7 Ekim 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

7 Ekim 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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T' Ocnml Convention of (lie Protestant Kpteoopal Cbmroh of the Dulled States* Th? h?d?th1 conTention of the Protcsunt Episcopal Church assembled yest?rday in 8t. John'* Chapel,in thia city, for the performance of the usual preliminary aerYiOM. The ante-communion service was read by the Right Her. Biahopa Mead and Chase. Morning prayer *u read by the Rev Dr. Hancock, assisted by the Rer. Mr. Kd?on Th?> sermon was preaohed by the Right Rev. Bishop Hopkins After the communion wai administered, and the benediotlon pronounced, the bishops organized In^another part of the building, and the clerioal and lay delegate* organized in the ohapel. Th? n.w n. ur..? ?? 1a?4 ? ? ?? ???? . f? iakv wan riruknu |JiDDiu*Uk wiuiuun opposition; bat on the election for Secretary a vote was taken with the following result:? The Rer. Mr Mead (High Chureh) and the Rat. Mr. Bale.h (Low Church) were Dominated. The Rev. Mr. Mead received seventeen clerical and fourteen lay rotas, and the Rev. Mr Baloh eight olerieal and four lay votes The Rev Mr. Mead was declared eleoted Seoretary of the House. A message from the House of Blabopa was received, stating tb?t they had organised and were ready to proceed to business. A similar message was sent to that H ouee. v A resolution was received from the Bishops, appointing the Secretaries of both Houses to apply for the use of Ht. John's Chi>pel in which to transaot the proceedings of the convention, which was concurred in, and the Secretaries will report this morning. A motion that the rules of order of list session be adopted as the rules of order of this session, wm carried. On motion, the convention adjourned, to meet for divine service this morning at 10 o'clock, in the same place. City Intelligence. Thk Wkather ?We had another agreetble fall day yesterday. The thermometer stood at 65 d< grees at 13 o'clock, in Wall street, and many who had gloomy anticipations of a heavy rain storm, towards evening were agreeably disappointed. The Homi ?We bad a heavy aoeesslon of visiters yesterday at the hotels, in consequence of the orowds attracted to the Fair at Castle Garden, from all Motions of the oountry. Firks?A fire was discovered at 6 o'clook yesterday morning, on the second floor of building 109 Nassau street, oy offloers Carey and Brown, who quickly gave the alarm The Companies were soon on the spot and the fire was extinguished?the property and premises having recfived muoh damage from fire and water. The second floor was occupied as a printing office by the Sunday Mercury, and the lower floor as an oyster saloon by Mr. Bodine. There was an alarm of fire at l>i o'olook, caused by the burning of a small shanty in 43d street, near Fourth Avenue?the lire was got under hy the police. Another fire broke out at No. 5:> Forsyt i street, in consequence of the burning of some wood, Stc , in a small furnace. The fire commenced about two o'clock; it was promptly put out?damage trifling. Suicioe ut Takino Poison.?Coroner Walters was called yesterday, to bold an inquest at No. 383 Division street, on the body of Henry Relobards, a native of Germanv. aiert 40 vears. who vesterdav committed suicide by tnkinga quantity of con-ogive poison The deceased, on various occahious,within a recent period, has exhibited symptoms of mental derangement, and twice Vfore att< mp ed to destroy himself. On Tuesday he went out about 10 o'clock. A M . aad returned borne at 2, P M , immediately commenced vomitting, and continirtd to do so until he expired, about 6 o'clook. Death bt Disease ok the Heart.?The Coponerheld an inquest also, upon the body of Sydney 3 Whitney. ag?d about SS year a, who was taken to the City Prison on Tuesday, in a very feeble state, and died in theoourse of the night. Verdiot, death by disease of the heart. Police Intelligence. Charge of False I'rrttncfi?Offloer Prinoe John Davis, of the Lower Police, arrested, yesterday, a man by the name of John Hauna, doing business formerly at No. 7'i William street, on a warrant issued by Justice Drinker, wherein he standi* obarged with obtaining, in Septem ber. 1840 a bill of morohaudiy*. roosistlng of silks. to , amounting to $i,333, from the firm cf Samuel Downer, Jr . silk importer, then doing business at No 134 Pearl street, by false and fraudulent representations. It appear* that since the above transaction Mr Downer died, and Mr Robert G Fiirobild one of the Arm, makes the complaint. setting forth, in his affidavit, that the acousc l applied to tbem'tor credit, stating, at the time, that he was perfectly solvent, and showed his books, whloh, upon the frfce of thsm. made him out doing a good busi nwss MntI solvent However Mr. Downer refused to oredlt the accused unless he gave th-m a written state roent, (bowing clearly the solvency of the concern Congequnntly, in order to prooure the credit, the following statement wm written and Heat to Mr Downer: New York, Aug 30th, 1840. To Mr Sam'l Downer, Jr.: Dear sir ?Agreeably to your request I her* itate for your satisfaction, on the 16th day of July last past, 1 had a *ur|>lus in my bu<ln*es over and above my Indebtedness. taking aiy stock at oost, and what were not considered wcrlh c>t, marked down to a fair market value. Independent of what is charged to profit and loss -the sum, ?.t the risk of my buslaess, of eighteen thousand seven hundred and flfty-two dollars?say $11,762 64. Yours, respectfully. JOHN HANNA. On the bottom of this statement the aceused attached the ci rtiflcate of the book-keeper, as follows : The nndersigned, book-keeper to John Manna, certifies to the accuracy of the above statement. JAMKS WOOLLY. Upon this state of facts having been sent in and certibedto by the book-keeper, Mr Downer and Falrchild ouucluited to sell him the required bill of merchandize as above named, on a credit ?f six months, receiving two promissory notes for that amount, dated in September, 18tt> The following month (October) Hanaa failed in business, declaring himself an entire bankrupt, aud indebted some >66 000. on which amount ha stated he was only able to pay twenty cent* on the dollar Mr. fairchild has since ascertained, that the accused was insolvent at the time of making the above representations, by wbieh Mr. Falrchild alleges ho has bean defrauded out of the merchandise thus obtained Justice Drinker held the aocused to bail in the snm of $3000, to answer tbo charge at Court. The oase Is to b* lurther Investigated on Tuesday next, before the magistrate. Abandoning an Infant ?A weman called Delia M. Phillip*. was observed on Tuesday night, about9 o'clock, by Mr. Charles Mason, residing at No 30 East 'Jflth St., to proceed in a hurried manner from the stoop of the dwelling house of Mr. Wales. In 37th street, and on going to the spot, fouud an Infant, about three month* old, alone in a basket. An alarm was at once given, and Mr. Stewart, the efficient clerk of the lower police, who reRides in the Immediate neighborhood,torthwith made search for th* woman, who by this time had eluded her pursuers. Mr. Stewart, however, succeeded in dlscoveri' g her whereabout* In the 3d avenue, abont one o'clock that night, at the residence of her mother, took her into oustody and brought her before Justice Drinker, where she acknowledged that it was an IllegltimaU child, and that she had applied for relief at the almshouse without eflact, and a* she was unable to support It, she concluded to leave it in sueh position that the alms-house would be compelled to support the little sufferer. She was committed for trial by tbo magistrate. A Chinaman in T< uuM*.?Officers Bloom and Morris, two of the Chiefs aids, arrested yesterday a Chinaman calling himself blu Keng Chin, on a charge ot stealing a daguerreotype