19 Eylül 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

19 Eylül 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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t-?i 1 ? """ 11*11 ' I Young gtvea Sotice that the Mtnufnctui?r'f k of Pan* Boots and Khoes, on the corner of Kultou ana Ni-nn treet, aie in nufictariug tn* best quality of Frerch e ilf roots %A 50. equal to the be*? sold in other stores for $6 and $7 ; <1 >. lirst rate ctlf s?w?'l bo ?u fur $i M), c?in .1 to those aold iii o *io/ stores hr $4 ,'jO or $'> Warranted to give satisfaction 8h"ei, (i.-uters, Sli(-pers tic , constantly on hand ? ud iwde to "id-r inth* shortest upline CV1 nnd see hiiu; he is the inoitCkteaaive Boot U inker in th* city. The c;iiov?|H??t place In the city to get your boots, shoes or k?i era, is ;.t Jour.'*. 4 Ann street, near tin- Mil* scum * ou ra t get t ere ?sgood boots at $4 M) as can be |?ure'i tsed eltewhere at $6. Quire a saving, lie also sells veiy nice boots at % i SO. I -on{reis bo^ts and nai*ers proportiooanly lov J not i has the trie svst in ??f doing business?light er pauses and small profits. AH goods purchased at 4 Ann a.a war a?f-d to give en tiff satisfaction. All |>ei*oos troubled with corns i.ad belter give him a eali. kfnox, at 1!4M Kulton atrect. aa uaual. In the rr^itiii of thr Hun, mid with the imuctualitv of the imoil.taj prepared a splendid ?tock of H its for the Fall Faahiona, which ne invites the world to exainjue. Ever ou hand in eudeajroring to | lei.ie the public, he can saftly recommend nil Fall supply as uuena^Ued in beauty and riehnesa. The science o? h?t making, like other scienres, it profreesive, and ne naa m idr some improvements in the adaptation of hate to the heau, which CAnnot fail to please the most fastidioua connoisseurs. His hats aie emphatically fall hat J, as hehas fallen iu the 4'in.r. iijr |ir??eiiuoj( it ueiier article at me oiu eneap raiei. IS6t -?X-Ull-Jll. ... 11 .. 11 I !_ .1 MU .XKV jII AKKIL T. SntunUjr, Sept, IS?0 P.M. The stonk market opened heavy this morning? prloes were, however. very unsettled. Seme of the fancies are advancing an rapidly an others are declining. At the first board to-day, Reading Bonds fell off per cent; [( adlng Ilailrnad, J?; Norwich and Woroester, Ilarleui, -.!>?. Trossury Notes advanced.^; Morris C'anul, X Mid Long Island, H?' pur cent. There were three thouBand tihares of Harlem sold at the decline, showing the anxiety of holders to avail themselves of ruling prices. There were rumors in t ho street this afternoon, that several of the largest bulls in Ilarlem had failed. From the great decline in prices within the past few days,this Is not surprising. There will be a great time among the lame ducks in Wall street, and the profits of some of the bears will dwindle down to a small sum. It would be a irond plan to rub all out, and coinmenoe again. The auditor of the State of Ohio has given natice to the holders of Ohio Canal stocka receivable for Wabanh aud Erie Canal lands, and of Ohio turnpike stocks thit the interests apou those stocks will cease upon the t first day of November next; and that said stocks will bo paid in full on or before that day, upon presentation at the State Treasury. The quantity of certain articles exported from this port for the week ending the ltth Inst, Inclusive, was as annexed COMMKRCL or THIS FoHT OF NtW York?WCKKLV BxroRTs. To Orrat Brit in.?Cotton, 3.351 bales; Wheat, 39.831 bu?li la; turpentine. 5,569 bbls; beef. 137 tieroes; rosin. 3,4 i.l bbls; cheese, lOS.Sti > lbs; corn,'4,170 bush.; pork 317 bbls; fluur. 3.H40 do; meal, 851 do; clover seed. 14,033 lbs; sperm oll,7,07S gaU; spirits turpentine, 7(H) bbls. TV France.,? Bveswax, 40 37W lbs; beef, 30 bbls; whalebone, J'.'jo lbs; cotton. 1.450 bales; rosin, 3,381 bbls; ataves. 74 M; ashes, 50 bbls. /',< Hritiih Writ Iniiiei.?Pork, 30 bbls; butter, 4,368 lbs; cheese. 308 lbs.; llour, 150 bbls; meal, 450 do; peas, 1.30-1.bushels; com, 100 do; rice, 3,130 lbs. Live Stoc^ ?1*1 uxen. jii nvuian norm Jimmcan oi>?ontr?.?utii, vuo hfcl* pork, !.>? <1 o; flour, 63b Jo; whcnt, '250 bushels; ric^ 3 4;^ IUh; beef. 130 bbts; butter, 9,383 lb?. r.? SI Doming!.?Flour. ?>0 bbls; oodflsh, 26.140 lbs lard, 1.'14S do; butter, 600 do; bams, 400 ''j0. p0rk, 91 bbls; b?wf, 10 do; rice, 1,190 lbs; cheese, 2,/o d0. It will be perceived that the exports t>f breadstuffs t( Great Britain continue to a fair oxte,at, notwithstanding the unfavorable advices relative V? priccs. The value o: exports for the weak was $701,675, of which $470.56( were shipped in Ami rican vessels, and $231,415 in forelgz vessels. AV'e have given in this day's paper, an article from th? Stale R'gistcr of Iiliao)*, relative to the Illinois anc Michigan Canal. It is a fair and correct statement 0 the movements of those parties having the control o that work.and iilaces the blauie for all delays and misman ageiaent on the right shoulder*. The course pursuet by the trustees on the part of the bondholders, has ere ated a feeliug throughout the State, thikt will tend vert much to the injury of their interest* ; and every oppor tunity will ha made available to place obstacles in th< way of a speedy fulfilment of the terms extended by thi law. It will bo full three years from the commencemenl of the completion of the caDAl under that law, before 1' in linislied ; when it was a'l /bitted by one of the trustee on t lie part of the bondhol dera, that it could be completed j iu two year* at most, wh other engineers said elgliteei I i : was sufficient time. The expenditures may no Increaeed by the '^play. any further than the fat sala r>s of the two foreign trust on, but the loss to the Stati cf Illinois at lar must be very great. The producer of that Stale l'jgu at least two seasons by thin Outrageoui In J m in.is'- Ainut, sr-nsons morn Important to our agrl ?mUui'tili\,Cii than any we may have again for many years W'e leoomuiend those Interested in Illinois bonds t< read (lie article referred to in another part of this day'i paper. 9YncK Eicnanp. $30000 Trea'y notes, 6'?, 104 30 ihs Morris Canal, 11 10 00 U Si 6'?.'U7, 105 100 do b60 ltX jono <l.i r.'s, '62, im* loo do us 10000 KpuiocUt J5'?. 100>? 40 do 14,% .WO i' nan i; IJoads, 7 3 375 Canton, 31 NMJIM d'> ?60 73 26 do >10 31 HHiO do *12m 70 .'>0 do b'JO 34 !< Vi tin heading RR, blO 64V 2ifl Nor Jc Wore, 49'i 10)0 ?*o 6l? 100 do 49 <?,i do i90 64 360 Harlem, 5f.% 0 do 64 >? JO do 160 57'., VI Erie R K lerip, b3 80 200 do 56>j 10 Long lilaiid, 3k(? 900 do 33,4 1700 do 31* 610 do S3 2',0 do 3lJi 100 do Jijj 30 >'o bJO 32 300 Uj >60 35 30 U 8 Ra*k, 4X 130 do 53>< 30 do 4)4 (V?w Mock Kichang*. tnoiTr??s Nols,?..b2 104 200 shs Farmers' t>3 31 400 ilit lUrlen 32 200 do bj J0*| 3?o d> 31k 30 Nor Hi Wor 4K\ JV) do SIX 100 Heading b3 64 ,'800 do slO 52 160 do slO 64 "CIT k THiDE REPORT. Nkw Vox, Sarvnnar AiTEiirioon, Sept. 18. Oood brands of Ohio and Genesee flour, with new and It -sh ground, from good wheat, were firm, and sales mad* at full prioes There were also sales of Oswego Bnd Michigan at full prices. There was something more do ing in wheat, and at more favorable prices than wer< current In the fore part of the week. Mixed oorn nioseii at about yesterday* prioes, while good sound yellow belDg*a little searoe, was firmer. Rye sold at a slight improvement on previous prices, while oat* exhibited nc change. Provisions continued depressed, so far as p^rl was concerned, and price* hare during the week ?^vadual |y given way. and the market closed at a sms.rt decline compared to price* current at the cloae of the preyloui week. Groceries were Inaetlve. Sal',* 0f lead wen made at a flight advance. Tobac jft closed firm?th< ales of the week were large, and p./Ices very firm. 8alei of cotton were small, and on '(?rm* more favorable t< buyers. Ashfs.?Snles of 60 a too bbl*. pot* were made a >3 'ib au?l 100 bbls pe #r|, ^4 at #6 60. The latte ici')?xl very dull, ana'at WM afterwards, that the] could hare been Purchased at a figure le*i. U? r.iw?x ? Sul'y, light, and no change in prices. Bsr.