7 Nisan 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

7 Nisan 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I~ th: Vol. xin. No. 96?Whole No. 4490. THE NEW TORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Voitli-wfrt corner of Fulton and Naatu ?U. .'AMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. I CIRCULATION?FORTY THOUSAND. OAILY HERALD?Emy day, Trice I cents per copy?17 m?P?J"?l>le in advance. "EEKLY IlERALD?Every Saturday? Price 61* cenu /iS!K7^ UK Cento per annum?payable in advance. HERALD h&R EUROPE?Every Steam Packet day? V.IS.'-H vents Pgr cony?13 per annum, pay able in a (trance. HOLIDAY HERALD?Published on tbe l?t of January and '"of July of each year?single copiea siapeiice each. ADV ERTI8EMENT8, at the usual prices?always cash in (advance. Adrrrtiseinents should be written in a plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will not be responsible for errors that ,nJ.L9i'Sillthem. IRINTING of all kinds executed beautiluUy and with despatch. All letters or communications by mail, addressed to the (tabliahmeiit. must be post paid, or the postage will be daducted from the subscription money remitted. ^jgA TO LET.?To a small family only, front room on seJilj? coud floor, one or two attic rooms, Iront or rear, basei -.-flLments and coal vaults in the liousc, No. L'iO Spring street. I he premises may be seen daily from 12 to 2 o'clock, P. M., and particulars learned at No. 3 Rector street. ai 4t*re TO LET? JpA OFFIOEH in the second, third and fourth stories in ;;tW the brick building No. 121 Nassau street. Apply to _at_lw?ic JOHN R. HOOLE, on the premises.^ sj|A TO RENT.?Three flivors in building 287 Bowery, lllf which may be finished to suit any eligible tenant, on .isdMLearly application to FISHER k BIRD, "< life Marble Works, 287 Bo we rv. JgA TO LET.?The store of house 23 Dey street; it is JO [;;; feet deep, and would be a good location for a wholesale irJAgrncery store. Tlie dwelling pin would be let together or eacn floor separate The second floor consists of back and Iront parlors, with pantries, and is well finished; the two rooms ue 50 feet deep and 12 feot high, suitable for an artist; the third floor has J rooms well finished; the fourth floor is JO feet deep, 2J feet wide, and 1G feet high, with six windows in the j!>of, fitted xp for an engraver or any business wanting good light. Also, the second floor of house 66 Beekman street, consisting of three rooms and pantries,with two bed rooms in attio, "ml a kitchen with Uroton water ?ud kitchen range in it. Rent 5275. Enquire of A. OILHOOLY A SON, m31lm*r 78 Nassau street. JrA TO LET INWILLIA MSB URO H?The two story I;;JW brick front house, with folding doors; it contains seven ..' JJfcronms and basement, iu good order, pump in the yard, with six lots of ground, carriage house, cherry, plum, peach and near trees: 9 h?d? ? ;.i. - -?" ..i? tastefully Uitl out with rose bushes and a *rf.it variety of other shruhbenr, about one mile from Peck ?lip ferry. Ennuirr of t harlesM. Chnrch, 100 Chatham street, or of John Skillman, corner of North Second and Lorimer streets, on the premises. tn24 2w? rc STATKN INLAND PROPERTY. TO LET AND FOR SALE.-A large Cottage ji'H with three aerea of laud, including an excellent garden, J ?=flLwrll stocked with the best frnit trees in full bearing: a cparhhouse, stables, and other outbuildings?situated in the village of Toinpkinsville, done to the shore; also a number of houses and cottages, situated in the villages of Tompkiasrille, Htaplrton and Clifton. Apply to _ F. WOLFE. Wolfe's Hotel. Tompkinsrille. 'T?"Farms and Building Lota for sale. Apply as above. ailw?rc FOR tvALK, tA FARM offiftv-two acres, most delightifully situated about fire utiles from Ellxabetlitown, N. J., comprising a handsome commodious Dwelling House, fitted with i mantels, and every convenience for a respectable family; the whole, including gardner's house, bams, ice house, and other buildings, in a substantial state of repair; the orchard contains twenty acres of choice fruit trees. _ The easy access from New York, either by the various car* from Jersey City, or the ferry to Elixabethport, whence a rail road train runs within a hundred yards of the house, renders this property very valuable to those doing business in this city. The greater part of the purchase money can remain for l liree years on bond and mortgage, at five per cent. VY8E & SONS. 172 Pearl st. Also for sale, a dwelling house , No. 381 Washington street, ml!) 1tn*rli tA THREE STORY HOUSE on 23d street, between Use 2d and 3d Avenues. It is well finished, and replete with the latest improvements, including kitchen range, old and warm baths, water closets, fcc., Italian marhle mantels throughout the house; a court yard of fifteen feet in front, with verandah and French windows. The house is one of a row of six houses on the south side of the street. For further particulars apply to VY8E& SONS, mil lm*rh 172 Pearl street. tFOR SALE.?Will be sold at Public Auction, in I.aniberlsville, N. J., on Tuesday, fitli day of April, 1817, all of that valuable new block of Stone Buildings, corner of Coryell, and Krai k'in street. Foundry, Mai liine shop, Factory, and three Houses, to the highest bidder, 'o close a concern. Two canals J.."ss through said village to Philadelphia aud New York;alsi. Delaware river, New Jersey railroad, from Philadelphia to New York, within fifteen miles. Also, a new rail road about to be built in said village.? in snort, no plan* in the Union possesses greater facilities for li uisjiortatioii. Thr village in 15 miles from Trenton, 30 from Philadelphia, 60 from New York, 30 from Easton, Pa., 30 from N'rw Brunswick. For further iwrticulars apply to the nnilerigned on the premises. J. P. RICH. March 23il. tillt Vytjf I0" FARMStoactu.il settler?mt favorable climate, JpSeSknoil and production, ituated about the centre of the Uni chanted States, at the terminus of the railroad from Charleston, S. C. Particulars, printed in English and Dutch, can he had at my office, or at thr Northern Hotel, corner oft 'ourtlamlt and West streets. Families may reach there in eight days for" <12,50. Several persons and families left on Saturday last by 'lie steamship Southerner, and those ss ho intend to follow the i.eit trip in two weeks must he ready in time. NICHOLAS HAIOHT. i al lw*r 62 Wall street, third Starr. FOR SALi:?WESTCIIESTER LA NL). wj? TO GENTLEMEN, in want of sites for conntiy tSC^SLent*. To market gardeners in is ant of land for gardens. ..#nr..ind to all person* s? idling a location iu the neighborhood ol New York:? 300 acres of land in the town of Westchester, within nine mile, of the City Hall, with the right of passing over Harlein Bridge free of toll, are now offered at private sale, iu lots containing from 5 to 30 acres each. The lands are within 15 minutes walk of the railroad; front on good roads; are iu the H'ltriiboihnod of schools and churches c? different denominations; the water is good and location healthy. Title iudisputallt. Terms moderate. Apply to GOUVERNEUR MORRIS, Morrisiana, Westchester Co., or to WALTER RUTHERFORD. 79 Nassau ?t.. N. Y. ?n20 lm?rc . RPRIN<* HTS LK HATN Ft >K f IK NT LUMEN. HI THE MOST APPROVED and desirable styles are iow ready for inspection at sale, of the first ipiality Silk and Bearer, and got IIP ill a style that cannot fail to suit the most I istiilioiis, at the Sales Room, 411 William street, Merchants'Exchange. O. W. PALMER, late Rowe's. mh 26 12t FYV&Src ONE PRICE HAT WTOKE. fl SPRING FASHIONS FOR HATS AND CAP8..l^*>llHOWN Ik. CO. will introduce, on Saturday, April 3d, the new style of Caps fm children and hoys; also, the new -t| le of H its for gem It-men, jirice S3, in the manufacture of place them in clone competition with (lie mn?t co*tly. The public are inritetl to call at 178 Chatham Square, where I islnoii, beauty, durability ami erouomy are combined to adorn the head. a2 lm*r QFitiii TALKS'AND SMALL IMUIFITS. r? H ATS ran lie had for Sd.Jfl, at MILLS'well known Jpe Hat establishment, 178 Broadway. (Howard Hotel.)