28 Mart 1848 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

28 Mart 1848 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I "-..JH1M! am*-J , l .-I'". U JL~LiI TH Whole No. BOM. I . -a ' UO^ATIO HILL AUCTIONEER?NKW YOBK Xl Xraile 4al??-I'OOLklY. KKKSK It HII-UI! Broad w iv, m coDtlDR* th ir areit ?*! ol itooks. station#**, 1" Hvi* P'atra, lie t?tne Treie. thiediy. at to clock A i.l ,i>i which Ix nr ilie ?*le will b? c jntiuU'* lr#ri diiv to ?l*y u?t>' the whole ca'aloju* (embracing o?er two hundred ?>. mto P**ri') ii al< iuld. The m't to day will com n?e ihe valuable .. il eite>i?ivr ii r"ie? of Meaata D Arplelon k f ?., W.ley h p?ti?m. HiRer k Iw.bmr Ueb^it.<>Tt?r. together w:th a r envar *'v "I inhf ltr?ttlT> ??' itiiek. I T VT. BROWN. AUCTIO .h CK-KLKOANT C ABI. ?l rrt *ml KDi'hol ! Knrr.iture ?J. W Brown will tell at { auctior -n Thursday, Vnrch 3t'h, at It o'clock, at the ware | touioiel Jo?ei h H-iytj' , No. ll? bioa war. (nnder the Ame( n tin Miueuir) the ej'ite ?r< cu of eletraut Furniture, mioP'itinir unrlil* tops n.d olhfr D-estiiiv B'resua. Wiirdro!?e?, XTremries and Bobkeues. m .rbie t?r? cu're, eofn and side Tallies end, diuinit, fiaitft'e mid funrv Tablra, parlor (hairs anit S f-.?, in great *an?tT; Cotiehes. Ottuwms. and Divans: oiihcK4"v Ijni Krrnrli nr:d Gothic lledttevl, maple funl fniipv rimir rnUmtra-d env < hair; (ko. CRta'oKtiea now mil- >-t-i f f litr for pM'kin.' and li : pi. s. -- I W IIOW\, AUCTIO.NR??f-cA?1NICT AND al 1 . inch !d F*tnititur*. Hons* Fuibiihing Articlea, lie? *j hi* Tueadav, \tareh *8 nt 10K o'clock. No. 142 Broidw v b5 en'Icijuf. u Irgentock ot superior furuiMre c?mI' ivrt .VMiofisy ^olia Mid I'rvrlor Chaira I'ane Heat <iu ' o-kiuu snd C iydi>., Ourc. Sola. Girl, *V rk ?"d Fancy T""lej Doik Burernv Waa'.i Standi, French Bed > i Mr ^ awrtment of uaeful and ornamental h-'U ; fuinjthmt a id m.nccl.'anoom ? 'tic Ira _ AU TION ? MOMI. PlfnPfcTUAL.TB*. BOUHllOV, mi* other tiue itandarri Roaea at Auction.? H*'l ilav k -iul.?r -will ae!l. at rh'ir auction room, corner of Wall and >rw ?MW< i n Tucaday, .l?r h It'll, at 11 o'clock. * I rge aud ipleudid collect ?n or th*above ataodard< aelected wish rrrat c* r by n rompeteut judne of that aidcndid tribe of Pirn U. AU". a tine lot (J .'en H'uie Pla^ti, lu full bloom. A !* >. Dim fin laabellw Orape^ ioaa. SEitI#l/S ACCIDENT?MK. THOMAS BEL.L, AUOti.i rer, of U Bvekiaau ai'eet, aiiu S9 A?u aireet, wai yeafcrl y al,out 1 o'clock knocked down in Broadwav, op1" site r ie Museum. aud icrioiulv injured. Iiy a private carruse <1 .Ten by n cnloted coachmai i livery, and attended by a lo tnuu. Tna l.rerv dresa wi. a dark brown overcoat, with c.ipes. I-iicy burton*, tic. Any peraou wt>o witneaaed tlie aeojuent. jvi'l confer a lavor upon Mr. Bell by calling upon hia a' h;a i?? rm.iui ?<I.K OKKKALKV v'<K?A FINE OPPORTUNIO ty fjr a aferud proliilile Investment.?A. J. Bleacher will aell gr bunion, ou Wrdueadiy, 2#U March, at ll o'clock, at tlie Merehaitta* Exrhauge, by order rf the Execotori of the late Akriha' i Child, to cl >ae the E>tate a number of valaabl? Iota O'l ih<! Seventh aud Eighth A vtuoea, nod on Twentyaurli aii4. Twenty-aeTCbtK ?treeta The ?<le will bepeeucptory. i he tit e it beyuud diapuie. 75 per cent of the pmchase money :?u regain on bond aud mortgage, from ihraetofive yer.ra rtaixperreut Lithographic Map* cau bo obtained of the '.uciioi.eer, No. 7 Broadat e?t. TO '-F.T?FIJhNISH D E O iS AND Bh-DROOMS I'M a siujc gentleman. in a private fam ily. *.lso neatly fiii.i>h.d parh.rauid bedrooms for a gentleman and hn wife, atj 9 T foua.d atreet. rpo LET?A IDAHO'S MOOM SUITABLE FOR A *7" ?c'ufc Entrance an Broadway. Apply to T. TV) LET?TO BINGLK UJCNTL EVEN?PARLOR a?4 bed ioomi ctticiied. witli or wirhent bond. Eotiance fin Er-?iir?y orCro?by itreet. Apply T. H BYRNES,610 B oad ..av fp Ot.IT?ON THE FIRST OF MAY NKXT?AN J. exc ellent three ft..ry Innae in Hammoad ?t.. fitted wilh m ub> mautela, h.t nnd cold bktn<, Scr?rent $9*8 Alto, on* in reet, the tame nxt, with like conveniences?rent $475; I' ai'anted between Fact'irr ?ud Fourth ?treet?. Apply to .iLr.X. Al. UREIO, No. 1 Hanover it.eet,corner of Wall. T? LET?THE BOWLING AND BILLIABD 8AIron, 72 Prince ?'-eet, 4 doora from Broad *?y. at a moderate r. at. X.ie miove room i< 20 fset ceiling. 21 feet wide. IPS feet losic. aud i? suitable fur military or political pmxpoae*. Lnqnne u ih* n'Mnim rpo LET?AT HOBOKEN. TMRAE NEW THRUE X iiory Brick Houaei, moated wiltiiu two nainntea walk of the fciry. for terms, Ice , *|p!y at the H boken (Jo '< office, rt Ferry Lmidiinf HoboVea,of W. W. SHIFPkin, A^tent. FOR SALS, CHEAP.?The onexpired Lease and food will of n Porter au<* Lodging H->uie, in a bonnes* part of tne citr. where, with a small outlay, three excellent Bowliag Ailoyn can be pat u|>?the iet rnnuirn back 12# feet. Ap|<ly to >lr. j F Cnppaidge <* r?utte itreet. frt / * ?i?n a t . ia'tia * vnt* mi*u /IVNT [%JV>*IV.?. IV/ V'Arnr uinio'n rnbiivu V JI-.. * tinman, specking the Knglish language lluently, wall kt.ow ii to this community, ?nd able to give the bc?l reference! ii i; ?-cd? cii.acn, h-iiI resprct ibility, wishes to fiud a gentlem <u with capital to join with him iu baying oat a well known anil o d established lirit class restaurant. with the miDag*ment of w. ich business he is thoroughly acquainted. Addreaa letter* to ttesunraut. cn.e ef I'efr Uilsey, 169 Broadway. ONE COLLAR WILL BE PAID FOR A COPY OF "."arritd Life." to be left at thu < ISce TO*?!5lO'"fcRS?I RARE iCHANCE?FOR BALK. <-*:orkand Fratary of a ti<oc?ry, fc'lou r, MM Feed store with the privilege of a lease for >wo Tears, from 1st of Ma? 1849 ha- hern established for lhe last seven yearainthe pleas nt village of Hirlem. Also t'/e Household Furnuare, nurthtr v ith nee H?r.f twe Groeety Wagoat, one light , trom. g Wagon, thu h-s never until use* iSnilcr'i Palest. A*>- ) Restens f ,r selling on!?the proprietor intends fing .iu: Wist F r fur :ier particulars, inqnitc at the store 123d atrrrL SI arenne P. 8.?If the above is uot disposed of before ilte It h of \pril, it will net be said after ihat dtte. VILi 1AM BOYLKN. FOft '-ALE?TliKfcE LOCOMOTIVE BOILERS. ONE ><f ?5 horse power, has . een in nse abont 4 months; one 8 hrrse poeer, with copper tabss. has been in nte ahout II mo ih?: -ntl alto oae ?f 3 horse power, new; andasrcend haod an 'in* of abint 1 hi'ie power, with, b <i!er. loconsotive v_: .. i.. j i?i? ,i._ i? l ... i i.k.,,1. r for tteiaiboata, vr.th enirinea of high and Tow preunre mide nt *noit notice, tad all kind* of machinery nad mill work on raami.abie lumi. br P'v'.HK, MUKTHY k CO., f nltnr Konndry, foot of Chen? Mrett, Kaat Uirrr, and at the fo t ofCorlaer* ttrcct. **A80NIC WOKK1?KfcCENTLY PUBLISHED? i?J The eiahth itureotvpe edition of "TheTrue Maaou'C birt. or fli?niglyrbic Moatfr," by R. W. Jeremy L tr ??,G L., cootiinicg all the improvement* a?d emendation* of former edition*; with a Hiatory of Kreew^osrv. I he w?'k ii the only aure gude to the cr-ftwhoare wishing to obui" a eor eor knowledgr of the ancicat mode of work nnd lei'unng. AUo, tin Kmrht Templar'* Charter Monitor, by the tame anthor. aecoad and improved edition The nbave work* are lor tale by Meairt. Huntington k fcavtge, A. M Bx-ne* It Co.. Collin* k Brother, aad by tiie author, at hi* offi?r, 142 Pea I (Treet Notice to the tradr?thesacred mou*ta n>, by J. t Headlty?Baker Ir Scribaer 1147.?Thi* i* t >e copyright edition?Mr John S. Taylor, pabliihvr of the Cefaabitn Anguine, hi* pabliihed an edition of th?above wrrk win h w* uninta n i* an infringement of oar copyright, tr I for which h iait i* new pending in ihe United Ntatee Air r>i:r? oim i t me ^onnitin i/mric^ui new iuik, n, r>. >xr K radviied bv couuiel. a il hf litve will be the cue, thi* *nit ih II k* decided is our favor, weahall hold all pen <us rugiged in th* aa'e of thi wo-k to ?trict acceantahihty. B\ki<r k 81'' I M 16 Park row and >45 Nafxn atraet New York. q-*0 THE L \DIK8 OF THE CITY OF ><EIV YOKK" Jiumir T<iiu .uf c:?iot I i " a^am? (i ip<>u, wiiloj rc or "ion ay urit.th* 3d inat.. for their impaction, ft a entire u?rv md tplecdil auortiaiut of f.iahionable Vlilliquy, direct Iron P?n by tl.e i.ur me im'r, couaiatingof atraw, ailk an I crape B"an?ti, Capei. H?ad Drnaev k'l wen, Kibbona, lie , of he hl.*U Par,*i*n ityla*. at No. 37# Broadway, eutruire iu Whit** reel, N 07 1 ITCONCERN* ALL WHO DRINK AND BUY TEA? ! Ou? Dollar and Fifty Cesti for Fife Pu?nda of food Tea, ?ntt certainly be chaip. The only placet on lhi? rait oati <-nt wl-ar? ii rat be obtained, ii at tlis eiten>i?e wareliuure* of the "?fw York a.-d Chius Tea Company. 