19 Mart 1848 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

19 Mart 1848 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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r It TV-r-'r1?tty ?c ?th* pnr,< ?bt ?it roinalru In p"W?r to ta? r?-c ?'?b? II tin ct if pu*>i tr*n()alUf ?Dd I Jo t'?4"K thatK is at m h ? X'Ci' pt n.si the ch?tnt>?r ?Wca'.d deliberate on ? |>r |>o 1.ton which >i ? for icni<?aehuient of tb?t ministry 1.1 r--fore fr r Ut In cull "(j l'?r tin m'j uroin'ot | ' 1 . r ? P? > K AM 1 * i I llrUMI'l IO IlltTi' ib"t t fl ih" I d?v ia? nt In 1 ! ?] > wl-h t?? a-k M D^pin *ljy b? d'.d < ot )it'' :?j > 'drew '. 'Kri p^el'lnu :l.? Woi'um lat. u t,-8ra>ko> oi u >*. (11-ar, he?r UJia iUit fM'rt) ,, .. T * o'i -?jbf*r vai tb**Q c'*n*aif^'J by ' ** Pf^pni^ut ??u ( the q ??#ion I'm lota?ni3f ih order of i?ic i iy m previously kpioluttiJ et*d u vot? lu lb? atlirm*tive wis gtTer,. T ? rlitfii; * >? brought to * dose it four o'clock and ttf u?pu'.i s ret r*d 'n at n.tutlm Hittixo or ( ' ? -M.? At ooa o'clock M. Saui't to?k ithf oli?lr. In pr^ruc* uf >Im: 800 rrerob. r.?. sbnr'.l, i sf:erw?rd? It ??i ft?'fd that tbe DucheM of Orleans h* i wrritel at the PU of, with l>?r two son*. The j rrlncw <"'?3 appeerel ? the left d -or, acooaptuiad by thu tiro Pibow eud the Lluk.s Je Nemours an 1 Moutpe<ii*r. The y<iuoj{ rcuat <1* P?ri? ent?rrd first, ledby on- of tbj iu-u)t) 's or tb? house. He peoeirtted with d fflcaity mlnrji tb? > mlci/ele. uliloh was crowded witn nOlcera and soldier* of 'ho Na.ional Gd.rd Ilia prf<?nc? produced u liyely impression on t'.ie n??PiaVy. nun man iufl wucnrre 'Tll.'rsa in i Muted hereof lo an arm ch*ir between h?r two sous The li?ll *u th<-n fi>rciNy eutewd l>y a multitude cf ?rm 1 m?B ot the lower orders Nation*! Gu-;rdr Th' Prinorm and ber children then retired to 011* of the uppnr be uohrs of the oeulre, opposite the presidential ahair. Th- greatest agitation anl uorjar preriiioJ, and when silence ? ?? restored Nl. Duric rose,an lacaoutu'eJ to tb? ?Mna >ly th'rt th* K>iijj bsd ?bd csted lu t'?vor oi his isrtudsoa iiad ooaferred the regency on the Duohsss of Orleans A vncK ffom ths rubUc B?"'ery?''It is too la'.# " An ind sorlbabt* sortie of tumuli ensued A number cf deputies collected round th* Du^h*;" and her children, an ' the DuNea ot \ erasure and Mont, easier. Nitiocal Utiard* alao raliie I round thi* royal f itally. M. Marie tht-a asoead?d th? trif.uas without beta* ab'" to foealt. his n ice b'in; drownc I by doafonlng cried. W'len si'.eane was r<*s'or?d, M. Marie i>aid that ;n the critic*! sit ua'.ion in which the c.pU&l was placed, it wis urg?otly nsressiry to adopt fluch measure* <u?l<iulate I l" o?lru the population eicce morning the evil had made immense progress Shall we proclaim the Puko de Nemours or (.hi* L)uobe?? of Orleans regent ?? M. Cremieux. who followed, was ol opiviou to uphold the new ? vernineut M Genoude thought that an appeal ocgut to be addres??d to the people M. Odillon B ?rrot n -xt ascended the tribuue. aad sdvos?ted the rights of tb? Duohes* d'Orleaos M Larochrjaqieliu supported the appeal to the people M Laai>rti'je und .vl Lediu ltollin Insisted on the necessity of appointing a prcvisii.nxl goeeroment. M. ttauz't he: e put <.n his hat, and concluded the sitting. The Frinoe?s r- tired, followed by eii to* Hsembeis of the can tr?. those of the left alone remaining iu tbd hall The insu g?ct? 1 ben called,or rafter oarriad M. Dupont d? l'Eure to the presiden'ial chair Toe trsbane aud ail the s?a*s were occupied by tb^ people and the National Guard- and tb? n iin-sof the members of the proTi?lon:?l goven meat were proclaimed amidst a seen* which has not b-en witnessed eitoe th-* correnM^n. Th* assembly then a<ijiur<?ed to the Hotel de Villa to inatal the piovisional government. 'i'lie ilcvolutloii la Tlic Abdication of tiuuia E-|iiil|)]>r, <w> Mit [From Gal gnaBi's .Vltrs-nger. Frl). 24 P M ] Sow of uureiirncts fiotu th lending articles of the P.?ri? journal* of this .'ay w 11 be read with psi-.fjl la ter?et Ws beginwith quotation from the Rff^rmr as b-irg 3 ecrt of manifesto put fo.-tb for airptioo by th masses w'io :ire now in o?en opposition to the constituted authorities, This journsl (<?ye :?1" The minis try has su>k lo blt oil! With it must pull. 1 down that odic.ua. intacous sjstein of which it is the espies sion. Th* French people wi&htob? free. They have prored it: tn*y > ?v<> been as grc?t as they w?to iu the yeti'g 1769 aiii 1830 It is still worthy of liberty. But is it to be b?lievej that the chango of a Unlioi for a Mo'e or a Tillers can satisfy thrni ? If any in-n Jo b?li?v? this they d?crlve tliemsrlyrs. H>, who hare a right 10 sp.-aK in the nam* if the psopla for we have never nbindoned th?m. nevr deceived them. we mike ourselves the eoho oftb?irjust demands. The following are the demands of the citizens of the present day: ' ' The liberation of th? citisens arrested yesterday ?ud the day before " ' The i 'ipeachmuntif the ministers. ? ' The right of meeting oon?or*ted tie facto by a banqu-t on Sunday, * Th? fi^ot'iral reform, founded on popular bases. " ' The abolition of the laws of September. " ' The disbanJing cf the Municipal Guard. * ' A general amnesty ' ' These d?masds are just and moderate. How ean they <i-tain in prison raea who did singly, on Tuesday wh tt the National Gjiid, and tbe people united, did y?sterd?y ! The impeachment of tho minister* U but too well justified by what has passed during the last two da;s. The conflict between the minis try and tbs psrp'e hasariseDout cf the question oa the r'gbt oi meeting This right mutt be established d- fartn The eiti*"n? have purchas-4 it bui 100 dearly Electoral reform ha* beeu pacifically called for by all France Paris ao? demands it with u louder voice. It la tirat to listen toil '1 he liberty of the press is the guaranty o! ell r.tbrr lib?rties Wih it France would off r li>?t f? li o into an abys of blool?cl blood fiom which it i? resolved to ?ai*rge Tue laws of September have niutl lated the 1 bsrty tf the press Let th?m disappear Tha Yiuoio'p 1 Ouaid bar r!gr.a\is< d itscll by excesses ; K has violated the law* by tiring without in attics the required ?utDrn"B"- to disperse; lot it ;it? to i civic io'tilution Finally a general atrnf s'y if in every mouth in ?v ry h> a;t. By these tumiutM ordv r will be promptly restored " Tat .Vitiii'l puM'shss, ns n le*d?r, th? following com nuuieatioii : ? The democratic el?ctoral committee ha? s?nt us the fol'owing e< maninicitiflns : -Th? ministry i? overturned?so far. so W'll But thi late events wnio*t h*v? a?Hated tb- capital, call th* attention of all pood citiz-iii to n>?aeares now become indi*pens?Ne A lrg.1 rnanif>-?,ation ?!inni' cfd Inn: bstor?hand, has fallen ail at o< ce before a liber'ieide mena&os, burial forth fr nn the tribune An immense npparVus ot war j n>? o-erj aiepiayea ?* it ruria feed ticca a f r i. n capital not at i a itat-e. but in it> very h??rt The people g? ter.->u*!y liiUtH. a ad without uruv havi' ae?n t:? rank* divi Je-t by eoldiers ; aud heroic blood baa f! iwed Id flies* circu tiatauc*B. *f the m?njb?- of 'he D*m'cr*tic EI"Ctori*l Committee of the Arron ilfBjm?Dt of the S in?. 'm?oa? on otirselTee the duty of dtrorgly r?c.lnd iog erety on? that i'n on the p i'riotl?m of nit tb? citi??nn ori?anii?d *a National Gua'ds th?t r?pn?, by the very terms of tb? charter. tn? g arat.tera of 1* berty vv'e hav? e?en on a-veral point" ecljlera atopj log abort with a uobl-gri?f wi;h a broth-rly euotioD be f>re th* P'opl,. withon' arras And,in fact how mournfui it, i? lor ail m-a if t u? f'?llng to h?v* Mt b-fore tjera tb? HU?Toative uf f.ilinn in tb? la*a of d'sciplioe or killing their teil iw-c t',?*tn ! fa* city rf itcieuc**. of the ana, of inm?try. ot civil'itt'on?raria. in fact cannot b? th? fi Id of battl" wb'oli K "neb a 1d)? <-( have liotur^d to the-arlvej. Tn?ir at i tu le ban p-O' ed It. and It con d'fuua ! he par: that th.y b??? be.-n ofi^fcd to pUy Oq ih- other hutid. the Na Guard Las en*r<-tic lly pronvu 'Cei ita*lf a? it ?.u>jh to do. in f?vor ol t'e reform movement;] and it ie ct-rt*io lhnt .'it? re?wlt wbich hae b ea nb'Htusd would hav- b- n H(l?la> d without *< y r-tTiaion of blood if tbrrr had rot be-o <>n tn> pan of th- ur.iiatry a direst vrovy. cetton reau'.tinit tronj a brutal (lt-play ?.f troop*. There fere tbem"m>->-r? rf ih? tinnocraiic ?lecter?>l comuiit'e" pro, "-e fur tbe eicuature ot nil th- good Cttix- i* the foi lowii g petition:? rr*i4eriOK that ibe u;.plioati? n of th? army to h- *u ting down of civil disturbance* ii> an attack on the dgni'yof a lr--e p?< ,)le an J on the mo ra i'yrf th? army u?*ll; thatth?re is an overthrew ol real order end a permanent n'gntion of liber y, that the mere Tec<.u;-c to for^e la a cuine acaioat publi.i r:?bt; th-t it le u; ja.-t aid btrbaroua to f r e men of no51e heaffa to esooae b-t?e?u the rint-eeof the eoldier and tboaa r>f the cl i?*o; that tbe Nation-il <>u?rd w?a inatituted prec a? y to a%f?gilard tb? repoae cf the city atid ao protect >h? liberii'n of thi naiiOD; that to it aloni it bei me* to diatiogaia.1 a r> volution from a mere disturbance; th? und?raigoei eit;r*na demiiid tha' tbe whole people eba'.l b<< inoorparat'd iri the National Guar J; th* y demmi that the -lunicipal Guard .