*i>rt?Flnwr?Hales of 600 bbls. Oenesce, li pcpHfKte lots ^ prroUnd from new wheat, were made a .? i<m*11 lot of Nncy Ohio sold at >8 6X. 00( a .no i>t> ^ oltwrjf0i Michigan and Ohio sold at $6 60 600 d > gtrnight brand* sold at >5 76 A sm*l ', l .if now Oswego (old at %& 76, and 300 a4(H) do Mich! end 0?w< go sour sold at t4 36,; 400 do. Houtheri *?? on the mitrket, and held at $6 IP/i'-at?Hales o 2i o bushels prime <?enesee were made at 133o ; 1300 do (Jlitn white, mixeil. fold at 116c.; aud 200 do. New Or l*i?ue at 10(ilt<v Corn?Sales of about 14,000 bushels o uniind western mixed were made at 03 a 83><o ; abou 3600 do common or interior sold at 80c ; 1600 do. loi jnii'il at 81e ; J.iOO do. high mixed sold at H.'l)?c., anc mall sales of do were made at 06c.; 3600 do fiat yellow iiillvered. at > ><* ; and 1300 do yellow sold at 83\c Hates of 300 bbls. good Ohio were made at $3 76 Oalt stood at about 40 a 47c. by retail. No sales of mo m--nt were reported in a large way. Kerriiiit ilimn the Hudion Hiver, September 17. Hour 7,800 barrels. Corn Meal 300 do. Wheat bushels. Corn. ,i'j.300 do. Boon *ni> Shoks were Tery brisk, and manufacturer were asking and obtaining higher prices, owing to fur th-r advances in journeymen's wages CorrrB?'There were no transactions reported at prl ?ate -": !? Hales of 90 bagr Java, damaged, were madt by auction at 8 a H^c casn; Rio exhibited no change. i or run?I'he market is perfectly ijoiet, and at thi few ?.?ies made, the turn of prices nas been In favor o tha buyer, to the extent of a quarter of a cent over thi rates paid freely in the early part of the week. Kim There were no arrivals of dry ood, and no salei of moment The msrket was firm. There was an arrl val ot about 300 bbls of mackerel, which were held a *13 36 for No. I's, *H 60 for No 9's, and #6 for No. 3's 11 k m r ?American dew rotted continued firm at $160 Miles of 174 bales, dressed, damaged, were made by auc tlon at $187 to $170 per ton. 11 i>w ?The stock In dealers hands was large and suf Orient for immediate demands. Hales of 344 Westeri Buffalo's were made by auotlon at 8){o oash. Lkao ?Sales of 3000 pigs were made at $4 80. 1 . *T Hr.s Hales steady and for the last two days wen Increasing The receipts from the tanneries were tolor ably large, but the sales were sufficient to prevent muot ac;nintilntion in dealers hands. Mo. s ?The market wee inactive and no ohang< Id |h I,'. , * inni-'. The^market was quiet and no sales o r , wi re rxp'irted, while price* remained nom iu i! y aum f nll*h Uixetd w .< held at 80e. A lot wai repu o mid. iirrlve. ht There was no ohangt in A .-ricen,which r g I lr in 00c lor oountrr. to 83n fur ! pr'?rr,l \V:>sl? ?*.d Hperm continued Ann wh li I ' "f M"?chi' I W inter Mperm mi'l" ?l !..( d ol' U'lhti-ech'd do. nf l|8a. Pi,*. i. to>s. oi 360 bsrr.lf m<ss poti. ?r., mi> l> at t, wor,- was offered at tbs same prl . ?nd a lot was said to hat* been offered at a figure lees 1 rime wai * A' -ft# 1 - 1 held at $11 'id. while mall sales war* reportel at a higher figure. Beef?We hare onlr to notice 50 barrel* city mm. *hliih cold at $U 7i. Lard?8ale? of 150 tierces were made al 10(?e . and 400 ken* at ll'tc Butter ? Uond Ohio was worth 11 a lio , and this State do . at 14 a 16b. Cheese?The article *u dull at 7 a 7)^0. None hut. small eaten of choice, for family use. command?d 7X<v The r?oelpts continued to be l*n:e. Ru t.-Thr market wan steady. with small rales at *.'> 6J>4atS 75. StcKo.? Clover etood at about 7l?, while timothy was worth f 17 50 a ( JO Nothing was reported in flaxseed Tai.i.ow.? Continued firm at Klo. Toiiacco.?We submit the usual statement,exhibiting the prices. sales, receipt*, and stocks on hand, for the week ending this afternoon: ? Sold llec'd thi& Stock fricet. this week. week, on hand Kentucky, Virginia iivid N. Carulma,. 33?to 11^ I'D hds 65 Ithds 3812 hdi. 3). to 8tfc. Maryland and Ohio. ? ? ? j hd Connecticut seed,.. 5 to 15 21 r? l2Xc 28 ca 51 ca. Pennsylvania aeed, 7 to 1$ 100 ca ? m ca. Florida, 5 to 60 ? ? 109 ca. Havana 25 to 87>tf 30 bla 28 c?, ? 411 bla. Cuba, 17 to 30 900bla'l5 to 17 2U5 bla 700 bla. part for export Vara IS to 45 ? 30 bla 99 bla. St. Domuiao ? 250 bla ? 1038 ca. for eiport. Kentucky and Virginia tobacco continued to exhibit an upward tendency Of Connecticut and Pennsylvania Sewdleaf oar market Is almost entirely bare Florida tobacco yery much asked alter, but not to be had There id also a better inquiry for Havana tobacco, and our iltock exceedingly low. Our snpply of Cuba tobacce is diminishing rapidly, although we haye to expect a pretty Urge stock ; a good many orders are to be filled up. St. Domingo tobacco, though some parcels were taken at a low rale for export, was in very limited demand. Wha Mean**.? No change in prices. Whiskkt.?We only heard of a sale of 50 bbls. Drudge at -11% cts , which wax afterwards held at -28 ct*. Kheioht. ? Kates continued dull A lot of oil cake was engaged for London at 30s , and 1000 barrela flour were engaged for (ilasgowat. Is 9d ; Hamuli lot ('200 bbls ) was reported *tigag>d for the same port at la. fid. To Havre cotton was taken at X o. TKI^GIIAPHIC. Markets* Nkw Oui.KA.fi. Bentember 11. 1 The Caiudonla's news reached the city yesterday t a.nj had th<) effect of depressing the market for bre while cotton became firmer. The market for t),e latter wan very Arm, while salon were very light. Vlour?Sales of only fl(K) barri'ls of Ohio and Illinois were made at f4 60 to $1 75 for ohoioe. Wheat wus, ju!i] anJ no made worth reporting. Corn w-s Mtremely dull, with a downward tendency?no transpired. MealNominal at $1 35 per bs'^i Sugar and MolassesNo sales making. eT,c?pt to the retail trade ? Prices the same. *"',>a?cy ?Dull at 80 cents Provisions-No change, stock of cotton. 16,9(10 bales; do. of tobacco. 10,700 hb j,. Hterliug bills, 7 to 7>i ; New York sight bills, par todays. IH to IX discount; Treasury Note*. 3 to premium. Freights dull. Some engagements at ol<^ tutes, to the contiuent. The epidemic continued to /?,??. anil bu'invss continued paralized. Baltimore, Sept. 18?P. M. * jftur?The market was depressed, and sales very ' itulted, without change in prioes. Howard street we quote nominal at $5 35 a $5 50. Wheat?The market was dull, and no sales transpired. Com inactive, at 60o a 64c. Dealer* were anxiously waiting the news due by ' the Britannia, almost hourly expected, and hence were indisposed to operate. Whiskey?Small sales at 36K a ; 37)?e. Provisions inactive. Kreights.oontinued dull. The I weather very favorable for business*and produoe arrives freely for the season of the year. Ai.BAr<T, September 18th, 1817. ' Flour?Good western and (ienesee brands wore firm at "f>6 63>? a $5 H7>i, the latter figure for new, and fresh ground, of good quality. Wheat?No sales of conse1 quence transpired. Corn?Saios ot 5000 bushels were made, consisting chiefly of sound western mixed at 63c., 4 and of yellow do. at ti-lo. Ilye?No sales of moment ' reported. Oats?Sales of 10,000 bushels wero made at f 44c. Barley?Sales of 3000 bushels, old, were made at f fi.'io. Whisk y?No ohange. Nothing of importance in provisions. Receipts )>y the canal (luring the preceding I hours were a* follows:?Flour, 6000 barrels; corn, I 1^,400 bushels; oats, 3,000 do Nothing new in freights. lioiTon, September 18?r. M. ' Flour?The market ior the better qualities continued Arm, and lales of 3000 barrels Western good and straight ' brands Genesee were made at $6 87>? a $C I'2>?, the lat' t?r prioe for fresh ground. Southern brands were also L rather scarce and firm. Corn?The market exhibited a downward tendency, and sales of 5000 bushels were made, i aonsisting of souud Western mixed at Gic. and of I yellow at 74c. Rye was Inactive. Oats?Sales of 4000 bushels were made at 6Ac. I'roT.slons? Pork was Inactive. 1 Lanl of good quality was in fair demand at full prices, t I.inseed oil dull. Whiskey, no change. Freights dull. [Tel?graphlo Cor. of 1'hiladelphia Bulletin, Sept. in.] Pittjburo, Sept 18?14 M. I ' The water in the channel is only about twenty inches. , business of all kiuds dull and no change of quotations to report. Married. > In tills city on the 10th Inst.. l>v the .llev. Wm. 11. i Chapman. Mr Kll.ii Thivch, of Trenton, New Jersey, I to Miss Si'hapi Rkhecca Ramdom, daughter of Shellen Ransom, Ksq , of New Haven, Conn. 4 On Thursday, the ltitli inst, at Newton, N. J., by the Rev. C. Dunn, H. IIovt, of Jersey City, to Sa. | rah, daughter of William Pettlt, of the former placo. i At Baltimore, on the 14th instant, by the Rev. Dr. Wyatt, Kkwahh W. Pkmbkrton, of this city, to Mary, daughter of Isaaa Trowbridge, Ksq , of Louisiana. Died. > On Friday, the 17th inst., Marv Ann, infant daughter > of Thomas and Sarah Stubbing*, aged one year, five ' months and six days. 1 The friends and acquaintances of the family, and the ; members of Toaipkin's Lodge, l.O.ofO K , and the Order in general, are respectfully invited to attend the i runen, from the residence of ber parent*, No 90 8th | avenue. eor 14th street. on Sunday, 19th Instant, at hall' \ pajt on*, w.lhout further invitation. On the lath lost , Mart Ann Mullins, daughter of ' | Dennis and Kilen Mullin?. H|<?d one year and lit nionthi. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at half past 3 o'olock, from No. 100 Washington st. Yesterday morning,at 7 o'clock, on board ship Rappahannock. < just arrived in port,) Mrs. Marv V. Urnn lono, wife of Capt Drummond, aged 30 years, of oon- i sumption. Her remains will be taken to Bath. ' On Saturday evening, lBth instant, John Holland, in I the :13d year of hit sge. The relatives and I riends of the family are reipeotfully Invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon. (Sunday) ' at 4 o'clock, from his late residenoe, No. 11 Washington I street. > I I LINOIS hNU MICHIGAN CANAL NOTICK X Holders of Illinois and Michigan Canal Scrip, wliu wiah to I > to bond the same, (Governor Krench being now in thecitv,) [ can avail tnenuelves of the benefit ! an "\*ct for lundiug C?