? Gentlemen err earnestly solicited to call and examine tlioc Hale thoroughly, the subscriber heimt confident tliat the beautiful proportions of the new style, with the unprecedented lowprice, avill command the approbation of all. rv-Attention is called to the new style of cap called the Pocket Cup, aS2w*r (IKEAT ATTRACTION. Archcy at Home, ,Vo. 5 John Strrrt. y-m. -V. tiRl EVE begs to acquaint his friends anil patrons th - t his agent Mi returned from Europe, via Bremen lAfrVtitter a residence'of seven months at AmlrosherK, ami TjVsf tin- other most celebrated districts of Germany. He Ibis been enabled to collect the best selection of singing and fancy birds he has ever offered; also an unusual variety of raie and fancy bird- from all parta of the world, selected with great trouble, without regard to cost. N. B.?Fancy dogs, Shetland ponies, Chinese, silver, and English pheasants, swans, and every variety of ham-door fowls; fancy and breeding cages, birdseeds, 4tc. A treatise on the management of breeding ami raising Canaries, Ice. P. 9.?Letters port-paid will at all timea meet with prompt attrition from A. GRIEVE, ur'tliii" fC No. ft John street, ,N*. V. SPRING 8TO( K Of' BOOTS AND SHOES. SMITH & RI9LEY. J TAKE THIS METHOD of informing their customers nil purchasers in general, of their extensive, and well selected assortment of Ladies,' Misses'and Children's (Sarlers, Biiskius. Slippers, Sic., of their own manufacture, a large stock of Peg Hoots, Shoes ami llrogaus, selected with great care, and purehased for fish, which will enable tlir in to sell at the very lowest prices. N. II? Store will be o|*ii until ten o'clock in the evening, gn mg Country Merchants an npiiortunity to examine their jtuclt when not otherwise engaged. SMITH ?t RISLEY. 112 f hat ham at., directly opposite the Chatham Theatre. "i 1 in ' ill ? HOOTS \NI> 9IIOE9 of the first quality at great bar( gains, at MAC'S New Store, IM ( anal street. The snlrM?crilier would call the attention of his numerous friends and customers and the public in general, to his large and w ell assorted stock of all the iliffeimt kinds of Boots, Shoes, (ratters, lie . that the market can afford, which he will sell low for ca?h. Ever grateful for the full share of |iatronagr he received for the last ten years while m the employment of others, end now having commenced business for himself lie an assure his friends and the public that there shall he nothing wanting on his part to please and give satisfaction to all I hose who will he ?o knul.... paUroni e him at 196 1 anal atieet, New York. JOHN McOUIRE. iuU'Iui* rli T7. w \ i.-11 ft... J I- RENl H BOOT and Shoe Makers. No. (i Ann street, near the Museum, New York, l-inc French Boots $199; r i-ench Imperial Dress Boots made to order 51 W, usually sold for $610. Patent Leather Boots, Shoes, Oaitrrs and Slippers constantly on baud and made to order at the shortest nolice. Repairing. Sic., done in the store o..i/-U -.I? ?mill profit* i? our motto. No. 6 Ann street, New York. mB lm4rc _ Cool? at Tms: JUST RKCEIVED, a large lot of (Jentlemeifa ^ IVKrrwIi Boots, tin- hot anil hand*om?*t ever in lliii city mid will In- mild lit the low price of>5. 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THE REPORTED CAPTURE OK VERA CRUZ. THE REVOLUTION IN MEXICO. The Priests Assisting SANTA ANNA. Ac., Ac., Ac. The passengers who reached Washington 011 the 6th instant, in the mail boat, say that, us they were leaving Charleston, an agent came running down to the boat and called out to them that a vessel had just arrived, bringing intelligence that Vera Cruz, had been taken, after n desperate resistance, with a loss of 800 on our side. New Orleans papers of the 29th have been received by the Southern mail of this evening.? They are filled with the details of the incidents alluded to yesterday, but no later intelligence. They state that the revolution against (ioniez Farrias, was making headway, and it was thought L ? ?IJ L A rtM. -I!*!-. lie vvuuiu ue |)ui iiuwii, 1 lie COHUllon now 18 between Santa Anna and the clergy. It was also re|H>rted that the priests have sent him two hundred thousand dollars, as tin earnest of their determination to support him. [Correspondence of tho N. O. Picayune.] SACRiricot. near V t: a a Cm-x. March 16, 1847. Day beforo yesterday evening, another severe norther set in. which has continued up to this moment. 9 o'clock. A. M. We heard, laat night that the ship Louisville, with Colonel Duncan's battery *on board, had Rone ashore at Anton Lixardo, nine miles below, and that the masts had been cut nway. Two or three hundred soldiers, and a party of seamen, were sent down, late in the evening, to the assistance ancl protection of those on hoard. We have not yet heard from thorn. A large mortar in one of the town forts opened on our line lost evening, and threw shells probably thirteen inch, over a portion of (Jen. Worth's Division, doing no damnge. but showing us that we were within their range. The same place has opened again, and shells are bursting this morning in our line. Tho norther has prevented the landing of our mortars and heavy guns, and we have, therefore, been unable to effect any thing further than to approach gradually, and take positions nearer the wnlls. Our men are constantly picking up stray Mexicans, horses, mules nud donkeys, and the latter are to be seen in every direction, carrying burdens of provisions, or tugging under couples of Jack tars, who mount them and navigate the beach and sund hills. YAterday, about 3 o'clock. P.M., Capt. Lee. of the K.ngincers. was sent by Hen. Scott, with letters for the t'rench and Snunlsh f.An?iU n# Va,.,. n? - I'd to within two hundred yard* of the gate, when he wan met by a Mexican officer, who gave him n receipt for the letters, but declined the pleasure of his company Into town. The works around the city srem to be complete and strong, and no doubt is entertained that they will be obstinately defended. >K< must make a great sacrifice of blood before these strongholds can be taken. Col. Kinney and Mr. Lumsdcn. during a ride along tlio line*yesterday, captured a Mexican and 4 horse*. It seeui* that the individual was taking the horse* out to mount inen outside our line*, lie ran with ull hi* horse* speed, when he spied Kinney and Luuiwdcu, hut they chased him into tlui chaparral. (Mr. Luindsdcn tearing a slip of skin lrom hi* cheek in the attempt) and boo 11 caught him. He wa* terribly frightened and )>egged for hia life, declaring that it would be uselosa to kill him, a* well as cruel, a* he was no warrior, and had an old mother, aud a wife aud two children. They brought him in. fed him. gave him tobacco to chew and smoke (he is the first Mexican I ever saw chewing), and he is uow perfectly contented lie says that the common people around here are under the impression that whenever one of them full* into tho hands of the American*, he is immediately taken out and shot. U.viTEti States Frigate Potomac. ) Off Vera Crus. March lei. 1847. ) No communication with the whore from this ship since Sat unlay night, owing to a strong norther, and which at this period of writing, 6 P. M.. is blowing furiously. A schooner, name not known, is on the beach high, on on which she struck on Saturdu* niirht. ?n,i i....... that a ship. name not heard. but having Col. Harney's command on board, is on BluuquiUa shoal. near Anton. The steamer Alabama went to lier amiatance earlv thin morning, while the wind was blowing less fresh than it now docs, it having lulled much during the nigit. but increased after aunriae. The boat brouglit up the information of her being on allure, reported her bilged with five feet water in her hold l.'pworda ?t 100 of the men had been taken out of lior by the boata of the rquadron. and placed on board the Relief. This norther baa prevented the lioata landing store*. &.c., lie., which ore ao requisite at thia period, many of the companies being yet without even tents aud exposed for two nights to heavy raiu A considerable number of shells have been thrown from tho castle during the early part of the day. THE ATTACK O.N VERA C'Rl'Z. [Kroui the New Orleans Times, March '19. J It appear* that Lieut. Chaddock, of the Kwing, was exceedingly anxious to remain to witueas the fall of Vera Crux, and the triumph of our arms-to be in at the death, in fox-hunting parlance - but he was told by (?en Scott, as we heur. that he would have time to go to New Orleans and roturn thither, before that event happened. Hence, we conclude thut the siege will last some short time longer than waa at first supposed. INCIDENTS OK THE WAR. Rax /os S?STin;n, March 21.1817. Col. Hardin's servant Is here with his rlothes. sword, saddle and other artieles, which sad relies he ix about to convey to the late colonel's friends nt home. The colonel was shot in the nee k aud thigh, and pierced also with u Mexican lanre. There has been no new* from ?ien. Taylor since that brought by Maj. Coffse. Kvery thing is uulet along Hie line and no attark on Mntamornsis anticipated The works thrown up here under direction of Captain Torter. now Major I'ortcr by promotion, are pretty effective, I can tell you They are composed of several row* deep of provision barrels, coven*! with sand thrown up from the outside, extending quite a distance, ami would have enabled the ga.