26 Şubat 1848 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

26 Şubat 1848 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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mm^?m HERALD. Varth-WfKt Corifr of Fulton pud Nassau &t?. JMSES GDilDO V BENNETT, PROPIUKWR. i,rn? . :~J annu^?in tie i. r-itri .?; ? "i n '.i '< " ' '? ' -Other iHK* ,il.r inUAL'?Pm* 8atur day-"* crr.u ., . _ yxi .iwn in (V l'\iiei Stat'i fc'u r /. .' *. ' < >? ?. f? incl'< ie'ft* r 'tr.ge ..in (rn fA< fV'ncA <? wWJ at in ffte Kngliih lan.-;n> ( ) rukiii *r4 tAr rfiry of the departure of r-,\ rt'SHur fot any port in ?uro{w, toiffc snffi/ip<nce from a rar<? of the .?rn?rtea-i con/tnrnt fo (A* Joint morn t if ?u' ? 'ud ?d ^rliirwali received V-uri fJ.. i"i n?, 1J it;/ Kirienne, Pari*: P. X. iyi^nondt, II > Mtifer, bookteller, Henrietta itreet, Lon^oi. t' K f. lOKXTIJlL HKH.1T. D? Every Tnetday-One Hollar for the Campaign. H OVRRTl8KlIK\T8 [renewed every morning) !?: r?i irei: toft* wr?f*n tn a plcin, legiblt manner PlUtfflAfO nf all kin It emrmted V I'ulit ana ?>U ; ^rpafek. Ohtfi t received at tKt Publicati on Offlci, turner of rn'trtn and Nation itrteti. .U.L LRTTRH8 f<t util.fsr enktcn^tiom, or with trtiienen ?. tg ht r-'tt pant. Ukep ie m!i 4? <e , <ue:??/r?ll (A.- nnwv e 3 i'O.VOJEWC*. (Vnraintrt* | ?a*r irtaut mm. "Vow ,*u*iter of the ??? ' ?/ Wi-ii. wi.i *? f?r ff O NOTJCB < ?*? &? ? if* . . :V - ' t njrr.'i w *i.?! '< ant' en it ' % . v . j-; *?\rer ; n.>t necttsa- j i ii<i ,'#r yM>h"i ?(iiFW.?f ? fMrmM ?/ Ai* t??4 fuitk,? .. . 'f v?*n f >***??? ra'i -n: 1 ' ?n-J- I* flr't ??r* I . NTS PHIS KVCVr <> 1 \ i ^ r w?ir? Hesrt V! 11?La Cm- , : .. ???."n.v*.i.ur rt TiwfLi I ' am MWI TMIWHHT- ] . i't - u-.\ \.i ki-Smrwrecked Mariner?Uolukr ' i t.111 a ? nQWKRY AMPHITHKATHR. B >wr^.? I' nutuM.OrMiAirici, Pamtomimf., Sti. (Two petf. .mce s vit: at 3 aud 7X P. M ) P\LM0'9 OPIlUA HOUHK., Charob'rt atrett?Model Aktist*. "KOV^'^W OD*'ON. tfroadrray.?CVotow Mi.iitr*i.? -Mootb A?i'?i. MS US.NI'" '.' HALL. Brnadwa?,nm Brooiue ? Chrutir'l ?>'? i.!? VTHlori?!? Si <(?!< ;?Bl'H' Dawcixfi (Two peif >rmaoces, *i?: at 3 sail 8 P. Ali) '.NOKAM\ r'ALL, i ro-.dwa , seir H >n?t > ?'??an'*"..r5Av,A r rw* Miwidi'rr, at 3aud 7>< P. M. Bm"?r.ttr? Modkl or .^cimr Jknu?ai.?m. \ :.w YorV, ShIumIuv, Kt hruarf !iO. >848, ADVERTISEMENTS lei'ewed every inorn iop l*e?? by Kleclrlcliy. Our despatches !?y telegraph this morning are o their usual important chartcter. Frr-m Montreal, vp hive an account of ilie in ptingof th Canadian Parliament, which was prorogued yesterday The election of Speaker, resulted in f^vor ot Mr. Augustus Morin, the Lib' ral candidate; and in the defeat of Sir Allan McNab. Fmm Buffilo, we lenrn 11?< t navigation is open on the lakes, and th,. t-t< amers are now plying between Detroit and that place. From Washington, our despatches present a loomy picture of affairs in that city. Everything is shrouded in mourning, in preparation f r the last honors to the remains ofthi lamented statesman, Mr Adams. We learn from there that the treaty with Mexico is not approved of by the friends ef Mr. Polk, neither in the Sen-tp. nor in oilier ouarters. while his oppo nents are perfectly satisfied with it, and are sure of carrying it through Congress, la addition to the synopsis of the treaty given by us yesterday, under the telegraphic head, our readers will find more details in another column, received by last night's mail. We have also the result of the operations of the whigcouvention, which adjourned yesterday at Richmond. That body, by a large majority decided that General Taylor was the favorite of the whigs of Virginia, as the nominee for the next presidency, and recommended him to the Whig National Convention as their candidate. The Slate legislature yesterday, after making preparations to so'.r tnnize the event of the death of John Quincy Adini-?, adjourned over. Market report, he. kc., )1obc up thejelegraphWe^puRTTshed yesterday in our columns, exclusively, a full and comprehensive synopsis ot thepro/'et of the treaty with Mexico, which we have every reason to believe to be as correct in it* detail? as if it were an official publication, authorised by the gavernment itself. On the eighth of January last, this journal was the first to give an account of the negotiation of the treaty now in question, ia a certain stage of i's progrt g* in Mexico, naming at that early day the very commissioners on both sidea who were engaged in the negotiation, and also the channel through which the intelligence reached the United States, that channel being the British courier from the city of Mexico to Vera Cruz. Since that time various additional lacts have leaked out, accompanied by doubtful speculations ; but ; u- ^ 11- .. iyc ucmrvc me continuous intelligence on mis important subject, which was communicated to the American people through our columns, was the most early and the most accurate that any other journal has given to the world. Our first account of the treaty agrees precisely with the treaty as it now is before the Senate Tiiis will satisfy the public ot the meat's possessed by the JV>u> I'ar/; Herald of acquiring early information, and communicating it in the most accu ate and authentic shape to the public. This treaty is a most important matter, aud : 11 i-- j + - win jcau 10 cons'-qu^nces or greater weight than the mind cin contemplate fully at the fi'st bluslt of the news. i he mods of negotiation, and the persons and influences mixed up in its progress, are most extraordinary, and most pregnant with the needs of the future. Onthefttce of the treaty, >3 r. Trial acted on the port of the United States, and Senors Conto, Cuevus and Atristan, on the part of Mexico; yet throughout these negotiations, Mr. Tiist was acting contrary to the exprsss instructions of hit own government, by