18 Mayıs 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Mayıs 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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r i , ??in,..,. L >J| i.mQmgmm TH Vol. Xin. No. 137?Wfcolo No. tTM. the new tore herald ESTABLISHMENT, North-west nonter of Vultoai aui?l lUHU sta. james gordon bennett. proprietor. ClttCULATIIM. M1KTV i'hodiajid. DAILY HKRaLu?.'.>?/> <Li>, Price 2 ceiiu per copy?S" 23 per nuuutn?payable in advance. wKKKLV HERALD? Every Sutarrl&y?Price 6)4 cenu per Coin ?83 12JX cent, per milium?payable in advauce. herald MJR europe? Kvery Stmra Packet dayPrice cent* per copy?$3 per annum, payable in advance. HOLIDAY HERALD?Published on the lit of January and 1st .j| July ol rarh year?single copies si*|?etice each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the usual prices?always cash IB a \ . ce Adverti-ements should be written in a plain, legible m*:i i The Proprietor will uot be resjnmsible for enrora thai may <>cn >r them. PRINT!S' ol all kiuda executed beaatiluUy and with de.patch. All leirrn or communications by mail, addressed to tha eiiii lnlimrnt, mun be poat paid, or the ixixUute will he d? it'i* "' ,i,. .?i,.r*i|.iAn mnnfi' i.imit.il AUCTION ISOTICKS. JACOB 8. PL ATT, Auctioner. Hardware and cutlery sale, lc-jacob ?S. PLATT will ??ll this dry at lOo'clock at Auction, 23u lot)a.mri.d tlaidware mid C utlery, consisting of tha u.u i variety nl heavy mid shell goods. Also. 25 boxes norc, wool, anil cotton cards, 1000 lbs rope, 10 barrels awl ha!:s, e.?ks curry combs, 00 iloz rakes, 20 doz scythe s laiiios. 200 pair hooks and hinges. grass scythes, Ibbotsou's Pit'' it st n? knives, fcc. Also, the balance of a stock of hardware to close the ssnie. Also. ?n invoice of fine pocket cu le.y, viz : real Wostenholms, Wraeg k Sons, Crooks k 4 o., a nl alhi r makers. Also, isst of Birmingham patterns, and pane Ac irds. N it. oAiery, viz : amoug ths pattern cards is a handsome as or.meut of fine polished steel and plated stiriups, and bridle bitts, tkc. mvlll lt*rc L Ah4IK AND vtOST SPLENDID COLLECTION OF ANTIQUITIES, a' the Magasiu Jaiwnais, 200 IJrnadav y ? it OVAL GL'RLEY It CO., Auctioneers, will sell on Thursday, May 20th, 1817. at the above Magasiu a moat beautiful collection of Japan Lacquered Pnrcrlain, for ornaments, in girat variety; carved and inlaid Chairs, of the times of Catherine de Medicis and Louis XIV: maguificent carved and inlaid Cabinets, of sui>erb workmanship; old Dresden Porcelain Grout ,, Figures, ups and Saucers, ol great antiquity; Porcelain de Series, of the fabric of Louis XIV ; ancient Venetian Hoc ils or Wine Glasses, ancient Faus of the 16th century, anil two Japan Porcelain Tables or Card Receivers, of great curiosity, such as h .ve never te en seen in this country. Sale to eomUMnei positively at II o'clock, rain or shine, and now ready lor examination, with catalogues N. II Ladies and gentlemen wishing to spend a pleasant halfnn hour, call and examine this precious collection, which is the I, i iilsiiinast ever offered at public sale. ml6 4ti**rc WANTED?A boy from 15 to 18 years of age, of indttstri oua habits, to attend bar in a porter house; the best of references required. Apply at No. 2J Aiiu street. Salary libe r?J _ in 17 jjr WANTED?By a respectable young female a situation as rlninberiraid and plain sewer. The best of city references given. Please rail at No. 19 Julian Hotel, No. 2 Washinglon Place, where the advertiser is occupied at present, invl 72'*rli WANTED?A situationM Coachman, by an Englishman, w ho thoroughly understands his business, and can bring good rtrommendatious from his last employer. No objection to town or country. Address W. G? Tlerald Office. ma 17 3t*rh TO PRINTERS?Wanted, an experienced and competent person, industrious and sober, as foreman in a large Xylographic and Job Printing Office in this city. To one possessing the requisite qualifications, a permanent situation and liberal salary will be given. . Address, with references,Mr. Dexter, New York, through the Post Office. m17 3t*rc WAN 1 ED?A second hand No. 2 or 3 of floe's large single cylinder printing press, one but httle used, and must be in good condition and working order, subject to the inspection of Mr. Hoe, with a sheet flyer. Letters addressed, (post paid.) to H. K , at the office of the New York Herald, will beat WANTED IMMEDIATELY.-7-A first rale journeyman 1 lair Dresser, Good wages given, and no labor required on Sunday. Andy to ^ 8. W. CREECI1, Boston, May. 12, 1047. No. 50 Court street Boston. myU 3t?rc _ p in j,LAR NOVICE?A youug nuUsiMiii mltoM A reference is or the highest respectability, would like board, or room without board, and give lessons for the same u no i the pi too forte to the family. A liue left at At welt's Music store, addressed to A. B., will receive immediate attention. wyMSt+rc tn '1>A HTNKR WAN TED.? With a cash * capital of $3 to $5000, in a first class hotel in one of tbe best locations in this city, noW|in full operatiou, and doing ? pood end profit able business. Address A. B. D., through the Post Office Reference given m?d injuired. mvlfi 1 w*< A I U'-WU h. No LI 811 LAD k . lor ?oine time resident <?t Pans, is desirous of entering a gentleman's family, whose d uDuers might wish to acquire the mo.e finished branches of education, or to avail themselves of thor ugh musical instruction. No ohjectiou to the South Address O. L. II., New fork pott oBer, _ nyl|dt*f Wr, would c<tii particvl-ir atie<itito. lo ihe lact dint we aie mi uf&cturiug suew and superior article of Lead Pipe, free fnnn all impci fcctious and warranted not to split. PI irnbt-r* a.id dialer* generally supplied on ih? most rra?un* able terms 1 HU8. OTIS LE ROV &. CO., in.'fi i-r'rc HI uid MS R ite streot N) 1 ICe- lO liENTLEM&N AO ELO.Ni i.ulaL- U? ntlemen, now is the season to pnpnre your clotlnng for summer. I sin now j rep red to clean, dye. niter or repair an v <1 .ut ty of c?Mts or pants that vou may wish to be nude to look lili new, by iny approved ?ty ! * o cleaning. To save you buying new oi.es, it* worth your trying For six shillings only you can liai e your coats cleaned to look equal to new ; at the same lim** y on can luve thcin repaired on reasonable terms; 91 Mui" ray, corner Washington street, is the only place where you can get your work done in time, without disappointment. Plca c j note 91 is the num >cr, where you can always find inv 16 2w*c A. CORT188Q8. I I" 0ST?Some time last week, in passing from Fulton and AJi \as>nu to Broadway and Canal streets, a gold Pencil Case, ol the latest workmanship, chased, and was set w ith a yellow t?qm/.. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at ths olfice of wit paper, wrI7 3?*rr | fNI.VEKHlTk Ok NEW. uikk -Im coueeqeeuce ! the decease of Dr. REVERE, there is a vacancy iu the Chiir of the Theory and Practice of Medicine in this Institutiqn. The medical profession are therefore informed that applications for this Professorship will he received until AuRJHt lb h. All communications must be addressed post-paid to the undemgued They will be regarded as strictly confidential; ai d t he u <mc of no applicant, except the successful one, will he divulged. JOHN VV. DRAPER. M.D., Secretary of the Faculty, 304 Fourth street, New York. (II . i;i|i v of-h- V lc u Jry ) mvlT 2t*r DJuICpLATES ! DOOR PL ATES 1-FimTlSrasTiud S.lver Door Plates for Si 50 to $3, at CLASaEN'8, No. I Murray street, m 17 30 * h ffSUHirwf Hrou'wav. H'j , i.. i uiiiM', ?rthuMeoMtcn Utiug Mirriigc<JL 'he Married Woman's Piivate Medical Compaiiiou, by l)r A. Al M iuriceau, Professor <?f Diteas* of Women. Second ! d tion. price SI.?The grc t d?*man i f??r this most importa.it wcrii (of which lliousau Is are sold) li.?s compelled the ujue of a nevv cdbion Every rem j|e is getting a Co,?v, whether mar ried or u im irried, although it is intended especially for the ma'ricd, a.' it discloses important secrets, which should he k ioWii to '.he?n particularly. Here every female can discover ttie caii es, symptom*, and the most efficient remedies, and most cert riu tnoue of cure in ever? case. To be obtained at /lie Medical Office, 129 Liberty streer. Dr. A. Al. Alrtiiriceau can be consulted on a') complaints ap j er.aiui' to IVmile* with the strictest confidence. Addrtss (p- *t p*id) to hot 1221. \J II I la. ? l>.. pa m. til nf S I . .ini.i ? ill k* fr.n.miM.,1 In. mail frw of |?i stave, ro all part* of ilia United State*. in IS nSat M I ufcTh * r ~ T " ii-JKar~VV UjU.N, aM) tiAK.Sr.sn Kt)K SAL ! .? Horse bay, fast and gentle?i* aUo fir?t r > ?