1 Temmuz 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

1 Temmuz 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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? ?? |)J ? J i' I < sf.iUl of N?w F.ngland. I feel the most ardent sensation* of grut itud>' In the history of my country, I have rend of your frta institutions of learning. your common schools; and it ii with no ordinary feeling of pleasure. thnt I nav my first visit to this great city: the ground which thi *n noble institutions have hallowed as peculiarly their own With you, sir. 1 agree that upon the intelligence and virtue of the people, depend the perpetuity of the free institutions under which we live: and 1 hop? that during my short sojourn among you. 1 may bec me personally acquainted with many of those excellent men who hare made your city so celebrated for b?neroltmce and liber.illtv This ceremony being over. the President and the Mayor stepped into the magnificent barouche obtained from Mr. Nilee, of School street?which carriage was ilrawn by si* beautiful black hor?e*. The military compan ie? form id into escoit line, the ('resident's eonveynncc b/lug surrounded by a detachment of the Lancers sad the proct wion moved on. The I.inoers were foremost in the escort, and they were followed by the first regiment of iufautry. in the order of company seniority, together with the Rifle oorpe. The regiment, looked finely. though we have seen the various companies turn out with fuller ranks. Throughout Beacon, I'ark and Tremont streets, and indeed along the whole line of the route, the wiudows were filled with lookers on. but except upon the public buildings, there waa a very small display of flags, banners or decorations. An occasional cluer was heard as the procession passed, but the most vehem lit applause was given to the several fire company's, rather than to the President. There were half a doien bou justs. however, thrown Into his carriage The prettiest spectacle of all was that ol the children of thj public school<?girls and boys?who were arranged along the Tremont *trnet Vail, supported by the firemen. The blue and red garments of hundreds of athletic men, contrasted with the white robes of as many young girls, altogether made up a very pleasing picture. The city government was not very strongly represented in the procession, there not having been, us we should judge, more than half the inemburs of the < 'ouneiU present. There were something like a dozen carriages which we observod to be entirely empty. Passinir it Inn ry thrf.nirli (ho atfuni.i muntlnnoil I n Ku ntiVvliiVi < 1 programme, ihe President aud suite were conducted to thfeHmn House, which they reaohed shortly after three o'clock. Mr. Polk In a few mnmi nts retired to take some rest, but at nix o'clock met the authorities of the city, mid a number of Invited guosts, at dinner. Of I ha do in gs ?t thin time we are unable to give any ncconnt. the press having linen enl irely forgotten by tho Committee of Arrangements. In the evening, after dinner. the President received tho calls of the citiKii* who visited to pay their respects to the Chief Magistrate of the Republic, aud then, at un early hour, retired to rest. As is usually the case wlien a President comes to Boston, the weather was unpleasant. The northeast wind which prevailed early in the morning Inspired the hope that the ilsy would tie calm and cool, llut just before twelve o'clock there cauie up a smart shower, and rain continued to fall throughout the remainder of the day At times itseeintd like adeluge. The President rode through the whole route with his hat olf. and our worthy Mayor w is agreeably occupied in holding an umbrella over his head. The truckmen, who had turned out, mounted, in considerable numbers, became dissatisfied with the place assigned them in the procession, and left the ground just before the President arrived in the city. They objected, we learn, to inarching iu the rear of the Irish auu German Societies. We learn from a friend who was present, that at ti o'clock it was annonaotd at the Rtvm House that dinner was ready, and the gentlemen invited to dine with the Presldeut at once proceeded to the saloon. There were amongst the company, besides those distinguished personages already mentioned as having been in tho procession. Governors Briggs. Toucey, Hubbard, Anderson and Morton, and Commodores Stewart and Parker. The dinner was served in excellent style, but there was no speaking at all at the table. After dinner, which was not over till nearly half past 8 o'clock, the President repaired to the public, parlors of the house, aud was there introduced to quite a large number of gentlemen, who called to pay him their respects. Tho President retired early, being very much fatigued. At about 10 o'clock, all those who had assembled to greet him, dispersed, and left him to his repose. Tho brigade band repaired to the house at 10 o'clock, and serenaded the President with a variety of airs, amongst which Hail Columbia aud Yankee Doodle were conspicuous. To-day, we learn, the President will visit the steamship Cambria, at KastBoston, and then proceed to Charlestown. In the afternoon, we understand, that he will go to Lowell in a special train. There arc committees in town, to-day, from va iwiu bibicn nuu tunus iu tun .-iime, wuuunuK n'" tatltinR or the people to the President. New Bedford, Newburyport, Portsmouth, und otlicr places are thus represented. Sporting Intelligent*;* Unio* Course, L. 1.?Trottino.?This afternoon, at 4 o'clock, there will bo a very Interesting trot at the above course, between throe very superior nags, vir:? Jack Cade, Betsey Baker, and the Philadelphia ware Sal. The latter of the trio eanie into this vicinity a short time since, a stranger, and already has she become a favorite. In her last engagement with Betsey Baker and Trustee, she wan the winner. This mare is acknowledged by >>11 Judges of horse flesh, to be a rising star ; aud under the masterly training of the gentleman who now has her in charge, will, at no distant day. take rank on the turf with those which at present stand A No. 1. Those who are fond of good sport, will do well to attend. New Hooka, <V(. Nkw Voiik Static Kf.gistkh, for 1347?J. Dlstur nell. 103 Broadwuy ?It contains a variety of Interest" In* tnMe?. statistics, kj., besides lists of thu uew judi-* cisry, county officer*, Scc.itc. C S. l rattcis Co., 25i Broadway, are publishing thn Arabian Nights iu parts. The first number is beautifully embellished. We expect to see many editions sold. Law Intelligence. Court or Otkr aho Tkrminkk, June 30 ? Before Jud^e I'.dnioiid.i. and Aldermen Purser anil Crolius ? 1'rial for Falsing *Cuuntirfeit Hills?The cam of True K. Vonag was returned thin morning. and several wltui s.'ts on the part of 4I1* defense were examined to prove the alibi. After the evidence fur the defence was closed, the t'oift Adjourned until to-morrow morning, when the caste will be Mummed up and given to the jury Common I'iV^h June 30?One case, which wag one of trover, ni.d of no tutorem, urn* tried in thin court, ami in not yet concluded. Covbt CAt.KwntR?This Day.? Common Pleat? 1st I'art : 63. 83, 8.J. 87. 80. 01. 93, US, 20. 67. 3d I'art -212 228, 230, 232, 234. 23d. 238. 314,316,212,244, 243,250. 232, 158. (lolil Pcin?TO cent* tl>? ( IiraiK'Ml. Tlio public, with their uiual.svtacity, have t'ounil cut that ihe pen that > >me d-tilers ell lit $2, aud call lite cheapest and beat |>en in the eity. i? precisely t!'e ,ime that J. W Oreato i Si'se'l Cor SI JO, wllh mit-iv other styles <-. | u> 11 y cheap. A lib* ra) ili<cotin' to the tr?de. Itec<dlrct, tlie only place to Bet the famous $2 pen for $1 50, is 71 Cedar street, up stain. " Illt-helli u" Uluiiionrl Pointed Oolil Pell Trinmphaut?It ian miit-ilieu iilea tlmt the public c >n be innled by slang terns ur petty artifices into pay i u JO percent mote torame-e iamc upon a pen, if it ia no better. The ibi k hss been rried asrain and airain, and the icmlt has i?lw?ys be<-n disa>trou(. Allwentk is fur the pnMia to bea'in mind that tl.e Hichlieu " Pent .'re to be had of J. V . S'vaife, 02 K"nbi n street. and nowhere else, and that we leave it entirely with iliem ro sav if they are not at $2 a better and cheaper peu thin tbuie to d at S3 elsewhere. Oilier ifidd pens fiont 7j ceul* to SI JO, | eucil* included IlUeuniatlain, Pubis, anil SHlTncfM of tbe Jonit, Str.?KINO'S Compound of Hy iodatu of l'otasaa, Sir?