21 Temmuz 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

21 Temmuz 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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||0u|[ IT'WlliB TTB*f $10041 Ohm ?' ?jn NfK so ?b? H?Mem UR stw (tk S?00 Pe.iuVJ't >-?0 n M do bJ 6?T; So jlit 1> .roil i'Tra^t 31 100 do c 6o*i SO do TjO Jt HKI do (10 b ?* S'i Nor k Wot ?60 iiX ISO do o 6< k 100 do >30 S3 100 Oo ?3 61*. SO L Uliuid RR 13 31% CITY THAUK KKPDKT New York. Tonuii Aftvuiook, Jul* 10 There was rery little variation in the prices of flour, front those current yesterday Sale* of Genesee were again made at $5 1~V a fb Jo, and at $6 for mixed brand* Michigan, with some lots of Ohio at $4 87X a $6. Southern stood at about $5 7 ft. Bales of all kinds more limited. Towards the close, good brands Genesee became firm at fa 26, at which, there were more sillers than buyers. There were few samples of wheat shown. A lot of North Carolina, new, was offered, a portion of wnich was sold on private terms. For a lot of good Genesee white, $1 20 a $1 26 was offtrad and refused, the holders staudlDg out for $ I 30. Corn was rather heavy compared with yesterday's operations. Sales of western lulled were made at 64 a 67a. One parcel of inferior southern sold at 62c. Sales of round yellow were made at 60 a 61c , and parcels of damaged New Orleans, lolled, were sold at 40 a 47c. Sales of rye were made al 75a78c,. and of oats at 39c. Meal was dull Sales of barley were made at 60c. Provisions continued quiet, with light sales. In groceries there was rery little movement, while prices remained about the same. Hkck rn Down thic Hudsow Hivien. July 17 (A. Juiy 19/ h. Total Flour bbls l:i.52G 17.884 37,<12 Coru m*al, bbls 1,441 I 4fi? 3.119 Ci*n, bu.hels 39.909 45 485 85,454 Wheat, " 13,8)0 10 512 24,34* Kye. " 2,084 4, <66 7.050 A?hei.?The sales amounted to about -100 barrels, lncluuing pots at $4 87>4, and pearls at 12){ wore reported at $4 87X; 500 do Michigan were gold at $6; I .(100 do Genesee sold at $f> 26; about 600 do at t>6 1?X. and 300 do at $4 18% a $i 35; Southern wan inactive at $8 76. Bales of gome inferior Western mixed brands were reported sold at $4 70, but w? did not Hsoertaln the certaintT of the sale. Genesee olnBtd firm at $5 26 Wheat?There was a parcel of 3 000 a 8,000 bushels new on the market, from North Carolina; about 1,100 bushel* of which were disposed of on private terms. Genesee good white was , held at f 1 30, while $1 30 a (1 36 were said to have been bid Corn?Sales of 8 000 bushels western mixed were made at 64 a 66o ; 10,000 a 11.000 do do sold at 66 a 870.J and 1 B00 do luferior :outhern mixed, for shipment east, rold at 63o.; and 3,< 00 do do at 66c.; 6 000 do round yellow sold at 6lo., and 1,000 do New York State yellow, a little mixed, at 00c : 7.000 do damaged sold at 60 a 63o , and 3.000 do New Orleans damaged mixed, sold at 44o ; and 3,000 do at 47o. Meat?The market wag dull. New Jersey was Inactive at $3 36, and Western New York at $2 76. Some holders demanded higher figures. Rye?Sales of 1600 bushels were wade at 75 cents, and 1000 do. good quality at 78 cents. Rye /'/our we quote at $3 76 a $4. Oati?Sales of 3700 bushes were made at 39 oents. Barley?Sales of J600 bushels were made at 60 cents. Camdlics?Sperm we oontinue to quote at 30 oents to 31 oeuts. CorttK?Market quiet, and no sales of oonscquence were reported. Cotton?The inquiry to-day oontlnued a* good as yesterday, and sales of 3500 bales have been effected at similar prioes, and, as before, were taken chiefly for shipment. Fish ?Sales of >00 quintals dry cod were reported at $3 36, aud other small sales at ?3 50. There was no change In mackerel, and no gales of oongequence beyond supplying retail wants were reported, Khi-it?There was nothing new. Moderate sales of bunch raisins were making at $1 40 to (1 60 per box. Hkmf?8?.les of 600 bales American dew-rotted were vnado on private terms. Hides?A t'rtsh arrival of Orlnocos were reported to be sold at 11^.0 mos, Lkad?The sales since last report reach about 7000 pigs Ht $3 76, on time, Interest added. Natal Stobes? I he market was quiet, ?ud wo heara of do Rales of consequcuce. Oils?Sales of American city pressed linseed -were making at 70c ; '.'000 gallons English do were sold at 68e. at which the market was very Urm. Some holders still stood out f?r an advance. In whale andsperm we heard of nothing new Paovmows?There was very little doing, and scarcely any variation to notloe In prioes. A small lot of prime s?? mn#uf iO bbls sold at $16. Prime we oontlnue to quote at about $12 50 Beef was steady at previous rates, 1 e $13 60 for city mess, and $9a$9 26 forprimr. with a fair amount doing in a retail way. Lard?Male* of 75 bbls. were made at 9>,'o. Cheese?Hales of 100 boxes were made at rtXo , and 100 do at 7.Vc. There was bo change in butter. Rice?The market was quiet, and no sales of oonsetjueuce transpired Suuas - We have only to report sales of 60 hhds Porto Rico ?t 6%o Tallow a^d Grease?Nothing doing worth reporting Whalebone?We continue to quote N. >V at 29Kc , and -i.utti Sea 30c. Wniseev? Nothing doing Freights- -Iu t>rvt cIhbh American vessels rates con tinueu lirm For cotton, to Liverpool. 7-16d was offered and a?ke>l. Flour, to the same port, was quick ai 4h.; Hud graiu at lldal2d lo the continent, rates were sternly at previous quotation*. London rates continued steady at yesterday's quotations. A LU-''1um &ale-"Cu6? Mahogany ?204 log* at 10\a 2tt>gc. 4 mo*.: 10 do cedar, at lOHo., do. TKL.BGRAPHIC. markets. Albanv, July 20?P M Onr flour market continue* very dull. We quot< Michigan and Genesee at $4 76 a $6. Bales were v> rj limited. In wheat very little was doing, and quotations in a measure nominal Corn?We report sale* of lO.OUO bU'h>U Western mixed at ?4o. Oafs? Sale* of 300<> bushels were made at 40c. Rye wa* dull. Proviiiou* remained abeut the same. Receipts by canal during the preoeding 24 hour*:? { Flour 10 800 barrel*. Corn 16.710 bushel*. 1 Wheat 6 000 do. Rye 5 0U0 do. , Vessel* plenty. I Boston, July 20?P. M. Onr flour market continue* very dull, with very light sale* of Michigan and Genesee At $6 26 a $5 60. In wheat there was nothing doling, of consequence, while , P'-iohs continued unsettled, torn?Sale* 10,000 buahels Western and Southern vhlte and mixed sold at 69Xo for the latter, and 02c white (If the telerraDh and re- i porter are under^ood ) Pork?Sales 800 barrels sold; ' t-ruii not Beuf, mm, firm. Freight* steady Cotton The advuuoe produced by the Britannia's ' news been maintained, with a (air amount'of sale* t0 ?iky. Died, On Sunday, 18th inst., of dropsy, Calvin Sfear, aged t 64 years, formerly a merchant of Boston. His relatives and friends, and those of his son, C. Flint , Spear, are invited to attend his funeral, from the residence of his son. at Uowanus, on Wednesday, 21st Inst. , at 4 o'clock Carriages will be in waiting near the Fulton Ferry House, to oonvtj such as may wish to atteud < At Clarkstown, Rockland county, N. if., on the l'tb * inst, Mortimer Wood, only son of Abraham and the | lat" Emellno Wood, aged 6 months and 3b days ( On Tuesday morning, at 4 o'clock Biudoet Day, wife , of William Day, in the Sfltb year of hear age, a native of i Ireland, county Cork, parish of Killerohan. The friends and acquaintances are respeotfully re- 1 quested to attend her funeral, this afternoon, at four c o'clock, from her late resideoce. 134 Leonard street. c On Tuesday morning. 30th instant, of typhus fever. Thomas B Odllm, aged 31 years, late a valuable mem- t ber of the Sixth Ward Police. ? The friends and relatives of the family, and the Polloe Department generally, are respectfully requested to atteud his futieral. from his laU> residenoe, corner of Pell ( and Doyer streets, this (Wednesday) morning, at nine ' o'clock preoisely. ( f I1 ... I I -J .1 ? JL1.1 W i INOhPENDKNl' ORDER <iF GOOD FELLOWS- ! 