24 Temmuz 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

24 Temmuz 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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.1 NEW YORK HERALD. \,w Urk. latar<Ur> July 34. IHT. The Weakly Herald. The WnJtiy Hrrald for this week, will be ready at- 8 o'clock this morning, and will be as interesting h shert Mat we ever issued. In uddition t.> the latest newa from the army and nivy.it will contain several columns of very important English news received by the steamship Britannia ; foreign correspondence ; a letter from Mr. B"nnett; editorials on the topics of the d iy; Washington correspondence ; commercial and financial intelligence, and every thing else that shall have tranbpired to the hour of going to press. It will t>? embellished with an accurate portrait of Father Mathew, the apostle of temperance. Price 6J cents, in wrappers' ready ior the mail, which is made up in this office. 'I tie Korn'il for Enrop*. The splendid French steamship L'nion will leave this citv to-ciny. for France. I he lltralil for Europe will be re?dv for such of'otir friends H' wish to send th" I '"-st American n*ws to the old world oy her, at 12 o'clock. If will contain h letter from Mr. Bennett; the latest news from th* 6 *ut of war, from California had Oregon; hcooiima.of the crops from ull parts of the country, Bud of the markets; miscellaneous'matter, and every thing el*** of inter*-! that may have occurred, to the hour of uail.ng. It will also contain nn admirable pnjraving of Grn?ral Taylor's Camp Ritchcn in Mexico. Price cents, in wrappers. The Prospect of Peace with AUxleo. We published an article in yesterday's paper, in which we gave it as ouropinion that the prosp-ct of n termination ot the war was very good. Lite in the night, however, we received a telegraphic desp itch to the effect that the Mexican .*1.. r. I Kpiy] tinsiiialtfinrllir rciftprpH r*i i r "nm. ??? >< > >?... ....V. ? l ,r ? positions, und were determined to prosecute the var to trie last; but we afterwards learned that j it was a mistake on the part of the person who sent it to us. By yesterday's Southern mail we received New Orleans papers of the 10th inst., which cont iini'd one day's Inter int"Iligencefrom the city of Mexico than what we4iad previously received. Tlio Delta contains a translation of an article on the que&tion of peace in the Republifiano, of the 23th of Juno last. The following is the translation:? XKW PROPOSALS POK PEACE. Th? government of the ITnlted States baa lately sent a not* to onr Minister of Relations. proposing again to ?tnUr lato negotiation* for peaoe. and offTin* to send a Commissioner. with full pow-rs for the definite arr*ng?raent of the difllcul'le* now existing bstwien the two !t-nub!i'-s Tbis afftir. for I s gr?at importance ami lnt?r?st. ds-terveg puhlie attention above all things. an>t it iinnoees upon u? the duty of exp ising ulnoerely anil freely. th? turn which. In our opinion should be given to this nahjeot. in order to prevent its being ma le prejudicial to the nation. It will b? ?as ly pero-ivrd that the government might have at onoe repeated the anewer given to the previoue notification of the Amerioan oabin?t. In whioh onr go ernment (Mexinan) simply proteBted that It would not enter into arrangements of any description as long as the enemy's squadron blockaded our ports, and Its tronpe occupied our territories. But. whether from a conviction. produced by the reasonings and examples given by .Mr Buch?na>i. or from a witih to avoid the efTuxion of blood or from the belief that the new propositions will b? ad<iiis?ibl?. the eovernment has judged it u>oiit prop'f to a Idr^M lts?lf to Congreis. In order that thi* body i may d t?rmine up'<n (he atmwer which um<t be given to | the late proportions for peace. Wo belters that the power of treating with the Commlss loners. Id case it should ha deoine<l advisable to do ho. belongs la an extraordinary way. to government instead of to Congress Our opinion is f >unded in the natural and plain con truetion of the deerm which given the government extraordinary piwi'ri ThU ampin authorisation wan (riven. an<1 ha* been preserved. Iwcause Congress, as well a< ourselves. Is persuaded that the Executive in derided ly In favor of carrying on thn war.and wouli not dare to art tr-asnnably, iu which case the Republic would be j lost without remedy. In oonse<]i>enpe. and supposing likewise that among the few restriction* named at the time of vesting the Executive with extraordinary facul ties wrr? thw: that it oould not make peacn with the United States?oonclude treaties or negotiations with f'reign powers?nor dispose of the whole or any part of the ti-rrib.ry of this republic, we understand plainly, that there is no impellment to the Executive opening diplomatic communication* with Mr Trist. or with any one else who may be sent from the United States as a commissioner on such an Important suoj. ct. It will not be improper to remark here, that tbo pow or* of the Executive go no farther than to hear and make propositions, and by no means to resolve detlul- 1 tively upon the new proposals for pe oe. It Is couse luently clear enough tbat the Executive either thinkithat these proposals are of an admissible character, or it judges, even before knowing what they are. that they mu-t be unworthy of the character aud dignity of the Mexican republic The lstter conclusion is very probably the opinion of the Executive, and It Is likewise our own private opinion In such esse these proposals should fie Immediately rejected and there is no doubt than that It is entirely useless for Congress to assemble to take into consideration mch ignominious and inadmissible propositions. Neither i-hould we attend to the argument that b* this refusal on; cover ument miicht re jeot a peace which would be :vdvunla?eou.i to the uation ? for we must suppose that they (the United State*) weuld not make uuv such propoaals. huJ in t a?tt tbcy should, It will never be t"0 late to admit tiiem, lienauae In every eiw the Executive W"Ul J be obliged to give notice of what occurred and ll it had acted Improperly, itn error* cruld be easily rmnedi-d If, on the contrary. the government should consider the propositions favorable to us, and that it was codt*nient to make a peaoe. it, rhouid always do it by recurring to the legislative body as the power to ratify a treaty Is only ve?ted In it. Should the Executive be prevented frmn raasinit a p?a>-e with the United States no matter how desirous it might be, or how adrantageou* those propoeitl<<ns si)'>ul<i appear to be, the Executive would tind itself without power to act. and would be obliged to oill on the representatives of the people, in order that they ml^tH revolve what should be done in that case. And this gives au additional support to our ideas: for, if the government should be prerented fioiu making a peace?which would be the only evil we could fear?what objection is there to Hi taking charge of the preliminaries of negotiation? We believe thrre is none; and (hat ne reasonable objection can tie found, how much soever yon may search, against this truth. Biaides the legal reaeous for li< lding that it la the government, and not Congress which must receive the newly appointed commissioner, there if still another reason, arising flrom the reel and effective impossibility that the legislative body eould for the present assemble The number being dally diminished by the absence of aeveral members, who have given the soandalous examSle of abandoning the posts with whieh they have been onorwd, a very long time must elapse before the uecessary number could on united for the purpose of forming I a quorum Thus, it is evident, thai to pretend that Congress should resolve about the new proposition is as much lis oaralvllna it indefinitely, or l>neak it down nt the very coojmeno?-tnent. We are, however, far from Intending by our foregoing remark! 