14 Temmuz 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Temmuz 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I THi Vol. XIII. No. IM?Wliolt ?8u TUE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-west corner of Fallon and Nainu Mi. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. lIRCtXATION.roRTY THOFSAJJD. D \ily HERALD? Every d?y, Price 2 c#n? p?r copy?I"? 2>per annum?payable in adduce. weekly HERALD?Every 8aturday-Prie? chii perc .ny?$3 l.-W ceuu per iniim?payable iu advance HEIl\LO FOR EUROPE?Erery Steain Packet dayPrice cents per copy?(j per aimum, including punuee, payable in?dmnce. Subscription* and adeertiarmenU wiUUe received bv Mnin. (iilixuarii, II Rue Vivienne. Pan*; P L Sim inds, No. i. Barge Vard, Bucklenbury, and Miller the h An'nuiL? I'lc'rORlAL HERALD?;Publi?li?d on ilia lif of lauutn* of e&C'i v?AN-iiniil? coui#** ?ixo*!iice ?*<*h ADW, jtTlSICMICNTil, at the usual prices?tlways cash iu advance. Advertisements hould be writteu in a ulani, legible manner. The Proprietor will out be responsible fur errors that m iv occur in tlietn. PRINTING of all kinds executed beautifully and with despatch. All letters or cnuimuuicatious by mail, addressed to the eitabli?limetit. muit be post |>airi, or the postage will be deduci?>l frum the aubicripiion mooey remitted. (T?a>. TO GREENWOOD CEMET?RY?Fara _.! '" .i'"'?7^12^ centn.? I lie Htsamboat CRICK*. T, Capt ^ I). Peck, runs from uier eart side of Catherine Ma.k?t slip, New York, to the long pier at the Greenwood ( emeiery, touching each way at pi^r No. 1 Noith River From New York n?< From Greenwood? 9 o'clock A.M. 10 o'clock A. M. 11 o'clock A. M. 12 o'clock M. 2 o'clock P. M. 3 o'clock P.M. 4 o'clock P. M. 5 o'clock P.M. 6 o'clock P. M. 7 o'clock P.M. It h ilonirable in nil eases where accommodations are re> 'luirtil for large luurrtl procession*, thai notice be given to the cipraiuof the boat one day previous. jvl2 Iw III y?\ PLKaSURK KXCUKSION -The under L< ? .'"ka-^i^'-iKin'il Inviug cheered tl.e splendid a t.itn ^ " *** SUFFuLK, Captahl R. 8 lloffmire, Kill i,i ike mi xcuraion to the Sea B.iss Banks, on Wednesday, the 11th of Juljr instant. The boar, will be accompani d i n ihr ore isioii iiv Mr. J. l{eudrick'? famous Cotillon Band ; tnd evi'rv fop will I e taken to render ilie excursion recreative and "Itrieahl'1 he bo.it wi<l leave the loot of Norih 8?coiiiI St., Williamsburg at hall'past 7 o'clock, V.M precisely; loot of Orind siraet,New York, quarter fefore 8 o'cl>ek; foot of Main street, Brooklyn, 8 o'clock; foot of Catharine street, N. York, quirter pas'8 o'clock; foot of Canal street hill past 8 o'clock, ami pier No. 1 Battery, New York, quarter before 9 o'clock, ami thence proceed ou the Excursion, returning to the city at about 6 o'clock P.M. M.jorE Hopkins will superintend the Excursion, and olfirer< will be m attendance to preserve the strictest order and dccoium. N.IS ?Bjit will be furnished gratis, and a |>erson will be in attendance to furnish hoicks ntid lines to such as may wish to usethein, at a m derate charge. Fare lor the txcur?ion, SO cents. If the weather should prove unfavorable, the F.xcursion will l.ike piace on the fust fair day. liKNRY HHfclHAItL). Willi nmxhiirg, iiitv 10,11117. jyl2:it*rc m. rbUrUVLIMK ? f r.AMMU V'Fs f Ult r.f.Wj?M \ LB ANY. Daily, Suudaya F.xcepted ? Through Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., from th? 1'ier Between Courtlaudt aud Liberty streets. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt. Win. H. Peek, will leave on Moudiy, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HF.NDRIK HUDSON, Capt R G. Crimenden, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenlugs ar 7 o'clock. Special Trains for Schenectady, Ballston, and Saratoga Springs, will run as follows:?Leave Albany at 9)4 AM., 3 P.M., except Sundays. Passengers will fiud this the most expeditions and eouveuient route. At Five O'Cloek, r. >1.?funding at Intermediate Places? from the loot ? i Barclay street. Btdn-nboat ROCHESTER, i-aptain K. H. Furry, will leave ou Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, atS o'clock. ateainbo.it SOUTH AM F.RICA, Captain T. N. Holse. will leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons at 5 o'clock. The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample timn for the Morning Cars lort'ic fcjist or West. Freight taken at moderate raiei, and none t 'ktn after 6 o'clock, P. M. P'7*' All persons are forbid trusting any ot the boat* of this line, wimoutu written oruer irom rne capums or agenta. For passage or freight, apply ou board the boats, or to P. C I.TZ. at 'he office on the wharf. j\12rc _ BfcOULAM t,uNEY ISLvNU KfcKKV k -<<i.?r.v^-*~Suuilay and Daily h xcursinus to Fort Ha* ti^aie>??i?? mitton iiid Co?vy Island?The v?? ?! known itnipriboat AMERICAN KAOLE, Capt. Geoige H. Power, wilt ril l rrgnl'rly <lurlnif tlie season to Coney Island, landing at fori Hamilton, a< follows Le ivwg C.uiul street?At 'J>i o'clock, A. M; 12>i and 3>> O'clock P.M. I'.ur No. 1 North Rive- (near the Battery)?At 10 o'clock, A. M ; 1 Hint 4 o'clock. P.M. Co ry UUbd (retuiuiniO?At 11>* o'clock, A. M.;2>* aud*<)? o'rlock.P NT. N B ? No hosts sure those belonging to the Kerry will be allowed (o Iuul at Coucy Island, without a written permission from tli>* proprietors. j 11 7t? ? 1>AILV EXCURSION TO TUb txi" "^ VUC-^NSIAN KIELD8, HOBOKEN ?On and after kvJfc?MifiOMs Sunday, July 11th, the steamboat PIONEER will malie regular trip* from Canal and Nineteenth street, direct to the Kliaian Fields, at Ilobokeu, leaving the above mentioned places as follows:? Canal street, Nineteenth street, Elvsiau Fields, 10 o'clock, lf)U o'clock, I0J? o'clock, W " 1I& " ll? 2 " 12V " mi " I " 2i* " 2? ' 0 " 3*2 " 3>$ " <? " 4>J " 5V " S>2 " 8-4 ' 7 , >y8 I4t*rh c. A C U it-lil (J M sT--OULL^b Ft Kit*, i* -s.-uL.~M FORT LEE. and HACKEN8ACK?Luflk^aMMMBbUaiiig at Tillou's Dock?Fabk One 8hili.if*<v Tl.. h'U.VNIf C..n> !. ?/. ???T iui'1 KOO- irl' ANNKTT, Capt. Frederick Gaylord, will run Daily, audi further notice, (touching at Hammond and 19th ftrretk, m? f-dlows:? Leave iV York, foot Canal it. Leave Fart Lee. Ji. M. P. M. Jl AI. P M. Mondir, at 6, 8. 