20 Temmuz 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

20 Temmuz 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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- "r ~M* 7** ?-J M , T 1 ,, , . |*i ? 1 '_J__1 TH] Vol. XIII. No. IU7?What* Ho. M04* THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Karth-wat comer at Fulton and Rhmh ata. CIRCULATION?FORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every d*y, Price U ceou per copjr?$7 Si (wr finiutn?payable iuadrauae. WEEKLV IIEllALD?Every Saturday-Price ?V ceuu per cony?S3 1<J4.reutt ner aunum?payable iu advance. HERALD FOR KUROPE?Every Steam Packet dayPrice ceuti per copy?$> per annum, including poeUce, |>ayable 111 advance. Sauarriptioiia and adyrrtiaement* will be received by Meaarv Oaliyuant, II Rue Vivienue, Pari*; P. L. Siinouds, IB Coruhill, anoJohn Miller tlie bookaeller, Loudon. ANNUAL PICTORIAL IlERALD-Publnhed on the lit of lanuary of each year?mugle copies aupence each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the mual price*??lway* caali 10 advance. Advertisement* tliould be written in a plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will not be re?pon*7bl? for error* that may occur in them. , , ? , .. PRINTING of ill kind* executed beautifully and with denpaich. . All letter* or communication* by mail, ddreued to the eitaUlithmeiit, mutt be po*t paid, or the po*tage will be de ducted from the *ub*criprion money remitted. iieuULAR oo.V'EVISLAND FERR"? r -The Steamer AMERICAN EAGLE leave* 'aartaMMMfaa Pier 1 North Hirer daily (Sunday* included), 10, 1, and 4 o'clock, landing at Kort Hamilton rach way; returning from Coney Island at 2>? and 6K o'clock. N. B ?No boat aave that belonging to the Terry will be permitted to land at Coney Islauu, and passengers will please govern themselves accordingly. jyl( 7t m CITIZEN'S NEW DAY LINE OF Cjs^EM^OPPOSITION BOATS FOR ALBANY, Landing at Van Courtlandt'i Newburgh, I'i'Uh'hkeepsie, Kingston,Caukill and Hudson.?Far* 34 cent*? Breakfast and Dinner on Board. The new and elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thnradaya, and Saturdays, at half-past six, A. M.. from the pier foot of Robinson street, touching at Hammond street pier, each **ay, For imiwige or friegnt, apply ?n board the Boats, or to Geo. T. Stanley,at the office, foot of Robinson street. (T7" All persons are forbid trusting the above boats on aocount of the owners^ _ my 19 rh - (tx? UHSIONH TO BULL'S KERRY. r^kdH^H^TILLIETUDLKM, FORT LEE and TRI MKBHUnITY CEMETERY?Landing at Hammond and Nineteenth streets.?Fanx On* Shilling?On aud after Sunday, July lBtli, the commodious steamboats FRANK. < apt. Isaac Scott, and ROBERT ANNETT, Capt. Frederick Gaylord, will leave the foot of Canal street every day, Hundavs excepted, >H, t and 10 A. M., 2, 3 and 6 P. M. Returning, leave Kort Lee every day, Sunday* excepted, at 7)h aud 12 A.M., and 1, quarter to 5, and 6 P. M. ON"SUNDAYS, I'be boats will leave Caual street at 7, 9 and 10 A. M., and 2 nud :t P. M. Leave Fort Lee at 8 and 11 A, M., and 1. J and 6 P.M. For the accommodation ol Pic Nic and other social pleasure parties, a boat will leave Fort Lee at 7)? M every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening. TRINITY CEMETERY. The 8 and 2 o'clock trips of each day, Sundays excepted, will be extended to Trinity Cemetery, the grounds of which have been recently laid out in the most beautiful and picturesque manner. Returning, the boat will leave the Cemetery wharf at a quarter to 12 o'clock and quarter to G o'clock. Stages will be iu readiness at Fort Lee to convey passenger* to Hackeusack, Sundays excepted. jel9 30t*r OPPOSITION PASSAGE OFFICE?To r^Skr-N a Ibany, Utica. $1 30; Syracuse, $2; Oswego, Rochester, $2 23; Buffalo., $2 50; Cleveland, ?4 Detroit, S3; Milwaukie. $8: Chicago, $8; Cincinnati, $8; Toronto aud Hamilton, $4; Whitehall, $2; Montreal, S4; Pittsburg, $8. ' Office, 100 Barclay street. A.i" security required will be given for the fulfilment of all contract - ade with this compauy. iy 16 3411*r M. L. IlAY, Agent, New York?J847._ ' PEOPLE S LINE STEAMBOATS UllR rwdCN ALBANY. Daily, Sunday* Excepted? dHMbThrough Direct?At T o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between Conrtlandt and Liberty street*. Steamboat ISAAC NF.WTON, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wedneaday, and Friday evening*, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. U. Cruttenden, will leave on Tne*day, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 7 o'clock. Special Trains for Schenectady, Bnllston, and Saratoga u? :,, r.lt r .... All _. aL' ami P.M., except Sundays. Passengers will find this the moit expeditions and convenient route. At Five O'Clock, 1*. M.?Landing at Intermediate Placts? from the loot o I Barclay street. Steamboat HOC HESTER, t-aptain 11. H. Furry, will ileave ou Monday, Wednesday, Friday,and 8anday afteraooui, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain T. N. Holte, Mill leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon! at 5 o'clock. The above boat* will at all tiuea arrive in Albany in ample lime Tor the Morning Cars lor trie East or West. Freight taken at moderate relet, and none taken after 6 o'clock, P. M. Tf" All persons are forbid trusting any ol the boats of this line, without a written order Irom the captains or atfeuts. For passage or freight, apply on hoard the boats, or to P. C BCHuLTz. at the office on the wharf. j V12 rc DAILY EXCURSION TO THE ELY " nTtMh1"1" FIELDS, HOBO KEN.?On and after vtfflSSMKto Sunday, July 11th, the steamboat PIONEER will make Regular trip* from Canal and Nineteenth street, ditect to the El vsian Fields, at Hoboken, leaving the above mentioned places :ts follows:? Canal street, Nmetrun' h street. El yuan Fields, 10 o'clock, 10V o clock, I0W o'clock, 1 2 " 11(2 " 1IK " 2 " 121* " 12>* " 4 2? " 2>, * " $ ? $ 5*2 " 5>? " jy? Ut*rh 6X 7 " FOR SHREWSBURY JLONG BRANCH, r Ocean House, Jumpiug Point, Runsom, and JEMmmmKBMm Eat on town Lauding. The steamboat EDWIN LEWIS, Captain Havnes, will run as follows from foot of Vesey street, North River Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. July. O'clock. July. O'clock. Tuesday. 20, 9)i A. M. Tuesday. 20, IX P. M. Wednesday, 21, 10 A.M. Wednesday, 21, 2 P. Mi Thursday, 22, 10 A. M. Thursday, 22, 3 P. M. Fndav, 2:4, II A.M. Friday, 21, 3){ P. M. Situ may, 21, It M HaturUay, 24, A r. 1*1. Sunday, 25, 6 A. M. Sunday, 23. S T. M. Suites will be iu readiness on the arrival of (he boat to convey p^ssen^ers to nil parti of the country. jyl 30t*re flOTICE. STATEN ISLAND KERRY.?On and r after 8UNDAY, April llth, the steamboat* bflKBHBe SYLPH and StATEN ISLANDER will ran u followi, until further notice LEAVE STATER ISLAND At 6, 8, 9, 10,11, A. M.< and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, C, 7. F. M. LEAVE l?W YORK At 1, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 3, ten minute* put 3, and at 4, 5, ti, 7, o'clock, P. M. New Vork April 13th. ?ll r FRENCH TRANSATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY-Royal Mail. / ?The Steam Ship UNION, E. Hebiert, ~^iWlitflyij_Coniinaiiiler, takes her departure positively K9bon Saturday, the 21th instant. 