18 Kasım 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

18 Kasım 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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th: Vol. XIII. No. Jlff-Wboi* No. 4913. THE NEW TURK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, RortlKWMt corn or of Pulton and Huun sta ( JAMES BjRDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR CIUnJLATU?R_W)HTV TflOL'SAJfD. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cents p?r copy? $7 ?5 p?r *n?am?luvflble it ndYanc*. WiCKKLY HKRALI)?Every S <mrd?y?Price #K cent* p?r cnv-$1 12^4 emu |M>r milium?payable in a'lrence. UKRAl.1) FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Pycket day? Pno'iiVi rta>* per copy?Si per tcoum, including poetafe, or SI Vi rwluin ol p->?taq?, payable iu advance. Hub-crip<ud Kl*f-rci>emeutt will be received by Mean*. CJaliK nnni, 18 rue Vivienne. Pari?; P L. Simondi, 18 Combill, and Jo'io M'lirr. th' boi>h?ell?r, London. ANNUAL P1CTOKIAL HER *LD-Pnbli?hed on the l?f of F nn?ry of eai:h v<"?r??in*le copy litpenee. ADVERTISEMENTS. at the Mnalp'iee*?*lw?yi cseh is nJv uire Adv?rti?e;iient? ih'itlid ba writ'rn in *^-lsln, legible miuier i nr prnprieiur win uoldc res; ouiiD'e lor priori r.nai msy occur in tnrrn. PH1NTING of all kinds executed beautifully and witf <** patch. A" letters or ooiwnttLicAtiotia br mailt addreaaad to th? rrusriator of tit* esiiblislnneat. must be poit paid, ortha poat M ''I K? tlMfla^tarf f'nrn (h? nWrlntinR ma??r '??nil>t4 JjArtu l KK?Thura-tay Kvenu?i( (Nov llth wiMb " toiformed tlie t-ngedy of OTHELLO?Oihello, Mr. Pitt; 1 iiro, Mr I)y<>tt; Ca iw, Mr. Stark, Rodrngo, Mr A. An.irt ws; Desderaon* Mrs O Jones; Emilia. Mrs. Abbott. T<* conclude with ilie one act comrdr, called A KISS IN THE H ARK?Mr Pettilione, Mr. W. B. Chapman; Mra. l'ettill' i>e, Mrs. Kuiirlit. Do' ts open at 6.SJ o'clock. Performances will commence at 7 o'clock. fl vcv<l; 1'it.WcU; OalUry. 35 centa. DOW'KKV THEATRIC.?W. iacbsois Manager; Mints 1 ? ' "'tifer. Mr'STBve.vs ?Thiir?da" Kveninir. November til. will ! ' 'Cted, the tragedy of ION?Ion, Mrs. Shaw: AdrasVis, Mr W. Maashall; Ctetiphon, Mr. J. H.Hall; Phocion, Mr C W.Clarke. To conclude wi h the drama of CAPTAIN KYD?Robert Leiler. Mr. Wr.r.hall; Mark Meredfth. C. W. (. larke: HorseIII m Hemlock. Mr. C. Burke; Kate of Belmont, Mis. Phillip*; kliutty, Mrs. Jord-tn. ... , Poors open ni f>X o'clock and tha curtain will nsa at T. U'-?es 25<>nts; mid Gallery. 11XCenta. g ' ti v i'ri \M THEATRIC? Undartha Mina*em?M of Mr ' S h'LKTCHV.R?Stage Manajter, Mr. Addia.?Thursday, K.vei oc, Nov. IS. will be performed the drama of MINUTE GUN AT 8 E \?Mi lea Lva4adowii, Mr. ff. Hield; Tom Tiugh. Mr llield; Jerry Twiat, Mr. C Hint.; Mary, Mrs. He bi t _ Afcer the drama, the admired LIVING TABLEAUX by'he Model Artistes. _ To conclude with the lanuhable interlude o( BOMBA*TE"? FUttlO.iO?King Artuvitmuej, >:r. C. Taylor; lien. BoiAbist's, Mr. C. Hunt; Divaffiua, Mra. Herbert. ll..*?-s 2rj cents?Pit IJ>4 cents. _ __ ITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE.?Thursday Eve-' i.inff, Nov. ISifi?The performance will commence with HOBINSON CRUSOE THE II.?Marmaduke Hoodgr ss. Mr. Hol ?n<l; Clementina, Miss Mary Tay'or. After which (3d time,) THIS HOUSE TO. BE 80LD? (Shatter Chopkius, Mr.Holland; Dcsdemona. Misi Taylor. After uhich an original nnrleiique, called THE CHINESE JUNK?Theouhilus Catchall, Ksq., Mr. Cunningham; Mysterious Lady. Miss Mary Taylor. To coif lude wi'h ill* fsree of THE SKCRET?Thom?, Mr. Holland; Mid. Dupuis.Miss Mary Taylor. Doors open a 61% o'clock, nnd the curtain will rise at 7. ECHANICfc' HaLL, 472 Broadway, btiwsea Grand and Crooine streets. OPEN EVERY NIGHT. CONTINUED SUCCESS. Neventh wfek ol the uririnai CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS The Oldest Established Band in the United State*. K.1' CHRISTY. K. PKfUCg, G. N. CHRISTY. C. ABBOTT. J. RAY NOR. T. VAUGHN. ti lio?e oniriml nnd inimitable concert* are nightly honored with crowded nnd highly respectable audiences,and universally admitted to excel every amusaanent oi a similar character offried in this city. Admission 25 cent*. Children nnder II year*, half price. Doom open ni 7; concert will corameuce atS o'clock. Seata may be secured on application at the Hall, from IS M. to 3 \ IVJM. _ _ dM 7t*rc BARN WW AMERICAN MUSEUM.?P. T. BiMvr Pronrer0r; V Hitchcoox, Manager SPLENDID EXHIBITIONS AND PERFORMANCES, Every afternoon at 3 o'clock, and every evening at h*lf-pa?t 7. Cptie very day frolsT u clock i i the morning till Id p. m. LAST WEEK OF CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN SERENADERS. MAUNIKICKNT BALLOON PANORAMIC PAINTIN? OK THV OWEAT CITr OK LONDON. GREaT WESTERN, the Yankee Comedian. M1SH BERNARD. Acres*and Vocalist PE TE MORRIS, Comic Singer. CLARA FISHER'S 8HAKSPEAREAN CABINET. THE LIVING ORANG OUTANG. W.u Figures, Likenesses and Portrait* <>f the AMIHTAD CAPTIVE SLAVES. MA ) AM ROOKWKLL. the famous Fortune Telle*.. ANATOMICAL VENUS to be seen for 25 cent* extra. Admission to the wSole. 25 cents; children nnder tea yeaza cl ace nn* old enough to walk alone. 13% cents. !tj" lioserved fiont seats one shilling eich extra nPYROLEAN CONCERT"?The HAUSfciTFAMILY * <relnli..ns of ihe Raiueri) will have the honor of giving tieir second Concert in America on Friday Evening, NoMisber 19 h, at'lie Ta'oemaele, on which occasion they will presented ;m c: tire charge of programme. S->.l'fA ll.AUSER, will perform several piecei on the Cilhaia. Ticket* 59 aeuts enclt, to lie had at Ihe music stores -<nd at ftw flirt)' ?u the evening el'the performance. To commence at 7W o'clock. C7* No postponement on account of weather. uH 2tis*re (1 KTANIJ VO'JAL AND INHTUy,'VIC.NTAL CONr CEar -Miss JOSEPHINE BRAMSON will give a < nuaert on VVeJuestlay Eveniug, Nov. 24. at the Tabernacle. Nh will lie as\isted by Miss Jn|ia Northall, and her sister, Mi:.* Harriet Brain son. Mi.) Mary Ann Derwort Violin Mis* Mm Derwort Violin Miss Carolina Derwort Silking Master William Denvort Violoncello 1*1 r Ernst Flutist And a f ill and efficient Urclieitra, leil by Mr. G. Loder. Mr. Timm will preside at '.he Piaoo. Miu Uramson will pe lorm a Grand Concerto of MendelisoHn'i,srlto one of Hriminsl'i. Tiike's.Mi cents? can be Indrit7? Fourth street. at the prin. eipal muOc stores, and at the d?or on the eveoing of the Cones/'. See pr.'itr*mm? in fn nrr bill'. nITItre TLLlANT AND UNPAKALLELE.? ATi'ttA' TION8, ?Mie Week More. ?t Pi..team's Saloon, No 307 Jiroiiwav?Carlisle's Hand of Negro Minstrels. '1 lie y wi lever* tvenii.g appear in a variety of Bonn, Refrains ' horuses. Oveiurts fcc., interspersed with Uifahable Cociindrmra, fee , and make their outerUiumrnta perfectly c'l .-te > nd Ken'erl. nl2 10t*rc P* Ai. KU'H OPEtt \ HOUMK?1 be GK~t> K SL.AVE7by tlie MODKL ARTI8TB1 Dr. Collver'a personiAcatl-ins nf Taiutiuff and Sculpture, by the Mo lei Artistes, for unothur wteh ar Palme's Opera llnum c?mote icts on Monday ermine, Nov. 14. when will be prt'ient?d a f-ittiful represenation of Power's celebrated statue of tlie Guek Muvc, to who'll will be added many new and udendid tableaux T Ti e i >r?ek Slave, with iVUrble au<fColo>ed personifications, O'l Moulay, Wednesday, Thursday aud Stmrday.evenings, anil eiitirr-'y Colored Group* on Tuesday and Friday evenings. For put'^ulers tee descriptive jpruRif.mmr each evening. Prices of \dirtisston?Dress Circle and Pnr<|ieue, 30 cents: I.mlyand Oeoi!enian,7)eet?rs. Upper botes, 2i r-enr*. Seats nmv li* secured at the box office from in A. M., till 4 P. M. Doors open at half-past 6. Personiticatious commence at ha'f pas' 7 o'clock. _ _ _ nH7tis?m fc.fKH T LBV'd CELEBRATF.D COLLECTION OF i'A Scriptural Statuary, cousistiuc of the f>llowioR groups, rrpreeenting inipoiunt and iutciestuic subjects, the size ot Jl'bo Trial 'four Sivionr The LrM Supper. T'>e flirth of Christ. Tlie Al r.il Scene of the Intemperate Family. I? now (.pen at III Broadway. late Walker's Mnsle Rooms, ?pp 'sitethe Apollo,*.try diy.fmm 11 A. M. to lo P. M. Admittance t5 cents <?n Mir Sabbath after divine service, from 6 P \T to 10 P. M. Children half pr ce ul7 ttWThfcSafm Bkook *.Vn"?on" ihCkslTaY. No^ T?,~HTVoiTI, HK.RZ. AND K VOOP, On-Nieht oo't. CA.IIILLO RIVORI, AND HENRY HERZ, IVill irivh in .ml v Concert ai tlir krmMe Academy. GKORMK KPfOOP, Tli* rrniutut Vmlrmctllut, will lend them Uie aid of hia |tow* rrjal tolf&t. farticnlwi in ProKrnmniei. No postponement on utramitnf the wetthnt. n'4 5tre S iJ A I..S U I^*Trt fc KTF UK AT tt H,~ P i|| LADf.LPHI A? "r? Lente E. A. Ma'ahall; Ut?ge Manager. J a*. VV. Wal. lank Jr.?I.eat nig'it hut two of Mr. K. Korreat?Thoraday Vv<aiDg, N>iv. Ill, will be perfniiiied the BROKfitl OK BOGOT*? Baptitra Kebro, \|r KorreU; Antonio de Oubarero, r iVuUack; Mfcrquiade Pilm fti, Mr l.enun; lliiuiou. Mr B'ching-; Juaua, Mra I ** allecki !