apparatus valued at $36. the property of Pet? r N Horsley, residing at No. 113 Broadway. Keng Chin speaks a little English, and *ay* that he gave some money on th* above article. However, the property claimed by Mr. Horsley wa* found In th* trunk of the accused. Justice Drinker detained Mr. Chin for a farther hearing. Law Intelligence. [ Srrmioa Court?Before Judge OaUey?Joteph Lopez Dim in Henry fVanmoker? The jury rendered a verdict in this rm for the defendant Before Judge Handford? Rtutel Sturgii vt George W. Staple, ?This was an action to recover $13S, the price or sixteen logs of timber, alleged to be delivered by the plaintiff to defendant at hii (tore In New Haven, Conn. The defence net up was as follow*: In the sum snni of 1345, the defendant entered into an agreement with Messrs Page and Baohelor, who reside in the interior of this State, to send)hlm fifty logs of ash, to be delivered at his wharr at New Haven belter" the close et the navigation, at four months credit?28 of the logs enly were delivered, leaving twenty-two logs to bo acoouuied for. In consequence of this breach ot the agreement the defendant claimed damage for having bin Uiiiift and work stopped. A new agreement was then entered Into between the parties, or rather the uld one was ; modified in (bis way: P?ge fc Baohelor were to deliver I suTenry logs (In which the twenty-two left behind on the . old contract. w<-r? to be iacluded) upon the wune terms Ian i hose contained in the first agreement. Th? plaintiff, who had some connexion with Page It Baohelor, wrote to defendant, stating that he would fulfil the last agreement. and requiring to be informed, would he, dsfrnd ant receive the logs from him? The defendant wrote him an atmwer that he would, on the Mm* terms on whtob Pa#* k Bachelor were to deliver them Th? plaintiff went on then to d-llver timber bnt only delivered sixt-en log*, for the price of wblcb the present action 1* brought The defendant's counsel insinted that both contract* were mad* between Page 4c Bachelor, and tbe defendant. Mrnt plaintiff wan known ouly as the agent of I'oge k Bachelor In th? modified contract; that the terms tit both contract* wore four month* credit and Out, neither of them having been completed. the suit wii premature and could not be maintained The plaintiff 'a counsel insisted that th? transaction tetween plaintiff and defendant wan distinct and eeparate from that betwc?u the d. t. n lant mid i'?g? Si Bachelor, and relltel up n the correspondence that passed between plaintiff and detendant to sustain hie flaw of the case. Ju ig Sandfoid said that, the delivery of the cittern log* a1 N,w Haven was proved, and the only question the jury had to decide, wae whether these logs wera delivered by Sturnes und -r the contract between the defendant' and Page k Bachelor la l?4ft It was said on the part ol the plaintiff, In reference to the letters produced here, that tbey show the logs were de llv-*reil undrr a different centract; both the contract and the letter* are before you, and It Is for you to ay whether they were delivered under the oontract or the letters, if you believe they were delivered on the contract between defendent and Page k Bachelor, you ought to Dud for defnndent. bnt if you believe they were delivered pursuant to the l itters, without reference to the terui* in the flint contract, then you shonld And for plaintiff On the other hand, If you should.flnd that tbe timber ??? delivered under the letters, ynu should Ilhen take into consideration whether thel ettars had r? feienoe to the terms contained in Tag* It Bacholor's egret-men', and If you are of opinion they had. and the 1 .g? we. - to he delivered subject to these terms, then you ought to find for defendant Verdlotior defendant. Kir plaintiff. Mr Woodward For defendant Mr. Ooddard United Htatm District Court, Oct. 0.?Before Judge Belts?After the court was opened, this morning, the trriiid pannel wan called, and a quorum having answer. I the framl Jury for the October term wss sworn n > in ]('.? hopor then delivered the ntuul charge, end tbe turi iitlf*d la the course of the day they returned utu MitftwUh,* true bUl against fcdwud teltb, M il. I Ham Fl*h?r and Ave other*, portion of a former ereif or the Quern of the Wm, charged with an attempt to create a revolt on board, outride Handy Hook last month, on the voyage to Liverpool. The ortmlnal calendar for tb? terra t* heavy, tn regard to the number of case*. but (with the exception of two po?t-offlce cast)-) they are of no magnitude. Common Plea*. Oot 6?Before Judge Ulshoeffer? John Mitchell and John Comgan t>? tk? Truit Firt In 11 ranee Co ?ThU is an action on a policy of insurance, e(Tooted by the plaintilb with the defendant* on the 14th of May, IH4U. for (MOO. for one year, on the stock ol good* oontained in their store in James's slip A flr? ocourred on the 19th of November, 184#, whereby their stook of grooeries. together with the store. was considerably damaged. The sum claimed by the plaintiffs U ii 181 On the 30th of November notioe of the fire was served on the defendants, and on the -JHth of the same month the preliminary proofs were furnished, and th< defendants called upon to pay the amount of the loss which they refused, alleging that the Are was not accidental. The plaintiffs are both young men of respectable connections and good standing in the community and their counsel stated tbat the action was brought more with a view to sustain their character, and to cleat them from the imputations cast on them by defendants tnan to recover me amount 01 tne low by the fire. The defenoa, m before stated, ia that the premises were wilfully aat on fire. The case li adjourned to to-morrow (thU) morning. For plaintiffs, Mr. O'Connor and Mr. Boardman ; for defendants, Mr. Gerrard and Mr. Titus. Circuit Court.?Before Judge Kdwarda? Bennett i? Harper, et al.?This case reaulted in a noniuit. One other eaae,of no lntereit exoept to the partial concerned, waa tried Court ok Qkmkral Seiiioxs, October 6.?Before Recorder Scott and Aldermen Feeka and Tappan?John McKeon, Esq. District Attorney. Trial for Conipiraey returned?At the opening of th? Court, this morning, the trial of John K. Townaend and Alfred Kershaw, for oobsplraoy to defraud, was resumed and the testimony for the proseoution contlaued. Benjamin 8 Whitney, being reoalled to the stand said?I had a talk with Mr. Kerahaw relative to the busl ness.of the company; he told me that the company had three hundred ag?nts in different parta ef the oountry Mr Kershaw told me this morning that what 1 said yes terdsy waa a lie; and that ha Intended to proaeoute mi for perjury. John Thohpiok, sworn?A gentleman came to mj office with a polloy, laaued by the oompany in quaatlon and aaked me what he ahould do with it; 1 want to th< office of the Company, No 'JO Wall street, when Mr Kershaw told me thay had a considerable amount of mo ney; I think $28 000; I asked him to ahow me the mo ney; he refused; Mr. Kerahaw and Mr. Townaend wen both present; I told them they came very near havini some of our rloh men for directors; all it lackeAma I slight variation in the spelling of the names; tJPy re plied that the directors did not live in the city; Cio nol kifnw, of my own knowledge, any losa which his been sustained by tbe company. Ueorhk W. Salvaoic sworn.?I went into the offlot No 20 Wall street, some three or four times, to maki some inquiry into the character af tbe company In queation; I went to the offloe with Mr. Harbold, by hii request, who said he had expended aeveral hundred dolUrn i?r the company; on arriving at the offloe, Mr Harbold told Mr. Kerahaw that he wished to aattle with him. and withdraw from the agency of the company; Mr. Kershaw said he was perfeotlv willing to settle, but that Mr. il. had some $1500 which he had received as premiums, at Pittsburg, and had not