1 Aralık 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

1 Aralık 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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nOlBY MARKET. Tuesday, Nov. 30_0 p. H. There U no new feature ia the (took market to day.? Very little variation took place in prioea, and transactions were only to a moderate extent. At the flrat board i'reotury Notee adranoed per cent; Reading Railroad 3i; Morrie Canal fell off K. All other* oloaeA at prions, current jeeterdny. At the eeoond boar I Harlem advanced }i per cent, -:.k .? -ll ..l ? Operators are not to much fri^hUned at the move, moots nf specie as they were at flrrt. The bugbear has joitita terror*. In thu panto realised, when ipecie baKina to move away from us, all reaaou is abandoned, and we should jud^e from the exultement produoed, that many believed the precious metals were destroyed, instead ot flowing into the channels of trade, for the purpose of regulating balance*. The Mechanloa' Bank of Baltimore ha* deol ared a dividend of three and a half per oent for the laat six month*. The Patap*oo, Bank of Maryland, has declared a dividend of three and a half per oent forth* laat six months' The position of Mexioo, and (he probable result of th* second conquest of that oouatry, are exoiliog a vast d"U of interest in political, financial and oommerelal circles. We have got through with the fighting part of the buslnef*. and we must now turn our attention to the eoinnereial resources of the country and the regeneration of its polltloal condition. There la not tba slightest d 'Ubt but that tba administration will mak* aa n.u<-h out of Mexico aa po'slbl*. Th* reaouroea of that ouotry will be rapid'y developed under tba supervision of the present Secretary of the Treasury; and If w* ean enly bold on; If the Meiloans will b* good enough not to make pesoe with us; If we can only keep posaesslon by foree of arms long enough fo bring In a revenue large enough to pay more than the expenditure*, there will b? nothinir left but annexation. The naonla of Masioo ar* an Incongruous dui, and, to long as they mix wl'b each other, Spanish anil InJUn aud Indian and Mexi can, prod uclng a mongrel and dvprecUting raee, I hey will, la time, become even worst) than Uiey have erer been. The emigration from this country, in the shape of military recruits, from time to time, will not only Amerloanide the country, but the intermarriage of these emlgiants with the fair senorltas of Mexico, will Amsrioanlse the people, and In the course of time a line race will spring op j a race equal to any in any section of the world. An army of fifty thousand Amerioan soldiers In Mexico, will neeessarlly regenerate the natives of that country; and our volunteers will bare an immense influence upon the institutions and the people of Mexico; aj their period cf enlistment expires, they will cngago in ?ther employments In that country, and settle down, Increase and multiply,spread civilization in every direction, and obaoge the social and political oomplextion of that republic. The present population of Mexioois about eight millions, and the population of this oountry about twenty-three millions?the greatest and strongest must absorb the smallest and weakest. We do not expect to jegeneratn Mexico In a year; but we do In less than one generation; our acoounts from the places our army occupy, already show an improvement In the habits of the people of those sections. American manners and cus toms are rapidly revolutionising the peeple of the cities end porta in our posaeasion, and aa these places exert a great influence upon the interior, the improvement and ohange spread, in every directien. The prrjudicea of tbe Mexicans are strong, no donbt, but It will be impowible to reaiat the effort* made by our young offloera and aoldiera, in ingratiating themselves into the good graoee of tbe fairer and softer aex. The progrsas already made ia individual annexation, gives us some idea of the reault. A revolution of this kind lairreaiatable, there la nothing like eommenoing In the right way, and it la our imprecsion that in a few year, t ie1 Northern barbarlana" will be aa muoh respected in every part of Mexiee, as in any other partof the worid At soon aa the tide turoa In our favor it will rush on with tbe greatest rapidity. With this Influx of Anglo Saxona into auoh a rich country as Mexloo naturally la. we expeot the meat productive results. Our people have aeen therieh resources of that oountry; they have lived under its beautiful ellmate,and have seen and felt what they have heretofore only read of. We have learned more of Mexloo alnoe this war oommenoed, than we should have known, perhaps, for years. The working of the mines has been the prinolpa pursuit of industry in Mexloo, aud with the most beau-1 tiful oountry and ollmate in the world,its resouroea have remained dormant. It requires a different people to de plop* them. Th? government of that country having for #o many years b**n in the hand* of a few military leader*, who have extorted from the millions the moat enormous tax**, and have oppressed the people in every way, (here waa no ohanee for improvement in national wealth ani prosperity. The rule of these leader* is at an end; their raee is ran, and a new power has become absolute. The change will be most favorable for Mexico, and the world at large. The revenues derived from Mezloo by the old governments were large. The average of live years from 1761 to 1768, wan 6 160,964 piastres ; from 1707 to 1769 an average of 8.000 000; 1773 to 1776, an average of 14uu",uu?j i / 11 w 111 v, > *rBr?gg ui i?,ouu,uvu; i/ou to WSt, 18,176,479 ; in 180J the revenue ?u 90,200.u00 piastres. The prinolpal sources of t?r?nue were from the mines, (which la 1793 produoed a revenue to the government of *,600,000 piastres,) and from the manufacture of tobacco. T ese two louroei were the moat important, and g>re about half the revenue. We anaez a very carious table, thowing the sources and amount of revenue at two periods If the progress of population and public prosperity was so great at that time, what cao we expect in this age, when a new raos is exerting its energies to increase and develops every source of revenue :? Comparative Statement or the Revenue or Mexico. 18?3Sources of Rev e nut. Pt an ret. Pimtlret. Dotiea on t '.e proreedi of mines <0> 000 3,iiMioo Miut 357 M0 i,WO 00" /tlciv^la 7*1875 3,200 000 Al nxtrifeyKO 373 333 J00 0-0 India > capitation UX "' SMI 000 1,300,0"U C uyatiit 130."00 *70,"00 MeuU -Witm 49 <>00 >1)0,000 Duiyonag re juice <61 oon too 000 Dmv mi .- .IH. ... 7(1 oon 1*. inn Scum . 41 100 80,000 Sain of in 16 521 ?S00'i Sale ..f powder 71 500 HiOflO CoA-fijhltnj *1.100 41.100 Total 3,38 ,830 11,Ml 000 It will be perceived that the tobacco duty had not be*n levied In 1748. In 1802 the revenue from that tax amounted to 4,600,000 piaster*. This revenue, It will be ??en. if independent of any income fromlcuitoms; It la merely from a lystem cf internal or direct taxation. We can form some idea from this of the revenue which can be derived from that country, under a more economical and mora energetic administration of the government The population and wealth of Mtxlco are now greater than at the oloto of the 18th century. According to the beat authorities, the inhabitant* were classed a* follow*: PurubATio* or Mr*ico?1793 awn 1847. 1*93 1(4}. Indian! 2.319 74t 4,} 0.100 Kor..|?faiii 7,104 > |,nnnn? WhreUeoea 677,41* i 1,(00,00(1 Meil.zoi u.d other caitei 1,?78 125 1,115 1 9 Total 4,483 419 7.015.109 The left ertimate wag that made by the government Of the Btven million*, ovoupyiug Mexico, only about 80.COO of all classes, except whites, can read and write; of tbe 1 OOO.UOO white*, one-half are male*, and of these, the hi<bent estimate* make only one-flfth a le to read and write; of a population of 7,000,000, there are only 100,C00 who are in any respect fitted to take part In publie affair*, and this mail class, comparatively, are dl* reeled by a fow military men, who are oontlnaally Involved In some revolutionary movement. In 1811, the export* from Mexiob amounted to $30 000,000, of which $18,000,000 were in sp'de, leaving but $1,600 000 for othor attlcl.n The Imports ur that yi ar amounted to $13,300.' 00 The annexed statement, shows the capitals of each State and territory, the population of etch eapital, and the production of each dlstriot:? UniTltD ManC?i? Cnpilah. Population. Production* Vfi to IHS.i 00 .... Mcndi i (ton ... T)ve woods, U* Ch n? 3.100 ... I >1 |\ kc. Tob-s'o S.OliO ... Whe ?nd tob'reo. Oil rm ... JA in A WI...I ?.... JaUtn 39 001) ... VVhait and tobacco. Pnehln... 76 wo ... Whratand tobac?o. 4 000 ... (Jold. ailver, and coin. Qu'reuro 40100 ... O >11 and tilver. Valladolid ........ 2VPO0 ... Uold.ailrcr, and aiifar. Hnvmvnajo !)f> 000 ... G?ld and ajlter. On rimaxara 6W>0i ... ( orn, cochiuml, m^ixe, fctr. Km Luit ?o oro ... Gold ai.d ulver. 7.-ra 33 000 ... (told and ailver. Monterey 15 000 ... (iold and tilverAgeayo 6 000 . I)ur.m?o 25,000 ... Gold and ailver. Moic'ifl 6,0'0 ... (iold and ailver. Filla del Kuerte.... J# ?C0 ... Hold ?nd ?ii??r Chihoahna 4 OHO ... G>ld,ailver pearU.ke. Bant' Ke 5.o<0 ... Qjld, ailver,iton.