><M.or. MiuC Chapman. To nmcln a vriih THE J M/OBITK-Sir It Wronghtou, MrLcmtti; Vlaj ?r Murray, K'<rre?trr; Juhn Duck. Chapman; VV.itnw I'uttlS, vl'? haver; Pattv Pottle, Mi*a C Chaplfiau T"-tiiir'u*! Mr. Korreal'a benefit aud Ja?t appearance but one thia aenon. ' _____ / MIKHMT HTKKV.T I IIKATMK, PHI CADEI.PHI'A " V To ^e l.?t. <">ron? year or % nhorter period of time, the <) Iff nut afreet Theatre, with all the aeenery, wt-drolia, libraiv. &.e. i'rrroanla, addreated to the Board of AgenU, 3I Houth tielaware Avenue, Philadelphia, will be received on'ilthe lflih intent*?the propoaala will diatinetly atate the time for -which it ta wanted by ilia applicant; and the manner of paying the rent; alio, the aecunfy intended to be offered, iiljiitia*"! na BaXL.3 A!' THE ?HAK?PEA&K HOTKL, comar of Dtr-ne and William ntr*e U.?Jamea Be Ken Ik Louia Oali IUiNMIM Proprietora' Invitation Da l this, Thursday evening, the ISth laa'ont. "inggold AmoeiMion Ball, Tueiday. the Jld ia?t_ Th.nik-uiri k Hall br the Propriatora, Thoriday. Uth inat. AiiP v-raary of the Poli?h Revolution. 1'hia Ball will be nndi r (he direction uf Mr. Ouzynaki, and take* place on Mondv " h- 25t i 'pet Si. Andre w'j Day?celebrated bye Bcotom Ball, ?otn November i rt nil lt*m YOUN?T5ai ;Hircolis'sol;!KT ?? IFTH -jKASON. The firat *s?emblv will he hold ?t lh* Ai*>llo Kooma on Thnrailay evening ne*t, ?Ath instant. By order ot the cmmittee, nU?*UThMfcTh JOHN MILLH. President. \7 am milk tkhi'lmony kkom til? AoTTtfWr like, *t nil limea, to give credit when credit I* dne, aud if at the ?aroe time we can relieve ?he diitrciaed, we are doubly we. therefore, give the folliwin* voluntary r-ii'imiiy ?? to the beneficial effect* ofWnur'i Dsli'mof Wild fherry, by the editor of ihe " ( olantbie Sonth Carolinian 'who ippeare to hire ohuineil great relief by its nse? To d Dominion, Portumouth, Vn WIBTAK'i DAL8 OF WILD CHERRY. We reM'jm re?.?rc to patent medicine, biting ag'eat reared for tie ?kill nl the regala' nrofeaaion, bat chance threw in our .vjy die nbove n?m?d medicine immediately after the eloaaof the Inat imi'm of the legial 'tnre, when our iuuga were alaoat ii ieJ up by tl>? hichlr rarified atmoatdiere ol our atove-warirni State Home. rhe B<la<m immediately relieved naofa moat h*r a liig congh, which threateied our health ia * ?eiIrn' iteKfee w? feel tint we are indrbted to it for ?ome flftee<i pn'mda of animal weigh'?which addition once felt, catno' b? fOTg<?tt?ll. None gniinme. mileaa'airned I. BUTTB on the wrapper. Tor n !e. wh leade and retail, by A B & D. HA* DS, Ht Inittcri it eet, comer of Villinm, and by the drnggiata gene* I T^'ly alt l??m SI'R.AiM KhlOl.xK? Iff fight horae power, in good nuninif order. l"or aale lo*. Apply to iitu ii I'';k *> I im Kt ''AH'.. <4 Meraer atvef. Th./l'Irti AUGUSTA Hilt??Vrtr., Cninputar and fivlraaor i VI >1 Vnaie, (Oruanitt of the He*. M?. Mc Anlay'a Pouth l)t> (Ii Church) beg leave to inform the ladies ol New York pi.4 Brooklyn, that ahe eontiODfa to give leaaona on tbe Pr,no koite nnd Organ, and in Irellan ana English Singing, and in r.cmuoiition. Reaidence, 4tt Broome itreet, near Broadway I ?irnna?rnmmmmm I m i * E NE NE) THE OFFICIAL DESPATCHES. THE OPERATIONB IN DRTAIL OP THE NEW YORK REGIMENT. THE BRILLIANT DEEDS IN THE VALLEY OF MEXICO. Tire REronr ok oe*. riLLnw. . hkad<|i;aetka* 3d Divmo* u. s. Ahmt. t Mexioo, Sept 18 1847. ) Cai-tain?On the morale# ot the IJth Instant, at 3 o'clock A M , I moved with my command, comiftting of the field buttery of Captain Magruder, the Toltig?ur regiment. the 9th, 1 lth. Nth, uid Ifith regiments of Infantry (the lj'h regiment, cciiatitiitlng pert of tho garrison at Mixooac), aud the mountain howitzer aud rocket battery, from Tanubava to lhn battle Held of the dth inet, whure my disnositlnris where made to take JiosKeseiou of Molino (ltl Hey ll&vii g organised a lori'.e orthl* purpoa*, under command of Lieut Colonel He liert, at daylight his command moved steadily and to beautllul order, under n hot Are of phot and hbeil from Cbspullepec. and seized the mill*. 1 ordered Brigadier Uoueral Cudwalader. with hi* brigade, to bold possession of tbU position, and to det?nd the approaches (which unite at that plaoe) from the city of Mexico and from Santa Ft*. In a short time afterwards. an immense body of lancers, withja considerable foroe of infantry, maue their appearanoe In the valley above me, and : nioved Kt 'adlly forward in the direction of my noiition, until almost within rtaoh of my field pieces With Brigadier General Pierce's brigade, Magruder's baltury, and M?jor Sumner's fin* command of dragoons (that officer having now reported to me for duty), I made every arrangement for tbvir reotption Having thus executed th-j orders of the Oeuerai in chief, "to take possesion of the roilW, to hold tbem, and from this position defend the batteries intended to be opened, preparatory to the assault upon Chapnltepee, and not to provoke a genVral tnzagement with the enemy," I did not, under my orders. feel myself at liberty to become the assailant, and the enemy,regard ins '-prudence as tbe(better part of valor," did not think proper to ussail me. At night 1 drew csy whole force down to the mills, immediately under tbe fire, and almost under the walls of Chapultepee; while the enemy advanced from tho val-, ley, and occupied the position I had held duilng tho day' close iu my rear. Being now almost completely enveloped by the enemy, with Chapultepee and its strong garrison Immediately in ray front, am the enouiy'a large foroe of lancers and infantry in close approximation to my rear, and on my left flank, ay command was compelled to lay on its arms during the night. Kaily on tbe morning of the 13th, Captain McKenzle, 2d artillery, reported to me for duty, with a command of 260 rank and tile from the 1st division. At daylight the cannonade, whlob had oeased at dark on the previous day, was resumed, and kept up on both sides until about 8 o'clock. In the meantime, I was actively engaged In making the necessary preparations for storming Chapultepee. With this viuw, 1 had placed two pieces of Magruder's field battery inside the extensive row of buildings (of which tbe laiils were a part) to clear a sand-bag breastwork, which the enemy had constructed s outside the main wall surrounding Chapultepee, and so as tt> comm nd a breach in that wall I bad also parsed the howitzer battery through the houso and walls ot the mills, a ad placed it in b*tt?ry, so as to aid me in driving tbe ,enemv iroin a strona entrenchment. extending nearly across the tront of the forest, and commanding my only approach to Chapultep?c. While these batteries were admirably served under Capt. Magruder and Lieut Heno, 1 plwoed four companies of the oltigeur regiment, under command ot Lieut Col. Johnatone, in position, with Instructions, that, upon the cessation of the artillery fire, they should advance by a rapid movement on the outside, and under oover of the main wall, aud to enter the enclosure at the breach. At the same time, I placed four itherooinpaales of voltlgeurs, under command of Col. Andrews, at a narrow g&txway opening from the rear of the mills, with orders co advance In front, to unite with Col Johnstone's command, to deploy as skirmishers, and, by a simultaneous movement upon the enemy's flank and front, to drive him from his entrsocbnunts, and the larg* trees behind whloh he had taken shelter. I had placed the ttth and 15th regiment* of iofaBtry Lb position, to advance as close supports to the storming force, and, it necessary, to form a part of It. I had ordered Col Andrews, as soon as the regiment of voltigeurs had cleared the entrenchments and woods, to form in rear of MoKenxin's command as a supporting or assaulting foroe, aooording to the exigencies of the moment. I placed Capt. McKen/te's command Immediately in rear of Col. Johnstone's aomman J of skirmishers, and direoted it to move under the cover of the same wall, to enter the brcaob olose after Johnstone's command. snd, as Johnstone's would brush aw?y the enemy it would advance steadily, asr.iult, and carry the main work of Chapultepeo. 