22 Mart 1848 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Mart 1848 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH >i? -<o. <w?5a AFFAIRS IN EUROPE. The In France. [From the Loudon Tf!?<r?ph, F^b 20 ] T4BH, f- iday, February i A pl?<urd to ibis ffeo'; i? ftaok u> nt?t the Oflliv, but. If do?* cot oonti in any of th* umal I Hh'oh ih >w ?h* *a h^aMo y of [itojUiaationS : ? ' Th* Htpuhlln ip proclaim'd " A N.tU' iittl -VM-iuhly wiil b?imm?dUtolyoonvoh Ph0VIH0N4lr 0<>VKHN!lIKMT. Arn<ro. K- fJ nuud. Dupoiit, (d# l'iiure,) K.oc.i*... Ltu.nta*, Lnuia Bla?o, L?'iru Holla, .iar.-n*'. Marie, Albert, (a w )rk:rifmt.r: Pari*i TIinr."?l?y afternoon, 3 b'cIck .Aft#r n mvcr? siatfwla with thn trorjis, tne c< h .ro tnriPfdri; in outturn! ;{ posr*s?ion of the T 13 ??1, n.,1 IP-xi ?? rf I ii Tnllarlu L ti n Philh p? familv h*v? Dirt, leaving. Louis I'hllipps hi* abdica Th * docu n*n: is ?-i.!, by ? gftnt'.eiaau "ho bas ?w to b? bi: r ?n l to be couohed in some suoh word tb-'iie:?" Th > ofvvri w*iiib I recived from French mt ps I a d*?trttotlio Fieuoh uhUom in lisitue of iny gr*ud-on " Up> i ii w( r'*at notliiug ues b?*n done to* frrcali mitid.OisMng a daw government; but M Ai M. <! < Larartioe, M. Odidon Burro!:, M. Marie Marmt, i M. Garni-r i'--ges. have, it is undent taseu, or a>? eudp-vYiuriug to t?k?, lb j sup: Bii'horUy in o their own hai d1* 1 ' . v ju-t n-t - l nrouali the orinoipal apurtir Of tins KUius* ot the TuUerim wib t?ia people a. itr..y?"i!/? are thronged w.tU an iniiui'use crowd, the p*npl? 'iik* away nrtbh'ij ami dfrtroy nrthin|i o?,'t the p^rtn-iis "f Louii Pnllippe. Ail the peopl crying " ViTe i* Kepubliiiue !" Affulri of Italy. Coowuti'oiMoa lrom the Auiuia*i Government the t-rmoiir.i a rau2'>ineots and political ooudltii It?Ty, tog'-.th?r with the r-jply of tie British Goi mei.t:? iPrince M-lterntc/i to Cn rit DUtriehwin " Viei**A, August 2. 18' "M Lo ?Tho position of th?. cenrr il 8L?t? It?!y doubtless, tha attention of the coui L' n lo , TUes- 3sat?? are uRitatftd at this moment spirit of subversion, th* ooneequetie- s of which ari to'-1 t-pav to for*.s-if The reoRrsph'eal position cl ncp vu irep'sis upon us tie duty to nnvf witl (1 atlfd k ki n ion tie course of aventv in that ooun ' rue Emj?-ror w - *s to explain hiss?ntim*nt? or oocts cu v/itl\ th' frankness wi b whirta he hss bee custom*"*. to ?ildr?ss rlie goveri m ot of G eat Bri bud idM lo t-uow tbe determination oi that g .i m-ntou ihe at of things which his lin eiial Ms, ooi":^ere i p-r>p<*r b fs tor the futur? "Iialy it <t geogrnplihictil expression The Ital:at nii.ru is oi iiipofi-u of torotn^i sta.as, mutut.ll) Vf; d>-at The exUttaca and the territorial liinl th* ? St it?s ar? founded us>oa principles of general r t-.nd *n*r -itwi-d by p ditio?1 iwlsof uuduubted antho ' U* .IT, Hit U. I |? I k, IB I T'JITtu n>? fgiuw i. jign*', and o contribute all iu his po?r?r tothoir jaa You will ciniimiuicfcte, M Lj Comte, tbia de?p tothu i SutjiBt'.ry of Stat*, and b?g of him t< plain ib?\l?w8 0f theCouitcf London r<*p.ct?ug aatu'eof rho** g^nmntees undt-r which th" pc?">8i of tin) tio*erci,jn? wh -> rulga i j Italy arc plaoej. Yoi &r ih? nam* limo add, that rim Kmp?ror do.*n not d of ::>? c:nnp;'t* aocorJ whlohmns; io his opir ;.! > 1 th^i t'i' h?r 0 i:anmoj\l?jeety on t'uis anbj once vc ?ht; aenurauoe", &o. METTEHNICfi " Vikn^a, Aug. i, 18' M L.e Comt.*-?Tha precndinrf d?*patoii la -.ir? at h* to th? Courts of Par;*, of Berlin, o) 8Pet* bars:. Th* *ubj*ctis ?ot iiueriuttog t< cm pi ,1 ni?. Ith.siha imj>ur:>?cce of a greaS E pcua quntion. Italy is dt-liveretl m to a rer^'utio nK.vpui-nt, hi tfa? bead of wbish a e to be Juuad r'd-fo or tiiv. e polica! roots whiah hare for soiae 3 tn v t-r* d th.- Tares of Mis Fauiufu'o. Uodwr tbi n-r < a<J',ii.ih r*ti?e ref.irm, to wiiioU th? .Rom? v- rxigu li t 3 ii .1 through u.i.ifubied Ixm^Toleno w'cJh iii j>- oplc. tbi f :i;'ious hiv* psralrerd th?<?if to-: .1 of p wtr. hp l:?tk to oooftUtuuiate i\ work w c-?anot to ui: t'uc r viewa, beconflucd within thp S of tL? f'har.sh, j or to any p~-rt of th? Peninruln. T Hoc s r-ipr.rc ii ?ingl? political brad, or at. l?ant a fa< tl ;j rf .1 t: -a place 1 tinder Ui.? control 01 a centr<. pivu> wt-r. .1/1 7{i/ta>t?n>n r< hy d -rt not *n:rr f'rit t'l iv . .In obit actio of Utopian Radicalism 1 aduai.ct which they contemplate. /?? potstble kir.g of <? mmwi'i Ay etius on either hi lf of ih ji:ps .It it toil the erini-oti of a fedei a:ive republic, alter ihe .an: North . tii.c ua or of w Izertaud tha' their hopes an to be na I'h'iuu pow.r H i co-ifsi.ts liinaolf with t the cmei t?i hi* wn eupite. ?ara? yarto of h!? ?n ? fb? Alo?. He d-sires to m .lu'-hiu t Bcyund Tiicoi L < damaudi no aatuai posv seiou ; U wiar ? to i't.iud h'? o *a Suc'j, VI 1'Aintm??i jtu t.>r vior? of his l?ap? r ill \l?j"p'.y ; they ou^hl to t>. ?.f *cy guf> l?.L_.'Ut tUUC wiuiltfl Ki UlB.lot? rigV* aod respect f.e duties. \V'? i l-vo- a giea- qu.stionof tin day on tbe broi politic '> .its vVe ?wl> to Rn' w if tbe great ga*r< oI pi luicul peao* p ?rtii?? our vl-: *s. W? pref ud 1 boo.*1 or gorrrnmental pol-uiic"; bat. weepe.iKof wbi.-'h Is njusliy ralusMe to kings ?n l to p<*< wblob mun h.iore ionif deol<le th? pmco of Kuro| This lUhjtol is too grave not to reed t neo< sstry &' pial lo ail govMrnuieat* that are not willing to err the future to the iar. JcaUbla ohaocra of geueral di barce. R c-1t? Sco, "METTKRNICI Vi. . Hunt P.ilwrsfnn to Vitconnt P nsonhy " Mj L .rJ -Conut D;?trich<t?.n r-*ad to no ye day two rtf p Ucb^s aidr????l to him by Pr;noe Mo jjich a .ouf. th? of [ aly. " TU" ttr.it of thei: dmp^'.nhea expresses the wli th.i Aus riati uev-rjin-nt < know whether hrr M?j? gt>ve bqi i( niin it the principle t iat the stale ol Mi'irn established in Italy t>y the Treaty < fVi? ujtiu lo br uivmaiu i ; and it alto debates the d r.l na'ii . > of i ho Kmp. ror of Austria to defend his It tertitorirr> atciast aay attack. !ht second d tpnc latm to a n h int wltnh ill', cabinet of Vi-una txtpi to b' entti tiinn! by inMc pattfi in Italy,to un .< grftrr pjitof Ita y in one Jtd-ral rrpubli ; %u( di-'CHtoii a the s*me lira txpli-fas reasons?*i p -Ucicsi, t-i d c.eo,tr pbioal?tfliica, in the opinion o Au-trun ^ovuriitaent, must render aucU a eohtine p.'aiotioable ' I ba-se now fco instruct jour Exoelleucy, in rep the inquiry cqa^ued iu ih' tirat of th>* abore-taen ed d??,i >?^ur.i Priooe Mnlternich that M'j*ty's g:>T. rnmoat arrt o? opinion Hi*t thr??ti| tiOLS * id ?n ;a^'mmr? of tha Trt:kty of Vienna ong b-adhered to in Italy, us well as in r.U ottor par Kuiope to which taey apply ; aud that n;) cha.ij' P 'P- .y be mad in th? territo.ini arra^gemuuts <i wer-? e-tabli?ued by that triaty, without th* cot nod oon'iu rxuoe ot ii'l me powers who were |juit:?s Tii>s opiulia hit' vi#<jh:y j government ha?o h t CHSion u-/t lotiK to c*prer,? to tiie CabiDet of Vu and :hit opinion h*r ;.i 'j*s?y's gov rnmt-at still e tain. " But her M'j sty's ^ov rnme.it are ?'* I to think it doe? n tat pi re it a,?r' ?r t > b? l'k?ly thatnny e' vill h tpi> n >a Itnly to wUiah tb? principle furolvi t! at opinion would prscttialiy apply ; for ber Maje g vcrkjin*tit atr not avare rhut ur.y Kuropvan purfi S a m in-dii.at a hi y alt ct up-in,or luviuVu of, *U? ritorl-a of any lt*h?a Staf.?; an J, tharetor.-, her M t?'? |fo?ori\iii!iat. tally an?rtug tuiit legitimate a u t'sn ot | 0-j?<rBSn a *hicii l-v.do the ROTuruimi An Mini . drnUru itn dttariuinMion to da>nd fcmji r -r> It., lrt.i'jo?p nr. y*t hop' and truit nofiv -ut. nt praatnt iaipeodiog Whioi) would r<-nd DtOT8,iy t at til.a do.9rjilttt.10u ab >uli tio curried frMtMtl UMtttAa ' With ref?rnoc?, hoireyr. to th? poatur* of thin Italy, htir g.iv?turu?nt would to ?>h* tin ie i.uolhar Mgbt b-aidea that of nil J?f>nc ael'-rn itiiUnHTUTe, allien la increul in iiivi?>i.oi,d?u vrri-'ur.ty, ; ni ih?t l? 'ho rip,lit. which belong* 10 th Ta m?<h if-r fa every 'ttUi to m '.e inch reUrwi lut'v uDnprinfmenu ?a rany h. ju 'neU by Bitch rfl.n > (? r , o b < m dr, n i ojUuel/eto tho bpifig' f '."OplH whora it * v-rns fti?t, ri.'ht i: appvur* that a 'in of th# air- relfl it 5v i'.-h iv. w aritliuK a>.d pr?pa)'f 1 t? i.X'Toih*, an., rtmot v -uld b . < thr.''. th" ?oTom of Aua'tl". may tm: h lil to rmjjloy tba; grt*?t poll iiiflnwawbicb Austrial-?itiui?i ?ly po*<et? in Ital, n ?ie rr 10 mi.-our .g?and aupport shot* a yernigf a in Itud '>l? ntirl.-rrnfcln.ia, Her Mrjetfy't government hare received no inform nit thru 1 hint '>/<. ?! v /. ucA k htme ?? tltnt win h f t.r I I'/'I I imun IH.I >nori(i J.u aicn <( ifin| ?i il fur t'lr pursuit vf uniting thenoio ttp rale >ta I: at in I /' era. lepub ic ; mid II r i ij in >tt tlrnly *tl,i hiti litghu' I'd in think**, the r?-?oi'8 Wi cu be nimgu, tn*t ouch m ecb*ni? < ur.t hi?uro.)rip.'*n?'