29 Aralık 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

29 Aralık 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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rp T f " JL I I? VVIiola No. 4U0S. INTELLIGENCE FROM MEXICO* THE DIFFICULTIES IN THE ARMY. The Revival of an Important Regulation. Arrest of Gens. Worth and Pillow, NEWS FROM THE PACIFIC. SMiREMJF.u (IT MIZVTLAN AND GUAYMASZteras from the Interior. AFFAIRS AT CH1AIMS. ir. &r. &e. The eorr'?ri>ndent of the New Orleans Picayuni, under >lat? nf November 10. says Something like a revolt hue taken place nt Chiapas. for the purpose,!' is r u.l of annexing that Statu to Ontral America The . Kfn It ?.Htl font ran of the ohlef authorities of the p'ue* to be trl'd at Tubascn, as being n conspirator in the noveci mt, and bad ij'tied orders for him not to re turn to i.t Upas sitsin The President of the Republic having b-?ii ihf.irm-d of this proceeding, Instructs the Minister* f R-Ullons to gay that the Governor of Chiapas has no right to prevent the man returning if acquit let). Me alro thibks there is no ocoasion to apprehend r revolution in that State This is not the first time that a revolution h*s been threatened in Chiapas. She was iorin> r!y ouo of the state* of Central America, was ie.c u led wiilila the territorr of Mexico when the latter declared her Independence, and many of the inhabitants rppv.tr tu entertain alfectlonatn remembrance of her termer relations, and a rteslre to return to them A correspondent of El Monitor, writing from Queretn.ro. mys i hut the greater part of the governor* of the different Sta'.es were present at the roat of government, tad tint, with one exception, (the Governor of San Luis) they were unanimously In favor of peace The f.-dlona wi ro soon to commence, and President Anaya l>r<>pn?es that no line of policy on the subject should be fallowed except such as the Statu suggest, in order to g t nt once at the national will. Lieu Uustamente has been nominated by the supreme government geocml-iu-chiet of tho army of reserve and oomnrindant general of the Slats Ills predecessor, Guih-rrez. in eoramaad, and Cortiaar next. Kl Mnni ar of to-day, commenting upon the announcement of Santa Anna, that he had placed himself at th< bund of an armed force for the purpose of preventing any negotiations for peaoe while tho Amerioans oo- upied Mexican territory, discredits the statement and says that he (Santa Anna) opened the door for negotiation hiinsulf. and thit if he opposes Congress in the citn>umu.a*iou of peaee, he will be pulling down with one '.ntnd what he bad constructe 1 with the other Humours were current in the city of Mexico that the |j?n:?au? m thhu .ahiiu nau wunurawn irom uongress la compliance with the instructions of their chief for th? purpose of forcing that body to dissolve, not having a quorum. These partisnus of Santa Anna all belong to Ihn Pu.ru party, and are for war to the knife. All the J'ura?, however, are not Santa Anna men, and there MS tons* per in here who asaert that the reaeon they i ppos- the peace propositions la that they deaira to keep the Amerloan jarmy in the country until they can e,:nb!i?h the Government upon a firm basin. In faot I hate b. en told that many of the Puro Deputies have written to their friends here, stating that thU wa.1 their only reason for opposing a treaty of peace. THB vaOPOSlTIONS HEPORK THE MEXICAN CONC.KESd. The same correspondent, under date of the 16th November, s??s: - Three proposition*hare been passed to a flrrt reading in Congress?the first, that hj the event of the city of Quereiaro being threatened with an Invasion by the American army, the Congress shall ba removed to the city of Aguascalientes; second, that the government shall listen to no propositions of peace so lorn; n< tun invading forces do not evacuate the national territory which they occupy, and cease to blockade th* ports ot the republic; third, the same government, under its strictest responsibility, shall dictate such measures aud projects an will be sufficient on its part to oarry on the war " Seuor Perdl on. one of Santa Anna's most violent , part11 ins. called for a secret session, to enable him to bring a charge of h'gh treason ugalnst the Minister of AVar, Mora. El Af->nilor publishes orders from Ilosa, i fi.ltesfej to the secretaries of Congress, requesting theia to give nil possible preference to tbii subject, m th-hoaur amLlnttrest of the nation demanded that the minister should be punished, if guilty, or tlfa calumniator held up to Infamy, if he is innocent. Perdlgon accuses Mora of oollusion with General Scott, to surrender mv- country to tne AicerioKn*. affaibs at thk capital. In hid loiter ot the 10th ult. ho says : Vrater Jay being Sunday, I rode out to tbe IU?neo Neuvn. anJ w&? agreeably curpr sod to see the largo numba of ladirs prt-seyt Th? I'aenoo waa thronged with carriages, private and public,each of which contained two or three lovely scsiorita* The fair damsvls are faat loping their fear of taa " barbarian* of the North " About ona half the officer* of our army wore also thoro. moat of them mounted on their splendid American chargers, among whom 1 noticed General* Worth and Pieroe. To-day Capt. Sanderson, of the mounted rifles. discovered the whole apparatus and machinery which had been u?td in caeting cannon near Moll no del Key. They l-.Hve !>ei?n NSfkt after a great deal, and their diioovery r?fl?ots a great deal ot credit on the gallant Captain. Thin efternoon, about fire o'clock, u greaser was whipred In the plaza He had attempted to kill one of our soldier*, t.nl waa aentenced to receive one hundred h*hes?twenty-five on every Monday for a month Nearly ten thousand Mexican* were in the plata, and a* uoon a a the shipping commenced, they began to throw stone* About a doien ot our dragoons, however, charged upon the raih, when they dispersed in all directions The greaser was then whipped and taken back to the guarU house. There were one or two rows laat night, which resulted in the death of one or two soldiers and some thirteen or fourteen Mexicans. The oorreupendrnt at the capital, under date of Nov. <jii,rojr. i hup mi u-ru muiur in uiwu ior several d .ys t asi. that the partizans of Sauta Anna Had withdrawn trom Congress, in comtliat ce with the Instructions ot their ohief, for the purpose of forcing that body to dneolve, not haviuga quorum Their ostensible reason i" that the; were envaged at tho non-success of Cunplldo in reaching thn Presidency. 'J'hin rumor ha* h*?n training strength, and the Monitor of thin morning refers t) it k? boiug true, and threatens to publish the i,ain?i or ih? (seeders, tome ot whom, it says, are now actually in this city. I hear, also, from a private souro*. that us * inn an Auuyi found out their object, he expressed hli determination to arrest the delinquent mem birs aod compel ttiein to attend to tbo.r duties, in oon sequence of which somo of them left Queretaro In a hu.ry These partlzins of Santa Acnaall belong to the y ti 1*1# party. and are lor war to the knife. A subsequent letter, dated the 'iflth says : ?Advices wi r^tprelied to-day from liueretaro to the i3d Inst The puros were making a great d?rl of trouble, and charging tne government with making a secret armistice with <i?n. Scott. The Minister of Foreign Relations stated that he hail reo?lved a note from Mr. 'J'rist, which was aoswere-l In tiie saran manner that the Minister of Santa A'ina answered the note of the Amaiioan Commissioner before th* la'e armistice. The puros were looking to Saota Anna lor aid in Rn< ther revolution They were alao expecting the Hrrivsl of the American troops at Queretero. notwithstanding the pretended armistice between Kosa and Oen Scott. The Governors were In ie?slon and in conference with the Ministers Some exilement was occasioned by *ne of the Governors, whose name is not given, making public the private deliberate ns aud social* of thu Council He is said to be a partisan of Santa Anna, whose flnier is to be plainly r-en in this The sacrament of the Holy Ghost has been administered to General llerrera, from which I would !uf?r vbnt there is no hope of his recovery. 