1 he members of New York Lodge, No. 4, I. O. of O F. aie iw ticularly notified to be punctual in attendance at their U**t regular meeting, as business of the utmost importance wi>l be brought before the Lodge. Also husiuess in relation to ' oar icuoion on the 27th inst., will be acted uoon. By order of thr Lotlce. C. DICKINSON, O P. Wm C_W?._0. Secfetarv._ jyjl lt?rrc ' | ' vP \nij LETTER PAPEh.? a Hill assoitmeut of a'l ' (jusliiies. i lsin a. (I iul#d?also rag, straw, and t ilm leaf Wrs pn g For sale by JaME* NOKVAL. j\ 21 IVm*rn No. 100 Jonu street. * OAKiJ~hN WILLIAM?Bl/KO NEAR. PECK SLIP * Ff.HRY ? A privute family possessing a lari<e ?n<l elegantly turni-lied house in Williatnsbu gli. onr Peck Slip I Farry. would be happy t'< accommodate a limited number of Lsdie aud Uentlnnen as boarders. The houie it beautifully ' situated, commanding an e*teiuive view of the harbor,and ' bavofNew York?.?ud cold. warm, and salt waier baihs with- ? in te.i v?id< of the house. For further r? ticulars enquire i.f J1 J Bonna-d, Heata-'rator, corner of Pine and N^eeau streets, " New York, or at th? premises in Houth Ith street, fifth house. It ft hand side up from the river, Williamsburgh jyJl 3t"eodm TO FAMILIGH aND OKNTLEMKN about *o travel to Europe ? V respectable Englishman is des>rou> of engag1nj wuh a (-mile or aingle gentleman visiting Europe. Marmg ), been accustomed to a sea voyage, he will prove an acquistion, and in n?r|r way competent to fill the situation. The highest . recnmmend.itions gireu. Apply or addreaa J. B. P.. Globe Ho* } trl New Vo'k. j 21 1i?rc k CiUUH-a AND IOLU8?vl< I RE lESMMONY- ' ^eat Sirs .? It is a du'y and pleasure to ?tai? to yno the ? guild effects ot your Clarified Essence of Hoar hound Candy ; r h- nt five weeks since I contracted a severe eold. ittended with asthma and excessive coughing; i' continned getti> e w?r-e a t11 a few days back, when I was advised to try you- , compound * fter using a large package i am proud to s?v I am fully restored to health, and the cold is entirely eradicated fommv system. A member * f my family has likewise used ] the Candy wi n I ke rood ffect. Very truly. ' U1 VIp f JOODRICH, 1J9 Rivington street, N Y. Hold bv J. Pease 8c S ins, No. 41 Divinon street Aae-H?Roihton fcCo , 10 \ r House, HO and 8'^ Broad- ' wiv: lohnsou, 13 Bro .dw i\; IRH Bowery; J? Catharine street; 101 Chamber- s'reet; 48 ' armioe street; 488 Orand street Br??klvn v1rs Havs 118 Kultou meet. iyjl 1t?m D'. JO N E^, DEMTiBT, 170 Broadway, corne of M tidei ' Lan?, insei'* teeth and w^rra u them as good as the oatu>a ones fnj biting and mtltlCatiOll. A c mi' et- d..utile set of best Mineral Teeth, on fi ie gold pla.es .. #50 00 A ?# "f I est Mineral Teeth, on fine gold plsie for the upper jaw, to be worn by atmospheric 1 pre. lire $30 00 A "inKle tooth fri.ni ft I 00 to $3 U0 , jv?l |f*rC * To K'.Tiiis. i?i-.\ i'A I. ih POT,5M BROADWAY, < I i w \ ork, where may tie f?u*i(J a complete assortment v ofTeeth. Dental Instruuirbta, gold Foil, Flate, Wire. Snider, li ?|iiral Hiu inga, platiir. Gold, ataniel Foil, pre' ipiured Silver, b Silver Plate, wire, *>ld?r. kc IOSEPH T. MURPHEY. s fyai.??*re I Harrison * myers-mansion houkc, mi?villa, New Jimjp?An pR^nd to MeoBBOihlfiMt' viduli or families lor the ituno on th? ii i.? moderate tenr a. Til* Hotel overlooks ilie be utlful Pasaeic?is distant but 3 lailr* fr.im Nawa k. and parties leaving Near York a*u rivh Belleville iu *11 hoar, anil at au espenae of bur 37)* ce t jy2l 6 ao<l* c AitEsFZi 'I aBLE YOtmO WOMAN wants a auuatio. ai honstkeeper and rook or rook andfto aunt in w*ali i | ud ir ing > n objections to a large family. rlie beat ot ettv refer an from her last situation^ Nona hotaraap<ctabl< family need apply. Pleat* call a 24? Mulberry st., tw Jv ti Iroiu Hu' iton ?rreel jyll It* rrc WANTKD-Bv a youiur woman, a situation as cook ai d waaher and iroller, or as chambermaid, and assist in the wasning and irr.uu.g: the best of city references (tiven. Applv at No. 400 Oreenwirh tree' jytl Ifrc WAMTiD-tty two respectable yowig women, oue to cook.wth and iron, and to do housework, in a small f m.lv, or w uId be willing to go iu the country. The other is to do ch in'er work, or washing. The best ol city refrlencesfioin their last | Uce. Please call at 191 Pearl stret, b i k I n Iduik' f'an lit seen anv dav thi? we. It j\ 21 2t*rc W ANTc.U, A sMAHT ACTIVE to solicit orders lor a Vautical Instrnineut Store. None need apply, but a person conversant with shipping. Apply, 81 South street. _ _ jy21 If ic PAHTNKK WANTKO?The subscriber, desirous ol ei feuding his business, wishes to obtain a partner with a rash capital of from six to ten thousand dollars, in the present business ol Liven Sublet and Hiding School. To a pevsou having the requisite capital, and wishing to establish himself iu the above line of buriuess the present offers au excellent opportunity of making a capital investment, henga safe and luciat ve business an<! well established, and ia coutidered the best location in the city, being situated at thejunctiou of those great thoroughfares the Bowery and Third A venue, and runumg through to Lafayette place. The premises cover an area of twenty thousand square feet; the building it of brick, and oue hundred feet front by one hundred and thirty -six feet iu depth, with several stables and sheds attached. The Hidiug School ia the most fashionable as well as 'lie best iwtronized in the city. The subscriber is proud to add, that he can refer to huudreds of the first families and merchants of this nty, as to chara. ter and capacity. The be?t of references given to and required from applicants. For particular! applyfto . . W. H. DI8BROW, j yW 7t*tn Riding 8chol 408 Bowery. WAN IK IJ?On lionnl ihr steamship " Union,'' n cook lor the crew One with good rrcommendationa, must apply immediately at the office, No. 14 Broadway. jyW itism WANTED TO BUY?A lot of ground, 23 by 100 feet, this tdeof95th street, between 3<f and 7th avenues. Also, two nice inilch goats for sale. luq 'ire of j?0 3t* in DANI, HI 1.1.. <9 Kldriilre street. WANTED?HARD W ARK.?A >oung man, who has had the last sit years, experience iu a wholesale and retail hardware establishment, iu a business part of the city, with recommendations of capacity audi integrity, is ready to enler into eugagemeuts, and can be addressed "Hardware, Herald Office jylT 6t?rc W ANTKD IMMEDIATELY?A lew sober and moustriou* men to solicit subscriptions to several beautiful illustrated London works. None need apply unless inayoan give responsible city references, and are well qualified to make good agents. To all such the nuist liberal encouragement will be given. ROBERT T. SHANNON, jy'O 8i is M8cW "m 1 Id Nassau street. WANTKD BY A YOUNU MAN.?A first rate dry goods salesman wants a situation in the city of New York; one who has had some year4 experience iu the business, and a thorough business man. The best references given. Address C. 1., Washington City Post Office, D. C., which will meet with prompt attention. jy9 7leod?rc NEW YORK, JULY 19.1817.?All persons are cautioned agaiust negotiating any of the following paper; the same having been enclosed ill a letter to Nashville, Teun., on the3th day of June last, anil mpposed to be lost. A note of 8. R. Thruckinortou, dated Aug. IS, 1816. at 10 months aud endorsed Downing, Hoyt k Canlield?$325 27. A note of W. H. Calhony, dated Feb. 10, 1847, at 6 months, endorsed by the same as above?$209 25A note of Oowdey St Peabody, dated Feb. 17, 1847, at 6 rnos. endorsedas above?$348 58. A note of Campbell St Stevens, dated Feb. 16, '47, at 6 moi., endorsed as nbove?$26) 61. A note ofThos. Kent, dated Feb. 16,1847, at 6 mos., endorsed as above?$160 68. A draft drawn by Jas. Bradley on Shields Si Co. in favor of Va'hwyck Ik Kobhe, dated April 28, 1847, at 10 days date? $417 00. A draft drawn by same on same, in favor of same, dated April 28, 1847, at 45 days date?$117. In addition the above are all specially endorsed over to the order of N. Hobsou, Es<|., Cosh,er of the Planters' Bank, at Nashville, Teun., by F. W. EDMONDS, jylO $t*fC Cashier Mechanics' Bitiik^NL Y; J i -NEB' HOTEL, No. 152 Chestnut street, Philadelphia The subscribers, under the fiim of Bridges It West, nave purchased Mr. Jones'interest in this establishment, and hoi* by the strictest attention to the wants and comforts of their quests, to merit a continuance of the liberal patrcuagt heretofore received by its former proprietor. The house has been thoroughly renovated, andrepaird; we thcefore feel assured we can welcome our friends and the public to accommodations equal to any in the city of Ph'ladelphia. N. W BRIDGES, 14trrc JOHN. WEST FRENCH AND' SPANISH LANOUAUKS.?ATANASlO PETIK, Professor of French and Spanish languages, has oi>?nfld a course of the latter at 258 Broadway, entrance 2'-a Warren street. It will commence as soon as there be a sufficient number of s'udeuts. On account of the uou-intercourse with Mexico, it may become useful t > a great many Americana 10 D?ve a knowledge of Spanish. Th? Professor, wba^hs resided for ynara in Sji&nish countries, it thoroughly ac<|flFited with thatlanguage, and his loug habit in fuelling euanles him to promise to hissc'.olars a vooa succea* in a very short time. Private lessons will also be given KRBfVCH LANGUAGE?Len.nns.in French will be giveii by he same Professor/a native of Pans, either at his house or n private f<milies jyjfl 6t*rrc RUMCAL C U ivE~vTFH OUT" THE"LEAST SUFfering.ol corns, and all kinds of callosities in 'he feet, and bid nails, etc., by K. DE VILLENKUVE. from Paris This it-medy causes corus, etc. to disappe-r in n few days without uttmg or operating. and is warranted infallible. It cmiista of n oi tment, the application of which is easy to all. Ever> pot of the ointment is accompanied with a small bottle, the on tents of which is to be used iu two foot baths, indispensable to I lie curing. If will be delivered wirh a direction to use It at 2:>8 Uroadway. tirrance 2% Warren street, for $2. Mr. DE VILLENKUVE cures also by the Regenerator, a remedy, the secretof which, was giveu to him alone, by the celebrated Dr. Dupuytren, all kinds of diseases proceeding Ir.im the nervous system, rheumatism, pout, sprains, and