11 Ağustos 1848 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

11 Ağustos 1848 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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~?.11 j " >?m\ T' ~* i ~or 11 NO. 5180. Amiy Geiifiitl Order. oe:,eral oitdKits?no. 42. War Dkfartmf.nt, 1 Adjutant Oknk sal's Oi net. \ Washington. July M. 1848. \ Promt lions and nppointment* iu 'he ten addition .1 regiment*, and in the volunteer force for the war. made by the President. by nod with the advice ?n<l oousent of the Senate. since the publication of ' General Orders" No. GO. of December 4.1M7. I. PROMOTIONS THIRD nr.OIMKHT Of DPAf.OOM First Lieut. Daniel Petigru to be captain Deoember ?3. 1847, vico iiutler. deceased Second I.lent. Hermann Thorn, to bo first lieutenant, to date from July 10. 1847. Second Liiut J. C. TV Williams, to be first lieutenant, January 8,1848, vico Cooke, resigned Kivril RKOIMF.NT OF ISHSTKV. Lieut. Colonel Henry L. Webb. of the sixteenth infantry, >o be colonel. May 23d, 1848, vico Withers resigned. First Lieut. John H. Jackson, to be captain, to date from December 4,1847. v .... ....... ......... ,u, J . i.. ... . HI Uiitt! IHI1.1 ' February 23. 184S. to QU a vacancy occasioned by ( ap- . tain Fit-gerald. assistant quartermaster, vacating his 1 regimental commission. '* Second I.lei t Jchr. Giuci.in. to b# Itfrt fleilNnant to 1 " Gate froin December 4.1S47 Second Lieut. Robert Hopkins, to be first lieutenant, to date from .Urinary 19 1848. Second Lieut. George W. May. to be fir<t lieutenant, to date from February 17. 1S48. Second l.ieut Charles Simmons, to be first lieutenant, flee Tracy, promoted. Second Lieut. Levi Woodhouse,to be first lieutenant. March 10, 1848, vice Pierce, resigned Second Lieut. Henry l)e Wolfe, to bfl first lieutenant. May 0. 1848, vice Hodge, resigned. TENTH RKUIMENT 111 INFANTRY. Major Ralph CJ. Norvell, of the sixteenth infantry, to be lieutenant colonel. December 3, 1S47, vice Fay, pro- ; runted to the thirtuvDth intautry. ( apt. Daniel l.hnse. of the fifteenth infautrv. to be major. May 23. 1848. vice Hamilton, promoted to sixteenth infantry. First Lieut. Samuel R. Hummer, to be captain, Jan. 21.1848, vice Coliett. deceased. First Lieut. Francia M. Cummins, to be captain, TVlarch 0. 1S48, vice Wilkin, resigned. First Lieut. Robert C.Morgan, to be captain. May 8. 1848, vice Postley, deceased. Second Lieut. James McKown, jr., to bo first lieutenant. November 19. 1847. vice Lewis, deceased Second Lieut. Hiram Russell, to be first lieutenant, 1 January 21, 1848, vice Dummer. promoted. Second Lieut. Teter II. Bruyerc, to be first lieutenant, March 0,1848. vice Cummins, promoted. Second Lieut. Thomas S. Griffin. to be first lieutenant, May 8, 1848, vice Morgan, promoted. FI.EYKHTII REGIMENT OF INFANTRY. Second Lieut Andrew H Tippln. to be first lieuleiiant, DecemberG, 1847. vice II ;nnon. deceased. Second I.ieut. Alonzo Loring. to be first lieuteuant. December P. 18-17. vice Samuels, deceased. Second Lieut. George 13. Fitzgerald, to be first lieutenant, June HP, 1848, vice Jlaldeman, transferred to eighth regiment of infantry. TWELFTH REGIMENT OF INFANTRY. First Lieut. Jchn J. Martin, to be captain, December 51. 1847, vice Ilornsby. resigned. First Lieut. Charles Taplin, to be captain. March 31. 1848, vice Martin, resigned First Lieut. John II. H. Felch, to be captain, May 23,1848, vice Taplin. resigned. Second Lieut. Thomas T. Conway, to be first lieutenant, December 22,1847. vice Wilson, resigned. Second Lieut. Abner M. I'crrln. to be first lieutenant, Decemb:r 31.1847. vice Martin, promoted. Second Lieut. James F. Wadded, to be first lieu- 1 tenant.March 31. 1S48, lice Tuplln. promoted. Second Lieut. Christopher It F. Butler, to be first , lieutenant, May 23, 1S-4S, vice Felch. promoted. THIRTY.F.NTH REGIMENT Of INFANTRY. Lieut. Col. John J. Kay. of the tenth infantry. to be 1 colonel. Decembers, 1847, vice Echols, deceased. Captain Eugene Van dc Venter, of the fifteeuth infantry, to be major, December 22,1847, vice Johnson, resigned. First Lieut. Joseph A. White,to be captain, January 51 1S48, vioe Rice, resigned. Second Lieut. John N. Perkins, to be first lieu tenant. December 31, 1S47. vice Bradford, resigned. Second Lieut. Daniel Kirkpatrick, to be first lieu- | tenant, January 31. 1848. vice White, promote.J. Second Lieut! Nathaniel Grnnt. to be first lieute- j nant, February CO, 1848, vice Uipley, resigned. Second Lieut. Kdward J Pummett. to be lirat lieu- I tenant. March 31, 1848, vice Davis, resigned. FO' RTF.KKTH RtfllMtST OK INFANTRY. Captain ChnTlea AVicklifTe. of the sixteenth infantry, to be major. February 12, 1848. vice Wood, resfgued. ! First Lieut. George \V. Morgan, to be captain. De- j eember 3, 1847, vice Beale. promoted to sixteenth in- j /antry. Second Lieut. Samuel B. Davis, to be first lieutenant. , December 3, 1847. vice Morgan, promoted. Second Lieut. William H. Senwell. to be lirst lieutenant. December 21. 1847, vino Ilaynes, resigned Second Lieut. John T. Sandford to be first lieute- ' riant. May S3,1848. vice McAllon, resigned. tlFTlKMU RKi.lMENT OF INFANTUM. First Lieut Thornton F. Brodhead. to be captain. December 22, 1847. vice Van de Venter, promoted to thirteenth infantry. First Lieut. Diedrich Upmnnn, to be captain. May C. 1848, vice A\ insns. resigned. First Lieut. Edward C. Marshall, to be captain, May 6} 184s, vice Tanneyhill, resigned First Lieut. Albert (J. Sutton, to be captain. May 23. 1848, vice Chase, promoted to the tenth infantry. Second Lieut ileinan M. Cady. to be first lieutenant. December 22,1847. vice Brodhead. promoted Second Lieut Cornelius Ketchum, to be first lieute- i nant. Decembt r 31, 1847, vice Miller, resigned. Second Lieu Samuel K. Beach, to be first lieutenant. February 23, 1848. vice Cady. resigned. Second Lieut. Franpis O Beckett, to be first lleutezant, May 0. 1848, vice I pmann, promoted. Second Lieut Thomas B Tilton. to be first lieutenant, May 0.1848, vice Marshall.promoted. Secoud Lieut.. Llewellyn Boyle, to be first lieutenailt. May 23, 1S48. vice Sutton, promoted. IIITttSTH REGIMENT OK INFANTR1 M.ine I.Vw.;..- Ilomiltnn r.f H,?.. <i h infint rr to he lieutenant colonel, May 2'!, 1848, vice Webb, promoted to ninth infantry Captain Kobert G Beale. of the fourteenth infantry, to be major. December 3, 1S47. vice Norvell. promoted to tenth infantry. First I,lent John T. Hughe*, to be captain. February I'd, 1848. vice WickliiTe, promoted to fourteenth infantry. Second Lieut Burwell B. Irvan to be first lieutenant, February 12. 1848, vice Hughes, promoted Second Lieut Alexander F.vans, to be first lieutenant, May IS. ls4S, vice Wilkinson, rovlgned CII.IMIST OK lOLTII.CI Rs AM) FOOT RIFLEMEN. Second Lieut. Robert C. Forsyth, to be lirst lieutc- ! nant, to date from September 18, 1847 Second Lieut. James A Frost, to be the first lieutenant. December SI, 1S47, vice Woolford. resigned. brevets. ''For gallant and meritorious conduct In several affairs with guerrilleros. at I'a?o ()vejas. National Bridge, and Cerro Gordo. Mexico, on the 10th, 12lh, and loth August. 1847." Tii riafe from?16, 1847. Captain Frarey Ml Wlnans, 16th infantry, to be major by brevet Captain William J. Clark. 12th infantry, to be major by brevet. Captain Arthur C. Cummings, 11th infantry, to be major by brevet. " For gallant and meritorious conduct In the battles of t ontreras and ( burubuseo. Mexico, August 20, 1847." To date from?Jhigust 20, 1847. Captain Theodore O'Hara. assistant <|uatermaster. (volunteer staff) to bo mnjor by brevet. Captain Joseph Daniels, arslstant quatermaster. (volunteer stsff) to be major by brevet, coa a re t ton of dates? siadr nr and with the advice AND ' ONSKNT OV TUB SENATE.. I i?st Lieut. William Walker. 