6 Eylül 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

6 Eylül 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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r t * Tfl] % mL Xm. No. ?44_Wllol? Ro, *641. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, aornar of Put ton and Rum Mb. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. cmcuLAnim-wmrv thoctawp. DAILY HKKALb? Kverv d??, Pri?e 3 c?ut?par eopr? * Uptr tttiaaitt?payable iu advance. wKKKLY rTfc-U ALD?i?very Saturday? Price ? *? Mr copy?ft* 12W reuu per anuu in?payable hi advance. HERALD FOR fcUROFE-fciery 8t?am Packet 4myPrioe f3{ ceoca per copv?%'j per aunum. inc hiding poata*e paynbt* ia ad vance. mbtcriutioa* and advertiaemen ts willb? received by Moaara. Oaliffnani, II rue Vmeune, Pari? ; P. L 8<toou(h, IB Coruhill. nud John Miller, the bookaellex. Londoe ANNUAL PICTORIAL HRRALD-rPnbliihed on th? - let Of linnruv .fmrii vMMimri* rnnioa liiMDCfl Mfill. ADVLHTl8?M?NT8t ai the usual prices?always cub }* fed v.vnce Ad vertinf mcnm thoild he written in a plain, leffibh maimer. The Proprietor will not be responsible for errors thai f it I N%i$0 "of *11 kind* executed beautifully ud rritt despatch. All letter* or communications by mail, addreased to tlu ett*l>li?hw?ot, araet be poit paid, or the pottage will M da ducted (mm i h? ?nh?rrint<na mintr remitted w??p?yTmmmm*mm NKW VOKK AINU HA11|<>..>1 KAILIUM D COMPAQ V 8UMMKK AIUIANOEMICNT. ON ^fj^0^U47, tli* Can will rnn u follow#, until further notice. Up traiw Will laava tlia City Hall for lUrlvmk Morrisiana. Fnrhara fc Tuckahoe PleasantriUe, HA.M, Will'mt Br'ge- Hart's aud Newcutl* 7 " 5 M A. M. White Pl'ns. Bedford, I 7 7 A.M. WWllicln-iU# 9 * II " 1# " Caoton Falls. it : 1 t'h. J** i ? 4 ? (M 6 " 5 M M 6 M * Re taming to New Tore will leave? Morrisianafc Harlem. Fardhap. Will'miBrVa. Tuckahoe. 7 04 A.M. S3 A. M. 6 43 A.M. 7 30 A.M. | io ? 7 44 " 7 40 I ? j ' ? 09 " 9 CB " 1 20 P. M. 10 11 23 P. M. 11 .4 P. M. 5 52 13 34 P. M. Mi " 1 <" " White Plhis. J " 5 oa " " 7 10 A. M. a 14 ' i 11 " I 33 " .? 20 " U " y*i - 1 P.M. . a la c aa llM.ant?ille. New Castle- Bedford. WhiUickrilla. 11 IJ A M. A M. 7 51 A M. 7 45 A M 613PM. * PM. ,441PM. 4 45PM Croton Falla. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. Tae trains to and from Croton Kali* will not Mop on New Tork Island, eicept at Biooiae street, and 32ditreet. A ear will precede each twua tea minutet, to take up passengers in ^TbamnmiK "*>u of frora Croton Falla will not stop between Whita Plaint and New York, eicept at Tuckahoe William's Bridge, and For dham. Extra crams <n Sundays to Harlem and Merriaiana, if fiat "stasea for Lak* Mahupaakand DanbaiT lesveCroton fall* na arrival of the 7 o'alock A. M. and 4 P. M. trauu, and for raw Finfli arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. FARJC FROM NKW YORK s To Croton K*l'.e 91 M To 87X To 15. To Pleaatiatville MX To White Plain*.., M ITreifht traiaa leave City H?l| at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Rattira.?n, leave CrotOH Kal? at 7 A. M. ma 9 P. M. OPPOSITION PASSAGE OFKICE-To r air'iBm MMJfc * l^-r, ai VI- Myracuae. t2\ Oawego: nNBNHQBietS: Rrifrlieiter. fl: Bnflf.ilo, $2; Cleveland. 4; De'reit.St; Mllwankie, SO 7V, Chicago, M 73; Cincinnati, $4 7i: T irnnio and Hamiltou, $4; Whitehall, $2; Montreal, $4: Piitabarg. St. Office, lull Barclay atreet. Any a.euntv required will be given for the fulfilment of all eontneta wide wiih thia company. au la Wl'te L_ tl\Y, Agent | New York. 1847. 4MH CONEYISLAND I^rT^.-TU waTl ^LiJkMyrkaowa ateamer AMERICAN EAGLE. CapjBC^SHULtaia Oao. H. Power, will rue regularly daring the i?:iao? in < oney lalaad, landing at Port Hamilton, aa folIowa:? Leaving Pier Na. 1, at 10, 1,4. A fine Cotillion Band aaaemjiaaiae tha bnaL au4 43t*re NOTICE rr?in 8TATKN ISLAND FKRllY.-Oa and t'' .lataafter SUNDAY, Aiiril 18th. the ataamboata .i.wmmmm* sylph *ud staten islander wiu ran aa followi, aatil farmer notice Liava ITATBN IIUKK At , 8, ?, 10,11, A. M.. aad 1, 8, 8, 4, 5. ?, T, T. M. liave naw you* .it 7, 8, 18, 11, A. M., an. 1, 8, tan miuutaa peat 1, aad at 4, 5, 6,7, o'c'of.a. P. M. N<? Yvrk April lltn. all r I ITIZJLN'S NEW "DAY LlNi'oi r^K^2*OPPOSITION BOATS KOR ALBANY, ftiMMIBlM Leading at Van Cuurtlandt'* Newbnrgh, Poaghkeapaie, Riufatou,Cat*kill andHudaou.?Fare SO cant*? Beeakl'aat xad Dinner on Board. Tha aaw mad elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capl A Degroot, Tneadays, '1 hnrndaya. and Seiardaya, at hnlf-paat ?ta, A. M., from tha pier foot or Robiuaon etren, toachinc at Ilamuiondatreatjaar, from New York, for paaaatte or Irieglit, apply an board tha Boata, or to Oao. T. Stanley,at theolfee, foot of Robiuaon atreet. ~T~ All perooeaare forbid (mating tha above boats oa i? ' > nvll rl, ZTZ AIOHN1NO LINE FOR ALBAN K AMD' iil'rm^ TKOY and latermadiate Lauding*. i Mil i"Vii8M8Bii> Breakfast sad Dinner on board the Boat. The low preaaure iieaniUoat TROY, Captain A. Oorham, trill leave the ateambnat pier loot of Barclay "beet. Monday*, Wedaeailaya, and Fndayi, at HTII o'clock A. M Returning oa ihe opposite day*. _ _ Tlx Steamer NIAO <RA, Capt. H L. Kellogg. will leave the Mteamboat Pier foot of Barclay atreet, Tueaday, Thuriday and Sararday, at half paai aix o'clock, A* M., returning oa the oppoaite day*. IT" Fare it CacU. Forpuaage or height, apply ?* board, or to f. B. Hall,at tfcr oir/? "P wharf. IT# OCEAN 8I'EAM NAVIU?TION COMPANY.?United State* Mail Line to // &~9*rowea and Southampton. and Brrmeit. The aplendid new it?am?hip WASHINOTON. 1750 tona burthen. Frederic Hemritt, comm aider, will atirt from New York on the 23d Bepteflber, carrying tha United State* Mail. 8he will touah at Cowea and Southampton to land pauenaera aad fraiidit, and deliTer the mail a for England, France and Belgium, ana will then proceed to Bremerhavtn. Returning, willieave Bremerhaven the 1Mb October. The Waahington ia built in the atrongeat manner, witli a riew to being converted into a ahip of war,and suhject at any time to innprctioD by officer* appointed by the Prendent, both dnriug and after construction. She ha? two engine*, of 1000 hone power each, and accommndatioaafor 2<l ptaieugers. Ptaaace from New York to Southampton or to Bremen, $120. Pauage from B<einen and Southampton to New York, $160. She will carry about 300 tona freight, which will be charged according tn^h^ nature of the gooda offering. All letter* noatpaaa thiTVfnthe P.tat Office. Parcela, for which bill* of ladu g will be signed, will be charged #5 each. For freight or paaaage aiitily at the office of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, 45 Williini afreet, corner of Wall. E MILLS. Ueneral Agent. Agent* at Southampton DAY, CROSKEY & ROSS. " at Bremen C. A. HEINEKEN k CO. at Havre WILLIAM 18KHN. . heaecool >team?r of the line i* iu due conrae ol conitructinn ami will b? in readineat in the eniniug fall a?29fh 0 >LV H-(jl)Ult LINEOF PACKETS KOH mNHWNEW ORLEANS?The following well known, Mblut Milmi and lavnrite paiket ahipa have iccommodati > .* nniurpuMd for cabin, lecond cabin and Peerageipaaaaugen, and will i oaiuvely lail a* advertiaed, or paatage free, yix The SOUTHERNER, Capt. Palmer, Sep emder ?th. The IdUUSON, Capt. Page, September 11th. The <3\LENA.Capt. Deunii, September tOth. Per-on* wishing to proceed to New Orleani, will do well to *ecare pauage by either the above packet*, a* thev are all unit claaa ahipa, romiiianded by men experienced in the tnde, aad w II Mil ponctmlly on their appointed day*- To aecure bertha, apply on board, or to * ??l c W fc .l T. TA.PWrOTT. MSnarbit KOR NEW ORLE4NH, with diapa'ch.?The fir*i clnia fiat aailiug packet ihip PLATO, burthen JUpHCal'OO ton* Capt. Bearse. T,?' ' CommodHtions for cabin, lecond cabin, and iteenge ate unatirpaaard hy any veaael in port, and aa a number of her pa*?eugera are already engaged, thoee deairoaa of aeruriug herilis ahoold raaae early application on boeid, at pier No. 9 E?*t River, or to J AS. McMURRAY, at rre Tomer of ^ine and Snath at-eef*. ?JB? RO< HE~ BROTHKHS fc CO?P AIM AOs. IO from Liverpool, i?r Black Bell Line of Packets, JMUKaai'd Remittance* to Irelaud Itc. The well known fivorite packet ahip COLUMBIA, will ail for Liverpool, on Weduetday, the firat of September, her regalar.ay For term* ofeabin, aecoud eabia, and ateerage paaaAte, npplv v> Captain Kurber, on board at the foot of Beekmtu ?tr?et, oi to the aubacribera Tho YORKSHIRE will tall from Liverpool, on flrit of October; punua ran be engaged to come from the old countrv by till" aplandid ahip.nrby any of the parkat* of the Old Blaek Ball Lin* :o ?ail from it on the lit and IMi of every monih, by applying ton*. T' nae remitting mm ey to Irelnnj. can have draft* on Til E R>VM, BAVfc OP IHfXANl), and on PRKSCOTT. GROTE k MO, Banker*. Loudon, which will >>e pod at the vanou* branches throughout Oreat Britain aud Ireland. Apply to ROCHE. BROTHEH8 & CO , No J Fulton atreet. New Vnrk, neat donrtothe Fulton Uank, Only authorised maaenger agent* for the Old or Black B ill Line ill l.iv?rp?")