braises. He may be seen at his house every day, (Snndays excepted) from 1 to 3 o'clock. AM letters and ordeia directed to him will >e respectfully and carefully attended to He will call personally " lien <sked for from 6 \ M. to 1 P M. j\20Bt?rc PKESH IMPORTATION.?W. SCOTT k O , No 377 Broadway luve received a fresh lot of the much admired heer lawn h uidkfa. narrow uped borders, which are off red unusually cheap; black and white laced Capes, from $ I id bout JOO pairs hi e French Cuffs, a'Is and Is 6d per pair; the em nninif stock olblack and whiie lace Viaites, at cost price; i very chea|i lot of needlework Collars fiom 2s to 6s each? Ladies will alt i find some bargains in Valenc.e 'lies I aces and Kdg'iigs well worth their **'ei t on. jy'9 SOt * m RING'S CO *'l'OUND SYKU^OF H VItKIODATE OF I'oia?si, Sar<apan|la and Yellow D- ok ?Tm? medicinal remedy is published for the sole benefit of those suffering f om i.eum<ti?m piiusand stiffness ol the joii ts, swelliug of the muscular substances near them, eruptious of 'he skin, and a'l iiseases nrisii g from an impure S'ate of t 'e b'ood, &c. It is prepared funn the pure<t articles and is warrautcd to give sat'saction. It thins, p irifies and quicken* the ciiculatiou, allay* rritation, and leaveo e\ery part o| the animal economy in a ir feet state of health. For tn< se complaints aris ng from the I'Judicioiis and long continued use ol mercury, this cotnbin ion may he considered a specific ; cases that h ve long relistid all other treatment have be*n rapidly aud entirely removed jy this powerful al'erativc syrup. Pirpared and for sale, w holeaale and retail, by CHARLES H. H IVG, Druggist and Chemist. J-HlWr 1<>2 Broadwai. cor lohn st. P*. Y. Lithographic stones.?euwakd wikThs, No 90 John stieet. offers for sale a su|>erior quality and issortment of the above article, both of the blue and yellow itoue. whirh he will be willing to sell apou favorable terms. jyU 30t? rrc W HULKS\LK SHIRT WAREHGUSE, No. W Plan street, 2d door from William, where may be found a >ri!e assortment of Shirts. of every quality, made in the lateai lea, and of sui>erior workmanship. Kancy and Plain Linen, Vluslin and common Shirts, constantly ou hand. Southern and Weateru merchants are respertfnlly invited to :all before purchasing. JOHN WOOLSEY, 34 Piatt at. jylO 60t* rrc BVNK KOR SAVINGS. Chnmbers street.?The Trustees have this day declared ihe usual dividend oC 'per cent per lunum on all sums of J and under MO dollars?and 4 per cent in all sums of J00 dollars and upwards, payable 01 and after Monday, the I9th inst. Interest not called for will be carried :o the account as principal. J. D. P. OGDEN, Secietary. Jv? Vr ______ TO CLAIMANTS, lie.?GENERAL AGENCY at the city of Washington ?The undersigned, general agent, utarv public, and justice of the peace, respectfully infoum he public that he h<is removed his office to ihe building one loor south of Chebb St Schenck's exchange office, on I.V h itreet, opposite the Treasury Department, where he will iromptly and faithfully afend to any business ill the above me which may be entrusted to his care. Persons having :laims against the general government, and who may confide hem ro his mauagemeut, may rest assured that they will be ipeedily trended to Bounty land warrantor treasury scrip will be seenred for he officers ind soldiers of the preseut war, and the highest :a?h price obtained lor the same. The undersigned will keep his office open from I A. M. until i o'clock P. M. His dwelling house is on Louisiana Avenue, nearly opposite he City Iiall, where, in case of pressing necessi y, he can be ?en and consulted before 8 A. M., and after 6 o'clock P. M. Please pay the postage. jV18 r 30t SAMUEL STETT1NHJS. ^TEA VI ENGIN i>. KOR SALE?A six horse power steam J eogine, Wm. Burdon's make, nearly new, and a boiler with wo return fines, also a blower, all complete,anil can be seen at vork on the premises of North St Gallagher, Jersey City, will ic sold cheap and ou reasonable terms, if applied for toon at he office of C. Kanouse's foundry, Jersey City, whose estate ishment is close adjoining that of No th St Gallagher. Jy 18 4t"r VI USKE'i'S AN L> UlJNs'?3,000 Muskets lor shipping. lva [,un oouuie anu single linns. 1,300 pair Pistolijn great variety Alio, Rifles uid Rilfe Barrels, Gun Lock* and Gunsin th'? r tides, Tor inle cheap aud un favorable trim*, by I?10f?r A W SPIKH h CO.. 01 Maiden line \\TONDKRKui7ufHC()VKK% !?Mtrykrr -. tolltKM llur ?v Dye. to change grey hair to iu original color in a few mnutes, is for sale at D Cougnacq's, No. J9 ( lulham St., and t Btryker's, No. 4 Coenties Blip, where it can be applied. jvlfl 7t*m n us, r om- h oust, n t; w york, "ou-Yctuhti ^ Office, July 1*. 1847?The following articles belonging '0 lie United States Revenue Steamer " Legare." lying at the out of Vestrv street, North River, will be told at that place, t public auction, on Saturday, the 34th inst., at 12 o'clock, M., iy Messrs. Van Wyck Ic Hub be, auctioneers, to the highest udder, for caih.viz : O e Iron Boiler. " " Cylinder and Bottom. ' " Heater with Copper Tubes. " Smoke Stack. Lot of Copper Steam and Copper Feed Pipes The^ above articles can be seen on the Pier near the Phenix 1 oundry, corner of Vestry and West street". j 17 fit f h _ C. W. LAWRENCE, Collector. ??^?&N^A?1,l8vr "'HANDOLK8, HALU~~LAN5 THORNS Tea Trays, Sic.? Tne subscriber has now eady lor inspection one of the best selected stuckj of ti e hove articles in this city. Couutry dealera, churchee, hotels, id (trivate families, will find it to their advantage to call and x.imine the above stock, which will be aold at reduced i<rices JOHN W. MORGAN, Jy'4 J0t*rc 1J4 Fulton st. one door east of Broadway. rOOTH ^CHE?"ToOTHAClfK-Or. PRTtcHAHD 8 Magic Toothache Mixture, warranted to a(To>d immedi ,te relief, and supeiior to any Toothache preparation known.? Vepsred by an experienced dentist, and approved by able lent >sta and physicians throughout the Ueioa. Price o?r vial, .'tints; wholesale upon reasonable terma. Office No. Ul ierkman St. comer of Front, and opposite Fulton Market. je It Mtere DEATH BLOW TO BKD BUGS.?Tms S|>eedv and peSilive Kxterininator ha never been known to fail in cornlie ely eradicating this unwelcome intruder on the bonds of It ep One trial is sufficient t/i test its superiority. Sold b\ th' proprietor, C H PHILLIPS, wholesale and rtml, at 14* Greenwich st'eet. hetweeu Courtland iind Liberty treets. and by A W G.ihandan, 141 Kighth avenue, N. York; ml nt B uley's drug store, corner of Sands and FuIY* streets, Brooklyn rjrice Ti cento, jylO 30t*m CLAHET! CLAHKT! ( LAKh'J ! rHE 9UBS(.RIBFR would inform the public that he keeps constantly on hand,at his store, No.l Barclay street, lornerof Broadway, the best quality of Claret wuie. He vniild [iirlirulary invite tlio attention r.l liotel* and public louses, whom lie will supply by *tho gallon or barrel, is insy lestsuit llieii convcnieuce He feels assuied they will be atistied for giving him a call ...... t*M Im?n ' HALK8 ECKERT. npRAVFLLINO TRUNKS. JOHN CATTNA'B A Trunk Manufacturer, No. I Wall imtt, corner or Broad way, has now on baud and constantly making a |ix*d a?or(mtu of Trunks. Valises, Carpet Baca, and Satchels, wholesale am mail Alio, a superior article of ante laallier Tru?lu, suitable fo American or European travel, and Portmanteaus for the Frencl Malic I'oatr. Orders fur tbe ^eit Indies. So'Uli America, lie., filled will tlesp.it>> jfj ?0t?rc AO V r. it 1 ibMi t\.\ i s arc daily lui woiUeU lor puolieailo iu the best Newspapers uf all cities and principal towns i Uie Uuited Stttes. Cannaa, tie., by the accredited agent, V II raliner, who is ilso authorivil t<i receive subscriptions. Th a?eucy Umi tlie Tribune Building je*? *?*r 'fEFKtKb'oN InSU KA^NCE~COMl'A> i-Office N? <i?? ?treet, opposite the Merchants' Eichsnge. ~ fhii compnny couunuea to insure against loss or damage b lire, on dwelling houses, warehouse*, buildings in genera goods, wares, and merchandise, and every description of p? sonal property. Loaaea correctly and promptly adjusted and paid. _ ... oiiikctobs. ' X, Woodruff, B. R. Kobson, M. D., Francis P.8ac?, Moses Tucker, John P. Moore, Ansou Baker, Thompson Price, Caleb ('. Tunis, Jas. E. Holmes John H. Lee, Elisha Kiggs, Thos. Morrell, John C. Merritt, Joseph Allen, Eugene Bogart Joseph Drake, Win. K. Thorn, Robert Smith. The*. W Thorne, JohnH. Davison. MOSES TUCKER, i -sideut. Oio. T Hon:. Secretary. mvl4 c AAiPsToiKAN DOLES AND HALL LANTHORNI in all Lieir ninety?Ail extensive and splendid assor meut pi the above articles, comprising solar, lard, camphiui chemical oil, doric and out-door lamps,rich cat and plain globe chimneys, wicks, French and . ^mericai paper shades. 1 hoi about purchasing would do well to call and judge for then selves. N. B. lamps gilt, bransed aud repaired. ?*. ?