whom he had been recilled. In the face of these instructions, and of his recall, we see the President adopting his wo^k, and giving to it the sanction of his name, and fending it to th? Senate. This presents a st>\te of facts lendinz to conclusions that never mark* d any negotiation, or any diplomacy, in the history of modern nations Kulicr Mr. Trisf. I with a degree of h rdihood a'most unknown in such situations, h<i violated the law* of hit country in holding o rresjioridence with the enemy, or lie has been acting under serret instructions from the President and his cabinet, while they were proclaiming, by open and official acta, that he was in a state of disgrace, in order, by that ruse, to persuade the opposition in this country that he was hostile to the treaty, expecting them to sipport it on that ground. This discrepancy ought to be cleared up. It belongs to the personal character of the President and his cabinet to have it done. General Scott is also connected with these negotiations in some way, unknown as yet to the pub'ic. At first it was /bought that he was flw kit ? n . J -t wuaiw, j nHi nun it ip v?iivi(i'ji^iru annum officially; ye! it id very evident lhat General Si >tt w ; favorable to the negotiation, and has givi-ii his Hid and s'sistance in brirginc it to the j oint of pr< itr-ss which it has reached. His n<;l.t?'y operations?hit contributions?his position ;n Mexico?all these facilitated thei>e negot n ion*. I n the side of Mexico, the tnen and motives are less known and less understood From the in- I formation we have received, there is utrong rea- l bons lor believing that the diplomatic and financial agents of Kui'and.Kranc"'. Spain, and even of 1 I'russin.hmel ? < n mo* active in these mysterious ' i'<. otiaiiojia, d id moat to'icitoua to brini{ them t o a peaceful couclukion Mr. McJntom, a jjrea I I * ^ English speculator in Mexico, and aoting Brit ish consul, has been named in this connection. Mr. Davidson, the financial agent of the Rothsihilds, is reported to have furnished funds to the svisiicg Mexican government at Queretaro, in ihe shape of a loan, in order to onable them to I proceed in the same direction. The British diplomatic agents have also been busy, and very t ictive; aud according to all accounts, a copy of [ this treaty has beeu for two or three weeks past I in the possession of the French and English em* I :>a*sies in Washington, indicating the probable fact that the last steamer took a copy of the name document to Europe. 1 It seems, therefwre, that the British diploma- j tists in Mexico, including also the French and Spanish, were in constant intrigue with British financiers and large capitalists, and their agents, and that they aided and assisted the existing t Mexican government in every possible way, to Krimr aimut the peace now in prospect, under the 1 " " ?O treaiy before the Senate at Washington. No doubt the capitalists of London and Paris, with the important intormatiou connected with these movements in their possession,can operate both in Mexican,United States and other stocks, to great advantage, as they did at the termination of the ivar in Europe, by the early information they 'ossessed of the battle of Waterloo. During the .ijt ten days gnat operations have been made in jtocks in this city, and also in other large cities, growing out, no doubt, of secret information of this treaty. It is probable, also, that the rumor, recently circulated, that the Rothschilds had taken the new loan of the United States, may have arisen from some authentic data connected with thisireaty ; for if a permanent peace be now established bet ween the United States and Mexico that loan will be a most splendid operation Part of it, however, is no doubt secured by the government brokers at Washington. At all events, the moneyed men throughout the world, will, through their private and early information on this subject, make many millions of dollars, all of which will come out of the taxes to be paid hereafter by the people of the United States. Another important point. We have every reason to believe that the motives which have induced the British, French, and other negotiators and their agents in Mexico, to give their aid and assistance, both by advice and money, to the Mexican government, in negotiating this treaty, have arisen from purposes connected with the grand project of raising up a barrier against the further progress of the United States on this continent; and that this treaty is merely the first step by which the American army can be got out of Mexico, in order to prepare the way for a further arrangement between Mexico and the powers of Europe, to carry the purposes of the cabinets of France and England into eflect. It may be remembered, that, on the breaking out of the war with Mexico, the French prime minister, M. Guizot, made some remarkable devclopements of the wishes and purposes of that government, find the necessity of creating a balance of power in America, to check the conduct of the United States in attacking Mexico and making it a conquest. That there is a purpose among some of the European governments to create a sort of American holy al>iance, combining Mexico, Cuba, the West Indies, Canada, und all other European possessions on this continent, in order to resist the progress of the United States, ana to put a period to the extension of our dominion, there cannot be any doubt, looking at the policy of those governments during the last few years. As soon as the treaty shall have been confirmed by the United Slates, and sent to Mexico, and shall have received the assent of the Mexican government andcongress?which it must receive before it can become final?and the other conditions carried into effect?the withdrawal of our army?the boundary line fixed,?we shall then see the agents of the