-rison to defend the post successfully against a considerable force. ( apt. J. M. Hill, who has been acting ns Quartermaster nt thin port, return* home shortly. The extremely (trillion* ilutie* of the office here huvegrcatly linpnreil hi* health. He will tie relieved by M?j. Knstland of New Orleans, who rnme over In the Telegraph fi>r that purpo*e. The Vlrginin regiment have all arrived here and ({one up the Rin Grande They were, ({enerolly speaking. in good health. I.leut. Shand*. of ( apt Robinson's company of Petersburg volunteer*, wa* left liera dangerously sick of a congestive brain fever. He i* now ut Point. Isabel, and recovering. Two companies of the M***aehuactt* regiment, under command of ('apt. Kdwnrd Weltater (l)iiniel Webster"* son) arrived here a few day* since. They are a fine *ri of fellow*. I am told, and in the very linest health and spirit* They till came ashore from tile v>'?*cl on n jogtrot. and as Happy n* cricket*. They have also left for Monterey ria ' ainargo The rc*t of the regiment are dally expected, t'ol. llRmtrnnck. t apt. Krsklne and Adj. Auguat. of the Virginia regiment, leave to-inorrow for the mouth of the Hio Grande. and will start froin there In the course of the morning for Cainnrgo, I shall take the *ame conveyance, and push on with ail convenient speed to join (Jen Taylor's dlviaion I am sorry I could not have lx-en there to see the battle Not a word has been heurd from (Ion. Hcott since he loft, except. rin New Orleans. The Telegraph sail* to-morrow morning for Tampico. I shall send tiiis by a schooner, which goes direct to New Orleans. A note addressed by Assistant Adjutant Bliss, from General Taylor, mention* the fact that the general received two balls during the battle ; one passed through the cuff of the coat, the other through the front. After the tattle was won, General Wool, who was distinguished for his gallantry and skill, met General Taylor and threw his arms around hi* neck, and congratulated him on the brilliant victory, in warm terms The old hero replied." we can't lie beaten. General, when we all pull together."' The whole country will attest the jus- | tire of the simple reply. Tlic battery commanded by ( apt. Braxton Bragg did 1 terrible execution The Mexican cnvalry made a charge on him lie waited until they were within two hundred yards, when he poured a terrihle lire upon them, his pieees charged with mnsket balls The leading squadrons were mowed down, and they stopped for a moment Brsgg's guns were instantly loaded and a second discharge. us deadly as the tirst. threw the enemy Into confusion. and a third put thcin to flight, leaving the ground covered with men and horses. Only imagine for a moment. a hattery of cannon, charged almost to the muzzle with musket halls and slugs, tired three times into a dense mass of men and horses, at a distance of two hundred yard*, anil you can form Homo Idea of the a laughter! Two thouaand female*. who followed the Mexican army, remained, like minlaterlng nngela, to tnkerare of the wounded. (Ion. Taylor treated them with the kindnoea due their Hex, and the .humanity expected of an American The color now worn by the bollca of fanhion in I'arix Ih amaranth?a clear light purple?which wa^lutroduced by the dutchcHH of Montpenaler. who, at thc]loHt reception at the Tu-dcrien, wore a robe of amaranth colored alio., with three flounce* of Brunei* lace?her walnt, , : houldera, and head being, meantime, radiant with dia- ' monds j W YC EW YORK, WEDNESDAY ornciAL sawAToni FllOM r* i ini-ii-ij vrvucrtu wuineiu dcoii^ Commander of the American Forces AT VERA CRUZ. [From the Washington Union | The ftAlowiug despatches were received at the War Department ou Sunday eveuing : ? HtiBqvmTcas OK TIIK A*MV. t'nmp Washington. la-fore Vera Crux. March 1'ith. 1847 j Hia The color* of the Unlte.t State* were triumphantly planted ashore. In full view of this city and it* caitle. and under the distant fire of both, in the iiflornoonof the Oth iiut Brevet Brigadier General Worth'* brigade of regular* led the descent, iiulrkly followed by the dlvisinu of United State* volunteer* under Major General Pattereon. und Brigadier General Twiggs's reaervo brigade of 1 regular*. Tlie three line* tiiereaairely landed In sixtyseven surf boat*, each boat conducted by n naval o(fleer, aud rowed by sailor* from Commodore Conner'* squadron?who?e lighter ve**el.* flanked the boat* *o a* to be ready to protect the operation by their cross Are The whole ariuy reached the shore in line *tyle. and without direct opposition, (on the beach) accident, or In**, driving the enemy from the ground to be occupied. The lino of investment, according to General Order*, j No. 47. wn* partially taken up the same nlglit; hut ha* only been completed to-day?owing to the nio*t extraordinary difficulties: 1. The environ* of the city, outI side of the fire of it* gun* and those of the cnNtle, are broken into innumerable hill* of loo*e sand, from twenty to two hundred und lifty feet in height, with almost impassable forests of chaparral between: and 'J. Of all l our moan* of land transportation?wagon*, carts, packsaddles, horse* and mules, expected to join us from Tutnpica and the Uraxo*. weeks ago?but fifteen cart* anil about one hundred drnught horse*, have yet arrived.? Three hundred paek-mule* arc greatly needed to relieve the troop* in taking subsistence, alone, along the line of ' investment of more than live miles, as. at present, our I only depot is south of the city. On the cessation of the present raging norther, whieh almost slides the troop* with sand?sweeping awny hill* and creating new. I hope I to establish a second depot north of the city, which will partially relieve the left wing of the army. In extending the line of investment around the city, the troops, for three days, have performed the heaviest I labors in getting over the hill* mid cutting through the intervening forests?nil under the dietant lire of the eity and rattle?nnd in the midst of ninny sharp skirmishes with the enemy. In these operations we have lout lu killed nml wounded Mevernl rtdunhle officers and men. Among the killed. I have to report Brevet, ('apt. Alburtis. of the United States id infantry, much distinguished in tlie Florida war. und a most excellent officer, lie fell on the 11th instant; and Lieutenant Colonel Dickinson, of the South Carolina regiment, was badly wounded, in n skirmish the day before. Two privates have been killed in tltcsc operations, and fotir or Ave wouuded. As yet. I have not lieon able to obtain their names. As soon as the subsistence of the troops can bo assured. and their posit ions are well established. I shall, by an organized movement, cause each brigade of regulars nnd volunteers to send detachments, witli supports, to clear its front, including sub-bourgs. of the enemy's parties. so ns to oblige them to confine themselves within the walls of the city. I have heretofore reported that but two-sevenths of the siege truiu and ammunition hail reached me. The remainder is yet unheard of. We shall commence lauding the heavy metul ns soon as the storm subsides, and hope that the live-sevenths may be up in time. The city being invested, would, no doubt, early surrender. but for the fear that, if occupied by us. it would ! immediately be flrod upon by the castle. I am not altogether without hope of finding the means of eoniing to somo compromise with the city on this subject. Ho far. the principal skirmishing has falleu to tile tot of Brigadier Generals I'illow's und Quit man's brigades. Both old and new volunteer regiments have conducted themselves admirably. Indeed, the whole urmy is full of zeal and confidence, nnd cannot fail to acquire distinction in the impending operations. To Commodore Conner, the officers and sailors of his squadron, the army is indebted for great and unceasing assistance, promptly und cheerfully rendered. Their cooperation is the constant tlicnic of our gratitude and admiration. A handsome detachment of marines, under Captain F.dson. of that eorps. lauded with the first line, ?.l i* .Im..,, .1 lit v will. II... n.m? March 13.?tIio enemy. at intervals. continues tho Are of heavy ordnance, from the city auil can tie, upon our lino of investment, both by day and night, but w ith little or no effect. The norther has ceased. which ban renewed our communication witli the Htorc ships at anchor under Marrificios. We Khali immediately commence lunding the few pieces of heavy ordnance. witli ordnance stores. at hand, and hope noon to have the necessary draught luulcs to take them to their j>oeitionH. Any further delay in the arrival of those meant) of transportation will be severely felt in our operations. 