12 Ağustos 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

12 Ağustos 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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i TH] Vol. XIII. No. !MU.Whol? No. 4817. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Horth-WMt corner of Rulton and Numh iU. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION_fcURTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price ? cents per cony?r lipor annum?iiiyable madr^nce. _ . WEEKLY HKllALD?Every Saturday?Price 6* cents per cony?f3 ceuu i>er auuum?payable in advance HERALD FOR EUROPE? Every Steam Packet day? Price tiJi cents per copy?$J per annum, including poitage, payable in advance. Subscriptions and advertisements will be received by Messrs. Oaliirnani, II rue Vivieniie, Paris ; r. L Himondv II ('ornhill, and Joho Miller, the bookseller, London. ANWJAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Published .in the 1st ofJanuary ofeacli year?single copies sixpence each. ADVERTISEMENTS, at the usual prices?always cash in advance. Advertnemeuts should be written in a plnni, legible manner. The Proprietor will nut be responsible for errors that may occur in tiirin. , . ., . . . I'll i \"im m/i . *-.11 k.n.L ?<n>iii#d iinMirifiillv ami with deipateh. All letters or communication! by mail, addreued to the u'lMuliinrut, mutt be post paid, or the poitatte will be de Or,in ih? tiibtr notion mnnev remitted Nk\V VOIIK A.N D H AltLfj \1 KAlLHO VIltUMPANV 81 ;.MMEK AICRANUfc.VfKNT. ON AND AKTKU THURSDAY, JUNE 10th, 1847, the Car* will ruu at followi, uutil furriier uotice. Up traini will If.ivr tlir City Hall for Harlemte Morriaiaua. Korham St Tuckahoe Pleaiantville, j JO A M. Will'm* UrVe. Hurt' and Newcastle 7 " 1 31) A. M. White Pl'ns. Bedford, * " T " 7 A. M. Whitlickville ? " It " 10 " Croton Kalla. II " II " 4 P.M. 7 A.M. II 1 P. M. 5 JO " 4 P. M. 3 P. M. 4 I " 5 SO " 4 M " 4 " 4 JO " * JO * It'turning to New York will leaye? M rritiaiuikllarlrm. Kordhain. Will'm* Br'ge. Tuckahoe. 7 *. A M 6 13 A.M. G 44 A.M. 7 30 A. M. I 10 " 7 44 " 7 40 " 8 48 " * " 9 09 " 9 DC " I 20 P. M. " It M P. M. 13 i4 P.M. 4 42 * II ?4 P M. 1 44 " 1 40 " White Pl'na. I " 4 08 " 6 " 7 10 A. M. I UJ ? 6 08 " 8 33 " 1 * " 4J " 7 44 " 1 P. M. 8 " 5 21 " ? U " 8 84 " mi>?ui>iIU Maw (Vtiti K?*.lfor<r AVhitliclcville. i'u AM" ? AM. 7 MAM. 7 45 AM I II r M i P M. 4 51 P M. 4 45PM C niton Kalis. T 30 A M. 4 30 P M. T"ii? iniw tii and from Crotoo Kalla will not itop on New t .irk Island, etcept ?t Broome street, aud 32(1 street. A car will precede each train ten iniuulea, to take up passengers in Iheem I'll. morning traiivof cars from Crotou rails will not stop bet wren Wluir Plans *ud New York, except at Tuckahoa Willi iiu's Bridge, and Kor dliain. K.itra tram* ou Muudays to Harlem and Marriiiana, if line weaih't Hta<e? for Lake Mahopackand Danbury leave C rot on Kails on arrival of tlir ^ o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and for Pawliukt ou arrival of the 7 o'clock A' M. train. KAK1C KROM NKW YORK : To( r .ioa KaII. $1 00 To Wmtlickvill 87* To Newcastle 75 T" Pleaaantvilie UK To While Plains.... . 50 Freight trtius leave City Hall at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Hen.no n, leave I rolea Kails at 7 A. M. and 9 P. M. S?. \V ? m * BOSTON' AMI hAsYKKN KXI KtHs, via Newport nid Kali River.?This Kxpresa flWM SMMNi N'o I Wall ?'h rl, corner of Broadway, daily, at quarter before 5 o'clock, P. M., thereby securing la loeicliuits si.d others the advantage of a lata hour for forwvrding catta, packages, tic. B Oik ? us. siiacia. drain and valuable parcels are secured la ir<?i safaa a. d placed lu llie charge of laitliful conductors. OAY k CO. N!rr? haaidiae, pa-Wages, ke. forwarded in our own cars, and ,1-r, at our olfice, No I Wall street, corner of Bread way. package* will be called for in any part of the city. J No. I Wall street, eoruer Broadway. f No 7 Ht?M atvaat. Bestua. ao5 30trc MA < ONK V INLAND K hlSKV.?The well ^ StySstii^u steam, r AMKKICAN KAULK. CapSmbJBjL ??> II Pawar, will nij regular I y tnjai th- owitol <i.i y l?l onl. I uiJiim st Kurt Hamilton, as follows' Lr.nai Pier No I, at 10, I, 4; leaving Coney ItUud at I ? l\ bit la additioa to tlir abo? a trips, will make a morula* in,' t" Fori lUiaili. n. letting the city at 7, Kort HamtUou at I s*4Nl. a?4 4Jl*re -1. _ k > > K K a. k I OK 1 - riir aieainerJUSr.ru . * -' Ok k k.K. will Irave the pier, foot of eatriiMMiHfaChtsibefe street, daily, for Key Port, at 3 Work r M Th.' I O t k I- V. w ill lea? s Ike lout of Hammond street at H1^; < . i t i mr'i i. eel: h l4 i Pike street, 1L. K., ; au.1 f'tair No. i, k. R . at o'clock N. b ?On Hai4iy a, the **t will leave at l){, A. M. aal man . KOK PM4TII AMBoV AND NKW -a^?N bli I NlU II K?Dilli. laa'sya excriitcd, ~?A-.jia<iai . , | ' i a i \l I'm III llir I o' .,1 It rlrgaut drainer ASTKI?OPK, ' " !?' S Van Wi.-fc I. win ? i,.J ?l.. . T ?l??. A mm it loli. Irate the f, X .-.rrt, r..r IV. .K Ami,.,. a,.U N*wBr.io?wick UiMi,,.* at k ,.*?.lla, \V.x?JbnAl*,1ottea .a..J ?l*ach . I..iucti?* Hrturni g. the ANTfcLUl'K le.rea New Braua Kt ? ? l>'<h A?boy at * PeftJ. toWHIJi *t l,.e - ?.?? jieiei r*M-ti*?r? r.?f Ku.f.roi. *II(J Princeton take i'u' ii Buiuwict on the WTITll of the boat All Ire* Ma. ban if. kr (I llir (lwitrt N*. ? ? ?'?'C ' ?OI( Mikz. A ?lil Kl ?? r.A> UIIOM., Utaurh Kuiium Dock, browu Dock, .'+2jolm ?!..! II'IOV... ...d Krd Bw.k-l'.r Sir .in ...a! C'RI'H. I Pur#. v| ulNi will ran a? follow*. Irom r ultun Market M?p. Kiat Ri??t J? . . l.eaie New V"ik Laava Shrewsbury. O'clock. . W clock TlmraiUT. ". ThnrUay. >?. * 'ridav, II. I l>'rnlair, 1J. J>? Hatu-4av, II, ?*? JtetnMlay, II, i Umm4*r. U, ? Sm,d?ir. *. M lay, It. 7 Muoday. H, "XAM I tir Line ?Wr? Will ran to Howell Worka, l*iU*u V iIUlC iu4 freehold. Sta?r> to courrj paaeenfer* to all l>*rU ol tna .N L All ere foilnd itumui il>e * {?<>* eoaii* "I t!? Owner* J. * ALLAIBfc?m Mffc MMIhMIU.'i"lll K1 II, ,> ? ?LLHr W M lik.NCK'*. IIIUHLANwH. Ocean aAiaMdMH* 11 >n*r ami Kaloatowa Laadimt r??e (Meantb.Ma *.DVVlN i .U iA, t apt I!?WIM. will ?? a? follow* | ,i? f??t of Vrwr ?"e?t. North Hi?*?: J.tdi f Sew I etk. U??* Skrnrthtff. o'clock. Au<. ? clock. I tmm.I v It, at I P M. t'riday, II. at 9 A M }>,4av II, at J', I' M " lur.iay, II, at A. Si hum.<uf.H. at ??? P M. .HaiuiiUv.ll, at i I' M' .-..J , ... , 1 . < >1 rmimv, II. at II A.M. M.UI<I<J , lb, at A. M. Monday, lb, t| II A M Taa.day, IT, ?' 7 AM Tua.ilay.lT, ? l? M. \V. !> '>. <M. *1 T A.M. W.du'y IS, ni I* M. H i,>i will ha la rttiirifu oa lit* ?:n??l of th* tioat to ccb? * f^Mrmirn Ui all |nrt?nf ?ha ruawry. jyll nil rc MOk.MNU BUA r AT UALK-PAST L' <.I lot Albany ?ud intriinidi.lr UiuImh.? lAMHh I'll* N (> ! lliraklaat and diunri ,m l.uard Iht Im-i I lit *?ll kit'X* a low 1'icaaarr atraaitKial HOI "III \ill.KI' Capl. T. N llulaa, will Irate iha Sir.mboai P?r,l>i l id'Barclay ?trr< I, Taaadat, TlmratU), and Maturday, at h?lf-|i*at ?t* o'clock 4. M aa4llt*rr ?... MOHNINU LIN*, ruu A1.UA.> t A?*U ,A TKOV aud late rm* diata Landiata. . .jMMMk Mraakfwl and Oiaaar ua board it* Boat. The luw i riiurt ataaruk'Wtl I HOY, l.piaia A. Oorkam, till Itati Uia Mr. *?'?? Iter l?K of B?/dat .traai. Moudtyt, Vvr'iuci'l.iya. and knday*. at aa.aa u i.kk A M Ma'iru iu itu "i? i>i'|?ait? d???. lit* Huaairr NIAUAKA,'a|4 II L. Kill .**, will Irttr tlir htrawbiMl I'm i I "K of Hud >- iiirrt, TaratUy, Thar*4a) and li tunlat, at hall ittl an a'clock, A. M , rataiamg ua iW u|i|< ?it* Jat a 'f Pare M CaaU. Kofiataaafff ?l lrn?li(. a|i|i|f ?a board, or lu I' B. Mill, at ilia oktt ..a lit* wharl. jyM MilTICK. r*aa. ttATKN INLAND KhHV-O. .ad aA?v Ml NItAk, Aim I lath lb* ttriiukuaU JUBh "vl.ru mi J taTEN iiii.ANui n will tai fiillniVB, ?( I m'Hk# At ft. . t. IftJI. A. II., mm4 I, t.L|. 4, I. f, ?t f. M li tv mum i?m \i t f, 11, A. M . I, I, im ii? ? ?'# pM 9, it4 a f.S. it, *'?l<t*k, P M. Mi* \ Ilk Apr>l lull all ? .^rvrWMVta I U..a?k -At T ? . l.*h, |? M . fmm <? * !*??? "*'?< <>< >< Wadt uJ l.il^nv crn* Htr.ifc.MlwA AC N MTToV I \fm N ra?k. will l#i?taa M<m4aV, W?4?iihy, rnt4 ?>>? ) (rentait. m 1 M|mL *?.r,l.?t HKWOKIi ItUDftON. C?i N U < r..w. 4?-. will Tk.r^t>aatf *atartkf Ml M 7 ? t k k|?c.J Twk Uf fekrfwrktirfv. lajlrtaa. an* hrafc*, R?r?<??. will ih a* I Laai* klaaav at ktk A.MTi P J ? IWxninll MilutUi. Min I*<i,!?,>? ?,..i r?ituiM| ruM> At >?! OH Uck. r JM ? luiiMM laiarma^Mkk I Uin Nt#??W*i N6k?H %. l?*W.k Jra.