1 Nisan 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

1 Nisan 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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. 4 H ft1an ?!?* tha iattor for small lot Inferior, which ^^B 'i!y retired, Wil (Oi l on time '1 ^^B - >l - rhe n.trket was noi active\ hot moderate aola* I ^^B I I.- at *4 96 ca?h. fo ^B lon.-n.?1Thar* won no aalaa of oonatquance re- * teii. ?U(S at* continue to quota .Muacovado. at 36c ; aud .'J ^^B * Orleaca. at 30o ^^B l*?4i Sroan - Further talaa spirit* turpentine waro at ^B da on the wharf, at 49c , aud in atora, at 43c. a 43c , Ti ^WiPR increu??d firmness. Small aalaa ro ugh tut pan tei ^B a ere made at $9 60 per 380 pounds foi (l" -Linae. 1 (city) aold to tha extent of about lbOO ' ^B Hons, at 8<) cent*, while Kugliah wit held at 86 cant*. ut ^B 1 Wwhale w?i halJ at 37 cent*, but wo heard of do ^ ^B J* worth reporting. Thara waa no chaDga in aparm ^B ?o?mo.N* -The market waa aery quiat, and no aalaa ? H f>r* "ported beyond a applying tha retail demand. V ^B ' mrr* we rontinue to quote at >14, and old prime at ~ ^B ' j'td new meaa at (IS ; 10,004 lba Leland'a cincin- . ^B "i dty ?aited hama aald at 10 cent*. In Lard thara waa ^B " nangu. and no aalaa of importanae transpired Beef m ^B 'nil aales of country mepa wara made at (II 73. ^B ic waa quoted at (9 7S a $9 The market wa? tary f\ ^B 't8 *>' fieah Butter ; ainall iota recently arrived aold at > cents. Ci?*i? waa in ateady demand for export at yt ^B ? 4 rent*. jJ| '' o nail antra continued to ba made at (3 60 for h, then and (4 87)4 for good prime 2> ^B bnti>? Flaxseed continued tcarce, and in tierce* ce ^B ?'tl I have commanded (II 60 a >13 Clover continued ^BB >'1 Ti.e lnat aalaa of Ohio free, aud Pannaylvanli ware 1 'e at 7 ii7)4c. There waa rothing dona in timothy r| Bfl '1'11'* Beyond aupplyiogtho want* of the retail trade , * ^^HHliere wra rothing of moment dona, and na obanga in " ^ B i HI 1 *llow ?Small tales ware again made at 8)4 a 94. ^BB anna II,. rnarkat waa quiet at 81 a 31)4 for I Bl'< VV , while South Sen *emaine?l unchanged * HI nurn The article wa* dull at 37)4 a 38 c BIB 1 amaHTi ?Moat of tho vaaaal* being either loading, . BI?t aliaady angaged, while theoffaringa waia light, thara Jt BBIfv. r little movement viubiu. 1800 barrel* tl ,ur .r Bl'i 'I srgegedto Liverpool at 7*. For grain in bulk to ih ^^Blreland. 941 waa offered. To Liverpool, grain in aacka M BBB'.i i* Stan i, et ubout 34,1. To Havre anl London there 1 BB waa no change. Jg BB Rial Kit*t( Ire *t AuaTioi*.?Houaa and BBB lot 489 Pearl at , (6,000 d? IB Houts and lot 64 Crota at. 3isM 3,090 j>? H do 663 Water at 10 0x70 1 760 {? H do 066 da do 1,776 IB do tts7 do do ' 0110 ,,, IH da 348 Front at. do . 1,776 0f )i?a>? and lot on Slat. extcn<liuc to 63d street, be It ween 31 and id avenue 1.200 to MO (haroa ritemen'i Ini. Co '? atock >s? to do Howard Firt In* Co. do 80 Married. On Tuesday evening, Mareh 10th, by the Rev L. M , ? ViiiRoat, Mr William: 8. Dcdluv, to Mr*. Louisa A. IIaiavk, both of thi* city i 1 At Brooklyn, cn the Slat ult., at St. Ann'* Cbnrch, 1 {, by tha K*t. B C Cutler, D. D., Mr. ItoaaaT B. Clabk, P 'o Mlii* Ma at A., daughter of John O. Murphy, Etq , of y tlio former .place Pi 131*4. til On Tuesday evening, UOtb ult, in tha hepoa of a ti< blsxwd immortality, Chahi.i* Stawabt, in the77th year of hi* ago ^ Hi* relative* and friend* are respectfully invited to t?, attend hi* funeral, thi* (I buraday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, th from hi*late residence, No. 80 Perry street Hi On the Slat inatant, Mr. Wm. Wbioht, In th* 00th i b) your of hi* age. I rr Hi* fiiendt and acquaintance*, and the** of hi* family, are reapectfully invited to attend hi* funeral, thi* afternoon At 3 o'clock, from U Mulberry atreet. Hi* -f rr mains are t* be taken to Greenwood Cemetery. ei (Xf- Vermont and lllinele paper* will pleaa* copy. Bi UufthelOth ult., Mr*. Makoaubt Jon**, wife of the ltte Capt Jena* Jonoa, of thi* port. The friend* of the deceased are reapectfully invited _ to attend htr funeral, from her late rotidence, No. 370 Cbenyatreet, this dnv, Aptil lit, at So'clock. P. M. H On Tunday, the 30th uit, alter a long and aevere -> Illiit**, William Lee, Ja , of the dim of J. D It W Lee. j" Ilia friend* and the frieDJs of the family, the uu moei* 111 of Hui.son Engine Co. No. I, also the membereof Ho?e ai Co. No. 8, are respectfully invited to attend hi* funeral, thi< afternoon, at 'J o'clock, from bi* late retidence, No. 69 Jteadeaireet, wiibont further invitation. On the SOtnultL, Mr. Edmund Mahant, [in the'64lh r\ year *f hi* age, a native at the city of Cork, Ireland, but J for the last thirty yeara a resident of this city. hi Hi* frienda anu acquaintancas and thoae ol hi* family e< in general, ara reapectfully invited to attend the fuueral, '' from bia reaidanea, No 9d Oliver street, thi* afternoon, *, April 1st, at half pa*t 3 o'clock, P. M. j. On Tuesday afternoea. 30th ult., of comumption, Fskdlsica Havkm, agad 37 year*. Hi* friend* *nd there of his late Father-in-law, Robeit 5 H Todd together with the officer* and member* of Na- ~ tional Lodge No 30 1 O of O. F , are respectfully invi- w ted to attend his funeral, thi* afternoon. April 1st. at one o'clock, P. M., from hi* late residence, 136 Orange ' U street. LWuKlU VVAKlf?Ueutoerstie Republican Macular J Noaaiuatioas:? *J For Alderman, M EDMUNO FllZOERALD. " For Aasiausut Aldermao, * William reid. k For AaaeMors, f) Patrick H. Msguire, Charlea U. Chriatmaa. I1 For Constables, John R. Wataon, Owaa Shine. _ For Inspector* of Eleet<ons. Ill vuui??< nines orow*. , Michael i.. Brady. t Id District?Josrpb K Palmer. I Kloieacs McCarthy. J Sd District?'1 hum-a Hays. Mai hew Haolon. ? 4th Diatrict? Win. H frupby, J O tad i ah End is ir ilAMf.L C. PjlNT2, Chaunau. 1 Joj.O CsnrivTin, >. _ Jou* R. Liudell, JBecrataiia. mi* >teed*r Mad S KINHlLH, Agent, 460 i maXwav, entrance lit * tsraod stieet, will open on Thursday, April 1st haras- Oi Iso ttntnt ?.f Pwis Bprins Milliusry, ate. mil It*r HUT.MES K.1TCHEN RANGES. = 'T'iiE proprietor has been engaged in manufacturing and V X telling Kitchen flanges lor tim past II ye*rs. and fasts 7" tvsiraated 10 ropege (hat fur private families and boarding 9' liunses lhal iheic is ao range in nse at present will answer a truer purpose. a-jd if not it will be removed free ef any e?- , peuae t? ihe purchaser. Numerous relereucea eon be given >c to ny person wishing to purchase Prices range from $23 te _ $4'?. Orates ef the nev. es: paiterne for parlours, bed rooms Uw 'I offices i fcj.iaessn'l Oraes set, and all descriptions of i fire works / It lit at he ahoitesl notice. tt, -nitkiLK ( himneys cmed and warranted il not cured bo Charge is iKade. A. OILIIOOLY It BON, Proprietors and nuuufoetuiers, 71 Nassau street. fe?Tlm?r Dl< UltANVILLK a. rATTl-ION has rem< ved l is re- n r ideu'.e to H4 U. iversity l'lace, corner of lHh street, and ? I his t'ffica to No. (3 (,'hauliers street..Office bonrs from 10 'ill 3 ii rl?eb mil lm*r MUSKETS AND PISTOLS. ?f 1000 30i>orAmerican Banded Mnskels.with bayonets' p' complete in the most perfect order. y. 1?|J reir fthip Pistols. c 100 Rercvieg# barrel Pistols. ,, iM Bowie Kn ves. J1' 300 Double barrel Fowling Pieces , 100 Single do rlo J" Sporting articles, Oun mat*-nls, Tot?D,ikc., every chiag tn required b? the 8p< rurou or Omumith. nor sale by i' ? im re A W MtNK? m i () , at Maiden lane. Nrnvv I'At it it stAN t'lNUs ~fc WIN uO W SHADKrh Nicolas Pmr A Co., No 171 Pearl street, IilPO'v'f Eci* and tnuunf.icturi is, have just opened avery t run si re supplr of every style and quality of Americnn and brei.ek Paper Hangings, Boan?is, Kireboard Prints, and wiJa Window nriaiB paper. Also, a splendid assortment of Painted Window shades, and fiitn as for the same, which the/ offer to merchants, dealers, and others at the ve'T loweat priees. Il7!m*rc 1H2 UhoaowaT, GOKNKK OP IOH.N intukky, TO I HOSE WHO bHAVE THEMSELVES y< RIFrom the Bo- tou Traveller 1 fu INti'S VERBEN i CREAM?This sliaviog compound in is new all tha rage, as well srnoug tonsoritl professorsai th upiong ikore who prefer lo gather their own diurnal crops.? I'l The b.rbtrssay mat a pot of it lasts twice as long aa tha ism. qiiamityef aayothe: aapouacious preparationiwhile those who T savr iheir sispenees declare that with the Verbena Cream a dull raior will insure a smoother face ill in most of the old soaps with a sha-p steel: brs des it is frsgiant to the sense rr S'ifttuiug o the skin, a great destroyer oflreckles, pimplea *" ka : and what is bettar than all, in these hard times it la sol at almost for aseng. Wholesale and retail.by CHARLEH II. KINO, i_ nw l?n*rh Omentst. 