-hall be diaaoived; tn?v demand that it bs d'-cided (egiiUtirelj tbntfor th? future theartay shall not bs ecjployed inth; repreafl^n of civil troubl-s " The Sir el' eata: ? The people brlieve theastlvcs t be betrayed; they raiae barricade* iu the atreete, aud Kuril in ryrr J uirrcuon JWT "irBlF. r 'cm Time 10 tlim Wf b?ar flrlug without kaowtcg the oau?e No oo? o*h ?>y bow thi? day will pass o?er if the moat Kinking a?tiafactiou be not (riven to the p->opie of Pari# -If tha iao*t prompt an J dacielea tn?a?nre* lie not taken to have justice done and to bare the liberties the rlf?ht? an! the honor ef France confided to firm and eure hande,worthier protecting i.jch a preelou* deposit. Let the wbota CJ the Nations' <?uarit bs ucdar arm# to-morrow?let i< remain uuited - let it ebow I *?!i a? firm m it ban b?ru mo Let it continue to w*toh ever a e??U rf aS faira full of daa/er and uncertainty. Thanks to ihi poodi?ling wilch eiiat* between th.- oiowd aud the people the mlefurtunei tr.WKr.'a which Mindset; aud ob etinicy hi r im;?,l?J u* uic.y be pr- e-nted " The CaurTi-r h a uaii p A!ijbf?, a? ite Br?t leader aii aildreaa to the Na' i al (iuen'.a. from wl ic!i we i x true*. ike following: \ uu h\?i cried, ' l'ic< in llr f?rm' ! to j a mioirtry ba.? falleu y. u have cried ' N' tnvchri ;iat it-i pr-.i/U,' anl every weapon f'Sbefor# you You liave dernnnded reform, ao l yon hate I al j;i*ei you a n?"? ministry with M. Mole at im baadj if thl? new miiiif ty i< I u a lu:e Jor the purpofe of dejrlvinj: you of rt-tiim, t >? agitation will ntinu?; the ahop? wi 1 b? ajr?iu n ml top Municipal iiuard will re ap^ar in our fc. *tre?'?. and intereftn i ntu rimproiri-ad wi I foii-.w the hit-akin# up of our Insiitaiiuca which m r.gxiu threatened il the new mioietiy docs not. lmmeliately on Its b'ins formed er.ttr In o a farm .1 t r k'*n;cr'i?ut to effect en <*xien?nre and comi leto rrf^rm. ?u b h? !? sailed f. r by the w'rbn and wanLtol ti ? cuntry; if the i Lam bar which baa rea??d toe riamaud !? ,>?el-' hewneiUn nr well mi the m?j rity the lat'et by It* *1 r'. *'l?iuptf at reaction and the oiber by i'a ungual.C hie wi-akneer at th? moment when resolution ana courage were deman led fr itu It; 1'that ?;baa.li-r whi h lie* not for ? moment touud ileelf equal to the *t.ue into which t country bad bean brought, i* not diMoired; if the MupI ciI al (>tiard, henceforth condemned to the legitimate execration of the capital by the exceeaee by which it bar di?*raocd itaelf; if tbi* n'W pr?T0tal K'lard i* not die m'MeJ; if pubiia order an i liberty, diatu. b d by the pre*enc? ot a tfitrrieon of * ) 0(><? men rouni the u^td'al, arc ni t pt?e?d eicloiltaly under the protection of the N? ttoaal Ou%rd. t agitation will continue. f>uch .?>etb? ooi.rt.'alijob you ii|i|?t di?t?t?ito tlie ti'jf lumen', ti IteOUre y< ur titfatit d rrnpolMibilUjr A yi<pl*, y u 8r' ?w?r<' doe* cot ?lu* lU'lf to l>? Irdby it# (intrcj i ?*ln i ??rt.In in?u , i i? mi,re purtlouUny iioprlled by ?jmp?ttiy for c?ri*t'i prioclpl'i The principle wLah It out lr??i.kn I* tb*t f reform reform in tb" bmh< i> wbioti you li??* j-cu.eeii conquered Ul Ibe rf*l?Unc? ol tta- Ku*fr?ineot I'ii.'l m?"em tbst M (iul?),b-r plorei hy M Mole l! ? I b tul jiud be not (ubifttut*.. irum iIj?' poll-y >t o ..t r*??><iu *..d e irruption frou wMcli ^ou ' ?> ( rouiieej ;? rl.i ?,r ,Mi So"l?r? < f, order ? dnl lllx-rty the nee rlty ul r,t ,e. tl.e te, e* r.f t"i? t.l f i?nre irf h??Ml'tlh In ynut krepirg. Vn> , krrw on what rood tion* jo?i ri-Ti mrtti i r It W? je*'?r?l?y nwde en : pe?l " J n f'.r n r trjl w? I cay II ?\e li lor liberty It W.U In lieRM, \ >~i? R Vuu bile c?Lquti<'d by t .strips; Uom.tfo.?e? It " TN frni> hi* tb* M'n?irg: Th?>? ll at* ?\,d <1 b? n >?TBW*u eel ?>ltel?? d ?! I^S'I I I kt o#a ti" h<>w |t. <?!? IU?lf to t b-lgU ?l il Uffc ! ill* Out by 4e ' r, -< if -Hf:n tW l*;otrebptfcywttrbltej U Tni> but e.tbinn wr?! J abnac WMf not 1*m ly if it ihtvM imagine that tha Ml ot >1. Uu in le enough to <!t? satisfaction to all lagitiiuata claicos, to *p(>- t*? ad th* pa^sicDa which htwe h?en oTor fisit'il. and to dispeosH with th? new rulnlBteia havi' g itlraa ct t; >'ir own. M <?u r?l lr a lout hi*a?;f hy the e*;:e8? of hi.1 fi>tu:.i?m; but b.'n re siufeijk, how many liaaes h^s h? rr.ior.l fit :u i-iruia-: t Otbg r by tb? t> .11 v -y or Ms eloqjeD"* ! Ttiisiawlmt ought u?fvr Co b? lo-jj t f>-:i in ftiljf to rM-?-in fully i i-qu*litj i f ta-'.jut hy (** .y, iti-? i It-UY* of n f.cuuj uutivityj by kuo^inj !> >. to coi.iViu* Tl^or and prudeuce, two qiali'i'S whlali ar* never 1"><t a ght of. hut by thtxo who hare nsitber * igir uor pruj-r.ca Wna'aver iu?y b* the constitution of thf culnUtry- new f.j-miDg, ?t hu^n to tell it th?t It i" ouly by a fkl'b'ul performance of >hi*ae oondltioos that it can m-.j lira our co:..cuitki;oi3. We shall r.wt eep irate (.'ura-lrt-f t'rosu tb' Mllu^ c.ibinrt to support a cabinet whtch tU <11 asmni? a grave respciiMbil ty, without h&v.n? well ia?iiur?il its full ext?ot, without barinj; nid '? iia-iir iniiat?.r ?f nil the d fH nl ti rs of its bosIMoo. i.U the r'fhts and duties which the pa^t bus bequeathed to tbe future The part of the Jivrnal d i Pclatt ha? do temptation f>ir us; wo shr.li never wish to de prive it of it. It 1* not, psrhaps, usfk-ss fjr ui to make known that, ia order that from the first inomrnt it should bo felt that all Illusions are d'ssipatiog, ali positions ara h'ing t? fined. In tka first place, wa shall aay that this ia i? m asura without which we cannot apprehend either 1h r>rmation or existence of a new ministry We :h?ll not s,->e;.k of ? dissolution of th* ohambT Jt may have bu.'n th*t, b-fcre tha opening of the session, tliare w th tarooploiong on tbia question; but ?inoe the vote on thelMt paragraph of tha address, and tha rej'Ctlou of th< am<?cdtn ?r.t of \I D.aoooa?s>?ui de Ulvre ther. cannot auy longer bs mora than one cpinioa After the deplorable deb tie. in ?hioh rVht wa* ravle ta yield to inVbt?after the isiplaeable eorrtiict, ia whioh 1S5 were Tai qulshed by the majority and minority oan no locger meet but to ba prest-nt at the reading of tha royal ordunnanco for a dissolution " 1'he Coniituriminel bus a long artiole against the late government, but exhorting thj people to becalm Th? (TMm mtntre Aii/i' hat the fullc>?vlng : The question of the moment rests between tv?o extremtd? i iclence and weakuess. Violence was personified by M (Ja'aot, but it is vanquished,*nd disappeared in au abyss dug by itseif Weaknrsi ia represented by Count Mui6, and the second extreme term of the qucaticn is not worth more than the first. Therefore, wa expect that to-morrow the question will be placed on another ground if it be nut so done already." Tha Dc' a's abstains from general remarks oa the state of i tl.ira. but g.v-s the following account of the resignation (f M Guiant and his colleagues:?"The ministry of the 29th October, I84't, exists no mure M i Ju z h, freaidrnt of the Counoii, yesterday announced f.tui tbc tribune of the Chamber of D<putias that the kirg had sent lor <'ouat Mole, and obsrged him to form a ii?>w nabi'ief. We be'i*ve that Count Mole his accepted this mission Tbe declaration m>.de by M Out x >t was received by the opposition with demonstrations ofj^y, and by tUe i.amen.'e rnaj irity ol the chamber with manifestations of u totally differ'nt nature. In ail tbe r*i.ks of 111* conservative parly wo s*w sentiments of ths Bio-.t painlul surprise expressed In the midst, o au agitation which wc cannot U'toribe. the depuMei of (ba majority pressed around the ministeis and eu^ rounded tht m with tbe most striking testimonies ol ympMOy. The ministry has doc* its duty, the majority will do its duly, and all ^ood citizens mu.st also do (.heirs As was said by the chief of the cabinet which baa j jst cudod, tbe prerogative of the crown must be fully respected We will notexprsss at this moment the j.ro.ound r>'gtet wiii:h icspires ths tali cf a ciinistrj wbiohbs?fcr upwards of seven years so nobly and 00 coo'ag'ously represented the policy of the conservative party Our raost sincere rteslre is'tbat he who is called 1 n 10 t.a-'j-eii it may be able to satisfy the wants of our country " meets ofiae parliamentary m'<j -rlty, to whatever proofs it may b? put, it will remain constitutional to the last It wl ! fcive to all an example of sincere and profound r speot for the free exercise of tit prerogative consecrat-?i I y the charter. It is the duty of kll good oit'irns, and hn b*?