16 Ağustos 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

16 Ağustos 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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"I . I I I .ll.l-M???? f ' Quotation* roa the nmiciiii. Htocki in tni N?w i V 1"n AVi Hal Tr.u.ry Notes 6'....1#J?< 105 1?5 l??Tm ??T. ' ?*? ?*Oe New York State CV.. ? ----- 1*4 Ohio 6's Ml 101 m\ iw,1; 10?K ? Kentucky t>'? 10'Ji ? 100 ? ? ? ? l'emu> Ivaaia 5'a MM ? ? ? ? ? 79 Illinois 4?* ??* - <?X - ?Si' Indiana..... ...... 44 46 ? ? ? ? ? JU iding RR Beads.. 77* 77* 71 ? Vii - nx lie itliitK M''ife Bond*. 75 ? 74 ? ? ? ? tW adiu* Railroad 67 ? ? ?7)? 67 66* 66 N rwichk Wor... .. JiX Wi 'J>\ 56*. 16 541* 5lK Krie Rnilroad, old... 64 65 ? ? ? ? G3* Krte Railroad. new... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Harlem Railroad... . 64 64 V 61^ 6<W 64 61V 6lK Lou* Maud 33X J'Ji JI 3J*2 S'X 33 V Jlfj IKtuainfbM t>n>i 60 61V CIV 6 V ? ? Farmers'Loan Jt. 36 36V 36 W 35* V>K J5>* Cauton Coiniiaiiy.... |g* to ? 49 ? ?V 49 Morn. Ca.nl 17* 17* 17* IB - V ick'liurj j| ? _ _ United Rt.ite? Bank... 4j? ? ? ? ? Eaat Boato" ? ? 23 23,', 231-,' 231? ? North Am'u 1 ruit... 9% 10 ? ? ? ? A comparison of price* current at the close of the market yesterday with those ruling at the close of the previous week, exhibits a decline iu Treasury Notea, li's, of li* per cent; Pennwylvania 5'< I*; Illinois 1)*; Reading Bond*,!; Reading Railroad 1; Norwioh and Worcester 1>?; Erie Railroad, old, X; Long Inland, %\ Farmers' Loan *i\ li.rlci advanced and Canton X per oent. There were sale* of Treasury Notea yesterday at 104; but as we give the highest oash price ourrent eaoh day, the greatest decline in some stooks does not appear. The quantity of ocrtain articles exported from thia port r r ihe weok, ending 13th instant, Inolufire, was aa annexed:? Comiiiiici or the Toht or New Yob*?Wkili ?* roRTs. . To Gnat liritain?Klour, M.fKIl bbis; beef, 1081 tlernea; inoal, 4,'JIO bbl?; wheat, U5.533 bushels; tallow, 13,i>lM)lb?; potk. j'3 bbls; oorn, 60.096 bushels; cotton. 1.199 balm; cheese, 39.706 lbs; rye, 3,838 bushel*; bams, 31,657 lbe; lard, 46,706 do. To Prance? A'b?at, 10 3'i4 bushela; cotton, 1,936 bales; rosin, 1.091 bb!* To British lkest Indies?Pork, "11 bbls; Hour, 2.M) do; beef, lu do; cheese. 6,400 bbls. To Spanish West Indies?Rioe, 41,773 lbs; butter, 1.21'ido; lard, l? O0H do; bams, 1,531 lbe; cbeeac.2,130 do. To St. Domingo? Fork, 10 bbls; butter, 1,610 lbe; li'uuft, itW lbs; (lour, 100 lbs. To tliitiiti Notch *laurican Colonies?Flour. MO Vbls; pork, 06 do; meal, M) do; wheat, 5000 bushels; beuf, 30 bbU. The thipmunU of breadstuffs to Great Britain for the nb.ve week were very limited, compared with those previous The weekly exportation altogether waa small, while the 'importation* for the corresponding period were unusually large. The aunexod statement exhibits the value of merchandise imported for the week en<]iog the 13th Inst., exclusive of that warehoused, with the amount of duties on the same. CoMMuaci: or tiii. Fori ok New Yohk?Wkkki.v Imports. Week ending, ?inir. 13<A, 1816. 184T. Increase. Ytrt gnuili... , s 11 219 152,867 107.618 Dutiable goodj 1 GIB,523 3,793,971 2.111.448 Total merchandise .. . $1,69:1.772 II 916.818 2,853,066 K;>ecie 16,027 100,465 84,130 Totals $1,709 799 4,017,303 2,337,504 Outi's received 471.CIO 986,193 614,583 The increase In free goods amounted to about one hundred and fifty percent; in dutiable goods to one hundred and thirty-thraa per oent; In Bpeoie to about four hundred per cent, and in duties on imports to about one hundred and ten per cent. The difference in the increase in dutiable impoits, and the Increase in the duty upon them, shows the reduction In the average rate of duty uudor the tariff of 1846, compared with that ef 1812 The aggregate Imputation Into this port from the 1st to the 13th of August, a period of only twelve days, amounts to $7,693,063, of which $7,499,000, was In merchandise. The amount of duties received at thia pu t od imports for the flrst twelve days In August, waa $1,951,913. At thia rate, the aggregate for the month will be more than four millions of dollars for this port Hlone. HtocH Kltftange. $'5000 Trea Notes6's 104 V 20 ilu Krie Scrip 84 i00 do 104 i2 20 N Haven & Hart RTl 106 150(10 Uo 101'n 30 Auburn SiKochester 102}? 4UD0 do teo lUVi 150 Canton Co 49 25''0 State 6's '51 104 225 Nor fc Wor RR. 5 M tooo Rradinj Bonds 76>? 50 do slO 54>? I -<rMI(l If Rt. !?T n--J: I 111^4 l"V IICHUMIK l\ll >D'I OJ 20000 Peuu 5'h ?I)I) 7't mo (|? ,31 65 locno .lo >90 7 8^ 50 do 6>V J5;'00 do s linns 7#M 2M> do ?5>i 5000 Ohio #'*, '6fl s90 99 'J 400 do VJ0 6^)4 J0f?"0 do bllmm 101 445 do 66 10009 111 Spl B<1?. WO 47,V 100 do b30 66 4) bin Manhattan Bk !e> 150 do 1)10 66 <!" 1C0 Long Iiland RR 32j< 100 I'arm<rra'Tru?t, all) 3">? 200 do 3V?? <)o blO 35M' 6i" <l<> 32 S M ?(<? ?60 35 200 Harlem RR 64>, ?? 35>i 400 do a60 04 7? kt d.? ?90 35 350 do b30 64 ? '2 V?ft* 10} 500 do 64 U 7 trie RR ?% Second Board. J'iOOo Trea N< AeaO's >10 104 50 >h> Harlem RR alo 61V 20'0 do 104 250 do 64% 36000 <'/> b30 104 250 do >10 6i& 50H0 d.) b30 104 300 do b30 65V 500 do 104 'i 50, do 64% 100 tin Jiarlem RR 64'a 400 Karmera' Loan klO 35k?. Kill do blO 84)4 JO L. island R R . 32% 200 ,|? lif>0 65 100 do >60 32* VU1 do >60 6 hi 200 do b?0 33 V) do >10 64 *> 100 do 1)30 33 210 do l<30 65 CITY TRADE ifKPORT. New York, Saturday ArTKHnooM, Aro. 14. Thin being packet day, both for the Hibernla, aalllng from Boston on the 16th, and fbr the French steamei Philadelphia. sailing from th>8 port on the 15th, 'Change wan thinly attended, and, transactions in moet descriptions of produce rather limited. Sales of Genesee flour were made at $6 87 and of Michigan at $5 76. A lot of Ohio round inoop sold at $fi, and a parcel of extra ZincsTllle, Q'alo, ground, from selected wheat, expressly put up for. family use, by Messrs. Beaumont it HolllngswortLr Was Bold at fS 26. For a handsome lot of Ohio flat Aoop. $0 was offered and declined. A lot composed 'A hull Ohio and half Genesee, was sold at $6 94. In -wheat wa heard of no transaction*, while prices remained about the same. Corn was firm, and sales of mixed mado at 78c a 76o , and of small lota flat yellow for the eaHtern market at 78c. A sale of handsome round yellow wut made at 80e. At the close, Western mixed not quite so stiff, and sellers were plenty at73o. Provisions rather quiet. There was no change in mess ot rliiie Pork. Beof remained about the same. Lard continued firm, and sales in barrels were made at 10c. Hales ?f Ohio Butter were made at 1 l>a a Uo., and of New York State at 13 a 16>?e. Cbeese remained without change. Groceries were steady, withoutohange in prices. A lot of St. Croix handsome Sugar brought 8 a 8>?o. Aims were steady. Moderate sales of pots were made at $6, and of pearls at $8 26?at whioh the market was flrin. Bekswax?Sale of 1000 lbs Northern yellow were made at 24o. BactnsTUFn?Flour?Sales of 1,500 barrels Oenesee were made at $6 87X; 800 do Mlohigan at $6 76; 300 do round hoop Ohio sold at $0. The same price was offered for 1000 barrels do, flat hoop, In good order, and refnsml. 300 barrels extra ZanesrlBe ground, before allu'i-d to, sold at $0 36. Whtat- -No sales transpired, while prices remained about the same. Corn? Sales of eoou good Western mixed ware made at 76c. deliverable to all thin month; 6000 do. do. sold at the name price ; i rargoe*. In alt about 4000 a 6000 do., Including another lot of 2000 bui-heln, all Western mixed. Mid at 7Jo About 2000 do , handsome Ohio round yellow, sold at 80c. and small lots flat yellow. Including some parcels of ordinary round do., sold at 78c. Meal was Inactive, without change In prices. Aye?Sales of 1000 bushels were made afloat at 8Sc. and 1600 do. In store were reported rold at84c Oalt?In consequence of some purchases being made on government account, they became firmer, and stood at the close at 48c a oOc, the latter figure being asked, without being obtained. Barley? The 1 tst sale* reported were made at 68^o a 66c Correc?No sales of moment were reported. We quote Rio at 7o a 7?ic ; Laguyaru, 7/40 a 7)?o, and Sun.atri st 0)?c a fljfo Cottoi?Buyers being busy with their corresponpondrnne for the steamers, the operations to-day were saali nut trcreding 700 bales, at our quotations. LirtirooL Claisipicatio*. New Or lean i Uplanitt. florid*. Mob. \ 7Vau? inferior........... none. none none. Ordinary 1IV n IIW ll^s Ilk ll .V * Ilk MiHdlmn IIXi 12)2 12 a 12>4 II . 12', Middiinir 12'/i UK UK a I2S !IKi 12* Mxliiiuu, Katr I2H * 12k lift a u* 12* a II Fi,,...*. 13 a 13V 13 a 13)2 13)? a 13k BSillv /air 13*a 13)2 13X a 13)2 13K a 13)2 fair ? 