16 Haziran 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

16 Haziran 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH Vol. nil. Ho. 145?Whale Ho. 4964. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Hartli-weat corner of Fulton and Heeeem ?? 'AMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. circulation?forty thousand. t>AILli HERALD?Every day, Price 3 teats par copy?fl WEEKLY H r.KALD?Erery Saturday^-Pries cab "?w ut of Jauuxry of each year?single copiei sixpence each. A L) V J-rflTlSKMfcNTS, at the usual price*?el ways cash is at.f i.ce. Advertisements should be written, iu a plain, legible aaaiyi The Proprietor will not be rospoosible for errors thai m*? nitbeiu. PRINT1.MJ of all kiuds executed beau tit ally and with despatch. All letters or commuuioariona by mail, addressed to the establishment, must he post paid( or the postape ssUl be deaeer.,1 irem the subscript! ne money remitted. SUPPLIES for the navy. for ib47-'4?-br order of the bureau of constitution, & . tic ilc,i Proposals, m ide <n duplicate, to be endorsed "Supplies 11-of c. 31st June,' will he received by the Navy Agent at his i oltice. N'o. 4 South William street, until monday, 2Ut i JUIIK. IP M I"., too .noolu of ll.o r?lln?l,,c .otiolo. :.. classtu No. 1 to4 inclusive, or any farther quantity which m iv In* required for the fiscal year closing on the 30th June, Villi. Tu:? CL4.8S t.?SHIP CHANDLERT. *0 pieces ID inch white hunting, per sample. per piece. Z't do ?lo scarlet do do do 2d do do blue de do do 10 do do grsen do do do Ij do da yellow do do do 20 do 12 inch white do do 20 do do scarlet dp do 10 do 9 inch white do do do 10 i o do scarlet do do -? do 10 <? do bine do do 10 do ASi inch white de do 10 do do scarlet do do 30 bi>lu light raeena duck de holt. *> barrels beat quality coal tar, barrel 3U do da do thiu tar, do 100 do do da pirah, do 23 do do do white turpentine, da 12 dor.en extra white wash brushes, sample. der.cn. j 0 do long handled Ur brushes, de do 8 do short da da da do 1 do rarnish do da do 8 no painters' dustin' da do do i l!? . do da do 3 do sable hair pencils, do do 1 do camels' hair do da do 23 do 0000000 paint brushes, do 2 do (KidO do do da 6 do 00J do do do 2 do 00 do da do 23 do No. S sash tools, do 0 do rUmp scrubbiug brushes It handles, do do 8 do hind do do do do do 1 do hand dusting do do do do 40 do corn brooms (hast Shakers') do da 40 do best quality hickory brooms, da do It do cod lines, do do 1 do lamp ch<mneyi, do do ? da lamps with reflectors. do do 1C do raping St sasming palms (mounted) do da 2 do sail prick rs, do de U do (18 blade, iron haadled ship scrapers, do da mm pound* yellow beeswax tin pound I'nlO do tellow do do 100 do seine twine do do 100 do whippiugdo uo do 13 do shne thread do do 10 do bteek wonted yarn do do 309 do liouseline do <> 0H0 do marline do do 30 do lamp wink yam do do 33 do sewing thread, assorted colors do Au 33 eoile signal halliards, say 2309 pounds do do 300 hand lead lines *4 ineb, fifty fathoms each do eaoh 39 co-uting lines 1 inch 100 do de de 33 deep sea liuci lid inch 130 do do de InO Inclines SO falhoma do do 81 cork jacket life preservers do do 0 pilch ladles do do 4 brass stop cocks per pattern do de 21 brass 1 inch water closet cocks do do 1 china bowl and fixtures for water closets do de 12 rolls gr*en worsted bindinc do roll. j 90 yards fiftv-four inch wide bottle green cloth de yard. 50 do Fenrnonght do do | 109 do graenhaite, do do 300 do white mualin do do 3d M yellow pine deck plags J? inch do M 4 M do do 1 inch do do 300 fatboint half inch iron proof chain, say 3800 pounds de per pound 1 103 do * inch do do say 2190 lbs do ao 190 do V inch do do say 3300 do do 100 do Ji inch do do say 4400 do do I IOO do I inch do do say 3600 do do 50 sidrs best henry \V. O. tanned Pump Leather, eay 1500 lbe. sample de 3 sides best heavy oiled pump leather do aide 390 do da rigging leather, thin do do 100 de do do do thick do do 75 do d i quality bellows leather do do 1 gross noren lamp wicka, de cross. 4000 ? eighths ol patent ship augers eighth. ' 4 Ballaiu's patent jack screws, 3 feci stock. each. ! 5 Ballard's parent jack screws, 2 6.12 fret sto?'k, de 3 llallard's |>aten[ jack screws, 3 9-i2 feet stock, do 8500 bushels charcoal, best quality, bushel, j 500 sheets large middle horu, sample. sheet. 30 gallons Neat's foot oil, gallon. ' 60 do Florence oil, do 1 3000 sewing needles (large size) do per 100. IOO seaming do do It'll 4 thread do do 139 6 do do do 100 8 dp do do IOO rop'ng do do ino marline do do ?00 cords young sound oak wood, cord. (JLXSS No. 2?HARDWARE, ke. 139 pounds b. st quality glue, sample, per pennd. 300 do curled hair (p'eked) do do 30 do brass wire, each No. 6 to 14 do do 5 do copper do, do No. 17, It and 18 de do * do sain cord do do 1120 do IS inch whale hoop iron do do 1120 do ljf do do do do 1139 do lln do do do do 1129 do IS do de do do 10HO do 1 do do do do 1 360 do 8 inch composition boat rivets do do Ml do plumber's cast copper rivets de do 809 do block tin do do 3(1 do boiax do do 29 do brass solder do do 2D do pewter do do do Ion do composition stem lead nails, sample do 130 do iron wire, t't'd, No. 3 to It do ]9o do best cast steel do 130 de L in t circle, blister steel do 3"0 do Germin do do 30 do Spring do do 4060 do M<lled lead (4 lbs to the foot) do 300 do 1 inch milled lead pipe do 300 do IS do do do do 3(MI do 2 do do to do 2u0 do 2X do do do do 3 handles No. 16 Russia sheet iron,toy 706 lbs do ' J sheen eorli 26, 32 and 34 lb sheets bramor'a copper 460lha do 2 do 60 lb sheets brazier'* eoppor, 1)0 Iba do 200 pounds white chalk do Ml ream* beat land paper, assorted sample room 20 pioctl 2 inch webbing pieeo C dozen V inch brats shatter knobs do pordoaen 1 do do do do do do 6 do t,1-, do mahnzany do do do 14 do 2 do do do do do 20 do IV do do do do do It do 1>| do do do do do 3 do IJi do do do do do 2 do 1 do do do do do 6 do b' do do do da do 1 ilu It do braa* sash knoba with rings do do 6 do V do do do do do do 2 do \ do do do do do do I 2 do Ua do bras* flash ring* do do 4 do I do do curtain ring* do do I ilo U do do acrew ring* do do 1 do 1* dn do do do do do i 1 do 6 inch iron bad aerowa do dn 1 do 7 do do do do { 2 do wood hand acrew* do do 1 d? do bouch do do do 1 ilo do rlsmp do do do It do t inch tumbler iron psd looks, assorted key* do do I 12 do 21* do do do do do do 2 do do brtss sideboard locks do do 4 do 2H do do drawer do do do 2 do 2 do do do do do do I do IV do dn do Ho do do 12 do 21* do iron do do do do 1 d > 2>, do cloaet do do do 2 do S.H do upright mortice, do do locks. In inch thick, do do . 6 do t)i inch iron drawer lncka, do do 2 do 3 do do do do an do I no 6 do brat* barra 1 door bolta, do do I do 1 do do do do do do do 1 do 4 do do do do dn do do 2 do 3>? ilo flush holts, do do 2 da 3 do blind bolts, do do 2 do 4 dn do do do do I do 5 do bulkhead bolta, do do 1 dn 6 dn do do de dn % do 12 do atock locks, do do i 1 do 4 do mortice knob latches. do do I do 2 V do eupboaid ketches with keys,do do I dn japanned stubb* and plates, do do 4 do lid inch brass plat# bnttone, do do j 3 do l\g do dn do do do do 3 do 2 do do do do do dn 9 do 2)4 do do dn do de do 6 do 2>u do plain do dn do do 4 do 2* do do dn do do do 1 do IV d? straight castors, do do I 2 do 2 do list escutcheons, do do i I do IV do do do do do 4 do l;i do do do d? do HO do % do brigs eyeii, do do 1 do 2* do do wide honks and sy#t, do do 1 do l)i do do do do do do do )2 do 4 do do cabin door koaks, do do 2 tlu t 3? t ? J do 5 do do hooka for iampi. d* do 1 do 2 do do do do do An 1 do 3)di9 inch deck lifku, do ,ln 1 do 3)2.10 do do in' Z Z t do 3)J?U do do do do Z 5 do 6 inch MW file. Z Z 4 do T do do do Z Z .1 do I do do do ,1. I X do 1 do do do 2! An 4 do 4le do do uo rto 2" 11 do 1 do do do Am Z 9 do 3 do do do 2? Z i do aach I. 10,11, end 14 inch flat'baatard fllea ,i? Mn 0 do each S. 10, If, an<Pl4 inak half roaad li.ufrd file* ,j0 . 