14 Eylül 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Eylül 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH] % ?< HO. No. SSU?WhoU No. M40. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, orttk-WMt oomu of Kmlloa ud lUMri IM. . JAMES G0R00N BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION?FORTY TBOOURDi DAILY HRRALD?UT?rr day, Prie* * enttpti co?r ? St per . nunui?ruynblr in ntlT*nr?. . _ . WEEKLY HKRA.LI>-lL??ry SaMrtUy-fcie* * ''ftVTu'ii'oT Priro reti'? p?c ropy?$5 par annum, meloomg Po?M*' or <3 25, rxrluiiT* of po*tate. payable in adrauee. Snbaenptioui r.nd dvertiacneata will > f?e?iTeo Dy M?MTi. U4Jlf iiaai, lSrne Vivienn*, Pari* s P. L. 8inaoiid?, II Comhill, ana Jolin Miller. th* >MKik?*ller,Lo"H<m. ANXHaL PICTORIAL. HEKALD-r^Wuhe* on Ibt lit of Jiiim try of r?ch year?i?(l? copm iiiptM' . AD VEfl;n8KM KNT8, at the nana] i.nces-alwaya cart la ?u; mce. Advertisement* ahoald be written in a Plata, lerioie taaner. The Proprietor will not b? reapoojuble for errerrthai f all kia4a eieeated beantifnlly aad with de?i>neh. 'Ill .letter* or comrunnicatioaa by mail. iuUi?Mi to the proprietor of the csabliahment, nut be poit paid, or the poecai:s will be ilrdo tedfr* the nbtrriDtine mnnev remitted ^ mm* will leave tit* City Hall tor llKrlcmk Morriaiana. forhem k Tnekalioe PleasaotTiUe, 5 30 A.M. Will'nuBr'ge. Hart'a and Newoutle 7 " 5 JO A.M. White PTaa. Jfedford. I " 7 " 7 A. M. Wlfiliehville 9 10 " 10 " Cap ton Kail*. 11 " 11 " 4 P.M. 7 A.M. ii ? s r. M. t? u if. a \ in ? 4 I M " ? " i 10 " ON " Returning to Now Tore will ]eav?~ Slorriaian* It Harlem. Fordhun. Will'ms Br'ee. Tnekahoe. 7 0S A.M. 6 53 A.M. 0 45 A.M. 7 30 A.M. #10" 7 55 M 7 50 * I 40" <t " 9 00 " 0 OB " 1 30 P. M. 10 " 12 23 P. M M IS P. M. 5 50 * 13 15 P. M. 1 45 M 1 40 ' White Pl?na. ,t " SOI " " 7 10 A.M. I " 15 0 01 " 33 " 15 90 " U M 7 41 1 P. M. 6 ?M " C 39 * i PleaaantvilU. New Castle. Bedford. WhitHekrille. >0 13AM.. 9 AM. 7 51 A M. 7 45 AM i !i P M. " * P M. 4 41 P M. 4 44 PM Croton Fall*. T M AM. t 4 M P M. The train* to and from Crotoa Fall* will not (top on Now York Ialaad, except at Broome atreet, and 33d street. A ear will precede each train tea minute*, to take ap passengers ia The'morning traia of can from Croton Fall* will not Mop botweea Whito Plsfts and Now York, except at Tnokahoc William's Bridge, and For dham. Extra traia* oa Sunday* to Harlem and Momaiaaa, if flao wtMnr. Htafaa for Lake Mahopaekaad Daabarr learvCrotoa Falla oa arAnd of tho 7 o'clock A. M. aad 4 P. M. train*, and for PawlUgs oa ^^X^/raO^^kWYokK: To Croton Falla $1 N To WbitlickriUo 17* To Newcastle. 74 To PleaMBtrilio MX To White Plains........... ... . M Freiglkt train* leare City Hall at IS M. and at 7 P. M. Returning, leare Croton Falls at 7 A. M. and 8 P. M. ?up.NET ISLAND FERRY?The com-J>mndious and elegant steamer ION will ran WHWWbBs* regularly (weather permitting) on the abore Ferry, ]eavi< g Pier No. 1 N. R. at 11 A. M. and 2 P. M.; Coney Island at lZK and I*. M. 1 ^ N. B.?All persons are forbid trusting any one on account of said boat aad all bills against said boat will please be presented for ad j unmeet. s!3 6t*re NOTICE.?For the better accommodation C_^B^M?^of the pnblic (as the days am becoming wKSSHmshorter), the Steamboat NEW PHILADELPHIA will, 011 *?d after Monday next, leave New Brunswick at 20 minutes before 7 o'clock, and New York at 14 mdnutesj pail 3 o'clock. Stopping at the regular landings. The RA RIT \N will continue at her old honrs, at 7 o'clock from New Brn-<swick and before 3 o'clock from New York, running through without stopping. Both boats leu re from the foot of Barclay street. Fore iu the New Philadelphia. 6>? cents; Raritan, ltX cents. i\fW DruniWICB, irin. j, lull I ?? JWI- ic 1 TORINO?1The new and powe'ful steain" airffl JACOB BELL, Capt. K. Yates, and HE ^MaBHiKALD, I 'npHiu J. P. PARitS, will be in constant .readiness fit ,Towi?g Vessels to aud from sea, aud boat the Harbor, on the molt reasonable tertna All orders tbaukfu'lv received and punctually attended to. Apply to the old establinhed Steam Tow-Boat Office, No. 7i 8 UN street, Corner of Maiden laue. up ataira. This Boats lay every night at the foot of Grand street, E.Il., aud ve alleys in readiness at a moment's notice. W.B ?Ail peiaona are forbid trusting the above boata on accouatof the ownera. W.N & T/M. DOUOrtERTY, s9 3ftf*rc No. 75 South at. cor. Maiden lane. I ?r BIA'I'EN 1SLAN1/ IKBHl.-Ja ud fafter FRIDAY, Sept. 10th, 1147, the ateamt. aia SYLPH and flTATKN I8LANDKR will make the following tripe antil farther notice >? tlKAVK WHITEHALL. .it 7, 9. 10, 11, A. M., and 1,3, ten minute* pait 3, amd at 4, 5, 6, T, o'clock. P. M. | LEAVE QUARANTINE. At I. I. ?. 10, II, A. M., and 1, a, t, 4, f, ?X.P. M. New York Best. 8th. a0 ~ PEOPLE'S 11NE STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY, Daily, Sundays Eicep ed ? iHmHBU Through Direct?At 6 o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between CotirtUudtand Liberty itreeta. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON,Capt Wm H. Peck,will leave on Monday, Wedneaday, and Friday evenings, at o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt R. O.Crattendrn, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 6 deblock At Five O'clock, P. M.?Landing at intermediate places? from the foot of Barcw street. Steamboit ROCHESTER, Captain R. H. Furry, will leave ou Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at 3 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. T.N. Hulsa, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 4 o'clock. The ab?ve boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time for the Moruiuc Cars for the East or West. Freight taken at moderate ratei, and none taken after 4X o'clock, P. M. JT7" All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats ol this lino, without a written order from the captains or agents. Forti'st i^e or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. 8CHULTX otthe office on the wharf. s6 rk FOU SHREWSBURY, OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch, Runsom Dock, Brown's Dock, vSAOT&SRSnitiMiddl'town and Red Bank.?The 8team boat ORU8, C. Price, Mniter, will run aa follows, from Fulton M&rket Slip, East River :? Leave New York. Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock. Tuesday, 14, at 7 AM. Tuesday. 14, at lfiX A.M. Wednesday, 11, at 7X A.M. Wednesday, 15. at 11 A.M. Thursday, 16. at 8 A.M. Thursday, IS. at 12 M. J'rda*, 17, at A.M. rriniv, it, at i r.M. Haturdfty, 18. at 9^ A.M. Saturday, II, at 2 P.M. ttaoday, 19,at #X A.M. Suuday, It, at 2)? P.M. The Line Stsyei will ran to Howell Worka, Bunam V11 lace and Freehold. Stages to convey pnaeengera to all parta of U>e eoufftry. N. B. 'All penoni are forbid trusting the above boat on account of the Ownen. J. P. ALLAIRE. ?l?e re FCR SHHEW88UKV, LONO BRANCH, r Ocean House, P. W. Schanek's, Highlands, rt&imOtHMm Hnnaom and Eatontown Landing. The (team, boat EDWIN LEWIS, cart. Haraes, will run ai follows, from loot of Barclay street, North river: Leave New York. Leavt Shreicihttrg. O'clock. O'clock. Tnesdiy, II. at 10 A.M. Wedneeday, 13,atllKA.M. Thandar. 16, at II A.M. Fiiday, IT, at 1 P.M. Saturday, U, at I P.M. Monday, 20, at 4 P.M, Tuesday, 31, at 1P.M. Wedneaday. 12. at S P.M. Thniaday, 21, at 2 P.M. Friday, 24.at7?AM. Saturday, 25, at J P.M. Monday. 