European governments verv t . *rncm against the unVtecT States" From the recent arrogant proceedings of British agents in Central America, combined with their policy in varions other parts of the continent, to say nothing of Buenos Ayres, and the demonstrations of the Brazilian government, we have no doubt that in less than a year after the withdrawal of the American army from Mexico, an attempt will be made to create a monarchy in that republic, and to combin* all the monarchical, colonial, and European principles, against the United States, as Europe was combined against the progress of the French republic and empire under Napoleon?a combination which ultimately succeeded. uvcry uung connected witn the inception and negotiation, the progress, the persons, the moi tives and the consequences of this treaty, concur in leading the mind to the conclusions we have given, that semething will grow out of it, springing from European policy, calculated to throw trammels and shackles upon the extension of the United States hereafter. The Opera?The Fashionables?The Gala Night?Tiik Fancy Ball.?The fashionable world of New York is as much disturbed at this moment, and seems to be in as strong a state of excitement, as the political world. | The treaty with Mexico, and the Presidential election, occupy the dirty politicians; while the gala night and the fancy b ill fill the hearts, and breathe from the lips of the 6lile Scm?- fear that the treaty with Mexico may be a i failure; there areal.-o fears, among the people of fashion, th.tt the opera will be a failure too, and burst up, even before the treaty with Mexico is : rejected by the Senate. According to all appearances, the gala night will be a decided failure, but the fancy ball may be more successful, llow should it be otherwise ? There must be a verv mod*r?t* i>nr. tion of common sense, animating the heads of those who have made this movement, if they could suppose that they would be able to Bell concert tickets under the nam? ol ' d grand gala night" at three times their ordinary worth, charging three dollars a ticket to a single person, for nothing bat an evening concert, in which will be given h law scenes and overtures from several operas. It is i mere concert, badly selected, badly advised, ind bedly managed. If this is the genius they exhibit for raising the wind and touching the charitable feelings of the fashionable world, that they may get money eoougii to pay their debts, they ought to be set down at ine lowest notch in the scale of Jews or Jeremy Diddlers. The only method which would b?* open, manly, gentlemanly, an well as fashionable, is to come out boldly and raise a subscription, each person at a hundred dollars. We have promised to l>Uy a trump in this, and we adhere to our promine. On the other haod, the fancy ball to be given the sixth of next month, we believe will be a tplendid affair. This in a legitimate undertaking, and must succeed ; but the grand gala night, at three tunes its worth, is a farce and a frhave, and should not succeed any where. Let all the ladies in fashionable society, therefore, prepare for the fancy bill to he given at the Opera; and that we may giv every information ti the fair, relating to ihe subject, we will state where they can obtain the most beautiful bouquets that are to be found in tliin tropic. We reff r to Lenoir, the florist, in 46th strert. on ?b<* ISlooMiiugdiile road, who lias uIho hii order box at lie New York Hotel. He makes up the richest Hiu<i lets we have t ver seen, which are most a-ielul, itH^taur, lovely, uud ringclic. No irueake I TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE. HetUng of tlia CmukUui P?rll?in?i l. MoniTiiKAL, Feb. 2.'), 1848. The Governor General of Canada met the Caladian Parliament at 3 o'clock to-day. The Lej>is'ative Assembly lias elected Aujusus Morin its Speaker. The Inspector General >ropo;ed Sir Allen McNub, which was seconded ty Col. Prince; but h<* was defeated, having only lineteen votes in his favor. Mr. Morin is the liberal candidate. The Governor's speech is to be delivered on Monday next. Preparations for the Kunerxl of Hon. John Qulncjr Adams, Washington, Feb. 25, 1848 ?84 P. M. The great topic of the day has been the death md funeral of oar creat and ?ood ex-President. The greatest preparations are made, and ma- j ting, for the pageant which is to take place tonorrow. Public business is su-p-nded, and coors are flying everywhere at half-mast, while jeneral glooms pervades the entire city. The liferent associations are holding meetings and linking preparations, and the capitol, public wildings, and departments, are dressed in mourning Thousand* of eager spectators throng (lie capitol. The body of Mr. Adams Ins been placed in a splendid coffin, and visitors have been lliowed to take n last look at the departed. A salute of 13 guns, was fired at the Navy Yard at sunrise, and minute guns every halfhour, and at sunset a closing salute of 29 guns. The officers of the army are ordered to wear crape, and the colors of the different regiments to be put in mourning for six Qionths. The President's order, that all the executive offices at Washington be placed in mourning, and that all business be suspended during this day and to-morrow, was conveyed in most affectionate lauguage. Reapcct to U>? Memory of J. Q,. Adams Albany, Feb. 25,1848. The Court of Chancery adjourned to-day, after a feeling address by Gov. Seward, to the memory of the Hon. John Quincy Adams. The weather is very cold. Thl Trc?tjr. Washington, Feb. 25, ISffi. The treaty is opposed by the friends ot Mr. Polk, in the Senate and out of doors. The whig Senators, on the other hand, are confident of its adoptiou. Much interest is felt in relation tc the subject in all circles. WMg Convention at ItliUniond, Va. Richmond, Va., Feb 25, 1848. The whig convention, nfter much debate, adopted a resolution by a lurge majority, that General Taylor is the choice of the whigs of | the *'Old Dominion " for the next presidency; aud recommend him as the most available noimuee to the national convention in june next The convention then adjourned tint die jj Op?u Navigation on the Iiiikfl. Buffalo, Feb. 25, P. M The steamer United States arrived here this P. M. The lake is entirely free from ice. NEW YORK LBOISIAIVRE, Albany, Keb. 26, 1847. 