31 Aralık 1847 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

31 Aralık 1847 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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% TH Wtiol* No. 4OS?. INTERESTING FROM THE WAR QUARTER. AFF1ISS IN CALIFORNIA AND OREOON. fee., icc., icc. mexican afkaik8. f (.'or. of the New Orleana D?lta. | Mexico, Not. 25.?The nasi movement will be toward* the mining diatricU In the State* of Zaoatfoaa. San LuU de i'otoal, lio. This will be done ae boob aa the rwinforcementa arrive, a portion of which are already on the road A division of aome 4009 men will be aent out tliHtv anil AitflnrlHil lint Mil th. >niinlr. faf th. general-ln-nhief will have disposable force to go. Also, tli* Federal Government, now eterclaing It* funotiona at Queretaro, will lie _put upoa wheels, and some enterprising officer, with a sufficient force for any emergency that ma; arW will keep stirring it up with "a sharp stick," whenever it attempt* to locate itself any where within our reach. Several other innvementa of magnitude au'l Importance are in contemplation; but. In my humble judjjaieut, the government will And that they will not be able to parry out tbe plan successfully, and isilii it move smoothly and harmoniously, with the number of troops they have counted upon. It ia true, we will be able to occupy and garrlron any place we m?roh to ; but will we be able to keep open the oommunl <ation between the different point*, put down the robMng parties that infest tbe road, plundering our wagons and murdering small bodiea, keep down the tarbuli-nt populace, and prevent ths auasMnatlons of the offio*r? and aoldlera? AH theae arc iinportaut in themselves. Th? productions of the mines are of but little value, if there ia not safe and undelayed oonimunioation between them and the ooast. If the oontemplated movement U carried into effect, we will thru have extended our line of operations Irom tbe base, in one direction, some Too miles ; then, added to that, there Is a branch from hern to Queretaro, of not less than 100 miles more, making at leuot ttOO miles of communication to be guard ed, and tbe depots of suppltss and ammunition to be proteoted Furthermore, if we expect to make the uiiues productive, in order that they may be able to pay their taxes, we will nrceqparily have to establish and prat*Ct tbe communication from San Luis de 1'otoai to Tamploo? whloh ia an additional 300 milea. If the government baa determined upon the occupation of Mexioo, let her do It with a giant strength?send into the tl-ld mvini adequate to accompliah the objeot. We have bad enough of that kind of occupation where we usn ait down?In the cities we are holding? qulutlv and safely, and if we put our heads outside of che git ) of the city, we get our throats out. We had enough of tbe aootbiDg system. It is oertulnly true, it was the best policy we could havu adopted during the campaign of lb > p ?<a summer. Then we were situated, with a very small army, in the heart of a populous oountry? having an arm; iu our front of three timea our number, with ail communication entirely eut off In our rear? vithnui. mmiMu anil with iTh1j? ?k?KafA?a W was the bfit policy to eenolliate as many ot thejiuhabitante us we could, in order that we might lessen the nurata-r of our foes in the fltld, and also that we might acquire our supply as easily and peaceably as possible. Hu#ever. in the course of a few weeks, If we do not overrra' h ooMelvtis, w? will be strong enough to adopt and put lolo exocntioa any policy our interests may rrquite If it becomes necessary, in carrying out the design of the government, for us to extend our arms CT?r more country, let us have the troops to do it with? and do not expeot -J0.900 troops to accomplish an objcct whiou it. requires 7o,000 troops to do. Although 1 am sorry to see any farther movements on this line of oper?tioDi, for the reason that I believe they will be attended with results iujuvious to the interests of my oouatry. still, whatever is done, let it be exeouted with promptness and vigor, as we have all seen the evils following in tbe track 01 delays,, and feeble and protracted movements. Nov. -26.?W? have just began, as it were, to orowd the .\lexio?os, and make the country feel the war iu reality. The church cones in for its share. You will see, oy the following official documents, how our authorities are progressing, aud it may give you a faint outline 01 the change of policy. Tbe following decree is published in the Monitor Refiubhcanuot the 8th July, 1847 : ? UJiFARTAUBrtT OF JUoTlCK AND ECCI-KSfASTICAL AFFAIRS. ?V AUTHORITY ?CIRCULAR* His Excellency, the ('residentad interim,having ascertained from portions of respectability, and who are, besi les, interest d in the preservation of eoclesiastioal property, that abuses of a serious charaoter are being per* petrated by certain agents, not to the advantage and incrruse of the aforesaid property, but to the benefit of the klTOntK fi.ni! to thM ur*illltim? nf thaslv nrlnnJ nale n n si thucu iijipturinj from these manoeuvres a new method of olanUestiue.y uliauatlng the property of ohurobes sufficient for the pigment of their stipulated oontraots with the Hiipreme ic tmin^ul. ilia Exoellency has dei-ined it proper to enact that ruial and urban mortgages oan neither b > sold nor encumbered belonging to the olergy. secnlar and r-gular, couveut.i of nuns, confraternities, or any congregation or corporation established f .r pious pnrposee, without previous notice t? the Kovernmunt, Netting forth in the petition the property to be sold, the price, the motive ior the sale, and the person or persons who purchase. It is furthermore enacted, that in order to lmpvse mortgages, previous notice should be given of the obj <ot for which they are imposed, eXfUiniug the mo tlve for the expedient, and the application or destination vuich it is proposed to give to the mortgages imposed, or those voluntarily redeemed. It is prohibited to every clerx, notary and judge executing acts requiring witnesses to complete documents of any claw without previously ascertaining the approbation of the government sanctioning the petition already notified thereto, and inserting the s*me in the document. whatever it may be; and whoever contravenes this enactment .shall Incur the punishmeut of suspension from ofllce, for the period which the government may di'Sifiiate, in proportion to the otfence, without prejuttlM toother penalties to which he may render himsel! liable, ooofrrmaoly to the sentence which may be passed upon him; and every proceeding shall be null and void which o?nlravunes the enactments of this circular. The foregoing is communicated to you by order of His Excellency, the president ad interim, Tar your information aul guidance. God and I-lbmt.jr' -Mexico, July 6, 1847. [Signed J ROUKRO. A true copy. [ MgnedJ JOSK MARIA DURAN. Or kii or tiik Civil. ari> Mii rrint Oovdrnoii, i Natlounl Palace, Mexico, Nov U'.l, 1S47 ) The nrtny of the United States, having become possessed of I he City of Mexico, aud its neighborhood, on tli? 1-ilh of tjcpiember last, all the rights and authority ( fWie \leiican Oovtrnmeut, in and over the diatriot so oeoopied, Teste 1 in the United Stat.'s; consequently no s*le of ecclesiastical property deioritmd ia the above ilooree, is vslii ; unless made with the consent of the auttiwitles of tlie United States, and in tho form and Under the conditions above expressed For any infraction of these rules, not only will the penalties. proscribed in the urcree, be indicted, but acy utt. iuct t? s?U eccleslaxtieal property, without the con m'hi. i>< vutt uniifii states authorities, wilt cause the oonliscntlon of such property lor the ber.etlt of the United Staled. Uy the Governor, R. P. HAMMOND, Seot'y. [Krom the New Orleans Picayune] Speculation bus h?-u life here for two or three days bic*. ?:i to the purport of the despatches brought to hexdiiuaiVrs by Col. Hmyth The following significant ordrr fr<-m G^n .Smith, addressed to the alcalde, throws Home light upon them: ? O 'kick ok i hk Civil, ain Military Governor, ) National I'alace, Mexico, Not 1'J, 1847. j Mir?I Rin directed by the civil and military governor i f thin capital, to make' to you, for the information and KiuJaiioe of the Mexican civil authorities, the following comn'Unicatitn : ? Wli'U the Amerioan army entered the city of Mexico, the principles upon w'lloh the occupation would be conducted temporarily were announced by the generalln-chlef in his ordt-r, No 'iH7. Cii cumst inces have determined the government of the United Suites to throw on Mrxloo the burden of the fmthir conttuuano* of the w?r. In conRrquence of which, it is now no wary to advise the authorities of the city us follow.': ? 