( Bui-, on tho Ktlirr U*ail. h*r ji -?y "i* i < I'.rif i lha?e bn?o ooiiTliKyd, by ii.foi at v li.ch r.u< r - "d Ui?m ficm A#r<?it farie.y of quai that ,?, ?i ?ly p J. ?nd ?(il-[?uoded diaeoi rxlrt* i h l?w portion ot Italy; a..d wh?n Ic i? c (J, ,e 1 ii t lull ot ii<t eu, aii 1 how ttcmiui; with al ot all Hilid*, th? preneufc i.y ^teni of povi?rom -nt ol I S ntc, r. I i? ! r*p?o)aliy irt th? ltonian .s. tVi ?: the ki irim of Nil,?? '?, ?rn known to be, it OiBn nurprln-ne that each rrili should n?o?ra*i utM i iur.onfnrif ; Cfiit if it rtry pnmtblr that whiI f.el the full iiilrmilv of the gi ierancet under * liny n.nr nrr and have for a lung teriet ot yeurt heei firm.,, mi l who tee no hopt of Teirest from Inttr pr riilm ,,10)1*1 !*kr I'll V r.'irmr. however wild ' whir* liny m yfrncV Ih'y could derive a c linnet of ret " i'nin o'ie*r?attob i0?> 14't, iud>* d, a^ply 'Utl fori*." tr> tL'i> lin-oai Slat**,' m?w? ti>? proamfc Piipi ithown n dn re to aJopr, many of launh need* rtun hi J improv m?nt? wbi.-h, iu 1332 Austrlajn jo m !ionw;t'i (>rr-t Britain, Ffiunte Rn*?l? and Fn urg?;tt iy ad* ?'d the latePop" toonrry into< xecutlnn it nixy im hoped, thnt it the 1'op id eno< uraged am K'ctnd by Auetrla nsd rhf othr.r four powpr* in rera< the ur;?'vano?e of whi< h hi* *u.'J?ot* hv*el>Qg oomf d, t&a II <> <M>t whtoh lhon?gri?vAnoM havo or* W>11 rom <ii.' away. ' Bui. there are other Sta < # of It?ly, and more dally the ktogdrm ni Naple*. whfra rnrorinn and provfmnuta nrn r< quired Mlmoit ?? much a? lo thi m^n t'tfitory; ana h?r ^f?j'nty'? Kovrrurannt ? hupn no K.uropwar. pow?. is nvirn ln?nrn?t?d >*u-tii? Iti pr^n-^rlnn tht internal traoqaiillty of I no will tl" Rrnat aud ?rnil Known influi-aoti of Au?ti Nu; l"?. b? Ofn'Ocialiy vxxroUvJ lu cnoouia^iiy ( rnrurin.i and iinproTCiuenta which will t?od t ) r?l tun ti*oon -n?, fr'm whiob nlonn would fprln^ any unrn by whioh that traoquiliity ia ilkmy to b? t toned. Your KsrMlenoy will read thia deapatnh to T Me'termoh, nod will givt hla Highnaaa a oopy ot it " I MB, ko., PALMIRSTO: . in,. JM?Ja . -' i. i mm ;e net NEW YC " Foreign Orncc, Sspt 11,1847. d'volva " My Lord-The cabinet or Vienna bating recently tion? ; i addrewed a communication *<> the cabinet of London. d.> muri for the purpose of Krcertainin.* the rentimebt* and opl- at the i nions of the British government upon the present *tate tlous c, ? of affair? In Italy, to which eomioualnatl'>nh?r M?je?ty> unewrtn ,i government made, through yrnr K*oeller oy, a reply, he' deep re s M?j> ?ty'? gbvrrnni* nt fcre convinced that the govern- cils ut I ment of Austria will ren.-ive. in the name friendly spirit Ih-tt rp . >n which It i< crnorived, the further communica'lou might t ehlch your Kscllruoy i?. by thia deepatob. in?truat?d Kr?t th to make to hie High cess, the Prince MMternich. in r?- the Kuj, gard to thesa affaire. lint, indeed, the an Mart elllance ib? otin and long ?(r ibll?hf .1 0"nfi<letife wh'?h unite the go- to pro ? ^erntneiits of (ir- at Britain and Austrie, would, ut all that uu . -vents m.dtril ihe duty of her M?j??ty'? government tin* si ' ' to expluln frankly and without re?eiv\ to the Austrian rhnriic! :k. government, the view# and prnttini uta of .tl.e govern- foretrei ople uient (f Great D'ito-iu, upon events whiou uta either it will h alal.i bappi>nlrg. or likely to happen, in Italy, and whioQ. bv P*tterni their bearing and lmportnt.ee, mutt ueceasatily ho of . groat Europeanlnt-rwt. ne tlon " The Auetrimi government baa recently a<ke 1. and >a ir,, iia* reomved, th? assent of the government or (ir?at ^ m s an Britain to tbo principle, tha* ihw several 9t?te? into the which Italy in divided are enMtled to rauint itn and de- repuo.ii the fMi-J th*ir independence ; aud that this indep ndenne w rid, \ onitht to be respect'd und to b?t eld inviolate by all the Iu< arrt* othnr power* of Europe ; and htr .Yl?j<?ty'ii giveriirago. u?ut i& exor??siug their assent to thin iultspiitab!* pre- *"? n"1 , M puslLion, coupled with it auothrr wbioh bey coriC>'iveto Tre u tood. be finally uudet l?bi? ; that every sovereign ha* a ju? rem?- ? >ght to make, withiu bin ow.i dominions uob reforms jor l'u? tji improvements i.a ?ie m >y juJge oouuu<*1vh to th* ttir.ts' ien(> Ti'lf&re of th? peoj.1- vnom ti>* noy-ercs ; and that m> v s<- . v The other Koveri)in.-at i-^n be ?nti'l?d to fotb'il or to r<str*.iu ,jf lt!, but *uoh uu exercise of oij.- ot tu? proper aurlbute* of ind>'- ' ; ex pr?iid*ut sovereignty ; aiid b-r Msjtlty's giv-rnnn nt. '\i . -j are aro convinoed th.it t'li cabinet of Vit-nixa mm', be rn.idy hy t'Ye < to acknowledge a>pMiu a politic*! tru'h Wh'iteverr*- Ur ol por-.s, therefore, may have reached h?r Mnj-aty's gi- {jn^.w . veraieat us to lata trauiiotlona>nd recent dipk.ru vio ^ communications in It )y, they are pursu'ided fint th- ,,|f j governmenc ol Aus'ria o:Uuot oontemplat* or have i-.u- blijihtit *rn" i heriard >.uy proceedings at variance with 1 he principle beliold" ibove mentioned j and ihut with'r with regirdti the iioan?_ King of Sardinia nor with T'gntd to the Pop\can < hr. Icir will - ~l:iltri<in govmmnt hJV any intention of converting l{**nl '* ' niy meaiurft of i;-t nai legislation or admimmrut vr . _ r^* 0 r,/oi m which thos- " v i eignt may think fit t<> i.d jit in prindp but *'"'ir rr'P'et"" <l tiiniont, into an oceaiion /. r r?y ag- (llTp ? . griitian what vti yon thr.ir trrritorUg or ri^iits II r ;(1, ob, our Mnjegty'? goyurnmrnt,Indeed, would deeply r g ot ();' ., ? oojur'ince of events which it would be iolpoe.nb'* f r fj-, 'y Oreat Britain 10 view with IndiAtmU " ' ' Xbe crowns of (ireat Bri'aia f iJ of 8 .rui' i h. ' . r ' ?*JC" long b^en bound together by ihfl ties < f l" i'Utul.1 a ; . ( ' matf- alliance ; au l Oreat Britain o^n nover forgel or repv.diate fi\ai.ur founded upon such honorable grounds . , ll( " Tha luteg: ity ol'tha Ro u .n-St*te muy b<! c-.i?id. r-d y jj.n _ -m ?.r. ?n*eutlftl Klcmnnt of th> nolitio .1 iiul. n.-nilMkiC> of . , ude" the I tallan PeHlnaula ; aud no invasion of the Urritory Its of 8iale could i r.'-.i place without luadi.:& to o :ite- uu ,ot| i?ht qorooos of great gravity and lmpor;*nou. ,?.! .... iritv' " Vour Excellency will rtad thin dispatch to Prince t)l(, , . Melteruioh, aurt will Ave him aoopy of it n?, iUt- Mam.!*., PALM ERST ON." Tlie l4evolutl<mn.ry Stat* or Kuiupc?Tli* uot b? >teh Movement at Naples. equally ) ex- [From ill" l<oudon Times. Krb 14.] tnr-u i ; trio The more we r<9?ot upjn tho revolution whl-h has wafta A dona oooiirred, or a' leaac oorawenrnJ, iu Nuples, the mo:e are c*r> y ti i will wr struck by its rust importance and i n incalculable joy whi :.ubt o?na'q lenoes genial linna It will be seen by the uncounta we publish elsewhere, arm un -Re- that uie eoib mo lion has alruvly been lelt in every part boring I" of Italy. X > aonuer hnd the intelligence reacbad Turin Reno] l7 than the King ol Sardinia, by his pri olamatir-n "f the 9tb selves ii ct?d '?"t i aaaented to ibe ;.ray-is ot his people, and pub rtdarop Btiij llshed the oonatttutioii. A aimllar promise h.ia been Rcaol > our wrompTy aiv-'n by the Graod Duke of To'cat y; and It tain to . miy be mi ? that the dawn of Italian independence and re- vjy, n. form has already niuetl way to tlie. complete daylight of c on- itt rndi ititutioiMlfreedom, i dee , fiotn the m uueut that tl.r emk United o?~y stituuaa uii b??a nr lalattnrd ici tb>> southern tislt'of I the Italy, it be<:aiu- evident tl?nt the other sovereigns had no al * , rears lernaHve but to follow this eiampl-, or to forfeit ihi ir 15 " bin- crowns. l'lie kiu?<i itn vf the X?*o Sicilies i? n 6t*:e eutii'ed oommi' II ao- to rink irnoie alter wuat a-:? now teruieu tiie all futu e to- great powej* of Europe, wlch a population of nine mil- ' brow,:; ?Mly iiona of people and a terr.t >ry whioli h*? ever siuce the taloh'fi hlcn Trojan war bei-n cnapirn iui iu the hiato.-y of peace call th< and of wnt, of civllation ?Dd of man. The ferttllfy of the and Cr 'begs soil and the aert>nity of too climate would ae.-m to have Raso irtrrt. -Itttined it for the g.i den of Europe, and Its maguficent 'he net 1 su- ' hirbora comm i nil alike the ?a?tern and the weetero divi- nay b in o i"na o ths Mediterranean Se-?. Y"t f.u ih h?ve beeu the of the iithe 'ff^'ita of f .relgo alf*-goy?vnm^nt, i.nd'apioially of the ed u > < s itch *p<-niah despotism of the la-t two centuries, that these Corrtni 'ards n '.(iuitlo-nt pvuvlnocs ave iu the ujnis abject condition. R*ao el "/ ?t>a ?v-.y iii; j that liai conquered liiid rul"u t irm the ioftbei ! : (?r?eka, the C?rthageni tis, to?t Rouuiis the At ibs. the eao't b t".n i Norm ?os tue L^rabarda, th* Kr>-.ch, me b ucrs of Ho- *?c i ra ) II! 1 I . _ ... i ' A....... ; in t-l? I j ' lieiiniHIllfU, ill Alt^UU, Ul AU9V|1U, nau VI UUUIV^U 1 ?ro IMtQlUI I bl^lialMtO IbM 4 Mil* r Bll l?J i h 11 boi?dug?, bui political .'