| packet. an'^ rr rOR 1,1 VKUPOOL-The New ^ine-Regular WalfV 2) it K*ptf mb?r.?Th* lun^rior fnit tailing iiiBt. linrk?? akm rurt LV f\V Tilt' W f UT Pan*... Philip Woodhonae, 1JJ0 loua burthen, will Mii ? ?bo?e, hit regular day. For frrn(li( or paaaagp, having aplendid larite a?d eotnfortaKate room" nod cabin, apply to the captain ou hoard, pier No. tl, weat tide of Barling n(ip or to WOODHOLl h MiNTURN, 17 Sonth ?t. Price of pnamK? $190 The new pa- ket ahip CONSTITUTION, 1(04 ton* burthen. Caut. Juhn Brirton, will aacceed the t^nesn of the VVeM, ana nil on her [f*nl"r < * . J'at ofOctober. ?2B re KOR LI VEUPOOL?New Line?Resnlar pack lineal of ?:n of Hentetnb*r ?The eplenditl.laer aailin*. ?HKr'li'i "hip SHERIDAN, Captain O. B. Corniah, w>)' i.oainvely aail aa above, her re*n|ar day. f or fieinht <>r iieaajra havink liaudaome Innnahed ?ci-om. inoila'irxia. apri* "B hoard, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall etreer, if lo * K. COLLINS. 'A "Iruih at The paekeit (kip OARRICK, Cap*. B. J. H. Tiaak, will eaccjea.Sheridan, nnd mil on tha Mth ol Oct., har rtfnlir di? "H*7 Xja? FOfl LIVr.RPO'>L?Only regular packet ol tbe JWVWiitli September, IBI7 The m . gn>ti"ent laat aa.lina JSmmLpv-iim -tup Patrick hsnry, i.Urt>>e? loootoia, f;? I Wl?m> W'll kail poaintely on the tth Heptember. I ba .i*eo?(i?o<lit"Hi? for citbiu a>c<ad cabin and areeraKe f>ae"'nifer| rr *"P*r ?r 'o aev other *e?e' I in port, and aa a rinnilw <" her luneniiMra are-tlremly etiKaif-d, ihoae deairuua >I ati'utiiiK If h? an mill maaa early application on hoard, foot..f .laidcn-lene,or to JOSEPH McMURIlAY, aula 10"c _ MrofPinf and Smith ata. PACKET SHIP "WATERLOCTKEOM LlVtflnfy KM FOOL.?' onaigneea will pleaae aeiid ?heir perjMmmtg inita on hoard loin of Maiden late, or lo ihe office of rt.KB.KMlT, 71 Sonth W??t, aa all |ix)da not permitted in hfi <Un. will unavoidably be Mat fa the Pttblm a to re al re. E Nf NE1 I TO TRAVELLERS GOING SOUTH NEVTJRDMOST AGREKABLE LTEIC to FKEDKricksburg Richmond, Petersburg, Va., Staunton, V? , aad the Virginia Spring*, Weldon, NTC.. ?uid Charleston, B.C. The public arc informed tliat the new a'id splendid low pres ore ?t??mer POWUATTAN (connecting with the Great Mail Liu* at Aqquie Creek.) leatei Commerce atreet wharf. Baltimore, every Tuesday and Friday Evening, at P. M., (or the above points. Through-tickets to Richmond $ 4 Petersburg, f Weldon, N. 6 ? " Staunton. Va. it ' Charleston, 8. C 17 Being at the name price, more direct and expeditious, and much more certain titan the Cbeeepeeke Bay and James River Stsambo t Line,?ell the wide and rongh portion of the Bay. between the mouth of the Potomac and Old Point Comfort, being entirely avoided by thia line. Traveller* ireadviaed that the line hereby ndvertiaed ia pwt ana parcel of the Great Mail Liue through Virginia; and that it isthe iutention of the coinpuiiea composing the Oreat Mail Line, thupassengers ahall be conveyed by them, in connection with the Epwlmtan. elweya as cheaply as by any other line, and with more comfort, expedition ana certainty, than by any otherlhie, except the liue via Washington. For further particulars, inquire at the Southern Railroad office, Pratt street, Baltimore; ol Stockton it Fall, or at the tne Commerce street wharf; or, ou Tuesdays and Fridays, on board the Powlmttau. of G. W. GUNNK.LL. Capt. N. B.?Travellers by theabove liue will bear in miud that they have two hours more in B>0timore tnau pnssengers bv the Chesapeake Bay and James River Boms, and yet re.<ch any point south of'Petersburg at uie aame time with these last, even when there is uo breach of oounexion by the Bay Line. jv4 3meod*r iXfc: *** JSSL J/ML SUlr jBJEr jHD OAKLULE fcHTPTARD'S EMTORATION OWTCE, L/ in connection with UEO. RIPPARD k. HON, 1S4 Waterloo Road, Liverpool. Persons wishing to Mnd for their friends in the old eountry, iu secure pu<u< in u; of the folio wine new line of packet*, tailing from Liverpool on the 6th of every mouth, rii.:? rONSTITUTIQN, 1.S80 tone,Cant, John Britten. QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1,304 tons, Capt. P. Woodh<?If^ERPOO L, 1,130 toni, Capt John Kldridge. j HOTTINUUER, 1,000 torn, ''apt. IraBursUy. Oeo. Kippard k Son are the only agents in Liverpool for the above line of packets, in addition to whieh they despatch a first class ship every week. Persona sending money to their friends in large and small amounts, can be accommodated with drafts on the Belfast Banking Company, and their nun^rons branches in Ireland; also on the principal banks in Kuijaad. Scotland, and Wales. Apply to CARLISLE & KIPPARD, au2I ?0t*m 58 South street, cor of Wall. FOR NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA AND EW YOR1C LlfcK. ^ & A ft TO SATRTVERY TKWRYS. Ship OSWEGO, Captain Johnson. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON, Captain Ingersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Hani. Ship HAKTELLE, Captain Taylor. Bark (?RNK8EK, Captain Minot. Bark J. E; WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Bark HEBRON, Captain Oreig. The above ships are all of the first class, of light draft ol water, and commanded by the most experienced captains in the trade. Their cabins are handsomely furnished, and every attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the passengers. Neither the captains or owners of the above ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, (silver or plated ware, or for any letters, parcels, or packages sent by, or put on board of fiiom, unless regular bills flf lading are taken lor the same, and the value therein expressed. For freight or passage,apply on board, at Orleanwwharf, fool of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLlN8, 5S Boilth street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff !i Co., who will promptly forward all goods to their address. JSL M T^Ap^OTT'S^MIGltATIO^iTTTbE, W 8<3thsEi JL Persons wfjing to send for their friends in the old (Bantry, can securt paastge on reasonable terms, by any of the inagnificeLt ships comprising the new Line ofLiverpool packets. vix:? CONSTITUTION. 1750 tons, Captain John Britton. QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1400 sons. Capt. P. Woodhouse LIVERPOOL. 1250 tous, Captain John Eldridge. HU 1TINUUEK, 1150 tous, Capt. Irn Unrsley, sailing from Liverpool on (he 6tn of every month. Passage can a&o be secured bv the St. George'? Line, or the Union Line of Liverpool packets, making i(i all a ship every five ilays Cram that t>ort. For further particulars apply to w. h j t. tajscott. jy29 86 South street, New York. - - FRENCH TRANSATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY.?The ships of Xypr*HErl^thi? company are appointed to sail a* fol?FROM NEW YORK. The PHILADELPHIA on the 15th An gnat The MISSOURI " " Jlat Tl The NEW YORK " " Uth Sept. The UNION " " 10th ,r h ROM HAVRE. The NEW YORK " " 15th Ainit The UNION " " list n Theae Steamers are equal to any afloat, with commanders of tried skill and known courtesy. Their state rooms and cabins are unusually commodious, aud they are provided with every chine requisite for the comfort of passengers. The price oI onstage m the first cabin from New York is S190. From Havre 1,000 francs. Wines are not included, but will be furnished at moderate rates. All letters must pass through the post office. For freight or passage, apply to autre _ AY MAR fc CO.. >4 South street BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN /^UIIJKrOYAL MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1300 tons 2*?||nflfflU^and 430 horse power each, under con tract ^^^^^^^^"with the.Lords of the Admiraliry. HIBERNIA. Captain Alexander Ryria. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward Cf. Lott. BRITTANNlA, Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, Captain (Jh*rles H. E. Judkuu. ACADIA, Captain William Ham son. JflThe four steamships now building are niCi A.1?IRJ\H>A, I tlL Ci IAUAIVA, THE CANADA. THE EUROPA. Tlie vessels appointed to Mil from Bostou are the Hibernia, August I#, 1147 Cambria September 1, HIT Caledonia September 16, 1147 Bnuuinis. October I, 1847 The veisels appointed to tail from Liverpool are the Cambria Auguat 4, 1147 Saledonia Auguat 19, 1847 ritaania September 4, 1847 Passengers' luggage mmt be ou board the day previous to sailing. aage money?From Boston to Liverpool, $110, do dote H<i >fax, tat. i No bertln aecured until paid for. Viese ahi|ie carry experienced anrgeons. iiNo freight, exce|it specie, received on day* of sailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to D. B HIGH AM. ir., Agent. AtHAHNDEN (k CO.'S/' Villi-. |T7*Iu addition to the above line between Liverpool 1 Halifax, and Boaton, a contract ha* been entered into with Hei Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool and New York direct. The steamships for this service are now being built, and early uext year due notice will be given of the time when they will start. Under the new contract the ateamera win fail every Saturday during eight montha, and every fortnight during the other montha in the year. Goiug al ternately between Liverpool and Halifax and Boaton, tuid be tween Liverpool and New York. mtJ r W FOR NEW ORLEANS.?Loumana and New I^H^York Liue of Packet*?The splendid fast sailing JBHKspacketship HUDSON, P.Page master, iinow loadin*, and will positively sail September 13, her regulai day. ror freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, M South st. Agents in New Orleans, J. O. Woodruff It Co, who will promptly forward all goods to their addreas. Thepacket ship Oswego, Capt. Ingersoll, will saceeed the Hudson, and sail nor regular d?v ? Iau2l UOUNTK* St AT KUH wAi.IL.?1 lint very tie sjrnble residence in the beautiful village of Mnderhook Columbia County, fitted up, and recently occupied by the late 1 eter J. Hoes, Esq., is now offered for sale. There are also on the premises, carriage-house, atablea, wood-houae. barn, and all other convenient nut bntldioga The grouuda. about four acres, are well stocked with a large * tiy of apple, pear, peach, cherry, plum, and ornament' art, gripe vines and shrubbery, all of which kaie beru^>eie.1 Irmn He bnted nurseries, both in Europe and N?w TOrfc The whole property is now in the most perfecr order, la the Village is an Academy, second.f mone in this Hute in point uf character ( ^standing. For terms, Ike., apply to DAVIU VAN ^lL\ ACK, fisq., Kinderhook, or aaiHt'iii P 8.110KM. li Wall street^ m KOR SALE?WESTCtlEsTFR LAND.?To genyB^tlemen in want of sites for country seals; to market gar^^denera in want of land for irardena; and to all persous wiahnig a location in the neighborhood of New Yoik. j-uacmoi innn.inine town 01 ?*e?icne??r. wiliun mnea of the City Hall.w.th right of paaaing over Harlem Bridge Irec of toll, are offered at private oil*, in loti containing from J to 50 acre* each. The land* are within 1} minntea walk of the railroad; fronton good ronda; are in the neighborhood of choola, andchurchea of different denomination!, the water la good, and location healthy. Title indisputable Terma ratderate. Apply to (Jouyerneor Morri?, Morimuna, Weatcheiter Co.; or to Walter Rutherford, Consaellor, 79 Na*?an at, New York. an|?3lt'"m ? FOR THE PROPfcKTV IN UNIO.i VlL LAGE, N J ?Conaia'.iny oi .i co : jv <M>ie and dwelling HOUSE, barn, 3 cow houaea, 2 waiion houaea, com e-fib, t barracks. lie...Willi 86X acrea of excellent Land,in a high elate u( mltiration, well watered and timbered. The cropa are not surpassed by any in the State?nor u the atore to be aurpaaaed for a country atore. The pro|>erty will be sold a bargain, aa the present owner la too old u> attend to it. Title indnrorahle Apply to JA8 B BARK, every Wedneadav, at the Northern Hotel, foot of Courtluudt atreet. from 9 A. M. W' rM i and Thuadjay* nntil 1 P. M.jnther daya to the New Vork Real Estate Company, corner Broadway and Maiden l*"e- J. B. B. an It ?t?rre DR UK WITT C. KELLINOER'8 INFALyiSOLIBLE LINIMENT.? I his truly aatomahing n?e,Ii I /Xidicine is a clear beautiful and tranaparant flnid, highly fragrant and perfectly delightful in iu flavor, and ta especially deaigned to be prescribed lutemally or aiternally, and 1a warranted to cure after all other rt-mediea have fa.led. All rheumatic and aerofolona alfectiona, ring worm, tetter, barber's itch, old aorea of every nature, froat bites, burn*, naina in the back, and affection* of the dislocation*, enlargement of joint*, bnniona, coma, calloVfe of every deacrip Hon. tooth and nervoua headaeh#. One or two doses taken according to direction if aa tare to cure the bilious cholie, diarrheal, fce , aa it ii taken; and affectiona of the throat, in abort, pnma of every nature yield to it* influence immediately. K*. ver and ague broken in two doaea always. N. B. enrea have been made in two yeara. Among the many diatinguiahed individual* who have kindly allowed as to refer to them, for pnblic good, are the Hun. Mo ea II Oriouell, reaidenee No. 4 College Place. New York city; Hon. Richard F. Carman, of Carmanaville, fj?w York city, and Mr. Arnold Mason. contractor ot the High Bridge o?er Harlem river, waa cured ol chronic rhentnatism of over TO yeara' standing?can be aeen it nil times at the Bridge; Mr. 1 Hamnel Robert*. hia partner nt the Bridge, givea it aa Km pinion that it aaved hil life, from a aevare injury auatamed by a fall; Mr Jame* Murphy, proprietor of the Iln'lem. BnM'a 1 Head, Bowery and Broadway line* of atagei, has us?dathi? mammoth establishment over one thousand bottlea Ha aaya the inoro they u?e of it the better they like u. Wholesale 1 and retaildiatributirg agent* are wanted. Principaldepot, No , Jill Teail atreet. New York city; &. Ug?r*ol k (;o., wholeaala druggists, and at the principal drag and other aforea and tavern* throughout the city and conntry. It ia pot up in laiga bottlea, and aold at Mcents per aingle bottle; $4 per doxen; hall < Sroaa $31; one groaa 13#. The proprietnn of this great reme- ' y are ready and willing to back their opinion, that they can how more aitoundiug cnrea, and a greater number of certiftcate. than any other remedy offered to the public. All letter* I n?n*t be poefpwd jy?K>??xJ*te w ro W YORK, MONDAY MOB CTONK roU4)RY DOCK -N?tt Agent'i Office, New I J York, Augnil 2Uh, 1M\? Sealed propoaala in dgplintt, [F endorsed Tro|>oula lor Htuue for Drv Dock," will b? Mvl ceived at tbii office, until Tuesday, the tl>t day of Septemfcer^ 5t",[. *','2 oV^K-k, M.. for fnruiahiug and delivering at lb* (V NavyYard, New York, 3000 cubic yarda uf Hubble, and SM > cubic' v>rdi of (limeuiion quurried Stone. The Rubble Stone tu be oflhe following d-acription:? , II A haid, ao id. dnn>bl' futility of gueiaa will be received, al- ol OJ! KOOli ijuality of granite or aienite. fl( 1 he ntnne iniut be free from any pemliable unbarance. or any material which iu>i>aira ita alreugih; aud free from up, _ cra<-ka or dry aeama 1 The atone uiunt all be aplit by wedgee, in bloeka of the aamt *? widtli at each rud, and ol th' aame Unckueaa throughout; aub- p< Cet ! the modification* hereaf er mentioned. The bed* moat la parallel with aarTl other The setting beda muat have a K fair oearicg surface, at leaat equal to ihree-feurths ol the area al the largest horisuntti seciiou of the atone: and the ?p bail, j a'Iraat equil u> two-thirds ol such aiction. The vertical joint u iniut be aplit dowu at right angles to the bearing anrl'acea uf 01 the atone. ri The atone mutt >11 be drilled on the top bed, to receive a- b lewia of >uch size and f rra aa shall be directed: and muit be delivered at auch wharf at the Navy Vard or Ita vicinity, es m^y he designated hy ihe <s gmeer in charge of aaid woik. In " mder to prevent dulav in unlondiuH. the atone raumt he nnon 0 the deck of the re.sel, or immediately unoer it? bach, and r< prepnr*tt to receive the lewis; from this position they will he n tnk-i. ni tli tuxn c ul the itovei nmtut. J.' I hr dimensions of the stone mint i.i no ciubi lets than the Bl following, vis: Length S)f feet, width IK M tWkueWU incites; mill uo stone largo r than the following will be recei*- ' ed. via: Length 8 leet, width 4 feet, thickness J feet; the slouc * inuit average not leaa than 12 cubic feet. r The dimension quarried atone will be of ihe same quality of ? stone as above deacibed: and will be got out to cut to a?Mh dimensions aa inay be giveu hereafter?and will range lro?k6 i to 24 inches thick, 1 to 3 feet wide, and 3 to feet loug. , i he atock in 'he above atoue muat be of the beat quality of grauite or gneiss. 1 Persons intending to propose for the above atone will be r?- i quired to aerd a sample of Dot leas than 50 pound' weight to \ MM Dry Dock office, at the U. 8. Navy Varo, Brooklyn, on or j before the 14th day of September neat, labelled with the name c of the person, and a proper deacription of the location of the t quarry. The Bureau reaervee to itaelf the right to increase or dimiu- { ish the quantity to theamoantof fifty per cent, according to > the wantaofthe aervice, or to snuul the Contract in caae Cou- i gress ahull fail to appropriate the money to meet it. c Kncli offer muat be accompanied by a written guaranty.sign- ( ed by one or more responsible persons, to the effect that he or f they undertake thitthe bidder or biddera will, if hia or their * bid lie accepted, enter into an obligation, within ten daya after I1 the bidder or bidders shall have been notified through the post office, of the acceptanceof hia or their bids, with good and auf- ) ticient suretiea, to furnish the supplies proposed for, according fa to law. u To carry into effect the proviiioni of thii law, approved Ail- _ gust loth, 1846, bidders are required to accompauy their bids * with a certificate from a Navy Agent. District Attnrney.Judge I1 ol a District Conrt, or some responsible public officer known * to the Navy Depa tment, stating that the guarantorato their bids are resi>ousible peisons and able to meet the requirements p of the law, in ca?e of the failure of the bidders to enter into t contract accordingly. No tud will be considered which does not conform to these rules in all respects, and the right is reserved to reject the of- B fers of any defaulting bidderor contractor. 