-.pirilla and Vellow Do k. The ahr e is pri pari d from t;ie purest articles, and i? r- commended a the only sure cn e fur Hli-uimtum For those diseases nrsine from the injudicious ind to"* ciuitiiiiied use of mercury, this combination may he coi siueied < specific. Cases that hare Ioiik lesiitrd all other treatment, have been rapidly aud entirely removed by tbi? poneil'ul alterative svrup. It is warranted to giie satiifactiun. flepared and for sale by C. H. It I NO, 192 Broadway. Travelling DrcMlng <nwn _The SnbacrlImtm rt*p?ci fully call the attentiou of the pnl>Iio to thiir assortment of the above, each pattern containing article* of the most co> Ti-nirnl size of real utility, hiicJ warranted to perform the duties lor ? liich they weie neverallv deigned ?. 8ACNDEHS & SON, 177 Drotidwav, opposite the llowmd Hotel. fine Cutlery?Tlie Subscriber*' nuortment emhrsce* every possible variety pattern of Pen, Pocket, L)e*k, and " pinting Knife, with a large variety of etn'ice Razor*, which will be warranted to the pttichaser. AI?o, Scissor*, Nail File*, Tweeter*, kc. O. SAUNDKR.S k SON, 177 Broadway, a few door* above Cmirtlaud st. Pnlntlitga._The line collection of modern oil painting* now aibjbitiug at 213 Broadway, upstairs, w ill be *old by anction, Friday the 2d July, at 3 o'clock, P. M. J. MUHPHY, Auctioneer, j Every Mother'* Book?The great Interest , manifested Ky nnrried ladies in the subject (roiled of in th>* work, hh* already exhausted the first edition. The terror* ol povertv , and the prospect of a lirge f.tmily of chitdrei, prrvent many prudent people from entering the matrimonial ata'e, hot here I* a work that will tell you important secrets, The i.uihor ii not allowed to ?t*te in detail the character ol the wink, but be evi snore hi* It-mule reader*'hat it i* uuiver* silly approved of by those (or* hone benefit it i? designed Price M cen'?. For sale at Broadway, under the Ainerictu Museum ami Zeiber k Co., comer or ('heauiit at|d Third street*. fTii'nde'phi*; and of the puhlither. No. 2 Ann street Letter* enclosing 11, addre*?ed to the Publisher, willensma lending one or^t wo copiei, post paid, to order. j y 1 3t Notlce?ln conaeqiwnce of (lie itorm ilUlh inst . the Inviutiou U*ll it Lt Grange Place wv post|>oned nitil il.is, Tbnr diy evening The trsmbost will lesve ti e foot of Canal Street at 9 o'clock precisely, laid ng at H?m mond and l(Kh Street* CH \H. A. PKVKKF.LLY. fttriwgera and oilier* nliould not full to vlalt the Plumb* National Diguerrian tisll -ry, on the upper corner of Broadway and Murray itreet, over Tatuiay'a jawalry sore This gal'eiy contains >he largest and Aoe?t collection of portrao* of any place in this conntry The liberal patronage which it receive* from a discriminating public, i* but a jntt appreciation of its merit* Yonnor Ot .Tone*, 4 Ann *t, near the Mnaonm, do * business, which account* for their selling ?o niridrUubly low. They ?ell i'eir fine French boots at ft .W, such a? usnally ae'l at $i, -tud $7 : $? hoot-* they tell at $3 50? they a ao hare the finest assortment of Gaiters ? the city equallv low. They are setting up an entire n?*w styl'? of (Jonvrst* booU. with elastic tops, which will surpass anything yet offered to th* public. Success to thetn. Tlie ( hnrmN of Home ?Ho much of tile ttap* pit>*?.? of h .me depends upon the health of the wife or mother, that notion* having its preservation in view should be overlooked or neglected If the wile ami mother i? afflicted with ill health* and the hint)toil and father oppres?ed wit the cares and anxieties of btisinesa. h itne presents a cheerless a-tpfcr. Preserve. watch, guard and c^ernh, tl en. the health of tlie ^rifr and mnthnr; ler her k tow Rotneihing of the nature of her own malsdie?, buifd aratnsf th-*m, or remed v- thriri when tney occur This tit# is euahled to do bv pfmessint a moit valuable work called the Married Woman s Private Medical Companion " Office, 129 Liberty street jh Ha Th? JMarrtMl Woman's Prlvnl? M^fftldal Comnam^m?By Dr. \. M. M uricean. Professor of Disease* of wowii'i. Second edition. Price $1, The great demand for this most important work (of which thousands are soldi ha* compelled the issne of a new edition. J;V ty female is getnn? a copy whr'ber married or nnma>rird For*sl.st BURrtf.flH 8TRINOKR k Co., 22SI Broiidway, under the American Maseum: Bro.idway, and by Dr A. M Mnni cenn, at his Madical ()|H< e, 129 Liberty *tre?L New York: Ztiber k Co, corner of ( hesuut and Third ttreett Phila.i C. K. Fiaher, Richmond, V*.i Geo. Redfleld, Troy Little k Co, Albany On the receipt of |l, a cony^willhe transmitted hv mail (free Of poiu?fl to all part* of lh? Laitcd fltatat. jn a?t eiB MOfOCY MARKET. WtdnwUf, Jue 30?8 P. There hit tout no material change In the ?toek market to-day- the sales were to a moderate extent- This is usually a very inactive Ma ton of the year, in conse 1 quence of many of the leading operator* leaving the city. At the first hoard Penn. Vs went up !i per oent, Rending >?. Stonington % Farmers' Loan fell off per ' cent, Iiarlem 1*?, Long Inland >f. Norwich and Worcester *4. Treasury Note* closed at yesterday's prices. At the seeond board there were largt sales of Harlem, at a decline of >? per cent, Canton declined 1 per cont. There has been a fair demand for Sterling Kxchange. I for this packet, and prices have been pretty well sustain, ed. We <iuote bills on London at 4 a per oent pre! mlum; on Paris, if 32 a 6f 31V The receipts of the Morris Canal Company, from tolls, from the opening of navigation to the close of the third week in June, this year, exceed thosj for the oorres| ponding period, in 1?48, upwards of ten thousand dot- J lars. being at the rate of fifteen' hundred dollars per week. The receipts of the Long Island Railroad Company > are dally increasing, and the expenses decreasing. A very important reduction in the expenditures of the , company is in contemplation We lexrn that the aasignees of the Commercial and Railroad Bank, of Vicksburg, will soon make a report to the stockholders of the condition of the affairs of this : corporation, and surrender it up, to take its station again ; : among the institutions of the country, under the man- | Hirument of a board of ilirontnvi >n.l I the stockholder* flail that the assignees have nearly set! tied all the claims against the company, and have prei served to the stockholder! the railroad, and nearly the ! entire capital ?f the bank, the large annual salaries paid | to these gentlemen will cease to be a subject of oou| plaiut. If we are not much deceived by figures, the report of the condition of this oompany, shortly to be made, will show that this stock, which the knowing ones have been buying for a long time at low prices, is intrinsically a very valuable stock, and under good management, would Hoon be made to remunerate its holders with dividends. Stockholders in this oompany should take courage, when they see that the Stonlngton railroad, which a few years I ago was considered worthless, has been, by good man- j agement. made oapuble of paying a dividend to it* stockholders. The Farmers aud Planters' Dank of Baltimore has declared a dividend of three and a half per cent, for the , last six months. The Union Bank of Maryland has declared a dividend ! of three per cent, for the last six months. The following counterfeits have recently made their | appearance:? Vs on the Andover Bank,' Mass. 10's] on the Cayuga County Bunk, N. V. 10?* on the Farmers' Bank, Geneva, N. V. 3's on the lsagle Bank, Providence. 5's en the Buuk of Virginia. 1's on the State Bank of Indiana. I'd on the Union Bank of Tennessee, fi'a on the American Exchange Bank. 5's on the Lafayette Bank, Cincinnati 'J's, 3's aud 5's on thu Haverhill Ilank, Mas*. 