13}J none. 13\ * 14 KW ? a 14 noue. ? a UK Fita_Th?rii i??tb no new arrival* H?? f.n-t ?? ? nod flfm at $3 tt'JSi a >3 76, and mackerel ware aJso Tery arm. while no dale* of moment transpired In any description It wits said there had been tome advanoe in mackerel at Boston Fri'it- Small nale* of 300 to 400 boxe? raisin* were uiade at 140o a 14.'in llexr?!Hnien of l?7 bale* American dew-rotted were made at f MO a $150. Lead?There was on change in prices; 4e continued to be the taking price. Malaises were firm, but no salei of importance were reported. Natal Stoiki?1The aspect of the market for spirits of turpentine waa more quiet, and It wm said purchases ooul'l hare been made at 40c. though some holders stood aloof far a hiichftr figure. There was no change In raw, lu rosin, or tar. Oils?Lloawd was quiet, while small sajos were mnking ot American city pressed. and KngHsh. without change In prirss Them was nothing new in whale or sperm. raovniotu-The extreme range of quotations for mess pork wv >1 * Uft a $16 37X- and for prime $1'J 3d a $19 37H Hf) continued steady at previous prices l*i l niIi-h ut '130 bbls. were trade at 10c. Buttrr? 8?l?-s of 'JW packages were made, inclnding fair to cood Ohio at llHu ? 13e, and New York State do. at 13c a 1ASjc ( hee?t stood at about ?Hc a ~Xe. Bale* to a fslr xttent wore bwlng made, chiefly for bom* ate Rick?The market wm steady, while no transaction* were reported. *r?A*?- W# h?T? only to notice a Ml* of 40 hhdy ?t. ? bann? ^bAllVr. at l^o iff 100 bW www mad* ?t Tiv lut'tfU tk? ?l??T?M?eat sln>niH| I the prioes, Mid, rccniptf. anil stock OB hand, for the week ending this afternoon Sold Rtc'd Ikil Stick this wetk. wttk. on kand. Kentucky, Virginia ui4 N. CwuUua,. 2)%U> 1% 410 lid*. 4<7 lids. MM bds. 2\ to 7 e. Mar) land aud Ohio. ? ? ? SI bds. ( ou'iecticut need... 4 to 14 2'j c? 5 c. ? III ci. Pennsylvania wed, 7 to 16 ? ? JM cs. R'loriifa, J to M ? ? 73 es. Havana 20 to 72 bis. ? 411 bis. Cabs,.. 17 to M ? 561 bis. I V.r* 34 to 45 ? 121 bis. JM bis 8t. Domingo ? ? ? ? At suction? 34 bbl?. St. Domingo, 9j* to lie. The business Is active. Pretty eitenslva transactions In the various grades have been effected. Prices are fhlrly supported, and all kinds of tobaoeo have a decided upward tendency?more so for Kentucky tobacco. Al- | though prior* are very high now, we may justly say that, before this month is over, the artlole will have advanced another cent. whalkbonb?Within a day or two, holders have advanced their terms to 39 a 30o. for both kinds, at whioh sales to some extent have been made. whiskKr?stales of 00 bbls. were made at 2t?o., and 15 hbds. drudge were sold at the same price. KnnoMTs?Hat?*s were dull Cotton was engaged to Liverpool at ,'?d per lb For Hoar and grain prioes were unsettled, and no probability of much change until after the arrival of the next steamer. Mar tied. In Brooklyn, on the 16th instant, by tli* Rev. Dr. Bangs, calvin casc, ksii , of New York, to Miss hither c. SKirrc.t, daughter of John Sklppen, k*n . of Brooklyn Died. On Snnday, the 16th iiist., of consumption, Thoma* SrxrHtns. In the 60th year of his age, a i ative of Kings oounty, Ireland. llis friends and those of the family, are respoctfally invited to attend his funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, ui ? o oiocK, iroiu inn i&iu residence, 100 Centre street. Dissolution of partnership?Thecopartnership lately commenced under lie naine of Clark & Reynold*, hu been dissolved thin 9th August, 1847. oilber1 s. clark. J AS. M. CLARK. ?? , e ..WARD REYNOLDS. 1 ne business will be attended to by (he Subscribers, at their office, No. 33 John street, corner of Nnuau. OIL BERT 8. CLARK, ?ul??t?rc J M. CLARK Novelties per frxnchmteamer-kredkRICK A. WOODWORTH. 3JJ Broadway, (opposite the new Broadway- Theatre,) i* now opening some new invoices of rich Fancy Articlen, received tier ateauier Philadelfliu, from Havre, ainong which are richly decorated Porceliu Vases Statuetts, Kl'coiis, Inkstands and Boudoir Ornaineuta. New styles of Bridal and Mourning Faua. Rich Dress Fans, ^Bohemian Glass-ware, Opera Glasses, Porcelain and BiscuitGroups. Taper Lamps. Card Receivers, Sic. Also, a fresh supply of Lubin'i choice rerfumes for the h'lidkerchii-f??i*tv varieties. aulG Steod'rrc /CHALLENGE TO THE | WORLD.?The ny.termeu V> of Washingteu Market hereby give public notice, that they are uow ready to match one of their number against auy man now living, or three of iheir number against any three meu living, to open K0 or 1000 clams, for from (100 to $100*1, auyd v between this and one mouth. anl6lt*rc M(?MBK?8 OK CROTON'LODOE No. 71, I. O. ol O. K . are particularly requested to meet at their regular Lodge Rooin, 187 Bowery, for the purpoae of adopting sornt ne wbye-laws. Punctual attendance ia required By order of WILLIAM FRIEL, N. O. Rii iiikii N. G*mmkh?ki.i., Secretary. aul8 2t*f IN i RODUCTIONiSrOR M ARK I AGE?Ladies and gentleinen nre respectfully informed that this office ia located at 11 White street. Ollice hours for ladies, l< lady in attendance) fiom 9 A. M. until 3 P. M. Ollic hours for gentlemen from 5 until 9^* P. M. References e*rh/un?e<l All rnmmiinii-a I ttona, post paid, will receive prompt attention, aud be treated confidentially. A. D. KILBY. nun l'*rc _ AVOlNU MAN, 21 ye?r? of age, who can pive the molt unexceptionable references, wishea to obtain a aituati ti with a lainily. or witli a tingle gentlemau, foiii^abroad ? He ia a native of Oermany. and can apeak Kngliah, Kreiub and Germ in riuer.tly. Haa no objection to go to the Hootli. or to the Writ ludiea. Pleaae adJreaa by letter toll. K. Hupprecht, 1'ir.f Oilier, New York. nul62t?rc WANT c.L) KOR TUK SOUTH?One or two verv auperior Millinera. No other than cxperieuced ladiea need apply. \l?o, one or two ladiea to attend in a finry atore. Tlioio who have had experience would be preferred Alao. one very auperior Die?a Maker. None but the moat competeutaud complete in thi? cpartmentiieed apply. Apply No 18 Park Place, from the houra of 3 to 0 o'clock, P. M. alti 3ti>*rc WAN T&D A 811U ATION AO CLKKK OK fO&T&K iu a Dry Uooda, Crockery, or Wholeaale Grocery Store, by a reapectuble young man, who underatanda the German, Kngliah and French language!, and ia well roiuaiiited wi'h the above buiineaa. He ia williug to m ike h>inielf generally uteful. Kelorence given, luiuire No. 14 Norfolk atreet, for N. R. _ all6l"rc WATNKD?A Bin . "I reiriecrnble family?Salary $IU0 a year. Apply to fANKKKNOTk DULAC, 18 South William atrert. al0 6t*m A TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR BOND, or a I houaaud Doll.tr Loin, on approved property, will be giveu aa gnaI runt* for a responsible Situation, cither in or oil Public Worka of any d'acriptiou, or in any private eat'biiahment. Address Herald olfice, D. C. 8. _ ?jH2 7t*rc QOM UKWAKU.?The houae No. af Weat Killeemh VjJWT/ aneet, wia burglarinualy entered on the 30ih of July last. and robbed of the following articlea.vir.:?17 Tea Spoona irarked A. H. B ; I do marked J. H , Id Silver Korka marked A. H. B.; 1 Sug -r Tonus, A. II. B ; 1 Napkin Ring. A. H. B. The above reward will be paid for the recovery of the proi,.n.. ...r.? ...i? u. j *i? ?i --- ..... i>.u....niiuu nucil 11 V* IlimiU, U V ?1>|U > MIL,' in Cant. JOHN8TU * , of 18th Uiitnct Police, or to A. 8. BAKKR, No. 11 West UUl street. nu!5 3t is*rc CCtO RKwARI).?Lust, on Saturday in irniug, August 'iT>14, from 8 to 9 o'clock, a Leather Pocket Book, containing from (76 to S10<? in going from gtaulou to 27th St.? Any |>e'ion will receive the above reward, and the thank* of the owner, by leaving it at 91 Lciington aveuur. ?I5 2t's* rc PLATINA,?lu Wire, Plate and Koil?kor aale by L. B. BIXSdK It CO., 83 William at., 2d floor. aM Ct'rc DAiiUKUUE">XVPIC rLATiCS?L. B. BINSsK Ik CO., 83 William street, ivc<nd floor, hive on li\ud a .d are constantly leceiviug, Daguerreotyiw Platei, Nos. 20, 10 and 60, ol tlieir bruid, so favorably known throughout the United Suites, which they warrant equal in quality to any ever iniixirtcd by thrui, and wlii-h they offer for sale at the lowest market pricei. Chemicals auu other aubatances used in the PhotoSrnphic process. Voightlander's German Camera*, imported irect from Vienna, always for sale. L B. BKNSSK ?t CO. S3 William street. a!4 6t*rc second floor. H'^lfBSCKIBKH is grateful to the smoking public for X t'<e evidence he is daily receiving of their appreciation of his efforts to furnish them with the best Segara that can be procured from Havana, and he pledges himself that nothing sl^ili deteriorate from what he prides Tumielf is a justly earned reputaiiou. Hisaueut.it Havana will continue to select the best Segxrf that can be procu ed, snd at the lowe^ rates.? Among the Wat imi>ortatioui, are tome very choice, o< the fol lowing brands :? Palo Alto, Regaliaa, (very prime,) Uines, Otama > Rosas, Old Zack, LlLeoudeOro, Neura Kmpresas, Maciouala, India. Antiquidads, Clemencias, Icc. For tale in lota upon terms to eu>ure a duplicate visit. H. HUNRiqUES, anil 30t?rc _ 1M Broadway, cor.if Pine ?t ClHtAP CASH U8TABLIHH VlJCiNT.?'ihe aulfF.ig.i7d ' furnishes shijis steamers, hotels, rb larding houses and families wuh all kinds of stores at wholesale prices. Among liis stock may be found groceries. Iinuors. ?niin. An< ?mn 50 basket* Due D. Yl'Utabello and Heidsick Champague; 140 half chesU black and greeu Ten will be sold at great bargains ' to close a consignment. Cooutry merchants antlup town gro- | cers would do we:l to call. All ordera from the country will be promptly attended to. Matters of vessels baring small lota of goods to dispose of for caah will please call. Urders amountii<K to $lo will be aeut home free of ca>tage. ^uB3(lt?rc A. B. MILLS. 