-n Its constant prac.iue. ia w'Bich it wl I never fail U will wait steady and resolu'e until ths first of the powrrs cf the State has airrcised its right It will then regulate its conduct with tuat spiritot unanimity which it is Known to possess, with the prudmce which every serious state of things requires, and the firmness without which every mai must be below his duties Being organs cf this rai-jjrJty, wbioh can never ba shaken, and living in the middle of it, we express its sentiments at all tunes; those which have oome forth at this particular moment, when ths president of the Council annouzos* fiomtbe tribune that Count Mole was charged with the formation of a new cabinet. What it will do, what it ought to da, It cannot jet know. Its acts must depend upon events and political necessities. Its sentiments alone remaiu invariable. [Krom GalignaU's Messeoger, Kcb 24 ] The information wniih we have to lay before our read era of the evnts of yest' raay, will ba f un l of great interest, both as regards sums of the details and tlieir rcsu ts. By ebout nine o'olock in the morn'ng, people a-s-mb'tfd in considerable nutubsrs, in the quarters St Denis and St. Martin, and at ten o'clock they bad succeeded ia ?rec.iL^ barrioa 5es at the Porte St Denis, in the Hue de Cler/, the ftae N'uuve Saint Kustashe, the Un? de Cadraa aaJ the Ku* du i'etit Carreau A fut lliie took place nt soatn of those barricades, between tb? P'puUos nnd the municipal guards. Two young men wr? killed, t?ad a municipal gtiard was disarued Several municipal guards nere pursurd to the Mace du Caire,by youug men nrmed with sticks. Tile guards fired, and wounded several persons. A woman the re Utive of a tradesman. w w* unlets'end killed on the spit According to tbe /'u.'rie, the offlier of a platoon of tbe National Guird, *ho was on the place, was so indignant. th?t b* crif d : "To arms !" whereupon the of our reporters pissed through the Place da C tire. It *as the-, p-ifscllj o?lm- lo tact, not a roul ?as to be poo escept threo National Guards in the rastage <2u Ctire. At the Port* St D-nis, the troop* chargej the people. ?ci tb* birrleede in the Rue 1 a'Jran. at the entraro" loifci- Cu? iMontmartre. wag attacked by the Municipal Uutrd, mho tired on the rooh. wh?r?b? a <-biid was killed, *od two workmen and three women wrre, it is said serlou?ly wounded 11 o'clock. the crowd was dense in the vicinity of the Porte St.. Martin; and there were ere* of ' D iwu ?rh GuIb k !" Long live R-form ! ' A detachment of troop* tired on the uub compelling it to Tetreat At 1J. all the quarters of the rosrfce's were t uliy ooonpird There wan a battalion of the dlst regiment on the ?1arch*s dm Innooean. besides detachments ot the Mu MfllOMrt bor?e mil !"ot, and two detachment* o ouir??siers Two ptenrs of caonon were on the spot, one ol whii;b was directed towards the Rue Montmarire.tfce other towards the Rue de la Fern nnerie They wer* ready to be ?111 ployed at a mnm?nl'? notice The Bfh imrK-t was occupied by a battalion of the 1st regiment On the Place du Carousel, the hor?e Municipal Guard oharged the groups who were asietabled there; but the peopK *f *r disp?rsiog o.j one spot, immediately reueHembl'd a* another. At the barricade in the Rue de Clery.wbloh wa? h?lf destroyed the Municipal Guard tired and several perso&s were wounded. Between one wn J two o'clock, one of our reporters vieitel the different qisiters in which ui'tuTbanceg prevailed Oa 'he UcuWviirds, In the Rue St Denis, the Rua St. Mar'in.tbe Rue Mont mar tre, the Rue S Ho. nore, and. in Uot, all the prinoipa'. streets, the crosrd* were very d?n>e On th? Boulevards, rsp^ially n?athe port's St. Dennis and 8t Martin, theru was a Urge as*rtot,lag* of military, infantry, dragoons, Ik'ht draKocn*. unl municipal guards, both horse and toot In ine Rue St. .Martin frequent charges were ex*cated An attempt to erect barricades in the Rue S:.An?oin? w** prevented, as were also other attempts in the Runs St Liurent and St L iz-.re In the Rue d? la Cite r.u 1 the Rue dn Con?tactins the troops had to disperse the mob Oa the Ti*ce du Chatelst, and the Pont au Change, a ftntllrdt was kept up for some tlue. in the Rue des Filles du Calvaire, batricad's were established, but were destroyed by the troops. Barricades which were constructed in the Rue du l'?rap:e were destroyed by the troops about four o'clock A ch<*f de bittalioc was it is said, killed. The Place d?s Victoirse snd the Plane du Carrousel were occrpied by strong detachment*. both of dragoon* rii J icftauy i h' Pairit r?laim tbat, in purring ulocg ih? fjria?*r. lh? pickets of the Nx'-ional Guard orird " Down with Gala it! Long live lWorin !" They pro e^edi-d to the Pine# de l'?tlw Pere?, and froia tbenoe to the Hue Montiaartre. TUey were fallowed bj an lmm?npc crowd. who alternately chaunted the Marsetllatee," and orlea " Viva la Garde Nationale !" At about tbat tima cbaru?* were made on the assembled pec,pit in the Plat e St Andre df a Ar'e. the Plaoe de l'F.sole de Medicine, aud in all the *>Jjo!nirg rtr<eU*s lar ae the Place Mau^ert. I'iekntjof troop* of tbo line. national and mutiicip tl gu?rjs, were stationed at aim' all the com*r? of tbe streets The / 'trie Huert* tba?, at the cornr.r of Ilu* Lepelle! : \1. I)elei orde, chef deba'tiilon of the 211.egion, at me head 01" a e'.rou* detachaent, refund to allow ? d-?taibrn nt of caif*fei?r* ta enter the *tr?et, a procefjirg in which be vw Wi'mlj supported l>y hia m?n. * h i ? :en*d i rif? of ' Long lWe U'fornj ' Down with On r. I!" la n<K? Ntr?et.. vbicb le^U? tj the Place dps Petit* i'ert-a \?tit>ntl Ouar1? also prevented the tioopi from eote.iLg. Oa tbe Bouli r*r:1, between tte Cimteau d'r.au aii J tho \mblgu, * up^ri r < Ulcer ordered the Sitlorii Guard to charge tbe people ; but, *?jft tbe Peiti', tbey refund. In the course of the day M. Creral'UX the deputy went al"i>K the tjuai du Lourre to the chamber of De :i Ira, followed ttj 100 NtUoatl C.u->rJe, iu unif r . without trmi In 11 inornin?, a port of the Municipal Guar J, in the Kue Maueoucil. wai oarried hy the people 8jon after tbe Mujtci,>*l Guard* cttcet-edrd in retaS'rg it; but the peopl? enbf qui ntly at a-iked it with renewed ardor, and eu^cee'li-d in again getting possesion of it. Darin* the wh le day a Ur^e rrowj wait assembled in me tioiuiij "1 m" uinary ?: ror-ign AII*ir? J ney sriaJ inoraaautly, " Dawn wi:li (iuizot! I.org lire Re form !" A atrong f rc.e of the National Guard occupied the Arcadea en 1 It'j' de Kitoll durinn the Jay A large crowd waa urartnbl'd there. arid It ainised itself la aiiouttng. " Lnni; lira the National Ouard !" lathee nrM of the afternoon, the mob attacked a biily if the Municipal Ouard, which WiB atationed uo'ter a e*'>?ny In a a:r<"t in the Maraia and ? email number of National <iuarla, hatiug come up, uulHtd. aa it &a?f-rt?d ia di'trming them. About !> nr o'clook, th? Intelligence that tb? ministry ha 1 g:ren in i'.a reeljviiiti ^nlbegan to be ceri-rally kB'/wn It wu? rece.red by erery JemorHtra'l u of satisfaction. Keen * large cr.fivd if well-dressed persons, on the Uoulevards. te?ufled their their joy by shouting,"VWe U Jl?t->ruja ! ' At ali ut five o'clook. the mnb ni^dean attack on the gus i hou??' on the BouI??,it J 11 nan-NouT'lle, where < !) pnaoueta Were contlo?d It succeeded in dtoimii'C the eoldtri* who ( oeupled the pelt and In releasrug ih-p If O'ra. All ti.e mndowa of the guard-bouae ?er? ?T)< ?h?d. The National Guard aiao r?some prl ?!.n?r? atr w^e c iititied lu the ".Urie ol tbe third ar- i r ndi'S*uie:.t I lie aiim unosa th?t as a a rong p'qa*t ?.f the , \l'ln<i Onirtl was ia>-<nar lefoiethe in)pr1m?rie II j If (. il i'rd by a mini'mm crowd sboiiu, g 'I. rig , iiv? H f riu! I.niig live the N?'i l>?l Guard! ' * d?tuoh.i?-i,t of ( , Municipal Ou rd fired on t|.eni,an<l w 'Und ?da*Tru Ore?t???pe?ril'?ii w*" produced by thi?j but j it w.ia i iMewiat canned ilnau wbeu the mob learned 1 w ( Iietitell ut the UliiKol llllllllfr). At abuitl tiftu '/O.ich, m iiui&entt croa d, coneiflloi | I m . 1 i'j" jl .'i.j1j a!o*it fxsiu#iv?lf of ptNOM tj tht *ork'?g oi*MM r -. sy r.f tfc?m very yourg 4mc?ii4*4 the Boniarard*.? Th y vf r? headed by um bearing M?x>ng torches Tbe> sintf the new favorite song, b-ti rtnulnix ' Mourir pour la patria, r'fU 1* ?prf, 1* plus b >u, I* plus digne d'enfie." Or it ?<ml<l bf iu >re eirreot to sty that tb?y i^ns only ; nose two lines, r'nr th?y rarvty got beyond thrm r< pe*t, -'Vm orar and< ver n^io. At intervals, i ,-j abirmf J the retrain bv sUoittii* wi'h nil the foire 11: .. ir lu n.'D"?n whL Gufiot' f *i'h Hull ?t! ' I L)a loncbii.n tha MUliijof Nnreign Affairs. ib?v found n-enbUd very strong furs*" Of infantry and dr? gonue, which occupied the whole width of the hou.?*?rJ? ?ith tha exceptionof the pavement near tha Una Bj?v Uu Rempart Some persocs expeoted to see th# mob rome Into collisicn with the troops, but instead of that lb* torcib<b*areis filed f.lT en the pivcraent, ?houi.in? ' Vive la llgne! Vive 1* vigne!" and they wotj followed 1 y all tb> lr 1mr? train. Aftar having passed the soldiers, tha crowd raited a UrrlSo about of "Down with Quint!" after which, h?v i-K formed themselves I do si.methin* like order, th-y e ruck up the eternal "Mourlr pour la patria!" and oonti&ued to bawl it until they reached tba ohuroli af the viad-leine. Thera aWrga detaohmeut of the National p nrd wis stationed. The oomrnaudant on seeing the ?r.ob w*tit to the leaders of It, rtoommcndlra; thrm to I 2tillju!?h thi?lr tnrp.hra mill lu r>.lirl> The torch l.*tr?rs l.i mediately oouiplioa wltU the irq'ie't. nud a thousand vuiccs sheu4?d,''Long live thaNational Guard ' Ybe r.?.">b then cried ? To Duoliatei." and went al"ng th' Rue Roysle "lth apparently tb? ihtantlon of paying * ?islt to the Minister of the Interior Inlhr Run St Honors there was a!so an irnmtni/ crowd, wblch alio sang at one man "Mourir pour l* pilrir varied alternately wi:h the "Allan*. enf?ns d? .s patrie !" and "Aux ar.nts citoyens!" ot the "AlarreilUise." On ascending the Rue St Honore they fell ia with a detut'-hraent of Natloqal Guards and <f a reglraect of the ltne; whereupon a thousand mice* cried * Long live the National Guard! long live the line!" and to wiud up cats < a fi.