3's ' on the Millbury Bunk, Mass. ft's on the Albany City | Bank. 10's on the Mechanics' Bank of Burlington. I We understand that the trustees of the town of Torts- ! I mouth, Virginia, have purchased the Portsmouth and i Roanoke Railroad from the board of public works of that { State, under the act passed at the last session of the Le- ! glulature, for the sum of $50,000, upon a credit of six years, and that they have sold the road to Messrs. Ilenshaw &. Co. of Boston. The new company will immediately lay down T rails from Portsmouth to Welden, and will also extend the road thirteen miles further, In order to connect with the llaleigh and Gaston Railroad. From the first of January to the first of June, 1847, there were transferred to the Comptroller, in trust for the redemption of circulating notes in the free banking i department, stocks of the State of New York, amountI ing to the sum of $1,850,000; add New York stocks on hand, January 1, 1847, $4,473,845?total of New York ! stocks. $0,333,84A ; there are also bonds and mortj guges, $l,65'2 \i0i 40; stocks of other States, $1,771,j 701 117, as follows: United 8tates 5's, $55,000; United States S's, $50,000; Indiana, $4 000; Alabama, $34,000; Arkansas, $499,000; Illinois, $643,600 67; Michigan. $487,033 60. Making the total amount of securities deposited in the free banking department, for the redemptioil nf P.lPfillUf inif nntufl CO T?17 MWI ?57 The following banks have bean established since the first of January, viz: State Bank, at Saugerties, Ulster county; Farmers' Dank. Mlna, Chautauqua county; I Northern Bank of New York, Madrid, St. Lawrence CO.; i Bank of Bainbridge, Chenango oounty; AtlM Bank of ; New York. Clymer, Chautauqua oounty; Merchants' | Bank, Kllery, Chautauqua county; Commercial BankI Friendship, Allegany county; American Bank, May, 111m. Chautuuque county. The Commercial Bank of Albany, and the Bank of ' , Rochester. are making arrangements to continue their j business. nftcr the expiration of their charters, under ! the free banking system. In lens than six months, nearly two millions of doUars of New York State stocks were deposited with the Comp troller Already about one quarter part of the aggregate debt of the State has been absorbed as securities, and deposited in the hands of the financial officer of the State. The beauties of this system of bankiDg. are daily illustrated, and ultimately,all the banks In h" Stat* must come under its operation. As fast as t'.w charters of thu Safety Fund Banks expire, they adopt the new system, and contiuue business without me niguifsi. interruption The Legislature of Pennsylvania, every year in besieged with applicant* for charters, to establish banks By adopting a system similar to the Free Banking Law of thin State, these new bank* could be formed under it, and in this way it could be gradually introduced, and j the eld system gradually done away with. Such a sys- I tein would bu particularly advantageous to Penn?ylva- 1 nla. on account of the magnitude of her debt, while it ; would secure those who are compelled in the way of business to give these institutions more or less credit. It would relieve the mar<et of a vast amount of stocks. v bich now weigh upon it, and make it available to capita'.Ut*. Thin is a subject for serious consideration by the next Legislature of Pennsylvania, and we hope it will receive favorable attention. Of all the banking system* which have from time to time been tried, this is 1 decidedly the best, In every particular. The whole line of the railroad from Saratoga Springs to Whitehall, In Washington county, N. V.. at the head of I Lake Cbauiplain, is now under oontraot, and the work will probably be completed so as to accommodate the next year's travel, or at furthest by the 1st of July. 1848 The road is to be of the most solid and approved construction. This will be a profitable road, without doubt Besides the lines of packet boats on the ( hamplain Canal, there are now six or eight different stage coaches, in constant employment, to convey passengers | to and from Saratoga and the Champlain steamboats A good railroid will attract still more travel to the > .North by way of Whitehall and the Lake. When | the present nwful railroad from Troy to Saratoga is relald : with a good rolid T rail, It will become a favorite route to i Montreal, Ogdensburgh, Sin. A road is contemplated, j too, from Whitehall to Rutland or some point on the ; route of the Rutland road?a distance of some 30 miles? which will make a route from Whitehall to Boston (hat way, very little, If any longer, than by the way of Troy and Albany. The entire track of the New Haven, Hartford, and Springfield railroad, with the exception of about four miles between Hartford and Berlin, has been relaid with heavy T rail. A difference of thirty minute! is made in the running time between Hartford and New Haven, and about one hour in the running time through. The line between New York and Boston, via. New Haven, goes through In about twelve hours, and Is a very del'ghtful route, as it passes through some of the tileasaotest villages of New Lngland. Tlii' annexed statement of the condition of tlio Wa tertown bank, will giro bill holder* and all oth?r* Inter- j < sted lu that inititutlon some Idea of the value of their clajms :? Honda and mortgages. worth JrJ.VOOn Arkansas and Illinois stocks, $40,000 worth. . .. 14,400 Vniue of securities in the hand* of the comptroller $40,000 The circulation a* It atand* is 39.663 Securities over circulation $473 Other resources are *flfl|7 bonus and mortgage and Interest worth say $7/?0i> f U.HrtA Interest on Arkansas and Illinois storks. }. 1 ,rt4J Lewis county bank, In dlsput? $3,303 duu from broker " $t>6? overdrafts 350 I $ 3.1 Ort discounted bllla, worth at the lowest estimate ,30.000 Specie 1,28H ] Bills ofspecie paying banks 176 | Due from Albany K.xchange Dank 3.0S0 l)ue from Sacki-tt's Harbor bank 303 Ileal estate 3.SJ6 Resource* left after paying circulation $ t6,t<3? Deduct other liabilities. Due hanks Partial payments on discount notei.. .1.313 9'i Ueponlts on interest 3H Certificates issued I , 6 640 ?r? .Ml Amount of surplus after paying all debts $40,3W? , I Capital stock |100,000 - j Amount owned by bank 10,000? 00.000 | Lot* to atoekholdan. $&0,703 1 I.IJW 1 ThU look* much better Tor the blUhoMer* than for the ' tockholderf and other creditor*. The circulation will, j , without doubt, be paid In fall, and we would adTi*e hold- j ' rt not to submit to any sacrifice. Stock Eirkange. $5000 Olii,. (i'?, '50 99% 200 ahs Morris '"J# I MUL?0'?,'?7 107 10 Utica fc 8 hen 1*> I 1MC0 do 107 W 40 Macon KR I JOOO Sure i t, '58 1(1 iV 80 Nor k Wor i2? > 2000 ';ltv- 5'?, 'it 96S 350 do ? jOOO IOCS TOO Rrading R R 67 | I 10000 Peun'a timi do-. 54) liar Inn KR blO 65}^ ->000 dn bJO 8|V 50 do bio 65\? 500 Ohioti's, 'ctf 100!* vt d> 65*4 j lOOOw do uud j 10(i150 dw . MOO il.i '50 ?0 100 do I'M 65 I 3000 Indiana Bd< 45 100 .1.. b30 65 1 15MXI Reading Bd? 7S?V 250 do 61 14000 do 7?c 40 do bt5 61*2 j 15 *ht Manhattan Bit UJ* 50 do 6'jj j 650 Farmen'Tiuit 15V loo Lout laland 32X 50 do s60 351? ioo do ?1J 3 100 do b'JQ 35)2 150 do 327k 100 IT 8 Bank |Vj ioo Stoningtoa C'?a NccoihI Board $)MMI N Y City 5'?, '51 96>i 150 aha Harlem KR b3 65 25000 Heading BJa h30 7<nj 100 do 61% 3000 d? b'JO 78'; 50 do blO 65 175 thi Nor k Wot 53>J 50 do ?3 64t< 100 do iio 53 50 do 64% 1.50 Farmer*' Loan J">j? 100 do '30 64* 25 do 35* i) do >10 6:W 150 do ?6 100 do 8'Ji 100 Reading RR 67 100 do b60 C S 300 Lone Itlaud RR 33 400 do b 10 65 50 ilu *3 33 10(1 do i30 6i*? 100 do b20 33H *>0 Canton Co <*Ai 240 Harlem RH 64% 25 do New Stock Exchange. 15000 Tren* N< lei bJO 10 )? 100 tha Nor k Wor 52% 100 >h4 Long liland b 15 i>\ 150 do 53 50 do blO 32V 50 do 52V 150 do bl5 32% 50 Harlem RR Imw 6i?I 50 do c 32? 50 do blO ?5*a 50 do c 32% 50 do blO 65% 100 do bl5 32m 50 do c 65 50 Nor k Wor 52V. 50 do c 65 50 do S3 52V. 50 do c 64% 100 do 52 V 500 do 64 % 100 do c 52% 50 Farmera' Loan c 35% CITY TRADE REPORT. New York, Wedneidav Afternoon, June 30. Flour was a shade firmer, but owing to Iti being packet day for the Cambria, transaction* generally were rather light. Sales of Michigan and Genesee were wade nt $7 to $7 25, and in one instance, a small lot of fancy Genesee commanded $7 37>i. A considerable number of contract* ware adjusted both in flour and grain, which, with the execution of some shipping order?, gave increased animation to the market. The lot of new wheat from South Carolinu, notioed yesterday, was sold at $1 80. A sale of Ohio wheat was made at $1 .17; and a parcel of white do. was sold at $1 60. Corn moved freely, and sales of Northern yellow were made at cts , nnd of Western mixed at 85 to 8t! to 00 cts. A sale of rye was made at 106 cts. Oats were offered at 48 cents. Provisions were inactive. Small sales new mess pork were made at $16 to $18 new prime was held at $13 50. Lard in barrels was worth #>4 to 9>,. Groceries were inactive, and very little transpired either in sugar or coffee. Ashes.?We report sales of '200 bbls pots ut $4 75. Pearls were worth $5 50. Beeswax?Stood at 35o for Northern and Western yellow. Ureadiitufki.?Flour?We report sales of 10 000 a li">,000 bbls Michigan and Genesee at $7 a $7 '25 ; 100 bbls. fancy Genesee sold at $7 37)? ; 300 a 400 bbls. Livingston Mills sold at $7 31 '4, and 000 Michigan straight brands sold at $7 1J>?. If he at?1000 bush. Ohio told at $1 67, and '2600 do. do white at $1 B0 ; '200 bush. South Carolina, new crop, sold at $1 80. Co in?We report sales of 18 000 a 20.000 bush. Northern yellow at 9<>c ; - jOO do. white. 