1 Bonds with two sureties will be required in oue-thirdthe es- (1 titn.necl amount ?f the class or classes comprised in the cou- t tract, aud 10 percent will be deducted from each bill until the ? contract is cancelled. , In case of failure to deliver according to contract, the government will supply the deficiency at the expense, if exceed- " ing the COO tract prices, of the contractor. I Printed specifications, and memorauda of information, have c been prepared for the use of persons in'endjng to propose for the above stone; copies o( which wi'I be furnished by the Na- r V a?nt. nf hia nffir** nr iinoli unnlimriitn fn tK? ?nirin?iir. at the Dock. . It is aaifu'ited to *11 persons intending to prepose for the 1 taae, that tliey ahull carefully examine thess specifications c before tendering their bids. a Parties desiring any further information will apply te the t engineer, at the Navy V ard Brooklyn. t PROSPER M. WETMORE, Nayy Agent. . nu25 law4wrrc i 'IM1E ORIGINAL GALVANIC RINGS, bands, belts, t X plasters, magnetic flnid, die, wholesale and >etail.at 191 * B-oadway, corner John street, dealers supplied on liberal d if run. Warranted to be manufactured by the original makers, v and the prioe is much reduced. 198 Broadway, corner Johu ?treel. aoM 30t?rc INSTANT CURE FOR THE TOOTHACHE?There have beeu many attempts, from time iminemorMl, to discover a speedy and peruiauent cure for the loo<hache. The u.scovery his at length beeu made. No toothache, howevei , acute, can re?nt for five inmates the Clove Anodyne It kills the nerve forever, as lar as its capacity to emlure pain is con- 1 cerned. If this were universally known, how mucn geuuine "misery to distraction tending" would be saved. How many a 1 oue suffers for days together from this gieateat of all ( " The miuor ills thatcurse humanity," sv hen 25 cents would purchase ail antidote to nts distress. As 1 a poet says of the Iliad of Homer, j "I would not be wiilioutit inmy house, For all the wealth of Crmiui." ! Prepared aud told by Henry Johusou, chemist, successor to < A. B. Sands k Co., 373 Broadway, coruer of Chambers street Sold also at 100 Fulton street, and 17 Ea?t Broadway, N. V.; I iold also by most respectable druggists iu the United States \L/~ Purchasers must be carefui that thr> be not deceived bv some worthless compound u <der the mm* of Clove Abo- | dvue. Examiue the wrapper of the vial before purchasing, and observe the name and signature of Henry Johnson on all the ' Kenuine. anil 30t* m ( MONEY LENT?The highest prices advauced in large an<i small sums on gold and silver watches, diamonds, plate, jewelry- furniture, clothiu^ dry goods, kc tic. JOHN M. DA V IES7 Licensed Pawnbroker, , i 332 William street, near Duan*. , Persona received in private office by ringing the bell. m23 Mf re 1 DAUUEKRIAN M AXICUl aLS.? Manufactured by i JOHN ROACH, Optician. M Nassaa street. New York, where every article of (ha b??t quality may be had at J the lowest price. Roach's Triple Compound of nrnmine, a 1 tuperior chemical, producing quick picture! of line whit* < Cone, now used by the best o|ierators, a few of whose names i are attached. We have used Koach'a preparation, and recom- i inend it, believiug u superior to any thiug of the kind in use;? | S. L Walker, Albany; S.J. Humphrey, Wilmington, North Carolina; P.O.Ransom. Troy; A. J. Beats, New York; T. , C iJoane, Montreal; Clarke & Brother, Syracust?For salt by the manufacturer,83 Nassau street. New York; G. Deiter, ' Albany; William Bristol, Utica; Clarke k Brother, Syracuse; f T C. Doaue, Montreal; Will am R. Pratt, KichmouO, Vir- f trinia; Cooley fc Co., Springfield, Connecticut; and Brinsm ud , fc Brother, Burling'on. Ve<mont. au3l 3-f rrc BILL I AH 1)8, No. 5 BARCLAY STREET.?The sub- ' scriber would respectfully remind hia Irieuda and tlie I I'Ublic in general, that he haa in separate apartmeuts, fire i hi liard tables, eqifcl to any in the city,and gentlemen visit- , nig hiseatai lishmeut can be furnished with cues which will be ktpt for their own use. The taales, balls and cues not to be 1 surpassed by any in the city. The rooms are large, aud any 1 imittrmrn who wish to indulge themselves in this amusemeut will not be suffocated with the heat. Also, has two food < Bowling Alleys, which have been lately reAttet1. and will be i kept in the best ordar. The bar la always storked with the , best liquors aud segars to be found in the city of New York. i Also, has the best of oysters the ma<ket can afford. Also, . Cold Lunch every day at 11 o'clock ; Clam, or Fish Chowder j every Wednesday. Gentlemen who visit this establishment ' will meet with polite attention from all about his house. t N. B. The price of Bowling is the same as a game of Bil- <j liaids. No. 5 Barclay St., few doors below the American t llotel. FRANCIS MONTEVERDE. J au31 TtStlnw 3t* re ! R~~OMAN EYE BALSAM.? j " Waes me'. a chiel loelu unco grim When the window! o' his aoul grow dim." TanptAHii.t.. There are few bodily ailments more distressing in iheir na- 1 tore than intlarnmatiwu of the eves, accompanied or succeedi d by defective vis'ou. Any thii.K whit h csn remove these evils I mnst therefore be regarded as a boon, of vtlucb the value unot < lobe estimated in dollars and cents. The ROMAN KYK BALSAM prepared by HENRY JOHNSON is such a boon. Its merits have been tested by lonji experience, as thousands ' have derived unspeakable benefit from its application. Many 1 patients, alter suffering from luflammation for years, have been l completely cured by using this delightful salve. The redness i nnd watery homo have gradually disappeared t on their eye- t lids; and they have ultimately been enabled to read with plea- . sure the smallest print by candle light Puce 2i cents a jar, ' with ample directions for use. Prepared and sold by ' HENRY JoHNSON, Chemist, ? au3l 30t*m >73 Broadway cor Chambers st. AMBROSIAL TOOTH PASTfc.-For cleansing the 8 Teeth and Gums, and communicating an agreeable odor to c the Breath, this Ambrosial Paste, eumi>osed oTorris and other t fragrant ingredients, has been acknowledged far superior to t .usV other dentif ice. Bt lug compounded of astringent materials, it hardens the gnms aull makes them adhere more G mly , to the teeth, thereby assisting materially in preserving the latter from premature decay. This Paste also combinesanti-pu- ? 'resernt aud detergent properties in an emiueut degree, and its 1 frequent use is a sure means of keeping the breath and mouth 1 in a sweet and healthy condition. I repaired aud sold by HEN- A RY JOHNSON. Chemist and Druggist, 773 Broadway, in the Granite Building, comer of Chambers street. Sold also at H O Fulton street ; and at Coddingtou's, 303 Hudson, corner of Spring. Price SO cents sull 30r?m BOOKSELLERS' TRADE SALES.?Oeutlemen attend- ? ing the Trade Salts, are presumed to know the style and r character of the subscribers' various publications, they are specially invited however f? call and examine the stock is sll its variety. Also, the low prices, the catalogue with the cash Erices set down ; the show bills; the Comic, German, Ilouseeep*rs. Farmers and Rough and Readv Almanacs for l*tl The WO kinds of Soog Books; the same number of kinds Toy ( Books, colored and pmiu ; aud the immense number of Miscellaneous Books of all sires and prices; and above all we want nnr customers to be satisfied that we deal fairly with them ia *propria perteno," or with their lettets containing order*, lie TURNER k FISHER 74 Chatham st. N. Y., a23 30r*rc 13 North Ath street, Philadelphia. SELLIN** OFF?French Artificial Flowers. Keathersand materials for florin; a large itock, with rases Flowers,

