29 Haziran 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

29 Haziran 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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? ^ - - imir i rri im . all tha bub and btuobN at tooth Cuoltu for mtniI period*. The annexed rataraa axblbit tha movement in the principal department of aaoh bank and branch at four parioda Bank* or SprTH Carolina. jxt. 1847. ? . - L ? JuH- March. Jlpril. May. Bank of the State ,. 1,363.981 98u23 1,04017 1.09\w9 Branch ac < olumbit. 903,400 983.491 910,736 900 g70 do Camden... 41 j ,544 376,036 376,391 377333 SouthwesterniRH ,., #13.088 427,709 4 06.313 467,648 Plantrra and Mecha... 904.610 976,343 930.787 963,447 v,!it0"n *l #83 607 385, 38 601.859 686.613 !f'ar Jii??* ?<4.736 Bank of 8.C 797 118 710,706 694,438 792,496 6,136.528 5.576.831 5,547,455 5,761,292 Bank <,rthe Stale .... 242,891 166,008 Uraucliat Columbia.. 4.078 4,050 3 931 4,313 ?4,.?l . c*in^rl'- 3'538 6.897 9.410 hh... 43,630 220,735 139.834 138.223 FUatera kMeche 179,379 175,319 *78,549 247,774 . ii lk 65.238 89.339 77,861 75,720 r.l i-^/k 77.381 197.983 181,377 56.132 Bauk ol 8. ? 31.290 44,326 70,468 70,901 339,863 962,367 921,810 762,'001 p. . , , ? Circulation. bant of the Swie. ... 997,769 1,422,822 1,368,939 1,383,490 "lanicli at Columbia... ? ? ? ? dl? Cainden.... ? ? ? ? pi'ut, jte. 1,1 r ... 279,795 436,160 427,635 456,015 Hainan lc Media 272,505 443,415 445,235 414,815 Union Bank 82,91,, i , -o 132.510 176.26(1 11 ^ c!jka 291,582 293 282 317.432 bank <>r s. 136,370 137,313 162,372 212,257 1,996,621 2,929,517 2,931,974 2,954,270 Bunk of the State 602,7?l?*'f*3?6,424 632,097 660,270 Branch at Columbia.. 73,684 76,686 86,132 86,421 do Camden... 31,403 37,357 37,731 47,175 ^Olltll \V<*?t?>r!l RIt i'Ml A-JA Q629 ?*??* lift 1 Art Plantera' & Media... 216.602 227,401 200.517 295,020 Union Bank 164,949 189,469 179,031 148,884 ! State Bank 166,326 329,044 247,807 216,671 Bank of S. C 207.094 266,878 287,074 259 769 $1,883,312 2,074,514 [1,982,866 1,937,330 It will be seen by thin statement, that the variation In each department baa been pretty well distributed among the banks. The inoreased circulation, in the faoe of a tailing off in the specie on hand, la by no means a favor* able feature in the above returns. Stock ICichanav* 95000 Trans Notes 6'a 107 350 ahaHarlem Hit tlO 66>? 11000 ludiana Buuds 4>V too do bill 661? 9000 Pen#* 5'? 9fV 100 do btw 66 V IDOotl Ohio 6'a, "60 . 00 * 50 do atw 66 ? 2000 Uliuoia Spcl ii 100 Nor k War b60 53 V 000 Reading Mtge Bda 77V 250 Lour Island 32 16000 lieadiiiR Bda b4m 79V 50 ao 32X 5000 do 795* 200 do b60 32 V 250 alia Farmcra' Loan 35 50 do b90 32)5 100 .\lorru C&intl b?? 20 50 do a45 32 50N.A. Truat 10 150 do 32V 175 Lanion 47V 100 do b60 32V 50 < autou Scrip 4M 100 do b60 32V 200 llarlim RK 66V 50 Stoningtou 59V '00 do IrOfl 66V a- ? . Boud. * uuu iitMumu oouu* 79V 250 ths Long Island b3 32V 50 slis Nor St Wor. buw 53 50 do ?I0 32V ' 0 . ?'o 53 V (.60 Harlem RR sGO 66V 150 Long Island 32V 50 da 66 V 50 do >60 32V 50 do 130 66V 50 do ?60 32V 50 do b30 66V 1"0 d > bio 32X 100 Karmers'Trust 35V 50 do 32?? 5 Canlou Co 18 50 do 32V 5 do 19 "00 do 32lJ New Stock KxekaiiKC. 2000 lud ( Bonds t 60 46V 100 shs Harlem RR 66)4 50 ?!u lisrlertl KR 66V 50 Long Island s3Q 32 5" do u3 66 V 25 Stouingtnn 59 50 do bS 66V 50 farmers' Trust c 35 50 do ,3 66'.? 100 do sl5 35 50 do 66 V 50 do t JO 34 V 50 do bS 66'* HO do 35V 50 do blO 06.V 50 do c 35.V CITY TRIOB REPORT. New Vohk, Monday Afternoon, June 28. The state of the markets for breadstuffB exhibited very little change to-day, compared to the closing prices on Saturday. Sales of Michigan and Genesee flout were pretty freely made at $7 a $7 12,V, with some mixed brands Michigan at $6 87V a $6 94. Sales of Ohio white wheat, equal to Genesee in quality, were made at I6O0. and a small lot of ordinary do sold at 137>?c. A parcel of rye sold at lotie, and a lot of oats at AOc. Meal was very dull, western New York was worth $4 50 and New Jersey $4 76. Provisions were inactive und sale* light. A lot of prime pork brought $13 43% a $13 50. Lird la barrel** was offered at 9%c. There was very little doing in groceries, without change in prices since Saturday. The general features of the markets were languid, and not much variation or animation can be expected till the arrival of further news from Europe. Receipts down the Hudson Rn eh, June '46. Flour , . .33.3-46 barrels. Corn meal. .... 1,840 do. Wheat .31,660 bushels. Kye 1,834 do. Ashes.? Wo report sales of about 100 bbls pots at $4 87%. Pearls we quote lnaotive at $6 68*4. Uhiaiistitfs?Flour?We report sales of 13a 16,000 barrels .Michigan and Oeneaee. at $7 a $7 13%; 800 do. mixed Mluhigan. sold at $6 87X; 1000 do at $6 94; and 1000 do at $7 04%. 168 barrels damaged Michigan sold by auction at $4 60 a $5 37%. Wheat?We report sales of 4 a 600 bushels Ohio ordinary white at $1 3<%, and 10.000 bushels prime Ohio do, equal to Ooneeev j white, at $1 60. Corn?Sales of -4U00 bushels Jverthern ' round yellow were made at 09 cts; 5.00Q do, sold at 08 ' tts; 4 600 do, Western mixed, sold it <SS ots; 3.000 New Vork mixed, sold at 93c; 13,000 do. mixed, Western, fcc. I eold at 90 cts; 14 a 16,000 do do, sold at 63 cts; '4 900 do. UAt yellow sold at 94 ots. and a small lot (300 bushels) white sold at 96 cts; 6 a 600 bushels Western mixed, damaged, sold at 71 a 80 cts. Rye?Sales of 700 bushels were nirde at $1 06 Meal was dull. We quote New J erscy fit $4 76, and Western New York at $ I 60. Oafs ? IduO bushels were sold sit 60 cts. Candles.? Sperm w?n steady at 31 cts. Coffee?The marp.et was very quiet. Java we quote at 8% a 0%c; Sumatra 6X0, and Lagnayra at 7X a 7%r; Rio remains the r.amn Cotton?Bq?, a small amount Of cotton was on sale today, except a', full prices. Holders seem disposed to wait later accou'jts now due. Exporters are not operating at these rats a. believing they will be enabled te fill their orders t/j better advantage after the next steamer arrives from b'.urope. We could only hear of 400 bales sold, and -refer to the annexed quotations, with the remark that hoU.srs generally decline the Inside figures. Liverpool Classification. Sew Or team Uvlands. Florida. Mob. Sr Texas Inferior.. none. none. none. Ordinary 10% a 10% '0% a 10X 10% a 10X .ViiddiiuK TOX ? 10M liki 11 10% * " CitHid Middling It a 11% lt)ji MX 11)* a 11% Middling hair- MX a 11% llX a 11% 12% a 12X Fair ....11% a 12 V 12 a 12% 12% a 13 Fully Fair 12%a >'4% 12% * 12% 13% n 13% Hood Fair.,., none. none, none none 13% a 14% bine none. none. none. none. noue. none Fish?There was an arrival of 360 quintals dry cod, una it a 4U0 do were sold at $3 87X Mackerel continued mtber heavy, and we have only to note a Bale of 100 bbls. No. 3"s at $.'? 81XFkuii?The market for bunch raisins was quiet, with prices the same. -HuMr?Nothing new since last report. Lkad ? Sales of 1000 pigs were reported at >4 60. Mslaisks? Nothing now since last report. Naval Storks?The market continued inactive. The demand for spirits turpentine was limited to the domestic trade, at former rates. Oils?Sales of 6000 gallons English linseed, said to be of extra quality, were n ade at 8ic; 1000 do fair quality sold at file.and 4000 do American oity pressed sold at file. Whale, winter bleached?6000 gallons sold at 60u; .'.sort do, natural color sperm, sold at $1 04. Provisions?'The market oontinued Inactive, though the priors current at the close of the week were steitdy to dev. 200 bbLs new prime pork'sold at $13 43X at $13 60 Tho quotations for new mess stood at $ 16 to $18 12V Bmj was firm without change in prices. Lard was offered, in barrels, at OX cents. There was no change in cheese or butter. llnie?1The market was quiet,while prices were steady. Srins?A sale of 1200 lbs. Arkansas deer skins was made at l&X eta. Hi-gar?We have only to note a sale of 60 hhds Porto Itlc.o, on terms not understood. A lot of 26 hhds Muscovado were put up at auction, but only live were sold, at ti cents per lb., the sale being stopped. Tali ow-1 h?re was nothing doing worth reporting Whali sons? We quoteN. West at27 cts .and South Sea at 28 cunts at which the last sales were made. Whisklv?Prices were nominal, and no sales of moment were reported. En bights?Engagements were made for grain in bags, to Ireland, ni lid 1000 bbls. were ongaged by a British vessel, to Liverpool, at 3s , and an American ship was engaged at 8s (id ; and 3000 bbls were engaged by an American vessels at 3s Cd. To Havre the rates remained the saire as on Saturday. TEUKGRAFHIC. MavhiU. Baltimore, Juno 3#.?P. M. Our flour market continued very dull to-day, with light sales. Wo quote Howard etroet at $6 60. Wheat wan in fair request, and sales of 2000 bushels Maryland a nd Pensylvania rod were made at $1 31 a $1 33. Corn wus heavy, 2000 bushels were sold, chiefly sound Maryland ye'.low, at S2c a 83c. Meal was dull, at $4 60. Whiskey was also very dull, and sales very limited. There was nothing worth reporting, doing in provisions. Our business men are anxiously expecting later news by the French steamer, due at New York. ALB?!?v,June 38?P. M. i The flour market was very dull to-day, and no sales j made worth reporting. Prices were nominally the same | as on Saturday. Corn?Sales of 600 bushels were made : at 86o. Oats moved pretty freely, and 6000 bushels good heavy ranai, were sold at 60c a 63? Meal was dull, so j was rye, without sales of moment in either. The re- | coipts by the Canal, during the past twenty-four hours, ! were about as follows: Flour, 20.600 barrels; wheat, 19,- ! 