5 Ağustos 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

5 Ağustos 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I TH] Vol. XIII. No. :ii:i_\Yhol* No. *810. THE NEW ?0 RK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Ilorth-wMt corner of Fulton and Nmno ata. JAMES G0RDON BEHNETT. PROPRlETOR. cmcVUllOn-VORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HKRALU?Every day, Price 2 centip?r eopr?$7 15^*r wnqm?jvaysbjr iu advince. _ ?t c.r.i\i, * MC.II VL.U? h.very Saturday?I'rice #At cenu "i.TSW? l'i% c?nts I*r amiiirn?payable In advance. HERALD FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet day? rncebcents per copy?$j per annum, including postage, payable in advance. Subscriptions and advertisements will be received by Messrs. tialiunam, 18 Rue Vivieune, Pari*; P. L. SI'nond., it Cornliill, anil John Miller the bookseller, London. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD-Publishei on the lit or January of each year?single copies sixpence each. ADVERTISEMENT8, at the usual prices?always cash ia advance. Advertisements should be writtei) iu aplain, legible manner. The Proprietor will not be re?ponsible lor errors that may occur in them. PRINTING of all kinds executed beautifully and with despatch. All letters or communication! by mail, addressed to the estnbliihtneiit, must be post paid, or the postage will be d? dlined from the subscription monev remitted. New York, and harlem railroad company SUMMER ARRANUfcilKNT. ON AND AFTER THURSDAY, JUNE lotli, i?47, the < :ir? will run as follows, until further notice. Up trains will leave the City Hall for HarUink Morruiauti. Korliain It Tuckahoe I'lfasantrille, 30 A M. WiU'maUr'ne. Hart's and Newcastle 7 i 30 A. M. White Pl'us. Bedford, ? 7 7 A. M. Whitlickville S " I# 11 10 " Croton Falls. 10 " 11 " 4 P. M. 7 A. M. 11 " 3 P. M. i 30 " 4 P M. 2 P. M. 4 S " 5 30 " 1 " k so " 5 " J 30 " 6 30 " Returning to New York will leave? M <rrisiaualtllarlcin. Fordh.ira. Will'ms BrVe. Tuckahoe 7 0J A. M. 6 63 A. M. 6 45 A. M. 7 30 A. M B HI " 7 5S " 7 50 " 8 48 " V " 9 09 " 9 ?? " I JO P. M. 10 " MM P. M. 12.5PM. 5 52 1 11 35 P. M. 1 45 " 1 40 " White Pl'us. 2 6 08 " 6 " 7 10 A. M. 3 " 415 " S 08 " 8 33 " * ?? " "141 " 7 is " IP. M. ? " 5!J " (, 28 " 8 04 " I'li'HH.inmllr New ('mile Bedford. Whitlickville. 8 13 a m. 8 AM. 7 51 A m. 7 45 a M 4 13 PM. 4 P M. 4 51 P M. 4 45 P M Croton Falla. 7 30 A M. 4 30 p m. The truim to and from Croton Falls will not (top on New i York laland, e*rept at Broome street, aud 32datreet. A car wiil precede each train ten iniuutea, to take op paaaentcers in i the city. . Tne inoruinii trim of cara from Croton h'alla will not atop between White Plains and Nrw York, escepl at Tockahoe William'* Utilise, and Fordham. Kiln trniua on 8uudnya to Harlem and Morriainna, if fine weather. Hiaiies for Lake Mahopackaud Ltanbtirv leave Croton Falla on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and for P?wliuii? ou arrival of the 7 o' .lock A? M- train. FARK FROM ??:W YORK : To Croton Falls 00 To 87X To N'en c i?tlc 75 To I'leuiiirville VlH To White Plains... 50 Freight train* leave City Hall at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Returning, leave Croton Falla at 7 A. M. and 9 ^ ~ dl'pijsTFiofT paB^auIT ufc let?to r Albany, Uticn.SI 50; Syracuse, $2; Oaweito, iVA mUm I t Rochester, $2: Buffalo, S3; Cleveland, SI; D'trnit, (I; Milwaukie, tli 75; <'hic<|fo, 16 75; (Cincinnati, id 75; Toronto aud Hamilton,$4; Whitehall, $2,Montreal. Si: Pittsbnrir. SO. Ortice, 100 Barclay street. . . .. A * ? necority required will be Kiven for the luliiiinent of ail contracts ?de with this company. ? , j vM> 30t*r M. L. llAlf. Ag-ut, New York?1817. (MDAILY1:XCUH8ION TO THE ELY r *>tiC~LMSlAN i-IELDS. H1BOKEN.?On and alter Siiiiday, July I Ith, the steamboat PIONEER will m.tke regular trivia from Canal and Niueteenth streets, direct to the h'.lysian Fields,at Hobokeu, leaving the above mentioned I'lacci as follow*:? Haminund street, Nineteenth street, Elvsinn Field*, 1(1 o'clock, 10*? o'clock, 10X o'clock, l? " ll? " 11? ' 3 " 12* " 1 " ? " " 2 * ' 6 - S& * 3? " 4'2 " 5? " X " 7 " jr?4 Mt?rc 7H " ? MOtlNINUL1NK KOK A LU AN K AM) f I TROY and Intermediate Landing*. Lt^SauBKoi Breakfast and Dinner on board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TKOY, Captain A. Oorham, will leave the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock A. M Returning on 'he opposite days. The Steamer NIAUARA, Capt. H L. Kellogg, will leave the Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at half put six o'clock, A. M., returning on the opposite day*. if/" Fare 50 Cents. For passape or freight, apply oa board, or to k. B. Hall, at the office i n the wharf. IT* NOTICE. ? 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY.?On and r* 'r'" SUNDAY, April l?th, the steamboat* Jjg&MMm SYLPH an<rs?Al'EN INLANDER will run as follows, until further notice :? t.KAVK STATE* ISLAND At I, ?, 9, 11,11, A. M., and 1, 2, S, 4, 5, C, 7, P. M. LKAVE WKW TORE At T, (, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, ten minute* past I, aad at 4, 5, 6.7, o'clock, P. M. New York April lJtn. *" * i^ (nTl"ZEN'8 NEVV DAY" LINE OF r? wdC!?Nopposition boat* for albany, kSSmHw Landing at Van Courtlandt"* Newburgh, Poughkeepsis, Kingston,Caukill andHudson.?Far*Mcents? Breakfast and Dinner on Board. The D6W iiid tifgain nreiuner nuucii\ ?? i uiii/iifio( v?|n* A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, anil Saturday!, at ksilf-past ix, A.M.. from the pier foot of Rohinson itreet, tonchiug at Himmoud street pier, from New York, H'or )?ssage or frieght, apply an board the Boats, or to G?o. 1'. Stanley,at the office, foot of Robinsou street. IT" All personsare forbid trotting the above boats on aeeonut of the owners. mylOrh KOR NKW OKLKAN8.?Louisiana and New wjRffV York Line of Packet*?'The fast sailing packet, ship JBMKiWABASH, Win. Hathaway, master,is now loading, and will sail Monday, August 23d. h'or freight or imss'iitc, Tteving superior furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wlwrf,foot of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS. M Southst. Agents in New Orleans, J. O. Woodruff Ik Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship Oswego will succeed the Wabash, and nail her regular day. ail I ONLY RKOULAR LINK OK PACKETS KOR ?*SyNliW ORLEANS.?Packet of 9th August.?The Jmg|lil(a<pleiidid fast sailing and favorite packet ship VICKSBuku, Capt. Berry, will positively sail on Monday. August *>th, 1S47, her regular day. The accommodation^ of this magnificent line of packets, it is wfcll known, arc sirperior to mast of the other Southern packets. They sail punctually as advertised during the season, and the price of passage low. Those wishing to secure berths should make early application to Ji3 W. fc JLT.TrArSCOTT, M South st. 4*^- KQR LIVKKPOOL.?Psckefshi > A8HBUR(|H9W TON, Capt Howland, UN tonsburt rn, to sail on regular day, Sth of August. T i i accominodatious lor cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passeng'* * being nusuriiasaed by any (hip in port, and the greater ill 'berof berths being already engaged, those desiroui ol'a I arkiug in this splendid packet should make early nppliev.i a t on board, loot of Maiden lane, or to J ?l rMURRAY, cnnierPine <!South street*. The above will tie sttcceearu oy mem i< uirriiiuc i?iu>ci ship WEST POINT, Capt. All?u, burt'i p I MO tons, to sail lltnnf August, her regular day. Persons desirous of sending Tor 8 r friends iu the Old Country, can have them brought out m either of the above W?ll?n, W iwl) HIV n? above r, 2flrr JSdltd? r Oll I.I VKKI'OOL?New Line?Regular packyjMBWet of 26th ol' Aiimut?The sidendid, Tut Bailing jttSlBki'"eket ship 8IIJDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, will positively sail a? above, her regular day. Kor freight or passage, having superior furnished accommodations, apply ?u board, hi Orleans wharf, foot of Wall i!r?e'. or to K. K. COLLINS, Mi South ?l. Price of passage, $11)0. The pa'-Hcf snip 8HEH1DAN, Capt. (J. B. Cornish, will ann:een the Hiddons, and aail on the 2Cth of Sept., her regular dnv i yVt n** CARLISLE k IIIPPAHD'8 EMIGRATION ' jWiVOKMl'.K, iu connection with George llimard k .TMylfcS.iii, Liverpool ?The subscribers beg to luforni tly public tint they have oikmiI a house in connection with ihe? friends, George Ripparu V Mini, of Liverpool, and are enabled to forward pn???ngers to and from Liverpool, Belfast. Dublin, Cork, aud all other inula of Oreat Britain and Ireland, on moat advantageous term*. Kor the