1 t. That all the revenue oolleetad, or to be collected, froi.i ?vh it' v. r s? urce, or for whatever purpose, mu*t be ron*id?M'd as collected for the United States. and only to bi expended uuder their authority and with taeir consent, ..II piytuei.ts not made in conformity vrilh the rule will nruorainnly be disproved, and the amount th?r<vf retired to be refunded by those who have in tde tb in 01. All the troop? of the I nited States are to be quartered withoiu expense to th-m,aud if it be necessary to occupy private property, in order to insure thi.v it will bo done. Nevertheless, not to cause mors inconvenienoe than is neceartuy to obtain the end. vii: tha comfort and health of the troops, public buildings pointed out by the eity authorities will be preferred, where they aro suitable. but n? rent will be paid in any case It is, therefore, deiiced that such buil Jiugs as can, Mill tbo least inconvenience be occupied with troops, be d'-H anrtS'l bv the first alcalde to ( ant Irwin fh? nhl.l quu.~v.er in aster, that they lut; be examined. I um eir, v-iy resp?otfuliT, your ob't wrf'l, H P HAMMOND, Sec'y. To lienor M. R Vrramendl, Alcalde Til" f Mowing order has beeu issued by the Generalin-Chief, la obedience to instructions fn m Waahiogtili: ? nriiiiiti, ohdrrr ?No. 3)8 llK.*I>r<l *RTER? Or THt ARMT, ( Mt xieo, Not. lid, 1847. $ L'lid r iusti nations from the government at bome, mjulrUig that thin aruiy shall. aa soon aa practicable, begin to raise within the country it occupies the means, >n v-hole or in gre?t pmt. of m?inlaintn? the expenses of the oceupation, until the Federal Government of Mexico shall submit terras of peace which the United ' tatM-uiny honorably acorpt, It ii ordered that no unootbed bullion, bar* or ingota, either of gold or silvur, shall b shipped from auy port of Mexico, until the further orii-rn of the government at home ahall be made knuw.i on tbe subji-cl, so as to give time tor raid Governwcat ti fx the rale of i xport uuty on such bullion, and, p ilUpj, a smaller dutv ?n gold and silver coins ... As tbe beginning of tbe change of system, intimated nbove, nil rents fur hoaiei or quarters occupied by oft0 r? or troop* of the arn.y in any oity or village |n M?Ilco, v 11 oraln a* soon m contracts uiay permit, and abMnu>ly from and after the end of this montb, whrrevrr tti<* or ler shall be received la rime; and. in future, nec r <ry qtnrten, both for officers anil troops, where the ) \>V butid.nji are in'ofllol-nt. will first be demanded, a i ijulrod, of tlin nivil onthorliies of the several placei oO'UM?d by tie trcope. so ai to equalise the inconve1 in;- luip'in?d upon tbe Inhabitant*, and diminish tha ?an< . i much as possible i E N E NEW If the authorities fail to pat th? troop* promptly la possession of taoh quarters, then the commanding officer In every ?u?h cm, following out the same principle of giving the least distress practicable to the unoffeuding inhabitants, will cause the necessary buildings to be occupied. Subsistenoe, forage, and other neoessarleg, for the army, will be purchased and paid for as heretofore; and the injunctions and penalties of the martial law order, dated Kcltruary IV, 1847, originally published at Tampico, and republished several times since, with additions, will, as from the first, be strictly enforced, as also. In general, all the obligations of good morals and the most ezsct discipline. By oemmand of Msjor (Jen. Scott. H. L SCOTT, A. A. A. O. The more we learn of the character of Lieut. Col. Juan Cllmaco Rtbolledo, the captive guerrilla chief, the more important appears his capture. Several letters from Santa Anna were tound lu his trunk, which show that Rebolledo is a man of pome consequence in the estimation > of the Mexican government. The following letter will not be devoid of interest: Mrsico, August 4, 1847. Mr esteemed KsiEXD-ln rrlition tn uhtt vmimvuk of In jour letter of the i'Jth ult. I must assure you that it" is false. absolutely false, all that Laj been sal 1 and all that they still my about our government admitting the propositions of peace which the enemy pretend to make us The government has neither thought of uch a thing, nor is she obliged by her situation to enter into such a oompsct. I am h?ppy to bear that those towns are so decidedly In favor of tbo continuation of the war. Kor my own part, I am resolved to sustain it at all hazards ; to effect which I have all the necessary elements for the defence c f this capital, when it shall be attacked For this reason you should contradict all that may be said to the contrary ; for these are rumors circulated by the enemies of our Independence, for the purpose of rendering unpopular the gov?rnraent, and protecting by these means the Invaders. The enemy will, 1 understand, move from Tuebla against this capital within three days, and there Is no doubt but tbat they are ooining to seek their own destruction, for in our numerous army there reigns the greatest enthusiasm, aud the i: ost vehement desire to engage with the enemy; and, as I have all the probabilities of soon obtaining a victory. It is very necessary that you and all good patriots In your part of the country should maintain the public enthusiasm, and hold yourselves in readiness to complete the defeat of the enemy should he commence his retreat. It gi'es me the greatest satisfaction to hear from you of the injuries that have been initiated by thn guerillas upon the last American train, and I hopu that no opportunity has been neglected to do them still greater harm. I regret to hear of your III health, as much from my personal esteem as from the faot that we cannot well dispense with yonr importtnt services I am, however, bappy to hear that the patrlotlo and valiant chief, Mr. Mata, has succeeded you in command. I hope that you may scon recover your health. In the mean time I remain, your alTeotionate friend, A L DE SANTA ANNA. Lieut. Col. Ji'a* Climaco Rt.aoi.LKuo. [Cor. of the Mobile Her. and Tribune, Deo. 21 ] Tampico, Deo 7, lt)47.?The confirmation of fat Indian news from the interior is complete, as we have many of the fugitives In town with us. Tnere seems to be an old grudge existing between the Indians and Mexicans. We are told here that the Indians have hoisted the " stars and stripes," and declare themselves masters of their lands, which they say were originally taken from them by Cortes The Mexioans who have oome in trom the scene of aotion, I am told, have asked for protection from the authorities here, but 1 think the Indians would stand a better chance Col. Gates has issued r.n order to the troops at Atamira to protect and escort any considerable number of traders trom and to the lnterior,and to shoot every rascally robber found in a hostile attitude. We now have already something in the way of iraue to iue interior. we uht?i Mao hero a document from the Governor of Tamaulipas denouncing tha cominandaut general, old Urrea?declaring bis against tbe citizens Intolerable, and decreeing that he must withdraw from the territory of the Htate ?said decree to be presented to the general government, which is required to try General Urrea for his oriines against the Statu. Some of our dragoon companies have flanked out in the direotioa of Victoria to the distance of 130 miles Thoy frequently come across small parties.of greasers, but they are soon taken with a violent fit of migration. Only three days ago a small party of about fifteen men came across thirty guerillas and had a ohase after them for four miles, when coming to a clear place they formed to sec what was going on. Thu boys did not slaokeu thelr'paue, but charged aud fired on them, killing three and makiog many shed everything cumbersome in the shape of ascopeites. lances, knives,&a.? We have had remarkably cold weather for several days back This town will not be much until communication is opened to San Luis, and every body hete Is praying for it. When will it be I This is the town for everything, and I sincerely hope the Yankees will never dream of quitting it. FROM GEN. PATTKRSOPt't) TRAIN. [From <'orr New Orleans Picayune j JaLir*, Micxico, Nov. 31,1647.?As Gen. Patterson's command came up to Jalapa the other day, the Mexican! drove olf as many oattie as possible on tbe route It became necessary, therefore, to send out parties to kill beef for tbe supply of the troops. On arriving here, the general reoeivaa a leuer iroin a Mr. LMlro, a son-in-law of .Santa Anna, claiming pay for the cattle killed. The following was the reply : ? HcADItUAHTKRI, VoU'IfTKER DIVISION,) Jalaps, Mexioo. Nor. !?, 1H47. J Sin?I am directed by Major <?en. Patterson to acknowledge the reoeipt of yonr letter of yesterday, claiming pay for certain oattle that were killed at