1 do pair* 4*4 inch iron batt Itinera Jo Jt,..1 do do 3*11* do do do* ? ft I do do a do do do di do 1 <1q do 4 u? do d? J. i 4 do do 4 do do d* i , do do 1 do do do do ,1,, a do do 4m0 do braaa do do do I III do i do do do d0 A E NE NI ! 1 <lo do i)i do do do do do 4 do do 4 do do do do do 4 do do 3X do do do do do IT do do J do do do do do 13 do do i}( do do do do do 7 do do 3 do do do do do 4 do do Ihs do do do do do a do do 2x4 do do table butts do d > 1 do do l)u?J do do do do do a do do I\t3>t do do do do do la do blank d.surer lock keys |>er dozen ' at do lamp screws and collars do do 10 do eaat atoal alioei la do do 0 da do spades do do 0 do ahoe awla, handled do do 1 doailrercalla do do 1 0 do C 8 hatchets, handled, best do do 5 do do m ood axes do dr> 0 do shoe knives d? do 0 do sail do do do 4 do a Toot rulea du ,lo a do Quuter's scales J0 d> 2 do C 8 carpenter's compasses do do 1 no coopers' compasses do do 1 do 14 inch Hoot dies do do C do null Xiiu.lets, assorted do do 3 do spike do do do do 0 do C S socket chixzeli do btndled de do 3 do do gougei do do do do 6 do do firmer do do do do 1 do 8 C rivet hitnuirri. handled do do >s <le do screw wrench hammers do do 1 do paletkuivea do do 1 do pntty do do do 1 do curpeaters' sdres, handled do do ?? ?? uu uronuiucs uo do do do raattcallipes do do do glaziers ilininonds do do 1 do double irou ?m >olUiug pUno* do do I do do jack do do du 1 do bead planes do do 1 do plyrra do do do steelyards (to weigh aft lb* sash) do do 2 do C S handsaws do do I do do eroia cut aawi do do 1 do do wood aawa and fraaaea do do U do do aaah aawa do do Id do do psnnel aawa do do H do do eomnaaa aawa do do H do do koy kn|o aawa and pads do do 1 do do toanoa aawa do do 2 do do spoke sharaa do do K do Tiirkmr oil atouea da do S do aaw seta do do do eoopora' broadness, handled do do M do do adtes do do do )* do bnag borora do do M do tap do do do { whip saws aamplo oaoh 2 di iikiug iroaa do do 8 aailmakara'divider* do do 1 do braaa squares do do glue krttioa do do g gridiron* do do 8 griddle* do do 12 i roii t*a kettles do do 8 fish kettle* do do 12 iron eooka' ladle* do do 24 frying pans, abort handled do do M stow&ans. assorted aiacs do do 2 camp kettles do do 6 pairs shovels and tonga do pair 8 grind stones, say HO# lbs do pound (I bench vices, say 200 lbs do do 1 m. iron shaava rivets, taeh 3, 2>i and . , , do M 2 na trnn sheavo rivets, ea?h, . 1J4. 'hi. IH.and Ijtf ineh do do 3 m pi ll ahaavc rivets ?>eh ? . 1*. 1H'. 1, Xaud X inch do do (0 at iron *ut taclts, No. 8 do do Mm d* do 10 do do 8 * da do It do do da do 14 do do 20 m iaiucli out cepportaoks do Ha ? ? do d) do 93 m Ji do do <la do N K in. wreH eopper tasks do da 80 ai % do do do do do do 60 grou^i iuch harness rings do gross 30 do }i do da do do 30 do 1 do do do do 21 do I inch iron aorsws, Ma. 14 to 30 do do N do II,' inch iron screws, No. 11 to 20 do do 36 do 2X do do do No. U to 1* do do 300 do I inch irouaerews. No 10 to 3a do do 337 do 1V inch iron screws, No 7 to 20 do do 640 do IX d* do 6 to 20 da do 330 da 114 do do 0 to 19 do do 393 do 1 do do 4 to 18 do do 490 do X do do 3 to 18 do do 308 do 5. do do J to 10 do do 130 do X do da 3 to 3 da da 5 do 3X do bra* 14 to 30 do do 9 do 3 do do 14 to 30 do do 103 do Hi do do 9 to 18 do do 98 do 3 do do 7 to 13 da do 101 do IX do da 3 to 17 do do 163 do IX do do 9 to 10 do do 133 do IX do do 4 to 10 do do 87 do 1 do do 4 ta 14 do do 116 do X do do 3 to 13 do do 87 do ? do do 3 to 10 do do 38 do 'a do do 3 to 10 do do 4 bi/ias tin plate, DXX bam. 4 do do do 8 81X do 0 do do do IX do 6 do da do IC 14x30 do 30 yards 34 inch hair cloth sample. yard 1U do 30 do do do do 13 nti brass table fastening! do set 4 do steering wheel fixiiiree do do 1 do binnacle braces and fixtarea do do 3 sheet brass each No. 10, 13. 16, II, 30 and 23, shret 1 pound X inch bnua esc Alchnon pins pound 1 da X do do do do do 33 M ?s do iron cut brads AI 30 do S do do do do 30 do X do do do da 73 do 1 do do do da 60 do IX do do do do 40 do IX do do do do CLA8S 3?MAILS. 300 pounds 4d iron cut nsils pound 100 do 3d da do do 1300 do 6d do do do 3300 do 8d do da do 1300 do lOd do do do 3000 do 12(1 do do do 1300 do 20d do do do 200 do 30(1 do do do 800 do 40d do do do 100 do 3d brad head nails do 300 do 6d do do do 300 do 81 do do do 300 do lOd do do do 300 do 13d do do do 800 do 6d wro't nails do 1304 do Id do do da 300 do lOd do do do 700 do ' ltd do do do 300 do tod do do do 306 do 30d do do do 106 do 3 in shsatKing nails do 100 do IV do do do 106 do 3X do do do 106 do 3X do do do 106 do 3 do da do 106 do 3d iron boat nails, do 100 do 8d do do f},i TOO do 10.1 do do 80 166 do ltd do do do 300 do 30d do do do 16 do 3d clout naila do 30 do id do do 36 do 4d do do 36 do 6u do do 16 do X in do do CLASS No. 4-STATIONKRT. 39 reams cap paper, feint lined sample. ream. 1 do letter do do du do 6 reams buff envelope do do 0 uo ing no do 1 tlo blotting do do letter book*, J qr ?ap, feint lined, full honud, do each. 94 blank nooks, I qr cap, feint lined, half bound, d n do It do do I do do do do do it memorandum books, I qr eap.feint lined bound in leather, do do 6 ivory paper foldera do do t rnllinii rulera do do t parallel do 14 inch do do I round do hard wood do do 1 t tint do do do do 18 wafer tenia do do It ensure knives do do t8 pen knivas, 4 bladea, Rodger's beat do da i buses water colore do boa. 3 cases mathematical or drawinf instruments do aase. CO sheets (trowing paper, elephant do alieet. #6 pint bullae black ink [M k Noyce] do bottle. 34 do red ink [bast qnalityl da do 14 metal inkstanda with coaara do each. 34 hard wood land boiea do do 34 jarse alatea, hardwood Trainee. do do II do double lot slates, hardwood framet do do 41 piecea India robber do piece II do ailk raste do do ( doien papers bl'k aand } pint each do do rem ltr> do feed pencila, W. Monroe 'a best, do do 2t do boles Oillott's Kagle pens do do 1000 No. 3(1 quills do hund. 400 slats pencils do do 101'ouiios large scarlet wafers, beat do pound. 13 do aeirlet sealing wax do do The articles mutt be ol the beat nudity, rfalieered at the II. 8 Navy Tard. Brooklyn, at the risk and ripense of the eon* tractor, et inch times and in such quantities aa may barequired. subiect to the Inspection of the fkrd. The offers must he mede for nvt less than one entire claee, e price flied to earli article, carefully cstended end added up, end if it requested thet the total amount be plainly written in words, with the ed* dress of the bidder added. Contrecta will be made with the lowest bidder, giving bond with two approved sureties in ene third thr amount of the class, for sta faithfhl performance. Payments mads in thirty days alter bills properly approved are Bled with the Ntvy Agent, ten tier cent beiug reserved until the completion of the rontiaet. In ease of failure le deliver, the Nevy Agent will procure the articles, and any eiceas over the coutrae: price is to be refunded by the contractor to tha United States The written guaranty of one ef more reepoaeible persons must accompany aach offer, that the bidder whose offer m ec> eepted will rot fail to sign a contract and bend with two care, ties, within the time rreoired, according to tha Act of Conpress of Itth August, l(4tl, and may ba in the following words, ''Wehereby rwwr tbst A B, offeru.e for supplies for the Nsry, shell, with two sufficient sureties, eieente within the time retired, the contract end l>nnd, if awarded to Inm The law provides, etpressl v, that "No proposal shall be considered unless accompanied he sueh guaranty." Nary Iceat'. ^re New VoHt /une , i?47. I liunre.lt m. vv H1 MUHL. Nary Agent. js!t,l4,ie,19fcll Jt r " FITS'. FIT8!!