9 Haziran 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Haziran 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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f TH Vo?. Xin. Ho. 16C?WboU Ho. *765. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, lortii-wMl oort>?r of Volton and Namu Mi JAMES GORDON BENNEn. PROPRIETOR CIRCVLATION-PORTV THOUIJUID. DAILY HERALD?Every day. Price 2 cents per copy?$ IS Per u.iilin?payable in advance. WEEKLY IIEKALU?Every Saturday?Price cmi> per copy?$3 12 W cent* per annum?payable in advance. IIKI! ALD KOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet dayPvueHli cents per repv?$3 prr anuom, payable in advance ANNUAL PICTORIAL HKRAI.I)?Publi.hed en the lat nl Jai," if o! eacb year?single copiea lixpeuce each. A irv C.K PISKMKN TS, at the usual prices?always cash ir a v lcc Adverw.einenta should be written in a plain, legible manu- The Proprietor will not be respouaihle for errors ths may occ.'ir ?t, them. PKINTl\i> of all kinds executed beautifully and wit! despatch. All letters or rotnmuoi cations by mail, addressed toth? eir?bl\*hmrnt. must he post paid, or the postajre will be d? Htrr*.I from the itihiRriptino montv remitted. NKWyoKK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON A HURSIJa^the C ir< w ill run as follows, until further notice. Up train, will leave tl,e City Hall for Harlem St Morrisiana. Kurdhain It Tnckulioe l'leasantville, 5 SO A M. Will'm. Br'ge. H irt's and Newcastle. 7 ' J 30 A .VI. White Pi'ua. Bedford, 8 " 7 " 7 A M. Whiilickville 9 " 10 " 10 " Crotou Kalis. 10 ' 11 " 4 P M. 7 A M. 11 3 P M. 3 30 " 4 1' M. 2 T M. 4 3 S 30 " 4 " 6 30 " 3 M 5 30 ' 6 30 " Returning to New York will leave? MorrisiunaIt Harlem Fordh im. Will'ms Br'ge. Tuckahoe 7 03 A M. 6 43 A M. 6 43 A M. 7 30 A M. 1 R In ? I at " n an " n .o 'J " 9 ( 9 " 9 03 " 1 20 r M. >0 19 23 P M. 12 IJPM. 1 12 " 12 35 PM, 1 41 " 140 2 3 08 " 3 " White Pl'ni. 3 3 20 " 6 13 " 6 08 " 7 10 A M 6 7 53 " 7 45 " 8 33 " 6 28 " 1 P M. 8 03 ' i 33 ?? Plrasantville. New Castle. Bedford. Whitlickville. 8 3 A >1. 8 A M. 7 11 A M. 7 41A M 5 13 PM. 1 P M. 4 11PM. 4 45 PM. iMal Croton Falls. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. The trains to and from Croton Falls will not stop on New York Island, except at B<oorae street, and 32d street. A car will precede each train ten minutes, to take up passengers in the city. The morning train nf cars from Croton Falls will not stop betH-rnu White Plaint and New York, except at Tutlkahoe, William's Bridge, aud Fordham. t xtra trains on Sundays to Harlem aud Morrisiana, if fine weather. Stages for Lake Mahopackand Danbnry loavwCroton Fails on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and for Pawling. ou arrival of the 7 o' lock A. M. train. FARE FHOM NEW YORK i To Croton Falls $1 00 To WIIItlickrill 87* To Newcastle 73 'i'o PlessAiitville 62>i To White Plains., . .. 30 Freight trains 1- are City Hall at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Hcttiruing, leave Crotou Falls at 7 A. M. and 9 P. M. Je8 tf re REMITTANCES TO IKELANU. llSk lsouiiUE McBuilic., Jr., has removed his office to No 36 Broadway, and continues to remit money, in sums large ot small, to per*0M residing iu any part of Ireland, in the sai.w manner as lie and his predecessor in business have done foi the last thirty years aud more; also to any part of England or Scotland. Money remitted by letter, post-paid, to the subscriber, or personally deposited with him, with the name of the iwrson or persons in Ireland, England or Scotland, tw whom it is to be sent, end nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, nnd a receipt |S> that effect given or forwarded to the sender. j28 lm*rc t?j*> ' BRnflTuoT fk M.. mi XV del) lane, having now completed their arrangement., beg leave to announce to their friends and the public, that passages to and from the Old Country can lie secured on the moat rea aonahle term., in first claaa p'ctaet ahipa, tailing regularly from New York and Liveriiool. They alio guarantee that there ahall be no detention, but that emigrant* will be forwarded on presentation of their ticket*. Draft* payable ou demand on the Royal Bank ol Ireland, and on Messrs. Prescott, Cirote, dmt* k Co., London. my25 30t*rc ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO PASSAGE TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL BV THE BLACK BALL LINE OK PACKETS. AND REMIT TANCK8 TO IRELAND, kc? m and commodious packet ship CAMBRIDGE, which h.uli on Wednesday, J.me 16th, her regular day, will please make immediate applic ition to Captain G. S. PEABODV, on board, at the foot ol Ueekinaii street, or to the subscribers. Those sending for their friends, to come out from Liver pool by the above favorite packet, or any of the Black Ball Line, sailing from thence on the 1st and 16th of every month, can secure their passage by applying to us. Persona remitting money to their frienas, can have drafts for anv amount. pai blr ou demand, ou the ROYAL BANK OK IRELAND, or on Messrs. PRESCOTT, ORG PE, AMES k CO., Loudou, which will be paid at their vaiious branches throughout Great Uritaiu and Ireland. Apply to ROCHE, BROTHERS k Co. 36 Fulton atreet. New York, nest door to Kulton Bank. Only authorized Passenger Ageuts for the old or Black Ball Line of Liverpool Packets. jjar OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE: i'.IJ PKARL STKKKI. SAMUEL THOMPSON AND NEPHEW. Aofmts rog the "Black Star" Ling or Packs ts. 1847. Liverpool to New York 1817. Shipt Captaine. Tni Reg Tne H'n. Sea. T. ?. Vreemis. 807 1400 Liberty, P.P.Norton, 752 1300 Cornelia, F. M. b ranch, 1065 1750 Ohio, H. Lyon, 768 1375 Samuel Hicks, T. O. Bunker, 859 1500 Empire, (new) J. O. Russell, 1090 1800 Paiithea, W. B. Lane, 723 1325 Indiana, James 1). Bennett, 710 1300 Huguenot, 8 Goodhue, 932 1660 Marmion, (new) W. Edwards, 905 1600 Peter Huttnck, J. D. Post, 670 1300 Elizabeth Deniston, E. W. Spencer, 006 1400 Devonshire, W. T. Thompson, 889 1500 Niagara, (new) H. Russell, 730 1350 Atlas, (new) H. Coffin, 790 UOO (Irani, (new) J. L. Wilson, 810 UOO Sirdiuia, (new) C. K. Crocker, 802 UOO America, (new) Weare, 1180 1900 ' The subscribers would respectfully inform their friends and the public that they have added several splendid new ships to tkeir line of [rackets between this iKirtaml Liverpool,which ha, been favorably known and extensively patronised for n period of more than thirty years, and have no heaitation in assuring those who inay wish to make engagements for tlae passage ol their friends from England, Scotland ar Ireland, that they wtll lind these ships inferior to none in point of comfort, convenience and safety, one of which will sail from Liverpool, every sis days, throughout the year, making delay and the consequent expense to emigrants at tiie port of embarkatiou impossihie. A free passage per steamer from the various Irish and Scotch porta, with bread stuffs, and hospital money paid, may be secured all at the lowest rates; and when those settled for decline coming out, the full amount paid will be promptly refunded aa usual. For further particulars, apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON Ik NEPHEW, 275 Pearl street. or to C. GRLM8HAW It CO.,1# Ooree Piazzas, Liv'nl. Drafts or exchange, payable at sight, are alto furnished for any amount, on R. C. Olyn Ik Co., Bankers, London; C. Grim.haw St Co., Liverpool; the National Bauk of Scotland: National Bauk of Ireland, and Northern Banking Co. Apply as abnye._ fir I 1m r FOR NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA AND EW VOR<f LINE. ?