10. .8, S, 6 Monday, 7K 12. .1 4j? 6 Tueidy, . <1. >. 10- .2. 3, 6 Tuesday, 3? 7>Z 12. .1 4V 6 Wi di.rjd.tr, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Wd'?d.ty,3j2 7>Z 12. .1 6 Thursday, 2, 10. .2, 3, 6 Th'rsday,3K 7Jj 12.. I 4?Z 6 Friday, t. 3, 10. .2, 3, C Friday, 3>i 7K 12.. 1 4jtJ ? haiurday, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Saturday,3tf 7>J 12..I ?X 07X Sunday, 7,9, 10. .2. 3, Sunday. 8 11 ..16 6 (Vnoiis who*e tune uiaybe to much occupied aa to rouder it iucruiTetiient for them u leave duriu? business hour*, will obaer that a bnkt leaves New York at & o'cU.ck every morning, returnin* from Fort Lee at 7^ o'clock, thereby affording an opportunity lor a pleasant excursion without Iosj of time. es will be iu readiness at Fort Lee to convey passengers to HucUensack, Sunday* excepted. je 19 30t*r FOR SHREWSBURY, LONG BRANCH. Ocean House, Jumping Point, Runsom, and : jftzjJELmsim Hat on town Landing. The steamboat EDWIN tEVVII, Captain Haynes, will run as follows from foot of Vesey street, North Uiver :? Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. July. O'clock. July. O'clock. Wei!!.?<i!ay, 14, 4 P. M. Thursday, 15, 9 A. M. Thursday, li, 5 P. M. Friday. 16, fl A. M. Frniav, 10, 5 P.M. Saturday, 17, 9 A.M. Saturday. 17, 6 P. M. Saturday, 17, 10 P. M Su..,l*y, 18, 7% A M. Sunday, 18, 12^ P. M. Mouday, It, 8lnA?M. Man lay, ii?, P. M, Mii'^ei wi.l be iu rraumess on tlie arrival of the boni to convey p . 111 'II narti i.r the jyl 30??re ' i I I'l/.K.N'S ISKVV WAV LlNr. Oh ~ OPPOSITION BOAT? FOR ALBANY \ND 1NTERM E DI ATE PLACES -Fare 50 ci-utH?11 icakfust nil Dinnaton Board. Tin new a id elegant Steamer HOUEK WILLIAMS, Capt A. Ucuroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-paat tin, A. M., from '.lie pier foot ol liobinsou street, touching at Htmronnu .ittevt pier, each '"ay, k For pais^e or Irieght, apply on board the Boat*, or to Oeo. Dobson, at the office, 126 Warren street, corner of Wen street, fry** .All persons are forbid trusting the above boats cm aer rani ol thi owners myllrh .UORNINO LINE AT 8V.VEN O'CLOCK. yqp. FOR^ALBANY AND TROV and InterraetiTi^ii *!>??'*? Breakfast and Dinner on board the Beat. The low prvsaure steamboat THOY, Captain A. Oorliam, will le ive 'fir steamboat pier foot of Barclay ?tre?t, Mondays, Wednesday*, and Fridays, at seven o'clock. Returning on the opposite da* V tor p:u*age < r freight, epply <m board, or to r. B. Hall, at the ' I e i ll the K|W f iat- <-A'tl.ls;.h .v III IT A KITS E.vlHi.t. ATlON kJ OKI" I' f., in connection with Oeorge Kippard It iiYiin""Liverpool ? The tuhicribera beg to iiilotm the lmljiif ill it they have oi-c:ieti a hnute in connection with heir friends, Weoige Ripiiard St Hon, of Liver|K>?l,ani| are enabled to forward piss' nge is to aud from Liverjiuol, lit-1 fist DnLliu, t'. rk, and nil other parts of Oreat IIhuiii ami Ireland, on most Miv diMtfri'iM terms For the general satisfaction given td | as*einirr> CoiniiK through onr house in Littipool, we on by refi- e'jCe to numerous le ters received from emigrants from the old COUntiy, elteet to the good tieatmenl the> have it >11 tirnes rec ivd. In order to fully ca ry out the arrangement. w-invr been induced to eat il.li.ll a home in tliit city, that ai I d>ai|>|Miiiiimeiitaud anuovHiCe roinmou to emigrants here u d in Liverpool may l>e prevented. ~ (Lome riipimrd St Bin, Liverpool, despatch the RosriuiT (fc?rrn:k, Huttc.litter, Queen of th?- Weat, Liverpool. and l .ouftiiutiou, on the r regula' days, and, in aditition. cue or inoi* hr.t cl ,ss ship* every week. . ' Persons wishing to send money t? their friends ran procure draft, pa Mile at tight with ml ditri.u it, mi the rmieipal baiikii and their hi?nche? in England, Ireland,jnoa Scotland Applv K. CARLISLE ?c KH'HAKI), j y 11 tOt'rr % South street, rosier ,( 'II TO OWNKKS AND MASTERS Of Vt.fr KPjWV SELS?lUlmes St Springer's I'ateut Steeiing Wheel M&mim ? I'lie attention of ship inaatera and owrers 'a railed t i tins improvement i>i the strrrr,g near of ve??el?, whirh ao cn*p eiely ni.riatcs al! the di/Tirultie* heretofore anting in th-ordinary way of pplymg the steering wheel. A m?del can lie seen an a a full description obtained by Calling on ie8l Mt'?- KNllMiHHW'tfT fc H 4I.K I"? W illi?m .t W ItUt/HE. BROTHER*'-* (O-fAhSAOE JW#V TO /\_NU FROM LIVERPOOL BY TIIK m&mL ItLAI X UALL LINK OK PACKETS. AND Hf,.>iii PA NOES TO IRELAND.?Persons wishing i?ssagc to Liverpool, by the splendidsnd commodious packet ship FIDELIA, which sails on Friday, July Kith, her rrSulir day, will please make immediate application to < ipt. . VR\TON,on board, at the foot of Beekman street, or to the subscribers. Those tending for their friends, to ootne out from Liverpool by the above well-known, last sailing packet, or any ol the Black Rail Line, sailing from thence on the 1st aud IGth of every month, can secure their passage by applying to us. Persons remitting money to their friends, cau have draft* foranv amount payable on demand, on thei ROVAI. HANK OF IRELAND, or on Messrs. PRESCOTT, OROPE, AMES It CO., London, which will be iiaid at any of their branches throughout Ore.it Bri'aiu nun Ireland Applv to HOC HE, BROTHERS It Co. { niton st/eel, New York, next door to Fulton Bank. TV only autlionteil Paaeeefer AgeuU for the old or Ulark Ball I-I'ie Ol Liverpool rackets. N II-The epleudid p-rket ship MONTEZUMA, tails from l,'ve'|i?"l on the IBih of August. j!> re FOR OLASt JOVV,?The New Liue?Regular JfWfy Pa'ket ;>f li'h.lnly?The fine, fast sailing British ORI>, 604 tons, Cgpiaiu Tliomu Mr \ I>>'ii. will aail as above, her regular day. For fieightor |>M??*e, having good accommodations, apply on hoard, at loot 01 Roosevelt stteet.E JL.or to WOODHLLLk MINTIJRN, * South street. The \ No. I ship BHOOK8BY, ('apt Hugh VcEweu, wifl sncc ed the Hyndeford, and sail oo her regular day, the let August. Jyt MHMHHMHi E NE NE1 /^ ^ Mr~? ^ ^ Ths above is an accurate engraving of the town and harbftrof Yerba Buena, or San Francisco. California.? in presenting it to our reader*, we do it with the assuranoe that it* accuracy may be relied upon. The sketch from whioh the engraving win made, was taken on the spot at the time when that place wax blockaded by the American squadron, whioh will account for so many vessels being in the harbor. We take the following description of that part of California from the Califo m'j Start? Yerba Uuena. (San Francisco) the name of our town, whioh mchuh " good herb." Is situated on the south west tide of the principle arm of Kan Franoiaoo bay, about Ave niilfft fr?