14 Nisan 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

14 Nisan 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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VS " J r j . 11,1 ..'j no rmbarra*?mcnt can arl?<t In tho operation* of the canal?. The uimcX' d return* exhibit the eouditiou of the 11.inters' Dank of Georgia lor throe period*. Tho whoio movement of this Institution is predated in till* comparative statement pLaNTtRs' BlVE, UCORUIA. .. , April, my .ip't.mi. Notes of this bank ui circuUfieri, first issue, supposed to be destroyed... $21,909 31,839 21,881 Notes ol this batik iu circulation; subsequent issues 173.07J 190,310 431,017 Dae to iuterior banks for collections ... 10,ill 40,006 96,771 i'ae i rerturi-r L . s. anil pottic officer* 82,239 77,3171 42,300 Uui* individual depositors.,, 219,622 231,739 320,307 Froflts and reserved fund. . . . 141,831 113,497 141.937 C ipicil slock paid in 333,100 333.100 333,10U Si,313.221 1.242.814 1,610,017 Gold and silver coin in vault* llu'lij 127,m 130.223 Oiotes uf oilier banks 23.070 13.049 11.193 Cish balance in Nawr York.. 97,879 47,572 132,902 < tn i. e maturing in N. V.. 87,211 123,7001 Cash bnlauce and tsclistino I '?4tm mg ill Charleston... . 18,193 ? ? 237,608 Oilier domestic bill* instiir,.!'? 7,275 fl,*12j Ileal estriio taken for debt 42,003 41.815 39,5lj Btocki taken for debt 13,090 17,698 20,220 -Notes dUcountc<J, running to miturity, considered good.. 350,228 307,297 671,097 Bllli and notes dhc'd King ver and in judgment 169,160 123,879 126,393 $1,123,033 1,002,130 1,610,017 Of tho $120,395 bills uuJ notes discounted, lying over end In judgment, $29,703 were considered doubtful, aud v2 303 bad, leaving a bnluuco of $93 337 considered good. Of the $123,979 lying over aud in judgment In April, 131(1, $28,099 were oousiderod doubtful and $2,766 bad, leaving a balance* of $92,433, which must have bcou consider J good, us It Is not considered had or doubtful. V,'o do not And In tho report of this institution any valuation of the balance In this item. Tho Tory groat Increase in tho circulation slneo last April Is a strange circumstance in tho movement of this bank, oonsidering the slight variation in tho amount of specie on hand. The following table will oxhiblt the aggregate business of tho Ohio canal at Cleveland and Portsmouth, reduced to tons of 2000 pounds, und will also show tho proportional amount of leading artioloa of export and Import. From an examination of this table, It will appear that the oxports exceed tho Imports in the ratio of about 6X to on#; that wheat and flour constitute about tbreo-eevonths of the entire exports, and that the cool trade is nearly onc*<ovonth of the entire canal businees of Cleveland: ? Ohio Canal?TaxssroRTATioir and Tolls. Cleveland PnTtsm?"th. ^~1rtlcU*. CVd, Jlrrd. Ct'd. \ Wheat and flour 89,886 186 4,431 771 \ Coal 29,782 207 ? 788 i Corn 13,620 332 3,733 ? Jork, bicon and lard 8,198 23 8,790 33 Iron (all kinds) aud nails.. . 7,377 6-12 43 3,'.67 lumber 2,408 3,987 315 86 ??lU : ... - 8.830 27 875 -Merchandise. 1,110 5.293 338 3,143 A I firhfrnrfir #?? Tl Iftn K A.iO Q 1AA 1 7M Tons 187,001 27,131 27,03* 11,<22 There was collected for tolls, fines and water rents o > the Ohio canal, during the > ear ending Not , ltllC, as reported to the Auditorof State, the sum of $338,339 89 The nuiou.it collected last year was 200,369 33 Heing an increase over last year of $71,970 38 Bunk or Enolard. An nccotmt. pureunut to the act 7th and 8th Victoria, -hap. 32, for tho wool* ending on Saturday, tho 13th day of .March, 1B47:? Issric DEraiiTMcNT. Notes ii-med ?24,786,310 Goth debt ?11,011,100 Other securities... 2.981,900 Gold coin til bullion. 9,237,918 Silver bullion 1.318,392 ?21,786.310 ?21,706,310 BaMKI.NO DcrSRTMXNT. l'roprietorr capl.. .?14,113,000 Gov't securities IUst 3,982,288 (iucluding , dead Public deposit* On* weightannuity)..?11.990.079 eluding Excbe- Oilier securities... 17,338,712 oner, Savings' bits, Notes 3,331,110 National debt, and Dividend acc'U... 6,716,162 Other deposits.. . . 9,536,137 Seven d.iy end other bills 798,465 ?35,466,032 ?35,566,032 Old Stock Exchange. $l5000Tr'y Notes,d's hllW 25 ihs Canton Co blO 35V 8400 do WIS 23 do 35V 81500 Ohio (ie, tO 97V 25 do *10 35S .mo do 97V 250 ilo 1*60 36 1100(1 Kentucky 6'i 99 150 Harlem RR *30 31V SIOOOO I'diana bonds 1>C0 39 200 do 3lV <10000 Pennsylvania 5'* 72 250 do 5IJs 55000 do s30 71 10U do 32 i SIOOO do s60 72 50 do h30 32 fwooo do 160 72V 100 d-? ?30 41,S it'OO Reading Hoods 71V 100 do b?5 32 $' 0(10 do b60 72 50 do ?90 50 Mo she Mort is blO 22 W 3.'i0 do 50 109 do 23$! 50 do ilfl 50 30 do 21V 25 do b30 50V 350 Former! Tntet 31V 200 do boo 50 V 50 do etw 3!J? 525 do 49 V 2M do 31V 50 do blO 49V iH do etw 31k 50 do ?10 49$s 100 VicVuburit 11>, 6 Erie RK 59 74 Illinois Bank l'V 50 do ecrip 82V $01) Reading blO 60 10 Utica RR 114*0, 80 do ?10 59V 15 Auburn It Roch 99 290 do 59V 50 L Island HR 23 175 do fiO 100 do b30 28 29fl ilo ?60 60 50 do bCO 28V 10 Canton Co 36 V 200 do 27,V 50 do 33V 100 do 27 V 44 do b30 33V 50 do 1550 28 125 do 35V 100 do 77 V Second Board, $7907 Treas Nofee (5eb60 102 50 the Morrie Canal 21V 5060 do 101V 25 Canton Co 35V 200 eht Fsrmere' Loan 3>V 50 Vichebuqr IIS 109 do 31V 50 Harlem KR 51S > ,50 do 31V 100 do *30 41V 25 do 31)2 50 do 51V ' I N) Morru Canal blO 21M 150 Nor?. Wor RR 49k i ?0 do 21V 26 do 49V 130 do 21 50 do 49V I 50 do 21V 50 do 49K New Stock Exchange. 40 she Parmer*' Loan 31V 25 she Harlem RR 3134 *? Nor It Wor RR .10 49V 26 do S2il 11 do 49K ? <b? .21 25 Canton Co b4 36 30 do bt J'V 25- do 36 CITY TRADE REPORT. New York, Monoit Atterroon, Arris. IS. 'I Tho market for floor continued Arm, and no.lea of Oe- j nesec In the city and to arrive by the river, were made at $7 OQK a $7 75. Oswego eold, to arrive early In May at frO 62X. end Troy on the apot at $7 62X- Southern wjb alio Aim, und sales of New Orleans made at $7 SO and Ohio, flat hoop, via Now Orleans, at the name price. Hales of Michigan were made to arrive from Detroit, on the opening of the canal, at $0 12X a $6 26. Genesee white wheat was bold at 170 a 176 ecnta. Com was In i some less demand, and sales made In favor of buyers. ' Northern yellow In the city, and to come down tho 1 river, within a few days, sold at 05 a 100 cents. A solo ef southern white was reported at 90c. Saloe of meal wore made at $4 81X a $4 B7X, and of rye flour at $6 Salos of rye were made at 00c. North River oats wero Steady at '18 a AOe. Provisions were steady with a moderate amount of sales. Groceries were not very ac- 1 tlve, but continued to move to a moderate extent without material change In prioes. This being the day fixed for ' the chartor election, some suction sales previously ad- ! vertlsed wero postponed. I'rnlghi a wore easier, with ' j some engagements at rather lower rates. Messrs. Har- I gous &. Co. have put up the brig Petoreburgh for Vora CrnR, which will be susoeeded by the Eugenia. The j price charged for freight by the first named vessel will bo 1 3.i cents per cubic foot. j Ashes?Tho market ws* steady, and we report sales of ' 88 Mile, fresh Pots received since the opening of the river, < at $i>. We heard of no transactions In Pearls. 1 Beeswax ?There was nothing doing, and the nmrket 1 was dull. BtKAPSTorEi?Pluur?We report sales of 700 bbls. of Genesee a part to arrive In a day or two. by the river, at i $7 76 ; 210 do., part not In very good order, at $7 MX I 1100 do. Troy at f7 62X; 10JO do. eold, to arrive In ' June and July. $8 : COO do. Oswego, to arrive by the 15th * M?y at $7 flsX i and 500 do. by Ath May, at same priee; 8b0 do pure Geneeee in tbe city, sold at $7 88X a 7 75 . 1000 do Miohtgnn sold at 12X. and 500 do do at $6 25, 1 both lots to arrivo from Detroit on the opening of the ' canal 1000 do Oswego sold to arrive In ten days after the opening of tbe canal, at $5 75. 600 do pure Geneeee J on tho spot, wnro reported sold at $7 75. and 1100 bbls ! of W eetern in Buffalo, sold to arrive, at $6 6-2^. South- , ern and tt ostorn via New Orleans, wore also in good request. and wo report sales of 500 bbls Oblo Mat hoop, J received via Unit route, at $7 MX 1000 do from New ( Orleans sold at 1>7 80. 