-roe shout of' Dewn with Guisot!' When the news of the resignation ef the ministry hat! b?c. me generally known In Paris, there was a burst ol sUlrfioilon which it would be difficult to desciib' Lar^e parties of the national guard paraded the streets ihrtiRlcsrs and m?n shouting "Vive la Reform*," and the orowd cheering loudly. Bands of 600 to 1400 me> and boys went about oTying "Vir* la Reforms," and i login* the ".Vlurseillalie." and on being met by tb? troops they divided tn let them pass, and as soon as the; iiad passed repeated their qrlf s and tbtir song Towards half-past fix o'clock mi ilMflbiation w.wi spoken of, nn<J ijauy pern uit lighted up f^Ataueously. The iilumiuntion, cf cnutoc, livoumn mors general when the populace In itrge nu id hers went through the streets, calling " light up." Numerous bands alon*. or following d? t*chu>wDta of National Guards, went about shouting Viv? le Roi," "ViVe la Reforms." and singing the ' MarselWise." On many of the points where barritiijis had b?en erected, and tho people were resisting ihitrooj)S, they ceased resistance when they beard th? news ot ths resignation cf the ministers, and the troops retired; lot we hear that on otb*r points the people A'ere \tn r*?asonnble, and between nine and ten o'clock iu the evening, a large crowd from one of the faHt>ourg>' arrived opposite the hotel of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, aud i >m<i shots were tired at the hotel The National Guard mustered rather strong yesterday, and, wheu the news of the resignation of the mi uistry whs known, a great number more who had re fuss d to tnrn out made their appsavauce. At eleveu o'cleok, there was no actual disturbance in the Rue St Denis, the Rue St. Martin, and that neighborhood, and the troops were aH withdrawn. But the people were busily eug*g?d in constructing formidable barricade near the forte They had turned up a great part of tbe foot pnvement. bad setz*dsom* carts, bro ken down acme iron railings, and.in faot. possessed thoiustlres of almost everything wnich it was possible to remove. The difflsulty of removing arms cf the stones was cooaldsr.ib!#; but the m(<b enlivered their labor with reiterated shouts of "Down with OuiaDt!" la the llue .Montmartre a barricade w?i being const! uoted near the hotel of Baron Deltas- rt, a ahcrt die tat:c< from tbe Boulevard Tie pavement was there dug up-the railing in front of the hotel was broken down, and several back-cabs were seized. At the en trance iuto the Faubourg Montmartre from the Boulevard. the mob was slso ej^-aged in constructing a btrrioid?. surprise was SipfWij at all the troops bein^ withdrawn, > ut it was said that they were buHlv engaged near the Hotel ot the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ?nd thj noise of frequent fu*ilades oontlrmed that statement. The moo seemed tolerably gool-hu inortd, for several of them pollUly advised our reporter to take the by-streeta in preference to the Bou levari?, stating that there whs d*n<j-r in passing along the latter. Many persons irere walking up and uown me D.'u.pvnras, armea wun mussels a>sa cluM ? The only armed force we saw was a patrol ot the N'a tioiikl Guard. which wr.s greeted by the mob with cries of ''Vive la Garde Nationale!" A nutnbar of biys amused then.selves with smashing the gar lump* TQr guard h0UM of the Boulevard* Bome NootcII* he been abandoned by the troops. and the mob was ccsupled lc (lulling ?rery thing to pUo-.'S in the interior, breakin; d< wu the iron railing. ko. It Is wi'h the deepest r?grot that we acuiuoce (twelve o'clock at night) that the 14th regiment of the lln?. Rationed in froat of the Hotel dts Affaires Ktrangeree, fired to-night on a numerous uroup of young mer who wrrw paseiug with foiue National Cuirds at tbel; head, and killed a ocnsidtruble number of tbem, b sides rr-undicg many others This event c?u<ed tbe greatest excitement, particularly at n lat-r hour of the night, when toma of tbe dead booies (at least twenty, it war paid) wt-.re carriej id a wagon along the Boulevard towards tb# Baatille Soaie bnrtioades were iminejlatelj thrown up in tae Hue du Faubourg Montmar.re. tt.? Hue Montmartre, and other streets close to the Boulevards Some cabri -lets. tr*es, barrels aud ot'.ar wli cles were also Hun* together across the Boulevard ?l-e Italians. I) as to form a kind of barricade, but tbe pave metit Iwd not been torn up as in tbe other places men tioned At the hour nt which ws write, matters have bt-ooine more tranquil. [From the Paris Debits. Feb. 34.] Between tire* aud four o'clock a deputation of obou* one hundred members of th? National Ou?rd, oemposed for the most of the rffioers of the f.iur'.h legion, went toward* the Chamber of DmtiM A ba'talion ot the t?nth legion, which was in tbe service cf the Cbr.mher advanced to the middle ot the Ponide la Couoordo. and di-olared that th*y had orders not to permit anyVieputation to proceed to the Chambers. At the moment at which this was piesiog. M. Odillon B irrot and M. Gar*Wr Pages who were followed by a gre>?t nnmberof deputies of th* opposition, joined t h- <jUpu>sti~u. The petition was then remitted to M. CrtmVux. The effjrts cf the erowd were concentrated between Rue 8t Ant< io? and the Rue Montmartre. and between ' ibe Rus Vleille du Temple and the Hue 81 Martin, the b:trrio*des of which, na has b-m already stated, were crnvructed wi:li diligences, cab*. turts i.c , Oiled with pavtr g stones Mosi were abandoned wi.hout resistance andtneorowd afs*mMed in otfiersyots. A birrictiiIn the Rue Viellla du Temple, tear the Rues de TO'-ill*andde Poitou. was surmounted by a red fl?g Au ofllser who 0 nntoanded a detachment which at ucked oue i f the barricades in tbat quarter was struck by a ball. A harric.ide at tbe entry to the Rue de Percne was destroyed by artillery. In an attack 03 the Place dn Chatelet, M. de St. Hilalre, Cbet de Battalion of the 31th regiment, wag killed f Fmm th? Paria (!Ana?rval?iir IT?K OJ 1 The s>*rTioe of the arrondis??ment p;st offljfii wm iraI pedtd ysterday, e.nd th? day betore. by the i jsurgentn j The po?t office f?r the Halles remulne J oojsmntlv eloped I Tb&t in tbe Hue l'Kch!quer wild paitmlly interrupted ! Yesterday and tha day b-fore the insurgents prevented j the poftioru lrnin t-*liir ^ the le'ters from the receiving i bix?i, and on Tuesday mght one of th?ss postman wse eurrouoded and detained for mtthI hou;? The prut fil e cmnibuuefl were prevented from runnlrg the whole of the d*y by an assemblage of 400 Or COO armed risn. Snme lcu?*rs were spoiled by the injection into the r?cfiving boxed of water or tome other matter [Krom th? Patis H'forra*. Feb -14 ] When tha 10tb legion of the National Guard was assembled yesterday morning on tt>e Place Taianne, one oi them shouted " Virs la Reform#!" wbereapon M Leiceroier, tbo Colonel, g*re orders that he should be seised, hue the N*tion?l Guards surroundirg hira, de1 i' 1 ' rd toat h? b*d onlj expressed their sentiments A detarhment consisting of several c.nnpiDies of .Id L'glou, pr-rvect'd the Munlc'p .l Guard from attacking ! tli" per,pi? *,rthe Pont N'otre Diiao. B?tw?*o live and six o'clock, abcut fifty Municipal | Guards who were shut in a court yard cf a hoose in thr i l!u? Bourg I'Ab'ie. were forced to lay down their arnu j The National Guard negotiated bstweeo th? people ai.ri tt> Munlr.'pil Guard for tha dliarmit g end wbeu It war I effected, the former took the latter und?r their protea ) tlon. The exasperation oi the orowd against the MuolI cipal Otiurd was moat intense, owing to thss?T?rity wltb | wtjich that body had eoted in d.ff-rent u tatiert; and wb' n t*?y l?v?ii frc.m the c&urt j aid,? strong force wv required to protect them. The people then demafid'd j t'.?t they ehr uldlie male to tak" off tb?ir shakos, anc 1 that they were r b I?>id to do. Th>*y were then l?.d aloof a number of ?tre<*;s. headed I y a d?t?r;iinjrot of cuiras. ri?rs, and surrounded by the Nations! (iiiard, the | troops of the line firming a r>a?s*,;e f,>r them to pass. ' On arriving at th? Place de r Hotel de Vilte h clever ev 1 valry morewrt pr'vt.ted the crowd from entering and the Mould pal Unaid were thereby en :bled to ftc?pe into the plar* Th?y then warmly expressed tbeli ibmiks to their deliverers. A'nineo'clock the q urter Trsiisnonian an J part o! the Hue St Martin wen filled witti b?rtlevies. which j were guarded in military liisUou by the pojle The I Inhabitants were polite ly conducted to their residences ! .res were Ifch'.ed for the bivouao In the Hn? ltnmhu trau, the people, carrying torches, knocked at the 1 doors, until some on- answered. Thry th^n eried. Have you arms?'' " Y.s " - Then gi*? thero " When the arms were givec. thu people wrote on the doors ' On a itnnur rln at mm As the orowd was assemble! before the Hotel of the ; Ministry of Foreign Ailjtiis an 1 w*rf ulter;p(.' the ususl cries, they were fired ?n without ?ny previous oolict* and fiity two persons tell dead or woHnd>d A cry ol vengwano* was imoi'dlatuly utteied ly the people the j y:ctims of an tomlnal/ie ?m nj?r.id end seviTal i f ch-n. hastened into the nnlithhoriiitr street' ?h???itlrir 'T?. arms ! to arnos ! We ?re being MMarsintted !" Shortly i.fcer we eew a cmrt arrive at tDe o.' jVnii at containing dead bodies The v?hif>.l? nurronn )>*ii by people who were weeping, mi 1 full of Indiguatton and who showed u? the bloody bciies, crying. "They are sesos'ins who ha?e stain tbara ' \V'? wid aveng* tbun! lilte us arm* ! ?rm*!" The t^rcnes, earning th?ir glare by tuius, on the bidles aud ou the people, add"! to the violent emotious of tl,e r:en? M Oarnler-i'ege*, being at that ujoraent in the otfljes ol the Rational nddr"s.?ed t^e people. Ilo protuited thai bf would employ bis t-(T,rte to < blnin for the people thuMucked the ratlsfoctlon which is rt->|tiiit d from the* Irrpiou* and a'.io-lnui laiuist^rs. Th" fun?ral It sal < Mi our < fti.