10 Nisan 1848 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3

10 Nisan 1848 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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yi;" .1 L i J . i j m immmmmm tended io *ii'iuun way* by the iotpo ration He tax-payers, therefore, ought to look out for the bent men to elect. With respect to the candidates, we have not much to say. The present Mayor, Mr. Brady, has shown himself a very worthy and independent man. He is a good officer, and deserves to be re-elected. We cannot say as much of the members ol the Common Council; for a set of more thriftless public officers, or a more unprincipled set in their professions, never disgraced any city, and we hope there will be a revolution in both chambers. Although ' as a body they have been lamentably extravagant, ' there is one man at least among them who we would desire to see re-elected. This man is Alderman Kelly, of the Second ward, than whom, as far as our knowledge extends, a more competent officer could not be elected. The opposition candidate for Mayor, Mr. Havemeyer, was a , very good man in his time; but it wouia dc un- ( just and ungenerous in the independent voters of New York to reject Mr. Brady, even for Mr. Havemeyer, after lie lias done so well and accomplished so much, in opposition to his party. With regard to the candidates for Alms House Commissioner, we have not much to say. Jefferson Berrian, the whig candidate, is a capital man, and would make a good officer. The other nominations are hardly worth mentioning. This election may have some effect on the Presidency; but not much. Mr. t Havemeyer is a Van Buren man, and belongs to the barn-burning section. On the contrary, Mr. Brady is a thorough going friend of General Taylor; and on that ground all of General Taylor's friends should support him. Theatrical and Musical* Theatrical affairs ars going on smoothly enough In this oity, though changes and ehanees befall them as well as any other branch of business or amusement. Italian Opira House.?The beautiful opera*of "U Oiuramento," the mueio by Mereadante, Is the attraetlre feature of this evening, and with a cast embraoing the three leading artists, namely, 8tgnorlna Truffl, and Slgnorlai Baneventana and Benedetti, there ean be very little doubt but that the attendanee this evening will oonslet of a brilliant array of the fashion and beauty of this city. The scenery Is rich and gorgeous, anl the costumes are beautiful. The Bowery Theatre is elosed for the present, in otder that the house may be refurnished, cleansed, paiDted, 8to , preparatory to the summer campaign. It will re-ocen soma time in the nnnnianf the nrasent week and we anderatend that both before end behind the curtain, many improvement* hare been made; new faces, and favorite one*, too. will be seen on the Bowery stage; the legitimate drama, melo-drama' spectacle, faree. &c., will all be given in first rate style The Bowery, before these improvements, was an admirably managed house, and always has enjoyed full patronage. With them, therefore, it will be better than ever. Chatham Theat as.?At this house every thing goes well under Chanfteu's management. During last week, the various performances were attended by crowds. We think the house is destined to create quite a revolution among the theatres. Though not so large as some, it is filled every evening by a highly, respectable olass of people; everything en the stage is done earefully and well, and altogether, It is such a pleasant plaoe of resort that those who once visit it are sure to return. To-night the beautiful opera of the "Child of the Regiment" will be produced, with all the original music; the terce of the "Double Bedded Room,' > and the spsotaole of the "Spirit of the Waters " Cb a of ran will appear as the Immortal " Mose" sometime this week. Cheistt's Minstrels still pursue the even tenor ef their wav, and sing, joke and dauoe, as melodiously as evsr. The great merit of the performers Is evident nom the vast amount of patronage they have received, and are still reoeiving from our cttisens. They have obtained It strictly in aooordanoe with the aphorism:? Pulmam qui meruit ftrat Sable BaOTHEse.?This is another band of amnslng darkies Their singing ground is Convention Hall, in Wooater street, near Bleecker, and they make the Hall reeound again with their fine singing, and the applause It obtains. They are well worthy of a visit. The Mslodeon.?A pleasant oonoert room, lately opened at No. ftS Bowery, Is a well oonduoted, genteel establishment, and quite an addition to the places of amusement a uu city. Bioadwav Odbor ?Mr. Oraly la managing thla house ao aooeptably that ba baa large audiences every evening, to aaa bia various axhlbitiona. Madame Anna Biahop was giving ooncerta at Vict a* bu*g Mlsa., at laat aceonnta fir.m tbat oity. Meaara. Reeve* and Broogb gave two oonoerta in tbe Conoert Hell, Columbut, Ga., on Tuesday and Wtdnasday evening*. 4th and 6th laat. The Apolloneans have returned to Utioa, wbara tbey jtvopoae to give musical entertainment*. Tbe Allaghaalaaa war* at Mampbia, Tann-, on tha SOtfe mt. Tain Thumb waa at 8t. Loula on tha SOth nit. Tb* Stayer mar kiaohe band wera to glva a conoert at Mobil* tfn the Slat March. BpurUng Intelligence, Certrevii.ls Course, L. i ? The paolng oontaat between Roanoke and Village Boy, taka* place thla afternoon ; after which a puree will ba trotted for by fonr drat rat* horaaa. 80 much attraction will, undoubtedly, call out a groat number of apectatora. Marin* Affair*. Steamei Hiberria Alto the Baio Barbara.?It wllj ba remembered tbat the aurvlvor* of tha Britiah brig Barbara, wracked on Nawfoundland, reported that Capt. Shannon, of tha Hibernia, refused to render them any assistance, water, fco. Captain 8. reported on his arrival at Livarpool, "Spoke Mar oh 3, lat. 46, Ion. 63, Barbara, (Rf and for Halifax, short of water, and owing to a heavy !?,'< waa unable to supply bar " Shi * Buildiro or the Lake* ?Tbe Milwaukit Sent?n?i *i."M the following aeoount of tbe vessel* now in ureases* .** that place:?At the ehip yard of D Merrill & ?0 a t,ark ?f about 360 tons, 140 feet keel. 35 feet beam. OX feet bold, Wl?h two sentre boards-main Kelson 30 laehss square, with two bilge kelsons 13 Inches tqoare, bolted to the m?"l? kelson, and strengthens d wltn reversed arches on tides, roflnlng fore and aft, 4 feet wide and 0 inobes thlok, and firmly bolted together, heavily timbered anJ well fastened throughout, and is to be finished and launched, full rigged, and ready for sea, about the middle tff April. Also, a schooner at about one hundred and fifteen tons. 87 feet ksel, 30 feet beam, and 7X feat hold, to be finished and launohed, full rigged, and ready for sea, abcut the Ath of AprilAO men employed In the building of these two vessels At the ship yard of Capt barber, near the mouth of the Menomenee river, a schooner of about 1A0 tons, 90 feat keel, 30 feet beam, and 7X feet hold, to be finished and launched about tbe Ath of April. Also, a schooner of about 110 tons 81 feet keel, 10 feet beam, and 6X feet hold, to bo finished and launohed about the Ath of April. Captain Barber employs at hit yard forty men By Benjamin Bigelow, a brig for Humble At Davis, of about 300 tons. 130 feet keel, 33 feet beam, and 9 feet bold?main kelson 33 Inches, with bilge kelsons, 6 by ft Inches, and strengthened with reversed arohet on the sides, running fore and att, about 3 hot wide and 8 inches thick?heavily timbered and well fastened throughout, to be finished and launched, and ready for sea the latter part of May?employed on an average In constructing, about twenty men. By 8 A. Hubbell. a three masted eohoonsr, for Perkins At Hubbell.of about 350 tons, 114 fast keel,3fiX set beam, and 9 f?et hold, to ba finished and launohed, full rigged, and ready for sea, about the middle of April-omploved lu building, thirty-five men. The schooner Michael Dousman la also on the stocks, ,V?d being lengthened 18 feet, which will make har a T#(wel of about 300 tona She is to bs launohed on Satu.~4*y< April 1st, at 3 o'olook, P. M. It wl.1 be seen, by the above stat?inect,that there are now on ti/4 stocks, and soon to be lanuehed, new vaseels, tha tob'usge of which, In the aggregate, amounts to 137a torn ; ?? *> wuiou ueiougn io inu port, oicDj't on* schooner, ct lift long; and there are employed la the eeveral ahip yard*. 143 men. Naval.?United States steam frigate Princf* ton, Com. Engl*, was at Medina, 18th February last, from Palermo, and would retora to P. in a few daja. Diamond Pointed Gold Pen*, $1 ?5 only, Bilrer I eneil Cue included, point* warranted not to eome olf. A Lrg dneount to dealer*. J. W. UI1K A'i'ON It CO,71 Cedar itreet, up atair*. hnre taceutly made great improve mrntf iu their Pent and Caits, and are now telling the moat splendid aitiele tint can be loand in the market at reduced pticea. Gold Pen* and Caaea at St and upward*. They tell aaperior l"'u* at lower price* than other* are aiking for their Utter iur fen*. Gold Can* aad caaea repaired or exchanged. 