23 Ağustos 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Ağustos 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH V ol. mi. No. ?3l_WhoU No. *8?H. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, orUi-wm( cornor or Fulton and Hum* Ma JAMES G0R?0NTENNETT. PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION-FORTY THOU8AHU. DAJLY HERALD?Every ibr, Price S cent*par copy?#7 If per nnnnm?parable in advance. _ WEEKLY HERALD?Every Hntorday?Price 6* cwu per cony?$3 uW emu per auntun?payable lu advanoe. HERALD FOR EtfROPE-Every Steam Packet 4afPrice 8X cent* par co[ry?$6 per annum, including postage, payable in advance. Bnbacnptiwu and adrartiaamenW will be received by Mturi Galignani, Urne Vivieune. rarii ; r. L. Bunotitlt, 18 fjonihill, and John MiMer, the booktellejr. London. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Publiehed ob th. lit of Jnuuary oreach year?(ingle copie* sixpence each. AD VERT18EMENT8, at the uul price*?el way* caah in advance. AdvertUementt should be written in aplain, legibl* manner. The Proprietor will not be re*pon*ible for error* that mayoccur itrthem. PRINTING of all kind* executed beautifully and wltl> dea patch. All letter* or communication* by mail, add retted to th* etiililitSrnent, mutt he po*t paid, or the po*taffe will be de ducted from the mhteriDtioa moaer remitted. !*KW VOKK AND HAKLEM RAILROAD COMPANY HUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON A^D^AFTER^W^^fPJUN^^^WT, th* Car* will run at follow*, until farther notice. Up train* will leave the City Hall for Hntlemk Morritiana. kurham St Tuckahoe Pleaaantvilla, 5 30 A M. Will'tnt Br'ge. Hart'* and Newcaitle 7 " 5 30 A.M. White PI'n*. Bedford, ? T. 7 A.M. Whitlickville 9 " 10 " 10 " Crotou Kill*. 10 " 11 " 4 P. M. 7 A. M. 11 " J P. M. S * " 4 P. M. 3 P. M. 4 " 1 i SO " 4 ? SO " 5 " 5 30 M ti 30 " Heturuing to New York will leave? Morritiana It Harlem. Fordham. Will'm* Br'ge. Tackahoe. 7 05 A.M. 6 53 AM. ?45A.\f 7 30 A.M. ? 10 " 7 55 " 7 50 " HI " 9 " 9 09 " & " I 20 P. M. 10 " 12 23 P. M. UiSP.M. 5 52 * 12 15 P. M. 1 45 " 1 40 " White Pl'to. 2 " 5 08 " 6 " 7 10 A. M. J " 15 " ? 01 " 31 " 5 20 " 51 " 7 *i " IP. M. 6 " 111 " ' 6 28 " t 05 " Pleatintville. New Caitle. Bedford. Whitlickville. 11 13 AM. AM. 7 51AM. 7 45 AM 6 13 PM. i PM. 4 51PM. 4 45PM Croton Fall*. T 50 A M. 4 30 P M. The trains to and from Croton Falls will not stop on New York Island, except at Broome street, and 33d street. A car will precede each train ten minutes, to take np passengers in thft city. The morning train of cars from Creton Falls will not stop between White Plains and New York, except at Tuckaho* William's Bridge, and For dham. Extra trains on Sundays to Harlem and Merrisiana, if fine weather. Stages for Lake Mahopackand Danbury lears Croton Falls on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 4 P. M. trains, and for Pawlings on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M- train. FARE FROM NEW YORK : To Croton Falls . . ..$1 00 To Whitlickvill 87* To Newcastle. 75 To I'leuantville ?2* To White Plains M Freight trainsTeave City Hall at 13 M. and at 7 P. M. Returning, leave Croton Falls at 7 A. M. and > P. M. TO TRAVELLERS GOING SOUTH. ii5 NEW/RRlOST AGREEABLE LINE TO FREDEricksbnrg. Richmond, Petersburg, Va , Staunton, Va , and the Virginia Springs, Weldou, N. C., and Charleston, S.C. The public art' informed that the new and splendid low pressure steamer POWHATTAN (connectirg with the Great Mail Line at Aqquie Creek,) leaves Commerce street wharf. D.mimorr, every 1 nesuiy anu rnuay r-veuing, ru o r. m., (or the above point*. Through-tickets to Richmond ...$ 4 " Petersburg 6 " Weldon.N. C 9 " Staunton, Va.. U " .Charleston, fl. C 17 Being at the same price, more direct and expeditious, and much more certain than the Chesepeake Bay and James Hirer Steambo t Line,?all the wide and rough portion of the Bay, between ftie inouth of I he Potomac anu Old Point Comfort, being entirely avoided by this line. Travellers areadvised that the liue hereby advertised is part and parcel of the Great Mail Line through Virginia; anil that it is the intention ol'the romp iiiies composing the Great Mail Line, that passengers shall be conveyed by them, in connection with the Powinttan, always as nheaply as by any other line, and with mote comfort expedition and certainty, than by any otherline, except the line via Washington. r or l'uither particulars, inquire at the Southern Railroad office, Pratt street, Baltimore; ol Stockton St Fall, or at the trie Commerce street wharf; or, on Tuesdays and Fridays, on board the Powhattau, of G. W. GUNNKLL, Capt. N. B.?Travellers by the above line will bear in mind that they have two houis more in Baltimore than passengers by the Chesapeake Bay and James River Boats, and yet reach any point south of Petersburg at the same time with these last, even when there is no breach of connexion by the Bay Liue. jy4 3meod*r ?" OAV St CO.'S BOSTON ANU K ASIriRiN EXPRliSS, via Newport and Fall River.?This Kipress leaves the office. No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, daily, at quarter before 5 o'clock, P. M., thereby securing to merchants and other* the advantage of a late hour for forwarding cases, packages, fcc. Bank notes, specie, drafts, and valuable Parcel* are secured in iron safe* auu placed iu the charge of faithful conductors. QAY Ic CO. Merchandise, package*,'lie. forwarded in our own cats, and by leaving order* at our omce, [No. 1 Wall street, comer ol Bronil <vay, packages will be called for ill auy put of the city. rin;n. S No. 1 Wall street, corner Broadway. Unices ( No. 7 State street, Boston. aui 3fltrc rr-i? ~ OH AND COTILLON KXCtHSION VAN COURTLANDT LANDING? kSfelNBhThe Third Auiiual Excursion of ('.olumbia Lodge, No. 16. U A. O. D., for the benefit ot the Widows' and Oyilmns11> und, will take place on Tuesd .y, Aug. 21,18(7, on b nrd the iplendid lienmer NORTH AMERICA, Capt. V. Truesdell, accompanied by a new, larfe and commodious Barge. The New York Brigade Bran Baud, and two efficieut Cotillon Bauds, will a company the excursion. Tickets Kilty Outs each, (children hall'Price) obtained from Krasmus A.Kutz.Jr., 180 Water at; J. Meech Henry, 89 Hammond at; Johu li. Bate, 16(i and IG8 Centre at; T. Waruer, Jamura Hotel, 8. Brooklyn: E. E. Jones, 23 Chesnut s.; W. P. Smith, ine Columbia st; Robertson's Hat Stoie, 89 Kultou at; Chr stmau's Alusic Store, 401 Pearl ?t; N. England House. Roosevelt st; Jones' North American Hotel, cor. Bowery aua Bayard st; Chas Voting's, cur. South and Pike st; John Mason, Dry Dock and Avenue D. The boat will leave the foot of Fifth it, EA, at 7 o'clock A. M;Delnncyst at7)f o'clock; Pike st. &t7K: Pier No. I North River at8J?'; Robinson st, at 8K; Caualst.at9; Hammond st. at 9M ; Niucteenthst at 9?i, ana touch at Kort Lee, and stop at each place ou returning. Should the weather prove unfavorable. th? Excursion wiB be postponed Ui the first fair ilav ao2IMt*n? II m OR AN D KI8HINO, flP AND COTILLON EXCURSION TO KIRE wdtl^illBdUilSL AND. on Tuesday. Aug. 21.?The splendid new Steam Yucht ATLAS, Capt P. H. Smith, will make an excursion to the Kishing Banks, and from there to Kire Island Inlet, where w 11 be.furnislied a Chowder anil Clam Roast, after which will be a Ball iu the evening, and on the following <1 ly return to the Kiahing Banks, thrnce to New York. Nothing but the strictest decorum will be allowed, as it ii intended to be one of the pleasantest as well as most heal.liI'ul Excursious ever made from this city. A Cotillon Band will accnit'pmv the Boar. Oeutlemeu's Tickets $2 Ladies Tickets t,l and no charge for Berths, Chowder or Clam Roast Other refreshments will lie furnished at rea<onil>!e rates. Bait gratis. Kishiug liura at a small charge. Tickets may be obtained by applying soon at the following places, as but a limited number will he sold :?Ceptain Tallmau's, corner of Hammond and Wrststs.; Oardner's Hotel; ?orner of Washington street and Battery Dace ; Old Bank Coffee House, corner of Wall and Nassau iti.; Charles Young, cornerof Pike and Sonth stieets; B It J I). Karrington, corner of Montgomery and Krout *ts.; John L. Berriau, corner of Bayard and Bowery, or ol the Captain on board I he boat She will start as above, leaving tier foot of Grand si., E R., at half past 8 ; Pike street, ; foot of Hammond street, North River, at 9)< ; Spring street tt 9^, and Pier I, North River, at 10 o'clock, A. M. Should the weather prove unfavorable, it will take place the next day angl7 4tTi<TliSa8cM*m THOMAS 1BILBT. CITIZEN'S NEW DAY LINK Of r m NOPPOSITION BOATS KOR ALBANY, Landing at Van Conrtlandt'* Newburgh, Poiighkerpsie. Kingston,Catskill and Hudsou.?Kare 40 cents? Breakfast and Dinner on Board. The new and elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS. Capt. a , T.Tk.,r.j.?? ?