10 ind'rate any disposition uu our part to make a pea<~e Decided partisans of the war from a conviction of its necessity, persuaded that only through its nontinuation oan the repubiio be saved, we oould not recommend a contrary course. We do not even deem it necaasary to receive the commissioner s>nt by the United *t*ten, and If he should b admitted, in order that it flight never be said that we shut our ears to every amioabie arrangement, we believe it to bo indispensable that hostilities should not be suspended, even for a moment; but tbat. on the contrary, every occasion should be rendered profitable, and that we must take advantage of the perilous position in which the enemy finds himself from his own fault, and make him pay dear for the ephemeral triumphs with which fortune has favored him thus fWr. We also wish that both the Executive and Congress shoal 1 not be easy in granting a peace; and that la ease tbat that should b? the result, w? hope they will not permit that the honor, the good name of the ooun| fry, aud Its Interests sbeuld be forgotten. Tue tone of tins article is vastly different from that which formerly characterized the RtI publicanu, when sp-uking of the question of l?eHce, or alluding at all to the United States. Formerly it was death before dishonor?war to i 'he knife, and audi like phrases; but now we have before us a qaiel, sedate article. When we connect this article with the facta that we published yes erday, we are confirmed ] u the opinio* we ill 'it ' xpressed, and think that peace in n-arer at Hand Man p*'ople generally cupiose. L\ter irom Yucatai*.?By the politeness of Cupt. Wnite, of the "M iry Ann," we are in receipt of Merid-i papers up to the 3rd instant. There is no new* of any consequence from that quarter, and they seem to be awaiting further news from the seat of war with us much anxiety us we do here. The election of representatives was to take place on the 1th instant, and the papers in speak- I ing of it, express a hope that all will go ofTquiet- I ljr and well; indeed, they do not doubt it. At the time of Captain Waite's departure he til form !< us thet they hud heard nothing at Meri. ds, uf whatimr flfftt had MOvmpliBhad at 'IV ( *? *? TIm lUTM?r.TlM Bmivki mt Ik* flwrw mwit, umI ih* Optrallon of Dm HcwTiitft Tne ad valorem tariff of ldi6 works admirably. The r?*vt?nu'* from cu^omi for the pa*' srven month*, exceeds that of th* corresponding period, under the tariff of 1842. in the previous | year, nearly one and a half millions of dollars. This increase has been realised in the face ot a Urge importation of specie, and of course a diminished importation of merchandise, to what there would have been had there been no shipments of sp*cie from the other side. I nder other circumstances, the twenty-five millions of dollars received in cpecie, within the past six months, w?#uld have been received in merchandise, and th?* revenue from customs, in that event, would have been several millions larger. The increase upon the receipts of Inst year > would have been from three to five millions of I dollars, instead of one and a half, for the seven months. The importations of merchandise since the n*w tariff went into operation, h;tve been less than estimated, while the exportatinns have been much larger. Had our exportutions been paid for in foreign merchandise, we should have had a more favorable report to make relative to the revenue, than that given above. The prospect now i*, that our fall tride will be unusually lartte; and our fall importhtion will, wifVwkitf m.lit u I e/i Km irw ru 1 w n rn t?vt*/?r_ " uuu.,n n.nu v * 7 tation of Bp?cif from the other side h is nearly ceased, and the probability is that the value of our imports of merchandise will correspond more with the value of merchandise exported, than they have for some time p*st. In the event of the harvests in Europe being as ur e as anticipated, and those of this country Iteinglarger than >ast year's, ihere willbe anucb greater surplus than we Dave ever had yet, and prices will touch a low point. The surplus in tkis country will, without doubt, be immense, and we have no doubt large shipments of breadstuff's will be made to Europe on speculation, on home account. Should this I e carried to any extent, of which there is every probability, it wiii give a great impetus to our import trade, and tend to swell the revenue fr< m customs. All this will aid and comfort the Secretary of the Treustiry, and add to our resource* for prosecuting the Mexican war, if it should not before thai be closed. The receipts into the treasury from the tarifl of duties placed upon imports into -'lexico, is a source of income not calculated upon wh'n the present tariff of the United States was planaed a d perfected, and the revenue from that quarter will nnKe up part of the deficiency caused by the lari e importation of specie. There is one thing pretty conclusively settled in rehtion to the tariff of 1840, and that is its successful operation, which places it beyond any material alteration or modification. Whatever mav be the political complexion of the lower houae of Congress, this department of our commercial system is beyond their control. This is a very imj ortn. t nutter, as permanency is more to lie desired in this than in anything else connected with commercial affairs, which the government have the regulation of. Arrivals?Ex-President Tyler, lady nnd child, arrived in this city on Wednesday last, and are stopping at Mrs. Gardiner's, Ltlayette Place. United States ship Macedonian, which left here for Cork, with breadstuff*, for the relief of j the poor of Ireland, was spoken on the 3d inst. seventeen d lys out. The Steamship Washington.?If the American steamship Washington sailed at her appointed time, she is now fourteen d*y? at sea to-day, nid must be very near land. It is a matter ot doubt, however, whether she did sail at the np[ pointed time, as Captain Hewitt was determined, we learn, not to leave Southampton until his vessel was in perfect order, witli the view, no doubt, of testing her and ascertaining what passages she is capable of making. We understand thai the confidence of her builders, as well as of the gentlemen who made her engine and machinery was not in the slightest degree diminished on account of her not making better time than she 'did on her outward passage. They feel convinced that she is the fisiest steamship afloat, end will reach this port in a shorter time than uny of the Cunard steamships have ever done. II she do not arrive to-day,we shall decide that she did not leave on the day advertised for her departure. Her news will be six days later than that brought bv the Britannia at Boston, and it will be of the highest interest to this countiy; inasmuch, as on its purport will depend the quotations of every description of produce in this country for months to come. Alter the Washington, the next arrival will be the French steamship Philadelphia, with much later intelligence. When the Washington does arrive,we shall tike all necessary p tins to obtain the foreign inaket quotations and publish them m advance of the speculators. Theatrical. Bowery Thcatre.?"Gilderoy, or, the Reefer's Rannin;" "01* Bull,'1 and "The Children in the Wood," will be repeated to night at tho Bowery. It it not necessary for UK to nay a word in their favojr, aa the pnblio have paas<d their opinion on them, and hare reiiihed them no much aa to induce the manager to repeat them "Oilderoy" is got up In a splendid manner The scenery. oostumes. ku. are mugnittient. We expect then will be another orowlcd house to-night?such a orowd aa has b?en seen there for a long time past. Castle Garde* ?This beautiful retreat has never been so well patronised aa at preaent. It la every evening respectably tided; and all its patrons, at their retiring. soem pleaaed aa muoh by the enjoyment of good air, aa at seeing the inimitable performancea of the vaude *ill? company engaged there. This evening's entertainment eoinmenoea with the overture to "La Dame Blanche;" after which the musical burietta of the "Two Gregorlea " Next a grand Hut He Troii from "La Bay edere, by the IViiasea W? 11a, which will be followed by the beautiful balUd,"My own native land," by .Miss Phillips Th? seoond part oommenoea with one or Straus's beautiful walis-s by the orch-stra. after whioh "La Poiacca" by Miaa Louirta Weils, and