1 Mayıs 1848 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2

1 Mayıs 1848 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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era not litlm'd-itM Th-y bid* their time. Ferdinand bim?lf i< ?w*r? of ih? dancer rf hi* titu.ition. and bM ' ready sand* preparation* to flee from hi* dominion*, hi* ?od hrfc?t* ?te?mor* ara riJiDK In the harbor. r \-dv to r'e?iv* or. botr.l tba repr?*eotaUre of depnaad rOT.lty I' la ?aid th*t the Smil am h?Te offered 10 000 aJ'diar* to Cfc*r>? Alb-r' and the lull ana. S clly Thi Ptmi! Unt of !h? 8:0 lun P*-l'a-n?-it. !h bis openJn.-??p# .li after (rlTio< a hrief hi?tory t f the imurreo<>on nay. 'hit the committee genera! had applied to the i ri.ii t i"r "* i;u?r??iy, dj ni? preaono* or i " :b ib-r!i?s SKiUr aoull obtain la the CMftii*t on. Thn e-ioirvtee had ae^d wieoly. for th? Ne?pi It thn govern a-nc tb? Median n of L>rd \linto, i , h , nnittw th*t lie MHMN*I MM b???s uf*n arran^-m-ir should h?. cu th? one fiJtt, tta? u fy of the crown. aid un tbo other. all th? guaranties tl> it o ull fcu-e t- oo' I'itutiun and ths independence ct Sicily. After I'i.'k dUruisiona. theas two principles *?r? a'opted in the articled proposed. These article* ??ro r?j -C'd by th? King, who haa protested v-Rainst all act* wh'oh (hall bs doo? in Sioily. The committee haa r-pll*d by calling tins parliament. Che alri-Mi frim Paler ~ne are to the lit of April, when a^i wn proceeding satld^e'.otlly. From Merslna the lkt-?t da'o i* the Sis' of March At that time everythi g w s qn -t. but the Commandant or the citadel bad nMitW to CapU'n CodritiKton his intention to renew th? oonliard:a?nt la the course rf a day or two. in conf-q i noe of ta- NlesslneM having erected new fortifications in tndabout the city. Tit* Sicilian* tar the fo'l^wln t : ? I' l\r It it of "Sale's I* be K<ng ?.f Bfily with the title of Kir.- i'w j diCiliej, not K-ug of the Ku.nJ.in ofihe Two S.cii'?. " Tiit representative of the Ki'K in "^cilr. when not a ?ne-u ?er <>| t ir tioya Karo'ly. to be a Sicil'Mi nnd to h?vr tie i t r if Vioeroy, to be invested irrevocably w.tli a reifect tliter ego wit i all the power? tha: the Ccn titutiou unnexti u " nl die .ic'? appointments of the Prcruional G'jyerainea't* he coufi ?ed ' Th? e juvocittou of Parliament to be considered au ist-it ti pxrtif the lomtituti 11 until the I'lfts' tive power 'I'll I rt allij'ted to trie ireieut tiuirs tin Constilatiou of 18 3 ....... " of tri-ry n*tn-e, civil, inilitiry, >1 pir.muic. an! <c :!e?. ti< ?l to be conferred by H'C * iecu:ive power m Si cily, and oil -icili o? only. " i'lie N.i oaal Guard to ba continued. ' \l: firtrMsei io bs evv uated ia ?ight diy? from the cone itii in of pe k esmsut, sad < :ch pans ai c 'inopvud the City to he de.nol ishe J. " Sicily to ?oiu it* own taicer. ' t he preaeu; t-i-c >lor ri-ist '.nJ cock .de to be acknowledae '. ' ftte foa-th pa t of the ll?et. with a riu an J material! of w ir r i .v exisiir.p, tJ btKitcuupta Bl ilv, or the eiia.ra.ltut i a m mev No cl.'tn to be mrde on either are lor tbe expeuiesof the war ' Dsm?i;e< to property .ndtoihe Porte Franco at Meuinna to be I a 1 by Nutlet ' Hit .Yliuutera of War. of Marine, of K-ireiiu Affairs, aid ii 1 other S cilun Mioi?'e-s, to be in Sicily attiched lo the V ictiov, an ? reiponiible. ace'rdmp t > the Constitution. ' '-.Iv not to reco*ii*t any Aliaiiter foi the alf.ii/* of S.ci vre.identm Naput "The P.jrto frauroat Mestina ti ee re-established in tbe state it war io befo-e the law of I82G ' ll natters of mutual internl etween the two countries of ""aple* dnd Sicily to be dtterm ued by tbe two Parluui?n*s. In the erect of n romm*rcii.l or political league of the It-U upeoole Xici'yto e represented srparnte'v. like any ott'0 Mtie i f Italy, by pe.-sotu named by ttie Kxectitive power ???i?liug 11) Airily "TheanmrMot thets terms to be firen f rmallr to the fron.iui al G"?erumeut before the openiuir of the Sicil.ua l'ar' lament, cth r? it? tne tie it? to be &nil and yoid. "Tie P itrflice and CtuuiD'higie ne m-tioMa pu'ehated el t.i: upruie aud for the rrr*ice of Sicily to be restored." Ruisla. lo rn imncrlaot ancle, wbir.h appears In the St V?tnr)>in-?h Journal of tbe Sist ult, the Kmperor of Rm ? pr-.iuie>,? e'-lot neutrality as regards other State*, pr. 111' \ Tij attack he Da<le upon aiy part of his own ler itories. Th* r?w* from Warsaw-confirms the report* cf the (MS r. nr. o,ovem?ot* in the Kingdom of Poland, but the iao ? f'i'fh appear moat probible are those mentioned In 'be P'Ui<i:n Oazc te, o( thf arrl?'l In Poland of fl?e rep!noeuts i() 000 >tr"U<. twD ot wbinh will oocnpy the fortr?P8 of N -to U^orslewtk. Mndllne. und three will be ta'lonrd in the g'-rernmer.t of Lublin. L?tter? froa Ww or the l?t April, state that no outbreak had takan pl?ce In that ciry, but that the Inhabitant! were In a nf (treat l>ar Tbe Koni<eber< pupT of March 23th brlnei the followl it unpor'a't news from the Russian govrrameat: ? Tbe brides at K >wn3w i< now ready, as oimm?n iei by the E-opT'ir In K win* thjre are three c?rpf d' cr ine*, ^m'untin^to -J40'M)0 men, who are to advauce on I', la. d tip'in the 31 ol April. 15t> 000 are to e: t*r ?n ' ocjnpy Warsaw and the Aus iriH-j iroor -r una a<J' u.i tni i'ru*?tati rr >n'ter Tr>e rtillfry sutioctd at WlUlkowich is orderrd to W?r?? w A "very post five C03s??k* are n'ationd, in order to arioinp?uy u oeitein p?rsooag? who travels incog V 'ic r r'ro a 8" P-t?i-?bur< ?f thi 3 >th ot March, In tbe Ont'rr-i. hit he Z itu g, gives an asooant of the e1 length of the Russian aim/ It Is as tallows: ? W?s Ilnrt't. Qunt European arm; of the line. . ,3Hfl 000 79 730 1200 E ir*op<ian army of reserve. . .182 000 17 920 473 (.' u84iiitB army 6J (MM) 17 680 IAS Tr*?i?-';imons:iia army 8') O00 12 (MM) 144 F1?Ua.1 arir y 17 8 >0 2 200 60 (lr?mar(r unoy 32 6?0 14 800 00 Hiberian fcrroy 17 900 2 400 43 Corp* of Cc*)*ek? 60 000 60,000 ? 831,200 196 729 2152 Turkey. < Advice* from Constantinople, dated 3d ult. announce thai the Fort had decided, in spite of the threats and eoliaiutions ot Russia and Austria, to adopt, with regar.i to the Kreaoti Republio, tue same course as has been und shall ba pursued by the British government. Miscellaneous (foreign Intelilger oa. A* otic ExrcDmo.ia. ? We have noticed, from time to time the active and judicious measures which have been adopted by th> Admiralty, with a view to render assistance to 8ir John Franklin'* expedition, whiob sailed in the spring of 1845, for the purpose of exploring th* nortb-weet passage into the Paoifio, and of obtaining a series of maguotio observations, required to aompUte the set wknou had beea obtained frosn every other part of the glebe. 