&c. Loretto 10 000 ... Cora, win* and peirle. Mon erev 2 MO ... Cotn. wine and pearla. Tb? principal produote are gold and ailver, and they form the beat* of the wealth and lndiutry of the poo pie, and the lource of revenue to the government. W* Ji?v# pouejiRloD of the most produfltlve mining dUtricU, Md of th? outlet*, and everything depend* upon the smrw pur itrnMHl purfuM Is reUtlon to th?M l?< Valuable tourott of private wetlth Mid pnbllc mtmm, Mexico can b? made to prodnoe an unutl revenue equal to that of this country. With population of only about one third that of tbia oountry, aha haa resource* from which can be drawn large revenue. An import and an export duty, in connection with diraot taxes will rapidly swell the income, and aoon give ui an amount equal to the expenditure*. All we want la, one to offset the other; we want the people of Mexico to pay for carrying on the war, and pay for string them free and libe. ral inititutiou*. and freeing them from the tyranny and misrule with which they have been so long afflicted. Stock Kxcllangi. $6000 Treat Notes. 6s S'l?, 100 ?h? Heading It b<0 61U 1W0 do 10" 125 do C(I>4 11000 do b60 W0 do 60>? M0U8 6t,Vl rn 100 Far men' Tnut ?6 110(10 do, >>2 102 75 Morris L anal iV 15000 Pfun S? 13.V* 150 do 9?? Unco do b90 7 1 2) Mohawk U<ilrrad 16'. 7000 Ohio 6i, N53 99 2H Nor k Wot Kailr'd 3t>; 150(0 Reidibg Bonds 71 51 do blj 37'i 100(0 do 70^ ICS Aub U Koch Rlr'd 100 2ICOO do 2) Look Isl'd Railroad 2?', i0(0 Reidmg Moit BJ. 6V* 2(0 do 27^ 15000 do 65 mo Harlem Railroad 41V: M00 ^ do _ _ 6(?< 750 do 4 ? <} ilia r mnn ?'> 111 i 100 do *30 i I 'I i t Heading Kailroad lOJO <lo 4 < V? liuo (lo SO SO da iuw 4lS Im hkI Bonrd. WOOO Treasury Note. 100 2ro itu Hirlf m Railroad 41V 3)0 ?h?Vick?b|$(e?n?o!) II lio do 4 Vj 100 Harlem Hailroad 140 Long laid Railroad 17?? 74 do 4IK 50 di *30 37ia *5 do 50 Farmers' Loan 2<JS 160 do \\)i 21 Canton Co 2IX New Stock. Kxchui>K?, 40 ah* HtrUm R rrg 41^ 100 ?ha Hi-ltin R ?30 4IV 40 do re* 41 'm 40 Long laid Than 37H 40 do c 4 H 40 do 13 17*4 100 do >3 4 )i CITY TKADK HBPOHT. Nkw York, Tuesday Afternoon, Not SO. Holder* of flour were again holding out for better prloea, which, during the forenoon and early part of 'change, tbey were enabled In aome oaaea to obtain; but toward* the cloae, buyer* failed to meet tbem at rate* much beyond those current yestei day Sole* were made to a fair extent, and a* the amount of itock In market at the close of navigation will noon be known, it 1* likely the article will become more steady, with a healthy and regular demand. The innreised activity in wheat continued, aud sale* of chiefly Western description* were pretty freely trade Rye und oat* continued firm Meal ?w alro in fair demand at steady price* Prori ion* were coin para' l?ely quiet, while lu groceries but little was doing, beyond lala < making by auction Ashes ?The market continued hearv lor both sorts. Smill sal?* of pots were reported at $<174, and 30 to 40 bbls pearls do at $7 HO. Bkeswak? No ohange, and the mtrket was q list. l)*CADiTt;?-rs ? flour? Sales of 000 barrels of Genesee weremade at $0 IS >-i?3tV'; ICO do at $8 31 a ffl 37 >, the letter fl<ore for an article* little better than common. 1400 do do (100d of wbloh *u to go to Philadelphia) old at 50; "00 a 800 do. fair to good qually. gold at $6 24 Toward* the close, there were more buyer* than llert a', the latter price 400 barrel* of good Oswego old at rt 94 600 barrrla of straight brand*. Michigan, old at $6 -35; 300 do Wl?oonnln sold at $0 37 ; and Snu do. Ohio sold at (0 43X Southern was held firmer. The supply continued light, asd no sales of moment were reported. IVluat?Hales of 6000 buahels Ohio were made at 96, and 'J.'>00 do Wisconsin, afloat, sold at $1 94. Oenesee waa worth about 91 35 a $1 SO. Corn? Toe dales footed up about 7010 to 8000 bushels Including 9000 bushel* of high mixed at 74o. and 1400 do, yellow, at 74c. and 1000 do, miz?d do, at 73c Handsome round yellow was held at 78n Tho umk-t closed with steadiness Heal?Sales of 100 barrels New Jersey were mad* at $3 50 ; end 300 do on the wharf sold at 13 44 This St.ate contlned steady at (3 So ; aud 4000 a ftOOl) do New Jersey sold on pilrate terms Rye?Bales of 9000 a 10.000 busbeis were made at 88c In the slip, and at 00c delivered Rj' Flour? Sales of 600 a 800 barrels were made at H Oats were steady, with sales by the cargo at 60o. Barley of gnad quality was firm at 33o offered, a 1 86 asked; white inferior was negleoted. Receipts down the Hvdion River, JV?v 98 and 39. Klour 34 0(H) barrels. Corn n inn t>mih<i> Wheat 7,600 " Rye 9.700 " Ca.idlf.i ?There was no change, while prices eoctlnuj ed Arm for eperm, with steady sales. Cornet?A aula of about nno bags damaged RIowm advertised for the 1st December; the market was quiet, without change in prices Cotton --The sties were email to-day, 500 bales being all '.hat were reported; buyers did not seem disposed to follow up the views of sellers, preferring to wait later intelligence from abroad. The market watt quite firm at 9 oenta for fair uplands, which wnj as low an holders supplied the demand Fkii?Sales of about 300 barrels mackerel ware made, inoludlng No Is at |8 90, and No 24 at $0 >i; the market closed rather heavy. Dry Cod ? Sales of about fil>0 quintals were made at $3 6IX; there were no new arrivals. We heard of nothing of moment in herrings Fruit ?Sales of about 2C00 boxes bunch raislus were made at $1 70 a %i, aooonllog to quality. Sains cf 1000 boxes were made at $1 80 for whole boxes, at cents for half boxes, and 60 cents for quarter do. Hemp ?There was no change, and for American dew rotted the market was qniet. Lead ?No change, ami no Kale* were renorled. Molasskss.?Hairs of 60 htiils I'orto Kico wnre made by auc'ion at 20 a 2l}?o, at 3 mouth* Wo heard of nothing of moment at private Kale. MAHoni.iT?A cargo of Honduras wan (old at auction, comprising 245 logs, at prices varying from 6 76 a 13 60 a 36u per foot, on the usual terms. Naval Storks ?Sales of 1200 barrels cf raw turpentine were reported on terms not made public, and 100 barrels spirits turpentine was sold at 3<ie; in a small way it wan worth 38o. Thertt was no chflnge in rosin Tar remained nominal Oils ?Linseed?'There was do ohange in prices. Kngllsh wan worth 64c, and oity pressed American 67 a 68o. There *ai no change iu crude or manufactured Bib oils. There bad been several arrivals of vessel* with oil, lis. at New Bedford Oil Cakk?Sales of abaut 100 tons of thick were made at (28; 26 do thin were sold at $26 rnovmoni ?Mers Pork was worth about $14 76. and prime 0 60, without sales, beyond retail transactions ? lirtf? A sale of 16 tiorces (old) gold at $12 Slaughtered hogs were held higher, and 7o a 7>?o was said to be asked. It will be perceived from the teleeranhlc despatch. that hogs ware steady In Cincinnati to~d?y, at $3 per 1001b L iri?There vai little or no new in the market; and old was dull and prices nominal. Butter wnc in fair demand, at steady prioes, while cheese waa dull Rick?Sales of 100 tieroea were made on private terms. 8uoa??At private sale transaction* were very light, without change in pricea. 8 ilea of 87 hhda Porto lfico were made by auction at 4a4*{o; 'JO do Cuba do at SJ? a 4Kt cents, and aalea of 186 hhda Porto Rico sold at 6?cic, 3 months About 160 boxes brown Havana sold by auotion at 4%?4% cents, to 6adX oenis, oashj 70 do do sold at 4X*6 ab,1*; 40 hhda Porto Rico do sold at ftaoX centa, 3 months Tallow?Tha market was lower, and sale* of 8*10,000 lbs. country, were reported at 8){ oents. WHiiinoii-No ohange. "WHiiKEv?Salea of 100 barrels State Prison were made at 26>i oents. f'aaiuHTa-Sugar was engaged for Antwerp at 35s.? ' There seemed to be rather more offering to Liverpool and London, while rales remained about the same. lit*l Kitate at Auction?3 story brick home and lot on 2 2d street, near 3d avenue. 25 by half the block, $3,130; 1 lot on 35th street, near lOih avenue, 25 by do $700; 1 lot on 20(h street, near Irvlug place, UxlUO 92.325; 6 lota on 221 street, near lat avenue, each 20 by halfiha block?7u0 . aih. 7j0; 1 lot oorner 10th ave u?. ~uu si, 4UUHUU, pi,ivu; mory ortca uouan j and lot In Renwick. ueur Hprlng street. 2ux76, $3 300. Married. la the Reformed Dutch Cliuroh, oorner of Broome j nd OrNU street*, by the Kay. Dr. Klaher, Mr. Pent* Tiihi'xc to Mlii Frkdebica Ann, youngeit daughter | of the lata Mr. Corneliua Seamen, all of thla city. Died. On Monday evening, after a protracted Nine**, Mr*. Ei.icabcth Smith In the 74th year of her age. Her frienda. and thoae of her ions, Jeremiah and Jnbn Vanderbilt andThoma* Smith, are Invited to attend her funeral, from the residence of the latter. No 330 Tenth atreet, on Wedneaday, at 3>i P. M , without further invitation. At Kort Leavenworth, Nov. 2, Viaoinu TiiKonoan, daughter of Mrg. t L. I'orterand the late Lieut. T. H. Foru-r, U.8. A. rpHE AMUHIU\N AOHICULTURAL AHSOoIAJL TION h > <1 ? le.alar inretu f thia evening, December I, et half i'??t 7 o'clock. in tueir rouma. Lyceum buliliag, No K5I Broaoway Mr J*mn* H' fK will rend a p*per no " Hi- j ered and Claiti>:*i I'luutmu, with n?tice?of tv ir?e? mmtinned >n Scriptuie. ai d hi tlie t iaasioa." H4OGDBN DORK Vi Pi, H*<: ?din* Bee rU' y <tl lt*ni L*MO ij AUK? rio eaa?7 till - M Alt D'sJ A<a drWl . 102 Broufi Leta- ua in llift frrmirh Italian. <ie man and Kngliih Languages, after a i?