14 Eylül 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4

14 Eylül 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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" ? for the powder. th? powder would hira Imi saperoeded bj a t??s ?t(wn ?It > a mney of sstcUaent. B it V'.-ir al. th- *\r wliU>? of iu?aU;nabU hjpMU to m m t to M<tloo In every seaae it h'W bm mmflil*l ti viocino In tl?* way at t*a-U it h<M been a perfect wt *j if ill It hi* ihlft the Muloaus that Ifio ijh w ?r &*? >>#n their ln**i?aat b'taiaoa* for the l??t thirty y??ri thny km? nothing about It, tad are of n>??r'.hlr a^uouat tn the flul I rh ly will get ft eroM off)* tiifio-^txoa, tint will i mororit the whole rao? TO fir <tf** will b* opined, tut tUey will Ms that they arebehint thi tlra?s t smattering of eomtnon sons* will h ?vs bun bttterel into th*dr thick-headed military deingi ( ?*. aad tbay will hehava themselves better for the future Obstinate ?n<i perverse ?< they are it will bi * long time, we amp wit. before they venture again into a war with the United States, should they hava the food fo't-int to get out of this one withoat b-lng ei tinman fd from the list of independencies It aop-are that Col Doniphan's expedition oost for his thou<vi4 men and hor-ws, the sum of $700,000 InoludIan I b >untUa. Wa auppoan, therefore, that whan Col. ttentin said " they bid marehed tarther than the far'heet f?Mht as g?od aa the beat, left quiet and order In th*ir tr*%in. au*i hid cost ltw money thm ioy," that they had not yet been paid off: because ha also said that th y had one mora K than (Jen Taylor, for while he was Rou<ti and Ready, they were Hough. Ragged I and Ready We suppose their money eame Done tinwore* to them, that it ram* all in a lump, and na men j could be better en'itlod to full pay I Oa or befi>re the meeting af Congress we eipeot to have two new political paper* started In Washington ; to wit: a Calhoun anti-Wilmot-proviso paper, and a Wright Vin Buren. Beoton-d-niooratio paper botn projects will perhaps 'lepeod upon the issue of Oen Soott's onnupation of .Mexico, and a treaty may perhaps save the necesaity of either the one or the otber.or both The National U'/tig of this city, denounces the doo trii* set up by VIr. tiorwin. dr Sihanoh, and others in Ohio, and by Mr Kwlng and other* of Ohio in this olty, of "no Mexloan territory." as not g>?d whig doctrine Just ?0 Itfl tbtf Tttry doctrio? to defeat the Whigs. Ihc acquisition of territory, even if desert territory, enlarges the ara of freedom, and it may poMibly answer for th* Indians by and by, when they shall be orowded out of their present hunting grounds. There Is nothing like haviag plenty of sea-room. We must have the lntavening territory in order to secure a passage over our own soil to the harbor of San KranoUoo. The harbor ' ?U - lr(n.*.l/tm. anH ?K<a nw..l.nJ K.ieln^. linen m wuriu a ?iuBuuui, "v? uu?iu with It will mine even the desert blossom like the rose In conclusion, if a treaty in presented to the Senate making the Rio Grande and 36 degrees and 30 minute* the boundary, it will be oonourred in by the whige of the Senate, or by enough of them fo as to be ratified by the required mejerity. W. Baltimore, Sept. 13, 1847. Anniversary of the Battle of North Point?The Celebration?Failure of the Eattem Mail. The 13th of September, the Anniversary of the Battle of North Point, having occurred this year on Sunday, to-day has been agreed on for its celebration, and our city this morning is gay with flag* and banners. The Old Defenders, to the number of 200, with the Independent Blues and Sharp Shooters, left the city at 6 o'clock, in a special train or oars tor Krederiok, where they will reoeive a most cordial and enthusiastic reception. For three weeks in suooession the Easter? mall, which leaves New York on Saturday evening, has failed to connect with the train from Philadelphia, which arrives here on Sunday morning. As there is no other mail on Sunday tbls failure Is severely felt, and as it occurs on no other day of the week but Saturday, I presume it oould 1 be easily remedied. j Philadelphia, Sept. 13,1817. A desperate firemen's fight occurred yesterday along Arch street, from Fourth to Tenth streets. Several of ^ the combatant* were injured, and the police succeeded < in oapturing four of those actively engaged. Charles j Wiley, Edward Hughes, and Rush Hilt were held in $2,000 bail to appear at eourt. The fourth escaped by < not being identified as one of the rioters. A great orowd 1 firemen were present at the hearing before the Mayor ! this morning. James Williams and Joseph Phelps, the two burglars convioted of the Kempton robbery, have been sentenced to eight years imprisonment, and Russell, who plead guilty, reoelved two years Jacob Helverson and William Parker, the deputy constables convicted of conspiring, to extort money from John Lewis, have been sentenoed, the former to two years, and the latter to elgbtei n months' imprisonment. A regetta takes plaoo to-dav upon the river, In which five boats have entered. The Pathfinder, of Burlington; the Marion, the Lyndall, the Brown, and the Ariel. The Pathfinder appears to be the favorite boat, and It supposed will win the prize?a suit of silk Hags Lyndall lost her chance by upsetting below the Point House, and the Brown having carried away her mast 1* unable to compete with the other boats. Hales of Stocks at Philadelphia. 5?. 77; 3000 U S TreaNotM. 104; 1J Gi'if.i ?..uk. 12%'; io ilo IJ%; 100" H iM|Uftianim CaimI Bonds 60%; .1000 do.,6i'J'i Attic it Sai.ks ?7000 U b Loan 6?, 67 105; 185 Leimfli Coal 8enp, ?7X: JO Harriibur* It ll 36% ; 12 U S Bank. JH. Hkcono Board?1000 Slate 0?, 47. 89; 600 t<e<dioi K K, 33: 1000 U S L.d?n 6< 67. 105; 12 17 a Bank, iV; 1000 Ite.ditig i< K Bond*. 74%; 1,00 ) Su e it, 77. After Hauki ? HO Lehigh Coal Scrip, 17}*: 500 Lehigh M Loan, 91; 9600 Stal" it, 77. Alba*t, Sept. 11, 1847. The Procttdingi of the Legislature. Resolutions were adopted this morning by both Home* of the Legislature to attend the Agricultural Fair, agree ably to the invitation of the rresident of the society. The Legislature will, therefore, adjourn on Tuesday next, to meet on the ensuing Friday. 1 understand that ome of the members of the lower House are competitors for premiums; thin grand spirit of competition which i? extending among agriculturists all over the State, will have a most happy and salutary effect; native stook of all kinds will be improved, and there will be shed about the scienae of agriculture a mountain of brilliant liuht: it will become simple and familiar to the whole people, until they phall be enabled to use the most efficient and perfect means for the cultivation of the noil, and for the de*elop?inent of its rich aud infinite resources The hill introduced into the Senate yesterday by Mr Spenoir. empowering the Governor to nominate a person to fill the vacancy upon the bench of the New York Superior Ceurt. oaused by the election of Judge Jones to the Supreme Court, came up this morning for a third reading Mr Clark fluid he apprehended that the contemplated appointment of thl? offlon would be a usurpation of power and violation of the Constitution; he moved that the bill be laid upon the table until the subject could be examlued The President observed that tha bill had been already examined by the committee on the judiciary, who were, undoubtedly, competent to judge of the constitutionality of the proposed appointment. Reference was then made to the Constitution, when Mr. Clark withdrew his motion, and the bill passed the Srnate unanimously, and was subsequently passed by the House. 1 suppose, that on account of tne peculiar scruples of the Executive, the appointment of a reporter for the Court of Appeals (which should have been made at the extra session of the Senate) will have to be made In a similar manner. The President of the Senate has appointed Mr. Talcott a member of the Jndiclary Committee, in place of Mr. Hand, who has resigned hli seat in the Senate. The President has also appointed Mr. 11 .rd a member of the Committee on Kinanoe, In plaoe of Mr. Harris, who has resigned his s?at In the Senate. A number of local bills were read a third time and passed, when the Senate went into oommlttee of the whole, upon the bill reported by Mr. Talcott, (ft April last, to compel the banks of this State to redeem their notes at par in the city of Nsw York. Mr Rugglee offered a substitute to the bill reported by Mr Taloott; it did not differ essentially from the original bill; it was not acted upon. Mr. Beekman sustained the original bill; he adduced some sound reasons in favor of such a requisition upon the banking institutions; It would, he said, prevent over-issues, and it would reduce the expense of exchanges; if provision was made for a par redemption of hills in Now York, the csuntry banks would not be troubled to redeem at home; their notes would go to the point where they were redeemable, and where the funds of the bank were placed: it was at their own option to redeem both at home and in New York, which they now did to save their onehalf par oent. Mr. B. said that the amount ?f banking circulation In this State was 16,000,000 of dollars; the specie held by them was $11,000,000. and their pro- I perty $138,000,000. If the latter amount was considered the assets of the banks, and their circulation was based upon 111,000.000 of specie In their vaults, then they ought oertainly to be compelled to fulfil the conditions upon which they were created, one of whieh was that they should furnish a circulation of a value equal to gold and Nilver The Committee man without ?nHr? >mnn the bill, and It ?u maJe a speois I order for .Noonday nut. The popular sentiment Mem* to be strongly rapoaed to the restrictions of the constitution against the"mmedlate enlargement of the Krle Canal; numerous petition* are pouring Into the House, in favor of the repeal of so much of the constitution as prevents and postpones the speedy completion and enlargement of the oanals. The resolution of Mr. Cromwell, offered yesterday, Instructing the Commissioners of the Canal Fund to furnish the House wltb a detailed report of tbe revenues of the oanals for the last fiscal year, I believe, passed the House to-day. In mercy to the Legislature of 1848, which can sit anly one hundred days, the House seems disposed to abandon all businesM of public Interest, and to oouflne itself to the transaction of private and local business.? Mr. Beokwith of Herkimer, has attempted to protect the Stata from such an Imposition, but a resolution offered by him yesterday, that during this session the House will give its exclusive attention to businers of general importance and Interest, was laid upon the table to-day On motion of Mr. Sickles, the bill which makes provision far the establishment of an observatory upon Staten Island, was made a special order for the 93d Inst though such a bill should not occupy more than twenty minutes of the time of the House. Tbe Adjutant Oenerai of this State, and Mr. Secretary Maroy, were walking arm in arm in tbe capitol grounds to-day; they went an to th? Adjutant's ofAne "cheek by jowl." I believe the first offloe Mr. Marey ever held was that of Adjutant General of this State. UlaitlKHUlAli UmLtUUMIUB. The Flour Market* Fhilidklmiia, 8. pt 11 -The rec ipis of Flour contlnne limited, *nu the market Is entering dull and inaotlve^ Helaers nominally ask ?A JJ* ? fl.1 AO.for fresh ground ronna , but no sales ot any extent hare been reported at these races. A few hu?