-THE VEUKTABLKKXTRACT,prepared by l)r. 8. HART, ia the only remedy for Epileptic Kitsj or Falling Sickness, Convulsions, Spasnas, Be. This medicine, for the last siiteen years, his been tested by mauy persons who hare suffered with this ilresdfnl disease, and in almost every cue wkete it had a fair trial, has affected a permanent enre. Pamphlets containing thirty -ail pages of testimony, (some of which presented by eminent physicians,) to be had by applying at the principal office. Reference to Judge Randall, Jt East Broadway, N. Y; Col. E. Donslow, Yonkers: N. Y; Dr. W. L. Monroe, Guilford, Ohio; R*v. Richmond Tasgert, West Davenport, N. Y; Ree. T. L. Bu shoal I, Baltimore, Md; Joseph McDoutall, East Brooklyn; W. C. Anderson, Williamsburg, Long lalind. Rkccivti.t Crnetv?Mrs. Joseph Bradley, IIS Orrhanl st., N. Y; C il. Bought,in, *12 llth St., N. Y; M.. Jar. Bertholf, Chester, Orange county, N. Y, Charles Brown, sailor, Thos. R. Jones, Revenue Cotter Kpeneer, together with many-others whose names we are not at liberty to publish. All communications (post paid) addreaaed to Dr. B. HART, (late Ivana It Hait,) will be punctually atranded to. All orders must be accompanied with the money. The madtciua, with lull directions, is carefully packed ia botes, and sent to any part of the United States, Prises per liot $9, $17, and 121. Single bottles, with necessary madictnaa, tt. Prepared only by DR. S. HART, Principe) office, . .. J3d Broadway, (nest door to the T.ibernecle,) N. Y. T^,V0^ AcS;SS.T6fl,C<,r>h,U' ^StV' W V o EW YORK, WEDNESDAY Interesting ZVEesican Intelligence. [Vroni the N. O. Picayune lixtra. June 7.1 The plrunihhlp New Orb ho*, ('apt. Wright, bae ar' rlreil from Vera < run. having bft there on tho-Ut inet. \ 8ho touched ou the 4th at the lira zee. Contrary to the rumors and the general appreheuaioue, the N. O. baa j made a prosperous voyage. <Jen Khlrlds Is doinir w. ll we nro ino.t lunnv to hear. and was shortly expected at Vara Crux, lieu. Scott left Julapa uu the -3d ult fur Puebla, at j the head of nearly 0000 troops. The news from the city of Mexico by thia arrival it | moat important. Our luU'lHgcut correspondent from 1 Vara Crux hae furnished us with the annexed extract* from letter* written at Mexico, and from tlio heat source* ; of Information. The resignation of Santa Anna is an Important event iu the history of tho war :? tixti'uct from a letter dated? Citt or Mexico, May 2'J, 1S47. ' ? From here i have nothing worthy of noj tice to eouimiiuleatu, except that Santa Anna yesterday 1 resigned the Presidency, but it is not known yet whether I Congrats wilt aduilt of it. lie was induced to take that ] course from the opposition ha meets in his views of car| Tying on the defence of the city, and from some defama| tury writiug* which appeared in tho public papers | ageiust ills past conduct. It is generally expected that i the Americans will ho here about th<i 15th of next \ month, and considering the state of things iu the capital, I may say that they will meet with but slight resistI a.n o on the part of this government. Through the same chuuuul we have received the fol| lowing brief extract from another lvttsr of thu same data : ? ! " Last weak Santa Anua commenced fortifying Gun| dalupe. Purion. and Mijicazingn. near the suburb* ol I lie . city; but unusual disapprobation was khn result, and { henoe his reason for offering his resignation, it is supposed it will be accepted, and that llerrera will rec live j the nomination. There ure only about 3000 troops in ! the city." Wo have an exciting rumor from Puebla. mentioned in letters from Vera Cruz, that the citizens of I'uubla I had risen upon Gen. Worth, and cut off six or seven ! hundred of his men. The rumor was In every man's ; mouth at Vera Cruz, and much eredeuee given to it. We are happy to say that our correspondent in Vara | Cruz puts little faith in the rumors. [From the New Orleans Picayune. June 7.] Prrai.A, Mexico, May if, 1817. The division of Gen. Twiggs entered this city to day, all well. There were rumors in the morutug that Geus. Bustauiente aud Leon were advancing to attack Gen. Scott with an immense force, but so far we have henrd nothing contlrmiug the reports Almost every one thinks that the Americans aro to have another grand battle, but where no one ean divine. Thed llgenoia doe* not run between this and the eity or Mexico, aud so far i have found it impossible to lay hands upon auy papers. Noone as yet knows what Gen. Scott's intentions are as regards his future movements; yet small as his force is, mnuy think he will advance upon the capital. We shall know In a day or two. Vrn Cam. Muy S3, 1?47. After several days of anxiety and suspense, occasioned by the captnie of thn diligence by a band of guerillas, aud the a ell-know.' dangerous state of the road, another train has arrived at lust from Jalapa, bringing us uews froui the army and the events that have occurred on the road during the last six days, the most important of which is the murder of Colonel Sowers, and suven out of his escort of eight dragoons, aud Liout. McDonald, of the llifle Regiment. Col. 3. arrived here about a week ago witli despatches from Washington to Ueu Saott. tie loft this city last Saturday for Julapn, and was murdered throe miles beyond the National bridge. Kro.u all appearances the party must have been in ambush very near the read arid by a well directed volley brought them all to thegrouud at ouce. without giving them the slightest opportunity for resistance. Thus it is again, that despatches, probably of no ilttlo importance, hare fallen into the hands of the enemy, ami perhaps may be used to good purpose against us. The bodies of three of the pnrty were found near the road, partially covered with saud, and the others had been dragged into the chaparral. Oae American horse was found shot near the place where the party was assassinated. A gentleman from the city of Mexico, who was one of the American prisoners captured by Urrea between Camargo aud Monterey, came down with ths train, haviag been liberated by the Kngllsh minister, he having claimed British protection. He reports all the American offloers that were prisoners on parole. A wsgon master by the name of Parker and a quartermaster's cleric by the name of Lathrop, both captured on the road from Camargo to Monterey, and who were supposed to have been killed, were in prison in Mexico. The diligence, the capture of which has caused so much excitement, it appears, was robbed on its was from this place to Jalapa. it is said that no one was injured, but that tliu vehicle was partially destroyed und plundered of everything it contained. (Jen. Shields was doing well, and may be expeetnd here on his way home iu the coutsu of ten days. Strong suspicions were entertained ut Jalapa of an attempt to retake the place, but Col. < bilds is ulwuys wide awake for anything of that kind, and will do them up brown If the attempt is made. Some Mexicans alse came down yesterday from Jalapa. having been robbed on the road of everything they had of value; but the highwaymen showed their generosity and kindness to the unfortunates afterwards, by returning them twenty-five cents each to pay their expenses to this place. The force of the rancberos, robbers, etc., on the road, is estimated at 600 