'lhe order of departure from France is as follows? The PHILADELPHIA sails on the 15th of July. The MISSOURI " " 31st The NEW YORK " " 15th August. The UNION " " 31st And from New York The PHILADELPHIA sails on the 15th August. The MISSOURI " " 31st ,T The NEW YORK " " 15th Sept. The UNION " " 3Mh These Steam Ships are equal to any ailoat, and commanded by sk ll'ul and courteous navigators. When their iranilormatiou from war vessels to commercial ones is complete, they will be Ibuud as comfortable a* any ships can be made. The price of pissage from New York for the first class is $180. From Havre 1,000 francs. Wines will be charged extra, bat the prices will be very moderate. h.l_ r j_ u l.?_.i u? . r. ?< ,..:?r tl freight from New York if ruled by the market rate. Kor further particulars apply to the office of the company, 14 Broadway. jy!8r BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN CiROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1200ton. 2*?MtiUlflM|}_aud 430 horae power each, under contract with the Lorda of the Admirality. HIBERNIA. Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward O. Lott. BlilTTANNlA, Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA,Captain Charles H. E. Judkini. AC^ DIA, Captaiu William Harrison. The four atemnsliips now building arc THE AMERICA. THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA THE EURO PA. Vessels appointed to sail from Liverpool are the Hritania July 4, 1847 llibernia July- 2n, 1817 Vessels appointed to Mil from Boaton are the Britannia, August I, 1847 r3tj.v Iliheruia Align rt 10, 1847 lusengers' luggage must be On board the day previous to sailing. Passage money?From Boiton to Liverpool, $120, do do to Halifax, *20. No berths secured until J>aid for. These ihi|>s carry experienced surgeons. No freight, excepts|?cie, received on days of sailing. Kor freight, passage,or any other information, apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent, At HARNDEN U CO.'S, 6 Wall st. UT1-In additian to the above line between Liv?r|>oo| and Halifax, and Boaton, a contract haa been entered into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool and New York direct. The steamships for this service are now being built, and early next year due notice will he given of the time when they will start. Under the new contract the ateamers will sail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight during the other months in the yar. Going al ternately between Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, ana b? ween Liverpool and New York. n*82 r OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION ^aMt/V^OMPANY, oAce 44 William succt. Dimkctods. C. H. Sand, Conrad W. Kaber, Ed ward Mills, Horatio Allen. William Chamberlain, Mortimer Livingston. John A. Iseliu, John L. Stephens, Herman Oelrichs. C. H. SAND, President. Euwakp Mi 1.1.9, Ueueral Agent. New York. CH**i.rs E. Ardrhson, Secretary. In conformity with the provisions of the charter, iiotie* fceiehvg iven rhatthe Books for subscription for an amountnot cti-ceding $300,000 to the capital stock of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, will be re-opened at the office of the Company, 44 William, corner of Wall street, ou Monday, 21st Jnne, 1847. Kive wrr.ent of the amount subscribed must be paid at the I enod of subscription in specie or bank bills. The balance o I the iuhieriptmu will be called for ill instalments not exceeding 10 per cent,as may be required by the o|>eratioiu of the Compa nV, and ni'Oii thirty days previous notice. The following in the 25th section ofthe By-Law:? " Snhecripfina to the capital of the Company, after the ainouut may be $100,000 shall hi preference be allowed to those who ni u then be stockholders, and to the extent of their then nrraal snhsenptiou." ifl SUtre xfifc Kill NEW OBLEANS.-Lo uisiana and New WflraV X?* Cyhata^TEa fast aalling f'aoket Bark *M&??tNESE*. Ihoa. L. Minott, master, is now loading. and will |>ositively sail on Monday, August 2. FOr'freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall Street, or to E. K. COLLINS. ?- ? , , ? _ , 58 South?. A (rents in New Orleans, J.O Woodruff 8t Co , who will pr inptly forward all goods to their address. .. Packet ship Waoasli, Captain Hathaway, wi succeed the Genesee, and Mil her regular day. j y 13 .* ?*, *-' E NEl NEV ? - - ? - THE aubacnbera offer for inle turnip aeeda ut' the II |RW bcit kind*, vis :?roota ba?a, or Sweduh, ahow ball, M. *JLm- red lop, .white globe, red gloiie, yellow ulobe. yellow a* lone, yellow Aberdeen, full r&diah and apinarh, with a hrn> Bi and geueral aaaortuieut of garden aeeda. Beue plant fre*li ol everyday. Choiae aud fragrant (lower* at all M-.uona ol tlie pi ye?r. DUNUr k THOMSON, in j 18 Mt*jn Heedainen and k'loriala. 6JS Broadw?v. SCOUNTHY SEAT KORSALE -Th?t very drairable reaidence in the village of Titrryiown. Wnt- J cheater county, fitted up by the Ute Mra. I'hillipa, and " occupied for aeveral yeara by E. Treadwell, K?i|. ia now of- T< fervd for aale. The houae, which ia about <6 feet by 40, with an piazza front and rear, ia well tiuiahed luid now in good order, t?i with a green houae attached. There are alao on the preuiiaea B> carriafe houae, atable, ice ho'iae, gardener'a houar, and other th couveuient out buildioga. The grounda, about ail acrea, are 1*1 well atocked with a great variety of choice fruit treea, shrubbery and ornamental trees, and the |>ros|>ect ia not surpassed V by any ?pot on the Hudson river. For terms, See., apply t<? the 1 aubacriber ou the preiniaea. ? JtH 3?t?rc. C. V B. Q8TRANDEB. "h AAFARrMK.oTS TO LET, handaoinely furuiahrd fe or unfuraiahed, at 31 North Moore at. w jyU Ut?m tn M rAVMJON, NEW BRIGHTON, Suten laland.- f? The proprietor bew to inform hia frteada and the public, r that he haa made considerable alterationa aud improve menu in thia establishment since the last season. He haa erect- I d a large buildiuR, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether ?J disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. Theae fo rooms are intended for gentlemen only; they are of a comforta- an ble size, light, and well ventilated, and auperior in all respects W to those generally denominated single rooms in the various a The proprietor is now ready to treat with families or putties en wishing to engage rooms for tha season. Letters addreued to at him at the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediale at- hi Mntion. >n A steamboat mas between New York and New Brighton, at n< tha following hoars, vie:? 1? From New Brighton?At I and 11 A.M. and 1 and 6 P. M. m From pier No. 1 North River, New York?At t A. M. and 11 pi M.and 3*J, S and 6\ P. M.and more frequent communications ra will be established as the season advances. in ^ Sunday Arrangement?From New Brighton at ( A. M., 12X, at From New York> at 9 A. M.. 2 and P. M. ft Music Nights?Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The Paviliou is now ready for the reception ot Company. v ap? tfrc F. BLANCARD. ;; NEW YUHK AN U HAJtLKM KAILHOAU COMPANY h< SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ei " Cars will ran as follows, until farther notice, l/p trains will leave (he City Hall for Harlem It Morrisiana. Fnrhnm He Tuckahoe Plvasaiitville, 4 30 A. M. Wm'msBr'ge. Hart's and Newoaotle 7 " 5 30 A. M. White Pl'ns. Bedford, 7 " T A. M. Whitlicltville 9 " 10 " 10 " CrotonJfalls. 10 " 11 " 4 P. M. 7 A. Tn. 11 " 3 P. M. 4 30 " 4 r. M. su a P.M. 4 3 " 5 30 " 4 " 6 30 " 4 4 30 " 6 30 M Returning to New Yoik will leave? Morrisianak.Harlem. Fordham. WIU'iiu Br'ga. Tackahoe. 