1* Jane last. Mr. Bell, one o' the most active and intelligent of the chiet traders of the adsoa'a Bay Company, proceeded in their ships to Tork ftetory, la temporary onamand of the four boats Wedging te the Arctic searching expedition, aeeompa Bied by It ptoked men of the sappers and miaers, aad five laamea, farming part of an expedition to be fitted oat ander the eomoaad of Sir Jobn Riehardson, whe (accompanied by Mr. Rae) is aow on the eve of depar ture to j oin the boats, for the purpeee of proceeding to the shores of the Aretie sea Mr Bell's party were or aerta to nuvanee id me iprtng oitnuyear to Kort stmp nn.om tbe Mackenile river, to be there joined by Mir John Richardpon. having wintered, probably, at Cumberlandhoaae. which waa the furthe?t point tha party ?x ptc.el to a'tain before tha olo*l-g of tha navigation.? The boat* ware amply ?to red with provision* winter clothing, ko , and a filth boat, similarly atored, will ba furnithed by the Hadeoa Bay Company, who have diaplayed tbe moat laudable desire throughout to render every a.ulatano* in their power to aarry out tha intentions of tbe admiralty. Sir Jame* Ro**. who** whola llfa maybe aaid to have been paaaed In tha Arctic and Antarctic eer.s, is now actively employed ia flttiag out the Enterpriae and laveatlgator. tha latter under eommand of Captain Blrd.an experiaaeed aSeer on the Polar voyage*. Tb-y will ?ail early la May to Baffln'f-bay. aad through Laaeiater Sound to tha waetward, seuUing out their boat* and steam launohe* to dlff?rent point* of tha caait, aad examining tha Wellington Channel, through whiah It 1* not impr>babla tae hrebas and Terror may have proceeded. with a view ?f aakiag the paaaage to the aerthward of tbe Tarry groap Le mender Moore, alee an experienced oSeer In tha navigation of tha iay eeas uf Her Maja?ty's sulp Plover, whol* aaw aa hi* way roaid the H jra by Behriug's Strait*, wberehe will bejoln J by Captaia K lle?t, of Mar M>ja*'y'* *hlp Uerala ha* haen araerad U proeeed to tha eastward la hit boat*, along tbe nerthern aharea af Amenta aa far aa tha Maekeatis river, tt aay aeaf deatly be hoped, undar Divine Providsaa*,th*t these admirable arraagemeat* My a< arawned with ana**** ekould Sir John Franklin'* expedi ioa have got inta dlSaalty. A teward af upward* of IH rn'uea* ha? alaa been offered ta any of tha whale ahipa wbiah may bidag intariaatlea of tha expedition, the aetual amount af tbe reward depending open the aatheaiieity and vela* af tha lafomatioa conveyed They have alao been Invited to look aut for aay el the oapper aylinder* wkiah 8,r John rranklia w*e direaod ta tbr<'w ev?rboard daily on reaabtag at degree* north Although th**e precaution* are meet proper aad credit able to tb* authorities, wa do aet eurielve* feel any noaeceeaary anxiety-t to the fate of tae abipa That they may have been hampered, a* ether* have baea. ia very probable, aad 1* aim oat a neaeesary eoatingeacy ia the H navigation of an icy aaa, bat wa piaa* great hepe ia the > me/"irl a* well a* peraennal of tha exdeditioa: for ahlp* better adapted for tae aarvica. hatter snipped in all raliiatt* or better ofleered and manned, never left the bharai cf Kiglaad, o? aay of tboaa ardnaoa rayag** af 41ieiT*r? wmah Utt b?lp?d to rati* tk? cb%raoiar uf tin Brtnah Minti In tba ayea of ayary tnllgbtanad nation la the war)4 An Odd CainciDtncl? " CbtrUaaa* Pbil want up tha bill, In Pr?nae, aoroaa 'ba watar ; Cbttrlra Tall down and broka htacrotrn. Anl Phil oama tumbling aftar " A n?tr Joornal baa baaa atartad at Nenfohatal, entitled Lm Pm+rn* A'iikIkIiIm'i It ii tha organ af tba law rej?abl'? I'hc I.n'aal Rurnrean Commtrnlal N?wi( (From ti.a Li??r|.oo| Mill, April It 1 LirrnFooL Friday Etrn'ng, April 14. Th? a^a^uat* fro a t ia < )outm?tit b*n< mnra fa?orab> bn'h li? a piliUoil and notntntretal point of ylfvr tb? K ? i ;b Cb*rtl?t< an 1 Iil?b r-p??l a/Vution baaing b ?i? .ll?poi; 1 of far a tlmn, and c?oltaltiits haying no g ) 4 i unity f'?r tba p'otub u *(Tiplijm"? ic af th ir iiip>M!iaa<l??teaeh tl ord -lary oh-noelao/ bu aia*e* ?r? brgtaoiog to ba 0|>?n?d the itglillly which b?* ?o lo >g prava't"d ia ralaulng. ai> I tba ptirehataa of Mtnv <fjele? of general produoe ara lncr?a?ing 1 l>? r.otto i market on M*tutd?y and vlauday >u rury Irr.unia', owing to a dread of p ilitieal diitarbanofi had lor noaoont of looraaind receipt* at tba (hipping po<t* of the Uulted Btatel, America.) description* ware la in *ny l:?'*j)cei? % to xi I par lb. lowar, and other kln m eeeler to bnjr; ainca man. all alarm baring ?ob i ]?i, taa mtrkat ha* bacoma mora aattlad again; and na 1 alttioigh tha decline noted Iim not line* kaan m'y T>c0t?r*d, aol l?r* ara dHeidadlr flranar, tba rfdue tt-.n ?ino? Kri iay l?at baiuf oooflnad to tha lowrr da ?9rlp'iona Tha aaUa of the WHk wara Q? 3M) bal??. of wbi-J1) ifc!ui?Mn hava ouly takan Antarican. and aieortara # 410 of tua ram* dt-frlpuou Tba aalca to da/ <"ratrnai 4 #d0 to 6 000 h?l??. The ommittaa'a ijmti ions (or Mr no too ara Bo*ad4*<i. Mobil* 4#d, kO'I O Vnn*?Hl. Tnara Uava haan declared far awo- j tioa <>a Tli?rai*y,90.h Init, 1 00* Hat Inland*, and ?00 t'o rim N?X' KiMay and ^aiurday ?III b* krpt ft clo?* h'llt tu hf th* e iitoii trvl* Tha |mi*or'a tfrtt w?*k ?' ' 4* hair*, thta yfar St t llS,?*rn? Mtna last yaar I'.Jcil I'll- wtimaUd ?toek< ara ?4? 84<> i.ntn, name I'm. .?.? ya?.r 4IW III' TL r? W'in iaka.i tbl* yaar "jr in- ?i7 ??? by np-culatara I4*0?i, liy ?x( rUr. 16,1 V0; aano tlnn la?t yaar by tha trad* a7l.7n0, I b? ?p ulatora 149 400, by ?i|>? rtar* 24 yco I W'a ha I rathar a f?!l attaadarea ol town md n*1^b1 oilo.' i>? Haw at our eorn mark?t on Tu>>*day ramnltif, *ad t ,?r? w ia mora in#ll?i'.ln lor huMb*a?tbm if Uta '/(,*) i oy?ra hovav?r b?)n(? I: bar ail; raft, tba a.-.Un ga i atallj wara a1 radunl rata*, The taUtof w hi at rrra >wo<lai?t? at Friday i daoiloa oa aaw, wbwh fm ana Id ?" t-> 2d par brahel tinder that day ae'an'gbt. Vary Uttla ' waa done in old wheat. Thar* vti an Improved da- i Band for it ok floor at folly lata pricaa, bat bam la a'lU I feel a heavy aale Some quantity of oata found bnyara at a amall ebat*a?nt oo the prevlooa Tneeday'a rat-a. E<yp;lan bmn ware li to 9a per quarter obeaper. There ?? a tree aale for Indian corn and onrn meal at ar a octljn of la p?r quarter and la oar barM. Tre aup;lioaof grain. m*al, and floor are m'derrtely f?l'kiore r aaday. Rather a hatter feeling ban prrv all' J 10 ihe trade the latt two J?ys, and priora hava ecn wellanrparted At i hi* n-mlng'* martlet there waa a gocd attar| dtttce of buyrra. a >d a fair bnalne?a waa tranaaet?d in wheat a a inpro? went oc Tnendoy'a prloeaof 'Jd pir buKiiel oo both old and n?w. Klour >w I? P" aaek,aid tti per barrel higher, with an improvaj *! : per I9d | tna w*a the top quotation for Weatero canal Oa?a. barley, bran*, and p*ai ware without change in value, and >u iiuinvu rrqaf <. inuian corn ana cqrv m?w w?r?> m demand for Ireland. end price* Improved ? little The *ale* of Ameriean white orn were at 34s to 36*. end yellow 3ba to 37* per 480 lb Indian meal eold at 11* to 13* per 196 lba. Import* of wheat, Indian corn, ko , into Liverpool, j from foreign porta, frrm the 6;h fo the IStb Iwt : ?4 196 quait ra wheat; 3 747 bushels, 39 723 has* Indian corn; 175 quarters pea*; 19 > qatrters btrlay: 135 quarters, 26 bags beans; 343 casks liee. Import* of wheat, floor, ! Sia.,frorn Ireland, during the same period 136 tons, I HO quarters. 4 660 barrels, 168 bags, wheat; 4 474 aseks flour; MM tons. 3 434 barrel*. 304 saoka, oats; 1.166 load, 7 tcrui oatmeal; 73 aaok* peas. In the Lond< n earn market to-day there was very litt'e wheat fresh up; no Improvement in the trade; the Wifl-ng businesa dona wee at former rate*. Oata and barley saleable In retail at Monday1* prloe*. Been* and p?ae unaltered Wheat, 61* 6 j; barley, 33* 3d; oat*, 14s. 7d; rye, 34s 61; beans. 36s 3); peas. 381 31 \t W.kefleld tbe erriTel" were moderate?Wheat, 7.633; bsrl?v, 1.763; oa'a. 663, beana, 669 quarter* Wue?l ?nd ba'ley I* d?ar*r Bean* Bt'ady, demand Iiu;lu4 In other atuffe no change Returns of itralo. aa taken tr.?m t^e Oazrttt. for week en in* 8th April 1448?wheat 86 6(18 qrs ; barlev. 47, 433 qrs; oat*, 33,844 qr* ; rye, 349 qrs; bean*, 4,069 qrs; peas, 714 qrs Our import* do Dot show any increase to the anpply of American beef, and the delivers continue large, several parcel* having again been taken for the outport* In prioes there is no variation, and holdeTi are very firm. Thtra ha* been rather more doing in pork, several parcel* of old prime having been taken lor Ireland, together with a small quantity of met* New prime me** for ship* store* is mucn wanted. The market 1* again olear of bacon, the lata arrival* having, aa bafore, b?en sold a* soon as landed, at steady prioe*. Ham* and *honld*rs are mare inquired for. Cheese is in null supply and the demand i? not brick The asle* of lard are extensive, all that ha* been offered having found ready buyers, at st slight, decline on previous quotation* Beef, prime mesa, per ti*roe ot 3041b*. 