Knee ro, for the use of the United States troops, and which you allege were your property. In reply, the major general commanding desires me to say, that, when he arrived at Knoero, there were no cattle there or in the neighborhood; there were a few horses, however, but these were driven off before the morning by Mtxlsans, either by the order of the owner <;f tbe estate or from hostility to tbe Amerioan forces; that, knowing us you did that a large bjdy of American troops were approaohing 1'lan del Jtio and Kncero. It was your duty to be there in person, or by representation, to ofTer grain and cattle, at a fair price, and to aid in supplyiug our wants. This you studiously avoided, and we were compelled, oontrary to our usual custom, to send out a parry to procure meat, which they did, after great rxposure and trouble. The major general commending does not believe there were as many cattle killed as stated by you, and he has no oonvinoiiig praof that all tlij cattW actually killed balonged to you On the contrary, four of the cattle were proved to be tbe propeity of a poor woman, and orders were Immediately given to the oummlssary to pay her for them. I am further directed to inform you that if you wish the Americans to pay for such of your rattle *h they may want, it will be necessary f >r you to bring them to ibe commissaries of posts or detachments, when you will receive a fair price, unless otherwise directed by tbe coram nder-in chief. Dut it our treops have to send out and take what Is necessary for their subsistence, tba' no payment will be made, unless in special cases, where it can be manifest that the owner is a poor p?rsou, and was not aware that if he required protection he must not withhold what was needful for our use. Major Uen. I'atternon wishes you distinctly to understand that if the wealthy haciendados, who have the power to put an end to the war if they caoose to do so, wiU not promptly furnish at fair price, torage and sub D>Di>nuijfl jor me use of the troops under his comnind, he will, from necessity, bo compelled to take them; In which case he will cousider It as wmi'i property, and will use It to supply the wants of hia men I am. sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant. I To Dou Kr?hi?i:o Dr. P. C*?i no. The following printed order baa been sent in Kngllsh and Spanish along the lines, for the information of nil oennerned 1 like th>- expressive, straight forward syle in wkich Uan. I'atteraon couches hia orders that refer to tlMMMOpte. lie unders'anda them, and they will be obliged to " rise early'' to circumvent him: ? order - no 47. Hf.jdaca* i tit a, Vollm Div ifllon, ) Jalapa, Not 1U, IB47. > I. The liberal policy heretofore pursued by the American ofltoers In paying for all trespasses commitlod by their troop*, has, the major genera! regrets to aay. induced a most paltry and disnoneat practice on the pitrt of some .Mexicans, who are a disgrace to their nation, aud who hare availed themselves ot the disposition to do juatloe, to leek out aud present for payment claims nearly or entirely false. This dishonest and dwhonoiabln practice muat be checked?if not stopped The commanding general will not require of his subordinates ihe unpleasant duty of investigating olaima which the owners know to be false, aud whun proven to be so. tbey admit that their agent bad made up i.n exaggerated account in the expectation of being beikten down. Therefore, hereafter, nu account presented by Mexican for alleged dumages will be paid uuless presented and vouched for under oath by the owner ot the property, aud until it has heeu referred to competent persons lor thorough examiuatlun If it shall appear that damages are claimed for more property than was taken, or that a higher value is charged than the article is worth, no payment what ever shall be made to the claimant. The government r,f >h. I a.-. * - - ' v. ...? vHivtu ww?i.rr? muvi kUD KHUHriilS 111 COIII TOHUU 11) I'exino have acted alth mora liberality In tbli w,ir than hu Her Urn e vinced by any other g vi-rnuient or <1(1 cars in similar circumstances, ami their liberality shall not ba abused. J Any perion or persons claiming excessive damsg?s from, or making false charge* againtt the United Ml.nt.-w or tha troops thereof, shall ba brought before a military commission and promptly punished. 3. All parsons found with Amerloan property in their possession, not plaoed there by the American authorities. will be looked upon as reoeivaii of stolen goods,and shall ba brought before a military commission lor punishment ; in addition to whirh they shall, upon oonvic* tion, pay a One equal to five tliuas tha value ot the proporty. By order of M*J. Oen PATrrsja*. rUOM TAMPICO. We have s oepy of the following decreet of the UongTess ol the Htate of Tamaullpas : ? Uovgk!?Mr.N i or THr Knrr 8TATr or Tamai i.irx* Be it known to all the Inhabitants of tha rttata of Tamaullpas from the Governor thereof, that tha Congress of tha Kama State has decreed as follows ? Tha Congress of Tamaullpas considering I. That, the first duty ot th? authorities is to obaerve and cause to bo observed the constitution and laws. I. That every attack on the property and security of the oltwsn Is a transgreaMon on the constitution. :{ That when the military abuse tho armed toroe the nation has confided to them to defend htr against foreign enemies, and,to preserve pu1 lie order, ihey become tyrants a'id tnemies of the sooiety for whom they make war. W lr o r YORK. FRIDAY MORNI I That if In ordinary or ocmnion circumstances e*- 1 ? eessfs are easily remedied by applying to the Supreme \ c Exeautive power and to the Judioiary of the Union in p the legal way the same does not tuke place when society, 1 disturbed by ihe events of the war, la not la it< healthy c state. 1 a. That in aiioh a state of things, and after legal l means hava failed, the States for their own preservation , huvo a right to pat a stop to the excesies <'f the force that oppresses Instead of protects them. 6 That the commandant, General Don Jose Urrea.baa since February of tbisyear, committed all sorts of excesses against the persons and property of citizens without the reclamation* of this government, the orders of tha supreme government of the Union, nor has the reals- J tance of the people been auffloieut to check him. 7 That aaid general has consumed the few resources J of the 8t?te, aacrlQjing the property of citisens by In- ' fringing the provisions of the decree of 'J3d April, and by employing the National Guard, without firing a shot ac the eueiny ; and b That the dignity and liberty of the Stat* require ' that, as a member of tb? federation, measures should Ue adopted to save the rights of Taiuaulip<ts. now trampled upon by a general who has forgotten the oblixatlons imposed on bim by the laws, when he has established a syttem o: dt rastation whioh is destroying the last remnants of the fortunes ef individuals? HAS DECREED, 1 When this deoree shell have been notified to the Ccmmainlioi! General. lJou Jos* Urrea.he will withdraw from the territory of the State. The annul foroe he commanded cam remain under the orders of their respective chief*, in suoh placed an the Governor shall daeignate, untU the resolution of the supreme government of the Union shall be known. -J The iirst light cavalry regiment of the National Guard Of the northern towns, ow commanded by Oen. L> Autonio < aualrs, and tile infantry company of the city of Tula, that had been placed at the disposal of said Commanding General, will return to the orders of the Governor of the State. 