1 have the honor to reuialu, six. with high respcet. your most obedient servant, WINK1ELD SCOTT. Hon. Wn. L. Marcv, Secretary of War. ilKAOtuiRTtai or Tin: Ah.mv. 1 t ump Washington, before Vera Crui, ! March 14. 18-17. J Sia?I had scarcely despatched my report of tho IJth instant, with the postscript of yesterday, to go to New Orleans by the revenue cutter Kwing. before the north* r, which hail intermitted some hours, began to blow again with increased violence. We arc. of course, again rut off from all communication with Commodore Conner's squadron anil our fleet of vessels anchored under the Island of Hucriflrios. Supposing the Kwing to ba detained by the storm. I add some particulars in the hope of getting ou board this report, to go with the one just mentioned. The rneiny continues tha Arc of his heavy guns upon ourlineuf investment, but only from time to time, and without effect, so far as has yet been reported At this moment our attacking parties, by brigades, as ordered yesterday, (sec general orders No. 03.) are engaged in driving in the enemy's posts and skirmishers, so as to elear tuo space between us and the eity. and to enable our reconnoitring officers to note well the intervening ground. This operation may not tic completed before tomorrow morning, or at least I may not learn the results at an earlier hour. Another vessel is off. loaded with ordnance ami ordnance stores, which may give us alaiut halt' I lie amount of each required. No wagons und tcuuis of the ninny hundreds which ought, to la-up. are known to be at hand; lint it is confidently imped that the present norther will bring us as many as our immediate necessities require. I could not postpone the descent successfully made oil the !Mh install), for the half of the surf-boats" brigadier General Shield's brigade (old volunteers from TainPico), or the wngons and tennis, wliirh were then behind. That General landed with the army, having a small part of one of his old regiments (tliree companies of the 3d Illinois foot), und the New York regiment of new volunteers. Th<> regular cavalry. and the TfnmwiM volunteer cavalry. nri' yet nil tadund ; the former hourly expected from the lira ana. and tin; lntter from Tanipico. I Mill murU crippled in my operations partieulnrly In ilistunt reeonnoiterlngs, by the nbeenoe'of that portion of the #rmy; and the officers' Middle horses. including uiy own. . hipped at the Brasos. are aho behind. I sent in this morning, by flag of truec. my answer*, herewith, to the consuls ol 1 tutue and Spain, residing within Vera Crui. neeompanied with printed safeguard* for hoth. a* well a* for the consuls of Great llritnln and Prussia. althouirh I had not heard from either of the lnfter t wo. I do not know whether there he any other consul in that eity If anything else of Interest should oeeur ln-fore sending off thin deapateh. I will add a postscript With high re* pert. I hare the honor to remain, your ' moat obedient servant, WINKIKLI) Si OTT lion WM. I,. M*n< v, Seeretary of War. [Kneloaure in theahove letter.] Hi:*i??n-rat ok tiir. I?. S. Aastr. 1 ('amp Washington. before Vera t'rii*. \ Miireh 13th, 1HI7 ^ The undersigned. Major General Scott. genernl-in-elii?f of the armies of the United States, has had the honor to reeelvr the note, dated the 10th instant, of Honor I). Afllnss G. do l>cnlnutc. consul of Spain, residing in the city of Vera Crm. asking that the said army, in its operations against the said eity. may respect the persons of Spanish subjects and their property within the same 'Jlte undersigned has great pleasure in recognizing the Intimate relations of amity which happily subsist between his government ami that of Spain, nnd the eonsequent obligations imposed on the public forces of the former, in their operations against the said eitv. to re spcrt. fix fur us may b?' practicable. Spanish subjects and their properly within tin- same j but lie begs to say to the consul of Spain that, in currying the city, whether by bombardment and oannonnude or assault, or nil?nnd purtirularly in the night Mine?It will be exceedingly difficult for the force* of the United Htatex to perceive the consular flags. or to discriminate between the peranna nnd tlie property of frieuda nnd the persona nod proper; >f the enemy 1 he i ideraigned can. therefore, only promise to do nil Hint ctiruni-tancrs may possibly permit to cause aurli diacrimlnntion to be obaerved. nnd. in the menu time, to allow liia anxiety to Carry out Hint friendly purpose, lie Sends to her Spanish Majesty's consul, residing ill Vera < ruz. n printed snlcgunrd, tinder tils (Major tieneral Meott's) sign mnnuni, to protect, ns fur ns practieable. tlie house of the Spanish consul, and Spanish subjects ami property within the same ?to be shown. If the city should he carried, to all officers and soldiers of the United States forces who may approach the house of the consul ; it being well understood that the said safeguard is solely intended to protect Spanish subjects and their property Tqe undersigned, who Iiiih not had the honor to hear directly from the British Consul, begs_thnt a like safe- [ guard, herewith, for him. may be delivered by the Span- , ish consul The undersigned offers to the consul of Her Majesty the (juccn of Spain, the assurance of the high respect and consideration of the undersigned. WINFfKLD SCOTT. To the Consul of Spain at Vera Crux, Scnor D: AriLati in: kicxustx. Notr.?A similar letter wus addressed to Mon \ | tsloux, French consul, with a request that he would deliver to the I'russiun consul the safeguard therewith en- j closed for the latter "Whosoever belonging to the armies of the United ! States, employed in forelgu parts, shall force a safe- i guard, shall suffer d< ath( >dh hi tide of war ) mpmvam 1 By authority of Major Ueaerai Scott, gaaoraJ ia-chMf (i iuHT"? " >RK ] r MORNING, APRIL 7, ? I of tlic a*mle* of the United State*?The persou. the ' family. and the pfoperty of the trench Consul. residing 1 In Vera Crux, hi* house and it* contents. arc placed j under the safeguard of the army of the United State* ; To offer any violence or Injury to them I* expressly for. bidden; on the contrary. It 1* ordered that safety and protection be given <o him aud them In laao of need l Done at the head-quarterx of the aruiy of the United [ State* this 13th day of March. 1*147 WINKlfcLD SCOTT By command of Major General Scott. II. L. SCOTT, A A A ti XN8TRUCVZOHS OK THE SECRETARY OF WAR. To I Ac Secretary of If 'or :? Sir : Being charged by the ronHtitution with the prosecution of the existing wnrl with Mexico. 