27, at9% AM. Tue?day, 22, at 9 AM. Wedi.Mlay, l?,at*)>?AM Thursday, SO, at 11A.M. Stages will be in readineas on the arrival of the boat to convty i>:>sseuRera to all parts of the country. For further partiralars apply to F, B. Hall, at the ofllee on the wharf. si JOt^rc ofrrPBITmd M'TlcE-To Albany, Utica $1 40; Syracuse, $2; Oswego; HBBmiU; Riwliester. $2; Buffalo, >2; Cleveland, $4; Detroit,$1; Milwaukie,$6 75; Chicago, M 75; Cincinnati, $6 75; Toronto and Hamilton, $4; Whitehall, $2; Montreal, $4; Pittsburg, $6 Office, 100 Barclay street. Any srcurity required will be Riven for the fulfilment of all eniitriet# maue WIIQ wis couiimny. *11 2'j 3(-i*rc N1. L HA V, Agent | New York, 1X7. CONKV ISLAND IfKRRY.?The well known iteamer AMERnfAN KAOLK. Cap. (ire. H. Power, will ran regularly onring the teiwoii lo I oney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton, ai folIowa:?Lewinc I'ier No. 1, at 10, 1,4. A fine Cotillion Band accompanies the boat. ? < 44t*r# MORNING LENE TO* ALBANY AND C Ay 1 TKOY and loterordiate Landings. WMnu Breakfast and Dinner on board the Boat. The low preunre steamboat TROY, Captain A. Oorhan, will leave the ilei-mbnat pier foot of Birelay ttrert, Mondays, Wedueolav*, ?ud Friday*, at lerea o'clock A. M. K?turning on tha opposite dayt. _ ? . The Steamer NIAGARA, Capt. H. L. Kellogg, will leava the Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street, Tuetday.Thoriaay and Hn'arday, at half past ill o'clock, A. M., rernrning oa the opposite dayi. Koriitnct or freight, apply on board, ar to F. D. Hall, at lh? oinre ?m 'he wharf i?M FOR NK.W ORLE ANS?Loaitiaaa and Naw mVVW York Line of Pncket*?Regular packet to tail oa ;Wfl?>Monday,Octoher4th?The aplendid fast nailing packet ?lup llHWr.OO, Thoa. lugersol, natter, will poaitiyaly mil at above, her regular day. For freight or pattage, having handtome furnished accommodationt, apply on boar* at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall itreet, or to E. K. COLLINS, M Booth it. Agenta in New Orleans, J. O. Woodruff k Co, who will promptly forward a>: cjoikIh to their addreit. The packet thip CLIFTON will tncceed the Otwegoand (ail h't r?*nlar ?!?? g|2 A&fL. J'?" LONDON?ITegnlar Packet of tha 14th of J^ptembrr?The firtt cla?t fast tailing packet thip JMMNEf S I. JAM KH, burthen 150 tool, will tail at above er regular dav. Having superior accommodation! for cabin, tecond cabin and steerage iiKsengers. Pertont intending to embark shoald cake early app.icatioii oc l"<ard, foot of Maiden lane, or to , J McMURRAY. 18 re corner of Pine and South streets. A**. PACKKT SHIP CONSTITUTION, FROM Hfli L1VF.* POOL?Conngneet per thii veatel will JB^Bhplease send their pernru on board at wett tide of Boiling slip, wi'hout delay. All goods not permitted in Ave daya, are liable to be tent to pnblia store. tin m WOODHULL fc MINTTTRN, i7 South it I to Oil HWlfllMM. E NE' NEW - OCEAN STEAM NAVIGATION ; COMPANY.?United States Mail Liue to S%m?W&Lb/l*tk< 'o*ti and Southampton. and Bremen. i Cdm\*W?r The splendid new sfamship WASHINGr diHMnTON, 17H tons burthen. Frederic Hewitt, commander, will start from New York on the I3d September, i carrying tKj United States Mail. She will tou?h at Cowea and Southampton to land paaaen- I Cra and freight. and deliver the mail* fur England, Frauce and 1 Igium. and will then proceed to Bremerharcn. Keturmng, wilf leave Bremerhaveu the 11th October. The Waaliiugtou ia built in the strongest manner, with a riew to being eouirerted into a ship of war, and subject at any I time to inspection by officers appointed by the Preaideut, both during and after construction. She has two engines, of 104)0 horse power cach, and accommodations for I JO passengers. P.inaae from New York to Sonthampton or to Bremen, $170. Passage from Bremen and Southampton to New York, Sltt. She will carry about 300 tons freight, which will be chaiged according to the nature of the goods i.ffering. All leiters muss paaa through the Poat Office. Parcels, for which bill* of lading wilt b? signed, will be charged ti each. For freight or passage annl v at the office of the Ocean Steam " Navigation Company, 43 Willi tin street, comer of Wall. E MILLS. Ornenl Ageut. Agents at Southampton DAY, MIOSKKY & ROS8. " at Bremen C. A. HEINEKEN Si CO. " at Havre WILUAM I9KL.1N. *hesecoii'l stramrr of the liue is iu due course ol construc- J tion and will be in readineM iu ihe ensuing full a?29fh - ? KUK TlYVRE via CMfcUliStiUttO ? ywyttlBI The steanuhip NEW YOHK will leave on her regular day, Wednesday, the 16th inst Price of cabiu pawage, $I2U. The ship has an experienced surgeoii. Lette smuttpaas through the poat office. Fur p.iasage or f eight, apply to aC9<in AV MAR <* Co . 34 Son rh street. FRENCH THAN 8A1LA11 1 I C I S.TTi flfirf* STEAMSHIP COMPANY ? The ships of Vilify1*t^"' com'*u^ arc appointed to sail as fol- ^ ?ialBH(Ls'TR?7M NEW YORK. i ne i niLAUtu ni-toomi imahiw The missouri " " Slit The NEw YOHK " " iSth Sept. The UNION " " SOth ,r > ROM HAVRE. The NEW YORK " " 15th Angust The UNION " " Slit r' I Theee Steamers are rqunl to any nfleet, with commanders of tried skill and known courtesy. Their itate rooms and cabins i are unusually commodious, and they are provided with every , thine requiiite for the comfort of puiennrri. The price of Ksage in the Cm cabin from New Vork 11 f 120. From ?re 1,900 franei. Winosarenot iuclnded, but will be far- { niihed at moderate ratri. All lexers muit pan through the poet office. For freight or passage, apply to an4 rc AYMAR fc_CO.. J4 South stre?t_ BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN AlAWLk*ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1200 ton. 2*5Mcll?^u9^iuid 4W hone power each, un.ler contract ^^^^^^^ 'with the.Lortls of the A.lmirnlity. HIBERNI A, Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Cajitain Edward U. Lott. BR1TTANN1A, Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA, Captain Charles H. E. JndkiM. ACADIA, Capuiu William Harrison. The fonr steamships now building are i THE AMERICA, THE NIAGARA. THE CANADA. THE EUROPA. The TFueli appointed to sail from Boston are the Hiborqia, August 16, 1I4T Cambria September 1, 1847 Caledonia September 16, 1847 Britannia October 1, 1847 The vessels appointed to sail from Liverpool are the Cambria August 4, 1847 Caledonia August 19, 1147 Britannia September i, 1847 Passengers' luggage most be on board the day previous to sailing. " 'sage money?Frem Boston to Liverpool, $120, do do to Ha ifu, 120. No berths secured until paid for. Siese ships carry experienced surgeons. No freight, except specie, received on days of sailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to D. BRIOHAm! Jr.. Agent AtHARNDEN Sc CO.'9,S T?lli< (T^In addition to Ae above line between Liverpool 115 Halifax, and Boston, a contract has been entered into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool ana New York direct. The steamships for this service are bow ming duih, ana early next year due nonce win ne hitch of the time when they will start. Under the new contract the teamen win tail every Saturday during eight month*, and every fortnight daring the other month* in the year. Going al ternately between Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, and be tween Liverpool and New York. mH r dSfeKL JtMV mEEr nggjur ^AhUSLE fc^fFPARD'S EMTOHWION OFFlffi! V in eonnection with OEO. R1PPARD it BON, 134 Waterloo Hoad, Liverpool. Per*on* wiahing to tend for their friend* in the old country, can secnre puaage in any of the following new line of packet*, (ailing from Liverpool on the 6th of every month, vn CONSTITUTION, 1,300 ton*,Capt, John Britton. QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1,200 ton*, Capt. P. Wood' house. LIVERPOOL, 1.13? ton*. Capt