3d dragoons, to date from December 23. 1847. in-tead of July 16. 1847. and to tuke place in the Army Keglater next below Lieut Hermann Thorn Captain Lyman BIstell. fith infantry, to date from September 8, 1847. instead of Septcmlier %k 1847. Captain John S. Slocuin. Plh infantry, to date from September 26. 1847. instead of October II 1847. Captain Charles J. Sprngue. nth Infantry, to date from October 1S47. instead of December 4, 1847. Captain John H Jacksou. 0th Infantry to date from December 4, 1847, instead of February 17.1848 First Llout. Ami A. Stoddard, 0th infantry, to data a la i- r,r .?,i..., .jr. 1 HAT First Lieut John Olaekln. 9th infantry, to date from December 4. 1847 instead of January 19. 1848. First Lieut. Ilobert Hopkins. i)th infantry, to date from January 19,1848. Instead of February 17, 1848. II.?AProiNTMKvTB thud ai'i.iMrsr o: aiAiioeai. James D Potter, of Now Vork. to be second lieutenant. March 3, 1H48, rice ( amp, icaigned Hiram B. Y((khpr< Pennsylvania, to be aecond lieutenant. March 'J!*. 1848. vice Walker, promoted, Frank Fm< . son, of I ndiana. to be neeond lieutenant, Marab 21', 1848. vice Williams, promoted. Charles F. Magulre of Pennsylvania, to be second lieutenant, March 2U. 1848. rice llavilland, resigned John H. Atkinson, of Missouri, to be surgeon, May 10,1848, vice Bnrtoo, resigned. PUNTII nrillMKNT OK I >' K A N T a Y Nathaniel F, Swett. of Maine, (late second lieutenant.) to be second lieutenant, December 17, 1847? Reappointed. Joliu Iledell. of New Hampshire, to be second lieutenant. December 30. 1847 vice ( ram. promoted Oustavua F. Gardiner. of llbode Island.to be second lieutenant. Dee. inker 30, 1847, vice Stoddard, promoted Nathaniel J Gill. of Massachusetts, to be second lieutenant. December 30. 1847. vice Pierce, promoted. Thomas Grey. of Connecticut. to be second lieutenant, December 30, D'47. vice Gove, promoted Amos A. Billinirs. of Maine to be second lieutenant, March 20. 1848. vioet rosby.promoted. Albert G. Barton, of Maine, to be second lieutenant, March 29, 1848, vice Pointer, promoted. Asa N. Wynian. of Maine, to be second lieutenant March 29,1848, vice Olackin, promoted TK.NTH IIMMMK-.T nt |M*>TSV. James F.asterly. of New York, to be second lieutenant, December 39, 1847, vice McGarry. promoted. Alexander P. Ten Broeck. of New Vork. to b? aecond lieutenant. December 00, 1847, vice Yard, deceased E NE MORNING Willium S. Truex, of Nhw Jersey, to be second lieu tenant, December 30. 1847, vioe Griswold, resigned. Heury A. I'errine. of New Jersey, to be second lieutenant. March 3. 1848. vice llarte. resigned. William H Hull, of New Jersey, to be second lieutenant, March 3. 1848, vice Russell, promoted Kdward M Clita, of New York, to be second lieutenant. March 3. 1848, rice Graham, transferred to first dragoons. El.nlSIH REG IMF NT OK ISKANTRT Thomas J. Barclay, of 1'ennsylvania, to be second lieutenant, December 30. 1847, vice llaldeman. promoted. Thomas Welsh, of 1'ennsylvania. to bo second lieutenant. December 30,1S47. vice Korster. promoted. William A. Todd, of Pennsylvania, to be second lieutenant, December 30. 1847, vice McClelland, cashiered William Schoonovrr, of Pennsylvania, to be second lieutenant, December 30, 1847, vice Mead, deceased Joseph D. Davis, of Pennsylvania, to be second lieutenant. March 20. 1848, vice Tippin, promoted. Charles M. Stout, of Pennsylvania, to be second lieutenant, March 29. 1848. vice Johnston, killed in battle. Jacob O. Friok, of Pennsylvania, to be second lieutenant March 29 1948. vice Rrua. deceased. ] Nathaniel K. Caridll. of Virginia. to be second lieu- ' tenant. May 10. 1S4S. vice I.oriue. promoted John P Uro l;, of Virginia, to bo second lieutenant. Juno 21 1848, vice Scott, transferred to fourth infantry. Jainca Grimshaw. of Pennsylvania, to be assistant surgeon. March 29,1848, vice Scott, resigned. ItvrU'TH REGIMENT or INFANTRY. Manning brown, of South Carolina, to be second lieutenant. December 30. 1847. vice Brooks, deceased t'hallos .Manly, jr.. of North ( arolina. to bo second lieutenant, March 3, 1848. vice Wheeden, deceased. Samuel A. VMlkine, of North Carolina, to be seoond lieutenant. March 3, 1843, vice Saunders, declined to accent. John S. Houston, of Arkansas, to be second lieutenant. March 3. 1848, vice Perrin, promoted. John C I'eay, of Arkansas, to be second lieutenant, March 3. 1848, vice Conway, promoted. James M. Perrin, of South Cnrolina, to he second lieutenant, March 3. 1848. vice Otterson, deceased. | Thomas A Harris, of Missouri, to be secend lieutenant, May 31. 1848, vice Miller, resigned. Daniel It. McKissack. of Arkansas, to be second lieutenant, May 31. 1848, vice Magruder. resigned. thirteenth regiment or infantry. John M. Inge, of Alabama,to be second lieutenant, December 30. 1847, vice Morrison, resigned. Jolin G. bush, of Georgia, to be second lieutenant, March 3,1848.vice Reese.'resigned William A. Adams, of Alabama, to be second lieutenant, March 3, 1S48, vice Terkins. promoted Philfinder Morgan.of Alabama, to bo second lieutenant, March 3*1848, vice Kirkpatriok, promoted. John K. Mcllride, of Alabama, to bo second lienteriant. March 29. 1848, vice McClung, resigned. George W. Sinmious of Alabama, to be second lioutenant, March 20,1848. vice Grant, promoted. Ashley 11. Lenta, of Alabama, to be second lieutenant. June 27. IMS, vice Dummott, promoted. Claiborne E. F.vans, of Alabama, lobe second lieutenant. June 27.184s. vice MeMlUon. resigned. Thomas J. ('billon, of Alabama, to bo assistant surgeon. March 29. 1848. vice Malone. resigned. fourteenth regiment 01 infantry. Tilirnn Culloin. of Tennessee, to be second lieutenant. December 30,1647. vice Steele, promoted. Robert 11 Wynne, of Tennessee, to be second lieutenant. December 30. 1817, vice Kastin. promoted. Richard A. Smith, of Tennessee, to bo second lieutenant, December 30. 1847, vice Fitzgeruld. promoted. Samuel C. Scott, of Louisiana, to be secoud lieutenant. December 3d, 1847, viee Seawell. promoted Achille Berard. of Louisiana, to be second lieute- | nani, oiuren o. t?4?. vice Dan.!, promoted. Thomas Nichols, of Louisiana, to l>e second lieutenant. March 24. 1848, vice Cheney, resigned. Hamilton Montgomery, of Alabama, to be second lieutenant M-lch 21', 1848. vico Love, resigned. Ali en Cullom, of Tennoasee. to be second lieutenant, June 14. 184&, VK-6 Tilinan Cullom. deceased. FIFTEENTH RKI.U1KNT OF 1WFAN1RV. Isaac llarpster. of Ohio, to be second lieutenant. December 30. 1847. vico Geodloo. resigned Oscar K Mitchell, of Ohio, to be second lieutenant, December 80. 1847. vice Stuart, resigned. John.M. Mount, of Ohio, to be second lieutenant. March 3. 1S4S. vice Krenrh. promoted. Samuel Ramsey, of Ohio, to be secoud lieutenaut, March 3,1S4S. vice Feternell, promoted. Thomas It. Cuming, jr.. of Michigan, to be second lieutenant. March 8, li4S vice Wilkics, promoted. Thoma - S. Trask. of Ohio, to be second licuteuant. March 2!', 1848. vice Wiley, promoted Wellington C. Burnett, of Michigan, to be second lieutenant. Juno 17.1848. vice Doyle, decea-ed Allen T. Welch, of Michigan, to he secoud lieutenant. June 17.1848. vice Beach.promoted. Marquis L. Olds, of Ohio, to be second lieutenant, June 17. 