- ) nil Scrip," approved February 22d, 1847, by applying nt tbr office of illiamand John O'Brien, No. 33 Wall street, where an ageet may be foaud from 10 A.M. to 3 P. M., for a few 1 ilays. Illinois aud Mulligan Canal Boudi will be giveu for li the principal, and Interest Certificates for the interest It it desirable that the holders of the Scrip should present the same without delay,sa the operation of fundug will be n inu'h facilitated during the stay of the Governor in New , York. sHGtisewh^ 1\il,OKTANT?The highly -* ;? -1?tr^,1 Mm,- hii'1 .?miii*. MONPLAISlIt, first dancers of Hie reputed Theatre I,a Seals, of Mil m, (through the medium of Mr. L. Martini, their men!) ha^e the lienor to announce ihat tliev will soon produce t before the American public a new enteitainment, which will r coiuist orDramatic or Historical Ballets, with the assistance f of the eminent iminic, Mous. Barthnlomin, Composer and Director ol the Ballets, Mous. Corby, the Kreat comic dancer, of the principal cities of Frsnce, anu the first dancers, M'lle Anna Bulan, Slid Mous. Grossi. 1 All'ipplications for engagements to be made to Mr.!.. Mart tlui. the sole agent for the Uarthnlomm and Monplsisir Com) ptny for the l/iuted States, at his residence. 290 Broadway, ; Hotel de Parts. n? Th?aSufcTiHw rc I rp|fTK vN V. YOUNG It KL.LIS, HKSPKC1 FULLY. anX nounce that their new establishment, No. 271 Broadway, ?r i ?. i~.? l i .-"- - i r ' f ration.) hat item opened with nearly 200 caae?, finning an en* j fircly new and the large?t ?t rk nf ?le .ant, uaelul anil fancy articles ??f a higher order of Uutc, tieauty luid nchncn, th n " have ever been rihibited in New York. f Broniea,^Bohemian Ola??, Kiencli and Drenden Porcelain, t Terra Cotta, Papier Mnche. Uroo/.ed, lilt and electro-ailvercd v Ware?, ricli inlaid Deaka, OreaaiiiK <'>ief, Work Boie<,8ic.; 1 Cullery (ui'l Kieel (iooda, Pa|M-r and Kancv Stationery, Ferlumery, Urn hen.' omhi, and articles for (lie toilet : Kant, IJm1 hrrllaa, Canea. Whip?, Pnraea and B*g?, ()|?eri? (ilaasea, iic. ; Chinese and India Kancv Article* ami curiosities. To their former businaaa they will add JEWELRY, and invite particular attention to their large "election, both Kore hi. and American, of the neweit, richest and inost elegant descriptions : beautiful Watchea and Clucks, fancy Hilver Ware, Diamond*, Cameoa, Corala, Enamels. 0cc., all of which will he maiked in plain figures at pricea from which not the slightest deduction will be m?de. al06ti>* eodrc 171 B'oadwny, corner nf I hamlirr? afeet. 1 fILEVf.LANUABROTH ERS~k~CO., CommiaaiJ^MiTr cikiiu, mew i irieana (it'.O. CLfc.VK.HND, Jr. W. CLfc.VfcXANf), A. T CLKVKLAND, W II attend oarticutarly to the porchaae and m|e of produce, col ection of Nolea ?n<i Drafts, nud receiving ami forwarding kip: r handiie and produce. Kffor to Mum. Brown, Brotheri It (Jo., 1'holpe, Dodge Mt. < /o Bogeit Ic Kn'rUn.l, tl4Tti?*m . Young, Smith fc Co. Gt, lLAHKK. PubiOMtbta Tailor. 111 VVilImm atreet, oppoaite the New Storea? I liaTe received a fall aaaonmrnt of Clotha, < aaairnerea aud Veatiuga,which being bought for cull, I will make to order at very low pricei I hare alao an aaaortmeut of ready mad* Coat*, Veata and Fants, very neatly made and trimmed. For cut, quality, workmanahip, and price, I am lavorahly known to the public It ahall be my endeavor to reran their good opinion, by aelling a good article at II low price JbMk < oata I'rwin $'i to tl I; Ure?? Coat* made of fine French VflMli. to order, from fl3 tot3<>; every other garment in proportion. aM Sti**m DK ELLIOTT, OCULIST. t>*3 Broadway, corner ol Amity at reel, informa hit pntienta, thai he will lie in hia office on Tueadava, Thuradxva nud Saturdays from 10 to 4 o'clock The poor, aa usual, will receive advice aud inn icine gratia, in a t diaeaiea of the eye, from 4 to 5 o'clock, on die above daya. e!1 6'i??m 'PO PAHENTS AND <?UA~RI)iANH? Muaie taaght on I. moderate trrma by a lady who baa bad considerable e?i>erience in teaching the piano; ahe haa given ifciieral aatiafaction. andean lefer toTamihe* whom (he htalieau in the habit of teaching Terma tliree dollar* per month. a A line addreaaed to Xloaie, to the Herald office, ahall he attended to ?li Mtia'rc {^1 I-!?OIL! !?OIL ! ! !?Oood white winter Oil at only " on ah'llinca per gallon, anperior aolar Oil at ail ahiltinfi, i " I till v. lute aperm Oil at one dollar p?-r gallon Vnr "I' B AI.URO V i Q. . ' B Livuiim at., beiwtcu hldridae aud AlUn i WO 1 Uiu4 it. wo?n4 block fi.?*?. ill 3t?io ? | LADY RESIDING within two blocks of Broadway, below I Prince atreet, ?ui idr.ci.i aceo'iinodate a Ucutltman 1 I w itli a !*'kf well tnroiahert lodging ntoin, with the "if ol i sit- I tin* room aud 1'iauo. b/ addressing L. T., Herald office. i o ?ls:il*rc c \ I Hi \liKK NN \ (late Miss Meltou) begs lo inform iier ' J,' pupils lint she bus re urued from Europe, aud will re- i sum* 'rr mat uctiout in E gluli aud lull in siuging, with pi- j( a. oloite iircoin: ammeut, a their Iwuui, or her owu residence It* Ci.ninhe s streer - *10 3t*ic : E fiHEKN rUKTLE SOUPa?d STEAKS.aad BTE #K.p ? *-* '1 K!! H \ t'K\ *, will bp served tip rverv d<tv tliia ? tt k in ) teal epicuieau atvle it the Hiiuk Coffee House, No II 1'ilie treet, be wn-u liruidn n aud Nassau kamiliesiupidied. The la..ler * furiiiahed with all the delic.icirs of the teuton. "I 3t?m IVM'H TIC'SSKn 'I''' r XlUBl TOKS ?t llie Twentieth Annual Kail ..I the i Am ricul In.tame mall parts of the United States. which , opens it_< a?tle Garden. New York, October 4, at 12 o'clock ' ompetitors in muiufnriuree, tnechauica, lie., mutt have : their arnelei at Castle Gaideu ou the lat or 2d of October ? ! Kiuits, Flowers Ike earl y on Mouday the ?th of October. rinuiiluuk' and tpatliiij; matchei at ltemitead, L. I., in con- I Junction w itii t^ueeu's co Ag'icultural Society, Friday, 6th I of October. Plougha left for exhibitions at Castle Garden will I ba forwarded hv the tonnage s. I Aiuui >ls must be on the rattle show gronud. 23d at aud Stli i aveuua. bv ) o'clock, A. M. The entriea, pedigrees, Ike., j should be forwaided ou or before the Monday irevious, lltli : , ol October. j ' 1 here i< every indication of an immenae show. Exhibitors J sliould improve the time in preparation, aud not be a day after the ftir. Circulars of particulars iu?y be had at the Insiitu'e rooms III the I'urk. sl9 3t eoil rc HPO HLAi K-*V1T1I-|. MU lIIMrtl'S, Sic.?A rare I. chance it offered ot an kstiblnliment 'u oue of the best thorouxhfarea in ihe lower part of the city, established many veara.aud can be had on easy terms, if applied fur soou. For particulars, injure or Mr. It. ATKINSON. S? Wcstst ( ? 3- ?rc S- LLi.NW oF? at KEoUCKD' FkTclia^Ltoire oTd Uruu'lies, Wiues, L 'lucurs, lie.?FRANCIS ABNAUD. ? 3JJ? Auu street, being about to ret're 'rom bnsiuess. tikes this opportunity " announcing l? 111* Irieuila ?ml Hi- pudiic mil no ia telling off hi? stock of choice old Brandies. Winea mid l.iqurura, at very reduced prices; the quality of which his cusl inert are nu well aware lint limy require do firther recoininruilxtlon a|J 6t*tC ( \ BSM^UIKH OK OV'O.N N h 1,1,, ? In i urtu nice ol a resolution ol the Ctinmi'. ee of Arrangements, the Grand Maria-1 request-., &|| Military Coinpauies, Kire Companies aud othe' organized bodiesof hit fellow-citneus, who are a' smut t? I'aiticiii .fe |Q the t|>proachiiiK obaequiea of Daniel O'CorWliW rftportto him, or to the uuderaigued Inrlhwilh. tu or'.oat all the uecea'arr arruigeinenta may be made at toon as feasible. By order ofOie Grand Marshal. HENRY STORMS, Deputy Grand Martha!. al8 Ji?rc 31 Kianklin street. NEW YORK, HAVRE, AND PARIS KXI'KE.ss AGKNC Y.?The uuderaigued have an agent resident ill Paris, who atteiuli personally and exclusively tu their Foreign Kxprets business. 