John K ldridge. HOTTINGUEK, 1,000 ton*, <"apt. Ira Buraley. Geo. Rippard &. Son are the only ageut* in Liverpool for the above liue of packet*, in addition to which they de*patch a first clas* (hip every week. Person* (ending money to their friend* in large and *mall amount*, eau be accommodated with draft* on the Belfast Banking Company, aud their numeron* brancltea in Ireland; alao on the principal banks in England Scotland, and Wales. Apply to CARLISLE b RIPPARD, iro21 Mt*m it South street, cor of Wall. OTT'lfflMlollATIO^offirCE, M 8<5tRt!? us wiajing to send for their friends in the old country, can secure passage on reasonable terms, by any of the magnificent ships comprising the new Line ofLiverpool packets, vis:? CONSTITUTION, 1730 tons, Captain John Britton. QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1400 tons. CaM. P. WoodhoaM. LlVMiruub. IOU ton*, captain John KKirmge. HOTTINGUER, 1160 torn. Cam. IraBuraley, (ailing from Liverpool on the 6tn of every mouth. Passage can alio be lecured by the St. George'* Line, or the Union Line o( Liverpool paMteta, making ip all a ihip every five days from that port. For farther particular* apply to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. jytt M Bonth atreet, New York. ROCHE, BROTHEHS It CO-PASSAGE TO from Liverpool, per Black Ball Line of Packets, JBMKsand Remittance* to Ireland he. The well known favorite packet ihip NEW YORK will sail for Liverpool on Thursday, 16th September, (her tegular day. For tram* of cabin, lecond cabin and steerage pass<ge, apply to Captain Cropper, on board at foot of Btekman street, or to the aubacriber* The NEW YORK will *ail from Liverpool on ldth of October; paiaage can be engaged to come from the old conntry by thia aplendid (hip, or by any of the packets of the OUI Black-Ball Line, to *ail from it on the lat and LMh of every month, by applying to ua. Those remitting mooey to Ireland, can have drafts on THE ROYAL BANK OF IRELAND, and on PRESCOTT, GROTE St CO., Banker*, London, which will be paid at the varioo* branches throughout Great Britain and Ireland. Apply to ROCHE. BROTHERS k CO.. No. S") Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank, Only authorised passenger agents lor the Old or Black Ball Line of Liverpool packets. at re Ug- ONLY RKGULAJTLINE OF PACKETS FOR NEW ORLEANS. The following well known, jflaHhslast sailing and favorite packet *hi|>* have accommodations unsurpusel for cabin, second cabin and Peerage passengers, and will | ositively *ail as advertised, or passage free, vit The HUDSON, Capt. Page, September 13th. The GALENA,Capt. Deunia, September iOth. Persons wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will do well .o secure passage by either the above packets, as they are all ilrst clan ships, commanded by men experienced in the trade, and will sail punctiffily ou their appointed days. To secure berths, apply on board, or ta anil re W. It J. T. T APSTOTT. K Rmith s?. Stat- FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line-Regular packI^H^^et of Mth of September?The splendid, fast sailing flHH^paeket ship SHERIDAN, Captain G. B. Cornish, will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or paseage. having haadiome fnrniahed accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to EK. COLLINS. M H<-uth *t. The packet shin GARRICK, Capt. B. J. H. Trask, will succeed, th* Sheridan, and sail on the Mth of Oct. her rerular da* aal7 FOR LIVERPOOL.?The New Line?Regular iMfW packeH>f2Ist September.?The superior Tut sailing JHESb l*cket .hip QUEEN OF THE WEST, CaptaiH Philip Woodhouae, 1U0 tou? burthen, will nil as above, her regular day. For freight or paaaage, harm* splendid large and comfortaatate room* and cabin, apply to the captain on board, pier No. 31. weit aide of Barling slij>. or to WOODHULL k MlNTURN, 17 Bomth at. Price of paauge $100 The new packet ahip CONSTITUTION, 1600 tona burthen. Capt. John Britton, will aacceed the Queen of the Weaf, and eail on her regular day. J'at of October aJS re Mf. FOK BT LIZE, HONDURAS?Bark JOHN R |?fk.OARl)NKR, James I'ederaen, maater, will hare jHHMw'lespsteh for the above port. . ForTreight or passage. having superior accommodation*, apply to the captun on noa'd, Pier 9. fcaat River, or to *(7t*m K. aLEXANDKE. M South street. "SHE FOR LIVERPOOL?To tail with desnatch.ihe Arat class, fait sailing regulnr Packet Ship WATERJBBHbl'OO, Capt AIIph, buithen lion tons, will ?nil ai aoove, having very superior aceommodatio* s for cabin, second cabin ana sleearge passengers. Persona about embaiking, should make early application on boaid, foot of Maiden Lane, or ta J. McMURHAY. comer Pine and Sooth streets. Persona desirona of sending fur their friends in the Old ; Country, can hare tliem brought ont by the above splendid vessel, or any other of the regular line by apphmg. *1 rrc W HOLESALE SHIRT WAREHOUSE, No. H Piatt street. Id door from William, where may be found a 1 larga assortment of Shirta, of avary quality, made in the lateat styles, and of snpanor workmanship. Fancy and Plain Linen Muslin and common Shirta, constantly on hand. Southern aid Western merchaata are resnectfally invited to call kafora purchasing. JOHN WOOLSEY, St Piatt at. trll> Ml * rrc 1 ANALYSIS OF BEAUTY.?To give the face the oval form, and the complementa of beanty, aaya Winkleman, the apostle of beauty, the hair ought to crown the forehead, and to aurround the templea, deacribing a portion oft circle, aa it it in general seen in beautiful paraoua. 'J'hia form of the forehead la appropriate to all ideal heads. On this |>oint Lavater concurs in the aame opinion with Winkle man; and the aicienta thought the hair |*oduced a very bad effect if it deaeended so low aa to hide the forehead. Lacian, designing to represent in the most ludicrom manner, the hair of an ugly woman, aaya that it was short, flat, and glued down aa it were to her forehead, which might lead na indeed, were the cireumatancea not so remote, to imagine he waa deacribing soma of our modern Broadway bellea or an Kaquimaux Indian. A remedy, however, it fortunately at hand, and triumphs ovti Nature; and the world renowned Pondre Subtile, the invention of that ingenious chemist. Dr. Felii Oouraud. will eradiJ cate avary fibre of superfluous hair wherever applied, and display the hidden heautiea and intellectual lievelopmenta of 1 either male or (emale foreheads. But be inre and get the genome preparation, and that is to be procured at the Doctor's only depot in New York, 67 Walker street, first store from Broadway. anl7?t*m TJROWN'S COFFEE HOUSE AND DINlNO HA ! 