4 Ağustos 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

4 Ağustos 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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r - t K ^ m. vain*. To mid ???!n t tbl*. our Mintater oi ! t ,j interior htc 'T le fJ t'-f'. tr t;n? t? tltna, there :i M'ot t'1 Hi" c ?i districts of 'hi- empire it* m ,li -tii-al d*ta ri-cp oiiuijthe ?tat? of jrioe* in t!. ui?rk.'t ot -St. PttanbUIfh. fKrotn tli? I/Mnilon stau'infd. July 15 ] Th* K;?ri? P. s .< ban ih.* following on the present Mate of !' i-oru mirkot* anil tb?"pij arauee of the UarText; l h>-new wb< its imvealrw'y *|>p?'ir?d m the MUth', 11 'jat b?en wi.1 inth* m.ii kri ot Toulouse from r nnr?V-i I lir >iwhout lb? it III** departtui ot o! lb? ilia'K liur-flnuc.th-?ar* nroTorr h??Ty anil th? quality if h* r?in excellent la the <jer* the lmrvent tna> be .? a.s terminated In the Oironde the harTmt h" '""H ?ot in in the most luaguilict'nt weulher. *nd Qutllty und quantity ur?? looked upon nh efflleot * ? wh. at wan otf-iv?l fnr ?M? laxl irerk a' I.aReroie , . **? \t Marui&ndu 11 w wh-at w,?- sold at .'If, 1 \~>1 holders of for^lgu corn fou J grent difficulty in ef. [ fc : ( *ln In the north, in <>f ' me ^IIkWi n?rl|. ii ' -hn n tail i? ?t>ia>iilr taking place At Harre the ??t ! . ment of the monthly .ice. unt? of the speculator* will I be rilhT tlI( and hea>y Iomci will be*u-tainrd by ' many In the centre tbc market* are well supplied Vaw l>*iley ha* bet-a Bold at Bc>urfT?? at trom I'if. tip to 171 nod new rye van expected to be hroufht in next market di'y In the w.!Pt the f ?l! ia j.ri. e* ban been er.-ry d?y m i.-- ?fi li'i nt \t Bourbon Vendor wheat offered at '"fit. the hectolitre could not find puri-baaera In tbe Bast j l>rl?en are rather b-tt'-r nueta'nod, hut there i* every in- j diCKtion O} ? upwrty tall New potato#* are alao netting j very abundant and of excellent ijua*itv- -At the l?nt. | Hitting of thfl Royal Agricultural ."Mw-iety. b?we?er. we j r-?..t in nrtd fltarroei ?f R. uny preM-nted joaie ?#mptes ,l,?^ui?f ISJl, ' I WlilcM ? t? lTiueuuj "J . Tht Pdick "f U?kac?ri'f ** ?* Livkhcooi., July 19. j Wheat, peMOlb. ' '* *? , ? ! < nuadian " >! ? S 'i 6 ?h"<-, 'I' ... - ? 0 while. . 1 /tin U u I ii whit*.. . M Oil! V i. uirrii SM'f, re.l . !? I ? 8 IndianCoru, 4?'|h. .i# 0 In 0 j w-lilte . it I" TO 1 ! ili.iH meal, t*J<>11>. 1 *# u 20 0 ttarltv, COlb. 5 < 5 .'i Klour, per bbl 1861b o r |ii"r45lb .. 111! I'aiiiliiu iwrri...14 tt V> fl ifi-f, (i.i'fic Htc. g'.SO u 51 n I" . S?*ie? vrrei... U4 0 :t5 (I IJfdi... Kurup'n, <|f. 1U 0 51 0 I). St Caind'n tonr.2? o iJ 0 Flimmlal Intelll^viice. LofOoy Mosir Market, July 19.?City, Quarter to Threw oiclock ?The h?i|tlisn tundn have l>een very dull I , thi? mommy, anil are uot buoyant The ritm in Uie eorn market, and the decrease of bullion In the bank, nr? rtill the caujeg aniitcned < <onsol* have be,in 89 to hm\ for present transfer, and 99% >4 for account New Three- j ?nd u Quarter per C?utg hav.- beeu!>!,'? Bank stock I ha? been arm, at a rue to lit 7.V Exchequer bill* ar? 9* to lis premium : nud India bonds to Ills preni. The foreign market is equally dull. The only bargain in ("ipanisli bonds Ua? been in the 1'uMive.at 4% The Kive per 1 euts have been nominally 21 to 2J. and the Three per Cents 31 to 32 Till letter Kent by the e mmittee of landholders to the Spanish Ambir<?d -r will, it i* hop-'l hat,' souie effect Mexican boa"U have been at l!>>? and Chilian at 9-J to Duteh Two-and-*-Half per < entfi hate been 'i7'g and the Four pert cnts 90,'? to 91 London Mum v NUkkit. Saturday evening. July 17 ? Under the influence of the Uank return", the state of the fore cn exchangee, and a sU>rmy morning. the English funle opened at a depression ol :H' per ceut. The first price of 1 on?t>ls for money was to JJ, whence, howvvir, tbey advanced to ?H'? to 89, at wbieli they cloned fro.- the account the range was from Hit to Hit'4. the latter being the tlunl |iititatiou Bank stock left off at litfito 197: lleduced 3 per cento89'.i to Three-and-a-quartor per cent* 91 '4 to Long annuities ;t to li\ India rttook to 346; India bonds 6s to 9h premium, and Exchequer bills 10s to 12s I11 the stock exchange today money was In demand, and out of doom also there neeni"d to be a tendency to increased rates. In the foreign stock uiirket the operations were of the mo?t unimportant character Spanish five per eiuts were d'>ne at the lower quotation of 21 for money, and 21.^ fortho account. The other bargains merely iuclilde>| Chilian, at tt2: Ecuador. at3!j: Dutch two-and a-haif per cents at 57.'; f. r money; and the four per ueut certitlcates at H07g ti rthe ur count Sati'kday fcvENiNO.?The railway share market has b??*n a little dull t>? d iy, l>ut no (treat decline ha* occurred in prices. Tbe tendency of business was. how Tur, In a- H respect* leoa favorable to sellers than yesterday. [Kroiu the Loudon Herald. July 19.] It would lit) observed In the u?u\l comparative view of t.Le movement of the itanK of Kngland for the wxekfii'liug on tbe 16th inst .that material changes hadoccurrt d iu the intert al. The chief part of tlieui, however, result from the C jmmo cement of the payment of the quarterJy dividend*, and therefore present n<> difficulty lor solution The de-Tease of upwards of X300.00U iu the bul il<>n is rather more than wax expected. although part of it has. doubtless, been absorbed in the internal circulation. The downward tendency of the rates of exchange with the principal points of the continent of Kurope. begins to exooe home apprcheuMon, because it has been all hIouk suspected that during the months of May and June they were sustained by artificial means That such a result can be produced by n skilful combination of largi capitalists is understood and admitted; but it is also wtll known, upon the highest authority, that the operation cart ouly be successful within certain limits as to time iu couiuuctiou with a hann fidt adverse balance. Now it Ik perfectly clear that Judging by tbe Interchange of commodities, we are indebted 10 tho east of E.urope to 4 very Urge amount on tiio trade of the year. It is equally clear that tbe high price of food inu*t have much diminished the capacity of the continent. In the aggregate. for cousumiug our commodities, and it will, thereCore. be a considerable tiiue before we make much way in tbe reduction of the adrcrtu balance. He may cone- j queutly expect the rates of exchange to be acted upon | by thin state of t/iing.i until the adjustment is made by the precious metals. To what extent the metals may be f required for that purpose is difficult t,o determine, in tiio I absence of any accurate return of the real value of tho | commodities imported and exported, which could tie- j termin" tho commercial balauce. Kveu if we did j Know the real stale of tbe commercial account, there | , aru now other important elements which must be | ( taken into consideration, such a* thu transfer of ] national and other securities from one point to another, j It is a case of this latter description upon which conli- j ( deuce has been placed t.o neutralise the large import a- | u *uk 01 inrwign e ru 117 iin- uiegeu purcnase oi r.iiif- ; , llsh stock oi> Hccouut of the HurpUu government. No , cl?ar statement bit*, however, been lit. any time given of , <t*?- nature or extent of the transaction, and th? present fiill in the mien of exchange has much increased the doubt ofitu hiving auy re:ii 1 xistence. Thin conclusion, vh have mure th in once noticed, Luis gained strength from the fact thit the Knglish rtocks were, and Hie. the daaiest investment in Kurope, which would indicate either great ignorance of relative value* on the part of the Itu?ian Government. or a desire to inaUeii sacrifice to aid '.li in our necessity from motives of disinterested friendship As neither of tbesn attribute* are generally lie!iered to belong to the Government of the Autocrat. 