204 Greenwich aireet. near Veaey, N.ir'h Hirer, and at It Catha me atraet, near <:h?iry, K.a-t River. TBKOWN, STONE HEAL KNUKAVEil AND * herald Painter, 231 Broadway, opposite the Park? Colts of Arm*, Creata, Cypher*, fcc., engraved oa Stone or lir.ua Diamond*, Amethyst*. fcs.. bought in the .ough, or'nt to any f >ria. Ladia*' Meala. Pencil Caaea, Signet Rings, kc . euar red with Arm* or any device. Cost* of Arm* f.nnd ind yamtel in arty *tvlr, liom ft and apwjrdi, an I forwardrd to xn .? put of liie United Malei ar *'a. ada Cook* of Heraldry kept with upward* of 100 00# uamea. Any lufermation given m H? ldrv. PKHFUvlE'vV, SOAPS, fce.-COLOUNE. OX MARrow hair oil, esieuces toilet roa ?, aud a great vaiiety of fancy n.cles, rnitible for the country trade, at the I >weae ratri Al?u Vro->iu k Fowle '* premium walnut oi< military limviug sup, w huh hia been awnrdeil the lirat premium in etery nsuuet. TLu uaiiraijej *?ap i* t e iurentiou of Dr T D Vr ir anil never heard of either in London or Pi' i?, at is nowp euaiirH by ?ome of the couuterfeitir* of the articles in thi* city Y.q.r *aJe wholes*!* or retail it iNo. I Cour.Undt at'eet. *outh aide. GEO. B.UKOSKH. Brooklyn water for swiitino, from the unit iprirft ih:tt ha* been need frr 3d vein, ran br obtainrd at very *hort notice, if wordia left at th.' Wst't Taak. on rhau)p*?u wharf, tear the Fui>on Ke-ra, Brook yn. Five no ita. two of tbeni ner are cisuatuntly employed Apr1! a* above RurK.V MIIDK'1, Noirvh U'I'KS.-K UFROV will open on Monday navt. th? 27th mil , n quite new nud rich *a?ort?e?r of Pa"s Soring (Mi; *traw anil Silk K enrh Bonueta. fcc..j?st received by the Havr# packets. 34J Broadwsv. npsriirs __ _ Part (UUk SOUTH AMV.KICAN SHEEP PELTS f.irs^l* in Iota to suit purchasers, by HtiMltT ( DIIUII.L k i <> ;'?tn Pr> I *tr?n. ?? * jFf Vl>s OF THK > A VY"?1 Hit AiUH 1 ' K 11 A ic Moritnr.cont '.ira two aMellai.t letters trnm Puis.by the DocD'A., and a graphic aecoant of the late Herolatinu in Pans by the snine persou. The Washington letter it very eveie opon certain offictra ?f tilt .Vnyv, who hat e p-ese. lad a ' meirn-i?|"or rfminitr.inee to t'ongress. a<a i st the order of the Secretary of the .Navy, respecting the Hank of 1'arsars and Ha'gaui;] Cnticiir> oii Ander? n'? Othello, nnd Vabdenhofl'i l?go. Pnkltshe.d by BKHFOJflD It CO., ,N?. 3 jester H >B?e. TO WliritiVNKH* AN!> V VSI K It < OF VKHSF.LS ?Port Warden's Office. No. 101 Wall sl eet-The P rt Wa'der.s will charge, herealtet. the following piices, vn: ? F- r each satvev on board of auv vessel, on hntchu cr cargo, $l JO For eaoh survey on damaged good" on the whurf or in tore, SIM). For each ?nrvey on any vessel deemed unfit to nr cred to ira, S3 .V) Office open from 7 oVIocu, A. M . to H Vlock, IV M. New York, March 23, 1848. HUBERT T. WQHliU, rierk. FOh CALIFORNIA DIRECT?J hf. FINE new brif BELFAST, cap.-iu Jordan, vviI be despatched at ! ab ive on ti e. fi st of April. Parcels, paehatiet iid le'tera will be taken charge of and cnnfnlly f>. warded For freight, mv LI yon board at pier 9 fast r >ver, or to B ' .ALE, MELICK , DF^W I [ T 110 Uroad sireet. For new omi kans-l< uisiana and new Yotk Lin* ol Packets -In aail Mood.ty, April 3d, tha new and splendiJ fast sailing Picket I master, is now leading, and will positively ?ail, as above. her reanhr day. I'or freight er passage, having splesdid furnished accotnnaodaiioiis, applv ?n b ard ?t Orleans * hntf, foot of Wall street or to K. K. ( OLLINH, J? Souih street. Measn eirent goo Is will i<e taken at fonr eauts per oubic loot. I **rnl "? '>?? U'leans. Mr William t reevy, who will I Promi tlr (< rwrrd nil goedato his nildreta. L1"'* I,IV f hi OIIU-Nr W' 1, Ml?'ll,t new ,i?d splenr did fast sailian ship HOBMUS. Asa Kldridgn. maater, jaoow Wading, and will aail Tharsdiy, March Mill. For freight or paaaaga. having splendid lorni.hed aoexiamndahoaa, apply ou board. at Orlauna wlm.f, fn?t ol Wall atraet or to E.K i. OLUPIh.**.,, h street. The p.cke, aknp "iddona. ?.n,t?in' ubb, will succeed the Koaema, aad anil ttth April her regular day. NO I f -UN A-Jl) At-IKK BAiUaUAV m ninry l?th, th? ataamhoet HTATKN ISLANOKR will make th a lnllowing trii?. til ftittlMr aotia*. Laava Oaaeytlna at |U 10 A ,'ii , IS M , I P M l? f M. MkMtZ M.UA M.I* M,M* M.IF.IT u.iijj jl v*. mmmmvmmm . .1 '.it E NE' NJ BV OVERLAND EXPRESS. THE NEWS FROM MEXICO. The Suspension of Hostilities* Details of the Fight between the Amerieani and the Mexican Laneers. fee., he., &c. TIIK ARM 1 STICK. IFrom the N. O. Ploajune Extra March'JO] Since our liut \ Bbilo*tion the ftmmsliip Mamachu?etUk and the ahl:> l)*nv?rs 0*pt. Oref on, hnr? arrived from Ver? Crnz with Wtnr ou;l Import-tot InMltgence Th' D?uver? briuga the latent date", her advisee twlng o in* l'Jtn inac , ir m vera < rui Ah we were led to anticipate by ear prtvloui adTloei. 'he negi'tiittlon* of tbe Mexiaan oommlMloners with those appointed by Geoar-1 Butler hava i?nnin*trd iu *n urmisi Ice. Ganeral Worth and Ganernl Snith represented General Butler in the negotiation* We h?%r ? go?d d??l of UliintitUotion expressed with the terms nt the nonventioa <*ut*r?d i?to, but h?v? un time to dignit tbem hero Tho followiu-: are the orders of C?*n Butler promulgating the convention : * HKADquARTKi i. army tr mkxicg, ) .Vjexioo. Maroh 6 194m ) didf.tl no. 18 Tha Major Oeaaral nomtuanding publishes (or tbe gailanee af the army the following articles of a military eonrcntiaa for the provisional *u?p?nslon ot hos titties be'ween tbe United Slates of America and tbe Urnnblis of Mexieo, aul diraota tbe saw* to be etrioily observed Military Convention f.tr th' Troviiitnal Sut/tt mion / Htltilit ?|. The odersigotd ia?t in the olty cf Mexioe ou tite idth ot Pahrntrv IBIS for tli-i minima of oomolviniz with tha Jd urticle of the treaty of peace, which ?u ?>gaed at the town of Ouadulupe Hidaige, on the 3d in fitant, m which it ia Hgieed as follows : Immediately upon the *<?natura of this troaty, a convention ?hall be entered into between a ceacmiati in?r or ommbsioner* ?pp>irtvj by the gentra'-iu c'nlof of th? foroee of the United Stat?s, and each as may ba app intd by til* M oxic.au g.??oruna*nt, to the cad that a provisional suspenalon oi boalilltlea abaii tako place, hu<1 that, in the plaota "coupied by tha said iorces, eoaatitu<ional order stay be re-established h? regard* tha poiitivU. administrative, and judicial branches, ao far u* this 'hali b? permitted by tha circumstances of military < eoupation. Wban, kaving mutually exhibited and ex-tmiucd tb -ir respective fall powers, whieh were found fall and satisfactory, they agreed upon the following artioles Art. 1. There shall be an abkolutc&nd general suspension ef eras and hostilities throughout tha whole re'.tublio Of Mexico between tha forote of the United States of Anerica and thoM of the United Mexican states, and consequently immediately after the publication of this ooBTcnttou for the suspension ef hostliitiee, i j any place er district, no aet cf hostility of any kind '>all be eemmitted by the fero*a ot either party, and if a ay person er pertona be guilty ol any breach of this article, they shall be individually liable to be triod and <j jodemned under the laws of war. Art 2. The troops of the United States ahall mot advance beyond the positions already occupied by them towards any part or the Maxloan territory not now in their peneiaien, nor extend in any manner the limits of heir pretest occupation; nor shall the treops of the United State* advanoe from the positions now occupied &y them, but each party may move freely and peaceably, a they find mostno&Tenient, within the limits ef their occupation- neither passing through a territory oocu,;ied by the ethar. Art. S All persons of either nation, not belonging to the army, may travel wHh'.ut molastatien wherrvor their tiuainees may oa!l them, subject to the laws of the country; but ?U persons belonging to the army, travelling from the posts of one towa?<%> tfcnap of the other, shall ha accompanied by a of truoe or a ith couduot. Art 4. la the Fedaral Biatrial aad is all 9utea occupied by tho Amerloau rroope tba oolleotion of ?U the eontribations of war pr-v'-jkd for bj General Orders N'oa. ?7i and ttt of th? mnaud<?'--,n-ohlef of aaid orces. da* or bocemicg due for the mt.