1 hey have alto eitahlulied an agency at Southampton. forlhe purpose of receiving and forwarding per the U. 8.;Mail Steamer WASHINGTON, all parcel*, packages, letters. orderaand coinmiiiiona for Krance and the Coutiuent generally. By tint arrangement ia obtained the advantage of another departure intermediate those of the French line. Orders, 8tc,, received for the vVaahiuglon uutil the 2Jd ioat.. at No. 10 Wall at. ?Mrc LIVINGSTON. WELLS It CO. GIOLD fEN M AK KUS will always (iii-> a good aaaortmeut ' of (elected point] and iridium, in bulk, at KDWD HEN'S, lU audio Liberty street, up stsirt. al8 6t?rc I1 RKNCH CHURCH, (coruer of Franklin and Church tlreeta)?Divine Service will be resumtd in thia Church, on Sunday nexl. the yth, at halfiia.it ten. ?l8it*rre !V| O > S. LCV 1,1 Surgeon Pedicure, from Paris, having just vX arrived in thia city, to practice hu art, bega to iul'oim the inhabitants and public in general, that by a new and infallible system he rrndicatea Corns, Buuious, Calotitiea Vc., without the least auffrrit.g. The nperatiou does not laat more thin ten minutes; alter which the palieut may immediately ?f?r hia shoe*. jtMIt feeling the least pain. Payment la only required after the cure MONS. LK.VI will wait upon those who will honor him with their confidence. Chaiget moderate. Ollice 179 Broadway, opposite Howard Hotel. all 3l*m M\l."iKT V KOBHHT, 'II Libe.tv streel, have lately rrseived several caaea of Jewelry, f om the most celebrated manufict'irert in Geneva, comprising a general aaaortment, amongst ivhirli are Bracelets, with Watches and other rich articles. Constantly on hand, rich Geneva Watches, such at Duplex, Anchor Ktcapementt. and Cvliiidera, from the I rat m.iiiiifacturera. Alao. a complete and general aatortmeui of the common kind ol Watehea. from mauufacloriea of Procle, Cliau/, de Koudt, mid St. Imier. sl8 30t*m C o III A it cd.Vi-D ir K1NG "EST A li 1. ISHMEN T-Friul 1 jon p. ?l n..ti pi,,,. In soliciting public patrouage, SOKIA St CO. by{ leave respectfully 10 itale they have it iu their power to ofler greater inducements than any other establishment in tint citv, iu the an of DYEINO and CLKANINOnuy kind of woollen, silk Mid c?ttou Roods, from the fact of the general and peculiar fadimes they poiMM, not only as regards machinery, hut by harinit the finest material imported Irom France and Germany, lOgUMI with employing the beit workmen in the trade, there by enabliuB them to defy competition. Their house having been eatabliilied upwards of thirty years. they tiuat will be a sufficient vouclier without entering into longer detail, by the way of inducement to those who have not given them a trial. Branches, 2V. Greenwich afreet, ?J7 Bleecker atreet, 74# Broadway, 3M Grand street. New York; 18<J Kultou street, Brooklyn; 208 Broad street, Newark; 30 Chesuut street, Philadelphia al7 3l*rr DKLM'SKY AMI UHAVKL.-UR'Ti (J. VAUGHff would call the attention ol invalids to his vegetable Lithontiiplic Muture, so h'ghly celebrated throughout the country as G. C. Vaughn's Great American ltem-dy. Dr. Vaughn would earnestly assure all who desire a remedy of anv kind, that the article possesses properties w ich will meet all claates of disease ; that it cannot be taken without benefit, and that lor proof of it? great curative uowers he begs leave to refer to cert ficates of cures from all sections of the country whiehare iu possesion of Ins agents. Tliay have sold this medicin for four \ears past for all kinds cf complaints, and will bo able to snow testimony of high eh .racter. I) . Vaughn would earnestly a?k the public ii r.ill mill fthtiin hit immiililft in fh* IiaiiiIi nf Ki< xirru i fur I gratuitous distribution It w II show win one remedy it at I Bond at rirtV when tint oae remedy is properly compounded, i This inrdeciue n especially offered lor Dropsey, (travel, Ke'mile Complaints, diseases of the liver, kidney*, and nil affection* of the aruiny organ*. At a female medicine it la oue of I lie ino?t Certain curatives ever taken into the *y*tem?uot a sing e marine has it ever beeti resorted to without perfectly H'lt win* to n hent'hy slate tli? debilitated frame. Let the drop icnl tulferer retort nt once to thia medicine ; the lirat trial of a 30 in. bottle will show the jmirer of the article. Let the mfferinv in ihnt distressng diteue, gravel, and .all other rumplaint*, try thia remedy, and the 36 ox. buttle will convince you that i ba< extraordinary healing virtue*, i'rice, 12 or. nottle. $1 ; 30 oz do., S3 ; or six 12 uz bo tie* for f5, and *ix 30 or. for >10, if taken at one time Office for the tale of thin article 132 Nsjsiii ttreet, N. V.; Htorrs & Co., 21 North Sixth ?treet, I'liiladcplna ; Smith k Alkiiitou, 288 Baltimore ttieet, Baltimore Wright St. Co., 151 Chartre* itreet, New Orleant; M l. K.Kidder, 100 Court ttreet. Boston, and by druggist* generally throughout the United state* and Canada*. It liteoil rc Hardwahk. h aik cloth, watches, kc.? JOHN A NEWBOULL) offer* to wholesale dealer* at Up Stairs Pricet, 1000 grott low priced Knives and Forks. 200 do liue round ttag do do $9 500 pur do do gu 'rd carver*. 37K eta. C rases twist and patent breech donbl* barrelled Ount. A complete assortment of belt C. A Files, ( hutf It, (kc. All tir.es of "Laycock's ' celebrated Hair Cloth. KiikIkIi Lever Watches, $13. Kiue Lever Movements, $?X. kc With a general assortment of staple Birmingham and Sheffield Knolls nt low prices. tl3 I2t eod ii?rc TO OKt I IIS ANl) Hllli'" '< II A N DLEHS?A gentle man of businest habitt and qualification!, who hat tome $1500 rath, withe* to make an engagement with some ettaH.t.iwl wholes le honte in tint city. Addrett, 8. 8. 8., Il?mld nffiee. llefcreures exchanged. ?I7 2tis*rc NO 11( K - '-II F1 81 I-LIY A.N . who lately arrived in the Columbia, front Ireland, and who has beeu in the bos. |util on Stiten Island for the latt week, wishe* to imimre after hit wife, Jul a Sullivan, who came to New York from the hip. He entreat* any one who know* where she u, to tend h*r tn the office of this paper, where he will call-i 10. 2 or 4 ock 117 Strrc P VKTK I LAK N(J I'll: Y..?A gentleman would like to give lettons daily, on ver, moderate terint.on 1'iaiio Koite, V iollA, and in the French language. Alto, tunes I'i mot. Apply tu No. 5S Beekman street. Beit of relerenret can he given. *17 31 *r" VI TtRIMOnTaL ? KE W PERSONS-know that there ifl is nil Office in thia City for the purpote of obtaining tuitable partners for Marriage, the object of which is to give cor.ect information reaiiectiug the standing, kc., of parties? witliout the exposure of unmet or location?which information c hi always be depended upou as cuirect, it beiug supported by undoubted reference Hours tor Mies, witft ft lady.in attendance, from 9 A. M. ami 4 I'M. Hour* fur gentlemen from 5 until 9J< T. M. Coutmunicati'us, (post paid,) with real name, addressed to the subscriber, will he tteattd promptly mid confidentially. "17 2u> *rir A. I). RILBY, 11 White strset. rpHK 'OREJtk SI, A VK. Power's Statue of the Ureek X Slave t? now open for exhibition, at the National Academy of Design, from 9 A M. uutil 10 P. M. Admittance 24 aenta?season ticket* M cents. *4 15teodM re "ji-imj, WNDAV AFTERNOON EX< URSlON , TO HARLEM ?The steamboat IIKR'LD 'JWHh Cant. J. H Parks, will make au eicursiou to Ha'lem on Suuday Sept. 10, leaving a* follows: f ike st K. H.. 2 o'clock, I' M ; Grand street. 2V> and Fifth street, K. 11., 2^ o'clock, P. \1 ; returning leave Harlem 5 o'clock, P. M. The above trip will anord passengers a fine Tie w of the Ka?t Hiver, llnrlgate and the various paslic building* at Blackwell'a Uland, the Long Inland Farm*, tic . enjoying at the same time a cheap and pleasant excursion. Fare each way liij cents. sit 2t?rc (T?HI' M DA V EXCURSION TO < ONEY IH LAiND, Landing at Kort Hamilton each r'HuMlmHirm way ?The steamboat GENEVA, Cant. Geo. Ha*/,ird. will make an Kxrursion to Coney Island, on Sunday, Sept. 19th, ;eavingis follows: Canal street, N. R. at I o'clock, l\ Pike street st half-ptst I o'clock, and Pier No. I N K at 2 o cluck, aff irding to the pisse. geri a fine view of the harbor, the bays, and th? different fortifications, tic. and at the same time enjoying a healthy and pleas int Excursion. Kire v ir li on . I?>(j i-enta, at8 2t*rc * ONe.V M.AMI n.llltT.-MMi.Vi ? XCUR8ION8.-fh? Klegant and Commo'CHBflRMk dioua ateamer ION, will leave Pier No. I, N. R.. nt I0X. A. M , ami IW, P. M . and on ami al'ier Mandative 201 li mat., will leave duly at 10 A. M., and 1 P. M., until further notice. r--4c. , K()Ii HHRKWHBITRY, OCKAN HOUSK, V^ .A-tLouii Branch, Kunaom Dock, Utowtj' pck, Miililletowu anil Hed Bank ?The HMtSboat IHI'S, C. Price, Maater, will rou aa follow*, from Fblton Maikei Blip, Kaat River Leave New York Leave Hhrewabtiry. O'clock O'clock. Sunday, 19,at 'iK A.M. Sunday, 19, at 2>? I* M Monday, 20. at MX A.M. Monday, 20. at 2}4 P.M. Tuetday, 21, nt 11)4 A.M. Tueaday, 21,at 3)5 P.M. Wedneaday, 11. at 12 M Wedneaday, 22. at I P.M I he Line slugea will run to Howell Worka, Mouam Village tad kreehold. HtAgea to convey paaaeugera to all part* of the lonutry. I N. II. All peraona are forbid trailing the above boat on as iciintof the Owner*. J. P. ALLAIRK. ?2S0t?rc ___ ?_ H.K SIIKKWHUUKY, I.OMJ BRANCH, Ocean Houae. P. W. Schanck'a, Highlanda, *V>r44BMfc? Kunaom and Katontowu Landing. The ateam, boat KD WIN LKWIH, Uapt. Ilaynea, will ruu aa follow*, from foot of Barclay atreet, North river: Leave Aev York Leave Shrewsbury, O'clock O'tjfocli. Tneaday, 21, at 1 P.M. Wedneaday, 22, at 3 P.M. Thniaday, 21, at a P.M. Kriday, 2t,at'XAM. Saturday, 2i,at 3 P.M. Monday, 27,aUkA.M. Tuetday, M.at 1A.M. Wedneaday, 21,at WHA M l'huraday, 30, at 11 A.M. Kiagra will be in readineai on the arrival of the boat to convey piaaengera to all narta of the country. bor further particular* apply to K, B. Hall, at the office on the wharf. .1 30t?rr r f-a- ? S'I>,.AMKII WASHINGTON will po, ?'ti> e|y atart for Southampton and Bremen .JW'k0n Thuraday neit, the 23d September. at 12 V1 from N a., the foot of Mmria atreet Letlera can only be fotwarded through the Po?t Office, r or paaaage, having aupeiiur accominodationa, apply at the office of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, 41 William atteet.. oi.i?.?ite the trichang* al9 4tec ( 'RKNt 'll TRANHAT1.ANTK! Siraml'llfflitlFS. ''"ml'*ny?Royal Mail ? Notice?Conry?'