86* to 93* 61, ordinarv 604 to 63s, 76i to 83 ; mesa, per barrel of 300 bs. 60s to 64a, ordinary 38* it 40j, 404 to 46s ; prion* 34i to 36*; extra India. family. (to , p-r ti?rce, 336>ba. 97a to 105s, do par half barrel, 100.bg. 30j to 85s Pork. United States prima nm, per barrel of 3<0iba, 44* to 5#s. 60* to 7fts, prima 35a to .Us, 40a to 45a. m?M, family mess, Iti. 44a to 08a, fcts to 6Si Bacon, e??tern. per cwt. 60s i.o 66?, western. 46a to 60?, sbnnlders 32* to 56a. Htm<, dry, par ewe, 30s to 50a, iu aalt -26 to 36s, 39a io 45a Cha?se, floe, per nwt, duty paid 48t to 50? middling 42s lo 46f ordinary. 36? to 4<a. Import* from nth n |2ch April?13 birrels beef, 1314 do pork, 114 ca?k? '244 box** cheese, 41 casks bams, 1102 b^xes bioon, 1804 barrel* 6149 kegs 19 casea lard ; previously rhi? year. 6641 Heroes 916 barrels beef. 3554 barrel* pork 3439 oeeka 1*094 orx-a cheese, 33 caaka butter, 30 loose 177 cask* h*m? 13 733 cw-g bacon, 10 384 barrel* 32 533 kegs 933 cases lard. 624 bh1a 443 barrels tsllow. Tb?rn ia nu improvement t? notice In the demand for either pot or pearl ashes Queroit'oa bark has been more inquired after nnd f>r tha small quantity remaining Its was obtained. The business in lard baa again been extensive; the sal's of the week are about 170 toua T-Uo? eon'lnuea in go?4 demand and ia readily disposed of on arrival. In beeawax th*re ia no change Oils are atill dilttcuit to s?ll; a small lot of whale, at the quotation*. Is th* only sale reported Turpentine and spirits are both lower. Itoiln sells aa wanted at lata prioes. A parcel of hemp, of floe quality, realised ?36. Linseed oil cakea are all btly lower; 160 tons In bulk sold ex sblp at ?6 l >s to ?6 16s. but obtefly at the former figure A further deeline ha* tsken pi ice In the va'ue of rioe, ard of 6^0 tierces by auction 160 oulv sold at 15s 9d to 16<t 6 I. There baa been more Inquiry for clover see'd, and 100 tieroea, 36 hhd? and 60 bbls. brought 83a for orL rlioa'y to 4I< for fine. For flaxseed, 67s 6d per hfad has | b?en ob'alned. unicea s ?t?s poi ukopb, wy? to ans per cwi; pean ao, 39?; Montreal pot do 31*; p-arl do.40s; quercitron bark, Philadelphia. 10* to lie; do New York aud Baltimore,9> to lOt; 1* d. floe i? 43s io 45?; do good to fine la bvrels 4?t to 42*; do ordinary to middling, 37s to 39i; allow 46 i to &ib? p??x ?0 to ?8 iOa; create batter, 40' to 45?; ep?rin oil. ?34 to ?88 per tan; whale* ?24 to ?20; lard oil. ?44 to ?48; turpentine, 7a p?r cwt; spirits or tarpeatine. 35s to 36?; rosin, common, 3s 3d to 3s 6d; do tranrparent. 3< 61 to Bi; tar, 13s to 13i per barrel; linseed c?ke. thiek ?6 10s to ?7 per ton; do thin oblong, ?7 to ?7 10s; bemp, ?24 to ?26; pig lead in bond, ?16; rice, C'jwiina, 16* to 18s per owt; clovereeed. 30s to 40s; flaxseed. 55s to 57s 8d per tleroe; timothy seed, 35a to 30s per ewt. We are still without any risible improvement In the demand for wool, but there is general expectation amongst the trade of *om? alteration for the better at no distant date About 3(H) East Indlsa will be offered at auction next week. aDd. aa thia deeeriptlen is searoe, it will, no doubt, eeil well. Imports the past waek: Bombay. 127 bale-; S -.otoh. 350; Irish. 60 The timber trade here, during the week, has been remarkably dull, only one arrival from St Johns, a eargo of spruce pl&nks. which haa been ao'd, price not trampired Nothing of any Importance haa bean done in American woods since tbe last auotion sales Soma eargoes of Daatiio timber bare been aold off tbe quay at l7Xd per foot, and a cargo of good Riga fir, from the yard, at 3< per foot Tobacco?Virginia leaf faded per lb in bond. 3Kd to 2l?d; do. ordinary round. 3d to 3){d; middling. 4d; Rood. 4^dto5d; fine. 5^d to6J; stemmed sound. 3d to >Hd; Kentucky le?f, 2J?1 to 4d; stemmed 3d to 6){d; manufactured, 4d to 9 J Commercial affair* in the manufacturing dlitriets do not at all improve Nothing but the exceedingly low prioe of cotton could prevent a general steppaf e of tbe mills, as there is no demand, and prtc*s are at a minimum. The weekly offlolal return of the state of em- ' ployment of the whole of the operative oiaaees, within tbe borough of Manchester, shows that two more mills are on full time, which wsre previously, one on shert time and tbe other stopped entirely. Aa regards the hands, 75 less are on full time, whilst 1*3 lata are on fnll time, and 284 more stopped entirely. As respect* the cotton mills, the retnrn la more favorable; three more 1 mills are on full time, with part of their hands, whilst j tnree lea* are on abort time. The workmen are thus 1 affectedMl more are on fnll time, but thia is counter: balanced by the faot that 34# mora are thrown out of j employment; therefore, as regards them, the return is more unfavorable The comparative etate of the two I eeks, aa regards the operatives employed In the ootton ! mills, ia now aa follows:? J-\ll Mate. Shut. Slapped. Tbis week 19.365 3 360 5 340 Lent week 19 307 8 927 6 090 Unabated dullness id the Manchester market to-day, and little more inquiry ttan on Tuesday, bat vary little The iron masters of the Midland districts. at thair recent meetings determined that in the ensuing quarter the Tdiue of iron should be fixed at the pricei which ruled the trade dur n? th%la?tthree months vii: hart, ?9 per t< n ; roda. ?9 a ?& 10*.: hoopi ?9 10*. and sheet ?9 10* ; other deaeriptiona of Iron to hear proportionate prioea A proposition wu made for a redaction of ? I per ton, bat a* It waa thought that this would have a ruinous effect upon aome ot the smaller makers, It waa abandoned The tone of the Iron trade. It was satisfactory to observo. was deoidedly Improved ; and although, as oompared with this time last year, the transaction! ware limited, confidence appear* to be pretty generally restored Considerable contracts were taken for hoop* i- d tar*. In the London money market, on Thursday, the settlement, which was very heavv. passed off very satisfactorily. consols closed at Si>i to % The oloswa prices to-day were -oonsol*, money and acoount. to % Exchequer biMs. 38 to 41 prem. The suspension of Messrs Day Blnns, k Co , provision merchants, hat bean announced In London; bat the liabilities are supposed to be small Tba foreign exchanges were q noted in London, on Tnetdav afternoon, for three months bills, as follow*: ? Paris ,6 60; Amsterdam, li.7 to 7X i Hsmborg. 14 9 to 4; Fr>nkfort, 133 to 134; and Trieste. 13. Bills at snort on Parta were quoted 36 30 to 3? 60 The quotations were again irregular, and there was much difficulty In d- ing business Uold is 0 ut> per cent dearer In London than in Hamburg The amount ol Bank of England notes lo actual elr uuib'iud iu inn *"i rngiD| Biinmi;. April l.inoiuiing e?v?n d?>a and other bill*, ?u ?18,687 867, an increase during tne week of ?80 438; the amount of geld and ai'ver coin and bullion tn the bands of tha bank, ?l5,il0.8??, a decrena* of ?106 038 l'ba general oh-renter of the Continental advicaa la mnob ai re aatiafaotory than for aomi time Kioept aa rrapncta Denmark, Ita revolted prevtncea, and Pruaeia, poliiieal affair p are qalet. Commercial affaire aleo begin to w?ar a better aepect, not only in Belgium: but la Fruner; atlll, however, they remain depreaaed Belgium ?ho?a aymptoma of improvement, a return of confidence being percptible. The baak of Antwerp haa declared a iotirth dividend of tan p?r oant to ita oreiitora. At Berlin aeveral banklng-bontea have failed among* which are <i?ara. Veit Brotbera It Co , A. Boaee fc Co , and L B. f'ohn At Brealau, Mraara Sohreiber k Hons, eud Kieoka It Co , are mentioned,and at Cadi* Mr F A. Con'e, beuk-r The let' era from Maraeillea announce farther Mriona failures, the partl?a ot-lng LanMme, Hen>or It Co, b*uk?r* ; Micb>l Bade'tl. a Oreek merchant; and L Benet k Co . large eiiglnaeia and eblpoarear* The retime ef Meatr*. Tbnroeyaan It Co., ooe of the noil eapaetable and eateemad bank inn-houaea in Pari*, la mentioned. Bank of England. An account, pursuant to tbe not 7ib and 8tb Vict., cap 3i, for tbe week ending Saturday, tba ttlb day of April 1H48. IllUt DtrilTNIKT. Note* i??oeu i. 28,008 at) Gov't debt ?11,015,100 Other aecnritiee... 