-j the of Februsry tnd March, aba 11 be atupcnded until tba expiration of this convention; and upon ths ratification by tii? Mexican CioT?raaa*at of th? treaty of peao<> signed oa the 3d uataat, all sn?h contributions for tbe von tba ef February aad March, aud afterwards,iball bo entirely omit led. it at the tax oa gamiag heuaea, liquor shops, and places f public amusement ?htll continue to be collected aa ,??. in each place occupied by tbe American troop*. :aUl ike exchange at tile ratiftoati -<o-t of the treaty, it heat prejudice t? *he r*rhtc of tho intiB'rptl autto; litiea to collect tax re aa hfretofcr*. Art 6 With a view to tUe reosiabliebment of ooosti "tional order, aa regards the political, administrative nd jod.cial branches, it la agreed that in all pWoes donpied by the Ataerioan forces, tbe citiitDS of the -lexican Kepnblio shall be free to exercise all their p.-tli'.ioal rights in olectlng aad installing the general, " tate, aril municipal authorities which beleng to the territorial divisions fixed by the Mexican laws and constitution. The American authorities will reapect the xereiso of thca* rights, and will consider tboae us duly !?ot?d, who are held as suoh by the Mexican government. And in like manner will he considered tbraecivil hppeintBieatn made by the Mexican general or State gov-sament. Art <J Whenever aneleotion is to be held in Bay town or place occupied by the Amerieaa troops, upon due no 'ee thereof being given to tbe oommandia.* officer, he hall march the wnole of his force out of the limits of utoh town rr plaoe, and thete remain with them until ifterthe hour at which such elections should be conciudrd, leaving within tbe towu or place only the foroe iMcesaary for tho security of his barraoks, hospitals, tores aad ouartrrs. And no persoa belowglng to tbs Amuioaa trmf shall l>y any mean*. or on any consideration, attempt to obvract or interfere with any rl?oti n?. Id. ord?r that li?? may bo conducted according to tha Mexican law in Tera Crm the troop* shall retire within tha walls of i<ia fortOaatlna*. and there rental* until tha elections a a ooaeludnd. Art. 7. Tha Mexican authorities. whether general, State W manini'ial. ahull have Till liberty to establish kli ooileet, in the plauw* ocotipied by the American cops. all taxai and revenues In confirm!ty with the Uws of the country, to appoint all offlenrs and age-its >rne?sary for the purpose, to -Jiapose of such revenues sthey may think Ot, without any iataivention on the i art of tha Arnerioan troops excepting froul this stipu..tloti all duties ooileatad in th? cuatum bouses, all in ernal duties on transit, and lhos? collected on tha pre ions meta's in tha places oocupitd. But if tha Mexlaan government desire to ra establish > tobacco monopoly, it shall give public notica or its itentloo, sixty days, to be oouutad from tba data of t <ls convention, in ?rdar that trie holders of that artiole i%y hare time to dispose of it. Nor shall any tax be Uid upon any one belonging to the Araerio?n army, nor i mi its neoessary supplies Art. 7. In all plaoss of the Mexican repabllo. the iHvenusnntl administrations of the post-oftce shall be i .' established as they previously sxisttd. All poet looses, post offices, public stagss. horses, mules, and :her m h ot transportation, shall reoeWe tUs protection of the foroes of both parties, aud the whoU i tr?l' be rnauaged and oondnnted by the persons ap,> linted in conformity with tbs law, by the Mexioau government Art 9. Should there be any itook or deposit of toh oeo, ftamped paper, or playing oards or other artlci.?a of oommeroe, belonging to ths Mexioau kothu a*nt, or to that of any of the States, in any place oov.ipied by tbe American troops, and of whioh they ve not taken possession ; such articles may be freely i ken possession ot by the Mexican government and I Hnsported iu such manner and to suoh places as may nit its conveuitfuce Art. 10 Immediately after the publication of this con > otioo nil public offioe* not in the occupation of the \ narican tio>p*. anJ all archives, utensils, anj lurni 'Ke rf sacft office* shiH-be delivered do to the officer* ot the State or general government*; and ?* *oou ;> i a*T souvenlent place* cau fce provided lor the tieepi . nd o?i'?r* now oicipjinj them, all convent* of iun*. < llfK" :or 0 location, publln h<*|>itals, and o'hrr building lor charitable purpose*, shall te immediately vacated and delivered ?p A..t. 11 Iu all place* occupied by the American t.oope, tha Federal ani State oeutts of justice and diril tribaual* er <>v?ry grade, may enter lre?ly and vtthont any interrupt.o i, uptn the eterrlse ot their M'i<ropriate functions, In conformity with the Mexican 1 it Nor will the Amer'ojn military tribunals, created by their authority, take cogni/.'ncu of. or interfere in. . uy cause or matter, uaiess a person belonging to the Vmerlcan army be originally a party, or the interest >t ths Aiaer.eiu 40?er,iinent or army be 'incecnud; in which oasea the jarlsdlet Ion ehill r*<nain in them; ao l Mexican tri^im*!*-?c,ogni*# 1 and to be i?pp?ot*il by the American army, suall be those d?rignate<l as leK*1 by the proper authority of the Mexican Generator "late ^oTarnment* rrsptottvnly Art lit In the Federal Uletrict, th?re may he organIred and at med a force of 60U man of police, or national guard, to pre*ervo order and maintain police, and In iher placea occupied by the American (omen the com manner* thereof and th? Mexican civil authorities ihall n>.ree on the establishment of a convenient foroe for K.mllar pnrpoae* Art. IS In futur^ a* heretofire, In all the phees occupied, Mexican* or foreigner* rasiileut In Mexico, shall enjoy the protection of person and property guaranteed by the constitution and law* of the Republic ? nod aa hae heretofore be?n done, all supplies taken for the American army, shall be paid for at fair prl -e* Art 14 The commanding officers of the American foreei on the northern frontier of Meilon, ahali use all (hair influence to prevent tha incursions of save.?** Into ihe Mexican territory, and tha robbery and til treatment of the Inhabitant*. And the Mexican, force* m?y assemble, oppose and pursue eald Indiana, even within the line* occupied by the American (roop*. without being considered a* infringing the provisions of thia oonventlon Art. 1A Tha \merloan array will continue to respect, a* hitherto, tho temple* and fro* exereiin of the religion of the people of tha Mexican Republic, In ptiblle and pilvate and church property shall be subjeot only to snob laws ae were In exietenoa, or aaay he pa*aed by the Mexican government. Art. li If any body of armed men he assembled In any pari of the Mexican republic with a view ot committing hostilities not authorised by either government, it ehall be tho ilutyol either or both ot the contracting parties to oppoee and diaperac *uch body, without con Idaring thoee who oompoee it a having forfeited the yrououoa of tha lawa of nation*, nnleaa they hava baas guilty of robbery or Barter. W YO EW YORK, TUESDAY IV The performance of thl? inty ' nil ?-ot bs considered an infraotionjet this conven'ieu Art 17 Tbtacoeventton (ball remain In foroe during the p-riod flx?d by the tr?aty signed ou the 3d Inst., at Guadalupe Hidalgo or until one party *h?ll (rtve to tha other notice of 1U termination, witti the Mlowlnf additional delay, via: Five days lor all place* within (lity 1 seues of ili? oapl'a'; 'Men days for all placaa within uiaety leagues; anil twenty dnyr for all other plaoea ? The ratldratien ef (hi* conveutiou shall be exchanged at M">lco. within seven days from It* ilirnetnr* In faith of which this convention ha? signed in ^nadrnplicate by tha eomm'isleueri, the day, month and year flrat mentioned IONATIO DE MOUO Y VILAMIL, BENITO VIUI1AN*, W J. WORTH. Brevet M%jor General, PEESIKER K. SMITH, Brarat Brig Oen Ti ls is a true copy of tbaoriginal, whioh wus approved in the olty of Queretaro, by the General in Chief of the Army, by order of hU Excellency the President, whleh ias oommnnlcatod to us wi'.h the not* of hi* Exnollency the Minlarer of War. noder data of \laroh 4, whloh lollows: ' On thin d?v I transmit to the G*n->ral fn Chief of tha Armv ot Op'i%tion? a' Qucr^tnro the following copy: "Mis Excellency, the prvjldoitt /?m., in a council with the micle'erN, his "X?mtneil th* -im^tlm" egreed botweon th? Mexican Generals Don !