** ?! |.er kiench ateainahip UNION, shhUL. "*Tr"i ate rei|ueated to acini thei- |?cr. " '^^^^"mita on hoard Ihe veaael, foot of < liu'on't, K, u , or at the office, No 14 Bmailwa', without Uel?y All ; a "ode BOt ft itlcd in rive day*, will be tent to the public j WW. . alt KN | D. D NASH, Auctioneer. Store ljt Fulton ?tre?t-w 1 LlRKNl'H AND ENGLISH OAS KIXTUHES-Moa- I t J*y Hem. 20, at 10 o'clock,at 119 k'ulion street,?A ?tock t f O i. I" iitures. just imported, of the klfst models and nnisn. > nmprising water Joint and tlnliu* chandcliers, of Kilt mil J route, ?f from two to lifteru lights, ol beautiful workmanship ( id stvle, withpcteutsprings, Itc. * Alao, bracket*, i>i'lais, prud.ints, *<*once tatle lichtt, Kreneh ? uniie, corridor liui|> burners. harp and tyre lights, kte. Tlie above stock can be eismineil nt any time previous to tlie > ale, nt the auction ro m, mil i> w ortliy tlie attention of dr?l. r? and |ier?m> Attiuae up km liiturca. *'8 1t* rc j I A * i I- I)?A lame second Innd iron ale, >? itli draw eti, ' * * double doors, and a good l atent lock. Apply to E. JKANJAQOKT, 7B N'uwi street, up itairs. 1 1 8 St* rc ^ I1T ANTlr.D?A young lady to attend n saloon j?Addrr?s a " i.ote to tU? Herald office to Messrs. l*eter? St Co. which , |*ill ttwt with prompt attention. >18 M*W * WAN 1 hl>?One to (no hundred fret 1. 1'*, aud I inch Iron Pipe, with lUrgn*, aud live hundred felt 2, 2S. t hi <i J in?-h Copper Pipe. Inquire at 1S9 Maiden Inn v. 2 ?l87;*m I WANTED?Agent* to aolicit subscriber* to " '1'he Moui- ' tor, in New York ; also, Carrier* wanted. Apply al J in- office of The Monitor, 102 Na*M.U St. al7 3t*rc j W ANTED IMMEDIATELY?JO or 40 good Stone Ma- ( sous to work 011 the York and Erie Hail Komi, Laynes- , joro, IV Waxes t2 i>er day. anil steady employment for one ' irtwovears. Application to be made at the Columbia Hotel, 1 South Brooklyn. JAMES COLLINS, , WILLIAM BEAKD, , s8 i2t*rc Contractors^ 1 (1(U1 WANTED.?One Thousand Agents are wanted to locate in Uilfereut counties for the tale of anew Pateut article that will come iut* universal use, and is needrd by every man, woman a d child for geueral use ; the busiuew is pleasaut and neat. Oood business men can make $M0 to $81)0 |ier year over all eipeuse*. Those desirous of making uiouey nre invited to call: letter* pxtiuiid will rseeive attention CHARLES KULLEK, sit 301*111 272 Greenwich street, rpvvi) KKSPEt I AllI.K VOI NU WOMEN, of goo3 a. habits, wish employment, one as chambermaid or waiter, th'oilier as cook. Oood references given Please apply to Jo<-ph Atchiso?, 117 aveuue C, between 7th aud 8th street*, third story, back wm, *17 3t?ic EH' BANT TAILOR.?FRANCIS H. MeELROV, late with Win. T. Jeunmgs h Co., of Broadway, begs to announce to his frieuds and the public.that he has o|>eued the store. No. 23^ Broadway, o|i|iosite the Kouutain, two door* above Win T. Jeuuing* k. Co.,for tine purpose of carrying ou the Meichant Tailoring business iu all its branches. At all times he will have ou hand the best and most fashionable of ready made ganneuts, and will attend punctually to any custom woik his old customer* or the public will favor him with. Purehaiing hi* good* for cash, lie will be able to sell as low a.i any o'lier establishment; ami lie hopes by strict integrity and attention to business to merit the many favor* he Shirts, Stocks, .Cravat* and,Hosiery of all descriptions ou lianJ. au3l30t*ni ? to Thuuk That wish rtf iuim this-lit KKor. OH' LT. S. ARTILLERY?Wanted for (lie lit Regiment of Artillery, 400 able bodied ineu, between the ages of lit mi J JO yeari, to which good pay, rations, and clothing will be given. Apart from (lie above, a fann of 160 acres, or (100 Treasury Scrip, and $12 bouuty. Apply at the rendezvous rooms, at No. 2?>K Oreen wich, No. 99>? Washington, and No. 38 Chatham streets; also at the Arseual Yard, Corner of White ami < entre srs . New York. s6IOt*rc HATS ! ! '-The Kail Style ol Moleskin and line NuJ^?tria lists, finished with the uew style ol trimmings, superior to any before offered, at llie reduced price of $3. Also, .Short Naji Silk Hats, a neat and durable article, at $3 50, with a large assortment of Caps, some new patterns, much admired, for sale at low prices, at W.M. BANTA'3, No.94 Canal, sI8 3t*rc corner of Wooster street. Xx. KINK HOLD AND SILVER WATCHES.-The ?!m?ifcibscrib*r is selling all descriptions of fine Hold and wtiltm HMr Watches mi<T Jewelry, at retail, lower than auy other house ui the city. All Wulches warranted to keep good time, or the mouey returned. Watches nud Jewelry exchanged. (iold Watches as low as $20 to $26 each. Watches and Jewelry repaired in the best manner at much less thau the usual prices. OEO. C. ALLEN. Importer of Watches and Jewelry, Wholesale and Retail, U lltiseoil rh Wall street, cornrr Will'am, up stairs r* tioi'K IO.NU i>Khkiikm) iviiik'ni TIIK HEART SICK."?The subscriber, fully appreciating the truth of the above, has concluded to give his friends and the public an agreeable surprise, and he begs leave to assure them, uot that" there's a better hat coming," but that llie very best Hats, composed of the finest material, of the most superior finish and style, and of the very lowest prises of any any establishment in this or any other city, have already made their appearance at Devoe's Hat and Lap Manufactory, 103 Fulton street, where he will be most happy to attend to the wants of his customers. DEVOE, 103 Fulton stieet. sl!>6t*rc ?PIANO FORTES.?J AM ICS 1'IRSSON, 88 ' Walker street, has now on] hand and is daily w'tf A f flfinishirg, Piano fortes of every description, I X S I * from his very superior horizoutai grands, down to plain 6Ji* octave square, combining nil the improvements of the day, with many others suggested by his own experience in the business. All his instruments are manufactured for the city trade, and no pains or expense is spared to render them at least equal to those ol any other manufacturer in the country. sIS 30t*rc trm. AFRICAN PARRAKKKT OK LOVE BIRD.? ifflm Two pair of these much admired birds, (perfect beau WJV tin,) oue Mocking Bird in sung, cau be heard day or 1S5C evening; one Amazonian I'arro* superior for talking to r ny in the market; open for competition to any bird, public or private ; African Urey 1'arrots, line talkers an' whistlers ; Chinese Birds and Chinrie Cages; Bird 8eeds in all its varieties Kancy and oilier Cages, with a variety of small article* t??o numerous to mention. King Charles Hnanieli ?nd Kng liah Terrier* for attic by W. 8. JOHNSTON, sl4 3t*rc 28(> A road way. . WM.M.VOlINd FORMERLY.4 ANN STREET Wbutnow the Paria Boot Emporium, is manufacturing the Ubest quality of French Calf Boots for (4 SO, equal to the belt sold iu other stores for $6 and $7, made to order'for the saine ; do tine Calf Sewed Boots, his own make for S3 40, equal to any sold iu this city for $3, and warranted to rive satis* faction.|Uen. Taylor's half Boots $2 73; patent Cong-ess Boots made to order for $3 73. Boots, Sbries, Gaiters, tic. constantly on handAlso, Military and cork sole Boots made to order, with a frne assortment of all goods in his line Corner of Fultou and Nassau streets, opposite the Herald office. .1 idt? rr WM. M. YOUNO. KU11 ?A l.K.?A V A1.I'AULK h AHM ou allien Sfflfk Island, formerly k/iowu as the Kidgway property, conlisting of about sixty-live acres of laud ill a IiikIi stale of cultivation and well feuced. The turnpike road ruus through the farm, which is bouuded on one side by a creek, Irom which the best manure may always be obtained. A large part of the land is well adapted for building lots. TJpre are two luiuses, good outbuildings, excellent water and auundance of Trait oil the farm, which lies withlu hilfa mile of the landing at Chelsen, where the steamboat K&ritan calls daily, and four miles from Fort Richmond. For terms and further particulars, apply to Mrs. Mac< Jregor on the premises. sip 13t*rrc FOR SALE? VVE8TCHESTFR LAND.?To genKWtleineu in waut of sites for country seats; to market gar^ tdeners in want of land for gardens; and to all persons wishing a location in the neighborhood of New York. 5r0 acres of laud, in the town ol Westchester, within 9 miles of the City Hall, with right of passiu* over Harlem Biidge free of toll, are offered at private sale, in lots containing from ') t? 30 acres each. The lands are withm 13 minutes walk of the railroad; frout on good roads; are in the neighborhood of schools, and churches of different denominations; the water is good, and location healthy. .Titl* indisputable. Terms moderate. Anply to Oouverneur Morris, Morrisauia, Westehes .