- A ii ..I... 11.?- raddle, and can be recommended in t ier, i??pect. Sold i>u account of tire owner having gone to Knrvi . The AVagou and H.irnes* have hern liut little used M i', !ie :.e? ii at Murray'* Livery Stable, Columbia *treet, near A'lin'iC street, Brooklyn; and for further particular* apply at M h rl itiwt, ?pitaln. mVmw'n 1*1 A ' Ut Ull'J I'.Ej fUlt til It I',. J. V. HKNDKR.SON, Manufacturer of f??* JTSyMQlI'iauofortes, ii| Broadway, lia* constantly on 's-rf fa jf~11 baud an aa*orttneut of superior Rosewood and I I ix X I Mahogany Pianoforte*, kept expressly for line. nLo an extensive and well selected stuck ol new nid |>opiil ir Music, Violin and Guitar String*, Re. Sex .nl Second-hand Pianoforte* for sale cheap, 549 Broadw ?y, I ctwi i i Spring and Prince ?trecta. a?t st?w im*r MORNING LIN if. AT mai.k-p AST SIX 07< LOCK. ry^am. FOIl ALBANY AND TROY and Ir.termer*'"'*Wl|i,l? Lauding*?Low fare. Brr.akla*! a id liiniu r on I oard the Boat. The low tor.sure steamboat TROV, Captain A. Gorham, will lest e the *tesmlioa' pier loig of Barclay street, Monday *, Wed,irsd.iy*. anil Knd.iys, at half-put an o'clock. Returning 01 the opposite days. The xemiho.it NT AGARA, I 'apt. II. L. Kellogg, will leave , tin mo ,,ibo.it pier, foot of Barclay street. Tuesday*, T'hurs- | dry. and Saturday, at lialf-past t? o'clock. Ri turning on the opposite day *. for passage or Irciglit, apply on board, or to p. B. Hull,at the office on the e harf. tltyd re ji OPPOSITION PASS At IK UKKIi b?TO w . _ w Vlhinv. I tic. Si 10; Srracnse, gg; Oswego, i n firfi'iaii'ia *"l Rochester, Si Buffalo. Si ntt; i*levrloiU. gi II; l/etiolt, SJ; Mil Winkle, $8; Chicago, S(l; Circinisti.H; Toronto and llniniltou, (I: Wliitehalt, $2, Mo.itre it. gi; Pittsburg. ?ll. Oilic-, IliU Barclay street. Any seciiril v .eijiiii e I will h" given I jr the fulfiitncnl of nil cunt act? in.ide with this Com] nmill Inr ir M I. R A V, Agent, New York, 1847. ri . FOB si-.W o.tl.i: V.NS-i.otIslANA ibU N'lAV VORK LIN*; OK PA' KK 1 S.? Positively ^aMMcfaSa'he first a-.d only regular packi t to sail on Thursday, Hi. , TI.e new and splendid last sailing picket ship OSit) ( apt Ingersoll, i? i ow loading anil w ill positivelysiil n ahove, anil before any other re-:* I now in port. for height or passage,having inc. inmodatioiii uneiiualled far splr idor or Comfort, apply on board, it I rlcaus wharf, font I U <11 arr. et, to to K. K. < OLLINH, 56 South *1 Positively no freight will lie rircivtil on hoard after tomorrow \i rdiiesd.ay evening, May I'Jlh. Agents in New Orleeua?.John O. WiudrufTIt Co., who wi'l promptly forward all goorl* to their address. Sim per* may rt Iv upon ttii* vessel sailing punctually as advertised, in Hire . ,~j,~ K(l It Ll VKIIP >GI.-The .plciidid, lis, .riling l? *hi|? r'pL()Nls |\ l.i io hum, i apt. Hinnotc, | tI p?i'irrly rn 21*t of May. 11r aoromm'*- ( iluiMf. for *1*111 pd'ai'imf ,* arc very superior, a limited ' i.u.nhcr of wlioin w * 11 he tsken 011 ni xl? rate term*. Ilnvi? wr u I u ;? M nli?j"cioiM Hon ft mi dftck, which is lofty and well | ii^l* if* e <i>-nite of nce< mmoditinx arco'id cabin i???n?rm;ftni which will l?? tak? u at sr?*er?ifr pricr* 'i Iipsp w iMiing to ruic heitlis, should make t tily apolieitiou to I'. W. IS v HNKiS U ( O*. m . lH ;r 113 Ronfh ?tre? t. he low 15m lime slip. K VV LINK OK PAC'K i s U nd ft nt Li Uv^tVp trji I ? 1 !?? siilotidol fist amlim* nud favuritr packMiUmm t. hip Kr N OF TIIK WJ.S'I'," Itons ho, m?- , I-dpf. W?N?dh'UiKft. will aail frovt New V??rk f-n Keid y Vlav 211^, and frorn Liverpool on flu- Mh of July. The 4 Qti' < ii ol i ,n Wur" and her ovoutni lUrjuni mo well V.'liiwn lo t u* public, that it w*?ul*l be ll rlf4t ftgain to d( ncri them T'j wiahiiig to proeecd to k.u ope, or th> t+ w i Iiiiik to ienil f.?r their ? i?- d?t ? come out in fin n*S7tiif> , n* J o'kpf, should tn ;ke tarly a pin; finn on board, ft? ,t of Bti I u Klip, or to W it J T.TAPHl OTT. in Ij m WI ?v>titn nt Id door hflow Burling slip i.NtM I* ? '?VII iwr*??iM are tortild iriistii.c Iht* VjMKVWere^ of the British hriit I!?rri?on?, from Knudcr# uLyifai md, as no deuts of tin ir routractm; will he paid bv *n?- . on or ro asigurr. JG6KPH M'Ml'HRAt , /w iUi c t?6 South street. E NE1 P A&&XVAL or VERB STEAMSHIP BRITANNIA I AT BOSTON. \ TWO WBBE8 LATBRNSWI 1 FROM EUROPE. State of the Markets. Highly Interesting Commercial Intelligence. ADVANCE IN THE CORN MARKETS. Pall in the Price of Cotton. Conspiracy Against the 7ope. Affairs on the Continent of Europe, &o., tie., Ac. The steamship llritnnnin, Captaim Harrison, taking the place of the Iliherr.ia, left Liverpool on the .|th inst.. and arrived at Boston at one o'clock yesterday morning, to the astonishment of all concerned. Our special telegraphic reporter sent the news to its over the lightning line, at the rate of one hundred and twenty-five and thirty letters or electrie sparks per tninute. The line, with Mr. Foss as operator at this terminus, worked charmingly. The intelligence is, of course, important. It is two weeks later. The price of cotton on the sailing of the Caledonia had a downward tendency. After her departure prices further declined. The market had become flat, the sales less, and operators not operating. There had been some fluctuation in the price of grain .and flour, during the mouth, but prices had settled down at 40s a 42s tor Western Canal flour. On the 3d instant, foreign wheat obtained an advance of fully 4s per quarter.? The flour trade was very active, and a rise of 2s. per barrel was established, whilst Indian corn was sold at 5fis. to 58s. for white, and 58s. to 60s. for yellow. The amount of breadstufls which the Americans have sent to the starving Irish, has been the universal theme of eulogy in Ireland, and of warm and generous sympathy in England. The funds had continued uninterruptedly n | downward course. The bullion in the hank was still disappearing rapidly; the directors had been | more strinirent than ever. i The European Timet says since we alluded to the position of the Bank of England, matters hitd become worse, and the whole commercial ! world from Cornwall to Caithness, and from Cape Clear to the Ciant'a Causeway, were up in arms in respect to the monetary policy. The foreign events of the fortnight were not of striking interest. In Portugal the junta still kept the Queen's forces at bay. The insurgents were powerful, and too wealthy to be extinguished by force. The Queen of Spain and her husband showed symptoms of enduring each other. They had appeared together in public, and the reconeiliuticn is said to have given rise to great rejoicings. >-. Three men, whom the French court sentenced to death for their participation in some of the corn riots at Bosancius, were executed on the public square of that town on the 12th ult. before i an immense concourse of people. The government education scheme had passed to u third reading in the House of Commons, nf- 1 ter a three nights' debate, almost without oppo- ( sition. A few days ago not fewer than two thousand emigrants sailed from Hamburg for New Vork. In some parts of the country emigration is car- ' ried on to nn alarming extent. Whole villages i go away en mamr, and entire districts become 1 depopulated. j The latest accounts from Ireland represent the > mortal career of the I.ord Lieutenant as rapidly drawing to a close. The Dublin Evening Poet holds out no hope of his recovery. The papers contain the advices by the overland mail from India and China. From the former the most important intelligence seems to he the death of Karnr Khan, son of Dost Mahomet. It is said the business at Canton, had lessened by the New Year holidays occurring in February, iind the failure of two important Chinese firms. The potnto blight has reappeared in the neighhnrhnnrl nf . O'Connell was sinking dailv. The accounts wliich came lo linnd through the medium of the French papers show that his earthly career is drawing to a close. The weather had undergone a favorable change. Vegetation was making rapid progress. The account ot the wheat and oat crops are highly encouruging, and even in regard to potatoes very favorable accounts are received. i Kouie curiosity hit been excited at ( ork by the arrival. from New Orleans. of ? ship wholly manned by , blacks I Jenny I.ind. about whom the I.onilon musical world is i going mad. is to appear this evening (Tuesday i at h?r 1 Majesty's Theatre. 