(?o?o| > d? Mi>ia y l/.l ,_il ?? I Him, Ru>.;m Olliimnn .? ? M l.he STAn. r^ls of the Aineriojn army, World an.l Hnait.h, I you ara u-ivbj Duthnrlgpii ?s genaral la chief of ih > army of jpemtlnna. to girs jr?u ?Jrfna :. > to tiia aaM >l?cu.aent icnotP(iBnyiiiK those two ori*; ial?, a'gnt 1 by tha nforanal'l gcuerala " After having ratified thean documents you will forward than to thin office " In consoqitauca of thla order, the gMieral la chief has ftaiintioD-d 'ha armistica. thfl onpy of which i return, with the two ocples that you transmitted me with your nota of tna *Jd of tha present month. to ba ratified by tho j?rner.il in chief of the North American army. Be |i[odsrd to Bend it to this office so that It bs published in due fuim of law. IONACIO DK MORA Y V1LAMIL. BENITO t^U IJ AN O ft i. tilled b me,iii the city of Mexico,the a'h of March, 184M W O BUTLER Major 0*n. U. S A., Coaamair.ling. l>KTAtLS OF THS BATTFJ-- OF QtTADoMIPK. Onr readera may reooll' Ct that Oer?. Lane left the oity >f Mti.ro on the 17th Kebruiry on aomo secret expedition, with the same command which .tooompsnied him -i? Inst Tehuaosn an 1 Orisaha He returned to \loxioo >n the lot Inst., after having encountered and dispersed 1 h? oomtranlof Father Jnraut*. The American Stai ulvea the | artlcti'ars of the ?ffjir:? Gen Lane'i; comma-id returned to the city yentarday, h ivine tuade * successful expedition a&'a'.aat the gua iilaa In tnls axoumiou ae has showu himself woith] of the numa wa gava him?Marion. The second dny oat tha commtnd passed by tha trail they intended to take sevar.il milot, and stopped at a ba v-ienda aa If with tha viaw of passing tha night thara but bo aaoner had dark aat in liian they saddled up mounted then horea and rotraocd their steps on th< rnad to tha trn.il. In which. sinvla file, thev made ai much ha?ta ns the nature of the country would permit About daylight they reached the mountain of Han An tonia Escapululco. The track over and around thii mountain to.-tar i too diflUult to traverie on foot, hut th< leader was followed, andit wag accomplished?a hacion iU rcached, and the fatigues of the journey rested ot by a good night's sleep. Filing perfectly *e -are that his movements were un known, the General 41 d not start until lato next morn, ii-g. an'l after a journey of three leagues again halted at thehaoienda of San Cristoval, represented as being th< moat beautiful scene in the country. The next plaoi reached was ?1 Plapa,the authorities of whioh oame out and with a large white flag in hand, tendered the com laand the hospitalities or the place. A few mom?nt< paused, and again In th< saddle and off far sail Nicholas where every thin? needed was speedily provided At ' n'clonk that night they again started, and after travel ling fourteen consecutive houra reached Taiaaclngo Our readers were apprized by a letter from the com >nand. published In the Star, that Paredea had escape) iron his hour' In that town, by a back way, a tei momenta Wore it was surrour ded Toe wife of Gen Parades was very Uosnitabl.' to th<* eseral and his stall It was early in the morning when they reached Tu Imelngo. an I they remained all day Started the nex morning for th<t hacienda of Guadalupa, which the; reached In the afternoon, and from whence they a?liie< forth at lJ o'clock, M., for Sequaltaplan and they reaoh rd It at sun-rise Before arriving, however, th?y wcri informed that 3000 Lancrs were ther*. By turn, th< Texans were la the advance, preceded by Lane am iiiiys, and when they got opposite ths first bouse in th< i.lge of the town, a volley of esoopeta balls cam< 'bistling lrom it The doors were soon op&ued, and th? <nt? klllmtr -Who Mevt boost or i . wj* tht tiar thing, ana >ltj?r yoU cnmi>>g up, thn to-va xvai -*ularly as*ail?d; the enemy tiring fro.ii every house In ion? instance we are told, it came to a hand-to-han< (iiiht. In a shot t time the enemy wera driven from tbeii positions, and some ot them collecting in a body ontsid* tut town, were pursued respectively by Lane and Haye aud terribly eat up. The less In killed, on the side of the enemy, la eel lown i<t I'M at the least. We lost one man killed, and i ur wounded, fifty prisoners were brought iulothe el y yesterday, amongst whom were Capt Mot>t?no, indtwo lieutenants. Col. Montano, the father of the .eptain, was killed. f>s wai also Padre Martinez, th? - ooad aud bosom triend of Jarauta. .Jarauta, himself : is believed. was wouo led, but ho esoapt d, with Ave oi six man. giurrlllfTO wa.i pursued by oae of onr mea, and took hfltsr In a for<?<e room, wb?;e n? was sh^>t 1'ha wadi,ig itom the pintol ig lited the straw, and anon it wai inabiazj. The house was oousuwed, as war* several others Quiet tu soon restored In ths town, after the flghtiu< was over All tha M"n in the command are highly spoken ofhe l'exans riMem<>n. and dragoons, have proved thema Ives worthy to follow saoh a leader. Tha beat faelin* prevailed with *11 tha citisem in the towns and haciendas?quartermasters and comnilsiarieB i filing, w.io purchased all that was needed, from 'he tima tb?y 1*fc until their return to this olty A few more expeditions Ilka this and tha guerillas ol tha country will be soaroe. Police Intelligence. Extcntiv* Defalcation ?On Thuisday last, the ex t-naive house of Messrs Vysa k Co , importers. No. 129 William street, was thrown into som" rou-iderable excitement, owing to the defalcation of their confidential rlerk. Marvine McNnlty. who is ascertained to hava eni?(?Biad from the above Arm some $30 000. It appaari from the faots in this cas>i, that MoNu'ty has been a onlidential clerk in that Arm for come five years past, at a salary of $4,000 a year; and about six weeks n<o. from Home accidental circumptances, suspicion rested upon McNnlty respecting some defalcations, and on Thursday last. It was clearly ascertained that MoNutty was a defaulter bnt to what amount they were onalila to ascertain; but enough was discovered to war>i.; tha l.rm in discharging him trom th?ir SUfiM. Che noxt day (Kriday moru>ng.) McNulty called upon Mr Vyse, and stated that he wnu'd go out and see his f. lends, and whatever money were short.be would mike up This was the last t.imo McNul y was seen by : hat firm, and not returning to the store as promised, in Saturday Mr Vysa made a complaint before Justice Drinker, and a warrant was issued for MoNulty's arr.'.st, and plaocd in the hands of officers Welch and II ?ys. who searched the British steamer before her departure, but without success It was sub' quently ascertained on Sunday that MoNulty had evideutly taken passage nnder the name ol ones, In the nark Ann Louisa. Capt Wright, f <r Ma(ar z is.island of Cube, from the faet that a man bearing he drsorlption was seen on board under the following ciroumstaucs: The captain, on golni; on board the Yersal on Friday, saw this strange man sittiig in the cabin, and asking him what he wanted, he said " he wai >i >tng out as a passenger " "Well," said the captain, ' wherc's your passport?" " I have none." said Mr ( Ties. ' Oh," said the captain. ' it is a fine of $S*0 to tike you io that port without one" Mr. Jones 'inn mi.i, I win pay ine iu " i mm*. s?ld tho capialu. "you had better get a passport." <i(l told bim where to go, whim he started off, prncarad the passport, '-ind returned immediately "t'nln to the vessel Hie general appearance created suspicion, and that suspicion wn communicated to a oker iu Wall airent, who had bean robbed of soma H.irli'm Railroad stock, who, wlt>> tin rfllcer, weut 011 board tba Uark. looked at Mr Jones.bat not having ,ny t "ting >g*inst him, allowed him to remain on board. ali h <ugh lie appeared to be much confused at the eppeer? ice of the rfllcer Tho vassri sailed on Fri jay, and <v*nie to anchor is the ?ftnrnoon. in consequence of four <>f bar orew eudeavoring to ore-.te n revolt The next day the bark sailed, and along with tt ic.Nulty. On the ofUeors reaching fh* resideuoa ol McNuity, they lound hie daguerreotype likenoss. which as identified by the Spanish Consul a* the Indivlduil c tiled Jones who proourad the passport, ami likewiee ity til* Clarke of Spofford, lilestonfc. Co . the oivners of tho veMel, thus making his escape in this vessel beyond s < oubt Meana ware now adopted in order, if possible, t? overtake tlie 'iark, ind for this purpose Mr Vyso haf > n^aund the pilot bo<\t K k Collins, l. nptain Turnure for one thousmd d lUrs, which left the dock a: twelve o'olock yest?rdity uoraing, in pursuit, having oe board ofllcer Hoys end Mr. Mallacbi Kallon whose duty it will be, If thoy should overtake the bark ? t aen to boatd hoi', arrest McNuity and bring him back to NfW York. Howev?r, if they should fail to overtaks b.T, they will make their course diree: for tho part ol Mat,it us, and If, perchance, they ihould ?rrive Wore lie bmk, they will lay off (he port and board her balors sh eiitera. secure their prisoner and tbo tuun*y, and Immediately return for New York McNuity Is a war about forty-thr<* yenre of age, orm?rly a merchant in thid city, and waa onca one of the appraisers In the custom h"n?e. Ho is known to have berrewed over a few daya before he ranot'4 >la wee a strict membei tit the Methodist