>m (he ocean, on a narrow neck of land, varying from tour to t?n iniles in width?the narrowest i-lnce b>-lnK sixteen miles south west of the town It U in lat 37 45 N This narrow strip of 1 <nd Is about sixty mile* in length, extending from t|ie point formed by the buy and the ocean, to the valley of San Jose The site ot the town i* handsome aud commanding?being an tuciined plain of about a mile in extent from the water's eitue to the hills iu the reur Two points of Wild? ont? en eii/'h side, extundiog into the Lay. form a crescent, or fiiail bay in the shape if a crescent, iu front, which l?ears MB name of the town These points nfforci a tine view of the surrounding country?the snowcapped mountains iu the dlstanca ? the green valleys beneath them?the beautiful, smooth aud HIGHLY INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE FROM THE .TERRITORY OF CALIFORNIA. THE CIVIL GOVERNMENT. VIEW OF SAN FRANCISCO. THE PROGRESS OF CIVILIZATION ON THE AMERICAN CONTINENT. die. Ac. Ac. We have received, by the arrival of the ship Sterling, at Boston, full files of the California Star, published at Yerb& Buenn, or San Francisco,from the 9th of January to the 6th of March, inclusive, and a special despatch from our correspondent now stationed at that remote section of this continent. The following is the correspondent's despatch : fmr Thomai It. rriiKi*?, "* i in Harbor or 8an Fra.iciico, I'rrt-R California, March 6th, 1817. ) I hav? only timu to atatr. by a veM?l which Mils tomorrow. that wn arrWwd h?ro rafrly to-day, and dropped our anchor at 3 o'clock, in thii in ignlAcent harbor, directly oppcitx th* town of Yerba liuenv We found hnretbo Moop of war Cjane and four mcr "Uipn. mi /iium iCBIl. IlKTlUg W?n ID VOf COUUITJ only about nix hour*. I am not able to nay anything in regard to it All I tmlioru id ijuiet. however. since the making of the treaty at Monterey, a few weeks since. by which the Califoraians yielded to the American Government, but without sneariig allegiance until the wur !m over. The inhabitant* of this portion of the country are well disposed, and the only difficulties wo Jeed apprehend are at Monterey and the lower town* on the COMt. We had scarcely dropped anchor here, before an order which had been awaiting us, was received from Oeneral Kearney, who i* stationed at Monterey, to sail immediately for there, in the same ships in which we arrive. Ho confident had been the Government that San Krancisco would be oar head nuarters, however, that the ship's charter was only made out for there, and upon receiving the order our captuin refused to go, except at a hire of 1..S000 Col Stevenson will therefore send a despatch to General Kearney immediately, and we will remain here until we receive additional orders. We arrived here in tine health, having lost but two persou* by sickness, and one by drowning, lince we lrtt Klo. We have not heard from our other ship* since wo sailed from there. Col Mason, of the 1st Dragoons, hni arrived In Monterey I shall send you ae soon as possible a full account of the condition and prospects of the country. Yours, K. G. II. The intelligence gleHned from our file of the A/ar is not only very interesting and curious, but very funny, and very graphic. W? give, in M'ldltion to other #'*trart? ? deurrintinn ni Sjn Francisco, to accompany the view of that magnificent bay. The Star in a very neat nnd well conducted paper, judging from the file which we have received. It in edited hy Mr. E. P. Jones, and puhlinhed l>y Mr. Samuel Hrannnn. The editorial depiirtment i? conducted with ability, and the typography and general appearance of the heet reflect credit on all concerned. With the intention of presenting to oiir renders a birdseye view of mutters and things in that part of the extreme (Jrc it West, we proceed to make s.veral extracts from it. It would appear from the following article, tha' the people labored under great inconvenience, on account of there being no regular system of jurisprudence in the territory :? Tnr. L*w? or CaLtreaim. We bear the inquiry almost every hour during the day, ' what laws are we to be governed by ?" We h?r? invariably told those who put the question to us, ' If any body asks you, tall them you don't know," becaum we were unwilliug lo?*preiis an opinion in relation to the laws in forne in this territory, knowing a* we did that probably during the day the name persona would be laid ?t tha alcadu's office or elsewhere, that no particular law i* in forcc In Verba Huena, though there may bo in other places In the territory, and that all suits are now decided according to the alcalde's notions of Justice, without regard to law or tha established rule s governing coui ts ot equity " We hare been cempelled on two or three oceai-iona to haaard mi opinion. In consequence of being employed aa an attorney, we learned from travellers thai t0 W YO iV YOKK, WEDNESDAY VIEW OF THE TOW! CR SAN FRANCIS unruffled bay in front an<l on either side, at once burst upon the eve Thiire in in Iront of the town a small island, rising high above the mirface of the bar, about two miles long, and one wide, which is covered the greater part of the year with the most exuoeraut herbage of untrodden freshness. This little inland is About three miles iroin the uhore. Between it and the town is t.lio principal anchorage. Here vessels of alt nation!) rest in safety ana peace, and tneir tl igs are displayed by the aromatic breeze. Two hundred yards from the shore, there is twenty-fonr f??t w iter, and a short distance beyond that as tinny fathom*. Tho beach immediately in front of the now business part of the towu is shelving; iiut it will no d >ui>t in a short, tune be tilled up and b iviuin the most vain ible p irtof tils place. 