1 Mr. Robert < '. Wlnthrop. representative of the city of ] Boston, was present ut her Majesty's levee. A vessel named the Isabella, arrived in I lie Marscjr on i the 2-Jd ultimo, from l.iina. with specie in cargo to the ( amount of sMMjBM, 1 The distress in Savoy is at thn present moment so i great, that. throughout every part of thet country, ex- I tending along the f.nke of (>eneva. bread is now selling ' at ten sous per pound. 1 Sir 11. (V Ilooth, of Sligo. is fitting a tine ship, of POO ' tons for the purpose of conveying the poor on Ills estate to the North American colonies. Disturbances have taken place at Prague, owing to the number of hands thrown out of employment. The military was called, and it is feared that blood was shad. The British colonics throughout the world occupy nn 1 area of 3.119,70S square miles, with a total population of 107,7ort.,TjJ Their exports and imports amount to jC.VV- j A&IAOO sterling, and they possess 7.A14.0HA tons of ship- i ping. Mr. Mnddox, the lessee ot the Princess's Theatre, t.on- | don, has offered Mr. Mncrcady an engagement for twen- | tv weeks of the next season, at 100 guineas per week j ills performance to La three times a week at stipulated interval.'. The French < hainhor of Deputies has expressed its anxiety that the cfllgy of Itonsparte should lie restored to tb?-cross ot tiie l.eglon of Honor, instead of that of | Henry IV .and thet tin* town of Bourbon-Vendee should i | resume the name of Vills* Napoleon Mis? < ushinan lias been lying very dangerously ill at Seafurllt Hall, the residence of James Muspratt. Ksq,. ' where ihe arrived a few days ago from Ireland.?.Yoi| linghnm llfvii i.'. The Lords ommissloners of her Majesty's Treasury. I by their order dated the tt ttli ult . have given directions j | for suspending the demand for duty on ship biscuit, or , I biscuit of other kinds not being fancy biscuit or confer- i tioucry, until the let day of September next. I f'raarwrr Movr.sivvt iv fcrnvi.xtvo.?The filangnir j j Nrrald mentions that a great and influential meeting In j I favor of granting a temporary permission to the various ; ' bank-throughout the country to convert tha specie nt j present held by them into government or other securities. has been begun in that place. It Is understood that I ! upwaids of XiOUOOOO of gold are held by the Scotch t banks alone, which are wholly useless in Scotland, no I one ever wUhlog to sec a sovereign In that, country. In ' 1 the K.dinbnrgh Stock Kxebunge a similar resolution has barn couie to. sod petitions have l.een prepared for pre- I sentation to Parliament on the subject It is added that 1 : sll Meet I a nd will bo nioving In this <jue?llou In the course of a few days. W YO JEW YORK, TUESDAY ] restriction 0-< F.mioihtion to Avikric.%. -A meetng of shipowners. and other* Interested in the oonveyince of passengers. was held on the \0th ult , in the L'nlerwriters' room of the Liverpool Lxcuange. for the mrpose of devising means to remedy a grievance to rhirb some may soon be subjected by the passing of tho scent American emigration law it. O. < hnpman. Esq vas called to the chair. Tho act in questlou. he said, vould curtuil seriously indeed the numberof passengers lermittcd to be taken hence, in mcr -bant ships, to tho Jnited States. There could not be a doubt he oonsidired (as the act would be oppressive to American as ?> u hk in onu?u snipping). mm me oiyeci 01 mo eon ;ress in passing it wan to prevuut anv alarming Influx of utuper emigrants from Ireland The law required a pace of fourteeu superficial feet for wtcll passenger; and ho consequence wan. that it would abridge. he believed, he number of passengers to nearly half the present nuount. Mr. *oulburu thought the act. instead of hang injurious. would be advautogeou* to the British ih powner. because it would have the tiled of doing iway. in a great measure. with emigration to New York, vud necessarily iuduse it to our possession* in Canada, dr -hute moved a reaolution to the effect, that the irovisiong of the new act are seriously oppressive in the sasc of abipowuers who had uutcred into engagements 'or the conveyance of pubsengera. Mr. t'auiiou aecondnl the resolution, which was carried. Mr. Lamport then unved that a memorial should he presented to Lord faluierston. praying him to make such repivscututt"us to the ministers ut Washington as to exempt from the >pcratiou of the act vessels which had entered Into arrangements before the arrival of the Uibernia. Secondid by Mr. Anderson, and carried. After some converlation. the draft of a memorial wan agreed upon On the'Hth the deputation had a most satisfactory interview with Lord I'aimerston, at his private residence, in Carlton Gardens The deputation wa<\ accompanied by Lord Sandon, Sir Howard Douglas, and Mr. William Brown, M. I'. It is believed that the noble Secretary for Foreign Affairs will act witli promptitude in furtlcrancuof the dec ires of the deputation to procure delay In the application of the new enactments. Til p. Steamship Great Bhiiais.?A recent communication from Dundrum Bay gives a favorable account of the condition >u which the hull of the Great Britain is fouud, after enduring the merciless buffet ings of the ate severe winter. Tlio plan which Mr. Brunei ado] led tor savlDg the vessel from Ihe full force of the tea. by tormlng u breakwater of hurdles, has proved very suo'essful. and the under portious of the vessel are dbeovcred to be much less damaged Irom frictiou than might lave been feared, especially conaidoriug the rugged nature of the beach in Dundrum Bay. Workmen are employed. under proper direction, 'lightening the bulkheads and uiukiug things in readiness for tho measures srhirli may soon be set on foot for floating the vessel llic intention of the directors is to bring the vessel to Liverpool, where a good portion of her machiuery has aeen received and stored, and we hope, in a month, to >ee this flue specimen of naval architecture rescued from her perilous position, and undergoing the needful epairs. to tit her ouee uiorp to take her place amongst hat fleet which carries to all lauds tile trophies of Kngand's unbloody conquests. Steim paract Commi rsiraticn ri:twei:r New Yoiie ijio Bremen.?The lihmau Ubgcrrer publishes a note, iddresscd by the Prussian Government to the States of ihe Xotlverein, in which It recommends to them the establishment of a regular steam-pnekct communication between New York and Bremen. It nppiars, among uttaer things in this note, that the sum of 271).100 thalers bad been subscribed towards this enterprise, by several iif the confederate states, in the following proportions : On 111* part of the Zoiiverein, 144.1(H) thaler*, of which Prussia contributed 100.000; Saxony. 'JO 000; aud Frankfort. 10.000. Bremen entered for 100.000; ilunover for l.VOt0 ; the Grand Duchy of Olduuburgh for 10,000 thaler*. Navigation Trfatt Bftwf.kn riir. Zoi.i.wrfin ?*ii EnnuxD.-Tb* Cologne Oatetle state* that the Prussian cabinet ha* decided on uot renewing the navigation treaty of the 4nd March. 1 HI I, between the Zoiiverein and England. which is about to temiinute. The southeru Pilate* of Germany objected to tlie treaty being discontinued on account of the elfeet It would have ou the importation o| sugar; but the Zoiiverein State* were unanimous in resolving that it should not be renewed in it* pr<sent form. The Cologne Gaztlle adds, that the dispatches directing the cessation of the treaty bute been sent to London. Ilrltlaii Purlluiiu ut. In the House of Common*. April :10, after the disposal of the private business. The House then went into committee on the bill, when the Chancellor of the Exchequer proposed that loanr. be advunced to certain railways in Ireland In so doiug lie took occusion to observe, that the panic which prevailed so generally in the money market, within the last few days, was altogether without foundation. He was enabied to make that ptatemeut. not only from an interview wbthh he had that morning with the Governor ol the Bunk of hngluud, but from leceut intelligence from the I'uited States. With respect to the tollauce to be given to the Great Southern and Western (Irish) Hail way. the VVutertord and Limerick, aud ill* Dublin and Drcgbcdu railway*, no further loan was to is; raised for that purpose. Inconsequence of its being found impossible to uiuko the Reclamation of Waste Land* Bill hi Irclaud work practically, at leust for the present, thai measure, which gave one million live hundred thousand pounds, was ubuuduiiid, and five hundred thousand pounds ol the money proposed to be given by instalment* lor the advanct nu-ut of those lines. 