.nnibilation At. i hi" i sen'iia ?rlth tt - . ri. *?''1 meis'. Kuroye iu lsl.V th>i T .vo Sialics ou botb oorclui ''j".' ?i.e< llie Ft?ro were m:;hui co lBigDeU 10 tbvir aucient Bt-co-vi " miury. 'ihe tu*t?tut.:oiia which baa jur.t held ->uta brp?- au? . h IU '.it rnf,oii?r?tlfn uuo>r bntai. airl French ftUsp.oev A l?t net*. hh we h.iv.'l ecently mm. < xiirpat-d ; eu J in n.aiie O'Coaihe b.todagu (nor* #< cure, the N"?npolit?i gov- rniui.-ut tneatlni Lo an ''ecif WiK chained b> ? treaty to Urn n'rict, ofcn rvani-e excu^ii tb-t f th? priuoiple* on wuieh tho Italian dominion* Mr. 1 of lutlte INl<llllllllM|>ll (metti ' _ If tli# N"Hf>oli _*n revolution ha? a meaning, aid )f we ba<f aie u-iy vent u>? lo picture to ours.'lv?g >he fin?;. Mioi-in ot Oo'oi ruat t,l,? tfr,ac cbaugfl ..ail tile gradual arowth and progrrf* "* * rr of a free pronpercn?, and iio?cifui S-ate in thnt iinvor- man wi ta t part of hump*, we r-pett lhal no grentfr eveut man an Iriai ? cild ? as ta.ko-1 plaoe iu our (lav* We do not. h w^ver ranija r aliow ovraalvea t? t v-tloak tho KBraeaftUiabin diffl -uiiiefi wuo.i, of mob an undt 11 : we know chat It cannot iw couutr; ?t?r- brought to a huppy termination by mere p< pular lupuUe but. th tter- by inexperienced prettndr ra, or hy a r luotanc p-itiapx amid o .i Utaobcr. un priuci' U it rvti withoutabsolute <u. crs$ Y?i, Ft sh of ih-'J/ort which has already h-en mid', ihe national r>i?. ob-em 18 j'*' solution I'i break wi h CJI iqutit'd traditions, thr tvhmn- Yes, m ' poi- sioiii fthe 1 oynl authority 11 the popular will, and thi r g *.t. i <un?. j/i fctng off that species oj ffigii yoke which h?s aiw :ys unit. ter- ,v.nji ou-r N pi's, are Occurt**it?? > f wi"mat mag nitude. Pn t'11 ?iian |t iaay b? ioo,< before tbfy lead to tne enahtUhui'-nt ot a not bal h rt- ^trleot t<>rui of coualltutional govruinciat, but tb?y bnr. I pos's iif.vi) alrevJy infl v:t*-' 1 the kMvirM blow wiiieli h >a y-t Tein'i. 't th'. i)e?a alined ut tbe Fv'tyin vatablialiea l.i Kuropa by '"y ffb 1 ta* Prion* ^ietteri iC'i io 1H16. la Ftaaen, tb? thconti of t>L* *111 bi icial, alaer B?uiboaa might fc>i overthro.vn, but ?no b?r b'fore, f tb^ prlno* etiil held in uhecX tb? r. volut'.ouary partir* " Vanb im- otiLat couutry. Tbe aeparatloti of Holland aud U?l- *n '*is <lum uiigbt resolve itaelt at Uat into n queotion of bnr rea.d ' J ly to jgg tortrrcsis Kvrn Spaiu miitbt undmgo the gren'.e^t offor. tion- ohan/'a in its dyi. aetie aud political iustitmions. with- coined i her out the active oppoaitiou of tbi Northern Conrt?, thankr R?-ariui jiuU- to tbe geographical position of that p^i::nula H i m w'"-11 tl bt to Itiiy thr re is ton Net. It ie not poaaible that tbe two h>ve'I IS Ol jrnt uihirh (livid* th? nr.litlpal wnrld ahouid no iCWI.lrf eau ,.xigf in the neighboring Sta'.eiof that country. Tnere Keso hleh collision is all but imnlta le. When ths Austri?n ?o- beoem 1 ent vcrament resolved to withhold ill popular concessions dom 01 to it. from tls sut-J'p.ts in the north of Italy, It acted at least expoult dto- with pe.rieot prudence and consistency In birdim; th<- Ms ?di una, Ivtngo! Naptr? to adhere to 1 he a*m? ancient ta-uarchi- with Jo nt?r- al prltioipli'S, if that branch of the house ol bourbon r??pat?li w*s b^?s enough to jield ou such a pvint to ttto potvei I*"*1 that which only a uionth bet ire iiad treated with Vurat 'ta' renl? Whenever the p >ople if Naples have found a voice, as rope, o ?i in they di i iu 1K20 thev loudly repudiated so humiliating 'ytnic aty'i a condition, aod dml d that ?unb an :?,cree~nebt hs that Keen ar or of the secret article cf the 12th of Juno, 1815. could f''81 iter- have any validity. But ere long that very arlioln s;ill;d tf>e?ut ?jea- their protestation*. isu or To Austria, however, both ns an I'aUan power anil a? Of eat I ?t el one of the members of that N-irthrrn alliance which ilia; the h?s continually upheld the principles of absolute g.j. *upte I that vernment in Korope since the p?aee, th's VeJipoiiten having er it question is one of tu* most decisive importance It. re ' <1''" into mains to be ?een whether sho his arrived at siich a pitch nation )f infirmity, or whtth r that Northern aUiatoe is so Coloi gi in oonsiderat>ly icipamd, that ?he must abuod ? in si- 'inder.BrTrf, lane* ad sullen acquiescence all the ground whioli iOe "lJr" w ??nd has covered ard uefenned by the dii loinuoy <>i mere 7t:U it sc. than thirty years. Left to Lerreif, great as th? p eg h0J l0e so- eujl the duo.-nr of sueh a defeat must uii|uiAtion?t.|y ' mean n*jd be, ive are inclined to Itii&k tbst the lore of ilicuui- J1'0 Ht si re- sUucr*, her own financial weakness, the mar*olog as- ^K-) ^ aeil- p.iot of Italy, and the attitude of the Ci>nstltuUo:ml room | pi'Wir* w< uid compel her toiuhmit. But if we are not John ^ r* of miftak u. tue pr&o'icitl determination of tins moiiiea I. per. i hci tc>u? <j li./U refls mainly at. Ht Petersburg!). '<* be a nii-nt ihi part wnull mi b>en UUen by the KuvUn po- land, n itiral vernmenc in tho t>.ves^; ?r occurrences of Kurone. fjr Me n" ,r'~l ,wih lust (1t? or dt yearr, has be, n so r'*< r?wt and to ?.ueu,-h scum, for wa..<jue bist known (o its lf.'Uat we pprt- ' I'lVc Uuad uo "ii? is In a aondtiiau to ufflrm wiili ooi tii?uce " f" 'itiaji wh>. p?.rt th,-K npeior N.cbolas m iy Vltib>t fit to play b*ardj l it" f lu l?"V K'v,n " j J,l0tUl M It U?T bn itlAt />' h ailf't linK. IX! plan reason to withdraw more and w t from contact with I liis tw*uty *' * *.t i/uurter of the Rink* in w-ich the filing tide of liberalism ere'ion vein- und the hated tut ins of repr*?enhitsvt nun rnment haci : at- lnter?A << ready rea hed even the neinh?aring palaces if tleiltn.- y0, i'/U J Or i.. iu?> (i- that te burband* his rnouiow, wu.ou are ^ r?n(j umiu'stiouabiy gr-*at for si>m? *in#rg?l?cy of ? *t raordl- > i-aJ* r.tliin nary xuagoitu J* If no,the Neapolitan revolution may aots? ? rt?r?, w,,|| demand all tli? iruperial solioituj* It in sin event m u{j , >t*n- cMitamiy not of inferior Importune* to that of 19'JO friends ions! when the Knip<-ror Alejund*,: took h leading pa;' in tbU e.?i uu.im tlit Codkifm uf Laybuoli ; marched an erny ol 100 III.v ,u |c'-ur, m-n up iti ther<r|Uc?t ot Austria s.ni ttie King 01 fardi- (,h?t In >d li nia ; and dec'arf d lu ? circular despatch of ibe i;Hh ol ro?'VjS I it be April (10th ot May), 1841, that - nndtii* b the N?p!e* his shown to aemonftntl >a the <iar>g'rs of s h;.v* m wen pernicious *x?mpl* Beiug Itself b?cnm* th- i?'pus ol m, , the r^TmutioQ ai l Ui? c*uw* of tho activity (1 th? po- nKi?n esrnt "'leal icols, this Slat* threatened Italy wltti a ;-;.eral Now.ur from conflagi at ion; and Austria, seeing a p >1 tlon ot her uo- dolli'is tef lutanma enjoscu to >uin>in>-tit peiii, llrfv required the wi.|t Vo tull moral support ol hrr alii* . The Kisiprro- readily *? mijih , ? ban poufod her oaue*; but he did more. We liua alr.-adj from al .1 r?- Man th* pronre^aof tho-c rmilutiouary rchno?n In IV d- u, r! ooo mont acd In Naplao, aisd the laourrruca of alarriiti'i? n'wi \ m?ta. (vmpN^nia In omer oounlran; ft. tn that moment tlir h, irt.|; and Ku*?li?u troopa w*ra called upon tn ui*roh 1'hfy dl?! A j'ij 1 ?s- marol, not to cxii'nd tha pnmi r of ilumU, bnt to Hd?i?t million >?inn th-9 allies of the Kmperor, und upon their nep?olal d?- |ri|?)d lUla* mand" Hi, t0 ?ted, There are no doubt people In our time, to wliom the eifln, experience of IHJO appears a d<'?d letter Th?y tfll u* i hrora eepe- tue world le chkiiged Wehope It Is ?o; Kut-npe iefi< "r; ,,uedto Im- Austria Is weaker, Italy Is wl??r; but with all thf IJus- %jr ( i Ho- sla has undergone no inodifloalion of h?r ptlut'lj)les and #r 0|? [oald no diminution of her streonth. Hhe has large tieasuri-1, ailophc than an ItnineMe army, ail ant >or*t inrirp-mlent of purlin Mr N Italy, opinlou aud of p litical o-ntrol, and on this occasion it f0T (q,j lain t* hardly too mm h to soy th t the peace of Em ope ,le f0 ol?a( Chose pn.dt on the d'rision of th' tovrrexgn hail inlmsted <n fl ierc? biots maisituimt.g it. I'o sum up thf?e remarks, it m<y be ?? fri>? dan- aided, that the Austrian and Kusaian miolsters at Na traoem brea- pl*s Instantly protes-.ed agaiust the eoncessiont th* king wf had been induced to grant, and thei* Inlluenee had pro- pjno# | rluoe tiably restrained him from making a more timely aid |UJ , less precipitate reform ematloi I." We n*Tu at y?t not adverted to Um part whloh may ltroB| V YOR RK, WEDNESDAY MORN IN upon Kngland in consequence of these transao cause. When wi and this ountry is oh?iousiy not called upon to kindred s'arved i s than to txprrss he *ynjpaiby nt;d satlsfac ion their (aniiilN-Ir >aciflo advancement in torei. n States of iintitu be ao incited to ac >og^nial 10 h.' own. But at h moment of snoh lost; tb?t we are r< <nty and peril we do not hs"'t?te tn express our When th? news jre: that the influence of IC?i(l*n ! In the onun- *? bed us, with o ;uropn Is cot likeiy to be exene I or aeoepted in t itlon.th?.n united lint of moderation, wnaity and temper w! ioh that Kn tWmi's he ia?e qutllfld h?r to aot the mediator. Were- la* expr-s?ed hit it a d-ep und listing breach b?s arisen betweu States advocates o r.nd French Ministers at the very time whe-i towards Ireland ; 1 ibined power of the two nations Is most required til- e who liv on al >ct the cause ri| mo eraie freedom We regret without detriment r diplomatic r.