men, disposed of aa follows: 300 men near the read, and 100 on each side of it, ranging at a sufficient distance to prevont small parties froui taking the by-paths. Gen. Scott left Jalapa for i'uebla on the 03d inst, at the head ef f bout ti too men. I caunot hoax of auy later news than what has been forwarded to you, from Gen. Worth's column at Pnebla. The train which came down was escorted by about sixty men. mostly discharged soldiers aud some of the wounueu at i.rrro i.cruo, id charge or Capt Whiting.? They saw frequently, on the route, men on the height*, and in the distance inen on the look out. A* for local new* I hare noun to give you. The rainy | season ha*, it 1* thought, fully commenced, as we have had a (ample of It during the last three days. The following is a list of tue passengers on the New Orleans: ? Pasiengeri from Vera Cruz?Capt. O. W. Lawman, | Major Kvrguiton, (.'apt. Davidson. Major U< 11 and son, Lt. Murray, (.'apt*. Whiting and I'atten, I,lints. Danna and Kus*ela. Dr. (.'ass, Lieut. Col. Kinney, Lieut. T. Wright, and 1'17 men. J'aiiengoro from Brazoo Santiago?Lieut. Col. J. B Weller, Major L. (lidding*. Adjt. J. K. Harrison, Hurgeou K. K. ChAmburlaln, Ass'I Surgeon A. K Illghaway. ( apt. Stevens. (Quartermaster Tylfe, Capls Karetrom, Hormt I. Hsinsey, Hamilton, Brady, Long. Miller, While, Kearnley, Vandevencr, May, A May. Mooro, Allen. Miller, Reaglcr, llengersway. Wilson. Fox, Wood and Head; Lieut*. Motte. Kline, Bliss. Kidd, 1'iltey, Malouey, Moore, Packman, Shervir, O'Brien, Colorele, Viskur, McCarty, Block, Keller. Kbect. Kohlesser. Snead. I.iusey, Longley. Boyle, Hall, Keudle, Howard, Potter. Hohinsou and Morton. I ol. Morgan. Major Morrisou. (.Jen. Cazeneau, Col. O. N. Morgan and 350 men. [From the New Orleans Commercial Times. June*.] Vrn* ('act, May .Hst, 1117. After all mv experience, I have allowed myself to be deceived by the quarter-master's department. The New Orleans has been detained another twenty-four < hours, and will probably be forty-eight hours in getting off. She had a full head of steam on before the deci- I slon. keeping her here, was made. The elty is alive with I rumors from the interior, not one of which, however, takes a shape, that, in my opinion, justifies any degree of eonlidence. Puebla is reported to have risen against the Americans, affd after a loss of lOO men, our troops are said to have evacuated the city, and subeequently to have commenced its bombardment Che latter is an impoesibility, whleh throws more discredit upon the report than it would otherwise deserve I'uebla is a large city, and thirty-five hundred men are not a sufficient force to keep it against an energetic populace, but the proximity of the main body of the army would pretty eertainly prevent an insurrection at this moment. Another report by way ofOrasaha. tells us that Santa Anna Is still in the Presidential chair; that Valencia I* Commander-in-Chief of the army, and old Nicbolns Bravo (Jovernor of the State of Mexico Juan Alvares, wham you uiay remember as the Snnora robber, ami friend of Santa Anna, is said to be rapidly approarhlng with t*u thousand of his Indian retainers, in arm*, and i* expected to extirpate the Yankees, utterly The poor follows " will not know what is the matter with th?in.'' it they *nce get within reach of Worth'* or l'wlgg's I bull dog* The yellow fever, et vomilto, as it should be calle I, i* now getting really *erious amongst us. Thirteen ca.-os terminated fatally yesterday, and to-day already I bar* heard of Ihe duathsol three individ uals,whom 1 perso ally knew Two of these are from New Orleans, Mr. Cohen, of the firm ofiHimousfeld & Cohen, and a Mr. Michael, more recently from Tampieo. Col Kearney, the government contractor is now lying in aver dangernua ?! ? and t,untile are hits fallintf around me Sue It thing! to n unacnllmaled man like myseir, if o leulated to make one feel ugiy. a r. M.?The British courier i? in from Mexico,hut

inn to know very little of niattern iu that neighborhood. He nay! that llerrera in not President, but contradict* none of tho rumorn of the pant few day*, except a* far an regard* Santa Anna, who be neenm to think in ntill tho chief magistrate. I nhall try to learn nomething from tho lotten which ho bring*, before the Nteainwr leaves ?so, liutnot Nerlti. June 1?..?Well, our report* of llerrera'* election trove to bare been premature, to nay the leant of it.? ant* Anna 1* at the capital, in much lea* dincredltthan we hare been led to believe. and In tho full exerclno of the function* of hi* office. Upon hi* arrival he proposed to resign hi* neat, but coulrived matter* no an to have hi* proposition rejected. An election will take place on tbe 13th instant, when it 1* hoped that llerrera will be chosen ; but Santa Anna * creaturen are too numerous, and hi* position now too favorable for the control of tbe required interest*, to permit me to indulge in uch a hope, in any degree confidently He expresses an intention to fortify the town, at I?ant with a large ditch and embankment, and to place a force in tbe city capable of keeping off tho Americans. Ker these purpose* he demand* four hundred thousand dollars, and has impressed ail the horses and mule* that can be reached. A letter from a well Informed Oorman merchant of th* capital, t# hi* brother In this city, *ay*, that Hants Auns ha* within his eentrel a fore* of near ten thousand men, besides those en their wsy under Alvares, and that ba will so*n have an army around him oapable of annoying, If not of seriously opposing lien. Bcott It I* very probablo that the people of the oapital are about as ignornnt , as ourselves on these ratyeote, and although I treat their T IV T ATI ATT *T/"i TTT ITti ? /? - L lVlUIVlMiMr, JUINI^ It), IS! opinion* with respcot, I ilo not adopt them. Santa Anna , u evidently give* an importance to Alvarez* movement.to ' t which it is not entitled, und it in doubtful whether lie ! 0 will get a reinforcement from thi* source. of three thou- I d landmen. Valencia aud Uravo lire ?uid to have resign- I i ?d their respective command*. The Government ia to it be established at Mnrelia. | No disturbance whatever, baa taken place at i'uehla; on the contrary, the people, both of the city and coun- , try. aecin to be much pleased with their conqueror's, and H trade ia quite brisk. Communication with tho sea coast y secuii only to he required to bring all right again. Oeu- | ?r*l* Soolt and Worth were both in Puchla, when the , ; courier passed through that city. i VIEWS OP GKNKRAL, I.A VKOA. 1 Jalai-a, Mexico. May la. 1947. 