the laughable vandeville of "Mv Mauler's Secret" will conclude the performances A tine night'a amuaeinent for 46 oenta. Pai.mu's Orr.sa Houac.?We witnessod last evening the second performance of" Le Diable Rouge," and were again enchanted with the charming and chaste style of Mile Adelaide Lehman'a dauclng. Thla young artist diaplaya every night talenta that are highly appreciated by the aelect audienoea visiting this theatre, and we were delighted to see her received with applause by the whole assembly. Hhe is deeply imbued with the science of her art. la aa light aa a feather, pretty aa an angel and bewitching aa a fairy. We confess in our conscience, that since Kanny Eisller. Mile Adelaide ia the beat 4*mruit we have aeen on American boards, including all the atara from the Royal Academy of Music of I'ana. lately arrived on our shores .Inuion to whom justice is due Let ua return to the ballet? Le Diable Rouge," though not m very Interesting play, is a very I Uuuj piece. sua wb ibiih ?n iu> nuiiifuri lonu or laughter and merriment, to go and see it. There is a bead out on the shoulders of the derll in th? most skllui manner. The jota aragonaitr, danced hy t^i four Misses Lehman, waa mj well performed We h*d the pleasure of witnessing at tba theatre tb? prepuce < t Captain Hebert, of tha Union, and his officer*, who seemed delighted with the performance. 1 lim > vrnwisr < Mile Adelaide will take ber benefit, and pro<tuoe for the | first time a new ballet, oaJl< d " Lee Molaeoneura," (tbe [ com gatherers.) which I* eaid to be a rery comic aod ez cellenl affair. ' Le Dlable Aouge *> ia also to be performed This ia a great treat, aud no doubt t'ie bouae will be well attended. Oen. Tom Thumb who ia at present at Albany, will only remain there until Monday next, when he takea hit* departure tor Troy and Haratoga Hprings The General la aaid to be In excellent apirita, and intend* to make many c >nque*ts at tbe Hpringa. Tbia ia to be bla lai-t public, tour, a* he baa made arrangement* for settling at Bridgeport, 'Jonn , where he baa now in courso of erection a beeutlful dwrlliug. The fame of Bridgeport will be fixed : the renown of the realdenoe of the great little mau will be wide, The Hkro* Family.?A talented and very interesting family. ooniiHwd of two young girls, with their mulher and father, nave recently arrived from Europe, and were doing wonder* in Irish comedy, through the Weat India lelunda. In a letter from our correspondent at 81. Croix, will be found some remarka upon their performancea. The Chnrltiton Courier learns that heary rains have flooded tbe whole country between Mobile and Mont<nm?ry, Alabama- damaging tbe oropa aod Impeding . twei. We may look nnt for mail Mure* for it fart > Veek V, COIM* ?x.?CT?*-MA<3inmc TiLtuntrH.?Tbt bar* fkct.that a man can (If only oceaaionally) *1? la hU oflUa or ooubtlDg room in New York, and converse with hU friend io BuSalo, several hundred mile* distent at the Mia* mom<nt, in an achievement few persona would have dreamed of a f?w year* back Admitting all the wonders claim il for this wonderful agent, (till, to insure It* regular and piriu.inent utility, tome improv meuts are required, which future experience may supply, let. Complete or at leaat more perfect isolation. U wanted in the whole length of the wirea. Frequent interruption is not only anuoyiag to correspondent*, but muat seriously Interfere with the receipt* of the linen, id. To make the use of the telegraph an available to all ait pos-ltle, the toll* should uot only b? uniform, but aa low a* lair buMiieurt prottti will permit Kr?m Wheeling to Pittsburg. we understand, the toll for 10 word* C"Hti> Home :i0 cent* from Pittsburg to Philadelphia, 60 cents tor 13 words o- lea*, and from Philadelphia to New York, 'id cents tor 10 words. Now, It is said, to get 10 words fiom Wheeling to New York costs 9o cents I This we conceive to be too high. We should like to see ail the companies agree upon uniform rates ot charging; 1 mid the best method for this purpose would be to charge . two. three, four wr Ave cents for each word in a comrnuuication, and leave it to the writer to send as many or as | few aa lie pleased. The telegraph Is all powerful and | competent to the immediate despatch of brief coininuni, oauont; but to tnable it to aot with eleotrioal celerity, it is necessary to give it matter it can grasp Condensation beoomes absolutely necessary For instance, oould the President's message be condensed for trannmlssioii to one-fourth. *r one tenth its bulk, every one must fee that the Ulegraph itself, as well as the public, would be benefitted So of commercial news. When the contemplated telegraph liue-i are completed to the eight or ten principal commercial cities, to get ten daily market reports, without condensation, would prow both too voluminous and too expensive A geutieuian of this oity has Invented a syetem of short hand w Itlng for o mtuerclal reporting, which work* success fully. It comprehends the whole circle of figures, and vuables a person to report receipts.' exports, stocks, suk 8, and prices with great brevity Our readers will have observed the telegraphic reports, ot | market* In our column*. 1 bose from UoMtou, Baltimore anil New Orleans, have beeu *uppln d in ten words each. Those from Albany anil UuJTalo, giving markets, freights and receipt* iu fourteen to tlfteuii Hold* each. We bum b u %?i .red by mercli ?uts that these rnarkJt report*, to far from depriving the lines of business, have a Mod much which iii. y would not otherwise have received. Their extreme condensation, enable# an operator to Rend one ihrough in from three to tive miautes They are composed in plain, *iuiple ?nglinli wordn, which secure* correctness by the fact, that if the telegraph sends a word not tnglirh. it Is known to be incorrect. The system ot abbreviation Is so formed, that if a word happens to get wrong. Its meaning can generally be understood by the words preceding and following it. Am some words uro more frequently used than others, they soon become familiar to operators, and henoe lessens the dauger ot mistake, commercial reporting. Is likely also to be a more regular business to tbe telegraphs, than miscellaneous news A merchant stated that reading tbe despatches referred to from Buffalo, had caused him in some instances to send messages of enquiry or conditional orders, over tbe line, that he would uot otherwise have dono. so that these brief despatches actually created busiuess for the telegraph. To invent an abbreviated system for commercial reporting oost the gentleman alluded to much mental labor and expense, and we therefore regret to learn that the questloA has been agitated with some of the oompani s, of abolishing the use of all systems of abbreviation on their lines. We are sinoere friends of Lhe telegraphy and wish them all possible success; and one of the best modes of securiug this end, will be the exeroise of as much liberality n? is consistent with their interest. We are gratified to hear that a gentleman in Thiladelphla has succeeded in contriving a plan for relieving the telegraph from interruption by atmospheric electricity We" hope it will answer; yet we are led to brlieve the surest means of protection can best be secured, bjr coating tbe wires with nou con uuvvmg umiviiuB iur tueir entire ifu^iu. l urn wuuiu in the outset coat mora money, but yet it might be the cheapest in the end. Ait the companies acquire means, it is probable they may build such lines. Considering the novelty of the enterprise, the limited amouut of capital owned by those engagi d in building the lines, tor the heavier capitalist in this, as in most other new and important enterprises, stood uluof--ttioy, with the inventor and patenters, deserve the highest credit We consider the whole thing as yet in its infancy, aud that it is calculated to still further astonish the world As to their preventing thunder storms or aocidents from lightning, as is said to be claimed for them by Professor Uinntead. it is more than we oan yet believe. The wire posts, trees, ?.? ,are frequently struck along the lines of lh? telegraphs. Iluilcal. finnui Iicaz and