1 had placed my scaling laddtrt in charge of this oommend, and tarnished a strong d?tall of men to oarry them forward to the pars pets. I direoted Lieut, ileno to oarry with the a Ivaning column the mountain howitzer battery, and to use it whenever he conld do so with effect. I had plaoed Col. Trousiinle, with the 11th and 14th regiment*, and one section of Magrudrt'h batUry under command of Lieut Jackaon, ou the road leading on th? left of Chapultepeo to the city, with inatructions to advance on that road, to hold CM ?unmy stationed at the battery on the road in obeervation, and to (ftto hloi battle if he attempted toadTaaoe or suqcorthj forces within the walls of Chapultepec Ilaviig oompleted these dispositions for the assault, while a heavy cannonade was going on, Brig Uen Cadwalader was directed to see to the proper exeoutlon of my orders. All being now ready and eager for the eonfliet, 1 ordered the batteries o. my divisionsilenced. and the oommand to advance?the Oeneral-la-chlef baring silenced the heavy batteries. The voltlgeurs, having driven the enemy from the wood, rapidly pursued him until be retreated into interior fortifications. Close in their rear followed the 9th and 16tb regiments, with equal impetuosity, until these three regiments oooupied the exterior works around the summitot Chapultepeo. Capt. McKenzie's command had not yet oame up The 6th, (ith aud 8th regiments of infantry of f Mineral Worth's division,ordered forward as * reserve, advanced to their positions and formed As soonasCapt McKenzie's command was in position with the lndd?rs. the work was almost instantly carried, and the Mexican fl*g torn fiorn the castle by the gallant Major Seymour, ot the 9lh regiment, and the American run up In its pluce To the voltUeur regiment belongs the houor of hiving first planted its oolors upon the parapet The colorbearer of tb? regiment bsitog been shot down, the oolor was immediately seized by ihe gallant and fearless Cap'. Barnard, who sealed the parapet and unfurled the fl .g, under a terrible fire, from which he received t*o wound* The chief honor of this brilliant vlotory is due to those gallant corps the voltlgeurs, the 9th and lftth regiments of Infantry,who drove the enemy from his exterior entrenchments and positions, toolc possession of and enveloped the creat of the counterscarp, aud iield this position under a heavy fire of grape, canister, and round shot trom tbe enemy's ait Hery. (II pieoes in number,) l>| u very superior foroe of small armi, until the arrival of the ladders: and to Capt. McKenzie'scommand, who brought up the laddors, and with the corps already mentioned, so gallantly stormed andosrried the msin work*. The reserve of (ten. Worth's divlsinu, wl?i?h moved to its position in gallant style.by their presence inspired the whole command with increased confidence; and portions of It participated in the immediate assault, rerultlog In the till of the fortress The advance oi Uen. Quitman's division, which was to have assaulted upon tbe left of the position, having fallen nnder the flra of a battery on the outside of the outer w all, and being unable to scale It in coneemieuce ftl? aeea ..1-H I ?. _ _ _ . V, ... ? -?U. V. < * *> vunuru IW Ulir ;,U ?*f V^riU hundred yard* to thu south, unci to enter the very breach through which portion* of my command had ptfs-d at th;* commencement of the notion The conse> f|<ieaee ?u, that ootnra?u<l did notaet Into position In time to rrndtr me material assistance In the assault; though, owing to the delay At thu summit of the hill, occasioned by the want ot ladder*, portion* of (ieaeral Quitman's uomtniod, who passed through the breach in the outer wall under my own observation, had time to come up and enter the Inner work* about the name time with parta of my own command, which bad for oroe time previou* oooipleUly enreloprd the work and called oat for tbe ladders Lieut. Held, in command ?f one company of the New York regiment end one of marines, came forward in aj ance of tbe other troop* of this command, pirtioipated in the assault, and was severely wounded. While., therefore, I would not detract a particle from the well earned reputation of tbe gallant corps of the volmteer division, who have proved their gallantry upon other bard fmght fields, and while I have plea cure in testifying to the alaority with which they advanced on thin occasion to and around the wall, and to tbe beIghta of Chapultepac, upon the only practicable route for their Advance justice to tbe corpa above referred to of my an command, as well aa to my supporting column, demands that I should assert absolutely, and claim f?r those who had so nobly met tbe brunt of tbe coofllct. and oruTe iue rnpmy nom inn mrongliolO* and poeteiion of bif forllflOHtion*. the oblef houor of storming the itrong and formidable work. While thi* work wm being dons In a manner *o truly heroin, and under my Immediate and penonal *uj>?rluUndeuce and direction, Col. Troutdale'* command, confining of the 11th and 14tj regiments of Infantry, and Magruder'a field battery, engaged a batter/ and Urge force of the enemy in tbe road immediately on the went of Chapultapee. The advanced eeotiow of thi battery under the command of the brara Lieut. Jaokaon, wm dreadfully cut up, aad almoat dUabled. Though the command of Col. Troundale luitainad a Htm low, iuU the gallant and inttepid c< lonel wm b*41y vowM by two ball*, which shattered hla right arm, etill he mli tained bin poeltlon with great flrmneM, drove the enemy from hla battery, and turned hi* gun* upon hi* retreatIng force*. Capt Soantland wm (hot through the head, and wm tupponed to have been mortally wounded.but i*yet alive, with Increasing hope* of hi* recovery. Lieut. Col llebert, who wm placed In oommandof the llth Infantry, in position to engage an lmmen*e body of the enemy '* lancer*, who threatened th* r?*r ami flenk of thi* column. dl?tlnnui*bed himenlf by the coolnee*. judgment and intrepidity with which hn made hi* diipoaltion* to receive tbe charge, And actuelly held in check a force oi ten time* 111* number After Col. Troti*dale wm wounded, tbe command of th* 14th regiment devolved upon him, and <* led by blm with nbilitv, during the remainder of th* day, Into other field* or duty. 1b the achievement of thi* most brilliant victory, ju?tifle demand* of me an acknowledgment of the claim* of the gallant officer*, who *o nobly iimuM my order*, r^iiffcnn?tmtm* n n mmm 'iin i n ri rrmi W YO W YORK, THUBSDAY M to high distinction. firing with the main body of my advancing force* until 1 ww cut dosn b; a grape shot at the base of the bill, I had an opportunity of witnessing in prison the distinguished gallantry of iny command? a gallantry unsurp?a*ed by that of any troops during ths war Aftir being wounded, I oaused some of my soldier* to carry me forward to the top of the t i I. where I had the proud satisfaction of witnessing the consummates of this glcrioua victory, and saw tho star* and tripes raised aloft upon this formidable work, erected upon the very site of the ane ent palace of the renowned Mouteauma. KirsJL I cannot withhold roy high sense of the tery raluaDM-irriit) t cnnd-ril by C *pf. ^Hrtij-ir, ohief of ordinance, and his assistants, Lieut*. Hagner and Stone, ordinanee, and Capt Brooks and Lieut Anderson. Snd artllleiy, who. together, directed and sertfd the heavy guns of battetlis Nos 'i aud 3, under a constant and direct Ore from the enemy's batteries at < hapult*p?o.daring the l'ith, and up to the llnal asiault oil the nth instant. The distinction won by these gentlemen on fiirniAP of*,*union*! iihhiIh not mv testimony to add to th?*il well-earned reputation; but as they were serving with me, acd under my personal observailou.and w?re ennmed In the reduction of th? Mine great work, I omiuot withhold my sense of their great gallantry *.nd high rUinis to the distinguished consideration of the General In chief and of the government of our country Equally daring and meritorious, and not luss distinguished, were the services of C'ipt Leu and Lleuts Beauregard. Stevens, and Tower, uf the engineer corps, on duty at different times within my line of operations To the great activity, skill, judgment, and dating of this valusbl.i corps of officers, is the service and the nation Indebted lor the sucoess of our army on other occasions, as well as;on ihj present; ahd the fant that, without exception. they were all wounded during the brilliant operations of the day, places them before the army and their onuntrv as among the most deserving of the luaiiy gallant spirits whose valor has shed a bright halo of glory arouud the Amerloan arms. *1 invite the attention of the tiuneral-ln-ohlef to the report of Lieut. B.