^ll. ?.U " * kiwi**?. MmiIkm* HW UftfTUL < MKM K N hrtf will t:v;,c,T 1 tiuiwu. -~'w .&*>* - ^ -w. ?h i 4 2+srzp: ijj+xsszz** !sr* *! Jfirjnr.TiSbrjjuz*3* . .P^f 'Tmji fAMAUi t ." ( ' 'if! I' M ? i I - * * fl > $4. ?. U.lwMkM., ? t>, I w?a? ?. n tflj CUHMII, Ik I ??1? HHMa.lt. ?? - .-^ mijllt r?UkSn.?k * Wfc.wt?t4 H w CMnt*. M B rrUt MUM A i' axk/itr ?lit k? umi Im |)j (.(lami ml all twi'i' < .o? mu? I'.?? t aar m Ml >?*? ' v I- S* r . AtpkM. N#? V?fc ?>Mt - _ Jg w ' *~*^>""" ,] ' .a***, lattkiil Mi IU4*.* - ?kf?M < .?Btru.l ! ud l'iaa?r ?? A.u4 ThtMVMrftWMlhMMt ROflta Wit.t.| ami lia v: . PpWSaMiXSl.*^ tiy All t-r? ??? rM traauaa UM aWra kM ? ? kouktof iht owaktk atiktk E NE' N LOOK AT Tlll8-L'ilm'(ln?r?,lliiii?'i B?> . kuu, Tir?, Houw Whit* and HUrk .. Prunella Bu?kiui an* Slipper*, and >11 other kiud* of Boot* and Shoe*, of the hurt! tlvl* AI*m ? larj, assortment of misses and children's. Gentlemen will find in this store a great assortment of tin? Boots anil Shoes, e?lf and patent leather: >?aiir . of all kinds. Alio, Boya' Boota, Matters, and Shoes, ol all s?rls and sues. All of till' above of the beat quality and cheap, at JS7 Broad way, one door above Fiaiikliu street. aS 30t*rc M. CAH1LL. ^ IIUNCH BOOTS ? I'aria imperial Kreurh < ill nf Boota for t* JO. ei|U?l to the beat sold in Broadway for $f ]ffor$T. *'ine French Call U. on, city marie. for $3 * ? usually ti?cnn be found at the corner of fc'ultoa N-i*. M ?treet?, opposite the Herald ofln li, .i . in .1.- n, order for $4 00. Also tlie French Cougresa hoot*, ol the beat quality; boota, ahoea, gaiters, sli|>|iera. lie., couatautly <>s baud. All goods warranted to give satisfaction. Corner of Fultoa ami N.usiu streets. jyli Mt*M Jjjji iO LKT ? A ueat two alory cottage house, with |;;:M basements and uudrrcellar, I>rniri|>>1 atory tno pari rt JadUL Willi uliding doors, hard liiiished wall*, aeeond atory; 2 l.ir^e room* and 'i bedroom; rent Ion Kni|uire on the premises, No. I 40th street, ol W. U. I'eudlrton. Stages pass the door every half hour ali lit* in MTO LKT-At Hoboksa, tue tntee no y bri< k house No. 3Uuion Place, three minutea walk Irom the ferry. Immediate possession. For particulars, inquire of n .(l. rAL vir.n, ninonni. or all) 61 re H. I'. KKNN Kl>\ . IT Inl.n it , New \ oik. MA KAUK ('IIANUK-Kiir sale, the guoU will nil fixtures of a Tavern, Oyster aud Hoarding House, with eveiy convenience appertaining loiucli in establish ineut. The house is in a eeutral location, opposite the |>rinri|>?J mirket The house has been occupied 111 the above bu.n.em for a tiumber of yean, has always commanded, and at present liaa mi excellent run of business, and is oue ol the best stands in the city. Indisposition in the f<>mily of the iirrseut proprietor iilducet hi ni to change Ilia business Kor further jwrliculars inquire at the otlice of the BaljliinorejMin nuHin COlfNTRY SKAT l?OH SALK?That very desirable residence iu 'he beautiful village nf Kinder hook, Columbia County, fitted up, and recently occupied by tne late Peter J. Hoes, Lsq., is now offered for sale, 'lhere lire also ou the premises, carriage-house, stables, wood-house, baru, and all other convenient out buildings The grounds, about four acres, are well stocked with a large variety of s|>ple, pear, peach, cherry, plum, and ornamental trees, grape vines and shiubbery, allot which have been selected from celebrated nurseries, both in D.urope and New York. The whole property is uow iu the most perfect order. Iu the Village is au Academy, second.to noue in this State iu point of character aid standing. For terms, Ate., apply to DAVll> VAN SCHAACK, Ksq., kiliderhook, or bu5 :iflt*m IP. 8. HOE8, 35 Wall street. CUUiNTMY Sfc-AT KOK SALK ?That very d?JfKMl sirnble residence in the village of Tarrytown, VVeslChester couuty, litted up by the late Mrs. Phillips, and occupied for several years by K. Tread well, Ksq. is now offered for sale. The house, which is about 46 feet by 40, with piazza frout und rear, is well finished aud uow iu good order, with a green house attached. There are also ou the premises carriage house, stable, ice ho'ise, gardener's house, aud other convenient out buildings. The grounds, about six acres, are well stocked with a great variety of choice fruit trees, shrubbery and ornamental trees, and the prospcct is not surpassed by auy spot on the Hudson river. For terms, be., apply to the subscriber ou the premises. jvU 30t*rc. C. V B. OSTRAm)KK. HlUk KOK BAI K OH TO LKT, on the margin of the Kari Stiau B?', Moumoulh iCounty, N.J.?karma iu n high atate of cultivation, with nil the necessary out-buildtngs. Also, lots from half an acre to twenty, with the advantage of line bathing. Summer residences furnished or uufurlushed. Persons desirous of carri iug on business in the city aud residing iu a healthy location, at a cheap rate, will find an advantage in consulting with the subscriber. N. B.?The aforesaid farms and lots are not in Teias or Pennsylvania, but within one hour and a half of New York. Terms easy. Titles indisputable. Emigrants or others wishing for gardening low can be suited. Apply to John Iveson, Ksq.,55 Courtlandt street, New York; or to W. (J. Kayues, Auctioneer, Key Tort, N.J. All letters must be post |>aid. Key Port. N. J., Jaly 20, 1817. jy21 30t*rc FRENCH THAN 8A1L AIVT I C /^^SWISTEAMBHIP COMPANY.?The ships ol company are appointed to suil as fol"from new york. The I'll IL A DKLPiilA ou the lith August The MISSOURI " " 31st T' The new york " " ifith Sept. The union " " 30th " (rom havreThe new york " " lith August. The union " " 31st p' These Steamers are equal to any alloat, with cominauders of tried skill xud known courtesy. Their state rooms and cabins are uuusunlly commodious, aud they are provided with every thing requisite lor the comfoit of passengers. The price of tiassage in the lirst cabin I'rom New York is S120. From Havre 1,000 francs. Wines are not included, but will be furnished at moderate rales. All letters must pass through the post office. For fieight or passage, apply to mi I re A V M AR & ( O.. 31 South street. FOR < llfcRBOURU OR UAVKfc.)-U;,vThe Steamship PHILADELPHIA, ( apt. Besson, will leave oil her regular day, SunJay, the lith of August. Letters must pass through the 1'nat Office. No parce s received after i 1'. .M. of Saturday, 1-tili inst. >.,?_ .,r.... ..|.;? t?i Kur |>?ibk? or freight, apply Co AYMAR & CO.. an4 lit rrc 34 South street. OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. Office 44 William street. C. ii. Stud, llouraJ W. Kabei, Kdward Mi Hi, Horatio Allen. William Chamberlain, Mortimer Livingston, John A. Ueliu, John L. Stephen*, Herman Oelrichs. C. H. SAND, President. Kdwaru Mil.1.8, General Agent, New York. tlUIUI k. AlMMW, ImnMTlu conformity with the proviiioui of the charter, notice '? lereby given that the Books for subscription for an amount n ot exceeding (JliU.lMiO to the capital stock of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, will be re-oneued at the office ol (he Company, 44 William, corner of Wall itreet, on Monday, 2l?t June, 1(47. Kive per cent of the amount subscribed mutt be paid at the l*riod of subscription m specie or bank bills. The balance of ilie subscription will be called lor iu iusuluienu uoi exceeding 10 per cent,as may be requited by the operation) ol the Company, and upon thirty days previous uotice. The followiiiK is the 25th section ofthe By-Law:? " Subscription to the capital of the Company, after the amount may be $MI0,(lA0. shall iu preference be allowed to I ho A? who may then be stockholder, aud to the exteut of their then actual subscription." je6 30t rc , BRITISH AND NORTH AMKKICAN iX#tf*KOVAL' MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1200 tons uu imrKe power earn, uiiiiit coiiiMet ^^^^^^^ with the Lorus of the Admirably 111li K It NIA. Captain Air sai.uer Ilvr ie. CALKDON I A, Captain Kdward (/. Lott BRITTANN1A, Captaiu John Hewitt. CAMBRIA,Captain Charles II.K. Judkias ACADIA, Cnpuiu William Harrison The four steamships uuw building are THK AM Kit l(; A. THK NIAGARA, THK CANAUA THK KUHOPA. The vessels ap|K>inted to tail from Boston are the lliherma August IG, 18<I7 I ainbriti September I, III 17 Caledonia September l(i, 1H17 Briininia October I, 1817 The vessels appointed to sill from Liverpool are the Cambria August). 1817 I aledmit August III 1817 Biit tuuia September 4, 1817 1'aaseugers' luggage must be "u board the day previous to ail i ii*. IVutage inouey?Kroiu Bolton to Liverpool, $120, do do to Halifai, $20. No berths secured until paid for. IJirse slops carry eiperieuced surgeons. No freight, eicept s|>ecie, received on day* of (ailing, rot freight, passage, or any other information, apply to D. BRIUHAM. Jr., Agent AtHARNDKN ?c cd.'S.i Vill . 