8enat?> condolence for ms. adam! The Senate met and appointed a oonmittee to prepare resolution! of oondolenoe for the Hon. John Qoincj Adams. The following la the committee Merors. Law pin* anrl pflu The Senate then took a recess. After the reoees, tbe committee reported a series o resolutions expressive of deep sorrow for the decease o frMi eminent statesman, and of oondolenoe with the fa mlly of Mr Adams. .The r?solutlom also make provisloi for tbe delivery of an oration before both houses of th Legislature. The resolutions were passed, and the Senat adjourned. UlfnitlV. ___ tbe following oommlttee to draft a series of resolution expressive of their regret for the demise of Mr. Adami is Messrs. Raymond, Coe, Stewart, Holmes am Wagner. Mr. Raymond reported the resolutions, whioh wen similar to those presented to the Senate; and on theli passage, the House adjourned. [Telegraphic correspondence of Phil. Bulletin.] Pennsylvania Legislature Harhuburo. Kfb. 36. 1848. A joint resolution of conuolence.witb the country a large, and the family of John Quincy Adams. pas?ci?c each branoh this morning. Escape of a Nurdcrtr.Twn Hundred Dollar Reward ;Pott!-villk, Feb. 25,184S IB Patrick Moran, under rentencn of death in this country, broke jail, with four otb?r prisoners, last evening and made their escape. A reward of $300 dollars bai been effered for the apprehension of Moran. Markets. Bo?to!?, Feb. 25, 1848.?Flour-Sales of 1600 bbls were made, including Genesee, Michigan, and othei k-ood western brands, at M Jo a 0 313^; the market closlog firm. Corn-Sales of 4000 bushels were made, in o'.uding mixed and yellow, at 64 a <>6c Kve-Sales ol 400 bushels were made at 88o Oats?Sales or aoon bushels were mad* at 60o. Naval Stores?Sales of ?0 bbla spirits turpentine were made at 45o. Shipping Inlclllgtnre. Halifax. Keh 14?Arr teamshiu Ac?dia, Stone, Boston, and td 15th tor Liverpool. Cld l?th, Melautt, for Ne'.v Vorh. Siblk Island. Feb 12?No wrecks or vesselion shore. Si:ms Atlantic?''apt M*kouu, of the Mary i arne?, at Holmes'Hole, froin^ Mavagusx states thu ?rhr Atlantic,nf Bangor, from New York lot Poniie, when 12 hours out. two of the crew entered the csbin anil ii'uck the csptmn on the hend with an sxe. The wound wa? ?o severe *s to m ike it doubtful whether he would snrviee. The mate and ihe rest of the crew attacked the mutineers, when they jumped overboard and were drown'd. ro.ics, TK. about Jan 24?Schr Atl intie. ^niith, New Yoik Presidential Movements.?We have given to our readers, during the last few days, the ac counts of several important political movements all over the country. We more particularly refer to General Taylor's prnaptcts for the coming contest. The meetings which have been held in support of his Cdos*, in New York, Pniladel. phia, Harrisburg, Poughkeepsie, Richmond* Cincinnati, and St. Louis, have all been reported, by the electric telegraph, for this journal. They all exhibit th? same singular feuture? the same remarkable indications Both whiles and democrats, and people of all parties, seem to nssemble at these m^etin^s to ere ite confusion, increase excitement, and make the move ment itself additionally interesting. Tlie truth is, the whig party ik passing through a period of transition, from one great candidate to another, and excitement attends them. A portion of the democratic puty also joins the movement, increasing the effervescence and confusion. Whether General Taylor will have the whig nomination, seems doubtlul. A very powerful portion of the party is opposed to his advancement, mid an understanding exists among an extensive and wealthy Wall street combination, to bring out, at the suitable tune, the name of General Scott, by wuy of a peace-maker between Taylor and Clay. We shsill not, therefore, be astonished to see General Taylor thrown overboard, and General Scott substituted. At the present moment, the prospects are decidedly in favor of the whig party. The serious divisions among the democrats impair their energieu, and give force and momentum to the whig cause. Yet, however, the whigs themselves are in a great state of excitement and effervescence on the question, between General Taylor and Mr. Clay. If the management should be carried out which 1ms been contrived,we cliall not b* surprised to s'ie the name of (Jen. Scott brought out at the prop time. At present, however, all appears to be in a state of confusion. Stbamek Sarah Sands, Captain Thompson, will tail ou Monday, i?t one o'clock, ?r Liverpool. w Mall Failures. We kayo reMred the following rtatament of the J punctuality of tfc# until In lt? arrlral at Columbia, U?. For the month of January ; in ?ll of whioh time, nay t 1 >ur oorrerp indent. " but six ira'li came through in re- ' <ular time , ' and h? adi*, " VV? cannot ovmii u?-t a mail t from Savnri'ah or Charleston with any regularity." , fan. 1. No mail notth of Ch?rl??ton. " a. " " " Barumville. , " 4. " " " " Charleston. , " 6. Northern mall due on the "JJ. reoeiysd with the t " Hibernia's" letters due Dec 81. " H. No mail north of Charleston. ? 8, ii u u ti i. ' '* C. Letter mail, but no paper mail. , "10. N. Vork letters reo'd to-day milled Deo 37. " " N. Orleans " " Jan 4. " 14. " Caledonia's," letters receWed to-day due Jan 10. " 15. No mail north of Charleston M 18 ? .? ? .. U ?l 18 H I. (1 ? it ''19. L?tter to:>U, but no paper mail. I " 30 No mall north of Charleston. i k 34 .. .. u .. u " -jo ?