general satisfacMnn given to passengers coming through our home in Liveipool, we ecu, by reference to uumerdus le'ters received from emignnts from the old country, attest to the good treatment they have at all tirat's received lu order to fully carry out the arrangement, we have been induced to establish a house iu this city, that al I disappointment and annoyanre common to emigrants here and in Liverpool may be prevented. George Rimiard Si Son, Liverpool, despatch the Rosema, Gtrrick, Hottluguer, Queen of the West, Liverpool, and Constitution, on their regular days, and, in additiou, one or more tint cIhss ships every week. Persons wishing to seud money to their friends oaT procure iWiflj, pamble at sight withont discount, on the principal i hanks and their branches iu Kngland, Ireland,juid S' tland. Apply to CARLISLE k RIITAH.) jvI) lnt*rc ">4South street, eoruKOR HALE?Tlie New York built, coppered Jypjj^anil i'0|i|irr laitened ship KKANCIS PEPAl , bura?gMjalEp,^(lu? register, 693 tons, and carries 800,000 lb*, i utiuu. sHIte wa? newly cnppervd in March last, her rigging tin* been reuewed within two years, and her lower inast* are new. Ol naiU the has two entire suits, oue of which is nearly new. She Iu? fiirniehed accommodations for 20 csbin passengers and can he promptly tent to aea at trifling eipensa. Apply to BOYI) k HINCHJCV, nut ^tic Room 9 Tontine Building*. LIVLRPOOL LINE Of PACKET#?i.egular l/WV Packet of the llth of August?The splendid new JBfiifcpscket ship WF.ST POINT, Wm. H. Allen, master will sail a* above, her regular day. For freight or passage, her accommodation* being nnaurranted for room, elegance, and comfort, apply on board, at foot of Maiden Lane, or to H. KERMiT, 76 South at. The well known packet ship Stephen Whitney, Charles W. r?phim, master, will succeed the West Point and sail llth Hi.p:i"mber. he?r regular aay jyJI 211 rc M)K (JLASOOW?Regular racket of the I3th Angnst?The One new Br. packet ahip BROOKS.iflfaBV. W0 tans, Capt. Hugh McEweu, will sail aa above, her regular day. For freight or I'l.iKiee, having splendid accommodations, apply on board, foot of Hoos>>velt st. E. B., or to WOOUHULL k MlNTURN, IT South st. The revnlar packet hark A<Um Carr, 40g tons. Capt Wright, will anceead the Brookshy, ni.-l sail on her regular day. iTlH' r** PACKET SHlt' BROOKSBV, from (ilasgow.il ilxrliaraiug nnder tteneial order, ar foot of Rover ?f.. JHUhNLK R. All goods not permuted must be sent to public Tor^^ W60DHULL? MlNTURN, a) rc OT South street 1 ? G NE N] OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OKK1CE. ftfv m ^27WKA?L STHtKT. SAMUEL THOMPSON AND NEPHEW. Aobnti roiTHi "Buci Star" Lipie ok Packeti. 1147. Liverpool to New York. 1147 Shiftt Captaini. Tn$ Reg Tnt H'h Marmion, (urw) W. Edwardi, 905 1609 Sardinia, (new) 0. K. Crocker, ?02 MOO Sea, T. F. Kreeman, *47 1100 Liberty, P. P. Norton, 79J 1300 Huguenot. 8. Goodhue, 933 1660 America, (uv) Weare. HBO l'.too Empire, (new) J.O. llnurll, 1090 1800 Niagara, H. RumcII, 7 to 1360 Senator, (new) H. Coffin, 850 1460 Ohio, T. J. Bud, 768 1375 Cornelia, K. M. French, 1063 1750 Chaoa, J. L. Wilaon, 810 1400 Elizabeth Deuiaon, T. W. 8|*ucer, 806 1400 Peter Hattnck, J. D. Poit, 670 1300 heinbicnber* would respectfully inform (heir frienda and the public that they hare added aeveral iideudid new ?hin? lo their hue of packeti between this port miu LLver|>ool,whicn haa been favorahlv known mt<l *>?r*>twit-A.ltr ..ufr,.mi-M C,r Karioii of more than thirty years, and have uo hesitation in assuring those who may wish to make engagements for the inssage ol their friends from England, Scotland or Ireland, that they will and these ships inferior to noue in pyint of comfort, couveuieilce and safety, one of which will sail from Liverpool, every tit days, throughout the year, inaktiv delay aud the consequent expense to emigrants at the port of embarkation impossible. A free passage per steamer from tlx various Irish and Scotch ports, with bread stuff's, and hospital minify paid, maybe secured all at the lowest rates; and when those settled for decline coining out, the full ainouii?iaid will be promptly refunded as usual. Hor further nartifflars. apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON^ (t VEPHE W, 271 Pearl street. or to C. U HIM SHAW JcCO.t 10 Ooree Piazxas, l.iv'pl Drafts or exchange, payable at sight, are also furnished for any amount, on R C. tilyu St Co., Bankers, London; C. Grimshaw K Co., Liverpool; the National Bank of Scotland: National Bank of Ireland, and Northern Banking Co. Appl) as above. jy20 30t?re ~~ REMITTANCES TO IHELANDTVC. m rn jiEORGE McBHIUe,, Jr., No. 46 Broadway, coutmues to vT remit money, in sums large or small, to persons residing hi any part of Ireland, in the same manner as he aud his predecessor in business have done for the last thirty years and more; also, to any part of England or Scotland. vloney remitted by Tetter, post-paid, to the subscriber, or l>ei(OiiaIly deposited with him, with the name of the |<ersou or persons iu lieland, Euglaud or Scotland, to whom it is to be scut, aud nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, aud m receipt to tlwt effect given or forv^arded to the sender. jy2l :tnt?m FOR NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA AND EW YOBK LINE. M: m. m & TO sATTTBVERy TPTTJAYS. Ship OSWEGO, Captain Johnsou. Ship HUDSON, Captain I'age. Ship CLIKTON. Captain Ingersoll. Sliip LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hunt. Ship SAKTELLE, Capuin Taylor. Bark OtoNESEE. Captain Mi not. Bark J. E; WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Bark HEBRON, Captain Oreig. The above ships are all of the first class, of light drift ot water, aud commanded by the most experienced captains Hi the trade. Their cabins are handsomely furnished, and every attention paid to the comfort aud convenience of die passrn gers. Neither the captains or owners of the above ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silveror plated board of them, unless regular bill* of lading are taken 'or the same, and the value therein expressed. For freight or passage, apply-*? hoard, at Orleans wharf, fooi of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 56 South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff h Co., who will promutly forward all goods to their address. J&L ^jjy IicSffir BROTHERS? k MAsW^SbN, fffSSiai XV deu lane, haviug now completed tlieir arrangements, beg leave to announce to their friends and the public, that passages to and from the Old Country can be seaured on the most reasonable terms, in first class packet ship*, sailing regularly from New York and Liverpool. They also guarantee that there shall be no detention, but that emigrants will be forwarded on presentation of their ticket*. Drafts payable on demand ou the Royal Bank of Ireland, and on Messrs. Prescott, Orote, Ames It Co., Loudou. mv25 30t*rc M, M. M M 'l^vroCOTT'S EMIGRATION ofrciCE, SG Suutii *i.? JL Person* wishing to send for their frieuds in the old country, can secure passage on reasonable terms, by any of the magniHcer.t ship* comprising the new Liue of Liverpool packets, vix:? CONSTITUTION. 1760 ton*, Captain John Britton. QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1400 torn. Ca?>t. P. Woodhou?e. LIVERPOOL, 1260 toua, Captain John Eldridge. HO'lTINGUER, 1160 ton*, Capt. Ira Bursley, ! suiting from Liverpool on the (itfi of every month. Pa**age (An also be secured bv the St. Oeorge's Line, or the Union nr.. ?r i : I i.?.. .11 . .hir. ...... f.... (lay* from that port, for further particular* apply to W. 4i J. T. TAP8COTT. jy29 86 South itreet^JNew Yorh. OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION ^JHflJXXcOMrANY. Office 44 William street. " " BMBBbI Directors. C. H. Htuiil, Conrad W. Faber, Edward Mills, Horatio Allen. William Chamberlain, Mortimer Livingatoa, John A. laelin, John L. Stephens, Herman Oelricha. C. H. 8AND, President. Kow*ki> .Mil.1.1, Oeneral Agent, New York. Charles E. Asdersoi*, Secretary. In conformity with the proviaions of the charier, notion'a ereby given that the Books for subscription for an amount not exceeding $100,000 10 the capital stock of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, will be re-oi>eiied at the office ol the Company,44 Willsain, corner of Wall street, on Monday, Slat June, 1847. Five percent of the amount snb*c?bed must be paid nt the period of subscription in specie or bAnk bills. The balance ol the subscription will be called for in instalments not exceeding 10 pur cent,as may be required by the operations ol the Company, and ui>on thirty days previous notice. The following is the 25th section of the By-Law:? " Subscription to the capital of the Company, after the amount may be $500,000. shall in preference be allowed to those who may theu be stocknolderi, and to the extent of their then actual subscription." K? 30t rc stMS&ni BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN /^iiHPnSHOYAL MAIL STEAM SHIT, 1200 tons and 430 horse power each, under contract ^HHB^Baawith the Lords of the Admirably. HI BERN I A, Captain Alexanuer Ryrie. CALEDONIA. Captain Edward G. Lott. BRITTANNlA. Captain John Ilewitl. CAMBRIA, Captain Charles II. K. Judkiai. ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. The four steamships now building are THE AMERICA. THE NIAGARA. THE CANADA. THE EUROPA. V final* appointed to sail from Liverpool are the Britama luly 4, l??7 Hiheruia July 20,1(47 Vessels nppointed to Mil Irom Boston Kre the Britannia, August I, 1117 Hibemia AuKortlli, 1847 Passengers'luggtige muil be On board the day previoui to ailing. Passage money?Krom Boston to Liverpool, $120, do dote Halifax. 110. No berths secured mail jmid for. These ships curry experienced surueons. No freight, except specie, received on days of sailing. Voi freight, paj*age ,orauy other information, apply to D. BRIUHAM, Jr., Ageut AtHARNDKN fc CO.'8/i Vill. IT/-" In addition to the above line betweeu Liverpoolm Halifax, and Boaton, a eoutract ha* been entered into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool arid New York direct. "Dhe steamships for this service are now being built, and earlunext year due notice will lie given of the time when they willstart. Under the new contract the steamers will sail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight during the other months in the year. Uoiug al ternately betweeu Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, and be 'ween Liverpool and New York. m?2 r ??\ 1)11. DK WITT C. KKLLINUKK'M INFAL~ ,A?J"^LI BLK LINIMKNT.?This truly astonishing ine1 f f,, !inn,. |( ? clear, beautiful aud transparent lluid, highly IV igraut aud perfectly delightful in its Ilavor, and is esl>eci*lly designed to be prescribed internally or externally, and is warranted to cure after all other remedies have ft led. All rheumatic mid scrofulous affectious, ring worm, tetter, barber's itch, old sores of every nature, float bites, burns, paius in tlie back, aud affectum* of the spine, dislocations, enI irgemeiit of joints, bunions, corns, eallonse* ofevery descrip- I tiou tooth and nervous heada< lie O f or two doses lakeu aceofdiaf to direction IS as <ureto cure Oil ions cli ilic, Mil rhUM, vxc , nt 11 is taken ; -'tinl atiecii lit 01 ine inront, in soon, l aiiih of every nature yield to iu intlu^nce immediately, Fevrr niiil ngue broken in two doses :il ways. N. B. S'OOO cures have been made in two years. ...... . Among die many distinguished individuals who have kindly allowed us to refer to tliein, for public good, arc the Hon. Moses II liriunell, residence No. 6'jollege I'lice, New York city; Hou. Kichard K. Carmtu, of Carm in? V ilie. New 1 ork city. Hid Mr. Arnold Mason, contractor of the High Bridge over liarlem river, waa cured of chronic rheumatism of ovm t<l vears'standing?can be seeu at all time* at the Bridge; Mr. Samuel Roberts, Ins partner at the Bridge. gives it as his opinion that it saved his life, from a severe injury sustained by a fall; Mr. James Murphy, proprietor of the Harletn. Bull's Head, Bowery aud Broadway lines of staves, has useil 41 his mammoth establishment over one thousand bottles He savs the inore they use of it the belter they like it. Wholesale and retail distributing agents are wanted. Principal deiiot, No. 210 Pearl street, New York city; 8. Inuersol St (Jo., wholesale druggists aud at ihe principal drug aud other stores nd laverus throughout the city and country. It is put up in laige bottles, and sold at JO cents per single bottle; S4perdozeu; half 5ross $11; one grot* S36. The iiroprietors of this great remey are ready aud willing to back their opmiou, that they can show more aafuiiidiug cores, and a greater number of certificates than any other remedy offered to the public. All li tters mint be postpaid. i \ ? Mteod rc COAL ? I am daily discharging the best quality of I'earh Orchard Coal, and will deliver it at the following low price, ftir cash only, vi*.* Large Nut, $4 71, stove, K?g, t'> fr?m the boats, aud at 25 cents additional, if screened, from the yard, coruer of King and Greenwich. ajjoteod'm rKTER CLINTON viuLuii ivipnur aTUiM W hTTTTtT i> I (I m.. in , 1? Broadway. hare received a frenh lot of the much admired aheer lawn handkf*. narrow taped border*, which are oIf red uuuaually cheap; black and white laced (Japea, from tl Ml about 600 pair* fane Kreach Caff*, at I*, and laid per pair; the remaning atoek ofblack and white lace Viaitea, at coat price; a very cheap lot of needlework Collar*. from 2a. to *. each.? l.adie* will alao find aome hurgama in Valencienne* Lace* and fcltwia well worth iheir attention. jy|> 30t*m MAULWJX HOTEL AND fOAKDINO HOUSE MAS been newly fitted np aud fnmiahed for the accommodation of auminer hoardera. Kifteeu or twenty more boarder* may be accomuiodoled with pleaaant and^air^ room?^^^ Madi?oii. New Jertcv. Joly 30. 1*47. *3 7t? re HKOELER, M.D., Surgeon and Ocoliat, ha* uracnaed f?r more than ten veai* indifferent part*of Europe. Aaia Minor, Laaiatan, Anneuia, South Africa, Br*ail aud New H .Hand. ? _ jy 17 Wt*rc Qreenwich *treet.6'B. cor. Morton. IMPORTANT 'i'Hltt WARM WfcAlHf H.-vi..nihfjr Ticket* entitling the holder to the n*e of the Warm, Cold, bhoweraud flwimminaBatba, 600 Broadway, forfl SO, may be had ia th? Rwdini Room .. T H BYRNESk CO Preaent holder* of ticket* aie, ol r.iinre*, allowed the friri If tin of th i* arrangement Entrance for Ladiea, IM Croaby at 1 J?Ht*rc W YO SW YORK, THURSDAY I Kuro|x-nii C'c rirapondence. - Dudlin, July I#, 1U47. Rtptal Society and Irish Con federation?O'Connelt? Cropt?Orain -1 rrivalt?Fever?Election Buiintli, 4rc., 4 c., 4 c. The mail leaves this evening at 6?1 anticipate Monday's letter to give the latmt matters an Jit. At the meeting of the Old [Ireland repealers, at Conciliation, la.-t Monday, there whs but a very poor attendance indeed; though there were four M. P.'s present, doubtless, with an eye to the coming elections. Mr. M. O'Connell, wbo occupied the chair, eulogised the charaoter and parliamentary conduct of Mr. Homers, representative for Sligo. The voice of this gentleman scarcely ever bad been heard in the House of Commons, and he had ever been more distinguished for skill at the betting table, and as a duellist, than for distinguished parliamentary ability. Mr. J. Reynolds reiterated an oft refiitml amwrtlnn Mint. \fr ( HufTe nf the Vnfidti had voted for the conservative candidate, Mr. Kinahan, at the corporation election. Tho denial of the name statement by Mr. Duffy before, wax not even alluded to. The rent of the week amounted to ?8>i. The Irish Confederation met in the Music Hall on Thursday evening; the place was densely crowded. Mr. Meagher alluded to attempts to put down or annoy their meetings, by mob violence, and showed their inutility aud impotency.? Mr. Mitchell, in enforcing the necessity of returning proper representatives at the coming elections, wa> set forth the various bills brought forward In the prevloui session, of ineacuren most beneficial to Ireland, beginning with Lord l). Bentinck's railway bill, and the Irish fisheries bill, in which Irish, so called liberal and repeal members, had been found in the majority of the ministry. On the reparation of the meeting, the principal speakers were greeted by a mob of uearly '>000 people, assembled outside; but a breach of the peace was prevented by the presence of a strong poese of police Some strange, inexplicable mistake exists with regard to the proceedings connected with the funeral of Mr. O'ConneU. The Oriental and Peninsular Steam Compeny had muniticeutly given one of their vessels to convey his remuiuH to his native land. Uy agreement, hooordiugly, the Montrose was despatched to Genoa; but after remaining there for a considerable time, in consequence of the non-arrival of Dr. Miles aud Mr. O'Coiineli's son, from Home, the vessel had to leave without etfectiug the object of her voyage. The circumstance hurt excited considerable wonder at (ieuoa, and the remains of Mr. O'Connell hs stated in the morning paper*, are not expected to reach Dublin until the 3d of September. in iny next I will b? able to give more accurate intelligence. It