7 OA A. M. 6 53 A. M. 8 45 A. M. 7ffl A. M. 8 10 7 55 ' 7 50 " 8 48 " 9 " !) 09 " 9 03 " I 20 P. M. 10 " It 83 P. M. 12 15 P. M. 5 52 12 35 P. M. 1 44 " I 40 " White Pl'ns. 2 5 08 " ? " 7 10 A. M. " 3 " 115 " t> 08 " 8 33 " _! 4 20 " "33 " 7 44 M I P. M. i ? " 4 33 * V 6 28 * s? 8 04 " te ricasant\illc. Newcastle. Bfdlord Wliitlirkville. Ic 8 13 A M. 8 AM. 7 51 AM. 7 45 A M la 4 1J P M. 4 P M. 4 41 P M. 4 45 r M W Croton Kalis. 7 30 A M. ci 4 30 P M. ti The trains to aud from Croton Falls will uot stop on New j York Island, escent at Broome street, and 32dstrert. A car I will precede each train ten minutes, to take up passeugcrs in the city. ? The morniug train of cars from Croton Kalli will not atop between White Plain* and New York, eMcept at Tuckahoe William'* Bridge, and For dham. Extra trahii on 8uudayi to Harlem and Merriiiaua, if tine weather. P Stages for Lake Mahnpack and Danbury leave Croton Kails on 1 arrival of the 7 o'dtock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and for Paw- (J lings on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. a FARE FROM NEW YORK : tl To Croton Falls $1 00 tc To Whitlickville 87X b< To Newcastle 7'i i To Pleasantvill* ?2X I To White Plains., M \ Freight trains leave City Hall at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. y Returning, leave Croton Falls at 7 A. M.^id 9 P. M. ,j CHEAT AND EXPEDITIOUS TRAVELLTno TO THE t WE8TERN STATES AND CANADA. C BY TAPSCOTT'S L EMIGRANTS PA8SENOER LINE8, ? Office, 86 South street,New York. The tubscribers continue to forward Emigrants and others ,i to all parts of the Western States and Canada, at the very LOWEST RATES OF PASSAGE, by Railroad, Steamboat and Canal, to the following places, via j: Albany, Rochester, Buffalo and Pittsburgh:? ti Utica, Syracuse, Oswego, . Auburn, Rochester, Butlaio, Erie. Pa. Cleveland, Huron. Sandusky, Maumee, Monroe, Toledo, Detroit, Mackinaw, Milwaulrie, Racine, Soulhport, Chicago, Green Bay, Pottsville, Pittsburg, Pa. Wheeling, Portsmouth, Ohio. Parkershttrgh, Cincinnati, Louisville, Ky. St. Louis, Galena, Dnbuque, " Bond Head, Darlington, Hamilton, Whitby, Coburg, Queenston, f] Kingston, Toronto, Sandwich. J Montreal, fr And all otiier intermediate places. Persons proceeding to fc any part of the West, or Canada, would do well to call on S. W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, S At their General Emigration Office, _ 86 South street, New York. I Tapscott's Emigrants' Travelling Guide can be had on ap- * plication, free. m3 30t?rc " SFOR SALE?Twenty rail roail earn and six one horse K, wagons, and some two horse wagons, and are constantly w making to order, where they can be had at the shortesl notice if not on hand, where all kinds of carta, wagons and har .. ness can be had at the moat reasonable terms, bv MICHAEL MULLANE, Wagon Maker, No. 21 and M Montgomery it., J JantT Citr. N. .1 Icic ?Ot*r ? KQKNKW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA nND ?W YORK LINE. ,| tit. m. M. M. i TO bAjOTvERY TEWJAYS. ai Ship OSWEGO, Captain Johnson. |, Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Sliip CLIKTON,Captain lugersoll. ,, Ship LOUISVILLE, C?pt. Hunt. ?' Ship SARTELLE, Captain Taylor. Bark GENESEE, Captain Miuot. Bark J. E; WILLIAMS, Captain Parkri. Bark HEBRON, Captain Oreig. The above ships are all of the first claas, of light (Iran of .? water, and commanded by the moat experienced captain* in S) the trade. Their cabins are handaomely fumiahed, and every ? attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the pussenK?rs. ? Neither the captains or owners of the above ships will be re- f, sponsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, mlveror plated ? ware, or for any letters, parcels. or packages aent by, or nut on ,, board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the value therein expressed. I For freight or passage, apply on hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot ,, of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLIN8, J6 South street. J Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff & Co., who will " promptly forward all gaods to their address. L DRAFTS ON THE NATIONAL BANK OF t TRP.T.AWn 11 btg their the public, wishing to remit money to Ireland, that they draw ?' draft* for large or small amount*, (payable without discount,) * direct on the National Bank of Ireland, Dublin, or any of the *' numerous branches throughout the country. Also, drafts can be obtained, payable in all parts of England, Scotland, and , Wales, on application to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, I M South ?treet. New York. BRO^^^^ k Jk. ta XV den lane, having now completed their arrangements, beg ** leave to announce to their friends and the public, that passages ?l to and from the Old Country can be lecured on the moat rea- " <onabk terras. in first claaa packet aliips, sailing regularly from pi New York am! Liverpool. They alio guarantee that there ' shall be no detention, nut thai emigrant* will be forwarded on I" presentation of their ticketa. Draft* payable on demand on the Iloyal Bank of Ireland, " and ou Meaara. 1'reicolt, Unite, Ames U Co, London. K' mrttl<K?re R mk JKt TTMON LINtH5^rACKEl!!^Tm LIVERPOOL " y PASSAGE TO OR FROM LIVERPOOL?The following well known, fast sailing. and favorite packet ships, will ? sail from New Yrrk punctually on their stated days ? The AMERICA, 1600 tons, 3d July. " MEMPHIS, 1100 " 7th " T " SEA.. 1000 " 10th " m These magoihceut ships have accommodations unsurpassed for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers. Personsabout pi proceeding to the old country cannot select finer conveyance. ^ Thoat wishing to send for their friends cau make ihe neces- u. sary arrangements with the aubacribers, on favorable terms, and have them brought out in either of the above ships, or by ] any of the splendid shipa Comprising the New L'lie of Liver- ' pool Packet*. W. k J. T. TAPHCOTT, tr JvJrc * M South street. s< P.W.BYRNES lc I CO.'S NEW yoRK AND LIVER- ti POOL EMIGRATION OFFICE. u. BY 36 are desirous of informing the public of the United States, that so they have found the importance of a direct Agrncy for the th purpose of placing within the |Kiwerofthe friends of the pas- th sengrrs coming out to this conntry, the immediate correspon th dene* with a respectable establishment, from whom they ran h? rely for attention and favor toward* iheir relations leaving the r. ola country. I Persons desitous of engaging passage* from DnMin, Cork, Wattrford, Belfast, Londonderry, and Liverpool, direct to ; New York, Boston.Philadelphia,Bait.inorc or New Orleans, ' . ran do so ou more favorable terms than ran he obtained from , any other house engaged in the business in thia rountry; being the oldest aud largest establishment in the passenger trade iu Liverpool. . , , ..... The many thousand passengers that ha?r sailed in the ships ? which have been despatchedfiom our office in Liverpool, and K the different ports of Ireland for the last thirty vears, is a fuffi- ii| cient guarantee of our ability to fulfil ?ith satisfaction anyen- an itiifinrul for i?