102 Brrwidw-r. enriier John st " A tf O. BRA tl h O H, r Kurcesaora to K. A MUNDLN C' KIiOLK LETTER SIGN ? MANUFACTURERS, " AMD SIGN PA I NTH R S no. 5 Tirorf low, _ Adjoining the Harlem Railroad Office. New Turk. I HwrKWiNc* ?Wuiington Storea. William itreet; Kath- * knn'a Hotel. Judton'a Hotel. National lintel. I'erkis'e lloWi, H" U Bonded Wc.houae Nankin Tea Company, lie. lie. I?iq Om?TTt ^ ' . fcjW 1'KAA, UlJ) J.iVA OuKf thi. * GltO'lJ KIKB. *c . at Wtoleaale and Retail ? J. O. V EOMI,EK i> daily ire.iviug from Aurnun choice ,, n * Green and Blank Te a, Ja>aanii oilier I offeea, Wlii'e and Brown hugeri, aid family O oreiift oi all kindi, which ?f he ii nflriing at a iinall adrance ou ilie wnol??ale pricet. f. p mil,a nrd dealera in.rq the country would do well to ! ,h call cud eiarnnir the ahowe Hock ol fundi before pu'chaa- [s, inc. A'orn Noi. 2t0 and 4/H Greenwich and 78 Veacy areata n N B Ouoda packed and delivered to the boati without ? chine mM Im'rh "CAdT OFF CLOTHING AN1J r UnJNli URfc, T WANTED. to I ABIEB and Gentlemen narlngouy cut off or kunerflooa hi X-A elothing or furniture to diipoae of, ran obtain Tnircaah th prtea for the aame, by lending a note, or oy calling on the enbarrtber, at hie reaidencc, or through the poet, which will at be punctually enerded to. H. DKBOEF.TIK Canal it. l p Suiri. N. B.?Ladiei can be attended to by Jin. De Boer. JT Old itoek and job gooiU bought, of any deaerimion an d 13 annual rial Idi'tIi _ IMFO RTA N T~TU~5 EFtlemEpT 1 GENTLEMEN. I WISH YOU TO KNOW, that ?< li, Mu-ray aurner of Waahiugtno itreet ii the only place g. in ihn oity wh-re you can depend upon lining fall attention th paid '0 ihe repairing, cleaning, dyeing and altering all kind, u of Uenilem'D'i ' Tothing nt aho-t notice, on reaaouahle at te ma Give me a tnil, and you will B.id hat for I' lllingi only. >OO can bare y.u' cnata made to look erjoal tnnew, wrl'hont i he aid of that great dcatr eter, ateam Cleaning ? nrd eyeing anparmr to any thing ever done in thie-rity Pleaae all . e're d eote to ?? .Mn ray arre-t Gentlemen prepare 11 fo- B|>ri y ii lime. A COKTIHBOS, from Li ndan. 1' m"' Iwi.h h, Aha TOiail A N BUN fc'I'b. ^ jjl TJIFi ?obscrib*rs ra pactfully call iha attention of h *JTjjr>r?ilsri a> d Willi# rs, ? > their present style <A Naapo- jj littu*. wbioh ate ?nj?eno' ta any hitharto minufaecar- q< fd'.y ihfm: they are all1) rrSMufACturiog a new style <t, failed tha l#<ia?amsr, with (lowers of the aame material to p c"frasp??nd, whien are tndaed evqaititely beavtiffil, aod wa feel aa? ft 'ant that our Na?pol?t*?j? andOoseamars will be the most faaMonabla Boiioet **oro tbis aenson, by the demons?/*-- ? tio?) made rho? e itlv ?n their fati r by the most fashionable > ladies o( our city and tlsawhere / . M , r ATT ISON NOR It CO., n, kuaoraM a?d Manmaetnrers of tha Neapolitan Bonoata, H mil lmia*rt iNo. II Oelaaey st.f near tha Bo wary. Iv 7jr~- b, TBOFE MAKCH8 aad othar dasen prions of Tar of Saa H ? Boeeoeeor to Cooke k Aden*. P>M * ro MSmih itreet. j . U. 8. MARINES WANTED. *HE MARINE CORN OF THE UNITED STATES, or that branch of the military aerviee furnlahinf soldier* r the dflerenr naval stations and twill #f war. havieg i n increased by art of C' unreal, approved Id March, 1847, i the id iition of SS Bergeauls, 38 Corporala, M Drionin, Filers aud 1,000 Privates . I A rendeiv ui lor the rnliatmat t of 'Mmi'i ta now opened No 31 Cbnthtm atreat, near lha Harlem rnilrotd orpot and < innilT Had, where rea -eerable youm mm desiring loanr h aerriea which will aflord ihem an opponnuit, of seeing ] reign coo' trlaa, are 1'ivi'ed 'all Previous to enlisting it i the dn*y of toe racrmtiug dicer to eiplain fu ly the terms I i-u which tl.ry eater the aerri e j i J ?u fiorn y A M tn sunset , i ' JOHN GEO. REYNOLD*. i Gap'nin Commtnd ng, lleernitin( Kcndeivouf. | i ?l lw?re j IT ANTED?A amart Buucher to work onarificil flow. ' T era. Apply at 31 John at^ _ fal Jt*r WAiNTED. , COLORED man aa Waiter in a private family.? Such aa I L have undoubted teatinaoniala aa to character and ability, iy ar p'y at 08 W,tcr iceet. al lt?r : MIDDLE BlZED BiLUAKL) TABEE? Wanted to ' 1 hire by the month, at 2t Duane atraet. al 8t*r HEWaRU?i oat, yeaterday afternoon, a Certifi* < ' V cite of t?entT-flve aharoa of the Morria Canal aud I lukiag Co. No. 1390 dated 'at March, 847 in favor of O. A. alliui Whoever will rrtnrn it to JOSEPH BKANDEN, > Merchants' Exchtr ge, Hacovar atreet, Baaemeut, will re 've the ?bove reward. N. 8?Tne transfer being atoppod it will be uieleia to the I do'. al lt*r [SHE MEK' HANTS' DlVlMOs. Wo. 188 , Sour 01 TemL pcrmnc#. will opoa tkeiroew hall, 360 Broadwiy on ? djy eveuinic the 3d in?t, at 8 o'clock. Th? ord*r geueralare mTit d to attend. alitor i JOshlFH W RIG lab Y J TAH H^AIhVb n r?,m V. Al.' u: ? - 1..? . ?~ nw. *72 * me ?tr?et to n in me i tire strnet, near Petri. ,U 2**r ( PURSUANT TO NOTICE, , l MKtTINdwii held at the Bowery Amphitheatre on k. Monday. March 29th, '847, by the member* oi theeques- j an profession. now iu the city ol New York, to exp-est , eir regret t the sudden defease of thair fellow member, t r. W. W. Hobbs, who expired on Sunday, March it* 1847. i he ehanm'u, after making a lew appropiiate remarks. pre- < nted the following reaolutioui, which were uuauimouily < op ed , Hoi ved. That we deeply aed lincerely deplore this aud- , iu au I urexpeced lo?a ?,f our much esteemed fellow ineui ir, lor iu bim we have lost not ou y au oruauaeut, but one of | e biighesi gems of < ur professiuu, both aa an artist aud as a an. tesolvrd, That iu token of respect for the deceased, the ual b'dge of mourning be worn ou the left arm for the space . 38 dry a. Keen ved, That a copy of these resolutions be forwarded the family ol the deceased,with our hraitfelt sympathy for , ia tn 'den and unexpected bereavement Feai.lved, That a copy ol these resolutions be pub iahtd in e Jen nala o the dnr. New Yotk, March 28th. 1847. JOHN O088IN, Chsirma". H. T. Mapteatv, Bee ret try al lt*r t HIS DAV PUBLISHED. L* EW and Highly lotereating work, emitted " A Nana- , tiva of the Ad cuntures and Sufferings of Cept. Daniel Li. euatis aud his 1 ompauions, in Cau?da ard Van Dtamaa's >od. durn g a lone captivity?with Travela in California and oyages at sen " This volume gives a eonciae aecouut of the itriot War in 4 anadn, in 1887-36, including the Battle of eicott, in which the anthor was taken prisouer by the Briih i his imprisonment iu Kort Henry, and final transports- t iu to Van Dteman's I and, where nearly one huudred Amecan eitiseue endured fire years of wretched slavtry, f ring i better than tie wots-of idcglish convicts Capt Heuatis fc i be colony, for the Sandwich Island*, in a whale ship, and 1 us had an opportunity to know something of the perils of e whale fishery, of which he gives a vivid description ? i ; mm the,Baud wii h Islands he proceeded ro Csliforn a, aud, ! ' extensive travels required inuch valuable information in gard to the agricultu'at and commercial resources ol that irtiou of our continent C aptain Heuttis witnessed many , j villi*g incidents, by land and sea, and his narrative will 1 lubtlees be read wi'h eager interest by the 4 m-ricau public, be work contains 168 rages of closelv printed matter, and Is nhellishrd with a likeness of the author and a view of the | attic < f Preseott. , Price 87K cunts a copv, wi>h a liberal discount to the trade. BURGESS, ?Tb INQER It CO , al It'r ttt Broadwy, cor Ann at SUli-ORlBE NtrW. PHI*4 WEEK'S NUMBER OF LITTELL'B LIVING , L /\ OK. commences a new volume. This it the most po- ' I'ar " family reading'' of our day, and needs but to be erained to give aariafsctlou Terms. 