> >? y h ? Nnr.i v iw r.n.i.t SULPHUR BATHS.?For Erruptions of the Skin, Ike Mrs. M. Carroll, 184 Fulton street, opposite Church stree would inform persons affected with Diseases of the Skin, tin her baths have been in operatiou since 1826. Tlsey are recon mended by our first physicians, Drs. Mott, Stevens, Boy Smith ana others, whose letters can be iceu at her establisl inent. They have effected cures when all other remedies hai failed. Opeivfrom 8 A M. to 10 P. M. Shaker's Cmiceiitrated Compouud Syrup of Sarsaparilla 75 cenu per bottle. je8 30t* re UTuIvXtK rHOU8KK?Kf ^HS^-The' 'subscriber*^ made considerable improvement* in all hie preparations; h experience from the beginning of his invention to the presei day, warrant* him in assurmg thoae in need of hi* preparatloi to arrest the atuck of motha, bedbug*, cockroaches, rata, ant moachetoea, he., that they are effectual, and carry out the in era* to it* fullcit extent. Kor Gardners' and Farmer*' uie?hi* Tariou* manure*. inchi Sulphate of Ammonia, Nitrate of Soda, Sulphate of soda an Suhili. Magnesia. The very celebrated Fly Paper, to be depended on I i stance*. Apply to Dr. LEWI8 FEUCHTWANOER, mil 1m* 1) l.ilwrrv mrrt MMMOLAT'S 8ULPHUR~~BATHS, No. 547 PEAK X street, near Broadway.?These Bath* have been estafclis ed for the laat twenty-six year*, and are the only Sulphur Bat iu the city. They are highly recommended by the moi eminent physician*, for the cure of rheumatism, salt rheui chronic complamts, eruption* of the skin, lie. Medicated Vapor Baths also given daily, from I A. M. to V* M ifi vtt?r ]VT OTICE.?The subscriber* inform the public that the have just received (Jieir supply of Mineral Waters dkei from the Springs, such its Sharon, Blue Lick, Seltzer, Kessii ger, Vichy, &c.. flic., all particularly beneficial at this seaic of the year. Tliey fulfill, a* usual, all orders for tlie sami wholesale and retail, at their establishments, No. 2 Park Ro' and 581 Broadway, near Prince street. DELLUC U CO.. _je2S 3nt*r Sole successors to Place lit Souillard. CLOTHINU.-J. VANDERB1LT. X Maiden Lane, nil 108X WestBroadway, has a spleudidassorunent ofrjent Boys, and Chilton's Clothing, live ounce Skeleton Coat uew style, short skirt Krock ana Shad Coats, suitable for ever size ; also, more than one thousand pieces of fashiouabl goods, to make to order, all of which w ill be sold at the lowei possible price. N. B. A pleasant Srmmer Coat. Vest and Pants, from t'j I $7. No. 36 Maiden Lane, and 1SSH West Broadway. into '.!>' r V E AND EAR?Dr. POWELL, Oculist, Aurist, lb 261 Broadway, comer of Warren street, attends exclusivi 1 v to diseases of the Eye aud Ear from 9 till 4 o'clock. D rowell has just published a popular treatise on the Eye, wit engravings, 8vo., paper 50 cents, musliu 75 cents, comprising description of its anatrmy, physiology, diseasesand tqpatineu with rules for the selection of spectacles, lie. Tola) had a above, and at Burgess li Striugei's, Berford h Co., Fowler I Wells, and of booksel rs generally. jyl :i(lt*re CLOTHING. A FULL AND FASHIONABLE SUIT, HEADY MADE, rioM AT THE CLOTHIN^WAREHOUSE" m>?r*r t Nn isf Fnlfnn street MONEY LENT.?The highest prices advanced in la-i and small sum* on gold uid*ilver watches, diamom plate,jewelry, famiture, clothing, dry goods, lie., lie. JOHN M. DAV1ES, Licensed pawnbroker, 233 William street, near Duaae Persons received ia private office, br risging the bell. mv?5 3flr*e CROTON WATER COOLERS.?I would moatreapeo fully call the attention of the public to my newly iuveu cd article lor c<*oliiMi llie Crulou water. The beauty aud ill rability of this article cannot be inrmuted: it is a mo.it exce lent ihnig for stores, office*, private and public houses, all iteambonts. ships, Stc , being made entirely ou a uew plan. Tti .tbove will be auld at a price ?o that it may be withiu the reac of all. The public are respectfully Invited to call at 2(2 Water al between Peck alip and Dover street, next door la Moa's 8ten Kactory. N. B.?The Cooler cun be seen in opcratiouat 262 Wati atreet. _ Jy?2w?rh Alas AllA MONty ,TO| Lt.Nl) ON BUN <5 and mortgage for a term of years on pr .luctite rem rotate in this city, or BrooUlyu, ill mull from oi tu twenty thousand dollara. Apply to 8. S. BKO\L>, U Wall it, in Oie crotou wair office, baaemer N B.?Persons having improved real estate or vacmt lota I a Mi will do well t<> call na above. jy 19 3t*r BHOWN'8 HOTEL.?The underaigued, (sons of the la proprietor, leaae Brown,> have thr satialactinn of infori i>il? their fiieuda and the public generally, that the Hotel i louKnnd favorably known aa "Biown'a Indian Queen Hotel iiito the lull puMt'ision of the umlersig' ed, as sole owners,ai tha'.they alone will hereafter conduct thin extensive and oot tiiodious e?t?Mishment. 'I hey pledge themielves to use evei eiertiou to uphold the hniii reputation and rni?'u tlw lm business wine'' it lias heict' l'or? possessed; aud hey eirneat] hope, by he improvements in the buildings and the renovatu of lurnitur* sb?ut to be intde, together with a strict and nnr muting a'ertion to?h? cui.fo't of th?ir guests, to merit an receive the u?ual large shire of public patronage with wuic it has s? long been honored. T P BROWN. MARSHALL BROWN. Wishi'ig'on, D. 0., July 9, 1847 jv 17 ISteod'C A> tLMMM' Hi/lllMi FOR SALt, Cal.eU tl Water N t mph. a hippy production of one ol our best ar ists. It is prooouueed a hign work of art. It would bead liiab'e pictu eorataloon or a gentleman's private ro mi. a.iy peison wishes such a picture they would do well local ? it would be disposed ol very reasonable. It could be sei Many par of tli? country. lunquir* at 1M Grand >treet. tw door* eaat of Broadway. J. W. HAUXHURiiT. ) VIG 3ti?eod*rc N' ATIUNAL LOAN FUND LIFE ASSUKANCfc; a CIKTY, OF LONDON ?" A liaviiui Bank fur th Ue'ielit of the Widow and Orphan."?Kmi'owerrd by Act < Parliament. Capital ?500,000 sterling, or $2,500 000, besides Reserve Fund (from surplus premium*) of about $10,001 (part of the Capital it invented in ihe United Stales.) T. LaMIE MUKRAY, Esq., Oeorge stfpet, Hanover Square. Chairman of the Court of Directoa in London. United Swtes Board of Local Directors?(t hief Otfice fc Ameiica, 74 Wall street, New York ) Jacob Harvey, Esq., Chairman, Satnl. S. Howland, Est], John J. Palmar, Esq. Oorh m A. Worth, Esq. iouathan Goi.dhoe, Esq. Samuel M. Foi. E?q. lames Boormiu, Esq. William Van Hook, Esq. George Barclay, Eaq. and C. Edw. Ilabicht. Esq. EDW \'RL) T. RICHARDSON, Esq , Oeueral Accountan I'amphlets, Blank Fotms. Tables ol Rates. Lists of Agent/ 8tc., lie , obtained at the Chief Office, 74 Wall street, or froi either of the Agents throughout the United States, and Britis North American Colonies [?/ A Medical Eiaminer attends daily at3 P. M J. LEANDER 8TARR, General Agent for the United States and B. N. A. Colonies. J y 13 3ta w 4 w is i | i|?r, ? TWENTY-FOUR LESSONS ON JH sf yunMH Pinuo Forte, for sii dollars, by * lady, at hi nTJf ? I lre*idence, 115 8ind? street, Brooklyn, wh ' ' " II *has had much exprrienc* in tuition. She ni only undei takes to im)>art a knowledge of the throry of musn but alio to rnable her pupils to acquirc a great degree of rx< ration and 'a?ie. 'i he beat references can be given, both i Brooklyn and New York jy2l 3fm PIANO F'lRTt?For aale a auperic gtfAlttCTa tourd second hand, 6jf octave graud actio rjri J n Piano Forte, warranted in perfect order?hi I I 5c I I* been in u?e 12 month*, will be aold very cliea for cash, in consequence of the owner leaving the city. Gs be seen at the piano lortc wareroom, 488 Broadway, corner < Broome it. jy2l 3t"m PUB FOH 8 \LK OK TO LET, ou the inargiu of the Kar M nan Bay, Monmouth KJouiitv, N. J.?harms in a lug ?Sbm. state ol cult vation, with all the necesaary out-buili iogs. Also, lota from half au acre to twenty, with the advai Hire of line bathing. Summer residences furnished or unfil nisbed. Per sous desirous of eairying on business in the cil old ie?idmg iu a healthy location, at a cheap rate, will lind i advantage ia consulting with the subscriber. N. Jl ?The aforesaid farms and lota are not in Teias i Pennsylvania, but within one hour and a half of New Yor Terms easy. Titles indisputable. Emigrants or others wis nig for gardening lots |cau be suited. Apply to John Jndio Esq.,5S Conrtlandt street, New York; or to W. O. Il.tyue Auctioneer, Key Port, N.J. All letters must be post paid Kyr Fqht. N. J.. July an. 1817. jyll 3m*rc M A PUBLIC HOUSE FOR SALE.?The i.ubli Iwmse, No. 58 Harrison st, with the fixtures in it all con plete, and |M)ssession given immediately. Forlurthi pariii ulars, enquire at No. 336 Broadway, corner of Anthony. JytO H'a M ..FOR SA LE- The two story brick front and art. House and Lot, No. 81 Oreene street, with large vau J_Ja.ni front and Croton water, together with the three stor bncg house in the rear. The premises are all l?t and payin a good interest. There is a mortgage of tViDO on tlie preinix which may remain. Apply flf MRS. PATTERSON, on th premises, or to EDMUND J. PORTER, No. 6 City H* Place. jtt M?m ^oL FOR 8ALE?The two story brick liouie and lot, > Amity street. Lot 25 feet front and rear, and IN fr XjH^lepth; house,42 feet deep. Kuquireof Mr. Wilson h ler ou the premises, or of BOYD ft HINCKEN. j?0 3trc No. 88 Wall St., Tontine Building . to hOtelTkeepers-and OTHEK8.