'Odd Ptiiau-Olamond Polnted_Ureat Re. 4* If you want the bait and chrapest pen to be found, duetto. efceiiru " The poi*fa ar* wairanted to stand for bra trya"h 'or baeuest and ilrubiiity ihey are unaurpataed. years, and . S* wonderful linpioreu.euu of thi* age, eon* n Amongst all t. economical than thi* pen. B. ?. Watton, 43 more metal or <J - If. Bar age, 92 hultun itreet, hare th* Willi.in aueet. an -m Alio. tU other peei from }l up ic iuui sale of th sy (lie groes or dox?n, at man factor? *-<*?! RiavimwV ii#ni 1 era' priCM.' Pens repairrn ? ? _ ? ? *< ??tlr?iy ncw,.i he Gold Pcni?Somtl)ilk * entirely new style of (o!d gi earns t improvement oj the me isa. rk, at 55 Joan street, up pea. juit introduced by Ueera k CL. -nuts are leu liable tu ktaira. It n ao constructed that the p and hvs a reservoir e< me (iff It wiitee mora free and uniform * of foolreap pafor ink, Carrying acon.h to wiitea wh ile paa. nasaeaaes that per. in addition to mean and other advantages, u 01 all, and of baing cheap enough to roar within tne reach ' ogjyhy mail aaueitriiealtogether the tent new in me. HjIu HKEKs k CLAM, (up ataira ) 15 John it.eet. Whoever wanli aFtve Dollar Hat for $4; whoever wnnte a two dollar Ae? cl.lh i ap lor tl # : whoever wauta to inapect a aoparh stock of (children's Fancy Hnta ; whoever wanta an Opera Hat of the latrat Paris style whoever wants an umbrella both ehenp aid elrnanl; whoever wanta the fall value of his money in haying a Hat. Cap or Umbrella; wnoever wan'a a round Hat, a Impeau, a Mi iuty Cap. a T>avelliig i ap a H, oi tiniin'a Hat Youth's Hat a laay'a Hidid Hat, anonld eail at ' GENIrs'd," Hi Broadway. The molt e*tr*oruin?ry ruraatlve known la l)r. Chr stie'a Unlvanin Halt. Dyspepsia if tan's standing ia 1 often disaipatrd in tw?d\ye hh-oiaatism, tie duloicm. lita, lum ate, paralysis, and all cervona complaints, yield >o ihe airenrbeuiug power of (Jalv-tnikin. applied moderately yet eo tiDUoUs y.aud wit'out any shock, by the tsaleaaic Belr. Fur testimony ke., which has tee emulated fur yeaia, apply (the only agenny in New Yoik, 111 Broadway. V ' ImportttM it Ih? NklrMhftUii'i Matt fn? I ?iterator ted Mltolvtampoatll Impartial of A#hatr, and v at the Mtne line re*t->re* tone and Tit or to the delicate ortam xaticn upon Which ihe frowih end bennty < that crowniut e ornament depends Ua>m(.earhable testimony has placed ili<s among the Gird faeis" in the records of experimeoul seionce 1 ho proofs are always open to inspection at PIIA- n l.ON'il. 6! brondway. and die article may be procured either there, or at any respectable ling store r ??? ? q Mgorluad's Graduated Magnetic Machine*, f sometimes csl'ed Electro* Magnetic Vfarhicei. (or medicel me 'J'hese are the simplest, most effective, and most ports- d bte. while lar superior in power to any others. They are ao ? eompanied br the sew niaoaal. with mil and clear direeiions or use sea ppiicsuoa. irn lacuuv generally nave Rivtu | a thetu the preference; ind?eil they are aaspprcacbed. Hole manufaetarer, D C. MOORHKAD, 112 i)rotdway. Price ' 112, complete, and warranted, If COMMERCIAL AFFAIRS. MOVEY MARKET. , Rundajr, April 9?B P. M. e The a took market during the put week bu been rt- \ ther quiet. Pricee hare been very uniform, and there a wee at no time daring the week a deposition to spoon- t late to any extent. Early In the week the market nee Inactive, in consequence of the expected arrival of the Wuhington, then nearly due. No very great appro- t heneloaa were entertelned relative to the expeoted ad- < vioee, and there wee no diepoeition exhibited to foroe ] sales, in anticipation of the eteamer'e arrival. The re- ( salt of this fbellng wu, limited eale*and almoet a complete suspension of business at tha boards, for a day or two. Early on Friday morning the Washington was J telegraphed, and tha anxiety for her papers became I most intense. The complexion of her intelligence wu ] not generally known until after business hours; and it j was not until the next day, after private letters bed j been delivered and digested, that tbe effeot of the news j wu really understood. Tbe polltloal aooounts at first ; absorbed public attention, end tbe publlo mind wu J so much carried awav bv the immense nroaresi l made in all parti of Europe, In republioan prinolplu, j that every thing elae wu for a time lost eight of. The i r _ volotien which had taken plaoe in the financial affairs J of the continent, la nearly u general ai that in political > matters; and although the latter will ultimately work | out the salvation of the people at large, the former will j not be attended with favorable reralte, even to individuals. The revolution in political and financial affairs in ( Europe has been simultaneous?they have in fact grown out of eaeh other ; they have been so intimat< ly oon- t aected, that the evils of one hare produoed evils in the ( other. The immense financial systems of the governments , on the oontinent, and of the United Kingdom of Oreat ] Britain, have been established for the purpose of consolidating the political systems whieh have from time to time been adopted by the different monarch*. The establishment of the Bank of England, Bank of Franoa, ] and of all the other great banking institutions on the > uuuiiuvui,, wbi iui rmu i ui sumo DUKUDiu opfliBugn connected with the government, or grew out of lome loan of money to the king at the time. It is well known that the Bank of England wae established to support the national credit. Previous to the ereation of that Institution, the government of England ezperleneed dally the greatest dlffloulty In borrowing money; the most enormous rates of interest were paid, and every measure was resorted to for the purpose or raising fnnds. Every effort was by no means sueeessful, and at times the greatest pecuniary distress prevailed. To remedy these evils, and relieve the government from the usurers and extortioners, a banking institution, called the Bank of England, was formed, and its original oapltal raised by subscription, and loaned to the government; and whenever any additional amount was required by the government, an ;increase of the capital of the bank was authorised, and at once taken. Snch was the com. mencement of the Bank of England, an institution which has, since Us formation, been the oasse of more flnanoial and commercial distress?mere lndivldualbank ruptoy, and more national taxation?than any othef in the world; and se long as it wields the immense power it at present possesses, its existenoe will continue the curse to the commrroiel classes of Great Britain which it has ever been. All the great national banking institutions on the oontinent have been created for a purpose similar to that which called the Bank of England into existenoe, and they have ever been so inti uiBivij uvBHVOMtt Willi 111 U1B DDBDC1U OpiTlUOIll of thOM governments, that they nut stand or fall together; and It la a qneatlon, which la likely to be the UMt thorough and oomplata, the politloal or the financial revolution of Europe. The financial operations of thaoe governments have ereated such Immense debt*, have entailed such enormous taxes upon the people, have abridged so sensibly the rights of the measts, and have so intimately oonneoted these banking establishments with all the ramifications of trade and commeree, that a revolution, sweeping away all these things, must give a shook to publie and private credit, from which it will slowly reoover. The debts of those governments which have already frit the effeot of a political revolu- | tion, cannot bo provided for after the system upon wbioh they have been ereated, and upon wbleh they ' have been sustained, has been destroyed, and it is, therefore, probable that they will be repudiated. There is no help for it; the people eannot, even if they would, sustain these debts; they will find it extremely difli- i cult to meet oven the current expenditures of the new government formed, or about being formed, without raising immense sums to pay for the into ran on immense aeDW. Amiasi ine complete destruction la pa kilo and private credit, it will be elmoit im poaiible to look baok; everything must be directed to the future; the pest must take care of itsell; and long after the politioal revolution has became temporised? after order is restored, and the new government shall have commenced moving?the financial revnleion will be fel1 in its fall force. All the old systems and the old houses most pass swap, and a new order of things grow oat of the revolution. The difflealties daily experienced in France, in raising funds to carry on the provisional government, are an evidence of the dangers attending snoh a tremendous revulsion in the fiaanoial affairs of any country. Under the government of Lonis Philippe, the publio finances were apparently in a prosperous condition individual credits were sound, and eonfldenee was established upon a solid basis A political revolution of less than thirty days' progress, has swept away every i vestige of this apparent prosperity; and from the eolieo tion of most enormous taxes, and prompt psymsnt of ail { , dues to the government, it is impossible to oollect an amount suffioient to meet the most ordinary current expenditures of the government of the people. We oan form some idea from this of the utter annihilation of public and private credit, and of the progress of the Aoanoialrevolution in Franbe. It is folly to think for ] a moment that the debt of that country will bs acknow I imgn uj iua mw guTwramwnt, won uo ubucii 110 00 , utterly deranged end the ability of the people to pay , taxee it eo limited. What ewer may be the wiabea, or I might have been the original intention, of the people or j the provisional government, there it no alternative, no possible help, no relief, bnt repudiation, as^thorough, aa