< ? u u n I " -JH. Letter*, but no paper mail. 1 " 30. No mull north of Charleston. "Si. ' ' " " Thia record li for the Northern nuil alone ; the Southern l'aii* no regularly, that it wis unneoeaeury to keep any account of it THE WEEKLY HERALD. MAILS OF THE HIBKRNIA. The steamship Hi'wnia will leave this port to-day at twelve o'olock. for Halifax and Liverpool, and will eonvey the mo;t important news to our European readers that baa tr.ngplred on this eldo cf tne AUantio for a length of tlms. We allude, especially, to the proposed trea y of peioe with Mexico, and tha British enoroftchmeota in Central Amarioa. AU Information on these important matters, together if ith a full and perfect digest of ccmmerolal, financial, politioal, and theatrical Intelligence to the latest moment ^111 he fui nlshed, in the French and English languages, in th? Weekly Herald, expressly for European readers. It will be ready at nine o'clook this morning, for the usual prioe?0>? cents per oopy, in wrappers. Tbtt regular Weekly Herald, for circulation in th? United states, will also be ready this morning. Full orfrult of Joint tlulnrjr Adams ?'The Alias of to-morrow will contain * full length portrait c I tli' late John l^uin y Adiras, together with a complete biography; local, lilctary musical, dramatic, telegraphic and other intelligence. The Plumbe National Uaguerrean Gallery, on the upper corner of Broadway and Murra' street, should be visited by all who wish to obtiiu the finest specimeus?f the art that is possible to he obtiined in the world, it beiux au established lact that 1'lunibe'a pctures are superior to acy other* made. Barker'! Creme tie Palina Ctirlstl, or Castor Oil Cresm, is. without doubt, the only proper ar'icle to uourish nnd improve the hair. By a chemical process, of three months' durntion, the glutin and ?fr*tit>ve smell is entirely extracted, leaving its nutritive qualities unimpaired. Bein? slightly perfumed, it neither bu'us nor dries the h?ir, as highly scented articles do, in ?lt cues .when applied to the I head. 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A free, ictive, ai d healthy circulation ol the fluids, or the couraiag of the pare, rich hlood to the eit eiaitiea, i? hit which punls the couu'eaacce in the most t anuiaite he^nty ft is that which imparl the indescrib ihle aliaues and ll iihra of I vrlmcsa i '-n t a 11 admire, bat none < an describe. Tina h*au'y ia the<,ff?pring ?f ..I . I .......I.. - II .1 - > i 1 ?Ithy cin.ulnl ou, thrre it no beauty. Iflkaliilril fnir dr vm anow, ifa'e paint. ?l<I n<* coimetici, and the bio <i n thick, colli nuil ini.uff, the i< not b'antifnl. If ?he '<e brow n or yellow, and thrra it pmr a 'I nrfirr blood, it kit?? a Itch bloom lo the chef lii, and a brilliancy to tlicir > c< I lint ia fatci iatin(. Thu n why the ? .tbam and eapaeiilly the Hpnntib lad.ai. ar* ao much admired L idiai in the north who take bat I'ttlr ei*r> iaa, or are conlir.ed id cloie rmim, nr bite polled i cir ton Icsio by th* ipuli irlon of dclitcrioaa mix urn, if th*y wiah to irg tin elaatiotr of ?tei, buoyant apiiin, ipirklina tvn ml lie'U ifnl <-oriiple*">in, tfeey ah >n'd 11 ar \>r 1 owntaud'* Kinap irilla. Th< uiand?, who hive trird it, ar* iaor* ih tu aatialird, ar* deh(ht*d Lad r? if e**ry atation rrowd our office daily. Principal office IX fnlton.H. mm niiwwwutr ??, w* -** Gold Pini-Prle* (twlneid M pet C?n? ? e Jeer* k. CI uk, IS Joha (treat. (apKair*,) would iarpe ih a itteutiou of all rurchjier* in iheir line (whuleai'e orie' i') o their auvrt'iirnl. compritisK l*en* (with or *? ithotu rem) f if all thef>e?t pen maker* in the ,corn try. Their pent n.e , elected pei*. 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M. |l'he itock market m a little firmer to day, t lie Wilmo proviso humbug having disappeared Thrift was cotbirg 11 particular weighing upon the meiket to day; but the delay in aetlng upon the treaty, had rather a d<-pr<-ttlcg influence. At the first board, Ohio fi"? iaproved X Mr o<nt; Morris Canal, >{; trie Railroad, oid stock X: Fennfjlvaoia 5'e >4; Reading D.icdt fell off l.'?; Kaimeis Loud, l4; Reading Railroad, >?. II ulm, >?. ; All others 'oned at prices ourrent yesterday. The transactions at the second b.-u J were to a limited extent, without any material rhaug-j in prices. 1 h* efforts of the bean are directed ti one or two of th? fancies, and Harlem appears to be m?ik?d out for their speciil attention. The old ry>ort ttlutivr t?> the ob?t. tel mortgage has again been revived, ttnd the lulls were a little frightened, not knowing wl.at foundation there was for the rumor. "Sterling exchange has been in active demand to-day for remittance by the Hibemia, nud the rates remain about the same as previously quoted l'rime bills on London we quote at 10 a 10)? p*r tut premium; oa Taris, 3f 21X a Sf 20; Amsterdam. 39*4 ? 40i H*mburir. 35>? a 35X; Bremen, 77& a 78. The llibtmitt take* out ?39 000 in speoln. The annexed table exhibit* the q iuntity of certain articles exported from this port from the let to tbe ilth of February, iaoiusire, distinguishing tbe '<l?ai. nation and tbe extent of the shipments to each pla<*e COMMKKCK OF THK PORT OF XlW 1 OHK?ExrOBTS. To Great Britain Pork, bbls 526 Oil cake, lbs 338 201 Beef, tierces 692 Cheese " 1,441*311 ? bbls 82 Bacon " 615 4i>2 Lard, lbs 573,911 Wax. lbs 18.102 Tobacco, hhds.... 0 Ashes, barrels.... 125 Manufactured, lbs.. 10 501 Turpentine " ... 6 499 Rosin, bbls 1.496 llice, tierces 415 Whale oil. gallons. .109,270 Klour. bbls 2 "69 Bread, bbls 3>0 Wheat, bushel*... . 2,4<M> Corn, bu* hf Is 148.939 Tallow, lbs 159 207 Cotton, bales* ..... 5 541 Sperm Oil. gallons.. 