CaMillo Sivom's Conceit.?The inhabitants of Htutcn hiaud will receive this evening oi-.o i f the riolien treats of musical science that has vcr been prweutod to thum. The groat pianist and t "lehruted composer, Henri Her*, whose favorite and i>. autiful pieces have for years been familiar to the votaries of melody, aud whose elegant style and execution have been so much lauded while in this city, will play several of Ills a"'.uilr*d airs. In addition to this attraction. the great* st violinist that ever visited this oouutry ?Camillo Hlvo~l-4vi>> pluy several solos, and some concerted pieces with Mr. llerz. To say anything iu praise of ftiis extraordinary genius is deemed superfluous : for it giving a tongue 10 an instrument, and making it speak, be not a sufficient incentive to attract the citizens of Staten island generally, we can say no more; for i.he descriptive puwer 01 language fails to give au adoIllllltrt I '11 LIi (1M of h IN HVttlil.. IIImIimI 1III1M tnnHA tlifl 011111111** i hramulii/'irt?hia ease null dexterity iu the execution of the most difficult passage a from buss to alto, without ihe slightest dUcordance iu the semi-tones, rendering as line and vuphoniou* music mm that which emanates from l he most delicate texture of glass, when touched by any instrument. His playing, whan last in thin city, reiniudhiI us of the sublime expression of the poet. wh?n forming a de ree of comparison between language and music where be says, " A! uiiic !?Oh, how faint, how weak Language laden before thy spell. Why should feeling ever speak, Since th'>u cauft breathe her tale so well In fine, Sivori is the only living representative of I'agaolni, whose music has been described as having the charm of attracting peris, and other superhumau beings, within the precincts of his domicile, to lleteu toheaveuly sound* Iroin the Ttoliu ot a terrestrial representative of the worid of harmony's minstrelsy. Thu boat which is to oonvey ladies aud gentlemen lr<un their respective dwellings to andjrom the concert, wld leave Kort Hamilton at <>? o'clock, Clifton at 7-40. Vanderbilt'* Lauding at 7-Mi, and QuMllM at 8 o'clock. Sporting Intelligence. A regatta is to take puce on Skt neatelas lake on the 39th instant. A delightful time Is antloipated. Police Iiitollljrencc. Grand Larceny ?Officer* Willis and McUlvney. attacKe.t at tlie Thud District Folice. arrested. yesterday, a young woman, by the nainu of Julia Hawker. oo a charge of stealing a ?ol'l r'latn and locket, a lumalure and a gold peucil, valu?*d, In all. at VIS the property of Mr. Wm Bishop. residing at No 10 Wlllet street A portion of the property ?as recovered by the above ofiloar*. and Justice Ketcbam looked her up for tria^ Cuniirurtlvt Larctny ?A cartman by the uamn of John Thomas, wan avi Mated yesterday, on a charge o carrying off S narrels of Hour belonging 10 Peter < atlienwy. mate of the brig Eenneykest, lying at pier No. 9 North Hirer It appear* that 7 barrels of iiour were Hhipped by N. H Wolf, for whloh the uiate of the brig gave,a reoeipt,while the said flour was mill on the aocused* cart. The cartman then refused to deliver the (lour until ha obtained auoiber receipt for 7 more, whioli he said he had delivered a short time previous A dispute then arme between the raa'e and tlie cartman; and the Bate, after some difficulty managed to retain four of the barrels, but the accused carried off the other three. It was ou this charge that the arr< at was made. Justice Osborne held the accused to ball, which he gave, and was liberated from oustody Addition tn the Police ?Mr.Willis H. Blaney, formerly of Philadelphia, was appointed by bis Honor the Mayor, a member of the I'oiioe Department, located in the Sixth Ward. t'aht Pretence? ?Captain Johnson, of the lBth ward, arrested, yesterday, a woman by the name of Eliza Kecley, on a charge of obtaining various article* of dry goods from Jasi>?r Wrightuia*, 300 3d avenue, by false and fraudulent representations. Detained for examination. Ilr.cnvrry of a I'aliie?A valise waa stolen from the foot of Courtlandt street, a few days ago, belonging to Mr. A. <Gallagher, containing $116, in live dollar gold pieces and eoverelgns, several shirts, pantaloons, end six gold studs. The valise has been recovered from a seoond hand shop, 14 Orange street, kept by a Jew, where It bad been sold by the thief for some $3. The valise was found broken open, aud the money gone, but <k. .....I-. - ?,l .11.| [ (... >?? "??" ?"> """"'"B """ v~ ' property is now in possession of the magistrate at tli? Tombs. ,1rreit of a Female Pickpocket.?Officer McLean, one of the officers attached to tbe 'id ward police, arrested yesterday alternoon a black woman, vailing hernelf Louisa Bryan, on a charge of stealing fMm the pocket of Mr*. Sarah (Jormoud, who keeps a stand In H'ulton Market, a pocket book, oontalulng *fi Upon taking the aooused before Justice Osborne. anil searchlug bar person, tbe above pocket book aud money were found, together with a steel bead puaae containing $3 87. iu bill* and Mirer; also another purse, somewhat worn, containing i'10 00. in a i l<> bank btll on the Kultou Bank, ? !fj bill, and tbe balance iu silver, and likewise a small purse with a clasp containing three cents?all o( which this *n nan has evidently stolen from the pocket * o! person vi?itioy tbe market. She had iikewiso in h<T pocket a gold ar.d a,silver pencil.oue small ear drop,a silk sdi worsted shawl, at.d a small lace collar, for all >f whlrJi mi owner 1* i u ..*>?l Apply to Mr Snow, cl-ra >t pi llce, louibe. J.istite Osborne committed tbe black tbi f t'? tbe Tctcbs fd- tral 1 J-'tmale Broker in 1'iounle.?A wonuu by the n-i.ne of Sarah K.ugilsh. wen arrested yvsterday on a charge of a???ultlui( Joseph L. Joseph, one of tbe Wei strict brr>K?r*. aii-h h<rt >ngue It appears she haa been in VV?li street en smvi rat occasions, near the Kxchange. and me'Mr Joseph. v-b >m she attacked in a very abu sive manner, accusing that gentleman with having robbed her of ? ,'ghi s iar*s ol the I'aternoii Railroad s-ock and that aba nou'd foMnw blm morning, noou and night and n?ve let ! iji atone?gathering quite a crowd in the street tending to a hrearh of the public peace, Justice (J borne hela to r to ball in the sum of $'200, for her further ood behavior IVunto Miichl'f. ? Policeman Ilhargy, of the llth ward, arres'.fd, yest,..rd?y a woman by the nami. of Mary Ann Bradbury on a chHrge i f cuttiug tbe dress of Mary Ann Martlne, with a pair of scissors, while passing up the Bowery Justlce^Kttcbum held her to bail to uiswer tbe charge Robbed on tke five Pointi.?Officer Oarvey of the 6th ward, arrested yester lay, a woman called Mary Jane Huittb, on a charge of " touching" a man by the uarne of ! AlDvrl Jackson, out of f'JB. while Id a tlileviug erib" I on tbe Kirt Jvitiot (Mb?fii<ifci?olisd h#r up Tor I trial, City Dmini to tmi vrnstii or' tii (rim Snir Unioit, at Dclmomco's ?This grand affair took place no Thursday evening last, and pmd off In tha mutt agreeable wanner Among the Iprited gueets were hi? honor the Mayor, '/an Oalnes, C. W Law* rence. and othar tiistiniiuished persona; but. from different oanses. i hny were not able 4u attend Tha dinoar was got up in Delmonico's beat sfyla? in tha Kranoh mtnimr After the ninth *4" removed, Mr Baud, the President of tha Committee. proposed the fallowing toasts, which were all heartily drank :? Th? King uf France The l'r?Hid? nt of tha United States. The French Army. The French Nary Tha Army ol the United States. 