i complete, aa took plaee during the prevloua revolution in 1 that country. This will not be confined to Frafioe; but every European government muat, ea their political principles become repub'ieanlsed, relieve themselves from the burdens of their debts, by repudiation There is no people upon the face of the earth, having the power In their own hands, that will burden themselves with the enormous debts of the monarchical governments under whioh they previously existed. It is an established maxim, that ona generation oannot legally pine another?oannot create debts by whioh the soil is taxed and future generations oompelled to pay both principal and Interest; and If suoh principles hold good 1 In republican forms of government, there Is oertaicly ' foundation for the repudiation of debts when a revolu- i tion sweeps away a government, and the people es- ] tablish a government of their own. Everything goes with th? crown. Debts made with kings cannot be binding upon the people, particularly when the people have never been represented; and ws shall fled such a repudiation : of debts In fur con aa will relieve the neonle of the hntk ! of the burden* they have for *g'? bad weighing upon | then. There muit be a el*an aweep, or there oan be no healthj beginning under the new order of thing*. The** revolutions have bj no means been confined to j Europe. Wo'have experienced them In this country; but ! ; they have been comparative mild to what Europe has and 1 Is about feeling. From 1833 to 1837 w* apparently enjoy- , ed the highest state of prosperity. Publlo and private ; , credit never was before so firmly established; the general > government In 1833 was free from debt, and the Mate , government were about eommaneing an extensive system i 1 of Internal improvement. Speculation in every apeoles i I cf property was carried to a great height, prices became | ^ <ry mueh Inflated, the eurrenny enormously expand- . for a time everything appeared to be progrcsiing 1 J smoothly Mid safely. The commencement of lb37 brought i i a revolutlo i a b nt roa,UB M thftt Ib ? <> ? I mt?a?ntde?troy*o '-be visions of the thousands ofepecula- | j ! tots and reduced everj-?b??S?o its proper level. This was f llo'wod by a pollticil revo'utlon which produced suoh 1 ' havoo among the politician! of the day .destroyed (he do- , mloant party .and brou*ht into powerthe opposition at the next presidential campaign. Afar sev.ral years of enpertjpents, alter numerous attempts to tinker up o!4 , I - ii. WdMsl tad coftflMitlat QttMU Mid ifUt uvaiwt r? olutloni Ha rain the political aowpiejioo of the go ver Mat, wt hava flaally sottled down ipon a policy which rill, without doubt, If rigidly ih? i to, giro permoency to oar present proop Uy. prevent a reoar noo of thoM eoenee through which wo hurt to frousntly puwd. Oar commercial connection with Kuope 1? oo intimate that we must feel Tory sensibly the ownfall of individual credit and the derangenMnt of rade; bat oar poeitioa it bo Impregnable that it will not treat oar progree*, or create bankruptcy to any great stent. All thoao directly conueoted with the trade of hose oountriea In which the rerolatienry spirit has hown itself, must be very seriously embarrassed In heir a If >irs, end many will, without doubt, be rained; iut the germ of a new and Improved order of things rill soon make ita appearance, the growth of whloh ivery one must eneourage end foster in every way. The vnoie 01 n.urope i? uuuarupi, irum one ana to we guwr; ,nd thore moit be a grand craah, a general tmaib, a tniversal expunging of old debt*, publlo and private, and a olean, fresh beginning. The annexed statement exhibits the quotations In ;bis market for each day of the past week, and at the dose of the week previous. It will be perceived that prices have keen very uniform. Quotations roa thk Principal Stocks in thi JNkw York Market. Pet. Man. Tun. Wed. Thi Fri. Sat [Yeaanry Notes 6's...111)6 toi?? 101)6 MIX 101)6 lOS'i 101*6 Vew York State e's.. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? jhio 6's 97* #?X ? - 18)6 9?X ? Kentucky 6's ? ? ? ? ? ? ? rennsyivania 5's 73 ? 71)6 74 71)6 - '3)6 Illinois 44 ? ? 44 44 44 44 ndiana State 5's 53)6 ? 53 51)6 ? ? ? ndiana Old Bonds... ? 36 ? 36 36 ? ? [leading KR Bonds.. ? ? ? 58 57)6 ? 57)6 deadiug M'tge Bonds 6')6 69 ? 60 ? ?a ? le dios Railroad ... 37'a 39 36)6 38 37'6 3616 37 Vorwieh ill Wor.... 3>)J 36 15 36 36)6 36), 35)6 Crie Knilioad.old... 60 ? ? ? ? ? ? Crie Railroad, new.. 69)6 69W 69)6 69)6 70 70 ? darlam Uailroad.... 52), 32)6 5* 43 5276 59)6 52'6 jOuk Island 3' % 31 30)6 30)6 30), 30)6 30)6 Mohawk ? ? ? ? ? ? ? itoniniton ? ? ? ? ? 60 ? 'Voters' fjaan 19)6 29)6 29)6 2976 30 29)6 39)6 Can I on Company... 33 33 ? 33)6 32)6 32 Vi 32)6 Vlor.is Canal 11 11)6 11 ? 11)6 10)6 lo)6 /ieksbuM... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Jnited States Bank... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? <*.ast Boston ? ? ? ? ? - ~ (forth Am'n Trust... ? ? 1)6 10)6 ">)* 10 ? A comparison of price* ourrent at the close of the narket yesterday with those rnliDg at the eioae of the irevlous week, exhibits an improvement in Treasury totes of X per cent; Ohio 6's IX; Pennsylvania 6's X; rod a deolino in Reading Railroad of X per oent; Norvloh and Woroester X; Harlem Xi Long Island X; rarmors'Loan, X; Canton Co. X; and Morris Canal XCITY TRADE REPORT. New Tore, Saturday Aftkreoo:*, April 0. There was not much animation apparent to-day. The merchants complained of apauolty of oommeroialinformation from Liverpool. The number of papers and letera reeslved ware said to be fewer than usual by a steam packet. A disposition was manifested to welt for the tilbsrnia's news before oommenoing any considerable operations. Trade, to some extent, was also paralysed by ;he unfavorable finanolal accounts received from Kranoe wbioh, however, it was thought would prove temporary Vet they were looked upon as unfavorable to the immediate interests oi houses most extensively engaged in French comments. The sale* of Flour were limited snd on terms slightly in favor of buyers compared to preriou* rates. Nothing was done in Wheat Corn was less sotlve than before the news, and olosed rather heary. Meal remained about the same 8ales of Rye and Rye Fiour were made at previous rates. Provisions oontlnaed rather heavy. Pork oiosedrather dull, with sales tf hams and shoulders, on terms wbioh showed a downward tenpeney in prices. Lard wss also some less firm for commen qualities. Prime quality was soaroe ? In Orooeries, Sugars oontinned to move pretty freely, while prices remained about the same. Coffee oontiuued iiiet. Tobaooo and Cotton will bs found netiosd under :ne!r proper heads. Hides?4800 Rio Grandes have been taken on speculation 19X lbs (supposed) Oo, 4 per oent off* for oaeh Also, tales of 6000 Afrleans, to go east, at 10a, 0 mouths, and tome paroela of southern and Texts at 7o less 6 per aent. end 7X cash. The market oonttnues depressed, with a downward tendency. Leather?No change In prioaa?the (took Is very low ana oat utile arriving. AKKBH EMBWHIQM1. STOCK MA REST. Boston, April 8.?Exchange Board?15 shares Boiton and W 01 caster Railroad, 116K; 13 WrsternHaihroad, 1133k: 5 dc do, 1433k; It Eaatera Railroad. 144)k; 3 AClaa Bask, 96; 1 Boa too and Maine Railroad, 1183k: *3 Norwich and Wnreaatei Railroad. >30 d, 36 ; 30 Readme Railroad,b 14 d, II < 14 do do a 34 d. >VA\ 13 do do. II; 13 do do. bid d, P?: 34 do do. a30d 17V; 14 00 do, 17Jk; 17ldo;Eut Boaton Company, 13 15-16 111)40 Readies Railroad Bonda, '34,34 Jk Hat rrled, On Sunday, 9th init., at St Joseph's Church, by tbi Rev Mr Quinn, Mr. John McCoomick, to Miss Ca t 11AR1NE CaEOLAN, both of this citT. On the 4th February last, hy thd Rev. Mr. Vlnated, ol Duane street church, Mr Amos Bboadeix, formerly ol Pateraon, N. J., to Mies Henrietta O. Hall, of this olty. Peterson papers please oopy. At Elverten, Md , on the 6th Instant, by the Rev Henry Smith, Edward J. RoaaaTKR, of this olty, and Mart M. Hanson, of the farmer plaoe. Died. On Satnrday, April 8, Mart Jans, wife of Masovis Latatbtte Shaeeet, Jr., aged 30 year*. The fHends of the family, and the members of Washington Chapter. No. 3, O IT. A , and Covenant Lodge, No. 36,1. O. of O. F., are invited to attend the funeral, irum me rwiueiot 01 usr iuuvi, hbuibuivi i^u 133 Henry street, on Monday, April 10th, at3X o'olook, P. M Her remains will be taken to the Greenwood Oemetery. On the 0th instant, of congestion of the brain, Wm Henst, only child or Thomas C. and Elisa T. Barns, aged 1 year and 8 months. The Mends of the family, and also the members of the Eureka Lodge, 17710 of O F., are respeotfnily requested to attend his funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at 8 o'olook. from No 83 Charlton street, without farther invitation. Kingston and Roohester papers please copy. On Saturday, the 6th Inst., Duncan MoEwish The friends and relatives of the deceased, are respectfully invited te attend his funeral, from his late residence. No. 167 West 15 h St., this afternoon, at 3 o'olook His remains will be taked to Greenwood Cemetery. On Saturday morning, April 8th, Mr. Johis Moaats. in the 77th year of his age, for the lest 63 years a respected inhabitant of the 7th ward, and a native of Kings eounty, nearTellaymere, Ireland. The friends and relatives of the family are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon, at a o'ciook, from