<< L.ir ..... l?i,*A? M,' from "the pl?T foot ot ftobinson street, touching at Hammond street jaer. from New York, Kor tmssage or irieglit, apply ? t>oard lb* Boats, or to (iM. T- Stanley,at the office, foot of Robinson street. [ty All ixTsomnre forbid trusting the shove boats ob a? ow.i#r. _ mvllrl. i'OHBHHK W8BUHV .LONG BRXNl H, W. SOHKNCK'S, HIGHLANDS, Ocean dUMUWBMai Home, and Katontown Landing. The Steamboat KDWIN LKW18, ( apt Haynes, will m? as follows fVom foot of Vnvey street, North Hirer: I.rair tftw York. Leant SSrrwtbury. An*, o'clock. Aug. o clock. Monday, 21, at II A.M. Monday, 21, at i P.M. Tuesday,84, at 12 M. Tuesday, 21, at 4 1 M. \Vedn'v,?5, at J A. M Wedn'y, 20, at 7 A.M. Wfdn'v,2'., at 2H P. M. Thnnd'v.2G. at 8 A.M. Thura'dy2<>, at :i I'. M Friday, 27, at ? A. M. Friday, 27, at 4 P.M. Saturday,21, at 9 A.M. 8ca?e* will be in readiness on the arrival ?f the boat to con vey paanengers to all |*rts of the country. Jy3l 10t*rc FOR SHRfcWaBtTRY, 0(3KAN HOUSB. Liona Branch. Runsom Dock, Brown'a Dock, mMHw Midnletown and Red Bmk.?The Steamboat ORUS, C. Price, Master, will ran aa followi, from Fulton Market Slip, Kant River Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock. Monday, 23. 12 M. Monday, 21, 4 P. M. Tuesday, 21, I P. M. Tuesday, 21. 5 P. M. Wednesday, 2.1, A. M. Wednesday, 2S, 2 P.M. Thursday, 2?, 7 A.M. Thursday. 26, 3 P.M. Friday, 27, R AM. Fr-dav, 27. 4 P.M. Saturday, 21, il'* A.M. Na'urdiy, 22, i P.M. Snndty, ?9, t A. M. Sunday, 2'J. 5V, P. M. Monday, 3#, 7 A. M. Monday, 30, II A M. Tuead.iV, 31, 7 A. M. Tuesday, 31, 12 M. The Line Si.iires will run to Howall Works, Sou an Village and Freehold. Stages to couvey passengers to all parts of tlie country. N. B All Persona are forbid trusting the above boat on account of Hie Owners J. p. ALLAIRE. snl Hit*re - . JV,ltMN'iU'NK ft)R ALBANY AND TliOY and Intermnliate Landings. JMrnMHw Breakfast and Dinner on bonrd itie Boat. Th<- low pressure steanil,oat TROY, C'aptaiu A. Uorham, will leave the stermbnat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondaya, Wednesdays, and Kridays, at aavea o'cloek A. M. Re tarninn on the opposite daya. Th* Steamer NIAOAH.A, Capt. II. L. Kellogg, will laava the Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street, Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday, at half paat si* o'clock, A. M., returning on the opposite days. ITT" Fare it Ceatt. t For passage or freight, apply o> board, NUM. Hall, at the office on tha wharf. Jytt % E NE NI WutUSLE llniFPARD'8 EMuTka^ION oWlffi! vy iu connection with OKO. RIPPARD U HON, 134 Waterloo Koad, Lirrr|iool. Persoui wiahing to *end for their friend* iu the old couutry, can *ecure paauge in any of the following uew line of packet*, tailing froin Liverpool ou the 6ih ' of every month, viz.:? rONSTlTUTlON, 1 500 ton*, Capt. John Brittou. QUEEN OK THE WEST, 1,200 tou., Capt. P. Woodho?*e. LIVERPOOL, 1,150 torn, Capt. John t< Idridge. HOTT1NOUEK, 1,000 tou., f'apt. lmBur*ley. Geo. Rippard 81 Son arc the only agent* in Liverpool for the above line of packet*, in addition to which they deapatch a lint data ahip every weak. Peraons tending money to their friend* 111 large and small amount*, can be accommodated with drafts 011 the Be I fait Banking Company, and their uuiiurom branches in Irelaud; alto on the principal bauk* iu K.ngTand. Scotland, and Wale*. Appivto Carlisle k ripparo, ao21 I0r*m 58 South street, cor, of Wall. t.ot tui.iai>e.u 1 AOOAur. 01111,1,. M. Ml ft m 275 Piarl Struct. SAMUEL THOMPSON AND NEPHEW. Auk*t> roa thr "Black Star" Lihr ov Packet* lt47. l.ivrrpool to New Yurk. 1111 Ships Captaint. Tns Keg Tnt B'n Marmion, (new) W. Kdwardf, 985 1009 Sardinia, (new) C. K. Crocker, >02 1400 Sea, T. K. Freeman. HI 1400 Liberty, P. P. Norton, 792 1300 nugueuoi, o. umiunue, w iww America, (new) Wear*. 1180 1900 Empire, (new) J.O. Hussell, 1090 1800 Niagara, II. Russell, 730 1350 Senator, (new) II. Coffin, 850 1450 Ohio, T. J. Bird, 768 1375 Cornelia, F. M. French, 1065 1750 Chaos, J. L. Wilton, 810 110U Elizabeth Deniaon, T. W. 8pencer, 806 1400 Peter Iiattrick, J. D. Post. ?70 1300 The subscribers would respectfully inform their frieudi anil the public that they have added teveral splendid new shins o their line of packets between thia port ana Liverpool, which has been favorably known and extensively putroinied for a period of more than thirty years, and have uo hesitation in assuriug thoae who may wish to maice engagements for the |>assage ol their friends from Englaud, Scotland or Ireland, that they will fiud these ships inferior to none in point of comfort, convenience iumI safery, one of which will sail from Liverpool, every six days, throughout the year, making delay and the consequent expense to emigrauts at the port of embarkation impossible. A free passage per steamer from the various Irish and Scotch ports, with bread stuffs, and hospital money paid, may be secured all at the lowest rates; and when those settled for decline coming nut, the full amount paid will be promptly refunded as usual. For further particulars, apply to SAMUEL THOMrSON k NEPHEW, 275 Pearl street. or to C. GRIMSHAW ((CO., 10 Ooree Piazzas, Liv'pi. Drafts or exchange, payable at sight, aie also furnished foi any amount, on R. C. Glyn Ik Co., Bankers, London; C. Grimshsw & Co., Liverpool; the National BaiA of Scotland: National Bank of Ireland, and Northern Banking Co. Applj M ibwe. ' jyM Mt*rc Mill NEW ORLEANS." ~ LOUISIANA AND EW YORK LINE. m M & to HAIL Every teN days. Ship OSWEGO, Captain Joluisou. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIKTON, Captain Ingersoll. Ship LOUISVILlLE, Capt. Hunt. Ship SARTFJ.LE, Captain Taylor. Bar* GENESEE. Captain Miuot. Bark J. E; WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Bark HEBRON, Captain Greig. The above ships are all of the first class, of light draft of water, and commanded by the most experienced captains in the trade. Their cabins are haudsoroely furnished, and every attention paid to the comfort and conveuience of the passengers. Neither the captains or owuersofthe above ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, isilver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcels, or Packages seut by, or put on board of them, uuless regular bills of lading are taLeu lor the same, and the value therein expressed. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 56 South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff Ik Co., who will promptly forward aU goods to theiraddress. ift* jmESL ifHaBn OTT'mMnltATIo!^ufPT(JE, 8ii Souths^ X Tenons W'tjinf to send for their fricuds in the old qpuntry, cnn secure passage on reasonable terms, by any or the magnificent ships comprising the new Line of Liverpool packets, viz:? CONSTITUTION, 1750 tons, Captain John Britton. QUEEN OK THE WEST, MOO tons, ('apt. P. Woodhouse. LIVERPOOL. 1250 tons, Captain John Eldridge. HOTT1NGUER, 1150 tons, Cant. Ira Bursley, ailing from Liverpool on the Sth of every month. Passage can also be secured by the St. Oeorge's Line, or the Union Line ol Liverpool packets, making 91 all a ship every five days from that port. For further particulars apply to w. &. j. t. tapScott. jv29 Wi South street. New York. " REMITTANCE* TO IRELAND, he. JR ^^^^KGE Jr., No.^^^^Sway, continues to remit money, in sums large or small, to persons residing many part of Ireland, iu the sume maimer as he aud his predecessor in business luyje done for the last thirty years and more; also, to any p^rt of "igland or Scotland. vloney lemitted by Tetter, post-paid, to the subscriber, or personally deposited with him, with the name of the person or persons in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to be sent, auj) nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given ?r forwarded to the sender. jy21 301 in KHE.M II TRANSATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY.?The shipiof colnI'aa>r are appoiuted to sail as tof ? S" ?KROM NEW YORK. The PHILADELPHIA ou the 15th August The MI8SOUR1 " " 31st T* The NEW YORK " " i5th Sept. The UNION " " 30th ,r miom havre. The NEW YORK " " 15th August The UNION " " 31st These Steamers are equal toanv afloat, with commauders of tried skill aud known courtesy. Their state roomi aud cabins are unusually commodious, and they are provided with every thing requisite lor the comfort of passengers. The price of Bssage in the first cabin from New York ia $120. From avre 1,000 francs. Wines are not included, but will be furnished at moderate rate*. All letters muit piui through the (ioit office. For freight or parage, apply to au4 rc_ _ _A YM All It CO.. U South strs?L /j&SkBRITISH AND NOIITH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1200 ton* ~^bjm?w^S^aiid 430 horie m>wer each, under contract with the Lords of the Adinirality. HIBERNI A.Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA. Captain Edward (J. Lott. BRITTANN1A, < aptain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA,Captain Charles H. E. Juiikias ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. The four steamshi]is now building are THE AMERICA, THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA. THE EUROI'A. The vessels appointed to sail from Boston are the Hibernia,.. August 16, 1847 Cambria September 1, 1817 Caledonia September 16, 1147 Britannia October I, 1847 The vessels appuiuted to sail from Liverpool are the Cambria...., August 4, 1847 Caledonia August 19. 1847 Britannia September 4, 1847 Passengers' luggage must be on board the day previous to ailing. Passage money?From Boston to Liverpool, $120, do do to Halifax, $20. No berths secured until jnid for. Iftese ships carry experienced surgeons. No freight, except s|?cie, received on days of sailing. For freight, passage, or any other informal,on, apply to D. BR I OH AM, Jr., Agent. AtHARNDEN fc c6.'S,i 7illi-. If/"In addition to theaboveline between Liver|>ool 11 , Halifax, aud Boston, a contract has been entered into with Het Majesty's government, to establish a line bi-tweeu Liverpool and New York direct. The steamships for thisvservice are now beiug built, and earl v next year due notice wi|l he giveu of the time wlieu they will start. Uuder the new contract the steamers will sail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight during the other months in the year. Going al tern .itelv between Liverpool rind Il ilifax and Boston. aud !> Iween Liverpool arid New York. in2J r 4,6^ only rm?i:lar LTneof PAt kkthfor JHBWNKW ORLEANS.?The following well tatown, JnHNEal'ot sailing and favorite packet ships hare accomm*dations unsurpassed for cabin, second cabin and steerage pas engers, and will | oaitivcly sail as advertised, or passage free. The WABASH, Capt. llathaway, Monday, August 23d. The SILAS HOLMES, < ipt. Berry, Monday, Aui(. .lUtli. Persons wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will do well to secure passage by either the above packets, as thev are all first class ships, < oiujnaudt-d by meu eiperienced in the trade, and wtll sa,l poncttHlly on their appointed dayi. To secure berths, apply on board, or to aulJm W & J T. TAPSrOTT, M South v LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACK* TBfcJfsJflfVTo sail oil tlie 25th ?.f August.?7'b? celebrnted fast JMiilfinailliiK new packet ship LIBERTY, Opt. Nortcn, burthen 11(10 tons, will sail as above. This splendid packet has superior accommod tions for a limited number of second cabin passengers, in a spacious home on deck, with state room and single beitlia, and the between decks is titled up in the most comfortable manner, with single beiths, > t the low price of $10 each. I'lease apply on board, pier II, East River, or to C A. TEN EYCK, _ an?2 3t?m 67 Soith street. AAVf* KOR NKW ORLEANS.?Louisiana anil New jffjfdfVYork Line of Packets?The splendid fast sailing JHHifapacket ship HL DHON. P. Page nnsier, is now loaf lug, and will positively sail September IJ, her re^ulat day. For freight or passage, having haudnome furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E.K.COLLINS, 56 Sooth st. Agents in New Orleani. J. O. Woodruff ?t Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship Oswego, Capt. Ingeisoll, will succeed the Hudson, and mil hsrwiilsr da* antl Iiify mil Liyp.nrui/i^-Mw t,iue?nerniar pacgf t of 26th of Anaust ?The aplendid, faat tailing rffiOTfcil "h" allip S1DDON8. Captaia K. B. Cobb, will poulively anil u above, her regular day. Kor freight or paaaage, having auiwrior fnrniahed accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to 1?. K. COL.LIN8, M 8c?th at Price of passage, $100. The packet ahip 8H Kill DAN, Capt. U. B. Corniah, will succeed the Hiddous, and aail on the Itth o( Sept., her regular dav 1v2l lAf I'AI.KKi Sllll' t/l r.f \ OH TIIK WKMT, MRlfVKROVI LIVERPOOL is discharging under general JllMMv'irdrr.at l?*r Weatside of Burliiig Slip. ronaignres w in i lease attend to tlie receipt of goods immediately. All goods not i crmitted mutt b? ?et,t to tne Pnblie Store. WOODHULL k MINTIIRN, *231ti<- 17 8' nth atrret. 1**^" PACKET SHIP LiVERPOOLT lor Liverpnoi, |J0R*V having been detained, will sail Tint Day, at 12 mtUmrno'nlnrU precisely. Passengers will please be on boTruateanier Hercules, at WhitehalF docU, at that time. Let* ?r hag, will clote, at the ???ggft ? ^NTURN. a?) lire 17 South street, h OK II \ VRE?The f.tst sailing Packet aliip sRCTVKKANCIH DEPAU, Capt. Mnlford. will aail o??he ^^ Mwasage,having excellent accommodations, applyle the Captain, on board, Pier No. 10 North River, or M K.k U. FOWLER,22 Broad at Pric# of ptuaaic eighty dollar* (IN ) Ml* ? re W Y IW YORK, MONDAY MC INTELLIGENCE FROM THE WAR QUARTER. I From the N. O. Picayune. Auk 14The steaia-hip New Orleans, C'upt. Auld, arrived yesterday afternoon, having sailed from Vara Crui the evening of the 7th inst., and from Tampieo the evening of the 10th. The New Orleans brought over the following passengers:? Lieut. W. Smith, U. 8. steamer Vixen; Lieut. Jonea, U. 3. M. corps; PaFssd midshipmen C H. Wt-lls and O. 1'. Wtlsh, from the IT. 8. steamer Petrel; Midshipmen MoLaughlin and Maurv. of the steamer Mississippi; Lieut, rhus. Campbell. u. 8. A; Or. Canter. In charge of theslck, U. 8. A; Messrs. W. H. Brown. P W. Humphreys. Jno. I.aplace, J. M. (Gilbert, P. ( asasus, P. H. Motiennic, K. J. Lawrence, R. Maire, K. A. Martin, Geo. <'reps, O. Meret, C. H. Pemberton. C. D? Russey. O. Case, C. White. McMurry, L Oegenheart. F. Helm, W F. Mallory, J. O'Brien, J. Uaston, J Simonds, C. Fowler. Sergt Daley, W. D. Martin, J. Allerton, J Dibry, F T. Peterson, J. R. Learv, 8. Whittemore. B. T. Caro, W. J. Needham; 144 discharged and siok soldiers, and 45 teamsters. I The New Orleans brings malls from Vera Crux and Tampieo. We regret tolearn that the Tampieo mail | was stolen at an early hour yesterday morning, and ri tied of a portion of Its content*. Some of the letter* were subsequently rticovered, though the rogue supposed he had disposed of Ihem by casting them into* water oloset. In the mail was a letter addressed to Wm. Swift, Esq , from the contents of whtoh it would appear that three U S. treasury notes, numbered 331, 3'JJ, and 3J3, for $.r>(K) each, have been abstracted. They were dated Oot. 31, ltUti. It is supposed that other valuable letters have been stolen. Capt. White's company of the 3d Louisiana battalion received orders at Vera Crux to embark on board the New Orleans and proceed to Tampico. They did so at once, and reached their destination on the 1th inst The Tampioo Sentinel says they mustered one hundred men rank and file. Capt. Kairchild's company paraded in Vera Cruz on the tith inst., fully armed and equipped. They made a flue appearance The following morning they started out on a scout. Lieut. Waters, with a detachment of Capt. Besanoon's company, returned from a scout on the tttn lost. About 15 miles from the oity while riding along the banks of the Medelliu river, they were flred into by some Mexicans concealed in the bushes on the opposite side of the river, but no barm was done. The Sun says that one of the party, Mr. Wilkinson, being In advance, entered a house which had, from all appearance, been abandoned with precipitation, and found in it some papers, among which was the following pass 'id Company ok the East. , The chiefs of guerillas will please let the bearer, Crespin Marin, pass unmolested, with ten mules, as he goes to Vera Cruc to get provisions for the guerillas. Ciod and Liberty ! Kstero, August 5, 1847. JUAN ABURTO. To the uomiuauders of guerrillas. A train left the evening of tho Hth inst, for the army above ; it was escorted by about 1000 men. The following officers are enumerated by the Sun an commanding them:?Capts. Clarke, Morris, Alvord, Hoke, llornsby, and Winans, of the infantry; and Lieut. Jones, Cantwell, Wad Jell, Wheeden, Wilklns, Doyle, Sears and Creanor, of the artillery. Some accounts set down the number of troops in this train at from l.