86 a year, delivered in any part ofihe city. Single .inbers 12K cents. WM. TATLOR St CO. No. 3 Astor House, Bole Agents for the cities of al lt*r New York and Baltimore. rHOB. V. PEEKS. Confectioner, hat removd to No. 445 Pearl aneet, two doors below Wilham, and near Chatim street, where he is daily miuufaciar ng everv variety of luf-clious for home consumption and theSontbera andWest n markets, at the lowest prices for cash He respectfully ilicittacall for examination, assuring those who with to irehnte. rhat every article manufactured bv him is pcrfeetr pure and free fr. m every deleterious in Is tan < e al 3t*r hTl17 lTnteiins; 1 > rk/V/V THE LAHOESTand most sp'endid assortI j " J "J" / mertol Mali Lanterns of cur. engrived -nd a ned glass ev-r off-re I to th* public Wholesale ilraleis ill please call and rxammr and j ulge for the mse'vet balo'e ircrtating elsewhere. Ornameu'al s ie?t L-nteius for sale, list Bent lor Clocks and Bow Window), Itc . kr. UCeWnuh 1UW\KUS. i I 1m*r 114 and 116 Nassau street. A SEIGNETTE BRANDY i HALF. QUART M AND KIOHTH casks Pale >tP\J and l olorad genuine A. Saiguetl- 4th.proof and iry high ilavoi, received thii d.y per Bak t.ecn.lroin ochelle Thia |?rcel it I'rom the old e tabiishe I honseat ochollit, and la offered for sale to ihe trade, fruia under Cutin Hcuaa luck, on the beat terme. Attendance will be ran on the wharf when landing, and doe notice g'v?n. DAVIS k HEV RIQUE8, al 2tis*r 99 W?l' at-eot PRIVATE INoTKUCTlUN, N NAVIGATION AND NAUTICAL ASTRONOMY. )HUF. h. 0. WARD, U 8. N., respectfully infoima teeft'ing persona, that he gives instruction in rvuiy bianch T Nautical Science. including hie tea and accnrate method r finding a lie I ouritude bv Clitonotneer. without uaiug ihe at.tele, the Sue'a declination, or Logarithms. at No 151 nida itreet, Biookiyu, or at their own residence, if required, 'arms moderate. Lettera addreaaed to Mr. W. will ba at- , nd>d 10 al I we - ; OUANn. [AO TONS 1CHABOE OUANO, in tight caaks-the V/Vr balance ol ship Shektpeare'e ear go. The aupeii- . it y ol tbia cargo is too well known to need comment. For tale by K. K. COLLIN*, el r it H iatb itreet. J I OCK OF GUODH AND LEASE OF STORE FOR ' SALE - A very deairable atock of goods. in firat rate orrr, and all f-eah roodi, together with the leeaa of the atoip, >r throe Tears aim-ted >n Catharine atieet. and one of ihe tit standi in the city The etoek it about $10,000, and will be ild for cash or approved paper. Addreee L. C. Herald office al 3t*r KUUtviS TO LET. 1 GENTLEMAN of retired habite can be eeeommodated V with a parlor and bedroom aitached, with breakf-at ai d a, in a geutrel private family rending in an tleuant home the vicinity of Broadway and Uumn Place. Addr-ta, with al name and reference, to O. P. Q at tha llerald office, will eet with immediate attention. m30 t>tendis2w*rh NOTtO R LECTl ME BY REV. J. P. BURKE. D. D. JEW YORK, March >9.1147-Rev J. P. Burke, D U? v Dear Sir?The unriersirned. highly pleaiei and edified ith yonr ectnre on " Til- Ri<hts and Wrongs ?f Itelaud," tlirererl et the 1 sbrrnacle, on the eyeringof the llth inan , teipecilnllr detire you to I'.ivor a our numerous friends id the public wt'n another discourse on a * nular snljtct? V," The fall of Freedom in the Old World?tie Rise and rogreis in the New," at auch time at d place in may be most inve' ieut to y< u Eminently qualifl'd. ai ynu ere. to do the aubjeet full jutce, the undersigned earnest'y hope that you will ace-de th?ir withes; and iu auttcipatiou i.f a rick and instructive telleci.ua entertainment, ihcy have the h mor to sobicrtbe einselves, Wiih great ea'eem. Yenr frisunsand homble eeivnnts, George C. DeKay, Hnlomun Kipp, 'J huu>na Kelly. Beina-d hiee, John R Rkinelander, Gouge W. Anderaou, Rich'rd I'. Com[iton, Abraniin Brnwn, Jain-s Me' re, t harlea Webb, J Hierm-u Brownell, James Kelly, W. H llovt, m. G. Leonard, OsnitH M'rtlier, John J. V. vVeetervelt, A H .Mi kle, John Geary, 1 heo'ore Marline, Juhu Foo'e, Jona.hiu I)..dgc, m. D. Lit. 1 iviugaton. N?w Vols, March 29. 1817 Gentlemeu?Deei ly'tnpre-aed with a sense of th. honor in have donn me, at d my im.hili y lo treat the suhl ct von ire pr- posed. ati(1 cheered liy vonr kindneii, I accept your Tiiitiw with pleasuie, .hiil shall do uiy utmost to develcpe a thfinp voa hive y.ren ma, mi what eveuiug and in what ace you may chooie. i am. Gentlemen, yonra ttnly. JOdKPH P. BURKE. D D. oA. H Miekle Girrett H ICrylier, Ksqs , and others, the members of the Committee. In pii'aaance of the object contemplated in the foregoing irreai'ondeiice, the Kro.-dw -y Tahernnole has been engaged, d fe Irctnre will be delirered on Monday evening neat, II o'clock, precisely. ByorUrof the Committee. 0 1' 9f WM H HOVI' ?,.o.f,rT. TO L > I. J"0 I? FRANKFORT 8TREET. near Tammany Hall, a A carreutei's ih p. and loom for ail or eight (tables, -iivruicutly situated as above. Alto, at CIS Hu lsnn street, fV'?t rate stor" nnd basement. well adapted for a plumber, 1 urnith, or other anch business P ssetsioii on the 1st May. N. B.?ttcquira of Job Kaatnn, Joi William street. mill It*r ~ BTlliaku TABLE ,10K SALE? A splendid imno'ted French inla'd rosewood . Billiard Tab'e, eighteen cues and cue case, wl'.h balls id marker* complete apply to T (?. CONNOR. Billi rd Table Maker, No. 61 Ann it. Bit>laid Tables repaired oa ti.a most reasonable termaand oneaf notice ml' ifr liilllOi HO^K, IIAl1' I'ATh. >!'? I he luveitorof S this artie'e offers it for sale, remote himse'f to replace Willi il t Co -1, i f it bn'tti during one ae?a-it's use. The iw m irhuiery for covering >h? inaide runber tnbe hiving ier many riiii-riteetiti bee* pe'f't tod, ihe hose Is now < f ed asihe p'ifert aniele origimlly contemplated, whrn e iuee.tton waa pitei ted. It lino* all right. For an'o at ?.HC< urtlaudtst eet. llCKAcE I). DAY. ill Im rc uWTNa PHK balance of htig Virginia's cargo, abint one hundred L tons, from South America, and. Irom aualysis, superior any other kiud in the ma'ket The Guano is dry, and will 1 sold at one and;* half eeut per lb., and ia at object to e_ farmers ol the country. Cargo at Trappell's stores, Brooklyn, near Fulton feiry, d samples Can be aeen at I ho office of BPOFFitMD, TlLLa.riTON it Co., "|M 149 Water street. JUIl LAMB\ <ilKANDULfc.s>, rt ALL LAiV THOHNS AND TEA THAYS. PHE subscriber has last ope-el erne of the most highly L finl'hed Stucks. of Girandiles, Rolur Lamps, Chaude- I ira, Bucket's hall Lanthorns 'j ea Tr-ye, Clocks and riant Cu*. <>lais Vases, tor mantel Ornamrn s, ever nffVed ia ia city conn ry And city dealers will fi ,d it to their advengeto ell and examine the above stoek, which ran be aold wholesale and retail at raduced orioca. 1 ,JOH N W MORGAN, mil tm"rd 114 Fultrn a' . ?nr door f.am Wro-dway. A LAKH TO 1 HE I^ADlL.i iff ADAME B. LEVYN, late from Brrlio, begs to anrl nnnnretn ear friends and lauiea in general, ihat she lajaatopratd a Millinery K.a'rblishmaot ic *his eity.at I B'iw-rr, wi'h a very ettensive and magnificent assort- ' irntof all articles in thn line Her pr??ei.r atock of goods is been aeler:?<l by her rlf with the mm it.eare?is an- ] r?ly new. and in point of rlrgtnce, richness, and variety, in not be surpassed Madame Lewis, in fact, fuels court- 1 r- tthather establishment will he fonnd wo thy of the 1 itro.iage she solicits, and requests an early M|| MA I) A Vie U LEVYN 174 Boivery. N. B?Wanted a lady to snterintend ihe jjea m9fl imwye L card to THC LADHW-VI1M WILLCOX will I % open an estensive asaOttlilent of FaahicnableKreneh Boi,. ' eu, at 174 Spring at , ihs ilprd block on the uo th aide of j r iadway. ou Thursday, ti<e Itt day ot Apnl aud ->*rti< nlar' invites ladies mtending to parahsse, to call and eiutnine rforo applying elsewhere. Among tkeassortment isau enre new style, called the French Lace Straw Also, every 'Undid style, called the Linon Mooklin Braid, which his o appearance of chip Neither ihesna or damp has any fact upon this ah id# ; and it will eloan and alter equal to iw. L. A. WILCOX. I m in I RELIEF PER MACEDONIAN. f 1ST OF TKNSEA* audi, tad doMtfoat rm LA otijed up to Una date. frr-m puiiea f'iendly telhe or auffmag tiumiuit)-, and diapoaed to aid It ib tht iaf?at and moat dirtet manner. Ma'cb 3d. 1S47. C i ngreaa ol the United S'.atea?the ahip n-icrdjumu. Sf' Tbe Exeeitive of the United State!?the preparation >1 the ahip fo tea aa a merchant reiul li:h. Corporation of the l.ity ol New York through the Fnienee Comf titee, oy rote under power fMioa, to be inreatrd in Indi-u meM, n the npromg of the river Capt. aiurjva and e-ydoer B ooka ee<-h offer e at amboat 10 tow dip ?o New York. 1) xo.i It Quiu offer iheiraervicea at itevedorea, with aervicea of 20 men and hor?ea for two nee a io lo ding Macedonian gratia. Iheir men each give lie day'a labour free. 10th Mii< A. M. Hoffman, Secretary of Ladiea' Belief Society, Brooklyn, eoutnrntca 1(0 bbla meal, J b-oa. pork 17th D Gallngiier, 10 blila. meal. 8 8. Hilloffara to ininre S5 000 at "i per cent, of ordinary rate. J. H. Stepheua d ewatk . all anrplai after loiding Jeraey abip, about (15.000 Kee W. I{. Brllowa, 1 | ackage of clo'hing 10th M e. Hrugliea, I box cloihiig. State Society, Irv G. W. Freaer, $10,00(1. B \V. Jamea, 1 bbl meal. J. J. Ring, I bhl meal 20 h P. L) , lObhla. men], for Loudnu R. It B. 3 bbla meal. 22d. Hey Morrie offe a to load Macedonian gratia, with ictunl pay to labourera. G. W Slant offera Chrouometre [ratia 24th. J Van Dyk of New Brunawick. all aurnlua. Aldern?n Patera of N. Y , 1000 bnanela of corn P. D , 21 bbla. Deal. 13th. Albany Executive Commitiae, 20,0C0 bnahela of corn, lie. G I'eaaiuger, I bbl. bref Sfllh Mattaewan Preabyteriaa Church, 25 bbla meal el ltfh ' lif t) C. Hit KAY. Vr.GKT.AB,. K AINU SPICK t X 1'aaAC 1-, lor Culinary purpuxet, to wit? ? ? Vllarice, Clovee, Lemou. Orengelcel, Minouda, Co-hinenl, Lrmou Peel, Raffia, "avenue, Kaehalota, Mace, Saffron. >lrry, Ginger