1'he climate here in. in the winter, which is the rainy seas ?n, damp and chilly During the balance of tho year it is dry. but chilly, in oonnei|ueoce of the continu il etroug winds from the jiorth and north-w^st T tie re is but little variation in" tho at,Biosphere throughout the year;?tho lh> rmouieter ranging from fifty-five to seventy decrees Fahrenheit. Verba Uuena is one of the ui'ist healthy places on tne whale ooaet of the l'?el!lo. Kinkliens of any Kind is rarely known among us. The salubrity of the climat??beauty of the site of the townits continuity to the mouth of the bay?the tlneit harbor on the whole coast In front?the rich and beautiful cpuutry around it. all conspire to reud*>r it one of the throughout tho Mexican dominions all suits were decided by the alcalde in favor of the highest bidder for justice: but when we heard on the other side of the mountains that the I nited Ktateg flag waa waving over every important place in thin territory, we hoped that the nefarious practice, if it ever existed, would be abolished. and the citizens secured and protected in all their rights by a scrupulous adherence on the part ol the judges to the written laws of the territory, without regard to the statements of A, B, or C, in relation to certain customs which prubaoly never existed. The written laws of the country can easily be Obtained and published, and for the convenience of the people it ought, to be doue at ouce. The people are uow in the situation of the subjects of the tyrant who bad his laws written, but placed them so high that tbey coul 1 not be read by the |eople; cou/'njueiitly many ignorantly violated them, and lost their lives and property. It is well known to every Ameriaan citizen in this conutry who has paid any tttrulion to tne constitution of his country, that the law-uiakiug power Is vested in the two houses of Congress alone, two thirds concurring; anu i t. ry attempt to paiia anyxiunst use on ior law m uu imposition upon the people. Commodore Stockton having been clothed with power to organise a territorial government in California, bin proclamation settles the law In thin country for the present, and ought to be regarded as tb? paramount taw by all our court*. These difficulties were, however, obviated by Commodore ytoe'<ton's proclamation, which we published some time since, and which settles t he l?w for the present. Their alcades, or petty justices, are a sinokey set of fellows, as appears by the following:? L.iw amd Lo"?u Ninth. " J1h. Editor? " Among the many good rules adopted by our late Alcalde, and broken by the present one, (not to mention thu high-handed Tlolatlon of the dearest rights of freemen, a refusal of trial by jury, of which hereafter.) in that of tmoking in the court room; and this, too. practiced almost solely by the judge and hi* clerk, who are mora than half their time pufllug forth cloud* of *inokn from their long-nines, greatly to the annoyance of person* having business in court?particularly those not in the habit of smoking. Besides. I would ask, does it look very dignified for a judge in hr delivering a drciiion in an inpoitant citr, trilh a utRar in hit moulh.ttoiiping every half minute in hin addrtn. tn give a ;>ujl or two ; YKKBA BUENA." We trust the Alcalde in question has ere thi: put aside his " long-nine" while dispensing |Uitice. Democracy is progressing there rapidly. Head the following:? A Hiit. We say to those who haTe a little power and infiueno? at the present time, not to attempt to trample upon tin people ; for the time Is not distant when all power wil be in the hand* of the hard-flsted yeomanry of thi country. The editorial fraternity in California are fully ns vinegarish towards each other as they are on this side of the continent. The editor of the Cnlifomian sent a couple of copies of his paper to the Star, with th? characteristic letters, " please ex." written on them. Here is the answer to the polite request:? CALIFORNIA NlCWfTAMSi W? haTe received two late numbers of the Calijor? _ . ,itm illrtv lift! ? tiuni-r nrkntnd in V1nnt(*rpv nn the worn out material* of one of the old alitornia war pre**e* It In puhlifh. d and edited by Walter (alton and Kobort Semple, the one a whining sycophant. and the other an overgrown Hck-*pittle. At the top of one Of the paper* We flittd the word* ,lplea*e exchange'1? Thl* would b? considered In elmoit any other country a barefaced attempt to i-wltidle u* We would consider it ?o now were it rot for the peculiar situation of our country, which induce* u? to do a jrreat 4ral for other* in order to ttnabU them to do a little (rood. We did think of ohargiurf tlw inen ot the Cnltfnmiun At# d.'llatH and seventy-live Cent* to boot" between the papers, but a* it seems to be their determination to "hump" tbeuirelveN in future while on the editorial tripod, w? have concluded to give our paper to them thin year, so an to afford them fome inrlght into the mauuer in which republican newspaper should be conducted They appear now to bo awfully verdant. Civilization in rapidly progressing in California; witness the following1 evidence of it:? Notirr. T* herehy given to all peroonn. not to credit mv wife. *a I shall not be recponnibte for any dabtMh* rony hereafter contract JOHN R'LLf'.R. January 14, 1047. The way the editors serve their subscribers is rather novel The commander* of Iaunchc* in the buy, will coufer * favor upon in, by letting u* know the time of their departure, and their destination, that we may hare an or port'inlty of Rending our paper to the subscribe around the bay. 1 We recommend the following to the notice ol our Common Council. It may enable them tc -*0 iRK I MORNING. JULY 14, 184 N OF YERBA BUENA, 3CC, CALIFORNIA. best commercial points in the world. Tim town if* new. ha> Ing been 1 11.I off In 1839 by ('apt. John Vioget;?and notwithstanding all the troubles In tn? country, liaH gradually increased in alia and importance. It now contain)) a population of about Ave hundred permanent citizens. Two yearn ago there were but about two huudred. Three miles south is the mission Dolores, on Mission creek, surrounded by a small valley of rich and