* ami practical system uerer before eihibit. d hi this country. Special teacher* employed lor each U<eu ge An attoin-hing success Ins been obuiued by thi? method Lessons at the Academy (10 pe-quaiter Pnvate Lessons $38 per quarter. *. IU<;H AND, liirertornf ihe Acaemy. dl )?t?rc IlujA B/iRRe-L* TAH, JJu barreti Turu-nt'iie, lo. j\/UV/ sale byJUHN A. OA.VlBKfcL, It I Wall stieet. allt*m F>jtt S.aLK.? An imereht la a ramaiile Psleut Higtu lor the maual'ncture of an article of the moi'geueral use and consumption and for which there cm he n sub<titnte. the invention offer* great indneemeut* to any one wishing to mvcatsn ih<s description of property. The object of the ?d?ep riser is to rai-e ihe means ueceiaary to push the sale of the parent. a< the mirhet price of the maiinfaernied article is at a high sundird. Address " Improvement," at Ibis office, stating wh*r? an interview eanhe had. dlji'oi tlOR. MKXICO VIA imK~iv ORLK A M?-. i h"T uu<?7 a ? gned I'aves for Mexico oa the Id of December, in I basin' si eapse ty. sal will take charge ol any cotnmiss on< ihu may be enlrns'ed to him. T. >. 81'ARH, 231 Uroadw iy Refers to Mea<rs. Hook IkTewiisenJ, J liT. Woodhead Van 1 WagtCB-r fc Yeom,in. Wm T Jennings & Co dl i|*rc OUD VIOLIN?To be rafflerTon MoqiUy, ?tn m?t., in music store. No 167 William street, a lirit rate instinmm', mide by Krnst Qolln. dl It*re L~ikt lisaT;iianckT?naTional luXn" Fund L'fe Assurance Society of Loudon ?" A Havings Bank for the Benefit of the Widow an<? the Orphan." (Kmpowered by Act of Parliament ) IJaPITAL. iifiO.Oo# Sterling, or |i MIO.OOO; besides a reserve fund (from surplus premium) of ab< lit $186 0U0 Part ol ii e Cajiitilis snvested in the United fctates T. LAMIK MURRAY, Ks<j , Oeorge St., Hanover Hqnare. Chdirm.in < f the. Uourt of Directors in London. JACOBHAPVKV. Kiq , Mkiirman of the Unireu Stare* Local Boird. The Bo-iro Wet at 74 Wall street ererv WtDfrrsnm foe the tmniaetionof huiiueia Doctora, J. K HnnM^n), Hoi?i k mid Kr.c*K. medical eiaminer'. (fee-paid b? 'he roc>etv; attendance Daily at three P. M ) Rdwabd T. Richardio*, K>rj., General A-ronntant. Keport lor May, 1147, pntnphletii. blank furini, tablet of ratei.lic of Direetm, Agents, lie. icr., obtained at the Chief Office. 74 Wall irreet, or frow eithirnfthe Agentathrooghont the United 8tar?i and Britii Nnrth Amenran Cnlnniet. J LVANDKR STARR, Oenr. ral Agent for the I'nited Htatea and B. N A. Colrniei New Vo>k, Not. 4. 1*47. ni i? 12' rre MAONKTI. TKLKGHAFIi < l.J Ml'A N Y7?M feting of Stockholder*.? A meeting of the itockhoiih-r* of the M?irn*tic Telegraph Compwv. will be he 4 it the Telegraph Office. m liie liity sf WuhiB|toa, on \V?4u?<hy. Pecemher Hiw""" A ?,W.Tf A 8THMATIC AFFECTIONS .?! ouv ?ari*bte climate, TL these complaints are very |>nnltiit a?d tedinua III their character. Or. Hollick states, in hi* work on " Neuropathy." lint "Galvaniain la the hast and moat uatuial agent ha can emp'or iu thia 'roubleome alfectiwq. Asthma n aearcrlv ever benefitted by drum of aty kind. A ch nge of regiinrn, d et or limita. i> always recommended. any g-od whirh I the patient ripenencea ariira more from thasa tha? from his I medical treatment. for without iham he seldom improves at all. while with (hem he may. I have k lowothe most hnpeleaa i C ise?uf Aitlimi |?nicu'aiiy when apumodie, t<> have been i perfectly cur-d by the application of U Iramsm " Af ar this I suthority, it will not seem stnnft wkra we assert that l.r I * h'ls'ie's (Jalvaaic ait claa have been f>?ud the most au prisi. ( value in this and all similar nervons affections f the rhrat throat, ke. <J>lvatiiiu maketa rvcrv orsan to which it is sent set with increased vigor, ?n?l bv its peculiar p->wer of riciMig the absorbeiif.it' haw affects in these cases is render rd certain. A f'aia or ni rHMt-Mr. Klisha h. <"h>pin rending at 129 Third ayeuue. New York, has been afflicted since < Tuldhood?4 per od >( 21 years?with severe and frequent atta-k< of Asthma In a letter kindly'eat hv hitn to Dr Chr stie's agent, he says?"As early in life as I have any recollectiou of anything m> being tronb'ed with Asthm< is the uioat vivid |r lixa accom owned me through all the various c hinges of lile, alfec'iug my genet I health, p oatrat ng my ene'gies, deranging mv whol* nervous aystem. and finally subjecting loth mind and body to ita destructive influence."? Mr i hipintriel everr remedy, so called, for the distresilng C'linpltint hut all to u > purpose A* a very last resort, ha was tempted to procure the Christ'e'a < Jalvauir Belt and Strengthening Plaster. Relating to the effeet of these articles, we <iucte farther from his own latter. Ha says?" In two days after their application the effect was very sensibly f-It, and ever sine* that time I h?ve been gradually improving and gaining t>ength " Mr. Chapin states, that although ha supplied his esse wsa beyon'l all medictl aid, he sow considers lumieir quit* well, aud believes h * recovery to be entirely owmi to the faithful uae of Christie's U'l'tmc Bell and HtrepgtheiiinK Platter. Hundreds of similar testimonials may he mm. on application to the Agent Hole Agency ia New York 1(1 Broadway. No druggist his the genuiue articles, dijfm SI lU \TH>N vv A.NTKII? By a ietj>ec a In i omi| 'ioteatant person, with excellent testimonials ofchsr icter fr< m the placet she tilled i Ireland, u well ?s iu thii city, a li'uv tion a? cook, and wa'lier and iroaer. 8 e is willing to make herself gcuei lly useful, and the hat n? nb ection to go to the country A line addressed to " Ellen," Herald Offlc, will be atteud?d to rrom.tly dl lt*rc INFORMATION wanted of Mrs McBEY. who landed here ia September. 18(3 in the ship England, from Ltver. pool,in company with her two sisters; and f she wr uld call on lite I ??. Kriucis Terry, St. Columbus Chmcb, Twentw.filth street, she will Hear something to her advawt'g*. rtl If ic .-\NTKD IMMEDIATELY, a amart act ire Bov Aiply t hiaoffice. ________ Hi Vrc WAV I EL)?A situation by a vouug man. wtio haa served in a neper importing home ofthis city, and who ia well acquainted with the knil-sli. Krencli and Uetman langn?gra. Satisfactory rcferecces can be given. Pleaie apply a* 61 Jamea Street. dl 1' '?Kll vl m WANTEU-Siuistioos by two softer aud I diutrtoua young wotnrn. One to co k. wash and iron, or do h uaework;. ihe other I'jr chambermaid or i urse. and leatnstret'.aud ti'ie ironiug. Both have excellent ierereiire<; and one of them } years in her lut place Please enquire at No I I) Hammersley street, iu the rear?cau be seen fjr two o?vs._ <11 It .m WANTED ?8.tuitions by two respectable young wrnn'tt; one as a cook washer sad irnaer, aud the other to do the general h u ework. chamberwotk or waiter. The b-at of city , refe>eoce given Persons in want of such assiatance. will ; pleneca'l at No. 10# Tenth avenue, between I7lh and llth ) streeta. wl ere they can be seen for live davs ul lt*m WA* 1'h.D? My an Eugliahmai.?asituuiou as Coactiin?n. He uaderst" ds Ins basinets perfectly, and can give ' good references No Objection to t?wu or country Direct! to A. B WM.KHI?mldler?til FJenadwiv. old l*m WANTED.?A quantity of paving iinues in Charleston. 8 C Masters i fvease's or consignees, on the arrival <1 lire, will please apply to ROGER 1I.V83ETT 8. K. cot- 1 ner M-rket and Veetiugat. n? W>c WANTED?A lew active yonu* men to no Hooih i.r VVes ro act as agenta for thr aal? of new and po| nl?r pnhlicnt tiona; >300 over and above their eipeuies will be ioaured to | them iu writing, with an opportunity of clearing tlOOO per year. Home men now in om employ will no doubt make over f 1000 per year. clear of *11 expenses Etch man will have hia I district. It will be necessary for them to hive at least from IJS to 150 to obtain a irood filling out. Applvat FRENCH'S ! Pnhliahiiig H 'H. 243 Broadway. np ataira office of thr Flag of nor Union. Alt lerrera inuar he no?t imhI. nlftMr*m i WANTKD?I i the choir of a rhurcn.a Tenor burner po? ! eising a h'gh >ad delica'e tenor voice and finished atyle. i It ia nece?a*rv that he should be a competent musician, as he i would h? rrijiiired a' >im?a to perform difficult inunc. in conceit with 'i- gera ol ability. Address J.II. B., No.il/'J llowtry. i nJJ 8fod*m BUAUO w ANTED. by a ii> gle geutlrm >n iu a mi l pri- I vate family, in a respectable neighborhood below Twelfth 'reet ReferCLCes givcu and Kquircd. Address H A C. at thia office. niO 3t?m BOARDING? A gentleman and lady, or (wo aiugle gentlemen, can be accommodated with board and a pleasant "room, at No. J5 Monroe ?treet. on reasonable terms. ril6t*re | BOAoDlMG?Gentlemen and their ladies, alto seveial aingle gentlemen, enn be accommodated *i h pleasant rooms with good boaid, by applying at 16 Barclay at corner ol Greenwich. _ _ _ ii30 3t*rc WINTER BOARDING.?Families and genteel boarders way procure eligible rooms, for the winter aeaaon. at the National Hotel. No. 5 Courtlandt at. Application to b? in ula to I H ' HltTIV ?si7r*m | P"~ UltNI'HEL) AND UNFUKN|8HED ROOMS To Let. Two Parlours, with folding doora, and pantriea between Apnly at M9Spiing at, two blocks from Broadway, weat aide, n? 3t? trc TO HOTEL KEH.rEKS?The Freeman's H-ill Assncislio . are 'ea'lv to rrcrive proposals fo' renting the large itud spacious building erected on the corner ol Columbia end ! Amity a rrets, in the city of Brooklyn known as Kreeman'a Hall; the h?lI ia 50 bv So feet, ihree stories high. and in the immeiiiat* racinitv of South Fer'y 'I he ball room, which ia the la-eest