~ tlr .i- 11... 1 f i 11.,. 7(1 v .t New" Vork. I milUJOfm ' MTO HOTEL KEEPERS AND OTHICRS.?KOR SALE?That valuable house nod lot, situate aouth comer of Writ and Hammond streets, lu thia city, and now i ccupied ai a steamboat hotel. Twelve or more steamboats land diily ar ihr pier in front of said premises, renderiiik it > very deairable location for those interested in the hotel business. ror iwiticulurs imiuire ol Mr. (>. T Sin id t, 20 Nassau itr-rt. N. V ; K. II Ludlowlt Co., 27 Wall street; or of J. K. Tallman, on the premiaea. |s9 10teod"m M APARTMENTS IU LET handsomely furnished or unfurnished, at 31 North Moor* street. ?15?*rrc jMl KOR HA I.E?A luge iiuinlirr of valunlilr Luis ?ituflrTB i.te in the village of Williainsburgh, froutinK on North Jiai&2d, Contrl>'**< Hkillman, Jackson, Withers, Kroat. l/uioi, Hveuue, and Lorimer streets. These lots will he sold upon favorable terms. Aijuly to JOJIN SK1LLMAN. Jun.. at hi* house North 2d stren. utfer Union Aveuoe, on Monday and Kriday. ^10 30t*rc_ MKOR 8ALK.?The late lesidence ol Thomas Wright, deceased, situated in the county ol Columbia, thiee in les from the city of Hudson. The farm contains 100 acres ol Und, 30 of which aie wood ; th? rest under a line sf te of cultivation, with good barns, Ike. The house is large nnd convenient, and iu the best order beautifully situated surrounded with various ki>.ds of hint The INN place will b- sold low, an J on accommodating terms, or exchanged for good productive city property, hor further particulars inquire on the | r*misrs of S. run A Wright, nr of SAMUEL THOMPSON, 27J I earl st. N. T. Ilirni WM . WHIOHT. Jli I'earl sr. N V jmL PAP ICR MILL AND TALUABLE KARM KOR SALE?To close a concern.?The paper m il and farm XJJL nrr situated at Andover, Connecticut, 16 miles southeast ot Hartford, and 23 miles northwest of Norwich. The mill is 38 by 76 feet, with a wing 32 by 68 fret. It ci*itaii s live engines, oue 72 inch fourdriner machine and drier, a first rate water wheel, and everything requisite for a good paper mill. The Mill manufactures abont 40,000 dollars worth of paper per annum. It is at this time in fnli operation, and may be inspected by any person desirous of purchasing. The farm adjoining the mill containa about 80 acrea of good land, part of it in timber. The improvements consist of three dwelling homes of the following dimensiona: One 24 by 36 with wing 22 by 23 feet, with carriage honae and othe* conveniences attached : one 21 by 30. with wing 17 hv 22 feet: alto one 20 by tt feet, nil well furnished with barns, woodhouses, lie. he. The above property will be sold low, and * Rood part of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage. Kor further particular! apply to PKH88E Ik LROOK8. 65 and 67 Naasan street, New Vork, or to DANIEL CRaUO, s8 Mtrc Windsor Locks, Connecticut. ?l'~" "*~'KKLLINOER'8 LINlMKNT wiII "heal-?oin X?r> upon (lie horse'a hack orbreaat, and make (he collar or saddle upon them a few days soundly, also, cuts.brnites, acratchea, thruah, and all manner of strains spavins ringbone. bur be and splruts (in their early alnfiei.) It la used by all the beat stable keepers, our moat diatingiiiahed horse trainers, and ihe stage proprietors of New Vork city; by all the large soda water manufacturers, Newton, Ormshy, panto n.Sti .as the beat aud cheaiwst in rrarket. It can be had always genuine at our principal depot, 8. lugersoll k ('o , No. 230 Pearl street, of Mesars. llarncr, Mays it Co. 273 I'earl, of John W. Kowt, No. C Old slip, of VVm. Kellinger, Bushwick, L I., in any quantity, at 'If following prices One dozen, $1, one giois, $12, 10 gross at ihe rate of $36 per gross, single bottle JO cents The strength and quantity renders it ten times cheaper than anr article erer offered to the public. One bottle witn care, wi'l laat in a stable two or three years, if uae I a? cordingly. The moat astounding cures upon record can be seen at our principal depot. It can alao he had i>f druggiMa. aaddlera, mrei and taverns, througliout the city aud country generally. Kor farther particulars, see advert'aement in the Bpirir of the Times. . sit 30t rc ?n HEAVES AND BROKKN WIND |1N /lir^HORHKH, apeedil , and |<ermanently enred, by the ' w' "" of Tatteraall'a Heave Powders. They have been hi nonitnnt use in the Tattersall Stables, London, and hy noblemen throughout the Kingdom of Great Britain, for more than fifty yuars As n medicine for Heaves, Broken Wind. Botts, Wortna, lie , the proprietor offers them to the people of the United States, wiih full confidence of their approbation. None genuine without the signature of J. KIKKBHIPK, r lett street, Londou. Price 4 shillings sterling per package, or$1, American currency. A. H. UOliOH * Co., 149 Fill- 1 ton street. New York, Agents General for the United Htates. j All orders, accompanied by the cash.and pnst'paid, punctually attended to. Persons desiring the agency, by addressing as shove, post paid, with good reference, will receive immediate attention. ?7 30t?m edit < >1, AHOO W~Kegular FscFeii ?f the IJth jMfWSeptember?The fine faat aailmg British kirk Ai?N JMHm'I AK LE V, < apt Robert Scott,listing been unavoidably detained, will anil m a few days. or balance of freight, or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply to the captain on board, loot of Roosevelt at, K R , or to VVOODHULL k MINTURN. ?7 South atreet. Packet ship CONSTITUTION, from Liverpool, is dis charging, under general order, at the foot of Pike atreet, K. R. All good* not permitted most be sent to the public store. .? re fOH UVKRPOOl.-Nev, Line?Kegnlar |ackof $#th of September?The splendid, fast sailing JHH^paehet ship SHERIDAN, < aptaia (? B. ( orniah, Will positively sail as above, hrr regnlarday. Ror freight or passage, having handsome fnrnisoed sccomm j latirma r-lr ? b">rd ?? Orleans wharf, fo o f>f Wall tr -ei -t o v K COLLINS M v? w' ?' l'te i?cke. ami U HKIt'K, CM" B. J. H. Ttask, will i iucc?*d.tb? 8harid??, till Mil m ih? Hill o( ()?., h?r. regular J 4$T> I PARK THKATRK.?Monday Kvemng. Htm n will > performed the comedy of the WRONU PASIKNOKH?Demns McCarthy. Vr. Collp-s; Mr. Jenkiaa,O. "" Andrews; Charles MortO'i. IIleld , Toui, Audrison , Jul, Vm ulia Milct; Sallr, Mre. Kuiglit f Aller which, TtOOV THE T ILK II?Teddy Mslowuey, rlr. OIIiik; Lord Dunderford, Anderson; Ladv Duitderl'oid, >]rs. Vernon; Oriel, Mill Kite Horn. To concIuili'with the farce of A KISS IN T1IK D\ltK? ! 1r. Pettibou#, Mr. W. B. ' h -i?m ?; Knnk V*thorn, S Ptsion; Mm I'et ibone, Mr*. KnixM;Mary, Mi?s Klyiui. L> tors I. reu at 7 .. clock, Perto'uianc# WJll commence pre I i?ely at hall nutt 7. Hies. *. r IB renin < It. It v, 2'i cents. j BOVVEKY THVATUK?A. W.Ju'HOH, Manager; Suge Manager, Mil 8Ttvg.ua. > NOTK K?Doors will be opeu at6K o'clock, aud the curain will rue il7. . _ Joit* IJi'enta Tit aid OaIMERV.. 12)4 Cta OPKN1NO NK1HT. TO THE PUBLIC.?The luhscriberrespe ctfully annoupcet ? he opening of the Uowery Theatre, for Monday renin|f..8e|,'j j lull UI7, Me rrturiis his si'iceie thanks for the very liberal "atrouagr bestowed ou his efforts for the l>ast two years; aud i? an e?rue?t for the future, he invites the attention of the Play ^ Joing Public, to the manner m which tliii Popular Edifice ia? beau altered and unproved throughout, Ly complete y Re-Moddelluig of the luterior, that tna Nlnpe and . aihiou of the House inay uot be surpassed, if eiiuall d, by any similar establishment in Europe or America. i I'lie Wajla and Wood-Work have been painted in "il Colon. The Upholstery Work entirely new New Proseeii in in Boies added. The Lobbies carpeted with maguificeut 1 uidcoatly Kuglish Oil Cloth of the mod beautiful patterns.? New and elegant.tJIau Clruidelieri. A spleudid New Drop < imam, eihibitiug one of the late scenes in Mexico of the t Triumph of American Arms, with otiier attractions andimprovementa, which will at once ?trike the Visiter on Ins entrance to the building. The Subscriber hai spared ueither labor nor expense to have this establishment considered by his numerous (wtrons as second to none iu the country, ami well deserving a routinuatiou of their favor and support. Iu addition to the elegant edifice,he now o|>eii* for their iua|>eetiou and approval, he will continue ti offer such novelty aud attractions, as he hopes will give the in'ist eutire satisfaction, t A W. J A<' KSON, Manager and Proprietor. MONDAY EVENING. September Wtli, 1847. ( Will be anted the tragedy of BRUTUS: OK. THE KsLL OK TARUUIN. To cel..elude will the gran'1 histoical drama ol HOFEK, THE TELL OF I HE TYROL , CHATHAM'THEATRE?Underthe Management ol Mr. KLETCHKK.?Monday Kreoiog, Sep' 20 will be performed ihe STRANliKH?The Stangcr, Mr. Neafie; Barou Steiufort. Brandon; IVr?. Haller. Mis. Nicols. To be followtd by JUM BO JUM?Jumbo Jnm, Mr Rice; Sir Sol Sligo, Taylor; Mr. (}rub, Herbert; Arabella, Miss I