26 Nisan 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

26 Nisan 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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__ yesterday; the following section obviates the objectionable features of the original bill:? 4 4 William K. Havemeyer. James Boormsn. Jacob Harvey. Robert U Minturn Oulian C. Verplauck. and David C. Golden, are hereby appointed commissioner* for carrying Into effort the intent and provision* of this act. The Mayor of the city of New York, the ('resident of tho Gorman Society, and the President of the Irish | Kraigrant Society of New York, shall also, severally, by virtue of their respective offices, be commissioners as . aforesaid. The said commissioners shall be known as t the " Commissioner* of Immigration," and by that title 1 shall be capable of suing and being sued. The money so 1 as aforesaid to bu paid to the Chamberlain of the city of New York, shall be paid out on tho warrant of the said 1 commissioners, or a majority of them. It shall bo tha duty of tho said commissioners to provide for the maintenance and support of such of the persons for whom commutation money has been paid as aforesaid, or on whose account bonds have been taken as aforesaid, a* would otherwise become a charge upon any city, town or county of this Slate; and the said commissioner shall have , |>ower to appropriate the lueuey s aforesaid for that purpose in such manner as they shall think prupur. having reference to the Indemnity of the several cities, towns and eountisa of this btate from any oxpeuse or charge whioh might otherwise be incurred for the maintenance and support of the persons afoiusaid. And the more fully to effect the object contemplated by this act. the said commissioners are authorized to apply, in their discretion, any part of the said money to aid in removing any of said persons from any part of this State to another part slstlng theui to procure employment, and thua prevent thein Arum becoming a public charge. The said uomuiieeiont'ri arc also authorised. In tholr discretion. to apply any part of the said money* to tlia Surohase or lease of auy property, or the erection of any uilding which they may deem ueccnaary for the purpose* aforesaid _ galea of Stock* nt Boaton. April >1?1 Amotkeag .Manufacturing Co. bill), IIOO;2 Bov to i and Main* Railroad 110%, 6 Boaton and Providence Railroaj 103%; 0 We.tawa Railroad 101,%; 1 I.eiiugliin Branch HIilroaj66%; 3 Veruiwut aed Maaaachuiatta Railroad 74%; 3 do 73%; 3 B uloa and betvsll Railroad 390 ; 3 Boaton and Worcester Railroad 116%. >3 Kant Boaton otnpany 20; 30 do 30%; 3<J do, 20%; 293 Ka<; Beaton dividend*, 9 1-16; 3d do, tiled, 9%; 123 .Norwich and Wororater Railroad, 49%; 3 do 49%. At Aactian?33 aharaa Weatirn Railroad 2 par cant ad vatic*; 3 Beaton and Worcealer do, 13% par cant adv; 23 Old Colony do, 199 per ah; 33 Cistern (la, 7% per caul adv; 10 Merchants' liana I % par cant ?dv; 6 Urauite Bitik $96% per atiare; 3 Portlaud, S.ico and Portainoulh Railroad IJa adv. 3 Vermont and Maaaacliusatta do $76% per ahare; 10 Northern do, 3 per caul adv. 9 Trrmont Bank. $39% par ahara; 4 State Bank 37% for 60; 20 Trader* do |3% par ali; T City Bank 93% par ahare. i"?ii II m i i i MggarTPTni COJI31ERC1AL INTEhLlOENCB. State of tlx* Flour Market. Albawt, April -24.?At the rail way* nfuw parrel* of tlour have changed hand* at $7 87%. and a few Kaateru ordera illled at something over that figure. Grain?The saloa are limited to street operations, with but little doing, at something leas than Thursday's quotations, which ia owiug to Ilia inability of buyer* to receive and tore it. Bt:rr*Lo, April 2T ?There was but very little done In the market yesterday in the way of sale* The ouly sale of wheat that we heard of was 7SJ0 bushels Massilon at 108c. This purchase was on an order that had beun several day* ou the market, iu tlour wu hear of no transactions There was a parcel of 1099 bbl* offered, to arrive, at $6. but not taken, Rocuaarca, April 24?Vestorday forenoon flour was offered iu the street at $3 30. but aftertbu receipt of let- | >.ast-rn dealsrs seem to hare a good dual of conUdence till iu sustaining prioes. Cincinnati, April 20.?Tlio ?aloa wore effected to-day at a decliuc from previous priooa. The particular* of llio transaction* are?.>-10 bbla. from canal, iu two lota, at $-1 | 70; 1 JO do. from store, at same; and auroral wagon loads i at $1 00, 4 02 and 4 00. 1 PiTTsauHo, April 23.?Flour?Thero wore sales of a few lota oarly in the morning at >4 07. In tho afternoon there were ealoa at (4 37. 4 50 andt4 02; wo heard of some i as low as $4 35. The market ia very unsettled. Coal Trade. The quantity sent by railroad this week, is 39,178 18? ami by canal 3,427 10 tona?total for the week 32.000 08. The total by railroad ia 395,303 00?by caual 10,470 15. Total for thu season 306,774 01 tons. Vessels are more plenty at Richmond, and the prioe of freights ha* declined to f.astern porta. We quote a* follows. To New Vork $1 Ifi a 1 25; to Boston 2 50 a2 63; to Now Bedford 1 07; to Provideuoe 1 75; to Kali Hirer 1 75; to Troy 1 60 a 1 65 it was supposed that the prioe of freight to New Vork would be down to $1 13% iu a day or so. The price of white ash coal, on board, range* for lump from $3 50 to 3 75 per ton; prepared coal $3 02% to 3 75; ted ash from *3 76 to 3 87%; Lehigh coal from T>3 87% to $4. The prioe of freight to Philadelphia, by canal, la 70 eta; to New York $1 70 a 1 76. Boats continue aoarce. it it stated that they will be more pleuty in a week or so. The trade abroad cannot expect more than about 275.000 tona by caual this year, and can make their arrangements accordingly. The company offor a list of preiniuma for quick passages.?PoUovillt (I'a.) Journal, VIIA >rial. Foreign Markets. Havana, April 16.?Thero is more demand for whlto Sugars, wo quote 9 u 11 rials; Brown, 7 a 8 rials. Last sal** ol Rice, 13 rials. Freights?American vtsaels for fiurope, i' t 15s a ?5. 'JtfJtiJtnji?L-i'mjjij 1 * JLIL-'U". yp"1 Passcngtrs Arrived. Havasa?Bark Rosa SuihIijIi?Mr Coleman, of Philailsl l'Uia; PT Moutuey,from Hiiglaud; Urahani ilitlop, do; uud 168 slecraue LmAseuurrA. BkliscT Hon.?Schr Nil??Mr Edward Swiuton, Liantr* uiuii Royal Artillery. ___ __ rorcl^ii lxiii>ort adorns. iia> a >a?Burk ltose Blandish?1 ?:ks 1 cse John Michel?300 bkta champagne VV D C'uthbertson?I case J bunwell k co, of Providence?1 cse Mrs Camion?I cse A Belmont?6 bales Kes.-der k co?3 do Umber, Dsmbmann k co?1 do K L Mather ?1.1(1 bkt< champagne Artois k Deuiuson?3 c* Gilbert Freres ?2 pkg* Si. Lnguerenne. of I'llila?5 ci Fabroijuettes, til* k Mora?1 c* J k J P Stciner, of Phil id?12 bales il Dutlot, tils? les Joiyfreu?2 do C Gegnour k co?1 do J Dupre?1 do Oscar Vare/.?7 do A H Ward k co?11 do Beukhard k Mutton?18 do Noel k l)e < ourcy?, 29 do F Gratibner?1 do Boering k Wittc ? 1 d?? J Michel -2 do C'olville k Fleming?1 do P Schmidt k Andrea*? I do L Rosen It-Idt, Brothers?I do .Schmidt k Vuge! ? 1 do .VI Hill?3 do Kent k Bates?1 do Oclrichs k Kruger?I do A iJ Brahl?1 do L Strulier?1 do A Speers Brown?I do K j'hurspoktir k co, Phila?II hales (' Ahrenfeldt?t do Meikle, j'l ite kco, Phila?3 cs E Kani*?1 do J M Oppeuhcim k co?7 do Victor k Achilles?I do ll L Glatz?1 do Bourry, Ivernois k co?20 do PA Ureithiught k Churn?1 do KUinm k Brothers, Phila?60 bags butilh k Cousitiery?3 hbls Men enbrfak k co, Piiila-?4 cs Noel k De Coursy?2 pkgs W liobbk co? J00 lithographic stones, 2 cs, to order. Ro r r lkdam?Ship Vssel?1 hx f Ilerr?21 pipes gin f Wood?30 do E Stevenskson?4ti mill stones W M Syston? i 12 bxs uidse 1 pkg J Sitting?1 csk M 11 Marrot?7 do Bouray k Rosch?1 ranr J C hmenf utcli?21 cks Booner, Graves k co i ?30 cases wine S Davis?I S Molpohu?2 cks madder Tiber k Bieriiitii?5 l< M Burbngc?3 .1 LJkau?0 bxs 103 cks madder 600 bags coffee 90 bags 16 bags 1 mdze to order. < J Ro ri KRUASt?Dutch galliot brig Koophandel?35 pipes gin ' S eMMir. k Son?16 uo JM hisw s 11?230 mill stones Egerton ! x Morns?JOB bags cofl'ee Victor k Duck wilts?160 b.'gs 8 bb's J nutmegs Merian. Benard kco?10 bbls do J C Mil I lea?10 bills t nfel 1 Vt-rin?218 do J Bohlen -26 cks rmdder K Fiedler?200 I I.ilm tin Browtrk NeiLon?n cks nutmegs VV iuterholf, Riper I k Karck?60 cs cheese Grant k Stone?37 chests mdse 600 slab* ( tin 6 cks pickles 20 cks oil II do madder G bbls mace order. t ill li-?Bark Msleor?2016 bars iron Naylor k co?06 cks oil t 3 hhd.i mu.-urd 93 do mdze 01 sons coal 8 rk? British while hi 1 do p.sint 16 bxs 40 cks Venetian red Wondhul k Minlurn?lO.'i .J cksoil 10 do black lead 132 do puiut L B Morewood k co?23 1 cks oil to order. J Belize, HoNOt'ras-Schr Nile?1 box specie $1700 16 log* mahogany F Alexander?2 bxs specie $1600 T J Labouisse?1 do do S1200 $'?0 Starke* W Lewis?160 lb* sarsapari 11a 3 tons oi I eld iro i J Hampton. r MARITIME HERALD. |i POUT OP NKW YORK., A PULL, 30. H M I H M ' sirrr uisy.a 1 8 I moos mast* 3 5 m V!* *|;T? 6 48 I HIOH WATER 6 3 >1 Arrive*!. Dutch ship Yiacl, YrrlruB.*39 daya from Rotterdam, w ith hi Is*, to llerkenwrath U V'andamrne. 191 passengers. bark Rose Slaudish, Spencer, March 18th, Iroin II train, with mils* to 1. U Hut limit A Co. 25th, lat 48 46, Ion 17, passed n shipol about 11)0 ton* burthen, water 1 nucJ ami abandoned, f,,r 'and mainmast gone by the deck, bulk head painted black with a white streak?appeared to have been in that iitualion about six week*. April 7th, I at II, Ion 19 50, saw several icebergs. Bark George Henry, Oracia, from Palermo, 12th lilt., with 170(1 noxea oranges 1700 do lemon*, to order. 22d ult lit 40, Ion 65 : i. ?poke ?hi|i Krie, from Haiti more for I. Ivor pool, 5 ily. out. Pa ced Oibrultar in eo. with brig Lincoln, Lhasa, from P?|erill., for Boston. Br bark Meteor, Brown, 4(1 day* from Hull, Kng, wit* md.se, to VA'i>. <llinlI A Minturu. 4 pamenirer*. Dutch O illiot brig Koopliaiidel, lfemero, 35 day* from Rotterd on. with indse, to Marian, Benard & co. 10th inat, lat 37 47, Inn 5tt 30, saw a ship w itli red signal, with black letter II in the ueucre Br bri'-t Wave Brigg*, 17 days from Havre de Urease, N8, to o ill i to order. Br brig Hawthorne, Bell, 7(1 day* from Sunderland, svith 100 clnldroti foal, to Barclay A Livingston. Br :>riit A returns, Harrison, I6diy* from Windaor, NS, svith ion to * platter, to Soule. Whitney A co, Br lir.g (Ice in, Kossvell, 52 dayt from London, in liallaat, to , M iiii A Tat lor. r t - ill .h brig (iotha. Handler. 57 daya from Oatend, in ballaat ! to order, flchr .1 H Jewetl, B Adams. April 10th, from Matatizas, with 111 bhil*. 