beautiful land. The water from tills creek can easily bo brought by menus of aoijuedur.ta to any point to supply vessels. V r the supply of the citizens tne best of well water is ouUitted in every part of the town, by boring tu? distauce of forty foit. In going south from Yerb.i Bueu i.the traveller passes over this narrow neck of laud; a most delightful region, 1 nterspersod with lull.*, valleys and mountains - the valleys rich aud beautiful ? the hillscovtsred with tall pine* red-wood and cedar,that have withstood tun tempest aud whirlwinds of a century, aud the m>uutain? rising in majestic grandeur to the i clouds in pasrlug out, the valley of San Jose opens to the view in all ihe lovelinoss of the climate of Italy and beauty of the tropics. This valley is about sixty miles in length, an l ten In width. The I'uoblo, which means an ) incorporated town. Is the principal place of business lor the valley, aud is about Ave miles from Santa Clara, the landing on the bay, or ss it is termed here, " the embar1 cadaro."' Passing on from here north-east, the traveller I in a lew hour's ride reaches the Straits, which separate decide the "hog question," which ^ives our city lathers so much trouble .? Notice. From an J after the '21th day of January. 1?I7. nil person* owning, and having possession of hogs, are hereby 1 notified to keep them penned up?and any hofcs found in the street* of the town, shall bit taken up. and the owner thereof fined live dollnrs If no owner cau b? found > within five day* therean.fr, the hog or hogg shall be fori Ifited to the municipality. [ (JKOUOK IIYDK, Alcalde. ; January 8, 1817. Culilornia, like New York, in cursed with lawyers:? A Card. K. PICKETT, Attorney at Law, having located himself permanently In the town of Verb i Dtiena. will practice IiIh profession In all the courts of this departing', and,also.|act as agent for tliu collection of all debts entrusted to his oare. A legislative council having recently been organised hy Commodore Stockton, and the district of San Francisco not bring represented therein, the inhabitants called a public meeting and disposed of the matter in a very short space of time, aH will be seen by the following extract. After adopting a preamble, the following resolutions were carried:? Th?' ItKI'HKSKN r ati v e < Jo\> kimk.it. Resolved. That we view ilm population of California, a<t being divided luto three distinct classes, to wit ?the < allforiiiuns, " foreigners.'' (Including French, Knglish itml Amcricaus, who have long resided in the country,) and the emigrants. who have recently arrived in the country, ail of which distinct clasaes have distinct ill teresls. aud hence should bo allowed a representation from their respective clashes 1 liesolved, That all thtj different interest* of the country ought to h? equally and adequately represented Ko?>lritd, Th it each district of the Northern Department ought to be represented by at least one member. Resolved. That we now proceed to elect one member, to be recomineuded to the lioreruor, to bo appointed to represent thin district. 1 Mr J. <J. T. Ilunleavcy. and L. W. Masting, were then nominated as candidates. and the people proceeded to vote by ballot. Mr. J. (f. T. Dunleavey received ?<0 votes. .Mr. L. W. Hastings ' M " Majority for Dunleavey. '-13 STEPHEN COOPEH, President. r i:.P.r??TT, ) Secretaries. W II,1.1AM rKTTr.T, ) The farmers, in that region, raise some mighty large crops: To M?;cii<mcs. ! The subscriber wants two threshing machines for wheat, of a siie and sufficient power for a crop of souie ' 40,000 bushels, to be finished by the 1st of June next; cash will be paid for th? same on delivery at Verba Hueiih or New Helvetia. Kor further.inforinalion apply to K. P. Jones, Ks'i , i erbn Buena, ?.r* JOHN A. SUTTER. New Helvetia, Keb. 1847. We hope Col. Sutter was supplied in aeasoa to thresh his 40,000 bushcla of wheat. We are glad to hear that the prospect of the approaching harvest was very Haltering. The editor of the Star i? not in the least bashful about sounding the merits of hi>< journal. Us says it is the only independent paper, and the only paper of a respectable size and typ Jgraphlcil appearance, now mililiaha.l ?... Mm I.. ..(Ik. I>..ia. t .v_ southern boundary of Mczlc.o to the froren regions of the North Wf have the ouly office In ell < allforuU Id which 4 lirnwnt looking paper Run bn printed. We intend to ml<l te It,a* the country grow*, and hereafter d?Totw morn of our tiniu to the paper, and by unremitting eirrUooa. KUHiiiin the high character which It now han, io tho estimation of lb* people. This philosopher will soon be in want id nnc of Hoe's 12,00(1 sheet per hour presses. There in no danger of California becoming it dishonor to our republic. Our emigrants bnve carried with tbem wives and children?th?* principles which have made this part of the continent what it is?and seem determined to edn> cate the rising generation. Pcblic Schooh. We would respectfully call the attention of our fallow cltlicns, to the importance of natahllshlng n public i school The population of the town Is now rapidly Increasing. and with this increase. there is a full proportion ef children. To our knowledge, there Is not at prep sent a school in the place; and. by eonse?|Uclice, our children and youth are nutTering thai most eerious of all < moral calamities, the misfortune of growing up In lg""_ I ranee, of wasting that period of life which only ?an be devoted to education. * * * . f All that is required to carry Into effect, at once, the good work. Is that a more should Iw made and supported 1 with energy and unanimity by our fellow citUens. Let ft IERA 17. I * Ol I ?t | tl I M I C< ui Q( tfa ? HI - ~~ tl M||||| ' * ' " - ' ^ Ka I ? ' 1 uc ^? CO ^?=rr . Z- 1 ?- =aE?" ?