998 Sp. turp 3,704 Cloverseed, bbls.... 0? France. Pork, bbls. 610 Tallow, lbs 28 403 Wax, lbs 22 101 Whftleboue, lbs 23.010 Cotton, bales 5014 A?hes, bbls 8 Rosin, bbls 1262 Rice, tierces 10 Beef, ., 125 Tobacco, uiau. lbs .. G.5t>2 Lard, lbs 43,611 Ml Othtr Parts. Cotton, bales. . 795 Beef, bbls 1-591 Whalebone, lbs. ... 70 601 Lard, lbs IP.-:; Rosin, hbls ....... 3319 Cheese o7 6S1 Wax,lbs 23,707 Rice,tierces .... 1 Klour. bbls ..10,771 Pork, bbls .\tsOl Rye Klour, do..... 433 Butter, 1'<'S to,117 Meal, do 5,159 Whaleoil, g ..... . 0n oJ6 Hams, lbs 33 502 Tallow, lbs 6.807 Spirits Turp, gs .. . 1,099 Beans and Peas, bu. 2,597 Tobacco, hhds 289 Bread, bbls 2,014 " manufd, lbs. 47,671 Ashes, do S85 " cases 356 Corn, bush 3,164 >??'?? ?? > . . 500 I'loversrd. bbls. ... 31 Hop*, bales 320 Value of exports to Great Britain $587 097 " ' Franc 201,987 " " Other porta 848,773 Total ,..$1,636,456 The shipments of breadstuff! continue limited, and the value of the agregate shipments for the twenty-five days is small, to what it was for the oorrespanding period last year. Unless some favorable change takes place in prioes for all oar staples, on the other side, the shipments must continue small for some time to ooine. | We anu*x the quotations In this market for the principal government aud State stocks for three periods : ? 1 Prices or Stocks in the New York Market. ! lied'em 1817. 1848. I "48 Hate. able. Dec. 14. Jan. 13 Feb 25 United State* 6 18 7 102 a!02K 99>*a 99K ?f3}<tH'4 6 18C2 98 h 98* 98 a 98V 103 ?103X " 6 18JS 102 al02>g "7Aia 97K 102X*lus " 5 1853 93 a 94 91 a 9IK 91 ft 93)4 ! Trea'r Notes 6 . 9?X 99,^a 99)2 lOJj^ttS ' New York, 7 1849 101 alU2 lOOHalOOJa 1C2 i.ii.V " 6 I8-.0-54-6O ? a? 100 aliOKlOO aid. 6 1861-62-67 I02KH102J< Id SlOIK >01 <>112 " 5K 1860-61-6^ ? a ? 98 a 99 ? a ? " 5 1846-7-8-9 ? a ? 95 a 96 f ? ?8 : " 5 1850-1-3 9? a 97 93 a 93* S5 a 9'->i 1 " 5 1855-8 ? a 97 ? a? 9?*i 91 j " 5 1859-60-1 96 a 97 93tfa 94 9i n 94 95Ki 95 rro";.r^ t Ef-46 88 a90 - - - ?'"? ^ Kentuckr r ?7 * 17 "2 an* I 6 9g R % 9?*n 99 99 a i9>, ? Illinois, 6 1870 37*? 38 Jl J " fjt/* ?g Arte., lii!tW 2 ;? * HI 3;'?38 Albama, j jji/. M M ? J" * JJ, I J^.vlrania.5 ? j?& ?lit %H\ ?j ? J I icuurnrr, D ItH) ft ? ? a ? 56 ? ! N. York City,7 1857 103 alP4 ? a ? )i>3 *105 . " 7 1S-.J ? a ? ? a ? Itt 1105 1 " 5 1850 ? a ? ? a ? ? a ? 5 1858-70 83 a 15 *1 a ? 94 a N?S I BkCo'mN. Y. full 89 a 90 lie^? P9 MSi 88l< ''i ? . . ?"ip ? a 92 91 a ? II ' N. Y. Life lm k T'oit Co. ? a? ? a? ? < ? Farmers Loan fc Trait Co. 25 a 25)i ? \ H J 31 Ohio Life Ins Ik Trait Co. ? a? 15 * K8 88 a 9'> 1 Bank of U 8. in PeDtiiyl'a. 3>? a 3J? It If JVfa . N Jeney R R. IkTmni.Co. 102 iilM K2 a 1C3 IM ?K4 Mohawk k Hud'n Kailro-d 67 n bS CO a 67 HO * 8' . UtimkScherectady t?? I'd 1'5>4.?1:C lt7 a? 1'9 al !?\ i ; Syr?cu?r It Utica Railroad.? a? ? s ? ? a ? Aahmn He Syracme Kailr'dini *107 15 *l:( 1'6 al'BH Auburn b Knchetter , 99Kilno lot *l?? 8< a 9.U Heidui* Riilr, ad, 57?? 18 5? it 5iX l<^i ? , Delaware & Hudion Canal, 80 sl9u H? - ? 185 a 90 Heading Railroad Boudi, S8^a M oi'i- K'-M (.3 a 6JJj Reading Kailroad Mtg Bdi, 63 \ ? tli , CI fc ,S? 6'S I Since the middle of Janntr> tber* has been avr.yiu portont improvement innear!; ail he stco sinlktabov* ! list, and we believe thi improvement is permanent. I, | is tbe general impression in financial clteles, that n fitther advance will be reall led in all our Statu arcuriti** ai goon as our affairs with Mex'oo hare assumed a mora nettled state, and particularly in tbe event of tbe treaty now in the po session of tbe government, being ratified by the Senate. We are anxiously koking for mire favor able accounts from F.urope,of a financial and commercial nature as maoh depends npon a continuance or tbe pre! sent abundanoe of money on the other side, and an improvement in prices for our prlnelp I s'ep'e export* Should such a state of thing* be reallimi. we ma; Is. k i for an improvement in all branohe* of bus!n?u in this country, and an advance in all kind! of fUcka would be ! realised. The cause* which have *o long weighed upon i our market* and prosed prioe* down to the lowest poirt ara in a fair way of being speedily remov*4, and we * * ; nothing in the perspeotiva calculated to prevent every : important interest from reaching the mo*t unlimited ' prosperity. We are full of all the element* of wealth, and we have an abundance of everything necessary to secste it. Our ; product will bo wanted In Kurop*, at toon m they are 1 able on the other side to p^y for It; the raw material for < the cotton manufactures of Great Britain will be wanted in great (j isntitles, before they pan commence full work; our State stocks h?T? bjen returned to ns. ail wh have bsJght and paid for th?m in gold anl silver; they are now in demand again la Europe, and large order* hare already been fulfilled on German aeeount. The Dutch are the shrewdent financier* In the old world, and they lure shown their wisdom in inresting in our State seouriti**. The principal purchases thus fir on foreign acoount have been confined to Pennsylrania fives, and th. price* paid hare been a handsosm adrai<on on those realised upon the gilts here durlcg the psnio, when holders on the other side were forced to ?*11 at the ratep then currant. The recent salss of ?ta* stocks to European eapitalists are bnt a buglniiir.gcf th* movement, and the amount already told Is hut a trifle of that whbh will b? taken in the course of the next two or three years. The views of foreign capitalists bare beorme completely revolutionised In regard to our bUtte stocks, and we have no doubt they will be more sought after for Investment than any government securities in the world. They pay better dividends, and are, in fact, saftr investments, than those of any European government; and what is more and perhaps better, they will be paid in full at maturity, which cannot ba said with any degree of truth of the loan* of any other nation In creation We allude, of course, to th* regular dividend psylng stooks of the fltates and of the general government Th* change which has taken place in the opinions of foreign capitalist* relative to the value and safety of Inrralnicnta In Am*rl,.