30 tc*, 5 bids molassea, to K O Thurston A eo. Sid in ro. .cb sch, Advuirr, Bryant, for Portland (Vessel, left J hel i -eportcd) 1 Ith, oft ( arv?f,.rt Reel, spr.k* schr .Mount Hope, 12 dey? from New Orleans for Port an Prince. 13th, off Hat I era*, spoke brig Portland, I lough, IB daya from Cienfnrgo. l, i Boston. i Si br Nile, .lost-till Hampton, April 8, from Belir.e, Honduras, I with rirf.c, to J J Labouiase. Hid in co with brig America, ? l'u It .i. it. tviih mahogany. Left schrs Able Storey, Brown, c oi B u, Idg mahogany, sail in a few days; Hubert Bruce, at t tin uTiwardj brigaritiiic, name not known, belonging to Sciinate, (iri Friday, the 23d inst, made the Woodland* about , asauudenly taken ahack by a NK wind, obliged to tTi .1 . 11" tor V) hours, it hie w heavily. I Portii^urnr scitr Theodore. Zot* Maria Dim, 26 days from Items in ballast, to Houghton fc Brother* t Hi l'iM .ry k Elita, Parker, 1G daya from 8t Johns, NB.in , hulli-i, to fttokea k Anthony. i S ii S' nff, Dickeraon, from Philadelphia. Sehr Ornament, Cole, from Boston. I Below. I ship; 2 harks; and 2 brigs. Hulled. Mr;. Mi .iter*y, Belfast; hark Diana, Baltimore. hllwrlliintniM Krcnnl. r 01 nie*?On the 2til> in?t. the pilot boat Eclipse, rnn ? iiro 'V allien Phantom. bon M to Virginia, in the Lower Bar. , v be Mortis a ft or 'link. The ( aptatn stated that he bad me - if* I I her. but succeeded in saving same $gon She lars s tie >r the middle buoy. y Usui. TspsidaD. Lanfatr, * dava from Torto Rico for this I part, with cargo of sugar and deck load of molasses, put into ! I ie 11 ic< a. Bermuda, a* before stated, in a leaky state, (taring i . I C r? d a .evere gale Id w mil Oti tbenight of the niiih and I J m c d the 27th, in 1st 31 31 N Ion 71 jti \V Wind frona fl i N She arm tossed into this port on Wednesday mom* I i I, the Ourernment steamer Oleentr, where she will un- ; 2 dergo rejiaira. r Be Rato Titrrn, TlngiM. ma?tr flrom Limerick. Ireland, j i i, vf, out K2 days bonnd to tnie port, with rudder m,ui?d. , 'ter ilsmage, in want of sails and prorisicm, armed at St J ii ? i>u the 1st last. in- l.aai H, Ktaher. 22dty nil! Jrorn this pott for Belfast, , ' eltMii, v. dli a cargo of salt proriaioos and lard, put into St i,. ir/e. on the 3d met, bring rery leaky, and in want of sails . *"*! Th? L. experienced e succession of gales liiice. and a large portion of the cargo waa obliged to be tnrowu ovrr board to prevent the vcuel from unking; the remainder i? uow ' being discharged?moat of which it in a damaged atate. Bang Rourle, Foster, master, having completed her repairs, sailed from St. (Jeorgea for Limerick, on the 21th ult. Portsmouth Shim.?On Monday last a noble shin, the Mortimer Livingston, of 750 tous burthen, was launched from ; the yard of Mr. George Kaynrs. She was built under the direction of Capt. U. W. Barstow, of New York, to whom, with . other gentlemen in New York, she belongs. There is now building at the yard of Samuel Bailger, iLsq., a ship of <100 tons, under the directiou of Capt. Anthony Michaels, of Philadelphia. to lie connected with a new liue of packets between Philadelphia and Liver|mul. She is to bear the name of Pennsyl- j vauia, and the linage of the founder of that State is to be the appropriate figure head, and the State arms on the stern. She will lie launched about the tiret of August?and the keel of a 1000 ton ship will be laid immediately alter for the same line. We saw a few days since an elegant model, prepared by Mr. Badger, which has bean forwarded to Belfast, Ireland, by which a ship is to be built to iuii in the Belfast line of packets from New fork. Messrs. Ksrnald St Pettigrew are building a ship of 1100 tons, (the largest merchantman ever built ou our river,) for Messrs. L>. It A. Kiiigsland, of New York. Two ships of 700 tons each, are to be built at Mr. Raynea'yard. Schooner Kaehion.of 198 tone, waa lauuchsd from ths yard of Moasra. Kernel! St Psttigrew. a law weaks since. She it built for a line of packets between Boston and New York,.to be cotnmanded by Capt. N. Kelley, of llyania. The cabin and State rooms are elegantly fitted up with almost every accoinm..dj- ! Hon of the large packet ships. The lovers ef goou taste in New ! York and Boston, will do well to take a look at her, end say whether they can improve the Fashion.?[Portsmouth, Jour- I ual, glib. Spoken. Bark Albert Henry, (of Boston,) from Liverpool for Valpa- i raise, (not boston, as reported,) 102 days, Jan 15lh, lat 57 3? S, Ion 72 30 W. Sclir Avenger, of Thomaston for New Orleans, April 20th, lat 35. Ion 72 20. Sclir Convert, Fogg, 18 days from Trinidad for New Y'ork, i April 12, lat 31, Ion 79 30. v* tuuemen. Ship John Howland, at NB, report* in addition?Off Society Islands, Jan 8tli, ship Barclay, Mann, N Bedford, 13?0 sp. The Win (i Eliza, rep at Maui, laaky, had gone to Oahu to stop the leak, and would probably have to heave out She h id a tremendous gale on Japan, of 24 days duration, six of which she lay to under bare jioles. She leaked about 100 strokes per hour. Sid from Oahu, Nov IJtli, ship Ajax, of Havre, to cruise; 18th, t rance, of do, to cruise and home; Gustave, of do, to cruise; 20th, John Cockerell, of do, do; 2Jd, Mozart, of Bremen, do; 2llli Rica' of Wolgasl, do. Arr at Maui 10th Nov, ship Meuse, ol llavre, 16 mos, 120 sp 900 wh; 12th Due d'Orleans, of do, fin Oahu. The Lewis, Talmau, of NB, at .Maui, Nov Clb, has 1600 bbls oi oil. Foreign Port*. CiKNri'Koos, April 6?In port, bark Lysander, Clapp, from Boston; brig* Commerce, Latin, for Boston, (previously reported for New York); Emma, Dunham, fui Charleston; sclirs Baltimore, Henry,do; and others. Guayama, I'll, about April 10th?In port, brig Franklin, Pattou, for New York, next day; Gordon, Murch, lor do, 10th; bark Maria Herser. Gordon for do; Selma, Marston; schrs Hound 1'ond, Harding, for New York, Idg; William I'ope, Foster, do Home Port*. Boston, April 24?Arr barks (Br) Don, Brown, London; Ware, Bogardui, Charleston; Br brig Southampton, Flint, Glasgow; schr Centurion, Cnrtis, Cardenas. Cltl, bark Thames, Silsby Havana; biigs Josephine, Howes, Cork and a in la x; Calcutta, Clark, Demarara; Roanoke, Webb, (ape de Verds and mkt; barks Yarmouth, Dunbar, NOrleans; Como, Mayo, ( harlesion; brigs Choctaw, Moor*. Mobile; Casilda, Doak, Bangor, to load for WIndies; Telos, Larnphear, do; sclirs Lowell, Baker, Richmond; Eliza Hand, Crowell, Philadelphia. < HARLrsTort, April 22?Arr bark Damariscotta. Ilowes, Glasgow; brig Ark, Johnson, Havre; schrs F.melme, Marshall, Cie.iluegos; Zephyr, Wood. Havana. Cld, Br bark Hudson, Pines. Liverpool Hid, line ship H Allen, Wiisou, New York; U L brig Geotge. 1 ales, do. New FIaya:*, April 24?Arr bark Magnolia, Montague, from Porto Rico; sloop Mew York, Jones, New York. Sid, sloop Presideut, rrisbie, New York. Niwport. April 20?Arr schrs John, Miles, New York, for i Lastport; Clara, McFarland, Boston for Philadelphia. 21st, ' air Diig Delaware, Borden, rail river for Apalachicola; schrs Granville, Envoy, Oen Warren, and Antilles, Thomastou for j New York; Edward, Providence for Baltimore, I I Proviiicivcc, April 23?Arr schr Danl T Willets, Smith, | ! Philadelphia; Sid, brigs Nanvoo, Treat, and Victoria, Small, I 1 lor a Southern port; aclirs Benj F Reeves, Reeves; Sarah J Louisa. Homers; and Mexico. Tomlin. Philadelphia: Myrtle. I ' Chapped, New York. ! * Richmord. April 24?Ait ichr E Peterson, Hoffman, New | ' York. Below, bark Bachelor. from New Orleans. ' Savannah, April 21?Arr Br schr Sally. Evans, Tuxo, Berwnda. In lite Oiling?2 brig* and 2 selirs. Cld, brig Savannah, Dixon, New York; ichr Mary, Chine, do. Sid, brig Savannah, T Dixon, New York. J Arrival of Stranger* In New York. ! April 3}. 1 American Hotel. I F. H. Clarke, U. 8. 4th artillery: Miss. E.Smith, West < Point; Captain It. Allan, U. S. A.; Timothy Sawyer, Altai.; < W. Sawyer, do. ] AiTon House. A. Muring, J. Blake, Boston; C. Daniel. L. Benedict, Alba- i ny; T. Turner, Boaton; Ed. Mills, Danrille: O. Taylor, Bo?- I ton; A. Wood, Man; J. Curtis, |W. Curtia, It. Welherefl, M. Smith, Boaton: A Sanford. Catakill: 8. Aahinore, England; < E. Carpenter, E. Pottle, Albany; M. Church, Philadelphia; J. < Robbina, Pittsburgh; E. Roberta, Michigan; C. liobait, Plula- 1 delphia: J. (Heaves, Nashville; H. I Jones, Canada; J. < Smith, Conn; N. Hooper and family, Boston; M. Vandyke, \V. Z. Vandyke, Philadelphia; S. Case, Provideuee; C. Eustia, E. Hobart, C. Whitmore, R. Berry, M. Reed, M. Hooper, D. Paige, Boston. Citt Hotel. W. F. Smith, West Poiat; S. B. Irvine, Penn.; R. Stoaherg, ' Philadelphia; J. Cushman, Boston; S. A. Stewart, Philadelphia; H. Heff, Chester Spriugs; J. McCrea, Philadelphia. Custom Hotel. Capt. Hnddleaon, bark Anahuae; M. Scliooumaker, N. El- 1 monitor!", Kingston; S.P.Clark, P.M.Clark, New York; Mrs. Robinson, Bennington, Vt.; Albert Mathers, New York; A. Thompson, Boston: Preston Hodges, Mass.; M. Liaboa and family, Braxilian ( barge. Croton Hotil. S. Booth and aou, Branchport; W, Whitney, PennYan; 8.8. Whalton, Chautauqua co.; J. K. Dudley. Bath, New York: C. Lewis, Ohio; E. 11 Fitts, W. II. Muliudalv, Drydon; 11. A. Tyler, O. Steele, Penn Yan. D cm mi no's Hotil. D. Moples, Delaware county. New York; E. Ishatn, Dun- i kirk, Cliatauque county. New V ork; C. JoMison, Broome Co; W. Cushman, Greene county; W. Jackson, Broome county; i A. A. Hawkins, do; J. P. Arnold, Troy; J. H. Josslyu, Owe- i go; O. E. Jones, Camden, New Jersey; W. Ransom, Ueue 1 ts; P. E. Ettiug, Kingston; R. J. Peck, (Jlica; J. J. Bogardus, i Hyde Park, W. Salter, Albany; M. Weed and wife, do; 11. Kisb, Bingliampton, New York. Eramelim Hotel. T Myer, New York; (J. Oreer, Troy; I). Townsend, W. | Kendrick, Boston; R. Chapman, Morristowii; A. Carpenter, Leroy; M. Turner, R. Pier. Plymouth, O; 11. Hayden, Home; j. ?> mem, oaraioita; d. l.aonuru, Hum*; j. .viason, .Micnigau; A.Caruenter. Lrroy ;^l. Baiter, Oliio; M. Willi) M. AI>botL, New llampihire; J. Sbipmati, Newark; K. Lock wood, Coon. ilowABn Hotel. J. Kyle, Patcriou ; W. Bnrritt, .Suugerlies; II. Rininm, Newport; VV. Center, J. Braille }', Boston; lingers, (liarlestowu; J. Gillespie. Boston: T. Van Brent, L. 1; 1). Kimball, Boston; J. Cruig, A. Newell. Medina; Lieut, E Suinpton, II. A., Houdunu; 1. Brown, Baltimore; J. Stuart, I'liila: ii Carmine, N. V; II. Hamilton, C. Manners, Snringlielil; B. Newcomb, Maeou; G. Wood*. Burlington; J. Holland, Montreal; C. Valentine, Bo?tou; 1). Ursine, Ohio; M Haeerty, Toronto; M. Myers, N. Vork; 8. Myeri, R. Myers, Balu- | more; J. Curtis, Hartfmd; S. Joliuion, Middleton; J. Brad ' Icy, Canada ; H. Goshoru, Ciuu; Mr. Smith, Montreal; T. | Benny, Kingston, Canada; J. 11. Andrew*, H. llama*, Washington: J. fool, Boaton. Judson's Hotel. J. VV. Beach, Hartford; II. S Gallup. Providence; E. Bo- ( gart, do: L. J. Howard, do; J. Beerhnev, Chicago. 