church; a >d haa left behind lour children. his wife having died about two year? ainco l< I' supposed La hrs bean gambling in copper mines and land rpeoulations, which e?used him to embrftila the mon?y Kor the laat four years he hae overdrawn hi* salary *900C yearly. The accossd will undouhtadly l?? aaiight; and if not brought back, a large amount of the money will be raoovend. Politic *1 'In tal ilRcnra. Ki-PersinrnT Van Burich lis fHiustLriit.?Th? friends of Martin Van Buren, in Philadelphia, hava offered lilm a public dinner, whiob ha deolines. Roi'sh aisn RkaovCluii i* PHiLaaai.rma ?TheTav lot men In Philadelphia have formed a Rough and Ready Club. It I* compoee<L,>f those residents of Philadelphia whoara friendly to Oat). T.'S nomination by the Whij NatlonaiConventlou. RK h IORNING MARCH 28 1! Theatrical a a# Musical. Italian Opbba. ? Lsst evening, the Italian trnvp* r?oomsasgcd their second "nson.wjth ''Lucia" and *111(1111 brilliant and fuahiouahlc honw B^nsiUttl van, as usu.d. splendid; Blscaoclao'l r?e*ired Imratm* applause, ard tha Whet* opera want off with great iclmt. Madame Bit awiauti kis imprevw* wonderfully. Thero is prosfact of n flna senson. Iowkby Thka?rk renltig witn?ss?d a orowJed MM 4&<*<{ the' Whitehoya in Ira land." refanda^.ttk^i |^ii4 wU th<; Irish peasantry warn graded to m?S^4)/t>y oppntyiion, afforded I'.s foraa*r interest. The scenery wna ajagnifloont, the characters, whloh throughout are In b ild contrast, were well sus tai'ien. por variety 01 inc.neat it can uarmy do exo?llrd. We were specially planned with Miss Lookyfr, who 'n tho character of Andy flull'vau, a mountain boy, rmin-'ntly 'tisplayert the :i(liat<T<a of fiauiniue srace and fervent patriotism Tb? notion of Burke wu sdtnl rable?'he flheeriog throu*hout ntkusUstio anj const,aut. Theu oaeie the " Insurrection of Paris." consisting ot two acre, in which th< events and moyer* of that wondrous dram* wore npicted Too lunch praise taunot ha nocorrffd to the lib ral spirit and taste which dictated t'>? arrangemeat? "la'shall. Clarke and Burke. as republican niiiz os.tli* Utter, ? Parisian oook , in f tvor of ' liberty <>f t tio j-?w." eviaoed unusual power. Ktoh. spoKe e* from the heart and with the audience wan corresponding sympatic. A dram i wrought oat cf pure hist-irio truth as ??e? thin, 1? sefe from impeach meat * ..tine It to nay, j,V* utmost expectations were fully rea' I, a'j l the ..ne who dnly appic.oh-1<- I it., tlieim ffflml all, P tl*"Ml of drslrlng to brhold it oici" more "be pUo?i will lie repeated this svenln?. Chath*vi Thiathk ? L??t evening, alter the beautiful domestic drama cf " Woman," and the faroe o( ' B^x, Co* a i J Kaox," the new piece cf the " Spirit ol he WaUt?'' ?ki produced with all the eclat which the manager of th Chatham knows bo well how to give dramas of this ohnractcr ft succeeded most admirably, a.ad the large audieaoe prjsent were quite enthusiastic in their p^eers of spprr bati^o. The various soene! were rarh one admired In thoir turn, and the combats dauces, tableaux. martial -x-rcises, Volcnuio eruptions Sc.; . were truly brilli.iat Mrs Booth and Mrs Jonei i took the leadiug female characters, nM Hield, Pardey Wiaans ani tb? other m. nbers of the company, fillet i 'he principal male ones The story of Undine is em familiar to all lovers ef O r mn story, the translation o Baron de la Motte Knur's charming little romance bains known far and Wide. The present speotocle i Io:itrat*a On rms story, jorae inonncauon hdi ' additions. WtcoouDBud the Chatham Theatre to thi patronage of the public- jt is decidedly en? of th< g?n!e*le*t nnd most xcetleut places of publio amusemsn iu the city To-night tl< s%rae bill is repeated. Tb< ilranaa of 1 Woman" one of th* most boautifu domestic ie'eg we h.vv sien for a loon time; "Bo* Co* and Knox" tho mout Uugbitble, and the " Spirit o the Waters" the west b' illlv. t i'hkiitv'i Minhtbkli ? The winter has paMed ant) gone, and spring hat opened; and all this time these K-nius-s hare kept up a continued furore in their favor Such Kinging, fuch harmony, is seldom heard; and ai for ths!r Jnooing,. th-uirli it is styled burlrequj.it ii t . uth, is the most graceful burlesque we have erer seen l'bcy hare sot the (inert, programme of songs that havi ever bean heard In Nev York, and will give choice Be li-otions of them every eveuing this week Sable Brothkhs.-- Convention Hall hits becotn" quiti n favorito place of resort, tho sln^iug and ilanoinjf o i lie Brothers being th? attraction The; nre capita performers, and are rr.-.kr.g ureat headway in publii favor. Their mpxnteric nceno is a most laughable affair Broadway Oecnrr.?The serio-comic pictures in ac tion are taking well at this placa. They are quite nore entertainments Bantarb's Panorama ?This gigantic work is as muci : the centre of attraction ai ever, and the unrolling of th i rmvass is witnessed nightly by crowded audienone No fxbibttion Jits ever been ah >?n in the Union, nior , worthy of the r*ttntiua of all, old and young, than thi oas t Da Valchtine aidSukktto's Lbarkp Canary Birds j nt the Society Library, are well wcrth viiiting Thi 1 doctor'*' o??in'o-i''i's sad the beautiful performances o tb*? little blHe lorm altogether a most delightful enter tx.iein?nt. Triers is r.v raor-i pleasant xhibitinn In fewn partiau!arl%, f or funni es of children, family parties, etc Ao?LrMi.--This pl^ee ie doing a good business. R While's > 'BToJ.Vinetcl* Miss Leslie aid Miss Wailsn Hie great fjivoi .tea > it i la* visitors of ths Adelphi. Til"''.'!.' y < leper* Company give ; i grand co.-erwt ten ?V->. <*r* ai. the Tabornasle Thi ?j-ORr?mc.>a of m.e > tiiiSK-nt Is excellent, comprising , all the beautiful faty W tite ' esnective eperas. Tt : t?nse whote relgtom toruptaa prmnnt their attendim , the Opsr >, a deligbt.'u! Miu?i*<tl treat is thus p.eftente'l 1 nr. 0*1 r?r? I,1 ?inf Ha it f it bja tk? 'I. h?r 11 Mr.1 A ' thin evcniog, oro"ded lu everr department. The oonl c rt will close with the M?ie?linise tiyaa, by tbe entire cunpany. c Ornt Statistics ?A Philadelphia corr'apoudenl s.ends u? the followiag:?The *ene(H of Trufll, in I'hilaI delph'a.(in the' CJiuiaioen'fl'') ?ui'tinted to $1 Oia. Shs i r-jelved thirty bouquets, una veathes, term baskets < f Bowers, whioh cost $360 Sh? w?* rill'.! out twice after the flrnt act, thrse tinn-e after tne ee?o*d net, eight times attar the third aet. The beueti'. of B no'lotti, i mounted to ?S15, of whioh he received (500. The France Mttiicalc of the flth alt. say*, Ole Ball 1 'ha celebrated violinist, has just spent aom- days Is > U.r.leaux, and at each of his flono?rt* produced a very > trong sensation. At th? oonoeri given at the hall call el " Lea trois cerolea reunis." he executed ma^nlflcea conoart oof hia own oompcaition. He afterwards gave i coacert at the Grand Thea:re, and reoalred there aim tuo warmest applause. Ola Bull is now at Nantea whenoe ha will go to Paris. Law Isttelllgance. 1 U(iitk? Statis DutaicT Court, March 27.?In Admiralty?Before Judite Betts?0?litmilh, IVtlh unu r olktri, tih' llant?,vs. T\t S'r<imkn<it Bry State, htr tackle fc.?Ctllititn Cmt.?Tha libelants ware the ewneri nt iUe sohooner Arlana, of Brookhaven; on the 31*toi July, she oleared from Philadelphia, laden with 120 tons ot eosi; aha reached this port in safety, und got Into the ^ound.; On tbe l#th of August, while lying to. in a fug ' it Wateh Hill Lirfht, she was run into by the Bay State and suok, together with her oarge; the owners now bring this suit to recover tho value oi both sohooner and cargo. Tha defence was Inevitable accident on the part 1 of the Bay State, >.nd carelessness,on^the part of the captain and craw of the aohooner. A 'journtd Circuit Court, March 27.?Bsf re Judge ICdwards.? Mary E Htnderitn vt iVm Jtne*, Shtriff, (J-e.?Thlf was an action of replevin, to try the title to certain art) e'.ea of property, claimed by tbe plaintiff as hers, which wfre levyedon under an execution issued against a per tfon uamed Stoutenbnrg, na hia property. The case it ot important. Adjourned Corse vt. Ckeitir.? ln this ouase tbe jnry remained onl (be entire ot Saturday night, and oonld not agree. Thej were discharged on Sunday orniDg. Suprkmb Covrt, March 27.?In Equity.?Before Jndcri Ilurlbut?Henry Cotton vi. limnnth IV. Cnllm?Thil salt wm brought for? diveroe.on the greundof adultery l'h? wife mtds an application for temporary alimony, k nd for a reasonable sum to J*len 1 the mi it. Postponed lor fortnight. Judge Kilmonda has adjourned the special term of hli court until Saturday next. Si'rraioR Coubt?Mtrefc 37 ?Before Judge Sandford. (uo jury). ? m. H Jltpimtmll tt at, vt Thtodorc -9 Mri/tr? Action on a premlssory note for >3, 93 40. dated 1st of May, 1946 paytble 13 montas after d?t" to the order cf the Alii tnee vlu'.atl Insurance Comp?ny, ! and Milfajwed by tew to pllllUii. The dufrnou la w<?nt t>!'consideration. Judgment reserved.. Common ri.Ktf?March 37 - Before Judge Ul?hoeff-r IfilUam. //. Florence vt Frederick R. Milltr.?Thil w?a an action to reooYer damages for a breaoh of oore punt. The defendant executed a lease of a cellar In U roadway to carry on the oyiter business; when plaintil] i quired possession. he found the whole hous? in th? pureersion of ? person based Bellslaud, who refused to | lot him liave the cellar, it being included in hie leas* , i he defeuoe was, that plaintiff line# at the ttra ' he entered into the oontrtot with defendant, that tbe Hatter bad no power to let the cellar, and also that he sustained no damage. Verdict for plaintiff. >335 Unitko Stat?