1848. vice Ketehum, promoted. Ileman M. t'ady, (lateflr.-t lieutenant.) to be second lieutenant. June 21, 1848. David L McGugln. of Ohio, to be surgeon. March 31, 1848. vice blade, deceased. SIXTEENTH REOIMENT OF INFANTRV. Pythagoras K. llolcomb. of Illinois, to be second lieutenant. Di i ember 30, 1847. vice Griffith, promoted. William Osmau, of Illinois, to be second lieutenant, December 30. 1847, vice Berry, promoted. William B. Iteynolds. of Illinois, to be second lieutenant. December 30. 1.847. vice Slade. promoted. William < <&rrard. ol Kentucky, to be second lieutenant, December 30. 1S47. vice Smith, deceased. James T. 1 oung. of , to bo second lieutenant, March 3. l''4s. vice How. resigned Thomas H. Taylor, of Kentucky, to be second lieutenant. March 3. lS-tS. vice Irvnn. promoted. S bulonM.r. Hand, of Indiana, to be second lieutennnt. March 2:i. 1818. vice < arr. resigned John C. R alley. of Kentucky, to be second Lieutenant. June 27. 18 IS, r ce Young, declined. William B. Whiteside, of Illinois, to be assistant surgeon, May 21. 1848, vice Stuart, resigned nr.i.iMKNr ok voltk.evrs a>d koot riflemen John W. Graham, of Tennessee, to be second Renter nnt. December "0.1847, vice Vernon, resigned. Thomas 11 Gill, of Massachusetts, to be second lieutenant. December 20. 1847, vice Winder, deceased. William R I)epew. of Now Vork. to be second lieutenant, March 2V. 1848, vice Forsyth, promoted. Glassop Mc(}uire. of Pennsylvania, to be second lieutenant. March 28, 1848. vice Gill, transferred to ninth infantry. William II. Kltzhugh, of Maryland, to be second lieutenant. March 28.1848, vice I'rost. promoted TRANS! K.R>. Second l.lcut. Thomas H. Gill, voltigcurs. transferred (March 24th) to the 8th infantry, to take place on the Army Register nest below Lieut.'Thomas Grey. III.?Appointments and transfers to the regiments of the old ai my. made by the President, by and with the advice and consent of tho Senate. APPOINTMENTS. Second Lieut. Christopher R. P. Butler. 12th inf&n, try. to be second lieutenant in the second regiment of , artillery, to take rank from June 27,1848. Second Lieut. James E. Slaughter, voltigeurs, to be I second lieutenant in the first regiment of artillery, to take rank from June 27, 1848. j Second Lieut. Richard H. Smith. 14th infantry, to be Fecond lieutenant in the third regiment of artillery, ' to take rank from Joly 21, 1848. SecoDd Lieut. Isaac W. Tatton. 10th Infantry, to be second lieutenant in the third regiment of artillery, to take rank from July 12. 1848. TRANSFERS. Second Lieut Lorimer Graham, 10th infantry, transferred (February 2d) to the first regiment of dragoons, to take place on the Army Register next below Lieut. Evans. Lieut. Horace Ilaldeman. 11th infantry, transferred (June 21th) to the eighth regiment of infantry, vorauk from April 8.1847, (the date of his former commission,) and to take place on the Army Register next below Second Lieut. Deauey. Second Lieut Richard C. Drum. 8th infantry, transferred (March 10th) to the 4th regiment of artillery, to take place on the Army Register next below Lieut. Best. Womnrl T.toiif U'llllam II lUh Infnntrr trail a fcrre d (March 14th) to th<> fourth regiment of infantry, to take place on the Army Register next below Lieut Buaeey. Second I.ieut. Crank II. Larned. Toltigeura, transferred (June 30th) to the second regiment of artillery, to take place on the Army Register next below Lieut Beall. IV.?Appointments in the ituartermastcr's. Commissary's and Medical Departments.under the f>th aeetion of the " Act supplemental to an net entitled ' An act providing for the prosecution of the existing war between the 1 nitcd .States and the republic of Mexico, and for other purposes.' " Approved June 18. 1840. <(l>aTKaN?ITl:l'i nV.SARTMKNT. Rush J. Mitchell, of North Carolina, to be assistant quartermaster, with the rank of captain. March 3.1848. vice Pender, deceased. t barlesll. iVlham,of Arkansas, to be assistant quartermaster, with the rank of captain, March, 31, 1848, vice G. T Smith, discharged. Samuel II. Montgomery, of Pennsylvania, to be assistant quartermaster, with the rank of oaptaln. June 37 1848 (Re-appointed.) COMMI14AIM DFPASTMKST. Alonro IV Adams, of Tennessee, to be assistant commissary. with the rank of captain. Keb 7, 1848, vice I lendenin. discha^ed. Charles B. Kleteher, of New Hampshire, to be assis??>.?~l-?-.s, ?UK eanlf nf cuntttin Ftth 14. 1848, tIcc T. Jonoa, dlreharged. Wm S Brown, of Michigan, to bo aaaiatant eommiaaary. with the rank of captain, Fob. 14. 1848, (Original vacancy ) Kdmutid H Badgor, of rennaylvanla, to bo aaaiatant commlaaary. with the rank of captain, Fob 23, 1848, vice Shugert, resigned. JefferoonC. Bradley, of Miaaiaaippl, to bo aaaiatant commissary, with the rank ol captain, March 20, 1848, vice Ilurr on, discharged Arthur Hood, of 0< org la, to be assistant comtnlManry, with the runk of captain, June 17, 1848, vice Mojle, discharged airntcat. nrranTjirNT Francia M. lien-ford, of hnutriana, to be aurgoon, March 3, 1848. vice Dean, declined Frederick \V Miller, ofPcnnaj Ivania (late aaaiatant auigcoti ) to bo surgeon, March 3, 1848, vice McFariane, realgned. (ii ithn Smith, of llllnoia, to be anrgeon, March 3. | 1848. vice F.ano, discharged. 1' IV. (M ct no a, in hi ?i r.v 'i?. .'.Ian Lu . is ?'tc 1 n,l, i will, r- (igl ( d n \ <i EDITION.?-NEW YOU William A. Kuweit, of Tennessee, (assistant surgeon.) to be surgeon, June 17. 1848, rice Irwin, resigned Thomas J. Huffing ton. of Louisiana, to be surgeon, June 27, 1848, vice Hereford, declined. George P. Ogden. of Louisiana, to be assistant surgeon. October 20, 1847. (Original vacancy.) J. H. Lyons, of Texas, to be assistant surgeon, Feb. 14. 1S48. Tire Tucker, declined Jnmes S. Gaines, of Tennessee, to be assistant surgeon. March 3,1848, vice W L. Lyon, declined. Francis B. Thompson, of Illinois, to be assistant surgeon. March 29, 1848, vice Ash. deceased V. Appointments in the Pay Department, under the 23tb section of the net approved July 6, 1848. .Additional Paymasters. Frederick Lansing, of New York. December 30. 1847. Francis A Cunningham, of Ohio, December 30,1847. John C. Bergh, of New York, March 22, 1848, vice Lansing, declined. Abram B Kagan, of Georgia. March 29, 1848, vice f'oli|Uitt. resigned. George C. Hutter. of Virginia, May 10, 1848, vice Cloud, drceased. Richard H. Weightman, of the District of Columbia, May 10.1S48. (Original vacancy.) VI ?CASUal.TIF.S. Resignations (58.) Colonel Jones M. Withers. 9th infantry, May 23, 1848. "A Major Alien G. Johnson. 13th infantry, December 22. 1847. Mninr Inlin D Wood 14fh lnfn.rfrtr ITphriinrv 12 1843. Captain John W. ltice, 12th infantry. January til. 1848. Captain Frazey M. Winans, 15th infantry. May 6, 1843. Captain Daniel Bacheider, 9th infantry. Feb 17. 1848. Captain C C. Ilnrnsby. 12th infantry, Dee. 31, 1847. Captain Alexander Wilkin. 10th infantry, March 6, 1843. Captain Wm. S. Tanneyhili. 15th infantry, May G, 1848. Captain John J. Martin. 12th infantry, March 31. 1848. Captain Charles Tapiin, 12th infantry. May 23,1848. First Lieut. Washington L.Wilson, 12th'infantry, December 22, 1847. First Lieut, lionry C. Bradford, 13th infantry. December 31,1817. First Lieut. Thomas J. Whipple, 9th infantry, February 23. 1849. First Lieut. James II. Woolford, voltigoura, December 81, 1847. First Lieut. John B. Miller, I5th infantry, December 81.1847. First Lieut. James Hughes. 10th infantry, July G, 1848. First Lieut. William 1). Cooke. 