17 Kasım 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

17 Kasım 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH Vol. U1L No. 319?Wtiola Ho. ?9?. TDE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, ninth w?t oomtr at Vol ton mad tlMiu (t(| JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. CIUCULATION_nHlTy TUOlIRAJia D AILY HERALD?K*ery diy. Price 1 eenla pet copy? $7 li L>-r annum?jmvubJe ii. ndra ico. WEEKLY HKRALO?Every Siturday?Priee tM eentt per wv?#1 1JK rent* per anno'n?payable in arfveece. HlCKYib KOR EUKOl'E? Every 8tcim Packet d?rPnc b'i ccuti per copy?tJ per annum, including po*ci|e, or S3 26 exclusive ol |> > (?(?, payable madvauce. Bub-criprtfiukn.id ndvmtiaanrala will be received by Meaara. Ualic nun, It rue Vivieune Pari?;P L. Kimondi, II Cornhill, and Joliu MMler. th? hnnfcaeller. London. ANNUAL PICTOUIAL HER\LD? Publiahed on tb? la'. (1 J 'Hilary ofcachyrar?single copy sixpence. ADVERTISEMENTS. at the n?ual |>'i?e??alwafa euh { vlv uice Advertisements aliuuld bs written in a plain, legible uuner The proprietor will not be responsible fox errora thai m?v i*a?a?.tif in in*m. I'llINTINO of all klndaexecuted beautifully and with dftpuch. All lettera or coamuaieatioai by mall, addreaaod to tb? pr vnatot of tha eatnbliahmaat, tnuat he pnat paid. or (he poll II* %? ! K? f?om ?tu inhacnnrirti mna*v **?m9r?4 It\UK I nt..-iJ Kfc.?WelaeaJay Kraum v<?v tTih. will b? i?rforii?<l iliai><ay of THE STRANGER?Suaoger, Mr I'itls B?ro:i ftnintort, Mr Dy-ott; !*oiomon, Mr Baaj; M.a HOler, MraO Jruca. BJAfte'whicb.Jd cima in America. THE BOTTLK?Richard Townley G And ewa: Oe irge Gray, Stark; Corfdlea. W. H Ch-pma-ii Ueguoie. Barry; Joe, Miai Klyoo; Hath Townlay. Mra. G Eather Clare, Vise Kaia Horn; Kitty C'i'np. Mra. Knighti Mra Wolf, Mrs. D, oti; Mra Giump, Mia. l)a>ry; E'.Ien, Mi's Lawrence. 1) > ra r.pen at o'clock. Porformaucea wfll WWW at 7 oV I'fti H TO SI; r?t, S* eta ; Gallery, B centa. &"WICKV~ THEATRt~? W. ijijf, ?? D I 1H Stkvcks?BENEFIT OF MBS SHAW ~,Vrilnea4a> Rveiing. November IT. will b? acted, THE HU^HBACK?Jnlia, Mra Shaw; Master Wa'ter. W, Ma thill; Sir Thowat Cliff rd. C. W Cla-te; Lord Tusol. Jt? d?u; Vlaitar Wilfnd Dann; Gavlove, Oaaldsou Tin-o-i-lo I* wi h the national spectacle of THE REVOLUTION?Farmur Brailey. Mr. 0. W. Marahtll: Edward F-aiUlin. Mr C. W. Olaike; Mesa\potimis Jeukina, Mr. Bn ke; Mary B.-ax'ey, Mi Phillips, L)o<>r? opuq ?it?H o'clock aud the nnrtaia will riao M T hi >na; and N.itlera l?H (atiti <"* H A J It AM 1'HltATKE.?Under rha Maoasemeet 91 Ml ' KLETCHEK ?Htaee Minager, Mr Addia.?Wedn?aday Evan nx, Nov. 17. W'|l lie performed the drama of I I'KK THK L VB''HER-P' i ip, Mr.Hield; Bobby Trot,C Hunt; b jnie Wnkcfirld, Mra. Wtay Afte' the drama, the admired LIVING TABLEAUX by'haVotM Artisrca To conc'u'lc with the mnairal luce o 1 the HWI8* COTT\Oli?Na(x Tiecl?, Mr. C. Hu-t. Corporal Ma*. Stafford; L'a-tie, Mra. Herbert; Nanette, Miaa Franklin; Lauiie, Miaa Herring. H.'X?a 2^ cents?Pit 12,S> cent*. mHELi.'H OLYMPIC- THE \Trk7?~*Tdeiday Kv?nin?. Nor. IT ?The performance will commence with HOfllNSON CRUSOE THB II-Marmaduke Suodiir.ua. Mr. Hoi.anil; Cltmentiua, Miaa Mary Tay'or. After w?ich (Id time,) THIS HOUSE TO BK SOLDCha'ter Cuopkii a, Mi.Holland; Desdemonv Miaa Tailor, Aftrrwhicn an origiual hnrlesqne, called THE CHINESE JtTNK?The- philua <'atchill, fctq., Mr. Cunningham; Myateri-ua Lady. Miaa Mary 'laylor _To cnuelnde with the farce of THE WIDOW'S VICTIM?M*. Byron Podge. Mr Holland. D.wmnpeu a 8X o'c'nek. and the <-nrtaln will riae at T. MECHANICS' H vLL, 47a Broadway, Mtwoea (Jfud and Sronmc afeeta. imux. npRN KVERY NIGHT CONTINVKD SUCCESS. Seventh Wt ck of the Orisinal r:HHI 8TYH Ml IN ST II EL 8 Btud S?.tfeW.8tt,,fc a N. CHRISTY, C. ABBOTT. J. R/vVNOR. T. VAUGHN, who** nnrin tl and inimitable concert* are nightly honored with crowded aad highl v re?pectabl? audience*,aud nni veraatlr admitted to excel ev?ry amaaeaaeat of a aimiUf character offered ia thi* cty. Adiaixion IS cent*. Children under 1J ye?r*. h*lf price Boors open *( 7; concert will commence at 4 o'clock. Beat* ctav be secured on application at the Rail, from 'I M. to J P. M. n14 7t*re BAKNUM8 AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. X. JBaariur e-ori f HiTracocx, Manager 8PLEN0ID EXHIBITIONS AND PERFORMANCES, K- ery ?.f-.ernonn at I o'clock, anH every eeeniuf at hMf-paat T. C^<j.? r?ry Jay fraJaT o'alock in rhe morning till 10 p. m. LAST WEEK OF CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN 8K.RENADER8. MAGNIFICENT BALLOON PANORAMIC PAINTING OF TH? GREAT ClTlf OK LONDON. OHE4T WESTERN, the Vanke- i;omedia?. Ml 38 BERNARD- Aet'e** and Voealwt PETE. MORRIS. Coanc Smtrer. CLARA FISHKR'S 8HAKSPKARKAN CABINET. THE LIVING CHIANG GUTANG tef ib'r^i'vttr^vi''' MA'' AM RO'-KW*LL, the hmoa* Korean* Teller. ANATOMICAL VENU8 to beieen for*4 eeoueitra. Adtui**ioa to the whole t5 eentt; children aadw Ma yean of ?g* 4?xl olJ eaoorh to walk aloft*. UX cent*. Ity We?erTed l'ont?enf* one ?hiTnu? e >ch eifra _ _ rpVROLUAN COVUfcKT-TUe H\U8Ett FAMILY " (relati in of ihe Rai ierO will have the ho.ior of giving III if Fn?t Concert in America om Wednesday Kveuing, NoI mi>:r 17 li,?%r .lie Tabernacle, on which occoaiou they will l>r??eut the Ullowiug programme : ? r AKT I. 1. D-r WilJtchuet*. (The Alpine Hunter.) 3. Die A'ppuhrwhsait. (The Alpine Wedding ) !. Wer nat<! '?' Bier umgetcha<U. (Who h*a apilled the b'er 1) Catch f rfonr ro re* 4 Tyrolein Laendler, for Cithern, with Gaitarre eceomparaeut Soppe and Frant Hanaer. PAKT IL 1 DerlClcepUtf anf der Atpe. (The .clover platt on the A'r) S. D.e Nachtifil. (The Nightingale ) Bueo tele aod choiut. 3 Hofer't Death. 4. Wn\ hat er u'^agt T ( What aaid he t) ft I'olouaitc tor Citeru and Unitarre. Beppa and Kraut Hauler. PART HI. i. MorgeugTBaf.au die Heuilerw. (Morning aalute to the Alpine mud.) it. i)o< P .uiweh nach den Zillerthal. (Longing for onr u?tive v le ) 5. IJat ,viu<ik?li*che Gretehiu (Vlnieal Margaretla.) Tickttt 3n ocataeai h. to be had at the mnaie atorea and at the duo ou theevemug of the performance. To commence wt 7i m'.-iucIi. nIC lti?*a G~ A/?N.< VU AL AMD IiMBTKU *I?.WTAL l,UN~ ut,nT ? 4m lUSbPlll^E BKaMBON will give a l r.ioert ou VVeOuta lay Kveniug, Not 21 at the 'i'abcruacle. Mi ?v: 11 ho atnfird Dy Miu Julia Northall, aud her litter, Ml it Hir iet llrmnaou. Mm :via y .iun Uerwort Volin'SS Mitt Mil* Oerwort Violin .'4 \lit< Caroline Der wort Bi< ging SI Matter William Uerwort Violoncello ' r Kiiiit ... Fiutiat jAud a fall a id elBcieiir I ircheitra, led by Mr. O. Loder. Mr. '1 imm wui p etide at the Piano. Mid 1) n'n-.ou will pe lonnn UraudConcerto of Meudeli oliuV t d 'oone of Mnminti'a. TiekeitiO cenlt?can be hadat79 Foorth atreet. at the principal inn.- ic atorea, aud at the door ou the evening of the Concrt. fee prgniaim* ia fourebillv n!7 8t re NToLu'.I AL.i1A.V1Ka BALOU*. >o. 449 Broadway. ? 1'he Or'ginal Wratein and Southern Bud of H*BLIl. 11A11M O NI ST 8 ? vlciara W. (J. Pluoier. J. B. iViejl. J. Tichenor, T. F. Brigga. Wm. Roark, and it. M Hooley, and S. A Wella, (late or ChrittyS Minatrela ) reaper-*fully uunouuee to the cititena of New York that they will give a ttftea of their FaahiooaMe Entertaiumeota every eieiiii.g natil I'.rther uotice. Cnrilt ol' adtniatnui, li ceuta. Concert to commence at eight o'clock pvcciaely. nil r P i jLj.l^NT aW UNP AKALLELK.J , AT-TKAjj I IUOi "ne v?ec? ;hot, "I i imciut miuvu, iiv. mi Ln^idway?Carlisle'* ?ar?] of N?gro Miuitrela. 1 licy wi-l ever* evenfnK appear jo a variety of Sotif*. Re(rut i < hornaei, Ovenurra. lie., interap?r*ed with laughable notmnrtrama, Sir , and make their entertainment* perfectly ehmte andfen'wel. lU IWrc UlOftUft IS 1.1 i 7. THREE niohts longer. MONDAY, TtTI- SUAY and WEDNESDAY, November IJth. ICth and 17th, and positively the last. BROOKLYN INSTITUTE. AdmfirO'> 2Jcea'a ; Ch.ldroa nnder 10, half price IMfui open ar 7 ,,'clock, to commence at 1%. nil Sfia*re PAujiO'S OPEK*. HUUHe.?The tfREVk~?LA v E. by the MODEL ARTISTE*. Dr. Collver'a i*rionificatlorm of PaLiinv mid Hco'i*urc,by the Mole' Artiatea. for another ??-ek at P.ilinu'a Opo-a llou?? cmmccea on M <i?y nxiiiiu. Nov. li when will be preiemrd a f-ithfal repre*?ti ation of Cower'* celebrated atalue of die Greek Slave, to Trlif h will lie added toauy n?w and (plendid tableaux. *TJ*l'i e tireck-SM*e, with .Marble and Colored personification*, mi M >a<lay, Wedneaday, Thursday and SMH'dar.cveuiniie, an>< entir?iy Colored Group* ?m Turaday and Friday evenings. For pirti' n'nr* ?ee descriptive jirotramnie each evening. I'riteaof Adiniaaiou?Dreaa Circle and Parrioetie. M centaLady and Gentleman, 7) cantt. Upper boiee, 21 cent*. Heat* lutv b- aacured at the boi office froia M \. M-, nil 4 r. M. D >or< op?n at holf-p&tt li. Peraonilioatloa* commence at ha'f i 'is' 7 o'clock. iH 7ii?