1 tli? truth of the whole matter Is doubted, and if tb> re I was anything inftntall.it is supposed to have been 1 Unlit'.'d to n temporary accommodation on a guarantee. ! agtiiist. ultimate low. Indeed, bad the matter been a *tr?i?btf"rward affair. at" in the esse of the Bank of j France, there would have been 110 inoiive for conceal* 1 meut. but. on the contrary, the strongest incentive for I immediate explanation. iu order to inspire ponlideneo. ; With respect to the probability of any serious demand j for hnitiou to adjust halftones with the t nitcd States, we liav* repeatedly of late assigned reasons for believing j that the aioouit required for that purpose will be in. I, considerable The diminution ol the public deposit*, the Increase of the private, and the decrease of the 1 securities held by the bank are all so obviously there- [ 1 suit of the termination of the litiam-i.il <|unrter. that we , ne. d no* enter into uny sjiecial elucidation of the st par- ' , ate bend* of the account. We may just notice rn fiat- j ] tant. tiiai tii" reduction if upwards of tw.) millions j : under the hea l of other than public secuiities, is the 1 ( result of the repayment of mouey lent by the IS.ink, and that the amount is greiter than was generally presumed < 1 to have been advanced in thit form. The return from the Hank of Kngland for the week 1 ending the 10th of July, gives the following result* when compared with the previous week: ? Politic ilr|'i;.?i?. ... ?3.240.017 l)ecr?i?e j?4,4>?t.Wi Ottier ilep..ir? 'l30i,J2;i Increase 1,347,0(9 K> t i,ait,ill lucreue .... . ... ti'.US'J On the other aide of the account ? Government aecii- Uecietae ?170.016 i ritica Decrease... 2.0ll,'i9:J Othtr tecuti'iet.. lb (47,037 1). c??t? 92> ,')00 Notes unemployed The umouot of not** in circulation XI8//73.47S. le- ! ing an increase of ?66P 375, acil the itock of bullion in | both department* 18 A'H!,08fS.:)75. flho>?iiii; * Jrcre6'.' of ! ?310.10!'. wlieu compared wltli the rreeedlrig teturu IFrorn the London News, July 17 J j The settlement to day (lCj is ste.ti il to have iavoivcd | one of the hi HTiHut aooouiitH in conaol* Known for many j yearn. The fluctuations of priced, or rather the decided j tendencies one way, have not certainly been no marked I as iu the preceding account wound up on the 27 th of] May. but. on the other hand, the trunxaotions in the j account now closed were of much greater magnitude ; than those of the preceding account. The range of prices weekly within the amount, showing the higheHt I ami the Invent of each week. may be exhibited as I fullows:?On .May J7, the day of the ia?t settlement, j Consols were 87to >i. The Hiicoeeding weeks, down . to this day. present the variations stated, the prices lie { ing taken for the account, as during the greater portion ; of the tiuin the transfer book* were ehut, and therefore ?carcely any business done for money. Highest Priire. I.merit Prict. ' To Juue 4. K? *. tIM I " II MTj ill,1,. ' i? ??7, W? " 2i MX j X 0 J ill V 2 Ki't I " 9 HOST M*i " i? ?', 1)014 i bft TA IlLf h of nrle?>? from hicrh>?i.t In InWffft. rhirimr (li # I oeonnt hax theretor* been m the dllTorence b?*tw?eti i /to>a the low?*t and 8!y? the with un intlnity of j minor tnt?rmediut? variation* !>e?id?* The difference oth"rwi?e between the extreme point* Is no more than | I HI percent. On the terininailon of the May account the differeoc wa*. m between the Imwi uu .April J7, and wh'ii the hi|(h**ton May J7, !i>i per cent. The blSoial Gazttlr of Berlin Rive* the following < tatniueut of the Hituation of the bank of I'ruwta on the ;Oth ult ThuUri. 'Votive.?Mpecie and bullion 14 401,100 Bank bill* 83.1,000 flillx of Kxchauge 14.313 100 I Loan of the Lombard l:iu>30<) I'ubllo and other aecuritln* 13 #4/> ikio I as?ivo.? liuMk note* in circulation I.*,037,000 j Deposits 23,954.300 ' Creditof the State 3,.>00.1)00 Credit of public department*, institution*. and individual*. , . 3,890,900 | Tnr. Fa rM m IIr.i i rcie ? The Monitrur publi'hc* r. i ftatvment < f the receipt* of the Indirect (axe* and dutiv I during the tlrr L f>ix month*of tli? pre*ent your. AOtnparxd , with thim during the fir-t two quarter* ol 104#and lelti. I Th" ntn 'tin* r^all^d in th" fir?t h*if . I the pr- ->ent yrnr h'l* b"io? Vi.3 (Mhi ouuf, tjctti? 3 70i) OOrtf. in>re than In 1 181 unl 11 OO.OtX'f |c*? t'n.ui in I-4i! (hi comparing the I |lr*l l.aif of the pieaent j ef>r *Hh that of |H4o it wid U> font. J that the redaction or A.'OO.OOf'f hn? arixen airuiet entirely Iroui the Mppre ion or the dutle* on the importation of foreign corn Tliu*. after deduction ti|> ward* of 6 00;.00?lf in the account of th.-?e c.orn duties, th" ' pnh'ic revcnui will *pp?'->r to have remained ii'i.rly xta II >.-.i ry; bnt, On analysing the difT-rwnt table? It will be #ottrid ibat it the f'ullinir H In *otn? are enrnp'r ated by augmentation In other*. lh?*ource* which have rxperlenf, ,| ? decrease ate precis !y tl?o?e which in a mea-ure "nun ?d the fluctuation* of commerce. ihu i?icren(.e i* ehieHy : on rolotiiai and h<>iu?male augae*. 0!i the commmpMun cr siUt I lie regi*frr dulie*. ,.ud tUv ?ie* of gunpovtbr i And tohaeco Thrt Increase iinnn tb? amount* U>4 IW'.OOuf ( v!x - ?'?out J.OOOUOOf onrolonial and 'i 300.tH)ut. ou hoiu** mad* augur. This inceaae may appear tn be somewhat extraordinary during the <l?arOf the moiit necer-nary article# of food. But it ' <ui'l (nerved in the flr?t place that the i Mr run in ju'.iea com** Jn a cetaiii proportion from the proKT't>?iTe Tine io the <lu?v on home made sugar. and In ; lh? Mtiid |>lttr<* fi om the irreat quantity of raw sugar , rori*?poudiuir nr->bably with *gr?et-r i-xportatiou of reflnrd migars. The sui .unt o| duty un the consumption uf Rait, reoeived at thr er?tna bouses on exportation. Ua? increased l?y I .SOO.tXOf.; and yet the produce of tbi* branch of revenue is below what it wu in the fir?i six month* of 1813; but this Uax uot prevented a regular increase of the duties paid on colt consumed at li< me The iuaiease upou the register due* ii TOO.UOOf , i uu aogui-utalion ! * " In proportion to what It ban been ! in liif preceding vnarn Thin may be aacribed to th? re- | taxation of the gnat public works, and tha consequent ; decrease in tbe ulieuation of property by voluntary sales or by expropriations. The increase of SOO.tlOOf. ou gun- | poe-tter U bur the conaequonce cf tha increase of price, , Hildas to tobace') the iucruneed duty is only lO.'i.OOOf , The branches of revenue which have experienced a | diminution ar- the import duties on merchandise in . general (with tbe exemption Of Corn and sugar al>o\e I noticed), tli.i duties on liquor* the produce of the Poat I (?tHee. the navigation duea and the stamp dutiea. with miscellaneous dutiea and receipt* The reduction in | the custom duties amounts to 4.300,OOOf. This reduc- i tiou In on materials used in the manufactories, and par- | tinuUrtu in th ... ? ..I 1 I- 1 "? I y >u urinuij. IH miWOB HuU , wont. ft in, In fuel. well-known that the cotton and woollen manufactories b*7i' Iw^n obliged to otu? work Ingdnri g the grmUr part of the last nix months The j Hnties ' ti liquors hii??lritl'?u l.vMHj.ouof. and which undoubtedly h#c bftii mu.-ed by the high price of bread, w'lich ha* obliged tlio working classes to impose privations on themselves. end drink less wine, to euable;thein to buy the bread which wan indispensable for their rust-imuce I ll" reduction of ><?().ooof. In the stampduties, und of 'J li (XMf on the nutigat i :i dues, are accounted for by the decrease in tbr maouf.t -tures and commerce. The produce of the posture, nu J t lie charges for remittance* of money through tbr f'oat OQIce, have been reduced by 3S8,000f., but this will appear to be very small when it is remembered that tb? rural decime has been tbi.i year abolished, and thst the charge on remittances of money has been reduced from Ave to two per cent. Boistr? Paiiiv July 17?a o'clock.?The market Iirk been tirm. and somewhat more animated than for rouie days past The Three per < ents opened at 77 f. 7l)c ami closed at 77f 7."?c.; after the Bourse they were at 77c 77>?c Hailway shares were also tlrm. particularly the Marseille* to Avignon, Rouen, and Orleans to Hordeaux; the first from the cITects of speculation, the second owing to the exceedingly large receipts whioh the line Is making and the third in consequence of the circular published by this directors, giving a satisfactory account of the line Kor tbe accouut. the French Three per Cents, and Fire per Cents, have risen 10c. For mom y. the Three per Cents Kara risen lfic ; Ki*e per Cents. :Nlo. bank of France shares have fallen 9f. 60o (iouiu Hank 1 OOOf. shares, (ianneron Bank shares, and Belgian Hank skirts not quoted. Kouen are unvaried Rothschild's Receipts are quoted at 101f HOo. ex div. F.xchange on London, (thirty days) '.151' 26c ; ditto (ninety days) 'iftf. Ac. Railway shares for the account. u-t i IS...