18 Haziran 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Haziran 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THl i Vol. Xlli. Wo. 1CT?Wtiolo Ho. I7M | THE NEW TOKK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Partta-WMt tomn of Fulton and Nnm? ?t* AMES GORDON BENNEn. PROPRIETOR. VIRCUL.ATIHN -KOKTV THOUSAND. ^OAILV HERALD? Every day, frice 2 cents per copy? " ^rL-Ep2?,?rV?^,t' advance. il\ t'''-RALD? Kvery Setard*??Frice 6J< eeati HVA ?"?TT ,>7 t.eut,I,*r anmtm?payable in advance, p/l .i, h<>U LP ROTE?Every Steam 1'acket dayA v N ;.7?t,iTr ??J!?-$3 t?v auuum, payable in. advance Ufaf t'PTOlUAL HERALD?Published en the a in 'J.uVUiJjr Kfli vear?tingle copies sixpence eaeh. au , tM i ltie:ME>Tr8, at the usual prices?always caah in a>.r net. AjvertittmeuU should be written in a plain, legible mann?* A he Froprittor will not be reiponnible for errors thsi Biay oce?- ;n them. ^INTlNti of all kinds executed beeutifullr and wi* desj^h. Alt letters or commuQioations by mail, addressed to the jfUbluhniest. most be post puid, or the posts*# will be d# slanted from the subscription money ramittaH. M FOR SALE.?That valuable property near lie? Third ^vwoua, known aa the 11 ED HOUSE PROPERTY Said property consist* of lire acres of excellent upland, wiiii lire buildings ibvreuu, and has been surveyed into sixty builui | lota. A part of lhe< incenses are a. present occupied by the Sr George Cricket Cleb. To a gentleman desirous of ac ipu g from the noise and din of a city, it would be a deli:ditlul residence. T'le property will be sold a bargain if applied far immediately. Kir lurlier pa rticulars inquire of EDMUND JONES, at tba Nortlr Ah'.ericau Hotel, corner of ha yard street and the I Bowery je!7 3'?rrc JSCA FOR SALE?A well known and lucrative Tavern ' and l.mltiint House, with the futures, liquors, and fur* i if# ourr, including beds, bedding, ike. The object of the prr.c t proprietor iu parting with the above, is his intention of i' lining m f r nia couuirv. i nereis nil unexpired louse "I ihrv* i *nn on the liotue. Nothing will be to [my for but a fair "v?ln? for the articles on the premises; anil the terma muit be cash i p |y to I K. at thia olliee. jel6 3fje M 'l'O Lk.T, with board, a room on the first mid one ou th* secend floor of the limne No. 532 Broadway, b'.tr further particulars, information Can br obtained on lb - premise*. A l?w persons may also be acennnnodated with fi msient board. je!6 7t*r .vrMtTMK.N I S TO I.KT, limnls-mcly |unn*hed riStfl *r unfurnished, at 31 Nikth Moore street. JSj^_jMKt?r Mk'i "> I! H AU?, OK KXi: HA N OK FO K C1 X V* PIt OPKKTY.?Property in the pleasant vill 'ge of Liberty Corner, consisting ofa firrt rate Dwelling House,38X10, eeiiu-.niDg 10 rooms highly finished, with a food cellar. Caryinye Maker's, Wheel right and lll ichsmiih's Shop, all nej^ Also, a good barn, 30.V38, with wood and ainoke houses, a gbod well st the door, apjdes, cherries, currents, fcc. Price for the ain't $iuu?. Also, 14 aeree of laid, T acres of timber, 7 of clear land, all under new fenc a. Apply to James B. Barr, any Wednesday, from A. M. to 7 P. <1?on Thursday, till 1 P. M., on other days at the New Tork Real Instate Company, eorner of Broedwav m,d Maiden Lane JAMK8 B. BARK. jet?3<lt?m MKJ lO* AT K ?'I1 H F.' YD NTs' In Its MANSION House, eutlnii',dings, and seren acrei oft land?the whole or a part, to suit purchasers, and on the moat accommodatieg terms. This extensive building comm ids a nitfcuiricrnt View of the Hudson River, from III to 15 miles iu each direction. The house is 60 feet square; carriage house f'- I'oOt <qn*re, with stabling lor one hundred horses; shed 65 lent in length; all nearly new, and in complete erder. There it aise a fish poi.d r.nd water pevrer, with a never failing stream *1 svster runnier through the middle of the grounds, as pure as Cretoai. The Hudaou lliver Railroad is to run within three kii-.drvd ysnit in front of the protierty, and about the same disbsaro south of the villsge of Yorkers, where the depot is to h* loceted. There are fivo well conducted schools, all -within ahalf mile. Two splendid fast sailing steamboats ply doily to sad from the city; aad stages aise rue daily iu ?ouuecsien with tliv Harlem lUilroad Kor terms apply to William Kellinger, at the Williams1 Isurgli lerry, at the foot of Deltuicy street, or upon the promises. jet 14t*rc MPAVClON, N1?W BKIUHTOtf, Staten Island.? The propriotor begs to inform his friends nud the public, that tie leu made considerable alterations and improve meats in this establishment since the last seasou. He has erected a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether disconnected from the main body of the pavifion. These rooms are intended for geutlemenonly; theyareof a comfortable size, light, and well veutilated, and superior in all reapeeu to those geuer.illy denominated single rooms in tiie various watering places throughout the couutry. s he proprietor i'j now ready to treat with families or parties win.mg to eng?'-? room* for the season. Letters addressed to him at the Cit"/Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention. i A ,team>,oat runi between New York and New Brighton, at the lello'wiug hours, viz:? f.roiP New Brighton?At I and 11 A. M. and 2 and 5:30 P. M. 1 as*1 p'er No. 1 North Kiver, New York?At 9 A. M. and 12 M.auil ,11d 6 p. \]., end more frequent comaunicatiOni will tie established .t* tlie season advancei. biii'iiay Arrangement?From New Brighton at 8 A. M., 11%, 6:je P. \4. Frent New York, at A. M., 2 and 8 P. M. Tb*. Pavilion is now ready for the reception of Company. _?! V* tire _____ F. BLAN'ARD. Ma. ILL AND WATER POWER FOR SALE.? To b'Kild hv auction,hy MULL I'll St llALLIDAY.on the 23d of June next, at their olfice, No. 7 Wall it., in ?tlie<-it<ef .NvivYork.it 12 o'clock at noon of that day, if not prvrrnasly seld by private lale. the unexpired term of three yearn, in a lot of lix acrei of laud litnate in thu town of Spring, field, c?u?tv of Esses, and Stale of Nvw Jersey. The lai d u in a high atite ul'ctiltivitinn, being ulinted with corn and |K>tatooi, and coatiiiuiiig apple, pear, auue-hcriy tree* of thu very belt quality, nuil an auuudauce of good currants. There ii alao a ?oud dwelling huuie, barn, anil mill on the prem-ifs. with good water power, anil would be a very deairablr location Igr a iniller or tamier- For further particulars enquire of MORTIMER lit MOTTE. jeU7te*dfr Conniellor at Law. 192 Broadway, N. Y. W~DE81RABLE FARMS IN NEW JERSEY FOR jMftliLE?Pint, a vary neat and beautiful place, with good .tfLkldouie and Ontbuildingi, containing 18 acrei of land, u.n'lr under cullivation, liluated in Union, \% milei from the Somorrille railroad, and four milei from Klixabethtown: will bi loid a bargain, if applied for immediately. 2d, A Firm of 24 Acroi, in Madison, Morrii County, no>r the railroad, witb Houie, Barn, Stc , plenty of fruit, autl a vorv p'.Oaaant location. 