of the newest style, just received by the latest arrival!, for sale below cost, the owners giving up ine entire busiuesa. Also, J cases fancy Boxes. I'or bonbons. DRUN LAROH1KRK kCOURT, alTlflt'm IM Wi'liim street. New York. CM1AKLKH FULLER wholesale and retail dealer in J. > Jennings' new patent premium aafetf Gas Lamps; also. Patent Phosgene Gas for do Also, Camjihiue, Spirit Gas, Oil aud Lard Lamps, Hail Lanthnrns.Giraudoles, ke., of the most approved styles and patterns Also, Camphine, Spirit Gas, Oil, Wicks, Jtr Ike, No. 711 Greenwich street, between Chambers and wirea streets. i at m*rt JElrrfcRWON INbUllANt.fc COM PAN Y? Offioe NO M Wall street, opposite the Merchants' Exchange Tins compruiy continues to insure against loas or damage b* Are, on dwelling houses, warehouses, bmldings in general, go'ius, wu?i, una mtrcnaaai*e, erery Nesrripi** 01 pmt # okaI proferty. ....... , Loteee correctly and promptly adjnued ud pud. PIIBCTCB*. ? Thoa.T, Woodruff, B. H. Robeon, M. P., Ifraneu P Jm?. H Mo?ee Tucker, John P. Moor?, Anaot Baker, ft Thompaou Price, Caleb C. Tnnia, Ju. E. Hoi?*, j, John ALLee, Kluha Rigve, X^"*- Morrell, John C. Merrltt, Joseph Allen, Kopene Bonrt, Joseph Drake, Wm. K. Thorn, Robert Smith. r Thoe. W. Thorn*, John H. Danaon. f MOIf.l TTICHKR. mi drat. li Urn T Flop*. Heeremrr m?14 j| 1Q.1 BROADWAY (corner.,f J. " ' < ' -TO THOSE n WfC WHO &HAVK THKMMELVfc.i? w t (I* rnm the Evening Post.)?Specimens of Ring's nnapproach- i, ?ble Verbena i re<iin (or Shano#.?Thii article, unirertally , praised by those who mndr trial of it, lasi jreir took the first premium of the Institute K*ir Indeed, it is fully conceded r by th-.?e who know that it it impossible to mwnlactnre *a irticle eoual to it. It is softening to the akin, fragrant to the tl lenec, a deatroyer 01 frpnkles and pimples, aud is sold cheaprr p than ilia old soaps. All, therefore, who would Coniult eco- j Homy and comfort in shsnng, should possess themaelrei of it. (From the Evening Mirroi )~Ring's Verbena Cream we know by ?iperience to be the West kind of ahuTing soap, and hose partem who hare troublesome bearda ahonld not be without it. 1 Piepared and for aale, wholesale and retail, by Charlee H. t< Rmi^IJrnjffiat, 1*3 Broadway, earner of John atieet. * gl' RA^V BUAU1)9.-M Iom Mtraw B^'g'da fnnl?|^ li Jy?W? rfo. If *a4 (T Numi etreei RK H LNING, SEPTEMBER 6, 1 Tlx "?w York Regiment. rom an officer In tho California New York regiment, 77 to the editors of the Jtlkany Jlrgui ] PutlLO DEI LOt AnWKLOI. ) California, 19th May, 1847. ) Mr Db&b C.?I am here in the midst of California, , irrounded by all the beauties of nature?the Tine, lit, fig, peaoh and other fruits, In abundance; and >weri of everv species known to our own and thU ooun- Bt y The glad earth U truly In its moat beautiful array. ri, he climate la really delightful, and the soil will produce . lytbing man can desire, tf properly tilled But the >pulatlon are indolent, and by no means dlspoeed to pr bor, unless it oan b? perform'd on boneback. or bv ti< ime easier prooeea than manual application Although au hare only to pot seed into the ground to have it pronee abundantly, yet I have not seen a potatoe, Ballad, tb r any other vegetable grown In the country. They are \J kised by some persons in other purts of the ooun try, at not in the neighborhood of the sea ooast. The native population are kind hearted, affectionate m rople, and would have remained passive under the ai bange of government, if they had not been most out- a i0K>u?ly treated at the commencement of hostilities, a< r rather by men enrolled in the country by Lieut. Col. tc remont. 1 do not mention this ?s matter of censure, tc 3 ffcr as that officer in concerned; for they were the only eraonx he could get; and aa he could not command the u rhole In person, he could not prevent or arrest the out- N ages at onoe that were perpetrated?certainly none 11 fere committed with hU sanction. fl The Albany oempany of the New York regiment, u :apt. iTilsbv, are stationed at Han Kraneisoo, and are all J tl n good health. Many that were boys In appearance 1 0 rhm they left kerne, Hra no* stout. hearty-looking man, b .blu and willing to do servioe In auy capacity a The New Vorkregiment la divided among the several F nost Important posts Lieut. Col. Barton, and three u lemp&nies, are .at SanU Barbara; but two of the hrce with the Lt. Col will be sent immediately to some toint of Lower California. to take possession of it. Maj. lardleand three companies, among them the Chenango lompany, Capt. Dimock. are at San Franolsco. One :ompanv. Capt. Shannon's. U at Monterey, and another, 'apt. Nagler's, Is mounted and stationed on the Indian rontler, to cheuk the Indian depredations upon the proierty of frontier settlers Col Stevenson Is at Pueblo des los Adgelos, (or city of tugeU.) the ancii-nt capital of California, whioh is the leadquartera of the regiment, as well as the headquarters i the "Southern Military District of California, ot rhicli j is io command It is now the most important ioxt In California, as it is the point through which 11 tb? passes and roads into New Mexico and till lower, pass ; and is besides the principal ilaoe where all rebellions, and outbreaks against he old government were commenced, and the flret point there any force was oolleoted to oppose the taking posetsion of California by the American forces. The 'olouel's command consists of one company of U. 8 tragoons, four companies of tho Mormon battalion, and wo companies of the New York volunteers, Captains Itevenson and Taylor, in all a force of about A00 men. "hey are said to be in a fine state of discipline. A very trong fortification Is being ereoted at this post, in a lositlon to oomuand the town and the surrounding ountry. Col 8tevenson has commanded three posts since the egiment landed, and at all of them has made many rlends among the native and foreign population, while le has preserved the discipline and contributed to the omfort of his oorps. He has mingled with the people, nd gained their good will. Ills fine band has been >la??d at their service as well lor church music a* the auaango This courtesy, added to his conciliatory anners.has made him a great favorite, and he has done uucu mj rnoououe mr people to tne cnange ol govern- 1 uent. All the men of the regiment hire behaved well < ince they came into the oountry. The flghtlug la no I loubt at an end here, aa the entire country appnara to < >e tranquil, exoept the horie-Hteallug Indiana. 1 New Milford, Aug. 16th, 1M7. 1 The Connecticut Valley?Barnuo'i Palace. , The letter whloh 1 Intended to have g*)nt you from i Irldgeport la not yet written. I waa no much engaged I n teeing the varloui objecta of interest in that beautiful ' mil very rapidly Improving oily, that night found me j 00 weary for the attempt to describe what 1 aaw. I took < lotea, however, In my ramblea, and en looking them over n my q?let and luzurioua room, fronting upon the broad | ind beautiful atreet on which thla village la ohiefly built, 1 find that I have matter enough before me for a oolamn >r two, whleh I aball divide In two or three parcels. To a grave gentleman, at Bridgeport, aoon after my room sad been aecured, It waa aald, that" you have a pleaaant boalneaa-llke city, ilr." "Yea; but It la terribly given to goealp," aald he Hehadreferenoe,itaeema. to twooitlaem * rich lady and a banker, the rumor about whom had brought them into one of the dailet, aa having perpetrated an elopement. There would not be much evil in Ihelr goaalp, if It were all aa harmleaa aa the following Incident: A rev. divine made hie advent In the town a few iaya before I arrived, with a pair of white glovea. It waaaatd by the fa sale obaervora"he had never worn auoh j?to<r*;" grave nwtrona, and perhapa beautiful maidena, [tor there are many auoh here) aaw them?" What doea .hat iMan?they are white kid glovea," aald theladlea In >ne window?"He la either married or going to be?they ire hie wedding glovea?he baa undoubtedly hie bride with him?who waa aha?" In ahort, In a very little time, le waa marri ed?"married to a voung, rich, beautiful wiiow,without children;"for all wnloh,lfthe rev. gentleman Lie at all aware of hie happlneaa, he haa probably yet to earn, how much be la Indebted to a pair of brown ootton jlovea, bleached white by repeated washing I fear tbeir I (oa?lp U not adwaya equally harmless?though iu founjation may be lew baaeleaa than a pair of brown gloves, 1'be nam* grave gentleman already referred to, added, - Have you sesn liarnum'a Windsor Castle, or, aa he la laid to call it,' Humbug i'alace ' " " No, air." "Well; t la a lion in ita way?you muat aee it. He baa, howirer, a bad location?got to go a mile out of rour wtur to aee it, and, for your trouble, covered fith duat, and half devoured by moaquitoea. There a one apot, which, If be had aeleoted, hie extravagant mtlay would have been aeen and admired, altogether inoucupied, and aiinoat unknown, where the world rould have aeen and admired hia taate and munifloence. Jut that location, of aurpaaaiag quietneaa and beauty. h, u nfortunately, an object of deep prejudice; and 1' it were inhabited by ghosta and hobgoblina, he good citiaena of Bridgeport oould not eaally tread it more, or give it a worse character, and ret I have heard acorea aay Inadvertently?that Barium'a palace should have been placed there. That au>erb location ia for sale, and I truat some one worthy of t, will purchase ita broad and beautiful acree. 