in the city, will be let temporarily f r thereison, or by the night. Aoply lo THOMAS L" PL IE, Secretly of the Asiociatiou, 223 Ful'im street. Brooklyn^ ill 3t*'C I^UTAWHOUSE."B^.I.TIM >KE "-IIENHY K. JACK4 hON, Proprietor.?Coaches will be in readiness at the Depottrud Landings. ti convey passengers ?ud baggage,to the house. Terms?Gentlemen's Ordinary, $160 per day.? Lad es' Ordinary. >2 per day. dl Ufrc C1EORGE HOTEL Dale street, Liveipool, in the imineM diate vicinity ol ihe Exchange, the Dorks and the Hailway terminua ? THQM AS ' A*TLE. begs to c<ll the attention of parties fn m the 1,'nited Hta'ea. viailiug E gland, either on business, or at tourists, to the above named CMeSnted establishment. Its situation is most centra', and in th" brat neighborhood in Liverpool. The home will be fnuir< reolrte witn.accommoiUtiona?ihe private apartments for famiiiea commodious and superior,? the internal arrangements, inclnrling itttrndance on ihe verv best aystem, the ceM<ro( wines of the li'ac roiequality. and the culinary department under the most nhle ?ore oirrn 'enre. nJ9 3t*rc | ROOKINIi?Ol.U TIN llOOKS made tight for rcrts lefoot. New roofs of rouuh plank covered fur 4% cenii: I ronfs ot factories or large buildiugs, over 20 it|ttares, for S3 71 per ?quare, and warranted. Goodwin's Patent Tremium Hy Iro I'ueiimatir Cement Bhea'hing makea a handsome cheap, i I ghr nnd durable .roof. Keferencra and Specimeua at OOODj WIN'S Chiinn'V Pot Factory, II Weit Broa'iway. brtween ' ! ClMinbrr* an l Warren ata. uJ3 3t?wljt *rc. ! OOKING?'THE AMERICAN COM POSITION, K vented ?nd uiauufactored hy Riley Bemiu, cheni.er by | nearly one half than any oilier aya'em now in ose. and more (titrable Ii is also one of the greatest protections against the 1 i spread of lire that haa ever yet bvu tried. This we say with- j I out fear of contradiction. All Ordrrs pn c.mallv attended ; to oo application to the subscribers, Vrt Hooston street, near ' .r? fij miii o i AiitPilc iircfl, DO 111 n DroOIIVll. It HH*. 1 MAN It CO. .Mltr*r? VOIGHTLAErtUEH'H QUICK DAGUEHREOTVPK j Instruments, with fonr tiroei iuteuser light: lenses of three inches mid * nnrrter diameter, to work .on median p'ates, for ?H0 At Langenhairo k Meeker. 20 Br ,i lw?r I'unrn ?' ? ?v?-? "tft n?t l?> if IS ENCH EMBROIDERIES AND ?"-LOV EM ?Mr Dnou, hiving just arrived from I'arn, offers fir rule an -i-giut assortment of the newest Embroidery, and also > reneh I K i J (J1- ve? ( f superior manufacture. ilia room,nu the second | tl >nr of HJ Gre'tiw cli street, will be open Tom 10 to 4 o'clock, l'he articles will be disposed of at the uiuiufictaring price*, dl 6t*rrc. v ROBKrt. MOUE8. NOCVEAUTEB.??. GuDfcKROY, 349 Broadway, N. Y opposite rhe Carlton Houae. Bill and wedding t'te'ses, rich nesd ornaments a .d cape for > aoireea. new wreatiia flowers and fwcy articles, winter hats. J rloaka. ailka, and other initeri&ls for dresses. received from Paris h? evrr K'cnc*' steamer. >> 1t>w l<t*r NI'VELTIEB KiiH 'JHK HULlO\ta-TrHerick A W<iod?orth, 325 Broadway, orposite the new Theatre, is uow opening some new aud beautitnl goods l- r Holiday ('re- , scuts rereiTed (ierateamer New Voik.lroin Havre, comprising all the novejtiea of the seasou Richly decorated Porcelain Vases Jardinieres, and Mceaui for flowers; Bohemian I Lilass wait, tine Broi tea, Buudoir and Toilet O'uameiits in 1 Bronte, Porcehin. Enamel aud Gilt, rich Knna Heticnles Pur>es. C-rd Casas. Porte-monnaies, Work Coses, Jewel I Boies, Work Tables, Oieisinit tiuei, 1'upeteries, Opera Gives, Mechanical Tableau!, moving Toys, he he. nH gteodia?rc I RICH HOLVIJ\y"PHe.8K%TU.?LOiTis Yehre 1 Importe of Watches, 33 Jolm street, np suirs, offers for ' ??|e, st very low prices, a selected invoice o* thfinewest pat- | terns of French Gold Jewtlrv, anch as Bracelets, Eur Rings, Breast l'ins, he he.: Gold and Silver Card Cases, and Memo- | r.vudntn Books for Ladies: Gold and Bilver Snuff :ii,d Tobacco Hotes, Seg-<T Cases, he. (Constantly on Inrd a complete as- 1 so'tment of Gold and Silver Watches, from tha best makers in Geneva, Locle, Cluiuide bonds andiHt. Imier, (Hwit/erl-nd.l ; oJ3 H?^?e _ I AsiLK HOI'HE. about to decline business i*ish todis pose of a well assorted stock, and the itotid will ol a valuable custom. Apply at hi William street, corner ofCedar. njo il'^rrc REvuv MADE G ah \1 e;nTm?An nlswn uistt men'of Pfli'i and rtnrlt n*?rri.ar? iV i,n?f Cloaks, iu on'superior styles; Uitn ?nil Knwli Cimti Cant* I loon. Vm?. Dressing (liwm, Overcoats, fcr WM. T 1 J NNINOH Sc CO., S31 Broadway, Amrncan Hntfl n!6 intend* rc CLOAKS? ?, LO A Ks.?1 he mbsriiber ii'gs leave w call ' the attention of ltdifi to Im prracui stock of Clopbi, m j eing the Desi in '',e litV. iuJ c-mprising all the new stvles uowmuse. Also, long and square Shawls, in great variety, with a general assortment ofd'y good*, suitable t?r the season, | which will he sold at reduced price*, by T. PATTIHO.N, No I Bo-eiy. _ aJI ln'm I^MKN FTFE DOLL Ml SLITS MMM . r cloth anal, I cassimric tarns. un<l fancy vest. Also, cloaks and Ote>- j coats,wiih r<rh lin'iiits $3 to $10each; business Coals t| to $j; Vest* M) cents tu 92 Cash paid lor *eufs' clothing ('trading dteini, repairing and altering, corner of Nassan nod tieekman ?t?. Two ftushnmen w.miea. rlt ltt*rh C^LAKKKH SACKS (I B I I, \?KK,Mrr. hwt Tailor, J 116 Willism tteet, opposite the Washington Stoies, haa a very handsome ?tock of Overcoatn and joi'y Sacks, the prim 'f which vary fom 910'o 916 Also. Cluths, Caasnne'es, end Vesting* made np to order, at.low pricea, for c?sh only. My hio?n and black aack* are handsomely trimmed, with velvet collaraand cntfs. ?nn lined and wadded entirely- Hume hate richly worked silk fronts Overcoat! made tn meaanre M the very same pricea at which they aie sold ready made. n29 6t#ac _ _ Wi TnTBK CLOTHl.NO aT lOST -O n ?" o?t? and Over Sacks from 9i to SIN; CI'Mks frr.in #5 to 92V and every other it v le of w infer elothinu at D \NII>. L T SMITH'S IM fnlton ?tr"t opposite the Dnfrh Church. nl'j I4fm SlfcCONI) H >MI FUKNITUmK AND ijuiiHlMi WANTKD?Ladies or Gentlemen having any anper- j llnons, or cut off Clotlnnir or h'ar?ilure to dmpr ae of, can of uin a fair caah price lor the same, by seuding for the subscri < tier at liia residence, or a line addressel through t> e post will I be attended to. Ladies can be attended to by Mia. Cohen. M. U. COHfc.V. ' '> Duine street. N. B. Old s ork or job goods hotiuhi (O anv ainmint. . n.' l I 'l'rr G- HKAT fAROMNS IN UNDKK CLOTHTnO-j. f. SCOTT, 0) Nsssiu street, has in store and is oaily re* reiving from the Shakers and oriier celibnted mtntifacnrers, la >ge supplies cl theirsn|>eriorl'adershirta. Drawers and Hocks, (the; are warrnmed not to shrink in washing.Iishieh he is retail- 1 lilt at wholes ile prioes, vi?! i per cent, advanre upon first coer. Also,received, a f esh supply of his 91 50 shifts,which he war- j nntsb ill ? regards titling and superior workiruuship I'rrsniis 1 aiont purr.h.??iiiR will <lo well to cail at 94 INnuan ?t'erl < pP<NH> thf Krnlii nllrt liM l>*t N~ ?w I 'I'llOI.STKK V (JOODSi Pi* The aubacrlberi litre jmt received ia tto'e, 8 r'i?e? of Upholatery Oooda, soatistiu* ?f heaty Lyon* Halm ?'jd Rroc- ; at?l. iu rich eclori, alao tiatiu Lmea. of ran in pa'terno, w ilh all the necra?arv TiimniiuK*, Cornicca and Band#; tw.ieaaea ?'* pattaim of (Curtain |iiuaf rich r<n{ra fnuli. he.: on* caae >ui>erh pattcrna o( Laee and Kinbroidered Cartaii.a, Al?> a ra?? of Turkey Red Ccitonr, all of which ia offered whole i aale or retail, at the lowaat pricea. HOLU HON k M \ HT, 1 Importera ami Mauufacturara uf Upholttery Uoo^ti 343 Urn id way, oppoaiw tha rarh. >1S lit* re | C^O-PARTNtKHH I P.?The underaifned hire aaaoeiated J ihetn>e!vea in thia city for tha iranaaction (if a v?i>eril ''orr,minion Duaicria, nnJtr thf firm fit Wro. .v?tI? lMb?r? liSin It I a 1 vid *r? pmjraJ t.> i^nt.-.f Miv rhiah lUMi llll lil'l 4 OARR THEATRE?Kor (ho Sen* (It of Mr. COLLINS. Oi which oceaaion Mr PlaciHe u4 Mr. Cnlliaa. will a|> pear for this uig't only?Wednesday Kveniug, Dm- I. will " performed. the comic drains of THE WHITE HOUSE OK THE PEPi** RR-Utn'il Pepper. Mr Collins; Mam Mausleldt, Mr Pl-*ide; Aftha. Mrm Ki'ght Af *' which, tin c ured .' in two acta, of the IHIsH AMBASSADOR?-S'r Patrick O'Pleoipi, Vr Colli**; in whi- h chaiact*r he w II sing ' The B old "oldie- Bui." To couclnde with ill* comedv of ihe AKHVOlIil M4N?Mr Mc>"lian?. Mr. t.olliu>; Mr tspen, Mr. Plscide; Lady L-ecii Mr?. Verunn Doors i>m st<fc( o'clock. Perforiaiuir.es will conuieacrT o "cluck. B <?M,tl: fit, 5ft rts ; OaUery. ti et?. BOWILKY THEATRE ? W sixto" Maosear; ?tuc Manager. M* ?Wednesday Eveni'ig.Dec.l, will be acted, the NAI VD QUERN-Phe Naiad Quee'.Mias J Tarubull; Kiu? ?. Mn SuthriUud; Idei Mn Msdisoa; Baron ol Lorch*itieu. Mr Tl'ton: Rupert, Mr fla li Btpuste, M' C Burkr Previous to which will be peifo'rned the coined y of GRANDFATHER WHITEnE^D-Oraidfarher Whitehead, Mr C Burke; Bob Liucola. J H Hall; Driver, Jordaii; Louisa Draytou, Mra Phillipi. D>ors open at 6H o'clock anu n* curiam ^n, uuiei Kit cata, P.. and Oilleir, 1?X rents. (CHATHAM THEVi'HK?Cutler tne .VU*ag?in?si 01 Mr, J FLETCHER?Ht^ge Manager, Mr. Addia.? Vedusst1**

