1 Nisan 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

1 Nisan 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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t\ r l_ T H1 Vt' He WO~ *17 ttr/ SPECIAL AND EXTRAORDINARY EXPRESS TO TICS new york bkrald offiom. THE LATEST NEWS rsoM THE ARMY AT SALTILLO, battle of buena vista General Taylor Vittorious I santa anna'8 army CUT TO PIECES BY oawanAL TiYtoR. MEXICAN LOIS FOUR THOC SAND. ^ AMERICAN LOSS SEVEN HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE AMERICAN OFFICERS KILLED AND WOUNDEDOolonelg Tall, McKee, Hardin and Henry Clay, Jr., Killed. OjLX> B.OTTOM 1NB RBABT THE HERO OF "Palo Alto," "Reiaet di laPalma," "Monterey" aid "Buena Viita." NEWS FROM MEXICO. The Attaok on Vera Orui. Ac. Ac. Ac. [From the Now Orison* Picayune of March 31 ] W. lay before our readers, ia advance of our regular publication, the glorious tiding* from the army, brought by tbe schooner John Bait. Our reporter loft the vessel t n the river end oame up to the town by express, with tbe news. The follewing aocouat was prepared for ns by aa officer of the army. It may ba relied upon. We publish also Oeaeral SsnU Anna's aoaount ef tha battle, from which it will be seen that ha has auffsred a defeat, tbongh ha cover* up hie retreat With a flourish of words. It wll' bo seen that vietery has bean wen at a saorifles of many brave man. Or Turnar, of the U S. A., who arrived at Matamoras on the Sth iaat, from Moat9rey, brought the glorious in. telligenoe of anotkar brilliant victory ever the Mexican 4-bj y. The scene of action was at Buona Vista, about six miles west of Saltille. The fighting commenced on the idJ February and ended on the add. Santa Anne retired to Af ua Nuova, a Jistanse of 10 miles, leaving 4009 killed and wounded upon the bald. The leu on our part," was 704 killed and wounded. Santa Anna's forces amounted to at leas* 1 VOt'O "i :>tn That of Gun. Taylor's to about ?000, almost entirely volunteer*. HU army iaaoinpuaad of Washington's and Bragg'a artillery, and Thomas' batteries, ens squadron of the 1st and second diugooi.ii, the Arkansas and Kentucky cavalry, a brigade ef Illinois and eoe alio of Indiana voluo. teen, the irst Mississippi and aaeond Kentucky regiments, sod company of Texas vo'.unteera. The c-ffljiol daspatchna of Uaneral Taylor have been cut off. Col Morgan's regiment of Ohio volunteers, being reiefirced by u command from Monterey, had reached that place in safety Col. Curtia, of Ohio, with one oompany, Ci.pt. Hunter, of tbe td U S dragoons, his own regiment, ona of Indiana volunteers, the Virginia regiment, and I thiak some Texau Rangers, in all about J,odd man, wars nbout to leave amirgo, to uttack Gen. Urrea, who is said to be about SO miles south of that place, with an army of 4,000 to * <:00 men. principally ranoherot. flo is believed to have with him only 1 S00 regular troops. A great many, if not ail of these rancbaroa, as seou a.- they hear of the destruction of Snata Anna's army, will disperse, and tha gallant Colonel will no doubt obiain tbe victory. This i ew? from abova proves that tha various reports v.-h'eJ? bid before b?nn received ef Gen. Taylor's rotreat upon Monterey, and the advance of a large force to attack our depots at tha Brssos and at the mouth of the ltio fiiamie, to be untruo. Of the defences at the month ef the river, I know nothing, but have been old that they sr* sufficient to make a strong resistance. The fortitcationi at tbe Brasos, with tbe fotee of artillrrv and-persona in the quartermaster's employ, which SMii be raistd as a garrison, me sufficient to driva back a cstnuian'd of at lesst'2 301 or S 000 Mexicans Tbe work, which may be tecnh-aily termed a continued line, enclosed all the quartermaster's end commissary's stores in depot. The puiapet is formed ef barrels of damaged commissar/ stores, with rood b-gs at the su. erior slope The sand from a ditch has been thrown up against the barriers, arid toim* tbe exterior alope. The armament of the first consists of tour piecos of artillery, two twelve and two six pounders, in barbette, which sweep the foot ot and cress three Ores upon the level plain over which the enemy would be compelled to advance, and about ai)0 musket* to line the parapet. This was thrown up when an attack was daily eip< ctod. Nothing having reached ua from General Myter for several days, wo believo he baa surrendered, as wu reported. TVe give some credit to the rumor of an ad vsnce of a large body of the enemy upon oor depot. Alter weiring three or four days anxiously expecting the approach of the enemy, we received the glorious news above, understood of course, that'the battle of Braana Santiago, was no go; nnd when I sailed the artillery ol Kott Harney, instead of mowing down the Mexicans, was pealieg forth a salute in honor of Old Rough and Heady and tii* gallant army at Bueno Viate. Through the courtesy ol a gentleman who arrivod on Monday evening fioin Twnpice, wo wore placod in pos session or tA > aliado tie la I'alna, dated 27th rebiuary, at lot Luis Pn'oai 1 be paper open* wl'h n sounding a : it Ariel. Ul'iO *' follow*: " Viva la Refiuhlisa! Viva el I limit? Oanerul Santa finite!" The amore is devoted \ nta pi ono o: General gjuta Anna, and forma tha introduction to the (ffltial do patch from him, and to *#vrral ?e"fvs from etflceisoi his aimy. \7e have already .lVan'i Ifuiiaiatioa of tiiia eespatch. It waa addressed 10 R?m?? Adair,a, Governor of the State ol St. Louie r itovl 11'* tdi'ei than inmo'Ua that other letter* have b-?ti ioff ?ed ty ptivate ei'r/en* of San Luis, written lrotn Av.ua Nuevd s>n the 24th ol February. These letter * euy that twoctfsMaueioBere had arrived there from Inn. Tejlor, <1, mv'iio?