* .,? I iviirniin huTa risen 17f iiOc : Orleans to Bordeaux and Northern, lllf. each; llouen. 8f 25c.; Kouen to llavre, anil Paris to Orleans. 6f. each ; Lyons to Avignon, 'if. M)c.; Strasburg and Orleans to Vierzon. If. 'iftc.; Nantes are unaltered. Kor rush. Koairi liave risen I of ; Northern and Orleans to Bordeaux, 5f. each; Lyons, 3f. 7fte ; Lyons to Avignon, Jf. M)c ; I'aris to Orleans and 8trasburg, If. 'J6o. each. Commercial Intelligence. Livkhpool Cotton M>isi:t, July 19, 1847.?The pro?peots of an abuudunt or detlcient harvest at this season of the year, hive so much influence on the cotton trade of this country, that It is with muoh pleasure we inform you that sinue the date of our circular of the 3d instant, per Britannia, the weather, for all growing crops has been exceedingly favorable. The accounts from the contiuent, where the harvest is now general, are also most encouraging; and though from some juarters in Ireland we still hear of the potato disease, it appears of u much milder description than formerly; ' and in many places where it was supposed to have commenced, the late delightful weather seems to have stayed its progress. We are decidedly of opinion, from all the Information we can collect respecting the crops, that in no previous year have they looked more promising thau at this period; and from the great iuorease of laud sown, we thiuk. with a continuance of fine weather, we may fairly look for one ot the most abundant harvests ever produced in this country. The accounts, received on lath Inst., per Halifax steamer, leave no doubt of an abuudaut supply of food from the United States, whilst the advanced rate of exchange, not only allays ali fear ; of an extensive export of bullion, but encourages the hope tn <t large orders lor uritisn manu(actures may ne anticipated. The money market, during the early part of the past week, wan slightly affected by the proposal ot ' the French loan for i."l 1,000 Odd sterling; but tbe last day or two it has again beun easier, and discount*, of good mercantile papur. are fully aH low as at tbe date of our last circular. la cotton, during tbe pant fortnight, we have bad more than nu average business; and though, in the week ending the !?th inst, in consequence of the unfavorable ohangc In the rate ol' exchange at New Vork. and the possible tightening of money iu this couutrv, tbe market became quiet. and partially lower; still,'during the past wek. it has again rallied, many large orders on speculation , and for export having been executed, and the market, on Friday last, closing (Irmly at an alvance of Jod per lb. on all descriptions of American. The bmlnej* on Saturday and to-day is estimated at 10 000 bags; 1000 on speculation, and -WO for export, the market continuing very steady, the extreme prices of Friday last Itclug quite maintained. Looking at the very reduced <tate ol' the stocks of cotton, both in the port* and iu the hautis of consumers, wo anticipate present rates to I .is fully maintained. I We have very little change to notice in the Manchester market. The demand on the whole is moderate. , ljut prices are very (irmly supported: and as the stocks i f most, descriptions of goods nnd yarns are small, any reviv.tl of demand would, no doubt, cause a material advance in prices.?Musgroni and f'atire, Cotton I Uroktrt. Sai.ki, Sit. or Cotton. Import Week Kudin ; Sn/rt. Sjirr.'n. Export. Jlmrr'n. Jul,!) Miro iii,MO 2ujii 8,726 July 10 (0,170 11,300 7,7i.O 11,QIC, Tot Stock Total Stotk Total name data Jl'rrk Eliding Import. tnr cit. Stock. 1818. JulyS 11,499 :)2V6.1t 430,993 769.B75 July (A 111,08!) 317 446 420,:89 761,151 curttt.mt Fkicci or Amkrican Cotton thii 1)ai k. Jlowedi. Mohilti. Orlranv. 1847. 1817. 1817. Very ordinary 6l? ?iX OH nar> li\ 6'a Middling .....7 7 7'? Fair.... 7?? i'i I'll odihi Fair- 7hm 8 <J?od 7*4 8 1 Kim' 8 8'4' 9 I Liverpool toTT'it Markkt, for the week ending ' July IS. -Tho packet of the lit instant from Boston. j ' nrrired her# on Tuesday 1.,-i. The accounts brought | >y her parth'm> mnnh ot the rv.Hj character as former : ( *Jvicf?.^The deficiency in tli -eipU still continues, the difference now being 21] ' 0 1 leg lei?a than the cor- 1 responding period ol lawt year 1 he crop question is , , now an ascertained point; all pai-tica agree that 1 H00.00D j ( bales will be tbefull quantity. Many opinions are even ! . DOW hazarded as to the extent and prospects of the growing crop, but on this head nothing can be fixed with ccrtaiuty The weather, g"nerally. was spoken of ' us beiug favorable for the youug plant; but all accounts 1 ngree that the crop 1* some two or three weeks backward. Tli? news generally has had little, if any, effect, on our market. The business during the week haa been to a fair extent, but without animation. Holders meet the inquiry pretty freely, and we cIoko with no change from tlui quotations of Friday last. There has been a fair demand throughout the week for export, the chief purchases being I'pland* and Orleans of" fully fair" to "good' qualities 7600 American. 'i00 Pernatn, 600 K^ypliaii. and 3000 Surat have been taken on speculation, and 4-iOO American, JJ00 lVrnam. and 7no Surat for export. Salet fur the week 40,160 bales. ? Grorge Holt Jf Co. Jlnol.her llepoit.?In the early part of the week the demand ' ontiaucd moderate, ana the marki-t was somewhat dull; bur since Tuesday an extensive business has been done for export, especially in Pernambuco a d the better qualities of American; the latter hare recovered the decline of ^d. per lb noticed last week Brazil and Kgyptian have advanced '.?d. per lb , whilst Surat is without chauge. Speculator* have taken T.iOO American, J00 reruambuco. 01)0 Kgyptian and 3000 Surat, and 1 exporters 4H00 American, 'J'iOO l'ernambuco and 700 Surat. Sales for the week amount to 40,100 bales. ? Unitrd lirokrrt Rrport for July 17 amf 19.?The market since the 10th ; iust. ha.-, been very steady, but without excitement. The I AmeHoan bacon Into Liverpool, for tba half year andiug iOth ultimo. baa b. en i'.tJifl cwt With imports of bx?f much below lno?* ol iul year. bolder* are tiriu at our existing quotations, but which are rendered almost nominal by the operation* of dealers being of a limited character, owing to the large proportion of vessels which bxve supplied themselves with stores at tba American side. We have no arrivall of States butter, and the Canadian p*ro?*l? are as yat light. Irish ooatlnuss to be in large supply, and the exttcine nuotatlon for such baa receded to 9is. present prio?s rul.jg from 8a to 9-Js The arrivals : of grea-ie butter continue to be limited, and 103 casks. of , extra quality, brought40s to 49sOdpr cwt. Hams, smoked or dried, continue to be neglected. Of hams In salt or j piokl?. the arrivals ban bueu large, and the demand limit- ; el l.ard has declined In value since our last, the demand j Juriug ihe warm weather being limited. Pork continue* to be iu liberal supply. and IVom ship store dealers the j demand i still of a limited character. Mess strips only I hari met with Inquiry, principally for Ireland, and tine RarceU of new have realised as much as 78a per barrel. ; ,ioe -The market continue* steady, and sales to a moiterate extent are reported. 800 tcs and 1000 bags of Carolina sold at 1 '.'ft Su to J'tn lid. and *000 bags of Bengal at 15s oil for broken, and 1 tin (id to 17a 3d per owt for mid- i dliog quality Salt?There has been an improvement In l he demaud for the lat-t few days, still the shipments are , not so extensive as is usual at this reason ?f the year.? , Prices continue without alteration, which we quote as followsBent fine stoved for bags 14s to l&s; i handed squares 13s ?5d to 14s; shute lumps lis to > I'js Od; marine and butter Us ; common fishery !