59 Water ?t. HAKLKS KULLKK, wholesale ami retail de.iler in J. ' Jennings' new patent premium safetv Oaa Lamp*; also. Patent Phosgene Gaa fordo. Alao. Camphine, Spirit Oaa, Oil and Lard Lamps, Hall Laiilhorus.Giraiiaoles, kc.,of the most approved styles and patterns. Also, Camphine, Spirit Gas, Oil, Wicks, he. kc. No. 273 Greenwich street, betweeu Clumbers and Warreu street*. iS 39t*rc NK.W YORK, HAVHK AND PARIS fcXPRtSS AOKNCV.?The Adersigued having despatched a special Agent to France, to attend to the business of the Agency, will receive orders for the purchase and transmission of goods of all descrTptions by the Krench Steamers, on the mnst reasonable terms, and with the greatest promptness and despatch. Letters- and parcels will also be received for transmission to and from the Continent. The Philadelphia will leave New York on the 15th of August, and a letter has for that vealel is now ready at No. 10 Wall street. Orders from any part of the Uuited States and Canada, (post pud,) will be attended to. IvtT 20t rrr LIVINORTON. WELL* k CO. Palladium, platina, a.>d Tmidium poINts. ?Lami?m tkers who require palladium for bronzing liquor, may^now be supplied at a low price. Likewise platina dvdriod potash, quinine iabxrraguii, chlor, soda, pure snlphuric ether lor the Le heon. i>trong ammonia and sweet spirits of Ultre. ivory black, sulphate ol ammonia, crmid, polaaaiam, chemical whale 01] soap, tly paper, ant, moth, aockroach, rat and bed huK poiaoiia. Sic. he., by Dr. LEWIS EEUCHTWANOER, all 7fm IILiberty ttrcet. Notice to butcheks.?sseim oi tw bmkm Melting Association for the ensuing year are now ready and will remain open for signatures at their office. corner of Kirit avenue and Fourth street until lat September neit. Rutchers desirom of becoming inembwa of the Association will call and leave their signatures prior to that data. alJ2?'t*rc By order i?f the Board of Truateea, 50Wns"cokkke house"and dTninu haLOOM, No. 71 rearl street, situated lu the business part of the city, (head of Coenttra flip ) preneula great inducementa lo merchauta, atriuigers, and others, whose buaineaa wav call them to that part of the city. Bret.Uf.ial, Dinner and Tea GEORGE brown,i ate of J v? *>t?re Lovejov's Hotel. fcrtOAbvVAY'lJ ATH8 AND~rE8 i'AURANT, No L> 6110 Broadway.?The proprietors of this eat?hUihment anno iucc to the public that iii adobiou to the batliMfeiil reading room, they have fitted np, at considerable expentN a Keatauraut, where every delicacy in viands, w ifh the most choice nn?l rare wiuea and pure liquora, will be served to those who houor them with a call. The proi.rietors feel that it would be unbecoming ill them to laud the style in which their saloon has been furnished, bul res|?ctfully solicit an ins|iectwm. It will he opeued on Monday the 2d Auguxt. at 6 P. M. Petit >oniu-ra arrved ou the shortest notice. nuj I4t*m MUSH^ TAIH#HT, ou moderate tfrm?, by a Indy v.lio haa had considerable ex|<rrience in teaching. She teachea on the Logermn system, which it greatly approved ol in Europe. Terms, Three Dollara per month. A line addreesed to A. B., at the Herald office, shall be at lemled to jyM Jln'ia re W.*i. * nuwuKJ ft HON, Needle and Kuli tlook iViaiiu factureri,, Alceater, Warwi'kahire. England?Store No 77 Maiden l.ane, (up itnm) New York Win i . Hnd ftoii reij-tctlully luform the mcrch-tnta of New York and other ritie* thit having now an nand ail ettcnaive aCnek of their ins nnfartnred articlea, will tell to the trade or importer* at a mall Advance from their manufacturing Pricei. One of tha firm, W?. Crowley, being now in Knglaiid. una intending ahortly to increaae their eatAbltahmem hy the erertion <7 itejtin nulla,we ahnll be enabled toaell at#i:i?mely low pne?<* ivii JOt'rr MRS M.t AKROLL 9 MEDICATED VAPOR bath*. 184 Fulton atreol, uppoaue Church atreet. are a talc and Certain care for iheiftnalnm, c ugh*. Colda, awrlling ol the gland*, atiffneaa of the jointa ague and fever, be... recommended hy Dr? Molt, tiievena, boy a, and othera. 'I he Vapor Baili hai hecn ancceitfally adro matered in the iihove complaiuta, to' the I ait 23 veara. Open fmm l> A. M. till 10 P. M. Saiaapxrilla Hyrop prepared by the Mhakera, 7S cent* |>er hottie mil Jot * re Li OFF WAKDROBK lND FUtfNlTUlCi WANT ED.?Ladiei or grhtlemen havn.g auperfluoua effecu lodiapuie of, ?nch ?? Wearing Apparel, Furniture, fcc., can ol>tain a fair ca?h price for the ?amr by aending for the aubacriber, through the Toat Office, or "the^iaa. whs will atend at their reaidencei. J- khVKNBrYN, 4M Broadway npitniri. Ladiet cap be attended to by Mrt. J. Uvenatyo.* ..... . n. ZiTffTXP jp'.'Wiiti'MiN " tNtt*Jt?id to tall at (In ikw'ti ti duhaiidNo?w?ijui 'wqiulir*, W ?tt itiMi, whir# H? WlUlt?*? uflirthHhMMI t?kHMfMtM* H"lt IM'IM I Ui.jim CAKRI <(JE&-Tln 1lrgeat ivoKmnt of CiTuitt ia thia cify la for atle ,it No. tit Broadway, (Colueom Building) at greatly reduced pricrt. coiupriauig Coachea. Pheatoua, Barnucliea, Bungiea. Kockaway*. Wa| iu. Alto, a m? atyle of cuvugrea. for two ot but pcreoua, with a d ?nli,jui tope; together with a large aatortmeut "f harnea*. alj^jilt*in ^ H. U ROOKR8 F\LL THAUL?Merinoa, Thibet*, Alpaca*, Moualiii i . ">>" iu the piece or in dre*Ma, aa well u all kiud* ol Shawl*, can be dyed in the moat delicate colon. >u liable tor tlie Kail fashion*, in tha beat /rencli atyle?prteea Vi?P,c.'.r. ?ce ,n workmauahiii?at the old and well known (SOHIA tk CO.'8) Dyeing fjUtaLlithtnest. Principal office, 49) Peail mreet, oppoaite City Hall Place. auli It in INJTAN;}^' AND CHILDREN'S MAOArfIN 1)E8 MODUi e*tib!iahed iu 1833?Milt JACOBS (late of u ^egt leave to return her aiucere thauka for the libeiiil putrouaae ahe hil received aince opening at #19 Broadway, one door from Houtton street, and take* tliu method of inforiniii< tlrangera and the Indict of thi* city and vicirity, that she ia uow opening her fill aaaortineut ot Infant*' and Children'* rlothing, compriiiug rich ailk velvet and merino S,ir ka, Coats and Cloakt, braided and plain, and every arli'le iu the Children'* derailment. Ladiea ailk Opera Urea*, H"Oilt, Sun lints of all description*, Hair Gratt Cloih, Morten. mid Hough't Patent Hltirta. Ladiea' auil Childreu'a Dreaaea. and (Jeutlemeu'* Veata, braided to order. N.B. Ladiea own maleriala made up. anM 30t*m GKNTLKVJKN'd HATS?KALL FASHION. lflT.? UtebeikCoalar, U.iiera, 136 Broadway, New Yolk, aud 1 <8 Chratuut atreet, Philadelphia, will preaeut the Kali Fa liion f?r gentlemen'* liata, ou Saturday, Auguat i8ih, 18(7 Upon uauiug the faahioii fur the aeaaon,B. k. C. beg leave to aay that it ia tliuir intention to introduce aatyleol hit altogether auperior to any before offered I hey have adopted an eutirely new and uuiq'ie mode of trianjMug. which combining in the higbeat degree elegance of uuiah and durability. leuda mite tally toward* the pie*trvation ol the ^gt. Another improvement will be the atriet adaptation of every hv at well to the feature*, aa to the form and tize of the wearer. thereby avoidiug the apparent incongruity of a large and tall man with a diminutive hat, vice vena, Heebe Ik Coat ir will present ou thil occasion betide* their well known auperior Moletkin hat, a black fur hat, ot the Rocky Mountniu Beaver; atuperb article, which will be told at tl.eir regular aui.dard price. ?They would reipectl'ully invite attention to the branch of their eatabliahmeut, 138 Cheatuut itreet, Philadelphia, which will be opened ou the!8ih inat., iu a ttile correajHjnding with their hoiiae >n New York, with a auperior atock of gooda, and with the avowed object of fumuhiiig a better hat for the price than can be fuuud eltewhere. There will alwaya be found nt both placet a full and comolete aatortmeut of hata aud cape for genu, youtht and children, together with ladiea'riding hat* aud capa. and a variety of faucv gooda appAtainiug to the trade, auch at cane a, umbrellaa, glovet, orutlies, and other nrticlet for the toilet. i he facilities all rueu them by a ready ana Irequent intercourse with the cities of Paris and Loudon, together with the recent improvements which they have effected in the coustructiou and use of machinery, will enable them to offer goods of the most desirable fashion and fabrication at the very lowest market prices, e,ther at wholesale or retail. auli 3At*rc VJ KALtD TKOI'OSALS WILL BK RKCEIVETTAT O Uir Commissary Oe. rral's office until the 21st inst. for forty Iron Columns, for (he new State Arsenal, (agreeably to iilmis and s|>ecificatious which can be seen at the office, No. 30 Frank! iu street ) to be delivered in twenty and thirty days at the juuctioii of Jhe Jth avenue and 64th streets. 