1 lie money so lent was to be repaid with interest, and the lines mortgaged to the government for such repayment. A lengthened debate ensued, which will be found fully reported in the usual place, aud ultimately the House divided, when there appeared, for the motion *408? igaiust it 70?mujority in favor of the government LI3. American Sympathy for Ireland. "Mr. Bancroft To Lord John IIcisell. "90 Luton Square, April '.'8, 1847 "My Lord?Th* people of New Orleans touched by the accounts of the distress from famine in Ireland, came together in a public meeting on (he ftth of Febtuiry last Mr. Johnson, the Governor of Louisiana, prodding. and Mr. Day, of Kentucky, taking part in the proceedings, and made a voluntary contribution of fifteen thousand dollars. This olTuriug. a couiuiittc. consisting of Mr. ( rossuian. the Mayor of New Orleans, and of live of its most respectable uitiseus, have placed entirely at my disposal, with uuolher restrict ion than that 'it be applied witli the least possible deluy in order to ?1leviato Hi the most general and equitable manner the suffering* of the people of IrelantL.by the purcliuse ol food for their rtliei'.' From your lordship's position in tliu Government, you best know where relief is most urgently demanded, and how it run be applied without waste, without expense, anil without interfere*-* with other arrangements. As the surest method of rurry'.ng into eflect the willies of tile CitllflU of N ew (Irleso* I therefore beg leave to place their contribution ut your lordship's disposition, requesting you to exercise in its application the Mine disoretion which lias been conferred on myself. I'erhaps I should say no more; but I am impelled to add, that the sympathy of tile people of the L'niteil States witli the sudden and overwhelming calamity which lias befallan Ireland is earnest autl universal; and that, mindful of their European origin, they share in the afflictions nnd rejoice iu the prosperity of lli* nations from which they spruug ! am. my lord, with high consideration, very faithfully your*. "Gr.OUGE BANCROFT. "Lord John Russell." Loan John Ri jii:i,i. in Ms. Bancrom. Aran. 49. 1817 ' Sir ? I have received witli much gratification your letter of yesterday, informing uie I bat the peopln of New Orleans assembled at a public meeting (Mr. Johnson, the Governor of Louisiana, pi esiding), made a voluntary contribution for 111* relief of the distress in Ireland, to the amount of fifteen thousand dollars. I have likewise ! received a draft for the amount, witli your request that the sum should be applied where relief is most urgently j demanded, without waste, without expense, and without . interference with other arrangements. I feel highly ho- j nored by the confidence you have placed in me. it up peeps to me that the bestinodeot dispensing witli this j magnificent contribution is to transmit it without delay to til* Central Relief! omiiiitt.ee in Dublin, presided over by Lord Klldar*. * f -ball accordingly semi th* amount Si him with a copy of your letter. With reference to ho latter part of your letter, allow me to add. that I lie tamest and universal sympathy of the people of the L'nlted States with our distressed countrymen in Ireluud is moat gratifying to the people of Great Britain and Ireaud. aud that her Majesty the (queen has seen with the iiigiicsi mipimuuu iue iiianiicsiuiinn* 01 generosity vud charity of a nation sprung from Did panic origin a* jurxelvc*. I have the honor to be, \\ itti Ihti greatest respect. your* Tory faithfully, ' J. KlittHKLL." Ireland. The weather ha* of late undergone n favorable change. Vegetation la making rapiJ progress. The account* of Ihe wheat and oateropa are highly encouraging; aiul ?ven in regard to potatoes very favourable account* are received. The smaller class of farmers, who have suffer I'd so terribly by the destructive failures of last year, are plucking up courage to try their favorite root once more. The early spring planting of potatoes had been confined to the large farmers and gentry, who could afford to make experiments, hut within the last week j the small farmers are also Venturing. The Nturry Trlrgra/1 'i says: " The planting of potatoes is <|Ulte general 1 in this part of the country, several of the more exten- j sive farm r.< having large hreatobs of land laid down for < that p' .o?. The early planted are uxliibitiug the ' mostgru. fying promise of a large and abundant crop, I tha yoang plants coming up strung and vigorous, as in | the most favourable season* " The accounts from other | districts are similar. Whether for good or evil, there | will lie an extensive potato culture this year I'rohshly i I he amount planted will he about the fourth part of the i rrop of ordinary years <'n the d lth ult. deputations from the city of ' ork i ?nd sonic pulilic Itodies proceeded to (love. to present addresses to ( uptain forties. of the l otted Mate* sloop : of war latnestowu, which had brought* relief eargo.valu- j sd at A"It 0<MI. ( apt, forties, in Ins reply, expressed the I necessity of raising the moral standard of the penph , In his reply to the cit y of f ork address he says: v mi know, gentlemen, thai in America we have no lower il'dci*,' iu a moral point of view, unb "they lie imported, and I list, th?y are not long permitted to live ns they I were wont to do at home, they nre obliged, by the social ' suctoms ami the civil laws, to do their *iiare of the common weal It was determined, at a meeting In ( ork ! in the44 nit., nt which lord Bernard. M IV presided, that the cargo of the .Inmestown should he distributed iinongst tlie ten unions of the county, according to the extent of population and the prevalence of dlsires* In sacli Among the unfavorable features of the account* from 1 Ireland the prospect of a neglect of flax cultivation may I be regarded as serious, inasmuch as the annual products j MORNING, MAY 18, 1847 of this branch of Industry ore usually estimated at I ?-.2.000,000 The price of seed has greatly fallen. al- i though supplies are low In consequence of no shipments i having been made fmm the I nited States, whence the export generally averages 0000 tierces; and dealers allege that they lisve nev.-r known so limited a demand ( This appears to have arisen not so much from the l paralysis which has prevented a large portion of the I people from attending to cultivation of any kind, as from l the fact of the high price of wheat having tempted those who are still disposed to exert themselves to devote their mi una to an increased production of that article, und thus to discontinue their ordinary produce. It is to )>e feared, however, that this will prove a mistake. The N-rthrrv Whin states that tile notato Mlirht hna re-appeared in tin* neighbourhood of Belfast Mr. Siuith O'Brien bus seut u Utter to the Freeman't Journal, repeating hi* uccusstionof "a Whig Alliance'' between the O't'onnvUs and the Government. Me unit* Mr. J. O'C'ounell to deny that they solicited situation* from Government for themselves and friends. France. Tlio news of General Taylor's victories was received