>dred barrels Western were told on private terms In Rye Hour no sales have been reporte I t,.,rn M.al 1, <lu,l i j? ?f. fared at $J, %ud Brandywine at u a prr bbl. without finding purcba-ers O.am -Th-re U a fair .upply of new southern VVneat arriving, but Hi- receipts from ihis State continue light; we quote Inferior and prime new southern red at ?l <KJ a >1 14, but no nal-i have b??n reportad. Corn is dull, and prions have further declined galas of lfMX) a 3000 bus Penna fiat yellow at 70 cts per M lbs. CiwciwivATf, Ssnt. 9 ?The sales yesterday amounted as far as reported, to 400 barrels only?AO bbls from ri rer at |4 10; 60 do at 04 OA ; so aatd 100 do from raUro* ?t *4 OA; 130 do from (tor* at %i 16; 00 do ohoiae at 4 U Thee* ealej indicated Oroinraa. Dktboit. 8apt. 7.?TUa fbfflgn w?i has had no aff?e On thi attM m yet Cmidanbla quantities of flow arrived by wafona. and ?u taken at #4 60 a ?4 60St mostly for r?tail trad* We hoar of M?ral ealee fr?n tor* at $4 60. and one lot of 137 tbl*. straight brand brought $4 00 In wheat there waa but little doini yesterday The only tales we could aaaertain were mad* at7Ao a .So. _ Haw York Cattle Marfcct. At Mabbbt. ?ept. IJth ?180' Beef Cattle, 86 Cowl and Calves. and 4100 8h?rp and I-*"6* _ Beer Cattlb ?The inclement " haa prevented a larger .upply from rwhlBg t^ market than otherwise would have been the oaae The aalaa have reached about 1400 head, at priera ranging from JiA AO to $7 AO The offering* ware mostly thia State '"cow"*" oIT*?^ ".-AU at market aold at prices a little lower than Uat w~?i , via: JUO to MA a *M Hur.tr awd Umii ?The supplies continue to Increase SaIcb of Sheep at from >1 'JA to 76 a $4. Lamb* at <1 to $3 25 MO unsold Ha* la selling at AO a ale. aa in quality. The Crop*. We have had rain every day for the laat week. The rloe harreat baa generally commenced, and If we are saved the calamity of a gale, an average crop will be gathered.? WVnyun (S. C.) Observer, Srpt. b The aeeounta received at New Orleana, concerning th? cotton oropx, were still conflicting, up to latest dates from that city. MARITIME HEKALDT FORT OF H1CW YORK, SEPTEMBER 14. MM NX 5 4# MOON SITS 8 41 S'.JN SETS CIO HKWWATaa 1139 Cleared. Ship*?Minerva. Brown, Maria ill**. Chamberlain 8c Phelp*; Hudson, David, New Orleans, E K Collioa; Auaou, Bmr, Charleiton, Geo Sutton; Joaeph Meiga, Wood, Boston, Hassev At Murray. nark?Amalia, (Sic) Tennant, Rochelle. Brigs? Washington, (Norw) Cocks, Cadiz. C ? Habicht; Essex, Adams, New Orleans; Venezuela, fowler, Philadelphia: Montillo, Davis. Portland. Srnrs?Mary Ann. (Br) Hobins, Yarmouth, N8. J II Bnine; Ann Maria. Jones, Wilmingtoo, NC. 8 L Mitchell; Kinggold, Loomis, Alexandria.he. Sturcvs, Clearmau Ik Co; Jerome, Parker, Philadelphia, McKee, llandli Co; Aboott Lawrence, Meeker, Boitoa. Sloop?Proof Glass, Blydenburg, Providence. Arrived. New shin Gertrude, Sherman, Boston, ) days, in ballast, to Hnssey k Murray. Br schr Ariel, Grtuchy, Jersey Harbor, NK. It dayi, in ballas', to master. Below* One ship, two brigs, unknown. Balled. Ships Samuel Russell,Canton; Patrick Henry, Liverpool; Northumberland, London; Splendid, Havre: Ashland, Liverpool; Charlemagne, Picrou; bark Louisa; brigs Swiss Boy, Europe; Metumora, Mobile, and other*. Herald Marine Correspondence* Philadelphia, Sept 13. Arrived?Ship Berlin. Stoddart, Liverpool; bark Louisa, Power, Havana; brigs August, Doane, Boston; Science, Curtis, New Haven; Paul 1 Jones, Hill, Mobile; sclirs Delaware, lnslee, Providence; Jeremiah Learning, Townsend, do; Julia, Hill, Mobile; Fidelia, Tu*ner, Savannah; Suffolk, Kerry, Boston, Cicero, Baker, do; Larkin, Churbuck, do.; D \ Tufts, Norton, do; Miuerva^Davis, Kail lliver; Bhenandoih, Worth.de; Extra, Parker. Boston; Gen Marion, Mullin, New York; John F Crnnch, Tomlin, do; S Applegate, Endi:ott, do; W M Morris, King, do; anil Belle, Pinckney. do. Below?Ship Albania, Ciowell, Liverpool; schs Edward, New Bedford: and Boaton. Boston, Cleared, bark r>ilius, Gilchrist, Boston; brigs Science, Curtis, do; Mary H Crowell, do; Torno, Marion, do; Me<allah, Plumer. do; Shamrock, Friabee, do; sch's Frances Hallrtt, Crowell, Somerset; America, Shaler, Middletown, Conn; Minerva, Davis, Fall River; Honesty, Hiiuou, Troy; Larkin, Chnrbuck, N Bedford; Eliza Hand, Crowell, Botton; Jeremiah Lansing, Townseud, do; Vandal la, Mclutvre, do-Extra, Parker, Vlilton; Maria Th'resa. Smalley, tjiilem; Hudson, Storey, Norwich; 8 Applegate, Endicott, do; JnoF Crunch, Tomln.do; Cicero, Baker, New York; Michmond; Seary, Charleston; Belle, Pinckney, N York; Gen Marion, Mullia, do; W ri Morris, String, do; Cornet, Cox, do. Mlaoellaneoua Record. Letter Bags of packet ship Waterloo, for Liverpool, will close to-morrow at half-past 11 o'clock; those of the steamer New York, for Cherbourg, at 12 o'clock, and those for the steamer Caledouia, for Liverpool, at a quarter before 3, tomorrow afternoon, at the Exchange Head ng itoom, where letters can be pre-paid to auy part of the continent. Bum Moselle, at this port, it appears by the report of the chr Wm Peon, at Norfolk, struck on the oar coming out or the harbor ol Neuvitas, and spiung a leak, rendering it neees sary to keep both pumps going. Thu Moselle made do mentioa of the tact on her arrival iiere. Dak* Pom'ina. Colby, cleared at Quebec on the 3d inst. for New York, waa lying at Patricks, below Quebec, on the 5th, with foul auchors. her crew being uuable to weigh them. A atramer went to her .assistance, and towed her to port nmc evening. Quebec. S'pt.6 ? Ba k Mary Jane. Young, which aailed i hence on the 31st ulr. for Liverpool, grounded on her way down the river, aid came off leaky A ate mer went down lu? morning to t?w her un to port. The atuamei North Auieri ci left laat evening for DicquMte, where ?he has gone to assisi m dotting the ship < ity of Derry, slrnuilrd nt Hint place. Th' hip Coromandel, Hubhack, hrnce for Liverpool is putliui o.ck to port, irom having struck on Point 8t. Jean, (Island Orleans.) Lauwchcd?At Cherryfiel I, Me., recently, a fine baraue I about 210 t ns called the Win. M. llama, built by Mr. J. W Strout, and owned by him and others. I.?pt John Leightoi IS to command h r. I he baiqun launced at Machias Port recently. is to be commanded by Capt. Atkiua S. Gates, (uoi Cater) by whom she is owned in part. Notice to Mariner*. Dm'.ktmkht or State, > Washington, Sept 10th, 18-17. $ The following information Ins hern received at lhi? deputtment from the legation of the Uuited Slates at Copenhagen, Denmark:? . . [Translation.] With the heginning of the next winter, w ill the Lappegrouud. ti the north wf Konburg. be marked by the followi-g wintei e4mirks. during the time in which the preient summer seamarks. on nccount <>f the rise, will be removed, vii:? I. The Nurih<rn tide of the Lanperground?I buoy, with red pole and I red ball, in place of th? ted p 'luted tun, with an iron pole and 1 red ball, uow laid out th?r*. 2 The middle of the K st aide ol the Lanpeground?I buoy, with red pole and two b'oomi, in place of the black tea tun uow p'aced there. 3 The Souih-Kast aids *f the Lappegrouud? I buoy, wit! red pole and one broom, in pUce of the buoy with black poll and one broom, low placed there. 4. Cl> se. to the Weit aide of the Block House?1 buoy, wit> striped pole and one btoom, similar to the one now placet there. (ieneral College of Custom and Commerce, July 6, 1847. SpokenFrench steamer Missouri, hence (31st olt.) for Cherbourg Sept 4. 10 am lat 42 38, lou 57 57. Kiemeu ship Agues, standing ?, Aug 27, lat 46, Ion 36. Ship Sutton, (jalloway, hence for Charleston, Sept 7, ofl Hai tens. Ship Harvard, Corlis. 