*-*- ? - ne th ba =r W READ' le tt Si n w u fl the Huixun bay, formed by the confluence of th? Sacra- hi men to and San Joaquin Hirer*, trom that of Han I'ablo. ui Here it dwdih that the accumulated waters ofa thousand ci yearn had auddeuly reut theoppoalni; mountain axunder. and flowed with tremendoun force ta the ureat bonoin of the deep On the north aldeof the bay. from the ntralt* e to Sountllto, in one of the fluent district*of country in all |i upptr California. Next to Verba Huena, Sousilito is the l bent point on the whole buy for a commercial town It l U -t*v en uiilcH a little eawt of nortn from thin place.on the d opposite ?ldu of the bay, and ban long been a watering ? I. , l.... tw...n .1 lo lay off ana build up ? town at tho straits.to supersede 3 the two luht mentioned places. It will no doubt.however, i 1 mi iiu entire failure Sau Kranclsco bay being tlic safest I and most commodious harbor on the entiro coast of the ; I'acitto, some point on It must l>o the great mart of the i western world We believe Verba Uuenu in the point. I commanding as it doe* now. all the trade ot the sur- < rounding country and there being already a large amount , of capital concentrated here. The town of Verba Buena ( lit called In ?om?t of the old map* of the country ban 4 Francisco. It is not known by that name here, however s The town taxes its name from an herb to be found nil < around It.which is Mid to make goodtea. *" J possessing 1 excellent medicinal qualities. it i* called good herb, or l> Verba Buena .*?? ( r Sir- b P ? - a t' thin be done forthwith; let it no louder be a curse to our '' children, to those who are to succeed max the builders e up of the umpire of the 1'acirtc, that tliey are denied the facilities of acquiring an education suited to their high J" destiny. The Star gives the following relative lo Col. u Fremont:? if the country in the iuterlor Is not bo boggy as to Impede his march. Col. Kremont will make short work of the war iu the south. ' The number of emigrants pouring into (.'alitor- , nia is very j;reat. The editor of the Star Hays 1500 arrived in the valley from the United .States 1 within three months, by tin* route over the muuu- , tains. They were all Mormons. I California is an odd place lor the muses to alight on. Vet they have taken up their resi- ? deuce there, as will !>< seen by the following tri- J bote to Captain Hiirrus, who fell in battle:? Tbihptk to Tiir Brant;*. Bring laurel to deck the brow of the brave, firing the Mag of the star and tho stripe, ( 'Bring music to chant o'er the warrior's gruve. Who f? 11 in the van of the tight; firiug hearts to his low bed of earth. That knew him. and treasured him here, Who have net him in joy, and joined in his lulrth; " Hut m.'ut him lit lust wUh u tear. ii IIih proud ikMil would not bear ,? The shame that envy strove to cant t On him, whose Unit and d^uri'st oare tl \V?? manhood's honor?to th? last, i, With upraised arms and gallant front? p With " cheer aud charge '' they ride, And foremost in the buttles brunt, brave Burruk full, and died. / TU?n gather round liiat lowly bod, t With half maul flag and muffled drum. d Pay hoi, or* to the gallant dead, ? Com.) to a soldier's burial?corns! ? We'll write no epitaph of words, We'll raise no stone ou high; Hut grave his name upon our swords, Our watchword, and our battle cry. The following is of interest nntl importance :? OKNKKAL IN I KI.I.KiKNCK. | Krotn the California Star, March >.] Wo learn lrorn persons ju ?t arrived from the South, that Col. Kreinont. two w, eks since, wan still acting as l tovernor of the territory. All was unlet in the south. A diMrulty occurred a short time since between Colonel Fremont snd tho officers and men of his battalion.? Seven captains aud ltcutuuaut* belonging to the battalion rvhigned in one day. we understand Our Informants m?ft a courier from Monterey, on hi* way to the l'ueblo dn les Angeles with despatches fur L'<M. r r.'iiiiini.; h yif rruirp, iiniimom mat nw i* cunviiii'imI 11jr thl* time that lila authority to acta* Governor blast darivad tri'iu iii" propw nource. ? oi. iui**eii hail resigned the office of Secretary of State. We are Indebted to our Monterey correnpondent for a copy of the circular juat iaaued tiy (ien. Kearny ami Commodore Shubriek. which will be found in our paper to-day. It will b<- wen liy the circular that (ien Ki-arny la now Governor of California, and liaa alreaily entered upon hi* dutie* a* auch. It will al*o be ohaerved that < nmmnilore Sbtilirirk. according to thepreenut arrangement of our government, ia to have command of the Northern 1'acltlc bijuailron, and to have the control of the import trade nj California and the gonial *upcrviaion or the American citmmerca In tha I'acltlr CiaOt'l.A*.?To 411. WHOM IT MAT CoRIIRRM, *? IT Kwoww, That the President of the United Staten, deairou* to give and to aerure to the people of ( alifornla a ahare of the good government anil happy civil organtiatlon enjoyaii by the people of the I niled State*. and to protect them at the *ame time, from the attack* of foreign foe*, and from Internal commotion* ?haa invested the undersigned with *eparate and dlatinct power*, civil and military; a corili.il co-operation In the eierclae of which, It 1* hoped ami believed, will have the happy reaulta deaired To the ( ommamler in < liief of the naval force?, the ('resident ha* a?higued the regrilatio:i of the import trade, the condition* on which ve*ael* of all nation*, our own a* wull a* foreign.may be admitted into the port* of the territory, and I he vaUblihluncnt of ail port regula Uon*. To the commanding military officer, the r resident. haa assigned thn direction of the Operation* on laud, and ha* inverted him with administrative function* of government over the people and territory occupied by the force* of the I nited btate*. Done at Monterey, capital of California, thl* Ut day 1 of March, A. D., IhI7 W. Ok?h?'ohii Human*, < oinmander in Chief of the naval force*. < X. VV. KhAKNV, brigadier general U S. A , and Governor of < allforni.v It se< ra* from tha proceeding* of a meeting held in " Mommm. a few day* alnce, which will appear in our |i"it, that the Iii4t*n< nave recently evinced u hoatlle dlapoai- " tlon toward* the settler* in the northern part ol the t country, We tr?st that Gen Kearny will ooiuply with t the reaaonable request of the people of that Motion, a* 1 expressed In their public meeting " The U H ahlp Warren < apt J D. Hull, left here for ? Monterey on Tueaday morning l**t The I'. M store ahlp Krle, Capt. Turner, left hare on ' Tkondaj for Moataray In noticing tbi amount Mbocrlbad bare, for th? relief " i i H%IMW LD. run tin Uwm ' the ?u!