-i (vtvB aale, that valuable H"tise and Lot, situate south, con. XaiL West and Hammond streets, in this city, and now occ j pteinls a Steamboat Hotel. Twelve or more steamboats Ian daily at the pier in front of said premises, rendering it a ver; desirable location for those interested iu tbe Hotel buaineai For particulars enquire of JNO. f. 8. 8MIDT, 20 Nassai atreet, or of J. F. TALLMAN.on the premises. jy20 fiteod*m jr-L ~ FOR SALE~OR TO LKT-A houae and two lot ImTh sf ground, pleasantly situated on Hlaten Uland. ues ilJJLthe Upper Quarantine Ferry. Terms and price favor Also, a summer residence on the south side, fronting thi outer bay. A delightful situation, with au abundance of fruit iiApplyto CHASE Si BULKLEY,,I6I Fnltoust. $20ii0 to loan oil bond and mortgage. Apply as above. j V10 7teod"rc Jgik KOK SALr,? V tery convenient two story house ai Elizabethtown, New Jersey, now occupied by Win JiriULKiog, Esq The location is on high gronnd, aud withn five oiiunres walk of several charchts and the private depot Uentlemcii residing at Elir.ihethtown cm be in thecitvofN York by the 7 o'clock tra n ar bo*by half-past ewht o'clock and conveyances by boat and rmlronif frequently through th day The house contains nine rooms, aud a milk auiT wail room *inl every convenience. For fa ih?*r particulars, apply to Mrs fi. T. E. Williamson opposite jy9 7'eod"rrc M COUNTRY HOUSES ?To let or for sale, a tw story double house on Avenue A.nearthe llarlrm rivet USaWjthit b'es lie And on 2d Avenue and IIMh ?treei t'eaut.fol three story huuaea, very desirable; rent lowAlso, for sale, a nigh and very commanding situation near th .North 'iver, fronting the Bloomingdale road, jnstaitove Mar nattanville, with a two story houae, stables, fcc, and abi n taree acres of land, now in the occupation of Mr. Nichols I ii man Also, lou for sale or lease on most of the s'reets an avenues iu tlics I2lh ward. Apply to ,, O. CHA8TERMAN.il Johnst, i ? j ?.or *l "n 115th street, near Id Avenue jy|7 neodts'r t pABINET FUK sfrSntj' H O U 8fc"*FURN 18HIN O t AKTICLE8, kc.-J. W. BHOWN will tell on Thure1 day. July *JJ, ?t Itilf o'clock, at .Vo 141 Broadway, large * ock of superior rmuitu'r, coV'f^'^tX elegant ruMwowd r 8'if?. Parlor ('l ain, Ottomans. Divan*' Rocking Lhtin, marh bl? top centre T?bl-i do W??li Htmd , oi?hog ay 8 fat ?u? Cluin. Waidrub-s. Kren'h Bedsteads: dining, cird, sofa and b work Tallin, dressing ?ud plilu Burenu*. Iiair Mattresses Pali**te,s bo ; <|>? g It auil bronze Unandolre, solar L?iu|?, * with* g?ne nl assortment of house furuiahiug articles. I atau Uhtui-s now rn ly j-. H M?*w VV M. N. l.ttVlH. lucti neei. e DV LEWIS tk MORT 1 vlfcK?More 111 Chatham street, MJ corner Oliver. ~ Pawnbroker's &<te?This Day, Wednesday, July Slat, at 10 o'clock, a large collection of unredeemed Pledges, con isting rof men's Overcoats, Dreia < ona, Pmts, Vests. ladies' Dresses, Shiwls, Oowus, 8carls, remnants Muslin, Liueu, Merino, C?l.. ten Ike Ike. Boots, bhi.es, Pillows, guilts, Blankets, Sheeting, lie. By order of ABK4H4M GOODMAN. jytl Ifre Licensed Pawn broke*, SI Centre il. Anthonys national daoujlhk? \n depot. 247 Broidway, New Vork -E. ANTHONY, (late Au tlioiiy,Clark Ik Co , Importer of Kreuch Platea, Knuin and Chemicals,and Oermau luatiuineuta, General Alter.! fi - the > supply of Daguerreotype Apimratus. and material-; ol every description, both of foreign and home mannfacture. Mr. A. having retired from the buMiieaa of portriit taking, devotes liim?e|r eiclusively to furuiahing the vai ,ns materials required in the art. Hia long eiperieuce as a pm-ticnl Da) Kuerreotypeiat, gives hun eminent facilities for aui pi. nig the , best quality of articlea ou the moat reasonable leims 5 j v 11 30i m ? ^ FOR LIVtHPOOL.?The magnificent "*w 8te .unship 8AKAH 8AN08. < aptain 1 VV. I . Thompson, will sail punctually ou ^AtyaSUjMSLMihe 3d of Augutl, having superior accom_ ^^^^^^^ in.idatious for a limited number of second cabin pnsaenge s, who wi>l be takeu at a redured price, j' Persons desirous of engaging second c biu i>a,saites for their friends in the old country, to leive Liverpool uu the 6th of a. 9 ptember for New Voik, in the above steamer, can do ao at prices charged fir*r^i<'*^1KerJi M'l'lying to re iy2l Jfm 81 South at., below Burliaf 8'ip. wja.fe.. ~ Slt\M SHIP 8AHAI1 SAN D5, from at r LIVh.HPOOL?Consignees will please //AKflKyk,h<^ tend their peimitaon 'xiard at footofClin q <--<^iv\IUj^gliJ^ti>u street, or to the office of the Consignee " No. 16 bouth street. All go-da not permitted, will be aent tithe public (tore, t uuder general order, m conformity with the bills of lading. | Ill J"' * -?vf-<^nr ?s NKW VOtiK, HAVRE ANU PARIS c- EXPRESS.?No. 10 WALL STREET, NEW ? OIIK ? An arrangement having ? been made by the uuderaigned, (hitherid to udverti*ed aa Ostrander U Co) with the Trau*-Atlaut,c Steam Company, for the conveyance of a t.jprt-m matter between this city, Havre aud Paris, they have opeued an office at No. 10 Wall btreet, where they will l>? pleased to receive parcel* for trau*mi*siou,aud.coinmi**iou* to be executed io any part ofKrauce. L Order* for books, engravings, magatinei, mmic, furniture, I, silks, lace*, articles of clothing. wiue*, and, indeed, every k. thing that may be required, will be executed with promptness and fidelity. P It u intended by this arrangement to open a new channel ?f ' communication between Pari* and New York, which *hall be I direct, aud aubject to the least possible delay. LIVINGSTON. WELLS, taCO. <'hawford Livingston, j ' Y Henry Wells, > J' Moncrif.f L. Ostrander. ) ulTStfh iu FRENCH TRANSATLANTIC M STEAMSHIP COMPANV.?Royal Mail. m S'/ATlir ateiimahip UNION, E. Hebert, Cummauder, will positively sail on Saturday, r kBSHAk |,i|v 211 Ii instant,at 4 o'clock, I*. M. precise_ Iv, fruin her present wharf, foot of Olintou street, opposite the . Tobacco Inspection warehouse, East River. 0 Price ol passage, first class.... $120 00, without wine*. * * ?econd cla**. ... S 60 00, (ifany left.) ' Passengers must provide themselves with jiassport* at the 7 Consulate tieueral of France. ' Letter* mu*t be mailed at the Po*t Otl'ice The letter bag* ,c will cloae at 3 o'clock punctually. Luggage not wanted ou the Voyage should b* sent ou board oue day before the departure, ? marked below, with the uuinber of the paaaeuger'a bertn. iv 20 itin - REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fco. 1 '' |J.e.uit<?E Mcl^n>r!7 Jr., No. J^Broadway, continue to 5 vJ remit money, in *uins large or imall, to peraon* residing ' iu any part of Ireland, in the same manner as he aud hi* prede? cesaor in busiue** have doue for the laat thirty year* and more; K alan, to any part of Englaud or Scotland. Mouey remitted by Tetter, post-paid, to the subscriber, or personally deposited with hiin, with the name of the persou or pmonlt In I ind, England or Scotland, to whom it is to be lent, aud neareat post town, will be immediately transmitted *ud paid accordingly, aud a receipt to that effect given t>r forwarded to the sender. jy>l 30t*m OLD"ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. ,S$>- M*. A Mb ' 1 2fi i'icahi. Street. SAMUEL THOMPSON AND NEPHEW. Aoentifor the "Black Star" Link of Pacreti. 1847. Liverpool to New York. 1847. Ships Captain*. Vna Hm Tnt B'n. Marimou, (new) W. K'dwards, 906~ 1600 ?* Sardinia, (naw) C. K. Crocker, 802 WOO Sea, T. K. Kreeman, 817 1100 " Liberty, P. P. Nortou, 792 1300 lluguenot, 8. Goodhue, 932 IMiO 10 America, (new) Weare. 1180 1900 '* Kinpire, (new) J. (J. Russell, 1090 1800 :h Niagara, H. llussell, 730 1360 Senator, (now) 11. Coffin, 860 li60 ? Ohio, T.J. Bird, 768 1376 ' Cornelia, K. M. French, 1066 1760 Chaos, J. L. Wilson, 810 1400 " hlizabeth Denison, T. W. Spencer, 806 ltoo _ Peter Hattrick, J. D. Post. 670 1300 1) The subscribers would respectfully iuform their frienda and 0- tlie public that lliey have added several splendid new sliiiw lb ie their line of packet* between this port and Liverpool,which has been favorably known and exteusively patronised for a period it. of more than thirty years, and have no hesitation in assuring ?r those who may wish to make engagements for the passage ol their friends froin hnglaud, Scotland or Ireland, that they will - liud these ships inferior to none in point of comfort, couvele iiii'iu :e and **IVtv, one at winch will sail from Liver|>ool, every n" six days, throughout the year, making delay and the conseipient expense to emigrants at the port of embarkation irn|>ossi1 ble. A Irae |>assage per steamer from tlie rarious Irish and Scotch ports. witii bread stuff's, and hospital money paid, may be secured all at the lowest rates; and when those settled for n* decline coming out, the full amount paid will be promptly re ry funded aa usual, h or further |<articular?, apply to te huii'h 'iik i ,11 si i s,' a, vtriivw [Jf . 275 Pearl street, or to C. ORIM8HAW & CO.( 10 Uoree Piazzaa, Liv'id Drafu or exchauge, payable at sight, are alao furuiahed I'oi ||| any amount, on R. C. lilyii Si Co., Hankers, London; C Umiuhaw tk Co., Liverpool; tlie National Bank of Scotland, National Bank of Ireland, and Northern Banking Co. Apply m above. jvMMfrc Li ViuRPOOL LlSfc OK >acklt?