>00 to iOOO; our vnu (.Vlionpunucut BUjrtt UUV tllUUHUnU. The Sun relates that ou the ;)d itint . a man named Thomas Clark, belonging to the first Infantry, a prisoner in the guard-house of the palace, tried to pass the soldier then on guard, and. to accomplish his purpose aeiaed one end of the soldier's musket,and made some efforts to take it out of his hands. The latter flred at Clark, the ball passing in through his side and coming (<ut through his back. The ball afterwards wounded another Ban named George Kvana, oue of the Mmpany of mounted men under Capt. liesancon, and finally grazed the hip of the sentry at the other end Of the portallis, also belonging to the first infantry. The name of the man who fired is James Ilobinson. Our correspondent writes that his conduct was fully Justified. The wounded men were immediately sent to the hospital, and it is said Clark and Kvaus are dangerously wounded. On the 4th Inst., two out throats, l>y some supposed to be guerillas, attacked a sergeant of the 14tb Infantry, while on his way from the city to the camp at Vergara oth Mexicans were well armed, while the serguant bad only his sword, lie usod it t* good purpose, drivlug oS the Mexicans, but receiving several slight wounds hlmceif. A d? tachmont of the Georgia cavalry was sent out under (.'apt I.oycll, to endeavor to overhaul the two Mexicans, but the pursuit was vain. A small lot of pack mules arrived at Vera Cruz on the tith iust, Irom the interior. The owiu-rs would not disclose how they passed the guerillas, but it is threwdly suspected that they paid four dollars a head foi leave to come in. The following day one hundred and fifty pack mules arrived from Cordova, laden with sugar aud Mexican brandy. No doubt is entertained that Jarauta or some of the' guerilla chiefs have adopted tile plan of granting permits in order to raise the wind. Hopes are entertained that in this way some trade will be carried on between Vera Cruz and th* interior. Nothing later has been received by this arrival from luc uriuy at rueDiii. various rumors liaa reached Vera Crui, purporting to be from Mexico One of theae is to the effect that commissioners bad actually been appointed by Santa Anna to meet Mr. Triat. Our correapondent at Vera Cruz, writing on the 7th Inst., attaches importance to thia rumor. Wo may recur to it. Ou the 3d inst. a mail arrived in Vera Cruz from Jalapa. The Haletin ite In j Noliciat waa received by it as late aa the 30th of July. Thii ia a little paper thoroughly Mexican, published in Jalapa. From it we learn more particulars of lien. Tierce's march through that town than had before been received. The holet n sayi that the train which the general eacorted paaaod by without lialtiag, but he. with 300 dragoona entered the city, and addressed tho following note to the corporation?(We give the Sun'i translation:) Jai.ai'a, July 'Jti, 1847. To the Corporation of Jalapa ?A brigade of the American army, now encamped near Jalapa, are in want of provisions. 1 therefore ask this corporation < f Jalapa to furalsh, at a reasonable price, all this brlgi.le ia in need of. I will take the necessary steps to protect those who will furnish those provlaioua. if, at o'olock this evening, precisely, the provisions demanded are not forwarded, all the members of the corporation will be sent to Poroti- aa prisoners. V. PIERCE. W. K. Van Boni.ii*, Brigade <*. M. The reply of the corporation is given on the Spanish side of tbe Sun '1 he members are verv indignant at what they consider the harsh language or the general ? They make no difficulty about the provisions; these stuld have been had at reasons'^ rates, witnout any threat. They deplore their unforturate position, being dufencelesa This they say should have protected them from insult, lien fierce is the tiat American officer. they ?ay. who has thus had occasion to tind fault with them The reply is ''pretty sharp'' upon the general, but it is hardly worth translating. We give from the Sun of Jinuhuac the following summary of news made from the Holrtin : ? The same paper says that a Mexican, ( 'traitor," it says.) was encountered .by a party of guerillas, and being auspicious, he was required to undergo an examination, but having offered re?Utauc?. hu wa< killed. Three Urge packages, containing letters from the officers of the army, to their friends in the United States, were found in his possession The Buletin adds : ''In said correspondence It is stated that great fcdiscord exists between the volunteers and regulars of the American army, and that thl* may cause them to lightamoug themselves " That paper is delighted with this, and takes that opportunity to call the Vmericans "highway rol>l>cr?," ' Vankees," Uc It also hays that it appears from inter cepted letters, that Oen. Pillow and other American chiefs are of opinion Hint (he attack upon the capital will not be successful-- Lhat the commanding offloers consider the capital to be in a very strong state of defence, as much for its fortifications as for the number of men who will bn brought in action -and Anally that the guerillas had completely interrupted the correspondence between PueMa and Vera < rur The letters, after h? ving been read, were sent to the government at Mexiro. Kour American <1. ,-orters arrived at Jalapa, on the iOth ult three of whom were from Puebla and one from Oen. Plercs's train. They were to leave Jalapa for Coatepec. The Huh' n xtys that those from Puublareport that the deceit ion was wry great from the ranks of the American army, and that seventy-three deserters were advertised in one day, at Pnebla The one from Den Pierce's train, is said to report that wagons full of sick follow him. We don't believe one word of this. The Hnlflin further says that the Inducements held out to Americans to desert are not enough; that if the govenment would promts* them money or any other rewards ,Scott's army would be destroyed It counsels the Governor* of States to take measure* to foment and encourage desertion The same paper says assassinations are frequent in Jalapa, an well ?f Americans as Mexicans A small garrison Is required there for the protection of the Inhabitants. The Pnlttin of the Utth ult savs it* osner of the .17th wan ho fur from giving offence to the American* that it wan bought by many officers and soldier*. The Bnhtln expresses its surprise that the American* had not rebuked its freedom with thura, an Santa Anna woulJ have done with the pref of the capital. Another courier from falapa arrived at Vera Cru* on the 7th inst., and by thin we have received the holetin of the Ist and 3d of August. The letters received by this mail give no later news from Mexico or I'uebla, but ome further details. We announced a week ago the death of a messenger from Mr. Kendall, named Kranciico Ksplna. We now learn to our surprise that he was not Killed outright when takon. He was tried, and condemned to be shot. The sentence was executed the morning of the 3d August. We And In the Bnlrtin little new* worth copying, but some long articles whlrh we have not room for to-day. even if tney were worth translating. We turn to other Mexican pupera, In which we perceive a series of decreet of !