*i?nei)gf r* that we mn_y bt* lnvoffn with. * TKafts And Bills ok kxT han(?egive, for .?y J amount, uayable on sight, at the National Bank of Ireland ami its branches; and also On all the principal town* of England aud ^ Scotland without discount. , , ... , . th I A list of the Packet Ships with their days of sailing, and the Rn I address of the Agent* who act for us, ran he had on application or j at this office. Apply or address kv ro j m82 lm*rr? H South street i PA( KETSFOR HAVHE-HE' OND I.I.NE? P >HK The ship ONEIDA, J. Fonrk, ma*ter will .ail on in JBHK th. fint of August BOY6 k HlftCKEN, b? I , Agenta. I ^ rH j j ^ ' 0+ *w ' '; ;* ~' I ]l P^ff^pyWBaHMggBCB iV YO V YOKK. TUESDAY MO EUER KRERK.8 BRANDIES?Constantly rec?iveJ inJ < for <ale by the subscriber, (entitled to debenture) a full sortment of tne several brands of the rbove well known randies, consisting of Cognac, Rochellcand Bordea? flavor*, a great variety of vintage*, arw and old, in >{,A{aud)? pea, which are oifered at tiielowest current price* by the iporter. Dealer* are invited total I <u J ?iamine sample*. HEN H V LKOER, mvW 10i r Office No lfl4 Wull ?ireet. New York k CARD.?CHARLES WOLKE (son-iu-law of the l.tie k. Ralph Jamcb, for many year* proprietor of tyautilu* Hull, iimi kiusville, Statru Island.) respectfully inform* hi* frieud* d the public, that he ha*leajied that beautiful romantic CotKe and Oardeus, the property of Dr. Juo. T. Harrison, n* a >ardiug i I oust and Public Garden. where he tru*U to merit eir favor*. It ia located cloae to the shore, a little *oath of nuter'* Hotel Dock, and uained Romantic collage. Tnmnkin*viile. Klwtpu Island. Jnnr IT. j<4T. jelt Mir )KAKN libS CURED.?ill Broadway.?1 cheerfully comply with the request of Lieut. McIuto*h, to state Ugft he n invalided home in ron*eiiuence of total deafue** ana di?inrge* iroin the c-ari: that while in New York, under the prouioual care of Dra. Castle and Edward*, Aurists, (311 Broaday) he entirely recovered hi* hearing, and ha* returned to ilitary dutie*F Signed, H. McNeveu, Surgeon to H. B. M. rcea, Jamaica. ACOUSTIC OIL. for *Je?A *uecific lor cipieut deafue**, paius, noises, collection* in and discharge* did the t-ars. . m6 J0t?T [ A M f. S M. KELLY, Shakespeare liuildiug, corner of Sixth 1 and Chesuut streets. Mercer and Tailor, respectfully innm hi* customer* aud the public, that he ha* taken that old ; id well known establishment, the Shak*peare, at the Northwest corner of Sixth and Chesuut streets. where will be found i large and general auortinent of Engluh, Krencli, and other i >ods, of the best quality. He ha* made arrangement* to have I irly and fresh nipplie* of all aeaaonable aud faahiouable goods id pattern*. He will devote hi* eutire time aud attention to s business, so that all tho*e who favor him with their custom, ! ay depend upou their wanu being supplied at the shortest | muc, nmiiii, ill Ultiu Hint's, uuiy ue IDiaiuru UOI ll(H Hie All importance. By the arrangement* he hai been able to i itke, from Ins long ex|>erience iu business, and in the way of ircliosiug goods, he will fnrniih his customers, at as cheap a ! ite i.t ui. other competent and fashionable Mercer and Tailor : i the city. He, therefore, respectfully solicits public patron- : re. Philadelphia. May, 1847. tU Im* t r'HK NATIONAL K1RE INS?TRANCE COMPANY No H2 Wall street.?lusuranee against Kire and Inland lavigation Kuks?Tint Comixuiy is prepared to make iimrrire against loss or damage by tire on dwelling houses, ware >uses. buildings in grneral, goods, wares and merchandize o( rery ?enynwi, and personal property,and on risks of trail sirtatiou and inland navigation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, William Van Wyck, J?-hu Vau Bonkerck, W. C. RedAeld, Kugeue Bogart, Martin Hoffman, Henry H. Ward, Knbert L. Case, John J. Herrick, John U Ward, llrury 1). Beach, Stephen Iiolt, W H.Jacobs. THOMAS W. THORNE, President. W. C. K klloom, Secretary. N. B.?The capital of this institution M now full, and with a iri lus. 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The steamship McKim arrived lit New Orleans on SunJay afternoon, the 11th instant, In charge of her first tu officer; Captain I'ilshury having died on tne passage, of 01 yellow fever. te The MoKim left Vera Cruz on the 3d instant. There had been nothing later received from the city of Mexico tl than was brought down the night of the lit instant, but ^ fuller accounts had transpired at Vera Craux, than were received by the Alabama. ' We have no further information of the march of Uen 11 I'Ulow Had any disaster occurred to him. the new* of * it could scarcely have failed to reach Vera Cruz prompt- b ly. Our letters' make no mention whatever of him or ^ hi* command. " Dy this arrival wo have files of papers from the oity of < Mexico to the '29th inst. inclusive. In the IJiarin Jrt '' Gnbirrno, of the 2ttth June, appeared an important diplomatic correspondence. m The first note is from the Mexican minister of foreign *' affairs to the secretaries of Congress, referring to that j11 body a communication from Mr. Buchanan, which announces Mr. Trist'a appointment. We learn that this *' letter was communicated to Santa Anna bv or through w the British minister at Mexico, Mr. Banknead, who has w; exerted himself to bring about a negotiation for peace " between the two nations. 'e< Mr. Buchanan'* letter is dated April 15th. It acknowledges the receipt of the Mexican minister's letter of Mil Keb , declining to accede to our propositions to send com- n missiouers to.lalapu. Havana, or other point, before the Ui blockade of the Mexican ports should be raised and the n Mexican territory evacuated by our troops. Mr. Buohanan writes that the President holds such a u condition absolutely iuadmissable, neither demanded by nationiU honor nor functioned by the practice of nation*. nc Jle urges that such a preliminary condition would ren- itI der warn interminable, especially between contiguous nations, unless by the complete submission of one of the M belligerents. Il? shows how puerile a course it would be for a nation a which had sacrificed men and money to gain a foothold j, in an enemy's country, to abandon all the advantages it m had won. and withdraw its forces in order to Induce no- Wi gotiations. without any certainty or security that peace tr would ensue from such negotiations. Ha Me then cites the cas* orour last war with (ireat Hri- ^ tain to show that we never considered for a moment that tl our national honor required us to insist upon N(! the withdrawal of British troops before consent- M ing to treat for peace. We sent commission- Hl ers to Ghent when portions of our territory al were in the possession of British troops ; and ft It] was notorious that while negotiations were going en at f( (ihent, hostilities were carried on upon both sides with n unwonted vigor; the most memorable actions of the war tt taking place after negotiations had been concluded. v Such a prelimiary condition to negotiation cannot be u cited in modern times; at least, Mr. Buchanan knows of Hl none. I, tjlle then exposes the unusual conduct of Mexico,under ft another aspect. The ('resident, in his desire to avoid the war, had sent a Minister to negotiate the peace. Even after a war had commenced, by the attack of the Mexican troops upon Ueu. Taylor, the President had reiterated propositions with a view to opening negotiations which should put an end to hostilities. lie had ' declared to the world that he would exact no conditions that were not honorable to both parties, and yet the Mexicau government had refused to receive the Minister sent to her, and