-K?tular - **HWry Packet of the Uth of Auguat?The ipl'it'd new 1 .iBfiM*i<ackct .hip WLbT POINT, Wm. H. A'len, maa' tti t ?i,l ?ill ,ta above, her regular day. lJ For freight or paaaage, her accommodation* 1 ) ? nnuir paaaed for room, elegante, and comfort, apply on b , at foot ' of Maiden Lane, or to M. KKRMIT,7< s,, *h it. |'1 The wrll known packet thip Stephen Whituey, li. W ? Pophim, matter, will tucceedthe We?t Point ai 1 .1 llth 3c|iiriiiber, her regular (lay j nil rc - ,p\ckLi ship hutiinoulhTFurTTv MhSV ERf'OOL, i> unavoidably detaiued until to-uiorrow, I jm^^ci'hurtday morning) 2<d umlaut, at 10 o'clock. Paswut'ti ?ill pleue be ou board at that hour precisely, when * ?he will be towed to ?ea oy a iiviiner. Letter Bags will close ' at llie usual place* at half liaat 8. iyit'rc VVOOUHULL k M1NTIHN, 87 South ?t. COSlONLKS Ptit PACKtT SHIP LIVKK POOL will please (end their permita on board, wrtl ir JMNffcaidc Burling Slip, immediately. All goods not permitted in five days must unavoidably be sent to the public tore. WOODHuLL k MINTURN, _jv_2l 87 Mou'h at. PACKKT SHIT HOri'lNuUKK, Kuh li Vl-.kMjIVPUOL, wihaail this moruing at II o'clock. Passeu. JMflfiaKera will pleate be ou bo ird atenmboat Hercules, at Vv lull-it ill Dock, at that time precisely. ' Letter bags will cloae at ihe uaual places at half-past ten P o'clock. WOODHULL k MINTURN, jv" 11 _ 87 South at. KOK LIVKRPOOL.? Packet ship A8HBURKMUfV TON, Capt Howland, 1180 ions bu'tfien, to sail ou JBhHb her regular day. t>lh ol August. The acrommodaHum i?r enhin, 2d cabin and steerage peaaengers, being iinsurr. passed by any ahip in port, and the greater number of berths being already engaged, tin. d<mou< of embarking in this ' apleudid packet snould mak eaily application ou board, loot of Maiitau Uue, orto J McMURKA Y, ' comer Pine and South itreeti Th. vr will be'ancceeded by the magnificent new packet " ship T POINT, Capt. Allen, burthen li?0 toni, to aail 111 ,'ist, her renular day. ileairuui of lending for their friends in the Old >r C<'I'll have them brought out in either of the above hi iMi li iill mi? h* nhnvf ivMrr ' 4?4. CARLISLE (n RTPPAHD'8 EMIOKATION 11 rgsmvo*"^ICE. id connection with Oeorge Rippard Jk in jJJflUiSoii, Liverpool ?The subscribers beg to lulorm the l>ul>lic that they have otieued a house in connection with iheii trimils, Oegrge Ripparutt Son, of Liverpool, aud are enabled i to forward passengers toauil from Liverpool, Belfast. Dublin, :h Cork, and all other |?rta of Ureal Britain and Ireland, on moet I- advantageous terms. Kor the general satisfaction given to pa?n seugers coming through our house in Liveiimol, we can, by r- reference to numerous letters received from emigrants from y the old country, uttest to the good treatment they nave at all in times received. In order to fully carry out the arrangement. nImi bill induced to MUbltah a home in this city, that al I >r disap|>ointinent and annoyance coinin.jn to emigrauLs here and k. in Liverpool may be prevented. h- (Jtorge Ripiiard Si Hon, Liverpool, despatch the Ilosciua, n, Oarricli, ilotiiuguer, Queen of the West, Liverpool, and Cous, stitution, on their regular days, aud, in addition, oue or more lirst class ships every week. l'ersons wishing to send money to their friends can procure " drafts, payable at sight without discount, on the principal* banks mid their branches in England,Ireland, aud Scotland. ?" Appl y to CARLISLE * RIPPARD, Jyl 1 30t*rc it Month street, corner of Wall. Attf- PASSAGE TO AM) FROM LIVKHPOOL kH^kby the New Line of Liverpool Packets.?The spleuJHMbdiil packet shiji HOTTINOUER, 1250 tons burthen < jpiaio Ira Ruraley, will sail her regular days, as follows;? ' from New York on the 21st of July, from Liverpool on the till < I September. r Persons wishing to secure passage to Liverpool by the above II mi hificent liai ket, or those wishing to seiiu for their friends in t i v part 01 the Old Country, cau make the necessary arrun* loeuts with the subscribers on favorable terms. The 1 | ilo'ti i uer ha* apleudid accommodations for cabin, aeoond I ' it in, rndateerage paaaengora, and iain every rea|*ct a mi>ai I J. tirab'.o conveyance for paaaengera. To aecure bertha, apI ;.|y to W k J. T. TAP8C0TT. at their General ruaaic Office, r #t> South street, aeroud door below Burling alip. J.**- PA Hh V <? K; foil I,IV H.KPOOL ?Tin "packet EUROPE will tail for Liverpool on Weduea.AJllKa'lay the 2Jd inat. For rat* of pacaage in cabin, ??v. nil rutun, and ateerage, apply to the captain onbofrd.at Beekma.il atreet.or to the aubacribera, ROCHE, BROTHF.RH k CO., I jv \jr 3) Fulton atreet. 4jC?- FOR NEW OHLEANH ? Loqinana and New IvHRrV York Line of Packets?The faat aailing Paciet Bark > .j^jjjg^tJK.NF.SEE. Tho*. L. Minotl, maarer, it now load' 3iM will pnaitively aail on Monday, August 2. For freight or paaaaga, having handaone furnished acrommnilationa, apply on board at Orleani wharl. loot ol' Wall B meet, or to E.K.COLLINS. 54 South at.* Agents in New Orleana, J. O. Woodruff k Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their addrtaa. .. racaet Inn Wabash, Captain Hathaway, wi succeed the t Oene?ee. and aail her reirnUr dav. jvll > ROCHE, B?OIHERS k MA8TERSON Paaaage to and from Liverpool by the regular packets JMpfc6??ailing on the Mm 18th of every month. persona , wiabiug passage to the old country, or asnding lor their friends , ran h ive them brought out m thoie packets, which are snie 1 rior for comfort anil convenience to any ahipa leaving tnis port. The splendid ship HT. PATRICK, Proal matter, will , leave Liverpool early in October, and the ship ST. OEOROE. Ferris muter, will aucceed her Draft* at aight on the Koyal Bank of Ireland, and on Messrs t> Prctcou. Orate, AtneakCo., Baukera, Londou, payable at aight, free of discount. Apply to t, ROcHK, BROTHEKS k MA8TERSON, - I ft Maiden Lane. Agents '? Dublin, Roche Brothera, 30 Edin (Juay; and J. i- D. Roche. Liverpool jjlJJOt'in a Jtitf- row LONDON With Despatch?The fast sai <J ccipl" red n :il <'o|.pnr faatened all p Tl<r<VONT Iptam I a\lor, having a Urge poitiou of lier cargo engaged, will vtiI ?s abore. Foi hnliucc of freight or i>niaas?, apply to W J. T. TAPSCOTT, jyll ? *?uth iBHI PA*K ?Th? p??UeU?ea|*etftillT tnfom#4 thai lhl? establishment will b? re-oi>eued fur the mum oa Monday, August 2d. The la Im aud geu'leuieu ofthe company ata r^afitad to I attend rehearsal ou r ridav, liie luih uf July, iusr?nt at II I o'. lock in 'h* I rtniim _ iv II dl n* Bo w a.n ? irttA t K*_? aw. ri^ n-wii-u. fc. ttTKVKKi, S???? Manager.?Rr.?peuiug for short iumui'r Season?We<l? sd.?y Evening, July ?t will be |*rf?rinrd ! MASHANI* LLU? ?lassxuiello, Mr. W. Marshall; (Jontalo, | Mr Vruua^ L re tj>, Mr. riltuu; Henalla, Mrs Booth, fc.1 w ra. mas Knuuv Gordou. Ai'ur whicb.'Tht i OtfNU WIDOW?**pla?h, Mr. C. i Bure: Luo.Mra Booth, \ureli . Mi?a Fanny Gordon I . To conclude with the RllBBKK1!) Wl ** t?Matk Rrdland, ] Mr W. Ma, shall; Larry O'Oig Mr C Burae Boiea.J*. ceuta; Pit and Uallery, UH cetita Uoora open ata 0V?rtfrtA T; to rominrnrf ?? T ^ AoiUe. GAKDfcN.?Mr.lWaaa, it ae .vlau??. i,-Un J Wednesday Kveinug, July II. Hie emertaiumeuta will commence with tha overture to "Zampa, ' b yt h e o rSy.Vr >? To be followed by the Burletta, of the NEW KJOTM \N.?Boboy Break window. Mr. Holland; Mr. Capsicum, Everard; Polly Ptcuic, Mi?a Clarke After which, a (Jraud Pu de 1 mis, by Misses Louisa, Amelia, and Mary Ami Well? After which,HKHR CLINE will appear on ? ??? rope, in full Highland Costume, aud dani a tie Saot h Strathspey, With a sudden transformation to the costJtna of a ISoble. Uoora ojien at Performance to cotrtuienct at I. Admiuion. 24 ceiit?. GREAT COMBINATION OK AMI NtMLM S AT VAUXHALL GARDEN.?Monday Evening. July l?. and eve uighl this w eak ?Mous Delacroia.tbe distinguished artiste, from Kra ce, will exnibit his uurivallrd Automaton Figures. His delightful exhibition will be intetspersed with dancing by the fasciUdting danseuse Mid'lle. MatTinii, and singing by the following popular vocalist* : Mrs Sharpe, Miaa Bruce. Mr Knvanagh, Mr. Quayle, aud Mr OldBeld, who will preaide at the Piano Korte. Tickets}) ceuta, to admit a Gentleman v>d Ladies. Admission to the Oardeu, free. P. B.?For particulars see snull 1 ' JU * > CAHTL? GARDEN?Hi1 Kihibittou?The Chinese Ju <k Keyin* if at Castle Uarden ? . Admission on board 2J cr . - n, , s o'clock, A. M-, I till 5 P. M. jli2w r BUOADWAV THc.ATilK ? Tin* .iilistuiieut, now erecting in Broadway, will bao:"eiJ for Dramatic purposes solely, ou or about tha lirst of liepumber, under the management of O. H. BARRETT. Persona of acknowledged talent wishing situations for lha season, will please addrcsahim (pre-paid) atlW Leonard street. A. M ANN, sole ?roi>netor. During Mr. Barrett's abseurr i, Europe, all letters and i Dimness cominouicatioiii may be h .'tressed to his agruc. jell rfrr W. C< (KB V N. No. 2 Barclay street. 