10 cents allowed for bags, at 90o ; 10,000 a 11.000 do. Western mixed sola at 860 a 87c ; 7000 do. do. at 83c a BOo ; 6000 do. at 860, and 4000 a .'.OIK) do. at 90c ; 800 do. heated do. at 8O0, and 10,000 do. Western mixed sold, to arrive in August, at 80c. Meal? Sales of 1000 bbls. Western New York Bold at $4 '25 a $4 50. Rye flour?A small sale was reported at $5 6t??. Hue ? Sales of 1000 bush, were made at $1 05. Oats?Were offered at 48c. ? jr Candles?The market for Sperm continued (toady at 31o. Coffee?No sales of moment transpired. Cotton?The sales yesterday closed at 1000 bales; today they do not e: ceed BOO bales, and rule about our inside flotations. Livxr.rooL Classification. New Orleans Uplands. Florida. Moh. 4- Texas Inferior none. uoue. none. Ordinary.. 10 (4 a I0)i 10V a 10){ 10 >? a I0K Middling MlVa 11 1,,W a U II a U>? (iood Middling 11,S a ll\' IIQ a 11 Si UM a 1IK .Middling Fair IIS ? 1IM llXsll% 12lia 12K Kair 12 a 12V I2?, a 12V 11'J* a 13 Kully Fair 12K a 12jJ I2tf a I2& 13^1 13K [iood Kair 12% a 13 uoue. none 14 a lf*t Fine none. none. none. none. ?one. noue Fish?The market generally was rather hoavy?6 a BOO quintals Dry Cod sold at $3 85 a $3 87X; aud 300 I.Ma Vn 1 II.. UT.. ? \I I ... it r o.,l/. -mi t.l.i ... uvm *iv. u liBHia* iil?ivaiCl, ttl WUIB WU1B afloat udhoIJ. Fruit?The market for Bunch RaUini was ?toady at { 1 G') a fl 70. Hkmp?Nothing new. Lead?Thu article was inactive, and offered at (4 37*. Moi.a<skr?Nothing of conHequence trauKplred to-duy Naval Storf*?With the exception of.spirits Turpentine, there vai nothing of importance doing. <111 wtaurd to be waiting *teamer'* new* Oils?We report sale* of 800 gallon* American city preiwed Linseed, at 6Ac; 2000 gull* English do, at 63c. and 4000 do Dutch do, at HlXc. caah; 20 bblit country. nold at 01c. raoriuoM?We hare only to note Hale* of 140 bbl* new Metig I'ork, at $16 a $16 12>?; new prime was held at $13 AO; small sale* of Lard, in bbl* were reported at 9l4<3. Beef we quote city.Mean at $13 50, and prime do, at $0 SO. Kick?The market was quiet to-day, though price* remained nominally about the fame, viz : $A a $ "> 60 a $5 7? for prime to choice. No movement of moment wa* anticipated till after the receipt of foreign new* of later i date. Si'uar?Sale* were limited, wh le price* remained I about the name; the itock has been inrreaxed by recent ni rivals from abroad, and considerable IoLn were in the course of being landed. Tomcco-40 hhdx of Kentucky leaf, half common ^utility, Bold by auation at 2^c. a ?^c: average, t>4 8c per 100 lb*. The lot of fine gradta offered consisted of I 35 hhd? , which were withdrawn, prides not proving satiBfactory. i Wwrnioiit-There wax more inquiry; 37Xo. wax i said to have been offered for North West, while South i Sea wu steady at 38c. 1 Whi??f.v?Tba market continued unsettled. We cannot quote the article in barrels above 36c , with email mIm reported. , Krkiuhts ?Hour per London paoket of the 8th. wan engaged at 3s. Ud.. to the extent ot 10 000 brls To Glasgow. grain in bugs ?u engaged at lOd; grain wax en gaged at lid. to London. To Liverpool, rates remained { the xame Cotton wax engaged at H?d. to the name ; port. To the continent nothing new transpired. TKUEOIIAPIUC. Markets. Bt f k*i o, June 30?P.M. Sales of 1,000 barrel! of Ohio, including aonie brandx of Michigan flour, were made to-day at $5 7.1; Wexteru wheat sold freely; 10 000 bushels, chiefly Ohio red und white, xold at $1 26; sale* of 30,000 bushels of corn were made, chiefly western yellow, at 68c. ltye and oat* were inactive. Provisions were without change, and sales light. High wines were steady at 33c. Receipts during the preceding twenty-four hours were about ax follow*: ?flour, 5,000 brls.; wheat, 40.000 bushels. Freights? Vessel* plenty, and rates falling. Hour to Atbany was taken at 75c. a 80c., and wheat at 33c. Botjon, June 30?P. M. There was no change in flour. Michigan anil (Jenexee we quote at $7 13U a $7 35. <>oru continued very dull, and aalea limited; Western mixed remained at 81 a 8!>c , and Northern yellow at 100 a 104c. Rye and oats were dull In provisions we have no change to note. There ceipU during the past week. were about a* follow*: ? Klour 20.700 bbl* ; wheat 1,000 bunhel*; corn 40,A00 do.; oat* 6 000 do. Freight* to Liverpool continued steady. [Telegraphic Cor. of Philadelphia Bulletin.] PiTT?nir*nii, June 30 1847. Our market* are very dull. Flour generally i* *tored on arrival, and a few *ale* at $4 AO to 94 7a The rain ho* ag*ln brought a good *tagn of water in the river. Orain very limited; *ale* with no marked decline, but dull. Bacon I* <|ulte active for shipment,at 8)? for ham* and *lde*. to 8)<e for (boulder*. Cincinnati, June '10, 1847. The market* have somewhat relaxed to-day; holder* giinvrully *eem more willing to *eil and buyer* to aecept term*, although Home holder* have withdrawn them elve* from market, and.are holding out for advances, ?hiohare not acceded to. Sale* white Corn at 40c ? Sale* Whl*key in bbl* 21 to 21Xe. Hale* Bacon *ldes at 8'4 to 8Xc, shoulder* at 6c, and common ham* at 8c. A *nleof sugar oured ham* at 10c. Married. On Monday evening, 28th Itut, in thi* city, by the 7 Rev. Ilenry < hase. Oilikrt Truer.*, of Turners. Mon- t roe, Orange Co., N. Y.,to Martha 8 . eldest daughter of Wm. Pollard, of thi* city. Dl?d. On the 90th ln*t., after a lingering illne**, Maht D. ' M*si*, wife of Lieut M C. Marin. U. H Navy. The friend* of the family, the officer* of the Navy ou till* statlon.a nd the member* of Na*Hau Lodge. No 30, are Invited to attend her funeral from Gold street, Brooklyn, the third door from Wllloughby *treet, to fit. Ann'* t hurch, thi* (Thursday) afternoon, the l*t Inst,, at 4 o'clock. , 1 Nails, twin;, and hiiok tiikkau'-i ..i ,.,,1 / VVroii?|it Nall<, Brail. and Hpikea S. 6 8, 9, 12. It, 21 and 36 lb Seine Twine 2 wnl 3 rord Uilling Heine Twiue 4 2 mid 1 thread India do ? " Ho|iew?ll" Cotton do, of everv ?>te Wrapping. Wool and Manufacturer!' Twin**, ofevery de acription I Hlme Thread, of every deaenption, includiiiK Tiilev.Ta- J tliam and Walk?t'a Ko? aiilr hv ?! jyl lt*r CK.BRA <1 CUMINO, IWi ?V*rt .t h OKKICKM KOK K HMINO l\TRi l)U? TIOv ( OR I * MARRIAUK?Thi? avatem. t-lthoutfh n 1 I in New V"ik, ia rn'l'l'd'o t^e C"n ideretinn of a diacrnintf puli'ic. It ia 'onducted on the moat chaatr and hon"rable pr iaei|de>. ind pirtents to randidatea an opportunity nf forminn amortai on a ronge-ual to their taatea, of aarertain m|f character, diapo I litHin, haliit*. kr., which cannot be obtained thrnueli any J other medinm Ladies' (ffice for ladle* only, (1 flrand >treet 1 Qeutleneu'i office, Liaptuard at. jyl ll*rc I 08T?Yesterday evening, n small yellow Pocket Book, ^ with iboul flit in sia?II notes. Ilitu piohiblnwt iirun i jiuaibus betwee New York end Harlem. The under (by eaviug it at the Herald office) will be liberally rewarded. JTl It*rc ___ | P"7E AND EAR?Dr. POWELL. Oculist. Aurist, fttc. m-J 2t> 1 Bioadway, corner of Warren street, attends ?vclu**ve? ' l> to duefeMi of thi* Eye and Car from* till 4 o'clock, Dr. Powell hat just published a popular treatise ou the Eye, w|lh iiiKravii.x4.Vvo., paper SO eenu. musliu 75 ceuU, comprising a iraoipt ion of its anatomy, phvslology, disease* and treatment, wilh rule* for the selection of sp?ctar|es, in . To be had ?s above, and at Bur** ,*5*. MnuKe<?, BeriordltCo, Kowler fc H 11 ind of b ikselleri generally j 1 ij *1 < DOCT. S \LM6N .S KKVIKDV FOR DISOKDKRS I 'he Sioinach, Liver and Kidneys, accompanied with indigestion. loss of appetite, headache, billious attack* giddiness, palpitstiou. languor, low spirit', loss of strength, pan * in the bar*k, side, and lower p**-r< >f the cheat, htbifu tl costiveuev worms, and other distressing aymptoms. Thn celebrated me- j Jiciue has met with r* inordinary a-?ccc?s in private pra tice, and is prized so highly by all who have taken it, that the proprietor has been induced to introduce it to the public general- i l\. Hf Miirfievery raflbrvr from the above complaints, that it u a? it pr/ifesses to be. a perfect cure, invigorating the ays- ! tem, restoring snpetit*, health, color, aud strength. even to the most dehil?tat*-d. This remedy contains no mercury uor any Kreparation of it. and does not prevent the closest attention to usiuess. Hold by r. H. HI NO. 192 Broadu ay, J v I 3Ut* t ( rne/ot John at. HolejAgeut