1 The evening of I he duy upon which I last wrote you, ' I witnessed the arrival of Geu'ls. l.a Vega and Jerero, < 1 willi Iheir respective stuff*.in this city en roult for Te- ' | role, n* prisouer* of war. Vou will recollect that these i Mexican officers were taken on the 19th of April, at the battle of t erro UiuMo. and. unlike the residue of their 1 brother (Steers who were prisonsrs, refused to accept ' tbelr parole. Tlicy were accordingly sent forward to Vera Crux, with the privilege of determining. nu roach tag mat point. whethur they vouM go to the United I 1 states, im prisoner* of war, or ruiuaiu in the Casllo of 1 dan Juan. Yesterday morning I wag in tho company of La Vega abont nil boor) and whatever other* may think, be is fur fr?ui entertaining tho belief that we ura speedily to I have pence; and be make* no disguise whatever of bin uv u feelings, that an far an bia influence or volue can go, \ the 1 'uiied State* never shall bate peace with Mexico. i" long on tho Americana hare a hostile foot tbla aide of . the .N iiocea. lie remarked what was very true, that tbua far tho war bad been felt far more aeuaibly by the invaders than by the iuvaded; that, in ono sense, it bad provI' ad a great relief to their nation by the expenditure and | i diffusion of nulliona nf money arnoug them, while they hail elevated their nationa! character for prowess in the : estimation of the eivllixed world, Mr. Triat. the yuan' I Mini it tr PI*Tiip0imliary from the United States, spent i some time in hn company. Iiut I question whether he ! accompllrhed anything that would have the slightest I tendency toadvunen the objectof his niisaion. The reasons assigned by La Vega for not going to the I United states were these t I- irst, lie greatly quaftkUMd I whether his government would provide himself and cotn: panionsin durance vile with tho BltimlltlMllli to eua' lilo them to live aa they ronsider they should live in New I Orleans; and secondly, be was in hopes that if any ex| change of Rogers, of the navy, was effected, he would be among the prisoners lib. rated, und he Jcsireil to be where he could at ouce rejoin the Mexican forces, and again take up arms against us. I also learnt frnm a sat- ] ( factory source, that the controlling motive that actuated him in refusing to accept n parole, when the residue 1 of tho Mexican prisoners of war did. was not so much that of patriotism, hut, on tho contrary, a desiro to save 1 ills property from the grasp nf his own government; 1 that if he accepted his liberation upon a parole of honor, and should, notwithstanding, refuso to heud an army again in defence ot his country against onr forces, his ' government would make it an excuse to confiscate his ' extensive property, and thus throw him penniless upon ' the world M J LATER FROM THE AHMY OF ?!!N. TAYLOR. 1 By the steamship Mew Orleans we havn liter dates | from tha Rio (irando and the army of (leu Taylor. The ] letter of our correspondent, below, announces the arrival i of a portion ef < ol. Doniphan's command at Saltlllo. after a sharp encounter with a body of hostile Indian*. We have a copy of the Matanioras Flag of the 9d init. The individual found murdered below Keyuosa, as before mentioned by us. turns out to have been a private iu Uapt. Paul's company of Massachusetts volunteers A company of Massachusetts nmn. under Capt Walsh, escorting a train to Cauiargo. passed tho spot a few duys j since, aud idontilb d and buried tho body, t'apt. W. demanded of some Mexicans residiug near the scene of the murder, to produce the murderers, or ho would burn down their ranches. Thu threat hail the desired effect. and three incorrigible scoundrels were handed over to him?one of whom win killed lu endeavoring to make hbi escape, and the other two ure Imprisoned at Iteynoea. The clothes of the murdered man were upon the Mexican who was killed. From the Flag we learn that Lieut. Col. Abbott, with four companies of Massachusetts volunteers, escorting a wagon train and a number of artillery horses, took up the line of march for Cerralvo, on Saturday the 'JUth ult. Col. Wright, with the remaining six companies, was to proceed by boat to (.'amargo, thence to Monterey, as soon as transportation could bo had. Tho troops remaining at Matamoras after tho departure of the Massachusetts Regiment will be three companies of the 3d Dragooo*?llugau's, Butler's and Merrick's. These dragoon companies are not yet furnished with horses, and it is uncertain when they will be mouuted?probably (says the Flag) not until they are called into active service, without affording au opportunity to drill. Col. Curtis, of the 3d Ohio Regiment, has received the appointment of Assistant Adjutant (iuueral to General Wool. The steamer Lama, Capt. Ferguson, on the upward I trip to Cumargo. collapsed a tluo on Saturday last, in consequence ol' which she is detained a few miles below lleynosa. No one was injured, and a new bailer having been procured, Capt. Ferguson expects to have her in trim agaiu in a few days The Lama was uudur government charter and freighted with army stores. The steamer Oaxelle. also under government charter, bound up the river with stores, sank on Monday last about sixty miles above here. Boat a total loss, tlis current having broken her up and swept off the cabin and hull. The Sabine, Capt. Sterrit, freighted with private merchandise?her first trip up the river?struck a snag on Tuesday last, aliout thirty miles below Reynosa. and was run into shallow water where Bho sank. The principal part of her cargo was saved without injury, and the boat, it is said, will soon again be afloat. The steamer 11 Ig Hatches lies high and dry between here and the mouth of the river, having grounded during tho late rise, and the rivsr reooded from her. A rise of four feet will put her again in herolement. Ssltii.lo, Mexico. May 17.?Along, tedious eight days fever having partially left me, I am able to write you again with some little idsa of what 1 am doing, aud to furuish you with a few items of news. I mentioned that a squadron of dragoons had gone out in pursuit of ths party of Indians who bad committed the recent outrage. ; but it appears I was mistaken, and that their mission 1 was paoiflo aud merely intended to endeavor to get back ' from our excellent friends, the < ainaneho*. some American horses aud inules which had accidentally found their way iuto their possession. Justice, however, swift * i and terrible retributive justice, lias -overtaken them, spoil-laden as they were, and half their number have bceu sent to overtake their victims. 1 Lieut. Col. Mitchell and a portion of the advance of ; Col. Doniphan's command arrived here yesterday morning from I'arras. having arrived at oatnp the day before. This morning, before breakfast, a number of men came in and announced that on Friday last a detachment of i ol Doniphan's regiment, under command of i apt. Reed, onsistlng of fifteen men and aseompanied by Don Manuel Ibarra, a very wealthy citixen of Tarras, who owns an extensive vineyard, set out for tho Rancho del Pooo, about thirty miles from i'arras, after the Indians. He furnished them all with fresh horses, and they made a rapid march for del I'oeo. At the raneho they were joined by a party of some twenty men, an advance of Colonel Doniphan's main command, and before long the Indians eamo up. The conflict was quits desperate, fur the Indians fought like devils, ' apt. Reed was wouuded iu the cbiu and shoulder by arrows, and several horses were killed. On the side or the Indiaus the slaughter was more deadly. i ne atl-poweirui nun muwu nrtDmn ouiu wurriurs io '"bite the duet," and the rost (led. leaving most of their plunder and the greater portion of their women and children. We alee captured about 'J.OO'I head of horses anil mules which they had stolen. Don Manuel, who is spoken of as being as brave as he is generous and hospitable, fought desperately. Most of these Indians were Lippans and not Cainanches. it is said. You will hardly believe that after this generosity on the part of our troops in ridding au enemy's country of a marauding purty. some of the grateful Mexicans at I'arras wero detected in the aet of stealing some of the horses belong| ing to the command. The whole #f Col. Doniphan's command will be here | in a few days, and after remaining a while to recruit their men and horses will prncoed down towards the mouth of the river They have now been in the service eleven months, and when they reach here will have marched two thousand eight hundred miles from Fort l.oavcnworth, Mo , their place ot rendezvous They have been constantly on tha march for eight months .and have been without touts since last fall ; nor have they drawn