1IKNRY STORMS, Commissary General. New York. Aug. 16. I>47. aulibtr' 'Pt.VAS LaNL) AUKNCV.?The Subscriber offers his X services to locate, survey aud patent Texu Laud .Scrip, on the hem vacant and unappropriated lauds in the State of Texan, lie will also pay particular attention to the examiuatioti and iierfectiug Title* to Lands ; have Patents aud Deeds recorded in the severalcouuties iu which the lands are situated . attend promptly to the payment of taxes on lauds belonging to nou residenta. Hav lug made the necessary arrangement*, he i* prepared to attend to every department of a General Land Agency in any pait ol Texas ; ensuring promptness aud despatch to a 11 business entrusted to him. He will also atteud to the set'leineut of claims due by individuals or the government of Texas, and ihe transaction of business iu the different public office's iu the Slate of Texas. He refers, by permissiou, to the following gentlemen Hoii.-J P. Henderson, Governor of the State. Austin. " Thos. Wm Ward, Coni'r Geu. Laud Office, do. " David O. Doniett, Secretary of Jitate, do. " J. (J. Shaw, Comptroller, tlo. " Wm.G Cooke, Adjutant General, do. " James Webb, do. " A. C. Hortou, Lieut Gov. Matagorda. Rice U Nichols Mcrchauta, Houston. J.Shackleford, do. do. B. A. Shepherd, do. do. Hrower tt Neilson, No. ? Krout street, New York. bean U Co., No. ? I'earl street, do. J. Plant. No. 5 Burliug slip, do. W. a. Ileiskeil, Esq., No. 16 South 6th street, 1'hiladelphia. K. Stoever. Kw|., N<>. 43 South Front street, do. K. O. Sinilh.E <]., No. 39 South Trout street, do. Hugh O'Duuuell, No. 212 South Second tweet, do. J. DE CORDOVA, City Hotel Biiildiujt, Houitou, Texas. Mr. J. De Cordova can be found, lor a tew days, at the Astor House, New York, and will feel pleased*to exhibit his maps of Survet s on the Districts of Travis, Melam, Bastrop, Robertson and Be* ir. State of Texas, aud ifive anv information in his power to holders of lands, who are respectfull y requested to cxll on him. ?ul3 3r isKSM'rc < < Ranks UK Til*. GUADALCIUIVER"?Ne-VV MU XJ SIC,?Atwill has just published the above named song as stiug by Made. A. Bi hop together with all the luost popular airs fiom " Limla of Chimounix." Beauties of the opera," Nos. 1 and 2. are uow'in print, No. 3 will be rcidy on the lith of August, containing a valuable collcct'ou of inusic from the operas now performing at the Tark Theatre. " Classical Gems," No. 1, will be issued iu the cnursc of a few days, containing adrniied songs and airs from popular operas now perioi mi"( in fcurope. New music recently issued by the different publishers in this country iu great variety, for sale hy ATWILL, 201 Broadway, below St. Tsui's Church. al4 2tisfl*tkW*ra IV) CONTRACTORS? Engineer's Ortice, James River . and Kanawha Company, Big lslaud, Bedford county, Va , 7th August. 1817 ?Proposals will be received at Lvncliburg, Va, until the 29th September next, for all the work on their Canal thru uucontracted for, from Lynchburg upwards on James River to Big Island, a distance of about 19 miles. The work comprises about eight lacks (the foundations of two of which have been laid ) a Tew small culverts, the abutments of seven road and farm bridges, aud eight unfinished sections, (from ha'f a mile to a mile long) of excavation, embankment, towing path, Sic.; also two d.i<ns across Jamos River, west of Big Island; one at the Cushaw Kails, about 777 feet loug and 7 fret high; and the other just below the mouth of North River, about 47i feet loug and 13 feel high. Specifications, plans, die., of the sa<d work will he exhibited at the Engineer's oflice, at Big Inland, on and after the 15th of September next, aud ajI needful information will be given at auy time by the Assistant Engineers on the hue of works aforesaid. WALTER OYWNN, au 13 12t 3taw rc Chief Engiueer. ICC FOB BHirriNG?18,000 TONS ICE, from eight to twelve iuches thick, put up rxprrssly for .ihippiug, and packed ou board vessels. Vessels Irtted for loug and short voyages ai uio jowrn maricei liners, aim m inr inonrst nonce, by 8. M. Ci'cesemau, Proprietor of the Uuiou Ulster County Ice Company. Depot foot of Puane itreet. all I2t*rc HKOKLKtt, iVl.L)., Surgeon aii?l Oculut, has practised lor more than ten year* indifferent parts of Europe, Asia Minor, Lasistan, Armenia, SontS Africa. Brazil and New Holland. jv27 H0t? rc Greenwich itreet, 832. cor. Morton. CONSTIPATION ((.'OSTIVKNK8-) DESflloVKOT? "Obstinate, inveterate anil habitual Constipation. (Costiveuess) uot only totally overcome, but al.10 completely destroyed, without using either purg lives, injections or baths, by a natural, simple, agreeable and infallible means, recently discovered in France, by M. Warton, 08 Hue Richelieu, Paris." Price 20 ceuts. i:y*- This great remed* is a light, palatable and deliciona food called ''F.rvileiiia"?a vegetable fcanua? in some respect* resembling arrow root. The above treatise and Ervnlenta conatantly on hand at the National Depot of Wartou, ol Paris, eipresslv established for their sale, at H AM WON D'S li CO.'S Drug Store, 278 Broadway, corner ol (Chambers street, three doors south of Stuart's maible building. Booksellers and Druggists abroad, desiroa* of introducing the Ervalenta in their respective cities or towns, will be dealt with on favorable teims, by addressiug, post paid, "The Director ofthe Nntioual Depot of Warton, of Paris," New York. au!3 30t*m (lOUNTRk MERCHANTS. DEALERS IN I'ERKUJ MEHY, Toilet Soap>. Patent .Medicines, fancy Articles, in every variety, supplier) upon the lowest terms at No. 1 Conrtlandt street, first store lri>m Broadway. Also, VROOM St FOWLER'S unrivalled Walnut Oil Military Shaviug Soap the only genuine, awarded the first premium at the Americau Institute in 1844 and 1846. OEO. B. G1108KR, formerly with auSSOt*a VROOM fc FOWLER. of No.?. C\OI/l"B COTTON Dl;< K ?A constant supply ol the vaJ rious numbers, 22 and 44 iucliei wide, warranted superior to any in market, for sile bv 11AI II. ? l>. ? UlU, IIHI3 "UUUi an6 2ltlt*wis*m _ 72 South street. * BKKKA1AN iiOUSk'., NoiiS Beekmitn street. Board and LO<l|flt by the day, week or mouth, on the mojf reasons ble terms. A choice ol several single rooms may be had by "Pl'lyiug immediately. Mingle meals me y he had at .ill houra of the nay and evening. J. WILSON. at 30t*rc LfcOIC v KRKRtd BRANDIES.?Now landing at Tier 7 n. h , from ship Mary Krancis, from Bordeaux, us pack, aget of the above well known Braudiet, direct from the house of the Suhsciiber, in Krance, rix. Cognac, " Leger Kreres," Armag.tac. ' Star," Bordeaux, Henry L- L. Chaianette anH Rochrlle Lafayette brands, pale and colored, in half, <|uarter and eighth pipes. Alio, IS >4 casks White Brandy, of su|>erior flavor, for preiervea. Alio 111 More, entitled to debenture, a lull auortment of the above Brandiei. of various vintages from 1827 to 184B. Samples at the office, 101 Wall ttrert. aul2 30t*m HENRY LEG*R. WHE PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD COMPAHY give A. notice that the Director! are bow preimred to treat with Manufacturers for Railroad Iron, deliverable iu 1848 and 1819, to au amount not exceeding Kifijjeu Thousand Tuns. Kor inforuntion apply at their office, No 70 Walnut street, Ilnla. an12 I4t?rc H. V MERRICK, I'rrsi'l. iii C'OMMEHI I AND RAILROAD BANK OK V M KS' HUKO.?The stockholders of the Commercial aud Railroad Bank of Vick,-.burg, are hereby notified that ihc deed of trust in relation to the arrangement between them and the ereditori of naid b ink, i.t deposited with the Cashier of the rhriiix Dnnkof this city, who is one ol the trmtee* It will remain there until tlie 18th in .t. All thoje pervius who hold any of the liabilities of the Commercial and Railroad Bauk, who have not vet coire.uted to the compromise, are also requested to call at the fheuii B.uik. JOHN A. BARCLAY,*.aull gt is ro ^ N. <>. OGDKN. ' jTinstee*. Pw IN ?T. BARTlToCoAftWS ( ilUitcii for"sale", No. 108, desirably situated. Apply U> li aud (7 Nassau alO lllm ru TaILUHH.?The undersigned lias remaining on hand A afew c piesof his celebrated work <>0 Cutting, among which area lew coiiiessliglitly soiled, but iu other respects are perfect, which l>e will sell at 1 reduced price. It is deemed unnecessary to s.iy any tliiug iu piai>e of the above work, as it is Universally acknowledge,! by the tnde to be the most full aud complete arrangement ever befor published. Price of the book complete.. 910 OA Do. halflmuiid 8 00 Do. slightly soiled '1 00 Addre-s with remittance, W. II STirfEMElS, jyihJOt'r No. 112 B'oadway, New \ ork. Lack capes.?peter robkrts, its Broadwar. rcspectfnlly solicits the atteution of ladies visiting New Vorli to In* ifnrli nf vimili. r.ntnriria nir (lift fitllow mir vit ? Mileine Lace ( apea, from 13 upw.itd, white and black Vi iten.fll; Ylmtillaa, $7, worth 12; 10 4 Shawla, tlO, worth Membroidered Mualiu I. ape;;, 11 <0, do do f'iiiniir.eifs, (I; do do Collar*, ?.'