-pMa'><it*tlres abroad arc this b'lieve th-?t. the e\ ' ( uinrly ill-qualified by oitiumstaroes, aire, or was that f?r whioh 'rfor the performance of their duties ; and w- of the revolution ii 'hat tvr sh- U ere lonu hurt to deal with even Is whiyh borders; if the tl?u itf(j : ally difficult f r this country to endure with line', th-n h^s K n I ui to re?i*t with succett. vein is therepubll . " . .. . uot redeemed W Kreiu li l?fevnliitli,u_lrelaiul_ltepul>- Slu WMuC t0 Kngtui lUitiiUm hand; how rhe ci sftiag, nuraero.sly attended, of the friends of j|PP th'it'Ylbeny1 :an liberty of all nations a jd oouutibs of the oorae Its first ri'S] ?as beid Inst l igbt, at the Shnkspeare Hotel shall not he the i n e'iDg was called to order by J iw s Bog n. K?q h.l o'na uiuated '.ho Hon Fernando Wood, as Chairman. a?.n n?v?r be rr.?a ailnntieti w?i ueanimeuily adopted *?y t'uo m? et- h*a?lng that Lnu itr I ~t!.. ?i,. . . | i, , th DM: )lll KTQt d II . W:od on t-fCing fa* on nc, ret r ed tlia-iks .. w ,, f ., , hoi.or conferred upon uJuj in' a few brim remarks, *1. ... f.-Vh at to o> j -o - of th. meeti-K Xtveventhoup '.-t k ? ti-meri wcm tlnn no nina ed p.s Vine Preil- v 1? i t l>Ji*a miii t*hem as Secrinari-s, aud accepted una- ^- ariilu Pi laud * O'CoNNoa wars b-?u introduced to the meeting t\ *Pr'n"!!two tru ih ir > <11. * ud off-red the following resolu.ion;: ,ri , red, Th it ia th p miotic, .tor* lo a-nl (.., f,t ^'wthmo dtep ro) SUCC ssful attempt of I be people of Kranee, to . > . n . ^ melv s of th, iucubui of royalty, an 1 to throw J ' Sw tt" nop., lor ever, al semblance cf us power acd ,f lafiB 0| t] >g effect u^ou <^ofr liurties aud happioer?, w? ....i, kill Louis t.be effort of mo.Vle?.p':y im',u d with Ih- r.pub- ? Van exoia'm ' irifc nt the Kg#, *who Know their knoir- <jwi?pist> jou " L ?d, Th .?. for y*uc* wo have Von w-ttolii-i,- with proposaH-'t Jin:- iutore.it the dis*?mtaation of r-pnblirau ?h? ' (.L, oi th-oagho.it tho nations ot tho wirld We f?V ,"?he Baile *n human propria >n hot course, stea liiy march- tu??? wr.,*r ', *,rt I . tho ?>llghto?mt..t and enooum ..-mam of ZJtoBM&f ivn trod'l ti Bitfee^s ; *.-o h*eo Bsou h.:r t.euiis'u ?nt th: L-?,,1i,h ?m? , .W? m ;md th, path Of to patrbt, , , ?u 11 , " 1 hot?f "* ; * ont-o mcri unlurl ' m . ,, i V K" -.wk fjr Lafayette,O't ,'H nil ttv? pne.ro >kiy k-rpiog #iih tho o i n.ei- onVid uue of tbe n^(ie, n rovolu.ioti whiuh ill a day . n,m. Dv. -i the unalent dynaety of tho Bonrhoun, arid <,h?ifinaii and t>> their centre the vottou and crumbling monar- Iai, ^^sn 1 sn iToJ, Thai wo bail with pride and triunph, thin fle Oi tho pooplo of France, and do not doubt th t ? ? it luUllig uo'. will U! foid to ui tue bright tWi< Of iV. |1UV?" I L t republic cn tho oootiaent of Europe o?,r^ 'ri,?!.nir; lT?d, Tbftt ir; s^ndinv across the Atlautio ooo^ra- hirtiete < i' Knstli ns to our republican brothron of Krunot, wo must kninindful of tho sympathy and aid duo our of i,aiv c< r-oublionn?but ns ytt more unfortunate bri- ,t, of Ireland The eamo westerly bre. z, which LUieri?an responses to r?ateuer?t d Kratoe, should ,"T'y ,, mrs of ooudoience to persiicuie t Ircla.id. The , w " ; ch fllin our boi. mi at the red?mp:iou of oou- ihj0-,? lih.rtv J spirits from tho bondu ? of ouo crown, shou'.i ' f v with r' nowed determination in aid of a noiglt- * ?? ,f i peoplo to str.lto off the sha-kl?s of another. *?* to we^h an! ived. That with this i-ioi, wo hrroby uuife cut'- th? revolu.ii nto a flsid org?niZ4tion, having for its object tho turrne of Krelaoi Ion of lrel?nd th'L l iTed, That tho repeated attempts of Great Bri- ^7" ^Volaf interfure with the domestic affairs of this cour.- h? , >t only by secret dipiomatick intrigus, but open m..a!i to ?av is'tb ,.ry a jtion. fttliy jui ifles the gtm mra nt of the cuVlosities thi " States ia resp-otfuhy rcmiustrating with that h.r?Mft..r i ij??inst her continued opprf?sion of Irehind. nx'nnratl inou.. Ived, That this meotin^ app<,iiit an fX-cutiye ,hnnlil h? ii.-a< ,te? of jw.-Btyfive, vrho-e duties shall be to call ,hHt W( ra public meetings; eorr.-spond with our friends , > . * . .. . 11 , - . at Hi .11. v? 15 *. w W 41 ' hont th -world; superintend aU the affiles appwr- tlj0 ; to ibe Rti-tr,. bjeci, in view; and p?rti. ul,'itly 10 ay thl* hi|l Pi,j , i at.i'niiou of t ie Knyeraaient at Washington, i ,?.cr?ti? t i? nui in^MM of the United States to our aid. aj t0 beho'ld ,u< IveJ, TOat to i btuiii eflicient action and derr?y , tjiv-i nou1 Ire! sre-vy exp?,.s? >.f Uiis movement, con'.ri .utioiif Krench rovilutioi - reo. Mod .Snoi fands to bep^o-d iu ih<- ha.-de "aegnrt iiRtioVu. Hou Cl??r)es <1 Feiri#, ?8 treasurer, an f y, j r th? iuim fup^rvisiou c? Kxecative ' _1 ' " *#. ( " iiy raj wtbi hvb v?d. Tint copies of the proceedings of thi? mci>t ^hM* ?ffop r u'Jt forward to the Pi-emdeutor-b, s-.t., lead (t the p 11* In It?pikrtm'-Bts ft' W.t?biPg<OD. 1,1 ... whirl, v-r eat r. f b -th b'u>*? of Coow.,. u<] publish. <1 j'' : "; 0 ' Th P IPHTS f tain oity, and the Washington Union. fc to thn Unite J'Connoii, after tome r marks in w?rr.i *oeord 'tnousun 4 soldier ieetng? ftTiii spirit of the foregoing xesolnMnns. , ., ' l"d by meting their edopMep. The ra >li'>n b iug lf. t-Vtulc* ?-f V i.wm put hy th? iih?ir,?ud carri"rt unanimously ,w >u'*vliVfl The mi nu<i d<af>'niu? cue-j.-p an'l i>1*ush u^.^. ful, i?r vr t* ib< reaa by Mr B^ulrotnr.bari,* . 0 r, E<q., in hub* ir to ad iuvitauon to att>nd in? not ?' c, i? f xi rreetuir bij sympathy with its objsote and wh rtrver fvr., ig himself on tbe ground 01 illness r.,ice m oot tr .vscii was n<sxt lotroduocd, and ?iJdr?.**?<l h? .n.j ro|i<> nd at { in support of tbe general Objeoti Uc whleu tbej WLlifl 'ltr^ully d ,el J C. Hart next Addressed the meetinr. iu-d 'joul" i L" toic" aelY-l with mnoo chaerin* He s.id here lot baT# k jols no irishman, butitu who wi she. that he wof d > lD?re ? :aan. << i?" s ) 1 her* Jf uu"?n* V\h* *hp,,# and enable thara tmy MMl-g or phMesnphy which Uk ? roe so , 4 E Un(, ho ih i- devotion wtioii lri?Qm?a h* to th?*i? a. y (Cheers ) Now. voa are nearly all Ithhrasn; J?t. ?a"gain ere are some 1-reno&meu her* (Lou i cheers, U| j , ri.s of, "Vw, and German. and Ual.an* too ?) *ur owu countr ench to be f ure amon/st >oa. (Cries of ' three h hpr<, for Fruooe " which were w irmly respnnlei to ) rui-... n,? .,Tt\ y friends, th'vt is rigtit. Why. should it not he tioris but < f ui n ,.-irh i?g .' d t.) ue, breauex I ain half a French in d?rhne?? it ?i (Ctee:s )_1 belon* to the Hnguenotioblood-h?re ll(,nd. 011 the u-,1 spot (CUeetiog.) 1 aiu no .\n*lo.t?a*on-l do ("rw*rrt hv ,h which I shall maintain lor tier I Intend thr? J i??? rL lids, to cltt-r h lew rcnolati-.pi, wbi?h I k ow thi_, *, n wurmiy responded to. i ana not, as i s*id ' >u*<idu ? i? * , , _ g . . <nfl;iu?, w ula api uu Knhli.'hmitn?I claim, my fr:eu>;*, t? be K_ ;?n. (L'?ud cheers) 1 would b* proud offing ? ? J * hman; buc before I p.ooeed uny farther, let me .,1, . * ?" lv h r you two or three resolutions wnich I intend to tr. *' . . (Ilaresomw psrs-n at the ot end oi tn? rmm ' h ' some interruption by loudly cooT^relim Within when i of the speaker ] Col. Hart oontiaand?I n,rn lat inr.n, wno is Ulniog to his i'dnn i, wuld just , ' ' . >e goodness C? listen to me. whtli I read the tel 7.^d, b? resolutions, which I propose to oiler for an 'ptiou: , lvcd, Thtt we h*va ri wnd wi'.h the interest that , ' " ' s AuwiMB ffcMUMI, I he advancement Of free . .. 1 tt?e continent of Europe, and, at>o?e ill fair . ?" ' j- ' lou ut mail's inaiienabl<i rights t>y Pius the IX . In ' ,n ' , , roc^cy of h repves-ntaiive *overnm. nt W- ha.l ?k,A ? , f. IW, IU tclumpl of Iflan principles in 1< cum, h. " , , , .y?J, Ttoat wee -nuratulate th-? frien-is of Ireland, g* ^llJourt 7, at..I of r*i"ibll.".*u piincipl s thtoug^ou Ku- Kmount of aubM a i,ne ,'ip?rd) prospect of au eutire lioohuon of Fr?ich d.riniin s it government. Irxd, That now, io ordo" to substantially a'd the f . , , * ' '*? of tree-.lom in U-Klu we he. i by eng*<o to ralsr- i_ a of oue million of dolUm. to b* oontribute-1 ir? ' Ir?laad'? emtncipvti.ia from the thraldom oi ' ineirpowi Britain. teadinn of the reolntions wes ocn?sionally int^r. with loud cheerlog. particularly t.ie l.n. oue, , fhr ^'kathkii reference to the raising of a fund of one mi'iion pleasant fiuv.i whi *ie to b? ii^ -d to ai i Ireland iu her BtfU^gU for an(1 M( nl icrl-'peodrrce ?? la*t, to e^joii! nel HAHT.ooiiti.ined Now, icy fri.