1) Ilaik- , ne?s, Bellvieu; C. Church, Spencerport; 11. I). Thompson, , I'ltubtirg; J. VV. Ueniiiion,Spencerport; lion. Kreamau Smith md lady, Connecticut. , Lovejot'i Hotel. E. B. Kellogg, Hartford: E. Tra*k, Eria co; R. Livingston, , Pouglikecpsie; A. II. Vroman, South Durham; D. Culver, N. j Vork; \V. Osborne, Bo*ton; L B. Newell, Burlington, N. J; J. t S. Nev lua, Newark; E. B. Hamilton, Norwich, Ct; 11. Lyon, New Vork; \V. B. Minot, Albany; J. B Wheeler, Loiic 1*1- j inii; T. < ii renter, Lancaiter, N. V : W. P. Smith, VV eat Bur- , ington, N. V; D. K. I'rinette, East Bethany, N. Y; C J. M, drowuell, I. K. L. (.late*, Sauuuoit; P. Tyler, Adrian, Mich; apt. Perry, Pvnsicol : L. 11. bhattuck, Meadville; J. R. Holiusoii, M nuljtiU, U; S. Coburn, Albany; W. Brown, Dalteriieid, Vt; H. Colman, L. Colman, Ellicotville, N. V: J.J. ''oote, J. VVtllaid, linmiltan; W. .Si. Davis, Ann Arbor, Mich; . L. Uigelow, VVateriown; S. Iletniugtou. Mohawk; J. S. ] lead, L tica; Mr. Jonea, Oneida co; S. 11. Matt, Geneva; E. J eiaup, Yala College. c Northern Hotel. Mr S. llixgins, N. Y; J. King, Nislango; Dealer Euton, !r:\iiford; Mr. anil Mrs. .lame* E. Jones, Scotland; W. Puket, a'. V ; L. Eullar, Brooklyn. I'esri. Street Holie. J. Cone, jun., Ohio; E. Sloan. II. K. Klig*. Albany; Mr. I Niehol*, Mr. Nelson. Hillsbnro , N. C.; 8. Doty, Lancaiter, j ' Jluo; John llenry, BathLMe.; J. N. Barker, New Jersey; | I wol. A. Hay, II. < Hay, Houthboro', Matt.; Mr*. S. Y. Halt*, I ' Nt w York; X. N. Halle, Tofranil*. Pa.; C. Paulding, Liberty I Mills, Indiana; Wm Thorn, North Manchester, fa.; M 0. Wilson, Wabash; C. C Dave n nor t, Copenhagen: J. C. C urtis*. 1 jun., T. J. Anderson, J. Fitch, D. Kays, S. F. lledington, | Ohio; S. Han yon, O. W. Dawaon, Casenoria, N. Y.; H. M. I Cornell, Fa.; John Walton, Laporte, Indiana; Alrin Muun, ? Michigan; Wm. H. Allen, bhcnaiidoah. Va.; J. Psrkms, i Augusta. Me.; T. Pritcham and lady. Ohio; Ira Pratt, East Union, do: Win. Greene, Boston; A. Gray, Pawtucket: John ' Hi?ro, Baltimore; K. ( arnes, Halifax; < . Couday, Salem, Mass ; J. Kawcett. Philadelphia; M. Greene, X. Blosoin, I Hartford, Hi ran Kills, Boston; George Griggs, Broofclins* Hat RBUff't HOTBU. I H. Morse. J. Harmon, Buffilo; C I'ierson, Cansndaigua; J W. Baruea, Auburn; W. CH nnncll, Albany; J. llubbard, Sandusky; J. Benedict, Lowrille; E. Wood, Ilastingsburg: < . Parsons. Michigan; J. Hall, Ohio; L. Otis, Bolivia; O. ! Perkins, Oxford; Vv. Baker, liu daon; II. Parmeire, N. York; J. Steveiu, Ohio; 11. Webb, U. Rathbun, New York; 8. Ko?, Hand Lake; C. VV'illihtu, K. Raituay. H. Wilco*, buffalo; A ' Crawforil, Oliio; 11. Freeman. T. Acaley.rhiladelphin. 1 Tatlob', lioirL. C. McMonagle, N. York; A. Prewberwett. New Jer,ey; J. \ WorthiiiKKMi, Ilochealer; VV. Spalding, Little Fall,; < . P. Hewitt, Worthingloii, Slant; H. Podge, Syracuse; G. .1. Hewitt, VVorthiiiKtnu. Mui; 11. A. Porter, L'tica; A. C. Gardner, Chimin Fall,, Ohio: F. McCurdy, Orrtll, N. Y. vvntr.rjr Hotii.. J.C.CowIe, N. Y.; H. N. Gtllet, Cuyahoga Fall,, Ohio; A. Coller, Scnttebnre; J. C. 11. Cowle,. C aldwell, ; Mi?? Wakcman, do ; J. C. flarriion. Utica; Mr,. Field, Riehmond, Va;Min? Field, do- H. P llirkoi, Qtiincy, Illinois: M. HPe Young. Philtdelpnia; N Tuttle, Ohio; G. W. Warren, Factort ville. N. V : It 8. W.lk.n.on LorUno,.- II U'l.;,. ilo : Mr. and Mill I.ammon, Michigan; N. V. Urn irk, Ithaca; D. E. Dyer, Springwater; R. O. 7'lvike and lady, do.; J. M. [}rover,dn.; J. W. Williama. Clyvea; T. H Sheldon, Run- 1 lnlph; L. T. Noble, Wayne, Htenben cn.; J. Mitchell, do.; H. 15. Ormwold Nilffi, lliehjiui O Morte, Attleboro; A. C. Hamblin, Clarrmont, N. 'S A. Bnrli>i(c. Redwood- A. ' I'eul, New Market;./. B. Rider, do.; J. L. Rend, jun., Full River; K. D. Ilalcomb. Oranhy. DR. |RA O. FRAZER, the celebrated ('ancer Dootor on i the Indian method of practice, will be found at the United i (tare* Hotel, New York riry, or hi? aaaiatant, en the third llonday in May, for three daya only, once a month. Advice [ivenlreeof charge. Specimens of hia worka rail be aeen in ihoar daya. The time haa come when cancera can be cured yithont the uae of the knife. Dr. F. treata on all other diaraaet, od will eontinue tharngh the aeaaon. alt lin* rr (lintr 01 r mi: N V fin I.inin I nMrtvr.l April 12, 1817. ) THF. Preaident and Directora have thia day declared a dividend of fonr-and-one-half per cent on the capital Block of hia ('ompany for the aia inontha ending lit February laat, nayible to the atorkholdrra on and after Saturday the lat May icit. The tranafer bonk will be cloard from the 21th inatant until hat date. By order, all tm Ir C. J,. F.VF.RITT. Secretary. LIOI'IT) I rAIR DYE. NO F.QI'AL.?The improvement of 1816.?ALEXANDER S TRICOBAPHE, which inatajitaneoualy colore lie Hair a natural Black or Brown, and gives it the beauty and 1 laaticity of youth, and la warranted neither to wnah or ruooff, ir toil the akin. 'Ihr proprietor, aince ita improvement, pre- ( enta it to the public with the utmoat confidence, aa having no ijual, and aa a perfect d> e. , ^or aalc by Riiahton k f o? Broadway; J. S. Aapinwall. , Yillisin atiret Johnson, M<>ore k Taylor, Maiden lane ; and | I II i D. Sanaa, New Vork ; and by the aole agents for the Tnited Statca, II k <> A. WRIGHT, I a 10 Im'rrc ___ Philadelphia , 3(in a wateW aJCd apParatus-j. mmthiw.."^. ? -J 111 Third attune, New Vork, maim fir dire, of *11 the rw>dent apparatus tiled for the manufacture, ilnwnig or bottling | { fSoda Water. A lithographic plate, with printer directions or the making ofSoda Water and Syrupa, also for the putting . *l> of the apparatus and its use, &c, will accompany each a p. BQMfci ^ ^ ^f0?7,C10 BOOTS? An entirely new article oT Hunting i k . ^jd r i rung Boors manufactured to order, of Ooodyear i ? Metallic Rnbler, and Warranted perfectly wafer proof, fur i ' b>' HAMI/kL BROOK*, c Bole Agent for (Joodyear'a Mann factories, / rn20 lin rh 100 Broad way, opposite Trinity Church. |b MONTHLY REPORT FOR MARCH, or THI KIW YORK .MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE No. 7a 4'ham bore street. CASES SUCCESSFULLY TREATED. 4 Piimary Consumption I Partial Deafness 1 Abdominal Dro|?y, 1 loduratiou and Eu larva men l 3 Palpitation Haart of the Nack of the Bladder 4 Gonorrhea* (female) 9 Sainiual Weakiuras 3 Suppraasien of Manses 3 Cases of Midwifery 7 Fall ma Womb, with bearing 1 Fluor Albua down paiu, aauaad by ul3 Kheiunatiam ceralion and inflammation 6 Primary Venereal of oa uteri 2 Secondary Venereal 2 Diuineaa and Pain in the 3 Irritation in Urethra Head 2 Falling of Bladder, female 4 (lleec 3 do lmpotency i Inflammation of the Eyes 2 Incontinence of Urine 4 Cares Dyspepsia 1 Ulcer on the Nose 1 Cancer Uterus, incurable SURGICAL OPERATIONS AND CURES. 1 Eucyated Teumr removed J Stricturea iu Urethra froin the inaide of the Lip 2 Urinary Fiatula 1 Fiaaure in Female Urethra 2 b racturea of the Leg of lire yeera' ataudiug, 1 Fracture of the Arm very painful ; two caute- 2 Bad lnjuriea of the Handa litHMi cured it. attended to Several Abcceaea opened 1 Enlarged Toutil removed The poor attended to between 1 and 2 o'clock. DR. HOMER BOSTWICK, diny* ikiiTr'" ri r'tim\uw, ' lia-r*?i * DR. COOPER, 14 DUANE atreet, between Cliatliam and William atreeta, has for the laat fourteen years enjoyad tht moat extensive praatioe in private diaaaaaa ol any medieal uian in New York. He can cure the inoat aggravated eaaea of this disease; and mild cases cured ill two to nve days. Sluicturi? Doctor Cooper liar diacovered a new method by w hich lie can cure llie woret form of atrictitre in hum one to two weeka, with acarcely any pain to the patient. Constitutional debility, brought on by a secret habit indulged in by young men. Due. when too freely indulged in, begets dyapepaia, weakness of the limba and stnall of the back, coiifusiou of intellaat, and ave rsion to society. A cure warranted in every case, or no charge. No mercury used, in24 lm'c MAIUUED LADIES.?Married Ladies would find much to interest them by perusing Moral Physiology, written bv the Hou. R. D. Owen, with additions and alterations by R. Clover, 11. D. Were this book carefully read by every mar ried person, and the advice strictly followed, we are persuaded licit a different state of aoeiety from the present would eiiaf.? 1 tie terrors ui poverty, anu tu* prospects ol a large lamny ol children, which coalu be but poorfy reared, present many prudent people from entering tire uintriinouial state, but here is u w ork that will tell you important secrets, which inay obviate all such objections. Price of the book 60 cents. For sale by Zeiber St Co., comer of Third anu Chesnut St., Pltila delphia, and the Editor No. 2 Ann street, New York, mi lui'r LUC1NA CORDIAL, or the ELIXIR OK LOVE.-This is the only actual remedy erer discovered for Impotency, Genital Debility, Necturnal emissions, and all diseases occasioned by certain secret liabits; and many of the nottruma recently recommended for the same complaints are worthies* imitation* which its unrivalled excellence, fame arid popularity have brought into tire market. The medical faculty of Europe and tfo United Statu are unanimous in their recommendations ef the Lucina Cordial,and have notgiven their sanction in a single instance that hns been authenticated, to any other compound for tke same purpose!. The utmost reliance may be placed on the potenc y of the Lucina Cardial in the foregeiug maladies, and also those which follow loss of Muscular Energy and Physical Lassitude and Genual Prostration, Irritability, and all Nervous Affections, Indigestion, Sluggishness of the Liver, Gleet and Fluor AI bus, and in every disease in any way connected with the diaorder or decay of the Procreative Functions?in all of which it will afford almost immediate relief, and, if used u directed, is almost certain to produce a positive and permanent cure. Persons about to marry, if conscious of any weakness or disability of a certain nature, should take this Cordial, u it will infallibly restore health and vigor in a brief period : and where want of offspring is a cause or regret, if .recourse be had to it, the most beneficial results may be anticipated with confidence. Price $3 per bottle, or S3I per doxen. Principal office 147 Greenwich street. Sold in Trenton, N. J., by John Rickey, and in Philadelphia at 90 North Sixth at. *p9-lm*c DR. CON VERS' MINERVA BOX, No. 1 and No. 2.