>s; river freight 3s: dock and town dues 7d per ton.? ; Soda Biscuit, in boxes. meets attention, at the reduoed ' valuit of 43s to 40s per owt, but the demaud for barrels is 1 very limited at 8s to 40a. Pilot biscuit, or navy bread. i- 1 ..wi ? * ,,n.. Thla latter is duty free; soda biscuit* are subiert to a duty of 10 per ! cent. a. . Tallow?The market is dull: St. Petersburgh t V. ('. at . <>?, and Odessa 4!to to 4Ps lid. A few casks of dark North American are reported at Ids per ton. Tea ? \ good business lias beeii done in Congou* at previous rates In greens the transactions are nominal. Timber ?The supplies of North American eolonial wood, exclu ire of railway sleepers, sinew the 1st of February, have been brought in 4.1 vessels: I from Quebec, .10 from St. John, N. B., and 1*J from other ports, which have occupied a tonnage of 34,140. During the same time last vear there arrived 07 vessels, the tonnage being 34,483 From the north of Kurope 32 vessels. 10.633 tons, wood laden, have arrived; whilst for the like time last year 63 vessels, 16 962 tons arrived. In the early part of the month n cargo of Shedlac deals was sold at 4.'10 10s per standard, und cargoes of 8t John's pine and spruce planks have realized 2J?d to 2 9 1 (id per foot A prime cargo of St. John's spruce by auction, brought'J^d to 24?d per ft for deals,ana 2 11-164 to 2 13-1 fid per foot tor Battens Tart of a car fo of St. John's I'ine, of small average, was sold by auction at ld\d to I6d per foot: 100 log* of middling sise tt IH??d to I7d; and a lot of large timber, say 'JO Inches ind upwards, at ISJfd ti IH\'<1 per loot; AO logs Quebec I'ine. of but middliug quality.brought 14>^dper foot. Last week several yarded cargoes of St. Johu's I'ine, of averages varying from IH up to 22 inches girth, were sold it prices ranging from I6d to IH>?d; and Quebec cargoes, >f fair quality. have been sold at about lfld per foot. r'rom the limited supplies hitherto, and the moderate luantity looked for during the summer it appears reasonable to expect some Improvement In the demand and in the prices, which was the course the market took about this time the last year.? 1'obacco?About BOO hhds sold this month for Ireland, exportation, and home use; the larger proportion taken for the latter. Trices as before. Whalebone?No Import of American. Wool?There has been more done in foreign this month than for some time previously. There is no change in prioes, but the trade purchase with mora confidence, at the same time there is no disposition to overstock themselves, expecting that any advance in prices will be gradual for some time to come. In domestio not muoh has yet been done, but so far prices have gone higher than was expected, but it seems doubtful if this will be maintained wuen ine operations are on a larger scale. Havre, July 15.?Cotton?No improvement the past sennight. but a much better feeling manifested witbin these twoor three days l>y both holders and dealers. Up to the close of last week, business very dull, and a decline of 1 to IfM); but t ie present week the trade have evinced kas reluctance to operate, and sales averaged daily 1300 baton. Trices rallied, and nearly regained the ground they had lost on Saturday last. Sales 3,149 New OrIraiiH 91 a 11?f; 600 Mobile 95 00 a 102f; 1.698 Upland 96 a 10 If; 161 Bahia 107f uO. Stock 81,700; la*t year 90.100 bales. Ashes?Sales only 60 bbls American Tot. to arrive. at 40f, and '24 bbls in loco at 41f 60 per 50 kil. duty (Hf 25) paid Pearl quoted at 68f for consumption. CofI ?e?Sales 3200 bugs St Domingo at 38?i to 41c. and 600 Braiil 3S to 38>? c per H kil, in bond. Hides dull. Rice ?Only 321 tcs Carolina sold at 26 to 29f per 60 kil, for home use. Sugar? Sales of 1000 bags Pernam. muse, at 2lf in bond. Tallow?Very little enquiry; 60 casks New York sold at 72f 25. Sales of 100 bbls American Lard at 5 If for consumption. Whalebone?A fair demand; 30 tons run off at 2 to 2f 05 for N W. at 2f 20 for Bouthern for home use. The lavorable accounts from all parts of Ihe corn crops, have created a considerable degree of llatuess in our market, which has experienced a further decline Sales in American flour 10 000 bbls, and Western. which last week fetchod 44 to 45f, is now worth only 40 to 4lf per bbl. A large quantity of damaged and heated, by auction, sold nt 19 to 34f per bbl. The fall In prtoes from the highest point, is 20f per bbl for flour, and HOf per sack for wheat. Sales of 1800 hect. rye, bv auction. at 2lf 25 to 21 75 per sack. Average price or home wheat at last Monlivilliers market 70f per hack, a decline of I7f since 7th iust. Imports 33.473 bbls flour, and 46,411 hags wheat from the United States. State of Trade. Mni'iitjicu, khidav, July 16?There has been Utile or no change in this market sinoe Tuesday. The leiuaiid continues limited, but prices are very firmly sup>orted, except for good 40-inch shirtings, of which a few mall sales have been made, at a shade below the rates of ast week. Stocks of goods are generally very low, and ... I nf ,lo,I ?n?l.l ? <,.11 iroducean advance in prices. Lrr.i>??BuHiueM was not i|uite so brisk at the cloth tails either on Saturduy or Tuesday, as on the two preious market days, hut there has been rather more delivered to the merchants direct. The country mills are ather better employed, and the stocks do uot accumutle. Trices continue without nny alteration Uusliess has b<en dull in the warehouses this week. Few iuyeri have been in the town, but there is a moderately ;ood business doing by the foreign house.4. A pretty 'onsiderable i|uantity of foreign wool has changed hands his week, prices being Qrm at late <iuotations. We have not any change to report. The demand is about the iame as the last few weeks. Trices are stationary. \ork Wooi. Mahkkt, July is.?Our market to day presented rather an improved appearance, nearly all the root exhibited having been sold, (iood lots were eag*ry looked after, aud realized a small advance. In other torts there is no alteration. Bradford Market, Thursday, July 15.?The supply if wools coming to market is rather on the increase, but imited by the high priees sought by the growers, which icts as a drawback to more extended operations. In trices there is no change. Noils and brakes are more nquired for, and a shade better prices are realized. The ieinand for yarn for home consumption continues aotive The shippers are also doing more, but there is no iin.rovemeut in prices to induce the spinners to increase ho nreseut diminished nroduction. The continuance >f the present beautiful weather gives a tone of confllence in the piece market, anil both the home merchants md shipper* are doing a fair business. The stocks of ine I oourzs are light, and the prices they are commanding will deter the manufacturers from increasing ih? supply. Nottingham, Thursday, July is.? Lace?The market has been Tery quiet this weeK. A few foreign purchasers, 'principally from Germany, have been in the warehouses, and business to a moderate extent hax been t ransacted. The late rise in the price of yarns communicated a feeling of flrmness to the holders of brown goods, especially plain things, of which the stocks on band are known to be generally small. Hosiery?The trade still continues in a very quiet state, with very little to notice in any department. If there is any change slnct our last, it is a shade for the worse. The shipping orders, which lor the last few months have kept some of the branches in active employment, are now completed, :md we hear of many additional workmen been thrown out of employment T,ricF.*tin.?The improvement in trade isbut gradual; ilie depression was too severe for business all at once to resume its usuiil activity. There is, however, more conlldenne felt, mid the recent arrivals Irom America, with encouraging accounts of the state of business there, toother with the continued line wjather and the improved prospect* of the harvest, lead us to expect an increasing demand for l.elcester goods as ths season advances The frame-knit brunch Is the most depressed at present; the stock on hand is considered large. Thu wrought hose hinds are generally In full employment. Yarn Is without alteration in price; In wool there Is more doing at some little advanoe, and the farmers hold out generally for last year's rates; so that it comes more slowly out nf their hands than in ordinary years. The clip is not considered a good one, either in quantity or quality, thu sheep hiving suffered from thu late severe wiuter. Musical. The Swiss Dell Hinders are giving entertainments at St Johns, N.B , where aliVerul patronage has been extended towards thein. The late conceit of the Italian singers at (.tape May was attended, it is said, by orer 000 persons. Brooklyn Intelligence. f MASTER Ctm i m riov.