1 shall tot describe it more particularly?though 1 have two or ;hree times walked over Ita broad area and admired ita beauty. liarnum'a palace la a curiosity, and if he will place a xitniature of it in his muaeam, I predict that it will pay for ita coat in six month*. It 1a unlike any thing in the sountry?I had almost said In heaven above, Itc , fee. It is a beautiful structure, with an abundance of One tracery work, and In architectural ornaments haa no aupe-ior. It haa been erected at lmmenae coat, but to be leen and admired it muat be either placed in hia muieom, or he must provide an omnibua to oarry spectators to view it, aa few yankees or strangers will go a mile mt of their way at a cost of two shillings to see a house, towever richly and variously ornamented. It is underatood that Mr. Barnum waa actuated by no iniater motivea in electing a location beyond the limita >t the oity, though hia nelghbora were prominent among he Bridgeport repndiatora, and expatriated themaelvea o a vol d t heir ahare of an honeat debt. The city of Bridgeport ia rapidly extending Itself Into be town of Fairfield, and already exerta much lnflunoe in ita concerns, and has a large ahare of its honoraile ofties. I have been led into speculations which I tad no; Intended In my next I snail have a parcel of liffertut memoranda for your readers. Youra, D. The Land for ttie laborer. [Krorn the Liverpool Journal, August 14 J < The lirst, the moot necessary. the most enduring want, I i everything that IITel. is food. All animals are espe- 1 tally constructed for proourlng It, and wan, savage or etined, exeroises all hi* faculties. In (rderthat he may t tot want It. That government Is beat whish renders it .bundant; that p?ople are most just and wise who proIde for plenty to eat. With a few exceptions, all other lesires but that which sustains life, are artificial; they re the effects of education, and are wants only as long a they can be gratlflsd. Their denial excites very little ympathy; he who oan walk, is not pitied because he annot ride in a ooach; and the lady who rejects a cetun gown because ahe cannot have a silk one.Is an object f ridicule or contempt; but the feeling which tho?? filiated with hunger Inspires H uniform and universal Ve can endure with tolerable stoicism any suffering l ut the suffering of (amine; an Ill-fed or a foodless man I ?something more than an object of oharlty,- be is a r.ilow-belng reduced to the last of human oaWmlllea I Vh laugh at the agonies of love; we weep for the vie | Ims of starvation Luxuries few can have; the labor- i ng population must be oontent with humblt) fare, and hey oall for no particular sympathy while they have ? i ufflclency of t.iat To the many It is unhappily d.-uled a this country, notwithstanding all our we-lih atid i reatuass Ewry ant can enjoy it in tli? Umbd S'a'rt I f imrrica. The state of society In that country has i rovoked adverse opinions: some travellers like, sowe inline, the modes, manners, and habits of the people: i a the estimation of many they want rcttiieinent, bnt all re agreed that the people have plenty to cat, and those i <ho have never sat dowu day after day to scanty meals, re utterly Incapable of estimating the vast happiness mplied in that one fact The man who has plen% of i x?d may ought to be -happy : he who has not cannot 1 e otherwise than miserable. I To Jlmerir.a, Ihtrtfort, all who drtad. hunger ought to < tpair, It If a land oj pl*nty,? will At the grmtiit j nuntry ihi world ever taw. The daaoandaat of an i rish emigrant Is now ita temporary bnt legal sovereign ; t be sou of the poorest man who leaves our quays to- i lorrow may occupy the same proud place. Tne Indnsrial irl-h au<t Kngltsh sre therefore, right in emigrating ( 3 the States They will neTer die of hunger there, and < security against want is ? guarantee for moderate hap- t Inesa. I In the 8tates, however, thera are many climates . and l that wide waste wise man will select a deslrabU one At j resent, ignoranoe and poverty have no choice lint of < BO,000 emigrants this year, 15,000 died of the ship lever, f nd the remainder, with few exceptions, tn.Bu.rcd I broad after their arrival. A man is a costly produc- o ion. and ought not to be wantonly destroyed These s i.OOo men were worth, in a commercial sense, In Aineria, ??,000,000, The estimate shows how profitable It s 'ould be to systematise emigration We have on this ( uhjeot, no faith la governmssirt?we have no confidence i i charity, hut ws consider the application of thf cm- i laroial prindpls all suftolent. * I ERA 847. WAiMinaTON, Aug.?,1847. i? fropoeed Ttrrilonal Jleyuieitiont by Treaty?J! Glance at tkt Territoriee of Upper California and New Mexico?The Wilmot Provito?The way it it to ; be done for. . It U expected that with a peace between the United atei and Meiloo, we aball acquire at leait the territo. 1 > of New Mexioo and Aita California to the 38th gree north latitude. When we get anything a* a esent, It la well enough to take it without examiaa- ' >n, and be thankful; but an article acquired in the ay of trade, will juatlfy an lmpeotion before and after ic acquisition. Voyager* to the Pacific borders of Dt>er California, have reoreaented. alwavn. that that - , ( >untry la a oomplete El Dorado, where the inhabitants jed no olothM, auoh la the delioiouaneaa of the climate. I id where their auatenance la the spontanteus fratta of proline and inixbauattblo aoll. To aome extent, these joountaare borne out by the truth; but when applied > the greater portion of the Californlaa, they will be iund to be flotitloua and naionary. Parallel to the Paolflc coaat, but at Interval* trenching pon the aea ahore, there rune a high range call k.1 Sierra levada, or the anowy mouutalna. In Upper California ila range of mountalna leaves a apace to the coaat of om 100 to 160 mllea wide. But even here the lateral louutain lldgea verge off to the aea, ao that it la only 1 be Immediate borders of the rivers San Joaquin.the 8a- j ramento, and the Rie de loa Amerioauoa, aud the r tri- { utariea having their aourcee iu the Sierra Nevada, and t 11 uultlng In the bay of San Iranclaco, that are fit f r iurpoaea of onltlvatiou. This will apply from the latitude >f 36 to 41, excepting an Indentation here and there along he coaat up to 41d, the U. 8. boundary by treaty with Ipaln. Assuming, then, that the line of 30 deg. la to be the lew boundary from the Klo Orande, we shali'aoqulre a lerritory on the Paoiflo, embracing the harbor and ivers and the bay of Sau Francisco, and the bay >f Monterey, about equal to the State of New Jersey, kdapted to agrioullnre. The residue of the territory re shall acquire, embracing all of California, east >f the snowy mountains to the Rocky Mountains. iod ail of New Mexico ; thenoe to the Arkansas and feias boundaries,lying between 38 and 4S degrees North, ind einoracing, in its widest part, twenty degrees of lou;itude, comprehending an area of SOO.OUO square milea, ir a territory equal in surface to nine suuli States aa ilew York, la a ueaert of volcanic ruins, good lor nothing, xcepting a little slip on the bordera of the Rio Urande, ultivated by irrigation from the river. At the outset of this war it waa believed, and rldelv believed, that the paradise of California, f which we had heard so much from uavigatora ouching on the Paclflo coaat, embodied a territory ooiuletent tor a half doaen Statea, and capable of oupportlug nany milllona of people. '1 he exploration* of Kri'-moni, nd the march of Uer.eral Kearuy have dispelled the iaion, and the naked truth has preaunted ua a iaked desert of six hundred miles stretch from ["aoe in New Mexico to the Sierra Nevada, looking into he Pacllio and the fertile valleya between, aud of 400 uiles across North aud South, a waste of mountains of tarren rooks, and plains of scorching sands. Between Taoa and the moat diatant United Statea settlements here la a continuation or resumption of the desert. A ravelier describes it at length, and we make an extraot torn him. lie (aya " The Indian oountry aa far aa the Council Grove, 300 nllMH from tint lini. /th? Ark*.nii*ji lin?