-nus. d" yuu fTfnintt, <t b?o->u tand that? -iLt.ud cheeriuR, uud cr'.ee oi, " i'o be j,Iew from th? w.n e do ") ! nevr, iny triende, pattioipated ia any weather, r meetings before The fan n. y m harn always _ . ) mu :h gm ?(LouJ laugh:er m l ohe rs ) Wb?t * *{3C' is, you h re hitherto '.nlked loo uaoh, .ini did hl P '. ' tl. (Cries of - l<? a fact, its a Hot," .*<1 Ohter- ''.'i?11? 0'0?k'" Vhat I wan-, my frieu ll, i\ let er>-ry .li.iu ij 'ills !i ! fe '*ajlc<' 0 >ut down h, in lu-'y. I oar? not h/?r I t i- L-t rrmOT. iu?it!i aud i'eti-r Johue.in put down hut il >' ir or *VI* tt>r "'<c uy?U??- is tne way to work ?(i:rl> . "V/e will, | roa ne.t so near i! re W1. Will ") If you w.Pt to n*t lib r:y f r lr.-- "*'' ""A*." !oc,'!, ly f.iands. that is just ;h* way to tf-t . U'e are i! ? . ' J i'tful of how we accomplished our o?.i in lnp'n- n * i-.-rlatned We ?re uot to forget our 31-p. unoTK (<:r.e -) ?a b( .Ul h-ard y-'ur coui.tr>m u s:iy -f il.-mh .? . ? Koes ? Wilis"?il Ta g< M I d inovrat I I. .e " >-rsoi;s any, ' St'-p his thront " iLi*i h*?r ) \ u y Irteods, mtii.y of yon,t.r a l??i ; y u io- ><r ^ 01 ?""rw'' If -ders. Vou look tor wbut j?a c^ll m :i t cl>- i(' . ' r . who, in ih?ir moTi'tuents, wou;d livoe ii' jour l"<? twiant the ti is, hs you consider; but, Iri-nueu, i ck> not iiouchasdrf i to o><onp?? a i??aq^r, cm i ? & >u?j v mwr ?r lf40 IJlft v,*t J ? (tooifero-n oVerlf.it) * fund th.V, w. uU bi * 1- vlor ta'. i>? P.'. r,'' r? baVid ?rrr,,rirl^ V, le?d?r, by r/liiou 1r*l.tud wou J bo rearmed. .iinntiry *ceu? to sheering, w!ilch leafed for forn lim" | Ym my lj it w*rd A 001 , Mi we oh?U Had that rnon-y?tb?t leader in up ororHu (on u.'.fjF [Continue I ohe'r? J Uu cWi fl'il It proposed alub an pe Tbey i,a'ii?in? at the o*h?r aid-, it *?in?, cony>nrd on >loo 'his country w? haye no eoule to bs iv I that w,,? udyertiaed u h?t we cm do nothui;; u.de** h*y? toe I.ord* \{ j,'a ' Kl?? [l.?oght?r J l'her* ara rami bere t?ai n? let; town lemn ul* to be raved, [It-newed laughter,] un I thai baaiuoMof iinp:>t i'l? MKiwiluihr Kiaptror of Ru-*ia.th<- t^ue?n 01 .1 rr thn king of Kmrue [!!. ?-?? uud Ujli .rr j I) moc??tic M jfn ud* | wantycu tomb* riba'haonemilil'-aoi log oyer, it ia pr? Won't y< u do it? [Criea of "To b a ir? w w I wa-da , .?)>n will I Mferouj cbeere ] l'h? np'uker oouo. uded i. ui d foeltiraly known nheeiirg, when (.ubucrtpticn* b'f*?n to pour in c%*e* pi?oc. \a J I HiiArt'ik of the ranting, Amid lou 1 and veoifa- ' ? veiy fortou* di < ' rn jjt Col H irt h? r* paid in in* tub*oripti a, ' *f*d partioa allc thre< ' wrre called for bi jj, wliioli wore determination toi r regno;.Uod to ward, it i* pretty et tua auhjerlp'lon* towird* tha fund of 0'ie will be tbe ?a?orl dollar* to b r.? ?i in this coon ry 'o toe n I ot Ter elioa J Dulfy , r.teiicli ti.a? as abe should bo enabled <11, cu- ?r? dien? fad i, B riodio it* her r.giits, wh* >ae from th* on-tirmau i'an I up f >r l)-un and from ' Young America" of t.wo d?T ir* \ldrrina. . a-,d Jo bout tlie remainder of the mealing Ih oouti- In the Fourth i i aooumulat?. nomination of De' loonat now roue to addre'D the nieeiin/ h'icg c<i*iui| but thar. i o*d aa no KngUcbuian by birth, an Vin-rionn by f- ki, and a por n a citiien ol the world an1 a fr end of liberty port. Thi n Kit a ln Hiii B. O't 'o"*woa, up>).i bring 'oudly o<l!ed .. I'i tb? Bayenlh * epoKe : Kellow o>t *?ns, I have often appeafd yoral;l? t> the m lf rlr>Knd nn.l eyer with lull and abMiog oou- ayoralty, butha that th" day wa* xppto ohiog when ebe would foraf-wuave In Mudy of tlie iiintory of Kurope, I h*ye In iha Twelfth the monarchy of Kranoe trom it* coiumancirnjeiit m?crany m u|? thi irKed ti>ere!tom a oonclution whtch, a moo h ??nt? 1 li". I?ha vio I announced thai the prmeiit nojHrch w ;.U to .he lMrnhu:ri laat At babnlding thin aMemblaxe I ai.i all olxo exprrra ;h-i l ; I haya seen ttie atrong u.an gra*p ih? cundidata (or thi mas, m4 waap together oyer ibi* oommon la the Kiliaantt K HE] G, MAKCF 22, (848. t aee our frleada, and brother*, and hare been nominated na to death In th'ir betor> Council. i-ituU a nouotry of gravea, let u? In the Kleventh ward, A tlon auto prove that It* hope ii not preference of tbe party ot? >ady. If need be to *houl<ler muaketa I of Alderman, and will pro* ct Louie Phtllppe'a dethronement poalHon. The oaodidate I ne accord, and without other org.tnl- in doubt, so far a* aaiiertal I hfartf.. we m?t. raying to eftoh other In tbe Seventeenth war< iur wan come. A preceding apaakrr war* auooeasful and not tb i aurpiife at fludi-jg in the United reported; Waiah. (Catholl f u' b a ourea a* Kugland baa taken votea over Robertaon, (Pro ?Ut as in aa ,uip? of the Snath are rap- \ I'icmalk POLITICIAN. lr. ao in cur dew< oratic Slat* ?? oun, priuiarv "leolion in ttia -i to our intereata, allow such to lira I werr MT?rai t, wh<> \ reut wbioli b id trau*p'ra<t In France fought for the .nan of th O'Ccnnatl waited,and if tbe influence b,? , u)ot? ?u, , n France < xtended no further than Ira ?tot> for % p^|r 0f ^ok ; 01 republioiniaiu w.ive not over Ira- poi?t After the crowd* mat di" I, O'l'ounell liv?d in vaiu; and police, one of the uio*t pr. :an|p-a of thia country, if all nun be earned \1olIy M'Cue, with a r?m?mber how the autooratof Rua- ?Pree, mat with Mr. Joeei id. to bow b?f( re and kioa Vioturte'a Gf the ward, who ahe had ? r op and the channel to Ma^ Loula I'hi- ^ opinion In the mat a whiteexchangiugcourt' *iea,thuught i,?gnn, " Wirra atruaii w.ia abro-id ft id from Pranoe rhould | live to aee the Jay whin pmv 'o monarchical tyranny Thia ,,.are ago In the ibip fr ?' We will ourselves aupply Ireland agin that good decent m-i acf w, r Republicanism i< found to 0?n counthryraen, an' ? final iriumph -what groui:d it taUea meiuir murther, Viatbrr it?#d We should uot tremble upon tshauied on ye. Won't yi a PI itippc at the head of one hundred und ohaug * your opinion f leu, y iaa.ddiery, w<a advancing againat ; aruii won't tl^ht rlibout inr.i.uor ,, , ; K0R, Vc,?, u '?? i?4U??ot liberty. Wu will i> >S stay the lat regiment ol the N* [h the Que*/. ks consfiju ico of'liwm eaterJay. in thu sh'P N? . ai.d lli,' royal habi- u aeot to suck the ^ erft Crua, with 11,1 Thi r>< ?r< willlug h?^rta wt.o will fiv? Hrr' "'l '"I111 , iiUQuiia:?ly needed for the P":idii i{ paaaageln thepa1 stful triondi to wa'.ch Eogland'a d,W- { ?" ?? 1?? ? >s opportunity The h?lp thatFranc# ibH,;fflc?ol the Quartan Oi??d HO giv? to Irelai'd ll?S b??n HO ?t- jf,,,t nl'Sff' 1,,^ nf t ,aroh of mind ia as ? steam power. r*n- th* -on ^ ^ f, wooden walla or England" It erect. ^"Z.onV H? will , l>e guillotine Democracy would nevar T ? ?!! ???nnin.i.? J\ Philippe ; those inveated with it* apt- !%'jd roate'ln o^pany w "Live kit the kingi of earth, we nan Fihk at Hahlkm.?We eonidaa an 1 his nln?ty men in the lout night, th?t Nowlau'e iraortailaed both did but their duty. sumed by Ore ho form of a conceasiou made lately in Book Sign v>. BAnDKH'n inber of P** n. tb? voice of a laboring 0q Monday atternoon ry, replied :?"It ia loo late!" aud to Auu street in oousenuei latid #11 yrt bow. The Duke of Wei- pout teing: on tha comer he storm The old geutl-man has left Me?Rr?. Burpee*, Stringer . Democracy shall yet write the epl- ]0oks of the algn benou.io, tyranny andthotlig ot our Ration tie arm, a uote T?aaddr?s>e ?d. (l"hr?e separate rounda of cheers, imm?rtiate removal < f '.he ;onuel aud France, were here given ) appearance to Mas/ire SI ence, Mr, stiuhan, lat* editor of the ,irm Mr llurg-'ea had p >. ra(,thua a ldre. ed ih" meeting :-Mr mission to place it there, fellow citizens, jou will believe plaoe tor its location, at ly that 1 etaud hoia with mingled ^hep two doom below in A i? aud aaiiitaction We dee on ,? fioger board. Mr. Bur, a l'ght whioh shall burn till all main, aod tba otl er* dec ,ohiiMd fr?n the chains ot d'spo.im. I'be majority ruled in th hi>;h will mcrer.ae the volume ot thi.t wai removed 1 hey liad tot Ffaoce has not only awakened the Po.;e their store was a b *nd and the retormeraof Ireland, but ihey would not havo the I 9 the heart of Germany aud the Sta rit pearauce on precisely th? urot in any nen*ral inovemeuc guard lwo 0f board abnui sat, thi< sway of meie passion 1> ranee bill poe:ed on each, callio: u christened wita human blood to ob- by. or at least to euotl a? y a mia'iike?by following a demagogue, amuibling over it, ti> som joice over, may be Ihe tomb, ori on the corner. Mr. Oral uis-y ait aud w.'ep forevtr. A ?nQ t^,, tormidable sign a ;inu deserve the execration of all THlf Watki tuman l.b-tty Cit.ze .a. Ii is your 170 *?,*,,an h L oot mclrtt* <6Vfty p yon tako. 1 of- J ^ . . , , ? wiUreread Ttm-I i.d Ml aa, the gow. n? ab?t40y 1 will be burnt in the streets, because I " " lt',' ? . , English are t. o cool, too calcuUtinn (A j,?th ,a caused by Jrowu dly." Th?t is not the word; they may 1 ?