3d, A Farm nl 55 acres. lving near the summit of the Morris ind Essex railroad, with flouie, Bain, and Uuthoates, plenty ef Wood, lie.; will be sold low. 4th, A valuable Farm ol' 80 acrei, about three milei from the klorrii and Knex railroad, with new House and Outbuilding!, 31,me lor Farmer, feucei in fine order, fields well divided, nadir ilugh sute of cultivation, will be sold with the crop*, if wished, or exnlitoeed for eity property; at neat and handsome place is eau he fiend in New Jersey. 5tb, A Farm of lot Acres,situated in New Providence, good Bene, Btrn, and Outhouses, plenty offruit, and a large quantity ef wood. For further particulars, tppl > to 8AMUXL M.MEUIE, Jelf I4t?r No 27 South street. New York. \ FAKMTuU SM.K, almost adjniuiug the vilfage SjiMkof New It.ictielle, comining seventy-two acres, inclurti i [ marl enough. (I believe,) to manure it for sges.? It it a pleasant and healthy situation, and will be withiu a few minutes'walk of the railway. Terms accommodating. For further particulars enquire of the subscriber, on the premises, jell lw*rc WALTER BURLING. ?KOR a ALE-WEST CHESTER LAN IE?To genilemeu in want of sites for Country Hosts?To Market Gardeners in want of land for Gardens; and to all persous widnag a location in the neighborhood New York. 500 seres of Lnnd in the town of Westchester, within nine miles of the City Hall, with right of passing over Harlem ridge free of toll, are now offered at private l ife, in lots, con Sfieeu minutes walk of tne rnilrn.nl; frout on good roads; are in the neighborhood of schools, and churches of differeut doaeniiuatioiia; the water is aiod, and location healthy. Title indisputable. Terms modenle. Apply to UOUVKRNEUR WoRRIS, Morrisania, Westchester Co.?or to WALTER RUTHERFORD, Counsellor, m)5'lflt*r "it Nssssu street. New York. nr SUMMER hats Economy and Fashion JtOBr.RTSON, of the Plienii Hat and Cap Manufactory, formerly of No. 103, but now of 09 Fulton street, New York, aud Gil Fulton street, Brooklyn, whose constant aim it has baeii to produce superior articles at the lowest possible prices, lias introduced his summer style of Hats, consisting of beautiful year I and drab Castors, trimmed in the peculiar manner which has hitherto given each universal satisfaction,inasmuch as it prevents tlir perspiration frem staining the outside ol the H.st. and at the same time iuaures comlort and coolness. REDUCTION IN PRICES.?Robertson gives notice that he lis? reduced the price of his Pearl Hats to 12 59, aud hit ilrsh Hals to S3; and at the same time prices challenges manu I lecturers to produce a better article even at 25 per cent higher. WM. ROBERTSON, Jr. J PLUNKKTT. rn22 30t?r L'MIK AT THR4?Ladies, Oentlriuen. Misses and M .a Childres, all that are iu want of Booti isr Shoaa, please B Ph^ call at 3?7 Broadway, where you will And the largest assortment, and cheapest in this euy, wholesale or retail. N B ? Imported French Booti, $3. M. CAHILL. je'l SOt ' r . L. IVAhMI Si BUO I'll KHrt.Frencli Boot Makara.No 9 Ann street, New York. Fienrh Calf Boots of the lateat f,,liion made to order for SI 59. usually aold for tS and V ; tin* French ( all Boota S3 50, usually %'j Patent Leather Boots $7, usually sold I'er $1(1 Alio. Congress Borstal with patent ay lings. Oentleaseu'a gaiters, alioea and alippera MHitantly on hand, and Bade to order at the ahorteat notice. Repairing; lie., done in the atore. L WALSH k BROTHERS, m'T5 39t*r No 6 Ann street. ^ V OlINO k 577!T?!?r, 4 Ann atreet, are aelTing (Tne French calf h..eta at >1 99. e<|tial te any aold iu thli eity fir $f> or $7. Fine French boon at $3 59, uinally Si. Brat French patent leather boots S7, equal te those nsuallr sold at $tt "t"1 lu> a great assottgi'iit ol thoM. g,nets and slits- | per? ilwsvs an hsatl. aud made to nrder at short notice. All g> #,Is warrsnteil to give satisfaction. Mending, kc. done in the store. Pleaae call and eiamsne ear stock, mil 0t ? re VOI'NO k JONF.S, 4 Ann St., near Broadway . s fFfr FKKNt II BOOT SfoRE?The latest Pans fil style of French Cilf Sewed Boots for $4 50, equal to Srhose iiPiHlly s ild for $6 and $7; fine French Boots for JA $1 50, city equal to those usually sold for $5.? A lie, Coufrew Boots, with patent springs; Boots, Shoes, Gaiters, Seeconstantly ou hand, and made td> order in tht shortest notice. Vlending, Sir. (lone in the store, corner ef Fulton and Nassao streets, opposite the Herald office, N York. mv32 I0f?ie _____ lit a. ?*< HIUKll wenhl reapei tftilly inloon lot cuifuiarri and the public generally, that he hae on li#l*l a large asanrtmeiit of I.adies', M nwi' and thildren'a colored and lilark Oaitar Boots, Biiakina, Slippers, Xiea, Stc ; Gentlemen1! anil Boy'aaewed and pegged JJonla of erery deacription. all af which ha will aalI aa low aaYlch arlie'aa can lia purchased at any etora in the city. .N. IV? Ladiea' and Gentlemen1! Boota and Shoaa mada ta order in the bait m,inner at moderate prices. A call ia respectfnllv eolieited. J AMES WALKICK, iaia mt're 92 Canal afreet, cornaraf Woneter. VKK.vni btrau IUT*. .IMK <-f li^ufactnrrd entirely of ailk and atraw, lateat^CL'l taykij) atyle and fashion,to be had at 17 Division sra at the _oat reasonable prices. m3270t?rc "-? ? 71KS. VI. WII.SON, IMI Grand atraet, reapectlnlly :*^iy inl.'i ina her friends, and strangers visiting the city, T>,.tEJ1 thai alie baa now on hand a large and eery handaome ^r"v assortment lef Spring Millinery, lo which ahe ipeitea iheir a'leniion. Mrs. Wilaon a atock cumprieea an aaortment of the richest and most faahionahle Hata, anch ?? < hi|','b rape, llice, t?d Shirred, with a choice assortment yl itrawa, which ahe Halters herse'.f can ba aold more reasonable tbai, at my other establishment in the city. Country Millinera will do well to call before purchasing Mra. M. WTI.lON, 291 Grand at.. between Allen and Orchard am. leu good Millinara wanted at the above eaubliahmeat. all 2a*re E NE" MUSIC TAUGHT with much facility ui nUflMMRMrni i'l progression?M. Dumsday continues *-irT T^fftrach Ladic* and Geutlemen the Guitar, S ngf| f 1 Piano Forte, Accordron, and Violin ? Terms moderate For aale cbe?|i, a haiidaome Rosewood Pi- j an* Forte, w ith all modern improvement*. Apply at No. > Broadway three d'ora above Grand at. jel7 3t*in | TO THE APPRECIATING PUBLIC OF ' fTTiRa* THE UNITED ST \TES-B.iug about to leave thia great couutry lor Eur pe, 1 take <>c- I I X 5P Z II casiou ssa couriois>eur and impartial judge, to aildreaa the public iu relation to the tupenont) of Mr. ?. N. | Scherr'a truly magnificent seven octave square Piat 01, of re- | cant manufacture. In addition to the perf-etiou of mechanism and tupsiiurity af workinaiuhip, tl.ey posses*a deilhsndvo Inula of tone, unauipaaac d by auy iuatru went, a round and flow- ! ing brilliancy, a purity and ?yr<etuera in every note, an elaa- i ticity of touch, aad they iu last cornoi ?e every rrquiaite of an | excellent piano. The square Piajioa of Papa, of Pari*, aland i high iu the estimation ol European amateur*, but 1 mu*t can- I didly acknowledge they will uot bear coinparisuiew til thoseuf 1 Mr. S , although they are three stringed mstiumaiit*. Thaae remarks arc intended for the seriou* consideration of the admirer of a beautiful square Spiauo, in whose mechanism tha greatest artistical tkill is displayed, and eu which id iny opinion, the performer will unquestionably be able to produce the same affects as on any good grand piano. In order to give the ; discriminating public of New York an opportunity ol judging j that the abeve remark* are ueithvr llatteriug nor exaggerated; by my deaire, Mr. Hcherr will shortly exhibit a number of these really very superior instruments. . LEOPOLD DE MEYER, ! Fianist to hit Majesty the Emperor el Austria. New York, June 14, 18s7. jg 17 3tfli_ .