2 a 3t0 bbls Pennsylvania were i also reported sold at $7 MX Small sales of' Haxcal's" t Richmond ground eold at $9 25 There were some ? other fates of (ieueeco and Western made to arrive on terms wo did not learn IVhrat?The last sales of ' Ganesoe white, to be received soon by tho Rivet, t consisted of 7000 bushels at $1 7e. Some lots of do ,?urn nn K? maab.i to.ilaw ?Km Kmat i\t urhlah tmmm hold at (1 75, aud the remainder at 1 70, but wo i bolioro no salo was effected. Corn?The market J wu come lee* llrm. and ealna, although made to a fair ci- r taut, closed In fkror of buyers. Wo report sales of 1,600 bushel* northern yellow, made onrlyln the day, at $1 | During cbauge l.CHK) do. do. Hold at 9tfc.; ft.OOO tou.OCO do, do. sold et iv,o.; 3.500 do. southern yellow were sold at j 9*0 .and 3.000 do aold at 96e; aliout 3,000 do Jersey white f were reported sold at 90c ; 7.000 do. northern yellow to arrlre In Aiay, sold at 86o , and 900 do. to arrlre in Juno. r at 78c Rye?The market waa steady, and we report tnloa of about 19,000 bushels at OOe.. Rye/four-Small sales, in all 170 barrels. were made at ffl. Cora mtnl? We report sale* of 80O barrels at <>4 HlJg a 4 B7,X The ale alluded to yesterday amounted to 5.000 barrels (be- j ai<las tho 1 000 stated) ,or aiport to France at about 1 !?4 87X Oait? North Hirer were steady at 48e. a .Vie. 1 J'sul?A small sale of 40 bbls was msoo at $1 15,X ? ? : r i ? A small sale of some 90 bbls waa made at $1 60 ; Casoi k??Moderate sales of Sperm continued to be made *t 81 n 82o. i ,i Corrti ?'I ho sale of 3400 bags of Rio sold yesterday, brought about 7Xc. To-day no sales of Importance Imp'spired. ? fori o*?The sales to-day amount to it.nut 80.) bnl w, at prices exhibiting a decllno of one quarter ?>f a evut, on the i iv? per ship Washington Irving. 1> vtiikhi?The stork war light and the market llrm . Tho lust sale* r.f Lire Qeeto, of 110.000 lbs ,) were rnnde.lt ? - , i.tsuil 31c Our quotations renj*1 frran f W a ate 4. rr Muae uur last two cargoes of Mackerel hatu at I riToJ. one consisting of Massachusetts. aborted numberx. and the other of Halifax. No. Wi. Tha former were held at $7 25 for No. 2's. and at 10 26 for No. 1 * ; the latter t were held at $7 25, being all No. 2's. The remaining portion of Dry Cod embraced in the lust cargo, continued to more in a retail way. at about f3 75. K'ariT?Vt'e report sales of 2 a 300 boxes of Punch Raisins at 85e; Sicily Oranges were lucH-urnbly out of flr.t hands. the last sales being made at >2 BJ>?c., uud at >2 50 for Lemons. Ciix.tso?The last salea were made at 30c . at which the market hoi remained uulet. Hc.wr.?There was nothing new since last report. Lead.?Pig was quiet at $4 35. Molasses.?We hoard of no salea beyond 200 hhda Cuba, which brought 2l)*c. Nasal Stokes.?Spirits turpentine continued to move at 41c., on the wharf, and at 42 a 43c . in store Rough was held at higher rates, though no sales of much lrn purtaucu transpired. Oils.?Linseed. American continued to sell at 80c . while English wua held ut Hoc. There was no change in whale, crude, sperm, or manufactured Paovisiu.es.?Holders remained tlrni, and asked $10 50 for good new mesa pork, und $13 75 lor new prime Old mesa was held at $11 87)i a $lft,and old prime at $12 76; but wc hoard of nothing beyond soles of old at about quotations; 100 bbla. sour prime, sold at $10 26c llerf? 1 >? as Mi'auy, wunoui mango in prices l ard?We report sale* of 300 bill*., one quality, at !)Kc mid the other at 10c.. and 400 a 600 do . lu kegs. sold at 10 a 1 10Kc. Buttrr?About 100 packages choice duiriec. ( W stern.) sold at 21 a 26c. Rice?The market was quiet, without change In prices. Seeds?a small lot of clover was offered on chungc. uud was held ut 7K The last soles Pennsylvania were made at 7 a "to cents Slush?Sales of 100 lihds. of Muscovudo were made ut 6X cent*, and 40 hbds. New Orleans at 7*i a 7\ cents. 1 Box sugars, brown, w ere worth a 7>,' cents ; white do H a OK cents. Tallow continued to move in a moderate way, ut u 0 cent*. Whalebone?We report sales of lO.Ooo lba. North West ut 30.K cents. We heard of no transactions in , South Sea. Whiieet?A small sale of 20 bbls. wus made ut 27 Ko. Wool?30 bales of Buenos Ayres washed sold at 12 ' cents, 0 months. In American descriptions there was 1 no change About 300 bales have arrived from the Interior since the opening of the river. Freights.?Rates wore rather heavy. A small eu- < gugeoicnl of 360 bbls Hour was made to Liverpool at 0s. A Scotch ship, A 1, was tolten up for Cork and a market, to load with grain In bulk, at 18d. 30d. In bulk was offered for grain to Ireland. To Antwerp, grain In bulk | was taken at 36 oents. tlour at $1 60, and now at 80 ets.; i 6s. 6d. was oflered for Hour to Liverpool. ?1 ' Died. On Mondny evening, 12th Instant, of consumption, Bridget Hokv. agod 31 years. Tho friends of the family and those of her brother, John lloey.and slstor, Mrs. Catharine Murray, nnd uncle. Owen Kenny, arc respectfully invited to attend her funeral this morning, at 9 o'clock, from tho residence of Mrs Murray, No. 16o Grand street, without further invltatiou. On Tuesday, tho 13th Inst , Abraham F. LErraor., aged 30 years. The friends and relatives of tho family, and also the members of Greenwich Lodge No. 40, I. O. of O. F., arc respectfully Invited to attend his funeral on Thursday, the 16th iust., at 2 o'clock, 1'. M.. from his late residence. No. 194 Canal street. 3t On Tuesday cveuing, the 13th lust., Mrs. Mart Jercsa Lobev. wife of Thos. Lobey, in the 27th year of her ago. Tho friends of tho family and those of her brothers, Henry and Patrick Kirby. are respectfUUy requested to attend,her funerul, to-morrow (Thursday) afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from her late residence, corner of Walker uml Chrystio streets, without further iuvitation. Weekly Report of Dent Us, In the City and County of New York, from the 3d day of April to the loth day of April, 1H47. Men 33 : Women 19 : Boys 83 : Girls 77. Total 266. diseases. Abscess. 2; Apoplesy,7; Asthma. 1; Asphyxia, 1; Bronchitis, 4; Cancer, 2; Casualties, 1; Consumption, 3G; C'onvulsious, 23; (.'roup, 3; Constipation, 1; Debility, 6: Delirium Tremens, 3; Dianticea, 7; Dropsy, 3; Dropsy ill die bend, 16; Dysentery, 1; Krysipelas, 1; Fever, 3; Fever Bilious, 1; Fever Intermittent, 1; Fever Puerperal, 3; Fever Remittent, 2; Fever Scarlet, 3; Fever Typhoid, 6; Fever Typhus, 8; Fever Nervous. 1; Heart, Disease of, 3; Hooping Couich, 3; liillamm-ition of bladder, 1 l.ifliam alien of bruin, 3; liillammatioii of bowels, 14; lullain matiou of lungs, 27; lutlammrliou of stomach, 1; liillaiiimalion of throat, 3: Intemperance, I; Jaundice, 1; Marasmus, 13; Measles, 21; Old Age, 3; Palsy 3; Pre mature birth, 1; Scrofule, 1; Suffocation. 1; Ulceration of throat, I; Unknown, 1. Age?Under one year, !l;.l to 2 years, 40; 2 to 5, 47; 3 to 10, 11; 10 to 20, 17 ; 20 to 30, 28 ; 30 to 40, 2t ; 40 to 30, 16 ; 30 to CO, 13 ; 60 to 70, 8 ; 70 to 00, 7 ; 80 to 90, 3 ;unknowu, 3. CORN'S. U. ARCHKR, City Inspector. insjwcior .1 uiiicc, April jz, 1jh7. birthday oe~hhnry o'layT , The celebration in honor of the okeat american statesman. br the DEMOCRATIC MUGS OF NEW YORK, will take place at tlie Apollo Saloon, oil Thursday Evening uext, the 15th of April. The following pentlemtn compose the I ommittf.e or Jlr.ceptlow : Abraham r. Lawrence, Win. V. Brady, anulton Fi di, Egbert Benson, Ambrose C. Kings land, Henry E. Davies, James Brooks, Morris Franklin, Jacob Acker, n. G. Bradford, Wm. U. Green, by whom the guests of the evening will be received at the Saloon,at half put 7 o'clock. The President and Vice-President, and Use various, committees connected with the celebration, will meet at the same hour and place. The Presideut of the evening, the Hon. J. Phillips Phoenix, will take the chair at 8 o'clock precisely, wheu the company generally will be conducted to their seats by the Committee of Arrangements. Tickets may be had at the following places:?Geo. F. Ne?bit, Esq., corner of Wall and Water streets; Charles Chamberlain, No. S Sprure street; Express Office, and the Apollo Saloon. By order of Executive Committee, robert c. wetmore, Chairman. John T Dniwis*. Secretary. all to IV hoaltiiug AG, lSGGAC AAil'AA h A .SO J C I~land moss extracted, ARE not these three herbs'proverbially potent, and in themselves a salutary and permanent benetii. to the throat and lungs when diseaseiH And yet they constitute but one third r>l" trie ingredients that "MRS. JERVIS'8 COLD CANDY" is composed of?every material of which is admitted good by (very physician, in relieving and positively curing the early pffects of a Cold, Cough, Hoarseness, Sore Throat, Whoo;* iug Cough, Inllueuxa, If. 1'hese efficacious herbs combined with saccharine, (sugar,) which