-The members of the Convention met on Monday evening, but no business of public Interest was transacted Adjourned to Wednesday, Sept. 1st, at 4 o'clock P M. ......... .. r r.. r r n ' I >WB i? Ur I * U F* 11 Ul > T?" II .If !??*)' U H (I- | pointed Superintendent of tUo Tuor, in the place of Mr. l)ox|<?. Lu (mi I.tw-This being the time for the renewal of ! license*, to aell spirituous liquors. the proprietorti of hotel*, tavern* lie . are venting their ire against the common council, for charging th? extraordinary large Hum or $.vi, while the corporation of New York charge "nlyf.10 Thi* i* the reason that i>o few licenae* have been granted thl* year?only AO in all. Religion* Intelligence Hev. (ieorge Uowen and Rev. William Wood and wife, ailed from Boston on Saturday In ship Ooodwln, to join the Bombay Mission of the American Hoard. Rilucfttlonnl. The concluding exercise* of the College of St. Jatneg, near llngerstown, Maryland, took place on Thursday Uit Kour oration* were delivered by member* of the junior cla**?John Pyne, Daniel K. Ilagner, Julio* M. Ua*hiell, nnd Frederick Gibson The *ubjectJ were ' \luslo," " Oratory,'' Chivalry," and the Infirmities of Genius." and were treated In an able manner and delivered in a handsome *tyle. No academical degree* of any kin I were oonferred by the college on the occasion Tesl unnninls i f good scholarship and good moral character were given to about twenty young inen. among whom were Frederick Ultison, llarwood Perlne, Kdward Colburn. Thomas Johuson, Henry Latrobe, John Larus, | and Kdward Whlttingham. of Ualtlmore. After the young men had finished the oration*, the rector of the college, the llev Mr K?rfont, delivered an addre** on "The History of the Institution.'' He gave a clear and lutercpitlng account of it* origin, founding, and progress,

and presented it* claims In an eloquent and able manner The Right Hev Bishop Whlttingham presided over the ceremonies An addrem was delivered before the Bnlla* l.ettre* Society, on Wednesday evening, by Hugh Davy Kvans, K*q , of Baltimore ? Ball ,imrriean. I NEW YORK HERALD.1 New York, Wednesday, Augoil 4,184T. SEW FEATURE IN AMERICAN JOURNALISM. THE HERALD FOR EUROPE FOR THE French Line of Steamers. We t>r^ leave to announce to the reader* of the New York Herald, tar and near - in the old world and in the new?that we shall henceforth issue, on the Hailing of each and every French steamship from this port, a Ilerahl for Europe, with a summary of American news printed in French, for the benefit of those who are not acquainted with Anglo-Saxon. We shall also print the same in English, for the benefit of those in France who are not at home in French. This will be a new feature in American journalism, and, as such, may be considered u new step in the progress of newspapers. On all occasions, from the day on which the Herald entered upon its existence until the pre- : car,I It linn vnrpil In 111) with the sue- ; t..., .. ...... r - cessive improvements of the rge. It was the first to issue extras, giving in a nut-shell the whole of the European news on the arrival of packet ships. It was the first to issue an edition for European circulation, on the (Le- , parture of every steam ship. It was the i first to take advantage of the tremendous ; power called electro-magnetism, discovered by Morse, and use it for the benefit of the newsjaper reading public; and it will endeavor to be th? first journal to aid in drawing closer the already strong bonds which bind the people of l.a Belle France and the citizens of the United Slates together, by publishing a re?umt of the history and progress of the United States, in war, agriculture, steam, magnetism, politics, commerce and finance, from the sailing of one French steamship to that of another, for the us<r of the French public. We shall start this new piece of enterprise on the day of the departure of the Philadelpnia from this port, which will be on the 15th inst. On that day the Herald for Europe will, in a commercial, political, and monetary point of view, be as interesting to the people of France, as it has hitherto been to the people ofEngland. Subscriptions received at the office. Single copies sixpence per copy. Advertisements inserted in French. The Ntwi front Europe?The Payment of Debts due British Subjects, Oc< The Hibcrniu, from Liverpool, brings live days later intelligence froin Great Britain. In a commercial point of view, the news is interesting, but not very important; it is, upon the whole, moderately favorable. The pol tical accounts are rather interesting than otherwise. The movements recently made in Parliument, which have been endorsed by the leading press in London, relative to the payment of debts due British subjects by the people of foreign countries, are paiticularly rich and racy. The government and people of Great Britain must be very hurd up for something to quarrel or fight about, to bring forward Buch a ridiculous subject as that alluded to by Lord Palraerston and the l.ondon Time*. We do not know what effect the threats made may have ? ? ? * l_li upon Spain and the soum American repuoucs; but we do know what effect they will have upon this country, and that is just contrary to what the government or the people of Great Britain anticipate. If Lord Palmerston has been buying up the bonds of delinquent States upon speculation, and thinks that he can frighten us by his threats, into a more speedy payment, by giving us another " warning," he has, to use a common j expression, " put his foot in it," and we tkink he will make a bad operation out of it. It is most astonishing that an individual occupying such a prominent position as Lord PalmerBton, in the government of Great Britain, should be so profoundly ignorant of the true character of the people of this country?of the principles of our government?of the sovereignty of the States?of the little regard we have for all the threats the ministry, or the Parliament of England can make in debate, or through the press ; and it is equally astonishing that the press of Great Britain, after all the efTorts we have made to inform them, should still be so much in the dark in relation to all matters connected with this country. The European bondholders are the greatest sufferers by the folly of the parties alluded to, and we regret very much that this question has been agitated in England in the manner spoK.cn 01. incy majr wc? noj, of***, me from my friends," for the movements of Lord Pnlmerston, and the London press, will retard tie progress of solvency more than any thing else they could do. The article relative to thp State debts, from the iMinlon Times, will be found in another column. Oar Commercial Proapecta. Our packet ships begin to come in pretty well loaded, and there are decided indications of a very large fall trade. There are great markets in this country for almost every article composing the necessaries and luxuries of life. Our producing classes are generally in such a comfortable condition, that any ordinary increase in prices for their products places them at once in he highest state of prosperity We are in a condition to consume largely of verything coming to our shores from foreign ports, and we are in a condition to pay lor everjthing we take. Oive us markets abroad for our agricultural product*, and we will furnish mat kets for the products ol Europe. A free una fair exchange of products will give wealth to all countries, and there iH no other nation possessing the ability to practise a thorough free trade system than this. We are rapidly approaching that point, and it is our impression that the United States will be the first to do away with all restrictions upon commerce, and open her ports to all flags and to every nation, upon terms as favorable as those enjoyed by her own vessels. It will be, without doubt, many years before such a result is reached, but we are nearer to it now than any other nation, and our progress towards that point is more rapid than any European government. We have such a moderate expenditure in the admiaistration of our government, that direct taxation would be more easily adopted than many imagine, and this expenditure would be materially reduced by the abolition of all custom houses, revenue officers, and the host of olliee holders who now suck