- their surrender; that Saute Anna exhibited to them the state of hi* army, showing thun the oathti'ievm und decision that prevailed among tho ttvoi* who had ullen beck to that point only for tin purpose ot obtaining lood; and finally gave them us hi* definite reply, that unities they surrendered at diecictiun he would renew tho battle on the following day, ukd continue it until ho lia I completed their destruction I Pen follow* an address ol tho Governor of San Luis to hi* country men, dated tho 5i7th recapitulating Sent* time's c??patch, and congratulating the people ujion tba victory, pi " hich, in the most emphatic language, all th (Mrj is ntiriouted to Santa Anna N-xt milowa a private letter dated " the enomy'a can p " ? I' M of tne 2SJ, in which the writer claim* tb.it ihey have taken four positions, two standards, and 'biea pie, vs. '1 he " r-ositions," lie says, were obstinately defended, lie thinks only four prisoners are in their poaeejsion: ell the nUicra taken are dead. Tbia letter wu* written b? lore Santa Anna tell back to Ago* Nueva. Jt coiiftss * that they (the Mexicans) have lest many Hir.era?out of all proportion to the men "he letter govs on to say that the Mexican (roop* are p iiS,vu>g of hunger and thirat; that they bad aaten nothing *'BCe Kucarnaclon, save a slice of toasted meat a * V"L,V'W*; ,l expresses great feari last tba rimy shoult.''disband Hint night on account of thair daprivation. . The p.in# let:*1" s?y* that Snnta Anna had a horaa kills d by a giap* . ^?'A postscript 10 tha letter says : " After closing my letter. Uie gvneral-in-ch. V> convinced doubtless thet the ormy would disband uni.'** it obtained lood and water, ordeied it to move to Ag.^* Nueva-wbeie there are cailo end water?water hsfo^e every thing " 1 tin postscript anils that they'hav* lost about a thou*a:.ii u eu, DiRiiy geneial offlcerk stilled anil woundad, md vm .iig the letter Gen. LnmbaiMiiu A brief letter Irom f aioiae lw published, dated tha 3?th uit, iu which it ia aaid that an action was fought at ICn anud* on tho 24th, in which Gen. Minon won a victoiy, takng six pieces of artillery, kiiliug thiee hundred, and manor, some pi i toners Ami a* the Mexicans killed ou the iMd fud 23d were E NE" n; 1 MAP OF THE COUNTRY TBI rZILB :i:i* v { u .jV \ if ! ||N -2 M I \?. %\ -= tg \? ?vs.?? | vA * % < * * % f C) > u 2 p) . ,N o % N * ^ Pi ' c, m ** The Positions of the Hi This map waa drawn by the lamented Colonel ArehihnM Vt II ?r,? a -i.~ . vi ?nu fxi rvfvijrjnn icouncil, on the (iih of Febuary, ami present! a correct topographical view of the field of battle. We Col. Fransiaco Berra, the lieutenant colonel of tho 1st' Light Infantry, Col. Pom of tho Light Cavalry, tho lieutenant colonel of tho 11th infantry, " and who knows how many mora hare mot the saaai fate." says one letter. Another letter gives the following additional namei of fleer : Pope Oronoe, Pope Bonilla, the major of tha regiment of Morelia, Asoeoa, and Luoanio, major of Hassara. Besides. Oen. Lembardini, D. Angel Guzmen sad D. Miguel Qoasalea, are named among tha wounded. [From the N O Belts. March 9S ] On the Wd Santa Anna begun the battle, by various manoeuvres, attempting to eutiank ar d terrify old Rough and Ready. On that day the battle was confined to skirmishing and cannonading, without much effeot on either side. In the meantime Banta Anna had sant a largo lore# to Taylor's roar, but our artillery opened upon them with great effect, and they were soon oompelled to withdraw. On tha 3Id tha battle commenced in real earnest, and raged with greet violence daring the whole day. The Americans did not wait to be attacked, but with the most daring Impunity charged on the enemy with loud hussas, their officers leading them most gallantly. General Taylor was every whero in the thickest ot the fight. He receiyed e ball through his ovsreoat, but was not injured. Adjutaut Bliss was slightly wounded at his side. Adjutant Lincoln, also of tbo general's stall', the intrepid young officer who so distinguished himself at Reaaea do la Palma, was killed. The battle of tho 3SI lasted from early in tho morning till about 4 P M , when Santa Anna draw off his army, aad retired to Agua Nee vs. to await a i enforcement. It will bo remembered that Santa Anne's corps de re erve, commended by Oen Vaequez, had been delayed in its march, and baa no doubt Joined him, a few days alter the battle; but in the meantime his aimy is starviog and many cf bis men deserting. Copt. Hunter's strong artillery company was not in the action, but had lelt Monterey to Join Oen. Taylor, with six cannon, two of them being IS pounders On the 7th March one of tho Ohio regiments also left Montsroy to Join Oensral Taylor, if these and tha heavy art llery of Captain Prentiss arrive in time, the General's heavy loss will be tally repaired, and he will be reedy to meet Santa Anna again. An exchange of prisoners had tekon place, and Old Rough and Ready's premise to Colonel Marshall to get back C. M. Clay and his party,by taking Mexican prisoners enough to sxchange for them, has been fully redeemed. General Wool greatly distinguished himself In tha aotion, and all tha officers fought like heroes. Altar the battle, General Taylor demanded of Santa Anna an uncouditienal surrender of his whole army, which tha letter declined) but in return requested General Taylor to surrender immediately. Immoitai be the reply of Old Hough aad Reedy, aa delivered by the gallant Lieutenant Crittenden? ' n.m.m ., Tin,, '> Santa Anna'* Adjutant general *h captured by the Americana, but was afterward* exchanged. (Jon Taylor occupied hit giound on the 34th und 30th, without oppo itioa. Colonel Morgan, of the Ohio volunteer*, with a email force, cut hi* way through large bodiei of armed Mexieaua, and arrived at Marin. A detachment of three companies, under command of Colonel OiddiD*. waa aent to hi* aid, and the whole party are laid to have arilved lately at Monterey. A train ol one hundred loaded wagnns of the United State*, on their way lrem Monterey to Camargo, under an eaeort of thirty rolunteera, waa oaptured by u body of Mexican cavalry, a few mile* beyond Marin. Three of the men made good their etcepe?the real were taken pri loner*. A young lady, the daughter of an American eitiaen, living In Mexico, and returning