1"^ lu addition to the above line between Liverpool 11, II lilm, and Boston, a contract has been entered into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool slid New York direct. 'Ilie steamships for this service are uom brinf buill, and early nest year dfte notice will be giveu of the tnnr when they will start. Under the new contract the 'e imeis will sail every Saturday during eight mouths, and every fortnight duriiiK the oilier inourhs in the year. Going al ternstely between Liverpuol and Halifai and Boston, and be 'ween Livert?ool and New York. niK2 r 4.46: i*A< KKI' Hllir HOUTHKMNKM. from l,iv.r Wr#Vy |?>..l, it diteharxiiif. under k'rnrrnl oider, a< ilir ! ><.r JaUUiKso1 llofer trrrl, K. K. All K?oJi not |?riiiilled 1.1 be wul lo the |iublii' Hurt1. 7 WO< MMU'I.I, ik MINTURN.I7 Routh it. IIMM KKUl I. VK UNMJK I'A? KM ? H)K wVVW II.AM JO VV.?'I li. niiU iidiil new |.-\<-ket ?lii|> JHwfiilll<( t()KMB \ < e|.tainMcKweu,will tail poiitivel) fii thr oili A??ntt, her irgular day. *!,? In* i|4*iidid rabin ?pr .immodatimi, mid phi alao rnin lor'iMv ?f firwwodttr ? limited nuinhrr ?l' tceond rjbirt |>aa truerrt, if rarfy awdirtlion be m-ide to W. Ik J. T TAI'.m OTT, u7 t(i Soul li atrret, HIM LIVKMrtHII^-Tl!* Ntw Line?llenalir ifivy I'irkrt III VI at Au*u?l?The til|w'rior, fut imlinu c?r??i "hip I.IV'Klil'OOL, MM (out burthen, <;?|>l. J.hii Milin'itf. will mil aiabore, lirr regular day. I freight ur Ituur, li.it n.g rlr^^nl itnd tuperior atrnma?>4a "Hit, j 11> tn ifir rt|>i*ni on liutrd, at writ tide of Bur||?. tills ... ... WOODHI LL k MINTlfKN, *7 South it. rnrt ,,i |tim> Slug. | |.?J^| krt thii <4ueen of tho Wilt, 1160 ton* burthen. < ai-t rli lir W.pudh.'Nte, will tuceeed ihe Liverpool, and ml ?t K*r rrfl'Ur dtV.lltl t*t>l-?. Iv2'rr 1** *' K . I S HIM HAVm.-Mrcond Liue.-Tl.e PTJiV1 >r I J U'A, II. H. Mwaii, muter, will tail <>u the lit JAUbr'f Nr|4rnlMr. UO YD II MINI KKN, M Wall, rert t.t. 11 I V ..MM I ?l \ N i I I l;i I M IBraV I >.WrilOI.-bir tlir New Lite of Liverpool Hft1''1 kUt-r* b#t of the ll*t Anitntt ?The iplendid, ?? i ...I I.ir krt tl.li> I.I VKltl'(IOI,,l*.',fl tont burthen, . I I l.t Willi t*il f... hi Nrw V ol It oil Ilir 2ltt Augilft, In* U.i.i-niiM ilie (Ik October. Karly alii liratiou i ti>. ii J mm4* t. VV. k J. T. TAPHCO IT. t?* rr ** H"'i'h?f 1*4- ?H ?\. IfcN HAMI.KV. KRU.V1 OLASrlfV l?(IW 4 utniMti Will |>.ea?? am.I their |?rmiu on Mb I (.. '.?(< nlfle eUeet.N. K.immediately. All t . 4. . ' |'< < * ! r'I ia ft. e d * \? mutt be sent to i iililic tiora. WOODHI'LL Al MINTKHN 7 Hon I li I'rffl. 1 ' Ml rby cnutloiitd nf|haei*w of tha Br. bark Am AHbl"l>I.UIui . of lirir? m ill l,f IV.I'I hi I III- ( ?| . ..g. rr. WOOLMH I.I. k. MINTKKN, ' >7 ttnulh itrrrt. ?OM LON L?ON ?K? Wl.l.AK I'ACKKT. I61I1 * . I' ?? ? l??h?i ?hi|i KIR It I 111 K. 1(1 JSbJUb ' f.l 11x4 1"U|, C?|H. < IimIwicm, will Mil ?!?? .1 I nlur ia c tr.md r In! or Herrtgr. Imrini; ?|>l*n4?4 "! I \lnHrn l.m,*, ,,, J. MrML'HKAV, MN I'ofitr riN<md Homh (?. r . ^(V l'"k I.IK* *f li'arkau?'l'lic |lri.<li<l. Cut tailing JHHw'x k'i w VB lf'1. ( ?|4. IIiiittnay, imuw IMim. >?< mil luiilml. uil M nJ*| , Augtix 23d. I I > I r?lil ' (? ? ?. ??Itf haadwim* lnrmalird accomM. t0p4f aa U.*rd ?i Orlaam wh*rf>x>t nl Wall twi ttu K K.rOLLINK M Month (l. I unol t will ba r*t?ir?J i.a hoard after Matnrdar Am >1. hi > * OrlvuM. J 0 Woodraff h who will I'lft '> all gewte U> than ?Mrrn I I.? |?rh*' hiu lli?r(n I ?|* lacrrxdl, will tarrred th# | Wafcaafc Mil to, r*|tUi <i| aull W YO EW YORK, THURSDAY AFFAIRS 4T TMK SAT or WAR. I H I. VI K \ It A N BI'MOHS. I From lb* N?v Orltn* Picayune, Auk ' 1 I.lttle light h?? thrown ?lnce our la*t, upon the rumored entry of n Scott into the city of Mexico.? The propeller'Waatiinftoa ha* arrived, having 1 ft Vera I rut on the V'Jii ult not m> late a* the Maarachufettll? T(M|<WN I llmmm on the J?ih. Thfr brig Mary Jan<- ha? al-o arrived from Tampico, having left there on the 'Jflth ult Wo far a* we can learn. thelateMt account* jr..tn Tampico maku no mention whatever of den Scott'* victory Letter* ol the J.'.th in abundance have been leceived in town Iroiu Tamploo. They say not a v. . i i tlM <11 traHI MM to have been made on the 17th eight lay* mevlouily. It I* clear there wm no inch ?tory current In Tampico. Private letter* would have mentioned It. and ("apt 11 uMey. of the Marv Jane, would have heard of it lie heard nothing of the kindHow far communications between Tnuiplco and the capI ital have beea interrupted by the late expedition of Col. I De llmny. we have been unable to learn ; we have no la ter Mexican papers by either of the arrivals. But oven vera the usual mail entirely broken up. it would deem as if so Important an event ax the fall of the capital uiu. t inevitably have reached Tainplco In eight or nine days, transmitted *' from mouth to mouth " dThe National llndii a confirmation of the new of ltd extra In a letter from the Ilratoi. f -.'7th. which sayR that an aooount of Scott's victory hud been rih.l to the troops at Matamorus. on parade, the evening ?f the -.'Oth At ( aWeston they had the sutne report on tba UOth. brought by a vesstl which left the Rio Grande ou the 'Jtith How far the original rumor id confirmed by lta prevalence at Matumoras on the JBth. and the absolute silence In regard to it at Tampico the name day, every reader oan judge by a glance at the map. We have taken some pain* to follow to their sources many report* in relation to ?J*n Scott's position We still incline to the belief that he did not march from Tuebla before the l.?th. Uy tlie map most In vogue. Puebla in eighty-seven mileH distant from the capital, and we do not believe that hiR march will be entirely unopposed. We have tluis barely Indicated some point* which the reader will consider In forming hi* opinion It is now supposed that our next intelligence from Vera Cruz, will be brought by the kashion. .She left here on Thursday, the *Jid ult., for that port. and should there be intelligence of Importance to be communicated. It la thought Rhe would return at once. The Interval to ba employed in speculation, we hope may be short, for there is manifested an extreme auxiety for full and authentic accounts. NEWS FROM SAI/riM-O AN1> MONTKKRY. I Kroin the New Orleans Delta. Auir 1 1 It wan our pleasure yesterday to convene with Lieut Nib's, of the late 2d regiment of Illinois volunteers After the disbanding of the regiment. Lieut. N took command of a company of Texun Knugcrs, whose term of service has juitt expired, which, tor the present, relieves him from further military duty, lie left the camp of <>en. Taylor at Waluut Springs. near Monterey, on the 17th ult., and bring* the latent advice* from that point. The health ?f all the troopM in good at Saltiilo, Montercy, Cerralvo, Mler and Matamoro* Thin remark applies to those recently arrived, ait well an the more accl mated. (Jen. Taylor's whole command at the present time is about 7000 men?not more. Of these Ui n Wool lias with him at Buena Vista, or thereabout; there are immediately under lien Taylor, at Monterey, H00; and at Mier, ( erralvo and Matamoras, there are about 3300. Thin statement may be relied on. (Jen. Wool Is impatieutlor the word?march ' forward to Han Luis ! Mo in Gen. Taylor; but before he gives that ward, he demands that a force of 10,0o0 men, all ei|ual to active service. be placed under his command?say sink) men to advance with him una -i000 men to man his garrisons ? Some time ago be believed a larger force necessary, and, believing so, he wrote to the Department, stating that if he were not to be sent forward, be could spare Wei. Scott 2000 men; but that if he were to be, he would require an aggeegate force of 14,000 meu. lie now rules the necessary number at 4000 less, for it is now known that the difficulty of marching to San Luis I'otosi is no more than such as in ordinary cases is -ncountered. Tho road from C'amargo to Monterey is now perfectly clear, as indeed is the whole country this Bide the mountains, of any organized or guerrila force. Canales and 1 Urrea are nowhere?at least it is not known where they are ? but it is believed they have fallen back, or advanced, whichever it may be called towards San Luis Potosl , or me district 01 country between lliure ana