-? Circuit '"oi;bt.?The stated term o( his court o. muieimea < n Monday, the 8d day of April colrt Calhidai roR 1'hii iui ?Circuit Court -Non l<i. 9, ul, 34, 37, 38. 39 N In ft Common Pleat - Part lat No* 109, 111, IIS, 115, 117, 119 133 135,137, 139. Part r 3<1 99, *3, 118, t?, 114, Ufl, 131, 134, 13d, 139. Mali. K onuKR Cahoht.?For some timf past t monry lia? been nus-un^ from tlir mails in Bradt iord an 1 .Sii<(4Uehant>a Counties, end eventually suspicion I .mcii'ii iu jHiiifi aioaier. a man twinn vu ui m? , tout**; ami lor the purpoae of deleting the robber lb? I o?tmnt>ter ?t Mehcopany mailed f.'OO to Philadelphia. ! -'iokler being praient at the tira? The poatmatUr then follnnl the mail to Eaatta, wlM he found the package ' containing the money mineln^, and returning immediate ' iy. pursued htm to within soma rallen of Towanda rb?re thn fellow w*%nT?>rtnki?n. and on being eoarched, j the money wna found couc?al>-d in tbe toe of hi* boot. t When Hickler found that ho wan oaught, he owned up, | Mod eonieaned the dead, and alfo prenoui deprei?tioneat different timt>a duiitg the. pant eight months tie 1?now I rafely lodged in j?U.?Phila. Nrwi, March 37/A. ' Th* Pruttian Univeriul Gatetat gi?e? thn following n'fttU'iii&l account of the Jewish population of Kurop* Kngland and Ireland 13,000, being only the 907#'.h part of tn? whola population; Belgium. l.Bftt, tho Jlf>7th ?l tha population; sw*<tan ?od Norwav, 860. lh? AOI3;h ' part rf the population; Denmark, fl.OPO the 356th part > ol the p. puiatton: ; rate*. 70,0oo the 4*7th part o( the popu'a'ioii; Ui* .N*th?rNnd* W,000,tba ttlut par- of ' ' population : in Kn?>ia. including thn Aaiatin potion, I the J*w* form t!^? ..a, jj |,ftrt of tho population The I State* ot Auitria 641.in o b*ing the S7th part of the population; in Italy aith the rxoeptionof the Austrian provianee, 40 Ooo, ?Jern?Lj, nor. Including Auntrle and I'ruMia, 17A oOD, i'rnaaia 3J4,*14, being about a 74th part af the (.opul lion. The Tba Ohitt Cultivate of the lath. aayf^that the wheat ' erop In the middle and northern portion* of the State, 1 eontinnaa to appear haalthy. The d-y weather baa thim I far prevented tba " halting ou-" to cv jimon at tliia aeaion of tka year. IERAJ ?48. City Intelligence. MovrMitJ*t? or the Whidj a"io Dkmp<*at? The laraocrata having got th*eujfh with >11 ttaalr Jlffl -ulties with reifi?*il to nominnt|or<e, ?\crnt the eandldnte forth* niayoialty, the wh'fa hare made a ?tnrtin 'ho conteat; and from the algo* now apparent. there will bn great apllttlng and aeratohing before the political ha'tle ia won In all of the warda the primary alaotln; c w?re hald yesterday for the election of tha nominating comrult'eea, and in amu of them, there were strong cocient o?a for th? election of thoae who won'd support in their nominatlona the fareritea of certain politloal faotioaa'and tUqu t In tha Fifth ward, the friends of the pr'aent lnoumb?nt? In the Comaion Council ware auoceaalnl. though a moat pawerf>il effort was Bade ta defeat them At one time a Hot waa expeoted. but the appearance of aeveral of the executive nfHcera of tha ward, eo^led dor* tha wrath, and turned it Into hrutufvlmrn. There are a number of aaplraota in the ward, and there will prob?b!y be two or three tieketa tor the councilman In the Tenth ward there waa alao considerable din'culty between the "old men'a faction" and tha' young men'* faotlon,'' whloh will be likely to reanlt in the support of the two tieketa Inthe Klghtaanth ward are also twooo iteudinx factions, the Mavnard end Jioksrm parties Bo'h ara now In the Common Council: hut th? friends of Mr Jarkwn aeeru determined to pla<ie him, if potaible in tha Board of Alderman, while the friends of Mr. Maynanl are equally a ixioua to have him re elected In the other wards, the r> emnnlaa.l wit.li r?ffAril t O hf? I'"") i" >u?w>. ............... , _ "Hire of Mayor nod Councilmen Tiit gmiersl wish ?oems to be, that Mr. Brndv reeoive th? nomination for th- mayoralty. and unless none of his friends prove re ornant there will be veryllttle doubt oi hi* re-nomination. With regard to the national feature of Thigir?ry. the principle* of Mr Clavars adhered to, and he would be their preference for the Presidency, aver any ctl>?,r raau However mu"h they differ upnn looal affair*, tliey nre generally flroi on this point The demncratlo mayoralty oenvntilion will meet this evening. at Tammany Hall, vhen it Is expented a nomination will be m;?d?, and the ' it 'n-ral impreseion now in. that William F Havemeyer will r?ae\To tbat nomination, though there are many of hii yirty who are th* Ann friendi i f Mr Gillenler, and 1 will, m all probability, be willing to sacrifice tb? nominee, for the satisfaction of their personal prejti lice* ( With regard to the chief na'lonal officer, there appears 'o be a conflict of opinion# Some will etand up for Caee, whU- others. denouncing' him, cry u;> Woo.llury. Tay1 lor, Buchanan. Polk, and several others. The Wilmnt J proviso question, whloh for a time ssem?d destined to "Tertbr>>w the party, h?* been dropped, and no more , c.are is had for it. a The contest has now fairly begun, and until the char. tar eleotion is over, nothing else will he thought of by th# leaders of both p?rt!os There will be yet tr.nierlch ' i-oenfi before the time ooines to seel th* doom ot theas. plranta of one party or the other; and already at the ( pot-homo? nothing else is thoaght or spoken of. 9 The nime of the candtdatefor Alderman in the Second t | ward, should hare be?n James, S. Llbby. Instead of i .(nines Libby. In the First ward, Oliver i liarlick has 1 been nominated as the candidate tor Alderman, and , Nicholas Olmond, for Assistant Alderman. f The Wuthh.?Yesterday was qul'c an unptaaaam day; but once was th* sun visible, ami then bu< f<r o [ lew momenti There wore frequent shewtrs during the i iluy. mid the heavy ctond* bo?pok* the spproiti) of the iquinostlal stoim. The night set in di-rlt, aod with i 'very appearance of q continued storm. ' Fire ?A Arc broke out at 9 o'olonk on Suiidsy night, in th>-basement of house No Ore*nwioh street oc' cupied by W. Welsh lie Co., as a German boarding house It was put out with trifling damage CiTr Improvjmkmts.?The spirit of improvement I MUM to prevail in every pnrt of the city, ?nd in many J l l iceo, in tbe most thickly nettled portions, the old and 1 dilapidated buildings are giving place to new aad beau* tiful structure*. In theTi nth w*rd this spirit prevails to s great extent, nd tb?re U no ward in the city, save the Sixth, where improv?m"nts are mere needed. Tbere 1 ure a number of small wooden houses which entirely die. figure the appenraace of som? of th# most.business anil handsome streets of the ward. The streoLe ar< kept very clean, and free from filth of ever) description There is one thing, however, whirl: dcos vary littl>- credit to the ippearanc# of Gr>?nd street The market between Grand and Broome, an 1 fronting on Essex street, praseats a very poor appearance. It! fides are Ailed with bills of every description and oha ranter, nnd it look* more Hire n stable th?n n p'n-? wijer? 'ho good tliiogd of li:? nro s Id. Several of the oity i"urket? hare reoently beea roptiiatfd.aBd none no much required it ?