*m IVfKS P LBV'd CELEBRATE" COLLECTION OF j v 1 Soriptural Sntnsry, conaistin* of the fillowinc (roar* representing important and int?ie*tin| iuhjecti, the aite ol 11 ft t? J'he THal 'four Saviomr The Laai Hopper. T>e Birth of Cbriit. The M ral Scene ?f the Intemperate Family. ? . ... ? 1 u/_IL?t. V4...I. n i now "prn mm orownny, omi sire the aixilk ?.my 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. adm?tr>ir?c? 2* c*et* on tne *ft?r di?in? mrfio?. fro'1 6 p vi ?* 10 p vi. r.him ?n *?n'f i?r <i* wl7>cwthfcswt m on rhutouav no*, is, oivomi, d hf.hz. \nd k^noi'. on- n'*moo>v cavitllo sivoki. and hf.nhy herz, "will fire tin only concert, it th? academy. okorlif- k*?oqp, ..... t>1* eminent violoncellist, wil' lend them ihe aid oihu powerful wlent. particulnr* la programme*. no postponement on eca " t'<f the we <ther. ^ t N kwahk-on vf.un?.8d w r*?t. 17, skvohl* hehz ano knoop, one night only. g mh.li'? hivori. and hknky herz, willgire an only concert -t w??hmrton hell. okorok knoop, the eminent violoncellist, will lend them the aid of hi. poweifnl talant. panicalars 10 programmes. no postponement on aee net of the weather nm ittc Nrw theatre?charleston -ladies and gentlemen mcated f?? opening thie ei'ibliehment on mnn d?y, deo?mw#th, will pl?a?e meet in thia city prer-aratory to tailing rer ate nuhlp northerner, on hetoruay, the 27<h mat. h. w. pre810n. sole m?n?gi*r and l?im. -a i owhical ^hibiiiun-ftym,^. l?,rf,m| fk. planetarium, now eth'b'tiog at the new york l.vceum. vj -i broadway, on mundays, wednesday* and fridays, day and veiling i,ee?r.e?,a astronomy in the evening*. ,\4mi?sijn <^tv_?nd evening. titeenla. nhhtia'm Chkimjt 8trkkt thkatbr, philadelphia. to ?* let,f>r one year or* shorter period of rime. the ch'.aut itre.t theatre, with all the sresrvry, wa>drobe, libraS. Sir. proposals, adueessed to the board of ageata, 31 mouth iswrire a venae, phu.delphia. will im received until the h instant?the propoenh will distinctly state the time for )m w'? 'fw ( ? 1?0, ulf mtwal 19 m liw'iis # E NE \ - : . . ri"si i.m ? t?-rz NEW OFFICIAL DESPATCHES. HIGHLY MTCREITMQ REPORTS OF THr BRILLIANT ACHIEVEMENTS OF Tllfi ARMY AT T1IS BATTLE OF ffl^LINO DEL RET. The Storming of Chapaltepec, AND THE vArn tUi ur iiiK tin UK iUUlCUi Stc. &c. &c. Batt'e of mollno del Rty. REPORT OK MAJOR OKN. ?CI>YX. No. 33. Hbad<4u*ktehi or tub Altar, ) Tacubaya. near Mexico, Hept 11, 1H47 J Bin ? 1 have heretofore reported that I bail, August '24. conclude J an armtslloe with President Santa Anna, wblob was promptly followed by meetings between Mr. Trist and Mexioan commissioners appointed to treat of peace. Negotiation* were actively continued, with, as wai understood. some prospect of a suroessful result up to the 3d Instant, when our oonnMonr bonded In his ultimatum (on boundaries), and the negotiator* adjourned to meet again on tbe bt h Some Infractions of the trace In respeot to oar supplies from tbe city, were earlier committed, followed by apologies, on tbe part of tbe enaaiy. Those Taxations I waa. wiUlutt t 1mm to tbe imbecility of the governi Mat, end Vttved pointed demands of repar tloa while amy hope NiaalsM <-f a satiifactnry termination of the tsar. Bat o? the Mh, and more fully on the flth, I learnI ed that as sooo as the ultlmatam had been considered | In grand council of ministers and others, President Santa Anna, on the 4th or Mb, without giving bo the slightest notfoe, actively recommenced strengthening he military defences of the city, in gross violation of tbe ] Id article of the armistice. On that information, which has slnoe reoeived tbe fullest verification, I addressed to him my note of tho 6th ? HUreply, dated the saiae day, received the neit mornlag. was absolutely and notoriously false, both in recrimination and estimation I enclose copies of both papers, and have bad no subsequent correspondence with the enemy Being delayed by the terms of tbe annintioe mora than two weeks, ire had now, lute on the 7th, to begin to reconnoitre tha different approaches to tbu city, within our reanh, before 1 could lay down any definitive plan of attack Tbe uame afternoon a large body of the enemy was diaoovered hovering about tbe ii.iltnon d> I Rry, within a mile ana a third of this vitlage, where I am quartered with the general staff and Worth's division It might have been supposed that an attack upon us ww intended ; but knowing rke great value to the enemy 01 thoee mllle, [Unlinos del Rey) containing a cannon foundry, with a large deposits of powder in Ca$a liata near them ; and having heard, two day? before, tbatn a. ny church belle had oeen gent oat to be cut into guos? the ontmy'i movement was easily underrt od, and I re olved at onoe to drive him, early the next morning, to seize ihe powder, and to destroy the fouu try Another motive for this decision?leaving the general plan of attack upon the city for full reson> oisnanoes? was, that we knew our reoent captures had left the enemy aot a fourth of the guns neeeseary to arm, all at the Mine time, the strong work* at each or the eight city gat'i; and weoould not out the communication hutween the f Jundry and the capital without first taking the for mldafele castle on the heights of Chapultepec, wblch overlooked both and stood between KqftM* dfnnlt operation w? were not entirely ready, and moreover we might altogether neglect the calls, if, as we then hoped, our reoonnoissanees should prove that the distant southern approaches to the city were more eligible than this southwestern approaoh Hence the decision promptly tak-n, the executUn of whioh was assigned to Brevet Major General Worth, whos< division ? at reinforced with t adwaiader'a brigade of Pillow's division, three squtdrons of dragoons under Major Sumner, and tome heavy gun* of the siege train under Captain Huger of the oidraane. uod Captain Drum of the 4th artillery?two offiosrs of the highest merit. rvt ?un vvviiire auu unumub ZTRUIIS, I D??g 10 r610r CO the report of the immediate oommauder?Major General Worth?In whose commendations of the gallant offloers and men?dead nod living?I heartily oouour ; having witnessed, but with little interference, their noble devotion to ft me and to conntry. Tbe enemy having several timer rolnforced hi* line, and the aetion soon becoming much more general than I had expticted, 1 called up, from ill* dlstanon of three mile*, lirst, Major General Pillow, with hi* remaining brigade (fierce1*) and next Riley's brlgadt) of Twigs*' division?leaving his other brigade (Smith's) In observation at San Angel, i hose corps approached with i *al and rapidity; bat tbe b*ttl? was won just as Brigadier General Pierce reached the ground, and had interposed his oorps between Garland's brigade (Worth's division) and the retreating enemy. The aooompanylng report mentions, with jnst commendation, two Of my volunteer Kids?Major Kirby.paymaster, and Major Gaines, of tne Kentucky volutt-ers I h1 o had tbe valuable services, on th? same field, of s? veral o"her offlcersor my staff general and personal: Lt Col. Hitchcook,acting inspector genera); Capt K B Le* engineer; Captain Irwin, chief quartermaster; Captain Grayson, chief commissary; CnptUn II. L Scott, acting assistant adjutant general; Lieut Williams, aid-decamp, and Lieut. Lay, military secretary. 1 have the honor to be, sir, With high respect, Your most ob'dt. servant, WINKIELD SCOTT. Th? Hon. W.L. Marcv, Secretary of War. [Kn closed In the above.] headquarter* or t H tc AftMV, ) Taoubaya, August 31th, 1847. ) GkkkbaI' Osdkr? - No 28i The following military convention Is published for the Information and atrlot ucvernment of the American army, its retainers and followers Any iafrxoiiob of one or more of tbe article* of the said convention (ball be followed by rigorous punishment Tbe undersigned appointed respectively, thethr*? first by Major Oeueral Wind-Id Hcott, commander-in-chief ot the armies of the United States, a.d the two last by his excellency D Antonio Lopef de Santa Anna, President of the Mexican republic and commander-in-chief of its armies, met with lull powers, wbinh were duly verid-d In the village of Taoubaya, on the 23d day of August. 