in itaelf is acknowledged beneficial, leaves no room to iLubt that MRS. JERVIS'S COLD CANDY is really a simple and certain remedy for the above diseases.? Besides, look at the proofs in a list of references th*t are continually published, of our most EMINENT MEN. ?7"Sold by MRS. JERVIS'S, No. T79 BROADWAY, corner of White street. Aorsti?Rushton 8t t'o.. 10 Astor llnrir.,- lltiArHSB Bm?l. way; Blvckett, 3d4 Bowery: Buruton, 49 Sixth avenue; Brigham, 17 & 109 avenue 0; Nelson. corner of ( alheriue and Mailison als ; Lecounf, comer of Grand and Division sis.; .Mr*. Hays, 139 Kultou at.; and 1 Atlantic at., Brooklyn; E. K. T. Williams, Broail street, Newark. T7*- Each package is invariably signed M US. W. JERVIS. Put uii iu packages of la., 2*., 4s., and one dollar each. alO 3tis SaMSt I n rc ^^fl\ MRS. M. WILSON, 791 Grand street, respectfully pJTyiinfoims lier friends, and strangers visiting the city, MMfythut she has now on hand arlarge and very handsome assortment of Spring Millinery, to whirh i.he invites their attention. Mrs. Wilson s stock comprises an assortment of the richest and most fashionable Hats, such as ChipJCrape, Riee, and Shirred, with a choice assortment of Straws, which she llatters herself can be sold more reasonable than .at any other establishment in the city. Country Millins r* will do well to call before purchasing. Mrs. M. WILSON. 291 Grand at between Allen and Orchard su. Ten good Milliners wanted at the above establishment, airs 2m*rc NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. ^^rv THE subscribers respectfully call the attention of Dealers and Milliners, to their present style of Nr.ipoMBtt'litaiis, which are su|>erior to any hitherto manufactured by them; they are also manufacturing anew style tailed the U'Msamer, with Bowers of the same material to correspond, which are indeed exquisitely beautifbl, and we feel j 'oiilideut that our Neapolitans and Gossamers, will be the nost fashionable Boiuiet worn this season, by the demonstr.v I .ion made thus early in their favor by the most fashiouable ladiea of oux city and elsewhere. PATTISON NOE it CO., Patentees and Manufacturers of the Neapolitan Bonnets, in 1 lmi?*rc No. 23 DsUncy at., near thr Rowerv Bill 9HES I HRl SUES 1?The subscriber rasper I lil II )' iuvites liie attention of the public to hi* extensi ve assortment of Brushes of every description, at the BRUSH KACrORV.337 PEARL STREET. f ranklin Square Constantly j >ii liaiiu, Paint Brushes, Whitewash do., V\ indovv do, Dustng do., and all kinds of Faucy Brushes winch he olives for idle at the lowest prices. JOHN K. HOPPEL. al3-lm*r _ TO THE PUBLIC.?A gross and infamous libel having appeared in the Subitiram-an. under the signature of ' Charles De?elin;" the uiidervigneil have procured his ariest, md will prosecute to conviction the cnlinn ua'or. GEO II. PURSER, a 12 2tls*rrc D. ML'EE INS. iMPURTA.Nl TO MERCHANT TA1LOKB. rllE ADVERTISER, whose engagement for t number of > cars iu one of the first houses in this city, as foreman, lis expiied, would like to make an arrangement with some i hionable house, to receive his ow n euetomm, Of tO fill the nutetion of foreman. A line addressed to "Foreman,'' post ilfice. vs'II he attended to. nl2 3GC ft KLW ARU?Lost, or taken iroin the pocket ol the P If" "'subscriber, this day, in New lork.a fine morocco sickrt book, fided by use, containing a stu ill amount of moiev, alto sundry notes of baud, end draf a past due and paid, ogelhrr with several memorandum papers, useful to the own- i r but of no value to any other person The above reward w ill be given for the said oocket book i villi the uotes, d'afts and memorandum papers if delivered, to MAHLON BUCKMAN, 41 Washington street, or o.the snbscrilierat the U. S. Hotel, Philadelphia. SAM L MOORE, per M. B. New York, April j, 1847b al2 1' rrc 1*- i. ONKAHT, manufacturers ot PAPEh HANGINGS, No. 313 Pearl street, Franklin Square. Wholesale itircbasers will find themaelvea fully remunerated for ecMrng a above helore hnving. NuTlGt. \ MEL TING of the Stockholders of the Bridgrvvati-r flop fV per Mining Company, will be held at the Motel of [1. ft. Iteele, in New Brunswick N. J., on the first Tuesday in day next at 1 o clock, for ihe purpose of electing seven Di- i errors, to serve the ensuing year. March 2Jth. 1847. J. D0B80N, Ser'ym3l 8t * WrfcSatrrc NEW YORK, ALBAVV AM) TROY LINK FOR ALBANY AND TROY direct, from r "* loot ol Courtlandt street. The ow pveeMfj&fiHBn sure steamboat EM TIRE. Cam ft. R M. rbnr-'liv Keening at <1 o'clock. Regular daya, Tue-da-| rhnmdaye.ajid fctorda^Y Steamer TROY, C?pt. .'V.Oorh'any NIAGARA, Capt. H. ". Kelloyg, having been P?t i? complete order will take their ration, in the line in a few daya. ,'7- PiMenarn taking tlie?r Boata will arrive in tune to take ir morning 1 rant of Cart from Troy Weat to Buffalo, and forth ( 1 Saratoga, and l.ake fH-orse y- k'.ir Piaaage or freight, ap|dy on board, or at the office 0 Ibe wharf. Iight taken on the moat reaaonaMe terma. al Ic " ' w-ei r KO R A L B A N V.tRoT. and intermediate " .L-- islanding?Accommodation Day Line?The ?t..vh*tMMmiiew and tplcndid tteamer ALIDA, Captain li igf (I.Tupper, will leave the pier foot of Barclay atreet. 11 VVednMrlay morning, Mthinat.,at7 o'clock. aist?ic 1'' 1 i'fiM H *1 A KKlis - II-"-f- t. . m|o 1., PKTf R COOrKR No. rv Barling Hlip. an 1111 rr c J/ J| V 8. MARINES WANTED. ftJ J( I li II TVlc. Vi \KINK CORPsoTlHE UNITED STAir.S, E or that branch of the military service furnishing soldiers | fir tlit ilitfrrrnt naval stations and ihuIi of war, hat me (wen increased by act of Congress. approved 2d March. 1847, hj; the ; addition ol'JO Sergeants. JO Corporal*. 30 Drummers. JO kifers, , and l.ooo Privates. A rendezvous for the enliatineut of reoruiti it now opened at ' No. :ig Chatham street, near the Har lem railroad depot and ; Tammany Hall, wire re respectable youeg men desiring to euter 1 a service which will afford them ati opportunity of seeiug for- i eign countries, are invited to call. Previous to enlisting it is . the duty of the recruiting officer to explain fully the terms upon which they enter the service. Open from 9 A. M. to sunset. . JOHN GEO. REYNOLDS. Captain Commanding, Recruit.ug Reudegvoua. at lm*rc \\ ANTt.D?U> a ie?puct*l>la you .g worm i, a situ itip.i in ] " a lesjiectahle fsiuily aa Cook or Laundress. Best of city references given. Apply at 18*J B irrow street. altVt^c. j ? ?s????????. ' ?V a;"s i t.u?u> a you ig wuuim, ? situation ?i cuiuiuci- , " tnlid, or waiter, or children's nurse. Enquire at the ecr- I ner ol' Court and Wycotf street, Brooklyn. Protestant? | best of city references given. aprll If rc WAM 1 til?A young in m to attend a grocery ami ship store. Api'lv 17a South atrert. an 'Jr *rc I WANTED. by a young woman, a situation ai ehambrr- ] inud or w ater, or taking care of children, auil to make . heriell generally useful; lias no objections to a hotel and j boarding house?best ol city reference* if required. Application to he made at No. l'J Suffolk street, in the rear, first base- . uient. a 11 ?t? c WANTED. V SITUATION by two respectable girls, one as cook, washer and irouer, the other as chambermaid, and would , have no objection to assist irt the washing and ironing?'Would have no object ion to go a short distance in the country. t'lease apply at 13j Thirteenth street, between the 7th and 8th avenue*. alt 2f c A PARTNER WANTED AT the COLISEUM BOWLINO SALOON, four Alleys, No. 430 Broadway. To a person with a small capital, this is a chance seldom met with. The place ls well established, and doing a first rale business, w ithin three doors of the Olympic Theatre. Apply as above, after three o'clock, afternoon or evening. all Ifc WANTED?A young man who understands wig making and hair cutting tor a good and permanent situation iu Boston. Apply personally this day between the hours of 2 . old I, P. ,M., at the Hotel de Paris, coi ner of Broadway and Kcade street. None newu apply who cannot give satisfactory references alt lf je LOST. rpiII8 morning, a rocket Book, containing the following X notes:? A. C. Hsrstow, Providence, R. I.. April I, I mouths, . $321 87 J. L. Baldwin, New York, Ayt'l If. 3 months. 'JOO 00 Jeremiah O'Doiinell, Brooklyn April 5, I months ... . 