Ilildrrth; Deborah, Mrs. Wrev. To conclude with the VIROINIA MUMMY?Oinger Blue, '?' m. vioiiru, m int; ( nariei Alien; Lucy, mm Wheeler; Suaan, Mr?. Herbert. PftlcKi? Boxea, 2)cenu; Pit, I2V( rtuu. I.nora oiirn at 7?performance commence! at T orphans' benefit ok The prince street asvlum. CASTLE GARDEN, Mondav evening, S?pt JO?Th? performance will commence with it PAS ARHAGONESE, by Mlleii. Adelaide, Mathilde, Flora, and Julie Lehman. After which, Dr. Coll) era celebrrted Model Artiatw will make their firat appearance in n aerira of Peraomlicatioua. Alter which the celebrated Her Cliue will apiwar on the Tight Hope in the French WOODEN SHOE DANCE. The whole to conclude with the Pantomime entitled a NIGHT'S ADVENTUKE. I)oor? open at 6; perforintnce to commence at 7>{. Admiaaiou, 60 cent*. PALMOS OPEKA HOUSE.?Mond ')| Evening, SepiemV 20, will be performed the oue act piece of WHO'S TH^' C ONI POSER?Carina, Miaa Clarke; Siguor Catarina, M'. T. Placide. To be followed by the tint act of GISELLE?Prince of Courlande, Antoine R^ve1; (Jurlle, Madame Leou Jave'li. To coucliide with OODENSKI, or, The Skatera? Godaii?ki, Gabriel Havel; Mine. Gnvoliche, Madame Jerome HaTel. l)oora opeu at 7}?, performance to cominenc* at I o'clock ? Ticket* SO centa, to all iwrta of the houite M" ITCH ELL'S OLYMPTcTTHEATHE.?On Monday Evening, Sept. 20th, the performance will commence with a new farce, the LIGHT TROOP OF ST. JAMES? Mailer Thomaa Saiallbouea, Mr. Holland; Lady blanch Gray. Mra. Titnin CjTo lie followed bv the burletta of beulaii spa?Hector Temideton, Mr Holland: Caroline Gramlv, Miaa M. Taylor. * After winch, THE PA PHIANBBOWER, or Veuiuand donij?Mara, Mr. Cunninghami:Venua. Mini Mary Taylor. To conclude with the WIDOWS VICTIM?Mr Podge, Mr. Hollaud; Jane Chatterly. Mra. Timin. Dreaacircle, SO cenla ; Upper Boies, 2S centa ; Tit, one ihilling ; Private Bote>,$S ;Orcheatra Dotes, t'i Broadway thkatre.?tina eaiahiMiuueui w.u positively open for the teaaon, on MONDAY, the 27th ot Septemoer instant. The Ladiea and Gentlemen engaged a? members of the company, are rciiueated to assemble on the stage, on Mouday, the 20th inat. G. H. BARRET P, alll 3t rro M mager. Apollo iioo.vis.-thk French benevolent Society have much pleasure in aniiounciug, that through the kinduess of several highly distiugu shed artiata. who have geiieroaaly volunteered their eminent aerricta, they ate enabled to fire a grand concert. in aid of ihe funds of the aociety, On MONUJtY. Srp<. 20. AT THE APOLLO ROOMS. First appearance, aince hia return, of the celebrated artiat, HENRI HE HZ, Pianiat. to H. M. the King of the French, ^l.n will r.lnv .?v?r.l ..I' I... >.nri?.l >.l r t. anil l?t lime in America, LA PARI8IENNE, bravura variations for the pianolorte.witli accompaniment of a I'OWKRKUL CHORUM, aa performed by him at the grand concert given by him at the Hotel de Villc, in P*rii. in md of the victims of the REVOLUTION OK JULY. The following eminent artists have likewise volunteered their ervicea. Madame PICO. Sigr. BENEDETTI, Mom. DITBHEUIL, first baritone of the French Opera, in New Orleans, his secoud appearance iu New Vorlt. Debut of the recently arrived celebrated violinist HERR W. BATTEN HAU88EN, fint ?olo player of the Conrt Theatre of Cassel, Germany. M. D. ETIENNE will preside at the piano and lead the choriisses. Full particular* will be found in programmes. Tickets tl, to be had from the committee, the tannic (tores and at the Joor. Concert to commence at 8 o'clock precisely. stlN APOLLO SALOON,OO BROAD WAY.?Tnesday, Hep trnilier 21?Mr. J. Poole's Concert, assisted by Mrs. W heel.hi,(late Miss McGloin,)Mr. W. Irving and Mr.Gleasou, who will preside at tin- piano PROGRAMME. Part 1. Overture Mr. Gleasou. The VVIute Squall Mr. Poole. The Mocking Uird Mrs. Wheelau. Bally iu our Alley Poole. Larboard Watch, (duett) Messrs. Irving and Poole. O. Whistle, and I'll come to you, my lad Wheelau. Old Toiler Poole. It was not my own Native Land Mr. W. Irving. Here's a health, bonuie Scotland, to thee Poole. Part II. Yankee Doodle, with variations Gleasou. The McGregor's Gathering Poole. Now hope, now fear, (duett). Mra. Wheelau and Mis. Poole Norali Mc8haue Poole Bay of Biscay Irving. I lore her, liow I lure tier I oole. My Brother. dear Wheel in The lass Willi the Lonnle I'lur e'en Poole. i'irt iii. Ornud March Olenaon. The Fairy Buy Wheelan. Klowera ol the Koreit Poole. The Irifh Kintg-nnt'a Lament Wh?elan. Proudlv ami \V ole Poole. Tjfketa Fifty Centa; Family Ticket* to edmit three Ptioiu, One Doll ir. Concert to comtneuce at # o'clock No pmtpom mei.t. ?1> lt*rrc SIUNOH ULI17. ' ChOWIIKK HOL'SEil THIlMI'll ant mcceia! Kaahionoble audiencea, at the Society Library, Corner of Leonard it. and Broadway. erery evening during Ihe week, commencing on MONDAY EVENINO, SEPT. 20. The eutertainment will inni'it of llie ino?t extraordinary IK A I 8 IN MAOIC and the inoit HUMEKOU8 SCENES IN VENTRILOQUISM. ITT"" Afternoon performance on Saturday all) o'clock. Admmion 23 ceuta?children hall price. ? Door* open at 7?commence* at 7^?. *19 n> AMERICAN MUSEUM,corner Broadway and Aon (treat ?Splendid performance! both Afternoon aod Evening. CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN 8ERENADERS! ORPHKAN FAMILY. OR KENNEIIECK VOCALISTS OREAT WESTERN, the Yankee ( otnedian. I'ete Morria, Coinic Hmger, Mm Barnard. Wm Kigurea of Ainutad Slavea. OURAVO OUTANO-3M NATIONAL PORTRAITO. Mad. UOCh WELL, tha famnai Fortune Teller Ail mm i on JJ cent*?< 'hildren under ten. one ihill ny. ?12 ANKEE HILL IANU uTtTVALENT.Nh. will give their combined eutettaininenta erery evening tlni week, at Mechan.ca'Hall. Broadway, a few doora above (.l and it., commencing at H o'clock. Ticketa admitting a gentleman. or gentleman and led v. M centa. i!7 3tia* rc i r.N'i'RKVILLE < ol USE, L l.-TROTI'lNU. ii T -ajA-r "iH 1 ^ Y>UR-E $.W?Two mile head ur.der the aaddle?will come l oil on I) A ? , lur zuin mil, ai 4 o cioca, r ?i : O. S. Karl enters b. K. I'oit Jefferson. Wm. Martin, enters K K Medoc, H Jones, enters. g. g. Sari y, (formerly Waterloo) A. Conklm, enten b. g. Telegraph. (Jeo. Kntcher, enters ?s, g. Sir Walter. Immediately after, much for |200?Mile heats?to 2J0 lb. W*gom. < Carman, names g. Ktnpernr. O. S. Karl,namei "" 'g p. Peacock AUo? Match, mile ?best three iu fire, in harness?for $100 Unac Wood uff, name* m Alice fJray. C. Brooks, nimei a g. /irk Taylor. AdraiMiou to nil parU of the course 40 rents. JOEL I ONKIJN, Proprittor. Celreville, Sept 17.1847. lit W UNION ( OIKHK, l,O.N (i ISI.ANU. TIIK.SU AY, September 31, at J o'clock, P. M. I'lirselloo, with an inside stake of $100, hal /orfeit?two mile haats ill hamea*. . , H. Woodruff, namei g Orey Kagle James Whelplcy, uames b. m Lady Sutton W King namei ,m ... Hrpt. 27lh?"tirse (I W? I., go lo the aecond beat?1 *o mile heata in harness, free for ill trottmg horses escrpt Lady Suffolk Knfriei to l? made at Oreen At Benna, S.-pt. Wth, by (I O'clock P M Three or more to make a race, and t wo to a tart. ?l??*re. fl NOTM K-NKVV VOIIK 1'ATTKHHALLS ? The subscriber wotiM respectfully inform the old ( 1 friends and i atrona of thr abote well known ratatdishmrnt that li? hat resumed theaituatloa aa proprietor, having formerly conducted it o?er seven years successfully, and hopes satisfactoril v to the public in general He moat res|*ctfully solicit* a call from those who may wish to bny or sell Horses, Vehicles, Harness, fcc , and will be most happy to attend to their wants in t^e above line, and begs leave to assure them that no effoiton his part will he wanting to give such satisfaction, both lo buyer and seller, as to merit a renewal of thr ir patrnnagr he formerly enjoved [;7~ Public auction sales of Horses, Vehicles, Harness, kr, every Monday aud Thursday, at II o'clock, A. M. | N. B.?All siles made under his direction will be cashed in | 24 hours after sale. H / " No partiality or favoritism will be shown either to buyers or sellers, hut iu all cases the rules and legnlationa of the establishment Biust be strictly adhered to, by all who may favor the proprietor with their business XT" The mat regular auction sale will take placr on Monday, 20ih instant, at II o'clock. Horses intended to be offered must be registered on or before Hsturd ty, previous to the ssle, snd no horse will be offered under the value of twenty-five dollars. ?7" Kvery description of new anil second hand vehicles takro on storage or for sale. Very particular attention will he p-iid to gentlemen's hotses and vehicles, and kept in a stable unsurpassed for ca|wcity, w ith I>glit. roomy and well ventilated "U'ls. with the best < I feed, and a large ar'na for esrreising horses wh?n itomy weather OKI). W. MILLpIR, Proprietor, si* ?t.s*ir 446 Broadway / y HOICK CONFKCTION'KRY?flteam Relined and t n" J HllKlMd, HUM t ifirMats lo Mil UN S..iiHi ami W?