2.9(4.900 . Uoldcoickbulhoa. 12,089 791 Silver bnllioo 1,818.617 ttt.00l.M6 ?11,001 MJ BaKKIHU UrrARTMKNV. Pioptietore'eapl...?M,66S.OOO Oov't aecnritiea Ree'. 1,398.002 (including dead r?bu?dej?aiia(HV weiglitannnity)..??,?8t 884 riuuin(r.icnf-<|icr, miier (eearitie*.. . II 440,131 Staving*' iiauk*, Note* ?.7#7,7S0 CemmiMioarr* of Uoldund?i)?freon J9I.MI Nation*) Debr,*nd l)iridendAceoooM)4 '>M Oil Other depo*iM... 11 ,f*41,1)62 Seren dav and other bill* 1,007.164 UOMII of Pti|KrTliuri< Aran. 30 ?Tbo .?".?> r.r In tt.o oiulr. I'rtitiom?Of nuB'Jry perooua for the oorrectlon of | t'Jm Iteferred. Biilt?OfW .P Gull for r freahnien'a fnrnithed Jbrora and tflcera in ?h* osaa or V l?i mder Dunlap. tried fur the mirier cf Nell), a mm to ! #, which *u aulitad end allowed. i Adjourtud Vo n??t on w?4a?^d*y ??*t iaek*m NEW YORK~HERALD. f Martlk-W*?t Corner of JTialcoa and IumiM, ( - - ? ? - I 0m.1m.mtm wunuun PROPRIETOR. DAILY HEKALD?Every day, (Sunday included,) emit per copy?1"> IS Per aimuM. WEEKLY HERALD?Every SaturcUiy-cmtt per copy?tt l JJ< per annum?in the United Staler Eh itptan rubicriberi, $5 per annum, to inclw'e the portagr j an edition (in the French and English tarfagei.) will be vuhUe,<e.d an every European steam packet day. otth intelligence from all parte of this continent. to the latett momeni. ADVERTISEMENTS ^renetoea every morning) at i eatonable prxcet; to he written in a plain, legible manner; the proprietor not responeible for error* in manuimpl. PRINTING of all kindi e?ccuted beautifully and with iespatch. Ordert received at the Publication Office, tor?er of Fulton and Naeiau itreete. ALL LETTERS by mail, for tub r crip tionr, or with river tit ements. to be post paid, or the portage will be deluded from the Money remitted VOLUNTARY CORRESPONDENCE, containing mportant newt, solicited from any quarter of the world~ end if ured. will be liberally paid for. NO NOTICE can be taken of anonymous communications. Whatever it intended far inrertio n mutt be authenSeated by the name and addrett of the writer{ not necenari ly for publication but it a guaranty of hit good faith. We cannot undertake to return rejected c ammunitions. A LL PA YMENTS to be made ? advance amijhkmrntb this rv kni >W. BOWERY THKATUE, Bowery.?Dm Kkciicmdtx? la qiikli.k. CHATHAM THEATRK, Chatbaa itntt?Dno ?Wa?am the Jiwcm?NiwToii A* It It?Mr Hu?banb'? Omoit. MECH \NIC3 H \LL.?Bro?diray, near Broome ifeet? oh*iitt'? miritksli?i^thioriai* sihoino? buuu?vi Dancing, fco c PANORAMA HALL, Bro>dw?r, Mr Haastaa SOeal Iaktacd'i ru?iiiu or ran Muaiuirri. MINERVA BOOMS.?Socthcr* Hakmoriiti? Etmioruti Siwaino.lic. MELODEON, Bowen?ETHioruN and Fiweimi P*TT?*10?, W.J. 8 MR. J. fl, RL ICK'4 Ok4nd Smiac Muiicat.k. a aw York* Mondmjr. May 1, 1848. . ^ I'taa ClrcalaUOD of UM Hirslit. April aa. Sunday. 14 640 oopies " 34, Monday 30 693 " " 2 V Tueiday , 18 936 " " 26, Wednesday 19 ft"8 " ? 97. Thursday 1*730 " 39. Friday 18 480 " * 99, Saturday, daily and extra 36 396 " Weekly 11530 " Anrtairatalma last weak... .-.147 193 " April >0, Sunday 18,460 u The publication of the Htr*U ^ommenw on Sundav morning at 13 minute* past 4 o'clock, and finished at 30 miautei put 8, Notice to City Subscribers. 1 Those of onr subscribers who intend to ohange their residence on the first of May, are requested to mention ^ it to the carriers, cr leave their names at the Herald offlo*. ^ Tb* Haws by the America* We again occupy a great portion of our paper ^ with the foreign news, received in this city oil Saturday, by the steamship America. The i numerous extracts which we place before our readers, will give them a daguerreotype view of th? great movemeats in Europe. We yesterday gave a full account of the chartist demonstration j, in England; Nothing that we can say to-day will add to its interest. Our readers can draw their own conclusions. Thk Common Council and the Alms Housb Commissions*.?On referring to the proceed- \ in;a of a meeting of the Common Council, 2 held on Tuesday last, it will be perceived |, that an ordinance was pissed by the Board g of Aldermen, authorizing the Common Coun- r cil to appoint all the subordinate officers j of the Alms House Department, and fix their c salaries at such sums as they might deem expe- t dient. Tnis is in our opinion a very high-handed 0 proceeding, not justified either in law or equity, ^ nor even on the abominable principle that to the victors belong the spoils?a principle which un- c fortunately is recognized and carried out to the fullest extent by each party, when in power, and w which has tended to make our elections a mere scramble of office seekers. ^ The Alms House Commissioner, we are glad r to see, has firmly protested against this interfe- t| rence with his office and his rights; and p we are satisfied that he ought to be sua- e tained by the public in the course he has ^ taken. Previously, a resolution was passed giving the power of appointment of these ^ clerks to the Committee on Charity and Alms; t( and that committee exercised their power to a n certain extent, but did not interfere with the confidential clerks in the commissioner's office ; w and it is to reach these that the resolution wus fll passed on Tuesday evening last. This is a paltry business, and has been undertaken for no other purpose than to remove three or four clerks, 0 who are locotocos, for all we know to the contra- 91 ry, and put whigs in their places. Surely there 4 is no necessity for this. The whig party have 11 for a whole year held all the offices of the city ft government, and they will hold them another 11 year, inasmuch as they have recently elected a ^ insjority of the Board of Aldermen. What ne- b cessity is there, therefore, for hunting down a a few men in the Alms House Commissioner's of- M fice 1 r' Mr. Leonard claims, and rightly too, we think, that this movement is contrary to law. Hesays * " The chartsr of this city declares expressly tha the executive business of the Corporation of New York shall be performed by district depart- 0 ments, which it shall be the duty of the Common n Council to organize and appointor that purpose,'?' b and that as he is a chief officer, he is unques- 0 tionably entitled to its control. * Gut apart from this consideration, it is a gross a act of injustice to interfere with Mr. Leonard in * the appointment of his confidential clerks. That 0 officer has to give bonds in the large sum of * twenty thousand dollars, for the faithful per- ^ formance of his duties, and it is but just that 11 his clerks, for whose fidelity he is answerable, 8 should be of his own appointment. What can be ' | more reasonable than this! And yet this power b is sought to be taken from him, and other per- e ' sons, of whose capacity to discharge the duties 11 ! of the office, or of whose fidelity and truatworthi nesshe may, perhaps, know nothing, placed under him, without his consent, and he made liable ' for anj^malfeasance they might commit. k We would advise the Common Council by all 0 means to back out of this contemptible affair as i sooa as they can, and leave the business of the Alms House in the hands of him who is responsi- h ble, by bonds in the sum of twenty thousand dol- < lars, to transact it faithfully. We also advise the *' Alms House Commissioner, in case this nettv 11 affair be persisted is, to maintain the position he has assumed, and in which he will be upheld by all right thinking men, as well as by the public at large. and Mutiny at S?a.? Pilot boat Nr. 3 late last night boarded the brig Gen. Taylor, in twenty-five days from St. JHgo de Cuba. The captnin of the brig stated that there had been a mutiny and murder on board, and forwarded a communication to the United States Marshal, setting forth the particulars.