3 Any opposition on the part of the commanding; geueral to the fulfillment of this decree, shall be cousidered an off-nce against the sovereignty, tranquillity and security of the State. In such a case the Governor will adopt such measures as ho may deem proper; aud if the comtnmdlug general should attempt to use foroe, he will be checked by placing In the field the necessary National Guard 4. The Governor will give notice of this decree to the general government, and demand that Commandant General Don Jose Urrea be duly tried for the urimea he has committed within the tnrritory of this State Thx Governor oi the State will notioe this and order it* fulfillment, by having it printed, published, aud circulated. ELENO DE VARGAS, Deputy President. M. J SOLUHZANO, Deputy Seoretary RAMON DE CARDENAS, Deputy Seo y 1 therefore order it to be printed, published, circulated, end duly f ulQlled. City of Victoria, Nov 14, 1847. FRANCISCO V1LLA8EN0R, Chief Offlcer. Khanciscu VITAL KKRNANPK/.. W? learn from au authentic source, that Immediately upon the publication of this proclamation, there ra peared armed parties on the roads leading to Victoria, tj Marina, atid Tula, to establish custom houses, at bit and HO miles distant, at which a duty of 15 per cent was to be aolleotud of all traders coming irom Tampico with goods and merchandize; and this tux or duty appears to b< acceptable to the Mexicans and foreign people in Tamploo. A better state of atfairs is expected in a short time. TICK LOUISIANA RANtlERR AND THE GUERILLAS. [Correspondence of th? Delta ] Vkha Cftl'z, Not, 29, 1847?The following Id a brief and hasty sketch of an affair which took place between noma of the Louisiana mounted battalion, and a U'wlynrganized baud of guerrilleros. On the morning of the itd, four men of ?jo D. La. Mtd. Vols , left camp (without leave.) and went to the harit l Fe prairie, some :> miles, for tbo purpose, as they say, of klliiug some beef, abundance ot cattle being found in the morning, and at uighl, uear the road The day bring unit.! warm, the beeves had sought for sbade ; the men wandered tame distance from the National, and near to the Orlxaba road, in quest of them They, however, found none, and took the Orixtba road for the purpose of returning to camp; but were intercepted by an armed party, and forced to retreat back to the path leading across the prairi*, and to the National Iload. They wire tired upon for some distance on the road,and only t wo of the four made good their retreat, (two being killed,) and subsequently arrived at San Juan, at present garrisoned by Col < -tlboun, Ua. Mtd Void. No report of these circumstances having reached either the commanding or any other olHcar of the battalion, and uneasiness beIfirr t'?lt htr I t llnntiF !ftnmmu,,i4ln>? I 'a n \ I.. i ? o -J V- w "" ?J with ulna uini to Hanta Ke prairie, to discover. If possible, the whereabouts of bU m-n KnoirtnK ths direction usually taken. h? turned to tli? left, and when some two miles and a hail from the road, discovered a uracil torce of armed and mounted Mexicans, (lanceros) on a ride ot ground, which we call lomita He ihaparrnl, and from which the Louisianians some month* ago drove a considerable forun. I.t Hunter, iuiwediatetv on being as sured that they were armed, charged in their direction, when the party ot Mexicans, which proved to be a picket, commenced a rapid retreat iu the direction of the Orizaba road, and a cumber of large ranohos in the valley Th? retreating parly were, however, soon reinforced from the larger body, apparently Home eighty, and Lieut Hunter was obliged to make his way back to camp, at which place he arrivedabout a o'clock. I*. M ,of theJl'h I'he.ie facts were made kuown to Col. Ui-coe, aud he immediately ordered a force of eighty men, under command of ('apt. (jeorge Kerr,'Jd Lieutj. Pearson, liarkins, and Hunter, to proreed immediately an i kill, oapture, or disperse this armed force This command took up its line of march at 8, T. M.. aud being favored by moonlight, proceeded rapidly, reaohiug the prairie at 10, when tin y struok across in the direction of the rauebos At a<(uarter to 11, the reached the lomila Hr cha/iarral when a signal gun wai tired by the enemy's picket, near a ntile distant, in the direction of the ruuehos. This signal wae immediately answt rjd still farther on, when suocreded loud ani continued shouts of defiance trom the eneniy, who, made bold by the slaughter of two men, deemed themselves invinoible. They, howevar, sounded IU-II Iiravu-ivurn, DU'i cauu ruui:eruiIlK nil 111 LUl WttrUlf (J thu blood of the determined Iuiniaiiiaim. The order, " l barge!"' was given, and horse and rider, part?kiDg alike its magic Intluenae, on-hrl merrily along. regardlets of all obstacles, und th* ahower of bulla which kept up their ceaseless mmic. 'The attack was moat auccesstul, Ibe guerrllleros being routed with a losa of i:t killed, and, a? subsrijuently reports J, 20 badly wouuded 'l'De raiichos were committed t* the lUmes. and, as the retreating enemy looked back up.m ita bright flashes, anotbi r about, long loud, and hearty, greeted their ears?the ahout of tlie exulting victors. The formatlou of this band of robbera is recent, and their being ao ru!d'nly and si-.verely dealt with. has becu brought about solely by thu energctia aotiau of the Louiniana mounted men; their services on the roid have been acknowledged aa heneflui il. thoogh in the main disagreeable Kncortlrg trains la an important braueh of the public service, but UDproduotlve, aa a concealed enemy, chooeiog your field of arti^n for you, can always do much barm, and retreat before you can ascertain his strengh or position, and the train must not lis left. Cant Kerr has but recen'Iy risen to the rank he now holds, and it roust be highly giatlfylug to Lis friends to learn his gallant bearing aud succ-ss in the flr*t charge it hai been his good fortune to order Lleuia Pearson, liarklus, and Hunter, displayed those essential ijualities for command, coolness, decision, and bravery. 01 the eighty privates, we will say, pick l'rom any coinmaud of t<iual magnitude, In the soldiery of our large army, and braver or better men caunot be found -none with more williiigmns to endure, or courage to dare l'hu movements of trains have of late become so frequent L-iat they are hardly worth naming. The advance-guard nf n 1 :i r i'Irni n hftM .(IrKmlv luff u n .1 Uuw* the ilrst good watering from this pUce; ltd movements seem iar>ly compared to others, owing to some cause not remediable I see it stated in some of the papers, that Padre laruut.a has disbanded his guerrilleros and quit fi.jlulng " on the road Such is not the ens*. Padre left th* road for a short time, peudii g u temporary illness brought about by being wounded in h duel which he fought with /enobla; tie is uow nearly recovered sufficiently so to urbanize and send his men aguiu in quest of adventure anl plunder; and the b.nd so stgna.ly rolled by the Louisiana mounted men, wan ? portion ol bis command. L'lle road l.as been represented, by some newspaper correspondent, an being open Iroiu here to the I'uente National It is clear as fat as any considerable foice is concerned, but small parties of travellers, if they venture alone, are almost Certain to bit robbed, and unless they uellver up their goiids with cheerlulness snd Iu a christian spirit, sre whipped, and sometimes killed Not long since, an old French lady, her son an 1 daughter, started from the I'uente, and after making the distance ol eight miles, at I'asa Ovtjas, wtrn stopped by about 3(1 guerrllero*. anl relieved ol nearly all luey possersvd? two horses, (dismounting the old lady and boy.) and a ! considerable sum of aowy ; they allowed tbe girl to retain her cuvallo On being asked if auy violence was of I fered to the females, the girl burst Into tears?the an- I ?w?r could not be misunderstood No reparation could be uisde. but I understand some of the robbers wre taken < soon alt?r, and shot ?t the Uridg* Sometimes these in- i famous creatures have been recognized and taken prison- ] eis, but they hrlug such a number of influential. wealthy Mexicans and Spaniards to vouch for their honesty, that | they are always allowed to go loot free, however very t few prisoners are now broucni in, uud in the opinion of t the majority, the lewi r tho bottl r. ( P. 8 ? 30th. U M.?Tho bodies of tho two men of i Company 1), have been reported as lyin< In the Orli t'n a road, whence, after their murder, t ey were dragged by t the guerillas stripped of their clothing, and bruta.ly rnu- ( tilated. Their throats are cut, almost severing their I heads from their bodies; laid f?c? upward, nrms and t legs extended. This Is the universal practice of these ( men, wuo. in me city ot Vera i rui, can llnd no many respectable and wealthy voucher* for their good charac- t ter. 'J'heae night* are familiar to our mounted men, and \ am well calculated toarouie tha dullest uplrlt to act* of v retaliation. Lieut Hunter goea In the inoruiug with hia u company, to Inter tha bodies. The men kills 1 were, | Corporal ii. Kowan, Company D; and VV'm II Coulter, v <'OinpaLy U, (attached to Company D ) Wounded, a Kiohard Kgan, (ttscaped ) 8 trgenut Juhu Co*tn (Com- l pany D) eacuped unhuit. In the attack on the gueril- n la* hy trie l.cuintana Mounted Men, under 'apt Kerr, everal home* w?re taken, and thin morning a vlcioua- o looking fellow (Mexican) claimed ore of them a* hit) pro- o perty, and doe* not deny that ho was uear the plao?, and t heard the tiring The hone ra* tak?n clmrg* of hy the \ police, and the Mexican i* at large collecting any <|tl*n- n tity of wltne*ee*to prove the rlgtit of property, and ab- b polately overrun by respectable, wealthy vouoh*ri for f, hli good character :ind Handing, a* well * that of hi* father and grandfather A M. xlcan can prove anything Ii he wlahea. Ate we the viotora or the vwrniumhed ' Hy lar tbe greater part of tbe ammunition used by tbe RK B NG, DECEMBER 3J, 1341 | n?my ob the road near this v'?ce. in obtained from the < ilty. Merchant* carefully conceal It Id packages of dry c [oods. and M there art) certain descriptions of bales | vhlch canunt conveniently b? searched, they thus es- ( apu detection Which in th? paramount aim?the l vitliholilioK aid and cc.mfort from the enemy, or the en- i loblng dealers in dry good*, pcwder and lead ? I'HK BEOINNI.NO OF THK DIFFICULTV llE'i'WKK.N OK- ' NlliU SCOTT AMD wok 111 , [Krora the St Louis Republican. Dec '.