lampico. There In a train of out; hundred and twenty wagons constantly employed transporting army stores from Camargo to Mouterey, *liere a large depot of provisions in forming, in anticipation of tint long looked for advance movement. They make the trip weekly, and are guarded Ity a command of l.V) rneu. It was iu the r?ar of thin train, in one of its recent journeys, that the pack-mules were, on which was the property of Jaruiver, Kingsbury and others. The train was not attacked, an stated ; but a vigilant watch not being kept iu the rear, the mules, with their valuable burthen* were spirited away; not by any regular guerrilas. but by prowling robbers, who rob Mexicans and Americans with .e<|Ual Indifference. Tim only Hue ol discrimination which they draw is. that they murder the American as well as rob him?whiUt they are satisfied to let the Mexican pass, if he yield up his purse. The " Old Man" (<?en. Taylor) keeps along iu the same easy, jog trot fashion, 10 to speak, lie has doffed the old brown coat, and now moves about in his check shirt sleeves, and that same shocking bad hat. To answer all the <|uestions put to him in connection with the Presidency by his friends in the United states, would prove a work of incessant labor?the mauuscrlpt copies of which would form a ponderous political catechism He has better sense, however, than to impose upon himself a duty at ouce go profit less and so arduous. Some fi;W he mnwers. hut these, as we have seen, in general terms only, for he is determined, at all hazard*, that no party shall make political capital out of him. As soou would he think, he rays, of turning his back on, and running from the etoeuiy, as permit himself to he run for the Presidency by any party. So let seltlsh politicians, bankrupt in principle," take need." (l-'rom the N. O. Picayune. Aug. .'i J Mohtkrf.v, M?*n:o, July 13, l?47. As I leave for Saltillo niananitn. as the Mexicaus say, which, being translated into a respectable language, signifies early to morrow morning. I will jot you down a few lines, by way of bringing up matters here. In the first place, let me correct a blunder I made in my last, about the direction in which Salinas lies from here. instead of northeast, an I tuM it, it lies nortnwent trom Monterey, and the Villa Heal in a little south of went ot Mamalfcjui. almost directly north from Monterey The tiny we started for Mamalequi rather an interesting incident occurred at fJeneritl Taylor's camp. A Mexican lady residing in Monterey drove up to the general's tent, accompanied by three young children, two girl* and a boy, and soilcited'advlce froin him. Hh? stated that nhe wait extremely anxious that her children should be properly and thoroughly educated atnonie good institution in the United States, and particularly that they should be taught the Knglinh language, and sue was desirous of taking them herself to the I'nitnd States for that purpose, but being totally unacquainted there, wished the advice of some competent person an to what course nhe should pursue. 'I'he general gave her good advice, and promised her conveyance and mcort to the Urazon by thu next train that goes down. She appeared to be a very intelligent and lady-like person, and of very pleasing manners. A happy thing would it be for Mexico if she had a few more itioh mothers as this one - quickly would her destiny be changed. The party of dragoons who started on a recannuiilance on the 7th instant have not yet returned, but will be back in a few dnys, as they contemplated being gone about ten days. The stampeded train, which I alluded to in my last, arrived here the day before yesterday, and much to the satisfaction of every body It appears that the train was ordered to return t<> Orrnlvo from the best and most prudent motives. There was quite a force of mounted men forming part of the escort of the train, and Meut. Col. Abbott recalled it that he might employ them to make a scout in different directions in that vicinity, to satisfy himself as to the reports of I'rrea'n presence, which had come to him In such a shape that he felt It his duty to iwiriksm uiru 11 kiii iv urn iiiumi iimi mere wri* no foundation lor them whatever. I understand that a Mexican robber wan brought into Oen. Taylor's cmd>p UmI night by two Mexicans. hound in something more substantial than "slumber's chain* " Ah a matter of course he will be turned over to the Mexican authorities unless they have evidence that ho bax committed Home offence against our people. Kvery thing is perfectly quiet hero, but I suppose Dr. (<u*hington will lie on hand this afternoon,creating some little confusion, ns the five companies of the Massachusetts icglment are to be paid off to-dny The unruly ones were taught a pretty S"t?re lesson on Sunday last. Mix or eight hud been tried ky court martial fur drunkenness, disobedience of order* and offences of that character, and they reoeived their sentences In pre*< nee of the battalion. One sergeant was reduced to tike ranks, and the rest were sentenced to do police duty and wear a ball and chain, for various peiiodsof from one week to one month. It will do a world of good if followed up properly. Intelligence was received here a few days since from Han Luis via Saltlllo, that (ien. Scott had met a very large force under Santa Anna near the city of Mexico and defeated them It is reported here that MaJ. Chevalie, of the Texas Rangers, met with a very serions accident a few days since at huUillo, from which It is ftmred ha will not recover. He wuh about starting for I'arrat, and while on horseback was taken with a tit and fell to the fround. receiving severe and serious Injuries thereby.? 'hi* mny perhaps delay the expedition to I'arraH for s?.ine days. Gen. (.lushing proceeds to-morrow rooming to Saltillo to take command of hit brigade, or such portion of it as is in the field there. The inhabitants of Monterey serin to be gradually returning to the city. At mass in the cathedral on Sunday morning there were full four hundred able bodied men upon their knees, and nearly as inany women and children. As they were emerging from the church, with the solemn tones of the organ reverlierating through the arches of the cathedral, the drum and life struck up a martial air In the centre of the plaza for "guard mounting," telling them. In shrill tones, that griin-vlsaged war prevailed in their midst. I announced to you s<.me time since that Mr. Brown, an artist, was iu Wen Taylor's camp for the purpose of painting portraits of Wen. Taylor and staff I have had an opportunity of examining this gentleman's performancesas far as completed, and unhesitatingly pronounce them beautiful production* -audi a* would do credit to any artist In the oountry, not only from the faithfulness of ihe likenesses.but from the general excellence of their ex. cution. He has already completed a splendid portrait of Weiv Taylor and of Maj Bliss, both of which are most admirable likenesses- that of Wen Taylor partlcularly. lie Iim alao finished a painting of Wen. Taylor RK E MORNING, AUGUST 12, tn l most of his officer* Id rump, on a canvas* about four feet by three. representing the general standing under the awning in front of lii* tent.bare headed, about to leave for a ride, bio orderly Hereout i* standing nearby holding liii* ( id grey bore-, and M^j Bliss in in the act of calling his attention to a letter Just received, wliioh he hold* in liix hand. In vsrious positions. seated and standing. and variourly occupied, are Col Mansfield. of the Topographical kngineers, Col Monroe, of the Artillery. Col Cro?han, Inspector General, Major Kuton. 