in also thiH morning stated that no political distinctions are to be made at the funeral. Combining both fact* it they can be relied upon, the tacticH leem to be changed, anil the former cours* ot proceed ing. for the present. abandoned, because too palpable to be very, or universally imposing riie crops still wear th most charming and Demising aopeariince. I here is now little doubt of a good har xt iu ibis country Vesterday was St Swithiu day,and i' paved with one slight shower in the evening 1 tiis is indicative, according to traditionary ta'th. of the coniuuance of line weather The prices are beginning to tail here in the Dublin itrain market, accordingy. though the decline still in ho trifling and fluctuating.as tu rendei t almost unnecessary to vary from former quotations Provisions continue mill to arrive at the reveral ports; a vessel bolonging to Mr. Delany, Sligo. with a oargo ot oread-itulls Irom New V'ork, was boarded off Benmullet by a la-ge party of people iu boats, aud 300 bags of Indian corn carried off?the vessel had previouMy been becalmed, but on a breeze springing up seveu persons were left In the hold, aud on the arrival of the vessel at her destination, were delivered over to the authorities Fever, in most localities, continues us last. In Uork, hnwuviir Hp HcamiiM Mf.ii.tori u.t. m nnhlin mpntliiff tlmf fever was there diminishing, and the new cases ocouriog were of a milder character. A cargo of paupers reached Cork from Liverpool?according to statement*. most of them out of the fever hospitals. This is 1 he first step in the execution of some new poor law regulations. It is supposed that for home time 1200 daily will be shipped over to Ireland, and the Liverpool Mercury speaks with pleasure of the enforcement of such measures. In fact, between taxes, restrictions, and recriminations, matters are not assuming the most conciliatory form between the people, so long united on both sides of the channel. At a meuting of the Kermoy board of guardians lately, warrants were handed In from Ylr. Secretary Kedington, ordering, the Hoard te pay to pay the finance committee XHjO, the tlrst instalment of the relief expenditure, and a similar one every following Tuesday for twelve weeks, say about ?10,4HU within three months; and in his place in the House the Chancellor of the Exchequer declared the mouey would be required in small sums, and the payment, as far as possible, enforoed, the possibility of such payment remaining still a question to be solved, and will doubtless be productive of greater exasperation of feeling, and perhaps more permanent effects, than ever Lord John Kus-< 11 anticipated, ,when he allowed, contrary to all warnings and remonstranous, the money to be squandered uselessly. In Limerick there have been six failures, to the amount of :it)0 000 pounds, yet the pressure in mouey is beginning to diminish, the Hank of Ireland having reduced the interest on Kuglish bills to (i per cent, and on Irish to U)t'. A ilnfltpiintSva it liuu mTinunr<nl In frwtlati <>Arn which heated In the stores. The Cuik Constitution slates. these Insects are spreuding in the neighboring country, uml threaten to be iudlgeuioiiH. Other statements mention that they have appeared in corn brought from the neighborhood of the Blank Sea. They are a disagreeable importation, ait they Nting, and prove otherwine troublesome. The exhibition of Irish manufactured closed yesterday. On walking through the long galleries of the Hoolety House, where the show took place, one could not but be struck with pleasure. at the numerous specimens of 1 rich manufacture and invention,which displayed equal skill and ability in design and exenution. So long was the attention of our gentry and people directed,and this country, that the fact of our own producing such respectable productions, was looked upon with surprise, as they deserved admiration. The events of the last year have done much to promote the growth of national feelings. The eliildren of the llibernia military school, attended with their band of fifes and drum, and their healthy and orderly appearance, drew the eyes of ail on them. Mr. <>. A. Hamilton Smith, member for the Dublin I'Diversity, stated some night* since, in the House of Commons, that by ineanH of a communication between the Archbishop of Armagh and the Bishop of l.ondon, the rule has been annulled, which forbade Irishmen to be ordained clergymen of the established church in the diocese of the latter functionary. Such a rule never should havo been in existence A I.eitrim correspondent states, that the voters in that county have diminished from J.300 to about '>00, by death and emigration.? Those remaining are, generally, according to the same, of conservative principles Alderman Meagher, father of the eloquent young I relander, stands as a candidate for the representation of Watrrford, in opposition to Mr. McTavlsh, the Conciliation Hall candidate Mr. T. MoCullogb, one of the castle under secretaries, has started lor the representation of Uundalk. Ibis is buppoeed by toe Dublin r.vi ntng Packet a* another indication that the Cliesham at agreement between the Premier and the Old Irelanders Is at au end; but there are ho many ways of playing at the game ot thimble rigglog. that no definite judgment nan be, as yet, formed. If John O'Connell becomes powerless he will be deapised- if otherwise, the whlgs will make any overture* anil sacrificed to him. The repeal and conservative electors of Yougnal have coalesced for the purpose of voting agalnat a whig. The Knnistown enquiry, regarding the conduct of one of the government officers, with some of the local magistracy, has oost JC20.000.? This is a specimen of the way money ii spent here.? Trade Is iinproving in Belfast ?It has been dull for the last three months. Several tlax mills have commenced again working. The Wtcklow copper mines have paid a dividend of 10 per cent for the last year Government are forming a depot for convicts at Spike Inland, Cork, to be employed there in local works The presb; terians of the North are allowed by government four professors for the education of their clergy, under the new college act.. A few Orange processions took place on the nth. which terminated without tiny disturbance. >|r alcraft. lessee of the Publtn Theatre, is to take a benefit on the 24th. Agricultural limurnnre In England. The existence, in the provinces, of local clubs for the mutual insurance of cows, long be'ore the establishment of more elaborately constitute 1 agriculturist aesurnnce companies, sufficiently disproves the silly charge that the farmers, as a body, have betrayed a gross Indifference to their own Interests. That they have been animated by a totally different toeling. all who have auy il!|i>wiri>Kn - --j ? ? . ., evinced a meritorious iinxi. ty for the aiviiiiccint nt of husbandry. but have, unfortunately. lacked those ready and economical means which are within the reach of other clauses. I lie mere establishment of these little mutual assistance societies. in evidence of their activity of intellect, and of their readiuess to avail themselves of the social advantagen of the ago. Ilurke wu.h a tolerable judge of human character, and he frequently declared that the farmers were, on the score of Intelligence. it greatly belied and calumniated body. He attributed to