-es, conducted and lighted in the sr.me iuml nrr; tliry onn*ej*d the I) di>s to distant qjsrt'-rs M. d" Courtale, drpuly of the O^poekion, hastened to the Uouirtard des GapuelO' S to ascertain thncauvs <f thit shameful butchery ll> Informs us that the colonrltl the regiment which had caused the firing to lak* piece, wi s In ci.nsierLH'h.n at wnat had occurred H> < tliUH ?*|>Ultied W hat 1:-exiled K Oep'iir*bl* luip. udenn. . | A t! ! ?om?nt at which th? crowd ^arrli.J. a bullvt ??om a gun whleh w?-'t itT li> acci Jn.l in the g<Ti|f < l ' ( the lio'al, brnk< the leg ff ietitcu ,nt c on< I's ho.*'* Tb" ' tHo. r commen ting the J-t cura iit believed that ; i It ws? an ettHk, and Immediately viih agmliy w>nl nl j < f nUciiou commanded h.e iu>ii U> Ore This ollloei i wasliantdiately plao*d In prison < [l-'r- u 'be National, Fe>>. 2i J M L'utrvier, feer ot Frauo?, and CoiunWof (be 10ib i i . ii .in.i. i i.i'm,i[,1j. bA?lo(! to ft h%iUl!oa of tJu legion that th? emfuie croabed, fted thit the IX?'lcn?l (iusfd was o*!led on to give tectum:? of ecnfldsno* to the gorernm?nt, 000 of lb* Natlrnal Guards stopped torv.ri and declared that they wnuld not do it and that tb?y all d*alre a chaug.< of ministry and reform. The?e word* were rectlved with ancl?msti'>n*. General Frlaut having stated at the post d?* PetlU r*re?, that tbey hid compelled M Ouliot and M Duobatrl to-etlin, tb-rc was a c:y ?l'haf. Is not enough wr wait tin over!brew of tha whula ministry and ill lot peaebment!" In a artio' aent of the National Guard in the Hni> Pinou tb*re were cries, in addition to three of "Down with the ministry"' of-'We won't hare thieves in embroidery, any ni re than in r?gs!" In the Pi lace Hoy ale t he muniolpal guard attempted to obarge tbe p?ople, but were prevented by the national guard. The employe*! of the ootrois at the barrier* y*at> r day reoeived orders to remove; the barriers are occupied by the national guard. About two o'olonk.tha colonels of the twelve legion" ent a deputation to the King, informing him that it was Impossible to preserve the tranquility of the oity unless prompt and slgnlfloatlve concessions ahould be made. Just before seven o'clock an immense number of la iniirv maronea up me uouievardi, towards tbe rortn Sr. Deni*. and other strong detachments occupied the vicinity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Some firing took piaoe between the soldiers and the people at the barricade, at the entrain of the Faubourg Monlmatre. From sevan to ten o'olook the people continued to ereot barricades in different streets, and In some placed t'lerewaa dilog. At about ton o'oiock, the troops were all under arms h hitherto. opposite the hotel of the Ministry for Foreign .MI,:irj. A large body of cavalry was drawn up in the middle ol thr street, and a dense mans of Infantry wis drawn round the wnole of the hotel. D rums were heard. ?ud a body of infantry advancing. As they approached, in was perceived that they were preceded by a body of the peepM all armed in different ways, and bearing the tri oolor flfg. The people and this body of eoldlers r.dvai.ced towards the soldiers on guard, and. after some explanations, accompanied by shaking of hands and croseicg cf swords, In the military style of salutation, all thescUiers, en maise, sheathed thair biyonets, the ctllcers sheathed their swords, and quitted the hotel, leaving th? people to act as they pleased. All that the lat tar did was to eheer vehemently, while a young man mounted up over the gat* and took down, amid lrud rheera, the 111* which was waving over It. Shortly afcer this, a body of National Ouard came from the Rue da* Capccines amidst loud cheering, and took their station opposite the hotel, as the cavalry retired towards the Madeline. Everywhere, the toldiers along the boulevards tcek off their bayonets from the muskets, which ihoy then reversed, appearing much to ?nJoy the ec. ne Whilst this was gcin? on, the people wantonly set fire to tbn bureau ot the hackney-o ach station nearly oppcsitw the hotel Iu the evening, a group of youDg men, beaded by tricolor tlaus and toreb-s, and led by a oaptain, a lieutenant, and a snb effljer of the national guard, went to Caserne de Neuilly, to demand the release of some persona who had been arrested. On being assured that they bad been releaeed, they quietly dispersed. An attack was made on he Hotel de la CbMcellerle, the windows were smaslii d. and the orowd insleted on the windows beicg illuminated. An attack has beea directed agatnst Mont Valerien? some rheds were turutd down. At the Batgnolles four children have been killed, and their bodioa are deposited at the guard house The Dih iti says that the collision which took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was oaused by a crowd, headed with torches and flags, attempting to force its way through the ranks of the soldiers It savs nothing of the cumber of persons killed and wounded! After midnight the too?in was sounded in the Churob St Germain des Pre?, and the rappel was beaten la ssveral quarters. The following declaration was yesterday signed la tbe 4 th L :*ion of tbe National Guard : ? ' We, ibe undersigned. all belonging to tbe National Guard, deolare tbat, iu tbe midst of tbe troubles of the capital, the summons to assemble having been beaten we the proteotors of order, shall proosed wherever we may be ordered to g? ?o prevent or arrest tbe tlfusion of blood ; but ac tue same time, being protectors of liber'y, we drolate tbat our rbjeot is not in any way to app.ove of tbe ministerial policy, either at home or abroad, or to lend any support to a ministry whioh, on tbe oortrary, we Miuno with all tho energy of good citizens. We ifo not deliberate under arms?we merely state oar way of thiT>k r.g, beicre we go to our post " Yesterday evening, at about et.bt o'clock, an immense crowd proceeded to the residence of M Odiilon Birrot. and entered the court yard of his house, snd cany of them his apartment, in the most peaceable manner. A deputation advasced towards M Odiilon Barrot. who i was at the time iu company with many of liis colieH vl. O. Barrot address.-d tb.i deputation as w? " My Friends,?1 think I see your fat!. ' i'y. 18.t?? it is a display of the tame coarsg.*?tin(unanimous cheers.) Anil to bs like thei ahyoflioerty, be calm in triumph ; that is thee: iter which is suitable to tbe cause cf right and liber; Loud cries of ' Long lire OJiilcn Barr were then raised M OttDilt Pages addrd a few ? v.' word* to persuide the crowd to re ire peaceably !'bn ehouts re commenced with increased strength,a; retaken I up by the poople in the Kui de la Ferine des Mathurins I During tbe whole night tbe people were bm'ly engaged in erecting barricades in the principal streets, as well as ( iu those of scalier ones ia which it might appear of im- | lortauoe to prevent the entrance of the military. Barricades etisied at an early hour this morning in different parts cf the boulevards especially near the Porte 8t. Denis, where there was a very formidable one, and near tM Hue lticheiieu. where there were two , in the upper ecdoflheRue Montmarire twj.the Faubourg Mont ruartre the ltue G 'dot Mautoy. the Rue de Provenc-, the II ue Cadet,the Rue Vivienne two.the lt ie Richelieu, thritue des D?ux ?us, the Ru* St Houote, the Rue lefl Vintliui Knir?? thm Rna ?l?a l>'rt??n? I I'-t'tlserrole, and in multitude ofother places; iu tact it ! would occupy a column to name all The barricades were 1 constructed partially cf cab?, diligences. carta, board) I or anything el?e the peopl* could lay their hands on ; and these different ci jaotd, b?ir>g piled And fitted to- | tether as well as possible, were k>pf in th?lr places by i paving atones torn up from the streets On tha boulevard* a great m*ny treea were cut down, and the bu- | reaux ot tbe men wno register the hackney caba were dragged into the middle of ilie roadway Almost every haincade waa guarded by a email Dumber ot peraona. torn* of whom were armed with guna, othera with club*; | but the great majority were without arm) at all The teople at the barricades behaved very civilly to the paa- I sangers,allowing them to crosa moat of tbe barricade* ; without diffleul'-y ; but at ion? of those which opened on the boulevards permiaaion to paaa waa refused. Count Mo e baa deollned thn task of formlog a new ministry. The kiog aent laat night for M. Thiera and that gentleman undertook at once to submit to his majesty tbe liac of a new cabinet, making a proviao, however, that he ml:ht be permitted to join with him aa one of his colleagues M. Odillon Barrot. To thla hi) mijes y waa graciously pleassd to accede This mornirg. at a little before 8 o'olock, aa a number rf people were t>u)liv 1 employed in ereoting a barricade at the end of tbe Hue i'aitbout, cloae to the Boulavard. they s-w a ground ! gentlemen approaching from the end nearest to the Hue ilea Trois Fteres Som* of the crowd immediately re- | orgni*ed them, and loud c?iea ot " five N. Ih irt " I - hve M. Parrot " bnraf. fcrtn With these gentleman were M. Duverijler de Hijurranne, M d? Rerausat, Prince I de la Muscowa, and other members belonging to tbe opposition. The whole party walked on towards the Chateau. followed by criea oj Ktv? la Reform*." ' Yea, yea," aaid M Thiera, "you ahall bare It." At another point, io the Hue Grammot. the cry arcae of ''EmpZch-z tlu main/ if 9 ovpi de /mil!'' which waa al?o responded to i afHrmatlvrly by tbe group ot deputies. The