Steamer Washington, which a&iled hence on the 36th, at 1 o'clock, waa spoken on the 26th, at .8, P. M , Nantucket shoals bearing N. 20 miles. Late* raon Post ac Fames.?Tha news of the Freaoh resolution, we learn from Cept. Crane, of the Oe?. Taylor, who arrived yesterday, oreeted moeh Interest at Port au Prince. The merchants ara Tory appre- ? heesive nf trouble In their business xffiirs It was be- e lievea mat tna proriatoaai government would rigidly 'f eufurie the i ?jBi?ut ol th? national debt, and thereby oause a pAnio in (be money affiira of the republic. From Ycc4taw ?The brig VanaouTer, Capt. Sweat x?, arrived yaeterday from Hiaal, report* mocb trouble among tha Indlaaa Thay had taken the town of Cero and Marloa wst dally tipoetad to bo attaokrd Two Kptnlah *wn of-war war* at MerkJa with amnnitioB J which waa laadad, but tba offloata t bjtotod to m4w tfca k inhabitant* My farther mlalant TIM Win* Growing Raglans at (fee ValM ttfttili Every year's experience proves that the resour:es of the United States are much greater than is mown or suspected; and almost daily devsiopenents are made, proving that evsn those which ire known are but imperfectly understood and jnperfectly availed of. Asa mineral and ugri:ultural country, ita resources are inexhadstible; ind aa a silk and wine growing, we have canities the like of which are not to be foand in my other portion of the earth. From our va'iety of climate and soil, what one section proluces another may not; but with all, our coun ry is capable of raising everything neceaaary to he wants and luxuries of civilized life. It is a common remark among foreigners of inelligence, arriving here, that our natural faciliies for the cultivation of the grape and the mtifucture of wines,are boundless; and they express heir wonder that a people like the Americans, so ond of money, and so energetic and enterprising n the pursuit of it, have so long overlooked the ipportunities that are offered to them from this *ide field, which is as yet comparatively unexlored. The valley of the Ohio, it is computed, iy persons capable of formingan accurate opinion, s as Wfll suited to the growth and mauring of the best species of the grape, as the hoicest regions in the old world are; and yet, in he face of that, and with a tariff' exceedingly rotective, it is not used for that purpose. It has apacity for making the beat descriptions ot vinep, and could easily supply the whole world vith wineaand brandies of all kinds, such as we ire importing in large quantities, and paying in immense amount of money for, annually. The following table will show the quantity of ginm nnH hr>ni4'iM imnnrtaH into the ITnitpH Jtatee from foreign countries, for the year ending he 30:h June, 1844, which we think will be read vith interest, from the number of curious facts which it contains Quantity. T*lu* Madeira gallon* 16 744 $36,575 Wherry do IS 865 23 4U Chaipaign Ho 66.718 310,333 Port, ia bottle* do 345 1,103 Barrenly in bottle do 119 lis Claret, in bottle* do 35,713 35 115 Port, in caak* do 331,CI5 146,178 Burgandy, in ea?k? do 13 013 3 64* Teneriffo in ca-k* er bottle*... do 17 347 6 116 Claret, ia ea*k* do 991 "93 2'8 3>8 M?riaW. or Bieily Madeira .... ?*o 15 238 11,'-90 Other wioe* of gieily do lSJtS 3 7m Vioe> red not enumerated, in ca>k* : Of France do 338 071 54,731 Orr.nuia do 3 963 650 Of Portugal and pt**e**io'* ... do 9,354 4,725 Vinn. whit*, not enumerated, in caaka: OfFance do 306,916 50 36" Of Austria do 30 49 Of P rtugal and po**e*aion* ... do 61,408 34,671 ?ine*. whi'e not enumerated, in bolt e* : Of France do 5 311 5.370 Of Portugal and po*ae**ion* ... da 17 13 flTinri. white and red, not enumerated eukit OfSnam gallon* 151.516 38,39" Of Germany do 47 263 13 517 Of the Mediterranean do 13.489 3,191 Wnea. white and red, not enumerated, in bottle*: Of Suain (a lona 5#5 1073 Of Or man v do 1 349 3,815 Of the Mediterranean. do 196 90 Vine*, o'her, not enumerated : In bottle* do 1.497 1.365 In cask* do 11,013 6,545 'oreign dittilled *pirita: Fiom t am do 416 9'8 171615 Brandy do 782 510 6r6,633 From other mateiial* do 310 477 78,01' Cordial* do >6,317 33 302 3,783,306 11,787,882 By this table it will be seen that in the year 844, we imported the immense quantity of 3 683,06 gallons of wines and brandies, ot different inds, and paid therefor the large sum of $1,787,82, a great portion, or the whole of which, if our esouroes for producing the same material were leveloped, would be saved to the people of thie :ountry, besides keeping in employment many houdands of our own people. This ought to pen the eyes of our enterprising (Mpitalists, and name inemio turn meir auenuoa 10 mc winr roducing sections of our country, as a field for nterprise. This table, of course, does not comprise the rhole quantity of wines, brandies, spirits, &c , onsumed in this country; for it is very well nown that millions of gallons of spirits, ofvaious kinds, are produced in almost every part of le country, which are either consumed in their tire state or manufactured into "pure import d" wines of foreign countries. On* fact exibited by this table is strikingly curious, and' lat is, the small quantity of champagne imported on the country in which it is made, compared > the immense quantity of wine bearing that ame which is consumed. The whole ameunt nported in that year was only 66,778 gallons, rhich did not amount to a fraction of what was old and consumed of wine bearing that name. The United States Senate and the Liberty f tub Peess ?The United States Senate has olemnly completed its disgrsce. It has meanly ud sneukingly skulked out of its conduct with le humble but independent correspondent of a ee press, of the free city of New York, belonglg to this free and independent republic. Mr. rugent, the correspondent of this journal, has een discharged by the Senate, alter an illegal nd hiph-handed incarceration of three or tour reeks, against all law, all constitution, al' ight, all liberty, and all honor. The conduct of this body deserves severe nd determined examination. We shall give le full value of their services to posterity. In lis examination, we profess to have the humaity not to descend to criticise the conduct of the leaner and more contemptible members of that udy, such as Hannegan, Hale, Turney, Moore, r others of their calibre and standing. Wo hall thow most triumphantly that the character nd conduct of the Senate, in this particular if iir, has been permitted by the criminal neglect f the highest members of that body?such men s Mr. Calhoun, Mr. Benten, Mr. Dallas, Mr. Webster, Mr. Clayton, Mr. Mangum, Mr. Dix, nd we shall even include Mr. Dickinson. The rosa hypocrisy and infamy of the conduct of tie Senate, shall not be permitted to pass into the istory of the past, without a fall and critical xamination, calculated to have a good and saluiry effect on all future conduct of that respon ible branch of th? government. Intelllg?Bc? from UMidarMU By the bark John R Gardner, Capt- Pederian, we at6 account* from Belli* to Mm 8th April and alio file* f the Obterwtr to that data. They oontaln nothlag, bowovar, of any interest. Tha great topio of ooaTaraatton at Belli* appaari to a tha imprisonment of Mr. Fitijibboa. editor of tba )bitrver, an account of wbieh, wo pabUabad aomatlm* inoe. Oar oorreipondent gives a faw additional parIcolars : ? Bcliii, (Honduras) April 8lb, 1849 Apart from the ihamaiul imprisonment of Mr W E 'i'sglbbon, the adltor of the Hondura* Okttrvtr, there I nothlac bar* of maoh intereit It appears tbat for aome timebark, 'ha would be pawar a B*liaa, have (ho?n a atroDg diallka to tha public new* a|?r. and if aocaMfnl, a graat many aeta would aot acorn* quite ao pnblialy known, whloh wouldgraatif ao om mod ate tba |o?rnmnit cflloar* at B?1Among a iMtmui B?