>ant& Anna, promulgated through ('en. l.ombardine. They refer to the organisation of troops, forced loans, kc., and are not generally very Interesting. A decree of the 1 ith July orders a strict compliance with a previous one, directing Americans to leave the city. It commands them to leave within forty-eight hours for Han Joan del Mo, a town in the State or (^ueretaro forty-three league* from Mexico. Those thus ordered from the capital include not only Americans by birth, but naturalised citizens of tha I) nlted States, and all who under any pretext have previously obtained leave to remain. Tnay IKK i )RNING, AUGUST 23, 1& are commanded to coullne themselves to Ban Juan strictly, and especially not to tn?vo a stop toward* the capital. A stringent decree ?u iasued on the 1.1th of July, the preamble of which ussignii the " movement of the enemy upon the capital " as an exouse for its harshness Kvery soldier found ouUide the line of sentinels of the city, no matter under what pretext, unleaa he hare a written pass from a chief of the line, lit declared a deserter, and is to be shot as such. Those whe may assist or encourage soldiers to desert are also to be dealt with summarily. The last clasue of the deoree, however, allow* those who mar already hare deserted to give themselves up within lour days, and so escape all penalties. Another deoree, dated the 1st of July, provides for the organisation of two companies of infantry, to be formed out of the " Foreign Legion," which are to be known as the "First and Secoud Companies of Aetive Infantry of St. Patrick." Kach company is to oonsist of a captain. lieutenant, two nub-lieutenants, a first sergeant. four second seraeantu nln* mnumii *> >? tearor which the state In wbloh it is fouud ought to Infuse; nothing id ?k<in which ui?y indioataffcMiignation and rancor, which the proximity of an invading army, which it cnn never love, should inspire in patriotic hearts I do not understand the .Mexican*. Nauta Anna himself obliges um to form a different opinion of him each day. Will it be possible tha' they will permit their rights to be trampled under foot with impunity to such extreme' Shall they allow to be slain the little honor which is left them, in a moment sct favorable to regain that which they have already lost. I am here among them, seeing them, and even tnu? I am confounded without knowing what to think, or judge of them. Seeing the protests and promises which are dally made, I cannot conceive how they would humiliate themselves shamefully by concluding a ridioiflous and dishonorable peace; out uotwithstanding all this, 1 repeat, it Is assured, and it is believed, by a great number of respectable persons, that very soou will be concluded an amleaI ble adjustment. Let us wait patiently, since it will not be long before we will know the result, and then we will be able to judge more properly of these men and their words. THE ARMV OK (.EM. TAYLOR. ioi i nueu ^taies iranspori scnooner Meile, (,apt. Morgan, arrived yealerday from Brar.os Santiago, having Hailed tbenoe on tbe tith inat. The papers from .Vlatamoros are no later than hare buen before received, but we have a mail through from the army of Oen. Taylor. The Belle brought over the following passengers. ( apt. Wofford and Meut. i'rinoe, of the 13th Infantry, Capt. Moholas, of the Massachusetts regiment. Dr. Hemes, of the Texas Rangers, Major Milan of Kentucky, and nineteen discharged volunteers and <|uartermasler's men on deck I 'pon the Belie were also, brought over the remains of l.ieut. Charles lloskins. 4th infantry, who fell gallantly At Monterey, and of tbe following members of the two Kentucky regiments : Henry* Kdwards, John J. Thoreau, Abraham (ioodpaster, Knocli Bruton, Sergeant Henry Wolf. Win. Blackwetl, Lemuel Bartlett, James Seston. John Sanders and John KUenwood. CAW Btkna Vi.ta, July 21, 1847. The town has been been full of rumors for the last woek relative to the movements of the enemy and the prospect of peace, and the camp has of aourse buen fruitful and multiplied, bringing forth the most splendid improbabilities. [We omit these rumors, as they were all unfounded. | The news supposed to have been brought by express from Han Luis, of which I Npoke In my last, was of no importance whatever. The dragoons who went on a reconnoissance under ( 'apt. Arnold from Monterey on the 14th inst., returned a few days since to that place, aud without meeting any of Urrea's band, or hearing of them?everything was perfeotly (julet A rumor was in circulation here and in Haltlllo on Wednesday,that a party of Americana going from Monterey to Carmargo were attacked near Uumos and murdered. Among them was a Mr. Train, a government agent, and a very brave, daring man. We have had no confirmation or the rumor, and I am inclined to believe it an old ilamprdt in a new dress. The uninitiated should bo apprized lliat the word is applied to fall* rumors aud false alarms.? Tbe relios of tbe Mexioan army who we e wounded on the Held of Uuena Vista, about :I0 crippled soldiera, left Haltlllo on Wednesday for San Luie, with permission of Oen. Wool They were a melancholy sight, and told a forcible tale of the horrors of war. for the most part tbey have been attended by our surgeons and subsisted at our ex- | I pernio, id? .tieximn* rciuoianuy yienung, *nu even men I seldom, to the pleading* of destitution from men who had perilled their live* and sacrificed their limb* for their Hake. A Mexican no-haired dog Is fondled In the bosom, oareued and ituffod to repletion, while a Mexi. oan soldier i? spurned and suffered to starve, and treated worse than a dog In anywhere else. Intelligence from Tarrae, received Hinco my last, lulls all apprehenalons that were felt from the reported advance of the (Jainanches and Imparts no further particulars of the outrages they committed .Satisfied with what they did they appear to ha?e retired, not caring to approach too closely to the company of Texan ran gers stationed at i'arras. It pains me to say that the health of the troops here, the lufantry brigade, continues to be very bad and the slok list very large. The deaths are principally confined to the North Carolina regiment, which has lort fourteen mon within a week. The Virginia regiment haa lost three only, old cases, and the MissUslpplana about the same number. There la very little of Interest In thl* uolutpn aow. but the other division furnlshea enough to make up for it?our turn may come after awhile?In hop* of which, ailioi CtMr Burn* Vihia, July Jft, 1V47. Ail this is the last opportunity I shall have of communicating with you for some ten or twelve day* probably, I will give you the only Item of news there Is afloat. This morning four Mexicans came to Kneantada. about twelve miles from here, and stated that In the Xaoatecas pass, to called, twenty-five or twenty six miles from here, they had been attacked by a Mexican guerilla band and robbed of qvery thing about them of the slightest value: that thev had then ho?n t>i>?. near by, blindfolded, and tied. and kept theru for two daya. when they were releaaed. The band of of robber* they My consisted of fifteen armed men The prisoner* were rii mute from Han LuIh t'otoel for this place, and one of ttinm. an agent of an Knglish Arm in Haltlllo, had a letter from the city of Mexico, postmarked the 7th Inst., written b? a correspondent of tne firm The M*xlcana arrived at Kneantada this morning, and reported their story to the oommandar of the Texan Rangers there, who immediately despatched a party with one of the Mexicans in search of the robbers The other t hree eame.lnt* Oen. Wool's camp in charge of a ranger, and hamled oter the latter of which I hare spoken It waa of a purely commercial character,except tne closing paragraph, which stated In substance that all was and uncertainty aa to what wan to be done either by the Mexican* or " Yankee* and particularly whether It waa Intended that tbla dlrlslon should aw?? 1 on to Hu Lula or not; a* to peace, the writer ?aJd It ?H not looked for. A lieutenant in one of the Texan companies stationed at Kneantada waa accl- i and eighty soldiers. There are various other decrees in the papers, which, if not otherwise interesting. prove how absolute is the authority of Santa Anna. Under the powers conferred upon him to resist the invasion, he is In fact, though not in name, a supremo Dictator. We have received by thin arrival a copy of the Tampico Stntintl of the ?Ih innt. Thut paper sums up the state of ailairs in that oity thus:? We have not been attacked, we are not all prisoners, nor is the yellow fever oarrying death and destruction into the dwelling plsceg of onr inhabitants; but on the contrary, we are in the enjoyment of a reasonable nbare of that precious boon, health; there being no epidemio amoogst us, and what few cases of sicklies* that really do exist are of a mild character, nud readily give way to medical treatment. As to our being attacked, wr hope we may be, but the prospect look* dull at the present writing The Sentinel takes exceptions to the strictures of the press upon the expedition to Huejutla. We have neither time nor room to discuss the subject to-day. We hare reoeived no letters from Taiupico by this arrival. Can the following order of Col. Gates have anything to do 4with this? We hope, at all