800 bushels; corn, 19.400 do; oat*, 10.400. Boston, June 28?P. M. Our cotton market was dull to-day, and sales very light. The advance produced by the steamer's news has, for some descriptions, been nearly lost. Flour was very dull to-day, and very little was done In any kind.? Fair to good (Isnecee and Mlohigan, stood at $7 a 7 60. The corn .ae. Ket continued depressed, end sales difficult i to effect. (K>od sound Northern yellow we quote at 106 : peats. Kyi' wan also dull Seller* asked 139 cents, hut purer* refuaed h "ffej so ninth Profit!*** were to*r tt*?, sad mIm esry United. Prlee* remained unchanged since Saturday. [Correspondence of the Philadelphia Bulletin ] Pittsbiiboh. June 38?13 M. The week'* business open* languidly. No buyer* jor Boor, though holder* are In market at a decline on Saturday's prioea. drain l* without change, and sales ery moderate. Prevision* are taken at last quotations , for Immediate waiAa. No large sales reported. The t weather i* intensely warm, and the river is falling, with i about 4 feet 4 inches in the channel. i Died. \ Mrs. Elisaskth Allkk Lansivo, wife of the late Oerril Lansing, aged 07 years. , The friends of the family, and those of her sons-in- t law, Wm. R. Hoodlees and Wm. Lennlngs, are invited I to attend her funeral this afternoon at four o'olock, from her late residence. No. 7 Sheriff street, without further Invitation. \ On Monda morning. 38th inst., of paralysis, Mr. ' Matthew Sa Pv.it, in the Slst year of his age. 1 The friends of the family, and thi members of I. O. of 1 O. K. and U. A. O. D , particularly New York Lodge, No. < 10,1. O. of O. F., and National Lodge, No. 18, U. A. O. 1 D., of which he was a member, are reepectfully Invited 1 to attend his funeral this (Tuesday) morning, at ten ! o'clock, from hi* lutm r?*nir!t?nnM Nn '))! Rn>UrU " Oq Monday, the 28th inst., after a long and severe ill- , n?*e, Fannv Rilet, a native of the county of Cavan, I Ireland. Her friends and acquaintances ate respectfully iuvitcd to attend her funeral this (Tuesday) afternoon, at lour o'clock, from her late reeldenoe. 36 Spring street. On Thursday, the '24th inst.. at Warwick. Orange county, Isaac Vaisduser, in the 76th year of his age.? lie was for many years a merchant in that section of oountry, and much respected, and is now muoh regretted by a numerous family and a large circle of friends. W Weekly lie port oi Deaths, In the city and couuty ol New York, from the 19th day of Jane to the 26th day of June, 1647. Meu, 107; Women, 66; Boys, 86; Girls, 63. Total 363. DISEASES. Abscess. I( Asphyxia. 1; Apoplexy, 9; Bleeding, 3; Bronchitis, 6; Cyanosis, 1; < aneer, 1; Casualties, 4; Cholera Infantum, 13; Cholera Morbus, 1; Consumption, 30; Convulsions, 16; Croup, 4; Congestion of Lungs, 9; Catarrh, 1; Debility, 17; Delirium Tremens, 3; Diarrhoea, 13: Dropsy, 7; Dropsy iu the Head, 7; Dropsy in the Chest, 2; Drowued 8; Dyseutery, 12; Erysipelas, 7; Fever, 7; Fever Bilious, 2; Fever Inflammatory, 1; Fever Remittent, 6; Fever 8car et, 6; Fever Typhoid, 16; Fever Typhus, 29; Fever Nervous, 1; Fever Couliuued, 1; Fever Congestive, 1; Fever Hectic, 1; Heart, Disease of, 4; Hip Disease, I; Hooping Cough, 1: Inflammation, 1; Inflammation of bladder, 2; Inflammation of Brain, 6; Inflammation ol Bowels, 6; Inflammation of Langs, 14; luflammatiou of Stomach,3; Inflammation of Throat, I; Inflammation of Liver, 3; Insanity, 1; Intemperance, 4; Jaundice, 1; Marasmus, 13; Measles, 4; Mortification, 3; Palsy, 6; Premature Birth, 4; Scrofula, 2; Small Pox,I; Sprue, 2; Teething, 6; Ulceration of Stomach, 2; Unknown, 2. Age?Under one year, 64; 1 is 2 years, 39; 2to 6, 19; 6 to 10, 16; 10 to 20. 13; 20 to 30, 36 ; 30 to 40,64; 40 to 60,26 ; 64 to 60, 33; CO to 70, II; Til to 80, 6; 80 to 90, 3: unknown, 3. A. W. vVrilTE, City Inspector. Citr Inspector's Office, June 28, 1847. lyRDWED.-Mr: n. W.'U'.'sjctjvohdt Tlerim^Ke I C Steamer Andrew Jaekson, informed us yesterday that a cabin passenger on said Steamer, on her late trip from New Orleans to iiiis city, named GILBERT SHEKwOOD, Engineer of the Steamship Galveston, plying between New Orleans and Vera Crttz, was lost overboard on the night of the l'ltlt inst, opposite Little Prairie, Missouri. He was on his way to New York with his wife to visit their friends. He had on cotton and flannel ahirta, and aocks, and his name was marked on his shirts : black hair, Romau nose, and about 30 years of age. Should his bady be found and taken care of so that his friends can recover it. and notice itiveu of the same. the person so doing will cooler a favor, and be liberally re- i warned, by applying to the widow of the deceased, Mr*, t Catharine Sherwood, now at Catskill, who takes this opportu- | uity of returning her grateful thanks to Mr. John Bailey a fellow passenger, for his generous alteutiou to her under the pres- < sure ot her calamity je29 3t*rc i OAKD IN WILLI AM 8burgh NKAK PECK SLIP ' KERRY.?A private family possessing a large and ele- ' fan11y furnished house in Williamsburgh, neir Peck Slip ~ 'erry, would be happy to accommodate a limited number of j Ladies and Gentlemen as boarders. The house is beautifully ; situated, commanding an extensive view of the harbor and bay j of New York?and cold, warm, and salt water baths within J ten yards of the house For further particulars euijuir* of J. ' Bonuard, Restaurator, corner of Pine and Nassau streets, New , York. jeM 3teod*rc ' W MURRAY LEIGH ION, M.U., has removeiTkis of- I (ice, to 108 Chambers street (opposite the Savings' i Bank) and his House to 71 Sixteenth stieet (ran of Union i Park ) Office hours from 2 to 0 P M. je29 301* rc i TO t DAGUERKIAN ARTISTS?A Daguerreotypist of experience is desirous of engaging either as an assistant or partuer in an establishment in ihis city. For parti- 1 culars, please address J. C. B., at the Hrrald office je?9it*rc Dissolution?the copaitnership heretofore existing between thus. f. gulon.of New York, and wm. i stuart guinness and john bush, of New Orleans, | under the firm of gulon Ik Co., is dissolved, and the name i of said firm is uo longer to be usrd. i New OaLEsrts June 14, 1847 j29 3t?rrc Prepaid letters to all parts ok eu- ' hope?The subscribers will receive and forward let- 1 ters, per steamer Cambria," 1st July, to all parts uf Eu- J rope. J B gs will close at P. M., Wednesday, 30th imt. HARNDEN St co . 6 Wall street. 1 I' S ?Letters can be prepaid,as above, to all parts ol the con- 1 ti'ient jr29 3t rrc ADVERTISE SEN YS are daily forwarded for publication | iu the best Newspapers of alt cities and principal towns in ( the Uuiled States Caiiaui, 8tc., by the accredited agent, v B. ( Palmer, who is also authorised to receive subscriptions. The i agency is iu the Tut une Buildings. je29 30t*r IO. OF O. K.?The memtiers of New York Lodge, No. ' 10,1. O. of O. F.j are requested to meet at their lodge r ..in, Natioual Hall, Canal street, this (Tuesday) m..ruing, at ' U>? o'clock, for the purpose of a tending uie funeral ceremonies of our deceased brother, Matthew Havre. j. r urner. n O. J>Mes M. OsaoaftK, Secretary. je25 It'r ' NOTICE.?1'he consignee, Mr. J W. Barber, of 72 Dry Hides, per paeket snip Louisville, from New Orleans, wi'.l please call and receive the eame immediately froui the .Ubsor.ber. E. K. COLLINS, jcJJ rrc 50 South at. | L'' Y fc. AND EAR?Ur. POWELL. Oculist, Auri.t, &c 1 -Ed 281 Broadway, corner of Warren street, attends exclusive- ' l> to ill teases of trie Eyeatid Car from 9 till 4 o'clock. Dr \ Powell lia* jutt published a popular treatise on llie Eye,with engravings, 8vo , paper 50 cet.is, muslin 71 cents, comprising n 1 ilesciiplion of its anatomy, physiology, diseases and treatment. 1 witli rules for the selection of spectacles, Ike. To be bad as ' above, and at Burgas, it Mtriugc "s, Brrlbrd K Co., Fowler & Wells, and of booksellers gc.call,. je29 ll*r 1 BOW LI NO s\u: ?;N FOB S A I F, -For sale, the large 1 and commodious Bowling Saloon No. 300 Broadway (2ud ( story). Smd saloon is elegantly tilted up; carpeted, cushioned | cli.'.its, and Contains three of the best bowling alleys in the , city. The room it very large and well ventilated, there being j a cool breeze through the place in the Warmest weather. It | has a good ru i ol custom, and when the theatre is compleied in i Broadway, the block below, it cannot fail of doing one of ilir , beat businesses in the city. The alleys, stock, liar, h<|Uurs, | Ike., will be sold reasonably, as the proprietor is about engag- , iug in another business For further particulars, apply on 'lie premises, between the hours of twelve and three, or any tiine t during the evening. je29 3t*rc | Fourth july-notice to gentlemen.?ii < you want to look well dreased on the Fourth, you had bet- 1 ter take your coats and pants to 91 Murray street, corner of ' Washington, where you cau have them cleaned or dyed and repaireu superior to anything you have had done in this city, remarkably cheap, at short notice^Articles w lilted for the 4th must be leit previaus to Thursday aud returned on Saturday, and no disappointment, at my cheap store. | je 20 3t* rc A. CORTISSOS. 91 Murray st. TO FARMERS or i>ersoiis residing in the country or adjacent towns, who are deiirous ol having their decayed teeth preserved, however large the cavity, or artificial teeth i inserted on the principle of suction, without springs or clasps, i whicn for beauty and use cannot be surpassed. All operations i warranted. Or Brown (It Brother, (removed) to No. 4<i9 i Broadway, i doors above (Land street, west side. Jr29 It* rrc i UNIVERSITY OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK.? The Annual Address before the Alumni Association will ' he delivered by Professor Cyrus .Mas.iu, I). D., at Dr. Potts' I Church, in University Place, ou Tuesday Evening, June 29, ' at 8 o'clock. The public are respectfully invited to attend. The Association will meet in the Chapel of the University J at 6 o'clock. A full and punctual attendance is requested. je2WU?je GREENPORT LONO ISLAND PECONIC HOUSE.? , This beau'iful, healthful, and commodious building. , adapted for visiters, hoarders, sportsmen. See., lie., far- i nished in the highest style, is now ready, under a management i determined to sustain its reputation. Commanding the view of the Peconic Bay, the harbor and steamboat landing, the Lang Island -ound, and neighboring villages of unsurpassed picturesque scenery with privileges of pleasure boating, fishing. 