'i 1IK TROt'BI.K IN CA M I'. The tl ffliulty among prominent officers of our army spptarsio t>ave been quite as serious as was represented Wo pnbii.sb here the orders of Gen. Soott. reflecting upon the f fillers who were said to be under arrest They bttiay uo little temper?perhaps we would say. acerbity of tsmper ;? orMCRAi. oancRi?no. 3. Wia Dt rabtmil"?t. A hit liisctii's Ornct, ) Wi<nimi.ton, Jau 3H, lH47. $ 1 ha following regula'iun bng been received from the W? Department V/AR DKPARTMK.^T, ) WAtmwiiroK, Jan 38,1647. ) Tiia Trc-".! Jeot of the United Minted directs that paragraph fi tfiof the Usnarsl Regulation, for the Army, as. biiahnlou tiie 1st ?'f March, 18JA, an I not Included r-raoog thoie published, January 24, lflll.be now published, I'nii ttial its observance an a partoflbe general i -gulatlonii be rtrlolly etijolned upon the army, by order of the I'reeident. (Signed,) \V, 1< MAR': V, Secretary of War '1 he lolloping Is the paragraph of the General Regulations for the Army, established on the 1st of March, 139.">, referred to above : ? H60. I'rlvate letters or reports, relative to military m?rcri?s and operations, ere frequently mischievous In th?ir design,aud always dlsgracetul to the army. They are, iher-tore, ilriotly forbidden, and nn officer f und fiill'y ot tuaklug such a report for publlsatlon, without facial permission, or of plaulng the writing beyond his control '0 that it flads its way to the press, within ons month after the termiaatlon of the campaign to wbioh It rela'e-, shall be dismissed from ihe service." By order of MsJ. Una. Scott. (HlgusJ,) WM. O. KREEMAN, Assistant Adjutant General. aeikhsi. aaucas?no. 349. lliAO^VARTicns or tMr. AnMy, t Mexico, Not. |-j, 1M7. $ Ibi a'tention of certain officers of this army Is recalle.l t'> iba for,"goitig regulation, which tbo General inMiii f la resolved to enf' rce so far as It may bs In his prwer As yet but two eohnes fr?*ii heme of tha brilliant ope- I Tell ms of our arms In this fca?tu fcave reached us ; the lull iu a New Orleans, and the second through a Tula 1>|,^0 ti'twspaper. It r>qutr<s not a little rharlty to balleve that the pr.noipel biTO?s of the scandalous tatters alludod to did iiot write tbem, or specially proonre them to be written, hi itie intalll?eit oan be at no loss In Ooii)eetffring the *"M<or? i hi ere, partisan*, and p?t familiars To th? 1L - . A1 1 J " 1 - 1 E NE NEW ^ honor of the aervlo#, the diaeaae?pruriency of fame, I not earned?cannot have aleted upon Iialf a doien officer* (preaent.) all of whom. It la believed, belong to the I not two OOterlfH I K<1m credit may. no doubt be obtained at home, by auoh despicable aHf-pufflnpa and malignant eicluaion of othn*; but (it the eif^ner of the Just eateexr and consideration of all honorable officers. who love their counI try. their profusion, and the truth ofhijtory . 3'h* Indignation of the great number of the latter olaaa can not fall, in the end, to bring down the conceited and the envious to their proper lt*vel By command of .\I?j (Jen Scott. H. L 8COTT, A. A. A. O. The letter* alluded to by (Jen Scott a* " the echow I from home." are evidently the "Leonid a*'' letter,aud the other a letter which appeared tint in th? Pitt*burnh Poit, wai thence transferred ti the Union, whrnoH we copied It on the 8th Ootober, with tome introductory remarks, and the whole then appeared in u Tampico paper ? When (Jen Scott's oriters were published. Litut. Col Dunc?n came out promptly In the North Jlmtiican with the following frank avowal of bis connection with the Tampico letter, ao called. According to the Xorth .1mtri' an the Tampion letter was compiled from two letters r.fl) ...* nf ?>w> ' .. In Mivtrn to a hrothwr officer in Pittsburgh, for bis eyu alone. But read what Col Dunoan has to nay to it : ? Mstico, Nov !3, 1847. To the E'litor of (he \orlh 8ia:?I herewith present a copy ot ton " Tmupioo letter." chrac as " snandalotiH " " despicable." " tnallgr.uut." ko , in gnoeral orders No 34V, published in the 4?lrii an Star of thin morning. To the end that tha true oharact?r of this latter may b? Known, I desire th t you republish U la your paper, and that none < f my brothai- officers may tnnno?ntly suffer for a publication so obnoxl-oa, T hereby publicly acknowlad?? myself to b? ita author. Tha sub'Unce of it I oimmunicated from Tacubaya. soon after the. battles, in a private letter to a friend in Pittsburg. The statement* in tha letter are known by very many officers of this army to be true, and 1 nan but think tha' the publication of truth is less likely to do violence to individual or tha tervloa, than the suppretsion ot perversion of it. 7 Justice to Gen. Worth (who Is evidently ona of the " heroes" pointed at in order No. 349) rtquires me to state that he knew nothing whatever of my purpose to write the letter in question, nor that it bad been written, till well on ita way to ita destination; be never paw. nor did he know, directly or indirectly, even the purport of one line, word, or syllable of it, till he saw It in print, and he is equally ignorant of my design to make tbls declaration, wblch I do, as I wrote the letter, unprompted, and on my own respoositl lty. JQJJ; Vary reepectlully, your obedient servant, JAMK8 DUNCAN, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel U. 8. A. After the publication of this letter, Col. Dnncan was placed under arrest, and subsequently Gen. Pillow WU arre*t?d. and next < Sen Worth. The A'orth JimlTU oi Is of opinion that Gen Pillow was not arrested on account of the '' Leonidaa" letter, but on the following grounds : ? There has been another arrest, that of Gen Pillow, ose of the chiefs aforenamed, but Dot, as appears, on account of the letters of whioh be is the hero We bear generally that the cause was this:-Gen. Pillow having taken exceptions to the finding of a court of inquiry, which finding has been approved by Gen Koott, addressed a paper relating to it to the Secretary of War, through tha commander-in-chief. preserving a copy, which be avowed, in a letter accompanying, he bad sent, or would send, directly to the secretary at Washington This transaction is judged to be a contempt, auu for the so judged contempt (Jen. Pillow is arretted. Not understanding tbo technicalities of the case, wt< are not advised whether psrt of or the whole transaction is regarded as the contempt; but that is immaterial. Gen. Worth's arrest,1s thus noticed in the Norrh American of the 26ch alt :? The last arrest oocurred yesterday, that of Brevet Major (Jen. Worth, and the charge is, we believe, contempt towardt the commander-in chief Without a full knowledge of tne facts, we do not purpose to lengthen this article by any remarks upon this proceeding We shall have more to say on this grave subject another day. COKKKSl'O.NDENCE BETWEEN OKN. SCOTT AND THE AKCH'BISHOP OK MEXICO. The correspondence between Gen Scott and the Archbishop of Mexico, on the subject of the relexse of the Mexican prisoners, is very interesting. The latter a-iKs the favor of their liberation on the ground that their families are suffering in consequence of their confinement. He says the auction and respect which Oen. Seott has always shown to the holy church, of which he is the head iu this city, emboldens him to make this request, and instauoes the liberation of the French prisoners by Abdel Kader, through the mediation of the Archbishop of Argel. The (ianeral replied at some length, citing the cases of the prisoners taken at Vera Cruz and Cerro Gordo who *ere liberated on