^y-rreeew- 1'IANO FORTE, Ike.?A variety of new XiYs -!?f33ufjS and second Uund Piano Fortes for sale or hirg fO I I I Also, a general assortment of Music and Mu {I I II aical Instruments, at No, 208 Washington at., near Myrtle Aveuue, Brooklyn. m20 fUi'rc J.WALKER. j ...........? For SBBSpST powerful but dH(UnNMflH?weet lolled instrument or seven octaves, Bos- ! FrTT^wn make; is the property of a family lately Iff 1 1 If.ft for Kurrme s?H is in e.erv re.nerr inn. rior instrument. I will be sold nt greatly lei? than it* real i value. For particular* appl y to je3 I4t*rc MICHAEL ISAACSON, 3 Broad at MRS. JOHN MACFaRREN,. (Irom | ftn-rfffjaB '"p* puinl of Madama Dulcheu, pianist to H A the C^ueen of England,) gives leuona in Piano TIX I I Forte.nud Singing ou the ollowirg terms: Two lesson* weekly at Mrs. Macfarrrn's residence, S2U per quarter; three lessona uo., $23; two lessons weekly at the pupils' residence $24 per quarter; three lessons do. (30. Mrs. Macfsrreu has the privilege of referring to Dr. Elliot, Dr. Hodges.George Loder, Esq., H. Meiggs, F.sq., and the llev. ! Dr. Wat*.wright. el een street, ueai Spring. je53nr*m ) A FINE LOT OF GERMAN BONO B1UUS, ( Fancy ( ages, Bohemian Bird Glasses,of various colors, ^^rvjutl received? Bi>d Seeds, and other articlss interest fSKClugto the fancier. N. B ?King Charles Spaniels and English Terriers, tic. P 8 ?The great red crested Cockatoo is open for couipeti- j lion to any bird, .from the humming hird to the ostrich, for 1 great performance* of an extraordinary bird, je 16 3t*rre W. 8. JOHNSTON, 2t0 Broadway. AKCHY, THE ONLY REAL*CATERER.//jmeThc Greatest Attraction Yet?26 Bull Finches, with \|||*Yfrom three to four tunes. Also, over 1,000 Singing 75XtCanaries, just imported via Bremen, selected by his agents from the most celebrated districts of Europe. This variety for tongs and plumage, will be found en iuspectiea, to eclipse any Archy has been euabled to offer. N. B.?Ou show the largest Cockatoo in America. Archy taket this opiMirtuuity to apprise his friends at a dis- ' tance, in anlicipatiuu of this importation, that they may make I early application. P. 8 ?In consequence ef the limits of his old establishment, No. 3 John street, he ha* rented Bramble Cottage, Bloomingdale, near Buntfiatn's Hotel, for that branch ofhia buaiuess not connected with birds, vix; Shetland and Fancy Ponies. King Charles Snaniels, Pointers, Re., and every variety of Fancy Pigeons, Barn Door Fowls, lie. As usual, letters post paid will at all times meet with prompt attention from A. GRIEVE, No. 5 John st. je!3lH*r afm- LOT OF MOcKTNG Bl&DS?Only birdis worth yVerage room, and sweeps all kind bird species song away ^ j&day or night. Tavtk Also very flue collection Long Breed Canary Birds. Also, lot short breed German Birdi;Tancy Cages and Seed; To be seen at 333 Bowery, between 3d and 4th at. ray28 30t?rc H.WILLIAMS. | lilKUS, DOGS AlTD pOHTftj ? ATTRACTION. I VJOTp?The great attraction for the city ia now at 'jJKaJ AHCHEY'S, No. 3 John street, where nature's soug 7SX*. in its most select va.ietv, is only to be obtained from the little Robin to the Cock of the North. As usual, King Charles 8|aniels, Italian Greyhounds. Bet ters, Pointers. Newfoundland and every variety of fancy Dogs; also Shetland Ponies, lie. lie. lie. P. 8. Letters post-paid, will at all times meet with prompt attention from A. GRIEVE, 3 John street. N. B. Four Isle ef Sky Terriers, imported expressly. ?f? DR. KELLINGER'8 INFALLIBLE L1NI /isZTsMKNT is warranted to cure sores and ulcers of eve' ' r ? T. nature in afew days. It actslike magic in remoring rheumatism, aud all other pains. One or two doses is certain lo iciieve bilious cholic, diarrhoea, lie., aa it it taken. It is perfectly delightful in its odor aud flavor. It is universally acknowledged to be the best family medicine ever offered to the public Price 50 cents per bottle. Sold at 230 Pearl street; C. Ring, corner of John and Broad- | way'. comer ef Bowery and Broome; 3davenne and lOch at.; Jeffriea'drug stare; Dr. Burrett's Dover, runt ChatTium. und at the HarUia Railroad office, City Iiall ji 30l*rc FOR BALK?Twenty rail road earn and sis one horse wacom, aud seme two horse w aeons, and are constantly making te order, where they can he had at the shortest notice if not on hand, where all kinds ol enrta, Wacom and harness ran be had at the most reasonable terms, by MICHAEL MULLANE, Wagon-Maker, No. 3S aud 30 Moutcoinery it., Jersey City, N. J. JeH 3<>r r OAY St t;0.'S PROVIDENt E, BOSTON AND EASTERN EXPRESS, VIA NEWPORT nnd FALL RIVER. This impress leaves the office, No. 1 Wall street, corner ef , Broadway, daily, at before 5o'clock, P. M., thereby secur- j itif to merchants and others the advantage of alate hour fur forwaiding cases, packages, he. Bank Notes, Specie, Drafts and valuable Parcels, are secured in iron safes, and placed in the charge of faithful conductors. GAV It CO. | Merchandse, Packages, he., forwarded in our own cars; and by leaving orders at our office, No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, packages will be called for in any part of the city. Offices, No. 1 Wall at, corner Broadway; No. 7 Stalest., Boston- _ _____ m24 30t f h smb. CONEY ISLAND FERRY.?The snleuCrJfc^J^^^^did commodious steamboat AMERICAN , aHtflnMBBb EAGLE, Capt. Power, has taken her place in I the above ferry, and will ron regularly du'ing the season te Coney Islaud, landing at Fort Hamilton, as follows Leaving Canal street at 9K, I2\ nod i}? o'clock; Pier No. I. North River, at 10, 1 and 4 o'clock ; Coney Islaud at 1134, 334 anil 6 e'elocks. N. B.?No boats save those belonging to tha ferry, will be allowed to land at Coney laland, withouta written permission from the proprietors. je IS It" re THE ST'EAMSHlP 8AHAH SANDS, f W. C. Thompson, master, will leave Liver\pool for New York on the ISth Jane, and New York, on liar return to Liverpool, the :>otli July. For freight or passage, her accommodations being nusurpasaed for room, elegance and convenience, apply to R. HERMIT, jeli r 76 South street. fcAOTPuN.?the puMTe are cautioned uot to jXflVW. trust the crew of the British ship J AN E, as no debts JHIBfin of their contracting will be paid by the captain or consignee. jelr.r J. Mr MIJRR A V, comer Pine and South sis. tof- FOR NEW ORLEANS'?Louisiana and New