transmitted the same to tbe offloe; Mr. H. said he had not, and did not intend to do so, but Intended to return it to the policy holders, from whom he received it; I had some conversation with Mr. Kerahaw about the directors of the company, and asked him who they were; be replied, that aome of them lived in Philadelphia, somt in Boston, one or two up the North River, and one oa Long Island; he then showed me the artioles of the association; he alao said that it was not the original agreement. but a copy; be told me that the capital of th? company was $600,000, of whioh ha aaid that about t JAO.OOO waa invested in Htate stocks; he showed me s book in which there was a list of namea of persona whom be represented to be those of the direotora. The booh was v?ry large, and nioely got np; I asked him to show me some of the oertiflostea of State stook; be appeared reluctant to do ao. On being preaaed by me, he brou?hl out what purported to be a mortgage on a granite store in Boston, but I was not satisfied with its apearanoe 1 strain called his attention to tha mrtlAiutai nt Kt>ii otook. After ?ome time, ho said they were in the handi of the secretary, whom he represented to be then sick At a subsequent time wheu I called to examine the certificates of state (took, be brought me a certificate of $60( worth of stock In the, Ironedale Mining concern In Penn gylvania. I asked him where Mr Samuel Jones, whom hi ttaid was one of the dlreotors, lived; he said In Philadelphia hs also several others; i then took out a letter, sent by hln to hi* agent Mr Harbold. in whirhhe represented Sam uel Jones to be the chief justice of the State of New York while the other directors were represented te be iner< chants, well known in this city John K Mynani examined?lam a book-keeper In th? house of Spies, Christ II Co. ; I called at the offloe No 2U Wall street, and got a policy of insurance from Mr. Kersliaw for $61M>0 ou merchandise in store, at a'premium of 65 cents ou the (100. I called again shortly afterward*, ami requeued Mr. Kershaw to cancel the poiloy, b ut he refused to do so Rr.uarn 11. Jones examined?I was a clerk in th? employ of the company in question. ..theu doing business .ti No. 20 Wall street; Mr. Kershaw engaged me ; I am out acquainted with any of the directors ; I havi heard Mr. K say there were directors of the company that some of them lived in Philadelphia, Boston, and other parts of the country - I never heard him say thai any of them lived in New York ; I kept the books of th< oompany, and made the entries of the capital invested 1 made the entries in the books from memorandi handed me by Mr Kershaw; the capital consisted o about f JOO OOO in bonds and mortgages. $jaO.OOO in Stati stock, J>esides real estate ; I never saw any of th< bonds and mortgages, or certificates of State stock ; 1 reoelved a salary at the rate of (600 per annum ; 1 cannot say bow much ethers reoelved. The Court, at this stage, adjourned until to-morrow. SUM Wright and the Wllmot Proviso Canton, April 1ft, 1847. Mv Dcar Si* Your letter of the 10th, and its enclosure*, came to me to-day. and I haaten to reply. None of the artlolM to which you allude had met my notice, although Mr.Bryant sends'to me the semi-weekly Pott. I was not aware, therefore, that my opinion* on the subjeot of the Wilmot Provide had become a matter of news paper disoussion I certainly was not aware that they could be a matter of dispute or doubt I have not been ambitious to promulgate my opinions upon this or any publio subject; but I have not, at any time, as you are a double witness, withheld the expression or them upon this subject when called upon to express them. If the iueation had been propounded to me at any period of my public life, shall the arms of the Union be employed to conquer, or the money of the Union be used to purchase territory now constitutionally free, for the purpose of planting slavery upon It, I should have answered, No ! And thm answer to this question I* the Wilmot Proviso, as I understand It I am surprised that anyone should suppose me oapable of entertaining any othor opinion or giving any other answer as to hucE a proposition. The two conversations to which you allude, the one had with yourself at Majer Klagg's, and the other held at the boardlDg house of Messrs. Townsend, Small, Stewart and Kayser, are fresh in my recollection, and In both of whioh I expressed frankly, the opinion* t enter tain el. both in relation to the Proviso and Col Young's resolutions, and those opinions were deoidedly favorable to both. I have repeatedly stated In such conversations, and I think 1 did to yon, in the conversation at Major Klagg's, that Mr. King In making himself the author of the movement at the last session of Congress, had acted without any consultation with me : and that if I could have had my personal cboloe, 1 should have preferred that be would have left that to some other person, because It would be and was charged that he was acting from motives not avowed, and through my impulsion Yet that I had no complaint to make against Mr. King, and mo right to ask htm to yield his sense of duty to my personal wishes, because I knew his opinions and the strength of his feelings upon that subject, and was therefore satisfied that he was aoting from the most siacere, conscientious convictions of right, and that I considered bis movement rlaht in Itulf ?.ni? I am surprised at the Otobe article*, an, with the exception of such rem?rka an ! have just tepeated, a* to Mr King's being the mover of the I'rorlso. I can have Mid nothing from which any man could Infer any disapprobation ou my part of Mr. King'* course, and I trust these remark* caunot properly be denominated a disapprobation of his act,much less of bis proposition I hare marked this letter " private" to show that it is not Intended for publication, but I wish you to show it to Mr. Bryant. At the some time, I wish to say to you and to him that when it can be properly avoided, I prefer not to have my personal opinions upon any public question made the subject of discussion in the public papers. It is Impossible to separate suoh discussions, in the public mind, from an impression either that the Individual himrclf wishes his opinions promulgated, or that his friends promulgate them because they think they will influence others : whilst if there Is a dispute about what opinions are really entertained, the Implication to many Minds Is that contradictory opinion* have been expressed I know It is not, in this esse, my fr>ands who are promulgating my opinions, bat that thi-y are trying to correot erroneous opinions imputed to me My only object, therefore, In this remark, is to request that the subject may be disposed of, so far as >lr. Bryant aud yourrelf shall think it practicable, without a protracted discussion. It may be cloned before you get this ; but if not, 1 suggest that Mr Bryant should say in a very summary way, that he has no knowledge of who the" warmest and moat sincere friends of Governor Wrlubt" are. referred to by the Qloh*. but that he speaks from eviJenoe that proves theui mistaken a* to the opinions of that gentleman upon thi* subject; that he Is opposed tn principle to the oonquest or purchase of territory, now free. for the purport or Incorporating slavery upon it; that he thinks It an appropriate time to declare that principle, whan an appro,,ri.itinu is asked to purchase the territory ; aad that *uch a (declaration, made at such a time, is not roppi'sl;I' ll to tha administration, unless It ba avowe d that the administration withes to acquire the territory for th? extension of slavery, in whloh oase ha would think the administration ?mn? mJ wHta KHW UOVMttblUU rlnht Something like this, I think, would and the matter or bring out the names referred to, and I have no Ida* of the latter. btoiUN I do not think there are any tuoh namn to b? given You may think me over sensitive upon this irabjeet. I am ao, aa to the appearanoe of a wish to k*ep myself or iny opinion* before the publio I find myself almost too happy In my quiet homa, and I alnoerely hope that no event will call me again into public life. I have baan a long time und? r the carea and responsibilities of high office, And I did net know what a relief it would b? to find myaeli again a free man. I can icaroely yet realite the senna' Ion. and a resumption of those oaresand responsibilities is already a fesrful and unpleaaiag thought. 