their parole, and had afterwards taken up arms against the Americans; that while at ruehla be asked the liberation if the American prisoners taken on the JAo Grande, who were to have been exchanged by art agreement between Santa Anna and Gen. Taylor, but that an evasive reply having been returned, another communication was sent on the Sflth of July, the only response to which was found in the palaoe arter uen. soon Jia<i entered tne city, folded, st ai?u ami directed to bitn under date of August. (?en Soottooneludes by saying that If the archbishop will have the goodness to appoint sotne dignitary of the church to visit these men. and explain to them that prisoner* of war under their parole, are always shot if found fighting against the saoie belligerent before being duly exchanged; abd that if this dignitary gives also a solemn admonition of the church bgtinst the violation <f their oaths, be will give them their liberty under bis sacred authority The archbishop, in a subsequent persoual Interview with the nomoiander-ln chief, cited to Liin the decree of toe Mexican government, which prohibited nil Mexicans from giving their paroles not to tight against the Amerioans, and the responsibility he would incur if the supreme government should disapprove the step, at.d thus ihe matter stands at present. REVOLUTION AT OAJACA. There has been a successful revolution at Oxjaca The object of it was to put down the present Stute government, and reinstate the one put out in February last After six or seven hours' fighting, the authorities yielded to the insurgents, surrendered the government into their hands, abd tranquillity was restored. Amrmg the killed w>ts Don N Caroallo,a youtg MexicanrfB>-er who distinguished himself at the battle of Mollno del Key. AN KMEUTX AT MUANAJUAIO. There has been an nnfute of a serious nature In Guanajuato lu the village of Silao, on the 7th, the troops of Governor Arrellano arrested two priests, who were endeavoring to get up a pronunciemento in favor ol placing Genetal Bustamente at the bead of the ai.ny, of continuing Uie war until the Invad ts were exterminated,and of declaring any man a traitor who should entertain any proposition of peaoe with the United States. The people resisted the arrest and a fl^ht ensued wbicb resulted in six of the citizens being killed and fifteen or sixteen wounded. The soldiers finally succeeded in biinging the ptlests, tied, into Guanajuato. The peo pl? were In a great state of eicitement, and ories ol " death to the governor," were heard on a 1 sides. El Progrruo. published at Guanajuato, Is down upon the governor with great violence, concluding his article hy linilintr thkt thy aam> ir.u?.kl.? .. .. I ~ _ I II. n ...?- .uv n>wr umbuuirPB T?IUr UUU ?< ll V I iy ?11Pplavad by tbe troops of Governor Arrellano Id charging upon unarmed Mexicans, may bt? displayed against the Yankre* when they meet theui. MA/.ATIJAN AND OCAVAMAS l\ POSSESSION OK TIIK AMERICANS. New* hu been reoeived at <|ueretaro by express. that the American* had taken possession of tbe port of Ma latlan, with four ships of war. It appears tn 1>h generally credited, and El Mnnitnr **ya it aggravate* lu an extraordinary manner our desperate situation. Go vernment, haa Isaued a circular asklug rrsouroea from tbe State*. On the 1 nth ultimo, a corvette and frigate of the U S. Navy, entered the port of Uuayamaa. demanding a aurrmder of the place The commander of the force* write* to tbe Oavernor ot Senora that in ord?r to prevent the horrible confluence* of a bombardment, h< bad concluded to remove hi*force* to Boccachimbarapo out of teach of the guna, and there make a atand, although he does not seem to think it would be a sucooa ful one. DRAWING SITPI.IKS FROM THK KXKMY. A general order, of the 'juiU November, issued by General Scott, from his headquarters In the oUy of Mexii oo, announces thtt, under instructions from the government at home, the army will, as soon aa practicable, begin to raise the means of it? support from .Vlexioo. ARRIVAL, OF COLS. I'OI.K AND SMYTH. Under date of the 2Jth November, the correspondent says:?"Ihavejuat heard of the arrival, a few minutes ago, of William II Polk and Colonel Smyth, of New Orleans, the latter bearer ol despatches from Washington " FROM ?ENEKAI. PATTERSONS TRAIN ? AFFAIRS AT PI'ftlJLA. The following Interesting letters reached the Piinyuni by the Maria Burt They allord nolle the best narr* tive we hare s?en of promlaeut event* at falapa, and el the policy which (Jeneral Patterson I* pursumr towards Mexican guerllles and tbe wealthy landed proprietors [Hpenlal dorrevpondenoa of the Picayune J Jtun, Nov 20, 1347 ?We hava had (julte a windfall here this evenli.g, I.ast evening, al>>ut 4 o'clock, t.ol Wynkoop, at th- bead of a company of Teian Hangers, left town in quest of a certain lieutenant colnn-1, who I* it hmil nf nn.vilU M - - - ? ? B ?...... I.u uuo urrn. cif'pi *1 headquarters, knew any thing about the object or the expedition until a few moments since, wheu the indefatigable colonel returned, after a ride <>f sixty ni>s, and braught with him Lieut Col. Juan Clemacbo K?boliedo, with Capt , Second Adjutant Garcia. Second Lieut. Alcade, and four gnerillft* It la more than probable that all these worthies will be found guilty of a b e?ch of their parole of honor, and will be shot. A* for the soldiers, some ol them are in the same situation The more we learn of the charaot.fr of Lieut Col. Juan Clemacbo IUbolledo,tbecaptiTe guerilla chief, the more important appears his oaptwr*. The papers that were found in his trunk contain correspondence between him and inauy citizens and officer! of note ? There are several letters front Santa Anna, which fhow that llebollsdo is a men of some consequence in the rs timation cf the Mexican gov?rnment Jai.apa, Not J3,1847 ?The wagon-mast'-r Meeks, anil teamster Dennis. w?re hung to day, in the large plena, at I'J o'clock,for tbe Inhumafi murder of the M'xlcivn boy About .1,?K)0 of <*en. Patterson's command were drawn up to witness the execution, and there must have been at lanst au equal nnmbar of Mexicans present. Maaks addressed the spectators after the roue was plaoad around bii mack, warning them to abstain from shedding blood as ha bad dona It, and laaantlng that ha W YD fORK, WEDNESDAY MO I could not hate met a dlfferrnt death. Ilia remark* were Sensible. He tbr?w himself upon the mercy of Ood, and ; was prayln* aloud when tb-: drop fell. Dennis made no i ro-uurk Tbev w, r? att -nded by a Mexican priest and : i it?rpret>r. This morning two ot the gu-rllla offloers who w r- t<kfD prisoners by that indeUtigabln officer. OI Wjnk'op were tried by the military commission, now in m on, fuund trullty. end sentenced to !> shot They: ! were aooueed (and confessed It) of havinir violated their ' par4a of honor, by taking up arm* against the United I nt?'e?, In the guerilla service They will b? shot to. . ; morrow, at noon. Their namea are Adjutant Antonio I i G?r-la, end Ll?ut. Ambros a Alcalde. They received i their (entence wl'h considerable firmness Cel. Rebolledo and the oaptain will be tanen to Perote and onn- ' flued until It can b? ascertained from headquarters whether they were paroled and exchanged or not They | are both flue looking men The colonel fa a noble looklug man, and tneoitiieus .md foreigners here lay he has never been cruel In his warfare against u?. Some of ! our peoj le tnlnk differently. Kvsnimo.? Oen. I'attarson and <'ol Hughes have had t'nelr hands full this afternoon. Since the HeHtenoa of (iarclu and Alcalde whs made public, the ab">?e named officers, more particularly the general, have been surrounded by the population of the town. Imploring for tlie par t-ou of the condemned men Oen l,*ndero,whn I krai.l. ... I Ik. I'-,. hafl ! been in, a* well a* prte?ts, alca'.Jee, citii-iu of high standI i.