1) I,OON. No. 71 Pearl street, head of Coentiea Slip. SrranK>ra and others whose business calls them to the lower |?rt of e city, will find thiaa very convenient place to gat their meals ?Brrsifut. Dinner and Tea* ureal last, mime OEOROE BROWN, a} Mt*re Late of Lovejoy's Hotel. DAUNTING*?A small collection of rare and good PaintA uta. by the old maaters, in perfsct order, aad handsomely tnm*L to r eaieetll Liberty street Two or three fine his to W YO fSYORK, TUESDAY MOI T H ^E P A R K THE NEW SXttZ The Embellishment of tbe Park Fountain. It will doubtless be gratifying to most of ouroltizenato poroelve that there is at last a prospect of seeing the Park Fountain embellished la a suitable manner, the Commute* on Lands and riaces having approved of a beautiful design recently prepared by the President of the Croton Aqueduot Board, and reported in favsr of appropriating the sum of $6,500 for the purpose of carrying the Intention of the resolution into elTeot,which was adopted. In AnnUmnlafa/1 amKalllahm?nt r\t fnunfain If la proposed to place around the jet, no as to oonceal it entirely from view, a centre ornament of cast iron, representing the" Lilly of the Nile," in flower, riding two teet above the water, and, when painted to resemble nature, will present a beautiful appearance; while its dlametsr (seven feet; will be sufficient for a full display AFFAIRS IN THE WAR QUARTER. THE NEXT NEWS KOM MEXICO. [From the New Orleans Delta, Sept. ft ] We think we may expect farther news from General Scott's army on Tuesday or Wednesday next. The Mary Kingtland did not get to Vera Crui until the 28th ultimo. Allowing her two days to remain there, and six to return to this port, would bring it to Tuesday or Wednesday. But even then, we fear, unless a special courier has been sent down, that the information will be little less vague and indefinite than that brought by the Fashion. The Kngllsh courier, the only safe and reliable means of information, would not leave the city of Mexico until the 29th August. THE Tjioors FOR VERA CRUZ. In our remarks yesterday, respecting the change that bad been made in the plan of operations in Mexico, we surmiaed that the two brigades which are to be diverted from Taylor's division, to open the road from Vera Cms to the oity of Mexico, would be under the command of Uens. Hoppln and Lane. We were informed yesterday, by an officer lately from Mataraoras, that tnwie Drigadea wui bo under the command of Uena. .Marshall and Lane. INCIDENTS ETC. When Gen. Hcott was la thla city on bis way to the hi at of war, he wan frequently interrogated by curious persona, as to bla plana and designs. But the old general was generally aa close as an oyster. There was, however, one purpoae of bla whioh he made no effort to ronceal. and that waa hla determination to be In the oapltul by the lat of September. " I shall dictate peace to them in their capital on the 1st September, 1847.'' The old general is certainly shaving it very close, but we believe that he will redeem his promiae. TWK.NTY-FrVE DAYS LATER FROM SANTA FE. St. Louis, September tith, 1847. kditoh nr.iald : Lieut. Love, with hia dragoons and money, had not reached Santa Ke on the loth of August, lie waa met at Wagon Mound. Numerous traina and companies of volunteers were met on the road, all getting along very well. AROUS. [From the St. Louis Republican, Sept. 16 ] The steamer J. J. liardin arrived last ni|<ht from Die Missouri river. From our correipondent at Independence we have received a letter, giving pretty full detAili of all the news brought by Mr. Aubry. who had just re. turned from Santa Ke It will be seen that he bringi intelligence of the murder of one of the beat oltlzens of our State. We annex his letter? IrfbEPEitncRcic, Sept. 1, 1817. The arrival of Mr. Aubry, direct from Santa Ke. puts into my handa some news that will be interesting to your readers, and which I hasten to communicate. Mr. Aubry left Santa Ke on the 'JSth of July, accompanied by Mr. Barnum, of Baltimore, (direct from Chihunhua ) Capt. McKinney's company of volunteers from Monroe oounty, and a train of sixty-Ova United States wagons, under the charge of Mr. King. Tbroug Mr. Uarnum, Mr. Aubry has news from ( hihuahua to the 3d of July. On the 'JIM of June Mr. James Aull, the partner of the late Colonel S C Owens, in an axtensive mercantile business, was killed by four TV...- 1 U I- 1 #k.l 1 i-'ii l him, ami took away The authorities of the city, ana the friends of the deceased, Immediately had tlireu of the murderers arrested. and put in prison to await their trial. Mr. Aull's death wan not occasi tied hy any riding of the mob, hut chlelly tor plunder. Mr. Auii isa gentleman well kuown in thin community, and highly reflected. Ilia death had spread gloom aud consternation over every one, and more particularly at thin crisis, in the midst of large commercial transactions, and so toon after the death of Col. Owcus. The persons and property of American citizens generally were respected at Chihuahua, though none were permitted to leave the city, except neutrals, who could bring away their means by paying a duty of 8 per cent. Mr. Barnum obtained his passport by pretending to be an Irishman. (Jot. Armijo, on his way to Albuquerque, to visit his family, was arrested at Cblbuahua, and kept within the limits of that city, lie is said to have expressed great satisfaction at the result of the battle of Hacramento. No merohandiie of any description was suffered to come Into New Mexloo by the southern route. Id New Mexico the territorial election waa to take place on the 1st or '.id Monday of August. Consul Alvarei, Capt. Angney, and Mr Kirkland, of 8t. Louis were candidates (or the Legislature. The murderers of lirown nnd other* were on trial, and aeven of them would certainly be convicted. col vvmock s battalion or volunteers, their time having expiied, were ordered to leave Taos nod return to Santa Ke. Twenty-rlvo citizens remained, and were determined to erect fortification* for their defence. A large number of the wo.-,en of Taos b-td determined to follow our army, and not to return to tbeir homed until their husbands weuld coneeut to become friendly to the United Stated. An Insurrection had, a short time previous, commenced, but it was nipped in the bud, and the leaders, terrified at the numbers sent out in apposition to them, fled precipitately to the mountains. Mr. Aubry has kindly permitted me to extract the following from ills mtinoranda, on the way in :? Aunutr 1.?Met at the Wagon Mound a company of United MUtes dragoous, under charge of Lieut. Lot*, with a large sum of money for the paymentof the troops, and a train of governmont wagons in care of Kagan, of Platte city. Messrs Fitipatriok, Wetherhead, 'l'urley, Wally, and Lieut. Dewitt were alio accompanying them. AruusT 8?At McKneis's Creek met Col Kaston, of St. Louis, with his flveoompanies ot Missouri volunteers, under Captains I'aul, Cunningham, Barnes. Shepherd. Wueokner They had in charge a traiu of government wagons. The traders along were Messieurs Stevenson, Coons, Mcintosh, Cunlffe, Met>111, brace, Williams, Estls, Carr, Hohman and Kearny,with forty wagons tilled with dry goods and provisions. August 10th?Met at Cold Spring a company of mounted Missouri volunteers, under charge of Captain Jones, who had two pieoes of artillery along. K.tnanuel Arinijo Is in company with nine wagons August 13th?Above Middle Spring, I saw Messrs. Murphy and Tost, Wm. McKnigbt, Owens and Woods, with twenty wagons. August 1 :ith - At Mlddlespring, met fonr companies of Missouri Volunteers,Captains Korponay, Boke, Clarkson and Smlthson; two trains government wagons?Thompson and II ay den, wagon masters Messrs Emerson,Turner, Allen, and Tea bout, of St. Louis, sre s long, with ten Nwrt day, Slnond's company of volunteers, a little Dolow the SnrlBg,w?r? mat, protecting a government train?Cofttaa, of Platte, wagon master Bailey RK E tNING, SEPTEMBER 14, F O I) N TA^N. .C3.c ELLISHMB^T. of the " Maid of the Mist," tho Croton Plume, 8to. At tli? edge of the basin, there is to be a wall and coping of white mnrbio, two feK above the Hurfaoe of the water, when the basin la full, and the whole to be enclosed, at a distance of about sixteen feet from the edge of the basin, by another white marble wall, two feet high, surmounted by an elegant iron railing, four and a half feet. The Intervening space, between the edge of the basin and the enclosure, to be tastefully cultivated with choloe plants, flowers, Uo. With a view of oonveylng a corroct Idea of the contemplated embellishment of this long neglected fountain, we have been Induoed to present the above cut, which has been copied from the original dfewtag, designed by the President of the Croton Aqueduct Board, who has politely permitted us to use it for that purpose. Cole, of Clarkion's company, and W. B. Howell, of -81inond's oompanv, died a little below the Middle Spring. August 18? Met at Sand Creek. Lofflln's company of Missouri mounted volunteers, and a train of government wagons; Lieut. Colonel Royakln and three companies Illinois infantry, Captains Hook, Cunningham and Turner, and two traius of government wagons. In charge of Klnley, of Wegtport. 