a single dollar of pay since they havo been In the service. We all look forward here to the prospect of a speedy movement upon Man Luis with conildence. and dally expect the arrival of fresh troops from below It Is thought that the Parras route will be selected, and It Is represented to me as a most delightful one. A train is about starting off aud I have not time to write more It is the 'Id Ohio regiment that goes to-day. They are uow entering the town. [From the New Orleans Picayune, June 7.] We have later dates from the Rio Grande and the army of Hen. Taylor. The letter of our correspondent announces the arrival of a portion of Col. Doniphan's command at Saltillo. after a sharp encounter with a body of hostile Indians The troops remaining at Matamoros after the departure of the Massachusetts regiment will he three companies of the 3d dragoons?Magan's, Butler's, and Merrick's. These dragoon companies are not yet furnished with horses, and it is uncertain when they will be mounted -probably (says the Flat) not until they are called Into active service, without affording an opportunity to drill. < ol. lack Hays was at Palo Alto, with his regiment of Texas Rangers described to be a body of remarkably hardy men. lie was waiting for orders to march to the ramp of (Ion. Taylor. AttMT IMTKLLIORNCK. .Major ( it's, with a detachment of the Third Dragoons, arrived in our city on Monday last The destination of a portion of the regiment has bean changed ? ! a batInllon of Ave companies, under command of I.leu i tenant Colonel Thomas P. Moore, being ordered to Join General Scett; the remainder of tho regiment, with ; their Colonel, (General K. G W. Bullor, of Louisiana.) ' will Join General Taylor. Mr Parish, bearer of despatches from Washington to General Taylor, arrived in our city yesterday morning. rout* tar Montcroy. Col. Doniphan arrived at lWrai. on* <Uy l??t >?ool?, ftutl may be sxpectod down tho river shortly The u?wi | reached this place, yesterday, In a letter to Oeoeral (Joshing.? Mntamorat Flag, Mau 2(1. Tho parting soeno between tho Mississippi regiment i and Ueneral Taylor, wo aro told, was effecting in tho | [ERA 47. Itrumi' thi' man umrrhi'il bv blm to return to their miner. overpowered with a recollection of the high leeiU which hail vmlnarwl them to him. and. with their lemons tratioiui of recpect and affection, he attempted n v.iiu to uddrexs them. With team streaming down da furrowed cheuka. all he could auy waa. "Go on boys? ;o on?I can't apeak." The lit', iu noticing the Mexican Generals who weru it the battle Buena Vista, (twenty-four iu number.) tatea that Gun. Loinbardiul. who waa wounded at Buena /lata, had finer died. Thut is au error. Wu were inbrnivd by a Mexican olBoer. that Gen Lomhardini had ooorereil from hi* wounds hut had retired from fervid) Jen '> aai|Uex. who was iu tlie tight at Buena Vifta. and was killed at t'crrn Gordo, in the only General officer who has fallen In battle during thin war Thete Mvxl>au General* take uxcellent care of thuir perfonf. If ;liere U a Hale place on the battie-fleid. they are sure to lud it out. Every one ailmitf that the private* in the sjexie.au army are tuperior iu gallautry to their oflleurt At the battle of Buena Vl*la, home of the Mexican prl onerf remarked to our meu. that if they had American dtteera. they would not fear to meet our men In equal Humbert. The atoamer Oalvefton left la*'. night with Quarter master* men, aud about 1(H) horses. for Vara Cruz. She took down the mull for the South Carolina regiment, and Several other mall*. The iteainur James L. Day. Capt. Wood, also left last night. She ia to touch at the Hrazoa, and theru land Col K W. CI. Butler and staff. and then proceed to Vera Cruz. This a'.eauihoat took tho largest mail ever sent froui tliia city to Mexico. Shu also took down ('apt*. Lnvull'* and Monroe * companies of the (itb Regiment D. 8. Infantry, aud Capt. Van Horaa'a company of the 3d lufaulry Capt. Menroe's company was unoer the command ol Lieut. Ileudrickaou. Tho whole amount oftroopa taken down by thinsteamer. amounted to about 3bU men. The following military gentlemen went passengers:?Col. Butler, 3d Dragoons; Lieut J. O. 8. llaviUud do.; St. Cliurles Radzlmiuski, do.; Capt. H. U. l>h"lson. I apt Leslie! base, Asst. CJr Mr. Lieut Wilkinson. Kith Infantry; l.ivut. Weatoott. 'Jd Infuntry; C. II. Burns, Qr Mr.'*Dep.;W. M ltuudle, do.; Maj. Gwiun; l apt*. VanMornoaud l.ovell; Licuts. O'SulUvun aud Henbrlcksou rapt. Powers, of the srhr. Portia, left Anton Llzurdo on the iutl) nit., and arrived at this port yesterday. The following vessel* were lying at auchor when the Portia left:?U. S. frigatt^Hariiau. sloops-of-war John Adams, (iermantowuand Decatur; U. 8. rovonuo cutter Mcl.ane. and bauib-ketcli Ftna. From the alst named vessel ( apt. Powers brought up a mail bag. The following passengers arrived in the schooner Bryan from tho Brazos:?Two companies of the Regiment Ky. Vols . under command of Captains Fry aud Thompson and Lieut. Cowen. The men numbered I 2> rank uud file. In the schr. (Jen. Patterson?3 companies uf the 2d Hegt. Ky. Vols., under the command of Capts. Uutter, Joyner and llarnev, numbering 1C>() men rank aud file. Yesterday morning companies F, K audi, of the 1st Mississippi regiment, urrived In Iho schr. P. B Savory. rrom Brazos ht. Jago. 'l'hese companies are commauded by Captains Delayu. Taylor, and Rogers. The Savory eft tin- Brazos ou the 30th ult. The brig Forest arrived this morning front th" Brazos, bringing five couipnnies of the 1st Regiment Mississippi Volunteers?company A. Captain Sharp; company B, [apt. Cooper; compuuy C, ('apt. Willis; company K, Lieutenant Fletcher, eommauding; company 11. Captain L'lenileuning?numberiug 180 men. rank and file.?.Vein Oi lriins Ihlla.ntli inat. Col Jefferson Davis wns In Now Orleans on the ?th lost, lie was still suffering from his wound, which, from its peculiar character,it is said, will probably annoy him for a long time. PROM THE Ol'LP SttUAKItOS. [From the Washington Union. June 14 ] Wu have received from the Navy Department the following official documents relating to the expedition against Tuspan, and other incident* in the operation* of oursiiuadrun on, the coast of Mexico:? United Stxtls Fi.au Sum Musissirri,) Anton l.izardo, May 23, 1847. \ Sir?I have the honor to forward herewith a copy of the report of Captaiu Samuel L. Urease, who, as second in command of the expedition against Tuspan, commanded the landing party in the attack. This report was accidentally lost ur mislaid in tho embarkation, after the capture of the place: and circumstnucus have, until now, prevantsd the transmission of another copy It is not, 1 trust, too late to bring to the favorable uotico of the navy department, the responsible part taken by Capt. Breese in tho attack, and of expressing my approbation of blsjiidgment and gallantry on tne occasion. Indeed. It would ho unjust to him, and to the other commanders, officers nud men, as well of the lnndlng party, as of the small vessels composing the llotilla, (a list of which is enclosed,) did 1 not repeat here, what I have expressed in my report of the 24th ult.? that all. and every one, engaged in the expedition conducted in auch manner a* to command my highest praise. It would be difficult, and perhaps invidious, to distiugul.-li personal bravery, where all were alike impelled by the west praiseworthy enthusiasm aud zeal; and I can ouly remark, in conclusion, that I should wish ne more gullant followers in any undertaking against lit it ttnumv in uhinh I !???*#.. >?