his late residence, 107 Monroe street. On the 9th Inst., at two 3'olock, P. M., of erlelpllas, Amedke Pkstiaux, professor of the French language, in th? 39th year of his age. His funeral will take place from his late residence, corner of Broadway and Canal atreit, on Tuesday, llth Inst., at 8 o'olook, P. M. His friends and former pupils, are respeotfully invited to attend. His remains will he remsved to Greenwood Cemetery. French papers please copy. un nunaey tn? fin tniiut, Mart Attn l>oro, sgeu "> y??M, the wife of John Long Her relation* and Mend* are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this day, at 3 o'clock, from 460 Washlog ton street. On 8unday, the 9th Icat., after a short liners, Mr. Orotar. Smith, a native of Birmingham, England,in the 63d yet r of hi* sgs. The relative* and friend* of the famllylare respectfulIv Invited to attend the faneral, this afternoon, at 3 o'clook, from the corner of Oreenwioh and North Moore street*. English paper* pleaae copy. On Sunday morning, the 9th instant, Roskrt L. William, ?on of A. E and Rom 11 la Deter, aged 10 month* and 39 day*. The faneral will take plaoe at Robert A. Williams, 06)We*t Thirteenth street, on Monday afternoon, at 1 o'clock. The friend* of the family, alio the members of Gollck Hose Co., No. 11, and the Colombian Tent No 34,1. O. of R the member* of Mount Elm Encampment, E. O. of 1. R., are respectfully invited to attend. My child, where art thou sleeping ? Not on thy mother's breastNo watch her eye is keeping Upon thy dreamless rest. I am weary, love, with weeping; And to such is promised rest; And thou *halt soon be sleeping Upon thy father'* breast. I shall never more behold thoe, My cold, my frcisn blossom; But in death! hope to fold thee Like a dove upon my besom. Ci ENTHEVILLE COUR8K.? PACING ?MONDAY, J April 10th. at IK o'clock, P.M. hinj $50?mil* heata? beit three i? fire, in harness. a. Conk I in tntera ro. ?. Vilhge Bov; I. Woodruff enters ro g. Roanike. 'J HOTTINO?Immediately after?Pari* (So?mile lieata?heat three in five, in Harness. W.N. lteed extern br. ft. Teltitrarh; William Maitin tntera g. g. Merino; J. K. Nodine en tare b g. Yoni g Americii*; j.^Whelpley enter b. a. Cambridge Oirl. JOr.L, CONKFRIRND8 OK REPUBLIC A NIZINO IRKLANDWe meat to aitht. (Monday.) at the Shakrreaie Hotel, to respond to the ne w< bythe Hibernia. Coma in your might. CHARLES DAVIKS. THOM AH 11 S YES. Secretaries. The krench revolution was achieved by man in bine hlonaea. bnt Lamartina wore a blue fack ! the model of which I have joit received from Paria, and hare rota many ofthem made. The clergy and sedate men wear Black Hacks; however, all can beaoitedatmy atore. 110 Wi|iam atreat, opposite the Waahington atoraa O. B. CLARKE Etna Kraneh C loth Driaa Coata made to order, for from til to lid AH other sarmeola in proportion. _____ FOREIGN PAPERS BY STEAMER HIBERNIA? 111. Newa Punch, Weakly Despatch, Sunday Timea, Nation, Freeman'a Journal, United Irishman,Mark Line Einreaa, Mill's Life, Daily Newa, and a variety ol Scotch. English I'lah, Kraneh, and Provincial papers ; alto, a few cornea of the New Sporting Book, Kisti-na. I'pen on Sunday. J. A. OILBRxT, II Anr. treat _ Wholesale and refaft.__ SECOND EDITION?Tl Id D\Y IS PUBLISHED (reviled and enlarged, containing aittv 'pagri of additional matter) the second edition of n Ur Powell' Treatiie n the Kve, its Diaeaaea and their Cure," with engravings Ivo . iSOpo.. p'iea 50 centa. 1 hi* work is adapted tothagei.era) reader. It containa impot- nt hiuta for the preietvxlioi - nd improvement of viaion, describe* the anatomy, pliveielofv add aevaaa ol tha Eye, treatsef optict.cn near tight and need ligtit, and then-eand acute ol spectacles To ba had nt the luthor'a,MI Broadway, comer ol Wanen stree_ and of all Hookas lera. The best and cheapest i iohtcan be obtainad from the V>nia ore So ar Lamp whir-li it m?sm Iter oral tolely by ENDlCOTT" fcJ'U.viNEB, 1(6 Elm, nerr Ueoal .treet. Pride |l Swr gair, FbR BOsrwiCK HAS REMOVED TOM CHAMBERS ttra.t, nearly ppnajga, until the flratol May. afrar which bis tBii griU be opened permanently at SM Broadway. t MA t rUTtV AL^THI TMJJU) ANWyAi H?jTl VVT?11? temmemorarion of fha MrtkrBW *" jfwr CfkT. < win t>< he'd atBw,A?J> %dwop.oe Wrtwder I uximMM Otbdy of Amli,uT5?o clock. A nomUer of dutm- i tanked wbige, from different parla of the con u try hare been incited. Tickete may beob'ntoed or Wm. 11. London. e*eat ' of the Tribune o?.f, and alao of the member* of the Kiecilire Committee?I nilip W Kng* Chairman of Cemmitice of Arrangemente; Johe T. ''ocge. Secretary. Kiecntire Committee r. W Kip J. T. D xlee, Q. W. Breuuan, J. W Lalion, A. W. Bradford, N. B. Blunt. Junta Kelly, 8. 8. Ward, H. C. Hance, Benjamin Drake, William Traon, N. O. Bradford. _ IAIR8T W A K D-TH K frRIKNOS OK BOUGH AND I Heady will be inpplied with Charter ticket* at the Cobiuitt?e Hoomon Monde* eveeioe PETER B. VaNHOU TEN Chaumau ol the Nominating Committee. RICHARD DKAKC. Secretary ' MilKD WARD "REGULAR WHIG NOMINA I. tioea."?A, a meeting held at tbo National Hotel, on Saturday eernir k, the Ith inatant, by the friend* of Tbomai Mcknight, the uretent Aanataut Alderman, and the whig electors ol the Third Ward?on motion, John M. Flint, Eiq.. waf called to the chair, and Col. Florence Mahony ?ppoinied Secretary. Oa motion, a committee of three was appointed I (0 neinmate suitable persons to be supported by the whig eiec i tors ot the thud ward at the ensuing ejection; whereupon the ) tallowing perrous were ananimoutly nominated Kor Aider- , man?? hootts McKnight. For Assistant Alderman?Joseph 1 T Bell K or Aueiaoii?1 hoe. O. bartine, Stephen Bnrk- < halter. For Constables?Coruelins Aliiaon, Jamea F. Hopping. For Inspectors of Flection?1st < istrict. LewisTeale, Alexis Smith ; Id do, Levi Foisom.Chas. B Graves ; Sd do, Isaac H. UnfTiig, Hugh Martin For Behool Commissioner? Just as 8. Meofisld. For Inspector?Saiooel U. Childs. For > Tiuiiee? Wil'iam Ehbitt. Whereupontue following resolatines were offered and unanimous.y adopted Hesolved, That Ihomas McKuight. the present Assistant Alderman, from the satisfactory manner in which he has disr harged the 1 duties ol Assistant Alderman for the last year, is justly enti- I tied to the norniustioo of Aldermau, to be tnppoited by the I whig elector* of the Third Ward at the ensuiug election. I Hesolved. Thtt in Joseph T. Bell, our candidate for Assts- ' tint Alderman, we have a man wall known to the whigs of the I ward,and eminemlv qna'ificd to discharge the duties of that 1 office. Hesolved Tost ia our candidates for Assessors, Con- I stables, and the other officers named on the tioket, air mm long known as good and trne whigs, and all well fitted for the respective tfficaa for which they are nominated. JOHN M. KLI^T- Chairman Ki ennm-it Ms Horsy. Becrersry. j TO THF VO I KKS OFTHifi OUKTH. 81ATH AND I Fourteenth Warns, composing the Second Judicial Ola- i trict.?For tha satisfaction of the ra>nv friends who hove inter* i ested themselves for me in connection with the office of As- c sistnnt Justice of iho District, not less than in vindication of i myself, it may be proper for tee to state my reasons for with- < drawing from the canvaaa. Whan first 1 was nrsed to become a candidate tor the office, it occurred to m that ia doing no 1 might interfere with some of my friend* in the District. That friend of whom I thought first and moat, in this relation, was Bartholomew O'Connor, Esq ; as one with whom I had been for years on terms of es^seiil intimacy, and whom I would have been but too happy iu any way to ervo. I sew him at ouce, told him of the new law. (of nhich he had not befoie heard ) and suggest* ! to him that h* should become * candidate lor me office. He did not favor the idea. I urged it upon him ; aud, as strongly a* I was able, reiireaeuted tta adviitaga* Htill ha declined. Then I asked him not to make up hiaimind hastily agaiuat the proproeition; but to take two or three day* to consider upon it. At the end of that time, I saw him again His opinion was still unalaered. I eombaUed his views earnestly, but wi hont success. He gave tnauy reasons for his refusal to be a candidate, and this amnog the rest?that he was to move out if the District'on the first of May, and intimated that by being a candidate under such ciicumstancn he would not be acting in Rood faith to the Electors. Then, for the firattime, 1 informed im that probably I woutu myaeif be brought forward by my friend* m the District. He was rrjoiced to hear it?was exceedingly thankful to me for what be was pleesed t > consider my generosity in fiist placing the nomination at his disposal ?and declared himself ready to do "every thing in hi* power to aid m* ." All this took place two wer Us ago. Lnat Thursday I learned accidsntally. to nit unspeakable surprise, that Mr. O'Connor was a candidate; that he was determined to run r.g iust me; aud that he or hi* frieuda had been lor several days quietly canvassing the Dis-rict. My first impulse was to withdraw*! whieh subsequent reflection eoefumed. The heat and tumults of an intestine straggle in the democrs' lie party of the district, already too much.embrored aud embittered, I regarded as no fit introduction to anv judicial station; and if they were, I did not consider the office of Asaisi tant Justice worth them. But weie the offiss ten time* more desirable. I would not be the oce. for its sak*. to force upon 1 my many friends