whole way , from the BoulbTards to the Rue St. Honor* ia intercept- i ed by lmmtta^ barracadra, aome ot them considerably < higher than a man's stature At each of these impedimenta, M Thiers and the other gentlemen ware obrg-d to puis singly, and as tbe rumor spread that the honorable gentleman waa going to the kiog, loud cheers conti- j iiued to greet blm. At about ten o'clock M. Odl'lon Ilarrot passed up the Rue Saint* Anne on foot toward) tbe Boulevarda. pro claiming Genera! Lamoriciere Commandant of tbe Na- | tional Guard of Pails, and aor.otspauied by a numerous aoort of National (JuarJsaud citz?ns intermingled. Ou arriving atjthe corner of tbe Rim Rioheliue.M.O Barrut gave orders to a trcop of dragoons and the Slat regiment of the line to proceed to their barracks The order waa Immediately obeyed, amldat shouts of' IveLuraoriolere, I Vive Odillon Barrot, Viv?le Vingt-unleme d? llgne," the soldier* frater.lairg with tbe people The caissona of tbe reglmrnt were in an ln*tant broken open, and their cont nt a distributed amongst the crowd* < By eleven o'clock the muster of the National Guards hud become vety strong and most of tha pos a whloh had bean oocupled by the infantry cf tbe lino were taken posefrslon of by them. A company of the line was seen returning to their barracks, in the Rue da Faubourg Polwo iiAt re ? many < f them were disarmed, having given their musket* when demanded by the people, or rather by idm' Uda who were in tbe crowd. Those who were not disarmed bad their musksta reversed Two pieces ot iMESun and two caistons were seised on the Boulevard d?a Itallens. by a party of tbe people, mixed with Na tior.al Gu irds. The powder was taken cut of the caissons and distributed to the people, and then the cannon and the calssous were taken to tha uarite of the second arrondisscment. The Provisional Government. [From trie London Chronicle, Feb -J6 J Paris, Friday, Heb SI. The fnnileur publishes the following in very Urge 1 tj pe : PKOCr.AMATION OF THE PROVISIONAL GjVBftNit KNT. TO THI ras^cH rKOri.K I A retrograde and oligarchical government has besn overthrown by the heroism of the peopla of Par.a ! The g ivernmentj has fl-d. leaTlug after It trace of 1 blood whtoh precludes f.irever its return 'I he blood of the people has flowed as iu July; but this I t'm? the g*u?rous blood nha)l not bs deceived It has och eved > national and popular government, in accord , with the rights, tbe progress, and tha will cf this great , and geterous people A provi*ional government, sprung by acclamation anil urg nof from the voice of the people, and the depuil s ot the deportments in the letting of the -J4ih, la invested momentarily with lhaoare cf theorganixing and ensur- | ing inn national victory. v it ia oompt I of , MM DUrOVT (lel'Eure.) , I. \MARTINI. CRKVUKUX AkA'JO (ol the Inriltu* ) LEftRU ROLIN uarnieu raoi? u MARII ' 0 Tbf jrcTerninent bin for S#<5ret#riM ? i MM AIIMAND M AUK AST. t U)UIS BLANU J FfcRUIN VND FLOCON. t Tb??? clfizTi* bare not hfr.ltiitfd one ln?t*!it lu ac.- w j.'|)Mnk' tilt- (atriutlo lu;p m?d upou them by ur- I ti W'ti'D blool (loir* wh n the capital of France li on I ire. thoeoBiriiUnInn i.| .he pr< ?i>iot?' Rovtriment i- I |.T(TfcJ lr" 10 tbr |iiil)Un peril mi') th? public ?*iely i'b < ft *h e I F will uudertln- d it. and will ?ff rd It !!>. <1 i.ii 'ii r?ii(i? of i.iitriotWm IJikI.t th? |iojiulnr ({ .ttim'nt proclalm-vi h/ib^ provisional fl'tTeiutucut, effry j At x <B In ? Uia?l?tr^e. J Fre.fti li:n?u, ijl?e ti?e wjrld the rttmp'e tb'it T<irl? ban it [ir?n to Fiance; prrpare youmlTtt, by cidsr aui by o> % confidence lo youmlfM. for th? powerful tociftotioctC wblnta yi?o are to t? ap-n tf kite to yenr?el*<?s. Thv pruWMoual (0f?t?Bi?ni will* l r a republic. sv rlu^ the ratlflc?iloLn of the French peo;le, which is to bp lannedi.V 'J conswltr>>l. Neither the p?cple ol Purls nor ths proYielon-l (?OT?tnueut, pretends to (ubitiiuto their (pinion for the opinion or ihe citisets or the J.flu-.ti** form of thegoreru m-nt, which thesoT rrlgaty of tne nation wi'.l proc'aiw. The u ity of the nation i>rmud h'EOv forth, <*f til lh? olve s of the a.it'on wuieU eoiaposo It J Th* govrnpjf,-t of tl?i? nation by i:s?lf ; Llbsrty, equality, and fraternity for principles ; The people for motto and and m >1 i'jidr*. fuel} in th* deaoora'io government wheh France o?m to hrrs;lf, and from which our efforts tbould.be ia ared. Th?ee are the first nets cf the Provisional government. m Di powt (dk l'Kl-hk ) President cf the Council. M bk Lamaiitink, Minister of Foreign Affairs. M. Araoo. Minister cf Marine M. CkKMicus, Minist-r of Jusilse. General dr.ricau, Minister of War. M. Makik. Minister of Public Works M. Lkdku Roi.ix. Miuisturof the Interior. M. Bkthmo.nt. Minister of Crmmerne. * M. < i??or. Minister of Publio Instruction M Ooiidchal'x, Minister of Finances. M. Oahnikr Packs, Mayor of Paris. M Ricusr, Adjoint. M. <> v u.iahd. Aojoint Oener.tl Cataic.nao, Govfrncr of Algiers (jcntral de Coubtais, Commandaut-Uenerbl cf Na tional Ouirds. The otht-r mayors are provisionally retained, as well as the adjoiuts, undtr Ilia name of may ors-aC joints ol arrondissement. me rreiecture ci romeis ucarr me oru;rs oi me Mayor of Paris, aud will be reconstituted under arothei till The Municipal Guard is dissolved Th? guard of tbf city of Paris is entrusted to the National Guard, under the orders of M. Cou:tai?, superior corv-;audant of thr National Guard of Paris. Half raSt Nine o'clock The following Tiot'ce ha? just been published: ? ' In the Nam* of the Sovereign Tvoplo. 11 Citizen*--The Provsional Government has just been installed; it is compos d, by the wiil cf the people of the citiz-ns Frederick Ar?go. Louis Blmo, Marie. Lv martin*, Flooon, Ledru Holla. Reour, Marast, Albert. To watoli over the execution cf the measures which *111 be taken by the goveruir.eht, the will of the pror le hst. also chosen for deleft** ia the department of the police the oitlmi of CoQMMlin and Sobrier. " The same sovereign will of the pecp'e b.is designated the oitis>n Et. Arsgo to the direction.general of the post cUim. " As first ex-cation of the orders given by the Tro visional Government it is advised that the bakers, o> furnishers of provisions of Paris, keep their sho] 8 open to all those wbo may have occasion for the:n "It Is expressly recommended to the peoplo Lotto quit their hi in.H, their positions, or their revolutionaiy attitude They hav< often been deceived by treason; it is important that they should not give opportunities to attacks as criminal a- they are terrible." The following order has also just been iriued: ? " In the name of the French people. ' It is Interdicted to the members of the Ex-Cb&mbeT of P/ers to meet. "Paris, 24'.h February. " DUPONT (del 'Euro) " LAMARTINE. " LEDRU ROLIN. "AD CH EMI LUX. " MARIE u ARAGO." [Ei-Chamber of Peers is rrther sigii-.fic-int ] Paris this morning is pert><rtly qul-it, but the shops ure olosed, and the streets are barricaded as before. The people crowd the streets, and are preparing to go to attack tfee Ca/lle ot Vincenues. The throne of I.^ui* Philippe was yesterday carried jn procession from the Tuileriee, and burnt on tho Plaoi de la Bastille, close to th? column of July. (Ju tne .Northern Kniw.iy the manors are all burnt as far as St. Dennis, and probtbly further. The trains do not run. '1 lie Liitett Tc'.e;<rnpl>lc Ocipatch bovKE. Feb. !2ti 7 15 A.M. Tho Parisians will not receive the 3 ouug Count o' Pari* as thrir hit g, ar.d have declartd in favor of a '? public, and it it rumor-d the rrpnhlican fl ig 1s now Jlying over farts - lay authority revived It Itom the postmi. a tor at Paris The mall from Paris is now due, being the third now due, and none arrived 111* Keuttmc of the Whole [From the London News, Feb.i.i J Tho popular cause has triamphed onse mure in Paris an l against ao army of 100 000 men it has triumphed tt< ti He. fortunately not after three days of cameg* ?jd t fstrnof le, but by th-> mrral Attitude r,f the populs tion The national guard, the middle cla?s of t:ia citizens. j m? ; with the lower or !ers in uffitir.c! r'tistance. md Hi!