18 ? At Battle Oround, mat Colonel Newhy, of Illinois, and three oompanles of Infantry; Heed Moses and Kinney, captains; also, Barclay, ot Lexington. Mo., and Thorp, of St. Louis, with seven wagons of good* and provisions. 10?Ford of Arkannas, met M^jor Donaldson, and companies A, H. J, K, Illinois Infantry, and IIuntlDKton's train of government wagons. August 28th?At Little Arkansas met Colonel Ralls with two companies Missouri mounted volunteers; also Captains McNair, Haley and (iels, as well as Ave trains Sovernment wagons, and Stone, Goldstein and other traars. August 2!)th?Met at Cotton Wood, Symington & Uennlng's train of government wagons. At Council Orov?, St. Vraln's (Dwilk Bauvais, of St. Louis) twenty wagons August 30th?At creek 149 Mr. St. Vrainand Barclay, with six wagons of provisions. At Soldiers' Creek, met ......... .> iiryrriHini.sii mai me .Mormons are on friendly term* with the Indians, an J rarely molest them, although they are aroused of occasionally ?t<allng rattle Immense herd* of buffalo were seen on the plains and crossing the Missouri, at the mouth of a stream called Stillwater.? .Si l.ouii llrpuhlican. Yrli.ow Fever at Nbw Ori.kans.?TIip report ol interments tor the 24 hours preceding f> o'clock, A. M. yesterday, shows a decrease of Ore on the report of the da* previous The weather yesterday a? umed a more pleasant and healthful oharaoter The wind shifted around to the Mouth, and the atmoaphara mora balmy and agnaable than on tha preiion* d?y?? !> (<?, 61\ init. 1 iiarrinuD. uerrauiu >nu wiunam, or independence, with twelve wagons of provisions. At Bridge Croak, Mr. Colter and lady, of St. Louis, and Smith, of _ the firm of Colburn St Smith. At Willow Spring. Mr. " Hay*, Indian trader. At Hickory Point, Messrs White & Simpson, sutler* to Kail's regiment, and trader to Santa l'e. MILITARY MOVEMENTS. Win DEPARTMENT, ) AViiHinnTon, September 0, 1847. ) Sir: The President has authorized the acceptance of a company of Volunteer Infantry, under the command of Captain John Cameron, of your State, to serve during the war with Mexico, provided the company be presented for muster, on or before the 10th of October next, and the officers thereof duly commissioned In accordanoe with the laws of North Carolina. 1 hare therefore the honor to transmit herewith a oopy of the letter from this Department, to Captain Cameron on this subject, and ts request the oo-operatlon of your Kxcellency in the organization of said company, and the appointment of the officers under the authority of the State. Tho same rules and restrictions will be observed in respect to this company, as were prescribed in form< r requisitions upon your State. Vour Kxcellency is requested to designate a place of rendezvous, and inform this department of the same, when an officer of the United States Army will be ordered to Inspect the company, aud muster it into the service. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, Your obedient servant. JAMES BUCHANAN, Acting Seerwtary of War. Ills Kxcellency, William A. Uraham, Governor of North Carolina. Kaleigh, N. C.' [From the Washington Union, Sept. 13 ] Wen. nitarny arrived in this city last night from Missouri. lie reported himself to-day to the President of the United States and to the Department of War. We understand he is in good health, and very desirous, as soon as he can he released from his engagements in Washington, to join our army in Mexico. Oen John McNeil has returned to Detroit much Improved in health, and is about to leave that olty for his Lome in New England Kirst Lieut Barry, of the 3d regiment U. S. artillery, who while acting as adjutant of his regiment at Tampico, a tew months ago, was attacked by a severe and dangerous illness, and ordered north to recruit, was to leave Buffalo on the lltli inst.. for Mexico. ( apt. < hllton, of the U. S. Army, who has been a few w'tkk in u lacnmmr, \ m . on inn recruiting iiwtic?, naff picked up some (lne looking fellows The War Department baa notified Capt.-Joslah Little, of Upper Alton. Ill , who sometime ago rained a company for cavalry service, that the company will now be received if offered. The Captain la now endeavoring to reorganise.? Ftnntylvanian, 13(A in?t. (><) Kdwards haa accepted the Jackaon (iuarda, and ordered them to proceed to Kort Leavenworth. The remalna of Lieut. Charles llosklna, late adjutant 4th U. 8 infantry, who gallantly Ml at Monterey, were to be interred at Jefferson barracks on Tuesday, the 7th inat., at .1 o'clock. P M., with the honor due to his rank. ? St. Lout* Union, 61 h init. navaf. i.ttrlijokncs. The United Btates frigate ltrandywine went to sea from Hampton Roads, on the flth Inst. Steamboat Accident.?The steamboat Lake of the Woods arrived at our wharf yesterday, from the Upper Missouri. This vessel was chartered for a trip to the Yellow Stone river, but, when at the mouth of the tittle (<heyenne river, about Ave hundred miles from her destination, she burst her steam connecting pipes, scalding Mr. Thomas Calloway so as to eause his death in about six houra. No other person was Injured. The accident oocurred on the 17th ult. The damage to the boat was regarded as so aerlous as to prevent the oontlimaine of her voyage. Mr Harvey, one of the Ht. Loula Kur Company, and by whom the boat was chartered. was on board at the time, and determined to transfer his goods to a keel boat which they had in tow. This was done, and Mr. Harvey proceeded on hia voyage. Ills progress will be impeded some fifteen or twenty days, in the time of his arriving at the upper trading post among the Blackfeet Indians. A great portion of the freight had teen discharged before the acoldent occurred, at trading posts of the company. T>ir Mormons.?A pwsenuer in the Lake of the Woods, Irorn the Upper .Missouri, lnlormsus that the Mormons are in a flourishing condition, in their new location on the line lands of the Pottawotamle purchase, on both aides of the river, above Council Bluffs. They have planted immense fields of corn ?to the extent, it is estimated, of 30,000 acres-and other grain and produce. They have built, also, a town called Win ter (Quarters," which already contains a population of some seven thousand souU This town is entirely pick- | [ERA] 1847. Law Intelligence. 