* thli. la the 13th ward, too. improvement ii the watchword. A nnrabur of private pnlaff s nr? being rear** 1 in the neighborhood ol Washington Square, which are fwt fllliog up thf>? v.o?nt lota on Eighth treet, *o loi'g inclosed by a miserably dirty looking lance In point of improvement, the Eighteenth wtud ?e-ms to oututrlp all the r- ?t. and though \ hero were so areat a number of buildings arecteA dining the pant ve .r, that number will fail far xlioil of the i<r??bnk.? Kr.im one extremity of tha ward to the other, t.ue aonnd of the hammer tsooontantly to be heard. Ill Kourte'nth ftreet the-o are a great number of most magnifioent buildings in course of areotion, most ef which aie fronted with brown atone, making a beautiful np^arnnoe Not m ?treet between that and Forty-second stroet, but ia almost every block Improvements are going on. In the feixteenth ward there ia alio a decided improvement A large number of handsome store houiniare now going up, on lha Sixth avenue, und through tha cr.iaa itraeta to tho North river tha work ia going on. In tho upper aejtion of the ward, where moat of ihe chifftnitrt Hre looated, the buildings are generally small a id conMructnd of wood, and tho building of private reaideuoes i'very littlo carried on In that vicinity. In the Ninth wnrd are (till a number of old house*, whlsh are said to >Mve bean standing in the d.aya of the revolution; they ur.; generally in h poor condition, and preaeot a vary antique appearance Tbere is great room for improvement in this watd, audit loems to havo caught the oonUgioui influence, the vacant loti b?ing filled up very fast. Common Council. Boam or Aldkbmk*. March 27.?This board met last eveniag, at &X o'olook, the President. M. Khahblii*, Esq. in the obalr The minntea of the luat meeting [ were read and approved J referred, prayiag the correction of erroneous taxation Resolution in favor of paying $10 7S to Hugh K*g?a. for service." r?nderri to fireman severely Injured at the fire that look place on the 4th instant. in the iii.h ward Adopted. ' 3ii?walki.~A. petition was received from certain in habitants, mechanic* and stoi ek?cp?rs, in the tirut and , frond wards, praying n modification of thn nxist.ug law. in relation tc the taking up ot the sidewalks, by exposure fur aala cf certain articles, consisting of wares, Its?Referred. Emigration.?A resolution wan presented and refeirod, asking for the erection or building of a short pier or 1 breakwater, at the north kids ot the Battery, fir the us> of emigrant*) landing in the oity.?Referred i Communication from the department Of the Ssorstary cf biate, transmitting certalu drafts of osrain lawj rc1 rently passed by ths Legislature ?Orlera 1 on file. Communication from the ComptrolUr, with acoompa uyiog ordinances, in relation to the amount ol tax to be ' raised for purposes connected with the city government, via :?for folios, $479 000; for Clerks iu Coun'y Clerk's i Htfloe, % 19,J80-making a to.al, 1 >47 64 . fur expanses i Acoepted Commuaicatioo, asking authority for building a pier in ttao rloinlty of Burling slly, for the use of the Charleston paokets ? Aoaepted Communication from owners of stages at the Dry Dock, praying the removal of oertaln tines?Referred I'aciinntion ?Resolution in faror of paying a kill of $100 te Dr Holmes, fur vacoiuating In the lith ward Ho poor ohildrsn. Adopted. Awning solution in favor of removing t a Tiling posts In John street Adopted. ' Ingptctnr of Kl-ctioni?Resolution in favor of appointing A v Ai?ais, lor inspector la th* 3d dl trict, 18th ward. In the room of J. Watson, resigned Adopted Petition of certain property owaers, la rrl.ition to op posing leasing of Pari in Unane (.tf.-ct, for the purpose if hujldifg public rasrket or shambles Hef<-rr?d I'epo t from committee on lamps and gss, relative to contract r'Ceutly >aade for 10 00# gallons of oil. Orf dered on file 1 Report In favor of allowing certain expenses toJ .C tlrainnrd, as extra compensation for the erection ol I. ..1 i;-? ni-.?ir ..*11'a i.l , ,1 - K?port iu relation to oil und gnu lamp frame* Accepted an i ordei ej on file. Cominmunleetlon and ordinance In Oil lot* between I'th umt 4ji streets, llroadivay and Sixth avenue, r Adopted. Ur/iort In favor of fil ing up oertaln lot* In 4Jd street, In I ho. vicinity of tbe #(h avenue Accepted. Pnr'k fountain. ? Communloati?n from Street CoramisM.>r.er, In relation to pbtritini shrub*. evergreen*, find wat?r plant*, in tka vicinity of the Park fountain Accepted Hapeii from Ihr By it J if .4 fix?fn?u?.?Several asse**ment lists were received, and coacurred in 7,ieenifiari>*.- Resolution authorizing hi* honor, the Mayor, to offer reward of f.VH) tor the apprehension n?o prosecution of any person detected In the orlme ot lurendUrisrn Adopted Rrttl ninn In favor of building newer* in Murray and Pearl street* Concurred iu Also in faror of > xtend mg pier font of Krankllu (treat. In favor of taking oert?in precautionary step* in relation to mad dog* fn t tvor of paying bill for the ammunition uned on 'ii 1 of K?hruary.le*t by the mdltary. Nrw t'eriy Jleeoiutwi in favor of building a ferry between Oroenpoint a.id Keet River, at footoi 14th (t. Referred Thr I'uinting? in City Hill ?Report in favor of grantInn the adjoining apartment to tbe Governor'* room, City Hall, for the putposa of affording additional accommodation, with a view to secure the preservation nf the different painting* contained in the Oavercsr'* room. Adopted. rtfitlution-In favrr of an appropriation of $160, to purchase the painting of < 'rotou dam, now hanging In la* Governor'* room Adopted. folier?Aid CaoLius reported em.dry new amendment* to tha police law, which were appropriately referred. Petition? From Mo*es Y Uear.h, In relation to tha payment of certain ooet*. in a *uit brought by the pub(io administrator, In behalf of the city Referred. The /Vetich Revolution.? Aid. r?a?nn ro*? for tha purpose of prcfentlng reiclutiona, txprcMivs of thel'sympathy with Franca, on th* establishment of fre? republlo in that one* oppressed nation. Aid Lawrknit. oonridered that it would be better at present to wait until ittiey should have a*c.~<rtained whether a republic was or was not established in Franns. i Tbsy would he taking a atsp In advance, by ths adoption of sueh resolution* Krery one would wish to ess Liberty established, but It would be better to ?^ <1 I, !>. , Pile# Two Cants. <| > watt until they kn?w the f??t H? re?T?d to lay Ik* resolutions on the taMe Aid Pinnn differed from hlfc friend, the Alderman of | th* *'*i, I. tr? ) \"Vth?r tb * Fkbii'i j ' eltlialr rnvoln'.' r .1 it. it w n 't for tt > -i>n?i . r 1a tbn B<-nr ' li nn th'ir do in ?nv 1 v?nf ?o 1 i> ! irnrm 1 ar t ^|?n expree on to ? 1 >lr f?el I r "1 nhjec of h? r-d?roi>'i n or Krsne Ther ?h 11 ' w?it un.i' th y '>*1 ? rk d f. th ' (O'lo P >n i >n. t* iu Praje* av-n 'I they ha 1 ot i\-v ly te s<>nipli(h>*d tli" * nX; it w.is taai-<lirv In \ >rioa to ohoMah th* spread of r?ptiblioan in'titution* all >r?rtho wrtrld It whs their duty to ext?n I ;? fnen 'lv hand to Franc*, now in her M<ruv>;tM for iod?pend?me. How ditferetit w.i* It with Franc* tow*rdi America. In the day of their s^ruggl > ! Frinr,? *?ut her troops, her Lafayette. (Loud applanaeamong the crowd outai'n the bar ) The rosn to order Aid. Pur??i? L?t us now do the same ;hlnjf l.*t u? tender oor sympathies to France ) Aid. Liwmtsc* Really it Is no wonder that thia fine flourish ahoald exrite the people around us Were U this France-h?r king ab'licate* in favor of hi? own child, uud leave* ?h* nation, (t appear* he lm1 thpowcr pf.mo time to iro Let u? wait n?til wo know what ><aa b-ea don I do not s.-a tho necviaity for such * utep a* that proposed Aid Vt> sue role differed from hi* friend (Aid Lawrence). H? ooute ded that, aa nation, ?a Ainerlnaas, n< republicans, with th>) liberty they all e?j.iy*d under th? M?;ir?nrd Ktripes they were bound to off*r tbelr avmpnttiv to Fiaure le did not moan to rtiv thaf 'he peniile of Europe ware to b? bumid by what they did; but hit w?? of opinion that lh?? time woul<i arrivo wh>n their oonrtitiuian would bo the constitution "fall th? world Mo routil -red that the nrlociples o( the Awrlc in oon'titwii?? vottld ohtnii' nil ovr Kur*?pe O"n*lo">on seemed to be .ilarmed at ibair laXinx action In :idvane?. Hup vise the revolution wan uol acoomplUh vl, would it not mow the good w!U of Amurica, whero it wan due? Whs it not better to tbu- ac^ than to te?t upon thnlr oars, until they should hoar from Kranoe? He'tcu-^w that in on from America hai ?ctunlly gone to KrHttcrt to e'd In her strmnle. an< in the struggle of every oppressed nation, whether of lr. land. Kr*nee. or any other nation ou th? European outwent. The tyran ? of Kurop* would t.r?c?bl? at these movements, beoanse cf their oppreasirua of the people; and th^yin Am. -ion woul t bOi only alu ?' \ <*?nint, but i.li.y would Mipplv th? oppressed wit means to stabli?h li?e jov urnment. These psopl were ocm ynllHd, many of th??m to (1 hue, to the land ?.f liberty, to escape opp ssioti and h.t contended t hey were bound to support the resolution as a natioa offaeemeji. Tiie resolutions ought to pass, ?n4 ought to be nul'lished to th? world?that they were willing to entrain the eau?? of Ireedrui in Kranoo, and everywhere that deapoiism juled -and :o proteot freedoua by their cwn ( tars and stripes." Aid Pi.'NRRn iigaln rose. in reply to Aid Lawrenoe, and advocated the adoption of the r-eolutions. whioh be would take occasion to read. ?? follow*:? "Whrr.Mii it appears tbat'the French nation, indig nai> at the oppression, oorrupticn, and tyranny of a ) > narchlcal government, has siloco'ded in ofeiving its i rerthrow by ;i revolution, proposing to mtuHlinh ou it* "ins a renu lie; and where e >n?oe uj that th* i-epun 1 ran inatitutions n* Anmricn have nainly contributed 1 I its p osperity. liborly anil greatness, arid are beat 1 c touldled to deielopa the powers, and secure the rights i man. we .ieslre to see th?m ext?ndad to the opiresaed ) m?