1847, to enter into an armistice, for the purpose cf giring the Mexican government an opportunity of receiving proposition* for peace from the commissioner appointed by the President of the United States, and now with the American army, when the following articles were agreed upon : Art. 1 Hostilities shall Instantly and absolutely oease between the armies of the United States of Amencaand the United Meiioan States, within thirty leagues of the oapital of the latter States, to allow tliue to the commissioner appointed by the United States, and the commissioner* to be appointed by the Mexioan republic, to negotiate. 3 This armistice shall oontinue as long as tbe commissioners of the two governments may be engaged in negotiations, or until the commander of either of the said armies shall give formal notice to the other of the cessation of the armistice, and for forty-eight hours after suoh notion. I In tbe meantime, neither army shall, within thirty leagues of tbe city of Mexico, commence any new fortification, or military work of offenoe or defence, or do anything to enlsrge or strengthen any existing work or fortification of that character within the said limits. i WyUKs* oeut- at.all ?i?#?. - imj nu?u Mn iniiuuirru w.l.uu lOO MIDI Any reinforcement* in troops or munHloiiii of war, other than subpiet inoe now approaching either army, shall be stopped at the distance of at least twenty-eight leagues from the city of Mexico A Neither army, nor any detachment from It, shall advance Iteycnd the line it at present occupies 0. Neither army, nor any detachment or Individual of either, ahall pass the neutinl limits established by the last article, except under flags of truei bearing th- correspondence between the two armies, or on the bualnees authorized by the next article; and Individuals of either army who may chanoe to straggle within tho neutral limit*, shall, by the oppoelte party, be kindly warned off, or sent back to their o* a amy sudor lla^s of truce. 7. The American army sbs'l not. by violence obatruot the pa*sig?from the open oountiy Into the city ot Mexico. of the ordinary supplies of food neceaxary to the consumption of Its Inhabitants, or the Mexican army within the city; nor ahall the Mexican authorities, elvll or military, do any act to obftrait the pasat^e of aappllea from the ?lty or the country, needed by the Ameilnan army. 8. All Amerioan prisoners of war remaining in the handa of the Mexican army, and not heretofore exchanged, shall immediately, oraa soon aa practicable, fce re- i atoredtothe American army agalnata like number (having regard to rank) or Mexican prisoners raptured by the American army j 9 * * ' * * [Omitted ] (See Mexican ratification ) 10. The batter to snebio the belligerent armies to execute tht se articles, and to favor the gre it object of pe.ic?. It U further agreed between the parties, that any courier with despatches that either army shall desire to send al' ng the line from the city of Mexico or Its vicinity to and from Vera Crux, shall receive a safe oonanct from the commander of the opposing army 11 The administration of justice between Mexloan*. according to the general and state constltu'lons and laws, by the local authorities of the towns and places occupied hy the American forces, shall not be obstructed In any manner. ^13 rernons and propertv sha'l be respected la the towns and plains occupied by the American forces No person shall be molested In the exercise of his profession ; nor shall the services of any one be required with out his ccnaent. I nail cases where service* are volun- > tartly rendered, a just prioe shall be paid, and trade remain unmolested. 11 Those wounded prls'mers who may desire to remove to some more convenient plaoe for the purpose of I being cured of their wounds, ahall be allowed to do so < without molestation -they ntlll remaining prisoners. 14 Those Mexican medical offioers who msy wl-ih to I attend the wounded ahall hare the privilege of doing so, 1 if their services lie required. | 16. Kor the more perfect execution of this agrcment, i two commissioners ahall be appointed?one by each ^arty?who, In case of disagreement, shall appoint a j 1*.' This coarention shall have so force or effect ?a- j lees aaarorad tar their excellencies the commanders wysKlull *f U* tw ami**, wttkla Imtr Hw i ?>! in i? H i i W YO =- " 1 in iweasaassMi . YORK, WEDNESDAY ft. hour?, rentronlng from S o'oloeir, A. M , of tb? 23d day of Auguat, 1B-17. (Signed) J. A QUITMAN, Maj. Clan. U. 8. A. 1'EKSIFOR F. SMITH, Br?ret Brig (icn. U. S. A. FRANKLIN PIERCE, Brig. Oen U. 8 A. IGVACIO DE MORA Y V1LLA.MIL. BENITO QUIJANO. HcAt>ql.'ABTtll> OK TUP. AhMT CF THE ) LNiTro 8TATR< op Amkkica, > Taoubaya, August 23. 1S47. ) Considered. approved, and r^tiflxd. with the express understanding that the word ' supplies." as used tho sennnd tlm*. and without qualification, In the seventh artlele of thla military oonrentlon, (American onpy,) shall ba taken to mean?a? in both the British and American armies ?arms, ammunition, clothing, equipment*, sub*lst?Dce. (for m?n) forage, money, and In general all tha wants of an *rmy That word ' supplies" In tha Mexican copy, la erroneously translated vivrrta, Instead of recunot. lUIMPIPl n BPftTH General in-chlff U. 8. Army. Placio Nacial dk Mexico,) Agoeto 24, da 1H47 i RatiSoado, suprlralcoJoae el arilealo 0? y can oaplloaoion Jrl 4" ?n el sentldo da qu? la pas temporal da esta armUtioio M obaervai & en la cupital y velote ocho lfguaa al rededor;.oonvenldo eo que la palabrft supplies ta tr\duioa recuwos, y que an rlla se eomprrnda io que put-da haber meneator ?1 cjerelto. e?o?pto arma" v munlctone*. (Kirmado) ANTONIO LOPtZ DK 3 VN I'A \N*NA. llKABqUARTrni or the Armv or tn> i United States or America. t Taoubaya, August H, 1817. ) I accept and ratify the fin-going quallflcitiona added by *ho President General of the Mesiiran republic. (Signed) WI.VKIELD SCOTT. ** Br command of M^jor General Scott. II. L. SCOTT, A. A. A General. IlniDtVAMHI or tmk AlMr or thkl United Statei or America,/ Tacubaya. Sept. 0. 1 eT47. 1 Ta hit exctllency. tht Prttidtnt and Qitmr*l-in-chitf ?f Iht Miviean republic. Sir : The 7th artiole, aa alio the 19th, that atipulatef that trade shall remain unmolested?of the armistice, or military ooaventlon, which 1 had the honor to ratify and to exchang* with your exoellenoy the -J4th ultimo? have been repeatedly Tlolated, beginning soon after date, on tbe port ot Mexico: and I have now good reaaon to believe that, within the I ant forty-eight hours if ' ot earlier, the third article of that convention has been equally Tlolated by tb? same party. Those direct breaches of faith glre tothianrmy the moat perfect right to resume hostilities ag?lost Mexleo, without any notice whatever; but to allow time for possible explanation, apology, and reparation, I now give formal notioe that, unless full aatilnrtiou on tlioee allegation* should be received by me before l i o'clock, meridian, to-morrow, 1 shell conaider the said arinUUc* at an end from and after that hour. 1 have the honor to be, your excellency's moat obedient servant, WIN FIELD SCOTT. [Translation ] IIkaiiuvarter*. Armv or Mkiiuji Rih ulu . > Mexico 8*pt G. 1H17. i T? llit Excllency Gen. IVi'ifi'ld Scott Commander-inChi'f af the jlrmy ! / iKt Unitrd Sta'rt Sib: By Mm note of your excellency, under this ilat*, 1 learn with surprise that y u consider tiitt tbo eivll ao4 | military authorities of Mexico hare violated articles : seven, twelve, and three, of the armistice which I ooo? eluded with your exoellenoy on the JUli of laac mouth The cItII and military authorities of Mexloo have not obstructed the pasra^e of provisions tor the American army; and if at times their transmission has b?en retarded, it has been owing to the lmpruience of tba American agents, who, without having a previous under* standing with the proper authorities, gave occasion foe popular outbreaks, whioh it has oo?t the Uexiotd vernmtui aauoh trouble to repress Last night and us night before.the esoorts for the provision train w*re,rua4y to start, and were only detained because Mr. Hargouf, tbs agent, desire! it. The orders given to suspend tha intercourse between the two ariuies were addressed ttr private individuals, and not to the agents of the army of the United States, and were intended purposely to expedite the transmission of provisions to the ariny, by conOnin* the intercourse to that object exclusively. lo return for this conduct, your excellency has prevented