-ourogurd, whoi-e untiring energy and indomitable perseverance during the night of the l .'th, repaired the works of batteries Not. i and .'I, and enabled them to speak iu tones of thunder to Chapultepec, the monarch fortification of the valley of Mexico. Cspt Mvgnider's field battery?one section of whlah was served with great gallantry by himself, and the other by his brave Lieut, Jackson, in the face of a galling tire trom the enemy's entreaohed positions?did invaluable service preparatory to the general assault. The Captain received a slight wound,but did not quit bis post Lieut. Keno. commanding the mountain howitzer battery. whose pieces, as 1 have bofore stated, 1 caused to be put In battery so as to reach the enemy's positions throug i a gateway and a narrow arch in the outer walls of Molina del Key, greatly distinguished himself by his extraordinary activity and daring, while he, under a concentrated Are at the openings from the whole line of the entrenched enemy, kept up a well directed tire upon bim, which greatly assisted me in dislodging him and driving him from his advanced positions. .Nor did his gallant conduct stop here ; for his men ran forward with bis pieces, kept >10 with the storming column, and at the very baa of tbe height placed them in battery almost in the iuouth of the enemy's oannon, and served them until he was disabled by a wound, when his plooe was bupinicu uy uruu. urnuir^iu, wuuui i xjhvo iud'buj noticed, until the piece* were completely maxlied by our advancing forties Kirst .Scr^-nut W. l'?at, of this compauy, who acted with extiajrUiuury darlog, lout on* of lii.t 1*M Id noticing th? conduct oftbe officers of the voltlgeurs, and the Dth and 13th infantry, in this cbargi of unsurpassed gallantry, I oan scarcely command language to do them justice The voltig?ur regiment, which was ordered forward in advance as skirmishers to olear the entrenchments and large trees, of the large force of the enemy,who were directing a most galllDg tire into the contain id?the right wing under the very gxllant and accomplished l.iaut Col Johnstone, and the left under the brave Col. Andrews himself, assisted by his gallant Major, Caldwell? having united, cleared the wsods. and pursued the enemy so hotly that he wus not able to ignite bis mines, drove him ins>de the parapet itself, and occupied the broseu ground around the ditch of the fortlOoation?all in the fioe of a most heavy fire from the enemy's small arms and heavy guos. The ladders arrived, and several efforts were made by both officers and meu to t>?.tle the walls But many of the gallant spirits who first attempted it fell killed or wounded. Col Andrews, whose regiment so distinguished Itself and commander by thl? oruuani cnarge, as auo licui. 1. 01 jonnstone ana >i?j Caldwell, whose activity enabled the.11 to lead this assault, bare ifreatly distinguished theinielves by their gallantry and daring Lieut. Col. Johnstone received three wounds ; but they were all (light, and did not at all arrest his daring and onward movement*. Capt Barnard, with distinguished galUutry, having seized the colors of hid regiment, upon the full of toe col it bearer soiled the wull with them unfurled, and has the houoi of planting the flrst American standard in the work (Apt. Diddle, al?ajs prompt, vigilant, and dariDg | though so much enfeebled i>y disease as to be ssa'rct i able to walk, left his sick bed on this great occasion and was among the foremost to enter thu works. The gallant Col Hansom, of the Oth Infantry, fell dead from a shot in the forehead while at the head of his command, wavinx his sword, and leading his splendid regiment np the heights to the summit of Chapukepeo. 1 bad myself beeu a witness to his heroic conduct until a moment before, when I was cut down by his aide. My heart bleeds with anguish at the loss of so gallant an ollloer The command of his regiment devolved upou Maj. Seymour, who faltered not, but with his command scaled tne parapet, entered the citadel sword In hand, and himself struck the Mexican llag from the wails. Not less distinguished, und no lend glorious, wan the coniuot of the 15th regiment of infantty, uow under command of Lieut. Col Howard This regiment, which had greatly distinguished itself lathe actions nearChurubusoo, on the UOth ultimo, where the brave Colonel Morgan was wounded, uow covered itself with new honor* and fresh laurels under command of its present veteran leader, ^assisted by his gallant Major. Woods Captain ChaSH, of thl* regiment, at a most critical moment In the charge, when thu voltlgeur regiment had advanced partly up the hill, and the enemy in strong force bad occupied the redan, half way up the declivity, and held us in check, under orders from my adjutant general.Captain Hooker, about the time I was wound* 1. with a firmness few but himself possessed, dashed rapidly forward to the right llank of the work, coiling upon his 00mpiny to folion Lieut. Beach quickly supported him with his company, and the enemy lied from .the redan, pursued by the troops of my ooinmand Ureat credit Is due to the ofHonrs aud men for their rapid movements at this time, for the whole bill side was mined, find hail the eneuiv lieun allotted to lirri th"ir train*. great deitruatlon mu>i bar* inevitably canned l.ieut Seldeu, of the 8 Ji infantry, of Captain McK?n?ie'* command, one of the lint lo mouut the scaling l*dder, full Irora it* summit severely wounded. Lieut. Koft^ra, Uh Infantry, aud Lieut. Smith, .'ith infantry, ol the same party, were botb distinguished hy their heroic courage and during. and were both kiliud wbile nobly leading on their men. Captain MuKyniie, neleoted tn lead the s'orroing corps froui the 1st division, acted well his part after reaching the heights, and sustained the character of the veteran division of whioh hUcommanJ wm a part. 1 have feebly endeavored to rketeh the action, and to notice the conduct of those who were conspicuous in deeds of dsrlug. I bare no doubt omitted mauy rates finally worthy of consideration Bat, in a general report, f cannot go further into details, and must ruler to the report* of commanders of oorps for more extended lo formation Hufforlng aa I am from my wound, which forces me to write while lying on my bank. I trust I shall he pardoned tor any omission which may have occurred In tnla report. i I regret th.'it I wm deprived during the action of the services of my brave, talented, and accomplished brlgadier general. Pierce, who waa confined to a sick hed ? I apttln Winship.hia adjutant genenil, who was d stinguished in iuy staff by his talent* and great daring at the sle<u of Vera Cruz and at the battle of Cerro Uordo while I commended a brigade, thougn laboring under evera lndiapoeittou, and though hi* chief was aV>sent was noveitaeie** upon the field Lieutenant Kitz jerald aid de-oamp to Oeneral Pierce, in consequence of hli Illness, volunteered his services to command on* of tht companies of the gallant New Kngland regiment, which distinguished itieli, as did thin accomplished nfflcer. I wan ably sustained and assisted during th i day by Brigadier (?eO-rai Cadwalader, whose activity, courage and high military talents, have siren jy distinguished him on other field*, but upon none more than this. I ta?? pleasure In testifying my hlgb sense of obligation tn him and t> his chlvalric u Ijuteot general, Capt < leorge Dea* My entire medical *taff waa most prompt and attentive to tbair duties, burgeon Made, of the lith regiment, was upon the field and In the charge, and partook deeply of the patrioticentbusliwm which animated both officers and men of the command, aad, while be did not lorget the duties of his profession, rendered efficient tervlce in cheering ?n ' man Ha wu afterwards particularly active, and rendered Important Harriet to the oominau J. la concluding my report, I cannot adequately express to the General-in-chief the wow sf obligation I feel to my pergonal eta(T for its distinguished gallantry and patleut endurance of the danger* and fatigurs Incident to the brilliant reeu'.ts jurt nkmehed While more labor or greater exposure hae fallen to the lot of few officers In Hits valley than myseir, sorely none bare been more ably supported by tb?lr personal staff In talent. In iciflaou, in parsons! courage ami chivalrous daring in all. and with all. they bare ald?d and sustained me, end bare contributed, in no mall degree U> bring about tbe brilliant result* wbloh reflect so much honor and glory i on our arms In slorcilng Chapul tepee, having b<en myself cut dowu la tha deadly oonfliot, at to* very walla of tha oaalle, 1 fait doubly the value of their dieting ulshi ad services ( apt Hooker, my adjutant-general, and oblef of my toff, waa greatly distinguished throughout this aotloa by his extraordinary aotlvity, energy, and gallantry. Lieut Hal as. 4th artillery. aud Lieut n I play. Jd artillery, my ulds-de-aamp. never behaved with Morn gallantry. and nevar rendered me cervices mom vitally Important thati In thle memorable assault. My volunteer, ald-de-oamp,Tamed MM. R C. Rodger*, who has always Mrv?d me with great fearlessness, *a?l, and activity, on this occasion wis separated from m early In the action, but was, I learn, among the foremost in tbe onwfliet. Hating carried Chapultepec. and being unable to proceed with my command, the Oeneral-in-chief orden d it forward under Generals Quitman and Worth; and my entire division.except the ir.lb Infantry, (which wm left to garrison Chapaltepec, ami to guard th-i prisoners, by order of the Oeneral-in chief,) actively participated in the subsequent aohelveincnts of our army, resulting In the capture and possession of the city of Mexico. In carrylngtha strong work,tbe enemy sustained vsry naavy loss. The grounds around and tha works upon 1 Chap one pec, and every avail oe of retreat fro? It, wm RK H ORNING, NOVEMBER tt I I literally strewid with hid (lead. At onn place fifty dead bodies were counted in nn? heap. lint, no mean* are | loft me of ascertaining h's 1 >8* wllli accuracy Several hue, |red were gathered up by lay men and burled while policing the jurd of Chapnltrpeo. After clearing the | ground. bis wounded nearly tilled the large apartmeB's 1 vet apart fjr hospitals In tbe castle ^ AmoDg th>? killed were General Perex and Colonel j t'ano. or the engineers, and General S.ldaua was wound ?d nil the 12th W?took about SflO printers, anion? whom war* Ma- > jor General Mravo.Brigadier General* vlooterd*. Xonega, Doramentes, rnd Ssldana; also 3 oloucls, 7 lletlUt- j nint. oolontls, 40 rnpt-Uns, 01 flrst and 27 second lleutjnuns. That the enemy was In large force, I know certainly, from p rsonil observation. 