3d Infantry. Maj. ragg, light artillery, Capt (iarnett, 7th Infantry, ('apt. Hanisey. Ordnance Department, and Capt Linnard, Topographical Knuinicrs. The figures are all In miniature. and executed with a most life-like faithfulness and exquisite finish I cunant pay the artist a greater compliment than by flaying that there are perceptible in ail liis faces that peculiar delicacy aud exquisite softness of flnish that wa. no distinguishing a feature in the productions of the lamented Inman. Mr 1J. is now engaged upon a hattl? plene. the scene Bueua Viata. I tig contemplated by Mr. B. to oxhiliit these pictures altogether in tli? States, and a very handsome and interesting collection they will be, too A rumor la current here today. brought in by a Me\inan, that a party which start eu irtim uwre u?y imiuiu yesterday morning numbering something like twenty, were attacked near A;;ua Krio, on their way down, by a party of raneberos and nearly half their number killed. The party consisted of Col. lleuben David, 'id Mississippi Regiment, ('apt. Davis. assistant i|uartermrHter If. 8. A., and others, and by Capt. D. I Bent you a package cf letters. I place little conlidence in the report, as It comes troin a Mexican source, although the Informant most positively avers that he saw Ix dead bodies bim.ielf. [Ibis rumor was totally tnsle; all the partlus mentioned arrived here duly.] Theheulth of this city i.i good - at Kaltillo not so good as it has been; the North Carolina and Mississippi troops suffering severely from diarrhea. [I'rom the Ciulveston Newu, July :ii)| The sloop Cononga, Capt. M. P. Smith, arrived about :l o'clook this morning, Laving left the mouth of the Uio < riitide on the Jiith ult. W o have by this arrival no atthrntio news of any kind. Another rumor is there, in general circulation, that Gen. Scott bad taken the olty of Mexico, with the loss of :i00 men. This report came through Matamoras, and this is all thut is known about it It Is, however, generally believed there, that the Mexican capital Is now In our possession. We also have reason to entertain the same opinion, for, by the last reports, (?en. Scott should have cominenoed his march from I'uebla about two weeks ago. and this is probably the best foundation to the present report. THE EX['EDITION TO HUEJUTLA. Tami'ilo, Mini o, July 1H, 1847. Si k ?In obedience to your special order No. 41. dated 7th July, directing me to call upon Gen. Oaray, of the Mexican army, stationed at Wuughutla (lluejutla.) and claim from him certain prisoners of war. who in your judgment, and for reasons which you authorised me to suggest, should be entitled to liberation; and in case of ni* compliance. 10 nring oacK Mil a prisouers to Tampico; I proceeded with tu escort of odd hundred and twentysix men, in iU execution. My force wan composed of Wyea's company 3d Artillery, M men, with one field piece. Boyd's company cavalry, 3ft men; a detachment of my own regiment of 44 men. commanded by CaptuinB Mace and Heguine, and eleven men of th? volunteer company of Tampico Hungers. The officers assigned to these troop* were, (J apt* Wyse, 3d Artillery; Boyd, cavalry; Mace and Heguine, Louisiana Valuntecr*. with Lleuts. Taney hill cavalry, Liudenberger. Campbell and lleiiuberger. Louisiana V olunteer*?the tint, of these acting adjutaut for the commaid, the two latter a* com1 pauv officer* to ' apt*. Mace and Heguine, and Lieut. 1 Well*, commanding the Ranger*. There wax al*o with | the party Herpt. Singleton of Louisiana company, acting iieargeant-majur. and Mr. I'embe.'ton, an amateur volunteer. I left thi* place with my coinmandon the morning of the Hth in*t., and reached the town of Asulwama on the 1Kb, which I learned wan within the district oommiinded by (Jen (iaray. Here 1 inquired for any military officer to whom I might communicate the purpo*e of my mission; I was informed by the alcalde (or chief magistrate) that none were there. I applied to thi* functionary lor corn and other ntcessarie*, which were supplied cheerfully, and informed him that my tour, although accompanied by a military esoort, was uot in hostility, but to claim of the couimaiidaut general some American prisoners in his custody, by the orders of Col. dates, com| mandlng in Tauipioo, and whioh 1 trusted would be turned over to me for reason* whioh I ?hould explain. Thence I continued my journey to the ne?t town upon the route to <ieu. (iaray * headquarter*, called Tantayuka (Tantoyuca,) which we rcached on the 11th. Here also, I was furnished by the alcalde with corn, beef, ftcc.; again communicated the character and purpose of my mission; and again inquired to no purpose for any military officer with whom i might communicate, and wtft might accompany me to the general's headquarters at Waiiuhuila. now distant abuul twentv-tlvH mile* I While here I perceived indication of uueaHiness produci tng some apprehension that, notwithstanding my assurance* of the pacific nature uf my visit. formidable preparations of (lefenco were being arranged before me; hut I could not suspect to moot these Nhort of the town occupied hy the commanding general, at the approach to which I r?lie<l upon the white Ma*, (or sooner .ihould I meet any one to whom I might chow it) to wake all right and Kale On uext morning early we moved towards W'aughutla, apt Uoyd aud his company being now the advauce guard, with orders not to be more than two hundred yards before uh. Having reached a point eight miles front our last camp at 1'antayuka, and about onu mile fr4)111 the river * aluboso, we met a Mexican Indian whom we Interrogated in reference to the road, Sic. From this ntan we learned that lite Mexicans had mndc an ambuscade at the river, that(iea. Oaray was there himself with a large force, aud that it wan Intended to attack us there I immediately despatched the adjutant aud sergeant-major to order ( apt lloyd to fall back to the uiaiu body, It was to late; they had no sooner started to communicate the ord-r before a heavy discharge of musketry was heard, and many single shots utter; we hastened to the river; < apt. Boyd, with six of his nieu had tuileu. the remainder of his company had dispersed or fled back to us. As I reached the ground I perceived the enemy had cleared away the ground of all bushes for the space of one hundred and fifty yards on either side the road, leaving beyond that a dense hedge of chaparral in rear of which had been constructed a fence t<? prevent charges of cavalry in front, upon the opposite buuk, was their main bojy, also protected iu their front by thick chaparral. _ V charge was instantly made upon the right by < apt. Mace and his uieiiaiioth-T upon the I ft by apt .Heguine and bis men. aud the Held piece protected by ( apt. Wyse s company was ordered forward to scour the ground upon the opposite bank. These movements wore nearly simultaneous aud were gallantly performed at the first discharge the enemy were driven from the left, two charges upon the right also dislodged hlui from their right ami compelled him to unite in one aiass upon the pposlte bank. In this position Hie battle continued for a full hour, < apt. Wyse gallantly serving his piece, and being during the whole of the engagement exposed to the most destructive lire from the enemy directly in his front, so well concealed aud protected by the thick unilwritpnulli l.nt In 1... until I. tired upon with any perfect precimon, There were wounded during the nervice of thla pi?c<t. nix men of it* tujuad. Finally, the enemy wounded their trumpet, whether tor retreat or a chariot, I do not know; there wan ut all event* a cu***iion of their lire; at that moment rapt WyHH delivered a discharge of cauniater no tortunntely aimed ait for the time entirely to paralize their further action; I took thin opportunity to examine our condition; we had now exhauiited ail our Held piece cartridge* but three The roud to Waughutla lay along a gorge between atep acclivities. The prlaonerii we knew had been removed from that town??ur rear and Hank* were now attacked by multitude* of the men of the towna lett behind u* on our advance, who had already come mo near u* a* to take from a* all our mule*, parked with everything we had, In provUion*. money and clothing There Heenied but one way to make our return pomible? it w*h to regaiu if poaaible the ponitiou we hail occupid in Tantayuka I lmmediately)ordered a retrogradH;wc turned aud retraced our *tep*. liuuiediittely there tell upon our tlauk* and rear large hodten of the enemy, at such distance however an to make their effort* but slightly efficient At every opportunity to reach theui, our rear, couimauded by (apt Mace, delivered their discharge* of musketry, gem-rally, moat fatal to our pursuori. While ascending 11 hill in the road, aLout one mile from Tantayuka, a very spirited ren.tance wan made by the enemy atationed on the summit, but they were <oon driveu forward and di-penned by u* many of Capt Wy*e a men u could lie spared from the piece, who were ill the advance acting a* light infantry At thin critical moment the piece wit* made again to play a vi'rv i ill it/ir t *>> I i.art in llm k t\f miv t..m .? had M'.ircely reached the aummit of tlili hill before the enemy rtmo ruahlng on our rear, driving la the r?tr guard. pack mule* and everything et*e to confuatoti around thegun. but < a|>t. W'yw promptly