? ceulj; do ramb'?c II'lkl i. 12 M, Uevicrredo, 71 (.tuU; tape h itJetrd do. 6,'^ cenia; nifant'a Kobe a uid Waiata, very cheap; ladiea' needle work and tambour Dreaaei,.do do. -area, Hoaiery and (<love?, of every deacrimion. i<>24 J0t?r N'EW S1YLK OK MUSICAL INSTHTHMKNTAJiibt received Irom 11" first mauafar tones in Vicuna and Tana, an ataortment of the luteal and mini approved musical instrument*. consilium of laaa iiutrumeuta called Kama Tubas, in K, C and K flu. with from 3 to 6 cylinder aud (a new Ktvleof valve called) drum, which ihe perlorm*r can reflate by the apring* of the valves, to move according to hia 1-uicy in one moment; alio I ICiiphonenm with 4 cylinder valves, the m"?t complete baaa nolo inat rnment in use, for on clieatra or military bandi, tovether with i? general assortment of innaical uatrumeoU, such as llnrns. Kbo Cornea, t oi >ett?, Poet Horns, Cornopeans, Klntna, Clarionetta kr.,may he had wholesale and retail, at tj (}. Chrmtmaii'* mu?ie and musicill instrument manufactory and warehouse, 404 i'earl at. an 12 W*m DK.N-rtWrs; ub.vrAt BKI'Ot.vh mtoAbWAv 1. New York. where raey be found a eonplrtff nMOriment of Teeth, Dcnlu Imtrumrnn, gold Foil. PUie, Wire. Holder, piral Rprinffa, jiUrina. Gold, itaniel Foil, precipitated Silver, liver Hate, wire. fce. JOBKPH T. MUBPHKY trai ***** WnTTcJa if. Biam 11>' BTlltj . //. &>' ih? ihiii I tir% (torn Hum, in ye* mwfi j IW. ill t'itftie Iluil ibtu > lo tfif ofllff *1 . ** nmf)71 niRf hr.n,ti4i si waiui 1 RY J. U.VSoVVHfoV'feT*.: CHINA. 11 Wedue*da> Auiuil Itth, It o'clock, ?t No. fi John trad, catalogue ulc of Mivtn k Meiilu.irou toatr, diiutar.Ma im r.olfee hui, all article*, al?o rich cut gla*a decantera, tanbler*. wiuea, gobltt*, champagur*, elegant e?vcit4 |iiewil. with til kind* comnoa *nr. in lot* to *ait dealers u4 hotels, at four mouth* credit. Tliii talc it. worthy the iiotic* or retailer* of line good*, and la positive. aalt ifrc IN ftllllilAi'itti ol au itidei ul tlic Miiofaia ol tM County of New York, notice ia hereby given to all per*oa* having cliima agaiuat Martin Mehrtena, late of the city of New York, groeer, decriued. to present the lint, with the voucher* thereof to tha *ub*criber, at the office ol Jatnr* Or dley, No 19 Naasaa afreet, in the city of New York, ou or before the Jlttdav of Juuuy mt.?Dated New Y?rk,the 7tnd*yof July, 1347. CATHARINE MKHRTENS, JyH l?wlm?m AdiniaUtrairu IN I'I KSl AM K ol an Order of the SURROGATE >1 the County of New York, notice I* hereby given to all i.ertont having claim* aguii.t UEO&OE BETIK.MAN, late of the City of New Yolk, Orocer, deceased. to pre*eut the umr with the voucher* thereof to the *ub*criber, at the atore ol Lolueu Loliler, No. 203 Centre itreet, iu the City of New York, on er before the 27th day of November ueit. Dated New York the I?th day of May IIM7. REBECCA BETJWMAN, nv, 2,'j _'!t 1 y.v ' ic Admnii?tratn. IN ri Ithl AM K. OK AN ORDKR OK I'lIK SURROGATE OK THE COUNTY OK NK.W YORK, NOTICK i* hereby given to all per*on* having claim* agaimt JOHN RICHARDS, lateof the city of New York, deceased, to |>re*ent the aaine with vouclicr* thereof to the *ub*criber, at her residence. No. 14 Oak atreet, in the city of New York, on or before the 18th day of October neit. Dated New York, the 15tli day of April, HI7. alt ltaw6m?rc JANE RICHARDS, Admiwiatratrii. IN PURSUANCE of a>i order of the Surrogate of tha Cauuty of New York, Notice i* hereby giveu to all per ons having claim* attaint! Frederick Tatclie. late ol the City ol New York. Krocer d?n-???.il ? .k. I. *.- I vouchers thereof to the tubicrilicr, at the office of Jdines Girdley, No '9 Naiaau street, in the city of New York, on or befoie the 5th any ol February in it. Dated New York, the Id day of Auguat, 1847 METTA D. TABCHE, anT Ja w 8m*m Admiu'atratrix. SA.YlUfcL R. BLACK, Attorney at Law, (Columbia, SC., _ will attend promptly to all biumeaa placed in hia hands, in Columbia, Sftiulh Carolina, and the adjoining diatricta of Sumter, Henhaw, Lexington, Newberry, and Fairfield. Address Columbia, South Carolina. Reference, H. a>id J Caldwell, Charleston, 8. C. BColumhiiiy H. C , Jnly ?. 1MT. jyl5 2aw30t*rc ruaN manufactory-oLouoKTARuhNE. removed to 548 I earl atieet, near to and op|<oaite the City Hospital, Broadway. New York, having, since the deatruction by lire of hit former manufactory, secured a laige and vnluabe stock of the beat aud old aeaaoned wood, aud built every convenience lor erecting ori[4uaofthe largest claaa, he will be euabled toauitain hia well otabliahed reputation, aud he rea|iectfully aolicita exteuded patronage. Church, l'arlor and L hnrch, or Lodge, Kiuger and Barrel Urgana, couat.intly tor sale. j\2l(nl2) 30t eod?rc Uurt rwu inc. ArrLitln.li.-iiH utu .umiui couasal, without muney and without price.?Two or three physician*. gentlemen of.ei|>erience, who are thoroughly vereed in Medical Science, having received diploma* from the higheat and moat aacceaaful medical inatitution in the United States, will be in conatant attendance at the graud depot of DR. BEACH'S BOOKS AND MEDICINES, | * No Ml Fulton Strkkt, N. Y., to be conaulted, aud to give medical advice airespect to the following diaeaaea in all their forms ?ud stages. all of which will be treated without the u>e of Mercury or other laisonou* minerals, and without charge for advice or exaniiuatiou*. Patients may rely on the kiudeat and beat attention, upon a thorough investigation and an accurate description of th&ir caaea, and audi prescriptions aa have afforded relief in tlie worst case*, where all oilier meaua had failed?prencriptioua which have been used for the last thirty year* by Dr. Beach, the author of the " AMERICAN PRACTICE OK MEDIfSNE." with a success winch I las beeu unequalled in the liiatory of mediciue. All patients who visit tliia office will be preacribed for ac cviuiuk 1*1 me nnicnctu iirai-uce, iu wmcti vegetate reme(lira alone are employed, which can never do harm, uul which will ru u-, if it u iiowiblc for medicine to do thu. Thia practice liaa received the lugheat recommeudationa froir tlie I'nt phyaicians and aurgeona in Europe and America, and been nonored by fold inedala from the King aud Uureu of EukImiU, the King and Queen of Pruaaia, the Kiuga of Holland, of Saiony, aud Wurtemburg, aud the Pope of Home?expreaaire of their hitch estimation of the acieuce, aafety, ccrtaiuty aud aucceaa of thia practice. The follow iuK Diseaaea, and any other of on acute or chrouit character, will be treated at thia othce. PILES, whether Bleeding or Bliud, or is a atate of Tumor, whetherinterual or external. DYSPEPSIA and LIVER COMPLAINT. SI'O.N E or GRAVEL, and all affectioui of the Kidney a or Urinary Organa. COUGHS. Colda, Couauinptiou, Brouchitii, and all other dia enneaof tlie Cheat. SCROFULA, or King'a Evil, in all iu atasea. ERYSIPELAS. SALT RHEUM, SCALD HEAD, and all Cutaueoua Eruptinua. DISEASES OK THE EYES AND EARS treated without cupping, acarifyiug, leeching, bliateriug, or the uie of iu atruineuts. RHEUMATISM, w lie the r acute or chronic. DYSENTERY. DIARRHOEA, CHOLERA MORBU8, and Summer Complaiuta of cliijclrej. TIC DOULOUREUX, or Neuralgia, Ague in the Face and Breaat. ST. VITUS' DANCE, aud all Nervosa Affectiona. STRICTURES IN THE URETHRA, SYPHILIS in ita varioua atagea, aud all diaeaaea reauluug from Syphi tic Taint. FEMALE COMPLAINTS, aa Eieeaaor Suppreaaion oft Meuaea, Fluor Albua or White Flowal Prolapaua Uteri, the Falling of the Womb, connected with Paiua iu the Bac and Head, Palpitation of the Heart, Nervoua Debility, Col Eitremitiea. kc HIP DISEASE, or White Swelling, Felons,or Whitlow; all Tumors or Swellings. FEV i R SORES and Ulcers, of whatever cuaracter. INFLUENZA, and Catarrh in the Head. DROP8Y. in the Limbs, Cheat, Abdomeu or Head. SPINAL. DISKA8ES?1'ains and weakness in the spine, or curvature and deformity. FLKURISY, QUINSY. MUMPS. MEA8LE8, CROUP, Scarlet Fever, and all Diseases ol Children. WORMS of all kinda^Pin, Tape fee. FEVER AND AOUE, or Intermittent Fever. BILIOUS or I'ainter'i Colic, aud Costiveueas. FITS or Convulainua?Hyaterical, Kinleptic, lie. BUHNI4, Scalds, Wounds, Cuta, Braises, fee. FISTULA IN ANO, or Ulceroua Openiugs or Abscesses situated near the Anus aud Rectum, treated without an opelation, and A PERMANENT CURE WARRANTED. So cheap a cure of disease e.-uuot be obtained in ihia cityno other expeuae accruing than the amount which the t^ediciue alone will coal. Already the multitudes who have been prescribed for are returning dnilv with reports of their rapid restoration to health, without bleeding, blistering, calomel, or any other violeut, painful, weakeuuig, and poisonous means, so generally required. Patients visited at their own houses in argent cases, if required. Persons rending in any part ot the country, by sending a written description of their case, will be prescribed for the same as il they were personally present. All communications by mail must be post paid. Address 141 Fulton street, New York. Office HI Fulton street. Ojien from 1 o'clock A.M. to 7 P.M McALISTEH'S ALL HEALING I OINTMENT, has been eitensitely used all over the city, and throughout the couuiry, for every form of disease; and the more it is known, the greater is the demand for it, such is the success ol this wonderful metlicine iu the cure of ?