1 Know It also from the fact, that ther.? were Killed nnd takin prisoners one inaj>r general and sU brigadiers. As th'iro were fix brVa tier general*, there could not Have been lees than six brigades. Oue thousand men t > each brigade, (which Ij a low estimate; for we had previously taken so many general officers prlitorim! that the commands of others must have been considerably Increased,) wouti m-ike 6 000 troops But independent of these evidences of tli? enemy 's *trennth, 1 have G-iirral CraTo's own account of the strength of bis command, given me only a few minutes after he ww taken prisoner lie oommu- icatod to me, through Passid Midshipman Roger*, that there were upwards ot 6 o;io men In th > work* and surrounding grounds 1 hi' Rllli-J, wounded. ?ud prisoners, ngreeably 10 the best estimate 1 can form, were about 1,81)0, and immense numbers of the eu-roy w^ro seen to esnape over the wall on the notth aud went side i>f Chapultnpec. My own foroe. actually ? ngagud in atorraing th? work, did not exceed 1,0(10 men. '1'hH lorn from my oominand wih as killed upon tha hill; but the returns from my different corpR uot discriminating betsreen those wuundtd in this arsuult nnd those wounded In the after part of the day, (when they had parsed from my command in confequence of ray b?ing utable to go forward.) I cannot toll ray loss lu wounded in the assault upon Cnapultepeo. My total Iohs in killed, wouadeJ, ami missing, from my proper division, during the days of opt ration, is 113?a return of which i.s appended hereto. 1 have also appended (marked A) a list of offloera of inferior grades, non-commissioned officers, and privates, whose gallantry ia the assault is deemed worthy of special notice, as appears from the report of commanders of corps 1 transmit herewith ISrig. Hen. Pierce's report of the operations of his brigade on the 8th inst. I also forward a iMd re'urn of my division for the morniug of the nth, and th t Mexican (lag captured upon the citidel of Chnpultepi c when that work was stormed, upon the 13th, by ray command. I have the honor to lu, very raspectfttlir, your obedient servant, Oil) J. PILLOW, Major General U. S. A. Capt. II. L. Scott, A A. A. (iuuerai, Head quarters of the Army. i;kn. worth's reportI1kaoi)vahtbm?, lor Division, I Citv of Mi.moo, Sept. Id, ltil7 ) Sir: On the eveniug of the IJih iust, having the verbal orders of the (ieucral-lu-nblif to designate a storming party, to aid lu the n unult upou the castle of Chapultepee, a command from my division, with scaling ladders, was organi/.ed. consisting of tea olTiaers--(.'apt. McKen/le, id artillery, commanding; and two huudred and sixty men, volunteers, drawn in due proportion fri.ni the several corps. At a A M. on tli? 13th,these detachments atisembli-d at the nppointed place, and proceeded to their duty Fur the manner iu which this whb executed. I refer to the report, herewith, of tha gallant comMate. At tho Ktmt time, 1 had the order* of the General-Illchief to take potsltiou with the remainder of my division, and support the operations of lien I'iliow. This position was taken at tho Unit and place appointed, and that general informed of my preparation!), and of my rendlutm to support him Li ut Homines, (navy) one of my aids do cnatp. whom 1 despatched with this intelligence, found Men. Tidow sncm after tho assault hid commenced, wounded at the fjot of the hill. <ien. Pillow desired him to return to mo, with a request " to brfbg up my whole division, and muke great hast*, or, he feared, 1 would be too late." The 2d (CUrk's) brigade was ordered instantly to advauce. It did no, patisedon, miugleu with tlie adruuclng forces, aad entjred with thorn, pell mell, into the assaulted work. At the saino instant, , the 1st ((Jarland's) brigade, the light battalion, undei Lieut. Colonel C. P. Smith, nad Duncan's battery, wen put in motion, around the noi thi-astern bum of tho hil of Chapultepeo, and moved, in operation, upon the Mar i Conine route and aqueduct After advancing some 401 yards, wo came to a battery whioh bad been assailed b; \ a portion of Mugruder's tlelil guns?particularly the Bee t tlon under the gallant Lieut. Juckson. who, although hi bad lost mOBt or hit* horses, and many of his men, conti ! tiued chivalrously at his post, combatting with nobb courcg.j. A portion of Unrland'l brigade, which hai been previously deployed in the Held to the left, not ' came up with, und difeated t.ie enemy's right; the enemy's left extendiug in the ulireoliou of tho Tacubay* ' iijiWnot, on which ({uitman's division was battling and I advancing, l'ursuing the Han Conine road, we Uis-ov ired an ar.ihu J passage through the nquoduct. and a crow route Br*ode?bU foe artillery .fur considerable distance | over the meadows, iu the direction of the battery, und ivh oi me eii?roy ft ugh, wincu w.n galling, una endeavoring to ch?oK Quitman's advance Lieut. Colontl Duncan. with u sect ion of l)ii battery, covered by Lieut Col. Smith'* battalion, was turned off upon thin rout* anil advancing to within 4t.'0 y&rdn of thu enemy's lines, (wfcloh was as f*r an the uituro cf the grcuud wq?ild permit) opened ho **(T irstlv?? lire?first upon the battery and then upon the retreating troops great numbers o! whom were cut down. Having thus aided the advance and cleared the front (being lavorabiy situated) of mj Kaliant friend Qultuiin. as far as it w*i in my power, this portion of my oommand wan withdrawn. The 2tJ brigade now coiamu ,up. the advance upon the male road wan continued Wo soon came up with auti o*rrled a second battery, and afterwards a third both of tbeui strung works, and mlllading the road. This brought Ufl to the C?mpr> .Santo, 01 Knglish burying ground, near which the road and njueduct bund to the right. At this point the (J?norul-lnchlef came up, with hlsetaff. rdii lost rusted me to presj on, carry thsgarita Sa.iCount),and, if pons! Me, penntrat? to the Alameda Shortly after Brigadier Osu. CadwuUder reported to ine, by the t>rd>r of the fi?nurul in chief; and, inter, between a and !) I' M , Col Kiiey. with the 2d ' ri;;ad?, 2d <14vision. The former was left iu position at the Catnpo Santo, to hold that point, and look to the left and rear. The latter, coining up after the firing had tiea ed, was halted in rear of tho I *t divinion, and entered the city, wllli it, on the morning of the 14th. II re we came lu front oi nuother b.ittery, beyond whiob. dist?ut pome two hundred and fifty yardi, and sustalntog it, was the Ust defence. or thegaiitaof Sun Conine. t he approach to these two defences was in right line, aud the whole spaue was liteiary uwept by grape, canister and sbi-lls, trom a heavy gun and howitzer; added to whicll leTuro II ret of musketry were delivered from the tops of the aojacent houses aud churches It hence beoaittn necessary to vary our luode of opera lions. Our laud's brigade was thrown to the right, withlu and ivtiikrd by the aqueduct, aud instructed to dislodge the eneiuy from the buildings in hi* front, and endeavor to reach and turn the left of thegnrita, taking advantage of suoh cover ai iniulit offer, to enable him to effect thwc objects. i,iarii'a biigade *u it the i?d? Urns ordered to take the buildings on the left of the road, aud by the-.me of t>?rn and picks, burrow through fruiu U u?<t to house, and la like manner, carry the right of the gariu VVhilu tbein orders wer? being executed, a mountain howitzer win placed on the top of a commanding building on the left, and another ou tin chtircb ol Han <-o?iuh 011 tlie right, both of which opened with admirable effect. The work of the troopj was tvdioup, orj ! uimvssri lly slow, but was greatly favoved by the fire of the howlUus. I'ln illy, at i> o'eloaic, both columns had revolted th'lr position*, and It thenbeoanu neces?ary, at all hnztrU;, to advahce a piece ol' artillery to t|)o evacuated b*lt<-ry of the enemy. Intermediate be. twi-en us and thegarlta Lieut Hunt wu ordered tr execute this duty, wbloli he dlil la thn hlghei't possible style of gallantry; equally sustained by hid veteran troop*, with tha iom of 01 e killed and tour wounded out of nine m<tn, all hough thu pin-e moved at full apead | over a distance of only oue huudrod and tilty yard* reaching the breastwork, he cuum mu/./.ln to inunzlt ' with the enemy. It ha* never baon my fortune to wit' ness a more brilliant exhibition ol courage and eouduct The moment had uow arrived for the final and 00m blned attack upon the last stronghold of tha enemy li my quarter; It wax made liv our ine>i springing, aa if bj | magic. to the topa of the houses Into which they hai | -patiently and fjuli-tly made their way with thn bar an pick, and to the utter surprise and coosternatlon of th enemy, opening upon lilui, within ei?y range, a deslruc tire tire of musketry A slngls discharge, In wblol many of his gunners wero killed at their pTeeea, was suf tiuleutto drive him In conl'uxwn from the breastwork when a prolonged shout from our brave fellows announe ed that Wo were lu possession of the garita of Man ( os me. au t already In the city of .Mexloo. At this point we again had the pleasure to meet thi President Ocneral-in-cliief, took one of hut aids-decamp Capt Joee Ma (Jastauary, mil several ?up?r or oflloern with many other eiually unimportant prisoners; and oni of 017 most gallant an>l leading riilnlterot bad tb? grit tifl^atlon of eating Ilia exe?