->g. md wf.m-n of all grades. A mistress < f Lii'ut. Al; oat Je, a beautiful woman, with a babe less thau k month old has be'.'ii moft eloquent in her appeult to ihe g?n?ral. A fx* moment! kidoii, some thirty women., a><Kt of th"in quite young ami beautiful, came in and cried and knelt aod iiuplorad, but though they moved th? heart of the geneiM, and brought a tour to his eye, they could not riving* the fata of the eonieuiued It Las been repeated filly time* to-day by the Mixlcaus. in extenuation, " that in this country it is not considered a crime to violate a parol* of honor givea by a prisoner of war " Thia should be remembered in future by our generals, and no more prisoners set at liberty on parole. F.very effort baa been made In behalf of tbe prisouers that could be thought of Tbe hint has been thrown out, that If thuse men are executed, no American offloer will in future be taken alive by tbe gueiilias. If my memory serves me'aright, the guerillas have not been distinguished for aots of mercy in this respect When they "took to the road," they hoisted tbe black tlig, and faithfully have they respsctcd this gloomy emblem of death without meroy. . That officers of the regular Mexican army who had been made prisoners of war, and released ou their pa role ot honor not to tatm up arms against us again during the war, should violate that sacred pledge andjolu this murderous b*nd, and th?n complain at si just a sentence as that passed upon these two, is astonishing, eveu in this nation of liars (Jov Hughes, who convened the military commission which tried the Americans who were huog to day. as well as the two Mtxloans who will die to-morrow, and who approved tbe senteuoe in both oases, performed his duty, and nothing more or less; and Oen. Patterson knows his duty too well to *acriflae Justioe and the discipline ot his command to feelings of compassion. An express starts immediately for Vera Cruz -so excuse this unfinished epistle. I'll drop you uuothvr note to-morrow ABDL'CTION BY A PRIEST. Som* excitemeut had been caused by the discovery of the abduction of a young and lovely girl bv one of tbe reverend fathers of tho ehurch The Dilated mother ADDlimi to thn LTivernnr fnr rAtlrMN un<t th? tniritiv..* ware immediately pursued, but aa yet without result. This appears to the seoond escapade of a similar uature that tb? reverend lather has been guilty of. THEATRICALS IN MBXIOC. There oame off at the Gran r>a<io Smla Jinn a, or National, aa it is now called, a complimentary benefit to the lascinatl^ig actress. Senora daunt*, by the officers of the American ariny. The bouse was crowded from pit to dome, and many of the principal families of this city attended the theatre. The receipts ot the house were $a 007. I'll K NEWS FttOM TH1C PACIFIC. Mr. K. Ward bearer of despatches from Colonel Mason. Governor of i anfornia, passed through the oiiy yesterday. Mr. W'ar'i vailed from San Kraiidsoo in July last, in the line or battle-ship Columbus, bearing the flag of C m. iiiddle, from Valparaiso. From that port Mr Ward took a steamer to Panama, thence crossed tbs luthmui and took an English ft-amer tor Klnsgton, whrnce he arrived here by ship, after a short passage Yesterday he proceeded on his way to Washington The Columbus was to rail from Valparaiso on the 1st of November, direct for home Hence ahe may be ex peotrd here In all the month of February Mr Crurn late our Charge to Chill, and Mr Dorr, late dousul al Valparaiso, will come pa-sengem in the Columbus On the 'JSth of October, Mr Donsllier. hu offlaer Id the llussianurmy, but aoting as a midablpmau on board the Columbus, died of cholera, after a short Illness Ills less was much deplored by the ofltT-rs among whom he oiedaaa midshipman en amateur, learning something pf our naval lervlce At Panama. Mr. Ward found Col. llurton, our new Charge to Peru, with bis family. All well. Tney expected to leave there in th? tCnglish ateamer, on the JUth November. At Crucea. between I'tnaria and Cbsgrea, Mr. Ward mat ooumoaore Jones and autte, going over to the Letter* ham been reoslved In town from Tampieo a* 1st*) an the 7ih of December, from highly reapeotable house.', conveying the Information that the porta of Alazttian and OuijfOM are in the possession of the American naval force*. We truit the occupation of every other considerable port on the I'aoiQo will noon follow. .Since the above war in typo, wo have confirmation of thn new* i.y letters and paper* from the city of Alexioo Our coireapondent mention* the ocuupatioa of both port*, and aa to one of thtm we find the folliwlag In the Jlui'iiian Slar:-We stated, in a recent paragraph, that *overal ship* of the Amenctn navy had enteied the port of Ouayma? and demanded a surrender of the place. By ltt? advicea we learn that on ihe 30th ult the place surrendered to the naval force under Livaliette, oeinmaudluK the naval force of the United State* and thn port i* now in po**esfion of the American* The frigate* under hi* command were the Portsmouth and the < ongreH* whinh tired upou (the place for about, an (hour Ttie term* to which tbr placn wan suljeo.ed are very much like thorn, (granted in other place* occupied by our force*, and we ueed not give the artiolea at length W A Robinson had been appointed oolleotor of the custom*. and the dutiu* were a* follows:? " The duliea of importation, until otherwise order?d, will be five per cent per.ton and t*n per cent ad valcfun Ui" value lu port to be d^Urioiued by perron* appointed for that purpose." Until quarter* shall be provided for the troop* who were to garrison the place, the Uuited State* II-g would be hoisted in some point In the bay from the U. 9 frigate COLgrea*. The Picayune, of the 19th, publishes a deoree by ?ht> 8'.ute of T*m:iullpas, decUriug that (Jen Hon Jniw 1'rr?.a ha*. ainoe h'ebruary of thin year, committed all port* of excesses against the person* ami property of clt'Sens. without the reclamatioe* of this government, the orilein i.r tiif Mufreinu tioverninent of tli? L' nlon, nor ha* the resistance of the people neen sufficient to cheuk tiloi The decree requires that he will withdraw from the territory of the Mate ; the armed force he commanded. to remain under the orders of tbelr respective ohlef*. In sneb planen an tho governor Khali designate, until the resolution of the Hupreme <?overnm?nt of the I'nion fhail be known. It also demand* that l/rrea shall be tried for hli crime*. Tb? Hiilyunt says- ?" We learn 'rora an authentic source, that Immediately upon the publication ot thin proclamation, there appeared armed parties on the road leading to Victoria, to Marina and Tu'a. to estaMish custom houses at Co nu i 8'J miles d;* tant, at which a duty of 16 per cent whs to be oollected of all trader*) coming from Tainpico with go ds and merchandise, and this tax or duty appear* to be acceptable to the Mexican? and foreign people in Tamplno A better state oi affairs 1.1 expected in a short time.'' ARMY INTKI.MUKNCK. Captain De Korponay lus authority to receive three hundred mounted volunteer*, to fill up the .'til regiment Missouri mounted volunteer*. They are doslgned for service In New Meiico Si. I aim K poblicuu. Die IS. About forty m?n< reoralted for the Voltigeur regiment, left this olty on Sunday night for Kott Moultrie, In Charleston harbor, whera th-y will embark f>r Mexico I'bey are i\ body of fine looking m-?n, and were ootnmanded by Lieutenant Leonid** Mcintosh. of the Voltigeur*.? Suvlimah Grurgian, Drc 3id. ARMY MKNtfRAf, OHDKll. (if.ii.RAi. unr>Ki<t. f . , A' \jn ? ' > Ad/VTAMT Uk^kral Orritt, ) Washington Deo 4, 1847 I'romotlon^ rq<1 appointments in the Army of ttiu United States, by the 1'r-nleJ?n<, Mono tne puhHcation of - Oeneral Orders " No 37, bf August 6, 1?47:? I QUARTERMAiTKa'n DifUTMKir. Captain Of borne < row, Asi>i?tHOt Quartermaster. to l>? Quartermaster with the rank of Major, July 44, 1*47 vlcedmitb, d?eea.s>d. .M*OICAI. DtftRt?l??T. A??l*tnnt Surgeon William itainuiuud, to be Surgeon August 7, 1947, vloe Hawkins, deceased. Kirst IUsimikt or Draooo*> 8?eond M> ut Joseph I!. WhitilnRi-y, to be First Lieut?nant, October IS. 1S47. rice Jenkins, dfoensed. Ilrevet 3d l.ieut. Oeorge Htonciuan, Jr , to be Second < Lieutenant, July 14, I*<47, vine MnKlvaln, deceased llroTet 4d i,Uut (Jeorg* K Kvana. to be Weoond I.if u t-nnut. October 19, Irt47. Tioe Whittlese*, promoted. ?b< ond KiuiMc.ir or IJs??ioo*? First Lieut Itipley A. Arnold, to tat Captain. August 18, 1847, vie* Thornton, killed lu battle Se'ond Ll-ut Petri'1* Calhoun. to be Flwt Lieutenant. July 'JO, |Hi7, vie* Hill, dectaeed Second Lieut hllaa K liaue, to be First Ll?ntenant, August. 