j/Ugh. 3 ork Line ol Packets.?Positively the lirst and only regular packet, to sail Monday, June 21. The spiritdid f.isi sailing packet ship LOUISVILLE. Capt M. Hunt, is now loading, and will poiitiveiy sail as above, her regular day. For I'eight or passage, apply on board, at Orleaua' wharf, foot of Wall atrcet. or to r,. r\. nv/iiiiiiio, rsu. JO o'luiii siren. Peaitively no good* will b? received on board after Saturday evening, June 19th. Hhippere may rely npon thia reuel sailing punctually u ad vertised. Agents in New Orleana, John O. Woodruff It Co., who will promptly forward all foods to their addrese. ja 14 r rORtJUF.BKC. ?To sail with deai?lch, a brat jJl^^^elaaa resael. Far freight or passage ^ a^V^ m cllr K* Booth street ear of Pine street III TH! l< ITIH-THE VEGETABLE EXTRACT,preoared by l)r. S. HART, ia the only remedy for Epileptic Kite, or hailing Sickness, Convulsions, Spasms, lie. i'lus medicine, for the last aiiteen years, has Iteeu tested by many persona wlie have suffered with this dreadful disease, and in alinest every case where it bad a fair trial, has effected a permanent cars. Pamphlets containing thirty-sir pages of testimony, (some of which presented by eminent physicians.) lobe had by applying at the principal omca Reference to Judge Randall, 84 East Broadway, N. V; Col. K. Donslow, Yonkcrs; N. V; Dr. W. L. Monroe, fiuilford, Ohio; Rev. Richmond 'lagged, Writ DaveniKirt, N V; Rev. T L. Bushnell, Baltimore, Md; Joseph McDungall, East Brooklyn; W. C. Anderson, Williamsburg, Long Islsud. Rkcbivti.t Ct'aao?Mrs. Joseph Bradley, 114 Orchard St., N. Y; C. 11. Boughton. ing llthst , N.Y; Mr. Jat. Bertholf, Chester, Orange County, N. Y; Charles Brown, sailor, Thos. K Jones, Revenue Cutter Mpencrr, together with many others whose names we are not at liberty to publish. All communications (post paid) addressed to Dr. 9. HART, (late Ivans It Hart.) will be punctually attended to. All orders mu?t he accompanied with the money. The medicine, with full direekuns, is earefblly reeked in hoses, and sent to any pert of the United States, Prices per ens $9, $17, end $14 Single bettlee, with neeeseery medieiuee, $8. Prepared only by DR. S. HAH f. Principal office, 331 Broadway, (nest door to the Tabernacle,) N. Y. Sold alto by A. Tompkins, 33 Cornhill, Boston, Mass; O. F. Thomas !i I n.. Cincinnati, Ohio. in24 eodl4t*e LADIES' DKEHS, HABIT^AND PELISSECUTTTNO taught in Three Leeeons.?lustrnctioa in Madame Tillirus'a celebrated system ef Dress Cutting will be given permanently at No. S3 Chambers street, a few doera cast of BroadDailies in easy circumstances, as well ae those engaging in the business of Dress Making, will, with three hoars instruction, be able to fit themselves and ethers with ease and accuracy. For the pnrpoae of introducing this method and making it at popular here as it has long been in Paris and Loudon, the terms are made ettremely low?$3, including all the eipruacs. Honrs of instruction from 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. (?*/** Dresses cut without delay, and waaranted to fit. rnlK 7faw 4w*re A I All D? D. ,vl. IIE.N HI 4*1 J EM respectfully calls the attention of hie friends and the public generally, to the following choice Megars, always on hand and at the most reasonable rates, at 41 William street, Antiouedad, Esciilapin l)e Meya, Ortis, Kragancia, Washingten, Norriga, India, Yngrnind.id, Leon de Oro. Pnnetela, Hough and Ready, Eape rum, Eagle, Ugiies.Caballeroa, Norma, Pureaa, Riooda. Priorities ef Justo Hans and ileiidon brands. Regalias, pressed and of all ue*cripunn. N. B. Thii **t*bliahment ha* no Connexion with xny other in thi* city or rlaewhere. ml2 3taw<lw*r THI-' ILuMTRATKI) Ha Mb Bttrtk Hih 'MA JL VELLER8, containing a deeeriptinn of cxch State, the attie*, principal town*and watering place*, th* railroad and atage rontee, price of fare, kc , eatbelliahed with 121 highly finiahed engraring*, and an accnrate map of the United State*. 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From Tampico we have no local newt of any lntareit. By the arrival of the Oregon wu are placed in peaeeitiou of papern from the city of Mexico to the J id May. The latett papers previously received were to the lttth. Although these papers are not to late at tome extracts I from a letter we have already given, they oontUn inte retting newt. And tint of the Presidential election. I The election, be it burns In mtnd. occurred on the , ' 16th ult , and the returnt are slowly coming in. We , ! now learn that the States of San Luis Potoni aud Gua; najuato voted oach for Angol Trlat, the former OoverI nor of Chihuahua. | The State of Vera Crut voted for General Ilerrera.? I So,too, did Michoaoan, he reoeiving eight votes, aud i Santa Anna two. Thus, then, stands the result, so far as we have any certain knowledge. Angel Trias has received the votes of the States of .Mexico. San Luis Potosi and Guanajuato. Gen. Ilerrera has the votes of (Juerctaro, Vera Crut. and Michonnan. So nor Ocnmpohas received the vote of I'uebla. This, we think, looks favorable tor (Jen. Ilerrera, who is muoh better known at home and abroad than Angel Trias. Gen Santa Anna, so far as the papers inform us, has not been a candidate, save in Michoaoan. The Legislature of the great State of Jalisco declared by a vote of 14 to 13. that the decree of Congress, ordering the rlcotiuu, was unconstitutional, and they refused to go on with it. This is regarded as a step towards revolution and the ultimate independence of this State. We have Santa Anna's address published on the 30th ult. but it is too long to give this morning One of his first acts upon resuming power was to annul the law restricting the freedom of the press. His administration luii* IU ouunuii tut' |IUIMH> nriuiuieni?SO Hays IUB minister's new rescript?which can only bo known through an untrammelled press. Senores Itoea and Kondero have left the ministry. Baranda wae still Secretary of Stute. and Gen. Alcorta of War. The two other portfolios were vacant on the 23d. the ministers having tendered their resignations. The proceedings against Oen. Arista for the loss of the battles of the Sth and 9th of May, and the surrender of Mataaaoros, have been relinquished, with a view to his employment in the defence of the capital. Of Col. Doniphan's march to Haltillo the Mexicans are of course apprised, hut as he moved south they were vastly alarmed for the fate of Durango When they discovered or suspected his true intent, they breathed so much more freely, that it is ludierous to read the Utters they despatched to the oapital Tlio excesses of Gen. Urrea and his subordinates,committed towards Mexicans themselves, are loudly complained of. while his services in harrassing the Americans ars cheerfully ackuowlsdged. We have all along felt sure that the Mexicans would ba the first to cry out against guerillas. The order of Gen. Worth's entranoe Into Puebla is given with minuteness. Ills force is set down by the Mexicans at 4.290 men, with thirteen