60 far from experiencing regret at my discharge, taking Into consideration the manner of it alao, I find It ha* made me happier than I had hoped to be, and 1 have no desire to try again in the hope of a better termination. I thank you most sluoerely for your friendship manifested upon this, as upon all occasions. A few sueh friends and a tew suoh wvldenoe* of friendship, retained in defeat, are mora than a compensation lor the defeat Itself. With since respect, I am truly roan, HII-AS WRIOHT Oae boat buiMlo* Crm ?t Rvoli?st?r h??s turned cut I HMI boats linos the lit of Jan last. mny^m^nij |n D?rld Dudley Field of N?w York, hw aeoepted the appeintment of I'otamlsslonur upon practice and pleading, to fill th* iuuct ctuMd by the resignation of Mr. ' HU1, Jr. The Liberty party In Ontario county, hart Dominated 1 Reuben Sleeper, of Livingston, as Senator, and Ella* 9. I Gilbert and Oeorfe Duntile, for memberi of aMembly. tl. K. Oox haj been nominated for the AMembly, by the whig* of Yatea county. i- The whig* of the 10th senatorial district, comprising i (ireen and Ulster, nominated Abraham Van Veohten, of Catsklil, for Senator. The looox hare nominated Piatt Adams, old hunker. I At a recent democratic county convention, of Tompi kins county, a resolution was unanimously adopted, api proving of the Wilmot proviso. 1 The whigs of Kssrx county have re-nominated W. H. Uuttrick. The whig* of the Western Oswego district uare re-nominated Ur. Lee. A convention of national reformer# will be held in 1 Worcester, on the 13th of October, to nominate candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, who ' "h ill be pledged to the land reform, 8cc., m advooated In ] V oung America. Alliion haa been elected mayor of Nafhvllle. Tennessee. A letter from Chloago, dated Sept 33th says:?"We have had a severe lira In this place- Iom of property estimated at $33,900. The llartiord company's loss is , $1800; that of Geo Smith It Co. $1600. The Are broke out In one of the lumber yards near Madison street bridge. Messrs Fox tc Brothers lost thslr steam planing taetory, with all their maohlnery, tools, ko , valued , at $16,000; Throop, Walt k Co. $6,000; T. D. Smith $6,000; Robsrts U Son $6,000." | In Wisconsin, the plurality of Mr. Tweedy over Mr. 1 Strong will be about 1000. The democrats have the Legislature by 18 to 8 In the House, and the Connell by 11 democrats to 'J whlgs, being nineteen majority on joint 1 ballot.?Daily Winconiin, Hth uIt. I The voters of Richmond, Va., are to deoide next month whether ths Legislature of that State shall be pe[ titioned to pass an act authorising the City Council to , subscribe $400,000 to the stock of the Rlohmond and Danville Railroad Company. This haa been ordered by r a resolution adopted by the City Counoii. , A "Mass Convention" of the abolition party of Hamp? den oounty, was held in the Town Hall, yesterday. Wo beard* the numbers in attendance at different hours of 1 - the day estimated at from five to thirty. Including spectators ! Wm. B Allen, of Ludlow, and Chauncey Chapin, > Esq , of Springfield, were nominated as candidate* for [ Senators.?Springfield Republican. 1 It Is said that the governor of Winoonaln, will shertly ' issue his proclamation, oapvening the newly eleoted I.ec gislature in extra sessloifnrlth ? view to make the necessary provision for calling another convention. , The people of Connecticut voted on Monday, on the , question or amending the constitution of that State, so as to extend the right of suffrage to oolored citisens. i James Msgulre, of Norfolk county, Mass , declines a ' rc-eleotlon to the Senate. Col. Medary, of the Ohio Stateiman, announces in the columns of that paper that he is not a candidate for a seat In the U. S. Senate, nor for the gubernatorial ohair of his State. , ( buries. E. Stuart, of Kalaaoo county, has been noI minated as tbe democratic oandidats for Congress from , the 2d dlstriot of Miohlgan, to fill the vacancy oooaI slonad by the death of Bradley. i *??? Miscellaneous. i Five prisoners confined In our county prison in this village, broke jail on the morning of Friday last. Their names are Franois and Charles Smith, charged with bur. glary ; Celestln Beausolell, larceny ; Alexander Mlnlek, i bigamy ; and Alex. Tatro.?Burlington (Ki.) Presi. Henry T Mason, of Columbus, Ohio, committed sull M,i? Ml t till p. Haw l..t . H, .* ? J w.w. W1VI V4U1 lug Uk VI WUIJIUIBI J Uf i r?Dg?ment oaused by siokuess The Boston Tramcrift decides the question ' Who i proposed the Paeiflo Railroad ?" In favor of Mr Plumb* over Mr. Whitney, and iajl?" Years before Mr Whit' uey had made hla project public. Mr Plumbs had meet distinctly urued upon Congress a plan by which to ee' cure to the United State* the free use tor ever of a grand national railroad from Lake Michigan to the Paclfle t Ocean " In Boston, the city authorities get $8010 per year from . contractors for the privilege of collecting, and applying to their own purpoaea, the house offal of the entire j town. , The annual oourse of lectures commenced at the i Albany Medioal College on Tuesday. The introductory was delivered by Dr. Arrnsby. i Oround has been broken for another large Catholic edifloe in Buffalo. The stockholders of the Niagara Suspension Bridge 1 "iupany have appointed Mr Eilet, of Philadelphia, to make a survey Of the river and report Immediately Advertisements for plans and estimate* are out, to be received on the 1st proximo, and it is Intended that the w< r* shall be commenced by the 16th of November. The stock is all taken, and commands a premium. i On Sunday week the steamer Canada, when opposite Queleo, ran down a small boat, and it is said five persons were drowned. > Nathan Mlxon has been arrested at Mobile on a charge of having killed his son-in-law, Adams, of Coneauh oo., I Alabama* ' Original Ethiopian Serenaders, Pal mo' Opera House.?The influx of miters to Pulmo's Opera House 1 is a convincing evidence o( the professional suil peis'insl f merit o? those eminently gifted srtists, German, fell, White, > See .names now in every portion of the continent ofKuro|ieas ! well as in this, their uative land. identified with the charac| tTistic peeul:srities of original Negro imitatiois. For the Ian three nights the house has been so overloaded as to require hi nuwilling refusal (consistent with personal convenience) of claimants for ssats : bu. this evening we expect that breathing mom will be permitted to all who have hitherto been disappointed. The bill is prolific of all that is sttractive. The Great Fair of the American Institute opened October 5, and ainovg the things for exhibition, we understand there will be one case ofnoois exhibited by Wm. M. Ycung, ?f the Pans Boot Kmporium. The style sutl > finish we have seldom seen, and for the prtce;he sells the best Kienrb c?lf boets for, $4 50, eqnsl to those sold in oiher stores loi $t> or $7. Strangers visiting the Fair should see his splendid boots. Call anil see f >r yourselves, corner of Fulton and Nassau, opposite our office. A Ooo?l Fitting Boot, the Distinguishing mark of a gentlemau.?Our friend JONES, at 4 Ann street, is just the man to set yonr understanding off in the best style, for he keeps the best assortment of Boots, Shoes and Oaiters iu the city.ai.d what is ajgreat desideratum,at a remarkably low rate. He sells a first rate Dress Boot at (150; the same ss usnally sold for *5; and a real tip top for$4 50, which will cost you $7 else where. As to his Water Proof Boots, $4 50, SO aud $C, th ey can't be best Tiv him. aud if vou are not astoniihnl aud pleased with his stock, we are much mistaken. Diamond Pointed Oold Pana?A. very nuper or and durable article ii manufactured by the subscribers, which metchwta aud othera would do well to aiamiue before purchasng elacwhere. They keep alio constantly oa baud, a full aaaortmeut of very superior Oold aud Silver Pen und Pencil Caaes and Oold Pens, of other manufacturers of celebrity, which they offer at prices as low aa any other houae in the trade. CLARK. BROTH EH It CO . 