& M. TO oau^7VERY fiiTwrivB. j Ship OMVV E(K), I sptam Johnson. Ship HUUSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON. Captain Ingersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Aunt. Ship SARTELLE, Ca|itani Taylor. Bark OENE8EE, Captain Minor. Bark J. E; WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Bark HEBRON, Captain (Jreig. The above ships are ail ofthe first class, of light draft of water, and commanded by the most rx|ierieiicrd captains in the trade. Their cahtns ure handsomely furnished, anil every attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the |uisaengrrs. Neither the captains or owners of Che above ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stonrs, silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by, or put on board of tliem, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the value therein expressed. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, fool, of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 56 South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff Ik (Jo., who will promptly forward all goods to their address. TIMOLATV SULPHUR BATHS, 517, Pearl street! near Broadwiy?For the cure of Rheumatism, Salt Rheum, Eruptions of the Skin, Palsy, Colds, Sir Ike. he. ,, _ Ngw York, April 15, 1817. M*. Timoi.at Sm :?I feci it my duty to return you my mml ?incerc ! think. fur the h.nrfii my daughter received from yo?r8ulphur Billn She w*? afflicted for two year* with rheumatic pain*, anil general debility, and, iu fact, had no Bar of her tinilia, hut waa ohliged to be carried, *a occaaion required. Krrry remedy that w a preacrihed Uy two eminent nhyaiciana ?na tried, but to no effect, and I gave tip all hope of erer aeeing her walk aitain ; but being adeiaed by a frienu, I waa induced to try the Sulphur Bitha. and I now have tire a.itiafaction to any that, after taking a number, ahe ia perfectly cured ; and I ahull ha ; moat happy ae J willing at all timea to girt any faarlher particu- j lara to thoar .hat ypu may think proper to refer to. Youra, reapectfnlfy, Joseph Donaldson, mil Nfrc 1<.^ Division ?tfft. | MKS ZEGLIO, N<" til Oivirion Strkkt, i WOULDrespectfnIly inform her friends and the public in Kensral, 'hat she hat constantly on hand a full and fash- i tenable assortment of shirred bonnets; strews, plain and fancy: also, Tuscans, of a superior quality, and mourning bonnets. The ladies from the country, as well as the city, are requested to call and famine her stock before purchasing elsewhere. apt Iw'r COUNTRY MILLINERS PETRK HOBKRT8. 371 Broadway, would invite the attent nat of those who are purchasing their Spring Onods, to his stock of Laces. vig:--Maleiiie, Point de Paris, Aleo'eon, Brussels nod Pompallon. for trimming hats: Black and White Lace Veils; Bruiells, Illusion Point and fancy Nets?and a great variety of other goods, which he will sell at very low prices. __ al Im+r PasssS-""^' unajstMr" m E NE NE' ("lENIN, HATTER.au Broadway, opuotlte St. Hani'*.? VA Th? knBbicrii.fr hat beau compelled, by the vary liberal -atronace nf the public to enlarge hia Hat and Cap Utuafactory and Sale* Rcom, to a* to make l.it eat i bl lihment the largest ana ato?t commodiuua eatahlialimeut of the kind in the United State*. The auccea* of the a^atein H|iou which he commenced to adhere strictly to the folio wins rules, which were then laid down, and which have bean ever since invariably maintained. Keary purchaser and visitar may rast as-nred that 1. No effort will be spa ed to reuder nis purchase in every respect satisfactory. 2 No imimrtnnity will be made to induce him to buy an un becoming or inferior article. 3. hivery article shall be, as heretofore, of the very beslstylft mil quality. 4. Prices are uniform, mo'e moderate titan most, and as moderate as any other establishment n this city or elsewhere. By observing these rules?keeping his unrivalled assortment tlwsts Bill and complete, by close personal supervision of every branch and stage of mauu'aclure (the whole of which is done in the premises) and by careful attendance to the tisles and wishes of his iwlroiis, the subscriber confidently trusts not only to maintain his former standing but also to couduct that branch of busineta with a aatiifacuoii to the public hitherto unequalled:?1st quality of Nutria, or Beaver llats, (I Ml; 2ud do., $3 50; Castor, Brash, Black and Drab Caaaimerea, Leghorns, Manillas, Panamas, Canadians and imported (received monthly.) Mole Bkina, from the moat uelebra'ed manufactuieraof Paris. Bilk Hats, 1st quality. $1; 2nd do., S3; for the superiority of which, he respectfully refers to the premiums swarded to him by the American Institute, for the last two years. The celebrated Bummer Gossamer, invented by the subscriber, which has in agreat degree aupnlauted all other summer hats, being lighter cooler, and not liable to be at all injured by dust, rain, or perspiration. ... Geullemeu whose tastes do uot accord with the fashions of the day, can at all times he suited from the extensive assortment, of alino t every conceivable style, always kept fully replenished. His Stock ol Caps, comprises cloth. Is' quality, S3: 2nd do., SI 50; 3d do , SI. rur. Plush, Velvet, Oiled Bilk. Leghorn, Hair Cloth, and other Cap*, adapted for win'erand summer wear: Army aud Navy Caps, as tier regulations of the service; Youths'and Infants' Hats and Caps of every style, (iucludi' g beautiful styles from Pans,) as i>er samples and hook of patterns, which those interested, are invited to examine. Also, American and Krench Umbrellas, Carpet Baits, and every other article in his line of business. The subscriber feels warranted in declaring his establishment able to meet any and every demand of the beau moode, the economist, and of those who prefer to follow their own tastes, instead of complying with the dictates of fashion. ' J. N. GENIN, Hatter. mv27 2lt*rrc 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. tT| TO KAMI Lit. 8 ANUTI tVVAL1 Drs.?The follow* ing articles have gained unequalled popularity frem 21?the universal satisfaction they give to those whoase them, 21?and are sold only genuiue in this city, at No. Twenty* 21?One Courtlandl street. 21?1'he Magical Pain Extractor, for burns, sores, and all 21? intlammatious, is too well knowu to need remarks upon 21?its excellence. 21?Balm of Columbia, for staying or reatoring the hair. 21?and kreiiiug the head perfectly free from dandruff and 21?scurl?the best article ever used. 21?Hewe's Nerve and Bone Liniment and Elixir?Never 21?fails to cure any rheumatic affection. 21?Hair Dye that will color the Hair and give it a beau 21?tiful gloss without staining the skin. 21?McN air's Acoustic Oil, a certain cure for deafness. 21?Towuscnd's, bands', and Comatock's Extract of Sarsapa rilla. 21?Spohn's Remedy, an excellent^rticle (or sick or ne? 21?vous headache. 21?Pink Syrup for coughs, colds, and all diseases of the 21?lungs. 21?llays' Liniment will cure the most obstinate cases of 21?piles. 21?Vermifuje for worms in childreu or adults, never fail21?ed to cure. 21?Stove, Grate, and Iron Varnish, superior to any thing 21?ever known to jjive a polish and prevent rust. i ?nuucii una urn nug Dane?win enectuauy do away 21?with these troublesome rermin. 21?Longley's Western Indian Panacea, the beet faiaily 21?physic in the world. Sold only at No. TWENTY-ONE Courtlandt street. j?4 30t*rc HANE'S PATENT PORTABLITBATHINO TUB aid Shower Bath connected?A splendid arraiigemeut.?Genlemeu about fitting up their couutry residences, would do sell to call and examine them, they are just the tiiiug; also a general assortment of bathing tubs, shower baths, and baths, wholesale and retail. CHARLES KANE, jei 30r?rc 377 Bowery, N. V. 1 TRAVELLING TRUNKS. 