-t ? Prime LiMt Sn*?r< andiea. It% ren's. Havana Sugar CanI dies IR ceuls, wn'n ? gewi r I \ aoltnei t of Logenges. Almonds, and ti'h'r superior Sua" ?4- 'Is, n tl |nv>??t maik?t pt c?, h, S i'KWAHT. HI HiMJIO K 4,0 , WhoUsalf Cout?ctioii?ri, 411 l'ttrl, comer MkUnot) it. I llllfrfl \ 1 rypiTM 'mm IlatestmomentI TELKUUAPHIC. *?WS KHOM THK HOt'TH. Ileuili of tiaucral Hopping, of N?w York. Phh.40BLphia, Sept. lBtb, 1847. The New Orleans papers of the 11th init., are reoeiT>d There were no later arrivals. There la no express I he Interments In New Orleans, during the 34 hours tndlng on the luth lnatant. were m. Of which 13 war* cum the I.afayettw Hospital. and 7 from the Charity. The ilon. Richard Henry Weld, died of tha fever on he 10th. A note from the Picayune to the telegraph agent at iichmond, states that Brigadlur (ient-ral Hopping died it Mier on the 1st inst. His brigade was broken up. General Lane's brigade would probably embark at tha iraios on the ttth Inst, for Vera Crus General Pushing waa concentrating his brigade at tha amp near Palo Alto. LcgliUtlTe PrticeedlnRi. Aliunt, Sept. It, 184T. Senate. The Senate mi engaged *11 lay on me general uui ior h? incorporation of Bridge (ompaniea ; but It wm not lisposed of. House. A bill was reported to repeal the law exempting property of clergymen from taxation. Mr. Watson brought in a bill to abollah feudal tenure! The reaolutiou of Mr Itutherford that the Commlaslonera on Pleading! and 1'raotloe report ill carried. The Lien law bill wan referred baok to the committee reporting it, with instruction! to make It applicable t ) the whole htate. The Committee ot the Whole then took up the bill authorizing the Safety Kund Itanki. on the expiration of their charter*,to Incorporate themselves under a general law. Mr. Hadi.ky propoied the Oneida Bank aa the model charter to be adopted. The question as to the policy of continuing the two systems of free and safety fund, wu debated at length. The Committee rose without disposing of the bill. BY TUB MAILS. Washington, Sept. IS. 1847. The intercepted Jei/iatchet?The ' foreign battalion"? The IVi'Imot Provito. It is extremely questionable if any instruotiona have Issued to Mr. Trist, materially changing the terms contained in the treat* which be brought out. I am persuaded it will bo found eventually that the treaty which was drawn up here is the one he haa submitted, without alteration, to the Mexican commissioners, and that the Intercepted despatches, if they hare been intercepted, which is not at all improbable, will be found to oontala nn ifiMt rnrtions to Mr 'Print, irt mulct* tnv MM^ntial modi flcatiens in the terms of the treaty. In ono of Mr. Kendall's letters from Tacubaya, it la stated that Mr. Trist entertained strong hopes of a successful issue to tliu negotiation. His letter expresses do opinion. From the lnoident related of the stoning of some wagoners from our camp when entering the city, It would appear that the hostility of the populace la unabated. It must hn a matter of bitter mortification to every adopted citizen, that so many should l>e found arrayed against the country of th< ir adoption in the ranks of the enemy ; but it would be unjust that the obloquy merited by a few unprincipled men, should attach to all their in nocent fellow-countrymen. A battalion of foreigner*, mostly Irishmen, d 'serters from the American army, vw captured at Churubusco, and those who composed it, were, at the last accounts, on trial before a court-martial. It in but right they should pay the penalty of their orime, for they hare disgraced alike the country of their birth and the country of their adoption. And yet it must be said that if this war were against Kugland, instead of Mexico, no Irishman would be found in the rank* of the enemy. Nor while condemning their treachery, should the bravery and devotion of their oountrymen, in the ranks of our army, be forgotten. General Shieldnjthan whom no man in the armydeserves butter of this country is an irishman. (teneral i'atterson, I believe, is another, aud in the ranks there are thousands. Santa Anna's defence of himself, and crimination of Valencia, are most lame and impotent. To the moat uninitiated in the art of war, It must he clear that had Valencia been reinforced and supported, he would have made a better fight. 1 perceive that a Cincinnati paper gl?*s an authorise* contradiction to the statement, that Mr. Crittenden 1* in possession of a letter from Gen. Taylor, eipressing his (den. Taylor's) decided approval of the Wilmot Troviao. This settles the <iuestion as far as Mr. Crittenden l( concerned, and yet there must be some strange mistake somewhere, as it has been confidently asserted by man of unimpeachable veracity In this olty, that such a letter Is in existence. They must have been deceived by a forgery or a direct falsehood, or else there is such a letter* though not addressed to Mr. Crittenden. If such a letter exists, the person to whom it Is addressed, should a1 once publish it. The statement that Mr. Wright was oppoeed to the doctrine of the Wilmot I'rovlso. is incorreot. although It is well known he did not approve of its incorporation In the peace bill.in the mode In which it was pressed by Mr. Wilmot. Dut it is needless to say that he eould not hart approved the means taken by his professed Mend* la the House of Hepresentatives to force that measure at the sacrifice of the best Interests of the country. MrWright was no factlonlst, while those who for aalflab purposes arrayed themselves under the shelter Of hi* great name, wero nought but a miserable oabal. OALVIENMS. W?shi*?tO!?, Sept. 14, 1647. Thr jlrtion of the. Neat Congrtll. It may happen that a lasting peace will be the remit of the negotiations of which there was a prospect at the last advices In such an event Congress must, at tha commencement of the next session, act upon the treaty, as an immediate ratification will be necessary. An attempt will doubtless be made to incorporate an antislavery proviso in any treaty that may be submitted, but It Is to be hoped that an attempt to clog It with sueh a meaningless and absurd restriction, will not be perflated in. Indeed, such u restriction would be so very meaningless and absurd, that one would be lnollned to dismiss all apprehension of an attempt at its enforcement, but that an attempt equally preposterous. In principle ai least, wan made to Incorporate the Wllmet proviso In the three million appropriation bill. But if the rat I float Ion of the treaty should Involve the issue of peace er war, the most determined advocates of the doctrine of tha Wilmot proviso would scarcely hare the temerity to take the responsibility of allowing their peculiar ?iew? f 0 retard the restoration of peace To send the treaty back to the Meiican < 'ongre**. rnshly to endanger it, and to s.?y to the government of Mexico?'" Mrs, wa will make peace with you on condition that you will be so obliging km to tie our hand*,'' would be to preaent our*elves In % raoiit ridiculous position befora the world. The treaty, if It be made, will be oppoaad by two parties the ultra democrat*, who are in favor of abaorblng all Mexico, and the ultra whig*. who oppose any acquisition of territory. nut it la questionable, if they will take the responsibility of defeating it, and thereby of retarding peace indefinitely. The treaty will than, in all probability, be ratified, and the great atruggle will be on the bill to extend the Jurisdiction of the United State*, over our new acquisition* The coming session will be full of excitement Tend Ing the question of the extension of the Missouri Compromise line, the oonrenlions will be held, anil the Presidential candidates nominated. It is vain to expect calm or wholesome legislation in the prevalence of such morbid agitation as theae things will generate There la not muoh to be expected, therefore, from the next Congress, at its first session. It I* certain that party organiiation will be maintained to a greater extent than has been anticipated The daw ocratio party, although It i* now muoh distraoted by a variety of issues, will, In all probability, get rid of their dissension*, and maintain the regularly nominated oan didate Mr. < lay will be the candidate of the whig*.and will call out the full strength of the party. Hhould Oen ral Taylor run, which, I think improbable, for he has lately shown great reluctance to being a candidate it is impossible to predict to what extent the support given him will trenoh upon'party organisation It i* likely, however, that he will reoelve a greater number of whig vote* than democratic, as there seems to be a general determination on the part of the democrat* to maintain the Integrity of their party erganiiatlon It is said Mr t alhouns friends have abandoned the design of running | him as an Independent candidate Mr ' aiheun himself I wa* not In fat or of the Missouri ompromise last winter, ' hut recent Indication* seem to show that he i* not *o teheinsntly oppoled to it as hi* resolution*, Introduced | ia*t se**i u. would argue him to he 0ALyltNglf>