in the district, who we eqa-llv the friends of Mr. O Connor, the perplexing alternative of a choice between him and myself. There vie we I have, aiuce Thursday, freely ' exprexaed to all, eapecially to my friendi in the nominating convention of the diatrict- 1 trait thev will constitute, to Ihoee intereited in my incceai, a jus>iilc<tion of my with, drawal. To the many friends who volnnteered their auppoit and services, especially in the fourteenth wwd, I return my very ainceie acknowledgment!. They will, I am sure, re' cognize the propriety ol my coutse; as 1 know they will fe?l with me, that the most successful result of a contest would have but poorly compensated me for having embarrassed or divided them, much lesa for having forfeited their esteem and confidence and my owu sslf-rcpect. EUGENE CA88EKLY. New York. Ap-iH. 1348. SIX IH WAllO, AROU9F..?REGULAH NOMINAtiona?For Alde'min. THOMAS GiLMARTIN; for Asaistant Aldermm, PATRICK KELLY; fos Assessors, Johu Geraghty, Thomas Thomson; for Constables, Otto C. Sackman, Geo. B Wool ridge; for Inspectors of Elsctions, 1st district, Michael R. Walih, Jos. J P. lie! Vecchi?; Id do., Frederick L.Voliee, Thomas Blake; 3d do., Joseph N. Parker, Thomas Flyno; 4th do. Or John Conning, Berswd McPerlin; for i.ommissioner of Common Schools, Dr. A. F. Vaehe; for Inspector of Common Schools, Dr. Daniel M. llogau; lor Truscre of Common Schools, Dr Edward J. McGloiu CHARLES DEL VECCHIO, President. Shi. vers Pwker, M Murray, Edward Logue. Vice Presidents. 1 John Layden, Michael Harrison, Theodore Timolol, He1 cretaries. SIXTH WARD-INDEPENDENT DEMOCHATIG Nominalism:?For Assistant Aldermsn, JOHN GREEN; for Assessors. Dr. Hngh Sweeney, John G. Sperling; for ConI stables. John Hickson. Geo se B. Wooldridge; for Inspectors. 1st District?Joieph J. P. Delvechio. Joseph Hamilton; 2d , District?Frederick L. Vultee, Owen Kinney; 3d District?Jo seph N. Parksr. Thomas klynn ; 4th District?Dr. John Con' aing. John McGrnth; for Commissioner of Common Schools Dr. A. F. Vachs; for Inspector of Common Schools, Dr. Da' niel Hogan; for Trustee of Common Bchools, Dr. Edward J MeGlnin. ' ' QIXTH WARD.?DEMOCRATIC WHIG NOMINAf kJ tiona?For Alderman, Simon Clannon. For Aaaiatant Alderman, Matthew D. Green. For Aaaeaaort, Moaea B. Taylor, Jeaae K . Week*. For Constables, George Mason,Leater Wilson. For Inspectors?Ui District, Archibald C. Reynolds, Abraham Ferdon. jnn ; 3d District, William Davia. John 1 llrtnn#T* 3J niafriPt. Hnni*! M Wdkba William Hnwa- Jilt Diatrictj Jamei J ITevua, Jacob H. UurabeU. WILLIAM ii. SPARKS. Chairman; A. b. Amerman, Secretary. Tenth wahd-demockatic whio nominationa.?For Aldermen?Robert XV Hawa; for Aaaiatant? David Miller; for Asaeaaora?Darina Ferry, John T. Barnard: for Conatablee?George Harem. Stephen D. Skid more: for School Commitaioner?Jeremiah J. Dickenaon; for School Trnatao?John Carr; for School Inapeetor?Reaolvat Stepheaa Fifteenth ward -to the voters of the Fifteenth Ward?Gentlemen, pleaae examine wall your ticketa, before voting, and v >te that on which the name of Ezra Ludlow appeara, for Aateaaor. TAX PAYEH8 of the Fifteenth Ward. EIGHTEENTH WARD-GRAND TORCH LIGHT Proceaaion?The Democratic Republican Electora of the 13th Ward friendly to rraular nomioationa. and the regnlnr ticket headed Moaea W. 8. Jarkaoo, for Alderman, and William Van Wyck. for Aaaiataut Alderman, are lequerted to aaaemble at Bull'e Head, J nor. Third A venae, between 23d and flth atreeta, on Monday (thia) evening, at 7 o clock, to nnite in a grand Torch Light Prot etaion through the 3d, 3d. dih and 6th avennta. Broadway and the principal atreeta of the ward By eider of the ward committee, William A. Mathewa, Graod Marihal: Abraham A. Vanderpool, Chairman pro tern. Ward Committee; Frederick E. Weatbrook, Benj Warden, 8ecretariea Ward Committee. For justice ok the justices'court of the City of New York for the firat Judicial Diatrict. J AMES GREEN For Police tnaticeof the City of New York, JEUKVUaH LQTHKOP. Notice-the purser guarus are reqneateil to aaaemble at Waren Hall, corner of Oliver and Henry atreeta. at Id to 7 o'clock. p.m.. in the uniform of theerw, to join 10 theTorch Liskt Pioctision. ti?i (Monday) Evening, April 10th. Br order. A. MeMANNUS, Fiiit Lient Comdr.; K. Raymond, Orderly. Dissolution .-the co partnership here tnfure fining between t. Allen end m. c. tvteigi, under the firm of Allen k Meigs. it thi* d.?y dissolved bv mutual content. Either of the pa tiei will attend to the eettleinent of the business. New Yoik, March 1, 1(41. t. ALLEN. M. C. MElOt. Lost?a oheen leather pocket book, between the Philadelphia f?rry-b 'at and Canal street Had iu it $17 or $l( in Philadelphia notes, sad ilie followieg mmm, of u? uae to ani one bat the ownerNote of Martin Willes, for $(07 91 ; note of Moses h. Bay. for $1(7 ; bond of Moaea H.Kay to decree W. Boff. for $(01 ; also, private letters ? My name is in fall in the pocket book. The finder may litre the mouey, if the papers are enclosed to me here, before May 1st, and after May 1st, io Philadelphia. C. t). W. BOFF. The naval portfolio.?a series or choice colored prints taken from the drawings of Lieutenant H. Walker aadjnst published by Rersnyfc Major, 117 Knit on street. For those who are interested in oar nsry, and prond of its brilliant character, is certified (by officers who were present) to bo irnthfal representations of the few spirited access in which the navy participated daring onr Mexican war Cap manufactory-p. c. willmarth eespectrally announces to his old friends and castcinert, that he has taken the supervision of the Cap manufactory attai hed to the New Yo k Hat Company. Mo IS Bowery. The fact (well known to the trade and the pnblie gene ally.) that he is the oldest and wet experienced manufacturer ol Cape ia thin city, will ben (efficient guaranty that every article in his line, issa ing from the shove establishment, will sinply sustain the reparation lor elegance, lasts and dniabilitV. which Ins so long aistmguisned his productioeuend - h eh he has acquired by yeart of nsremitted application to th<a particular liae of business. From his.lnug esreiienee and great facilities, hs Irela eosfident in sninring the pnblie that be ia able to lornishn better article ita lower puce than any other establishment in this city. Left off clothing and furniture-ladies and Gentlemen having superfluous effects to dispose of, sueh as wearing sppa el, furniture, Ac , caa obtain a fair cash price for the same.bv tending for the subscriber, through the post office or otherwise, who will attend at their rtai denres. J. LKVEN8TYN. 4S6 Broadway, upstairs. Ladias can be stieeded to by Mrs Levenstvn. PASTOFFCLOTHING,JEWELRY, FIRE ARMS.Ac v> wanted ?Oertlemen or families having Wearing App rel, oranpeiflnone effects generally, which they desire to coevcrt into cash, will obtain a fair price for the same by sending (or the subscriber, who will attend them at thsir residences by appointment. A line, sent through the post jjlfiee. or otherwise. will receive prompt attention. H LEVETT, Office No. ( Wall streat. eorner of Broadway. MEDICS L CARD OR. RICHARDSON, LATE Conaolting PhyiieiM to the New link Colltilcf Me dicme iiul Pharmacy, haa removed l>it Cunauliiuu roc mi to hi* private rcaiderca, 10J Ilamirrraley atreet, between Hudaonand Oreenwich atreet* Dr. R. intend* to cot fine h>* practice u aauel to ell complaint* of a private nature, toge ther with Salt Rhtum, Scrofula and diaeeae* depending < a an impaie atnte of the blond. Hi* ..anner of treating genital de- i hilirv (unknown to phyaiciant in thia city) will be found au<citafnl in eaery caae. nnles* where impo>ency eiiata Patient* living in the country can have all the ueeeaaary medi cine* and advice forwarded to them, by atating their caae evplicitlv. and encloeing a fee. addreaaed to Dr. Richardaon. 10] Hammenley atraat. New York. Office hour* from t A-M to S P.M . and from 7 to 10 P.M. *iO r|TY AM) i OU NTH Y HAMS. : Ov/aWV/A w 15,dec Iba Shoulder*. 1 000 lb*. Smoked 1 Beef.btbb'a. Cubbed Herring*. 74 bbli. Mackerel, 2t>0 bbla. I Men and Prima Para, it bbla. Met* and prima Beef, 14* bbla. ' and 41 tuba Leaf Lard, 94 boiea Scale Herring. M package* Butter. 154 bona* Mild Cheeae, 144 bbla. Drie lApnlea. 8.>#p, < Candlea. Lamp Oil. N. 0-. Pt. and Refined Sugar*. Molar*** in bbla. and hnda., Taaa, Tobacco, Rice,Coffee. Spicea, 1 Haiaina, fte., Ac, for aale at the loweat eaah price*, by CLAttk.F! K ft CO., nt Fulton atreat Window shades-window shades-manc- . factored ?nd aoid in evary variety ofatile or pattern, nd of beet materuit, that will not cnrl or adhere in any climate, hy Kelly ft Hiker, eaelaaiv* window ahade mannfactn rera and dealer*. at No. Ill Chatham atreei, New York ? Merchant* and athera wanting ahades, or material* lor making and hanging thadea, can find the largeat, beet and theapeat ? . aori men i in the United Staten at above. Call and Mtiafy Tourlelvea N. b ? M,N4 p?ir? aow ta etora. Warned. 44 aood j I and tea pa mitO"?