1 and sporting generally, secured to the vi?ters. The interior of the mansion, for private or family accommodation, jy un- 1 equalled for the advantages it possesses, in the size, quality, 1 and embellishments of the rooms, Bower gardens, hath houses, ' exclusively for ladies and children, and other sources of health- 1 ful recreation, siiling, riding, fishing through the Bay aud 1 Sound, outaida. The facility of reacnimr the city by railroad 1 is self-apparent, and the responsibility ofthe whole is reposed 1 in the undersigned, whose reputatiou requires no |uuivgyric. and whose entire care will be devoted to render the Peconic 1 House, from its numerous local beauties, and healthful advantages, the most fashionable and jiopular resort of ihe season. i ?. W. FAIRCHILD, < Supervisor and Stewart. , Male and female attendants of ex|ierience are engaged. | anu the cellar stocked with wines, ales, See., of the finest and t choicest brands. 8. W.F. jc29 3taw lm?rc SEA SH -RE, LONO BRANCH.' NEW JERSEY.? ' M This well known Bathing place is now open for the recep. tion of boarders. The building* have been put in good repair, ' and no efforts will be spared par their convauience and Comfort. The steamer Orus, Irotn Fulton Marxrt, aud the sleainei I Edwin Lewis, from Washington Market, will make adailt J oip between New York and Long Branch. Stages will beat 1 the Ocean House upon the arrival of said boats to convey |>as- a srngera te Long Branch. SAMUEL COOPER. Proprietor. t ? June 28th, 1817. je'J'l 8i 2eaw rc I Board in the country" ?KJ iods J!iahing to ??h- 1 _j tuiu hoard can be pleasantly accommodated at Cornwall, Orange Coonty, oue mile from the lauding. The steamn Thomas Powell stops at the lauding erery morning and eren- 1 ink- rnr runner particulars enquire of Mr. Wm. B Harris, J 12'i Porsylh street. je29 3t'rc I NOTICE ?The subscriber* inform the public that they r have just received their supply of Mineral Water* direct 1 Irom the Springs, such as Sharon, Blue Lick, Peltr.rr, Keisiu- ! ger, Vichy. fcc-. etc., all particularly benelicial at this aeanon c of the year. They fulfill, aa usual, all ordera for the name wholesale and retail, at their eatabliahmenu, No 2 Park Row and 581 Broadway, near Prince atreet. . o , delluc It CO.. , je? 30t*r Sole ancceaaora to I'lace 8t Sou'llsrd. ? NO l'lcE?TURTLE DINNERS, at Burnham'* aiatiaiou ' House, Bloomingdale. The firat dinner thia a'aaun will * lake place on Wednrailay, the 30th June luat, at 4o'clock P. M . weatner permitting, if not, the lira' fair day after je? ? i?*rc WM BURNHAM. t Notice to the passengers of the hte <m ER CAMBRIA.?The subscriber would respectfully i inform the passengers of the atearaer Cambria, that he haa junt received by late arrivals Irom Havana, a fine aaaortmem * of Havana and Principe Segara, which will be worthy of (l their and the public inapection. . N B.?None but the genuine Havana and Pitncipe Segara ' will be offered at this establishment. HENRIQi'ES, 1 je382l*rrc 108 Broadway, comer of Pine meet. J Til*'. CO v1M IHSION r.RS of Emigration hereby Kite no- |] tice to the maatera and ownera of ate imboat* not other vessels in w hich passengers who are not cilizena of the United '' Slates, a*e brought to the port of New York from any of the [" United States other than the State of New York, that they .. will be required to make a report, in writing, to the Mayor of the city el New York, within twentv-lour hours after the am- ( val of such vessel* in said port,according to the firat section of , the law of May i, 18(7, and in i aie of anv omission or neglect to make attch report, the penalty of seventy-five dollars for I each of said t>ataenger< in whose case the oDHsaion or neglect 1 may occur, will he rigidly enforced. C'pies of said law may fi lie obtained at the Mayor's office. HOBKR1 TAYLOR, d General Agent of the Commissioners of Emigration. New York. June 83, 1847. Je 88fh ft ("nOa'JBU THREAD.?CAUTION.?Purchasers and con- j . J sumersof (Cotton Threads are hereby eantioned iliat an article of spool thread marked ' Coatas kt Co.,'"now offered for 1 slv m this market, it not the celebrated sti-cnrd thread mww I J |e| JCus'fC Agent* cfj. k r- Ooeu, of Puslfy. ,d f I r i a i li t l i HI I W ANTED?A iBirl, icii't Mnot to attend <o tin out, TV door shipping baiiun. Apply U M South atiwet. j?? it*t WANTED. 8t;ITABLK KOUMH for a Single Oeuileman and Servaat, in the upper part of the cit. , in or rear Broadway. Apply by letter to Poet Office, box 13TT JeW 3l*r _____ WANTED?By a respectable young woman, a situationi to do chamber work and waiting, or to travel with a lady, md take aare of childrsu. Tlie advertiser it of good educatou and genteel appearance, ?nd would do general hwueewora or a email family: hae uo objection to go into the country, luy oue tit treed of auch a peraou Will please Call at ? Orange treet, opposite White atreet. The advertiser can be accn for wo day*, if not engaged. Wagea not leaa than five dollars per mouth. jag If r WANTED?A aituaiiou, by a youug woman of u-queationable character, aa childreu'a nunc. Hat uo objectoua to travelling with a lady, Euquire at 71 Beekmaa atreet, ront room, on the eecond floor. jcW >t*rc W ANTJlU?A aituation by a raapoetabla Protestant youug TT woman; ia a good plain cook; baa uo oojuction to uasiat with the wishing and ironing: would take charge of a dairy, md lias no objectiou to go iu the country. Please call at No. U tth atreet, between the Bowery and ThirdgAvenue, back loor up stairs. ' je<9 It* re SITUATION WANTED.?Wanted a situation bye young man in a wholesale grocery or liquor store; a slight experience iu the business and willing to devote hia whole time to t. Good eity reference given, and no objections to going ioiilli. A letter addressed at this office to h. k , will meet with proni|it attention. j?it*re Communication krom mr. henry brisuh relative to his late ffiUI in the Court of Sesaioua I? _ Under date of May lgtliyast, 1 iuformed the public through he New York Democrat, in reply to several abusive articles, hat had previously appeared in the Philadelphia Democrat, rum the pen of Mr. Wollcnweber, that his accusation against ne. that I had swindled poor emigrants, should in a short time >e fully investigated, and that I would let the public kuow he result. The public (and in particular the Germau public) will relollect that shortly before that article was written, Mr. Wolenweber had announced, iu trumpet tones, through the press, uid in public meetings, that he had been the first successful liscoverer of the laet, that I, Henry Brisch, had swindled a xior emigrant oat of $11. This modern discovery waa hardly nade known before Mr. Wolleuweber accompanied it with he very logical declaration, that aa 1 had swindled one, 1, of :ourse, had swindled all the emigrants who travel in my trans>ortation line, making about 300U persona per month. Those >f my business competitors who entertaiued a hope of buildlix heir fortunes ou my ruins echoed the cry, till many good ana worthy people became lionestlv impressed that it waa all troth, md 1 cauuot blame the seal which actuated many in joining lie ranks of ths crusaders, who so diabolically muatered iuto lie service of the Philadelphia editor to accomplish my ruin, md the lasting disgrace ol myself and a family of five chilIren. I was at that time indicted and held to bail upon this comjilaiut. The " Volksfreund,"a Society recently formed ape:ially for the protection of poor emigrants, engaged K. B. Cutting, Esq., a most eminent member of the New York bar, aud lie was associated with the popular and efficient District Attorney, 10 try the case against me. Every effort that mauy r v?i 16MVB hi ivfai iiniiiiicet iuuuu iconuui, ami inun winning mid candid eloquence could devise, wu employed Co ihow me Kuilty. 