'J he Navy of the United Btate*. Tha city of New Vork and ita authorities The French Transatlantic Steam Company. The Captain and oHicera of the steamer l/ninn. Tha Ocean Steam Navigation Company of New York After theae regular toaet* were drank, Mr. PruoutT rose and mada a One speech, in whieh he handsomely spoke ot tha French aruiy. of which he had been a member. with his brother, who was wounded at Waterloo. Capt. llt.niHT, in the name of tba French navy, drank to " tba Frenoh residing In New York " Capt. McKfcEvta proposed the toast of" France, Union and the Uuited States." Mr WYMBt?" The city of Paris." Mr. Lkcomtb, the agent of tha oompany, gave thanks to his fellow countrymen In tha name of the oompany wuivu uv ivpimcum. Capt. IUb?:kt drank to "tbe prosperity of thu French trade iu Now York " Ur. I'oiko.v of the steamer Union.expressed the gratitude of hii companions for the kind reception they received Iroiu their countrymen. John Iieuk, director of lh? Arasriunn Steamship Company, proposed the toast?" To tbe steamships Union and Washington?the pioneers of the commeroe of both nation* " Mr. Guti.tt remarked, that the flrat dlaoovcrer of steam was a Frenchman named Solomon Del,'o?s, who. poor unfortunate, waa buiieved crazy by bla countrymen, and died iu a lunatio asylum lie drank to " the uiitinory of Solomon DeCoas, and to the Immortal Fulton " '' The American Press, so kind to the Union and her officers," waa next drank. Mr Bvii\ii proposed?"the French ladles," to whloh the gallant ('upt'il i IltBtiiT replied, and proposed ''the American ladies,'' who be said bad quite bewitched hla soul by their sweet smiles H was nearly halt pant ten when tbe company broke up, and all weut away delighted and happy, having given aud having received such a demonstration ol friendship and union on a foreign land French Steamer Union ? Last evening forty-eight passengers had already engaged their passage on board, whloh were thus enrolled : ? 37 first olass passengers, Including ohlldren. 10 second do. do. 1 steerage. This, however, is not the whole number of passengers with which tho steamer will leave our shores, Tor every body knows that In thla country travellers make up tbefr mind to start on the moment. The Union carries to France an Immense oargo of grain, and different products of our oountry. The French Festivities ?According to an account given in one of tbe morning papers, of tbe entertainment provided on Wednesday for tbe officers of the steamship Union, by the Corporation, the idea is given that a misunderstanding had been created between Mona. Lecomte and Captain Ilebert, relative to the cards of invitation. W? iindM-HtiLtid from Mr. Lecomte himself that such Is not the chum. It appears that letter! of invitation in blank, had been addreHved to Mr. Caaelll. the bead clerk of the office, and that Mr. Leoomte did not oontiider him?ell ax inviced regularly. However, Alderman Turner had proposed to Mr. Lecomte to go and meet the party which arrived by the hint British steamer. In the dreams of opium laud, fiey bad fancied that they were atill in the land of Mandarins and Hanging Gardens, and that they were being attacked by the ferocious outside barbarmui, and reduced to powder as fine as their beat gunpowder tea. Happily, however, they found that it waa but a dream. They awoke, and found that the only castle they were to storm wai Messrs. Krenoh and Heiaer'a Castle Garden And talking of storming, it really appears aa if the whole population were ber-ieging that dell|htful spot, so numerous are the crowds of visiters between the hours of t> A,M and 6 P. M , which go to inspect this famous Chines* Junk, and its stiil more famous crew aud fixings The English aeem to have much trouble in gaining permission to visit the city of Canton, but this more favored country has had a sample of Cbln-t itself brought to its door, and shown them for the sinxll mm of a quarter. The Junk will not remain here but a lew days longer?she will then go direct to Walnut utreet In on a or his pocket* was found a letlar written In a fry neat hatjd,*ddrc?*?d to Addiaon Porter, oar? of the Her O. Kiaher, No 144 Oreene ?tr*at. and xigned by bla daughter Sarah. Verdict, daath by drowning. Aj?dth*? Can ?Tha eoronarbald an ln?u?it upon the body of another nnknowo man. auppoiad to b? a native of Uwmaoy. ag?U about 40 ?, who *ai y.turj day UK*n <mt of tfc? w?Wr oppotJU fl? No, ?K, Worth London The Intention of the captain to take her to Ronton having burn abwndmed Bank Defalcation.?Under thin head we noticed the arr*nt In yenterduj'n Htrald of a man by the nnme of Briukerhoff. formerly porter In the Leather Manufacturer^ Bank, charged with stealing or embeizling trotn that institution nom* 800 It appears from what we can learn, that thin porter haabeeu (from bin own .statement) nomu two yearn carting off this amount of money at dlvern timea. InthnBaukyitult.it neema, a large number of boxen, containing $1000 in each box in half dollar*, were depoaited, piled one on top of the other. It wan from these boxen, that the above amount ?u abstracted SrlnkerhofT very ingeniounly having emptied the !ower otien. leaving thone on top undieturned. which were Invariably overlooked by the Director*, supposing. an a matter of courne. that If the top onee were full theothern were likewine. However, one of the Director* being a little more vigilant than the othcrn. kicked against one of Ihe lower boxen, and then, and not until then, wan the discovery made The porter wan at once nnnpeuted and put under arrent. and becoming alarmed, contended the fact, ot having ntolen the money at varioun tlmen. an above ntated. within thH I ant two ynarn. Thin man han not been brought before th* police authorit ies, that we can learn, nor I* he locked up or in custody. Han the cane been compromlned ' Wherein Mr. Brinkerhoff ? The pubiia will certaltily like to know the disposition made of the prinouer. an the matter now belongs to the people of the State ot New Vork, and not to a firm of Individuals, who, to nave a few dollars, permit such an Ingenious rogue to run clear, to prey upon the community in some other way. What magiitrnn had the disposal of thin affair ' Acciocnt.?A drunken woiuan in the vicinity of Jamen street, fell yesterday and broke her arm; she was taken along toward* her head quarters at Cherry street Nminct-Tm Struts.?Several of our streets are rendered impassable froin the Immense plies of brirk. stone, mortar and rubbish that are placed opposite some ol the new buildings that ?re now polnp up In every "V" to witness this spirit of improvement, but doe regard should be paid to the acooma odation of foot p**wmg?m. k". Thti streets in many places art* In * dl graceful oonilitlou In thl? respect We allude particularly to Broadway Kulton. Jaines, Bleaker street*, and many other parts of the city, where Lutldinga are going up. We apprehend that ? more Judieioui arrange ment oould be made In thin respect, and that the comfort* and accommodation of our citizens oould meat with more careful attention from those who are in authority I be streets afford a standing theme lor ajust and Indignant denunciation In other respects, both as regards the shameful condition of the pavement*. the fllth that always prevail*, and the itate ot tbe cross and sidewalks; hut the abuae we above refer to should not be tolerated, being both dangerous and unnecessary. kocjidhtht. Watks?Coroner Walte-s win oalled yesterday to hold an inqueat upon the body of an unknown man. about 40 years old, about A fr.et 8 inches high. dreesed In blaok pantaloons, black frock ooat, muslin shirt with linen bosom, and black clotb vest who ?as found floating in the kast river, opuonite the fo >t of at High Bridge. Tills wag aocepted, aud then Mr L? comto having entered the omnibus to which Captain Hubert was, some words in tho French gesticulating style were exchanged, which made the Americans who were present believe that bad feelings existed between the Captain and the agent of the company Mr. Lecomte axsures us that this is false, and that never have men been better friends than he and the gallant officer In charge of the steamer Union. Arrival ok Emkirant Passknukrh.?The number of emigrant passengers arrived at this port during the last four days, ending on Thursday last, from foreign ports, amounted to 1167. The greater part of whloh were from Liverpool. The Weather.?Th? thermometer stood at Delatour's, In Wall street, yesterday, at 84 degrees at 3 o'clock. Up to th.it time It ranged as follows 6 o'clock, A. 01. 