*? Ki.n.ve ? With treat reaped, I am, sir, your moit obedteul survaut, M. C. PKltllY, Commanding Home Squadron The honorable John Y. Mason, Secretary of the Navy, Washington. Tuspaw, April 19, 1H17. Sir : I hare the honor to report that, ou the Ihtli inst. , the forces umler my command were landed from the steamers and gun-boats under the tire of the enemy's forts, for the purpose of executing your orders, to take them by assault. The men, headed by their several officers, proceeded with ardor and seal to the accompliehraeutof the duty. The works, however, before the seamen could reach them, were successively abandoned; the defenders offering no very serious resistance. The guns of the forts on the right bank were immediately spiked or disabled, and the ammunition destroyed. The boats then crossed to the left bank, and drove the enemy from t he fort "Hospital," pursuing them through the town to the chaparal, in whioh they dispersed. Where, notwithstanding the strength of position, resistance was so feeble and of so desultory >t character, little opportunity was presented for the exhibition of individual gallantry ; and where all did so well their duty, it would be difficult and iudirldious to particularise. Dur loss on shore, as far as has yet been ascertained, is ftut two men killed, and two or three wounded. Very respectfully, your obedient servant. 8AMUEL L. BREESE, Captain 'ommodore M.C. Primr,Commanding Home Squadron, (iulf of Mexico. The expedition against Tuspan consisted of the folowing force?ail under the command of Commodore K. C, Terry ; The steamer Spitfire, Commander J. Tatnall Tim steamer Vixen, Commander J. II. Bands. The schooner llonlla, l.laut. Com. T. (i Benham The schooner Petrel. Lieut. Com. T. 0. Shaw. The steamer Scourge, I.lent 8 l.ockwood The schooner Heeler, Lieut. Com. Thos. Turner. Drtachmrnli of offi ert and men from tkr ml >/ - irltnf the it/uaitron, computing the landing paily, under the command of Captain Samuel ? Beetle. 0(H- Sea 4- Tocert. Mar. tal. FUc-thip Misasstipni, Lieut. J. Decamp . 20 too Ho Potomac, Lieut. K. K. Thompson 7 173 182 Ohio, Commander L. M. Goldsborough.. , 10 32(1 'J3i> Albany, Capt. 8 L llrreso 7 109 116 Uaritan, Capt. F. Format 7 too 157 John Adams, Com W.J. MeCluney 10 III 121 Decatur, Commander 11. S. Piukney 14 110 112 Of rmanfown, Comininder F. Buchanan.... 13 110 131 Vesuvius, Commander O. A. Magruder... I 22 ?'? Ktna, Commander (i. J. Vau Brunt 3 22 23 Heula, Lieut. Commanding, A. B. Fairfai.. 1 22 23 1190 Four pifcfg of artillery. respectively commanded by Commander Magruder. l.leuts Fairfax and Blunt, and Acting Mailiugmaster Rodgers, all under command of Commander Mackeniio. NAVAL. The iron eteamer Alleghany, built at Pittsburgh, and fitted out at the nary yard at Memphis, Tenncaae", tailed from the latter place on the 4th initant for New Orleans. where she will receive her sailing orders, and complete her crew. The following Is a list of the officer* attached to the A.:?Lieut Commanding. Win W Hunter; Lieutenant*, Wm. McB'.air, Wm Reynold*. Joseph Sanford; Surgeon, Robert Woodworth: Purser, Jame* A Semple; Chief Engineer. Alexander Birkbuek; Acting Master, Andrew Weir; Assistant Surgeon, John A Peltit; Passed Midshipmen. Paul Hhlrby. Fred H llraud; Midshipmen, John 11. Itusaell, Frank A Roe. Jatnes D 3 ate*; Captain'* Clerk, John B. Peachy: 1st Assistant Kngineer. Alexander McCausland, jr.; 2d do do , Robert Danby; 2d do. do. Charles I,. Ureatrake: 3d de do,, William Luce; Sd do. do., Nathaniel I*. Patterson; Dunncr. John O. Williamson. MKi.ANriioLY Strirtng.?We learn that Mr. S. lluyc.a, of Norwich, whose familv reside near the line of this town, on the east side of the rlrer. committed suicide on Monday morning, the 7th Inst . In the following manner:?Before breakfast be went Into the woods, with a halter, for the purpose, as was supposed of uatrhing his horse. His family becoming somewhat un easy, on account of his delay, sent for him, anil he was found in the sugar-house, suspended by his neck with the halter The deceased ** about forty year* old, and in good circumstances He had frequently of late ex |>re**eil the ?))iinl<>ti mar lie mi?uiu noiu- ? mu wae undoubtedly Inmi" Or/urrf Rrjinklican Aerolite. Written in the pare, after pa**ing down the Potomac, via. Mount Vernon, rn rente for hapel >1111, with the Preeldent and ?m'l*. Journeying by l?'"l or ?ea. Oh ! how plcaaant 'tie to be Among the honor'd and the wi?a, Near to beauty 'a beaming eye*.? Near to beaaty'e eweet voiced daughter*, A* we cros* the ehlulug water*. Like a bright star, ehining through Kvening'e deep'nlngeky of blue. On tli? oeean. In the emile Not imparted to beguile ; Only thin to that net down. H*n?ou bow* where beauty'* crown And charm are amilen without a frown llainhle we the wide world round, I uder any nky whore found, t harming woman, in our heart* K< ep* her reign till life depart* ? Lven theu the beam* of beauty'* eye Kepel the coward fear to die. Heapcctfully, the doctor Waihingto* June 19 1947 LB. Wet Tw? CwH? A Naturalization Uuc.tkxt. To the tun tit OK I HE ItlEALU: ? :--Can vou favor us with an answer to tht following question ' Suppose a Frenchman to have emigrated to Ibis country in 1*311 with a ton ton years of a?e. and to have declared his intentinu* of becoming a cttijeu and to havo taken out hi* papers of naturalisation in 1*41 will thutou now ill year* of age tie entitled to the rights of un American citizen in consideration oi bit father'* naturalisation. or will he be under the necessity of swearing allegiance aud taking out naturalisation papers for himself ? MAN V HEADERS. June. 1847. To the F.oiroa or the Hekei.d : Observing the above in ycur valuable journal of tbU morning, and having occasion some tiraa since to examine this subject. 1 obtained sufficient information to warrant my answering this question in the affirmative ? that the sun is a citixen i send you a copy of the act of Congress, also a copy of the record of a suit tried in I'hlladelpbia before Judge King to test a similar case, with opinions of many distinguished Jurists who have carefully examined the naturalization law*. Very respectfully, your obedient servant. HENRY K. RIELL. New Yonx, June 13, 1*47. Act, Aran. 14, 1801. Sec. 4. The children of persons duly naturalised under any of the law* of the United States, or who. previous to the passing of auy law on that subject, by the government of the United states, may havo become citl fun in uuy one 01 in* saiu mat**, under th* laws thereof. being untlur tho age of Iweuty-nne year* at tha time of their parent* being ?n naturalized or admitted to tbe right* of citizenship. shall, if dwelling in the United State*. Iw considered at pilisen* of the United States; and the children of persona who now are. or have been citizen* of the 1 'nlt*d States, shall, though born out of tile limit* and jurisdiction of the United State*, be considered a* citizen* of th# United States : Provided. That the right of citizenship *hall not descend to persons whose lathers bavu never resided within the United State* Provided, also. That no person heretofore proscribed by any State, or who ha* been legally convicted of having joined the army of Urrat Britain, during tbe late war. . hall be admitted a citizen, as aforesaid, without the consent of the legislature of tbe Stale in which such person wa* proscribed. lu tbe Uoi ri or Common I'i.cas for the ecuu?y of Philadelphia?December term, IH44; No 60 ? t harlti Murphy, vi. IPiltiam /tier. John Pott i unit John Ota res. ?Case stated. 