3d dragoons, January 8, 1848 liret Lieut, JustiD Hodge, 9th iufantry, May G, 1843. First I.lent Preston r; Ilnvnn 1.1th infunipv !1?_ crirber 21. 1847. b'irst Lieut. Joab Wilkinson. 10th infantry. May 1 , 18-18. ' First Lieut. A J. McAUon. 14th infantry. May 23. 2848. First Lieut. Nicholas Davis.,ir., 13th infantry. March 31,1S48. First Lieut Kitz H. Uiplev. 13th infantry, Feb. 29, 1848. First Lieut. Thomas F. Pierce. 9th infantry. March 10, 1848. First Lieut. Reman M. Cady, 15th infautrv. February 23, 1848. Second Lieut. Charles F. Vernon, voltiguerg, Deoemb( r 20, 1847. Second Lieut. Edward Cantweil, 12th infantry, Feb- ' ruary 21, 1848. Second Lieut. James P. Miller. 12th infantry, March 31,1S48. Second Lieut. William J. Magill, 3d dragoons, May 3. 1848. Second Lieut. Samuel II. Martin, 14th infantry May 81. 1848. Second Lieut. David G. Wilds, 13th infantry. April 18. 1848. Second Lieut. IlughC Murrav, 14thinfantry. March SI. 1848. Second Lieut. Edward Harte. loth infantry, February 3, 184S. Second Lieut. Lloyd Mngruder, 12tli infantry, March 31. 1S48. Second Lieut. Mitchell Stover, 11th infantry. June 17 liOK Second Lieut. James II. Smvthe voUIgeurs, June 23. 1848. Second Lieut F.dwin 11 Mcrriileld, 15th infantry. February 17. 1848. Sicond Lieut. John V. S. Ilavi'.land. 3d dragoons. December 20. 1847. Second Lieut George W. Cheney, 14th infantry. February 23. 1S48, Second Lieut. Louis W. Templeton, 15th infantry. June 5. 1848. Second Lieut. John M. Ilatheway. 9th infantry. March 31.1848 Second Lieut. Samuel T. Love. 14th infantry. February 8, ls48. Second Lieut. Marcus L. McMillion. 13th infantry, April 27,1848. Second Lieut. Purnell Loiland. 11th infantry, Fob I ruiiry 5, l" is Second Lieut, f haries Met lung, 13th infantry, December SI. 1847. Second Lieut. Samuel D. Stuart. 15th infantry. December 21. 184*. Second Lieut Jamea W. Ilhey. 11th infantry, June 14. 1848. Second I.ieut. Flisha F.. ( amp. 3d dragoons, February 4, 1S48. Second Lieut. John C. Reese. 13th infantry. December 30. 1847. Second I ieut. Thomas J. Barclay, 11th infantry. Mh> G. 1848. Second I.ieut William A Todd. 11th infmitrv, June 30. 1848. Secoud Lieut. Uaac Harpster, 15th infantry. May G. 1848. Second Lieut. George IV. Simmon. 13th infantry July 15. 1948. Second I.ieut. Hamilton Montgomery. 14th infantry. } June 14.1848 Surgeon Edward H. Barton. 3d dragoons. January 2l>. 1848 Assistant Surgeon Samuel D. Scott, 11th infantry. Ftbruary 14. 1848. Assistant Surgeon Franklin J. Malone, 13th infantry December 30.1847. Com mission vacated under the provisions of the 7th section of the act of June 18,1846, (1.) Captain Edward H. Fitzgerald, Oth infantry," September 8, 1847, assistant quartermaster. Declined, (3 ) Second Lieut. John W. Graham, voltigner* Second Lieut. James T. Young. ICth infantry. Second Lieut. Thos 11. Taylor, ICth infantry. Deaths. (20.) C olonel Robert M. Echols, 13th infantry, at the National Bridge. Mexico. December 3,1847. Major James M. Talbot. 10th infantry, at 1848 Captain John Butler 3d dragoons, at Mier, Mexico, L/t'tviuutr ao, . Captain Tliomas Postlcy, 10th infantry, at Camargo, Mexico, May 8,1848. Captain Joshua W. Collett, 10th infantry, at Camargo, Mexioo, January 21. 1848. First Lieut. Marshall Hannon, 11th infantry, at Carlisle. Pa . December 0,1847. First Lieut. William C. M. Lewis, 10th infantry, at Matamoras, Mexioo, November 10,1847. First Lieut. Joseph Samuels, 11th Infantry, at Cabell Court House, Va., December 0th. 1847. tSecond Lieut. James M. Winder, voltlgeurs, at Jalapa, Mexico, September 0, 1847. Second Lieut. Robert W. Bedford, 14th infantry, at sea. June 13,1848. Second Lieut. John J. Wheeden, 12th infantry, at Raleigh. N. C., January 14,1848 Second Lieut. William D. dray, 13th infantry, at Vera Crut, Mexico, April 7,1848. Second Lieut. Michael P. Doyle. 15th Infantry, at Perote. Mexico, October 23.1847. Second Lieut. John I). Otterson, 12th infantry, in city of Mexico. December 20,1847. Second Lieut. Edward MoPherson, 3d dragoons, at Mier, Mexico, March 16,1848. Second Lieut. Jacob Brua, 11th infantry. Perote. Mexico, July 3,1847. (Second Lieut. Whitfield R Brooks, 12th infantry in city of Mexico. October 2.1847 Second Lieut. Gustavus K. Gardiner, 0th infantry, at San Angel, Mexico, March 10,1848. Second Lieut. Tilman Cullom. 14th Infantry, in city of Mexico, Jan. 26. 1848 Surgeon James B. Slade, 15th infantry, in city of Mexico, November 30, 1847 I)rovprd. (2 ) First Lieut. James F Bragg, 9th infantry, January 10 1X4X Second Lieut. F.dward N. Saunders, 12th infantry, (there being no such person.) ( sscaltiks?roLURTKcn 'rmvicr Hflitnationi, (4 ) Surgeon James 8. McFarlane, January 20, 1*48. Surgeon John Irwin. February 20, 1848. Assistant Surgeon John O. McKibben, May 31,1848 Additional Paymaster Alfred H Colquitt, January 31, 1"48. Derh'nerf, (8.) Captain Arthur Hood, assistant commissary Surgeon Franrla M. Hereford. Surgeon K. W. Todd. Surgeon Thomas J Bulling ton Assistant Surgeon K Tucker. Assistant Surgeon Oliver M. I.angdon Assistant Surgeon Washington L. Lyon Additional Paymaster Frederick Lansing Dismissed, (1 ) Captain Samuel H Montgomery, assistant quartermaster. Fa I ary 2fi. 1K4R. By order H. JONF.8. Adjutant Oencral. ? Kcg'mcntsl commission (only) vacated, t Of wove Is received, A?K?it I2tli, in action at National Bild| e j tit v oueiIb rcoeivrd, August 2"th, in l>attle at Chunibusco. MS.MORANOUM 1. First Lieut Horace ilaldeinan. 11th infantry, vacnti d bl (list lleut. nancy (July 1) to accept a transfer to the 8th Intnntry ss a< rotnl lieutenant, with his original dste of commission in this pi ode 2 The promotion of 2d Lieut Charles F. Verncn. rr H'r'rr* "tironnced In ''Mineral Orders" Vn "il of ' V, t.v 1.1 . .,,1 21 I Viti 1Vr* | 1 . . ' ' *' i o hi- H.-d I I,,I . It I i ail 0.-.i... 1 Ufawtry J IRK I IK, FRIDAY, AUGUST wIioh promotion to first lieutonant wan announced in the Army ltagister, February, 1KIK waived the promotion. to accept a transfer to the 4th artillery, and -d I.ieut. John tilackin. the next on the list, Hue.'ceded to the vacanoy. OENKHAL Olt'lEns, No. 13. W?? DKr?ktmfht| i Ahjot*>t UKNxaaL's (inn . Washington. Aug 7, l!ifs I The following named cadets, constituting the drat claaa of 1848. having been adjudged by the academic staff, at the June examination, competent to per- 1 form duty in the army, the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of th? Senate, has attached them as supernumerary officers, with the brevet of second lieutenant, to tbe regl ments and corps Deiow epeclHed, in conformity with the fourth section of the act of April 28,1812. to take rauk from July 1,1848 : ? IIREVLT stl'OMJ LIEUTENANTS ATT AC UK D TO T II K (ORr, OK ENGINEERS. 1. t adet William P. Trowbridge 2. Cadet Andrew J. Donelson 8. Cudct Jamea C. Dunne. 4. Cadet Walter H. Stevens C. Cadet ltufus A. Itoye. Har.VKT THIRD LIEUTENANTS ATTACHED Tt? THE COUl'H OK I oro?R?*HlCAL ENGINEER* 5. Cadet Robert S. WillianiHon. 7. Cadet Nathaniel Mlohler, jr. IIKEIET SECOND LIEUTENANTS ATTACHED TO THE OR A* GOOS ARM * Id. Cadet John Buford, jr., 1st Dragoons 23. Caaet Charles H. Tyler, 2d Dragoons 29. Cadet Charles H. Ogle. 1st Dragoons 30. Cadet N O. Kvans, 1st Dragoons. 117 ('arittt i i?*nrL'i* A StRUart *2<1 hrnirnnna BREVET SECOND LIEUTENANTS ATTACHED TO THE REC.I. MENT OF MOUNTED RIFLEMEN. 10. Cadet Wm. E. Jones. 14. Cadet Thoa. S. lthett. CADET SECOND LIEUTENANTS ATTACHED TO THE ARTILLERY ARM. 8. Cadet lames M. Ilaynes, light company B. Ith artillury. 