horn* from New Orieeue, where she had been going to school, waa taken with thu train, bar father having been killed by tba Mexican*. Aha had eeoapad and arrived at Monterey in tafety, where her iniafortnoea had excited the moet lively syaupathy. The lady ? name ia Miaa Bum* Col Cuttlr, of the Ohio volunteer*, had atarted on his expedition against Urrea, who waa at Aldamaa, a village on the San Juan river, about 40 mile* from Camargo. The Colonol naa a One force of volunteer*, computed of the Ohio and Indiana regiment*, and two or threa coinpaoiaa of Virginia volnnteara, and Osp.ain Winter'* company of United State* dragoon*. The Mexican* have poeceaalou of Ceralvo, Uhina, Mier, and all the town* beyond Camargo and Monterey. Major Co fee, paymaater, will carry on (Jan. Taylor'* deapatchaa to Monteray. On the Oth March, Dr. Turner, U. S. Army, after many dangera and hair breadth escapes. arrived in aafaty at Matamoras Previoua to hia arrival, the communications : betwcon Monterey and our linetou the Rio Orande, had ! been closed (or tevaral day*. Dr. Turner communicated I to ono of our correspondents a hurred aceount of the severe battle of Buena Viata, fought between (Jeu. Santa ' Anna's force*, about 17,000 airing, and (Jen. Taylor's little eirey, between 4000 and A,Out), mostly volunteers. Tito battle began on the glorious anniversary of the birth | cf Washington, a St day ler the display bf American pah I Holism and valor The econe of this bloody light was i at Buena Vista, the point upon which (Jen. Taylor had i lallen back from Agua Nuova, and is about aavan mile* (rom Haitillo i 1 he Mexican* advanced upon bim with grant boldness, | bravely led on by their beet officuis, but wore met by our | gallant volunteers with tb* cool firmness ol veteran solI diera. A fierce and long baltl* ensued, the Mexican* I W Y O KW YORK, THURSDAY ! BETWEEN 8ALTILLO ANC or BATSM, raiXLVA&T aa an v> m ? t # niiiiir II r0 i?0NTC?c y If if" ft ?i ? ira? r-M L 41 5!Us* j|C > K\-,% A g: c 5 v jge_ !, r \ o ? %5 \?i n S 2 /Azi ^>2$ T'l - ..V S \\ jc.'\ ."' II |j| C^ikJ f SW&V #i% drJI Vnfe^?'IN #5 T ^wrrv** ?, ! ? *r IrtL ||. :i?r Y # <> <!)& W JJifJlQ o r:r8 ?f ??,,er?'? *?*<? .?<, ?*?M? of'lh"0^"^" 10 ??k? the ac ?' February at ol?nr ? ^ Bn<' 23d ?? tt. ** 0, F.bJ.^'*Cr.rt lend 3.M0. The American loss wu about 700 killed and wounded. Santa Anna in hia letter, which wo pnbliah from the Tampico Sentinel, admits that hia army laeut up. That the victory waa on the aide of Oen. Taylor ia abundantly proved by Santa Anna'* precipitate retreat eighteen or twenty milea to the rear. Aa to hia tiophies, we consider that part of hia letter aa apoc,hryrh*l. and ihall wait for the particulars before we fully credit it.Thia victory has been achieved at great aaorifice on our part. The ardor of our volunteer offtcrrt ltd 'ham into the hotfait part of the fight and coneeijuently the number of field efflctri killed and wounded it lamentably great.? Every volunteer colonel but one vat either killed or wounded. [From the New OrUani Bulletin, March 93 ] The repoita that have been circulating for soma day*, ofa severe battle between Oen. Taylor and Snnta Anna, ara at length confirmed, and the result haa been another glorious triumph to the American army. The new* waa brought by the schooner John Bell, from Brezoa. It appears that Oen. Tay lor had fallen back from Aaua N'euva to Buena Vista, (about six milea beyond Saltillo) as a more advantageous position for receiving the attack from a force so vastly his superior, and that the ection continued two days, and ended in Santa Anna's complete repulse, after a terrible carnsge. Santa Anna's account of tho battle, which alao ia received by a vessel below, from Tampico. noknowledgea tbat his army has bean cut to piecea. though be asserts the same thing aa regards Oen favlor?he exaggerates the force of the Ameriaan army, which we know did not exceed (000 men, and has no doubt exaggerated in other respects. As to Oensrel Taylor having been driven from five of hia positions, the result of thea ction .complately disprove* the assertion, and we have no doubt, the American army never changed the ground on which the action commenced, for with such an cverwhelming iorce against them, any aerioua reverse dnrlDg the hattle could hardly have been recovered, and would have ended in thoir defeat. The evolutions of our flying Artillery, have probably been mistaken by Santa Anna form change of position, and we hava no doubt that tha enemy 'a ranks have auffsred dreadfully from that highly efficient corps of oar army. We shall feel great anxiety to hear the details, and particularly a list of the gallant spirit* who have fallen an our side?it is palatal to conteasplata ovan tha faw prominent names that v* have recoivad. among which will bo seen with deap regret, that of Liaut. Col Clay, tha oldest ion of the honored statesman who left this city but a faw day* since, with gloomy forebodings, and en evident presentiment of evil. The blow will b* keenly and deeply fsit. Col. McKst, of the sam-v regiment, it will be teen, bos also fallen, and we learn that tha regiment itself haa sutTned dreadfully. We have no belief in Santa Anna's intention to renew the battle afier ho obtained provision*-hie own admission* show, he has suffered very severely, end the morale of his army must ha too much deranged to render it possible for bim to natoro their organisation and confidence so promptly. Oen. Taylor, besides, will be immediately reinforced from Monterey and Camargo. and has full stoic* and supplies of every kind, whilst Santa Anna is destitute ot tha means either to restore or strengthen his army It was in canversation only yesterday, that a staff officer, recently from the army, stated to us, if the report* of a hattle having been (ought were true, that ho was convinced it had taken place at Bucna Vista, aa ho bad heard Oen Taylor express bis intention to take up that position ! ? -as# of n superior force advancing on him. IVf mm a thit to