'I'h? plaiutitf is and ha* been a resident of 6lh ward. Southwark, county of Philadelphia, for eight year* last past, and ha* paid State and county tax iu said warj. during all said time, and has keen duly assessed, according to law, during said period. The defendants were the inspectors and judge* of an election held in said ward, last spring, for constable. Itc ; and at said election the plaintiff offered to vote, and hi* vote was rejected bv the defendants. The facts, a* thus stated to the defendants, and now admitted to be true, are p a* follow*, viz : '1 lie plaintiff wa* horn in Ireland, in tbe year 181(1; hi* father and mother and two sisters emigrated from ireland-their birth plaee -to this country, in HI8. and arrived at Philadelphia, where plaintiff aud his sabl sister* have since resided; and also his mother until her deatli. in tbo year 1846. plaintiff s father after declaring hi* intention to become a citizen, wa* in due form and lawfully naturalized, nud became a citizen in tbe court of quarter session*, of thi* county; at which time the plaiulilT was nine years old The question Is. wa# the plalutttT entitled to a vote? If so. then it is agreed that judgment be entered for the plaintiff If not, Iheu judgment to be entered for the defendant#. Thi* casecomiog on to he heard the court after mature consideration ordar judgment to be entered in favor of plaiutilf. October It, lt)41, judgment for plaintiff In testimony whereof, I have hurcuuto set my hand and neal of said court, thi* twenty-eighth day or October, A IJ., 1944.?11 Palmer, Jr., prolhouotary. Important Decision.?My opinion has been requested on litis question : " Are the children of parents naturalised uudcr any existing law of the United Slates, who were under twenty-one years of age at the period of the parents' naturalization, untitled, themselves, to 1 |.HTiirn UI )HUKD(Ul|i: I II4TU DO UOUDl. 1101 tUll must remote, that they are. The question turus altogether upon what U to be considered the true eonstruetlon of the naturalization act of Congress of the 13th of April, 180J, and especially. of the 4th noction of that act. I am sure that it admit* of but one Interpretation, and that is. thut no matter under what law, or at what period, if the parent* are naturalised, their children, if then under Hge, are, at once, and by virtue of that (action, made citizen* The parent 1* considered as the head of the family, aud a* representing all of them who, when he becomes naturalized, are iufaut*. At his death intestate, the law designed that his children should be hi* heirs, and they could only be so, by making them, by virtue of the citizenship of the parent, themselves citizens. The children over twenty-one. and of course capable of determining and acting for themselves. era excluded from the beuetlt of the section but minora, who have no l"gnl or supposed capacity, were intended to lie made capable of inheriting their father's estate, by reason of hi*^citizenship. I rcpe.it, theu, as my decided opinion, that the construction I give the law la the correct one. and I know that such has been, and la. the iutcrpretatton given to it by all the courts In Baltimore, Federal as well as State REVF.RDY JOHNSON Baltimore, 10th Sept., 1844. From the examination of the ant of t'engresa referred to in the above opinion, I do not hesitate to say that 1 fully and entirely concur therein?and shall he govern d in my action by the views therein expressed in all cases brought before me. K. H MARSHALL, one of the Judges of Frederick County Court Kept. 13. 1844 Nxw Yoh*. 1144. Oct 3(1 1 fully concur In the above opinions. I hod carefully looked into the question bef..ro giving either opinion. A VANDERPOEL, Judge of Superior Court of New York. Oriaio* or CiiAitLri P. Dsi.v, Judoz or thz New Yeas Commos I'l.ais. Oct 30, 1814?The fourth section of the act of April 14, 1803. piovides that the children of persons duly naturalised under any of the laws of the United States, being under the age of twenty-one years at the limo of their parents being so naturalised or admitted to the rights of citizenship, shall, if dwelling In the United States, be considered as oitisens of the United States. It has been denhted whether this provision was applicable to tbeohildren of persons who might be naturalized after the passage of the set. It has been supposed to apply only to the children of parsons naturalised before trie 14th April, IHOJ There is nothing, however, in the set itself, or in the previous legislation upon this subject, that would justify such a conclusion The aot of 180J wau passed for the purpose of establishing a uniform rule of naturalization. It is a general statute, snd it repealed all prior laws upon that subject. It is entitled " an act to establish a uniform rule of naI turaiizatiou. and to repeal the acts hereto/ore passed," ' An. The provision in auction was evidently intended | to appl^ as well to the children of persons who might be naiurauxcu i.n< rcaiier, as 10 mum' wnoe* parent* bad been naturalised before the passage of the act. Thl? view bus been adopted by t hancellor Kent, In his commentaries? J Kent. p. 51; aud the point hat been exnressly determined In a very recent case in thia Stat*. (See West ** West, 8 Paige. 4:13 ) Chancellor Walworth held that the child of a persnu naturalised in 1830, than I dwelling In the United States and being under the age oi maturity one year, became u cltiien by tlie naturalisation of the par-tit This deetsiou it entitled to great respect, from the fact that the complainant Weat Q ed his bill to obtain his equitable share of his tather'a estate, from which he wee excluded on the ground of belint en alien, and from the fact that the learned Chan! cellor hxs examined the statute in question with great caro, together with tho prior legislation upon thia subject It is not necessary that a person falling under tola provision should make any previous declaration of intention. or be admitted in the manner proscribed in tba other cases lie becomes n eititen at once, by tbo operation of the act, and is entitled to all the privileges Incident thereto Nor do I think that the provision In section 19 of the act of March. ISIS, which prescribe* that no person who shall arrive in the United States af ter February 17 1815, shall be admitted to become a cltiien. who ihall not for I lie continued term of live years next preceding bis admission, have refilled within tba I United Slates, without being at any time during tba said five years, out of the territory of the United States , i applies to such a case, so as to require a residence of five years, before such person ran be deemed a oitiaan The terms -shall he,admitted to become a rltixen," evidently related >o the ela?s of iltens who are admitted in the manner prescribed by the aot of April 14, 1901 Throughout that section the terra admitted is used, in i connexion with the formalities prescribed But no fori nml admission is requisite under section 4. The class ' of persons them described, ars declared by the statute to be rltixeiis upon the naturalisation of tutir parents, j The language of the statute is, "they shall be considered citizens To make the l'lth section of tha M4 of March .1 181.1, therefore, intelligible,when mentioned fc) | connexion with the existing law*. It must be held to i ply to persons entitled to he admitted under the 1st seo1 lion of the act of ISOJ. Personal anil Political. The "t. I.ouia papers announce the death r-f A W | Vanning. In that city 4s a Judge he enjoyed a high | character. A .... II-.... ? I>.,P An 41... II I'PIX I HI'.M 111 (III. I Mt.^il'n I I I'lUT .'II (.lvalue. receiver (>f (mblle uioueya for the diatrict of land* aubjrct to x*h> at I pper .Neniluakjr. In tli. Ntnla of Ohio. 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