events, that underscore one paragraph in the orders. Orders No. 07. Hkaixiuartkhs, Dm'ahtmhwt o? Tami'ico,? August 7, 1817. ? I. The following extract from the "Army Regulations" is published for the information of all concerned ' rrivate letters or reports relative to military marches and operations are frequently mischievous in design and always disgraoeful to the army They are therefore striotly forbidden; and any officer found guilty of making such report for publication without special permission, or of placing the writing beyond his control, so that it flnds its way t > the |>ress within one menth after termi UBVIUU IM lur vnui tu 1TU1UU It rt!IKied1 liUili OH U1Smlssed the service " J. Any citizen of Tauipico found guilty of making similar r?Dorin for publication, without the sanction of the commanding om<-.?r, will be dnalt with according to the nature of the case. By order of Col Gates : WM. H ORAV, A. A. A. 0. INTERESTING RUMORS OF I'KAt'E. (Correspondence of N. O. La 1'atria.) Mkiico, July 19, 18(7. It is now eight days since wo are deprived of the Matin faction of knowing the news of thin country through the medium of the press, as the Diario del Qobierno, which Is the ouly one which ii published since the 11th instant, serve* < nly to put us in despaii with its insipidity of the details which it publishes) consequently we are prying into every thing, aud seeking signs which may show us what the government thinks, and what it ! intends to do in the present circumstances. The shameful apathy In which it lies, manifests clearly that as regards the national defence, there Is more Hmoke than ttre; (nm o rl nn'ilii i/ur Im nuecel,) since having had and having yet the best opportunities in the world to destrov the American army whioh is in this vicinity, everything lies in masterly inactivity. I have conversed to day with several persons, who, like myself, pry into every thing among them ? there are editors and compilers, who, as it is to be suppposed, are now more anxious than ever to know what passes It is manifest that all op?rations iudlcate that very soon we shall have peace?perhaps before a month?and it is certain that all the preliminaries are already concluded. I, in truth, am astonished to see Hants Anna and his followers continue always showing themselves disposed to bring the war to an end?uto die or to conquer'"?but without ever their actions according with their words. We have forces and arms sufficient to exterminate an Invading army even double that which General Scott brings; but, according to my mode of seeing, it wants the principal:? decision 'i he, articles which appear in the Government paper, are all full of energy and patriotism?but unfortunately for Mexico, it seems that all the patriotism and energy are locked up in printing. The uotiflrtf t\f f hu nUv ilntta muni f.,at in m n u >?? >? I ERA 17. dentally shot this morning, while either mounting or dismounting, by one of his lioUter pistols unexpect edly discharging itself I lie wound is serious, but not dangerous one. This Is all the news I have for you until 1 return from an expedition upon wbieh i start to-morrow morning In oompany with a party of dragoons. Where I am going I will tell you when I oome back, as an Irishman would say. and what the purpose of the expedition is, for of neither the one or the other have I the remotest oonception. It is sufficient for ma to Know that 1 shall have a chanoe of seeing something, and that it promises variety and adventure; so farewell for.the present ARMY. Kxtraot of a letter from an ollcer in Company A in the Massachusetts Regiment, dated Oralvo, July 12, 1847 :? Col. Wright Is the moat glorious fellow that ever commanded a regiment in this oountry. He proves to be a man and a gentleman in every respect. Since he arrived in Mexico he has dropped polities as far as the regiment is concerned, and since he was elected Colonel, his onlv ambition seems to be, to make the Massachusetts Regiment the crack regiment of the oountry. ? ? ? We have a great many reports concerning the probable Dlan th? MmxIoavm will ulnnf. fn thwlr nntLln*?i?/l ????? ral attack upon the pouts forming this line; but we cannot m vet form an opinion as to their real intentions. I think Gen. Taylor supposes we shull nee some fun ?oon, for a short time since he sent 1111 order to Camargo for a twelve pound howitzer for the use of this post, which piece with the implements and a large quantity of ammunition came up by the last train of wagons. We have large quantities of ball and buckshot cartridges for muskeU also. Our encampments is broken up, and we have moved into an old oouvent, which is very large and of nutftoirnt strength to stand a long siege. ****** We have a tine breeze here, nearly all the time, but during the day we find exposure in the open air almost insupportable. Another thing makes it still more disagreeable ?that is, the limestone formation of the earth?the reflection of the sun from which, is almost torture to the eyes. On this account a number of our men are troubled with opthamla. and la accordance with the umtom of the country, it is usual for all but the guard to take a siesta after dinner. Our command haw been busy sinoe it came hrre, in burying men of the North Carolina regiment, which, bv the way, is n? regiment any how. Our regiment is small, but it is healthier and in a better state of discipllne^than any volunteer regiment in the eountry, at least I nave been told so by officer* in the regular service navar-. With pleasure we give place to the following letter ? Lauuka, Vi/catan, Aug. 3, 1847. The following U. 8. vessels aud officers are stationed at l.aguna, Island of '.'armen, Yucatan : ? U.S. bomb brig Vesuvius, <??o. A. Magruder, Ks<f., commander; Henry P. Robertson, lieutenant; I' Benson De l.anv. assistant surireon: Francis Kev Murray. passed midshipman and acting master; Charles Dyer, jr., and John Madigan, jr.. paajwd midshipmen: John 8. Isaacs, captain's clerk; Francis Dawson actiug gunner. U. 8. schooner Mahonese. Kylvanus VV. (iodon, Ueutennut commanding: john II Brown, passed mldshlpman, acting master; llenry 8. Newcoub, Jon-ph 8. Day. pasted midshipmen. St. 1.oui?, August lft, 1*47. I yesterday received a letter from one of the volunteers of Col. Kaston't command, giving a full account of the late wassaore of eight men. on the Arkansas, of which I wrote you a few days since. The particular* are about these As is usual in all newly raised corps of volunteers, but little discipline had characterized the command of Col. Kanton. The soldier* would wandi'r off from camp, and frequently unarmed. On the north side of the Arkansas, along the wagon route, there ia very little timber, and on camping it became necessary to send to the south side for fuel. The men, though fre<(Uently reprimanded for so doing, were in the habit of crossing in disorder, and often unarmed. On the morning of the^2Ut of July, about twenty-five meu crossed In this manner, and scattered out from the river bank, over an area of several hundred yards. Suddenly a host of savages?my correspondent says not less than five hundred?rose up from the grass, armed with spears, and commenced among the volunteers an indiscriminate slaughter. Such of the men us were armed, fought, as best they might, against such odds, but most of them rushed at once for the river. One was chaMi-d into the stream by an Indian, and there killed. Another was severely wounded on the bank As soon as the tiring was heard In camp, a number of the companions of the unfortunate men rushed to the rescue, perceiving the approach (of whom the Indians tied, leaving on the field olght dead and four wounded. The names of those who fell are as follows:?Of rapt. Iiarne's company, killed?Henry Harlow. Valentine Itegg, William Duncan. Francis Tureott, Ludwick Tanner and lacob Johnson; scalped and otherwise severely wounded?Benjamin l>'rost. Of (.'apt. I'aul's company, killed?rhllander Porter and Charles Fuss; wounded? Ami/.i Stanley. Michael McBrlde and William Warner; the first slightly, the two latter severely. Froit was reen to tight desperately with his clubbed rltle, but on searching the ground that evening for the slain and wounded, he could not be found Neit duy about noon iirs rrtbn uurrk iim on bur n\juvu uaiiik ui lull river. WIliLDHr li? Lad crawled. lit) stated that he had known nothing after he felt, until next morning, when he was aroused by tiring in camp. He