*r>r>lv ?a above , To boot majckhsTlandino from the ha rr packet Bplaadid. a ainall eoeaignmrnt of aainpla '"ana Booti and Hhoea of tha loteat faahion, at a amal ladvaace from tha coat Order* received for account of the maker* at M , Well atreet IwlViNOSTON, WELLS It COo j . . J.J.i.ii .UIL, 11,-il I I-. . J 'Mlf. 4l'^w-HAgi>WAar **ocmifvy. mocf fooniT |Oii tin infif wtpf* a??. mm*.laid ptu ladpaMU^MM, ri'leean'i nftlvnli, rata. piiCoii, iiercanioo Apt. tea traya. Be ? JACOB 8. PL ATT will tell thia day, M 19 o'clock, at bra aaetion room, 13 Piatt after >, a general aeeorunent ol h?idwere aa above. unon? which arebam. tcrowe, km tea and feika pooket and pa knivea, aeitaoia, razora, coach wiencUea, eoflea and com mile with tliwhacli, m ll-aawat, patent dnor-Utchea, (Jcolch iprian and carpanitra'knob locka meca'itiuc lapel, awla litnercniaela. cat taeka, iroa aaci|hta, cofhterewa, handtawa, entrava, clocka, lie. See Alto, terernl caea eat glatt end ithar beadt, to which the attention of e, notTy at aroll ae city le de rata inaetad JAi'tiB H PLATT. AUCIIOMKEB^BlVLCf AND Ritla Bartela ?JACOB t*. PL?TT arid aell to-day at II I'clock, at th* taction nu m. UP nllei. 33 r'tlp barrela, 19 auo tocka, and 90 bayonrta. at they are. ?itliunt reaerae. JACOB 8 I'LATT. Al'G'fIONKKR?(JOLD AND tilver watchc.1, without reaerve, for eaah on delivery? laeobH Piatt will tell thia day at 13 o'clock, a< the Aaetion too, 33 Piatt tract, at abort, a lai(r inroice I Knaliah go'd eaeia and double bottom Pngliah ailrer levcra, 3. 3. 4 pair nud lauwIUA Tbn aalo few AMHltt ftf VKnltl it IBiaV ?OH> -era, la peremptory, and tWteruia u above, a?d the wKliei orniitid genuine No watch will be i?i?d of wiihJnwu, Hit all wilfbe peremrtoulv told m above, without icierve Alio. pirvioua to aale t f watehea, a general aaaortment o< lardwara, cutlery, fancy goodl, beada, gold and nlver pencil wan, nana, jewelry. Ite Auction sale?wm n.lewis. auctioneer, will aell at anction the entire atock of Kibbuna. Hilka Veleeti. lie , Ike., at atom No. 18 Diriaioostreet, commeninj it lialf-paat ten thia day. April IP, 1118 KD. 8M1TH, AUCTIONKEK-BvTmuRPHV. It Spruce atrert. Monday. April 18, at It o'cl-ek.at 111 Spring it, (formerly 118) near Green at. Mortgage aale. by rir [tie of two mortgagea. hoorehold furniture, lc.. conaiating ol [ lain, high poata aud French bedtteada, mahog*nv a'-Iaa. mahn' rany chaira. walnut and mahogany bor?"U?. tablei, udeboarda Bruiae'aand ingrain c?rpeta.oil cloth, hall lampa, waahatanr'e, re .ther heda and bedding, conchea, divana. oitomana. wardrebn, clorhea preaaea, kc. John W. Sninrrindyke, attorney r -r mortgagea. KD. SMITH. AUCTIONEKK-BY J- MURPHY, Store No. 15 Spruce ?treet?Thia day,Mcnrlay. April IP, it II o'clock, at No. Ill Spring atreet.near Nreen, (formerly 119) Mortgage Sale, Houaehold Furri ure kc., oy virtue ol Iwo mortgagea, cona-ating of plain, high port and French beditenda, mahogany aofaa, trnhogany chaira, walnnt nod ninhogany bnraaui. tabloi mahogany aidrbot-rda. Sruraalaand ingrain r.arpeta. oil cloth, hall lamp, waahatanda, leather I eda and bed ding, conchea. dirana. otmmrna. wardrnbei, clnrhra p ratra, lie. JOHN w. SOMKKINDYKE, Attorney f.r Mortgagee BENJ. MOONEY. AUCTIONEER-* DWAHD PAY. on will aell Thia Day at 10 o'clock, at the auction room 213 Pe.rrt atrert, the ttock rf fmev goodiofan importer rr liniioiahing hnainear, together with a geueral aiaortmeur nl finer gootia and eutlery. Alan 509 ai'ver pencil caara. 100 sold do ;alao, 10(0 doien fancy comba, 1100 do apool cotton. Foi particular! aaa catalogue. Henry h leeds, auctioneer-city hotei jWinea?Notice?Henry H. Leeda k Co. will tell at Aur ti n. on Thuraday, 10th April, at the City Hotel, the entiri Stock of th>t exttcaive eitabliabment of the prcprietora, te tiring from bu.irea., Full particulara in a few d iva. __ GEO. B. ROLLINS, AUCTIONEER?GEN I'eel Furanure?Will be told thia day at 10 o'clock, at No 19 Mercer at eet between Canal and Grand, cona-ating of a h*nd<ome aoit of Roaewocd Parlor Furnitnra. cover'" with crimson pin' li six '1 lounge. 1 sofa, 4 eh"i'?, ' Vo'tairs chair, I aofa, t?ble with marble tap. I iet quartette tables, flic. Also, 3 large pier glasses and 3 chandeliers. Also. Brussels and ingrain carnetst mantel ornaments. mahogany ami mnplc bedsteads, rocking chair*, steel lira acts. gtc. | No 917 JM B. BO (J ART, AUCTIONEER-C 'UNA OUia and Karthenwnrc ?At the store 9! John street This Dry. April Kith, at 10 o'clrifck. catalogue sa'e of Clnua Glass nnd Earthenware. consisting of flowed a"d bht" whi a granite and printed dinner, tea end toilet ware. Jugs. he together with an assortment of Kr.gliih end American vellnv ironstone ware. Also, foreign rrd Amerienn glera tum blera, wines, decanters, salts, Itc. Sale peremptsay, in lots u snir rrr?;te,, ami grocer*. A YOUNG WAN OF TEMPERATE HABITf wishes a situation in a privte family as Coaehmaq as such hat beeneegsged the last f ur years. Ones sot cir' whether in the city or count'Y. Beit of city references can be g'ren Apply at 319 Canal street WANTED-A PARTNER WHO HAS FROM $7.G0C to $10 000 in cash, which he will inyeat in a perfectly safe and re-pectable busineas. in which from $8 000 to i'O.GO1 can be eaailv be made per annnm. A partner, either silent o active. In either case satisfactory security will te given for th smonnt invested. The best of reference g ven and reqstred Address note to A. L. WARE, office of this paper, statini when and where an interview may be had. _ _ \tTANTED, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. IN BnUTI * v Brooklyn, 16 Bergen street, a colored Girl, or a Germat Girl, that understands Honse work will find a good homi and liberal wages gi**n. Call from J till 7 o'clock. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO man, who can prodnce the best of referencei, a sitnafirn as Chambermaid and Waiter in a small private family. Appli at No. 52 John street, room No 10. nutii Tuesday eyening. WANTED?A SITUATION BY TWO HE8PECTA ble young women one to cook, wash and iron,and tin other to do up siairs work. Please call at No.78 30th atreet betwesn 6lli and 7th Ayennea in ihe r?ar WANTED?A SMART AND INTELLIGENT BO\ at the Mechanics' Institute. Apply immediately at 1! City Hall ITANTEDj A PAIR OF HORSES?ANY GENTLE vv man navinga patrol rooa.souna, gentle ismiiy cariag< horses. may h?<r of an immediate porchaier, by eddressini Mr. K R. ii Iliia office. "117"ANTED?SEVERAL YOUNG, HONEST, INTEL Vv ligeot and enterprising Me*, toaolieit Rnbieribers au? co'leet Money for on* of the moat ponnla' Periodicals cub lished in this country. Apply to ISRAEL POST, 140 Naasat sfeet WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WO man. a situation a* Cook; can give good City reference Pleaie to inqnire at IB Kldridge s reet Two parlors to let with board, tc gentlemen and their wives, or to single gentlemen, in i rew hour All the Crotnn water convenience* for bathing kc. are in the house. Apply at 1(2 Fourth avenue, near llih at PIBhT RATE LOCATION?TO RENT OR LEA St that desirable house, corner of Water and Maiden lam having fronts on two of the heat streets down town for trade suitable for any business Will he rented reasonable. Appl< to J D. PHILLIPS fc CO . 122 Maiden lane. _ Notice -many persons of limited me anf alihmgh losing their Eyes? hoi* precious organs whie aie the poor man's capital?are yet relnrtint to seek relief a a public institution, and be dependent on the cold hand n charity. For such persons Dr. Powell will willinglv pre seribe. When their eyesight is restored, and their circum stances amended, he will aeeept whatever remuneratioi their means will permit. Dr. Powell attends as nsnal to t)>< treatment of diseases of the Eye and Ea-, from 9 to 4 o'clock at hia Surgery, 261 Broadway; entrance. IX Warren street Just imported, a large ennplv of Artificial F.vea TO LET?SUITES OF ROOMS, CONSISTING OF parlors and bed rooms, with private tables for families alio, single rooms for gen tie mm. with breakfast and tel. Thi house is newly famished, and lighted with eaa throughout Also, provided with warm, cold andahowar baths. Apply a MT Houston street. N. B ?Don't move this May. Hamilton houje-this favorite water ing Place at the Narrows, is now undergoing exteoaiv alteration, preparatory to iu optning on the 1st of May. Htv icg been Is seed by the snbseriber for a term of years, lie iu tends to thoronahlv renovate the whole eemhliehmeni. am condact it in mnnuer that will in?u>e the approbation o those feting summer residence. H AWLKV ft PLaPP /1RAPE VINES. FRUIT TREES. SHRUBBERY, Be vX The subscriber offer* for tale Black Hamburg, St. Pe ten. Fronlignae. Mnreat of Ale*"ndr>?, Muscadine. and othe choice aoru in pott Tor forcii-g: Isabella and Catawba. I yenit o'd ; Era it. Ornamental Treca and Shrubbery; Freah Vettetn blea.id Flower Sredi; Mixed Oraaa for Lawns; Bi.uquera nl choice tlowera for bridal and other partiea City Uardem kept in order by practical Onrdeuert. T. DUN'LAP, Seed*, man and F'oriat. 63a Brnadwar. IN PRIZE-NO 6374?JOHN T. McLAUGHLIN AND the Uaited States. ra. One Box of Specie?United S'atea District Court tor the Diatrict of Looiaiana?Monday. Frb rnary U, A. D. 1848?Preaent the Hon. Theodore H. McCaleb On motieu of C. T. Stewart, Priie Agent, and on auggeatinr to the Court that the rrize liat ha* been fnrnithed him of the office ra aud craw of the ateatner Hnoter, and on further ancKrat i- g to the court that there maybe other per*, ns elainvng tc ahare aa captnn in the diatribntion of the prir.e found herein aecnting, it ia ordered that all other persons claiming aa cnpton h*r*tn, do tile their cUima, if eoch they have, in the office ol ihe Cleru of ihi* Court within (90) ninety daTa from the date hereof. And it t* further ordered, that thia motion be puhliaheit in the New Orleana Pi-ayune. Waahington Union and New York Herald, six time* from thia date to the'expiration of the ninety day*. By order of the Court. N. R. JENNINGS. Clerk. DR. COOPER. U DUANK STREET, BETWEEN Chatham and William ata , ha* for the laat fourteen ram* enjoyed the moat extenaive practice in pi irate diaenea, ol any medical man in Naw York. He can enre the moat aggravated caaea of thia diseaae; and mild eaae* cured in two to Are day* Stricture? Br. Cooper haa diaeorered a new method by which he ean cure the worn form of stricture in from one to two weeks, with scarcely any pain to the patient. Constitutional debility brought on by a secret habit indulged in by young men. This, when too freely indulged in, begtta dyspepsia weakness of the limb* and small of the back, confuaion ofth* intellect, and aversion to society. A enre warranted ia entry ease. or ? charge No eaareere aaed. jyi ED1CAL CARD-DR. MORRISON. 