110 2b The above notes are not negotiable, as they were not endorsed bv the person in whose favor they were drawn, consequently they are of no use to any person eicvpt the owner.? And about ($180) one hundred and eighty dollars in bills on banks in New Jersey, Vermont, Ma^achuactu, and New York. Also, various memoranda. Any person finding the above and returning it, with its contents, will lie liberally rewarded by leaving it with P. .NAVLOR it CO , No. 13 Htoue sr. New York, April 13.1M7. all lt?c POCKET BOOK L< 'ST. THE Subscriber will give, a suitable reward for the delivery of a Pocket Boole com,lining several letters to his ad" dreas, and diseri papers of no value to any one but himself? taken out of his pocket on Monday night, on landing from the ferry boat at the foot ol Courtlandt meet. K. FHATHKRHTOfs all U*re at Howard's Hotel, Broidev i. D 'ST, ON SUNDAY, Uth instant, in going from 138,'g BogMrv. through Broome street and Broadway, to tat. I er s t liurrh, Barclay street, a Purse, rontainitii( several dollars and three rings. The rings being presents trum a deceased relative, are much valued. The tinder w ill lie suitably rewarded, by leaving the rings, Ike., at 158,^ Bowery. apl.3 2HJre LOST.?Uu Friday. the 9th instant, near the corner of Fourth street anu Broadway, a mii ill green pocket book, coiitaiiiiug about lifteeu dollars, a gold peucil.aud some engraved visiting cards. A suitable reward will be |iaid for its delivoi y It II.) Fulton street." aprl3 3t* r 'F< > GENTLEMEN out of employment, or those who wish X in trawl. II'application ii immediately made, a beautiful Port ible Apparatus, lilted fur acicutilic exhibitions, may be obtained on reasonable term*. Apply to Mr. J., at 376 Greenis ieh St., near Nortli Moore. al4 lt*C ARKSPECTAULE 6 QUNG WOMAN wutaMituatioa aa cook, washing and ironing. The best references can be b id in this, from the advertiser, lor being sober and steady. ( an be MTU at 606 Houston street in the basement, alt lt*C Lost <5E TXKES through mistake. ONE ball'pipe Brandy Rasteau Chanuyer's brand marked I' \ near the bung, on landing I'roin brig I.eon, from La Kochelle. A suitable rew ard will be given on returning the same to the ow ners. CAZKT Ik ASTON I, alt 2t*c 01 Water St. _____ A SILENT OR ACTIVE PARTNER, with from three to live thousand dollars capital, to enter a mechanical and mercantile business, which will pay from 60 to 100 |>er cent, protit |>er annum, at an old established stand. Please address O. P. <4, Herald utllce, stating where an interview can be had. all 3t* r Cott.MlTTKE Room, Phimi.'s Bi'ii.diivgs, ) 64 Wall street, 13th Apiil, 1817. J rFHE ward committees of the several wards, in the city ol' X New York, lor the relief of Ireland, which have not yet paid in their collections, are requested to report w ithout delay. M. VAN SCHAICK. Chairman. Those papers which can afford to publish this free of charge are requested to copy. all 2tr THIS DaVISTUBLISHEU, price 12X cents, "THE DEAL) SHOT," a Karce, by J. S. Bucastone, being No. 6 of the Minor Drama. Recently published, " Feudal Times," a Play, by the Rev. J. N. White, and Vol. 6 of the Modem Standard Drama, with a portrait and memoir of George Colmau the Elder, ill If r WM. TAYLOR fc Co.. 2 Astor House. CHEAP EMBROIDERIES. AT 8COTT <k CO'S.?No. 377 Broadway, (two doors below White street. A lot of line neeulr work Under Handkerchief, at $l each; one case fine figured Sheer Ginghams, nt $3 per dress; two Cartons white bgureddemi Veils, (line quality,) at $1 each. Embroidered Dresses, Lace Capes, French Lawn Handkerchiefs, J Nerdle-work Collars, Laces, fcc , Sec., in peat variety, at wholesale prices. N. B ?The onn price system strictlv adhered to all f.'eod*r FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. Afi A()A ACRES OF EXCELLENT LAND situated TtljuUU in Virginia. Tim properly i? well worth the attention of emigrants, settlers and csnitslists It iurlmir.i,ie adapted to farming and gratiug, and is alio v tillable on account of it* iron and co.1 ininrt, it. water power and iu timber. The whole or a |iart, will be sold upon liberal term*. Title perfect. Apt ly to WM. H. WOODMAN. all Ifrc Attorney, Str , 11 Wall itreet. MADAMR AMEDEF. PESTRAIX begs leave to inform the ladiea of New _ Vorlt, and vicinity, that ?he has ronHt uitly on hand a beautiful assortment ol' ladiea' Bonnet*; eonsisting oflawn*. straws and nlka, of erery variety, and begs those persons about purchasing to call anil eaamiue her gooda before buying elsewhere. MADAME AMF.DEE PESTRAIX, No. 42X Canal street, np ataire, Northweat comer of Broadway; two glass cases at the door. allJt'r.IHK1II.KRT, IMPORTER, Lie ol 247>s (hand atrref, wishes to inform hi* customers and the public that he has re-opened his store. at 439 Broadway, for the sale of hie well assorted stock of Lai c Iroods in general, comprising real Valenciennes, Regency, Smyrna, and other rhreail Laces, together with other articfeSjUirhasOuimps, Kid Gloves,Fringes, white and black Veils, Linen < amhric Handkerchiefs, etc ; at which stand he brielly ?ay? his customers will benefit h> calling to select for themselves. a 12 it is'rh G1 OLD LEAF AND D r.N I I SI n GOLD F OlL.-Fncm ry No. 92IL ade at reel (in the rear,) w arranted of superior maiiulacturt. (sold F'oiI$2G ]>?;r ounce, first quality; eilrs deep aud lemon color Gold Leaf at the very lowest market prices. Established in 1II3C. 2woT I I. W \ It 111. Practical Gold Bester. HOSIER*, DRAPERS, SI 11 R I'M A K ERS, So A Wanted, by a young man, asitustiou in the above business, as salesman. He hot a thorough knowledge of the trade. Address J. VI.. st this office. alt 3t"re DR. IRa G. ERA/EK. the celebrated Caueer Doctor on the Indian method of practice, will be found at the United States Hotel. New York city, or his assist tut, on the third Monday in May, for three days only, once a month. Advice given free of charge. Hpeeimrns of his works can he seen on those days. The lime has come when cancers can lie cured without the Use of the knife. Dr. E. treats on all other diseases, and will continue theongh the won. all lm*rc i A I' l l RE (?F VERA CRUZ. A FL'LL aaeonnt of the capture of Vera (rug, with plans -a. of the eitv and castle, and a fine engravinp of tlie bombardment, will be found in the illn.itrated life o| GENER VI, WINFIELD SCOTT, which is embellished by forty engravings on wood, by the best artists, to l>c published ou the liilh not. Price 2J rente; and a liberal discount to those dealing iu cheap publications. aim*I \. s II MINES \ I I> ,l John st. MFOR SALE Oil K.\? HANGE-Au el.nli.nt family residence, four stories high. 30 Iret deep, in riiii'.i Avenue, between 11th and 12th streets; lot 2j b\ iup, good coach l.i.use, stable. See Apply to ALEX. V' Git KIO, I Han. v. r st,. comer Wall. all .It*r /jysh TO LET.?No. 31 Hammond street, near Factory, a ...G? egcellent three story house, will, marble nruitels, h> " 11273. Apply to V YHE fk SDNS. 172 Pearl street a is it* r gy-I TO RENT, from the 1st of May next, the Houee tad 1 [ W Store 280hi Broadway, nest to Stewart h. Co T building isicJL Also, the House and Store No 19 Chambers street, near Hi,'u.iway. Apply to PHILIP UI RKGWES, 41 Wall street, or P> ! A. T. STEWART k CO , i all 3t*e Broadway and Reade at. I WO HOI SES TO LET', oii v ird itreet, M klyn, each containing twelve rooms, two pantries, wash Mib-eellar.aii.l vault, with stabling, and eitensive g ,, iieii. The location ia unsorpaa-ed round the Bay of New I Vo.k. Enquire of Mr. K. Francis, M Broadway, or Mr. Geoige Grove 21st street. G>.w alius. al<2t*c Jtel TO LET till LEASE?The mention boths ind TTijW farm of John L. Norton, at Ear Rocluway, adjoining "id westof the Marine Pavilion. The hoti-r is 33 feel ; >v a, iwo story and attic, affording large and beautiful aecotn- I r " .hpions for either a hoarding l.oo.e or private residence ? The coach houses ami stables are large and commodious ; lit) I aeiesof choice land, 30 of ft est. and salt meadow, and tfl[of I beach and pisturr; the ire house filled. The buildings, with gaulm .and ground adjoining, will he let separate if required. \pply to JOHN II. I'OWr.H, Attorney, he., 12ft Fulton st., I N, V. anil 1w 'e 1 FOK SALE (>R TO LET, gad ON MURRAY HILL, near the 3th avenue on the | jv,.* south side of Wtn street, one street north of the reset* t L voir, a ne vv two suvry and basetnetil brick house. The I I at is 2/i feet front and rear by 98 feet 9 inches, (or lialflhe block in depth.) The house is 21 feet front hy 2.1 li ct 1 inches deep, ,