Y~ OUNO MEN S LlTERARli ASSOC! iTIuN O? the City of New York?At a regular meeting of the above named aasociation. held at their rooms, No. ti City Hall PUce. ou Tuesday evening, the 29th ult., the followm,: named gentlemen weie duly elected officers for the onsuing quarter, yig;?I'r^mdeiit, II Cla\ BouJiuot: Vice P.esideut tjeoige E S Walters-, Kecnrdlnc Secretary, H. H. I uiniui.it'*, < orresponJiiig Secretary Charles W. Sinythe; Treasurer, Benjsmin F lo.iin, jr ; Ed tor, Charles Carroll Leeds The follow iug nainetl per**u* werealso chos?n bv t e associs lion, to constiiute a Board of Uirecors H Clat B'uidinot, .1. ('onstint Holmes. Charles f>. Leeds, Heury D. Sharot, and Henry R. ( inn int. by Older. , JAMES CONST\NT HOLMES, President. ( Hi? ' Lkkii*. Secretary. pro tein jvl ti*r CUiKf.N A h 11 sAVINItS UANK, cruer sixth Avenue m and K. ur h street ? I hi* Bank will be open to receive deposite* on fc'riday and Saturday afternoon* of till' week from S to # o'clock. Th?; interest on which will comtneuce from July 1st, IUI7. By order. CLINTON GILBERT,* "jyl Stis*rc K. N. PIOOT, J StcreuriM. P\yil.l"N. Nf.w'bKIOHTON.SI'ATEN ISLAND. ?The Ki ?t Uallofthe Season will be given ou Monday, ihe Stli of July, lu commemoration of the glorious Anniversary. 1 here w ill be a grand di*pUy of fireworks. The services of an excellent Band have been secured. Tickets can be Jirocured ou application at the officii in the P?v lion. _ jyl 'ui* rc WHITE OAK KNEES.? Wanted a quuility ol White Oak Knees, measuring .from five l'i twelve inches. For further iiifoim ition, apply lOtb* Nivil CoMttlkMTi or the Timber Inspector, at the Nat y \ aid, Urooklyu. jyl 2taw2wrrc A 1L) TO IRELAND.? The Iruli Relief t oinuiltlee have il. reunited to the office of the subscriber, where subicriptl..us iu in iney, articles of food, kc.will be thankfully received and forwarded to the Central lommitt e of the Society of Friends, in Dublin. JAMES REYBLHN, Treasurer, j\ I Iwr SS South William street. LOST,?A ihort Gold ( him lor a lady's watch, with two trinkets attached, one a coral pitcher, the oilier a gold cup. It is of more value to the owner than any other person, and the finder will be liberally rewarded ou leaving the tame at the office of this piper. jyl U*r WANTED IMMEDIATELY Several young umIewe i I riling men to solicit subscriber* and collect money for one ol the most popular periodicals published iu this country. Men who can come well recommeiiued for their honesty, intelligence and perseverance, can make from Si to $H a-day the year round. Apply to ISRaEL POS'l, jyllt'r I IU Nassau stieet. SITUATION WAN I El)? By a young man, (American.) ^ at some respectable employment, where he can make himself generally uselul, luidt rstandi book keeping by double entry. (Jood city reference can be given if required. A note addressed to Ot.OlUiE, No. ti Murray street, will he attended to. j30 2t?r WANTED. SUITABLE ROOMS for Uiafl* OwtU man and Servant. in the upper part of the cit, , iu or near D ro.ail u ay. Apply by letter to 1'osl Office, box 1187 je? 3t*? SiTCATION WANTED.?Wautcj a situation by ? young uiiui iu a w hole*.>le grocery or Injuor store; a slight ei|*rieucn iu the business aud willing to devote his whole time to it. (.Joi d city reference given and no objeclioui to goiug south. A letter addreaseU at this officc to tl. K , w ill meet with prompt attention. j2n:ii*rc HE WARD-Lost, a black Tin Bo?, coutainiug papers ol no value to auy oue hut the subscriber, all negotiable paper iu the same bei"K stopped. The said box was taken away from the Merchants' AJ.ink ou Friday last, about 8 o'clock, or ou Saturday moruipg. The abot e reward w ill be pud for its recovery, or the pa|>ers therein, and no <|uestiou* asked. The owner's name is paiuted on the front. <t?U? WB M AITL AND, 27 Wall si. SODA VVATKK.?For S'.lc a laluahie recipe, w lib iiistrur. tious, for making bottled soda water, with or without syrups. With this recipe the retailer cau make his own soda water withontapp iratu* or machinery of any description, expeuce not to execud leu cents per dozen, made with very little trouble, aud ready for use in twenty minutes. No chaige will be made unless the purchaser is perfectly satisfied. Apply to Dr. MARSHALL, No 14 Orange street, where samples liny in-seen. Price fur the recipe $1. j?30St*r '|-*HK STOCK AND KIXTURESof (he old established A Drug Store, corner of Bayark and t'hrystie streets, for sale a bargain. To a young phy?ician it offeri iguiie an inducement Apply at (lie above place. Terms reasonable. Hold oil account of the illness of the own?r. j?i(l 2t* r T OS1'?On the 127th instant, at the Ocean House, or ou the JLi heacli, a Oold Skeleton Lever Watch, with a black silk guard chain, the watch marked D. U II D., beiiiic double bottomed, hard dialed, nurled cases, and made by Richard Hornby, 41 Pool lane, Liverpool, No 21291. A liberal reward BUI he |utid to the person who found it, and will return it to the owner, at No. 5 Nassau street New York. j3fl 3t*r NOTTcKTO. SMOKKHS?4 th JUlTV, 4th JUL Y.?Oentleineii letving tlie city for ihe country to enjoy the cool air, will do well to call and examine the extensive assortment of Havana mid Principe Segars, w hich are warranted to be cf tl.e first i|Uilitr and tfeunuiv. always on liand at thu Imported Havana and I'rincipe rtegar Store of 11 K.MKll{l'KS, 106 Broadway, comer of Piue ?t. N. B ? Kire Crackers for sale, w holoale and retail. j jo it - . MUlKfiTM \.nii til N8. I,MMaafcacatorihlppinf, I.OdO double and single (inns. I,i00 pair Pistols, in great variety. Also, Hilles and Ilitfe Barrels, Uun Locks and Uuium ill's articles, for sale cheap aud on favurable terms, by el? 101 r A. W Kl'l KM .V I'll 'il Maiden lane. B' OAKD WANTKIl IN T1IK COUNTRY, not S In.in the city, for two children; in a i.Uin faimcr's liou?., near the water, where they can have the benefit of bathing, would be preferred. Terms must be moderate. A line addieased to M. U., at the office ot this paper, stating terms and situatiuu, hall be attended to* tezn 11? NEUROPAT11 Y\?DR7" HOLLICK'8 New Hyst.m^f Practice is attractniK universal kttentlim. Medical Oieu, aud the medical journals, are everywhere discussing the retson i f its extraoidiuary success. The most reumikible feature lu this new system is, that neither drugs, iior any nfher of the ordinary ageuu are scarcely used at all, and yet every requisite effect is produced. The chief agent employed is that mysterious ajid all pervading imwer. the sole cause of life and m"tion, generally called electricity, galvanism, or magnetism, aud which is iu>w known to be the principle lite itself. With proper apparatus, directed by a competent knowledge [if plivsiolog, and electro dyuamirs, this is ui.doubledly the lie-t means we |Missess for mitigating human suffering. In all I hromc and Nervous rases, and in Female Diseases, nothing rise can approach it. Business men will find in this systim a means of renovating their shattered henlh. without any dinger if i jurions after effects, like those that follow frum drugs. Dr Hulltrk s Otlice is 47 W'ar,eu !?tr? et. Office hours fiom 10 A. M. till sX P. vi. jl~f See Hr. Ilollick's hook called " Neuropathy," to tie had ?fall the bonkaellera jett istfexSr J. " HAIil'ai ^Ul UHOAUVVAk ? y t- blttlW.Nr., tl flaVmi,ker and importer, invites the alteutiou of dimjtyojjrers of tins delightful instrument to the very elegant TS* selectiou he Ins now ou sale, romp ising some of [lie most splendidly finished, and also pliiu descriptions, of brilliant toned Double Action Harps, ever offered to their notice?in tone, touch, elegance nnd style of finish certainly uu excelled. II irps repaired strings, lu, A I ut of prices and <1 II'IIOUA tiu uc nil nniuru |ITr IIIIKIC IHtftlBKr. if II Itlfd 1tW?rc j*Ji MUSIC?THK. PIANO uuieht on v?ry moderate U imi, by a lady wtio ha* li.id cooJE J f f sidrrable eipeneuce in teaching. She profes'|X>* *?cs to tekch it in ii scientific manner, Willi the rVi?