17 days from NOrleans, (to reported) Seiu 4, lat 31 20, lou 71 43 Bark Ana Smith, Peterson, 2 days hence for Neuvitas, no date, lat 37 50, Ion 7 3 36. Bark Kauger. Jordan, 6 days from Portland for Cuba, Aag 28, ial 31, lou 66. Foreign Port?. Acajvtla, Jane 3?Schr Indiana, Crosby, for China, Idg? the oaly Am vessel ou the West coast of Central America. Havana, Aug 28? Barks Olof Wvk, Lampher, from Boston (July 29) just arr: Childe Harold, for NYork, Sent 5; Henrietta, Jouea, from Portland, uuc; brig* Clinton, Harriman, for .supposed NYork, 10 ds; Hyaer All, Swasey, use; Eagle, Mear?. for N York, same day; Republic, 8mith, do do; I n.ll c a-1 ? ' ? ? - uinu, vcu,!!!! Kiaiuiv, ommunr, urocK, lor iNUrleana. J days; ?ctir? Surah Ann, Bennett, nuc; John Haneock, Boudialrt, and Morris. Thompson, for aale. Montiieal. Sept 10? Arr ships Britaania, Hamilton, Liverpool; Canada, McAithur, Uluiow; bark Caledonia, Greenhorn, do. Neuvitai. Sept 1? Barks Clarissa, Lnnt, for NYoik, toon; Canton, Long, do do; brigs Wanderer, Evans, for do, 2 days; California, Hichborn, do; Champion, , do. Pictou NB. Aug 27?Arr baras New World, Andrews, N York; Triton, Luce, Provideuce; brigs Speculator,Sutherland (Caledonia, Bond rot; Natahnis, Lovett; Kyry, Knowliou, and Chas Joseph, Leigh, Boston; Gleaner, Card, and Douglass Douglass, 1'rnvidence; Diadem, Crow, Warehans; Oiciola Park, Kail Hirer;Toledo, Glover. Belfast; Reveille, Mleeper Thomniton; 28th. Henrietta, Moody, and Spartan, Keene Boston; 29th, Cailton, Perry, and Geo Shattnck, Brsgdon, do Wanderer. Benson. Pembroke; Armagh, Crane, Eastport sch Lady Sarah, Bondrot, Pembroke; 3Uth, bark Isabella, Kel ley, Belfast. Cld 2>th, brig Mary Perkins, Chase, New York sch Adventure, MeBurnie, do; 21th, brigs Login, Hichbora Kail River; Gen Brooks, Coflil.Waieham; 31st, brig dranlian Hichborn, Waieham. ttcgar.c, Sept6?Arr schr Attention, Keating. NYork; 8th barks Marr, Douhled<y, Belfast; t-liza Ann, Blyth, Liverp'l Ottawa, Bpence, London; brig Donegal, Hodgson, Dublin 9th, Siren, Catehfuld, Oporto. Cld 8th, ahiiie Colonist, Bin not, anil Erin's Queen, Davidson, Liverpool; bark Curragli more. Ball. London; brig Trinity. Bowler, do. Ban Dicno, California, May 31?Ship Loo Choo, Hatch, fo Boston, Idg. BU ship Vandalia, Evere,t, do. llama Porta. Alcxanddia, Va. Sept 9? Sid Br brig Billow, Eitigerald St Juhus. NK. BauTiMORK, Bept 13?Steamer Georgia reports in Hamptoi Roads, shli) Scotia, Miakelly, from Richmond fjr Liverpool and bark Kirkland, Phillips, do for Rio Janeiro. Steamer N Washington reports off North Point, at anchor, ship Kt Law rence, b iv ing been got off shore. l,ldh?rk il.i.. w i-u Willi*. Permmbuco and a mkt; ?chr Maris, Swain, N Yora. Uanooh. Sept 7?Arr brig Lyra, NYoik;achr Warren, Ural fam, <lo; 8th, bark Kuoomui Appleton, do; brig Canoe?, 1 ri bou, Boston, lo load for 8t Kitti; schr Bowdilch, i'oineroy Turk* Maud. Bath, Kept 9?Arr bark Ocean Bird, (new, of New York] Cony, Augustn Boitom, Sept II?Arr sehrs Oreenda, Oray, Newark: Maa aaoit, Baker, N York, bigual for a brig. Nothing sailed or Saturday or Sunday. CH*m.?aToi?, Sept Ifr?Arr ship New York. Hall, NYork Cld ship Month Carolina, Hamilton, New York; brig Gilbert Hatfield, Kinjibnry, do. 8ld shins Birmingham, Stiirderant Liverpool; Fairfield, Loveland, New Yoik; barks Hamilton Hallett. and Cherokee, Humphrey, Boston; Comet, Mayo, do schr Uabella. Hoby, Weat Indiea. Arr 9th, ships Geo A Hopley, Belim, Havre; RobtG Shaw, Matthews. Newport, W. (.HRRKYFiEun, ?ept 9?id port, bark Wm M Harna, (new] Leighton. for Ouayama, readv. . . East Machias, Bept 5?Sid schr* J A Simpson, and Wnr Pope, Philadelphia (latter haa been reported sailed from Ma chiaa i*ort 6th for NYark.) K*iTro*T, Sept#?Arr brigs Emma Preacott, Downes, Ne* Yoik; Olive, Sumner. Alexandria: 7ih. Belle, Oaborn. Phila delphia; schrs Matilda, Hipson, N York; H Hndaon,do Bit 7th, brig* Calais, Keen, Ba.badoes; Toimr., Coggins; Emily lliggias, and E Taylor. Kldridge. Baltimore;eehra Spy.Peach NYork; Fellowship Faniham; Flora, Pike, and Oread, Bik bar, Philadelphia. Kdiartow.i, Sept 10?Arraehra Bay State, Clark, Philadel phia for Boatoo; Pearl, Oina, NYork for WeynouOi. Kali. Hitf.k. Sept ?Arr achr Hamilton, Plnladelphia.Sld tth, brig Margaret, do; 9th, bail^Huako. do; brig Nitht roy,d ? (IgoaritTowi*. SC. Sept 4?Arr achr Pinta. Holt. NYork. OL'itTgaTEa, Sept ?Arr achr Orbit, Lnfkin, ('alai* for T York; !Hh. brig Amazon. Davi*. Surinam, achra Delawart Troit, J'ntla."t for N York; Jnno, Gilchrist. Thoiaaaton fo Yoik Hirer, Va: Oregon, Morse. Hairlngton for NYoik. Kgisnrgr** Se|>t 10?8 d ship Suian Lord, (new) Chad bourn*, NO|teaua. Makhlrhead, about Sept 10?Sid schi Citizen,Snow, Nev Yo k. Nicw Bedford, Sep; 11?Sid achr Henry Gibbs, Hudson sloop Oe- ig'aua. do. Ntw Ha? r.ft, 8- pt II?Art t. iik Amelia a,tilholland,Brooks To k? IsLmd . Ntw Oni-iCAna, Sepf. 5? Arr <hip Gem- ice, Crowed, Liver po- I; schr Drcatur I)?vi? Hnvina. CM s'eamsh i> Yacht Crane, G Irest iu; ships Edrn-ml Peikiiu. Tracy, Liverpool Ht Marv, Bliffi is N York; b -rk Mary Mmnh, Me.rill, Boston b' k El Dorado, Collier, Baltimore; schrs J Crandon, Nortou New York; Spitfire, Whittier, Baltimore via Key Vveet;Ooi Bennett, Kllis, Penaacola. Noaroi.g. Sept 10?Arr hrig Saml N Gott, Williams, (befoie rep-irted in Hampton Koads) NOrleana for Marseilles, ii d ? leei; schrs Wm I'eun, Sterling, Neuvitaa; nnsan Bray Cobb; Page, Crowell, and Montaao, Rich, Boeton; Kliia Law ton, Cornell, NYork In Hamptoa Roads, schr Oaielle, WU I tom, Riehaotl for N?w Tack. Ait Mh, mtm Cllioct, Tom, u B'p???acol4, Aug 11?'*ld (hip 8um.lT, NYork. r 'Voari^if?. M*t>t ? ?Arr ?chi KorwIM, Marshall, NYork. ; CM bark fumh'ia, Bwaetaer.Cubs Aft lick. ship Harriot ' Augusta, Blauclurd, Cadiz; bark MuMwit, ftobm?, Cork 30 days. t Richmond. Sept 12?Hid schrs Lyuchburg, Smack, NYork; I Oaleua, Cramner, HUmlrd, CI Tauhtik, Sept 8? \rr sehr Bomiu, NYork. 8147th, achr Charles. Phillips, Philadelphia. WiLMinuToif, NC Sopi#?Cld achr R W Urowa, Jones , NYo.k. Arrival* of MrwgMh Mo-ioaf, Be pi. It. I AMKMGAN HOTIL. H D Polhamus, Nsw Jersey N Beekor, Florida H U Nichol, Miaaoun W Youag, . do Mrs Km*, Philadelphia W Barns. J4 lofaiitry Mr and Mrs Slouch, do Wll) Davis, Now Jcraay CC Williams, Philadelphia K Nofria, Philadelphia S Abbott, Charlsatoa Lieut Barry, U 8 Artillery Mrs Klag. Philadelphia A Codmaa, Hyd* Park B J NewUeld, Charleston M Perry, Ualveatau J A fciet, St Louis Hl'oiudaxter, Louisiana C L Huut, do K Thomas, Alabama W H Fauntpery, Virginia J Lett, Virginia ASTOR HOt'St. J Mitflu, Philadelphia T L ickwood, Troy K Church, . _ Couoecti ut M Caswell, Albauy H Ames, do H btono, Woreeaiei Dr H .Ibert, Illinois ?-eo Devoo, Laoaingbergii Mr sua Mrs Headley, Couu M Mitchell, Hudson Mr and Mrs. Folger, Buffalo K Kellogg, Utics Ml i vlef, Moul.aal l)i L*cy Joass, Prin eton H Coins, di J td?ards, do J Wetlierell, Philadelphia N ' ar|?uler, Bostou W I'arker, JSewYjrk H fcalor, Baltimore I) White, Pituburgli C Iheuey, Ho J rhoinaon. Priuce.ou O B Caldwell, Teuasssee J Knoi Walkeri Washington J Fussell, do i J Montgomery, N Orleans D Moidoeai, Welkentbane C Urogaa, Philadelphia C Minot, N?w Orleans J H Faraiugham, Bermuda John P Heiss, Washington J Mc Andrews, Delsware J LiTingatoa, Philadelphia WHI'oikios, Virginia J L Mason, Prorideuce CITY HOTKL. ! A Ashburne, Philadelphia Mr k Mis Devereui.Utics , ARAbercombie, USA J Frseland, Fisnkill J AT Byrens, do Mrs Lewis. _ Kugland . MrsUordon, 8hip Mississippi Mr It. Jars McPherson, do RevRUodart. do J Tyson, Baltimore Capt Harey, do J Benedict, Louisville } C Wood, Martmsburgh 8 Moarer. V ermoot , A Shebly, Lake Superior N A Uuille, . ?'u5 i 8 Coikle, Pniladelphia T Rush, Richmond F B Stevens, HoboBeu KTeift, Woicester Jllli Miss Joats.Cliatlof.uv le D D Porter, U 8 N ' T J Valoatino, do , rr iN'PnN iinTiff. J L, null, i/inciuuau luriucuautnim, vvniicnaii A Haiku. New Orleans PBAKL 8THKKT ROIT8R. > J C Ucdman, Oliio J M Reynolds 111, N Carolina ' James Cot'er, Pennsylva ,ia Mini Dillard, Virginia P A Blaucliard, UalO L White, Ohio j B IVttibone fc Idy, Bainbridge Capt (Joodhne, Liverpool I A J Farrar, Wnterlord J Haskill, E Tliorntou W Shunk, Ohio D A derson, Ohio ? Franklin, Lynchbmgh JWilliard, do Cajpt Robinson, do JM Stanton, .New York J Robinson, Boston Or M Vfhmrey, Ohio . 1 H C Walker, Michifau D F Tutter, do J F Ferman, Ellington, Y A Oleun, do f Cape Calvin Adams, Bingor PTolar, Virginia t Black, Prospect H Amberg, Ohio Miss Medary, Columbus John Ripley, do WP Johnson, Newburyport RATHBI/N'S HOTEL? JTelr, Mobile MWand,' Adrian C B Lor , St Looia H Baker, Jamestown Levy Webster, Poughkeepsie Ezra Perry. Michigan E Z Webster, do S Bushwtll, Chatham Chas Reese, Warren TAMMANY HALL. J Linrgar, New Jersey W Hathaway, Kingston E C Scnrgarve, Fulton T C Heilly, Buffalo U Black, Norwalk J Humphreys, Sing Sing L Freigt, do H R Powell, do J Page, New Vork 11 Fridenbcrg, Philadelphia L Allen, Whitehall, NY J Stem. do H Hivgena, Orleans connty J H Ferris, Weatchestrr W Roraback, Lyons N Rollins, Jr. Oswego TAYUIk'S HOTKL. C Tnnttled, New Brunswick L C Horrts, Sheffield, Conn C Haro k lady, Massachusetts PS Hill, Ohio J Oil! aud lady, do H Burtan, New Hampahire WESTERN HOTEL. N Brooks, England M James, Utica I H l.rk.n,! Hi l.miii I 1' IVr.J.I lll,.,?,. i B Bearward, do AHigbv, Wiaconiin E McDonnell, Philadelphia A II II immoml, lllinoit M Wikidal, Ohio 8 Vabbard, Medina W Poet, do K 8 YVhalin, do A Krin'ze, do H Heduick, Ohio O Coutod, Philadelphia C H Croaby, Binghampton J H Siepheni, Auburn NO CURE NO rAY?DR. COKBITT. II DuaaeM member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, and of Che Medioal Society of New York, may be conaulted in the treatment of certain delicate diaeaaee. Hia long experience and cloae attention to thia claaa of complaints; hia .pleasant, aolt and eipeditioaa mode of treatment?hia extraordinary anc eaa daring a long and extended practice for thirteen y?ra 14 thia city?and a bore all hia legitimate medical qnalificationa, are a few of the grounds on which he reata hia claima ur. C.'a r mode of treatment ia aafe, effectual and expedition not requiring either the nae of mercury or reatraint in dist or buaineaa. strictures cared in one or two weeka with acarcely any pain. Conatitntional Debility?Thoae individuals who have indulged in a certain loathsome and aecret habit can positively be restored to health and aociety. Mild caaea removed in two 1 to foar daye. No charge made nnleaa eared. Poatpaid lettera . encloaing a fee of tnree dollara, will receive prompt at I tention. a? Mt?m PHILADELPHIA MEDICAL HOU8E?DH. KKNKK LIN OERMAN PH Y8IC1 AN, li yeara' resident practitioner in Philadelphia. The care of all diaeaaea of the akin, inaladiea of a delicate nature, and dea ructive hibits of youth, till continnea to engage Dr. Kiakelin'a utmoat attention ' lnvalida whoae complainta are in the moat deaperate condi. tion, may depend on be.ng alwaya condnctrd by Dr. K. him' aelf, witli a prompt, aafe and energetie treatment, to a perfect care. Strangers travelling, aapplied at a moment'a notice with med cine an fficient to cure tnemaelvea in the moat convenient and private manner. Core warranted or no charge required. Lettera, poat paid, will meet prompt attention. Beaidence, N. VV. corner of Third and Union atreeta, halfaaquare from the Exchange. B^7~Kor full particular! aee 4th page of the Philadelphia Spirit of the Timea. aTWt'rc PARISIAN DECORATIVE UPHOLSTERY, Curtain Materials, Sir.?The Subacribera have now in atore their 1 fill atock of Lpholatery (Jooda, Furniture Coveringa and Trimmings, eonaiating of rvery article in their line, and which they offer at wholesale and recail itrirea Inwar th?n ?n purchased it any otfier establishment in the city. From their stock, which embraces the largest MWIM| ol 1 De Laines. Broeetel?,riushes, Lampas. Gimp?,Ta?sels,ke. lie merchiuiu can supply themselves with a better selection than hare erer before been offered. - We are aUo now receiving in (tore, oar assortment of Freneh r?