0. Cadet Joseph C. Clark, jr., light company C, 3d artilery. 11. Cadet John C.Tidball. light company K, 3d artll- | lerv. 13. Cadet William G. Gill. 3d artillery. 15. Cadet James Holmes, light company A. 2J artillery . 17. Cadet Truman 1C. Walbridge. 4th artillery. 10 Cadet Grier Tallmadge. light company 1, 1st artillery. 23. Cadet Edward B. Bryan, light company K, 1st ' artillery. 24 Cadet John C. Booth, light company M. 2d artillery. 25. Cadet Thomas K. Jackson, 4th artillery BREVET SECOND LIEUTENANTS ATTACHED TO THE INFANTHT ARM. 13. Cadet Benjamin 1). Korsythe,3d infantry. 13. Cadet Kichard J. Dodge 8tli infantry 20. Cadet William A. Slaughter. 2d infantry 21. Cadet Robert M. Russell,5th infantry. 26. Cadet George II. I'aige, 6th infantry. 27. Cadet Nathaniel II. McLean, 7th infantry. 28. Cadet A. G. Miller, 6th infantry 30. Cadet William N. It. IJeall. 4th infantiy. 31. Cadet Ferdinand I'alne. 4th infantry. 32. Cadet Thomas D. Johns, 1st infantry. 33. Cadet William T. Mechling. 3d infantry 34. Cadet George C. Barber, 7th infantry 35. Cadet Daniel Huston, jr ,8lh Infantry. 38 Cadet George W. Howlatid. 6th Infantry Promotions will take place according to the following rule. "Cadets acting as supernumerary officers in the army, Id virtue ol their brevets, wilt dp successively promoted to vacancies of the lowest grade, which may liret happen in the particular arm to which tliey may have been attached according to the order of rank established at the Military Academy. 2. 1'ho brevet 2d Lieuteniiuts will j?in their respective regiments, and report in person for duty, agreeably to regulations, by the 30th day of September, and immediately by letter, to their -respective Colonels, who will assign them to companies, where they are not , already so assigned by this order. In cases where the | address of the regimental commandor tuay not ho known, the report intended for him will bo enclosed to 1 the Adjutant General's office, where the proper dlrec- 1 tion will be given, and on the receipt of this order, | i Colonels will avail tbemseltes of the suine communication to notify the graduates of the companies to ! j which thoy are attached I , 8. Acceptances or non-acceptances will be promptly , reported to tbe Adjutant General of the array; and in case of acceptance, the birthplace of the person appointed will be stated. By order: R. JONKS, Adjutant General. after order. Transfers. Cadet Thomas S. Rhett. from the Mounted Riflemen, to the 4th Artillery, [bight company G ] Cadet Thomas K. Jackson, from the 4th Artillery to the 5th Infantry Cadet George W. Rowland from the 5th Infantry, to the Mounted Riflemen By order: It. JONF.S. Adjutant General. Trepikndois Explosion.?Last evening, about <? o'clock, the schooner Maria Thomas was Iving at Slaughter House Point, upon the opposite side oi the river, discharging her cargo, consisting of" go- j vernment stores from A'eru Cruz, into th<- steam- ' boat Chnlmette, bound to St. Louis, which lay I alongside. Among these stores was a large quantity ol' fixed ammunition. In handling one of the boxes, which contained bombshells, one of the shells, which were each placed in separate compartments of the box, became loose and exploded, i'his set the schooner on lire, and the llames extended to the other boxes containing shells which lay around, causing n continual roar, and succes- 1 sions of explosions. Two men, who were working in the hold of the schooner, whose names we did 1 not learn, were severely injnred?one of them mortally, is is supposed. The steamboat Clialmette as soon as fiossible cut loose from the schooner and drifted down the stream, her guards being at the time on fire, and a large number of boxes containing shells, lying upon her decks. The fire upon the guards occupied the attention of a part of the crew, j while the remainder w ere tumbling the boxes ot shells overboard. During this time there was a 1 continual shower of bulls and pieces of shells raining upon the deck of the steamboat, but happily no one was injured. After abouta quarter of an hour, the grand explosion took place, which tore away the sides and bottom of the schooner, when the wreck sunk. A part of the crews of the schooner and steamboht, in the alarm, jumped overboard. Some of them guined the shore, while others were picked up by the yawl of the steamboat. It is almost miraculous that so few persons were injured with so extensive an explosion of these dangerous articles, and the fire which accompanied it.?iV. O. Pvaywht, ^4?g. 1. Presence or Mind.?There is a little boy, about 11 years old. who is employed in ferrying passengers over the creek in a little boat. On Maturdav. lis lie was engaged in passing over three little girls, probably returning from school, the wind blowing quite fresh at the time, his oar slipped from the scull, and he was landed square upon his back in the water. 1 lis passengers were, of course, much frightened, and, as was most natural, set uj> no inconsiderable of a scream. Hut the little fellow coolly said to them, " Don't be frightened, you shan't be drowned," and away lie swam and secured his oar. He then pulled for the boat, nnd had the presence of mind not to attempt getting in at the side, but swam to the stern and was soon safe aboard, nnd continued his course over, landed his passengers, and returned for others, as unconcerned as if nothing had hupl>ened.?Buffalo C<rm. Adv. The Winnkhagoks.?We are informed by Cnpt. Monfort, of the steamer Senator, that the Winnebagoes, (which tribe are being removed by the agent of the government,) having arrived at what is called the ??aux Hupid, of the Mississippi, one hundred and thirty miles above St. Peter's, were not allowed by the Chipnewas to pass?the latter alleging to the Winnebagoes that the act of Congress, or treaty, by which their lands we e purchased. and their removal authorized, had been rendered nuil, by the non-compliance on the part 01 in** guvrminem tigem wim us provisions. ivi all events the Winncbagoes, from the above or some other cause, had come to a dead halt, and manifested very little inclination to proceed farther, but rather seemed desirous to return 10 their bunting grounds in Wisconsin.?St. I^ouit Rrpvbticau, Aug. 2. Valve of Lawrence.?The valuation of the town of Lawrence, the present year, is $3,688,890, of which $1,1-19,800 is real estate belonging to the Ks-ex Company, the original purchasers of the site, $<>71,Ht)0 real estate of May iSlate Mills, and $.*100,000 real estate of the Atlantic Mills. The tax of the Kssex Company is $i,9f>l, of the Hiy State Mills $3,028, of the Atlantic Mills $2,100. Totil tax of these three coriiorations $10,079 Total town tax $19,000. Number of polls in the town 1,731. Wisconsin?The legislature of Wisconsin has nassed, through every s age, a bill exempting the liMUf-tead of a family from sale or execution for <l? lit. The area exempt* d, we believe, is 40 acres in the country, or a quarter of an acre in a village. The final vote in the Senate, stood 11 to A ; in the House, 33 to 2A. Travel to Ei Ron -the Am steam* r Enropa, Copt Lott. railed from Huston at noon Wednesday, for Liverpool via Halifax, with thirty-three piii-M'tigcra fur the fottner and nineteen for the latter place. Among the passengers for Liverpool i it.utff II w! i mim!': ife Su?nn 11 >w! inl. I I V ' i , III, II I'll lirlH I I |I|,' -society o| \ i'ltt i v 'I i.'-y p u,ii'! a v ?