( lit hy days work, hard finished walls, cornices center piece, Egyptian marble mantels, plated fnrminre, stained glass kv lipht.ke.hr., the garden laid out in ihrubbere, strawberry beds, grape vines, ice ; walks flagged and curbed ; brick rain water cistern ; brick privy, he. he , and complete for the re [ n.lenee ol a eerv small family. 39lh street is now in a eonrsc of regulating, being under contract. Posaeseion can be had immediately, and can ganerally be seen hy application at the home. F or terms and conditions, spply st room 5 Granite Building roraer fihambers street and Broadway. allJt*re | U MllKAf.F'.U livhiicB !? **??. oLe ol'fh? i '' IS beat public hou?e> In the cirv, ling and well e?tahli*h- I ^UL <], deniable location, near Broadway. Thia i? the heat rnaoce erer offered, hariur large hall-roomt. weta! ?ocietv meeting! ill ilia year round. which will pit double the rent; | the owlv came of the present proprietor telling out, be b?? \ mide in thii home i handaome mm. which enahlrs him to ietire from bmiiiett, none bnt ? c.nh cmtomer, with |1100, need apply. Alio a coffee and earing ?sloon overrun witn b'i?iiie??, 1 a Rood copier porter home well located to let the third ?lory home 123 Broadway. I'eraom in want of hott?e?, ntnrei, room?, he , or wishing to let or ?ell ont. or have renta collect'.d with diapatch. may apply to Gilleapie, home agent, 1J2 FVnrl itreef, near Broadway. all 3t?re NuTK,'b. ' JjhM To Gentlemen wishing Gardens pnt in order for the Wmthe Hummer, and likewise thoae wishing ttardena laid ?d^.onf in a hand.anme and unique atyle. Boxwood for walka, re.fa. treea, and ahrnhhery of every oeaeripttnn coottantly on hind, at the inbaeribor'a, whern all ordeta tor laying out eardene w ill be promptly attended to. all Wi?? A. iff, W aJRT. Gardener, Iff Chn?je ?f | Aumow MUTICIU. ! A,, JACOB 8. PLATT, Auciioneor. LCTION 8ALK OK CHOl'KKRK, fc*?JACOB H. I l'I.A'1'1' hiII <?ll ihit <ln>*. HI o'clock, in large win room over wtniurtiou store, No. 23 rtatt street, comer of Gold it., 1 J. rockery, China, lilan anil KariJieu and Stoueware, generally? in package* and from the ?hel?ea. J Assignees vale, in part?Via : part of the entire atock of a jobbing house, winch will be removed to the auction room, constating of a general assortment of earthen, China, (lass and American atone ware. Also, will be opened, a choice aaaortBicnt of good blue printed tea, colter, dinner and toilet ware: iron and stoue dinner ?eta, juga, (sc., to close t consignment. Alio, by order of a tult*ii/li eotuiiiiwstuMi t*. >iws? n rnlinliU iorttueut of china, earthen and tflai* ware: dining and tea ntiWjjt ot which axe very valuable, and suitable Tor private uae. N. B ?The attention of country as well a? city dealers is directed to these sales, which take place on Wednesday of each week; and importer* and dealers having surplus stock, will find thi- aalltiuiesa de?irable medium ol disposing ot tne eauit, and heir interests will be .strictly attended to; and it is the determination of the auctioneer to use a promptness in making a.id settling sales, that has been heretofore unknown in shelf a?.-' 8 I'ledges himself to this elfect. N. B ?f stalogues m.ty be hiu at the auction room, all lt*c JACOB 8. BLATT, Auctioneer. UCTION SAL?-JACOB 8. PL ATT will tell on 1 hursday, 15th inst. at 10 o'clock, at 169 Ninth Avenue, Chelst a, the store futures and moveables ol a confectionary and oyster saloon of the first class, consisting of white marble top and black walnut table counters with marble tope, chairs, glasses, gists jars, show cases, soda fountain, counter scales, and all the requisite articles necessary. for carrying ??u the business. Also the elegant lloor oil cloth, in a piece, cost $110. The above have beeu recently purchased, and are almost equ il to new. all lt*r It VAN 1)Y KK. Jr., Auctioneers. PKKE.MPTOHY SALE Oh HARDWARE, CUTLERY. BT ANCV GOODS, Sic.?Van Antwerp ami Pine wiR ell thi, day , ut lu o'clock, at tbe auctiou rouin, No. 132 Water coriii r of 1'uic (trurt, 230 cast-, aiul lot, Birmingham anil Shelfield Hardware, (. utlcry and Fancy Good,. Also, part of the stock of a dealer declining busuiesa, imungit which are Tlumlde,, Spectacles, plated and German silver spoons and fork.,', EiiKli.fi hair lirtitfir,. that itiK. scrubbing and shoe ditto; Japauned and brass candle,, spice bote,, Duon'i Britannia ware, plated waiter,, castor,, travellinK cases, gold and Kilt jewelry, in great variety; loan fork,, with various other dej suable good, too numerou, to mention. Alao, an invoice of | Walter'* Table Cutlery, rit : cocoa, while boue, horn lipsand | ivory handle,, in dozen, and'set,. I rocker , and WosteuhuU, | Pocket Cutlery, and Butcher',, Elliott', and Ureavet', Razor,. Al'O, 20 ?et, rich Oirand.dea. 4 and 0 light,, w ith iiendants in glut*. AltO, 12 bronze and Ormolu Solar Lamp*, cut shades. Also, an invoice of elegant papier macho and japanned t< a trays and waiters. | Also, S liales superior quality half bleached shoe thread. Also, 2 rosewood case, London ivory knives for silver forks. Also, II case, German slates, assorted, 3, i and S. i Also, Wsu|>erior make iron safes, to pay advances. Also, it# dozen tinman, kettle and pot ear*. Catalogue, now ready. apl? It*c J. W. HROW.V Auctioneer. Furniture, house furnishing articles, ROSEWOOD WRITING DESKS. &r.-J. W. Brosyu will sell at auction this day, April Hth, at 10% o'clock, at No. 112 Broadway, a Urge stock of superior Furniture, comprising Sofas and mahogany Chairs in variel), Ottoman*, Divan# Ores,ins Bureaus, Centre and Ca-d Tables, Waahstands, French Bedstead., Hair Malresses, Ike. Also, elegant gill and bronzed Solar Lamp, and Girandole,. Papier Maefie Tea Tray*, Ivory Table Cutlery, Plated Ware, ite., with a great variety ol other furniture .and house furnishing articlea. Also, an invoice of beautiful Rosewood Portable Writing Desks, I llrpoim- I >..< viJ I ..I,..' W..A Un... ...II l>?re i WM. W. SUlRLfcV, Auctioneer. I M. R. BOtJART, Auction and Commission Store, 212 1 ? Pearl street. All sales made on time or for cash settled pioinplly. Also, cash advances made when required. W. \v. 8. attends personally to sales of furniture it houses, stocks of goods at stores, appraisements. Slc. Friday, April 16th, 10 o'clock, at the auction room, 212 Pearl strest, catalogue sale of an invoice of K) packages of choice earthenware, in lot* from the shrives, consisting of best light "riuted, edge dipped <1. and fancy ware, at four months' cntfk ?? ednesday, April 21, 10 o'clock, at No. 371 Bowrfry, a reI tul -tock of china, glass and earthen ware, ui lot* to ?uit reI u !'." Thursday, April 22, at No. 130 Hudaon street, a general assorted stoclc of china, glass, earthenware, lamps, lie. Frid i , April 23, 10 o'clock, at No. 178 Bowery, a large ge ier I assorted retail stock of china, glass and earthen w:ir> f a dealt i declining the business. WM. W. (Mill kit N OTIC F", to retail Crock, era mil he sold on Friday, 10 it; hoid lot of heat blue printed, r I, dged, dipt, itc. w.i fir. cent importation, and t , throughout, consisti of packages. Sale is perctni ?ry, at 4 months credit; iliose in want of superior : ids will do well to wait this sale. all 11*e J. M. B. BOOKRT. ELK; \Nb KA8Uiij.naiji.I-. it EKITUEEAT A' , II iN?Rooms No. 4i0 Broadway?On Thursday, April without reserve?A. C. Tuttle will sell at auction, on' '. mit.it 10 o'clock, at the above rooms, a large and .nmcni of Cabinet Furniture, made to order, con the most costly and valuable portion of thr sto< srienoau. Fre icli Cabinetmaker, consisting of ros, (any Secretaries ntjd Wardrobes, with Kr, i la Paris, Tote Tete*. Fautuils, Ktagnes. 