* fuliijid. French soldiers are oitisans too, aod however ra&Jy .0 sweep away a few idle rioters, they were not prepared to treat as toes, (<nd to decimate with grape abet, the united and thronging populi-.Un of the metropolis. The example is a pregnant one, a d the lesson such ai every monarch and evtry minister must pander over. Neimor must provoke, lor lieiihvr oin .ivctcnie, the hostility ot a millioa rcices. not to sp-ak of a million a-nn. Voles alone have, in the prrsent case, sufllced to overthrow one of the eldest and strongeft governments, headed by the shrewdest kin/, an* having at its command a m ft powerful as lay. led ly ^c -xpeienced and determined general,aud possessing every taeacs of J:.llueuslug and ensuring that army's llieiity which character talents. long; succsje. nn 1 uObouodeC I restuioescould bestow. After all the fortifications, aud the forls, all the ouunln* m<nipuUtl >u and niana^?meut of so dler and of oivili%n, and of every class ic which a shadow (f Influence might be tuppused to re m.ln, with an undoubted majority in parliament- that m?j >rity, to be sure, coaip >s?d of functionaries, but still a majority?all this canning e .idee, with its complica ted scalTdding, L 11 been rwtptaw*.; and Lou's Pnilippe app?srs. at the decllne-of lite, iu the humiliating position of submitting to the liberals, whom he insulted, and of actu!l7 capltuutinj to the mob M Ou<z it, too, has disappeared in this whirlwind of his cwa raisin*; una ne aeparu wun tne poifcuunt r?u 'ctun. that he halived to deny or nndo f?nry prinniple and every aim. to strengthen aiid i?tt*;n which was th? olj^ct cf hi" political cateer. To fouud t>i<i new monaroby, an J far round it with ooneervative buttresses, suaii as might dety the populir cry, was as noxiously end ?ssldo<u? y his study as it was tha'. of his royal waster to erect forts and clrcumvallatlons for th? same purpose M Uttzit has lived to sea his scheme broken through show In 4 It to be as fragile as a spider's web. The prohibition of a Uiuner Las b '?n the mighty event on which ministerial conservatism hue b-<u sbipwrrcked. And tha result utterly disproves M,OfM'l favorite max m that unpopularity w?s the true element of greatness, and the necessary concomitant of ministerial power. [From the London Telegraph Keb 36.1 The creutest revolution of our time, t h? overthrow of the whole system of government, fcandad onoercion, has been more completely and ruddenly accomplished than we ventured yesterday to hope The reltjo of Louis Philippe his come to a deserved ami shataefm end. Democracy, wclch is the true obaracter of the French nttiou, the whole soil beiug divided ii.to small j properties, prevails la the state The attexpt to j establish a bureaucracy, headed by a monarch, has filled in the hands of the most renowned pollt'.ciin of the sgn, attended by every ajvautag*. The triumph 1-not over a tain, but over a gr^ar u-itruih. The Jl<ig of reput i -nnisn Jlmil once more ov i Fiance?theJl :g of ty-iul righ s and honorable iretiom. A provisional government bui be?ii eetabUshtd,?l"i u? hope and pray that it may act moderately, wisely, lor benriu^ly. The s>stom abolished is ons which this generation at least permitted; ar.d tbero cuni.ot be now afcy vengeance to tak? on individuals or lllMMi. The fljbt has been for a truth and a reality, not f r place e.nd for personal dominion. We say, emphatically, that the Ulse und the unreal have been put down. W'e Wait with hope for the inetallalion of tbe.lr proper rucoers.rs AFFAIRS IN OTHER PARTS OF EUROPE. Spetlnl Uts|m(cliis to llicJiiw Vcrk Ilcrnlrt, MORI REVOLUTIONS O.N THE CONTI.NENT. r* iiis, Fob. 10, Events of extraordinary intsrest continue to transpire in Europe. The revolution in Naples to whbh I referred In tay last, his be&n followed by a prosUiiiati^n from | the King that a constitution would Immediately form- | ?1 upin th? principles contalavd in his prooUraaiian. This seeuu to have gives jreat satisfaction to the people of Naples, and filled all Italy with demonstrations A joy aud gratitude to Ki' g ! '< nlf.and 11. Hat it 1 bo be ob**rr.'d that the raiiiieitrs of Austria aci itu?sia, it Naples, protosted against this proa^e Jit.gon the King's l>trt; and. it it Mid, for sons tine, prevented hltu | row complying wiih the tlemjnd.1 of hi* people. The | <ing> wl'e la ail Austrian Duc>cs?; and if Austria ihould laterfero. and Itussla be li:ia.ly drawn into hir ! support, as in the cue t f 18.0, it would appear as if a European war is inevitable It i* uncertaiu what o;.u ae :he Sicilians will adopt; or who her any coacers'o.'is j {inj Ferdinand can make, will ra'i'fy th?ni They i i*ve expellad the King's troops fiorn I'.il?rmo, most of : nhona hare returned to N iples, leaving the people unllspuied masters of the country aod Its principal fort*. I'he King is endeavoring to n?'g>'tiat* with th''?a; a.id i? has, among o her things, proclaimed un in Jironlty | or ail past political ofT-n< ?s. and ordere 1 all ttie priton ri to be set f*oe If he is sincere in this proceeding, be s conceding much, and hi? conduct will give great of- | 'ince to Austila, and place that p? wit in a most trying iltuatio.i Austria has treaties with the Neapolitan <iiig, which will be essentially affected by these pr.?o ed- 1 s'.id under the e.xnuiple and stimulus of this ?r?iii evilutiou, in state of nine millions of people, whfa ;1vir an impulse to all Italy it will b<i diftluui* fir A j? rl to retain her Italian pO!sesM'n?, wituout tbe aid of tusslnor Prii'sla, or lo;h; and, In cise' f a ioovi m -n* to : loercn the Italian States, Krinoe will be found un t!i? j i Je of Italy, an 1 no human pow-r c*u prevent it Began I cow views this Italian looienjem, ?ith favor, and Iks tvldently j lined with the P.ipe in (lylr.g mic< urx.gr.- j rient to these irnderate revo u' ionary movements hi g- j and must take her stand with Italy Anally, in cas* the r.?r becines general The dlrpaloh t.f Lord Taiai'rston ! o I'rinc* Metierulch Is full of interest and of meaning; i nd tin' positions assu.nej. justify all ths Ital au uvivtaents.and f-iedgi the Kngli li government to th.i reels j iincetfany movement ou the part ol Austria t.t an | rol theserevolu.o s lu the different States of Italy While Lord I'al neift >r. aimits tl.a tlie terittorisl Imiti of ttio dill-rent kingdors shoul 1 ri-uiaio un- | harged, end assures the Auvriau minister that no li ?* , b >o kuuwledge of a disposit ion toeha. g" Iheio, he Inrnt' ' ' hat eaca l .alia i Sta.e Is Indepondt ut, and that i s lu ; v . pen ieiice la guaranteed, and ibat no pow ir bos a right | s ' lur- rr( r<, m ur.y Cli n ,! m II >rui or KJ" ''""1"1" | n ".iohth? MOTeri'igoa or tbO? Stutio mi;U iuiU^;ii?: ! fiat Kn. land mm <i i,0t view with nil llir?nc? any ftt rapt ou tha part of .\uv,[U to in.nlw, or ?ot?r u;> u l if iTiliory Is violation of ihMr 1 f)rp*niJ?*n ? ; ?uti 1 i?t ha hoped \un ria would agrva with Kii((l<nd thi\ | ? r>-a, ahiu?n had rxUtn.1 tn ? ?.nlor tlm-iive*, and at palmary fl rut* w?r? r?ry iie'?*Miry I hero drupatoiir* ouninn ?>i*i bvnr* wm only non- , m etui*, that K>i*land h-ti laut it* it.flurnon. ?ndt<ia I f|, iltud th? p 'liny 11 tin ro JUI ry In l?T ir ot ill ravo u n.? bow t king fi?o(i in Itatjp; ?u l lin In'urui'd tiia '' >tir?4 of huropa ttiat aba win not T.ew witu lad It-r- , tu 6D09 &ny ?tUot>t U lotftd* their ??' Upon th*n? f -t that oiuse. VV bciber Lord i'alwerscon lu* Le?uiinpeilfJ to ?acpt thil is >ur*B ff"n a diepoMtlon to unnoy Louis Philip:)*-, or from n bi.;h nenae of public du'y, tnl in a spirit w.rtly rf a lih*-ral mlclatry, snd of thll ?u? it projiju-'^ioa, it cannot fail to produce a powerful ioQtiur.oe iu tbe p li'lcs cf Europe, if it d e.* net result, in tin Hb >llti-n ol tosrly cT-ry afc?o>ute monarchy. ?i'l tuVtitut" lher*fore a ro&Piitution?l on*, in th-* diff'reii' U'pskJoeis ef Europe. Tft? * sample ot th? Pope iu rtfjim i K the government of tb* States of tb? ohuro'i, i;ar? th- Impnlae to a p'opla already ripe, and grattful fir such improvements The hea l of the Oathnllc ?'baroh is powerful in Karopn, *nd few sovereign* d'?lre or fei-1 snfe in inquiring hi? displeasure ; at \ when h? Rives up power In his own State*, and advisrs reforms in others, in favor of greater liberty and ?reat?r security to the utllsens and people tf itithollo Europe, it operate* with a nower which not even emnnn nan control; anil when added t" thi\ Is the guarantee of Kogland, f< volutloua cf m moderate, but most important character, follow one another in auoaeeaion M. Uuixr I* paralixsd; Pilars Mottarnlcb is crippled and Ucund down to uuexpeoted restrictions ; l'rusra la ar^utes-nt, ad Ru-tit ia not yat prepared to .:ot. In tna u?adt.ine, Ssi'zeriaLd baa established a republican form of goven ra?nt; ia itrengthenlcg here?lf at bom* and broil ; ha* i eated ttea'.lianoeof llusala, I'ruesia, Augtiia t.i Fiance ; gaiu?i the friendship ot tbc tier mm Aiid lialiac.Utatea and F.ngiaud, and bids deflanoe to a'.l her morai-a. Hcarotly bad the n?wa ot tbe revolution and the concexalnn t.f Ferdinand arrived at Turin, hetore tbe mun.sipal council, by a majority of 31 to 1-2, voted to petition Kin/ OLaries, Albert of KirdinU. tb-ic augtm eovertig.i. to grant to bia people a representative constitution, which wai imme.Ualely compiled with, by tbat nobl? u:id liberal minded king TlIb sovereign bad tbe wlrdom ae well oa tbe g'n^rraity. to grant ta hia I people t!w full extent of their wi?be?, without any la-gi populir demonstration; and with a promptitude tbat place* Lite among the ben< factor* of the human f*raliy ; and it la thia kirg. whose dom!nici.a Lord Palmsraton informs Austria, Ktgia.d will n^t re" violated with lrd'tlureroe. Thus ia a few mon.be have revolutions taken place in the gcvernmenta of Modena.TuaoaTiy, Ih-t >?tatra of the Cburch, tbe two 3Icni?a and Sixditili, nil kalian Stt te?. Vy the voluntary concession of their tovertlgca, to tbe demands of tee peoplb ; ?.n 1 exc<pt. at Palermo.' With iery little blocdslied. \V?ll may Pilncn.Vlettr raich say, tbat Important obangeB are in proares* In Italy, calculated to deeply uff.v.t aM Kurop?.and Important to tnousrohioi. I have atld, Kranoe niuat join Italy egalaet Auatria. ehould tbe latter invade tlie Italian territory. I m<au by thia, to ix;>rtss the onxietiMi, tbat the power of the French people would onmo? tbe mlolatrv. and drive Louis Phliippn himself frora 'iia tbrone, should to resist auoh a popolar zaov?iuer>t, Frano;-c^uM not remain neutral-the Usliol mi.-istry in ruch M ever.t, mus'. bend ti> the etorn.or go overbo rd Lord falmeietnn understands the publio pulse la France, and tbat. M Gaiiot is occupying a fa'se p:-eilion ; tiid one that must, sooner or Int. r. able us he ia, diive h'.m from power. With France, England, ti>? Italian, m,J Hernia j States, upon one aide, and Huasia, Austria and Prussia, upon the other, what a Euiape&n wur! May it pleaae a kird Providence to aver: suoh a calamity, and to prepare the hearts of men ta givo up a nor!tmi rf lh?Sp r*r?ur?v> te\ fha naftnln wl?