<?a of Europe, aoJ ictctiLitl'-d with tb? uatuns that hive given to the world a Lafayette, a Haznpden, and : Bmmett. 'Therefore, resolved. That appreciating the blessings of tree institution*, ?uii gratelui for the services reo(l*r*dto Atuerioa In Its struggle fr itidepeudenoe, we svmpathiee with the French people in th*ir recent lotted efforts to replace a European monarchy by a Kuropem republic,' ac>l establish 'h? freedom and i quality of t'ue now world among the oppressed nations M the old " ' The qn?sMon on th* adoption of the resolution was 1-t? put iiikI carried, with one dissenting veie*. that of | Alderman Lawrence The strringart and persons out( "h.r, again made some Might manifestation of r 1-fliog having appeared much gratlied at the adoption of the resolutions The Board, on motion, hereupon adjourned, to meet ; on Thursday evening neit I Baahp or aiai9ta.it Audemmem, March 27?Sjenial meeting. i Who Turk Pnluntefri A pntI',lou was presented fn b?Ualfof<'.H Meyer, asking fjr compensation for ont rulriinpr the New Vcrk Volunteers. Referred Extension of ttr.>a,hoa>) - Petition of suudr.v persona t? bare Hrcadwuy. betwe? u *4 h and 43d t-?et?, r*yulat it, and curb #. ,<! pitterstoucs est 'herein Referred Fmty-ttvtnlh *tre,t ? Petition of Robert Fenton and othbts to har^ Porty-seventh street, between Bloomlngd.jlu rrail und Tenth av*nu?. rv^ulkffd Referred Aotmr jt ?I'etiHonot I*. S. \lilln nnd ether*, to hare curb and gutter atones eet In attiue A, between ISth u. 1 I4?li Greets H*< Itm I'itr.?Report and resolution In favor ( l?i*liiiu( a hu.Kheud ut liariuw Carried. Forty tfvrnth Slmr. Pirr?Repeit and resolution in f.vnr of buildingn pier nt th > Toot oi 47th street /vdopted. Vultr Strrrt I'.ivemrnt It-port and resolution in .vor of repaying W*tei slteet, be' ween Fletcher street Ii. ! Burlingalip. Carried. Hnnop.il / jiawing Poiti.?Report and resolution iu favor of cntising 'he remoTai of awning poeta, froui ( tilar street an 1 Maiden lano ; al-o, <rum Jeha street Adopted Eye and Ear Injirmiry. Report and resolution In fa r >r of making a Junction of Jim? to the Kar anil Kye Inli iary. Adopted. En ra Jhownnrr ? Report an I resolution mfuvwr of nliowing ilei-kiuh Br.misrd $J0H ai extra compfiination l< r n?rvices as qnarry master, on Black**!!'* Inland, dnr nig tbfi erer.tlou of the New Alms House building*, Ico arried. itu Iiuptctor't Hi-purf ?'i'ha annual report of the i it.y Umpeotor wa* received and laid on the t?bie. to he piloted lJaik Fountain and I'utlic Squarei?A eominuiloatiori wit* rooelved from the Street Commimioner, recommending the appropriation el $17A, to be expxndnd ia ort-amonting the bnrd?r of the Parlr Fountain, with ev rgroeni. water plants, and *brubbery : the email publi'i paiksat tin* oorner of Duane and Hui^.n streets, kill a'the cornur of B-\eli *trce> and We*t )'. roadway; ii'?o Abing.lou r<j t ire and to be improved by tbo appropriation. Carri- i French Kevlulian - Resolution from the Boitd of Aldermen, in favor of publicly congratulating the Kreooh nation on their sucoi-ss in overthrowing a monarchical I overnnent, and establishing a republican torni of government instead. Concurred in .SV.'fen hlund F<rry ?Resolution In favor of appointir.g n xpeoial committee ot five, to comer with a similar r Jiuiltee from tbo Board of Aide; man, in the mattei of losing the terry to Staten Island to C. Vandeibllt and 1) \1auran. Adopted, and Messrs Allen, Coger. VlulI'oi. an<l Jamison, were appointed as members el the committee fllootniiigdale. Road Resolution In fayor of lighting r,looniinga*)e It o?l with oil, between J4tb aud 40th streets Adopted. J'.rtry City f<rry ? Rmolntioa In favor of requesting thu Committee i n Kerriee. in granting a lease of the pv allege* of a ferry betwn>n New Vork and Jersey ? Ity, r?> any ceaipuny. to in??rt a olaus? an i condition, that i .rauoh of *aid ferry shall b-3 established to run boata l-gularly from J-rsey City to the viciiilty of Can 1 or Spring street Cononrrcd In. Ituss Pavm'tit It- solution in favor -f directing the H raet Comnn 'sinner to take measures for placing und>r >ntraot, the work of paring Broa lway between Chambers nd Vesey street*, acacidlDg to the R?*s plan. /VIOpiOU. A rap irt nnl resolution frern tha Board of Aldertaen. In ta*or of applying to the Legislature for power to rai*? Vl',000 to a?fi?7 the rxprune of paving Broadway i -om Chambers to Vtifj street* with the Uu.i.i p*Teneat. wr.s t#k-a up for cnsideration Ae?l?tain; Aldermna Oray, MuIIIdb and Rohin*c-? opposed tha concurt. uce in the action of the Board of Aldermen Assist .it Aldermiii* AH^n *tron?(ly urj,-ed tbe importance of i fi in -mure ho 1 alter h..rJ fighting against ibn obatatanlef ttarown it; the " ay by th? detnocratio member* lie Ro?(.i,finally succeeded Ineoeuringa concurrence i t iUn Markrt Aid. Allen then >ff?red absolution tn lav >r of a^pro^rlu.tiig fftoo to defray the -xpenses of r-pairing and repainting Ciintcn market, at the foot* Ctf Hpriurf ?tir?t. f!?;?rr? J l'be rfoard tli*n adjourned. i'lic \Vrei'? of (lie H> rbitra, Nkw York, March 37, 1848 Mir In the account of tha meiaucboly shipwreck of t a > Urnish brig Kurbara, on tho aoaat of Newfotra<fl?nd, . -ibliahed In tUe Hrrald of yesterday and tbia morning, vory fr?v? nnd serious nhargee are made against the conduct an i humanity of Captain Shannon, oi the ilcaiu? ilp Itihernia < aptain .Shannon may be expected to arriva in New Vork within ? for' igh'. Krom the opinion which I etil taln of liim. (and i thiuk I mny appeal to the opinion ?>f isauy in New York to whom hx is kt<own.) I u*\* i !. r th ?t lie will not ba able to justify hi * cou.iuat and Ti-iditfnta hl-i charanter. Any statement wli.oh he may m?ka, will, 1 have no doubl. ba onnfirme 1 by the oAoara and crew of his ship, ?a wall as by tUo p isswuKers, ?moi( 1' 0-1 war* th? Kev. Dr. Sooreaby. Mr Jamas !< , and Mr M?ndiord, whom testimony, either for or a<.iinpt <'.ipt dbtnnin, will carry with it acquittal or conviction I hops tii >t the publie will *u?peiid It* judgment 01 no s-rloir ? obittga, until l^aptaia 8ii*unou'? arrival, and not coo leniu, tinh?ard, it absent man Your obadieut atirvant, K. CUNA D . The KJItorol the Herald. Appointments hy tub PjtBWD' NC.?Henry VV t)<iirn, to be a captain in the navy, from 5th of February, IS4* Thuofy U Benh iia. to he a cammm I rlu the navy, from *th of Kabruary, l?48. O*orge H I'.eble, to be n lieutenant in tha i.avy, from Ath February, 1#4* Tnorr:a? R Huger, to b? a lieutenant. In the navy, Irow 34th of February, 184?. Williacn W Kusi'll, to be a first nontenant in the marine corps, fruin the Id'h November, !Hi7. J Hartley Strlcklan t, to b? a -econil ll?uton*nt In the marine eorpa, from the 23d ?f Mltih, 1848 llanry Hunt and Daniel It Ma; In. to b ohief engineers In tho navy, from the 14th of May, 1817. H>mu<l Britten Bennett, to be navv a?(>-nt f r the p >rt of New Orleans, Loumiu-ia. L?nd Offli-re -W'ta. N Whitehurst, reoeiver of pubiio moneve at Washing t o, Mississippi- reappointed K.chard Whitin*. agister of the land ( ffl3e at Tuscaloosa VUbaaa -reapW""* *d. Johu S How ae. r>K<stei ef c.tlx* la*"' tfH \tlgUSta, Mlsvlsslppl -reappoint*!. APPOINTMKNT* HY THE HfcCRBTARY OF THI Navy ?lhe following candidates ht?v>' been examined and touuj qualified for adrals?ion Into the corps *f engineers. have been appointed as ??oh. frr mi tta# JM of Mai oh, 1848; -Second aaaistant. William Ho and, third aaaiaUnt. No 1, Tbomai Kllpatrioh, do do^N.^ J, Kldrldge Lawton, do do . No 3, H. nry Maaoa, do do , No. 4, llanry H. Stew ai*, do do., No. 5, Johu M Maury.

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