-Box No. 1 contains the remedies, and every article necessary lor the speedy cure of Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Strictures, flee.? Sox No. 2 contains the remedier for the treatment of Syphilis, n all its forms and stages. Each box contains a concise dcicription of every form of private diseaie. Those who have >een exposed, or are laboring under any form of delicate dis>ase, will learn, without any further trouble or consultation, he nature of the affection, and be in possession of the proper neaus of removing it, by purchasing this box. NOTICE. The afflicted, who need medical aid, and wish to ba treated iroperly and privately, should secure thia box. Strangers sonaming in the city should secure the box before leaving, to rnard against consequences. Persons in the country enclosing 13, and describing the case, will have the box forwarded to their iddresa without exposure. Sold by J. O. Fay, 136 Fulton St., Lrtmp Store, Sun BuUiug, price g.i per box. The Doctor may >e privately and confidentially consulted in cases of delicate lisease, and all affecgoua of urinary and genital organs, at his itBce, 136 F?lton street. Sun Building. Entrance to the >ffice through the Lamp Store. Letters post paid, enclosing a ee, will be carefully attended to, and all necessary advice and nediciue forwarded to the writer. Advice gratis to those who nrchsM the box. N. B. Dr. Convert'Invigorating Cordial, the most celebrat d article in cases of genital debility, impotencv, nocturnal tmiasions, and the various physical and mental affections, and tad derangements arising from onanism, or early secret uidiscreet habits for sale as above. See Dr. Convers' long advertisement in this paper. Hours of consultation from 10 A. M. to 3 P. M. m28 lm*rc PREMIUM WALNUT OIL SHAV1NV SOAR CAUTION.?A counterfeit article of our celebrated Walnut Oil Military' Shaving Soap is now being offered round the city by a person representing himielf as our agent. We hereby caution the public against being deceived with it, and beg to state that we have no agents whatever, nor has any one any right to use our names on the labels. The genuine soap, manufactured by the inventor, Dr. P. D. Vt+om, has our fac-simile isnature to each label. m23 lm*rc VROOM It FOWLF.R, 3 Courtlandcst DR. JOHNSON, 17 Duaue street, near Chatham street, u well known as the most successful practitioner in New York in the treatment of delicate diseases. For the last 14 years Dr. JOHNSON enjoyed the most extensive practice in private diseasea of any medical man in Ntw York. The Doc tor reputation Tor (kill in those old half-cured cues that hare existed lor years, is pre-eminent. No matter how long you may hare Gleet, Stricture, Ulcers uihhi the body, or in the throat or nose, paina in the heed end bones of the legs, effectually cured. ( onstilutioiial weakness, brought on by a secret habit, indulged in by young men, causing lascirioua dreams and nightly emissions, positively cured. Recent cases cured in four days, without Mercury. No alteration iu diet, or pre ventinn from business. Post paid letters, containing $3 for advice, attended to. No charge made unless cured. B?20lm*f " IMPROVED MAGNETIC MACHINES. MOREUKAD'S GRADUATED MAGNETIC MACHINE. THIS instrument is sui important improvement over all other forms of manufacture, and lias been adopted by liie medical profession generally, as the most sffectual machine in use. It is perfectly simple in construction, and therefore net liable to get out of order, as is the case with similar instruments. It admits of perfect control, and can be graduated to auy pow er adapted for any infant, or sufficient for the strongest adult*, al the pleasure of the operator. The magnetic force is imparted in a continuous manner, and with no unpleasant asnaalion to the most dslicate patient. It requires no assistant in its use, and in. in every respect, perfectly harmless. Each machine is compactly arranged, with the battery and all necessary Rppliances, put up in ueat rosewood cases. Ac companying each are full directions regarding its use anil application. E7"0winf to the facilities possessed by the subscriber, the Graduated Magnetic Machines are sold at prices equally low "J those charged for inferior articles. They can be readily lent to any part of the country. Price of the machines $9, $12, and (14 each, according ta lire and finish; and each instrument is warranted. Many of the cures |>erformed by this machine are truly wonlerful, some of them in diseases of the most tedious ana painul character known to the medical profession. In all uorlervous complaints the effects are almost magical. Physicians and others are cautioned against purchasing the nutations of these machines, under whatever name, as lliey vill be found of little or no value. Manufactured and for sale, wholesale and retail, bv D. C. MOORHEAD, (27 lm*r " 182 Broadway, New York. M. WI^K, OPTICIAN. FROM GERMANY. \Jt OST respectfully informs the citizens of New York and -vA the public in general, that he has located himself in this NO. 437 HROADWAY, Where may be found a large and cemplete assortment of SPECTACLES AND READING OLASSE8, us gold, su vea aisd lun. ruaatri. Mr. W. would alao remind the public, to whom he ispartially mown by his annual visits to Saratoga Springs for the last ten rears, that by his knowledge of the Optical science he is enabled to determine the Glasses suitable for any eye. Persons with weak eyea can be supplied with glasses which will greatly benefit and not strain the sight. Particular attention is called to a new style of Perspective Ground Glass, of the finest flint, which, through their high iiolish and true ground, produce the purest vision, and have kern highly recommended as the best in their efTeet upon the eye, for preserving and improving the sight in continued writing ami reading. O"Short sighted persona, and such as iiave been operated apon for Cataract, can also be suited. ITT"He inserts New Glasses, of superior quality, in old rramri.aiiil solicits the patronoge of all ill want of his articles. |JT7"i will warrant all Spectacles purchased from me to itiit the slight for five ye&ra, or exchange them without extra therjre mil lm*r "WANTED. SEVERAL Agents wanted, to supply th* country trade with Drug* and ready prepared Medicine*. The atoek ii of to large a variety, larger th.in wat evar before offered by any MtHblijbineiit in the United States. that agent*. merchant*, and i>rdlart can get supplied wjlh large or arnall^iuajititiea Alao. the public can receive the moat altilful inedicAl and aurjical itrcntment, by llie well known I>r. Solomon Heme, formerly of Hudson and Reade atreeia, who ia engaged for that particular purpoat, ami liaa hit office in the rear of tlie Store. Apply at the German Drug and Medicine atore, No. 127 Chamber* atreet, New Yerk. ailmer NEW TEAS, OLD JAVA COFFEE. GROCERIES, ke., at Wholeaale and Retail.?J. (). FOWICR ia daily receiving from Auction choice new Green and Black Tea*, Java and other Coffees, White and Brown Sagara, and family Groeeriea ol all kind*, which he ia offering at a amall advance on the wholeaale price*. Familiea and dealer* from the country would do well to call and examine the above atook of good* before purchasing. Store* No*. 250 and IM Greenwich and 76 Veaey street*. N. B. (rood# packed ana delivered to th# boat* without nharga. m21 lm*rh ANOTHER CHALLENGE. ONf'F. MORE we challenge the New York Shade dealers to compete with ua in the sal* of Window Shades. We are now making large daily additions to onr stock of Shades, and pledge onrselvos to he nndersold by none. As to ihe ortlality oiour Shades, we have hut one word to ssy. They took the premium at the late fair st Newsrk, N. J. We invite theeirir.ens of New York and the snrronnding eonnrry to give ui a call, and we will prove the truth ol our assertions. DI NOKF.R k BF.F.KER, No. 58 Chatham street, near Chambers street, ml9 lin*r New York. fTCWYGuk cA^H"TAlf><TnTSlG ESTABLISHMENT. NO. 72 WF.RT BROADWAY and No. 91 Church street. OrntlrmrirB garments made in the moat approved French ityle on the following reasonable terms. Fine French Cloth Drras Cnata $15; Frock ( oats do from $15 to $16; French Cnsaimere I'ants $(,50 to $5,50; Divas Vest of sarin $1 to $4,50 S. k O. WYANT, mh 25 lm*rh No. 72 West Rroad way and 93 Church at. - TFR ACTICAC"TFKTT kTT;i*l'NG. no. 88 rrnte irar.gT. MR1' C. MARSH, Accountant, author of #ie "Science of Don hie-Entry llook-Keeping Simplified," and the " Art ol'Stngle Entry Book-keeping Improved," continue* to leach aa above. ( lours* of Instruction.?The public are resnectfnljy inform* mil assured that the plan pursued hv Mr. Marsh in tesehing his important branch it truly s course of practice in keepin aooka, rather than a course of leernrei on the theory. The pttptl become* familiar from actual use with all the >ooks constituting a aet. and s person of good capacity, will hy hia course become a competent hook-ker|?r in about a month, ind aa- 11 rereive a certificate to that effect. Prospectus with terms cau be obtained at the Roomt, from 9 K M . to ) I' M ____ mjl lm?r ACCORD EON.S. IMIF. largeit assortment in the city i* to be found st the A Chatham atreet Barasr. 55 Chathnm atreet; and, if you vent to get one, that lath* piece to bny it. at every instrument s warranted in perfecttnne and order. They also have a new iistrument, culled the 1*1 utins, resembling the Aocordeon with lie ton* of a (lute. Their Aecordeona vary in price from 5(1 cut* to58 dollars. Call, eiatnine, and judge for yonraelvea. tccordeon taught, tuned and repaired. Don't forget the aatnvr?65 Chatham, opposite Chamber* atreet. all lm*c !( ? **: r*? NO CURE, NO PAY.?THE VENETIAN LINIMENT it warranted to cur* rheuuialwm, burns, scalds, cuts, bruises, headache, toothache, sprains, sors titroaU, stiff naclts, paws, or weakness ill the limbs, Ac.