the owners or managers of the grain .mills iu tbs vicinity of th? city from furnishing any flour to the city, whleb is a true breach of the good faith your exoellenoy bad pledged to me. It Is fats* that any new work or fortiflcatlon hss been undertaken, because one or two repairs have only served to plaoe them in tba same oondition they were iu on the day the armistice was entered into; acoident or the convenience of the moment having caused the destruction of tne then existing works 1 hud very early notice of the establishment of the battery behind the mud wall of the bouse called Garay's, iu the towu occupied by yo?, and did not remonstrate, because th-i pence of t?o great i republics could sat Ut.jnatlu-ta <s>w4 ise tMd&s grave in themselves, but of little value compared to the J result in whioh all the friends of humanity aud of the I prosperity of the Amerlonn continent take so groat an j 1BWWI. It U not without great grief, and even indignation, that I have received communications from the cities ait'l villages occupied by the army of your exoellvnoy, Id relation to the violation of the temple* consecrated t_> tbe worship of God, to the plunder of tha saored and to tbe profanation of the image* entrat'd by the Metioaa people Profoundly have 1 bwn sfllinted by the oomplalnts of fathers and huahaudo, of th? violence offered to their daughters and wive*; and thtse same cities anl Tillage* have been saeked, not only in violation of tha arm 1st lot. but of tho sacred prlnolpies proclaimed and respooted by civilized nations. I have observed sileuce to the present moment, in order not to obstruot the progress of negotiations whieli held out tbe hope of terminating a scandalous war. and one which your exoellenoy has obaraoterlsedso jurtly as unnatural. Bui I shall desist offering apologies, booause I oannot be blind to the truth, that th? true cause ef the threats of renewing hostilities, contained in the nots of your exoellenov, t?, that I have not been will log to sign a treaty which would lessen considerably not only the territory of the reimbllo, out that dlgLity and integrity which all nations defend to tho Inst extremity And if these considerations have not the same weight in the mind of your excellency, the responsibility before the world, who ean easily distinguish on whose side L? moderation and justice, will fall upon you 1 flatter myeelf that jout exo?llcncy will beoonviueeU. on calm reflection, of the weight of my reaseni Bnt If, by misfortune, you should sees only a pretext to d-prive the first city of the American continent of hn opportunity to free the unarmed population of ibe horror* of war, there will be left to me nt other ra?ans of saving them but to repel fore* by force. with the d?ci*lon and energy which my high obligation* lmpo*e upon mo. I have the honor to be your exoelleney's very obedient arrant, ANTONIO LOPEZ DE SAVTA ANNA. A true copy of the original?Mexico, Sept 7, 1817 JOSE l>. ROMKRO. KKPORT OK OgN. WilllTII. IlliD^t'tltTERR, 1?T Division, J Tacubaya, Sept 10 lt)17 ) Sir? Under the inconvenient oirouin*tanoe* Incident to reoeot battle, and derangement from long of o< mmandera. stiff, commissioned and non evm missioned? and amid theaotlve saunes resulting therefrom. I proceed to make a report. In obedience to the order* of the Oeneral-tn-Chlef, of the bai'.le of El Molino del Rey, fought and won on tha 8th of September, 1947, by the lot division, reinforced as follow*: ? l*t. Three squadrons of dragoon*, and one company of mounted riflemen?S70 men, nnder Major Sumner, 3d dragoons. Id Three pieces o/ field artillery, under Capt Drum. Sd. T *o battering guns, (il-pounOurs,) under Captain linger. 4th.rCa4walader'*| brigade, 7b4 strong, consisting of the voltlgeur regiment, the 11th and Mth regiments of Infantry. Havli.g. In the course of thi 7th, accompanied the General-in-Chief on a reoonnolssanoe of the formidable dl*po?it1onj of the enemy near and around the rastlo of ( hi?putt-p"0, they were found to exhibit au extended line ?f cavalry and Infantry MjitalneJ by a fleU balUry of four guns?occupying directly, or niiatalning, atystem of defence* collateral to the castle and summit '1 his examination g-tve fair observation of the configuration of the grounds, and the extent of the enemy's force; but as appeared in the sequel, an inadequate idea of the nature of bis defence*-they being skilfully masked The Oeneral-ln-ehlef ordered that my division, reinforced u< before mentlonml uhnul.l ?? ?>? .1 thoee Mora an t defences, capture the enemy's mrtiil~ry, destroy tbe machinery and material supposed to be id ! the foundry, (El Molino del ll-y;) bat llmitlug the operations to that extent. After which, my command ni to be Immediately withdrawn to Its position In tbe Tillag* of Taeubnya A eloee and daring reeonnolsance, by ? apt Mason of the engineers, made "n the morning of the 7th. represented tbe enemy's line* collateral to Chapnltepr c to be a* fallows :-Hie left rested upon and occupied a croup of strong stone buildings, called El Molino del H -y, adjoining tbe giovuat tbe foot of ibe bill of Chapultepec aod airnoily under the guns of lue ca*tle winch crowns Its summit. Tbe right ot his line rrs'^d upon another stone building, called Caw Mata, situated at the foot of tbe ildge that slopes gradually from tbe heigbtl aboee the fllltge of Tacubaya to ilie plain below Midway between these buildiugs was the enemy 's Add battery, aud his Infantry forces were disposed on either side to support It. This rvconuotss?ttoe was rerltled by Capt. Mason and Col Dunoan, oa thekfternoon of the ssriui day. Toe result Indicated that tbe centre ws? the wesk point ? f th? enemy ? posltloa; and that his flanks were ihestrong points, his lstt flank being tbe stronger. As tbe enemy's system of defsnoe was conaeotud with the hill and oastle or Chapultepeo and as uiy op*rati?bS were limited to a specific object, it became neceftiuy 10 Isolate the work to be accomplished, from the oastle rf : Chapnltepec and it* Immediate defences. To effect this ; object, the following dispositions were ordered -Col. flhrlaud's brigade to take position on the right, *uvD?ih- . ened by two pieoee cf ( apt Drum e batter*, to lo?.k to : 1.1 Mc'llno del Rey as well as any support or this petition rrom Chapultepec; and also within tuelalnlng dlnnnre of the assaulting party and the battering guus, wbii'b, I under Capt (lager, were placed ou the ridge, five or ?ix > hundred yards from El Molino del Rey, to bat'.er and loosen this position from Chapultepec .An as<.u>l'i/ig partyof (We hundred pWk-d m-n ?nd off!'era, under semaand of Brevet Major Oeorge Wright. s:.h infantry, was also posted on the ridge to the left of the battering Kns, to foree tbe enemy's eentre Tbe 2d (Clark's; cade, the command of whleh 4srolr?d on Colonel Mofntoeh, (Coloasl Clark being sink,) wltb Ouucaa's battery, wm te take post (till farther up tbe rl4g*. oppoMl* tbe OMa^iriifct, to leak U??r left flaakuiwula RK H [ORNING, NOVEMBER 1 th* an<*u',tlng column If nece?i<?nr. or to disoomflt tho enemy, (th? ground being fivorable.) as olrcum?tam?* mi.'lit recj lire. Cadwala ier'e brigade *11 held In reaerve Id a p??lUon on the ridge between the battering gum and Mclutorth's brigade. and In ?a*y *upport ot either The cavalry, under M*jor Humner. to wsvolopA our estreat* lilt, and he governed by circumstances - tn repel or attaok. an the command-r's judgment might lu ^nt The troip? to be put In portion undo* cover o' th? night; and th? work to begin as soon as thn heavy rue al could bo property directed Colonel Duncan *?? nhsrgej with the general deposition of the artillery Aoordingly, a*, three o'clock in the morning of the 8th, the lateral column* ware put In motion, on a* many different routes; and wh?n the grey of the morning enabled them to bi seen, they *?'