|)er Hangings and Berdera, also, rhe newest patterns of Tasjs Painted Window Shades, which having been purchased this season snd imported under the present rate of duties, embrace th- best assorted and cheapest variety ever brought into the eonntry. BOi.OMON Ik HART, Importers and Mann lecturers of Upholstery Goods, Paper . Hang ngs and Window Shades, 242 Broadway, opposite the Park^ anW 20t?rrc l T1OOK3K.I,L.KMS' TKADK SALES.?i <entlemen attendMJ inn the Trade Salts, are presumed to know the style and character of the subscribers'various puhlrcationa, they are specially invited however t call and eiatnine the stock in all its f VI iety Also, thr low prices, the catalogue with the cash Iirices set down ; the show bills; the Comic, Ueiiaan, Houseieep?rs. Farmers and R.ingh and Read. Almanaea lor 1841. ' The 100 kinds ol Song Books; the same number of kinds To* Books, coloied and iilain; and the immense number of Mlscel' laneoiu t^ooks of all iir.es and prices; and above all we want w ..11 r customers to b* satisfird that we deal fairly with them in 'lrropria prrtonttj" or with 'heir letters containing orders, fcc ; ^rUHNkK fc MBHF.M 74 Chatham st N.Y., J a?10r*rc H North ?th itreet, Philadelphia. f AKHUUM1 ? < isrxest assortme nt ot Carriages in tnu r V/city is for sale t >o. 450 Broadway: (Coliseum Buildrag, at greatly redaced | ric ??comprising Coaches, fheetons, Benches, i Baggies, Hockaways, IWa*sns. E Peuburn, Albauy H Haliuury It 1, Adima.N V Hiu Hannah Peubnrn, do Col E Jeaanp.jan, New York Joieph Oillet, Baltimore N H Oillet, Philadelphia Mr It Mrs Henman, Moutr?al A Da*i? and wife, Montreal Mm* E flen mail, do croton hotkl. MO Leonard, Belrideie M Van Deuser, Hudson SKussell, Alleghany co L O Harris, Indiana H Brother. Bath J 8 Blur, u . do a Link, Borne D E Painei, ' nf Arbor L liaelle, Ohio M K Hoaford, Rich Id Springs H L Pace, Milwaukie J Waterman and fain. Oeorgia 0 P Baker, Chenango co D 8 Learitt, Michigan M Philiipi, Pnelpi D Herrick and lady, Oswego eastern pearl street house. A K Paris, Washington H May, Connecticut A W Oodrrey, do 8 Beach, do Capt C Butter, Massachusetts A P Plant, do J J Hall, do A Mitchell, do Mr Maymond, do Wm A Stuue, do B DeKorest, do J Hanaon, N Carolina W A Williams, N Carolina A B Mallory, Oeorgia J R Memphis, Memphia E L Ferry, do Win Clarke. Monroe J 1* Brewer, do John Nichols, ludiaana I franklin house. J Hancock, South Carolina H Way, New Orleans Judge Spurman, Newburah W Leonard, do J Raphael, Kentucky W Adam*, Augusta Oeorge Prentice, do C Wallace, New York J Newby, Oeorgia ACOougn, New Orleana H Pentield, Rome 0 Brainard. Watertown L 8 Weer, Ohio O Haugerford, do i E Taft, Worcester I howard hotel. C Jolem, Sing Sing J O Steveni, Ohio W 1) Blair, do O X Macklin, Canada 1 L L Mills, Massachusetts C Palmer, P E Island J Mr aud Mrs Merrick, Ohio R Haviland, do 1 j Learie, Connecticut S Diblois, Halifax 1 W Thayer, Toronto Mr and Mri Langhlin. Albany . W Bursas, do D Oillingham, Philadelphia J W Koach, Philadelphia Mr ?nd Mrs Uillett, Nashville ' E Mather, do Mr It Mra Simms.Massachns's ' J Wilson, Williamaburgh L Hebard, Indiana , E Olech, Georgetown A Ooold, Boston ' 1 Van Brunt, Baltimore DrLauidale, U 8 Nary W Russell, New Bedford judson's hotel. \1 r.\?k nflwlinrrk a ii rnllftr. mifthiomn i G K Canington, Virginia D Hinith, Lockport <J McGinues, ? Tallahassee J Christy, Philadelphia ' 8 B Baptist, Virginia WCBurnam, New Jersey A Smith. Sandusky City A P Wilks, Long Uland J G Wilton. Fori Wayue J W McKught, Bordeutown i J Chappin, Maryland Mr IcMra I'rescott. NHaren ' O Qtunley, Ohio j LOVKJOV 8 HOTEL. EW Whiting, Boitoa W Summer!, Boston 8 D O Drake, do J N O ?et, Orange, N J , J Hustell, Sing 8.ng B Marshall, Mount rle??anl ( T Koss, Matblehead Mr. Borden, v*. Marblehead W A Beach, New York G W Loomis, Hartford j J W Warner, Verin <Lt J M Sharp, V'.',0 i W Sainner, i.ub* W H Woolary, Pmlad'a CMcOu*ero, New York BW oo-ter, Albany , K Uiggiui, Alb.iuy K W Walker, B;n?0" i \ Cook, do L Burua, Whitehall ' A It Johmoii, L'ydea J O Grifflbf, Peuu Yau [ J B Eldridge, H im.Hon L D V ahatt'ick, Meadrille I A L Mn.tli, Jamestown GC Vim-cut, New York WPe?n?bind, Albiuy J I'enoybind, Albany r J Gladdiug, do E Whitney, Calais J M Woodruff, Springfield A M Waid, Norwalk J Hood. Camden J T Atlrmn, Phi lade I ph a K White, Connecticut Ii Wilhinglon, Livingston NATIONAL IfOTBu, Mill A MeThomas, Ireland O Taylor, New York J Uickeaaon, Virjfinia 8 Bliss, Illinois I) 8 Newinger do W K vVauon, ?lhiu> Mr Fret*ell, do J 8 ulisofc, Meiico 8 L Dewey, New York R M Smith. Georgia L P r.hoads, Ph ladelphia J A Brownsoa, Newark Mr Robiuson, .ud.aua NORTHBKN HOTKL. A Dunlop, Albany D Graham, Boston Miss Hutchinson, Irelaud W McMantts, Trenton Miss Fleming, do Mr Rich do Miss Dice, do J Whitler, Bordentowi. Mm Kelrin, do J D Wardell, Philadelphia C Wilcox, JerMy C Middletoo, do J Kohr, Pittsburg it J^Addams, > i; ^Canada p ARTKR'8 SPANISH MIXTUR?.-This extmordiaary Vv remedy la now lor the flrat time presented to lfc? public.? Iuu?.i?pnrww?euee. for tweutjr ginn ml w bia j sigaaliae* by marked uenw Md-ltes (froved, beyondthe shadow <>fa dou>>t. iu woadeiful curativepowers u ta?{ ?x- I diseases, IB all their forma "rimary aecnodary ud luuuy ( viscrral obatrucuora, affectio-e or th? kidney, liver, sateen. j fee. To all those afflieted wi.hauyof these dtseaaea, we a>r- \ ucatly reemmeud a lr>a of the mixture. Mild bat owerfal i and searchmg in irat effects. coataiuing no arsenic or eorro ire obi male, it may be, with truih. coosidere I a specific for 4 those complaints which so olteu baffle the skill of the physi- t eiaa. Further iufoiniauou will be famished by Or. W. H. r Milnor. eoruer of llth street and Third Aveiiue, where the 1 mixture may be obtained. It may also be fuuu*at Riag's < l)rui( Store. <92 Broadway, corner <>f John st; at Gunn's, 311 Bleecker st; and of Mr L. Bleecker, at Chilton's, 379 Given 1 wici street ..... i Pamphlets, detailinc cases, will be famished br the stents r gratis. t? 30t*rc t U.UIK, AUl!%.U * I}- 1 UH i.Aoklr.14 j .. . oafi- 1 dantially consulted at his offii a, u Gold street, Bear Kniton sirret, on all diseases of a private natnra. H? treatment being mild and judicious, requires neither mercury, . restraint in diet, or hiadrance from business Debility, nervous ' or constitutional, arising Irom indiscreet indulgences of the ? pasaiens, causing nightly emissions, and, eventually, impo- \ tency, engage the Doctor's auentiou, his ohjaet being to re- V store the system to that state of vigor nature originally de- 1 signed. 8tricture,a disease frequently existing without the pa- 11 tient beiug aware, caused by maltreatment, and sometimes * earned by the ueglect of tne parties themselves, ia effec ,1 tnsllv cured bv Or. L- Letters peat-paid, enclosing a fee, im- 11 mediately attended to. and medicine, with advice, sent to any . j*rt ol the United States. Office M Gold street J' 14 7t*m Jj K.GkUVMI IS UONHULTtU CDNHUKM I'IALLV eierv day at his office. The treatment and cure tl of difficult and protracted cases, that have baffled the p skill of physicians of less experience, are attended to by him; 11 Rrticularly g'eets, strictures, and all delicate diseases. Dr. , isaregulir graduate in the medical profesaion. Offices I in No. I Ann street are so arranged that patients do not see each other. Private entrance to his office through the entry, to hia office door. a'i20 sot*m * D"h KALl'H? AUTHOR OK THIC " PRACTICAL c PRIVATE TRKATISE," See., is consulted upon tlie al iiseases there referred to, at hia reaidence, (8 Greenwich St., _ uid those who apply iu the early stage of these diseases will "i >e surprised at the rapidity and little inconvenience atlcuding J j,hm II*. Mii-vm. however, it is chiefly Those who 1, lave suffered from a critain clan of pretending people, and rf jther rauses, who cwi properly appreciate hit services, es- ft ecially in Strictu-e. from its first or incipient, to it? more ad g niictcl and dutresting stages, in which (from uncommon ad- ir rantages, in addition to a very extensive practice iu (his com- |t jlaiui) he can afford a rapid, easy and radical cure, which, l;a it las ground for stating, can be obtained from no other aource in c America. Office hours 9 to 18 A. M.,and 6 to9P.M. (Sunlava invariably excepted.) Consultations by letter may be pi iddressed " Box 8C9, Lower Post Office, New York." at au!7 30*m UCIN A (JOHU1AL, or Uu KUAltt U> LO V fc.?1'hia CJ ia the only actual remedy ever discovered for Impotency, " Qenital Debility, Nocturual emissions, aud all diseases occa- '* lioned by certain aecret habita; and many of the noatrunu re- " seutly recommended for the aame complaints are worthier* inimtions which its unrivalled excellence, fame and populan- ~ ;y have bronght into the market. The medical faculty of Eu- P1 ope and the United State* are unanimous in their recommen- *' latioua of the Lucina Cordial,and have notgiven their sanction n a single instance that has been authenticated, to any other ? lompound for the aame purposes. The urmost reliance may _ >e placed on the potency of tne Lncina Cordial in the foregoing a naladics, and alao those which follow loss of Muscular Knergy % ind Physical Lassitude and General Prostration, Irritability, ti md all Nervoua Affections, Indigestion, Sluggishness of the d L.iver, Gleet and Kluor Albus, ana in every disease in any way (| connected with the disorder or decay of the Procreative Func- 0 ions?in all of which it will afford almost immediate relief, p ind, if used as directed, is almost certain to produce a positive e md permanent cure. Persons about to marry, if conscious ol ? my weakness or disability of a certain nature, ahould take this l< Cordial, as it will infallibly restore health and vigor in a brief n period : and where want of offspring is a canae of regret, if re- ? :ourse be had to it, the most beneficial resolti may be antici- e, pated with confidence. a Price $3 per bottle, or $34 per dozen. p Principal office 147 Greenwich street. Sold in Trenton, N. e I., by John Rickey, and in Philadelphia at 90 North Sixth at e au6 30t*m 1 Q?) BROADWAY (comerof John stJ.