| or the money will be returned . Orer lu.utio persons have been relieved by it during the past >ear; this is no humbug, and if relief is not obtained, it will cost uolhinK- For sale at the principal druggists. Price M cents. Over 1000 certificates can 6e seen at the depot, 0 East Eleventh street. Druggists aud others supplied ou liberal terms. N 3.?None genuine, unless signed be I. I. Tobias. Agents. J. W. Smitli, Brooklyn; Johu ti. Kip, Yorkville; J. B. WaU, Harlem: Andrew Yar, West Farms: J. O. Lowrie, Flushing, L. I.: Elliot ATousey. Syracuse, N. Y.; Burden, Murch A eo., Oaktiehl, N. Y.;.A. Wetmore, Canajoharie, N. Y.: E. J , Huling, Saratoga 8|nings. a?ly't A CUKE FOR COLDS. MRS. CARROLL'S Medicated Vapor and Sulphur Baths, 104 Fulton street, opposite Church street. A certain cure lor Colds, Coughs, Rheumatism, Sore Throat, and all inriaiuinatory diseases incident to the changeable state ol the weather. The Sulphifr Vapor Bath is particularly recommended by our first physicians as a cure for all eruptions and diseases of the skui. No danger of taking cold after the use of these ballis. ml6 Im*r C'KOIUN HOSE, DAk ? PATENT.?The iiive~uto7~o? ' this arack offers it for sale, pledging himself to replace it without Cost, if it buisla during one season's use. The new machinery for Covering die inside rubber tubs, having after many experiments, been |ierfected, the hots is now offered as the perfect article originally contemplated^ when the invention was patented, it is uow ell right, k or sale at No. 23 Courthiuut street. HORACE H. DAY. tnjl Imre . DR. CONVEKS' INVIGORATING CORDIAL FOR GENITAL DEBILITY, IMPOTENCY INCONTINENCEl OK NOCTURNAL EtylSblONS. Ac., kc most happy effect in the practice ol eminent physicians and surgeons III the British Empire, Fiance and Germany. Indeed >o remarkable were the cure* that the late "Kir Astley" hailed it a< the "harbinger of lire." The use of this cordial will fully sustain this high enconium. The highest medical authorities in the Uuited States recommend it as sujierior to any other article for the cure of the above distressing complaints.? The proprietor does not offer this remedy to the afflicted as a Calholicou, but as a specific fur the following deplorable affections, the couse<]ueiice of early, indiscreet, secret habits of youth, or the excessive indulgence of the passions in riper years, viz: general physical prostration, nervous irritability, torpor of the liver, palpitation of the heart, dyspepsia, costive Mat, pain in the head, dimness of vision, vertigo, lunacy, lots of muscular energy, paralysis, weakness of the back aud lower extremities, lassitude, uocturnal emissions, gleets, impotency, or premature and total decay of virility. Mentally, the victim suffers uberratiou of mind, coufusiou of ideas, loss of memory, dejection or melancholy forebodings; aversion of social intercourse, timidity, self-distrust, and love of solitude. These are some of the eflects of tilts violation of the laws of mau's physical aud social being. Hundreds of cases of sudden decline or consumption may be traced to the above baneful practices. Young men in cities, and particularly in the country, where these solitary habits prevail to an alarming extent, and those, too, whose matrimonial alliances have not been productive of these happy results which should attend the connubial state, will perceive this advertisement treats of an important subject to them. Young man, if you would be relieved from these evils, and c restored to manly vigor of body and mind, delay not to prorure this cordial?it ia in# only anchor of hope for you. The mode of effecting a cure, and the hints and full niscloauree which accompany the medicine, are highly important to the married and single. Price (2 per bottle; $10 half dozen; or 20 per dozen. n. b.?Thia Cordial contains no Mercury, or any mineral suhatance. Bold, wholesale and retail, by J. O. FAY, 130 Fulton street, I.amp Store. Sun building. New York. ICr The Cordial" will be forwarded to any part of the city or country by addressing as above, postpaid, amount enclosed. Also, for sale by Dr. Wadsworth, 45 North Main atreet, Providence, R. I.; at 180 Washington street, Bottom No. 4 Broadway. Albany; and by Martin and Wlii teley, 320 Market ; street, Baltimore, Md.; \V. Williams, Buffalo; and of Dr. Halsted, Rochester. ! n. b.?Maried persons, and those contemplating marriage, t conscious of physical inability from certain causes, may confi- 1 dently consult Dr. Convers, personally or by latter, post paid ? enclosing S5, at 136 Fulton street. N. V. f25 lm*r Certificate ok mr.~~of.orok~"w. gibbons, , Clerk of the Fulton Market.?About five years ago 1 was 1 attacked with an ulceration of my throat, which continued to J extend all over my body, alio in uvy note. As the disease in- ti cressed my general health began fo auffer, and my body be- a came emaciated and the ulcere increased to a fearful extent.? The phyaician who was tending me was doubtful as to my e [ recovery?I was confined to my bed, and my dpctor nsed his a ntmoet exertions to restore me to health, but it proved nseless. e 1 had recoursa to other physicians?they also tried thei r heat, I but it proved likewise abortive. The various forms of mer- 3 ?-wi J noil. Mioui Iiyuiiuuaie im |rmaa?n, uruutuuin ui mrsapb* v rillt; but it teemed as if all medicines Kail lost their actions I in m? ease. Mr physicians left me, I then prescribed for myself, and nsed the carious preparations of sarsaparilla syrups, of which 1 took orer 150 bottles, bnt to no purpose?I also tried Swaim's Panacea,but with no better effects?I began < to despair; my case was desperate, not only sofTering from the extensive ulcerations which extended all oyer my body, (some of them extended five or six inches in circumference.) bnt also from excessive pain in my bouea and joints. When in this deplorable and hopeless condition, I was recommended to Ur. Joseph Heine. No. 30 Duane st., who, to the utmost surprise of mvself and friends, cured me in the short time of two I months, [ therefore have the greatest reason te recommend 1 him to my friends and the public as a skilful physician in those cases. My residence is over the Fulton market, where I shall be happy to answer all inquiries concerning my case. G. W. GIBBONS. -j We, the undersigned, hereby certify that the above state- J ment is true in every particular. James D. Fish, Merchant, 105 South st. " F. R. 1-r.x, Ex-Alderman 17th Ward. , James Walsh, AlderEan do do. B. D. Letter, Clerk Fulton Market. t N. B.?As this treatment is perfectly simple and without the " use of mercury, lha above certificate has been selected ouvor u t large number, the publication of which would be super e tluous. hut they can be examined at the office of the subaeri- i ber. Medicine will be forwarded te any put of the country, s with full directious, by enclosing $10, post paid, addressed to t DR. JOSEPH HEINE, 1 m5Iin*r 20 Duane st.. New York. ON CERTAIN DISEASES OF A DEEPLY INTER J KST1NO AND IMPORTANT NATURE.?Dr. [ RALPH, Author of the "Private Treatise," &c., begs to cquaint those in any way iuterested in the diaeasea there referred to, tliat he may be conaulted et hia private dwelling, 88 Greenwich street, between the hours of 9 to 12 A. M. and 6 to 9 P. M. Also, to ohsrrve that besides glerl. ttricture. and the various complicated disorders entailed on these parts by veneresl maladies, there ire others which are dcrply interesting to the sufferer?such as Weakness and rmabifity of the sexual organs from excesses or early improper habits. Incontinence of urine, DISEASES OF THE KIDNEYS, and of the BLADDER; GRAVEL, and Ihote varioue t/rt'nary aJJ'eciiont, which are ixnorantly called Gravel or Stone. The author finds that it has been a matter of aurprise to Mine, that any one of rank or eminence in hia profession lioultl devote Uia talents to diseases which persons of every n description pretend to cure so easily. If, however, hut one t thousandth part of the miseries these people brine upon society d were known, a very different opinion would be formed. And, li it is not only the present misery and dejection, preying on the t mind aa well as the body, that is deplored, but many of tbetn i are of such a nature as to effect posterity, if not, indeed, to to- e tally destroy the reproductive power. It is a faet that either r disease, when not properly trented, may; remain so dormant in h the constitution as to show themselves in no other way tlian In r heir efTects on posterity. But with regard to the more immediate train of evils, per- e lisps nothing proves so fruitful a source aa the practice ol ail- v rertisiug a bottle of drops or a box of pills for the indiscrimi- v uatr cure of"these eomplajnts. Now, supposing even these remedies were good, such are the various symptoms which li continually arise in many cases, and so essentially do those s diseases difTer from one another, that common sense must tell t that what is good in one mint be destructive in another. It is e astonishing the opportunities the auther has of witnessing K these facts in those who apply to hinv For instance, some p afflicted with ene have been taking meifecines proper only in the other, while not a few have been deceived entirely for their coinnlaints were neither one nor the other, but totally different and innocent disorders. But of all the cases which more painfully harrass the mind and afford the finest field for knavery, is that of Stricture. Here the poor patient for peya pills or drops, month after month.? J Sometimes the gleet attending this disorder might subside ct J disappeir a while, generally to return again on slight occa- J tions; but whether the discharge return or not, he is none the ( better olf. Now eyery real physician or surgeon knows that j all the physic in the world would never cure n stricture. and yet, if properly understood, it may most easily and speedily he J removed. To every one of common prudence, therefore, he would say, ifthese remarks are jnst, (and he can appeal to the most riniiient physicians in the city for thcir truth,) linw important that every patient should know something of the char acter and talent of the Person he is about to trust in such a case. With respect to the cure of Stricture?this, it is gratifying to state, is generally accomplished in very little time, arid , without pain or inconvenience. Nothing can exceed the im movement of late years in the treatment of this complaint. Indeed, in the hands of proper and experienced persons, the care of Stricture is now accomplished in as many clays as formerly it demanded months. Many persons consult the writer who come on business to this city for a short time only, but return perfectly cured, though it has been a source of trouble and anxiety for years. For the convenience of those who cannot consult the author personally, he furnishes his own peculiar and sucrea(fu) mode of care, vifhich he adopts particularly to aach individual rase. His treatment is the most radical, as well as rnpid and . positively private that can be devised, aa wonld willingly be 1 attested by thousands of names were the subject of a different nature. Consultations by [KMt may he addressed "box Wi9 lower post ' office, and will receive the most faithful and deliberate atten on." N. B.?Distinct and separate rooms for those who may haw J to watt- mS 1 m*rre PRIVATE DIH E A 8E 8? E8TAULI8HED A. I). IM( ' KOR Tllld SUPPRESSION OF HI)ACKERY.