was scalped in a shocking manner, thii entire head being flayed ! Three days after he was still alive, and hopes were entertained for his recorery. The rest of the wounded, It was thought, would also recorer. Of the killed, .four were scalped. The enemy, it is supposed, lost one man killed, and at least one wounded. Several were boiue from the field. The savages were Camanches, and bad oae white man, armed with a ritle, among them. He spoke Knglish, and was beard to say, " Come on, if you will fight." A most shocking Instance of barbarity to slave occurred in this olty recently, and the tacts have just become publio. Last week the coroner was called to hold an inquest on the body of a colored female child, nine years of age, the property of a person by the name of ('ordell, who lives a tew mile* out of town. The child had been hired to a family by the name of Tanner, residing in this city, and it is alleged that authority had been given by Mrs. T. te a negro woman to correct the child at will. A few days since, the little girl was sent home to Mr. Cardell in a dying condition, and almost flayed alive. She lingered a short time, and died The jury of inquest fouud on examining the corpse, that the bouy had been deeply excoriated from the crown of the head downward, apparently with a raw hide. There were several deep cuts through the scalp, laying the scull bare, and around the neck, and on several parts of the extremities were traces of cord. The child no doubt had been bound and strangled to prevent her cries. Hhe was insane when brought to her master's house, and begged Incessantly for bread, showing that among the horrid craelties practiced by her toriuenters, starvation had not been overlooked. Horrid as are these circumstances, no arrest has yet Jievn made in connection with them! Yours, AU(il!M. Tub Yalk College Commkncbmknt.?The class of 1797 held their first class meeting since their graduation, on Tuesday. Twelve out of the twenty-four surviving members were present; and only thirteen out of the thirty-seven who graduated had died. The longevity of the members of this class is truly remarkable, two-thirds of the whole number being alive after h separation of half a century, while no other cUh.h within fourteen yearn of it, presents so rare a sprinkling of star* on the triennial catalogue. Among the deceased of this class were the ilon. iienry Baldwin, 1-1,1)., of Pittsburgh, late Judge In the Supreme Court of the U. 8.; Hon. ttimuel A Koote, l,L.D., of Cheshire, late Governor of Connecticut; (ien Jlrah Isham, of New I.ondon; Her Timothy KUld, of Windham, Vt.; Rev. Ira llart. of Stonlngton; and Rev. Asa I.yinan. of Clinton, N. V. Of the thirty-seven member* of the cIshs, sixteen made law their profession, six of whom became magnates, and four attained the degree of LL.D.; thirteen became Congregational and Presbyterian clergymen, and two clergymen in the Protestant Kplscopal church Of the clergymen three have been honored with the degree of D D. About three fourths of all the member* of the class are. or have been communicants in orthodox churches, and most of them officers in those churches. The twelve who assembled on this occasion were the Rev. I.yman Bencher, I) I)., President of l.ane Seminary, at Cincinnati, Ohio; Joseph Billings, Ks<j , of liatlteld, Mass ; Itev. Israel Bratner4. of Vnrnon, New York; Rev. Diodate Brookway. of K.lllngton Hon Hen nett Bronson, of Waterbury ; Assliel ( larke, Km of Columbia, Conn ; Rev. Sylvester Dana, of Concord, N. H.j Hod. Thomas Day, I. l D . late Serretsrv of State, Hartford, Conn . Rev Charles Ooodrich. of Havana*, Chemung oounty. New Vork; Men Sylvester Maxwell, of Charlemont, Mass Rer fames .Murdock, D. D.. of New Vork City The meeting was of Intense interest to thoie present; and, with unanimous consent, it was agreed to meet again II lite "hould on Npart'd. at the end of three year*. and 'hat tna other *urvivnr? of the ela?* who were not at thl* meeting, be solicited to attend. (Hid Doth *hare and lncrea*i? the luxury of *uch a fraternal embrace in th? evening of life ? Niw Haven Herald, Jl InTRRI'IB Co.VDI'i'T ?)f * LlTTI.e GlRt..? Wf learn from the Ronton Adrrrti*rr that, on Monday afternoon, at tbn children of < ol Thompson and Captain Ald?n (Afford were playing on the bank* of the canal, in Woburn < entre, a little daughter of Colonel Thoinp*<>n. *lx J**?" old, fell Into the c.an*l, when In* bella the daughter of Capt. Olfford, immediately jumped la to *ave her little playmate Hhe *eiied her, but at the moment both got Into deep water, and their Ml nation became ?xtremelv perilous, yet the rourageou* Isabella *trove vigorously to keep her eompauinn'e head above water. Both woald probably hate been drowned had not the outorlei of tJapt, (iitford n ?on Ucorge, *ii year* of age. brought to their a*?l*taniM Mr Atherton, who wk working in a shop not far distaat. The little boy wa* shouting to hi* winter to nave her companion Doth children were nearly exhausted when taken out, and Uabella w?? nearly *peeehleim for noma time The Mtate (Antral Committee of Connecticut hare called a State convention, to meet on the '.'id Neptember, to nominate candidate* for governor and other State ?Aner?, an well a* to " appoint two delegate* to repre??nt the Htate at large in the next national convention for Dominating candidate* for I'rMident and Vtoe President ef the United State*. and will alan mate an exprMniou In regard to the proper time and place for holding raoh oonvvntton." JLD. PrtM Two Mil The Watering Place*, S?K?Toi;? Brmnat, Aug 31 IM7 Kor a Jay or two the weather hM been somewhat cooler, and the variation in the thermometer hu produced a Alight change in our social atmoephere We regulate life at Saratoga by the oonditlonof the weather To-day, however, it is warmer, and our spirit* expand proportionabiy with the mercury. The body of carriage horse* stand quietly in the shade of the United tttatai, switching their long tails; the flies continuing, aa of old. to annoy them. The usual number of loungers are scattered aroond the piaizaa. or are perched upon dry good* boxes along the (hady walk*; and the ladiea, dree* ed in the perfection of fashion and taste, are moving to and fro, shopping and flirting. The Police Court I* doing quite a business here. Thl* muiuiu| innrn wcrr mrvv ouupiUHM iur MMUll ? ? " battery, and one for obtaining fraudulently a hank not*. I se* from a letter in the lierald of the 14th inft., that a correspondent imagined that the Payilion and Iodine Springe are in lex* repute than formerly. Whether misled by Interest or Inadvertence, he la mistaken. The medical lUiUities of theae Spring* render resort to them I imperative upon certain cla**es of Invalid*, and they would maintain tlMr reputation for healing efloneyeren if Sa'atoga should beoome no longer the AC eve of fuhlOBable life, but only a report for Inwallds ; added to the? qualities, these waters have un agreeable taate, and' the proprietori have further madj Breat effort*, and at aeonRidttrable expense. to beautify the ground* around the Hpriug, which promise within a short time to beoome the moat attractive and beautiful in Saratoga. The owners are sending off continually large quantities of theee waters to our oitie*. and the demand I* increaa _Yesterday there was a trotting matob upon the rnee ground. The horsee entered were Saratoga, Unknown, and the Cambridge Ulrl. The latter took the etake*. She made one heat In ta. Ids. On Wednesday, Lady Suffolk and Moscow are to trot again. The event of the last race, whioh 1* considered here a* having been BO test of the comparative speud of these horsee, oausos this race to be looked forward to with unusual Interest There will doubtless be a great crowd preeent. On Thursday night theladies of the Kplsoopal Church held n fair at the United State* Hotel They had n large assembly, and reoeived The Saratoga ladles compared to advantage in point of beauty and taate with their fair visiters from other places. Few villages can present in an assembly like this, so many lovely, attractive and intelligent women. The .Herald, thanks to the enterprise of Mandell, come* regularly to hand. The New V ork news can be ^i.?.i.....i .? ki. ? i * ? ? ? - VVMIIUVU Ml* Mil UU|*VlM UlUVDt ?fl BWU ?lf lb gMUM CITOU" tion In your oity. 8em.