(? |* ?"1 rhHJ, yannlcal but cot oow.*rdly What I J ' ' '! -hip, tat they hav^ too groat admiration for m t ebin> P?Ul they will preserve the throne as an evi- *noea. ,r the iiolishuf?a of their aecestora. Accide^tai. Drow^in d for the day when Mufa Philippe quest, also, upon the b?dj i or dethroned, in the knowledge Ireland, aged year' ci mid then cea?e from the endu loot of Duaoe street, w! i o.it.turi''a of oppree^sion, and rank * barue on Monday even ucs. .vlen have gone ao far ?s to of liquor, trll into the al! gp made hira cowardly. I would not covered by a grappler. noiy by auch a thoujht. lie long wait- aocidently diof-nlug sh a union of t.?elicg and cl purpose Dhoivnid.?A mau.wh ,nd s* would have anticipated th- mned. kc sid'otly fell int n; but found it not O-jrduty now ia, ington atreee ubout two 1 rights, ar.d identify the Independence w?sdro.vn<:d Hi? body I tbe republicanism 01 Freueo. Will y u. , render nugatory the H.d yfU furni.?h T frlal nf Dr Ar*li?rm > "J \ j r clemation, when people are drr of Kdwuril DI:ii .is lift* 'he truonfra hill top when the LKrotu tlie li >rn. Vou > ill not do the act L*fayette Thomas Fi.i xt sworn , w ree th. end of his patrintiam and jnth 8e|)t*nt<*r a , sis o'c r is no doubt that t.iie p-ople of Franc* t rB: ur,u.(i t'rom a visit tc U States lor arosponae If th* hundred totheofll:e; afi-r sltt'ng sot Luis Poilippe entered Pari' and ntn,n|n. ni>il Wf ooosei oviaionil go?erum?nt and the conceu ,u>.j9el, for di.v.roti n; 0 ru-iioa re^c i but te i pairi its, our cause . .;i u oa thai piint, nu i b-tnda ot 'ho.-<e who uphold itar^ as of uh I hari? "TM"1'' 1 Ir he*rt-4 oau ope") lo a v.d-e of pity weuld prob*Wy be Tri?r-sor orushed to earth. Our en ieavors h? jj.j ga,;,i jie wi?:,(a Snflsed to Kn^land or Ireland, hut 0<ci00k, the door of the n..u nviaf hit nif I . ?ll people. he* wafted over ocean' the bui of the continental thrones X)rtlv went out of the eni; oue to heboid in Ireland a republio , VIr ?h.r? reaeli toe poor of England, though so th oh?/.na M;t down t iy gone down to an ignominious ?r.ve mi||am|) A< bout nln< re dying as paupers to give them hope , bt.di ,a tu to Ihmi ttaii rottoration. We will ,d? J)H wi,h?a ra? to I of in. word, oi Jaoluon, n '7(1 H? blflW out thp lamf <a.? you qua led: in irtli and'14 re ,.h b, he' uubc J you quaiiMl" The Anonoan ea ? t h ; wa, H dial , th an ,.,b <f lightn ng^ not only on had j k?, th doot h ' 7rtrT r"0t \i ,;Uth, K"i K to reveal f >cople to be freed from the tyranny of mv iit>. that onned .out is a orlsi* in the hUlory. wot of na- ? t* to t a kind. If the star which has arisen sink (, d h, nQW ? th? , >11 be long ere it rise j j tin Much d<; th ? t t k? ry ot purpose sbowu and power brought , t d r0?j.,n J united Stat s. It is the policy of our , , w? b u (Jl)% ;o interf-re, but only policy. Another k thpn j4 , ,?> people of Mexieo wore thU moment ao-l sild he wl-h? I he ? , city of New \or* if ot thjia were t fc| k wp w t h men in ?rm.-liot one of thes- unless ,4 bftck ot th ? bui ,,ar to disturb or lay hunds uu the ino- , t0,(, h,m w? c0, by this meeting. , . tarth?r than the cellar, lommittee, consisting of twenty-flv- in- objected to th.t, as 1 ere appointed to superintend Uie future fom* to]d him k wiuid esscciaticn. morning; after waiting a began to pour in again pretty fre-ly; wmt t0 t'hA dPOt of ltfe b . .. . , . tf for me ts follow, which announced that a general mass meet- ?ltn u ?n(1 ,.iW aa y advertised w. take place in the Park. ou wh,Rh WMg iC(| minus. F.enoh, Swiss, fcngllsh. Irish, th, Tery republican-(cheers) at a futuie hkd 'thf KppMraDn, 0f . . . ... .. passed on to tne back wit cf two cents was here hsuded m, the ^ u u, t h front of lt,g. that he aave it to purchase the 00unt.er. and between tl go, to he.fired in tho o.use ot Ireland;" ^ Ur CooliigB then tta vehemently cheered Horn, rrso- , ?'shor ? ?hBop !ind i;qu?ntly passed in favor of forward n? turn,.d haJMk#(J ? th" moeting when on motiun the MCUnd tUe h, ,.,i .,?? d,f ; having taken up a large u w?* b. th,n t,oU rlptions. Several delegation* irom the frpra (>(,hji;d th# oounlPf. . a*inr, and other alopted cititM-s, hat w pT,M,4 hard on ne in the oourse of the ej-ning, antt |lMt t6 Jkn t ,f our booW wnn ino ouoTfi, K3 , 01 mfBjun, ^ k, rJwUh^moa?m?t0,>(,r,C' h"d b'*t#r ?*" bola ?f ? sr^wKh thn movement. thr[n th#n he. , w noticed th?t tbeprma w? City (iilclltgcnce. *?<!/ ?n that portion d' .? Yeaterday was another of th? few part wav down the body? ioh March has eatowed The day wan u > partly over hm head, t !. i .deed, a-.rood ax if spring hal cnm? ve c<rii?.l l> jy do? j for a while iip^n etrlh Tovardn and left it on the wrod pi e aomewhat eiou'.ly, but the wind atill "r *' tUrn took the h*t it. which ia a toljrahlv fair aign of good head ; w? then returned lamp, wen; below to aee t , , , . . , * tururd: aftor his return DKNT -Th* KlM ool-Mkt'tlnofcar* ?,Bd tU(. countar and I riura Jar.., City, yetterday morning at t ,,ul tb*m ir ?*t with a.very serioua Maiden ? the wh t ,t WHH ?,ft t0 d0 . nt th* Haokenrack river. l n-f draw b?sini!M m(.a let lh? mn d without the know edgei of h* ejgi- ,Hid .. t? 0M,.t i .1 not b. iog perceptible, the train .... ,;t ? , ? tuat it w?a imporaiblt[to atop it* bead- h ' u auJ tnn , ^ motive tender nod ? h*<g*.,., oar, were b,^k{ t aDj ? . how , tb? river A man. whose namawa* r?k in ,v whtoh but tha lac ia koown that be w-a a flro- ?UpUld , 0 hom? (11a, i.. /i?rlLa?, w:,en ahewaabiKne 1 on ,atd ,twiig ,r b,?r. th? b?ely eroap-d with hia Jlf. wai on Wm t ?r. a , ? the 1 iinn. <ind, aa I by a>m? faullty. Kol,in,on w?? u. ng th w.nly p^raon iiju-ed 1 he loco , 1UJ h(, wriUl,t . ia , from ita lininenae weight, wai.t to the ?h4 h? , j ?f hin rare quite a large number of . aiaona In M,irw who waolBd to m?, ba'- they f?.tiuo.U?ly eioaped WI4J) Ii#ar|y p?c tAur. V meeting "f th- whi? e)?otor- went lo my room and ah. urorabtt* to tht? i*t<on oc a o^ral ciiciwiu; wb^n th* rtr-t ! ^id?Dcy. WA3 hrM ev-niu^ at th? upnn \ wr*nt to tu? olll I r purp'?m of th? pr? *>0^ 0,11 or R^ug'i au 1 Club for Nirton } <i#Mrojrei uraicte" of fi v wcr? up points J to dr ?*r ofHe*p; whM? U'%iug t is I and br-1%?r? for tne g 'f^rom-nt of th<* 'a+ 1 p"n l"fl #?v'ninrf b? (I th<i mating nc*Jouru#d ! b* ?g?Jn -"j^rd uod?if tbo winlo ?inv ^Tt*ning M risy r %n?-M on thu fl*or,o?U?< ? a<j r?M ib*4 m-rti g nrj'.t promifl^i to fb*? w-jt to tb? nfR l ol 1)1/could; bat i wai announo#<l that bl9oa cu t'iat, vr ?ic,i I i 'f ?r?!y y .Ciu-y r. m i > n.i'uu w ' ' y ' pU<i?d the cask and )).n n nit into the *t*Te, wimo I ovkmk.iti ?T'i* primary election* b^- went to my brei>vfa?t, ui ?tty well uud?r?tr>ud, in most of the u? Kdwlu fJetPiiMl, the < >- the favored one*, whteb o?noot bo he notiesd ti n spot on tl until the (reneml oon ruoatiop me- rittsr ck?-; b? ww sprinkling t :+a already b?-ri eteted, ther? to hi- mi<ht eprinkl* it an J ? ftl iult;f* i i aoui* of til* w r.lf. tli de- i? ofll ie aid left K'lwin H>uk uuUlmfM, and expreml ? their I left ihe bn? wo* found <undat?llhMardii luth? K.'u?t#?uth nutelli-'g ofllje, ?nd on we:i under* ood th?t James M B*ra ut'eniion to a ppot on a p e i.f tin* nomraltte?, for Alderm . hud I .nlj- iloor no t book-o?*e . t( r Am'iuait The opponu^ f' - nui | blood; I ?l*o **w on na bar. expired tb'ir int'-uMon 'o Between II in I 11. I *? il? < ?r. I ii. (-0" i rrni'ttt ?<sii.*ut.) for Ur Thujer'i oW : ; Dr ' h R. I' \ nn, for A?r?t?nt. I went t.o th<"m anil told wuril. the coutfll't"' f?*nrab!e to the my betn# pallid to Dr. B.i nnis lulling nod < . K Oek'.y wcresuo- iutf asmy, I turned and n canned ooDiit iri able ticnbli In tbe went Into the office I ?aw tiou ot them li?t? ilei.riuiu^d to *up- awn with j-jno , he took t H*r?ld lor AIUetin?o. of the oflloe. raying be <:: ward, th* p*ity Ua* expre**f 1 lt*alf fa- tn| ; | r. malm I a ehort t iio'nation <if J< bn <'i.?oo, for ihe ittnd * ror'mci'i jory re Uft theoounail i.oiulouliou* to .'l-iip o?m< in ?' i banned i pocket book, and a?k,-d w ward. the ?id hunker portion of th? d*- the; might a?k to let hli Mr iioniiii?tions on Vlonday which i e- hut tb r" wis too '..ui h . nell aail Wil? Hunt la of.p uion w-re sserabled m Mr Wil m' tiomltintiou of Saturday. They were in proitr?*t for /> > r prefereuo<? of B Mewerol#, M their n^nt rue for bii InMrBncau ? Niayoraliy wuh ; I brouKbt the ln?tri i ward, Uavid Uaok* U>d Robert liogan the examination j 1 wm I R A L D . T?