unlimited, Kight??l and elevated hi* gun himaeir, and ?b*n within Rhort Dimktt nhot he touched her off, miiiIId( death and oonfuaion into the column of the advancing enemy, and before they could recover Ironi thU ahuck, be gave them another well aimed dl*cbarge of naiiuiater, which eltcutuallv prevented further attack from the rear In till* manner we advanced nine mile* back, to Tautayuka ?the whoU ground being one continued fight When arrived at that town w? found an organiied force there to oppo.iad u*. I upt Meguine. then in advance ?u ordered to prepare hi* men for a charge, an<l < apt Wy?e advancing hi* piece to a favorable position, dlarliiirgcd upon our oppoaera one of our laat charge* of c*nni*ter, and immediately thereon the charge wa* made; the enemy fled and di*per*ed in ail direction* We gained the town and immediately croaeed it to a favorite mound overlooking and entirely c< muianding it Thu*. inanter* here, we had lelnuru to re?t and reatore our condition to better cupabilitle* of defence, men were derpatchnd<o the mure* in Ilia town to procure powder and ball; from which a number of oarlrldge* were pre pared, uatng champagne bottle* halt filled with balia. with the remaining apace packed with earth, a MbHtitu'.e for tin cylinder* Other uiunition* were alao inspected and equally diatrihuted 1 bene preparation* being complete,we bad aiue or ten good caniu-l. r >'b?i and an average of nine inu*ket cartridge* per man 'uruig turn aiimicion I loumi ll(ellll<U Were <'<>11111> ! t" camp, itome of them richly Men with apoil* of ail km.U from the Miops and private hounm, and although I had not authorited it, I <lid nut regret mi juot a retribution for the hypocrlny And treacheryof people wlin.after affect log klndnei* and hospitality a* t? left theiu in the morning, had Hubaequrntly lallen upon to aiiuihilale u*. and had despoiled iik of about ninty luulra and ail our private baggage and proTialon* While here we perceived the enemy panning round '? from all direction* and moving to ?oui? point apon tiie road liy which we had come Iroui Aaulwaina membered a moat favorable place we had paeeed, for any purpoee of anibtMcade, called Monte Uraude, at whi> h < apt Wyne had been obliged t<> dieinount hie pit-!-* and rightly conjectured It wan intended to strike u? there, we determined, therefore, to take any other road for r< turn, If any i here wan, and on leaving our position at -V ...? [ERA 1847. night. the road b* Pauuco wait selected by which to at tempt retreat. '1 lieae arrangement* beiug adopted. we were called upon at " o'clock at night by attain bearing to ine a letter fram lieu (iaray I informed the two officer* who bore it that I did not wiah to appear di?rexpecU'ul to Oen. (iaray. but that 1 had neither liphta nor conveniences for writing In the camp that therefore, if they knew the purport of the note and would communicate it, I would K?nd by theui the reply They Raid it wax a demand for honorable capitulation l*nBW?r?d that there wax no ponhtbtlity ol any nuch result . that I felt ntiong in my portion. and able to more when and whero I pleated I then complained, in utrong term* of the attack upon my command - more like aaeajwination than any thing elae- plating that I bad repeatedly explained to the alcalde* of the town* within the diatrict commanded by CJen. Garay. the friendly character of my tour, aud hail diligently nought to we an offlrer of bin command for uti vxtilunulifin uml inKu i stood that these efllcers expressed regret, tayiiig that It was attributed to Information received from Tamplco by their general that I *m coming to take away tlie prisoners by lore* adding that It war grol>able the general would like to :ee and converse with me 1 appointed ten o'clock hp the hour I would see G?n. O., and It wit* agreed that < apt. Wyne would meet the general at that time ufcon the plaza and bring them to me or assign a pUee for our meeting < apt \Vyse repaired at the tlu.e lined to the place appointed, ami waited until near twelve o clock, when he returned to give the Information that tliey had failed to meet him We immediately prepared to depart, and at two o'clock on the morning of the 13th we left camp, during a rain, and gained the T'unucorond It was not until nine or ten o'clock of that day that the enemy,having ascertained our retreat, were again down upon our Hanks and rear ; we maneged, however, to keep him at bay. and on inore than one occasion he wan made to pay the cost of his temerity, when aoproaohiug within musket or cannon range We were thus pursued for a distance of fifty miles, after we left Tantayuka, but always at the cost of the enemy, many of Whom were destroyed in their pursuit. In the engagement at the rlvor, which is called the C'alaboso, we sustained the following loss, viz : < BoydU Company.?('apt. Hoyd, killed; Lieut. Toneyhill, mortally wounded; Sergeant Darker, killed; < orporal Bruner. killed; privates Tubiff, Drown. Mullican and Burke, killed, and privates Luxton, Wilson and O'liaru. slightly wounded. Wynt't Company. ? Private Allen, mortally wounded, and five privates slightly wounded Non-Ctmmitiioned Staff.?I'rincipal musician Hose, missing. /-ouitiana Volunteers.? Lieut. Ileiniberger, severely wounded; Q. Schmidt, (J. < olson, (i, Zeller, John Drown and L. Scott killed; L. Human mortally wounded; L. Davis and L. Lambino, missing; Ogg, slightly wounded. Having no surgeon or means of transporta'ion. Lieut. Toneyhill and two piivates, all mortally wouuded. with a man as nurse, were left at the house of the alcalde in Tantayuka. with a letter to thatfiinitionary demanding for those unfortunate men the coiiimou rights of humanity; and also in the conversation with the bearers of Gen. O&ray's lla: the disposal made of these wounded was mentioned, and It was promised thev should be cared for. " Kor lb? conduot of every man composing my command. 1 have praise to bestow. There were es however, of extraordinary gallantry. ? apt Wyse, du ring the engagement a" < alaboso river, acted with tbat steady courage and gallantry; constituting the highest grade of military character, being constantly under the direct tire of the enemy. His indefatigable services and endurance, during the two subsequent days of skirmishing by day and watching by night, are also gratefully remembered by me, and entitle him to our hlgliest commendation. CaptM. Mace and Segulne, of the Louisiana regiment of volunteers, are brave men. and excellent soldier*.? They charged the enemy most gallantly at the river engagement, and In entering Tantayuka. Their exertlous and services were constant and untiring, from the morning Of the l'Uh until the uight of the 14th. Lieut. Taueyhill may possibly survive his wound. It Is but justice to say, tbat his conduct was admirable, and deserving the highest compliments. Lieut, llelmberger Is also ?n titled to my most complimentary notice. After being severely wounded, and suffering with consequent fever, he did not hesitate to report for duty when the enemy appeared, and when it was thought hard lighting was our only resource Lleuts. Liu<fc*uberger and Campbell acted with gallantry and zeal whenever an opportunity presented. Mr. Aldrldge, who as proprietor ol Jm mules engaged as packs, was with us. rendered moat essential and gallant service, being forward and active in Jevery charge made upon the enemy. Mr. Laller, one of the i Tampico Hangers, rendered very important service in coming with the express to Tampico by night, when I thought myself so surrounded as to be in the greatest doubts whether there was any possibility of escape without succor. Mr I'emberton, a gentleman who accompanied us as nn amateur, also rendered essential and qal mm semens. 1 lie small ueiurnillfUl oi J alllpMO Kail gem, armed as they were merely as cavalry, could nut be no advautugi ously employed as the other troops; they were, however, gem-rally ready and willing to discharge such duties an they were Railed on for. Among tile noncommissioned olttcersof my command, I have to notice the acting Sergeant-Major singleton, of the Louisiana Regiment, who i n several occasions distinguished himself an a lirave aud giiilant soldier ; he had a horse shot under him. Another wan the sergeant in charge of < apt. Wyne'n gun. who with an gallant a gun m|uad as ever nerved a piece, bore the brunt of the action on the river bunk. The names of these brave men have reaped my memory. 