33 John atreet, corner of Nasaau. Diamond Pointed Gold Pens, at a great reduction ?We wiah the public to bear in mind, notwithstand ' in* the clamor of rirala, that B. It. Watann Si Co., 45 William | atreet, oue door below Wall atrcet. and J V. Ravage, 92 Fulton itrect, have the exclusive sale of the "Richelieu" Pens ? The pnblir mayrely upon the merits of thia pen being equal to it* popularity, which has continued increasing, despite o| all the little tricks made nae olto injure it. In fact, it is no longer a iloubt.that it is the cheapest and best pen iu tlie city: although S2 only, it is equal to those sold for S3 50. Other pens, 75 eta., St, $1 50, aold at Si 35, $1 50 and SI slsewhere. Oold pens cirr fully repaired. ^Always Heady but never Rough._K.no*, US Fulton street. Sun Buildmg. 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Holmnn k Oray may be found at all time* at their old atand, 9) Fulton street, where printing of any kiad will be furnished at tieirasaal lew prices for caah Th? Universal Celebrity which Dr. Gouraud's Italian Medicated Seap hit attained for the speedy le moral from the skin of tan. freckle*, mnbur.i. blotehai ard rery species ef unsightly aruptiei, la the beat proof of the estimation in which it it held; it baa the rare property ol alinoat instantly eouver.iim the aallowent completion into nue of dazzling brilliancy and delicate wh'teneaa Beware of counterfeit!, aad bay oaly at the aid depot 17 Walker atieet, Ant tore mow Broadway. Diamond Pointed Gold Pans?Wholesale and retail?John W. 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The Hand Lamps will not spill oil with the most rarrlets iu*?f Nlannfai'tared solely by ll. I). VAN DCRIIkVDKN, at No ill Prarl street. New York; warerocm, *4 Broadwajr. i'k,.,l.l.... kr.rli..i i,.,...... ...rlnr a.m iihi.kI l.m > erery variety. DeiUra tuuplifd ou liberal terms N 0 So lar ?ud \?tr*l lamp*altered. o4 fit Otrcfn tRKET. YVeiliicmUy, Oct. 8^6 P.M. Thar* ?u another panic la the stook market to day. Nearly every (took In the Ilat fell off. Treasury Notn deallned H per cent; Ohio O's, <i; rennsjlvanla ft a, Kaadlag Bonds, t; Reading Mortgage Bond*, I; Norwich and Woroeater, 1 " ?; Erie Scrip, X; Harlem, IX, Farrmeri Loan, 1\; Canton, 1>* There were large aalei at the deollna, and the market at the flrnt board closed j heavily. At the second board Psnasylvanla ft * fall off I per ! oent; tanners* Loan, K. Reading advanoed X'; liar i lem,X. All tha Salem banks pay .1 par oent semi-annual dlvl- I dend, exoapt the Naumkeag, which pay* IX and divides 117.600?Lynn Meohanlos'and Gloucester 4, Beverly .1 Tha amount of banking capital stock paid In In Naw H*mpsh|ro on tha lit of Baptwmber, wm f 1,083,460. 'J'hu : j amount of ?p??l* la the raulti, %bills of other I bankjo. hand, deposits la Us twkl, *641,7*, 1 la oth*r b*nk?. $461,430; amount of bill* In olreuUtiM, (1.646 J4# The receipt* of tha Lobf I (land Railroad Company for tha month of Boptcmbar, 1?46and 1*47, war*mm- ? ncxed:? 1 , LoifU IlLlND RaILIOID. I September. I?44i 1S47. Inc. 1?7. Pueeufers $S9U Ji ||.*m 59 1,704 14 1 Freight 2,432 02 3.740 II 1,3*7 16 1 ? Total $11,MO 37 1>,?I3 77 3,033 44 i ou ii equal to n?arly tw?ntjr-flr? p?r cent, compared t with last year. The Leng Island Railroad Company ' have raited the rate of fare on their road. A new tariff of I charge* haa been perfected, and it U estimated that an <1 inoreaaa of twenty-flve per oent on the grot* inoome will i be realised by the change. t The receipts of the trie Railroad Company for the month of September, 1844 and 1847, were u annexed:? ' New York and Erik Railroad. S*]>l?tnbtr. l???. 1147. Inc 11(7. From I might $11,111 M 13,<?? 01 976 93 From iNUicDiCeriami mail.. 6,330 91 It.614 69 4.453 76 1 Total $18,311 99 23,762 70 3.434 71 1 Thi? exhiblta an increase equal to nearly thirty per ' cent, the bulk t>f which wa* from passenger*. The in- ] crer.se in freight haa not been very large. t The reoeipt* of the Harlem Railroad Company for the first nine months in each of the past three year* and { of the present year, were aa follow*I Harlem Kaii.roau?Mobthi.t RrcEtrTi?1844, *45, 1 '46 and'47. 1644. 1643. 1646. 1147. Juiuuy $6,642 10,045 11.399 13 692 February 6.625 7.425 8.703 12.397 March 7.960 10 750 12,010 14,911 April 10,163 12.070 11,813 16.363 May 14.683 17 772 18.631 22,793 Jane 15,068 17.978 17.649 23,015 July 17,243 20,430 19.373 28,337 August 13,700 20,033 18.822 30,133 September 14.377 17 358 18 519 26,036 Total $108,701 134,103 138,969 189.277 The receipt* for the flrit nine month* of 1*47 exceed the aggregate for 1H4S, leaving three months' business for aa excea* of reoeipt* for the year over last. The freighting business during the remaining three months will,without doubt, b* vary heavy, as suppllea to and from the interior are generally urged forward rapidly at thl* (eaaon. Our estimate of $460,000 for the year will be exoeaded by the aotual receipts. We have received the report of the Engineer appoint, ed to survey a route for the New York and Boston railroad. It is a very fair statement, and must oonvlnoe any one who reads It, not only of the feaaiblllty of the rente, out 01 iu grtat Importance and probable productiveness. The report take* up the several head* uiual in sueh papera, and dlsousses eaoh one separately?perhaps we may as well do the same. And first, the route proposed: It is to comueuoe at New Haven, oross the Connecticut at Middletown,pass through Windham and Hampton, and strike the eastern boundary of the State, near the northeast .corner of Kllllngly. A petition is now pending before the Rhode Island Legislature, for permission for its continuation through a portion of that State AU the rest of the line, so far as legislative aotion in the matter of charters is ooncerned, is perfsetiy secured. The nature of the ground along tha route, is said to be well otlculated to furnish a Arm and durable road-bed, while the obstructions of rook are suoh as can be removed with comparative ease. The Connecticut is the only water of any importance along the route, and this is to be crossed by a bridge. The matter of gradients, ascents and descents, and curvature*, is considered and shown to present no obstacle worth mentioning. The oost of the entire route between the two eitles, including a complete outfit of cars, engines, ho., is estl mated at 92.SCA 000 or $80,806 42 per mile The entire dlstanoe is 'J 10 or 311 miles, the distance from Newjiaven to the eastern line of the State 89 and l-10th miles One advantage possessed by this route over all others, and which must Impart to it a permanent superiority, is iw remarkable directness. It Is the shortest route between the two greatest commercial cities of our country being tweuty-tive miles less than any other Another advaaUgf Is, that it will form a mode of oommunloatlon between the east and west portions of the State of Con* neotieut, the want of which has oaused very much o 1 this intercommuninatlon to pass either over the waters of the Sound, or by a elroaltous railway route in Massa ohuaetta. A third, and an Important one, may be fouad to the fact that careful