Evening, Dei- 1, will he presented the comedy of A, PAINT HE*BT NEVEK WON FMR LADY-Ray G nncx Mr. Hield; Hui'hen ile Torrenu'va, Mr*. McLeiu. After whi'li. lie HOLLAND FAMILY in iheir Classic Oroupi g?. To he >ncrreded by the faice of the THREE PAIll OK LOVERS?Qiuke, Mr. C.Taylor; Lacret a. Mia? Whra'er ? To eonclude with the aew grand p*nt"fn ine of the GOLDEN KEY?Character* by the Hollaud Family, Sic. Doori opea at hilf pastG; performance to commence at 7 o'clock- Boxca, i 2J cents?Pit. 12^ cent*. ]Vf ITCH ELL'S OLYMPIC THE AT JlE?On WrdueidoT IT* Evrame, Dec I. the performance! will comma'e* with RO"IV8DN CKU80E THE Id?Mnrmadake Snodarass. Mr Holland, Wnbb'as. Mr <oin tars Clemeutiua Miss*1sr<Taylor; Wilhelmina, M-ss Phillina. Alter which, th* NEW PLANET?.Tne New Placet, Miaa Mare Tay'o1; Venos, Mix Phillips; Mercury Mr Conover Afrer whch.THlS HOUflK I O BE SOLD?Mr Chatterton Chopkius, Mr Holland; William 8hikt| ?are, Mr Canuinghsm To coac u e with TAMING A TARTAR?Matnurki. Mr Hollaud; King Ciutla, Mr Cunningham; Lord Noddy, Mr Cl?rk; Matonrka, Miu Mary 'laylor; Queen Caudle. Miaa Robaits. Doora opei at hall' put ?ii, ->nil trie rurram will rue a? 1 ASIOH PLACE r?PEK\?Wedue?ilay Eveui.ig, Dic |? ^I''U!t.p,'f0T?,ei' Oftera in J acta, muaic by Be| ini' of HEA TRICE Dl TEN D A?Beatrce, nignora C|otild* Barili ; Agnese. Sigaora Auia ia Paiti.(her first appearance in America) ; FiImmio, Siguor Ferdinand" Benrveutsno ; Orombello, Siguor rr-ncesco btilini, (his first appeatance iu Americ); Aaichino. Mignor Kellipoo Alhertmzl B .iet. Pa'quette. and Balcony, fl; Ainphithentre 'M ceuta. Doors open at 7 o'clock: to commence it lull-put 7 boi office opeu from past ?to 12 o'clock, nud at No. 3 Wtll street iron. 1 to3 _ _ AST? 'H PL ??.E-E.\ r < \ 11IV K CniVjh P. s'.'t irddv l)?r J ?*lh Bi.il ! *?? 1/n? ? ? :-? wrinii t_?,>era ui r. NiitM On this occasion ih* seats <>f bniM i>r.|urtv And D leoav, wilt be opened to the < hjice of ihe pnhlic and mav be secnred on application at th? bow office, from h*lf put 8 to 12 o'clrek. and from I to 3 o'clock.*' No 3 Wall *>reet. b iae'nent, on F'iday and Si'urday. Subscribers wishing to ir tain tlirir seats fur this night, will apply at tbe boa offices on Ihu'sdiv. ill Ji'rc ?K>U.Vl'S A vilLlilCA* MUsEU.v ? C i k4M,, m; Proprn'or : K Hitchcock, Manager?SP'.ENDID PENFORMAN<:E8 THH A FT*.HNOOIV ar ?o'clock.and This Ereui' g at hall past 7 o'clock. The IOWA INDIANS emaiu a lew days longer, and fire their War Dances. Itc It" , at eT?ry petf'rmauce Also ?j allied C A MPBELL'S KTHI0"l AN SERENADER8.GREAT WF.8TKRN. PETE MORRIS. Ml?8 BERNARD MISS JULIEN. MODELS OK 8HAf8l*EARS,'S HOUSE, and othrr hml'linas 'omitcted with his history; LIVING ORANii OUTANO, lie ? Admittauce to the whole, 2J cents; children aoder ten years of age and old enough to walk alone, 1S>4 cents. Reserved Irani tenia, one shillinsr each extra. r 10 ne |\/| fcCHANICS' HALL, <72 itrnaitwav netwrea 1*1 "ml Wronrn streets. Crowded to overflowing with the BEAUTY an* FASHION of New York. OPEN EVERY NIGHT fc'NABATt-.D 81JCCICR* Ninth Week of the Original CHRIST FT MINSTRELS i he Oldest EsnhlxSed B*nd in the United Elites < P. CHRISTY K PEIRCE. N.CHRI8TV C. ABBOTT, J. RAYNOR. T VAUGHN, whose original and inimitable concerts are nightly houorrd with crowded and highly respectable audiences, and universal'* admitted to excel everv ^nurmfnl of a snniVr character offered in tliis city. Admission 25 cents. Children under It years, halt uric*. Doors open at 7: concert will commence -it 8 o'clock. i:2H7i?rc NIUI 5*5 SALOnN. No. 55'J Broadway, bet ecu t-|>rn g mid P'ince streets.-Un.l'iti ii'she ' awcess ? Ecurth week -The O igni'l SABLE H ARMONIiTS-.Mes.ra. W G. flnnier J a Karreil. J. Tichenor, T K. Briggs, Win. Rosrk. R M. lloolev, and 8. A.Wells, hare the hotorof aiiuounciiig tl?t they will continue one week longer their rhaste and amusing Soi'eea, which are nightly honored by highly respect iMe audiences. Admission. 26 cents. Change of Programme very nigbt. Concert to commence at eight o clock Under the directum of THOMAS 8PIICULE .29 li'rc Tyrolean <.oncert-thehauserfamily, relaives of the " Riiner." will have the honor of giving iheir Third Concert in America, on Wednesday Evening. December lat, at the SOCIETY LIBH All v .?Tickets aamitling one geutl'inun and two ladies, Ooe Dollar?Single tickr ts Fff'v Centa. Doors open at C)tf o'clock. Concert commences at 7>f. I'M 2' in SDT;I:>.TY 1JUHARY LECTU RE UOOVI. si# lir.Md"way.?Mr. I.YN N E respectfully aunounces thai hi sa i I aire his lirst series of Musical Illustrations to 81, spenre, ?t the above renin, on 'he evcniiigsnf Tu-sd.iy, Thursday and Tuesday, December 7ih, 10th, and 21st. The inusicnl Illustration.! will coniistof the celebrated rnn.ic in Slml..n?i.r??'? Plays ami Lyr.es selected from the work* of Parcel). Artie, Matthew Locke, Mtevens. lacUaon, Beethoveu, T. Cooke. Sir H K Bishop iud Mrmlelas< hu. The p1a\s selected for illustration. with introductory remarks and readings, will lie lie Tempest As Von Like It, Macbeth. Hamlet, and Midsummer Nigh''* Ore mi Tlie Mluwiug vocaliara aie engaged: Mra KDWAIUI LOUEH.Mi.s UN'. LUCK, Mrs. JON K3, and Miaa M. L. LKACH. from Knglaud her first pt'<"ar*nre in America; Mr JOH NSON. ami Mr 8 L?. LKACI1. Tlie Chum selected from members of the Aineriran Musical Inati'Ute Conductor, Mr. UKORGE LODKK. who will preside at t'le Piano Korte. Admins on each evening, $1. Tickr'a for 'lie series of three evenings, S'i Ticketa to b? had at the different Music Stores, of Mr. C.8. Krancia, Bookseller, Broadway, and of Mr Lynn*, 3'j Metcer street. Doom open at h-ll"-pa?t7. To commence at 8o'clock. 2R SV W- m rr. PVLMlVSt (JPl-.ilA HOOSK-Po.ilivrlv .h< L .at Week" ?Dr. Collyer'a Model Art.atea ?The OREKK SLAVK every night tlna week, to which will be added. Veuus rising f.om the Sea 8appho, Tiuiediicoverii.g Tiuth, Ps\che going to ih? bith. Sunson and Delilah, trgcther with seven,I new tdbleaut, sever before presented. Kor particulars aee descriptive p.ok amine each eveumg Pricea of admission? I)iei? Circle anil Paniuette SO cents; Indv and gentleman 75 cents; ni per boxes 2J rents, beats may be secu.ed at the b"i office from 10 A . M till 4 P. M. Doors opeuat6>?. Personifications commence ai 1% o'clock n?l)7t*m TU LKI'-l'AL\U)M OPKKA HOUnK-Kor puriicuTa'u (.p.ily at the Box Office, from 10 A. M. till 1 P. M. *' ,e A> OiUUINAI, Hl'BKMH? I line is .< mint lit ii.tilul picture, painted unquestionably bv that rreat mister, l<nliens, just arrived from Knro. e, i tl.e Piince Albert, w h'.cli is ou eihibi'i^n at 413 Broadway, corner of L sptuard street; and it ill be here but for a shott time, ft is the celebrated " Altar P eee of tbe Adoritioa of the Virgin and Infant Jesus, by St. Bon.ivent.i-a," and is admitted umver oiiv fcw ur mr mi/si sinriiuiu *i'itiuirn ui uiai ruraorum?ry piiuter. It wn piloted in th? 18th century. Every ndini rr of llabeim h id of the ln?he t eicellence in tlie a>u,ihou'd leeihit The p'ice ol ?duii?iiou la ouly 2i cenU, audit can be ??*n from 9 4. M ti'llOPM <M Jj*IB mvTomk AnTtomica'lu \ LLhl< > - J hi* ? a collection at the coiner of the Bowery mid Ditiiiod ?r , cl illni'nlio'i*. modelled after the life, oi ill piru nud eouditioua ?f th? humaa frame, iu mf-uicy aud maturity, health aud diteiiie. Such are douhtlea) neceoary f..r phvaiciauaand nudeota, and if rightly itadied. may be prntitable t > nil. '1'hou Hcda aie riailiuff thii luttitoliou.audaie highly iraulied. nli7 6t*r_^ ALMUT kTHKEI ThIG \ i RE fbiUdalphi*?It. A. Mnnhall. Leiiee: J. W Walla, k. Manager?U'edre?. d?y evening. Dec 1 HI7, will be preient?d the HUNCHDA' K.?>'aatrr Walie/, Mr J. Wiil.ick, J'.; Bir 'I bomna Clifford. Mr Wh'atlev ; Mo u?. Mr i> itching* ; Falh.iir, Mr. C liapmrtii; Julia, Mm. J. Wallack ; Helen, Mi?t;hip nan Alter wrich h tirund I'm ntitl, by Mi?s Aim i Walters. ToeoqcluiU > ith KOBKKT MAC AIRK?Robert Micaire, Mr. Hitching* ; Jacques Strop, Mr. Chapman. T. -morrow? A <?"tnl Opera. GALLMI K UH MAitaLnacutrTUMMruiiMAUC ?Just arrived from Italy, a superb collection of Hcnlpiurei, *lecnted by the moat distinguished l<aliari artists, contitling of ttaituei. and groups of Urge nod small sixes, lius's, Cions, Tarzna and i.himney Pieces, Made eipretsly for the United Blates. all of ei>|uiaiie workni.uiship nud statuary marble, worthy the attend n ofanyama'eur and arliat Alio, Mosaic Mid Kaocy Marble, Centre Tables, kc. kc. Please require ft Mr. Cciighi's Marble Factory, 11th street, between ill Iiemir .mil Irvmg l'l"ce. nl5 I2ti?*rc 1?OINTH * N si1 AI. mi.i, OK riiK IMIM-KN, 1 DKNT 80V8 OK KB IN ASSOCIATION ?'I lie Konrth An ual II ill of ilie ludepenHent Sons of K'iu Ats"Ciatinn. will take plare i\t'l irr iniuy Hill on Tuesday Kveuiug November jnth, IS4T. The proceeds will be given in aid of i he Half Orphan Aasylum attached to Mt. Joarpli's ( hatch. '1 he Committee of Arrangements respectfully solicit the patronige and snppoit of their fellow-citizens, to enable lh?m to carry oat the (.heritable intention of die Asaociation. Tick-is II each to be had ofthe committee,or at the door on <he night of the Bill. r27 4t*tn GUIA.N1) OI'KMMi It AI C AT JAMAICA, I, If *t RKM8KN U HRNT/'fl New v?l Splendid K loon. VVednesilay, Dec 1, I8?7 ? Retnien He Heni/. (proprietors ol ih- Jamaica Hotel, having completed their eiiensive and magnificent leloon, loprcifmly inform (he ir numerous friends in New Voik, Hrooltlvn, nnd throughout the Sf.