- \ e?ndld-it?s for the Common | Dr Thayer. end Or Cio!Mg? Or C <114 th? on'ting ' mid I i?*?l*ted him when h? desired It Vtsr hs ldioi llatneld Is decidedly th,- had tlp|?h?d I v?m! up t?e cut* wh *? were ir nny other man, for the offlr* ma1'#, end wm e?nt out of t.. h \l| ? '*bly in??*t with very littl* op- I iora? t tn" eft** D- ' i<*tnrn from Mkowh^g^n he 'op Assistant Alderman Ik yit j ii" !? ?le t e* to d. str' which I )i I by t - g ti iib ued. | vnd throwing 'ho oI'Ohs n?o the s'.r'et; ? ' . r . i? put 1, the Roman Catholic psrty mortem examiner on | ;uuh? mon>v wdiih Or C. h 1 ieantl Komin Catholic a* w . , Bf lni?ioi pit t? vir Wi I a.-i's wood ?b*<*; lo.) bating a majority of OU mter they Kot thr >ngh with th* po-t <n .rtsm etam'n. tsfltftnt ) 'Ion ?*ud w ib * ? I!"v^ 1 tpA*.i t m I' ir i ' '? j.iry I ?*r|t ,-Itt the great riot at the Into th? mee end Dr ( o no .. n? nv tn-U. ther* lEthward, on MonJay, thrre w-s $1001) i|.,,i?r ' < }- u ,,, i-?? nir*, , >r?voly stool th? ground, an ! 1 " >o U . ? - : I * i *. w? ?, t > l? Mr choi,-e. They are **ld to *',h ' *?"' *?? ' ' / ."ul 11> *.* . a ?k; I luu the own, aud would nr * did not r?i'w anh i i - | * .r, in res, If they eould ??rry th"lr ** J""50'-. I * h I p. bail been ftllMili by (he .. i b ? qmttl y I n le i < ' U mlDent of the feme!* tender*. *'?"n 1", lh," *** >" ' >* >" ? " " ' ? the ,i fitce much the worse tor the door which te.i Jr. .;o lr I, rr. fi .i-uitin^ r\ , | , tbi ih Kaler, one of the policemen evening ?aw Dr C ar. 1 hi t<>td me ihkc '** wnW? inderatood w^a .oiim iopposite part of that money. Atter this Mr lUH-r .,vll?r It. ter As us she saw him, w?nt to rh,, pffloe Hnd I w ut iic, si.i^t () ?,y return :h, \Tlsth-r Keler. an' did ly-r Mr. Willlama told mo 1 ha<l b-ttjir ? j to h oIIIh, that I com. oy.r with ye,i.in?te?n 'V C 'h,pre t?W"?' ? ? ' J h -A te-t - .,1 ,ai.t orn Sli(fo Bay. to see ye noin' hlro 1 h?o I we.ic to tb-Of:! m e.- d ? i.-.d !' < fry i Toin Oilin irtio. one of vour muoh agitated; he ^tpre.^e.l .. wish to v Lv Thiyr, o for a Dutch uan. Ooh! and I w-nt >o Dr Tbayr'n hous.. and ? .? h-to; he IC?l**r hu' its rn???*if tijiit's w#nt witb m? to the offlun ?ud ?ri ^ U n?:iott ?cJme aid haye a wee dhrOp. ,lm"; wh?n ,,,, ?PP??f ! ? T. i..-m or y?r counthtyinan " and Dr C v/.,ntt<-the hou"? In ooinraay . h Mr B*. ? If r; w?nt to the hons<* shortly afc -r; D -l.wen j mi t borry, and Lieut,, i^u iper, of room, nsklnx me as he wont to sl-?p wall h'lrf I D??ltaiw Voi K Volunteers, embarked but, fluMly went, to his room; be th?n t iolt tn mo. mor W. Sttrens en rnuf for ney hi- had *iv -? nj' s i '' I so .ie r't'u (ji li ou". arults tor the regiment < apt them into is pook-i-hook and i;iv t ? o'ler^ fv u hts yesterday, tar the purpose o. ovupock" lin k; ?v tli ii went to kv- 1 Mill MfH>at nn M<ip,?uu\ hn?l bin b*KKag? taki \ a * i f \-in monny, ttTi-t non^'-i 1* I i?" w ml t be K.juenctiof some dfltenUou at ?ftf, lu ,, j k in h? om? , lif,k h?r ia,ter, he wjs ft behind So of ug t m?oh ,hfct h; ,a lh? moral>)(c i oltiaens of Albany for Capt. [ put th(, mon tt j( klii , wUg lis departure trom tbac oity, be oth,r ?? , hotu? )r| ?r ^ lh() ofHr# ad depit by nearly two thou- Qa Snturday forenoon I w gj?d Dr <to ? > ut to r:iia proceed in ? fnw days by the ton and visit a pa'ient; h<i did not sUu 'o go, bu told itn Major Dyckman. me I had better; went, and in th^ afternoon reiitrned. were informed, at % late hour when he transferred his prmer.y to me; the buMnes* hotel at Hurlem, had been con- being done by Mr llak?r and Mr. (".handler; w^w-r?together a good deal in the afternoon, und t IVid more Pi)M(.-Qulte?M'!oc c?me off ''bout rl pT?pw?T tn?n northing ?'i th- eve.il 4 the corner of Uroaaway and w?l;b' ' h<m .t0 t"*"o?re <f th'' ??"eT n? Mnl?n ni., 10. oftberigu of Grant'selgn bat be did not B-e . Inclined to; tueu w . The corner is oo.-uPlrd i.y bro^thi.Joc an. I tb-.w thu n.n^y wn- I 1 .a It into U Co as a book-tot", and the -b.B "J?'": V ' w"r,|fn ' 1 "n'J 'h? "'J1/ (' ?*K obnoxious to a portion of the "I1,"*,'1 1 hatchet that whs the b <t IcuoJ no ded to .Mr. Ur?nt,requlr'og the olJ,J ?"* ou " 'bru",,: v ? o!" ?? ?* b * e**?. sign, beoansn tf its obnoxious near th'Mo.'r, ar.d dij v t^r. 1 ir Ul sji.il-ofblood upon tringer ami Townaend of tb* that forenoon iQ.s l- t-n-n had mr >?'d th oflice; revlously airea Mr. Or wit per- " l?hf" ilHrr ,4l'a ' Ur c- 1 "1 K>?" to !> d h* importh?t b'inu t!ii? mod d?si able tuned m? fry -Iroiigly nev -r to ? ?d what I had .il??othe sana tica? pointing to hi., yaredj th.< .>oi;vare*t? 1 m-.o-d u n tha ovm u.- b-foc? Inn street, by tbo appendage of thr'^rnusr ajury; o? S, urday n ? . chi-f ?onv-rlocated that, tb? n.ki. mt on V'0U,' " *ri' V f'1 v ;rj lared that it must, be removed. J"*?"??"'? ? before tho cor >n,;r's j iry; ,sVd Mm. f ? case, and the sign . f oourse 1,1 'J""* ^ ?? { ??' ?" 1 h" ??"?? "^i n-? idea of having p-rsous sup- ? ?? ? *??'?> night;he weui do*u . .If '< i ir. m the a-bet's shop, aud determined b??, and destroy.d it; tho 1 *t d-.y Sqmr Noy^wM sign. A new sign inide Us a p. ??ll'd " 'ie ..dv.e,,; <>n ^louday vl)r t ) told me isamerpot, yesterday, made or ^ '' o?f ; Jtu bad 0. tali^ :j ru -etc t t.,?lw'inches s.,uaV', with a U.et I outfit.. be de troyed: I ?.ke l > ; ?bat ^ the attention of the paeeer/. ''Ottle it w*f and he told me one that I bid no: ?vn; I re1, it wa- erceptible to, without '" r,d"".V'.v m M'p. '<? Wi'y d" JoU W,l"'i,,.C 1d.w tr'iy" e new book which wan for sale ^ hf>' Wjll|.im Phillip* has r-H .it; I t Id him that ut> chop is No. 2 Ann street, ^nir' N?v"' X0"?at,t** oottlen brid better b? I,ft on Unds ju?b.;rore the dour. 'h' v?"Ha ^",4,bTv!'V " tarfq'2r* ^ 1 nhOMiu fill up tin? bottl? tbrtt ciiiue from Bu?rvt% [for j. Coroner Waltets w.is o?lli"d h? said pome of it had b?~n ns?dj I v*nt to t'*f^ci(hiie, iqnett upoti .b'. body ot an un- filled up the bottle outofone that c ^ine trom Hallowell; irs old, sad suppos' I to have thr?w the oork with oth?r >.dd corks a vay. iu l tr. yml a or six weeks The body pre- th?? llnllowell bottle; I tb?n put the bottle which Cifoe u <unlly found ill owes wh-re from Burn ti on lh < shilf, but subsequently put it into ing. c.u"J a verdlot was tendered niy trunk, haviug heard It suucested t it in ota r:'ge Dr ^d htd on when found a ooarse (; n.'ignt destroy himeelf; thi> doctor toi l m the T^undy 000s, overalls, and a pair of bottle ought to b? rinsed end tl'e v ater in the ? nk ttirown cut; I took the cor* out of the broody bottla, o?The ooron'T h?ld nn in- but did noi riosi it; the water was suh^q ico'ly 'hrown r of Dennis Ly.ich, a native of out; on $undny ni^ut h? told me th: : tif wi?o, ,1 I w. .Id nploy?d as barge keeper at the ake the waich frooi hid eleighinl.be lnfcaud throw it ) to attempting to g> on b'ard Into the river; this I d'obned to d >, "!!> g b'm I would iin : while under t.no inlla> nee follow no further, but that matt.-rs inufl. oorue out ?a ip. frojl which his bidy wae re- they would; oa .Monday of tbo wr-U following tvi? d?ath, yesterday. Verdict, death by the doctor's books were tratsf-rrrd to 8<{alre Noyss, as I understood, lor the bein-flt of the doci. c'a 1 r^ditors. ios* nams cou.d not be apeer- 't ,tu-l?-iring the probi ty lo m- hav.oK n-n otbe dock at the faot of K.v- "1'1,,hW1f'1ir m m ? '/ h"' V"1" n'ob.ek v ?' rd v toornin.- and '"llnwinjr lb- oeath of Mr Matt v tt Ms request and a as not Vet b Vrrcove.ed ? Sunday nigat. wb;n I old not r.. e,. with b, 1 1 tbink vlt U-k rdiij; I had nnver si-pt wltr blin before; o'tea , p. (MMW for Mm Hw- 'w,,li 010 h" ' " . ' n!?*.1ir^*> 1 tlie\Vi?, nt vv?t?, a lllr, Mr. ^r*T' *"J ? U? 00,511<",,u ? o. Daily Times J ? On Thursd?y vfltiirjjj, the I'ollve In elllwe <e. il?ck. or betim<Qiix R<?i8eT?n, XVa'ck Rf'urni u' i4' Tuinhi _V?iit''r1?7 morning. at iCUntoa. fcafcf luindtjwl b'r?tnrni>i ,.r* .> r? ?rce.i>d >>/!bi policemen ib? th- ru a abort timt Dr. < :<*>li-i<? i^hc previous, from th# llrst a x dl, i* * .t astonish o?il talking ab ut procuring a ts witn ?? th-. number Of prinon-'i/l bouglu in, i- r.oolldge opening the o nvr- , '!< r u ; ttgtitin-c i> I rioting, crev ed by Bald U had ui* I *, ei.ts h* conteu- it>g p i m n t avurinx to elect their oantu |>rta?^(A tl ? ?u'j ?t t > t In | ?. KiAh iiiiri '-. g wtr,' i.hf otil *r of th? day ill <i>^lit in the ef?DinR, Ki>d il m the lirat > o l'i? w rds vi 1 yet, string* to say not me to leave At abou' eiijht . (n ?'i was retu. i?-il f >r diwr Ji-ny o-indunt. Th?Miitb i rUiie b"ing lock <1 so 111 OM rtfirttUS WM r?*!^r lit blank -uot'VuD ?p<ieonerof loor ??1 not opened and aboit- uny description - whion is a very reriirkabie r.tot, and i I supposed th?".w.? <Jharl?s; he more so, an t li- ward <u in a per eo uproar all day. m oflla:-, to my boarding house, it in not expected, bo vcv'-r. tba', the polios will bring I found a child (in company befolM the magistrate m:y le;.