them shrewdness and discernment of no ordinary nature; and those who have mixed with, and are intimate with thein, will, without hesitation, bear witness to the value and correctness of ttie propuet-statesmau's estimate. IV e know something about them, and are prepared at any moment to contend that for shrewdness and sagacity they are not, excelled by any other class In saclety The truth 1*, that it ha* been fasbi inable to decry them; they have been target* fur the paper pallet* of the satirist and the flotlonmenger; and the town cla.sses catching the tone, have become insensibly inoculate . with the belief that stupidity dwell* In the country, and wisdom In the towdm and cltla* This very amiable creed Ik fsst disappearing, and an enlightened appreciation of one of the wealthiest and mint Important bodies in society taking ita place. It Is now apparent to all who have oapaclty to deal with the subject, that the Isolated position of the fanner haa been sadly against him, and thai If he bad possessed the mean* of improvement and of centralization that have long been within the reach of the mlddla classes, he would have equalled, If not excelled, them In habits q/ business and economy, and In his appreciation of those arts, sciences and social regulations. which are the children of civilization Had the farmer's loalal position been on a par with that of the merehant, tha manufacturer, and the tradesman, ha wouM, years and years ago. have availed himself of tha protection and security which the principle of antnranoe affords. To Imagine the reverse would be absurd, for tha supposition would ba eloquently contradicted by tha iRK I VIORNING, AUGUST 5, 1 alacrity with which ho gr&xpH at the advantage* hold out to him by the few agricultural assurance ?ortotle* at present established. Cattle assurance haii progressed lapidly within the last few years, and bids fair in a very short time to rival in amount that long practised in France aud Belgium. The local and comparatively inefficient cow clubs are being rapidly abandoned for the more safe and economical, because more extensive, system adopted by several large proprietary and mutual agricultural assurance offices. All descriptions of live stock are now insured, and that to so great an extent that the insurances effected in a single office amount to millioua of pounds In a year. And no wonder, when we learn from that Invaluable work McQueen's " Statistics of the British Umpire'' the enormous value of the live stock In the United Kingdom. It appears that there are 2,'iaO.OOO horses, of the total valuo of ?67,000,000, of which more than 1,&00,000 are used in agriculture, and that their value is i'4:>.ooo UOO The number of blaok cattiei kingdoaut bout 14.000,000 to 14 V.'JOO. of the value or fJlti OiMl,i)Oa;th?numberof aheef 4 J,it 9.000, whose value la estimated at 4.'ti7,000,000; and the extent of capital invented in urine is still more extraordinary, when we reflect how little it in thought upon or taken into account. The number of pigs of all age*. breeding and rearing- Is calculated to be upward) of 18.000,000. whlcb. taking one-third at ?1 each, and the remainder at 108 each.given a value of i.'l?,H70.000 aj the capital invested in pigs alone. making the total amount of capital invested in the above species of agricultural stock j?34ti,j70.000. If to this we add the annual value of the crops, the capital in the hacda of the farmers in the shape of live stock and the produce of the earth, cannot, at a moderate computation, be estimated at less than six hundred millions of pounds Ho vast a turn, such a gigantic amouut of wealth, ia surely deserving of the most careful and provid ntmanagement, it is too great, too important to tbe interests and safety of the community to be sported with; and it is with no amall gratification that we know the farmers thought to a long time since, and endeavoured, bjr all tbe means in their power, to give to their possession of so liuch property a permanent and unfluctuating character. They have protected themselves from the vile incendiary by ussuring against tire; from storms, tempests, and hail, by insuring their crops; and lastly, but not leastly, have applied the principle of life assurance to their live farming stock. The latter species of insurance we consider of tbe utmost importance to the agricultural interest, for tbe ravages of disease amongst cattle may by that means be arret-ted No provision but a compensatory one can be made for the damages crops may sustain from storms and tempests, but the prevaleuceof cattle assurance will necessarily cause inquiries to be Instituted into the origin of disease, and .ead not only to steps being taken to effect a cure, but a prevention of such disease Stalls tical knowledge as to tbe diseases and mortality of cattle will be accumulated, the experience of practical men will be enlisted, and the utmost precautionary measures adopted, to prevent those disorders to which live farming slock are so liable. Ventilation, draining, and careful feeding will be atteuded to, and diseases that have hUherto baffled the best aud moat skilful hunliauduien be wholly bauished, or so mitigated as to be mild and harmless, compared wtih their present severity Tbe British farmer is as well aware of this as we ure. and we hail ins determination to avail himself of tbe protection, souud security and ku< wtedne adonleii l>> ssurance. as tbe harbinger of abetter aud mor> tlou and that the Company of the Austrian Lloyd'* has noniinateil agents in the three Presidencies of Calcutta, Madras, and Bombay, for the steam vessels which, in the m-nthof August next, will begin to make the direct service from Alexandria to Trieste. It is staled that the Persian \ml>ai<sador to hrance, Mlria Mehemet Ali K ban. brings with him oix young men, bvlongiug to the first families of Teh' ran. to Mnlsb their studies at Paris. At a recant meeting ill < ork, Kather Mathew declared that no one single individual teetotaler had become a victim to either famine or peatilence. A text that requires no sermon The celebrated c.omposcr. I>r. Spohr, has accepted an invitation to be preseut at the last meeting of the Musi cal * nion, to hear his grand quintet for the piano, ko played by Madame Uulcken and other artists,in honor o: his visit. 1'l.? L....... I. V, uIh. nn.i logon harbor dun* on Teasel* having despatches. publii iournals, kc., on board The Spanish government, cays the correspondent o the Daily Snvt, ban undertaken to bak? bread cheape: han the baker* A letter from Algiers announce* that El Harnoul. th chief of the Nemenchas, who. on the frontier of Tun! 'ind In the eaet of the province of Constantlna, was s< long a determined adversary of the French, has a l"ngth, in imitation of Bou Muza. surrendered hiin self. trusting to the generosity of the Krench govern "lent. The daily expenses of the Groat Western Kailwai Company, in the present Parliament, hare been en limn ted at i.' J xOO, or about X30.0U0 a week An Kngllsh engine driver, named Adams, employed 01 the Orleans and I'oura Railway, has t?4-en condemned b; ttie correctional tribunal of Tours to a fine of loo franc mi l the costs, for having caused the death of a m.ii named Buisson, employed In the workshops of the rail way. by running into some engines on a sliding with pilot-engine, owing to hishaving driven the pilot-cngitu too rapidly, and neglected to use the whistle. The Heraldic Council of Poland has just drawn up list of the families whose nobility is proved by ofltcia documents It contains the family of Malerifti, th alnef of which to gravely compromised in the last trou bles of PoUnri. and is at preseut confined In one of thi Slate prisons. Town Hal of Linlithgow was entirely destroyed bj fire on th* 1st ult. It is supposed to have been oaea .noned by the burning rays of the sua igniting the oh. wood or ihe roof, where it commenced Nothing re mains of the Town House ex> ept a few blackened walls The Dublin Cemetery committee, who had undertake! to defray the expenses of couvoyaoce had applied to thi Oriental Steam Packet Company to have the corpse ofO' Connell conveyed by a regular steamer. via Gibraltar, to Southampton, and tlienoe by a steamer, specially char tered, to Oublin or Kingstown harbor. Theooinpanj acted with muniflctuce; not only did they undertake t< afford every facility, but. through their secretary, Mr Hartley, Intimated that they should deem it an honor t< convey the corpse home free of all charge. This libera propoeal was accepted, and the arrangement* are as fol lows:?The steamer which will hear the remains wll have reached Genoa about the 37th Inst., thence It wil proceed to Leghorn and Clvita Vecchia. and return t< Kngltnd via Oenoa and Gibraltar The day of arrlva at Southampton In fixed for the 17th of July. The ntpuni or nelnctcd I* tha Queen, on whoan deck a mourning oan opy <*111 be erected. Tha iOih of July U about the da] of arrival in Dublin M. Ktnile dr Oirardln, In an article directed again m the nilntatry, marked with hit oharaoterlntio bitternrr* give* tha following comparison of tha expenses of tb< government* under tha Kmptre, tha Restoration, and tha existing government:? Daily expenses under the Empire 2,l00,000f Ditto under the Restoration i.noo ooflf Ditto under the government of Louis I'hitlppe 4,"00.000f. Princ* Charlea I.uckan Bonaparte (Trinoe da ' anlne.) left London for Copenhagen. The Trince came expreaaly to Kngiand to attend tha meeting of the Brit ink Aaaociation at Oxford, ani we underatand he koci to Oopanhsg?n tor the purpose of being present at a selentiflo meeting ic that oapital. From that olty he gors to Ittockhulm, and thence to Berlin. The Prntr r?oapltulatee the nhargea brought by M. de Oirardin against the government, in the following term* ? " I. A hundred thousand franc*. gi*<"> by M Adam t > i ikumg i'imjuii.i"u. ikiiu iur nim tun iu? podcriiy v pri'Seut be excels tb?? foreign Metrical' urtst in try r?