Marjurum. Savory, "imiiuion, Horaeradiali, Mint, Tin me, citron, Kernele, Nunnega, Vanilla, it lit*.. Peaeh. ti e, ? a..t?l,.? Bre These beautiful flavorings for ^aatrvt Confer noue-y, > ups, and made diahea ol every daacriptiou, having now [ained a reputation aa aa to induce prraoni to attempt at imiation, the proprietor! caution tlie public that everv bottle >f their m>ke will bear toe impreai Paul d- Vsre&'o's j. V. K . by obaeiviug which, much disappointment will be i ?ed, and a genuine article guarantied Warranted to re;aio their quality'ia auy climate. Prioe Is. and 3s. per bottle, ?r in neat dotea caeee at Ua and 34a., aaao-ted. ?Maaulacrory, Dal ton, Middlesex. OSes, 33 Abchuteh Lane, London. United States depot (wholesale only), 33 Spruce street, New York RAPHAEL BRIDGES It HOME, Importers ol Fish Sane is, Currie Pewdsrs, lie. To be had at the following hons-a in tois city I? A. Biun ger It Co , 141 Broadway. Clare k bherwood, 4?7 A John Cook, 751 " 8 Van Beoschoten, 151 " W .S. < orwin, 134 " H.A. K-'r, 716 " Chester Drifts, 611 " Bininger It ?.nxxens, 65 Veeey street. Gleaner It Young, lit Chatham steer. al lt*r COUNTRY MILLINERS. PETER ROBERTS, 373 Broadway, would invite the attention ef those who are purchasing their Spring Goods, to hia atock of Laeea. lie., via.: ? Maleine, Point 4e Paris, Aleu'con. Brussels end Pomp?llou, for trimming hats; > lack and White Laee Veils; Biuxells, Illusion Point and fancv Nets?and a great vaiiaty of other gooda, which he will tell at very low p ice*. ?1 lm*r X" ?ANNKK'i4 .vEW MAP UF"I'HE BEAT OF WAIT? The nrw edition of thia valuable map, showing the posilioua ol Bneua Viata, Agu \ Nueva, Siltillo. Mouierev, Marin. BenaLo.Vera Crux, Tampito.fcc lie , with the roeda in all direction!, ii now ready for aale at the map store No. 13 Broadway. al lt*r DaGUERHKiM YP APPARATUS for aale,with arery thing com'lete. T?a C-mer* it a superior luatiument, inada by John Roach Alao, 100 handsome fames made lor Dacuerreo ypea. which h tvs> never bean introduced. They will be aold a decided bargaiu, together or aeparate. To a person wishing to emer thin business nn opportunity like the present may never occur agaiu. Apply at 75 Nsaeau ipee'.ren building room No 37. al 3i*r TO THE LADlES PETER HOBKKTS, 373 Broadway, hat just received per recei t arrivals, a splendid as-ortmeot of goods. The fot'owiDg comprise e few, vix : ?1 hrrad end imitstiou lacei of every descrip ioo. lace cares, roilsrs. scarfs and gmp Ins, embroidered mus'in eepes. collars, ch-misrtt> nud cuffs, cambric nsndkerch'efs, in rmbroided reverse. hands'iCo and tape borders; ail?, thread and kid gtov s; 300 breakfast emcaps, irom ts <d to 7s Also, 300 doucotton and silk hosiery, 35 per ceut below the uauel pricra al im r PHIlaDKLPHI \ PKE*? BRICKS for aale.?One Hundied Thousand. first quality. Lybrand's make. Addreea. WM. O LYBK AN I). al SteodJ* rrc No. 31 Filbert atreer, Philadelphia. A. REIGN ETTE BKANDY. LANDING?100 half pipes, too qr. casks, 106 eighth do. of the old andgruume brand, anil of very superior quality, high proof ana flavor, jost arrived per brig Leon, from Itochelle, and for aale by 8. T. NICOLLIt CO., apl 3tis*r 07 and 64 Front at. A YOUNG LaD Y e mpetent to give inatrucnou in ilia English blanches end in Music, is ile<irousof obiainiug a situat'nn aa gorernris in a priva e l.mily, or as 'eacher in a echo I, in or near the cny. Ref rentes txchaugrd Aiply at 30 Fcciihlic street. mSl 3t*r medical quackery, ITS Grig in, Cense, and I ue.witn hints to Young Physirians, and advice to families in relation to the important subject of consults ion?By Dr. Homer Boatwick, 75 Chambeis street ? The article of which this pamphlet is a republics'ion, appeared a few dava since in the K'tomg Muror. So many have been the calls for it that the author, induced by he nope ef savieg the health end perhaps the lives of many, hat republished it in a more convenient form. For aale wholesale and retail bvBuraen. Stringer It Co, 333 Broadway; Wo H Graham, Tiibunr Building; William Taylor lit o,3 Aator Home; H. Long 1c Brother, 33 Ann street; 11' Boslwick'i office, 75 Chambers street; Evening Minor office, corner of Nassau and Ann streets. rnce tifr cents mil 3ti?*r? M WItE, OPTICIAN, FROM GERMANY. MOST respectfully informs tlie citizens of New York and tin public iu general, that he hue located himiell iu tlin city, tt No 437 BROADWAY. Wlicre maybe fend a large and complete aeaortmeut cf hPiLt; TALLEs AND HEADING GLASSES, IN UOLt. SILTEU AMI 11 CKI. PRAME9. Mr. W woald Alio remind th? public, to whom he ie partially known by hi*annuel visits to Saratoga Spring* for the lent ten yeare, that by hie knowledge of the Optical icience he ie euab.ed to determine the Glasses suitable f ir any eye. i vrtopa wiih weak eye* can be aupplied with glasses which will greatly benefit and uot atrain the tight. Particular attention ii called t" u new style of Perspective Ground Glaaa, of the fineat fliut, whi'h, through their high poliah and true ground produce the pureet viaiou, and luvs been highly recommended aathe beat in their effect upou tha eye, forpieaervitgand improving the aight in continued writing nud leading. IXj^Slio t aighted pertoui, and tuch u hare been operated npo-i for Cataract, cau alto be auited. ' !?^He inserts New Glasses, of auperior quality, iu old fr-ines, and eolieita the patronage of all iu warn of hia articlea \CF" I will warrant all Spectacles purchased from me to on the light for At# years, or exchange them without ei<ri chtrge. mil lm* r UNION MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. '?*HK following geutleineu now eompoae Me Board ol I. Trustees 11. M. Law.fi.ce, Stephen Allen, Deyid Auaten, Lambert 8ii| dam, James O. Ward, John Johnson, Joseph Bi-urhaud, Edward K. (Jollins, Wm. 11 Hussell, Paul Mpuff rd Kerdiuv d buy dam, H I'. Buck, Met-. Groarernor, Ab. (J. Th. mpaou, Joaeph Manila. John P. >cauiiih. N. H. Wo ie, Juo. I Kingtfnrd, Shepherd Hntpp, George Kapelye, John D. V Uuiru, Edwin rioyt, John Van Neat, A. Wright h. T. II.Gibson, H. A Robertson, I. T. Johuson, C. H. Sand, Richard Bell. Albert Woodhull, K. J. Anderson, P Al. Watmure, W. 8 Fallouts, Joseph Fowler, I hu M.Leu ;., ( hua IIMarah.il, N. W. Meruit, H. If Munaell, Ed. Tavern adt. A Seignette, G. L?e Knapp, The bonk In' the applieationa of Insurance, and also the bookot aubacj iptioua to the capital stock, for the bn iriesa ol Marine aud hire risks, will remain open a few days longer al No. M Wall street. The prnAts to be d willed uetweeu the Stockholders and those doing busiuees with the Cumpany miiT'wh LA - B>' KT SUV I) AM. 1'res't. RABINCMU'6 WARM SALT BATH.-, At th* foot of Dithroiiit tt, near St. Jokn't Park. N R , A Its. O K.w trnm suurne until II o'clock P. ivl.? i heec Bstlia ste rer-ommcuded by lire Faculty in all stagea of chronic rhrum-ttiain and <>ili?r diseases which cannot be ie chrri bv :lie c< mmou bith. The strengthening propTtics ol I tic waier (chloride of sodium, m gnrsium and calcium and sulphite of soda) a-e well eiUD'nhed, and render it Iro-n the bather being leas liable to cold after its use, anperior to ailv ot"er. m?7 at*re SCOTLAND ANLi IRELAND. RELIEF PER MACEDONIAN. THIS 8H1P liea at Pier Nu. 4, North Hirer, ready to receiwe contributions. She will remain at the above place until filled, or for three weeks. m?C2w ewh G. C.tDEKAV. QUILL FENS pHE Subscriber would call the attentiou of ihe public to hit superior Quill Pens. made erlirrly with the penknife. By Ions p>actice he hat succeeded in re chmglhe greatest poetible perfe ttion in suiting every kiud nf writing, at the tame time tliey surpass by far, .y mePillic pen in elasticity and ease. They are carefully put rp in botes ol It each, to that they can be (hipped to uy part of the conuy, wrhout risk of damaging the pointi For sale by mhIB ltn?.h FTKKNKAMP. o 89 William ?t. HPRINO STOCK OF BOOTS AND SHOES. SMITH It HIMLKY. JT'KC THIS MF.THODof iutotming t'eir rnstomers and pu'chaters in general. of their eitensiye a. d well selected assortment of l.tdi?s'Muses' end Children's Oauert, Buskins, Mippera he , ol their own aaauofaclu r.ai.d a lame stock ol Peg Boots, Hh-et and timeasia, aelected w.th gent care, and purchased for cash, which will en ble thr in to aril at the very lowest puces. N B ?Hto e will be rpeu until ten o'clock in the evening, giving Country Merchants ?n apportunity to examine their stock a hen not otheiwise engaged KMITH it RI3LKY, lizr.lmhtm st , directly opposite the Chatham Theatre, isfl las* rh L~ W ALSH & GO" J FRENCH BOOT and Hhoe Makers, No. f Ann street, near the Museum, New York. Fine French Boots t3 HI; French linpeiial Tress Boots made to order, gt JO, niu ally sold for SU HI Patent Leather Boots, bliors, Outers and Slippers' constantly on hand, and ma's to ordei at the shortest notice Hep airing, he , Jone in the store. (Trick sales rod small pmfita is onr motto. No. C Ann street, Near Verk. null Imtre ^ "BVtFrc~AM7lRHnLoorthelirsr^IaasuyraMjrw It baigsius, at MAC'S New Stsre, ISts Cansl street. The IM subscriber would call the attention of hie numerous M Irit-uds and customers and the pitb'ie hi general, to hit large and well assorted slock of all (he different kinds of Boots. Shoes, (Jailers. he., that the market ean afford, which he will sell low Tor eaah. Feer grateful for the (nil share ol patronage he received for the last ten years while lu the emKloymcot ol others, and now having commenced business for unveil he c n assure hie friends nud the public that there shall be nothing wanting on hit part to please auJ give satisfaction to all those who will oe to kind as patronise him at iM Canal street, New York. JOHN Me(Jl/IKF. mB lm*rh NOTICE i rl TRR CO-PARTNF.R8HIP hitherto editing between PLUNKKTT k PAh DKBSL'S was diasolvtd by mu tual content on the let instant. WM. H'lBKRTHON, Jr., and JULF.H PLUNKKTT h.ve this dav formed acc?p?rtner?hipnn< er the hrm ol R BF.HT AON at Co., and will continue the Hat end Cap hnaincss on Kobrrteon's well known principle at the I'll etui l!