20IK FULTON dtfeaaea. iieccnt tun, particularly Gonorrhoea, he firm it a lew day*. Cauatitutinnal debility from a aecret habit, hi' (lacing nocturnal emlnion* and impotescy, ii ridirally cured by hint Strictnrea he enrei without pain, bee Vr. M '? L>i f'loma, witli the airnatarea of Sir Aitlay Ceopar, Si-A. Car tie, he., in hie offiea, Knltoa etrett A perfect care euaranteed tt/kOn REWARD?CROSS'S SPECIFIC MJXTUIIK iJit/UV/ for the cur# of gonorhcei Of all remedicr vet ditcovered for the above c mplaisti, thia ii 'hr moat certain: it make#a apeeily ?nd 'permaneut care w.tboat the lraat reatriction in diet, drink, eipo?ure, or change ianpplication to baaineaa. The proprietorrhallenret a tingle uritincenf recent g'-nnrhrea to be brought whi-h the miitur* will no i car#, under forfeiture of tSOO. Many are cnred in two day a. Sold at VS Broadway, corn -r of Chambera ttiert, and SAhf pa. lot Eulton. eome- William etreet v \ u m nvrn to roucirl Ten hill v it II III u oin ?. Ilia practical riperienee enables him to enre their difficult 'nil protracted ritir* th?t have battled the Ik ill nl othen. He hut recently introduced some new and tmportan' reinediei. (ilia dt.cn very i I the French rheinnu ) which elfeet ripid cnrei in Gleet, reminal weakneie, end protracted eoniiitntinnal dne'iea. and afftciioua aiiaing (rim iRpWtity of the blood, Offire N?. 1 Ann street, near Broadway. I riii" enf'eiiee thirrt doer from the v'uaenm NKW YOMK AND HARLRM HAILKOAD-hUNday Arraneemeui?Cart will leare Ctte Hall. New York, for Harlem ind Morriianiaat 8 9, 10 II nnd 11 til A M, 1.2. 2:18,3.4 9 and 6. P. M Kordhamand Williama Bridge at 8. 10 and r tin A. M . 2:30 and 4 P. M. White Plain at I and 1(> A.M., 1:30 and 4, P. M. Croton Ka'li at 8, A.M., aid 3:30 P. M 1.1 OK NKW OKI.KAN8 ? LOUI8I AN A AND NKW York Lint of Packets.-Regular packet of the 13th April ?Vejy reduced rateanf freight!?The new and eery iupenor packet baik MAZKPPA, it now loading, and will positively aail aa aboee. her regular day. For freight ?r aaaage, harieg tplendid fnrnnhed accommodations, appiv on board, at Orleeua Wharf, fool of Wall atreet. or to K. K. COLLI NR. M South atreet. i'oaaively no freight will be receiTed on board after We loeaday evening. April 12 Agent in New Orleent, Mr. William Creeyy, who will rr<impt!* lorward all gooda to hie addreaa. Packet ?hip CLIFiON. will anceeed the Mareppa and aail her reenlar day. FOR LIVERPOOL?TO SAIL ON WEDNESDAY, the 13th inat . the pocket ship Oneida, Capt. wiilard For cabin paiaage only, for which she haa yety inperior fnnilthed tceomtnodaripni, apply to the master nn heard, at pier J, N K . or to ROY I) HINCKF.N. room 4 Tontine Rnildirea NO MONOPOLY-bOR ALRANY, LANDING AT Nawbhnrg, Poaehkeapaie, Kingaton and Catakill, Lre 14 Cents, bertha 34 eentt. The f atjateainer BUFFALO. Opr. I. w. Ilancoi, will leave the notth aide of Robinson atreet fier thin (Monday) evening, at 6 o'clock. Freight earned 'beep Worlramgo or at ate moms apply on board. Notice-on and after Saturday. ?? tnery 9th. tlfe steamboat 8TATKN ISLAND!1. U will Bake the following trips nntil larthar notice. Leave QuvanfaUiUOk Um rorh mmmmmmrnmm mm mum I | T A It I AN oniA HOr?lt.-*f>T1C?-HOOIli A WPLM h TwfoMtarre 'II ? e mit, J.!,CI,elf pot ofn'?, t? Atir.t "itn r m mfiarfr tiffrcewl from I to Jo clock. IN*. I Wail at'tat. inUte k*a?ii;rni. Monday tveglrf, April I'th, IMS wi'l or utict'id ikr ce|ebi?ted Optra io fli'06 Acta, ?l IL Of UK * MfeN'i (Want h > V e r rtil.,ate?Lime*, bigunritia T. TrttTA: Bianra S.gnn.a Lietti Komi; Inera, Bignora T Araeadro; Viteardo Aigi.or S BeieJetti: >Taifredo.Hig. r. O beaeveniino; Bunou Sig. (i. I'irmoiiteii. Maeatro Direttore, Signer barnli Lender of oirheitm and ehorua Mailer Hie < . Lietu Tin Scurry p iat?4 by Snaori AHwi rw I M'lini. Cnit'iiiee by Siul. r J If. Hallonnin. Nol'dy noaer mpinred b? agenfle, ar, admitted. Cnrriagea will lot down in A?(or Place with then horiei'bendalrum Bveadwar, and flte up iu Aitoi f'laea i' l KigTitS ttreet In the retafaa order. Notice-To facilitate the ryrraa. tha Parqoet and AiDDhitneatre doora coiDinnuieatirg with Aator Place aad Eighth atreet wiO be opened at tbt end o* to# parlormance. ' _______ GHAMJ CONCERT It a ilia: IT; LI AN OP UA Company, at tlie Tabernacle?ITiuradiy, Ap-il I3ih H gnoruia liufli, Signer* Lietti Rotai, Signoiin.i Aira'i* Potti, Sr. becrdetli Sr. Arnr.ldi, (liia 3d appearance iu N? w York,) Sr Uailmi, Hr. Bent veutauo, Sr. Avigw r.e, Sr. iloai. Sr. Hawinirieo, and the whole climua and grand nrrheaira ol tlie Aator Place Oiera i o.?will he g'*en VeirVa Saererl Opera ct NKUl/cHADNKXZAH. end aelectiona frrnihrooinpotitiona of Domxelli. Mermdarte and Ki'?ii, 4 ftit I? l*t act oi' tlia ope 1 (1 N c .BUCHaD.N V.'i'/. all, Vaid>? Ihebnch-dnrxtar Higu' r Berevenptn: Sr. Dnilnn . Zarhariak.Hr ltoai; A hiiail, Higtmnn* 11 uIfi: fhenera, Sin uoiiua Annua I'ntti; Hn.li I'neat of Del. Hr lloi.di; Ab , dali, Hr. P.env men; Anna. H gcor. Avngailiu Tha original over ure 1 > Nr liuciiedi.ernir by tee Cimnd ()r-ha?tra?Verdi [ t'horni-Our joTona prep*iatiuuv-Hel>r-w> and ptiert* (l and Aria and Core-Hope mi aona- Z *c'-rriah,lleuirw and prieit*, leixatto, Wairn r?the temp'e 11 t.abrn dbicail. Phentwn ai .1 1 Imparl. ( lintiia, To thir'd lliia holy edilice, Z .chariah, AtD'. I Hebrew women, Levirea a'd warrioia (tranil Concerted Kinele. What attempt * ? I Abinail,>Nebui hrdnezx ir, t lieu run. 1 Zaeharuh, lianai, Anna and mile and female h. rue. I'ait 2?3d ac; of Nelmch dnemr : (Irani Alia and Chore i? I 1 have found the fatal sernll. Abigail rnd the High Print" and , Lorda. Kotnanx.i. o pp'Oaclifd! ihe holy eode hung 1 ere, ZatliHr ah. Recitative and Chorua. Here m the o gi't. Itmiel. I'he uena. Zachaiiith and Lavitei. Cannot,? and Kiiuir, Take from my head the crown, Ahigai1, Thenpna, Nebnehnduexxar. Itinael and piieata, uol lea and popiila, e. Part 3-Duet, b 1 air ? d'Amore, DomxetU, Higuorma Brnfdetli and Sig. 8?i pinico. nominee, 11 cogn7, mticnoiii 'r wi::i vioicucnio *rr inpanimeot, Signer'* ATigt one and Porriani Hondo, lialmni in Algieti, Koi'iii. *igitora Lietli llom Duet, Norman a l'3'iji. Mereadantr, Sienorini Trulfi and Higuor Av gii"ne. Aria, Maria <'i Kouer. Donizetti Signer Ari oldi (Jrind Ohorut from Krn.tii, Vaidi. Iiv the choral depnr'm'.r. .Virair*, Siguor B rili. Leader of the ore1 rit-n, Siy or Li*tti '( <lr'i I!. to h? li:d at the muno aMiet. principal h> t?l? and ho* office of the A?tor Place Opera, hall'put u ro 12 end I at to i. No 2 Wrt'U.iret BO WK ? V THEATH K-llE OPEN J NO POSTPON K O till Wedn*td.iy evening next?In cnnaeqneuce rfthe I (Treat e* e-t < f the nlteiation rnd improvement* id er<me?a > it i* found irapoatihle to complete them l.elore the nbf ? t time. A large buxiltarv body ol a'titli, patnte a upholtteieit, and deooruori, have been engaged, and the the.ife will potttively te-open on Wedneadav Evening r,ext. ?t h* variety of ' moat a tti active entertaiuiuanta, of wnichIaUiart.cniarin.il n? iln'v annoqnred Chatham THEATHE MOND \V EVKNINO. Ali'il lnlh. will he mrieiitrd ihe drema entitled the CHILD OK THE HEOIVENT?h'upltce. Mr Hint; Au dreai, Mr. Va'ry: Madeleine. > re .) It Beth. After which, the fmee of the LOUULE BEDDED hOOV?liul1 cinier Pipe* M' B.iaa; M<Jor, .Mr. 1'nrdev. T> concl d? ' with the SPIRIT oh THE WaTBUK, or the FIRE1 FI&Nu?Sir Hti'dehrand. Mr. Hield; Meatcr l.apwig Frog, . Winuni: 'Hind.', Mra J.B Bo> th; Ondice, Mn O.Ji net Dnnta J Ma'gnentla. Wrny ; Loto, Mlie Delorini.e Doori open at 7 1 o'clock. Performance commeucae at ?>k o'clock, itoiaa. 24 cat it; Pit 12H Broadway theatre?monday fvf.nt*oApril ICth, will he prraent-rd the drama called the A d VO CATE?Antoice da Vern?t, Mr Bl?tee; Mora Duprea, Mr > D C. Andtre ini Mad trie La Hore, Mil* F. W*l|*ck' l.oira, v'isi Walli.a To he I. I'otvrd by LE L ?.C. DEH FEES? ' Ztlin, IM'ile ClaiiKv; Kr.inciv, Mont. Boux-iry. 'Jo tonelude with the petit comedy of EVERY BODY'S HUH* ' HAND?Mr Ale* Twitaelti n. Mr Latter; Th-nphilut Bun bury, Mr. ilad.iwnv; Mn l'iraperre'.l, Mrt. WiutPuil'y? J i Doort open et 7 o'clock.?Prrh.rmnnc* to hegtt at hall patt 7. 1 1'renCircie and 1'arquatte, HO eti?F amily citclea. 