1OHN CATTNACH, Trunk Manufacturer, No. 1 Wall stieet, corner of Broadway, has now on hand and constantly making a good assortment of Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, and Satchels, wholesale and etail. Also, a superior article of sole leather Trunks, suitable for American or European travel, and Portmanteaus for the trench Visile I'oste. Order for the West Indies, South America, kc., filled with despatch. je.V 30t* re GLiUj'HUNU. THE CHEAPEST gents and boys Fashionable Tailoring and Clothing Establishment in New York, is JACOB VANDERBILTS', 3d Maiden Lane, between William and Nassau streets, where may be found over five the ind ready made garments, which will be sold wholesale or i.tail, at the very lowest possible prices. Also, more than five hundred ..r r...w;.,.,..Ki? i. ?:n i._ i.. 1? - ttyie of elegance that cannot be *ur|>assrd. You will do waL jo call, as you can save frtftn three to seven dollars on a suit.? Do not forget the number, M Maiden Lane. man I m ere ro CAPTAINS AND OWNERFOFSTEAMBOATS. THE undesigned having leased and filled up the house on the Long Pier, foot of 19th street. North river, as a steam noat liorel, in order to accommodate the up town residents, inritesall Captains of steamboats to make this landing, free of wharfage. P. UK LE RK.K, Proprietor. N. B.?Boats or barges for pleasure or fishing always to let Passengers taken at all times wherever tliey wisli to go. II 1sn * rc _ HHKNt II PAPER HANtilNGS AND SHACKS. " SOLOMON Ik HART, 243 Broadway, opposite the Park, have now in store their full assortment of Paper Hanging' ind Borders of all descriptions, for parlors, bedrooms and nails They have been selected in Paris with great care, and coinprise the best assorted stock in the city, and at prices lower than have ever heretofore been offered. Also on hand, a large assortment of Kreucli Window Shades, for sale at unprecedented low iirires. a|il9 ltn*re DR. IRAO.KRAZER, the celebrated Cancer Doctor on the Indian method of practice, will be found at the United Statvs Hotel, New York city, or his asaislant, on the third Monday in May, for three days only, once a month. Advice given free of charge. Specimens of his works can be seen on those days. The time has come when cancers can be cured without the use of the kuife. Dr. K. treats on all other diseaaea, lid will continue through the season. alt lin*rc Lack capes? pkter Roberts. *j broadway, hat just received a splendid assortment of the following articles:? Lace Capes, Mantilla, and Brrthes, from $2 JO upwards. 7-4 and 6-1 white and black fig'd neta for visiter and shawls. Musliu and Lace Embroidered Dresses, very rich. TI i i i ... - Cambric hdkfs. hosiery and gloves, of every description. AUo, from auction?140 Kmbroidered muslin c?pea at $3 aid $3 JO, usually sold at $6 aud $7. 3 Cartoons, Chemizetts, ana Collarz, very cheap. ml2 30t*r FOR 8ALK.?Receiving ?ii coinmiuion, and constantly 00 hand. Butter, Cheese, Lard, Mesa, Thin Mess and Prime Pork, Smoked Hains, Shoulders, and Beef, Mackerel, Shad, Salmon, Dry and Pickled Codfish. Also, Molasses in hogsheads, tierces and barrels; Sugars iu hogsheads, boxes and barrels; with a general assortment of groceries. Sold in lots to accommodate purchasers, at the lowest cash prices, by CLARK, KI8K St CO., ZU Fulton street. N. B.?A large iiuautity smoked Meats and Cheese, slightly lamaged. to be sold at low prices. all lm*rrc E~\iiLK COKKKE HOUSE AND BATHS, by JAMES R. WHITE, from London, 328 Pearl street, between 1 entre and Klin meets?Warm, Cold or Shower Bath 12)4 cents; Simile Beds Icents; Meals 12K cents, or Board and Lodging S2 JO prr week. The London, Liverpool, Canada and United States |?pers are received here. mvlllSw^c CVAH UN Kits, PXk.U EkS. PL aNTKKS, HOTEL AND * PlllVATK HOU8EKEKPER8? I he subscriber has made considerable improvements in nil his preparations; his experience from the beginuing of his invention to the present day, warrants him 111 assuring those in need of his pre|?ratious to arrest the attack of moths, bedbugs, corkrosches, rats, ants, moscbetoes, he., that fliey are effectual, and carry out the success to its fullest extent. For Gardners' and Farmers' use?his various manures, such as Sulphate of Ammonia, Nitrate of Soda, Sulphate of Soda and Sn I oh. Magnesia. The very celebrated Kly Paper, to be depended on in all instaurea. Apply to LEW,g fKUCHTWANOER, ' m!3 lm"c 33 Liberty etreet. BUHL.KM HtrLKlun CL.UIU.or vegcrauie Hair Lornposition for preserving, cleansing, curling ami beautifying the hair ; completely eradicating acurf daiidriff and other diseases of the skiu, cautiisg a healthy actiou in the blood-vessels, nerrei, Itc., which (red and nourish the Hair, thereby preventing baldness and grey hair. The Hyperion it a vegetable cornpouud, which, bemdei ita tou'C and stimulating qualities, Combine* in itself a thorough cleansing wash, blended with a silky, glossy moisture for the hair, better than iny oil grease or |Kimatum. yet free from their deleterious effects, and possessing intrinsic values never before attained. Its balsamic properties nonrish the hair in its rmhryo state, accelerate its growth, sustain it in maturity, and continue the po-sesaiou of healthy vigor, silky softness, and Insurious redundancy to the latest period of life. Uenial and purifying, it lispelsscu f, dandriff and all imupurities of the skin, Equaly powerful are its re-productive powers in baldness; and in .umerons casea where all oilier articles ha< e failed it has restored the hairto its fuil plemitude of pristine beauty. Trice 'S cents and $1 per bottle. Prepared only by Will. BOOLE, Boaton, and for sale by A B. Ik D HAN D8, druggists, 100 Kultnn street, comer of William?also, at 273 Broadway, and 77 East Broadway, New York. ___ mllJOt'r C LIKEH U OH. H AIR-CUTTER AND WIO M A KE R Ims removed to lit Broadway, entrance by the store of Mr. Ht. John. Hatter, directly opposite the City Hotel. Clirebugh s removal waa not anticipated, and has been ocn sinned by lha agent for the premises, the detail* of which will be published us a few days, and will eshibil a piece of traarh cry, almost without a parallel. mf, l?t*r THE "IMMEASURABLE SUPERIORITY OK UOU RAIJD'8 Italian Medicated Snap over every other prejiaration for beautifying the complexion, is so universally eonceded, that even the Hul tongue of detraction is becoming ailenceil in view of it* merits; and certr* most brilliantly clear, white and tran*|wrent does the skin become, winch it Irequrnt ly submitted to its delicious emollietice ! Kragrant ss the attarofroses.it dispenses a delightful aroma. Medicated aa the choicest culling* of Hipporrene, its singular power* are effectively displayed in the removal of all cutaneous disfigure menu?aui-n a? . ??,iiiiruin, murprieu 3111, freckles, sunburns, redness, roughness. chaps, cracks and chafes. (fotiraud's Poudre Subtile possess the astonishing cheinical Iirnja rly of unrooting superfluous hair from foreheads litis, cheeks, arms, itc., without injury to the moat delicate' kin. Beware of impositions, and bear in mind that the genuine nrrpirations of Or Kelii Omiraiid ran he obtained at hia de|>ot C7 Walker an eet, lit atore from Broadway Aiienta? Batea k Jordan, 120 WaalmiKton afreet, Boatou; Brown, 71 Chestnuts! , Philadelphia. el??w*e P AKISI AN~I)Y KINO Kfl PA BUSH VIKpJT DKPOT for 1 the reception and delivery of erode, 112 William atrret, New Vork-COURT lit DKSCHAi/X dve and liniah in a new and auperior stvle all aorta of goods tewing ailk and twist, either plain or shaded; trnins. orianaitia, and apnn ailk; zephyr woraied and woollen yarn; sewing cotton, mohair, linen, and cotton yarns, lie. Damaged or faded goods, ribbnna, silks, aatina, mennoee. Thibet and Cashmere shawls, firm*, fringes, cords, and tasaela, ladies' and gentlemen's garments, Itc., dyed and cleaned equal fn new artlHes. md M'li HOBK'S PATKNT PREMIUM KXTKN8ION" DINING TABLKS, with meidl plated slides, for private parlors and dining rooms, hotels,steamboats, he., nnaurpassed Tor elegance, durability and convenience, warranted never to get ont of order. A large assortment, the largest in the city, and unequalled for variety, together with a general assortment I of elegant and fashionable Cabinet furniture, constantly to be found at the warerooms, No. Ill Broadway, where the pnblic are respectfully invited to call and etamine. a|7 lm*rc C. t. HOBS, 40 Broadway. B9BB---9---9aBE=ES9SHS W YO W YORK, WEDNESDAY TO CAPITALISTS AND MANUFACTUMM.