*i nd < \p mabuiar.tory, N n. ftp Fulton atrce', " rr York, ?lid (t theit Branch slore No S3 Fulton strati, Brooklyn. New > o'k, March 11. IBs? ml? IBtr j%Nf) A ' ft It 10 CHA't K FOR A 8PK,' C. a," jHmm^MB 1, ATltlN ? A Steamboat ui Net hem bold XruK^Lwith a powerful eug'ce, and iu g od epair, now at a Pontheru port, ia d'-icil lor sue at a r?ry low (,r rt hhe u or light drut. and well ctlrnlared lor f'Sightor psasengrra. or for sale or chartsr, to the Un pd Htstee government, in their military rpgtationa ia Meneo. To an enterprising man, with mode;sic means. Ih a offers an opporteaity for Mtakiag money volutin offered, vs the owner is willme to sell her at greatly leas than her valne, or to eir hinge her for land or other property F?r particulars, inquire of JAMKH W RMITH. Jr. Era , el lw*i No. 11 Chambers street ????? 0 0 I JACOB B. PL ATT. Aaatloaaar. | TOKENCH FANCY ARTICLE#, JEWELRY. ?M.r I | K Jur.lit Piatt will ba*o ia ku aala. that ubaa ptaaa Thla g I Djy, at 10 o'clock. at U Piatt itreft. >W lota Fancy Ailiclea. j( Vuaical iust-uweuia, Ac . via: Violioa, Accnrdaoaa, cob bo a and loiawood and aarinwood, inlaid with paari, he; y< mahogany aud aatiuwood Hand and Toilat Olaaaaa; roaa- I ]a wood do; llarmoaicaa. elaca .t Freoah and Bcaal Paraca. do. I ladira rich Frauch Ka icnla?, cjnbr idared Bags, ambneaad t*, yaltatdo So lota fi ia French No a Pa|>?r, flm a lb Watch | Uuaida. and varioaa kiuda ol new a*yla French Fancy Arii- i a (lea Alao, ItO lot gold lewetry. with which the aala will : I clo??. al Ifr I Jdtui H eLATT, Auctioneer | n S l btL UGUI38 AMD PANCY ARTICLES ? J teob 8. p, Platc ?ill aell, This Day. at Id o'clock, at the auetien ?ou?, 23 l'l?tt aiieet.HW lorn Bieel Kauey Article*, nr: Para* ^ mgs and Tuadi, Porta Urou, Beads, eat Steel Bait' at. Clupi, liilt -ud Silk Purs* Twlat, shaded tad plain, Steal g, Pmaa Bait, Ac, Bale peremptory. al If r JACOB 8. PL AT r. Auctioneer. LARGE Tit AUK SALE of Oarmaa aud French Kency ft Goods, by Jacob 8 Plait, Thit Day. at 10 o'clock, at the 11 auction room, coiner ol Piatt aud Gold ate, ?ia 500 lota, w comprising the whole atock of an importer. Sale peremptory. I ? oT which dtalera will pie aa taka notice Among which are, D 500 accordions; J caieaviolina, l?0 each, wnh bo via; IbJ doxen ' barmon.cae; I case assorted snuff boxes iu lots to anit; 1*01 do R segar eases; 100 do Gem an pipos: 100 do Fieuch mirrora; 1000 ri do k'reueh aoap, iu cartona; 1M do cilngaea-, lOOkaleideacopca; | 100 do caoea, 1 ce<* assorted hair brushes, I do clothes do: gilt j V mino-a: al itea; fancy k"X*a; pincushions, ba.lled >rrs; trim; peta; firhing roda: percnaeion cape; 2u0 doxen tooth bru-hea; I |i hackvamtnnu boards; common and flue lead pencila; Kauny , : Claaler aoap ?ud coametica; guard charna, kc , ~ Alao, HO dux-u razora. with and without caaea. Alao, 1000 tarda and dr xeus p dished aciiaora. ; Alao, I caae English polithed aciaaora. Alao, I0M earda and dixana pocket aod peukuirae, which at will be told wi'hnut resei?e. pi Alar, 100 tela lea traya: MO dozen Herman ailrer apoona. gi Also, clicks, vases, solar lamps, chandeliers, brouie aud ja- *i panned poods, perfumery, fce. fa Alao. the remaining rffecta of a ailTeramith and jeweler, being about *0 lota ol old atoek. Alao, to eloer the sale. 110 lota uew gold jewelry. 1 Alao, 100 d irti plared nud aolid engraved German ailver J thimblea, in botes of 0 d?xeu each. i tr I Alio, n handaome invoice of English pialoli. Alao, 2 caaea erg ir eaaea, in lota to aiiit. Alee, 2 caaea, each 120 r*al Italian viulina. Alao, 2 caaea a hoe, hair and elolliea biualiea. I Si B?Catalogue! are now ready al lt*r I HOR ATI* HILL, Anctiuueer. ! " BOOT1, SHOES A^D BIO OANS-< opley, Keeae It I c Hill will aell on Fiidiy, April 2. at half paat lOo'clock, J ' A. M.. at I heir auction room, 191 Broadwar, 500 cnaea boota, a shoes and brot-aiia, e?,op'isiug un elegant assortment of f'esh 1 1 goods.well worthy the ettrntiou of deal* a. K.le poaitive ? ? | Catalogues and goode are now leady for rumination | al 2tis?r VV 11. L, 1A 'VI *r MrLAtiUHLlIN, Auctioneer ' *' 1st CONT1 ATION?ORE kT BALK OK 1MITA- I TIOV AND PRECIOUS STONES, comprising up- I t wards of 100,000, with an extenaive assortment of Jewelry, ! Silver, cud Plutrd Ware, and fancy Goods. AARON C. BURR will sell at public aue'iou at hie tore No 23 Bowery, hie enti'e stock of valuable goods, , : commencing ou Tuesday, the 10th day of March, and will . eontiuae the aale nntil the stock it disposed of. Dealers ; J and manu'aeturers are mvi.ed to intend, as r?re opportunities . ! will be offered. The aale will eommenre with the atones On rhe 15th day of April, he will offer at public suction, I his cabinet of Snails, Birds, Minerals ; 50 valuable original | | Oil Paintings, by old masters; alao. every large collection of , Eugr *>**?, by celebrated masters; also, a valuable lot of | j ' rere Old Bonks, from 100 to 300 years old, with a number of , acta of Parliament, pasted igui, )u black lettct; alao a rare . ) collection of Coma, Pitrifactiona Antiquities. and a variety ef Gems aud Curioai tea. well wnxthy the attention of eon- i noiaseura, being the collerrinn of mauy yetrs Catalognea | cm be oh'Hineuthe day before the sale m3l 4t ia*r j L M. HOKFMaN. Auctioneer. BALK OK KINK OLD MADEIRA AND SHERR1 ' WINKS, |tc. LM. HOKKMAN ktO w|i aell on MONDAY, April ( ? 5. at 10 o'clock, at No. 31 Veaey stieet, the remsiulug aiock of Mr N. Pauld ug rontiating of 110 dngou flne o d M ADKIKA WINE, vintage* ,1215 and lltt, a d imported 122) M doxen hue old bercial, vintage 1220 and 1119, imported ; ini 12 o sen Madeira?tent to India in 1125. received in New | . York in 1132?vintage 1021 1 2) doxen Madeira, vintage 1021?imported 1020 1 41 doxen do de 1132 do 1835 151 doreii do do 1012 do 1130 This fine parcel ol Win* was imported in the hark Oe- 1' cidenten, in Hei t. 1035,end etch pip* buttled separately. 1040 gallons, in demijohns, vie Cage 1021?imported 1041 * 0 pirei Madeira, do 181} 3 pipes do do lift 1 2 pipre do do 1120 50 doxen Pale Sherry, do 1I2'> i ; 7 duxen do do 1122 ] > 2 bu'ti Amontillado Sherry, vintage 1821 and 1130 I , 20 dofeo old Brown do do 1002 and lhf | ' 71 do do do imported 1829 I 2 3 hntts GoMen Brown ud Gjld Sherry, vintage 1011 j 1 l utt Romano do do 1809 * | 30 doxen L P. Tenciffe Wine, impor'ed 1034 Aim, a quantity of old Rnm. Brandy, Gin and Whiskey. | * ! Th? ?h,i?? ?fn?b ?r . h i co u-- jc.. ??- I i N. Pauldi g for thn d-mijoho and bottle. It it ootttionhht 3 j neeuasury to enlogiec'every parcel?the purchaser* will judge for theonelve\ No Wire* will be offered except rhoie belonging to the * tork of Mr. N Paulding. 