-Th. ! Membea of the New York College of Medicine and Phsrm.i I cy, estab lished for the suppression of quackery continue u direct their particular attention to all diseases of a private | nature, nntl can confidently promise to persons requiring medi cal ireeitmrnt, a safe and permanent cure, without injury to the constitution or confinement from business. Invalids are per ticularly requested to make application to the College on the first appearance of those diseases, as a vast amount ew sufferiri and time may be thus avoided. One of the members of tin College, for many years connected with the princqud hospital, in Europe, for the cure of those complaints, attends for coo Terma?Advice mid Medicine tl-^-cure guaranteed. IMPORTANT TO COUNTRY INVALIDS?Pemont living in the country, finding it inconvenient to make per onalapplicelinn, can have forwarded to them * che?t contain ing all medicine requiaite to perform a radical cure, by atatina their cur explicitly, together with all symptoma, time of con traction, and treatment rereived elsewhere if any, and raclnain* $4. goat paid, addreeaad la W. 8 RICHARDSON. M. D., ai Nassau atreet. New York. YJELPEAfPR SPECIFIC TILLS, FOR the radinal cure of gnnorrheea, gleet, aeminal emu aiona, and all macopvriilent diaahargea from the urethra j Theae PiJJa, tha raaolt of twatity yenra eyperience in the Hospital de rharite in Paria, are preaonuced liy their celebrated inrenlar, Profaaaor Valpean, aa an infallible remedy for all diaeaaaa of the urethra. They effect a curein a mnch ahortri time than any other remedy, without tainting the breath, dia agreeing with the atoinaeh, or confinement from buaineaa.? I Trice $1 per bo*. ____________ , 'CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY CURED. i THE TONIC MIXTURE, prepared by the College of j Medicine and Pharmacy of tne Cifv of New York, is j j confidently recommended for all eeises of debility produced bv i lecrtt inilalfSnCfl < r ndMS #1 any kind. If IS an invaluable , remedy for impotence, sterility, or barrenness, unless depending on inRflorination. Single bottles $1 esch; esses of half ? do*en $5; carefully ! parked, and sent to all parts of the Union. RIOORD'S ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. J FOR the permanent enre of primary or secondary iyphi|ia, . venereal nlcera, nodea, or any complaint proiluo d by an inJudiciotti u?c of mercury, or nnahilful medical treatment.? i All peraona itupeeting venereal taint remaining in their system i ahould uae thia powerful purifier without delay, aa no person can conaider himaelf aafe after having the venereal disease, without thoroughly cleansing the system with this juatly cele- I brated alterative. V Sold in aingle bottles at $1 each: in caaca of half a dozen foi t f.1; carefully (racked and aent to all parts of the Union. n CONCENTRATED EXTRACT OK RAR8APARILLA ! GENTIAN AND SASSAFRAS. * PREPARED by the New York College of Sledicine and lliarmacy, eitabliahed for the suppression of qnacleery.? !' Tliia refined and highly concentrated e*trar|, pn.aesiing all j' the purifying qualities and curative power* of,tha above herbs, is confidently recommended by the College aa superior to any !! eilract of 8ar?a|iari]la at present before the public, and may be relied on aa a certain remedy for all diaeaaei ariaing from an ^ impure state of the blood, auch aa acrofnla and salt rhenim, ring c worm, blotches er pimple, ulcers, pain in the lionet or joints, , nodes, cutaneous eruptions, ulcerated sure throat, or any dia- , laae ariaing from the secondary effects of aypliilia or on inju- {, dicioua uae of mercury. Ilaid in tingle bottles at 71 cents. " in caaea of half a dozen bottles $3 jn " " one dozen " if. DO ( vaea forwarded to all parts of the I nion. N B ?A vecy liberal discount ?o wholesale purchasers. Office open from 8_A. M. to R P. M. W. 8. RICHARDSON. M. J).. < DRW M Naaaau street, New fork k PROPOSALS FOR SMALL STORES. NAVY AGENT'S OFFICE. Ntw Yo??. , CEALED PROPOSALS, endorsed " Offers for Small O Store*," will be received at this office until II o clock. 41., on Mflisday, the 17lh of Ma* next. for the simply of the followiue articles for the u.e of the Nevy, at thu station, during the fiscal year ending JOtb Juue, IBIS u Brushes, sharing .** i!' Brush**, ecrubbiug leach, Brushes, shoe each. Brushes, clothes eash, Buttons, nary, rest I>*r gross, buttons, nary, coat psr gross, Buttons, dead eye l'?r gross, Blacking, bales of per uoian, Beaswai, in lb. asks* per pound Combs, coarse per do/.on, Combs, fin* per dozen. Cotton, spools of per doxeu. Grass, for hats per 100 hands, Handkerchiefs, cotton each. Handkerchiefs, silk, fitucy colors each, Jack Kuires each, Lookiog Glass** each, *Mustatds*ed per pouniL Needles, sewing, assorted per thousand, e Pepper, black per pound ; e Pepper, red per pound, Rasors, iu single eases each, Razor straps each, Ribbon, bat per piece, Soap, salt water per pound, Soap, sharing, iu cakes per dozen, Bilk, sewing, blue black per pound, Scissors each, Spoous,.. each, 1 bread, black, white and blue per pound, Tape, black and white per dozen, Thimbles each, These articles, to wit. Mustard Seed and Pepper will be required at New York only, and in tbe raw state. All tbe articlos must be of good quality, equal to the best of (hose generally used ill the serrice, conformable to the sample* deposited at the Nary Yard, Brooklyn-, and delivered there at the contract prises, free el all incidental expense to the government, subject to the usual insiwctiou of the Yard, iu proper vessels or packages, iu such quantitiesl and. at such times, as may be required; and, when desired, in good shipping order. Ninety per cent, payable by lb* Navy Agent in thirty days altar bills are filed with him, approved in triplicate, and tan |iar cent, on the fulfilment of the contract. Coutruct will be entered lulo with the lowest bidder, giving bond in one-third the amount as estimated, with two approved sureties ; but no proposal will be considered without a guaran; ly c>5 one or more responsible parsons, conformable to the acts of Congress, of 3d March, 1813, and 10th August, 1816, that the person or persons whose offer may be accepted, will execute such contract and bond within lire days after being notified of such acceptance. In case of delay, or failure to deliver, the Navy Agent will procure such stores as may be required, and any excess he may pay over the contract prices,shall be charged to tha contractor, ana deducted from Ins bills. Please apply for forms. PROSPER M. WETMORE, Navy Agent, a 15 lawtwrrc 4 Boiith-Willjam street B~ Y ORDER of JOHN W. EDMONDS, Esquire, Circuit Judge of tha first airsuit, notiee is hereby given, pursuant lo the provisions of tha statute, aathorising attachments against absconding, eonaealed and non-rasidesit debtors, that an attachment has beep issued against the estate of Patrick Burke md George Barnes, non-reeidents of the Bute of New York, tud that the same will be sold for the payment of their debts, anises they appearand discharge sueh attachment, according o law, within nine mouths from the first publication of this otiee; and that the payments of any debu due te them byheir debtors, and the delivery to them or for their use, of any iroperty belonging to them, and the transfer of any of their iroperty by them, are forbiddou by law, and are void. Dated the 9th day of October, 1846. A. A. PHILLIPS, fe!6 ltwM'rrc Attorney for Attaching Creditors. [N PURSUANCE OK AN ORDER OK THE SURROGATE OK THE COUNTY OF NEW YORK, NOriCKis hereby given to all persona having_elaims against IOHN RICHARDS, late of the city of New York, deceased, o present the same with vouchers thereof to the subscriber, at isr residence, No. 14 Oak street, in the eity of New York, on ir before the 18th day of October next. Dated New York, the 15th day of April, 1847. a16 Itaw6m?rc JANE RICHARDS, Administratrix. [N CHANCERY?Before the Vice Chancellor of the First L Circuit.?Tighe Davcy, Executer of the Last Will and Taeament of Thomas Haggerty, deeeesed, vs. Bridget Callagbau, nd others. E. 8. Derry, Complainant's Solicitor. Pursuant to the directions of the decree made in the above ntitled cause, and to the previsions contained in the last will nd testament of the above named deceased, and for the purpose f closing my administration of the esute of the said deceased, will expose for sale, and sell at public anetion, en the 7th day of May next, at It e'clock at noon of that day, at the derehants' Exchange, in the city of New York, by Edward I. Ludlow & Co.. auctioneers, to the highest bidder, " All the nterest ef the said deceased in the north-west quarter ef Seeion Five of township Eight south, in Range Four west, in the onnty of Calhonn, in the state of Illinois, containing one hun Ired and sixty acres or thereebeute ; And alio, in the nerthveat qaarter of Section Twenty-one, township Thirteen north, n Range Two west, in the county of Mercer, in the seme tete, containing ona hundred aud sixty acres or thereabouts," ir howsoever the said real estate may be more particularly or iroperly deaaribed. Any further information that may he desired will be given ly the Complainant's Solicitor, or J. W. 8c J. E. White, Esqj., Snliritnn. nr TIGHT, DAVEY, Executor as aforesaid, corner of Uouthn and Allen eta. New York, April 12th, 1847. al3-law tmJ7*rr Vf H. ARCHIBALD HERRON, formerly ofM"it re Court, "A Milk street, Cheapside, in the city of London, gentle nau.ie heieby requested to forward his present place of abode, nd correct address to Mr. Hurst, solieuor, Milk street, LouIon, aforesaid. a24 law3wrc n BRINCKERHOFF'S HEALTH RE8TORATIVE. VJ Korthe cure of Coughs, Colds, LiverComplaint, Raising if lilood, Pain in the side and chest, for Purifying the Blood, radicating all eruptions of the skin arising from a want of tone n the stomach, hor sale at all the wholesale and retail Drug tores in this citY and in Brooklyn, and at the principal office in he store of Messrs. Havdock, Coorlies It Co., Importersjuid dealers in Drugs, Oils, lie., 218 Pearl street. The efficacy of the Health Restorative is so well known to he public, that the proprietor considers the publishing of cerificates at useless, but those desirous of examining them can lo so by calling at the principal office. apl9 M&Th lmo*c FOUNTAIN HOTEL, 1 Liuut st., Baltimore, > January 27, 1847. ) \RTHUR L FOGO, ) Pmorietor. nilNEAB THURsfON, J Proprietors. rHE undersigned