? a* accu rately in position aa if pouted in midday for review The ea-ly dawn was the moment appointed for the attack which wax anuounoed to our troop* by the opening of Huger'i guns on El Molino del R?y, upon which they continued to play actively until thU point of the eneuy's llue became senilblr shaken. when the assaulting party, commanded by Wright, and guided by that accomplished officer, Captaii Mason, of the engineer*, Minted by Lleuteniu'. Foster, dashed gdlantly forward to the assault Unshaken by the gulling lire of musketry and canister that was showered upon them, on they rushed, drlvlog InUutry and artillery-men at the point of tho bsyouet. The euemy's Held battery was utaen, H<1 uia uwu guaa were trailed upon bit retreatiof rn^Htes; befjre, bowever, they onuld be dltcharg'd, perceiving that U? had bean dispossessed of this strong position by comparatively a handful or men. ho intuit a drape rata effort to regain It. Aoonrdiu<ly bit retiring forces tallied and formed with this object Aidad by the inf*ntr , wbloh covered tho house-tops, (within reach "f wbich thebuttery ba 1 baen moved daring th? night ) the enemy'* whole line opened upon tba assaulting party a territlo fire of inutkeiry, which struck down eleven out of the fourteen offlner* that composed the oommand, and non-commissioned officers and men In proportion; including, amongst the officers. Bvt Maj Wright, (he commander; Cspt Mason and I.lent Foster, engineers, all severely wounded. This severe shook staggered, for a moment, that gallant band The light bat talion, held to cover Huger's battery, ander Capt K Klrby Smith, (Lieut Col Smith belnj sick.) and the right wing of Cadwalader's brigade, were promptly ordered forward to support, which order wait executed in the most .ilant ttyie, the enemy wai u;aia routed, and tbla point of his ltue carried, and fully possessed by our troops In the meantime Oarland's (1st) brlgtde, ably suetalned by Capt. Dram a artillery, aaaautted the euemy's left, and, after an obstluate and very severe contest, drove him from this apparently luipri enable postlnn, immediately under the guns of the oanue of Cbapuitepec Drum's motion, and tie batturirg guns under Capt Ifug'r, advanced tu the enemy'4 puJtlon, and the oaptun d gan* of the enemy were now opened oa bis retreatii/g forces, on which they continued to fire uut'.l beyond their roaah. While this worlc was iu progress of accomplUhmeut by our cenitrs and right, our troops on tbo left were not idle. Duncan's battery opened on the right of tbo enemy's line, up to thin time ingiged; and the] 3d brig tde, under Colonel Mclntoab, wnn now ordered to assault the extreme right of the enemy's line Th ) direction of this brig tde soon caused it to murk Duucan'a b?ttury?the fire of which, for tke moment, wan discontinued; and the brigide moved steadily on to the arsiUlt of Carta Matt, wbicb, insti ad of an ordinary field entrenchment, aa waa supposed, praved to be a strong stone citadel, surround'd with bastloned entreuchmeuts and impassable dUchu?i--an old Spanish work, reoentlv repaired and enlarged When wlthlu easv musket rang*, the enemy opened u most diaily Are upou our advancing troop*, which was kjpt up, without ! intermission, until onr uulUut men reached the very lope of the parnpwt of the work that aurrouuded the citadel lly this time. 4 large proportion of tho command was cither killed or wounded, amongat whom were the three senior ctBcars present- Brevet Col Mcintosh, Bravet Uout. Col. Scott. Of the 6th infantry, and Major Waits. H.h Infant'y, the Second killed, and the first ai d last desperately wounded Still, the flro from the citadel was unabated. In this crisis of the attack, the command was, .momentarily thrown into disorder, and Ml bvik on the left of Duaoau'e battery, where they rallied. As the 'id brigade moved to the aisault, a rery large cavalry and Infantry foroa was discovered approaching rapidly upon our left, flank, to reinforoe the enemy's right. As toon as Duncan's battery was masked, as betore mentioned, cupporUd by Andrews' voitlgeurs, ot Cadwalader s brigade, it moved promptly to the extreme lelt of our liua. to oheck bha threatened assault on this point. The enemy's cavalry came, rapidly, within oannister raogs, whin the whola battery opened a moat etfentive Are, whloh soon broke tha squadrons, aud drove them back In disorder. During tuis flro upon tha anemy'acaM.U* MAmm.t./l mAViul /> *1tu fnftnf anil changed direction In admirable order, under a moit appalling Ore from the Casa Mata. Thli movement enabled his command to cross the ravine Immediately on the left of Duncan's battery, where It remained, doing noble sorvlco until the close 01 the action At the very moment the cavalry were driven beyond reach, our own troop* drew back frum before the Casa Mata, and enabled the guua ol Duncan's lottery to ra-open upon this position; which after a nhcit. ana well directed (Ire, the enemy abaudoned. The gun* of the battery were now turned upon his retreating columns, and continue! to play upon them until beyond reaoh He was uow driven from r very point of tb* field. and hie strong line*, wbich had certainly been defended well, were la oar pwisesston lu fulfilment of th? instruotlona of tha U<mt rul-ioC bief, the Casa Mata waa blown up, and such of tha captured ammunitlrn aa waa uanlesa to ua, aa well aa the cannon moulda found in El Mollno del Key, were destroi ed. After which, in y command, under the reiterated order* of the (Jeueral-io-Chit-1, returned to quarters at Tacubaya.with three of tha en?my'a lour gui.a, Ctb? fourth having been spiked, waa rendered unserviceable:) aa aUo a large quantity of amall arma, with gun and muaket ammunition, and exceeding fight hundred prisoner*. including flfiy-two commissioned offloar* By the concurrent teatimony of prisoners, the enemy'a foice exce*d-d fourteen thousand men, commanded by Uvn-tral Santa Anna In person. Ilia total los?, killed, (including the 2d and Id in command, General* Valdar?a and Leon ) wounded, and priaouera, amounts to thr.a thousand, exclusive of some two thousand who deserted after the rout My command, reinforced aa before stated, only reaahed three thousand on* hundred men of all arms The contest continued two hours, and ita severity Is painfully attested by our heavy Ions of offloer*. non-commissioned offloera and private*, Including in tha first two c!?s*ea aoine ot the brighteat ornaments of the aervioa. It will b? s?en tliat subordinate commander* apeak In the warinct terms of the con tuct of their olBoera and men, to which I beg leave to add my cordial testimony There oau be no higher exhibition ot courage, constancy, These operations, occurring under the observation of ] the Ocaeriil-in-chief, gives aseuranae that justice will be | done to the noble oflloers aud soldiers, whose valor ?ohi*ved tbm glorious but dear-bought victory. Commecdlog the xailaot dead, the wouud-d, and the few unscathed. to the respectful memory of tieir oouutrymen, and the reward due to valor aud conduct, I present the names of thos? especially notioed by subordinate com launder*, uniting In all they have said, and extending the lame testimony to those not am-'d. Cava/ry?The conduct of Capt Hardee and Lieut, and Adjutant Oakes la botloed with high and deserved commendation. 1. ght HaUtry?HvuU. Hunt, Hays, and Clarke. Ifium'i .Irtiilery? Lleuts. Benjamin and Perter, 4th art.ilary (irdmne*?Lieuts IUgn?r and Stone. L'ihi battalion?Capt. Reeve, Sth infantry; Lleuts. Peck. 21 artillery, and Dent, 6th Infantry id %'lrtilit'ff ?Lieut, and AnjuUnt Anderson, and Lieut. Sedgwick ill jlriilitry?Capt. H. Anderson; and Lteut.a. Lending, Andrews and Shields. 4'A /n/mi(iy? Brevet Major Buchanan; Lieut, and Adjutani Prince, Lluuts. liore, Mmith Julah, Lincoln, McConuell aud JoueH btk Infantty ? (Japts. Ruggles and MoPhall; Lieut, m&d Adjutant Lugenbeel. Lleuts. Kossel, J. P. Smith, C. 8. Hmnllt.in, and Fowler. 6'fc Infantry -Capt. Hoffman; Lleuts T. Johnson and Armlstead, Wetmore. Buckner, and Adjutant Ernst 8'/i Infantry ? Brevet Major Wright; Capts Scrivsn, L. Smith and Oatts; and Lleuts. Selden, Merchant, Morris. Plok>itt, and particularly Adjutant Longatrect. .ioati'liii; Ci'luma - Brovet Major Wright, 8lh infantry, (commanding ) wounded:)Capt. J. L Mason, en(tinners, t wounded;) M I Merrill. i>th Infantry, (killxd;) Capt. A Cady. Sth Infantry, (wounded;) Capt. W. H. T. Walker. 1th infantry, (wounded;) Capt. J V. Bomford, 8th infantry; 1st Lieut. M. L. Hhackleford. 3d artillery, (wounded;) 1st Lieut. C D. Daniels, 'id artillery (wounded:) 1st Lieut. U O Mailer, 4th Infantry; 1st Lieut. J. D. Clarke, 8th lntantry, (wounded;) 21 Lieut j f i-arrjr. ji artillery, (Kineuj Jni i,ieui. j. ??. n Hnclhng.8ch infantry, (wounded;) 2d Lieut M Maloiiey, 4tn Infantry; 'id Lieut. John U. Koster, engineers, (wounded ) It becomes my grateful duty to notice the respective commandera each of whom was distinguished lor conduct and gallantry Major Sumner, 'id dragoon*. manxged his command with skill and coursge ; wus always In the right plsee. at the right tune ; ini'nncing or repelling superior lore** of ti s own arm. 1 oaunot give, nor do?s that excellent officer n"ed. higher praise. Limit Col iMo >re, 3d dragoons, coining on the Arid during the aotiou, while k,TIi>K ? Ao* example In bis own puraon. delicately for Dor* to exercise his right to naoiud Lieut. Col. Duncan baring been charged with the geneial disposition of the artillery, executed that servio?