1 do not mean here to uy that in reepect to :ouniel I waeat a disadvantage, lot I believe that iu Ambrose L Jordan, and K. S. Scallkuecht, Esq., I was provided with ;wo as fearless and able defenders as can be fonud, even if the whole community bad been determined I should be quartered dive, to gratify au excited mobBut to the ease. . The charge agaiust me was, that I had obtained from Carl Jlaus, an emigrant, $11 for a ticket which would carry him rom New York to Pittsburgh; and that at the time of obtainng it 1 had falsely pretended to him it would cany lain to i I'aylorsville, Muskingum county, Ohio, whereas it was good in I y for Pittsburgh. It was proved that Carl Claus, the emigrant, when he first ipplied for passage, asked my clerk for a ticket to Taylors- | rifle. The clerk referred to the map and found a Taylorsville n Spencer county. Kentucky, and then told the emigrant that Jiucinuati was the nearest point to his destination lie could lend him, and that the fare to that place was $12 The emigrant theu bought a ticket to Cmciunati for $12. Next day he leturued to my office, statiug that he had bought the ta rung icket for from a letter he had with him, he saw that he was [oiug to Taylorsville, Muskinghum couuty, Ohio, and not to I'aylorsville. in Kentucky, (there are eight towus by the name if Taylorsville in the Uuited Stairs.) The clerk then told him, ifler haviug consulted the map, that Pittsburgh was the near'st point on my hue to that Taylorsville. and thereupon :hauged his ticket for him, taking the one for Cincinnati back ind giving him one for Pittsburgh, returning him $1. The tlerk, at the same time, told him, that at Pittsburgh he must ake a new conveyance for Taylorsville, which cost $lor 12. The emigrant's exact sworn testimony at the close of the :ase, oil a final crosa-eiainiuatioii ou ;his point, was he following *The clerk told me that this ticket would carry me to Pittsburgh, and that there I would rave to take another conveyance, but he spoke it iu a mauuer is if he meant it should be lor the same amouut. I do not recollect his words, 1 only know it superficially, and took uo care to remember his words." This testimony sliows conclusively :hat the whole transaction was at most a misunderstanding ou :lie part of Claus, the emigraut,who. it is proper here to slate is i young studeut 19 years old, aud who has uo ex|>erience in doing business, and therefore might naturally be supposed could easily misunderstand either the wo ds or meauiug of my clerk, who was at the same moment transacting business with at least twenty other paaseugers. I believe that every right minded man who will look upon the teatimony thus giveu by Claus, and consider it with au un[iiejudiced uiiud. will come to the mine conclusion, nsmelv. :hat the whole transaction at moit amounts to this, tW Claus misunderstood my clerk. But now comes the second fact, which shows as conclusivey as it i? possible any thing can show it, that it is wholly im>o siblr I could, iu the remotest degree, be guilty of the charge nade against me, and chat is, thai' duriug tins entire trauaac011 ( il Claus providing himself with a ticket.) I was absent rum the city, on a business trip to I'hiladelpliia, and never mew any thing of the transaction till two days later, when 1 etaraeu. Now even supposing my clerk had been guilty of a false preeuce, when he sold the ticket to the emigraul, is it not clear, I ask every oue ol'iuy fellow citizens, and my very enemies, if 1 have any ) that if I am to be held a criminal for my clerk's :rimes, is uut every man guilty of the crime committed by the nan in his employ 1 Although 1 have from ihe first been supported only by my .iwniuward consciousness, that my whole intentions through>ut bad been as pure and correct as the lutentious of any man ;ould be, still I cau assure the public, and the man will believe me who has had the least similar experience, that it w as aot an euv table position, to stand indicted for a felonious ofeuce, with a society, organized for benevolent aud patriotic suds, arrayed against me, with % determination, if possible, to have proved me guilty. Aud here let me say, that the VolksI'reund did uot act manly, iu goiug into the very Court Kooui. lud indulging ma loud scoffing laugh.whenever their employed couusel said a smart or witty word, that reflected upon me ur iny business. I am sorry 1 cannot here give them credit For that unprejudiced eveu-mindednrss which should cliaracerize every good citizen, when he sers a fellow citizen iu langer ofbeiug lobbed forever of his good name, and baring us childr u pointed at in all after fays, with the expression, 1'lieie go tfie sous and the daughters of a felon " ihe time my come when oue ot them m.y be innocently accused, and fevr it does come, they will then understand my words, if heir ears are now closed agaiust them. Bui this is noi a I. Besides the effect they inteuded this r.nisactiou should have on iny rrputatiou.it Ihs been no trifling lecuniary loss to m , estimating not only the expeiises of my lefeuce, out also the loss of time aud business already su?amed, aud which may yet amount to much more. Kor this, lowever, 1 shall bold certain |>arties res|>onsible, whose zeal aas tempered with something more than a patriotic wish for ustice. who irmembered old busiuess difficulties, and who tiirw that if they could get me out of the way, their chances or builumg a fortune on my wreck were certain. Kour of ny prosecutors are already under five times the amount of bail was ordered to give, to answer for the angry feeling aud pri ate malice their conduct evinced. A jury of my country, after investigating the case, aud lisening with patience to all that could be said against me for our whole days, brought in a verdict of "Not Guilty," and 1 :laim, knowing that I have the moral as well as the legal right o claim it, that my character stauds before the public flic same is ever?the same as if this charge had never beeu heard of. HCNRV BRI8CH. New York, June 16, IM7. J J!) st* rc PRINTERS IN WANT OK EMPLOYMENT will utilise the subscriber. and probably themselves also, by eaving their names and address with WILLIAM NEWELL. je28 3t?rrc 168 William, near Beekman street. llS | REWARD.?The Jewelry Manufactory of the (JWvv subscribers was burglariously entered on Tuesday, :ne 22d June, 1817, aud the following property stolen tbererruin:?Consisting of a lot of sealed Kinder Knits. 1 lot of liferent patterned stone Rings, together with 200 unfinished Finger Rings, without stones; 23 leet of gold joint Bracelet Cham; I dozen of three stone Cameo Bracelets; 1 lot of Cameo Breast Puis; 1 lot of box and glass Bracelet Clasps, unfinished; mother lot suitable lor small stones, also unfinished; about 32 [ sir of gold Ear Rings, unfinished, some of which were eu(raved; 100 gold Guard Cham Slides, unfinished, ready for tones; I dozen gold hoop Ear Rings, engraved and with atones inished; 9 gold Pencil Case Barrels, unfinished; 1 lot of infinished ruby Kinger Rings; 1 lot of unfinished white stone Cluster Pins; 4 gross and SO gold-stone and jet Studs; 1 lot of Liillery Bracelet Heads; J white stone Bracelets', 1 lot of Box and Glass linger rings; a lot of Jewelry sent in lor repair, insisting of Rings, Snaps, Bracelets, file.; a lot of Bullion, .-(insisting of gold bars, clippings, filings, silver, and solder? ralued in all at near $1000. For tlie? recovery of which the ibove reward will be paid, or in proportion for any part thereof Rowland ?i sakken, je28 3t*rh Rear of 43 Ann street. OQ/k RE WARD.?Drowned, last evening, about hall past ip&\J 9 o'clock, between Governor's Island and Castle Garleu, a young man, named WM. LLOY D, about 20 years old, live feel five inches high, dark hair aud eyes, dressed in a plait-d bosom shirt, with three gold studs, worsted check punls, soots, and gold watch and ctinui, the back of the watch marked " W. Lloyd." On the lace, in a semi-circle of thirteen itars, was engraved an equestrian figure of Washington ; the (old cap, in white enamel, the words, Jacot e< Cnwrreirter. The g|rove reward will be paid by his father for the recovery >1 the body. BAMlfEL LL(jYD, 184 Forsyth ?t. June 27.1?I7. je28 31* re CROTON WATER COOLERS.?Ifwould most res|iectfully call the attention of the public to my newly invent d article for cooling the Croton water. The beauty and duraulity o< this article cannot be surpassed; it is a most cicellent lung for stores, offices, private and public houses, also, teatnboats, ships, file fiic , being made eutirely on a new plan. I he above will be sold at a price so that it may be withiu the each of all. The public are resiiectfully 'invited to call at 282 Water treet, between Peck Blip and Dover street, next door to Mott's lloyr Factory. _ je2l 3t*;e [ RON A WNIN (?s_T H E SI: Bsr RIB E Its WILL MAKE l and put up Iron Frame Work for Awnings, with rollers, ic., that will roll the Awning up snug to the bouse without ny difficulty whatever. They co?t nearly the Mine an those lilt are atalionary. They have put them up at AMna'i, (roadway, opposite Stewart's, Bebee k Collar's, 100 Broadvay, and at Lewis fc Fairm m'?, Liberty-st., and oihen. DUNCAN k WEST, 4 Little Oreen-il. near Maiden Lane. je24 7t*m IT E\ FORT PAVILION.?Thi? delightful summer reii- j (V dem e it now ready for the reception of hoarders. The i'nprietor would inform his friends ana the public that no eirtions shall be wanting on Ins part to render this one of the no.t agreeable summer residences. The advantages for fishng and gunning, and bathing, are unsurpassed . Two steammats leave daily for New York. 128 fi w " m K. W THOMPSON*. rroprietor. rO RENT?AtTuscarora. Schuylkill county, I's., a Kouii dry and Machine Shop, (will be rented separate or togeether) with a ten horse |aiwer steam engine, all in complete irder, with all the necessary tools for Foundry, Machine Ihon, and Blacksmithing. Patterns, Fla-kt, lie. and some tock to commence. Apply to JACOB ALTER, Tuscarora. N. B.? Anthracite Coal, best quality, >2 pet ton. je2J 20t?r ? }/ \ ' HALLKNGE.? Notice to gentlrtneu who want SmW their old clothes to look like new, call at the Tailoring, Dyeing, Clenniug and Repairing Establishment, In. 77 Gold street, corner of Gold and Hpruce, where orders rill be punctually attended to at the shortest uotice, and on he most reasonable terms, by J. B NOAH, 77 Oold street. N. B ?The highest price given for gentlemen's left off rearing aptn-rgl Ittvk lot is*e LionTft/lNO CONDUi;TOR^?This bsning "thTVeasou of the year when lightning rods are absolutely necessary i every building, the advrrtiser desires U) call the attention of he public t;> his system of conductors. The rods made and ut lip by him are neater, handsomer, cheaper, slid more cornact than any other in use. They are secured together nth copper joints, which is a gieat improvement over the honked" plan; it gives a better?indeed a perfect connection, 'lie inihlic can obtain further information on application to YALWORTH. NAHON. k GUILD, Kngineers. No. 7# ohnst.,\.Y. B ANT A LOONS ?V AHRENS, th? well known Pants L Tailor, MX And street, lias lately received over 100 |>cs. nicy Caaaimeres anil Ltuens, of which ke makes Pants to or er for only $7 JO to $4 tier pair. Also, French and English black cssaimcres and doeakina, om ft to per pair, warranted good, or uo aale. Genu who are in want of Pants, will do well to call at MX Lnn street G'*r DIED?At her residence in Hampatead, Mouth Carolina, Mr*. MARY MOORE M WAGE, in tha J9tl, year of er age. Any information conogpnng her ion, Jamea Moore Mr-e, will ha thankfully revived ?t ? Ai^Phila. 