1847. vicu Arno.d. promoted Brevet Jd Ll?ut Jauies O tkei, to be Second Lieutenant, July J9, 1847. vloe Calhoun, promoted Brevet Jd Lieut William D Smith, to be Second Lieutenant, August 19. 1847. vl-.e Kane arnmotml. Thinn Htfinir.it or Dh*<joo.<iii Kirst Lieut Walter H Jenifer, to be Capt*In, July It), 1A17, Tie# Dull, deceaied Seonnd Lieut William Walked to be First Lieutenant, July 14, 1847, vice Jenifer, promoted IlMiiHtftT or MoriKTr.n Rirwir*. KIret Lieut. Michael F, Van Itureu, to be (.'attain, Octobers Ii47, Tien VV'alkcr. klib-d In b^ttln Second Lteut. Washington L. Klliott, to be Kirtt Lieutenant, July 'JO, 1847, vice Tipton, dereast*d Second Lieutenant Ueorge Mrl.eiie, to !> Kirst Lieutenant. Ortoher 1817. vice Van Buret) promoted Brevet Jd Lieut, Innis N. I'nlraer. to lie Second Lieutenant, July 'JO, 1847, floe klliott, promoted. Brevet tfd Lieut. Jemae Stuart, to lie Second Lieutenant, October II, 1847, vine Mol.ane, promoted First 11koim**t or Aarn.Liav First Llent. James L. Donaldson, to be Ctptaln August SO, l?47, viae Capron killed la battle Mjr ti , M% XI RNING, DECEMBER 29, First Lieut William W. Mwktll, to bo Captain, AugUHt 'JO, 1817. Tire Donaldson. Assistant (Quartermaster, who vaunt** his regimental commission Nwoond Lieut A?h?r R Ivldy, to b* First Lieutenant, August IK 1*47. vioe Johnstone. killed In baitle

Second Llrur Henry (Jnppee, to be first Lieutenant August -JO. 1S47.tI'? Donaldson, promoted. Second Lieut bdward C Boynton. to be First Lleutennnt, Augurt SO. 1647 vice Mackall. promoted Seoind Lieut Thomas J Jacksou. to be first Lieutenant. August 3#, 1647, vice Irons, deceased?of wounds received In battle Brevtt 3d Lieut. Jobn H Dlokarson. of the Fourth Artillery, to Nt Second (Lieutenant, August 1#, 1847, ylcs Kddy. promt l ed Urevet Ud Lieut. Daniel T BelUhoerer, to be Second Lieutenant, Autust '.'0 1847, vice Coppee,promoted llrevet 'J'l Lieut Otis H Tilllnghast, of the Third Artillery, tube Second Lieutenant, August 'JO, 1847,vies Buvnton promoted Brevet id I.lent James B. Fry, of the Third Artillery, i to be Second Lieu truant, August '.'0, 1847, vice Hoffman. I killed iu battle. Brevet '2d Lieut. Ambrose P Hill, to be Sacond I.leutenant, August 21, 1H17. rioe Jackson, promoted. Second Kluimkst or Ahtillcht First Lieut Robert Allen, to b? Captain, Ootoker 19, 1*47, vloo Maoki ozie. deee?s*d Second Lieut leuryF Clarke, to baFirst Lieutenant, September 8. 1847, vine Armstrong, killed lu battle Seoond Lieut Joslah II. Cailisle.to bo Flrft Lleut?nart. October 12, 1817. vlco Shackelford, deceased?of | wound* reoelved lu battle. Second Ll?ut George Kdwards. to be Flrat Lleutenunt, October 1M l?47.vlo? Allen, promoted S'-oond Lieut Thorn** It J Weld, to bo First Lleutenaut.Oct >ber 37, l?47,vioa Daniels, deceased?of wounds received in bat le. Brevet J J Lieut Inson O Cook, to ba Seoond Lleuteiant, September 8,1 #47, vise Clark, promoted Brevet 2d Lieut Charles GrifBo, of the Fourth Artillery, to be Second Lieutenant, October 13, 1847, viceCarlisle, promoted Thibd Risimumt or AaTiLLtar. First Lieut. William Auntine, to be Captain, August 13. 1847, vlue Wall, d<-o>-ssed. First Li?ut HenryS Burton,' to be Captain, September '22, 1847. vloe Tompkins resigned. Second Lieut L"uln D Welch, to be Flrat Lieutenant, August 13, 1847, vloe Austlr.e, promoted. Second Lieut. George P Andrews, to be First I.Untenant, September 8 1847, vice Ayres, killed In battle. Second Lieut Colville J. Minor, to be First Lleutouant, September 8 1847, vice Farry, killed in battle 8econd Lieut Hamilton L Shields, to be First Lieutenant. Septeiubnr 22 1817. vice Burton, promoted. Second Lieut. George T. Andrews, to be First Lieutenant, October 19, 1847, vloe Churohlll, deceased Seoond Lieut Benjamin I'. McNeil, to be First Lieu tenant. December 4 1847, vice Johnston, resigned. Brevut 2d Lieut George fatten, to be Seoond Lieutenant, August 13. 1847, vice Welch, promoted Brevec Second Lieutenant Horatio G. Gibson, of the Seoond Artillery, to be Second Lieutenant, Semptfmber 8, 1S47, Tie* G. P Andrews, promoted Brevet Second Lieut. Ambrose F. Burnslde, of the Second Artillery, to be Second Lieutenant, September 8, 1847, vim Mtucr. promoted. Brevet Second Lieut Romeyn B Ayres, of tb? Fourth Artillery. to be Second I.leuleuant, September ii, 1647, rice MUielJs. promoted Fourth Reuimest ok Artillesy. First Lieut. Win O Freeman, to be Captain, September 13. 1617. vice Drum, killed In battle Second Lieut. Francis Collin*, to be First Lieutenant, September 13. 1847, vise Freeman, promoted Seccond Lieut Kdmuud Heyes, to be First Lieutenant, September 13. 18*7 vice Bei jamln. killed In battle Second Lieut Darius N Couch, to b? Fust Lieutenant, December 4. 1(147, vice Curd, resigned Brevet Secoud Lieut John Gibbon, of the Third Artillery, to he Mi-cond Lieutenant, September 13, 1847, vice Collins, promoted. Brevet Second Lieut. Clermont L. Best, of the First Artillery, to be Second Lieutenant, September 13, 1847, vioe Hayes, promoted FiritT Regiment or IwriNi ar. Captain George C flutter, of the Sixth Infantry, to be Major, vice Clark, deceased, to date from Fobruary 10 1847. and to take pWoe on the list of Majors of Infantry next below Major Jouttt. First Lieut. Robert 8. Granger, to be Captsin, September 8. 1847,vice Abercrombie, promoted to Fifth Infantry Second Lieutenant Stephen D Carpenter, to be First Lieutenant, September 8, 1847, vice Granger, promoted Brevet SeooSd Lieut lutbert L Viele, of the Second lnfiD'ry, to be Srocud Lieutenant, September B, 1847, vice Carpenter, promoted Seconu Keoimbht or InrAMTav. First Lieut Mwnst K ratrick. to be Captain, Angus! 90, ih?7, vice Anderson, killed inbittle. Second Lieut. Edward Murr?y, to be First Lieutenant, August 3D. 1847, vioe Patrlcrf, promoted. Bp-vet -Jd Lieut Henry B Hendershott, of the Fifth Infantry, to be Second Lieutenant, August 20, 1B47, vice Murray, promoted. Brevet 2d Lieut Tredwell Moore, of the Llghth Infantry, to be Si-con l Lie uteimDt, August 20, 1817, rioo Kasley, killed In battle TllllU llEMIMFIT or l?t FA* T H V. S> oon l Lieut. John C McFerran, to be First l.ltuU' riant, Oat?.b?r 22. 1H47, vice Johnson, resigned. Koi'rtm Rboimcrt or Inuniiiv First I.'?ut linury I'rlnue, to be Captain, September 26, 1347, vice Morrison, promoted to Llghth lulantry Seoond Lieut. Ulysses 8. (irant.tobe First Lieutenant, September 16, 1647,vice Smith, deceased- of wound* received in battle. Second Ueutenant Henry M Judali, to ba Klrst Lieutenant, September 2fl, 1847, vie* Prince promoted Brevet 2d Lieut Lewis C Hunt,of the Third Infantry, to be Second Lieutenant, Septeialer 13, 1847, vice Kodgers, ki'led in battle Brevet 2d Lieut John De Hussy, cf the Sixth Infantry, to be Second Lieutenant, Sepiember IS, 1H47, vice Orant, proicoted. Fifth Kkuimkit ok Infantry. Msjsr Win G Brlknap, of the Lighth Infantry, to be Lieut Colonel. September 2ti, IM7, vice Molntosh, deceased?of wounds received in battle. Captain John J. Abercromblo. of the Klrst Infantry, to be Major, September 8, 1847, vice Snott, killed in battle Flrot Lieut Nathan B Itussell, to b<< Captain. September 6. 