1 deem it ' proper, in the exercise of nu undoubted belligerent right, to order that military contribution* be levied upon the enemy In such of their port* or other place* a* now arc, or muy be hereafter. In the possession of our luud and nntnl force* by conquest ; und thut the *ame be collected and Rpplled toward* defraying the cx|ten*c* of the war A* one ineanH of elTectiug till* object, the blockade at mich conquered port* will lie mixed, and they will be opened to our own commerce and that of all neutral nation*. in article* not contraband of war. during our mili- ] tary occupation of thctn ; and dutic* on tonnage and i import* will lie levied and collected through the agency of our military ami naval officers in command at *ueh port*, acting under order* from the War and Navy Department*. I tranxmit to you herewith, for your information and guidance, ii copy of a communication nddrcx*cd by me to the Secretary of the Treaxury on the -J3d instant, instructing him to examine the existing Mexican tariff, and to report to me, for my consideration, a scale of duties which lie would recommend to be levied on tonnage and import* in such couquercd ports, together with such regulations a* he would propose us necessary and proper, in order to carry this policy Into effect, and also a copy of the rc|w>rt of the Secretary of the Treasury, uladc on the 30th instant, in answer to iny communication to him. The scale of dutie*. and the regulations for their collection as military contributions exacted frnin the enemy, rccnminedded by the Secretary of the Treasury in this report, have I approved by inc. i You will, after consulting with the Secretary of War, so a* to secure concert of action between the War aII(I Navy Department*, issue the necessary orders to carry the measure proposed into immediate effect. JA.MKS K POI.K. WamIivotox, March 31, 1H17. War T)?:r artmkxt, Washington, April 3, 1846. Sir !?I herewith enclose to you a copy of the President's letter to the Secretary of tile Treasury, and the report, the proposed scale of duties and the regulations from the Treasury department, prepared pursuant to llis directions. The rates of assessment upon the tonuage of vessels, and upon articles of merchandise which may be received into Mexican ports while in possession of our forces, have Men approved by him. aud lie lias directed, as you will perceive by his letter of the 31st of March, (a copy of which is herewith sent.) that the necessary orders should In- Issued from this department to collect the several sums proposed as military contributions to be drawn from tin- enemy as the consumers of the merchandise udmittcd into those ports. You are hereby directed to take the necessary measures, so far as tile agency of the officers of tliearinyls required, to carry the orders of the President into effect. His objects and views in resorting to this kind of coutribntion, are sufficiently explained in the accompanying papers. The enforcement of bis orders is necessarily committed to the naval and land forces now operating in the enemy's country. I also transmit to you a copy of a letter from the Secretary of the Navy of this date, prepared by the direction of the President, giving instructions to the naval officers who may be engaged in earrying out the orders on this subject. This letter designates the circumstances under which the duties required will be executed by the officers of the navy, or by those of the army. So far as it has reference to duties to be executed by the officers of the army, it Is sanctioned by this department, and you are hereby directed to cause it to bo observed. The general directions therein contained are alike applicable to the officers and persons connected with each branch of the public service. It is particularly enjoined that care should be taken to give full effect to the thirteenth regulation. If properly carried out. it will effectually secure the officers of the army and navy, ami our soldiers, sailors and marines, against an advauce in the price of the articles which they may need fbr their own use, by the operation of the proposed measure of raising contributions from the enemy. Tho contributions referred to iu tile foregoing instructions arn not all those which it may lie proper to levy upon the enemy. As the Mcxicuus persist in protracting the war, it is expected that, in the further prosecution of it. you will exercise ull the acknowledged rights of a belligerent, for the purpose of shifting the burden of it from ourselves upon them. The views of the government. In this respect, were presented to lieneral Taylor in a despatch from this department of the 3'ld of September, 1846. a copy of which, so far as relates to this subject, is herewith scut to you. with the direction tlint these views may bo carried out under a direction similar to that given to him. The enemy should Is- made to realize that there are other inducements to imiku them desire peace, besides the loss of battles, and the burden of tlieir own military establishments The right of an nrmy. operating in an enemy's country to geize supplii i. | I to forage. undto occupy such buildings. private as wrll an public, an may bo required for quartern, hospitals, storehouses ami other military purposes. without compunction therefor, cannot be questioned; and it is exported that you will not forego t"he rxorciae of thin right to any extent rompatible with the iutrrext of the Bcrviee iu which you arc engaged Very reaped fully, your obedient servant. W. L. M ARC Y. Secretary of War Major (Jeneral Wi*?i?:lo Si o r r. commanding F.ctraet from a Utter to Gen Taylor, (referred to in the Secretary'! imtrHcliom.) dated War Di partmkxt. } Washington. September 32, ISIti j| It in lar from being certain that our military occupation of the enemy'* country Is not a blessing to the iuhnlii tnntn in the vicinity. They are shielded from the burdenrt and exaction* of their own nuthoritle*. protected in their persons. and furnished with a most profitable market for most kinds of their property A state of things so favorable to their interest uiay induce them to wish the continuance of hostilities The instructions heretofore given have required you to treat with great Uindnes* the people, to respect private property, and to abstain from appropriating it to tlie public use without purchase at a fair price In some respects this is going far beyond the common requirements of civilized warfare An invading nrmy has the unquctionable right to draw its supplies from the cnciny without paying for them, and to require contributions for its support. It may he proper, and good policy requires. Unit discriminations should be made in imposing these burden Those who are friendly disposed, or contribute aid, should be treated with liberality ; yet the enemy may he ninde to feel the weight of the war. and thereby become interested to use their best efforts to bring about a state of pence. It is also but just that a nation which Is -involved in a war to obtain justice, or to mnintuin its just rights, should shift the burden of It, as far as practicable, froin itself, by throwing it upon the enemy. Upon tlie liberal principles of civilized wnrfnre. either of three modes mny he ^pursued in relation to obtaining supplies from the enemy, first, to purehase thein on suen terms as the inhabitants of the country may choose to exact; second, to pay a fair price, without regard tot lie enhanced value resulting from the presence of a foreign ,nrmv.jsml. third, to require theiu as contributions, without paying, or engaging to pay therefor. i n?! m?i mime in uio ordinary one, and you arc instructed to adopt It, if in thiit wuy you arc nntiHflcl you rnn get abundant supplies for your fornn , luit should you opprehcnd a difficulty in tin* respect, then you will fl'lopt till- policy of paying the ordinary price, without allowing to tint owner* the advantages of the enhancement of tin* price la-nlling from tin- increased demand. Should yon apprehend a deficiency under this Inst mode of dealing with tliu inhabitant*, you will bo obliged to | submit to their exaction*, provided, by till* mode, you ran supply your wants on belter term* than by drawing what you may need from the United States Should you attempt, to supply your troop* by contributions, or the appropriation of private property, you will be careful to exempt the property of all foreigner* from any and nil exaction* whatsoever The President hopes you will Is- able to derive from the enemy's country, without expense to the United States, the supplies you may need, or a considerable part of them; hut should you fail in this, you will proc ure theui in the most economical manner. Sporting Intelligence. Ni.w Oii.kisi, Stanxv, March 38?Last Dav.? Klrst race?Purse $-100. mile heats, beet three in Ave Summary? Klrkluiul Harrison's eh. f Sally lliddlesworth. by Imp. Itlddlcsworth. dam by imp Leviathan I y. o > | | | A. B. .Moore's b. g, Palo Alto, by Stockholder, dam by imp Leviathan?3 y. o. .1 .1 3 3 A. II. ( arnal'scn f. Matilda Bynum. by imp (ilencoc, out of imp Dcligli 3 y. o 13 11 It Tin Broeck. Jr s b. ni. Victress, by drey Knglo. dam by Royal Uharlie?A y. o.. . . I I 3 3 Time. |;.h> 1:3I?1:3A?I \M. Si.i.oii) Rao- Purse $ 160, entrance fl.'i added?Btlle heals In the second race. Ilct Bounce had it nil hcrown way. rendering all comment superfluous. Summary? John K Miller * eh f. Bet Bounce. by imp Bclshaar.ar. out of Martha Malone 3y o I I A. II. ' arnal's br. g. Tensas, own brother to Purity?