-tre of Long Island," tlv t they will give it grand hill oa Wednesday evenin* neit.ticUeis for which nny t>e obtained rif tliem. or al the Wiunrr Monie, i;r;ir me nonin f 'try. urooklyn Hperiai tr.mia of eara ?ill tie eigwed oil the nccmion, which will leave the Sjnth Kerry at 7 .> clock. precisely. on the evening of rl>e Wall, (ml retnru nc T lionsnours, to sai' thr|eon?ei)i?uee (jf TltlfipfPi n27S *t Mlt W*fr D\.n> iNC? AhU<WALTZING \i ADiLMt,Ti how?rd atr*ef-.Siguora and *iguor Kerrero, have te-oper,rd ili'ir school end me ahout enmraeneiDg a lie* afternoon class lor voungUdiei a til mastftti and an trr> ing class for gent le men ?t7!a- Days of tuition \lind?ya and Thuradivi, and Wednea,!i; . and fatordajra at 3}-? for your u I idea and nmirn In the evening of ili? ne d > ?, "! 7>? gentlemen's f im. The nev. n Itz Carre ai.il all me new fashionable dm,, ri are L<uvhi ilurii g the i;rm Piivalc dancing soirees will be given aa usual >j Uteod * rr D~a"n<4NO ac a ok.mv-m'luk,paulln k uki? a kl)IN*. of the Royal Academy of Paris.moat reapectful I v announce! to her popi'a. ladies and g<-utlcinen, tin alie continue* her classes for ilie Tnition of Pancng. in all ita fashionable bran'liei, at No I Washington Place rot fOUI I.adies aril Masters. Wednrsdt's anil Matordava. from ] to !> o'elcck PM,; for (jentleinen, Thnradava and rinlnrdays.frnm 7 to 9 o'clock. P.M. At 7t Leonard >treet for l_vtirj and <*< ntlvinen. Mondaya and Wedue-dra f/om7to 0 o'clock. P.M. Private L'ssons lion IIX to I o'clock every day. Nest month M'lle P. I), will commence rivniK Soirees IJiusauiei to her riipita. Hchools and I'rivare Kamiliea at'ended. iiJ0U'?m of bEE "i Hi amu India i.k?-* LiNu-Wt have juat leceiyed a lew eases of India Oraas Lmea, from Canton. Also, for a le low, < good aasoitment of double mi in, Mid pittola. allot bags powder flasks, gnn wadding, p|>p'e?. \nd gunsmith's artir let i.fall kiudi. Alio, a fine assortment ol Hen aj' port'et unim. ofh-st makers Also. 20MI muaketa. cheap. A.W.PPIKH &c CO., 91 MaiCcn C?ne rii ltt*rc L^RKINCM l.A^OU M/K? 1 ii |ieiaona deaiiout aiqin. " inn a theoretic*^ a id 10 ict i: il knowledge ul the Kiench 11 ii ic ii 'K'?IT? I i) l> VUKIII.N, Iron. 1' in*, would mint ir oecifully hupiiuuls to the l? ilea and aenilt:in?n of nf* Voih, th't he lurpoaea eommenc c* oi Moirtay, Dee 6 h. a uei* n urie of lai'rnr.tion according to the noil arrored to'thod The claaM. will inert at hia iot,in, (No. 19 La iut?.) 2W Broadway. on Mo?.d??, Wednead.-ty and Kiidm eveauiK, of ccli wef U, at 7 n'clfM L, un-il the curae of h1.00a ihall lie couipl te l. Terwa $1 iw month Perioiu ivho ha?* nlMineil ? lartial knowle?lne of llie Kren<li lunru?fr. ern nr>i'e with claaiea already formed. Kor further information, rpply at the Profeaaor'a rot mi belwecn tlie hcu a of li and >. or i aud 1 o'eloefc, P.M. Itffllfnfei?'amphell (' White; John C. White; V. Oaillarilrt, editor of tlis IJ M Ooorrier; Join L-Ka-ge all t Ma.fiiw'ii! Lh.i li'HM ON 1 litINO V. V ? P?ol#?wr O. "ST MITCHLI.L.of Cincinnati, will deliver * r.itrae of lectur a on Aatrouotny, at the Tabfrnncle. r >inmei em* on W??fnr?day eaenir g, December I, at hnl r pItt 7 n'clot k to lio roa- | tinned on Knday and Monday nteniug ? until the rloae. 't he courie will conaiat of ait leetorea, and will embrace ?n eipo- | aition of the ttre.it problem of tbe Unieerae. .he mrei'an.im .if tbe r*ol*r Pvitcta and ihi constitution of the Kfany llrartm, w Its an account of the sreit ?i > lern d'?"' ia ie?. and rlie influence of previous theories Kamily ticlet?, lor I..B' per noa for the ronrae, tS; ttcke'a for I>dv and tfeu'teriHn. for the cotirie, $1; Hinxl* tieketa forth* course, Si. a>iijie tieketa lor each lector*,40 da, miy be obtained i>rC. H. Kit ANI.M, .No. 2^2 Droedway. and at the other principal k.i? itii#i 111 the city, ai d at the Tauerin le, ott ihe erei mt of the lecture. n|7 Iti?wi 'I'll . ' 1 M'lTAI.KI ill- i- V < ... 1 ,. ,i.il 1. 01 Jjtaio?'I'll* aii??rtli'r, now ei g-a'd 11 Li?it)???o< tni inoat ?k:ch ?n4 lyt? woii'i, ?d iwmtdift mam. ?uii, 1.1 ???r*a?i ,>? boiiren Willi til* altur* hmUhBC ?i MfUUl' Aild/fM U- w. v., It Ihlt nA??. ?u 1 SS.BT ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH. From the South. PltuihlVo, Not 10,1847. Tb? New Orl?ann piper* have f?Ued b-yond Augunta. Georgia: conae'juently there la no uewi frcm that quarter. Til* Wottier Mid the ? ?n?i. Alha>v. Not. 30 1S47. Tbt wdtbn continue* *ery cold At 7 o'clock thU morning. the thermometer marked three decrees aSore ?-ro. Boata by the cannl are arriving Tory M >wly. only f. ur having come io nine* midnight A great <{UtniHy i of ioe baa already been m> d< in the canal, and a ooatin- I u*no- of the preaent wealhw for twenty-lour houra longer, muat close It effectually. Lrglnlntlve Prorcedlngi. unit. Alba**, Not. 30,1147 A memorial from Kox. Livlngaton and Co., of the city of New York, to boHah the fee* of health offloere, waa read. "Mr Lcirr.B stated that the Triaon Dlaolpllne Society had not anawered the reaolutlonof the Senate ; end that he meant to Introduce a bill repealing their charter. Mr. BKeaa Introduced a resolution calling on the , Auburn and Rncbeater ltattroad Company to report what, and for what oauae. aad by wboae authority, they haTe ot.atruoted Cayuga Lake. A bill to incorporate Buffalo Gu Company coming up far a third reading, It waaoppoeed on tbe ground that it should come under the general law. The bill waa laid on the table. AfiCMnlV. A bill purporting to be a declaration of the interpre- [ taunn or certain a**ee'mem law*, in .New York city, wm referred to the delegation from that oity. ^Th* bill to provide'ior the election of County Treasurers and Superintendents of the Poor, after a abort dab te. wm Mot to the Committee of tbe Whole Tba General Uailrcu 1 0U1 was made tl>* tpcoial ordar for to-morrow. Resolution* to promote the construction of tba Oregon Railroad on tba Whltnev plan wera adopted Resolution! in favor of a direct vote for President and Vlos-President. were laid on tba table? 48 to 44. The I*1nrke1? C mc i * > a ti. Nov 30 ? Klour?The market wm firm and sale* of 600 barrels were made Including country and olty roilla, at 1>j There wan nothing new iu grain, and ale* were moderate Hog*? Sale* of tiOU bead wore made at $3 In old pork there waa very little doing. nn4 the market *w dull Old l*rd continued dull We Dote sales of 600 package* at Iticjn no chang* Whl?key?Hairs of about 1000 barrel*, rectified, were made at 17H"< The river continued to rise, bnt was nearly on a stnnd. Pit rsbrnoh, Nov 30?Klour?The market showed no material change, and we note sales of 'iOO barrels at $4 73a4 87X- Corn?Sale* ofUOO to ^00 bushels were ! made on private term*. Rye was steady, and sales wera making at 43 dents. Barley ?Sales of IU0? bushels wera made at about 50 cent* fhere was no change In pro visions or groceries. Wbiskey wa* steady at IS cent* lor raw, and 1? ? 20 for rectified The weather was inrnnn cni>i i a? riier ?n >(iia l( tiii.iJ.iDU ft report 10 fret of water In the channel. IUltimohe, Not. 19. ? Hour-Th? msrktt wan (lrm?r. with an up?ard tendency In prices Ssleaof IOCXi bbln Howard street were made at $6 'id. Wheat?Sales of 6000 bushels were made, including Maryland red* at $1 30, and white do. at (I 40 Corn ? Sales of-.'000 bush were made. Including Maryland old mixed and white at tllic, and handsome old do yellow at 70o ; and new, at i'lO for mixed, and yellow do. new at brto Whiskey waa tiruier, with light sales Hales of provisions were chiefly col lined to the retail trade. Alu iir. Nov. 30?Hour?The market exhibited no change.and sales were moderate No sales of wheat or corn of moment reported. Barley,? Aiiebof jcioo bushels were made, two rowed, at "6? Rye?Hales of 3000 bushels were made at ?4o Oats steady at 48c a 49o Meal-No change. Whiskey remained about i he same. Receipts by the canal during the preceding twenty-four hours?Hour?17,700 bbls ; wheat, 7.000 bushels ; barley, 1 000 do. Boston. Not. 30 ?Cotton?The market was soma stiller, and rales of 1)00 bales were made at a slight advance Hour?The market was firmer; we note sales of 3000 bbls , including Genesee. Oswego, and straight brands Michigan, at $6 li>? a $6 'ii to (0 3*Corn? Sales of SOOO bushels were made, Including western mixed, at 77 cts , andy?ltow ut HI cts. Kye? Sales of 1000 bushels were made at 106 ct.v Oats were steady at >& cts Provisions remained about the same. No change I in freights B' Y IJ'.WIHh MORTIMORK-srore m; (.hvlinn street. rnn.erOiiter-PAWNBROKER'S SAl.K, 'J'h.s Usy, I Wf.l,ie?'i*y) Dec. I it 10 o'clock, a lar^e ollection of ui.ledeemed I'lerltfes, coiisinuig sever I dozen Qmlts. Blankets, snd Pilioe , Uuwas, Bbawls aud Scarfs, Watches. Jewelry, Chains. Rings, Pencil Cases, Knr Minus rnd Hrmtclit* By order < f A. Om d:nm, Licensed l'n wubioker, 31 Ceutre st. di I'*re 1J? A I li'l'TLfc, Auc loiieer ? KLttUANT AND ? /srtil AJ. lONABLb RH8KWUOU ??