-?.rv which she undertakes to impart a thorouxh kuowledKr of. Terms three dollars per mouth. A line addressed to "Mdsic," at the Hrrnid omce, shall be atteuded to. my27 38ti?*rc tl LIGHT IIAT! < I. KAK II h A D !?kNOX, at IJ8 jpk Kul'oil street, has some beautiful linht and airy Summer Hals expressly adapted to the ureal summer object of"kee|Hu| cool." The bealthv and vigorous action of 'he brain more or less di'iiends upon the freedom and elasticity of the head. It therefore follows til it summer hats should lie as Iiklit and airy as possible, and that any man can make more money with one ol Knox's than with auy others Try the experiment jyl Wil'tc H TO l.KT IN wTiXlAMSBUROH.-A mmbwo |T..) ?tory brick Dwellii k House, situate in a pleas oil p ut of J^ULl' ourth street, near the Kelorined Dutch t hiirrh, about 111..1..1V between the Peck slip and Grand strert |V ries. Kent $2".i \ i j ! at 227 Pearl street, lip stairs. j v 1 2t 1 * r Mm KkWARD.?DOO CoiT.-LMtM M?Kl? moruuiK, a small black tanned knidish Terrier, with ears cropped, very sinall and short tail.wears a silver i ii?iii collar with a plate. hearing the owner s name. The above reward M ill be paid to any one returning linn to lew WiKr street, j30 2t*r ro. KOI K i ll OK JULY CKLEBRATION - NEW iMiVOHK AND HARLK.M KAILKOAD COMPANV MsRw ill run their cars from City Hall as follows, vieTo Harlem and Mor- Kordhamsnd Wlnte Plains, riiiania. Williamsbridge. 1:30 A. M. 4:30 A. M. 7 A. M. 7 A.M. 7 A.M. 10 A.M. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. II! M. a AM. 10 A.M. 4 PM. 10 o'clock, and II A.M. 5:30. rvery halfhourtlll 12 M > .. <|UI ? i..II. I I |V|. < roi'lll Mini. J P. M. 7 A. M. 4 r. M. 10 A. M 5:30 P M. 4 P.M. fi: Jil P. M. RETURNING, Leave Harlem anil Kiirdlmm nml While Plains. Morriiitni Williamabridice. 7 M A. M. to 6M5A M. 7:10 A..VI 1:05 P. M-, at 7^0 A.M. 0:13 A.M. ?l>or* interval*. 9:03 A M li:i5 P. M. 10:15 AM 2:15 P.M. I?:'5 P. M. 5.33P.M. 12:55 P M. 2:li P. M. Crnt'in Fills. 1:55 P. M. 7:30 a. m 5:M) P. M. 11:00 a.m. 0:08 P.m. 4:30 p.m. 7:45 P. m. r?*aencers for Lake Mahopic and Proton Lake c in take the A.M. and 10 o'clock trains, vim tlieie places, and return t? lie cit* by the afternoon trains. jyl ItiiThyftilllM w _ - ?_ FOR ~CHARLfciTON7~B. C.? Ihe /jU&fKW** "team-hip HOUTIIKKNKR. Captain M. Hrrry |? ill leave ilie Kait side Peck Slip on Hatunlny, tin :iil July, at 1 o'clock I'. M No b?rth ?eciir<-n until paid for. |No reiuht except specie received on the- day of depa-ture. All billsoT UdiiiK signed by tli? cleik on board. ) or freight or pia<ave ai p|y to SPI)FF6rD, tilk8ton k Co . _JV_J 3?^r 48 Uou'h street. tfcL- A GRAND SAILING RbOATTA will tate l^yjfVplare oti Friday July 2, ir.17, at two o'clock P.M , MMHBBlmtii Whitehall round Hobbin'< !< ?( I igt t llntisr, no men to the ala tiny place; free lor nil 19-feer wnrUiiiK iat?, c irryinff one ami. The fret boat in receiving twi.* I1111I4, and the aaco-id boHt one-third. No f.ilae keel or ara will lie allowed. F.nlrance money to he | ill up by 10 'clock on Thu'aiUy evening. July I, 1847, al "My Ho??e, 7 Whit^hal ^ jvl It'ie jiA^r- HAIL DOAl' FOH NALK.-Th* splendidsjoo| KCTjJVrigged pleaaiite lioat FOAM, built hv ! Baptu, ol HMKaNew Hochelle, copper.lmtci.el and in omple'r or1 .ilie ,? twenty feet long on deck,seven feet inn*iochej am, and Three f. et deep, nearly new, a very feat sailer, and rill be aolil nt a price much hrlow her original m?t. Apply to IS V *(; ROOMKVM.T, Pel In in, 'ne mile below New Rocbelle Hieamboat Landing, jvl If re jgat packkt SHIP baltimore M?H Jlavrp kMUFW The paa??n|teri ? ill rmbaik by steamer II KK A I. li pMbfr p-ei No I No, , Miver.al 12 o'clock preci.tlj Tie maila will cloae at the nsual places at II o ilock jyl Itrq 1 yjtfcgWT.Lt BENEFIT OK MR HAffAWAT BOWEKY THEATER.?A. k. St*** ;.. St-. iVUiu.'.r.-riiuwU, L>.iuw Julv lit, will tr W(luim?d tl? con-eijy ol MAHhIKU Llk> ? Mr. Liiuirl Lyui. Mr. N?alie;Mr. Heurv Do*e, Mr. Ha<iawa\ Mr*. C'liiidtr. Mra Timtn.Mra. Lynx, MfaC WnmvM Alter winch, lit* cnmeilv ol THE AHTFI L UOuuER? Timothy Mr. L>e Bar; Lmily, Mm ! . (iurdun PrariviK t.> trm lir?t named coai<-J. will be acted, tl,a arima enimuiv A88AH&IN LABOl KhR?Peter SiuiUioa, Mr ilolaway; l.onm \fc?. WilkiMou. Boie?,2i cefctt; Pit and liallery. 12% cent; Doou . ^rn h quarter to 7, pertormance ti> commence ill hull |ia?t 7. PALMo'S OPKKA H<?l afc- M K B rki Sol* L* %r* iud Proprietor Mr. John Dins, St?e Manager ThurtJay evening. Jul*" l?t, the perform mire will commence With the I'irce ol WILKL L MlIKI^R?Pfthigori* S|>ho?ni, \ir. W, tJhapinau; KruiJt Keatherly, Mr. Pbeljis; Wlii*ker After which. the loueJictti of SKETCHES IN INDIA? Totn Ti|?, John Duuti; Lady Scragg*. Mr?. WaU?^ To conclude with the farce of the SVVI8S COTTAGE? Nan Tieck Mr. W. Chiyiuin; Luette, Mua Anna Cruue. Doora oj>cii at haifiiaat 7. Peifomuicea commence at eight o'clock. P<r il.i* [!..??? Ml ..myrli. T 2* rmli. I Wl'LG UAilptN.?Mr U?*n., .M?u*ger. ' Thursday Evening, July I, the eiiteilainineuU will CoinI inence with a popular Ove-lure by the Orcli'ilft. After which, STOLEN MA H I!ES?Timothy Jenkins, | Mr Walcoit; Betty Kiiimkeii Misa Clarke. I A favorite soug, by Mi*s Phillips. U ticlmc, bf Mii? I.. lVrll>. j Highland Fling, by L-\ Petite Mary Aui.e. I After which the celebrated Artiste llerr t'line, will appear I on the Tight Rope. La Tyrolieune, by Miste* Louisa and Amelia Wells. Admi?siou, 25 rents. | IJiio a open at 6^; I'erf irmin're tn commence at B A ME .10AN MLHkXM?HKKKOKM \N<E? both Afternoon and Eveuiug at 3K aud H1* o'clock | THE ORPHEAN H A nil t uu KEN.NEBEl'K I VOCALISTS. The motl talented uud popular Baud n America are encaged at tills house, and will give ihru Grand Cornelia thia afleruocu \ aud evemug, at h*lf-|M*t 3 aud a ouarter pnat S o'clock, wl.eu alio other talented iierfortncrs will app.ar, lueludiut, llie Chap mill Family, Tele Morris. V1i? .Intie. and others SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEG, Taken by llie Ante iciii Army iu vienco. may be aeen here al all hours day and evening. The Vaguiticeut Moving Diorama of the FUNERAL OK NAPOLEON BONAPARTE. Will alau beeihibited at each and every p?rformenc?. I Admission *"> e.nu jel re BKUAUWAk i'Hr.ATKE?Tins establishment, now erectiuK in Broadway, will b? opened Tor Dramatic pur' poata solely, ou or about the first of September, under tlia maungemeut of O. H. BARRETT. Persona of acknowledged taleut wishing situatu n. for the I aet-jou, will please addreas him (pre-inn1) ? > 109 Leonard street. A. MANN, sole ''ru.Tieior 1 \L/~~ Daring Mr. Barrett's abseuce in Euro|>e, all letters and business communications may be addressed to his ngeut. | je!3tfrc W. CORBYN. No. 2 Baciav street. V U XHALL OA 11 DEN.?i ONTLNUED TRTl MPH8 OK CAM I'BALL'S ETHIOPIAN OPKHA SEKr.j NADERS. The Troupe lire engaged KOU ONE WEEK LONGER. ! (ITIi is Kveiling, Thursday.gJuly 1?A grand < oucrrt of New I au4 Original S ? gs, Solon, OI*es, Choruses, Dances. ate., in four Pwtt?Thi lir.Ht and MMftd are MPWtllftlOlia ol V rth* ! cm Dandy New rot* s.the third and fourth pcurtfay (he | eculiarri{ t.cs of Southern 1'lnutation .Negroes. FRI DA V, July 2d, the Benefit of (he Company, iud pnsi* I tivejy the la?t hut one of their appearance in this city. I Tickets, admitting a gentleman aud lady, 2j cents. Conerrt to commence at ?$4 o'clock. (IJUM D < ONCERT-At the Cafe dot Mill.- < .-I mum - Wf f Iraadwi) ?J. I'mt? u\, proprietor< ftwikoii mmiiiIi' itienf, iufoims his friends, numerous patrons and strangers, visiting this city, of his iuteutiona to give a series of Concerts, foi which lie Ml affile ed rng-t_eiio n I With tileut ?>1 tin* AfSt order. The celebrated Mr. Neiss will perforin two piece** of mimic after the style of the Turkish Jauizary, on nine instruments at once ; also, two beautiful cautahices, Miss O'Connel and Miss Mariani, will si g 1ever.1l favorite airs and duets, assisted by Mr. Btt|tr^ ona ? tha but pianist* of thia oity. fa* trance oue shilling, !%>r which the best ice creain and other it* fraahmi nta will 01 fh n Concert to commence at 8 o'clock aud coutiuue to 11. Thurs* day, July lit. iviii V GRAND ( ON ( KKT ill be given on THl USD AY EVENING, July I, at the APOLLO SALOON By Mme. KLKURY JOLLY, Prima Donna, and Mous. DUBREUL, First Barytone of the French Opera,of the Thea! tre Francai\of New Orleans. assisted by Mom. (.KNOVUS1 S.i/ \1 It ....1 \i- ti TIMM, who will preaideat the I'iuio. rilOGUAMMK. PART I. I. Duo, from HelUario?Donizetti Mturi. : _ Dubreul and (Jeuuveai. 