1 will procure and hand them to you. There were also Sergeants Moore. Woodey and TowuM-nd, of the Louisiana Regiment. all of whom are entitled to honorable meution. I have omitted to state the force of the enemy en ' gaged against us, and the probable number of their loss I heir strength must have been near fifteen hundred And although wo were not actually engaged at auy one time against their whole force, yet we were compelled to meet them all in turn I have learned from Mexican men, who saw the buttle ground at < ulaboso. just before the engagement, that there were three hundred within the ambuscades upon this side the river, and tlve hundred upon the opposite hank, < oromauded by (ien (iaray himself; and there was probably as many more upou our Hanks aud rear thu following days, while iu retreat Their loss is estimated at two hundred, as well from statements 01? their own people, as from what we saw In closing this report, which I fear may already be too long. I must beg to ruiuark that for our return we are indebted chiefly to the Held piece takeu out by < uptalu U'yse s company aud so well iuauagid.by l'"lt excellent oltlcier aud his brave men It is :tn arm, as yut but insufficiently appreciated, but of which the vast importai.ee aud usefulness must be developed by experience In any expedition such as that trwui which I havu just returned, I estimate one field-piece, well supplied and well managed, as equivalent t.v one hundred muskets, and perhaps more, in delence. I have the honor to lie. sir, your ohediont servant, I,. <>. I)K RW88Y, < el. l.a. Reg. Volunteers. To I ol Wii.i.iam 44atk?. < puimanuiiig Department I umpico. AFFAIRS IN TKXAK. | Krom the Now Orleaug Delta, Auguat l 1 The hteauifthip Yacht, t apt Crane, arrived yeeterday from < laiveston. We received by Uer paper* to the .lint ultimo. The U. S. dteanier Oov. Veil, which touched at Oalve*ton, nome two wceknnlnce, on her way from New Orlearnt to llrazoa Santiago, wan wrecked on Aran.san bar on the night of the i:ith ult. The day wax due ; but a heavy *?a wan rolling, to audi a degree a* to cauite the ve**?l to labor and leak badly. In the evening it wan iuipoMible to keep up dteam . but making Arannux bur at sunwet, the ( aptain attempted to run in ; the breaker* ran high and extended entirely acron* the channel, no that *he miitned the pa**, and dtruck In three feet water, where the leu broke over hei all night. Thorn on board remained with the wreck all night, with ropeu in hand, ready to la*h themnelven to part* of tin- wreck, in rani' hIim should go to piece* She, however, held uiontly together uutil daylight, when the people threw overboard their baggage, uioat of which wax driven aahore by the wave*, ami by noon all had gained the lieacli lu one way or another. The boat in a total write k. The Indiau* are becoming trouhlaaoiiie in the vicinity of San Antonio. Mr J. W. Urown, of that place, formerly of Kentucky, wait recently killed within fifteen union of tuwn, and Mr O. K. I.ewli, with deHpatcbeH fruiu Monterey, with a Mexican attendant, watt attacked by ?>uic eight or ten Indian* Mr I., received it nhot; lint ivcrmM in getting in to town Nothing ban been hrar>l of the four *urveyor* captured by the Indian* a hort time tiuo. I lie new t ierman paper, the Zritung. hat made it* appearance in Oalveaton It la a highly reepectable tied and wil' doubtlea* be W|ii received by that ciaaa of our riUaena to whom it* language i* familiar The ?ehr. Martha l.oul*a h?* oiled from (?alve*t<'n, with about ji? teamxta rit. for \ era < ru/. she *top? at Port Lavaca lor au additional nuiuber W? mentioned aevaral week* ago that Mopechuoa and hia band w??re ?ppt*<d to the *urvey?re. and wmt uuwil ling to permit any white uteri to make turvey* in the I aroane.he hunting ground*. Tht* chief ha* Kf""1 in" a ..,k > -J-. ....i ..i.i.u i.i Llie eaulern hand* "f the tribe. mi<I U l? not improbable that ha hw endeavored to anIUt lln'Uj In a confederacy a^alnat tha colonial* It m highly probable, al?o, that M?*ioan have rn Iwnrrd l? ?i??tthe?e Imllan* to niak** war upon tha (ettlem. a* it l? wall known that agenta from Hanta Ka mi l i Mhuahua h?ra already instigated the I'awiiMia \rr?i>?li"*? Iimi and othar northern trlbuf, to make war upon the (Iragon and < allfornlan emigrant*, aud government train* on the route from Independence to Mai.ta y- It I* certainly Important that the true pooltion of till* |>rrfi<iiou* tribe fthould be ascertained baforx th* frontiar ragimut take* up tha line of march for .\la?leo. It I* reported in <<ai?"it?in that trie army worm had muin It* apt-earaiina In tha cotton field* on tlis llraion )>ut tin* M'? I* "f opinion from Information received from that part of Ilia Mat* lliat It lanot the army worm, liut another description, which oonflnr* it* ravage* to the gra?* ind la. therefore, rather banellclal than other ?im* to tha cotton Tha crop* throughout tha htat* iri> aid generally to ha gund. particularly In tha Went ? , It In estimated that 4 > inmi bushel* of wficAt will be grown , in the Nlat* till* year Hon.hm i'rlrgtafjk The w*|T?aton b'twi leama by an arrival from j llraao- Santiago that the periagunr or arhoouer < ount I ulaakl. ? * plain Frederick Kiukc bouud from the Uratoa to Taoipico. waa oapulted In awjuall on tha llth | luNt . alaiut Im? ml la* to tbe south of tha Klo llraadf, f here were but two man on board lieaide tha captain, uainaly. Iteuhen Warren and Henry lluah All three j Mice*- ded In Retting on the bottom of tha wreck, where they remained live day*, till the 11th. with every sea dashing over them and entirely without pro<l*i<u* and hut little watar | Ou tba I**th they had drlfV*d to the nhnra, eihtunted _? .I <?= - m . (^iwnMwawWtl LD. PHf? Two _ Cmt from hunger and thlrit, rind bavin* th.tr arm* and lw< severely blist?r.-d with exposure to the ?un The* now commenced their journey on the beach toward the Rio tininde, weak ait th.-y were, and "till without provisions With the utmost exertions they travetu-d about ?o mile* in four days. when they fortunately met with a party of friendly Mexicans, who pare them some food and took them to Matamoras These men. observes the Ntv>i were nine days without food, 11 period of starvation of which there are few examples recorded [Krom the Hou?ton Telegraph, July 2ti ] Several enterprising families have recently settled on the Bo*<|iie, about fifteen miles above its junction with the UrazoN They have opened several farms, and are highly encouraged with the promise of an abundant crop of corn Although they are more than fifty miles from what a few months since was styled the frontier, and within the hunting grounds of the Camanche* and Towaccanies, they have not been molested by Indian! and feel quite secure in their apparently dangerous location. The people In the North-east.to counties are vieing with each other to turn into their respactlva sections the current of emigration that is setting from the Mis nn?i|)i>i Vlllfj into llllrt State. NeVeral DBW falTiM have been established on the Hed lliver anil Sabine, and n?w roads in now being opeue J across the hltharto impene trablo bottoms of the llois d Ark. Trinity, Sulphur Fork and Sabine. There are now three or four road* opened thrau^h the lied Hiver counties tn the Trinity, through a couutry tbut but a year or two since, wan an almost impenetrable wilderness, und tbe resort of numeroua / bands of hostile lavages Now flourishing settlement* / are springing up on all these road*, and throng* of h?p- / p, emigrants are daily seen passing along them toward* / the interior of the State Tray.