<ll?-n<y'ii well-prepared . up por. '1 ho remainder of tli* dividon wi now marchvi within th? city gate. and Captain llu^nf, of the ord nanoe. who had he>;u 'lir* st?d by tti? < >un.r?l-lu-<hi?f ti report to me, with heavy guns, none tiui- before, wt dealred to advaocc a 21 pounder and a Ht-Inoh mortar plane them i'i position at tb? <s ulta, obtain the dlreu tlnn. and open a few eh i t and -hell upon the gram pi*7.# and puLttie,a**tiuied to bo about I thio yard* diatant i'bia battery opened at 9 o'clock, three ahota being tiro from t' e gun ard five Iroio the mortar. They toll with adcih'<Uil? eO-ot, an at I u'olock at night a comiatr elou from the municipality oame to my advanced poit with a flt], annonuciog that iritnedixtely after tb? h -avy gut* opened. the gi'vernmeat and army ooinmoncod evacuating the iity,and that t be cowrnlnelon <va* de puted to confer with tua General-in-obief, to wbo?ehead quartan U ?M pawed under A??i*Unt Adjutant Uene. ral Maokali At A A M. on the 14th, my troop* and heavy guriH advanced into th? city, nnd oscupied tlM Alauieiia. to the point where it fronta the paiauc, and there halted at 6 o'clock, the U?u?ral-ln obl*t htvlna lumfuctud tn> to taki a pnaitiou and await hi* furtbei ord-.r*. Sh .rliy afterward*, a etraggltDj;, anneem-llk* flr? commenced from the hou^e-top*. which oontlnu?d in varlou* pirfi of the city t.brouxti the il?y, canning u? aooj* lout 1 he Urnt idrot, !lf< dat a group of oftlceri at the head of my column, (truck down l,'>lon<*l Otrluud budly wo'iuded j and later in the day. LUuteuant Sydn>y Hmllh wae nhot down, inortily woondid?ainM dead. The free uiw cf heavy l.atterlnf guns upon every building from whtoh flro proceeded, together with raui ketry from aome of onr men throw u out a* akirmialu-r* soon quelled thise hidden and dMtardly enemies. About * (ERA I, 1847. the Huih of our entrance into the city, the convict* in the dnterent (prlaona. to the number of ?otno threu thou**ud men, were liberated by order of tha flying K?- ] verommt, armed and diatributed in the most advan- . ttgeoui hoii-tm. Including the ohurche*. convent*, and . even the honpiLalt, for the purpoa* of exciting, if po<?ible, tha entire population of the city to revolt, and effect, by tecret and dafttardly mean*, what the whole Mexican array had l>?<in unable to accomplish. Thin wa* no titn* for half-way metauree; and If many Innooent person* suffered Incidentally, under the just iollictlon of punUhment we found it nec??aary to beatow on theae miscreant* from the jaili, the responsibility should rest upon tbe barbarous and vindictive ohlef who im| powd upon lit the necea*iry. Offlrora and im-u of every carp* carried themselves with wonted gallantry ahd conduct Be pleated to re1 fer to report* of subordinate commanders Major Sumner. reported to me with hi* onvalry on the morning of | the 13th. wm actively on aervloe. and under Are. and wm advanced upon the Han Coame road, to beat hand to pursue thu enemy Towurds evtmlni?, the OneralIn-Chuf ordered hta oonrnand to r?>ocuupy Tanubaya The commander aud hla excellent corps rendered every aarvioe which the Incident* ol thu day offered to their I have agtln to make ao nnwleditinunt* to Colonel* U irland aud Clark, brignde commander*, as also to their ] ' r?-1 cti*o stall*; to Ueut. (Join. Duncan and Smith; I'ajtuin McKeuzie. commanding, and the following offl ! err* composing the storming party; Lieut. Simpson, ad I IrtUlnnml lohnnon. 3d artillery, (light battalion;) Lieut* Ro^vr* and Motion' el, 4tu Infantry; ( apt*in Rtlggles and I.irut J. P. Smith, ith infaotry; Meats | Armintead and Morrow, fith infantry, aud Lieut Seldea | ?th infantry; to Lieut. Col. Helton, 3d artillery; Major I l.ee, 4ih; and Uruvet Major Montgomery, Hth infantry; to Lieut Jaoktion, l it artillery, (Ma^ruder's light liatt"ry ,) Lieut Hunt, !id artillery, (Duncan's light battery;) l attain Brookes, ad artillery; Lieuta. Lendrum, and Shield'* 3d artillery; S. Smith Halter, and (irant, i'.h infantry, especially; and Lieut. .ludah. 1th lntuntry; Lieut. and Ailjutaut l.u^enbeel, :>th; aud Lieut K Johnson, Oth, (much distinguished;) < a <taina llomford und tiates, and Lieutfl. Merchant and Pickett, (eaoh distinguished for gallantry and zeal;) the young and ga'lant Roger* and J. P. Smith, lieutenants of 4th aud ">th ininfantry, killed with the ttorming party; I aptain t'.dwarda, voltigeuts, aud Lieut, Hugner, ordnance, commanded mounted howitzer*, placed upon bulldlcgs, and rendered effective service, well sustained by the intelligent ordnance men. Of the Staff? Lieut* Stephens, Smith, and McClellan, engineer*, displayed the gallantry, skill, and conduct which so eminently distinguished their oorps. The flrst was badly wounded. I niu.u iut ouait a respectful notice of the very intelligent enlisted men of the sapper* and mHiers, and desire to apply the same remark to Captain lluger, and Lieut. Ile&oer, and their excellent men. Captain Maekall, Assistant Adjutant Oenural. wnuuded; Captain l'emberton, wounded; Lieut. Svmmes, (li ivy;; Lieut Wood, aid-de-oamp; and Lieut, Ilaidoaetle, topographical engineer* ; and Woodbi'idge, division commissary; Major Borland and U. W.Kendall, ?n|..nf uwl.ii.a^.oamn >h.. lil tar vimnil.i.l- i?h .. v hi. blted habitual galantry, intelligence, and devotion. I am moat happy to have occasion to Mibmtt bat a moderate list of casual tiles, compared with recent reports: twe otBcers killed. ti n wounded, and one hundred and twenty-nine rank and Ule killed, wounded, and miming, of which full returns are forwarded herewith ; as also a nkotch of the ground^ Stc., covered by tbo operations of my command. All of which it) rcapoctfully submitted to th? Oeuernl In- chief, himself & close observer of the incidents of the day. Very respectfully your obedient leinnt, W. J. WORTH. lJreret Major General, Commanding 1st Division. To Captalu Soott, A. A. A. Gtn , Headquarters, Mexico. TIIK RBl'ORT OF USNKRAT. Ql'lTMAN. IlKAD^l ABTKItl OK TIIK VoLUNTKEB DlVIIIOH, ) National ralace, Mexico, Se^t a9, IblT J Sin ?I have the honor to transmit, for the Information of Ihi< (ijueralin ohlef, a report of the movement 4 and operations of that portion of the army uuder my oomtnaud, from the alternoon of the 1 Itli luntaut to tbo 14th. when our IWg was railed on the National Palace of Mexieo. The Ueneral in-ohlef, having concluded to carry the t Wong fortress of Chapultepec. and through it advance upon the city, ordered me, on tbe 11th, to move my dli vision after dark, from Its position at Coyoaaan to '1 acu1 baya. Hteptoe's battery and Qaither's troop of horse i having been directed to report to General 1 wiggs, tb? ) remainder of the division, coexisting of the battalion o! f marine*, New York and South Carolina regiment*, under brigadier General Shields, and the *Jd IVnnayla vania regiment, under command of Lieut Col Geary, moved during daylight to the village of I'ledud, and at ? uigbt proceeded thence to their position at Tacubsya, i where the troops lay upon thler in nn until daylight. i Two batteries, Nos 1 and J on ilie map?the former put up by Lieut*. Tower aud Smith, of engineers, und-r i direction of Captain Lee, of the same corps, on the road I fr.)m Tacubaya to Chapuitepeo, about 800 yards from the fortress , the latter, under the direotlon ?f Captain i Huger, of ordnanoo, at some distance to the left of the i former?bad Ij.'cn erected during the night. My divl ion being intended to support these bat terles, and to advance to the attack by the direot road from Tacubaya to the fortress, wu placed In position near battery No 1, early on the morning of the l'ith ? detachments , from its left extending to the support of battery No 2 At 7 o'clock, the guns- two 10 pounders and an a Inch howitzer ?were placvd In battery No. 1, in position so as to rake the road, sweep the adjoining grounds, and f have a direct lire upon the enemy's batteries and the , fortress of Chapuitepeo. r Our lire was then opened and maintained with good , effect throughout the day, under the direction of that I excellent and lamented offloer, Captain Drum, of the 4th t artillery, zealously aided by Lleuts Uenjamtn and Pori ter, of his ooinpany. The tire was briskly returned from the castle witn round