< with bis usual talent, and then commanded and uU rooted the tire of bis own battery with habitual effect and results, ilia report embodies those of Huger and Drum. Capt. Huge*, obief of ordnanoe, placed bis batteries and directed their lira* with thehigbeet skill, allect, and gallantry Capt Drum's conduct wm in all rfeapeoU admirable. (8ee his report, Lieut. Col. Duncan's, aud that el bis brigade nouitnnnder, Oartaud ) Tha eblef of tha first brigade (Garland) conducted I bis command u> the assault with a courage and ability worthy ol bis own distinguished reputation. He sp-aks In terms of high commendation of the brigade Milf ? ; Dre?t. C apt Nlohols A. A A O . and Lieut Thorn, A. D. C.?both of whom were conspicuous? the latter capturing a regimental standard 1Jrevet Col Mcintosh led the id brigade to the assault wKh tbtj most during courage, and 'ell under two , severe w tuutls He bestows deceived |?'*l^ on the brl- | gad? stall -Li?u| ana A. A. A. <' Kiranam, whoae conduct wan conspicuous to the whole o?muiand, and Lt. Burwell, who fill heading the aASsult. Captain YicKnnale eominauded the 'id artillery; ( ant Hurke the 3d (superseded in the course ( the action by Lieut Cat fieiton); Msjor Lee the 4th infantry; Capt Chapman the Atfe, after the fall of Lieut Col oott) Majar Boanerlile the 6 th la/aatry; Majw Waite tha > ?**' " ""' y*~ -I -r-'-TMIBMUMUl [ E R A 7, 1847. fith (aucoeeded, aft-r b?ing wounded, by Brevet Major Montgomery) MoKenne. Burke. Walte, and Montgomery wera eminently dUtlntuiiihed I deaire to brio* to tba notloe if tha Oen?ral-ln?hlef tha fralUntrv anl eonduot of Brigadier CJeneral Cadwalader and bl* command. by which tha moat timely and eaaentlal aerrloe wai rendered In aupportln* the kltMk. and following up tha luocea* Suih movement* u be wai dlreoted to make were executed with seal and promf>tneaa General Cadwalader p\rtioul>trly not loon Col Andrawt, Ueut Colonel Ortham (killed). Lieut. Colonel J. F. Johnson. Major* Caldwall anl Talnott, Captalaa C J Biddla. Irwin and Uutbria; Lieut R H Johnson; Aulltant Surgeon Si O Soott. and eapac lally Capt U l)e*s aaslnUnt adjutant general My acknowledgments are din. and respectfully tendered to Major Kirby, pay dnotrtment, and Major Oaine?, of tha headqu<trt?r* staff; who oats* to ma frequently during (he ooufliot with oommunlottlons from th? Cinneral-tn chief; aud at orltlc*! moments, my cwn tad being datached, did me th< favor. undar very hot Ore. tn glv.? me their aid I beg to tender thoae gentle i.'fu U?jr ???iuduiii if niruj, a nun inr o: thirty fire year*' unrequited servio*. I cannot close this ruptrl without ? paring tribute to ; the gallant dead, among whom the service mourna , the high-sotiWd Soott. brevet lieutenant Colonel 6th infantry : Captain Merrill, 3th infintry, on whom netnmand of the storming party devolved; Captain i E. Kirby Smith (mortally wounded, and since I dead), commanding the light battalion ; Brevet Captain Ayrea. 3d Artillery ; Klrst Lieut Burbank, (mortally wounded, and alncedead) 81b Infantry; Lleuta Strong and Burwell, 6th Infantry; and Lieut, hurry, 3rd artillery All theae gulleiit men fell aa, when it pleaded Ood. they would have wished to fVt'.l, fighting bravely at the head of their troops; leaving a bright example to to the service, and spotless Damn to the cherished reoolleotiena ot comradra It ia again my grateful duty to preeent to tho generalln-ohlef thoae ever-faithful and aeoomplished medical offloera. Hat tnrlve, Wright, Simpaon, De Leon, Simons, Deverli\and Roberta ; the laat mantloned, when t>?e men of hie regiment were almo.-t deprived of commanding offlcera. assumed the dutlea of hla fallen comrades, and was I drsparataly, probably mortally, wounded. 1 bavs to acknowledge my obligations to the gentlemen of the staff, who performed their duties withaocustomed j Intelligence and bravery; Capt Mason and Lieut Foster, engineers, were badly wounded ; Lieut. Armstrong, id artillery, division commissary, who perished at the olose of the action ; <"apt Maokatl, assistant adjutant general ; Capt Pemberton, Lieut. Aemraea, (navv) and Lieut Wood, aids-da-canip; and Lieut Ilardoastle, topographical engineers. And I deaira to ezpreas my particular obligations to Major Borland. Arkansas volunteers, lately a prisoner of war ; G W. Kendell, ea<| , of Louisiana, Capt Wysn, and Mr. Hargona, army agent; who oame upon the Held, volunteered their acoeptable stirvlcea, and conducted themselves, in the transmission or orders, with consplouous gallantry. Accompanying la a tabular statement of casualties, with llatA hv nmn? of rank *nd tll? wl? . nU* r*f. fleer* killed, and torty-nin? wounded ; aeven hundred and twenty-nine rank aud His killed and wounded. Refereuce In reapeotfully mide to the annexed topographic il oketch, executed by Lieut. Hardcaetle, a* illustrative of the tactical part ofthi* report. I have the honor to be, very respectfully. your obedient servant, W. J. WORTH. Brevet Major General commanding. To Capt. Scot r, A. A. Adj Gen., headquarter!. Dattlca of Mexlro?Capture of the City. RKl'OKT Of MAJOR GENERAL, SCOTT. No. M. llttiiiiutiTiii or thc Armt, ) National ralace of Mexleo Sept 18, 1847. ) Sia: ? At the end of another eerie* of arduouii an J brilliant operations of more than forty-eight hour* oootinuanoe, this itloriou* army hoisted, on the morning of the 14th, the oolors of the United State* on the walls of this palaoe. The viotory of the Bth.atthe Moilnoe del Rey. was followed by daring reo nnnissanoes on the part of our distinguished engineer*?Capt Lee, Lieut* Beauregard titevens and Tower? MsJ >r Smith, senior, l>-ing sick, and Capt Mason, third in rank, wounded Their operation* were directed principally to the south?toward* the gates of the riedad. Han Angel, (Nino ferdido,) San Antonio and the Paseo de la Viga. This city ttiiMle on a slight swell of grotuil, near the centre of an Irregular basin, and I* girdled with a dttoh In it* greater extent?a navlgahln oanai of great breadth and deptl??Tery dlBeult to bridge In the presenoe of an enemy, and serving at onoe tot drainage, custom-house purpose*, and military defence; leaving eight entranoe* or gates, over arohes?eaoh of whloh we found defended by a system of atrong work*, that seemed to require nothing!) ut some men and gun* to be impregnable. Outside and within the eross-flras of those gate*, we found to the si'uth other obstacle/) but little Ins formidable. All the approaches near the oity are over eletated oauseways, out in many places (to oppose us) and flank* ed. on both aide*, bv ditches, also of uniumil illnintoinni The numerous cross-road* are fl*nk?d, Id lik* manoer. having bridges at the intursaotions.recantily broken l'h? meadow* thus chaokered, arit, moreover, in many spots, under wat?r or m&sby; for. It ?U1 be remembered, we war* In the midst of the w*t mMon, though with less rain than usual, and wasould not wait for the fall of the neighboring lakes and the eonsequent drainage of tha wet grounds at the edge of the oity?tha lowest In the whole basin After a oloae personal surrey of thn aontharn gates, covered by I'lllow's division and Kilay'a brigade of Twiggs' ?with four times our numbers onoontr*tad in our immediate front?1 determined, on the 1 Ith, to avoid that net-work of obstacles, and to seek, by a sudden inversion, t) tha southwest and west, less unfavorable approaches. To economise the llvsa ot our gallant officers and men, as well as to ensure suooess, it became indispensable that this resolution should b? long masked from tha enemy ; and again, that the new movement, when discovered, should be mistaken for a feint, and the old as indicating our true and ultimate point of attack Accordingly, an the sp'it, the 1 ltb, I ordered Quitman's division from Coyoaoaa, to join Pillow, by day ii|ui, vBiuri kuc i juuinni |im, Mid men IQIl IB* 1*0 major itncrtli, with their divisions, should, by night, proceed (two mlltt*) to join ma at Taoubaya, wh>r? I wu quartered with Worth'* division. Twiggs. with Kiley's brigade and Captains Taylor's and 8teptoe's fl?M batteries -the latUr of 13 pounders?wu left la front of those gates, to manueuvra, to threaten, or to rake