|| varieties of physical derangement. By restoring the insensible perspiration, it cleanses the blood ol morbid matter, aud thus cures scrofula, salt rheum, icald head, erysipelas, and all cutaneous eruptions, By the same process it heals ulcers, fever sores, iiflamed surfaces, aore throat, rheumatism, and spraiua of all kinda. By ppeningthe pores, aud equalizing the circulation of the blood, it curea cougha, cold, cousumptiou, dyspepsia, liver complaint aud costiveness. It never lail> to enre burns and scalds, however severe, allaying inflammation and pain, and destroying proud iteah. It is jure to relieve pains ol all kinds, in the head, aides, back, bowels and limbs, and is unsurpassed in spinal diseases. It performs marvelous cures in cases of piles, worms, fevers of all kinds, ague in the (ace and breast, and all nervous uiaetues. use inn musieny meuicine, ana you wiu nut be disappointed. This wonderful Ointment bring used externally if an extraordinary mediriuc for children, it bring so WWIMI to administer it, ?o tare and sure in it* remit*. It is an uncommon vermifuge, bringing awey all kinds of worms, and pin woims in large quantities. (Jrainl depot. No. 141 Kultnn street. New York. N. B.?All orders and communications by mail to be addressed to Jaines McAlister. No. 141 Fulton street, New York. je26ejidJ0t*r CAST OKK CLOTHING AND KUHNITUKE WANTED? Ladies and Gentlemen having any east off or su|?rHuoui clothing or rurniture to dispose ol, can obuiu alair cash price for the same, by sending a note, or by calling on the subscriber, at his residence, or through the post, which will be punctually attended to. H. DK BOHR, 71X Canal street, up stain. N. B. Ladies can be attended to by Mrs. De Boer. Old stock and job goods bought, of any description ud amount. lr*4 Wt'rw POWELL ON THE EYE?Jul imklkhH a PojpaUr Treatise oil the EYE, its Diseases, and their cure, with euprwings, rules for the selection of spectacles, he., 8vo., price 50 cents. To be had at the author's, and of booksellers generally. Dr. I'owell attends exclusively to diseases ol the Eye aud Ear from 9 to 4 o'clock, at his office 2S1 Broadway, corner of Warren street Artificial Eyes ofsuperior quality recently imported. alio lot* re RinudCOMPOUND SYRUP ok'iiyumioda j of Colossi, 8arsaparilla aud Yellow Dock.?This medicinal remedy is published lor the sole benefit of those suffering I'oin rbrumitism. pains aud stiffness ol the joints, swelling of the n?i tl.Jm . ,.r tk. .k._ ...J .11 diseases arising from an impure state of tlie blood, tie. It is prepared from the purest articles and ia warranted to Rive satisfaction. It tlnua, purifies and ijaickens the circulation, allays irritntiou, mid le.tves every [>nr; of the animal economy in a perfert state of health. For those complaint* arising from i'm injudicious and Ioiik continued use ol mercury, tliia com .nation may he considered a specific ; cases thai litve long refuted all other treatment have be?n rapidly and entirely removed by thiipowerful alterative ayrup. Prepared and for sale, wholesale and retail, by CHARLES H RING, Dru?i?and Chemut. (Tl? *?? ' Rfnad??av.*w Jnha at N T. 'piih NATIONAL kirk i>?i;ranck company JL No 62 Wall mreet.-^luiurajice "gainst Kire and Inli-na Navigation Ri?ks.?This Company ia prepared to make inturinee again .f |o?a or damage by lire on dwelling hooaea. ware houses. buildings in ffeuernl, goods, wares and merchandize o( very description, and personal property,and on riaki of transportation ao inland navigation. DIRECTOR*. Thomas W. Thome, William Van Wyck, Joliri Van Bokkercli! \V C Redlield, Kni(ene Bog?rt. Martin Hoffman, Heurv H. Ward, Robert L. Case, John J. Hemck, John D Warn, Henry D. Beach, .Stephen Holt, W It. Jacob., THOMAS W. THORNK. President. W. C. Kjci.Lonu, Secretary. n. B.?The capital of Una institution i* now full, and with wri las. Moncv to loan on bond and mortgage. jyll lot in JhKKfe.HSON iNSL/KA.MCn MJMI'AN t ? Uilice No M Wall street, opposite the MerrliauU' Exchange Thia coinpHiiy continues to insure against Irws or oimajie br fire, ou dwelling houses, warehouses, buildings in general, goods, w ires, and merchandize, and every description of par soual property. Losees correctly and promptly adjusted end paid. man tokj. Tho?. T, Woodrnff, R. R Robson. M D, Kronen P Paee, Moses Tucker, John 1' Mjmi, Anson fCker. Ihompaon rrira, nleh I Ttima In* T". IMinea, Jolin fl Lnt. Kltafca Ilium Thoa. Moncll, John C. Merrill, .'oaeph A lien. V.ugcne Bo(Pirt, Joseph Drake, Wra. K. Thorn. Rootil Smith. Thoa. W. Thorn#, Jobs K. Daviaon MObJLri 1UCRBH. tudetl. On#.T. Unit Hmuwt. m?l?a tfWlcT. i>> ('^mAlTaRg.-E.VTbNEIflS1 ' the Hurltm IlxilnmH Iroin Croton Hall? to Dover FUina Prnpnanla fur the irMMI, MMtuyud kHd(iu ot twaatf nia* milea ol the New York itnd lli'lrn l<aitrond, intending from lU priaent termr.ma a( Croton Full* to Dorer I'Uitia iu Dutcheaa Coumv, will be rereivt-d nt the oflka 'if tho Engineer iu White I'laiiu, until tlie lirnt d.iy of 8?pt? mlicr. The lira n now nrepared lur the examination of Contractor*, *nl Itrolilra aud ape ciOcntion* Mill be ethibittd at the Kuyl neer'a office The Company raaeree the right to accept or reject nuy propoaala, whether the> rony be the loweator not a> liter H.I.AN I AV1PHKI.I.. Kxif-neer kTKW I'Al'KH HANOI>0S-H I'Altr.H k t-O.. >? 1" JT# Pearl meet, New York, importer* and Vlannfafiirera, hare received their uaiial Urge aupply of all the new paterna, of every atyla and quality, of French and American 'J)'*' lungingi, B<.,dfr>, Viev j, Kiitho'id 1'iinu. and wi?* Win ItW (,'nrtMD Peptl. wlilcl, lli?c t;lf?r Iti dt?ICt?. MetaW*. ard oihera, 4t a.ii?u>elv Ion ptiii a . Th? 1?'>M ci;B^e,(en: ir- rkm'H iat?? HW>J,'iJf'1 *' t>f v atHMt jVWi' DAM THa.AJ itv-bum |l, I'll McaMSi Oallerr It M ceaU?Monday Keening, Aa(nst J#d?. will be performed flia Ouara, iu three uu of LA HO NAM B I,' LA? Count iioduluho. *r. Bi.iunh; k Ivino, Mr. fiafrr; Amiaa, ym*. A una Bishop; Liu, d n. D .1* y. rv^WaT* lbVM!",tf, t^u,r^> of KlttP 1N THIt DARK?Mr. Prttilioue, Mr. w B (. Iuinihii; Mary, "tin. Unwwood. Doors oi?eu at 7?performance to commenceit half-put J.I PARK THtA'fut-i tAUU-iiJ,. ANNA BI9HOP b^ravi to ai?i?onnc?> iluihcr BKNKFIT will take I* acm o*i Wednesday, Auf. 18ih. cm which oecaaton she will Kite a (Irani! Drarmtic Entertainment, m tuiumt including a<>ine of her moat favorite scenes in Italian aud English, ?? tna ul hi of llioae ui?eii br to.ui Vie-taa, bt. Petersburg, Horn., Naples. mid (lie piiuciPil cmea of f.nglaud, being her last ap|, ura prior to liar dr|?*rture for In? aM 2f, UMfJbiti T11KA 1 Ht-A.. W. Jmim*. rwwim ? E. HT*yi??. 8t"ge Manager ? Mondayeeenmg, Aug. 1< h. will be acted, LOVE'S[ SACJUFltfc-Margam Htnore, Mr?. Hlisw; Matthew Kllmore, Mr. VV Marshall, Ft. LTfo eonJcludeHw!.h the nautical drama of THE INCHCAPE BELL: Or. The Recluse aud t e Royer?(Juy Hulhveu, Mr. W Marshall; Amelia, Miu Fanny (iordon. Boxes, 26 centa; Pit and tiailery, 12X ceuu. Doors opea at a juirtrrfo 7; prrfonnmice to coromence nf liilrWi T. ("VASTLY GARDEN.-Mr. B*Kg?. 8t*ge M.uiagar ? Ou J Monday Evening, August lt>,the operetta ofLKCIlALET-Natt Ticck, Mr Hollaud-c C. rporal Max, MrWalcot; Luetic, Miss Phillips; Louisa, Miss Koberts; Janet, Mrs Unerwooil. . . _ Mr. Charles Whither will appear on the Tight Rope. To conclude with PEC 11 UH N A P P L1T AIN? 1 sadore Hieardo, Anionic l.ehuian; Blanco Christian Lehman; Michael, Mr Charl's Wimlier; Marrietto, M'lle Adelaide; La Fee, Mile Mallulde; Birbette, MJle Julia; Fancliette, M lie Flora. Doors open at 6K; Performance to commeuca at . Adinissiou. 25 ceuta. CHATHAM THEATRIC ? Under the Maua?ement ol Mr. KLKTCHKR.?Monday Keening, Aunust 16th, will be perfoimed A MAN ABOUT TOWN - Skirts, Mr McCutcheon; Lord Aubrey, Mr Stalford, Lady Aubrey, Mi?s Hildrnh; Kami) Bates, Mrs Wrav. To be followed by the WHITE HORSE OF THE PEP PERU? Gerald Pepper, Mr. Brougham; Darby Donahue, Mr. Parker; Agitn, Mrs. Broughsm. To conclude with BORN TO OOOD LUCK-Paddy O'Ralferlv, Mr Brougham; Couut Maulrida, Mr Braudon. Prices?Boses, 2i cents; Pit, 12K ceuts. Private Buses. iO cents each neat. Honrs oiwn at 7?performnisre commences at half-past 7. PALM O'S^M ON DA Y, AuguVt 16, IM7?KaiewellEngagement of the RAVEL FAMILY. fjwchette. * Fanclictte. Mis* Mnry Taylor. The Giegories by Messrs. Johu Sefton and T. 1'Iacide. TIGHT ROPE by Le'n Javelli ami Gabriel Karri. Half an hour's iiiteruiissiuu?wlieu the Grand Orchestra will play on the illuminated promenade, designed and executed by M. Burke, Esq Dancing by Madame Leon and Henri Wells. To conclude with the comic Pantomime of deciialumeau. Rocnuiuet Oabriel Ravel. Tickets M cents to all parts of the establishment, the Promeuade iucluded. Do'irs open at7)i, begin at I. Nights of the Harel'a Performance Monday,Tuesday,Thursday, 'tud Friday. AMERICAN MUSEUM, coruer RroadwayandAuu street. ?Splendid Performances both Afteruoon and Fveuing. M'lle Gertrude. Freuch Diuiseose?Balloon?Moving Panoramic Painting of the great City of Loudon, with many iuteresiing portions of ENGLAND. FRANCE AND GERMANY ORPHEAN FAMILY.?COMIC. MELANGE. SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEU. OIJRANU OUTANO?ANATOMICAL VENU8. Mad. ROC* WELL, the famous Kortuue Teller. Admission 2.'i cents?Children under ten. one shilling, at BROAD WAV THEATRE.?Thu establishment, now erecting in Broadway, will b? opened for Drninstic rutposes solely, on or about the first of September, uder the management of u. h. barrett. Persons of acknowledged talent wishing situations for the season, will please address him (pre-paid) at 109 Leonard street. A. MANN, sole Proorietor. CZ7 During Mr. Barrett's absence in Europe, all leturi tad business communications may be addressed tohia mtmt. je!3 tfrr W.CORBYN. No. 2 Birciay street. MINERVA llOOMS? Broadway? Admission 2:1 cents.? Kirst atiticaraur? in rliia city of the ORIGINAL VIRGINIA SERENADEKS. Mruri. J. H. Mvers. A. K.Winuetiinre, D. Kelly, K. Suloinuu, J. Saufnrd, mid K Horn, from the Chesuut street Theatre, Philadelphia, respectfully announce to t>|e citizens of New York, they will give a series of 1 their Chaste and Plea.niig Conceits. Commencing MONDAY EVENING, Auk. 16,1817. ] Aud every eveninil during the Week?Wheu they will intro- , duce a variety of new SONGS, DUETTS, GLKKS, PARODIES, CHORUSES, be. 1 The eveuiugs entertainment* will conclude with a new Burlesi|uefounded on the 0|>era of Satta, called 8 T U K K O !?Characters by the Company. Kor |>articularssee bills of 1 lie day. Doors opeu at 7 o'clock?Performance to commence at 8. aullllin'rc THK CHINESE JI NK '.