^ U mflnM it tract of country aa can be found In the world ; there h rather a scarcity of timber, but In toil and water none san be superior. The Council drove, aa it in called, in .he ancient aite of a proud and mighty city, it is lituated on the main White river, whictt here orma a oreaoent or ourve of about nine miles u oiroumference, and oontalna more than a hundred ii'iuulH, halt of which are more than ten times as large mi those of Vinoennes ; those in the centre are in thu '.?rw of a Miuare, many containing a surface of uioru .han two aores, some in tbe form of a triangle, and others perfectly rouud. Here the 1'awnee, Arapahoe, OamanJba, Loop, and Kutaw Indians, all of whom a a at war irilh each other, meet and amoke the pipe once a year lu |ioace. tvrry penon and every thing are held saored for many miles around thla peaceful grove. This custom baa been handed down for many centuries among the red men, and hore their chiefa and great men are brought from buudreds of nulea around to be interred. The numerous oampa every where to be aeen around here, at once convince the traveller that thia la the great rendesvoua of thousands annually. From hence unwardi for 600 milf (weatward toward Taos; there ti nothing to be $ten hut ?n? eternal inert, without a tolitary Hick of timber to cheer the eye. There is nothing here but butfalo,excreraent to cook the foodwith; but witii thia the whole prairlea are covered, and it ia an exoellont aubatitute." The desert here described ia the great American prairie, or buffalo range, extending northward alung the flank of the Kocky Mountaina to the British poaaeaaiona, and Southward Into Texas. But thia la not the deaert j( California. There, there ia no graaa for buffaloes; nothing butsanda and rocka, and rivera flowing in deep ihanneta, worn tnrough their walla of baa alt. But. insluding the American desert, you have, from the Coun:it Urove, a dtavrt journey to the inhabitable California ju thu I'aoittu. of upwards of a thousand miles, with nothing but tne irrigated slip of the Rio Grande, of a mile or two in width, intervening to diversity the general desolation of mountaina of voicanio rocks, and plains stsand or wUd ana (canty grat*. The Utile piece of Calitorula along the Pacific, to wblob we have referred. 1* thus described by Col. Kremont, the Tory beat authority lu tb? world. We extraot from bit journal, (Hecate doo. 174, p. 344) of hi* exploration! in Oregou and California in 1*43-4:? "March 6, 1W44.? We continued our road (down the Rio da log Americano*) through the same surpassingly beautiful country, entirely unequalled for the paaturage of Btook by anything we had ever seen. Our horiea had now become *o ilroug that they were enabled to carry un, (one half of them had been eaten or (tarred in getting there.) and we travelled rapidly, over four miles an hour; four of u* riding every alternate hour, t.very lew hundred yarda we came upon a little band of deer," lie. Again, *am? page :? " (Tom the uplaud we descended into broad grove* on the river, constating of the evergreen and u new specie* )f white oak, with a large turted top, and three to *ix feet in diameter." &c. See also the tine deicrlption of Uapt. Sutter'* place on the same river, page 345. On hi* return from Capt. Mutter'*, Col. Kremont havng recuperaed hi* exhausted men, and having been sup,liod by Captain Sutter with provision* and animal*, lontlnue* for four or flte day* to be in rapture* with h? beauty of the oountry, it* trees, grass, water, wild torses, cattle, elk, deer, wild fowl, kc , Ho. But on page rJ be begins to tell a different Rtory : "Atril 10.?To-day we made another long Journey of ibout 40 mile*, through a country uninteresting and lat, with very little gras* andaaandy soil, in which several branches we crossed had lost their water," ho. He had not crossed the mountains or turned them He waa still la the kll Dorado, between the Sturra Nevada and the sea coast. On the 14th of April be gets to the pass, and then he elucidates <ll*tiuotly the character and division* of the country as we have defined them.? "As we reached the summit of this beautiful pass, and obtained a view of the eastern country, (a glimpse of the 600 miles desert trom the outer rause of the San Francisco mountain* to the Hio Grande,) we saw at once that hem >u tin place to take leave of all tueh pleaaant scenes aa those around ua. Tbe distant mounlaius were now bald rocka again, and below, tbe land had any color but green.," ho. ' We left here tbe waters of tbe bay of San Kranolsco; and, though forced upon them, contrary to iny Intentions, I cannot regret tbe necessity (to escape starvation on this aide.) which occasioned the deviation It made me well acquainted with the great range of the Sierra Nevada of Alta California, and abowed that this broad aud elevated showy ridge, waa a continuation of tbe cascade range of Oregon, between which and tbe >cean there ia atill another and a lower range, parallel to the former, and to the eoaat, and which may be nailed the Coaat Range. It aUo made me well acquainted with the baain of tbe San Francisco bay, and with the two pretty livcra.and their valleya. the Hacranienlo, and tbe San Joaquin, which are tributary to that bay," lt,c. Col. Fremont says, that it alac proved to him that that bay was completely mountain bound, or shut in upon the aea from the Interior country, by the Sierra Nevada range. Having got tbe Colonel on the eaatera aide of tbia basin of San Krancisoo, let ua see what ha says further of tbe country thence to the Rooky Mountains On the 17 tb April, he oamet->a small salt lake. At night they were obliged to encamo without grass. On the J3d, several half starved Indiana came into camp. On tbe 34th, be mentions a jornada (or day's journey,) of Kilty miles, without water. "Aran. !)S.? * * The country had now assumed the cliaraoter of an elevated and mountainous deeert. Its general features being black rocky ridges, bold and destitute of timber, with sandy, basins Iwtwi on " >ora number of days, same sort of country, men and nlmUs, suffering from want of grafs and water. Mav 13.? Came to a llttl? oasis, where they halted for nevrral days to recruit mules,horses and men I he Colonel sej B the meadow was a mile wide and ten miles long, shut in l>y snow covered mountains. "I- rom Walker's I'ass in the Sierra Nevada (where tbey came out Df the barin of Han J'ranrlsoo, Into the desert ) we bad travelled live hundred and fifty miles, ocoupying twenty* leveudays in that inhospitable r*R'on Agein, same page, 270, speaking of this little green valley, after crossiug the great desert of ? alifornia, ba u.( n was, in fact, that loi *>*?? <*' Santa Clara, wbleb had been so leng presented to us as the (eastern) terminating point of th? aeeert, ana wnxre tne urniti n?r*van from < allfornla [on the radio | to New Mexico halted and recruited for aome *Hka It *u a very lultable place to recover from the fatigue and exhaustion of a month * eufferlnga in the hot and aterlle detert" Thu-t much pioof from the Journal of C<4 Fremont :>en Kearny 'a maroh corroborate* It, and the horrid laniiibaliam to which a recunt party of emlgrante were educed " in that inboapilabie region," la the aav> re?t >roof of all. There U. then, only about ona-tweuty-fifth part of the >r0|0>ed territorial ac<juliltiona of New Mexico and alifbrula. adapted to the purpoena of clvillted life, and It for cultivation, to wit: the irrigated border* of tba tlo Uremic,, a lulle or two In width, and tlje narrow klip 'I co??t country on tha i'aoitto. eml>r?eli.g the river* .nd tha bay of Mtn Francisco, and the bay of Mouter*y The paradlae of California, then, by a dlrtot land paeage. can only be rraohed by oroeaiog from tba Counoil irove. 300 mile* went of tba ArkaoM* Una, a deaart of nountaln* and hot (and* of about twelve hundred tnliee, md from Santa He not lea* than six hundred. Here, lndaad. ton 1mregion fot tba WUmot prortoe j? ? " ***%>"' ' ' XJS^S LJ). Prtw Two Own *K> 000 *quare mil*, ef land,, ,o rich that a company o migrant* n crowing It lo*e two-third, of their numbe, the re?t twin* .a?a<l only by eating the Seeh ofTheJr lead companion!) It 1* nerieotly mauifeet that the on'r >art worth baring 1* the Pacific ooaet described lOjIuJIdk the harbor and river* of San KrancUco and the >ay of Monterey. We take It lor granted that the Fre*ident harlnc offered it, will be aatlaflod with the 11 am >f 3(5 deg , which will take in theee two bay* ; and the kntl-ilavery line of the federal ordinance of 1787 carried )Ut to the Paciflo. will give Monterey and a little State >n the Paoiflo to the South, and San Kranciaoo, and a imall State to the North, both State*getting a vast tract >t deeert to the eastward. But for thl* Idea, we eonaoee ;oe President would hare been *atl*flvd with the \0f of San Franolaoo, which i* embraced within 30 SO, or the line of federal ordinance of '07. which would cut off ill quarrelling, but which might fail of the mpport of the South. The great object U a through trip to U>? harbor of Sen Krancleco, through our own territory, and the yoa eulon of thet harbor. To do thia we hare to take the de*?rt; and to keep peace with the South it 1* noceamrjr oompromls* Una. One thin# Id clear, that la tb* outset we over estimated to an absurdity tb* arable aurfaoe of California. Respectfully, THE DOCTOR. JllMellaneoat. The eteamshlp Cambria, from Boston for Hali/fcx as*.' Liverpool, was seen 'id iustaut, at A, A.M., mUw from Cap* Ann. Mora than 1.000 men are employe! on tb* New i off" and New Haven Railroad, between tb* vJutern line of tb* olty an-1 New York. The whole rout* 1* now under ooutraot, and lU* work U progressing with great rapidity. The Burlington Qoncttr ftated, a few dayl ago. '..bat President Wheeler had resigned hi* office. The Si Albaoi Mtntngrr states that he ba* withdrawn hi* resignation. A Stat* Temp*ranee Convention i* to be held in Albany on the lath and 17th Inst, at the Hudson mreot Methodist ohuroh. t'.x-President Tjl(r, and lady, oame up from West Point veiterday morning, and after breakfasting at (ou gress Hall, departed In the train for Niagara?