* ofljfri 111 B?lli%. iinnaClilaf Jnatiao I Tempi", whoa* power and will are not to he rlleputod r rtwpud ; he telle the good p?*pl* of Belit*, that hi I not liable or reaponalble to them for any act of ble: ad oon??qu?ntly tbl? would be Nero; a*t* with fall ower?trie*, ntenr.e* anil putahr*, aoeordlng to hi* wn interpretation of the low of England Many and nod complaint! hav* been tent from Bella* to Eneland gal nut thin ??mo Mr. Temple. Some of theae memorial* o *ent to England by the people of Belli*?have appeard In th* Htndurai Obitrver, according to th* wl*h if th* public In general For th*** publication*, Mr. Fit (gibbon wu tried for lb*l on th* government, but by a jary aequitted ; from bat tin**, Mr Jadga Tempi* hM made up hi* mind to i**tKy the Hondurai Ohtrttr by aacrlficiog th* adltor. Ootb* 98th February, Mr. Fitcglbbon wta arretted In he street uear ihe court house. H* than d**lred to be llow*d t* walk to bl* piece of bu*ln*** and *eoure a ram f money be bad tbere-thi* wu not p*nn!tt*d ; than b* eked for liberty to go to bl* family and laform them of ii? nrra?t tbl* wu a<*a denied him He waa brought roa th* atreet Into th* court, put under oath to anewer b* qoeationa put to bim by Judge Temple, lound guilty nd ' fenced to six monthialone Imprlaonment and a in* of $80# , taken from th* c?urt to the jail In oloae ooOnemvnt, and to one allowed to apeak to him unlee. In be pre*?nc* f>f*omt of tbajnll autboritle* ; eTon Mra. itsglhbon wa* not at liberty lo ?nter bet buahand'a OOB UBItBPIUlUff firVTLWV VI uif jHIIVI. vUvU I III* krtoh of tbe dt/|tanrfal trrntmrnt to ( BlUmta lo (M Antrlcio) through tbo tn*tnim<m*?ltty of bl? TtapU ; bat I nut ootfrti tho whol? of th? pAp*. itlM wo afatatk Um procMdiBg. Tbtr* i? m 1?m1 hwio( eoeeeqweeo. | Anothrr Great Failuri?Th? Astor Opsra Demonstration qonk to tkb iJoos, with the Chartist*.?Misfortunes never come eingly. The failure of the splendid chartist demonstration, which is a disgrace to all who h^d a hand in getting it up, has found a little counterpart iu this city, in the failure of the recent 0,jera demonstration, to eke out the remainder of the season of twenty nights. It wil|J>e recollected that a meeting was held at the Astor Place Operfl, some time since, aad a very valorouj effort made 10 resuscitate the Opera, which sunk under the mismanagement of the former managers. Tne following is the pronunciamento on the subject: " The nnder?igned having bean appointed by the wootatea of the Italian Opera Company, to take the n?ceaaary miiaaares to oompiete the season of twenty pighta, deelarn, this day, that the proposed aubsorlption of three thousand dollara has failed ; this, with other cinflicting eireuautancea, compela the underaigned te state to the subscribers and artists of the opera the im praotioabUlty of eoatinning the ceason : at the same time they offer their grateful acknowledgments to those ubtorlbers who have kindly offered their aid, and that portion of the pnblie who interested themselves in the establishing of che Opera. (Signed) 8E9TO 1ENEDETTI, E. ROSSI CORSI. New York, April 39,1M?? What a sad commentary this document presents on the musical taste of the fashionable classes ot this mighty city of New York, so rich in geniu9, in beauty, in wealth, and in humbug! We understand that after the greatest efforts, which were continued for nearly ten days, the utmost number of subscribers that could be procured hardly reached the modest sum of one hundred and fifty, all told, and boys included. In point ot a demonstration, therefore, to produce a revolu ion in the fashionable world here, and revive public taste for liberty, equality and fraternization, it waa as miserable a failure as the contemptible chartist demonstration on Kennington common, near London. The failur* is not in the vocalists?not in Benedetti,?not in Rossi?not in Truffi. They were ready, with their,voices tuned to the sweetest Hotus, to perform for the remaining twenty nights, 'in the same style of excellence which they evinced last season. No, the deficiency was found in the musical taste of New York, as well as in the generosity of their purses. Only fifty cents additional subscription money was required; but even that was too much for the mighty fashionables and leaders of the beau mondt of this great city. Cotton must have been falling of late?stocks have been rather vibrating ?pork and suit beef have also fallen a shade in price?failures have taken place in Europe, and the reaction is felt here. Tnese may be the natural causes for the failure of the attempt to finish the opera season. Yet we think there may be fpund, on investigation, other causes: and they are the gross blunders and silly follies which marked the conduct of certain managers and musioal critics, who were as deficient in intelligence, and capacity, and courage, to conduct an opera seHson to triumph, as the miserable chartists in London were to make a demonstration successfully. The fashionable classes of New York, with some few and solitary exceptions, are a poor, miserable set of devils; and we think it would be doing good to the public, to all the respectable and independent middle classes, among whom, really good sense, beauty and the highest order of intelligence exist, to serve up a few of these fashionables with cayenne pepper, mustard, and some of the other pungent condiments of literary amusement. Now that ti??grand and fashionable Opera has completely failed and burst up, will not these moderate and less ambitious individuals, who have been negotiating with the Broadway Theatre, renew the attempt, and see if they can't try something with the materials teft floating around us by the incapacity of the Astor Place Opera peopled Do try. Let us have two or three good operas lor the remainder of the season. We think the Astor Place Opera House might now be converted into a church, or a club house, or a stable for horses, or an uptown market for selling pork and vegetables? any thing for a little money and a bad invest' meat. VluatHesl and B.luteal Bowbbt Thbatbb.?1The production of English opera* at this house, and the combination of tha graceful attractions of tha ballat with tkem, has proved quite a successful picoa of enterprise for the manager. Mr Hamkiln may be said to be on his own ground once more when he aeramed the helm at the Bowery, aa his name has always been a tower of strength to that hcqse, and many of its most successful seasons have been ander hie management He is now reviving those stirring times, and not only his nam*, bnt all the theatrical teat and knowledge whioh his great experience In snob things has given him, are being devoted to the pleolng the Bowery theatre in the first rank. The following correspondence will prove mere conclusively the fact, than anything we eonld *ay on the subject 7 Vaudam itbcbt, Nsw Yobk. Tsohii 8. HmsLiit.Iie jMv Deer Sir? Allow ro? to thank yon for tha handsome sa-aaer ta which onr operas hare been produced at the Bowery Theatre; and at the aau.e time to bee too will accept the *ervicea of the " Regain Troope ' for three aighta, in any operaa yon may think proper to elect. I remain, dear air. vonra very trn'y. EDWARD 8EOUIN. BowbstThbatrb, April Mth, 1I4S. E. Itaum, Eiq ? My Deer Air?foer very kind letter addretsed to me yeaterdey haaaffirded me aiecere (ratification, and yoar liberal offer ta tke to ere acceptable to me, beieg eoapled. aa it ia. with en eapretaioa ef aatiafaction at the efforts I have made to dejaatiee to tke operaa p'odaeed. aa far as 1 waa able to to do, ia the circaaataauea ander which I returned the masageaeat ef say theatre. Accepting yoar offer ia the same friendly spirit it haa been made. I remain, iky deer air very traly yoora, THOi. 8 H AM BLIN. E. Ileum, Eiq., 