< y ? i 3 i A B. .Moore's ch. c. Kairiield. by Larry O'fiaff. out~ of Klixn Jackson -3 y. o 3 3 Time. LAI?1:91. Thus terminated the first, spring meeting on the Bing- ! aman Course; the most hrillliiint. regarding sport, puh lie putronage. and we trust, results to spirit and cuter- I prise, that ever characterised the turf ill the South. A i gentleman remarked that the assemblage within the enclosure. put him In mind of a New York meeting, there was such a gathering The second mate of the ship T. W Sears, lately arrived at Boston, was with violence assaulted by a mob who congregated on the wharf when I lie vessel rainc up It was reported that tbo officer hud ill-treated some ol' the steerage passengers 1 he police lolerlercd and preserved or dor. i Wtfk<r mm ^ ? L ^ ^ "* EIERi $47. Law faitelMfauce* U-oinj Statu. Ciicvit Cui-at, April ?-flrf-?rc Judge NeUon - ^f*tr the Court * * onf*M*?<I, tb? fol- i lowing namtd gcntltmeR were iworn of the grundJurjr ?Abraham B Darin, forrmaft f Michael nracly, wiuiain T. Conley. John Carle. Christopher OkIaoo. Kdward Ferris. Joseph Hudson. Abraham Mate, Win. W Wilmarth. Joseph t S?ain, James Lacklln. Thorn#* Hwrdy. | Jumvs Lilery,Charles H Redman. Win. Fdwardx. Teter (.'outaut. Win A Colt. James Townsend, Henry T , Lnnd. Benjamin Patrick and Isaac J BignaU After which. Judge Nelson delivered a brief charge stating 1 the number of cases on the calendar, and explaining tho law applicable to each ruse lie also defined the duties of the grand jury, and concluded by saying thut If. in the course of their deliberations any question wosc. the | Ukiriet Attorney would aid them The I. ntled Slates vs. Jesse Hoyt. and his sureties? James Preseott Hall. Feq . with wrhom wu? associated ' Daniel Lord. Jr.. Ksq.. ifrwcd on behalf of Robert Me- j Jnnsey. one of the defendant . to postpone the ruusn 1 until next term, upon the ground of the absence of Wm C. Gray. a material witness. Tho District Attorney opposed the motion The court stated the npplioalt'ai was reasonable, and witliiu the rule, uud It must be granted | Motion granted. The court then proceeded to hear equity motions. Scr? aioa Coi rt?April (1?Before Judge Oakley ? In He. Orieg ? The argument in this matter is adjourn ed to Tuesday next. Common Plkrs?April 6?Before Judge lngraham ? h'rurer if' wife e?. Marr.?This eauae was resumed this morning, and resulted in a verdict for the plaintiffs of SO dollars. Coi Rr or Gknkral. Sessions.?A|nril 6.?Before Recorder, Scott and Aldermen Gilbert and Stoneall John MeKeou, Kail.. District Attorney.?Trial far Passim; Counterfeit Money.?At the opening of tile Court this morning, a young man named Jolm Wilson. was placed at tile bar for trial on a charge of attempting to pass a counterfeit $10 bill, purporting to have been issued by the Bunk of Ncwburgli. to Messrs. C Si A. Wilder, No. 103 Hudson street, in the month of February Inst. On the part of the prosecution, (filbert Crowcll testified as follows:?I mn a clerk in the employ of l . Si U.Wilder, No. 403 Hudson street; I know the nrisoner by sight; ho came to the store on the (itli or 7th of February last, and asked for gloves; some were showrn him, but he iliil not purchase any; lie then asked firr handkerchiefs; lie imiii^ih one lur m nmin, anu irn(i?rcu m jFnyuH-Hi u bill (in the Brink of Newburgh; 1 did not like the upI pearanee of the bill. and on showing it to several persons, 1 I hey pronounced it to be ft counterfeit. The prisoner appeared surprised and told nie thut if I would go to No. 288 illeeeker street, he would give me good money; but when nefir the corner of Bleecker and Christopher, the prisoner knocked me off the side walk, told me to go about my business, and run off. H? was shortly afterwards arrested, and on being taken to the '.hit ward Station House, lie udmitted that he knew the bill was ft bad one. Moses Baker, examined ?I have kept an exchange office for 15 years; the bill now shown me is a coifr??erfeit one. Jons B. Dey examined.?I was in tho store of C. St A. Wilder when the prisoner entered and bought a silk handkerchief, in payment of which he oflVred a $10 bill; I examined the hill and told the clerk thut It was bad, when he left for the avowed purpose ot obtaining other money; 1 followed him towards Bleecker street, near which I saw the prisoner kuock Mr. Crowell down and run off; 1 ran after the prisoner, overtook him. and delivered him into the custody of policeman Wild, of the 0th ward. Officer Wild, on being examined, testified that the prisoner, on being taken to the Stutlon House, acknowledged that lie knew the bill was worthless. The ease was then summed up in behalf of the accused by Ills counsel, J. W. Green, Esq., and on the part of the people by the District Attorney. The jury, after a brief consultation, found the prisoner guilty, when the Court remanded him for sentence. Trial for Falte Pretcncti?A young man named .Ins. O'Neil was then called to trial on a charge of obtaining from a recruiting agent the sum of $8 as bounty money, on enlisting into the United States service, by representing that he was of age, when his discharge was soon after obtuined on the ground thut he was a minor. For the defence. Ann O'Niel, prisoner's sister, deposed thut after ascertaining that her brother had enlisted, she procured his discharge of her own free will and without his knowledge. The accused was defended by J. M. Green. Esq., ami the jury rendered a verdict of not guilty. The court then adjourned until to-morrow morniug. Cot'rt Calendar, this day?Circuit Court?Id to 31. Superior Court?7. 8, II, 13, 18, 'JO, 45. 61, S3. 64,3. .>2, oil. 83 to 80. Common Pitas. 1st part?45,77, 101, 133, 137, 139, 141, 143, 14ft, 147, 33, 109 3d part?I, 68. 182, 200, 252, 258. 260, 209, 270, 142, 8, 24, 42, 192, 202, 220 Arrival of .Strnngera In New York. APRIL ?. American Hotel. John St iutnn, Norwich; N. CU|ip, Pliila; Kdwaid duller, Washington: D. Leonard, Drooklyu; II. Clement, Flushing; Lieut. Hernuen.U.S. Ns O. Cartell, Va; J. Harris. II. Bacon, Phila; J. Cummins, U.S. A; S. Bernard, W. Leitch, (Jliadev ton; D. Keith, Utica; Al. Lush. it. Adams, Norwich; Dr. Del i, Orange Co; A. Walker, U. S. A; II. Caprou. Baltimore; C. Kad/.imiski. .Mr. Marcj , Hon. Mrs. Moon ami family, Washington; L. Jennings, Newbury. Astor Hook. L. Leyv, N.O; W. Say Philadelphia ; J. Swauie, do. ; G. Tiffany, Baltimore ; T. Unhide, Boston ; VV. link low, C inciiiati ; J. King, do.; T. Solomon. Jamaica ; K. Gardner, Ballimore; F. Uasuer, do.: D. Leeke, do.: W. Giinary, Chicago ; J. Buckingham; Manchester, Kng.; G. Beach, Hartford ; Geo. 11 ill*. Ship Columbia ; J. Green, Denmark; W. Heimeker, Chicago ; B. French. Washington ; W. Wright, Baltimore.; C. Grogau, Thilad.; ft. Andrews, Baltimore ; Capt. Gmwrold, Shin Northiimberland ; W. Ron*. Providence ; W. Wilson, N. Oilcan* ; M. Hopkiiison. S. C.; J. Harding, Stamford ; II. Sauford. do.; I). S. Lean, Boston ;*M. BrOok*. do.; (J. McKay, Potlstield ; Al. Billings, New London ; J. T.ippuu, Boston ; VV. Milsou, do.; II. Bates, do.; K. B iker, do.; A. Hardy, do*; Jos. Stetson, do. City Hotel. H. Hamlin, Long Island; A. Sauiins, Philadelphia: M. 11 >. brook, Itouiidale; M. VVaUtou, Albany; Cant. D. Tyleg Georgia; D. Couiiell, 1 J. S. Navy; C. Haiiua. Kentucky; 1( Hillier. < inn.; G. Peiiuimati, Baltimore; VV. Deleno, (ieoiga Hart, Philadelphia; M. Robinson, New Jersey: Mr. OtWul, Peru, S. America; J. Mason, j tin., U. S. N.; W. Boka, Pliila. Croton iiotkl. C aptain Chad wrick and Lady. Conn.; J. T. Douglas, New York; It. Anderson, Boston; D. W. Loriug, Jlarntta, Ohio; J ones Wyete, Mass.: N. Spilmtii, J tin.. Frcuencksbiirgh. Va.; J. K. Ford, Hardw ick; J. C. Taber, Philadelphia; G. Attain*, Springfield; W. W. Weakinan, Cotin.; W. Crapo, Albany; 11. Veagir, Rome; J. B. Kimitrn, Boston; H. L. Crocker and Lady Troy; J. Drayton, Washington: W. G. Dorvi*. Decatur, AG. t. Clinton Hotel. W. D. Gookin, Sonrh|Hirt, Conn.; Miss Dituoii. New Yoik; Cant. Russell, Pl>m?