4 ^| ^ 11 - ? 'I" V " VAL " SuwtFwB.it fluhiof, Lone island.?On Wednesday. June 30th. th# Untied iirniwrty of Epeuetus Smith, ilttMieo, on ili? Shore of th* East River, adjoining the Htrtihboel Lenanil, et White Stone, Flushing. Long M ud. Will be sold et If o'clock, by ANT HON V J. BLKECKEK. on the premiae*. In parcels from one to fo.tv ecies. It is ?o divided, as to give each lot a ?|>leuilid view of the river aud the Iroat on Throgg'e roiut; th* steamboat lending will also be in view of each p-rcrl.s number of which a t of right niur and leu acres each. The passage it usually made in ou* hour from the Fulton Market Pier, by the steamboat Croton. No situations ou th* water can be funad more beautiful or mire couvrireut. For I manufacturing puiootcs, the locution is believed to be very gtiod, on account of the uninterrupted communication w ith the 1 city by steamboat at all tetanus. This property adjoins the residence of th* widow Sauiuel Legge't, and in view of the country seat of John liaggarty, Esq., and uear that of (Jardiuer O. How land, Ecu. Also, The Fowler Farm, of TO acres, with pretty good build- | ings, line fruit, aud very good land, and plenty of wood. This firm adjoins tbe village of Cliutouville, about half a mile 1 Irom the steamboat landing. Alto, 10 Building Lota in the village of Cliutouville, from one-quarter to two acrta each. Alto, Si acres of Salt Meadow. The whole will be positively told without reserve, to close the estate. Th* sals will commeoce at the above time. The steamboat Washington Irving Will leave the Fulton Market Pier at a quarter past 9 o'clock, A. M. Carriages will be in waiting ou the wharf at Fluahiug. A survey map of th* proparty can be seen at die office of the auctioneer. je29 Ifrc G. W. PINE?Auctioneer. HANDSOME FURNITURE.?Van Antwerp k Pine, will sell, this day, at 10 o'clock, at No. 9 Walker at., near West Broadway, the entire household furniture of a family going to Europe, consisting in part of Brussels aud iugrain carpets, oil cloths, hall lamp. Tiat stand. extensive dining ublea, pier tables, centre, tea aud card tables, dreaalug and other bureaus, ottomans, divaus, sofas, cut glass. French, Chiua, diuuer and tea sets, plated ware, mantel ornaments, looking glasses, French bedsteads, chairs, waihstaudi, beds, mattresses and bedding, oil Iiaiutiuga, Engravings, Ac. Ac. Alto, a large assortment of kitcheu furniture. Terms cash, current funds. je<9 lfr A UCTION NOTICE.?Tins d.v (Ts.J..l l??. *0.1. fX at 10}? o'clock, at 348 Pearl street, a Targe assortment oT furniture, beds, crockery. Ike. Alio, two billiard tables, wiuea, liquor*, and M m. choice biaud segars, fur and silk hats, cloth and velvet caps, green and black tea*.and window *)ia<le*. At II o'clock, twogrocers aud oue pedlar's wagon, oue fdrniture cart. ou? butcher's go cart. Cauloguea on the inormug of sale. Sale positite. Terms cash. [je*9 ll*r] O. WARREN, Auctioneer. i. W. BRO WN, Auctioneer. Birds at auction -j. w. brown win *eii on Tuesday, Juue 29, at 10 o'clock, at No. 112 Broadway, Birds in cages, Mocking Birds, Canaries. Thrushes, Starliugs, Tropins, Linnets, Ooldfiuches, Java Sparrows, Bullfinches. Paroquets, Ike., also, a large collection of beautiful stuffed birds, comprising a great variety ofthe inost beautiful birds of the U.S. Huniiniug aud other birds from the West ludies, and South America. Birds of Paradise from China, Ac., Ac. jc2H 2lis*rc OOsLINO, French Restaurateur,~64 and 68 Nassau si., returns his sincere thanks to his numerous frieuds anu patrons, who have so liberally sustained him since lie commenced his establishment, anil begs leave to inform them that he is under the necessity o( closiug the same, ,in consequence of the proprietor being about to erect uew buildings ou that spot. Mr. (Josling will keep hi* office npstairs for the ensuing two weeks, where all hsviog claims against the above establishment will please to call for payment. JetT Tf rc NOTICE TO VISITERS, Ac.?Oentlemeu or Families havingauy superfluous effects, such as wearing appnrel, jewelry, tire arms, furuitnre, Ac., which they desire to dispose of advantageously, have the best opportunity of doing so by sending for the subscriber, who will nttend them at their re sideuccs by appoiutmeut. 11. LKVETT, office No. 2 Wall street, corner of Broadway. N.B.?Line addressed through the Post office, or otherwise, will receive prompt atteution. jc27 3t*rc DR. ELLIOTT, Oculist, 683 Broadway, luforms his patieuts that duriug the summer montlu, lie will be iu his office, from 10 to 4 o'clock, ou Tuesdays, aud Thsirsdays. jeO 7ti*2ltos*rrc THE FOLLOWING TESTIMONY ofthe efficacy of Sc bench's Pulmonic Byrup is given entire for the bcuelit of the public:? Mr. John De Witt of Susses couuty, New Jersey, was for sis mouths alllicted with pain iu the side aud breast, spittiug blood daily, with a dist'essiug grave-yard cough, was attended diligently by hisphysiciau, who was couucelled by ethers, to iio good effect. He then applied to me to obtain for him half a do/.en bottles of Bchenck's Pulmonic Syrup, which he took I according to the directions. Alter takiug two bottles he was entirely relieved from all his symptoms, but continued taking ll?. Ht/rm. till ll.~ I..IC .1..?.. 1.../.I... ........ -.1. ?I Il? .. now well ami eujoyuiK good health. I am brolher-iu-law to the said John Uti Witt, and quite couversant with the circumstance. I am in no way interested for Schcnck, hut state the ahove facts for the encouragement of such as may be similarly atllicted. M M. COOK, Jersey City, N.J. l're|>ared by J. H 8CHENCK, and for sale at his principal office, 32 Mont-: Sixth street, Philadelphia; 4 Courtlaudt street, New York; H Stale street, Boston; and by Druggists in genera ' j>6 7t*r IMPORTANT ENTERPRISE.?'l'lie grant of the exclusive privilege of navigating, by steamers, the rivers Oriueco and Apure, in Venezuela, South America, having been made to me by the National Cougressof that Republic,Tor the term of eighteen years from the 14th of last mouth, and upon terms highly advantageous, I am desirous ol making arrangements, immediately, with individuals or a company, to tornmeuce the enterprise; aud, to this eud, a rapi'al of about two hundred thousand dollars wilt be required. 1 shall arrange, and be prepared to exhibit in the course of ten days, satisfactory evidence, from credflile and authentic sources, of the navigability of these rivers (the Apure being a mam I,ranc h ot the Orinoco), and that the enterprise cannot fail to be successful and exceedingly profitable. Individuals or Companies uicliued to embark in this scheme, are invited to couupoud, or confer personally, with me oi the subject. Letters directed to me at thiscuy (postpaid) will be promptly attended to, and interviews may be had atlh> office of Messrs. Ell s Ik Shepherd, No. 3 Nassau street, between the hoursof 11 A. M. and2 P. M. during the moutn ol July. VESPASIAN ELLIS New York. June 25, 1*47. j!5 lw* fh EAL VaLENCIENNc SLACKS? W. SCO I T Ik Co. No. 377 Broadway, offei a large assortment of the above, of various widths, 2(1 per cent > nder regular prices Also, new patterns in Muslin '1 rimming Bands'lufauta'Waiata; Holies and Caps; English and Kreuc Thread Laces and Edgiugs. line jaconet, cambric, mull an nainsook muslins, Handkerchiefs, Collars, Chemisettes, Crpes, Visites, Veils, tic., st a very smsll advance ou the cost ol importation Je22 30t*r THE CHEAPEST STORE in the city,164^ Kulton street, for Pa|ier Hangings, Window Shades, h ire board Prints manufacturer of the p rench Galvanised Spring Hair, Moss | aud other mattraaaea; Feather Beds, Curtain Materials, and every article in the upholstery liue at the lowest prices. R. DA VIES 164kf Kulton street. Hieamhoars, ship csbina, and hotels, fitted up end furnished mylOIOt'r HY uROPHOBI A.?This much dreaded disease can now be prevented by the use ol Louis Nspoleon Manteries' celebrated Les Puudrea Vertra.nr Urreu Powders, which aro Imtromzed by the Queen of England, His Royal Highness 'rince Albert, and by the nobility and gentry of England.? These Powders are also a sure cure for distemper, his, lie., in dogs. A supply of these most valuable powders have just been received by the Agent for the Uuited States. JOHN FISHER. Gun aud Pist I Store, 40 C hatliam St., N. Y. P. 8.?Every person owning a dog, who attaches auy value to it or himself or famil v. nuirht immediately tnrsll snil s.l s bo*. j 11 30t*re f** H ? AP SUGARS.?New crop (ireen itud Black Teas and mrtb Groceries. Just received from auction a largeitock of white and brown sugars, green aud black teas and groceriea, all of wbich are offered at tinuanal low prices. Loaf sugar 9K ceuta pound; cruahed do ia. 6d. 7 lb.; brown sugar 3s; Fight do 3s 6d; yellow Porto Rico la; light Havana do la: finrat Oolong tea 60 ceuta; line Young Hyaon 60 cents; good black and green 2a. aud 3a lb; prime old coffee 10 ceuta lb, freah ground daily, aud groceries of all kinds for sale in quantities to suit purchasers. By J.O.FOWLKR, 264 and 128 Greenwich, and 76 Vrsey street. N. B. Dealers and families from the couutiy would do well to call before purchasing. Goods delivered to thati oats without charge*. _ ^ ^ jel0 30t*m N" KUROPATHY.?DR. HOLLIcK'S New System" of Practice ia attracting universal