<t MAHOtiANY ?UHIN I iUHK, ill' (tie style of Lout* XIV., Klitabethau, kc., at 4'i2 Bf'nimr Street, eornerof Mereer. being the entire stuck of Nir. WiIImhi Sumner, (dvclining business.) Sale peremptory and without te?ei ve. A CJ. TITI'TLK will tell at Miction on WedLesdav, December I. at ]U o'clock, at th* ib'ive wareroom', the rut te stork of William Stunner, (the who'e havliiK been mule linger his owu superintendence, and warranted iu every teapect.) comprising the inoit v.ilmble ass n tin*-nt cffured a1 auction in many ye *rs, consisting ol ro?ewund soldi, a la Piuisienue, te'e-a-teiev. fauteuls.etagerei, fauteuls de salon, do d< danics> roiewood chilis, a sculpture*, bedsteads, richly caivril nud beacle I centre tiiblej, with Kgy, tim and Italian inirble tops, dressing bureaus rosewood and rnalmg*ny wash stands, bedsteads, rxteui'Oa dining, lei and brealtf sttables, pirlor. hall, and fancy chiirs liill stands, iofa Utiles, book cisos. itc Also rosewood parlor furnirnre, ei suite, of the styles c.f Louis XIV. ?ud A" V ., covered in the most costly delaines, ?c vet, plush. Stc. Catalogue! now ready, aud the furniture may te e? im>n?d. nto 2i ic BY J iMtl ;VI. VII LI. .H ? I'liursila. )'cc. 2, hi lull past 10 o'clock, at the store of William Miles Nt JOG rcarl at. Sole Leather?i to 10,000 sides hemlock tanned Sole Leather; 1000 do. lTj>t er do. iu rott^-h, Also, Calf Skins, in rough: with dilwr artielei. LOSI?A bapch of Keys, ntt.cli'il |0 1 Heel Hug The linger wi I be suitably rewarded on leuving them at No. }l Maiden Lane. dl 'tMd'rt tfAO HEW \K IV?Lost or stolen, on Saturday eieuing, tf November 27, a Gold Ptent Lever Watch, midc hy Uiwitr, of Loi don?gold dial, with btaek hands, church w.th steeple eng aved on ihe hack, a slight dent oil ihe outside ea?e.nlso I acheil to It a liravv gold curb clisin. The above reward will be p -id for its tecovery by apply it.g to ihe undersigned, it Nf IJ2 I'eail arm-'. J It OKI). IT. il'li'in tt "ll I W A It IJ will he paid, .Mid no <| icstlons asked, Y??-'"for the rtcovnry of a shoitiili, deep red plush carpet I ag uuJ contents, so far as the p-ptrs. wloch are ol no use to any one eicept the owner, tnk?n through mistake or otherwise, from ihe porter's room, Pacific Hotel. 162 Greenwich street. Ihe 9th day of October last. P. M. Ihe b..g w?s of English manufacture, considerably worn, with a bruis plate I loi'k (ilUd wiili i/?iirlf!m)iii'< nnliuirv writriiiii >iui?i?I Ii28 121 * rc CI HhOMJ.WN 1'H.Ka ? 1'he aubtiribeia have constantly on ' hind ver? superior ' hriiiiometers, of the ino?t eminent makers, at wholesale and retail. Also, Charts, Compasses, NfiniicHl Instrument* and Books of every description. I). K(4(4f JIT U HIjN, lale C it 8. Permit, 239 l'e?rl ai. head of Hurling nlj lltlalaw're (ll\ t\li PKA< H ()?< IIARlMOA J,~-Now inudTuir. tf\f n c in'} <>T tirat ipialnv Peich Orchard. Med Ami t oil, Kgg, Ptove. end Nut a' m, drlivered in good order to eny pa.t of the city, f ee of cartage, at the above price, if spp'ied for while discharging, to J. I (JANTZ. t?< Attorney, or A. ASH FiKLI), 41 i Grand atieet, corner ol Midge. u!01t#_rc RUOBKHiS, tf2 Hroidwy, I' '" the in<>?t MhImoii'ble and splei did Gothic mid shield partem Door .mil Number Plates, to be fuuud in the cily. They arc eulirtlv new and original designs, and re?ei?rd the premium at the laat two Fun. Those who deaire something n?w ami splendid on their dooia. are re?im?-trully invited to call sud ciamme the above articlea. H. MOBKRTH, 362 Broadway, near Prince street. n29 6tia?Th Ki J (. IIK.N ilANHtB-The proprietors oiler for aa.e their Itaugrs, auiuble for private families and hoarding huuaea, ami i' the Bange will not ar.swrr the surprise for which it is purchased, it will be removed without any rxpenae to tlit purchaser. Prices from twenty to thirty live dol>ara each Alv>, a good naaortinent of g.-alea for pirlors. 4tc Mtovea fur a ntra and ( flicea; Tin Ware, bright, plain and japanned; Hmo toiet r?n*t?, gralea, boilera, keltlea, ?ud bmld lurnaceaof nil doicriptioua. M. J. OILH' >OLY k CO . 71 Nuuu atreer, bet* **? Kiilton ?d Johu ?tr?- -' - riJO 2t, tc iXoK HAL.K?"flir N?w Voik Diumg Haloou, No 217 h<l M. ton sirffi 1 he stork. listu ll. good Will, cud lease of thenbnre place, at the present p opri<tor is K ingtu leave (he Clfy. Toan i, ilnatrinns person ih'e is .1 rare chance, seldom to (ir inn with. Kor I'nrther pnttlcnl na, 11 .,mre at the Mnlooti, No. >17 kdltoa at-crt n&iVrc Cntahi.Kn KJLi.KK. Wholesale aud Hetail Dealer iu J Jennings Sew r.itent freminm S. I>ty Una l.mnpa. and IVent Phosgene Oaa, for hnriiug id the name. Alao, C?mpliine. 3inrit IM Oil and l^ard Lamps, Mall I.auiir' t, (iitaupolea, etc. Alan Camphine, Hpirit Gaa Oil and Wicks. 272 Oreenwich at., between Chamber and Warien. n I t Hie,nt lb JgaL I'lIK ?AL?!..-A tun story hoiiM, leaiah'iM 20 pJ? yeir* 'fom neat Match M re I lot. Si by I11U leet, with ta.,?Jrneery ' t te, doing a too"! buamrta:a blackim tli'a 8l?i|> on the m >r, w ,lh ataMea, No 216 Houaton strart, corner of < liutoii liiqime on the piemiaea, 2d do- r Pont. or of JOHN ATKIUOK Agent,S7j J d atrrrt. Irom BtolA. M., 12 To I I' M . and I'roin >> to 9 "t night W^re W To Uk3wT' DhA wj<( i HOOM AMI liHi ffviM Ilf)OM . with a loom for a fetnnle i"i nt adioming? JlMLtlt^mil'y ud i| til<llv fii't ilit'i. imi'lile lo * family wliiiwi ul'l if i|Uire comfortable nper'in'tita. in the moat cen Ira. peit rf B ri>?dw,y. App'v, either ^y le ter or to the pr*.pr|ftor neriorallv at No. MS B'oadway. Hi V'rtr P. TO r.'KT I IIOBOK fcN-He serai ??l???t;?e??.iy I Mtua ed IrtlkHoilti Alao, rrfttl Mm..11 Kratne L llotioa K.iqaiie at ihefarri nans? tor innn, ar. Hllll'I k\ Aaei.t ? Vli'rr _ Irt i rtnnl.le Hntiaa (iieu? u h atieet ton the 2d I) ?or. unfnrniih?d, lb* two Irrnt roomi, * t'K mii llif two bark room* 'it ?H. monthly; or the i lloor, ?itli pxiitrin, nttic room, l-roton n-itr, ? p'fr.e for en?l in the bijem^nt, at J liO yearly. Apply to Mr. BOY1VHH within. 11M l?t? W t-.MMvl. ? an bk MUI ainmj with ilka {RAwm V.r|. faraithed room., t ?? Hotom JliiLtn e of l)r. J. Dillon. Would *lw IHVhe !?H,m ou the f?r*t flour m ? rfentiit't offi'f, it tnving b#*n oeruiMfd *? *>ach the U?ttwenty >eart. Heleitftc* cichangcd. i M ' 1 * apdjl'ii > ? live nc*? feicellrnt l*nd. eiwire frn'ti, a lari c I | eommodiona houte, t.arn in4 out hornet; *11 litmg lltru ,eerntlr filed or> ei.d newly paiiitid ; ulao Iwo well* of J i eirellrnt water. ?nd rerer fuln g >trenin running through ? I purl "f tUr pi<oiiaea. The liiiution i? in the central pert?? 1 the Tillage "I Hunting tun, Puff dk eo., I, I , nhout twentr-Ate miles ili>taut Irom thecityofNew YoiU; r.l nrchea and ar.noola I>! the Immediate tieimtyi duly communication with the city l.y Meaplboet and railroad Kor lutthrr patticulara ei >i>iire nl S. W. Gaines, ett|, n N?i n ureet, N?w York,or ot l>avid i:. II null, e?i|.. Huntington V illige. t?l Ht * re HNK uo' " VM.mLVKK WAT<'HK? ? 1 h? ? i}witb>?:riher is ? limy, nil deitnpttona ul fine ?} li ?i.d *- sitrer Wattlxa ud Jewelry, *1 ictail, lower than ray I an t r nomi' in the city. All WiMahe* warranted to keep good tine, or thefmonev letiimed. Watchn and Jeweliy ( changed. liold Watches iu low a* 120 to l.'li r*rh. Watches oii'l Jeweliv tt|>airrd i-< the t>rst maDurr ?t nncli lex than the n ml price |I?C ALI.KN I luixTt' i of Wall-hen mil Jrw eiry. Wholesale and Hetuil, M Wall urci t. eunirr William, up stairs. li,>1 Hie.itt' r J I INl-.fMKMH CALF AND PATK.N r L" A 1 IIKH BOI) PS, Half H.ota and Matters, "atcug Pump* ard tine P.,tent l.e< thcr noil K*nC> f|i|| rrn water proof and eotk ??'|ed hoot*. with owrshnes, nf ?n sorts and sires, loiueita and hoy a I Ifaiter Buofa. Shoes and Btnkina. drill.le i"?d single soles; l,'?ek ard white Vorveo ind Kid Hllprera, ?at u and embroidered, w t'h the latitat i.sortinebt nl JJo.iti and hoes, 0,i<,t? ,'d W!:??i v.lej with rgSber \rd WfMntrd ?!i?i twh'.U i.J >tu?dw*r. ron er of ('u.ii *1, A ? A h'*hi? fur t or to Itl. aomet of litli Mid ?ih ?v?uiie * I |?ud auad frr groefi, Mk'r, -f >Mi'lt?i shop. RMt |IM li>HUIMW U'M !!? ?* " " . Lj^ INTELLIGENCE BY THE M1IL8., A (Tain In Waihln|ton. Washimoto*, Nov. ?, 1317. Mexico-?The Prospect of Ptace once wwrt. The proof the pudding is demonstrable in the mastication thereof. Now, fiir. the result will bear us out in the position which wc took in November, 1813, upon the Oregon question. Very few men ventured tne opinion at that day, thai this government could, would, or should fall back upon 40; but it whs done. History hears ua out in that proposition. Wc have ventured another upon this Mexican question, and wc reiterate it, to wit: that them will be pence with Mexico betdre the adjournment ot the approaching session of Congreaa; aud that, tltould Mexico continue without a recoguized government, and without accepting from, or proposing, terms of pence to the United States, the defensive line policy will be adopted. The people expect that this Congress, at its I1IOI KIIIUU, ?i? " ui, anu llie question of taxation will produce a cohesion that will accomplish the work. Of course, this is only an opinion, bit we deaire it to be recorded. Tub Doctor. Court Martial or Lieut. Col. Fnmont. TWENTMICO.tD DA* WiiHinoToi, Monday, \j? 29, 1647. Clear and sparkling morning?wind Irom N W. Ceort met at the appointed hoar of 10 A M All preeeat. Record of Saturday read end approved Among the distinguished visiters present to-d<ty, are Gen Foote ead Col Jiff rson Deris. Senators from Mlsiiss tppi? the latter looking pale and feeble from the effoete of hi* woaad at Buene Vista, beiog still under the necessity ef HlS| e crutch and a caoe. Jldul AoTocATK-Orderly,nallin Lt Kmery. And the " Little orderly'1 forthwith disappru'ed, and ImoMdi attly returned with the fulfilment of bis writ of fce>6?M cot put. The Court, on Saturday last, refused,ea the application ?.f L eut