thow that Oen Taylor teat not driven from >Aguu Nutva, but had voluntarily fallen bach a battle ground of hit own choice. The result of this bsttle will shed additional glory upon tha Ameriaan arms, and when it ia recollected 'bat it haa been sn open field fight, by a force almost ex Insiaalii acm nosa/l nf mot wnlsttitai Co wit a KlCaVai atlltr KiAtl en.beilind n few month*, and against nn army of reg..lar troop*, fooi fold their own number, It has no parallel in the military annala of modern warfare (From the New Orleana Time*. March 33 1 Taylor haa been reinforcedaince the battle,by Colonel Morgan and hi* regiment?giving him ea many aa he haa lo*t, *ay 700?and alao with Captain Prentisi's battery, not having, ai b< fore atated, met with a defeat or capture. I hear nothing of Cel May. "Old Rough and Ready" haa eacapel without a acratch. The Rinoonada Peaa between Monterey and Seltillo h a t>?en kept constantly open, and the credit belong* to Uen Tom Marshall, of Kentucky All that you have beard about American cannon being taken, ia bidgo, but be plaeird to remembvr, that what I reported ** (ion. Taylor'* anawi r 1o Santa Ann*, when he dem-nded him to aurrender, la axnctly what I communicated to you - "Com* and take tn* " 700 killed and wounded on the American aide. 4000 killed and wounded on the part of the Mexican* Adjutant Uanaral of tha Mexican army, a priaoner. K-.intn Anna commanded in peraon. fill* ( Xi iea* cornea Irora Major ilutlvr, at Monterey, and win nine day* fiom that place to Camergo. All lien. Taylor'a expresae* huve baeu cut off, except tha on# AT- . - ' L RE I MORNING, APRIL 1, 184' > 3ALADO, IN MEXICO. ' id aa, 1847. I ' ! m 01 m b li 0! Il <3 I . tS!\ ; o k 15 %*. V, j, ' W I ' 1%. ' 2 a. ^ J %~ : \1 i jm> .WiPl/ ?a i ' Jf ; I2 f? ; ; o fljt < .% #1 2 r 1^ A 3 ; * ,:tv 11 * M ^ M ' K Ji f* tl ^ W?f t h C ; p I If b &. -''J fi s C\ p i j? jjj | ; |< wool Deiore me sanw. I: 1 battle, General Taylor wee encampedat Buana J Vieta, tix miles beyond Saltillo, end Santa Anna j < at Agnn Nueva. i l bringing (be Intelligence to Butler. This is tho 17th dav sine* ho hoard from God. Taylor. Tho battle was fought at a Rnncho called "Bueni Vista." six miles from Rsltillo?a perfect plain. Santa Anna retired in order. By the express there is nothing d#finite as to any particular acta of gallantry. With auoh results, all must have done more than their duty. I hoi>e you will remember, this result has been obtained by volunteers, without materiel eraiatanoe from regular*. And this, while it does not detrect from the just fame of the regular army, must afford convincing proof of the efficiency of volnnteer force. Though Santa Anna ha* been compelled to retire, there ie every probobility there will be another bottle ; , but for the reiult we have nothing to fear. According to . our present adviees.th* communication between Monterey and Saltillo is open,and will enable Taylor to receive the few reinforcement* which have gone on, end any anpply of ammunition from the former place, even If he dees not seo lit to retire that far. thk killed and wottndkt1. The list of killed and wounded was forwarded to u* by [ a friend at the mouth oftha Rie Grande, on the schooner I John Bell. It should have reached us on Mondav night, | hut being addressed through the Quartermaster'* Depart- 1 ment, It only cam* to hand the following merning. The fighting commenced on the I'l l of February and I ende i on the Odd. when Santa Ann* retired with tho lose 1 of 40t)0 hilled and wounded. Losa on our part, 700 killed and wounded Th* scene of th* action was Bnena Vista, . a hacienda 4 ailei west of Saltillo. Santa Anna's adjutant i general, with many otherofficeri an* men, aro prisoner* ; The txprari which brought the news was sent by paymaster Butler, from Monterey, and waa nino davs in getting through to Cenurgo. General Taylor'* official dacpatch haa probably been interrupted. Col. Morgan's command had reached Monterey in safety, having been : reinforced at Cerrelro by a command from Monterey. Lilt ?f Offleere killed and wounded at Huena Vitlt an Ike 2Jd and 28<f af February, 1847. kroclab*. Killed?Capt. G. Lincoln, assistant adjutant general. {founded? Capt. Stein, 1st DragooD*; 3d Lieut. W J French. Sd Artillery; 1st Lieut. J. r. O'Brien, 4th Artil ! lery; Assistant Adjutant Ganarul Bliss, slightly, 2d Leut I Bryan, Topographical Kngineers. 1 . Mississirri volunteer Riri.es. Killed- 1st Lirut R. L. Moor*; 3ud Lieut. F. Mc ; ! Nulty. ' Wounded?Col Jell'. Davie, severely; Capt. J. M. : Shnrpe, do.; Lieut*. A. B. Corwine, slightly; Posey, do ; and J. T. Stockton, do. Jfll/sd-AdJt E. M. Vaughan, Liaut Sergeant. 1 Wounded?Ono captain and thre* lieutenants, (names : not given) kansas osvalrv. * , Killed-Col A. Yell ; Cspt. A. R. Porter. : Wounded.? Lieut. T. A Redder. , IRCOND ERNTPCRr ROOT ? * I VI.RS ' Killed? Col. McUee; Lieut. Col. H. Clay ; Capt. J. , W. Moss ; Capt W. T. Willis. Wounded.?Liouta K S. Barbour, Withera and Moaier. ' ! Indiana aaiaADR. Wounded- Brig. Gen. Lane, slightly. . 3d Regiment. Killed? Cap's Kinder, Walker, and Lleat. fair. n uwi+ed-Captain* Sanderaon and Oahorn; Lieut* rcai.iiijjton, Moore, Lowia, Davia and Epperaoa, Cayce. Id Ilegimant. Kill'd-Capt Faggalt. Woundtd - Major Gorman and Capt Slaap. 