baring succeeded the late firm of D1X It FOOO. in the proprietorship ofthe Feuntain Hotel, so ong and widely known as one ofthe most commodious ettabitbmrnts in Baltimore, take this method of informing the ravelling public, that beside the great improvement made last piiiiL-, in the addition of an entire new wing to tlie house by allien a large number of lodgings were added, as w ell as an 'itensive Bathing Establishment, they have recently had eontructed a new Ladies'Ordinary, fitted up in the moat unique jid beautiful style, and also a private sitting room for gentleneu, which is entirely free from the bustle necessarily uieilent to the more public parts of the house; an arrangement lighly desirable, and which they flatter themselves cannot fail o please, lu connection with those improvements, the whole nterior of the house lias undergone a thorough reviaiou? Tory thing appertaining to the upholstery of the eetablishncut lias been renewed, and attendants for the chambers ?escted with a strict view to tlieir entire capability in every espect. The table will be found at all time* fully supplied with very thing the market aflords, served up in a superior style, rhile in the way of wines, lie. lie., nothing will oe kept but rhat is of the beat quality. Added to theae facta the attention and courteay which will e rendered by their assistants, acting nnder their own peronal supervision, to those who may favor them with a call, liey Batter themselves will not leave dissatisfied, as no pain or ipenst will be spared on their part to meet the wants of their uevts, and trust their hopes of a liberal jwtroniige will not irove unfounded. Baggage taken So and from the Hotel, free of charge. ART^fUR L. FOGO, ft 2taw3mrrf PHINEAS THURSTON. CHKAl'i KMI5H( >li)KI51KS. AT COTT li CO'S.-No. 377 Broadway, (two doors be low White street. A lot of fine needle work Under inncmerrjiieia, at ?i cacn; our riw nnt ncnren nnnr innimm*. hI $3r? drees ^ two Cartons white figured derai Veil?, fine quality,) at SI each. Embroidered Dre**e?, Lace Cap**, "reiirli Lawn Handkerchief*, Needle-work Collar*. Laos*, kc., Sic., in great ninety, at wholesale price*. N. B ?The mn price *y?tero *trictly adhered to. alt #teod*e snasr ~ ~ PLAID SILKS, STRIPED SILKS, Brocade do. Moire Pekin do. Pekm Chinoia Silka, Feu* du Bengal do. Light Hummer Silka, at lowr pricea. Poulard Sillu /if all kiuda of Ptaida, Strip**, Broeadesand India Stnchewa ; alao, Black Foulard*. BLACK SILJiS. Black Paria patent high Lnalrm, from 3(1 to 44 inch**. Paria black watered, wide and narrow. Black Tou de Soiea and Taffeta*, every width. Rich atriped Plaida and figured black Silka. Treple chain Marcellinea, for anmmer dreaaea. Black Canton Crape, of different width*. Do do Figured Poiigea*. Bilk Grenadine*, Barege*. (kc. PARIS MANTELETS AND VISITER. Juat received 3 caaea of new and beautiful Visile*, Mantelet* and Kigoleta, decidedly new. AI*o, 2 caaea of Couvenanter Robe*, richly embroidered, with and without Viaitea, at extremely low pricea, with a large itock of Fancy and Staple Good*, at al7 iaeod2wr JAN1F.S BECK Si CO , 339 Broadway. ft /xOO TO LF.ND oil Bond and Mortgage on ZytJlJ J G\/U City or Brooklyn Real Eatate, in aiuna to luit applicant*. Thia mm belonga to an eatate m truat, and a ill be luaaed for a term of year*. Apply immediately, to H. 3. BROAD, No. ll Wall atreet, in the Croton Water office NtfCtnent tl3-eod?m*rc PLARFT WlNFil ipj BOXES AflD CASKS^BOO boxea O Mcdoc St. Jultcu. BO boxe* Ducru Ht. Julian. 400 " Cabarrus Chateau dc la Grange. 32 " Chateau Poujeaux. 110 " 1833 and 1833, Pontet St. Julian. 100 " 1837, in pint*, do. do. 30 " 1837, in pinta, Chateau La Roae Perguon. COO " Chateau I,aro*e, Latour, Leorillt and Laffitte. 10 " fine Cantenae Oorae. 30 " fine Chatean Marram. 130 khda. St. Kateuhe aad St. Julian. 30 .Grand Vin Cabarrus. 33 " Latour and Laffitte. 8 pieca* fin# Burgundy, [Romanes and Ohambertin, fbr ale hy JOUN SCHMIDT, a7 Im2taw*y 100 Wall atreet A fc ri ItU A NfiClN Successors to F. A. MUNDF.N, BLOCK I. E T T E R SIGN MANUFACTURERS, SIGN P A"? N T E R S, NO. * TItYON ROW. Adjoining the Harlem Railroad Office, New Yark. rHC superiority ef our Wood l.ettar Signs for heauty, rnnanicunnuieea and durability, hare liaen fully apireciatedby many of the principal men of buainaaa, which art will become apparant by reference to the Washington 'tores, William street: V. fl. Bended Warehouse; Aator [louse: Rathhnn's Hotel: Judaon'a Hotel; National Hotel; "erkinx Hotel; Merchant'a Hotel; Mercantile Library; Nantin l'ea Company, Itc , lie., Itc. To strangers visiting the <-ny we csn refer them to many of the principal firms in almost every city in the Union. a23 eodlm*rrc HOARDING AT HOBOKEN, Ferriage Free?-The auliacriber haa taken, and ia now furnishing the Atlantic lotel, Hoboken, and will be ready in a few (leys for the reception ofboardera. The House is aitnated contiguous eo the 'erry, and of easy acceaa to the city. The riew of the Bay and Narrows is nnobstrncted and deightfnl, and no pains will be spared to render the Atlantic Hotel a qniet, agreeable, and comfortable home. alBeod lm *c R. It. I'.POARTON. ft linn REWARD?AMERICAN COMFOUND?Tfcw tJJleVve popnlar, pleasant, and specific remedy is warrwited 0 cure effectually all caaea ef a delicate disease in a few days, inder a forfeiture of the above snm. Persona using this eeleirated article need fear no expoanres, as it leases no odor on the reath, requires no restriction in diet or business, and is adapted n every age, sex and condition. It contains no mercury or noifius drugs, injnriona to the constitution, but cleanses the syarm from infection. TTtonaanda of long standing eases have can cured by a single bottle, while the great majority isre red "ally cured with half the quantity. This is no t'','nPedI up hnmbng;" it has iong been, and still is, used in the pnrate ractice of phvaieians with unerring success, curing ninety ine of the one h tad red cases Try it, and con v,nee yourselves, iolil wl nlernle hv ColWITOCU <k < ,o., 21 ? ,tT,"i r*J tiled at Bowery and < I rand, Bowery and Wdker, 1Bowery and louiton, Bowery and Fourth 1 ! t 'u HI! J .ast Broadway: E. L. Cotton. 2M Bleecker atreet; Hammond 1 Co., ourner ol Broadway and Chambers atreet; corner h uiiii nnh Wtktmr ?freet? New York; corner Fulton *$id ( ranbery streets, Brooklyn; Third and South streets. Philadel omer Charles and rratf streets, hi more. C Stott, Waalli - I DR. TOWNSEND'S SARSAPARILLA, THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. III8 EXTRACT ia put up iu quart hottlea; it i? aix tune* .* cheaper, plraaanler, and warranted superior to any sold.? t curea diaeaaea without vomitiug, purging, aickeuing, or debilitating Die patient. The great beauty and superiority of this Kareapsrilla over all ?i r.,lu 4i1 " while u radiant** disease, it ioTigorataa ilia body. IT HAS PERFORMED . mohk than 14,000 ova** this tua*. 1,000 ovate or UiikirtiA i iaai, 1.000 cents or Dvartrtia, 2,400 ovate or Oknbhai. Devilitt, and want of Nervous Energy. 3,000 FtMALE CoMrl.aikti and OTKO. 7,000 cuatt ok Distant* Of the Blood, rix: Ulcere, Scrofula, Erysipelas, Salt IUieuin, Pimples in thagfaca, Ike., 8cc., together with numerous caaaa of Conaumption, Liver Complaint, Spinal Alrectiiuia, lie.? This, we are aware, wuat appear incredible, but we Intra lettera from phyaieiana and our Agents from all partaof the United Stalca, informing u< of extraordinary euraa. K. Van Buskirk, Esq., one of tba moat re?| actable druggiata ill Newark, New Jersey, inforina ua that he can refer to more than one hundred and fifty eases in that place alone. There are thousand* of caaaa in the city of New V'ork, which we will refer to with pleasure, and to men of character w ell known. UNITED STATES OFFICER. Capt. O. W. McLean, member of the New Jeraey Legialatiue, late of the United State* Navy, luia kindly aent ua lb* following certificate, it talla ita own story: Railway, Jan. 36, 1847. A year sino* 1 waa taken with til* influenza, and my whole system left in a debilitated atate. I waa induced to try Dr. Townaeiid'a S.iraaparilla, anil after biking two or three bottles I wai vtry much relieved, and attributed it entirely to the said Sartapanlla. 1 have continued taking it, and find tiiat 1 improve evory day. I believe it aeved my life, and would uot be w ithout it under any eonatderaUon. M; ,t . u. ?v. THE EDITOR. John Jackson, Esq., editor of the Kahway^Republicaii^uublished the above ssrliJiesla, una remarks, la an suitorls!, ss fellows ? , , _ The succms of Dr. Towiisend's |>repamtion of Sarsni trills appears to be of tli? most extraordinary character We publish to-day two certificates in its behalf, ens from Capt. McLean, of lliis town, and one from Iter. .Mr. White, ol Staten Island, a gentleman wall known in Railway. Capt. AlcLeau beliarus the medicine to liars sared his life, and Mr. While seems to entertain an equally atrong confidence in its etfiency. Intelligent ineu like these would not praise so strongly what they did uot fully believe to deserre it. SCROFULA CURED. This ocrtiGeate was handed into Br. TowuBend's office this week, and conclusirely prores that his Sarsaimrilla has perfect control over the most obstinate diseases of the blood. Tliree persons cured in one house is unprecedented. THREE CHILDREN. Dn. Towuibud? Dear Sir : I hare die pleasure to inform you that three of my children lure been cured ol the Serpfgla. by the use of your excellent medicine. They weie affUMtd eery sererely with bad sores; hare taken only four bottles; it took them away, for which I feel myself under deep obligpfton. Yours, respectfully, ISAAC W. GRAIN, 10# Wooater sMkct. New York, March 1, 1847. OPINIONS OF PHYSICIANS. Dr. Tormsend is almost daily recriring orders from physicians in different part* of the Union. This ia to certify that we, the undersigned Physicians ef the 1 city of Albany, hare in numerous cases prescribed Dr. Town end'a.Sorsapenlla, and belicre it to be one of the most raluable preparations of the Sarenparilla in the market. II. P. Puling, M. D , J. Wilson, M. D., R. B. Briggs, M. D P. E. Elmendorf, M. 6. Albany, April 1, 1813. The following is from one of the most respectable physicians on Long Island:? _ ? ? G*i?nronT, July 10, 1S4?. Dr. Townsend:? Dear Sir? It is with satisfaction that I say to you, thar I hsra recently witneaaed, in acrernl caaes, tha moat beneficial' resulte from your Extract of garaaparilia.? Being engaged in the practice of medicine, I hare prescribed it in several caaes, and never without benefit. In the removal of diseasea arising from a deranged state of the digestive orgaua, aundice, fcc., it Tar exceeds any thing of the kind aver before offered to the public. You will please send me two dozen, Its. fcc. Respectfully yours, ?. C. PRESTON, M. D Dr. ToWnsend?Being afflicted with Dyspepsia, far a leng time pact, I have endeavored frequently te eradicate it from the system by the use of phveie iu various forms, but 1 found out at last, the mere I used physic, the weaker the argent or life became, rendering uncertain the 'prospect of efftcling a enre. Recently this cnmnlaint developed itself feaifuMv eansing nlceratieus about the throat and trachea, impairing s? rioualy the organs of life in their pliyaical fanetiona. In thia atate I was recommended to try your aaraaparilla Syrup; after using two bottlea 1 find myaelt relieved from thia complaint, and all itn diatrcaaing symptoms. In my eaaa, hy ita life-giving influence, it has reatored the ayatera to iu uatural atate. My aonfidence in iu power to effect a cure in iue af general ftina tional derangement of the organa of life, impel me to reoone. lend your Saraaparilla to theuifflieted. Yoursjkc. I jasT McAllister, m. d., Albany, Auguat SO, 18-15. 