-Th# I subscriber being far advanced id years i* desirous to f?tire from tht eim of business; lie tlierefore offer* lor tale bia valuable and productive property at Saugertiea at the mouth of the h?o| ua I reek, on Die weal aide of the Hudson Kiver, a hundred unlet from New Vork and Itftyfroin Albany. It cousiats of a vatlamoui t of water power over aud above what ia uow in use, together with 260 acrea of laud immediately around the water power a large pert of it laid nut tu afreet* aud lota ou which many dwelling Iioutea are erected'.a larue paper mill, a productive toll bridge aud many dwelling Iiouaea, will be included in the tale. Thia property will now iw^aeveu per cent per annum on the price at which it will be There art other falli of the Etotms Crerk within two and a ball id lea of the Hudaon River of at leaatan huudied feet, all of which may be got for a amall consideration, aud if judicioualy improved would aeon give rite to a city like Lowell. On tbeae premiac* the manufactories now in lull operation, are the Ulster Irou Work*, the New Vork and Saugertiea White Lead Work*, the Saugertiea Taiier Mill, a gnat mill and other amaller work*. A good ateeunboat runt regularly between thete work* and New York. Freight* up and down. 75 cent* to a dollar per ton. taken from aud delivered at the mill*. Payineiit* will be made very accommodating. If not told before the 16th of June, it w<ll lie di*|>o*ed of tliat day by auction at the Merchanu' Exchange, at 12 o'clock in New York, by Anthony J. Bleecker, Auctioneer. For further particular*, apply by letter, or personally, to the auctioneer, No. 7 Broad street, New York, or on the premises, to HENRY BARCLAY. nafOr 27t DAV'a PATENT HOSE?For sale in New York by the uventnr ?ud manufacturer. 23 C'ourtlandr street; Jamea K. Walter, 200 Broadway; Joseph H. Ash, 223 Broadway; J. It 8. Pbilbtn, 3 Day street; W. It S. C. Chardavoyue, 134 Cherry street; George 11. Howell, 32 Paik How ; Farr Ik lirigga, 30 Rector street; CJeorge Fulton, 666 Broadway; Kniglit Ik Khorlea, 831 Broadway; Thomas Hanson 320 Broadway; Miller It Coatea. 118 Uraud street; Charles Pitt ti Son, 17 Third avenue; Nathl. Sawyer, 239 bleecker street; J. Craig, 7 Broadway; J. It J. Stuart, A2G Broadway; J. P. Ouitm, 641 Broadway; F. H. Trowbridge, 210 Water street; McKeuxie Ik O'Haia, t>66 Broadway: John Hudson, Union Square, comer Fourteenth street; J. Aken, 191 Sixth avenue; Samuel Prvor, 264 Third avenue, Plumbers; and D. Hodgutan, corner of Maiden Lane and Nassau street, and no w here else in the city of New York. _je4 30crc ANEW si'EA.Vi BOAT will be launched aboutt he 16th of June, bnilt for the express pur|>oae of teitiug a new principle of Jiropclling; and calculated to increase the -peed ami slurry 01 MeaniDoat*. Auy lime previous to the Uth or June, one eighth part of the right will be sold for a fair compensation. Mv invention has been approved by over Are hundred scientific and practical men. 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Dan ley. of one of ( the Pulaaki county companlea of mounted gunmen, to a , gentleman in this place, dated? , "Caacai. Ht. Jago, City or Mexico,) t March J?th. 1847 ) , ******* I " Soon after thla, and before my health waa reatored, j Major Borland waa sent out with a scouting party, aDd I as I had done nothing in the regiment since it left San \ Antonio, volunteered to go with him We were sur- | prlsod and captured by lien. Mlnon. with 3000 Mexican troops, at the Hacienda F.ncarnation, on the 33d of Jan. Since that time 1 hare been closely watched and confined. and all our correspondence with our friends has to 1 be smuggled out of the country by our out-of-door friends. My health is now entirely reatored. and 1 hope for a speedy exchauge. 11 1 have, before this, expressed to you my contempt for the Mexican uation; but, until now. 1 had no Idea that there existed under the cauopy of the heavens, a people so degraded: From the meanest soldier to the best general, they are a nation of liars and thieves, and if there is a woman whose virtue is above suspicion, that venerable individual In all places. " the oldest inhabitant. " has never heard of her. F.ven the clergy are not free from the commou tuint. They are looked upou as the most corrupt part of the population. 1 presume that there is not an olHcerin the army, from Hanta Anna down. wnn ua* IIOI ijct.li bought and Hold publicly I myself. in prihon tu 1 Intvo been, (for you must know that we art. conlined in the penitentiary), have witnessed the public hale, for oiuih in hand, of a lot of ntfluer*. home lour'JOin number. Thee are the uircunihtancch:? When we were brought to this place, on the night of the 1 Ht March, there was a revolution going on in the city, between the priestsand tho government. The cauee of the revolution wah thih When banta Anna returned to the country.was made President, and placed at thobead of the army, he oalled on Congress for an appropriation to euablc him to carry on the war. The Congress, in obedience to tho call, made a levy on the churches to the tune of fifteen millions of dollars. The churches refused to pay, and " pronounced'' against the government. domes Farias. President ad inltrim, to enforce the law, drew out the military and attacked the churches. thinking thereby to coerce the payment of the money. But there he reckoned without bis host, for the treasury being bankrupt, and the priests having all the money, they bought up the government officers and troops, and, by the aid of their money, induced them to "pronounce.'' We, as prisoners, changed owners during the revolution. Our change was truly farcical The government penitentiary, in which wo are confined, is commanded by a colonel in the army, assisted by another colonel, a lieutenant colonel, a captain, and two or three lieutenants. When we arrived at tills place, they had. as prisoners, some fifteen or more officers of the Mexican army, who wers confined here for crimes of 1 different kinds, among which may be enumerated rob- ' bory, house breaking. Jcc. Well, when we arrived, the commandant of our prison was reckoned as one of the mimi hiuucu tuucmiu ui iuu government, ana nuiu out in their favor a whole week, which is a long time, when we onneider that the government whh very poot and he very fat. But, at the end ot the week?on Sunday, a day which the church devotee to doing good aote and the eervico of (iod?our colonel yield- d to the eloquence of the prieete. but not until he had felt the roughncee ofthelr dollar* The other offloera gave in, in like manner, aa well tie the eoldiera?every man for hla price ? The next to be brought over, or, rather, to be bought over, were the officer* who were detained aa prleonera. Thoy yielded, hut yielded gracefully?every man for hia price?and our pri*on,which had been aa poor aa the head quarter* of poverty could be,woe enlivened by the eternal chink, of money?for, *o unoaed were the poor devil* to money, that it aeemed to burn in their pocketa, and they kept it ahaking to keep it oool. We were then in the hand* of the revolutionary party. One of the officer*. who had been a priaoner here. propo*ed to me to join the revolutionary party. I thanked him. but declined?telling him that it wax a family quarrel, like one between a man and hi* wife, and that I waa in favor of their having a fair tight?that 1 expected Oenerol Scott would aoon be knocking at their gate* for adinl**ion. and that then, if he had any curioaity in aeeing me tight, tr? lnnk rmt fnr I shnnlil ??!?