^Uaix Jtrguu, Sept. 4. We understand that the eloping party we alluded to yesterday, were arrested in New York, and will return to this city to day. A telegraphic despatch was sent to the polio* of New York, who secured them on their arrival there.?button Timet, Srpl. 4. All the prisoners but three, who lately escaped from Providenoe jail, have been retaken, and pursuer* were believed to be close at the h*els of the rest. The potato rot has made its app*aranoe in the Glade* of Ailegbany county, Md. A pamphlet of 4J pages has recently been published givlu* au account of l>r. John Wilson, who lately alert at Brutileboro', and who is generally supposed to hav* beeu -the celebrated robber. Captain Thunderbolt. It contains the confession of Mlcoael Ylartln, or Captain I,ightfoot, the ooinpunlou of Thunderbolt. The opinion strengthens, even at Urattletioro', that Wilson wa* really the noted Thunderbolt; Indeed, tber* are clr; cumxtanoes existing proving this, which oannrt, it ' would seem, be gainsayed in any inann*r.?SpnngjUld Hepublican. Communications can now be sent from Buffalo to Cleveland via Albany, New York, Philadelphia and rittiburgh. The extension of the Connecticut River railroad from Greenfield to the Vermont line, a distance of about fourteen miles, may be regarded as secured Between $30.000 and $40,000 has been subscribed to It in Northampton. The Gaxette also calculates that the remaining twelve miles or su, necessary to oomplata the oonnezion with the Vermont Central railroad, will soon be supplied.?A'urthamylun (Man.) (jazrtte. It is said that on the -JHth of July last the King of Denmark issued a decrue declaring that all persons who rheuld Ihureal'ler be horn'iu bis dominions,should.be born tree; and that all persons in servitude iu his dominions uu the -Jdth of July last, and remaimug so on the 'Jttth of July 18(10, shall then be absolutely tree, without oompensatiou to the owners. In the negotiation with the colonists which pit-ceded thu issuing oi this decree,he offered thrm tne alternative of three years with a compensation of $00 per head for eaoh slave, or twelve yeass without any compensation, and they ^bose the latter. The Kingston (Canada) Chrumni mja, on a raeaat tisit to Toronto and llamLton, we were glad to learn that great progress had been made In securing the harvest, and that uie quality of all sorts of giain ia UMllent, aud likely to produce a good yield Potato* are in a f?w places affected, but np to the present tune the instances are rare. '1'he tmforiuuale emigrants are carrying with them typhus fever wherever they go, so much so that the oountry people will not aaiult them into their houses. What they are to do, aa the winter Approaches, God only knows. Two silver eruoi&xes, about U inches by 7, with a fsw circular devioes furnished with rings, and evidently intended for the ueok, and bearing an inscription witu the name of De Soto, aud dated 1010, are said to have been lately taken from a small Indian mound in Muny county, Oa. Joseph U. Chandler is to deliver the addreaa on tha occasion ot the dedication ol the new Maaonlo Hail at Martins burg, Va. The officers of tha sscocd Mississippi regiment, now with lien. Taylor, have unanimously tendered to General Jellersou Davis, the ooloneioy Uierevf. it ia known I Lh*L th? atktM of hif ntiiwl anil At has* fllMninatanaas will cause linn to decline It.' The Mexican (Jul! Railroad, U now oomplatad to Iftka llorgne, a distance ot tweuty-eigut miles lrom the depot. The aiorti of James Anderson, a jeweller tt Vleksburg, ?u broken open ou the nigut of Uie 10th, Mid cobbed or $j,u0u worth ul valuable*. 1 he infantry battalion called for from Georgia Is not complete, "uij two tull companies were organised on the l7th Inst, nay a the Columbus tinquirtr* ilon. Robert Hmitb, M. C. from Illinois, la npw in Boaton. We underiitaud one object of bis visitTs to solicit the aid of New England capital In the oonstrnotion ot a railroad from Alton to SprlHgtleld, the capital of Illinois. Air. S. l* a native of New Hampshire, and emigrated to ttie west about IS years ago. The New Jersey Uaptist Association will meet at the Baptist church, in Mount Holly, on Tueaday, the 14th day of tteptember nest, at J o'clock, P. M. On Hunday, the 16th Inst, a barn belonging U> l>avlrt l urk, In trie, Chemung county, was struck by LigliinLi* aud burned, with all its contents. Hon. Albert Uallatin, of New Voik, and Hon. Hiineon Baldwin, of Connecticut, are the oldest living Si iuamuer* o( cougrese?both between 00 and #0 year* ol age. The old Monument House, iu Lexington, baa been damulixhed, aud a new, spacious and elegant houlto to tuncled upou the site. The new hotel will be tIiK>e ?torien hift'i, !lJ I*"1 front by 4<) feet deep, with two wmgs fto uy #o lect A capacious public house has been long uueued in Lexington. Thero was sown on the farm of Hiram filanchard in Will County, Hi., alter the loth of April, 1IM7, a Held of i>Miry, woicnwu* uarveatnu in Juiy, mrasnea out, iupb 10 market, una sold at a fair profit before the first A' August. A Not* Scotia paper says:?We regret to state that tliti potulOM disease nil again made its ?pp?triiiM iii this country. Two days ago *# mw a field perfectly blackened with it. We understand that Governor Young will return to ward tue clone of ibis wtek to Albany. The apple crop of New Jersey will be a failure, and, of couise, uliampaigne will be soarce. 1 his telegraph (rout Wheeling to Cincinnati, 21MJ miles, wiw put up iu working order, under the management of 11. (J'lteiliy, in thirty working days. The arrlvalM at Saratoga Mprlngs by railroad, from the 13m to the iUu inst., were 2,il4. Mr. L< rcure, one of the proprietors of the Harrlsbiirg Union, is dead. The whole valuation of real and personal property, at Kail River, Is >7,716,170, on wbioh taxes are aiutxsswl to 111* amount ot *47,*3J 4t> Tlie population Is about 19,ooO. The numoer of spindles in operation In the mills, u rt'in, beiug an Increase of 30.430 during the present year One large woolen mill, aad one Urge ootton mill, ?r<< now In proc*** of ereotlon. fall Htvtr Mvmtor. J'atrick Hart, a brakeman on the northern railroad, wa? killed i>n Tuesday morning, a short distanoe above Lowell It I * th?' k**1 or,P' ' o?* upon tk? top of the cam to the ?&*.??*, t0 prooure some matohos. aad was on his return wncd ii1" tialn reached a bridge, by which lie was struck in the and knocked botwetn I ihH cum on to mix iracx. The Crops. 1 ha Kdltor of lha Marlon (.vis ) Nrwi *uy*. reapaoting the proepecta of tha < otlou crop : ' We have spent the lantaeven or fight J?j? lu travelling through Harry, Delia*, Lowudea, Montgomery, Cooaa aud Autauga, and matin it uur buatnee* to inquire every lew mllin In regard lo taa cotton erop , tha reeult of lum Inquiiy liaa bean to aailaty ua that the ootton crop will not, in all probability, ricrii that of laal year The b?tl worn I. at work in every farm', destroying with graat rapidity the >ouug bulla and aquare* should tliey continue for a low week*, an they uo doubt will, there will aoareely any cotton mature more than half way up the *tock <> The coneapondeut of the Mobile Uatly .1 dvtrtittt, under .Jaw of Colsmbos, Mlaa . Augual Ul. ?aya Tbe proapeetof a flna cotton crop uav ( km better , m? tew complain of worma, but tha damage dona by than la very Hunted There U a fly reMiublin< the ordinary candle moth which depoaltea on tha plai t efga, ?hlsh produce the boll worm , aa tocu aa It made u* appearanna lirea were meilo at night throughout the ft, id?, tha liaoila went round and beat the Wa% im ot the p'tnt', the flics were attracted by th* flra. and million* a . rove. I he raina have rstarued the nurturing of tha holla tut with a favorable autuiu tha yield wwl tm gre i'ar than mu lw kaStiarod belote i hrlatmaa Krouii.tb- portluna ! of the ooontiy lha account* are much more f*vorabli> I than they ware a month ago, and we may nowaniialpate an a\o.?ge crop. fccarc. ly a day haa paaacd, for aome weeka. without rain Kor two daya peat, tha iun h a anarcrly iltotu bimxtlf for bail au Boui at a time 1'he accouula from tlie cotton erop In thla neighborhood at# very gloomy i he worn*, and every other evy brought by eostiom d 1 rain*, are working agatnat cur planter*, en 1 it i? ;?"* dialed by thoes who are ju^r*, ibat th.' cr<\ ' vary abort. ? Ma. 9?i *wi,