-TO THOttE ? JLU* WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. ; (From the Evening Post.)?Specimens of Ring'sunapproach- ' ible Verbena cream lor Shaving.?1Thia article, universally ? iraised by thoae who made trial of it, laat year took the first I iremium of the Inatitote Fair. Indeed, it la fully conceded b >y those who know that it it impossible to manufacture aa (_ irticle equal to it. It is softening to the skin, fragrant to the r iense, a destroyer of freckles and pimplea, and is sold cheaper J han the old aoapa. All, therefore, who would consult eco- ? lomy and comfort in shaving, should possess themselves of it. fi (From the Evening Mirror.)?Ring's Verbena Cream we n mow by experience to be the best kind of shaving soap, and j, :hose persons who have troublesome beards should not be 0 without it. ? Prepared and for sale, wholesale and retail, by Charlei H. | Ring, Druggist, 192 Broadway, corner of John street an20 30t*rrc j 1QO BROADWAY (COK. OF JOHN.)?RHfcUMATISM, Pains and Sti Ifnt-m of the Joints, Scrofula, s Diieai.es of the 8kin, lie.?RING'S COMPOUND SYRUP Z [)K HYDRIODATE of Pouasi, Sarsaparilla and Yellow Dock.?This medicinal remedy is published lor the sole benefit >f those suffering from rhenmatism, paius and stiffness of the oints, swelling of the muscular substancea near them, erup- b lions of the skin, and all diseases arisingfrom an impure state g >f the blood, &c. From bona fide experiments, under the di- ? rection aud supervision of the most eminent of the faculty, it p las received tlieir unanimous recommendation, and many have c pronounced it the best puss ble combination of remedies for | :he above named d-seaaes. It is prepared from the purest aril- j eles and is warranted to give satisfaction. It thine, purifies and * ]uicken> the circulation, allays irritation, and leaves every part of the animal economy in a perfect state of health.' For Lhose complainu arising from the injudicious and long eon- ; unued use of mercury, this corrbiuation may be considered a I pecific ; cases that have long resisted all other treatment have , be?u rapidly and entirely removed by this powerful alterative " yrup. The greatand increasing demand for an article of this kind ' has iuducetUhe proprietor to bring it before the public lh?t all " may have the benefit ol it, aud that there is a remedy (or these most distressing complaints. It is recommended.in full confiJeuce, and needs but * trial to convince the most incredulous ' of its surprising <iualities. Prepared and sold by ' CHAKLE8 H. RING, Druggist. * IU Broadwav. eor Johe st. N. T. c N. B.?Be sure to observe the written signature of C. H. Ring over the cork of each b ittle. s4 "'* c 1~Hh uAliKlbU WOMAN'S PRIVATE MEDICAL I COMPANION, by A. M. Mauriceau, Professor of Die rases of Women. Just Published. Price SI. The important ' secrets here contained, though of a nature strictly intended foi * he married, yet to thoae contemplating marriage, it if equally mportant. r The various aubjecti treated of in the "Maried Woman's * Private Medical Companion" are ofa nature with which ?rer> * female, either married or contemplating marriage, ihould be- ' come conrenuint. especially the great French discovery here contained to ignorance of the existence of which the life ol ' uany a wife has fallen a sacrifice; as alao restraining many prudent persona from the dread of poverty or proa|iect of a ? large family of children, from marrying. ti To the female afflicted with the various complaints arising * from a stoppage, irregularity, decline, or retention of the , menses,it is invaluable as containing the causes, symptoms. an<^ the most certain remedies for toe removal of ner complaints. ^ This work is destined to be in the hands of every wife ano d mother who has a regard for her own health and welfare, as o well as that of her husband. The revelations contained in its pages have already proved d a blessing to thousands, ss numerable letters will attest. d It is of course impossible to convey more fully, in a public n journal, the various snhjeets treated of, as they are of a nature strictly intended for the married or those contemplating marriage; neither is it necessary, since it is every one** duty to " become possessed of knowledge, whereby the sufferings to n which a wife, a mother, or a sister may be subject, can be ob j riated r COPIES WILL BE SENT BY MAIL FREE OF c POSTAGE. On the receipt of One Dollar, the "Married Woman's Private Medical Companion" will be sent, free of pottage, to any part of the United States. All letters must be addressed (post paid) to Dr. A. M Mauriceau, bo* 1214 New York City, rub Willing Office 129Liberty St., New York.. . The "Married Woman's Private Medical Companion" is sold by booksellers in every principal city in theUnited States. Agents in Philadelphia, Zeiber kCo; New York. Burgess It Stringer; Albany, W. C. Little It Co; Boston, Redihug Ik Co; St. Lou|s, Nafis Ik Cornish: Columbus, John T. Blain, Agent for Central Ohio; Richmond, Va., C. F. Fisher. All letters, however, must he addressed as above iv31 Wt*re UIIMIICAL X'K-77L.T.?\ WONDfcK!?VfcUKl'A BLE LIQUID HAIH DYE,to enable persons to dye instantaneo i !v ilieir hair, without the least inconvenience. For changing red rr grey H*ir, Whisker*, Eyebrows, lie., to a Brown, Black, or Chesnut color. The slightest evil consequences need not be feared from itsnse-itisaltogethei harmless, i'his ^imposition is theonly one sanctioned by the science of chemistry, to dye. in an indelible manner, the various grada lions of colon, without dancer or inconvenience, and h*? justified the liberal patronage and unlimited confidence of the public. If Black is required, ask for box marked N; if Brown, box m irked B. Prepared by JULES HAUEL, perfumer and chemist, 120 Chesnut street, Philadelphia; and sold wholesale and retail, by A. B He D. 8ANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton, cor. of William t; H. Johnson, 273 Broadway; A. L. Winship, 77 East Broadway; A. F. Artault, 149 Broadway; and J. B. Jaquemod, 416 Broadway, New York. ITT" Bewarenf counterfeits. Ask for " JULES HAUEL 8 VEGETABLE LIQUID HAIH DYE," U yon want the genuine article. A premium awarded at the Franklin Institute. au26 30t*m DOCTOR CONVER8' MEDICAL CARD-This notice is particularly directed t*> those who are afflicted with stricturenn me uretnra. i no vapouring nonsense wnicn oiien appears in relation to stricture, u calculated to mislead and < falsely alarm persons: to of other fat fat of private disease.? 1 For the protection of scrangrrs and citivens, Dr.Convers ii privately and confidentially consulted, in all catet of atrictnre, ' troublesome gleets.and other cases affecting the genital organs. . Recent cue* apeedily removed, without hindrance from outi J nett. ' N. B ? IVrsont in the coautry may aafely address Dr. C., and be Mire of proper medical aid. Dr. Convert will be found at his private residence and office. No. 55 Third arenne, between IOth and llih streets, New York, wuere all letters must be addressed, post paid. , N. B?SeeDr. C.'s long advertisement of his celeSrated In- 1 yigorating Cordial, for seminal weakness, debility, nocturnal t emissions impotency, &c, in this paper, and in the New Vork t Sun, ontside. I N. B.?Strangers or citfeens in doubt where to apply for me- | dical relief, should preserve this advertiseaient. < >14 ?l?r? I)H rONVV.nH.55 Third avenue. N Y. , ' 'HK tINLf UKtMIMNt. ildUHAHll'H ITALIAN ( 1 MEDICATKD 80AP-BKWARK OKAarUHIQUB J ARTICLE.? 1 hit delicious compound to detervedly a favorite with the public, it universally acknowledged to rank for* most among modern inventions ; and thit celebrity it accorded to it for its astonishing powers of purification, at well at for its surpriaing medical and chemical properties Its action on the human skin is so marvellous, that hut for the en light 1 ened state of society.it would be accredited to the power dl magic, and its inventor probably suffer at tke stake as I 1 wizard ! The daya of necromancy, however, have gone by ; but science happily wears a belt of fir greater potency than the golden one of the mighty Hermes. Certain it it, thtt the trantformations which dark, rough, chapped, freckled, tanned. >i in i,I tail skint ae? mafia In nt.iUrtrn Hv It fr?? III# OI (f OH- 1 raud'a Italian Medicated Boap,exceed the power of magic . It if ?o hifhly medicated, thnt the entire host of cutaneous eruptions are immediately eared by it ; it is so emollient, that the toughest, roughest, hardest skin, is speedily made aa soft and amooth as an infant's ; ita chemical properties are ao powerful, that the thickest epidermia whicn a trophlcal sun ever tanned into awartneaa cap be eaaily rendered soft, pliuit, clear, and brilliantly white : and it i? ao highly acented that a delightful fragrance will float the livelong day around the peraon using it! For the mere purposes of the toilet, nothing can anrpaaa it; aa a purifier and cleaner of the akin nothing can equal it ; aa a shaving compound, it ia the moat delicious article extant and no gentleman who values a lurunous tonsorial oparatfcn should for a moment be without it. If it is valuable to the maiden, wife, mother, father, brother, or lover, it is if poaaihle more so to the helpless nnraeling.whoae tender akin ao frequently chafed and aore, cannot hare anything more delightfully aoothing applied to it than Uourand's Italian Medicated Soap! Beware of apurioua aoapa purporting to he medicated, and specially beware of a counterfeit of Gonraud's 8oap sold in Courtlandt atreet. The only place in New York where Oon raud's articles ire to be obtained genuine, is at his depot, IT Walker street, first store west ofBrfetdway, New Vork.i all I"'* m IP ANCY OOOD8? 