1 do. de Salon, rosewood Chairs decoupe, roaew Tete, Fautuils and Chairs, F.n Suite de Louis, v. uiy and rosewood Freuch Bedsteads. Dressingand Toilet Bnraans, Dining and Tea Tables, Hull Stands, etc.: comprising the must valuable assortment of parlor, hall and bedroom F urniture yet offered at auction. N. B ?The F'uruiiarc is now ready, and can be examined till the hour of sale. all 3t*r WM. 14. McLAUliilLIN, Auctioneer. GRF'.AT CURIOSITV SALF'..?Aaron C. Burr will aell, at his store, No. 80 Bowery, on Thursday, the 13th April, at Id o'clock, A. .31., his cabinet of Shells, Birds, Minerals, M valuable original Oil Paintings. Also, a very Urge collection of Kugrsviugs, by celebrated masters, and a valuable lot of rare Old Books, from 100 to 300 years old, with a number of Arts of Parliament, passed 1631, in black letters. Also, a rare collection of Coins, Petrifactions, Antiquities, and a variety of liems. Curiosities, etc.; well worthy the attention of connoisseurs^ com pi < t<- ( ibiHQti oi Stones lor ftiniljr instruction. *12 tw*e \ I II llLL Auctioneer. LARGE HALE OK SILVER TEA SETS. best silver mounted Shrine Id and Birmingham [dated ware, and other choim good. aT l*tr itiawuilm, jw wlwiftw will barv hu neat sale on Wedae?Liy, the lttli intt., at 10 o'clock, at the Store, No. 28i Broadway, in continuation of the clostug of said establishment, acm-ably topreriousauuotiiicrmeiit, and which will couaiat oialirge assortment of real English and American manufactured sterling silver tea acta of the latest patterns. silver pitchers and other tilver goods; aplendid Sheirirld plated w are of the very highest ouality and newest patterns, compelling the most costly articles in the line, among which are superb sets of dish covers with solid silver shields, seta of vegetable and beef steak dishes, with handles to unship, soupturre ens, sauce boats, urns, tea kettles on stands, elrgant waiters of every size, castors of the richest style, linuor stands, tea sets, coffer pots, cake baskets, very superb candlesticks of all sizes, suuffers and trays, butter tubs, toast racks, matters ami syphons. Alto, a small invoice of Church communion ware, consisting of tf aggoui.chaliees, dishes, plates and patterns, the wlmlr comprising a splendid stock, and which will lie sold without reserve, and offers a great opportunity for purchasers. aI2 3t#c J. J. PHILLIPS. PINE WATCHES. THE Subscribers would cell the attention of capf ?>Uiniof vessels and others, desirous of procuring accu I rate "Timekeepers," to an assortment of Watches which they have just received, made by the celebrated maker Jules Jurgenson, Copenhagen. by whom they are appointed | sole agents for the United States. They have also constantly on hand watchea of every description by the moet eminent makers, together with a large and valuable assortment of Jewelry and ailver Ware, which they are selling lower, (when luality is compared) than any other house in New York. 8. HAMMOND It CO., 44 Merchant's Eichange, first door in William street. N. B.?8. H. It Co. will continue to give their undivided attention to the rrpairing of Chronometer, Duplet, and all other tine watchea. mH lm3t?wia*C HATS! HATS! HATS! fS KNOX, with his accustomed brevity, would call the JU^attintion of liia frienda to hie new styles of SPRING r \SillO.N8, which ire now rradyat hie store. No. 121 Kulton street. He would, with his nstial philanthropy, invite strangers to his establishment, where they can obtain hats of an e.pial quality, and at lower prices, than a* any other store iu the city. at lwia*r I|> VUNISIU.I) APARTMENTS TO LET, suitable for .ingle gentlemen. Eui|uire at No. 119 While street, near ntrj street. a!3 Jt?r THE LADIES' C( >NGR ESS BCH >T. ^ P. LABOYTEAUX, 641 Broadway, desires to infl J form his numerous and fishomahle lady patrons, that Bjke he has made arrangements for the right to manufacture the elegant elastic walking Boot, now to fashionable in the highest circles in England and France. The recrul improvement hi the classic stuff will enable him to make his hoots and high shoes with all the rleganrr peculiar to hit style of work, and yet without the trouble of lacings. This inoat valuable invention removes all the confined pressure I'r.Oi, >1... .r. l, ..I'll... IV..O v.l.,1.. .* rl?. ..me o.ne O .it,,r.l? nn Gastric spring in walking which cannot be appreciated withont a trial. alt 1ro?c LESS? |\S n\ Tin: IMAM' F( ?KTK. __ ; MISS C. C. WRMYM can now accnmmo*i ?*Mthree or four more pupils, if immediate aps j T'a plication be mode at her house. No. 317 Sixth I I I I I (street, between Avenue* C and D. Will have no objection, if desirable, to attend her pupils at thairowu reudriice. Tenni?Twelve Lessons for Five Dollars, or Fifteen Dol1 lar- per t^uarter?three leaaons ench week. a 13 lm*rr MUSIC. triflr ' THK PIANO TAUGHT on very moderate HHMterms hv a ladv who has had ex|)?rience in i Ji^teachiuit wishes to take two or three more | She teaches the science thoroughly?terms three dollars per mouth. A loir addressed to Music, to the Office of this paper, aha he attended to mltmiferr FOR SALE, aft A fine stylish Bay Horse, kind and sound; has -LnmJ^trotted his mile within the three minutes, and eui fiuU travel hie twelve amies hi the hour easily. Abo, a good patent axletree leathern lop wagon and haruass. The present owner sells them only for want of use. Can be seen at Dishr?w'a atahlea, Bowery, near F.ighth sfieet. For psrticulars, apply to W. D. DIHBROW, or J. C. HAM. Jr. ?n;'i?rr 223 Oreen street. ROSSITF.K'S Grand Scriptural I'irtarc ol the Parting be tween RUTH. ORPAH AND NAOMI, with other pic turrs painted hy thia artist at Rome, will be ealubited fore few days at the Granite Building, Comer of Broadway and Chambers street. Open from nine A.M. till ten P.M. Admit siou > cup.. Season Tickets, M) cents. i|i9 litis NEW YORK AMi ALMA NY. INDF.rK.NDENT LINE?THROUGH DIRECT. PASSAGE SI wewea. THE new and splendid steamer RIP VAN f WINKLE, Cant Geo. B Riggs, will run the wmMSMMHmentire season, leaving New York Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at? o'clock, r M. The steamer Rip Van Winkle is fitted up with s|>orioti* State Rooms, and furnished in a superior style. For freight or passage, apply nn beard, or at the office on the dork, foot of Robinson street, of _aH itJGr-_ GEO. T STANLEY. Jk/Git FOB NFAV ORLEANS.?Louisiana and New wKySJVYork Line of rackets?Positively first and only rrgu}*>' week.?The fast tailing packet Bark FRANC IS BLRR.Capt. Coffin, is now loading, and will positively be despatched before any vessel in port, rnr freight oi rwasge, having superior acrommodations, apply on board, at Orleans Wharf, foot of Wall afreet, or to , .. E. K. COLLINS. 3d Sotuh street \g?uira in New Orleans, lohn O. Woodruff It Co., who will promptly forward all ends to their address The packet hark Oenesee, Capt. Minott, will succeed the Francis Burr. all ;.^?L~"r.ai*gt-H' ist.H. ..AW.tSVt.WMI W I m ! aV"'1 ?yi JJjPUUfcm irom LIW '* niifharrinf loot rift tilt ft. mMhb win p|e*??* ?rt#nd to rtctipt of fond#. All goods not permitted in "'?<}?? must be sentto the public store WQonHTTfJ, k MINTI HN.tTSoofhjt 4&&T Nm.K K^ llidea consigned to order per TTTTw Inv z ' ^rom .N*w Orlentn. here been InnHed. " Tna Conaignra will plrair rail immadiataly ?t lh" ""i':"'" aubaeribari, and racriTrtlie umr all 3lrr y K , OU.INS * HoBth .1 fifjft ?'A( KKT HHII' VTi( A frnm Hint ? ? for thia ahiri will nlaasa i?nd lhair pa 1"* <MMb board, a| pi?r No 4, Nil. All gooda not parmit*" "t (it? davi, mint nnavoldahly b? aant to tha publir itnra. .KOR RALE?Th* atlip I I'll A li'irthan par iw? XfSMVtt"*' SHi tOlM Ajiph to mmML aHHra R(Yvt> k HIM KEN Aganta A MIJBK WICHTA. PAitK THEATHK -Wrdur??l*y Kvniuitf, April 13th, will b? produced the id .y of WIHHMirfi U ('()-(' UUIlt I PUtten, Mr. Barry; WiMinutli, Mr. Bw; Matilda, \1n. Hunt. Alter which thr GAME I Ot K OE THE WILDER NESS? ttamr.mi Hardhead, Mr. Marble, Col. MrreMlle, Mr Sonihrrlaud; Mabel. Mr*. Veruon. To couclude with the STAGE STRUCK YANKEEDiflforr Mr. Mnrtile; Mi** Bridget Pampkin, Mr* Wr.oo. Jenny, Mr* Dyott. Boieatl; P?t J? cent*; Gallery 25 centa. Doora ujm.ii etquarter to 7 o'clock. Curtail riaeatt * qnaiwr part 7. . . i BOWERY THEATRE.?A. W. Jjcaaorr, Proprietor? H. E. STtrCNa. StagrMaiiajfrr? \Vrdutaday Etri.iun, April 11th?Will b* jierl'oraed tli* aceuic apectacle THE NAIAD UUEEN-RupercMr. Clark*; Ampliibao. Me fteeen*; BapiT*t*, I tad* way | Tlie Naiad Imuran, Mm Turn hull. Idea, Prerioua to which will bejicloiroed the BOMNAVIBL LIST?Col. Ronainberl, Mi. Nraflr) Colui de Drop, Hadaway; Erneitine, Mr*. Booth; Madame Gertrude. J|":n,,l(JW,;ir To coucluda Willi the drama of BRIAN BOROlHMfcBrian Boroilum*, Mr. Booth; Ldibu. Mrs. Serjeant. L)ie?? Circle. 15 cents: Pit arid Gallery. 1234 cruU. Doori open it o'clock, Performance commence! 7^ ^ ITCHELL'SOLV UFlU THE Ai'KK? Wrduesday Eve- J ning. April lltli, to commence with (lie musical comedietta of WHO'S THE COMPOSER )? Signor Cr.faruii, Mr. | Holland, After which the grand opera in 3 act*, entitled ERA DIAVOLO?Kra Diavolo, Mrs. Tiuuii; Lord Alicash, Waicott ; Zrtliua, Miaa Mary Taylor. V To conclude with the larce of THK HOUSE DOO?Diur, Mr. Holland. Ureaa Circle, 50 eenta; Upper Boxes, 25 cents; Pit, one Shil! link; Private Boxes, $5; Orchestra Bui.s.JJ. Doom open at 7 o'clock; t uPlain rise at 7^ o'clock precin I f I Buwt.KV AMPHITHEATRE, This evenuut, April llth. The performance will commence with aOUVNl) ' CLIMAX or EQUILIBRIUM by Mr. Kemp, i ..After Which, the KuglLh I'aiitomiuc of HARLEQL IN'b i t KOLIC, by Sir. Kemp and Miaa Jeaaelyuc. I To which will he added, KEATS UPON THK KLYIN'U < ; LORD, by Mr. Charles llowea. I Tb* whole to conclude with MATCHLESS GRACE in . GROUPINGS, by Mr.James Nixon and his talented children. t Boxex, 25 cents; pit, 12^a centa Doors open at 7; perforinancv to coininencc at half-iaut 7. 