* tnlnlv .la m?. i-i me good morning, and retired. Well, by dint of bribery, the priests succeeded in getting the largest party. The revolution waxed warmer and warmer. It had now continued for tifteen days, when Santa Anna arrived from Saltlllo, with the remnant of his army which had escaped from liuu. Taylor. He put a stop to the revolution, by turning against the government, which had done every tbiug that he had naked of them, and joined the priests, which was the strongest party. Gomez Farias lias been compelled to resign, and Santa Anna now holds the reins. What lie will do. I know not. lie speaks of leaving soon, for Vera Cruz, to meet Gen. Scott. LlKT'T. cob. JOSE MARIA MATA. [From the New Orleans Delta. May d6 | We had the pleasure ol a long conversation with this intelligent and gallant officer ot the Mexican army, who is at prcseut in eur city, on parole Col. Matacoui rounded a battalion of the National Guards on the fortitlcation on the rigbt of the enemy's position at Cerro Gordo, wliere Geu. La Vega gave Gen Pillow such a warm receptiou. His talents and capabilities are so highly esteemed in Mexico, that an earnest effort was made to have him exchanged, which was at last effected, and he will soon depart for his native country. The (oionrl is ft gentleman of tine education :iml groat accomplishment*. lie speaks French with very great fluency and beauty, and seems to posses* a considerable store of valuable iniormation. Col. Mata has written, during hi* residence here, hie views of the war. and the relations between Mexico and the United States, which be intends to publish on his r turn to Mexico. Col. Mata desires to have I.a Vega's conduct to the American prisoners at the city of Mexico, satisfactorily explained. lie says that lien. I.a Vega left tlio city of Mexico but two days after the arrival of the Atnericau prisoners, and upon orders suddenly given by the Government; that he, however, took steps to have Midshipmau Hodgers released, and had assurances, which were afterwards justifled by the tact, that the other prisoners would also be released They were placed temporarily in the Carcel do Hantlsgo. more as a protection than as a restraint or imprisonment. (Jen. La Vega und his brother captives were contined by Col. Wilaou. the American commander at Vera Crux, in the guard house, which the Mexicans think is a harder case than that of any of our prisoners. <ien. La Vega's motive for remaining in Vera Crux, instead of I coming here, as lie drsirad. is one which is creditable to his character Ills companion. (ien. larero, is a poor man. with a large family dependent on hiui for support, and cannot, therefore, leave Mexico, (ien. La Vega thinks it is his duty not to desert his rountrymen in their distress, and he will not, therefore, voluntarily leave Mexico, but will await the disposition which (ien Scott may think proper to make of him We perceive that the company, which Mexican bombast swelled into a legion, composed of the de?, rters front the American army, has been disbanded and oruereu "ill <>I Mexico I lie (mints iiml ru I .m? these rascals did not please tiie Mexicans though 11 ' appears they fought very gallantly at Huena Vista i of seventy-two who were in that battle, t wenty eigl ' were killed At Vera Crux. Col. Mata informs us tbn were about sixty deserters from our lines, and he thinks these desertions will increase as our ariny penetrates the country. The delicious climate and beauty of the country, be thinks, will cause many ef our veterans to swerve from the path of loyalty and duty. Hut the Colonel, perhaps, counts too largely upon the susceptibilities of our soldiers. XAVAI. rNrKI.I.IUKNCE. U.S. brig Ilralnbrldge, Commander Williamson, was at Isle Graude, (or Hio Grande, llraiil) on the inth of April, all well. Affairs In Canada. [From the Quebec Mercury, May 'J7.) It is now pretty evident that nine tenths of the flour and wheat now in course of transportation, to the tidewaters of the St. Lawrence, will be shipped to (treat Britain and Ireland?and the remaining portion very likely to And Its way luto the United htates;?firstly. In consequence of those being the most tangible articles to convert Into money, with prospect of profit to the me?rhant and lastly. In consequence of the great advance in breadstutfs in all the Atlantic cities; equal on an average to twelve shiiHtigs and six pence per barrel on flour- In the short space of ten days. Upon the eve of our session of I'arliameut It may not be unnecessary to call the attention of the Government to these facts Happily for us, in Canada, so far. scarcity of food has not been felt by the present generation, bow long such I a state of things may continue Is not limited to man's experience Without living an alarmist?iu what position should we in Canada Kast be found, during the ensuing winter ?in the event of an unfavorable season for producing the ordinary grain crops at present raised, oats, barley, and peaa ? Wheat, has been out of the question for some years paat. and as for potato**?what dependence ran be placed upon them now'?in what position should we then he tiisced ' Wh. In . I ?? worse than Ireland ever bus hern, because cnmmunl- I ration with all other parte ?f the world with u* la I etopped for a period of <dx month* of the year It may I bo auppoeed we ran turu 10 the United Htatna fbr < a anpply May not the aame causes produce a deflelen- t cy In their crop*. leaving the difficulty and expense of | tranaportatlon out of the question. The aame case la applicable to Canada West: and although Great Itri- i tain might lie prepared with the same energy that has I grappled with the distresses of Ireland the same effects I could not be produced, because It must be borne in i mind that we are not within the reach of her steam- i ships now still employed in carrying food to the ports of Ireland Would It not be well then to reflect upon > the course so lately adopted In many parts of Kurope. | to prevent so great a drain of the atalT of life taking t place, as would place us in the same position in which a | portion of thn united States now la; and which has r caused an advance In prtos of wheat and Hour to an t alarming extent, and makes It more than probable that r a demand, and a heavy one for that market, will be t made upon us for a supply, to the great detriment of ail r but a few capitallsta and speculators, who at present s command the great hulk of these necessaries of life a The immediate consideration of this question Is of vital c urgency. A bout 100.000 Immigrants will land at j s bee this season. Of them many will be destitute. <d ? those arrived the largest proportion are so ; If they etn a obtain work their numbers will create a competition I c fatal to their owu Interests, and destruction of their n ability to provide for themselves and families, at the o existing high prices of food. Their poverty will make r theiu dependent. They will be unable to remove 0 from this fresh scene of scarrlty. aod the old residents a must necessarily tax themselves to furulsh their wants, r [ERA r. f TTIIltt )inwu?u? Ka ?Afna*tra.l tkat A lafhM mtimViaP S\f ' he hraitby urlfwl in Um Province. in lacipMitltid or activ* exertion.?ud consequently for that labor ipon which they relied forth* sustenance of themselves , .nd families?from long endurance and famine, and ex- I toeur* to ail it entail*. Men formerly strong and healthy j tare been reduced to gaunt, weakly creature*, who must ludrrgn a long probation of comfort ere their power* be eiitored They oannot work, from debility.?nor can hey.endure an excess of nourishing diet;?