< in' -Eton. N % IER A II, 1848. Cllj" Intelligence. Tut Wuihk.? rho wither yesterday was really oppressive, huil until Ihr afternoon there wi* scarcely a breath of nlr stirring The thermonater at two o'clock, stood at Sfi degrees f rom the appearance of tbo horixon ill 'he aiiernoon, there were strong indications of raiu which, at this time would be most gratefully welcomed. Thk Rkwa?o oi Honistv?It I* strange to see with what unmerciful haste the poor innn who is accused of theft, is seized upon by those in authority, and pointed at by those who are not; and it is equally strange to see with what contempt rhu noble principle of honesty is treated, and how poorly it is rewarded. There is an instance at hand, by which, through the honesty of a poor man, a rich man regained the sum of $10000, I which ho had given up as entirely lost, and hut for the honesty of that man would have been forever lost to the rightful owner. On Monday last, a Mr \V . being r.. . i....- J. i ii. ,,m M... nr.. M .street, which he carelessly put into hi* pocket, in a miim11 bundle. lie shortly after went to the store No. 14 Cedar Htrr.e.t. where he sat for some time, iind. while there, the njon.ey by some means got out of his pocket, i and fell upon the tloor, without hi.- knowledge, and . unnoticed by any one in the store at the time Those in the .-tore going out soon after, the por- | tor, a poor man named Need well, commenced sweepinn, a|>d discovering the bundle, pickod it up, I and to hi.- astonishment, discovered that it con tained, to him. the ennrmou sum of ?10.000. Knowing that it did not belong to him. he carefully put it away until he should find the proper owner In the course of the day. Mr W. again called at the store , and related his misfortunes, and stated that he was a ruined man. Needwell was not in the store at the j time; hut going in soon after, heard a portion of the i tale of sorrow, and the sympathy of friends around, i lie knew at once that he had found the man who lost the money, and immediately placed the whole amount in the hands of the loser. It is impossible to describe his astonishment and ecstatic delight at having found his lost treasure, anil being saved from ruin, as be said would have been his fate. From his own statement lie 1 wua again in a condition fur from insolvency, and that til rough the temptless honesty of the poor porter ilut I what was the reward of that honesty ' Did he receive the warm thanks and liberal gift which might have been expected ? Neither ?not ho mite.h as thank you did the nonest man receive; and he did not complain, I because he had the SMisfaction to know that ttie money was again in the possession of the real owner, and he brt'l keen the instrument through which it was returned. Thus Is honesty rewarded' How easily might that money have been kept from him, and probably reduced him to poverty, and yet he was thankless. Surely it was thoughtlessness, and list the result of penurious and narrow.minded appreciation of the recovery of his money and the honesty of him who found it. It is hard to believe that any man can be so lost to gratitude and justice, that lie would intentionally pass unrewarded such principles of right. A Cpashin'. or the KrnsiTiTu:.?About 11 o'alock yesterday morning, the third and fourth floors of the [ nliniS No. SH Uroadway. formerly known as Peale's 1i1u-1-uui. n?\r?aj null leu HI Hie MCUIUl iniur. inure were two men on the upper floor at the time, arranging romefurniture whicli had been received but n few dsys before by Mr. Kemp, who kept an auction store in the buiiding. both of whom weie precipitated to the second floor, together with the large ciuantity of furniture whicli stood above. The in-n escaped uninjured, but the furniture was gem rally very much broken. Mr. It. and several others were on the second floor, but the oraoking Of the joist above admonished theui to be f (T. and they hud seurcely left the room when the , whole mass fell in. Accidiirtai. Drownini..?One of the hands on j the steamboat Day State, by the name of Lahay. was i accidentally drowned yesterday afternoon, just as the | bout was abont moving out of her dock. lie was hand- j ing a truck on board, while the boat was in motion, i standing with one foot on the pier and the other on ; ttie boat, when he accidentally fell into the river, and. i though every effort was made to save him, was drown- 1 ed His body wasiound about two hours after, and j taken to his late residence. No. 20 Thomas street . j Fa i ai. Acc-insnt.?A man named reter Owens, fire- I man on hoard the Hermann, was found dead about o'slook JMlsnUj morning, in the urea of house I I \o fit) Washington street, with a severe wound on the on-head, which it is supposed he received by falling ' irhile uudertho iulluenco of liijuor. Serious A- i ident.?A young man named Garrett j j Barry, ?raturned volunteer fromMexico and whore- j jeived a wound at the battle of < fiurubusvo, wliiuli , , deprived liici of the use of ono arm. accidentally fell ' \ down stairs at 11 South street, on Wednesday uight. j by which ho was very seriously injured. He was | , taken to the City Hospital and carefully nttended to. ] Coi c Dr. Solis.l?A stevedore, whose name was ascertained to be Nicholas Riley, in the employ of Miaturn & Co., received a stroke of the sun yesterday afternoon, while working on board of a vessel at the foot of Fletcher street. He was taken to the hospital. Sricmr.?Joseph Halionlium. a fringe-maker, em- ! ployed in this city, about US years of age. on Tuesday I last, on the hill near (Quarantine. committed suicide. 1 by taking nt-euic. It appears, from a letter found in his nooket. that he bud nurchaseii anil taken ? .iimn. tity'of laudanum, which did not produce the desired effect. lie ulso attempted to hang himself, hut again failed ; and then went to New York and procured some , arsenic, with which ho succeeded in destroying himself. ile has left a wife, but no children ; and no cause assigned for the act. Fire?A fire broke out about half past 1J o'clock yesterday morning, in a three story and attic uii'Inished house, in Madisou avenue, between L'7tb and 18th streets, which was partially destroyed. The croud floor was occupied by a widow lady, with three jhildren, who barely escaped with their lives, by climb> ng from the window to the piazza of the house adoining. The fire originated iu the rear basement, md was undoubtedly the work of an iucendiary, as there had been no fire in that part of the building. Tiie Bkooiiu x Thai.Kin .?Mr. Behm. the victim of the assassin Kauth. is said to be in a fair way of recovery. Kauth is still in prison, where he wai visited yesterday by Lewis 'J'appau, in whose employ he was before the infamous deed. Kauth declares that he acted in self-defence. Mr. B having first assaulted him Quite probable that. Tin New Citv Hall irr Bkoollvn.?The new < ity Hall, in Brooklyn, is so fur completed as to be ready Tor use in several of the departments. The records of Kings county have been removed to an office in the building, and already the buglnes of the office pertaining to that department of county government is transacted in the new office. A New Market in Brooklyn ?The spacious and j beautiful market completed in Atlantic street, will be j i opened to-day The arrangements generally nre said ; 1 to be most judicious, and will add greatly to the prosperity of the city. It is probable the New York . butchers will suffer some by this establishment. Tat Ml NIIOI 1'oNH.AURATION IN WlLLIAMsni'Rli.?A \ fire broke out about four o'clock, yesterday afternoon. 