11X1*011 aniotnc ?lit R?f nant i Killed?Col Hardin, Capt Zabriakia, Liant, Haughton. A Wounded?Liauta J. L Mc'onnal and H Evaru. Iixinota VouiRTacaa?Id Kagt j f Killed?C&pl Woodward, Lieuta Bruntran, Flatehar, , Ferguion, Rohblna, Bartleion, Atberton and Price Wounded?Captaim ( offer sni1 Baker; Liauta. Picket, Engleman, Steele and Wait; Adj. Whiteaidaa. l" m Voi riTim Atticrku to lixmoia Bam in* Killed?Firat Lieut. Catopbell, and 3d Lieut. Leonnard. Wounded?Capt. Conr.or. BKCAriT WLATI0*. i Killed?t Celenali, 1 Lieut. Colonel, 0 Ceptaina, 14 Lieutenanti?Total killed, 37. Wounded?I Brigadier General, 1 Colonel, I Major, 9 Captaim, 99 Lieutenanti?1Total wounded, 37. MaraMoaai, Marah 9, 1147 Sib:?The foregoing ia a eepp of aatatement banded to me by Surgeon Turner, U. it. Army. JuitarrlTed at thie place from Camargo, which ia corroborated by a latter from Lieut. Britton, Aaaiatant Commiaaioner at Ca- ' margo. Very raapectfuily, your ob*t lerv't J. P. TAYLOR, Lt. Col. and A. C. O S ? THE MEXICAN ACCOUNT OP THK nATTLB. [From the Tanapico Sentinel, March 13 ] Our city waa thrown into a great etate of eicitement y ptter day. by the receipt of newa from San Lull PetoM, giving the particular! or a bloody engagement hetwaen ' the American forcea under General Taylor and tboie of , the Mexican* under General Santa Ann*, at a point called But na Viita. Ai theie detail! are from a Mexican journal, we o courae have to receive them ai auob, and a give them juit ao much credence laeach individual may e anppoie them to be worth, making a proper allowance for the known diapoeition of thi* people to exaggerate > every thing, from the noble conflict of two coaragcoui ii armtoi, to tire alluianient of the cock pit When Uni , r content! of the aaid paper were promulgated Aral, theie r waa auch honor commingled with the recital that on# > c f E U A 7. reuld hare supposed that AlsiuJir tl.s Great was fain at the head of tbn Macedonians, carrying triumph , ud cevastation wherever bia army appeared, and there 'as such an air of grandeur thrown around the strataems of the dignified and conquering Mexican chieftain, tat we ware carried back to the golden days of Roman rarriors. [ From all we ware able to gather, in the axoited state r the public mind, which having little to work upon. ,i 'as inventing and conflicting with itself in every possila way, the accounts published lo our paper of the 9th ist are nartly confirmed. In that number we gave the abatanoe of a despatch from Santa Anna, declaring his itantion to give Gen. Taylor battle on the 91st ultimo. Ion. Taylor was then represented as being at a place ailed Ague Nueva (New Water,) fortifying himself? re are now inclined to think this was Intended by the i leneral as a run to decoy Santa Anna into a regular I ending engagement, knowing that the point he had setoted was one that Santa Anna must pass, baing tha only cod watar within o great number of mile*, which would i e sufficient to supply the wants of so lerge a force ae ! Ian. Santa Anna had then under hie commend; end es r# have drawn this much from the probabilities attendlg this bloody enoounter, we will drew further, eud 1 appose it probable that on arriving hers, the Maxicau rmy, which hud been fully prepared for the strife by tervatiou end thirst, called nil their energies inte requiitiou, and hence the slaughter reported to bare taken lacn on bath sides?the unci, a rtruggle for food and rink; on tho other,a natural display ol courage and miliary enthusiasm. Tho enemy, out numbering our aimy about four' to ne, and sUmding as it wem, upou bis own ground, pos- ; easing superior advantairaH in the u-tiv nl intnra.Ha,I riends in lAl parts of the country, togciher with correct | j .nowledgo ot it* geographical and geological character, j nd many other fact* calculated to lavor him, is reduced o the necessity of inveutiug subterfuge* to account for t n unpardonable want of success, amounting, in a word, i o defeat. '! hi* is humiliating, indeed Twenty to tweny two thoosandmien ugainat four or flre thouxnd, with ill the attending favorable circumstances; and yet that i he larger force should acknowledge the necessity of ailing Back, after lesa than two day s' battle, is almost in- 3 iredible?we would be inclined to think the despatches ' if Santa Anna a forgery, as far as this acknowledgement ' [oos, did we net find it in one of the prints under tne pat 1 onago of bis government. But here is the precious locument?let it sposk its own shame for the present j Santa Jlnna Dei patch. Camp oka* Bukmo Vista, Feb. 33,1M7. , Excellent Sir?After two days' battle, in which the memr, with a force of eight thousand to ninn thousand sen, and twenty-five pieces of artillery, lost flyo of his >ositions, three piecos of artillery, and two Hags. 1 iave determined to go back to Agna Nueva, to provide lyself with provisibns, not having a single biscuit or a rain of rice left. Thanks to the position occupied by ' be enemy, he left on tho field about 2,(100 deud. Both ' rmies have been cut to pieces, but the tropirius of war rill give you un idea ou which side has been tho adan'age. 1 We have struggled with hunger and thirst, during ' irty hours; and it we con provide ourselves with pruisions, we will go again and charge the enemy. The ' ildiers under my command have done their duty, and 1 orered the honor of the Mexican nation with glory ' 'he enemy has seen that neither tho advantage ef his ' osition, nor the broken nature of the ground, nor tiro Igor of the season, (for if has been ruining during the ctlon,) could prevent the torrible charge with the 1 ?youet, which left him terrified. ANTONIO LOrEZ DE SANTA ANNA. In addition to the above, we find in the same paper a rivate letter from an officer in the Mexican army, giving omo facts which, when contrasted, bus something of he "snblimo and ridiculous" order, mingled with the lorrible. At first he states that the Mexican army were hen encamped upon the same ground which they had revieusly occupied, f em which we iofer that they had een driven from it, and had been able to r< cover it either rom the fact that the American forces had chosen some ther camping ground, or that thoy generously emitted them to remain where, by the fortune oi ho day, they found themselves at the close of the consat. He also states that the loss oi the Mexicans was bout 1000 men, and that their disposition to disband was o great that Santa Anna was compelled to return to Lgua Nueva, from which we are led to suppose, as beore stated, that General Taylor never intended to make decided stand at this point, but manifeeted such a diroaitioii only to draw the enemy into a fight, and thereiy greatly weaken his forces, as well as retard his deigns. He states a little