><) ] ( In one of my letters, written from Puebla, Mexico, I promised to explain the mystery that, up to this time, ( 9Xi?ts, as to the serious and much to be regretted diffl;ulty existing between the two distinguished and gallaut nfllcers above uum- J, and to furnish for your valuabl* I loumai. the proceedings of the court of inquiry demand- ' . sd by O'n?ral Worth, growing out of the causes that led | to this disruption. With a view ot redeeming that promise, and tor the purpose of removing erroneous and unjust tmprersions against the (teneral in-chief of the army, 1 purpose to trespass, once more, upon the notice of your readers. To a correct understanding of the merits of the controversy, It is proper to remark, that the first cause of ooinplalnt on the part of Brevet Major (ieneral Worth, against the ?.jeo?ral in-chief. was the unqualified dlsap- I probation of the latter, of tli- terms ot capitulation en- ! tered into by the former, with the municipal authorities | of the city of I'uebla, In hia advance upon and occupation of that city General Worth, it will be recollected, was directed by Uen Scott to aot with his division aa I the advance aorpa of the army, until reaching and ooou- | pyiug I'uebU Aa a matter of bist.ery, and for the pur- j pose of permitting every man to draw bis own conclusions of the jnstnetis or unfairness of General Scott's disapproval of the t,eriua of that oapltulution, I deem it due to all concerned to inaert a copy of th? capitulation itae f. It if* in thesa words : ? ' (ikmcbal If, as ia to besupposed, you are possessed of a true and ardent love of your country, it will not appear strange that the drat sentiment which the municipality of Puebla manifests iu addressing you, be that of profound grief for the inevitable necessity it Duds Itselt under, of regulating with the enemy of its nation, the terms least opprobrious for occupying the oap'tal of this State, by troois of the United States of the North It oonsolu.i itself, however, with the idea that Its immediate sacrifice has the only object in view, of saving, if not the name national rights, whioh in beyond the possibility < f their attempting? at leaat the very dear Interests of the unarmed population whioh the municipality represents Compelled, therefore, to this duty, truly very paintul.but inevitable, and stimulated by the proposal J which you thought proper to direct to it from Nopalucan, that before arriving too near the city, you might 1 enter into a conference with the civil functionaries, in ! order to concert with them the bust and most secure > mensurt H in relation to tho interest* mentioned ; not- j withstanding tbat some have been adoptid ana|agoo? to the present cnae already, the municipality, the only po- ' li'ioal authority which has remained, in View of the defenceless state of the city, and in virtue of your an- < nouncmeut of having to occupy it in a military manner, I lots agreed that the commission from its body, whioh had the honor of addressing you, aoaept the guaranties of- j fered in the following terms : During the occupation of the capital of Puebla hy the j troop* of the United State*, tbey will inviolably respvot : the Catholic religion, which the nation profeaaes. the public worship and morals, the persoua and property of ] all the inhabitant*. The civil local authorltie* will continue In the free exercise of their functions, conformably to the laws of the country In consequence. If the General of aald troopn should conalder any other measures necessary, beside* those dictated heretofore, especially for the maintenance of publlo order' and tranquillity, he will communicate his wishea on said subject to the abovementioned authorities respectively, according to their nature, aud sustain and protect auch measure*. The custody of the prisoner* and officers in ohsrge of the muuioipality, will continue In obarge of the force which the civil authority has allotted lor It, composed of forty meu of the battalion of the free (lihus) allowed to go free from Vera Crui as a convict guard, until it be relieved by that of the United States, wben aald prison : guard will be allowed to retire with their arms. Headquarters, Chichapa, May 13th, 1847. Approved and granted. (Signed) W J. WORTH, Msj Oen. Com g. True oopy?J. C. Femhkrtom, Capt. and A. D. C. The second oause of camplaint on the part ?f Oen Worth against the Orceral-in-Chlef, was the dlsap- { probation of tho latter at a circular addreased !>v the I former to hi* division slone, at a period whtn the entire I force of the array, Including the Geceral-in-Chief, was g.trrisdued tu the clly of Puebla, with the exception ot i lie small force left at Jalapn under Col. Child* That circular purported to convey the Information to the first division, of which Gen Worth whs the oominandlng offlrer, that a desUn was contemplatod by the citizens ot I'utibla to poiaon the fouutalris 1'iom whence our army drew their daily supply of water, and 10 that way destroy us; uad placiog them on tliHlr guard against such inhu i mi and nefarious designs, if In reality there was any ground of apprehension whatever. tiu>< suuh threats l.a,l hem maite, or If made, whether there was the slightest possibility of their being put in execution. To the exception* takm by the general In ohlef at these two official acts of General Worth, the latter became greatly inoecsed, and permitting his feelings to pervert his better judgment, became most violently and bitterly Inimical to the general in chief The result was, what every reflecting officer In the army most deeply regretted, a rupture in those friendly relations which for upwards of thirty years bad existed between thase two gallant and justly distinguished militiry chieftains The following order, published to a very limited extent by the genaral in chief, after the Coding of the court of lti((ulry demanded by General Worth, contains sufficiently explicit, all other facts material to a correot understanding of the affair by your readers. And by aim ply setting out" in htc verba," shall close this communi ation. General Orders, / Hkaii Q"*l\Trm or the Army, f No 190. S Puebla. June 30 1847 < Abstract of pruoeedlnx* of a court of Inquiry, which convened at thi* plaoa. by virtue of general order*. No IBS, h<adquait*r* of the array, and of which Major U.-nural J. A. (Quitman i* I'rmidetit. 1. 1 he said court of inquiry proceeded in dun form to iuvrHtipata th? subject* embraced In the two paper* ht-reln cited, viz : Kir*t, the general order No ISA. head quarter* of the army, Puebla, Mexico, June 'J4, 1M7, ai follow* : " At the in*t:ance of lirevnt Major General Worth, a court of inquiry will meet in the building called the palace of rhi* city, at 10 o'clook to-morrow morning, to inventig?te certain matter* in which that general officer roncoive* himrelf to have been injured by the general in chief of thi* army, viz : In the matter of the term* granted by tho *aid Brevt t Major General to the functlonarie* of thi* city, in the way of capitulation, as guaranties, at or about the time (May 15, 1U47,) of til* entrance with tlm advanced corp* ot the army Into the city, and In the matter of a circular dated Jynu IS, 1947, publtxhed by the said Major General to the officer* nf hi* division." If there be other matter* in the conduct of the said Brevet Major Qaneral which ho may specially dealre to have inveatigated ty the *.iid Court of Inquiry, he will Kubralt them to the GurieraMn-chief, through the lleo?rder, for further order* in the case DKTAIL. M?j. Gen. Quit mam. j Brig <ien Twkiih, ^ Members livt Brig < ien Smith. > I,lent, K. P. Hammond isiippolnted special Judge Advocate. The court will give an opinion of the merit* of all the i matters investigated by It. By commaud of Major (Jen Pcott. (Signed) H 1.. SCOTT, A A A. O. Secnnu A brief statement by Brevet Major General Worth, i f tbu matters in which he conceived himself wronged by the 0?neral-ln chief, and to which the Investigation extended under the order Instituting the comt, in the following terms, viz: I. luthe matter of an interview had May lftth, at ; Chichapa. Mexico, between Brevet Major (General Worth, commanding 