9. A. ARTAULT, Proprietor of the a! Lafayette Bazaar. 149 and 151 Broadway, np stairs, hat just imported a suitable stock for fall trade, which lie offers to country marchanta on encouraging terms, consisting of fancy inlaid work botes, fine fans, cut glass, Paris porcelain ware, nurses, ladiea ban, perfumery, jewelry, steel goods, kc.; in hne the most splendid and varied stock of fancy and useful goods to b? found in this city. Country merchants are invited to call. ___ ann Mt'tt SlrSSi-S? j ^J^rtmiSSSaVISsSSS [ j is wanrantad ton* *11 euae of rUaa, either c Srfi.Ss-.Si Rb-siSsBep s Dysentery. wMkow u' iutkumuiM of the Hpi , felling 01 >f the bowels. womb, kc . ilut (em-lee particularly aw aak- >* ntio under peculiar circumstances; for which many cartifi- ft Mies euald be gi??u af ?f?jy auU effectual eure??bul d-l)- ai :a y forbids their pnblicatioo. . u Havere aud habitual costi? eue?a. flow of blood to the head, lysocusia, ulceratioua. fistula, iuflamm-lion of the stomach. 01 iud a speedy cure m l)r. 1) pham's Electaary It is an intern ai cmedy. ana cure? by in actioo on the bowels and blood, the tlaxfd state of which are the cause of the above uamea ats- 4 Universal commendation From every city, town and village here Dr. Uphasa's Vegetable Pile Electuary has been rntro- 0 laced, the m??t gratifying intel igeoce of its effects have bean J, eceived by the propietor. lu hundred* of instances ?t haa j riumplied over caaea which were deemed incurable. [) .tetter of Capt. G. W McLean, ol the U.S. Service and Mem- ? bar of the New Jersey Legislature. ? Rahwav, June is, 1m7. d " I hive been afflicted for years with (be piles, and have tried t) rith<>?4 anything uke pemaneut benefit, almost everything ^ ssuming the name of a remedy. I had, as a matter of course, ost all confidence >u medicine. Under this feeling 1 was in- , uced?not without reluctance, 1 confess?to u>* 'Upha?e Sl? ctuaryand htving used it for abuBt three weeks, accord- J ug to th? directions laid down, 1 find, to my utter surprise, as *rail aa satisfaction, that every sympiom of the (tinea e has left u le 1 think it due alike to Dr. Upham and myself to i"?ke 11 his > tatement. 07W. McLEAN." ? Sol1 wholesale and retail by Wva tand Ketcham, 111 Ful in street; at reuil by D. A. Upham, 196 Bowery; A. H. lough It Co.. 149 Fulton street, and by D'UggisU gent rally i Hro< gliont the United States Price $1 a bos. fi Notice?The Kenui e Electuary has the written signature f, "us ((E7" A. Coin in, M.D.) The hand is also done with a e en. All other Electuary advertised for the cure of Piles are j, nita iom of this valuable remedy. i3 30'm PRIVATE DlHEASKa CUitED BY A BOTA.NIC I PHYSICIAN, with (en years practice in this city, guaran- I King a perfect cure, without mercury, iu a lew days. Many * pply for relief, after trying all the advertised nostrums, been u ilavated, hurabuned, and deceived by the numerous boasting { clenders, who rum tlinnsands. All who wish a perfect , e iu a short time, and avoid ignorance and imposition, i. 10ilu apply immediately at 143 Bowery. Advice gratis.! ? ?uli 'i'm I 4f> I KULTON BTKEE l'.?Drt- 1.A MUn '8 true L*?l Fieueh Remedy is the universal specific employed y ineu of fashion in Europe, in all stages of disease, and uuer all circumstances. This elegaut, safe, agreeable, and in- | illable preparation is now offered to the people of the Uuited J tates, under the direction of the original inventor, iu such a t tauntr as effectually to preclude the possibility of counter- u iit, and to secure to the afflicted the full benefit of a se'f-cur f, ig remedy, which his saved thousand* from the hands of mer- n iless quacks, if not from au untimely grave. D Dr. La Mott assures the public that this remedy is purely id entirely vegetable in its ingredients, sud perfectly safe ana ., ilutary in all i's effects upon the system. J It will sptrjily and effectually cuie the most violent and utrid cases oftnis disease, aud erad cato every particle of in- K ctious matter from the system, without any disagreeable ef- ,| lets, and restore the patient to a most perfect state ol health t, nd purity. c It is very agreeable to the taste, creates no perceptible odor, . ... i u' ? etona of either in, without resort to any medical adviser or ilvertiaing quack. .. Soldoolv by Wyatt fc Ketcham.121 Kulton atreet, anil A. H , lornrh It Co., 149 Fullou atreet, N. Y. Price, $S per bottle. s8 30t*m iAOO CHAliLKNUE?Valier'a French Pills?This is 9UUU an unrivalled remedy for diaeaae of a private uaire?A positive and apeedy core, without the reatriction of iet, or hindrance from buaineas. The many advantagei which j le French Pilla poaaeaa over balaam copavia. capaulei, and j, ther nauseatiug mixtarei, cannot fail to give them a decided ? reference. Beaidea beingthe moat effectual and i|wedy cure verdiscovered, they are entirely lree from any unpleasant mell, do not affect the breath, or aicken the stomach in the taat, and may be taken at any time, or in the preaeuce of the loat intimate friend, thna enabling the patient* to cure themtlvea without the learoi auapieit n or diacorery. They are [(uallv effectual for either aex in all complaint* of a private ature. and have cured hundreds of iheae troublesome c?mlaiuta after every other remedie* had failed. They have been xiensively used for the last ten year* iu aW itages of theie omplainti, with such universal success, the proprietors chalsnge anyone to produce a remedy of equal certainty, under forfeiture of $500 Price $1 per botfle. Sold at 147 Gre?nrich street, corner of Liberty, and by Wyattk Ketcham, 121 "ulionst'eet. au20 30t*m 1(1 ahhic.u LAUIKB.?Married Ladies would liud much J XI. to interest them by perusing Moral Physiology, written e y the Hon. K. D Owen, withadditionsand alterations, by R. f Hover, M. D. Were this book carefully read by every mar- n ied person, and the advice strictly followed, we are peraoa- 0 ed that a different state of society from the present would xist. The terror* of poverty, and the prospects of a large a unily of children, which could be but poorly reared, prevent a tany prudent people from entering the matrimonial state; but ere is a work that will tell you important secrets, which may bviate all such objections Price of the beok M cents. For ale by Zeiber It Co., corner of Third and Chestnut streets, J 'hiladelphia, and the Editor No. 3 Ann street, New York. si 30t*rrc ' rO THK LAD IKS.?DR. TOWNSEND'B BARS A PA- ( III LLA i* a favorite of the Ladie*. It relieve* them of a . reat amount of auffering, and give* them fine complexion*. | ud buoyant spirits. Mrs. Parker kindly sent us the follow- 1 qg i South Bnooxi.ru, Aug. IT, 1847. 11 Dh.Towwsicivd?Sir: Iwivesme pleasure to testify to the <] eneficial effects I hare 'experienced from the use of your j larsaparilla. My system wai very much reduced by nervous- J eai and general debility, and with a variety of female com- t laints. 1 readyonr advertisement, and was induced to try the t (Tect of your remedy. It restored me to a better state of health t hid not enjoyed for several years previous to taking it; aud I u rho are afflicted u I have been. MttH. PARKER, v Baltic street, South Brooklyn. Principal Office. US Fnlton it. mi28 30"m DR. COOPER II DUANE atreet, between Chatham and 1 William (treeti, has for the last fourteen year* enjoyed J le most rxteuaive pnctioe in private diseasM or any medical ] i'in in New York. He can cure the moat aggravated eves of iiia disease; and mild cases cured in two to five days. Stricire?Doctor Cooper has discovered a new method by which e can cure the worst form of stricture in from one to tw< reclu, with scarcely any pain to the patient Constitutional lebility, brought on oy a secret habit indulged in oy youni nen. This, when too tVeely indulged in, begets dyspepsia veaicuesi of the limbs and small of the back, conluiibn of inellect, and aversion to society. A cure warranted in every :ase, or no charge. No Mercury used. Post paid letters containing $3 for advice attended to auH30t?m _ oBt'H PATENT PREMIUM EXTEN810N DINING 11 TABLES, with metal plated slides, for private parlors jid diuiug rooms, hotels, tleainboau. Sir . unsutpaastd for ele- I ;nnc?, durability and convenience, warranted never to get oul f order. A large assortment, the largest in the city, and nnqualled for variety; together wnh a general assortment of ele.int and fashionable Cabinet Furniture, constantly to be fouud t the warerooms. No. 443 Broadway, where the public are re- 3 pectfully invited to call and eiamffie. nu24 30t*rc C. F. HOBE. 443 Broadway. 1~niE ORIlilNAL .iALVANIC RUNUS, bands, belu, plasters, magnetic fluid, kc., wholesale and >etail, at 193 (roadway, corner John street. Dsalers supplied on liberal ernu. Warranted to be manufactured by the original makers, ad the price it much reduced. 