>rh, Mass.; It. Al. Shaw and lady, SpringIn Id, Muss.; Airs. H. Palmer, do.; J. Richardson, Georgia. Di'nninu's Hotel. C. A. Ntalaling, Baltimore; Itev. Ira C. Boice. Coluinhia, county; J. A. Smith, New York; C. Tompkins, Hudson. Kastkrn Pkahl Street Ifors#*. J. Lyons, New Haven; J. S?inp*ori, New lurk; M. Box re Hartford; C. II. Pratt, New Orleans; W. P. Buffer, Long I Moid; Mr. Moutross, .New Haven; L. K. Bishop, Berlin, Aid.; G. B. Strang. Sag Harbor; D. Sherwood, New Jersey; K. Bndsey, Bridgeport; Cupt. VV. Kippuu, do.; C. B. Hubhell, do.; K. Bradley, New Canaan; I. Butler, Montreal; S. Newtown, Cnrwunll; Miss Young, Sullivan co.; A. Mumfrey, Norwalk, Conn.; M. Lane. Cotiu.; W. P. See ley, Dauberry; K. H. Lowe. Newport, Pa.;G. V. Ilurd, (Juilforu; A. Met ram, Meriden; If. Sproat, New York; P. Maltby, Nortliford; II. S. I haiuiiau, Sa\brook; D. Converse, Ware, Mass.; M. S. Steven ., tssei ; J. >1. F.ly, Westheld; C. T. Atktii. t mil.; R. F. Uitrhrock, New Haven; J. Hanson, Long Claud; J. Strass, Fort Plain; B. Hainbiiry. Albany; L. Beebe. Cambridge; H. Haiilev, New York; >1. Sturdcvaut, Mass.; Mr. Muler.t nnn.;Capt.Tueker, Kssex; J. Bales, Boston; Sauford and lady, Writimrt. Fxchanok Hotel. A. Cameron, Ctiea; W. II. Page, Boston;G. Curtis do; N w. Duller, .Mississippi;!). nice. no.; 11. I utile, u??.; it. ; Tucker, Vermont; S. Snow, do; Wm. White. New I lamp* shirr; J. Whitr, do.; J. W. L.iwrrncr, Conii.; B. Stanley, do.; II. Stanley, do.; T. Cutter, New Jersey; W. L. Stevens, do.; It. llutrirh, do.; 11. Tucker, Mississippi. Khankmx IIOTKL. (}. Qtiackenboss, Troy; A. St. John, New Jersey, II. Pike, Baltimore; (I. Berry, Conn.; L. Beach, Cntskill: W. Van Bo** kirk. New York; H. Leach, Kishkill; <?. Pine do; M. Colby, Boston; M. Dickenson, do.; O. Jones, Conn.; K. Kiton, < .?iw joharie; VV. Judsoii, A litany; IJ. Mosely, do; II. Ilalstrd, Horhester: (J. Pratt, Conn.; H. Laccy, do.; C. Middlehark, do.; It. Wilhrd. Otsego; It. Bassett, Derby; M. llobb?, New Jersey ; L. <'handler, do. Howard IIotki.. Walter Patterson. Pliila.; I). Ward and family, < anads.; J. Walker, lows; J. l)owe, Portland; K. Shujdergli. N. Haven; W. White, N. York; K. It. Hour, Concord; II. Clarke, Vermont: I).Clarke, Miss.; It. Kludge, Il'Mton; (I. Bradley, Hudson; K. Lytle, Pittstield: K. Williams, Norwich; K. Welch, Boston; S. Iveson, Mr. Teinpleton, M. MeXrthnr, < .mads; S. Johnson, Portland; J. Bradford. Bristol: B. Webster, Boston; c. McCarthy, Princeton; A. Brooks, K. Cutter, Boston; K. Breton, Newbury port; I . Ilitild, Boston; N. I ritchett, li. Weaver, Lowell ; C. Parker, Boston: H. Kendall, I'rov.; J. Bradley, Hartford; K. Rider, West Point. J. Wilson, St. AnWright. Phils.; L. Johnson, Burlington: J. Humphreys, II. ?V drew*; II. Gilbert, St. John, N. 11.; I)r. II. Turner, C. S. A , (i. VV. It. Jones, Sing Sine. Ji runsV Hotki . ftleo. Bnshnell, Conn.; Thos. Hardy, L. Wilcmon, Georgia; I K. Chapel, Norwich; H. Swan and family, Stoningtou; Henry Hull, Boston; J. Barker. Providence; fl. \nuirw*, New Haven; H. Root. (ir.riiti.l.l; ||. Kfiin.iy, Hartford; J. Shiver*, Ohio; II. Whit.ton, Vermont; B. Wood, W Starke, Ohio; .1 I < oll>rrt?nii, Jamaica; !'. Ilayden, Ohio; I,out Hu.h, I S. Artillery; W. Wal.h, Now I In von; O Sherman, Now Jorarv; K. Collin., Hartford; il. Clarke, Ohm; M. Bird, Now loik; R. Dunbar, Black Hock. Luvijoi'i Hoti.i.. O. Link. Catukill; Koo. Hart. Bri.tol; R. Slriblinit. M illo.iwan; llonry Little, llatiitor; Si. l?aac.on, Ilarlloru; V\. Phelps, do.; J. Smith, Troy; K. V ( randsll, do; S. Hurdis, Albany: R. Berth, do.; S. K. 8l?e|?hrrd, din; V L.Lawrence, . do.; L. Bennett, Trov; \. Marshall, do.; T. K. liucy.! anaii* daigua; II. Burgess, Conn.: K If. Smith. Pliila , J. Piri|*mt, j Troy; G. II. 'laher. Bntolilyn; P. II. Mann, W. Galway, G. j II. Wheeler. V Y.; L. Whaiton, PliiU.i V II. Gillctt, IILm.vmficld; Mr. Scoom, N. V., Mr. Sheldon, do.; VV. II. t olyer, Springfield. Mass.; S. L Hsrrift. Danville; I). Wcidtnaii, AlInn), II. .M llrackitt, Walliugford, t f.; P. Stone, AI ban K. Austin. Tennessee; J. Jfu?>er. Petersburg!). V?u; (i. VV . Bray ton. Providence; L. J. \fbiiisoti; do.; J. G. Holme*, Bristol, III; t Lefleiis, Howard. M. Swiff, Boston; J. 11. Kieldiug, Lowell; J. Tiescoe. do; C. L. Anthony, Providence; j J. T. Stanhope, Newport; G. Kuller, I). Wright. Norwich; S. B. Stock we II. Boston; S. B. < ole. Sheffield; J.S. Ilolbrook, I Boston; VV. K. Green, Amsterdam; II. McDouuall, Syracuse; J. Andiews, Boston; V Sanford. I attskill: < . K. Wuterlmry, Pniigkeepsie S. M. Olipliaut, N. J.: Dr. Woodhitll and son, N.J.; A.M. Ward, Nor walk; K. W. Rural), Norfolk, Vs.; * T. Arthurs, Westlield. Mass.; T.Wildey, J. Hirge, R. Bishop, Baltimore; It. S. Stone, Dan bury; J. S. Mot t, Great Neck;G. J. Tennry. Georgetown; I). II. tl ?rker, Newport; W. K Barker, do.; Winchester, Conn.; C. Yardly, Trenton. National IIotki.. It IL It.,.. Ik.ii j>. t .1 A Ullltr. La,...,IIJ, III...I.,..., ilnlr ; W. Toirioklna, Totn|>ktna' Co*p J. B. Jarniion and lady, Nr? liurvli; Miaa Mnlnlvrr, do; A. Winn, Albany; J. T. I'ratt. N. J.; I Baikr, I'hilad.; H. A. Abbott, do: A. I .Pa land, do; W. t.ocliran, Bnltnnorr; ( II. Boiiardm, Maldill; Mra. liiu low, do; J. VI. I'oidrv, AtnalrriUm; Jainpt Poolpv, do; J. WliilP, do; K. Stnifli. I). T. TlitmCoa. Baltimore; J. H-m if , I). I .. K. batman, Phili.1 Jno. Wetl, Maa?.;K. Hill and l id: , Nrw Orb-ana; O. < lianilrrrlin, Ohio; J, S P1nli|m, do; H. M. Smith, OtorgNi. Nr w Kittiuap Hot II. I onian, Jr., Providence. K. Kly, Killintiby, t onn.; Miaa Jlarfbtt, Boatolt, Mom it wit at llo 11 i. I). Ili ad, Itrland: |). Alkii.do; |l Blair, do; J. Blair, do; I . W. I.atlnop. t,. I l.ii k. N. J , K. r. OoIjIi Binjiliantptoir, 1*. LD. Price Two Cool*. H (Jrai.ain, Tatrr.ojK J. McDuimell Mr. Rirlurda. N.|V.. 8. ( ranstyn, Roiiw, W Orboru. C attakill. J H Downer. D. Pat ton, N. J.; J Hyu., do. R. Brrw.ter. Oneida. ... .. Pi.aHL 81 mat Hui ?? H R. Camming., Brooklme, Ohio, U W Brown S,Chare N < .. J. K/fn.ti-1., C. H. Morton, tW.ion ;<,??!??' Halrm. H. B. < nat. Addison Ohio: A. Smully MiUingt.w^Sr. J.; 8 r.ldndjre .lud lady, Clyde; j. C. Oalinin, New YudL J. N. Mulkill, Oi.rlt.fown- H. R. NurthPnt, ( lnrlealnwiT" III.; J. M. Ba.ir.ett, Boaton; R. Bai.tii, M. L. Aldnrh, H. H Ronier, Roiborro': D.\V> man, r.i?t Roiborn', M. H. SI,,cum. aton; P. Hancock, Jun., Btonington; W. Hraniulr, Boaion Pacific Horn.. K. T. Huntington, Albany; O. W. Dell, do.; H. A. Wll llama, do.: K. Hirnmon*, il",; T- "Vilaon, do.; J. Boone, do.; J.C. I'uyler, do.; H. K. Wuicheater, Palmyra; O. W Barrey, New Orleana; ti. W. Jonea, Fonda; H. ti Fisher. do.; C. C. I teuton, Fultoniillr, T. Hilliaon, Alhany; H. Meacli, do. RsTHnrx'i Ho in.. K. IMey, ABrairj ; J. Johnson and lamily, Kngland, (.ye, Benedict, Buffalo; W, Howard, New York; K. B< rthnne, ft.; C. Dcautrernont, Angrlici; J. Holmes, New Bedford; W Bryan, New York; T. Greene. Syracuse J. Scrihner, Lock|irr! I) Man y, Buffalo; II. Oliphanf, Auburn. T.MM.ar Hai.i.. .1. M. Strntip, Buffalo; H. D. Urooaler, Albany; W. T. Mina. Hurt ford, t't.; D. Berry, Cincinnati; W. Knowlei, do; A Kerne, N. J. ? Tuiloh's Hotel. M?. Terry, F. r.awrmce, New York; L. Hallock, Boaton; F.dwarcf >?rur, Columbus. Ohio; Ricbard Dodge^ CVm. H. Tapp, Albany , T Colleiider, Nor Jer.ey; Thus. D. CneweU. PoUL'likerinir; ( . M. Basaett and iwo ladle., Philadelphia; A. C\ Jeisup, O. Piueugrr, Westfield. Mas*. TniMo-iT TfMrrnaMCE HOCSE. I). Barm-., Miiidleinwn; L. W. Tinuey, H mated; W. J. Vl'ill. V V. L A ' II...Caret Re* IK A aklm v R. R. PlirliM. .In.. 8. Brurll, Ohio; A. J. BUckto, do ; N. Hubbard, Ga.; L. May, Hartford. UiaiTKn Htatm Horn.. ?. II. Arnold, Baltimore; J. K. Barrel I, New York J K. Irmi, Indiana; <'ayat. Haughton and lady, New Orlea.n# ; Cnpf. Kfinpton. Railway ; H. M. Chase, Newtown; F. Htllatin. N. Carolina; I'lpt. H. P. Carr. Lycoming, W. R. ffUchcock, Waterbury; C. Atwater, J. II. < oley. W Sheffield. S. Parker, G. S. Whittlesey, New Haven; (apt. Keiiney, Ship Zeuobia; A. Bradlee, N. Ilaven; J. G. McMurray, Lan * night i re, D. M. Murray, Troy; Mr*. Audrr%on, Conn.; L. Williams Oltio; M . Robb. I). C.; K. M. Macey, Baltimore; 8. W. Dickinson, Mil ford, R. P. Spencer, M. Pratt, Deep River; C. Storrs. H.Carter. Hartford; Capt. C. R. Doane. L?