with much satisfaction in Paris. Old Rough end Ready's" reply to Santa Anna's summons to surrender, is greatly admired from it- nolile simplicity; and several French gentlemen have declare that it will live in history like Nupoleou* appeal to his soldi-rs at the Pyramids, or like his spirit-stirring address on seeing he sun rise on the tleldof Au.terlitx The Comlitutionnel i f this morning has uu article on the reported intention of the United States goverumeut to seize the custom-house* of Mexico, and to allow good* to he Imported on the payment of duties to be fixed by it. Your contemporary flunk* that, if carried into execution, this design may l<e injurious to the interests of Fronel merchant* trading with Mexico, and it asks what will he lone if, on the conclusion of the war, Mexico should refine to acknowledge the right of the United States to reeelve it* custom dutit-s. and should seise French vessel* and goods to indemnify itself for any toss it tuny hare sustained ' The Conttilnlionnel call* upon the govern men t to tnke the matter into consideration. nod to make snrli diplomatic representations to the I'nitwd states government as the ease may see in to require. The hill relativ c to the establishment of regular steam communication between Havre and New York, lias received the King's assent, and is now the law of the land. Tlie steamers are called the i bristoplie Coloinb. the Canada, the Darieu. and the I Ilea. The company engages to keep up a regular forluigiilly communication between Havre and New Y ork, to convey the mail, and to render some other services to the government. The company has long been pushing forward its preparation* with great activity; and it is now advertising that the first voyage to New York will lie made between the 'J0th and 3Uth of May. This new line of steamers will cause a very serious loss to the Liverpool line*, for it will luevitubly deprive them of all the passenger* and merchandise to snd from France. It will also deprive the l.ugllsh post olttce of several thousand* per annum, which it received forthe conveyance of the French mails. Complaint* have been made in the Havre und other journals, that the Americans have Imposed u tax upon foreign shipping arriving on the roast* of California.? Home of them even say that the conquest of California, not having been recognized by France and other countries, this amounts to a robbery. The Journal del Debaii coulinars to urge the goverumeut. with great earnesluess. to uaintaiu the lnws at present in operation relative to the importation of corn and provisions; that is. to continue to allow grain and food to enter France at a mere nominal duty. The agricultural interest, howevor, protests against such a concession. and the government thus far seems disposed to side with it. The merchant* uud inhabitants of Havre have just sent u petition to the Chamber, praying that corn, cattle, and salted invut. may be ullowed to be imported free of duty. In its articles the liebals bus strongly insisted ou the great advantage it would be to the working <das?es of France if they wors enabled to obtain the salted pork uud othur meat of the United States at a moderate ratu. At present you uro aware the French cat Very little meat, on account of itR high price; the laboring classes scarcely touch it from week's end to week's end, und very many among them never { touch any at nil. Grt at distress continues to exist. Bread is excessively dear. A slight reduction lately took place, hut a further advance is expected in a day or two. and it is feared that during the months of May und June provi- ' sions of all kind* will bu dearer tlian they have hitherto been. Vegetation is very backward, owing to the cold we have had during the last fortnight. The Hutch Government haa lntely remitted to tie French Government a decree of the Emperor of Japau. Rtuling that foreigners cunuut be allowed to survey the coasts of thut country nor run any foreign vessels, with the exception of those of Holtund, bu allowed to enter its ports. The decree was issued in 1843, but it whs not made known to Fraucu until now. because she had manifested no desire to establish illations with Japau. it is prooanie inbi itii' uuicu <iinci umt-iii will couiuniun'.'itr the came decree olHelally to that of the United btuti The Uovvruuieut. has just sent out a new mission to i Chin*. The usual quarterly arrount of the Hank of France allows that at the end of the quarter it had in hand OOO.fii Ofr in specie, of which nine million" were in Ingots at London The maia of note* in circulation vus i-l'J.OOO.OOOO. Hills to the amount of 170.000.nOPIr had been discounted ut Paris, and 75,oOO OOO in the provinces. Tim balance in hand of current accounts v. us dk.OGO.OOOfr. The deposits of the Treasury luul fallen from to.ooo.roofr to 2 i.00u,000fr Mr. Hancroft, the I ntted States Minister in Knglarol, has been ou a visit to 1'urid. On Sunday, the 1 ith. lie was received by King l.ouij Philippe Mr. Ingersnll, the United States .Minister to Ruasia, aceompamed by Mr. Colin and Mr. hfinoU, sttstliiiof hbtBhwy. were also received by the King at the same time. They wi re ull presented by Mr. .Martin, of the United States embassy in this eity. The King. I understand, receive I on* and ull in the kindest manner with something uiore than mere kingly politeness. More Americans and American families ere now In Paris than at auy previous period. P.very month the ari iv is from America increase. '1 he season continues to bo very dull. Taken altogather, it is the dullest known nines I have resided in Paris, and I have been here a long time. The Sitclr states that the extraordinary credits demanded of the Chamber of Deputies by the Minister*, average during ordiuary years 1. O.tiflOfr. Thin year they umnuut to the enormous sum of HMJ.OOOfr. " The famous mission to China.'' adds the Sitrlr. "cost the treasury 5,'JsO 001 fr ; but the t nuimltl'.-e on the liuitget forgot to ask the Minister for Foreign Affair" what advantage has been derived from it. The ? hamber of Deputies v.as occupied on Saturday and Monday with a discussion on liuuieious petitions for the total anil imtnediute abolition of slaveiv in the i colonies, which, in despite of the opposition ot the government, were ordered to he referred to the Ministers . nflliei ninnies and JVtticf. 1 ills decision islaiitamounl I to a di rlaratlon of the ( liuinher in favor of the object t t | the petitions. Couriers are conslantl^ passing between the TuilerWs and St. Petcrsbiirgh, and I-ouis Philippe Is sparing n>? pains to induce the Kmperor Nicholas tovisit Paris. A Toulon letter of thu 22(1 Inst states that orders had just been received at. that, port, for all the vessels which are to Join the Mediterranean squadron, under the rnruinaud of tlie Prinev dc Joiuville, and now off the Hyercs, to put to sea as soon as possible. Karly in May.tlir'aquadrou will consist of live shipsof the linn, of which three are three deckers, two frigates, and a steam corvette. The Prince is to leave the llyeres about the llith of May. ilelfftnm. Tlie captains of certain American vssseis stationed at Antwerp. ii'iu'i'u so juiiii ouuirnci.fi nun ninni they liml entered for the conveyance of emigrant* to the I nfted State*. 'J he* alleged that, unless security wore given to them beforehand, they would run the risk of hejug Buhjerteil to the provision* of the new lew. The rsso i wits brought before one of the law court*, which hits de elded against the captain*, and condemned themlto fuitil their contract*. The court laid down that It could not take cognizance of the new law. particularly a* it had not been officially notified to the Belgian government. It held, besides, that the date of the :llst May ullinled to the departure of emigrant* from Knrope. and not to their arrival in the I'nited Stales. Italy* A most diabolical plot to murder the Pope ha* been dlacovered. It was (list found out by the French Ambassador; he revealed the name of the conspirator* to ' the Pope. Their Intention wa* to useasHinnlv him wh le | giving audience to the one who wa* appointed to kill him. A < hppricliin prioet presented him for tiie ' audience of the Pope. Ilia Holiness requested hi* name. This he gave, but before being admitted the Pope looked over the list of conspirators, and found the name of the t apuchin. Theu lie immediately summoned the I arhinirie*. who on the ( Hpuchin's entrance *ei*cd hint, and on searching liitn found he bad a lirnce of loaded pistols, and a poisoned dagger about Ins person; the eopuclii'i wns conveyed to prison, many arrests took place. The plot is no doubt a concoction Hpnln. Don Krencisco hail appeared in public wilh the Queen on the lath ult.. tin* tirst time they had appeared together for several weeks, und this symptom of reconi'ili- \ allon has occasioned great rejoicings t ia rum ti J that t the financial measures of Salamanca will bo strongly op- | posed in the < ham far of Deputies. Should they be beaten, the Minister*, itissaid, will resign, in which ease it. is possible that tin.' Queen may conllde the task offoitu- I ing h new Ministry to honor Oiosiiga. In consequence of the formal application of the Portuguese ambassador tor assistance, lour thousand iui u have heen ordered to uinrrh to lladiijor. Fount de \ i*tii . flcrmosa i? their temporary commander, hut. he will he 1 succeeded by tieueral Manuel do la ( oncha, so soon as the latter shall return from Paris. An artnyof -even 1 thousand men is now assembled on the Portuguese irontier. Portugal. According to Intelligence from Msbon to the qi*i ult., the I nnopus had taken her station oil Blockhouse square, for the protection of llritisli subjects and British piopcrly. Sir Hamilton Seymour hud proffered the mediation of tfie Hrit *h government to arrange helwei n the goteiiiinont and the Insurgents. 