&n u ? variety of cauaen. Wli?u the harvest in (Jr-at Britain prored defloient, and tb* attention of Kurope generally wad directed to tht iuo?t important a urcta of aupply, conalderabla anxiety w?? experienced relative to tbe ability of the United States to neat th? d<mnnd likely to arUe. Thla ' produced a grent d r f ioquiiy ieg?rdtng our agrioul | turalreaourcea a.id raoM Inform*'ion wai gathered of , our position then viould bare b*?u obtained under otb>r clroumatamea In eeverel yearn Wbrn it w?J itatcd tbat we could alone aupply thi dafloiency in the hatTeet* of the United Kingdoa.no on* on the other ?We ba- j Herod it; hat when we filled their nmrketa with provl?ii'U? and bre*iUi.uQ?, tu.r?*aa no It'Dgar Mj doubt , The feet* which then traaaplred. ahowing the lament* Tops ?t the oountry, and :be ?3r U".l f urjl cr. Hoclabed vt?i tbo?c who had inado It thtIt tutlofsa r ytoii ia f sir.lne theaf ihinr-f; mi l uLta the itaU. aenta ??r.t to Lagland were so scon followed by such amauae qumliUr* of the real article, all doubt* dleap>"ar?d, and all feara relative to auffldirnt anppllca faniabed at cnc? Our agricultural rw?curee# were ssmparatUtly uabbo*n abroad, b<fore tie ro-ent ihort fc*?T??Ma lu Kuropa ; but tJ *y are now i?*ll oi.dcrilojj. ard It la tbia i*?owlrd|fe that t.as r\ crated n fuTirab'y uppn 'heniii.tis tf capital at*, aud turn?d tbtlr aUtutioia to our Cnauc-a. It la w.'l' kurwn tb*t ibe Hgriculinral pioducts ? f at country c nItitut* itsiboft in j'Orfant eie Kent cf wealtb; ac J a country r!cli la these airs1foou bo win every thing ?1m. There i? no other country on ilia fae? ot the earth, the n Uurnl recourore cf Kirch ore to great a? thin, *c>l our j)?o;.U poises* aii ec?rgy (?.&> 'lent to dt velrp? th?ui with Uie greatest rapidity. !> ry thli'g that constit-tea wealth w?> possess 11 .ir> urliuiit<-<]extent. a~d the so-Ji of revoiutioue, or of pcci.il dlseord, cannot take rcot upon cur soli. We hire nothing to ftar from internal tliffl allies, while tLire 1 n t a cation in Lurope but thit i.i la daugt-r of dectrueticn l'rcu ?cu- interna! troub'<a-som? revolution growing out oror*>Tea?lnn oul eteivaiion. Our puMiu dkbts axe, therefore, u^on a solid basi?; wbllt thoa* of every g'"T?rriiaetit In Kuropo iray ba Fwpt away lu a day. The public dibs of Urttt Br iii wuat a'.Umuivlv be repudiated; the p?opl* cannot. exen if they wruld, tear I.b burd-.ts icuch 1 nger; aci a increment wlil, before ' Iih lapfe of many jun.s, ba m<i Je, whioh will n>?kti thcas who depend upon incomes from their lnve?tmi uisiu tla'd bt, treiuUa. The mnnner lu -,rv.ich the commercial classes of thla country sustained liiemselvea while the revulsion in Lu:op? was swreph * away the cldeet and largest houses by the acore, must iieve crested an impression upon the Dii'jd* cf European capitalists highly fivorab'.eto this country. Losses amounting to ntl'lIODf have been borne without causing m my puapeneiori, and the credit ?t our merohnnts kar no d"nbt. '"in i nprcvcd in evejy section <5f tii? world. 1j> ibe comparative prosperity they eiij' jtd amidst Ihu crsth atid destruction goirg on in hliuust every other country. Whatever prejudice may yetiemaln in the minds of many relative to the aolvenoy of our States, and Ue safety of suoh investment*, there has not for years been but ono opinion relative to th? credit and ehsractcr of the oommtrolal olusses 01 tun country. The result of the Mexican war bat, no donbt, had a wonder.ul lsfluenee abroad upon our national character aad made us mora favorably and mere generally Kaown as a military pitople. Tho polioy of our tfOYernmfnt, anj the nature of our ineti:ulio=fi, are bvi'..r uud-rrccc-J, and that is all wb!ch i.? ucc.rs.ry to gi?t> uj a amocg other nations second to noncctkcr. All th^e thisgsLavc tr*i.?i>lrcd wltbir. fh? pr.*t tlm.i >c..rr, h>.d our progress w'.ibiu that period has been unprecedented, in the face of the difficulties Incident to a etate of wnr. Stnct Sj'03 Trei' Notes, 6'i 1 "i Ncr I. Wor 130 39 Mil do bS# 1 J 10 u.i 1'HHiU do buii li.J 12i do ;-SV 13 ?!0 dn$lc00rn'.,Jj 105i oo 3Sji jjiH do bio )b<^ Km Un i3*2 l.'.fln Jo ! ?") ii)i id >' \*f ? & N II yea 9i iV>0 'ofMcx 1'? ?? RI vyt I...W4 ll<>)? '"00 lT 8 5's, Vl 91 2 "I Lo ;3 UluuJ 3i>)? :.uw 1'enu Vj. b30 13v j?1 do b!5 3 )2 7 (lit do 74 i*) do b!0 30)2 10u00 da bit 74 ? 0 do ??0 S''? 41)00 Ohio 6'?, 10' V, 30(1 do 30? MM) do 100*4 101' uo 1>30 3'{ lfcOO do 10.IH 5' do blO 31 4000 Indiana Bonds, 37 Soil do 3liV 10000 do S7V 3!S do 31 3000 Re'diug Bonds, CJ.1, 1 0 do b69 3l>g 6100 Head Mort Bonds, 82 700 Warlein I> 1000 do 6lV SO do b!6 4Ail 50 ihs Pheuix Bank. 83!, 100 da suw 41)2 12 Beading UU, 44 ? 200 do 41)2 . 50 do b39 44V 60 do blS '5 100 Famer*' Trust, 30,^ 100 ?>o 4<> 100 do b3? 31 50 do aGO 4iU 100 do btiO 31 >00 do blU 4tJ 160 do 31V 50 do nw 4'jj 300 Morris, 11)2 101 do GOds 45$ 101 do 11M 400 do 45 75 do U'a 60 do bnw 45V 50 do btrnos 13 150 do 6 da 4'.fc 60 do bCOds 11*4 300 do b3U 45\ ??o Canton, 34% joa do 1)45 4H ICO do 3IJ4 50 <*0 *60 44% 101 do 35 100 d i 4 l/i 60 do bJO 35V Second Board 50 shas Farmers' Trust 3?K 6 > shas Harlem b45 45) SO trie, tall 76)2 150 do h43 45) 251 Harlem 41)2 2'i? Long Iiland l>30 31V 50 do 44)2 50 do b30 31) 50 do 44V 60 dl SCJ iflO do 44* 100 Farmers1 Loan 1:60 31 > 60 do *30 4IV 100 Heidirg MOJs 45 New Stock Kxrhangs, iOthiLJilHH klO 3rv 50 >h* Harlem KB 44) [ 50 do bnw 3">% 1*0 do 44) *>e Fa. mera'T.ust 1)15 3fs 50 do 41) n t us rs ? i' i; a JC.I..1. II !;5 ? ,, si'S s:_ s:::i ! CITY fKAD^lihiFOKT. New Yokk. Frld?y Afternoon, F?b 35. j Tbe flour market oontluued firm iu.