atteutlou. Medical men, i and the medical journals, are everywhere discussing the reason <>f its extraordinary success. The moat remarkable feature in this new system ia, that neither drugs, nor any other of the ordinary sgsuts are scarcely used at all, and yet every requisite effect is produced. The chief ageut employed is that mysterious and all pervading power, the sole cause of life aud motion, generally called electricity, galvanism, or magnetism, and which is now known to be the principle life itself. With proper apparatus, directed by a competent knowledge of physiology aud electro dynamics, this is undoubtedly the best means we possess for mitigating human sufferiug. In all I Chronic and Nervous cases, and iu Female Diseases, nothing else can approach it. Business men will fiud in this system a means of renovating their shattered health, withoutany danger ol'injurious after effects, like those that follow from drugs Dr. Hollick s Office is 17 Warren Street. Office hours from 10 A.M. till 3H P- M. Bee Dr. Rollick's book called " Neuropathy," to be had efttll the booksellers. je23istftxBr F1RKWOKKS.?The most extensive, richest, biiFliautand variegated colored exhibitioual Fireworks ever offered to the public, is now ready per order, with uew machinery, designs, mottoes, tic. (kc. For information, apply to J. W. HOLBLRTON, 76 Maiden lane, New York, or ISAAC K.DGK, jun. Pyrotechnist, Ie5 lit*r Laboratory. Jersey City, near the Kerry. IAKKK.CTS OK THK MLUlCATliD VAPUR BATHS Hi IN RHKUMATI8.V1. MADAM Gratitude to you for the benefit derived from your Medii oated Vapor Baths, as well as a desire to promote among other ... r-.-.. - i. i_.i ..ro....... i...i.i. n..i.. ... | publish the following facta I was fur three iriontlia c on tine <1 Co my bouse and one month to my bed, with a most se vere at' lack of Rheumatism, My right leg became contracted, and, I in fact, I was perfectly helpless. After tryihk numberless remedies, I was recommended to your Baths?the first and second balli, I was carried out of the carriage into the bath, and was unable to uudrcss or dress?the thirtl bath 1 was so much relieved that I could walk with a crutch and cane, and the fourth bath entirely cured rne?all twins and the contraction beiii* completely reinoi ed. Hoping this may be the means of induct ig others to resort t your establishment, I remain, Respectfully Yours. J. W.OIOVANNONI. 73 Nassau street. To Mas. M. Cannot.!., Igl kullon street. )e8 lit*rc cLarHiNoT A FULL AND FASHIONABLE 8UIT, HEADY MADE, most S3 to S23. AT THE CLOTHING WAREHOUSE, mfi 30l*r No. lilt Fulcmi alien MUSKETS AND GUNS.?3,000 Muskets forshippin(. 1,000 double and simile Guns. I,VM) pair Pistols, inJireat variety. Also, KiBes and Rifle Barrels, Gun Locks and Gunsm th's articles,for sale cheap and on favorable terms, by eiatot* V A. W SPIES fc CO., 91 Maiden lane. PARISIAN DYKING ESTABLISHMENT DEPOT for the reception and delivery of g< ods, 122 William street, New York.?COURT It DKSCHAUX dye and liniah in a new and superior style all sorts of goods, sewing silk and twist, either plain or shaded; trams, orgauaina, and spun silk; zephyr worsted and woollen yarn; sewing cotton, mohair, linen, and cotton yarns, lie. Damaged or faded goods, ribbons, ailks, satins, mennoes. Thibet and Cashmere shawls, gimps, fringes, cords, and tar aels, ladies'and gentlemen's garments, kr., dyed and cleaned SPy HDMKTkH.?'This rnlusble and indispensable medical discovery, which has recently attracted the attention, and received the inproba.inn of the members of the Koyal Hociety, in London, for testing the lungs, and judging their state in health and disease, is now in full practical operation, in the hands of the proprietor and inventor, at218 Nintn street, where he will be in attendance froiri '0 o'clock, to I, daily. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday's itratuitous advire will h? iriven in the poor, from 0 lo I I Or lock. in v27 1ft t B" OARF WANTkTTiTs Tilt, UUlJVlftV, not |,r fro in the city, for two children; in a plain farmer* hou??, near the water, where they ran have the benefit of bathing, would be preferred. Termi mint be moderat*. A line addressed to M H., at the office of this paper, stating terras and situation, nli/ill lie attended to. j*23 7l*ic CAPK.S-?PKTKR ROHKRTH, m Broadway, respectfully solicits the attention of ladies visiting New Yorg to his stork of goods, compris ng the following, vt/:? iMaleine Lara Capes, from $2 upward, vi hite and Mark V isites, $0; .\Luihllas, $7, worth 12; 10-4 rhiwls, $10, worth 20; embroidered Muslin ? apes, $1 50: do do i himixrtts, $1; do do Collars, 25 cents; do cambric Itdkfs, $2 50: Revierre do, 75 cents; tape bordered ?lo. cents; infant's Robes and Waists, very <heapx ladies' needle work and tambour Dresses, do do; l>acaa^Hosiery and Gloves, of every description. jt-Ji 30t*r S\U fr RA?i< IS^V ItAK'A.KV Offer and Residence f $ Greenmeh street, recently occupied by Dr Bolton ? Ifht boll attached to the h*|) door cU5 $4t* re apectMly wforiM the publictWo? Wednesday EVenini, I Jiut St. will b? presented Bellini Grand Opera of LA AON* NAMByLA-tWT^olpho, 81* A Wu* lkL ??t. 1 Natale Pern; Aleaaio, Sig J audi , Notary 8ig I'lamoutesi Amiua. Siguor* Carraudi d* Vila; Liu, Sigui.rs Haiinarr Tekm, Siguor* Teodoliua Oeili. Ti.keis lor the season may be secured at tha Bos Office Boxra, $1; Pit. McruU; Gallery, 25 ceuta. Door* open at a quarter put 7, performance to commeace'at 2 o'clock. AHtwr.LL BKNbil'r OK MK. J. A. J. NLahe 1 BOWERY THEATRE.?A. W. Jacaiow, Proprietor?H. E. Htkvkm, Stage Man-gee.?'Tuesday evening, June 29, will be acted the ROAD Tc RUIN?Old Dorutoii, Mr Beu; (ioldfuich, NeaAe; Harry Dornton, Stevens; Widow Waneo, Mr? Veruou; Jenny, Booth; Soiihia.Mi** OWemyM. _ Alter which, tne iframa of NAPOLEONH OLD GUARD ?Haversac, Mr Nickiusoo; Lord Beaurill*, Jordan; Melaul* Mies Nickinaou; Lady BeattviJIe, Mrs Madisoo. To conclude with DON CJCZaR DE BAZAN?Don Cesar, Nealie; Don Joac, Clarke; Maritaua, Mia* Crmnford. Boies,25 cents; Pit and Gallery, 11^ cent*.. Door* open a quarter to 7; performance to commence at half-put 7. ALMO'8 Of ERA HoUsE-M. K BURKE, Bole Leeace and Proprietor. Mr. JOHN DUNN, Stage Manager. Moudav and Tuesday, June 2# and 29th, 1217, tlie admired farce (ini time hare) of the 8WI88 SWAINS?Swig, Dunn; Roaetta, Mr*. Timm: Dame Glibb, Mr*. Watt*. ..lob* succeeded by the farce of THE GOVERNOR'S WIPE?Hickory Short, W. Chapman; Letty Briggs, Miaa Anna Cruise, 1 To conclude with the laughable farce of the HOUSE DOG . ? Du?t, W. Chapman; Doe, Hield; Betty, Mrs. Watt*. Doors open at half-put 7. Performances commence at eight o'clock. Pari|ucttr and Bniea SO cents; up|>er tier 25 cents. CASTLEfGAKDEN.?Mr Baaant8ta(e Manager.?TuesJ ' day Evening, Juue 29. the entertainments will commence | with uu Overture by the Orchestra. After winch the MAN WITHOUT A HEAD-Oblivious ? Ton, Mr. Walcott; Mrs. Oblivious Top, Miss Clarke. t To be followed by La Cracovirnnr by Miaa Louisa Wells. < After which the celebrated HEUK-CLINK willgo through his wonderful performances on the Tight Hope. , To be followed by La Polka by Misses A. and L. Wells. To couclnde with the Highlaud Kliug by La Petite Mary Anne. > Admission, 25 cents. 1 Doors opeu at 6>d; Performance to commence at 8. I 1 A ME UCAN MU8EUM-PERFORMANCES both Af- ' ternoOn and Evruing at 3>? and 8>? o'clock. I THE ORPHEAN KAMILV OH. KENNEBECK VOCALISTS, The most talented and popular Band in America are engaged at this house, and will give their Grand Concerts this alleruoca and evening, at half|*st S and a (inarter past I o'clock, when also other talented performers will appear, including the Chap man Family, Pete Morris, Miss Julien. and others SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEO, Takeu by the American Army iu Meaico, may be sceu here at all hours day and eveniug. The Magnificent Moving Diorama of the FUNERAL OK NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. Will also be exhibited at each and every performance. Admission B cents. jel rc BROADWAY THEATRE.?This establishment' now erecting in Broadway, will be opened for Dramatic purposes solely, on or about the first of September, under the management of O. H. BARRETT. Persons of acknowledged talent wishing situations for the season, will please address him (pre-paid) at 109 Leonard street. A. MANN, sole ?roprietor. \Ty~~ During Mr. Barrett's abseuce in Europe, all letters and business communications may be addressed to his ageut. je!3 tfrc W. CORB YN. No. 2 Barclay street. GRAM) EXTRAORDINARY CONCERT-At the Cafe des Mille Colonnea. 307 Broadway.?Ju. 1'inteux, proprietor of the above establishment, informs his friends, numerous patrons, and strangers visiting this city, of his intentious to give a serious of Concerts, for which he has effected engagement with talent of the lirst order. The first of these Concerts, for this season, will take place on Tuesday afternoou, upon which occasion the oelebrated Mr. Neiss will perform two pieces of music, after the style of the Turkish Janizaries, ou nine instruments at once; also, two beautiful cantutrices, Miss O'Couuell and Miss Mariaui, will sing several favorite airs and duets, assisted by Mr. Berger, oue of the best piauista of this city. Entrance one shilling, for which the best ice cream aud other refreshments will be given. There is a saloon un stairs, specially for the ladies. Cuucert to cominence at i o clock and continue to 7. Je28 2lir* rrc | d*^ASTLE GARDEN is opened lor the season.?In the I 1 v Evenings Concerts of Instrumental Music will be given by the German Brass Band, under the direction ol Mr. Monk, consisting of selected com|>ositions from Lnbitzky, Strauss, l.anner, Guugl, Straerk, and others. ffitermissiou of half an hour during the evening for promenading, refreshments, and viewiug the Cosmoramas, which have been re-arranged. Admission 12){ cents. Concert commences at I o'clock. mS3 rrc VAUXHAQ. GARDEN CONCERT SALOON ? CAMl'BbLL'B ETHiOI'IAN OPERA MKRV NADER?. BRILLIANT SUCCESS. One Week Longer. , This Evening?A grand Concert of VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, consisting of Songs, Solos, Refrains, Cliannts, Glees, Danoes, kc.. peculiar to the Southern Negro. The Band is composed ol the following artists :?Mesars. H. Meatayer, Violin; J. P. Carter, Firat Banjo; Raymond,Second Banjo; J. Bryant, Caatanett; W. Donaldson,Tnraboriue; W. Raynor, triangle. ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, A grand performance at 3X o'clock. Ticketaadmitting a iveorleniar. ui<t unity, 2ft cents. Concert to commence at 8>a o'clock. je27 APOLLO ROOMS.?N. me. FLEURY JOLLY, Prima Donna, and Mons Dl'BRElIL, First Barytone of the Freuili Opera Com|iaiiy of New Oi leans, assisted by Mons. GENOVE8I, Sig. RAPETTI and Mr. H. C. TIMM respectfully announce that they will give A GRAND CONCERT, On Thursday Kvknino, July 1st, at thk APOLLO HAIOON. Tickets One Dollar, to be hid at the usual placet. Door* open at 1%. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock precisely. jrttftt*r 1/ ANNUCCHl'S GREAT AND EXTENSIVE t OS ? MliKAMA.et No. 313 Broadway, opposite Uothic tlall. -very dav and evening. Admittance 23 ceuta, children hair price. 1 hi Cosinnrama. the beat ever witnessed in Amerioa, comprises a collection of more than one hundred ol* the inoai magnificent Paintings, expressly painted lor tn.i exhibition, loine of which are by the talented aud celebrated ariiate of this city, Signor IN. Calyo. Among the |. tilings are the klorioua nctoriea, achieved by ou gallant ,i my. The battle ?f Bu na Viata, with a correct likeness tl Cieneral Taylor, and death of Clay, by 8ig. N. Calyo. i surrender of Vera Crux, with a likeueaa of General Scott, i N. Calyo. exhibition open frnn 3 to II, P. M. For other particnlara aee the hanilh 'la jeIS tf rrc WAL.MuTsi RKET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA? Leaaee, E. A. Marahall?Stage Manager W. H Blake? Tueaday Evening, June 29th, will be lierlormed the drama of the LAST DAYS OF POMPtll-Lydon, Mr O. Jamiaon; Arbacea, Lemau; Saga of Veanvtua, Mra. Blake; Nydia, Mia. Bowera. To conclude with the Drama, called THE HOUSE DOG ?Dual, Mr. Ch'pm.in. UNION COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING. 11 T iff! 1 Thursday, j?iy t, inn, at tiair-pn*t i o'clock, p.m.? Mile Heata?beat in five, to Harness. R.Jones entera br. m. Belay Baker. M. King entera b. in. Sal. F. Johnaton entera blk. g. Jack Cade. Admiaaiou to all parts of the Course 30 centa. je29 If ja O. SPICER. <1 JUST RECEIVED from the Slate of New York, ' a"! V* one brown Horse. 16% handa high, aound and kind in double anil aingle harneaa, good under addle. One pair of bright bay lioraea 10 handa nigh, aound and kind in double and aiugle harness, good under saddle. For sale at the Western Hotel, Jersey city. Jatt 21*rc HARPS, 201 BROADWAY ?J. F. BROWNE, x,#kymaker and importer, invites the atteutiou of idmiMjH^rera of this delightful instrument U> the very elegant 'A" selection he has now on sale, comprising some of the moat splendidly finished, and also plain descriptions, of brilliant toued Double Action Harps, ever offered to their notice?in tone, touch, elegance and style of finish certainly unexcelled. Harps repaired, strings, Ac. A I iat of prices and d eacriptioua can be forwarded per single postage. je II 30td 4tW?rc ?MUSH ?THE PIANO taught on very TOXMHMMHmodernte terms, by a lady who has had enn|TrT^F^laiderable experience in tencbing. She profeaV I Jc I ! set to teach it in a scientific manner, with the theory which she undertakes to impart a thorough knowledge of. Terms three dollarsjier month. A line addressed to "Music," at the Herald omce, shall be attended to. my 27 Mtis* re ! UMJI1 1 Iirvx . VyUCWVIV riTiAU nil JPbIM ralNatreet, haa some kHinlW light mid airyj^n Snmtner Hals.expressly adapted to the great summer object of keeping cool." The healthy and vigorous action of the brain more or lea* depends upon the freedom aildelaaticity of the head. It therefore follows that aummer hata ahottld be aa light and airy aa possible. and that any man can make more money with one of Knox's thau with any othera Try the experiment je2.i lwis*rc MTU HA1.K.-TIIK WASHINGTON HOL'SK k GARDENS, Hohoken, New Jersey. The above prerniaea are now offered foraale, and alfordarare chance for profitable inveatment. Thia well known place of public raaort ha* formally yearabeen celebrated for the convenience of ita location, (being within iwo minutes walk of the lauding) pleasant and commanding aitnation of the houae, and beauty ?f itsgardena ; and haa aTwaya hrlil the lirat rank a a a popular and agreeable place of teaort The prraeut proprietor haa, do ing the laat live > eira completely renov ated the House,remodelled the style of the (iardena, and at much expeuae atipplied rare and choice planta and ahrulia,valuable grape viuea.aud the moat approved ornamental ahade treea The whole premises, together with a new Two Story Houae adjoining, well adapted lor a Grocery', or private (residence ; Ice Houae, Stablea, lie. fcc , are now offered for aale on very reaaouahle term*. The proprietor having aa much biiaiucaa m the city ol New York aa lie can atteud to, ia compelled to offer the above premiaea for aale, and confidently atibmita that a more deairable op|>ortuuity foraaureand profitable uiveatmenl ia aeldom offered Hoboken, from ita proximity to the city of New York, and great natural advantages, haa long beeig esteemed :the moat deairable place for remdeiirea, and been more reaorted to for ita walk* and ace' ery, than anv other place of the kind in the I'm ted States. The recent improvemenla which have taken place there ill the laying out and I grading of convenient streets and walks, and the erection of neat and haudaome summer residences, have much enhanced he value of its real estalr. While the additional facilities of communication with the city afforded by the large and splendid new steam boats, which have been added to the ferry, In re greatly increased the number of residents snd visiters. TKRMS. onc-lis|f Cash Particulate given on application! JOHN IKKIsAND, New Street II,,use comer ol Kichang Place and New street, PETER B. SWEENY, No Ift Wall strret, or on the premise* je22 4iTuJtSa*r CARL)^<THAULK8^ WOLKE (rnn-uTlaw of the i.re Ralph James, for many years proprietor of Nautilus Hall, Tompkinsvillr, Stateu Island.) respectfully informs his friends j and the public, that he has leased that beautiful romantic Cottage and Gardens, the property of Dr. Jno T. Harris n, aa a Boarding House and Public Garden, where lie trusts to merit their favors It is located cloat to the shore, a little south of Planter's Hotel Dock, and named Romantic >. ottage Tnmi'binaville. Sfaren Island, Jni?e 17. 1X17. jetX Wir /TUANO?Bilalie# nilhe cargo ofbrig Virginia from Souib I w-" America, Irom unit i y?i? superior m any omer ainn id the market. For sale in lots to suit purchasers, at Trappell's I Slores, Brooklyn, near Fulton Kerry Apply to mvi I mn> Vlf H A Kf TR A PPFI.I, LDUOAN AND BKOTHKKH. nLATKRH.iM Bmoroe itreet, corner of Broadway, New York, new Roofs put | oil in the beat manner, old Roofs repaired and warranted iniht I Ordera received at the above place and at Mr. P. Clark'a, M Henry areeet, will be pnnctaall; attended lo. mil lm?c NOTICE.?The lirm known aa UILMORK It CARROLL, at 771 Water, eornrr of Dover itreet. being devolved by mntnal foment, all debts due by laid firm, duly authenticated. , will be paid on premutation, by the uridersigued. ANTHONY B CARROLL. Ill Broad at. All peraona indebted to the firm of Oilmore It Carroll, will please make immediate payment to A. B. Carroll, who n duly anthoriaed to collect the aame (Signed) MARTIN OILMORK. ANTHONY B CARROLL. | Mav lat.JMJ. jeJI 1tmr Dl M-.NC.HS ( IK l-.l). -.181 Hrnadway ? I rhiirliill I m ply with the rer^neat of Lieut. Mcintosh, In stale that he , waa invalided home in coiiaeoneiice of total deafiien and diei rhaigea irom the eara; that while in New York, ander the professional care of Dra. Caetle and K.dwards, Anrlata, (Ml Broadway) he entirely recovered hia hearing, and haa returned to 1 military dutiea. Higned.H McNtweri, Burgeon lo II. B M. ' forces, Jamaica. ACOIJ8TIC OIL, for sale?A specific for incipient deafneaa, poms, notaea, collections in and iiisrhnrtrs | from the ears ma three WRAI'TINlr I'A Pi K - 1' ,000 reams r >|i, nutm M d d hie crown rag, alraw and tea wrapping,of a tui > ...? ia I lity, "in r?f sivel iiifl for tale bv I TR8S8E It BROOK" 90 9MW LATEST MOMENT. TELEOHAPHIC. FNIUDILMU, JIM 38,1887. The regular mail hu arrived at Krederiekaburg, M :h? new* U anticipated by overland exprea* to the N*w York litrald BL-HB BT THE UAILI. Affairs in Washington. W.ihihoton, Jon. 37, IH41. Our RtUliani with Mexico. Tb* fact haa Waked out from various aourcM, ?