-CHINESE CUHIOSITIESThe Captain of the Chinese Junk is induced, from the great patronage he is at present receiving from the citizens of New Yotk. to atop TEN OR TWELVE DAYS LONGER, as uumbers from the interior of the Stale, are every day arriving to witueaa. perhaps?for the only time they may ever have an opportunity?this rare specimen of Chinese Naval Architecture, together with the many Curiosities which are contained in her cabiu. kc. The Idols which they worship, the Ouns, Swords, enu other implements of war, the beantilul Shoes, particularly those of the female sex, which are not more than three inches in lemttli, are richly worth seeing. Let all who have read or heaid of the novelties ol the Celestial Empire, now avail themselves of this treat. a!3 Ulrrc ____ _ |"\OLMAN:8 GALLERY ok oil PAINTINGS,INo. aoj Broadway, above Ini Book Store, consisting of ninety I choice Picture* by celebrated mailer*, rix Titiau'* Venui, I of life tize ; The Dying <>ladiau>r, by David , Tlie Miaera.by Malay*, the blackamilTi ; Helen Kormau, by Ruben* ; The Kiigluh Roadside. Itc Sic. fee.. Is esteemed by foreigners u sui enor to nuy public exhibition of picture# in thin country. Mr.COLMAN import* all the New Popular Kugravingi iroin Londou. Pari*, and (Jermany, which with hi* extensive collection of Book*, Painting*, Fancy Stationery, and Drawing Material*, he offer* at the moit reasonable price*, wholesale or retail. HERALDRY.?Coat* of Arm* fumiahed and emblazoned in the moat (uinptuoa* ityle, or may be had in i>en drawing. jyt7 Mow. WedfeSat if rc 1M1K UOWKRV IJAi\K, organized under the gc'rral b.-uiking law, Willi a capital of (300,000, will conaintnre husine** on Tur*day, the 10th day of Auguit, instant at No. 173 Bowery. Diiicrom. Francis A. Palmer, Kuocli Dean. Jesse A. .Marshall, George W. Kdwardi, Abraham Cummtugs, Alexander Maitertou, John 8. Giles, John Mc.Vlenoiny, I Thomas McKlrath, Denton Pearsall, Jtme* C Baldwin, William il. Calkin, Lewi* Bleidorn, Jacob Miller, bdward Ferris, Jedediah Frye, Alonzo A. Alvnrd. DANIKL W. TOWNHEND, Pre.ident. NATHANIEL O. BRADFORD, Caihier. New Vork. August 3. Ml7. an< Ut*re O STICK OK THK NEW YORK KIRK AND MA" KINK INSURANCE Co., New York, Augu.t i, 1817. DIVIDEND?The Board of Director* have this day declared a Dividend of Five per cect, out ol the proliu of the lait *n mouth*, luiyable ou demand, at the office of the comnany, No, 73 Wall street. D. UNDERHlLL, !' lot* m .Secretary CMtlCKKT MATCH ?The Propriet r's Match of the Sea S ion?one of the greatest Mali-lie* of Cricket ever played in thi* country,(to come off ou Tue*da17th instant, at the 8t Oeorge'* Ground, Harlem. 1 he beat player* iu America, will play in the nutrh,?such a* Comeiy, Winckworlh, (J'oom, Wild, Wri ht, i ewi*. Cu. paige, Tickuor, Rou*i? Ifthe weather prove* unfavorable, thi* match will come off on \Vednenday, at 10 o'clock, ilii* match will probably last (hire days. aulS 2(i**rc UNION COUHSK, L. I.?TKOTTl.N'O. PUK8K FIFTY DOLLARS with au inside ?uke ol $M, i. f? >.* ?. ... i c.? r... i I none)-. 2. Parte $ M, 'with nn ijiside stake of $WI h. ft., two mile heats in harness, Iree for horses never Hon a purse orer $30 3. 1'urse $IOfl, with an iuiiilr stake of $100 h ft., two mile heats, in harness, Iree for hone* that never won |>ur?e over 1 $104 4. run; $200, with an inside (take of $200 li ft., two mile heat*. Ill harness. free for all horses, enrept Lad/ Huffolk. I 5. The same as No. -I, under the saddle. . b 1'urse $100? $100 fo k<> to the second hear horse?three mile heats, free for nil trottiuir and paring horses?James K. I Folk in h iruess, all oil,era aa Itiey please, to come nil' the Ctli . September. ' 7. l'iirse$300?$100 to no to llie second best horse? two mile i heats, Iree for all imcing and (rutting hones?Jamea K. 1'i.lk to a mtN, nil othcra as they please. ' The above purges mid statics to close on Thursday evening, | August 19th, by 9 o'clock, three or more to inake a race, and two to start. '1 he siakea Mill puraea will commence to be trot- ' ted for the first irnrt of September, and will be arranged to itc- . commodate any liorse that should enterfor more than one rare. ail I t 7t rrr (JKORUU 8PU KR. i "?jt KUK SALK-A KIM.I, bl.OOUMJ UAY perfectly kind and sound in every respect, ' ' { ? '" * from blemish or trick of iwy kind, su yean old. capable of performing a mile in three minutes, has never b?en trained. May be seen corner 79th street and 3d avenue, any time nfier i f.M. Apply at I'riutiug olfice, corner Knlton and f Miff Miiir. it r#. <1 ' KOK HALK?A | uii i>l' liiy llorwi, b -uid 7 yean -tXT^old. cloaely matched in appearance snd dritiuf; ' ' ' ? L (nil* mill mane, good Cravellera and aouud; free fiodi any fault. May be ?een at P. D. UUKUANK'N, % t lift street. mil* 2tc?il?ir y-v KINK UULD ,v.\ I> wlLVKR WATCH KH. -ih. jJ/4>Suli?erihei it aellmc all deaenptioua of Aae Until mid Hilver Watrliea and Jewelry, (l retail, lower lliaii any Dtni r hottae in the city. All Watchea warranted to beep good time, or tlie money returned. Walchea and Jewelry exchanged (Sold Wati'hea aa low a* to SZ1 each. Watchea and Jewelry repaired in the beat manni i ai much lea* than lie nana! prices. KKO. C ALLI.N. Importer of Wat'bejaod Jewelry, Wholesale and Hetail, an 1^ :HHia*rc M Wall atrtet, corner William, ap abur*. r*. ?-.i'UK CAMl' MKLTINO NKAH 8INO blNG AND PLKA8ANTV1LLK. by the New York BSfcxLi d Harlem Kailroad. During Lump Meeting week, coinmciieiKg Monday, August 16th. 1 r.u can will leave New York for ricd*aiit?ille at 7 and IK o'clock A. M., and 4 and T M. Heturning, will leave Pl? ttwuitv illr atC, and A M . nnd I2>. and i>4 l>. M tvaues will be in readfucaa to convey paasengeis to >lie Camp Ground. Kir* to Pleaaauiville ill cents. aiiH Jtiarr <M?kw ORLAT LMIIVALI.KI) MIMICAL r a^ th 1 "'I' COTILLON KM I HJIION TO mMBmKOCKI.\NI> LAKK. no Tueadav. A'lguit | 17, Mi7.? 1 lie large and b< lutit'aI steamboat NKW HAV KV, I arcotii|>nliied by a new and apjeudid ateainboat barice iliac i? titled up espreaaly for till* occasion, i lie ttonnlioat and barge are ao well known to the public that ii la not nocesaaty to make lirtlier remark*. And < rery etrertion Hill i.e mailt by the tnmagers to make this et< ursi'<n auperlor to any ol the eaaon. . _ . ,, .... _ . Dad worth* much admired JJiaa. ami Cotillon Bands aie engaged, also, Mr. Bennett. popular Piofesaor of Dancing, t" lak* the charge ol the cotillon . |l Thi following artist* are engaged -Mia, Lr lie. Ufa ol llii l.a'liam I lie iti. . Ms. A ? ila-n. Ist< ol ll.e Italian I>t?ra ; ! Ml W Onj l( \|| Hi I ?!?'? Will i?fro4ur# nine of i\tt i I mout porulir bnll ?JuilN. Cfioj, ?' , Mr | Lvarh, lateol V?nih?ll li?rdeti , Mril. provided on board b M; I "?>??< ami (;onfr>.tioB?i> Mi Hal^o, by Mi N. . , , . . . ? , ? iickeunaly e?eb I * ly h?d it Kirr &i Btono> , cnrnor 2?,'h tit" ' ami < he'aea. 1'. Truai. Jcfleiaon H?ll. JJS H?dMn;l'(C; W B Orun' M Water ?tre?t. N Brooki, u Bowi r> : < T Kin .f/ner Chtrlea anil Madtnn ?tr?et, R. W Brutx XVrircht'r' 21 Bnwtry; Mr. Lyvch, 2?3 Bowo . John Miunn, comer 10th .'rict au'l Avenue b; W llockmaa'o'tfict, f<v't of I'JtK ?tre?t, N. R.