after declining to accede to the opening of negotiation!. Mexico had never made ku. wn upon what basis she would consent to a settlement of the differences between the two Republics. There will never 1 be a termination of hostilities, Mr. Buchanan proceeds, if Mexico continue.! not to listen to the overtures which have been proffered, and which tend to the reestabllshbient of peace. The Presideut will not, therefore, make further overj tm en for the opening of negotiations, until he has rea; son to Itelieve that such will be accepted by the Mexican government; but uevertheltss, such is his desire for peace, that the evils of the war shall not be prolonged one day later than the Mexican government makes it absolutely necessary. Accordingly, to carry his determination into effect, he has sent, in the quality of commissioner, to the headquarters (f the army in Mexico, Mr. N. P. Trist, tlrst clerk lu the State department, with full powers to oonclude a denmte treaty or peace with < the I'nited Mexican states Mr. Trist is recommended 5 an possessing the full confidence of the President, and 1 worthy of that of the Mexican government. in conclusion, Mr. Buchanan forbears from comment- ' ing upon the closing passage of tbo last letter from the * Mexican minister, lent it should give to hia present note " a less conciliatory character than he desires for it. lie * recurs with pleasure to another passage in the same let- ^ ter, wherein is expressed the pain with which the Mexi- " can government has seen altered the oordlal friendship d which It had cultivated with thlsrepublic, the continued R< advancement of which it had always admired, and whose Institutions bad served as a model of Its own. i?uch sen- ri timents, continues Mr. Buchanan, the I'resident deeply P feels ; his strc ngest desire* are that the United Mexican ,l| States, under such Institutions as prevail with us, may ' protect and secure the liberty of their citizens, and Tl maintain an elevated position among tbe nations of the ?,' earth. ' Such is an outline of Mr. Buchanan's letter of April Kt K>th. We have not translated it, as tbe original will no c< doubt at once be made public. There is no indication in it of the basis upon which Mr. Trist is authorised to conelude a treaty. Hr This letter the Mexican Mlniiter acknowledges on the J"" 1'iil of April, faying that the President had instructed him to reply that the whole subject matter of it had been 111 eipresMy reserved by the sovereign Congress of the na- ?J tion for Its own control, and that the latter would be at lj once transmitted to it for Its action We learn by the Mexican paper* that < ongress wa* at ?' once convened to take the matter Into consideration, but '' up to the 3!>th of June no quorum had been procured. ' By a letter from a source entitled to great respect, we 0 further learn that (Jeu. Scott gave the Mexican govern- *' ment till the 30th ult. to act upon the latter, when if no- P thing should be done, he would march io. " The bestopinlon In Mexico, in our judgment, we have ? had an opportunity of learning by this arrival That ? opinion gives but poor encouragement for peace, but does H not entirely despair. Other gentlemen, with very am- a pie opportunities for judging, write from the city of * Mexico, that there is no hope of a settlement of tbe H difficulties, that the Mexicans have not yet been sufll ' cirntly whipped; and that Goneral Scott will have to '' march into the city of Mexico. None of the letters we ll have seen mention anything about the number or posi- c tion of the Mexican troops. from tbe Sun of Anahuac of the 'id Instant, we copy the following order Issued by Com Perry upon returu- n ing to the mouth of the river from his Tabasco expedl- p tion. ( Ur?iT?:n Statki Klao Snip Miiiiiurri,) * Off Tabasco River, Juno 'J5. 1817. $ I The commander-in-chief, on returning to nisship troin ( the expedition undertaken to rapture and occupy the (. city of Tabasco, seizes upon the earliest moment to J offer his warmest thanks to the offlcera. seamen and ^ marines, composing the force engagod in the attack, for , the gratifying proofs ot leal and courage, manifested by ) them ou tbe occasion. j Notwithstanding the extensive and judicious arrange- f< inents made by tbe Mexicans for defence, they exhibited t little itallantrv in maintaining their well cnosen posi- ] tlon, and the only disappointment evinced by th? brave ' officers and men, proceeded from the tact that th? enemy did not stand more firmly to their arm* M. C. PERRY, Commanding Horn* Squadron The rommodore arrived at Anton Litardn on the 30th i June, with the squadron ( d CAPTI'KK OK TABASCO. | Krom the Washington Union ] j The official accounts of this transaction have been n sent by the Raritan. which vessel lias not yet arrived t The following is the only letter whinh,as far ma we are ad- g vised, has reached Washington from an officer of the t squadron since the capture. We have been permitted I, to take e?tracts from it;? * U. 8. Si K4?rfca Mlimsirri, July I, IM7. / n Saorlflcioa Island S t ' We returned yesterday from Tabafco. where we a have been far the last three weeks. Our proceedings I ? will relate in as brief a manner as possible Theparticu- tl lars you will see in almost every paper in the Union, just ? about the same time you receive this. Com. 1'erry, with b a large detachment of the squadron, left for the purpose > of again taking Tabasco. A force of l .'iOO men, includ- 7 ing marines, were distributed In surf-boata and barges, tl nd taken in tow by the Mnali steamer* Scorpion Spitfire. si Vi*<7n, find Scourge. These steamers also took In tow oi the bomb-vessels Ktna. Vesuvius, Htromboll, brig Wash pi Ington. schooner llonita, and Capt. Taylor (the camel oi and sub-marine man) in his schooner, the Spitfire, and with all these, and the long line of boat* in tow. you nan readily imagine we preitente I quite an Imposing appear l>' ance Thus we ascended the river. When about M> b< miles up the river, we were somewhat annoyed by volleys tl of musketry from tie chaparral on each side of the In river. Strange, here no one was hurt We soon cleared rl< them out by a discharge of canister and grape When lit we were about h miles from the city, we were obliged to te anchor on account of an obstruction placed in the river in by the enemy, to prevent our proceeding further up ? on At this place (oalled the I'almo) we lay all night, and lit were harrawed a good deal during tlie night by oc- hi casionai discharges of musketry The river there not til being more than <>0 yards wide we had to lay within 10 *p or Hi yards of the starboard, (lor right hsnd, at you wl would call It,) and of course we were an ea?y mark lor nc the enemy, but during the night, only three men were in \ era: ? xrar- V ""TTBiM ' T"..'* ' ?