8itr?:?ib Court, September 13. ? Present, Judge* Cady, MoCoun. and Hurlbut.? A. Spiei v$. R. r Gilmore- This iu the first ewe argued In the Court, m o'ltaaimd uodor the now Cooitltutlon, and p presented two question* of ioine interest, one of which was agreed by oourt and counsel to be entirely * new The facts of the case areas follows:?One h urloug, b a resident of Matamoras. became Indebted to Mr Spie<, o In this city, and in order to obtain tluie. gavs bis note at J< six months, dated at New York, and made payable to A. ii W Spies, or order, which note the defendant, Gilmore, ? also a resident of Mexloo. endorsed The clerk who took the note, testified that Vr Kurlong offered Gilmore as tl his security, that the offer was accepted, and the note n taken accordingly. The note was not paid at maturity; p payment was not demanded of Kurlong. nor was any notioe of non-payment given to Gilmore, they having left New York, and returned to Mexico before the maturity si of the note Mr Hplen brought his aetlou in the Supe- K rior Court of New Vork. and obtained judgment The defendant brought a writ of error to this court, and ol moved to reverse tnu judgment. Mr. Crist, for defend- A ant, in the Court below, contended?1st. that lu somo early cases It bad been held, that a party who had en- a dorscd paper iu this form, was not commercial form?was si not commercial endoiser?and might he charged as sim- u pie guarantor of payment, thus relieving the holder from p striet diligence in preeentlng it to the maker for pay- t ment, and notifying him of the maker's default; but the c Court of Krrors has recently held otherwise llall o vs. Newcombe, 7th Hill's Kuports By that decision the law was nettled, that he that thug puts bis t name on the back of a negotiable note Is to be I deemed an endorser To charge him in that cupa- t city. de:imnd and notice are necessary These forms s not having been observed, the defendants is not liable. Mr. O'Conor for plaintiff iu the court b low. admit- r ted that the only written opinlou delivered in the Court r of Krrors, in Had vs. Newcouib, n firmed the doctrine u contended for; but insisted that it was unsound in prln- ? nlple, and that the previous determinations are to be ? followed in preference. He maintained that where a 1 umiiDCi resoiutlou upon a point. of law dors Dot aocorn- I pany th e judgment, a case In the Court of K.rror* In not I a bindiug authority. A point of law ruled in a MM of t last resort, by th') concurring op'.nlousof a majority of I judges Is flnnlly established iiut such concurrence docs notappeLr in any casrH in tliat rourt, except 'resolution < ca?ee;'' and from the nature and constitution of that | court, It Is neither a legal nor a probable presumption < that am*j>rityof the judges in determining eases or- 1 dlnarily agreed upon any ouo point. Senond 1'olnt? I The rulit requiring demand and notice to eharge an endorser, does not extend to a maker or endorser reading ! In a foreigu country, who gave a note here and dated It < here. It Is settled that if a maker, after giving the note, and before its maturity, removes from the State, demand I is excused, yet, whilst he removes to a greater distance. ) without crossing a State line, demand is rendered neces sary to charge the endorser. Those rules are >omewhat arbitrary. A removal from N?w York to Jersey city ex- t cuses a demand, but a removal to Buffalo or the wilds of t Kssex county has not that effect. It does not seem cor- * rect In adjusting rulea of commercial law In a country ii which, commercially and socially, Is one and Indivisible, to give this effect to geographical lines, oruated il by political Institutions, in reference merely to the J distribution of power among the departments of t government. It would be more just to have regard only to difference of place in the general or commercial sense, v The case of a note given and dated In a State different t! from that in which the maker resided when the note o was given, does not appear to have arisen prior to Taylor >s. Snyder, 3 Uexio, 13-tri In that case, the note was >< given and dated at Troy, N. Y.; the maker resided at & ^palaehlcola, in Florida The Supreme Court repudl- r ated the notion'that a "State .line1' should be regarded, c and applying the general rule', discharged the endorser, because no demand had been made. These two classes < of judicial authority are, however, altogether aside ?f c the present rune, and furnish no rule for its determlna- 1 tlon. In the coses of removal between the giving and ti the maturity of the note, It is held that the intervention ot a State line is a turning point In the case of a dating I in one State while the mak< r lives In another, the Inter- * ventlon of a State line is he t to be immaterial. These rules are neither harmom >ui in principle nor conversant in practioe. Counsel lor the plaintiff in the oourt below, summed up his argument, Insisting that a foreign- I it actually residing abroad, who gives and dates a note j here, agrees to pay it here, and that our laws will not J compel the holder to go or to send an agent, or to trans- I I mil his documents out of the country bevond the Dro- i tectlon of ltd laws, exposed to all the perils consequent upon the absenc* of such protection. Promissory notea anil Inland bills of exchange were said to l>e brethren In commercial law, but foreign bills, in their uses and applications, and especially in respect of the circcmstancus 1 of demand protest, and notice stood upon legal rulrs entirely different from those established in relation to pro- l missory notes. Judgment reserved. si'risior Court.?Before Judge Oakloy ? The People of I he State of New York tb. ## '//?. Hue klty, Joueph If. | Corlieg and Richard Laurence.?This was an action ou , an administration bond, entered into by Corlles and j Laurence, as sureties lor the other defendant The j faats are as follows < harles Buckley, the brother of , the defendant Wm. Buckley, carried on the busiuess of merchaut in this city, and died in 1834, intestate, leaving considerable personal property. Administration was ? granted to a person named Scored, who was afterwards j removed, and William Buckley appointed In his stead ; 0 upon which occasion the bond in question was entered f into in the penalty of M'J.OUO, conditioned for the faithful performance ot the duties of administrator, and also v that he would obey the orders of the Surrogate. The t breaches assigned are, that William Buckley did not perform his duties faithfully, and next that he disobeyed the orders of the court. The plaiatlds gave in evidence the letters of administration, and also an account filed in the Surrogate's office by William IIuckley, together with various other proceedings bad before that officer in the matter of the iutestate. The plaintiff's counsel here rested. The oounsel for the defendants, Corliss and Laurence, the sureties (the other defendant, who is the principal, is out of the jurisdiction of the court and does not appear, )moved for a nonsuit on three groundsfirst, that the account given in evidence has no authentic mark of being the account of Wm. Buckley, that it is a paper brought out of the Surrogate'* office, which circumstance in not conclusive evidence that it Is big account; it in not like the cane of a judgment record which proved Itself; it, therefore, should bo shown by positive Sroof that it was signed and sworn to by said William uckley. Secondly?Supposing that it is the account of Win. Duokley, the requirements of the statute in relation to administrators' accounts were not complied with; the statute directs that no account shall be tiled until eighteen months after the letters of administration are granted, and this account appears to be tiled In one month after. Thirdly?That the admissions of a principal are not evidence against his sureties?to charge them there must be direct and positive evidence. The nonsuit was refused and the defendants put on >, their defence, which is, that Wm. ltuekley had duly u and faithfully administered the estate and effects of the c intestate, 'l he esse Unadjourned until this morning, j Kor the people Messrs. (Jeer and Cowles F"rdefendants, j, Messrs. Miller and O 'Conor. ? United Status Circuit Couar.? Present, the Circuit * and District Judges.?Kquity motions were the order of J;1 the day. ? Ouylurdvi. tVilJtr and oth'i$ ? Mr. Staples, " on behalf of plaintiff, brought a motion for au injunction to restrain defendants from using the plaintiff's In- ' veution in the constructicn of Iron safes. He was replied * to by Mr. Sullivau, and, after a lengthy debate, the mo- * tion was adjourned for a week, to give Mr. Staples time * to procure further affidavits. Common Pl*as.? Vacation week in this Coart. c Court ok ArrKALi, Sept. II.?Mr. A. Taber concluded c his argument for defendant in error, in cause No. 14.? i Mr. J. A. Spencer closed the argument on the same side. Mr. M. T. Reynolds closed the argument for plaintiffs in error. I Coi kt or Genkrai. Seiiions. Monday, Sept. 13?Be- * fore Recorder Scott and Aldermen L)odd and Bpofford. 