12 Af. 8 f. M. 69 deg. 83 deg. 84 deg. At the same hours and dates in July, 1616, it stood at 69, 79 anl 79 degrees thus showing an inorease of several degrees. The present month has averaged a degree of heat far surpassing that of last season in July. The evening was oool and agreeable. Intklliuencic Okkicei ?The abases that exist in many of these offloes, and impositions that are practised through them on j oor, unsuspecting and duped applicants for employment, have been frequently made the subject of just animadversion. We heard a story yesterday of a poor Scotch girl, who has been filched out of no less a sum than $7 during the last two months, by an office in Wall street, from which she bad been sent on a '* f< ol's errand," in search of a situation which bad , been secured for her in Madison, William, Franklin streets, East Broadway, and in other parts of the city; but from cacti or wuicn nouses tne rarnuy nappened to be abut-nt in the oountry or elsewhere. The many heart leu imposition* practised upon thoAe who frequeut several or these offices, if noticed in detail would shook an indignant public. Indeed we hear of instances in which some of our boarding house keepers?of course we allude to a certain class - art in regular league with the proprietors of some of then* offices?who supply them with servants moutbly. or as they require them, accor ding to circumstances, and who discharge them ia a month or few weeks, not paying theui a cent for their labor. We know of a case in a certain Broadway house where a poor servant, thus procured, was discharged after three mouths servitude, without a oent for her labor. aud who. on demanding her pay, was threatened with a prosecution for petty larceny, iu stealing a pair of old broken dockings, which, by some extraordinary chance happened to "walk into" the poor girl's trunk, which was always open. There is a systematic combination in existence amongst some of these offlcus and boaruing houses, to defraud the poor, iudustrious servhuU oat of employ, that Rhould be vigilantly guarded against and punished if detected The law should authorise the police to inspects the books at tile different offlcis and trace up the operations. Such a law would soou unfold and expose the tricks aud impositious of the importers in the business, wb He it would uphold and give character aud weight to such ef the offices as do business upon legitimate aud fair terms. Many a sad tale?au awful story, could trace its origin to the heartlessness of root of the proprietors of theau intelligence offices. Our Chinese friends on board the Chinese Junk, were serinuslv atarmtd. we tmderstod. at the news from China. 1 1,1 1 " ' 1 - ! rlver.Th* body piwmM liw ?m?*hhi wmO; hud to ptnooi who eoa* to their death by drowning, tnd ? verdict was rendered accordingly The duvuril. whew ' found, had on a blue oloth roundabout, cotton velvet 1 mt, blue duck pantaloons. course cotton sbirtmarked 1 wltb tba Utters V B , and a pair of c<>ar*e made boot*. 1 In hi* pocket* were found a pocket book containing nundry papers and a xmall aura of money. f Brooklyn lutolllgruec. Assault ?William Williamson was arrested by 0111- 1 cer Hmldth, yesterday on coraplxlnt of Catherine ? Dougherty, for an umuiult. He waa examined and dl*- ' charged. i itviLTr?A man by the name of James II Smith j w<s taken sick in the streets, and waa sent to jail to be taken care of. , Dkuiiekcii ind Dmosokhi.y f'owni'CT.?John Crou- j dal. Thomas Mullen, James Caumrey ind Peter Kelly, j were arrexted for drunkenneaa and disorderly conduct. ( Brrach ok tiic Pkace.?John BUukennoff wa* ar- j rested by Officer Wilson, on the complaint oi William , Ager, for a breach of the peace. Assault anu Battkby.?Jane Rogers, who was arrested on Thursday for an assault wltb a pistol and dirk, ' was examined and discharged. rr-,MiirLAer.D Sympathy.?Margaret McCarthy (who i was arrested some time since or stealing t39 from Mr. 1 William Tyng) waa examined and committed for a further examination. It appears that the accused arrived from Ireland a few day* previous, and was in great distress, when she waa kindly ta.cen ctre of by Mr Tyng. She mad* a rery ungrateful return for his kindness. Bbitihh East i.tnia Company's Ship HcacroanSHiBK.?Wejiaid a visit yesterday to this ship. now ly constructed vessel, both as regards model and strength, and i? entirely composed ot teak wood. Shu wan built in Bombay, by the natives, where a great waoy of the t'.ait India Company's vessels are constructed She is pierced for fifty-two guns, but, at present, only carries two She has been built upwards of thirty years, and U as sound as on the day she was launched. She arrived here from Portsmouth about two weeks sinoe, under the command of Capt. Richardson, and will make her next trip to London. She is well worth visiting, and is certainly a fine specimen of naval architecture. Sbe is, >? believe, the first Kast India Company's vessel that has ever visited this place. Liuhtkh Sunk.?A lighter, belonging to Mr Gardiner, and lying near Thomas's wharf, was filled with water by the violence of the storm on Wednesday afternoon, and sunk immediately. She bad on board 600 sacks wheat. Terms or the Supreme Court, Circuit Courts, and Court* of Oyer and Terminer of the State of New York. FIRST JUDICIAL 'DISTRICT. Citv and Countv or Nlw Yobs. (JENKHAL. TERMS. Time of holding. Plac*. JuitictB auigned. 1847?1st Monday of Sept., City Hall, Justloes Cady, MoCoun and Hurlbut. 1st Monday, Nov , do. do. Hurlbut, MoCoun and Msson. 1848?1st Monday, January, do. de. Strong, MoCoun and Edwards. 1st Monday, April, do. do. Maynard, Edmonds and Willard. 1st Monday, July, do. do. Hurlbut, Edmonds and MoCoun. 1st Monday, Ootober, do. do. Shankland, Marvin and Edwards. 1849?1st Monday, January, do. do. Jones, Edmonds and McCoun. ink ,ui?uuaj, april, uo. uu. juum, Paige and C. Gray. 1st Monday, July, do. do. Jones, Edmonds and Huribut. 1st Monday, Ootober, do. do. Jones, Edmonds and Edwards. SrECIAL Termi. 1817?1st Monday of Sept., City Hall, Justice Edmonds. do Oot. do do Willard. do Not. do do Edwards, do Deo. do do Harris. 1948?1st Monday of Jan. do do Edmonds. do Feb. do do Edwards, do Msroh, do do Huribut. do April, do do Edwards, do May, do do Huribut. do June, do do Edmonds, do July, do do Edwards, do Sept., do do Edmonds, do Oct., do do Willard. do Nor., do do Huribut. do Deo., do do Hoyt. 1840?1st Monday of Jan., do do Edwards, do Feb., do do Jones, do March, do do Bareulo do April, do do Huribut. do May, do do C. Gray, do June, do do Jones, do July, do do MoCoun. do Sept., do do Edmonds, do Oot, do do Huribut. do Not , do do Jones, do Deo., do do Edwards. Circuit Courti and Cou?t? ok Over and Terminer 1847?3d Monday of Sept , City Hall, Justloe Edward* 1st do Not., do do Edmonds 1848??1st Monday of Jan., do do Morse. do Feb., do do Strong, do Marob, do do Edftrards. do April, do do Huribut. A* if r\ dn !?' Hmnnils do June, do do Edwards, do Sept. do do Hurlbut. do Oct., do do Barculo. do Nov., do do Edwards, do Deo., do do Harris. 1840?lot Monday of Jan., do do Mor?e. do Feb., do do Hurlbut. do March, do do do do April, do do Edmonds, do May, do do Hurlbut do Jane, do do Edwards, do Sept., do do Hurlbut. do Oct., do do liaroulo. do Not., do do Hurlbut do Deo, do do . Ed monds. Circuit Courts. 1847?1st Monday of Oot., City Hall, Justice Morehouse. do Dec, do do H. Oray. 1848?1st Monday of March, do do Welles. do Not , do do Harris. 1849?1st Monday of March, do do Hill do Not., do do C. Oray. The circuit appointed for tbe third Monday of September next, will continue in sesMon until tint November, and for that circuit only those cauxes will be noticed, where the issues were joined after 1st March, 1847. The circuit for October will be held till 1st December. and for that circuit only those causes will be noticed where the Issues were joined before 1st March. 1847 Kor tbe parallel circuits In November and Deoember, tbe particular kind < i business will be hereafter design atari At the x pec til terms, the following order of buslners will be observed :? 1. Kxpsrte motion* In law and equity. 2 Contented non-enumerated inotiona in law and equity. 3. Taking proofs In equity eases. 