93 Bread way. Dr. Townaend, Sir?Some'time aince you requested my opl uion of tlie rirtuca of your < Compound Syrup of Sarsaparilla. I am now prepared to give it. 1 hare uaed it iu iny practice and prescribed it for tlie laat few months, and mast give it my decided preference over any thing of tlie kind with which I am acquainted, both aa to ita medicinal virtues and the reasonable price at which you sell it. In scrofulous affectious, cataueeas eruptions generally, dyspepsia, indigestion, costive habits, and liver complaints, 1 am much pleased with ita effacta. In these complaints, or any other where Saraaparilla is indicated, I eaa with confidence recommend it .to the patronage of die profession as a valuable auiiliary for removing disease iu ions of ita moat troublesome forms, and to all, ns a safe and valuable medicine. BENJ. J. WEEKS, M. D. Brooklyn, Nov. 21st 181(1. DYSPEPSIA . No fluid or medicine has rver been discovered which ao nearly resembles the gastric juice or saliva, in decomposing feod and strengthening the organs of digestion, as this preparation of Saraaparilla. It positively cures every ease of dyspepsia, how ever severe or chronic. Brooklyn, March 7, U46 Dr. Townaend?Dear Sir?In tlie summer of 1843, I wee em verely afflicted with a disease of the throat, chest, and ate mach; the mucuous membrane became se ulleeted that almost every article of food I took produced such a nausea, or irritation, that it was with great difficulty that I cecld retain feed. I confined mvteJf almost entirely in the use of cores, svee thia I was ofteu obliged to throw off. 1 can scarcely describe the horrid sensation I suffered; it appeared te Die,that from the roof of my mouth to the lower pert of my etomerh was ulceruteil, and 1 wus apprehensive that 1 had net only dvspr|?ia in its worst form, but that I was threatened with bronchitis. The disease became so inveterate, that it produced a rupture of a small blood veasel. 1 was confined for several weeks, lost my flesh, and felt weak, and wearied by the least exercise. At this time I fortunately saw your advertisement, and recognized several names I knew to be highly respectable and entitled to confidence. I remembered to have seen Mr. Van Eandt of Albany, for a number of years in very bad health. From these facts I was induced at first to procure one bottle of your valuable preparation of Haisaparilla. In justice to you I feel In,mid to assure you that I esteem it an invaluable medicine for such diseases as 1 have described. It has restored me te health and strength; I have used about four bottles. To test its efficacy, after usiug one or two bottles, I omitted for some days to lake it, and soon found that 1 required more, aa the disease was not entirely subdued. I regard iLe certain enre for dvspepeia and al> actions of the throat and chest; it is soothing, and oiwratea like a charm in composing the stomach and allaying a cough. 1 intend in future, Jto keep a bottle or two on handler the uee of my family. With great regard, your friend, LAW. L VAN KLEECK.pT Mr. Van Kleek was formerly Sheriff and C lerk of Albany ty and county, and recently in the War Department at aahington. RHEUMATISM. More than one thousand cases of Chronic Rheumatism have been cured by the nee of Dr. Towuaend's Sareaparilla. The following certificate was sent us yesterday :? New York, Dec. 11, IBIS. To Doctor Towtssend :? " Sir?1 think it mv dutv to return von mv own sincere thanks for the benefit* I hare experienced by the use of your Extract of Harsaparilla. I rraa afflicted for many roonths with Kheuuiatic painx, and alio iallannnstioit of the Liver ; the suffering* winch I endured from these diseases rendered my life a her den to me. I tried every remedy that was prescribed far me, from three of the beet physirian* in the city, hut without re eeiving any permanent benefit. I considered myself incurable; liut be the advice of a friend WM induced l-i try voui ceui Kiund. 1 bud but faint hopes of stiecres, but i am nappy to say I hid not taken more DSO half a bottle boftxo I cil erieticd relief. Thie induced me to persevere in its use, and two bottles hare elTecled an entire cure. It is now seme months since I used your remedy, and I am grateful and harpy to say I never enjoyed better health. I ahull take great plensuie in recommending it to the afflicted, for by ita nse I firmly believe my life was saved. With the greatest respect, allow me to subscribe myself your gretel'ul friend, WM. B. MORGAN, 43 Canal street, corner of Broadway, GREAT FEMALE MEDICINE. Dr. Townsend's Sarsaparilla is a sovereign and speedy cure for incipient Consumption, Barreness, Leucorrhron, or Whiles, obstructed or difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of Urine, er involuntary diachnrge thereof, and for the general prostration of the system?no matter whether the result #s lUMNgl tense or causes. produced by irregularity, illness, or accident. Nothiug c.ui lie more surprising than its invigorauug effects on the bit man frame. Persons alt weakness and lassitude be fore taking it, at once become robust and full of energy under its influence. It immediately counteract* the nerveless ness of llie female frame, .which is the great cause of barrenness. It will not he expected of us, in cases of so delicste t nature, to exhibit certificates of cures performed, but we i-en assure the afflicted tliut hundreds of cases have been reported to us. Several rases, where families have besn without children, after using a few bottles of this invaluable medicine, have baen blessed with healthy offspring. Da. Towrserivn? Mv> wife being greatly distressed by weakness and general debility, and sulirriug rontiniially by a pain anil a sensation of bearing down, falling of the womb, end with other difficulties, and having known eases where your medicine has affected great cures, and also hearing it recnuimoiidsd for such cases ss I have described, I obtained a bottle of your Extract of Herseperilla, and followed the direction* you gave me. In e short period it removed her complaints and restored her health. Beinf-grratefbl lor the benefits she received, I take pleasure in thua acknowledging it, and recommending it to the public. M. D. MOORE, corner of Graad and Lydie *?. Albany, Aug. 17. 1M4. COXISL'KIK, 8*ft. SS 18411. D*. Tew-ngen,?To all whom tins may concern?This is to certify that my wifc used one bottle of your 8areaptirills previous to tier conlinement, under the moat alarming and delicate eirrnmstances, being troubled with the dropsy, -u elling of the feet, nervous sfferttone, and very mnch debilitated; with my liersnesioe, and the recommendation of those, who had used it, she we* induced to try it, with little or no fatuitand suffice it sty, the medicine lied the happy end desired effect, not or.ly in the honre of confinement, but eller the expiration of one week ef it* nee. the dropsy and nervous affection gave way to in aetnnishing degree, and brr health is now belter than it had bten for loeg rime previous. If this will he *f any service In yon, or any one w ho donltl* the success of the medicine, yon are entirely welcome to it. I suliei-ribe myself your most obedient and obliged servant, 8. 8. JAMESON. ALMOST A MIRACLE. Read the following, mid doubt it ) ou < an, that ronsunipiinn cannot be cured. This is only one of several hundred cases that Townseud's Sart-nparilla lias cured !? . ? buooklviv, scot 11,1848. Dr. Townsend?Dear Sir : I was taken a little Over .-, r,u ago with a severe cotigh ami pain in in y side?u incivaaedon me very fast indeed. I was pronounced by phyaicinna to have the quick consumption. I raised large quantities of had matter, had night sweats, and sinking very fast?my doctor said he could do nothing for me. I went to the hospital in hope of being benclftted, hut was prononnced there as incurable. I was now greatly distressed at the lungs, and could hardly breaths? I soon became nnariated, and ei|ieeted to die; was confined to my bed, and was obliged to have watches?indeed I ceiuiot give you any description that would do justice to my e we. | was supposed by my friends to be past recovery: I had tried a great number of remediea, and all seemed to be of no purpose. I rend ofsome most extraordinary cures performed bt your medicine and to tellvou the truth, I suspected there ?,< some humbug in them. But I was induced to try it-l done so. and am very thankful I did. I cannot say that I am entirely well, but I am so far recovered a to be about my business snd hope to be entirely well in a few weeks My Cough and pain in the aide, and night swaata have left me, and I raise lint rery little and am faat getting my nsnal strength. I feel it a duty to give' you a statement of my case to publish if you please. PhTKR BROYVN, 47 Lutre street, Brooklyn. Principal office, 120 Fulton street, Sun Building. New Vork Redding & Co., No. 8 Stste street, Boston; Dr. Rvott k Sons 132 North 2d street Philadelphia; S 3, Usnce, Druggist, Bal' Pf-rol k, <>, Ktcl.mond; P. M. Cohen, Charleston Wright It ( o., 131 I hartres street, New 103 South Pearl street, Albany, and hv nrtnrip-il druggists generally throughout the United Stales, West Indies, and the < inadas None genuine, unless nnf up in the Isrge square bottle* ?pt??w !3VtaB,d T,11',h* wn,t'*'< gnatttrs' 1' 8. P. TO W.NSKND.and lua name blown on the glut, al 1 mMTbldSa r

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