< unded Next morning boat* were sent to sound uad, to see If we could get over as we were Such > s not our intention, for our army wan prered to land While these boats wera sound- r ; the Commodore was impatient to land, aud t Kent me to order the return of the boats ; " d . just as 1 was in the act of raising my trumpet, we ieived a fire of musketry which killed no one, but w unded Lieut. May severely in the right elbow; and h e man was struck iu the back Tom Wainwright was n May's boat As sooo as I returned to the Comuio- tl re, be got in the boat, and gave the order to all the tl it. As soon as we were all ready, with three of the w idest cheers you ever heard, we gave way, and our 8 at was the first to touch. Out we jumped, followed over a thousand, aud in five minutes we were formed ? the bank in battle array, and with ten pieces of aT- ei lery. sis-pounders, brass; but the enemy had deoampWe sent out scouting parties. who now and then p sked off one or two of the retreaters We formed and n mmenced our march; and in about four hours march, p grass up to my chin, we came in sight of a fort; but ai our chagrin, we saw the American colors proudly tly- fl g over it. To explalu this, you must know that the o earner and vessels being lightened of sailors, and Tay- *| r's camels under them, usrended the river, and. alter A iliarp action, compelled them to ahaudou their poal- li in and tly Wheu we entered the fort, we found it I .rrisoned by about twenty sailors, who gave us the * formation that the town had surrendered to < aptaiu II gelow; bo we marched into town, colors Hying, and v ubs beating, Sic. No troop*, and scarcely an iuhabtnt We lout several men there, who, having strayed c it of town, were caught by the rancheros. and ijuar- ' red and hung up to dry Wo found a great uuuiber 1 ' arms, cannon, ice , some of which we preserved, but y ie greater part we destroyed. After remaining In 1 >wn some Ave or six days, we started to return, and t ft the Scourge, Spitfire, and Ktna. Van Brunt gover- I or, and with the rent of the force returned We lay at 1 ie mouth of the river some four or five days, during hich time we received news that the force there had een attacked, but only one or two hurt. But let Capita Van Brunt alone?he will manage them. We sent p a reinforcement of marine*. At Tabasco, Cominoore I'efry sent the Karitan home; the Albany.will soon How. as also the Potomac. "We touched at Anton Lizardo yesterday, buried a lusician, and came here for some purposes unknown, id I presume w? will soon return to Tabasco. 1 have td ijuite enough of marching, for. during that march I id to go over the ground five or six times; for, being d to the commodore, ho would send me to the rear ith an order; when I got back to my place, back again Ith another; but. as you may suppose, I soon got tired that, and 1 found it more convenient to sit down and t the rear coma up." FROM THE BRAZOft. The steamer James L. Day, Capt Wood, arrived at ew Orleans on the morning of the l'ith instant, from raxos Santiago. By her the Picayune received the atamoran Flag of {he 7th instant. The steamboat Knterprise has been sunk in the Hio rande, fifteen miles above Keynosa. Boat a total loss. Capt. Dunlap's company of mounted men from lliiiis had arrived at Matamoras, the men in One health, id the horses in tolerable oondltion. MoCulloch s company has returned from < amargo to atamoras. We copy the following from the Flag:?''Mr. llolliday, gentleman well known in this city, returned on Tuesty evening last from ? journey Into the interior, sixty lies beyond San Kernando. The object of his journey as to purchase mules for government, which was frusated on account of an irregular competition in the .me business by the baad of < arabajkl, who were tread over the country taking forcible possession of all ie mules and horses fit for service The alcades of iveral different villages beyond San Fernando, advised Ir llolliday not to prosecute his journey further, asiring him that it would be impussible to obtain mules, ad he was running a great risk of being either killed or lade prisoner, lie was informed that a part of Crrea's CM was in Victoria, and that the mules and horses hich were being collected by the Mexicans were insnded for a force which was raising, and was to rendexous at Victoria for the purpose of making a desuent pon Ttimpico This he learned from many different ources, and he believes that an attack on that poet is itended, the weakness of the garrison there strongly ivoring such a design. Affair* In Texan. I From the Houston Telegraph June J8.J We learn from several gentlemen who lately arrived rom Fredericksburg, that this town is steadily improvog. and already promises to outstrip any of our western owns, except Bexar. There are already no less than Ifteen stores opened at this place, and it is estimated hat the population exceeds J.000. 1'he settlers have everol large fields of corn under cultivation, and flourihing gardens are found iu all parts of the town, furishing the settlers an abuudauce of excellent vegetables k new settlement will soon be formed in the valley of the laoo,fifty miles north went of Fredericksburg, and it in xpeoted that several of the lainiliex of the town will relove to thlx settlement The people at Kredericksburg n.joy excellent health, have KUtfered no injury from the ndians, and are generally prosperous, contented and apiiy The trade of Bexar has been unusually brisk during lie last month. Small parties of traders from Monrlova. anta Rosa, and the adjoining towns, hare lately visited and purchased large quantities of goods. They find hat the goods sold at Bexar are not subject to thn iriiT imposed on the goods imported Into Matmnoras, auipico, aud other Mexican porta, and consequently, hey can be purchased at cheaper rates at Bexar than t those ports. At present, we believe there are no cusom house offices established at any point on the lUo irande. above Matamoras, and goods can be Introduced utoany of the Mexican towns on the Rio Grande valley hrough Texas, free of duty. Should the war continue such longer, this trade will doubtless increase to a great xtcnt, and Bexar will become the rival of Matamoras ? Ve learn that goods to the amount of about $100,000 iave been sold at Bexar within the last month. We ioubt whether a much greater amount of goods wero old at Matamoru during tin- hhuio period or time. We learn from several gentlemen who have recently nturned from Bexar and other western town*, that they awed Hevenil emigrants who were on their return from lie weutern frontier, whither they had gone to settle.? 'hey had become discouraged, owing to the long presence of the drought in thatsection, and the high price f provisions. We notice that a correspondent of the oiorado Htrald also mentions that he had beard that iveral emigrants were returning from the West, on ac>unt of the severe drought. We do not learn that any rthese emigrants bare yet re-passed the Brazos, and it to he hoped that they have concluded to locate in line of the settlements west of that river; andas copious tins have lately fallen throughout thnt section, it Ih not uprobable that numlierswill he induced to return and Hike another trial, before they t nally abandon the juntry. We have been informed by scttir>'ii of llexar, tat this drought was the most severe and protracted lat has occurred in that region for twenty years. It nmmenced in June, and oontinued until April last; durig all that period scarcely a drop ot rain fell at llexar. Vars may pass ere a similar drought will occur. The rop of corn at the West will be Immense, and there is carcely a doubt that the price of this staple and of other rovisiwns will be greatly reduced in a few weeks <;orn as been selling during the last six months. In the westrn settlements, at from seventy-live cents to a dollar a usbel: but this is owing to the great demand of this rtlcle for the volunteers and Oerman colonists. The mount that will be required for the volunteers this year rill be comparatively trifling, and the crop ia so large In 11 parts of the west, that the price of this article will. oubtleM. fall back to its old standard, of two bitts a ushel. We see, therefore, no cause for discouragement o the emigrants who may desire to locate in the western ountry. The Ship Fever in Canada.?This dreadful lttladv appears to be still on the increase. We resent the following statement derived from the ^u?6'c Ihruniclf. of the condition of several vessels, all of rhich arrived at Urosse Isle on Tuesday last:? 