18-17, vice Merrill, killed in battle First Lieut John A Whitall, to be Captain, September 11, 1847, vioe Smith deceased, of wound* received in halite. Seoond Lieut. Henry H Selden, to be First Lieut September 8,1847, vice Russell, promoted. Second Lieut Frederick T Dent, to be First Lieut, September II. 1647. vice Whlthall. promoted. Brevet 2d Lieut Thoniao II Neill, of the Fourth Infantry, to hrt S.cond Lieut., September 8, 1847, vice SelI d*n, promoted. Brevet 2 I Lieut William Burns, of the Third Infm try. to be Second Lieut, September 8. 1847, vice Stronp, killed In battle. Brevet Jd Lieut. Edward F Abbott, of tha Sixth tnfsntry. to be Second Lieut, September 8, 1847. vice Burwell, killed In battle. Brevet 2d Lieut Montgomery I'. Harrison, of the Seventh Inftntry, to be Stoond Lieut , September 11, 1847 vioe Dent, promoted. Brevet 2d Lieut Augustus H Pea ward, of the F.lghtli lulantry. to he Second Lieut , September 13, 1847, viee J P. Smith, killed In battle. SUTH Rr?jiHe*T OF lursevet h irst Lieut Henry W. \Vburton, to be I aptaln, February lti 1847, vioe IIutter, promoted to Frat 11. fan try. , Second Lieut Richard II ?>*rneft,to be First Lieut. Kebroarv 10 1847. vice Wharton, promoted M?-oonil l-leui rrauann p. rum, io in rim i.iem . October IS, 1747, vice Baeon, deceased, of wound* received in hattle Brevet id Lieut Henry Heth. of the Klriit Infantry, to he Second Lieut , t eptember tl*i, 1817, viae Ernst, deceased of wounds received In battle S?*r!?th Itr'iimkm r ok lnKA*t?y. First Lieut. Henry Little, to be < aptain, Augaat 'M, 1^47, vioe Hanron. allied in battle. Second Lieut. John >1. Jodm, to be First Lieut, August 20. 1447, vice Uttle. promoted. (Secmd Lieut k'ranklln Gardner, to be First Lieut September 13. 1W47, vloe Gautt. killed In battle. Second Lieut Joseph H Totter, to be Fr?t Lieut. October 30, 1947, vice Scott deceased Brevet Uii Lieut Henry M. Black,ff the Fourth Infantry, to be S. cimd Lieut., August 20, 1*47. vice Jones promoted Breyet id Lieut. Peter W I, Pljinpton. tob??eo?ii<J Lieut., Heptember 13, 1747. vice Gardner promoted Eiuiiin KcoiMr.nr or Ijiiniav Captain Pitcairn Morrison. of tCe Fourth Infantry, tc be Major, September JO, 1847, rico Belknap prommted tc Fifth Infantry. Second Lieut JaoobJ Booker, to hi First Lieutenant September 10, 1847, vloe Burbank. deocaied -of wound) received in battle Second Lieut. Kdmunds B. Hollowsy, to be Firit i.ieu tenant. 8eptemberl7, 1*17, vlci Morris, deceaeed-ol wound* received In batle. Brevet id Lieut Washington T Street, of the Flf h In lantry, to be Second I.leuteoant. September 10, IM7,vic< Booker, promoted Brevet Id Lieut. K. lward D Blake, of the Second Infantry. to b? Second Lieutenant. Septrmber 17.1847 vice Holloway, promoted. Ninth Rmimmt or Imr*r?tr*. Lieut. Col Jones M Withers, of the Thirteenth Infants K. I nlnn.l 4?i.lumh?r 1.1 I >>17 ft u.r,m kill. ed in battle ( aptiiri William B Talllaferro, of tha Kleeenth Infantry, to be Major. Aoguat, i j, IH47, tIob fceymour promoted to Twelfth Inlaotrv Kirnt Lieut Edward II. Kitigarald, to b.?' aptaln. Sep. t>mb?r 8,1847, vloa Pitumn promoted to Kourtaanth Infantry. Kirat Lieut Lyman Bianell, to b? Captain, September 5A 1*47. vice 1'hompaon, deceased Kirat Lteut John S Klocurn. to be Captain, Ootober 0, 1847. Tioe Woodman, reeiRned Kirnt Lieut i h<rlea J. bprague. to ba < ap'aln, D*cambar 4, 1947, Tioa Palmar, reaigned F lrnt Lieut. George Bowi-rn, to be Captain, DaremMr 4, lt*47, Tina Johnaon re?l|tned Second Lleuf. Duil-1 II ! ram to be h Irat Lieutenant, September K. IH47, vine Fl'merald, promoted Kaoond Lieut Ana A Stoddard, t? b? Hr?t Lieutenant, ' September 2A, 1^17, ?lo-' Biuret, promoted | Second Ll*ut Tboiraa I' l'l<r<*, to b? Hr?t Lieut*i nant, October 0, 1*47, Tic* Hlooum promoted Heoood Lieut J*M? A Move, to be flret Lieutenant. | Deeemhar 4, IH17. ?lc* Sprague, promoted ; Saoond Li> ut Thompson II. ( roeby, to be l-'lrtt Lieu] tenant, I)ec?nib*r 4, 1847, vice Bnw.-r?, promoted V?i'Dd Lieut Alpbeun T I aimer, to l?a Hr?t Lleute nant, December 4, 1647. tic* Cram, resigned. T**r>t Rkoimb!?T or I*rAi*T*r. j Flrit LUut G*crf* W. Tajlor, to b? ? pUin. Hap [ERA 1847. teraber 13, IS47, vice Pltrhar. promoted to Eleventh Infautry Stcond Llaut Edward MflUarry. to ba Flret Lieutenant, Septi mber 13. 1*47. ?ic? Taylor, promoted. Elctiktm raaimkkt or IwrA^Tar. .Major John H. riaTage. of the Fourteenth Infantry, to bo Lieutenant Colonel, September 8, 1847, vlo? (Jraham, kil'ed In battle Captain Matthew 8. Pitcher of the Tenth Infantry, to be Major.Hepfumber 18. 1H47, vie* Morgan, promoted to Thirteenth Infantry Klrat Ll<-ut Charles T. Campbell, to ba Captain. August 13,1847. vie* l'alllaferro, promoted to S'lntb Infantry First Lieut. John I < iregg, to be Captain, September 36, 1847, vice VVaddell. <'eO"M?>d Second Llaut. Benjamin F. Ilarley, to ba Fint Lieu* tenant, Au?ust 13, 1847. vlox Campbell. promoted. Second Lieut Horaoa Haldaman, to ba First I.lautanant. Heptember 36, 1847, vice (iregg, promoted Second Llaut. Weld roan Foratar. to ba Klrat Lleutenaut, December 4. 1847, Ties Madges, resigned tatlftn Riuinkt or isr*^tht. I.ieut. Col. .Mllladga L Uontiam.to be Colonel, August 13. IH47,Tlca Wilson dec^as^d .?isjur l uomn 11 oeymuur. ui tun .'luui lumuirj, lu be Lieutenant Colonel, August 1J, 1947, rice Bokhara, promoted. Tiiiutkkith Bkoimknt or Infantry. M?Jor Cuwin W Morgan, cf the Gliltnlh Infantry, to be Lieutenant Colonel, September 13, 1947, Tloe Wither*, prrmoted to Ninth Infantry. Klrit LI*nt t.ly I* Howell, to beCap'.aln, August 20, 1847, Tile Woffurd. resigned. I Hecond Ll>ut Pnwbattan K Pau?, to be Firat Lieutenant, August 20. 1*47. Tie* Howell, promoted. Pru?TIk.1TH JllC'ilMEKT Of INFANTS*. Captain Joseph S Pitman, cf th- N.nih Infantry, to b* M?Jor, Hrptt-mber 8,1847, vice Savage, promoted to tleTsuth Infautry. First Lieut Jamn Blackburn, to be Captain, Ootober 1, 1H47, vloe Huddlestore deceased First Lieut. Thomas Shields, to be Captain, October 31, 1947, vice Fulton, resigned First Lieut. Philander A. Hickman, to l>s Captain, October S3, 1948. Tice P?rklns, deceased. Heeona Lieut Richard Hteele, to lis First Lieutenant, October 1. 1M17. vice Bluckburn. promoted Second Lieut Riehard T. Kastin, to be First Lieutenant, October 31, 1H17, vice Sbiel ls. promoted Hecond Lieut. James G. Fitzgerald, to b? First I.leutenant, October 33, lM7,vln? Hickman, promoted Fiitkknth Kcoimknt or l.irsntav Captain Leslie H McKeuuey. ?t the Sixteenth Infantry, to be Major, August 30, 1847, Tics Mills, killed in battle First Lieut <>eorg? W. Bowie, to be t aptaln. July 30, 1847, vice tiutbrie, deceased- of wounds rcci-lred in battle. First Lieut William H Tanncyhill. to b- ' sptalu August 30. 1947, Tice Quarles, killed in battle First Lieut Thomas H Freelon, to be > 4ptaiB, Ur C fill Dor 4 1847, Tine TOU. reS'gneU Second Lieut Daniel Frencn, to be First Lieutenant, July 20, 1847. view Bowie, promoted. Second Lieut. William D Wilkin*, to be First Lieutenant, August 20. 1847, vice Tanneyblll. promoted Second Lieut Charles I'eteruell, to lt? First Lleuttnant. Auguat 20, 1847, vice Goodman, killed in baitle. Second Lieut Jam** W. Wiley, to b? First Lieutenant, December 4. 1347. vice Freelon. promoted. SlITEBRIH R.EUIMENT Or IS F* N T S V. Kirat Lieut George W Singleton, to be Captain August JO, 1847, vice McKennt y, promoted to Fifteenth Infantry. First Lieut. Edward Curd, to be Captain, Ootober 12, 1847. vice Bill, deceased Second Lieut. Orl?