(for excen* 'ead "enough.")?Thi* question he* been already no- j deed, and is of sufllnleut importance to command the ntereention of the press, generally, in British North j America The Montreal Gazette was the tlrst to allude I to it. and we trust that paper will not loss sight of it at j this fitting time. [from the Montreal Herald, May 'lb 1 Our political changes since the last mail have been of importance, at least so far a* regards the position ot | parties. The death of Mr. Justice llagerman. one of the ludgeH in 'anada West, has made a rnrancy, which it is supposed will be tilled by the present Attorney General I for that part of the Province. As our Attorney* General are usually looked upon as the Premiers, of oourse , Mr. Draper's promotion, or expected promotien. a* the 1 case may be. will exercise a certain influence on the character of the proceedings in the House during theoomtng session Besides this change, others hare already taken place. Thus Mr. M'Donald, the representative for the city of Kingston, has bt^en named Itcceiver General This Is nouiuiHlly the highest tiiiaucial office in the Province. though the real work it performed uy the inspector (Jeneral Mr. M'Donald's character as a gentleman, and a politician, stands deservedly high; but with so many lawyers necessarily in the ministry, it is not difficult to seethe impropriety of adding another very young professional gentleman to them. The late Kecelver Ueueral, Mr. Morris, is to be ('resident ot tho Council, vacant by the resignation of Mr. Viger; and it is supposed that with this office will be associated that of the speakership of tho Legislative Council. In Lower Canada they are by no means so secure of retaining the votes of their own frieuds. From some unexplained cause they have offered the post of Solicitor General, (Last) to a lawyer, with no reputatiou, practising in a small country town, who has no influence with the French Canadians, to whom he is aUied by birth; aud who, previous to his desertion of that party, is known to have expressed himself in a most brutal manner aa to the British inhabitants of the Province No paper has yot dared to defend the nomination; and but one has offered to excuse it. The thiug is. at present, too new to enable us to judge of tho effect it will have upon the votes of tho conservative members Hum uunn vaimua, mil n luiin IIUIU Will II1SK0 I11HI known, and should it turn out. an there in reason to oxpoet, tho ministry will And themselves in it minority on the nrst party question that comes up. It is expu'otod that tho now Attorney lieneral (Kast) will resign in ponse'iuenro of this ill advised stroke, and judging from tho tono of the journal, which undertakes to defeud tho government, it is propared to give his office to tho person, who is at this momout opposing him at Mlssisqunl. Mr. Uadgley's return is, howover, considered certain, by ihe best informed people. The opcuing of the navigatlou this year has keeu rendered more dangerous than usunl by tho large quantities of ico that tno spring vessels have encountered on their voyage out. The Krromauga was in tho ice for six weeks. It is to bo foared that this prolongation of the usual ( nnflncment on shipboard will have uu injurious effect on the emigrants. Tho accounts already received are dreadful. About ono hundred and fifty deaths on the passage had been already announced ; forty or fifty dying in ouo ship, and to-day we have tho further disastrous Dews that seveuty deaths bare occurred on board the Cherokee. Upwards of 7000 emigrants have already arrived out. The Canadian press has continued to testify against any large government scheme for emigration. How, indeed, can it be expected that it should be agreeable to us to have persous seut here whom our neighbors in the States will not allow to land ? A proof of the advantage of the relaxation of onr sys lum or customs Is to he I'ound in the fact tbat bonded breadstuff*. brought into the province for exportation, are being aeut into the Atlantic citiei of tbu l ulled State* for sale. Thus Montreal has become, to aome extent. a warehousing port for wheat and flour, which waa grown, and which will be consumed, in n country from which she could lately onlv receive these good* upon payment of n heavy duty, i'ha phenomenon is something like that exhibited by England exporting aimilar merchandise in this year of unusual scarcity But, to increase our commerce to Its full extent, we have need of still greater freedom Our own Legislature must do its part; but the Imperial Uowrunicut must complete and render permanent, the freedom of navigation on the St. Lawrence, which it has already accorded partially, and for a tunc. It must allow loaded as well as light foreign Vessels to come to Montreal?it must permit foreign craft from inland, to descend to (Quebec, and from there to the sea, if necessary; and It must allow foreign sea going vessels coming to our river to load anything which is louud most advantageous. At this moment, we have vessels in the St. Lawrence from ports in tile United States, and several more arc coming. '1 hese are all British; hut the cause of their comiug here, is of course the expectation of nbtaiuing better freights than could he got where they were. This would influence Ainoriran vessels of the same class, in the same way; hut being restrained front loading timber?very much the larger part of our exports, they have a much worse chance in coming to seek freight We omitted to mention in our last, that the City Bank had declared a semi-annual dividencd ot 3 per cent. Twenty Hhips have been built during the winter, and lauunved this spring, at Quebec, amounting in the whole to about 12.000 tons. The Rory OWlore. from Liverpool, has boon wrecked at Metis. In another column wc give full commercial statements of the receipts of produce, he., during this season London, May 19, Is47. Effect oj the Emigrant Law in Europe?Scarcity of Bread?Monetary Crisis?Railways as Employers of Labor?Cause of the Commercial Convulsion?State of the Manufacturing Districts?Corn Market. The new emigrant law of the State of New Vork has spread consternation and dismay, it may truly und without exaggeration lie said, over Kurope. Cities, towns, villages,whole districts, were preparing to move and emigrate to the United States, bringing with them all their property, the frugal hoard of many yeurs. accumulated Tor this purpose ; hut more important and more valuable than all the gold and silver sewed up in their clothes and fastened round their bodies In belts, was tliu labor and industry they were bringing, to rale*- grain and roots and rattle. where else naught but the giant trevs of the forest spread their fruitless branches, and useless or noxious herbage covered the ground. True it is. that auiong these masses of living wraith, and with these sturdy instruments of rirh production, there would lie here and there a sprinkling of some who went poor some who were wreak, iutirui and helpless, and to exclude these, the law In question hus been passed ; hut it is like as if a farmer should refuse to gather into his barns a rich tleld of corn, or wheat, because, toreooth. there w as a great <leal of chaff and tale, and useless rubbish mixed up with It 'The captains and ship-owners refuso to earry passengers at auy rate, and the ports of Kutterdaui. Havre, Liverpool aad London, are crowded with emigrants disappointed in the object of their arrival there, the captalus (owing to the change created by the new law of your Legislature) refusing to fulfil the contracts before made with the agents of the emigrants who