3 CatMogues are now irady. ro3Q 7tis*r ' W.Vl UUMO^T. Auctioneer. THREE 8TORV BRICK HOUSE AND STORE. nd Frame Build ng, on Kiringtou street?OUMONT ll HOBH ACK will ??ll ?u Tuesday, April 6th,at 11 o'clock, at the Me. chants' Exchange, the new three story Brirk House and Lot. No 111 Kiringtou stre*t, next to the corner r of Wiilet street, with rear frame building, 16 Teet by 44 feet. The house is in good order?Lot. S3 leet by 1041 feet; house j M leet drep, title indisputable. tenia aceommnda'inir The 0 I said house now rents for $336 per auuuui. inl9 upl,3,5,6,r ; 1 1=3 < TO LET, OK. FOR SALE, t The three story and nit.e bouse, in fee, Clinton I Place. It is >n eiqaisite order, and has < rotea (o the ; 3d sto'y, with maible basins, baths, wter cloeet, [ f 'a range, and copper boiler. Parlors with Louis XIV. i grates, solid mshoiraiiy doors, and plated fnrmtuie, panel ceiling; large Turd, filled with rinea,shrubbery,lie. lie. Immediate possession given Apply to A KUtttJHEEDT.Sl# ?th street, or ' 0 al lt*r 66 Wall at. 1 , TO LET. A|A A part of a Houie in Maduen street, eonaiating of | ' HI two rornni, three bed rooms, and kitchen. Enqaire , JJtfLat IH C.heiry stieet. mil It* rrc ] < am To LET?'the atore of hontei 11 Dey street; it la I pTjB 66 feet deep, mid would be a good ocation fori* whole 1 ' XJk&sale grocery (tore. The dwelling part would be let I I togetuer or each floor separate. Ths seeoud floor consists I ol back and fiont parlors, with panlrys, and ia well finished; I i , the two rooms ?r? M leet deep aud 11 feet high, suitable lor i I au aitisi; the third floor baa 3 mema well finished: i he fourth ; | floor it 40 leet deep 13 feet wide,and 16 feet high, with six windows in the roof, fitted op for au engraver or any bun| aeaa wautiuggood light Also the second floor ol honse66 , Beekmau st -oat, consisting el three rooms mid pin try s, with j two bed rooms in attic, and a kitchen with Crotou water end kitchen range in it. Kent $174. Enquire of A. OILHOOLEY It BON, I i mil lmis*r II Nassau atreet. | i , Jjml TO LET, ?t the Navy Hotel, Brooklyn, corner nf ! tTTjM York and Nuyy streets, a Rilli ?rd Room and Bar,wi h Xoi&a splendid billiard table, and all the fivurcs for the ' Bar- I i luqnire of J. M. Uhraitaller. at the Hotel. m30 lt*rrc jam 100 F l K.V1S to actual setters?most favorable climate, #GM'ni| and production, situated about the centre ol the astm?United State*, st the teiininus of the railroad from Charleston,8 C I'a tirnlais, p-iuted in English and Dutch, can be had at my office, or at the Northern Hotel, corner i f CciirtLudt an if West street i. Families may reach there in eight days lor (II 30. fcerer*l pes>r,saud families 1 rIt on 8atu day last by the etenulip Southerner, and those who intriid to fullow the licit trip in two we?ks must be reaify in . time. NICHOLAS HAK'JIIT, _MJw*I _ *1 Wall street. 3d Story. LARGE TREES FOR STREETS i SMOd AILANTHUS trees of large size will be sold low, I ' aud a large number ol other ornamental treea. Also, 4000 elegant Halm of (Jilaad fir treea, 6 toll feet in ( bright. The price of tha abovr is reduced, t" clear oft a plot > . : of amend. VVM. K. PK1.M E It CO. ml' 3t(r Princea' Nurseries.'Flushing i Ma fine Newfoundland doo for sale by ' J. TOhVELL. , mh31 2t*r 131 Broadway, Baapineut, <1 _ FOR SALE.?A light Waggon nn f Hulky, both JySWl Nnaarlvnew. will be sold cheap. Ai ply to 'I homae ' ' ' ? Mrt.ir Nq 17 Catherine, eo'ner of Hamilton street -- al Ifchl I efl FOR HALE, iu the irar of No. 4 MeDungil JifrA, irri r.?, I'lMlhiiv P/mv a ???_ ? w a , lire yea OIU ' ' '" May neit, l>ng m.uie in J tail, a good trotter and feat/acker; mu rack a ai'la iu about three minutes, an easy addle lioise lor a lady c gentlrmau, and kind iu all haroetk. Kor particulars, inquire ai Mr. Wi son's (inesrr store, cor, nor of 8,meg and McOoogal streets or ofE. C. Cain, Cait! man, corner of Broadway and Canal street mil Jt"r M _ KII8E HILL HTABLKH, corner 24th street snd JiaO Third Avenue, (o|>posite Ball's Head.)?Kpr Bale, < ' * ' ? mir flrav Horses, Id h'ads biyh, one pair long tail Uhvs, IG hands ; I pair short tail Bsys, It hands ; I pair short tails, hands h'gh . I pair Bay Horses, long tails, i fijii hauils high ; I hesnut Pacing Mar", all soa?d and kiud, " Troio''.aynua ' onnty. J KKl.HKY. mil lw?rrc ? okkat a ltkaction] 1 Archtu at Home, A'o 5 John Street. (TA. OH EIVE begs to acnoalnthia friends and imtroua , ^jBTr,that his ag<-et haa returned from Europe, via Breman. idlsblalter a residen-e of seven inonihs nt Audrosbe-g, , v?M and the other most celebrated districts ofGerminy. . He has been enahladto c-llert the b> st selection of singing and fancy birds he h-a ever ofleied ; also an nun- | sual variiy of rare and laacy birds from all parts of the world, j selected with great trouble, without regard to cost j .V U ? Fancy dogs, Bnenar.d ponies, Chinese, silver, and i I English pneassirs. swans, and ere y varietv of barn-doer fowls ; fancy and breeding cages, bird seeds. Itc A treatise i on tnc moisgement of nreedii.g and raising Canaries, fcc. P. * ? Le iers post-paid will at all times meet with prompt , at ei tion from A OKEIVE, , ml] Im'rit hio A lohn street. N. V. | j KINK WAT(JHfc>. ' QTHE Snhsc ibers would call tha sltenrion of cap([P^-iua of vessel and nthe-s, des'io s it pr-r-uiii g ac- ' | ^(pPr-nrae "Tini-keepers, ''n au assortment of VV.itches I winin the- hive just received, made by the celebrate ' | maker 'ules JurgenSoa Coimnnaagn, bv tvhim they ere up- . peiuted sole agents lor the United htnes They hive also 1 I constantly on hand watches I every description by the most 1 eminent makers, together wiih a large and valuable assortmrn'of Jewelry ei:d Silver VVa'e. which they are selling * lower, (? hsu gustily ii compared) than any other house iu ' , NawVsrk. 8 HAMMOND fc CO . 44 Merchant's Kicliauge, * first door in William ttree*. 1 N. H.?9. H.lt Co will continue to gira their undivided attention to the repairing ol Chronometer, Dnplei, and all ' | other flue warehes. m2t imltawit*c ' murio. ( SJ&jBma| THE riANO TAUGHT on very moderate J terms, by a lady who has had eipaneata iu i H f|I V V V leaching; wishes to tahe two or threa mora 1 * "pupils Shrtt achat Use science thoroughly?sc/ist three dollars per month A Imc addressed te Music, to ths Office ol this paper shall he trended 10 in?lm.s?re , . MUSK'. i J BALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES Inruished with the . Violin, Hirpand Piano Porta, or any number ef lustra . im.ii ' 'he music selected from the meet fashionable* Ope- 1 re's By i K AYLIEFE. K ATLirrE, 1 AY LI EE E and G A Yl.irif IC. Brothers, Professors. 1 No IT f.'ni <"? ' co'oer of Hows?d mil 'sn'rh 1 ) Ha l>! HA IS' H aTS ' , HI KNOX.w"h hi" ecenvlnmed h,evity wonld call thg ? attention of h f i-ndi, to his uew sty lee ol dPRI >G | EA'illlONt which we now ready at his note. No III EulOtis'reet M* Would, wiih his m il i hilauthrr pr, invite i arrangers to Ms lUililin m-m, wise* tin cm oopttn hats cfae filial quality, sad kt lower (rices ',him at sir ciher Store in the ry mil I wh ?r TIMOLAT'8 SULPHUR BATHS, J i\'n M7 Ptarl tirte.l, near Hrmdtetiy , 1'HEIE BATHS hove heeu sstub ithed for the Tusttvseu- , A ty-sii years, and are tha ouly Sulphur Ba,as in thg city. They are highly reeoinmsuded by tbr most nuiuent physi eiaat, for tha ears of rheamatiem, salt rhtnm, ehrosiie eom pl'ints, crupilous or the skin, lie. Medicated Vapor Baths also givsn daily, f:?m I A.M. to! , I P> M. apl ImV 'b^?rformedtij^ngtir o?THE"GA'TORI parcaeua. Mr Forraal; Phaaanaa, Mr Januaaou; Julia, Mi** ft Horn; Sciiuat, Mrs Abbott* To conclude wtth the comedy of THE FISH OU*f Oir MTKR?Sir <?eo CoarllaT. Mr Sutherland; Ulan LoanTo-aau'row* Uie"tiagedy of MACRETH-Maabeth. Mr Dooni open at hlf-peat ( o'cJeck : pe'formaaee will eon- ni once at To'cloch. JiVWiKi IMl.ATbr.-A. VV. Jacnaon, P.^pnaca-?H. > E. STrrgaa, M?M?*^Tta^y * ? i APrtl 11111 ba performed 1A11 PATCH IN HASCl-l m Itch, Mr Marble .... .... ... aim/ i Aitar whieh Marble* original pieca, entitled th# Hli )r ND CKV-Lot. MrMarbla; L?d'?5i Mlw Drake. To aoucladr with the opera of THE AL1F1NE MAID? ittg, Mr lladawar; Roaaita, Mr* Booth. rl broaa Circle V> caw*. Pit and liailary 1IK caata. Door* onen at Sit o'clock. Parformaiiec commence* at T. ni j/flTC HELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE ?-Pharsday "A Ereuiac. April I?Th# twrformene## wiJJ commeoee ith the maaical cimidatt* of WHO'S TH E COMPOSER ' Bignor Cafariui, Mr. Holiaud; Fillippo, Weic tt; Coon tea* rotheadi Pompoli, Mi.a Rohan* .. _ __ ? ' A'tar which will be performed the CHILD OP THE EUIMEN I'? Lobwitx, Holland; Oreaada, Nicktnaoo; a. Miaa Marr Taylor. T? coaclada with THE WIO WAM-Pluffy Plamploa. ir Holland. Draa* circla. 30 caata; upper boiaa. 