2 Kautaaiaon Lucia of Lamuirrinoor?* Solo lor the Violin, by Artot Hig. lUpetti. 3. Cavatiua, from the Barber of Seville?Rnaaini... Mine. Kleurv Jolly. ! 4' L'Auepechu, i Romance! Mom Uubrrul. 5. Uraud Air. Iroin Lit Juive? Halevy . . .Mouiicur Genovcii I'AIIT II. 1. Duo Concertante?Violiu and i'iauit?by Oabome anil ()e Beriot Mrms. Kapetti aiidTimm. I 2. Ca\atina, from the Maria Tadilla?Donizetti... f Mnu*. Dill.r< III 3. Itomaiice, from La Juive?Halevy Mme. Klcury Jolly. I 1. Le Lac, Meditation po*ti<|iie of Lamm-trtine?coinpined by Niedenneyer Moiu. Dubreul. 5. Uraud Air. from the Mouniuetaiiet de la Keint? by Halevy........Mme. Kleu-y Jolly. Ticketa One Dollar, to be luil at ill the Muaic Store*, the principal llotela, nud at the door on the evening of the Concert. Doori open at 7. Concert to continence at 8 o'clock preciaely Mr. 11. C. Timin will play on Ilia uew grand Piano, manufactured bv Memr?. Nimna k I'laik. je lO 'itrr CJ.HA.Nii KUl.U'I II ()! .11 LV BALL AT V VI XII \LL * Saloon?A il.ilI w ill be )fii en at the above place on Monday evening. July 6th, in commemoration of the glorio?a Fourth, (wInch will be entirely dmcouiiected fromthe (iardeu S'.iii.ibli dreatiug rooms w ill be provided, and care taken to miHf every nun* agreeable. IVrtous j>iirch*tfij.g li.ilI Tickets, will he .idtnitfed to e the perforvnan<? in the Gaideu w .thout e*tia charee. Floor y- ill be under the direction <<l Mr, J. f aiLrr. I which i? n inilTiciciit guiirinlce for it* icipectability, aud goou I inaiuturment. In the course of the cveuinj.', Mr. P. nil! hue inlreduciJ all the most f<tshiouab|e Quadiillr*, Waltzing, Hiwuiishttanciiig, &r., calculated to |nea*e nil laitie*. Dancing to coniineiige nt '? o'clock, and continue until 11 I.Mr hour. Ticket* $1, admittinu a Gent It man mid Ladies. Ticket* may be had of Mr. Parker, or at the Haloou. A suffn icnt jhj- ' lice will lie in attendance, to ettture order. jyl 14r WALNUT 6 i KhKi THKATK^i PHILADELPHIALeasee, K. A. MamlialK-Htave INiauak'er W.K. blakr? Thursday fcveuiug, July 1, will be performed the coinedr I called the HKill AT LAW?Daniel, Mr Blake; I)i?:k Duwless, Mr. Perry: I r. OIIsikmI, Mr ('haiunau. Alter which, P?* heal by Miss A. Walter*. To be followed by the dram* of the LAST DAVb OK POMPJ&JI?Arbeces. Lenten; Lydon, Mr. (? J ami eon; 8ngn I of Vesuvine, Sir*. Hlnke; Nvdia, Mrs Bowers. UNION COUHHK, L. I.-THOT HNti. | 4MB T - rpHUKt)UAV, Juiy I, iM17, it liall-|ia?t 4 o'clocK, f.M.? A I lime $J0?Mile Heata?best iu live, to Harness. II..lours entera br. m. Betty Baker. M. King entera b. ni Sal. r. toil enters hlk. k Jack Cade. A<lm<Hiion to all parts of the Course SO rent*. i je30?t?Je <i 8PH KR. CKNTRKVILLK l OUKSK-TKoi TlMi. iun if. ?.^c A . .& JUL V i IIK 2d?Match mile hers, m lionet* ? I o come* oil at 1 o'rloea P M.'or$'?0a tide. It. I'little names b. g. Welch Rabbit; William Kdliiigcr name* s. g. Willi wnsburg Also, a mateh at I o'clock, for $400, against time; a ho se to trot p miles in ? ur hour, in hamr**. Ce treville. Jnlv 1,1847. . , fi KING BIKD LU8T-THH*LX1J0LLAR8 REWARD.?Lest mi Ti>wliy forwiooi. iwi ?4 i ii ^WjjVverniiy pl?ce,a Mocking Bird. \V iitfvrr hi|1 return I lie tBSC bird, <?r give ?u< Ii ml-uin tion an shall rnab e the oh to ifCOVCf (min. will receive the above reward by calling at 81 i nitmit' |*l c* comer of Hth tl ? jyl 1 . wf ^ Jl ST Ii K1VKI) THIS l> A \ -fi5 |VfIt wtliu, 'fgf* yellow created I'ockatoo, ai d Lory, of New Holland. Uji|i;v I hey are of vulture notoriety. The last mentioned r3ni?r liiid is not kuown to be hi any public or |?ri ate geut'e* man's pos?ession in the Uuited Btaiea. The usual variety of Bird Cage* and Bird Srnli lor side, *?y jeSO 3t*rc W . S JOHNSTON, 280 Broadway. | MOONLIGHT KXCUKSION-CO TILrj,^V, i M I.ON PARTY.?The spit udid steamer <?A wSSmOSBlm ZKLLK, Capt. I). A. <?.?le, has been ( Inrier ed lor au ticur tiou down the nay to Keyport, N.J. Site will leave on Thursday evening, the 1st day of Juij?ihe foot of Heede street at 20 minutes before 8 o'clock: foot of Harnrri >11(1 street at I o'clurk; ( IBll ItVVftlt l)|( oVIoClfill V.I North river, at 9 o'clock. A splendid hand has been engaged, and efficient lloor manager* have been procured to ensure pleasure aud harmonv in the anticipated dance The excellent ho*t it the New Pavillion. at Keyport. V r K. W. Thomi sou, ha* provided a bountifully nipper tor Im anticipated guests ? Ladies aud gantleuo n will hud this a plr-saut and agreeable t ten raion. Fare for icuraou: for lady and gentlermu, $1. Thomas flyer, Wally M.uou, Nelson Hurgis, Nelson llrener, H |..or Mmifflfli je'Jftft* FOR8HKKWBBI KV.l.nN., BR \M H. ^ i^t Ocean House, Jumping Point, Runsnui, aud Katontown Landing. The steambost Kl)WI N LKW IS, Captain Ifayues, will run as follow* from foot of Vesay street. North River Leave New Vork. Leave Shre wsb-.try. July. O'clock. July. O'clock. Thursday, I, at 7 A.M. Thursday, 1, at II A.M. Friday, 2, 7 A.M. Friday, 2, II A.M. Saturday, 3, 8 A. M. Saturday, . 3, J2 M Sunday, 4, 8 A. M. Sunday, 4, I P. M. Monday, a, 9 A.M. Monday, 6, I P. M Tuesday, <i, 10 A .VI. Tuesday. b, 2 P. M. Stages wi?l be iu rfadinesa on the arrival of the boat to con* e\ ptsaengers to all parts of the untr> FOURTH OF n L\ KX( I KSUjNH splendid steamer HM ill LAN DLR, Capt. Armatroni/ The strainer HIOHLANDKR will make the following lightlnl Etctiriiona on Monday, the Mh of July, 1847: ? FOHKNOO.N 8f;A KXC! KHION down the Biyand arouud the Light hf|? anchored 12 mil?-? ouUith* of Handy Hook, ^ivmif p an o|u ??itrinity to see all the different fortification* of flu* ll*'b . 'hi* be;?ul?li! emery of the Buy of New Vork, the L'ght ifotiaeii at Sand) Hook, and the High)*' da, hi eicellent f iew ??l the Ocean, anil a ta?te of ita saline and ailnbrt<>ti? atmosphere. (Leaving as follows;?Foot of Warren at. ?t 'Hi. H immono t. ^ before R; Ormd it.Kut lliftr, l4 be fort J; <.athariu*st ! at 9; and Tier No J North River at t J* |?aat 9 o clock. Re- I turning to the tame |d*ce? fcfween I and I PjM. AFTKRNOON KX< JsLA.viJ A ( 1 1 ATKN Thr brmihr. of tl.i.trip i'rr ... wall known tlmt It ia only ne | craaary to ?tate lh?r the Highlander ?ill Ir.vr Warren it. it 2 I o'clock, HairnnoudJi. 2'?. Clraad * . ilnUiJ; t athanne at < I at 3; and Pier! N T?. at 3* o'clock. Returning to the time | ; Uu,I,,,,,*Iw",7KVVKNIN(? KXCUR8ION. Iii ill* rtrning thr Highlander will make mi ?>cumnn 'own I till' Bay, IM..IMK iirarllie ll?H ol >i'ufl> anchored ?l thr tiimrauliiie, and'aloug the almrea ol Xiaien l>l ii.il.through tin ' row- coming ni>. kaep eluaato the Long l.land ahorr.anlhai a Komi TirW run he obtained ol ibr magnificent flrfwniki fit m Fort Hamilton ami thr city at thr aam? tinir. LrMmn U ..i r?? ?t at 7X o'clock; Haininnnd?t w hifore I; Grand >t , < ntha'inr st. #)?. and I irr 1 N K. atOlM. Returning In thi J city at 11 o'clock. Kart- for egcli k.iciiraion ,'i0 carta. jyl4t*rc KIllA! V,1," 1(1 s 1 RBion i i " !??77 III f. SON I II HIV Kit.?'Thr all r 11(11<1 " bilMtntt M HKKA. will rnaka a Cotillon KaI'liKlon II|I llir lluilaon, I hnixUv rvrmiiK, July I, Irivmil- a. | follow. IVr No. I (North Hivrr)kl 7, Jer.ry Ci.y at 7', Robinann atrret at 7%, ami t anal .Irrrt at It o'clock. An unrivalled I ?rn|.?i llaml In. brrn rnga|;t 'I 0>r thr nci-v ainn. Krlre.hminta on board of thr .trainer, Kare |l for each gentle m-i, with thr privilege of takmg onr or two |?Hir. iv| |,. f _ S/ A BRKK/KS AND MI HI- II v i I a INU ?Grand I In-mr Kiruraion ( > f". n MMMHm Hamilton and Conv lalaml -Thr <|.!vn.li<| .trnmer HUI" r OI.K, 1 a|>t. It 0. Hoffmira. will inak. , . ricumoii tot oney Nland, on Thutaday, July lit, leaving like atrrat, h R., at I P. M,; Ilamininul a tract, N R., i\m I' ,\1 7 p'M M ,t 1 M ; l?a?iiiB Cou?> laland (raturuing) at Thi. will afford an ricrllrnt pportuniry (for enj.i\iini ,iltf liaihin*. ??a urrataa, and |>icttiftii]iie acenrry. Fai? IJXcauia each way. jylll*i? % Yumm TO f IB LATEST MOMENT. YELKURAHHIl'. BY SPECIAL OVERLAND EXPRESS TO rmussuBi&, AID ft? ^ MAGNETIC TELEGRAPH to UIF. NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. LATE AND IMPORTANT FROM M E X i r t\ _ ? \y \/ \V itlidrttwal or Santa Anna'* Rr?lenatioii. (oufusiou aid Anarcliy in the Capital of Mexico. MOVEMENTS OF GEN. SCOTT. Col. Mcintosh nnd the Uuerlllu Attar t on tho Speclv 'I'rnln. A COURT MAK'l'IAL Aic, Ae, ?ter The Southern Telegraph i? broken. Tho N#w Oilcan* Commercial Timti of the 'i3d hw b??n [received by pouey ?xpr?M. and s?yn th? steaouliip Edith, from Vera < ruz. brings letter* lrom tho city "f Mexico dat<<l 'id inst. They mention that SnnU Annu had withdrawn hilt letter of resignation, nnder the apprehension that It would be accepted. Thia goon to iihow the ox tent to which uincerity forms a portiou of th? character ?f thl? redoubted hero. The capital is represented bit being in a ?tate of com plate coiituMoii and anarchy. No itepa have been taken to fortify the city against the approach of our troops. inn prwunisii t nai lien. Scott will have au easy conquest of the hull* of the Mout?'