1st Division of the army, and th? civil authorities of I'uebla, at the Instance of said Brevet Major (ieneral?the Oeneral-lu-chlef (verbally and hi writing) has improperly, in manner and In matter, characterised the proceedings at said interview, to the pr-jU'JIce and wtoug of said Brevet Msjor Ornsral II. Iu the mailer of a circular, which was addressed by Brevet Major Oeneral Worth, to the 1st Division, on or about June KUh, 1817 the <innrral-lu-ohi?f, verbally and in writing, lias harshly and injuriously characterised said circular; and in a oisnner uncalled for, and to the uudeservi d reproach oi said inferior ofUcer. After an investigation of the above matters, the oonrt made the following decision lu the case : oei.iioM. " That, regarding the remarks of the Oeneral-lnnhlef, dated June, 17th, Instant.endorsed upon the translated copy of a letter from tha Mexican JuJge Duran, to \Uj->r (Jxueral Scott, dated the liHli of June, Instant, as : hypothetical, and *i pllc? t in only to olalms urged by the Viexican authorities which the (it uoral-In-chief, at the time of hi* remarks, supposed to be ''without authority,' and which Brevet Major Oeneral Worth insists were not conceded by any of hit official aots ? the court iau perceive nothicg in the remarks of the Oeneral-infill f to which Brevet Major Oeneral Worth could properly take exoeption. The ooart is further of opinion that the terma nf aM. lulfttlont granted by Bre?et Major General Woith to ' ,U? functionaries of the city of I'uebla, upon his en- | ranee with the advanoed oorpa of the army Into that ii'-y, on th* lath of May 1 i*t,were unnereMartly yirldril mpriivi'Jt-ui. and, In effect, detrimental to the public ittIco. Aud thai the grant ot theae privilege* wan in inntraventlon of the math and tenth paraprapha <f eneral Order* No au, publiahed at Tampico, on the iith day ot February last, and wo* not warranted by he Uttec of loHtruotloui of the Unnaral-ln-chief to ien Worth. Tfc* court, a* required, farther dcclare* ltd opinion hat the ' oiroular" publiahed by Urevet Major Oeneral iVoith to hie division. dated fuebla, Juoe 10. 1947, ran highly improper, and extremely objectionable In ! nsuiy rtap>-ct9, enpi cially an it might tend, by ?xm- J leratlnft the whole Mexican nation, to thwart the re;l knC'Wti paaitio policy of the I'ni.ed State* , ' ,nd in view of the high neuron iium which It ema mted. to disturb th?i fri'oiJly relation* ol out govern- 1 lent with Hpaiu, or, at leaaf. give occasion to that pow ! r to call for explanation* or apologies 1 he barbarous | ffence, aRalnat which tha circular warned the soldiers f the Urtt division II it exlutct ait all, equally affected 1 he whole army. The Information obtained by lieneral ' VortIf worthy of notice, should, therefore, n*v? been "uiuiut.lc ited to tlie <??n?ral in-ohief, that he might ' ,??< ettreised liin discretion on tha me?n* to ba adopted ' jt correctlnd tte evil. With then* view* of the ciroular alluded to, tha court < of opinion thai I' called Tor the emphatic admonition ndr?bukeof the (ieueral-ln-chlef. in conclusion thia oourt deem* It material to the 1 [era; r. !? *, to exprern the opinion, that it if the right and the { i iuty of the (<ent r?l-ln cbii-f mid indiipt-nsabie to the irenerration of proper discipline in the army, that he ibouid at ail timei poeteea the priTilegn of freely com- j neutiDK upon. dlxapproTing. or cenauriug the official , icf* of hi* nubordlnate offlrerii " II The Oenerel-in-chlefapprorrs the proceeding* acd ; pioiou 1m the foi ogolng cmsc III Thi? order will not be extended beyond the cornnandern of diTieionn and brigades, and the Chief* of the -neral Staff. I IV The Court of Enquiry, of which Major General luitman in president in diuotved By command of Alajor General 8nott 1 \(7l|unu.j XI . li DV \ / 1 A , /X A. A U. I regrrt lh?t the circular lluded to, in the foregoing proceedings, ha* been mislaid by ine, or 1 would likewise j have given a copy of thai. OOMKZ. ARMV INTKIAIliK.NCK. W? mentioned not long since that l.leut Hepburn, belonging to ('ol F.'iston's Missouri Mounted Battalion, had been put under arrest We now have later advice', informing us that he has been reinstated and appointed CominWnary and (Juarterciasterof the battalion ordered south to I'aso d>-l Norte, under ( 'apt McNair, wh?nee it ha* probably advanced upon Chlauahua.? AT. O. Picay- | ur?e, Dec. 17fA. Lieut. A Allen and (.'apt Korponay have opened reoruitlng office*, fur the purpose of enlisting men for Santa l'e.?St. Louit Rtvullc, Dec. 21. AKFA1KS IN CALIFORNIA. We yesterday received overland tile# of the California Star and of the Californian to the 8th of September inclusive. We gather the following item of intelligence from them: [From the California papers ] Whaling vemels are be^inuing to present themselves Thero has been during the past week of this species of il, two arrlv.ile and one clrarabca The bark Whlton, Capt. Oelston, left us on Tuesday last for Oregon Sue returns in a few weeks, and Is advertised in another column, to sail for the United States The population of Sau Kranolson is now 45!). This is to be the great seaport of the 1'aoine ' , Mtjor J H Cloud. Paymaster U S army, died on the 3d of August, at Fort 3icram?nto, Upper California. The brig Francises, MeClurg, returned ou Friday, from Carquinez Straits. No difficulty whs encountered in reaohlng the site of Mr Kobert Semple's new town. Ilenecla. proving the Straits, at least, navigable The Independence, Coin. Shubrlnk, left (San Francisco) on Monday last, Sept 6, for Monterey, and the harbor in it* unusual unprotected condition, not a vessel of war here. Another parade of the ssamen soldiery on Friday, in pronpect. Cold winds and heavy fogs throughout the put week; the usual indications, we presume, oi u fast approach tag and Severn winter. Wm publish, in another column, notice of tin eleetlon of town couuoll, to bo held on Monday, the llith Inst .by order of his excellenoy Gov Mason. This is, we opine, as the people would have it, and we are particularly pleas* d with his Instructions to the Alcade of this place We have been shown two circulars from the newly appointed Secretary of State, Lt llailrck, to the collectors and receivers of customs, but owing to the lateness of the hour of furnishment, wi have no room to make either extract or comment. Our government is at length beginning to unfold Itself, an' the n(fairs of State" to assume a more favorable aspect, to the entire satisfaction of all classes of residents. The following Is the list of appointments by the Governor. July Oth, Joseph O'Karrel,land surveyor. Jnly 14th, John Koster, Aloadeof San Juan Caplstiauo. July ?*df Jacob K Snyder, land surveyor August 1st, J. D Hunter, sub Indian agent Aug 13th. II W Halleok, Secretary of State. Au; 10th, M. O. ValUjo, and J A Sutter, special commissioners for the trial of Indian murderers, Sto. Aug 'Jttth J. R Snyder and Timothy Murphy, special commissioners for settling certain laud claims at Sonoma Died, at San Kranolsoo, on Sunday morning, the 20th of August last, Lucretla, daughter of Stephen and Klim. belli Harris, of this place, aged'i years and 2 months. l.ATEIt TROM RANTA KK. (Cor. st Louis Republican, Deo JO 1 The mall from the west. y> eterday, brought us letters i from Santa Ke of as late date as the 7th of November, | and the Sinta Kb Rr-puhlicarx of the 23d and 30th of | October. Mr. Krost, of Capt. Barnes' company, who ' was scalped by the Indiana on the Arkansas, was at Santa Ke, In good health. Besides losing bin scalp, he was lanced In several places lames Kirker arrived at Stnta Ke on the ltith of Ootobur. A wagoner by the name of James M Massie, was loupd v,<" t?n?. Santa K?. l"tn Uctooer. He wan from Caldwell county, in thin State, and died from tb? effect* of intoxication Tbe Circuit Court wan to have commenced its K hiH.il at Santa Ke on the J.>tb of Omb>,.Judge Houghton presiding. Tbn following persons are announced to have died in Ootober. at tbe general hospital in Santa Ke, of a nervous typhoid fever, brought ou by exposure and over exercise H. C. MoKnight, of Mobiie Mouuted | Volunteers. died on the 1 -i ill inst ; Samuel llofTnian. i iviinpauy L?. Illinoin Volunteers. on the lfttk ; Jiluuton i Putnam company 1). Illinois Volunteers, on tbe K>tb; K. . M.Karl, company K, Ulinoia Volunteers, en tbe lith; i Robert Kail, company K, Mo. Mounted Volunteer*. on tbe )8th ; Jesse Crocker, company K, Illinois Volun' teers, on the IWth; Joseph Urown, teamster, on the ludij ; Joseph Phillips, company 0, Illinois Volunteers, on the inth; Mr Hughes. Illinois Regiment, company K, died on tbe 24th iurt j C. W. Carter, teamster, do do ; Cornelius cinthran. Illinois Regiment, company (i .'7th I instant; Robt T ( Ikins, teamster, do, SACB instant ; Captain H Hackleton, Commissary tor the Illinois , Regiment, and Henry Root, sutler tor the same. I arrived at Santa Ke on tbe "iHtb ol Oatober Captain llassendeubtti's company of Artillery tired a salute on I the iOth, lu honor of Ueneral Scott's victories at Cbu1 rubusco and ontreras, intelligence of which bad just ; been received by way of Cbibuahua and by Mr Aubry, | of this city Colonel Newby, accompanied by Aiajor liodme, of the Paymaster's Department, has leit Sania ' Ke on a visit to Taos Christlin Milt, charged witti the ; murder ot H. Bolt, at a landaogo, lu Hauia Ke. was tried ! before the ( lrcult Court,and acquitted. 