< do B Orifilth, to be Flint Lieutenant, August 20 1817. vice Singleton, promoted. Second Lieut Edward C Berry, to be First Lieutenant, October 12 1847, vice Curd, promoted i-eoond Lieut. William H Blade, to he First Liautenaut, November ti. 1847, vice Hamea, resigned Seoond Lieut Oliver DIITeudorf to be First Lieutenant, November 18, 1847, vice Kellogg, resigned Keoiuemt or Voltiokubs anu Foot Riflemen. First Lii-ut James C. Marriott, to b? Captain, September 18 1847, vice Calwell, deceased?of wounds received In battle Mecund Lieut Charles F. Vernon, to be Flrat Lieutenant, September 18 1847. vioe Marr'.ot, promoted. II ? APPOINTMENTS. Mr.dical DcrABTMKnT. Nicholas L. Campb'll. of New York, to be Aselatmnt Burgeon, Auguat 21. 1947, vloe H?mmoii4 promoted Samuel L B?rbour. of Georgia, to be Assistant Surb?od. August 28, 1847, vice Cuylwr. promoted George E. Cooper ot Pennsylvania, to be Atfsistaut Surgeon, August 28, 1847. vice .Mills, promoted Ebenestr Swift, of Otiio, to be Assistant Surgeon. August 3 I. 1847, vice Wlckham. deceased. John S D?ttee,of Maryland, to be Assistant Surgeon. October 6. 1847, vioe Holmes, resigned Glover Tertn. of Ohio, to be Asets ant Surgeon, December 4. 1847, vloe Roberts, deceased?of wounds 2e ceived lu battle. Pay Din si me.t r. John H. Wallace, of Virginia, to lis Paymaster. August U8. 1H47, vloo Randall, appointed Deputy Pay muster <J>-neral, Henry Hill, of Virginia, to ba Paymaster, November tl. 1847,vice VVallnoe, resigned. O^DSinCI. IJl Ti n i n t William P. Mauisby, of Maryland. to be Military Stoiekeeper, November 1. IAJ7, vine Carr, deceased Third Rkuiment Or Draooo.is. William H Hoik, of l'ennessae, to be Major, August 21, 1617, vice Kmory, declined Andrew J Dorn, of Missouri to be Seoond Lieutsnant, August 28, 1847, vioe Walker, promoted Klisha K Camp, (Recruit-Id Dragoon*,) to ba Second Lieutenant, August 'JH. 1847, vice Wallase resigned llobert J Barnett. of Missouri, to ba Seoond Lieutenant. September 0, 1847, vice Norment. resigned James Anderson, of Tennessee, lo ba Beaoud I.leutenant, September 9. 1847, vioe Jobnsoo, resigned . Ki?it Rkuimicnt or Artillery. William K Aiiqultb, of Maryland, late Kirat Lieutenant to be Captalu, November UO, 1847,vioe iiurke,klllril in battle. Eleventh hroimktt or urtxtir. lames W. Hhey. of Pennsylvania, to Seoond Lieutenant, August 'Jl, 1H47, vice Samuels, promoted James Keenan. jr.. of Pennsylvania, to be tteoond LieutenaDt, September 6,1847, vies Kubns, resigned Junius B Wbaeier, (privatecompany I, l'-Jib infantry ) to be Seoond Lieutenant, September 9, 1847, vie* Hurley promoted Thirteenth Regiment or Infantry. Joliu C. Reese, (Private Company K.) lo be Second Lieutenant. August 18. 1817, vtoe Page, promoted. John J Wltherapoon. of Alabama, to be 8 ooad Lieu tenant, September V. 1847, vice Prinoa, resigned Kdsrard K Baglry, of Alabam i, to be S-eogd Lieutenant, September Uo, 1*47. vice Wallace, resigned. Kovirtinn Rkijimint er lnrantav. JOeepu 14 rrnuar. ui iniuom, tu 1/1 ovuviau win' t?il. September 9. 1H47, vice Moon, di-ceaaed Thodim Hurt., of llllnoia, to be Second Lieutenant September W, 1847, vine H> ima, declined Robert llagau. of Loutalana, to b? Aaalatant Surgeon November 0. 1M47 vice McOlnnla, deceased. Rkoimbnt or V*ultincum a*D Foot RirLtHin. Jamea H Walker, of Arkanaaa, (Aaala??ut Quartermauler, volunteer Her rice.) to be Captain. September W 1647, vice t'heatham, declined -original vacancy. Timirtti The following tranaferi. made conditionally by Major General ficott. commanding the army In Mexico, on tlif mutual application of the partle*. are oonQrmed by th? War Depaitment. via Flrat Lleuteuant Ldward II Fitzzerald. tlth Infantry transferred (Auguat JO) to the Hth Infantry, to t?k> place on the Army Kegtater next above Llauteaanl Blaael Firat Lieut Alex Morrow, nth Infantry, tranaferrei (Auguat Jiith) to the Oth Infantry, to take place on tb< Army Regiater next below Lieut Oarnett Second Lieut William M. (Gardner, 7lh Infantry transferred (July I .Tib) to the 'id Infantry, to take plao< on the Army Regiater next below Lieut Davla Second Lieut. Oeorge K I'iokett. 1] Infantry, trans ferred (July nth) to the 7th Infantry, to lake place 01 the Army Regiater next below Lieut Wtloox ; an tranit<-rred(July l?tb) to the Hth Infantry, to aland nex below Lieut. I'iicher. Second Lieut Samuel II Maxey, Hth Infantry, trana ferred (Juiv 18th) to the 7tli Infantry, to take place 01 the Army Regiater next below Lieut Wilcox. ill ? Appotntmenta In the Quartermaster'*, Comnjla aary'a, and Medical Department*, under the fttb aeetloi ol the " Act supplemental y to an act entitled au ac providing for the proaecutlon of the exlatlng war he ! tween the United Statea and the Republio of Mexlcu ' and for other purpotea ?Approved June 19, 1841. H.;*iiTr*MASTim'a Drr*aT>ti*i Robert AII'O. of Illinois. to be Quarternaater wit) k. ...k M..n* -entemtter !l. 1*47. vice Mcfullounh rcatfiMd Oeorgo V llebb, of Tenneaaea, to ba Aaaiatant. Quar i terinanter with th? rand of Captain, Nept 3,1847. (Ha appointed ) Turney H. Gilbert, of Ohio, to b? Aaalatant Quarter maater with tha rant of Captain. September 4. 1847.(H-appointed ) /rbuloQ C. bishop, of Mlaaourl, to be Aaaiatant Quar t*rmact?r, with th'i rank of Laptaiu, f-Wpt 8, 1H47 (Re appointed.) Harmon <i < a(l?tt, of 'iVxaa. to be A'fiatant Quarter ma* er with tha rank of Captain, Sept 8, 1847, *lc? Hoott, discharged Harry Tnulmln. of Alabama, to ba Aaaiatant Quarter m*at?r. with the rank of Captain, Hept. 8, 1847 ? (Re appointed ) Ji'hn H Y' un<. of Indiana, to be Aaaiatant Quartermatter with the rank of < aplain. Sept 0, 1847, tick Nelf dltohargrd J-?hra J. ( len'lenln, of Arkanaaa. Aaaiatant Commlnaary ) to ba A'iittant Quart'rm??t?r with tha rank of aptain, Hept. 10, 1847, Tien Walker, appointed < ap tain of Volt geurt. Lyman Mower, of Illlnnla, to be Asaiatint Quarter maater with tha rauk of Captain, Hept 24, 1847, ?ic? Naper, resigned. Hatou* 1 (> Mi-Clallan. nl 'Iennratee.tr, be .Waiatan! Quartai maater with the rank ol Captaiu, Oot .10, 1847 vice Vandevi.r. ditcharir?d John T Vrthur, of Ohio, (late Quar:?.rtu >ater.) to fo? Aaaia'ant Quarteruiiiater with the rank ot l a tun, No* 10,1817, ?ie? t filbert, declined CoMMtMaar'a Ut fiK r?tvr 1 r.alua B Hn.lih, of kHiuu"ky, to be Cciumitrtl] with the rank of Major, Hepttmbar 0, 1847, ?lo? lloj.l resigned Atiiltew I, Potts of the District of ' oluicbtn. to b< AaaiHtant ( ominl'Sary with the rank ol Captain, Angus Iti IH47, vice J. aelyn, realgn*d. William I'. Miller of Ohio. to be Aaaiatant Commit airy with the rank of Captain Sept. 8, 1*47, vice Hte phena, discharged | NlaaTtb Barry, ot Indiana, to ba AtaitUnt (.anunli L D. Crlc* Two Ocutl, ar? with th? raek Of Captain, Bapt 8. 1847, tIcb f>k?U lU.hnrunl John I. i'.rown of IVum-Mta. toba A'atatant Cocnmla?"rT ?i?b th.- raiik of c nptaln, Sept 8, 1947, *le? Bunch, ! dl?<-har|i?d K>uh?n L Naner, o.' Kfotuekjr. to b? Aaalstant Commit" it wuh thr rank cf Captain, S-pt ?, ?s*t, t1?? Oboltoo. diacbarg* 1 Robert L) I'owell, of Trp.nMK"*, to b? A?aUt*nt CotnmiM?ry with tba rank of Captain, October 30, 1M47, rtea I Copt-land. discharged William A Strewt. of Virginia, to h? Aw<l?tant Commluary with tha rank of Captain, NoT?raber 10, INT, tio? Lr?k'n, d*0fa??d, Medical DErmT w**t William P. D?an, of Loulilana. to b? Hurgeou August 31. 1847. ?lc? Ravanrl. dfr>lln?d Robert McN'nal. of Ohio, (AwUUnt Rorgacn) to bn Surgeon. HapUuihor 3 1847, Tloa Sto*?t, diacUarg?d Jam** S Athoa. of Indiana, to b? Surgeon, HopteiuWc 8, 1*47 ? (R?appi-lnt*d ) John N F.??fim?n. of Tenne**n?, to be Surgoon, S?j> Nuhitn Oalther. of Kentucky, to bo Sur^aou, September 8. 1347. vice Holland. dl?ebarg?-U Joseph (> Roberta, of K untuck v. to bo Surgeon. September 8, 1847, vice ruldarell. ditcbarged J m Turn P. Kv?nj, of Tennerine. to bo burgeon. Sfjt'tUber 38 1817. vice Washington. discharged. J"hn Irwin, of Penne**"! to bs Surgeon, September 1 '18 1847, vioe Kaselman declined Samuel B Kialda. of K?ntuoky,to b?Surj{?on, Octcbar 8. 1817, vice Oalther, declined | Minor 1$ H?Ut?a<l. of N-w York, (Aaalatant Sur^ecn) i to bi Surgeon, Ootober 'JO, 1947, flc? Haabrouok. resigned J U M Ramsey. of Tennessee, to ba Suigeon, <"*? tobar 30. 