circumstance, which not being oeutioned in the despatch of Santa Anna, must be ruaived as a fliaht of luratrinal ion on the nart of rim wntar 'is?that two officers belonging to the uruiy of (ieneral ['aylor liad been received under covor of n "flag of true#; hat thair eyes were bandaged, and they led before the nighty and anguit general, who took particular [>um( o itrlke them with terror by a display of the splendor if hit overwhelming toroo, besides informing them thut ie would listen to no term* of capitulation other limn e liacretionary surrender. This looks queer in tho free if Santa Anna's own declaration of hit inteotiou to fill tack upon Agua Nuevn, ond an cdmlsaion that his army lad bren cut up. It is italed in the tame letter that, in aany intlcncrt contetlt were observed over the bodies o) he dead Jtmerieasi eoldiere for the pieces of sntal found n hit havettack, and for the water in th'ir canteens It le highly probable that the li s on the p ut of tli | Mexican torcei in at out -1 000 miin.whiLtthat ol tho A me ric.in tide is client h()0 Gerieial Taylor baa, no nouht. lallon hack upon Saltillo,or continued his courae tov. ards Monterey, homo rumors say that the country between RollUlo and Mouteivy ia fillu.t with ariuod Me* leans? also, Between Monterey and Lamargo, and between Motumoras and the Brbzos; hut we doubt th? truth ol thorn; ; and if true, tvo doubt their ability to get possession 01 j any important point. There whs n story yesterday that ! the Mexicans had taken possession of Point Isabel, end ; that tbe scboneer Swan, which arrived yesterday, | breoght a conliimation of these iacts We need only \ say that there is not a word ol tiuth in tho report, as Isr as she is concerned, and thut no such news hat been old- ! dally received by tbe commandnr ot this city. NKWS FROM TAAiPiCO?TtlK ATTACK O.N V It It A CKl.'Z, kC. [Krom the New Orlauns Picayune, March J'.i J In addition to the news which we give in another column, of the kittles at Bueim Vista, we have gntheied from other sources the following herns of information fiom Taoipico. Our accounts from that poit sre brought by th> Perfect, Capt Gardner. mid the Apaluchicol*. Cept. Smith The former sailed on the lllti inst., aol tho latter on the 10th. A duel was fotir.ht on the fi'.h inst, it Tainpico, bo- i tweru Col. lie Hussy uml Capt Hunt, ot the Louisiana I regiment. Capt. II. received a slight flesh wound in tiiu , breast. Tho schoousr eiwan sailed on tuo 11th inst, from Tarn- i pijo for Vera Cruz. wi'h despatches from ("ol dates to 1 Ueu. 8cotl, giving the Mexican accounts of tho battles of i Buena Vista. The schooner Aleit, as wo loarufmoi Capt Noyea, ol tho John Bell, *?> despatch'd liorn tn.i | Brazos on tlie lOch inst. with despatches lor (ion. Hcottat ! Vera Crux. The Tonus usee cavaliy, or rather what ia loft of this I fiuo body of men, emlnrked on the Uih Inst., tioiu Tanipi- | co for Veie Cruz. They go as iniautry, havi: g been dis mounted. Jbight men from each company wore left be- I hind to tdk'i caio of the horses, who i.nniedintely oigsniz-rd them.ielves into u mounted company to act in ti e defence of rumpico and as scouting parties. Two officers were also left to supciintend the movements ol I those men. Kort Audenage, north ef Tampico, und commanding an rxtensivo plain, was so far destroyed, by ordor of tlio commanding general, before tho troops lelt Tumpiro, as lo unfit it tor uac. A fire occurred in River street on the morning of tho I Ph inst, which destroyed a sirmll bouse ; also one in the ' ?vaning of the same day. At ho'h of th??e llres, tho en- i fine presented by ? Mexican citizen to the American ail- 1 lioritioa was quickly manned fcy our brave volunteers, , ind prevented the flames Iioiti a/ reading 'I ASirico, March 7, 1"S7. 1 sent cfl'a package of letters and papers by the Home; >nt as soma other vestel may arrive in New Orleans ihead of her, 1 give tho sum and substanco of the low s. There has haen another pionunctamento at the city of Mexico, headed by tfco clergy, as issctd.anJ in wbicli hey were joined by the national gurrd. Oon itsrrsg.ia ippiais to btvu been tho principal mover, and (iomtx Kaiias hue bren put down. One account has it that Oen. Solas is now President, ood that Hunts Anna retains cm nnod or the hi my. ThU now revolution ha* boeii en ' ircly bloodless The wound received by Cap! Hunt, In tho dual with 1 ''ol Do lluiay, w ?* vcrj elight, hard y taking ! ini Iiobi | lit duly. All rank waa waived, and t o pnrtie* ?p|.?-stid on thu ground as private ciLz- r . Ui I : the eiicuin 1 ittr.co*, thoto wti lie way to .void tli ho. . rrr. t ug j Tampico, March 10 1W47 Thia plcco liaa now reverted to th.-coniK,..ud ol i ol rjatea, who yc ii may recollect took < ) ?<go whi n Com Jonnor l*ft,ahd wa* auper*edcd by Ong Ovn Mtlelda- j ['ha Louisiana regiment, under < ol Do Kumj , Haiti iiora battalion, Major Buchanan, and tun e com p trim ; L7. H Artillery. couatitute *he gartiaon remaining lor it* 1 tccupetion. Tho total force, with auch citizen* u? renain during the aummer, ar.d who am already enrolling | hemaelvee, will probably amount to Ml/o 'J bo Lou it i- , irii.ma have charge oi the upper line, ll.o Dr.ltiinorcaiM he lower,and the aitiilery me atatioued in town toact, I preiuuie, hi a e^rpi </' retttvt. should tho enemy 1 :ome again?t ua v,o will do our heat to giva theui a warm j reception, mid if we are allowed proper timctodiitl, will probably do aomethiug that will reflect credit on our State. (From the New Oilean* Timer.] On the Hih ultimo the lollowing project* rf law were ntruduced lot# the Mexican Cougrea* : l?t Tho n..ioDal Congiet* ahail remove to th.-city of ( elaya, and lontinun it* tilling* there Irom the lath March, id The iupreme executive power Until reUdo in (,i laya, with ill the olUcera of the State. 3d. The supreme court of tmtice shall remain in the capital until n law r Ii nil be >a*(e.l providing lor the e*tabli?hm?nt t f n tribunal of ustice for the dietilct. 