193 Broadway, corner John tre.et. anSfl inr?rc \ TREATISE ON DISEASES OF THE SEXUAL SYSTEM?By Edward H. Dixon. M.D., author of ana- | ry Surgical Enayi, aud Lecturer on the Ol>eratiTe Surgery > f the Eye. Pp. 270, edition 8th. This work contain! a complete review or the causes of early ecay from self-abuse and excess, and alio of every known iseaie of the sexual system, in language adapted to every wider. Orinio<ts or the Tress. New York Journal of Medicine and Collateral SciencesIt is written in a clear, nervous style, and is calculated to do nuchgood. The descriptions are accurate, and the treatment udicious. The practitioner will find it abounding in valuable nuts, aud the general reader will come across many useful uutions and warnings." Boston Medical aud Surgical Journal?" Dr. Dixon has writeu much ai.d well on various branchos of surgery ; his book hows a thorough acquaintance with modern practice. Stricure, Gonorrheas, Variortle, Hydrocele and Fistula are paricularly well treated of." There are startling things in this took, which the non-professional reader will regard with suririse." " Yet the author's originality and th rough devotion o the rational principles of medicine and his ingenuity under rvirg surgical circumstances, stamp it with uncommon intoest. Evening Poal?" Dr. Dixou is a pupil of Dr. Molt?the in-eutor of r. great number of valuable mstruments, and a pracioner of fifteen years' standing. His book is wriiten with ;restdeli-ney and r.are, yet in decided language. It will doubtesa do great good." " Woman and her Die?ses, from the Cradle to the Grave," idapted exclusively te her instruction in the natural laws of ler system and all the disease* of her critical periods: by Edvard H. Dixon, M D. Pp SS5; price 11 25; fourth edition. For sale by CHARLES H. HI NO, corner of Broadway ind John st. Agents wanted throughout the country. ?U 3t*re Ladies are cautioned against i.si.nu , COMMON PREPARED CHALK ? They are not i iware how frightfully injurious it is to the skin, how coarse. < low rough, how sallow, yellow, and unhealthy the skin aplears after using prepared chalk. Besides, it is injurious, con t aining a large quantity of Irad. I We have prepared a beautiful vegetable article, whieh we < -nil Jones's Spanish Lily White. It is perfectly innocent, leing purified of all deleterious qualities; and itimpaKs to the ikin a natural, healthy, alabaster, elear, living ?#iite; at the lame time acting as a cosmetic on the skin, making it soft and , imooth. , Sold in New York onlyatW Chatham street. Price S3 cents, j MOORISH HAIR DiE?A really good and innocent ar- i tide lor dying the hair a jet black color, without stain- i iig or even affecting the akin. It is absolutely the best, the cheapest, the most simple and excellent article made, ss one rial will convince any one. Price 2s 4s, or Ss a bottle. | Sold.only in New York at SS Chatham street, aud by the I igrnts. ^t the same place is sold the ? .... SOLUTION OF JET?An instantaneous Hnman Liquid i lair Dye, for dyeing light, red or grey hair permanently i >rnwn or jet black color. Foil and copious directions enclosed. Sold at the sign of the American Eagle, No. SS Chatham i treet, New Yott. A FINE SET OF_ TEETH FOR TWENTY-FIVE , fV CENTS? White Teeth, Foul Breath, Healthy Gums? fellow and unhealthy teeth, after being once or twice clean d with Jones' Ainber Tooth Paste, hive the appearance of he most beautiful ivory, and, at the same time it is so perfect- . y inniiceut and exquisitely fine, that its constant daily use is lighly advantageous, even to those teeth that are in a good -ondition. giving them a beautiful polish, and preventing a pronature decay. Those already decayed it prevents from be-oming worse?it also fastens such'or are becoming loose, and >y perseverance it will render the foulest teeth delicately white, and make the breath deliciouMy sweet Price Si or 3"K cents a box. Sold in New York only at 82 Chatham street. There ark 900,000,000 70 pokes to the hkin.Theae h*ve to be kept open to canse free perspimtion?to ffect an outlet for imnuritiea of the body?to make the akin rlear and healthv, ana tlini to prevent and ofkeu eme foarlifrhs of human diaeaae. Itia a lingular fact that the humor* which clog the poras of the akin cauae many internal diseases, bende giving the akin i a yellow, rough, dark look. All diaeaiea or the head, face and handi, inch aa scarry, srysipelaa, saltrheum, itch, sores, aore bearda, aore heads, tan, frecklea, aunbnrn, mnrphew, yellow, dark diafigureit akin are 1 cured. When these cauaea are removed, peraona who nae the bith freely ahonId remember that more than water is required to remove the humor from the porea. I have seen persons who have had filthy akin diseases for years, and afrer trying every thing in tain,have been cured by washing the skin with Jones' Italian ' hemiral Soap, and can conscientionsly offer it for any of the above complaints. It is particularly adapted to peraona from the sunny South. They would find their akin mach i whiter, clearer, and smoother by its nse. But they must be "re to ask for JONES'S CHEMICAL HOAP, aa there are i nnmrroua COUISlMll, and to buy nowhere else in New York hut at t'.e sign of the American Eagle, 82 Cha ham at. Price M cents. 1 Aoicwts?Philadelphia, Zeiber It Co., 3 Ledger Buildings; Boston, Redding It Co., * State street; Bsltimore, Taylor Co ,8 tarvia Buildinga; Pitslmrg, Ps; Newark by Van Buskirk; Brooklyn, 1>9 Fulton street. Magnificent, bkautiful and olorioub HAIHiSILK Y, SOFT, CLEAN, FINE ANI) LOVELY. TO Bfc HAD FOR f HREF, SHILLINGS ONLV. We hay m.mv time# given you the namci of ?ome ol our moit respectable citizens who have pledged their word mat, ifter trial, ti ey have found Jones's C"r?' Ha" realiyto possess sll the qualities we claim for it. *? again :ell yon, it forces the human hair to grow, stops and eoreait 'ailing off remedies senrf or dandruff And it costs yon bnt hree shillings to test its real and actual qualitisa in the ahove Hid in ah iM ing how soft it Hreaiea harsh or dry t in order three times longer than hair 5* Jj* ;! red oi grey hair grow naturally dark from the roots, in f^t, it is the most excellent, and yet economical l""'J'i ?* one trial will prove. Itis sold In New York at the aign of ^A^tl""^? PhilVde iph ia,^eiber fc'co^^g.r^iUjngs. ' 1 g WOM. SAUL-A VALUABLE FARM on ftatan lalaad, formerly kiowu n the Hid* ray projwrty. ttmC liana* ofabout aury-ftv* a?f*e of land iu a high !*! of aluration ?nd wall fe-iceo I'll* turuiok* road runa through I* bin, which i* hounded oa. oae aid* by * ?re?i, I rum rhich ih* beat uiauui* miy nlwaya be ubtaiurd. A Urn* put f liia Uud la well for huildiug lot* Tlitn are two una**, good oatbaildicga, egeelleut watei aud abearance of ail<10 ill* farm, wnith l<e? within hilfu uiile of the I mfiug I Chrlaea, where the atuwboat i: aritan calla daily, iji* (oat lit** from I' it Richmond. Kor terina and further paruculan, apply to Mri. Mac Orator* p the Iiitmitfi. all) iji'rrc r^" KOtt HALJ^?Wfcai't.HEjfl'KH. LAND.?To geaK&il*meu in waul of aitea for couuiry ae&ta; to luuket garJbfcdeuera in want of lau'l for Kardeiu; and to all peraoual iahuig a location iu the neighborhood of New York. 5 0 acrea of land, in tlie town ot Wettchester, vritbin 8 mile* f the City Hall, w th right of paaaiug over Harlem Brides ?e of toll, are offered at private aal*, in lot* containing from to 50 acrea each. The landa are within IS mmutca walk of la mlroad; front oo good roada. are in the neighborhood of :hoola, and churchea of different drnomiuaiioiia; the watea i good, and location healthy. Tit) indi aputible i < rma moerate. Apply to Oouverneur Morria, Morri^ii*, Wc.,tch*? r Co.; or to Walter Rutherford, (.'ouuaellnr. 7? Nau>,u at. i lew York. an l? %i* m a FOR SALK?A l?'ge umi be o4 v i.u.ib e i.uia >itu> "te in ihe village .4" Wil'iamaliugli lio nug uu N'.nih. 2d, Conaelyea, bkillmui. ^a<'k on. Wither*, Kroat. I io? avenue, ana Lorimer ?tr?et? Th'a* Iota will b<- aold jion favorable terina AM'ly to JO|IN >KI' I.ViAN Inn., t hit h 'use Noith 2d atreet, near Union Avfiii-.i'ii on ay nd Friday. ?" 3 -c VUH 8ALE? A BAKU* I \ ."^cil hitrd .? up in every r<-aprcl?iu a ponuiooa i.r.sMio hoi-d n. il.e ^ULcityof Biooklyn; no? domi t>,n rite u-^iea ?i ouabout illWOperauuuin. S*tii>?rtoy rer,a n ui.l > c tiraa ii aelliuR out. Apply t JA.Vlhtf UPTON .'t ?tr. m >jy ra'a. 411 Naaaau atreet Houieaaud Lola lor ?>i|e in VVillinoa u gli lie . on reaaouwble term*. .!# m - ? a FOR hALK.? 1'heiaUs raitltucr ol r. Ill ? \V ight. drceuyl, ailualed iu Ihe count, <it C .'u'i bia t im in lea from the city of Hudso... Hie fnrn c uuin* 10 crea of Lad, 30 of which are w i-d i tli-leat under a tin at t? fenitir-lion, with good btnu.h'j. T ? liouieia Irgeand !. liven eut, and in the beat onl r b?- iitil'uli aituiard iu-junded with rarioua ki da of f/uit. 'I lie ubovo place will aold l iw.an^ on accommodating trim*, or cx-K-ug-d for ood productive city property, for I'u iher p niculura iunire on the pr'm'a-a of s ran A. Wright, nr ol' SAMUEL THOMPSON 27i c.irl ?t. N. Y. lllll'm WM. WHIUHT ?4?Pe.rl?t V V '.ILL AND v ALilJ BLfc. i th.Vl f (iK Jjj SALE ?To cloae a ooncrrn ?The papei mill nal f rm b are ?<tuarea at Anuorer, t.onuecticut. 1% m:le? sou hut ui Hartfor-l, mid 23 miles lorihwm of Norwich, 'i he nil i* 38 by 76 feet, with ? wii k :i2 bv li8 f"et. It raotaina ? engine*, oue 73 inch f?urdriuer tni<li'iie and diier, a tiist ?te water wheel, autl every tli ug rtinisite for a good twpcr nil. The Mill manufactures about 40,000 dotlirs worth of paper er annum. It ia at tma t me in full opci&fion, and may be inpee'ed by any person desroos ofpu.eliisiiiK. The farm adjoining the mill coi.Uwiis about (0 neres ol' ood laud, part of it in timber. The improvements consist of lira* dwelling houses of the following dimensions: One 26 y 36 w>th wing 22 by 23 feat, wiih carriage house and o.her nuveuienrei attached : one 3i by 30, with wiuc 17 by 23 feet; l<o one 20 by 40 feet, all wall furniihed with bams, woodouses, Itc. Ice. The above property will be aold low, and a good port of the urchaie money may remain on bond and mortgage. For furber particular! apply to PKH88K It bROOKH. 