4. Hearing argument!) in equity cases. Calendars will be mude up at each special term of the last two classes or causes. From the British Provinces ?The steamer Admiral, which arrived this morning, from Eastport. brings late papers from Halifax, St. Johns, V. F., and St Johns. N. B. The St. Jolin ATew Brumwicker, of the 11 th Inst, contain* farther information relative to the late riots at Woodstock and Frederickton. That paper says "Last evening we learned that an express arrived at Frederickton at 1 o'clock on the morning of Thursday, and his Exoeilenoy was immediately aroused with the important Information that seventy prisoners, captured during the riots on the 13th. were in custody at the court house in Woodstoek. A requisition was presented from the inc gistrates for an additional number of troops, and for a special commission to try the rioters Both requests were granted, and a detachment of the 33d regiment had left for Kredenokton. There had been no farther disturbances It l? not known how manv were killed, a* the bodiaa were earried off One dead body, however, had been fished out of the river." Papers from Newfoundland to the 10th Inst had been received at Ht. John. The Harbor (iract'm Herald aays that a destructive flooa occurred at that plaoe on the 4th Inst, by which all the low lands were inundated, and largn quantities of earth swept Irom the heights '1 he Halifax papers contain nothing of Importance The Jlcadian Recorder of the 'JOth, says that Hon P. Cunsrd dm entered Into a contract with tn? British government to run a line of steamers from Ha lf?x to Bui* ma la: also that at the termination of the present coutract ne will plaoe a substantial steamer on the route be tween Halifax and 8t John, N. F?Button Trauelltr. Another Mystery ?On Saturday morning lust, about five o'clock, quite a handsome and gunteel lady got out of a back at the corner of Fourth and Market streeu, and went Into the '' Mammoth Clothing Depot" of Mr Weolf Samuels. She said shf had just arilvnd trom New Orleans, on the steamer Chancellor, and wished to purohase a suit of clothes for her husband. Trie articles were shown her, and sht soon selected a cent, vest, pantaloons, cravat aud b?t Shoes were asked for, but as none were in the store rb>> requested the clerk to purchase a pair for her, which was done. She paid the bill, without asking the price of a single article, and tben got into the hack and drove off She directed the hackman to drive first up this street and then up tbat, and finally ordered him to stop nexr a new balldlug In the process of erection on Broadway The driver susploioned omelhing, and gave Information to one of the police, who proof eded to the place without delay, aud there, eonoi-a'ed undt* some rub >lsh in the unfinished h^me, found the dre<s and the und'r loihes ot the lady, and a quantity of her hair, which she had out off which was six or eight Inches in length On some of the olothes a-ipearod the name of "Clarissa Morgan." It was subs* qu^ntly asoertained that a hand, somely dressed xenlieman wan seen walking In the neighborhood, and here for a time all trace of her war lost. We have since learned, however, that she crosseo the river yesterday morning, and, it is supposed, g' t "n come steainb >at and went up the river Who she Is. aud what her purpose. Is a mystery yet to be solved.?LouU ui??? tunncr,I'Ji n mjf. By? n*w regulation, the height of the horiM of the Freuob army to filed an follow*. vii :?Kor tb? cavalry of reserve, from 1 metre 8-1 centimetre* to 1 metre #? oeu tlmetrea (from 16 to I6>{ hand*); forth* lino and moun'ed arilllery. ;;1 metre 91 centimetre* to 1 metre 64 own tlmetrea (from 14X to 16 hand*); for tha it|<ht cavalry. 1 ro?tr? 48 centimetre* to 1 metre 61 centlinetrn* (ftoiu 14 to 14)i hand*); for tbe artillery and wagon train*, 1 tuatie 49 centimetre* to I metre 64 cuntimetrea (14 band* 8 inches to 16 hand* ) A highly inflammatory and contagion* di?aa?e which prevailed two year* ago among the cattle in Lower P'iin'? /*'eon, In 8alem county. N. J , ha? made It* appearance again In the mdm vieinity. The ion* In cattle and borax* 1* already *evrre The dl*?a*e lnduoe* the neMMity of di*pen*ing entirety with the produot* of the dairy on many large farm* The *ymptom* are, running at toe eye*, and drooping of the bead and ear* It I* apparently a repletion of the Mood *e?#U. jorod doing death by ruffooatlon at the iuag? and heart. Free Weedta? ii the wMt effeetaal remedy fit dUootered * MIMWIMMMU. At the recent commencement of Ovvton Coll*** n Kentucky. th'> honorary detrw of Doctor of Dl'lnity "m conferred upon the Rev Benjamin Kranklln F*m?*orth. President of tba Ualiuili} of MemphU, lu f???>???. Th? telegraph being rompleted to Wheeling. brlmis It. Louis in commuulc<tion with the Kaateru cities lours ahead of the former time A young lad by the nama of Wm BolDntt, of F?lrield to* u?hip Pa , whilu aittlug upon load of bay, luring the thunder ntorru on .Mouday of last week, itruck by Ughtnlug, and instantly kUled. T he fare between Baltimore and Charleston has been reduced from *21 to >17, for through ticket*. A lad, only 11 years of age, lately saved another lad pouot;er than himself from drowning, in the Black river, it VVatertown, in this State. The little fellow wan paming and beard the people give the alarm when, without .topping to cry out in chorus with the r ut be jumped into the river a><d brought the child out from the water, which was twenty feat in depth. The exertion overcame' iiim for the time, but ho socn recovered to receive the pralre he merited. The Pope Uas appointed to the command of the genJarmery of Rome Priace Oabrielll, a distinguished officer. who, in the rank of captain, followed the Kmperor Napoleon through the Russian campaign. The annual commencement of Yale College, will tak* plane on Thursday, the lath of August. The Alumni of the Collefe will t>e addressed on the ocoaslon by the Rev Dr. William Adaiin. of New York ; and Professor North, of Hamilton College, will deliver an oratiou before the Phi Beta Kappa Society, and Mr. Luserne Ray will rehearse a poem. A brakeinan named Oilbert. attached to the Western fnlnhf train icmu inktlirltlv killed this murillntf. llV helliar rr willed between two freight cnx? at tils Palmer station? Bunluu Journal, July 'i'i. It in ?tat?d that one of the lake craft, called the Can da. Capt. Van Allen, made her last trip from Detroit to Buffalo, In ll)^i hourd A lad ot 19 watt married the other day in Baltluoro,to a girl of IS yuan ol ago. Tlu Sunday DUpatcU ror to-morrow, will conttin au account of the repetitions massacre of the f amanche chief* at San Antonia, while in treaty with the Tu:i< Commissioners, by Sain Hmn'on, U. S. Senator from Texts ? This f.<ct ha* uever before been publiahed to the world. 11 is eoutitined in a Mines of thrilling adventure* now publishing in the Dispatch, entitled Old Hicks, the Guide. An interotiug account of the private life of Nnuol* >11, from the pen of Mona. de St. Ililiirr, translated for the Dispatch; Gossip of the Old World, curious and interest g; Green Monntaiiieera, a atory of the Auiericau Revolution: Striking a Bailor; No 7 of the Captaiu's *k<-tchea; The Knight and the Turkish M?lden, by J-io. Brougham; An Ohio Farmer iu Love with the Belle of Nassau at.; Love and Filicide; A new way 10 euro Broken Heart*; Lights a> d Shadows of Bel evue; Brooklyn Ferry Monopoly^ Beenes in ihe M*d louse on Blackwell's Llund; Deposi tones of 8t len Goods; Flo^ce Greeley, Copper Slock and Fourierism; Ladies turned oat of Pews in Calvary Church; F.ngland the Civilizer; Ttie Dublin Nation; China vs. England; Theatricals, Local Newa, 'ewsofiUe W?ek, Weekly Goaaip, Police Recorder, together with a large number ol original paragraph*. Price three cents, delivered to anv part of thecitv, Brooklyn. Williamsburg, Jersey < ity, lie. The Dispatch will contaiu altogether over twentyfire long columns ol choir.eoriginal matter. Office No. 4 Ann street. WILLIAMSON k BURNS, Publishers. Novelty of Novelties.?TbelJar'a Rlaglo Botauic Halve is the le<dutg novelty of (he age, and which is callable of destroying every vestige of Scrofula, fcrysiprlas. Pimples, and all diseases of the skin, without the disagrteable necessity i f gulping gallons of drenching Drugs It is ii'fact a del'glitful external application, and is in so portable a foim that evt ry family can be ilieir own Doctor, rropriet r'i Office, C6 Cedar-street, upstairs. Country agents wanted. 