1 John McKeon, Kscj , District Attorne*. 7Viai for Crranrf Larceny?At the opening of the 1 ?-uuri lum uiuruiu^, i/?vi<a ri. uniuuun whk |>iauuu ( the bar for trial on an Indictment for grand larceny. l.i hating, on the day of January last, stolen from t ?eo. ' Conony tmnk bills and tllver ootn of the Taluo of $3ft 1 Uiomi Coiuk? sworn ?I am cook on board the ship 1 Ansel. I know the prisoner ; be was a hand on board the tame vessel. On the 3d of January the Captain of th? vessel paid ran a part of my wait**, and said he 1 would pay me the balance on the following Monday. I then went to the galley and showed my money to the prisoner. I then put it Into the pocket of my guernsey jacket, which I locked up In the locker. Diamond said he would go home, and asked me to give him some hia- 1 cult to take homi' to his wife. I went to the cabin to get 1 the biscuit for him, and when I returned Diamond was gone, nil money was gone, and the jacket lying on the ' deck 1 never saw the prisoner after until about a month ago, when I saw him In the police office. Mu HAr.L Mi RRtr, sworn ?I b?long on board the ship Ansel ; I was on the wharf by the side of the ship when 1 the money was stolen from the cook ; I 'aw the oook coma out of the galley and go to the cabin ; while the oook was in the cabin the prisoner came outol the galley and went away ; he run oil; I was not on board the ve?- ^ sel at the time the money was stolen. Johi (>. McLkad, sworn? I am an ofllcor of the Jnd ward I did not arrest the prisoner. . The prosecution here rested,and the defenoe proceeded to ahow that the accused had heretofore sustained an excellent character. The case was then submitted to the jury, who after a brief consultation rendered a verdict of guilty, whereupon the accused was sentenced to two years'Imprisonment In the State prison O Madamr Hetitll ?Another effort w?* made this after- t< noon to get Madame Resell balled out, by offering as h sureties < barles Witaon,stage proprietor, No 33 Bayard i, street and Mr. Mchepard, grocer,of No 10 Howard street. ii The lourt, however, refused to acoept them aa ball ? tl Madame It. wa? therefore ordered back to prlaoo. The ii Court then adjourned until to-morrow morning S Coi.'Rt Csi s*i>??, Wept I4-Swffl?r Court?Before ! Judge Oakley?Noi. 4, ft, ?, 7, 9, 10, la, 13, 1ft, 19, 1ft, 19, J. U0, 21, VI, 33, 34, 9ft. ' Judge Vanderpoal made his appearance in the llall \] yesterday, and entered upon his cfflclal duties It gives (j us great pleasure to state that hi* health Is fully restored. Ii The Legislature has, with perfect unanimity, passed an act appointing Judge Sand ford to the Superior bench from the present until the flritof January next,at which *>' time he would take his seat tinder the r ceut election All our courts are, therefore, now fully equipped for V business. i; The body of a man, named Michael O'Keefe, wa* found J In the rlveT at Detroit on tba 8tb Inst A oeroner a Inquest waa held and tha jury returned a verdict that ( ' tba decMMd cam* to bla death by Mows InAloted by blunt Instrnwst or olub." LD. Prlc* J.. Common Council. Bouii tr Aldkkmkw, s?pt. la.-Morrii Franklin, -?q. President, in the chair Petition*.? Sundry petition* for *ewer?. St a., war* resented, and referred to the appropriate committee* Af/enitofi of Curia/ $tr*et Sewer ? K*port in fitTOr of xteuding the eewer at th? foit of Canal street 75 feat wyond the point now uader contract laid on the table, n account of the former action of the board on thl* olnt bavinz been Vetoed by tho Mayor \ roito'.utloa i favor ot building the sewer, notwithstanding the lavor't veto. was then offered and adopted Qn and IPatrr I'l/tet. ? Report In favor of directing fiat all |?an and water pipet be hereafter laid down art ear the Kldewalk* aa poaiible. hj that they may be r?alred, &c , without obstructing the oarrlrgt way ? iiiopted. S ilif y [ncrtated.? Report In favor of Inrreaain.; the ilar/ of the Clerlt lu the office of Superinteo d>?nt or epairit. Vo . from J18'W to (760 per annum Adopted. Danirl O'Connrll ? liivitatiou to attend the tuneral tweijuioa of the Ute Daniel O'Conntll on the '22d init. .ecepted City Exprntn.?The Coraptroller.ln compliance with resolution adopted at the laat meeting, preaeut-d a tutement of the city expenditure* from the lit of Jiuiary iant, which w<-re a* follow* :?Amount of approriatinn*, ^ 1 H10 374; expenditure* prior to May lltta, ni,574; expenditure* stnee May lith. for Mcounu inurr?-J recti Ted prior to that date, $7H 730 17. Ordered a tile, Slrert Cleaning ? A communication was reoelved from be Superintendent of street*, from which It appeared hat from the Uth of .May to the Jpi'Jt-if Aufiut last, here was recei?od fjr uituuro, garbigi, dirt, 4to., the urn of (til 683 10 Charter agaimt Palirnn-n?A coramiinioation WM eceived from Justice Drinker. inclosing an affidavit naile by John Dein-r>st, netting forth that while luder the intluenue of liquor. hearss taken to the Bth mrd statiou home. where a uote of hand forfl U00. and . ?nin of money, were taken from htm by a policeman, teferred to the Mayor Hardinitn Fmrl of War.-- Resolution in favor of apHunting a special committee to wnlt upon the officers oi he Sar tluian corvette Aurora, and txtend to theui the mspttalltlcH of the city?Adopted. Aldermen Crolius. i'appan and Lawrence were appointed by the ohair to Jarry the re?olution into elTeot. M'jyur'# Mmttii-r and thr folic*.? Resolution in fa*or of referring that portion of the Mtyor's QWiwijH relating to the I'nlice Department to the committee on Lawn, to inquire into and report on the subject. Adopted Salary of Count'/ Qflir.tr t.?Resolution in furor of inquiring into the expediency of paying oouuty officer* ' dated salaries Adopted. Statc Mill Tux ?Resolution in favor of Inquiring into ^be expediency of gettiug the State mill tax rescinded, ind changing the time of assessing property from June ind July to January and February Adopted. jlttamry'M h'trt.?Resolution in favor of oailing upon he Comptroller to repert the amount of money that has teen paid for eounitel fees ill the matter of opening treetH, St a., during the {ant fifteen years, in separata Lenin, and to whom the name has been paid Adopted. sJnutArr Hrnadway.?Resolution in favor of enquiring ato the practicability of opening a new avenue, so as to ivert a portion of the travel from Broadway into auoher oonvenient channel. Adopted. Chain utrd at the J-'trit Cungrris.? Hetoiution in faor of placing the chairs used at the first Congress, in be Governor's room, for preservation, and procuring thers for us4 instead thereof. Adopted. IJutcK Manum