pieces of artillery. ?1 llepublicano has a long denunciatory article upon the ''Partisans of Peace." It is almost the first acknowledgment from this source of the existence of such a party, ita strength is imputed to the divisions among the advocates of the war. On the 31st ult.. the new constitution founded upon that of 1124, was formally adopted. Santa Anna, Uerrera, and the members or Congress swore to observe it; and this ceremony being over, they marched to the Cathedral, where a solemn Tt Drum was celebrated. The papers give accounts of revolutionary movements In Oajaca, some 200 troops having revolted on the Ulh ult.. and declared agninst the State authorities. We have only time to add that a paper has been started in the oapital entllled El Raxvnadun, which is apposed to the war, although it roundly denounces the conduct of the United States. [Translation from N. O. La Patria, Juno 9.] UuaTueco, (State of Vera Crux.) 32d May, 18-17. The Governor of this State, Don Juan Soto, resides In this town, aud has convened the legislature to assemble on the 16th June. The object of this convocation, however, Is not known. A certain Padre Jurvata is coming out as a greatguorilla chief, and from the accounts given of him in the Mexican papers, he must be something extra. It appears that the great efforts that the Mexican clergy were to make in behalf of their country, have all gone off in words.as they do not seem to be doing mush, according to the account given by La Patria'i correspondent. THE ABMY IN MEXICO. [From the Washington Union, June Id. Whon the relnforoeinents which have been ordered by the War Department for Major Generals Scott and Taylor shall hava reached their destination, those generals will have under their oommand?the former nearly 20,000. and the latter nearly 10.#0# troops. Un Inquiry at the Adjutant Gene ral's office to-day, we were confirmed in the correctness of the statements heretofore made in rcferanceto the troops which have been provided for the armies in the field The force unrler the nrtlera of Ma. jor euerol Scott? exclusive of the twelve months' men, ay 3,600?amounted, ou the last.of March, te upwards of 11 000 aggregate. Since that date, reinforcements of regulars (old and new regiments) to the number of 5,000 must, it is believed, have reached the scat of war in that quarter ; which number, by the last of June, will be still further augmented by some 1.600?making the aggregate foree under the orders of Oeneral Seott at that date, say 19,500; which includes the garrisons of captured towns, and is subject to a deduction on aeconnt of the casualties of the service during the last two months. On the other hand, however. General Soott will be further reinforced by the quota of volunteers under the April calls assigned to his command?some 9,000; and by further accessions of regular troops?say 9.500. The force provided for the main army in Mexico will net, wo have reason to believe, bo Um than 90,000. The measures taken by the War Department to reinforee the army under Gen. Taylor, we have said, will provide a force of at least 10,000. which, we have every reason to believe, will be realised. ar.uULaa Tseers. Fourteen companies, old regiments, (nine of artillery and live of oavalry. 1,300 10th regiment of infantry (10 companies ..., HAS 13th * " A " ... 469 10th " " 10 " ...1,097 2,433 3d " dragoons ? " ... 400 4.032 When these regiments are completed ts the establishment, the regular Infantry will be iuorrased to more than 3.1)00, which will make the regular force aesigned to the army of occupation" at least 4,600 men, old and new regiments. roLUKTES* poarss. The four regiments of volunteers from Massaehusetts, Virginia, North Carelina, and Mississippi, when mustered into the rerviee during the past winter and spring, amounted to 3,409; which, no doubt, from what we san learn, has been considerably redueed by sickness and other causes. Deduct, say 16 per cent?which would make that force now, probably, not to exceed 2,949; this, added to the regulars above, would make the present (brce under Gen Taylor 6.981. Tho volunteers called out in April, assigned to the division of the army under Gen. Taylor, equal four regiments and two oouipanies, which ought to give a force of at least 3,700 innu. The regiments from Indiana and Ohio will soon be en route for the seat of war. as the call was promptly met in that quarter. The strength of tho volunteers being raised, added to the present force, makes an aggregate of 10.608 'i he above Is excluelvs of the Texas volunteers now in service, which, it is known, amount to more than 1.600 men It will, therefore, be seen that the aggregate force under the command of Major General Taylor will be considerably beyond 10.000. We know not, nor is it fur us to say, what portions of the foroes in the Held will be fit t< r dutja as the phrase is; and it is far from our purpose to magnify the strength f the army. We may say?what it Is supposed every body must know?that great allowance ought always to be made, on account of sickness and other casualties, al wkjl lliviutiiil m ku ?i-iiij III mr uwu, vh|iwimiij ill southern country llko Mexico, daring the unhealthy season of the year. Wo lay the preceding statements, which we have derived froin the highest official source, before our reader* Let u* add, in justice to that source, that it states the truth, without regard to politics. We understand, from the best authority, that the force of Texas volunteers, now serving under Mgjor < loner*! Taylor, is composed as follows :-Mix companies of twelve monlhs'inen, whose term of service does not expire until September and October next. Strength of the six companies, say 400 Six companies for the war Strength the of six companies, l?0 Col. Hays's regiment. Moo strong Usaxaii. Oantas?No. 146 Hcsixti'satxas or thx Asmt, ) Jalap*. May 10, 1H47 \ The ilcspatch given below, is announced in this form, for the information af the gallant officers and men of the army of Vera ( rut remaining in Mexico, that they may see how joyously their glorious achievements have been received by the government and people at home : Wu l)?.r**TMr.NT, April 13. 