and acourate italUtio* show that the way travel and bualneM alone, will yield a handsome support to the road, without reference to the through travel. And it Is not too much to ?ay, that the resouroea of Connooiiout, ax yet undeveloped, and almost entirely unknown, will lnoroaae this aupport beyond the moet anguine expectations. It doservn alio to be mentioned that it will aerve aa an important outlet to tho?e portiona of Maaaachusetta and Khode Inland, which lie aoutheasterly of the route Aa to the apeed expected to be attained, Improve men ta are propoaed In regard to the rail and the enginea of auoh a character, aa will enaure a paaaage of only aeven hour* between the two cltlea. } .The " muoh vexed-question''Jof the bridge aoroaa the Connecticut, ia treated at oonalderable length, and the argument* to ahow lta really trilling obatructlon to the navigation of the river, are clearly placed before the public. All that can be asked of thoM who have oppoaed the bridge ia aoalm and fair oonalderatlon of theae statements. In truth, we invite the moat aearchlng Inveatlgatlon of theae arguments, aatlafled that the reault would be a aurrender of prejudice* aa unfounded In reality aa they have been bitter in their Influence. The road ahould by all mean* be built. Capitalist* can find no aurer investment. The two greateat commercial omporluma in the country are propoaed to be united by a road, whose dlrectneaa forbid* the poaalbllity ot it* ever being cupuraeded or *ucce*afully rivalled. Official document* and atatlatloa, carefully oollated, prove the adequacy of the way travel and bualneaa alone to aupport It handaomely, got to mention the tide of travel that muat oontlnually ebb and flow between the termini of *uch importance aa New York and Boaton Charter* are leoured for the entire distance, exoept onetwelfth, the Khode Island portion. Even should their petition fail, a trilling deflection of four or five milea la all that will be required In oTder to avoid the State. The first charter from the Connecticut Legislature required a aubacrlptlon of $2,000,000 before an organization could bo elTeoted and. the work be commenced; a more recent one haa been obtained, the terma of whloh show the estimate inwhlchthe people of the,State regard the road; a subscription of only $600,000 Is now necessary, and of thl* three-fourth* have been subscribed in Mlddletown and vicinity. The annexed statement exhibit* the amount received from passengers In th* month* of June, July and August, in each of the past three year*, by the Attica and Buffalo Railroad Company. Attica and Bikfalo Railroad. Junr. July. Jluguit. Total. 1814 $<,910 7.901 8.(03 23,87) IRIS M40 8.431 8,7m, 21, (H )*4? 8,076 9 060 9,911 27,077 1847 12,OM) 14,13 11,1M 4I.J49 The lncreaae thia year, compared with la*t, haa been ? very great, being more than fifty per cent; compared with the three previous yesra it haa been much larger. The receipt* of the Auburn and Rochester Railroad Company from passengers, In the month* of June, July and Auguat, In each ot the past three years, has been a* annexed: Avai and Rochester Railroad. j a T-.-I ???' M?*f' MUflHI i oini. 1844 26.941 32,OH II.32* 184 5 20 9 2 21,3Vt *1,011 71,341 IMI6 25,0.18 29,014 33.103 87.I4J 1817 31, *10 11.636 47,174 121,Ml The numbir of paMenger* tramported in the three month. In 1(44, wm 41.1197 ; H4?, 43 MO ; 1648. 4?,764 ; 1?47, 60,741. The receipt* In 1844, ! * ud IMS, were jury uWorm ; thl* year they here increased * large per oeat. All the railroad* in the Oreat Weitern line, ha?* been highly predaotlre thle year. Stock Bichangti glOOO Treat Note*,6a 101 ^ * so gin Canton To 31k "?W> do 10:V JO do. b47 3is 1000 do 101)4 160 do 140 31 16066 do 161 100 do 3lU 600 Htate J?. *58 IflOV 100 do 31 1000 Kriitncky 6a 16n)J 12"> do 3IU H'OO do IOO |? Not It Woi R 45 IJOOO Peou 6* 77 100 do b'O 46 20110 OIiioCi, "60 99k 60 do >30 4tV 4<?0 d> 99'4 2} do 44k *?'0i He?dinir Bond* (,t\ 100 do i60 44). !6?oo do ??t* 7 j do ?4k 6000 Reading M Bd? 67 66 En* R Serin 7gC 60 the Mechanic*' ttk J 10**4 60 Long lilaud R 27 k ? do I0?)J ]*? do b3) 27h 2* do 10* 460 do 27k 3* Union Bank 111 1066 do b12m 30 14 do 1J0 200 do J7 100 HeadiugR aim 6) 460 Harlem R 47Ja 66 do AO 106 do ?16 47 % 200 do b*0 66 66 do 47 1000 do b3 19k 16 do !( 47 16 do 6#C 166 do 47k M .. *0 69W 66 do hl6 47k 166 raimera Trn?l 27k 66 do !>I6 4"k 300 do b*6 27'J 66 do 47? I " "do .27 A j0 do blO 47 '?? do b36 87 66 do b36 47 I , * , .. MV m do 46k 16 Long Itland In* 99 ItMHtd Board. tioooo Treai Notes, m 101 200 ah* Varmera Lean 3?k i "s!!2 fr01}3' . ,j0 74 66 Harlem r ale 4*?j ( 2606 Reading Bond* 69^4 IS do 47 606*.Qhio ?*, '66 9* 16 do 4*k 166 th* Karmcn'Loan 26k 16 Canton co 3lk 100 do bN 17 166 do *60 3 IK # do hv 66 Long lalaml r 27* i 66 do 16k 166 Reading h i?* 69* 166 do 16k 5 * -tbaru k Rocli r 106 , If?W 8took K*r>."i?r?fe. 6* eh* Long UUnd R c 18 66 aha Hailem R ?3 46% 166 do 17k 60 do rt 47 40 do e W do blO 47k , w 27 ion do 4sJ2 < l?o ll*tlem II 47', Farm L?*o htw ihh , 60 it > il t 'j I do tl* n I 1 JS S , ;!* SiuXa '8&J' 1 11 :~n> /t*-' v"* CIT* THADK HlniHI N*w toil W*Dwtin?? Kr-tmunn, o. 0 Th? market/or n?w and fr?ah ground ooutlu lad firm, with a fair amount of ?t. "h,,, Vll , falr nauirr for Southern brands bile mile* wvr? lUht. ami uppliea mo dent*. Beyond lot of new Michigan, and i (mall parcel of new Southern, there iu nothing doing n wheat. Salea of corn were made to a fair extent, at lightly firmer prlcea for miied, than were current yeaerday. Pretty free aalea of rye were made at previoua , ate*. Oata and meal continued ateady. Sale* of mew . >ork were made at the rate* stated below, while other leecrlptiooa of provisions remained inaotire. There fere some transactions in ragar, but coffee waa inaoin, AtHit?Pota were steady at 04>?. while lomi hold- 1 in aaked a higher figure. Sale* of 400 barrels pearla | vere mad* at $H. Bkiowax?There waa no change, and prlee* steady B?n4DJTi'rr? ? flour? Sale* of .">00 bbla fr**h ground I Jeneaee were made at %!t 75; and 4000 do do. including 1 tome lota new at the earn* price; and MM a 000 do. *ood aaw do, sold at $: 93)?. Thar* waa no ehange In Ohio ( iranda, and moderate aalea ware making at previous I prloea Southern waa In light aupply and held at $0; ind aalea of 300 hbla Richmond oountry ware made at that prioe. Wheat?Salea of 1100 buahela new Michigan rare made at $1 3d, and a small parcel of Southern at (1 13. Corn?The aalea footed up about 18 000 a JO,000 buahela, conalatlng of Wen tern mixed at 04c; New Or- ' leana do, at 03c, and high mixed at tifte with flat and \ round yellow at 06c a 00c. Meal?Halea of 17.1 bbla < Ohio were made at $4 81 ^ Rye?There waa more doing, and aalea of 7800 buahela were made at 84c, delivered. Rye flour atood at about $4 a $4 1 -i%. 0oft?By cargo were worth 64o. Barley ?Ho aalea reported. I Receipti down the Hudion River, October 6th. Klour 8,160 barrela. Meal 400 do. It ye 4,400 buahela. Corn 0,000 do. CanDLEa?Salea ofaperm were making at 34o. Cotton?The aalea reaohed about 1000 balea, at a decline of about JtO alnoe the ateamer'a newa. v-uim-vYB quote HnntH oi auu Dags Sumatra were i at tt^o. Rio exhibited no change. The (took wa? reduced; sale* limited Fish?About 060 quintal* dry cod were fold to ge out I of the market, and to be delivered, at $3 7A. The que- ! tatlons In store ranged from $3 60 a $3 60 V Maokerel I ?A sale of 100 bbla. No. l'a, wan reported at $9 76; hold- 1 era generally demanded $10; No. -J's were werth (7; and No. 3'a, $? U6. Uunnr Cloth? 