7 Taadasa at, New York. Chatham Tnsatbb.?The Mosc excitement is on the increase, so much so that the manager has found It necessary to cnlsrgc the boxes, to accommodate the crowds who frequent the Chatham every evening. We think he mast also have an enlarged bank aoooant, for truly wc never Jjavs yet have seen suoh a continuous ran of hanm /ide, crowded houses at any theatre. Moce'speculisrities grow in favor algktiy, end Chanfrau hae undisputed possession of the title ef King of the B'hnys. Locg may he wear It, and amuse the good people of New York, aa he does now He will appear as Mose every evening this wsek. To-night beside* .the piece there will be played three others. vis : the " flonse Dag," " Sarab th? til " Mj Husband's Uhoit." Sarah tke JtwM* to said to be a soft interesting drunk, the other two are popular farcin Christy's Mikitsbls.?Tbeaa favorites have rstnrn d to town, sad mubism a nsw aeries of ooneerts t Mechanics' H*ll this (Tantag Daring tbelr abiesc# they have performed at namarons plsaas in tha vicinity of this city, Brooklja. Staten Island, Jersey City, Ellsabathtown, and Newark ; and at all of tbea bars mat with the greateet snosess. They return to as as witty and harmonious as ever, and to-night's oonoert will be made up of a fine list of songs, dances, ko. Sodtriih Hibmoriiti.?The moving-mania vhich possesses people about this time, has not extended to those popular darkles ; on tha contrary, they are getting mora firmly fixed in tha favor of tha pnblle every concert they sire Th y ate a most excellent band of singers and musioiens. and those wha vslt them at the Minerva Roomi will ba wall pleased with their entertainmeut. MiLomos ?At this genteal place of amusement singing Is tha chief amusement The manager has qnlte a talented oompany engaged Th* Ethiopian eirga's are very good Indeed, and tha ballad and comic slagers are not behind them In attractiveness Banvaaa's PanoaaMa.?Panorama Hall hss became one of the fashionable lonnges ot ths city ; and a view of the Panorama of the Mississippi Is now regulstly enrolled aa one of tha lions of New York. It is a wondsifal place of painting, and ought to be sees by all. Ma J. 8. luai gives a grand 8oir*e Munloale ftt Paierson, N J . this evening. This will be the second urt that this een'.leman and his nssoclntes have giren there. Il ia gl??nat the requeat cf ai.nj to whom the flrat one g*ve mueh eetl*f*ation. He will be aMiet d M btfjre by the Mountaineer* and the Amateur Quartette Aeeoolatiea. Mr. O. W. Tat nam will alto relate hi* oomlc atoriea. Mr. D-bar arrived la town on Friday Uit, after a auooeaeful Southern tow. Dan Marble waa playing at Mllwaukle at laat aoconnta from that plaea. Oea. Tom Thamh ! la Fhlladnlpbla Folic* Intelligence. Patitng CaunterftU Monty Oflloar CumpMII, of Ihe 10th ward, arreiti d oa Saturday a man by the name of Laaena K?tr.h, on a charge or paaait g a counterfeit $10 bill, purporting to be on the Adama Bank. Maa*a<hua?tta, on John O'Brien of No 3S7 Orand ??r?et in payi ro?ntfoi aome dry gonda On ??arrhlng hi* peraon the oflserlound a 7ml on Mm Or* l.o Batik, Ch*l*ee, , Vermont, an* |S In email bi.la. Tnj aenu?>d wri de. talned for a fun her hearing bj Jii*<ln? Tl p on Burglary?Tb" prtmlata No 2f?H B iw?ry. oc,eupi?d ly H tt Vena, war* entered by aorae burglera on Sat | arday night, through the rear window The promiaea . were dieooeered open br oflcr Wileon of the lath ward,and the Inmatee waked uo whaa It wee aaeertolnrd that tba robbera had oarrled off a pair of p*itola, a pair ?i aaw boota, )?In ohanga, bottle of Uqatr and oaa boa ef legaw. No arreet i il a TELEGRAPHIC INTELLIGENCE* Hallroad AotHUnt ?W1 Lrn . of Life. Ut t A(i il sO 1848. A oolllaien hu taken plaoa on the . * und 8oh?nectady railroad, one mils wart of Hi-rumor The op train an) the dowa paM^nic-r tram bith uudrr full ipned, oama to rouUnt, uud tbn violence of th? oonousaton waa ao great a a to oau.a lha dea'.iuc.lon of both enitlne*. Tiro m<in ware killed, and tbr?e others morta'ly wounded. 'Hie Virginia Kl-cumi. Waihimoto*, April 30,104S At tha Virginia eleotion, aooord.n^ to tQn aaaarUinad aroounti, up to the prearnt, tbe dourorrnia huyti gained one d^l'U'it" for Luuiaa county, onf lot Kr?dariok county, two, mMat probably, for Norfolk, and one tor Powhattan Thej have alau giiiued ona 8'untor for Fredetlok I district. By ail appearance* thr democrats art oonsl- I derably au?ad. lntircClngNcwi from Veneanela. By the arrival of the brl? Jail* U Ann from Maraoalbo, inte'.l:g?nce has beeu received from that portion c t Venezuela Bp to tbe lit nit Wo bar* not received any newpapers ; the revolution, however, wia gtlng on with increased MtiTity. A fleet of iotas tlx lohoontra ted one bark, all armed, were left In Maraeaibo by the Juii* tc Ann. They were under the command of Commodore Jolly, and were to proofed to L?^usyraand Puerto Cabello in a few dayi. We aanex a translation of a document, which thowa the relative strength of the two par lie* cow contending In TtntnrU. Fi'om It Monigas, the 1'reaident, doea not teem to b? very strong. The first portion of the'orlglnal document fa a list of the provicnra represented in longr*** oa tbe 231 January, and of the represen'a'Ivea who voted on tbat day for the transfer of tbe sessions to Puerto Cabello, and who would also have voted for the lmp>aohmsnt of General Jose Tedeo Monagai; and another llat of those representatives who were opposed to the trenater, and who would also have opposed the imo^MCbmeut. Bv tbla list it appears that IS out of the IS provinces whioh formed the republic on the 38 i cf January, w?re represented in Congress ; th?t of these 13 province*, 9 ? that lato aay, thre?.fourtts if the territory -were in favor of tbe removal,against a small portion that were opposed to it ; that there were Si vote agatait 12, and tbat of these 13, at least two of the voters, via , lienors Toro and Salae, wonlJ h*ve been in favor of th^acouf ation ; tbat 4 provinces, via., those of Barqaislmato. Carabobo, Coro, and Margarita, were unanimously for thn tranfermce and aocusatlon That Caracal. with her it deputies. Kenor Toro who would hsv? tofd lor the accusation, and also Doctor Jose Maria V?amond?,who was on his way, would have been almost unanimous for both transfer and impeachment? thus only leaving Seanr Pompa, captain of tha tvoops, and aid de-camp, dependent on General Monagas; that B?rlnas was divided, two f f its representatives b<Iug on one side and two on the other; tbat Cuntana and t'rojlllo were similarly sicuxted; that from llarlda there were two representatives la favor of tie transfer and accosstioa and one agaKet it; that nlthougb Barcelona, Apure and Msrsea'.bn eeemed unonlnroutly a<ainat tbe transfer, It muat ha remembered that one more deputy from Apnre was not present; and as hia opinions have been well known to be unfavorable to the administration of Monagas, even before 1847. it is very Certain that against bia admiiiiatration of 1448 he w< uld be a;i:l < ore hostile, and would dcn&tleaa vot* for the transfer and impeachment; hdci aenor statas. rrom Maracaiho, Dad been often beard to declare that be would votn for the impeachment uf the President, ia Caracas cven, and ef oouroe be would have voted the same in any other pUoe Thus, therotore, that* li a majority of territory. representatives. und population thoroughly deoided in their opposition to the administration ot General vi<n-<gas If ibe Senate had got to the aubjeot of transferring the teat of debate, and alao on to the impeaebmeot, or tcouaatlon, It wonld have resulted in the same manner that it did in the House of Rrpree?ntative?; a* ot 21 aeaatora who were preient at the oapitol on the 2S<1 January, IS were de^lned'y at.tiro inliterial, and 8 ministerial; ou the evening of the 34th, two more arrived, who were alto anti-mime torial?tnua welling