shot, shells and grape. I Miring the day,I succeeded, under cover of our batteries, in ma king an Important reconnoissanoe of the grounds and works immediately at th? base of the oastle, a rough sketch of which waa made by my aid, Lieut Love I, on I ill" /round. This disclosed to us tivo batteries of the i eneuiy?one on the read in front of us, mounting four guns, and the other a flanking work of one gun, capible iIbo of sweeping tin- low grounds on the left ot' the road, aud between it and the base tf the hill The supporting party on this renonnolsaanoe was commanded by the late Major Twiggs, of the marines, and sustaltied during the observation a brisk Are (from the batteries and small arm* of the enemy, who, when the party were retiring, came out of tho works lnlartre number;; and aUhnugn repeatedly checked by the Ore of our troop* continued to advance as the rnpportlog party retired, until they were dispersed, with considerable loss, by Hnveral discharges of canister from the guns ot Capt. Drum's battery, and a well directed Are from the n^'ht of the 'id Tenusylvania regiment, pouted on the (Unk of the bittery for Its support. Our loss In this af fair wan seven men wounded; but the Information gained was of Inoaloalable advantage to the operation* of the aucceeding <1hj In the evening. Cnpt. Drum's company H relieved- by l,ieut. Andrew*' cirap?ny, 3d Artillery, by whom a ateady and well-directed fire waakept up from tlii battery, until the fortreaa could uo longer be Men In the darknewi. Duriug the day, my command waa reini forced by a aeiect battalion from Ueneral TwUg'a divl ion, intended m a atormtng party, eonatating of I 1 offloora and iM men and non-eoainianloned oillcer* and prlvate-i, chosen Tor tbia aervloe out of the riflea. iat and ; 4th r-iitr-ii'.m.f artillery, and the 'id, 31, and ?th regit tnentfl of infantry?all under the command of Captain i 91!a? Caaoy, 2d inUntf y i Having received inatructlona from the Uenera' ini chief to prevent, if poaeible, reinforoementa from bein? 1 thrown into < hapultepeo duriog the night,Captain Paul of the 7 th infantry, with a detachment of OM men, waa i direoted to eatabhab an advanced picket on the road t<i Chapultapeo. Onriotr the n'uht a briak aktrmlah occurred between thia detachment and the advanced posta ol > the ?nerny, which resulted in driving baok the en tiny but, apprtihenaive that thla demonstration wan loteode'l i to cover the pawage of re-mforoeianiia into Ch*pultepetj, I ordered Meut. Andrew* to advaaoo m piuoe of ar I Ullery and rake the road with aeveral dlather^** of ca , oijUr. This wan promptly eiecuted. and during the re mainder of the night, there were no appearannea 0 movement* in th? euemy's llnea. During tne night. th? plat forma of battery N o. 1 were repaired, under the di rection of l>i?ut. Tower, of enginei-ra, who had report* i to ma for duty. and a naw battery ror ona ^un aatawuin r ?<1 In advanoa of No. I a abort distance, by Lieut Mam i mond, of Urn Shield*'etnfT. J The protection of battery No. 3, which waa cnmpletec ? on ihn morning of the IJtb. under direction of Captain linger, waa intrnstadto Brigadier (hdthI ShlWd*. J'hli l battery, after the gun* bnd been placed opened an'i maintained a steady fire upon the oaatlo, under lhe*killi ful direction of that experienced officer, l.leut, Maimer, of erdMBOa. At dawn, on tba morning r?f the P'.h. the hatterlea ' ?S54ln opeund an active and effcotlve Ore upon the casl tl.i, whtoh wa* returned by the enemy with spirit and ?ome execution, disabling f<>r a time ihe I a pounder lu J battery No. I, and killln< one of the men at the gun* ? During thin cannonade, active preparation* were mad* for the ae.iault upon the castle. I.adder*, pick ax*fl. and oiows were placed In the hand*of a pioneer forming party of select men from the volunteer division, under ' command of Captain Kuynold*, of the merlue oorjw, to acoompiiay the storming party or l :nmen, which bad ^ been hi. ire led fiom til corps of the s?m? dlvlalon, and pi tcod nnder the command of Major Twiggii, of the m?riues. i spttin l>riin hud again relieved l.leut An lrewi at the guns, retaining from the command of the latter 1 .Mer^'nanl Davidson and eight man to man an ? pounder which it was Intended to carry forward to operate on th? 1 enemy'* batterlea in front of ua; and. to relieve tba com 1 man'l from *11 danger of attack on our right flank from reinforcement* which might corac from tba city, that wall-tried and accomplished officer. Brsvet Brig. General i Smith, with his well disciplined brigade, bud reported tc i-rit,.ra tie >u Intlrm lnl in innia in i,n th.i rl -bt flank o| the Mtaultlng column, protect it from nkirmifthera. or morn Mrloan attack In that quarter. and II poeflbln, on thn awault, uroim thn a-|u<?lilot leading to I tue c.ty. turn the enumy. bit J cut R bin retreat. Thofin i ili^ponitioD^ b?lnfl made, thn ?h'ile onrnin'tnd, Hthe ?iqI n?l preconcerted by the Ueuural-in-isbitf, with nnlhutimui and full of nnnfldnnce advanced lo th*- attack At thn ti\?e of thn hiil, constituting a part of the work* ol > tli? t.irir.'is of i liapultapcc, ami dirt otly acroan our linn I of mlvance. were the atrong Intteriea imforo datnribed, i flanked on tbn right by aom* atrong building*. nud by a henry atone wall about fifteen feet which extended iirmud lb* ba?e of ihehill towarlathe wnat. Wiiliiutwo Hundred yardaof tbnaa battTi.'* wern enme dilapidated i building*, which afforded a partial coyer to our ?d?auo? Hctwnan tbean ao l tba wall extended a low meadow, tut! lonjiK?!"*i of which ooncealad a number of wet ditohai by wbich.it wa? lutert cl<-d. To U.U noint tha coiainand . partially acreaned. advanced by a iaak, tha itormini t per tin* In front, under a beary Art frop tha fortnw, th< i 'r ^ - 'r U.*.. ?tirir'-Ji <*?**>> - i-TX*-'?42MM<9^ LD. Prict Two Ccnta. battert**, ?id braiutwork* of the M?DJ The wa? h?r? h*lt? t unlur th? ptrtial corar of ruial, and upon th* arriral of th?h?-? of tUt Svj'.h <J ?rol(n* ad New Votk rfl?;>?otiT?ly, SiltM* wm directed to rooTat.hain oMUiuMy t-> tl* Ufs. 4?r ?* tb? low (jrouod, tot>iswUl?t thu hiid or thi bin. Eirouraged by th? ifalWnt neural w'n hvl led th?m t? ylotory at Churubuvj, an\lo aplt* of th? obtt??U< which they ha Ho eooointar .11 willnz t*ir>u<h naaeral deep dltohea. expoae 1 to 1 -ra and jaUin { flr* fr*m the cay, tUeie tried r?glri nut pr-.??p.ir a?*nat?d th? lUOTenent, an.I u(Tot>-i 1 l<?lt.a:a'. *?. th< wall The Mma order w?s ({Wao to L>u* Co! O* rf. iil mo^ntia by hl? regiment with equ?1 a'.aonry *al The*e dl?po*Ulonn. so neommry to the Unal amult uo*>n tha works, were not made wlt'-lJUt nm InM |u diraettnf the adraoca, Brigadier Onnartl 4hiald? *11 severely wounded la th? arm So p^r?imiin?. hiwi?*r (lonli induce thit olttjer to Intra hia c">inm md. or qiit th? Gold The brave Capt V?n O'Uadei, of mi M i? York raxhu-nt. w.ut killed at the head of his oiiao viy Lieut. C?'l BM'?r, or tbe sam* regiment, a i4i?imn?'i ? te?*m?d oltt jot, while KH'.Uatl/ leu Jing his ooonxiu i. Ml mortally wounded near tho wall Al l l.'eut Col ?n*i Geary, iJ Pennsylvania reglravat, wii foratiint disabled from ooarn.ind toy a never# oontuilon fen at * spsat ball la the meantime Crlg*dl?i Gtnertl Smith on onr right *M driving bulk sklrmisliln.? ptrties of th? enemy, l.leut Benjamin. from bit:ery No 1. was pouring !?<* attar nhot into the fortr*** mid wood* on the slop* of tin hill; and I.inut II J Hunt. 11 artillery, who haloo the udvance r-'pnted to mo with a section of Duncan'* butt.-ry, had obtained a favorable position In our war, from which he threw shells and shrapnal shot iou> the Meiiosn linn* with good effect Peroslving that all the preliminary disposition* w?r? male, Yltjor GWdden.witb ill) reitirai-ot,having passed the wall by breaching It, thn New Vorlc and Pennsylvania regmout* having enterad ' ovrr ftii ahmdonsd fc.i'tery on tasir left, and the battalIon of m?rlue* being po#t?d to supp'/rt the stormlug partie*, I ordered the assault at all point* The s'.orining parties I'd by the gallant oflioors who had vr>lunt"'red for this desperate service, rtubed forward like a resistless tide. The Mesloans behind their batteries and breastwork* stood with more than usual tlraineas. For a short time the oontest *H hand-tohand ; *wnrd? and bayonets were croM?d. and rillea clubbed Resistance, however, was vain against the desperate valor of our brave troop*. Tho batteries and strong works were carried, and the aacent of Chapmtu pec oa mat si'ieiaiii open to an pwj con<|uesx. in iuum works vrere tiken seven pieces of artillery, one thousand muskets, and Ave hundred and fifty prisoners?of whom oue hundred wero offlijpra-amonrf them, one ftenortl und ton colonels. The gallunt Capt. Coney having been dir.ibled by a se re wound, directly before the batteries, tho ooiummd of the storming party of regulars iu the assault devolved on ( apt. Taul, 7th Infantry, who distinguished hlmsell for his bravery In like manner the command of the stormlng party from the