-(n-ct; but ait lit) linn not obtain-d the position he ought en occupy in pociety. h< rau -1 i-teadily pursue the couri>? liu hat adopted. uutil hu ha* dis anced all rivalry, anil made himself able to compete with thu wnrlil. and hown himself every inch' a John Bull ? Jiituranct Gazelle. Nick Narki Irom oar Foreign Files. Tbe 1-ith of August, or thereabouta, ia the timo at present arranged lor tbe intended journey of her Majesty and tbe Prince Consort to Scotland, 011 a visit to tbe huntlug seat of tha Marquis of Aberoorn, in the High lands. By a decree of tbe King of Sweden, dated the I lth ult., the importation of corn, duty free, is authorized In that country. John Davis, who died in Kngland in 1788, left the sum of five shillings to his widow, to enabU her to get drunk at his expense for the last time. The Dublin Frreman'i Journal, of Thursday, statel it has been settled that Sir William Somerville will succeed to the Irish Secretaryship, which Mr. Labouchert vacates for the Board of Control, immediately after th< dissolution of I'arllamuut. Acoordlng to aocounti we have received from an un doubted souroe, the King of the Netherlands has hat another relapse, and his health, which had previously excited tome apprehension, is again in an alarminj state. The petition presented by Sir II. Douglas on Tuesday evening,from the operatives of Liverpool, against tbe re peal of the navigation laws, contained :1030 signatures. j The Governorship of Greenwich hospital, vacant bj the demise of Sir Robert Stop ford, baa been conferred on V ice-Admiral Sir Charles Adaui. The vacant neat at the I Admiralty lloarl will be given to Viie-Admiral 8b William Parker, now oommander-in-chief in the Mediterranean. The Kmporor of Russia hai Jimt Unuod a ukase to the Stattholders of IIih Transcauoasian province*, facilitating the mmnW cuitom duties on the east coaat of the Black Sea. The lustnllatlon of I,ieutenant-Colonel kemeys 'l'ynte, hh provincial grand master of Freemasonry, Monmouthshire, took place at Newport on Wednesday, the 30th, with great ulal. Deputation* froui varioiu* lodge* ol South Wales and adjoining counties were present The follow lug anecdote of " the Duke" ha* been sent to us by a gentleman in this town, who can vouch for it* authenticity On Mr. applying to the Duke ol Wellington for his autograph, to pell at a bazaar for the the benefit of an inllrmary, the Field Marshal replied by return of pout that he had transaction* with bankers anil others, and In these days of fraud and ingenuity he did not think it fair towards them to comply with the request made to him. bat he Inclosed ?& note to aid the funds of the charity. We learn that the Austrian government, in imitation of that of France, is about to send a Consul to Calratta. IE R A 1847. M. Onnltr dt CuMgOM tvl M Solar. for the privilege of a theatre M. Adam has not poatradlctad thia fact J. The mem ir or pamphlet of Baron Lambert purchaied for SO.OOOf. Darou Lambert ho* not oontraulct d thla fact l One million two hundred thousand franea demanded from the mailrtt Ht /<o?/ for the preaentation and passing of a bill to lndeinuify them. The mailrm de pml to whom the offer was made namely. >1 M. Dallly. Da- , rlos, Kaucher. and Labbe, have not contradicted thia fact. 1 A cross of the Legion of Honor given to an uocerti- ! flouted bankrupt. Thla ha* not been deuied 6. A subvention of 4,000 franc* a month to the Globt < newspaper It being impossible to deny this fact, which ' was judicially proved, au attempt was made to explain it. by saying that a decea-ed deputy, M. Mermllllod, who | for the nonce was transformed into a rich Conservative, was the generous douor. llut it waa proved that >1 Mermllllod never gav? but (>U0 francs, and that that was In payment of Ave shares in the paper of 1'jO francs each, and which gave him a rlgb>? > five copies of the i paper for three years. The fjcl ! efore not con- | tradicted. 0. Nothing for nothing, the jnditlon made I on the nomination of a peer. The letter to the King. j written on tile -i.iiu ot January, 184B, ana signed by a I general officer, has not been contradicted. 7 Tliu promise of a peerage made on condition of paying to n newspaper the Hum of 80.000 francs Thin is the only fact, we admit, which lias no evidence in its favor but the reiterated affirmation ot M. Uirardln " An agreement ha* been come to by the Danish <ioTernment and the free city of l.ubeek for the construction of a railroad between Uubeck and Buohen. The King of Prussia. ?u at Bresiau on the 26tb. for the purpose of inaugurating an equestrian statue of his great ancestor. The Kmperor of Rusti.t has resolved to ofter a loan of, some say II 000,000, and other! 16,000.000 silver roubles to the Kiug of Prussia personally. In 184ri, the foreign trade of Krance amounted to \1 milliards 43G millions of francs, of which 1 milliard Mob millions were imports, and 1 milliard 176 millions exports, being 'I millions more than In 1845. The visit which the King of Naples is about to make to the court ot Austria is said to have reference to a project of marriage between Count Trapani and au Archduchess ot Austria. M. Schaenbien, of Bale, and M. Boettiger. of Krankfort-on-the-Maine, the inventors of the fulminating cotlou have been created by the King ofSwed i, Knights of the Order of (jtistavus VVasa. It Is rumored that a bill authorising the French Government to raise a new loan will shortly He presentnl to the Chamber of Deputies. The number of declared bankruptcies in the department of the Seine for the first six months of the present year is ti.'lft. \ tragical event, says the Cinititutiannel, took place h few days past at the country house of M H , fatber-in law to M Jules Janin. Th- plane of ninringr *nd gardener was tilled by a man who Imd formerly be, n in the army, and who. with his wite *><d iHUkhur. in haMted h pavilion tit the fxrr'nn'y >f ill-park The youiiK wiininn was r> m^i kxlilf tor her good lin k*. snd m*1 been iu marriage * man named HonI iy lull the parents. id iircoril with ibe daughter. had refused the application Bnulay finding his anit rejeet J. had becom* sombre and melancholy and whs heard In utter threats of vengeance Muie J Jauin and her mother arrived last week at the country seat, an d wen-. ?a u?ual. attended on by the young girl. when three de tonallons cuddeuly reunited their ear. A sad present! sueut struck tbu girl, and crying out " My father !?my mother!" tiho ran to the paviliou There were found tbu gardener aud his wife, lying dead and not fur from thru the body of Boulay. who. after having shot the old couple, had blown outbid own brains. The north area of the custom house, Liverpool, his beeu tlxed upon aa the site for the statue of liusklsson. which haa been presented to the town by his widow. The statue has now arrived. ? Globe. The Madrid papers of the 6th say, that all attempts to bring the King to a reconcilatlon have been In vain, aud that his Majesty shortly quits Madrid The Gazette publishes a Royal decree, creating 100 000.000 reals, represented by treasury bonds, less 3 000.000 for commlsi sion. Tenders will be received until the lftth iust, A new application of the mode of distributing watei > over the streets of Uirkenh?ad, has been invented, and > applied by Mr. U. O. Salter, the building surveyor o Birkenhead. It works by curiously constructed mac hi nery, set in motion by the action of the wheels whet 1 the cart is drawn along, aud passing along j the centre of the widest street, waters the whole of it at g once, thus obviating the necessity, and saving the time of two or three journeys for the same purpose. We understand the invention is to be patented, and certainly ' deserves to be universally adopted. The Invention m?y i Iho be adapted, with great advantage, to the distribution of liquid manure. M. Mauvls, of the Royal Observatory. I'aris, ha* disco1 vered a new comet near the Tola. On the4th instant its I right ascension was 'J2h. bin 13s , north declination WO de.. Mm, The Bavarian * invernmont has decided that in future no foreigner will be permitted to reside in Rhenish Bavaria unless he lie able to show that he has me\n? of livinif or had ohUlnAfl a. imir?nfv tu that. trnrn * person residing in the palaliniite. It is stated in a private letter from Clonmel. that thi> merchants of that town who have realized such immense pr llta by boarding up their utoeksof mraI. &.C.. are now obliged to de?troy great <iuttutltie* of it, through Its becoming heated in their store*. The river Huir now receive* in its placid bosom what would have tmlwixted many who have gone off this utage for ever. I Twenty railway bill* have received the royal assent thin session, authorizing Jt'ft,404 916 to l>? raised, by capital and loan for the construction miles of railway. ~ Madame Calderon de la Barca, the celebrated autho reMOf'Llfe In Mexico," and wife of the Spanish Mini* i ter at the United States,haa, we are very happy to learn been recently received Into the church. Mark ft*. Ma"?i hkstkft a*i? Li w aroui., July 1!', 11? 