so much pap from the public treasury. It is rather an early day even to allude to this revolution in ourrommercial system, but the question will soon be agitated, and the matter will come up in an official shape at an earlier day than is dreamod of. For the present we must look to the movement* tending to that point. Our commercial prospect# never were brighter, and we are upon the high road to wealth. All clnsaes have full and remunerative emp oyment, and even the paupers of Europe become consumers of manufactures the moment they land upon our shores. We (jive iliem work, and in return they become customer for all the necessaries of life, and in a few years, many of them become our largest and richest agriculturalists. Pri ssian Vkh.skr, ok War.?A very beautiful sloop of war, called the A mazon, carrying twelve guns, belonging to the Prussian government, arrived here yesterday. She is at anchor in the Narrows. oi wie will anu l?tn are about immiu bale*. uiimlly all to the trade. There in not any change in pricea; the lull rate* of the IHtb arc, however, fully auxtained. July l?.?To day'* Hale* arc 4600 bag:<, at the price* of . Saturday. Tin- market i ijuirt. Arrived aiuce Friday, six vt'iuwiit from the I nitrd Slates. Ha Li: aui> Import or Cotton imto Liv>:m-?oi. Sal' *. I in port i. tVrrk 1 Vrtk Jan. 1 i Drieription. Hiding I'rieti. ending '<< July in. July in. July in. j Hans, d d 18*7. lUli. I Sea Inland Iwi 13i| to 20 B.igi. Ditto, atamrd I:?0 7 to '.I f , ,,. I'j land H 170 ??, to l>i< ,,4C' J"Ul Orl'an* and Alal'ima 17,"10 fi'4 to 11%' Total Hair* <0,160 IS..M8 f.Vi.MH Import Into Ureat llrltaiu tor tuenty-eight week* ending July 10. Import. Hi port. Year 1817. Year IHifi. Y'mr IM7. ; American .941.721 6J0.2IH i>,i?i0 Ura/.il 48,148 11,10.'. i2.IK0 ! Keyrtiau 6,1m 47,347 2,000 I Drmarara, W. Indies, 4tr.. 3,173 1,8'Ki ? 1 ?a?t Indie 43,707 28,000 [ Total No. of ba*i... WW,322 H 00,1110 91,Kin Liv'Mirooi. Mavketj, July If.?A*hes?The market In Htpady; little bu*ine?*t however, in being tratiaactfd, nn.l price* are well maintained. There In an arrival of \t r???f run I lillf nnno lit V?f xnld: NOITIO kiiirII I)Al('??U of old pot and pearls sold at .10*. Iron?We continue to have h pood, steady, mid healthy demand, anil all partie* engaged In the trade are well employed; the make Ik tak<'ii off as fast a* produced; stock*, therefore. aie not increasing. Scotch pifc* are unsettled, in conse<(U?U(in of the dispute b< tweon tbn uia*fer? aud their in-'n. many furnace* ar? out *.f blast, and the price Is advancing '1 lie demand for hoop is :'reat. and there is a difficulty iu n?'ttin^ orders executed in reasonable time In all utli r d< rrlpiiuiiH tl)?-re Is a fair averane tra > 'loinn I r. xeut nuotatlon*?rig*, jC J Uk ?l J: eoinin.ii bi.K Xl ID x'll .V; sheet*, ? 11 I A*; best l,ar?. i-'l I |.-Ion to !.|v..|-po(>| Naval Stores Turpentine is depre ?ej, i ml th're Is but a very dull demand. Tii" only H-tle ri'p irti i is one of ISO. bhls at I'd p"r cwl No s des eff ?'ti I 111 any d> criptlon of tar. The at nek , of \mer ran rosin Ix now unusually lirge; 100 bbls | only sold at. r>d to -Js Hi p?< cwt American pit i'Ii low. r , Till hbU. sold at 'is H.l per cwt j I'rovlsionx - Ai?e. lean U?rou has been In lirtf* supply. : esperlilly rhort middles, rib in. via New Orleans, matiy | parrels of which bavi eomn to hard heated and discolor e l, to Hid (treat prejudice of value. W? reduce our i^no- | tatloiis }> to I per e?t., and at these raten sales progr<?* , tir,tIs. while fine eastern cure U win: d ai.d would comiuHud extreme price*. '1 he import'>f | war*?orr?no Commissioners for Europe.? The Secretary of the Treasury, determined to spare no pains nor expense to perfect the warehousing system in the United States, has resolved to send a commission to England to make a thorough examination into the whole theory and practice cfrhc :ytem, as now in operation there, iifi j vi >\ i.i iJopt any improvements that may be ugge t<?J. To ibis end, Mr. Walker has appointed ll. P. liarhydt, Esq., tb^ Kegiaterot the U. S. Bonded Warehouse at this port, and associated with himO. O. Walden. Esq., one of the most experienced and prominent clerks oftheCustom House. These gentlemen areeminently qualified 10 make a thorough examination of the Eng lisli system of warehousing, and we doubt not they will meet with all that attention and courtesy which they and their mission are entitled to. They are instructed to report at Washington by the 20th Oct. next, and we have no doubt the result of theirexamination will be anew impetus to the business of warehousing in the United j States. Mkxii an Privatkkrk.?We find the following , important notice in the (Jibrnltar Chronicle of' the 2Hd June :? We have been shown the copy of an order issued by the Emperor of Morocco to bis governor* and agent*, authorising the seizure and confiscation of all privateer- ! ing vessels entering the ports of bis Empire, that art- . fitted ou t against the commerce of the United States of America. Arrival of the New York.?The new anil j splendid packet ship New York, ('apt. Lit;e.-, ! arrived yesterday in a short passage from Havre. I This completes her first voyage. She brings a | valuable cargo, and her full complement of pas- | eengers. Thk Sarah Sands sailed )e.-iterduy at 8 o'clock, and passed the Narrows about four. She was boarded by a boat from the Prussian sloop-of-war Amazon, just arrived from Stettin. Latkr from Matanzas.?We are in receipt of files of Im Aurora dt Matanzas up to the 23d ultimo; beyond the shipping news there is none other of interest. Tbeatrlcals. Park Thkathi.?1To-night the favorite resort of all down town, the old Park Theatre, is to be opened with tha English opera for entertainment. Mine. Anna B'ahop, Mrs. Bailey, an old favorite, Mr. Frazer, anil Mr Brougb, are names which will draw, if reputatiou can Hive value to merit. "Linda of Chamouniz'' is to be performed this evening. We have but lately listened to its performance at I'almo's, by the Italians, and now, to otr ears, it will be most acceptable in English. Mme. Bishop will personate Linda; Mrs. Bailey. Pierotto; Mr. krazsr, the Vicomte; and Mr. Brougb, Antonio. In tbe afterpiece we see heading the list the name of the old favorite, Bass, whosu good natured face will, we predict in advance, be hailed with all the demonstrations. The farce is' ' Popping the Question," and the cast is Ailed Dy Mefirs. Bass and Pieraon, Mesdames Vernon, Barry and Knight, and Miss Kate Horn. Bowkry Thkatrk.?There will be three brilliant pieces performed at the Bowery Theatre to-night, and we venture to say that they will attract as large an audience as has been seen within the walls of that establishment for a year or more past, although we have seen some of the greatest houses there, within that time, that we have ever seen?they are. "The Naiad Queen " the grand drama of "Oilderoy." and the comedy of "The Duel." In all these pieces Miss Turnbull. Mrs Phillips, Mr. Marshall and Mr. Burke will appear in characters suited to the peculiar talents of each; and that they will acuult themsulvas in a manner creditable to tbe theatre and to themselves there is not much doubt. The Bowery is receiving its share of patronage, and it is no more than just to say that it is deserving of all it gets. Chatham Thkathk?There is a bill put forth tb'a evening at the Chatham theatre, which is admirably well calculated to amuse the public, and at the same time display to the greatest advantage the talents of thu company. It oonsista of the " Trumpeter's Daughter, or we tuua 01 ine negiment, i ooie s iravrsueoi Hamlet,'' which would split the sides of an anchorite with laughter, and the " Irish Lion." In these piectH the admirable and excellent i-ompauy will appear. In the first, Mr. and Mrs. Howard will take the principul characters. In the second, Mr. and Mrs. Brougham and Mr. Whiting, will do their best to please the audience: and,in the last, Mr. Brougham, who is ulways at home iu Irish characters, will take the part of Tom Moo-e, and Mrs. Brougham that of Mrs. Fitzgig. If you wUh to get a seat in the Chatham this evening, you had better go early. Palmo's Opkha Hoi sk.?The entertainments for this evening are the vaudeville af " The Fleaeant Neighbor," by the Kngllsh company; after which, " La Jota Arragonese," by the Misses Lehman, and