-a| voting U>?far, thief, or td a blistered h*n'; examined v*gtbendt UD'<li afct tbe ele lion 0 play blolrgaaimrn wtrli Ml?r Out. ruinf Catr,? One of thn 4fi ward pollo?m?n 1 o'olro < I tonk al?mi) and ??? brought b?f-re )ii?'l<;e Or-nk-'r. yes erday ?f ?rm<on, a e ?utr> I met Dr Coolidge, wbo rath?r .!?o^nt 1 >t.irg you g woman by the nauia of no to th.? olllie with him ",ni ia Brown, whoui the cftli r u.:rt.fl-d in (-a'-bnrla* i; I gat it down anil wit. , , b'ni i^in t I m st.??.li /, a pi--oe of 1 the oftl<ie ard 1 went In <yu|0c>, v. iueil at M 'V.i from the lry goods S ure of Lord atap on the sti.nd After h ,nj l ujl .r I urn iog <(UeaUons<i b the inasilstrat* esoool b-fore m? and said, I reap c.itnt tho ill fr sa told the following ufT?oting you a H?oret wuioh iriV'ii V?S ntory That her bu.-b- nd was a oarponter by trade, and little Kl Mathews ca..^ io jork-d in this oity, bat *hat th'y liv?J in Brooklyn, glass of brandy and d ?n ,,n [( lio^auui > o*d, where ehe had f? ur children, jlh -r room, I hu a < d bim on : oi.e only 14 moulba old; and tbia raoruing ?be ill ?le b?'.l'-T? hut1 tu!jrJ*-r<>d.'' only lili-t.i'd Iiio prlinn, whar? g'oe ha 1 ?r?"l a tern ihn'r, *h'a Dr. odid.'" hp1'-') f id?y?. for ??l i u j, a pieos of c?iii?o Iroia the Tery iui b'm; repii- d tn .t I did not eamn et. re O ? ?r a aoharge from prison this tnorninu'tgetbi out of th's r fflr*,'' ,u/ #?ja Ti?!c-d bi-r husband wbwre he wb* at work. a in the r'v*r; tol l him Mid ^uo fh g ysis a T^ry j?>?l6ua man, und spoke Tfry lin t;it*re, il was ruther bright; roughly to b?v. *h?n aue a?ked htm bow her pocr Idio { was lh?n spok- i of, but obildri a wu.'e fliia with othar uukind wtrds, ui.id?- ber n!d not safely carry the body ler| Ttry unhappy, aiid in a lit of aag?r. she lett h.rn, that waa - a tar as I w.iuld go; ,,nt j.jto a g'noery st .re au I procured ? alas* of liquor; i? said iie feared it would be i^hig scupided her fenilitgs io? a time, aad not caring prooaoiy ?>e i o'fliii'l tnn next whnt beca;.,e of lerse.f, aho s'.rolled iuto CaLharlo* oiini?m he took tiie lamp und v.raet, entered the s?rae store frem whioh *ck ofllce, and turned round es j,U(j previously been detected in stealing, I did; wpnt into tbe back o(H<-e su,j while in au excited state of tuind, seiied a 1 pair of drapers l*ini< folded pi?o" ot calico for ta? purpose of being arrested, and preesion wnd" a* if by a ra in's (.hug puni*h h?? husband for hi* ill treat met. t Bu; no was n spot <>n 'he floor waicb sooner km she it) ouvo ly ot tin p iMcetnan. and on her blood partly wiped up; then way back ;o the TVrahs, than she be,'*u to relent, and i uf, whicn was rni*?d a? high uletvled mo?t pitifully i < bo *.-t -t liberty, ac the same this window *m a temporary time beggT.g two cuts to pay h,*r passage across the lis un i the wiudow i mv th? ferry, that she inifjht oh m iLor? behold iier poor ohU* took the lamp and w"nt down jfen b?fore sbo whs sent np for six months. 'I'hia reopened the door; aft-r he re- quest w:v> of oours not. granted, tbc p^i.einan not pes1 did not ;hink it best to put p?s*;ng sue. t cw-r; therefore, the a ;ortunato woruan iarl; to'.d him I did tot know brounhi before the m>,-latra' who. having noothor th body and drigg-d It out .lturnative, m iu( i'.ted bi-r for trial at the m xt Special noticed at this tiri^ that the u x. kri lay rnnr>jiu{ ->:i" w?? taken down the he-d; bo then s*M it was hy ih? "Ifl-er b edm tears oompte'.elr h ar\ broken . w iiih w? did; put uu another at j,.r destitute and lors*k?a situ ,ti n. f'u'ly < xpecting Idof the feet, but he told m- I to rs ! ( t. 01.1 the court at iea?t. s,;; mo: t?is' iupiisonhe shoulders, that 1 coold carry m..nt ,n ijlaokwell's Island. ten took hold of the hands and y ,?tr, and Finger.?Ofllesr Leonard, oce of tho ire stiff; we th^n oa'ried the chief's principal aide areejted, on Thurs.laj U.t, iotbis >*n emirs; when we had R?t eityi , ,0u'-<m-.n hvt:?e?Mif U org* W Windie, 'lipped a? 1 the eoat was dr:.wu ?n a obar^e o! deserticg Irom the M ?c?ac'ius? t? r-^ihe arms were alio dravn up; nent. end r.JKlng the i \mo f L.i c. ur * .u;r.g iBo.r, rn through Mr Shore;' shop In or i,ir 11 pr>. ure his p v i. er ' ? d . rt:?n. Hon ile noar t'fie outside c-llar d<> r, slti.vl *?is mother, wdo r fi i .1 \V mloic ^q, Delaware off a. J le* it remain near t.!i? on his rsturu fo Ibis oi'y f:ota i*e awafe, p-.'. tip at to tins offlce ; Dr. C. took the ^'s hol-i w''e *e he isrr^ 1 rd by i.bOTd ' tfthat all whs as b'fore, and re- u?r_ -ani" d?y h? was c-Vtiyed back to bost-u by i he wiped u?> a sr> >'; from be- cffl,,?r aW(lj a,. j i^av, or r t, one of t n olllcers took the towel atid the pair of cf regioi-'nt, from wlr'iu Wludie e'e^pt i tlio i the si.ot" ; h>? then asked me ?*ine ilav.wh le on his way io cro's th > ferry o F. ?sc I toll him to *o o? with his Boston. * .J is u w ?. la.ge. \ r?w\rl it t.-irly dodars tter come out if it would ; h- ,, , (f.r^j t, r his ?riest aud i lirery to ihe paymaster a. t m , can they, ?o 1 my popula- oo kii he was i{oioir awi? to xkow th. War Ai< ilist noma to th- offlee h >r? 1 Mr X n \ M thiols were; ?mt thore wu? &pai.n a.ni> YITCaTA!*. ..... ou ht to be heade.) up; I the?, "i he p .pers . s u e -olem.ily tt a. the sked hlai to ?o With IU- '.ut he iesij[ii fe-vii K if i , -Is of v ar to the er>ae: rf it both should no L ?ethvr; I V'u .n, C>iit-u?..U W ' 'Vhn'n h'j od e*te ? ?g the I was soiog In in.- iJ.'o- jr, iftf.i ? llig . > \x-m ntrjeots oi e where th* ticc.or Wis ; 1 fig aud ft su?!h "tuer Ir.eti .JO 1. r.? as ?y ie a i its r half p?st teo, aod assed him proieo'.f .i T. - y d*cl?: . .U?t tliete s no pi-Iiti \1 i t?. i; he said th?r* Was a Mr. J-oi. in de;pat.cblii|i shl;>? to Cauiptaoby , tba: they i? ?? hi,u ; bs remark d ii. U i n. id* 1 o ..y t. ?.. rr* ti iu-? of i.J'a i y S'? n th*n ; I took a I 'ht and Of.e?/.? finsy*ne lj irtly Mr Uak-r.ray room u?' Kit'>'.i l'kk 1?kaz s. jell r?n< in the moriiim i <of The u. 3. *'*a-_je; p--hi u, t ..d .in or*?n on the where I found a note r. <|nst- 13th. urrlfed fiom the Braaos. he* ug i.e I thenoe on lees, that i.s bad found a shirt the lOL'i iuat. Capt Morgan reyo*l? lha. the s e.'ti r 1 the note and then swept thr T?i*grsph, <'apt. Kolger, left the Dr ? . s > 'i tha iOth saw the stale spot of blood I (r.?t, aud thai sne I a I tue u.ail uu er l withacra nivir. Iir.' f. .-1 ? ,r 01 P l?f'IK?ri. Ian ID ll. . I.' " ** I i4* iooih nrom* o ?ni i a,n h* * lg no r?w? fr .n tl>* * f l'i K> > O *nJo, t rtrnkat arnmatiqw, I think; I taU.S at<**M*? up (i?n Bu ff-iu tl B <(o?, r the cv* ?: 1 * *r ,tr brou<h o.erth* r? uauia of ? u. H-, og. .V O. P,cruhb-U oH; while doing thU nyme Mare\ It the jv ' ofllje, itud I thru r*v pon i?IB SEAT OK WAK , w?nb hut be?n knor>ted -j*h? U. H. ataaniib*i>. New <>rl<?iw. C?pt Au J, i*-?v*a notloed fhrre wm n Are; 1 tn?n tMa day for Veoi? t rua. wttti h i>?? an I mW of nl ou ray r*tu'u ahortly after m?? f,r ?ri<"i In i - Q > tvij . r l)*iv rment. ?o?l ,flloe hor nweeMng tho carpet; tkln follow! I* |>.? * < : >j-' ' w <4uart rm*a. oil-sloth c?rp?t nrar the old t?*r L' s Array; s ( *', D lilanoh? d, M?j A. he floor at :he urns; I told bin <j illenrh Jr l rJihiol't;T- t' !. Knmry, Tnr-ina* Rgol *wp U up; I >n wont o it of John ll?ng >ugh. <lao Hill:i; ? ' -u' ' ?y. U K. VVoitthfr* aaraaptn*; ahortly uft?r tirr, \ 'V*- A m" W l#>r Ji i Don*n, Lnula ; I ?m called out to go to Mr Di-kiui?>o >l" Mo<v- I Beaaacoa, Cspt. Chut, Aw. my r?tnrn, Kdwin called my q ,?rier i"'er ?i d l? 7 ?ce of woollen oarpet n-*r the n.- t'oit-J >u: ? aiu'hir Virgin!*, C'ipt. Tuokar, ; I exnuiitted thean 11'< unJ %\fo !-?? * for laitpioo "id V >r? < ruz wt:h < *pt*in i u f?w halre In 'h? bloo J ,|<5 A.pl?> ' omp?oy Al?b?m* Voltintt- ftr Vern rui, ? Dr. C iu bin e?rriBg? o<i*r mid * tIiiumu of r?orui;* for thu l^^ui i- . H?|ji I" ?** th?n ' nil!- with him : in?; .? wUfi tn* fvil'tio^i h.- . ri : nr<. Dr 0 of ths Rtroun* .ninol \Vcll? ?nd a <ht?r; > r# L)? Rimy ?nJ iUr?o; ? ol. utrllrt' oft!;? , Dr ( th-ndiif- h , -g.'o, ?-'ol tMumu Uton, Chif1'* H in i r on. h. s. went bunk to th? ofll * I i >itlanl?, Joh.i I'ttoraon, ?'.d V H. Krrttt-riek -V. O. Dr <" Kdw^r I M?th- /'nvj^un*. Mar 'i 14 bti ??0?unt book ?i 1 W?" '?! AKVlr I!<TIU.(.IOKNCK. ^ goio,< Into Mr WIIIUji * h?>- Li<? Fuli.ihto<i -ad 40 oil r TOit* .'or th* Amy, , liu*< wb?n I *? M l oi ? f? from Cblntgo nrrtv* 1 thin Ui > ?" < ou th? 1 oruh?rl?nd tth? h..??l. B- ro- M-f If Vallry. Sj' t?u?? (/?<??. I3<'* *??!. n* i% i>urxi of 03ou* j fr? m nin n to put It In my po r t mjIbw NAVai. in i ku-i<? ?i. pocK-t i> v>k *ad >)i J n-*t k ow 1 hf 1 S.br.. b.i. r .. i.-ut torn.; V.b.. > I. n>y lo IT ; k only *f ?r. 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