Col Kremont,to summon Lt. Eaery In behalf of the United Htites. not deeming hie tsstl rnony material to thu issues He was, therefore, snmrooned and sworn, and appeared as the first witness la the TESTIMONY FOB THK OirCNCK. The Juook Auvouti: stated that the object ef the defend*. in oalling this witness, and in the flret queetloa l.ropc i'd. wae to sbow his enmity to Lieut. Col Freaoat. The question was th?n read, substantially as follows:? <4 i By Lieut Col. Kremoot ) Ware you oa eoetal an'i friendly terms with Col Benton, the father-la-lasr of Lieut. Col Kremont. before you went to Calif irala; and on returning, did you not avoid seeing blm et Loals?lUe, or oommunlcatloK to blm news of that eouatry even at second band or by message; and wes not the ev"ldmK of Col Binton In eonarquenoe of your eaialty against Lieut Colonel Kremoot. and of which Cel Beaton was tt-en ignorant; ead In oonsequenee of publications uiade by you on your return from CMlforala, agaleftt Lieut. Col Fremont! The Jvock Advocate asked that the 00art he oleared. Lieut Kmkry said he would answar with great pleasure any question which might be put to him by the accused A member of the court said that was a question upon The oourt t#? cleared,aud after an hour'l deliberation re-opened; and the decision of the oourt waa given, and an argument sustaining it, that the <iurstiou should not be put. While the court recognized the rule, that where a witness (ball exhibit by hli conduct and demeanor, anything of hostility to the party oalling him te testify, as in tbjs cane, that the direct examination ahall atsi mi late to a crosa-examination of the witness, It ahall nut b? to the Impeaohmeut of hi* oharaeter, oondnet and motives The examination inuit be confined to the matters in issue; and where the witness appear* to be reluctant to answer, the court will allow, or apply Hurh (iu>'?tlons an shall be neoesaary to elicit the truth. t* Did y<>u write a letter from the istbmns of Panama to the United States! and if so, is there a oopy of that letter! (Kxtractof a letter received as published In the New York Courier ami Ktujuirer. 24th April, 1847. The writer refers to an extraot from a California paper, giving the creditof the actions of the 8th and 9th January to Commodore Stockton; and then enters Into a counter wtatemeut, setting forth Gen. Kearny aa the hern In tboiie transactions, tic J _ Who was cotumander-lD-ohlef of the expedition from San Diego to Los Angeles in January, 1847? A. My information in regard to that matter waa this. On the 28ih January Gen. Kearny sent for me, and direct* A me to leave my party at San Diego, and act aa his Assistant Adjutant General in an expedition whleh he contemplated to the City of the Angels He Informed me at the same time that Com Stockton had absented, or had given him (I dou't recollect which word It waa) the command ol the sailors aud marines My lnfor lnition, therefore. iff conflaed v?ry touch to the immediate eomroand of the troop* I iu at the uino time aware thut Com. Stookton claimed to be the governor and commander-in-chief of the territory of California. The flritt net in which this wa* brought to mj personal knowledge, in which I had to act officially, wai on Um I Jth of January, 1 think. I received from Com. Stock, ton ?1 presume it was (ent by an ofllcar of his staff, ? don't recollect which one it was at this moment an order, a general older, in which be stoned himself Governor and Commander-in-chief of California JrDce Advoc4tk. ?Have you got that order, air? H'it.ihi.-I have not. air ; but it baa been published in all the newspapers It is congratulatory of the littla affairs of the bth and Pth .Iupuk Advou*t* ?Oo on, air. Wi i vi ?i - This order I took to Tien Kearny (dated 11th Juminry - I think it waa brought to ma the nest d*y) and ussed him if I should have It read to the troops, lie answered me.' No " On the march, Com. Stockton, I understood, did several acts implying that ha acted in that capacity (Governor and < oramandarin-chief), but these, however, did not ooma undar ay personal observation (Jen Kearny naver explained to me the official relation* existing between himself aad Com Stockton, until the 17th of January, nor did Cob. Stockton ever explain them to me. President Deonar ? Did ynu not aay that Oan. Kearny never explained to you his offlclal relations with Com Stockton till tba 17th January ? Lieut. t'.Moav?V es, air. Jldi;i Anvocarr ?We can examine him upon that point, Mr. 1'cesident. afterwards <4 Do you remember what occurred in tha ami, of the iieleotion of an encampment by Gen Kearny, ud oi a ehunge of the place of encampment by order of Com. .Stockton.' and If *o, nut* what,of your ova knowledge. took plaoe. A I preauine the date ia not material; I have an azaat recollection of the circumatano*; I wae aent forward by Urn Kearny to aelect a camp; Com H toe k ton waa in tha advance at the time: be nuggeated to me a certain bill aa a good place to encamp: be auggeated the top of the bill; on examining the ground, 1 found it waa not what ha perbapa xuppoaed it to be, and I found, aiao. that it waa too far from the water; 1 conaldered that I had dlaeretionary power in regard to that matter, and I pat tha camp at the foot of tha bill; Com Stockton rode up to me, una iwa ran ny mm auumruy i naa cnengea the ground ' " I told bim that " I did it of By own accord;" he th<>n directed me to pnt it on the hill, and I did ho; unmet hiDg eie* panned in reference to It, I under itood. (in the camp.) but of that 1 have no pttiOMl knowledge; In flaying " 1 barn an mut recolleotioa," I refcr to the eircnmatance. to th? fact that there waa a dlflioulty about the selection of the oamp, and not tha wurds; 1 may not recollect word* which I deemed altogether unimportant at that lime. H Did you aj AwUt. Ad;ut Oeneral to On. Kearny deliver an ordvr of Oen Kearny to LUnt. Col K re moat, forbidding the reorganliatioa of the California battalion aaunerea ov < om Biocaioo1 ami 11 ao, won waa im time. eapeclolly th? time of tba day in which yon dadullvared the ord?r ' A I delivered an order to LUut. Col. Fremont. forbidding the re-organliation of that battalion, and aacloeinn an extract. [Hueatlon read again regarding the time J I oanuot recollect tbe exact hour of the day, bat very near It It wan a HttU attar dark ; Col. Fraaont'a candled warn lit when 1 wa* at bla bouaa, [on tba lflth, yea. Mr.] and I tblnk when I atarted for my own quartern it wa* about duk; but of that I won't be certain ; I know It waa eomewbere immedlataly abcut dark ; ay own Imprefieion la It waa about (aven o'clock ; I can't r? collect the hour precleely. Ji'hoc AnTOcaTK Thla waa on the 18th? WiTicti ?Iba lftth I think, air; but I ahonld Uka to refer to the order. Jvdui Advocate ?Vff fir, It WM (bo 16th of J anil fry (4 VVaa the order of (Jen Kearny, forblcdlng the reorganization of the California liattallon, written before or nf(er the auepeoHion of <?en Kearny by Commodore .stcrkton A Of that I hare no knowledge It ?a? not till the next day that <?en Kearny ahowrd me Com Stockton* letter [yueaUon read again hy reijueet of witneM ] It tuay have been Ibat uiglu he showed It to ma ; I am sot | certain about (hat; but I bad no knowledge of It whan I delivered the order to Meut Col Kremont, from Ota. Kearny <{. At what time of tha day waa tba order written by tieiiHrnl Kearny forbidding the re-orgtniiiallon of tha California battalion under Lt. Colonel Kremont * A. It wan written aomn time In the day tha preotM time [ cannot reoolleet I wu rety much oetupM it that tlm? on the hill My recollection of that order to, that th? general ?ent for me to writ* It. and that I r*turned again to th* hlil; that I* my imprewloa. and that It wan wnt to mo by an orderly H. At what time of the day wat the order Anally eent to you by Oeneial Kearny, to ho delivered by you to I,lent Col Fremont ' Lieut R?ir*T?rieaae read th? question ?<aln. ?lr. ({motion r?ad again A. That I am not certain of. *lr. at what tin* of tb? Jay I don't know but I went after It. The tin* of tu delivery I renolleot from It* being about candle-light. q Will you plxane elate w'<at reference waa mad* to the California battalion, If any. through yon, a* A. A. (General. In the ordera of the day liteu?d at Cludad da lo* Angeie*. lu the nnnth of January, 1817 ? A. I don I know what It refer* to, I hare no reoolleetlon of a reference to the < nllfornia battalion esecpt In a epecial order. Terbapa, If you call the particular oa?e to my uilud, 1 can anawer 1?? Jr n?.Aurnf ? Tt ?Walt ; that'i enough. ?lr, 14. At wliat tluie of the day of the l?th of January wan It when yon ftrxt saw the order of < om. Stockton impending <ten K-arcy ' Wm It before or after yonr , interview with dun Ke*roy ?t tlie quarter* of tK? latter r A. I tblok It wkft *ft?r I <l >n t recollect eiartly wbat time of day it wa? , but I think It wm after Q Ik this a correct copy of a report mid-by you to Coin, fltockton of the kllltd and wuuoded in the actlou* of the sib and Dtb of Jauuary ' A. It l?. I beltere, air. H. I* i lin addreen i f that report preeiie'y m you wrot* It, to trlt ' HI* Kxnetlme? n. K. "tockton, (?over*or?Y ' alifornla. fee. ko. ko " I A. Th*t I don't T#ooll??t f hat? t*fnwJ to u?? own opy, and and tutor.# fco. I ! *?? tl ! 1 pal I tb/M la tUa ordinal . \ ?? Al wImiI llm* ?U ft* U?f? hw? ?M#f? I* Mthf I#