-Hern who have recently / viHited tlm eastern and northern counties, apeak In r?p- / turns of the wonderful improvement* that are in progress in tiiat section. The culture of wheat has been steadily extending in most of the frontier counties during the last four or At* years, and has been attended with such success, that it * promisss to become one of the main staples of tbe northern counties. The crops that have recently been harvested in l.imestone and Navarm counties are remarkably tine tin some farms the wheat has averaged from twenty-five to thirty bushels to the acre, and the grain weighs from (10 to 72 pounlx to the bushel The culture of this article would extend much more rapidly If flouring mills were erected in that section; and aa there are many excelleut mill sites on the streams, this difficulty will. doub}l-ss. soon be obviated. In the Ited river counties it Is estimated that at least 40.000 bushels of wheat have been raised this year, and in the other oountl** about oue-tenth of this amount hes been raised. The whole crop of the State does not exceed 46,000 buahel*. There is a great advantage in cultivating this grain, a* it is planted and laid by iu the season when other orop* require uo working It is planted in October and November, and harvested in May and June. Circular 'I'o ujficsrt of the United Slain army commanding at l|i 11cam ports in the possession of the United States forest. Whenever duties imposed as military contributions on goods Imported at ports and place* in Maxico in our -fc.ll 1- ? - ? j "limit twmm ud)wvi uunng loa period limited by the regulation* of March 31,1847, (as modified by the arder of June II, 1HI7,) and It Khali appear to your satisfaction that the itaid goods oould not be disponed of at public auction for their prima ooat, aa *hown by the invoice, you are authoriied to auipand iiuch "ale. with the consent of the parties interested, un( til more favorable clrcum*tanoes occur, provided you have reason to Iwlievu that.after a reasonable delay, tha goods may be Hold for prime rout W. L. MAKCY, Secretary of War. Wau Dii'aiu m? -nt, Aug 10, 1?47. Mlarcllsuieous. The < inciunati Timet uientlous the failure of a hoUM in that city for k heavy amount. A Springfield (Ohio) paper say* one of the largw*t manufacturing house* In that place, whloh deviated from It* legitimate buslnas*, and went largely into flour, corn and corn meal operation*. ha* made kuown It* Inability to meet obligation*. and It 1* supposed it* complete failure U inevitable If they go by the board. It 1* thought not at ail unlikely that they will drag one or two others after them. It i* stated that the New York and Buffalo Telegraph Company have contracted for 185 000 pounds of heavy iron wire, which they are puttiDg up at the rate of 4000 pound* per day It will soon Iw up through the whole line. The weekly return of the *lck In the marine and amigrant hospital at Quebec. Iroin July Jlth to 31 ait, show as follow*:?Admitted during the week 2;>7; discharged IH7; died, I'l; remaining ?M. We learn that on Tuesday a trial trip wax made an our railroad with the new locomotive, John * alhouu, from the foundry of.Morris f. brother*. The locomotive ran three mile*. Mr <? \V Shlppley being the engineer, muiI accomplished the distance in two muutes and arty second* Thin i* at the rate of *iity-nlne miles and *eveu-eli;hth* per hour Chtrlrilon fatritl01k inil. Ill UUIinlUIIU I I "III gOIMJ % U t 111 >T 11 y UlUl \ il*T* lif very cxteuidve freshets lu the I urn bailee. Saltketcher hml other rivers iu that direction < freat apprehensions are ** ut crlaiiied by the planter* for tlm safety of the crops These rivers Imvr nol b?-?-n known to rlw to such a height hs that at which they now arc for several yean ?Charlnton Patriot,'th inil A young married woman, who with her husband hat boarded tor some time at a hoarding house in thi* city, started for part* unknown yesterday, In company with a young man of l.oulsvllle a Mr J H Il?-r husband, who Ik an industrious ineclisnio, wan not aware ot her being at all unhappy or dlacontented and Ik overwhelmed with grlet at h?r unexpected and distressing conduct tu thus deserting him The young man with wh?mshe has eloped was, It in naid. before her marriage, a suitor for her hand Cincinnati ?1tlai,4th imt. The steamer Hio (irunde. owned and formerly aoin manded by < attain J. K. Irvine and lately '-bartered by Capt X H. I'axon, wax mink at New Albany bar ou Thursday evening, the -JKth ult We understand that a portion of the machinery ami furniture will he saved. an<l t hut the cargo in a total loe* The boat was injured fell I .oulnrllli- to the itmouot ol fin 000 St l.ouii Krpublican, iit inn! The steamer liritannia. Harrison, which failed from Boston on the let, arrived at Halifax on the 3d, and Hailed Haine day for Liverpool There in not a dingle oriuiinal rase to be diepoeed of at the present term of St Mary 's county, Mil t;ourt. Advices from l.iina, received in London, state thai tllC President Of Teril has aceeoteil the nronnaal or Mr William Wheelwright. t. construct a railWHy (tha first in that country) between l.mia and ' ailao It will kIm tit Nil milei in length cheaply runhtrurtcil with ona set of rail*, ami running froni l.laa to the water * edge it will receive. a.i regard*both pa* sengers ami good*. almost tin- entire commercial trafflo of tint republic.? Moifuri Err. TViHMC.riyt. It i* paid that a handsome busine** U doing In tha Vamlu*e mine,'Orange county, VIrglnia. the moat ?tensivegold mine now in operation in the United State*, the capital nl which if to lie rained 1> ?N) <KH), divided intu Iiiihki share* of V>" each l.arge subscription* bava been made in Washington, and atnoiifi tbrm eitfulu one* for Knglish houses The exercises of the annual commencement of th? University of Georgia at Athena. took place last week, commencing on Sunday and euding on Thursday. The decree of A.It was conferred on the following member* of the senior cla**: -!,. II llrlscoe, George ( Hull, W I', (iahagan. JoHeph N. Whitner. Win H Jon**, llolltog A. Stuvail, William W. Anderson. Ira K. Uupree, Alex ander C. Hanson, H J. Morgan, Henry II Uacon, Alon xo WChurch, I.eonlda* <'. Kerrell, Sainuel K Kerr, K?e kiel Taylor, and Sylvester J. Karuier. After which the degree of A M wa* conferred on the gentlemen whose name* are below: John Jones, ( liarles Tone*. J I. Grant, Benjamin Jordau, Sainuel Klrkpatrick, lame* Town*, David Kinley, John It. Norton, Augustus Keese. Professor ( harle* II \dani*. geologist to jthejHtate of Vermont, ha* presented to the cabinet of Amher*t ool lege, SOOtt specimen* of the geology ami mineralogy of that State. The annual convention for the Kpiscopal dloceae of We*tern New Vork will be held In St. Peter's church, Auliurn. on Wt*iln#**iiay and TFiureUay. lh? Iftft k&d 10th <J?y* of the preaent month. 11JL.1J ? M - ?*g?"g? f|1 () TAII.OKH?The nnderamued liaaremaunuc on hand J. a lew copiea of hie eelebfMed work on Cutting, iboii ninrli area few conies slightly soiled, but in other rfipiru ari? irrfert, wlnrh lir will sell at a reduced price. It is deemed uuiirrmMry to any any (lung in praise ol' the above work. as it i, universally acknowledged by tl?e trade u? ke the moat fall ami complete arrange ineut ever be for pabliahed. Price of the book complete $10 00 Do. Iialf bound II 00 Do. slightly aoilod...... ............. J 00 ! Address with remittance, W. H. HTINEMJETS, JylH 'lot r JVo. 113 Broadway, New York. rpiSHL'K PAPKK? 1IHM1 Heams No. I White Tissue JL '?on ilo. (Jrem do. i>00 do. Yellow MM do. Blue do. Kor tile by PK.IlHSc. Ik DKOOKfl, if* rf m No. M and *7 Naaaan afreet riMIK BOWtHV BANK. ..rgamted under the general 1. Banking law. with araptl.il of $100,00(1. will romm?ac?> business on Tuesday, the 10th day of Annual, luitaut, at No. 17] Bowtry. DIRKCTOM. Kranris A. Palmer, Knoch Dean, Ji-air A Marahall, George W. K.dwards, Ahrah'im < umeiiugs, Aleiamler Masterton, John H. Oiles, John McMenoinyt Thomas McKlrafh, Demon Pearaall, James I!. Bildwin, William H (alkin, l.ewis Dleidnru, Jacob Miller, hbward Kerns, Jedediah Kr> e, Alonro A. Alvord. DANIKL W. TOWN8KND, President NATIIANIKL O BKADKORI), Caahier. * ' New \ ork, Ainrnat 1, IJI7. ant I4t*rr riMIK CHEAPEST STORE IN THE CITY. l?4W Kul,f '"'."j r"f., rtn,eh .I* Aineiican Paper Hangings, \V inilnw Shades, I nrtaiii Materiala, Ornament. lie ?1Th. .ulisrrihrr hu rinittautly ou hand a Ur** ???<>rtment of the sbove srticlei; ilio, n?*u?iUctnr?r #>f the galvanised Shrink Mmtr*??. which, for comfort And durability cannot lie raeellcd. 1'ure hair mill other Mmtreisrs; Neither Bed?, fcc.. with every a,l!i m'11 ,r P"?',^rv line, ?t the lowest possible price#. N. U ?Steamboat and ship cabins aud hotels llltfd uraad fiimiahrd. H I) A VIM, mil JOt'rr UpholatFrtr, 164^ Kiilion ?r fVUOTON WATKK Pll.TK.KM AT ON?; DOLLAR " J KA< H.?J. HTONK, No. Brwdwur, N?w Yuri. *>?* to inform hi* frirmla mid the uil-lir of thia city ?"?' <"h?r plaraa which arc au|i|i|irtl bv public w.itcr worka, thai he haa an *rr?n?v<i hi? unproved Water Kiltan that they ran b* applied to in* < rotou ?nter fauceta. They are ao (oamrlM that any parwill ran keep them in onler by repleniahimt with the ftltrnim in nil urn at the moai tritium eipenae. A amgl? inaprrtton w ill riHirinrr any me nf lln-ir laperinnlV <>"*' any ither killer in ui* I" S Ilia other Kilte'i ?i'ld ?a nanal ' Ml M(*r?

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