/.uiuan, A letter from Vera Crux given further particulars of | the attack upon Col. Mclntoah's traiu, and flays tbut the commander, when attacked l>y inferior force* of Mcxi(wins retreated with his dragoon* hack upon the trek', the tirst occurrence of the kind during the w:u\ The guerillas heing inspired with confid?nco by thi? occurrence, took advantage of the confusion an I '' II upon the wagons nnd mules, stretched along a (lieianoi of four miles, guarded by about four hundred men many of whom had rushed forward to share the flgiit with thu adrauce guard, leaving large sections unprotected. A court martial will Investigate the affair. It In believed tbatk(Jen. Scot! intends opening - road through Orizaba and Cordovu to Puebla. Above, we give all the news of Importance. Your express package was detained at the Baltimore post office, and was not received at Philadelphia uutil this afternoon. I'liiLAUt lthia, June 30, 1847. The Southern line of telegraph uoniiuuen out of order. Alfalm In tUe (Senate. Albany, June 30, 1B47. The Senate met at ten o'clock. The ijueatiou wan oo the nomination of Whittlesey to the office of Justice of the Supreme Court. Thero wan considerable opposition to the nomination, aud the (tovernor wus oeusured for neglecting to nominate a candidate for the remaining vacancy, until the nomination of Mr. Whittlesey wan acted on. Mr W'? n?intn>li.. ?--> ? - ? ? - ? ""-"J "J ? vote of 'J3 to'J. I uinimou* consent wan axked to trassinit the confirmation of Mr. Whittlesey to the Governor. Mr. Barlow objected, and It cannot bo transmitted ti'.l on? week from to-day. Tim Governor subsequently nominated Marcus T Reynolds, of Albany, whig, to Oil tbe other vacanoy npon the bench of the Supreme ( ourt. The S?-nnte unanimously cou/lrinod the nomination. Klght Mfljor < ienerals of the Nc w \ ork ftato militia were nominated und confirmed by the .Senate; and a commissioner for loaning United State* money* in Broomr county. wa? continued. The nomination of David II. Abell to the office of eanal appraiser, will not be acted upon At the request of the Governor, the Senate adjourned till tomorrow at 1U o'clock, till it is known whether Mr. fleyIds will accept the uominution of Justice to the hu* pri-me Court. The final adjournment will take place tomorrow. C. J l 1 BY TI1K MAILS. Uu TiMor.t , June 30. 1817. *4 Ilraxj Rain?Jl Singular C'ttr?Front Slrrtt Thratrr?Mr UoofA?Tilt Markrli, fc. We have had. since 3 o'clock, yesterday aft. moon, twelve hours of incessant rain, pouring down in torrents, and it in feared, will have an injuric n? ettect upon th* harvesting of wheat and rye. wh'.rh is lu full blast in the surrounding country Dr. Tanner, of thin city, ha* within the past ti.re* weeks, abstracted from a colored wuman, named Norwood, about !17 years of age. no less llim thirty-seven stones, varying from the hlr.ti of a pea to that of a ,?igcon h egg, most of them of th? latter si/.?. Same of th.-m are smooth, and others rough and jagged, and they present all the different varieties mentioned by various authors Mhe is cull evidently encumbered with more, which ..re now in thu course of being abstracted. A? many in six have been taken front her In one day. 1 he front street Theatre will be opened on Friday < Tn..ut ') i'h . UUIK'U, Willi an t-xceilcni compuiv. Among the ptock, iu addition to bin own (nrylcci, I of>nervn ihf naiur? ol Minn hapman. Mm. Jefftrmm, .lulin Sri ton Mr M?rnh. Mr. Bnnul?, Mr. J. Heott, Mr. Hamilton, Mm. itMm MflLwn, and \!Im Oceana Mr booth appear* tin* evening at the Mun uui an luK'i. for thti benefit of Mr Lovell. Mthouirli tbo loiirth of July In to be ci I r brute J ou thn liftli tbi* year, them norm* to be no lack of nptrlt and patriotism hi the arrangement* going on. i The MaaarTi?In Howard htitet Kloui ycitrrdny. (here wnr aumc buyrra in the market who took n?er 1,200 blili at (0 J", s inoic liwin which Canuot now be had. Halc? ainca jeatriil <> morning of l.niu blila Su?"|uehaiina hranda \l %h Jo. City 1111 a noiit itial I > at $7, Willi a vrry mall >upply. Corn rn r -.! it >lali at $ I 2j. Supply ol'all kiinla ol Kraiu light. Maryland r?<l ?lie.a good t'i ,'rima la irlluni iu mall pair* la at $1 I j .. (I X'j. I'lima Pennsylvania red at SI ii a $1 2H; aale* today ol Mary I.mil wiine ami yellow corn ?t K'J ^ 80 cruta; a tale of 2,000 tjualirla Peuuay Itama yellow at S5 ceuta; u.itrd corn 75 a Mcenta; .alea ol oala JO a J2 cents, a decline. Whi>kry ta dull. Milea ol blila at 30 cents; lilids nomiu il at /t'i a < rut* per a all on. titock ?it> Money M?hki i ?Tntra it better i in tlic insikM, and tome descriptions thow upward taudeut). I nirr saie* 01 i r?mii v noira (O'l) at 1U7>, outline w,til l/U\fii ?107 IihJ. cahIi; 107atkril City i, |?r i"eut? ol' llyC, ite (*.r . m lito>4 lor opening, with teller*?10# offered. For Ivan ol lik</. SCI,',. aaaed. Sidle of Maryland ti'? look ilowit; aaked, as Ilk dividend; !X)\* offered; laai aalt* at 'Mi\. I'lllUDIILrHK, J line 30, 1*17 II In understood hii injured and jealou* hue'.'aud j yesterday detected his wife in an Ice cream ?aloou, up J town. partaking refreahmeiitii with another ?cntle' man The gay lotbario fled the moment he dl.uver| I'd the lingered countenance of the liu?hau>l ; but after | a con*lderable clia*e. he wm arretted and taken before an Alderman, who wa? Induced to postpone the biurlng i to allow him time to obtain a lawyer to plead Lin mum., The rage fur pic nlc* .-rem* to have declined In piptij ,arlty lately, and given way to a new ?pecia? of excuralon which bid1* fair to rival thone nud?r the jcrner rtgimr. The Utile* and their beaux meet by appo ntimnt during the moonlight evening*, and. pairing oil. tak*< a v .ilk in company, to one of the various rural retrents iu th j vicinity of the city, where, when the party in anwuibled. lliey partako of refreshment*, und return home at an ?arly hour i be former advocate* of the pic nlc* havi concluded thai the pU<a?ure obtained la no! eijual to the trouble which thoaa affair* occoaioneil, and give a decided preference to the new mode of eujoymeukrfhr their leUure moment*. The break In the wire* of the Southern telegraph ha* not yet Seen discovered, and It i* very doubtful whether the communication with Baltimore will be reaumed thi* evening. Males of Mocki at Philadelphia. Jcnb M?Fiatr Boa*i>?io,ihio state J'i,8i; 7on L . 8. Tre??nry Notea, ; iooo do Iffh,',. I200 State 4'a. HI**; lis tJ>. r?rd Bank, I2J*; Ml Ite.nlniK Kit, "?3Si; 670 do 33fi; >j0 clo 33*?; lOofl Heading ilomla, 71',. I Mechanic*' Bank, 27 S,. lo.ife Stile J'?, R2; yiftO (III HI, -'nil <||> .11; llifl Ku?|ii> li.uii.K I Ku.l ,17 Ar trK Hal.ea ?30 Lelilgh, 11; MO State J'i, ?!< ; *87 j do IIP,: IllOn do Hi,; I0.XH do M; J? Reading. 33 V. 10,UK Read, ing Bowl., 7??,; liOO Stale i a, Kl>,; LHhw Little bchaylkill Nav. Co. II. SKco*r> Board.?KHW State j'?, 81},; jOuRcadmg RR, I0IMI Heading Dolida, 79V Tlinn do Tj\ , 1 l'tliusy Irania U*li?, 120;72J Vi'Eaburg RR. Ilif: IS Mm. and Man. Bank. I'.iii. Iiurg, 10; I!) Mei litiin n lUnk,27. Artnii Wat7 Morriatnwu RR, |J; KiftOSchuylkill V.tviKalion AN, "M. IU. 2000 State V?. ca*li, IIS. 'KW0 do au H7>%; 0 (tr?dni|. 43V. 100 New Jrraey Copper, 10'*; 20110 Stale 0 Vt; 10(1 Readmit KIv, 13^%; l'j KltiniiiKtun Cop(ier,J7. Aim**, .Iiiuo 90. 117. ' Thr Kj Ira Stiticit rf the Smutt, 4'C. A cunniderable portion of tho Senator* reached thi* city, thi* morning, by the vartou* travelling route* There wan evidently unanimity of good aud honorable feeling anions them* gentlemen, who lmve come up her* to gladden our eyea with their prenenoe. In the Interim, many of th-mhave experienced that lueffable and peaceful bapplne**, which 1* oOen vouch*afed to a rural bou*e Some of thcae men look nwarthy and tuuned, and all of them ahow improved btalth, whra th?j