'I In term '1 nr rangement proposed wcro the proclamation of a general amnesty. the formation of anew ministry c imposed of tiie moderate men of both parties, ami Lin' con roc it ion of the! arte* To this latter It is said objections were made: hut. In the meantime, Mello and Su di llnndeirr were advanc ng upon l.l?tmn Irom the south, ifnd m I ters would, in all probability. '? soon brought to a crisis, The Junta have, now an army of I11.IMI men. will b d, well armed, and well disciplined q hey have a large sum of money in hand at Oporto, and are negotiating a loan Til" citadel of Viana hi 'till unr?ll"v !. . n i I e garrison will soon la- starved into c ipitulation. Nahh n ?P??? ..J gBE [ERA: la aiill remain* In hi* old quarter* H. M 8 Superb eas ft re J on bv mlatake from the ca*tle of t^ueijo An ipol?gy In writing wa* mad* by the anthorltle* of tbe lunta for tbi* mlatake of tbelr officer According to Intelligence from l.iibon to the vl 1 st. tbe annpa* had taken off Black House square for protfcc- i thin of British Bubject* and Britl?h property. Sir Ham- I llton Seymour had profferod the mediation of tbe Brl- I tlsh government to urrnn.;? bet ween the government and 1 tbe insurgents Hail and. The government feel* some disquietude at tbe daily increasing emigration to the United States. It baa < a need to be published in it* semi-official organ* several up- ; peal* to the people not to abandon their oouutiy; it lias set fortb letter* from Dutchmen established In the United State*, gititig a most awful account of the inlfcry that | await* all emigrant*, and lias calumniated tbe American | character to the utmost of It* power; but it is not likely that all tbi* literary eloquence will have auy great elleet on the people Qermany. According to a letter from Vicuna In the Surimitr^ ' Corretpuniltnl. the aullc councillor. t mint Werner, sent by Prince Muturnirh to Berlin on u mission relative to 1 the project attributed to the Prussian government to uccord a free press to Oeruinuy. by proposing it at the diet ; of trankfort. is raid to have presented a note livm | Prince Metternich to the cabinet of Berlin, in which I Austria propoeei to the confuderulion that all contract* and conventions on the uffuirs of the prv-i.s be annulled According to thin proposition nil the sovereigns of the i different states of the confederation would ho free of all I engagements. and have it in their power to act according to their own diecretion. either absolutely or under ' Certain modifications from the representative states It is | added that this proposition, which abrogates the decrees 1 ol < arUhad an J all subse'iuenbcouveutiouj, has been fa- I vorably received by the Prussian cabin t. The (iermauie Dint lias determined that the cotton j powder of Doctor Solioubein shall not 1>p employed lu|lho armies of the ( onf.-dcratiou. PrnMla< The answer of the King of Prussia to the somewhat remonstrant addre" of his states, was looked to with much anxiotv. This answer, rea'd ou the 23d nit., in the states, is highly conciliatory, confiding, and liberal It i fully meets every objectiou of the address; promises the | regular summoning of the States; declares that the law. though unalterable in its fuudaincutRl principles, is still I open to development and improvement (hildungtfahid). 1 ho King repudiates the doctrine of finality. The dicerepaneies said to exist between the Intentions I of the late King with respect to imperial states, and the j fulfilment of them by the present K ing, are denied to ! exist, and the remoustrunee of the assembly, the I monarch declares, he does not receive as a symptom of 1 mistrust, but as the result ofa right feeling to defend and understand their rights. The royal nuswer sceius extremely well calculated and to filial any causes of discontent, and will no doubt have the effect of removing the misgiving and ill humor which tlie first speeoh from the Prussian tliroue railed j forth. The riots, which proved destructive to many bakers'uud confectioners"1 shops on the '-"-d. had died ! away. The King had binde his appcaraoce ou the Linden, the scene of much of the uproar, accompanied by a single aid-de-camp. The King has lately issued n decree, allow iug liberty of worship to all people Hopes are entertained that he 1 also intends to allow liberty to the press. ( ape of Uooil Hope. The Intelligence from the < ape is to the 3d of March. 1 Sir Henry Pottiuger had arrived at Port Kiizabeth. witli . the hope of arranging all differences with the native i tribes in that locality, after which lie would proceed to | the north-eastern frontier ou a similar mlssiou. The , Kaffirs were in considerable force along the Fish Biver. and had made a fresh irruption Into the colony. They were supposed to be 1'ato'r followers, who had followed on the trail of the ruptured rattle, which there was every reason to thiuk tbey would attempt to recover.? The military und settlers were ou the alert. Her Majosty's trainer Thunderbolt had struck on one of the blind rocks in doubling f upc Ilecuil*. and was ex- 1 parted to go to pieces. Algiers. The rumor of the submission of the Kabyles is confirmed by a telegraphle despatch from Algiers, of the | dateof theJOtbof April. The mountaineers acknowj ledge themselves subject to I runee. and will pay lnr an I annual tribute, which shall he remitted to \lgiers No I enemy to France shall be received in the mountain" , All Europeans shall travel in the interior ot the couutry I in perfect safetv. and the minis shall he le.nl ft sufe by the tribes and their chief*. On the other hand. ! so loin; a* these stipulations shall be observed, the bioi veruor-(?eneral of Algeria engage*. in the name of France 1 not to luurch any French troop* into the country Knsliloim for .Alay, ! Taffeta* noire*, pekin*-- fonfnnges, popclino*. India j muslin*, toile* do Nankin of ailk. taffetas cliim s with wide stripes, glares silks checked or striped, inti rtnixed wil h bout)in t* hriichc i. foulards do lalue, pekins do mi*, j llTv all fu..ll i* Ui.blo inil. i i.iU li' 111 i* h.oill.-ot lo "y plain and glace silks are embroil.-red uu pane, mm- I meueing at. (lie bottom of tlie skirt, aud diminishing gradually to thecors-tge. Slighter mat. rials are trimm-i witli several row* of flounces, the corsages full, and demllarge ?loovo?. For rodingotes fancy buttons, or no a la ! of ribbon, or of the same material, are the only trimmings used. They are sometime* embroidered wiili 1 narrow gimp. Foulards are much used lor peignoirs I ornamented with dflit'dle do sole. th* color of the dees* Velvet will continue in favor lo ornament dresses, as i well a* fringes and gimps of every variety; flounces are | indispensable for full dres*; lively bright colore ar* lashionahlc. Tight bndie* liave the backs forming a rounded point at iliu waist, but not in front for redihgotes. which flni?h witli ceinturc and buckle: the ceiutirre cannot take the form of tlio point behind, and therefero only commence* at the sides; not being seen nt all be. hind. Mu*lin dresse* of the redingote form are ornamented with tulle anil iace: the corsages high and full, as well as the sleeves, which have coulisses from top to bottom, placed a little apart The niante m.ir.|iii-c, and the maul, let \ndalouee will be the pardessus most in favor this season. Themantomar>|Uise partakes a Hubor the visile, but i* larger and fuller, williout being so heavy; there an- three different styles of trimming For denu-toilette the frdls arc the same material, that is. of taff.-ta* ptatu or glace of dark color, witli or without gimp \V'hen required handsomer, they are embroidered all over, as well as on the frill* Still handsomer are those trimmed with two frills of Isee, the lower one very deep, headed by one alwnit a third the width of the fir*t The mantelets for demi-toiU tte are of plain dark taffe. 1 ta*. triruned with the same material: the form will varybut little from those of preceding years, hot they nr.shorter in front lllack I* le-s wo'rn for all pardessns I this season; pale colors plac. -. arc preferred The spring bonnets and eapotes are a little more open in form; the crowns round, and the fronts not very deep; lilac, pink and light green are the favorite colors. I lowers are thn I usual ornament*, or foliage. '1 he material* are. r* usual at this*T-eii*on. pijille de riz. crape, tulle laoe. fancy I straw*. Commercial Intelligence. I From the Kuropean Titties. May I.