*.e tho Old World again with rivera of blood. Hut KumU ia a mighty powr, and absolute. she Is dofend'd by h.r position, n> d the jnow and loe by which ffce la surrcuo'U d, much must depend upon thi wotlou of Nicholas ; he probably holda th? praoe of Europe in bla cwu hands. OBSERVER. PA?I?,F.k 10,1848. Lord Mioto, tho English ambawaSor at Home, ko. hai been requested by both the King of Naples, and the Sicilians, to become a mediator between ^hem ; naJ the noble Lord haa undertaken the discharge of that responsible end delicate duty. Fron; the present position of Eoglaiid in reference to the Italian States, Saitwtand , und all tin reform mornu^nta, a>uocg the secondary States of Eurrpe. it would seem to be very probable, that the mediation will be suoeecsful; that an indepi-nJenl; representation miy be grunt*d to the .Sicilians, acd that they will 64.1:1 reooguiae Ferdinand asth'lr king Erery pub'ic act of the king indicates, that he 1? BCtiog in good filth, In tho reform m-asurca which he is conceding t<# the demand* ot l.u jienplu ; and the manner la whloh he daily mingloi iu the public plac?s. among bit people, turr.undod by thousands. and r<:cMTing their oougratu;atioLS aa i thaaks, manifests a feellnir of accurltv for kis iierson and m<m. in?nt. wbloh would cot i- pp i?" to be w?U fouod*d, we re I he a luallv negotiating privately wi:li Austria, as fcaj J been mggaatMk to ffcror nr. invasion br that power, and a resUratlve of h.'in'elf tob'.i lormer absolute authority, by force of her anna; then again, the king knowstuo position wbl ib England baaaaaumed with Austria; th?t she shall not view, wllh io<l ir. rtpus, an Austrian lnvi?inu cf any of '.!. > Italian S:stes ; and that be by dealing f*le*ly *.ib hla peep'* ami England, would losemor^ than he could tarn by du alliance with the kiciaaa o f bit royal spouse ; nni a rjut lauat hj, indeed, h?artlr who could bs insentibleto the demo:.8,ratl?>ns ofjejt ?nd attachment, which Uisreceat conduct nas excited,'mogg hie peojile ; who a.tm to have forgotieQ tho past, and to , Jt-ep only io r?collection, the recnt kindness of their roverelgu; and he must e -e now. that the least indloation (>f his wiehaa reoeivo mora prompt attsntiop., t&an did a few weeks jlr.o,-*, his positive conn anJa The recoct movement of Leopold II. in granting to the Duchy of Tuscauy, a reprraeiitatlve constitution. ai:d ibe rrvclutioa in fVjdmont, neatly complete the lint of principal Slate* In Italy, ia all of wbion complete revolution* have b.eu effected in the forms of their governmenla, and with H:Ue bloodshed ; and the remarkable feature vf Ihe tlmea la. that these important ebatg?a bhv* ooouirrid, In aom* Inetancsa, by the voluntary action of the ajversign ; and in all, with comparatively little resistance on hia pirt; and that when the revolution Las teen effected, thsre seeius to exist the most profuuud iKMitiraeote of attachment between the governors and the governed ; and the former aeem to enjoy the aaene before the in. aa muuh and ta sincerely aa the Utter; ar.d tois, notwithstanding tbe remonstrances of Russia an t Austria. th j silence of Prussia, and the cold shoulder of the Krench ministry. What power fa the principles of liberty, oorrtotly understood ; and what bcmaye rtald to freedom ; how exalted ia the position of Pius IX ; and bow fortunate, that the Heroulean power of England has bea.i wielded to ana'ain the position of this b-nevolent and moat christian pontiff. Catholl'is a leads, and l'rotestanism sustain*, a Earopcan movement, in ths garden.of Europe, which aecnrea rational and constitutional freedom, to more than twenty millions of people; and by it, tr.e heartaof aoverelgna are oiepared and softened for almost the first time la the history of the world, to listen (o Ike prayers of their aubj>oU, and to grant their damanda A revolution so apouta< eoua, ao general In Italy?putting each state upon nearly the aam* b i*la ? ao aatt-sfaoiory to both monarch* and p?cple?encouraged by the hend ef the Catholio church, and proaouurel by England to be no contravention of the treaty ofIHlj; aod to give bo cause of offence to any Europ*an power, affords those guarantees oi aecuiity and permauencs, which inspirea oontldenoa in lea suooesst'ui issue ; and that Auatrla will r.?. w?v4<] duo ?*?caufi?a iv uintuiu bull UBW UrilVr DI H political errata Ana yet, it will bring uprn b?r H Lo* snl preit difficulties la maintaining her Its- H 11 in posses> ions, of which ?he robbed lt?ly la tho 2?neml partition of the minor Kurope&n stiti'g. which H t.'ck piaoe ia 1815. !i .V. il'.u, AuntrU cm'iuues her p rsecutiana of ths Italians, acd the expulsion an 1 im- H pdsonmvnt of intioy ol the mo*t influential Inhabitants^ Miian, sw?lluwad up in Auatrian ab* lutiam, Is seekD^ toncape frcia the persecutions and p^werof *i>'"a a tank master ; and the Milanese have lately rc^aRr(x to smoke t'.ba.rco or to buy lottery irkets, up' a both of which'be Amtriau Ooreturacut impcserf s dn'.y. ami from which it derirrd a considerable Austria bnving failed to coerce tbe prople gf Milan Into either of there ran. sures. hits lately incr#'j,tUhe house tax, ti H u d -mi.ify h^rf If for the R83 of 'revenue on toba.ico and lott'ilr*. She i.i ?:reunthru?r_]^ armies in h?r Itali*n S at<a ; and lor those '...alian Statta epoortioa<*d to Austria, uad puaranteo^ by the treaty of 131ft, there seems to bs little hvps. esoept iu such a Kuropeau convulsion a-i wan that i,hich I d to this dli>memberm?u: H of those unfortuttftt* States in Italy Kng and. If di? pes d, cannot coajutur.tiy aid Milan ; for she acki.owle'g?s the existence of tbe t re?ty of 181fi, bad iu obliga '0:y fjroe, n jd oan r>tly re'.cus* herself from it, when ilie ii'Lt U'C'-i Northern Stated hevo none th t wlilcb, in her opioioi, will amount to its abrogatioj All the KVro Powrs haw recently declarril | Ifli'l&ily, that the treaty i t tli? Congress of Vienaa is IJ full fo roe, and each lutimates to the other, that it ex pects its neighbor to bi limited in its notion theteby. Uy land. Ka'sia ia probably the atrongest of the Kut^penn States, and as ehe ani Austria are absolute, and there la not ev?n'th? semblanon of a check upon 'be will of the sovereign, new cause* of apprehension, bare add'id an icoreaul importance to this u?.iiorable treaty of Vleoni Franco has no longer a llenaparte; and RusMa tea vast dom'nions an imtocersitde country; an ln?xhau?t.ble b dy i f soltit-is, and an ambitloua autoerat in Nicholas, )i*r rtlgnljg sovereign. Bonaparte visited MocOow, ucd AUxtudir repaid tbe visit a' Paris; iteam pow?r bas contracted tlie width of the British ChftEinl, ?Lid '.be- fltat'sscen of both Kugl ad .nd Kranae -.re Dot without their uj pr'Uerslor.s of the power of lluiaia, 1'i.der tliff .) oiroumst iicce, a Koropean w.ir 'r.ly, jrobibly. cau destroy the vitality of the trea'yof Vienna,or rtll?T? llilj froa th? el Awm VVh?t j ovi' tr the r.>(:e oan ) < t, ex?rt over Austria, tor ttie >i*netlt ct tna I.mubirdo-Venetian king io u, is a secrrt, t wbloh the Ku opean wo'ld Is not ??t int'orm*d ; but .hat <he lilec f this soverrlgn wdl be devoted to the mi r vruMit of the c?bdltK'U of the people of Karopa, ,h>re it r< a^on to belit-ve. The rt *is* hate replied, In a powirful manner, to tha wtlOM of Rtusta, Aoiuia, Prota!*, aa4 rmN; >nd hare, I think, vrjy oleNlT ea 'iii-.i-d the hut l>y rirtua of the treaty of Vienna, and the finul soion ot tin Allied Towers In reft-renca to Wwltaerl*ud? he h i I oot o:?ly the riit'it, but it wes kxp< oted of her 'i"t fii-vsall adopt euoh gort'r'Uneot aa shede?m d >est adapted to her situation, uud was ? ncourag'd by h-i provisions i-( that airunii>*>nrtit to do so; and thai; he f. et-ticeof the Four State*, that she ha* lost tbn uM'f heir cuarsntae to b?r n?uir^ll:y. has un well m ded prin^lp'e toreitupon KnglundJoUs with Swillrj.ni in in Is coa^truotlon, nud the ptsltlou wbicti .oid I'ltUuersiou assumed this ku<wt if Swucsr<i,4 damansiratM n b* oorraoV It Is an exti-aor inary pos ll >n to s e Kcgland S"piri\t"* hers if ffou? er tour elli'S npou tii?re rjuestionr, which now agitate Uirip', fti'd ee?urae th? 1 trial file Of the <(iiration, ihrn raJteal France is foii' d to b? in the Tie** of the beolute stu-f n in Kurop.i. If this position of lbs r^nch in luisiry giewou: i f the Spuulrh ailianoe, that lia?crt-!it event m-y be m >re ex^enslre to L. juls l'bUi,>pe ii'u i * net i l rsltie, i ii i i ii i.> larolra Fraaoa id a i mplioa )on of d'llti ultits. Ottiin it is, It bus eererril s e<IUaa? of friendthlp with England, which tlu axrssnliairr Driritili (M)i nnrlnntiinllet <.,??? i fo-n I. ui? ri.Utpi?ti?u'J <^n*<n Vloiorm.uulj t*nJ* to . irat '. I'll* <i-l"?n vc w-e Louis rail.ippr of a brtncli i gooii f.iitti; ?uJ, I b lieve. until* It it matter no prr>i.?i, uk t > t'H'f li*t l.> rrtui !i r*no.i? ^iw>nti which }j liiiJ i civtdl.om Llui uuiiiig li?r *UU in Fruno*. ODMKIIVEB. Lita Mot ttt h?l b*tn rxoeHtd from Muolih, untl hug u, lit rMugi |i 8wlt?>rl?u4 -h?r Ion cf pirns* And j >> I i..... tMMUpaM* I'-uu?, Ir in htr i>.i'.ic ofrr Ui? Ku.jj of iUvuriti, u*? oviu.iol rj il.oy of itiit o JUnLr>i ?x,i?UeJ u?lui?w?ri, t.oi uj'.f I.i?i oUi?r? in taeir pUo?, ?a i ojuIi try to tns uio

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