a '* Pas rhino is,'' by Mr. Thompson. Next in succession is " Le Fils de l'Air,'' by the prince of rope dancers, Charles Winther; which will be followed by the new comio exercises on the SDP*, hy Christian Lehman, who is a host in himself, ol' fnn, comic gesture, and pantomimic perfection Then the beautiful ballet of " L'Arbre Maglijue," by the Lehman Family,f' in which Mathilde, Julia and Flora will dance a " I'as de Trois,"' and the handsome and gracelul Adelaide, and the nimble, elegant danoer Schmidt Lehman, will give the ' Pa? de (iallop de Benlosky " The amusement* will conclude with the tab Iraux vivani styled " The First Fratricide.'' A new ballet will be produced to-morrow evening. Only three nights more to KMti thin ftxcullent comn&nv. Caiti.k Gaud**.?The engagement of the vaudeville, company, under the stage management of Mr. Bakerhas been very successful. This evening, Herr Cline performs?dancing by the Misses Wells?two beautiful ballads by Miss Thillips, .and the comedietta of the " Widow's Victim." This is an excellent bill, and 110 doubt will draw a good house. It cannot be otherwise, as they are the most talented vaudeville corps we have see:i for some time. The Ravels are performing with great success at the Howard Alhenirum, Boston. SignoT Blita is at the Boston Museum. The Viennoise Children have been engaged for five nights at the Broadway theatre, Albany. They were to make their firi>t appearance there on Monday evening. foiltc Intelligence. Burglary.?The tailoring store belonginging to Duma rest & McKeady. No. 71 Nassau street, was burglariously entered on Hunday night by some theiving rascals, who carried off three remnants of black cloth, one piec of olive cloth, four yards of black satin, together with several other articles. No arrest. ~Anothtr? The broker's office occupied by Mr. H. F. Cooley, at No. 6 Courtland street, was entered on Monday night, by some daring ' kracksmen," with the aid of false keys, and applying one of their ' screws" to the large salamander safe, succeeded in opening the door stealing therefrom %870 in bank bills, principally in money of this State: and singular to relate, the rascal* overlooked a sealed letter containing three 4100 bills.? No arrest. * Jlrrttt of Scuddrr, the Forger ?Information was received yesterday by the Chief of Police, of SnnTl Scuilder, the man who stands charged with forging the ac ceptances of various farmersand merchants in Dutchess. Urange, ana other counties, amounting to between >ju.004) and $40,000. The acouaed baa been arrested in Ohio, and is now on hi* way to thla Stat*, in the custody of the sheriff. Thin Houdder baa been, for many yearn paat, an extensive butter contractor, and bore an excellent reputation until last winter. The above forgeries were discovered, and the accused closely pursued by th e police of this city, which caused him to take refuge in the State ol Ohio, where he has been living up to the time of his arrest. Jlrrttl on Suipicion.?Officer Crosett, of the Lower Police, arrested ymterday an old loafing thief called Jerry Smith, having in his possession a large bag of feather*, which he was endeavoring to sell at a junk shop in Centre street. The property is undoubtedly stolen, for which an owner is wanted; apply to the above named officer, al the Police Office, Tombs. Jlbducttng Jlnother Man t fVtfe.?Officer Smith,of the 18th ward, arrested yesterday a man by the name ol James Anderson, on a charge of abducting the wife ol James Burbank, a resident of Albany. The accused not only induced the wife to run off with him. but carried oil a large proportion of the household furniture, by which act he has made himself amenable to the law for larceny. Justice Merritt committed him for a further hearing. Jlrrett of Another Stage Driver.?Officer Leonard, the stage inspector, arrested yesterday the driver of stage 06, Murphy 's line, by the name ot Jack Dili, on a charge of racing his stags along Chatham street, and running the stage Into one of Hatfield's line, thereby endangering the lives of the citizens He was conveyed before his honor the Mayor, who, after a severe reprr mand, fined him f>fi?at the same time informing blm lhat the next time he should be brought before blin on s similar charge, he would certainly revoke his license for he felt determined to put a stop to all omnibus racing. i.m.H Rodirers. nurgiary.-? i no more urcupiru uj ? >. mm_ Ritnated at Southampton^ Long Inland, wan broken npen on Hundsy night laat, by some burglar*. who carried off fiom the premise* thirty *ilver watches, two of which were lever*, thirty gold finger ring*, twenty or twenty-flve gold breastpins. nine gold guard key*, three gold pencil cases, twenty-four silver pencil*. six parkage* of pen knives, *ix gold bracelet*, six *ilk purs**, and various other article*?valu* in all at about *3011 No arre*t at prevent. Stralivg hruthei.?OnetT Wood, of the 8th ward, arrested yeHterdey af ernoon a young uian call-d Kdward Brown, on a charge of steMlins; a lot of bru*be*. noith $1 /?0, from the store of W K. I ook. No. 074 Houxtoti street. Locktd up by Justice Merritt VtoL nt ^ttaul/,?Utltcrr Osborne, of the lfitli ward, arrested yesterdsy a man by the naiim of Nathan t.et*?n. on a charge of assaulting a young yirl, by the nauie of Mary Ann Lyon, residing at No H4 20th street, and attempting to violate bar |?tsoii Justice .Vlerretl looked him up for examination totaling a Hag ? A fellow called Marcus Well* wis arrested yesterday by officer Post, of the lath ward, on a charge of killing a hog In the *treet, belonging to Patrick Hood, and converting the *ame to hi* own use Locked up for trial by Ju*tlce Ketchain Prtil l.arcrny ? Policeman llawk*. of the 4tb ward arrmted a man oalled Henry Heldger, on a charge of twOlac #a 26 from M. OltMon. ComnltUd for trial City Intel Igvnee Thc Wr*TMm ?We had an agreeable ^ during tl entire of ye?trday, and the weather did not rang* ov W degree*, during the warmest part of the foy^ 11 cool of the evening *11 enjoyed by crowd* who flockt forward toward* the Battery, to enjoy the balmy breei of the Atlantic, fresh from Sandy Hook; and also to a veral other beautiful retreat* In the suburb* of our eit KitMcm' Club. Tuesday, August 3?Thl* being tl first Taeidtj of the month, And one of the Btlpulat? period* for the assemblage of the members, as many could apare leisure from their respective rural ening ments. met in the rooms of the Institute, when Phil Schuyler, Ksq., was called to the chair. The guty* proposed upon this occasion for the discussion of tl club, wa# ' Wool;' its properties, the progress of i growth in this country, the causa* that retard Its cull vation. and the possibility of rescuing the country fro the embarrassments consequent upon either an ign ranee of its value, a mistaken notion of introducing foreign breed, and other difficulties, which time and proper understanding on the subject would remo^ Th? absence of Mr. Flelschman, upon whose expert the club relied for a further evldenoe of bis useful 1 search**, induced tUe chairman to postpone the disci sioti: and, consequently, a variety of miscellaneous mi ter was introduced. Amongst the foremost, wsk a eo' muniuatlon 'on the subject of an Indigenous flax, tto spontaneously grows on the Kocky .Mountains, * which has been transplanted with prollt into the gar>i of Mr. Walsh, resembling in every respect the flax c tivated in the Western States; its being perennial, t milv MYrontinn A -a# u ? , - - w very small potatoe the need of which was given to Mr Alphuus Bigeiow l experiment, by the club, was exhibited, giving ftro evidence of degeneracy. An article wan read fr< the Edinburgh Rrrlew, from the pen of Mr ' Duwhoii. of Hrtou, on the destruction and part reproduction of forest* in British North Anieri proving that after various growths, the ancient for is renewed, and trees of the longest life prev over all others; with gome other Interesting fa on the forest. A letter from Mr. Josiah (Iregg was re presenting a valuable collection of Mexican plants .MX) different species; also seeds and minerals, for wh the thanks of the Club were voted to him. Two ?p< mens of ground Indian oora were presented to the tby Mr. Henry Waterman, manufactured by a p?cu process, by which the kiln-dried and mill dewed ro not be distinguished. An ingenious apparatus by same gentleman, was noticed, by which all the dan? arising from the fracture of engines, are simply obv ed. Specimens of wool from (ilasgow, and from Kerris of Miobigan. were exhibited ?the latter testify to the advantages of the cross of tho natives with imported Leicestershire breed; all of which, on the 11 tlon of Mr. Wakeman. will be carefully reserved for consideration of the Institute at tti? October f.iir j Wakeman proposed that a committee consisting of ( J Chandler, Mr. Wakeman, and Mr. Williamson, shouli appointed to take charge of the trains.generously tein ed to the Club by the I,on ' Island Railroad Compi on their agricultural excursion to Oreenport and thi termediate places to-day; a plan by which reguls and order can be maintained, and the real and iui tant objects of the Institute advanced. The Club t adjourned. Common Council?Si-mmer Recess.?We perc th >' several of our city cotemporaries are in erro anni>un'?