'I he Hrpublu an learns trorn several nources that the troops which have goue south had been guilty ol many unjust and uu called for act* of violence upon the luri-r part of the Territory, and that there were many complaint* about the manner in which they pa?s<il through the country The people of the Rio An*jo have always?that papur cays ?remained peaoeable and quirt, and deserve better treatment. A letter from Hobert < arey. written at Don Fernando de Taos, on the 16tti, is published, which says that information bad bueu mcelved thai a war parly of the Apaches charged m o the Kio. where there were some two hundred nead of cattle.and drove iheia ah off ?killing thrue m?ju who were In the employ ol Mr Thorp, and destroying all the wagons In the Kio. Judge Ueaubien lost one hundred head of cattle. The writer had not teen Major Reynolds, In command at that post; but It wan supposed that he would at once send out a parly against the Indians. Lieut. Merritt, of company A., ( tfcMair's ) had returned to Santi Ke, on accouut ot ill healtn Capt <)el-s was under arrest at Nanta Ke Krom Kl Paso, information bad been reoeived to the 11th of Ootober, and from < hihuahua to nearly us late a dale Mr. Win. Skinner bad been put upon bis parole, and uf ler wards went to Chihuahua to fee Wovernor Ti Us From thence he sent back an order to the Protect at Kl I'aao, to have all his goods turned ove^ to Mr Miranda, who had tntlfli nhartru Cit fham avar?ithtn? --- ' red In good order .Vlr Miranda waa formerly Secretaiy of New Mexico. Mr Tomeroy, and all otbera who went from Santa Ke to Chihuahua, were permitted to paaa unmolested, and arrived aalely in Chihuahua, where they itili were, unhaa they took the aoutbern road home Mr. Howard, who went out with the traders from Santa K?, in Auguat laat. attempted to return lrom Cblhuahua. but, with an American who had charge of letter*, Ivo , whom- name ia not kuown, waa pursued. oapftired at ihe l)os'{ue de Alameta, and taken back prisoners to < hlhuahua. Wait* Kr, Nor. 7, 1847 ? There 1*, at prfllnt, considerable trouble and excitement about the aata of Col. Newby I hud that the colonel baa been trying to rata bliah something like order and military dlroiphue among j the troops at thla poat, and has not been supported > y hia officers. The American citizens held a meeting lately On whioh.tbere wai anumter ?l o/tlcerarcondeinn lug the courae of Col Newby in regard to suppres?iog the tale of liquor, 'i he colonel baa ordered out three companies ol Inlantry, to ijueil anything like riot or uiaoruer which might occur alter the m< etiui; had al juurned; but aa everything remained i|iii?t. the troop* were oiuered to their f|U?rt<ra. Now, ihe citizens hold i that the colonel In abusing hia power, Knd, by calling out troopa, hoped to atop the meeting, which was i.ot the ; oaae, aa I have been ensured by the colonel that It waa I dono to keep order in the town, Knowing aa he did the . excitability of the citlien* of Santa he Ihe majority of (he .Americana living here are men of the worat eha? ?>.! t?hr* fJmiiutr ttiMv nonlJ ?t*v no lontmr tn f ?.? Mirttrn. hare oonm out here for the purpose of swindling . and stealing ill" bard-earned ttrii ol the private sol I dler. It la to bit hoped that when Otn I'rioe arrival, | be will order all persons who have no visibl? ineaus ol support to leave the poai by tbe first train. As lon,c as ! the worst cliaiactara in Missouri ui?k? thin their reu- j df/.toun, there can be neither order uor discipline amnoK tlm volunteera Kfn; giog shop liaa it gainlull ? il attached to It, in which there lire, nightly. scenea of riot and conluaioii disgraceful to any military poat Atcmeof the tables may be foui.d men wearing officer!' uniforms. I dealing monte and faro to private* of their own coinpantel When Col. Mewby arrived here, be found that, if them , waa not r.onie ineaaute taken to atop the Dale of liquor. ! t there could be no dlaclpiin* wi.ong the troopa lie ini- j , mediately loaned an order that no aplrU* ah mid be aoid , to any a,tidier without the willten peim:tof the officer commanding the company to which audi soldier be- 1 | longed. 'I'ho order WuS no far disregarded by tome of the officers, that they gave j.ei mlaaiou to tbe Keepers of | <rvg alio pa to aell their men what liquor they wanted I lie cltueua knowli g tbia, raised tbe cry ol oppiesalon against th? Colonel with but little i-Oeot, however - lor uuce I returned there bna been two gtug shops cloned. I>y order of the < oWnel, lor sailing without ordeis I apt ' li la no* under airest on leu charges, any one ol which, I If proved, will cashier Lim iisvaa br.ught before u.e Alcalde, yesterday, on tbe charge of ate*ling a gun Iroui Lir lackaou, of M Lo la. It waa proved lhal he aid i Heel the K"n at Kurt l.iuvenwoilh but aa he waa a aptaln, tile sentencn wna that ha afcouid give up lha ttolen property , had he been a private, he would have ' ivnrn a ball and chain I understand that ?toveru?r Mwarda waa warned what kind of a mn he waa glvl / i cominisalon to, before he did It fliers was u sin neeling In <. aptaln <?eias oompany yesterday, which waa | LD. J?rlc? Two OcnU> XT?rir4 bjr the appearance r f iwo of theliiinol* compact**, llytheway, ? peaking of tMucker regiment. tbere ta uothiug like d'aclpltne among them eTary man doe* aa b? think* fit and their iffloer* do no* try to re*train them. 1 ??? returning f. cm the PayniiiW* laat night. and finding uo i-ruilurl it the door I went bark and report ed the cireumntiinon to the Major who oimi ont and commenced a inn h fr.r the micalng eoliier b? van aL laat found fa*t atleep lu Major Spa'dlng'* carriage Tb? tact waa immediately reported to the officer of the mard ; bia reply wai. tint tb? pe r lellew waa sleepy By letter* from Taot. tberx intui< to ba acme trouble up there also ( aptaln Snilthnu baa renirned, on account, of aome charge* that ware preferred agaiutt blm by hi* officer* 'I hera have beeu charg.? rent down. al*o. .igaiuht .Major Reynolds. The Msjor is now on an expedition agxinst the Indian*. wlin have been very troublesome in that section. stealing stock from th? Quarter m?>trr All tilt) troops have left lor lh? routh except tlVK companies of the Illinois Regiment. an<l < upturn (ieiss company, making In all about five hundred man at thin post The troop* that go south are six companies of the Missouri Mounted Regiment, the St l.oais Rmtnllo.'. Are companies Illinois Regiment, the Hanta K? UattalioD. tlircu companies of regular dragoons. Tb? aggregate Dumber < f the whole Ir nbrut eighteen hundred. under the command of ( olonel Ralls. for the present They will go as far as ?11'aso : Ms winter and In the spring move on < hibuahue. Major Spalding. I'aymaater. proceeds south with the laet command lie will leave in a lew days The expense will be > ry Leavy, as there will be more stock lo?t in this expedition than there waa in crossing the plains. The roads ere v*ry bad, and the Navajo Indians have every chaDce to steal from them. The valley is so nairow that they can come on oamp before they are seen. Mr. Aubry arrived safe, not, however, without some trouble with ttie Indians Mr A. i.n>l three ot his tuen started ahead of the wagons at the orossing ot the Red river?when they bad proceeded two miles, they were chafed by about fifty Indlaus on foot, for fifteen miles One of their males gave or t, during the chase, and tbey were in a very ar tical situation when tbey got to (be Moro. The Indiana came within a quarter of a mile of the town There ia considerable sickness araoDg ti e troops now at tbla poat The principal disease ia the influenza There baa been but nun death from it. sa by taking proper medicine in the lirst stages, it can be cured with very very little trouble. The difficulty in M'-Nair's company baa been settled. General Price Is looked for every day. and there is some anxiety to know what course be will take A report reached here this mnrninv. that there waa throe thousand troop* in < bihuahua. erecting fortifications ami (mating cannon. All the Mexicans bar* left