1 AMERICAN MUSt.LM?I'KHKi (KM ANI'.KH both AS- 1 ternoon and Kvening at 3K and 8V o'clock. , New and interesting collection ol Wax Figuies, Consisting of the 36 Negro Slave* captnred fiom THE SCHOONER AMISTK VD, . off New Haven in the yeu. 1839. Alao engaged lor a ihort time. THE ORPHEAN FAMILY. OH KENNEBECK VOCALISTS, the most popular and talented company in America. Alio for our week more, a company of SHAKING QUAKERS, the only /ermine one in the country. SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEG, Taken by the American Army iu Mexico, may be ?eeu her* at all hour* day and evening. Ailin ssi,ku to the whole, 2'i rents. UNION C0UR8E,L.I. jm Tltil I I I ili - a iiit.r i,ii lime lintlj >n| J in J, to keleton wagons, free for all trotting huraea, will be given by the proprietor of the above track, to coine off July 28 ; to cloae on or before 9 o'cl rk, on Thuriuay evening, July 22, at OREEN & BEVINS, Chatham Square. Two or more to make a race. GEO- SPiCER, Proprietor. 1 jy2l Itrc <1 _ HOUSES KOR SALE?Apairof superior match.UBC'fJ floises; very rapid and ahowy travellers, and jLJ^^.heaiitiftil in every reipect. Apply at the Bazaar, 31 I Croaby atreet. Jytllctt'm j <\ THEIONLY INDEPENDENT,CHEAPEST | , t L^aiicl moat agreeable medicine of the age, ii Dr. Dei C. Kelliuger's Infallible Liniment, which is universally used by the medical faculty throaghout the cilv anil country. It eradicates all piling, heals aorta, reduces inflammation, extracts fire, he, of the most aggravaled charac- J ter immediately Only one teaspoonful is required to be taken as a dose, Tor an adult, for diarrhoea, and bilious cliolic: tin forfeit will be paid lor every failure iu these cases, if used t according to direction. It is put up in large hottlas, so that all . who have horaea can affi rd to uae it; it laya all the other reine- ' dieg on the ghelf, after they get one trial of this truly wouderful and incoimiarable compound?it is only about three centa an ounce. Sold at 10 ceuts a Single bottle; one dozen $1; half J Cross and (cross at much greater deduction of priqe. Hence the cause and the propriety of all the stage protirietTrs of New York city, the Harlem Hailroad, and other large com|>anieg, 1 together with our best and most distinguished horse trainers . and dealers, laying down all other remedies used by many ol them from twenty to thirty years?mill now will use this alti.- < gether, anil will not nor do not use anything else. It cnu be obtained always genuine, wholesale anu retail. ofS. Iugersol Ik 1 Co., No. 230 Pearl street, removed from 90 John street, and from William Kellingnr, at Williamaburgh, at tbe foot of (jpand Street Kerry; of Mr. Kyle, Harlem Railroad Office, 1 City Hall Park, New York city; and at the druggists, store ( keepers, gaddlera, and taverns, throughout the city and couutry generally. Distributing Agents are wauled from all part* > of the United States, to whom Targe profits will be given. We will pay the expeusea of all w ho may uomc from a distance to (rem wun us, u we lau in y tneir mo*t (anguine **pt-ciation* in relation to its truly wonderful curative effect* upon MM mill horse. Travelling mcrcliaut* of every respectable clan and denomination, will do well to call on u?, it will not I be coufuieil to any privileged few. Therefore, all who have heart* and *oul* laahioned a* ihey should be, and d ire try, and exercise the in, can profitably assist in spreading this magic *anative over tlie face of the whole inhabitable globe, where it inuit and shall be AH l"trr? must be directed to Dr. DEWITT C KFLLINOfcR, Principal Agent, Director, and Manufacturer,at Yonker*, Westcheater county, New York. j v? 30teod*rrc M" FIVK DULLAUS KKVVAKIV?St ?jeil from Deltnonico'a Hotel, Friday evening last, a fawn colored bull terrier ilut, medium size, answer* to the lame oj Ulo?om. The above reward h ill be paid to whoever will return her, . jvll 3t*rc i M LOST?From the packet ship Zuruli (about two week* inrc) a Newfoundland Dog, belonging to th? 1 ship Any uiformatii.u in relanon to him will be uu oi) rewarded, on application to Captain Tin mpaon. foot of Hert t street jyll 3tm MHKTTKK DOG. ?For ..ill', a valll itile ihiiroilili broke bl?ck and white Hrtter Dog Apply lor fur'Iter particular!, at the Uuu Store, 178 Broadway. J .if _ TO TRAVKLLKRS GOING SOI,Til SSk NfcW A>U MOST AGRKEABLK LINK TO KRKDKrickshurg, Richmond, I'etenburg, Va., Staunton, Va , and the Virginia Spring*, Weldou, N. C.,and Charleston, S C. The public are inh'rined that the new audtplendid low pressure steamer POWHATTAN (c?U'ecting with the Orest Mail Line at Aipjuie Creek,) leave* Commerte *neet * harf Baltimore, every Tuesday and Friday Evening, at 6 P. M., for the above point*. Through-ticket* to Richmond >4 " Petersburg 6 Weldon, N. C ? " Staunton, Vo 11 " Charleston. S. C $17 Being at the tame price, more direct and expedition*, and much more certain than the Cheaereake Bay and James Ilivei Steamboat Line,?all the wide ana rourh portion f the Bay, between the m<>uth of the Potomac and Old Point Comfort, being entirely avoided by thi* line. Tiaveller* are adviaed that the line y ailvertued i* part and parcel of the Oreat Mail Line s i Virginia; and thai it i* the intention of thecompa jiuk the Great Mml Line, that passenger* *ha1i I i ' by tliem, iu connection with the Powhatta' ?l? . < >'v a* by any othei line, and with more ci rnl , e*^i n ".ml i i 'sinty, than by any other line, except the line via Was > : mi. For further particulate, inquire at tli' * 'f. ru Railroad olfice, Pratt atreet, Baltimore; of Slockii.ii i. Falj, or ar the Commerce atreet wharf; or, on Tuesdays and Friday*, on board the Powhattan, of O. W. OUNNKLL, Caj't. N. B.?Traveller* by the above line will bear in mind that they liave two hour* more in Bnltttnore llian p?**enger* by the Che?a|>eake Bay and James River Boat*, and yet reach any |h>im smith ol Peiei?burg at the ?an<? time with theae laat, even when there i* no breach ol coiaietiou by the Bay Line. jy4 3meod*r I ON AND AfrTKR FR.DAY, the 23d r n > ill r the Excursion boat to tlie Klyaian dUkMBBM Field*, at lloboken.will leave tlie foot of HamiomikI itreet, iu?tead of Caual street, nt 10 and 12o'clock, A. M. and at 2. 4, and (i o'clock, 1'. M. Nineteenth street aud the Field* at the *aine time as now advertised. Fare each way )< centa. jftl it*m FOR 8HRK WSBCRY, OCKAN HOUyE, r^aL?ALuiiii Branch, Hnnaoin Dock, Brown'* Dock, BBEHUMaiMidaletowii and Red Bank.?The Steamboat ORUS, C. Price, Ma*ter, will run a* follow*, from Kulton Market Slip, Ea*t River Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. July. O'clock. July. O'clock. Wednesday, 21, 9'4 A.M. Wednesday, 21, 2, P.M. Thursday, 22, 10 A.M. Thursday, 22, 2, P.M Friday, 23, II * M. Friday, 23, 3. P.M Saturday, 21, I2W P.M. Saturday, 24, 4, P.M. Sunday, Hi, .'i>< A M. Sunday, Hi, 4, P.M. Monday, 28, ti A.M. Monday, 26, 3, P.M Tuesday. 27, A.M. Tuesday. 27, 4, P.M Wednesday, 28, 7 A.M. Wednesday, 21, 4, I'M. Thursday, 211, 8 A M. Tlmnday, 29, 4)<, P.M Friday, 30, ti A.M. Friday, 30, 10, A M Saturday, 31, 7 A.M. Saturday, 31. lfljfi A.M Smiday, Au?. 1, 8 A.M. Sunday, Aug, I, 6, I'M 'I'lie Line Stage* will run to llowell Works, Sqtian Village anil Freehold, Staae* to convey paasenger* to all part* of the country. iN .H All persons are fotliid trmtnig the above boat on account of il,? Owners. J. P. ALLAIRK. I ifft Ml*w MQININO LINK FOR ALBANY AND TKOV and Intanutdiatc Landing! MmHm Breakfast ainl Uinoer on board the B"*t The low pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Oorham. will leave the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Kndayi, at aeven o'clock A. M Return inir on >he opposite daya. The Steamer NlAOARA, Capt. H L. Kellocg, will leave the Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at half past an o'clock, A. M., returning on the opposite daj s. L7"" Fare JO Cents. I"or passage or freight, apply on board, or to W. B. Hall, at the office on the wharf. jyjn " curfil isLANi) hhiun I I i. .Smodious and elegiut steamer ION, ( si t ini MeiiMBaB Weld, will, for tne present week, run at the following hours :? Canal street Id1, A. M Pier No. I N. R.... II A. M. " i >2 r M. " " ... 2PM Returning, will leaie Coney Island at Iff and 4 hi P- M. J*> simq jggt bteamioat tx''ihstokh ajji) fcS&Sfl" PLEASANT PARTlfcS?The fast new low KaintttaflLpreiioer steamboat NORIH AMhKIf A has br?u rspecially prepared to accommodate Societies, Schools, aud Pleasure Parties. . The NORTH AMERICA is too well known by the cmzcoi 4i a first cjasa large and ?piCiou? itcuwff to QCCfl any ptf* ticolar description .... _ Apple at 114 Greenwich street. JV" Kin* m OltAND EXCURSION AND COTIL^ LON I'ARTV.?The managers ul the Thistle MMDMH&i Beuet oleur Association, at tne pressing solicitation ol a numuer of their friends, have made arrangements to give a grand KxcurM'm '?ud Cotillon Party to Roveau Hook. North Hirer on Thursday, the TJd instant. Tne splendid steamer UTICA, aceompeuied hy the harge PRATT, have been engaged?aud every exertiou will he used by the managers to make this excursion at least eonal to any which have Preceded it. Tickets $1 for a lady and gentleman, extra ladies 50 rente children ui der 12 lears hair price?to be hsd ot Meosri Stodart, Dunham It Co.'a music store. Ml Broadway Ca|t. A McLean, U ?" alker-M Northern Until, 79 Courtlandt st. or ?reither of the ma-Tgers, or at the landings on tin moruii g of tie exco'sinn. The boat K ill |ea>e the foot of Catherine at, F.ast Rirer, at Sit o'clock , Liberty St. at #1 Canal st. st j Hammond s', at III anil 10'h st, at IDSj o'clock. Returning, will land at lf>tli at. Hammond, I mal and Liberty sis. Rclreahmtiit* on hoard. H ' ra see small hille. lvMftis*m Mg/t MJK LIVKItlOOI.