20 bale* Calcutta damaged cold by auotlon at 13>4o. a 16^o. per yard, cash. Hemp-Sales of about 100 bales American dew rotted were made In lots at $160 per ton. Lead?Holders still asked $6 6iX. Mui.aiiki?We only heard of small sales making to the trade,without change in prices. Naval Stoski?Prices remained steady, while the market was rathet quiet. Holders were indisposed to offer freely, under the impression that the market would a*sumea firmer tone, and prloee look upwards. Oii.? ? T.intred?About the usual saleu of English were making at alio, a 60c. eash, and oity pressed at fllo a Oio. oash. Crude whale and sperm,as well as manufactured, continued Arm, at previous quotations, without sales of moment having been reported. raoviiioNR?Sales of 1000 bbls mens pork were made at $14, and U00 bbls do were reported at the same prioe ? Prime stood at about $10 76 a $11 Hami?Males ot 18.a 40,000 lbs dry salted were made at 7H cts. B 'f-Sales of 160 bbls. city prime were nude on private terms, and 100 da Vermont mess at $11 87X Lard ? Prime remained firm without alteration In quotations Butter?Fair sales were making at previous prioes. which were some firmer. Ckertr? Fair sales of good dairies were made at TU rtrn RicE-Salas ef 70 tcs. ot fair quality w*re made at $5 37* , including 2" <lo ot prime new ut $6 6S a (5 7 j Suoab? Sales of HO hbds Muscovado w?ro made at 6* ets.; 790 hhds New Orleans were mad* by auction at 6 a 7 at 3 a 4 moi Tallow continued firm at 10 cts. Tobacco?Owing to the financial account! per Hibsrnia from England, the market has wince beuoiu* ratlii-r more quiet Wiialhoiii:?North Went continued dull at 34c a 3.x Wiiimr?Sal*s of 290 bbls. State prison w?re madf at 30o ; drudge wan held at 29*c, while supplies wen light Freights -Kor a cargo of grain to Ireland 8d was offered and lOd asked : 1000 bbU flour were engaged to Liverpool at il. 6d.and a lot was reported engaged by a facket at 2s; and BOO bales cotton wt-re engaged to lavre at *o, and the same rates were paid for cotton to Hamburg To London 4000 a 5U00 boxes of cheese were eugnged at 32s fid l'r.as at Auction -Importations per ships Brooklyn. Joshua Bates, bo Terms, notes at 0 bob' hs. Hyson?9 chests at 81 cents per pound; 17 do 80*; Ml half chests, 79; 13 do, 48*; 19 shests, 45; 10 do. 36*; 34 do, 30. Hyson Skin?59 half chests, 3<f; 21 chests. 24*; 106 do. 34; IS do, 23* Twankay-100 half ehests. 38; 15ohests. 26*; 103 ball do, 33* Gunpowder?38 half chests. 91; 19 do. 62*; II da 61*; 9 do, 66; 47 do. 45; 81 do, 36*; 10 do, 36; 1* do 36* Imperial?6 half ohests. 01; 16 do 78*; II do.63; 36 do. 82*; 6 do 69; 9 do, 68*; 26 do, 54*; 0 do, 4H*; 27 do. 40; 37 do, 37. Young Hyson?6 cases, 90; 6 do, 89: 22 do, 87*; 7 do 78; 04 half ohests, 63; 104 do, 07 ; 37 do, 03}^; 35 do, 02, 30 do. 61*; 25 do, 00*; 3(1 do. 56*; 21 do, 65; 285 do. and 75 oases, 64; 100 half chests. 62; 02 do 61; 10 do. 60*; 7 do 50; 73 do.lS*; 285 do, 47*; 208 do, 46*; 147 do, 45; 16 do 44*; 60 do, 44; 17 do, 43*; 322 do, 43: 10 do, 42*; 202 do, 42; 34 do 41; 30 chests, 40*; 108 ball do, 40; 00 do do, 38; 18 do, 37*; 165 do, 36*; 98 do, 36, 26 do. 36*: 68 do, 34; 127 do, 33*; 414 do, 33; 1106 do, withdrawn. Nlngyong?30 half chests, 23; 61 do, 22*. Niugy ng Souchong?60 chi'Hts, 22. Souchong?18 ohests, 17*. Sales ok Italian and Irish Marrlk at Auction? 50 blocks ordinary and variegated, >4 a $4 60, per foet; 20 do $3 a $3 87*; 16 do. black and gold, $3 a 4 02*, 3 do. $5 60 a >6; 2 do. statuary. $5 a >9; 64 do. Irish marbio, $1 60 a >1 87*. Terms 6 months. Sales or Real Estate at Auction in Brooklyn.? 1 lot oorner Lafayette avenue and Cumberland street. 251130, $550; 1 do adjoining on the avenue, same slse, 400 ; 3 do do $390 each, $780; 3 do do $460 do, $1,380; 1 do corner Oxford street, $500; 1 do adjoining on Oxford street, with one on rear, $305 each. $610; 1 do do *285 each, $670; 1 do do $360 each, $700; 8 do on De Kalb avenue, between Hampton and Canton streets, each about 35x94, $180 each, 1,440; 6 lots on Canton st . with 5 lots on Hamden street, on rear, eaoh 36x100, $180 each, 1,800; 1 lot on Cauton street, near Fulton avenue, with one on the rear, each 26x100, $246 eaoh, $490; 6 lots on Lafayette avenue, between St Fe Hi HDU LUllOD HircWlH, OUCH -J* XlWU, JD'JO HECI1, J3,I0U; | 3 lots on St Felix itrect, with 3 on rear, $306 each, $91 a. J TBLKGHAPfllcl Market*. Baltimore, Octobcr Oth. Hour -1'lu market for all kind* to-day vai inactive, and no talei of moment transpired. W? quota Howard street at $t> 75, and City Mill* at >0 aeked Wheat? The market exhibited no change, and price* of good Maryland redi varied from lilOo to iiSc, and for heavy white do. IS/Sc to 14()o waa aeked. Corn?The market remained the same at yesterday, with limited Haled Whiskey? Sales of 100 barrels were made at 2?o, which wa* a (light advanee. Provisions?There wan more doing in Pork, and tales footed up about 1000 bbls., chiefly m?M, on term* not unaeritoea. Albany, Oct. 6?P. M. Klour? There tu no change In the mtrkit, and prlrti itood at about the nm?. There were no *ale* r-ikiug of wheat, corn or rye, and price* remained about the ' tmr. Barley was in good demand, and sale* large 3000 liuahul* new were made at 71 c; 10,000 do. at 71)?c, and 2000 da. old at 69c Wbi*key firm. Receipt* by canal during tbe preceding twenty-four hour* : ? Klour, 10,i)(>0 bbl* j corn, 11,000 bushel*; barley, 13,000 do; rye, 1000do.; oata, 4,000 do. Buffalo, Oct. ti, 1847. Hour?The market loat the momentary excitement produeed by the iteamer'* newa, and wm again dull to-day. Hale* of 2000 barrel* were made, con*l*ting chiefly of freeh ground, and new branda at $6 a ift (>8t? Wheat wm leu firm, and the market wv inclined to droop; we quote good VVeetern with pritrn new 8t*ta, at Oftc a $1 OS. Corn wa* again leu Arm without aalaa worth reporting; wa quote mixed and y>'l low at Mc a 63c Rye, nothing offering Oata-Baler .>00o buehel* at Ale Receipt* during ih? preceding 34 hour*?Flour, A000 barrel*; wheat, 30,000 bu*brl*; corn 30 000 do. Krelghta no change, Botro*, Oct. fl? T \f. F lour?The market for good brand*, freib itround, and new Southern and Geneeee, wa* firm. an<l *?le* of ab'iit 4000 barrel* wera made at ? 516. Wheat, nothing re ported Corn?The market continued *t?ady, end *alet of 8000 buahrla ware made, including g"Od mix?d end yellow,at 70a 73 cent* Oat* eere Or'n at l>8 a M cent* WhUkey firm ProvUiou*?There wa* n? obanne In ( pork Lard?For prime the demand wa* good, and *ale* of 30O0 keg* were made at 12X cent* freight* remain ed laactlv* to British porta Married On Wednesday, Oct ?. et Or Pott*'* ' hureh. L'tii?fc ity riar?, hy the Re* Dr Brln*made of Newrk. N I H*i?av N Bhacii. to Martha W. daughter of the l?te R?? r.lla* W. t lane, of Jamaica, L I i In thi* oity, on the 4th ln?t, by tha Rer Dr. Bellowa. . Mr Wm H Dooortt. of Portimouth, V'a, to Mi*a Hannah K. Jfoaiwi, of Augn*ta. Ma. i Died. On tha 9th ln*t, Diertta Kkim.ih agad 60. Hi* friend* and aequaln*t*n??a ara reepectfully in- ' vlted to attend hla funeral, thi* day (Thnrtday, 7th), at < 3X o'clook P M , from No. 10 Franklin atraat. On Wadneaday. Oct fl, Tho?ia? Coopbb, agad66 year* and ti months. Ilia friend* aad acquaintance*are reapeotfnlly Invited to attend hla funeral without further invitation. thi* (Thuraday) morning, at 10 o'clock.from 04 White street :? At the re*ldenee of hla grandfather in Brldeport. Vt. on tha 30th ult, of dyaentery and typhu* fever, Marti ? /, only *on of Henry O. and Klita A. Rockwood, *g?d t month* and 0 day* On Tueeday, the Ath in*t , K.mia Urniae, wife of John I 'pkike, aged 88 year* Tha friend* and aoquaintanru of tha family are reIpeotfally invited to attend her funeral, at 8 o'clock on I rhurMay afternoon, from the rraidenee of her brothar. loeeph McOlnly, at 183 Duane street A* I.I..A M W^?.^,U.MA.HU*I titk !..i n At ihwiii, uu TT r'iuw?y?T HK'I UIU|. "vu lunv , \j. V1*un*n. K?q., in the aflth jr*?r of hla ?ge. Ob Wednee4*y, Oct 0, I* t e i c * .VUlonk, In the nth |r??*.r of hi* The friMuil* of the Mmily are requested to attend ib? run?r?l. fr im No :?flX Spruoe ?tree', on KriUy, Ocl rt, M 4 o ?l(H)k. Troy pt|m plm* oopy. ft I .... TO 'ftf.