25 ctn ? ; Oallery, PK pit Mill HELL'S OLYMPIC. THE A THE?ON MONday evening. April 10, the rnirrtainmentk will com roenea with (for the tint time he'e.) tke uiutieaibuiletta of 1 THE SENTINEL?MazamiLan Sehlnppie. Mr Holland ; ' Frederick W illiam, Nickiuton; Linda. Mary Tar lor. Afier ? which, a GLANCE AT NEW YORK?Mote, Mr. Chanr frau; Jake. Cinover; Eliza H'nLibine, Mi** Mary Taylor; " 'ant, Mtit Robert*. Aller which LOAN OF A LOVER? Peter Spv'', Mr Hrlland; Oertrude, Mary 'J'aylor. aoeon elude with KaBRI?Kabn, Hr Hollaed. Doort open at 7 ; curtain ri*e? ttt 7m o'clock Drcu circle, 50 centa; epper I boxtt.25 centa: pit. HMeeutn. ' rpH YON'8 CIRCUS?BOWBIl Y AMPHITHEATRE? ? J. Firat appearance of the Arab Oirla. in their chaate ard elegant gymnaalic performances at the Fema'e Aerobau, hvirg ihe firtt exhihit nn of lie kind ever imde in America Brtidn, a full diapl <y of Horeemamhip hy tome or the duett ri1 dert in the world, together with the nntie* of the prriormu g 1 elephant. Bolivar. Bine* 25 cantt; P.t 125i cenU. Pe.loitnannet comm*net at 7X o'clock. Mechanics'hall.,<n broadway,between Gra-d nud Ilrootne street* ? OPEN EVERY MQH1' during the wrek. Unpaialleled *ucce*? Twenty eighth week of the original cH RI VTY'fl MINIS I'RECS. the old*it estalir 1 ihed bmd ta the United Statr* under the direction of K L P. CHRISTY, whose iuimilab e and origin*! entertainment* are nightly honored with crowded and highly re?pectat>lc audiences, and are freared with a l"t image unprecedented by any aruuarment in thii city. Admission 25 cent*. Doors open at 7, Concert commence* at 8 o'clock For the nccr m nodation of Families, an AFTERNOON (lOMJKBT Everr "afiirdsT. Door* open r,t 2. commence at 3 o'elrck. BROADWAY ODKON-ENTRANCE THROUGH Pinteux's Cafe de* Mill* Colonne*.?Manager E. U. Oreely?Mnncal Director, Mr. Oldfield.?Animated Ticinrea and Pygmalion Statuary t T a new company of ladiet and gentlemen, with newcoatnmaa, draperies, kc?Monday, April 10, ?Programm*: Part 1?Dance on the Green; The Amatonian Oath; Vulcan forging the Botta of Jove; Amnxoni 'I rinmph ; Sappho, in character. Part 2?Grecian Exercieea; May and Morcng etar. kc. Part 3?Virginias and Virginia: Anthony end Cleopatra, Ac. Tableau in hoc or of the Fiench Republic. Orchestra box, 50 centi; Parquette. 25 ceuta; Boxea, 11H eenu. Performance to connneiice nt 8 o'nnck. BARNUM'S AMERICAN MUSEUM-P.T. BARNUM Proprietor! E Hitchcock. Manager. Splendid performance* erety afternoon at he'f-paat 3 o'clock, and every eveuiag nt quar er belore 8. The Manager ha* engaged for only thi* we>k, the American Eire-king, who eat* red hot coMxorfire.blr.xiug ball* of brimstone. drinking liqu d fire, aud peiforming a variety of other wondeiful feet* He appear* afternoon aud evening. Alio engaged, the celebrated, low comedian. Great Wrntern, Mil* Ben.*ril. Actrea* and Vocalist, Mi?* Julien Nobla, wr?. Pelhy'i Wax Sctiptnre i Statuary, Madame Rock well,Eamoua F'ortuuiTeller. Adnii*lion to the whole, including Muieum, Performance*, kc., 25 cent*; children nnder 10 years of age, and old enough to wa'k alone I2K cent*. Reserved front aeata, ene ehiliing each extra. Banvaiid'3 mammoth panorama or THE Mississippi river, pointed on rhres miles of cidtm. being the Inrgeat painting in the world, at the Pauorama building, in Broadway, adjoining Niblo'a Garden. Open every evening. _ (Sundays excepted) Admieeion iO cenln; ehildrea half price. TEe Panorama will commence moviog at 7W o'clock ; precise'y. Afleruoon exhibition on Wednesday end Sainr I d?v. at 3 o'clocll. C'ONCERT ROOM. NO. 132 BROADWAY, ONE /door above the Broadway Theatre. Saturday eveaing, Aprili,1818. Thin availing ia *et apart for the benefit of John Gourgas, Jr.,Treasurer or the above named establishment. nu e which oeoaxion the unrivalled Band of Congo Minstrels will - appear in new costumes, and produce a variety of their hngiorum Ultes, Songs, Choitisee, Bur teenies, Darcea, lie lie. d Admission 24 cente. Doori open at 7 o'clock? to eommeuce f at I o'clock Strict attention will be paid to preserve goes! ord-r *ml .ivo?utn METROPOLITAN MiNsTHELA AT THK APOLLO Koonu. 410 Broadway ?The Metropolitan Minatrela will r preaeat every evening, during the week, (except Wedevaday) , their intereaMig and enteriamuig delineations rf "LIGHTS . AND SHADOWS OK NEGRO LIKE," illnatraied with a choice select on of the moat popular Refrains, Melodies, i Glees. Solos, Urerteres, Dancea, Ac, enlivened with the gay jen d'vsprit, and'iiiaint and facetion* liuinnrof the Southern plantation negro, i ll* utmost care will be taken to avoid the a ightrst approach to Vulgarity, and ihe pathetic and lively phaaeeol the negro character will be portrayed in the brightest and most vivid colors. Mr. Austin Phillips, musical director. Admittance 24 cente. Children half pr es. Performances commence at 8 P \1 K EO Wl.EH . manager. I /pHE GRAND COLLECTION OK THK, WORKS OK A. the Old Masters, comprising original Pictnres. hy Titian, Rubens, Knphsel, Mnriilo. Velu<inex, Vsn Dvck. Umlioromaiio. Paimigiano, Iloibeiu. Jan Steen, Carlo Dolci, Cuyp. Wilson, and man v others of tbe old Mastsrs, it open at I the Lyctnm (Jallerv, No Ml Broadway, from 9 A.M. to d ' : P M. Admittance 24 rents. ^ ^ THE QUEEN OK ENGLAND ON HER CHARGkK paiutsd hy Connt D'Onay; his ststustte of O'Cnsinell sad 1 Bust of the Conntess of Bless in toe. A'so. Count D'Oreay'a I portrait, bv himself, at the Go<hie Hall, 318 Broadway, Don, 9 I A.M. to 3 P.M. Admittance 21 ctnu Erraer of a no e from ' the Duke of Wvlling r u to i. onnt D'Otaay: "Dr ctdrdly. my dear Couat. the best likness of the Queea that 1 have aeeu; and I ana told by competent jndgva, (Landseer among thtm) ill't I lie tinner is in t'hlest. as a work of art " Walnut street theatre, Philadelphia, Me-augagemtut ol Vlr. Anderson.?Mondsv evening ! April 10th, will be pctformed Sergeant Telford's play of GLENcOE or the LAST OK THE MaCOONaLDSi Halltert Mardonald. Mr. Andeiann; McTan, Rich ngi; Henry I Macdrinnld, Wneatlty; John Maedonald, Lvman; Aluter Macdomild, Mre. Hosers; (Jlrnlyon, J. M Scntt: Lady Maedonald, Mrs Blake, He'en Campbell, Miss A. Kisher. Kancy D - nee, hv Miss A. Walters To eonclnde with THE WANDERING MINSTREL?Jim B'ggs, Mr. Cliepmaa^ I'mcum, Kb trie; Herbert Carroll, Mr. Neelt Mrs. crinrnm, , Mrs Thayer; Peggy. Mrs Rogers. Tueiday, Mr. A) dersou HO KM K MEDICINES THE ATTENTION OK Diuggitte end country mitrl.tuUi it celled to the m- it pnpnler mi.I irnlible remedy of the ay, Kir*bride's TetterHr.rr Pnwdere, it i? * ture rut for tkat common complaint. the l,#*vee, will cu e cough, colda, parity the hlood, end it na eicel'ent remedy for horiei dar-.nK tiiu the inonltiag tenon, rt ii elertntly pat up, in naekaget ot more than one p.innd weigh' Prn e R' end * liberal d.ieoant it offered to denlere. A II OOU0H k CO., M9 Kaltoa ttreet,?ole proprietor#. Hold t|?o. tt New York Tattetetlle OTOW'd ASIATIC ELIXIR, THE BEST REMEDY ?5 know a for th< Cure of I .(xi.hi. Hhorrueea of Breuh, I'm re in the Sid?t or Cheat, Spitting of Blood from the Lnt.-itt, Incipient Bronehitii. and in feet every dieeate lending to ur connected with P ilmonn-y Contnmuuon, may be obta nrd i in Mew York at VVYATT ? KKTi HAMS, 121 Knltan , ttreet; Apotheeeriea' Hell, 4i Chatham elreet; % John etree' ten tf.ix.lnr,y; end ?1 Power* IMTEMPEHVNClt HABITS ARE EASILY. SPEECHly nud rertraneetly cured hy ihe nte r.f DM. COOK'S I remedy. A few deye' uee of ti e Medicine vmlnrer nn el'eretioti in the condition of ihe romneli, to thet Ihjuor beC iomi nffeiittye to the tight, tme.'l or t 'tie. end miy be edminieteied wi'liort the knowledge of the partiet, if d'nirsble. K >r eile b* the Doctor, at 121 Eulton itrtedt and by Dr. j WHITE, 17k Hnnttooerrert. i'rice (I DK. CONVERT INVIOOHATINO tOKDIAL?Thiajuatly celebrated remedy i? now onireraally need inthoae deplorable c?ara of irmi.iaf weikaeta or debt it>, entiiled by atrip iudieeteet h-bita ol Tooth, or in rdioaie mdolueuce ot the patriots in rpar yeara. Ihytietans prorennce I tis conlial the mnit effiracinnt preparation erer compound;d from the materia nirdea for lha rnre of thosa inrolnrtary reinii.al discharges which are productive ol 10 ratuli mischief to (heuerr..ns system, incapacitating the man lor physical or mental exertion. Various mean* were n?ed {> prerert thera rninooi emiaaioua. bat rrrthcait sneer a,, till llua cordial wan nand with the moat happy iraulta Young rap, if yon wonld be reliaeed from that dejaetion of apirita, ard be reafored to manly rigor of bcoy and mind, delay not ro proenra this rot ilia! it' 'he only anrh< r ol hope for von Dr C? naer'a office ,-ivw leatJiT'-irJarenn# between 10th and llth atreeta.New York, where he ia consulted confidentially in thnan disorders. anJhia V, rordia' obtained. Sold aleo by J. 0. Fay, 136 Fulton atreer ? I'. ice ?2 a b .tt'e, J bottlea for JS. or $10 the half .1 t??n. Ei- " pliritdiree iona aero i pmy eaoh butle. N. H ?Thin cordial Contains on niercu.-y, i t any mineral or offenaiae aubatance to injure or expoae the patient Pe sous in the ennutrv will h ?n : the eoriWal a. it a letter of adrice catefollv forwrdedto them ! by addressing Dr Convert, J3 3d ayenne. New Y >rk N n ? 1 Staeeafrom tlin lower port of the city paaa the Uoc'or'a efll-e ; everv fire minntea. See Dr. ( near ? advertisement in the N. 1 V Son oora.de. and NTatineal Police (fngeite, Every mothf.hm book-an appkkhenriov of poverty, and the i log. ect Of too I rge afimily of ehilj dreu prevent many eon aider te people 'mm enter rg the mam1 ed atata: bait here ia abook tha: will te I you many impor nrtae. cratt wlni h may overcome tl.eaa ohjo'iii n# Th- aull ct it not aMowed to atata nt.oe .n dva'l the charrctar of the "-oric, hnt ha know a it will be lajrtflilil apprmed ofaumng pi rj. d pe< l ie For tale m m at Is ak aMra*, *..d by lha anth ir .1 Ana auaet

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