} The gloomy nmt unsatisfactory position in which commercial affairs stood <m the'.'(Uli ult. lias not lui- ' i proved ; on the contrary, the money market, having ' become inore stringent, and the prospect of trade in thmanufacturing district* more Manning, buslucs* of nil descriptions?the corn trade only excepted -is at a stand, and the value of most articles continues to decline. The prices of cotton on the sniling of the steamship Cambria had a downward, tendency; since her departure prices have further receded, the market has I.. | come Hat. tile sale* less, and speculators riot operating. Several causes have |iro.lio-."l llii- reaction -the tiro. niiiicnt one. the restrictive measures "f " thif Otuk it* advance on the rate of interest, nml its refusal to discount bills bearing tha endorsement, of sonic of ihe first houses in knglaud. who are said to have been engaged in speculation, and shipping gohl to tlio I'uitcil .stall's. 'I tits movement tin* had a most telling effort upon tin lnaiiiifucliirir.g action of tlist country, mid tin. cotton market sudors under this pre*siir? t rices ol American, from tlic Diih to the J.id nit . declined J,,i to',d Dra/.il. i'ltyiitian and Surnts, >,;d to Vol. and nl the close of tho foil-wing week, ending the lioth, 11 tor liter reduction followed of '?d to '4d on American and nil other descriptions (in the following day better account ' were received from London as to the stale of the money market, which gavp an improved trine to the cotton market at l.ivi'tpool. and tl?e sale of that day amounted to about ""(ill bales of American at an advance of ,],d. one half of which, however. wa? 011 i- peculation Ve?i<r lay tile business done amounted to id .out KIM) bales, m the currency of Saturday, and the market was free of speculation. The following table exhibit* tin1 IriMineSr done at Liverpool this year and last ; in if. 1st*. The imports April W r.rn.i, tu.nift Hilvi to Apr.I !o i.i I f'n IIT! rut The Stock on \priI Ttil . ilnl.'esi 4.1'j an i'nkeii for I'oi.ioiiiiptioii I, si . Jll.lcsi .h;h ' Taken in Speenl iter to. .. . V|.,il ttr. .*' :) I.e.I e Taken for Ki|ioiiation ro,.. April ill if... I l I ,'tf Thorn has hern some fluctuation In the price of (.rain ami firmer during the rrronth. l.tit prices have now set tled down at lit 'for Western canal tionr: American red wheat Ills tld to lis 'M. and white 12* to I a,| per Irushi'l, Indian eorrt >I a to .i.'s, yenow . < to .,:is I'pnn tliese price* the iiuotey market h i lind a de, res. sing influence, anil ripthing but the . onv iclinu. licit n the year advances the s. wity will I rone in< ; .< isl patile. has sustained the rorrent quotation* During the last day or two wheat ha advanced ltd per Id lbs ; Western (lour Is per barrel Philadelphia and Haitiniorc (lour 0rl The direct Importation 'T Indian corn into tiro Irish port r, utilities large, in tire Liverpool market the dmuand i> ilmitrd. and price* have declined '2s per led lbs on yellow, and I* on white. Indian ureal as i.efi re. 't he stock of grain held in thl? country Is greatly redrlri I Tit*' pr .cut pr'.c- ere dlverttn arrival* from this port and that of London, and lti'?' order* are forwarded Irnm llieeontinr nt to thesecheaper markets Supplies wliieli have come from th- interior of the rout I Trent for t ranshlpiuent to Knglaud. have |.e?n re purelia ed and returned f >r eonsumplion. VI Du.zlg on I he 201 h. 12 u00 hectulltres liad la en purchased It lire l'ariv marki't at an advance of if to 2f the he. VI Itr stoek the m irket iva* well npptierl at slightly a I vai.cmpries |u B' li-tum |' > < , p.ti .nrltig; and in Die nor h. lire Mist, and the centre of Kranre the market* were I'd suppllt l with advanrtiigqiiotnllon*. \ Is have arrived at ilavrr with tl'i.ism bar" ! of flour and some corn, but | rice* have an upward t< nrletrey. It, llie Pin'.. market Wedin -.lav, wlo a, If ,'kle. to jf the sack, and w as eagerly sought for it tin advanced rate Vr-terday, May lid. th* Ktrgilsh wheat trade ruled very l.rr-k in London, nt nn advance of from i* to ;,* per ijiurtar. and at that r. e there w ,? a speedy sale, fori ign wheat obtained an advance or fully Is per quarter 'lire Hour trade was v. ry active andari yot 2a per barrel was l etablisln d, wlulrl Indian LD. '?-*??i litnu. com was told at 60s to 9?t for velu.w md it* \o oto tor whit* The state of ih* money market has a,tect*d th* price of American provision* Beef. through ihe last fortnight. has had a fair -tel.- an.J uruled |uu il? at forme* rates; prime lute* 40 tie re-. Hi?t for In dig lOOs to 100? for Bid lb- per tierce 1 he imports have teen light Holder. are firm, aud unlc* the lm pons increase, the belief Is, that the market will rise ? Some parcels of new Pork have recently roue to hand, which have intiuauc -<1 the price of old ine*s, new rner-i 80s. to 8 -s per bbl; prime iiuii 70i to 75s . and^rluio 60s. to 8('?. The arrival of Uacon bus beeu ampl-, and prices have given way a Iride. but tho current rale* are 60s. toti >s lor tine lu Lo*e,. and ;>0s. to litis for middling in hhds which have heeu well inatntalned Choice Lastei n Cure has been much sought after Him* ar? difficult 01'sale at oils to 00. per cut The Increased supplies, and the backward state of the spring vegetables have mainly conduced to Ibis result. L ard is lower and dull the decline has teen-Is tods n?r owt Th? mdh. remark In applicable 10 Tallow, l fieeee remain* quiet at M)i ti<l. fur line anil 4da t* 60* for middling. The market in deficient in line samples Pome tine State.' butter lias sustained the highest quotations Grease Butter in aearea. anil would sell well, ilice ban boon sell lug freely, unil lies rurorered the depression of last mouth. American Linseed Oil-rake commands ?1 to A'U; KuglliU is dull of sale at ATI 10*. to A'U. The sugar market has partakeu of tho deprceeioD and decitue which has. since the sailing of thu last steamer, attended other articles of colonial and foreign import, k rout the loth to the .Kith ull.. prices receded the estimated sales at Liverpool during that period may be stated to bu?.ViO hhda. British Plantation. *000 bags Bengal, 1900 hags Mauritius Of foreign the salas comprise of llavanua. t uba. Porto Hico. IIruail.about ileOO hlid* . barrels, hags, and cases, at a lower figure than noted in our paper of the 'JOth Rice has been subject to much tluetuatiou during the fortnight, at the same time, both here and In London, an extensive business has been transacted. Kor Carolina dressed, there is now an active demand for (Sport, at *J4s to -tin .'Id per cwt. Importers being disposed to incut the market freely, slocks do not accumulate. While prices of hreud-sluUs range so high as our present * quotations are. this article will be extensively used, and lirtug remunerating prices to the importers Respecting the wool trade. Messrs. Hughae and Rn. nnld. in their circular issued on the 1st Inst . say:" Since our last monthly report, the trade has been in a most inactive stale; and. in tiie present aspect of atfuirs there seems little prrspect of any improvement. The arrivals of foreign continue small, and prices are consequmilly pretty well supported. Importations of Australian are.now l>cgiuuiug to lake place, and public sales arc already fixed to coiuiueucu in Loudon on the 6th lust. The i|uanl ity will not be large, and as the stocks of this description are nearly exhausted they are llkriy to go off pretty well; several arrivals from the colonies are also daily expected here, and our next public sales will take place at an early date. I nited Mate# are heavy of sale at the present rates, which are considered ulmve their value, owing to the generally imperfect condition. Wc do not look for any improvement In prices for this article, but rather tho reverse; nnd they are likely to suffer from the competition of the superior flocks of Australian that will be arriving ylurlug the next few months. Very considerable orders fur goods huvo been received from the States, but they cannot be acted upon to any extent, owing to the peculiar state of the money market. The public sale of Lust India, announced soma time buck for the fitli inst . has been withdrawn; but another sale of l.'iU bales of l ast India is fixed for this date. ' During the last fortnight the funds have continued uninterruptedly a downward course. The bullion in the hank stiU disappearing rapidly, the directors have been more string.