volunteer division devolved on Capt Jai Miller, of the '.'d Pennsylvania regiment, by the death of Its chief, the brave and lamented Msjor Twiggs, of the marine oorps, who fell on the first advance at the head of hi* command. Simultaneously with these movements on our right, the volunteer regiments, with *<jual alacrity and Intrepidity. animated by a a generous emulation, oommenoe'l the ascent of the bill on the south side. Surmounting every obstacle, and fighting their way, they fell In Mia mingled with their brave brethren in arms,who formed the advance of Major General Pillow's oolumn Side by side, amid the storm of battle, the rival oolots of the two commands struggled up the steep asoent. entered the fortress, and reached the buildings used as a military oollege, which crowned its summit, llere was a short pause; but soon the Hag of Mexloo was lowered, and the stars and stripes of our country floated from the heights of Chapultepeo, high above the heads of the brave won who had planted them there. Th? gallant New Yotk regiment claims for their standard the honor of being the first waved from the battlements of Chapnltepee. Ths veteran Mexican General, Bravo, with a number of officers and men. wero taken prisoners In the castle They fe'.l Into the hands of Lieut. Charles brewer, of the New York regiment, who reported them to ma. The loae of the enemy was severe, especially on the eastern side, adjoining the batteries taken. It should also be manlioneil, that, at the assault upon the works, Lieut. V red Steele. Ud Infantry, with a portion of the storming party, adtauoed In front of the batteries towards the lelt. thenscaled the onter wall through a breach near the ton, made by a cannon shot, asoended the hill directly in his front, and was among the first upon the baitlemeuts. > The young and promising Lieut Levi Uantt, 7th Infantry, i was of this party, lie haJ actively participated lnamofii f every battle sinoe the opening of the war, but was destined here (o find ? soldier's grave .vrter giving tats necessary directions ror Ibesere-keepln? of the prtHWiprx tsken t>y my command. And ordering the several corpi to form near the aqueduct, 1 bullly arcended tbo hiil, for the purpose of reconnoitring the positions of the enemy in advance t oward* the city I tbera had the pleoaure or meeting Major General Pillow, who, although seriously wounded, had been otrrkd to the heights to enjoy the triumph in which he and bin brave troops had no largely ahared. I'erceiving larpe bodies of the enemy at the several batteries on the direct road loading from Chapultepee to the city, by the icarltn or Rate 01 B?lin, my whole command, after being supplied with au.munition, was ordered to be put in readiness to march by that route. When the batteries were taken, the gallant rifle regiment, which had been deployed by Gen. Smith on the right of hln brigade, formed under the arches of the aqueduct in position to advance by the ChapuUep:o or Taoubaya road As the remainder of Gen. Smith's brigade came up Ironi their position In reserve, that offloer, with his usual fureeiifht, caused them to leval the parapu'S and fill the ditches wbioh obstructed the road where the enemy's batteries ha J been ronulructe d, so as to permit the passage of the heavy artillery, which was ordered up by the General in-Chief immediately upon his arrival at the batteiies. In the meantime, while General Shields, with the assistaT.ee of his and my staff nSoen. was causing the del'.ckat ammunition to be supplied, and the troops to be formed for tin advance, Capt. Drum, supported by the rifle regimont, had takes i eharge of one of the enemy's pieoes, ana was advancing i towards the flrst battery occupied by the enemy, on the road towards the olty in our frout. The Cliapultepec road is a broad avenue, flunked with deep ditches and marshy grounds on either aide Alone the middle of this avenue run* ihe aqueduct, supported by erode* of heavy masonry, through the garltaor gate of Helen into tbo eity. The rifle*, supported by the South Carolina regiment, andfollowed by the remainder of Smith's brigade, were now adranoed. from arch to arch, towards another strong battery which had been thrown aoross the road, abont a mile from Chapultepee, having four embrnsusee with a redan work on tne right. At this point, the enemy in considerable force mad* an obstinate resistance; but, with the aid of the effective Ore of an H-lnch howitrer, directed by the IndefktlgaM* Capt Drum, and tue darin* bravery of the gallant rifle regiment,it wa* carried hy assault. The ooiumn waa here reorganized for an attack upon;the batteriea at the garlta ol the oity. The regiment of riflemen, inter m-ni. were placed In the adfiinoe?three rlllee and three bayonet* under each arah. J'hey warn supported by tbe residue of Hblelda' brigade, the dd Pennsylvania regiment, am! the remainder of smilh'a brigade, together with a part of the #tb Infantry, under MaJ BonnevlUe. who bad fallen Into this road. In this order, the ooluma rcfolutely advanoed from arch to arob of the aqueduct, under a tremendous lire of artillery and am all arms from the batteries at tbe garlta, the Paaeo, and a large body of the enemy on the Ttedad road to tbe right, extending fr?in the wfl of the >tarlta Llent. Benjamin having brought up ? 14-pounder, Capt Drum and lit* efficient subaltern* were pouring n oomtant and destructive Ore Into the garlta. Aa the enfilading (ire of the enemy from tbe 1'iedad road became very annrylng to the advance of tbe column, a few ' round* ol canister were thrown by onr artlUary In that direction, which effectually dispersed them. The r whole column,wm now under a galling Are, bnt It continued to more forward nteadlly and llrnily. l be ride* i w< 11 sustained by tbe gouth < arohniaiu, gallautly pushed on to the attach; and at twenty intnutrs paat one tbe gtirita wae curled, and the city of Mexioo entered at that point. In a few innm>"iU tbe whole command Was compactly up--a large pnrtoi It within tbe garlta. 1 The obstinacy of the defence at the garita may be a?1 counted for by our being opposed at that point by Uen. Santa Anna In person, who la said to hare retreated by the?rmeo to tbe Cnsme road, tlmre to try hla ft?rtune against > Jmeral tVor'.h. on our r<p|?ro.?-h to fhe ?arl?a, a body of tbe enemy who were men oil a rroaa road threatening our left, were 1 dispersed by a brisk Are of artillery from tbe dlreotion 1 of the Han ? name road I take ph asure In acknowledge ' Ing that this seasonable aid came from Lieut. Colonel ' Duncan's battery, which bad been kindly advanoed from tbe San t'nem" mad In that direction by Own. Worth* order*. ('( on tbe taking of the gnnta, the riflemen aad South Carolina regiment rushed forward and occupied tbe arches of the aqueduct, within a hundred yarda of tb? citadel. The ammunition of our heary guns baring been expended, a captured H-j,otinder was turned upon the tnemy, and aerved with good effect until the am. niunlttcn taken with it was also expended Tbe piece, supported by our advance, had been run forward in from of the garlta Twice bad Major < ladden. of the South Carolina regiment, furnisbtd additional men to work tbe gu i. wliun the noble and brave Captain Drum, who with Indomitable ener'v and Iron nerve, bad directed Hit artillery t'jrouirliout this trying day, 1*11 mortally wuuinlwl by the r1U? of ills gun. 4 few moments afterwards. Lieut Benjamin, who bad displayed the hid* oool. decided oonra^c, met a similar late. The enemy, now parcalrlDg that our heavy immual tlon hail been expended, redoubled tbair nutloni to drive as out of tbe lodgment w? bad effected. A tarrl flo ura of artillery aud a en all arm* waa opened from lha citldel, 300 yard distant, from tba batteries on tba I'afi o. and tba buildings on our right la front. Amid thin iron shower, whloh swept tbe road on both side* of the aqneduet, It wa* Impoaatble to brlnit forward ammunition tor our lu rga guns. While a wall lug tbe darkness to bring up our great guns and pla-a theio in bil.ary. the enemy. unlar corar of their gua?. <i t?n>iited sevviul sallies (r?fn the citidel and buildings iu I be i-lght. but were ten Illy repulsed by the skirmish | lu* parties or rifl-s an I iutantry To pr?T*n' our flunk | horn btiiiR enfiladed by mueketry from tbe l'aaeo,( apts Nnjlor and l.oeser, id Pennsylvania r*|ine?r, ntroruered with their companies to a Tow ?aod-big defence, about s hundred yards in that direction They gnllantiy look this position, and held it in the taoa of a serora lire until ihi object ?ai attained. At night tha Are of the enemy ceased tlent Tower, of engineers, who before and at tbe atfsnk upon the batteries at Chapultipeo had gi?en important aid. bal been seriously wounded It win, then-tore, fortunate that, in I tha cotnineocsmunt of the route to the city. Lieutenant llaauragard, of engineers, Joined me. I was enabled " ' during tba day, to a rail myself of his ralnable services

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