" " I'ttt him out'"?" (ia It," ind other mallJ/ltctia tea ode, undo lha welkin lug; urid au.li a tune :bo h'hoye have not had for a ong while The deacon, frially.conclude | to organiea bt hi mhly and railed the iioimoation of achaiimao. I'hen. Iio.ti ail purta ol the tinli i-sounded the name of Viei It Uiighati, tbo writ known proprietor of Conen II 1', hlm??lf a etauncti teetotalor, althougu a dealer ii tha " critlnr " On inking tho chair, the " Major'* v ua greeted with ipuduia of apphiuao, it being the fir*' tiinn he had ever raaided ut a W Jil.r gtimuii m>elisg Cevt rel legal ii-iiinuietx th ita attempted to obtain a hearing, hut uann-caifiill>. ae a tiemrndoua mrj rity wera ia favor of nld, moderntn and pvrauaeive meu>ora< A Mr. Mrlure. well known for lua advocacy of trnjopular ra >rme, wax liaicnoJ to patiently, aa he disclaimed all yirrmy with tue lnir.li, viniJic'ire treatment which u ortioo of th* >rrr|M'iHiicv community are endeteorlDf lota out to thote wbo ure ei( iril lit tbo iruAd 0:? li? whulo u richer limn liat teldom been wi nriuil |ti lie old cridlu ul It etty, ut ilia roi w without 110 ett than the tdii|>?tt I (ev..ilrj wit bin. Il l much for ii.o in Button. Hurrah (or Yankee >Ju? ?wt! _ HI YAH' The euhrrrlption alerted in Now Orltini in farther net ul the nmKtie'.c telegraph enterprife, amounted on :i? 90th, to fW) 0(H), anil the wurk wan (till " going ravwly on." The town of Newbury port, Mati. hat wotwil to raijo 11 0i'0 lor tbo entiling t ear; $H,000 to be a|i|<lie I lor the entit of trhoola, and |1 sou for the Are deimrtmeat. A tt a B RAHD OX, Hu< ret tort to K. A. MUNOKN 8 liUO K L I'.TTh R si U.N MANUKA' THUMBS, a I O N P H N T B H 8 , 10. 3 T*?0l? HOW, Adjoining the llailein Kttlmul Olfue, Ni .? t.nk lt*rr*KH"?; ?Wateiraton Store#. W,|lniii ureal; K 'h iVj'i tlotrl, Judton'l llt'iwl, Nt.iouu! H' t?! frrhiu't Hot'i, ). rt hood* J Werabuwee, Nenk ia 1 c ' 1 iii'tof. *c. fc. , ;t ? tiu'rie [5A8T OFF CLOTHING ANL) FUh NITURK V/.-.N i i L> I AlMlCS ?r.d Ileal einen I ntnjiB. m't <f ' "! A' ut 1J elutliia? or fnrumm Ji?;> ?? rf. r?n o> lureatu irtee lur ilie .ma, hi ?r?iii.a one oi or rt'liiia on i. ? inb?er'ti*r. ? Ina ie.idrve. " t.'-^s the net, ?>? h iriv -ill. ? ?* i? ' '7' 1 N B ?I t'ti-* eee t o "ded f ' ! 'Ha 0 B ? iii.i ftoit I ; b a.oiitboi't' *) *4 in.am, Im'lh

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