1 PALMOTb Oil.it \ HOUUa oiiainUn iu-?Wedseedey evening. April II, 4lh performance ol' the opera LUCRE'?} A BORGIA? Lucrezia Borgia. Sign* C Banli; .Vifonao I, Silt. Beneventano. Gcuuaro, Big. 3 Benedetti; Maffio Onini, ttigra R. Pico; Apostolo Gazxella, Sig Martini; Jaco;>o Liverutlo, Sigra Boulard; Aacamo Petrucci. Sic. Benetti; Olofernc Vitellor.xo. Sig. S. Pati: Gubetta, Sig SuiuuiiiCu, Rustigiicllo, N. N.; Aatolio, N. N. jy Opera Books may be had at the Box Other. Phiccs?Ut Tier Boxes and Paripictte, SI; 2d Tier, 50 rente; Privates Boxes for II persons, S12; do. do., forC persons, $10. Ty Seats can be secured at the Box Office, from 10 A. M. till 4 o'clock, P. M., daily. i B il'A Honrs open at hall-past 7, Performance to commence at 8 I 'clock. MECHANICS' HALL. NO. 47J BROADWAY, between Grand and Broome streets. NINTH AND POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK. The Mattering success attending the performance* of. CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. and the Solicitation* of the Heads of numerous Families, have , induced them to forego arrangement* else w here, and continue their immensely popular concerts f>,r ONE WEEK LONGER. commencing Monday, April 12. and rnuliniiiiig throughout the week, introducing a variety of NEW MELODIES, B1 "RLESlil'ES, he. Admission. 25 rents. Doors open it 7. Concert will commence at 8 o'clock. til lw ?ic WALNTTT STT THEATRE, PHILALKLFH : E. A. Marshall, Lessee.... W. R. Bi.axe, Manager. LAST WEEK OF LF.%] liANSEUBE8 VIENNOISES Entire , , etformance. WEDNESDAY EVENING, April 14th, the performance will ^.,e,,nu?e.. u''1. . I'l'l't'l I U OVl'lirrBl' After which, th fii?t grand divrrfisement by J6 daosenses Viennoisr, the ;ular I'AH DE BKROERS. To which wm be added, THE SWISS COTTAOE. To which will be added, I,A TYROLIENNE. After which,the fareeof V A I, ET DE SHAM. To conclude with OALLOPE LIES OKAPEUX, by 48 danaeuses ViennoiM. OPERA HOUSE, CHESNUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Drrsa circle uud Paruuette SO eenta Funily circlea IS ceow WEDNESDAY EVENING. APRIL Uth. I?4T. Will be presented the celebrated Opera, called lha POSTILION OK LONJUMEAU. ( liapelou Mr. Kraxer. Bijou Mr. Seguin. Madeline Mr*. Hrguiu. To-innrrow evening, April Uth, the Opera of LA HOMNAMBULA. J | PARK THEATRE. ITALIAN OPERA COMPANY from the Havana, con- i siiisting of 72 peraoua, their firat appearance in the United i States. The public ia respectfully informed that the Italian 0|>era ; Company,juat arrived from the Havana; will appear at the j ; I'm It The ore for two nights only, on Thursday neat, April lith. and Friday lfith, in Verdi'a treat opera in 4 acta, entitled I "HERNANI, or the Caatilian Noble," being the only ni ah La i the operatir company can appear, in consequence of engagc! menta already entered into by the management of the theatre, | and the performance of the Italian opera company in Boston dn Monday next a!4 Ifc M 1 A PURSE OK THIRTY DOLLARS will I* given, to come off on the Harlem Park Courae, on Thuraday, April : Uth, if fair weather; free for all (wring horaea that never I started for a purse. Mile heats, beat three in live, uuder the I saddle. To come off at 3^ o'clock, precisely. Entries to cloae on ! Wednesday evening, nt 9 o'clock, at the house of Green It Beviua, 1KB Chatham square. To he governed by the rules of the I 'entreville Course. allL't'rr HIRAM U'OOI)!tlH' i CJNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING. m T VUwi __ I mm i j NO. 1. Purse (JO?mil* heat*, beet in ftve, under the saddle, | for trotting horse* that never won a puraeover $30,to come 1 oil on the Id of May. No. Z. Purse $30?mile heats, best in five, under the saddle, I for pacing horse*, except J. K. Polk, . come off on the Itoh of I May. .. . No. 3. Purse $200?two m.le heats, under the saddle, free for : ' nil trotting horses that never won a purse over $300, to come off i on the 12tn of May. | No. 4. Purs* $200?three mile heats in harness, free for trotI line homes that never wo* a purse over $300, to rome off ou the 20th of May. I Entrances for the first two Purses to close oa Wednesday > evening, the 14th ol April, and forth* following two purses on ' , Friday evening, the 30th of April, at GREEN It BEV1N8, on I i or before 9 o'clock, P. M. O. SPICER. New York, April 12th, 1947. alt 2tMfcW* ne i PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY?FIFTH SEA ! SON. THE SUBSCRIBERS and memberi are respectfully ininformed that the fourth and last Concert of the present season will take place on Saturday, April 17th, at the Apollo rooms. Applications for Associate Membership for the next season, i should be seut to the Secretary before the Annual Meeting in . September. By order, ' *.7 Strode J. L. ENS I ON, Secretary. PRIVATE LESSONS IN GERMAN. A LADY from the north of Oermany would be happy to devote a portion pf her time to giving instruction in German at the residence of pupils. Application in peraon or by letter, to No. (anil 10 ( linton Place. mlf, lm*r MUSIC. BALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES furnished with the Violin, Harp and Piano Forte, or any number of Instru! ments. The music selected from the most fashionable Ope ' raa. Bv R. AYLIFFE, S. AYLIFFE. J. AYLIFFE andti. AYl.ljjFH, Brothers, Professors. No. 127 Elm street, corner of Howard- ml2 1m*rh ACCDRDKONSl 'IMIF. largest assortment in the city u to be found at the 1. Chatham street IWaar. 31 I hatham street; and, if you want to get one, that is the place to buy it, as every instrument is warranted in perfect tune and order. They also have a new instrument, called the Kluttna, resembling the Arrordeon with the tone of a flute. Their Acrordeoua vary in price from M rents to 30 dollars. C'alleismine, and judge for yourselves. brr?ii Chatham, nppmi'e I hamhers atrert. *11 lm*r MELODEON, St BOWERY. SPLKNDID ATTRACTION. ?Miscellaneous Concerts and Kthiopian Perform nice*, by the Sable Brothers, tarry e?'inng tbi* week. Oraiiu Sacred Concerts every Sunday evening. Admission 61* rents. R. Ik P. WHITE, Proprietors. a!4 >WFM>*w NOTICE TO THE ISRAELITES OF THE NKTHIill LANDS. A PUBLIC meeting will br lirld nf thr Nrthrrland Israelites, residing in this <it>, at the Shakspeare Hotel, romrr of William and lluane streets, on Wednesday evening, April I 14. at 7Si o'clock. IIy order !' MAN! ISRAELITES OF THE. NF.THKRI.ANI>1>. aprl3 2t*re I MEINHARDT'8 III SB LETTERS FOR SKINS. THK.SK lrttrra er? r?p likable for durability, and a brilliancy of thr (filrt. unequalled by any other article in thr ' city?whieh btifian y i? warranted to stand riposure to tin ' weather. 1 hey ar? alao japanned of any color thai may tic drairrd. Orders left at l9Si Ann street, alio M. C'.impl* II'*, | 8th avenue, near 18th sticet. Reference, the signs of litis ; office and L. II. Baiter Js Co , 113 Maiden Lane. al3fimfh kj PEEL IIK \ l)S?.1 ust received tasorted site*, from No ! 4J to 12?foraale by W II. SMITH V < (> al3 3t#r I Maiden lane. i hi. t: DR.WHKF.LKR. Oculist, 2*i ilrtcnwirh street, dre.,ii his rirluisive attention to diseasea of the Kye and Op i tbalmia Surgery. Artificial Kirs for sale, and inserted on , reaaonahle terms. Office hours fr..m 8 A.M. to 1 o'clock I' M after which He vieitinut-doer patient* I A pamphlet contlining remarks on diseases of the eye with I numerous instances of arc .1 run. effected hy l>r. Wheeler' I mode of treatment, ran he had grsiuitmisl y at hit residence,or | the same will he forwarded to anyone making application to ' him hv letter, post-paid. al32>i**r Orricf. orbits. N. Y. (las Lioht Cowrsnt, I April 17. 1847 J THK President and Directors hare this day decla ed a dmdend of foiir sud-one hslf per cent on the capital stock of I this Company for the su mouths ending Istrsbruarv list, iw\ | able to the stockholder* on and after Saturday the 1st May J transfer book will he closed front ibe?4io instant until I that dsie. Hy order, | al3 tm Ir C. L. EVERITT, Secretary. NAVAL STORES CIRl'Dh TURPENTINE, suitable for druggists, ship > riiandlers, ink mvkrn, fcc. Spirits Tnrpantins of eery superior ipialiry, and which will he put op in packages, suiubla for shipment to soy part of the ' world. I fitch?A fina article, and estra site. Tsr-Rcois makers'snd thin far of eieellent qualify Rnnns?Soap makart' and othar descriptions, earlons <j?sli Vsmlehea?Bright and remmon Varnishes, eery superior The shore articles are offsrrd for sale at lose rates and in lots I to soil porchassrs.Jiy JAS. T. TArBCOTT; Pitlilltr a/id Mtnnfartnrar. tucoaatm to 13r Cook* k. Adamt. *1 gonlh tt. wk.S' WTR5ST CTRANOERBar.d CITIZENS within* * firti quality Wi* n or Tourwr, ar? muled In intp*rl In* ?it*nn?