<i *0-e G?ne?ee i Miobigm. Oewi-go and Brooklyn ware taede at st?*d prlr n A ?ale r.f O?n?eeo wheat wan made on term itat?<1 below Cora rallied a little, and utile# were mad to a fair extent, tbe m.rket cloning pretty dim v pr-yi on* rates for ?i oJ quality Southern wblie and gond N?? | Jera-y yelbw >>?le? of New Orieaca dam>grd w?? pretty freely made for dii'llllrg Meal we* beayy,au( r?re m?d? at cm/' decline na preylom prloe* 11 y< ?>?4Vetat former iate*. U .tn exhibit"! no change P o lei ne continued et>ady C >nnd?r?bie 8'let l?r< | woe made rn terms elated below Contlderab'e sal'i \'o* Oiltan* irg lr wn ? made liy aoeMn. Ccffe* w. a a4.;, and taler of Jt.Dorain*o rero wads at alout pr? Tl uai.te-. , A Hi t l*>-ta remained i'ee 'y et $8 with moJera'.i 1 fhl #; p'aile ere iiiaet'.v# at ti a a 60 F?iitr inrr< - - l>e eiln foot<d up *bout - 203J a 2iOil l?hle UataM?iM n*i~- urn. , -9 at ft? ij; im do rali-J brands, Michigan, at 9* 4"o * 6"0 baud* raa alraight brand* it V' ? (31. S*les ot fancy Ohl" wer? mad* at fO it), New O.'luane w-n stead* ? *.> 3?>? u ii 8?lc? of 400 bM* Brooklyn were made a? J>d i 6 odM; How-rd rtr?et was qnl?t *hI M 12^ a C 20 ??ll?d. H'i il - Hii?i tf lo'.O l>u?Uei of (Jontate were lb.iJ? a' $1 37; Western. ibc'lllug OUlo 'iffiir to booq ijuelitles, was wonh f i 2* a 1 jo Ltrn? S..|?? of 4 jOO b'i .h-li of li ?h mis' 1 Ohio ?>n nidi at ft7o, 2000 do So irliern whit* at a*x a html cargo of J re. y mellow e?<!4 at Mr; and another at o3e: ?0'0 bueh l? southern white told ?t 8?a; an i is0?? do at tb* puns pr.c# b*l*s of 4UV0 bushels ne m OrWns, damaged, *? m?d?, for distilling. on pri?nt? terms, but tuppoeed to b'at 49 adqo M'ai - Salea of io bM* New j?r??y wrra i mitlx at $2*0 hut? was <|Ul#t at 00a Outf?h?les Not til u'??r an* > *n?l were rcstlntf at 4ii? Harlty -- S'lf* of 1200 bn?v",lf w?r? made at 7a? rorrkt-sa'ea of 500 bags Sr. d miigo were mad* l>rime <1 a 6'i?i (Jottow.?Holders being busy with th?lr orrMpaadeco*, the tales to-day were limited to aboat 700 fcal*s, wh'cb were effected on the bislsof our iuside quotation* Fi>k s des of 300 bbls No 2 Halifax mackerel, wara msUe at f 5 SI)*; '.00 do. No. ii do do. at $i dry aod cno'inne i Arm at 93 7ft; small sales from atora, wcr msde at >4. Krcit sties of 600 boz*s wet dried raisins were mad i *t ?' '<04 ii 65; 60 boi?g Palermo lemons, at $2 1*2)4 ; 200 arums Smyrna lljs. at 0 to 14a. \Iai * ? CaUa r #' KK.4* I'eaV/* J- ? ' mad* at lAc; ftJ hhda Porto V.ic?? aold by auction at 45* i J5^n; Cuba, In hhda and tlerora, wm aelliug from tha ' wuarf. at 19a. Natal SToa^e?Tha market waa firm; aplrita turpentine ?m hfld at 4ft", aud rough turpentlua, at $3 -ift; renin remained about tha pnm* Fhh?Saleaof aoo bbl? No 3 Halifax mackaral wera tarda at $5 81'?. *n<l 709 do Na > do do at fS -IS. Dry ood wan quoted at $3 (St Hrnall aalea from itora warn made at 11 Hat?*alaa of 300 balea were made at 68 a 7-Jo for good North River. HaMr?There waa nothing new Lrad?Salea r f 1400 pig* wara made at $4 .1ft ttiLe?Lineeed eihlolfd no change. Prloea were | ateady, with moderate aalei of bM.h t.nglich and Amerli can at prerioai rafea. Hal?e of JOf) hble aelratad whala j were reported at. Sfle. PaOTieiana?ftalefl it JOOtoOO) bbls new m?aa wara muda at $10 11%, un<l of lfcO de prime di t f" 1>. aleg of HO 'Ifrctf' p.irk bam* vr re rvpnrted at f A 37^. aai ft > ' do at 8>{o. Thar* ft?n no change in abnu'dera. Oeef II*m? ?Sale" of 33 tbl? wara made at $10 17f{. and 40 ifo af $;0 fto. Lard- ??lei of l(li)0 k?H? made a* S'O, ?nj '08 to S#,) 4o on prl-at" terr-ji and h ittar wera a'evjy, withaut change of monj?ot In qnotitiooa. R n-Sake if 60 tl-rce?wrre mtdeat $3 37X a (3 , #o Ritoa* S ! ? of 340 hhda New Orle?u?, ware made at f 4fh to#'; OA do Nrw Orleana w?re aold by auction, at j 4 to 6t\ and ISO do Porto llioo. ut 4^ Co 6^a. Tali.?w ?Noth ng trunaplred Wham ?o.-<k?The market r?rnelned inactive i AVuiiKtr -There wait no ealea reported, and prio?i I remained at abO'>t !4?. KarioHTa?Tallow raa enc?f?i for Liverpool at 17s 61 and HAOO buabela of grain <n bulk at 64. Cotton waaaDg^ed for Kottefdam at 'vl iftOO buahela Of corn w?r* taken for Olaagow at #d. There waa no ohang* to London or Ham _ otinn i'milr. The dull nppaaranoa of our markat at the daparlura of the Aoadia, on Uth in? , h?a continued with but Ilttln lotermlaaton, '? tbl* d?ta. The departure of that ateamer no n on Pter Ua arrival of the Ha rati Sac dm gave no opportunity to experience tha eff'ot of tb* news brought by b?r. Thoae account* war* not calculated to inspirit our markat, bitag at varUuce with th? calculation* of operator! hara. and tha Immediate effect wan, to oraata mora unwilllugneaa to operate on tha part of buyer*. except at a very decided decline, which noideri showea no dirpoaltlon to encourage, anticipating a mora ft<tilafnotory ntata of the Liverpool market by the Htberrla. wbo'e arrival wa? then daily looked for. Lata on Wedaeeday night, Kith inet, the made her appeeranoe, re?lning i" a partial fx.eut tboee view*, Inaaniui-b > a the markat there at the cloi? of bualnaM on the -79th ultimo, exhibit* more (iruine-*, and nti advanc of one. eighth ?raa olitalw d on middling*. and fair Upland*, holder* having offered their euppllea ie*a freely, efpecial1 v of tin lower giade* (be II' in. *rork of which waebeipg r entibly fait on the markat The aoconn* from tha manu< farturintr dietrlr* aleo were tligluly better, prloea being well maintained, but. ae yet, with a limited ftvnanl for go-<i? and y<ru, tha moat favorable feature iieiog h.i ebilily to nt Utn monev on ptodnce at lowerr r-ite of intete t, end a g a luai lpcteaee in the nutnb"r efoj.' ritlvt'k ?n aged hi tin lulllit, tli')u,;b not to tl??? 11 >.i<t of the previoue three we' kf Ttta a ally buflnaM, until Saturday, l?th loit, dltl &c<t