-u that both boards have taken the usual t mer recess, i lie Board of Assistants will hold a sot meeting to-morrow evening, in order to take up for tlon the report of the Board of Aldermen adopted 2Sth ult. in relation to cleaning, paving and regj ting our streets. Some other special business also, be transacted. After which the Board will' jouru until September. Arrival, or Emiorant Passengers.?The numb emigrant passengers arrived at this port during the* three days, ending on Monday, the 2d inst.. amoun 3610. Mariner's Hospital. Staten Island ? The ?> report of the above institution, from July 26th to t! inst., shows as follows:? Died by typhus fever I " other diseases 1 Remaining sick with typhus fever 1 Showing a decrease oi four deaths bv typhus from the previous week. Total number in hospital Chinese Jcnk.?Wo had the pleasure of seeir Chinese on boaid of the junk worshipping their Jc idol, a few days ago, antl we are bound to say t was the most amusing and interesting spectacle wc beheld. Very few of our citizens had the like pie? because the hour at which the ceremonies took was so early that only a few could attend. To-daj; will be repeated, and if our people but knew how ? they would be interested by this idol worship. . would not allow the opportunity, to-day presents them, to escape without benefitting bv It. We i;. think they will, for we are informed that it was ? urgent solicitation of many of them, that Captni J lett induced the natives on board his craft to $ them. Mar(lal'oiitkr ?Coroner Walters yesterday h .] inquest at James Mulligau's, 27 Gold street, on th?| of John McGreavy. a uative of Ireland, aged forty 1 Krotn the testimony taken befoie the coroner, It a J the deceased and John Kinney were In the em) i Mr. Mulligan, at his stable in Gold street. On 8a' $ night they were alone at the stable. A little afte J nignt. Kinney charged the deceased with glvlD horses dirty water; words ensued, and they ijunr Kinney knocked the deceased down and kickei Soon after this, the doceastd went to the 'id ward f | house, and made complaint to Capt. Katen a^aiu j nuy. McOreaTy, who appeared in great agony w I thi station hout>e, was taken to Mulligan's lioum>. , ing Sunday the deceased suffered very muct | vomited at intervals through the day. Ou ,\| morning he fell from a chair on which t sitting, on the door?and in a few minuti dead. A post mortem examination of the deceai made by Dr. Holmes. About three pints of sere lent matter was found in the abdomen; one of ! testines was ruptured, and a <iu&ntity of feculcn ter had exuded therefrom into the abdomen. Ve'jL the jurors, "That the deceased came to his d<B injuries Inflicted on his person by John Klnne9 warrant was ifisued by the Coroner for the arres !i accused. Before the finding of the jury, everjl was made by ('aptnin Katen, and tha police oil ward, to arrest Kinney during Sunday and Mond^f without success. Accidental Drowxifki.?The Coroner held 1 <|uestalso upon the body of a boy ten years old, if William Dubois, who. while standing on the st row boat, at the foot of Pike street, on Monday li Iiuivnii tutu luo wntvi uy lu? niumag UI IDt) D< casionud by the approach of a steamer. Verdiot, by accidental drowning. Lute Accident at New Brkihto*.?In our ' of the Had accident, that lately occurred in thin v we omitted to state that a .subscription, amoun nearly $'200, was made up for the noble hearted 1 saved the two children belonging to Joseph chan, Ksq .who had already liberally presented h a huui of titty dollars. Kirk ?A fire broke out yesterdaymornlog at h? o'clock, in the jewelry store belongingto J. Uodf 78 Bowery. It was promptly put out. Damage Akothi.r Kirk waic'lsoorered at Dearborn's f tory, No. U6 3d Avenue' about half past 1 3 y morning. The lower part of the premises ?a damaged, and f*ur horses were burned to deal ] flre was eventually gi t out by the firemen and Law Intelligence. United States District Court?Preseii Belts?After taking his seat on the Bench, hi | announced to the bar that he would devote the der of the week to the business of the court, ui adjourn peremptorily on Hat urday, until 8?1 next. The case of Joseph M. Johnson, indicted Ing with a dangerous weapon,was adjourned to 1 terra The caie of Carnot and others.?The trial ( dore Carnot and others, indicted for being com the slave trade, was called. Mr. Carpentier, on of the traversers, applied to have it put o(T un next, which was opposed by the United States Attorney. The case remains oyerfor further i until this morning. Ix CHAMBKkv ?Before Judge Kdmonds ? Iln put Caiti.?The slave ease will be argued t morninir; the iirgument commence* at 10 o'clo cane of Bernard Aiasterson. who *m brought i day last on the application of hi* wife to be d from the United .States Army, and which was ? to this morning, was called on. when it appeare Masterson. had ran off from Governor's Islan' the sargeant. A very convenient way of do writ of habeas corpux. Before Judge Oakley?James Harding, who brought before Judge Oakley on a writ issued B. Taylor, was discharged, it appearing that 1 boring under the effects of delirium tremeni, b by excessive drlnkii g. when be enlisted. Before Judge Ingraham?John Morri* was c on lYu ground of his being a minor, upon refi bounty and uniform. The case of Moses D Brown, who was broi the ground of his being a minor when he en adjourned to Thursday next. A writ of habeas corpus was this day grantei Ingraham to a woman named KliiaStoiy. und lowing circumstances. Mrs Story, about four left her daughter. Haruh White, then about s of age, at the half Orphan Asylum, where sh continued. Mrs. htory has lateW called thi times, but as she alleges, was refused admit could get no satisfaction as to where her dan The writ is returnable to morrow morning iVUniivr. Conax. August 3 ?Before Judg< .'In hibiilil NamrrriUr v$ Jinrpli C> ffrr ? I action on acoveniut to recover damage* for to recover a b I lance of rent. The de May. IH46, rented a houne in Washington plaintiff The latter alleged that defendant f the basement and cellar of the house, in pipes tor the Introduction of the (Jroton w defence was, first, that the Injury t? the hoi whh done hy the tormer tenant Second, tI were done l<> the house by defendant, by th4 of plaintiff'* agent, amounting to $3ti. The j there w?n no proof that the wMtn complain committed by thn defendant; on the oont peared that it wa* committed before the del pOHrienNinn He would therefore give judgmc part of thn cane for defendant. In relation t for rent, it appeared to him that the agent Nordfii. had uo authority to permit t ten* repair* to hi* tenement I pon that part of gave judgment for plalntilT Kor plaintifT, M eon; for defeuiiaut, Mr. Hilton 1-rraoiiMl ntid Pnlltlrnl. The democrat*of l aibot lounty. Mil , ha?, the following gentlemen n< candidate: fo j Jlotm of (Mi g ite*:? Benjamin N Bowdle, U | ard, and t-.dw Lloyd.Jr. Kfij'r* The lo-oi o.'thn Ninth Sanatoria' District 1 Maine.) on the 16th tilt, nominated M. I) ' I their candidate for Senator. Th<! ATi/iAiiu Tfligrttph aay* thnt UeTijain | of that town I* *uppOeed to he the '* \|r I wn lately robbed ot f i'OQ In lllinoin, and | near getting killed. A call for a meeting on the |Hth of Aiigun i the Kochenter paper*. *igned by orer one t fifty named, embracing ?orae of the leadii 1 the city, for the adoption of *unh tnea*ure? * the more apeedy enlargement of the trie Cif