13 casta, pit oa* ahilu; private bo tea S3. Orcheatia hoiaa.fl. Ooiira open at T o'clock : cnr'ain rlaea at naif neat r GiKOCfc?BOWKRY~Ai\rPHiAAlfcA 1Kb. lo' Boiaa 1) cauta I Pit UK cant* tei K EMP, the Evgliah Clowa, who made ao great a aenaation . . ; th* A inpbuheatre leaf fall, ha* beau engaged again and *p- ' ear* tin* aveniug in all h a extraordinary performaacea. Hi* {Jj eat feat in dine nig op an inclined plana upon an empty caak, id 111* onginalitica and utica. have mad* him in* great f/(o route ot the public, both in Boatou and in Una eity. The Kngliah Clown. " FOURTH NIOHT OF MR KEMP. rHIS KVE.XliNO, April 1.?The enterteiumenle will comui?uce with apleudid Horaemenehip by th* brag up onpe in the citv. Krmp'a Berrel Trieka. re M-nuj I auii'Mnine. Negro Pinging, km c" Dnora ope* al 7, pMormaaee oomiaeicM at X put 7. rhi mil lwr ^ AM URIC MUSEUM , ' JPLENDID performance!, borh Afternoon and Evening, w 3 it J aud 7H o'clock, when will be exhibited * Dioremie . ad Panoramic representation of the tO FUNERAL OP NAPOLEON BONAPAKTK. ha rith all the pageantry and pomp of thai occasion. ?i.. Alee, will lie exhibited at allhoors, perfect models of , TWENTY OF THE LARGEST DIAMONDS a the world, worth, in the aggrega-e, oTert90.MM.000. Hi Great ?V extern -Ethiopian Minstrels?Liring Orang On- 1 sng. ko. *rl Admission 25 cents. Children ttuder 10 years 11H cents. R? bri "WALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. Tt E. A. Mabshaix,Lessee. ...W R Blaki, Manager. be LER DANSEUSE8 V1KNNOISE. ll" Forty-eight in number, under the direction of it' MADAME J. WEIBH. ad Maltresse de Ballet det Theatre* da Vienna. THURSDAY, April I, 1847. the perloimanee will aom- r neoee with the orertnre to LA DAME BLANCHE, by 'oi ioildien. fei 3 After which the dirertisement PAS DE STYR1EN, by PO 4 Dausenies Vienaoiso. To which will be added the petite comedy of NATURE m INI) PHILOSOPHY. To be followed by a second grand dirertisement of the Ti OLKA PAYSANNE? By 24 Danieusea. u. To which will be added the Farce of MY 818TEK w LATE. te To conclude with the fas'inatiag dirertisement PAS DEB 'LKUWB. by 41 Dansnnrcs Viennoise BROADWAY TABERNACLE, SATURDAY, APRIL >d, 1847 GRAND VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, OF SACRED MU8IC, ?e or THE ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY-Foll Chorea. S. LJ tall Orchestra PROGRAMME. de Fust PABT. , ?Grand Overm-a.select ed r m ihe best pieces Of of the Stabat Mater, b> Merenda. te .,... Full Orchestra ?Aria, Pro peccatis, tioin the Stabat, by Roa sioi, Big Benevantano hi ?Duo, Quia est homo, do do... Signs fiatill and Bigra Pieo. te ?Aria, f'ujas mm main, do do...... Sigua Benednti ?Aria, lntlammatus Signa Ba-ili Second Pabt. hi ?Aria, Ha Shall Feed, from Haadel's Oratorio.. .Sigra Pieo ?Duo, Coueeitante for piano foite and riolino, IE hv Benedict and DeBciot HigBarili and Kapetti Q| ?Tantum Krgo, compoied by Big Ant. Barui, ,l Maestro of the Company SignaBarili ' ?Arii of Zaehery, from Verdi's Nabucod na- tt tar Hig Beneren'ano f ?Are Maria of Hhobart Signoia Pico r Thibd Pabt. f ?Grand Overture. ,Koll Orchestra tc ?Dno (mmNnovoMoie of HotsiniBiguaBari'i andBenc'etti a ? Uao fur Flute and I'lnnnf.nte.. . Six A Bsrili and Mr Kyle ; ?Grand Quirtetto and Finale of Rossini's Nnoro ?. Mine. Siena "arili, Siara Pico, Mrs Bonlaid. Sigs Bene- 7 de ti. Petti Beueyeutano, Hanqurico, Martini, Beneiti, ft and a fall Chores. Maestro rt Pitno Forte Big A Barili. Leader ot Uichestra Sig. M. Kapetti. 0""P" Doors open at 7, Concert to commence at I o'clock u ireeiselr. Tickets One Dollar?To be bad at Palmo's Opera House, Istor H< use. New York Hotel,and at the door on the craning fperformsore. Monda?, April 5th.will begin the Beeoad Season at Pslmo's )pera House, with Donizetti's Opera, Lnareaia Borgia. up I to apS r C< J. o. HILL'S GRAND MUSICAL FESTIVAL, " AT THE TABERNACLE, e< rUF.SDAV EVENING, Ap-il 4th, 1847?air en in compliment te him prior to hia departure for Europe, by the W seaaber* of the Philharmonic Socirty, the Ame.ieau Munal lastitute, the S icred Munc S ociety, and other membera f the profession, with s psrt of the Italian Opera Company, til The first part of the Concert will consist of the parferm,nee of Hossini'e celebrated Stabat Matar. St The other part will cooeiat of choice eelcccions of Secnlar Idusic. The number ef performers, rocal and instrumental, will be cc Taster and more efficient than has ertr before been preteuted it .1 concert in'New York. ei The Solo performers at present engaged are v? SIG'A PIUO. M18S JULIA NORTH ALL. at una iini amniiiruru i -..r -t- l?a? I AM A a uw ff 0| I'M* VI A 1U| I UCI Bill O^i'WH | ?r tncu in New York BIG. SEETO BENKDETTI. " BIO. K BEN EVENT AN O. j 11 BIO MICHEL HAPETTI?Violin. ! ir HEHR HENRY PCHVIITZ-Horu. MR H C. TIMM?Pianiet. " EDW. HOOOEW, Mns. Doc -Organist. ! fl MU GEO. LODERnod MR. U C HILL-Direeturs. ! w Tickeu 91. For sale at the Mnaic Stores, and at the door. pill tf re i ? A MAMMOTH CONCERT. *' AT THE TABERNACLE, on Thursday evening, April 19 11-, a Concert of a moit novel chsrnc'er "ill he fir en. by SEVEN HUN LIRE 0 VOI'NU LADIES, singing the , si Geography of the World. A deterirtion of the ooee proud sj City of Babylon, together with Belshazzar'e Kent, by Pro- j feeeor Tibbite, will he gir n. ! Doore open et 6 o'clock?Eierciiee to eomoienre at hall Of pa?t 7. Tickets IS ceuti?to ne hid at the door, aed the pnn- jie eipal book ite f in the city. mhJI ltie*r MECHANIC'S HALL. | ol 472 Broadway, between Grand and Broome slreelt. j at skvkntii wkkk CHRISTY'S MINSTREL'S. rn HAVE the honor of announcing that they will eontinne pi their popular Concerts, which are crowded nightly to i |e overflowing, /? EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK. , , Admission 2'> ceuta Concert will commence at I o'clock. , u [Jh.inge ol pregr mimeevery evening. rnTt Iwie'rc SELECT CiiiNLEKlS tVEKlr EVENlNli! re In the Elegant Saloon attached to the el BROADWAY HOUSE, cc (?rner of Broadway and Grand etreet.) ? CIOMMI'.NCINO O.N SATURDAY EVENING, March ' lo / 'Sltii, at I o'o'cleek prrcieely. i ai Vocalists. Mr?. NEWTON. Mies DE MORTIMER, Mr. QUAYLtt. and Mr NEWTON. * H~P* Actrrjuanee atf eent? mtT gtie ei?*re II FREE CONCERTS i *' A T THE OPERA HOTEL, 43 Chambers etreet, neat , " r*. door to Palm i's Opera House. Vocalists?Mm GLEN- f LATON. the ee'rhrated English Vocslist, a-d Mr HAR- b MIHOfN.the original improTisitnr and BnfTo Sieger. Mr. tl CHLI Ng. will pieaide at the Piano. ; a Welsh Rarebits, Poached Eggs, Sardines, Cold Cut, lie , { he. The Ales, Wines, Lignersaud Cigars of this establishment cannot he surpaaml. rnlI 4tia* r R< ISSITEK'S j ,, M RAND Scriptural Picture ol the Parting betweeu Rnth, IX Grporh and Naomi, wiih other pictnres painted by the ' fi irtist at Rome, will be eihibited fore few dava at the Urante Buildii g. corner ol Broadway aed Chambersarreet. tl Open from 9 A. M till I* P.M. Admission ti cents. Seaion tieke's lb rents m3n litis* re 91 I'HEA J KIO aL INSTRUC'I ION,'OH a Wl Mi ROOM, n R"ADING Ice?Mn VERNON continues to re- ,, leirs pnpilsat her rsitlence 17 Walker street. mlllw're UNION COURSE, L I?TROTTING. 1 fl IN I m rH E pioprirtors of the shire Course, thankfnl for the liberal patronsge they here rcceired heretof >re. aed den- 91 not to promote and ri coniagn the lured of Trotting Horses, 8| iffer i lie following parses andstskss:? si No. I. Pn'te (i o? mils hs "'s. best in lire ts htmsss fise o* ail ironing horses, 9 A to go to the sscnnd best. N I. Purse 9V0?two mile heats, to harness, free f r all K rotting horses $77 to the second best. at No 1 Parse 9Hib?mile heats, best in fire, t" harness, free _ pr trotting horsrs '? at iirrs> wrn a parse over 9K'b No. 4 1'une 9'00-nuls heats, lies , in ft r, to mp ii, free Ul or trotting h raes that never won a pu.se ovsr 9i"0, wagon at ltd driver to weigh MO lbs No. S. Purse 9Mi?two mile bests, to harness, with an in- 1 idr stake of 9 HO?hail f< ifsit?for sii year olds; to lake their t# Irmn the 1st of January. at No 6. Iiirae 930?two mile heats, to harnesi. with an lusida , ( take > f 9100?1 all forfeit, free lor horses that never Wetted or money. No. 7. Parse $70?two mile heats, uu^sr the aaddle. with ol n inside stake of 9100?haifforfeit, free for all peeing horees, IC*Lt Junes K. Po k. ? In a I ih* abo?e, tniee or more to make t'lrr Kntrucli T nrtbnahore pbraea in*1 a'ake* I# c oa? on the brat day of VI kpril, on or balnre 9 o'clock, P.M., at Oraeii It tnim', I hat* mm annate. . i, Trotting to commence t^e l*it wnek in A pril u l.iberk' pnrtee mil We ffirnu during thn eenaon New York, Mnreh 10, lltT. U HPICER ?>i it* rc _____ ( Trttf." t?A< KKT IH If 8ll>D"Nij from I irrrp uU ,| dSCTW floueigiitee by thia ehip will nteaae a rod their par- BfiMm on ..nerd. at Orleana Whaif, foot of Wall ' 'rrrt. immediately All gooda not permit nd within Ave * ava rnnar una*' idahlr be iviii to thn I ublie atore al Of "t 11\ ill n I.ljfr. or rAt.Kr.TM .TT.n^ f...m I it. erpnol?The apimdid faat aaitiog and famine " 3|m? t*' ket ahip OHIO, I apt. Bird, will aail from Naw lO'kou Tburadey, Apill 7, and frnui Lirerpeol ou tha ?:lj Si <t?T- , T Tn iae ?iakiog to proceed to the old reenter tbonH make arlynpplie tien onKm d, loot of D rerrlieet nrtithe are p enbr , at hrr a'g )iomi>d4tioua arc totv iui e mr ajil I'll | ' imi.ed number can be tat.eu.rirt ntewiati.ng to aend lor " l\ri I irii.ia can make 'the nereaaary a.raugetnei ta to hare I r< bam br ngnl no tu bar id (in akli emaiii a i lying to ri W. J. k T 'VAT-t OTT. H ftiiuth .t a' r 3d door below Hulling *lip. p iftlV TaI dk.T HillI" ONKlDA, i'OK HdVUK- * rfLJV faaaengera ,aer thia ahip will plena# be on board, at HBdMaaPier No 4 Nonh Hirer, thia (Thursday ) morniig, it I o'eli rk. 