-Nrw Line?Regular pack lA^**' <>f 2#th July?The new splendid, fast sailuit INMkparket ship ROSCIUH. Captain Aaa hldridffe, will positively sail aa above, her regular day. For freight or |?aeace, having aii|>erior furnished aciom moiM'nna, apply on board, at Orleans whirf, foot W?H street, or to K. K f'.OLI.IN> * - .< Tiie packet ship HIDDONH, ( ap I. D ( ?t. i. w <>: n . I ceed the Rosctua, iqd sail th. TKeti .1 August, ,,ei ieH .lar *Y KM I to van LATEST MOMENT HIOI1L.Y INTHRr ITDtO MEXICAN NEWS. BY SPECIAL OVERLAND EXPRES8 PKOM NEW 0RLE1N8 TO PHILADBLPHU, AND THENCE BY MAGNETIC TELEGRAPH TO THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Affairs in the Cit/ of Bexioo. THE AMERICAN PRISONERS. No Qoornm in the Mexican Congmt. Alarming- Rumors to the Bnemy. ieport that the Offer of Mediation had been Aeeepted. 4u>. dtc. Ac. The New Orleans Picayunr of the 13th Inst. forward id by our special overland express In advanoe of tb? nail, wu received In Baltimore on Monday night, bat< >y some accident. remained In the poet office la that sity iutil yesterday looming, when It *w sent on to Philadelphia by the railroad. Klles of Mexican papers to the 19th ult., hare been re Jeived at New Orleans. from which the Picayunt makes copious extrats El Kepublicano gives the fallowing information in relation to the American prisoner! from whloh It appears that they have left the Capital for lluejulla. The on* hundred and eighty Yankees, prisoners of war, whom the government sent by this route, have been detained at the above named town, and we learn that Oen. Garay hall not the necessary means for supplying them with food. We have leoked in vain into the preceding n mben of the same paper, for a notice of their departure from the Capital, but the above meagre paragraph is all that we can Qnd upon the subject. A summon* for Congress to assemble wejflnd In almost every paper we open, but no quorum had been assembled up to the 29th nit. The Rrpublicano publishes, daily, the list of msmbsrs present and active. They have several times come vsry mar a quorum, and there is doubtless a sufficient dub>er of members in the city to form one. Seventy-one ire required, and sixty-six were present en the 34th. The papers of the city appeared to expeot that the Vmerican army would move from Fuebla by the end of lune. They say not a word in their later numbers of heir own means of defonoe. or indeed of their own army n this particular. They show perfect acquiescence in the wishes of Santa Uni We see no allusion in the papers to the faot, which we lave stated elsewhere upon different authority, that Lien. Soott had given the government to the 90th alt. to tonsider Mr. Buchanan's letter, before pushing on the capital. The Rrpublicanu says our army la too insignificant to idvance, but hopes It is true that Oen. Scott intend* doing so," at it will ajfortl a gond trlt of the fidelity of Ihote Mtxicam who have pledged Ihemieltei to defend the capital till death." This reads w">h It e a sneer. On the 'J&th ult. rumors, which th> I jmblicano calls very alarming, were in circulation 'u the capital. It was said that the Mexican governs; it bad acceded to the mediation of England. That the English Secretary of Legation had been down to Tuebla, and returned on the -J4th. That the object of his visit was to negotiate with Oen. Scott a treaty of peace, and that the tenna agreed upon between them, would be the surrender of the California!) to the Americans ; the recognition of the independence of Texas, and the acknowledgement of tbeline of <16 degrees as the Northern boundary between the United States and Mexico. Tbia line would jive Santa Ke, and over a third of New Mexico, to the United States. Santa Anna celebrated his birth-day by a banquet at ilie palace, wbioh was censured by the preaa. Mexican .roops at Mattabuela, were suffering much lioknsss Uen. ttioon bad been restored to the command which le resigned along with Bravo. Santa Anna issued a decree of indemnity for all politi;al offences on the fourteenth. The blockade of Maratlan, la lepreeented as being itrictly maintained by the Cyane, independence and Klixa, on the 9th of June El Rtpubllcano demanda of Santa Anna the releaae of Oen. Arista, and ceaaurea him for hla imprisonment without trial. Fifty ofllcera nave been promoted by government for good conduct at Buena Vista. El Raxanador calls the earneat attention of the Go. vernment to the Immense contraband trade carried on from the porta of San Sabaatlan and Matatlan. lm III.. ?r knllln. .? I.li.n thlthn from 7>. cateca* and clandentinely lent on board of English re*, els of war. The Kngllah ship Carynfort i* charged with having received largo nunifi on board. El Rrpublicano give* the vote of the different MUtai for the Preiidentlal election on the ISth of May, and aaya, the 81ft article of th? f onutltutlon provide* that to make an election valid, three-fourth* of the State* entitled to a vote mu*t vote. A* there were twenty-three -State* entitled to vot? at tne late election, and only fifteen vote* were c**t, being Ickh than three-fourth*?the election haa failed. Ml 111 BV TUB HAIL Wa>hinotoh, July 19, 1S47. The War?More DiipatcKei both wayt, ^c. fe. Lieut C. 11. P. Rodger*, U. S. N., (not the Perote prisoner,) came up thin evening, and a* soon a* he had registered hi* name at Coleman'*, eet out In March of Smntary Manon He ban probably brought dicpatchss from CoiJ^'erry. It appear* that the steamer MlMtiiMiippt narrowly escaped *pontaneou* combustion. from the Ignition of her coal. If wo recollect aright, the Missouri, at Gibraltar, wax consumed from a (imiiar accident Col Lewi* (i. Wllnon. of Kdgecombe county, North Ciirolina. was on Wednesday morning la*t Rent down with despatches for the army. It I* *uppo*ed they oover instructions to Hcott to stand at l'uebla till reinforcements *hall come up, with the hope in the meantime, that the Mexican* under the Impending danger of Utter annihilation, will be induced to put in a plea for negotiation*, or accept the proportion* proponed A young lady at Alexandria wa* found In her night clothe* In tb? river thin morning. a* we learn. Suicide. Her lover tiled recently of eonnumptton, and ?h* wa* driven to despair at hi* lorn?poor girl. W*?mi.iotoi?, July IN, 1847. Ilrmt of Nrw$. We Khali be glad to be verified that we have underestimated General Koott'n active force in the field for the month of June. The table we have given yoo, la the interim, appear* to be borne out by a dim* of ?rt> dunce from the army We understand that General Se tt ha* granted a truce of thirty day*, to glva the Mexluau* time to eon Ider the lu t overture* of paace. We doubt not that magnanimity wan on* motive In thli *u?p*n*lon of tha march upon the capital, and we are assured that it wa* uune the wort* for suiting the oonvanlenoo of tba General himself The French Minister and Manor Llibua left town laat evening for the northward, and for the *alt water we nuppoie General McNeill I* to have the eoinni*n<t of tba new brigade, of which Colonel Hugbei'i In- > -t Battalion la to form a part. For martial appan1 and military knowledge, for that fine rblvalric bear: :if wblob di*tln tculahe* the true military man, Ganeral McNeill la, p?r hapa. without a superior. We cordially approve of tit* brigade and the brigadier A portion of th? battalion will move off for New Orleana for shipment, Tin the Atlantic, on the 33d inat., if all la ready The ma*t which they Intend to ran up through and over the oentral dome of the Capitol, Ilea now In tha rotunda, eatending entirely acrot* the floor, which (naked he epar Mime fMTfeet long On the top of It la to be Used ? huge gaa burner, the pipe to which ran* in a (rove in i be Mde of tha (par. We rat bar impact .that in the an. lumnal equinox the wind*.acting upon thi* ma?t and it* liuge lantern, will tear the dome of our elegant tapitt I all to piece* But. ?ou? ?<r?n? We extend our e*pecial think* to Col M'Elflreeh th? "Kent here of Adam* k Co.'* kxpreee, for eeveial parrel#, recently ftrolu New York. 1 he va*t amount of bnInea* done by thl* express line, without a complaint of n failure, I* the beat evidence that could be given of It < utility to the public W. I Ml Ultlll.k i b? ? ?* //. ?*j*. Ibal ou wui.day last, the llierinuuteior at lliat plate liidic?t?"l V? degree*, and on Monday I""

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