4'.h. To expedite tho transport*ion of the archive*, and to provide luitahlo building* in >l*y*. tho government i* authorised to sell all the i.lerul aecurillea extaung in the capital. They were ortifying Jalapa with much activity. It waa expected HwumI.1 he flniahed tit threo week*. |From the New Orb an* Delta, March i3 ] The Uiino d* li /f.Dienu ol the 11th. puhliahet 1 xteii'iva extract* ot Mexican newa, moitef which we ,ad recelvod hi re, via Tampico. The Vera Cm* pap.r* leottly to the 14th KeSiuaiy. Fiomthem tho loiloWiug xtrurti ero made by the Havana journal*. All totla of preparation* to oppose the attack of the l.Mallear* ware going on at Vera Cm*, where 1H0O men tout I'ltebla wer? daily expected to arrive (Jen Mc- | ale*, ( ot?maiider ln-Chlef of tlto troop* at Ver.i Cru*, i* rpn it-tiled a* v.ry ana lone that th* American* should ommeuce their attack ou the city, aa he wee confident j ? ^ LD. *iu - *w? that w ith the tore*. ?,.j? hl- .omn.nJ "aluholTiarorc.rn.Dt. npNM> *buM be ebt. to giv^em# lutru flguL Tub Meaioao. * ;? ceiefully wat-tdng alt th.moT.monU o, the Amer.cau ?.)iitdron, and nothing indicated tlie Rpproach ot the attack, hut the* tad re liable information thxt the troops u:i<l .*<rer.l ??.ul( |c tended to operate in it. were at Lobo. Island, where Umt awaited the re.uit of l?oo Alejandro Atooua'a miiatan U order to h.fiu Ike attack, it the pro|M*aaU tendered'hw him on th. part of tho United State* for.rnm.nt, war. refu.ed It wa. reported in Vera Cruz that a mo.t fatal eioknM. had made its appearsnc. among the crew, of th* American rei?el., in which we beiiee* there i* no truth. An expree. had arrived from th* city of Mexico on th# Wtb, for which rea.on.lt wa. doubted whether th* Bri:i.h etesm.r of-wer Ve.uviue, woul I go to Havana or to Vow Orleans Tho motion mado in Congre*. to retnov. th# .am* to "eloya. wa. under conaidoration. and it wa. expectod hat It would bo adopted, and that body removed en the ftth March. The papers from the capital teem to confirm th. belief but th. minion ot Senor Atooh. wa. to propM# an or aiigement by which th. line of th. dtlth parallel .hould >e the boundary between Mexico anil th. United St.tea, or which $'in.u00,000 would ho paid te Mexico, and nore.v.r, tho United State, would take upon themMlvM o .atiify th. claim, of their citizen., amounting to about |ll oco.wo. The A/enif.r .aye, that however ad van aa.ou. thi. offer may appaar at Brit light, it ia not ?o in 'ftuiitv. lor tho linn of tVo 'lMlh fiftrrnn would) out oil'tho ttutvi of Chihuahua, Unrango, Coahuila, New Mexico, Se w Leon, Tamuulipus, Teton ao<l both the Cslifornias <i-n Soto, Oovurnor of Vara Cms, had paid a riait t# Mvarado, in order to inspect the statp of delenoe* at that dace. The authorities of Vera Cruz called upon the inhabiant? ou the 19th, requesting th m to leavo the city and novo to the interior. I Krom the New Orleans Times, March 33 ] Tamtico, March 10,1847. Gen. Gates has just issued special orders that all oitis?us of tho United States in this place, shall enroll themisWos instanter into companies, and drill once a week, n order to be ready at any moment to defend the citr, ehieh it is hourly axnsoted, by many, may be attacked. Gen. Gates assumed the command here on the 7th inst. Generals Quitmon, Shield, Jessup, and Sergeant Gen. Lawson, leit hers on the 7th lor Vera Crux. The last of Gen Scott's command left here on the nth and 9th inst The steamship McKim arrived here on the 8th, and has left for Vera Crm . [Krom the N. O Mercury. March 33 ] The local news from Tampico is of no Importance.? All the troops destined for tha uttack of Vera Crux, bad smborUed at Lobos, and were to be landed at a point about twelve or ftttean miles north of Vera Crux. Gen. Scott intended, if all things waie ready, to commence tne attack on the 33d, and had with him, in all, fifteen or ixteen thousand men, a large portion of which are the :boice troops of the army. There are various opinions as to whether Vera Crux er ?ven the osstle will be defended. Soma accounts hara it that there are not two days provisiona in either, while jthcrs rcpresont that the oastle has six months providers. At Tuxpan, somo distance south of Tampico, there was a body of Aftuen hundred, of all arms, of the enemy, and there were some apprehensions at Tempioo that the piano might bo attacked daring the attack upon Vera Crux. Tho enemy, besides then? A ft o en hundred regulars, could raiso in tne surrounding country three or four thousand rnncbaros. Should the Mexicaos. however, oontemplate attacking the place, they will ba well recolved. as tliero is a garrison of lftOO men, consisting of the Louisiana volunteers, the Baltimore battalion, tad one company of infantry of the regular service, and the place is well fortified. In the Diario dt la Hakana it is announced on the authority of s letter from Tuple of the 11th February, that un oxpedition of Americans was about to attack this Pacific coast of Mexico, consisting of 4090 sailors and mora than 1000 soldiers. Guxymas, Maxatlan and San Bias, wero indicated as the first paints of attack after posses- , sion kad been taken of both Californias. AFFAIKS AT NEW MEXICO. [From tho St. Louis Kra. March IB.] Bkist's Fort, Arkansas Risks, Fab. 1, 1847. By an express front Santa Fa, tn routs for Fort Lea venworth, I avail myself ot writing you, giving such rumors as we aro in possession of, waich, from corroborating accounts from other quarters, and from other dr. cmnm anocs we beliave well founded (by " we" meaning all at the fort). On tho 27th ult, a party of meu iu the employ of Bent, 8t Vrain tc Co., anivad from tha Pouil (an establishment of tho compuDy this siJe the mountains, about one day's travel from Taos), from whence they were driven by the Mexicans on the evening of tho 24th There was at the place a great number cf mules and horses, beef cattle sod working oxen, belonging to the United States and tho roouctod volunteers, the former of which were drivtui olT, with 290 bead of the Loef cattle, on the flfst dash. As near as I can learn as to tims, on tbs 31st sf Jan., s gsooMl insurrection broke out in Sow Mexico, and all the Americana that could be get hold of were massacred Tha atLilr was so planned ss to hart the revolt imul !" ''111" V tl. li: I'L Ii.Ij III I ..I. ?i.