'I he mail will rloaa at tha poat'ollino and letara taken iro.n tha reedirg roomi, at ball.past II o'elock. I A''"*" i ' mil *w*M IS Weatetreet J I TO THI LATEST MOMENT, TBLKttHAPHIC. QSP- Tha wire# of the Southern Telegraph aro ?t yet in working order. ., T?i.KORAm N?w* Room. ) Fost s Buildings, March ill, 1817-34 H. M J We have just received iror.i B xton, the lullovvig telegraphic despatch Packet ship Anglo Saxon, from Liverp ool, F. ?>lary Md, anchored in Nantask"- Itcads U?t ight UT T 11 K 11A1L8, AFFAIRS IN WA8HINQTON Washington, March 110, 1-47. Tht Army Ntu t. Tke news of this afternoon gives the battle a sal habitation and a name. Buena Vista, some a miles this side of AguaNueva, trom which :ter place Gen. Taylor fell back, 011 account o( e flank of the mountains at Buena Visia, or od view, which would prevent the enemy from rrounding turn. It is probable the next new s 11 report Gen. Taylor as having fallen back >on Saltillo, for the benefit of the wounded, the freshment of his army, and the defence of ih? y, and the immense amount of supplies he has re, amounting in value to seven or eight bun?d thousand dollars. rhe dismantling of the army of Santa Anna, II, doubtless, give to Gen. Taylor several days prepare for a vigorous defence, and for, |x-rps, a conclusive overthrow of the enemy, mild they again advance to the attack, rhe letter of Santa Anna it not to be laughed at. lis a Mexican?at the head of the Mexican my?and the case required a strong coloring, twithstanding the Mexicans fought with a sverv they have never before exhibited, te Dictator did, perhaps, all that could done with his materials, and proved to s world that however lacking in physical ength and military tactics, their courage was mtrablc Tho probability is, however, that en he will not have the address to encourage his :ces to renew the attack after the disastrous dest at Buena Vista; and that lfihey do, their send deteat, like that on tho Rio Grande, will be ore disastrous than the flrst. Tho city is all alive with joy; and old Zack tylor is now the greatest man of the Republic, 'e await with an intense anxiety for further indigence. Yours, truly, Beauo's Battxxt. Washington, March 80", 1847. Local Affair*. We understand that H. H. Smith, convioted ot veral forgeries upon the Treasury ot the United ates, having thded of a pardon from the Presint, was sent down to the Penitentiary to day to gin his term ol eight years at hard labor. Smiili a man of education, and of a highly respectae family of New England. He had been a acher here, but latterly a student at law. Dan Rice, the original Jim Crow, is playing ere at the Olympic, but we are sorry to say that in charm of Jim Crow is vonn Hnnth has imii* If to Richmond, and will probably no hac^t at te end of the week, to give us another night or vo. Lieut. Edward Haite, U. 8. A. (of the N. Y. Evening Pott), was married in this city yesterday i Miss ftiHina Matilda Hohnead,of W aldington, nd a large company, including sundry distinutslied persons, was present at the ceremony, he delighted couple left in the evening tra.n >r Gotham. Baltimore, March SI, 1347. feneral Taylor't Grand Victory? 7 \u thip France Wrecked?Early Inspection*?Van Ambargk't Entret?The Market*?Stock Board, <$*c. The glorious news from Gen. Taylor was resived in our city last night with great joy, and nxtras" were eagerly sought for throughout the rt-ning. The character of the news, however, as fully expected, so great confidence have our tizens in the invincibility ol Gen. Taylor, and e enthusiasm with which his army always ands by him. A General who has tho wholeuled confidence of his officers and men, may bo msidered invincible against any common lemy. The ship Franoe, which 1 mentioned yesterday i being on shore at 8wan Point, is represented * be in a very critical condition. She was lying i fourteen feet water, with the tide ebbing una owing in her; but about 2000 barrels of flour havig been taken out of her sne righted herself and ow sits quite easy. She still has 3000 barrels of uur on uoard, and fiOOO bushels ot corn, all of Inch is damaged. The corn has swollen so tuch, from the effect* of the water, that it presses ard and threatens to force the deck. The opinion that sho has bilged, and will not be got off The ranee was built in 1K39, was a good staunch lip, owned in Bath, Me , and valued a< $22,000 lie is said to he insured at the eastward. There was inspected at our wharves yesterday, I barrels of new shad and 139 barrels ol new irrings, from North Carolina. This is the earliit inspection ot shad at Haluinore lor a number years, and gives earnest promise of a pleniilul ipply during the season. Tmk Mabrkt ?The market (or Howard street flour ti ther quiet. Salea of about 404 bbls at UX, which ice holders are Arm in asking and unwilling to take ss Offers of 4* and ?6'? have been rtimed to a lusiderable extent There were sales of about 1S<:0 its city mills at $rt 15X. and 400 kbls extra do at >8 is itqnehsnna flour (0 liX- Corn meal is held at $4 87X ba receipts ot Maryland wheat era light. Uood to prune da command $1 40 to $1 80. Sales of about 0 000 bush s Pennsylvania red. prima quality, at >1 s3 White irn 77 a 7S cents, and yellow hj a 84, with sales Oats i cents. Hye 81 a Kic Olovoraeed dull at f4 u f4 so r good to prime. Whiskey is quoted at 'id cents in hh.ls */l >J7 in hhia Stock ann Men Masest.?The following isles 'ere made at the stock board yesterday ? $.U0<) l' S its, 407, 101 $4000 T.N (6-16) 101; $|p>0 City 01, 0|U , 7. U b Os, 1H07, closed at IOIH stked, 101)$ bid Tteuury notes (5 'i-6) closed at 100 !H)$ asked, 100)$ bid late A per cents closed at es asked, tfor the opening) na id. City 0 iter cents of !89n closed at 97S, askid tfoi he opening) 00)$ bid Baltimore and Ohio i ail waybares 41)$ naked, 41W bid. Philadelphia, March 31, 1847 The most lively satisfaction has bean spread liroughoitt our commnnity, by the intelligence rorn the army received by the Southern mail ol lis morning. The general joy is, however, iddened by the great loss among the officers and ion, exhibited by the list published in the New cleans papers. The intelligence has not satised die public, however, and they are anxiously oking tor more details of the brilliant action , nd anticipating that it was followed by another tore disastrous to the Mexicans As Santa Antm nut either disbaud his army, or find food for its ipport. Ins only chanco was to bring them up ram, under the delusive hope of cutting off die ores and supplies ot the enemy. The election for direotors of tne Pennsylvania* ailroad Company took place yesterday, and rrilnd in the selection ol the regular ticket pre oti.-ly ugrsrd upon. The vote was very nearly numinous. At a ineetmu of the directors held noon to-day, Samuel V. Merrick, Esq , was i iseti as President of the company. An astounding explosion occurred last evsntng a hotel in Cherry street, caused by the leaking " n gas pipe, fllluig the cellar with the infltmable fluid, which igniting upon the application p n.candle, caused a great commotion in the mghborhood, though no one was seriously hurt he furniture in the bar room above the cellar as somewhat damaged, and several men est ng in chairs were tossed up against the oviling y the concussion of the atmosphere. Hales of Stoc ks at Philadelphia. fiaiT Botes, March lb? $10 she. flsmlnr'so C?[f?r ompeny IS; $10 (lirard Bank UK; M0 Vieksburg do, 1)$;A0 do cash, 11X. ISO Untied "istas do. 44$, {*?> -t.uylkill Navigation Company 1*00 do. <lo H6\?. KM Texas Treasury Notes ',*)$; toooo do do. l?t, 10 81 Stats S's, 70)$. '14 CbatapeuK* and 0?lswsrr I 11 stock 64,700 Moras CgRsl $ >$; so Rnaqashsnna do Arris BtLfl-M Norristown Railroad 10; 000 United ist. Bsak ?X;10 **rhuy Iktll do S; M 000 Units.) Ststr.i rsssaty Notes 10))$; II ronn Township Bank 61 htabso Botso 60 Vleksburg Railroad il\; 4n'w tissue (lea Co. Pit; 060 Texas Trsssnry Notes. *?. i '?)$; 1.000 do. do iaq, 600'j do. lOs. IS*. tlrai.d O'llf R..1sat 7, ISO United States Bank 4R, SO Hsrruburg La., iisd 7t-X. 800 76 State &s 70X Artra BtLts-47 tlrsn.l Onlf Rsl'roed 7; 10 Thi'.s'"b hit Kxcliuign CompM y 4$X; Kill,rat 1 Bunk II .'4 1400 Cbuylkill Navigation 6i, "is>, M;$; '00 State Si 10,1$ Hales of Htoehs at flostoa. Btiosxa's Botso, March 60 ?16 sltsrss NsshttO 'er.d .o well Railtead IM; 4 Boston and Mains Rallies 110* .. 00 Kest Boston Company,si ds, 14;7S do. b $ ds, 14; I"-1 Is. b 3 ds, 14; ITS Norwich and Worcester Rsilrosd i" Ado, b ids, 461$; ss Rssdlog Railroad, bids As, 11000 V 8 Treasury Nates, 6 I S int. 10l,?$

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