>n Hotel, } Richkiclu SrHinu*, August il, 1847. ) I left Saratoga yesterday morning at six and half o'clock, and arrived at this rural and beautiful watering place last evening at four o'clock. I cams over the Saratoga railroad to Schenectady, and then procured a seat in the great western train, for Herkimer, Oneida county. The Saratoga railroad was never In better condition. The company are very vigilant In their efforts to guard against accidents, and tho cars have been ao arranged, that accidents from what are oailed "anake heacs," oannot posalbly occur; the road la therefore quite as safe as any road with the heavy iron rail. The officers are gentlemen; and Mr. Wheeler of Saratoga, Is especially entitled to the thanks of the pnblie.for hie Indefatigable attention to the oonvenienoe of travellers: h'i in a man of industry and enterprise, and an honeel man At Herkimer, I assumed a seat upon the box of a pott coach by the side of an old whip of thirty years expertenue lUchtteld Springs, which are in Otsego oounly, are only thirteen utiles from Herkimer, and I remained at the side of the veterau whip during the entire route. The road from Herkimer to these springs. Is aa asoent of over nine hundred feet. It Is through a heavenly country, abounding with fruits and flowers and rich pastures; the scenery is also bold and sublime. It Is one of the finest portions of the State; and as my eyu followed the int?nninAtiIn forests, anil IIM It nunnlnl tho kmii acres of yellow grain with rapture, I congratulated myr*#*lf upou the rut resources of America. It may be truly said that this country is ch? granary of the world, und I believe there are few Americans, even, who bar* a conception of the commanding position whlob tb?lr country in U''?tineJ to fill among nations Here is a parcel of the eartb, rioli beyond Imagery ?fertile beyond ideal approximation, aud green and beautiful aa only Ood could make it. It is teeming with verdure, and prolific with excellence. May this great people, who are spreading over this ftpieudid mechanism of nature and absorbing it* boundless wealth, be worthy of auch munificence May they be the models of the world, ami the cheerful agents of the divinity In the diffusion of virtue and liberal principles throughout the earth. I found my companion upon the box of the posteoaeh, , to be an Intelligent and amiable man. A little way from Herkimer, a child appeared in the road with a basket ef whortleberries; the child gave them to the driver without speaking a word, and they were carefallv stowed hwbv upon the top of the coach. 1 afterwards learned that this noble fellow was daily aocustomed to recelv* a basket of berries from the child, for which be would pay her something more than the market price. When he arrives at the Springs be offers the berries for sale, und if a sale is effected, a part of the money whloh he baa given for the berries is returned to him; but If be Is unuble to effect a sale be gives them to some poor busily perhaps; but he never refuses to receive the berries Irom the child nor to pay her for them. Thta excellent man is a democrat, and be intends to vote for Oananl layiur, anu " nooouy eim since I firmly believe that thane Spring* will ultimately become more celebrated tbau Home other* In Amerioa, I Rend you au utialyein of the water :?Bicarbonate magnesia, -JO grain*; bi-carbonate lime, 10 do; ehlorld* ?odlum aud magnaaia, i.fi do; lulpbate magne*la,ao do; hydro-sulphate magnesia and lime, 3 do; Rulphate of lime, !H) do; Rolid matter. IMS do,; sulphuretted hydrogen ga*. 30 (i inch per gal. The KpUropnl Convention. Ai-rob*, Aug. 17, I?I7.?The KpUcopal convention lor the diooese of We?tern New York, commeaeed Ito Mttiug here to day The religioua service* occupied th* forenoon entirely The termon wax preached by the Jlev. Mr. Bollen, of Butavia. There are, betide* Bishop l)n Laao*jr, about iifty clergymen in attendane*; ana about the *ame number of pariihe* represented Thto afternoon the convention was organised by Mm ra-exaction ot the same officer* generally, without opposition. The bishop delivered hi* annual addre** thj* afternoon, in which he *tated that he had preached during th* y*ar 430 time*: confirmed lt?o? person*; and travelled upwards of 7000 mile*, performing a most extraordinary amount of labor. To all appearance, the convention wlU go off quietly. A good deal of Interest is felt, however, In th* flection which oouie* off to-morrow; a* delegate* are to be chosen to a general convention to be held in New York, lit October, at which some evidencu may be had in regard to the Onderdonk case. Aijhuh*. August 1M ?Last evening a Mrmon wh preached before. tho convention by the Rct. Or. Iltll, 1 resident of Geneva College. upoa Christian Education. The surmou win very able and eloquent, detlgnaM to Illustrate tho importance of connecting religious with intellectual education After the wrmoi, a meeting waa held of tba members of the convention tho Bishop prehiding, at which resolutions were passed. Interesting addresses made by S. A. (ioodwin, Rs<| , of this place, Horatio Seyman, Ksij . of Attlea, Hon C H. Carroll, Kev. Dithcl Jiidd, 0. !>., Doctor Van Ingen.and Rev. Mr. Wilson, urging the Importance of sustaining Geneva College, talcing the ground that It was an excellent Institution of learning, situated in the centra of Western New Vork, where a college was needed, and that Kplsoopalians should sustain lt| none the less because It was under the control of their own denomination. This morning the same subject was brought up in the convention, aud revolutions pass*"I on the subjeot, and commanding the claims of the college to Trinity Church, New York The business of this day ba? not been particularly In teresting The ordinary routine of business wee gone through with no discussion wa.< had upon the Under donk question the convention chose the same mem Iwrs to the general oonventlon elected last year, to Wit? The Kev I'lew II I'roud, of I tlca, Ilov Hanry Gregory, of Syracuse; Rev !> Van Ingen. of Rochester; Rev lluiund Ingervoll, of Uuffalo. and Meears. David Hudson. Horatio Lyinan, George il. Webster, and Mr. WUl limn K f'.erpont, In the place of Jonaa Karl, deceased There ?* a strong disposition on the part of many I to l>rlDK up the Ouderdonk <|uestion upon a resolution of Instruction to the deley.tte < or otherwise,but for some cause It was not paired Mo-tol the clergy disavowed sny wish tor hi.: restoration, and three-quarters, at least, of the laitv present were decidedly opposed to it, and it was thought that the aentlment of the laity of thl* dlo case wasio strongly oppoaed to his re toration and waa so well known and understood, that none of the delegates dare go for hi* restoration whatever might be their opinion on the subject. The doctrine of Instruction xeeined not to be looked upon with much favor by the i lerifv and for reawtn* nr..?nm? ilia nnaiiUk *u not preamtad If a tent rots could ham Ix-nn taken iu th?; convention on the naked quention of t lie restoration of Biabop Ondenlwnk, I don t think there would hn?e been OTer fc or in affirmative rotea in the convention. The pooftiou of Iliahop Delancy on that subject waa such, however, that there wim a very strong repugnance, oa the part of many in the convention, to come to direct voto no the question, Inasmuch aa atirh rote might be construed into m rote of censure upon him, or might Mem to amy the ulergy and laity against him Thla Iliahop hlmaelf, ia doubtless fully mnalbla that tha general opinion of the (hurch in thla dlooese la ngalnat Iliahop Onderdonk. and that the peace and hnrmonjr of the dloeeaa, Mid tha < hurch. cannot l>e*t ha promoted by bla restoration The convention haa, upon the whole, gone off i|ulte harmoniously The only subject that onuaed diaaati* faction, waa unwllllngneaa of the clergy to ando the wrong done last January in displacing J udge < arrol from bin place an one of tha delegate# to thu General Convention. | ACS CAPtH. CKTKK HD8KKTH, T7J Broadway. XJ respectfully solicits the attention of laiiiea vmtiuc >*w ? ark to hit ttock of goods, compns.n* the followm*. vii:? aleiae Laca Cape#, from ti iipwarl. white and black Vi aiU?,|t; Mantilla#, *7, worth It; IM Shawl* $! . worth tt embroidered Muilia Cape#, $1 Mj do do Chimiietu, |l| do do Collar*, ti caau; do caaibne Hdkfa, $li?; Ravi.rre do, 7? cent#; tap* bordered do. #1* ceaU; infant's Robes and WaiHa , fary cheap; ladies'n#eiile work and tambonr Draaaja, do do | Lacaa, HoeUrr aad Ulorea, of#vary deecripuoa Jatt m*r

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