|irinti iu Oio muunUiu ? o?KUet?d to hU. that the offloern. mariuua and ??ilora. tulousliw to 10 V S Tewela of war theu her* ubaortlmd liberally h rom a private latUf receWed y?*urday, w* learn that onterey ha? beeu Uxad upon by UoTernor KMrny Mid ouimodore Hhubrick as the temporary teat of lioTernent for the territory. Tha point for the permanent Mat of ()0T?mm?nt ha* >t bran determined upon. an<l prohably will not be by le existing authorities, byt will be left to th* pet pie Thu entire northern I'aoiQc squadron of the United '.atea are no doubt at Monterav. with the exception of 10 Cjane. now at thn port l'helr destination la not >t known, but it ia probable that th? greater part of em will ba itationed along the ccaft The Warren 11 be vent home, if attar luapection.ah* in not cnnalderaeawortby. The Savannah. it I* thought, will alao Kent home _ 'I he member* of the LegUlativ* Council have not yet en appointed, and it in not likely that th?y will be, itil the nomination)! from the varioua part* of th* uutry are cent in Our Monterey oorrenpoudont inform* that i apt. Tur r !* 11 that place ou tbe .'J init. for the Pueblo of the igels. with orders froiu (Jevernor Kwtrny to disband reorganize tbe California battalion, and to forward all e Government archives to Monl?r*y. Col. Fremont isbeen ordered to Monterey. Thk Civil Uovkhnuent or Cturoanu. | Kroin tbe < altfornia Star. Feb 27 ] lieueral Kearney tailed from thin port In the I'nltcd iites frigate Savannah, Captain Merrill*, oa Tuesday Kt. for Monterey, where it i> understood, in conjuncon with i ommodore bhubrirk, be will immr.liately immonm the import.int work of organizing a civil gornmeut for C alifornia. '1 lie iiintructioiia i f the Uuited lutes Government to ouiiuodore Khtibrirk and (icueil Kearny, are, we uuilurstand, full on this point, and ive."t them with plenary _ powers, to rarry into effect le intentions of the t iovernuieut. Without appearing ividioUK. ? ? may be permitted to congratulate tbe noplo of I alifjrnia. upou the lact that powers which hi Heir I'letcile, are i?l ,-ucb moment and interest to thein. ave been delegated to iii'livi'luaU in every respect so ompetnnt and ditrrvet. Doth ot them are gentlemen of tie mo?t exalted reputation iu ilieir professional and rivat" characters, ami the people of California may feel he fullest assurance that all their acta will be designed r Ibo gt'Uertl g.">d. The precim form of government tbut will beestabished in < aliloruia, an I tile mode by which it will be / lit in operation, until Congrem shall have the nererary time and iutorui.'itiun to take charge of the suhjeer, re >li> not suppose, ban yet been dete, mined upon. Thin, re presume, ha* been b it altogether to the direretioa of he gentlemen above named, who, doubtless, will be got rned by wli.it they shall deem moat practicable, and lost conducive to tbe general prosperity in the present rial*, after full mid thorough observation and mature l flection. There 1* one subject to wbiub wu desire to call the atantion of (it'll. Ktaruy and < i inmodore Shubrlek, -' imliig it of the highe-t importance that muiu iuimeate action should bu had in regard to it. A large proirtion of the einigraalH who came into California last -ar. did no. under tile expectation tliut the government tinting lu re when they left their borne*, would grant leui land* for .i;;rieultural purposes. Most of tbem ive exhausted all their inenna in the expenses incident > their long perilous jouruey.and arc now here, without >use, home or lands. With a devotion to their country ortby of all praise and of a rich reward, an aeon a* they -rived bere. and were called upon, almost to a man they ft their families and arrayed themselves In defenoc of le American Uag, and the cai?e of their country.? >mn provision or regulation It seems to u?, should be ade immediately for these emigrants, by whioh they ill be authorised to settle upou vacant lands, with ail nderstanding that they shall hold them when the afiirs of the territory are finally adjusted. We hope this Jhject. so vitally jmportant to th? present and future nlgratlon. will not escape the attention of the governlent at Monterey. rm MiKtii. Sj(m Fha*i i?ro. ('ai.ii oiNi*, March 6.?U. 8. l?ovrnment liilla, IJ a 1 j pur cent dlacouut; American Gobi, or; Doubloons. flii tHl; Sovereigns. t<4 73; 30 Frank 'leei.'S. t t CM, 40 ili> do v? 00; Dollars of all kinds. n?r ottona? Sheeting*. 14 * 10 !>?? yard; aiiirtinga, 1? a M to; \ print*. l(i u-<> do; !, do 17 ft '.42; browu drill*, 14 k ?; blue do, 21 h 'it>; bluw cotton, lt> h lH, demlna, 23 ft !t>; cambric mualiu, pioo?!, fci.'.O a $600; velveteen, per rard, AO a ^loo. WuvIcim. ? Kino broadcloth. $0 h $H a r yard; ooinmou do, t>2 60 a $4 60: tlannel, Ml n 74; jlatiketn, pulr, f> > a ft*. Linen*?Utah linen, ftO a 7ft per r?rd; riiveu duck, nunc; cantata bolt, >ln a >20; oanftjurga, nooo. I'aiut*.?White lead. 1H a 20 per pound; >lack do. none; i-lialk, do; linnued oil, $1 a $1 25. < Jro erlea llread, 10 u 14 eviitn per pound, coffee. Manilla, (j a?do; do Satj'cb I. 2H h? du; bam*. 2ft a ? do; >orter. >ii 00 per dozen; Hie, f>4 >0 do; cider, none; rlfte, i u 'J oenla per pound; black pejiper, Irt a? do; cruabad ind loaf augar. 20 a 22 do; brown do, H it 10; V. H. tea, >1 01) do; II. W. do 60 a 7Ac. do; Souchong do 60 a 7* do; i??f tobacco, IN 20 do; manufactured do. 12 ft SO do; 'ranch brandy, >2 00 per gallon, Hour, $ I tf 00 per barel; chocolate, none; dried uppity. 12 a 1<I rent* per lb.; uuch raiaina. $4 a ?4 per box. Sundriea ? Hot I lea, $1 er dozen; aperm caudle*, .'-0 n ? per pound; oordftgn, 14 do; corkn. >1 2ft per groan; *hot. 10 a 12 cent* per lb.; nine, none; board*. good .juallty. M feet, SIO; do midline, *30; calf hoota, fU m >7; peg do, $.1 ft 1>A; Cftlf hro ina, f>i a >2 .>0; Iron, a a 10 centa per pound; do hoop*, i a 10 do; lead, none; wickyftrn. 