|f,i|i?n Ma fur an we hato heard, there li?? been a general destruo tlonof lila tind property. In Tnn?, Churlca Bent. Stephen L LM| Ktliot Lm, and ii..1.1 other Americana whoae mm?i luvo not ni yet trunapired, war* massaere.l. t'iu.U* Town uu.l.i hi. eucape fioui Taea on a mule mid went to Turley'a, eight milea above, which place ho leit a'trr giving the alarm, and hua not ttneo birn heard of; and ia preauaad to bare bcti^ killed or to hare perished in the mountain*. A Mr. Albert, who tired with Tmley, madehlseacape frooi there, states that when he got off all wara killed (S) except Turley and an old Frenchman?Charlea Ortobna among the flam. Tha I'ueblo Indiana were concern?u in llie moaucrn. Ti.e Aioericaua hara uidiecrimlntdely heeu kilUd and plundeied of their property.? Uroi go Long ia the only one 1 huvo hcaid of who haa escaped. Him they robbed ot everjr thing ha poaaaaaad. At Mr.t I hud heurd that Kliiot waa saved by tha Priaat, hut yeatciday I i?? a letter in which it waa atatad that he wua afterwards k tile J, and I am tearful that thia laat account i? tontine. All tha Maairana who farorad the Antci leans weto likewise murdered und robbed. The i xpraaa by which I writa left Hunts Fe beiore title outbrouk, ther.(010 1 am ignorant of what took placu tb-ie Tide rtrolt wsa to iiave coma ott on Christmas era, b it Ihruugb the defection of one ot tha Alcaldaa.the Americana were put on their guard, gird uj evarr thing bed remained quiet ro long, concluded the affelrbed blown over. Tim pries'* arc ut the bottom of all thiadia luibanco, uaaisted no doubt by Aimijo, the former Oorornor, who tun away on tie approach of the American foires, but who in my opiuion hue not been fitly milea from Haute Fa since otu Loupe took possession of it Hia nght-bowir, bul.ru, lui be' ii taken up en auapiclon ot being coiicorneu iu the (.'hiietinua agitation, and ia yat, loi aught 1 know to the i ontiary, iiouar guard. VVu apptohend no danger at this place either from Mexican* or Indiana. There ia ouo company (Jackaon'a) of 1'ike'a ii'giuirnt atutionod here lor the protection of public piopaity, beside* u. out 140 teumatrra, who ara all .uu.ed, an,i c.n cone ntruto cu this point in a lew houn. At ti e Pueblo, seventy livu in ilea above thia, there ia h Mormon company, lUiown'r) data lied from tha .Volition regm.ent in the rci vice ot thn Uni'ed Htatea, which ia comp.teul lor the defence ot that pie. e. Immediately on receiving lire new* ol the inatirtecUnu, Cant Brown diapatchcd an express to this pl.ee, irporting to the tl'iurtcrmaAtoi' the teadincM of hia Cunipany for active an vice abould thoy be liquirod. This piomptne** f|M!uka well ot then au aoldieia, whatover may he aeid ot them ua edirena. Wo havo hud hut little ai:ow this winter at thia point ?Dona to bo seen now, though between ua and Bantu Pe, and below ua and to the wait of ut, it ia reported very deep From the oppoaianco of the mountaina at thia distance, thoy must be covered witn au immense body. TlieiH liua been aomc intrnaely cold weatheiThe mercury hua occe aunk into the bulb, which ia at 7 degioea below zero. If our thermometer bad been long er, there ia no telling how much colder it would have been. MII.ITAUY MATT kits LKrotn (ho Louisville Journal, March 24] yesterday, the atearaur John Hancock, irom Cincic uutl, passed h?,? on her way to Now Orieaos, having ou bo mi two hundred uud fllty rdgulaia, under tha dlrectioii of Lieut Nelson. A potnon el tham composed i apt. Wui hold's com qpini^ [i ium the Montgomery (.Via) Flag,Match 23 ] 'lliu Ho ,. C Cunning, In' ly tltct'j'l ' olonet of the Muauucuuaet'.a regrnvn', arrived in our city last evening, and loaves to day lor the iv.f of war. NAVAL NbSVi. (i . .mi lire IVnaacolu Douiociat, Match 22 ] Hi .ua Hanlord, Ut Aaautanl Lr.gineer, United Slates Navy, .til teis city yesterday. Ho piococda via New yjii.il>,., rujuill IDC aquauion 111 lliu Hull. [From the Norfolk Beacon, March W ] l/ommin ler tt Blake, baa been ordered to the r)nl*d?lphiH Navy UiJ, Lieut. George 'i' Hiacltir to iji-i U 8 brt|{ Perry a< lit Lieutenrnd, and Lieut Rirgtu the Naey i uid, Unaport, in hie place. I.tout Gliaaon nee been oiileicil to the U. S iloopol war Mratog* The I/. 8 tloop of war Vu.cciines war at the Cape of Good Hupn Jan jgib, to *uil noon for Ht. Melon* The oiew, uo Colore lejurted, wi rein u M'kly atate. (From tho Norfolk Beacon, March J0.| The IJ. M aioop oi war ihirutoga, < oirmnnder Kutiagut hound to tho (full of vicxioo.taiied yeetcrdav afternoon. Tha tollowirg i? a liat of officer* a<teob*d to her t? Commander |) <) FarragoC l.iuutenanta?lit, U H ?;li**OQ ; 3d. H. B iYgritm ; S I, Li ward l.anier ; 4th, R I). l/'.rd. Miatar- John Wilkinaon. Hurgeon? L V. Hunter. Ara.atant .Surgeon-A N Bell. Purier?Geo. H While Lieuti imnt oi Marine* -Thome* A. Brady Captain'* < lerk Paul Loyall. Midahipmen- K Q D.il laa R. K Birr"*, John Water*, Jatnt* Paiker, A J Mali**, iioatawain-T. (J. Be'.l. fitinner J. I), lten thnll Carpeutar-Henry O Thonin*. Snilmnkn -F Mi.ldleton. Pasaonger?f.iau'onaiit O. Carr, to join the German town \ Waahingtnn cor.e>i . ndent of the Baltimore Sin aava the U. B ateamer Union, < dmman.lti Kudd, with 10(1 men tint four tit pound Palxhan*. would probably brum Washington on ha'ut 'ey lot Hie Gulf oi Mexico via Notioik MOU11 NINO COLLARS AT WHOLESALE. (TM1K l?*it to b* i i J i>i '' oil f, ?i W, T (latliir'i MX JL (. surd atreet. B< ntbr d country dralart wdl eed II to than erfvoeruBe t" * *' p - - re It* in.*r 1'K.IVA IJ,~T ~~ v- lax ? W KMA ?. VLAttV t'cm "f m?uT would he haPIT to derate i n- i.n t k > ' ? ru ' ' mil It lire reaiUeacr . jit, :.< .4 PI1' eitiO* ' attar, to rtu a *?! it * Law* i*iavo? w.a iu* t

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