I'll Paso for the Mouth. Three companies >r? new at the ' pass"?McN'alrs, Korpony's and Job**'*, under the command of I.ieut Col I,ane. [From the Santa Ko Itepuublioan. Oct 80th J hraii^r* ktihi Ninth MiLintr DirilTXkiiT, ( Order No. 19. S4>u* Fa. October 'JO 1647 J It having become manifest at. headquarter*. that nmay persona in t)iIn city and vicinity, are la the habit of appropriating and wearing the uniform of tbe army of the United Stated, not being authorised no to do. by reason ot not belonging to the service : It in hereby ordered, that all person* found clothed iu Raid uniform, not entitled to wear the same, from the date ol thin trder. ahall be Immediately arretted and punished ; and the rrovoat Marshal la charged with tbe execution of thi* order K. VV U NKWUV, ( ol Commanding W. H. Snyder, Adj't<iRAND WRY RKI'ORT The Grand Jury in ami for the County oj San fa f~e, to the Judge of the Circuit Court for the county of Santa ? The (irand Jury for the county of Santa Fe, Territory of New Mexico, having duly examined into the buiinesa brought before It, beg leave to present to tbe honorable oourt, a abort review ef the state of affair* as existing in this county, and whloh has been elicited In the course of their proceeding*. They have found that, owing to t he illy defined limit* of the civil aud military authorities in thi* Tarritonr, many abuses and obstiuotions have crrpt into tbe judiciary business of this country : ? That the public jail has been emptied of its oontent*? convicts who were fulfilling the punishment* prescribed by law, and prisoner* who awaited their trial* for offences with whioh they wer?i oharged. They have found the honorable oourt which they now address haa virtually acknowledged the existence c.f a superior authority by refusing to issue a writ ot hah-ai cut/mi in behalf ot a oltlien They do not wish to be understood a* casting j a reflection on the course the honorable court haa ! thought proper to pursue ; on the contrary, they reI commend that all oolliilon between the olvil and military authorities be particularly avoided :? Thai the settlement of oivll contract* has been arrogated by au< tber authority than tbe regularly appointed civil oourls; that the military commander haa been the self constituted judge and jury cf a case whloh oou! ct rned his own private interest. Where civil laws are supposed to exist, this mun? * ? ?juuaiaered *n iufringenirnt ur'"- ".' tr oi the citizens They have found trim the lcgul revenues of the country have been seised upon, (vis the license to public dances.) and applied to purports foreign to the ures ot the country, and uncalled tor. They have, in short. lound that the city and conn ty of Santa Ke have been deprived if many privilege*, which they suppose to belong to the civil authorities, and that the rights of cltlzi'us have b> en Infringed up on They decline any comment* upon the course of tbe military commandcr, not knowing tbe extent o: his I'uwtrs, or whether he has transcended them. They I have found that there is a surplus tunc) of about f>JOOO, in thn < ounty Treasury They recommend the approI prlatien of a part of this fund to the ereotion of a coun| ty jail, and the payment ol Its maintenance, and more' Ter, that until such a building be erected, that n lempo; rary plsce of confinement shall te selected, rnd p*rs< un coufiuril by the civil authorities be kept separate and I i.istinct froui those of the military Thev renrmimenil that the civil authorise* request from the military, tl.nl when k citizen In arrested lor any offence against th? existing statutes of tb? territory, be b<* bunded over lor tiialtothem They alio take occasion to i ecomt^end tliat tbe different rtceiviig nud disbursing officer* of tbe fund* c f the oouuty be requested to publish in Spanish and I- uglith "ie public paper al the expensa of tbe county at an early a period an practicable their several account* JOSKPH NANULK, Koraman ORKOON. Tbe Fngllsh bark ./anette. I apt Drlng. arrived hi re on Wednesday Uet from Oregon No paper* era received, and little new*, bejoud what we bad already learned Advance companion of the emigration bad arrived, alter exper cueing pome difficulty with th? In il>tai.n. Notwithstanding llie despicable exertion* on th? t art of a certain r?ckleps, ?pe: ulatlig portion ol tbe Oregon people Jo deter the ralifornia >migration, by i?snlii,; circular* glaringly fair, and despatching smoothtongued hireling to intercept the <1iffer< ot iHxlle*. tbe migration to that country will ni t be as large as was al !lrst anticipated. We have tbla from excellent authority Tbe oonvei|uen<'? is, tbe emigra ion to tbil country next year, must be immenee The Oregonian* will find In I the end hourit di.iIfik to bn by lar tbe best policy.? | Son f'raneitco (CoJ.) St*r, S>p( 11. Msnilwlili laiamla nod 'In tilt I Ity the Kvelina ' apt. (ioodwin, Al days from Honolulu nays the Ca i/nrmati Star, of the 4th of Sept , ? I have flies of the I'oiyntuan up to tbe first cf August Tbe I s ship < jane Dupoot, arrived July IHth at ll.lo (rom Mar.atlun , Tbe Krencb corvette. Sarcelle, arrived at the Island | on the v.ldof J tin frotu Mazatlan. Three copies of the Humtwich hiatal JVfU't came to ' bund by tbe late arrival Itiaiate July number we no; lice the arrival of the Hawaiian schooner S ft frum Taj liiti. bringing tbe following itrnilof uewn ? ' aptairi I.avand. who arrived at I'apelte In the frigate l.a Mirene, on the v*th day of May, relieved M Htuat , on the day following, as "(tovrrnor of the Kyench ea tahlliihmeiU In <?<'?-anle *D'l onimtesiorier rf the King, n*ur thx Queen of lb* Society liianda ' M Bruat nailed lor Irauc* in the I'ranie, on the 3i?t of the rum* month. Mont of the French Rarrinon at Tihiti have been relieved by fr*?h troopt. Tb? garriaon it now about 1AW utrong The leeward Island* Muihelte, Haiata and Boia Bora with their re*p?otive dependencies, hare been decla,?d free and independent, in virtue of a mutual unileratandinu come to by (be British and French government* M. Lavaud hi* proceeded on a tour round the laland I inartenmer. aornnijjinied by IVuiare wlioea allowance or pension from the Frenck government i* aaid to be J") i i><> franc* per annum II U M*.' ehl|> ( alypno, Captain Worth, had arrived at I'apelti, and II II M?.' *htp (iruiapua. ( attain Martin, wan about to tail for Valfaralno I "KMI.l < I I V K I DUN \U?' AMI I jO>t 01 J,l? ? . V Iihv various account* <>t ;i Inirlul tornado Umi pa*'*d through a portion of tha county of Terry. in thia .-Hate, on i-riday evening last It commenced. asweliaa wo can l?arn near lowborn In (irn-n county, and pur sued a northeasterly direction through the county of Terry Much damage *? dona in Newbern, but tha nUut lii net ascertained I'ursumg It* ooum? frcro Newbern, the hurricane first encountered the premise* of Mr Johnt. Drifer.just over the line in Tarry, levelling to tha ground every bulldlr on the place, except the kitchen The dwelling house of Mr James V Wal lace was ne*? unroofed und all th? outhouses, except the kitohen, Mown down Mr Wallace was injured, though not <lan(ier iu<ly, by the falling timbers Next, pursuing Its course it came to the *pl>ndid mansion of I. n <: D? Vsroperl, ?<j , which it unroofed, and every outhouse on tha place wait demolished We next hear of it at Dr. lioberi Foster *, abuse dwalllng wm unroofed, and moat of the outhou?es were blown down Here we are pained to learn. Mr. Mia* *toke*. a young niaoof high respeot* biiity. and brother of the sheriff of Carry. was killed initautly by tbn falling of timbers Pursuing Its dertruc Live course we next hear of the hurricane at tha r**i denue of Mr < barle* I ox, where li Is skid everything is demol.ihed hardly a board left of alt bl* buildings ? I hi* I* a* far a* have heard Mow long or to what axten' Its (rightful course ?a< continued, va are yet to lear? Va hope, however, it* fury wu toon spent, and ths' ?? tlready know the wor*t ?Mibil- Jtdv , Dei. 17 Mt in KR ? At Loiuavilie, on tlip '?d J>e?; , * negro belonging to Matthew Fcrgu murdersi hi* mwtrr'i *on Tha negro re ?"*d '? do *om* work about the saw mill of Mr ! *?*r? he was am ployed and the young man a * Anof'ier were rant to reiu< brtrata with him. and T*' him to do hi* duty liel ire any atlrinp' waa m, *" ch?stis>i the negro, ha draw a knif* snd plung> into the sida of youi g Mr h wguson, who lell ar- **p'r*d Imoivdiattly. lie than rlit b"th of Mi* Kf?,Mon * h?n?t* severely, and maria tiin mcid?* to i i 4 ^Vfr< b,,*r th* hour# Mr M KervniH n pro*" * shot win snd i1l*cliareed it r.f hlin A few r.fth ^ * 1 -I ' I. I?C? ? ! ? t * iujur> d ' Lut '"U*. II* ??" i Ubse-;' netad ,,,^04 iujftii to await hi*trial 4

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