fain* attack*, in order to oocupy and deceive the enemy Twifga'a other brigade (Smith's) wai left at supporting distance, in the rear, at San Angel, till the morning of the thirteenth, and also to support our general depot at I .Uiscoac The atratagein against the south was admirably executed throughout the twelfth and down to the afternoon of the thirteenth, when it was too late for the enemy to recover from the elfeets of his delusion. The first step In the new movement was to earry Chapultepeo, a natural and isolated muuod, of great elevation, strongly forlitted at Its base, on its aoclivltlM, and heights Ucsides a numeroui garrison, here was the military college of the republis, with a large number of sub-lieu truants and other students. Those work* were within direct gun-shot of the village of Tacubaya, and, until carriel, we oould not approach the olty on the wait, without making ? otreuit too wide And too n*xardoua. la tha course of the same night (that of the 11th) h?afj batteries, within Mi; ruifti, were established. No. 1, ou our right, under the ooaunand of Capt. Drum, 4th artillery, (relieved lata next day, for aoma hours, by Lieut. Andrews of tba Vd ) and No. 3, commanded bjr Lieut, ilagner, ordnance?both supported by Quitman's division Mos S and 1, on the opposite aide, supported by Pillow'a division, were commanded, tha former by Captain Brooks and Lieut S S Anderson, 3d artillery, alternately, and the latter by Lieut. Stone, orduanoe. The batteries were traoed by Capt. linger and Capt Lee, engiueer, and constructed by them, with the able assistance of the young oItinera oi thoae oorpx and tha artillery. To prepare for an assault, it wy foreseen that tha play of the batteries might run into the second day; bat reoent captures had not only trebled our siege pieces, but also our ammunition; and wa knew that we should greatly aug -eut both, by carrying the plaoe. 1 was, tnerefore, in no hasle in orderiug an assault before the works were well erippled by our missiles. The bombardment and o*nuona4e, under the direction of < apt. Hugcr, were oommnncad early in the morning of tbe 13tb Before nightfall, which neocssarily stopped our batteries, we had perceived that a good impression had been made on the castle and Its outworks, and that a la: ga body of the enemy had remained out IiIh. towards me oil*, from an earl* hour to avoid our ' Ore, and to be at hand on tta ceeiation. la order to reintoroa the garrUon aguioat an aaaauli The Minn ou tilde | foroa ?u discovered the next morning, after our battarla* had reopaned upon the oaatle, by which wn again reduced it* garrUonto the minimum ufad?d for th? (Ml Pillow and Quitman bad been in petition *ince eaily in the sightot the llth Major General Worth *u now ordered to bold hladivlflou.ln re*erve, ntartha foundry, to rapport rulow; and Brigadier General Smith, of I"wlgg*f divUiloii, had iu*t arrived with hU brigada from Plod ad, (3 mil**,) to rapport Quitman Twigg*' guoa, before tha Boultu rn gat?f, again reminded u?, aa the day bafore, that he, with Klley ? brigade and Taylor * and Mteptoe'a ba-.terlm, ?u in activity, threatening the Noutharn gate*, *nl there holding a great part of tha Mexican army on tbe d?ifen*ive Worth'* dlrlflcn furnlKbed Pillow's attack with an aa aultlng p*riy of *o?a54U volunteer olfloer* and man, und?r Capt. McKwilla, of tbe .'U artillery; aud I wiggg' dlvt*lon luppllad a eimllar one, eouimau led by Capt C'a. I p-y, Vd iuiantry, to Quitman Kacli of thone llltle ooluinia win fuimehed wtih scaling ladders The signal I bad appointed f >r the attack waa the rno meatary ceiiatioa oi lire on tbe^artof our heavy battone* About H o'olook Id the morning or the 1.1th, judg'Ugtbat the time had arrived by the effect.of the uiinsUe* we bad thrown, I sent an aid-dr-oatnp to ftiluw, and anatDer to Quitman, with notice that the concerted k.gnal waa about to be jrtttn Both oolumnt now advauotd with an alacrity Uiat gave aaanranea of prompt cucceM. Tha taueriea, falsing opportunity*. threw nhota ami ?belln upon tha enemy over the head* ot our uien, with good effect, particularly at every attempt.to reinlorce the work* from without to meet our auault. Major iteneral 1'illow'* approach, on tha weit aide, lay turough an opeu grave. Ailed with abarp t hooter*, wno were xpecdily dltiodged; when being up with tha front of thu attack, and emerging into open 'pace at the foot of a rooay a :c!tvity, that gallant l?<der wna struck down by an agonising wound. I'll* immediate command devolved on Hrlgailer General ( adwalader, In I the absence of tbo senior Urlgadier (lleroe) of the name , diviaiou an Invalid *lnne the event* 01 August. 19 On a previous call of KUlow, Worth bad Just rent him a reI lulurceuieut?Col Clark'* brigade. I ll" broaen acclivity waa *iUl to ba aaoendad, and * *trong rxdoubt, midway, to ba carried, batara reaablng ' thaeaaila on the brig at* Tha advance of our brave I man, lad by brava offloars. though neoea*arUy alow, waa I tawavariag, om *o?lu, u4 aim, ami aata % . "7^ LD. Prlc? Two CI?M. th* hotUat f\r? 0? nVinon m<i?Vc?trr Th? rwdoobt now yl*l<K1 to tmUU?m v?l ?f, %11 tb< hiu'.< ttk%* fotlow*d tan >unoad to th? notla tba f?>.? tbat la?p?<?<l?d ?ba ooanf w?ra *t4?iUy drWan fr>m (holt?r to b?lt?r Tba r-tra*t allowad not tlnai to (Ira ? atngla nlM without tba etruiatr of blowing uo frUni >a l foa Tbow who At dkitinis attemnud to apply oitobM to tba i long train*. war- *bot down by oar man Tb*r? *u daatb bulow. ?i wall u abiva Krouat At Wa<tb Um dltnb and wall of tha mita w irk wir* ruMbad; *h? noiilim 1*1l?r? war* brought up an 1 pWnt-d by tba ttormlog partlna; ?omi of tha daring iplrlta drat in thf awault war* ea?t down?killed or wonndod; bat a lo-l#mant waa aoon taad-j ?tr?ami of haroaa follow ad; aB oppoaltloa waa oraroom*. and aavaral of our raglmaatal color* flung oat fr>m tb* uppor w?lli a<nid?t long-*oa? tlnuad Mhou and nbeara. wbiob Mat dlia?y Into tba oapltal No aoena oould hare baan mora animating or (W rioui Major Onnaral Qulfmw, nobly aupportad b? Brlgadlar 0?u?r*l bluald* ml ainifi (P K ) hl? otbar nffljsn and man. wi< up with tba part aMlguad bim Mloialtan^oat j who inn movHoiant on tn* >?i. a* a?a (tmauj approached th* soutbaaat of the Htm* worfei, over a oaaaeway wlthcuti and l>*tterl*a. anddafsndai by an army strongly posted ouUlda. to the *Mt of tha work*. TlMM formidable obftaole* liulttntn had to feoe. with bat Uttla shelter for hi* t roops or fpioetor u?d<ii I'riof De*p (JitcbvN fltiiklng th* 0111(11*17. ran da it ditfliuit to orota on either side into tb? ?JJoioin* meadow*, and thaaa again wer* lnters*ot*d by other dltahe* Smith udhll biigtdt hid bMii wrly thrown oat to mtki * i*Mf the right, In order to pre?*ut a front agaltut the aaamj ' line, (ou side) and to turn two loterven'ng batteries near tha foot of Chapuitepeo Thta ni?*a?it WM also Intended to rapport Quitman's storming partiaa, both on tho oaussway The first of theae. furnished by Twiggs' division, wa* commanded in aujoeasion by Capt. 1 a<rj. 1 infantry, and ("apt Paul, 7 th infantry, after Caaey bat been severely wounded; and the second, orltiaully under the gallant Major Ttrlgg*, marine eorpa, Iliad, and then Captain Miller, 3d Pennsylvania volunteers. The storming party, now oommandad by Capt. Paul, seconded by Captain Roberta, of tha rlflaa, Lieut. Stewart, and other* of the sam* regiment, Smith's brtgade carried the two batterlea in the road, took SoBM guna. with inany prisoners, and drove the enemy poatad 1 behind In anpport Tha New York and South Carolina volunteer's ^Shields' brigade) and the 31 Pennsylvania I volunteer*, all on th* left of Quitman's Una, together with portions of his storming parties, oro**ad tha a** down in front, under a heavy fire, and entered tha outer enoloaura of Cbapultepoo Just in time to Join la tha floal assault from the west Hasldea Major (ituurala Pillow and Quitman, Brigadier Oeneruls Shield*. Smith and Cadwaladar, the following an* the officers and oorp* most distinguished in tflkwe brilliant operations: Th* volUgeur ragmant In two detachment*. commanded, respectively, by Colonel Andrew* an I Meat Col. Joboatone?the latter moat via the Ira 1, aooompanied by Major Caldw*U; Captains Barnard and Biddle, of th* (am* regiment?the former tha first to plant a regimental oolor, and tha latter among tbe flrai in the ataault; the atormlii/ party of Worth's divlgjou, under Captain McKemla, 3d nrtillery, with Li. Seldou, 8th Infantry, early on tbe ladder and badlj WOklll(l(>.l: Limit ArinLts a. 1 Kf h inf?nrr? tha Armt Ia ltaj> iuto the ditch to plant a Iftidrr. LleuU Rodman of tb.i 4ib. and J. P. Smith of the Atb lofaotry?b>tn b? tally wounded; the 0th Infantry, uodar Col. RanaoB, who wag k'.lled while uaUntlv ltallng that gallant rattlment; tha Iftih inl'anry, under Lieut. Col Howard and Major Wood*, with Captain C,ha?e, whoie company nlr lan.ly carried the redoubt, mtdway up tba acolmty: Col Clarke's brigade (Woith'a dlrUloo) cooeUtlng of tha 6tb, Sth, and part of tha 6th regiment* of Infantry, cmnianded, respectively, by Captain Chapman, Major Montgomery. and Lieut Edward Johaaon? the latter peolaMy noticed, with Clean Longftrfet (badly wouod?d ? advancing?eolora in hand) Pickett. and Merchant? >be Unt three of the Bth Infantry; portion* of tba I'lltid Hint m marine*. New York, South Carolina, and 3d Penn*yl?aula volunteers, which, delayed with their division (Quitman'*) Wy the hot engagement below, arrived Ju/t iu time to participate In tba M??alt of tbe height* ?particularly a detaobment uuder Lieut R-ld, New York v luuteare, oouaUttng of a aompaoy of tha tuna, with one of marine*; and another dataohinent. a portion of the ttjiiniug |aity (Twlgge* division, eervlim with Qu tjaau) undar Lieut ateele.