( II Hinith, 333 rir.i'id. null >f the BMMftra ou thr uiarniDK of the excafkiou at the landing. T)' b'nt will leave ine roof of ..Win ..freet, Brnnlil. n, at I ; A M , <iM'id afreet ?t I'*'; < athanne afreet at 1%; 1'ier No. i 2 North Hmer, 0; Canal atuit, 9,'.!; liamiiH.ud '.tiici, V.i\ Ni> eieeath afreet, 10. Tr Mirald lh? weather be uufator iblt the ticuriiM Mill ! take plwf' I lie firat fair day. aultft It*m BTI- ^MSilir" sor 1 llf.RNMi rill. flmMSiw' "'"l* rrau ine her regular trifa to ChaiUtliHi.oa Hiturday, i|i? Mtll inn . *ud , ? :ll I . A1o?J5y | for IrttllH or |? KCeapi'l; OH Imwd Ull'dfc >1 n. ?W lit Wl'MOll), I 'UHfON * f O , m IVmill .tswi I LATEST MOMENT. TKLEOHAPHIC. Inter call iig from ?dCO< Richmomi, August 16, 1647. No paper* were received at Richmond to-day froan pointssouth of Charleston. I am again indebted to Mr | Hall, the mail agent, for the Picayune of the 8th Instant, containing further detail*, but. no later arrivals of new* from Vera Crui and Pui-bla. The I'icayunt'i advice* from Vera < ruz differ from those from I'urbla, and are ileol'ledly more favorable. The imprnaslonii prevailing at VeraCrus, the Picayune'* correspondent* nay, are derived very much from the English, who are awari* of the effort* making by their mtniater to bring about negotiation* for peace, and prevent the capital railing Into our hand*. A letter in the Picayune from the capital, dated :9th July, say* that Santa Anna in nole Dictator?that Congren con do nothing, becauM there 1* never a nuorum present?that the government la Making a closer "n'"n with European powers?and with this view, haa given orders for tho liquidation of the claims of their sutyaets. About ittO o?en were at Vera Crus when the Fashion left, expecting to leave In a few day* for the army, under General Wilson. Tho deaths at Vera Crus, of vomito, from the 1-Hh to the 31st of July, were, soldiers, 13; quarter-master'* de partment, 1-4 j Mexicans, <J ; others, 3 ; total, 35. Later from Tampiro Philadelphia, Aug. IS?P. M. DaIch from Tamploo to the thirtieth hare been re inn. Uart-y wm reported to b? within ton milM of Tainplco, with three tbouMtnd troop*, who h?re with them fourteen American prisoners. Home of the Louisiana volunteers have been detected selling cartridges to the Mexicans. A letter in the Picayune from the capital of Mexico, dated tbe 29tb, states that the prospects of p?tM? are about as far oil aa ever. Election In Alabama* Chapman, Democrat, is said to have been elected governor of Alabama. BY THK Bt A11.I* Affairs in Washington. Washington. August 14, 1647, The Newt of rAu Morning?The future -The Canting Sutton of Congreu. The Hichmond telegraph ha.* just (10, A.M.) announced the receipt of news from Puebla and the city ot Mexico, which, as you are doubtless printing it off In an extra, while I write, it Is needless to repeat. It will make tbe pulse of the nation throb with excitement. Scott, with a force of flfteen thousand men on the ere of probubly the greatest battle of the campaign, opposed by a forcfl of 4V-J? **' ..... .uv.ur.ouu tUI UOClBlUn OI 1116 0*11011>1 legislature against pears?such is the burthen of the intelligence. But there la one feature In this news ominous of a protracted struggle. Thu Mexican Congress has declared Itself powerless to make poace?without Authority to negotiate. Who then is to ratify * treaty ? No act of the sovereign people has, aa yet conferred on Bant* Anna, or upon any other individual the power to mak* peaoe, but on the contrary, every manifestation of the popular will has tended to the withdrawal of raoh power*. It would appear, therefore, that no repreaentatlve embodiment of the Mexlcau nation exists at this moment, for It is the inalienable prerogative of such embodiment of sovereignty to make peace as well as to declare war. If, then, this Congress have really declared Itself powerless to make peace, as It is aald, we must either, at onee, after taking possession of the capital, build up a government favorable to peace, and sustain It by men and money, or else cease offensive operations, hold what we possess, and wait until the Mexioan people show symptoms of returning reason. Should the war oontlnue until the next session of Congress, a strong effort will, without doubt, be made, to force upon the administration the adoption of Mr. Calhoun's plan. In the House of Representatives, there will, fudging from present Indications, be a majority in its favor. In the Senate the administration will have clear majority of Ave over the mixed opposition?the whigs and the followers of Mr. Calhoun. But notwithstanding this majority, the administration will fare badly for want of a leader in either house. In the Senate there are half a dozen whigs quullfled for the leadership of that body, whilst on the democratic aide, . wyiu nut limine una properly qualified for that Important pout. Mr. Hen ton's insufferable egotism and overbearing temper alienated many who would otherwise be ardent supportera of the administration. He baa already driven more than one into the ranks of Mr. Calhoun's party. The finance oommitteea will b? the most important to the administration next session. for on the expenditures will the hardest battles be fought. Krom the finance committee of the Senate the administration ha a ioat ita chief support?Dixon H. Lewis?once a firm adherent, but who now openly avows his predilection toe strange gods. As a counterpoise to thia, however, the whiga have loat their ablest financier, George Kvans, a man whose absenco from the Senate Is regretted by friends and opponents. Another important post?the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs In the Houae?will be filled by a whig, which, under existing circumstances, will be extremely awkward. One thing la certain, Mr. Calhoun'a plan will not b? adopted by the administration. Aa the Senate will be constituted, the i'reaident cannot be forced to its adoption, and neither he, nor a alngle member of hla cabinet, will ever voluntarily accede to it. The opposition will scaroely venture to refuse the neceaaary appropriations for the prosecution of the war, If it is to be prowouted. A Presidential election Is approaching, and the war is, and hus been from the beginning popular. Even la the last Congress, there were found but twenty-eight in the House, and three in the Senate, who ventured to rsoord their votes against tho loan. It is but fair to suppoas, Hint the opponents of tho war will be even In a smaller minority in the next Corgress. as I doubt very much f lie most dlliirent aeureh wnnlil ?wmmH I" . ? ? ?v-,..t^l>| i Itody mo every way unworthy to reprneent the Amerl. mn people u* wu the twenty-ninth Congrt**. Bat, it muat be said, that If the laat Congress numbered m*ny nefllclent, and worn than useleM member*, the next will want many able and axeellant men, whoa* presence klone aaved the former from utter and signal reprobation It does not apeak well for Indiana, that her two most honored names, Owen and Davit, are not on tha Hit of her representatives in the Thirtieth CongreM.? Two men could not b? named, mora honored by both partiea for their aterling honeaty and capability, and ft>r untiring energy in the discharge of their duty. I)romgoole too, is no more? the readieat debater ?tha abiaat logician, with the exception of Winthrop? and without auy exception, the most accomplished parliamentary strategist in that House. May hid troubled spirit rent OALVUUMft. WimnoTM, Aug. II, Itrt? The Federal C'?<?/?rfttractioiu and Drawback? oj 11'as/iiriglim t.i a vlace of Sum me* Reitrt?A ralhtt interfiling Chapter,i t think, for Iht Summer Seatan. While your summer butterflief are off to the Spring*, and tb? ?ea abore. while your (peculator* in magneeia and matrimony are at Haratngo and the White Mnlphur, " Maying such fantaatir trick* before high heaven, A* make the angel* weep ' And while, aotwlthatandlng, the dally bulletin* front tboae place* woold tempt u? to join thoae amemblageaof fascination, faahlon and lolly, we know no batter expedient ol immediate relief for *uch unreaxunable longiugn, than a eort of counter-Irritation, in making oat a ?*e (or thi* political emporium, a* In itaell possessing, rery largely, the e*a?ntial element* required a* the nucleus of a *ummer reaort; where, too, " $pect?i tt lu iprt laberit,'1 will, to some extent, eren In atimaer /tut it in ( ongrea*. and it i* the winter season, that ?re the life, the ( harm, and the " glery and shame" ol Washington Then it Is that your anxloua mamma* Lraniler their daughters remaining on hand from th" ampaign at Saratog* Niagara. Greenbrier Old Point,or Tiney I'olnt, to this point, and gloriou* In all the attractiou* of art aud fachiou present then to tne unitopuitlie*l*'J mi unninjucm i i hob lU) Ml. higan ?n1 tb< tributaries of tba I'ppcr Mlaalaalepl But your *reen customer to sudden! / transplanted from th b?tk?..odf. lotf shunt?*. to tba splendid ball ol tho Mou t, an 1 a room wltb mahogany lurnlahlngs. at Colaman - or Iirown s, or at none srylish place on "tba bUl, wltb parlors and pianos, and damaak curtain*, though you may think him verdant, U sot to b? caught with t bnir il? CUUI4 with a ina,;uiflct'nt Idea af bin nowlv acquired iiuportanea?h* bain tba Internals of 70,680 frmi electors upon lii* bind*, and no ?laotlona?riiig. Old ' baperone, with a laded piece of dry gouda in bet . bargu. nead not expect to coma tba " gum gam*'' ot?r him " Kora warned, ' ba coma* forearmed." and ba is not tba gudgaon to blta at a pteoa of red flannel, whan there 1* good halt within ifrlklng distance It may ba vary amusing to inveigle your new rotmlxr from tba KaUma-'-o Of KMU?kia into an luovtut flirtation, with a to iL.nit with bU ?liaplMtr and ibm to lauih at b*i <t*4ulUy Uul yovr wwarvBs^in w*'i*u? wlU I* tettiH *? *?> *M t'l <>?# It f

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