17. hi a?There has been dome fluctuation in the grain and flour trade sinoe our last of the .Id Inst . soon after which more firmneas and confidence were exhibited, and flour rose '<? per bbl, and wheat (id per bushel, whilst 1 other articles rather Improved in value Thu arrival oi the i ambria. bringing New York intelligence to the :it)th ult., of considerable fail in prices, the advice.< ol prutty extensive shipments. both from the States and from i.'anada: very fine weather and large foreign arrivals (particularly of States produce) acting slmultane nuHiy. prouuc.ru sur,n fiwi iiui u?e improfrui?ni noieu above us* altogether lust, and on Che ltith quotations were just the same ax at the date of our last circular. , l'uring the laat two days, lather more steadiness ban been evinced. and we refer you to the present rates an stated below. f 1'be bay harvest is nearly concluded, under verv favorable circumstances. and with satisfactory result as to quantity. As respecti the prospect of the corn crop, now a sut>: ject of so much auxiety, we may state that though we hear reports of Might, we conceive that with tine weaf ther. preseut appearances justify the expectation of s r good, but not heavy crop. Heaping, even in early districts, caunot commence before the first week in August ,, and generally not for two weeks later ? Other kinds of corn promise well, with the exceptioc , of beans nnd peas, the former of which are said to be s< t much Injured by insects tliat in some districts the rroj is half destroyed, aud whilst every thing beside hm fallen, this article has risen In value The reports as to potatoes are still vtry variable, but certainly lest favorable than they were. As regards the ' general question however, it may be remarket! thsl though in Ibis country the quantity may not be very ma terially leas than usual, it is so *mall in Ireland and Heot ) land, that even if all be sound, the extra consumption 1 of grain of some kiud. during the year 181B, mnst b> ? large. ? In the south of lt?ly and h ranee, lb" harvest. when not already scoured, Is progressing favorably, this, how a ever, cannot net upon us directly at present, but It m^i u divert, to our shores some portion of supply orlflnalH Intended for those countries n I,argo supplies of potatoes and vegetables of all kind I operate In re luring the consumption of breadstuff P The pio?pert for harvest is good.' n tb? whole mihI wli? continued tine weather for securing the oro|.? of thi< ? md the neighboring Knrop^su pouotnes, all may g> well. But it may safely we think, he sa*d that one third at 1 least of the consumption of the kingdom i? depe>..ienf upon the porta Karmers are nearly cleared out, whll?l every miller dealer, baker and shopkeeper urem-tln* inosi sirietly upon the -'hand to mouth" principle In tl?>-lr |iitrrha?fii i Were the x too leu now In London Mil Llwiwl (th? ? only portrt wher>- any quantity of fl"Ur 'ir wheat could be procured) <1 (fund over the ooaatry In the proportion in which the claxiu-a above named usually bold they would lit ohom bfl abiorbed. i'li'i* wo conceive, that t wbilxt tli<' K""eral scarcity of "torn and 'in* ett"ii?lTe > luterlor demand, will prevent much further deprerlation for tin- present. even with One weather. the name MWM 1 would operate inont powerfully In running up price*, I should any cauno for alarm arise which might Induce a rush to tho ports. anil It need not bo remarked, that I after the experience of the last i.tw month*. the public I inlnd i? more than usually M-nsitlrn to any thiDK affect> inn tbn welfare o! the i-oining crop I Wo am, dir. yourn, respectfully. SAM'L SANDAR8 k HONS. Wheat In in steady request. particularly for the liner ' niMUties. white American I0? tfd a I la; mixed lo? a 10* fld, red h* 0d a !'*!>d, Canadian white 10* a IO*I>d; mixed t 9* 9d a 10*, do red !)* a 9i #d per 70 Iba Hour, from iti , comparative cbeapne**, command* an extensive Kale for > the consumption of the manufacturing district*. and for I trauKialwilon to even distant parts of England and Hcotland. bent Western Canal and superior < anadian ate fld a 36*; Philadelphia, Baltimore, and secondary Htateaand ( anadian 31* 6d a 34* par bbl. Indian Corn?The demand. though Heady, doea not ?|Ull the aupply aod the rate* at which Inferior heated and damagea parcel* are offering depre**e* the general value, food northern and I superior (outhern rad. yellow and whit*, ton a 43* ?d, heated and inferior (ample* 2A* a&1* per 4?0 lb* Indian Meal (slow of tale at -JO a 31* per bbl L.oido!i, July IP.?American H x-k* -There have bean no lran*actioi>? of utllclant Importance to vary our general quotation* by the last steamer Kor Maryland tttertlng Bond*. per cent rX--ou|mii* t* offered. and there 1* a leller of a *mal) parcel at 70 per cent Pennsylvania ft * 70 per cent e*-dlT Indiana ha* bwn done at W per cent LD. Prlre Two Cent#. ? ?: ^7= The Watering Flmeeai * Lnrrtu Htatki IIotkl, ) "* n*?4Tout 8r?ina?, July SI lt?47 ) Jtn Analyti* nj Chnracitr at Saralofa?Ji Urani Ball at tkc U S Haul. < ?od ha* been munificent to Saratoga; tl?? blood and uhn of hecatomb* of forgutten dead whose turn to die bu ocma before mine, fatten the pregnant earth upon which I (land: from these olfaU. nature baa sucked noui ishment and nhe appear* before me in a million wild and solemn and sublime forme. Men in the enjoyment of these glorious gift* are only like intractable children, who >iuarrel about tbe diflaion ?f >ometbing which their noble father ha* giren them , the child who get* most ia esteemed moat fortunate, and tbat one who in oontent with nothing, becauite he would rain r nitre notntog man oe a competitor iu um augr* struggle. or beeausa be to too weak to bo successful. is henceforth accursed and an outcast. But ifian io not Iron nor adamant ; his fine temper may be moulded into itny beautiful shape that fancy can augnoat; be will, therefore, triumph even yet; be will be ransomed, and ! iu a century wliwHr confines arc not far distant,a brighter morning will lawn upon 4 hrtatendoin than ever there has much Adam s ejectment. I promised lately to write an aualyaiof tb? various characters who coine here annually to remain a quarter ot a year, in the very midst of thin rural realisation of all that thu fluent fancy can desire. Many go from here to | Niagara, aud return agaiu embrowned and awailby, many havu lately returned The hotels are now full, and the season ban re.o bed Its altitude, it ia at the height of its grandeur and glory. Amid sucb a mass of rich materials aud subjects as are gathered here, it would be impossible to particularize, or to (jive an analysis of any idlvldual character Kvery season hundreds of adventurers or fortune hunters. come to Saratoga from Europe, from the Islands which border the United States coast, and from all part* ot this Union probably the majority of these adventurers are men (some of theui are elegaut looking men. wbo cultivate moustaches and superfluous hair several weeks before the season opens, in the belief, probably, that a profusion of this article will improre their person al appearance) ?but herein lies no imputation upon auy gentleman who wears a mustache. Many of these adventurers are lovely women (luysoginmts) who travel hundreds of miles alone to Saratoga. >.nd who occupy at eluded apartment* at the hotels These l??eiy adveii tu.ers are ustute anil cunniny in their address and deportment In their efforts to procure a rue? alliance with some victim millionaire, thej n .t from a certain system which has been previously digested, and which they always obs?rve with precision in the most casual intercourse. They love intrigue, (and all women love it;) they are of.en successful aud they also often fall I shall not doubt the legitimacy or propriety of the conduct otlbese lovely creatures; the nut ring-, in the puisuil of wuiob they exhibit gn at talent., and souo tiuins geuius. often result- happily I have I got d< <1 these wouien wboaro friiiuititU aiiirelie lexci t<t t h~ ? ntrM wilh M'rut.nv. in order t<> uuder>tauU tti> m | eriectly; M>me if them are ?il|M*rb hou ewoineu. and I have > eu tb-iu m ttje arly m<<iniug villi ill*- hit" ui b'Miudiug h??i h lu iheir elit" kf Midwub tir iu thf.r in . uut?