'r?trl. Whrrrfrom. Pmittngm. Ihalht. i, lull Liverpool. ... .. mm) 46 'Imrlm Bjrhard*.,. .Slixo .....1711 8 ledusa Cork. 191 Uert Wateiford 211 I online Liverpool lit r ilancbester " 11} || 'essie Cork 137 J7 irin'i Quern Liverpool SI7 rfl larah " X ih II iosanna Cork 2M i i'ritoo Liverpool 103 M rhiftle " :m * Lvou Cork AJO I* Total ?,9J? ?3< -or nearly one-tenth part of the whole , of the remain r many are tick. It appear* by a statement In tbe luehtc Mercury of Tuesday. tlmt the total number of eathi at (Jro*aa Isle, up to the 30lh lune, w** Ml ; on I ' oard ships ami buried ou the Island to July nth, 7I<? ; ied at Hea,'J.A.iO ; miking a total of 4.Wj death* 1 he 1 umber of death* at the Marine lloapital from tbe id to i ho 10th in?Unt, *n? .>1; dl?oharg?d J'J*. remaining J J7 The attending olergy have auMained feveral addl- ' tonal loHees The Tier Mr Montigny.lt I prie*t at I .achinc, and slater Mmnff, one of the (irey Nuns, are aid to have fallen victim* to the |e?.-i The Ite, \1r ] loy, cure of < barleabourg, died on Tue*day morning ol I vphus fever contracted In the discharge of hi* clerical 1 title* at tJrosse Isle. The dev. Mr I badderton wa* net ' xpected to survive Til* Monti ml /'i Inl states that on ' tie evening of Saturday the 10th. several cart* filled i lth young children, were removed from the sheds anil | rought Into Ht ? atharlne street. Ht Lawrence suburb* line of them died on the same night of tbetr removal ' 'he Montreal H'itn tit of Monday *ay* it I* asserted by I je beet medical authorltle*. that there la scarcely a i ;reet in tbe city, in which there are not two or three I u>es of fever, and that the only effectual mean of stop- I Ing the dl*ea*e would l>e the removal of all the sick at 1 ice _ 1 T?k Maonktic Tei.koiiaph.?We arr h urrd K .Mr I'renoh, the President ol the Company Itween thi* city and New York, that the most > nerge- | o measure* are now in progress to ensure as.perfret an | filiation of the entire line as po**ible Klncc hi* ction to the office at President he ha* passed over the iv and visited nearly all the office*, and And* the InrruptloM to be occasioned principally by imperfect Milation A second line of iron cord la now alm<*t inpletcd between Baltimore anil I'hiladelphla, and a io of the same material will be placed, with all poaai dispatch, upon the poet* between thi* olty and Balnore. Mr. trench assures u* that no pain* shall he ared on lit* part to give the public a Una of telagraah llch shall b? both permanent and certaiii The line is >w working well from thi* city to New Y ork ? glon Inlrlhgtni.tr LU._ Mm tin U??? (i?lw?y lmluatrlu! mtltly, ,, u . . ... OalW4t, July 1, 18 47 I)ka? 8m ?I h?T? the pUaaure to acknowledg the eceipt of your letter* of the Slat ult and lftth J un? b>* Utter encloaiug your draft for Hi) in aid * f tbi? Society." To yoiirnelf and to the noble hearted. ??u?rou* frienda iho h??c mi humanely exerted themaeltes on our be alf. I cannot aufflciently expresa the gratltud e 1 feel, otfor thin remittance alone, but for all thny have hitit-rto done for thU unhappy oountry. Believ e me. air. Iiere are millions in Ireland who would gladly prove, Uh their lives, the gratitude they owe to the United tatea. Vou will see, by the accompanying copy of the Oaliey I 'indicator. i3d June, that we have already aflord i considerable relief to thin neighborhood. It ia really awful to aee the eagernaoa with which our nor ("the faay Iriah.") grasp at aaj meana of earning a alfpenny. for iuatance; we have already purchased 7000 aira of aorka and atookinga; the greater part of which r? made about Moyculln. Hons and Oughterard, from ve to fifteen mllea from thia. The material for a pair f Blocking* will coat Od . and at leaat fonr daya will be pent in dyeing, carding, spinning and knitting, he., ke. ifl?r thin, aud a walk of twenty or thirty mllea. one ahilng fur the stocking* will bring hundreds of btoaainga. f you Haw your country-women crowding our oountors rith such work for sale, you would know the luxury of Iving in a country where industry does not die of lUfatlon. The New Relief Act, now in operation, Hires fourteen iunce* of food to each grown person, per diem, ju?t nough to keep them alive, but on whioh it would be nipracticable to work; add to thin, that it is generally [iven out cooked, so an almost to ensure dysentery. ft s the opinion of the bent medical men in thin town, that ;here are at this moment, more than 500,000 person fin iruiand whose constitutions have been so weakened by Famine, that all that wealth or art could do, would not keep them alive for another year; but perhaps the beat proof of our condition* is. on Munday last, at one o'clock, when walking from the goal to Newcastle, I ?%w a dead boy on the side of the road, who had evidently been there for tiome days, and last evening, taking the name walk, I counted six persons, lying on the stone*, by the side of the road in fever, and the worst is to come?no one seemed to notice them, tne sight is so common Will you have the kindness to thank the edit ' the Mrw Kork Herald for his eloquent notice of th. 'y I am happy to say, that at present there se, .n b* every likelihood of our being able to establish hert * verv extensive export knit stocking trade, thus affording employment to many thousands of our poor females; but there is another class to whom this society affords assistance, who are, perhaps, greater objects of pity, than the inmates of the most wretched hovels. 1 mean, ladies, by birth and education, who, heretofore, were enabled to uipport themselves respectably on a small sum, which Lhey received either as interest money, rent charge, Ikc. xc . and the ready hospitality of their country friends \11 these have now fai'.ed, and these ladies, too proud to icg or place their names on the relief lists, starve in mc'ret. many of them deriving their chief support front quitting collars, socks, cuffs, &c. of thread; (one of vhich, a collar, 1 enclose as a specimen.) Do jou think *e would be able to sell such articles in New \ ork' Vour kiud suggestion, as to opening a shop in New fork for the sale of our manufactures, is of the greatest mportauce, and would enable us, if successful, to en arge our operations here to almost any extent ; for we ntend that every thing sold by us shall be good of It* tind. and of a real value for its price Of course I do not now refer to such articles as the enclosed, which only derive a value from fashion. II. upon seeing our {oods, you consider such a shop of advantage, it would meet the warmest approval of our committee. Will yoa have the kindness to give the most sincere thanks of this committee to Messrs. Kowler. Kelley, Mid Barclay, for the activc part they have taken in relief of our distress. The only return we can make for