1 in the extensive distillery of Messrs. Mlnturn Ik Co., of this city, at the corner of North Fourth and First t streets. Willi unshurg. which was amost entirely destroyed 'J h establishment has recently undergone i very rxti nst.-c repairs and additions, a stable, sutli- | cient to keep ,wo hundred rows, having been added, : at a cost of some *-10.00" The distillery only commenced operations about a week sinoe, and was doirg , a very large >>u-iih?? '1 he loss is supposed to tie from 000 to f100 000. upon which there is said to be an insurance of about $30,000. The cows, two hundred in number were all remoi rd in time to save them. JJJJj Police Intelligence. Death through Intoxication.?The coroner, yesterday, held an Inquest, at the first ward station-house, on the , body of I'utrick Flynn. thirty years of age. a native of I Ireland, alio rime in His dcain by railing down six > atone steps inte an area, and being intoxicated at the time. ??' unable to extricate himself. It appears he was a fireman no hoard the steam ship Hermann, and ; the night of his death was on board the ship intoxl- l rated, and left, as he said, to gut a drink of water at the pump, when he accidentally fell down the area of No. 60 Washington street, where he was found by the first ward police, in the morning, dead. The jury rendered a verdict according to the facts If'Ao Inst <1 fVhitt Star??It is rumored around town, i that a few weeks ago, a member of the police department. wearing a white star, accidtntly fell asleep in an area, or basement, when some ingenious thief relieved him of his pocket-book, containing $8, together with several pledge tickets for rings and breastpins, also bis clnb and star The club star and pawn tickets, also his pocket-book, lacking the money, were all deposited in a sink, where they will be fished for in a few days, and no douht breugbt to light, as the individual deputed for that purpose will be provided with one of the " Sorkdoleger' ' fish hooks, as such hooks appear to be much better adapted for hooking pocket-books than fish, therefore, we think the " Sockdoleger'' In this i instance, will prove successful Who will be the claimant for the star, when recovered ' that's the question. Chatfr af h'nrfctry. ? Two of the returned volunteers, by the names of f.ewls Kish?r and Joshua <trill, were arrested yesterday on a charge of forgery, under the following circumstances It appears that the two ! accused parties purchased about i>20 worth of cloth- | ing of Mark bevy, who keeps store In Washington st . and in payment gave their promisory notes for that amount, to lie paid upon their receiving their money I from government The next day, however, after re- j ceiving the clothing, they went to Mr bevy, and asked to see the notes, which were shown to them, in confidence; and no sooner had they been placed in their possession, than they tore them up and destroyed the evidence of the debt: which, according to the | statutes. it a forgery; consequently, on that charge they were l>oth committed by )unlet' Lothrop to the tomb* frr a further hear<ng Hxhbtng a Svlilirr?Officers f oslello and Jenkins, of the fitli ward, arrested yesterday Kllsha Thalen and < atharine Cnnlan on a charge of stealing from the pocket of Lemuel Hudson, a discharged soldier from the regular army. f:>2 In sold, and a breast ( in worth I $5, while In a thieving den of prostitution, located at No. 37'., Orange street The keepers of the house were arretted ?Michael O'llnra and his wife -in wh?e? possession f>CU were found. In gold and silver, a portion of which is evidently the money stolen from the poor ' solditr Justice l.othrop locked them all up in the | totuhs, for a furtlu'r examination (imrri J nrrtny - Kllen I'raey op<. of the belles of ! the KIto 1'olnfs. was arrested yesterday by father Kier.y, of the O'h ward on a charge ifet-ating *70 from James Watson, while in a house of disrepute j yt-r t-ss fatten b< f'Justice l.othrop, and committed I M 'fa! ' 1 j, j Hi ' j '.it obi'tri- flat many of the , 11 11 mm mi mm LD. TWO CENTS. captains of police arc in the habit of delivering up stolen property to parties claiming the name, without the receipt of an affidavit, or taking the same before a magistrate. A few days ago, a lot of silver apoona wau recovered from a thief by one of the policemen, and delivered into the hands of U>e captain at the atation house. The circumstance n^s noticed in some of the dally newspapers, which brought an ownership for the property The consequence was that the captain delivered up the spoons to the claimant without obtain, ing an affidavit, setting forth the ownership of such property I n this instance we don't pretend (to say hut what the rightful owner receives the property ; but what voucher lias the captain got to justify him in dn livering up the property ' ilow does he kuow but what the next day a second party may claim the same property ' We have seen frequently two claimants for the same article, and unless the property is eworn to. it should never be given up. ss many plane oould concocted by dishonest and badly disposed persona, if uuBioocp manner oi ii<-iir<>rii>K up property is continued nt the station houses. whereby the real ovnor would he dctrauded instead of receiving his rightfui property. If the captains only Look at the case they will find it to a protection to themselves. an well m a safeguard for the people's rights. in whose behalf they art in the recovery of stolen property We hope this hint will be understood and earried out by the police generally hatv Intelligence. Si'i'KRion Coi bt, Thursday, August 10--ln Chamber*? Before Judge Sandford? In rr Thomas Grier It appeared that flrier listed about two weeks since in the United Status service representing himself, at the time, to be twenty-two years of age, and a single man His mother sued out a writ of habeas corpus, and claimed bis discharge on the ground of his being, at the timo of his enlistment and still, a minor. The old lady was examined, nnd testified that|he was not within six months of his majority ; it also turned out that he had a wife. The Judge discharged him lie, hewever, doggedly refused to go with his mother, and Insisted on returning to Governor's Island; the attorney had to interpose, and threaten to sue out another habeas corpus and bring him up again this morning, and also to bring an action against tho officer for retaining him after his discharge as a minor, contra rr to the statute lie nt l?ngth consented to go home with his parent. The following named persons were then discharged from the I Tilted States frigate Cumberland , James Monroe, Jeremiah Dawdall, Robert Clark Thomas Cook, and .lames Driaonll. John Darkin, another of tile crew, was discharged by Judge Italy, on the ground of being minor M.him Court, August 10 ?Before Judge Waterbury ? Kinsty vs. Uarntd.?'This was an action for work and labor, to recover for building a atoop, it was contested on the ground that the ntoop was not finished in a workmanlike, manner. Judgment was given for $37. Ckni-hal Scions?Thursday. Aug. 10?This court was opened to-day by Aldermen Crolius and Stephens, nnd the swearing in of the jury proceeded with for the purpose of sating time, s? as to have all things arranged that the trial of prisoners could b? proceeded with as soon as Judge Daly would arrive, who was engaged in the Court of Common Pleas. There was a good deal of conversation between