9ft a 30 do; window in**, ftO feet 10-11. f.7 ? t'.i; do H. 10, f>ti a $8; p?inte<t aila. $ft a $0 per do/en; cottou hose, $0 a $7 do; thread o, f2 a *2 to do; apool do, i?o a tl; woollen stocking*, ,ono; Madra** handkerchiefs. >:> a t l pvr dozen; print lo, $2 a do; fancy hirtH, >12 a $lft do; tapa, 2ft eta. ier groce; linen threail. >2 per pound Mutagc of tlitt Uoveruor of Oregon. Vo the Hun. t/ir l.rniilalinc .humbly if Orrgun :? Kki.low cititrxi :-Tho duty ot aadreaatng you at .he opening of your aeaaion.once more preaeuta ltaelf. I lie duty of legialnling tor the welfare aud happiuera of .he community again devolve* upon you. May we bfi {iiided by that Wiadom that never err*. The boundary lueation, a ijueation of great importance to u* a* a pen |iie, there ia every reaaon to believe, la finally leltled. Should thia information prove correct, w<' may shortly txpect otllcer* from the I nited State* Ooverumcnt lo ake formal poaaet^ion ot Oregon. and*ettend over ua he protection we have long and anxiou.-ly looked for I'he notice that the joint occupation of Oregon would mule afier twelve montha waa given by th?- I'raaidrnt of liH I liifoil hutwd In ..f i V* jut wn huTx not been made acquainted with any acInn of I ougress that would extend tne jurisdiction of he I uited strten of?r up; but from the /'. < log that peeailed in ? ongre** with regard to thin country, and tho cntiincut net forth by ibe Prinidunt, previou* to th? otice baring been git en, them can tx-uo doubt that ow? the notice baring been given- the boundary lint, a all probability. llnally nettled, we Khali in s few month* t tarihent b? again liriug under, and enjoying th? |?ro ction of, the nt ripen and *tarn of our loved conntry, ud. ere long, we may reasonably hope, be added to tho rilllaut constellation In view of the above, and -a the reaiuble to our organic Intv net" forth the fact that we gree to adopt the law* and regulation* of our provmional ovcrnmcnt, '* until e'..ch tnui an the United Mtatee of imitlct nirnd their Jurt'dietisn o*?r up.'' and a* that ime probably in mwir at band. It remain* with you ta leleruiluc whether It will tie better, after contirmiug the ippointinenta, tilling vacamnmi, lacking the neceiwary ippropriatious and attending to the unavoidable btMlie*a of the nepsion, to adjourn, either to ineel in the pring. at wlucli time wn will undoubtedly have all the [iroceeding* of t ongre** relative to this country, pa***d ?t the lanl Hciwion, or at tlm call of the K.xecutlve, should lie lie put in poem spion of the intent Sou of the I uited States government respecting u?, or whether you will go Dii with the regular buntum* of the nen*lon a* if nothing wan done for us, or expected by ui In the latter ea?e. there are law* that neeil revising, and me law* that ar>< very neoaeoMary for the welfare of the territory should be passed The law establishing the po*t office depart ent need* altering very materially It wa* found, after being in operation bill a short time, that the rate* of pontage were altogether too high, ainouutlng indeed to a prohibition; the revenue arose almost entirely from the pontage on newspaper*, but fell no far abort or expense*, that the I'Mtiuaater (lunejtl, at the clone of the third quarter, stopped pendlug the mail. I would recommend that the rate* of postage be reduced to five cent* on each letter: double lei tern and package* in proportion, and one cent on each new-paper A mail route should be kept up between the priitftipal Sections of our territory, and I have no doubt, If the pontage in reduced, the r*ve nue arising from the receipt* of the ofllce would very nearly or quite pay the ex primes 'l'he act pawed at the last session of the Legislature, entitled '* Ail act to prevent the introduction, sale and distillation of ardent npiritnin Oregon. 'l? one I should recommend for revision; there Hre at v?r?l t<mnt< In whlcli It I* thought to be ile fectlve, ilf organic Uw provide* that the Legislature Khali have power to " pa<* law* to regulate the Introduo tlon, manufacture or sale of ardent spirit*.'' It I* held that the power to prohibit the Introduction, manu torture or sale ix not granted by the organic Utw Auother objection la. that the fine collated under this a t goe* one half to the informant and witnesses, the other half to the officers engaged In arresting and try tog?in fact, making the witnesses and judges interested In the case The 4th auction of the ant make* it th?< duty of any officer or any private cltiien to act, when ever It shall coui" to their knowledge that any kind of jplrltou* llqttoM are distill* t or manufactured In Oregon It would ho in licit bett?r if it were made the duty of the sheriff of each county to act whenever he should be informed that liquor was made or sold in hi* county, and to author! xc htui to raise a sulMcient posse to aid and assist him in enforcing the law Wo have m a commanily taken a high stand in the chiino of teuipernnce among our ?Mrli?i?t effort* uiay lie found the abolishing ot arut.ut spirits from our land; and to thi* In a ureal. ineiinire may he attributed our pence and prosperity No now country ran b? pointed out where so much liar mony prevailed In Its first settlement.a" In thi," l aws w? bad no"" yet all thing* went on quietly and progperou ly I have no doubt if ardent spirit* is kept within its proper limits.we shall (vmtinue to prosper During the paet year. |>ei*ons. taking advantsgeof tli? lelect in our law, have manufactured and *?ld ardent iplril* W? have sAsn the etlect* (although the manu acture was on a'small scale.) In the midnight carou als among the Indians in our neighborhood during their Isbing season, and wlulo they had property to dl*poee >f; aud lot me ask. what would be the consequences if he use of It should be general in the Country mid among he different tribe* of Indian* In the territory? I would herefore recommend that one person, and that penum i physician. be appointed and authoriced to import OT uaiiufacturc asultlclent quantity to supply the wants of ? he community for medicinal purpoees, to dispose of to liquor except when he know* It ueneaeary, or on an irdei from a regular physician, slating tliat the period applying aland* iu neud of it (or uiediulnal pur?

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