-Jd Infantry? after tha fall of Llent. Oautt, 7th infantry in tbla connexion, It labutjuit to reoall the deel*l*a effect of the heavy batterlri, Sot 1, 9. 3 and 4 comI mantled by thoaa eloellent otiloer*-Cao'aln Drum. 4tfc artillery. instated by Lieut*. B?rJ*mln and forur of tali own oompany; Captain brook* and Lieut And raoa, '.Id artillery. aMUted by Lleat Huaaeil. 4th InfenUy, a volunteer; Lieut* ifagner and Utoue, of ibe ordaanoa, and Lieut Andrew*. 31 artillery-the wbnU *uportt?tended by Captain ilugur, ehlrf of ordnanea wiu? thl* army?an offlocr distinguished by every kind o( merit. The mountain howifur battury, under Lleat. Reno, of the orrinanoe, deserve*. alto, to be particularly mentioned. Attached to tna voltlgear*. It foUowea tit* movamvntiot that regiment, and again won ap|tl?u<e. in adding to tba IU( of Individuai* of aonaploaoua marit, I molt iimttmyaelf to a few of tna many nana* which ml^ht be enumerated: -Captain Hooker utlMMl adjutant general. who won ep'Olal applauee eucoeasively, la the itafl of TilJow and Cadweltder; Lieut Level!. 4th artillery, (wouaded) chief of Qaitmao'i staC, Capt. Paga,asaUtant adjutant general, (wounded,) aud Lieut. Hammond, Sd artillery, both ofSblel<l?' et*(, and Lieut. Van Dorn,(7thiafantry)ald-4*-oampto Brig Oen Smith. Tboen operation* all oaeurred on the we*, aoutheaa*, and height* of Chapultepeo To the north asd at tM haae of the mound, inaaueaatbieoa that ride, the Uih IB* fantry. under Liaut. Col. Hebert. the Uth, uader Col. Trousdale and Capt Magruder'a fleld battery, lat artlltery ?one aeotten adruoad under Lieut. Jaokaen?all of nllow'a divialon?had, at tha aama Una, miim eptrtv ed affair* against superlor number*, driving the sonny from a battery in tha road, and aaptarlag a gun la there, tha officer! and ooroa named Kalnrd merited pralaa Colonel TrouadaW, tha oomotillu, Iboagh twlon wounded, continued on daty unVi tha halfbu wara carried. fcarly in tha morning of tha 11th, I wpwUi Um P?4? of lb? nlgbt before to Major Otnml Worth, to ta, with bit dlvlaion at hand, to lupport tha moT*m?i>t of Major 0*n*ral Pillow from our loft. Tha lattar mm too* to hare called for that entire dirlaton, ataodlag n?onant*-iI* in wmtm, and Worth arat blD Col. Claraa'a brlga4? The otll, If not con?or??ary, ?a at laaat from tha ot*? oumttanosa. unknown to me at tha time; for, woa ohicrviug Uut tha vary large bod/ of tha ana bit, In tha road In front of Major General Quitman* right, *M reoaWlog ralnfocaamnnta from thaouy?laM than a milt and a half to tha aaat?I lent InatrucUona to Worth, mi our oppoalta flank, to torn Cbapultepao with hla dlrlaioa, and to prooeed, eautloualy, by tha road at lea northal* baaa, In ordar, If not mat by rary ?uparlor nnmbera, to thraatan or to attack, la rear, that body of tha aaamy. Tha raorrm at, it waa alio Dalleved, oonld not fail to detract and to Intimidate tba aaamy generally. Worth promptly advanced with hla remaining brigade ?Colonel <ierlar>d'a?Lleat Col C F Smith'* lightdbU talloa. Llaiit Col Duaaan'i fleld battary?ail of hla ?tt lalon?aad threw tquadroaa of dragoon*, uadar Mater Humour, which I had J oat ordared up to Join la UM movement. Having turned tha foraat on tha waat, aad arriving oppoilta to tha aorth centra of Chapoltapao, Wort* oaine up with tn? troop* in UM road, under Col rroatdale, and ildtd by a flank aoiMnt of a part of Otl land'* brigade In taking tbe one gnn braaatwork, under tb* lira of Lieut. Jaoluon'a Motion ot Captain M?gruder'i field battery. Continuing to adTtaoa, tbl* dtvlilo pa seed Chapultapao, attacking tba right oi tb* enemy'* line, rating on tbat road, about tb* mwt of the general retreat ooa*?nuent auon tba eaptura of tb* formidable oaatl* and It* outworn. Arriving tome minute* later, and mounting to tb* tap of tha cattle, tba wbol* field, to tba Mat, lay plainly undar my view. There are two route* from Chapultapeo to tba capital ?the one on the right entering tha aaaa gate, Baiaa with the road from the couth, via Pledad ; and the oibtt obliquing to the left, to Intcrceet the great wactern, or ban Co*u?* road, In a raburb ontald* of tb* gate of San Count*. Each of the*e roqtoc (an elevated eaiucway) preaenta a double roadway on the aide* of an aqueduoc or *troog maaonry. and great height, raiting on open arobrc and maaaiTH pillar*, walob, together, afford Una point* both lor attack ?nd drfence The aldewaya of both aqueduoto ar?, moreover, defended by many nrpng br*a?twotka at the gate*, and before reaching them A* wa had e_apeated, we found the four track* unueually dry aad m>U4 for the wawn ... Worth and Qultuau wer* prompt la puriuing tb* rotreetlng enemy -the former by tbe Ban Coaase a^uedaot, and tbe Utter along that of Helen, kaob bad now *4vanoed *ome hundred yarda. I'lTBIIUU lb Ml lUipVI MUh tV fIVUI W/ VUI md tbe ruon i|u?jui dlamay of Ui intaj, which oouM not be otherwlae than general. I hMtnri to deapatoh, from < Impultapec-flrat tlarke'e brigade, and tbe* Cadwalader'a, to the aupport of Worth, mm gave ordera that Uie BiiMMtrj hnn (una ahould follow Pl?f oe'a brigade waa, at tha aama time, aaat to Quitman, and, la tha oourae of tha afternoon, I oaoacd aome additional aiege pia??a to b? added to lila train Than, after deeignatlng Uia lfttb Infantry, under Llaat. Colonel Hoeard ? Moigitn, the oolonel bad been dlaablad by a aruuad at Chntuooaco? aa tbe garrison of Cbapuitepec, and giving dlrnctioua fjr tba care of tha prlaonera of aar, the capturad orduauce and ordnance Rtorra, 1 proceeded to Jeln the advance of Worth, witbin tbe ,naburb, and beyond tb? turn at the J auction of tbe aqu?duot wltb tbe great b.ghway fiuw tne weat to tbe gaie of SanCoeme. At tbla Junction of road*, we flrat paaaed one of tbooa formidable ajateou of city defencea, apoken of abo?e,a*d I'.had not a guu !- atroog proof?1. Tbat tba enemy bat eip?otrd tie to rail in tne attaek upon Cbaptutepao, e??n II ?e meant any tlung more than a feint; 3 1'Uat, in ellber mm, wa designed, In ble Oellef, to t*>irt Mid doable our furoaa egamat tba Southern gate* ?a detwrtoa ktpi up bjr tbe aotiva demonatrallooa of T*igga and tbo toroea p?a?ed on tbat aide; and 3 ibai adtauolng rapidljr irom tba reduoilonof Cbapultepao, tha anaaji bad not ume to abtfi ^noa?-our prerioaa o apt urea hM )Oit bim. comparatively, but tew -from tne aootbern gatea Wltbln tbooe aia^arnlaaad work*, I tound oar tioop nngagrd In a atreet flght agaiort tbe enemy poated In |<r> dena, at wlndowa and on houee-topa?all flot, with para(rata Worth ordered forward the mountain howneere oft adwelader'a brigade, prteedtd by akirmlabera and pionatra, with ptck-asa* and erow-b*ra,ta torae window* end doora. or to bjrrow through wail* Tbe aaaa-lanta were aoon in an ?quallty of poaition fatel to tbe enemy. By 8 o'clock in the awning, Worth bad carried two b?vurlea iu tbia mhurh According to my ina'rae lone, ho here poeud gnarda end aeittinela, and placed hia iroopa under ahalter lor the nigtt There *?a but una mora oU table?the Ian i oame gate icuaiom-booaej between bun and tbe great rqewie in front of the ca.nedral and palace the beart 01 lHe oily, and that barrter. It wmi hown oeuld lot, by day-Ught, rartH ow atege I*' ^fhldfOBa^MaJi W the *ei * Cha??lW^ *****

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