-J LA TEST MOM KM . TBLKOKAPHIC. The Southern nail. Philadelpia, Oet. 6. Tha Now Orleans mail baa been received at Wa?hinglon No newt The steamer MeKlm'i letter mail is r?ry large. . Maryland (election. Baltimore, Oet. I. John r. Kennedy (whig) la defeated by Me Lane (demoo rat) by about fire hundred and forty-one rote*. In the eity of Baltimore the democratic majority la one thousand. Majority for Thomas, law, for Llgona W7. Hum: oc 0?*ct ? Ooldaborough, one hundred and tour; Thomaa, one hundred and elghteon fur gov am or, ( ??n? one hundred and fourteen; ' anntohaet, one bunired and nine. For members of Congress there is n. light whig gain. The Whlf State Convention i SvRACi iK, Wednesday, Oat. ttth. The Whig State Convention mat at 10 A. M. 1. was ;emporarlly organised by A. B. Dickenson, of Steuben . *bo acted as chairman, and J. N. Lake, of Herkimer, Secretary. One hundred and eleven delegate* took their seats A committee of two from each judicial district was appointed to report ofllcer* Adjourned for one hour. The oommittee of unmlnation were r Kelly and Wood, of the Int. Hasbrouck and Bishop, of the 3d Tracy, 3d Dodd and Clark, 4th. French and Merriman, bth I'otts and Williams, 6th Beaeh and Boil, 7th. Patterson and llowlej, 8th 13 o'clock, M. The convention reassembled, and the following 00eert were appointed: President?Washington Hunt, of Niagara. Vice Presidents?1st, Obadiah Newoomb, New York, 'id, James M. Taylor, Kings. 3d, Rlohard Knowlton, Rensselaer. 4th, Pelatiah Richards, of W?rren. 6th, John Bradley, of Jefferson. 6th, J. J. Swartwout. of Tompkins. 7th, Kdwln Blood, of Stxubrn. 6th, Harvey Putnam, of Wyoming. Secretaries?Lewis Benedict, Jr., Albany. Weloome R Bee be, New York Wm. A. Oreene, Oneida. George J.J Barber, Cortland. Adjourned till UP M. '3 o'ctocr, P M. The meeting la (till large and harmonium The fallowing nomination* hate been made Hamilton Kiih, Lieutenant Governor. Millard Filmorc, Comptroller. ( HRitTurHca Muroaw, Secretary of State. Ai.ta Hunt, State Treasurer A. L Jordan, Attorney General. li*|Ulatlv? Proc(t(tln|i. Albany, Oct 8-A.M. Senate There waa no quorum in the Senate to-day. Alll.MILT. Debated the bill concerning ihe feudal tenarca until n?on, at which time there were found to be bot fortynine member* preaent Thia number col countltuunjc a quorum, the body adjourned BY THB HAILR. Highly Important from Washington. Waihi^otoh, Oct 4. 1847 The Future Courte of the Government in regard to Mexico?Jlumert?The Prupotitioni Entertained by Sir. Tritt?Santa ?fnna. In view of the momentous poature of affair* In Mexico, an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet waa hald to-day. It waa resolved to immediately recall Mr Trlat> and to abandon all farther attempt* at oonelllatloa. The oondition of the President'* health precluded the possibility of arriving at any definite conclualon a* to the future oaurae to be pursued. But one thing la oertaia, that all that remain* of the aid government la to be proetrated, and one of our own erected in Ita ataad. The opinion af tha Cabinet i* unanlmou*. that to withdraw our army within the limit* dealgnated aa tboae which our government wenld hare been hitherto willing to aooept aa the future bounJWry of the United States, would be but to prolong the war Indefinitely, and to expose, nnneoeaaarlly, tha lire* of our Roldlara. Oa the crumbling ruin* of the military deapotlam whloh ha* ?y. swayed the destinies of the Mexican people for tha laat . twenty-three year*, mu*t be erected a temporary government. half military, half territorial, which ahall secure to ua the revenue* of tha country,"and protect tha citizen* In the enjoyment of tranquillity, and In tha aafa prosecution of their commercial and Industrial puraulta. The public mine* will be salted, a tariff of dutlea levied In every port, and the roada will be opened to admit the free circulation of tha stream of eommerco through every avenue, to tha heart of the country. The character of the war will be entirely changed Hitherto It ba* been to conquer peace. Henceforth It will be to maintain the government we are about to ereot. Hitherto it hu been offensive Henceforth it will be almost wholly defensive, at the same time that the Urgent discretion will be given the commanding general, to aot on the of* fenaive or defensive, according an the exeentlon of hia measure* for the paclflcation of the country may require. The Secretary of War ha* retired a letter from a most reliable souroe at Vera Crus, the writer having uninterrupted communication with the city of Mcrloo, which, although of a later date than the acoonnt which represent* General* Worth, Smith and Pillow aa killed by the explosion of a ehell In a powder magnates, make* no mention of auch a rumor. Had inch a diaaater occurred,the writer would have been certain to hear It, and would have a* certainly communicated It ! hi* letter. The explosion may have taken place and killed a number of our men. but It i* Improbable that the three Oen ' ?ral* named would have been all on one spot and all kin' ail by the *ame accident. The mail of this evening brings no despatches to clear up the doubt Let us do them justice, those M?xlnan*. They fought wetland bravely before the gate* of their capital. It would be unjust to tbe prow*** of our own brave man to say they met an unresisting enemy. They d!4 not.? Right valiant wu that resistance, an<l such > Atnerloam love to DMt The lest urnnl "trnjgU nf the Msxlcan people vu worthy of the pristine glory ef the Altec*. la the absence of My explanation or contradiction of the report representing Mr Trlst as having entertained a proposition subjecting to negotiation an integral part of the United States territory, it weuld be unjust to oeasure that gsntleman It is dlfflcult to believe that he n-iuld have done so. Suoh a step would have subjected him to the severest censure of Us gov rnaent, aa It would have made that a sntyaot of doubt and argument about which the Ualted State* ?uld not suffer a question to be raised New Mexleo ?ai equally a subj?o?. of positive Instruction, and Mr. Trlst h?d the strlcUst injunctions not to entertain My i-nposltlon embracing a line aoroes from the w?tero >ouudary of New Mexico north of the pert of Saa Diego, m that port la destined to be even more valuable to a* has flan Francisco Touching each of those point*, he said to have denuaded forty-live daya to consult his ;ovcrnment. lit the pnrpoee of aeoertalnlng Whether '>'h should be a sin? ?mi n??, Until Mr Trist's report i 'he transactions be rscelved, Juigmsnt sboul t bo sus[. I'lded If the negotiations bad h?sn conducted In good faith lie Wllmot provtalo would have bad one result?it Bight nave retarded the conclusion of a treaty. The prajtt uibmitted by the Meiloen Commissioners, oontaiaed aa irticle prohibiting alavery In whatever territory might ?? ceded by Mexico to the United State*. No doubt the ouncil of Ministers took their cue from the supporters >f th? Wllmot proviso la thia country. Tha ?msrot hlitnry of tha nagotlatlon on tb? part ol Hailco, would doubllaaa ?how that 8mU Ann*, mUjr iMiroua of panoa hlmaalf, waa ovarrulad hy thaaa about tin. Tha instruction in no oaa? to ratartaln a propoai ion arobraeing tha Hth d?graa m a boundary .would o armi<- that ha waa not aT#r?a to a aattlamant on th# >?*ia of n Una north of M Nothing ahawa no plainly hat tha paopla of Maaloo ara araraa to p?aea. aa th* not that font* Anna I* (till for war lie may he re ;arded u a political barometer, by whloh the MUigo of ha people may ba Jndfed of. Ha U rtlll, beyond all qa<x Lion tha moat dangeroua man in Maxloo _ OAUVIKNUia W*?mi!?oto*. Oat. *. IM7. n* Blair ?f the Can?Mail Inltrfitinf and Mnmtn ' ft mi Cn tn in our will Mtxir*. W* ha?a no later return* from Mailro than thoa* in your JK>??? Mien tome day* gi Tha ruaen af U* iUa?aro?< and AiMatrou Jk

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