some of the officials of the court and the city fathers, as to the murdering of the time of so many of our citizens, by having them summoned here as jurors; and that they wore forced to wait en a court that could not proceed with i usiness for want of a Judge. The Recorder was ill, and they all seemed to agree, that his illness was brought on by having to preside at both the Special and General Sessions, a sitting from o'clock, A. M , tin 4 o'clock, l . y. , win too much for a man no advanced in years as the Recorder. That now Judge Dn!y presided hero after leaving tho (Common I'leas. which amount of labor would soon disable him, and that it was too much to require or expect from him One of the .Aldermen suid that ho had been engaged in tho business of the public from S o'clock in tho morning. and that he would not remain any longer than 3 o'clock, in this hot weather in a crowded court. Judge Daly arrived in court at 72 o'clock, and took hi* *?at on the bench. Soon after, Baxter was brought into court. lie is a man of a pale and diyeoted cast of countenance, with a small mark on the left cheek; Ills forehead i* low, his eye is bright, denoting at time* is he glanced furtively aside, Intelligence and cunning; he wore a white linen coat, nnd black neck tie. md had his hair neatly arranged. The District Attor m y applied to have the trial postponed, as he feared they would not be able to get there on the day of the Lrfal. This was opposed by counsel for defendant, but to which the Court acceded. George Thompson was then placed at the bar, charged with an attempt at burglary and petty larceny. The evidence of F.lizabeth , who lives in Fifteenth street, went to show that she went into the yard attached to the house, locking her door. At her returu. she found the door had been broken open, and spoons, which were in a drawer placed ob the bureau, carried off. She then raised an alarm of thieve*, when the prisoner, and another person, ran, hut he was taken. Verdict of an attempt at petty larceny in the second degree. The prisoner was then called up for sentence, hut Mr. Ilusselt, who defended him. mo\ed an arrest of judgment, a* he had been found guilty of an offence not known to the law?an attempt at petty larceny; and, after some discussion, the passing of the(sentence was deferred till to-morrow. when the cose will be argued at length F.dward Lynch whs placed on trial for burglariously entering the pfemiscs in West street, known as the Tot Ash Inspection. The defence was, that he lost some money down through a sky light, and that he had only gone down to see and find it. In the indictment, the premises were laid as being the property of Kdward Cnssfdy. It turned out. in th progress of the case, that there were six partners in the firm; when Mr. 1'enel. counsel for prisoner, took exception to the indictment, and contended it could not be sustained, and requested the Judge to direct an acquittal. Mr McKecn, District Attorney, said that the objection was fatal to the indictment, but that the prisoner would be acquitted, and ho would move his recommitment, with a view to a now trial. Counsel then offered to withdraw the objection and let the case go on its merits to the jury, but to this the attor ney would not consent, and saul that tho cause of the defect in the indictment, was that ha could draw them only according to affidavits made and handed to him, on which to draw up the ease for the prosecution. The prisoner was then acquitted under the direction of the court, but immediately sent back to prison for a new trial. The case of John Dazter was then called on, and being arraigned under a charge of grand laroeny by attempting to pick the pocket of a Mr. Peroet, on the 2i>th of January. 1848. he pleaded not guilty. The swearing of the jury wasproceedad with, but according as each juror came to take his place, Mr. James TV ilradly insisted en their answering if they were prejudiced against the prisoner by the statement which the District Attorney made, on the motion for postponement, that he was a person of infamous character. Some said they were, and some not, and on a Mr. Menel, being called up, he said he placed as much faith in the assertion of the District Attorney, as he did on the statement which counsel generally made In court. This slow process of proceeding wasted an immensity of time, and the jury being at length sworn, counsel on both sides agreed that the jury might be discharged, to meet to-morrow at 11 o'clock, when the trial of the prisoner will be proceeded with. Ctnuotrs Cask.?Alderman Shermer, of this city, niHrrit'd a couple on the'12lli day of April lost, who had become acquainted from boarding at the same house for a few weeks previous The man, wh? called himself James Bartlett, proved to be faithless, for two or three days after the ceremony he absented himself on pretence of going to Trenton, and did not return. One day last week a friend informed the wife that if she wished to see her husband she would tind him on board the New York boat, us he was going to Trenton that afternoon. She was on board the boat before the time of stnrting, and there, sure enough, she recognized the man, as she thought, to whom she had been united in the bonds of matrimony, but to her astonishment, he would not recognize her, and utterly disavowed having ever laid his eyes upon her before. The man appmred perfectly astounded at the claim made upon him, and called upon her tn nrorliiee her reitlficale. This she did. hut lie (Jerned (lint his name Was Bartlett, and insisted that his cognomen was Flanigan. She still persisted in her claim, and while the discussion was going on the hour tor starting came, and the boat was soon gliding ui> the river Upon perceiving tins she became doubly excited, from the fact that she had no money to pay her passage. A number ot young men who sympathized with her distresses, made a subscription sufficient to pay her passage to and from Trenton, and she resolved to follow the chase to that city, keeping the object of her pursuit in close proximity, notwithstanding his exertions to avoid her Upon arriving at Trenton, the accused was taken belore a magistiate; and on the charge being preferred by the feinnle, he was held to bail for u farther hearing.? Yesterday was the day fixed for disposing of the case, ana Alderman Shermer attended tor the purpose of identifying the man he had married to the prosecutrix, but when the accused was shown to the alderman, he was unable to identify Injq, and the mortification of the female was complete, when the employer of the accused, a citizen of Trenton, proved most positively that he could not have been ihe man, as he was residing at Trenton at the i me when the marriage is said to have taken place. The case was therefore dismissed, and the act used honorably d'scharged Tlie prosecutrix was evidently sincere in her belief that the man the accused was the one who had so deeply wrongly tier, out was deceived l>> a similarity of appearance.?Phil />(/grr, A?g !> Movement* In Puiltl,?. oi.r? ]ho\mh*s i . k Ta.i.'.ir? We are gratified to leurn that the bruvr thuntru-njore Stewart, Itke all other democrats <>t tlv .l<Hrr.-oni.in school, i? in lavor ? ( Crneral Taylor (or the Presidency.? m I'iilhrl-ljtliHi Ann, /Iu^iihI I V ( I he Commodore HMi'iii1 <>l the h-aiiint; democratic c.itidtdnles i*r ihe Presidency when Mr l'ni.'i was no.ninatod? I' ITi r?; rv | I

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