1B47. vice Mabon. discharged Adrian R. Terry, of Michigan to b? Surgeon. October i 30. 1847. Tire Hen?lev. discharged ' John Parshall. of 't*enn?if? to ba Aaaiataut Surgeon | November 1. 1847. ' ire Hale, resigned, and to hti rturi geon November Iff. 1847, vice Ramsey. declined Alexander M Caaet 1y rf Penu* jlvanla, to b? Aaaist ant Surgeon, August 9, 1817, vice C J. Clark, appointed 1 Hurgeon William Treadwell. of Hurl la. to ba Aaslataot Burgeon. August *26. 1?47, vice Olenn resigned. I Oliver M. l.tng'lon. of Ohio. Ui be AsalatsEt ScrgiiOll, 1 Septemb?r 3 1847, vice McNeil appointed Surgeon William Kindle*, of Indtanna to ?>? AMlatant tjurg'on, { i'eptember, 8, 1847 ? (He appointed ) Alexander v| Hlanion ot Kentucky, to ba Asaiatant j Surgeon, September 8,1817 (Ue-ajp .?nt?d ) James K Br>i?man. of Oeorgia, to ha Assistant. SurI geon, September 8. 1847. vice Ashe dlrbarged James U 4 nu 1 fiel.i of Mississippi, to be Aaaiataut 8urV^Tifanihup M K17 vln.i llanrhaan (111htruOil Hugh It Kutlerfge. of South Carolina, to be VmilofHat , Surgeon, September 10, IH17. Tice Putin, rrnlgned < i?org* T Mill) iml'l, of Ohio, to be Agtiftnnt Surgeou, Sfptrmbxr I I, 1847. vice Mulr?u- y. dlxbarged John K Steele, ol Kentucky. to be AMtMant Surgeon, , September 18, 1847, Tice Mat hewn. diticbMrgrd Joseph M?lln, of MiMourl. to be Aialttaat Surgeon, September 17, 1847, Tice S*nde(iion. reeigued Pbilip O. Jodpi. of lui'ian*. to be \Miltant Surgeon, September 32, 1847. tIo? Kordlck. discharged Klobard W Oardner, of T?diiwm?. to be Assistant Suramin. September 2?, IH47, vio? Dorrta, resigned. William Cromwell, of Kentucky, to be Assistant hufRfon Sep,enjb-r 28, 1847. Tien Hlauton, declined William A Ru'eell. ot Tebneeeee, to be Asslitant I Surgeon. Ootolier it), )8t7. vir* Stout, resigned. Joho O. Mi'Kibbcu. i f New-Tork. to be Asalatant Suri geou, October 20, 1847, tico MuUteitd, appointed aurI geon I Henry Lenmke, of Michigan, to be AatlsLaut Surgeon, Oeiobt-r 30. 1847, vloe l.eech. discharged Waehiugtou L Lvon, if frnuwirt, to b? Aaslatant burgeon, November lit 1847. Vic* I'arsball, d?clm*d h-iiaiheb 8. Gale, of , to be Assistant Surgeon, December 2, 1647, vice Treadwell, deceased IV ?CASUALTIES. lltHONAI io.n? (10 ) Captala Christopher U. Tompklut, 3d artillery, 5kpI Umber 29. 1847 Captain John Wofford. IS'.h infantry. AufnstSO 1147. Captain biepben Woodman, Otb infantry, Octobt r 9, I 1647 Captain Benjamin F. Fulton, 14th infantry, Oetober 11, 1847. , I Contain Andrew T. Faimef, Btb Infantry, Deeember 4,1847. Captain Isaao D Toll, Iflth Infantry, December 4 1447. ' aptsin Lcn-uio Johnson, Pih infantry, Utnimktt i, 1017. First Lieut. Bushrod It Johnson, )J mfintry, October aJ, 1847. First Lieut Rlobard W. Jobnfton, 3d artillery, December 4 1 ->47 Kirrt Lieut Thomas J. t urd, 4th artillery, December I 4,1847 First I.Wut. Josephs. Hedges, 11th Infantry, L)eo?m: ber 4, 1847 Firm Unit Joseph Kellogg, iflth Infantry, November | 18 1847 First I.kut. William lUuer, ltitb Infantry. November i 0.1847 hirst Lieut. Daniel H Cram, 91b luftntry. Deoember ! 4, 1847 Second Lieut Michael O'pulllTan. 3d tenantry, October 81, 1847 Second Lieut. Joseph C. Wallaoe, 3d dragoons, Aug jst >13. 1847 Second Lieut Nathaniel F Hwett, otb Infantry, Da ceinber 4, 1847. Second Lieut Joaiab P. f'badbourne, 9tb Infantry, November 4. 1847 Seoond Lieut William W. Carr. 10th Infintry, Ootober J5. 1947 Second Lieut Laugdon 0. Johnson, 3d dragoon*, Ao(QltSI, 1847 Secood Lieut William H. 11. Goodloe, lftth infantry, Diwblt 4, 1847. i h. corid Lieut. Oliver H. Prlnoe. llth Infantry, Aug vat . I JO, 1?47. 1 Second Lieut. John P. Wa'lac*, 13'.b Infantry, Saptnnber J4, 1847 Second Lieut. Henry B. Knhus, llth Infantry, September 4 1847 Second Lieut. William A. Morrison, 19th Infantry, I October 9. 1847. Second Lieut. Ueylord H. Orisirold JOtb Infantry, September 31. 1847 . , Sroond Lieut. John C. How, 10th Infantry, November | ?, 1847. Assistant Surgeon Hubert S Holme* October 4, 1M7. Asslstaut Surgeon Jtnt* 0. Htuart. lfllh infantry, November 6. 1847. Paymaster John R Wallace, November 0, 1847. I ( IISMIItlOKI VACATED UltDIH tne Pa o? IO MS t r 111 7th Section or ihi Act or Jour 18, ltt48 (1 ) Cap'tiu James L. Donaldson. 1st Artillery,; Assistant (^uariermanter Captain W.Ilium H. Hbovar. Aaiiatant quartarmaaj t?r ! t 3d Artlllary. (Declined (i ) Flrit Ll?ut William II Emory, Corp* Topographical Ln^ineer, m M?jir 3 J liriig'ionn Second Limit John K MelniH. 14th Infantry. Death* (flfl ) ' | Brig (tan Eno* P. Hopping, at MUr, Mexico. ru-pt I 1?47 t Brevet Colonel Jan)*-* R Mcintosh Alb Infantry, la citv of Mexico, September Jfl 1H47 i Colonel Lout* I) Wll*on. 12th Infantry, at Vara Cm a, Mexico, Aug. 1 -J, IHI7 ' *( olonelTruetnan K l(?ii?nm tth Infantry Id aaaault of chapiiltepee, Mexico, Sept. 13, 1847 < 'Brevet Lieut Col. Martin Noott, Mh Infantry, la bat' tin at Mollno d-l Hey, M*xl?i>, Bept S 1(J?7 1 'Lieut Col Wm .M Oraham, 11th Infantry, la bat, tlx at Vlolino del Key Mexico. Hept #,1147 ' Major John U CUrk. lit Infantry. at Caetl* Sail Joan ' d'Ulu*, Mexico, Aug '48, 1847 Major ilenry smith, Quartermaster, at Vera Cru, ' Mexico. July U4, IS47 ' "Major Frederick D Mills. 16th Infantry. In attack of Man Antonio Oat*, city of Mexico. Aug JO, 1847 Captain Haiouel Mackenxle, 2J artili. ly, at city of ? Mexioo, Oet 1?, I^ 47 1 'Captain Moiri K Merrill, fltb Infantry. In battle at Moll 110 del Hey. Mexico, Srpt tfch, 1847 fCaptaio Lphraiiu K Mmiib, Oih Iutantry, near oity of 1 Mexico, hept II, 1B47 " Captain William Wall, 1(1 AitllUry, at TueUa.Maxt CO. Ang 13 1847 'Captain Heih D Thoraton, 3d Dragoon*, In r*a> a 1 umMMite at 8?n Antonio. Mexico. Augutt IV 1047 1 M.apt W An(i?H"ii i<\ lnf&bliy, In bail'*.'. httj mbufcco, Mfxlco AupiijitW). 1647 '< < apt William H < i. uiohill, A mutant Quartermaster, 1 lit l.leut 3il Artillery, ai Point Itabol, TeXae, (Jottbar IV. IH47 i 'Capt Sumuel II Walker, Mounted R fleoian, In b*ti, tie, IIuainau'la, ^lexlo<\ October 1847 i,apt .Minou II Drum, 4th Artillery In attack of Dalen Oata, city o1 MeXloo H?ptanib?r 13, 1847. Bvt < apt Oeorga W A y ra?, trd Artillery, In b* U lei Moltno del Key. Mexico, September #, 1847. *( apt hrattui A (apron, lit Artillery, In battla ( burtjbuteo, Mexico Auguetlft, IM7. *i apt < hirlen Man-on. 7th Infantry, in battle Contreraa. Mrxloo, Auguei 19, 1847 '('apt Martin J Burke, let Artillery, In battle (burnbutoa Mexico, Auguat 'JO. 1847 ( apt WiilWm H Duff, ad Dragoon*,at Vara Crna, i Mexico, July Ifl 1S47 I apt rxmbrrtuu Waildell. 11th lnfkntry, In city of Mexico, September 2ft, 1847 '( apt Augmtua Qu?rU?. lfttb Infantry, In battla I Inrubufco. Mexico. Auguat 90, 1847 Capt kUojunU B Bill, lflth Infaufry, at Ma. Ootober , 13, 1847. Capt Jamea W Tbcnipron, Ptb Iniantry. In city of Mexico, beptembtr 3A, lh47 pt Jidfi h l.alwell, Vi'ltlgeura, at Jalipa, Meil ?.v, S7? |fvnuii" i i o ictf Joeepb vv rvrklnt 14th Infantry, In city of Meilco, October 22, 1&47. i ( apt Creed T Hu idleitnae, 14ih Infantry, in oity of Mexico, October 1,1*47 1 rC?pt Kdwin (Jutbrle, 16thinfantry, at Ternta. Mexl> , co, July 'JO, 1847 apt William Arm?tr< or AmlcUnl (juirte rmwUr, i l?t I.lnit 2 t Artillery, tu batUe Moltnv d'l Hey, Mexico, >p|iti'inb?t H tal7 11*irft Llmt Mujeoe L Hbarlieliord.Sd Artillery, lo city of Mexico, October 12 IH47 r tKtnt 1-ieut i h?rli ? II DauieU, 21 Artillery, In city , of Mexico. Octob-r 27 Ifll7 Fiiit I.Wut lohnli Hill, id Dranocn?,at PueMa, Mexl ?ii, July JV l?47 t Firat l.i-ut ,Uine? K lioott, 7 th Infantry, at Mia. Ootol.fi #0. 1847 Kim! I.miit John O. Hurhank. tth Infantry, near )lty ef vieitoo Hrpternber 10 I?47 Hr*t l.irut Hldai-y Smith 4h latantry. In <!'.? <4 h Mexico, Meptenber l?,IM7 ,

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