-til than ever; iu fact, though they hav? not publicly made any alteration In their terms of discount, yet they have done what has acted upon mercantile bit siuess with more severity?they have virtually declined to discount at all; whilst the discount houses are charging fi.l? to 7 per cent for short dated bills of first-rate quality, and 7 to * per ccut for bills running till July. The effect upon busiui s- has been almost to put a (top | to transactions of magnitude It has been u prominent subject of notice in Parliament; deputations from LI' verpool uml Manchester have luid interviews with tho | I huucellor of the t'.xrhequer and with the bank dlrraj tors, but as yet to little purpose During the last few days, however, the Lank has discounted rather mora lively, ami consols have rallied rv litt! '1 he Unproved feeling has been further strengthened Ivy the announcement tlmt the Russian government has re?olved to Invest upwards oi two millions Metling of its gold in thn Lnglisli funds; still the severity of the pressure is only partially relieved; and it Is evident that for some Hints loc me we can only expect is* very stringent money market and a high rute of Interest. To-day the efiact of the investment of Russian gold has been counteracted by adverse advices from the Lonlinent. raising the price of corn prodigiously; and the utter stagnation of trade in tho manufacturing districts lias uisu had its effect. I ousnta declined I per cent i:i the course of the day.und the market elosed luavllv The opctilog price veil- "S'a, and went Uuvvn to si no i tor money tftito b<\ ? 1 hive per cents reduced at a to I; three und a quarter per cent* f"?V t" And the scrip of turban 2 discount; Kxchoqiicr hills have varied from 3 to IU discount; Bank stuck India stock did; India bonds li disrouui. Money ! >-f course again very tight. At the Mock t'.xcuaugc. it is said, (hut to day as high *a lit per rent has b ?u paid fur loan* nn lor best security. In the fnrci".u market the business hug heon very limit ml, and thr variation In price* inconsiderable. except for Spanish stock. wliirh has sustained h timber decline Hrurii buudf have t i- 11 sold *t *3, Spanish five p? r cent* at 34. the three piT rents at U.">, Portuguese fonr recent" at 33Dutch 31* per cents at o**. and the four par rent certificates at MS. During the past fortnight *ouie improvement In freight* hr.s been apparent, owing, chlrfly . to the rertiii11< ,? pi. gh nl en.igrat. who ur -pm ing tal> for pa**.i(r* never seen lei'..re m our cxpi ik-uce, nu<l th. re is j et no , ! diminution. Several ships have thus chartered their I 'tween deck' at tin rate of i'3 per head net to the *hip , Some increase hiiK ale > tiiki n place in the quantity . i muuufactnrc* going forward. We quote for New Yoik, deiad weight, lis to 10* per ton: tine goods, lis to 2n? coatwe. Ids to 17'fid. a art hen v are.?to ti- Boston?d< 1 , weight. la's ful to 17m oil; flue roods. ?fi*: roar** i 13a lid to 17s lid; earthenware, lis. rUiludolphie dead weight. IJ a t<* |.<?; flitc goods, _ coars". i'm, ! earthenware, *r to It'.-. Now Oil : ur dead weight t . , fine goods, "his; hardware, 30.*; earthenware. *. The iiecouiit.s fru.'ii th- manufacturing dislrietr e.milinuu unfavorable 'i'lie inierieau and hn-iludin rders which have recently Ion u t en ived. tin ugh to a lurg.i extent, do nut appear to have nir..r I' d much. If anj relief. hut ll is mild that tlil.s la chiefly owing to the inrli position on the part of inaniii'ae.lurers to execute order* tor the four und six months' hills with which they are paid, in rouse.(in nee of the difficulty of discounting ar I he preseut time, mile > at tin ruluottf rates deinamli d by Wankers: and. in some eases, p. .Imps even more tmm an inillspo-nion, on the port of tlm houses reeeliint; these orders, lo gl\o them out iml to contract fresh litibilith ? at this moment of pre- tire. A l.uge portion o| the manufacturing population nre inierupinyed ran d by the late advance tn cotton, in d the movement of tha Dank of f.ngland. The Corn Trade nf Kuropc. (I rotn the l.uiopeau l imes. .?!uy 4.) 1. .vD s.-Tliia uiurket liss lieen in u somewhat quiet. , slate during the past fortnight. not that there has hern any laekot demand, hut speculator hare lieen Tery eau lion*, and money being ditlieuit to procure, has induce.I \ ile.ders to operate very sparingly. On the ifith. wheat i rose 3s. to I*, per i(Uarler. and American tlouT 3s fa r . barrel. l>u that day Inillrn corn bad only a limited de! innud. still holder* refused to ell. except at higher rate* I ull price* were obtained on the 3l?t and 33d far wheat . and hour, and a luotlcrat" biisine*s was transacted. On the 26th theri waa not so much activity factor*.howere., ( were very firm, end the bueiin *.* done in hiigli*h wheat J was at tin rat-* run<nt on that day week I'nreign i reulizid !. to per quarter more money, and American I it .or moved ofl pretty freely at the extreme rate* of tflint h ull.. say in- tod.s lor Americgiu. and 39*. to4I* for i iiiiiidlan The market held on the '."*ih nil via very small, little bitsiiu ?* wio dune, nor did any change take place in prices. On the flnth. the in.nkrt was very l?ii* t I.ngilsli cheat was In -ii nily dcinsnd at pr. vions price*, foreign met an improved demand, and in some in*tanee?. oidalned an advance of la perqr Hour v.ti' mere inquired ulti r at very fall price*. l.maroct This market las lieen In a similar p**iti.hi to tleit of l.ondon during the fortnight. I.argn purchase* have h i n inade both of wheat, floor and In iliuu coru; but we eaunot note any great advance in [iriees beyond tlio?a la.-t quoted at the market held on ' the 'JDtli. Wheat had improved f>* to H* per bushel he yondllie (iriees current on the IStii. hut the demand wa* very limited. Hour loo. had a slow rale, and in the clo*e of the market Western ' nnal wa* ottered a II * lid lii Indian corn there wn* little done, tinthi ; Itb the market became very much depreaaed. and in the curse ..f two days prices f*)| to t'.d per 70 ll.s i n wheal, and 3s per bairel on flour both n linn corn and Indian com meal also recwuad. On the 3"lh wheat ?n in g .o I di inand nt an advance nf 3d per 70 II.? upon III" rate* of the 37th American (lour, roaniiaiiilin ; more lively attention, the transaction* in Wi stern w. re i xteii lve .it 3U?. and gradually ri*lmr in the i ..ur?e i.f I tic iniri In.', til* trade rlo'ed'witli :i free *:Je nt 40* per 1 .irrel thereby fully recovering tin- decline prrviuinlv ii- i< 1 tr.dinii corn whu fnlljr 1? |? r lan Ib< < hcajmr, hut met a fnlr detmitid at that rrdiicltou: and Indlaa oval ?n< nimltcrcd in ?hIu* \l i i: inr I I'll I < >?*!*;. II Sr. Ilri y .i'?. Iiv> lint I'm*.t'lain . VUr1. -t-> '.i i" :>i i" -fi i 'Mi ? .'.I it r.T >. i. ii Mnr.li* ;r tf il 1 Jl I. .'Ii II M l? .'I 'I II 'I Apui.i 17 i :i i ii i7 * ii i vi io ii ii All I ill I ' >< " 7 il 111 into >1 0 ft (i April 17 I il I M 7 d 1 40 10 .,n 7 0 il tprllJI 1 10 40 ? ; i l 6 ty 11 i* 4 II U I Stv. 'ei>r ..'i m'll.i .nmitifl iJ i II ii ii 0 id II i ft ii i iimimii ai Our advice* from the Colli incut of I l-.uri'i'i' elow tliatthc iiiurkil* Oicr* atondlly advance, which nuiri influence price-nt home, aonn.r or Utcr mil ili arc likely to tell con?lder?t.|y bcfoie another h*rvi .4 \: llnmbiirpli I In- ?* et. n il Mark* an I I plat t wl'i-. t at"'lUnli'd ot ^ i toMH< j,#r ijr Iimtvy ha* there advanced i* to it* j i-r ( and .>:l lh |) ?nl?li commanded l? ;?ri|' A *tn*U j nel ?.f very fln* I'm l<- i r\ Hint martlet vrii? cold tor ja r ;v r ii board; irood ?>"l I la nidi ami Swedlrh iwilbed 7i? In 7Sa per .|r Or?t? Imve lt? come rrnri end .1* |t. Kubl.i ti brvU /III J*- .71 pi i jr In the north o? t'oirr pile ? of wheat lira vei ' hlch. iiit Iti while o! their i mi ci ?n. ' 'inmi odid *' ' Dunkirk - Jul- i|r : and Oil Hi i II Incolnrhlr ?* jlioteil 01a to Id- wll'o e up |i HI* Hil l >' ? pi T i ' llntiv.iir. rooiI mined wheat. i'*'ib e eintit i >|?? 'cite ? ' lll'a to 70a per ijr. *hll?l II i h arnil ?:i north .'bod to , 7"J? per nr. nod * m.- lu l | r? limine more l lie liH account* frotn I Iv. rHinr.'ti .ten! ioil that mini wealln'C ha I -I I in. Mid Hon III! I i II would tn??i pro I tidy I