26c. per box. AorjfTs?Hatton. 157X Greenwich st; Sweenev, 108 We?t Broadway; White, 118 i,anal: McBride. 138 Spring; Van Bureu,223 Bleecktr; Albro 4">i Huuson; Dexter, 132 Eighth Avenue: Crowen, 643 Bro<dway; Brown, 290 Bowery; Roberts, 211 Grand; Paper H inging Store, Grand, c ruer < liulou; K.I?oii, 13J Division; ?11 is. 400 Pearl st. Brooklyn?O.ten 60% Fulton street; Lambert, 184 Fultoil street; Elliott, 47 All* ill'! street; Greene. 21 Myrtle Avenue. Jersey City - Shepherd, 48 Montgomery street. Williamsburg?Bael, 27 South Seventh at. The Plumbe National Dnguerrlan Gallery on the upper corner ol Broadway and Murray street, (over Tenuey's jewelry st>>re.) has the larvest and best collectio > of pictures on exhibition of any establishment iu the world, and is patronised by all (hose who are connoisseurs in the art. National Miniature Gallery.?<J. K. Clarice (late Anthony, I'lark 8i Co ), 247 Bro?dway.?1The following letter was recently received by the lata proprietor* of this establishment "_Brv Sua Maine (France), Feb. 19,1147. " Sirs It is with lively satisfaction that I express to you the great pleasure which your portraits by Daguerreotype, to beautiful iu their execution, nave giveu me ; and my assurauce that they are among the most perfect that I have aver aeen. " I feci much flattered iu aeeioe my diaoo?ery ao extended) and by auch repreaeut&tioni, iu a foreign land, high honor ia reflected. " Receive, ?ir?, my lincere compliment*, and the uiuruca of my moil diitinguiahed ccniidemiou. " DAQUERRE." " Menn. Anthony, Clark ic Co., New York." Testimony from ao huh a *ource aa thi??the (treat diaco* verer of the Datfuerreotypi'- art himself, turunhea eonclu .ive evidence of the ?u, eriority of the picture* executed at thealiove irallT/. Thia gtllen cnn'ains, a? it* name import*, aeveral hundred perfect likeneaae* of eminent Americ-n *tatesmen, and other diatuiguialied character*. among whirl) may b?* aeen adratnhla likeneaae* fiora life of the following iier-oua all of wh'in have rieceaaed withiu t e paat tlmeand a htlf jeira?lhu< allowing the mi. ort nee aud iucreaaing inlereat ?>f auch i collection Andrew Jackaou, Gen. Jeaae Speight, Mia*., Jo?. Story, U. 8. Supreme Ct., " K.ra-tu* K"?t, N. Y., Smith Thompson, " " " Howard, Ind , Hon laaac C. Bate*, Ma**., Daniel B Tallmadge, N. Y. " Leverett Salatontall, do., Doct Si-w ill D. C , _ " Tlioa. W. Oilm?r, Va., Com Keunoa, U. 8 N., " Wm. Taylor, do, " t rane, " " " Geo. C. Uniuigoole. do., ?. Dyer, 8ergeaut-at-Arms,U. " John B. Lnwaou La., S. Senate, " * lei Barrow, do.. Col. Crou, murdered by Me*' " Jai H. Peyton, Tenn., irai a at commencement of " Juhn Camnnell. 8. C., the war, . _ ... " Sum M'-Roberta, 111., Col John J Hardin, III, " J. lin W hue, Ky , killed at the battle of Bucnk " John L Krrr, Ma Viata, " Felix tJ. vleConuell,Ala, Henry Inman. " W'm 8. Falton, Ark, A'eo several copiea from family portraita of eminent indivi" du.ila. . Ladle* for the Spring* and other country pluce-, wiah uk their aupply ol rlioea, can patron"* ur Iriend J B Miller, who aella the ti-?t ijuility of la 'i??', mi-?ea'ai d ch Idre-i'a Gaiter Hoot* and 8 oea i al' t>'? (Iff 'ent atyl'i, ?t m'derate price* Try them once, ladie*. and arc vers' aure yon will repeat the viiit to J. B. Miller, 'tt Canal stieet, near Wett Bruadwa,. The Person who received a note from h It. B , about thn <Oth mat. will he pleated to hear from the writer or it, upou the *ame subject, aa eatly a* may be convenient 43*4 Deaths In One Week ? mis is tne number return d by the 0"ly Inspector (or the pi-t wei k and pr yes ih-- ntv to bp fur from healthy. It isth*du;yof every person in such s-ssons to use at the precautions sml prevrnno'i possible. Dr. Tuwniikd'i SmurillLLA will > rrrnit disease. Persous that are deb 1 <t-teil n > ck . r h*ve impure blood, should not neglect ( < us-it K.vsry ch'ld in the city that Ins not tak'u it. ili wM have it iina^iitti'lt > ? it is a ?ure preventive of Diarrhana, Dysentery, i holers Morbus, fcc, which is takinr swiy hundreds of childr?u at the pr?se nt time. Don't wait unM your children get sick. The old sayi"g, " that an ou <ce f p eveution i? better than a pound of cure, iaa very good one. Principal uffi :e, 1M Fult n street. N B ?This tmdoine, o* which lO.OOfl bottles are aold earn week, never waa known in any ease to injn>eapersou or child. Another Chinese Jnuk could not create mare asioi'i-hment than doea the low price at which the Ho g Kong Tea Oompanv, of 79 'Whs-ine street, opposite Oak. sell their Teas. Their f.iu' shilling O "longs are really dellci.ms au?l so are their four shilliu* YounK Hysons. Then shilling Coffees are beyond com.iare. Gold Pens.?" Hlehellcua" rrlumphant _ The success of these pens, being placed by public approval beyond a donbta it is really amusing to witness the twisting and turning of tlnse who have labored so hard to set their pens substituted for the "Richeliena." As the public have taken the matter in hand and will derermine whether the " Riclie. lieus," at $2 only, will ? rite as well and last aa long aa those pens sold for $3 50 elsewhere, we a content Only keep this fact in view, that the * Richeliena" are foraaleby J. V Savage, 92 Fulton street, and no where else. Other Gold Pens from 75 cents to $1 M). Travelling Dressing Cases TIte sxtesdlngly m ill compass in which the subic ibers hare pi iced everr thing necessaiv forth* toiler, without destroying ibeir usefsfnesa, and the handsome and substantial manner in which they are made, reudersthese cases "uperior to anf manufactured. An examination cannot fiil of being atisfartCrv. O. 8AUNBER8 U SON. m Broadway. Lscoultre Ranm._These Razors, (beyond all question the best imported to this count \ ) can be had of the lUbscriberi, and warranted, together with a very large and well'elected assort ' e.it of Rsxors, Pen and Packet Knives, Peifumery, boaps and everything appertaining to te toilet. O. SAUNDERS k BON, 177 Broadway, opposite Howard Hotel. No Charge until the Hair Is Restored?lleaPa Hair Restorative is applied ou the above terms. Office 1118 Nassau street. N. B.-For those who apply it themselves it is for sale Rkah ? I, Aaron Clark, Mayor of the eitv of New York, do hereby certify, tl>at I have aeeu a general certifitu'e, nd an prnoually acquainted with manv of the partiea who have iipied it, and t-usw then to be meu of the hirheat atandine la the community. AARON CLARK, New Vmk Mnrrh, l?# i<M>r Navigation of Ute OtUo fUv?r. Placet. Time State of Hirer. Leulavllle July 10.. . .4 feet In falllug. Wheeling July -JO. , ..I feet felling Pittaburg July 10.. . .3 feet 9 iu filling. Cincinnati July 17.. . . fret 4 In. felling. MONKYMAHKET. Friday, July *3?6 P. IL There ?u a very material and very general iraprovement tn the *toek market to-day. At the Orit board nearly all the fanole* advanced a fraction, and then* 1* evidently a dlapo*lt1on on the part of holder* a keep their ll*ta oat of the market, until better price* rule , Penn S'e went up H P"r cenli Reading Railroad V; Farmer* Loan M; Norwich and Worcester i* Erie, aorip % , Harlem K, U. 8 ?' W#7, and Reading Bonda cloned Arm at prloea current yeeterday; Trcaaury notoa S'a, fell off % per cent. At tha aeoond board thera were aalea to ton* extent^ of Harlem, at a farther Improvement of per oent upon prloea ourrent In the morning. 'J h?re were aolned at the Branch Mint. Dahlonega, Oa , In the month of June. A,Sit half eagle*, and I 4A9 quarter eagle*, amounting to (13 J17 60 The money coined In the United State*, during the forty Ave yeara nf the mint. In coiiDer. ailver and iiold. amount* to $122,"00 0?IO. Thn Salisbury Woollnn Manufacturing Company, baa declared a dividend of fl par cent payable on demand. The Rtoak of thin company, although it mad* no dividends for five years, (from 1840 to 181ft, wo ballevej la now nought after at 30 par cent advance The Oraenwlob Insurant Company hava <Walar?4 a, dlvlitond of t?u p?r <*ta, pajahW on lb* W of The Auburn and ftyraoula ftallro*l Company h?*<l 4m1m?4 <Ur14?n4 ut fwt?f OfM*

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