* atanrlinartnf WM. BATcHKLOft. whrr* th?v ran t*l*et frnw ih'.. Ur**?t ttnrli in ih* Unitad Nttf'v Tti*r* it alwav* * |.*?t pl?*? tn prnnir* an arlirl* in *?*ry l>u?in*tt, and th? b*ti pit** tnhnytWifnr Tnnpr* it at Batrnalnr't manuftrfnry, >'?. 2 Wall tlr**i, naar Broadway. 1'ntal* roomt for fitting Wifi C'npj ihr tiMmt. all lm*r WCM 'I. I lO POUND* Fl*a** Wool, from Raiony to m> I t#" "a" ** "J dltim quality. W.Wfl jhiunHi *npcii< I niin't P?ll?a Woolt. Alan. Pftmaa Wooli. of % ail.iait qaa!i'l*> (r 1 .al*b, VALi.STl.Ht QMALI, all nit*' ?r> fatrl t'/oat opt Roakman itr**1 1 i , TO TBS LATEST MOMENT; -g?!!gg TGLKUHAPHIC. AFFAIRS IN ALBANY. liEOHLATIVirpHOCBIOIllWI. Senate. Ai-?a<iv, April 13, 1M7 The llou.i revolution. 1 >f congratulation relative to the victories uf Bueua Viata and Vera Crux w*re received. and referred to the military committee A bill wax poaeud to extund the time within which Reuben H. Walworth may accept the office of oommU (ioaer of the code. It L intended to obviate the ohJcc tion that the taking uf hit oath ax < ouunU-louer would vacate hie preaout office The General Railroad Bill was made the special urder. A bill for the beiktit of the Guardian Insurance (Jo. was passed ALso a bill to extend the time to All up the capital ot [be I'.ost Hirer aud Manhuttau Mutual Insurance Companies was passed. The Senate then took up. in executive business, the lowlnatloiia of Robert Geor. of Syracuse, as supcrln endent of the salt springs, and Alfred Munaon. Charles f. Coventry, and James S Wadsworth. as managers of .he lunatic asylum Nominations referred to the com niltee of the whole On the Mil making appropriation* for tUe ^inial, no rota wm ukvu The Hurl gate Pilot Bill was referred to a third read lng The School Kund Appropriation Bill was debated Throe thousand dollar* ware appropriated to Hamilton College,for two years; $1000 far tiro year* to the BoUalo University Pending the nation to restore the usual appropriations to New York University and Oanera College, the Com mlttoo rose Adjourned Assembly. Alsanv, April 18, 1847 The canal appropriation bill was read a third time Mr. P? Kims moved to recommit the bill for reducing tho appropriations for the Oenesee \ alley and Black RW. r cenale to $100,000 each, Mr Smumwat supported ths motion The bill contemplated tho completion of 1 he sceondary worUi befbro the main trnnk The motion to recommit was lost, and the bill was passed The bill to change the location of the New York and trie Railroad was again taken op, and debate ensued, which was continued during ths afternoon session, to the hour of adjournment. BurrsLo, April 13?6)1 P. M We hare bad a delightful day. The lee is upon this sido of the lake, and it will require an sastsrly wind and some heavy showers of rain to dislodge it. The steamer United States arrived here on Saturday, and left again on Sunday She was the first boat to arrive and tho first to leave, but was compelled to return. Tho Madison appeared off tho harbor this morning, and made several unsuccessful attempts to come In. but final ly went up th? lake. AU is lift* and bustle along the wharves Phi t.adi'i em a, April 11?10 P. >1 Nothing from Baltimore The Cheanut street theatre wax told this evening for seventy-two thousand two hundred dollar*, to Mr. Hart of the Arm of farcy k Hart, publisher*. Phh.adm.phu, April 11?11){ P M By the Western mall wo have the result of the St. Louis election. The democrat* have elected tholr Mayor The natives elected their oouncllmcn in one ward. Steamer Kenton, at Clarksville, Tenu., collapsed her boiler, killing one man, and badly scalding seven other* BY THE MAILS. Washington, April 12, llM7. The Navy?Gtn. Scott'u Mexican Tariff"?The Steamer Polk?Col. Harney. The attack on Alvarado is to he a combined one. tJeneral Quitman's brigade is detailed to uttark it by land, and a portion ot' the squadfon, under whose conduct 1 have not learned, to open a lire upon it from the harbor. The navy has behaved gallantly in the rapture of Vera Crux. Its conduct has been in the highest degree praiseworthy. From the landing of the troops to the last gun fired, it has proved itself worthy of its pristine glory. It will now be ut liberty to act spiritedly, released from its tiresome watch and ward over the Castle of San Juan de Vlua. Com. Terry has increased means at his command, and the entire roast will be soon reduced, nnd every port occupied by our custom-house officers It appears that ("Jen. Scott has anticipated the administration's fiscal scheme with regard to Mexico, and has actually established a tariff at Vera Crux, the revenue accruing from which is to be applied to the relief of the sick and wound ed, as well as of the poor and destitute ritixens. There is something extremely amusing in this fact, in view of the violent denunciation of Mr. Walker's tariff, by some of the party pajiers, some of which contain, side by side with extmvagant laudation of (?en. Scott, hitter philippic* against administrative rapacity, because of the imposition of the Mexican tariff. The steamer I'olk is now lying at the ?avy yard of this rity, having put in for alteration and repair. Her principal defect is that she is too small for her weight?her machinery, engines, kc., causing her to draw ten feet five inrhe* water, whereas, she wo* iniemt^/t t/? Jmu, ?... eight feet. It is thought she must be cut in two and lengthened in the waist. If so, she will be sent round to Philadelphia for the purpose, and her officers, armament and crew, transferred to another vessel. Some suppose she can he rendered fit for service without cutting her in two. Should her repairs consume much time, a transfer will he made, as the duty for which she was intended admits of no delay. She took out five guns?two heavy, and three of smaller calibre. The two heavy ones she left at Norfolk on her T. 'urn from her unsuccessful trip. it creates much surprise that Colonel Harney's name was not mentioned in (Jen. Scott's despatches. His charge is talked of, by those who witnessed it, as one of the most brilliant things on record. Oalviswsis Wasiiivoton, April 12, 1847 The .\ejrl Prrtidrney- Af;. Calhoun and Orn 7. Taylor. About two weeks ago, we addressed a letter to the Hrrahl, upon the question of the next Presidency, in which we laid down the impression that if was the intention of Mr. Calhoun to concentrate, as far us possible, his strength in the support of 'Jen. Taylor for the campaign of 1848. That letter did not reach you, or was suppressed, from a conviction of the utter improbability of the political combination indicated. (?ne of the Baltimore papers of this morning, in the emphatic endorsement of the plan hv its Washington correspondent, with whom wc are entirely unacquainted, except through his intelligent fetters, strengthens this impression, so far as to justify, on our part, a reiteration of our remarks upon the original communication of the main fart to tie by a distinguished friend of Mr. Calhoun. The debates upon tin- war in both House*, during the last session, afford strong circumstantial evidence of this movement of Mr. Calhoun The opposition to the scheme of the Lieutenant General bv the balance of power party m ihf 8* nate, or Mr. Culboun's immediute friends, and their hearty ro-operation in the undiluted rc-e lutions of thanka to old Hough and Tumble: the unqualified denunciation of the sehrme of inlawing the President to select n Mmor-Gfoeral as Commanilerj-in-Chief, without reference to date of commission, by th'- South Carolinians in the House, against th'- body of Mie Hetdocfits,would, all taken together, and by itself, rather argue a spirit of disaffection'toward the administration, tnan any design or collusion to the elevation ol General Taylor. But it is now clearly intimated to be the nolir, of Mr. Calhoun to tall Iwtrk himself, and rupon i'?enenl Taylor. Whetherth1* project w be carried out renin in to lie tef'rd by futui"'; r tingein-ies; but that it is available to ihe polite