1617 Sis?The gratifying intnlligenca of the bombardment of Vera Cruz, ana of the capture of that city and the strong fortress of San Juan de 1-Hija, together with the surrender of the Mexican army which garrisoned the two places, effected by the joint and cordial co-operation of the army and navy, was officially made known here by your despatch of the 39th ult , and others of a previous date The expedition, so far as it embraced these important objects, has been carried out In a manner highly creditable to yourself, to the commander of our squadron In the I Gulf, and to the gallant offleers and brave soldiers, mal rlnes, and sailor*, engaged in the difficult and dangerous | enterprise In compllanse with the dlroctlon of the President, It I* my pleasing duty to make known to yourself, and through you to the army under your command, the high : [ERA irratlflniLtlnn which thfa a<yiHonil IniUnnA af tha ami. uunt Akill and good canduut of our offloars. and ?f the ; ruduruiiM and intrepidity of our AoUl?ra. has given him.. This signal triumph of our arms has called forth re- \ Joinings throughout the nation, mlnglud with heartfelt I gratitude to those who, in winning battle* for their country, are everywhere securing glory and fame for j themielvea That the possession of ao Important a place in the enemy 'a country a* the city of Vera Crui, strongly fortified and garriaoned by a Urge body of trnope. and a cattle reuowued for its strength and duetned impregnable by its defencuA. have been obtained at ao Ainall a sacrifice. iajuat cnuae of admiration; and wbile millions of our fellow-eitlseni Joyously exult at this splendid achievement, it ia pleasing to reflect that ao few among ua have occasion to mourn Though the aacrifiee of life on our part has been comparatively amall yet the nation hae cause to regret the lass of eeme of the bravest and beat of her gallaut aoua. { The tribute of honor and respect rendered by a grateful people, will embalm their memories, uud aaauage the grief f their relativea and frienda. 1 have the honor to be. La., W. L. MARCY, becretary of War. Maj Oeu. Wiwyiild Soot r. Commanding the Army of the U. btatea, Mexico By command of Major Uen. Scott : H. L. SCOTT, A. A. A. O , Alius INTELLIGENCE. The company of V. S. troopa, commanded by Lieut. Clutter, (formerly commanded by Capt. John Tyler, Jr.) embarked at Kortiess Monroe, on the 10th Inst for the aeat of war. It ia composed principally of Virginians. After all bauds were on board, a farewell address of a most solemn and impressive character was delivered to the company by the Kcv Moses 1) ilogu of Richmond, under the influence of which many of the soldiers were bathed in tears,?Richmond fVliig, Junt ltitk It is said that the ship Charleston has been chartered to convey troops from ( harleatou to Mexico, and will probably leave during the present week. The New Orleans Southerner says.it lias some foundation for the belief that Gen Taylor will return to the t'uited States in nbout a month, on a temporary leave of absence. The whole number of troops under bis command, that paper says, will not. on the 1st of July next, exceed the command of a Brigadier General. CHA1UTY OF THE AMERICAN SAILORS. U. S. fsioara UniTro Statv.s, 1 fPorto I'raya, Cape Verd Islands, r 14th May, 1847. ) Mr Drar Mr. Harvey.?The distressing accounts brought from the United States of the suiTerings of the poor in Ireland and Scotland, have caused a feeling of deep concern for their unfortunate condition, which has been manifested in a substantial manner by the officers and crew of this ship. Without having been Dromptsd. they came forward and oirered to raise a contribution in money. The amount collected might have been larger but for tbe necessity of limiting and regulating subscriptions made by seamen, in consequence of the unequal donations which they would otherwise make. It was, therefore, lound proper to fix the ameunt which each should give. A bill drawn upon the Hon. the Secretary, for the suin or >66J, m herewith enclosed. \V o are aware thai it Is but the ' widow's mite," when compared with the amount subscribed by our kind-hearted people at home, yet we trust that it will effect some good, and that it may reach its destination iu time to relieve the sufferings of mauy individuals. With sincere good wishes for your future hualth and happiness, I am truly yours, GEO. C. RF.AD, Com'g U. 8. Naval Farces West Coast oi Africa. Te J at os Habtcv, Esq. Alsast, June IS, U37, The Seiretary ?f Stall and the Governor?Thi Preiident if the Small?The lion. .1. C. Hand?The Ship Fewer, fc., fc. The Sesretary of State and the Usvernor are both out of tewn. On the authority of the i'rivate Secretary I lately stated in the Herald, that the Governor would leave the Capital on Friday, the Oth instant, but the Secretary was in error, and the Governor left town on Wednesday, the ?lnd instant; thus were several gentlemen subjected to great inconvenience, among whom was General Storms, of New York. I have, thereforo. to offer the General a very humble apology. Cpon the reassembling oi the Legislature, the first duty of tho Senate will be the election of a temporary I'resldent of that body. On account of his distinguished virtues and his illustrious judicial talents, the President of theSenate has been called to an honorable station where bis bright genius will not be so shackled by conventionalities, and where the impulses of his superior soul will make Justice?in her sternest aspect?look gentle and lovely. During the period in which I have been attached to the Senate, as a poor representative of the press, the dignity and kindness and impartiality of this excellent gentleman, have made mo love him; his presence in the Senate was like the presence of a father at the board around which his children are gathered?turbulence ceased, sarcasm assumed a milder lorm, and during the most acrid and ferocious contests of the grey spirits in that body, the appearance of tbo President would awe the ugliest of them into respect for the Senate, if not for themselves. When hiB colleagues reassemble they will be deeply sensible of the exigency of UIB lUBil, u? >T.-IL on luc lunn <? Ui IU?I1 t-.tv.uj.vjrarles on tho floor of that chamber.whom fortune ban railed to fill more responsible positions. I allude to the Hon. Augustus C. Hand and tho Hon. Ira Harris. Mr Hand ii the chairman of the judiciary committee, and a repreaeutatlTH of the fourth district. lu debate he is particularly distinguished for cotfrtesy and dignity. He it a man of an iron frame and great intellectual faculties Midnight seemed to be the season when his mind was freshest, and midnight saw him, in conjunction with the C hancellor, put the basis of the bill In relation to tlx ufiiciitry open paper. But it is a sad fact that the affairs of States, when classified with the operations of the general government, aro made to i-hriuk into miserable insignificance Against this i lift up my hand, and I protect thai t S acts of the State Legislatures are entitled to a more distinguished consideration from the American press am] people. In order to secure a safe administration of the affairs of the States, energy, and erudition, and virtue are necessary. Mr. Hand, as Senator, proved that he [ was the embodiment of a host of bright virtues, and thus bis resignation in the interim will fall heavily on the Senate. Tho Hen. Albert Lester, of Ontario, will probably be chosen temporary President of the Kenatu. Mr Peter Cagger. who assaulted F.dwin Croswell. has gone South. The ship fever appears to be on the increase in this locality, and has excited some little apprehension. There are seventy-one cases In the Alms-Houso, and a woman, who was being carried there yesterday, died in the carriage in which they were conveying her. One physician and four nurses have already died