<i upou thorough bred hoi sec; iliy wouid ilde ai lie Ueiby<>r?n hj.glifh tux buul. *1.(1 il the b< i>p who right Hie) ?r..uid win the pur-e, or tie iu at tiiu U*>ib I luvt .Itu s?-en tbeui iu very close carnages, id miii ud> s of devotion to somebody upon tbe tiuul heat In Uct ib> y are admirable W' mm bmu*e ihey laming- 10 b* Uuiuipear halite, which In mure than l<ue?-ns have been; ibey are ne joy audthe gioiy ol society hi re; they art' the objects of universal homage; they wain with voiupuou? grace, tin y converse wilb passion, wit). voices t! aeiy mo du latuii. and they ofteu put lavant at tuuikj tbey are perfectly acquainted with everything larhiouable, and their toilet in attended to in au unexceptionable manner Much are they man <n/un( and wu will hav? done with them for tbu present. That other class of adventurers, tbu man, to whout 1 have alluded, are commonly called ;iu>venv?; tbey are a.medley of hardware clerks. poetaster*. fleeing orphans, and gentlemen borne of tbem give didoctiu lecture*, aud aome ot them are professors of various arts; tbey may be seen at every ball, every private party, and at every ride or promenade; tbey are punctual in their attendance at church, but tbey go iu late; many of them di'play a great deal of taste In their equipages and I home*, among which are several nonpareils. The great f Object, tbat of marrying a rich wife, Is not forgotten, hut In kept constantly in view; in tbe pursuit of this object 1 their advantage* are not proportioned to tbos* of tbeir . | co temporaries of the softer sex. because woman, wherev?r ; | she may be, Is uucont Tollable and untrammelled, so long i nn >ii in ?*nn rujt'u UHl iiirnv ^Ruucuifii uuvu nurcrou. ' and hero in laid the foundation ofmauy an after union of happiness I hutii thus briefly described one class or department of soniety at Saratoga; ia a description of the otL ? i'Iwm. hereafter, I n.ay go more Into detail. A hall, which wan quite as magnificent, (except thi dress hall) an any ibat will occur here during the season, waa Riven last night in the rant but chambrt of this hot-1 the iuTitatiouH were general, and there were numarr <u atteiidanceN front all the hotel* 1 ant charmed at the simple elegance of American women whenever I am abl> to delect it, tut I am horrified at their extraordinary maduean in compressing their waiata lb a manner which makes their existence a ]>enaiic? and a torture Alt, these mothi ra; llteae American mutiiera, who make their Hints cousin-germans to the tilmouses. and who make dry automata of their daughter*. Tbla fashlou is a late importation, and it wan not a bequest of the American mother* of the last century. Hut the ball?a hundred alabaster lamps diffused their i beams through that Immense hall; there might hava been a hundred betrothment*. < ivilians are declared to be behind military men in tbelr conspicuous Idolatry of women; in these matters Wellington and Scott were phenomena in their prime;their devotion has given them n fame,in which the entire army has shared, this reputation for gallantry In the tented field aud in courts, was fully sustained by the army officers who were present, and who appeared in full uuiform Scott need, therefore, have no apprehension for the army at home, when it M iu the hands of such representatives. I wish that the love of woman could not be concentrated upon anything tangible, but that it x genial puritv i and sweetness might be directed toward every animated j lifiun alike there arc a few of them who are angalu ol , mercy, who visit the sick poor, and who devote the)' I I lives to the giving of alms. The bail went on?it was most brilliant, and the com pany was larger than at any previous ball, the program me oflncidents, including the pyramids of deasert which were circulated at intervals, need not be recapitulated to day, in a more elaborate manner, and the descriptive I'i ogmiaiii*- ujui?i couueniiru iuu cuavnioiru iuiu siugie senteuce? it wu a counterpart of nan of thoae fin.* parties that are given diurnally at I be French cap Hal Aurinft the fashionable season Kobert II. Morris is here Th? r<) in a very strong probability that L*dy Suffolk and coiik' other 'juick horses will come here on the 14th of August next, to contend for the pur** which the pro prletors of this excellent course have lately offered MlK?IUneau?. At I niontown. Ky , on the iOth of July, an affray oc curred between V J. Cartmell and T. Kersey, reeultiag in the death of the latter The circumstance*, a* de tailed, are such ax justify Cartmell In the ey*t of the coroner h jury. The attack arose out of an old grudce ' held by Kersey against the partner of Cartmell Kersey i was drunk at the time, and attacked t artmell with a , gun, which ho endeavored to tire at him. Cartmell ?eu ' Mil the muzxle an 1 threw It up, tiring his revolver sev* , rul times at liim, piercing him with three ball*. On Monday, about l'i o'clock, a lad about ten years ol at;**, lifinied W Meyers. employed in the puper hang ' lug manufactory of I harles l.ougstreth U Son. in La 1 grh nge street, had his right arm twisted completely off in the machinery While reaching up to put a strap upon a shall, the strap caught him around the arm and 1 Irt w him to the ton of the xhaf't When extricated ' frotu Inn dreadful situation. lb*' limb wan found rmn^lntf by a few n lire da of lli-iib. 'J'he ?uff?r*r waa aoora/ad to ' till" ti<ii|ilLhI ?t'h.'l. XorlK mtrieun. A criminal prosecution ba? bi-en commenced ag.ilnnt ' III ' ofllcvra nf tliH Ink' iteamerf Ii napeake, for lb* ueg. Ii*. oc. wlliclj UOiWlliiDi'll if* IWM. In tlJM I DI tail Hlate* Di-triet oiirtat < uluiiibiiH ( nl Brailtiury wbo ?u tlm .urTinii* pa* <!({ r* and ba* bum actlr* in ~ eKponiuif tb? O'ltllfi-uc* ban bt-en numuioued to appear r .4 witueiM -Albany Evt .liiai VV > 1 bin the pant four week* O.'iti emigranti bara died at III" yn.b.-i- qilaranl I in kmmiu. Lant Wtdneeday |rf?7 |ikk nkxrn trflftil at Orua?a Inltn id ft?a *bipa?una f ifn-iu fit 10 llrnui'u, Willi 3?'b paanengert f m drk fnar ilealbn A man /mined Eiibu Traak, of tbl* town, about ib vara old. eloped 1.11 or about the 40th of July with a jouiik girl 14 y.ari uid, naiut-d Kit ira Krtabto, ol VVVntliampUm. Tb? girl waa per-ua<led by Tia-k noma four ?e.-a?. pratiuu*. to latTK h?r mother In Wenthampion, and to I'otna anil liae to,- a abort time lu Inn family On iti? I'Mb Trti-k earned hin wife, who wa< d>af aiid <luuib. aud bin young child. to tb? hoima ot a rrlntlri, mid nlnca ihat day nothing baa been beard of bim or the girl. ? , i/ir wnjirtil (Jutettt. \ v?ry pretty girl, only I 'yearn of ag?, named Mnrga ret Blackbnrn. whow mother raflden at No p Wharf "Ireet, ft bourn about a week ago, accompanied by bar aunt, for the purpoae of going to pto mo at Heading Whlla there nhe wan obnrrru In convaraation with a ! man named Mini lb. and baa not nlnca been aaen or hafcrd . Irotn Moilth 1? naid to t>e a married man and It U prai nuiii^d pi-rnuailril lb" girl to elopa with htm The mo| ther U 111 deep diatrenn. and In rant ban been almoat la. R<iD<' ?inc<! toe evem ? nuiiun journal, m tnir. PVHISHN DVUNW K.HT'AULIkllMK.NT-OiFio- ,?: I VViiluin itreet, New York-* OUKT k DRMCHAT7X I lie Hid linuli i " * uew and auperior atyle, ue*er bal'ma bitr<> I duced into the I'mted Hutet, *11 aorta of gon?l*, tewihg *ilk. I twill and (rami. either plain or ?ha<Wd. lepltfr worataa and - ? ll^n yum, ??wing eotton, mohair, he I They hare imported patent machinery lor putting up wo'tt (d arid >ilk, tilhar in akaiua, apoolaor rncki; damaged or fa-lad good*. nhlxMia, (ilk, latin, marinoa. thibet anil caehni?-e j ilianli, gimpa, frmgra. cord* and t&aaeli. ladira' and geu'ie. mau'i naruienta, kc., ayed aad cleaned equal to naw artic lea I j vM __ Notice to smokerm-h. henri^e" be** fl leave to call the attention of hie frieud*, and the lovera I > the favorite weed, aa well at the public in general, to i lamina nit Choice and'iienaive aaxiriment at Havana and I rmeipe V Hegar*. Some of the moat delightful brauda J?ai reaenedper Child# Harold.h itiiib been aelected under the mapeelio.. ofooe of the beat juugea iu vla\ ana. in order to pleaae the mo?t tea^ tidioua, and u it to he ?urj>a?eed by any other eajleety* la thia elly, or elarwherr No 10* I Jyl5 Ut*ic cATRlf of rin# ?rff*