their generosity is to take proper care of the funds with which we are entrusted, and this we will do to the best of our ability. I will publish their names as our N?w York Committee, and hope shortly to b? able to form committer* In other part* of the stateh, ax I have received per Wm Kuthbone Khi| . of Liverpool. ?70 from He* Dr. Wayland, Providence, It. I., and ?30from Augunta, Georgia, per W.J. Allen, Kbij , Belfast, being P?rt of the funds entrusted to those gentlemen for distribution , also, a donation of X'iO from Lady Noel Byron. Apologising for this rambling letter. In which, I fear. I bare omitted fifty things I ought to mention, and only ottering us an exoUM-, that it is now three o'clock, A. M, and that I have for this day s mail six other letter* to write, 1 reinuin, your s most respectfully HENRY BARRY H VDK, Secretary To Dimu t I i kiii . Ks</ , New V'orK Tile Crop*. The wheal harvest is nearly over in (his section of Illinois, and the crop secured lu excellent condition Id the southern part of the Htate the yield Is much better than usual and promises a large return to the farmer? in the middle section, the crop is generally light, but the grain is of a superior >iuality -and In the north, where It suffered most during the winter, it is said to be much below an average I pon the whole, so far as our infor uiation extends, we are Inclined to the opinion that the deficiency in some of the eouuties will be nearly m*dn up by the greater <|uantity raised In [others; and that the aggregate raised in Illinois this season will not fall greatly below that harvested In former years The oats, corn, and hay, look well, and promise to be most abundant.?Jllton Trlrgrajih, 9th intt. i ne n?rvesung iwnn in me warmer parw 01 Illinois and Missouri was about a week later tiiau usual this year, but ban fortunately coine on after the June rain* hare abated and while (Inn weather has contributed to the rapid gathering of the grain an^ securing it in excellent order. in the southern parta of there State* the season in now over; In the ml<idle parts, our farmers are in the midst of their harvesting. and in the norther It parts are just whetting thesr sickles. Of the quality of the grain lutrvented thin year there in no difference of opinion. It in on all hand* allowed to be excellent. The berry ia sweet, heavy and well ripened An reapecta it* quantity there Ida general, and we believe correct impreasion, that it'fall* snort of an average. In the southern districts it Is aa abundant aa usual, but in the northern there ia a very considerable deficiency. In the middle districts it ia doubtfnl whether it quite reaches the uaual ninrk. Upon the whole, conaiderlng Its good quality? the large amount sown?and the trifling loss sustained in getting it in, the wheat harveat in llllnola and Mlaaourl may not Improbably be found to yield in good, wholesome breadstuff, very nearly as much as the beat oroprt hitherto. ? St. Louin New Era, IO<A intt We understand from a gentleman who haa just returned from some weeks absence, in Iowa, that the or ope generally look remarkably well ?the wheat particularly so. Corn Is more forward than Itia in Wleconaln The country his also been blessed with genial ihowera? while In tills vicinity, the drought ia burning up vegetation. Yet in all his tour, he says, that he did not lee mora magnificent wheat, than now oovera Rook I'rairie.?Daily IKuroruin, lOfA init. Trof. C. Q Korshey publishes a letter in the Conoordia Inlrligencer giving the leault ofhia observations upon the cotton worm which has lately appeared on aome plantations His opinion la that the worm of the preMnt year Is not that whioh destroyed the crop of 1H4A. Of this he ia positive, nor is the present worm, to hla era, much like that of 1H46. And he la further of opinion, that the present worm is not likely to provn as de structive to the crop as that of laat year. The Rice, Corn and Totato cropa in the vicinity of (ieorgetown, are repreaented aa good. The Cotton orop ia fctir; the Corn orop haa improved in apppearaace. The I'ce Dee river, aa we learn from^the Georgetown Obiervrr. Is in fine boating order ? Charlulon Sewt, liffc toll. A letter from Charter Ulver, Md., July 10th, t the Baltimore American says ? Our Wheat harvest Is over, and the grain was never better, weighing per bushel sixty-three and sixty four pounds ltia conceded that more buahels are made this than laat year, and already ? >ma is on It* way to market. The latter rain* bate Improved the Oat crop, and far more will ba made of tbia article than wan expected, lu many field* wbare it *u *uppo*ad they would not attain a growth *ufl1clent to be mtved, now it in m they ran ea/dly be rut witb the Hoythv and cradle In other field* they are juit a* good aiiu common year* Ac I' r?d|n?ct? the Corn crop, the pro*pect in moot brilliant and a few morn rain* will make tha ?arly planting Double crop* were generally pitched la*t *pring. and in noma in*ta cm triple, and ft <ra*oiiable rain* mm* in tba latter part of tbia and flnrt of next month, the people in thla miction of the State will have great cause to rejoice and to b<i grateful to a kind rroTfdcnce for the abundant t product of the earth A Dsi.I'.iith t Stk.vmhoat Exc t rsiom.?The AY. /,oui* .Vrrr- Era, of the 10th inM., hue a short account <>f a remarkably flnc trip performed by tba *t earn boat Martha, *lnee the middle of May laat. at which time *ha left Nt l.oula for tha mouth of tba Yallow stone " Tha whole di.'tancii forth and ba?k la 4000 mil"*. The incident* of the voyage were not very nu nicroiiH or varied nor wan tba paaaage interrupted by my -iTXiiin aci'iucni. >nuian*, a* unusi, worn m>?-u u|n-n hit bauk*. from none of whom. However, did the boat* people naffer ?r fear mo r*tatlon i.ame ??? abundant -black-tailed deer. antelope*, an occasional elk, and my riad* of buffaloe* We ineutioned. ye*terday, that the twat brought In buffalo calve* Thee* youngster* eere raui{ht on the river bank? having been driven upon t narrow *helf there, where they were pent up without i po**iblllty of e*capc. between a *teep bluff on the on#" ride and the boat on the other Trapped Id thin way, they were tranMerred to thr boat without difficulty I'be boat not (infrequently encountered hard* of thai* mlmal* In tin- Hf?r to which they had coma for watar, ind thf color of which could hardly ba *een for the iwinuning bout*, with which It waa covered At meh Lime* they would b? clustered by hundred* under th? iiiard* of the boat-surrounding and tn clone contact with it on all *ldes ( aught in thta predicament, they were an ea*y prey , a&<l uiany foil under the ball* of thr rifles, which were in active requast for the ocoaston Hon. Iumki. Wkiistkh. -There wa? * rumor in thlfi city, on Saturday afternoon, that Mr Webater had been killed, at Marahfleld by a mad bull 1 be rumor wa? very current, and, ait might h??e been ?i pec ted, produced considerable Herniation July 10 A party ofrti Seneca Indian* lately arrlred at Hl 'o^ "cpbs. Mil, on their way to their bom>alnth?f New \ ork. Disease hai mad- *ad ha?oo wiUl thalr for mer companions. Thaaa ilndian* are to all lutenw > < llaed, and no doubt feel with all tbe MUtsae* P<>?>" the nltu^lion In which they now And the??al _ the wealthy member* ofthe Ojden ' red men Jn the face i\fieo they come back to t homo*

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