at the Alms House of this disease. It is stated that the city authorities are erecting temporary buildings for the reception of the patients. There are indications of another street fight, and if it occurs, you may be assured it will be more serious lu Its results than the ODe of Saturday It would seem to be the design of some persons here to bring on another personal conflict. Dreadful Disaster and Loss of Life.?It pains us to state that ihe steamer Dilna, Captain Phillips, on her downward trip from Ouachita to this plaoe, blew up on the 4tb instant, oppeslte the town of Columbia, as she was starting from tho landiug, instantly killing twenty or more persons, and dreadfully wound ing several others Amongst the killed are ? lion. (J. Mayo, Judge of the 11th Judicial District ; Messrs. L. M. Duty, of Claiborne Parish ; A. O. llill, of Charupogualc, Ark ; O'N'eil, and one person, name unknown, from South Carolina; Mr. J H. V'ass. barkeeper; James Poole, pilot, at the wheel; Olive Muahon, M engineer ; Austin Htcgro, carpenter; two deck passengers, and eight deek hands and firemen, names unknown; also, a gentleman from Florida, supposed to he Mr. A. M. Jones WoL'sor.o.?Mr. D. Johnson, olerk. severely; U. L. Bastross, La , leg broken and otherwise injured, r# thai amputation will bo necessary; F. Miller Fariuorsvllle La., arm broken; Wm. Kvans. L'nlon District, South Carolina, slightly wounded: l)r J. U Lewis, slightly wounded; Martin Williams, mate, badly; J J Stringer. Biloxi. slightly; Thomas Simpson, slightly; John Beard, badly scalded The boat isuk immediately after the catastrophe, and nearly every thing on hoard was lost Seventeen of tbe bodies had been found Several of the wounded have been brought* to this plaoe. ?AT. O Timet, Junt t. Ship Fever.?Dr. Douglas, the health officer, stationed below Quebec, has written to tin* to the authorities of Montreal and other plants in I lie provinces The following Is un extract from his letter, dated tirosse Isle, June sth ? " Out of the 4.000 or *.000 that left this since Sunday, at least two thousand will fail sick somewhere before three weeks arc over They ought to have accommodations for 2,090 sick, at least, In Montreal and (Quebec, as all tho Cork and Liverpool passengers art- nan ui au iruni starvation and want before embarking, and the least bowel complaint, which U auro to come with change of food, finishing them without a struggle I never saw people so Indifferent to life They would continue in the eamo berth with a dead person until the seamen or captain dragged out the corpse with boat hooka " Good (tod ' what evil will l?efal the elty wherever they alight ? Hot weather will increase the evil " Now, give the authorities of Quebec and Montreal fair warning from me I'uhlle safely requires It." Ihn Montreal llrraldot Haturday remarks: Iloctor Douglas's apprehensions are already fulfilled here Our marine hospital is tilling up fast; 33fl patients In It this morning and there ia only room for 300 Hheds are being ereeted on the vacant ground adjoining that building Several deatha have occurred in the hospital " There are said to be 71 eaaea af ship faver lu the alma house at Albany It la said that the fsver has proved very fatal to thoao who attend the patlenta. One phyal. clan and four nursea have already died Temperary buildings are now being erected for Invalids suffering with this mplady In Montreal the Board of Health make up their return of Interments, eirlusive of emigrants who ara burled near the shads. "The uumber of deaihahere." ays tha Secretary of tha board, " during tka put weak, has baan, uufortunataly. great. ' A larga schooner of 3(H) tons burthen, called the HIerra Gorda, was lately launched at Marietta. Ohio She was reported at Cincinnati on the IIth Inst 111 ii miii 1 L D. ??? ' r? ? ? irnea Two Cants* Mlacellaneou*. The Saw Orlaant National la mi article alluding to the returned bronzed aud war-worn volunteer* who aro dally arriving in the Creecent city, lay* A returned voluntoor. ftretiU from the wnm of war it aaeentlelly la appearance ' frrut.hu f,' a dark, xuuburnt complexion, grizzly beard tattered garment*, aud aha*. InexpraMlbly inimical to all thapa and fa?Uion. mark* tlia outward man. A few dayt retidence here, and a change a* great kit wnen tue ouuerny emerge* rrom tne larva, in seen to take place. The volunteer enters a barber'* shop, and baa three-fourth* of bin heud and fare unceremoniously rut away 11a then patrorilim a French tailor, hi* warlike habiliment* are rejected for purple and line ltoeu, and he come* out according to the latent *tyl?; laatly, hi* castor *o lung a cap by night, a helmet all the day. la succeeded by something pronounced ' exquisite,' and tli* metamorphose of the volunteer into a fashionable cit i* complete For day*, old campaigner* in the** new guice* are obliged to know each other by their voice* only, aud this T* continued until a familiar acquaintance I* made with thu uew man '' The number of emigrant* arrived at the port of Quobee. up to the 19th init, wa* 10,31)7. On the night of the 13tb Inet. a breach wa* mad* In thu towing path of the Erie Canal, near Mlndan. The break i* about 5i feet In length. Our boatmen have reaped a golden harv**t from tba ?ea during the lust two month*. Within that time they have taken about 1&.000 cod.aud a* many dogfish, beside* halibut, base. ke. The codtlih are worth in all, $106#; , thu dogfish, fit.iO. The oil obtained from the oodfleb, i about flOO We can safely add unother hundred for I halibut and base taken ; which make* the handsome sum of $ 1700.?Kdfarlawn (Suz.,Junc 1?. At Cincinnati in one week the Court of Common J Pleas granted twenty divorce*. The celebration of the anniversary of the battle of Bunker Hill, was to hare come off. aud probably did take 1 place, in Charleston yesterday. I The Georgetown (H. C.) Obttrvtr state* that manv of I V,.. i.,.s,r..r ft. i,,il ini ~ f *U .4 . _ . . . I vu.. . ............... umncv uri: sintering ior ID# waut of bread, such is the scarcity of corn in that re! Rion Now potatoes bavo made their appearance In the Wil| mingtou, (Del.) market. Wilkinson, the man who at Han Augustine, Texas, ' poisoned a largo wedding party, it in said In the Houston Ttltgraph. was overtaken in his (tight by a party of the regulators, nnd was hung by them Ho belonged to the moderator party of Sabine, and he eaid that ho took thin opportunity to destroy as many regulators as possible, to avenge ^himself lor the injurien they had iuflleted upon him und bis friends. At New Orleans on the 10th. there was to he a grand procession in honor of tha returning volunteers One division of tho procession was to contain the wounded volunteers,who were all to ride. Thusoek awn Hail Stoam?The thunder storm which passed over this city at about half-past i on Monday afternoon was much severer on the bound, and was nccompauied by a much inora furious fall of hail than Is usual in this quarter. A vessel which arrived during the evening reports tho storm