their number to 15 It is very evident, than, that th? opinions of the thinking and re*pe?tabla portion of tue Venasueiiaa community rrjeettbe administration of Oeneral Monagaa, as incompatible, in many respects, with deoornm. justice, and the progresi of the lepubllo. Can there be a more general, more fully expr?ae?d, or more roapeotablo opinion? Many incident*, whiob will be fully detailed when they can be related with safety, will demonstrate that from tho most remote portion* of Venvauela there flocked juat nod impartial men, who were determined to rerno/a General Mocagaa from hia poat, aa l>y bis bad government be has roiu?d, and even brought discredit and ignoaiioy to their country. iricuL despatch tothic n r. herald CaaicoA, a prtl 7, 1348 Siaoa my laat communication. Guaman baa left tbia place for V>araue!a Tbe couscqueooee of bis return we oannot oocjecture, but fear for i?? wont Being the original oauae of tbe unhappy civil war la Vet aiuela and pcsae*aing g>?aat influence o*er tbe iniora oi tbe unoducated bWeka, ke of that oouutty, it ia fanta-l that be may attampt to obtain a prominent appou.tu on from tb? VI i'reaident,now actio* aa Preaideut pro Urn. (Mo?agaa Doing at the head of bis troops.) ? d In case ot failure, raiao ?j np a third party and create excitement on tbe part of the j blacks, against tbe white popalatlon. should tbtalatter oe the case, we may indeed fear for the worst The whole of t ha foreigners ia that country, and a large no m ber of those oppoaed to Moaagaa.are aaxioasly looking for tha vessels of war from the United State', hoping tjr soma intetveatioa by whieh tbe revolution may bo brought to a elose It ia aertainly to be hope* that tho Vnited States g< vernmeut will s?e the polioy of fostering kind feelings, and counteracting the iadaeaoe tho British government is eadoavoriag to obtaia in that country, aad that support may bo glveo to our Chargo d' Aff?lrs; Mr. Shields, iu whatever he may deem it beat to aaOartaka. Ha baa earned a respect for himself aad for the Unltod States in hia Arm and eneigetio aetioaa aa they became necessary, that will not aeon bo forgotten. To him aro wo indebted for tha removal of the embargo, and alao to tha o*ao?Uiog of tbo ordor whereby all oorroapoadenoe waa violate! by tha governmaa ia their harab and arbitrary msasarea. Tha last aawa I rem Coro, gives ua aa acoouat Of Cumarobo having bsoa retakea by tho governmeat troops uader ?an Carmona, and of the marohiag upoa Cumarobo from Coro, ot Fenaago with 1*00 moa, well armed aad ia good apirlta It waa a z pee led a asvera aagagomeat would anaue thara this day. On the 85th ult lour sohoonera, of war fitted out at Maracalbo, wall armed aad manaed, and provaloaad for two moatha, sailed for Goto with troopa aad arsaa for Penaago, ttiere to be joiaed by a oorvatts and aaother schooner which would leave oa the <th inat, and all prooeed to seek the float of Moaagaa, whioh, coasiatlng of a brig aad three acaoonera haviag nB board ia *11 1 AA m?f. ? - - U?t?- AW **1, P M , at Porto Cabclio, aith the intfmien [doubtful] of aailing in a few daja to blockade Maraeaibo 8aiM, whom yon nay bo doubt lenembar, wont mr to the Fan party with the only ton*! I f war ?f government (the CoKut ration) i? in connud of th? corvette and holetaa blaok flag with the letter 8. la it, to elgnify to thy float af tbo Monigt* that ha is flat a*, tha drolared pirate. ?ad to cama aad taka him. Ha declares ha will blow ap ht? veasal sooner than be taken on aay aeeount; aad oa a lata cruise called hia men aft aad told them hia determination, and requeated thoae who did net wiah to proceed with him to go aehore ; aot man left him, bat % hearty three ebeera were given him. Of Pae* and Monagaa wa have no poeltlve aawa? bafc ranters la abundance, none of whloh. however, oan be relied on. Wa are aew fifteen aav* without tiding! from either?frem which I presume that Paen la eraeeToriag to draw Menagaa farther into the plalai, aad then attaat him. Tha fntnra, Indeed, is dark aad pregnant a 1th mnah evil lor tha republic, and aaiesa matters are eooa brought to a olose, we may look te tha seen** of it Domingo being rehearsed, and the soaatry last by tha massaore of tha whites by the blaoka, and tha destruetlon of all agricaltare pursuits. Again, tha seaeoa of pleating Is at hand, aad no aao planting?we may naturally look for famine aad disessa from tha want of the eteer series of lllb The gavarnmant has translated euoh parts of tha aeeount of tha revolution as tutted them from tha French , and published then in their own papera, with remarks af an Inflammatory nature, aed take oare that nothing la circulated bnt what can lojnre Pan's aause The effect upon Curacao of all tbls has been disM? trous In tba extreme?oommeroa le proetrated and oan* not bnt prove the ruin of many who have shipped to tba various norta of tha noaat. aed nan nam mmt nn Tt. tura* Again, we may look, after tha resolution la orar, for general fallurra throughout Vensuela ol tha nativaa; ?o? a from aotual loin, otbar* availing the*reive* of tba revolution to plaad loaaaa from the atata of affalra, will taka care of number one. The destruction to cattle by tha army pasting, must, alto serioualy affaot (if tha revolution should b? protraotad) tha exportatlou trom thit of Coro goat-iklni; they Ma now becoming very aoirce; mad tha ownara of katoti abandoali g tham to aaaapa being forcad in tka eervioeof tha ooa party or tha otbar, or oourse, oausea tha destrasUoa of tbos* which would otheiwise ba enrad aud chipped here for exportation. I ahall writ a you again in a few dayi, whan I h->pa to ba able to giva you some nawa of Para and Mopaeaa. ' NAM&ERF. City Intelligence Morion Dat?Bnnni.to Htkaw in t*i BTanave.? This i* " moving day." and tba dangerous prao'loe of lighting atraw and tubVs'i upon tba atraati will ba, aa Ukual, n-aorted to Wa have A tha midst of tba moat densely populated part* cf tha olty, ?a?y old fra?e buildings, whloh are Ilka to muoh tinder. and would ignite irom a single spark Tka police and (Ire companies should ba partionUrly caution* in all parts or tha olty th a day, and prevent tba lighting of ?traw in the street*. The Wutkh Notwithstanding tha vary atrong i nri m&tlAn. fr,r > atnvn nn H>tlirftl* nlffht. VaSterdeV *M b <noet Heeuttfnl and pl'dlirt day. and the evening pre. tod 1cm appearance or ftnl weetaar, than the tevrral prec?dli'f day*. Accidental Paowmno -Cwcwr WtlMi held an Inqaret yeetarday. npon tba body of a hoy nine jmm old, named Jaoob Vaatrie, a native of Germany, who. in company with a yonnger brother, on Saturdey went to tha foot of Onvernenr street to gathar ohlpa, when ho aooMantally fell Into the East river, and waa drowned. Killko *t aeirta Rcw Of?a.?Tha Coroner bald an Inqueit, al>o, pan the body of m girl 3 years old. named Bridget Wall, who, while oiomiog Thomae street on Saturday (waning, wee knnektd dowa and ran over by a tmtnhui '* cart. and thereby eo eerioualy injured that tha expired shortly nfterwiinle In tha city hoepilal. whllhar he wae corvajcd Verdict, death by b<ln< eorllfnta'ly run over by oart driven by WlllWm H n?he. Faaiort Daivmo?Two young man, apparently and>r the influence of liquor, drova a horee and 1 |iht wHfron thnnih Chatlmm street. at ? farou? r? <" i-bnot 0 o'clock 1r?5 even'nif and knocked I'own end vnn over amen nem?d Jn'p?e v'o \vcy. who wae very Krl.iuely Irjand. Officer O'NmI, of th" fltb war I inuUntlv repaired to the corner of Ckaih .m and Pe^rl, h?re the accident oieurri d, a i.l cTvrjcd the injured men t<i tha City Hospital. Covst or Uencrai. Hr?noi?t.?This court open* for tha May term to-d?>; h*t ?? It li v ry pro'iuMr >h*t early avery Juror, if nit mambeis of I he court.will In. ve household affair* to attend to, tha court, after organising, will, m deubt, adjourn uatU to-marrow

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