>*-i our countrymen, la tb* event of negotiation* being re faced by Mexico, murt bold and keep tb* aoll of that country rhic announo?m*nt, however, I know waa thrown oat. at ttrat, to frighten the Mexican*, and induce th*m to come to term* of amity. The miaunderatanding between Scott and Trial i* not luppoaed to be very aerioua. Scott will not brook any nterferenoe with bla military plana, and Triat, anxioui io bring to a cloee the object of hi* miaeion, haa auggeetid certain movementa connected with the army. The leapatchrii recently forwarded to Mexico, will, like oil >n the water*, oompoae the troubled aurfboe. it la certain that our troop* will remain In Mexico, romito or no vomito; tbey are not to be driven out; and >ne thing i* indlaputable,which I learn from a reaponaible lourcr. via : that the moat lively hope la indulged by the idminlatration. that the opponent* of Santa Anna?the >eace party of Mexioo?with Herrera at their head, will nake oonimun eauae with our country. Seott will guaranty lierrera the I'reaidential Chair until Maxloo letlle* down into uuieaoence, and " grim viaaged" MeatSana will smooth their wrinkled front. Under aoch eirsumitanoe* a treaty of peace can be made, and preeervsd. ho long aa we occupy the counter. In frket ourjgme ... ? twuw. iu? wua upinuu Will instruct .Mexicans how to be good neighbors. Printing presses have already been established?common aohooU must follow; and then the "cinnamon oolored" people,aa Mr. C. J. ingeraoll ualla them, will assimilate their notions to our republican academy of etblcs. Halt most, June 28, 1847. Arrival of Ballimoreani?Kewt from tkt Seat / War ?Death of Jamtt H. Kennedy?Burglary?TKe Market?, if-e. About sixty of the Baltimore battalion, Just from the seat of war, have arrived In this elty slnee Saturday The talked of public reception has passed off ha smoke and they have been allowed to arrive, and proceed to their homes, without any manner of welcome being extended to them. The news from the seat of war, received by the overland express, this morniog, for the first time, looks as if peace was about to be made In soma way or other. The .Mexicans have at last proposed terms of peace, and although rejected by General Scott, it Is looked upon as the first step to the proposal of terms, that may be agreed on by both parties. I regret to learn that James H. Kennedy. Lsq . one of the owners of the three runaway slaves, the arrest Of whom at Carlisle, Pa., caused a disgraceful riot at that place two weeks since, has died of the wounds inflletad >n him by the black rioters, lie Is of one of the moot wealthy families in our State, a young man much es.eemed and respected, and his death from violenoe baa ;aused great excitement. His friends and family look upon the Rev. Mr. McClintock, who they obarge with inciting the negroes to violence, as his murderer, and Reps are already making to have him arrested and Indicted for the murder of Mr. Kennedy. He positively denies auy participation in the riot, but there are a dozen respectable witnesses, including, it is said, the Judge, District Attorney, and Sheriff of Carlisle, who testify that be gave countenance to tho rioters, and urged inem on in their work of death. On the testimony of these witnesses, be has already been held to bail to answer as a rioter; and an effort will now be made to hold him for trial as an accessory to murdwr. This is a sad position for a clergyman and the professor of a college to be placed in. and it ie to be hoped that he may be aide to satisfactorily clear bimaelf of tho charges brought against him. A must daring set of burglars have commenced operations in our city aud some hnlf dozen housez are entered nightly. bo far but little booty has been obtained. Thk MsaazTs ?Our msrkets are pretty mnch it a ataud ia anticipation oftlie ste*uier's new* Howard itrret i* dull at 84 iO, auu tome small sales have been made al 86 41 PHiL.aoKi.rHia. June 28,1847. The overland expresses for the Herald Office, now almost daily anticipate the contents of Uncle Sam's lamtiering mails. Within the past five days as many expresses have reached the northern cities with important war news, which has been furnished to the reading public a whole day in advance of the arrival of the malls. The intelligence by the last express is most important, as showing a disposition having boen evinced by the enemy to ask for peace. As this has been all along tho object of the war, the intelligence received must hn classed as among the most important received tor several months. Capt R. K. Scott, of the 1st regiment of Pennsylvania volunteers, is expected to arrive In this city In a few days, for the purpose of recruiting for men to fill up the ranks in the regiment, sickness and death having thinned them considerably since starting from this oity last winter. i ne toars or aaip lever nave excitea a considerable portion of onr population, and a variety of alarming report! are afloat in rotation to its ravages. There la, without doubt, a number of cases at the Blockley Alms Mouse, but the city is comparatively freo from the malady. A meeting of worklngmm Is to be held this evening to take some measures to protect themselves from the practices of emigrants, who, on arriving here, In their efforts to obtain employmeut, offer te work at prices greatly below the rates agreed upon between the employer and the employed. What measures they can take to prevent such attempts to obtain employment by the starving emigrant, who Is himself, perhaps, forced to aiiopt extraordinary means to furnish food for himself and family, it Is not so say to divine. We are suffering the most intense heat here. The thermometer at the Exchange stood at 97. at half-past two o'clock. Bales of Stocks at Philadelphia, h i hit Board?1000 u. 8. Loan, 6e. *67, 106Ji, 9000 do. 147 . 2200 il?, *62, I06X; 1000 U. 8. Trraaury Notes, 6s, 107; 230t City 6<, *76, 101: 20000 State is, BOX; 2000 do, SO; MOO do, MX: 24 .Mechanics' Bank, 27; 9 Kensington, #2. Aktkh Balks?200 Reading, S3X; M0do, 33ft; 00 (iirard Bank, 12?,; 100 do, 13; 20000 State 3s, 80%: 300 do, <0; 3M City 6s, '76, 101. Second Board?20 Suaiinrhsnna Canal, 17*%; 200 Oirard Bank, Vi%\ 1060 State is. I0\; 200 do, MXl 1*60 Reading Bonds, 79*4: 100 Hesding Railroad, 33?g'; iM do, 11*4. Aktkh Salks?2 I'eriusylr* 1 0 uik. 320 : 2i0 Hesding Railroad, 33)4; M do, 33?,: 20 Klei, ..igiou Copper Co., 22X* Albany, Jane 90, 1047. The Enlargement of the Erie Canal?The Repeal of Parte of the Seventh Article of the Constitution?Albany Board of Trade?Bank of Watertown, fc. A number of the influential Journals of this State have, within a short period, occupied a considerable portion of their columns in an examination and analysis of the seventh article of the amended constitution. This article, it is pretended, is devoted to the economloal disbursement ofthe public revenues, and the liquidation of the public debt. In regard to the financial article of the constitution, of which 1 have spoken, I have to say that at the ensuing session of the Legislature, a proposition will be introduced for the repeal of so much of the article as restricts the immediate enlargement of the Uric Canal to the dimensions contemplated before the suspension of 1811. During the present year it has become perfect!v evident that the oapaeitv of the canal is too limited to bring forward freights wltn that celerity which the interests of dealers demand ; complaints have, therefore, been more numerous than evey before. Thus I am Induced to suppose that a proposition for the repeal of the restriction would be received with favor. The movements about to be made in the west to secure increased facilities for the transportation of the great staple to tide water, will also have a bearing upon this question It will be urged in favor of the instant enlargement or the canal, that it has been lately ascertained that the publie interests are measurably Involved In this matter, and that it would be ?n error not to avail I yourselves of tbe conspicuous advantages which the possession of the entire trade of tbe mighty west will give you over those foreign districts that are malting gigantic eiforts to divert considerable portions of this trade Into other channels i'rnbably an immediate appropriation of every dollar of the public revenue to the enlargement. except necessary appropriations for the expenses of government, and for the payment of the Interest of i he Htate debt, would liquidate your liabilities, and place the Htate upon an independent basis much more speedily and saisly than in the way proposed by the seventh article of the constitution As for me, I have not learn ?d to respect the expedients to which unsound intellects have always resorted, to preserve the honor, and ensure the prosperity of States and Kingdoms *~*~ The merchant princes and capitalists of Albany have recently organised a Board of Trade similar to that which meets at the Kxrhsnge. in Wall street, every day but Sunday There was formerly a Board of Trade here, but the leading operators were but poorly disposed towards it, and it failed This new board will evidently survive, and reports of the operations in floor, fcc . at the capital, will hereafter be more interesting, because they will be more extensive. I understand that the directors of the bank of Watertown have made such arrangements with the Comptroller. as Justify tbst officer in allowing tbe ban to resume ita neatness The baDk will continne to redeem its Mils itud iey will also b? redeemed at the F.xchange Bank of Albany James MeKown, Ks<j, the Recorder of this city, died thin morning. He la eald to hare been distinguished for many of thoee virtues which render the human constitution estimable and dlrlne; he was a member of the Board of Hegenteof the University. and was former!> a prominent member of the Legislature; be was sge.l ?? years The Annate, will assemble on Tuesday neat, the i ham ber Is In excellent order, and I hop* to ** a full Wenete present. Thk Pmcmukat in Maink ? Wr l,1nfJp.r,""r"1 that In compliance with an inritation extended by <>? liana to the President of the United Xtates '? * ? , Vumista oa Friday, next week, and r?t"'" "h ' J to Portland Ha will be accompanied by . his Beer, lary of Stat*. Mr rilfrrd, AtbWV < ?? i and Mr Burke, duperlutendeut of the P? ' Jsf?rM 'M' > Jtvrniil, JW ">

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