ripti.?Resolution in favor of examlnug a number of Dutch manusoripts. now lying scattered bout the City >1 all, and having such as alfurd any light impeding the history of New Y'ork, &.O., translated by om lie tent soholars, Ua. Adopted. H Uar/aft Tax?Uesolutlou in favor of impoalng a mall tax on all goods landed from vessels, instead of harglng wharfage upon the veeseis; and applying to the .egislature for alteration of laws on the subject. Keurred. After referring a number of papers received from the loard of Assistants to the appropriate committees, the loard adjourned for two weeks. Movements of the People. The Michigan Democratic Htate Convention for the loinination of Governor and Lieut I Governor, waa held rwsterday at Jackson, and resulted In the nomination of ludge K. Ransom for Governor and W. M. Kenton lor Jeut. Governor. This wan arrived at after three informal ballotingH. ? Cor. liujfalo Commercial Advei titer, Sept. Vth. The whigs have carried the charter officers of the village of IJinghampton The majority ia SO. The new constitution of Illinois la to bo submitted to the Deople on th? ftrit .Monday of March next, for their ratification or rejection. In ease it in ratitlnd the goveraor in to issue writs of election lor members of the Legisiature to carry it into operation. Moke about tiik British Outii-wjk.?The f olowing letter, says the St. Louis Hepuliliran, which we received yesterday from bt. 1'eters, oontlrin* n every important particular the statement made by u* n relation to a recent .British outrage on the northrestern frontier St. I'etichs, 'i9th Aug. 1847. In your paper of the luth inst. if au editorial paragraph lotlclng the recent gross violation of our toll by a Hrltiih armed party from the lied Kiver settlement, who proeeded to apprehend two deserter*, who had taken reUge at one of the trading posts about three miles withn the Americau territory. The ntatenient made by yoa ras essentially correct in its detail*, with a single excepion. The capture was not by a portion of the r eg alar ore*, but by an armed detachment of the Hudson Day Company's police. The gentleman in oharge of the trading post Is w?U mown, of high and honorable character Me waa asked >y the party whether he would resist them in their at,empt to take the deeerters. and he replied that they lad ue right, under any pretence, to ootne upon Ameri:an soil, but that h* would not resist them, neither could they expect him to afford them any aid. The soldier* were thereupon felted, cjnduoted to Kort Garry, triad jy cuun mart 1*1, no senwnceu to receive one nunarea, *uJuno hundred auil tifty lashes respectively, which punishment was forthwith mulcted. i'liU is but oue of a series of high handed measures taken by the Hudson Bay Company, which, if notohecked by our covernment. and Liiat speedily, will result in serious difficult leu with our ;ititena, who are not ol a temper to submit to the illegal Hicroachmenta of any foreigu monopoly, however formllabia. 'J'hirt company claim for themnelvca a right, under a (rant from the British governmnnt, to trad* for furs aa ugh up aa the Grand fork* of Ked Hiver, some forty or illy utiles within our boundary, while they do not hsalato to iiifliot summary punishment upon any Ameriean rho purchaaea skins of any kiud within their territorial imiti). It ia for an alleged otTunoe of this kind that (ha American citizen referred to In your paper aa having ieen held to bail, la still in a bond of ? .00 sterliug, to lake liiaappearance before the Hudson Bay Company'* ourt In November next .Should he be treated with itrstines* in the prosecution of his caae, uieasares will e taken to bring the whole subject before Cougre**, nth a view to ascertain wlirtiier or not American citleua are to he protected iu the pursuit of a lawful vocaion, from the arbitrary and insulting interference of a jruiKu corporation. 1'hu Sioux Indians in this vicinity are suffering dreadully Irom sickness, brought an, in a great meaaur*. by waul of proper food The government ordered their nnultle* to be stopped, because a few of their noabar rere engaged lu the late Winnebago massacre, and no irovislons having beeu issued to these poor creature*, hey have been obliged to subalat on root* and green oru The consequence la, that ohoiera morbus baa arrled off sixty or seventy within a month past, and uany more are still sick "unto death." Sii.asWriuhi o.xkis Farm.?Wo have been lermittrd to |iultlibh the following extract trout l latter of Mr. Wright to a gentleman in this village, vlth whom in the lauguage oi tin- former, he had " inain.ained a more minute correspondence" than with any ither member ol that body to which he refer* , and it :anaot ful to b? read with Interest. " 1 am trying to baconin, upon a small scale. farmer n fact, ami nave, during thin wtrnii, labored very iteadily bach (lay tires uio-a good ileal, but I eat and deep well, aud enjoy a freedom from oareand a contentment which in already becoming rery dear to me A* la usual with ma in whatefer 1 undertake, my buMotw la already controlling m? too much, uud I now And it ?erjr dilHouit to command a day tor leisure or recreation, " My (arm is new, and. therefore, uucomlortable to work, though requiring a great deal of labor to I,Dug it Lo a condition to tie either pleasant for labor, or prodactire ; hut I begin rery slowly and patiently, determined lot to make uiy ellorl* expensive, as I do not expect hey will be proutal.le In a pecuniary way. The eniployneiit I like, and it keep* me nut oi mischief, and from lelag discontented and home-aick at home I hare not had an unhappy hour from the partonal nnnrniirnoe* ol in* late detent. while It haa irlTea dim a uppiuei* iq uiy retirement wblt-b I hare not known J hrougb ui?ny long year* of uiy renpooalble public iter- | 100." Speaking of that memorable number of democrats nowu in tue political hlntory of ttu* Mat* aa the nteen,' wbo, in 18J?. were forced inlo clout) and politl?l |ier?on<tl *eHooialiou?, lie aaya ) "Heath If. annually, making fearful inroad* among lie little number, ana the fall of eacfc before tbe great Teller, hua been rnwrked by me with painful eolicltude." -Hitavlu Spirit of iHr I'ltnti, Se/tl 7. Tub Planet IIehi."?The following element* f tne orbit of IMx* were computed by our young awnaman, U. A. Would. Jr.. who la aaaidiiuualy puraulng la maLbematloal itudiue undurtbe guidauoe of vue great ieouietvr tiauaa.ia Uottiugbu. They were communicated n a letter to I'rofeMor 1'ieroe, an<l itre c. Jinputed from bree meridian obeervatioue ?July ft, in Berlin, July 14, ii Hamburg, and July ll,lu Altona Iran An'iii<ly, Jiu'y ? U tlrilin. M. T. 2l5d. 22m. 20l. H. .?u?. ol i erihe.ion, wd. tiin. *3* 1.2 / Mean bqiuftoi, >"ng, i,l A?'"eii.l .Nu'le. Ill) 6 U .9| Jttly ?, 1116. .ccoittricKy, 1 IIMlOWl .iUl< <<lK<'cciiUicii)', io<1 JUIII. tie MS nf. >1 tily Hid. .Vtotlou, 2.'J9J?ttlS 'illy Mia.Motion, ifcia.26t.C03 ci*. ermiHxn M?jor, 0.'170b,nil i muill >l?jor, 2 Hi.'Jl leiiuatwn, lid. 22in. 20* tf * I'll 1* the mine given t > the PUnet recently ducnreieJ ir rnifeiiur llenckr ol' Dritieu. 3H?LLS! BHttLLSV. hllKLLH":- W.mrJ nil kind* ol J shrill, lor which the price will be given, it (A halhain itreei, oppoiite I hninl.cn street. At the ?vuie plioe rill tlao be found a Urge aud well iclected naiortraeut of 'belli, whicn will be diipoied of It reiiouabie pncei. M. B.?The highrit pnee will be paid lor ill kiudiof cait-oB Nothing and Kurmture. l>o not mutake the aambei, ti Chatham treat. acMMt're

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