had. before they left their homes, engaged ships at the several ports. They are the substantial Hermans who are mostly affected by this law of New \ ork. because the Irish poor chiefly emigrate to tTuebec. The all absorbing and most interesting topics of public attention at the present moment are entirely domestic, namely, the scarcity of hrcadatufls lor the supply of the people s food, and the monetary crisis. The latter is in fact the most serious, inasmuch as it affects the pockets and resources of every head of a family throughout the nation; but it more especially alh-cla the poor, aud is more laud to them, by causing them tube deprived, lu whole districts, ol all employment, rendering it impossible for them to buy necessary food, if food were so plentiful The crisis since my lost Irtter has become more aggravated, aud the contraction of the circulation more intense It is a national calamity Many, owing to its action, who were In easy circumstances are thrown Into poverty and lose their uiuans, while those who were poor before, are thrown by it luto extreme suffering 01 actual starvation; but the number of the latter sufferers is to that of the former as a thousand to oue, at the very least. Now there is an immense source of employment in action In Kngland. in this day, which cauuut but lie considered as providently provided to give bread to the million. This snuuree is the work on rsiiresds The money thus distributed in employment over s.uglatid, amounts this year only to fifty millions sterling I Ins vaat element of nntional prosperity has been iu regular action for some years past, ecaltering money ilchiy over the country in the profitable employment of immense numbers The money thus distributed among the working classes, and as quickly expended by them, is drawu Ironi the wealthy and easy classes com pa n lea and otliers.constltiitiug the body of shareholders; it does not IO out or the country, It even roines hark to the trades people ami others who contribute it. In the lively tiade which it causes, enables so many to have money to spend tud to buy, and may be esteemed as uo more aflerliug irie varmint ? - ? K.., u......? n bell*. parti** aud luxrlea, by which they eeutter thread their auperfluoua money And yet. strange to iay, indeed.the bllndne*a it evidence*, i* hardly credible 1 lie inlniatrv *ud other political ecouomlata of >ir I'eel'* itainp, actually havn the assurance and laluity to come 'orward publicly and attempt to reason and prove that .hi* very cause of prosperity? till* very mean* ofeuiloyiiig and feeding th- milfion-la the chit f operating *u*e of the prevent dlatre** and tenible contraction of he cutrency ' 1 til cauae of such a gioas perveraion of eason and common *en*e, la founded on aelf-lntereat. hat universal cause which blind* the eyea of men. and einfer* them often Incapable of dl*ceridnf( even right ,od wrong Many who have *peculated largely In railweya re Influential men, both in t'arlianieut end out. and of <>or*e they And H rather pinching work now to pay the lnt.dnient* upon their eharca a* they are aalled tor. and nlhehly supposing that their little pecuniary dlfltcullir* re atone all the difllcultie* of the liuira. they liegtn to ry out for peraonal relief, for auepending the granla of ew acta of I'arliainent for aome two or three yeare to ouie, aud to urge it upon ah they can that the railway xpenditure are the cauae of Ihte crleie Thua, for their wu convenience and relief, they would atop the flowing f the fountain which almoet alone at this time, by It* unntng, (.while ?< many other fountain* are*topped up,) LB. Ifvtow Two MM*. pour* a healthful supply among the muuii of tha neonle The English railways already in construction employ aboT* fire huodrod thousand laborer* alone, and those before Parliament would employ at many hundred thou sands more. This Is calculated to be about flee time* the total number of male adults rraployed lntheootton m?n ufacturc, and considerably more than twice tha number of all the hand* employed In all the textile fabrics throughout the kingdom, as cotton, woollen, silk, linen, lace, hosiery, ho. The immense amount of employment thus immediately and directly given hy the railway*. besides the Indirect of miners. Iron founders, worker* in wood, machinery, directors, secretaries, clerk*, he., he . kc , may give some faint ides of the Immense value of railways a* employers of labor, especially at such a terrible crisis as the present; and yet there are men. and statesmen too. as they are called, who pretend that this Immense system of employment is the ruin of the nation ! And even the Timtt newspaper put forth silly article, implying, that the crisis was a delusion, be eause the nation is rich enough to devote so large a sum as fifty millions to railway operations. 1 will offer no apology lor dwelling upon thla subject. nacauae It la ao important, ao interesting. and ao eminently deserving to be rightly understood. The eaua? of the commercial convulaion now ahaklng Yngland. like an earthquake. la the audden and violent contraction of the currency The only currency among the people wan gold, (merchanta, ho , had their own of puper in high sums.) the popular ordinary currency waa gold Thin baa been gathered up and drawn from the hanks by speculator*, great house*. *.c., to aend abroad | to pay for toreigu grain*. Thru, again, an the merchant* ran upon the hank* to convert their paper into gold to pay for toreigu purchase*, they (being obliged to diacount according to their amouut of guld In hand) could, of ! course, no louger accommodate the merchant*, and thus the withdrawal of the popular currency re-acted upon the great mercantile currency, anu both suffered, and now miller together, a violent contraction, deranging I every business tu the country, ehauging every value. | depreciating every property, aud consequently bringing ruin upon hundreds of the great, and upon whole masses I of tho little. The present experience It a lesson In political economy?it proves beyond a doubt tbat a specie currency is lu every respect a* liable to ruinous, sudden, and unlorcseen contraction* and expansion*, as ths merest paper currency, and tbat as many and a* ruinous failures flow from it a* ever did from breaking banks, ruining tbe fortunes of the people, a* much as broksn banks ever did You tnsy very probably differ with me iu this view, but I am bound to give you a faithful and honest picture of tho thing* going on here You will receive in the public papers full details of tbe fearful condition of tho population iu tho manufacturing districts. Tho ministry, servilely following tbe abstractions of Mr. Pool in political economy, present a braxen face to the storm.and refuse to fliorh from measures and policy which are spreading ruin and desolation over the country Such a man as Mr. Pitt is now wanted, bold enongh to supply a currency and All up tbe vacuum which tho disappearance of tho ordinary currency has created. They, however, aud their advocates, look on tbe ruin which they have created by their ignorsut pulley, and boldly say that tho restriction of all trade, the cessation of all enterprise, the stoppage of the mills, tbe short-time work anil tho suspension of the rallroada, are the most suitable cures for the present preenure?tbat 1* to say, the ruin spreading over the country ie the beet cure for the ruin. A general alarm and panto ha* spread through tbe lana on the subject of the supply of wheat. It la found that there is by no means such a supply la store as had been calculated upon?prices have riaen lu all parts of the kingdom, and every body naw believes that wheat In a few weeks more, will, perhaps, be ut eight pounds sterling a uuarter. Vou will receive your usual correct