as of uncommon flereeuess, her decks being covered to some depth by hall stones of great size A gentleman living on the Great Neck in Waterford informs us that the halt storm waa sxceedingly severe also in that neighborhood; many of tile stones Wing an inch in diameter, falling fiercely for about ten minutes, and doing considerable damage te the fruit trees ami young gnrdeu vegetables, during the time. How far the storm extended westward we have not beard. The hall waa, as it usually is, the precursor of a great change of terapwrature. It was oold enough for November yesterday.?Ntu> London Ntics. Spiirtlng IntelllK?ii?e. Nashville (Plus.) Hacks, May 20,1847.?Citisen's I'urse, $100?entrance $70, added -two mile heats L. 11. Kdward's ch. f. by Wagner, out of Emily Speed -4 y. o i 0 G. K Williams' ch. f. Eudora, by imp. Prkaui, dam by imp Kaitlt I y. a 9 ? S. ltagland's b. c. by Othello, dam by Eclipse?3 y. o 3 dU. Time. 3:ft.V -3:06. Samt Day.?Sweepstakes for all ages?subscription $25?mile heuU. Wm. Elliott's g. g. by imp. Leviathan, dam by Conqueror 3 1 1 D. Hurts (M. Hell's) ch. f. by Philip, dam by Henry?4?y. o 1 'J li N. Davis's ch g. by Othello, out of Piony?3 2 8 I A. P. Yourio's ch. g. Duke Elliott, by Pacific, dam by imp. Leviathan 4 3 4 Isaac ilucas's b. f. by Telegraph, darn by Paeolut 3 4 di Time, 1 03?1:68- I 48. LhxiKGTo* (Kt ) Hares, May 22, 1347. ? Purse. $130? best three in five - mile heats. W. Vlley's cli h. Gildersleve. by Wagner, dam bv Medoc?4 v o 3 1 1 1 Col. W Itiiford's oh. f. lanny Klssler, by Cripple, out of Klboruk?4 y o 1 9 9 It. Mosby'H g c. Kalcon, by Orey Modoc, dam by Humpter?4 y. o 4 3 2dl* U. C. lirown's bl in. Mavis. by Wagner, dam by Cook'* Whip?i y .o 9 dl*. Timo, 9:03? 9 01?9:01?2:04. Track Tory heavy from rain the previous night. Same Day. ? Association Stake. (100. lorfeit $60?the Association giving the winner a piece of plate valued at (100- seven subscriber* ?two mile heat* Dr. K. Warfleld'B br. f. by Imp. ttarpedon, out of Lance** 1 1 J. L. llradley'* b. f. by Imp Jordan, out of Mally Ward by Wuxey 9 9 J (J. Uoiwell'a eh f. Clipper, by Lcllp**, out Of Llixa Jenkins, by Wiilisin dl*. i Time. 4:18-4:16. Track very heavy. i [From th* Montgomery, Ala , Journal. Juna 11.) I SgftCCTION, AND MukDRR or THE SlDUCKE ? 1 An extract trom u private letter received in th La city, from the Postmaster of (Jalnesville, which we pub1 lislt below, give* the particular* of the lot* unfortunate i affair in Suister which resulted in the death of Dr. 8. 8 Terry. Col. Winston ha* been for *ome year* Sena tor for Sumter, and for the last two seeeionu, we balieve, President of the Senate. Dr. Terry was last session a Representative from that county?both demociat* A* both were prominent men In their party, and one, at least, well known throughout the State, we give 'he slip below In advance of our usual time of publication :? Oaiwksvili.k. Ala , June 7, 1847. * I have just returned from the funeral of Dr. 8. 8. Perry, who wan shot down In my office yesterday morning at 35 miuutee after 9 o'clock, and died at 35 minute* after 10, on the epot where he fell, living only one hour. At the time he was shot, he was standing within about five feet of where I was slttiug (writing) on the oppoaile side of the boxes. Col. J. A. Winston did th* deed Me used a double barrel sho*J gun. and shot only on* barrel, the entire load enteriug the abdoiuen of Terry, letting out his bowel* When 1 reached him. be remarked that he was a dead man,'' which proved soon to be the oasa. Mr. A W. .Mo.Mahou had just called Terry In from tha door (where there were a number of gentleman sitting) to have some conversation on business, and as tbey stopped, some twenty-five feet from the door, Colonet Winston stepped in and called out, !u a loud and exeltad toue. " (Jetout of the way, McMahou." and tired immediately, producing the etfert above stated. As Perry fell, the ( otouet shouted, ' '1 hank < Jod. I have killed th# seducer of the wife of my bosom and the destroyer of my own peace." He was perfectly frantic for some time ait.?r lis* ha.il ill if in tint iloftl Ami waul a irmat ilnial atv.nl Perry and lii? (Winston's) wilo (Perry, you know,wag hit family physician ) Ho regretted that he hail not gone to Mexico (last spring ) aud left hit bone* to bleach on her plains; tor a deep .ml damning injury had beta done hiin, aud that. too. by hii bosom friend, under the garb of friendship. The investigation come* off to-morrow before the magistrate* If batf that is stated be true. I'erry wa* guilty of one of tlie basest, foulest, and most damning crime* ever commieted by auy man. I cannot say what will be elicited, 1 will let you kuow after the investigation A number of ladies wdi be put upon the stand to-morrow, iiul mark you tins -there is guilt as deep and black ae hell. I'erry. poor deluded man. there are noue to mourn his loss The general voice is, that Winston u?ed the only remedy lett him It appears that the plot extended i to tile taking of his (Winston's) life, and that of Mrt. i'erry Hut enough now we shall see what we shall sea. 1 will enter more luto the detail* of liii* matter when all is developed Or I'erry had six barrel pistol on him at the timgAB wo* shot, but bad not lim* to draw it You have no tat) of the intense feeling that pervade* every portion ef the com in unity m. W Inge and L. M. Scott counsel for Wlnstog I'erconal and Political. ' The Convention to revise the constitution of Illinois met at Springfield on the 7th inst Newton ( load wa* ' elected president. Henry W. Moore secretary, aud John A Wilson, sergeant at arm*. The oiHcers elected, ware, It is said, the choice of a Deuiorrntic caucus The-Springfield Journal suys : ?" ilumor will have it, that the view* i on the subject of bank*, held hy Mr < n*ey and N. C loud, (the naudidate* for president of the couveution , ware to be inquired into ) and the nominations were to Ire made dependent on the bank question Mr ( asey being in favor of a bank restriction in tbe constitution, and Mr. t loud being against such restriction." CY lll_'S W r'IKI-D k CO, No ? Burlmg Slip offer fat si* a large assortment ef Pruning, Willing, Wrapping Hardware, Knvrlope. Hanging, soil colored t aper. Piper of any ore or quality made to order. 1 lie highest market prices paid in rath for rag*- bagging, bale rope rutiuiga, gunny bagging, grass rope canvass, aad all o tbe'kind. c 17 In't No. ? Hurling Slip, N.Y. itaby jumpers! baby jumpers. TMiifi ATTENTION of mothers and of anrae*. i* invited loan eramiiiation of this indispensable article to sqniet nursery, which may be found of every variety and once at 10(1 ltroadway. SAML. BROOKS, all lm*re Agent for the Manafarram. XUV WVf s&SSr^^J stje ^32 ^ ^ yf or* th? uina ?il?? r 5^ tntuiloiuiy *( ku rMidrnrr.or hm. by l*tt?r, pla.fp^y ,0 * D W HARTLEYS Oflict mi I Rraidtnf# Nichf lUirTwILtila'II^X?: C5.W*y gcw^ by Dr Boltoi ? , night Ml* atUrhcd to (lit had I door 0196 Mf ?* I

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