*et; II Trowbridge, N. Haven; K. Moore, Comi.; J. A. Comstock, Kaaev, Conn.; G. P. Wither, K. II. Wakelee, N. Haven; Warren. Ma**.; .1. Krllog, Hartford; ('. II. Oaks, New Hi\en; W. W. Post. C. Richards, Conn.; K. K. Coat* Mystic; A. Bacon, Steamer New Haven; P. Barnes, New Ilaven; VV. Haw kins, Birmingham. Conn.; J. K. Cutler, Conn.; Mrs. Perkin*. Fair Haven; J. Hntchinaon, Jr., Baltimore; O. W. Scran tan, New Haven; W. G. Johnaon, Norwich, Conn.; Capt. A. Wood, New Loudon, Conn. Writrrn HoTr.l. C. A. Missel I, Greenwich; J. C. Ilavs. Waverafon. N. Y ; I . Moore. P. M. Romyon C. I). Packard. Troy; J. Bringfield. Suffolk. Va.; R. J. Don clan. N. V'.; N.9 Hartshorn, C. Wage*, mm, f'liila.; J. HaNfciiJ. N. V.; C. Lathron, Brooklyn; R. Sutherland, J. Sutherland. W. H. Law son, Albam, N. Y.; T. P. Kdwardrt. Syracuse; R. V. Yates, Ufica; H. ntilman, Buffalo; C. A. Waine, N. Briton; A. D. Clark, H. Wella, Hartford; <1. A. Adams. Boston, S. Richardson, Attleboro': T. r. Hill. A. Adams, Mm.; P. S. Neiles, N. Y.; A P. Refni. Charleston, S. C. .Wlarellaneoua. I'pW.irds of '.'00.000 pound* of very rich copper ore him been raised from n recently discovered mine iu the ficlnity of Mineral Point, Wisconsin. The house carpenter* of Philadelphia are on a strike for higher wages They demand only $1 Ml per day ? Do the hullders refuse to pay thin reasonable price fbr mechanicul labor? A new custom house is to he erected by the government. at Savannah. The lot on which the (itorgian newspaper establishment now stands, is included in the site for the new building. Burlington. N. J.. Is growing rapidly More improvements are to be made this season in that city than have ever before before been mad)- in any one year. The Ohio and Krio canal will receive its watvr on th? 10th or 12th of the present month. On the 30th "It . the steamers < hntau<iue and Islander, the first, from Detroit and the other from Kelley's Island, were lying in the ice. which had completely surrounded thein, about a mile outside of Cleveland harbor. A short time since, an engine, attached to a passenger train, on the railroad from Augusta to Atalanla. tea , was struck by lightning. The fluid passed along the cars, and gave the passengers a shock ; hut did no further mischief. The ship Clyde. Captain Pearson, arrived at Boston on Monday, from Limerick. whence she sailed on the at It lit. The London papers off the 1th (the latest da It s seen by I apt. P.) contain no news. The Savannnlian* arc luxuriating on strawberries and cream. A large Baltimore schooner, on her beam ends, is reported in the Delaware, just below Marcus Hook. Sup ...tai.il tit IidVi. I I. .* Iiui V...I it. ?lt.. a.. nrill .... S.in.la ? night. In buffalo oni! veal' ago. the Aral of the priwat month, poach trees were in blossom Now they have a roat of hiiow. and thr ground iu frozen to tlx- depth ol' fifteen inched. The email pox is raging among the Chippewa Indians. Six were found dead upon the lee one morniug at Kort Winnebago. Some white settlers hare also been attacked with it. A Winnebago Indian in Clayton county, shot a Mr. Riley, at Sodom, on the Oth ult The Indian shot Mr. K.. supposing he was another man. against whom he had an Indian's grudge lie mourned most piteously wbeu he found out his mistuke. The bridge across Rork river. at Rockford. is said to have been swept away by a freshet. \ meeting of the subscribers of the stock of the New Orleans and Washington Magnetic Telegraph, was held at the r is mis of the New Orleans < liauiber of Com murce, on Saturday the'47th ult. l'pon an examination of the books it was found tbal just two-thirds of tho stork had been taken, leaving a deficiency dt f>40,00? A committee wrus ap|K)iutcil to call upon eltiaeos for (It* purpose of obtaining the necessary subscriptions.! A young whale 47 fret long was lately captured by tho crew of a New York schooner.on fioose Island, near tho I'ea I'ateh. where he rnu ashore A discovery lit said to have been made In < hariotleti ny ntm II IIMU II|< m in" |iun r? 'j'l.un v may I/V rum ill mould <>f ally ize. Scverul flt^tiri'i* of the 1 /of lit** hute 1 ? * *11 nut with the 111*? I jh.tIV'1 I fUi<a., The f?*t i.i hHbl to be $1 ja r foot. The t raiifportiit ion of frif lultorerii from the < oaat of Africa to tin* Wei<t Indies. in now carried on by the KngHah government steamer "Growler' which veKsel hit* been expreiody fitted for thi* interesting service " Tim to iJanaot rt dotm J'creutetV The amount Hubacribed in New Orleans for t he Iriati relief fund up to the *27th ult wan fJl.900 There are at present 'J.iKto females employed In Philadelphia making clothed for the soldiers of the United States army THK Proprietors of Steamboat* wishing r.Jto-'Wt. X if* Ih lK Imiig. w?mld do well to pay a visit on <kflidBHMla board the steamboats t Governor * Tliomas Powell, Roger William*, Ulica. Palmetto, Princeton. Mountaineer, Iron Witch, t afaline, fcc., and eiamine II. lloMv.a'a improved style of Bell ilanKing, expressly adapted for Steam boat*. Put up neat and strong, and warranted for one year, by II. it., No. H Ann street. m2fl lm*r \ HOOD < HANt KKOR A ?PK<TLA 'I' 1 ()N.? \ Steamboat of Nortliern build, with powerful engine, and l i good repair, now at I a Southern port, is ottered for *ale ota very low price. Sbe it of light draft, and well ralculiteil lor freight or pa- ?? uger*. or for sale or charter, to the United State* government, in their military operations in Mexico. To an euterprisiiig tnnn. with moderate means, this offers an opportunity lor making money seldom offered, as the owner is willing to sell her at greatly less than her value, or to exchange her lor land or Other property. For particulars, inquire of JAMKS W. SMITH. Jr. Esq.. al lw*r N | N ( html ei it reef K()K Nl'iw OHLhA NS, v l.\ ( IIA K LLSTt >N. TO SAIL ON MONDAY. 12th inatmt.at r n A. M. The copiwrrd and copper fastened HEHHSmxtrimer Y At IIT, John 11. Crane, master, w ill positively sail for the shove ports as above. For light freight to either of tlie above port* or passage, apply to tbe t aptain on board, foot of Tenth st., Ka*f river, or to T. F. SKt OK k CO., foot of Ninth street. ?w 111'SSF.LL f K \XK, 6 < -oeiities Slip N. B.?No freight received after Saturday, 10th iristxut. O i\? ? mm, NOT It K?On and after Monday. March r rhe Steamboat STATION IhLANDKR, frill 9 wn* I aptaiu Vail Pelt, will m-.lo th? following triirs to and from St.ifen Island until further ?H?fice, Ox:? Leave Sfateu fsl wd at R, in and 12 A. M , 2 and S P. M. Leave New York it 'J and JJ A. M., I, J'h and G P. M. mIG , ~ IIRITIftll VM> volt I II AMk.lflt \*i < r . > IIOY W, M Ml. STK Ml HIIU'M of l am ton, nathr-ve. 11M| , |?,r,r wrr rich, tinder contract with tin- Lord. of the A>1(11 ii'tlit > . IIIIIKliM \ ? n|<1.1111 \le?andpT Rvrr. ' \LKI)ONTA. I v|itnin Kdwntd O. I.? ?!. HKITTANNIA, < nptnin ,)oh i Hewitt I t AMBRI \. Captain I harle* II. K. Jmlfcins. At \DI A, < aptain William Ilnrri n. The lour atennishlpa now building iw Till-. AMKRIC K. Till". NIAGARA, THK I AN ADA, Till'. KIROPA Vesaela appointed to nail from Li-ir|? I arc the I ainbria \pril I, 1*17 < eledoni.i April ill, IM7 llrit.iunta, May I, 1*17 Vea?rla apiuiiute il to . ill from llo.ton are the i ambrta May I. '*'7 f'.ili'iloum ... .May Iti, 1817 PiiiirHgtnMNfitiixf muit k ??n board thf 'i*y ittevioui To sailing. I'.i.ange money?Kroitt Ho.ton to Livrr|a>ol, VI20, do <1<i h> llalifas, Vrn. No herrlia .rrnrril until paid lor. These .tup. c o t y t!i|terioiu ed -mgeoita. No freight, esrept im. ir, rr? eived on daya of ..tiling, for freight, pa -age, or any other information, apply to l>. BRIOIIAM, Jr., Agent, \t II A RN DEN It CO."*, > Wall t. j In ailililion to the above line betweeu Liverpool anil Hallfas. and If ,ton, a contract lia? twrn entered into with Her M.ijeaty'a government, to e.labllah a line between Liverpool ami New York direct. The ate.,m.hi|M for thi. .trvire are now lieitig built, and early nest year due notice will he given of the time when they will atari. I'mler the ne w contract thn steamers w ill sail every Katnrilay during eight montha and every fortnight during the other montha in the year, truing alternately lietween I,iverianil anil llalifas and Iloaton, anil between Liverpool and New York. mil r "A. H <?. HllANIHIN. . Hucceaaora to K. A. MUNDEN. n 1. a v k /, f r r f n s / a x NUNVK M TtTHKHH. s 1 (i N !' a"I \ T K K S, NO '4 TRYON ROW. Arijoniiiis ilit- llarlrm K.i 11 rood Other, Ntw York, Hm > K?">cr..?WmliiuKlon Store*, VYill?*m *tiert; R*tkhnnN Hotel, jiirl?on'< Motel National Hotel, Perkin a Hotel, U. H. Bonded Warehouse, Nankin Tea < omr* ry, Vr . he. jal9 2m *rrr _ liroor.-t, enlh, \n.er..4ii Kla.ce Woo1 + ' '"'ftul "a

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