information. It Is a perfect puuie. and how far It will go, or where it will stop, no one can tell. Immediately alter tbe defeat of iiieiubeia in the House of l.ords on tbe Irish poor law bill, a cabinet council was held, and It is confidently as scried mat an immediate dissolution of Parliament and appeal to tile country was determined upon. The Mlnistry huvo no rent froui incessant deputation! from tba great commercial towns. representing the extent of tha ruin of trade operations, and urging upon tlieia measures of relief. '1 hey will accordingly give way In soma degree, (as they have already loosely Intimated) so as to give a semblance of partiul aid in half and helpless devices, to the high mercantile interests, aud so enable them to obtain some accommodation from the blink. But they will only be putting a little mollifying ointment upon one small sore of the body politic, while the nation at large will have to go on suffering a depreciation of all their menus and a curtailment of all their resources, a continuing dunuuitiou of thu currency, a contiuued rise of provisions, and a cutting off of the means of procuring them. In fact, the very aid which will begiveuto relieve the grandee merchants aud atop the ciauiora of tha great discount brokers, (alius pawn brokers.) will eventually only add to the sufferings of the people aud aggravate. after a time, the crisis This is obvious; for it will enable them to increase the drains of the floating specie, by drawing it off with the very accommodation H ey re! reive to make paj u<> nts for loreigu graiu 'thus they will still uiore diminish the popular and only circulation at home and the relief extended to thein not in the I least supplying the small circulation, the contraction ' will necessarily be lenlold augmented. The Russian 1 two millions is already off top.y for corn, aud more i must immediately follow It. It was a little drop In the 1 bucket. I Common Count 11. Boabu or Asiutast Aldcsmkn, June 8 ?l W 8txvrsi. Esip, President. In the chair. Reward* paid Policemen.?A communication was reI ccived from thu Mayor, eur.losing a statement of all mo 1 neys that have been received by policemen as rewards during the past year, aniouuting to V'!R>7, and for the 1 preceding nine months to >4.67 7 70. Ordered on tile Nurirriet for Aimt Haute cAi Idrm. ? Report and ' resolution from the Hoard of Aldertnen. in favor of auI thorizing the erection of suitable buildings on Randall'* | island, for the accommodation of the Alms llousc chtlI dren Concurred lu. Knlargement of Lunatic Atylunt?Report In favor of ; enlarging the Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell's Island Concurred In. 7 hirty-eixth Street?Report in favor of repealing ordinance to regulate 36th street. < oncuiTed in Rmi Pavement ?Report from Board of Aldermen, lu favor of causing Broadway, between Washington and Waverly places, to be paved with the Russ pavement; one-third of the expense thereof to be paid by the corporation, the balance by .Matthew Morgan and others Referred. Market Accommodation.? Report in favor of erecting a market shed on the lot or pier between Pulton and Vesey street, and appropriating >4,000 lo defray the expenses thereof Concurred In fighting tilth (iai.?Report in favor of lighting St; Mark's Place, aud 17th street, between 3d ana 6th avenue, with gHs t uncurred in. Heport in favor of requesting the .Manhattan (las Company to lay down main pipes in tireenwich lane. 18th, 10th aud 'JOth I streets, between the Nih unit 10th avenues ; also, in i Houston street, between the Bowery and Avenue ('. t t incurred in Engine Haute, \n I ft ?Report in favor of appropriating fi-ilto in addition to previous appropriation, for completing engine bouse No l.'? Concurred in Pound Mntln Resolution in favor of removing Jas Iloseveit from the office of I'ouud Master, and appointing James M Odell in his place Concurred in. ntjunr i>f inf n nirr /lounl lteeolutlnn in faVOT 01 removing Henry Ilobertoon from the office of Hegiiter of tl i e Water Hoard, aleo appointing hrakn U Palmer to that office Adopted. Hrcrirrr of Tarn?Resolution in favor of appointing; Smith Dunning Receiver of Taxee, vice John Steward. removed. Vilitert to HUtrkwtlV? fifonrf- Resolution in favot of directing Mr. Ackerinaii to permit person* to vialt the Inland on Monday* and Thursday* only Adopted h'nurfa of July Colthratian.? Heaoiutlon in favor of appointing a committee of five to co-operate with a com mittee appointed by the Uunrd of Aldermen, to make suitable m rniigiiiu nta for celebrating the fourth of July, arid appropriating I'J.AOO to defray the expense* tbereol Adopted. 'I lie i hair appointed .Vleaars. Allen, llobert on. Hatfield, Shultr and Humming*. member* of the ( omuiittee Hutltling I.on it Sioik,?Report in favor of borrowing f 100,000 in acerrilaiiee with an act authorizing tha creaHon of a public fund or building loan slock. Iioaring Intereat at the rate of ti per rent, with a view of erecting the cont? uiplated nurseries on Raudall ? Island. I'ruiilrm'i Will Communication from the Mayor, relative to Ihe contemplated vlalt of the rreridvut to thla city, and reaoluflon In favor of appointing a committee of live to co-operate with the coinmittew appointed by the UoarJ of Aldermen, to make auitablo arrange ..I. r..r Hi. I ...-II..../.- . -1 W_ , _ UiriiiP </! r- |TVIC|?VIVU I ur v Illlir Bp* pointed Aul Aldermen ' oxer (in;. Mcknight. Herring and Holder On motion of Mr. tiray, tlie f're. sident of the Hoard who added to the oonnittm Chit/'t Hriurm ?The rfturno of tbet.blef kngtneer of tlm Kirn Department won- received, and tba various removals, appointments, Ve confirmed Hiuyrrmnl Sfuare.? llesolutlon In favor of takingtfee petition of Kuoo, Peek. and other*, relative to lb* rr|ulailou of StuyTenant square, from tba tliee. and referring the name to the appropriate committee Adopted After disposing of aome other papers. the Hoard adjourned until Monday earning neat Sccnk in i iik bchvvi.hihl.?A man named K ynittgrr attempted vceterday afternoon to convey hlmaelf. a la magnetic f. Icgra'ph. acroaa the Bafcuyl kill river The wire waa atn trbed the crowd was duly gathered, and lined the hank of the ilver in hundrede women and rhlldren a* usual, occupying the front rank tine after another,the eloae-packed omnlhuaea deposited their living cargoea, until several thousand people had dla<-mhogu> d Upon the aeene of action. The hotels and drinking chop* were crowded At length, after a"wait." which woiil I have done honor to a theatrical etar of the first magnitude, Mr Ityningcr appeared, dreaeed harlequinwise He mounted the wire with a hesitating etrp, and when about nun third acroaa. hie slippery bridge broke down, and he wu precipitated Into the river ? .Nothing cooled, the wire was mended and he etarted again. This time he made better progreea, and the excited crowd were juet about congratulating theweelvee U|M>n the poeaeeainn of a new Hon. when the temerltotta adventurer loet hie balance, and fell a eecoud tiniv Into the river, etriklng hi? shoulder against the boat that nrF* wu?-?vn mm, in niF nrarvni. inu rvrriTiDK * omewbat reeere Injury No you me that the maguntie telegraph J* not yet brought to perfection. n* it In In tin- habit of liming email package* entrtwted to it. After tht* rhnloe folly. Mr llynlnger departed in renr unnatlafnctory frame of mind, while the fonltah crowd went about It* hunlne** ? HhilaHrlpkia .Immrmn, June H ' .., i i I . TO OROCERtl-Kor ?lr onr of the beat caah Karnilr tlrnrery Mtorea in the city, with leaae.atorh,aud (iiturea. 'J hi- location ia in the principal street, ami the store and a toe* rannnt be atirpaased For nartteolar* addreaa M L. at thi# office. tf re

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