65 and 67 Naiaau atreet, New York, or to DAN1KL ( 1UOG, al 14trc Windsor Locks. Connecticut. p , Ht.AVKB AND 11 KOK.lt IN WIND U? apeedil t and iiermauently cored, by the " ^ of Tattertall's Heave Powders. They have >eeu in comtant uae in the il'atteraall Stablea, London, and by oblemen throughout the Kingdom of Great Britain, lor more lian fiftyyears. Aa a medicine for Heavea, Broken Wind, lotts, Worms, be , the proprietor atgn them to the people of he United States, will full confidence ol their approbation. <oue genuine without the signature of J. KlllKBRIDL, 'leet street, London. Price 4 shillings sterling i er package, r$l, American currency. _A. H. GOUGH ? Co., 149 Fulon atreet. New York, Agents General for the United StatesIll ordera, accompanied by the caah.and post jiaid, punctually" tteuiled to. Persons desiring the agency, by addressing as bove, po*t paid, with good reference, will receive immediate ttention. __ i7 30t*m Wirt.M. VUUNG KOKiVlfcHLV 4 AISN b'l KtHi/r [Wbut now the Paria Boot Emporium, ia manufacturing the Vbeat quality of French Calf Boots for $4 SO, equal to th? J9 beit aold in other atorea for $6 and $7, made to order for lie aame ; do fine Calf Sewed Boota, hia own make for 93 Mr qaal to any aold in thia city for $5, and warranted to give rati*tction-gGen. Taylor'a hair Boots $2 75; patent Cong-ess Boot* aade to order for $3 73. Boots, Shock, Gaiters, he. constantly in hand. . Also, Military and cork sole Boots made to order, with a tow uortmeat or all goods iu his Hue Uomtr 01 rmtoa ana nasau streets, oppoaite Che Herald office. al 30t* re WM. M. VOITNG. K. HALPrl, AUTHOR OK THE PRACTICAL PRIVATE TREATISE. Office hours 9 to 1*,A. M. to 9 P. M (Sunday excepted) No ( GREENWICH ITREF.T. aiifT J0t?re H HARLE8 AHREN FELDT, New York, M Msidac lane, L/ up stairs,and 25 Liberty street; Philadelphia, 16 North fourth street, up mire; Boston, M Kilby street, comer of )nane street. Importer of all kinda of toys aad fancy a. titles, lerfumery. soaps, musical instruments, Freuch ch.oa, Oarnan plain asd cut glass ware, ornaments for mantelpieces, It nor runes. auli lit* it [J EADS OF HAIR?Heads of Hair ?Those artielea fortl merly known as Wigs and Scalps, prior to the late im irorementi of Ridgwsy, are now knows only by the ahora itle, owing to tlieir strictly natural uppearance aad artiatical out ensemble, canting them to he the moat desirable article icit to a natural head of hair. To be had only of CHARLES tlDO WA Y, practical H?ir cutter aad Wig uiak?r, 170 Browray, cor. of Maiden-lane, up ataira. Call aad see them. N. B.?Private rooms for fitting and Irving on Wigs, Its. s3 Wtt*rc MONTHLY REPORT FOR SEfTFMBKR. of the *1 NEW YORK VK.01C ALAND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No.75 Chamois street. CASES SUCC SSFULLY THEATED. 4 Dyspepsia, radically cured. 4 Eiuptions on Skin. C Costivene?s, permanently 3 Paipyarion of Heart. cnred. 1 Par in I Blindness. 2 Bad cases of Piles. S Falling of the YVoicb. 9 Seminal Weaknessfrom 8e- 4 Case- oi Glurt. eret habit. 2 Pain iu the CitesL 3 Cases Midwifery. 3 Liver (Jomi Uint. 7 C> ses of Oonorrnosa. 2 Primary (-oujninptios, 4 Secondary Venereiil. 5 Bad Cough. 1 Irrii.ition of i retlira and 1 Bleediuv Irom Luncs. Neck of Bladder. 3 Bad Headache. 4 Nodei on Tibia. 2 lutermi'tent K?ver. 3 White* of long standing. 7 Primal y Chancre*. 4 ImiMitrncy. 3 Veuere?l Sore Thro.it*. 2 balimiu. SUCCESSFUL OPERATIONS AND CURES. 5 Bud injuries attended to. 4 lndoleutflcer* oa the Lei* 2 Amputation*. oflo g standing. 0 v"euereal Wart* removed. 2 Urulu removed. 9 Stricture* cared iu the Ure- 1 Tae u' il removed. thra, without pain. 3 Operation* to lelieve Dc3 Large Abce**e* opened. foim? y. 2 Operation* for Kq iuting. 3 Opeia'ion* for Fhynuwia. 1 Radial Artery tied. 5 Baboe* Opened. 1 Operation for Stricture. 2 Sand in the Bladder. 2 Fracture* attended to. D*. HOMER BOSTWICK, Attending burgeon *nd Pl.yiician, *H14frc TiCliem^er* trwt. DK. JOHNSON, 17 Dunne auect, j?ar Cnauinm airoei,!* well known a* the moat incceufal ,'i.ictitionrr in New ITork m the treatment ef delicate diseases. For the laat 14 rear* Dr. JOHNSON eujeyed the moil exteiuive practice in irivate dueaaee of anjr medical man io New York. The Doeor1* reputation for (kill in those old half-cured cue* that hare :xi*ted for vear*. i* pre-eminent. No matter Wow long you nay hare Gleet, ,Stncture, Ulcere upon the body, or in the hroat or no*e, nam* in Ihc , ear. and bourn of the leg*, effecually cured. Comtituboual weakne**, brought on by a recret labit, indulged in by young men, causing lascivious dream*, ind nightly emiuion*. positively cured. Recent ca*e* cured u four day*, without Mercury. No alteration in diet, or pro* potion from bu*ines*. Post paid I'tieri, containing $i for id< ice. attended to. No charge made nnleu cured. au2<Snt*m K. RALPH'S PRACTICAL PRIVATE J WEATISE on the Diiease* of tne Oenital Organs, 'heir nature, *ymp?ma, progress, consequences and cure. Adapted It the use < { very individual of both sexe*. By Jo*eph Raliih, M. D .auhor of ihe "Family Phy*ician," aud o'her Domostic Malic.'l woik*, lie. Fourth Edition. 312 pp., with Illustrated Thi* ii tlie only truly uiefal work on thi* *nbjecf before the inblic Not only all valuable information, but the m?t prrfeci and rapid cure of each disorder, i* *tated >n the plainest rosaible manner, theieci(ie* iorall the remedies bemg faithully and unreservedly givenvand so pUinly a* to be practicaly useful to every one, in every place. On the subject of Maaturbation or *elf pollution, it* nature, :oi.sequence aad only true cure, new and very interesting information >* imparted, which all should poaaes*. eapeeially parents and youth. The natare a >d core of Stricture i* fully treated. Again, which i* of the highest importance, aad given in no ntlier work, is the description and cure of thoae (innocent) :omp'ainta which resemble certain disorders. and to which all ire liable. I* nit tliia woik, therefore, worth the attention of Every per*on 7 _ , Price SI. Tubliihed by CLAT It Co., 31 Ann itreer, N. Y., uid all bookaelle>a. Copie* mailed, on the receipt of tl, post l>aid. to any part of the United rtatea, Adr re** (poet paid) Ulay k Co., 32 Ann atreet(Mew York. For *?le a'*o, by the *00 .trmmi M V m, 17 tnr<4ltilW*m PHI V ATE DISEASES?EUTABLISHKD ?A J). 1M* FOR THE SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERV^-Thn members of the New Ysrk College of Medicine and Pharma:y, having devoted their attention daring the lot six years to Ineasei or a private nature, can confidently promise to persons requiring their serrices, a safe aad permanent core, without injury to the ecustifition or confinement from business. PRIMARY CASES OF GONORRHOEA, or Syphilis, yield to theii treatment in from four to eight days, and the most aggravated cases in one-thud of the time usually taken l>y generalnractnioners. STRICTURES OF THE URETHRA (considered by mme medical men as incurable) successfully treated without inconvenience to the patient. To those sufferii f from CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY or NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, produce J by excess or imprudence, the most beneficial ?Beets may be relied upon from lite treatment of the College. IMPORTANT NOTICE.?Persons suffering from any of the abore complninu, residing in ths country, find ug it inconvenient to make personal application, can hare forwarded to them a chest c< ntaiuing all medicines rfquisite to perform * radical cure, with kill directions as to diet, lie., by stating their tvraptoms, time of centraction, and treatment received elsewhere, if any, and enclosing ten dollars, poer paid, directed to W. 8. RK HARDSON. M. D , Office o the College of Medicine and rharmaey. 95 Nassau street. New York. VELPKAU'S SPECIFIC P.fLLS FOR the radical rare of gonorrhoea, fleet, seminal emu iodm, and ill fnoco{lornlent discharges from'the urethra. These Pills, the result of twenty years eiperierce in the Hoe pital le Charite in Pans, are prouounced by their celebrated inventor, Profeasor Velpenu, as an infallible remedy for all Jiaeases of the urethra. They effect a care in a much shorter ime than any other remedy, without tainting the hr*ath, dis igreemi with the stomach or eoniuement From buetaes*.? V6N8TiTUTIQNAL DEBILITY CURED THK TONIC MIXTURE, prep^fd by the ColWe of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Cttj of New Y?rk.ls confidently recommended for all cases of debil ty produced by ecret indulcence or egcess of any kind. It is an invaluable remedy for impotence,sterility, or barrwness, unless deprainfnn malformation._ u.ir. , . Single boities ?i es?- ? '?? ?? ?-?? r packed, and??t tt> all P?rn of the Union. RICORD"? ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. FOR the pe>m>itntcu? of primary or secondary syphilis, yenerea'ulcers, nodee, or any com'laint produced uy an injudicious n?e of mercury, or uuskilful midicnl treatment.? Ml persons suspecting venereal taintremami'g in theirsystem ihonld nse this powerful purifier without delay, at no person can consider himself safe after having the venereal diseaat, without thoroughly cleaning the system, with this justly celebrated alterative. Sold in (ingle bottles at tl each; in cases < { htlfa dosen for U; carefully packed and sewtto all part* of the Union. CONCENTH A ? KtTT.XT t ACT OK b * RS APARILLA OEN1IAN AND 8A88AKR AS, PREPARED by the New York College of Medicine and I Pharmacy, established for the suppression of quackery ? This refined and Highly c<<ncentrated extract. possessing all rhe purifying qualities and cnntti>e power* of tlie ?bove herbr, is confident!' iecum:nen<t*>l by the ' ollege *? superior to any extract ol Sirsap.rilla at present before rhe |?iblir, and may b? relied on ai * certain remedy for all d'seas'x arising from an impnre state of the Moori.anch st scrofula and s.:'rrhcum. rbiR worms, blotches or piiniues, i'fc?, pain in iheho-j*t ttjoi'U, nodes, cutaneous ertiptioi.s. ulcerated sore thr-iat.or any disease ariiing from the <f condsry effects ol syphilis or an injtidicion> use of mercury. Hold in single bottles at... ... 75 cent*. " m cases of half a dotes bottles tl V) " " one dozen " $6 00 Cue* forwarded to all putt of the Union.

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